Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ENDA, September 30, 2009 "Everyone's asking for forgiveness except Carlotta"

Emiliano tells Paloma to forgive Macarena.

Camila is at a restaurant agreeing to meet up with Rafael there. Diana spots her and comes over. Camila asks where Romina is at. Diana tells her at school and hopes that Camila is not mad at her. Camila says she's happy that she allowed Romina to stay at her house, but bothered that she tried to hide her. Diana asks would you prefer her at my house or someone you do not know. Oh course at your house replies Camila. I just prefer not to be fighting with my daughter. Diana says Romina acted this way because you were trying to hide her away from her father. I don't blame her a bit. Camila says well that is what I am trying to fix now. Hopefully soon she will come back and things at your house can return to normal. She thanks Diana for allowing her daughter to stay at her house and suddenly Rafael is at the restaurant with Camila looks stricken. Diana wants to know if she is waiting for someone to join her. Rafael calls and says that it's best if Diana doesn't see him and he'll see her at her house. Camila tells Diana that her friend will not be making it. Diana invites her to eat with her and her friends, but Camila declines.

Carlotta asks Pedro if she can talk to Padre Juan (Cristobal). Pedro tells her that he is not there. Where is he at asks Carlotta. Suddenly Padre Mateo shows up and wonders what's going on. Carlotta tells him that Paloma left the house and she is sure that she came to talk to Padre Juan (Cristobal). Padre Mateo tells her that Paloma has not come by and that Padre Juan is on a special mission and cannot receive anyone. Carlotta asks how long will the mission last? Padre Mateo tells her a couple of days to a week. She leaves a message for Padre Mateo to deliver to him when he comes back. She would like to see him regarding the party she threw for him that he never showed up at.

Emiliano brings a sleeping Paloma a blanket. She awakens and wonders if all this is a dream. No replies Emiliano. What would you like me to do? Paloma just wants him to hold her and be with her. He asks if she has thought about her mother? She must be worried. Paloma doesn't care. That is not true responds Emiliano. You love her. Paloma says not anymore. I want to leave here. Let us go somewhere together. Emiliano says I would like nothing more, but we'll both regret it. But she lied to me replies Paloma. Listen to her replies Emiliano. Paloma thinks she can't, but he urges her too. You love her just as much as she loves you. You can't live without her and I'm sure the same goes for her.

Emiliano asks Paloma what hurts the most? That she gave me away replies Paloma. She let me suffer when I became an orphan. I can never forgive her. Do you mean you can't or you won't forgive her asks Emiliano. Both replies Paloma. Look I am not defending her, but I know you don't know how to live with anger or hatred. You not forgiving her will cause a lot of hurt not just for you, but also for her. I am angry and disillusioned replies Paloma. And those are valid feelings responds Emiliano. But your anger will go away with time. Now close your eyes. Try not to think about it, but feel with your heart. Think of the woman who has always been with you and loved you unconditionally. Don't you realize the best thing for you was to give you to her brother? That decision must have been the hardest one in her life. At the time being a single mother would have been a struggle and she didn't want that for you. I would never have given up my child even if it meant being a single mother replies Paloma. That's because things have changed now. And I would never give up a child responds Emiliano. I would do anything for him. Perhaps that is why Macarena did what she did. It may have been different if your father was still alive. She did it for love and didn't want to see you suffer. She has dedicated her life to you. She never married. All she has ever done was take care of you. She has been a true mother to you.

Padre Mateo asks Cristobal how he is doing? Do you want to talk? I don't think it would help replies Cristobal. You look more confused says Padre Mateo. More and more replies Cristobal. Padre Mateo says perhaps putting them into words can clear things up. Cristobal says there is not much difference in the love that I have for god and the love that I have for Macarena. Love is love and the love for both I feel are unconditional. And the love I feel for both are so strong that I feel I can give up my life for either one. Padre Mateo says you have to make a decision. Do you want to give your love to god or to a woman? Cristobal says that this is the hardest decision that he has ever had to make. No doubt replies Padre Mateo and trust me I would not want to be in your shoes. Why is my life filled with so much hurt asks Cristobal? Why can't I find a way to merge both worlds? It hurts me having to give up one of them. Padre Mateo says that if god put you in this problem is because he has plans for you. Only he knows. He has given you the ability to think about what's best for you.

Camila tells Rafael that what happened today just shows her how uncomfortable she is with all this. They cannot be seen anywhere together. Rafael says he understands. There is no reason for her to hide herself away from anyone, but I have no other choice. Diana still does not want to give you a divorce asks Camila. Yes, replies Rafael. She's doing it to spite me. There is no other reason then that. But no matter what, I will get it. She has left me no choice but to get ugly. In the meantime what about us asks Camila? Orlando told me that you went to see him and that you are interested in me. He knows that I also respond to you. I like that replies Rafael. I thought that it may have bothered you, me speaking to him. No responds Camila. I felt that a weight had been lifted when I could talk to him about it with such sincerity. Rafael says I have a rival that is very difficult to defeat. Orlando is single, generous and honest. Camila nods in agreement. You both are great men and that is why I am torn. Your situation with Diana is hard and I can't help but feel very uncomfortable. I understand replies Rafael. But remember my marriage with Diana was broken long before you showed up. You did not destroy anything. So don't lose sight on how I feel about you.

Diana is having lunch with a friend. They are discussing Rafael and the divorce that he wants. Diana remembers her friend's sister had a very tough attorney and wants to get the number. Her friend says that the attorney can help you stay married, but you have to show up with a lot of money.

Emiliano goes to Paloma's house to get Macarena.

Inaki's mother is talking to a real estate attorney and finds out the house is finally sold.

Carlotta comes home and asks Rufi where Macarena went when she cannot find her.

Emiliano brings Macarena to see Paloma. He kisses her and leaves. Paloma is in bed sleeping. She awakens to find Macarena there. Macarena asks Paloma to forgive her. I never wanted to hurt you. I care for you so much. Me too, replies Paloma and calls her "mama". She keeps calling her "mama" as she inches closer to her. Thank you for forgiving me says Macarena. I still feel a lot of pain replies Paloma. But I care for you very much and hate to be mad at you. Macarena says that her choices have caused Paloma so much pain and that was not her intention. And that is why I am asking you for forgiveness. Who am I to forgive you replies Paloma? I never wanted to see you suffer replies Macarena. I want you to know that I never rejected you. I never was ashamed of you. How could I? You were the best gift god ever gave me. Paloma asks Macarena to tell her everything. Macarena agrees to tell her little by little. It's very difficult for her to face the past. Paloma understands and asks her to tell her the truth about her father. Yes, I promise too replies Macarena. Even though it will hurt us both very much. They hug and cry together.

Rufi tells Carlotta that Emiliano came and took Macarena to where Paloma is at. So that they can talk together quietly. Carlotta wonders why Emiliano is doing this. Rufi says that Emiliano is a good boy and that he wanted to help. Carlotta does not like the idea of Emiliano knowing all there business. Well if Paloma told Emiliano it's because she has a lot of confidence in him. Carlotta is still pissed.

Macarena tells Paloma that they should go home now. Macarena wants to know how Paloma wants to handle the situation. I have kept this secret locked away for a long time. I don't know how you will want to proceed now with all the things you know. So if you still want me to be the "Tia Macarena" then that is the way it will be. I'm still confused replies Paloma. I don't want anyone else to know about it right now. Whenever you are ready, you decide replies Macarena. They hug. Macarena silently prays that Cristobal will never find out that Paloma is her daughter and when Paloma is ready to ask questions they will be far away from here.

Romina is driving and remembering a fight that she overheard her mother having with her father over the phone. She remembers telling her mother that it's all her fault (Camilla's) that her father left them. Back in the present Romina says she doesn't want to live with Diana or her mother anymore. She wants to be with him and is sure that he will feel the same.

Emiliano asks Paloma how she is doing. Better. Now that we have talked replies Paloma. The most important thing was saying to each other how we felt. Can I ask you for a favor? Of course responds Emiliano. Please do not comment about this situation to anyone. For right now she will keep being my aunt. Whatever you want responds Emiliano. Thank you replies Paloma. Thank you for everything. For bringing me here and cooking for me. For watching out and caring for me. And for her. I just want to make you happy replies Emiliano. I care so much for you says Paloma. I care for you more replies Emiliano and kisses Paloma with Macarena looking on smiling.

Mother Superior comes to visit Angelica and ask her for her forgiveness in the way things went down. Angelica tells her she excepts and not to worry about it. Mother Superior wants her to come back. Angelica says she loved her job, but she has made a commitment here that she can not break. "Que lastima" replies Mother Superior.

Emiliano lets Paloma into the car. Macarena thanks him. If it wasn't for you, who knows how this would have ended. The same way things are ending up now replies Emiliano. I have no doubt because of the way you each feel for the other. Yes, but your words helped mi hija see what's in her heart and take away the pain responds Macarena. You know I didn't know Sagario, but it gives me much pleasure that you are her real mom. No one has given her more love. Well until I came long anyway. Macarena laughs and says that between the both of them they will protect her. Paloma gets out of the car and says that she felt hugging the two biggest loves of her life.

German is in the lobby of the hotel reading the paper when Romina shows up. He grabs her and kisses her. German tells Romina that she has no idea of how happy he is now that she has shown up. I wasn't sure, but I had to find my father. Where is your suitcase asks German. I left right after school and didn't bring anything with me. So that means you have to buy me clothes and pajamas if you want me to sleep with you. German tells her that he'll buy her anything she wants. So what do you want to do first? Go look for my father replies Romina.

Emiliano lets Macarena into the car and tells Paloma that he loves her. They kiss and Macarena looks on happy. She thanks god for having her daughter back. She doesn't know if she can ever tell Paloma that Cristobal is her father. But he should never know. She loves him so much. She does not want him to be hurt. He is an excellent man and that is why he brought Cristobal to him.

Liliana sees Angelica and is happy. She comments to Angelica how can Paloma not see Romina's true personality. Angelica says that her eyes are opening little by little. Liliana wants to know if Mother Superior has come by to see her and ask her back. Angelica says yes, but she has already promised Emiliano and Orlando to work with them for awhile. Liliana is sad. She wanted her around to talk. Angelica says you can always talk to me about anything. Liliana asks
how can you pull someone out of your heart?

