Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mundo de Fieras - Oct. 31, 2006

* Leo, MA are worried that Luisito hasn't be found - Carmelina advises that they go tell Gabriel what happened.

* Dider is dancing in his living room for Jossie - Jossie goes to pour herself another drink - he sees hers and picks up his - she points a gun straight at him - he's shocked.

* Leo and the others find Gabriel with Nicolas and inform them what happened to Luisito.

* Luisito is alone in the room, crying.

* Dider tries to get Jossie to put the gun down - she orders him to dance and when he moves, she shoots him in the leg, he falls to the floor and holds the wounded leg. She forces him to tell her where he hid the DVD. In pain, he tells her. She gets it and then warns him not to double cross her ever again. She leaves.

* J.C. tries to talk to Pau but she doesn't want to hear it. As he rolls up the work plans, the phone rings. Pau answers - as she listens, her facial expression turns sad and she begins to panic. J.C. asks what's the matter - she says it was about Luisito being kidnapped - they leave together.

* Federico and Otilia are walking along the street; a car almost runs Otilia over - scaring them both. Inside the car, Miriam and Ingrid talk - Miriam is happy the plan worked.

* Gabriel and Nicolas arrive in the plaza and approach MA and Carmelina. MA is upset and apologizes.

* Demian discovers what is happening and vents his outrage and hatred for Gabriel. He leaves. Tiberio looks up and mutters to himself.

* Pau and JC arrive at the plaza - the crowd has started to regather - as soon as she sees her dad, she starts to cry and he gives her a big consoling hug. Gabriel thanks J.C. for escorting Pau.

* Jossie arrives home - Miriam asks her where she was - Jossie is vague an goes to the office. In the office Jossie goes to the desk to put the gun away. Miriam enters and sees her at the desk, Jossie turns and is surprised to see her there. Miriam starts to talk to Jossie as the maids enter to inform them about the upsetting news about Luisito's kidnapping. Jossie immediately turns angry and blames MA. Miriam is shocked at Jossie's attitude and tries to convince her to go be with Gabriel, her husband. Jossie has her strong reasons why she won't go.

* Gabriel, Nicolas, Pau and others wait desperately for the police and searchers to return with news.

* Clemente arrives at the palace - Jossie hugs him and tells him her anguish about Luisito.

* Rogelio arrives home - Di and Pedro inform him about Luisito - he has to take care of something and then he will leave with them to the plaza.

* Miriam, Jossie and Clemente walk out to the car. Jossie is angry and starts to blame Clemente for bringing MA into the house to begin with.

* Rogelio sees a great opportunity - so he goes to Miriam's safe.

* Demian makes a phone call to Coyote about what to do next with Luisito. Demian warns Coyote of what happened to Chacal.

* Rogelio, Di and Pedro arrive at the plaza and approach Gabriel and Pau. Regina calls JC on his cell phone - she's worried about him - he tells her that Luisito was kidnapped and he's at the plaza right now with Gabriel and his family. At that same moment, Jossie, Miriam and Clemente arrive. Jossie walks over to MA and slaps her and starts to yell and blame her for the situation. Padre looks around at the crowd and recognizes Miriam and Jossie.

* Regina arrives and JC goes over to talk with her. Soon after, Nicolas and the police officers arrive. Nicolas brings Luisito's crutches to Jossie and Gabriel. Jossie breaks down and thinks her son is dead.

* Karen arrives home and can't believe the sad news about Luisito that the maids told her. She tells them she doesn't want to be disturbed and goes to her room.

* MA begs for forgiveness - Jossie is still really upset - Padre says the crutches being found aren't a sign that Luisito is dead, don't give up hope. Jossie is crying and upset.

* Demian is desperately trying to find Regina - he yells at Simona to tell him where Regina went. Simona doesn't know/won't say - he smashes the decorations on the table and starts to pound his head on the furniture - angry and jealous and starts thinking she is with Gabriel, his enemy and brother. He starts to turn violent and starts choking Simona to tell him he's right - Belen enters to help Simona - Demian lets go of Simona, he is out of control, he starts up the stairs - he sits and wraps his arm around the middle banisters and hits his head on the metal, yelling out his jealous rage. Tiberio comes down to try and calm him down - he gets the tranquilizer pills and stuffs a pill down Demian's throat. As Demian calms down, Simona explains to Tiberio what set Demian off this time.

* With a calmer Jossie on his arm, Gabriel talks with Nicolas and the police officer. Police officer tells the crowd they can go home now. Gabriel thanks everyone for their help with the search and their concern for Luisito. Leo walks Candelaria and MA home. JC talks with Regina about the kidnapping, then he tells her that Demian told him that Gabriel was his father - Regina is shocked and sets the record straight. JC asks his mother to forgive him for ever doubting her. They hug.

* At their home, MA is crying at the table. Carmelina and Leo are trying to comfort her. Elsa, bored, goes to her room. MA feels guilty about Luisito's kidnapping - Leo hugs her and tells her it isn't her fault.

* The family Cervantes-Bravo arrives back at the palace in silence. Jossie breaks the silence to vent her frustration and anger and blames MA for losing Luisito. Nicolas tries to get her to stop but Jossie is upset and angry. She then starts to blame Gabriel for her not having either of their two children at her side anymore. Gabriel is upset and leaves the room.

* Gabriel is sitting alone in his office, crying. Nicolas enters. Gabriel thinks maybe Jossie is right, he is to blame. Nicolas advises that he shouldn't blame himself but the people who are the really culprits. Nicolas says that justice will be served to those ultimately responsible (video shows Demian in bed with head wound).

* JC and Regina arrive back at their home. Simona and Belen explain briefly what happened with Demian while they were away and that he is in bed now. Regina says they can go to bed now. JC and Regina talk and JC leaves. JC stops in to his dad's room - Tiberio is sitting by the bedside - JC asks how Demian is doing - Tiberio tells him - JC says Tiberio can leave, he'll stay and watch Demian. Tiberio leaves reluctantly.

* Miriam tries again to console Jossie as Nicolas returns from the office. Nicolas holds Pau and tells the family how Gabriel is.

* Gabriel is in the office, holding tight to a framed photo of Luisito and remembering all the happy moments between the two of them, especially Luisito's dream of walking and playing with the other kids. Gabriel cries profoundly.

* MA prays to the communal altar and virgin de guadalupe portrait.

* Leo stands at the window - Carmelina comes over crying - Leo hugs and consoles her - they talk about the kidnapping.

* JC asks Demian why he lied about being his dad, why accuse his mother like that, why cause so much suffering for the sake of one huge lie. Demian is restlessly sleeping in bed.

* The next day, Carmelina brings coffee to Gabriel in his office. She asks if there's any news about Luisito. He says no. Carmelina tells him that the two Padres and everyone are thinking about them and praying. She then tells him about MA. He says thanks. Carmelina leaves.

* At breakfast, JC and Regina have a talk about Demian's lie and the suffering he's caused because of it, especially to Pau and him.

* Jossie is still in bed, depressed and holding her stuffed tiger. Clemente enters to check on her. She asks him to keep the door closed, she doesn't want to be disturbed. As he is about to leave, he asks if there's anything else he can do. She asks about Gabriel and MA. He tells her the truth. She sits up in bed and angrily grits her teeth and tells him that MA is no longer welcome in the house; she is never to return there again. He leaves.

* Leo, Sylvester, Shorty, Mayeya, MA and the other taxi drivers gather around Leo and the map. They are going to search again for Luisito. Leo tries to get MA to return home but she wants to go search with them. They all head out. Coyote stands on the corner and smiles and watches as all the taxis leave.

* Gabriel and Nicolas meet in Gabriel's home office. Gabriel is still upset over the kidnapping. Nicolas tells Gabriel he suspects Demian could be behind it. Gabriel jumps up and wants to call Demian right away - Nicolas advises not to call.

* From a pay phone on the street, Coyote calls Demian's cell phone. Regina answers and tells him that Demian is sick in bed. He hangs up and is frustrated over Demian's sudden illness.

* Karen and Miriam are in the boutique office talking. Ingrid enters with papers. Miriam tells her that Jossie is ill and won't be in today. Ingrid leaves. Karen and Miriam talk.

* JC makes a surprise visit to see Pau at the palace. At the front door, JC redeclares his love to Pau.

ADVANCE - EPISODE 22: in a jealous rage, Demian starts a duel with Gabriel and kidnaps his son. Gabriel and Nicolas pay a visit to speak with Demian - they tell Regina their suspicions about Demian. No longer worried by the thought that he and Pau are siblings, JC wants to rekindle their relationship.


La Fea Más Bella #136 10/31/06 The one with the makeover

The good thing about all these flashbacks is that we can see that Lety really is evolving. She’s not as loud and her acne is considerably cleared.

On to the show!

Lety and Fernando lean in for a kiss. Lety pulls away at the last minute. She uses the excuse that she doesn’t want Celso to see them. Fernando remembers the same memory that Lety had earlier about their first time leaving in his car together. It was in the exact same place! She tells him that was from a past life. Yes, he says. They drive to the event. Lety slips in an evil look.

Fernando and Lety walk into the Yuri event. Fernando asks Lety if she has their tickets. They run into Yuri who welcomes them personally. Fernando dances and sings. He introduces himself. She thanks him. Luigi has been a huge help with the show! Fernando agrees that Luigi is very creative. She asks him to introduce her to Lety. Lety tries to talk, but can only tell Yuri that she admires her a whole, whole lot. Yuri asks Fernando about his upcoming wedding. Lety leans in. Fernando tells her that Marcia is in Germany but she’s returning tomorrow. Lety makes a joke that Fernando is making the most of his last free night because the party is over tomorrow. Fernando realizes that he left does not have his cell phone. Lety tells him he left it in his car. He says that Marcia will kill him if he doesn’t answer it. Lety goes for the phone and says that she doesn’t want a dead president, at least not today. Fernando tells Yuri that Lety is his “right hand man.” Yuri thanks Fernando again for his support and tells him that all of the tickets have sold. She tells him that she needs to check on the dancers. He enthusiastically asks if he can accompany her to see the dancers. He wants to talk to Luigi. Yuri tells the door girl to show Lety where she and Fernando went. Fernando shivers when Yuri touches his hand. Lety enters and is told where to find Fernando.

Saimon and PM arrive at Lola’s house. She stalks off. Saimon chases her and asks for a kiss. She won’t give it up and says that she’s really mad at him. He wants her to look at him and tells her that he has a surprise for her. She doesn’t believe him. He’s excited because she’s jealous. PM immediately changes her tune and tells him to go wherever he wants. Saimon can’t get over the fact that she’s jealous.

Alicia stands at the entrance of the event, but cannot find her invitation. She tells the girls at the door that she lost her invitation but she received a personal invitation from Yuri. They say she cannot go in without an invitation. She replies that they don’t know who they’re talking to - Fernando Mendiola’s personal assistant. Two men walk in. She calls the one Alberto and says that she has been waiting for him. He says he is not Alberto. She says that she’s not his woman. She asks him to help her, because she is a divorced woman. She lost her invitation and cannot enter. He smiles and holds out his arm and tells her to come with him. She thanks him and walks into the event.

Yuri introduces Fernando to the dancers. Apparently he has quite a reputation; they flock to him like lemmings over a cliff. Luigi shoos them away. Fernando starts to follow the dancers but Luigi pulls Fernando away from them. Yuri tells Fernando about the dance they’re going to do. Fernando jokes with Yuri and the dancers. Yuri tells Fernando how good the dancers are. They have participated in all kinds of events. He gives them a “ten.” He tells them that Conceptos is nominated for Cannes and are planning a celebration. Fernando asks the dancers if they want to participate. The girls giggle and tell Fernando that they love working with Luigi. Luigi says that the girls need to get ready, but first he has an announcement. Fernando’s getting married. Fernando tries a play on words about doing something with lions. Fernando says that he’s going to contract them for the celebration. Lety walks in just as the girls break into singing the wedding march. Lety’s face falls.

Back at Lola’s PM asks Jaimito if he’s talked to Saimon. No, but he would like to ride on his moto. PM says its too late to call him. The kids ask why Saimon did not come home with PM. She tries to explain but fortunately Lola enters. Lola’s daughter has dinner ready. She goes to get it with Jaimito. PM and Lola vent about El Cheque.

