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La Traición, Mon., Mar. 31 - The story of Boris - a bad lad makes good

In the cemetery, Hugo rehashes his plan to avenge himself on those who have betrayed him. He tells Boris that from here on out the going gets rough and Boris doesn't have to hang around if he doesn't want to especially since Marina does not want to be part of the team. Boris pledges his loyalty to Hugo. He will participate in the vengeance plan even though he doesn't agree with it. Hugo tells Boris that he isn't just a servant, he is a friend, Hugo's only friend.

Arturo reacts badly to Eloisa' request that the wedding be postponed. The invitations have gone out and the church is reserved. Arturo immediately suspects that Eloisa is involved with another man. He grabs her and Paquito tells him to back off. Arturo punches Paquito and a fight is avoided when Rebeca shows up and orders Arturo to leave. Both Paquito and Rebeca think Eloisa is crazy to dump Arturo for Alcides, who is already married. Eloisa says that Soledad will never go back to Alcides and it is her life and she'll do what she wants.

Soledad is hysterical. Lucas sends for the police. Antonia looks guilty.

Dr. Max brings the baby to Elena who is immediately captivated by little Aurora. Dr. Max tells her to go out and get what she needs for the baby. Tomorrow, he will begin his "treatment." Elena is suspicious when Dr. Max tells her that the baby is ill. Dr. Max decides to give the baby an injection right away. Elena convinces him to wait.

Guillermo comes to see Hugo/Alcides and asks to work as his gardener. Hugo agrees and Guillermo makes it clear that he isn't interested in participating in any criminal work Alcides may be involved him. With a significant look at Boris, Guillermo says that he is not like some people who betray their masters as soon as they are dead. Amused, Hugo agrees not to make Guillermo do anything but work in the garden. He can also play the violin at the tavern in his free time. Outside the room, Guillermo marvels at the change a few months have made in Alcides.

Back at torture central, Beatriz continues to flog Alcides and then pours salt on his wounds. He tells her that her vengeance is worthless since he doesn't remember anything but Beatriz obviously gets her jollies by hurting people so she doesn't really care whether Alcides remembers or not. She has to go back to civilization but she will be back soon to continue with her fun. She will turn Alcides into a dog who will lick the soles of her shoes.

At the Obregon's, Inspector Duarte asks if Soledad has any idea who might have taken the baby. Antonia says Enrico and Ursula might have done it. Soledad doesn't agree. She thinks it might have been Alcides. After the police leave, it appears that Antonia drugs Soledad to keep her from doing anything crazy.

Enrico takes Ursula to his hideaway. Enrico says that he lives there with Jeremias and of course, Ursula points out that Jeremias died years ago. Enrico corrects himself and says that he lives with the memories of Jeremias. Ursula is sad that she didn't get to say goodbye to Soledad. They were like sisters. Who will help her with the baby? Ursula goes to sleep and Jeremias asks if Enrico likes her. He does.

Hugo discusses the situation with Boris and Marina. He has no alternative to continuing to pretend to be Alcides. Hugo will use Paquito's article to set a trap for all those who were after his money: the Obragons who planned it all and Arturo who helped Alcides try to kill him. 'And your plan for Soledad?' asks Marina. She will pay dearly for her betrayal, says Hugo. Boris asks how he is going to do that. Hugo says that while pretending to be Alcides, he will make Soledad fall in love with him. Boris and Marina are dubious about this plan and Marina is concerned that taking vengeance on Arturo could be dangerous not just for Hugo but for his servants as well. Boris tells her to be quiet; their duty is to help Hugo. I'm outta here, says Marina. Hugo tells Boris not to sacrifice his happiness for him. At this point, the police arrive and Hugo finds out that Aurora has been kidnapped. The police don't find the baby in the Hacienda. Hugo asks the Inspector to tell Soledad that he will look for the baby too.

Paquito tries to get into Eloisa's bed but she refuses his advances and even strikes him with a candlestick. Paquito tells her to be careful. If she won't be his, no one else will have her. He tells Rebeca how much he loves Eloisa and she suggests that maybe he needs a more experienced woman...

Beatriz goes to see Dr. Pablo. He wants to have a relationship with her but she is high on inflicting pain and is barely civil. He asks her about the disappearance of some medicines. She makes up a story about a patient needing the medicine and Dr. Pablo buys it.

Boris tries to get Marina to stay. She says that she cannot understand why Boris stays with Hugo. So Boris tells her. It turns out that as a boy, Boris escaped from a reformatory. He snuck into the Medina house and Hugo hid him for several days until Alicides found out and betrayed him. Hugo pleaded with his parents to let Boris live with them and he was raised and educated with Hugo and was like a real brother to him, not like Alcides. Boris swore that he would never leave Hugo alone with his terrible illness.

(Slight problem here: in the 2nd episode, Hugo tells Boris, as if he didn't know, about how no one had believed his mother when she begged them not to bury his father. They said she was crazy and she ended up really crazy. Boris says: That must have been terrible. Since now we know that Boris came into the Medina family before all this happened, he would have been there when Hugo's father died and he would know all this. Of course, the real purpose was to tell us about Hugo's past or maybe Hugo is one of those people who say, 'did I ever tell you about.." and then tell you a story you've heard a 100o times. ;-) )

Now Marina understands Boris' devotion to Hugo. She asks why he never told her before. He says that he was ashamed of his past as a juvenile delinquent. Marina says that she will stay and do anything Hugo wants. Boris is happy. Hugo is happy when he is told. Hugo tells the newly formed Team Hugo about his plan to find the baby. He whispers something to Boris and then tells him to get flyers printed up offering a reward for the return of the baby. Marina is surprised that Hugo wants to help find Soledad's baby but Hugo says that Aurora is his niece and an innocent victim. He can't let anything happen to her.

The next morning Soledad is up and dressed and insists on going out to find the baby. Ester goes with her. Jeremias tells Enrico to go find Ursula because her life is in danger. Everywhere in town, the flyers are being distributed saying that Alcides is offering a reward for the return of the baby. Soledad sees one and is confused about why Alcides would do such a thing.

Dr. Max finds Elena gone to buy things for the baby. She has taken Aurora with her so that Max can't hurt her.

Enrico finds Ursula in the woods picking flowers. They are chased by the police who shoot and wound Enrico.

Elena is carrying the baby in a basket. She gets one of the flyers and wonders if she has the missing baby. At that moment, the baby cries and Soledad, who is passing nearby, hears her, recognizes her baby and gives chase. Elena gets away but decides to give Aurora back to her family even if it means she goes to jail. However, Dr. Max finds her first. Ester wants to go to the police but Soledad runs off. Ester finds out that Soledad has gone home and gotten a gun (doubtless the gun she got from the Hacienda). Ester guesses rightly that Soledad has gone to confront Alcides. Sure enough, Soledad comes into the Hacienda and demands that he return the baby. The credits roll.

Tomorrow - Arturo takes the baby from Dr. Max??


Juan Q, Friday 3/29 Where your substitute recaper does a lot of stupid things and has a lot of technical difficulties

Here it is, finally the recap, after a series of unfortunate mistakes, and freak accidents without more delay and channeling JK Rollings I present to you:

Juan Q and the never ending plot.

Juan and Marely are talking about Kike and Yadira. Juan can believe Yadira could leave Kike for Topete. He says that Kike “se lleva de estomago a Topete” (wins for a stomach) Juan is at a lost on what to do to help him. Marely says that all they can do is to listen to him.

At Farrell Yvonne tries to talk to CL, but all he wants to know is if she has been able to locate Juan. She says that not yet, she doesn’t know where to look for him. CL loses it and starts yelling that that is not his problem. He wants Juan and he wants him now. Yvonne says that she’ll try, but there are no guaranties. CL calms down and apologizes. Yvonne says that he shouldn’t be mad at her; she hasn’t done anything to him…lately. CL says that he is sorry. Yvonne can’t believe her ears and thinks that maybe CL is sick, since it is not normal that CL apologizes. CL says he is not in a mood to argue. He asks why women can’t believe him. All of us join Yvonne in her sarcastic rhetorical question –I wonder why?

Back at the house of multiple infidelities AKA Cachon residence, Kike is caressing his daughter’s crib while trying to convince himself that he’ll be able to get the baby back. He says that he’ll talk to Licenciado Pereafan (We can see how desperate Kike is, since he is considering to consult Delirio), maybe he can get custody of little Nidia since Yadira abandoned the home. (I’m not too familiar with Mexico Family Law, but I know that this law of abandonment of the home is something that has been abused a lot by the husbands. If a wife leaves the home without a legal precedent, she could lose everything even the custody of the kids. That is why a lot of women stay in marriages even when they are being beaten or abused, because they don’t know how to get the legal permit to leave the house and they are afraid to be accused by the husband of abandonment.) Juan tells Kike to calm down and to remember that usually the mothers are the ones that get custody, and if he makes Yadira mad, he might not be able to see his daughter ever again. Kike says that that is not fair. He says that he is a better mother that Yadira, he doesn’t want to see his daughter only during the weekends.

At the Topete residence Yadira and Topete are sitting down to eat. Yadira is wondering if she is getting “Huevos ahogados en salsa verde” in stead she gets hard-cooked eggs; actually she only gets one egg. Yadira is not happy about it, and she tells Topete in not uncertain terms that she is used to better things and that she is going to give him a list of all things she needs.

Since Yadira couldn’t enjoy Huevos Ahogados en Salsa Verde, here is the recipe so that you can. This is not my recipe since I come from the south and these kind of fast dishes are not cooked there. This is my husband’s recipe. He is from the DF and he says that this is a very popular dish.

Huevos Ahogados en Salsa Verde (Poached Eggs in Green Sauce)

5 Medium size green tomatoes
2 Jalapeño peppers (or 1 or none depending on your spicy endurance)
¼ Clove of garlic
1 Tbsp. of chopped onion
1 Tbsp of chopped cilantro
4 Eggs
½ cup of water

In a small pot cook green tomatoes and jalapeño peppers. Blend cooked green tomatoes, jalapeños, garlic, onions, cilantro and water until smooth. Lightly grease a medium skillet (for 4 eggs) with the oil. Add the green tomatoes mixture. Season to taste with salt and bring to boil. Break one of the eggs into a measuring cup and carefully slide egg into simmering sauce taking care not to break the egg. Repeat with remaining eggs allowing each egg an equal amount of space.

Simmer eggs, uncovered for 3 to 5 minutes or until whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard.

Remove eggs and serve on plates. Spoon green sauce on eggs.

