Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Querida Enemiga #70 - Tuesday Sept. 30 '08 When The Sauce Hits The Fan

Whoa....dynamite ending tonight with Monica dropping the dime on her and Ernesto's passionate romp. But first we have lots of other skullduggery leading up to that super-impactado moment. Another tough night, for the most part, in the Querida Enemiga neighborhood.

Rehash: We revisit the icky scene of Vasco , Chalo and Barbara weeping and wailing about the various betrayals. Let's say no more about that. And then we have Sara gliding up behind Bruno while he's whining to Hortensia about the money he didn't get for marrying Diana. So now our villaness has something on Dr. Wifebeater that she can use to her advantage. Right now, I'd say Hortensia's odds of survival are quite slim. But hey, I've been wrong before.

Now a continuation of our ick scene with Vasco etc. Chalo has split and Vasco's berating mom about her affair with Arturo and how she hung onto her marriage for the money and position it gave her while taking a lover. And getting her lover work in the family firm to boot!...taking his dad's place, for God's sake (in more ways than one....sorry). Barbara weeps and wails and all but tears her clothes, shrieking You have to forgive me, I'm your mother! And you don't know just how much that bothers me, Vasco answers wearily. He storms out and Barbara has her big chewing up the scenery moment, collapsing on her bed and reaching out dramatically with her feeble hand and bright red manicure.

Now we flip back to Hortensia's sickbed (I notice the telenovela writers love to do this, dinner table to dinner table scene, bed to bed scene etc. That and the heavily cued "this is how you're supposed to feel" music gets to me sometimes) But okay, No Whining.

Nurse arrives back with the pills and huffily wants to know why Sara is there. Sara, just as huffily, says its scandalous that she's not being kept apprised of her grandmother's condition. After Sara and Bruno leave, Hortensia manages to scrawl Sara Assessina but doesn't want Nurse Ratchet to do anything about it yet. Clearly she's tired after all this effort.

Sara's trying to wind up Bruno, threatening to tell her alleged parents about the deal...or perhaps Diana herself....and Bruno begs her not to. Okay, but you owe me, she adds, and I always collect on my debts (cobrar mis deudas).

Before he leaves, Bruno runs into Vasco and manages to stick in the knife about how now that he's MARRIED and has a CHILD he's working overtime so he has to rush off now. So sorry.

And now a doctor to doctor, house call to house call switch. Alonso arrives at the lesser house in the evening and says he's there to check on Zulema's blood pressure starting with a throat swab!

Even Zully thinks it's a dumb idea but she goes along with it. Dad Toribio is waiting in the car, happy to know Alonso has the necessary for a DNA test. Alonso is twittering a bit about feeling bad for lying to Zully, but pop reminds him he DID give her a thorough checkup and besides, it's for a good cause.

Chalo slams back into his old place. Okay, says the sleepy landlord, eyeing Chalo's shiner, but no scandals this time. Now sad sentimental music plays as the scene goes back and forth between grieving Barbara and heartbroken Chalo. Vasco won't forgive her and she no longer has Chalo....whom she really really luuuuves. Traitor! she wails, How do I heal this hurt!?

Chalo's on the same depressive path, wondering how Barbara could ever forgive him.....especially when she finds out the other stuff he's done. Maybe Sara's right...maybe I am what I am and don't deserve to be happy, he mutters....even though I luuuuuve you, Barbara.

He says all this staring at his reflection in the mirror. Do people really do this? Seems to be a popular scene in movies and the like but I can't imagine anyone in real life doing it. Readers? Weigh in. I know we women don't do it 'cause we look so awful crying (well I do) that carrying like this while looking in the mirror would be twice as depressing. Collapsing on the bed and wailing, à la Barbara, would be more my style.

Now a breakup with lover scene switch (see how the writers work this?) It's Monica, managing to be incredibly nasty to her beau of a few months and the restaurant waiter. She chews out Rodolfo for being late, chews out the waiter for not wanting to rustle up a dessert in the closed kitchen. Sends the food back as galan heads for restroom, then sends the galan packing for good when the hapless, and actually hungry, fellow returns. What a woman! (I'm wondering if Hombre de Mistereo still finds her charming?)

Lorena and Ernesto are heading home after this ugly moment, all happy and chatting and arm in arm and Monica glares at them. Ooooh if looks could kill! says her friend the hostess. Monica's all in heat, muttering how she'd do anything to get Ernesto back, she'd be a slave at his feet. Where's your self-respect? asks the hostess. Back in his bedroom under the sheets is Monica's reply. (do you find yourself worrying that some poor bunny is going to end up in a pot of boiling water like that Michael Douglas film?)

A bedroom remembrance to actual bedroom switch: Diana's sinking into bed after finally calming the baby, holding her head. Do you want a pain reliever? sneers Bruno. It would take more than that, she moans. I'm paying very dearly for having a father for my baby. Leave me alone and let me sleep, he snarls, thought bubbling that he's paying a high price to get his hands on Hortensia's payoff.

Another breakup....this time between Arturo and Vasco. Vasco's firing him for obvious reasons, even though Arturo's dogpaddling madly, trying to talk him out of it. It wasn't serious, it was just a fling, I was married myself at the time. So you treated my mother like a streetwalker, hisses Vasco.

Okay, that strategy didn't work nor did the plea to not mix personal with professional. Good-bye Arturo. Sara's in her office, gloating as usual....this time over her planned menu for the next show. Arturo tries to enlist her help but she's not playing. Even when he brings up the money siphoning, she reminds him he'd be in as much trouble as she. No dice. Be more discreet next time Arturo. He slinks out.

Okay, forget the tearful breakups. For me the learning-to-drive scene was the most painful of all. Reminded me of my nightmare days learning to drive on a 1949 Hudson (think overturned brown bathtub) with a shift gear on the steering wheel, cranky clutch (this was before synchromesh) and...oh my Gawd. And my dad was a lot more patient than Ernesto. Suffice it to say there was lots of Ernesto-yelling in this uncomfortable scene and finally, Lorena wisely exits the car. Finito driving lesson. Whew!

The next scene was with Alonso. Honestly I was glad to see the aimiable doofus. Sara calls and he says "Selena?" That sets her off. He also pretends he didn't know she called him a gazillion times in Canada. But he asks her over and she ends the call with "Te quiero". "Nos vemos" he replies. He and Toribio are discussing how they'll get the hair sample. Pops is all for chloroforming her and hacking off the tresses with scissors but Alonso counsels something a little more discreet.

Switch to poor Maruja, asleep at her desk. Jaime comes in and kisses her and wonders if she's overworked with the restaurant and all. No, it's just her not-ex-marido and not being able to sleep at night. Jaime wants to pay him off. Marjua says no way. Then we'll just have to live together, concludes Jaime. Impactada look from Maruja and a great big QUE?

More marriage talk, this time between Rossy and Julian. She's figuring that even if he sells every last thread of his clothing they won't have enough to pay off her dad, and what's more there'll be nothing for their own boda. She'll have to wear a second-hand dress and have Lorena's muffins instead of a wedding cake. Julian reminds her that the important thing is they'll be MARRIED. She melts and hugs him and wonders what she could ever do without him. Indeed.

And speaking of tight budgets....Arturo is giving badmom the news that he's been fired which she just can't understand. Why he's the best executive in the firm! Things get tense when she wants to know the reason, and even more tense when shrill little Jackie arrives and yelps, Is it because of what happened in the restaurant last night?!

Now we find ourselves at Paula's apartment where Dario is sulking about the poor quality meal he's been served. Fix yourself a sandwich then, snaps Paula. I don't have time to be a stellar housewife now that I'm working.

And they're off! He wonders why she spends her time selling those creams and all that junk. She needs her own money in case another Jackie comes along and he dumps her again. You'll never forgive me will you!? and so on. It's at the point where he's wondering if he's out of place "in his own home" when they suddenly remember they have forgotten to pick up Bettina at her dance lesson. Shelve the marital battle for now and go look for kid!

Kid of course is just fine because Ivan has appeared and they're having a heart to heart chat about life and living with Uncle Ernesto and so forth. When it looks like her parents aren't coming, he invites her out for an ice cream. It's like old times for our young people.

And like old times for Jackie and Arturo who are still bickering. What bad luck to run into Barbara and Chalo at the restaurant, he says. What bad luck that you opened your big mouth (bocota) she replies. Well the good life is over, he continues, I'll have to find another job and so will you. No way! and with that, Jackie heads back to her TV and popcorn routine. (Wouldn't you think Arturo would have strangled her by now?)

Now we're at Alonso's apartment. Sara arrives and is all over Alonso like a rash (a favorite Brit expression). How are you? he asks after a slimy, Sara-initiated kiss. Suffering for you is the reply. (I'm no great shakes in the romance department but this doesn't strike me as an effective way to get back a bored beau.) Did you miss me? she adds. Blank look (Alonso does this well). No one can love you like I do! (uncomfortable semi-constipated look) Alonso wants to be "friends". Sara protests, but then brightens when he offers her coffee (doesn't take much to encourage her, I must say). He asks what's going on in her life, she simpers and wiggles, does the old squeeze-boob over table routine and tells him about her TV program. Alonso looks mildly impressed (about the TV show! c'mon!)

We switch from that table to the table at Ernesto's where Lorena is helping Gina with her homework. No sexy top for Lorena by the way, although her blouse and jeans are somewhat
less frumpy than usual. Lorena doesn't want anymore "shock and awe" driving lessons from Ernesto but he vows to never be that cranky again. Don't make promises you can't keep, she reminds him (anyone hear anvils falling?) but they kiss and make up while gap-toothed Gina looks on in glee.

