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Amores Verdaderos #163 Fri 6/28/13 Kendho, FF and Salsero, Oh My!; Lili Demands, Will Angel Cave?; Anyballs Has a Plan, Sha La La, Sha La La

Hola, Patio Peeps! This recap will not be in order and some scenes have been combined. As usual I may have missed some things/gotten things wrong, please comment and let me know.

We start this epi with Lili and the Angel at Cris' grave and Angel wants he and Lili to leave that Balvanera Manse, it is a wretched place, but Lili stands her ground and says she is now a Balvanera, and wants to enjoy the things her Mama Cris couldn't. Lili really thought that the Angel would have broken it off with Ms Vikki when he found out they were sisters. Lagrimas! Lili wants to spend some time with Anyballs, her Abue. Angel is not happy, cause he knows what Anyballs is all about! Besides she also doesn't like that hateful Nikki and now they are on equal standing. Angel tells her she may be a Balvanera, but she is still an Arriaga. Later, Lili and the Angel are in the Staff support kitchen and continuing the convo from the cemetary. Angel wants them to leave this house with dignity. Lili, meh, not so much, she is doing this for her Mama Cris who should have had the same standing as Ms Vikki. Now Lili demands that her Papa Angel break up with Ms Vikki, can't be in love with Mama's own sister! Que, Que What???? Demanding, please! Angel tells her that he can't help his destiny, he loves Ms Vikki. He also tells Lili, look at her, she is in love with Frankie, who will never love her the way she wants him to. She tells him, well that's ok, cause she isn't related to Frankie! Polita and Jean Marie happen to come upon this arguement and Angel stops and asks for an update on Anyballs. Jean Marie tells them that Ms Vikki called and says he is doing better. They are both glad to hear it. Angel tells Polita he needs to see Ms Vikki when she gets back and goes. Lili tells Polita that she wants to see Ms Vikki first, before her Papa. Jean Marie asks Lili if now they have to address Lili as Senorita Lili, since she is now a Balvanera. She looks at them and nods her head, then bursts out laughing and tells them, she is still the same, friends foreva, group hug!

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CI: #35 - 6/28/13 : The Truth Shall Not Always Set You Free

Scenes are condensed for fluidity.

The Past

2 brain celled Tav is full of joy as his delusional mind allows him to believe his brother Miguel, did some good and moved MC and the family to a new house.  Because Oblivio could not make any inferences to why there is a burnt down shack where MC and her poor family once lived, Miguel guilty has to break it to him what happened (Oblivio must I comment on your lack of intelligence every episode…please surprise me for once…sigh). Oblivio freaks out wondering what happened to Solita and MC. Miguel informs him they both are fine but are gone forever.

The Present
Tobias lets it slip that Don Alejandro also has a grandchild. He quickly covers by saying there is a chance that his daughter could be married with kids. Don Alejandro likes the idea. Just as Tobias digs himself out of one hole he falls into another by stating that he is sure his daughter will return (!!) soon (Tobias, Tobias…. You’re a quick thinker but you need to make an exit before Don Alejandro gets suspicious).
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Qué Bonito Amor #55 (Mex 82-83.1) Friday 6/28/13 One Broken Heart Is Mended and a Bonito Amor Appears To Be Ended Or What a Difference a Week and a Half Makes

Capítulo 82 /83 

The butcher is making sausage which is an ugly business.......They squeezed a lot into an hour again in this episodio.  Here are the

High-points in Half a Minute (cues the echo): Santos escapes his would-be executioners and makes it back to Mexico City; Mil Amores confesses his love to Ana and she admits hers for him; Coloso and the Mariachitos give Fernando a scathing hard time for keeping the truth about JAntos from them.  Maria faints after singing Me Equivoqué Contigo [I Was Wrong About You!] and still nobody but Amalia has a clue as to why; El Coloso begs Maria for a  chance at romance, and she tells him she's a one-love woman;Vanessa lies and cries to the schoolteacher about Rodrigo forcing himself on her and scaring her; Justo resigns his official position so he can return to Mexico with Wendy and help prove Santos is innocent; Maria gives a scathing tongue lashing to Fernando for keeping her in the dark about Santos/JAntos What'shisname and tells Fer never to darken her family's door again; The Godfather gives Giuliano one final chance to get the $10 million back or he'll be shoveling red hot coals with Arnold and Bruno; Maria starts to soften towards El Col and he tells Aventurero he's nearly got her to give him the nod; Santos shows up at the bar looking for Maria to explain things; Fer finds him and tells him she and the whole city know about him now and that she wants nothing more to do with either of them; Maria gives in and goes to the rooftop to give JAntos/Santos hell for lying to her.

Details to come!

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PEAM #80-6/28/13: What Are Julio and Xochi Up To; Chucho Bonds With Pancho Lopez, But Will He Take His Advice, Will Alma Take Rebe's Advice?

Hola, Manda Peeps. This recap will not be in order, scenes have been combined so that the recap flows better. This recap will be in two parts. The first in Monterrey and the second in Toluca.

Happenings in Monterrey:
Chatita is now finished with Cardy and is about to leave, but needs directions of course. She encounters the three sillies and gets directions from them, but has a thought? Are any of them married? They point to Don Gil, he is the only one married in their department. She gets him to give her directions to his home so she can maybe sell Begona some Avon cosmetics and the other sillies joke that she just may need them, ha, ha!

Sebastian has come to pay Rogue a bit of a visit. He wants to know if Rogue has gotten rid of his amante Patymelt yet, cause Sebastian had to convince Alma to marry Rogue, ya know cause Rogue bailed ole Sebas out! Rogue is shocked, I tell you shocked. And that isn't all! He swore that Rogue was a good guy, faithful, trusty, yadda, yadda, and if Rogue doesn't break it off with Patymelt, he'll tell Alma all about what is going on! Rogue isn't taking this lying down, and tells Sebas if he tells on him, he'll tell Alma that Sebas was responsible for her Mama's death. It's the proverbial stand off here! Well, Rogue backs off and apologizes to Sebas and tells him with everything going on, in particular Alma being away in Toluca with that damned secretary, Rogue has been let go from Avon and Sebas is just astounded.
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Weekend Discussion: The Televisa Remake Game; Classic Movies, Second Edition

We had a good time with this before, so here we go again playing Televisa casting director to remake our favorite classic movies!  The rules:
  • Pick a classic movie, any genre.  Title translation optional.
  • Give your dream cast for the Televisa Remake you would produce.  Actors currently under contract to Telemundo are also invited to the casting call.  Although most or all character names would be changed into Spanish ones, use the original character names for clarity.
  • Make note of any minor changes to setting, character relationships, etc.
  • Comment on any previously posted project.

  • New projects should occur at least every third post, but more frequently is good, too!

Considering today's weather and its effect on me (sluggish with brain working at half-speed) and Televisa's track record of doing remakes of remakes, my first entry in this discussion is the a truly great film noir remake (or reboot) – Body Heat:

Ned Racine............     Sergio Sendel
Maddy Walker........    Silvia Navarro
Peter Lowenstein.......  Jorge Salinas
Oscar Grace.............   Ricardo Vera
Edmund Walker.........  Marcelo Buquet
Stella.........................   Laura Carmine
Miles Harden.............  Alejandro Camacho
Mary Ann Simpson..... Altair Jarabo
Roz Kraft................     Eugenia Cauduro
Heather Kraft..........     Karyme Hernández
Teddy Lewis...........     Alex Sirvent
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Amores Verdaderos #162 Thu 6/27/13 Loving You Doesn't Stop Me From Boinking Your Sister

Balzac Demands a Review of His Contract

Luckily for Balzac, none of his Pug buddies are Amores Verdaderos fans or read Caray Caray recaps.  In this scene, Polita is holding Balzac (a Juliard trained pubsbian), who has been humiliatingly stuffed into a tiny red night-shirt with a fur-lined collar.  Polita begins to discuss her employers’ private foyer business such as:   Lilly’s newfound Ballsvanera status and Arriaga’s raunchy activities with Vicky.  She stops herself when she recalls Tomi’s words about loose lips.  Jean Marie doesn’t seem to push the conversation.  He takes Balzac from Polita and says it’s Balzac’s bedtime.    

