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Hasta el Fin Del Mundo #95 Tuesday 12/30/14; Princess Sophia is not amused

Swanky Restaurant
Pato tells Sophie that Chava is threatened him in the lobby of the hotel.  Chava warned he’ll tell her a mad story about Pato and Sylvana being lovers if Pato doesn’t end his relationship with Sophie.  Chava’s willing to do anything to break them up.  Pato swears he would never, ever deceive her with another woman.  After everything he’s been through for her.  He flashes his best puppy dog eyes at her. 

Sophie knows he’s been the best of boyfriends.  What she doesn’t understand is how Chava could have come up with such a vile story about Pato and her BFF.  Doesn’t make sense.  Pato keeps laying it on, saying this is the work of a desperate man.  Sophie’s lost her appetite.  Sophie is muy impactada and sheds a tear.  Ever, the doting novio, Pato dries her tears.

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La Malquerida, capitulo 90. 12/30/14

Due to some bad weather here in Oklahoma (expecting some snow but right now VERY windy), I have lost bits and pieces of my recording.  No worries not too bad.  So fill in what I missed.

Skipping the old....

Danilo goes around the house yelling for Perla. He spots the maid but she doesn't know. Perla comes running up asking what happened. He questions her on her whereabouts. She lies and says she was at the cabins with some clients. He pulls her in for a hug which shocks her. You are the only one that I can trust replies Danilo. And tonight, I will coming to your room. I don't even want to see Ale. So you finally realize that she will not love you as much as I will says Perla. He agrees.

Cris asks Acacia why she came back from San Jaciento. She hugs her mother and says she came back because Luisa became ill. Although I would never have imagined coming back to find you and Esteban are back together again. I want to talk to you about that says Cris. Acacia doesn't want to hear it and reminds her that she once told her not to get involved in her relationship with her husband. Whatever you decide I will except. I hope you will be happy.

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Mi Corazon Es tuyo #116 Ana performs for Soledad, Isa kicks Yomama out, Fernando tells Fanny he feels something that he can't see separates him and Ana


Fernando and Ana have dinner out in a roof/balcony surrounded by roses… Fernando could tell Ana is distracted. She says she can’t believe all the events of the last few days… Fernando says Soledad is ‘guapa’ like Ana. Ana blushes a bit with his using and his pronouncing the ‘guapa’. She wants to call the house to check on the kids, he grabs her hand and prevents her from dialong, he wants her to enjoy the moment alone with him. Suddenly they hear the children of the choir sing the theme song of the show… Fernando brings Ana to the fence to see the kids who are at street level singing. Off key, like UA said… Ana gets a bit closer to Fernando, they are both moved/happy and turn to each other… about to kiss…

Lo Nuevo:

We see Isa is at office reading Angel’s business card and remembering their encounter. Betty comes in. wants Isa to sign some documents. Betty asks her if she knows about Freeky. Isa was with him at hospital. Betty notices her bruise on her neck. She says it was urticaria (irritation/rash). Isa tells her that Fernando will come back to the office. Isa is excited at the idea of working with Fernando every day.

Laura tells Leon that she was hurt by Freeky. She feels cheap, used, etc. She seems to want Leon to vouch for her to get back in Fanny’s good friends list. Laura says she feels alone. Leon gets a call from Fanny while they talk. Leon smiles and Laura guesses its Fanny. They get into cheesy talk and Laura rolls her eyes and blows hard. More cheesy talk. Leon and Fanny will go somewhere tonight. He hangs up and ‘see ya, gotta go back to work’ for Laura.

Jenny tells Bruno she is so disillusioned… she promised herself not to cry. She can’t believe Nico left without even a goodbye. Not caring about her feelings or her pain. Bruno is understanding. All he can say is Nico is also suffering and left without courage to face his own pain. Vouches for Nico being noble. (hah?) all he did was for love (double hah?) Jen questions herself if he left her for being pour, ordinary, or a bad homemaker. Bruno does not believe it was any of that. Bruno said it was more Nico not having the will or drive to go on. Jen says suffering is no use. Nico won’t change his mind.
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La Gata #86 12/30/14 La Catatonia

Lo comes to visit Gi and tells her about her google research on bipolar disorder. If Gi will fake a catatonic state, Pablo will feel so guilty he will marry Gi and they will be rid of the maldita gata forever. I can't even. No seriously. As much as I want to be funny as hell and make some scathingly witty remark, I can't. Just.too.stupid. (Keep that in mind through the whole recap. I don't have the skillz to make this sh!t entertaining.)

