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How Caray, Caray! has grown since it started.

Thought you might be interested.


Duelo - Wed Night - Sylvia to the rescue!

Hi Everone. I screwed up big time tonight. I didnt set the time right to record the show and I missed watching it. Luckily Sylvia said she could save the day! Muchas Gracias Sylvia! Yea to her for filling in!

Here are my words:
Deberia Haber - Should have. I should have checked that I was recording the show.
Flojera - Laziness. Laziness kept me from double checking that I was recording the show.
Tonteria - Stupidity. Not watching the show and failing to record it was a sign of stupidity.
Escarmentar - to learn ones lesson. (Carmels Word from last week) A good word for me tonight because I have learned my lesson!


Fernando Colunga movie coming in April: "Bandoleros" AKA ""LADRON QUE ROBA A LADRON"

Lesa wrote:

I see a lot of questions about Fernando Colunga and what he's up to on your site. I'd like to let you and everyone know that Fernando has a movie [NOT a telenovela, a real movie] that is to be released in April. [It's called BANDOLEROS.]

It also stars other novela stars including Gabriel Soto, Oscar Torres, Saul Lisazo, Miguel Varoni and Ivonne Montero. It is a Lionsgate film, directed by Joe Menendez, produced by Roni Menendez and Ben Odell, writen by JoJo Henrickson.

I've have seen the first cut of the film last week at a screening for the film and I must tell everyone that it is well worth seeing, it shouldn't be missed, especially if you're a Fernando Colunga fan.


Duelo de Pasiones Tues 1/30 - In which Gaspar once again proves he's got more sense than...well...everybody (with two legs).

Emilio presents Flor/Alina to his dinner guests. This, by the way, is one screwed up party, destined to be a flop. It consists of the boring, self-absorbed Emilio and his sickly artist brother who doesn't want to be present, Emilio's idiot co-workers/friends, Don Maximo the lech, the weird neighbors Don Loco and his long-suffering wife Soledad, the guest of honor (Flor/Alina) who was kidnapped instead of invited, and don't forget the passle of prostitutes who are relegated to the upstairs and not even allowed to come down for dinner. OK, on with the show. Don Loco and Soledad are impactados to see Flor/Alina. Soledad tries to run to Flor but Don Loco impedes her.

Flor sees her parents and tells Emilio she's outta there, but Soledad says, "Miss, please have a seat at the table." Flor agrees and Emilio seats her. Don Maximo claps his hands and says, "Let the dinner be served! Let's toast the muñequita de pastel." Which means, I think, "let's toast the little sweetheart in pastel", but "pastel" also means cake and in that dress Flor kind of looks like a cake.

Mariana prays to the virgin to have mercy on Marianita and to bring Jose back to them. Meanwhile Arcadio helps Jose escape from the drug runner's shed where he is held captive. If Jose had seen Arcadio put his secret letter in his pocket right in front of the drug lord earlier he might not be so eager to have his incompetent buddy help him out. So far every idea Arcadio has had has gotten Jose seriously injured.

Don Loco takes Don Maximo aside and asks, "what in the hell is this game?" Don Max asks why Don Loco is so angry. The girl isn't his and doesn't he want to see her suffer? Don Loco says it's none of his business. Don Max seems amused.

Thelma has a nightmare of Gaspar making love to her. She wakes up screaming. She tells Auntie she wants to forget "that man" but she can't. She's afraid her baby will also be mentally retarded. Auntie tells her to stop worrying, the baby will probably be beautiful and healthy, just like Thelma and Auntie.

Flor is at the table silently praying to God to save her mother and her. She knows that if any of the guys mess with her that her mother will defend her like a fiera. And if Soledad tells them who she really is then her father will kill her mother without compassion. I think she gives all of them way too much credit.

Jose escapes but as he runs away one of the drug runners shoots him in the leg. At that moment Mariana grabs her chest and asks the virgin to remove the anguish she just felt. The drug dude tells Jose if he tries to escape again he'll kill both Jose and Arcadio.

Don Maximo's two flunkies, Ifigenio and Castulo, are outside talking about how Flor is a guest so she can be humiliated. Gaspar, who is hiding in the yard, hears them and vows to save her.

The dismal dinner is over and Emilio ushers everybody into the salon. His friends must not know that Coral and her dancer friends are upstairs, otherwise they would be excusing themselves every ten minutes to "freshen up" if you know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink.

Emilio keeps Flor behind and she asks if he's done with his game yet. He says, "It's no game my dear friend." She says she's not his friend, he's hated her from the moment he saw her. Emilio says no, he doesn't hate her, it's just that she reminds him of...of someone and he doesn't like it. They mindlessly argue. He asks why people speak badly of her, even the witch in the cave said she was a thief. She calls him a cynic and tries to leave. He grabs her and acts like he's going to kiss her.

Marianita tells her mom that she had a good dream. They were with papi in a boat, she felt well and had long, long hair like before. The injured Jose lies on his cot and looks at a picture of M&M. He says it seems as if he will never see them again. He cries, his muscles bulge and it looks like he's about to bust his shirt. He should probably take it off.

Flor demands that Emilio let her go. He says no way, she's going into the salon with him. He'd like to see if she learned her lesson. (I wonder if Flor is as confused about this "lesson" business as I am. I think Schoolmarm is right, the lead in their decanters is making all the men insane.) Flor says he's mistaken, she's not submissive. He says Flor is in his hands and can't leave until he says so. Flor closes her eyes and looks like she wants to take a nap.

Gaspar throws a rock to make some noise. Castulo is lured over to where Gaspar is hiding behind a tree. Gaspar does a lucha libre move and knocks Castulo out!! Ifigenio takes out a gun and looks around suspiciously.

Emilio and Flor bicker some more. Flor says she's not like the girls he's used to, Emilio says "None of them would do what you did, you stole the heart necklace." Soledad leaves the fascinating salon where the guys are playing pool and Don Loco is scowling. She asks Emilio what's going on. When Flor leaves them to go into the salon Soledad tells Emilio that the girl is not who he thinks.

Emilio says he knows exactly who she is. Soledad says he doesn't know the truth. Don Loco interrupts and asks her, "Are you bugging the señor...again? If you keep bothering our friend I'll have to take you home." Emilio throws gas on the fire by saying an enchanting woman such as the señora could never bother him.

In the kitchen Santos, Jaime, and the housekeeper (can't remember her name) are talking about poor Soledad and how this bizarre dinner party from hell must be affecting her. The housekeeper says someone should tell the patron (Don Maxi) that Flor is really Alina Montellano. Jaime says even though they don't work for Don Alvaro he's in thick with the authorities and can make trouble for them. She says she doesn't care. She's going to take her tray of drinks in there and tell Mr. Emilio that the humble girl that his uncle forced to attend is none other than Alina Montellano! Santos and Jaime look like they want to crawl under a rock.

Rosita tells her dad that Flor is at the dinner party against her will, Gaspar wants to help her but she doubts he'll be able to, and she hopes Santos can do something to help Flor.

Santos and Jaime manage to talk the housekeeper out of spilling the beans about Flor. They would all lose their jobs and Gaspar will probably rescue her anyway.

Castulo starts to wake up and Gaspar whacks him with a stick. Is Castulo the guy who beat Donkey? If so then hoorah! He got what he deserved. Gaspar says he needs to frighten Ifigenio away. More lucha libre!!!

Emilio's friends are coming on to Flor. Pigs. When Emilio finally tells them to leave her alone they say they should be able to do what they want cuz Emilio gets all the ladies and they never do. Must be pig logic. Soledad asks Don Loco, "aren't you going to do anything?" He says it's natural for the guys to fool around with that girl. More pig logic. "That girl is your daughter," says Soledad. "My daughter is dead, this is the daughter of a foreman," says Don Loco. He says he's glad to see her suffer. Oink.

Luba is in the cave crying to the virgin, asking her why all this is happening. "Why are you doing this to me? You're my mother, you've been with me through everything, help me now. Protect my son. You taught me to be strong. If something happens to them what will I do? Help me."

One of the creepy friends, Frank, tries to force Flor to dance with him but Angel intervenes. Flor runs out. Soledad and Don Loco continue their inane bickering. She calls him a swine then thought bubbles, "I thought Emilio would defend her but I guess I was wrong."

Coral and pal (Liz) are upstairs drinking and complaining about being left alone. Maybe Coral's Papi Lindo found some better women? Alcohol gives them nerve and they decide to sneak downstairs. They are wearing super high strappy heels, perfect for sneaking around a stone and wood floored hacienda.

Frank is still bugging Flor and Emilio thought bubbles, "I brought her here to teach her a lesson but it is I who am getting the lesson." He tells Frank to leave Flor alone and then offers her a drink. She says she doesn't drink. Angel tells Emilio to leave her alone. Emilio turns to her and says "If you won't accept a drink from me at least you'll accept this..." He grabs her and lays a big wet one on her. The guys all hoot and holler.

He tells her that she stole the silver heart, no? He stole a kiss from her so now they are even. She slaps him and the guys hoot some more. They are totally drunk and toast the the fact that Emilio got his face slapped. Actually, I toasted it too.

Out in the garden Ifigenio looks for Castulo. At that moment the carriage arrives. Ifigenio turns to look and Gaspar whacks him on the head. The bodies are piling up behind the tree. Orlando gets out of the carriage and Gaspar stealthily (for Gaspar) follows him up the steps.

Orlando arrives and gives Flor the once over, meanwhile Don Maxi and the boys are getting tanked and exchanging secret handshakes. Suddenly Gaspar runs in and grabs Flor, causing a stir. (Actually, you could barely see Gaspar run in because Emiliooooo as usual was taking up the entire screen.)

Don Loco tells Emilio to calm down, it's only Luba's kid and don't piss him off because he can be dangerous. Soledad begs Emilio to stop this business and to leave the girl in peace. She (Soledad) has become very uncomfortable. Emilio apologizes, he thought his brother had made it clear that this party was a weenie fest, hombres only. (Except for Flor and the second floor of prostitutes.) "Yes, but then you asked me to stay," she points out. "Yes but I thought you would be amused by the lesson I taught that bastarda," our gallant hero retorts. Soleda tries to slap him (yes!! multi-generational slapping!!) but Don Loco holds her back. Emilio and Don Loco give each other bored, one-dimensional stares. I think it's supposed to be anger.

Angel escorts Soledad out. Don Loco asks Emilio why he called Flor a bastard. Emilio says Don Loco knows better than anyone that Flor is the spittin' image of his other daughter Alina, so isn't the situation obvious? Angel interrupts, Soledad is exhausted and needs Don Loco's help.

Emilio goes back into the salon and says "Let the party begin!!"

I guess I was wrong about Coral and Liz sneaking downstairs. They're still up in the room finishing off a bottle of booze. Maybe they snuck into the liquor cabinet instead. Someone knocks on the door and Coral staggers over to open it.

Santos tells the kitchen staff the good news, that big lug Gaspar has rescued Flor del Campo! They've brought out the dancing girls and now they'll party down.