The dancers have stopped singing. Fernando teases the girls about their joke. He tells them that he’s not getting married. Look at all the beautiful women! Luigi asks Fernando to do them all a favor and get married. It would be a relief for all women. Marcia’s willing to make the sacrifice. The poor thing cries a lot. She’s saving a lot of “victims.” He continues his tirade and then screams when he sees Lety. He asks her why she’s here. She says that she brought Fernando’s phone. Luigi tells Lety that she does not fit in with all the beauty. The girls laugh at his jokes. Fernando half-heartedly chastises Luigi. Yuri mercifully ends the jokes. Lety hands Fernando his phone and says that Marcia has not called. Fernando re-introduces Lety and tells Yuri that his assistant is very efficient. Yuri scrunches her face

PM complains to Lola about Saimon. Lola stands up for Saimon. PM recounts that he and Saimon were planning something when they were talking on the phone. Lola agrees that he was acting strange, but they won’t be able to confirm anything. Neither Celso nor Saimon will tell them what happened. The kids run into the room.

Lety asks Lety if she can have a moment. Yuri crosses herself and leaves with Lety. Lety asks Yuri for a favor. She asks Yuri if she can let Tomas Mora into the event even though he does not have an invitation. He’s Lety’s boyfriend and manager of Filmo Imagen. Yuri tells Lety that it will be no problem. Lety asks Yuri not to saying anything to Fernando, because he’s kind of a tyrant and doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. Yuri agrees and says she won’t say anything except to the girls at the reception desk.

Fernando pulls Yuri into the room and asks what Lety said to her. Yuri tells him that it was just woman stuff and he shouldn’t be so curious. She talks about the dancers participating in the Cannes celebration. Fernando still wants to know what Lety said. “Woman stuff!” she exclaims. Yuri asks the dancers if they like Fernando’s idea. Fernando asks Yuri again what Lety said to her.

Alicia gets a number from the man who helped her enter the event. He’s the general manager of a company. She thinks he should take her out to dinner. She tells him that she works for the presidency of Conceptos. She lies and says she forgot her cards but they can look her up in the directory and call her to go out to dinner. They both have wives. Alicia says she has a beautiful friend who can go out with them so that they’ll make a party of four. She calls Lety over to the table. The men take off the instant they see her. Lety demands to know why Alicia’s here. She asks Lety where Fernando is and what’s wrong with Lety. She tells Alicia that of course Fernando is with the dancers. The men return and laugh at Alicia in the background. Alicia gets up and goes off to find her millionaire.

OH MY GOD! Tomas enters the event. He looks normal (too bad he doesn’t sound normal). He asks for Lety, and tells the receptionists that he doesn’t have an invitation. They start to apologize but Lety sees him and runs over. She reminds them that Yuri said it was okay for him to enter. Before he goes in, Tomas gives his card to the girl at the door. Lety reminds him that he’s not acting like a boyfriend. She’s nervous because Alicia is here. Tomas is a little less unhappy than Lety.

Fernando and Yuri continue to talk about the Cannes celebration. Luigi makes fun of Fernando for flirting too much. He tells Yuri that an office filled with the girls would be enchanting for him. One of the girls say they need to know dates and times. Another asks for Fernando to call them and if he wants their phone numbers. Alicia peeks into the room. Fernando pardons himself. They can leave their numbers with his secretary. Luigi asks Yuri if Manuel Mijares has come. He’s here, she tells him. Luigi really wants to see him.

Fernando stands outside and sees Alicia talking to some people. He calls her over to him. He sarcastically tells her she can come to the office tomorrow to be fired. Alicia says she’s paid to entrance to the event. How could you if you don’t have any money? He accuses her of spying on him with the dancers for Marcia. Alicia, not so convincingly, protests. Fernando makes fun of Alicia’s hair. It looks like she’s imitating Lola’s style. Alicia says that she came to talk with Luigi and casually saw him talking with the dancers. Fernando asks Alicia to come with him. He’s going to give her a job that she loves. They go into the dancer’s room. Alicia prances. He introduces her to the dancers. Alicia runs over to Yuri who runs out of the room. He asks Alicia to take down the phone numbers and names of all the dancers for the Cannes’ party. Fernando accuses her of spying on him in front of all the dancers. He orders her again to take down the phone numbers. He tells the dancers that he needs names, numbers and full-length photographs.

Lola insists PM stop worrying about Saimon. Lola needs to tranquilly suffer. PM says that Lola’s problem is the same as that of PM. They complain some more about their men. Lola stabs a lemon. PM mentions that Lola says that she’s going to do all this stuff to Efren, but never does. PM thinks it’s time that Lola takes some action. Lola asks PM to go with her.

Alicia asks Irmita for a pen. She tries to demand that Irmita take down the numbers, but Irmita says she has to go to the bathroom and leaves. Alicia announces that she’s not Fernando’s secretary and that she took six semesters of Finance at a prestigious university. Plus, she’s going to become a dancer. Luigi tells Alicia that she needs to take the names and numbers and then needs to leave because the dancers have to finish getting ready. Alicia hands them the paper and pen and tells them to write everything down themselves. Luigi tells Alicia that he’s waiting on Ananais Linares, a famous television announcer. Alicia gasps.

Celso sleeps at the reception desk. Saimon enters with a bunch of roses. He wants to know when its time to go to PM. Saimon tells Celso to let the Mariachi know that they’re leaving.

Lety and Tomas sit in the concert area. She tells Tomas her plan is to make Fernando jealous. Tomas and Lety go over the whole Fernando “situation.” Tomas pulls out his photo of Alicia and gives it kisses. That’s the type of woman he likes. He tells Lety that he is Lety’s friend and that’s why he’s there. He’ll do whatever she needs. Tomas asks if Lety told Erasmo where she is. Nope, she forgot. Tomas tells Lety to use the public phone because the cell phone is expensive. Lety walks past the crowd.

Fernando stands in a reception area asking himself where Lety went. He hears some photographers yelling. Fernando asks everyone what’s going on. He lectures the photographers for not having respect for the artist. The security guy thanks him for his support. He allows Fernando to go into the room. Manuel Mijares says hello. The men asks who he represents. Fernando says he doesn’t represent anyone; he’s not here for an interview. Fernando cannot believe he is talking to Lucero’s husband. Yuri enters and says she didn’t know Fernando knew Mijares. Fernando explains that he was confused for a reporter. Yuri introduces Fernando who says he’s looking for Lety. Mijares asks him who Lety is. Fernando explains that she’s his assistant. Yuri pulls him over to the couch. Yuri mentions that Fernando looks very nervous about finding his assistant. No, she’s my assistant, my right hand and I need to consult with her about something very important. Yuri says that if she didn’t know that Fernando had a girlfriend, she would think that Lety is the most important woman in his life. It’s the way he talks about her and most importantly, the way he looks at her. Manuel agrees. Yuri says that she appears to be more than his assistant, she’s more like his best friend and confidant.

Lola and PM arrive at El Cheque’s apartment. PM is ready for the confrontation but Lola thinks they’re sleeping and doesn’t want to wake them. The lights are off. PM thinks that they should wake them up. Maybe Lola should call him and warn him that they’re their to kill him. He’s laying their with his mistress planning to take her house. Lola runs for the apartment.

Fernando tries to say that yes, Lety is his friend and accomplice. She says that Lety looks at Fernando as more than her boss. Manuel mentions that it seems as though they’re a couple. Fernando says he’s engaged to someone else, and Lety knows that. Yuri says she recognizes that Fernando is absolutely in love with Lety. Mijares thinks so too!

Will Fernando recognize Tomas?
Will Lety's plan work?
If a stranger can see how Fernando feels, how's he going to hide it from Marcia?
Will Saimon serenade an empty house?


Heridas de Amor, October 31

We are reminded of… Fernanda finally figuring out what a creep Cesar is (apparently the flashing sign on his forehead wasn’t enough of a clue);...Gabino finds weird dirt in the hallway outside Miranda’s room;...creepy noises in Miranda’s room.

Renata brings some more juice to her mom...but not because she loves her. It’s Fernanda’s birthday and she says this juice is the best present she’s ever been given. They both tear up, but no resolution is reached in their relationship. Renata leaves…Carola shows up and tries to comfort Fernanda by giving it to her straight…everyone, including Fern herself, blames her for leaving and abandoning the girls. Dr. Phil, I mean Carola, has solved Fern’s problem and now she finally sees that she’s not to blame at all. Carola even remembered Fernanda’s birthday, which must have made Fern forget all about that wonderful orange juice that sits untouched on the coffee table as they leave the room.

Pamela & Sr. Padilla is still trying to figure out what’s going on with her ‘father’ and the mystery account—which turns out to be a line of credit. Per her request, the leader of Leonardo's former gang is on his way. This guy suggests she reopen the account so that the guy who is pretending to be her father doesn’t have to repay the money. She asks him how he knows this guy isn’t her father. He tells her it’s because he saw his father get killed and knows where he’s buried. When Padilla & Pamela ask some questions about what’s going on, the guy threatens them (and their families) that they better just do what he says.

Cesar is getting the daily report from Baldy (Sanson)…who is not a wealth of information. He doesn’t know anything about Roman, Nuria hasn’t told him anything…what’s he doing anyways? He also tells Baldy to watch Renata closely. Asking Baldy’s advice about Lisania, he suggests they get rid of her. Great idea, Cesar says, and to hell with the risks, it’ll be great to see Alejandro crying over his sister’s grave.

Florencia is asking Miranda to come back from the hacienda. Flo tells Miranda that there’s an envelope in the library that she needs her to bring. Gabino comes rushing in, warning Miranda that she should leave because they think El Guapo broke in (apparently CSI: Tabasco analyzed the weird dirt and it came up….El Guapo). Miranda gets all bug-eyed.

Bertha & Fernanda are arguing about whether or not Bertha can visit Flo. Fern starts to correct Bertha’s account of ‘that night’…she didn’t leave, she was run out. Bertha tries to send Fern on a guilt trip but Fern’s not packing her bags. As with all arguments between these two…they end up comparing who loved Alfredo more. Alejandro shows up and tells Bertha to get the heck out of there. Miranda admits that Bertha always seems to find the right button to push with her. Miranda tells Alejandro that she believes Cesar and Bertha are accomplices.

Alejandro is visiting Flo & Fab and they are all discussing evil Bertha, the woes of Fern and Miranda’s sulking in another state. Juan comes in and again Flo warns him to watch out for Bertha.

Pamela & Sr. Padilla is in a crypt, looking for Leonardo’s burial place. The leader of Leonardo's former gang arrives and shows them where it is. He reiterates his threats, and gives her a 48 hour deadline. Sr. Padilla is up for banker of the year, as he promises to help Pamela figure out her family problems and talk with ‘El Magnate”

Gonzalo is on the phone, telling Miranda to get her tush back to Mexico. He tells her, as he is twirling around his gun, that he has to go to London to take care of some personal business. Daniel shows up and tells Gonzo that he and Angel did what they did because of Cesar’s advice and promises. Gonzo tells Danny-boy that they’ve done a lot of damage to both he and Julio. Gonzo asks, if he knows they’re brothers, why is he tattling on him (oh, I thought that’s just what brothers did). Daniel answers it’s because Cesar almost caused the death of Julio and then lied to them about Julio even being in the hospital.

Carola gets the good news that she’s going to be a cashier. Joel shows up and Carola starts in with, “This show is brought to you by…Chedrau…a great place to work and shop!” I guess since this segment is mostly for product placement, my original, more novela-like idea, that Carola’s manager hired her so she could be more like her personal business manager (i.e., madam) will not come to fruition.

Bertha is trying to see Flo. Juan is proving to be a formidable guard dog and could care less about Bertha’s little digs about his marriage and social class.

Renata goes into Fern’s apartment and leaves a cake and some flowers…but she wants it to be a surprise. She starts crying when blenderhead asks her about it. Roman shows up, looking for Amparo.

Alejandro & Fern realize they have a big problem if Cesar & Bertha are playing together. They need to get everyone on the same page as soon as possible. Alejandro goes to talk to Gonzalo & Miranda.