Back to our show

Kike is still in his room, he is telling Juan all the things he wants to do with his daughter. Juan tells him that if he doesn’t talk to Yadira, he won’t be able to see his daughter, so he needs to calm down and negotiate with her. Kike just cries.

Yadira is still writing her list. At the end she adds her facial creams. She gives the list to Topete. He can’t believe all the staff in the list. He thinks she is exaggerating. Yadira says that she is just asking for what she needs, since he told her that he would meet all of her needs. She says that she eats three times a day and she has expensive taste. Topete tries to make her understand that what she is asking for is a little too much. Yadira makes her signature pout and asks –Don’t I deserve it? Topete says yes but… Yadira doesn’t let him finish. She tells him that he needs to go to work, it is getting late. She kicks him out of the house without breakfast.

Juan is tucking a sleeping Kike while he is thought bubbling that finally Kike was able to sleep after an hour and a half of talking about his bad luck. Juan says that he doesn’t understand why if there are so many dead beat fathers, this is happening to Kike the best father he had ever known.

Juan comes down stairs and talks to Marely. He tells her that Kike is sleeping, Marely is very sad for everything that is happening to Kike. She says that Juan is a great friend, because only a great friend would be willing to just listen. Juan says that Kike is not his friend is his brother. Marely tells him that those kinds of actions are what make him such a lovable person. Juan thinks that Marely is declaring her love for him. Marely corrects him and says that she only wanted to state the obvious. Marely leaves for work, while Juan ponders the mystery of the heart, and why he can’t erase Paula from his heart when he had somebody as beautiful and smart as Marely by his side.

Later we see Juan in a taxi. He calls Angarita to let him know that Kike won’t go to work. Angarita tells him that Kike did not sleep at his house. Juan tells him that Kike stayed at the Cachon residence. Angarita asks if Kike and Yadira resolved their problems. Juan tells him that on the contraire; “Le esta lloviendo sobre mojado” (Things are worst. Lit is raining on wet ground) Juan tells him to use Heriberto to help to do the deliveries. Angarita informs him that Heriberto quitted, but he shouldn’t worry Remolacha will help him. They say their good byes, and almost as an after thought Angarita informs Juan that CL is looking for him.

Juan wonders about CL’s reason for calling him. He steels himself saying that “En caliente ni se siente” (It’s better to do it now. Lit. In the heat of it you don’t feel the pain). He calls CL. CL is extremely polite, he calls him Señor Juan. Juan is not impressed, he makes a point in telling CL “dime CL” (tu) in stead of the more polite “digame” (usted) CL tells him that they need to talk, Juan is not sure because he thinks that CL might want to kill him. CL tells him that they need to talk about the business since they are “socios” business partners. Juan says fine I’ll be there in a minute.

Juanito is having trouble. Three little bullies are trying to intimidate him. The leader of the little thugs takes away his sandwich. Juanito gives him an ultimatum –Give me my sandwich or else. The little thug throws it away and taunts him. Juanito get ready to give him a knuckle sandwich.

Juan arrives to the office and the lounge lizards receive him very cordially. Everybody wants to shake his hand and call him Señor. He tells Marely that he came to talk to CL. Marely tells him that maybe he should think about having his own office and maybe she could be his secretary. Juan says that first he needs to talk to CL. He asks Yvonne to announce him. She does, and he enters the office. CL greets him warmly and calls him Juan. Juan corrects him –It is DON Juan to you. CL doesn’t lose his cool, he greets him again. –Welcome, Don Juan. After a few minutes of niceties CL goes to the point. –I have a business proposal; buy my shares of the company and became sole proprietor of Industrias Farrell, Juan makes a commercial break impactado face.

At school Juanito and the bullies are fighting the other kids made a circle around them. Maestro Pomposo sees the brawl and stops it.

At Farrell Juan doesn’t understand CL. CL explains that he was used to be the sole proprietor of the company and is not used to sharing. He prefers to sell the company and travel far away from Mexico. Juan tells him that when he bought Monica’s shares, he used up all his money and any credits that he could get from the bank, so he doesn’t have any money. He concludes telling CL that he’ll have to sale to somebody else. CL is not happy with this answer. He gives Juan a hard stare and asks him why he bought the shares from Monica. Juan thinks about it for a minute and decides to answer truthfully; he bought them because he wanted revenge.

Cut to Paula. She is remembering Consuelo’s phone call and how desperate she sounded. She then remembers her mother’s advice that unless she is willing to forgive CL, she should not go back to him.

Back to CL and Juan.
CL asks again this time adding that he doesn’t think that buying Industrias Farrel was a long held dream of Juan’s. Juan thinks about it for a minute and decides to answer truthfully; he bought them not only because it was a good business but also because he wanted revenge. Outside the Lounge Lizards are trying to listen, but can’t. Pastor approaches and asks what the matter is. Yvonne tells him that Juan and CL are inside and since they can’t hear any noise, maybe they have killed each other. Inside the show down continues. CL says that he is surprised and thankful for Juan’s sincerity. He adds that because he has had everything since birth, he didn’t know what it was like to lose, however he is not bitter since the setbacks make you stronger, and look who is the one that taught him a lesson. Juan thought bubbles that maybe CL is insulting him. CL continues with his monologue.
–Somebody common, without family, without education. Somebody that starts as a chauffer, his rightful place, but because of sheer luck ends up stealing everything from me, and we are not talking only about the material things, those you can recover. Who would have thought that a nobody like you, so different from me would have won over me? Juan has been having his famous thought bubbles thru all of CL’s little speech. He thinks that CL called him to pick a fight “El hombre trae ganas de comer gallo” (Lit. The man wants to eat roster) however he is in control, and answer in the same polite menacing tone that CL has been using. –Yeah CL, who would have thought it, but you have to remember that life might not be fair, but sometimes things get even, and not necessarily by “golpes de suerte” (sheer luck) but you know you are right in one thing; we are very different, you were born with a silver spoon. Golden corrects CL, ok golden, but I have worked very hard for what I have. CL is very upset and tells Juan that he won and he is going away to enjoy the business. They drink to that.

Maestro Pomposo is listening to Juanito explain that the little thugs started the fight by stealing his cheese sandwich. MPomposo tells him that he shouldn’t fight. He should always look for the peaceful solution. What should I do then when they bother me? You should tell a teacher. (I worked at a school and I know this is the standard talk, however there are some kids that won’t stop until they get their just reward. I think Juanito will be ok now that he has shown them that he is not going to take their crap.)

Marely calls Paula to let her know that CL and Juan are talking and that she is afraid that they are going to kill each other. Paula wants to go to the office, but Ana won’t let her. She stands by the door and tells Paula that it’s none of her business what Juan and CL are doing. Paula seems to understand and asks her mother for a tea to calm her nerves; as soon as Ana enters the kitchen Paula grabs her purse and leaves. Ana chases her but alas it is too late, the little dove has escaped

Back at the office CL tells Juan that this is not a gangster’s movie what did he expected? Juan dreams that CL and Him are Gangsters and are shooting at each other. CL gets him out of his dream. –Good bye Juan Dominguez I hope I won’t see you ever again.
The end


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La Traición, Fri, Mar. 28 - Alcides gets thrashed, Aurora gets snatched and Ursula gets fired

Hugo makes sure that Soledad confirms the lie that she and Alcides were lovers before she met Hugo and that her baby is Alcides'. Poor Hugo looks like a ton of bricks fell on him. Soledad tells Hugo that even though they are still married she won't go back and live with him no matter what he does. He mistreated her and was violent. Hugo says that he is sorry for that but she can't claim to be the innocent victim since and Alcides were laughing at Hugo while they betrayed him. Soledad obviously doesn't want to go down this road so she says that now that Aurora is here everything is different and she can't tolerate Alcides' violence. Ester and Antonia are listening in the hall. Soledad says that now that she has answered his questions, she wants him to go away and not come back. Hugo says that he has changed but Soledad responds that she doesn't believe him. Hugo says that he has a right to see the baby and will be back to keep an eye on her. He leaves and Soledad asks her Hugo to forgive her. He will always be the only father of her baby.

Outside, Antonia introduces herself to Hugo. She appears to support the idea that Soledad should return to him. Hugo politely declines to discuss his personal affairs with her and kisses her hand and departs. (I'm surprised Antonia didn't turn into a frog right there. If Hugo kissed my hand, I'd melt into a little puddle.)

At the barn, Beatriz has stripped down to her corset to administer vengeance to Alcides. He is trussed up like a chicken and she injects him with something that is painful and then gets busy with a whip. She tells him that he raped her and she is going to make him pay for every tear she shed. Alcides cries for help but Beatriz has chosen an isolated place and told her landlord to stay away.

Paquito tells Eloisa that Boris paid for the burial of Dr. Chirac and Alcides attended the funeral. Paquito thinks this is very strange and he is not convinced that Boris really lost his inheritance from Hugo and had to work for Alcides whom he had always treated as an enemy. Eloisa is less convinced but she is intrigued enough to decide to visit Alcides. Paquito tells her not to possibly incur the wrath of Arturo by seeing Alcides but Eloisa doesn't care. It appears that Hercu-less overheard this conversation.

Soledad tells Ursula about her encounter with Alcides. She found it very strange that when she confirmed what he wanted to hear, namely that they had been lovers and that Aurora was his, he seemed very sad.

Hercu-less asks to speak to Arturo. Arturo says that H is Mom's boy now and nothing to him. H gets Arturo to think differently when he tells him he knows where Alcides is.

Back at the Hacienda, Hugo tells Boris that he was crazy to think that the baby might be his. Soledad confessed to being Alcides' lover before she met him. Boris responds that he already knew this but Hugo tells him that Soledad is even worse than he thought. If it weren't for his niece who deserves to live a normal life, he would leave town immediately. Hugo tells Boris that he is going to out into the woods looking for the blue orchid. Boris wants to accompany him but Hugo tells him to concentrate on finding Chirac's son. Hugo leaves and Boris moves to follow him anyway. Marina says, 'Don't you dare follow him. He doesn't deserve your loyalty.'

Leaving the Hacienda, Hugo runs into Eloisa. He tells her that he has gaps in his memory and doesn't remember her. He leaves without kissing her hand. Eloisa tells Paquito, who was waiting in the carriage, that they have a lot to investigate. Maybe this isn't Alcides but is Hugo de Medina.