Back to Alonso's and phase II of the get Sara's DNA sample maneuver. Toribio pretends to have a computer problem. Sara, an equal opportunity boob flasher, gives him a good look...and a hug... and a slimy cheek kiss and saunters off to his room to help him. Alonso dives in her purse while nervous music throbs in the background, pulls a few hairs out of her brush, sticks them in a ziplock bag and voilà! Now we'll find out who you really are, Sara! The computer problem is quickly fixed, Sara teases Toribio about being in a chat room and then back to Alonso, some more coffee and some more attempts to lure him with her cleavage and girlish charm.

While Sara's trying to sell herself, Bettina's trying to sell Ivan on taking dance lessons. It's a great way to forget your cares, she points out, and besides, she needs a partner for the dance contest. Ivan protests that he has two left feet and is a "tronco" (literally trunk, as in tree, but in this case means he's inept) She reminds him that he loves music, he must have a sense of rythym and besides, there's a 20,000 peso prize. NOW he's interested....a little. We'll see, he smiles.

Meanwhile, Sara is still all over Alonso, murmuring into his chest that if they're going to be friends, she would LOVE to have dinner with her DEAR FRIEND this evening. He pleads work. More chest murmuring that his work is her greatest rival. Well, she'll call him and maybe he'll have time for a little friendly chat later. SO GOOD seeing you again.

Off she goes and Alonso breathes a sigh of relief. So do we. Sara is still deep in her obsessions, smiling to herself that she'll get Alonso back, bump off the old lady and set him up in a nice big hospital. Gotta give this gal points for persistence. Never let go of your dream, Sara!

Bettina has finally arrived home, having apparently been ice creaming with Ivan for 5 hours. Mom is incensed and Dad is backing her up. Paula points out to him that it's the first time he's supported her. Well, if she's kicking him out, he needs to give her a position of authority as sole parent. She backpedals, saying they need to relearn how to live together. He kisses her. She looks glum. Oh well, more anvils in the offing.

At the clinic now...or "clinicucha de quinto "(third rate clinic) as Sara calls it. Bruno's asking Alonso to take over Zully's case (hard to tell your mother-in-law what to do) when he's called into Doctora Serrnano's office. She's noticed the discrepancies in the medication inventory and wants to know whassup. Particularly as it's for antidepressives which they don't use much. He obfuscates, tells her the medications were expired so he had to order lots more. She buys it but says from now on she wants to be consulted. He's relieved she didn't actually go down and physically verify the inventory. For now Bruno can continue getting away with his schemes. While all this is going on, Alonso makes a phone call to set up DNA test.

Brief scene of Toribio sprucing up, apparently dousing his sparse locks with hairspray. Turns out his internet date, Solicito, is actually Icturo's badmom....all smiley and gee whizzy and I can scarcely recognize the lady in her new date-persona. Toribio makes goofy small talk about her name, Catalina...the name of a queen! and dumb jokes about Don Alzheimer. She pretends to find it funny and says she's never known a psychoanalyst before (no kidding lady!) She also wants to make sure he's really a widower with no attachments. He wants to know the same. She assures him she's only had one husband....and he died 20 years ago. He can't believe such a beautiful lady hasn't married again. She simpers. He giggles. We have that carnival music in the background so we dense ones know this is a comedy scene.

In the meantime, Hortensia has managed to communicate with her nurse that she wants her lawyer Mendozo to come to the house. This scene actually was funny because Hortensia has developped more facial expression and she was getting really pissed off at Nurse's slowness to understand what she wanted.

When the lawyer finally arrives, he seems almost as catatonic as Hortensia, speaking very slowly, wondering why she didn't come to the office if she wanted complete privacy (duh! she's been in a coma until recently, licenciado!) When he's finally at her bedside, he rumbles How can I help? She writes something on a piece of paper, he reads it stolidly, folds it and asks if he can show it to the nurse. Yes. Nurse looks at it, opens her mouth waaaaay wide and looks very impactada. That's all we know for now.

We see Jaime on the phone, filling a big order and asking if he can send along a few samples of their new products. Vasco arrives, learns the new business is going well and wonders if Dad can fill in for him at work while he goes to Chiapas for a few days. Jaime can't understand why Arturo can't do it, nor can he understand why Arturo was fired (past mistakes, mumbles Vasco) but he agrees to fill in for Vasco, provided Maruja is okay with it.

Maruja is not okay....having opened the door to Rogelio, not-so-ex-husband, who's now decided he not only wants pesos, he wants a piece of Maruja in order to agree to the divorce. Rossy and Julian bust in while he's bent Maruja back over the couch. They fight.l Rogelio whips out a knife, slicing Julian's shirt but not Julian himself, I'm happy to say. Big slugfest. Rogelio runs out the door. Julian gives chase. More slugging. Rogelio runs off, threatening to come back but they aren't worried. And what's more, you're not getting a penny now! Julian yells.

Ernesto and Lorena arrive at the restaurant, happy and loving once again as they chat about one of her star elderly students. Monica glowers and anvils rumble in the background. Hostess friend asks her for help with a reservation. Handle it yourself! Monica snaps. Even without scary music, we know this doesn't bode well.

The gals are in the locker room of the restaurant, talking about the big Julian-Rogelio confrontation. And now on to the strangely unrushed relaxed restaurant kitchen where Ernesto has time to lay a great big sizzlin' hot off the griddle kiss on Lorena.....just as Monica walks in.

Monica goes into a sarcastic diatrible, Ernesto protests that it was just an impulse. You always give in to your "impulses" don't you Ernesto? sneers Monica. I want to talk to you alone. About what? What part of "alone" don't you understand?

They adjourn to the restaurant proper where she forcibly tries to kiss him. He can't understand why she's acting in this crazy way. She's had a boyfriend for several months after all. I canned him. It's you I want and gotta have. Dump Lorena. You're nuts, says Ernesto.

Little lamb Lorena arrives. Ernesto warns Monica to leave her out of it. No way. You can't have him Lorena. I had him first! I SLEPT WITH HIM BEFORE YOU DID!

Impactada look from Lorena . And from Ernesto, I might add. I'm feeling a bit impactada myself.
* * * * *

Hey, after all that, who wants previews? But we get 'em. Lorena's wondering if she wants someone like Ernesto for a husband. And she has to get away, think things over. Alonso is exultant because he has the DNA test and now knows Sara is not Zulema and Omar's daughter.
* * * *


caduco = expired (used in talking about medications)
clinicucha de quinto = (third rate clinic)
soy un tronco (literally, I'm a tree trunk, but means I'm useless...in this case as a dance partner)
a poco = used as an intensifier. A poco me llamaste? Really, you called me? or You really called me? What Alonso said to Sara


Doña Barbara, Mon. Sept. 29 - DB masters civilization; Mauricio tries to talk Santos out of marrying Luisana

I thought this was another excellent episode.

Mauricio tells Marisela that he dresses as a woman to better understand the fairer sex for the romance novels he writes as Madame Fabulé.

Cecilia and Antonio are kissing in the Sandoval house while everyone there watches. Melesio shoos the terneras off. The couple say that they have to go the big house to 'review some paperwork' and Melesio accepts this with a straight face. The next morning, Cecilia and Antonio discuss telling everyone about their relationship. They promise never to lie to one another but that gets off to a bad start because Antonio doesn't tell Cecilia about what happened in town with Federica.

DB is dragged off to jail prostesting mightily. She keeps screaming, "I'm Doña Bárbara!"

Marisela goes to see Luisana in the hospital. Luisana is bitchy and obnoxious to her.

Mauricio starts a full out campaign to keep Santos from marrying Luisana. He describes Luisana as an Angora kitten. "All she knows is how to lie on a velvet couch surrounded by beautiful and expensive things."[Ella no puede vivir sino echada en un cojín de terciopelo, rodeada de cosas bonitas y de buena calidad.] If you take her out of her habitat, she dies. He asks if Santos is ready to be the slave of this kitten. He says that Santos doesn't love Luisana. He is just trying to defeat his other woman, DB, the one who controls his manhood [Esa mujer es la dueña de tu hombría]. Santos refuses to listen (notice the little girl with the cat in the background).

The Governor goes to see DB in prison. It turns out things aren't so different in civilization than in the Llanos. Influence works everywhere. DB has something on the Governor but Luisana's connection to the President outweighs that and that is why DB is in jail.

Santos goes to see DB in prison and she tells him their bet is double or nothing that he won't marry Luisana.

DB's henchmen, Melquíades and Leon arrive in San Fernando. DB has them get her a lawyer who also owes her a favor.

Santos wants to marry Luisana the next day. Luisana's doctor doesn't think that is a good idea but Santos won't listen. He sends Marisela to pick out a nice wedding dress for Luisana, completely oblivious to how that makes her feel. Mauricio sees, of course and says that Santos has the subtlety of a locomotive.
He sends a telegram to a 'knight in shining armor,' maybe the old guy that Luisana promised to marry so he would lend her his plane, as part of his effort to stop this wedding.

Marisela tries on wedding dresses. I think there would be quite a difference between Marisela and Luisana in the pechugona department.

DB's lawyer her gets out of jail after she promises not to go the hospital where Luisana is and to leave San Fernando.

DB goes into a beauty parlor that advertises it can work miracles and tells them to make her into a city girl. Thus attired, she has no problem in getting right into Luisana's hospital room.

This goes to show that you can pass as civilized even if you're not. DB pulls a knife on Luisana and tells her not to marry Santos.


Fuego, Monday 9/29 (#107): Must we make small talk every time we pass?

Pablito has climbed up to Sofi's balcony. (It's like Grand Central Station up there!) She's telling him that things don't always work out the way we want them to. He misses her and Juan, and he's worried that Juan is dead. Sofía doesn't like this idea at all and says he can't be.

Franco meets with Gabi in her study, angry that she has shut down the spring on their property. She shows him the document his father signed to give Gabi control of the spring even though it's on their property. She tells him he can take that copy and show it to a lawyer, or whoever, and they'll tell him it's legal.

