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Amor Bravío #116 (Uni 111) Wed 1/30/13 “Honeymoon Happiness, Pablo Loses his Anchor, and Yago and His Inner Child”

Past news in town:

Office of La Buenaventura:  Pablo, Mariano and Cayetano visit and Pablo tells Mariano that former flame Teresa sends him her regards from the wedding. Mariano explains to Pablo that Padre Anselmo, her brother, had already told him that Teresa was back in town.  Pablo takes leave in order to get back to work.   Mariano is happy that Cayetano did not reveal the breaking news of Pablo’s origins to Pablo.  Cayetano admits he still loves Pablo and hopes Pablo will not reject him even if he is not his real father.   Meanwhile, Rotten Yago and his inner child are eavesdropping (according to TN law).  They both burst in and inner child Yago complains that it just isn’t fair that Pablo gets allll the attention.

Luzma’s Room at LaMQ:  Pablo has a surprise for Luzma – Refugio!  She has come to care for her while she is in bed.  Pablo takes leave after Piedad comes to tell him Rodolfo is looking for him because Pablo forgot to give him something (money maybe) for the business at the ranch.

Random Patio at LaMQ:  Viewerville is subjected, yet again, to Rotten Yago telling Pablo the real reason for Mom and Pop’s divorce.  Yup, it was not because of Isavibora, but because of the new revelations that Rocio had an affair with Don Dan Monterde back about nine months before Pablo was born.  Yago goes in for the emotional slug and tells Pablo that he is not an Albarran, but a Monterde.  No puede ser!  Pablo is shocked and says this cannot be true because Mariano never said anything and he just saw him.  Yago advises Pablo to accept the news because everybody in town knows about it already.  In fact, Yago asks Pablo why Camila has been extra nice and treating him like family.   Pablo tries to make sense of this shocking news while Yago, with his sh$%eating grin further challenges Pablo to go ask Mariano if he doesn’t believe him.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Por ella soy Eva #136 1/30/13: Just One More Teeny Lie and Gossip Spreads Faster Than a Rash

Juan is doing the “Helena forgives me” happy dance.  Mimi reminds him of the one little detail- Eva?? What is going to happen to her??   Juan wants to tell Helena that he is Eva.

Helena is (looking like a kid in the candy store,) in bed, she is in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, Eva has to disappear; maybe an extraterrestrial can take Eva.  Mimi warns Juan that he can’t just have Eva disappear from the face of the Earth.  If Helena finds out now that he is Eva, she will think that Eva was his accomplice in the fraud.  Mimi has an idea….

The next morning-Adriano doesn’t want to end the trip arguing.  Eva playfully slaps him. Adriano wants them to jump in the pool and Eva lets him know that she doesn’t show her body in public.  Eva in a bathing suit, the men would be lusting after her and Adriano would be jealous.  He remembers her body. (Or what he thought was he body) She practically breaks his wrist trying to cool his desires.

Fernando and Marsela are still arguing.  She lets him know that their marriage is for better or worse, good or bad but too may bad things have been happening.  Marsela is incapable of accepting a job outside of the country and leaving her family, as is Fernando.  What a fool.

Mimi, in a scandalous (well fitting) bikini entices Adriano.  He can’t stop staring and drooling. Renato reminds Adriano that he wants to talk to him.
Lucia is spraying what looks like Fermodyl- (a conditioner) and it appears that Santi is lusting after her, ahh that beach air. The blue dresses say that they make a cute couple.  Lucia gives a PSA about the conditioner to the blue dresses.  She shares the product with them.

Eva can’t take her/his eyes off of Helena, so Renato and Adriano have an opportunity to talk alone.

The talk- Renato apologizes for not sharing the Juan Carlos story with Adriano and Adriano.  Adriano doesn’t like to be deceived or made fun of and he will give Renato another chance.  How long were you going to keep the fact that Juan Carlos was your half brother a secret?  Well, until, our father gave me his name.

Someone welcomes Pluti, now what is he up to??

Helena and Eva share what happened to Helena with Juan like the true girlfriends that they are.  Eva tries to set Helena up and asks would she forgive him Juan Carlos) if he deceived her again.  Even if it was a tiny little lie for a powerful reason.  Helena doesn’t feel that he is capable of deceiving her again.  If it should happen, she will never forgive him. (It’s time to call ET)  She would rather be dead.

Pluti is meeting with Mr. Fairbanks and they seem to be plotting something.
Helena wants to know what Eva has to tell her and Eva plays the Que game and switches the story to Renato being gay. Helena feels that if Renato comes out of the closet it may cost him his job.  So Eva plays on, well sometimes the truth can make things worse?  If you say something that might many people, it would be better to be quiet.
Adriano admires Renato’s gutsy attitude and doesn’t want to be deceived by him anymore, and Renato promises that he won’t deceive him either.  They talk about Modesto and how he doesn’t know that Renato works at GI.  He asked Adriano not to tell anyone who he really is at the firm and only Eva knows.  Sooner or later everyone will find out.

The blue dresses are sunbathing and gossiping about Rebeca when she walks up on them and starts to scold them when Renato tells them not to be “buttinskis” and that they should keep mystery in life and proceeds to rub and kiss on Rebeca.  Good for the ole witch.  She has on more clothes at the pool than at the masquerade party.  The blue dresses run off to spread the gossip.

Renato reminds Rebeca that she can’t prove that he is gay, but he can prove that she robbed the cd. For no good. Buuuuyaaa!

Helena returns home to Lalo and Silvia. Helena brings Lalo a little wooden toy.  Silvia notices that Helena is beaming.

Eva was at the point of telling Helena the truth but he didn’t.   He has to find the right time to tell her, because he wants to be with her.  Her lips, her looks, etc.

Fernando and Marsela return to home to an impromptu Welcome Home party, replete with homemade signs.  The kids want to know, how was their second honeymoon??

Helena and Juan reminisce about the romantic night before.  They both have desires of seeing each other again but it’s too risky.  Helena thinks that Eva should be with them too!! Uh oh!!   Juan wants to see Helena alone to hug and kiss her alone be discreet.

The next day at Grupo Imperio- Renato congratulated Marsela for her presentation.  Marsela was happy to hear the tourism expert’s paper. He felt bad that she was originally cancelled but every once in awhile someone tries to throw a wrench in things.
Cindy passes the rumor that Renato and Rebeca spent the night together in Acapulco.

Lucia wants to know why Helena is glowing and then (face drop alert) Pluti comes in to get Helena for a meeting in the boardroom about some Playa Mayagua stuff.

Daniel ignores Jennifer in the schoolyard.  Daniel plays a head game with Jennifer particularly because he couldn’t get a whiff the night before.  She wouldn’t let him in. the house, For someone who loves me so much, you are so afraid.

Marsela has an idea to have a separate department focused to handle tourism conventions for all travel generated by the travel agencies and hotel chains that belong to Grupo Imperio. Eva tells Marsela not to pay that rattlesnake any attention.  She will be her fairy godmother. Marsela also spreads the Rebeca Renato rumor.  Que, que, what??

Daniel tries to force Jennifer mentally into sleeping with him.  He reminds her of all that he has done for her family and if she loved him, you know the drill. His dad says that women only want your money.  He tells her that she looks bad and that she should to the bathroom and fix herself up.  What a jerk!!!  He needs to disappear.

Eugenia checks on Claudia- (I love how she calls her criatura) to ask her if she is okay because she spent the weekend locked in her room, watching movies.  Eugenia asked her if she wanted to go and look at schools and Claudia asked her, why does she care? She caught herself and Claudia actually apologized to Eugenia. (Times are a changing!)

Pluti and Mendoza talk about an  “investigation” of the FITSA Corp.  They found irregularities with the construction company.

Eva reams Renato about the rumors that she has heard about he and Rebeca.    Eva believes in him, why would he fall for that snake?  She is always teasing him about being gay.
Renato tells Eva that he kissed her because she always teases him.  He also shared that he discovered in Rebeca ‘s office a cd with everyone’s emails.  He had the cd.