Back at Soledad's prison she and Don Loco bicker about...well, about everything. She's peeved that Don Loco let Emiliano call Flor a bastard. She's peeved that Emilio thinks Don Loco had a child with some field worker. He lights a cigar and blows smoke in her face. He starts in on his usual speech, he has big plans for that girl, he wants to make Soledad suffer as he has suffered, not a moment of peace, blah blah blah.

Coral is dancing and the guys are throwing money around. Don Maximo is having the most fun of all, shaking his big ol' butt and dancing with the chicas. Everyone is celebrating except that terminal wet blanket Emilio. He remembers the kiss he stole from Flor. Coral wants him to dance with her but Emilio wants to go to sleep. Orlando tells Emilio he has something important to tell him but Emilio says Later and goes to bed.

Orlando orders the men to stop partying, it's time for bed. They all stagger out with a girl and Don Maximo is passed out, supine, on a table.

Back in the cave Luba tells Flor that Donkey will be fine. Flor is sad because Emilio has changed so much from the man she loved, this new Emilio is full of hate and rancor. Luba says he's a vain guy all right. Flor says she thought he was good, she wanted to tell him all she'd been through. Gaspar is listening, looking sympathetic. Flor says Emilio humiliated her, he forced a kiss on her. Gaspar jumps up, flexes his gigantic bicep, and channels his former lucha libre self, "I'll kill him, I'll twist his neck like this...(twists imaginary neck)!) Luba tells Gaspar no, he's not a killer. "But he's a bad person, just like a serpent that bites," reasons Gaspar,"I'm going to squash him like a worm, like this...(stomps his foot)!" Go Gaspar!! But Luba pushes him out of the cave and tells Flor to forget Emilio, pretend they'd never met. (Intocable and Ana Martin look like they love doing these scenes together.)

Thelma tells Auntie she's tired of waiting for useless Orlando to tell her where Emilio is. She's going to talk to Gen. Ochoa again and this time he's going to help her!

Emilio is laying on his bed touching his lips..."Flor, I haven't felt this way no no no I'm not going to fall in love. It's better to forget her."

"Forget him, as if I'd never met him," says Flor as she pets Donkey.

Emilio and Orlando have about six scenes that consist of two sentences each. I'm going to summarize: They are working, surveying the topography, Orlando tells Emilio that Thelma is expecting Emilio's child. Emilio doesn't believe it, says Thelma is trying to trap him. Orlando swears it's true. Emilio never wants to marry, least of all Thelma. Orlando asks about the girl at the party, it looked like she had eyes for Emilio. Emilio said he only invited her to teach her a lesson. Orlando doesn't even ask What frigging lesson?? Emilio says he thinks she's the illigitimate daughter of his neighbor. Men are such gossips.

Thelma tells Gen. Ochoa that she's expecting Emilio's child, that's why she needs to get in touch with him. Gen. Ochoa says he will deliver a letter for Thelma, don't worry, he's sure Emilio will be thrilled at the news and give their child his last name. Thelma smiles.

Flor tells Rosita about hell's dinner party and what a cad Emilio is. He stole a kiss and she slapped him. She wants to hate Emilio but that kiss is still in her heart. Bleck.

Angel tells Flor's portrait that he should have defended her when his brother kissed her. He didn't have the nerve to stand up to him. Maybe he should paint a portrait of Emilio and slap it around.

Flor and Rosita are at the hacienda. Rosita is going to try to get Adela to let Flor into Soledad's room. Flor watches as Don Loco rides away from the hacienda. Now is her chance!

Mariana tells Marianita that she called Estrellita's house but Estrellita is back in the hospital. Uh oh. Mariana wants to visit her. Meanwhile Jose lays on his cot and asks nobody in particular, "Why didn't I stand up to your brother? Why didn't I marry you? Now we are separated."

Emilio takes a break to visit Coral. He wants to prove to himself that Flor is not in his sytem. He kisses Coral and calls her Flor. She's all "what did you call me?" If I were Coral I would charge extra for every time Emilio called me another woman's name, kind of like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Emilio glumly leaves and Coral was wearing only a towel! He's got it bad.

Marianita visits Estrellita in the hospital. Sad violin music plays in the background. I think we know where this is going.

Luba is in the cave caressing a small chest tied with rope. Don Loco yells her name and she quickly covers it up. He asks about Gaspar. "He went to church to pray," she says. He asks about the bastarda. Luba says she's sleeping, she's very lazy. Don Loco pulls the sheet aside and sees an empty bed. Luba tries to look impactada. We go to commercial break and see Luba stabbing a big knife into a tree. This is my favorite of those weird commercial break thingies.

As Flor scampers up the stairs to her mother's room Rutilo yells at her, where does she think she's going?

Don Loco backhands Luba, knocking her to the ground. "You don't want to betray me, imbecile!" he yells. He picks her up and throws her around. He demands to know where Flor is. Luba says she escaped. He hits her again. She says Flor put on a dress and escaped without her permission. Don Loco says he knows, she was at La Rinconada last night. "Let me think of a punishment for that mule," suggests Luba. Don Loco says it's too late for punishments, that which he didn't want to happen already happened, Emilio Valtierra saw her, all his friends saw her, and if any of those wretches take a liking to her..." Luba swears that's not going to happen. She'll tell Gaspar that the Patron will break his bones if he lets that mule escape. Don Loco grabs her hair, "The next time I'll kill you, I'll kill you!!"

He leaves and Luba staggers over to her hidden chest, gasping and with a bleeding lip. She vows, "Alvaro, you are never, (uncovers box), never going to do that. I promise you are going to regret this." She hugs the box.

Adela talks Rutilo into letting Flor go upstairs to visit Soledad.

Flor and Soledad embrace. Soledad says she didn't sleep all night thinking about what happened with that...that Emiliano Valtierra. Last night she was on the verge of confessing everything to him but Alvaro stopped her. Soledad urges Flor/Alina to tell Emiliano who she really is, to tell him the truth.

Rutilio and Adela are outside talking very loudly. Adela says God will pay him back for the good deed he just did. Meanwhile Sergio is sneaking up to eavesdrop. Adela says she'll never tell anyone. Sergio says to himself that Rutilio is up to something and he's got a bad feeling about it.

Flor tells Soledad she doesn't want to talk about Emilio, he thinks she's a liar and a thief. Soledad urges Flor to get Santos to help her escape to Puebla. She can find her godfather. She's sure Elias will help. Flor is afraid Don Loco will kill her mother in retaliation. Soledad clucks "no no" rather half-heartedly.

At that moment Don Loco arrives home and climbs the stairs. Adela crosses herself and wrings her hands. Flor quickly hides behind the wardrobe just as daddy dearest walks in the room. He sees a plate of what looks like ritz crackers with cheese and olives on top and asks, "Who is with you Soledad?"

el grandulon - big lug, big guy
la canalla - swine, despicable dog
la cachetada - slap, smack
pachanguear - party down
encapricharse con - take a liking to, become infatuated


Cast of Acorralada (in English)

One of our readers suggested we take a look at Acorralada (trapped) so I thought I'd give a head start to whomever might like to take a whack at it. By the way, I haven't seen this show even once, so I'm doing this second-hand; if you've been watching and have something to add - or correct - let me know! We have two folks going to try this one out, they'll be introducing themselves shortly.

UPDATE: A kind reader has added some comments, which I've inserted in green...

[UPDATE: Another kind reader suggested that this picture, which I thought was Camila, was actually Octavia. Once again all the babes, whichever generation, are trying to look exactly the same age...] Twenty years ago the evil Octavia Irazabal took two young daughters and a perfume factory away from Fedora. She then framed Fedora for a crime; Fedora has finally gotten out of jail and wants to find her children and get vengeance. Meanwhile, by sheer coincidence, both her daughters are hanging around Octavia's mansion.

OCTAVIA IRAZABAL is the evil matriarch of the show; hence, I surmise that this picture is a bit out of date. Octavia married Alberto, son of Doña Santa. Doña Santa never wanted her son Alberto to marry the evil Octavia. Alberto's dead now. Poisoned? Trampled by a bull?

Yolanda Alarcon is Octavia's sister and lives with her.

I think this is Doña Santa, but since I haven't seen the show I'm not sure. She is now sort of senile and plays with dolls.

Anyway, dead Alberto and evil Octavia had three children:

1. Maximiliano is going to be our major hero I guess. I hope he's not as stupid as Emillioooo but this picture is not promising.
Maxi Maxi as Camila calls him does not seem to be much of a prize. He's strung Camila along for a couple of year leading her to believe that Marfil was actually dead. Meantime, he's fallen for the virgin nurse only days after meeting her. Hmmm. Just why would anyone want to marry him?

Marfil was Max's wife. She didn't want to have kids cause they might have ruined her figure. She was supposedly killed two years previously, accidentally, by Gerardo (a spurned suitor), but is actually in a coma locked in the back room. She has an evil twin, a thief, named Deborah, who is about to show up and try to take her place - the plan is, she'll "wake up" and then be able to wreak havoc.
Marfil (the real still-in-a-coma Marfil) has been carted off to live elsewhere while her evil twin Debora plays the risen-from-the-dead Marfil and usurps her place. Doubtless, at some point Marfil herself with appear.

Camila is Max's current girlfriend. [I picked this picture for you, Ferro - note the enormous fake knockers.] She is desperate to marry him and get out of financial difficulties; he is less eager, knowing as he does that he has a still-living wife in the back room. Camila, too, has a secret: 5 years previously, she had a baby by the evil Dr. Ignacio Montiel; she abandoned the kid in a hospital in Los Angeles. Emilio is her brother, and is Max's best friend. Camila lives with her cousin Sylvia, who is determined to land in the lap of luxury when Camila marries Max.

Max, however, has been pierced by Cupid's Dart - he loves Diana (see below).

2. Larry is Octavia's second spawn. He is a body builder or male beauty queen or something, he wins competitions at the beach, this is his life's ambition. He has a girlfriend, Pilar, whom he wants to marry. She, though, is lukewarm cause she prefers fooling around with Kike, one of the other muscle guys. Gabriela (see below) loves Larry and drops stuff when he's around.

3. Paola is too footloose for Octavia - she should be getting married. However, she would rather do drugs with her buddy Rene.

[Others in the mansion include Nancy and Lala, workers. Nancy unrequitedly loves Lala's son Diego, a piano teacher (therefore probably good); his brother is Pancho, who does illegal things (therefore probably bad) and hangs out with Carmelo (see below). Diego unrequitedly loves Diana.

Bruna would be your Modesta type servant henchperson, I suppose. She works her quiet evil and tends Max's comatose wife in the back room. Since she is planning to get rich in cahoots with Deborah, she looks with extreme disfavor on Diana because she has attracted Max.
The evil Bruna has dropped enough hints that she is undoubtedly the mother of the twins Marfil and Deborah - unbeknownst to them, of course. She been posing for years as servant.

