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2015 - A Year of Telenovelas, in review

Well, we've almost made it! Before 2016 arrives, share your thoughts on the shows you loved, hated, loved to hate, and hated to love in 2015. What were some of your "Best of" moments? What made you cry, cheer, laugh? Here's a list of the shows we covered on Caray, Caray! to get you started:

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Pasión y Poder #39, Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pillow Talk
Art promises to put family first. He wants the REAL things to work in his life, which confuses Nina and me. She (and me) want to know what the hell he's talking about when he says that he wants everything that is REAL to work, but now all of a sudden Art is dumbfounded as well.

Julia wakes Eladio, but then has a change of heart and doesn't want to talk to him. She goes back to sleep.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #117, Wednesday 12/30/15: Babies and Betrayals

Happy New Year, Patio Peeps!

The Old: Marcia tells Monterubio that he has to help her fend off the Santibañez, Max, MD, and Claudio. If she falls, they BOTH fall. Claudio tells Orlando that he thinks Josefa was behind Isela’s fall and he’s launched an investigation. Dan tells Ursula and Ivana that he’s NOT giving up his baby, not for all the money in the world.

The New:
Dan says that his daughter is all he has and he’s not giving her up. Ursula and Ivana are livid. Ursula reveals she already knew what he has been saying in rehab about having both his daughter and MD, and that he was going to betray her. She’s caught off guard when Dan reveals what HE’s learned from Arango. Ursula and Arango faked a will with a false signature after Hector died, leaving everything to Ursula’s administration. In reality, Hector’s real will left everything to Dan and Maleny (and nada for Ursula). Now that Maleny’s dead, all the money goes to Dan and Almita. Ha! As of now, Dan’s in charge, and he’s changing the admin on all the accounts from Ursula to himself. Ursula tries to guilt trip Arango for betraying her (again), but he already heard from Dan that she was planning on kicking him to the curb soon. He just got the jump on betraying her first. Now, Arango works for Dan.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #89 Wed 12/30/15 (Mex 123) Don't Cry for Me, Fiorella…no, really, please don't

The dog and the dog guy go running off.  So at least someone made it out of this unscathed.  There's no sign of the horse as  Fiorella is begging Pedro to please wake up.  Sonia runs up and then calls the house begging them to call an ambulance.

For some reason, after the initial panic has passed, Os and Fed are back to the usual languid sniping, which Sergio finds highly offensive.  Dante announces the arrival of the ambulance and Sergio goes running, shouting for Os to come with him.  Juli runs upstairs to inform Eloisa and Fed just sits on the couch probably pondering Os' potential involvement.  As she said--he's the one who stands to benefit if something happens to Pedro.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #69 Wednesday 12/30/15. "Strangers in the Night ( continued ) Sha la la la la . . ."

Before anything else, I want to wish you all a healthy and happy 2016!

Is it too early to start thinking about an anvil for Augusto????? I think not.

Whoopsie! I mistakenly called Rafael Gabriel for much of the recap: he still is Valeria's husband and Luciana's  "dad" who was aggravated to and left for dead by Augusto.   : )

Now back to the story . . .

The lights are still out. Augusto comes looking for Alicia and just as he sneaks up on her in the dark, the lights go on and it is presentation time. Everyone is happy happy with the OkiOki presentation . Alicia tells us her transformation from Lichita to Alicia is complete but as of today it is the beginning of the end of a love that could never be or will be. Luciana is clearly not enjoying the presentation.

Back at the mansion they all arrive home from the OkiOki presentation. As Beatriz, Augusto, Dafne, Roberto amd Luciana all come in, Valeria wonders why Gabriel did not come. Valeria called him during the evening and he never answered. Luciana tells her to cut the drama. Valeria calls Gabriel then and there and they hear the phone ring. She says it must be in their room where Gabriel must be sleeping like a log. Augusto gets an uncomfortable look on his face. Suddenly they all decide to retire for the night. Dafne decides to eat supper by herself. Valeria arrives in Augusto's and Beatriz's room crazed with worry over the missing Gabriel. He was not in their room.Augusto says no big deal he probably went out on the town and forgot his phone. Dafne arrives to see if they found Rafael and if they looked for him everywhere in the house. Dafne takes it upon herself to look around the mansion and finds Gabriel dead on the floor where Augusto left him. She becomes hysterical amd starts to scream. They all come in. Valeria tries to talk to Rafael. Luciana is in shock and says he must be asleep, right?
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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #68 Tuesday 12/29/15: A boring presentation and then MURDER MOST FOUL

Beto and Gumaro get a look at the account books and continue to suspect money laundering, but Draco catches them and throws them out before they can figure anything out.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #116 Tuesday 12/29/15: Patrnity Bites, Maternity Without Rights, and Baby's In The Middle

We go to Alma’s funeral.  She left a letter to her family of last thoughts.  Max is to take care of headstrong Leo.  Leo is to stick with Clara who really cares for him.  Claudio is left without Alma’s pardon, and a request to right the wrongs he’s done.
The paternity results are in and Daniel’s DNA is the darned baby-daddy.  He rubs Max’s nose in it as much as possible.  (What else would we expect?)  Despite Max’s best arguments that DannyBoy is a drug addict and the family is suicide prone, the judge gives temporary custody to Grrrrsula and Family.
Corina introduces herself to Nayelli’s kids and tries to take them with her, but Aldo stops her.  She lies about knowing Nayelli and why she was with the kids.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pasión y Poder #38 Martes 12/29/15

Chapter 38: Family Affairs

The more I observe these two families and their interactions the more I wish I could meet Suetonius. Maybe I can't because I'm his latter-day reincarnation: I feel like I'm in a 21st-Century Roman Empire. Two titans of modern industry with sons betraying them, both with dysfunctional families and assorted wannabes who want only power and the inheritances they think they deserve. Nobody's been murdered yet that I know of, but only because that's a lot harder to get away with these days. Sejanus didn't have to worry about DNA or fingerprints. But everything that makes crime more difficult now makes character assassination much easier, including the willingness of people to always believe the worst and prove it if they have to. That's sometimes useful and some people get better at this all the time. – D.D.
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #116 Martes 12/29/15

Chapter 116: Life and Death

Leo entered Alma's hospital room and kissed her forehead. When she didn't react he instinctively ran and called for the doctor. When the doctor felt Alma's pulse he looked back at the nurse, who nodded. They looked at Leo, who realized what this meant. He cried out “Mama! Mama!” many times. He stayed at her bedside, embraced her, and cried.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #88 Tue 12/29/15 (Mex 122) Well, she always wanted a daughter.

Gianna interrupts Pedro and Fiorella's kissyface session in the employee kitchen, pretending she didn't hear a word of their conversation.  She's just telling them about Roxi being thrown out when Joaquina comes in.  Pedro goes running to talk to Eloisa.  Joaquina wonders if she might have gone to a friend's house, but Gi can't resist snarking that Roxi doesn't have any friends (which is mostly true!) and both Joaquina and Fi are shocked.  Fi tells Gi it's not like her to say stuff like that.  "Yeah, well.  Keeping secrets is worse," says Gi, and storms off.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #67 Monday 12/28/15. "Conveniently Roberto Does not Have to Tell the Truth Again and Again . . ."

Due to technical problems, you are getting my notes/observations for the recap otherwise known as the long and the short of it . . .

Don Augusto has just told Alicia to fire Brisas and he brings up the "one rotten apple" comparison. For him it is just part of the job to make heads roll when employees fall short and not overthink it. Alicia refuses to just fire Brisas without finding out exactly what happened since Brisas has always been such a good worker. Augusto reminds her about the two lost accounts. Sandra sticks up for her.

Roberto is still talking to Venus and getting overly dramatic about Mateo maybe being taken from the country even maybe, etc. Venus tells him to cut it: His son is being very well cared for: the orphanage would never put his son in a bad situation. Fear and pain are bad advisors. She tells him to find the best way to find out what happened to his son but to do it within legal means and not to tell more lies since that is what got him in the mess he finds himself now. Roberto says his situation is just not that easy. (Wah!) Venus tells him the same thing Gumaro has told him: the day he starts telling the truth things will begin to change for him.

In Alicia's office she is telling Braulio and Brisas how it is: they are not beginners and she expects more RESPONSIBILITY (as the professionals they are) shown by them. Brisas offers to quit since she was the one who messed up. Alicia says nobody is quitting. She will talk to the "Mis favoritos" snack people about a "redesign" they will be doing to try to get the account back.