Helena doesn’t understand how there can be conformity irregularities with the construction company.  FITSA was legal.  Helena is worried about the affect that this will have on Playa Mayagua.
The types of contract that they signed don’t allow for FITSA’s contract to be cancelled and use another company.  Didn’t Helena know this beforehand?  Yes, she had the backing of GI. Oh well, Pluti will save the day and take the responsibility, he will fix the problem.

Eva lets Renato know that he is Rebeca’s accomplice and that he is trying to hack the email accounts.   He swears that he hasn’t touched the cd. Eva, his  “aunt” will help him, because she likes he and his flipped hair. He also saw that Felix, the tech guy gave her the cd.

Helena thanks Pluti for stepping in but Playa Mayagua is her responsibility.  She thanks him for updating her.  He just wants to prove that he can work with her. (Let me get my shovel, boots and a facemask for the manure)  Pluti just wants to be her friend and kisses her Eva, while Eva watches.  Helena seems uncomfortable.

Eugenia takes Claudia to see the best school in the city and Daniel eyes them before they see him and flees.  Eugenia and Claudia have a nice little exchange.

Pluti wants all of the press from the convention and the expenses from the convention.  The blue dress is giggling. She tells Pluti about the Rebeca and Renato rumor.
Rebeca is talking to someone on the phone (maybe her friend from the press) and Pluti comes into her office to get clarification about the rumor.  Rebeca thinks that he is jealous.  Pluti says that he is just curious.  Pluti thought that Rebeca goes after the big fish, so Rebeca lets Pluti know that Renato is gay.  As usual Pluti has the Duh uh- expression!!!

Eugenia chats with the Principal while Claudia waits for her.  Daniel wants to know why is she there and threatens her that she should not attend that school.  She better not implement him in the casting joke.

Pluti doesn’t believe her.  Rebeca repeats that Renato is gay and starts her she wolf howl.  He doesn’t think that the rumor is strange since she was unfaithful to his married butt with Juan Carlos.

Eva was not too happy regarding the Pluti kiss on the hand and Helena says – she will befriend Pluti so that she can keep her enemies closer.

Pluti knows that Renato is blackmailing Rebeca.  What does he know?  Rebeca denies that he knows anything.  She still wants to marry Pluti, if it’s the last thing that she does.  Once married she will take everything including his name from him. (Such love)

Helena is only doing this to get proof for Juan.  She is going to see him and Eva can’t listen.

Eva interrupts an important “vending machine discussion” with the blue dresses and asks for Felix.  No one has seen him. He has disappeared.

Mad Dad’s friend suggests that Mad Dad look for love with another woman.  Mad Dad says no and that Silvia won’t find another man.   Mad Dad’s friend is sweet on Silvia and Mad Dad tells his friend, Bulmaro to be careful.

Pluti asks Oneismo to get a copy of Antonia’s thesis.
Eva tells Helena that Felix is missing and his phone is disconnected.  Felix helped Rebeca to get the cd.  The cd has the passwords.  Eva can get the cd.

Coming attractions:  An episode of intrigue and obsession
Is Helena going to let Pluti have it? Is she tired of his deceptions???


Amores Verdaderos #58 Wed 1/30/13 WHAT DID YOU DO WITH LUCÍA?

For the Short Memory Crowd:
At Meta Imagen, Beatriz declines Cristina's invitation to move back in.  Beatriz thinks she's better off with her father for now.  Gilda/Hilda/Whatever watches balefully.  At the mansion, the family breakfasts and Nikki needles Liliana.  And then -- behold the Avenging Angel Adriana!

New stuff:
Desperate and furious, Adriana storms the Balvanera stronghold and faces down her father in the dining room as family and servants watch open-mouthed:
¿Qué hiciste con mi hija Lucía?
(What did you do with my daughter Lucía?)

The plant Lili is holding -- Estrellita, the little star -- falls from her hands. The pot shatters on the floor.  Everyone seems stunned.

That old reprobate Aníbal tries to deflect his daughter's question:  "Everyone knows what happened to that child," he says.   "Liar!" cries Adriana.  She runs at him, grabbing him by the lapels and pushing and striking out at him.

Lili and Arriaga crouch down and try to sweep up the dirt and shards of pottery. 
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Amores Verdaderos #57 Tue 1/29/13 Bombshells Revealed, Unfettered Happiness Waiting to be Destroyed

Amores Verdaderos Cap 57, 01/29/13—Bombshells Revealed, Unfettered Happiness Waiting to be Destroyed 

Am feeling lazy (again). But at least I will do some screencaps. Discuss amongst yourselves as I try to prod myself to get this thing up! UPDATE: RECAP IS FINALLY DONE!

First let's start with some teaser screencaps (not displayed in chronological order)

Lilli is muy contenta to see her parents all reunited and smoochy with each other.

Guzmancito confesses his love for that bruja Nikki, but resists kissing her at first.

Candaleria unloads one doozie of a confession while at church. 

Salsa-Dude confesses to Big Angel that he's enthralled with a wonderful lady and he's thinking in the family way. Big Angel is thrilled for him. Salsa-Dude offers his hand in friendship. 

A kind of bizarre/cute/whatever scene where Guzmancito spoon feeds Nikki.



Refried: Big Angel has stupidly suggested that maybe Vicki can get back together with the Furry Fornicator. Vicki reminds Big Angel that the Furry Fornicator is a Sleazy Cheater. Big Angel and Chris's marriage problem was based on a stupid misunderstanding, not on any real betrayal.

Nikki has poured out her soul and finally explained the motivation for her bulimia: Overhearing some skinny bitches models at a photo shoot saying that she (Nikki) only got a modeling job 'cause her mom owned the company, 'cause actually she's "too fat." Nikki vowed that from then on she would be an even skinnier bitch even thinner. She learned about eating and purging from a friend, and she describes it as feeling "free." Yuk.
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Amor Bravío #115 (Uni 110) Tue 1/29/13 Champagne, Chocolate, and Chiapas, Oh my! Oh yeah……Yago’s still a jerk.

La Boda
Daniel and Dante are speaking about Abram as Camila continues to mess w/her reboso; Daniel can’t believe Abram disappeared into thin air.  Dante agrees and also finds it odd that Daniel’s files and case history from the police is also missing.  Dionicio is listening from another table and is impactado by their statement that Abram has vanished when he just received a a call from him a few days ago!  El Diablo hurriedly gets up from the table to go do some mischief I’m sure.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Por ella soy Eva #135 2/29/13: Acapulco Hoedown!

Hey.. It's ME! AGAIN! Filling in for my mom today... enjoy!

We are reminded of that weird scene of Mad Dad appearing sympathetic. Will he be the first to get redemption?

ACAPULCO! People are putting on their costumes! Pluti looks great as a grumpy batman

Mousse boy looks like a Village Person in a cop outfit.

Eva looks GREAT in a Marie Antoinette getup that really shows off her huge shoulders.

Adri and his four musketeers (maybe they're conquistadors) greet Eva, but she shoots him down yet again. He falls all over himself trying to impress her. Man, Eva is so mean - "cut it out, you clown!" 

Helena to Juan - do you know how much danger your in? Him: the only danger is to not have you. They have a brief interchange, she bolts and he follows her. He tries really hard to patch things up, saying that he just has to fight to clear his name. He goes out on a limb asks if she really, really loves him. But it's not a risk (thanks to his spying). She admits that she does, but tells him he hurt her so much by becoming a man who didn't even exist. I can't apologize enough, he says, but I won't do that anymore (I'll just be a WOMAN who doesn't exist). Then, all of a sudden, they kiss and it's so good, apparently, that they are immediately transported naked in a pool with the chick band (they get a lot of business out of Juan) playing. Then they come back and discuss familiar themes. They kiss again in the wind. It looks like she really does believe in him now. She cuddles him closer and he looks very anxious. Man, this deck of cards is going to fall HARD! They have a goodbye kiss and then Juan, I presume, has to run off and spend the next half hour getting the Marie Antoinette back on. But first, he has to deal with PLUTI, who has just showed up to challenge him. Fortunately, Juan manages to get his mask on before Pluto gets a look at him.

Meanwhile, Mimi shows up in that same Antoinette outfit to stand in for Eva. Somehow Adriano doesn't notice the difference. Oh wait, she's not pretending, she is just running interference to stop Adri from rampaging around looking for Eva. "It's not fair that she makes me suffer like this." For once I agree.