The Kitten Fight

Back in the Body Guarding Room, the princesses continue to argue.  Disney Princess Lilly tells exiled Princess Nicky that she might be a short hillbilly, but like Nicky, she is a Ballsvanera and has all the rights associated with that name.  Hoping to start a new fashion trend by wearing green Spanx on the outside of a purple skirt, Nicky tells Lilly that Candy’s not the only sweet treat Anibal has sampled.  Disney Princess Lilly promptly loses her entire mind!  There’s so much hair flying, it’s like Saturday night at a Head Bangers Ball! Guzman observes one of his greatest fantasies coming alive right before his eyes.  The only way this could have turned out better is if the cousins were wearing bikinis and wrestling in jello.  Guzman reluctantly steps between them and carries Nicky (kicking and screaming) out the room.
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Qué Bonito Amor #54 (Mex 80.2-81) Thursday 6/27/13 Que Triste Despedida

Jantos finally gets to see his ailing mama.  Justo has stopped blaming Jantos for the crimes he didn't commit and has now decided to blame him for being an idealistic trusting fool.

Fabiano has called Victoriano to report that Ruben's neglecting bidness in favor of chasing a skirt.  Fabian's under orders to get Ruben's house in order.

Wendy asks Jantos' forgiveness for not believing in his innocence.  "I have nothing to forgive you for.  I know what it's like now to be in love…."  Come on, man!  Don't go so easy on her!  He's too busy being dazzled by the miracle of new life. He has a little chat with the fetus, introducing himself as the uncle.

LA cops visit Orange Giuliano to inform him they're investigating Bruno's and Arnold's deaths.  OG plays it cool.

Jantos calls Maria's house and demands that Colosso let him talk to Mario.  The jackass tells Jantos that Maria can't talk to him and hangs up the phone.  Maria demands to know who was on the phone and Colosso actually admits it.   Jantos hits redial as Maria's telling Colosso to step the hell off!  He passes her the phone this time and we're treated to a Mi Amor symphony with an encore of Te Amo.  "I miss you."  "I miss you more."  "No, I miss you more!"  Wendy overhears Jantos' end of the conversation.  Maria reminds Colosso for the millionth time that she loves Jantos and he needs to quit trying to separate them.  Colosso blames his heart and Maria refuses to forgive him this time.
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Corazon Indomable Cap. 34 6-27-13 -- Carola’s Skunked, Lucia’s Punked, and Octavio’s in a Funk

                There were lots of little backstory  bits tucked into this episode, to help those viewers catch up who didn’t watch from the beginning.   It just now hit me, Teobaldo  has two outfits—navy shirt /white pants and white shirt/navy pants.  He must never take a day off, because he’s never out of uniform. 
                Some scenes are combined and may be out of sequence.

Isla Dorada Progress Report
          MariAle phones Don Ale.  He’s feeling better. Things with her are going well, she has money from Emir Karim, a $5,000 client tip.  DA warns her to be careful with him, he could be dangerous. Should she put the money in DA’s account or save it?  He says it’s her money, keep it.
          She feels that she’s the owner of the world and of her fate. When she arrived at his house, she was dirty mess of a girl, now, thanks to his training and counsels, she’s a complete woman who will pay him back as a true daughter would.
          DA asks how much longer is she staying on the island?   She’s staying a while longer, is thinking of renting a little tourist place instead of the hotel.  He thinks a good idea, let him know when she moves. How is Solita? She misses her sister and MA says she’ll bring Soli to the island.
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PEAM # 79- 6/27/13-Una Familia Con Suerte Names A New Northern Regional Director At An Unusual Board Meeting

Pancho begins by telling everyone that tonight is the big event.  Jesus is trying to find out, what event and Alma sidetracks him by saying that it is a surprise for Jesus.  Pancho’s phone rings, he excuses himself and tells Alma and Jesus not to miss him. Hahaha!!  Jesus and Alma share- “Que the heck” glances.  Alma is a little nervous but Jesus feels that they are good people and that there is nothing to worry about.  Jesus helps Alma to take off her lined coat??? (Why is she wearing that?)  They are alone and Alma thinks that it’s a bad idea that they traveled alone.  Jesus asks if she is scared??? (Wink, wink)  They look at each other as if they are ready to jump on the table in front of them.  We get some scenic photos of Nuevo Leon and then back to Avon.  Enter Dr, Loca- I mean Dr. Marta heading straight towards Marisela’s desk.  She wants to talk to her for 5 minutes. (Note to Marisela- you may need some mace for this chat)  Marisela agrees and Xochy and Susanna note the strange behavior of the psychiatrist who herself needs therapy.   Xochy asks Susanna about Don Sebastian.  They are taking it slow.  Susanna shares that in Acapulco she and Sebastian had a good time.  Paty the Back Stabber brings Rogue the memory stick.  (I hope that he had more than one)  Rogue wants to know if she slept with him.  Why no, Rogue are you jealous???  Paty the back stabber hugs Rogue.
Alma feels weird, but not because of Rogue.  She doesn’t want to be there for the complicated reasons.  Alma asks about Jesus and Vero.  She wants him to be happy and Jesus reminds Alma that his happiness is not with Vero.  Jesus asks Alma why did she ask about Vero at Rogue’s house?  Did she know something?? Then they share long, loving glances at each other.  She doesn’t know what he is talking about and gently takes her hand.  We can all feel the sexual tension. Candelaria aka Candy comes in and announces that the meeting will begin soon, inappropriately hits Jesus with her butt and gives out the folders, throwing Alma’s folder to her and gently handing Jesus his folder.  Alma throws daggers at this person.

Dr. Marta tells Marisela that she is owes her an apology about sending the photos of Elias.  It was childish!  Que the hell??  Did she have a lobotomy?? She was nervous and depressed and didn’t know what was she was thinking.  If they are going to fight for Elias, then it should be civilized.  This time Marisela acts like the fool.  Dr. Marta puts out her hand to shake and asks if they can be friends???  Marisela doesn’t buy it and tells the good doctor that she is super, super crazy.  The good doctor responds that she is a super, super little stupid girl.  (I guess that she didn’t get the lobotomy.) 

Elias is having coffee with his lawyer and concedes that he has lost Vero.  The lawyer says that he is an honest lawyer (is that an oxymoron???)  He should quit while he is ahead.  Start a new life.
Alma is not pleased with the provocative attention that Candy is giving Jesus. Ahem!!!  Alma scolds Jesus for encouraging the behavior with his smile.  Which smile?? The smile makes me all warm and tingly, Jesus.  Alma zips her lips for a change.  Jesus asks about the reason for the meeting and Alma says that it’s about Rogue’s case and that Rogue is innocent until proven guilty.  Jesus is a giddy but bothered by Rogue being referred to as Alma’s husband.  He also knows that Alma knows something about Vero that she won’t tell him.  Come on Alma, tell me, we’re friends.  Jesus as a married woman, I don’t have the right to say anything about your wedding with Vero.
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If at first you don't succeed, stalk!