After Franco leaves in disgust, Gabi thought-bubbles to herself that she tricked Juan Jose into signing the document shortly before he was murdered.

Nati updates Eladio on the horrors of the hacienda; namely, that Gabi is planning to send Jimena away.

Night falls. There's a giant moon in a purple sky. Sofi visits Jimena and talks her ear off about visiting Libia's tomb to ask her to tell Juan how much Sofi is suffering wanting to get her child back. She needs her to get better. Feo comes in and tells Sofi it's high time she signed for that divorce she's been wanting. She gladly signs the papers and gives him the sweetest smile she's ever given him. But he pulls her close and says that just because they're no longer married doesn't mean she's free of him. He can tell Gabi about that offer Sofi made ("I'll do ANYTHING if you help me find my baby") Sofi breaks free of his grasp and tells him to do or say whatever he wants; she doesn't care.

Alone again, Sofi tells Jimena what a jerk Feo is, and that she used to have Juan to protect her, but not any more. (Jimena is a great listener.) The only thing that cheers Sofi up is knowing that she'll be a free woman, free of Feo and everyone else.

Oscar searches high and low (literally) for Juan, with only a torch and the full moon to light the way.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Franco continues to study that legal document. Capricho comes back from his own daily Juan-search, looking dejected, but suspiciously well-groomed. Franco calls to him, but Capricho ambles past morosely. Franco knows this means the horse didn't find his human.

Next morning: Quinti, wearing sort of a bag lady outfit, sings the bonbon song. Pablito is annoyed. Q says she's not singing because she's happy, but to keep from going crazy. She explains that she and Grandpa have a truce, and explains to him what a truce is - and that it also means things could flare up again. She just wants to be forgiven. Pablito thinks Grandpa will forgive her eventually, since he's always been fair. She still thinks Grandpa is the greatest general in the world.

Franco shows the paper to Grandpa, who says it looks legal to him. JJ agreed to let Gabriela use the spring however she wants. Franco says she also blocked the path so they don't have access to their own property. It doesn't explicitly say that she can use her rights to the spring against them, but clearly that's what she's doing and Grandpa thinks it's dishonest. He suggest that they hire a lawyer. Franco is hesitant.

Grandpa says jeez, they're a bunch of tough guys when it comes to revenge, but they're lousy at defending themselves. (May I say THANK YOU GRANDPA!!!) He impatiently says he ask his lawyer and now please go away, but Franco wants to tell him something.

Gabi is annoyed that Sofi hasn't come down for breakfast. "This isn't a hotel," she grumps. The maid says that poor Sofi hasn't been eating and has already left. Sarita says she went to church to pray to Virgencita for a miracle. Feo laughs and says he only believes in the power of money. Only money can perform miracles. Sarita says she's bummed to hear that, because his heart can never hope to find love.

Gabi tries to quash the conversation, but Feo says it's fine, let her talk, what she says doesn't hurt him. Sarita says that's because he doesn't have feelings. He says no, it's because he knows she's upset about Sofía and Jimena, but he's never done anything to her, there's no reason for her to oppose him. Sofía has poisoned her against him, but he's not done anything wrong.

(Sofía is praying in church with Eva and the padre.)

Gabi doesn't want to hear about miracles; she wants to talk about practical things; namely, her control of the ojo de agua. She won't let those Reyes get a single drop, and soon they will be ruined. (Nati and her mother are horrified.) The Reyes declared war on her, and now they're going to have to live with it.

Sarita says she's not on their side, but she also doesn't like injustice. That land has always been theirs. Gabi doesn't want to hear about it and grabs for some bread (probably Reyes bread). Feo pushes Sarita's divorce papers at her and tells her to sign. Again we see Gabi's hand in the bread basket; I'm wondering why she's so hot for bread this morning? Feo tells Sarita that if she signs, she won't have any more problems with the Reyes. He'll get Franco to sign it too.

Gabi says she'll make Jimena sign hers. Shocked, Sarita says she's in no condition to sign things, much less make decisions. Gabi that's why she's making the decision, and then Feo can get Oscar to sign too. (Nati and her mother are still standing there and hearing every word; I suppose they're invisible when Gabi isn't yelling at them.) When Sarita tries to protest, Gabi cuts her off and says her health is on the line.

Franco tells Grandpa he's the youngest, and he owes his brothers for caring for him, and now he'll take care of the hacienda for them. And he's sad that they're gone. And about Sofi thinking Juan stole that baby. He could never do such a thing. Grandpa says he's never blamed Juan for that; the only reason he's mad at them is for deceiving him and his granddaughters. He knows Juan wouldn't do something so cowardly.

Franco mentions that Eva begged them not to hurt anyone. Grandpa is surprised by this - wasn't she in on the revenge plan? Franco explains that when they showed up, she just assumed that they were the bricklayers. That's how they infiltrated the hacienda. Eva has always protected the girls.

Eva tells Sofi not to lose hope and says she'll come back for her later. She leaves, and the padre urges Sofía to unbosom herself to him. He'll listen.

Eva meets Hortensia and Q at the clinic. They're upset because Dr. Montes said they need to operate; they can't put it off any longer. Rigo will be transferred to Puebla this afternoon.

Sarita sits with Feo and looks at the papers, unsure. She thinks this should be between her and Franco. Feo plays the Sick Mommy card and shoves the pen at her. "We all want her to get better, don't we?" Sarita signs. What a dingaling.

(Donkey sighting!!)

Franco tries to comfort Hortensia at the dispensario and asks permission to speak with Rigo before he leaves. Eladio cries and thanks Franco for his support. Franco tells Rigo he must be as scared as Franco was that time he almost died in the fire. He looked death in the face, but he never lost faith and he fought because of all the people who love him. Rigo has to feel close to God and be strong and fight for his life, because they all love him and they'll be praying for him. Rigo weakly thanks him.

Jimena is still in "good listener" mode. I guess Gabi still thinks she's faking, because she puts the pen in J's hand and is bien enojada when it falls on the floor. She puts the pen back in Jimena's hand and says "I'll have to help you."

Nati, who had been approaching with some laundry, freezes at the open door. Fortunately, since servants are invisible, Gabi doesn't notice. Nati stares as Gabi, holding both Jimena's hand and the pen, signs Jimena's divorce papers.

Nati meets Eladio at the clinic and tells him that Gabi and Feo, in their hate for the Reyes, made Sarita and Jimena sign for divorce.

Eugenia shows up, and Hortensia tells her that Rigo needs her. Eladio takes Franco aside, perhaps to tell him about the divorce. Eva says goodbye to Hortensia and Quintina but says they can count on her for whatever.

Sofi admits to Fr. Tadeo that she fears Juan and the child might be dead. Tadeo tells her not to think such things, but if Juan did take the baby it was to keep her safe from danger. "What danger, Padre? Danger of what?"

Feo and Gabi gloat that they're just two signatures away from having any ties between those guys and her daughters, and Juan's dead and burning in hell.

Silvestre hides behind a rock as Oscar and his horse walk by. He comes out from behind to see where they've gone; Oscar, who is half-crazed by now, has snuck up behind him and demands to know where Juan Reyes is. Sil explains that he and his peeps are a tribe with ancient traditions, but they're losing them thanks to some evil witch guy. Oscar is not ready to be involved in this subplot, however, so he only gets angrier when Sil says the only new person around there is some doctora.

Meanwhile, Dr. Leonora meets with the so-called witch doctor, Crocodile Shaman or whatever we're calling him, and his Keith Richards doll. She's discovered that he's been trying to set the people against her with superstition, but she's going to open their eyes. He tries to scare her, saying he's got fearsome dark powers, but it's not working. She says she believes that God will protect her; he flinches at the name. Oh give me a break. So does this mean that a splash of holy water will blind him? She's not impressed, in any case, and she's going to do her job here and nothing and nobody is going to stop her.

Sofi continues crying to the padre; her heart is dried up, she's the living dead, the only thing that keeps her going is the hope of finding her child, otherwise that's the end of her existence.

The padre tries to cheer her up, but she feels that the old Sofía is dead. She's a different Sofía with a dead heart who will never love again.

Eugenia tells Rigo they'll get married when he gets better. He asks about Benito. She says he was never anything but a false hope; Rigo is her true love.

Rigo is wheeled out of his room. The padre gives him a blessing.

Grandpa interrupts Feo and Gabi's gloatfest ("no one can criticize me because Bernardo's been dead for more than a year") to say how it was wrong of them to shut down the spring; he's going to sic his lawyer on them. He mentions again that Bernardo knew what a bad guy he is, that's why he left that letter saying Feo is a thief. Okay, so she tore it up, but he warns Gabi again that that viper will throw her out in the street as soon as they're married. The world is a lovely garden, but snakes are hidden within.

Gabi is amused. She admits that she tore up that letter from Bernardo, but that letter mentioned that there were other papers that would incriminate him. (Feo flashes back to finding these papers in a safe and hiding them.) He promises Gabi that he will clear his name and expose Grandpa as the liar that he is.

Hortensia and Eladio say goodbye to Rigo at the hospital and cry and pray as he is whisked away for his surgery.

The comisario shows up at the hacienda, "did you call for me?" Feo says he wants them to search every millimeter of the office and let Gabi know if they find anything suspicious. He excuses himself so as not to get in the way. The sheriff and his deputy then conduct the most neat and orderly search in the history of law enforcement.

Feo goes up to his old room, where he keeps all of his secrets. He takes out the papers and looks at them and thought-bubbles that this ought to shut that old man up. He and Gabi will never be able to suspect him of anything!

The comisario tells Gabi he didn't find anything to incriminate Feo.

At the hospital, Eladio and Hortensia are informed that DOCTOR ALMANZA has begun Rigo's surgery. The nurse can't say how long it will take, because it's very complicated; it could be hours. Eladio and Hortensia try to comfort one another. H is so glad that Nati came into E's life (thus preventing him from leaving them to seek his fortune), else she would be facing this all alone. He says he'll never leave her alone.