FEDORA GARCES (LA GAVIOTA) was in jail for 20 years, having been framed for some crime by Octavia. Octavia got "two men" to spirit Fedora's daughters away - and also stole her perfume factory! Fedora got a law degree while in jail, however now that she's out of jail she's singing in a bar rather than (there's some joke here about the bar and the bar but I'm too tired to make it). Anyway, now that she's free she wants (a) vengeance and (b) to get her daughters back. Her daughters are:

1. Diana, who graduated at the top of her nursing class but lost her job at a hospital when the evil doctor Ignacio Montiel (the same one who impregnated Camila, see above) put the moves on her and she accidentally rolled him down the stairs and set his house on fire. Or something. He frames her for theft, she goes to jail and meets her own mother and they become friendly. Then she loses her job at the hospital and ends up as the nurse for the senile granny, to Octavia's grave displeasure.

2. Gaby is, coincidentally, a maid at Octavia's mansion. She is in love with Octavia's son Larry, the body-builder. She is very near-sighted.

Both think they are orphans. They were raised by Doña Miguelina Soriano, who prays they never discover she's not really their granny.

Caramelo is the daughter of Paco. (Paco runs the bar where Fedora/Gaviota sings and manages her career and is in fact in love with her but she is through with love.) Carmelo hangs out with Pancho (see above) and gets in a lot of trouble.

Andres is an all-purpose villain. He was "once married to a woman who abandoned him." He is henchman to the evil Dr. Montiel. Also, he comes into Paco's bar and threatens Carmela; to defend the girl, Fedora hits him with a bottle and gets arrested.
Debora is actually the woman who abandoned Andres. She's already had one close encounter with him...we should be able to look forward to more.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mundo de Fieras - Jan. 30, 2007

* Coyote and Rogelio meet in prison to discuss Demian, Jossie and Miriam (they plot against the dangerous threesome).

* "Fiera" meeting in Miriam's home office on stealing Otilia's designs before style show. Karen mentions still having the key to Otilia's studio. Jossie laughs.

* Gabriel talks with MA in her office about his thoughts and feelings. He apologizes to her for hurting her, unintentionally of course, and his apology is sincere and profound. She is surprised and can't accept it because the hurt and disillusionment runs too deep. She tries to leave - Gabriel stops her, pulls her close to him and continues to try and convince her to give him another chance - she pulls away and can't. He continues to plead his case - she listens and starts to cry - he leaves her to think.

* Miriam meets with Ingrid about the style show duel with Otilia - they laugh about beating Otilia and MA in the head to head competition.

* Tiberio reports back to Demian in his office about his visit with Rogelio in prison. Demian tells Tiberio good work, and that all business decisions will stay between him and Tiberio.

* Gabriel visits his son in prision. Rogelio promises his father that he has changed and he will prove it - Gabriel can't believe in his sincerity - Rogelio explains that prison has taught him so many valuable lessons (he's grown up a lot).

* Jossie and Tiberio meet and discuss a plot - Karen enters and interrupts - Tiberio leaves - Karen slides the key into Jossie's hands.

* Tiberio finds MA waiting in Demian's office and is offended by her sight - MA stands her ground as being in total control of the company as president. Demian enters and stops the argument. MA leaves. Tiberio tells Demian his outrage about taking orders from MA - Demian explains how, why MA is president and his secret plan to manipulate her.

* Rogelio meets with Coyote again and tells Coyote of his secret vengeance plan against Demian, Jossie and Miriam (how he will play the silent partner and then strike back without them suspecting anything).

* JC meets with Karen in his office - JC confides to her about his depression over his illness that will take him away from Pau and his mom. Karen tries to pick up his spirits - he is unfazed and decides he has to keep up the strong fake front for Pau and his mom; he doesn't want them to suffer with the truth. Karen apologizes to him and promises to support him always - he thanks her - they hug; she is content as a fiera tiger.

* Jossie meets with Demian in his office. She wants to strike now against MA; he wants her to have patience and wait, and don't try to manipulate him. She's impatient to be rid of MA. Demian sits Jossie down and convinces her that his plan will work - he will manipulate MA into becoming Gabriel's worst enemy.

* MA cries in her office as she recalls Gabriel's apology. Tiberio walks in and slaps the report she ordered on her desk - she is brusk and authoritative to him.

* Gabriel and Nick meet in Gabriel's office - Gabriel vents his outrage and frustration with Miriam over extorting money from him in order to get her to recant her statement and have Rogelio released from prison. Then they discuss the situation with MA - Gabriel loves her and will continue to pursue to get her back.

* Rogelio returns to work and takes his bouncing red ball out of his desk drawer. MA enters to welcome him back to work. Rogelio tells her that Gabriel offered him a room in his condo but Rogelio turned him down, so he's staying at a hotel. MA offers Rogelio to return to the palace to live - Rogelio reminds her about Miriam - MA says don't worry about that; she's sure that Gabriel will be happy that he's living there; Rogelio is surprised by the offer and wonders if she's in love with his father - she says yes she is, but that she's too hurt to take him back and leaves.

* Karen in the palace office, thinking about her conversation with JC - Dolores enters and tries to convince Karen to stop pursuing a relationship with JC - Karen is offended - Dolores explains how much she cares and is concerned for Karen's well-being - Karen breaks down and tells Dolores about her thoughts of JC, his illness and his sacrificing everything in a cover-up for Pau and his mom. She's upset that no one has ever sacrificed themselves like that for her, not even her grandmother or mother. Dolores listens and asks Karen to let her console, hug and love her. Karen is scared to trust Dolores - Dolores asks her to give her a chance - they hug as Karen cries on Dolores' shoulder.

* Rogelio working on papers in his office - Jossie enters and starts to confront him about how upset and angry she is with his stealing their jewelry. She starts to threaten him - Rogelio stands up to her and makes his own threat (if she comes after him, she will royally regret it) - she's not scared of him and tells him that "to play with fieras, he will get burned."

* Regina, JC and Pau at work in the office - Pau feels faint but says nothing's wrong.

* Jossie informs Miriam about Rogelio.

* Candy visits with MA and LD. As Pau enters, Candy leaves. Pau holds LD as she and MA discuss Candy's participation in the style show. MA convinces Pau (more like twists her arm behind her back) to be in the show also. Pau is happy holding LD and wants to be a mommy so badly.

* Dr. Leo walks a patient to the car on the street. He then talks with Sylvester about Candy modeling in tomorrow's style show. They read an advertisement in the paper - and a light bulb clicks on in their heads.

* MA sits with LD in the office - Gabriel enters and LD calls him "Papa" - Gabriel picks him up and holds him as Jossie enters to try and interrupt the moment - MA tells her to back off and go home to Alex - Jossie is offended and leaves.

* Pau meets with Dr. Fuentes - he tells her that SHE'S PREGNANT!

* Otilia meets with Soraya, Di, Candy and Elsa to go over final preparations for the style show. They also discuss how horrible and cold Miriam is. Sylvester enters and walks over to Elsa - Otilia turns the discussion to include Sylvester, and something about ticket sales for the style show.

* Rogelio returns to the palace wheeling his little suitcase in the door behind him. Miriam sees him enter and is mortified that he's back; she wants him to leave. Rogelio refuses and MA appears on the balcony and says that she invited him back to live and asks Rogelio to come upstairs - she'll show him to his old room.

* El Magnate (pimp daddy) breaks into Otilia's design studio and steals the wardrobe right off the mannequins.

* Otilia, Di and Soraya are out at the restaurant celebrating and toasting their new line and success at tomorrow's show. Soraya remembers that she left some letters and papers at the studio - Otilia says they'll go back and get them right away.

* JC at the apartment alone, feeling sick and woozy - Pau enters with a smile - they hug - she tells him the excellent news, SHE'S PREGNANT! They're going to parents again. He puts on his best fake smile and enthusiasm - they hug - he's half-happy and half-depressed.

* Jossie meets with Miriam about their plot against Otilia and MA.

* Otilia, Di and Soraya arrive back at their studio for the papers - they turn on the lights and are shocked because all their designs and outfits have vanished. They panic (whatever will they do? whatever will they do?)

* Rogelio comes to the strip club and the security won't let him enter - Tiberio comes out and explains that he no longer is co-owner, Tiberio is sole owner of the club - Rogelio is angry and tries to strangle Tiberio.

* JC and Pau in bed - JC can't sleep, prays to himself as he watches Pau sleep.

* Rogelio visits Gabriel and tells Gabriel the shocking truth about how Jossie got pregnant; that she drugged him and seduced him in order to break him and MA up permanently.


La Fea Más Bella #199 1/30/07 Lety gets a party, Marcia gets advice, Tomas gets a job, Alicia gets to eat , and poor Saimon gets played