I saved the first half of my re-cap in Outlook and it seems like Outlook might be down? I can't get it to load at all, so discuss the episode while I wait for Outlook to love me again!

Okay Part 1 is up! Part 2 has also arrived....kinda

The Old Stuff
Maria Alejandra comes home after a long day out, she takes off her shoes (her feet must be so happy!) and when she looks up she finds that she has an unwanted visitor, Karim!

She's just not into you (or your billions)

Majandra (Maria+Alejandra) is not a happy camper, she demands to know how he got into her room and he says that "For Karim closed doors don't exist", to which Majandra replies "and neither do manners", she tells him that her doors are closed to him and he explains that with his influence he managed to get the hotel staff to let him into her room. Majandra is not amused and tells him that he came into her room like a thief and she is going to complain to the administration, she might even sue them! (ha, can you imagine Judge Judy's take on this?!)

Karim, is really calm through Majandras verbal assault and tells her that he tried to call and she was not answering the phone- ah, yes, when someone does not answer the phone instead of leaving a voice mail feel free to break into their home, that way the next time  you call they will answer! I will also suggest that Majandra get a Twitter, that way her stalker can always reach her, her Twitter handle should be @Ihateeveryone, sorry, I get distracted! He also explains that he paid a lot of money to get into her room and would she like to have lunch? Yes, what every girl wants, lunch with a guy that has no understanding of the word "no".

Majandra tells him that she has no desire to have lunch with him and he asks why, "never ask a woman her reasons", Karim though really, really, really wants to know why she won't give him the time of day and she informs him that it is because she is not interested in him, he wants to know if there's a chance that she will change her mind and she says "yeah sure, when hell freezes over"- I made that last part up but she does tell him that she won’t change her mind, he suggests that even steel melts when under a strong fire and she says that the feelings of a woman scorned can't be changed. He tells her he can give her jewels, and money, make her super rich but she is not having it! She tells him to stop being such a spoiled brat, and he says that he wants her and won’t give up! Majandra finally tells him that if he does not leave she will, he takes the hint and agrees to go, but not before saying that he has never had a woman reject him, Majandra says that there's a first time for everything.

The clueless Pilots:

Eduardo is complaining to Octavio about being rooster blocked by Maricruz numero 3. She ruined his attempt at getting Aracely to run off to Mexico with him for a few days because she got him to admit that he was not going to marry her, he does not like Majandra because she's a busybody. Skip to a few scenes later and Eduardo and Octavio are discussing  women again (don't these guys ever talk about sports or something?) anyhoo, the conversation eventually moves back to Maricruz3 and to Octavio’s interest in her, Ed suggests that Octavio is falling for Majandra and Octavio says nope, he could never fall for the snob! Maybe he's just attracted to her because she looks like Maricruz, Ed says that if he loved Maricruz he would have stayed with her in the ranch, Octavio shuts down this conversation real fast, I guess he hates talking about how he abandoned his poor wife and left without saying good bye, yep, that's something I would want to forget too.

Teobaldo, Aracely-Can this relationship be any more creepy?

Aracely is sitting around the house crying, she's sad because she had to give up her job and because Eduardo has said he does not want to marry her, she wants to go visit her family and Teobaldo reminds her that they agreed she would go to school, she says she doesn’t want to do anything! Eventually the conversation turns to her would be suitor, she loves Ed and Teo is scaring him away, Teo tells her that if Ed is really interested in her he should come and speak to him about his intentions (why? You’re not even a family member, this girl needs to get a job and run away in the middle of the night), and what if Ed does not want to meet with Teo? Well, in that case he will have to pay for all the tears Aracely sheds, okay, that’s not creepy, that’s not creepy at ALL.
End of Part 1-

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Amores Verdaderos #161 Wed 6/26/13 Nelson Brizz is Going Rogue!

Hi, my name is Nicole Brizz Balvanera and I'll be your server today.
Nikki may have no experience waiting tables but her beauty and ditzy charm have the desired effect.  She gets the job at Angelo's Pizzeria and manages to keep the customers smiling even as she mixes up their orders.  (No problem, relax, just move your tables together and you can share.  And they do!  Híper-cool!)

Guzmancito gets a temporary job as bodyguard for some musicians. He stops by the pizzeria to see his sweet girl and is touched by what she is doing.  She wants to stop by the Balvanera house after work and he agrees to go with her.

The symptoms of Paula's illness are becoming harder to camouflage.  She keeps her agony to herself and feigns cheerfulness in front of her family.  Gilda and Candelaria remain her only confidantes.

Joan is daydreaming about Adriana when an unexpected visitor shows up on his doorstep.  Hold on to your beanies, out there on the Patio -- it's her Orangeness, Carmina Bouvier*, standing straight and tall and unaccountably calling herself Bruna Cristo!  ¡No lo puedo creer!  Bruna is going to play the lead role in Amores verdaderos.  No. Really.  She and Joan exchange pleasantries and move on to an energetic and extended smooch.  She is disposed to move from the vertical to the horizontal but Joan surprises her -- and us -- by excusing himself and leaving her to wonder if she has lost her touch.
[Actress Sabine Moussier last seen as a villainous citrus fruit in Abismo de pasión, aka, The Passion Pit.]
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Qué Bonito Amor #53 (Mex 79-80.1) Wednesday 6/26/13 Arnold and Altagracia meet their Anvils, while a new one is ordered for Fabian.

It's my night to blog, so of course all I get is the tail end of Colosso holding the last note of a song. Go figure

·                     Tijuana – the popo have caught up with Jantos and Salvador.  They're taken into custody where he's shown a wanted poster for Santos.  Now he'll get to rot in jail while he awaits his extradition….or will he?  Santos and Salvador quickly get the best of the Keystone/TJ Cops and escape! 

·                     Don Braulio has arrived at the Mendoza household armed with eviction orders and Colosso and Rodrigo kick him out instead, but not before his attorney leaves the eviction notice (orden de  desalojo)  – outside they meet with the real brains behind the eviction scheme – Ruben! – who pays them off handsomely.  Ruben thoughtbubbles about how Braulio has committed a crime without knowing it and now Ruben plans to take the vecindad for himself

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PEAM #78-6/26/13: Whoever Marries Without Love, Pays The Price With Tears!

Pato, Rogelio is home!
-Well, not so good, we have to sleep in separate beds!
-That's bad!
-Not so bad, he kicks and he wouldn't let me sleep!
-I know! I mean, that's good!

When Patricia arrives to Rogelio's home, the doctor is still there giving the last instructions. Then Rogelio starts to argue with Alma about the twin beds they need to sleep in tonight. Of course, Patricia is careless and mocks the reason why that happened, going to the extreme to make sexual jokes regarding the ''little problem''. Rogelio is devastated, he is being hit from all fronts. Alma, who should be staying in her penthouse at least until Rogelio gets better, decides to spend the night. The Unefón rings, and Alma tells them that Pancho López, from the main offices in Toluca, wants to see her immediately, so tomorrow, she will be traveling once again (would they belong to the high mile club?). Patricia, whose list includes sowing seeds of doubt in Alma's soul, makes fun of both until she gets what she wants, and tells  Alma to find out who Rogelio really is. 
Tomorrow will be a big day, so without a good night kiss, Rogelio and Alma go to bed and turn off the lights.

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Qué Bonito Amor #52 (Mex 77.2-78) Tuesday 6/25/13

To live and die in El Lay  
by Ellie

I missed the first 11 minutes of tonights episode becuase I was watching Catfish on MTV and forgot to set my DVR to record QBA, if I missed anything let me know

Oh boy this a dark episode and no one was having a good day.