Mariano comes to visit and can't even put 2 and 2 together. Listen again, Mariano: the nurse said your mom came by and then boom! Gi went all catatonic. Mariano actually feels sorry for her and is worried about how terrible Pablo is going to feel.

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La Gata #85 12/29/2014 Haters gonna hate but I'm just going to roll

Hey peeps! Guess what I got for Christmas? A beanie! It's gold and it sparkles and I'll try and figure out how to post a picture of it soon.

Anyhoo, last week I was over at my boyfriends house and I was telling him all about the show and then he looked at me and said "I'm sorry I asked, please,please stop telling me about this, it sounds so convoluted and if I were using this show to learn Spanish I'd think I was understanding things wrong". I then went into sneaky ninja mode and slowly hid the remote. On to the recap!

How do we know Pablo is stupid?

Easy. He has agreed to get married to a woman who he knows has an unhealthy obsession with him, who has tried to injure his lady love and who accused his brother of RAPE all so he can save his good for nothing criminal of a father.Oh yes, he is going to go through with it because when you are a member of a family you make sacrifices!

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #94 12/29/14 Reports of Chava's Death are Greatly Exaggerated

From Friday:
Greta rejects the tea that Fausto brings. Greta says their relationship will never be the same because Fausto has lost her trust. She tells him to leave the tea and get out.
The lead in the Panamericana race keeps changing. Chava is in front, then behind, then in front again. The other car goes off the road and crashes into a tree. Chava pulls over and stops. He and Martinez jump out and race back to the crash site and pull the other team from the smoking wreck. While they are assessing the other drivers' injuries, Chava's car explodes.
The injured driver has several broken bones. He thanks Chava for stopping to save them. Martinez asks Chava what could have caused their car to explode. Chava thinks there must have been a gas leak. They are both glad that they got out in time.
News about the accident and explosion has reached the hotel. Pato thought bubbles that this is the end of Cruz. Sofia asks which team was involved in the accident. The woman doesn't know who it was. Sofia worries.
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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 12/29/14 ♥ #115 ♥

Capitulo 115: Confessions

Dispensing with refritos...

Hospital: While Ana, Soledad, and Fernando prepared to leave for El Oro, leaving Bruno in charge of the children, Torres told Hissabela the news about Enrique being in a coma.
She either didn't quite believe it or got very nervous, wanting to know how long this would last. He said it could be hours... or years. Then he excused himself so he could call Fernando with the update.Read more »


La Malquerida #89, 12/29/2014: He’s Baaaaaaaaack!!!

Mexico Episode #95

The Old: German proposes to Lizzy because her daddy caught them doing the do—she rejects him. Este’s bill at the hotel has come due, he’s maxed out, his business partner pops up wanting payment and makes threats about calling his lawyer. Cris is missing Este, and Elena encourages her to reach out. She calls him and they agree to meet.

The New:
Rosa walks into her and Luisa’s room just in time to hear Acacia ask Luisa if the baby she’s carrying is Manuel’s. Rosa freaks out, grabs and jerks Luisa’s arm, and is about to slap her into next week, when Acacia stops her by yelling that Luisa is in danger of losing the baby. Rosa pulls back from the physical violence, but goes into a verbal lament about the shame of having a young, unmarried granddaughter. She then asks Luisa to tell her who is the father of her baby. With the questioning eyes of both Acacia and Rosa on her, Luisa isn’t able to get any words out. In walks her Principe Azul, Arturo, who proudly proclaims that HE is the father!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Señora Acero, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Dec. 29, 2014

¡Prospero Año Nuevo á todos!  Here is your post for this week.

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Quiero Amarte Highlights & Discussion (Week 15-Dec 29)

A new week and a new year begins for this wonderful story of love, friendship, hate, envy, betrayal, obsession, mystery, and evil, but mostly love. There's lost love, new love, old love, rejected love, filial love, maternal love, well, all kinds of LOVE. There is also hope and expectation.

Hopefully, Emma deposits the whole check to Amaya's account.
Hopefully, Lucrecia's plan to sprinkle depression drops in Juliana's car backfires.
Hopefully, Eloisa and German straighten out their story before he dies.
Hopefully, Juliana and Eloisa unmask the fake hypnotist.
Hopefully, Amaya will not use the same fake, or maybe she should. The joke would be on him.
Hopefully, Cesar will not acquire Manuel's shares in Nescafe.