German and Romina go to visit the last known address of her father. The guy tells her that he has left. And you have no idea where I can find my father asks Romina? Oh, so you must be Samuel's daughter? Yes, replies Romina. And if you are my father's friend, please tell me where I can find him. He has been looking for me in Real del Monte. Samuel never told me about any of that. I know very little about your father's life especially having not seen him for years. German asks why he left here? I needed the space. He did leave a couple of things here. If he comes back for it, I will tell him that you are looking for him. Please begs Romina. I am dying to see him. I will leave you my cell phone number to pass along.

Cristobal is walking around thinking about his predicament. Padre Mateo comes out and they talk. Padre Mateo sees Cristobal talking to some members of the congregation.

Dr. Rodolfo comes to visit Macarena. I didn't call you replies Carlotta. I called responds Rufi. Macarena will not be long. Do you want coffee? Yes, replies Dr. Rodolfo. Carlotta tells him to sit. He says he prefers to stand.

Emiliano pulls up in front of Paloma's house. Paloma thanks him for everything. I didn't do anything replies Emiliano. Yes you did. If it wasn't for you I could have gotten lost or something worse could have happened. I have no doubt you are my angel. He kisses her goodbye and tells her he loves her. He kisses Macarena goodbye and leaves. Macarena tells Paloma that Emiliano is like the sun and everything that she has said is true. The more we talk the more you'll know. Don't listen to what other people will say. You mean Tia Carlotta responds Paloma. Yes, because stories can be told in more then one way if they are not on the same side. And we both are on the same side. And be rest assured that my actions where only in protecting you and giving you the best. Because for me there is no love bigger then the one I have for you. Ditto replies Paloma. Now Tia Carlotta will not be happy that we have reconciled. It doesn't matter replies Macarena. Promise me that from this day forward we will always be together. I promise replies Paloma.

Carlotta loudly tells Dr. Rodolfo that she cannot believe how long Macarena has been gone. She likes us all worried about her. Macarena and Paloma walk in arm in arm. Carlotta not so happy.

I have somehow missed some video after this. Until...

Carlotta asks Paloma that after the reconciliation between her and Macarena will she be calling her "mama"? One day hopefully, but not now replies Paloma. That is why I ask you to keep it a secret for a while longer. She has promised to tell me the story and who my father is. Carlota is muy impactada.

Tomorrow: Carlotta overhears Cristobal telling Macarena that he loves her with all his soul and will only for her give up the priesthood.


ENDA Tuesday September 29. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it, Paloma.

Romina drops by Emiliano’s office to whine and beg for him to take her back. It’s super attractive, yet he holds himself back. He tells her to straighten up and fly right and stop suffocating him. Uncharacteristically recognizing that her strategy is failing, Romina says he’s so right. She reaches toward him, and Emoony reluctantly fondles her hand.

At Camila’s shop, Meche offers Monica coffee, but only as a pretext to start gossiping. Meche says she’s worried about Chava but doesn’t know what to do. Monica offers the slightly cheerier news that she had a date with Joel. Me(ti)che thinks that’s swell; now the ceramics factory just needs a third Musketeer for her, and they’d all have one! Monica has to kill the mood, though, by saying she doesn’t think things will go anywhere with Joel, because if her finds out her horrible secret he’d flee like all the others. Naturally, we don’t get to find out what this secret is, though Me(ti)che seems to know so it can’t be long before it’s all over town.

Edmundo, still in mariachi duds, wants to know whether Rufi has decided to uproot her life and move away with him though they’ve only recently remet after decades apart. She hasn’t had time to decide, what with all the chaos and Dementors in the house. He’s in a hurry, though, as he needs to get back for his great-grandson’s baptism since he’s the padrino. Who picks the great-grandfather as the padrino? Don’t you want someone who is a little further from circling the drain? He decides he can leave and come back. Rufi decides she needs two months…in that time, Paloma will have turned 18 and things might have changed. Ed boldly asks for her phone number so he can call on Sundays.

Emiliano has escorted Romina back to Diana’s Home For Wayward Girls, but declines to stay for dinner.

Rafael goes to Camila’s house just to let her know that Ro is at Diana’s in case she didn’t already know, because he really really cares about anything that is important to her. But really he wants to talk about something else. Camila quickly shushes him and says they’ll have to talk another time as Orlando walks into the room. Orly smirks, Camila sends frantic secret eye messages, and Rafa gulps and shuffles. Rafa excuses himself, and Oily Orly swirls his wine and tells Cami that Rafa came by his office to give notice that he would like to court Camila. Cami is wide-eyed at their gall.

Rufi brings a tray to Paloma’s room, but Paloma is on a hunger strike and drama queening that she wants to die. Rufi says she should try to understand Macarena’s reasons, but Paloma of course thinks she herself is suffering the mostest of all. Rufi tells her Emiliano called, but she doesn’t even want to talk to him.

Speak of the moony devil, and he appears…lurking outside on the sidewalk, of course. He sees his dad across the street by Camila’s house and asks what he’s doing, but Rafa has his good cover story all ready. Emiliano tells him he’s a refugee at Germán’s place. Rafa says he should have stayed with him, but Emoo says it´s better to not make Diana even more jealous and ranty. Rafa says he can at least come for dinner, and off they go.

Orlanda asks Camila if she’s interested in Rafael. She cannot tell a lie and admits that she is interested in both of them and can’t choose between them at the moment, but thanks for putting her on the spot and making her uncomfortable. Orly says he accepts that and will work on getting rid of her doubts. They get back to business…discussing their search for Samuel, that is…but they make blinky Bambi eyes at each other. Did we ever decide? Did they or didn’t they?

Germs has dinner with his father, and dad gives him the watch that was a wedding gift from Germy’s mom. It’s a birthday gift, even though dad knows that (for some unexplained reason) Germy doesn’t celebrate his birthday. They seem to be getting along fine until his dad says if he needs anything he should just ask. Germy gets a bit prickly and thinks it’s his wicked stepmother Enriquita who has no faith in his abilities to take care of himself. Germs’s dad says he sees moros con tranchetes (Moors with daggers, i.e. enemies...a colorful expression from the days of Moorish occupation of Spain) everywhere, but it was just a general offer. Liliana sees them; she’s in the same restaurant celebrating her parents’ anniversary. Germy introduces her and his father but without saying his dad’s name, so I still don’t know what it is. After Lil leaves, Germy pointedly muses that the best part of dating Liliana was her loving, united family, since he never had such a thing himself.

Rafa and Emiliano are having a coffee-table bachelor-pad supper which is 90% beer. Rafa gives Emoo two thumbs up for having the sense to get out of the house; best to stay away from those crazy ladies. He says he’s glad they’re spending time together, but he’s thinking about where he’d rather be, which is the place Orlando currently occupies.

Camila and Orlando are having wine and cheese. Orly starts getting all nuzzly. Cami giggles.

Suddenly, it is morning.

Paloma stomps out of the house toward school, refusing to be pleasant or stop for breakfast.

Dr. Rodolfo is in his office with some lady with hair which should be declared a Superfund site, or whatever equivalent Novelaland has. She may be his assistant and/or his sister; I didn’t catch it for sure. Anyway after 2 seconds of medical talk, they get down to what we know from television is the real business of healthcare personnel: gossip and the pursuit of sex. Rodolfo goes on and on about how wonderful Macarena is, but ultimately he doesn’t think she is in love with him. Possibly because she told him directly that she is not in love with him.

Paloma wanders through town in a daze and nearly is run over by a car. A chance is missed to put an end to her sobbing. The same song (Fin de Capítulo) plays that was playing during her long scene of flashbacks of Iñaki. Now I miss him all over again. She curls up on a park bench.

The Madre Superiora tells Romina she thinks she judged Angélica too harshly, and she’s going to apologize and offer her job back. Romina says that everything she said about Ange’s misdeeds is true, and she’ll never trust Ange again.

Paloma is still on the uncomfortable-looking park bench, thinking back to yesterday’s revelations, and also to Carlota’s abuses in her childhood. She cries until she falls asleep hanging off the bench.

Chava sees Paloma while on his hoodlum wanderings through town. He is muy confused.

Liliana taunts Romina all, haha, Angélica is coming back, you don’t get what you want. Romina tries to claim that Lili is just jealous of her, but Lili is way better armed for this battle. She knows things aren’t going nearly as well with Emiliano as Ro claims, and she says even Germy isn’t as tightly wound around Romina’s finger as she thinks. He’s always telling Lili how great she is, and even introduced her to his dad! Take that! Romina calls her a gata de quinta (I think this means something like "on-call slut"). They sling more insults.

Uh-oh. Germán is talking with some other lawyer. (Is this someone we already know? A lot of these guys look the same to me.) The lawyer offers him a check in exchange for not revealing the remaining evidence against otherlawyer’s clients. Germy says he wants double, or no deal. If he doesn’t also want it in cash, there’s really no helping him.

Romina calls Germy to grill him about his affections for Liliana. He says it was nothing, he was just at the restaurant with his dad for his birthday, which he does not celebrate. Romi gets in trouble for using her phone at school.

Inés tells Carlota she’s worried about Padre Juan; he left in a taxi with a suitcase. He said he would return but she doesn’t know when. Carlota stews.

Chava runs to fetch Emoony to come to the aid of the damsel in distress. He says she seems almost dead, just to raise Emoo’s blood pressure unnecessarily.

After school, Romina calls Germy again. He’s already on his way to the D.F. She asks what hotel he is staying in.

Lightning cracks; thunder rolls.

Rafael calls Camila and says they need to talk and clear some things up.

Carlota has somehow acquired a giant umbrella for her stormy walk home, which allows her to comfortably stop along the way to try to send telepathic messages to Cristóbal that she must see him because she luuurves him.

Paloma is still asleep on the park bench in the downpour. Emoony sprints to her side and begs her to wake up. Somehow this works, even though the rain and thunder and Chava’s shaking did not. Emoo carries her to his car, because having skipped two meals she cannot walk. Heh, she really is Mac’s daughter, with emotional trauma leading to convalescence.

Carlota walks into the house and tries to act like everything is normal. Mac ignores her as long as she can, but then Cruel starts on the taunts again and says she might go ahead and tell Paloma the rest of the story. Mac says Paloma will forgive her, but Cruel says she has made things worse by lying and saying her father is dead. Hey, even the devil can say true things. Cruel says Paloma won’t forgive, and trusts Carlota more now. “Shut up; no one loves you,” says Mac.