Dr. Max is overcome by the sight of Elena in his wife's dress. He tells her that for a moment he thought she was his wife. Elena is dubious at this turn of events but plays along for the moment. Dr. Max wants to dance with her so they do a waltz. Guillermo sees them and concludes that it only took one fight for her to fall into the arms of another man. From this moment, he will erase her from his memory.

Rebeca comes to visit the Obragons. Antonia snoops around in Rebeca's carriage when she inside and finds the mysterious lady wig and figures out that Rebeca is the ML and therefore is he one who is seducing her brother. When she alone with Lucas and Ursula, Antonia gives Lucas a tongue lashing for betraying his family. When Ester returns and asks what is going on, Antonia smoothly tells her that they have agreed that Ursula should leave her employment because it was her fault that Soledad kept getting into trouble. I am not entirely sure why but Ursula agrees to this. Maybe she assumes that if she denied it, Antonia would tell Ester about Lucas and Rebeca. Ester already thinks Lucas is fooling around with the ML but Ursula doesn't know that. Anyway, the evil witch Antonia tells Ursula that she has to leave without telling Soledad. Lucas certainly believes that Ursula is taking a bullet for him and spinelessly lets her do it. Enrico is lurking in the bushes and he offers to let Ursula stay with him. Ursula refuses but while they are talking Soledad appears looking for Ursula. Soledad is devastated to learn that Ursula is leaving. While she begs her mother to reconsider, Ursula disappears.

Hugo comes up emptyhanded in the orchid search (it's probably the effect of global warming ;-)) but Arturo finds Hugo and ties him to a tree. Hercu-less also finds Boris who was following Arturo. Paquito and Eloisa watch from hiding. Arturo asks the obvious question of why Boris, Hugo's right hand man, is now working for Alcides. Hugo gives him the 'he sold me the estate' story. Arturo says that Hugo must have paid for it with the money that Alcides owes Arturo. Hugo says that he doesn't know what Arturo is talking about. Arturo responds that he doesn't believe that Alcides has lost his memory but that if he has, he will help him regain it. Arturo punches Boris and asks what he is doing with Alcides. Boris says that Alcides is his boss and he has to follow him. Arturo takes out a pistol and asks if Hugo has any problem if he kills Boris right there. 'Do what you please," says Hugo. Fortunately, Arturo doesn't shoot Boris. He sends Hercu-less to handle it. (Now, we know that Arturo made Alcides kill the judge right in front of him to demonstrate that he was evil enough to do business with Arturo. So it is a little surprising that Arturo, who doesn't have a high opinion of Hercu-less anyway, let him handle it on his own.)

When Arturo threatens to kill Hugo, Eloisa wants to intervene but Paquito is afraid of the consequences if Eloisa is seen to defend Alcides. He covers her mouth and drags her off bodily. Fortunately, we know from his previous kidnappings that Arturo is a lousy knot tier. Hugo gets free and knocks Arturo out cold with martial arts technique he doubtless learned in the Orient.
Hugo gets on his horse and goes off in search of Boris.

Hercu-less makes Boris kneel and tells him it's nothing personal, just his boss's orders. Fortunately, for Boris, Guillermo is in the neighborhood trying to kill himself because Elena has found another man. He whacks Hercu-less with a piece of wood and rescues Boris. Hugo finds them a few minutes later. Hugo thanks Guillermo for saving Boris and Guillermo is astonished that Boris is now working for Alcides. 'Everyone is betraying each other' he says. He decides not to kill himself.

Paquito tells Eloisa that he loves her but Eloisa says that she doesn't care about him. She wants a man with money, yes but she has the hots for Alcides. They see Hugo and Boris ride by and know that they escaped from Arturo. Eloisa doesn't believe that Hugo would have acted as he did towards Boris. Paquito agrees but he still isn't sure which brother this is.

Back at the Hacienda, Hugo says it is hopeless trying to find the orchid where he saw it as a boy. If they can't find any news about other sources of the flower, their only hope is Dr. Chirac's son. Marina tells Hugo that it sounds like he has no other reason to live. Hugo agrees. Marina asks him if he plans to just wait for his death in these four walls and drag her and Boris down with him. Boris scolds her but Hugo want to go out with Boris. Alone, Marina says that she will do anything to save her and Boris from this madness even if it means betraying Hugo.

Eloisa asks Arturo to postpone the wedding date.

Hugo tells Boris that he feels like a blindfold has been taken from his eyes. He now believes that Soledad is not a good person and the only feeling he has for her is hate. Further, Soledad and all those who hurt him will pay for what they did. As we predicted, Antonia paying the cemetery guards not to keep up Hugo grave has further convinced Hugo that Soledad never cared for him.

Soledad returns to the house to find the baby is gone! We see the baby at Dr. Max's where Antonia brought her. Dr. Max says that now he will be able to find a way to bring Eva back to life. Antonia hears this. (Is she going remind Dr. Max that he promised to leave the baby at a convent?)

Monday- Dr. Max is going to hurt that cute baby? Let's hope not.


Guapos Friday 3/28/08 In which thoroughly muddled Mili unveils something big

A lot happened in this exhausting two-hour episode. If I've missed something, please fill in. Some of this was easy to recap, but there was one scene between Granny and Mili that took a long time as I tried to note all the dialogue. I still don't know if I understand it all. There are some later scenes with the little boy that have a lot of slang, and I could not take the time to recap all of those.

We start with Luciana flashing back on her meeting with Nestor. We know this is a flashback because it's in black and white. She looks at his card and picks up the phone . . .

Connie and Andrea have a post-coital breakfast. Someone calls Connie about his "law project," and he seems upset. Andrea watches with a scheming look.

Mili checks Hugo's wounds, as he took it on the chin from Alex. Alex is a beast. Hugo tells Mili she inspires him and he can't wait to get married and share their lives. But watch out for Alex. He may try to stop us. Mili tries to get away--she has to help Granny. Before she leaves, she denies anything ever happened with Alex. Hugo grins like a madman.

Hugo goes straight to Alex's room. Alex starts to choke Hugo. Alex calls Hugo sick--what he did was not normal (he's talking about the baby episode, I think, not the banner). Hugo says what Alex did with Carmen was not normal. (Gee, I almost forgot about that story line . . .) Alex said that the situation was cleared up. They continue to butt heads in the hall. Al taunts Hugo, saying that Mili will never forget him. Hugo says that Mili will stay with him. They plan a test. Gloria, meanwhile, is watching and listening to all, not even bothering to hide behind a pillar.

Connie talks to Andrea. Damien set a trap. That lousy plan was a product of the opposition, as best as I can understand. Andrea seductively points out that if he let her come back to work, she can keep an eye on things for him--he can trust her . . .

Connie says she can return as the secretary. She says no--she will be his "personal assistant." Is that really higher in the hierarchy? Connie agrees that she can even be head of HR if she wants--he doesn't care. Seems like Little Connie is doing the thinking for Big Connie here. What a fool!

Gloria fills Mili in on the test plot.

Cut to commercial: Angelica Maria dressed as Mama Julieta from LFMB. She poses in a wacky set with cheesy vintage sixties furniture: gold cut-velvet sofa complete with plastic slipcovers. (When I grew up in the projects in Queens, this is what everyone's living room looked like, ours included. Pause while I get a bit misty-eyed.) This commercial features a tie-in between the DVD of LFMB and Coca Cola. Buy the DVD and get her recipes. Also, specially marked bottles of Coke have a prize. (Pause to remember LFMB fondly.)

Tonight's episode includes a running gag where Morgan and Valeria bait each other. She keeps trying to get his attention, and he keeps pretending not to notice. First, she jumps into the pool and performs some professional-looking synchronized swimming moves. Morgan pretends not to see her.

Al and Hugo are now arguing. Hugo has to hide behind a curtain for the test to work. Mili comes in. Did you want me, Boss? she asks Alex. She is now using the usted form with him, and he doesn't like it. She also calls him "joven," as a servant would. He wants her to forget this crazy marriage with Hugo. He kisses her. She slaps him and exits. Hugo jumps out from behind the curtain and gloats: Oh, so Mili is dying for you . . . sure . . . Ha!

Luciana and Nestor have met up again. They recall the past few years--she was drinking too much. He tells her he's going to take her to a surprise place for memories. Frankly, I think this is a very dull couple. No wonder she dumped him for BSC Frenchy.

Braulio tells Connie that Luciana came home late last night--he thinks she has a lover. Connie fumes.

Naco the grocery boy is flirting with Gloria in the Kitchen. Lina comes in and is jealous. Horacio tells Gloria to get back to work in the garden

Hugo introduces Mili to the wedding dress designer. She doesn't seem too enthusiastic.

Back to the kitchen. Naco wants Gloria. Lina invites him to the benefit at Rodeo, but he can't go. Gloria asks him, and he says yes. Lina overhears and gets angry.

Nestor now takes Luciana to their old school. They are sitting in a cinder-block classroom in the little kids' chairs, believe it or not. They reminisce about his bad spelling and penmanship. Remember the time we cut up a frog in biology class and hid parts in the teacher's desk? (I'm just making this up. The reality is more boring. She actually said "remember when the biology teacher almost caught me blowing a whistle in front of the class?" What a cut-up). I'm not sure if this is day or night anymore, as it feels like hours have passed. The phone rings, but Nestor tells her not to answer. It's Connie, of course, and he is fuming some more. Eventually Luci comes home, but I can't figure out when.

Alex comes to the office and sees Skanky. He asks how she got back there. She back to begging his forgiveness for the pregnancy stunt. Snouty enters and rubs herself all over Alex like the proverbial cheap suit. Later, Snouty and Alex have an extended conversation that I did not recap.

Mili and Regina have another wonderful bonding scene. I hope I am translating this correctly. Regina tells Mili that acting is very good because it helps us lose our inhibitions and understand our feelings. We use our own feelings to give the characters life. You have to do it with passion if you want it to work. It will be a mistake if you deliver something that doesn't work for you. Mili says that Regina must have acting in the blood-- se nota a la legua--it stands out a mile. Granny says it was a pity she had to leave acting behind. (I think she was talking about when she was young.) Mili then asks Regina to act something, she would love to see it.

Regina says she'll do a passage from Hamlet, a classic work of William Shakespeare, she tells Mili. The character Ofelia goes mad when she learns that Hamlet killed her father. Mili says "chirriones--eso suena regacho, verdad?" I can't find a translation of this but I guess it means "Yikes, that sounds awful, no?"
Granny now recites Ofelia's mad song in Spanish: Orig. Shakespeare follows.