Elías thinks he is shocking Sandra by telling her Icónika USA is already set up. Sorry, she says, no surprise there. She does not look happy when he leaves, though. Hmmmm . . .

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, #115 Monday 12/28/15 A Death in the Family

This is a super sad episode and the recap is very long because of all the detail.

A little refresher from way back last Wednesday, Orlando and Claudio are in the ICU with Isela who is on life support, arguing about who will take care of the baby. Orlando claims that Isela’s last wish was to have Orlando take care of her, but Claudio wants to step up and claim the baby as his own, even giving her his last name. Poor Doris, hanging back by the doorway, hears this exchange and is heartbroken at learning Orlando’s intentions and feelings. Just then, Isela takes a huge breath and her eyes jolt open. Orlando reacts, and runs to get the doctor while Claudio stands there stunned. (I know who I want around me in an emergency, and it’s not the Clod). 
Orlando finds a doctor, sees Doris, hugs her saying that Isela is awake, and goes back in.

Back at the poor person's hospital, The Padre comes out with the nurse after baptizing the baby, the nurse tells Esperanza and Max that she will send them the video of it. Why couldn’t they be there in person?
Just then, Max gets a call that Alma is brought to the rich person's hospital.  He runs off to see about her.
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Pasión y Poder #37 Monday 12/29/15 What Good Wine Goes with a Hot Francofurter?

Sorry, once again, not edited.  Still sick.  Thanks for your get well wishes. 

In this episode, Eladio has harassed or has pissed off most of the people in the telenovela.  So, I thought this was an appropriate song for your listening pleasure.

Eladio releases the canaries, but captures Julia by her reed, thin neck. He's pissed that she left the hospital without alerting him.  He tells Julia, that she's useless and uneducated.  He's knows that she's seen Art.  After Eladio leaves, Julia tells herself that she will stop being useless and will learn to take care of herself.  She will then leave him. 

Eladio keeps the party hoppin' and moves it into the house by terrorizing Gaby as Franco, her spineless boyfriend, looks on and does absolutely nada!  Finally, we learn lots of prepositions, but not the good sex ones that we can use, Susanlynn.  Gabby is visciously tossed on top of the table, bounced off of the wall, down on the couch and choked between the door way. Once Eladio is gone, Gaby asks Franco why he didn't take her side.  He said that she was in the wrong, she should have called Eladio. 
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #87 Monday 12-18-15 (Mex 121) Set ups and Teases

Benni hears the tale end of Eloisa's eviction of Roxi from the Ranch.

Pedro goes to meet Fiorella at the summit of a hill in the garden.  She excitedly shares the pictures we saw her looking at earlier in her bedroom.  The little girl, about eight or so, is her; a couple of pictures of her Mother and a picture of her Mother and Father in their youth.  She is excited and touched, she feels close to them just looking at the pictures.  Once all this exposing and prosecuting of Benigno is over and everybody knows of their love, Pedro wants Fiorella to show him all the places where she grew up.  Lots of smiles and kisses.

Sergio pleads with Eloisa not to be so hard on Roxi.  Assvaldo and Sonia think Eloisa is right. Eloisa asks for her medicine.  Freddie goes to the dining room where Dante is dripping the drops into a glass of water.  He gets a phone call and has to leave, asking Freddie to take her the drops.  Freddie, of course, puts demon drops of doom into the glass and takes it to Eloisa.

Assvaldo is on the phone talking to Benigno about the horse Pedro is getting and how this will fit into their plan to murder him.

Freddie takes the glass to Eloisa and is about to drink when she interrupts herself to fuss some more about Roxi.  Freddie prompts her to go ahead and take her medicine and Eloisa launches into a high-pitched chant about how the glass contains a special tea that Maximo bought for her and doesn't Freddie want to try it?   There is a little struggle as Freddie says no and Eloisa even tries to make her drink it and the glass spills.  Sergio and Julieta look on, horrified.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, Señora Acero, and Fatmagul: Week of December 28, 2015

Here's this week's page for discussion of Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, Señora Acero, and Fatmagul.  Señora Acero is now in últimos capítulos and will end in two weeks (Monday, January 11).  Beginning the next day (January 12) will be La Querida del Centauro, starring Humberto Zurita, Ludwika Paleta, and Michel Brown, among others.  More information about this upcoming novela can be found on Telemundo's web site .  Bajo el Mismo Cielo is in últimas semanas, with all kinds of issues to be resolved (or not) in the next few weeks.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the discussion of these novelas.  Please remember to indicate at the top of your posting the title of the novela you're discussing, so everyone can easily find comments about the show(s) they're following. 

Since this week will usher in 2016, LXV and I would like to wish everyone un Feliz Año Nuevo.

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La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #132-136 Dec. 28-Jan. 1

All the news from San Gaspar, Progreso, and the DF.


¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (December 28, 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pasión y Poder Episode #36 Friday, December 25th 2015 Nina turns over a new leaf.. or so it seems, David and Regina make love, and Eladio calls Artie a loser.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope that you all had a beautiful day today with your family and friends.

Gisela doesn't want Consuelo rooming with her and Clara. Three's a crowd, after all, and they only have ONE bathroom to pee in for crying out loud. Clara puts her foot down and reminds the old hag that this is HER home and if she allows her to live there it's because the hag doesn't have anywhere else to live. So Consuelo's stays! And Gisela better be nice to her! Period. 

Eladio wants NOTHING from Artie. Hummy (Humberto) goes on and on about why Eladio should enlist in Team Regina and David. He'd make Julia happy! Plus, he'd have access to all of the Montenegro fortune including a part of his properties if Regina and David get hitched. Eladio smells a rat bastard when he sees one and he knows Hummy is only thinking about what is convenient for his crummy old himself. He threatens to send him back to Shady Pines and then taunts him a little by messing with the cables of his oxygen tank. Over at The Patio, we all cross our fingers and hope this is the end of the old man, but before he does any real damage to the old man he walks off. Darn. 

Erick returns home and tries to avoid talking to his folks. But Artie asks him to the living room before he counts to five. Artie and Nina (who is now magically siding with Artie) rip him a new one. They both know very well that he's still getting it on with his little Ratt friend. Artie informs him that his wife has left Casa Montenegro. Yippeee! Erick's glad to hear that. He couldn't stand watching Consuelo flirting with that creepy guy with the dorky glasses- Miguel. Artie tells him to cut the crap and to be a man and face his responsibilities. Artie tells Erick to bring Consuelo back to the house or else. Erick lets his dad that he's divorcing Consuelo. And that he could care less about that child! 

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #86 Friday, 12-25-15 (Mex 120) Pedro in the Cross Hairs and Vitto Lays a Goose Egg

Hope everyone had a Buon Natale!  Merry Christmas!  Feliz Navidad!  Ciao, Patio Peeps!  Well, let's see how Fifi was able to get her delicate little foot out of her mouth after carrying on to Eloisa how beautiful Pedro's Mother's (Pilar) villa is.  Well, when she first got there she was so taken with the beauty of El Rancho she told Fidel there couldn't be a more beautiful place on earth.  Fidel then showed her pictures and she was all like, "well, shut my mouth!  This place IS more beautiful than El Rancho!"  Fidel also shared that Eloisa hardly goes there anymore.  Eloisa appears to buy it and hears the racket from the wild party as she is about to leave Fiorella's room.

We catch up with Benito in the darkened kitchen of the employee's quarters, sitting on the floor killing a bottle of tequila.  Gianna finds him and sits down next to him.  Benito thinks he's an idiot, Gianna thinks Roxi really loves him but was overwhelmed with everyone watching.  Benni wonders whats eating her.  Gianna whines that Gael got high right in her face!  Benni concludes they have both made terrible choices in love and offers her his back-wash filled bottle of tequila.

In the Big House at El Rancho the party is going full blast!  Gael wants to find Roxi but she convinces him to forget the little Italian gata.  Roxi and Gael jump up and down which passes for dancing when you're high on being Roxi and street drugs, respectively.  Granny and Eloisa enter the madness and Granny calls out "What is all of this?"  Roxi answers, "A Party!"  Eloisa is about to call a halt to the shenanigans but sees Freddie and Dante walk in and ask the same question.  This time, Eloisa answers "It's a PAR-TAY!!  EVERYBODY SHAKE YOUR BOOTIES!"  And she begins to break it down with the best of them.  Freddie and Dante exchange glances while Fiorella tries to get Eloisa to leave.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Antes Muerta que Lichita #66 Friday 12/25/15 The honeymoon is shortened... The new competitor coffee shop steals customers... and Alicia, Braulio and Brisa have a very very bad day.