Pamela is crying and Miranda finally gets to be a good friend…offering a little sympathy rather than just taking it. Pamela’s a good crier…she’s not afraid to be all ugly and drooly when she’s whining about her problems. Even her voice is wonderfully hysterical. Apparently, though, Miranda's had enough and gives her some tranquilizers.

Gonzo receives an envelope from Luis Alberto (a gift for Renata). Alejandro shows up to talk and Gonzo starts fondling his gun menacingly again. He pulls the trigger, showing there are no bullets in it. Alejandro relaxes a little. Gonzo tells him about last night’s intruder and asks him to protect Miranda. He tells him that he’s going to London and has Cesar within reach. He gives Alejandro the gun and tells him the intruder was “El Guapo”.

Amparo & Francisco are discussing her getting married. He seems to have come around to the idea (finally). Roman arrives. Bertha shows up too.

Back at the house, Charo tells Miranda that Alejandro’s there and wants to see her. Just as Miranda tells her to tell him that she’s asleep and doesn’t want to see him (what a great line!!), Alejandro walks in…tell me yourself… Flashback to happier times… tell me you don’t love me and I’ll leave.



HERIDAS DE AMOR - 10/30/06

Cesar and Bertha are literally crying in their beers over their loss of Miranda and Alejandro. Bertha moans about how Alejandro made fun of her and despises her just like his father. It occurs to Cesar to ask Bertha if she killed Alfredo because of that. Bertha howls drunkenly that she had wanted to kill Fernanda, but missed. “I missed! I missed!” Bertha runs down the hallway to get a kleenex before leaving. Right at that moment ther is a knock at the door and Lizania is standing in the doorway dressed to the 9’s and ready to smack Cesar. She walks in and gripes to him that Cesar didn’t answer a single call all afternoon and had his cell off apparently. Lizania runs on, nonstop, and tells him that Alejandro and Luciano have found a way to block Bertha from getting his fortune.

Cesar has tried to get Lizania to leave before she blurted something out and Bertha hears, but she won’t pay attention. He says they’ll talk later. She sneers, “Well, fine, since I’m not interested in having you touch me when you’re drunk!” (Little Miss High-and-Mighty is so full of herself!) She begins for the door. However, Bertha prevents Lizania from leaving and demands, at the point of a long, sharp knife, that she explain what plan Alejandro and Miranda have to block her from taking control of his money. Berta assures her that Alfredo’s documents were unsigned and undated, so she put the date as that before her father’s death which gave her possession of everything. Lizania explains there was a clause that went into effect once they got married, and that clause states that as long as Miranda gets pregnant within the first year, the funds are frozen until the baby is born. Bertha goes nuts and tells Cesar that he has to stop that pregnancy from happening at all cost and then shoves the knife into his hand and leaves the place. After Bertha leaves the apartment Cesar throws the knife onto the floor and takes his belt off and he uses it as a strap. He begins to beat Lizania with it because she told everything she knew to Bertha instead of waiting and giving that information to him instead.

Naty warns Miranda that if she doesn’t leave in the morning right away she will be running a great danger. Gabino arrives and requests Miranda to lock herself in her bedroom that night, and hands her over a gun for her protection.

Fernanda is certain that she will never recover her daughters and tells this to Juan. He’s worried that Renata has said something insulting to her again. Fernanda says she only told her about her suffering as a little girl and that it has now turned into the resentment of a grown woman. So, she cries that Gonzalo was right when he said she should never have come back to reclaim them. Juan says he’ll make Renata see reason, and that if she’s learning to accept the life of a poor man then certainly she’ll come to accept her as her mother. Fernanda disagrees and says as soon as Florencia recuperates she’ll be leaving to go somewhere nobody will ever find her.

Miranda, Arcadia and Naty are frightened while staying locked in the bedroom when they hear someone trying to open the door. It is El Guapo, the pug-ugly, who is hiding somewhere inside the wing in another bedroom. Miranda asks Arcadia if this could be the same troublemakers as before and what they could possibly want from her. Arcadia and Naty discuss the history of the people wanting to grab possession of the various plantations over the decades. Miranda remarks that she couldn’t get hold of one of the nearby neighbors. Arcadia says the property is abandoned and run down and the owner is always in the city. Meanwhile, Pug-ugly is having a grand time frightening these dopy women. He’s scraping the door and then shaking the knobs. Finally, Pug-ugly hears Gabino returning and leaves the hallway to hide. Gabino comes back and opens the door to the bedroom. Miranda pulls the gun and nearly shoots him as he enters.

Daira and Alejandro are discussing their finances and his sadness over Miranda’s rejection of him. She suggest he sell the mansion but he assures her things are not that bad yet. Alejandro mentions to Daira that he now understands what Miranda meant when she said that the wounds of love are healed by tears. Alejandro next asks Daira what she thinks he should do to win back Miranda. Just then Luciano walks in and suggests that rather than asking a woman, he should try to think like one. Alejandro decides that makes sense and figures that Miranda would want to explain things to her father so he decides to go see Gonzalo and tell him everything from the beginning. The others agree that would be best.

The women tell Gabino about the noise at the door, but Gabino swears he saw nobody and nothing. Miranda sends him back out to search the premises again, every little corner he can think of.

Lizania is lying in pain on the couch with very noticeable welts on her arms and chest. (About then I’d be looking for that knife and slipping it under the cushion for when Cesar was least expecting it.) Cesar is in another room, but he comes back in and continues to hurl insults at her. She cries pitifully to him: she’s sorry and she cannot take it back or correct this mistake. He threatens to beat her again and she squeals out in panic not to hit her anymore. She promises she will never let it happen again! Then he warns her that she’s got a number of punishments coming for the way she acted, particularly complaining to him about being drunk. He asks her if she is willing to stay with him and she says yes, she’d do anything for him. She jumps up and tries to kiss him but he pushes her away. (One sick puppy—no, make that 2 sick puppies here!) He yells that he wants her to “Get out!” She can stay with Daira in order to find out more details about the clause in the will. Lizania should “make nice with mommy again”. He tells her, “Act respectfully around her now. Our argument isn’t with Daira, only Alejandro.” He explains that they need Daira on his side so that if wins her over then it will be easier to get Alejandro to accept him. He kisses her and pushes her unceremoniously out the door. He closes it, goes back to the couch to retrieve his belt and wipes it down, presumably wiping off the blood and sweat from the beating he just gave her. (Gag, gagging here--and this is being shown at the dinner hour?)

While Florencia is sleeping Fabricio arrives and Fernanda tells him that she’s done all she can; there is no hope for his wife and she shouldn’t give him false hope. Fabricio cries and says she must save her. Fernanda changes the subject and asks him how he’s getting on with Julio; is he comfortable with the situation. He answers that Gonzalo was more like a father than Julio and he’ll never be comfortable calling him “Dad.” Fernanda reminds him Julio had no idea or things might have been different. Fabricio answers he is more angry with his mother for hiding the truth from him and Julio all these years. (Aren’t we all?) Fernanda replies that parents aren’t taught how to raise children, they just do what they feel is best which causes them to make mistakes.

Carola and Raul agree to purchase a computer together. He’ll teach her to use it to better her career skills and he’ll use it for school projects.

Nuria knocks at Cesar’s door later that same evening. He opens it and she is upset and sour at him for having sent for her. (What a surprise! I love it when she shows some backbone!) He asks why so glum and she says because you only call me if you need some ironing or sewing on a missing button to one of your shirts. Cesar tells her she’s now going to live with him. Nuria literally jumps for joy and squeals excitedly. (Wait! Wait! What happened to the other Nuria?) He says she needs to stop for her things at Miranda’s and in the meantime he is dropped off at the hospital to talk with Fabricio and Fernanda.

Juan tells Florencia, Fabricio and Fernanda that he’s worried Bertha will turn Renata against him. Florencia tells them that she remembers a number of things from that night she wants to tell them. It was Bertha, who, for instance, for all those years turned everybody in the family against Fernanda. Florencia and Fernanda then discuss her early years and the funny timing of the doctors’ deaths. Fernanda explains that if she’d been treated all those years ago her condition would never have advanced. Florencia swears that she always took her medicine. Afterward, Florencia tries to get Fernanda then to tell her how it could be that she has an inherited, congenital heart condition if absolutely nobody in the family suffered from this same problem. She wants to know if she was adopted, but Fernanda says no and tries to avoid the rest of the questions. Instead, she gives her extra sedative to make her sleep.

Juan and Fabricio are talking outside Florencia’s room and he requests that Juan keep Renata far away from Bertha. Juan refuses saying Bertha is her aunt and he has no right to do that. Fabricio warns him that despite that she is evil and has a way of deceiving people and then hurting them, and she will probably try to harm his family as well. She is an evil woman. Cesar walks up on them in the hallway about then. He hears Fabricio and Juan. He says, “Yes, Bertha is evil.” “Don’t look at me that way. I am only trying to be your friend. Bertha doesn’t need a reason to finish off someone. She does it because she enjoys it.” Fabricio adds, “Juan, don’t be naive. Bertha plots against somebody and enjoys it. She does it just to see you suffer. Just to see you suffer.” (Ok, Juan. Here is when that class in psychoanalysis/psychotherapy you took in med school should start sounding alarm bells.) Juan asks if she is as bad as Cesar and he quips back that he’s far worse than Bertha. Fernanda comes out of the room then and Cesar takes her to dinner.

Miranda is sleeping deeply when Pug-Ugly/ El Guapo takes a key from his pocket and enters her room. He walks towards her, runs his fingers up and down her arms and then licks his fingers. He gets onto her bed and lies down next to her. After a bit he gets up and leaves a little carved monkey’s head next to her feet at the foot of the bed and walks out, leaving the door wide open. Miranda wakes up to find the carving. She is of course spooked, so she starts to dial Alejandro on her cell, but she gets mad at herself for always running to him whenever there is a problem. She puts the phone down. Of course, at the other end is Alejandro with his cell in his hand thinking of her and wanting to call her, but neither does. While in their individual beds they both remember their honeymoon, making love and their promises to each other.

At dinner, Cesar tells Fernanda that Miranda and Alejandro should never have been allowed to marry. She answers that well, they loved each other so, there was no reason to object. He replies that if they really loved each other they would not have separated. She admits she ought to have told her the whole truth. Cesar talks next without thinking and shoots off his mouth, ”You ought to have told her that Alejandro came to avenge himself on Gonzalo!” Fernanda stops in mid-chew and asks Cesar how he knows this. Cesar realizes he’s said too much, “Some time ago Fabricio says a few things and I knew then that was what up.” She thinks to herself, “Fabricio just finished learning this himself recently and could not therefore have told Cesar. So, who else knows this and could have told him?”
They finish eating and he says good-bye. He acts so strangely by coming back and hugging her an extra couple of times before actually leaving, and telling her how he needs her to know that he just loves his madrina enormously. Once he is gone, Fernanda realizes she can no longer trust Cesar. She then plans to tell Alejandro about what just happened and about her suspicions.

Miranda calls back in Arcadia and Gabino. She tells them that she had locked her door specially, but there it was, open with the monkey head sitting on her bed. She orders them to examine every nook and cranny, and to lock every room and all the windows. Gabino and Arcadia begin looking for clues in the hallway. They find dirt and sand tracked onto the floor and determine to follow any more signs of that to wherever the intruder might be hiding.

Miranda talks with Pamela on the phone and plans to meet with her the next morning. She returns to bed and secures the gun near her pillow. Then she tries to sleep with at least one eye open.


Monday, October 30, 2006

La Fea Más Bella #135 10/30/06 The one when all the memories start to make sense

And away the Mercedes goes, fake logo and all! Saimon attempts to console Alicia. If he had the money, he would help her. She cries and lets him hold her.

The woman in the meeting asks Fernando if they can help Alicia. He says no, her problem is psychological, not economical. Besides, she has borrowed a lot of the company’s money. She can’t pay her debts because she is not responsible. Luigi agrees. They lady says she understands. Fernando brings the conversation back to business and turns the meeting over to Lety.

Saimon continues to try to comfort Alicia. She throws him off and storms back into the office. He yells at her that he hopes her poverty did not rub off on him. He wipes his arms just to make sure. He cannot believe she treated him like this when he offered all of his help.