He is dead and gone, lady,
He is dead and gone;
At his head a grass-green turf,
At his heels a stone.
Larded with sweet flowers
White his shroud as the mountain snow,--
Which bewept to the grave did go
With true-love showers.

What a sad grave, says Mili. Oh, that reminds me, she says--yesterday, I was putting flowers on my mother's grave and something very strange happened--I saw the Patron (Connie) there.
Regina calls Connie for an explanation. Connie quickly stammers that the Padre told him that Mili's mother's grave needed a stone, so he went to see it. But he doesn't know her name: He says: "Mama," I mean, I'm going to get a stone that says "Mama." Mili and Regina are touched. Mili says thank you. Question here--did Connie know that Rosario was dead before last week?

From the sublime to the ridiculous, as Val and Morgan continue their cat-and-mouse game. Val shows her leg and wants Morgan to touch it. He runs away, covering part of his anatomy . . . He then puts his hot hand in cold water, generating steam. Ha Ha Ha. Stop the insanity.

Luci has somehow returned home. She tries on various outfits for a big date, which she seems to have arranged when she last left Nestor.

At Rodeo, Mili is sitting with PM and the Mother Superior. They announce the big benefit show. Alex has his arm around Pilar at another table. Now they announce the big evening's entertainment. Whoopi Goldberg has nothing on this Sister Act: Sor Cachete and her backup group, the Sorettes. Wouldn't you know it--we have ourselves another Mexican Idol contestant. Sor gives a very good performance. Mili gets everyone dancing. There's a variety of interplay among the usual suspects. Mili and Hugo dance close in front of Alex and Snouty. Snouty asks Alex to pick a bug off her neck. Horacio wants to dance closer with Soco, who pushes him away.

Meanwhile, back at Casa Belmonte, Luci is singing and putting on her makeup. Enter Connie, who says she's too happy. He tells her that if she gives him horns, he'll kill her. He wants to know where she's going and with whom. She says she's going alone. They repeat this exchange a few times, and then he takes her cell phone and the land line.

Now we're over at Taco Naco. Mili is ordering tacos, and Lina asks her for help in getting back at Gloria for taking her boyfriend. Mili says she's not getting in the middle of this- Lina says thanks for nothing, "friend." Alex comes over and he and Mili start spitefully spilling soda on each other. All the actors try unsuccessfully to stifle their laughter. Snouty comes over and breaks up the party.

Braulio tells Regina that Luci has been locked up again on orders of Connie. Regina calls for Connie and scolds him. He says he might have to institutionalize Luciana again.

Mili keeps dancing with Hugo while Alex watches glumly with arms folded.

A big hair-pulling fight ensues between Gloria and Lina.

End of the first hour!

Luci is left drinking in her room. Braulio comes in with more "medicine," courtesy of hubby.
She tells Brau that she has an important meeting and he should let her go. He says he's only following orders.

Nestor is seen waiting.

Back in the kitchen, there's a lot of screeching among Mili, Gloria and Lina. Mili sends Gloria to bed and breaks it to Lina that Naco boy is just not that into her. Lina says that Mili is lucky, she has a boyfriend, and she's getting married.
Then she says she's not getting married: Huh? Lina says You mean you don't want to get married? Mili says that she already said yes. (Silently indicates that she's not sure.)

Breakfast time: Connie and Braulio review Luci's condition. The dinner tonight must be fabulous. Make sure Luci is okay. Luci comes in and learns there's an important guest coming--a valuable campaign donor. I'll give you three guesses who this will turn out to be.

Val's in the pool again, executing a perfect dive to attract Morgan. She feigns drowning in three feet of water. She says she's got a calambre (cramp on the leg). He puns "tiene hambre?" (you're hungry?). She says she can't swim (nadar). He says, oh is that a new dance (bailar).

The little boy, Gamoza, shows up at the mansion and is greeted by Braulio. He calls Brau "pinguino" (penguin). Gamuzo is looking for Mili, and Brau tells him that Mili is working and can't see friends. Gamoza wants to spar with Braulio. Braulio gives one of his exasperated looks and says that he knew this day would go badly--his horoscope was bad.
Braulio brings the boy to Mili.

Hugo is meeting with the Padre. The PM wants him to wait before marrying Mili to make sure things are right. Meanwhile, Hugo begs forgiveness for his past sins, lying to his family about his legs, and lying about the pregnancy situation. He says he did it to win Mili. Padre is shocked.

Mili tells Gamuzo not to call Braulio penguin. Gamuzo asks her if she's happy at the mansion. They have a sweet conversation about where he should live and so on. He then leaves.

Padre calls Connie. Andrea listens in on the conversation. Padre says he has news about Connie's hija. You mean Valeria? No, your other daughter, Mili. No puede ser, says Skanky. Andrea thought bubbles "Alex and Mili are hermanos. This relationship was doomed from the start. I'll be back with him in no time." Now there's another schemer in on the secret.

Gamuzo leaves. We see him getting beaten up by a man, who it turns out is his real father. He kicks the father and runs away.

Back to the phone conversation: Padre says Connie that he can't approve the marriage between Hugo and Mili--she doesn't love him. Connie says whaddya want me to do? He can't interfere without revealing the secret. Sorry, he can't help.

Alex is changing a flat tire and sees Gamoza, with his father in hot pursuit. What are the chances, both of Al's changing a flat tire and of his seeing Gamuza? Alex fends off the father and takes Gamoza to work with him. He wonders why Gamoza hasn't called the police. Gamoza tells him that it's not realistic to think the police would help. He asks if Alex and Mili can adopt him. Alex says no, 'cause Mili is not his girlfriend--she's going to marry his cousin, darn it. Alex warns Gamuza that Mili hates lies. He should tell her right away that he had lied about having no father.

Gamoza goes to the kitchen to look for Mili.

PM is talking to Mili in the yard. He thanks her for organizing the benefit. She tells him she will be getting married in two weeks. PM is aghast--she doesn't love Hugo. What about Alex? Alex has done bad things, she says. Hugo is good, and he loves her. PM says that he knows she loves Alex, she should fight for him.

Val now tries to get Morgan to massage her knee. Dipping his hand in water, he rehashes with Horacio. Horacio takes his temperature. It's 42 degrees Centigrade. I'm guessing that's pretty hot. (Here in NYC it's about 42 degrees Fahrenheit. It's very cold!) Morgan tells Horacio that his plan to "ignore" Val is going well. Naturally, because this is a telenovela,Val overhears. She'll get him back!

Gloria and Lina fight in the kitchen.

Bobby arrives and is told to see Val in the garden.

In the maid's room, Alex brings Gomuza for an apology. He apologizes for his lie. Mili asks about his mother, and he says this time it's the truth--he has no mama. Superhero Alex helped him.

Morgan bumps into Bobby and Val in the garden. Val asks if he's lost something. Bobby and Morgan engage in more of their upstairs/downstairs head butting. This scuffle turns into a full on kung fu match. Bobby says Morgan has watched too many kiddie films. Morgan falls backward into the pool, and I must say the stunt was neatly executed.

Mili goes to a slum with Gomuza. She brings him back to his miscreant father, who wants her to butt out. What is she--Mother Teresa? No, she's Miligol, she says, inexplicably. She brings various foods, but the father really wants money. She asks why he doesn't work. As best as I can understand, he says he lost jobs because he can't read. I wonder if this is a literacy PSA. Maybe they will take him to the convent for reading classes. Anyway, she warns him not to hit his son anymore.

Connie is now all lovey dovey with Lucy, 'cause he needs her for the big dinner. He even brings back the cell phone and land line. He says don't worry, he didn't look at her calls. He says he had the phone turned off the whole time. He reminds her that the dinner is very important, so she shouldn't do anything weird. Anyone taking bets? He leaves the room, and she calls Nestor. Don't call me back, she says desperately--don't call me back, pleeze!!

Downstairs, we see, no surprise, Nestor, hanging up his cell phone as Connie greets him. Connie says that his wife will be right down.

Towel scene alert: Mili has knocked on Alex's door to tell Alex about Gamoza. Alex answers in his towel. They agree that they will watch him. He'll be their special project. Alex takes another opportunity to tell her that he really loves her and she really loves him.

Over to Regina and Braulio, who are playing canasta! Braulio says he's worried about Mili--what will happen when Regina is gone. Regina says that Mili will be protected. Then Braulio wins a hand, 'cause Regina was distracted.

Alex and Mili continue their conversation, which on Mili's part has degenerated into sad wailing. she is quite torn. He says he knows she loves him, and she says "I don't know" three times fast.

Luci is now sitting awkwardly between the two men. Isn't it great how much good luck you have with your family. Nestor says that she must be proud of her husband. Is this guy creepy or what? Does anyone else agree with me that he tracked her down and planned this on purpose? Now for the fun part. Alex runs out in the towel, chasing Mili. What a great first look his real father will have. Mili says that Alex wants to eat "en cueros," or in the nude, and she pulls off the towel. Freeze, as everyone looks impactado.

Avances: Andrea tells Alex that the pregnancy plot was all Hugo's idea.


Pasión - 03/28/2008 Friday - Yes We Have No Pirates

We looked east, we looked west. We waited patiently but alas, no pirates. Pasión will return. Hasta lunes amigos.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Pasion Thursday March 27—Santiago's up, Ric's still down; Paco's getting another new cousin

On board the Salamandra, Paisana and Mario have charge of Ric’s care. Mario rushes into the room and asks Paisana if she gave him the herbs that Chino’s healer gave them. Paisana says no because she didn’t know which ones to give him. Mario, exasperated, says that the guy told them to mix them all together. Mario expresses his doubts about oriental medicine and thinks it should have worked by now. Paisana responds that it’s in God’s hands now. She remarks that he has great love for his captain. Mario snaps back that they all do. Ric groans in discomfort.

Ines is walking with Justo. She’s angry that her brother has gotten involved in this mess with Camila and Ric. He’s stubborn and proud. She agreed with him when he swore he wouldn’t do anything with Don Jorge, but now Jorge is the only guy who can help Camila.

Back on the boat, Ric is calling for Camila. Mario tries to calm him. He tries to get up and everybody tries to hold him down. He’s delirious and starts raving about having leeches put on him. He doesn’t want any leeches. Mario finally cold cocks him to get him unconscious again. Paisana suggests giving him a cold bath to lower his fever.