Caro, with a pensive look on her face, asks Luigi if he means that Lety is now president. Luigi confirms. “That’s why I say that beautiful women want the luck of the ugly.” Aldo asks Luigi why this is so bad. Luigi says yes and begins to talk, but Aldo cuts him off and explains that he means is it such a bad thing that Lety will be president. Luigi replies that Aldo doesn’t know the whole story, but that it’s a real horror story. Caro asks Luigi what happened to the business and why Humberto made such a drastic decision. Luigi tells Caro not to ask him the details because it’s all a rough track because of Fernando. Luigi says he doesn’t very well understand it all. Really, he knows nothing, but he’ll tell her everything he does know. Well, the Platypus (Because all feas look like some animal – Giraffes, Penguins…well…Juana really does kind of look like a penguin at times!) well it came to pass that she disappeared. All of a sudden she reappeared from who knows where something must have bit her because she came back very changed. Aldo smiles as he watches Luigi describe the new Lety. Luigi continues. She has a completely different attitude. I don’t know what she’s thinking about everything but that’s how she came back.
The scene changes to the bar where the Fernando and Saimon decide to socialize. Saimon really likes the bar. He puts on airs and asks the waiter for two whiskies. Fernando doubles back and asks Saimon if it would be okay if they sat first and ordered second. Saimon agrees. Saimon cannot believe that their table is reserved. Apparently, it’s Fernando’s usual table. Saimon sits and then shouts across the room to the waiter to tell him that it’s now okay to bring them two whiskies and one tequila, never mind two tequilas! I’m not really sure how to explain Fernando’s face. It’s between a blank stare and a “I can’t believe I invited this guy look” or maybe even an “I have an idea” look. I guess we’ll find out.
Next we go to the best restaurant in fealand, Le Noir. The three ladies (Alicia, Teresita and Marcia) sit a table. The host seats and greets them. Over-inquisitive-mommy asks Marcia about Fernando. Marcia tells Teresita how Fernando saw Marcia get into the elevator with Lety and decided not to get in with them. “What an uncomfortable situation, Poor Fernando!” Creepy-mommy exclaims! Alicia doesn’t buy the sympathetic tone. This is happening because Fernando was unfaithful. (Funny how sometimes the dumbest characters can say the wisest things.) Alicia thinks that Marcia should have planted a kiss on Fernando right in front of “La Garnacha” to drive her crazy (Gloria explained this term earlier. It doesn’t mean grape, it means an old, used worthless woman.) Marcia tells Alicia she would have felt ridiculous putting up that kind of a fight. The waiter comes to the table and asks what everyone would like to order. Apparently, you don’t get your drinks first in fealand. Teresita wants something light. She want mozzarella with rice (I think) and nothing else. Marcia eats light as well and orders soup. I wonder what Alicia will order. A salad maybe? Alicia orders Palmitos Gratindos. (Gratin Hearts of Palm). I’ve had with chipotle sauce, but here’s a recipe that’s a little different thanks to “The Columbia
Gratin of Hearts of Palm (Palmitos Gratinados)
1 cup heavy cream
4 large eggs
1 tablespoon roasted garlic (or 1 large regular finely minced garlic)
1 (16 ounce can hearts of palm, drained, trimmed of any hard rinds, cut into 1/2 inch dice)
8 ounces Westphalian or other smoked ham, in one piece, cut into 1/4-inch dice
2 ripe plum tomatoes, seeded and diced
1 to 3 teaspoons finely chopped cilantro
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a small heavy saucepan, whisk the cream, eggs and garlic together. Bring to a simmer over medium-low heat and simmer gently for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, divide the palm hearts among 4 to 6 ramekins. Sprinkle the ham evenly over the tops, then add the tomatoes and cilantro. Gently pour the cooked cream mixture into the ramekins. Arrange the ramekins in a roasting pan, then pour hot tap water around them until it comes halfway up the sides of the ramekins. Bake until the consistency is custard-like, about 30 minutes. Let cool briefly on a wire rack, then un-mold onto serving plates.
Cook's Note: This would be delicious with frozen, thawed artichoke hearts.
The waiter begins to take their menus. Alicia stops him and says that she’s only begun ordering. Secondly, she would like a past dish made with ravioli but with special sauces – one with cheese, one with Raviata (huh?) and the last with spinach and ricotta. She repeats that she just wants something light, since it’s so late. She advises the waiter that later she’ll want dessert. The waiter leaves. Teresita tells Alicia that dinner makes people fat. Too late Teresita. Alicia has moved from lusciously curvy to pleasantly plump about twenty episodes ago. Teresita says that Alicia is going to have to go on a diet. Alicia replies that she has a rigorous diet. She can give Teresita the recipe if she wants it. Work as a secretary at Conceptos and you’ll see how small you become! She’s implying that she’s not paid well enough to eat. Marcia protests and says that Alicia is paid very well. With her salary they could pay three secretaries. Marcia lists off all of Alicia’s bills and forgets that Alicia no longer has a car. Alicia quickly points this out to Marcia. Marcia continues her list and points out that Alicia buys all this stuff without every paying Marcia the money she is owed. Alicia indignantly replies that Marcia never misses an opportunity to rub this in Alicia’s face. Alicia points out all the non-monetary favors that she’s done for Marcia. Marcia sarcastically tells Alicia to talk to Conceptos new president. Marcia is sure the new president will be willing to help! Alicia tells Marcia that she’s really a jokester because Alicia is sure that tomorrow she’ll be fired. Alicia turns to Teresita and advises her that Lety will for sure raise all of the cuartel’s salaries. Alicia thinks it would be better if she just resigned. Alicia asks Teresita if she can imagine what it’s going to be like for Alicia when the cuartel will have all the support of the presidency. There will be six vice presidents! Teresita pets Alicia to comfort her.
We arrive at the classy bar, “the Sanctuary.” PM immediately introduces Lety as their president. The cuartel claps and the door man smiles. The cuartel happily enters the club. I’m not sure why the camera focused on the camera of the couple that looked like they were both constipated, but it did. Anyway, PM jokes with Lety that this isn’t such a nice place to Lety anymore now that she’s the boss of all the bosses. Yup, tomorrow I’m going to become one of the “fine people.” Lety switches subjects and tells PM that she needs to call her home. PM agrees and then exclaims what an amazing place this is; she loves this place! Lety asks for the telephone. Juana stops her before she can follow PM to the phones. She says something about maintenance or supplies. Sorry, that comment lost me.
Back at casa Padilla Erasmo complains that it’s time for Lety to come home and he doesn’t know what the devil they’re staying to do at that damned company. Tomas tells Erasmo to calm himself. They’re probably in a meeting. (Oh, God. Not another meeting! Please, no!) Julieta and Tomas remind Erasmo that Lety is now very important. (Because she wasn’t before?) Erasmo tells Tomas that he doesn’t want to see him. (Yeah, because banning him from your house the last time worked out so well!) The phone rings. Erasmo snatches it from Julieta. It’s Lety on the line and he demands to know where she is. She tells him that she’s in a dump. Erasmo gasps and exclaims that Lety was so cynical when she said that. Lety replies that she’s an adult and that her friends are celebrating with her. “An adult, and this means you’re going to do whatever you want?” he responds. Lety smiles and says of course not. Julieta tells Erasmo to leave Lety in peace. Erasmo accuses her of being Lety’s accomplice. Erasmo returns to the phone and demands to know where Lety is. He’s coming for her at midnight and that’s final! “Just like Cinderella, daddy! Don’t worry, they’ll bring me home.” Erasmo asks which of her friends has a car. Lety reminds Erasmo that Martha’s husband has a taxi and he can come get them. Lety asks for Tomas. Erasmo says that yes, Tomas is there emptying their refrigerator. Erasmo gives a nice little fatherly speech about Lety being an adult and all but she must have respect for Erasmo’s house. (This speech is still as interesting to me at 25 as it was when I was 14.) Lety tells her father that she loves him and asks to speak with Tomas. Erasmo begrudgingly hands over the phone to Tomas. Tomas congratulates Lety about the presidency because it’s perfect for her professional career. He asks her to remember the un-employed. Later, he would like her to sign a recommendation letter. Lety announces to Tomas that she’s named him vice- president of finances. Tomas is left speechless. She asks him to show up to the house tomorrow so they can go in together. Tomas giggles and snorts. He runs around and kisses everyone to celebrate. Tomas announces to the Padillas that he’s now vice-president of finances. He tells Erasmo that he’s going to give him a hat so that whenever Erasmo sees Tomas Erasmo will take off his hat and call Tomas Licenciado Mora. Tomas says that he and Lety need to talk about a lot of stuff, like his new business cards, his agenda and modernize his phone. Tomas asks if Lety is going to need help with her blond friend that has such a nice body. Lety giggles and tells Tomas to just show up tomorrow and to make sure to be well dressed. Tomas agrees and says that he’ll take Lety out to breakfast, lunch and dinner…as long as it’s in Lety’s house since he doesn’t have money. Tomas asks about his salary and changes his mind about food. Now he’ll take her out to wherever Lety would like because Tomas is not going to ask for one glass of water from this house until he dies of hunger. Lety tells Tomas that she’ll see him tomorrow. Tomas tells Lety how much he loves her and hangs up the phone. Julieta applauds. Erasmo’s upset that Tomas didn’t ask about Lety’s location. Tomas isn’t so concerned. Erasmo complains some more about Lety being out. Julieta replies that Lety no longer has to depend on Erasmo. Erasmo catches Tomas taking a drink and asks him about his promise. Tomas reminds Erasmo that he said he wouldn’t take a drink of water and this is milk!
Lety jokes to the cuartel about her father’s attitude towards her. He’ll always think of Lety as his little girl. PM thinks that with Lety’s new salary she should get herself a bachelorette pad. PM thinks they should look tomorrow for a new apartment. It should have a chimney and a large tub! Later they can invite over two handsome young men! Irmita tells PM to shut up. Lety says that she’s very happy living with her parents. Sara comments that she doesn’t know what happened to Lety while she was gone, but she’s come back very different, happy and content. She asks for an explanation. Martha agrees and says Lety has the power of confidence. Lety replies that the change arose out of herself for herself, but it was thanks to a very special person. She owes him. (Because we little women need a man to save us and give us self-confidence, otherwise, we would wallow in a sea of despair.)
Speaking of the very special person, at this very moment he’s defending the committee’s decision in selecting a new president. He excuses himself from the table. Luigi turns to Caro and asks Caro if she’s noticed how much attention Aldo gives Luigi when Luigi speaks. He doesn’t think it’s the story of that platypus that interests Aldo; she’s completely unknown to Aldo. He cooks so well and after speaking with him he’s so attentive and so handsome! Aldo returns with Guillermo whom he introduces to Luigi. Guillermo politely greets Caro. Guillermo apologizes for the delay in meeting Aldo. Aldo says no problem, he’s been receiving information that interests him more. Luigi and Caro glance at Aldo.
At Sanctuary Lety talks some more about everything she learned with her friend. A waiter comes to the seats and PM orders a whole bunch of drinks. The waiter asks if they want anything to eat. Surprisingly, Martha is the first to say no thanks. They all just want to talk to Lety. They’re very interested in this new friend. The cuartel begs (more like demands) to know what has happened with the company. Martha wants to know why Lety left! They heard that Lety did improper things and the have been intrigued by this. Lety says there are confidential things that she really just cannot tell them. She hopes they don’t hope for a lot of information. Sara bites back and says that Lety should even think about leaving them in embers again! Everyone except Irmita threatens that they’ll be mad. Lety nervously smiles.
Saimon enjoys his shots of tequila. He asks Don Ferni why he’s not returning to the presidency. Fernando says the ideal situation right now would be with Lety as the president of Conceptos. Saimon says that everyone is talking about Fernando. Fernando admits that he committed too many errors and he wants to make it clear that he’s paying for them. Fernando says he doesn’t want to talk about this. They’re here to have fun! Saimon disagrees and says he only wants to say one thing to Fernando. With all respect, what an ass you were! Fernando replies. I think he says something along the lines of With all respect, how well you deliver that blow! Saimon laughs and says not so much.
Lety admits that she committed a grave error. She gave Fernando bad advice and this was very bad for the business. The cuartel hangs on her every word. Lola asks why another business, Filmo Imagen, has all of Conceptos’ deposits. Lety replies that this a very delicate thing and that she really cannot tell them about it. PM lets Lety know that the lawyers told the cuartel about the embargo. Irmita chastises the women for interrogating Lety about things that are confidential. They should have more respect. Lety says this is why Fernando had to leave the presidency and why she left Conceptos. Martha points out that something is very odd. “If you were so bad at advising Don Fernando why is it that later they call you to be the president?” Lety scrunches her face.
Aldo tells Guillermo that his project is very complicated but he has a couple ideas to guide him. The project is going to be called “The Flavor of Life.” As Julie would say…Mary Colson-Becker (a cook writer) called; she would like her title back). Guillermo exclaims that it’s perfect and that he’ll help Aldo however he needs to develop the project. Aldo says that’s good, but he’s not sure how long he’ll be in Mexico. Luigi interrupts to ask how it is that Aldo doesn’t know how long he’ll be in Mexico. Where’s he going. Caro says that Aldo lives in Acapulco. Luigi cannot believe it. Aldo says this shouldn’t be a problem. Luigi says that Aldo should not be so far away from his producers/directors. Aldo replies that he could go to India – he’s only going to be a three and a half hour drive away. Luigi offers his advice as a director. Luigi says that he needs Aldo close to him. Guillermo asks if Luigi if he’s really a director. Caro says that Luigi is the best with a prize from Cannes; he’s the creative director at Conceptos. Guillermo says that this is incredible because he was going to look for an advisor with a relationship with the media. Luigi says that this is Guillermo’s lucky day. Luigi believes in coincidences and he thinks Guillermo is talking to the perfect person (Luigi) for the project to advise Aldo.
Saimon orders some more whiskies because Fernando is really heating up. He turns to Fernando and asks what he just said. Fernando replies that he didn’t say anything. Saimon pushes Fernando out of his chair and then tells Fernando to be careful. Saimon tells Fernando that he will have all of Saimon’s unconditional support. Now that Saimon’s drunk, Fernando slyly interjects a comment about Lety.
The women toast each other. The girls go on about the people at work. Lety says that certain things were cleared up and she wasn’t at fault for everything. For the benefit of the banks they decided it would be better if Lety “drove” the business for a while. Irmita says she’s not surprised that Lety came back so triumphant; she’s so capable. Lola agrees and says Lety was always the president of Conceptos, but with the salary of an assistant. Some men come over and ask PM to dance. At first, Irmita thinks he’s talking to her, but he politely corrects her. PM says she’ll dance with him. Another gentleman asks Lety to dance. She smiles but doesn’t answer.
Saimon protests and says that he doesn’t have anything against Lety. Never mind, he does hold something against her. Saimon’s scared. Fernando doesn’t understand. He’s scared of what she could generate in the rest of the cuartel. Saimon reminds all the nice things Lety’s “boyfriend” (meaning Tomas) did for her. Fernando gets what Saimon is saying. (Good thing, because I’m lost.) He giggles through his line, but figures out that Saimon is implying that Lety will corrupt PM. Nope, Saimon meant the opposite. This response does not get Fernando’s happy face. He sucks down his water like he hoped it was a whiskey.
Lety asks the man if he’s sure if he wants to dance with her. He confirms. She asks him why he wants to dance with her. He replies that he can tell that she’s fun and he wants to have fun. Sara says that Lety is the most fun. The guy asks again to dance. Lety says she’s not accustomed to being asked to dance. She thanks him. PM gets up and tries to dance with her guy, but the cuartel tries to stop her. Irmita and the cuartel argue about all the questions they’ve been asking Lety. PM tells her man that they’ll dance in a minute after they cover these little details. They say they’ll return for the ladies. PM wants to end the interrogatory.
Fernando wants to know if Saimon thinks that the cuartel is out picking up men. Saimon stumbles around the answer. Fernando says it’s not possible that they’re out late because they have to arrive early to the office tomorrow. A woman comes over to the table and greets Fernando. Saimon pops out of his chair and offers it to the lady. He tells the woman to “sit down” but Fernando grabs her hand and tells her to “stand up.” He reminds Saimon that they’re having a private conversation between men. Saimon seats her again. Fernando makes her stand. Saimon says maybe another occasion. The woman haughtily leaves. Saimon half follows until Fernando seduces him back to the table with whiskey and tequila. Saimon exclaims that Fernando attracts women like a bee to a honeycomb. Saimon thinks about what PM is doing in this moment. He needs to talk to her. Fernando agrees, while obviously thinking about Lety. They both hug themselves while Saimon continues about needing his woman. Fernando asks if Saimon really wants to know what his “little doll” is doing. Saimon says yes. (I think we’re finally getting to the point of this whole let’s take Saimon drinking game!) Saimon asks if Fernando does too. Fernando says yes he does.
Aldo tells Luigi that he’s not capable of answering so many questions. They agree that they will become a team on this project. Luigi recommends that Aldo should be near him. They have to be a team. It would be impossible if they’re far apart. Luigi will get Aldo an office at Conceptos. Caro remarks that this proposal should make Aldo pleased like a ring on a finger. Aldo smiles.
Fernando says that he’s going to demonstrate to Saimon how much he respects him. Saimon thinks Fernando is going to give him a raise. Fernando says no; he’s going to take Saimon to PM. Saimon says that Fernando is a better president than ex-president. Ooops! He meant Fernando’s a better ex-president than president! Fernando wants to get going. Saimon understands and takes off for the door. Fernando shouts after him. He asks Saimon where he’s going. Saimon says to look for… Fernando says he didn’t say it was time to go. They have to look up The Sanctuary in a directory. Fernando will accompany Saimon to look for PM and Let…the rest of the cuartel. Don’t leave. Saimon asks if they need a dictionary. No, a directory. Saimon shouts that they need a directory to anyone who will listen. Fernando looks as tired as I feel. He says to himself that Marcia’s going to kill him but he must see Lety.
Sara digs for information about what Lety’s dad will be doing and why Erasmo spoke with Humberto Mendiola. Juana asks about Tomas Mora. Lety explains that after Lety left Conceptos she sent Tomas who sent the lawyers. After that, her father went to Conceptos and later she arrived at Conceptos because the committee called her to return. PM calls her out and wants to know what’s really going on. The cuartel starts with its questions about the lawyers. Irmita comes to the rescue and ends the interrogation. Martha “changes” the subject. What did Lety have to do with the cancellation of Marcia’s wedding?
Luigi says he’s getting drunk. He asks Aldo if he’s going to accept Luigi’s offer. Guillermo advises Aldo to accept. Aldo accepts. The whole table toasts. Luigi says they’ll start the project tomorrow. Luigi will prepare an exquisite space for Aldo. Luigi wants to make it sure that this project will have nothing to do with Conceptos, because everything is pretty much going to hell. Aldo says something about not abandoning the construction of his restaurant and his book that he’s writing. Luigi calls Aldo a Pandora’s Box. He wants to know about the book. Is it a book about love. Aldo agrees and says it’s about love. It’s called “The Flavor of Life.” I suppose Aldo would like to change his and Lety’s names to “The Flavor of Life.” Luigi seductively fans himself.
Lety answers that no one knows why one falls in love or falls out of love. It’s a mystery and Lety doesn’t know what happened in the hearts of Fernando and Marcia. The cuartel needs to ask them. Juana complains that Lety is talking about philosophy. Sara thinks the cancellation had something to do with what happened in the boardroom. The cuartel gives some more theories and Lola exclaims that a woman would never return to a man who left her in the street. Juana stops all conversation when she says that she’s sure the wedding was cancelled because of another woman. Marcia guesses that the other woman must be gone, because Marcia would never accept something like that. Juana says that Marcia has always pardoned Fernando for his everything he did. Lety interjects into the conversation and asks how long it took Fernando and Marcia to reconcile after cancelling the wedding. “Faster than a rooster can crow,” Irmita replies. (o sea “faster than a chicken can sing”) “How beautiful,” Lety responds. The cuartel imitates the affection between Marcia and Fernando. Are they watching the same couple we are? PM is sure that Marcia seduced him, took him to bed and accepted his pardon. Lety stares off into space. The cuartel are sure that those two will get married. Juana comments that if Marcia doesn’t marry Fernando the least worse thing that could happen would be Marcia’s dying. Irmita says that Marcia and Fernando are like any other pair with all their problems, but they love each other. If they marry, it will be happy because they fought for their love. Everyone toasts. Lety holds back tears.
Back at La Noir, everyone eats. Marcia tells Over-Inquisitive-Mommy that Lety almost died when she was told by Marcia that Marcia and Fernando were together again. Teresita can’t believe that Lety didn’t already know. Marcia said she was surprised about that as well. She thought Lety had contact with the cuartel while she was gone. Alicia thinks that Lety returned to see Fernando but Marcia said it seemed as though Lety did not want to see Fernando. Teresita thinks that Lety must still love Fernando. Marcia has an observant moment and says that Lety is convinced that Fernando played her and used her. Marcia says that Lety still has the memory of the letter and doesn’t think that Fernando loves her. Alicia thinks that Fernando is still in love with Lety. No, Teresita thinks it’s that he’s surprised to see her with such confidence. Nope, Alicia says she’s still ugly and the same. Marcia says that if Fernando fell in love with Lety it was for some reason, and she could tell he was impactado when he saw her. Alicia says she was also impactado, with fright! Teresita says it seems dangerous to have these two talk. Marcia agrees and says it is dangerous, but it would be very difficult for Fernando to convince Lety that the letter is a lie. The letter was too cruel for Lety ever to begin to believe him again. Teresita still thinks it’s important to keep Fernando far from Lety.