The woman and Fernando talk. Lety shakes hands with all of them and leaves. Alicia enters the room, crying. Everyone watches her dramatics. Fernando says that there is a special program for people like Alicia. Everyone says goodbye. Luigi hits on one of the men. Irmita enters and lets Luigi know that everything is ready. Alicia continues to cry, very loudly. Luigi tells Fernando he’ll be in his studio and then he’s going to check on choreography for Yuri’s event. Fernando says that he will be there. Alicia keeps on crying. Luigi tells her that she sounds like a distorted ambulance siren. It can’t be that important! She cries anyway and says she hurts for her car.

Fernando enters Lety’s office and congratulates on the meeting with the executives from rodaje.com. He says that it is all because of her. He changes to the topic of the Yuri get-together. They are going to go together. It will be an unforgettable night not only because they get to listen to Yuri, but because they will be together. She tells him that she’ll be eating lunch with her family. He kisses her hand. He kisses Lety on the mouth and she wipes her mouth when he turns away. He asks her for a favor. She needs to ask permission from her father for the night. Tonight he wants to celebrate alone together. Lety half smiles. After he walks out of the office, she re-reads part of the letter about Omar telling him to sleep with her if he gets inspired.

Erasmo and Moty share the dinner table. Tomas argues that they can’t find somebody to take the dog and they looked all morning. Erasmo demands that they get rid of it. Julieta interjects and says that the dog can not leave because she gave the dog to Lety. What?! She repeats herself with a much softer tone: “I gave him to Lety!” At that moment Lety runs in and kisses the dog and then kisses Erasmo. He tries to swim away. She thanks him for the best gift in the world (Moty). Erasmo cocks his head to look at Julieta and Tomas. Lety asks what’s up. Tomas says it is weird that she came home to eat; she never comes home for lunch. Erasmo thinks that she came home just to see the dog. No, she wanted to eat with her family. Erasmo asks Lety to keep the dog far away from him because he is allergic. Tomas and Julieta realize this means the dog may stay.

Back at Conceptos, Fernando talks on the phone with Omar. Fernando says that he has not missed Omar at all. Seriously, if they lived in Canada, these two would be married. Omar is hanging out with some women. He tells Fernando about how the filming is going. He asks if Fernando has been keeping up with the instructions. Yes, he’s given her one of the cards this morning. Fernando thinks that Lety has been tense. He asks if Lety could have possibly found out about the engagement ring. We have another re-hash of I don’t want to hurt Lety and Omar saying keep doing what your doing.

Tomas and Lety go into her bedroom. Tomas asks how it went. Did Lety give the company back? Umm… did they give her Marcia’s voice because she sure sounds like her? Lety tells Tomas that she slapped Fernando. He looks shocked. Dramatic music! Mischievous looks from Lety! Too bad we know the truth. Tomas is thrilled. He pretends that he’s announcing a victorious boxer. He asks how Fernando reacted. He didn’t because she hit him in her imagination, but it felt great when she imagined him falling back. Tomas tells her that she needs to do something. Lety doesn’t know what. Julieta calls them to eat. Tomas streaks for the door. Lety asks Moty what she should do. She decides to eat and leaves her room. Lety says that it looks like they’re having a party. Of course, because she’s eating with them! Lety passes Moty to Julieta over the table. He now has his own chair. They begin the family ritual. Erasmo lights a white candle and they each say what it is that they want. Lety is the only one who says that she doesn’t want anything but she is very thankful for her beautiful family. Julieta tells Lety to light another candle. This is done to ask for all the things that they hope the family will become. Tomas encourages everyone to eat.

Alicia cries to her father on the phone about her car. It was worth much more than her debts! She has to pay 40,000 pesos to recuperate it. Sara and Juana listen to her conversation until Lola enters the office crying hysterically. Alicia tells her to be quiet but, Lola’s crying apparently makes Alicia feel worse and she cries again. They call Lety to help with Lola. She says she’ll be right there.

Alicia tells her father that she needs to work. Irmita and Luigi approach. He asks why she’s crying, did her boyfriend leave her. He understands that she has many money problems, but now she doesn’t have to pay anything that has to do with car. He says that someone can be happy, even if they have to ride a bicycle. Alicia replies that she would never be happy with just a bicycle. Luigi takes his leave to go work. Alicia talks some more with her dad.

Juana and Martha run to the bathroom to take care of Lola. Lola is worried that Efren is going to get her house. She talked to the lawyer and he could possibly get fifty percent of everything! Everyone asks what they can do to her help her. Lola says there’s nothing they can do. Sara says they go get El Cheque; PM sarcastically says she’ll kill the woman who took Lola’s husband. Lola says she would never take the father of her children from them. Lety asks if Efren is still paying his child support. She says that Lola tell the lawyer everything. PM thinks that Lola should take a lover and show him off in front of Efren. We slowly see Lety’s face light up. You think she has an idea?

Lety receives a call from Omar. He asks how everything is going. Fine, she tells him. He asks for Fernando. She puts him through to Fernando and moves to her door to listen. Omar tells Fernando that he and Marcia are going the airport now to return to Mexico. Fernando says he’s going to the Yuri event with Lety. Lety remembers when Fernando said that Omar did not know anything and the time when she and Fernando talked in Omar’s apartment about how Omar would find out he brought her. She reads the letter some more - the part about not being able to return to Omar’s apartment. She can not believe that Omar knows everything about the intimacy between her and Fernando. They’re both pigs! She overhears Fernando impatiently telling Omar that they’ll talk tomorrow. He hangs up and calls Lety. He says they need to get ready to leave. Where are we going, she asks? He says they will go to the Yuri event to make an appearance and so Marcia will not suspect anything. Then they’re going to escape and go off to be alone. She asks if they can go to Omar’s apartment. He says okay, but why don’t we go to his house. She confirms she wants to go to Omar’s apartment. Besides, he doesn’t know about them. No, Lety, Fernando confirms. Lety goes on and says that the apartment is very discreet and no one will follow them. Yes, it is and it’s where we shared that special night. I’ve never had a night like that with anyone; it was very special. He makes sure there will not be a problem with Erasmo. Fernando runs off to the bathroom. Lety wants to be intimate and that’s definite progress, but she’s being so distant and cold. He thinks to himself that tonight he’s going to be completely sincere with her and demonstrate to her what he feels. He’s not going to lie. In her office Lety thinks about PM’s idea to make Efren jealous. Lety decides that Tomas would be perfect for this. More re-reading of the Lety

Saimon calls someone to find out about how much it will cost for five songs, three songs…one song? Okay, he’ll check his balance. He turns around to talk to Celso. This serenade is going to cost a fortune! He sees PM enter the room. She goes to her desk and the boys leave. PM pouts.

Alicia complains to Marcia that her car is lost! How can she present herself to any men with dignity? She knows that Marcia warned her, but this is going to affect Marcia as well. Fernando is going somewhere tonight and Alicia can’t follow him. He’s going someplace where there is going to be a lot of beautiful women. Marcia realizes that he’s going to the Yuri event. She tells Alicia to take her ticket from her office and to take her car. Alicia promises to be careful. Fernando will not catch her.

Saimon and Celso talk outside. Celso wants Saimon to hire his friends. Saimon wants to make sure that they’ll be as good as the professionals. Celso reassures him. . Saimon cannot believe that he’s going to spend so much on a serenade.

Alicia searches Marcia’s office. She finds the invitation to Yuri’s event. She’s sure that she’ll meet a rich man there who will help her. She needs one now more than ever. She’s going to have to pretend that she still has her Mercedes and that nothing has happened to her. She’ll make herself herself very pretty and change her clothes. Tonight is her night!

The cuartel observe Celso and Saimon. PM says they have been acting very suspicious. PM worries that he’s arranging to leave with some “friends.” Martha reminds them that Saimon used to like Yazmin. Everyone glares at him. Celso has success! Saimon knows that PM will be thrilled when her Mariachi arrive. PM says she wants to leave with him and wants to know what’s going on. Saimon squeaks.

Lety is in her office. She talks about her idea with Tomas in her head. She remembers when Fernando told Lety that he was jealous of Tomas.

Saimon whines to PM. He says that she should go see her son. He has a surprise. She says that she wants to leave. Alicia teases the cuartel because they’re standing around in the reception area. Sara tries to fight. Martha and Celso hold her back. Alicia wiggles off and accidentally drops her invitation. Sara opens it and realizes that it is for tonight’s event. Celso says he’ll take it to Alicia. Sara has a better idea and rips it up.

The phone rings at the Padilla house. Tomas yells that he’ll answer it. It’s Lety and she tells him that she needs something. Of course! He says. He has great ideas about what they can do. No, she’s going to give him the address to an event. She wants him to come. He doesn’t think that they’ll let him in. Lety tells him to dress up, like in a magazine. No problem, he says. He’ll wear his father’s clothes. Lety, who is so unaware about the hideousness of her own wardrobe, grimaces. She tells him to rent a suit; his father’s suit won’t work. He needs something more modern. Tomas asks if it’s an event for Conceptos. No, she tells him. Fernando invited her. She does not know if anyone else from Conceptos will be there. Tomas gets really excited about confronting Fernando. She tells him to present himself as the manager of Filmo Imagen and as her loving boyfriend. Fernando pops into the office and asks if its time to go. She changes her tone with Tomas and says good-bye “papa.” Tomas catches on and changes his voice. She’s not going to recognize him! She’s going to die when she sees him!

Lety lies and says she was getting permission to go out. She asks Fernando if he wants her to change or to go as she is currently dressed. Fernando tells Lety that she looks perfect, very perfect. She tells him that he must be missing his glasses. No, I have 20/20 vision. Lety yanks his tie and says that he does not need to lie anymore! She pushes him away. She won’t accept any more lies! It’s a day dream. She follows him out of the office. They go to his car. He opens the door for her. She remembers the time she asked for a kiss when she was in Fernando’s car outside of Conceptos. She starts to cry. He tells her to get in the car and shuts the door behind her. Lety cannot look at him. Mr. Oblivious finally notices something is wrong and asks if she’s okay. He says she does not have the enthusiasm she usually has when she goes out with him. He keeps asking what’s wrong and pulls her face toward his. Nothing. He’s still hung up on the idea that she knows about the engagement ring. He asks if he did something to bother her. They talk about Fernando’s behavior when Patricia Manterola was in the office; he didn’t ask the same this time when Rocio was in the office. He reminds her that he asked for forgiveness after the Patricia Manterola thing. She remembers. It was unforgettable. You did very well today! He pulls her fact to him again and leans in for the kiss… sorry, folks, gotta wait until mañana for that one!

Will Tomas accomplish a new, sexy look?
Will Lety allow Fernando to kiss her?

"When I was twelve I went as my mother for Halloween. I put on a pair of heels, went door to door, and criticized what everyone else was wearing."
- Robin Bach

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Mundo de Fieras 10/30/06"Gooooaaaallllllllllll"

Let us begin this episode with those two crazy kids Dider & Joselyn. Dider the "Latin Dance Machine", with the oddly Teutonic name, is seriously puttin the ole squeeze on Joselyn down at the House of Fashion. Either pony up mucho dinero or he'll show the "Dancing with the Whores"...ooppsss typo "Dancing with the Stars", camera zooms in for the close up Horizontal Mambo, video to Gabe. Grrrwwwwwllllllll.....There is some sexually charged pushing & shoving & grrrrwwwlllling at this point.
Okay she promises she'll come up with money. I can't believe Dider the Dance Machine Dude fell for that, did he not hear the grrrrrwwwwwlllllll?

Our two Star-Crossed lovers Paulina and Juan Cristobel:
Well it must be take an annoying kid to work day, cause Pauli has brought "Tiny Tim" down to the shop (strangely enough she isn't toiling away...wearing gloves with the fingers cut out...ooops sorry that is the other "Tiny Tim", oh well God Bless Us Everyone); anyway she introduces him to JC.

JC gets the thought bubble, "Hmm my lil hermano, well you can't choose your family". Lui is all excited to meet JC & calls him "Primo" (spanish for first cousin...it's used like "Cuz" is here). I believe, Lui is all excited in anticipation of that tried and true Mexican tradition of yelling "Primo" across crowded cantinas, only to have six hundred people turn around as everyone is drinking with their Primos. (My husband's name actually is Primo, so I know of what I speak).