New admin lady at the orphanage tells Roberto from behind door that Mateo was taken from the home. Mateo was already adopted by a couple.  Roberto is in disbelief. Wants to confirm it with his own eyes.  Door opens and you can see the scared face of Roberto walking in…  he runs to Mateo’s bed to see it empty and made up.
Ximena asks Nacho if the clients will come back… Nacho tries to comfort her lying that the people at the coffee shop across the street are just letting the clients try their coffee. Elsa is upset, what are we going to do?  Magos can only whine (cry over water past the bridge).   
Magos gets a call from a guy that we don’t know yet… well, turns out he is the guy from the collections company trying to get her to pay the credit card.
Roberto finds some stair steps to sit and cry…
Lichita and Sandra are still at their conversation. Sandra has another heat flash of her meno…  Lichita offers to drive Sandra home… Sandra is a bit rough questioning if she means to come in the public bus (pesero) or taxi… Lichita says no, in the company car she has.
Elsa can’t stand the curiosity, wants to taste/try the coffee from across the street to see if it is truly better than hers.
The admin lady assures Roberto that Mateo’s adoption was legal… He doubts it, he says they can’t take his parental rights… The lady assures him it is a done deal. Roberto says we’ll see about that.
At the car, Roberto tells Luciana that they took his son away.  Luciana still is not taking him very seriously, asks if he is feverish, then wants him to come to the house to rest…  he just walks away and sends her to the house.  Luciana comments that she thinks he is delirious. 
Luciana is driving Sandra home, is driving pretty pretty slow… gets people to drive around her… she yells at another driver… Sandra is probably sure this is her last ‘ride’ with Lichita.
At the house, Rafa and Val are questioning Bea for running out on her psychologist appointment.  Bea would rather talk to her confessor/priest about her worries/woes.  Then Luciana comes home and Valeria turns her attention to her asking questions about where Roberto is.
Roberto and Gumaro meet.  Apparently Roberto is at the Vidal couple (Marta’s), since Roberto thinks they were the ones that adopted Mateo… Gumaro says if they have him they won’t hurt him. Roberto then wonders if they don’t have him, what if it is other people?
Luciana tells parents she got bored with beach… (really??)  She says her husband is workaholic… and he had to come back directly to the API…  Valeria leaves toward kitchen, Rafa asks Luciana for the truth, why did they come back earlier.  Luciana is not ready to give details, so walks away on him.
Magos is still on phone with the guy from collection company.  Ximena has to deal with a potential client but when he sees it is Ximena trying to serve him while Magos is on cell phone, he leaves miffed. 
Magos still not willing to pay. 
Nacho and Elsa come back… she says coffee is not bad but the prices are still mysterious…  Some other potential clients come… since they see Nacho and Elsa have cups from the other business, they go over there. Elsa is lamenting their luck.
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Familiarize Yourself with the Background of "The Hotel of Secrets" - Starts 1/25/16

It’s 1905 and an unexpected encounter in a train will change the lives of Isabel Alarcon and Julio Olmedo.  They sit together at the same table and realize that neither of the two of them belongs to the places from which they come.  

Protected by anonymity and the brevity of the train trip, they speak of their dreams and desires.  Julio jumps off the train without saying good-bye, thinking that he’ll never again meet up with this fantastic being that Fate lent to him for a few hours.

Juliio arrives at The Grand Hotel in order to look for his sister, Cristina.  However, he receives a nasty surprise: that his sister was fired and nobody has had any idea of her whereabouts for a month now.  From this moment a search will begin that will take him along unimagined pathways; he will unearth each hidden mystery at the majestic hotel; and he will begin a stormy and passionate romance with Isabel.  

Isabel and Julio will have to traverse a river of blood not only to find out the truth about Cristina, but to succeed in freeing themselves from the trials and tribulations that have marked their lives.

[ed. note: Translated from UVideos Conoce la historia de El Hotel de los Secretos]

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Pasión y Poder #35, Wednesday, 12-23-2015

Hey Patio Peeps. It will be short and sweet tonight. It's Christmas Eve and I'm up to by elbows in flour.

Lo Nuevo...

The Rat and Aldo are in the hospital. Erick comes to visit her and they tell him that she wanted to die because she found out about Connie's pregnancy.

When David asks Art why he went to visit his mother Art tells David that he happened to be at the hospital when he found out that Julia was there and wanted to see how she was, but promised to never do something like that again. Art accepts David and Regina's relationship and he tells David that he reminds him of Julia. Art also tells David that he would take care of him as his own son if Julia asked him to. Regina comes in and is happy that her father is ok with their relationship.

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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #114, Wednesday 12/23/15: Josefa Tries to Pull the Plug on Isela, But Pulls the Trigger on Alma Instead

Happy Holidays, Amigos! I’m sure most of you are gearing up for festivities or traveling right now, so I’m not going to put a lot of time in the recap. It will be done from memory. Enjoy the next few days with family and friends!

In the hospital, Josefa tells Clod that Isela threw herself from the 2nd floor balcony after she found out what a lying liar who lies he is. In the background, Honoria looks like she wants to sing a rousing verse of liar liar pants on fire. But Clod isn’t fooled by Josefa. He knows Isela was more determined than ever to live her life, to move on from him AND Josefa, and start her life with her baby. He suspects it was Josefa herself who threw Isela off that balcony, and if he finds out that’s true, he will personally see that she rots in jail!
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El Hotel de los Secretos-Index

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Antes muerta que Lichita #65 Wednesday 12/23/15

FYI: Scenes are combined and in no particular order.

What I found out in #64:

Heads up: This is very sketchy from my notes last night because I was baking and not watching very carefully just like I might  be tonight! :) What is the sudden tie in with "autism"? Is Icónika" trying to enhance its image with being/looking socially conscious?

As it started in the last couple of episodes, plenty of characters are using "antes muerta que. . ." "I would rather be dead than/better dead than . . . " An homage to the title?

LaLa milk and PayLess were the favored products in placement and embedded commercial.

Best scene: Luciana taking a selfie with her shrimp at the table at the beach resort.

Sandra is still in "menopausal fantasy land" and really believes she is going away to the USA with Augusto. She keeps trying to poison Augusto against Alicia. She is not happy when he tells Alicia she can drop the coffee company as a potential client. (He also tells her she has to replace it with a comparable account ) She tells him to keep his eye on Alicia . She cannot be trusted. Augusto can't see a problem: he controls all the agencies. She reminds him he does not control Madelén.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #85 Wed 12/23/15 (Mex 118-119) Anything can happen in the woods**

Picking up right where we left off…Does Rox know of Beni's intentions?  Well, no, not exactly, but he knows she feels the same way.  "How will you support her?  Have you not seen her collection of credit cards?  Heck, take her off my hands.  You'd be doing me a huge favor.  She spends a TON of money every week.  Look, you go propose.  If she says 'yes,' you have my blessing, and you get her out of here quickly and take her FAR away from here."  Beni can't believe his luck and gratefully embraces Eloisa.  She smiles and laughs with genuine good humor, even when Beni is so uncouth as to shout gleefully out in the hallway.  She's genuinely pleased because she feels like she's putting one over on Beni--he has no idea what he's getting himself into.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #113 Tuesday 12/22/15: Bye-Bye Baby Or All The King’s Horses And All The King’s Men

It's late in coming but at least it is here!-edit.

Isela has another bout of guilty conscience.  After hearing Claudio’s confession that he screwed around with Marta’s sentencing to please his buddy, the other judge, Sr. Monterubio, hide his sins.  First, she visits Orlando in the his old apartment and says if only…..They share an if only hug. (Alarm bells should be going off about now for the Viewerville aficionados.)

Clod admits his guilt to Max who tells his papi he deserves to rot behind bars for knowingly using his influence to help the rich and powerful.  Clod says he hopes he’s opened Max’s eyes a bit so that he can properly defend Maria Dolores.

Speaking of MD, she’s telling off her guard and Marcia, the Women’s Warden, that she knows how Marcia and Grrrrsula have colluded in trying to take her baby away from her; she’s also threatened the guard with spilling the beans to UNOWHU about the horrible way common prisoners are treated in this prison; and, woe is they if anyone dares raise a hand against her again or puts her back into solitary AND if they don’t get Nayelli out of the punishment cell and fast!!