Camila and Mónica chat about Joel’s interest and whether he might call. They agree that though they are modern women, resourceful and independent, they’re still old-fashioned about waiting for the galán to call.

Paloma is late for dinner, and Carlota is ranting. She decides to go out in the car to look for the wayward waif, and looks frustrated and impatient when Mac calls the school. They learn Paloma never showed up at school. Wait. Was she lying on that bench all day?

Emiliano carries Paloma into Germy’s apartment and fetches towels and dry clothes. He wants her to change so she doesn’t get sick, but she just wants a hug. She says her whole life has been a lie.

The remaining residents of Misery Manor argue about whether Paloma ran away. Mac has a dizzy spell.

Paloma tells Emiliano the big secret. He is suitably impactado.

Cruel runs to fetch Mac’s medicine. She hesitates, then fills the syringe with something from the big bottle in the refrigerator. I assume that’s bad.

Paloma whines that she doesn’t even know who her father is or who she is. Emiliano says her character is her identity; it doesn’t matter where she came from or who her parents are. Paloma worries that he is ashamed of her scandalous origins. “Don’t be ridiculous,” soothes Emiliano. He throws in a lot of mushy compliments.

Carlota leaves to look for Paloma. Rufi goes to make Mac some tea, and sees the multiple medicine bottles which Cruel has sloppily left out on the table. She is suspicious. She compares various medicine bottles and calls Dr. Rodolfo.

Emiliano tries to convince Paloma to forgive Macarena.

Avances: Emoo and Paloma get snuggly. Mac comes to visit. More sturm und drang.


Mañana es Para Siempre, Tuesday, September 29--Ep #155: Free! Lili!

Whoo! What a night last night! Let's see what's in store for us tonight…

Franco can't figure out why Fer is being so cold. He begs her to tell him. She tells him she doesn't want to go on if they don't have a future together. He says he understands, or at least he thinks so. Fer says they need to stick to the important topic at hand. Franco makes the mistake of asking her to at least call him by his name, Franco, and insists that it is his name. Fer is upset that he's asking her to trust in a man who's dedicated his life to destroying her family based on a plan that he (Franco) has, but won't tell her about…is that it? Franco says there's another way of looking at it. That Artemio has been weakened and they can use his weakness to rescue Lili and stop Barbie. But Fer is upset that he won't explain his strategy and that unfortunately she has to keep relying on him. "So, fine, whatever, what do you want me to do?" Fer asks. She needs to hightail it over to Purificación and convince Aurora to go with Barbie, just like Barbie wants. Without saying a word (unless "ah" counts) she grabs her purse from the desk and storms out of the office. Me. Ow. I'd love to be able to say I've never pulled a "well if you don't know why I'm mad, I'm not telling you!" but unfortunately I can't. It's been a while though, in my defense.

Out in the hallway, Daddy NoBucks (since he handed it all over) sees Fer and wants to know if she dropped the charges against Cami. He gets angry when she says she hasn't because now his poor little Cami is going to get transferred to prison. Oh noes! Gonzo experiences some chest pain and grabs the wall for support.

At the jail, a shoeless Cami bitches to the guards who come into his cell that it's about time they got him out of this rat hole, "They've even stolen my tennies!" The guards cuff him and break the news that he's being transferred to prison. He yells and screams that there must be some mistake, he wants to talk to his lawyer, etc. Across the way, some of the other inmates whistle at him and one waves the stolen shoes. That's priceless. Don't drop the soap, Camiiiiii.

Barbie comes home to a drugged out Lili and insults her, as per usual. Lili is not only knocked out, but is tied up and has tape over her mouth. Overkill.

Lucio gets into Jacobo's car and reports no news. They're parked outside the Colegia Buena Esperanza, aka Nun Central, and they watch Fer's so-not-stealthy car drive up. Jacobo wonders who she is and Lucio fills her in. Lucio calls her Damian's wife, but Jacobo clarifies that she's ex. Does this mean she really is or that Jacobo's just pointing out that she dumped Damian's sorry ass? Jacobo tells Lucio not to get distracted, they're supposed to be watching Aurora. How are they supposed to do that if she never leaves the convent?

Fer tells Aurora they've got to talk. She says that Barbie talked to her, said she was sorry for everything, and wants Aurora to go with Barbie the hacienda. Fer can't take her because she has to pick up Santi, and the plan is for the two lovebirds to meet at the hacienda, so Barbie's going to drive Aurora over. Aurora is really happy. Fer makes her excuses and takes off. Aurora says she'll get her suitcase ready. She thanks Fer for the second time, giving her a big hug while Fer looks guilty. Nice to know Aurora's beanie is back on and in working order.

Franco informs Artemio that Fer is on board, so Barbie should be coming over soon.

Esteve walks into the office and asks Franco how things are going. Franco focuses on the positive, that if all goes well Lili will be home today and he, Esteve, and Venus will be on a plane headed back to New York. Esteve asks if Franco is sure, because everything Franco loves is here. Franco says the woman he loves doesn't love him, so therefore Esteve is incorrect. How does Esteve keep from smacking this guy? Franco's cell rings. It's Fer calling from her car to inform him that Aurora is waiting for Barbie. As soon as he thanks her, she pulls the headset off and remembers Gardenia telling her that Franco is Eduardo. She remembers about a second of their magical night together and then cries ugly. And remembers some more and cries ugly some more. And remembers some more and then finally lets a sob escape. And remembers some more and lets a tear fall and hyperventilates. And remembers waking up with "Franco" and cries some more. At least she pulled the car over. Pobre de Fer.

Barbie comes to the convent to make the pickup. Jacobo and Lucio see her. Lucio informs Jacobo that that's La Hiena. Aurora tells the Madre Superiora the plan according to Fer. MS gives her permission to go.

Fer is still crying in her car. She remembers asking Franco many wardrobe changes ago to tell her the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I knew that would come back to haunt him. Fer gets a call on her cell from the Madre Superiora. MS is worried because Barbie is there and Aurora wants to go with her. She wants to know if it's true that Aurora and Santi will be meeting up at the hacienda. Fer lies. And tries not to sob.

Aurora is packing, but Barbie tells her they're going shopping, yay! So, no need to pack. Because Reformed!Evil Barbie has all the time in the world to shop with her little girl. I vote Aurora asks for a pony. Aurora, however, doesn't want to go shopping because they'll be late to meet Santi. Barbie says that's fine, they'll go shopping another day. Barbie starts helping with the folding and the packing. She wants Aurora to call her Mommy, but in the meantime, maybe Aurora can just call her Barbara? Uh, doesn't she mean Rebecca? Already the new Mommy is being clingy, wanting to go down the hall with her baby to say goodbye to the Madre Superiora. Aurora is like "geez, Mom, can't I go say goodbye to a nun without a chaperone?" Barbie tells her to go while she takes Aurora's bag to the car. As she zips up the suitcase, Barbie smiles a big creepy smile.

On the phone, Artemio tells someone "her real name is Rebecca, Rebecca Sanchez. If she tries to leave the country, I want you to stop her. For whatever reasons you want. The bigger the complications for her, the better your pay." Oh, sure, he's got bribed customs agents. How did this guy make all that money? They'd better clear that up before the end or I'll go nuts thinking about it!

The Madre Superiora tells Aurora that she called Fer herself to confirm, so she's less worried, but she's still going to worry until Aurora calls her and tells her that she's with Santi. Aurora thanks her and gives her a hug. Then she hugs the other nun whose name I can never remember. The other nun talks about how she's going to miss Aurora, but is happy for her at the same time.

Santi is anxious. He's yelling at Fer that if within a reasonable amount of time, Barbie hasn't told them where Lili is, he's going to call The One Cop In All of Mexico City With a Name (Cmdte Lozoya) and tell him to put out an APB at all airports and points of exit to keep Barbie from leaving the country.

Barbie and Aurora drive off together. Barbie tells Aurora that Fer is so happy for them both now that Barbie will be around to take care of Aurora and the baby.

Fer has finally gotten to the office and she calls to tell Franco that the Madre Superiora called to let her know that Aurora was leaving with Barbie. He asks her to come to Las Animas because, ahem, for the security of the operation, ahem, it would be better if they're together when Artemio calls to tell them where Lili is. Riiiiight. Fer, in her office, throws up her hands and makes a face, but doesn't say anything to Franco. Yet. Commercials.

Fer ends up saying she's on her way over. She calls Flor and asks her to send Gardenia in.

Barbie pulls up in front of the Mansion O'Evil, telling Aurora it's an "obligatory" stop. She has to hand over some documents. She asks Aurora to wait. I guess this gives Jacobo and Lucio time to make the grab? Aurora rings the doorbell at the gate.

Inside, Artemio is reviewing Barbara's file. He's got the Amanecer newspaper with a headline reading "Pyromaniac Girl Kills Her Parents" and the El Meridian with the headline "Incinerated By Their Daughter" along with a mug shot of Baby Barbie and other assorted papers. He stacks everything up as his phone rings. "Yes? Send her in." He closes the folder. Barbie walks in with her manila envelope of everything Gonzo owns. Artemio says she must have had a reason for taking Lili, since she's not in the habit of helping out unfortunate women. Barbie says she'd least of all help that crazy woman. She hands over the manila envelope with the notarized papers that transfer everything from her name to his. She asks for Rebecca Sanchez's file. He opens it up and flips through it, pulling out one of the newspapers and the mug shot and asking, "Are you thinking of resurrecting the girl who killed her parents?" He grins. "Yeah, I remember, you burned down the house because you didn't want them to get cold, right?" "Whatever, I'm over it." Artie says she's over it thanks to him, for getting her out of the "correccional" (reformatory). He says without him she wouldn't have a life. She'd either have been meat for a prison or meat for a brothel. Dude, she's been sleeping with Gonzo for 15 years and you're going with "hey, you would have been a prostitute if not for me?" The gall of this man. He wonders what exactly she thinks he owes her. All she wants is her file back. He says he understands she has her own plans now. She says he's always so suspicious. "Give me the file and I'll give you back Liliana Elizalde." Wow. He's good. Didn't even have to ask. He's a pro, this guy. He only barely gloats.