Pauli & Lui get ready to go get some muy rico comida...I'm thinking pudding cups cause I can't imagine that kid eating solid food or maybe some nine-lives, cause he is kinda mewwwwing again, squealing that he is sooooo excited to have a "Primo". Anyway he invites JC to go along and Pauli & JC exchange one of those "Kids, what can you do" looks, thus relieving the tension.

Well what exactly are our friends in the barrio up too? It's an incredibly wholesome Naco Futbol (that's Soccer to you) rally, with everyone cheering the local team on ... which of course Leo happens to be the leader of. I recognize some of the women who are trying out as cheerleaders, they were a few years ahead of me at school ... trust me that is saying something ... that they even remember what a pom-pom is much less how to twirl one.

JC decides to join Pauli & Lui for dinner back at the Big House ... Gabe greats them at the door and is very cordial to JC ... but Gabe is basically one of those always clueless, yet faultlessly polite individuals ... Gawd no wonder Demian hates him.

Tiberio after losing out on French Kissing his own mother ... is at a loss for something to do ... so he chides Rogelio over the two hot babes Rogelio was out with the nite before. Rogelio is like "So What", Tiberio is all like, "Your Dad would be mad"....yeah this seemed kinda lame to me too. Tiberio wants to play Billards against Rogelio, but I'm not certain what the stakes are. ... I know it is not for Diana ... so maybe it is for Gabe.

Tiberio now calls slutty lil beast Karen, who squeals and twists with delite at the thought of dinner with Tiberio. He says, "don't be late & wear your plaid skirt knee hi's." Okay I just made the skirt & knee hi's part up, but I'm sure he would have approved.

Karen comes in and sees the warm family moment of JC mixing it up with the Gabe side of the family. The idea of dinner with Tiberio no longer seems so appealing. She calls Tiberio, who is at what I assume is supposed to be a swanky Italian eatery (there is a rather tacky paint by number Leaning Tower of Pisa painting on the wall). She tells him dinner is off, JC is at the Big House. I almost felt sorry for Ti, stood up.

Over at the other Big House....the dark evil Big House.... Demian comes home. He is informed JC will not be joining them for dinner. Demian takes advantage of this to try & get busy with Regina. "Hey let's put the past behind us, lets start over." "Too little Too late" is her reply. I feel bad for Demian, Regina has been sitting around for twenty-five years hopin for the guy with two good legs. Geez, yeah I got over the cute guy that sat behind me in Freshman English like 30 years ago. Gabe is like 2 wives & a schoolteacher plus three kids, beyond Regina. She needs to realize "Gabe just wasn't that into her".

This alienation of affection causes Demian to vow that he will make Gabe suffer.
Oh yes, he has some work for the Barrio Boy "Coyote"

Meanwhile back at the Good Big House:
Everyone is breaking bread together and getting along quite well. Here comes Joselyn, (I just noticed they have a rather large "St. Michael" statue on the table in the living room; this makes me wonder if Demian has a big "Beezelbub" statue in his living room). Joselyn sneaks in to Gabes office, looking for something, she finds a gun. Whoa Mama that is a big one ... (my husband said like a .380, thank god, she carries a big purse, she puts into her purse right next to her tube of "Big Glossy Lip-Plumper". Grwwwwwwllllll.

Joselyn then back tracks, slams the door, "Hola, Familia, Mami is home."
Joselyn is like WTF, when she sees JC, but oh well she has bigger fish to fry. Candelaria comes in to the dining room and suggests that Lui go with MA to the big neighborhood fiesta. Joselyn says no that those kind of things are not for Lui (I don't know if she meant cause he is crippled or a class thing or if she realizes ... everyone hates him and a mob of peasants will storm the castle and kill him).

Anyway at this point ... Dider calls (he is lounging around his tropical apartment, while sporting a wife-beater tee ... oh Dider, I feel I barely knew ye). In a sub coded message Joselyn tells him she will indeed give him the money. She abruptly leaves the table, Gabe has that look of confusion on his face, but I don't know if it is over Joselyn or if he just wonders one cube or two for the coffee. NowGabe is smilin at MA cause it is two thumbs up with Lui hittin the fiesta.

****I forgot at some point Lui mewwws out that he'd really like to meet his Tio Demian; I was like yes!!!!!! Go to the Dark Side...I am your Father....Luke....wait make that Lui****

Anyway no one really answers his query...it was just a pregnant pause & people looking up at the ceiling ... Awkward.

The Naco Futbol game happens and it is kinda sad, many players look to be old enough to have played in the orginal Greek Olympics. On the side line the local "Hells Angels" appear and kind of ride their bikes all around the field....I am way confused at this point cause it looks like there is gonna be a serious rumble....1969 "The Stones Concert"...

No need to worry, they just line up on the side and watch.
Yes, our Dr. Leo scores a goal.....Yayyyyyyyyy

Oh no, there has been a altercation between Leo and a player from the opposing side... He's down, his right leg is injured, his knee is twisted. Pushing and shoving between the teams breaks out ... the drug crazed bikers take to the field (they did take to the field, but I just added the drug-crazed part for effect) ... Leo, with a stiff upper lip calms everyone down.

The game continues and Leo, with a giant wrap around his leg, cheers his teammates on to victory. Everyone is nice to each other, but the bikers come up and taunt the losing team... I have no idea why. One of the bikers blows a kiss at one of the over-the-hill cheerleaders. Oh good another plot-point, cause this Telenovela seems to be lacking in them.

Oh I forgot, I got throw this in, Joselyn did ask Miriam for help, but of course Miriam told her she was on her own. Otilia also came and visited Miriam, sorry I'm not sure what was said, I got a phone call, but whatever it was, there was some snarking going on. I saw Ingrid come in to Miriam's office and I was glad to see Miriam hadn't beaten her to death, but she did continue to berate her.

Now it is the next day and we are seeing the Big Fiesta, which is for St. Francis of Assisi "Patron Saint of Animals and the Environment". Good Times, Good Times ... in a particularly "Dickens Moment", Leo is carrying Lui on his back, with MA right at this side. Hey that wrenched knee got better really fast cause that kid is no lite weight.

It is now night at the Fiesta and Lui is playing rock/scissors/paper with a kid named David, he and David, with MA permission go off to get balloon animals from a mime...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, never trust a mime

David gets this really rockin bunny rabbit and Lui wants a dragon, David runs back to show MA his bunny and the mime grabs Lui hand. Next we are lookin thru milling people and OH NO, I warned them about the mime ... Lui is gone. Panic ensues, Leo quickly organizes a Naco Search Party.

Meanwhile, Gabe is having a drink with Nic, they discuss what else ... MA, Gabe asks Nic if he is interested in MA, Si she is muy good lookin and nice too. Gabe then proceeds to lay it on pretty thick with you are my only friend and I am living without love....I too think MA is hot.

The Mime and the kid arrive at some crappy dwelling with bad furniture and two rooms, the Mime shoves the kid into the back bedroom and tells Lui to shut-up. Well we all know how well that works. Mewwwwwwww. The Mime locks him in there. I hope for the Mime's sake that is a sound proof room. The Mime wipes off his make-up OMG it's Coyote.

Back to the Fiesta, oh No the kid can't be found....by this point the two local priests are involved............
(You don't know how hard it is for me....I so wanta to go there, but due to the sensitive nature of some jokes...I won't).

MA is now really scared, no kidding you lost the kid ... not good for a resume.
They decide to call the authorities & Gabe.

Coyote calls Demian with a "The package is in the Locker" message and Demian laughes his really EVIL, yet crazy HAWT laugh. Lui is sobbing "Help me" "Help me" "Papacito"

JC shows up at the Big House with the lame excuse he wants to dicuss work. Well of course this leads to the big personal discussion and Paulina says she thinks JC, wants Slutty Karen.

Joselyn arrives at Dider, tropical wonderland, this guy is such a tool. He has made them tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them and he turns on his CD player and now he is just "Dancin in Dark", you can tell he thinks he is all that. Joselyn pulls out her .380 and Dider's lil feets stop tappin. You can see his thought bubble, "Crap I'll never get to the Latin Grammys".

Will Dider commit suicide by Joseyln?
Will Gabe ever be able to get a clue?
Will Leo notice Coyote buying large quanties of "Fancy Feast"?


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Heridas Friday Oct 27

Fermin just told Pamela that her father is dead. She says that can’t be! When they guy claiming to be her father came back, he looked just like the photos she and her mother had, but now with white hair and a beard. She kept reassuring her mother that it was really him. Fermin says whatever, I needed to tell you, I need someone to back me up to say that I’m not the one committing fraud here, that we didn’t know he was using false identification. She says she will help him. Then she wonders why this guy is pretending to be her father, what, to get the money and then kill her and her mother? Fermin says I hope not, “I have a wife and kids, I don’t want to be involved in something like that.” Apparently he doesn’t care what happens to Pamela and her mother, just his own family. Pamela says that the first thing to do is confront her ‘father’ and find out who he really is. Did he do something to her real father?

Fernanda is praying at Santiago’s church and crying. She tells him that she has lost her daughters and it’s Bertha’s fault. She then goes on and on about a pain in her chest. I know that the feeling of loss would account for this but there was such an emphasis on her chest pain – is this a hint at some health problem in the future? Probably not, it’s just some extra drama. He tries to compare her situation to the Virgin, how must she have felt when she lost her son but still survived it? Fern says “but she is the Virgin, I’m not.” He says they are both mothers and that’s what is important. She tells him that all three daughters know who she really is now. “Great! The hard part is over, everything forward will be in your favor.” Fern explains that now they hate her, especially Renata, and Miranda now despises her. Santiago says to not worry about Miranda, she’ll come around. And what about Florencia? Fern feels sorry for herself some more “Flor doesn’t want to know anything about what happened.” Santiago says if she keeps trying to communicate with them they’ll come around and lose their hate.

Bertha is trying to play innocent with Alejandro, asking “what else do you want to know? I’ll explain everything!” Al still has the drunk signal/untucked shirt tail going. He tells her that he doesn’t want any of her explanations, and furthermore, she never meant ANYTHING to his father. “He never loved you. He only spoke of you once or twice, and when he did, he spoke as if he despised you, like I’m talking to you now.” Bertha tries to look hurt. I don’t know if she’s putting that on for him or if she’s stupid and thought Alfredo loved her. It might be the second one, she has this strange idea that men like her when they don’t. Hell, the only regular action she was getting for a long time had to get drunk first to face her. Daira and Luciano are watching from the other room, Daira says “I’m not sure he’s in the best state to be negotiating with Bertha.” Luciano says “with her, there is no negotiating.” Daira agrees. Bertha whines to Al, “why are you treating me this way, like garbage? You don’t have the right and that’s not what I am.” She says she only ever offered him love and he misunderstood her. “No Bertha, you only offer pain but I’m looking for happiness. And that happiness can only be given to me by Miranda.” Bertha starts crying and calling Al names. She goes on about their love causing wounds or something, at this point she’s just being like one of those people that get unhinged when they get dumped. The only appropriate response is “whatever.” Al says something about the wounds being “heridas de amor” and she doesn’t understand. I thought with that being the name of the show I should put that in. Bertha cries some more and swears that Al will regret this, he should take that as an open declaration of war!

Fern explains to Santiago what happened when they tried to confront Bertha. He says that’s how it is with the devil, he/she can twist words around. He says next time someone has to be in charge, to keep order and keep Bertha quiet. But who, says Fern, who can keep Bertha quiet? Santiago says someone with knowledge of the law to run things like a trial or something like that, to keep order. Fern says “well what then, I’m sure we’re not going to have a policeman there?” Santiago says of course not. He thinks he knows the perfect person but doesn’t say who. He asks her if she looked at the papers from Tomasa. She says yes, nothing more. Ominous music.

Daira and Luciano tell Al he should have been more diplomatic. He says no way. The other two are a bit afraid of her declaration of war. Al says he isn’t afraid, because that’s what she wants. She wants her victims to feel fear so she has them in the palm of her hand. Daira says they need to be alert for her first strike. Al says yes, and when that comes, then they’ll know what they are dealing with. Then he flops down on the sofa to finish sleeping off his hangover.