 Maria and the other vecindad folks learn that their slumlord Braulio wants them all out, and to that they say "hell no we won't go!" Maria stands up to Braulio and tells him that he will not be able to kick them out of their home, at least not without a legal battle. I missed whatever happened here but next thing I know Braulio, in full on sleazy mode comes to visit Amalia and tries to get all up in her business (I'd like to see women in these shows get rape whistles and pepper spray), she tries to get away from him but he is like white on rice and tries to kiss her, while telling her that she is poor by choice, if she gave him the time of day she would be set! While trying to escape his clutches she falls and bumps her head, Braulio runs away from the scene and offers no help.

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CI: The Prince and the Pauper Pilots

capítulo 32

Carola doesn’t waste time in asking Alejandro what the true relationship between him and Maria Alejandra is.  Don Ale tells her unequivocally that it’s not what she thinks; MariAle’s not his lover. Carola continues her deferential ministrations, toadying to Alejandro while professing total trustworthiness and scrupulous management of the casino and its accounts, but also continuing to question his intentions in sending this irreverent parvenu to scrutinize her every move and to oversee her bookkeeping.  He tells Caro the girl’s a brilliant talent—well not for the casino biz, advises Carola.  She’s flunked public relations by snubbing their big whale, Emir Karim.  Papijandro gets a belly laugh and a half out of that little tidbit,  putting a couple more kinks into a Caro’s sphincter.  She poses the 64,000 peso question: does he still trust her?

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Amores Verdaderos #160 Tue 6/25/13 Evil wears very red lipstick

Amores Verdaderos Cap 160 6-25-13—Evil wears very red lipstick

A quick overview, more coming later:


* Nikki and Guzmancito discuss their grim financial circumstances. Nikki is resolved to tough it out. She looks through the help wanted ads; some promising positions (dead-end jobs) but each has something wrong with it. At least she's willing to consider dead-end jobs, though. Good for you, Nikki!

* The Furry Fornicator is going to seal the deal on a new house for Kendra-the-Ho. She's crowing in triumph. She's also got the FF to sign over insurance papers in hers and Mia's name, leaving Nikki out of the equation entirely.

* Paula wonders to herself how long she can keep her illness a secret. Makeup covers up the bags under her eyes and her pale complexion for now, but how much longer?

* At the grand opening of Lili's garden goes well—at first. Roy the Boy is becoming more and more likable  as he embraces his garden assistant job under his "pretty boss," Lili. Drama plays out amidst the plants, however. Paula attends because Lili asked. Vicki and she bury the hatchet. Also Vicki buries the hatchet with Cande, now that she knows that Cande wasn't the ho that was off globetrotting with Anyballs when Vicki's mom was on her deathbed.

* Adriana confronts Cande now that she knows that she's Lili's "aunt." Why didn't Cande say anything? She and Anyballs are peas in a pod! Cande is so full of guilt that she's about to spill the beans ("She's more than your niece, she's your . . . !") but she chickens out at the last minute and just says that Lili regards Adri as a "second mother" and Cande urges Adri to make the most of that, as Lili really needs a mother-figure right now.

* Lili gives a tearful thank you speech to all the visitors, ending it with a heartfelt thanks to her mom, Christina.

* Kendra-the-Ho goes to visit Nikki and cause trouble. Nikki really isn't in the mood for it and keeps on telling Kendra to get the hell out. Kendra, of course, won't. She cries crocodile tears and pretends that she's "sorry" for all she's done. Nikki doesn't believe. Before the Ho leaves, she tells Nikki that Lili's big Grand Opening is today, and that Lili is the one taking advantage of Anyball's generosity, now that Nikki is on the outs with Anyballs.

* Nikki shows up at the Grand Opening to bum everyone out. She makes a jealous scene and bitches about Gramps and Lili. Lili says that Nikki is jealous (too true!). Nikki is ushered off and Gramps tries to smooth things over for the guests. Nikki tells a concerned Vicki that Gramps is closing doors for her and the Little Ape. Vicki seems surprised by this. (What? You think he wouldn't do that, after what he did to Carlos all those years ago?)

* Vicki approaches Anyballs about him blackballing Nikki and Guzmancito. Gramps says he doesn't have to explain anything to anyone. Vicki says she's an exception. He defends his douchebaggery by saying he doesn't approve of Guzmancito. This is all unacceptable for Vicki. She wants to help Guzmancito, as she later tells Big Angel. Big Angel understands, but advises her to be careful when offering help, as Guzmancito is like he is—poor, but proud.

* Vicki and Big Angel are discussing in a private corner of the garden, the bad blood between Nikki and Lili. They don't know what to do. Big Angel doesn't approve of the way Nikki talked to Lili. Lili has wandered by and overhears this. She stays to hear Vicki and Big Angel talk about "their relationship" and so the truth is out. She is all teary and unhappy and about to confront them when Roy the Boy pulls her away to tell her that they've got a big client! And there will be more where that comes from!

* On the way back home, Nikki passes by a restaurant with a "waitress wanted" sign. She goes in and asks for a job. Turns out the waitress they just hired hasn't shown up, so Nikki is going to get a chance! She is thrilled and gloats that regardless of Anyball's interference, she and Guzmancito will succeed, and the hell with Lili! Her little garden will fail, mwahahaha! Admiration and sympathy points for Nikki are all erased as she gloats at the thought of Lili's failure.

* The Ho is gloating with Espanto about her latest triumphs with the Furry Fornicator. He's getting them a house! She hints to Espanto that both the FF and her little sickly niña Mia are getting to be a drag. Espanto gets the message—he balks and says he's killed before, but killing a BABY?!?!? Even he won't sink that low! The Ho tells him that for the proper amount of cash, he'll manage. (Is this THE most evil character ever? I wonder!) Meanwhile, the FF has an upset—he isn't going to get the money to pay for the house after all. He's in a snit. When he tells the Ho the news, she has a shrieking fit. He hangs up on her—he doesn't need this crap right now! (Salsa-Dude is listening to this and chuckling to himself because he knows how furious the Ho will be.)  The Ho complains to Espanto about this latest upset, but talks about the FF has more funds (his stock in the new account UltraBelle) which will be coming soon. She'll be swimming in money! Espanto leers greedily behind her.


AVANCES: A sloshed-up Furry Fornicator seems on the cusp of spilling all the family secrets in front of everyone. MUST SEE TV!!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PEAM, Tuesday 6/25/13 (#77): Relocations and Dislocations


Cardenas proudly shows off his no-longer-mysterious tube TV/telenovela collection to Chatita.

At home, Eli is despondent that Vero moved out. Minerva tries to cheer him up, saying there's always hope. But she sounds like she's quoting a fortune cookie. Meanwhile, Marisela is coming up the walk and thinking that this palatial estate is just the place for her.

The boner specialist says that not only will Alma and Rogue have to wait before they can have relations, but Alma will have to sleep in another bed. Otherwise, you know, she might thrash around in her sleep and knock that thing clean off of him by mistake. (Yes. We'll just say it was a mistake.) Patymelt pretends to be amazed that Alma isn't just climbing the walls in frustration to be with her new husband. She gloats openly in front of Rogue and imagines laying a passionate kiss on him in front of Alma.

Chucho comes home to Vero's surprise dinner. He is very, very slow to understand that she intends to live with him; but when he finally understands, he refuses. Emphatically. Sort of. But she is so pathetic: she has nowhere to go. She has no money. Eli cut off all her bank cards and whatnot, and she spent all the rest on groceries for this dinner. (Note for Vero next time: you don't need to buy two cows to feed three people for one meal.)