At Mancera Mansion, Santiago has gone to tell Don Jorge about Lis’ cruelty toward Camila. How she won’t sell her. Jorge says that Lis is within her rights. Santiago exclaims, “So you’re not going to help?” Jorge says “I could.” Santiago says hotly “In exchange for what?” Jorge says, you know, be recognized as my son and heir. Santiago replies “to keep your lands?” Jorge says that his family originally fought to earn their lands and In his lineage there were good and bad men, “just like in any family.” But what they earned ought to be conserved, “it’s a divine right” he finishes up. Santiago looks thoughtful and then says that he wants to borrow the money to free Camila. Jorge says no—it will be his welcome gift to Don Santiago de Mancera. Santiago looks nervous.

Later, Jorge is at La Font’s. He makes flirtatious small talk with Manuela, telling her that she’s very pretty and that she must have a lot of admirers. Manuela says no and gets all flustered. He says she should. She asks about the gossip with Camila and Ricardo. He says it’s water under the bridge. La Font comes in and Jorge tells him that he knows that Lis is refusing to sell Camila. He tells LaFont that he knows that Ric has paid the debt. La Font says, so what, even if the debt is paid, if the will is invalid, so is Camila’s letter granting her freedom. He tells Jorge that Lis is within her rights to keep Camila. Jorge says flatly that Lis’s rights are not above his—and he wants to buy Camila as a present for Santiago. La Font complains that the other night, Jorge seemed to accede to Santiago’s wishes. “Could it be that your judgement is affected by this young guy?” SO? Says Jorge and he turns on his heel and leaves. LaFont looks mighty uncomfortable at Jorge’s displeasure.

Lis and Fran are reviewing the previous nights’ events. Lis is angry at her aunt for interfering. “You had no right” she says in tears. Fran says that she was just trying to avoid having her commit a crazy act that would ruin her life, she says “I had the right, I took care of you your whole life.” Lis responds that she did it of her own accord. She never asked her to. She did it because she was alone and had no children of her own. And now, she finishes, she says she hates her Aunt because if she hadn’t done what she did, Ric would still be alive. Fran points out that if she hadn’t tried to run away with him, he’d also be alive. But he’d still be in love with Camila. Lis is overflowing with tears now and burbles about Camila having bewitched him. Fran says it doesn’t matter anyway now because he’s DEAD. There’s a knock at the door, it’s Clothilde announcing that Alberto has arrived. Lis doesn’t want to see him but Fran tells her to dry her eyes so that he doesn’t realize who she’s crying for. She tells Clotilde to show him into the great room and offer him something.

A few moments later, Lis is with LaFont. He’s already made the pitch to her to sell Camila to Jorge because she’s already refusing and saying that she’s within her rights to keep her. La Font explains how Jorge wants her to sell Camila to him so that he can give her Santiago but Lis still refuses. “I have to give in to the will of a blacksmith?” LaFont, exasperated, says that it’s Jorge wishes she’s giving into and her rights are not above his. Lis again refuses and LaFont finally does a powerplay. Grabbing her by the face, he tells her that (1) he knows she was about to betray him with Ricardo (he puts off her feeble excuse that Ric forced her) (2) she owes him for what he’s already done for her; (3) they’ve signed a marriage contract and she’s going to honor it and (4) he expects total obedience from her after they are married or it will go very badly for her. The stricken look on Lis’ face is priceless.

Next we see Camila in modest garb and rucksack leaving the house. Her family are there waiting for her with Jimena and Ascanio. Santiago and Rita are back at home. While Santiago washes his hands in a basin, Rita asks cloyingly why Santiago did not go with the rest of the family to greet Camila. Santiago that mostly it was her family that went. Rita points out that Ofelia went, Santiago turns on her and asks why SHE didn’t go and Rita claims she would have only the baby was constipated. He lopes away from her and sits at the table. Rita demands that servant Ramona ask him what he wants. Santiago is oblivious to her aires until she starts harping on when the ceremony is , whether they will be living in the palace, etc. When he tells her and says that Jorge wants him to move in with him, Rita is ecstatic. Santiago finally notices her unseemly happiness and looks disgusted by her. She seems to notice his reaction anc backtracks by saying “how nice this will be for the baby.”

Meanwhile, Jimena and Camila are walking home. Jimena asks her about what happened to her clothes. Camila is dressed like a peasant. Camila explains that Lis demanded that she leave them all, that they all belonged to her. Jimena says that this was not right, that some of the dresses were bought for her by Ricardo. She can borrow some of her dresses and she will fix her up. Camila says she doesn’t care. This is the way she wants to dress, as Justo’s daughter. And besides, right now she has no thought in her head other than to find a way to look for Ricardo. “OK, miller’s daughter! says Jimena.” They finally arrive at home and Paquito runs up all happy to see his Aunt Camila. He asks about Uncle Ric and Camila gasps and hugs him.

Days later, another boy is running toward the surf on some distant shore. He cries “the Antillano is coming! He’s been wounded!” Sure enough, the gaggle of pirates from the Salamandra has landed and is carrying Ric along on a stretcher.

Back at the Mill offices. Camila is with Jimena and Ascanio. Camila begs Jimena to come and live with them at Justo’s. Jimena begs off, saying that there’s really no place for her there. Ascanio then chimes in that he was thinking of moving. Camila bursts into tears and says that she needs them both close to her, now more than ever. She misses Ric so much! He’s the love of her life and they are her true friends. She reminds them both of when they were together with Claudio, how they made a little family and she prayed that they would never be separated. Even though Claudio was no longer around, she hoped that they would remain. Ascanio breaks the moment by mentioning that before the fateful night, Ric had entrusted to him a letter that was supposed to be given to Justo. He gives it to Camila saying that he would leave it up to her to decide whether to give to her father or not. Camila takes the letter and holds it to her breast.
It’s now nighttime. Camila is alone and she opens the letter.

My Most Esteemed Don Justo,

I hoped to have been able to tell you this personally but events intervened and I was unable to do so.

I deeply love your daughter. Why? Love has no explanation. It’s a gift from God. Love comes suddenly, it holds us, it’s an obsession, It makes us feel that without this person, life isn’t worth living. Life without Camila isn’t worth it.

Camila talks back to the letter—“Me too, my love. Life isn’t worth living without you. You are my life, my time.

I know that you have been informed of who I am and what I do. But I want to explain to you how I came to this. My misfortune began when I was falsely accused of a crime. Fortunately, the case is now closed and I have been cleared, but it’s too late. I turned to piracy because that was the only way I could survive. I was a boy of 17. At that age, the survival instinct is much stronger than the intellect. When I left my home I joined a group of men, whose situation as desperate as my own. One day a group of pirates disembarked in search of water and after killing a bunch of us, put the choice to the rest of us to join them or die.

[We see a flashback of a younger Foreman in adorable flaxen braids making this demand on a a beach—Ric looks scruffier and has longer hair.]

In reality, all of us chose life. Since I knew how to read and write, the captain, an English pirate had me writing his logs (bitacora) and later I learned navigation, the routes, how to fight. Although I tried to become accustomed to the life, I never was able to do it. There was too much blood, too much violence and I always looked for a way out. I killed, yes, but it was kill or be killed. Then one day a woman appeared. No ordinary woman, but a special woman. And I don’t know what happened to me with her.

[Flashbacks of him kissing her in bed and them telling each other that they love one another].

She is the one that I dreamed of having children with, a family. It was never my attention to marry your daughter with a name other than my own. I had hoped to marry her AFTER I had received my pardon, which I expected since I was doing the crown some service. But events got ahead of us and I was forced to marry Camila in order to protect her

[flashbacks of the ailing Justo in bed telling Camila to hurry up and Marry Ric to protect her virtue--recall that Ric promised Justo that he would marry Camila quickly in order to keep Don Jorge from forcing her to be his mistress.]

I should have told you and her but love made me afraid. Yes, I was afraid of losing her.

[Another flashback of Ric seeming hesitant to marry Camila and Camila accusing him of not really wanting to marry her, or that she had so many problems that he didn’t want to get involved. Ric says it’s not that but…stopping short of telling her the truth.]

I affirm that Camila is my wife and that we are married because to me, we swore an oath before God on an altar and we are married until one of us dies. I know it will occasion great suffering to take her far away from you but it’s the only way that I can avoid that she continue as a servant. My affection for your family and my love for Camila are sincere, please never doubt it.

Camila clutches the letter and cries.

Outside, of Ric’s beach house, there is a prayer vigil going on. There are statues and a bonfire. A crowd holding candles sings a hymn, the refrain of which is in latin—dona nobis pacem (grant us peace). Inside the house, Paisana, Mario and Pablo are taking care of Ric, who is still sweating with a fever. Pablo tells them that he’s seen a squad of guards nearby, they should get going. Paisana says she doesn’t think that they are looking for Ric. Mario says he doesn’t care, he wants to get back on the ship and head for Coral Island. Paisana disagrees—if they move him again, he’ll die. Mario feels the pulse around his neck.

It’s the next morning and Camila and Jimena are now both dressed like peasant girls with kerchiefs and linen aprons. Jimena asks Cami whether she’s going to deliver Ric’s letter to her father. Camila says she doesn’t know. Jimena whispers that there goes Santiago and sure enough, he limps briskly past without seeing them to greet Justo. Justo thanks him for intervening to get Camila set free. Santiago responds that there’s nothing to thank him for, they are family. Camila approaches and there is an awkward exchange of greetings. Santiago indicates the folder of papers under his arm and says that he’s come to give her freedom documents. Jorge signed them and gave them to him. Camila is overjoyed to the point of tears and Justo does a silent YES! in the background. Santiago leaves and there are hugs all around. Justo comments that Santiago has behaved very well in this instance. Camila takes her Dad aside and says she needs to talk to him. About Ricardo. Justo counsels her to start over and forget “that man.” Camila says she can’t. She’s upset because she doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. Justo responds equivocally that everyone’s life is in God’s hands. She replies that she knows but she needs to know. Justo says, “Listen, I don’t doubt that he was in love with you, He paid your debt with Lisabeta but he married you in a sham wedding and he’s a PIRATE. “It was due to misfortune, Dad!” she pleads. Justo isn’t buying it. “I’m not going to let my daughter continue to be deluded by a criminal.” She shoots back that he’s not a criminal and she’s not deluded. She LOVES him. Justo points out that sometimes people fall in love with the wrong person. He uses Ines as an example. Vasco’s a disaster. Cami argues that it’s not the same. Justo says her case is WORSE. Ric held her up to the whole town for ridicule as a loose woman (una qualquiera). Cami is impactada by this and has to take a step backward. Clearly these words from Dad stung. She runs to the nearest tree and leans against it, crying. Justo goes after her and says that she’s hurting, but she has to be strong. He reminds her that she was also very much in love with Santiago. She says “that was different!” Justo asks why, “Because Ric sailed around under a pirate flag and made himself rich (robbing people)?” Camila laughs and says “NO!” and shakes her head at Dad. Justo says that Ric was a liar. He even lied about his fortune. Justo relates how Ric told him that his fortune had been stolen, now he’s not sure that was true. Camila says that it WAS true. Justo says he lied to everybody. Camila says not to her he didn’t. Justo doesn’t like the sound of this. He tells her to forget him the same way that she forgot Santiago. He walks away. Jimena runs to her and they hug eachother.