Behind them, Dr. Castañeda, Sr., casually asks the nurse about DOCTOR ALMANZA. (I don't know if Dr. A is important or not, but s/he's been mentioned twice within a few minutes, so I guess I need to learn how to spell it.) Nurse tells him Dr. A just started an operation on that woman's son, and it's pretty bad, they don't know if they can save him.

The padre offers a Mass for Juan, the baby, and Rigo. Only the nice people have attended this evening service, so there won't be any stupid outbursts from Crabi. He says Jesus taught them that pain is but a grain of wheat that is planted, grows, and eaten. Without pain, we couldn't tell who we are.

Sofía has fallen asleep next to her bell collection. She dreams about giving birth and finding out her daughter has allegedly been stolen by Juan, except Jimena's not so sure it was him, but Sofi is sure, and she needs him to return her baby because her baby needs her.

She wakes up and paces the floor, muttering "my baby, my baby."

The moon is full, and a coyote or wolf cries in the distance. Now she steps out on her balcony, dressed in black, crying. Everything goes purple - is she dreaming again?

Quintina is struggling alone at the roadside in the dark with a horse and cart. (I don't make this stuff up, I just tell you what I see.) The road is shrouded in dry-ice fog. Sofi is wandering around in a daze, with "where is my baby, where is my baby" echoing in her head (her lips aren't moving). Quintina doesn't recognize her, and thinks she's seeing La Llorona .

Mexico airdate: 17 de Junio
Word of the day: tregua = truce

Next time:
Gabi calls the pest control company to remove an annoying daughter from her house.
Feo acts like a jerk.


QE Monday 9/29 - The Bad Seed is satan's spawn, Chalo remembers his pact with the devil, Bruno confirms his reservation in hell

Ahoy all, I am subbing for Ferro tonight and he for me on Thursday.

From Friday:Torbi inists to Al and the sisters that Lorena simply MUST be Snorty's true granddaughter.

Zuly tells Omar that her new hire Matilde used to work for Snorty, she blathers on that Vasco gave her great references. In an awkward segue Omar pipes up that speaking of Vasco, he (Vasco) would like for them to make peace with Jaime. She says she'll never forget! Omar tells her forgiving is different from forgetting. They fight about it, she'll never forgive the jerk who helped steal her daughter. He says think about it, he loves Julian and Diana and they aren't even his blood, now compare them to their real blood Sara who doesn't deserve to be called their daughter. Zuly runs out in tears, "shut up don't touch me!"

Lor arrives home and finds Maruja all hang-dog, she's bummed because her ex refuses to give her a divorce without them paying him. Maruja says Rosi has been downhearted all day about it. She says at her bottom Rosi is in a fragile state and what her father has done to her is impardonable.

Omar and Zuly go to bed, he tries to change the subject by asking about the results of her tests. She accuses him of forgiving Jaime without talking to her first. He asks her to try to understand. She rebuts by saying he neither listens to her nor respects her feelings. Lights off and another frigid night in bed for Zuly and Omar.

Rosi meets her father who's leching over some waitress in a cafe. He gives Julian some fatherly advice, have fun now because later they really like to show their fangs (sacar las uñas = show their nails). He announces that he wants twice what he asked before.

Bruno is home poring over his accounts and complaining to himself that he has too many debts and no money. In walks Diana who needs more diapers. Bruno's mad because he just bought one box yesterday ("one box" the idiot says, I've never had kids and even I know one box won't last long) and he doesn't feel like going out to get more. When Diana announces she's going to get them he explodes and demands that she not go out and she'll do what he says! He grabs her hair, slaps her around and drags her into the next room so we can't see what he does to her. Bastard.

Rosi goes ballistic at her dad who just laughs her off and tells her pay up or else no signing the divorce papers. After he leaves Julian says what's with him will he just keep asking more and more and more? Rosi says Julian is making her tense.

Diana walks out of the room battered and crying. She mutters that Bruno is senile (crazy?) how could he do this to her? She starts to call Zuly but stops herself. Ma isn't well and will worry, and Julian will beat Bruno up again. (And why is this bad?) She cries a 7 on Ferro's ugly crying scale. She would be a 6 but she's sporting some nasty cuts and bruises.

The bells ring the next morning in St. Martin. Al and Torbi are on the search for Snorty's real nieta.

The sisters lok at pics of young Lorena and Sara. They discuss that it could be true that Lor is the real nieta and Sara could be a bad seed. It's not such a stretch, look at how the bad angel (satan) was envious of the Son of God. The saddest thing is that one was too dependent on what the other had.

Al and Torbi talk to Teresa, one of the other possible nietas. She's excited to hear who her real family could be but Torbi and Al can't say because there is another girl who could be the granddaughter. Theresa agrees to take a DNA test.

Sara finds Chalo in the library and laughs at him for thinking he'll be happy forever with Barb. She thrusts her hips at him, lays a big-mouth bass kiss on him and tells him if she wanted it he'd be hers again. He doesn't exactly push her away and they go into the commercial sucking face.

OK, he pushes her away after the commercial. Sara accuses him of being Barb's lap dog and half the man he used to be. If he's over her then why is he still taking money from her? Because I need it, he says. No, because you're as corrupt as I am, she throws it back in his face. Chalo makes a sour and unhappy face. Points for Sara on that one.

Vasco tells Barb he's still not happy about Chalo, in his bones he feels Chalo's a betrayer but he'll try to accept him for Barb's sake and they'll see. Barb smiles to herself.

Sara gives Chalo her parting shot, fine she'll take all of Snorty's inheritance and not share it with Chalo! As she stomps out of the room she nearly runs Barb over. Barb wants to know what Chalo was doing hidden away with Sara?

Lor runs into Zuly at the very cool market. Lor updates her on her new teaching gig, she saw Diana's new baby, etc. Zuly tells her that she has to go to the clinic and she's waiting for the results. The worst part is she doesn't have time to take a bag of fruit to Diana. Lor volunteers to deliver it for her.

Chalo tells Barb he and Sara were just talking and Sara was making fun of them. Barb says of course she brought up the difference in ages, oh well she's just bitter. Their love is stronger than anything. (Dum, de dum dum...) He says he loves her and they make out.

Rosi and Julian discuss the different ways of earning the money to pay her dad. Not even selling the television will do it. She looks at her engagement ring and he refuses. He says they'll figure out a way.

Zuly visits Bruno at the clinic. He has her results. Her cholestrol and triclycerides are not in good shape. She has to lose weight and change her diet or she could have a heart attack and worse. He sends her to the nutritionist. She asks about Diana and Bruto says Diana's the best mother in the world and he does everything he can do help her out. He loves being a father. Having a child changes everything. Grrrrr!

Diana's reluctant to answer the doorbell, what if it's her ma. She peeks through the hole, it's Lorena! She can't open the door. Lor wonders if she must have gone out with the baby.

Al and Tori tell the sisters that Teresa agreed to have a DNA test. Tori wants to stay for lunch but Al's in a hurry to get back. Luckily the sisters really want to feed Tori so they make him lunch to go. Mother Superior is happy about the search and hopes that God lights their way and they find the truth.

Driving home Al tells Tori that the DNA tests are kind of expensive. Basically I this is a ploy to try to endear us to Al because he says he'll bear the cost. Tori wonders how Al will try to convince Sara and Zuly. Al's not sure, maybe with a hair sample or something. Tori says Sara's hair sample will prove she's a crafty fox.

Old Alan Zimmerman is trying to put the make on Sara but she stares into space. He tells Sara she's acting cold. She tells him she's stressed at work but she thought bubbles that she's jonesing for Al's hot bod.

Jaqui and Icky are out to eat and of course she hates the restaurant. Icky is surprised to see Chalo and Barb arrive arm in arm. Is that her nephew she's with? Barb and Chalo kiss and Jaqui cracks a huge smile, "it's her boyfriend, she exhanged you for a boy". Icky recalls that Chalo was the one who kissed Sara when he took a picture with his cell phone.

Barb and Chalo energetically make out in the restaurant to the embarrassment of the waiter. Barb sashays off to the bathroom while Chalo tries to order lobster...with chiles. The waiter looks down his nose at Chalo.

Icky intercepts Barb and tells her if she's paying for boys she could do better. She tells him to bug off. He says didn't she know that her new boyfriend is Sara's lover? Barbara is commercial-impactada.

Icky convinces a shocked Barb that he's telling the truth. He saw Chalo and Sara kissing and even got a picture of it. He sneers that he's sorry Barb is so unlucky in love.

Barb's unhappiness has given Icky an appetite. Even Jaqui's snit that he was talking to Barb doesn't spoil his appetite. Barb runs out and as Chalo follows her he recognizes Icky. He has an audio flashback as he and Icky stare at each other. Jaqui wants to know why Icky's laughing so heartiliy.

Sara tries to call Al and surmises correctly that he doesn't answer because he recognizes her number. Heh heh.

Snorty practices writing. Nurse Augusta leaves the room and Snorty writes "Sara venia" (Sara came) or something like that, I'm not exactly sure. She pushes the paper to the floor as Sara slithers in. Like all stupid criminals Sara insists on spilling her guts, she tells Snorty the story of a little girl who was abandoned 22 years ago. The little girl cried for her parents but then discovered she had a grandmother. In this story the granny is a ferocious wolf. The nun who held the keys died and Sara found out the truth, but guess what, the granddaughter isn't Sara! Snorty's eyes bug out. Sara continues that she's not of Snorty's blood but she learned and now she bested the master. She hears the nurse and skedaddles. Snorty's heart races and Augusta tells her to calm down.