Fernando actually gets a warmer welcome from his cellmate than Vero got from Chucho. By bedtime, they have bonded sufficiently for Fernando to confide that he had nothing to do with Rogue's crime; he never made a dime off of it; he's loyal to Rogue because Rogue cared for Fernando like a father; and their father was never around when they were growing up.

One more thing...
Alma tells Rogue that she's been summoned to Avon's Maximum Wrinkle-Stopping Ultimate Mosquito-Repelling Supreme Control Center Anti-Aging Home Office Anti-Smudge Mega-Headquarters in Toluca. She has to go tomorrow. Rogue suspects this won't turn out well for him.
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Porque el Amor Manda #76, Monday 24 June. What happens when you call a girl a princess and put her on a pedestal.

So Val's gone walkabout from the office, and everyone is friqueando. They look "everywhere", meaning mostly in their own area. The guards say she hasn't left the building, so Chucho runs down the fire stairs, and then back up again, to show off his fitness. Then he searches the conference room and men's room back in the admin area. No luck. He runs down to the garage, and Alma follows. Val isn't there, but our Trepid Heroes have time for some Significant Looks and a leisurely chat about having faith before they take up the search once more...back in the admin office.

Meanwhile, down in the bodega, row upon row of boxes is neatly stacked on racks. Val finds one of only three wooden crates in the whole place, half full of packing peanuts, decides this is her princess carriage, and climbs in and closes it. See, this is what happens when you keep telling little girls they are princesses. So here come our warehouse dudes, who of course need to lift that almost-empty wooden crate way up to the top of a high and precarious stack of cardboard boxes, which are not on racks, with the forklift. Their only task for the day done, they leave. Val is friqueando and screaming for Daddy.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #51 (Mex 76-77.1) Monday 6/24/13

Más y Más Lagrimas

Luna llena

Jorge Alfredo and Maria enjoy bonito amor to ranchera music (“Entre Tus Brazos”).

Proximo Dia

Mendoza Apartment: Amalia looks at a family photo as she thinks about Maria going her own way. Maria enters and she promises her blessing for her to marry Jorge Alfredo. Happy music for the moment but the anvil approaches.

Jorge Alfredo's Apartment: He talks to Roddy about Oscar. Roddy still doesn't want to accept Oscar as his father. He tries to convince the boy that rancor eats up the soul and it isn't good to hold onto it. Roddy looks like he might listen.
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Amores Verdaderos #159 Mon 6/24/13 Who needs Paul Revere when you have Felipe Guzman, Adriana Balbanera and Frankie Guzman to travel lightning fast and deliver the headlines??

Have to edit for accuracy in the morning but here is the draft.

Anyballs meets with Roy, tells him he will support his relationship with Lilli (WHOA THERE!! is the facial expression of Roy).. Roy asks why. Anyballs gives him crap tte of 'i know Lilli has feelings for you' But we know better, Anyballs says to himself that Nikki might have left with the useless lastname Frankie, but he will make sure Lilli joins a man with a decent surname!! (GRRRR!!!)

niki surprised guzmi ripped check form nilbrains, he says we will make it... she is happy with that.
she is heading to another job prospect. and then will check with lawyer on status of her divorce.

Felipe forces his way through into Paula's place. He is irate, the man who broke us up turns out to have been precisely Anyballs Barbie!! She can't calm him down... If Frankie had known you were his bosse's lover he would never have been at that house... and now my son is in love with that man's granddaughter!! and our daughter also works for that guy!! all our lives depend on that man!! our children must know that!! (he heads out but she stops him)

Vicky puts Adri up to speed with ANyballs and Paula's discovery. Adri reminds Vicky that apparently there is a curse on broken relationships... Maybe we should not judge Paula, she fell in the claws of that man. Vicky not so sold. But Adri insists and Vicky remembers when he was in hospital for his heart attack, he mentioned having another daughter, could it be Bea? no, not a chance. THen who?? with what lover??

Felipe visits Frankie, will give him terrible news that will hurt him. You have right to know.
your mom's lover, the man she left us for over 20 yrs ago, is Anyballs... (Frankie frozen angry)
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TELEMUNDO Y MAS, Week of June 24, 2013, PART TWO

Juanita, this one is for you.  You suggested we post on Mondays, so let's give it a try.  I have retitled the other page and tried to direct people to this one.


THIS NEW PAGE is a place to start conversations about the new Telemundo novela, Dama y Obrero, as well as the continuing favorites, El Señor de los Cielos and La Patrona.

Pasionistas, you are, of course, welcome to keep chatting in this space or you can just keep going on the page posted on Friday.

Enjoy!  And wish Jean a great vacation -- she will be back in a few weeks.

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Corazon Indomable, #31, Monday, June 24, 2013 –“Woman of Steel” MariAle Teaches Casino Skanks a Few Lessons in the Art of Seduction…..Without Trying!!!

Recap by LatinaInMD
I went to see “Man of Steel” this weekend. Then I returned home to watch MariAle’s odyssey on Episode 31 of C.I. and realized that both characters have much more in common than “Clark Kent Syndrome”:  (i) both have powers/skills beyond human comprehension; (ii) he can kill with his piercing blue eyes; she could kill with her piercing green eyes; (iii) both deal with dimwits who fail to grasp their own inferiority; (iv) both see fighting evil and doing justice as their life’s destiny; and (v) last but not least, both begin life as simple country folk and end up in the city looking like supermodels. (Feel free to add to the list.)


Note:  some scenes are combined.

We begin with Octavio losing his shirt…..figuratively.  (Sorry ladies, no dice.  We are still waiting for THAT big reveal!!!!)  He and MariAle lock eyes. (If her looks could kill!!!)  She tells him she has the feeling that he is a gambling addict, otherwise she can’t explain to herself what he just did.  He tells her he did it on purpose, “for her”, to be able to “approach her” (“abordarla” – a bit of a double entendre, as it also means “to climb aboard”).  “You don’t say,” she replies with a slight laugh, but continuing to glare at him.  “I’m very drawn by your presence.  I want to observe you at all times…..until I convince myself.”  “Convince yourself of what?” “That you are Maricruz.”  She replies quickly and firmly:  “My name is Maria Alejandra.”  “Oh, so you ARE Maria Alejandra?” “Yes sir!!  When have I denied it?”  He tells her he saw her at Toluca airport and called her by her name, but she did not respond.  She says maybe she didn’t hear him, but he doesn’t believe that.  Well, she says, its also not enjoyable having a total stranger screaming to get your attention.  “Because that is what you are to me, a total stranger.”  She reminds him he knows her name, but she doesn’t know his.  “My name is Octavio….Octavio Narvaez.”  A slight hint of the tell-tale dimples appears on MariAle’s face, but she remains cool as a cucumber as she continues to stare him down.  “That name doesn’t tell you anything?”  She takes a deep breath, smiles broadly, and responds: “Nothing.”
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Amores Verdaderos EXTRA – El Clamor Publico No. 3 – 6/24/13

El Clamor Publico
This 3d issue of El Clamor Publico© features another Patio Chatter, Re-Quotable Quotes, re-running NovelaMaven’s Feb. 27, 2013, Advice Column for Characters Experiencing Non-Cognitive Dissonance in their Roles and  The Collected Wisdom of Diana appears in this issue. Ed. Note: Most portions of the content have appeared in other publications.


Anibal Balvanera, scion of the Balvanera Fortune 1500 empire and controlling partner, is nominated to the Below Par Daddies List for 2013. When asked if he is pleased, he exclaimed of course, he always shoots Under Par.

Nicole Brizz, young socialite matron spends the day shopping for a job. Claims it's hard on the feet.