I love watching Adri trot along like a horse (gangnam style?). Fernie does a good job of it, too, in his donkey suit. But then he makes an actual ass of himself when it was revealed that he came along to find a new job, not see Marcela's presentation. She does a good job of standing up to him for the "burro que eres." He actually looks impactado for once.

Jennifer's icky boyfriend knocks at the door and tries to force the matter. Barf. "I wait for you to show my love.... but what have you done to show your love to me?"

Now Mousse boy gives himself the it's-ok-to-be-gay pep talk, but there is some remarkably menacing music on. Is he about to come out to Adriano? But it doesn't work... Instead he gets Rebe, who does her thing (do we even need to describe it at this point?). She swishes off and he shoots her in the back with his plastic cop-gun.  Really? Is this really the best time for this?

Grumpy grumpy batman thinks he'll give an umpteenthultimate shot at pushing his case with Helena. Quite understandably, she tells him "didn't I explain this to you perfectly clearly yesterday after your "presentation?" He cravenly asks to be friends as an eavesdropping Rebe sneers at him and mocks.

An incensed Adri blusters at Eva for leaving him alone so long. Eva launches into an "I'm an independent woman. I'm a woman and a Mexican. A PROUD MEXICAN" tirade, and her outfit-twin mimi takes up the chorus. They tell Adri to get back on his horse and get out of there. (really I can't describe how silly this moment is). Wow, this party is a lot of fun!

Oooh, poor Mousse-boy - he comes out to the head of a LGBT network, who is a little taken aback at the presumption (I'm not gay, my outfit isn't as machismo-filled as yours, you don't have to assume I'm gay). He's crushed, and instead of revealing he's gay to Adri, he mentions that he's Juan Carlos' brother. Adria doesn't take it so well and draws steel (much to Eva's dismay). Then he turns to her and says "do;a evita, we must go and eat some chicken." Huh?

Ooh, Marcela gets Fernie back to the hotel room and REALLY LAYS INTO HIM for not seeing her as a human being. This is really gratifying, especially to watch him slump off in his donkey suit after she kicks him out.


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Amores Verdaderos #56 Mon 1/28/13 The Call of Blood… or Something Like That

* Victoria tells Adriana about Furry Casanova’s cheating. Adri freaks out as her memories from her childhood surface: oh please, this can’t be happening to Victoria, the strongest pillar of the Balvanera family, she wasn’t born to repeat the sad story of their mother.

* Nikki, who’s world turned upside down last week, pulls a total Adela Noriega in this episode, she cries and/or she’s depressed in every single scene of hers. So when Blondie tries to ask her if she wants to go out in the afternoon, she explodes and sends the surprised guy to hell. He’s a lustful animal, a cheater, a liar just like her father, she hates him, she hates him, she hates him! Guzmán’s totally shocked by her raw pain and emotions, and he says he really cares about her and there’s nothing between him and Polita, but she isn’t interested in his side of the story.
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Amor Bravío #114 (Uni 109) Mon 1/28/13 Special Edition

Capitulo 114:   XABE, Aculco Morning News presents
Live Coverage of Local Society Wedding

TV Studio:

Juan (at anchor desk, in a suit and tie):    Buenas dias, amigos. This is Juan Manuel Montes live from XABE Studios in Aculco. Last night we reported that Don Vicente Fernández was seen at La Malquerida, the most prominent ganaderia in our area, with his mariachi orchestra. It has been confirmed that he provided a pre-wedding serenade for the bridal couple, Daniel Diaz Acosta and Camila Monterde, the owners of the ranch. Señor Diaz Acosta, formerly of Santiago de Chile, was dressed in a champagne-colored traje de charro and holding a large bouquet of red roses as he awaited his busy fiancée in the courtyard. It will not surprise any of our viewers that she was delighted with this grand surprise as Don Vicente informed her he had invited himself with the approval of the proud groom. The occasion was also commemorated with fireworks. This is a surprise many brides only dream of. (looks at the monitor briefly, where we see grazing bulls [¡Salud!]) We now bring you to Soledad Santibañez, who will be reporting live from the wedding.
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Por ella soy Eva #134 1/27/13: Least.. Professional... Conference... EVER

Mousse-boy, impractically dressed in white linen shorts, boat shoes, and a scarf (seriously, I'm reminded of that kids' ghost story with the girl who never takes off her scarf, and when she eventually does her head falls off), is really upset about all these accusations about him being Gay. Eva gives him a cute little pep-talk. It's ok, just be who you are.

More stuff with the kids. Blah. Jennifer's boyfriend gives Claudia a call and has some mean things to say about Eugenia.

Eva accuses Rebeca of being homophobic.

Helena kicks things off with a boring introduction. She lets them know that the presentation was changed at the last minute. Pluto looks nervous. Helena gets some really exciting music for what looks like a very dull presentation. Adri tries to inch up on Eva, with his arm around her shoulders, but is continually rebuffed.

Pluto makes his production and everyone looks grumpy and bored. Eva falls asleep on Adri's shoulder and snores heartily.

Then Pluti says he says he has a surprise! He has hijacked the powerpoint with photos of him and Helena, to the tune of a band that sneaks in to play sappy music. Ladies in weird striped dresses lay flowers at her feet. He tells the the crowd that all that he wants is to spend his whole life with her. He tries to sing along with the Mariachis (to much wincing). Helena looks like she just smelled some rotten tuna. Him: "I took the whole crowd to witness me begging you on bent knee for a second chance." Now she looks like she just stepped in dog poo (a mixture of surprise, revulsion, and oh-god-why-me). She lets him know (duh) that he has put her in a very uncomfortable position. Him: Just give me one word! Her: No. Then he starts shouting. Wow, so professional. Eva grabs him as he charges after Helena, but he gets away. Eva senses the awkwardness, and begs someone to say SOMETHING. Adri has her back and sputters out some silly nonsense and looks like  he's really straining, word by word. He has everyone stand up, hold hands, and lets loose on them with some pretty mortifying singing. I don't recognize the song, but my mom says it's the Ode to Joy in Spanish. Eva squeals along with him. Everyone looks perplexed at first, but then (starting with Santi) they realize that this is the best distraction they're going to get from the lunacy that preceded it, shrug, and go along with it.

When he gets Helena alone, Eva takes the opportunity to rag on Pluto a little more.

Some random old guy puts the moooves on Eva. Adri rushes up in a huff, ready to knock the guy's lights out, only to discover it's his brother! They chuckle a bit, but when the brother leaves, Adri makes it clear that he still considers him a threat.

Fernie wasn't actually paying any attention to Marcela's presentation, and she catches him.

Pluti has a bit of an apoplectic fit and turns all red about how everyone was laughing at him. They had good reason to laugh. Adriano: chill, dude (when has anyone ever calmed down after being told to chill?).

Eva brings up a tray of food for Helena, trying to get in a few more shots at Plutarco. Helena vents a bit. Eva brings up Juan, and Helena lets on that she might still have some room for him in her heart. Eva cheers up noticeably and pries for more info about that charming "ex difunto."

Rebeca to Tluti: I came to tell you three words - ja. ja. ja. Who could pass up such an opportunity to rub it in his face? Pluti is in a really dangerous place and starts to choke her.

Helena - I really love Juan, but he knows I hate lies, and he just lies all the time. Eva is overcome. She actually admits that she wishes, in her heart, that Juan could be at the party. Eva plotzes and suggests that dreams can come true. Eva accidentally mentions that she'd like to take a bath with Helena.

Now Pluto bribes the room-service-cart guy to let him into Helena's room (where she's happily soaking in a bubble bath). He finds out that Helena's got a copy of Antonia's presentation. She knows I plagiarized! I guess I will really never get another shot. Ya think?

Back in his room, Pluti angrily discusses this development with himself over a glass of booze.

Adri opens the second day of the conference by requesting NONE OF THIS NONSENSE OF GIRLS AND BOYS and proceeds to put a hand on Eva's knee. She takes it right off tells him to set an example. We get a brief and uneventful (but silly) montage of the days happenings.

Mad Dad gets a surprise visit from Lalo and Sylvia - she's giving him an undeserved opportunity to play with his grandkid. He's surprisingly chill, saying he'll take the kid to the park so she can collect her stuff from his house in peace and quiet.