Constanza almost gets a headache. Salvador doesn't notice.
Ivan is almost a saint. Uli is not pleased.
Manuel and Geno almost get caught in the garage. Ooops, they do, by Cesar and his camera.
Flavia almost got TMI about Mauro and Florencia. How much will they tell her.
Dolores was almost right in not telling Amaya about her mother. Amaya understands.


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La Malquerida, capitulo 88. 12/26/14

Skipping the old....

Cris and her bff, Hector, are talking in the kitchen. She's happy that German's exhibition was a success. Hector is in agreement and asks when she plans on doing hers. She wants to wait and get some things settled first. She mentions Juliana's strange behavior tonight. She returned with Norberto and even acted loving towards him. Hector thinks you should never be with someone that makes you suffer.

Perla cries as she hears about Memo's death. Danilo cruelly grabs her chin and says it appears she loved him.  You are the one that wanted me to get close to him says Perla.  I told you to keep an eye on him not to fall in love replies Danilo.  He signals for Rubio to leave the room.  I warned you says Danilo to Perla. Who is your owner he asks.  I am he yells. And I forbid you to cry over him.  Perla lies and says she only loves him.  Ale comes in and finds out that Memo is dead.

Cris tells Hector she hopes Norberto can change and Juliana can be happy.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #93 20141226 When Plotting Evil, One Should Always Factor in the Wile E Coyote and Pepe Le Pew Scenarios

I fell asleep after I got off work and woke up during the last five minutes.  If I've missed anything or misinterpreted anything, please add in what you know. 

Nandito and Armando wait by Irma's beside urging her to fight and not to die.  Nandito tells his mother that Chava is driving in the big La Carrera Panamericas race, she should wake up so she can see it.  Armando tells Irma to wake up for Nandito. 
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Mi Corazon Es Tuyo #114 A hit to the groin instead of a cigar.

Daniela Romo is off stage now and Ana is still reeling from the magic of the moment. She tells Soledad that the one thing that she remembers about her is her singing. They express their love for each other again. Angel comes back from seeing Daniela with a bag of fan goodies, a poster, a t-shirt, and a cd.

Isa is still at Enrique’s discussing his poor performance as the president of La Costaña. He sneers at her as she tells him that the finance officer gave her the grim details of the financial health of the company. She tells him that no one wants him heading up the company and that he’s cray cray. He asks what she wants, she says she wants the company to run like it used to, you know, healthily. She has a lot at stake for the company to make money since she can’t live on the pittance that Fernando is giving her, she needs to be the president. He tells her that she will not take the company away from him, grabs her neck and starts to squeeze. Go Enrique Go! 
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La Gata #84 12/26/14 La Bomba

Alternate title: La Decisión (but it's a shame that El Circo is a masculine noun, 'cause seriously, the trial is just a circus of interruptions.)

The trial begins and Fer claims in his opening statement that he was unjustly accused of murdering his partner (Bruno de la Fuente) in cold blood, but it was really in self defense. Augie just heckles and objects. The murder has already been tried and settled. It has no bearing on the current case. Why are they rehashing it? Osorio says he hopes to get a second trial(?) The judge overrules Augie's objection.

Fer now realizes that Augie not only took his fortune, he took his child and drove Blanca mad. Augie was obsessed with Blanca and when she refused to have anything to do with him, Augie took his revenge and stole Fernando's life!

This sets off Fela's memories. She now remembers that Fernando was set up. She remembers when her baby was taken away. She also remembers when Fernando was taken away. She remembers the confrontation with Augie soon afterwards. She accuses Augie of framing Fernando. Augie was the one that told Fernando that Bruno de la Fuente had a gun and it was Augie who put the gun where Fernando could get it. When she asked Augie why he did that, Augie says so there would be no witnesses. According to Augie both he and Bruno were stealing Fernando's fortune (did I get that right?) Now Augie alone has Fernando's fortune. Blanca thinks Augie must have really hated her. Oh, no. That's not it at all! Augie claims he sent Fernando off to jail and stole his fortune so Blanca would be his. He loves her! Blanca tells him money doesn't matter and she would rather be dead or crazy than be with Augie. Augie says that can be arranged! Back to the present: She announces she wants to be a witness!
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HEFDM Discussion Space

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Let's discuss the events of last night!