Fer tells Gardenia that she isn't sure how long she'll be out of the office, but she begs her not to tell anyone else the truth about Eduardo. You mean other than Jacinto, Margarita, Esteve, Silvestre, Flor, Padre Bosco…am I leaving anyone out? Gardenia agrees and swears to Chuchito. She asks Fer if she's going to marry Eddie. "Don't ask me that question again, Gardenia!" says Fer before she leaves the office for the second time today. Poor Artie, he's gone to all this trouble, and really the company would have run itself into the ground without his interference.

Artemio tells Barbie that now, with Eduardo Juarez around he doesn't need Rebeca. "I warned you and you ignored my warning. Soledad Cruz's son is alive. Everything we did was a lost cause." Barbie asks where he is, but Artie tells her if he knew, she's the last person he would tell. "All the years I invested in you were worthless." Ouch. "At last, we'll be done with this. Tell me where Liliana Elizalde is and when the person I send to get her has her in front of them, THEN you'll get your papers back." Barbie says Lili is at the Elizalde's country house.

Franco thanks Fer for coming. "You've got nothing to thank me for, FRANCO. After all, she's my sister, not yours." Franco's phone rings. We hear Artemio tell Franco "When you trust me, call me back." Franco agrees, hangs up and tells Fer. "We're such idiots. Barbie had Lili stashed at the country house. You know, where we used to go to be alone together?" Only with fewer words. Fer is impactada.

Aurora rubs her belly and tells it they'll be with its daddy soon. It will have a family and she's grateful to God that her Mommy is mending her evil ways, all thanks to the bump.

Barbie paces and gripes that she has to wait. Artie comes in, followed by Hilda with a bucket of champagne and two glasses. Artemio offers Barbie a glass to toast with. He chuckles that she can trust it, he didn't put any narcotics in it. Barbie looks at the glass, but checks her watch. Artie does drink some and then says he gets the impression Barbie's in a hurry. Her excuse is that Gonzo is waiting for her to have dinner with him. Artemio points out it's not the first time she's stood the old geezer up.

Fer and Franco have arrived at the country house, where Fer doubts that Lili is really there. She thinks its another of Barbie's lies. Franco says that Artie is waiting for a call to find out whether Barbie was telling the truth. They find the glass of milk with the knock out drops. Franco tastes it (idiot!) and says it's fresh. The head for the bedrooms and find Lili. Drugged, mouth taped, and tied hand and foot. Fer tries to wake her up and gets a little frantic. Franco says they'll get her out of there and take her to the hacienda, but Fer wants a doctor to look at her. Franco carries her out. Lili, that is.

Gonzo whines on the phone to Barbie that the house is empty and there's no one to eat dinner with him. He says he wants to wait for her. Artemio notices Barbie is hesitating and offers to leave the room so she can speak privately. Barbie says, and I kid you not, "I heard you, but don't count on me. And better you get used to eating alone." She hangs up. Gonzo stares at the phone wondering what just happened. Tomasa asks him if she should serve dinner or wait. Gonzo throws a glass of water at the table, breaking it, and announces that no one in this house is having dinner tonight. So, uh, he's sending himself to his room with no dinner?

In Franco's car, Fer holds a still sleeping Lili in the back seat. Franco calls Esteve to tell him they're on their way. He wants Jacinto to wait for them at the door to carry Lili in (uh, how many days ago did he have broken ribs?) because he has to leave right away. He asks if Steve called a doctor already, which he has. Franco tells Fer the doctor is on the way. He tries to talk to her again about what's wrong. She says she'll tell him when it's time. Franco starts to call Artemio, but Fer tells him to wait. She reminds him that once he makes that call, Barbie gets her papers and takes off with Aurora, and then what? Franco says he thinks the best thing to do is play it clean. Fer doubts Artemio is playing clean, even though they now have Lili. "What's to say that this wasn't a plot between him and Barbie?" Franco says he doubts it, because Artie wants to get his daughter back.

Barbie has some champagne and cools her heels in Artie's office. Now it's Artie's cell phone ringing. Franco tells him that they have Lili, but it appears she's been drugged. He asks what assurances they have that Barbie isn't going to skip the country. Having Barbie right in front of him, Artie obviously can't answer, so he just says "thanks for the information," and hangs up. He tells Barbie that Liliana is safe. Barbie scoffs at the idea of Lili being safe in Artie's hands. "That's a huge contradiction." Artemio goes to the safe and pulls out Rebecca's file. He takes the documents out of the leather folder and puts them in a blue paper folder. Barbie grabs it and flips through it quickly. She confirms that everything is in order and hopes they never see each other's faces again. Artemio smirks, which freaks Barbie out. As she walks out of his office, he starts chuckling. Barbie cannot walk fast enough to get out of there!

Jacinto, Venus, Martina, Esteve, and Fer all walk Lili into the house, Jacinto carrying. Franco drives away.

Barbie leaves the compound with a big smile on her face. Until she sees that her SUV is empty. Ha, ha, hahahahaha! She anxiously approaches, calling for Aurora, "daughter!" She sees Aurora's purse, but tosses it back in the SUV as she rings Artie's doorbell again and starts banging on the gate.

And the doctor on call is, of course, Martina's Dr. Carlos, who assures Fer that Lili is fine, she just needs some time for the drugs to get out of her system. He tells her that he recommends they give her lots of water and he'll prescribe a diuretic so that she pees out all the drugs faster.

Artie tells Borja (previously the grave digging guy) via phone that he'll give him more specific instructions later. He sits drinking something on the rocks as Evil Barbie in full-on Protective Mama role storms in, clocks Artie on the back of the head with an elbow, then grabs his tie and chokes him with it, yelling "What have you done with her? Where is my daughter? I want my daughter!" Artie can't breathe to answer her. "You damned bastard! What did you do to Aurora?" Artie sucks in enough breath to say he doesn't know, but Barbie doesn't believe him. "You already did whatever you wanted to with me. You stole my youth you subjected me to everything you wanted. I turned into your slave. In all these interminable years, I've done nothing more than obey you so that you could quench your thirst for vengeance. I turned into the creation of your own evil. But understand that it's over. It ended when I found out you'd lied to me, swearing that my newborn daughter had died. You had my daughter. You were capable of hiding her from me. I hate you! I hate you! Know, know that I found her and I won't let you hurt her. I won't let you do to Aurora and my grandchild what you did to me, what you did with me. Give her back to me now! Give her back to me because with the same hate you fostered in me, I swear I'll make you pay for my entire disgrace." She drags him backwards off the chair by his tie as Franco comes running in. Barbie tells him not even to try it. "One step and this bastard dies! This is between me and Artemio, don't get involved. I want my daughter! I want my daughter!" Franco screams at her to stop or she'll never find out where her daughter is. He repeats that if Artemio dies, she'll never find out where Aurora is. She lets go of the tie and Artemio lies on the floor, gasping. Franco yells at her to get out of there and he'll try to find out where Aurora is. Barbie listens to him and leaves. Franco helps Artemio back into his chair and loosens the tie. Artemio gasps and coughs. Franco tells him to be calm, he's fine now.

Lili wakes up in Franco's bed at Las Animas. Her vision is fuzzy as she sees Fernanda. She starts to freak out, but Fer talks her down. Martina cries as she takes Lili's hand and says hello. Lili's still pretty blissed out from the drugs and kind of half dozes as everyone fawns over her. Including Venus, who comes in with a tray of juices for all the gals (I'll take some vodka in mine, if you don’t mind!). Lili is happy to see her too and exclaims (albeit weakly) "Venus!" Fer realizes what Lili just said and turns to look at Venus. Fer asks Lili why she called Lovely "Venus."

Artemio chokes out that Rebeca came in like a wild animal and accused him of taking Aurora. Franco looks at him suspiciously. Artemio explains that Barbie left Aurora waiting outside in the car. He says Barbie must have thought she wouldn't be in there for long. Isn't that what they all say. Don’t leave your kids in the car, people! Franco asks if Artemio's sure that he had nothing to do with Aurora's disappearance. "Oh, yeah, that's right! Between the champagne and the choking, I forgot that I'd given secret orders to my henchpeople to snatch the girl once Barbie was inside. My bad!" No, of course Artemio denies it. Franco doesn't know if he should believe him, but Artie says he has no reason to lie.

Lili and Fer continue their bizarre conversation (I mean, they haven't seen each other in several wardrobe changes, can't they talk about something besides Venus/Lovely? What's Lovely got to do with it?). "Because that's her name." "But when did you meet her?" "I don't know, I don't remember." Martina hurriedly offers Lili some orange juice. Lili wonders who lives in this house. Without answering her, Fer tells Lili she's in a secure location. Lili asks where Evil Barbie is. Fer says Evil Barbie will never hurt Lili again. Martina asks if Lili's hungry, but Lili is only sleepy. Fer says she'll stay with Lili while she sleeps. Venus and Martina excuse themselves. Fer looks curiously after them. Fer repeats to Lili that they're together and nothing bad is going to happen. She finally says that they're in the house of some friends. Lili cries about seeing her daddy. She doesn't want to go to the hacienda because Evil Barbie is there. Fer hugs her and reassures her. Ciro appears and nods at Lili. She calms down and lies back down. Fer says she'll never be away from Lili again and thanks the Virgen as Lili goes back to sleep.

Evil Barbie accosts the Madre Superiora, screaming that she just left Aurora in the car for a second! The Madre Superiora is surprised to hear that Aurora is gone. Barbie is convinced that MS knows where Aurora is. She begs MS to tell her and says she'll do anything. MS is understandably confused. Barbie tells her not to be cruel and tell her everything she knows. MS says she's sorry, but since Aurora left with Barbie, MS hasn't know where Aurora is. Barbie weeps.

Aurora is locked in someplace. She's banging on the door asking to be let out while outside her little room, Lucio and Jacobo play cards. Jacobo says they're waiting for instructions from Damian (not to Aurora, just to Lucio and purely for our benefit).

Barbie drives down the road, distraught, and puts on her headset. She calls Franco and tells him she needs him. She says she needs to talk to him urgently in her office. He says he'll be there in half an hour. Artemio says he supposes Franco has to leave, but he wants Franco to live up to his half of the deal now. Franco says he's a man of his word. Artie tells him to sit down and tell him where Eduardo is. "Eduardo Juarez is dead, and he has to stay dead!" Artie is confused. Franco says there's no trick. Eduardo is dead. He had to die so that Franco Santoro could be born. Artie huffs and puffs. Dun dun dun!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gancho Tuesday Sept. 29 '09 Beto's In Trouble And So Am I

My oh my...just when I was feeling cocky about not bothering with youtube versions, my Univision went on the blink. Fortunately Carlos was able to give me the link to the episodes and I know I missed a lot, but here's what I got on first go-round. (And after this I'm fixing myself a big drink!)