Piano for sale, but not just yet. Can only play Chopin and Liszt on rainy soggy days.

Guillo’s gives away his mother’s hand, while still attached.

Help No Longer Wanted at the new nursery-greenhouse to be opening soon.

Ex-model Kendra Ferretti was recently observed at a spa, getting herself back into shape three days after a C-Section. Assures paparazzi that her new daughter is being well taken care of.

Re-Quotable Quotes

Would it be tacky to hope she [Cris] gets run over by a bus? Soon? [Doris—her prediction came true-except for the bus part-and she is abjectly remorseful for planting the idea in the writers’ minds and promises to stay out of the prediction business. That’s Opalina’s department.]

Can Spirits join us on the Patio? I'm sure she'll have a great time skewering Kendra from the great beyond when she finds out what she was up to. [Anita]

…we did bring back the departed to the Patio one day when we were in the Pits and all the beloved characters were dropping like flies. It was an oddly comforting exercise, as I recall. [NovelaMaven answers]

So glad The Patio doesn't discriminate against the spirit world. It'll be nice to see Cris there. If Leo goes, though, how do we keep him out? [Anita responds]

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Amores Verdaderos #158 Fri 6/21/13 Anyballs is Dead to Me; The Pau Tells the Truth; What is Kendho Planning Now?


Hello Patio Peeps, this recap will not be in order. I have combined some scenes to make the recap flow better. I also missed some things, so please feel free to correct/add in the comments. thanks Y'all!

We start this epi with Salsa Dude in the FF's office thinking that that Zorra (Ho) Kendho, has gotten everything she wants and that she probably killed Nabila and Cris. What to do, what to do?????

Frankie's Job Hunt Continues:
Poor Frankie is hitting the streets looking for a job. He fills out multiple applications at different agencies and of course noone hires him, pobrecito!

Nikki Looks For a Job, Who Knew?
Nikki is in one of those exclusive boutiques, when a sales lady asks if she needs some help? Nah, really does she need help? Well, she is looking for work! The lady tells her to go to personnel and good luck. Nikki is just well, Nikki. She looks at a dress hanging in that boutique and I bet she is thinking, I used to come in here and buy all kinds of things at the drop of a hat, but now, meh not so much.

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Porque el Amor Manda #75: Lip Locks, Thumb Locks, Locked Up and Locked In

Vero and Elias are at it again (fighting, that is.) It's a long story but I can make it short for you: Vero provokes Eli to the point that he actually draws back his fist to strike. He is appropriately horrified: "Forgive me! Forgive me! It's just that you're SO OBNOXIOUS!" Well, yeah. It seems to be doing wonders for her hair, though. I'm tempted to try it myself.

Alma comes into the office and doesn't even notice that Paty's giving Chucho a panty-shot on his desk. She's so excited! Cantu says Rogelio's getting out!  (Or maybe she's just over the moon about her Mexican Emma Peel outfit with all the yellow and zippers and yellow and stuff.) Jesus confides to Xochi that he wants Alma to be happy, but he can't stand thinking about Rogue getting down with his bad self if he's actually allowed out for a honeymoon. Now I'm confused. Is Alma actually...I mean...all of those Thursday that a COLD Jacuzzi at Rogue's house?Read more »


Corazón Indomable Friday June 21 Red or Black?

Well, the evening got off to an unpropitious start. I settled into my favorite  chair with a well-made margarita to watch tonight's episode and ZAP... all the lights went out, the TV picture fizzled and was gone. This happened precisely at 6:00 PM CST just as the Televisa logo popped up.

The good news... we have a generator backing up our electricity and within 10 seconds we had power.

The bad news ... we have DirecTV... so the TV screen shows this:

And Nary A Cloud In The Sky

and it did.

The good news... with DirecTV and the Spanish Package, I get a second chance at 9:00 PM CST with the West Coast showing ... keep your fingers crossed...

ticktock ticktock  ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ... you get the point...

The rest of the recap is done so let's get back to the first 10 min or so and see how this all started...

Maricruz enters the air terminal and the security guy checks her bag... bag? Just one bag? Just how much civilization and being a woman training has she had? If her trip is overnight shouldn't she have at least 3 suitcases, a hang up bag, a carryon, and purse?
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Qué Bonito Amor #50 (Mex 74.2-75) Friday 6/21/13 Oh What a Night, What a Night! Oh, What a Man, What a Man!

capítulo 74 

Santos has surprised El Gusano de Giuliano in his hotel room and starts to beat the pulp outta OJ.  “—You’re gonna regret ever bein’ born when I get through with you!  You destroyed my life and my family’s life!”  Giuli has counter-threatened the lives of JA’s family and bragged to JAntos that he doesn’t have the balls to do to him what the Fake-Baked One did to Cuzzin’ Bronzo.  

Viewerville is really getting into this ho-down when, regrettably, Com. Malo and Camelo, aka Marsh, come down the hallway to question harass OJ a bit more to determine definitively whether he and Ruben are in cahoots together.  They hear the commotion in the room and take the oddly cartoonish moment to philosophically categorize and classify the beat-down as a fight to the death. JA gets a few more jabs in just for payback--ya gotta love those kidney punches Santos lets loose with--when Marsh and Malo burst in.  Viewerville holds its breath to see if JAntos will finally be discovered and taken in to custody.  JAntos, though, realizing it might be Security, pushes his way out of the room and down the hallway, knocking over baggage and bellboys until finally managing to evade capture down the stairwell or some such.   

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TELEMUNDO Y MAS, Week of June 24, 2013 PART ONE

This page has all your conversations from the weekend (6/21 - 6/23) including NovelaMan's recap of the final episode of Pasión Prohibida.

Please see this page for comments about Monday, June 24, and later:

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Discussion: What else do you watch? What do you get from it beyond entertainment?


Once upon a time we were speculating on some possible parallels between the British hit Downton Abbey and a past series.  Since I am also a fan of the classic Masterpiece Theatre series and just ordered one as a gift for a friend, this seemed an appropriate topic.

Recently I opened a birthday gift received a few months ago from a that same friend and found parallels between our Que Bonito Amor and a British miniseries ironically slated for remake in the next two years:  Poldark.

Ross Poldark and Santos have a lot in common in that they both come from childhoods of privilege and they find themselves suddenly with nothing and out of their element:

  • Ross went into the American Revolution after killing someone in a duel; Santos fled to Mexico to avoid a false criminal charge; both end up dead broke.
  • Ross is jilted by his fiancee and ends up with a miner's daughter; Santos is instantly charmed by a lady mariachi singer (2nd generation that we know of)
  • Both have wealthy and dangerous rivals over something important:  Ross has George Warleggan who wants to strip him of his estate and mining property, Santos has Ruben who will stop at nothing -- even murder -- to take Maria away from him and Giuliano who will destroy his and his family's reputation to protect his own arse
  • Both men do menial work when there is no other option immediately available without complaint or even internal resentment
  • Both men learn what is really important in life.

Whoever thought that there would be this much in common between a Mexican novela full of culturally-specific music and colorful festivals and a British miniseries filled with issues of class struggle, proper speech,  and powdered wigs?

What else grabs your undivided attention?

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Qué Bonito Amor #49 (Mex 73-74.1) Thursday 6/20/13 Que Bonitas Preparaciones

Isa gets a little revenge for Paloma's expulsion by tying that creep Vanessa's shoelaces together while Vanessa is occupied mocking Paloma.  Roddy helps out by smooching Paloma in front of Vanessa.

Maria shows up at Ruben's office trying to convince him to accept payment on the loan.  OG gets a look at her and shows just enough interest in her that Ruben calls off the business deal.