Mi Corazon Es Tuyo #113: Time For The Golden Parachute!

While Don Fernando is telling Ana the details of Isabela. aka, IsaBlanca’s deception of Soledad, Nico calls Johnny into the library for a serious chat.  He’s leaving for Switzerland to check up on Diego’s progress, but also to put some distance between him and Jennifer.  He will leave Jens her own ample bank account, and he won’t be telling her good-bye personally.  Don Nicolas wants Johnny to take care of her and “to make her very happy.”   Johnny doesn’t feel comfortable about this. Knowing Johnny, neither does Viewerville.

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La Gata #83 12/25/14 La impotencia

I wish everyone Love and the best of whatever tradition you hold dear!  Here is a skeletal summary of tonight’s show!


Augie and Gisela have drugged Lorenza and send a text to Pablo to throw him off her trail.  The MN kids recognize immediately it’s a fake:  Lo doesn’t text.  Mauro and Pablo head for Lo and Augie’s apartment.


Garabato tries to preach the gospel of a better life to a bitter and angry Ines.  La Gata is to blame for everything including filling his head with these crazy dreams.  He vows vengeance on La Gata so Ines can be happy.


Pablo and Mariano arrive at their folks' apartment and start yelling for them and pounding on their door.  Gisela counsels Augie by phone to NOT open the door and SHE will take care of Pablo.  Augie talks to the zoned-out Lo blaming her for forcing him to do this to her, she should have stuck by him and now he’s going to end up looking like the bad guy!

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La Malquerida #87, 12/25/14

Mexico Episode #93

Looks like Univision expects we'll all be home watching our telenovelas on Christmas day. Let's discuss what drama unfolded while we were digesting our holiday dinners. If Diana is able to tear herself away from family for a few hours, you'll find her recap in the comments. If not, let's discuss anyway!


La Malquerida #86, 12/24/2014: Acacia Can’t Take the Heat, So She’s Fleeing the Kitchen

Mexico Episode #92

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! Enjoy your day off (if you do have it off) and the recap.

Cris has just caught Acacia about to knock on Esteban’s hotel door. Acacia covers and says she’s there to get on Esteban’s case about the way he treated Ulises. Cris says she wants to also talk to him about this, and tells Acacia not to worry, she’ll handle it. She doesn’t want Este to get angry and rude with her too. Acacia rushes away and Cris knocks on the door. Este opens the door with a big smile on his face, obviously expecting the younger model. After Cris enters the room, Acacia skulks back and hovers outside the door.

Cris tries to reason with a crazy man. He’s still ticked off that she went against him and let Uli stay, even though she had given the original order that he be kept off the hacienda. Cris points out the obvious, that this was when they all thought he was a criminal. She thinks Este’s reaction was unjust and exaggerated. Even Acacia came to speak to him about it. Este gets nervous and agitated and looks around. “Acacia came with you?” Cris lets him know they ran into each other outside his door. Este looks dumbstruck. (Or just plain dumb. You take your pick)

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Mi Corazon Es tuyo #112 Dec 24 2014... Aftermath of Ana's surprise, Edith tells Nando her story... Fernando tells Ana what Isa did




Angel magic trick with twins with Fernando’s 200 pesos…

Johnny and Jennifer at kitchen

Ana/Soledad talk about Fernando and Ana love for each other…

Lo Nuevo:

After the stares, Fernando just heads away with Bruno…

Ana and Soledad … Soledad wants to know more about Fernando love story with Ana… Ana will tell her all the details later… Soledad tells her all the praises from Fernando for Ana… (talks wonders… extraordinary, generous, tender, sweet, charming…). Ana blushes a bit… tells Soledad it is still a bit hard to call her ‘mom’ since she gets nervous… Both women are looking forward to talk and talk to recover more than 30 yrs of separation… Soledad feels bad about that. Ana says lets let it go… lets look forward from here… always… always together. They embrace again.

Ana wants to go put the kids to bed, Fernando says no worries, I will do that. Ana thanks him (tries to give him a laundry list of things to check with Alicia’s and the boys bedtime routines). Fernando wants her to keep talking to Soledad. Soledad asks him for authorization to spend a lot of time talking to Ana. Fernando even offers Soledad to stay in the house with Ana so they can spend lots of time together… Soledad says he is a total gentleman. Angel says goodbye but not before taking their (Soledad and Ana) first picture together. Ana wants him to send her a copy. Angel reminds Ana the booster shots for the twins and to bring Luz back for checkup.