The new stuff begins with Christian and Paula discussing their future. They have very different ideas about where it should go. She wants a ring and a wedding veil. He can't even say "" without turning green. Nope, what he suggests is that they live together first to see how they get along. Oh sure, she snaps, and then you change your mind and I go home to dad "empaquetada" (with a bun in the oven). She's not buying that particular line.

There's a little misunderstanding going on with Katja and Aldo also. She's saying unkind things about Estrella, including calling her a "zorra de cien pesos" (basically a two-bit whore) and bless him, he's defending his actress friend. This minor spat is settled with a kiss and then a few more. Ah...young love...or young infatuation...or just young hormones.'s a great way to end a spat.

The discussion between Beto and Mom isn't being settled quite as easily. She's berating him for losing his job again and wondering when he'll ever settle down ("sentar cabeza"). He's defending his decision to train for a fight with Mauricio because then Moni will finally see that Beto's more of a man than that old "doll's hair" fella.

Señor Doll's Hair has just arrived home to find Aldo and Katja lip-locking. A little "ahem" is enough to send Katja on her way, but actually Mau is all for the new relationship. She's a nice girl (is she? I haven't decided) and the right age for Aldo. But what about Estrella? Aldo assures him that's all in the past and he's going to give himself a chance with Katja. Given Mau's relationship with Connie, this hookup seems all wrong but whatever...We'll see where this leads. Ideas, anyone?

Meanwhile Estrella and Moni are dishing about the latest developments with the Lucha Libre. Estrella is thrilled at the thought of the menfolk battling for love of Monita. Monita thinks it's all about macho pride but our romantic actress disagrees. And now on to the topic of choice...Tano stayed all night. Totally special. He's a good guy and Estrella really wants it to work. And Aldo...ah, he's just a "mocoso" ( little kid)

Fortunately, Tano, who's now at Mau's house, seems equally enthusiastic. Estrella's cute, spontaneous (that's for sure),'s all good. And what's more, now that he knows about Mau's upcoming fight, he'll look for the best trainer available. But if he's fighting about Moni, what's Connie's situation? There's some mumble mumble about Connie being "illusionada" but Mauricio loves Valentina with all his heart. In other words...situation murky. As always.

If there's a unifying theme to tonight's action, it has to be poor Paula's quest to have someone...anyone!...listen to her dilemma with Christian. She spends all day trying to have first Moni, then Gabriela, then Ximena pay attention to her woes but comes up empty. One day you'll want to talk to me and I won't be here, she fumes. Pobrecita.

And poor Beto! He's being ground to a pulp by our muscular Costeño and doesn't like it one bit. Costeño reminds him that they stand to make a lot of money from the grudge match between him and Mau, but Beto assures him that for once, money doesn't matter. He wants to win for Monita's sake. (Is our Beto bruto really "distinto" as he promises? Wait and see.)

Sal is in Mauricio's office trying to talk business and how to rein in Jeronimo. Mau's distracted and musing that Tano's going to find him a trainer. Gaby is equally distracted in the coffee room. Paula's doing her best to unload the Christian-live-together-or-marry dilemma and Gaby can't quite focus. More sulking. Pobrecita de Paula.

And pobre de Jeronimo (of course I don't mean it). Oscar's having to hand feed him, his mouth is so banged up. But did the blows damage his brain? This question is left hanging. Oscar maneuvers him into signing some papers giving him power of attorney over all his shares, should something happen to Jerry. Anyone hear anvils falling? Sure hope so. Jerry still has enough sense to resist signing but Oscar helpfully guides his bruised little hand into a signature on all the papers.

Well, Paula's not the only one with "boda" on her mind. Connie has now invaded Mau's office and wants to talk about room rentals, music and menus. He's not interested. The business will go under if they don't get a handle on Jerry. So she scoots. Wise move.

Sal meanwhile is trying to make Gaby see reason about the dangers of not only Jerry but Oscar as well. And they were both behind the accident and the precipitous drop in share values. No way, insists Gaby. Jerry's garbage but Oscar is her savior and she won't hear a word against him.

Our dark prince enters the office at this moment and Gaby rushes to greet him. Papers are dropped. She picks them up and in a mere glance seems to realize that Oscar is indeed pulling a fast one with Jerry and his shares. He grabs the papers and sends her off for a cappuchino...but our gal is thinking a mile a minute. Hey, we always knew she was too smart for this cheesy guy.

Whoops...but our favorite cheesy guy is in trouble. Jeronimo is pressing charges against Beto and his Lucha Libre gang for criminal damages and homicidal intent. Lordy those are serious charges, and while Christian is reluctant to arrest him...after all, he's knows he and Beto are buds...he has to do it. The law is the law. But amor is amor, bleats Beto. No good. Off he goes to jail.

Another futile attempt for female solidarity. Paula tries to talk to Xime but our little gal hears the word "police" and immediately starts in on her brief film career.

Next we see our misunderstood Paula helping Monita and Gaby set up the conference room. Ximena's there too and our four gals decide they have to band together to foil Jerry and save Mauricio. Did I say four? Suddenly there are FIVE! Yes, Connie slams her hand down on the table. As the future esposa, she's part of this or it's not going to happen. After some brief bickering with Paula (she's dismissed in importance as a simple "afanadora" cleaner) they make the pact. And since everyone admits that Connie's got great legs, she'll have the task of seducing Jeronimo.

Okay. Back to juicy romance. Tano has arrived to take Estrella out on a date. Nieves does her best to deep-six the relationship, calling Estrella promiscuous whatever and a discredit to the barrio of decent folk. Tano cuts her short, telling her people driven to criticize others are just making up for an emptiness inside. Well said Tano!! Our sour little Nieves is left with something to think about.

Tano and Estrella exit stage left and in comes Don Cesar. Man, I love this guy's hair. He is one piece of work. Alas, he's got bad news. Beto's in jail. Mom is sure that Mauricio's behind it all, even if Jeronimo is the one who pressed charges. Right away, Señor Mamita is on the phone to Monita, begging her to get Beto out of jail. No way. There's a lot of classic blame-shifting. Nieves: Your fault he got fired. Moni: He asked for it. And if he's stupid and irresponsible, you made him that way. Nieves: Your lies are what did him in. All he's ever done is love you with his whole heart. You're not washing your hands of him this easily!

Okay. Both these ladies need counseling and Beto need to grow up. But then we wouldn't be having this much fun, would we? Okay, we'll let 'em go on fighting.

Paula's still wandering the office trying to find a listening ear. Gaby's doing her annoying "chiss chiss" sound to get Moni's attention and sic' her onto Jeronimo. Jerry's taking a tough line, mouthing stuff about having a "mano duro" but allows as how he might be persuaded to change his mind if Monita is "really nice" to him. Guess he's an equal opportunity lecher. She coldcocks him and that's the end of that discussion.

Nieves makes a brief appearance at the jail, to let Beto know (flanked by Costeño and the gang) that she's not paying bail. "Me estas dañando" Beto wails. His theme song.

Next Nieves hits the office, vowing to not budge until she has a face to face with Mauricio. Monita caves and says she'll try and help Beto. She can't fail him, even if he deserves it...but go home, Mom!

Meanwhile, the master plan to derail Jerry and Oscar has now shifted to the Gabriela front. He's wolfing down food at the restaurant, as a prelude to a hot night with Gaby, and she's watching with barely hidden glee. Whoops...he feels bad...his stomach hurts...excuse me, and he rushes off to...well, no need to go into that. And Gaby blithely says she hopes it goes well. Lots of ways to interpret that statement.

And on another front, Connie waits in seductive splendor for Jerry. Xime is shocked by how "mujerzuela" (slutty) she looks but assures her that bro' should be there any minute. After all, Xime told him to come right home so she can sell him all her shares.

Great! Someone's coming in the door. Xime scampers upstairs. "Come in Jeronimo,"purrs Connie. I'm waiting for you."

Oh Lordy. It's Mauricio. Looking shocked. Connie's grabs a pillow and covers up as best she can. And on that cliffhanger, we end.

There were several different scenes, including Ivan asking Luisa to be his "novia" but the biggie was a confrontation between Nieves and Constanza. Nieves says that if Connie doesn't do what she asks, she's going to spill the beans about her romps in the hay with Beto. I think our Connie has met her match.

Oh the heck with it! Whatever you got during the recap is it for tonight.

Dicho of the Day:
Well, guess what. Can't find my Dicho book either. This has been a no-good, very bad day. But thanks to Carlos it wasn't a total loss. And now for that drink!


Amor Monday, September 28, 2009: Carlota has a nice day

Friday we saw Carlota in her doily swearing she was going to make Mac’s life one big long screaming nightmare. As if she hadn’t already.

And sure enough tonight here is Rufi helping sobbing Mac into a chair in the kitchen. Mac wails how could she? and Rufi throws a prayer heavenward that Paloma will forgive Mac.

In her room, Paloma has her photo album of her parents open and is sobbing while she looks at the photos. Mac pounds on her door, begging to see her. Flipped out Paloma screeches I don’t want to see you! Don’t call me hija! Leave me alone! Across the hallway, Carlota leans on her own doorway and smiles smugly. Mac shakes her head at her and gives up.

Padre Chris is about to get in a car and leave, but Inez and Elisa (another church lady) spot him loading his suitcase and they run over in a panic that he’s leaving permanently. He assures them he’ll be back in a few days. Carry on ladies, he says, and they say okay, relieved.

Paloma on her hands and knees with her elbows poking up and her face practically buried in the carpet looks like one of those horror movies where a person is about to turn into a giant insect. She remembers Mac explaining that she gave Paloma away so she could have a stable family life. It looks maybe a little lightbulb has gone off in her head. She jumps up and runs out of her room.

Mac in her room is praying ayudame to the Virgin. Paloma comes in and Mac is thrilled, but Paloma is on a mission. She wants to know who her father is. Tell me! Mac just looks distressed. Tell her, Mac!

We can only dream.

Mac says he was the love of her life, but now he doesn’t belong to the world of men. ( I was worried Paloma would think he’d had one of those operations, but apparently Paloma is too pure to think of that.) You mean he’s dead? she wails. Mac nods yes.