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Pasión y Poder #34 Martes 12/22/15

Chapter 34: House of Cards

David arrived only to be confronted by Eladio, who held up the photo of himself and Regina.
Why did you conceal your relationship with Regina Montenegro?” he demanded. His voice couldn't have been colder.
At the same moment Daniela tattled on her sister to their mother, handing her another copy of the same photo, also telling her that she had tipped off Eladio. Nina, who needed no excuse to ever be displeased with her older daughter, did not want to believe it. Daniela grinned to herself. She was a slightly older version of a typical Mean Girl in a sorority who loved playing nasty tricks on anyone she hated. She hated no one more than her older sister. However, she had no idea she had done a swan dive into a sea of sharks.
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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #64 Tuesday 12/22/15: A look at Augusto's more secret dealings!

 We got a really great look at the Augusto's dust-up out in the country, but I had terrible reception on my antenna in the storm... Maybe someone could help fill us in?

Discuss here: sorry, guys!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #84 Tue 12/22/15 (Mex 117) "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."**

After a good 4 minutes of refrito, we get back to the action in progress.  Fi stands firm--Vitto is a big lying liar and a creep who pressured her into marrying him for months, but now it is O-V-E-R.  Vitto looks like he'd like to keel over now, for realz, and I sure wouldn't mind if he did.

Gael sneaks into Gi's room and she freaks out thinking it's Aitana coming to torture her some more. He's just after a good night kiss.  He's feeling a little bolder since he figures everyone's preoccupied with Eloisa, so nobody's going to notice that he's sneaking into his girlfriend's room at night.  Gael has something to do tomorrow, so he won't be at school, even though they're "cumpliendo meses" (it's their month-iversary) and Gi was hoping they'd do something special to celebrate.

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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #63 Monday 12/21/15

Beto and his brother Gumaro corner Venus at her apartment, demanding to know what's going on at the orphanage (the changing of the employees and blocking out Beto). She is annoyed at the intrusion, but actually seems a bit sympathetic. In all her years as a social worker she's never seen such an extreme response by the authorities. She can't prove anything, but she's sure that something is afoot.

Meanwhile, Mateo is being trotted out to meet a proposed match family. One of the sister literally drags him out with a hand around his neck. It's very creepy. They tell him it's a rare opportunity to find a family and want to know on the spot if he's ready to go with them.
The neck-grasp is kind of spooky.

The newly cinderella-ed Alicia (who, with her new hair, makeup, and skimpy dress, looks so much like the rest of the office bimbos that I initially thought she was a new character) meets with a guy who wants to hire Ikonica to help his company (the Agrotec group) with an image problem. They've been sourcing their coffee somewhere bad (he had to whisper it) and using lots of pesticides. "You'll be perfect," he says, because she managed to beat her own image problem from the scandal that was basically just a week ago.

She says she won't do it on ethical grounds. Icónika won't be involved in that sort of whitewashing. He accuses her of hypocrisy... after all Alicia did a great job of salvaging her own ruined reputation.

There's a weird bit with Magos on the phone with the bank, trying to sort out credit card debt. Nacho misinterprets what's she's saying and tries to correct her grammar and manners.

Dafne and Alicia forgive each other and decide to be friends again.

Haha, even though Luciana isn't creative director anymore, she refuses to vacate the creative director's office.  Rafael, though, has realized that she must have some dirt or some hidden influence over her uncle Augusto. Why else would he put up with her shit for so long?

Beto is telling Augusto that he wants to move out of his house, that he's a man who "takes the reins of his own destiny," but Augusto thinks he should stay. He reveals to Beto that he's grooming him to be his right-hand man and successor in all things!!! He can no longer count on Alex, so it's all on Beto. 

Alicia tells Sandra she doesn't think they should do the ad campaign for the unethical coffee people. Sandra doesn't take this defiance lightly. She drags Alicia straight to Augusto's office to complain. Augusto immediately takes Alicia's side, further enraging Godzilla.  

Not their finest moment

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Pasión y Poder #33 Monday 12/21/2015

This is really out of order and unedited!  I am sick as a dog.  I'll try to fix it in the morning. 



Regina asks Art to tell her the truth about her relationship with Julia; her happiness depends on it.  Art wants to know what she means by that.  Gina tells him that Nina wants her to get all the juicy details about their relationship from David.  Art is incensed!  Nina walks in wearing some sort of Nina, plunging, boobie baring, sleeveless sea foam green maxi dress.  Her unmovable-hair is adorned with a kind of chain-like contraption.  Art tells Gina to leave them alone.  Once alone with his wife, Art lights into his wife.  How dare she not trust him!  How dare she ask Gina to spy for her!  Nina says that they are been arguing for a while over the their adults and Art never tells her anything.  Art says he can't stand it anymore.  He wants the big D.  Nina begs him for another chance.  She'll do better, she'll change.  She cries.  She begs!  OMGosh!  I feel so sorry for her. I don't like her and therefor, I don't want to feel sorry for her!  Art is such a jerk!  She wants him to go to the hotel room so they can talk.  Art tells her to go back to Mexico.  They will make the final decision there.   

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #83 Monday12-21-15 (Mex 115-116) Fiorella gives Vitto a Piece of her Mind and we hope she has some left!

Ciao!  How y'all are?  Picking right up where we left off with Pedro learning that once dementia starts, it's very difficult to reverse the damage.  Pedro is visibly moved and remarks that he never expected this to happen and that just recently Eloisa was so good.  Dr. Elizalde just wants to make sure Pedro understands and doesn't have any false hopes.  Dr. Elizalde also suggests that she get her legal affairs in order and advises Pedro to be very patient with her.  Pedro agrees he must step forward to take charge of ACorp and the family!

First on his list is to get in touch with Fabio.  Darn!  Still no answer!  Fidel knocks and is invited into the study.  They discuss Pedro's failure to reach Fabio.  Pedro wonders if Fabio could be working with Benigno and Aitana.  Fidel thinks this is possible and why Fabio has made himself scarce.  There must be a way to expose Benigno but Pedro doesn't know what to do or who to trust.  Fidel asks if Assvaldo is a good option and Pedro says no, his consuming interest has been wanting to head the family and the business and he doesn't trust him.  Fidel asks Pedro if he thinks Assvaldo could be an accomplice of Benigno and the music ramps up quickly in a feverish crescendo!!!  Pedro says no, he doesn't think so:  Assvaldo would never do anything that would threaten his own self interests and my heart takes a dive!!!  AAAAAGH!!!!  Fidel advises then that Pedro should go to Assvaldo and get his help!  FIDEL!!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Yo No Creo en los Hombres #112 Lunes 12/21/15

Chapter 112: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Maria Dolores asked the nurse if the test was done. The nurse answered that it was and left. Maria Dolores didn't even count to three before removing the IV needle and getting out of bed. She headed down the nearest stairs and asked the way to the neonatology.
Meanwhile in that ward Ivana was holding Maria Dolores' newborn daughter. The nurse who had been bribed by Mama Bear told her she was holding the baby correctly against her skin so the baby could feel her body heat. Danny-Boy leaned over the baby from Ivana's left side. It was just as well that he wore the surgical mask; the poor infant would have been frightened out of a year's growth at the sight of him. He began talking to the baby who was reaching at random and looking away from him. She turned away from the sound of his voice. Smart baby.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, and Fatmagul: Week of December 21, 2015

What a week ahead! It starts with the solstice and ends with Xmas. Señora Acero continues in Ultimas—It's got about 3 weeks to go. Celia will air capitulo #49 tonight; I've not been following this, although my neighbors all tell me I should. Fatmagul continues with great recaps & commentary by Caray followers on our page. And Bajo el Mismo Cielo is unstoppable. Here is where we appreciate the difference between Ultimas (semanas) and Ultimos (capitulos). I'm not entirely clear how they've designated these episodes we're watching. 

Going forward, Juanita and I will be posting the new Telemundo page for each week at 3PM EST every Monday. Please join in with your comments and don't forget to add your signature (it can be anything—but please not the default "anonymous") so that people can respond to you And please specify which show you are commenting about—because here on the Telemundo page, we are all clumped together and this helps to keep things sorted out.