Back home Chalo tries to convince Barb he's not doing it with Sara. Barb demands was Chalo doing Sara yes or no? Chalos says he won't lie, don't hold a past stupidity against him. He says Sara gave him the job because she owed him for helping break Lor and Al up. Barb is shocked, he was her accomplice! She cries and he tries to convince her. He swears he loves her. She yells and runs from the room. Vasco finds her as Chalo chases her in. Barb tells Vasco that Chalo was Sara's lover. Vasco waves his finger, he warned Chalo not to shame his mother.

Big yelling match between Vasco and Chalo while Barb, acting as the Greek chorus, shrieks her unhappiness. The boys get into a fistfight. They both hold their own pretty well. Sara shows her head at the stairs and Chalo yells it's all her fault. Vasco kicks Chalo out then Vasco and Barb turn on Sara, she allowed her lover in the house. Barb shouts Chalo is her lover and her accomplice.

Augusta calls the clinic and neither Al not the other doc are available. It's an emergency so what about the other doctor, doctor Palma? Snorty pants and her eyes bug out unhappily.

Vasco, Barb and Sara yell insults at each other, the outcome being that Barb tries to attack Sara, Vasco holds her back, and Sara smiles triumpantly.

Over at the professional kitchen Ern supervises the dishes. There are a lot of cooks. Very few professional kitchens have that much kitchen staff, maybe some are student interns. Ern loves Maruja's and Lorena's dishes. He must have been reading our comments because he asks between her classes, her other job and this one isn't she a bit stretched? She says honestly she was thinking of quitting the restaurant. Uh oh.

Rosy picks up her salad and kisses Maruja so I guess they have made up.

Random conversation between Moni and the gossipy hostess. Hostess asks does Moni think about Ern anymore? Moni insists no, she's waiting for her new boyfriend. He arrives with flowers and she gives him a hard time for being late. He's cute. I think he could do better. I'm not sure where this scene is supposed to lead.

Omar was out doing something and gets back to work and finds Greta working late. She comments that he seems stressed out and she invites him out for a little tequila...or two. he refuses but has a look of stupid surprise on his face when she leaves. Was she hitting on him?

Meanwhile Zuly is home stuffing her face. Julian gets home and scolds her for eating bread and hot chocolate. She tells him she starts her diet tomorrow. She yells at him and he asks her what's up. She's pissed off because Omar wants to forive Jaime. Julian points out that the two brothers have decided to live away from their mother and Snorty is a vegetable, currently the only one who continues the bad in the family is Sara. She's the bad seed. She may have Zuly's blood but she's not her daughter. He compares Sara to Lorena, they were raised together but they are very different. Zuly cries and Julian tries to comfort her. Poor thing, I really feel sorry for her, she's had a rotten day. Just think if she knew about Diana.

Chalo approaches Sara with fire in his eyes. Thanks to her he's lost the only thing he cares about. She bares her teeth and tells him to go to the devil. He grabs her scrawny neck and squeezes until her eyes and tongue pop out. He wants to kill her but then remembers he's trying to be a better man. He throws her down and says she's not worth getting his hands dirty. He flings himself on the stairs and weeps. She tells him he's completely loco, he belongs to her, they are in this together. What was he thinking telling Barb about them? He reveals it was Ickturo who spilled the beans.

Vasco is in the middle of telling his ma I Told You So when Sara storms into the room. After she and Barb trade a few insults she gleefully tells Vasco that Barb is nobody to be calling Sara trash. Did Vasco know that when Barb was married to Vasco's father she had an affair with his right hand man Arturo? Of course she's the kind of woman to carry on with the chauffeur. Barb cries some more, Vasco is impactado and Sara is victorious.

The evil Dr. Bruto arrives and overhears the gossipy maid Joaquina telling Augusta something about Vasco being annoyed that Bruto was there. Snorty gets the bug-eyes as Bruto checks her pulse. She eyeballs the paper on the floor.

Barb makes excuses, her marriage to Jaime was a farce. Vasco can't believe she would allow her ex lover to work with her own husband! If he felt betrayed by her being with Chalo just imagine how he feels now.

When Augusta leaves Bruto threatens Snorty that thanks to her filth his life is hell, he's stuck with the imbecile Diana and her monstrosity. If she weren't a vegetable he'd swear she understands him, damn old lady. He should have asked her for the whole amount up front. This stupid wedding has cost him more than its cost her. The camera pans to Sara, "My granny paid you to marry Diana?"

Tomorrow: Al steals some of Sara's hair.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Cuidado con el Angel - Sept. 29, 2008 - beggars can't be choosers

(NOTE: Because of the jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, I was only able to see the first half of tonight's episode before I had to leave for evening services.)

* In the back garden, Isabel shocks Cecilia (Ceci) with news that her daughter didn't die, and Isabel knows where she is.

* Dr. Sandoval meets Mayita inside - he goes into the study to talk with JM. They discuss Chuy - JM is enchanted by her.

* Padre Anselmo talks with Chuy at church - about her feelings for her mother who abandoned her.

* Ceci and Isabel are still in the garden - Ceci begs Isabel to tell her where her daughter is.

* Padre and Chuy start to discuss Chuy's dislike for men - Chuy explains why she hates men.

* Out on the street, Chuy hugs Cuate as Padre blesses her. Padre leaves. Amador comes over and starts to talk with Chuy - Chuy glares at him.

* Ceci is upset and still desperately begging Isabel. Isabel paces back and forth explaining why she kept the truth a secret from Ceci for so long. Isabel reveals that Ceci's long-lost daughter is with her. Ceci is so relieved and thanks the heavens above, finally she's found her daughter. Ceci begs Isabel to take her to her daughter.

* Amador talks with Chuy about what she and Padre discussed at church - about her mother. Chuy says for her, it's best that her mom stay dead. Amador blatantly changes the subject and starts to flirt with Chuy. Chuy isn't having any of it, and rejects his advances outright. She leaves with Cuate. Amador grumbles to himself (Chuy will be his).

* Ceci is desperate to meet her daughter, hug her and have her call her mama. Isabel sits down with Ceci and explains that Estefania -- Ceci repeats the name with a huge smile on her face -- Isabel explains that Estefania is part of her family, and calls Isabel "Tia". Ceci is desperate and anxious to meet her. Isabel continues to procrastinate - because Estefania doesn't know anything about Ceci, grew up with Isabel and her family. Ceci continues to beg and plead. Isabel cries that she doesn't want to lose Estefania - thinks of her as her own daughter. Ceci assures that won't happen. Isabel wonders about Patricio's reaction to the news.

* Chuy and Cuate meet lady in the market.

* Pat finds Isabel and Ceci in the garden. Pat interrupts the discussion/begging session.

* Lady and Chuy walk down the street - argue about Adrian kissing Chuy the other day. Chuy doesn't care for him in any way - Lady tries to get Chuy to change her mind about Adrian. Chuy cries about not wanting any boyfriend and runs away.

* Pat hugs Ceci - he notices her happy mood as he talks with Isabel. Pat leaves. Ceci and Isabel talk about Ceci needs to tell Pat the truth about Estefania. Ceci wants to meet Estefania today/tonight - Isabel convinces her to wait until tomorrow, to give Isabel time to tell Estefania. Isabel gives Ceci the address of where they will meet tomorrow. Ceci is excited.

* Padre and lady talk in church - lady is so happy, she received word from her daughter.

(Here's a brief recap of the rest of this episode by Ninak.)
Cecilia went to meet the fake daughter, and begged her forgiveness, which of course was given. She left early in the morning, telling Patricio she was going shopping, but at the end, she returns home and tells him she once had a daughter, and it's his. The episode ends there.

Also: JM goes to search out Marichuy in the barrio. She is no longer scared of his being a ghost. He gives her his card and tells her to come see him if she needs help or whatever.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cuidado: Friday 9/26/08- "Viviana reverses the order of 'life's a beach and then you die'."

Viviana ends up washed up on the beach, still clutching her attaché case with all her jewels inside, as airplane parts are strewn around her. The gaudy jewelry she’s wearing is still intact, that’ll make her happy, I’m sure.

Back home, Mayita is running to her secret place, calling for her Abuelita Mariana. She cries to granny, who assures her that her mother isn’t dead. Later Mayita is found by her other abuelita. It is a study in contrasts as this grandmother tells her that not only is her mother dead, but her father the killer. To make matters worse, Granny Onelia insists that Mayita has to hate her father now….this kid is going to need some therapy.

In the hospital, Juan Miguel worries what his daughter must be going through at this moment in time. He wants to get back to her.

Marichuy prays for the souls of JM and his wife.

Mayita continues to cry for her mother. JM arrives back home and has a warm greeting from his sister. They discuss Viviana’s demise and JM says he was sure that Viv survived, but……he says perhaps he just preferred to think that she’ll return someday than to think of the alternative.

Marichuy is being questioned by some girl about which of the men in the artist crowd she finds attractive. Marichuy really has no opinion, so this girl (didn’t catch her name, sorry) questions about Amador and she lets MC know that Amador really is interested in her, MC lets her know that the feeling isn’t mutual. Sensing that there is some sort of underlying psychological problem, this woman asks MC what she has against men in general.

JM and his sister discuss how he felt about his wife. Then he goes to see his daughter, who lashes out at him and accuses him of killing her mother. He urges his daughter it is okay to cry, but she should remember her mother with affection, not pain. Onelia overhears their exchange and seems pleased with her dirty work. JM asks Mayita if she really thinks he’s capable of hurting her mother and she relents.

Adrian asks MC to go to the movies that night with him and she agrees.

Onelia doesn’t like the course of JM and Mayita’s conversation, so she orders him to leave the child alone, the doctor insists she needs rest. JM tells her to leave, and says that they’ll talk later. He continues to console his daughter.

Estefania and her aunt (Isabela?) discuss her looking for work and Isabela says don’t worry, you are going to meet your future parents.