Later, inside, Jimena and Cami talk it over. Cami can’t understand why her Dad is harshing on Ric. Jimena says to look at it from his point of view. To Justo, Ric is a pirate who deceived his daughter. Jimena asks about the letter. Cami says, “why? He’s never going to understand.” Camila says that she doesn’t know where Ric is but she has to go try to find him. She thinks they should start looking in La Iguana. That’s where they first took them when they were kidnapped. Jimena asks if she knows how to get there. They were taken in a closed wagon and couldn’t see where they were going. Camila says that they could ask. Jimena asks her “who?” She points out that if it’s El Antillano’s secret pirate lair, it’s likely to be remote, hard to find and well…secret. Camila despairs but then suddenly gets an idea—“That man, the Oriental—he knows Ricardo!” She grabs her shawl and rushes out with Jimena trailing behind.

Next they are in the street outside the hotel. Yoshi-he (AKA el Chino) who comes out with the acupuncture specialist. Chino greets her and notes her being freed. She confirms this. He introduces her to Master Fukuda, the alternative medicine practitioner who attended Ric. She asks Fukuda if he thinks he saved Ric. Fukuda says he did all he could and now it was out of his hands. They begin walking. Camila tells Chino that she wants to go to LaIguana to find Ric. Chino says he knows where it is but it’s very far away. Camila is crestfallen but asks for his help. Jimena tells him they just need directions. Camila says she needs to know if Ric is dead or alive. Chino tells her that he was thinking of sending someone to find out how he was doing. Camila asks to go with them. Chino says that if she leaves town they will send guards to find her. They’ll trail her right to Ric, and if he’s still alive, they’ll finish him off. He says he’s about to leave and will send her a report if he finds out anything. After establishing that she can read and her last name, Chino tells her that Ric is no ordinary guy; he’s not easily defeated. The two men bid the ladies goodbye and they go their separate ways.

Chino and Fukuda had been on their way to see Don Jorge. Chino tells him that he needs to leave for the Antilles to buy more merchandise. Chino says he’s tapped out with everything he’s brought and he needs to get more for here and to fulfill other contracts. Jorge asks him where else he sells and Chino tells him that his most important market is New Orleans. They sit on the sofas. Chino further explains that many of his former er comrades have retired there to become prosperous merchants or landowners. Jorge says that piracy must be a good business. Chino says for a few, fortunate people. The majority end up on the gallows. “And you are one of the fortunate ones” comments Jorge. “Until now” says Chino with a laugh. “I’ve been lucky but one never knows.” Jorge turns to Fukuda and asks if he is staying. Fukuda responds saying that he can’t stick around too long either. He needs to get started on his son right away because he’ll need a few sessions to fix his leg. Jorge asks if Santiago’s leg can be fixed up good as new. Fukuda says he’ll know more when he’s localized the problem.

Justo has stopped by Ofelia’s. She’s giving somebody a potion to get rid of his tapeworm problem. The guy leaves and Justo unburdens himself about Camila. She’s still stuck on Ric and won’t give up trying to justify his actions. He says he understands that he may have suffered misfortunes but he lied to them all and she got involved with him. Ofelia says that he should try to understand her. “Life hasn’t been good for your daughter.” Justo says that the only thing he wants is for her to forget him. He thinks that will end her suffering. Ofelia says “Hopefully.” “But sometimes the suffering never ends.” She tells him to sit down. He asks how she’s doing. She tells him that next week, Jorge is going to recognize Santiago as his son and heir. Justo says that he knows that she’s not happy about it but she should think about how this is a good thing for him. Justo asks her what she’s afraid of. Ofelia tells him that she’s afraid of a lot of things. They’ve always been a very strong family. With straightforward friendships, good, hardworking people. But now…her son will be living in another world. He’ll be living in a palace with his wife and child. Justo tries to reassure her that Santiago won’t forget them. Ofelia agrees that her son has always been good but with them gone, the house will be very lonely. Justo places his hand on hers to comfort her.

We jump ahead to next week and the big ceremony in church. The priest announces that Don Jorge has decided to “rectify an error of his youth “ by recognizing his son, Santiago. He holds up a scroll and hands it to Don Jorge. Don Jorge takes the scroll and hands it to Santiago. The Priest comments that everyone knows Santiago as a virtuous man, who is kind to all and who has lived his whole life in accordance with the precepts of Holy Mother Church. The Priest hands Jorge a GIANT ornate cross on a chain. Santiago kneels before his dad and Don Jorge puts it around his neck. A choir of two women starts singing an Alleluia. (Song of Praise) Next Jorge hands him a little plaque with the Mancera Coat of Arms. He announces that now he is a worthy heir of the Mancera family. [We see the elated expression of Rita in the background and Ofelia’s less happy one. There is applause all around and we see various expressions. Sofia’s face bathed in tears—all her scheming has worked. Wacky Lis smiling slightly, no doubt preoccupied on her own problems, Ursula with a mixed expression of her own—cut out of the inheritance. Fortunata with a genuinely happy expression. More Alleluias from the choir.] Outside, the priest announces that everybody should be happy that Santiago has gained his rightful place under the human and divine law. He says he’s sure that when it’s Santiago’s turn to govern San Fernando, he’ll do a good job, like his father before him. Don Jorge smiles. A children’s choir starts singing a hymn in Latin. [I think it is this one].

We’re done with the Church, now it’s time for the State. A squad of soldiers comes up to the steps of the church and the lead guy hands Santiago what looks like a small dagger covered with ribbons on a pillow. Santiago lifts it off the pillow and raises it up then puts it back down on the pillow. The soldiers take it away. More applause. Rita leans over to Santiago and presents her cheek for him to kiss. She’s wearing a dress with about three feet of lace hanging from the sleeves. Justo is wearing is fancy scarlet coat next to her. Vasco and the others are handing around well dressed in the background. Don Jorge asks Justo to come to the party and Justo says he’d be honored. Meanwhile Ines is trying to coax Ofelia into going. She doesn’t want to. Ines tells her she needs to leave her feelings aside and do it for Santiago. He’s going to feel bad if she’s not there. Ofelia refuses. Camila who has been standing with Jimena calls out to Santiago. He comes over to her and she congratulates him. Jimena says that she hopes when it’s his time to rule, she hopes he’ll be a better Lord than his father. He nods and leaves. Rita comes along with Ursula. Camila congratulates her and Rita smiles broadly and asks her if she like the new dress she has on that Sofia gave to her. Rita tells her that she should come over to the palace and tell her “all about her pirate.” Camila says she has nothing to tell and gives her a dark look and withdraws. Rita sniffs like whatever, on with the show and continues along with Ursula.

Santiago encounters the guys from the office—the twins and Ascanio, all dressed to the 9s. the twins are in matching scarlet jackets. One of them says wow boss, who would have thought! They are happy for him. Santiago says modestly that he hopes he’s doing the right thing. Santiago turns to Ascanio and thanks him for coming. Ascanio says he wouldn’t have missed such an important event. Santiago says that since the business trip to San Miguel Fair, he has realized that he was right in a lot of what he said. We all make mistakes. Ascanio generously allows that he’s made a few too and hopes that Santiago forgives him. Santiago asks him to come and see him. “At the house?” Ascanio asks. Santiago tells him that Don Jorge wants him to go move into the palace with him. The twins ask about the blacksmith’s shop and he says that he hasn’t forgotten them. After a pat on the back from Ascanio, Santiago moves on. LaFont is next and announces to him “Santiago Mancera y Ruiz…You can’t know how pleased I am and everybody in San Fernando is to have an heir [to the title].” Santiago thanks him tersely. Lis who is beside him, congratulates him as well and notes that the priests words were very apt. Fran gushes that everybody holds him in high esteem and know that he’ll make a great Lord. Santiago gruffly says “God willing.” He limps off. As they turn to go, Lis trips and LaFont grabs her before she goes sprawling. He gives her a look of exasperation. The bloom is off the rose.

Ascanio and the twins are still kibitzing about future of the smithy. They ask Ascanio to find out when he goes to talk to Santiago. Manuela sees Ascanio and says that she’s sorry that she hasn’t seen him at the blacksmiths.’ Ascanio tells her that he no longer works there—he works at the Mill now. Manuela nervously excuses herself and runs off. Ascanio looks wistfully after her. The twins look at him sadly.

Over at Mancera Mansion, musicians are playing and a party is in full swing. Jorge and Santiago are sitting on a dais. People are eating, drinking and dancing. LaFont is nervously sitting in a corner and Lis is enjoying the music. We see pretty much every minor character in the show with some kind of social status or a set of good clothes.

Meanwhile, the pirates are still holed up at El Antillano HQ. Pablo comes running down the beach, and comes into the hut to ask how Ric is doing. LP and Mario have just been talking about Ric’s condition. It hasn’t improved. LP tells Mario it’s not the herbal cure’s fault. Ric has sustained two mortal wounds. Ric is murmuring what sounds like Camila’s name. Pablo is the bearer of bad news—he’s seen another squadron of guards. This is the third one. Mario tells Pablo to make the ready the Salamandra and the Camila. LP says nothing but looks alarmed. Ric continues mumbling in his delirium.

At Justo’s Camila is crying when Jimena comes upon her. She tries to jolly her friend. Camila is worried that no reports have arrived about Ric’s whearabouts or wellbeing. Jimena says too little time has passed. She’s going to have to be patient. Camila says darkly that maybe they haven’t sent anyone because they found out he’s already dead. She cries that she was there and saw what happened—he got shot in the chest and stabbed in the gut. Nobody survives that. Jimena says that she needs to have faith. Camila says she’s always had faith but look what happened—She returned to find Santiago married and after finding Ric, she loses him. Jimena insists that she hasn’t lost him. She hugs her. All of the sudden, Camila covers her mouth runs away and [in one of the two unmistakable signs of a telenovela pregnancy—the other being fainting] WRETCHES against a wall of the house. Jimena asks her if she’s sick to her stomach. Camila says yes. Jimena asks if she’s eaten anything and Camila says no. Jimena thinks it’s that. Camila says she thinks she might be PREGNANT! Jimena says “a child of Ricardo!!” and the two start jumping up and down excitedly. Camila says he always wanted a child She prays to God that he might know this child. “Truly, yes,” adds Jimena.