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La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #128-131 Dec. 21-25

According to the schedule, La Vecina will not air on Thursday.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (December 21, 2015)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, #111 Friday 12/18/15

I’m filling in for JdesdeNYC. I had no ccs for this one, so I did the best I could with understanding what’s going on. No doubt I missed stuff and got stuff wrong. If you would kindly point it out in the comments, I will make adjustments to the recap.

We start where we ended yesterday with Alma reaming out Claudio for what he’s done to her and the family, etc. Hangdog stoneface leaves the room.

MD and Max are talking in the hospital after she gave birth about Claudio’s involvement in her continued stay at the prison. After asking the same question we all have been asking, why, Max’s said that Ursula had continued threatening him about outing his slimy reputation so he agreed to slime it some more by doing what she asked.
She tells him that the Santibanez want to take their baby from them too. She pleads with him to not let the baby out of his sight.
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Pasión y Poder Episode #32 Friday, December 18th 2015 Erick gets busted with his Ratt (then loses her), David returns his early Xmas gift, and Clara vows to travel from rags to riches.

As you may recall, The Ratt showed up in Tabasco and now she and Erick are about to have a quickie in one of the offices. Artie is about to be left scarred for life as he is about to open the door and catch his son with his hands in the cookie jar, or in this case, with his hands on The Ratt's melons. Over on The Patio, we all want Erick to get busted, so we are all very disappointed when Artie is interrupted from opening the office by a phone call. The caller is none other than his love interest- Julia. 

So like father, like son. While the son is busy with his lover, the father is busy taking a call from the woman that he's been mooning over. Julia tells Artie that she has something VERY important that she needs to ask him and that she wants to see him. This is music to Artie's ears, because as we know, he has been dying to see her too. However, he doesn't want to get her into trouble with hubs (Oh, so now you're worried about getting her in trouble. A little late for that, Artie!). Artie tells her about his run in with David- and omitting the fact that he told David that he had the hots for his mom- he only tells Julia that he told David that he had found out that she was in the hospital and wanted to see her. Julia doesn't know where or when the two could possibly talk. Artie tells her that he'll find a way once he returns. He suggests enlisting Gabriela in Mission: See My Ex Behind My Spouse's Back. Julia does the right thing and tells Artie that she doesn't want to get Gabriela involved. Artie wonders if what Julia has to tell him is urgent because if it is then he's willing to slay the dragon, climb the tallest mountain, sail the seven seas, and lose millions in his business deal, to come and see her right now. Julia decides to let him know right then there what she wants to ask him because she fears that something bad could happen to her. She asks Artie to look after David and to make sure he's well feed, that he changes his underwear, and that he doesn't miss his bedtime to take care of him like a son if anything bad happens to her. (Yikes, someone should tell Julia that Artie isn't exactly Father of the Year material!)

Oh the horror. Inside the office, The Ratt is about to remove her Forever 21 bra. As I am about to shut my eyes (after being scarred for life over seeing her booty) Erick asks The Ratt not to remove any more clothing because he's worried that his dad could arrive at any moment. Erick would rather get down to business at the cheap hotel she's probably staying at at the hotel where she's at. The Ratt lets him know that she's at one of the Montenegro hotels. Erick tells her to switch hotels because his dad could be at the one she's staying at. 
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #82 Friday 12-18-15 (Mex 114) I Love You and I Want to Shout it to the Four. . . . walls. . .

Aitana and Assvaldo continue their illicit face-sucking in the study as Pedro heads toward them when he is stopped by Sergio who grabs him up in a bear hug and tells him how glad he is he has returned.  Sergio tells him he must see his Abuela.  Pedro agrees and is headed to the door once again.  Aitana tears Assvaldo's lips from her own, whispering loudly that Pedro is there.  Assvaldo doesn't seem to care.  Sergio now wants to know what happened. . .is Pedro starting to have panic attacks as well?  Pedro finally pulls away and is about to enter the study when Aitana steps out of the study and confronts him while Assvaldo stands just behind the study door.  Of course she wants to know why he humiliated her by leaving her at the altar.  Pedro's gaze is cold and piercing as he listens to her repeat the question five different ways.  Sergio comes behind Pedro's shoulder and quietly tries to suggest that Pedro ask to be pardoned.  Pedro is silent but his glare full of contempt and I can almost hear him calling her a lying, cynical, thieving, %^&*(!  "Oh, you're not going to say anything?  Well, you and I are going to have a serious talk, right now!" and she grabs Pedro's arm and he wrenches it away forcefully and vehemently:  "Don't touch me!  I'm going to talk to my Abuela."  He looks around the corner, but not fully and so misses the ass behind the door.  Pedro turns on his heels and heads hurriedly toward the stairs with Sergio right behind him.  Aitana stares after them with a look of surprise and recognition that Pedro has changed.  Assvaldo steps out and gloats that she saved them.  Aitana declares that Pedro, however, will NOT be saved!
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Antes muerta que LIchita #62 Friday 12/18/15... Out with the old and in with the new Alicia!! And the reactions don't take long to surface!!

Not sure how much I missed or how we got here… haven’t been able to see much this week…
But here we go for Friday’s ep…
Alicia arrives in a high end sports car at Iconika’s curb… the press are all over her instantly… and so is Luciana who does not waste time to throw her venom and typical surnames of her for Lichita…
Augustus tells the press that the details of how she got fired and then reinstated (now saying she is indispensable for the company) with a better title are internal business of Iconika.  
The press want to know who’s mistake or mishap was it that caused Alicia to get fired… Augustus repeats that the details don’t matter but Iconika has one of its best assets back.
Roberto had not seen Alicia and he is smitten with her change (brows, long lighter color hair, good makeup, very sexy cleavage tight dress, etc).
Daphne is again on her blog… Bea comes in to innocently ask if she watched Alicia’s interview on tv.  Daphne says won’t give her opinion, better Bea watch it on her own and make her own assessment.  Bea asks her if she (by any chance) has it available.
Back to the curbside… Alicia tells the press she is very grateful to Augustus… Luciana still is grinding her teeth with Roberto and repeating her choice surnames for Alicia loudly so the press will hear.
Rafael and Bea are talking. He is admiring how Alicia did not fall for the pressure from the press (amarillismo)…  Bea asks him to try to get some help from Augustus.  She assures him Augustus won’t refuse to help him. (sorry, not sure what this one is about).
At office Augustus is telling Drago that Alicia looks spectacular and she deserved that change... and I did too! (is he suddenly interested in Alicia himself?)
At the office reception desk Alicia causes quite an impression with Nestor, Braulio, et al everyone else at the office.
In conference room Augustus is officially letting everyone know that Alicia is back and higher than ever.  Shushette and Nestor are of course kissing A___ again to the one in the lead (now Alicia) … Luciana again tries to talk trash about Alicia…  In comes Sandra and she is loudly insulted that Alicia is back. (I can’t believe such outrage [descaro]!!)
At café shop, Elsa is concerned about Alicia being back in Iconika… Nacho is not so concerned, he believes Alicia deserves the position.   Magos always with her own agenda, is glad Alicia is back in her job so she can take over the payments of the house and school again.
In Augustus office, Sandra rants at Augustus (you knew Alex was gay!!, the marriage with Gutierrez was arranged!)  she swings her fan fast and Augustus gets really fed up with her ranting AND with her fan, which ends up shredded on the floor…  Augustus tells Sandra that she herself had stated that Luciana was not qualified to be the Director.  So if Alicia is useful she will stay! And whoever is not…. (snap snap fingers) is gone!!
Alicia is meeting with all the staff… She is leading again… the only one who is not either honestly or fakedly supporting her is of course Luciana who continues to try to undermine Alicia.  Luciana won’t give up her office and that is FINAL!! Then Luciana tries to pull out the card of her last name… Alicia says last names here are not determining, hard work is…  She sends everyone to work… Brisa and Brau stay behind… they say they are not recognizing Alicia, she had never been that intense (or … ‘tan asi’ as Braulio states it)… Alicia says she has to get everyone to respect her, and is nothing against them… now the three of us are a team and that’s what matters.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #61 Thursday 12/17/15

Update: Clearly, it is not a good idea to watch and write a recap while you are traveling. I was not able to recap due to airport delays and crappy internet. Below is the only thing I have which is not much. Please fill in what I missed in the comments. Sorry :(

We begin with Alicia catching up with all those who have been snoozing during these episodes. Alicia finds out about Beto's lies and she refuses to listen to him further. Beto gets married to Luci but prior to Alex and Alicia's vows Kenny runs in to stop the wedding. Alex walks hand in hand with Kenny towards the light leaving a grateful Alicia to deal with the nasty aftermath. In short she loses her job, the press hounds her and she ends up threatening negotiating with Don Augusto for her old job.