Back to the conference - an Acapulco booster-guy goes on about how great Acapulco is (product placement?) as all look on adoringly (except for the Playa Majagua guy). Adri closes out the conference and looks hilariously proud of the applause he gets.

A barfingly cute scene of Mad Dad assuring Lalo that he is still loved even if gramps doesn't live with grandma.

Sylvia sadly looks through old photos of her and Eduardo. Tears. What a lame way to go out. The costume ball tomorrow looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned!


Amorcito Corazón Discussion #202-206 Jan. 28

Well amigas/os it has been an excellent adventure (to steal a bit from the title of Bill and Ted’s movie) and hopefully we will get most of our wishes fulfilled by the grand finale.  We all have to thank Sara for her enthusiasm and asking our blog mom to recap an afternoon TN.  And I want to thank you all for helping me learn more Spanish as I tried my hand at recapping.  So here we go...
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Por ella soy Eva #133 1/25/13: Sparks Fly; Chips Fall.

Actually, the sparks and chips are only just beginning to fly and fall. But we're off to a good start!

Fernando works the crowd at the anniversary celebration, handing out his resume and telling people he's looking for work. Santi spots him, and Fernando tries to tell him that this folder full of resumes that he's holding was left behind by some other people. ("North Americans" is a mildly sarcastic term for USAdians; Mexico is part of North America.) Fernando complains about his new job, but Santiago is impressed that they gave him time off to attend this conference. Fern seems nervous about running into Marcela, but Santi says she'll be doing her presentation soon.

But no she won't, because Rebeca has bumped Marcela's presentation to make room for a big-name expert on convention tourism. "I couldn't bump anyone else, but since no one knows who you are..." Helena tries to be supportive, but Rebeca is dismissive. "Just sit and listen to the expert, and maybe you'll learn something," she tells Marcela. "Maybe you can do your presentation next year."

(Alone, in a rare show of Lucero's comic abilities, Helena mimics Rebeca.)

Santi and Fernando encounter a job recruiter named Rodrigo Valenzuela. (He has dimples!) Fernando immediately begins sucking up to him. "Just save us both some time and give me your resume," Rodrigo says. He asks Fern if he'd be willing to travel overseas without his family. Fern says yes, he'd be willing to do that for his family.
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Amores Verdaderos #55 Fri 1/25/13 Amores The Musical!!!


Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman. I love musicals and thought the other night, what if Amores were a musical? What type of music would it have? Operatic, R&B, Pop, Rap, Beatbox, Golden Oldies? Well you are in for a treat amigos y amigas. I have crafted a sort of musical Amores this evening. Hey, if they can make the Passion Pit a comedy play, that would be Abismo de Pasion, Amores can be a muscial, jus' sayin'. Read on amigos y amigas to see what I mean.

Bonjour, Bonjour, It's Jean Marie Bonjour, Bonjour from Disney's Beauty and the Beast 

Jean Marie and his vaca product and Tomi telling him never to mention the name Longoria in this house!

Hang Down Your Head, Big Angel, Hang Down Your Head and Cry: From the Kingston Trio

The Angel has that cross ripped right off his neck by the Furry Fornicator (Thanks NovelMaven), Tomi and Jean Marie Bonjour are witnesses.
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Amor Bravío #113 (Uni 108) Fri 1/25/13 Family Feudin', Battlin' Brujas, Hammy Gams, and Mariachi Magic

Lo del Pasado:

Natalia has gotten a pep talk from Admirer Numero Uno de Ravishingly Hunky Rodolfo.  He’s told her he’s seen the true nature of Dionisio Ferrer and it ain’t nice; her daddy’s doesn’t compare to her mama’s.  He’d choose Sra. Amanda over dubious Dio any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

At the same time, our fossilized and fleece-worthy de Cayetano has thought to put El Rancho de La Buenaventura in Isadora’s name since his divorce attorney has advised the near senile sucker that he’ll need a trustworthy front-man as a figurehead in whose name he can place ownership of his properties for the next 6-8 months till his divorce is final in order to avoid being forced to divvy half of it up with rousted Rocío.  Who else more trusssstworthy than Issssadora, Viuda [negra araña] de Lazcano, our resident eight-legged black-widow herself, who has gracioussssssly agreed to do it. (Viewerville sneers and snickers to itself that this deluded antediluvian is too smart by half and is about to get spider-bit in the shorts but big-time!)   

Lo del Nuevo:

In the hotel lobby, Refugio feels certain about Cayetonto’s reconsidering disowning Pablo as his (legally recognized) son, despite Rocio’s objections. Refu counsels Rocio that she’ll have to get down on her knees and beg forgiveness from Pablo for the shamefully degrading and humiliating situation she’s put him in before all of this is over.   Of course, Rocio includes herself in the “wronged” category and blames it on Refu’s big mouth.  Rocio doubts she’ll ever forgive her nana for betraying her to the rest of the family the way she did. For once, Refugio doesn’t have an answer bocazo or no.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Telemundo y más, week of January 28, 2013

A few words of explanation to new readers:  
  • ·      Jean and I post this page once a week. 
  • ·      The recaps -- usually far more succinct than those on the Univisión portion of CarayCaray -- are posted in the COMMENTS section below. 
  • ·      Since we put up this page late on Friday, the recaps run from Friday through Thursday.
  • ·      Since we are talking about several different shows, we ask commenters to put the name of the show (and the day the episode was aired, if appropriate) at the top of each comment.  That way, readers can find what they are looking for.

 And now here's a wrap-up of what is happening in our corner of CarayCaray:


Rosa Diamante finished its run on Monday, January 21.  Pasión Prohibida is now in the 8pm/7c slot.  People around here are "cautiously optimistic" but so far no one is recapping.

La Patrona is chugging along as the centerpiece in the Telemundo lineup at 9pm/8c.  Bill C has been writing in great detail about this one.

Pablo Escobar: el patrón del mal ended on Thursday, January 24 and was followed by a one-hour special, El final de Pablo Escobar -- including extra footage and cast interviews with María Celeste -- on Friday, January 25.

With Pablo dead and buried, El Rostro de la venganza will expand to fill the full hour slot at 10pm/9c, (also known as the Bleep the Profanity But Let the Tawdry Sex and Violence Roll hour) beginning Monday, January 28.  NovelaMan has begun recapping this one.

El secretario, the goofy little Colombian comedy, continues in its half-hour daytime slot. (10:30am/9:30c).  Jody is writing about it once a week.

We're starting to see more promos for El señor de los cielos.  When is it coming?  Muy pronto.
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Weekend Discussion: Censorship, the Plague

What's the Point?

We complain about it all the time among ourselves. We should be complaining to the networks about this.

Seven or eight years ago I heard this subject covered on Anderson Cooper's program in which comments were made about the body heat being generated before Mexican and other Hispanic TV cameras on our favorite types of shows. The news team was wondering why the English-language networks were being raked over the coals and submitted to the rack to censor programs of this salacious material while the Univisions and Telemundos were being left alone. No answer was forthcoming and I don't recall them taking the subject very seriously, but I took the attention seriously enough to call a VP at Univision to let her know about it. I found the transcript of the broadcast online and sent the link to her with a cover note. After she read the page she let me know that nothing is going to interfere with the content of the programs. No te preocupes.

However, what she couldn't predict at that moment has happened: Gringos are getting interested in these programs to the degree that overall ratings are being affected. The U.S. Broadcast of the finale of Alborada was the highest-rated television program in the country. That's a combination of a number of factors:
  • Friday night tends to be a sleeper time slot for English-language television
  • Fewer Spanish-language networks means less fragmentation among the perceived potential viewers
  • Gringos are getting more interested in telenovelas because of the exciting stories and hot actors. For Univision and Telemundo, those viewers are more salsa on the taco.
So... it's possible that the moral watchdogs in the U.S. have decided to attack these programs or the networks themselves are trying to head this off at the pass.