Next time: Camila tells Ines and Paco and they take the news well too. Justo, not so much. Ric’s life still hangs in the balance. ULTIMOS CAPITULOS and the next chapter is advertised as MONDAY.


I Love Juan Thurs 3/27 - She's got...Tammy Baker eyes*

* Sung to the tune of Betty Davis Eyes with apologies to Betty Davis and her amazing eyes.

Ahoy all, there were a lot of new phrases for me tonight. I tried to look them up but some were difficult to find so if I've gotten any of them wrong please let me know. Thank you, and now on with the show...

Oooooh, I am so MAD at Paula. The nerve of her going off on Juan like she did! But wait, Juan throws it back at her. After they argue a bit and he suspects that Pau's anger stems from her jealousy of Monica he really lets her have it. He tells her that she's mad because she thinks she's the center of the universe who feels everyone is supposed to make her happy. Is he supposed to ask her permission to talk and do business with everyone? He tells her "Sacate a bañar!" which translates I think "Take yourself out of here and take ja bath!" I've never heard this one before but it had the distinct feel of "Get the funk outta my face". (Remember that song? It must be '70's song night tonight) She responds with the unimaginative "I never knew you at all" line and Juan retorts with the "same to you but more of it" answer. These two are right out of the schoolyard. He tells her to beat it and have a nice day. Hooray Juan!!

Yadi interrupts La Profa Marga's class for a showdown, woman to woman. She's come to put Marga in her place. Under the shocked gazes of the students Yadi pulls la Profa's hair and puts her in a headlock; she threatens the students not to help, not that any one of them was planning to. Nacho rushes in with the baby and begs for Yadi let his wife go. La Profa tries to act all pathetic so as to solicit sympathy from Nacho. Something tells me that even in telenovela land Yadi might be in deep doo-doo for doing a smack-down on the profa during class.

Ivonne expresses her shock to Pastor that Juan is a partner in Farell; it's the news of the century. Poor CL, the news must have been a real kick in the liver (kick in the teeth) to him. Pastor admits that Juan being their new Jefe is not the weirdest or worse thing that has ever happened at the company. Maybe now he will finally get his raise.

Marga and Nacho (holding a finally-fussing Nidia Micaela) wait outside an office. They bicker to pass the time. Yadi breezes up and announces she was kicked out of school. "Happy?" she rather calmly asks Marga. Marga says at least she feels tranquil. Yadi retorts that the fish dies by it's mouth (i.e. keep yacking and you'll get into trouble). Marga calls Yadi low class, ineligant and uneducated, just the type of person to make threats. Yadi says she who laughs last laughs best. Yadi, baby and Nacho flounce off while Marga smugly smiles to herself.

CL slowly walks from his office into the lobby and asks everybody what are they looking at? Haven't they ever seen a defeated man before? He walks to the elevator, turns and scowls at the lizards crowding around to watch his departure. He begins his monologue:

"Attention. Here I am, defeated by life and a man I never imagined would be next to me, one of sad. Here I am, completely alone, surrounded by a group of mediocre people who hate me, whom I have to acknowledge as being much happier than I. Here you have your revenge, to observe me without penalty. Take pleasure in my defeat and enjoy the moment because it will never happen again. I hope we all meet hell!" (Camera pan through the lizards who look anything but happy.) CL gets into the elevator and the doors close while an invisible choir chants ominously in the background.

Delirio tells Nidia his tragic news. He couldn't get Topete to agree to leave Yadi alone and worse, Perafan and Topete are no more. In his roundabout way he tells Nidia that Topete is determined to steal Yadi away.

Our key cadre of lizards regroup to deconstruct CL's performance. Pastor feels bad for him in spite of all CL has done to him; he had such a sad hangdog face. Fer says he had the face of a rabid dog, the only thing missing was him foaming at the mouth. Ivonne, Julia and Marely wonder when Juan will show up.

Angarita phones Nidia who keeps calling him 'Chatita' because Alirio is next to her staring daggers at the back of her head. Anga tells her he's aware of the fracas that happened last night. Nidia is impactada. Anga says he called because Kike is at his house safe and sound. By the way, he's still waiting for her answer. (I forgot what he's waiting for, that she told Ana/Paula of her thievery? That's she's leaving Alirio?)

Alirio faces Nidia and tells her he knows who just called. It was his rival. She tries to protest but he shushes her. He creeps upstairs while she twists her face in anguish.

Juan thought bubbles that once again he and Pau fought like cats and dogs. He wonders if Paula is still in love with CL, maybe she's one of those women who likes to be the victim. He's interrupted by Kike who rushes up asking why Juan is still hanging around the market. Does he need a lift? Vamonos!

Pau complains to Ana about Juan's perfidy. Ana is surprised that Pau is sticking up for CL. Pau's excuse is that CL built the company ALONE (hmmm, I thought Monica helped) and he doesn't deserve Monica's betrayal. Ana is baffled, she points out that Juan also has worked very hard to make something of himself and if Moni wants to sell her half of the biz why shouldn't Juan buy it? Pau nastily insists he only did it for revenge.

CL lounges semi-comatose in his apartment. He tells Chelo to look for another job, he's leaving the country. Chelo tries to buck him up, she tells him he and Pau will work things out. CL says it's like a bad movie, the only thing important to Pau is that ajolote (salamander) Juan Dominguez. Chelo tells him not to give up the fight but he says he's already lost. Juan has Paula, his business, to the devil with everything!

As Kike drives Juan tells him about his fight with Pau. She was a panther, a tiger and a crocodile all rolled into one. It was awful and he (Juan) did not respond well. He should have been calmer but no, he just added fuel to the fire and now she hates him.

Over at Juanito's class Maestro Pomposo instructs the kiddies on Hernan Cortes's defeat by the locals in the Popotla area. Cortes cried under a tree; does anyone know what the name that was bestowed on this tree? He calls on Juanito to answer. Our little hero bravely stands and optimistically guesses, is it The Tree of the Mexican's Victory? The class bursts out in laughter and Pomposo quiets them. No, the tree is called The Tree of the Sad Night. This doesn't make sense to Jito; if we won why is the tree sad? Pomposo silences the classroom again and concludes that he himself prefers to call the occasion The Victorious Night of the Nahuatl. Juanito turns to his scornful classmates and smiles triumphantly.

Kike gives Juan the worst sort of "pep" talk, he uses his own sorry self as an example. He loves Yadi and for what? To be thrown out of the house. Women are all cut from the same cloth, they're bad, envious traitors, from Adam and the serpent to Juan and his boots. Juan looks glummer than ever and Kike punctuates his anger by honking at the traffic.

Nidia visits Ana and cries over her daughters' dismal love lives. First Mari's dud marriage and now Yadi wants to divorce Kike so she can move in with another man! Ana slugs down a stiff shot of Nidia's tea. She makes it a double.

Juan decides he's had enough of Kike's pep talk and says he'll walk to Juanito's school. He's distracted from his thought-bubbling by the vision of a sexy red Mustang convertable in an auto showroom. He supposes it's too expensive but hey, it's free to look!

The salesman lists the car's attributes, it's their best model and a steal at 350,000 pesos (about $32,730.00 using the current rate of exchange). Juan is impactado, what about the red mustang hard top? 230 thousand (21.5K)? What, do these cars talk? Haha just kidding. Are there any slightly cheaper models? The salesman ushers Juan towards the used models.

Yadi and Nacho are having coffee at an outdoor cafe. She says she's throwing sparks (hopping mad) that the old battle ax got her thrown out of school. It's not fair!! (Honey, you got yourself thrown out; quit yelping.) What's she going to do now? The whole world knows she wants to divorce Kike so she can be with Nacho. Wah. But Topete is thrilled, he loves her too and suggests she and the baby move in with him. Yadi gets great big Tammy Faye Baker eyes.

Juan goes to school and finds Pomposo with a scowling Juanito. Pomposo tells Juan that everything went OK, although Juanito should take some afternoon classes from Sra Pomposo because he needs to catch up to the other students. More heavy scowling from Jito. Juan is ready to start that very afternoon. Pomposo, clapping his hands in glee, says of course, they should all go straight to his house. Juanito is NOT happy.

Nidia is done talking about her dismal was Ana's exhibition in the U.S? Ana says it was fine but the only bad thing is she had to come back early and Willy hasn't called to update her on the show. Nidia asks did Ana throw her grey hair to the wind (let her hair down) with that Papi Rico? No? Nidia advises Ana that her life needs action, romance. Nidia works herself into a hot flash with her advice to Ana.

Over at Casa Pomposo they work out the details for Juanito's tutelage. The editing of this scene is rather odd.

Paula lays in bed and sadly talks to her baby in heaven. She tells it that since she lost it her life has crumbled. The phone rings. It's Chelo who says she's been worried about the Señora. Pau interrupts to say she knows that Chelo only called to be CL's spy, she always has been. Chelo denies it and says she just wants to keep her job but she's worried about losing it. CL is going off the deep end. He's doing very badly and says he's going to leave the country. Pau is impactada.

Juanito really REALLY does not want to stay at the Pomposo's and urges his papi to take him home. "Don't be rotten!" he tells Juan. His common outburst shocks the Pomposos. Juan decides that sometimes a parent has to be firm and this is one of those times, so he leaves Juanito in the capable (?) hands of the Pomposos.

Chelo swears she's not spying for CL, he really is in a bad way. No kidding, he's a wreck. Pau pooh-poohs it and says he'll snap out of it but Chelo frets with renewed vigor. She tries to guilt Pau into coming over to talk to him, CL is her husband! Pau answers on paper only, she's sorry but she can't do anything to help.

We are back at the Pomposo's in another round of weird editing. This time Kike is there with the Juans. Juan thought bubbles that although the Pomposos were good people he had to stay nearby because Juanito needed him. I think Kike and Juan are either picking Juanito up or dropping him off. Cut to Sra Pomposo tutoring Juanito. Maestro Pomposo brings a plate of cookies and the Sra tells him his plating leaves much to be desired, he should arrange the cookies by alternate colors rather than throwing them on the platter. He rolls his eyes. Then she scolds Juanito for grabbing a handful of cookies. One at a time is better.