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Pasión y Poder, Episode 31, Thursday, December 17, 2015: In which Gaby finally puts on her big-girl pants. And so does Julia.

Before we get into tonight's story, let's take a moment to give thanks for the absence of the exceedingly unpleasant Joshua, whose invisible parents had the grace to send him to some equally invisible location, thus rendering him, in effect, invisible.  And now, on with the show!

Outside Julia's room in the ICU
David is pleading with Arturo – if he feels any love for Julia, he'll leave before Eladio gets there.  It looks as if Arturo finally gets it.  He tells David to call on him if there's anything he can do.  This offer seems to make David drop his guard.  "My mom's going to be okay..." he says, his voice almost breaking, turning the statement into a question or a prayer.  Arturo pats him on the shoulder and, touching his cheek in a tender, paternal gesture – which, had Eladio witnessed it, would have trumped any DNA test known to science – assures him that yes, she's going to be fine.

In the Montenegro home, Regina and Miguel compare notes.
They realize that Julia wasn't just an old flame of Arturo's – she was the love of his life, the love he gave up when he married Miguel's mother.  Miguel says it's sad to think that he's the cause of his father's unhappiness, though Regina is quick to tell him that is not the case.  The siblings muse on what might have been, and then return to reality: Arturo is married to that insufferable... um... to Regina's mother and Julia to David's father.  Miguel just hopes the past romance doesn't affect Regina and David's love.  So does Regina.
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Weekend Discussion: Yo No Creo en los Hombres -- Karmageddon!

Karmageddon comes to DF this time for the devil's own in Yo No Creo en los Hombres. We've had a very interesting collection of villains and top performances by the actors. Due to the nature and pace of this story, I've delayed this until today and this is updated through last evening's episode. As usual, we ask two questions:
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Capitulo #110 Thursday 12/17/15: A Child Is Born ( a world of monsters)

Rewind: Doris shares her fears and annoyances about the other women in Orlando’s life with Nanis. In the prison, the warden sends her flunkies off of get a spare key before the Abuela kills MD rather than let her give birth to her baby. The Bitter, Crazy Grief twins storm past an overwhelmed maid to get into the Bustamante house. Max and Leo ask them to leave because their sick mother doesn’t need more crap. “I know she’s kicking the bucket, but so are we – dead in life, two mothers without children!” (We’re barely two minutes in and the rage that wells up in me at this demonstration of Josefa’s selfishness almost chokes me.) Claudio asks Hon how they can help her and she responds that she just wants justice for Julian, which won’t happen if he keeps using his influence to push MD’s hearing back. Cara de horrified “WTH?!” from Max.The Abuela proves to be the absolute worst labor coach in history. It’s not her fault; she’s just confused the “hee hee hoo hoo” chant with “it’s better that your baby die…it’ll me a monster like its father…it’s better that it die now, before it sees and feels…” She keeps up this stream of chatter while poking at MD, thinking that she’s taken the miscarriage pill. When MD reveals that she hasn’t, the Abuela starts smacking and pulling at her, enraged.
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #81 Thu 12/17/15 (Mex 112-113) Honeymoon Interruptus

Diana breaks it to her mom that they've got a new roomie.  And there he is at the door, right on cue.

Aitana and Os wander over to the love cabin, defiling it with their presence.

To the accompaniment of the overenthusiastic synth player, the singer belts out the theme song.  I object to the excess of bass.  Fi and Pedro are already snogging before the JP can even finish pronouncing them man and wife.  Lol, one of her flowers even came partly dislodged in their enthusiasm.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #80 Wed 12/16/15 (Mex 111) Talk about putting the cart before the horse!

Gianna is begging to be let out of the sauna, but Aitana keeps demanding answers.  She sticks to her story…good girl!  Gael comes along and hears her shouting.  Aitana and Os threaten her to keep quiet and tell Gael that Gianna's trapped in the sauna, the thermostat is busted, and the door got locked accidentally.  Aitana opens the door and Gianna is whisked away by Gael, who doesn't look like he believed their story one bit.  The Os/Aitana foreplay continues.

Eloisa's doctor says the results are conclusive--she has anemia.  Fed's relieved.  Mostly she needs to change her diet to get more iron…and stop drinking coffee.  "To hell with that!" says El.  Also, her BP is high, so she needs her meds upped for that.  That's apparently the purpose of the magic drops.  And if she doesn't take care of herself, she'll end up having a stroke.  El kicks everyone out of her room.  Hey, that's a great way to lower her blood pressure instantly!

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Pasión y Poder #30 Wednesday, December 16, 2015 The Truth Comes Out: Eladio Cries While David Learns That His Suegro Still Has the Hots For His Mom!

Lo Nuevo

Eladio begs Julia to not leave him, and to get better. David leaves the room at this time. Eladio reminds Julia that it was an accident, but that no one believes him. The machine alarms start going off and some nurses come in and get Eladio out of the room.

Out in the hallway and out of his scrubs, David tells Gaby that he heard what his father was saying to his mother. For the first time in his life, David feels the love that Eladio has for Julia. When Eladio comes to join them David tells him that he heard what Eladio said to the unconscious Julia and thanks his father. David also apologizes for never believing that Eladio loved Julia. They shake hands.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #60 Wednesday 12/16/15

Well, what an episode! So let's get right to it . . .

We pick up with Augusto and Alicia still in each other's face just outside of Icónika on a balcony. Augusto will not be swayed even after hearing Alicia's threat about telling Beatriz about Sandra and the affair.  It is what he expected to hear from a wretch like her. No mediocre "little lady" like Alicia is going to blackmail him. Alicia clarifies that this is not blackmail;  it is rather a negotiation. What does she have to negotiate with?  He has his prestige to back him up. She has nothing. People are just going to think she is a poor bride who got jilted at the altar.

At Icónika, Braulio is chit chatting in the hall with Brisas. It sounds like the same old same old with Braulio talking about his "yolo" (you only live once) and them being roomies. Brisas says she is not too comfortable with the arrangement. Braulio understands: sleeping on a sofa all this time wouldn't be very comfortable. Brisas tells Braulio that that is not what she means. The reason is she is in love with him. Braulio looks very uncomfortable. He says he is late for a meeting. Inspired by a running and cheering shape on the wall, he runs and cheers on to the supposed meeting. Brisas is left confused.

Back on the balcony and still in each other's face, Alicia is telling Augusto how hard she is going to laugh when the API board members hear all she has to say about him. If he wants to shut her up, all he has to do is return her to her position of "General Creative Director."  Augusto cannot stop laughing. She won't even be getting a gum selling stand from him. Does not she realize that nobody in the advertising world is going to hire her? Yes, she does. She tried it already and the Madelén Agency was the only one willing to hire her provided she brought along all of her accounts. Getting right up to her nose, Augusto tells not to even dare try to do that. Alicia tells him that she would never do that because of her sense of ethics. Augusto mocks her "ethics?". What kind of ethics would allow a woman to accept getting married when she was fooling around with somebody else? She insists that she is simply seeking justice after the years of hard work that she put in.

At the orphanage, Roberto and Gumaro having been denied entrance see that Marta and Ángel Vidal are being let in. The long and the short of it is that they have come to the orphanage for another reason and not to visit Mateo. Roberto does not believe them. Marta tells him he must be happy because because of him they have suspended judgement on Mateo's custody indefinitely. Of course Roberto says he didn't do anything. Ángel says they don't know what happened but they will wait until the court has a decision.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yo No Creo en los Hombres #109, Wednesday 12/16/15: Claudio is Outed (Again)

Thanks Tofie, Victoria, GoBlueFan, Anon207, and Urban! Between all of you, we have a really great mini-recap of this episode. I can’t wait to see it!

Max files a petition to have a doctor see MD. The warden calls Ursula, telling her she will comply, but the doctor can be someone of Ursula's choosing. Ursula wants a doctor to say there are complications at birth, so that she’ll be able to take the child.

At Julian’s graveside, Jenny resolves that though she wasn't the love of Julian's life, she was the first woman he danced with and kissed, and she will have his child. He will live on through this child for her, and it will give Honoria a reason to live. Later, as a doctor describes the artificial insemination procedure to Jenny and Fermin, there is concern on Jenny's face as the required condition of her reproductive organs is discussed.