Now added: the original "Alborada" recaps on Pratie Place

Hello friends,

I've just tagged all the recaps I did in 2005-2006 when Alborada was airing - see the sidebar. These recaps led to the birth of the "Caray, Caray!" blog - devoted, amusing readers over at Pratie Place became the original crew who first came over here with me. (See Alborada recap #29, March 2006, for first mention of the new blog.)

I hope this is of historical interest. Thanks, all.


Duelo de Pasiones - Monday, 01/30/07 -- Oh No! Donkey!

Scene opens with Maximo, Angel and Emilio are discussing. Emilio is telling them of his plan to bring Flor to the hacienda for the party with the hookers. Angel protests and Emilio insists that “that girl needs a lesson.” Maximo lights a cigar and asks him what he’s thinking of doing. Emilio says that he wants his friends to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, the river and a certain Wildflower. (Flor del Campo). [I don’t think this can be translated in any way that doesn’t sound ominous for Flor/Alina] Angel protests loudly and says that he’s not going to let him and his friends have their fun with this poor girl. Angel stalks off, coughing. Maximo says, “What happened ? Sounds like he’s mad.” Emilio says “My brother thinks it’s going to be a disaster, but he doesn’t even know my friends really well.” Maximo says, “Leave it to me, your friends are going to have a really great time.”

Thelma and Orlando are back at her apartment. We left her in the last episode in confusion at his telling her that the waiter who impregnated her was mentally retarded. Orlando says, I can’t believe you didn’t notice.” I was totally drunk off my ass,” says Thelma. I didn’t realize anything. Orlando says, “I imagine that this piece of information must cause you a lot of grief.” “You know, I wonder if the child you carrying will be mentally retarded like his father?” Thelma says. “Enough! You love torturing me.”