What was his name? Paloma demands. Mac says it’s not important now, and it’s better you should think of Javier as your father. Paloma’s not settling for that, though. She starts frantically rummaging through Mac’s things, looking for the Box of Secrets and the photo she knows was in there. She finds the box, opens it and… empty. She goes nuts.

I tore up the photo, Mac swears. Paloma screeches that Mac’s secrets are now her secrets too and she wants to know his name. Mac says he was a wonderful man, a man who loved her as much as she loved him. You are the child of that love, Mac says.

Paloma: Why did he leave then?

Mac: He didn’t know you were on the way.
P: Why didn’t you marry?

M: We wanted to. We would have made a family and been so happy and he would have given you so much love.

P (sobbing) Then why…?

M: Destiny separated us and that’s why I had to do what I did. I’m sorry, that’s all I can tell you about your father.

Well, this should keep us busy for a number of episodes.

Inez is on the phone with Diana, telling her that having Romina in the house probably isn’t a good plan. It could lead to ….things. Like what? Diana wants to know. Inez says like intimacy between Em and Romina. Diana says that would be great! Inez is shocked and says but they’re not married. Diana scoffs and says you weren’t stuffy like that when you sang in the cabaret. Inez says that was just singing.

Diana arranges herself on the couch says believe me, I’m not sorry about any of the men I’ve had in my life. And you know what? Orlando was the best. Inez says oooo! Would you go to bed with him again? Diana says I sure would, but he probably hates me. But we could really catch fire. Inez says and Rafa? Diana says, well, sure, if he drops by for a conjugal visit. We women have that power you know, we just have to know how to use it.

If Romina can seduce Emiliano, she says, all the better. She’s really rich and one thing this family definitely lacks is money. And if I help her, she’ll reward me well, I’m sure.

That was fun, but now it’s back to Paloma, still unglued. She wants to know what Mac is hiding and why she won’t tell her at least her father’s name. Mac says what I want is for us to talk now, so that you understand that what I did was out of love. Paloma wails don’t you understand that in one moment my whole world exploded? That everything I believed isn’t true?

M: I know it’s hard for you, and for me too.

P: Please don’t tell me half-truths – tell me everything. Who was my father? If you don’t tell me, I won’t forgive you! I won’t talk to you until you tell me! I have to know! You didn’t just abandon me at birth, you abandoned me when I most needed you – when I thought I was an orphan when my parents died. I really could have used a mother then!

M: But then we were closer than ever.

P: As my aunt – and you let Carlota be my guardian.

Mac stutters about the will, and how there was nothing she could do.

P: (yelling) Of course there was! You could have fought for me, no matter what the will said.

M: Carlota wouldn’t have let me.

P: As my mother, you would have more rights. You let her mistreat me! Why did you do so little? You abandoned me twice!

Carlota is out in the hallway, not even having to press her ear to the door since Paloma is shouting. She smiles her smug Carlota smile.

P: You have never loved me as a daughter.

M: Yes, I always did, just in silence!

P: And when were you thinking of telling me? Never, right? If it hadn’t been for Tia Carlota, I never would have found out, right? Don’t expect me to regard you as a mother now!

Out in the hallway, Carlota is gleeful.

Camila is in Orlando’s office’s waiting room. He’s surprised to see her there. She reports that she was able to talk to Romina and she needs to talk to Angelica to get her head straight, apparently not paying attention to the fact that Angelica is at work. But doting Orlando doesn’t mind and says she’ll be out in a minute.

Now Paloma is weeping over a picture of her parents. Why didn’t you tell me? It’s all so clear now that I think of it. She has a sepia flashback to a childhood talk with Mac when she asked Mac why she didn’t have any children and Mac told her I don’t need anybody but you. You are my only hija. Paloma says we’ll play pretend that you are my mother.

Carlota cuts into this loving scene telling little Paloma to go take a bath. After she leaves, Mac says why don’t you like us to show affection? Carlota says just because. And because you’ll confuse her and I don’t want her to forget that Sagrario was her mother. You agreed! Paloma overhears this and comes in and says What did you agree to? Why do I have to remember that? Mac says because everyone has just one mother.

Wow, Paloma sure has a good memory.

Now Paloma picks up a picture of her and Mac and sobs Why? Why did you let Carlota treat me so mean when I was little? Why didn’t you stand up to her? Why?

Orlando gives Camila some coffee and she fills him in on Romina looking for her dad and he wonders why that’s a problem. Camila says she wants Romina to come home. There’s something about Diana that she doesn’t think she’s the best influence. Orlando offers to help dig up Samuel and says just get the information that Romina has so far. Camila takes him up on it.

She remembers that he had something on his mind when he came by her house last night. What was it? He says oh, nothing pressing. We can talk about it later. He kisses her on the top of her head.

Angelica and Em finish up a work discussion and she asks if he has a new cell, because his mother has been calling the office number. Em is bummed and says he doesn’t want to talk to her – she’s mad at him for leaving the house when Romina came to stay. He fills her in on what happened. He knows his mama would love to have him back with Romina and he just wants to stay out of the whole thing.

Carlota comes into Paloma’s room but Paloma throws herself on her bed and says she doesn’t want to see anybody. Carlota says it’s too bad her parents died – she never would have known the truth. Paloma says she wishes she didn’t know it now.

Carlota tsks that she never was in favor of keeping the secret. The timpani go boom. She says the pain of a deception is horrible. Paloma looks up from her pillows. Carlota says It was hard for me to see her get all your love when she didn’t deserve it.

Paloma says Sagrario and Javier accepted me as a daughter. Carlota says they couldn’t have children, and when Mac wanted to get rid of you, I rebelled. I suggested that they adopt you. Paloma says but my birth certificate doesn’t say anything about me being adopted. Carlota says Sagrario promised to keep the secret. She even went around in maternity clothes while Mac stayed hidden.

Paloma says did Mac ever think of abortion? Carlota says over my dead body! She had done enough bad stuff without committing a crime like that. Only Sagrario, Javier, Rufi and I knew. Oh, and our father. He was so devastated by her pregnancy that he dropped dead of a heart attack. Mac has felt guilty ever since, and in a way she was at fault. And she’s felt guilty sometimes about adopting you out, so she changed herself into your “adorable” aunt.

Come here, my love, says Carlota and Paloma cuddles into her arms. Carlota says ever since you were born, I strove to protect you, to care for you, to save you from the bad influence that Mac was in your life. Everything I did, I did so you would be a good woman, not like her. Paloma’s frown suggests that Carlota may have overplayed her hand.

Nope, I was wrong. Paloma says I hate her. Carlota says I know. Now you can trust only me. I realize I’m not your mother… I just never knew how to show you my love. Paloma clings to her and sobs.
At this juncture it is pleasant to contemplate the gory deaths of previous telenovela villains and to wonder what variation or combination of those await Carlota.

Chris is back at his home church talking to Padre Benito. He says he really didn’t want to leave Real del Monte before he confronted Carlota about everything she did. Padre B doesn’t see how the Carlota thing has anything to do with his big crisis of doubt. Maybe he’s in love? He has to pick: the church or Macarena.

Rufi has brought Mac some tea and is trying to soothe her. Mac says she had no idea that Carlota had so much venom in her that she would even destroy Paloma. Rufi thinks that Paloma will forgive Mac if they just talk. Mac says they already did and it didn’t work. Rufi says give her time to absorb the news. Meantime, say a rosary. Mac takes her rosary in hand and gets down on her knees.

Padre Benito advises Chris that God’s love takes many forms. If it weren’t for Mac, you wouldn’t have become a priest. Chris throws his hands up. Padre B says maybe this is just a test of your vocation. He reminds Chris that it’s been 20 years since his romance with Mac and things tend to get romanticized over time. Chris says I feel like our future was cut off prematurely. Padre M says that future is in the past and don’t forget you’re married to God now. (Is this true? Are priests the Grooms of God?) Who do you love more, God or Macarena? Chris looks exasperated. Padre M says when you know the answer to that, you’ll know what to do.

Romina and Diana are playing Chinese checkers. They gripe about Em – Romina’s sure he blabbed to Camila that she was at Diana’s, and Diana is annoyed that he doesn’t answer her calls. Romina says mine either. I’m going to have to go by the office and find out why he blabbed.

Romina: My mother can be difficult.

Diana: Maybe that’s why your father left?

R: Probably.

D: If you were my daughter I would have done anything to keep your father with you.

R: My mother is all about herself.

D: Do you think they could get back together? Because I’ve heard your mother is going out with someone.

R: I don’t want to talk about him. I can’t stand him. I don’t know what she sees in him.

D: Well, he’s not your father. Don’t you think parents should stay together?

R: Sure.

D: Why don’t you tell Emiliano that you believe a child should do everything to keep its parents together?

Diana says we’re a good team. Romina jumps all of her marbles.

Paloma asks Carlota that since her father was the man that she and Mac were both in love with, can she tell Paloma his name? Carlota says that’s between you and Mac. I don’t want to cause any more pain in this family. I don’t want Mac to hate me. Paloma says I think you two have hated each other for a long time, but sometimes you love each other.

Carlota says you must understand her health is fragile. I don’t want this to end up in a tragedy. Paloma says you should have thought of that before. Carlota says I know. It was just the emotion of the moment. I get so tired of living a lie. Let’s just wait and see if she tells you.

I have to know, begs Paloma. I need to know who I am, where I came from. Carlota is all fake kind saying we have to consider Mac’s health. When she’s better, maybe she’ll speak from the heart without lies.

Angelica and Camila are at the outdoor café. Camila realizes she shouldn’t have pulled Angelica away from her work, but Angelica says Orlando wants to please her. Camila says when they first started going out, she didn’t think anything would come of it, but he’s constantly surprising her. Angelica gets a faraway look in her eye and says what a fine fellow he is. She catches herself and snaps her attention back to Camila.

They get to the point: Samuel. Angelica thinks it’ll be good for Camila to get that resolved and over with. She also thinks Samuel might be wanting to get back together, plus Romina will be wanting the same thing.

Rafa comes into his old house and is surprised to find Romina there. Romina explains and when Diana come into the room, Romina is smart enough to leave them alone. Diana explains that Camila isn’t able to give Romina the support she needs. Rafa says and you can? He drops the subject and says he wants to talk about them. Diana is excited that there will be a reconciliation. He says no way. What’ll it take to buy my freedom?