Josefa and Honoria go to Ursula to find out what is taking so long, after they both provided information to assist Ursula. Honoria wants to know why MD's trial hadn't begun- she wants justice for Julian and wants Maria Dolores convicted of the crime. Josefa wants info on Marta's death. Ursula shares that Romina, a friend and coworker of Marta's, told a different version of the story. Marta wanted to get away from Josefa, and she was in a consensual relationship with Monterubio, who was married. However, his family would never allow Monterubio to marry Marta, just like Claudio would never marry Isela, and she would never allow Daniel to marry Maria Dolores. Monterubio and his family framed Marta for the robbery, and his friend Claudio helped send her to prison with the maximum sentence.

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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #59 Tuesday 12/15/15

At the hospital with Beto, Alicia gives them Luci's number and tells them to call her instead.

Luciana gets the call but is relatively unconcerned and wishes people would stop telling her she should be more concerned.

Sandra and Augusto are snuggling in bed. She reminds him that he cancelled their last romantic vacation, and he groans "what's the point of having lovers if they just complain like my wife?"

Later, with his other lover Chuchette: She's showing off her new lingerie, but he would rather hear gossip. But she starts talking about how gentlemanly his brother (Rafael) is. What a Toledo y Mondragón! Augusto is pissed and sits on her while he reminds her that Rafael is broke and he's a millionaire. He then reminds her that her role is simply to entertain him.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #108 Tuesday 12/15/15: The Battle For Baby Begins

[I must do this from memory again.]

Jenny and Daniel both finish their stay at the drunk rehab center  Jenny reclaims the faux engagement ring from Doris that she at first rejected. She swears to Dor and Orlando that she’ll never forgive Maria Dolores; DannyBoy returns home and Urrrrsula and he prepare emotionally for the court battle.

Maria Dolores spends months being locked away in her dark, dank cell trying to keep her sanity, keeping mum to Esperanza and Max during their visits as she’s been threatened to do so.  They remain clueless to all the inner machinations as Max loses every legal battle trying to get her to trial.

Ivana hires on Isela as a paralegal in her legal department.  Gerry and Tía Susanna suspect Ivaca of ulterior baby-buying/stealing motives which she denies.

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Pasión y Poder #29 Martes 12/15/15

Chapter 29: Lies and Whispers

Eladio charged into the master bedroom shouting his wife's name. Julia had been in this position too many times in the past to not know what to expect from him. He demanded to know how many times she had seen Arturo, but would not allow her to answer or explain. She finally told him that she saw Arturo about the DNA test that would disprove Eladio's accusation. However, that answer not only did not satisfy him, it fueled his anger once again.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #79 Tue 12/15/15 (Mex 109-110) Honeymoonin'

Fi and Pedro are curled up post-coital in the pre-matrimonial bed.  She calls Vittorio's name, but not the way he would have wanted!  She had a nightmare that she was at the wedding with Vitto and she tried to say she didn't want to, but her voice just wouldn't come out.  Pedro says that was just a nightmare, and THIS is reality…this meaning nekkid smoochies.

Aitana is STILL at the Rancho, fussing over how she's SURE Pedro's with Fi.  Os doesn't think Pedro and Luca would have plotted together.  Aitana basically calls him stupid.  Os suggests they have Gianna watched.  Aitana changes her tune…and gets a little handsy with Os.  WTF does anybody see in that guy?  Sonia comes in and looks like she's ready to start a fight over him.  Yuck!  Aitana departs and Os fills her in on the convo.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #58 Monday 12/14/15: having pneumonia is better than having a honeymoon.

One of the great things about this show is that no matter what happens to Lichita, she is not destroyed. She tolerates Sandra yelling at her and Augusto YELLING at her. She tries standing up for herself but she's outweighed, especially when he reveals that he's known along it was she kissing Beto in Luciana's cellphone video.

Roberto is very ill in the honeymoon suite. Luciana urges him to tell his secrets but as he tries he gets sicker and hoarser and can't really get anything out. Even though he told her Mateo was his son, and that he himself was an orphan, she thinks he's hallucinating and discounts it all.
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Pasión y Poder #28 Monday 20151214 Challenge Accepted and Maybe Completed. Francisco Might Owe Dave Some Money!


Casa de Gomez

Luna Foyer 

Julia has just told her father to shut the fudge up!  She falls to her knees and begs him to help her and believe her.  She is not now boinking Artie, nor did she boink him a few days before her wedding day.  Humberto's not buyin' it.  He has no reason to believe that Julia is not a two-timing tramp.  She's bought all these problems on herself.  Eladio is a great man; he's been like a son to Humberto.  He feeds Humberto and makes sure that his Depends are changed frequently by the nurse.  Julia tells her dad that she wants Art to take a David'sNotArt's kid test, that's all.  Living with Eladio for all these years has been a big b*tch because he doesn't believe that David is his.  Humberto tells Julia that information will be very embarrassing for Eladio if it every gets out.  Eladio right and Julia is wrong. The end.  Julia must obey her husband.  They are interrupted by Gaby, who could pass as the adult version of the Wednesday Adams character if need be.  Humberto immediately notices Gaby's lack of clothing and loses his laser focus on Julia.  He can't believe that Julia can't afford to buy his grandchild modest clothing that will cover her a$$.  In his opinion, Gaby is rebellious, like Julia.  Gaby's dressed like a tramp.  He can't look at her, so he's going to bed. 
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #78 Monday 12-14-15 (Mex 108) A Time for Us!

Ciao, Muchacha Patio Peeps!  Let's find out what has happened since Pedro and Fiorella escaped from the scene of the two bodas of doom!  Gianna bids Fiorella and Pedro a warm adieu while Vittorio stalks out of the church, his family and guests surrounding him.  Now it's his turn to shout Fiorella's name.  Gianna comes around the corner and feigns surprise as she asks Vitto what has happened and then exclaims that she saw Fiorella and Gianluca running "that a way" and she points in the opposite direction of their escape.  The guests head off in that direction while Vitto calls her name over and over while Diana grins in the background.

Eloisa, Sergio, Julieta and Freddie have arrived back at El Rancho.  Sergio helps her in, her steps are heavy and she regrets having left the church:  Pedro could come back there.  Sergio thinks Pedro wouldn't return to the church as the paparazi were arriving and they couldn't just hang around looking like fools.  Not them, quips Freddie, but Aitana sure could.  Freddie is clearly amusing herself.  Sergio, Julieta and Eloisa ask her to chill.  Dante announces that there is no trace of Pedro at the hospital or in the police station.  Julieta thinks he ran away with Fiorella, Sergio says it's impossible as she was marrying Vittorio at the time.

Aitana is a blur of agitation and frustration as she runs frantically around Pedro's room rifling through his bureau drawers, under his bed, everywhere looking for clues of what could have happened.  Her parents, Celeste and Benigno, are there.  Celeste rejects the running away with Italian girl theory and tries to keep Aitana grounded with the practical matter of changing out of the wedding gown.  Aitana thinks her dad's failed wedding dress shredding scheme has brought her this bad luck!  Benigno thinks something bad has happened to Pedro and sites his missing motorcycle as evidence:  those things are dangerous!

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Yo No Creo en los Hombres #107 Lunes 12/14/15

Chapter 107: Hell is Other People

Danny-Boy paced by the fountain, shaking in drug withdrawal. Jenny approached silently and precisely, eyes trained on the scuzzy worm. He finally turned around and looked at her. “Where are my pills?” he asked.
I don't know.”
Don't say things like that. If you don't have my pills, what do you want?”
You don't recognize me, do you?” she asked. “I'm Jenny. A friend of Julian's. And I'm going to give you something better than your pills.”
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, Señora Acero, and Fatmagul: Week of December 14, 2015

OK, Telemundo fans.  Here's this week's page for discussion of Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, Señora Acero, and Fatmagul.  Both Señora Acero and Bajo el Mismo Cielo are now in últimas semanas. There are published reports that Señora will end on January 11.  Replacing it on Tuesday, January 12, will be a new telenovela, La querida del Centauro.  More about that as the time draws closer.  Telemundo has started to post quick peeks as well for another new novela, Eva, la Trailera.  It's possible that this may replace Bajo. In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to join in the discussion of the current offerings.  Please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're discussing at the top of your post so people can easily find commentary about the shows they're watching.  Muchas gracias.

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La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #123-127 Dec. 14-18

Here's the post for the week.


¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (December 14, 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Cap 106, Fri 12/11/2015: Maria Dolores Is Still the Martyr, Isela Does Her Doe-Eyed Shtick, Claudio Won’t Take Responsibility for His Foolishness, and Clara and Leo Learn the Facts of Life

RECAP BY JDESDENYC.  Scenes combined as usual.

Lo Pasado:
Orlando comes by the Morales’ to let Isela know her apartment is ready for her to move into. Clara growls and cries as Isela seems to get away with being shady even as she lost Leo by not revealing Ise’s shadiness.

La Abuela continues to show she is the big boss in the jail as she passes by prisoners asking her for favors—she shoos them off with a “Not now”—and she lets the warden know she knows she’s the one who let Daniel come in the prison to visit Maria Dolores.  The warden lets her know that they no longer have to give MD any “special treatment” because Claudio Bustamante ordered MD to rot while awaiting trial. The warden and La Abuela both smile at this.

Lo Nuevo:

Not in My Name
Claudio comes by Isela’s apartment and promises Isela he’ll be there for her child.  Isela balks, saying she can parent by herself, but Claudio says that their child is a shared responsibility.  Ise asks if that means Claudio will give the child his last name, legally recognizing him or her as his own.
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pasión y Poder Episode #27 Friday, December 11th 2015 Daddy's Home

I may look sweet and fragile, but there's a rat bastard inside of me.

We begin with a repeat of stuff we already saw last night. FF --> Ok, now we've made it to the new stuff. Eladio arrives home. He's boiling mad. He's just found out that his wife has been seeing her ex finance and his worst enemy. That's right.. she's been seeing Artie Montenegro. Eladio manhandles her and yells at her. She spits out the truth- she tells Eladio that she saw Artie out of desperation, because Eladio is always going on and on about David not being his spawn. She admits that she  asked Artie for a DNA test so she could shut him (Eladio) up once and for all. Eladio is very impactado- he's all QUE?! 

At the Montenegro dinner table, Daniela is enjoying some quesadillas (minus the salsa, of course). Meanwhile, mom and pop are setting a bad example by arguing at the table. Nina doesn't think Artie should care about the consequences of his business deals unless if they affect the family directly. If they affect others- then Artie should care less (is how Nina sees it). Artie calls her out on her self centeredness and not caring about others- not even her own kids. Nina gets mad at him- she stands up and throws her napkin on the table for dramatic purposes. 

Back to Eladio and Julia. Eladio has Julia by the arms- he asks her how she could have done such a thing. Julia tells him that she did it because she has no doubts that David is his spawn. Eladio whines that now Artie will make fun of him on the playground. Julia tells him that Artie ain't like that. Eladio still can't believe that Julia went to ask Artie for a DNA test. Julia explains that she asked Artie for one because he (Eladio) never wanted to get one done. Also, because he (Eladio) has always been torturing her with his "David is not my spawn" remarks. Eladio tells Julia that he thought that she was smart but now he sees that she's not. Julia wonders what the hell Eladio means. 

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #77 Friday, 12-11-15 (Mex 107) ¡Muchacha Italiana Escaparse!

Saluti, miei amici belli del Patio!  Let's dive right in to an episode we all deserve!  Pedro has a mini freak out in the ACorp board room after reading the email on Benigno's thumb drive!  Aitana and Benigno have totally deceived him!  He throws some bookshelves and chairs around but stops to answer his cell.  It's Fabio calling to apologize for not being able to attend his wedding; something has come up at home in Italy.  Pedro verifies that Fabio was part of the team that investigated the sale of ACorp stock and then they agree to meet at La Dolce Vita as what he wants to discuss is very sensitive.

Diana gets ready for Vitto's wedding.  Her Mom is surprised she's going and takes the opportunity to "I told you so" Diana.  Anibal the animal calls to threaten Diana and press her for his bail.  She counsels him to be patient:  Vitto is about to be out of town and they can rip him off then.  After she hangs up on him Anibal charges Ramiro with REALLY tailing Diana and giving her any help she needs with the heist.

Pedro looks comfy, yet determined in his jeans astride a motor cycle as he arrives at La Dolce Vita (LDV)  Ok, he looks hot.  Anyway, he makes a call to Fiorella and gets that frustrating disconnection message.  Ay!  She's got to know he's not getting married anymore!!

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Antes Muerta que Lichita #57 Friday 12/11/15 'Stop! in the name of love!' but it ain't the Supremes and this ain't Motown... Augie shows his worst side...

At the climactic moment in the wedding, three 'I do's'... one left... 
Alex is asked… do you?...
But all of a sudden, in a very entertaining twist of Diana Ross and the Supremes song… in comes running Kenny yelling ‘STOPPPPP!!!! In the name of Love!!’  Freeze frame!!... Someone pull out a shovel, everyone’s jaws are falling on the floor…
Lichita encourages Alex to listen to his heart and go with Kenny and turn his back on everything and everyone else… Alex walks closer to Augustus and Bea and tells them ‘dad, mom.. I’m sorry but I can’t get married.’ Then he walks to Kenny, holds hands with him as they walk away and everyone, especially Sandra, is dumbfounded. Augustus is angry, having an internal combustion, and Bea is having an indigestion and faulty waterworks.
Next, Lichita is the one that walks away smiling after consulting the audience on her decision to either laugh or cry… 
Everyone else who didn’t know yet is chitchatting about Alex being Gay, Sandra says ‘imagine what Augustus must be feeling’…
Priest tries to bring everyone back to the wedding and finishes declaring Luciana and Roberto man and wife. 
Kenny explains to Alex that he was pressured by the managers to get engaged. But he only loves Alex.  Alex asks ‘now what?’  Kenny suggests they move far away and start a new life.
Lichita is still walking/running down the street, with all of the press following in her heels… She jumps on a public bus and loses the press.  The press people head back to the church.
Everyone in the bus is a bit intrigued by LIchita entering wearing a wedding gown.
At the orphanage, Mateo is talking to the teacher. The teacher encourages to him to get better and wait for his dad.
Lichita at a park bench… ‘all my life I had heard ‘you propose and God acts’.  (uno propone y Dios dispone). But at this moment she wonders if it was God’s will what was happening or if fate was laughing at her expense.  And there was her life, falling apart, and she was experiencing an unending fall.  We see Lichita walk through the locations where she spends her time (the office, the coffee shop, the house, etc). she is crying.
At church, the board members are all ranting at Augustus, they ask if he ‘knew’.  He tells them he is as surprised as they are. They don’t buy that.
Bea and Augustus are walking out.  Luciana and Roberto are the only ones left in the church and Luci asks Bea if they are going to her reception.   But no response from aunty and uncle.  Luci asks Roberto to give her the ‘kiss’. But he just says dryly ‘lets go’.  As they walk out Luci talks to the press… she tells them she was aware of her cousin’s preferences… and Lichita also knew… thus she was only marrying Alex for ambition.   However, Roberto notes to her that there is no one listening to her (no press).  Then she asks again for the ‘kiss’. But He suggests they go ahead to the reception.
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Weekend Discussion: Recap Authors, What Series Was Your Biggest Challenge?

This is also a forum for recap authors to talk about how we go about what we do.

I'm going into my fifth year of writing for this blog and most of it has been fun and interesting.  My first series was La Fuerza del Destino in 2011 where I caught most of the juicy episodes about the character we called Merry Piece and I felt privileged for that.  There were a few truly great performances in that series and some wooden ones and we all take the good with the bad.

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Pasión y Poder, Episode 26, Thursday, December 10, 2015: Never piss off the cook

Today's show is brought to you by the color BLUE.

The Foundation, the office where Julia goes to moon over Arturo
Regina pops in for a surprise visit to Julia, who quickly tucks away Arturo's letter in a desk drawer.

The Beach in Acapulco, where a maudlin chapter draws to a close
Justino holds Maribel's lifeless body in his arms and sobs.

The Foundation
Regina tells Julia that she truly loves David – she is not her father's puppet.  Julia seems moved by Regina's sincerity.  She tells the younger woman's it's hard to believe she's the daughter of Arturo and his.... um... that she's Arturo's daughter.   Regina reminds her very much of Arturo.

Outside Gómez Luna Associates
Francisco and Clara are chatting about their plans for the weekend in Acapulco when Justino calls with the tragic news about Maribel.  Francisco, mensch that he is, offers to do what needs to be done.  

[Tertiary character dies: the Rules clearly stipulate that the Patio is excused from the funeral, right?]
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