Pamela and Fermin continue talking about her ‘father.’ She says she’ll talk to Alejandro Luque, he can help us! Like he’s Underdog or something. “Crap we have some random problem, who can help? I know – Alejandro Luque. He can fix anything.” Like the old Life cereal commercials – Alejandro is Mikey. This shows that Pamela hasn’t been brought up to speed by Miranda that today they hate Al. I wonder if she gets a daily report on whether Al and Miranda are on or off. “Today’s forecast – Al is ok but don’t get too close. Tomorrow – We hate Al.” Fermin’s phone rings and he answers it. His secretary tells him that the government agents who came about the false IDs before are back, can they come in or should they wait until Pamela leaves? Extra-ominous music. Time to go to the old conversation style –
Fermin: When I’m done here I’ll come out for them.
Secretary: They said it’s urgent.
F: Tell them I am with a CLIENT and they’ll have to wait. If they have a court order they can come in, otherwise they have to wait.
S: They said they’ll wait.
Pamela confides in him that she and her mother don’t know where the money came from, basically they don’t know anything. Fermin says they might be in quite a situation here, Pamela says further “I don’t have the slightest idea what may have really happened.” She is afraid because now this guy is in her house and she doesn’t even know if it is her father or not. Fermin says he’ll investigate and help when they find out more. She thanks him profusely and he says no problem, now he has to figure out how to put off the agents waiting for him, she says she doesn’t want to deal with them either. They thank each other and Fermin goes off to distract the agents so Pamela can leave.

Florencia tells Fab that she’s going to die, so she doesn’t want to spend time learning details about stupid things from the past, she wants to use her time to try and do something. Fab says “You’re totally right, tell me what you’re going to do.” Flor says it is sooo important that Bertha doesn’t know what they are going to do or she will finish them off. Flor is also sure that Bertha killed the doctors in Germany, there is no limit to what she will do to reach her objectives. Renata arrives. Flor says she’s fine, but how are YOU Renata? Renata cries. Some more.

Miranda is doing some math, wearing her work clothes. One of the other ladies brings in Gabino, turns out he and some of the others want Naty to leave. It takes forever to get out of him why, he finally says that the things that she does with the chocolate make them think she’s some sort of witch. This whole scene is funny since the lady who brings Gabino in keeps hitting him in the back of the head to get him to talk. Miranda is stunned, like everyone else is all the time about everything.

Fern says that the stuff from Tomasa doesn’t mean anything since they don’t mention Bertha by name. She thinks Bertha got away with the perfect crime. Santiago says no, the devil makes mistakes, he knows who her granddaughter is and who has her.

Al says that he needs to talk to Gonzalo and tell him what he suspects, to say that his father was shot in the back. I have to mention that Al looks good as new here, cleaned up and in clean clothes, though it appears that about five minutes have passed. Luciano says they should go talk to him right away. Luciano gets a call and after listening says “are you sure? Maybe we’ll fly to Italy today.” Al says please for the love of God Luciano, no more bad news. They all looked concerned and look around at each other for what feels like five minutes.

Santiago says he can’t tell her but he knows the truth, it was confirmed by Mother Superior. He also knows that someone else is investigating and finding out the same thing. Fern knows that it must be Bertha and that the perfect way to disguise it is to register the girl as her own daughter. He says that Nuria’s birth name was Norma. They don’t know how to prove anything, though, so they aren’t sure what to do. Santiago says that because they can’t prove anything, the can’t tell Nuria yet. Fern thinks that they can get Bertha to confess, but of course not she’s crazy. Fern thinks that Miranda is the only one that can help but she won’t talk to her right now.

Luciano tells Al and Daira that Bertha’s lawyer called and said that Bertha took over all of Al’s businesses and investments, he only has left what is in his checking account. Luciano runs off to get his laptop, maybe he can transfer some funds out before it’s too late. Al rants and raves.

Miranda tells Gabino that he’s crazy, Naty isn’t some witch, she just prepares the chocolate with love and that’s why the other women are so inspired to work. Then she asks if any of the men have tried the chocolate. Gabino says no. Miranda gives him a look that says “Well then?”

Flor tells Renata to imagine one day in their mother’s life, Renata says no that’s dirty! She ran off with another man! Flor says no, she didn’t. Flor remembers everything about ‘that night’ perfectly now. She tells about how Fern was crying and Bertha came in and took Flor and insulted Fern. Then she heard Gonz from the other room say “tell her I’ll kill her daughters too” (that part is new, we haven’t seen that before). Flor tells Renata that she thinks Fern is being honest with them. Renata still thinks Bertha is a saint, she’s so wrong. Flor says that she is dying so she has no reason to not seek the truth, it’s all she has left. Renata swears to not ever give Fern a chance, never ever.

Sanson is telling Cesar at his place that Nuria got a call from Miranda saying that Miranda is going to the hacienda and returning later. Cesar asks how he knows that? Did he find a way to tap her phone? No, he just listened at the window. Cesar is proud of Sanson, they have some conversation about who will pay somebody, or if Sanson will get paid, it sounded like Cesar told him that the experience itself was his payment. I didn’t quite understand it all. Somebody knocks on the door. Sanson opens the door to find Bertha, she wants to speak with Cesar. Cesar laughs at her, he knows that she’s mad about Miranda and Al getting married.

Fern and Santiago are still walking and talking, they discuss how evil Bertha is. Fern vows to make her pay for all the trouble she has caused. Fern flashes back to when Bertha swore to ruin the daughters’ lives if Fern gave her trouble. Now she is worried about the other two, she already caused Miranda and Al to break up. What next? Santiago preaches his usual sermon – patience.

Luciano is having good luck getting the money out of Alejandro’s accounts. He is transferring everything into his own accounts in Nassau. Al says he feels like he’s stealing from himself. Luciano says it’s more like Luciano is stealing from Al, now everything is in his accounts. Al jokes that he’ll have to treat him differently now so Luciano doesn’t take off with his money. Luciano laughs. Al says he needs to de-diversify his portfolio to keep it under control. He might lose everything, but he says that’s better than Bertha getting her hands on one single peso. Maybe I didn’t understand quite right – now Luciano says everything is locked up and he hopes that Al and Miranda have a baby because that child is the only one who can touch the money.

Cesar and Bertha agree to help each other in exchange for a cut of each other’s monetary gain. They have a drink to celebrate declaring war on Al. Bertha says they will start with Lasagna and Daira. Then she says she wants to make Miranda hurt even more than Alejandro. Cesar looks uncomfortable about this, Bertha tells him that Miranda teased him for all these years, married someone else, etc. Cesar gets into the plan.

Another scene at the hacienda, Naty says she puts the spirits of the gods into the chocolate, she’s going to show Miranda how.

Flor reminds Renata that she discovered Bertha lying about going to Germany too, Bertha told Renata that she was buying her houses when she got caught. Renata says that the doctors dying was a coincidence. Juan and Fab enter the room. In spite of this, Renata wants to know what’s going on. I sense her being the weak link here. Flor begs her to not say a word to anyone, to go get Miranda at the hacienda and tell her to come talk to Flor. Renata is supposed to go somewhere with Bertha, so they ask her to be careful and not make her suspicious. She leaves. Fern walks down the hall and she and Renata stop and look at each other. Renata asks Fern, do you know why I always hated school? She was the best speaker in her class and every mother’s day she had to get up and welcome all the other mothers and keep her eyes closed, hoping that when she opened them that her own mother would be there. Fern begs forgiveness. Renata goes on some more about bad things at school because she had no mother. She storms off and Fern cries.

Cesar is crying about Miranda. It’s pitiful. Bertha is crying with him. What a couple of losers. He says that if Miranda suffers, Al has to suffer just as much. She says of course, because his father was so bad to her. Cesar asks, is that why she tried to kill him? She says no, she was trying to kill Fernanda, but I missed! Bertha gets up and goes to the back room; the doorbell rings. It’s Lasagna, bitching that Cesar won’t answer his phone. She tells him that Al and Luciano found a way to take everything away from Bertha. Everyone is impactado.

Naty shows Miranda how to make the magic chocolate. Gabino runs in and gives Miranda a gun and tells her to go straight to her room and lock the door.

Cesar tells Lasagna to leave, it’s not a good time. She says fine, she doesn’t like him when he’s drunk anyway. Bertha says wait – my queen, you can’t leave until you explain what you just said. Cesar says another day, and pushed Lasagna to the door. Bertha grabs one of the swords and threatens to hurt Lasagna unless she explains NOW. Lasagna tells Bertha about the clause in her father’s will. If Al’s wife gets pregnant in less than a year, all the money is protected and will go to the baby when it is born. The important thing is that Al and Miranda have a kid. Bertha flips out at the thought and leaves. Cesar calls her stupid and she should have never said anything to Bertha. He takes off his belt and swings it at her….. I guess we’ll find out Monday if she really likes getting hit.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mundo de Fieras (or "Degenerates on Display") Friday 10/27/06

Karen recognizes Dolores at the mausoleum as the nun that she met at the hospital and demands to know why she tricked them all.

Demian, Tiberio and Juan Cristobal are going to eat together in order to celebrate him eventually coming to work at his father’s business. They make a toast to JC and Tiberio jealously thinks to himself what a big farce this all is. He knows Demian too well and figures he is up to something. JC, for his part, is just trying to fit in somehow and please his momma.

Mariangela tells Jos she feels like she’ll become another wild animal if she continues working there, but if so she warns Jos that she would be ready to do whatever it takes to protect herself. Gabe walks in a bit after and says Jos just told him she’s planning to stay after all. Mariangela says she is only because Little Lui needs her; she promised in order not to abandon him.

Jos is talking with Miriam at the fashion house. Miriam has put somebody on Dolores to keep her under control but it would only upset Jos she says if she told her who that somebody was.. Jos says she’s done everything as Miriam asked and hopes to God that things work out as they hope. Miriam assures her daughter that things will turn out. She then suggests that Jos go back to her dance classes to take her mind off things. (I still think some calmantes are a better choice.)

Dolores tells Sister Remedios about the day that her brother died. How surprised she was to find an urn full of “his” ashes when she knows full well they never found Edgar’s body. She went looking for help in the boat and when she got back with the authorities, they immediately thought that it had been planned, and they blamed her for the murder since she didn’t have a good enough alibi.

Demian is thinking to himself that he’ll have to get close to Delores to keep her under control. He muses that she never realized he was the mastermind of the plot to kill her brother. At that point Dolores pays a surprise visit to Demian’s office dressed in a fashionable black suit rather than her nun’s habit. Demian still thinks he’s got her in the palm of his hand. Delores explains she’s still determined to win Tiberio’s affections, but Demian taunts her about Tiberio not appreciating it when he finds out she’s a convicted murderer and of her own brother. She then insists he recognize his oldest son officially. Demian responds that Tiberio has lacked for nothing all this time. Then he makes a pass at her, grabbing at her (Roman hands and Russian lips...or something). She looks like a deer in the headlights, but manages to gain control of herself. She tells him whatever there was between them no longer exists and she breaks free. He laughs that loud, wicked laugh of his at her discomfort as she races out of the room.

Jos goes to the dance studio and meets Dider, a new dance instructor whose specialty is Carribean choreography. We get to see the two of them later doing a duet in the class. --Nice, simple choreography and performance, except what is it with the gratuitous doggy-style bump and grind everybody simply has to add into dance routines these days? Fred and Ginger never did that!

Demian finds out from Tiberio that he’s overheard Gabe has bought the adjacent land to one of his real estate developments and plans to build public housing on it. This infuriates Demian because it will cause upset wealthy investors to run out on him. No one will want to put venture capital into something like that and he’ll lose his investment.

Gabe gets a call from the doctor’s office telling him that Luisito’s tests have come back and they’ll be able to operate right away. Gabe is relieved and excited to get home and tell his little boy the good news.

A bit later Mariangela is leaving the mansion and about to shut the gate when Demian with his entourage of bodyguards accost her. He demands to know who she is. Mariangela is shocked to see a Gabe look-alike with a patch on his eye yelling at her. She introduces herself and tells him that Gabe isn’t in right now. Demian leers at her and gives her the once-over at least twice or thrice and keeps remarking ad nauseum about her beauty. Just then Gabe drives up and the two brothers argue over Gabe’sproposed public housing project. Demian threatens and demands his brother halt the construction; they sneer and shout insults back and forth and then Demian leaves.

Gabe tells Mariangela, Paulina and little Lui that he is going to be operated on since the tests came out alright.