In recent times we have seen examples of silly edits in love scenes that make no sense to those of us who have seen the entire scenes in their previous broadcasts. In the original broadcast of Telemundo's Pasión de Gavilanes we saw a long shot of the naked Oscar lying on top of Ximena through the eyes of her sister from the top of the waterfall; in the rerun a year later this shot was replaced with a duplicate of an earlier kissing scene. In Televisa's Fuego en la Sangre the skinny-dipping scene between Franco and Rosario was edited to remove shots of (oh, the horror!) side views of her boobage and a skinny-dipping scene two episodes later that showed the bare bums of the Reyes brothers was digitally censored to blur out the details without removing any actual footage.

PdG's original broadcast time was 7PM EST; FELS was at 9PM EST. How ridiculous was this censorship?

We've seen more recent examples that make just as little sense as these. Amor Bravío has not been immune and will continue to be hit with this.

Sound off, amigos.

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Amores Verdaderos #54 Thu 1/24/13 No hay peor ciego... ni peor sordo (there is no blinder man.... nor more deaf ears ... )

Refritos: At poolside, Nikki and her friend ‘ninito’ keep mocking Frankie, Frankie leaves after trying to keep his head up high with the visitor, Nikki and said ninito plan to get Polita fired, Niki refused to get Frankie fired or in trouble.

At her ‘not so private’ studio room, Vicky is looking at hundreds of her reflections and reflecting that all the recent events have created a catharsis in her soul. (I bet!)… and reads the poem she wrote inspired in her experiences… Alert-Sina realizes Vicky just wrote an anagram (acrustico) … Angel is watching and listening from the top of the stairs. Tomasina says this must mean you have fallen in love with JAA. Vicky laughs it off, saying it is silly.Tomasina insists, her subconscious/soul spoke for her… ‘mas claro ni el agua’. Vicky insists Tomasina is wrong. She had never written a poem, how could my first be for Arriaga? Tomasina insists, if you are not in love now, you will! It is written for a water tiger and a fire dragon like the two of you.

Lo Nuevo:

Arriaga comes in, asks for leave so he can go talk to his wife to try to get her to understand how things happened… Vicky offers to go with him, he refuses, that would be like adding fuel to the fire (of course!, how silly of her to offer at all!). Arriaga leaves, Vicky hopes he will make Cris understand (wishful thinking, sister!).

At the car, Dances is talking to the lawyer, asking him to make that ‘loser’(Espanto) believe you will really get him out of jail. He hangs up. ‘problem solved’.

At MI offices, Bea is attending a phone call. It is Leo faking the voice tone. HE realizes she is receptionist there. Lets see how long it lasts you, chatita of mine…. Chatita of mine.

Cris, our leading racer in the blind and deaf ears contest… is on phone with her mother Candelaria. Cande is in disbelief of what Cris tells her JA did. (I don’t remember, does Candelaria know who JA works for?) Cande says can’t believe that of him after he has been faithful for over 20 yrs. Cris insists it all changed when he met that rich brat lady. Cande asks what will you do? Cris is clueless of next move. Cris basically invites herself to move out to her mom’s place. Mom is ok with it. Love you… yap yap…

Cris hangs up, tells Paula she has decided. She and Lilli are moving to Alamos with her mother today. Lilli comes out and takes the news like someone died, runs away upset. Paula asks ‘are you sure of what you are going to do? To destroy your marriage and affect your family?’ (em…. Hello Paula, didn’t you start this ball rolling in the first place by telling Cris the story as if you had seen Vicky and JA in bed together? Maybe it is a bit of reality check… now you can see with your own eyes what it feels to be on the other side of a married man’s affair). Cris goes away to cook and pack. Paula looks worried, if Cande could reveal in her letter to Anibal that they had a daughter, she could reveal it too to Arriaga’s wife! (and that would it make rain daggers at you with Anibal, wouldn’t it?)

Out to Balbanera manor general studio… Vicky is surprised Nil-brain-Son (clueless, blind, deaf runner up) is still there. He puts on a play of being the sacrificial lamb victim: ‘your refusal of making amends is draining out my energy (even to pack your bags and get outadodge??)’

She shrugs her shoulders like ‘what do I care?’ (YOU go GIRL!!) He of course insists he won’t give up. (has to follow her all around the room like a stalker) ‘What do you want?’ to recover you, what else? (lets see, some money? Some free Viagra? A free trip to a little Andres Garcia style pump surgery?? …) he also puts on the skid of asking her to give him another chance for the many years of happiness. Vicky is sad that they were so close to having got to 25 yr anniversary. ‘But those hopes came crashing down when I saw you “playing” with that woman’.

(she is doing a great job at retaining her ‘dignified’ attitude). ‘You knew it, you threw 25 yrs down the drain in a few mins!’. He insists… touches her face, she walks away. ‘I am going to ask you something, please tell the the truth… does that woman mean anything to you?’ ‘course not. Don’t sentence me for one mistake…’ … (she finally breaks down a bit, cries, admits she is in a bind… she thought about it at hacienda… ‘know what I concluded? That our marriage does not mean much to you… that any sweet gesture or my need to be with you while getting rejected constantly… did you think I did not notice? (well, I have my doubts of you CHOSING to ignore some warning signs, so you MIGHT be dumb as you say) … he comes up with a list of excuses… routine, work… but one thing is for sure… I love you … (nose growing?)

Vicky starts lying, ‘that love is in the past… and I warn you I will never be intimate with you again. ‘ He starts to approach her to give another begging speech again, but she walks out of the room leaving him alone with his guilt… she cries hard in hallway on other side of door…

(phew! All that action before first commercial break)

At apt, Cris and Lilli about to head out. Lilli still does not want to leave dad alone. Cris puts her on the fence, either you stay with him and I leave alone or you come with me. (ouch!! I am a mother and that hurts to watch!) Paula is heading out, opens door and Angel is there.

Lilli is all too happy dad is there to try to make amends with ‘blind/deaf mother of the year’ … Cris does not want to talk beyond ‘dos patadas!’ Angel assumes she is headed to Santa Rita, nope, guess again… going to Alamos to live with my mother! (Angel explodes, thinks Alamos is way too far). Lilli gets desperate asking mother to listen to dad. Cris is all too much in a hurry to get going… Angel begs, we have to talk, these decisions have to be made with a cold head( ok I give him points for not engaging in a more offensive way) Cris gets madder, go where you came from, you have more fun with ‘esa vieja!’.. not only you destroyed our marriage, but you want to keep my own daughter! Angel explodes more, I would be incapable of that. Cris insists in calling Vicky his ‘querida’. Angel wants her to stop demanding Lilli quit her job because she does not want to follow Cris and her tantrums. Cris shouts ‘tantrums? We will see if it is just MY tantrums’. She gets Paula to go out with her. Lilli stays behind upset with her dad, she does not want to leave with her mother. She wants to stay with him. (he is in a bind, it hurts to watch…) he gives her a comforting hug since he has no words.

At jail, Dances is convincing Espanto to listen to the lawyer and not give to Anibal’s questioning/pressuring. When you give him the info he wants, he will get rid of your guts.(ouch!) He leaves Esp with Lic Gasca.

Espanto is convinced of Dances’ story. Says Dances is a man of his word. Dances leaves dancing happily his way out singing ‘y besame!...’ But he freezes when he finds himself face to face with Anibal. Anibal asks what u doin here? Dances (after doing his best not to pee his pants) says as family’s chief of security, came to find out if they transferred Espanto. Anibal tells him how he has been getting his lawyer to try to put pressure on Espanto to sing like a canary. Anibal warns Dances, there is no ‘no’ word in my dictionary, so came willing to negotiate with him to give me the name of those thugs. Dances shakes but manages to tell ANibal that he will waste his time since Espanto is sure there are thugs watching him to kill him if he sings. Espanto is not in a position to aspire to be the richest man in jail. Anibal says worse for him, because then he’ll rot in jail (this is right along Dances’ plan).

At apartment, Angel is holding Lilli. Giving her comforting words, hopeful Cris will respond if we are patient. Trust me Chiquita. (somehow this scene brings to me the flash of Abba singing their famous ‘chiquitita’ song. … ‘en tus ojos hay una sombra de gran pena’)

I will do all possible so the three of us will be happy again. I will recover this family, believe me. (ouch! Then if he ends up engaging with Vicky it will be hard pill to swallow for Lilli with all these broken promises). Lilli suggests she stay and not go with Cris. Maybe she would cancel the trip. Angel is not sure, that pressure does not work with your mom. Lilli wants Cris to go alone. In a few days she will miss us and come back. Angel is wondering if she is right. What then? You will live alone in the apt? Lilli asks him if he can ask Vicky if Lilli can live there. Angel says maybe, would just have to talk to her. They cry together… He will miss Cris very much, so will Lilli.