Nidia goes to the market to talk to Kike. She wants him to reconsider and come home. He looks sad and teary-eyed.

Yadi, Nacho, and a now wailing Nidia Micaela arrive at Casa Cachón. Alirio comments sarcastically. Yadi runs upstairs to pack her things and Alirio asks Topete how could he steal her away?

Pau tells Ana, over dinner, about Chelo's phone call and wonders what she should do. Ana doesn't think Pau should visit CL, it won't help at all and she would end up in his arms. Pau flatly denies it. She only wants to see him to convince him not to go, to stay and fight for his company, to have hope. Ana says he'll see it as a sign that Pau will forgive him, that she still loves him. They go around a few more times until Ana finally says OK go, do what you want, see him. Pau counters with No, you're right, I'd better not. Ana is impactada. Paula take her advice?? Pau decides to go rest while Ana remains in open-mouthed amazement.

CL is rummaging through his bar. He sees Chelo and demands to know who she was talking to on the phone. He yells at her until she admits she called Paula. CL yells some more, nearly blowing her down with his tornado of furious words. Chelo admits she told Pau that CL plans to leave the country.

During the commercial CL has worked himself into a frightening frenzy. He grabs Chelo and drags her around, then tells her to pack her things and get out. Largate! She wheedles but he screams that he wants no tears or pathetic scenes, he never wants to see her again in his life! He's very physical and nasty. Chelo retorts fine, this is probably God's punishment for her behavior, or maybe it's a gift!

Back at the market Kike blames Yadi for their troubles, he tells Nidia that she never supported him. Nidia remarks that it takes two to fight. She says Kike was guilty of allowing himself to be denigrated. Whatever put such an idea in his head that because he was less learned he was a worse person? He shouldn't get sucked into Yadi's illusions. She knows her daughter, she's pure irritation. Sure, Yadi says marriage is all runrún (all talk, all ho-hum?) but she's better for it. Kike pulls himself up with a determined air. He'll make one last attempt; he'll play his last card! Nidia joyfully hugs him. They're sweet, she doesn't want to lose her beloved son-in-law.

Alirio begs Nacho not to break up their family. Nacho insists he and Yadi love each other, doesn't Alirio understand love? Alirio tells him he doesn't understand Yadi, for her it's just an illusion. Nacho calls Yadi sweet. Delirio scoffs "sure, sweet like a tarantula. You're fooled my friend, she has spines like a cactus." He adds she likes to live like a queen, full of luxuries that Nacho frankly does not have. He blathers on until Nacho stops him, Not a word against his sweetie, his mujer. They start pushing each other, argue some more, and Alirio concludes by telling Nacho not to say he wasn't warned. They stop when Yadi needs help pulling her big suitcase down the stairs.

Juan decides he should be a gentleman and call Paula. Ana is pleased to hear him. Unfortunately Paula went to bed, is there a message? Juan thinks "Just tell her I'm crazy in love with her" but he says "No no no" and falls all over his words. Ana tells him she heard he's a partner at Farell and she's proud he's climbed so high.

Nidia arrives home proudly dragging Kike behind her. She triumphantly yells to Alirio that the she's the Love Police and she's captured Kike and brought him home. Alirio sadly announces that things have gotten worse. He's sorry to say that Yadira has left home. Kike is muy, pero muy impactado.

Ajolote/Axolotl = a kind of salamander
Andar de capa caída = to be in a bad way (Lit. to go with a saggy cape)
Estar hecho un guiñapo = to be a wreck (Lit. to be made a rag)
Echar leña al fuego = to add fuel (firewood) to the fire
Echar chispas = to be hopping mad (Lit. to throw sparks)
Echar una cana al aire = to let one's hair down (Lit. to throw one's grey/white hair to the wind)Gacho = rotten, awful
Una patada en el higado = a kick in the teeth (Lit. a kick in the liver)
Por la boca muere, el pez = Stop yacking or you'll get into trouble (Lit. the fish dies by it's own mouth)
Sacate a bañar = get the heck outta here (Lit. Take yourself out of here and take a bath)
Zafarrancha = row, fracas, also nautical term for clearing of the decks


La Traición, Thurs, March 27 - Beatriz tells lies to Alcides and Soledad tells lies to Hugo

Hugo holds baby Aurora and is says how beautiful she is. He gives the baby to Soledad and tells her that he is Alcides, not Hugo. He says that Dr. Max told him something happened to the baby before she was born and asks Soledad what happened. She tells him that Dr. Max thought the baby had died but it wasn't so. 'That's what I thought,' says Hugo and when Soledad asks him what he said, he tells her that she has to take care of the baby, 'our baby.'
Since we know that if Hugo finds out that the baby is his, the novela is basically over, we are not surprised that when Soledad tells Alcides that she doesn't like him saying that the baby is his when he knows that she's Hugo's. Unfortunately, Hugo doesn't hear this. (And, of course, it seems ridiculous that with all that has happened between them, Soledad can't tell that this is Hugo, not Alcides. Let us suggest that having just had the baby, Soledad's psychic powers are directed at the baby, not at Hugo. Later, Soledad will say that Alcides seems to be different.)
Hugo cries thinking how circumstances have brought him back to being near Soledad again when all he wants to do is start his life again far away from her. He pulls himself together saying that he has to find Dr. Chirac now. Dr. Max threatens him with his sword. Max is convinced that he is Hugo, not Alcides. Hugo is packing heat, however, and Dr. Max has to back down. (We know that Dr. Max has a gun. I wonder why he wears a sword? Considering his propensity to kill people, it's probably better that he doesn't carry a gun all the time.) There's a knock on the door. It's the Obragons come to fetch Soledad. Hugo disappears.
In the cave, Beatriz gets Alcides to give her one of his rings on the promise that she will help him find out who he is. She also shaves off his beard. Back at the hospital, she gets some drugs and vows vengeance on Alcides for all that he has done. (Working at the hospital obviously hasn't cured all of Beatriz' psychological problems.)
At Dr. Max's, Beatriz tells her family that Alcides is alive and is the one who brought her there. They are impactados. Antonia scolds Dr. Max for not fulfilling his part of the bargain when Soledad's baby was born. Dr. Max says that he didn't have the opportunity to do say that the baby was dead with Alcides there. Now they hatch a plan to steal the baby from Soledad.
Hugo returns to the hotel and Boris and Marina tell him about Dr. Chirac's last words. Hugo says that he didn't know Chirac had a son. Hugo tells Boris and Marina how much he enjoyed holding Soledad's baby but his pleasure was tempered by the fact that the baby was the living proof of Soledad's betrayal with his brother. Boris changes the subject to their future plans. Hugo wants to be based at San Marino. At this point, Boris has to confess to Hugo about Soledad selling them the hacienda. Hugo is not a happy camper and Marina's excuse that they were just trying to prevent him from suffering further doesn't convince Hugo. He tells them not to hide anything from him in the future.
Paquito convinces Inspector Duarte to release Los Burque because there is no proof they were responsible for train incident. Paquito encourages the Inspector to focus on the possibility that Alcides de Medina is alive. Inspector Duarte agrees that if Alcides is alive, he should be hanged for trying to kill Soledad in the mine.
The enterprising Paquito finds out where Hugo is staying. Boris sees him and is able to warn Hugo. Paquito ambushes Team Hugo outside the hotel but they apparently have agreed upon a story. Hugo/Alcides claims that after he escaped from the mine, he lost his memory for several months. This enables him avoid Paquito's questions about what happened to his inheritance from Hugo. They also have a story ready for Paquito's question about why Boris and Marina are working for Alcides. Boris gambled and drank away his inheritance from Hugo and got Soledad to sell him the Hacienda for less than its market value. In return for not suing them, Boris and Marina have agreed to return the Hacienda to Hugo/Alcides and work for him. Paquito leaves but says that this is not the last time they will see him. Hugo recalls seeing Paquito with Eloisa and Boris offers to sniff around for dirt that they can use against him. Hugo agrees.
Paquito is still not convinced which brother this is.
Boris and Marina throw Elena out of the Hacienda. Elena refuses to play second fiddle (heh heh) to Guillermo's musical career so that when he goes back to playing in the taverna, she is looking for work, legal or otherwise. Dr. Max, who happens to be in the tavern, hires her to take care of a baby that he intends to acquire shortly. She agrees to work for him. Later, at Dr. Max's laboratory, he lays out the rules: she cannot tell anyone about what she is doing; she has to be clean; and she can't snoop around in Dr. Max's stuff especially the mysterious cabinet. Elena agrees and goes to take a bath. She reappears in a dress that obviously belonged to Dr. Max's dead wife, Eva, and Dr. Max is impactado seeing her.
Beatriz sells Alicides' ring and uses the money to rent a barn. She brings Alcides there and injects him with something saying that she will make him pay for what he has done. Staggering around under the influence of whatever drug she injected him with, Alcides asks why she is doing this, he doesn't even know who she is.
Eloisa is all happy to hear that Alcides is alive and Paquito is jealous. Eloisa says that the only thing she likes about Arturo is his money but Alcides is a different matter.
At the Obragon's Antonia is trying to get rid of Ursula and tells Ester that she can take of Soledad and the baby. Lucas reads to them the article that Paquito wrote about the return of Alicides. Soledad is confused because Alcides seemed different to her and actually saved her life by taking her to Dr. Max when she went into labor. Antonia says that people change and maybe she should go back to her husband.
Team Hugo buries Dr. Chirac. They puzzle about why he was murdered.
(Now the basis is laid for the big lie, part 2.) Enrico comes to visit Soledad and gives her a necklace from Jeremias that Aurora must wear all the time to protect her. He tells her that he has a feeling that something bad will happen to the baby. Ester comes in and says that if Alicides doesn't remember that the baby isn't his, Soledad should lie to him and say that it is because otherwise she may be putting her family in danger. Soledad accepts this weird rationale.
At the Hacienda, Hugo tells Boris and Marina that he has been thinking that maybe he was wrong about Soledad. The fact that she sold the Hacienda to Boris for so little money indicates that she is not mercenary and he finally recognizes that Ester may have had ulterior motives for telling Dr. Max that the baby was Alcides' and Ester has never liked him. He needs to go and ask Soledad directly about her relationship with Alcides.
He comes to visit Soledad and tells her that he doesn't really remember but he thinks that they were lovers before she got engaged to Hugo and that the baby is his. Soledad hesitates but finally confirms this story. The credits roll.
Tomorrow: Hugo says vengeance is mine (again).


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