Nico also says goodbye… although he is staying in the house too but is not emotionally in the mood for lots of talk.

Fernando goes to check on Sarai, apologizes for not spending much time with her. (Ali and Luz are watching).. he offers her to ask for anything, she thanks him.

Soledad needs to explain to Ana what happened… ‘Once you know the truth… I will be able to get it off my system and I won’t mention the subject again… it is very important for me that you know that I never abandoned you.’

Sarai tells Fernando that her parents are always fighting/arguing.

Soledad: when Angel’s parents died, I ended jobless… we ended up poor and I found myself in the need to sing at the buses to get us through. (Ana asks about her dad) He left the moment he found out I was pregnant and he even took the money I had saved. I had fallen for him, he seduced me, told me sweet things, and then he just left… have not found out anything about him. Never saw him again.
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La Gata #82 - Wed 12/24- La Finta

Virginia isn't Lo's daughter!  She's the daughter of Lo's favorite sister and made Lo swear she'd care for her like her own daughter.  If Virginia has a daughter, she'll have the same fate as her mother--death.

Virginia is telling Esme that she's "dying" of excitement and wants Esme to be her maid of honor.  Or matron, I guess, depending on the timing.  She's looking forward to having lots and lots of kids with Carlos.

Pablo vows to keep Lorenza's secret, but Lo says she can't tell Virginia either.  He appears to have talked her into telling Virginia herself.  Lorenza thought bubbles that at least if Virginia adopts she won't have a grandchild who is *****.  There are a million ways she could have finished that sentence, and unfortunately, since she wasn't saying it out loud, there is no way to figure out what she said.  Can anyone who saw the Mexican broadcast tell us if it was bleeped there as well?

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(This needs editing)

Apple Pie Daniela

Chava and Sofia throw the word ball(s) back and dorth

Pato and Renzi; he spills that he threw Irma iff the building

Chava reassures Sofia he will win her back

Pato and Renzi throw the balla back and forth now and get Peralra involved in tge convo. Blah, blah, blah, erase Chava feom yge map.

Alexa, Armie and Chava talk about Nandito

More Renzi and Pato scheming; they will send Chava offsomewhere(?)

Silvie has a simple talk with Matu; she is so not taking hi himm seriously

Araceli, Pedro, Paco and Nadito

Isadora, Morgana and Javier

Sofi gabs to loud ass Dani that Irma fell off a building.

See four above

Silvie Pato and Renzi

SexyStoicArmie and Alexa's feeding and comfort of him. Chava and Sofi talk about love (is it always about you two?) When Araceli comes in with an expression tgat says tgat ezactly.

MotherFuckerJavier seduces Isadora some more (All I have to say about there two being together is that I like when Isa laughs; it sgows she has a sense of humor and is getting out of her drunk funk. For that and mote reasons, she is becoming a favorite of mine. As for Javier, he can go in a ditch,wallow in his own filth and die.)

Elsa tells Sofi that Dani and Olly have plans. Pato comes up to Sofi and ahe isn't up for a kot roght now. Pato thoughtbubbles that Nandito will hace to wait forever then.

ArmieSadEmoticon is distressed for Nanditos sake.

Isa is drubk and confodong in Javier about her love for Peralta ans that he tossed her aside whilw the mother fucker is rummaging in her purse (at least getting Isa drunk gets her true emotiins out. Her alcoholism is beneficiary. )

Sani ans Maei get Luc and Olly set up

Osvi from Por Siempre mi Amor shiws up as Carlos Landa and talks with Renzi about Chava.

Luc and Olly are being boys yhat hatr when Dani and Mari respectively text their beauss to make up

Sofiband Chava

Luc and Olly are about to kill each ither qhen Manjarrez and his goons are teady to jull them. Luc and Olly put up a good fight and kick ass

Dani and mari winder how its going and talk about reconciliation (boy-wise)

Kucas and Olly are still kicking ass and Manjarrez is just there in shock and awe (why is this fool not jailed yet?)

Carlos' pilots are drugged by Renzi

Paxo and Armie talk wheb Nandito comes in concerned about Irma.