Otilia and her husband argue. She warns him not to threaten her. She’s off to buy a bit of property for the little business she’s told him about earlier. Thanks to Miriam’s huge check to silence her that she waves in front of his nose, she now has sufficient for it to work. She walks out the door and tells him he looks handsomer than ever and puts a bony finger peck on his lips from hers (a really irritating gesture). He looks bewildered and is speechless.

Regina confronts Juan about Paulina and tells him she spoke to her and told her he is still madly in love with her.

Dider asks Jos back to his place after class, not to see his etchings, but to taste some of his homemade Carribean coolers. (Now that is a new one.) They drink and flirt and he turns the lights low and flips on his CD player for some Carribean tunes. (I half thought he was going to dance a solo for her in the living room the way he was girating while making his moves on her.) Dider takes his shirt off while Jos leers lasciviously. Then there’s an unexpectedly tasteful, if corny, fade to black. When Jos arrives home, she’s drunk as a skunk and lies to Gabe about having been out with a couple of old girlfriends she hadn’t seen in a while.

Rogelio finds a jeweler to buy the necklace off him for quite a nice sum. He tells the guy that it was inherited from his mother and that things are tight financially so he needs to sell it. The jeweler says if Rogelio has any more where that came from he’ll buy them as well. Afterwards, the sly dog shows a picture of the original to a back-room counterfeiter to make him an exact duplicate.

Regina makes a call to Gabe to tell him that JC is hopelessly in love with Paulina and she’s worried that the two will be reliving the same bitter tale as theirs. He says Paulina seems to be well over JC and the two of them shouldn’t interfere. It is JC and Pau’s business and they’ll have to work it through.

Miriam tells Karen that she’s opening a branch and she must call the realtor to go ahead to buy it. However, Otilia has found out about the property and she buys it on the spot with a huge check. When Karen calls the realtor says they waited a bit too long to decide and it is sold. Miriam gets on the phone and begins to complain so when Otilia hears her name she gets on the phone and mocks and insults Miriam. Otilia warns her that she has scarcely begun, the property negotiation is just the first of a number of little surprises she has for Miriam. Otilia is going to counter every step Miriam takes from here on out. For once Miriam is speechless! (I think she has finally met her match in Otelia!)

Tiberio takes Belen to another bar for cocktails after work, while Simona worries that her daughter still hasn’t arrived home. (Momma, the girl’s got a job, so she can afford a cell now, or at least a pre-paid phone-card for emergencies, don’t ya think?) Belen complains she doesn’t like the alchohol but she doesn’t want to be discourteous so she drinks it. --Apparently Tiberio is one of those guys that figures “candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker” so he keeps pushing them at her. While they are there, Tiberio turns around and sees Rogelio walk in at the far entrance with two women on his arm. Tiberio sees Rogelio meet a guy at the bar (the mobster Rog owes), take out a fat wad of bills and hand them over to the mobster who then leaves the bar with his goon squad. Tiberio smiles knowingly, wondering what he might do with this bit of tid.

Gabe though, does try to discuss JC with Paulina but she pretends it just doesn’t matter anymore and says that JC perhaps never really loved her anyway.

Paulina takes Little Lui to her office to see where she works. JC walks in and meets him, thinking that the little tyke has got to be his brother.

Miriam complains to Clemente about seeming to prefer Mariangela over Joselin. He defends his actions saying she needs him more right now. At that moment, in the middle of their discussion, Miriam receives a threatening phonecall from Otilia blackmailing her, “If you get this way about a business site, what do you think will happen when Clemente learns that Joselin isn’t his daughter?” She hangs up.

Leo tells Mariangela that he realizes although he loves and adores only her, he’ll have to suit himself with seeing her happy though it might be with another man. He wants to make sure she doesn’t fall for the wrong man. At the same time Gabe is telling himself he has nothing to offer Mariangela because he is not free.

Juan explains to his mother the new problem about the adjacent development properties of Demian and Gabe’s. She remarks that this will only extend the confrontations between the two. She wonders aloud why Demian hates his twin so much. Juan is amazed at such a question and impulsively yells back at her, “Are you sure you don’t know why?” Regina naively asks him where that question came from. He says well she told him herself she still loves Gabriel and she swears then that it is a chaste love and always has been.

Dider comes to see Jos at the offices of Miriam’s fashion house. She thinks he’s come to tell her of the wonderful memories he has of the night before. Dider assures her that he dreamt about her all night long, but his memories aren’t recorded in his head. He pulls out a DVD and says, “No, they were all recorded on this DVD.” Ruh-ro!


La Fea Más Bella #134 10/27/06 Let the healing begin!

I was very upset seeing that little girl, Youngest Lety, cry last night. Her crying was so convincing that I was concerned that the actress was too young to realize that it was make-believe. After rewatching that scene tonight, though, I think she is older than she looks, and probably really is acting rather than having a genuine traumatic experience beyond her understanding. Whew! Good thing, too, because I'm almost out of ice cream.

Lety's day

Lety heads to her office after exchanging insults with Alicia, but first the feas want to talk about yesterday. Sara says something about not seeing Lety's face. "It's the only thing I have," Lety says, and excuses herself. She stares at Fernando's chair for a moment, then goes into her cubbyhole.

She looks at some of the keepsakes in her office and has a flashback to the very first "gift" Fern ever gave her. She was crying in his car (I don't know why - it's from before I started watching) and he gave her a clean red rag from the glove box. She was worried about getting it dirty. He said don't worry, I wash my car with this, and he told her to keep it.

After the flashback, Lety spies a small photo of Fern on the floor where she dropped it two or three episodes ago. She stomps it futilely with her big chunky shoe. She tears the rag and drops it on her desk. She wipes her eyes with her hands and calls Lola and asks her to have Juana bring in a trash bag. She wants to tidy up her office and get rid of some junk.

As Juana passes through the executive lobby with a trash bag, we hear Lola on the phone with a lawyer. She is explaining that Marcia Villaroel recommended him to her. She needs his help in keeping her house away from her ex-husband and his girlfriend.

Carolina shows up, and Lety is glad to see her. She says she's happy Lety decided to come back to work. They talk about the long, bad night and Lety tells Carolina that her mom gave her a dog. She starts explaining about Moty, the mascot on all of her knicknacks, when Juana appears with the bag. Juana offers to help out (I think she wants to know what's going on) but Lety says she'll let her know when she's done. As soon as Juana is gone, Hurricane Lety whirls into action, stuffing things into that bag as fast as she can. Stuffed animals, cards, etc. She explains that she's cleaning up and throwing away all of this trash.

Carolina says they don't look like trash to her. They look like little gifts and keepsakes. Lety says they were at one time, but now they're trash and must be removed. Carolina says that it's a good exorcism, but it won't solve her problem. There are wounds and hard feelings, and you can't just stuff those into a bag and throw them away. Lety agrees, but says she's getting burned by all the things she has to keep (referring to her secrets, I think).

Carolina asks if she's sure if that's what she wants. Lety says no, she's not sure of anything. Carolina says, "When someone decides to throw away their memories, it's because they've already admitted defeat. Because they have definitively broken off their love. Are you sure that your love is broken beyond repair?"

Lety's guard goes back up and she resumes "Operation Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Carolina continues, "It's obvious you're suffering from a broken heart, I could tell by your reaction, the way you were crying. I think this is spite. That's why I'm asking if you're sure that you're sure, because if you throw this stuff out, you'll never, ever get it back."

Lety says she knows what she's doing, but she doesn't sound so sure. Caro asks if "he" knows about this, and what she's going through. Lety says no. Caro is aghast that Lety is breaking it off without even talking to the guy, but Lety says she doesn't matter to him. To him, she is nothing.

Carolina admits she doesn't know what's going on between them and that love can be complicated and full of tricks and lies. She urges Lety to consider motives and speak to him. Maybe there will be an explanation. Lety says she doesn't want to.

As if on cue, the clueless ox bellows "buenos dias" from beyond Lety's door. Caro asks Lety again to speak to "him," give him a chance to explain himself, before throwing out all of their memories. (Just to clarify - Carolina has no idea who "he" is.) Carolina leaves, and Lety shakes her head in exasperation. "An explanation?" she mutters to herself disbelievingly.

Fern greets Carolina and tells her how fine she looks. She says she wants to review the schedule of events for the Cannes film festival later on, and leaves. As she leaves, Fern mumbles that it's a shame she's his friend, because she's so fine. Then he calls for Lety again. She takes a deep breath and leaves her office. She greets him nonchalantly and stands on the other side of his desk, but he gets up to give her a kiss over by her ear. It's a longish kiss and instead of closing her eyes, she just slits them and glares at him sideways until he finishes.

She smiles cheerfully at him when he's looking and glares at him some more when he looks away. Today's order of business is to meet with the folks from rodaje.com. (There's nothing at this website. Boo.) Lety says that Jackie Palacios (I don't think we know her) isn't coming, and Rosy Orozco is coming instead. He says "Rosy Ocampo?" and Lety says again, "Rosy Orozco." (Rosy Ocampo is the woman who produces this show, and Orozco is the last name of the woman who played the original Betty La Fea.) She also says she's arranged something about a presentation and Bank of the Americas.

Next, Lety says "By the way, I read Don Omar Stinkypants's stupid letter and I hate you both. What do you say to that, douchebag? Is there anything you'd like to tell me?" Fernando sighs, then calls Marcia and puts her on speakerphone. He explains everything to both of them, and I mean EVERYTHING. Marcia is angry, but relieved to finally know the truth. Lety says she needs to think about it for a while. Eventually they sort it all out, and there's a happy ending.

Yeah, well, Lety has daydreams all the time, and I thought I'd add one of my own. But you can see the flaw here. If people just spoke frankly to one another on TV, there'd be no way to sell soap. In fact, we'd have been deprived of eight seasons of Three's Company. That's just insane. That's no way for people to live. I'll just stay out of it and let the experts tell the story their way.

Fernando asks Lety if she found a yellow envelope from Omar with his name on it. She nervously says yes. He says "And you didn't tell me you found this envelope?" She hangs her head in shame. He laughs and asks if she read it. She says yes she did and what the hell was that, anyway? He laughs some more and says it was a trick and she fell for it. She gets mad and he explains that he planted that letter there because he knew she would snoop through his stuff. He cackles again with glee. He says of course that letter was a joke, a lie. She smiles and he takes her face in his hands.

At the Padilla house, Tomas is surprised about the dog. He asks Mom if Mr. Sweetie agreed to it. Just then, RoboPop comes down the stairs and wants to know if the dog is in the bathroom. (Mom confides to Tomas that RoboPop is afraid of dogs.) He reminds her that he doesn't want that dog around his house. Mom and Tomas exchange nervous looks.

Lety tells Fern the joke was in very poor taste, and he says don't be annoyed, you very well know how much I love you. She says she's relieved, she thought she was dying, she thought her soul was leaving her body. He kisses her and says how could she think he would do something like that for real. He's incapable of making her sad. It was just a joke. A bad joke, but nothing more, and she has to admit that he pulled it off, she believed it... Lety snaps out of it and realizes that this conversation was a daydream.

That was weird. It's very strange to interject a non-daydream scene (Tomas, the Padillas, and Moty) into the middle of a daydream scene. I wonder if that was an editing error.

Fern is telling Lety it wants to see her looking cheerful because they have lots of work to do. She says she's a little tired but it's okay. She retires to her office. He is frustrated by her apparent aloofness, but tells himself it's better this way because she doesn't have any assurance that he is going to break his engagement with Marcia. Unfortunately Lety does not happen to be listening at the door when he says this out loud. She just sighs to herself that he didn't have an explanation. (This would be a valid complaint if she'd actually requested an explanation.)

The senior Mendiolas call. Lety says "hello, Doña Teresita" and then they both wait courteously while we look at some gratuitous footage of London. (It's okay that we see it, I just think it's odd that they can't continue their conversation while we sitesee.) Lety apologizes for not sending the DVD yet, but Mrs. Fernando's Mother says "Oh, but we have it here. How can you not know you sent it?" Lety is confused. Humberto asks if Fernando found out about their surprise (they rehash that it's a househunting DVD so they can buy a house for Fernando and Marcia). Lety fibs and says Fern's been too busy thinking about the wedding, so don't worry about that. She says she doesn't want to be rude, but she has a lot of work on her mind and has to go. She hangs up on him. Obviously the bad manners of everyone else in that place are starting to rub off on her. Next thing you know she'll be saying "hombre" every other sentence and ripping the tags off of mattresses.