Luba is scolding Gaspar for being away. Gaspar presents her with a yellow and blue plaid flannel coat with a blue satin lining. She is enchanted and immediately becomes sweet. She tries it on. It sure looks fetching with that Mexican peasant skirt and blouse and that thing that looks like a pair of castanets around her neck. I can just see her, wearing it over that getup, smoking one of her doobies.Gaspar reaches into his bag and pulls out another present, a pink off-the-shoulder bridesmaid’s dress for Flor. Or at least it looks like a bridesmaid’s dress. Gaspar holds it up and Luba immediately turns serious. She explains that that stubborn Flor got herself hurt by going to the hacienda. She takes off the overcoat and hands it to him. She goes to check on her at the back of the cave.Flor isn’t looking so good. She complains of a fever. Luba goes to get her cures. Flor says she heard voices. “Did Emilio come back.” No Luba tells her. But Gaspar is back! Flor is happy to hear the news. She wants to see him but Luba tells her to stay put, she’ll return with the medicine.

Emilio goes to see Angel who is painting, wearing a hoodie like the Unabomber. “Why did you get mad?” asks Emilio. “Because you want to hurt that girl.” “But who is going to hurt her?” says Emilio, “I never said that.” Your friends will have their fun with her says Angel. No says Emilio, I wouldn’t permit that. Emilio says “I want Flor to realize that what she’s doing is wrong.” [I am assuming he’s referring to the reputed stealing and begging that OTHER PEOPLE have told him that she does. Uh, huh, you want to bring her to a house full of hookers and teach her she should be leading a clean and upstanding life? I’m sorry, but this makes absolutely NO SENSE at all. Or I’ve really missed something here]Angel counters, “When your friends drink, they don’t respect anyone.” Emilio shoots back, “they respect ME. They will not do anything unless I say.” Emilio tells Angel to stop worrying about this girl. Think about it. Flor is going to have advantages now that we are here. [I listened to this last sentence a bunch of times and since Emilio used the verb alegar, I think, he meant that she was going to get educational opportunities from their being there. If anyone can help me out, I’d be much obliged.]

Back to Thelma and Orlando. Orlando says, I’d better go.” “I have a lot to do.” Thelma still wants to know where Emilio is. “We have a deal. You have to wait” He says touching her face. She turns away angrily.

Adela meets with Soledad. Adela tells her that Don Loco is meeting with Hugo about the Cane Fields. Soledad wants to know if Adela has seen Alina. Adela says yes, and she’s fine. Did she tell you why she didn’t leave? Adela doesn’t know . Soledad, asks her if it’s true and says “you aren’t deceiving me?” Adela is nervous but grabs her hands and swears she’s not. I’m not sure what Adela’s up to here.

Luba is taking care of Flor/Alina’s wound. Luba is telling Flor that Emilio didn’t seem like that great a guy to her. She explained that she lied to him and told him that Flor was bad, a thief who was going to rob the hacienda, etc. because she was worried that he was a pal of Don Loco’s and that he’d tell him that Luba had befriended her. Flor shrugs. “Big deal,” she says. “Let him think what he wants. He’s not the same man that I knew. “ “The man I fell in love with I will keep here in my heart.” “ It was all so fast.” Luba is pleased with the progess her wound is making.

Emilio and Angel go back to talking about Flor. Angel says she’s just a poor girl. Emilio disagrees. “She’s not a poor little thing, she became like a fury when I tried to help her.” Angel says, “but you said she looks like Alina.” “Yes,” says Emilio, “but Alina is dead.” “And this girl is so different.” Angel says, but you have to understand, this girl didn’t have the same upbringing as Alina.” “No, says Emilio, YOU have to understand. They are very different.” He leaves in a huff.

Thelma is sobbing to her Aunt Rebeca that she’s been impregnated by a mentally retarded guy. That’s what Orlando told her. And he has no reason to lie. [Yeah, I’d trust a guy with his own transparent agenda against my lover.] Rebeca says “you’ve got a problem.” “But there’s not too much you can do, at this point, at least, unless you don’t want to marry Emilio.” “But that’s what I want most! “ Sobs Thelma.

Back at the cave, Gaspar presents the pink bridesmaid’s dress to Alina. She’s enchanted. Gaspar tells her he has a secret. He begins to tell her about his night of passion with his Munequita until Luba interrupts. She tells him to go eat and that Flor has to eat too. She hands her a plate. Luba tells her not to go back to the hacienda. Flor disagrees. She has to go back to talk to her mother. She wants to tell her that Emilio has changed.

It’s night and Santos and Rosita are meeting again secretly. Santos is talking about getting some money together so that they can marry soon. Rosita is not in such a big hurry. Santos doesn’t want her to have to work at the hacienda anymore so that she doesn’t have to be around that lech, Don Maximo. He likes it even less now that Emilio is there too. Santos tells her about the plans to bring the ladies of the evening to la Rinconada hacienda. Rosita is shocked, "to la Rinconada!" Yes, says Santos. I don’t want you to be there.

Emilio has an orange flashback about Alina/Flor in the cave, at the moment that he discovered that she wore the silver heart pendant that he gave to Alina. “Why can’t I stop thinking about Flor? He asks himself. Alina is dead!”

Alina/Flor is talking to Luba about Emilio’s noticing her heart pendant. “Are you sure he saw it?” asks Flor. “Yes says Luba.” “And he said it didn’t belong to you.” ”You’d better take it off so that he doesn’t see it again. He’s going to try to take it back to give to the Patron.” Flor refuses at first. “This pendant is mine. He gave it to me.” Luba says, “Flor, I know it’s yours. But if he sees it again, there are going to be problems.” Flor reluctantly gives her silver heart to Luba for safekeeping. She has an orange flashback of when Emilio gave it to her. She asks Luba to take good care of it. Flor says, “When I ask for it back, you will give it to me.”

Jose is still imprisoned by the drug runners. He holds a little picture of Mariana and Marianita. He has an orange flashback of the last time they were together on the day he left. Marianita tells Mariana that her little sick friend Estrellita asksed about her papa. Mariana asks if he told her anything. She says no. But she wants to know when she is going to see him. Why can’t they go look for him. Mariana puts her off and Marianita says that she’ll take all her medicine and do all her radiation treatments and THEN they can go see him.

Back in the drug runner’s jail, Jose is sitting with his hands bound. Aldo comes in and says he will take a letter to mail for Jose. He gives him paper and pencil and Jose quickly writes something and Aldo takes it but is intercepted by the drug runners. They take the letter and warn order him at gunpoint not to do it again. They can’t risk anyone finding out where they are.The stagecoach full of hookers in their short skirts and boots is on the muddy road to the hacienda. It gets stuck and Coral gets them all out so that the men can push. Lots of whistles and cat calls.

Back to the Rinconada and Emilio walks into Angel ‘s room. [Where in the heck did they find a yellow suede military old style jacket? You’d have to be confident of your manhood to wear something like that out in the country!] He touches the portrait that Angel has been working on of Flor. Angel comes in. “So when she did pose for you?” Emilio asks. “No,” says Angel. “I did it from memory.” “She left that much of an impression. “She’s a sweet girl,” says Angel. “Sweet!?” says Emilio. “How do you know if you don’t even know here?” There’s a knock at the door. “Come in.” coughs Angel. It’s the maid, Vera. She announces that Emilio’s guests have arrived. He tells her to show them to their rooms. He’ll be there to greet them in a minute. When Vera leaves, Emilio turns back to Angel and says “I hope you’ll behave well with my friends.” Angel tells him not to worry. After Emilio leaves, he turns to Flor’s picture and thought bubbles, “I won’t let anyone make fun of you.”

Maximo sneaks up behind Rosita while she’s cleaning and grabs her around the waist and begins to assault her. She tries to fight him off. Angel happens to come into the room at that moment and asks what’s going on. Maximo lets go of Rosita and she runs out of the room. “What bad timing you have, nephew!” says Maximo, annoyed. “You were going to take that girl by force, eh?” says Angel. Maximo gives a look of consternation. “What are you going to tell me about women?” “I know what I’m doing.” (Yo se mi cuento.) Angel looks troubled as Maximo walks away.

Emilio is necking with Coral. She’s wearing a short denim skirt and a fetching white blouse tied up like a halter top. He asks her if she likes her room. She thinks it’s great but she’d be happy to be in a hut so long as she could be with him. She tells him that there are four girls with her. She says she tried to get five but the four she got will liven things up, or something like that.

Looking way over dressed, in her pink bridesmaids dress and bare feet or maybe sandals, Alina/Flor is handing out cough syrup to a bunch of little kids brought by the Priest. The priest thanks her and says she should be resting. She says no, who else would give the kids their cough medicine? [I Dunno, maybe the Priest? Luba? Geez, I hope that’s only a cold and not tuberculosis.] Gaspar gets in line on his knees and pretends to be one of the kids in line. When Flor gets to him, she laughs and says, Gaspar! you don’t have a cough! [Yuk Yuk Yuk]

Maximo is talking to Emilio in what appears to be the study of the hacienda rinconada. [Aside: I love these telenovela rich guy studies, with their huge desks and fancy furniture. Oh, and ubiquitous cut crystal decanter full of brandy and matching glasses! I aspire to an office like that some day. Emilio’s even has a globe. Sorry…back to the story.]

Maximo asks if they should invite Don Alvaro Montellano to the fiesta. Emilio says, hey why not. He really seems to hate this illegitimate daughter of his. He has people shooting at her with shotgun pellets. He makes her live in a cave with a witch and mentally retarded guy. [Idiota, in this case I think is the more scientific definition, person of a certain low IQ]. “Nephew,” says Maximo, “that doesn’t prove that she’s his bastard daughter.” “I’m sure she is,” says Emilio. “And knowing that he hates her, you still want to bring her to the party?” asks Maximo. “Yes, I do.” Says Emilio. Maximo puts down his glass of brandy. “I think you like the little thief!” “I will admit she’s pretty” says Emilio. “And she looks like a woman I once knew.” “I’d like to bring her to the fiesta to teach her a lesson but I doubt she will come.” “Oh, no,” says Maximo. “She’ll come. I will arrange it.” “Tonight this party will have Alvaro Montellano and Flor del Campo.”

Maximo goes to Don Loco’s place to invite him to the fiesta. He tells him he has to go to the party because Emilio believes that Alina is dead. If he doesn’t come, Emilio may start thinking that maybe she’s not….[Please, somebody, does this make any sense at all? Maybe it doesn’t have to since Maximo only has to convince Don Loco who is already off his head paranoid.] Maximo also asks if Don Loco reached an agreement with the authorities. Loco says yes, it was expensive but in the end, they made a deal. “Convince yourself, Maximo. Here in Sierra Escondida, I am in control.” Says Don Loco.

Elsewhere at Don Loco’s, Soledad is lighting candles in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Alvaro enters and she gets up and walks away. He announces that they are going to a party at the Rinconada Hacienda. And she’d better behave. And remember, to say that Alina, their daughter is dead.

Thelma and Orlando are talking. Thelma asks what his game is. Orlando says he’s doing it to eliminate a powerful rival. “That’s all.”

Rosita and Alina are walking along the river. Alina in her pink dress and Rosita in blue. Rosita is complaining about how Don Maximo tried to rape her again but that Angel saved her. Alina asks, why don’t you leave that place? “I need the money ” Rosita says. Alina says, “I don’t know what to tell you Rosita.” Rosita says, hopefully she and Santos can marry and they can leave that place forever.