At Balb manor, Nikki comes to see mami. They hug, another parent daughter scene… She asks Vicky how she is, gives her a hug and immediately turns the attention to herself, she can’t find her friend Inigo. (I smell fishy prank here) Vicky tries to reason about his leaving. Niki says when Polita brought us the lemonade, she started flirting with him. Vicky is doubtful. Niki insists, surely she has cornered him somewhere. Niki insists Vicky go with her looking for her friend. She has to insist several times blackmailing Vicky’s hopes for their mother-daughter relationship. (Niki goes ahead, Vicky tells herself she doubts Polita acting like that). Vicky summons for Frankie to come upstairs. She wants Frankie to help her find Inigo. Frankie thinks to himself ‘all I needed, to have to go find that jerk’. They walk away, Niki laughs her plan working so perfectly.

In Paula’s car, Cris is crying, talking silly, so sad she will lose a friend like Paula, who has helped me out so much. Paula gets some guilt trip and says ‘maybe I am not such a great friend’. Confesses she feels guilty she helped split Cris and Angel. Cris insists it was not her fault. When her blood gets to her brain, she thinks of Angel and Vicky doing the tango. It is not the first time my husband rolls around with her. (tells her about the hotel night, and that Angel said it was a setup). She can’t forgive him anymore. Hypocrit Paula holds her hand in support.

In Nikki’s room at B manor, Polita is singing loudly while making Niki’s bed. In comes Inigo. Fakes wanting to help her, is stalking her around the room… she gets mad at him… he grabs her and gets on top of her on bed… just in time for Vicky and Frankie walking in. Vicky is surprised. Of course it looks ‘nasty’ for Polita in the compromising pose. Vicky demands explanation, Frankie is speechless, observing. Polita says Inigo was choking her. Inigo says Polita grabbed him. Of course Polita gets mad at his lies and charges him (not in her best interest at this moment, he says ‘see?’). Polita turns to Vicky says ‘I swear…’ Vicky says you come with me, we will have a VERY serious talk. (poor Polita is embarrassed, Frankie is still speechless, a bit jaw-dropped, but I think he is on her side). (in a way I want Frankie to come through for Polita and beat the crap off Inigo). (Niki runs down the stairs happy go lucky, sure Polita will get fired.) In Niki’s room, Frankie shows his better judgement ‘it was you. You and Niki are two immature snobby rich kids and came up with this whole prank to get Polita fired’. Inigo says ‘turn down your blender, it is not our fault your gatita is in heat’. Frankie gets angry and puts a choke hold on Inigo from behind ‘now laugh it off, you miserable coward! ‘ (the whole audience is shouting for joy and cheering ‘BEAT HIM TO A PULP!!’

Vicky is listening to Polita, even though she is a bit open minded still. Polita swears on the virgin she knows her place in the house and would never approach a friend of Niki’s, she would never go for any man, she is in love. Admits it is the guerito Frankie. Vicky is totally surprised. Polita admits Frankie likes her as a friend but no more. Vicky smirks a smile of satisfaction/relief.

Back in Niki’s room, she has come to celebrate but finds Frankie still with firm hold on Inigo, asking Niki to admit what they did was her idea. Your friend was accomplice to try to hurt Polita in Vicky’s eyes. Inigo is hurting, he asks Frankie to respect him. Niki takes the role of ‘righteous’ and asks the two ‘monitos’ to stop arguing… (LOL!)

Polita comes down sad… Niki assumes victory and puts on a sad face asking Polita if she got fired. Polita turns to Inigo and pushes him down yelling at him that he is the one that pulled her onto the bed. Frankie has to get Polita off Inigo (LOL!! let her, guerito! Let her get justice her own way!) Niki walks to Inigo’s side, still believing Vicky fell for it. Still mocking/offending Polita who runs away, Frankie gives Niki a bit of sermon about Niki owing Polita some respect… then he has to follow Polita who ran away upset. Downstairs comes Vicky. She asks Inigo to leave her alone with her daughter. Niki walks Inigo to the door, then turns around still getting mudd all over herself believing Polita got fired. Vicky gives her the ice water bucket in her face saying Polita isn’t going anywhere. I am sure of her innocence. And I would recommend you talk to Inigo, it is not right for him to play pranks on a serious employee like Polita. Nikki insists Polita was lying. Vicky tells her Polita opened her heart, told her she loves Francisco, and Vicky believed her. Niki insists what Polita wants is SEX SEX SEX!! Vicky reprimends Niki on her ‘dirty talk’. Vicky says Polita is just in love with an impossible. Niki is in disbelief of that. Vicky says according to Polita the problem is Frankie loves someone else. (now I am seeing Niki as the third blind deaf in the episode) Niki insists Frankie seduces everyone.

At his room at B house, Angel looks devastated. Dear God… dear God. Tell me what I need to do to make Cris believe I never betrayed her. What should I do so she won’t leave me. Help me God… Enlighten me.

(and I was feeling sorry for Rodrigo in Destilando, but Angel takes the cake here) He remembers Vicky giving him the cross chain and in tough moments it will help him very much. He losens tie and grabs the cross chain, prays some more holding it. Lord give me strength and faith, don’t want to lose my family. Don’t let it happen. (kisses it)

At KenDrat’s, Odiosa is questioning KenDrat since she had promised Odiosa that by now Nil-Brain-Son and Vicky would be split. Kendrat gets irritated, says that night ‘la gorda’ of his wife was going to see us doing the pow-wow in his office. Odiosa says she got a smaller brain that she thought (like minds/brains attract each other?) I paid you a bundle to destroy the Balbanera marriage. That is all I care about!

Kendrat gets even more mad. She planned the fake suicide to blackmail Bris. Odiosa says you better bring out your heavy artillery, I need results ASAP!.. Kendrat says we have another issue. Odiosa says that is your problem. Kendrat says Dances has been supporting her in all her moves, but lately he is distancing himself. Odiosa says you better find a way to solve that issue. For now, trying to win points with the B house cook to gain more control. We must attack from all fronts.

Said cook is tasting something Odiosa sent him… he is putting away all the ‘cow products’ stuff back in cooler. Tomasina comes in and JM gets scared so cooler lands on floor spilling all its contents around. Tomasina puts two and two together since cooler has a pink bow in it.’More gifts from the same cow?? SO Ms Victoria has a traitor under her roof? How can you eat all this junk? ‘ (turns out the items are samples of some brand of dairy products named ‘la misma vaca’[= the same cow] LOL!!) JM explains her the target he is after is ‘la vaca’s’ son. Tomasina insist there can be nothing between JM and that man.

JM can’t think of anyone but him. Tomasina advises him not to even mention the surname Longoria in this house.

Out comes Angel, asking Tomasina if Vicky is at home, could he talk to her? He needs to ask her if his daughter Lilli can live here in the house. Tomasina concludes correctly that he could not make amends with his wife. JM notices the cross necklace and is admiring it.

Out comes Nil-Brain-Son… asking for Salsero. Then Nil-Brain-Son immediately notices the cross necklace. Asks him in ‘few friends’ tone where he got the cross. Angel admits Vicky gave it to him. Nil-Brain-Son rips the necklace right off Angel and walks away mad (bad move, jerk!). Angel is going to go after him, but Tomasina stops him. Angel says ‘this guy’ is filling my liver. Does he believe I stole it? Do I look like a thug?

Back at apartment, Cris is saying better Angel had left because she did not want to say goodbye to him. Lilli drops the bomb on her, then you better say goodbye to me. Because I don’t want to go with you. Cris is floored. Paula excuses herself out of that battlefield. Cris tells Lilli she does not decide for herself. Lilli says she is old enough. If you want to go then go, but I am not going with you…. / You cannot do that to me. You are my daughter! / I know. And I won’t forget. But my dad is sad because you are mad at him. When will you realize he did nothing wrong? That is why I am staying with him. / I can’t believe it. / sorry mom, but I can’t stay with the side that does not have the reason. /and where will you live? You can’t stay with Paula. / At B manor. With my dad.