JA and Justo say their goodbyes and JA finally agrees to forgive his father.

Amalia isn't happy to hear about Paloma getting expelled and uses it as an excuse to angrily shoo Paloma and Rodrigo out of the house.  Once they're gone, she admits to Isa that she got rid of them so she could keep working on Paloma's surprise quinceañera.

Paloma and Rodrigo hang out in a park riding bikes and just generally enjoying their teenage luuuuurve.

Justo gives Fernando a check, which kind of pisses JA off until he realizes he can use the money to pay off Ruben.  Once that's taken care of, he wants to use the rest to help fund Paloma's quinceañera.
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Amores Verdaderos #157 Thu 6/20/13 How Do You Break Hard Candy? Well, with a Big Rock of Course!

Resumes that Knock'em Dead (Not)
Nicky is at an interview at a wedding shop. She hands over her portfolio. The owner tells her that the winter fall campaign will not begin for four months. Later, Nicky visits another dress shop. As soon as Nicky leaves, the manager throws her portfolio in the trash. Nelson told all agencies that they were not allowed to hire Nicky.

 Princess Lilly giddly gives her father a tour of the Disney Forest Wonderland! She practically breaks into song as she introduces him to her new friends Geronimo and Pedro...they are plants. Not realizing that Arriaga is visiting, Roy walks in calling for his "jefa preciosa"! He apologizes for being late, but he fell asleep. For the 40th time, Arriaga grabs Roy and tosses him around, but not in the same way that he tosses Vicky around. Ya know what I'm sayin'? Ok so, where was I? Menacing look? Check. Threats? Shake? Growl? Check. Check. Check! Oh yes, Princess Lilly jumps in between them. She explains that Roy is simply her employee. He's one of my forest the chipmunks, rabbits or the mice! Her father doesn't buy it. Roy reminds Arriaga that he and Nicky are getting divorced. Lilly tells her father to respect her decision. Roy is a great tailor, she says. So, Bibbideebobbideeboo! * More growling and threats from Arriaga and then he leaves. Princess Lilly orders Roy to get to work sewing little silk dresses for the squirrels.
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Corazon Indomable #29 6/20/13 – Strong Men Struggle (with the Grim Reaper and a Grim-faced Bitch) and a Weak Man Waffles.

            [Unfortunately, whatever opening scene was repeated from yesterday got lost in the shuffle. My son had turned off the captions and I was busy getting them back on. Some scenes are combined.]

Isla Dorada Casino
          Although the casino in Isla Dorada may seem incidental to MariCruz’ story, it does form a large share of Don Alejandro’s wealth. And we know it takes lots of money for a major makeover, so let’s all pull for the success of the casino, shall we? And that’s where we begin, with Areceli standing in front of Carola’s desk.  The blonde boss says she’s satisfied with Areceli’s performance, but this will be her last night.  So sad, government authorities say she’s too young—20, but needs to be 21. Areceli is crushed, she liked her job, liked making her own money. She weeps and is afraid Teo might kick her out. Carola says don’t cry; she’s very sorry and would fix it if she could.
          In the hallway, Raiza sees the upset Areceli and stops her. The cigar seller tells the older hostess her sad story and is shocked to hear Raiza say the age requirement is a lie! She knows the real reason, but Areceli has to swear she won’t tell. Raiza reveals that Teobaldo asked Carola to fire the girl. Areceli can’t believe it! Raiza says Carola told her--Teo is crazy in love with her, he won’t let any other men approach her.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

PEAM # 74-6/20/13- Days After The Wedding That Was Shortened By An Arrest

Happy,  Eve of the Summer solstice.

We start off by getting bits: of Jesus telling Vero that he loves Alma and couldn’t tell her because she looked so happy in her wedding regalia  and Alma crying to Chatita about how she didn’t tell Jesus that she loved him.  She didn’t’ want to break up his united family, of  Vero, Jesus and Val.  Everything in its place!!!  (If I didn’t have to recap, I may have skipped this episode)   Chatita tells Alma that she knows the story but Alma doesn’t look happy for a woman in love. She tells Chatita that Rogue was arrested at the wedding.

Rogue is talking to Cantu his corrupt lawyer, who brings him medication for his zipper problem. And he has an idea as to how to use Fern to help his case.  He is still working on the idea. Ferny is still thinking about Rogue’s words, how it is all his fault.  The doorbell rings and Jessica and Alex (2 hoe hoe hoes) are at the door.

In the warehouse Ricardo sets up a dinner with an ipod for the high fluting Marisela because he is homeless.( Side note- my priority may have been to get a room to sleep in, as opposed to serving dinner- just saying)   Hmmm- the table is on a forklift.     Ricardo is slowly winning over the rich wannabe.  He recites a line from Ortega, Gasset  and Tagor and of course Marisela has never heard of them.  (She needs to read more if she wants to hang with the rich and famous, she is as dumb as a doorknob).  He is looking at her qualities, her beauty and her lips and then plants a smooth one on her.
 Elias is thinking about Val’s letter to Jesus and how Vero and Jesus were kissing..  He calls Marisela.

Elias interrupts Marsela’s kiss.  He asks – if she is with Chatita.  Of course not.  He needs to see her and she flat leaves Ricardo to run to Elias.  Ricardo doesn’t have a freezer to freeze the food for another day.  Poor fool.

Ferny is not interested in seeing either of the 2 loose ladies.  His brother is in jail and he is not in the mood.  Alex lied that she is going out with Ferny, and he couldn’t remember her name.  So Alex spills the beans – that Rogue paid her to relieve him from his Discua depression, while a stunned Jessica stands there.  Ferny was happy that his brother thought of him.  Alex’s message- tell your bro to pay me or I will sue him!!!

Rogue relives his last moments of freedom, literally, oh sorry digressing, when he and Alma were announced as man and wife,  Paty, the backstabber is speaking to Domi, Rogue’s maid, while the dog is growling at her. (He has  more sense than the humans)  Paty wants him to rot in jail for getting married to Alma, and then  proceeds to break his picture.  She yells that she loves him, (I am ready to fast forward, oops I can’t)

Alma is still talking about how Rogue needs her more than ever she has to help her husband and complete her promise. Chatita asks her if she is going to divorce him??  Thank you, Chatita- who knew that she would be the forgetful voice of reason.  She tells Alma- bad beginnings will have bad endings.  Alma starts talking and shares about her loveless childhood.  (Where is the good doctor when you need her?? Oh right, she is crazy and plotting to marry Elias)  Chatita gives her the motherly hug and attention that she has so lacked for years.

Vero doesn’t hear Jesus and wants him to give her another chance for love.  She will fight to earn his love even though he has confessed that he loves someone else. (Calling Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey

Jesus puts in another bid for Vero to give Elias another chance.  Vero is not hearing it.  She begs for another chance for Jesus and Jesus is listening, oh no!!  He doesn’t want to play with her feelings, give her false illusions or hurt her.  She finally gets it or does she???

Jessica enters Ferny’s apartment for any gossip or sex that she can acquire.  Fern has had it with Rogue. 
 Elias shows up at Chatita’s and Chatita lets him know that Marisela can’t be up too late and no funny business because she is listening.

Jessica presses Ferny for gossip and I hope that she will slip and tell him the truth.  He tries to minimize what is going on to throw her off of the trail.

Elias  wants to talk  and tells Marisela that Marta is not the problem. Marisela slips in that Marta is the problem for her, but Elias doesn’t pay her any mind.  His problem is that Vero wants to marry Jesus.