Romina and Aaron are walking and discussing their plan which doesn’t seem to be working now that Aaron can’t say he and Paloma are novios. Now he has to think of a plan B. They both agree that Paloma is acting a little different lately.

Aaron takes his glasses off, which makes him look like more of a threat. He is seriously interested in Paloma, plus he doesn’t like losing – anymore than you do, he adds. Romina explains that she’s staying at Em’s house and sooner or later he’ll cave. Aaron says good, when he does let me know and I’ll let Paloma know. Then she’ll want payback time.

Diana tells Rafa she made a vow until death do them part and she’s keeping it. Rafa says if you were religious, I’d buy that, but you’re just trying to aggravate me. There’s no love left. Diana says I’m going to be your wife until my dying day. Rafa says there’s ways to get a divorce, and you seem to want to turn it into a fight. Diana says I have ways too. Let’s see who wins.

Em ( the only happy guy tonight, but that’s because he’s clueless) is at work and leaves the umpteenth message on Paloma’s cell. He decides to try the main number at Paloma’s. He gets Rufi who says she can’t get Paloma right then and no, no there’s no problem. He says to tell Paloma it’s about the church thing. Rufi says okay and hangs up. Doesn’t anybody ever say goodbye when they hang up?

German comes up to Romina on the street and gives her a playful hug. He says you know you wanna. Romina says wow, such an ego! German says Lili said the same thing. Wanna go…? Romina says no.

German says he knows she’s staying at Em’s. Romina is surprised but suggests that she and Em had a hot night last night. German laughs and says he knows she’s lying. She keeps up her story. He gives her a kiss and she pushes him away. He says I’m going to Mexico City tomorrow and you could come and we could go to the address where your father was staying. Romina looks serious. German says see you tomorrow.

Rafa and Joel are talking in the office. You know, just regular guy talk. Okay, maybe not, you be the judge. Joel reports that he had a nice time with Monica, but he’s still pretty affected by that whole thing with Sofia. Rafa reports that he talked to Orlando and was really annoyed that Orlando seemed so sure of Camila, plus now Diana won’t give him a divorce. Joel says didn’t you tell me that you kissed her? Rafa says yes, but with no divorce….

Romina bursts into Em’s office, giving him the opportunity to say ¿Qué haces aquí? She’s mad because he doesn’t answer his cell and because he told Diana where she was. He says he’s sorry it upset her, but it was the right thing to do. She says she feels totally betrayed. He says don’t exaggerate. You need to work things out. She comes around his desk and says I need you. He escapes and says it’s obvious we see the things very differently. Romina says that’s why I come see you - I know you’re right. Please don’t turn your back on me. She holds out her hand.

Avances: Paloma rebukes Rufi for keeping the secret. She wishes she were dead and sure enough we see her passed out on a park bench. Em is alerted.


Monday, September 28, 2009

MEPS 9/28: Fr/Ed gets what Damian didn't. Gardenia gives up.

Whipping through the house with Fr/Ed behind him, Artemio finds his guards lying on the floor. Hmm, seems he cannot trade Lili's corpse for the Head of Ed, as he had planned, because Barbara stole Lili away -- after giving "Greco's Renowned Drowsy-Drink-Drops" to all his guards (plus Ms Bagel-Bun) in champagne she told them Artemio had sent along to celebrate some big business success.

"Barbara told us you commanded we tip our glasses," whines Bagel-Bun. The bodies on the floor are dragged away.

Barb throws Lili on a bed: "You won't get hurt if you behave. Shout as loud as you like, there's nobody to hear you. Now, put on your PJs and go to bed." Cero appears and reassures Lili.

Barb calls Artemio and reports that she has the cargo. He's furious; when he tells Fr/Ed, Fr/Ed narrows his eyes and shakes his lips in dudgeon.

Fr/Ed's cat-burglars are pacing at his house, worried. Fr/Ed appears and tells the whole story. Fer calls Barb. Barb, driving, grinning maniacally: "I was expecting your call." Barb's on her way to Fr/Ed's house to negotiate, so cat-burglar Santi has to make like a banana and split. The Mud Queens also leave.

Fr/Ed updates Father Bosco, who advises: "Get Lili back and then get out of here while Fer still thinks highly of you, thinks you're an honest guy. Let her remember you kindly."

Barb arrives, Esteve leaves. Barb congratulates Fer on her ferocity: "You must have inherited it from me." Long story short: "I'll give Lili back, and disappear forever, if you two convince Aurora to leave the nunnery with me." "But she's bearing Santi's child!" "No, she's bearing MY grandchild. You have till noon tomorrow. If you fail, then I'll just kidnap her anyway and you'll never see Lily again." Barb leaves.

Fr/Ed tells Fer, "We should tell Barbara's plans to Artemio and provoke a fight between them." "Oh, I get it, because Artemio thinks Aurora is dead!"

Meanwhile Artemio is soliloquizing about Barbara: "One who betrays me doesn't live to betray another day." He sounds like Darth Vader.

Suddenly Fr/Ed is at Artemio's office and tells him Barb's motive is - Aurora Mendoza! Artemio is impactado and grouses: "Barbara's the worst mistake of my life. She's a fatal weapon, I educated her that way, but I always knew if she found out her daughter was alive all her hate would be focused on me."

"What do you care about Aurora?" asks Fr/Ed. "I'm her father. I've only seen her three times, but to know she existed was an intense consolation to my soul. Aurora is the only thing I made without hatred in my whole life. Barbara knows I ripped that kid from her arms at the moment of birth and said she was dead. All I can expect from Barbara is destruction."

Scene change. Fer to Fr/Ed: "What a whirlpool all this is! Before the s--t hits the fan I want to say how much I've appreciated you and come to depend on you." "Let me look at you," he murmurs nicely, "for as long as I can. Soon we separate forever. I love you more than you can imagine, I've loved you since forever and will love you until forever." Kisssss.

Etcetera. Where did this giant bed with red satin sheets come from? More etcetera. Commercial. More etcetera. Two aging virgins finally get some. They spend the night in the red bed of amor and then swirl about in a hot-tub (I guess) overlooking a fabulous CGI view.

Meanwhile somewhere Gardenia is crying and saying, "Eduardo, I'll love you forever, even though there's no future in it! You're not going to leave!"

Barb packs her diamonds into a suitcase. Daffy arrives and mildly wonders why he didn't see her last night, she says it was some business meeting, now she's going out, he says he'll see her at dinner, she thought bubbles "You'll be waiting a long time, because today I start a new life." Meanwhile Daffy thoughtbubbles: "Ah, Barbara, she's a haven of peace in my sea of troubles." Heh.

Fr/Ed to Artemio: "we can work together and keep Barbara from absconding with Aurora." "What do you care?" "She's expecting Santi's baby!"

"Oh, eeuwww, my grandchild is an ELIZALDE? My blood is mixing with theirs again? This is an irony of the worst writers! I want to barf!" Fr/Ed says the two of them can work together to stop Barbara. "But what do I get out of it?" "Your mother's diary and the Head of Ed."

"Why is Eduardo hiding?" "He isn't hiding, he's agazapado, crouching down, waiting for the right moment to attack! He's been waiting ever since Barbara Greco unfairly accused him of abusing Fernanda Elizalde!"

"You seem to know him well." "Well enough to know that you and the Elizaldes caused him the greatest pain a person can take." "No, ME! I had the worst pain!! And in total war, there are always innocent victims! That boy defied me and made me his enemy to the death!"

Fr/Ed implies he knows where Barbara is, but he won't tell Artemio because she has Lili, somewhere... Artemio says Barbara will be coming by to get her dossier, because it will be important to her to start her new life with a clean identity. "So I'll make her tell me where Lili is, and then you have to give me the Head of Ed."

At the office, por teléfono Fer explains all to Santi.

Gardenia comes in. "Why aren't you wearing your uniform?" "Because after I say what I've come to say, you're going to fire me." Long story short, after asking "did you know Santorito is in love with you?" she tells Fer: "Fr/Ed is Ed, I've seen his passport." And Margarita and Jacinto have known all along. And this all came about when he came back from Gringoland and saw what had happened to his mother, and he decided he'd had it with the Elizaldes. "He couldn't even go to see his mother buried." Fer remembers her agony, seeing his name inscribed on his mother's tomb...

Gardenia says she told Errika Ed was in love with Fer, and admits that she (Gardenia) has been in love with him forever. "With all my heart, but he was always in love with you. But I don't want him to leave and the only way to keep him here is if he marries you." Fer has the commercial break during which to think it over.

Greco's Renowned Drowsy-Drink-Drops appear again: Barb forces Lili to drink them. The ghost of Cero points out to Lili, "Drink or she'll kill you."

Damian's sleazeball cousin says the plans are underway. Damian: "Give Lucio a message, he'll know what to do." That's it for them tonight.

As Gardenia leaves Fer's office, Fr/Ed shows up and wants to talk to Fer, who takes a minute to collect herself. She says he can come in. He wants to tell her all the plans, he's in a good mood and wants a kiss, she slithers away from him and gets angrier and angrier. He keeps asking why. "You want to know why, MR. FRANCO SANTORO?"

end of episode.


un Gancho al Corazón Mon 9/28/9 Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!

We begin tonight with a replay of Moni's more or less triumphant return from her brief odyssey with Mao which was skillfully and artfully described by Hombre de Misterio. Therefore we begin tonight's adventure with our Hombre's words:

"Beto and Nieves go into their apartment and proceed to argue about Moni. Nieves thinks he should have more trust in Moni, no one’s stealing his girlfriend. Maybe not stealing, more like borrowing, but he won’t stand for it. Nieves convinces him to calm down, be happy for Moni, and when she returns, he can ask her whatever he wants.

And here she is. The whole crowd screams as Cinderella returns to the barrio. Estrella can’t believe it, she’s so happy she has to pinch (pellizcar) Moni. They ask if she found her mother, but the answer is no, and Moni doesn’t even want to search anymore. Beto comes up, gives her a big hug, saying Monita, my heart, my life, my little cutie, and Nieves hugs her, too. Beto says he was so worried. Yeah, so worried that you got drunk, adds Estrella. Moni apologizes for not calling, but the lines were down. No matter, says Beto, I just have one question for you. It’s very important. Between you and Mauricio, is there something? That is, did you sleep together last night? Well, Moni HAS promised to tell the truth, and it looks as if she’ll answer this one………..on Monday."