JM and Onelia exchange some not-so-pleasantries. She accuses him of killing her only daughter. He says he just wants Mayita to realize that death is something that is natural and she should be able to return to her life, sooner rather than later. He psycho-babbles at Onelia telling her that she has a right to her feelings, but he will not allow her to poison his daughter and not in his house. She asks if he’s kicking her out? He says he’s telling her to cease and desist with feeding Mayita her crap, if she can’t do that, then she’ll have to go.

At the drive-in Adrian gets all Danny Zucco on MC and he goes in for a kiss. She is incensed and starts to hit him. She orders him to never come near her again.

JM goes out for a drive and rehashes in his mind the argument he had with Viv and the ugly things that Mayita said to him when he came home.

MC runs out of the drive-in and straight in the path of an on-coming car. It is JM and he nearly hits her. He jumps out to see if she’s okay and she responses as if she’s seen a ghost. You’re dead, she says. He reaches for her and asks again if she’s OK. She say’s it can’t be, freaks out as he tries to touch her and she takes off.

She ends up running home and seeks comfort from her cute dog. Cande returns home and MC pretends to be asleep.

The woman who was pumping MC for info on how she feels about the guys in their little group is now talking to Amador and she tells him that it would be best if he forget all about MC, she’s in no way interested in him. He doesn’t care, and I think, probably sees this as a challenge.

Onelia agrees to abide by JM’s demands so she can stay in the house. We, the audience, can tell she’s just feeding him a line of bull, but he doesn’t pick up on it, perhaps his grief has temporarily depleted him of his ability to read body language---kinda like Kryptonite and Superman. She asks JM if he thinks he’ll marry again. He says this kind of questioning is too soon. She says, well in time? He says he doesn’t know, but most likely not. He walks away and she says, to herself, but I’m sure for the viewing audience’s benefit, that he’s going to pay for taking her daughter away from her.

MC has nightmares that wake her up. She comments, to herself –once again for the audience’s benefit, that she never saw his face, but even without that, she’d know him if she ever came across his path.

Isabela goes to visit Cecelia. They talk about how many years it’s been and Cece is a little surprised that Isabela came to see her. Isabela says that she’s surprised that Cece is with Patricio, she thought there was some sort of problem with his family and didn’t they get their marriage annulled.

Mayita tells JM that she can’t go to school because she’s got to get some black clothes. He tells her that mourning isn’t something that happens on the outside, it is something that we carry in our hearts.

Viv is taking her wedding ring off as she stands on the sunny beach. She says now she’s going to really live her life.

Adrian comes to see MC. Cande says she’s not feeling well, but MC had told her that she doesn’t ever want to see Adrian again.

Cece tells Isabela that she regrets that she abandoned her daughter without knowing her fate, if she’s dead or alive. Cece discusses how she took the child to a priest, but has no idea on how to track him down, she asks Isabela if she could help her. Isabela says she can’t remain silent any more, she needs to let Cece know that her daughter lives and where she is. END OF EPISODE


Doña Bárbara - Thursday, Sept. 25, Santos and Mauricio take advantage of civilization in different ways; Cecilia and Antonio are back together

For the time being, Federica says that she will say nothing about her 'night of passion' with Antonio. Later, she tells Josefa that she wants to make Antonio like her. Since that's probably not going to work, fake pregnancy is probably her next move.

DB decides to follow Santos to San Fernando with her most trusted men, which doesn't include BP. She gets some money out of the wall.

Luisana accuses Santos of continuing to see DB and of rushing off to San Fernando because of DB's threats. Santos doesn't deny it. He changes the subject by giving Luisana his mother's engagement ring.

Marisela is upset that Santos and Luisana are getting married. Mauricio offers her an hankerchief and a shoulder to cry on. He says no one knows what will happen in the future.

Luisana has a relapse on the boat. Santos offers the boatman money to get to San Fernando faster.

Antonio asks the terneras why Leon Mondragon is saying bad things about one of them. They don't tell him about Gervasia, though.

DB rides her horse so hard to get to San Fernando that it founders and she has to put it down. She continues on foot and later buys (at gunpoint) two horses from people she meets on the road.

Marisela discovers Mauricio's cross dressing persona: Madame Fabulé.

Surprised is inadequate to describe her reaction.

Antonio and Cecilia make up while Melesio and the terneras look on.

DB finds the hospital were Luisana is but Santos meets her accompanied by the police. He says that here in San Fernando, laws and justice exist. This isn't her territory where she can do whatever she wants. "This is civilization," he says, "This is my world."


El Cuerpo del Deseo, Friday, Sept. 26 - PJ/S gets a new keeper; tragedy strikes Isabel and Walter & Rebeca go on a treasure hunt

Isabel and Valeria have a weird conversation while Isabel is brushing Valeria's hair. Isabel says that everyone abandons her eventually except Pedro. He was different because he truly loved Isabel and would have died for her. She says there's nothing more valuable and beautiful than true love. [So why did she betray Pedro, then?]

Walter and Rebeca explore the cellar and find a hidden door. Simón locks them in thinking they are having a romantic tryst but Antonio guesses they are looking for something. He makes Simón let them out.

Isabel's mother, Nina, is killed in a plane crash. Isabel is devasted. PJ/S hears about it on the TV. He tells Lilia that he thought he was crazy but now he knows what happened to him is real and that he isn't crazy. He wants to go tell Isabel but looking in the mirror, he asks how he can tell her and asks what kind of hell he is living in?

PJ/S begs Lilia to help him get out of town. She not only refuses to let him go, she professes her love for him and attacks him bodily. Then she runs to Father Jacobo and demands that PJ/S leave her house.

PJ/S is stashed at the parish house in a room that is filled with graphic religious imagery that he doesn't like. PJ/S takes it all down but Padre Jacobo is angry and makes him put all the pictures up again.

Antonio and Simón explore the basement.

Isabel goes to Brussels to get her mother's body.

Padre Jacobo is confronted with evidence of PJ's education, an education that Salvador never could have gotten, but he refuses to accept PJ/S's explanation that he isn't Salvador. The priest concludes that something very bad happened during the time when Salvador was dead.

PJ/S prays to the crucifix in his room. He asks if God knows what is going on with him to please tell him because he can't take any more.

Meanwhile the less than intrepid duo of Walter and Rebeca have been searching for a key to the door they found in the basement. They are finally caught trying to take the picture of PJ's first wife off the wall in the study. Valeria asserts her authority as housekeeper and demands the keys of the study.


Friday 9/26 QE Three is the Charm

Hi everybody, the recap is now completed. Enjoy!

Madre Trinidad is not happy to see Alonslow. She doesn’t believe him that Sara is a liar. She asks for proof of what he is saying, and since he doesn’t have any she says she won’t help him investigate.

Later Alonslow and his father are outside the building. ALonslow tells his father that he understands Madre Trinidad, talking bad about Sara is like talking bad about a daughter, but he will obtain proof of what he says and then “se le va a voltear la tortilla” (La tortilla will be turned)

Lorena is preparing a menu for the classes she is going to give. Pati helps her

Sara talks to the unnamed student (or if she has a name I don’t know it) that started the protest against Lorena. Sara wants her to keep on protesting, she tells her that she shouldn’t give up. But the US has her number and tells her that now she realizes that Sara is a “Tira la piedra esconde la mano” (somebody that attacks and hides), but she won’t be manipulated anymore.

Zulema visits Diana. She came to help her with the baby. Diana is very happy, but when Zulema tells her that she has been a little sick, Diana decides that they won’t work today. Instead they’ll enjoy a mother daughter time and watch TV together.

Julian is in another photo session with one of those scary looking models. Rosi is mad, but tries to hide it. Julian is proud of her because she controls herself. The manager comes and gives him his advance of the photo session. He is happy is so much money, and gives it to Rosi for the wedding. Rosi takes it but is still not happy.

Vasco visits Jaime. Jaime gives him the good news that he is getting married to Maruja. Vasco is happy for him and comments that this is the second surprise that he received, but doesn’t give details. Vasco congratulates him.

At Maruja’s, somebody is knocking at the door, it is her husband!. Cara de impactada de Maruja. She walks in and acts like he just left yesterday. She is incensed that he seems so nonchalant about the whole deal and tells him that she hates him not because of her, but because of Rosi. He is unimpressed with her words, but seems impressed by how nice the house looks and tells her that he left because he knew she would be ok without him Maruja cuts to the chase and tells him that she wants him to sign the divorce papers. He tells her that he won’t sign any papers.

Back at the convent the nuns are talking about Alonslow’s visit. Madre Trinidad can’t believe the nerve of Alonslow, coming up with all those lies about Sara, but the other nun (don’t know her name) has her doubts, why Sara didn’t mention that Madre Asuncion told her who her family was? If Sara was talking to Madre Asuncion about the accounting, when did she have the time to tell her about her origin before dying?

Back at Maruja’s. She is desperate. She tells her husband he has to sign or else. Rosi’s dad tells her that he won’t sign because he needs money. He asks for 20,000.

Chalo gloats to Sara. He tells her that Vasco knows about his relationship with Barbara and that Barbara defended him. Sara tells him that Vasco will never accept him. Chalo says that Vasco is a good guy and he likes him.

Vasco goes to the lesser house and talks to Omar. He tells him that Jaime has changed. He is going to marry Maruja and needs Omar’s forgiveness. Omar says that he is tired of all the hate. He’ll talk to Jaime, but can’t guarantee what Zulema will do.

Paula is talking to Greta. They can’t believe that Maruja’s husband showed up and is asking for money. Dario comes in and is rude to Greta. Greta asks if he is upset. He snaps and tells her that yes he is very upset. He cames home from work and they (Greta and Maruja) are always there. He calls them chismosas (meddlesome) and tells them that he can’t stand it anymore. Greta is offended and tells him that she knows when she is not welcome. She gets up and tells them that she is not coming back ever. Paula is not happy.