Back at B battlefield…

Nil-Brain-Son berates Vicky on Angel wearing the cross. Vicky confirms she gave it to him. Then she demands he go apologize to Arriaga since she is sure he took it from Angel against his will. He says he won’t ever lower himself to apologize to any employee, least of all Arriaga! (throws cross on bed) (Niki is approaching the door of the bedroom from outside so she can hear what follows) Vicky says we better revisit what just happened. Nil-Brain-Son does not ‘get it’ why they have to. Vicky says his reactions are getting ridiculous. He says ridiculous is for you to have given this gold cross to Arriaga knowing the sentimental value it has for the family! That is ridiculous!! Vicky explodes telling him she saw him making love to a redhead in his office but she stayed quiet. (Niki gets instantly upset, cries).


Angel cries saying to Vicky he is confused. Cris catches him and Vicky in potential compromising situation. We see Cris slapping Angel, then Vicky shouts to Cris that the Arriaga couple needs to talk alone. Cris grabs her back ‘no! you don’t go anywhere!!’ and has Vicky and Angel stand side by side facing her.

Recapper arguable comments: Definitely in this episode some folks were totally rational in their decisions(Vicky, lilli, tomasina, frankie) and arguments while others (Nil-Brain-son, Cris, Niki, ?)… blind and deaf only begins to scratch the surface of their problem…


Amor Bravío #112 (Uni 107) Thu 1/24/13 Amor…¿qué digo "amor"? ¡Es odio!

Snotty Bitch is being kicked out and Cayetano won't budge.  Mariano tries to talk him out of it, but Cayetano says there's no way he'll back down--not only is he the head of the family and owner of the ranch, he's the offended party!  Everyone looks sick and worried, except for Ileana who's grinning a little bit.  Mariano can't get him to calm down.  Yes, Cayetano, calm down so Isadora has a chance to kill you herself…once she's got her hands on your ranch.

Dionisio, talking with the La Malquerida office door open, calls Isadora to tell her that the letters got into Cayetano's hands after all.  Eluterio is inside the house, for some strange reason, so he gets to overhear Dionisio's end of the convo.  Isadora gloats that Camila helped her out after all. Dio gets up to shut the door, but he never sees Eluterio.  Eluterio continues listening through the closed door as Dionisio talks about how they were wrong to think La Malquerida was an easy target, with nothing but an old man, a woman, and a depressed girl, while La Buenaventura was guarded by four men.  Dio lets slip Isadora's name.  Isa is busy bragging about how easily men are led around by the penis.  She's confident in her continued ability to do so. Dionisio thought bubbles that he won't let Camila marry Daniel and he'll keep fighting until Camila is his.

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Por ella soy Eva #132 1/24/13: What Women Want

Juan has worked hard to prepare what he considers a very romantic event in the park for Helena.  She looks at him and flatly tells him he understands nothing.  Nothing.  She walks away.

Marcela is packing for her trip to Acapulco where she will be giving a presentation for GI's 25th anniversary party.  She asks Fernando to take care of the kids while she is away.  This is, of course, too much for him.  He complains that she is going off to have fun instead of taking care of them, and she tells him she will not allow him to bring her down.

Back at the pension Juan is ranting to Mimi that he doesn't understand women.  She scolds him not to generalize with his macho stuff.  He says women don't realize how they can make a man in love suffer (didn't Pluti say something like this a week ago?).  Adriano calls Eva and Juan rolls his eyes.  As Eva, she is very brusque with Adriano on the phone.  Adri lovingly says that that he is planning not to be separated from her for a second.  She says she doesn't want 24 hours a day with an octopus strangling her tonsils.  When he gets off the phone Mimi scolds him, "How is it possible that you complain about how Helena treats you but as Eva you treat Adriano even worse."  He shouts, "It's not the same thing.  He's a man.  I'm a man."  Mimi looks confused.  Eh?

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Pasión Prohibida-index

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amor Bravío #111 (Uni 106) Wed 1/23/13 “The Busy Busy Day in the Life of El Pueblo’s DNA ( Dumb Nookie Analysis) Lab”

La MQDining Room:
Honeymoon Hotel: Pablo and Luzma are packing up to go back home to the ranch.  Luzma apologizes to Pablo for ruining the honeymoon.  Pablo consoles her, saying it is not her fault.  Luzma says it is her Tio LeoSordido’s fault, even though he is in jail.  
Waiting Room of DNA Lab del Pueblo:  Dio assures Nat that he will give her her proper regard as his daughter.  Nat wonders how Agustina will react and Dio insists that she will just have to accept Nat.  He tells Nat that he was resigned to never have kids, but when he learned she might be his daughter, he was hopeful that it would be true (tener ilusiones).   He promises Nat he will never lie to her or leave her unprotected.  Nat wonders who is lying, Amanda or Dio?  Dio says there is only one way to find out, to go and confront Amanda together.   Yessirree, Nat needs to know and Dio is going to be sure to help her find the truth.
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Amores Verdaderos #53 Wed 1/23/13 No avocados for the furry fornicator!

 Si querías fastidiarme el día, lo lograste, Nikki
(If you wanted to ruin my day, you did it, Nikki.)
Guzmán clenches his jaw and watches tricky Nikki walk Johnny Pick-up Sticks to the door.

In her hospital bed, stomach freshly pumped, KendHo fake-sobs to the furry fornicator as Salsero grimaces and fake-reads a magazine.  She'll never do it again, pinkie promise. But he must never, ever abandon her. They kiss, then embrace and give us the over the shoulder looks.  Hers:   Gotcha, sucker.  His:  Oh crap, now what?

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Por ella soy Eva #131 1/23/13: All Is Not Fair in Love or Is It?

Good evening, to all,

“Teflon” Modesto is telling trying to understand Eugenia and as usual doesn’t want to talk in detail to anyone, especially not Eugenia.  He doesn’t want to start an argument and does what he can do best- walk away from the situation.

Mendoza tries to put the moves on Eva while Adriano is eavesdropping.

Renato bursts into Rebeca’s office and tells her that he is fed up with her little indirect hits and him being gay.  Oh well she was only joking.  Yeah right!!  She asks him what did Adriano think if he knew that his right hand man is gay- Boom!! How about I show the cd that you have of the company’s emails- Boom!! Renato, you scored and your boom had a little vogue step!!!  You go!!!  The only thief and nosy body here is you, Rebeca, they already caught you in the fraud with Fernando and now the cd.  Renato warned her to stop her comments or he will show Adriano the cd- with the emails. She has been served!!!!  She tires to threaten Renato but he will not back down.  She says that she will skin him alive, She is a Siberian (isn’t that a tiger?) She says its between dog and wolf (I could be wrong,) She starts making animal sounds.  What an idiot!

Mendoza asks Eva about the costume party under the watchful eye of Don Adriano.  Eva tells Mendoza that she is great at disguises.  Mendoza can go as Adam and Eva as Eva.  Eva smacks him around, and Adriano interrupts the festivities.

Pluti stops Helena in the hallway and of course wants to talk to her.  He only wants to talk to her about work in his office.

Eva explains that she and Mendoza were only talking about the costume party.  Rulis asks Adriano what is coming to the parry dressed as? An ogre?? Hahaha, hehehe, everyone but Adriano is laughing.
Adriano is jealous and Eva tells him not to be jealous, she is faithful.

Another Avon commercial- Mimi is looking for a new perfume from Fergie.  Her clients have been asking for it.

Helena is in Pluti’s office talking about a press conference and he is not paying one bit of attention.  He is drooling at Helena and she feels uncomfortable.  He starts on his love rampage.  Helena is the soul of the project, so Helena uses that as a segue into the question- Playa Mayagua comes from Antonia’s (may she rest n peace) thesis, right?  Pluti has the “duh” look.  The two old geezers comment that Adriano’s assistant isn’t what he seems (making gay gestures).   Renato pits the old boys in their place and tells them that they are too old to listen to such foolishness.