Well, it's Monday so let's see what our girl has to say. Now for our formerly creative Moni this would have been a pan comido (piece of cake); for the new improved version, this presents a challenge. Not accustomed to telling the truth even if it's as effective as a lie, Moni reverts to her boxing skills and deflects the question countering with a jab, "How can you say such a thing?" Well said. Unfazed he presses his case. Careful Beto, don't ask about things that you really don't want to know. Exasperated, she recounts her adventure up to and including passing the night in Mao's embrace. Now Nieves becomes the inquisitor. She wants to know what Moni has learned about her mom. We're stating to sense that hay un gato encerrado (we smell a rat) over what Nieves knows of Isabel Lopez. She seems relieved when Moni says that she knows no more than she did before. She is rescued by Pau and Estre. As they saunter off, Estrella turns and hurls a silent taunt toward a steaming Beto who acknowledges it with a gestured threat of his own. Nieves turns to Beto and asks if he noticed. Yes, he notices the horns sprouting from his forehead, but no, it's that Moni is now being truthful with him while he's still deceiving and betraying her with Mao's novia. Nonetheless, Beto vows vengeance on his ex-brother and for emphasis assumes the trademark stance of el Fantasma Vengador. He's off to the gym to rally the troops.

Teresa is relieved to see Mao safe and sound, as is Connie who embraces him warmly and then informs him of her valiant rescue of the kiddies from the evil clutches of Jero who was going to evict them from the castle. Teresa confirms this though she seems puzzled by Connie's motherly concern. Mao begins to tell her of his ordeal, but when he mentions Moni, Connie tells him that she doesn't care about the details, she is just happy that he is safe and sound. Hey, I could get used to this new improved Constanza. Mauricio is wondering who abducted Connie and replaced her with this pleasant android.

A pensive Aldo is at school remembering his shock at finding Estrella with Tono. His ruminations are invaded by the appearance of a bubbling Katia, freshly back from Italy, flashing all manner of silent signals that she is available. The wedding is back on and it looks like they'll be getting to see each other every day. Neato, huh? A little less thrilled than she he turns to walk away but she informs him that Mao is back s they stroll off together to tell Luisa and Dani.

In the office, Sal, flanked by Gabi, is bemoaning recent events and attempting damage control by phone when Mao appears. They are delighted that he is OK, but Sal urgently needs to speak with him, so off they go to Jero's office. There they find Jerónimo seated comfortably behind his desk. In Mao's absence Jero has taken advantage of a precipitous drop in the value of Groupo Sermeño, owing to speculation about Mao's demise, to acquire an equal position in the company to Mao's, 45%. Now he has equal say in the operation of the company and is thinking about queering the deal between Groupo Seremeño and Fabrimex. A proposition very important that Mao has put together. Jero then shoos them from his office. This latest maneuver by Jero is pretty impressive. Looks to me like Ximena gains a bit of power since she holds the other 10% of the stock.

Luisa is thrilled that Mao is safe. She hurries off, leaving Aldo at the mercy of a sweetly predatory Katia. She confirms that Aldo is a free agent and coincidently so is she, sooo... Catching Aldo off guard she moves in for a kiss. He resists at first, but, what the heck. ¡Beso! Rather tame, but then these are kids.

In Sal's office Mao is admitting that it's not as though Sal hasn't warned him on numerous occasions of Jero's perfidy, Now they must wrest control of the company from his greedy hands. The door opens and Ximena, nudging Connie aside, bursts in, joyful that her primuchi (Ximenese for cousin) is safe. Connie catches up, pulls her back, and marks her territory with a kiss on the mouth. Mao endures. He instructs her to let him know immediately if Jerónimo attempts to molest her again. he leaves and she makes herself at home, collapsing comfortably into his chair. Ximena mirrors the satisfied collapse with similarly outstretched arms. How nice that her cousin was so disturbed finding out about her and Jero, Connie beams, and the Fantasma Vengador too, Connie scowls.

Katia and Aldo are still kissing, warmly but chastely. Ivan interrupts and is informed that they are novios by Aldo. "Yes for an hour, fifteen minutes, and thirty seconds," adds Katia. Uh oh, she's one of those. He is underwhelmed and leaves. They pick up where they left off. Well OK, since he seems willing.

Oscar is conferring with Jero in his new office. Now that he is on top he'll need Oscar as his loyal assistant (fiel perro) a position that Oscar rejects. Jero still needs his help. Jero, like a cat, thinks that he is self-sufficient, but actually he is Oscar's pet, a kitten, "Say meow." Jero seems awed. Connie replaces Oscar, "Here is my kitten," boasts Jero as Oscar leaves. She messes with his mind by pointing out that he can never replace Mao. She has been in bed with both, and well...Jero just doesn't measure up. Ouch.

Ivan is studying in the kitchen. Aldo comes in for a glass of milk, "You'll go blind with so much reading." He is greeted with a cold shoulder. Ivan is miffed by Aldo's apparent dumping of of Estrella. I understand, but Ivan doesn't know the whole story, does he?

In the coffee room Moni and Pau confer. Moni whines about Mao, but this time it's not all about her. Pao faces a dilemma. Cristian has asked her to come live with him up north. She's tempted, but doesn't want to move away from her friends. No problema. Moni will help her convince him to stay.

Connie has come seeking assistance from a rather chilly Nieves, who cautions her about tuteando so quickly with her. Now, actually this has the potential of being a formidable team. She is wanting to marry Mauricio and wants Nieves to push Beto to marry Moni. She is offered coffee but prefers green tea which Nieves doesn't have but offers to go to a neighbor's to get some. "No,thanks." She offers Nieves money. Nieves is offended but does agree to cooperate.

In the coffee room, an emboldened Pau makes progress with Cristian, she loves his exciting police stories and especially enjoyed him showing her the morgue. She brings up marriage, he chokes briefly, but then agrees to marry her. After all he is afraid of nothing, but he certainly looks worried.

Estrella see's Connie taking her leave of Nieves, and doesn't like for a minute this unholy alliance. She makes a Aldo?

Moni bring Mao his capuchino and lingers to offer encouragement and support as he whines about his problems with Jero, "...a rock in my shoe." They embrace and kiss just as el Fantasma Vengador, looking like a dissipated Power Ranger, pops in, without knocking, surrounded by his wrestling buds from the gym, who make an interesting menagerie themselves. Surprisingly, we aren't really surprised by their presence. He is angry and confronts Mao with the circumstances. Mao tries to say something but Beto , without asking permission orders, "¡Tú callate la boca! ¡Sí, te tuteó, tú cállate la boca!" ¡Bravo,Beto! Clearly annoyed Mao claims, "We were simply talking." "Yes, cheek to cheek (ccahete a cachete)." Mao fires Beto and threatens to call security which evokes a mocking, unison "Oooh," from Beto and his goon squad. He then vents his disappointment in his former hero and gestures the implied threat of future reprisal as he ushers out the support group.

Impressed and frightened Sal and Gabi look on as Beto, whom Jero identifies by scent, seizes the opportunity to avenge Connie. He places him in a headlock, gouges his eyes a bit, then releases him to the violent ministries of his entourage. Appalled, Gabi insists that Sal call up security. The wrestlers pause and look to Sal. After a moment to consider, he signals for them to continue the pummeling. Anyone who is playing the gancho drinking game, that is, a drink for every blow struck, should consider suspending play at this point. Moni sees the action through the window and steps through the door, holding it shut to prevent Mao's exit. Finally Paula and Cristian arrive. He attempts to quell the riot, ordering everyone, "Up against the wall!" (ya gotta like his spunk) but is met with the derisive "¡Oooh!" from the wrestlers, this time a little less in tune. Gab offers to call for backup. Once again,"¡Oooh!" Beto relieves Cristian of his batón and as more security personnel arrive a melee ensues. Sal is drawn into the fray as Beto orders Moni to release Mao. Mao however tosses a heavy jug through the glass and steps out to face Beto. "Maurica (marica= girly-man), tú y yo, masca contra la cabellera de pelo de muñeca vieja (you and I, mask against the hairdo from the hair of an old doll) and he assumes his stance. (Now the CCs said something a bit different that didn't make a lot of sense to me. This is what I actually heard. Please feel free to jump in.)

Estrella finds Aldo outside the movie theater, and tries to make up with him and explain about Tano, but surprise, surprise, Aldo really doesn't have time. He has a date. With Katia who has just scurried up. They kiss. Estrella wilts.

Beto and Mao are shouting at each other but an idea has struck Casteño. Haw about a real match between the two? The idea catches on. Mauricio will need two weeks to train. Mauricio extends his hand to shake with Beto but withdraws it just as Beto reaches for it, grabbing and holding...Moni's right bubi. (This scene was on You Tube but was cut out for our viewing on Univision, but I put it in the recap anyway.)

"What's happening?" she asks no one in particular as she removes Beto's hand. Cristian, disheveled but game, offers to press charges, but no need, they will settle matters in the ring in two weeks. Beto gathers his troops and they back into the elevator. As the doors close, Beto farts.

Moni fusses at Mao for agreeing to such a thing, Beto will puree him, but he wants to hear no more. Moni storms out vowing to give Beto an earful. Sal is wheeled into Maos office by Gabi. Poor Jero is the last to recover, vainly calling for help, he struggles, unaided, to his feet.

Outside the theater, Aldo presents Katia as his novia to a rather unenthusiastic Estre. I had been feeling bad for Aldo but now my heart goes out to Estrella. When she leaves, Katia presses Aldo about his relationship with Estrella but he is worried that they will miss the movie so he rushes her inside. Good thinking, my boy.

In the office, Gabi and Sal are warning Mao of the danger and stupidity of this agreement to face Beto in the ring, Gabi wonders about testosterone in the brain, but he is adamant. Oh yes, we want to see this genetic line preserved.

As they head down the stairs Beto thanks his gang for their support. He tells them goodbye and urges Costeño to bathe...with champu. Moni catches up with him and without warning, starts throwing punches, promptly knocking him down. She calls him a collón (coward). He can't just stand by and let blondie steal the future mother of his eight children, he points out. She is not happy with any of what just occurred and warns our reeking wrestler that if she got back with him it was because she thought he had changed, "If you get into the ring with Mauricio, you lose me, forever." Oooh!



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