Emilio comes to Luba’s cave looking for Flor to invite her to the fiesta. Luba’s rude to him. At first she says that Alina’s doing badly and has a high fever. She’s sleeping. When Emilio pokes back the curtain to see and she’s not there, Luba feigns surprise and chagrin that she’s gone again. Emilio goes out saying he knows she hangs out around the river.

He meets up with Angel who is just arriving on horseback, coughing his head off. Emilio is ticked. He tells Angel that she’s not there. Angel barely gets a word out for all the coughing. Emilio knows why he is there, to warn her to stay away from the fiesta. He orders Angel to come back with him to La Rinconada. Emilio accuses of him of betraying him. Angel gets more worked up and coughs some more but he manages to get out that he thinks that Emilio is doing worse by trying to take away someone’s freedom. And he’s used to getting away whatever he wants. “We’re not going to argue here” Says Emilio. “Let’s go back to the hacienda.” They mount their horses.

Alina/Flor is walking with Gaspar and she tells him that she used to wear dresses like that when she was Alina Montellano. Gaspar tells her she looks like his munequita. Alina says she’s not, that the muequitas walk like this. (She does a little hip swiveling sexy walk which makes me think that she has figured out that by munequitas, Gaspar means prostitutes.) Alina asks him how he knew this dress would fit her so well? Gaspar says his munequita had one just like it, only red. [As I recall, Thelma’s dress was a evening length sheath with a slit up the thigh and a cleavage revealing halter top. I think it had rhinestones too. The pink dress that he got for Alina is a tea length off the shoulder number with a tight bodice and cap sleeves. It resembles Thelma’s dress as much as Bo Peep’s outfit resembles Marilyn Monroe’s dress in “The Seven Year Itch.” ]

Gaspar points at her breasts and she slaps his hand away embarrassed. Gaspar wants to tell her about his night of passion with Thelma again but he admits that his mom doesn’t want him talking about it. “Well then, we won’t” says Alina.

Soledad and Adela are talking, with Soledad sitting at her dressing table getting ready for the party. Adela is telling her how beautiful she looks. She should always fix herself up like that. Adela tells her she should have fun tonight. Ifigenio, from la Riconada told her that some friends of Emilio are there and some girls. “Oh, how nice!” Says Soledad,” I’ll be able to talk to some ladies.” [Somehow I don’t think Coral and her Friends are what Soledad is thinking of.]
Meanwhile, Coral and her friends are cavorting around a room getting ready for the party. One of them is complaining about how far away they are and that there isn’t even phone service. She’s glad they are getting paid.

Gaspar and Alina approach Don Loco’s hacienda. She asks him to ask for Adela and if Adela isn’t around, to ask for Nora. Gaspar gets distracted. “Nora’s pretty!” says the now girl crazy Gaspar. Alina is exasperated and tries to get him to repeat her instructions but he’s all confused. She sends him off finally hoping he’ll get it right. She wants to talk to her mom, but also wants to know if her dad is around.

Emilio and Angel are back at the hacienda, fighting about Alina/Flor. Emilio challenges Angel’s manhood. Angel shoots back,” is that what it means to you to be a man? Hanging out with a bunch of dancers and taking advantage of a innocent girl?” They start yelling. Angel starts coughing but manages to say, that he’s more of a man than he is. He says he’s made a decision. He’s breaking all ties with Emilio. He’s leaving him alone with his friends. He starts up the stairs, coughing all the way. Emilio gets even madder. He yells after him, “the sooner the better.”

Maximo is talking to Ifigenio and Castulo, two workers at the hacienda. He says he’s going to give a present to his nephew Emilio. He’s going to get Flor del Campo to the fiesta. He hands them a stack of cash. He sits them down to hear his instructions.Don Loco is talking to Hugo back at his hacienda,

Don Loco is getting ready for the party. He is worried about having accepted the invitation and having told the lie that Alina is dead. “What if they see Alina? asks Hugo. Don Loco spritzes himself with cologne. Hugo says he probably won’t see him, he’s leaving very early in the morning for the Cane Fields. Don Loco tells him to send Mariana money, but to tell her not to ask for more, that he’s not rich. [I guess not after paying all those bribes!] Also, to tell her not to come to the hacienda under any circumstances. “Tell her that I’m always travelling, it’s hard to find me,” etc. Hugo agrees and reiterates that he’s loyal to Don Alvaro. Don Alvaro says something like, and I expect you to continue to be. Alvaro returns to grousing about the party and his wife.

Nora and Gaspar are talking. She tells him that the Senora isn’t at the hacienda, they left she doesn’t no where.

When Gaspar goes, Sergio goes up to Nora and asks her why she was talking to “that guy.” He sounds jealous. Nora takes the opportunity to taunt him by saying that Gaspar is very handsome (“bien guapote.”) “Too bad he is bad in the head.”

Two men show up in brush where Alina is waiting. Donkey goes after them defend her and the men beat him with sticks and rocks until the poor dog is lying on the ground. They grab Alina screaming about Donkey and carry her away.

Emilio, in his bathrobe is getting ready for the party. Maximo comes in and announces that Flor will be at the party. Emilio asks how and Maximo is evasive. With the help of some freinds, they’ve assured that she’ll be there. “You know, says Emilio, I’ve been thinking about giving up the idea in order to make peace [presumably with Angel]. Maximo gets mad that Emilio is backing out. Maximo says there’s no going back now. Emilio agrees and says he’ll be glad to see the look on Don Alvaro’s face when he sees his bastard daughter. They talk about how Angel will react and Emilio remarks that Angel is really worked up about this girl. Maximo says “Ah, Angelito likes the girl!” He puts his arm around Emilio and says, “That’s good, because I was starting to think…no, forget it.” He says, and laughs. He walks away calling, “THE GOOD NEWS IS MY NEPHEW LIKES GIRLS!” [I guess if you’re a guy and you aren’t assaulting the staff and visiting the whorehouse every night in Sierra Escondida, you must be gay.]

Gaspar finds Donkey and cries that he’s dead. He carries him back to the cave.

Angel and Emilio are chatting before the fiesta. [At least Emilio got rid of that yellow suede jacket and is now in a linen jacket and nice white shirt. It’s now Angel who is looking artistic in a dark blue jacket with a lot of buttons. ] Angel is still argumentative. He tells Emilio, “I don’t think things are going to turn out the way you planned. Alvaro Montellano has already arrived with his wife.” Cue the ominous music. Emilio is impactado. [Why I’m not exactly sure. It’s not like he had the arrival of Alina, Don Loco and Soledad timed to the minute.]

Gaspar arrives at the cave and tells Luba that some men carried off Flor and killed Donkey. Luba takes a look at Donkey and says he’s not dead! She can cure him! Back to the tense conversation between Emilio and Angel. It turns out that Emilio was impactado because he didn’t think that Soledad was going to be there. He is still thinking that Flor is the product of some hanky panky by Don Loco and one of the local girls. He didn’t want to bring Dona Soledad into it. He’s sure that she won’t be happy to see Flor. Angel shakes his head. “Flor isn’t coming.” Angel says, “That’s what you think.” Uncle Maximo “assures me that she will says Emilio.” “Tonight she will take the place of honor at the dinner table.”

Alina/Flor is in a storage room by herself, crying about Donkey. She has an orange flashback of the men beating him. Santos enters. She cries out ‘Santos! “Where am I?” Santos explains that she is in the basement of La Rinconada. “What am I doing here?” Santos says that Don Maximo ordered that she be brought there. “WHY?” So that she can be with his nephew Emilio. “Don’t worry” Santos assures her. “I’ll be watching and I’ll make sure that nobody does anything to hurt you.” She tells him tearfully. “They killed my dog!” Santos shakes his head. “Desgraciados!” Back to the Cave. Gaspar storms off to try to save Flor. Luba tries to stop him but fails. She prays to the picture of the Virgin to take care of Gaspar. He’s capable of killing the Patron!

Back to Angel and Emilio arguing. “It’s too late to change my plans” says Emilio. “I know” says Angel, coughing. “But be careful that one day this doesn’t all come back to haunt you.” [I couldn’t quite catch the next phrase. Something like “to become embittered” or to purse innocent girls.”] Angel says “so what I told you did sink in.” “You love me, even when I tell you the truth. I love you too, you are my brother, my only family. It hurts me that you are about to do an injustice to Flor.” Angel grabs Emilio’s shoulder for emphasis. “One day you are going to regret this injustice.” Emilio retorts, “What injustice?” “So you’ve turned into stone?” says Angel. “ I hope you haven’t fallen in love?” “Fallen in love?” asks Emilio surprised. “With who?” Angel shrugs? “I don’t know, with some honest girl.” “Did you think I was going to say…” “Flor? Asks Emilio. “And why not,?” asks Angel. Emilio’s getting angry at this point. “You are already so obsessed with her you don’t even want the suggestion that you might be in love with her” Angel says. Emilio tells Angel to get out and after he does, he says to the air, “I am not in love with Flor.” He throws something at the door for emphasis.

The girls are sitting around moping with Coral. Coral warns them that if they don’t play nice, they won’t get paid.

Angel goes down to receive the guests. He’s talking to Soledad. Soledad tells him that “before she died” her daughter told her a lot about Emilio. She’d like to talk to Emilio alone, if possible and asks Angel if he can make it happen. She wants to talk to him without her husband around. She explains that Alvaro doesn’t like it when she talks about Alina. Angel nods.V

Vera the maid brings a bunch of makeup, a comb and a mirror to help the unenthusiastic Alina pretty up before the fiesta.

Gaspar is at the Don Loco’s Hacienda, he is intercepted but demands to see Flor. He pushes off the two men and Adela approaches him and she tells them to let him go and to let her talk to him alone. After they leave, she swears to him that Flor is not there.

Angel is still talking to Soledad. He tells her that maybe she should tell her husband she’s sick and go home. Really, she shouldn’t have come. This party is only for the men. At that point, Emilio walks up to Soledad and welcomes her. Soledad tells him that she really wants to talk to him about her daughter Alina. Just then, across the room, Don Loco calls out—go ahead Soledad, we’re all listening.

Luba is back at the cave praying and stirring one of her potions. Gaspar goes back to the Cave, crying that he doesn’t know where Flor is.

For Soledad, the jig is up! Soledad makes some small talk and retreats. Don Loco comes up to her and grabs her arm and walks her out when Emilio offers to show her the garden.
Angel notes Soledad’s strange behavior and how she seems to be afraid of her husband.

Alina/Flor is talking to Vera the maid. Vera is telling her that Don Maximo brought her especially to please his nephew Emilio. Alina says, “he could have asked.” Vera tells her he probably wants her to meet his friends. Alina complains that she doesn’t want to meet them and she turns to leave. Vera tells her not to, that for sure they will stop her.