Icturo tries to get busy with Jacky, but she is busy watching a movie. He calls her lazy and she tells him to be careful because she could get bored and tell Vasco about his caiman account.

Damian and Paula are arguing. Betina comes in and Paula wants to know where she was. Betina tells her that she was at a friend’s house doing homework. Damian defends her and Paula is very upset because she feels he is undermining her authority. She sends Betina to her room.

Jaime is talking to a very upset Maruja. He says he is willing to pay, but Maruja doesn’t want to do it. Rosi comes in and sees her crying. She looks guilty.

Lorena asks Erni if he likes the menu she prepared for her class. He tells her that she is getting so good that soon she’ll be the teacher. Lorena tells him that since they are complimenting each other she should say something good about him. She thinks a little and then says that she loves his onion soup. They name different recipes and at the end Ernesto says --your mouth. Lorena says that her mouth is not a recipe. He says –no, but it’s mine and I love it. He kisses her. She tries to stop him telling him that the kids are coming soon, but he has a surprise; the kids are spending the night at their aunt’s house. She tells him that he should have tell her. They embrace and kiss and we are treated with a very short (for my taste) love scene. (See? For me this seals it Lorena and Ernesto are the couple)

2nd part
The nuns called Alonslow back. They tell him that they have realized that Sara story doesn’t make sense and have decided to help him investigate. They go into the office of the Mother Superior. Madre Trinidad tells them they have until noon to investigate.

Lorena’s students are waiting for her. All of them are adults “of the third age” (I’m not sure about this term, I guess it means people older than 65) they are talking amongst themselves hoping that their new teacher gives them good recipes. Lorena shows up and starts the class.

Back at the convent they are still rehashing… I mean talking about Sara and what she did. Since Madre Asuncion’s heart attack was so fast and unexpected Sara had no way of finding out that Hortensia was her grandma. Even If she had looked in the files she wouldn’t have find Hortencias name since her name nor her signature are in the file, then, how did she find out? They decide that the current files must be fake and Sara must have changed them to help Hortensia. Alonslow asks the nuns if they have seen Chalo. Madre Trinidad remembers that she saw Chalo about the same time of the problem with Dona Hortensia. Alonslow tells them that Chalo is Sara’s lover and that he is almost sure that it was he who changed the files. Caras de impactados all around.

Chalo is talking to Vasco. He tells Vasco that he feels uncomfortable talking to him about his mother, but that he really loves her and that’s why he wants Vasco to accept him, to make Barbara happy. Vasco is not sure, but because he is open minded and because he also wants to see his mother happy, he’ll accept Chalo, but he wants Chalo to know that if he makes his mother suffer, he’ll have to deal with him. Chalo says that he’ll show him that he really loves her. Barbara walks in and is very happy to see Vasco and Chalo talking. Chalo hugs her and tells her that everything has been resolved.
Back with Lorena, everybody is very happy. The class has ended and the students taste the food. They are impressed in how easy it was to cook Lorena’s recipe. She tells them that for her next class, they’ll cook “mole de olla” Everybody is excited about it. Ernesto is outside waiting for her. He asks her about the class and she tells him that she loved it. She wants Ernesto to teach a class but he tells her that this class is all hers and all he wants is to taste what she cooks and a kiss. Lorena smiles suggestively and asks why only one kiss they are not on a diet. Ernesto shows us his beautiful smile.
Zulema is looking for somebody to help her with her business. Remember the servant that Hortensia fired way at the beginning because she thought that she had stolen some money when in reality it was Sara who stole it? Well Novelaland is very small because she is the one looking for the job. Zulema likes her, but when she asks for references the lady tells her what happened to her and Zulena realizes that she worked with Hortensia.
Rosi and Julian are waiting for Rosi’s father. Rosi asked to talk to him, but she wants to do it alone. Julian doesn’t want to leave. When her father shows up, Julian realizes that Rosi and her father had already seen each other. He tells them he’ll wait in the other room. Rosi tells her father he shouldn’t have asked Maruja for money. He tells her that he needed an excuse not to sign the divorce and besides he needs money, so now he won’t sign until he gets his money. Rosi wants to kick herself.

Jaime is trying to convince Maruja to get a loan to pay her ex. Maruja doesn’t want to do it. They are arguing when Omar shows up. He says he wants to talk to Jaime.
Rosi yells at her dad that she hates him. Her dad asks her if she doesn’t care anymore if her mother marries. Rosi tells him to leave. Julian comes out and tells him to leave or else. Rosi’s dad leaves, but he tells them that he won’t sign until he gets his money. He leaves and Julian wants to know why Rosi told her father not to sign. Rosi cries and hugs him and tells him that she is a fool. She realizes that she has been very selfish. They decide to pay with the money they have been saving for the wedding.

Omar congratulates Jaime on his upcoming wedding. They both rehash a little about their problems. Omar finally tells him that he forgives him because he is tired of all the hate. They hug.

Hortensia is trying to write. The nurse tells her that she should take it slowly, but Hortensia really wants to write. The nurse gives her a new page.
Sara is at a mall and sees Bruno. Bruno asks her for her grandmother. Sara doesn’t want to talk about that, she wants to know if he has seen Alonslow. Bruno tells her that Alonslow is back.

Alonslow and her father are eating ice cream when Alonslow’s phone rings. It is Sara. He doesn’t answer.
The nurse is reading to Hortensia. She closes the book and tells her is time to go to bed. Hortensia wants to keep on writing. The nurse gives her another page. Hortensia writes Sara’s name.

Back at the convent, the nuns brought the files of all the girls that came the same year that Sara and Lorena. They compare the files and they realize that Sara’s file is the only one with just one signature. Madre Trinidad tells them that all of the files have to have two signatures; one for the person that receives the child and one for a witness, therefore Sara’s file is fake, but what if she not only faked her file, but maybe she is not Hortensia’s granddaughter and she faked the file of the real granddaughter? They start wondering who the real granddaughter is. Toribio say that he is sure that Lorena is the granddaughter because Sara has stolen everything from her; why not steal her origin too?
The end


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feugo en la Sangre, 09/26/08: With Mothers Like That Who Needs Enemies?

The misery of motherhood prevails in certain quarters of Ciudad Serdán tonight as we begin.

Fer enters Sofia’s bedroom ready to tell her he now wants to give her that divorce that she’s been begging him for all these many months. Sofia is desperate and half crazed at this point from the sudden loss of her newborn daughter. In a moment of irrational desperation, before Feo can give her the news, she tells him that if he gets her baby back for her she is prepared to do whatever he asks. Feo moves in to take literal advantage of the situation when suddenly Bruja-riela careens into the bedroom out of nowhere on her jet-powered broomstick and unwittingly pushes Sofia back from the brink by giving her the news of the divorce herself. She then pops a wheelie on her broomstick, revs the engine and drops a major hint to Feo that his presence is no longer needed, nor wanted, in Sofia’s bedroom.

Fernando obediently heels. Gabi takes a minute to then inform Sofia that she saw a heart specialist who has ordered treatment for her. She says he warned her that if her daughters didn’t stop causing her so much aggravation she’d have to undergo a heart operation. So, if things didn’t quickly change around there, Sofia and her sisters would have to leave for the good of her health. Mad-Bad Mama having said what she’d come to say, revs and rolls that ‘stick on out of there leaving Sofia to weep and mourn her fate alone. It’s uncertain to those of us in Viewerville, whether Sofia is crying over Mama’s worsened condition or the fact that she realizes how close she just came to avoiding a fate worse than death at being pawed over by Mama’s panting pooch.

While Sofia has been kept from going fully over the brink into madness, Jimena is not so lucky. She is lying on her bed, in a near catatonic state, having been once again overwhelmed by the constant tragedies plaguing the family. Jimena, overcome with so many family misfortunes, has apparently suffered another nervous breakdown but somehow sends a telepathic SOS to Oscar, who suddenly gets a feeling that something has happened to her.

Sarita comes in for a chat with her sister but when she sees that Jimena isn’t responsive she races for help from Mama. Crabi isn’t up for mothering and groans to Sarita and Fernando that the three girls are a never-ending pain in her backside. However, she and Feo do finally follow Sarita to check on Jimena. Gabi takes one look at Jimena and immediately lights into her about her ruining her wa and accuses oblivious Jimena of playing these games just to upset her. Sarita says she’s certain it’s another breakdown the same as when Mama was sick in the hospital. Fernando (the only one there with some common sense) decides to make sure and goes off to get the doctor.

While Sarita frantically tries to get a response from blank-faced Jimena, Gabi drones on as if she’s in a world of her own, carping selfishly about her own poor health and the need for a heart operation if her daughters don’t stop continually vexing her. Totally unmindful of the tragedy unfolding on the bed next to her, Gabi begins haranguing the two girls about wanting to kill her and not giving them the pleasure. She’ll throw them out of the house first! Hearing this threat makes Sarita suddenly stop and take notice and she stares maliciously at Mama.

In town Eladio is doing a lousy job of trying to console a hairless (but finally clean-shaven) Rigo who’s been undergoing radiation treatment for a while. In a definitely touching, two-hanky scene, the two brothers break down in tears together as Eladio ponders Rigo’s fate and tenderly kisses his brother’s forehead.

In a creepy but definite counterpoint to the vicious vamp that claims to be Mother of the Year back in Ciudad Serdán, the Puebla City cardiologist daddy of leggy and luscious doctor-daughter, Leonora, cries because she’s all grown up, has flown the proverbial coop, and he misses her so badly.

Speaking of lovely Leonora, we zoom over the canopy of the rain forest to the outskirts of the indigenous village where the government’s Indian Agent, still pissed at being summarily dissed and dismissed by the defiant doctor, is telling the local shaman (who seems a tad wily and two tads smarter than the average native population there) that they’ll need to teach the uppity broad a lesson or two about humility and what passes for respect for male authority in those parts. He wants the shaman to rile up the village and get them to scorn and humiliate her, and to have them refuse to pay attention to her. That way they’ll soon have her on her knees to them (a la Lewinsky?) and begging for their help.