Helena wants to clarify the theme of the thesis. It served as the basis for the Playa Mayagua Project?   She asks if he knows it by memory.  It was Adriano’s idea for her to base her work in the university. Helena, you have a copy, right?  Helena has been busy and hasn’t had a chance to return it to him.  If we see each other at work it shouldn’t be alone.

Eva is looking for Helena and Lucia reminds her about her upcoming wedding.  She must be so happy!  Lucia is the go between for Eva and the wedding planner and she has so many ideas. Eva tells Lucia that she has better things to think about than the wedding.  Lucia is just wedding central and Eva shuts her down.  Its Lucia’s dream to get married.  Women have value with or without a man.

Pluti is on the phone talking to someone that he will see when he arrives in Acapulco and then Rebeca bursts into his office.  She has some paperwork for him to sign in regards to the 25th anniversary celebration.  Pluti tales the pen to sign the documents and Rebeca asks, him- what you are not going to yell at me about Felix??  Are you okay? Cachito?? I’m okay and I forgive you.  She tries once again to seduce him and he sends her out of his office.  She once again bothers the Virgencita to find out what he is up to without letting anything happen to her.

Santi congratulates Marsela about her presentation at the 25th anniversary.  Marsela hopes that Fern the fool will congratulate her too.  Santi would like a good woman like Marsela and she tells him that the right woman is under his nose.  Of course the blue dresses amp him up.

Jennifer and Daniel are looking over brochures on careers.   She is thinking about being an engineer or computer programmer and Daniel is discouraging her.  Daniel is very kissy, kissy and wants Jennifer to stop thinking about careers and think about him.  She doesn’t seem comfortable with all of the kissing.

Eva, Luca and Helena are chatting briefly about Pluti harassing her, but there are laws to protect women.  Lucia comments on the nasty words that Rebeca directed towards Renato, and Eva says that Rebeca is a rattlesnake.  Helena is very bothered by the affects of her little jokes towards Renato’s sexual orientation.  Helena takes a stand that it’s a personal conviction not a social pressure.  He doesn’t have to explain to anyone. - I agree!! Helena will support!  Your private life is your business and Lucia for once is quiet.  Renato walks in and asks if he should leave since they are talking about him?

Silvia is talking to the lady who she buying the nursery from.  The lady is happy is sell it to her.  She asks Silvia about an update on her divorce.  Is there a settlement?  Silvia doesn’t want anything form him and I don’t blame her.  Good riddance to bad rubbage!  She is entitled to a settlement taking care of the house, cooking and cleaning for thirty years, her daughter says the same thing but she doesn’t want anything.
Silvia thinks about it.

Renato presses the women to fond out what they were talking about.  He knows that it has something to do with what Rebeca said, we could care less on what Rebeca has to say, 

Juan calls Mimi to see if she was able to make the arrangements for him.

Chepina checks on Claudia to see if she is okay because Eugenia is worried about her and that she won’t do anything crazy. She tells her that she has company downstairs. She unkindly greets Kevin, who came to see her because he was worried about her.  She wasn’t answering her cell and has mussed music classes.  He wanted to know what happened with the joke with Dona Eugenia.  Forget about it, Kevin. Poor lovesick Kevin gives her his love poem.  She wasn’t thrilled.

Eva is giving Helena a little pep talk about her upcoming visit with Juan Carlos.  Just let it flow.

Claudia breaks Kevin’s heart.  She is just not that into him.  Poor Kevin.  She tells him to find someone his own age. This was sad for Kevin. (2 strikes, first Candi, now Claudia, he needs to find a girl whose name doesn’t begin with “C”)   She is leaving Mexico.  Eugenia recognizes him and he tells her that he is Fernando and Marsela’s son and Juan Carlos’ godson and he studied music with Claudia.  She noted that he looks sad.

Eugenia asked Claudia if Kevin had anything to do with the nasty little casting joke.  But Claudia retorted, he is too young, too immature for that.  Why are you worrying about me? You will be free of me soon. -(Not soon enough!!)

Helena goes to visit Mad Dad who is now to me- Too Bad Dad.  Ed is surprised to see Helena because their last visit wasn’t a pleasant one. I didn’t think that you would ever speak to me again.  Helena wanted to apologize. (The visit when he was trying to make her go back to Pluti)  He continues to insult his daughter asking if she is still thinking about that Juan Carlos

Marsela gets home early and asks Jennifer –where’s Kevin.

Helena just wanted to check on Too Bad So Sad Dad and see if he needed anything and he snaps back at her.  She asked him why couldn’t you even speak nicely to me; you treat me like an enemy. He wants Helena to ask her mom something for him.

Poor lovelorn Kevin comes home. 

Too Bad Dad is not in agreement that Silvia wants nothing from him.  He wants Helena to convince Silvia to accept a payment from him. She deserves it. She is surprised. He says that the house is too big for him, it's empty. He didn’t think that he would spend his last days here, alone. Oh well.  Helena gives Dad a goodbye kiss.  He looks sad, but its too late for me, I’m not sure about the rest of viewerville.

Marsela and Jennifer are chatting about the 25th anniversary, making dinner and note how sad Kevin is. Marsela asks him if he is okay and he yells- to stop asking a million times about how he feels, leave him alone and stop asking about me. (Don’t you just love teenagers??)  Fernando scolds him, he and Marsela argue and Kevin goes to his room.

Helena meets Juan. Helena wants to talk about the thesis, but Juan stops her.  He wants another opportunity to show her how much he loves her.  H covers her eyes and a lovely angelic orchestra (all female) is playing their song.  She thought bubbles to the time when he asked her to be his girlfriend. So romantic and then she belts him one.  Que the hell!!!  What is Helena’s problem?  Pluti has lied to both she and Lalo and he hasn’t receive a smack.  What’s up with that?? I am impactada.

At Grupo Imperio-Lucia is tired after a long day and Santi has news.  He has rented his apartment.  He is also looking for love on the internet.  Lucia doesn’t think that that is a romantic way to find women.

Helena (acting like her father) told Juan that she has begged him not to do such romantic things.  It brings up the most difficult times in her life. Juan figured that since she was free he would show her what she means to him. Juan thought that they broke up because she loved him. She didn’t break up with Pluti for him it was for herself, yeah right. She knew that she couldn’t be happy with Pluti. (Hello, Helena, you can’t be happy because you love Juan) Helena thinks that he is trying to seduce her like he seduced all of the other women and how Juan Peron seduced her. She gives him back his ring.

Santi goes on his internet date.  He enters the restaurant looking for Vanessa.  He likes what he sees.  Vanessa wants to have drinks, chat and have sex, all in that order! She is a busy woman. Wow!!

Helena can’t get over the fact that Juan was a ladies man.  Juan says that he has deceived her but that was in the past.  Juan- you say that you have changed but you can’t give me what I want and Juan seriously doesn’t know what it is.  He asks and Helena walks away, saying that he doesn’t understand anything.

Coming attractions:  Everyone is at Acapulco for the anniversary and Pluti approaches Helena and asks for forgiveness.  (What else is new? Is she going to slap him? Of course not! Helena meets with the construction foremen from FITSA and he says Pluti’s name.


Amores Verdaderos #52 Tue 1/22/13 Crying, Lunacy, Insane Jealousy, and Stupidity

Amores Verdaderos, Cap 52, 1-22-13—Crying, Lunacy, Insane Jealousy, and Stupidity (or in other words, just another day in the Amores Verdaderos universe).

Some preview screencaps. RECAP IS UP AND FINISHED!

Big Angel checking Miss Victoria's ribs for damage. But it looks sooooo bad.

Big Angel cries and prays for guidance. He doesn't want to do anything bad!

Salsa-Dude wants to take Betty, dad and hijo out for dinner. He's doing his best to have amnesia about the kidnapping and blackmail attempts in the past. 

Our anorexic bruja has brought over some snotty blonde guy to make the Little Gorilla jealous.

And it's working.

EVENTS MAY NOT BE LISTED IN ORDER! SCENES MAY BE CONDENSED! Please forgive errors and don't hesitate to correct me!

Big Angel and Vicki out in the beautiful country. Vicki falls off her horse and is unconscious. Big Angel is beside himself with worry. But Vicki soon regains consciousness. It's her arm that is hurt. He will have to carry her back to the hacienda.

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