Emilio is showing Soledad and Don Loco the view and points out how they will be building a highway through there. Don Loco not fond of that. He says that they don’t need such modern things. [Yeah, how are you going to be able to kidnap people and hold hostages when cell phones and roads are easily accessible in Sierra Escondida?]

Emilio lets the couple go on ahead while he consults with one of the workmen. He confirms that they have Flor, she’s in the basement of the Hacienda.

Don Loco harasses Soledad about her attempt to talk to Emilio about Alina. They go back to Emilio and all three head back inside for the party.

Back at Luba’s cave, Luba and Gaspar are having a frantic conversation about Flor’s whereabouts. Suddenly it dawns on Luba where Flor is.

Santos arrives at Rosita and her Daddy Braulio’s house. She says that Flor needs their help.
Back at the Rincondada they are serving dinner, with Angel, Maximo, Soledad and Don Loco at the table. Emilio, sitting at the head of the table announces that he has decided for the occasion to invite a local girl, humble of origin to dinner. Don Maximo interrupts to say not to expect a fine lady. Emilio says she’s “like a Cinderella” and it’s good for her so that she can learn to comport herself like a lady. Soledad also begins to interrupt but Don Loco cuts her off and explains that since the death of their daughter, his wife has become “embittered.” [Yeah, guy, she oughta be bitter at you for locking her up for 2 years]. Emilio calls to Santos to bring in the girl. It’s Alina, in her pink dress and her hair combed for once. Don Loco and Soledad are impactado. Everybody stands up.


La Fea Más Bella #198 1/29/07 in which Lety discovers the transition from Labor to Management is difficult.

We get to savor, again, the Banana's realization that she is now secretary to, not Don Humberto, but Lety! No puede ser! "Hey, it isn't April Fool's Day, don't fool around like this. This must be a nightmare! Luigi, pinch me! Ow, not that hard!" Assured it's fact, the Banana is in collapse.

Fern grins, the other shareholders are disgruntled. Alicia begs Marcia: "Don't leave me in Her clutches! I just insulted her dad out there!" Told that tomorrow Lety will decide who stays and who gets fired, Luigi wraps his arms around Alicia's massive, uh, ribcage, as far as they will go; both sob as Fern smiles and waves.

In the hall the cuartel cheers, air is pumped. Alicia scowls at them as they gloat over their newly influential friend. "Lambisconas (see below)! In the novelas they also fire the gossips."

Fern slams the door in Omar's face, then both bundle into the office. Fern mopes: "Lety's a new person, she surely still detests me, she's going to fire both of us." One-note Omar suggests that a reconquest would solve this problem nicely. "Shut up for once in your life, Omar, your advice is idiotic. The wagon has left - it's too late for that." "But if you're fired today, tomorrow you can lose your car, your house, your club membership..."

Alicia is sobbing in Marcia's office. "I won't be able to sleep tonight and I can't afford a sleeping pill, much less a bottle of booze to help me forget my bad luck." Lety enters. "What are YOU doing here?" Alicia snarls. Lety asks her to clear out. "As you order, Licenciada," is the sarcastic reply, but Lety calmly ignores the sarcasm, waits for her to leave, and begins.

"From now on, Marcia, we'll have to talk together a lot and work as a team." "All you care about is getting revenge against me and Fern." "If that's what I wanted, I'd never have given the business back. I asked you to stay because the business needs you and so do I. You're fundamental." "But you hate me!" "No, I never hated you, even when you fired me, much less now." "Well, I never liked you. And what you did to me was much worse than what I did to you." "Of course it was. I shouldn't have gotten involved with Fern, and believe it or not, both you and I ended up losing." Marcia smirks as she announces: "Fern and I have resumed our relationship." (Cut to Fern, alone, dreaming of Lety.) "We're trying to put back together what you destroyed." "Congratulations. History won't repeat itself - I'm remaking my life and, truly, I don't want to be around Fern, don't worry."

The cuartel continues to speculate: who will be fired tomorrow? Surely the Oxy? They've been deprived of the inside scoop for months now and their appetite for gossip is beyond ravenous.

The Oxy says when she's fired she won't go hungry, she has important friends who've made her incredible job offers. She won't be in tears - she'll go home, sit in her Jacuzzi with ice cream and caviar and white wine, and listen to "cultured music, like Bach or Mozart or Beethoven or Paquita La Del Barrio [see below]."

She and Helmet-head then sashay in tandem over to Marcia's office. "When should I offer my resignation?" Marcia's head hurts and she doesn't want to think about it. Helmet-head wants to eat ("I'm starving!" enthuses Alicia) and invites Marcia. "Or maybe you'd rather be with Fern? ("Or maybe you're panicked he'll see Her," suggests Alicia.) "Now that She's back, you'll have to learn to manage your life well," lectures Helmet-head.

The feas have decided on a Girls Night Out with Lety to celebrate her ascension. Simon whines that he wants to go along. PM says no. Simon surmises they'll be going to an antro (which those of us following Mundo de Fieras know as a strip-joint/pole-dancing club). PM says no, it will be someplace quiet...

Meanwhile Aldo is dining at "Candelabria" with Caro, who is, distressingly, wearing ultra-tight beaded pigtails and as much makeup as Joan Rivers, almost as much as Jocelyn. [She looks like a scarecrow, who did this to her and why?] Aldo is yakking cheerfully about Lety. "I wanted to tell her right away how I've fallen so completely in love with her, but I saw she was in a difficult situation and it wasn't the right moment for a declaration." Caro says, be patient. "Yes, things have to come at their right time no matter how much we want them sooner. Love turns us into teenagers. I was always lousy at wooing women, and now especially Lety, who is so special. I don't want to upset her, I'll have to wait for exactly the right time."

The cuartel can't wait to party down. "If we leave a little early, that's ok - cause WE'RE with the PRESIDENT." Marta wonders aloud if the infamous wedding cancellation had been connected somehow to Lety's leaving, Lety makes the worried puckered-O mouth. The feas say "We'll gossip all night and you'll tell us everything."

Yazmin waits for Lopez. Seeing her, he licks his paw, rubs it over his bald head and non-existent combover, and then meatily grabs her hand with his licked paw (YECH!). He says: "I don't write the checks, but I can help ... let's go someplace we can relax." (Guácala!) Yazmin agrees.

Lety appears and tells Yazmin she'll cut a check tomorrow and take care of everything. Lopez hurries to add, "But, Yazmin, we need to discuss it anyway..."

Luigi enters and shrieks to see Lety. Hearing she's going to help Yazmin, he suggests sarcastically that they light a candle to Saint Lety.

He then tells Yazmin she can have her job back: he needs her to model underwear. Lola goes ballistic. The cuartel say Lety would have to approve a re-hiring. Luigi says "I'm completely independent and can do what I want, or I'll quit." Yazmin telephones her boyfriend, Lola's husband, whom she calls Skinny (he's aka El Cheque), to gloat; she strokes her thigh as she coos to him, dissing "the menopausal one" (Lola). Flaquito/El Cheque asks to speak to Lola. "You have to stop harrassing me, if you interfere with Yazmin getting her job back, there won't be money for the kids, blah blah..."

Lety appears and Lola complains to her about Yazmin. Lety says she has more important things to worry about. She utters the words she will use to deflect the cuartel's suppositions, requests, and demands through the rest of the episode: "Later! Later!"

Hearing that Lety will solve her problem tomorrow, Yazmin walks out on Lopez.

As Fern is slipping out of the office Marcia bustles up behind him. "Are you leaving?" "Yes, there's nothing more for me to do." "Where are you going?" "I dunno." "Alicia and your mother and I are meeting at a restaurant, do you want to join us?" "OK" "And what will you be doing before that?" "I dunno."

The cuartel charges through the hall; because Lety is with them, Marcia kisses Fern ostentatiously. Lety and Fern stare at each other. "Those two (Marcia and Fern) are so amorous!" giggles one of the girls. Marcia gets in the elevator with the Feas, expecting Fern to pile in too, but he says, "it's full, and anyway you'll probably be talking about that woman stuff." When the elevator door closes he staggers and makes a little prayer which I didn't understand.

Simon is still whinging down in reception as the cuartel emerges from the elevator discussing where they'll go to party, and how they'll manage without a car. Then Fern steps out of the elevator alone... He and Lety exchange an electric glance... The feas march between them and then away... Fern has a chance to say something to Lety... Does he? No, he does not. She follows behind the feas, slooowwwwlllyy... He had his chance.

Left behind, of course Simon continues moaning: "They say they're going somewhere quiet, but I don't believe them, you know how they are!" Fern: "It's not that I'm curious but that, that, that ... that that that... where are they going?" "I dunno, somewhere they can eat, drink, dance, make out..." "Make out??!!?" (Ligarse)

Fern continues: "Simon, you're so elegant, well dressed, perfumed, tell me, what are you going to do tonight? Want to toss down a couple whiskeys with me?" Simon got an A in impactado class, he is super thrilled, especially because Fern will pick up the tab. They discuss how good they both look, and Simon asks whether they should take his motorbike or Fern's car. Fern: "Oh, you want us to look like we're delivering pizzas?" (Simon pouts.) "Sorry, sorry, no, your bike is beautiful, precious, a veritable steed (Simon beams), but my car will be more comfortable." Spouting French and Italian, Simon combusts with pride. "From here to - the presidency!" he thought-bubbles out loud.

All the girls pile out of one taxi at some dump PM has chosen. They expect Lety to pay, but she only has 30 pesos. Why? "I left Conceptos without a cent and I've spent all my savings." They each dig up a few coins for the driver. The place looks awful. Marta says if her hubby saw it he wouldn't let her go in, but they're there, enough talk already: "So much singing and no opera! Let's go!" They tell Lety she needs a car, a super-car like her boyfriend's. "And you'll help us with loans! And you need a cellphone!" "Conceptos is in crisis. Later, later, later."

Luigi rushes into Candelabria, the restaurant where Aldo is bending Caro's ear about Lety. Delighted to see Caro, he drools a bit when introduced to Aldo and starts flirting. He flirts harder after Caro says, "My 'friend' is a world-renowned chef, Aldo Domenzain." Luigi hyperventilates, "Oh, that's lovely, I'm world-renowned also, I'm a famous movie director, I won a prize at Cannes." "I'm honored to meet you," says Aldo in a friendly manner. Luigi, emitting a fog of pheremones: "Ah, you're gorgeous, you have great skin." Aldo, graciously: "Thanks." Ruli calls and Luigi blows him off. He invites himself to have dinner with Caro and Aldo.

He turns to Caro and gushes: "You'll never believe who's the new president of Conceptos! It's the PLATYPUS! Leticia Nightmare (Padilla/Pesadilla) Solis! A horror!" And in a fatal aside to Aldo: "Oh, sorry, but the fact is she's really ugly." Aldo's eyes narrow - he lifts his chin - he starts to rise - and - oh, too bad! - the Golden Circle of Goodbye appears and the show is over. A continuación...

Lamibiscón: gluttonous, toadying, fawning. Bola de lambisconas = bunch of flatterers.


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