Meanwhile, back at Hacienda de Harpy, the local doctor examines Jimena and confirms the nervous breakdown. He says he can do nothing more than give her a tranquilizer and wait for her to recover, which might take quite a while. Crabi is incensed at this inconvenience and begins a rant about her being the one who is really ill, while Jimena is only pulling a stunt to get some attention. The doctor looks on straight-faced (as hubby and I agree that this woman is the one who really needs to be interned in an institution, complete with padded cell and strait-jacket). It’s impossible for us in Viewerville to tell what he must be thinking just then as Gabi now self-righteously declares that Jimena is getting just what she deserves, and that her rebellious daughters are so disobedient they are simply receiving God’s punishment. She then breaks into tears and claims she is the long-suffering, God-fearing, wonderful mother who doesn’t deserve any of what’s been happening to her. The doctor continues silently observing these histrionics as Fer “worriedly” pampers and coddles Gabi, then turns to tell him that he really should do something for her. (Euthanasia, perhaps? Works for me!)

Across the hall Sofia and Sarita hover over Jimena trying to communicate with her somehow. Sofia begins to remember good times with Juan but turns maudlin and says she’s certain it was all part of his plan for revenge which he carried out by kidnapping the baby. Sarita wonders if Juan is really capable of that despite her despising the Reyes brothers. Sofia wonders what other explanation there could be. (We can think of one, but apparently Sarita is a little slow on the uptake.) Sarita says she has no idea, but she has come to believe that Juan might be dead. Sofia is impactada at the mere thought of it.

Across the fields at the neighboring Robles hacienda Franco is second only to Juan in decibel level as he screams to a frightened, huddling, tearful Quintina, Eva, and Pablito that he refuses to believe that Juan is dead. (Man, I didn’t think the twerpy little guy had any rage in him. Welcome to my world, Franco!)

That night Leonora is learning about the local medicinal herbs the natives use and we get a quick educational backgrounder in most pharmaceuticals being based on medicinal plants. Silvestre, the Good Indio, points out one of the plants in particular as being one the witchdoctor uses for mind-control. It causes people to lose their free-will and can even be deadly he warns her. In another part of the village that same night the shaman employs a few medicine-man theatrics to set the resident natives against her.

The next day Armando and Fer are having a couple of shots of tequila. Armando doesn’t know how in the blazes El Jefe happened to find out about what happened despite being stuck in prison, but El Jefe wants Fernando to clear up the business about both Juan’s and his new baby girl’s disappearance ASAP. This sets off Fernando who, in another paroxysm of rage, begins screaming at the top of his lungs that he cannot understand what reason El Jefe has to get involved in the Reyes’ affairs. “WHY? WHAT’S IT MATTER TO HIM?” As Armando starts to give him some sort of answer, El Coyote and his rifle-totin’ posse come storming through the door and Coyote says he’ll explain it. First, though, they grab Armando by the collar and throw him the hell out of the office.

Fernando gets on his high-horse and screams at El Coyote. (Big mistake.) “WHAT?? WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO EXPLAIN? DON’T YOU REALIZE I’M FED UP WITH YOU ALL? FED UP!!” One of Coyote’s men butts Fer across the face with his rifle and drops him to the floor. Coyote picks him back up and throws him into the second guy’s rifle butt and says that that is for the time when he insinuated that El Jefe was involved with Pedro because he had a “thing” for Pedro.

While El Coyote is meting out a bit of mortal justice, Sofia is across town at the church praying to the virgencita, madre to madre, asking again for mercy and the return of her baby daughter. Hortensia comes in. The two talk about the pain they share as mothers and then begin to pray.

El Coyote and the posse continue to beat the snot out of Fernando. They give Fer a message from El Jefe: he wants to know the whereabouts of Juan and his baby daughter ASAP. Fernando feigns ignorance and tells them that he was out looking for a doctor at the time and even has a witness. El Coyote tells him to find out who IS guilty then or they will, and that won’t be pretty since they will stop at nothing to get the truth. Fer agrees but says he needs to know why. He can’t understand why El Jefe is so interested in the day-to-day of Juan Reyes and wants them to tell him.

El Coyote drops the the first anvil on Fernando. “That’s right. You still don’t know --El Jefe is Pedro Reyes’ daddy and Juan and the others’ uncle.” Fernando is double-take impactado. “Nothing better happen to them if you value your life!” Coyote warns him and then leaves. (Ruh-Roh!) Fer swallows hard then looks for the biggest bottle of tequila he can find.

Over at the church, outside Padre Tadeo’s office, Eva listens as Sofia admits to him that she offered herself as Fer’s sacrificial lamb chop, out of desperation, to get Fer’s help in finding her daughter. Eva breaks in and tells her not to feel guilty because she would have done the same when her mother took her little baby back when. Tadeo says Sofia should not torment herself over it, and then warns her to steer clear of Fernando from now on and not to trust him about anything. “He’s conniving and corrupt. He could destroy you in an even greater unhappy happenstance.”

Back at the Bad Love, Fer lets Armando have it in spades for not telling him that El Jefe was connected to the Reyes’. Now he’s got to find “the guilty party” or else. Armando tries to squirrel his way out of things by saying there was never an opportunity with Fer because he was spending so much time chasing after Raqui and Gabi. He asks what Fernando plans to do. Fer says he plans to pretend to look for the guilty person and when the time comes, he’ll find someone to blame. He looks threateningly at Armando and says it will be “someone who’s become useless to me.”

The two town gossips check out Sofia’s new shop and find Sarita trying to run things on her own. They commiserate over Sofia’s tragedy.

Not happy harping at just her three daughters, Gabi goes to see Augie and begins the entire litany of woes again as well as placing blame for Sofia and her sisters’ problems totally on them alone. “They went looking for trouble and they found it (meaning they defied Mama). Besides, they over react and now Jimena is faking a nervous breakdown.” Augie says that Crabi’s ambition and insanity have killed the motherly love in her. She laughs in that infuriatingly condescending manner of hers and scoffs that if he is so worried about her daughters they should come to live with him. It would be doing her a favor, she says, so maybe he should really think about it.

Quintina and Pablito show up at Augie’s door at that point and Gabi leaves. They are there to try to return the motorcycle he bought for Quintina, but Augie won’t take it back. The two adults continue to argue and Pablito gets tired of being stuck in the middle as their go-between. (I get tired of having to watch this silly scene a second time. >>FF.) They agree to a truce.

In town Sarita grudgingly accepts Rosario’s offer to help with the shop during the day.

Back at the hacienda, outside Jimena’s bedroom door, Nati overhears Gabi selfishly tell her catatonic daughter that she will be speaking to Dr. Matasanos to get her interned in an institution somewhere because she claims she is too sick to take care of her.

At the little clinic in town the doctor informs Eladio and Hortensia that Rigo’s headaches are now too severe and he needs to operate on the tumor as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Franco has gone to sit under the giant Robles’ family tree to think things through. He remembers Juan telling him and Oscar that their daddy planted the tree long ago for that very reason. He tearfully asks his dead papa (I guess to intercede in Heaven) for a little help in problem-solving for them there on earth. He cries, saying that he knows he raised Juan and later Juan raised them to be upstanding, worthwhile men so it would be impossible for Juan to be guilty of kidnapping his little girl.

Sofia, meantime, has Eva bring her to Ste. Libia’s grave to pray for Libia to intercede with Juan so that he’ll return her baby to her. (Ok. So if Libia can hear, she probably should tell Sofia now how she’s got it all wrong. Maybe she could spell it out in flashing Morse code or something through that neon flower.)

A bit later, Rosendo gallops over to the tree to find Franco and to let him know that Doña Gabriela has ordered the spring (“ojo de agua”) to be shut off since she knows it will automatically dry up the water to their property. Franco immediately rushes to the Elizondo hacienda to speak with Gabi about the rights to the spring.
Fernando comes back from town after his run in with El Coyote and Gabi remarks on his busted lip which he lies about saying it was just a slight accident he had. He immediately changes the subject by handing her the file he says has the divorce papers for Sofia to sign. Gabi looks them over, smiles and says Sofia will sign them that day and then they'll finally be free to marry. Just then Franco rushes in demanding to speak with Gabi about the rights to the spring water and she shoos Fer out of the room. She smiles maliciously as she shows him the document which years ago, before he was murdered, she secretly deceived his papa Juanjo into signing which ceded her rights to the spring.

In another part of the house, Sofia enters and starts up the stairs when Fer, just having left Gabi's office, confronts her. He asks her about the earlier offer to do whatever he asked if he would help her find her daughter. Sofia’s change in ‘tude hits him like a two by four across the jaw. “That was a mother’s pain that made me say and do certain things, but now I realize you are not the proper person to help me, so just forget whatever it was I said because I do not trust you at all.” She stomps up the stairs to her room.

Franco again demands to know what could have made his father sign the rights to his spring away like that. Gabi, knowing she has the upper hand, simply smiles that vile, enigmatic smile of hers at him and refuses to speak. She can barely contain her glee at his confusion and frustration. He lets the document drop to the floor and angrily rushes out of the hacienda.

Upstairs Pablito sneaks into Sofia’s room through the balcony window for a quick visit and a motherly hug. They share a cry over the separation and neither wants to believe that Juan could be dead.

Back at the clinic Nati and Eladio discuss the tragedies that surround them. Nati mentions that the latest is that Jimena is going to be interned in an institution because Doña Gabriela doesn’t want to have to take care of her. Eladio says he doesn’t understand how there could be mothers like that.

Later that evening, back at Harpy Haven, Fer finally hands over the divorce papers to Sofia and says that after this there will be nothing that binds them together. She gladly signs and says it’s what she’s wanted most of all in her life.


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