Jessica knows that Paty is having an affair with Rogue , she remembers the video but keeps digging to find out why Rogue is in jail. He sticks to the – I made up a story that implicated my brother and sends her on her way.
Marisela lets Elias know how she feels for him but Elias is stuck on Vero and his marriage.  Marisela tries to convince Elias that he will kill himself trying to fight for his marriage.

Tonight’s bedtime story won’t be about the Queen and the Helper because the Queen got married. .Valentina asks Jesus to come close (what an old soul)-  she wants to know what does he feel in his heart?  He can trust her?? She lets him know that she overheard his conversation with her mother  and he reminds her to stay in a child’s place.  Val reminds him that the adult stuff she can feel in her heart and it affects her. He loves her more than anything and he will protect her like a Superhero.  She tells him that she prays nightly that she is thankful that he returned to her life and she is glad to know him.  She loves him.  She is another reason why I don’t fast forward.
 Alma is playing the role of the good wife and is waiting helplessly while her husband is in jail.  Jesus brings her coffee and tries to get her to rest and she cries on his shoulder.  That it was all a disaster.

Chatita gives Val – arroz con leche-rice pudding- yummy- and tells her to eat it so that she will grow up to be a beautiful girl.

Alma is getting on my nerves, because she should be crying that she married Rogue, sorry I digress.  Jesus is pained to see her like this and she is happy to have her best friend Jesus at her side.   Val calls Jesus on his cell to find out when is he coming home.  Val tells Alma that she and Chatita love her.  Alma takes Jesus’ advice and goes home to rest.

The next day- Jesus tells Val that she has to study so that she can be a Licenciada like Alma.

Mommy Dearest calls Xochy for breakfast.  Xochy still wants answers about her dad. Xochy tells her momma to make breakfast with her own hands.  Mommy holds the crumpled up magazine photo of the handsome galan and says- if you only knew the truth.  Is that model, her dad, is her dad handsome?  Que the heck???

Ricardo reads the headlines about Rogue being arrested. (Hmm- where is his friend that’s in the press??)
The agent has a theory about the money in the warehouse, are Uri and Rogue connected?  She is going to interview Rogue.

Cantu visits Ferny and notes how much whisky he has consumed.  Is he trying to drown his sorrows?

Everyone at Avon is a buzz about the arrest.  Susana speaks up for Rogue, saying that the arrest was a misunderstanding and it will all be cleared up.  All of the idiots are standing around speculating and NOT working as usual. Jessica who is always scheming wants to know who is in charge- Cardenas says it would be Ferny and in unison everyone says- desencanto!!! Thank goodness, Alma shows up to work.  Now maybe something can get accomplished.

Alma tells them that in the first place what happened to Rogue doesn’t not affect Avon.  Everyone needs to be disciplined and not to gossip about her husband.  Alma says that her husband has been arrested and everything will work out to his favor.  She thanks them for their concern, but then tells everyone to get back to work.  She then thought bubbles back to the wedding and when Rogue is arrested. 
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Qué Bonito Amor #48 (Mex 71.2-72) Wednesday 6/19/13 Much Ado About Nada

·                     Fernando monologues that he's met his match.  He's found a woman who isn't just looking for a good time.  He’s found a woman who only wants his love and for the first time, he's afeared!
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Corazon Indomable #28 Wed. June 19th. The Big Reveals

Solita faints, she’s brought up to her room and promptly falls asleep. I wish I could sleep like she does. I even wear earplugs so I can’t hear anything, but I still lay awake. Just another benefit for the youth. Sigh. MC thought bubbles about what could be wrong with Solita. It’s amazing how straight her hair gets with how educated she becomes. I must still be quite ignorant because my hair is still wavy. Sigh.

Octavio and Eduardo walking at the pier in Tuxes are discussing their love lives. Octavio is trying to convince Eduardo to leave Areceli alone and Eduardo is trying to convince Octavio to forget MC. No on both accounts.

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Amores Verdaderos #156 Wed 6/19/13 Everything my aunt said about you is true!

Did something happen tonight?  It must have been when I was dozing.

This was a night of anticlimactic revelations, of girls behaving badly, of old guys behaving worse, of crappy gifts and weird funeral customs. 

It all starts out pleasantly enough.  Nikki tells Guzmancito, as they lie in bed together, that she's decided to take up modeling again.   Two salaries are better than one.  Maybe they could even afford a car.  Guzmán is all for her working though he intends to shoulder the costs of the household.

Adriana and Joan are, perhaps less pleasantly, in bed together.  (Their particular Lounge Lizard tune plays in the background so we know no good can come of this coupling.)  He wants her to stay the night.
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PEAM #73- 6/19/13: This Is A Long Story That I Wish Was Shorter!

Recap by Pablo

This is January the 5th. Good day for a wedding!! 

Alma (stupidus volatilus), after Chatita's phone call and all the slippery phone and the missed/crossed calls, flashbacks to  the only memories her brain has recorded. Yes! The ones with the kisses with Jesús. That makes her think she will be able to finally speak up and tell the good news and the bad news to both men in her life. Jesús (unicus worthis), who has come to her room to do the same, uses his laser vision to open the door without a key and sees her happier than ever (thinking of him) but he misinterprets that and decides not to bother knocking and walks away...
Too bad Alma's father, Sebastián (chuchulucus deadsquirruls) has been monitoring her and stops her right in her tracks. And she was in bionic woman mode!!

-where do you think you're going little girl?
-to see Patricia, dad, she has to check my make-up and hairdo...
-we'll see... we have more important things to talk about...

And here it comes, the same old speech we all know by heart. Rogelio saved my life, blah, blah, blah... remember you promised blah, blah, blah...
The straw that breaks the camel's back is when he says: YOUR WORD is the most important thing you have to offer! I swear I thought he was going to say your purity, honesty or at least virginity or something like that but hey, this is the 21st century, those things are so 18 hundreds!! This is the word's age! It's got truth, it's got meaning!!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #47 (Mex 70-71.1) Tuesday 6/18/13 Dude's Face Can't Catch a Break

[Eli's recap follows. She's had technical problems to deal with and she thanks you for your patience!  I apologize for my delay in not getting it posted before now. --Jardinera654]

My babies! Sorry for the late recap but I finished watching this episode this morning, my DVR kicked the bucket last night and I had to wait for the episode to go up on Unimas.
Tonight our story continues with Maria coming out of a Payday loan place, she thought she would get more money from them but she got just enough to buy some food for Paloma’s big day- the other night Amalia said they were making mole, and they better show us the yummy mole on screen or else I will riot!
In other news Justo has made it to Mexico and it looks like the Mexican government is helping him in his endeavor to find Santos, they even give him a cell phone that can’t be traced so that he can make phone calls, how nice of them! Justo, using Bruno’s(RIP) bar souvenir decides that HJNTR is the place to visit, and lucky for him his driver/body guard is familiar with the bar, heck he goes there all the time!
Justo makes it to the bar and is chilling out, he orders a drink and stays for a bit, after a while he gets up to go when suddenly the curtain comes up and he hears a voice that makes him turn in slow motion….and wont you just know it, his fugitive son is right there, singing in a mariachi suit which looks way too tight on him and makes him look pudgy (fashion fail wardrobe department).
Once Jorge finishes Justo asks to speak to him and they go into a dressing room to have a little talk about how daddy thought baby boy was a good for nothing criminal. Justo shows that he feels terrible about what has happened, he apologizes while our hero cries a little and complains that life is not fair, every one betrayed him, and worst of all his family doubted him! He is now a changed man, he might not have money but he has found real friends and the love of a good woman! Santos is dead! Long live Jorge!
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