Humberto stares at the phone in shock. Teresita doesn't care - she wants to watch the DVD.

Lety remembers that Fern said he'd put the postal code on the envelope. And of course he did, Lety realizes angrily - because he has every intention of marrying Marcia and he wants the house too. This is just more proof of his real plan in this dirty game.

Juana comes back for the trash bag, but Lety says she doesn't want to throw it out just yet. Juana is confused. Lety says it's papers and stuff and she might still need them. They say something about cuckoo and Juana leaves. Lety tells Fern the people from rodaje.com are here. He asks her to go find Luigi and ask him if he can take some time out to join them at the meeting.

Alone at his desk, Fern reviews one of the cards Omar has written for him ("Last night I dreamt of you, etc etc.") but isn't happy with it. He pens one on his own - or tries to. The words do not come easily. He gives up and stuffs the Omargram into its envelope. Did I say Omargram? I meant Carvahalmark. He brings it and the newest gift - a stuffed animal of some sort - in her office. He looks for a good place to put the envelope. He looks all around her office and fails to notice that all of his previous gifts are gone. All that remains are her Moty things, a few other personal items from home, and Eduardo's tomtom and drawing. He props the envelope up against a couple of Moty mugs and says "there it is, Lety... my Lety." He makes a cute, sort of timid little sweep of his hand and leaves for the meeting.

Lety gets to Luigi's studio and sees Marcia's wedding dress. She sadly remembers how she naively used to worry about Marcia being hurt by Lety's relationship with Fern. Now Marcia will marry Fern, and Lety will suffer.

Irma shows up and promises to give Lety's message to Luigi when he comes back from wherever he is. Lety goes back to her desk to find her CarvaHallmark Card. It's exactly as Omar wrote it. She is disgusted. Fern busts in and asks if she's ready to go to the meeting. He sees her crying and she pretends that it's because the card was so nice. She says his writing is precious, and that he is so talented at it. He says honestly (ha), he would have preferred to write something else. Much better. She deserves it. She says thanks. He says he's glad she likes it though, now let's go to the meeting.

He steps forward, perhaps for a kiss, and she gives him a right hook that knocks him off his feet. This precious moment has been immortalized on YouTube.
She snaps out of her daydream and shoves the card and stuffed animal into the bag. (She handles the stuffed animal like it's a dirty diaper.)

Alicia's day

Rewind to first thing this morning: In reply to Alicia's taunting, Lety says she'd rather be an old maid than a failure at marriage, career, and life. Alicia's day goes downhill from there.

Shortly after Lety's phone call from Fernando's parents, the people from rodaje.com show up. It's that Rosy Orozco woman and two men. Alicia greets this trio and immediately starts flirting with the men. Rosy is in a hurry to get this meeting over with because she has somewhere else to be. She tells Alicia she needs to see Fernando and Lety. Al has them sit down in the lobby and she calls Lety to say that the rodaje.com people are here. Lety is surprised by Alicia's pleasant manner (Al is sometimes polite when trying to impress others).

Lety comes out to greet them and says Fernando will be out soon. Rosy is worried that he might be running late. Alicia swoops in and offers to take care of the guests. Lety is still confused and says "how agreeable, Alicia, like always." Alicia pats her shoulder fondly and leads the rodaje.com people into the boardroom. The younger man checks her out as she walks.

Alicia sits in Fernando's chair and tries to impress them. She calls Sara at her desk (calls her "giraffe" by mistake in her fake-sweet voice) and pompously orders her to the boardroom. She introduces herself to the rodaje.com people and starts telling them how important she is. She manages the image of Conceptos, and public relations...

Rosy interrupts, saying "you're right, we haven't formally introduced ourselves." The younger man is Nestor. (He is still checking Alicia out.) Alicia strokes her hair at him. The older man is Marco Gaitan. Okay now I know something is up with all these names - Gaitan is the name of the guy who created the original Colombian series. I wonder if these actors are from the original show too? I wouldn't recognize most of them but they seem to be having so much fun in this scene I think there's an in-joke going on.

Alicia starts her speech about her six semesters of finance at a prestigious university. Sara arrives, and Alicia asks the guests if they want anything to drink. Alicia tells Sara to bring a soda for her as well. Sara shakes her fist at Alicia behind the guests' backs. This prompts Alicia to ask her for ice, too. And napkins. And then she tells Sara to hold her calls!!

Sara tells Lola and Martha about this strange event and how Alicia was flirting with the two men (who are supposedly papacitos, but I don't want to see them wrestle in their underwear). She sits down at her desk and says she's not bringing them anything.

In the boardroom, Alicia is ranting and raving about... I'm not even sure what, really. Something about employees wanting a lot of money, I think, and being lazy. Rosy is trying not to laugh at her. "You don't say," she says politely. Alicia goes on to say that poor people are so envious, and then she steers (no pun intended) the monologue to the subject of her beloved car. She says she has a convertible Mercedes; surely they saw it parked outside.

While she is describing it to them, we get to see it. Strangely, the little logo thingy in the front has been changed to look like a squiggle in a circle. Even more strangely, I can still see the regular Mercedes logo underneath. I wonder why they tried to obscure it. It'd be one thing if they didn't want to reveal that it was a Mercedes, which would make sense since it's been BMWs, BMWs, BMWs lately, but she just said "Mercedes" so it's not exactly a secret!

Alicia has to pause for a moment, because talking about her beloved car always gets her choked up. We are still in the parking lot, however, and as the camera pans to the right, we see that a tow truck has arrived, along with several men in suits. One of them gloats about how luxurious Alicia Ferreira's car is. Another urges him to hurry up and get on with the seizure. Celso interrupts and says they can't take Alicia's car without her authorization. Mr. Gloatyface says yeah, sure, we'd love to talk to her, go get her. Celso goes, and Mr. Gloatyface says to the truck guy, "okay, seize the car."

I just looked up rodaje. It means "filming," but it also means (pun drum roll please) automotive break-in. Ahahahaha.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Celso is telling Saimon about the tow truck. Celso tells Saimon that he wants to tell Alicia privately, so the cuartel doesn't find out. It's going to be rough enough on her as it is. Paula Maria wants to know what they're talking about.

Fern gets to the meeting and asks Alicia why she hasn't brought drinks for their guests. She is still sitting in his chair. He waves her out of it, but she thinks he's fanning her because it's hot in there! He says don't worry, Lichita; he'll go get the drinks. She says don't be that way; she'll get them. He asks if she minds if he sits in her chair. She says no, please, Fernando! She opens the door and calls to Sara at her desk to go get those drinks. We hear Sara reply "why don't you do that yourself, airhead?" Alicia explains, "it's the same as always, Fernando; another disobedient employee."

(Rosy, Nestor, and Marco look very amused.)

"Sara?" Fernando asks. Alicia nods, oblivious to the irony. Fern tells their guests that "she" is just about to get fired for insubordination. "The poor thing is a social misfit," Alicia explains knowingly.

Lety shows up and Alicia orders her to fetch the drinks. Fern tells Alicia to do it. He invites Lety to sit at the head of the table with him. Celso comes in and wants to speak with Alicia. She complains again about "the employees" and tries to get him to go get the drinks. She insists that Celso tell her whatever he's going to say. He warns that it's private. She says "I don't need to have private conversations with a porter."

That does it. He gets everyone's attention and announces that some men are here and something about her house and a tow truck...

OH!! Now I get it. This is about her condo. I wondered how someone could suddenly have a $46,000 debt on a car. I don't think they wait long enough for you to get that far behind on your payments. No, she owes this money on her dwelling. Foreclosure is much more complicated, so they are seizing her car to satisfy her debt instead. I bet that's it.

But Alicia doesn't catch on right away that Celso is referring to her car. She thinks it's Fernando's car. Celso says no, it's YOUR car. Everyone laughs at her! She is mortified. Rosy doesn't understand, so Celso explains that Alicia is a bad debtor and now they're taking away her car. She rushes out in a panic as Luigi comes in. Celso leaves and Fern asks him to shut the door so they can finally start their meeting.

Luigi says "you must be Rosy" and Rosy says "you must be Luigi." Luigi says how much he loves it that everyone recognizes him. Rosy introduces Nestor, and Luigi's theme music bubbles up... I can only assume this means Luigi is hot for him. Actually, not exactly... he says who are these handsome men, and Rosy says "you already know them?" Luigi says yes, but Nestor has changed - he's cut his hair. He wants to have a conversation, but remembers he's in a meeting. Nestor smirks at Luigi.

Saimon and PM argue about the big secret and he gives in and tells her about the seizure of Alicia's car. He runs out to help Alicia. A small crowd has gathered to watch. PM watches discreetly as Saimon gets on the tow truck in protest. The repo man reads Alicia the riot act. He explains that she owes a lot of money on credit cards and such and was ordered to pay up. There may also have been some hearings she was supposed to go to - I'm not sure. She admits that she did recieve the notices and ignored them. She tells them they can take her car away - over her dead body. She accuses them of abusing her (she says this while strangling one man with his necktie). She says they are sullying her image. She says she works for a production company. She's not just some nobody. She's had six semesters of finance... Saimon says this isn't helping. She tells them they can't take her car because she needs it. It's a fundamental part of her life.

Meanwhile, PM is on the phone telling the entire cuartel what is going on. Sara wants to go out and watch the show, but PM says please don't, she promised Saimon she wouldn't tell them. (PM, I just thought of an alternative way you could have handled this. You could have kept your promise.)

Alicia has crawled into her car (on the tow truck) to continue the argument from a higher position. She suggests that maybe they could all just consider this a warning. This doesn't help, and I have to say these are the most patient repo men I've ever heard of. As I understand it, typically they just show up and take the car, and don't engage in conversation. The head repo man tells her she got plenty of advance notice. He says he called her a thousand times, and she yelled at him, she insulted him, and something about his saint's mother. He asks how many times did she hang up on him?

She tries to come up with more excuses, but he says the only way to stop this seizure is to cough up 500,000 pesos right now. And it'd have to be a business check, not a personal one. She admits that she doesn't have the money. (Duh.) The repo man yells to the tow truck driver, okay, let's go! She runs into the building. Saimon gets underneath the wheels and says if leave, you'll run over my beautiful body.

Is anyone else reminded of Arthur Dent and the bulldozer? No? It's just me? Never mind.

Back in the boardroom, Luigi is educating his guests as to how great he is. Fernando agrees to rent the special equipment that he wants for the Bella Life jewelry commercial. Luigi claps his hands and squeals with delight.

Lety excuses herself to go get a calculator. Alicia comes in crying and begs Fern for help. Yes, in the middle of the meeting, she asks him for a business check for 500,000 pesos. He shows her to the door, but she hasn't made enough of a fool of herself yet. She explains that if he doesn't give her the money right now, they'll seize her car and then it'll cost even more to get it back.

Fern gasps. "It's an emergency, then?" She nods. He says "Wait in my office and I'll get you a check," he says. He leads her to the door and slams it behind her. There's a knock, which Fern attributes to rats. Because let's face it, five rats aren't nearly as embarrassing as one Alicia.

The feas call PM to tell her the upstairs portion of Alicia's drama.

Alicia comes back to the boardroom, complaining that Fern's taking too long. He admits that he's not giving her a check. He tells her to leave, shut the door, and go get some coffees. She explains that they're going to take her car. He slams the door behind her again. The door pops open and he slams it again. The door pops open and he slams it again. A timid voice says, "Don Fernando?" He's actually been slamming the door on Lety.

Alicia goes outside and tells the repo man that she thought she'd be able to get the money, but she couldn't. The repo man says that's good - he likes the truth. He yells "vamonos" and Saimon hurriedly gets out of the way. He has to pry her off the back of the tow truck to prevent her from being dragged away. It reminds me of that time when the government people were dragging ET away and Elliott screams "no! ET!" and ET's all "Elliott! Elliott!!" so sad. Except the car isn't crying. Or from another planet. But the pathos of that scene is definitely there. It's a real Spielberg moment.

Next time:
Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that the healing has been delayed.


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