The goons begin to attack when the biys catchtheir second wind and kick ass again. Lucas is about ti kill Manjarrez when he stops and leacea with the goons. The boys slowly make up (it's subtle)
 Nandito cries

Luc and Olly compare and contrast their lives; After some more communication, they make up (Bros? Bros! And we hear that at one point Lucas saved Olly from an atomic wedgie which would leace him looking like a cheese ball.)
Danu and Mari run out ti check on them. The boys are made up and hug wheb the girls come out thinking they're about to dight. They explain evetything and soon enough theyvwill double date.

Carlos fires his gyys and tellS rebzi his coiche ia to hire CHAVA.

Chava is on the phone with Silvie and oenthing aboit Armando; Irma is being mived to a different hospital. Tavares comes un with his head acrewrd on right; he

Avancrs; Chava isbbeing set uo by Pato and Renzi. Sofi is wistful.


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La Malquerida #85, 12/23/14: Este and Juli Just Can't Get Some...Maybe They Should Meet

Mexico Episode #91

Part 1 (Both parts are now up!):

Esteban is trying every trick in the seduction playbook to get Acacia horizontal in his hotel room. She’s playing hard to get and trying to find every excuse to not do what they both want to do, and what she knows he expected when she walked into his hotel room. Finally, to assuage the “guilt” Acacia is feeling about betraying her mom, Esteban says that he asked Cristina for a divorce. Acacia is impactada (not sure exactly why, when she’s having an affair with her stepfather who keeps talking about running away and playing house with her).

Viewerville knows that the conversation between Cris and Este about divorce wasn’t so cut and dried, and we immediately get her interpretation of the conversation when Elena comes to speak to her. Cris is actually pleased with the conversation they had. She says that Este accepted that she needs time to fully recuperate from her depression and miscarriage, that he doesn’t believe the loss of the baby was her fault, and she felt he was sincere when he said that she has marked his life forever. Elena says that at Cris’ side, Este’s life changed totally and for the better. Cris thinks she needs to become strong and independent again, so that she has more to offer Esteban. Elena looks like she wants to tell Cris that men don’t necessarily want an independent strong woman. Instead she tells Cris that she’s happy for the two of them, but urges that they don’t let too much time pass being separated. “Part of marriage implies being together with your spouse, even if the other is not well and in crisis.” Elena believes that the two of them should fight TOGETHER for Cris to fully recuperate. Cris doesn’t agree. She wants to show Esteban that she’s strong enough to do it on her own, without having to rely on him. Elena keeps her mouth shut, but gives her daughter a knowing, big green-eyed worried look.
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #90 Tuesday 12/23 What to do, what to do?

Ay Caray!
Chava walks in on Pato and Sylvana getting hot and bothered on the couch in her office.  “What to do, what to do?” he asks himself.  He decides to knock on her door while the two despicable ones rush to makes themselves presentable:  “un momento!”  Chava calmly explains he’s just come by to advise her of Armando’s family emergency.  Pato tries to play it off, saying they’re really busy.  Chava sarcastically responds, “Yeah, sure looks as though you’re really busy.”  He then asks Patricio to step outside to take a look at the car.  Patricio tries unsuccessfully to avoid it but Chava insists and says he’ll wait for him in the parking lot.  Chava can barely contain his anger but leaves anyway.

As soon as he leaves, Pato and Sylvana begin bickering.  He wonders what Chava is up to now and she doesn’t understand why Pato’s surprised since he didn’t come through by firing Chava.  They both noticed Chava’s demeaner and wonder if he heard them.  eek!

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Mi corazon es tuyo #111 The reunion is here!!! and it is more emotional and joyful than anyone could have imagined... Also, Edith runs right into her nightmares from the past


Fernando summons Nico to accompany him to fulfill a dream that has waited more than 30 yrs.

Ana is trying on the gray vertical dress… the girls say it’s a bit old style and too serious. Ana suggests to go to Ecatepec. Fanny says no time for that. Have to shop here.

Luz says she has to look ‘chula’.

Ana asks about Sarai. She has her sort of overly mature scene with Sebas. He is chosing songs for an event.

Nando on phone with the people from the sound system for an outdoor area about 500 m2.

The girls love Ana’s dress… They say Ana looks like a princess.

Fernando presents Nico to Soledad and Angel. Fernando says everything is rolling well. Fernando hands dress to Soledad saying wants Ana to see where she gets her beauty from. Sole is still afraid Ana will reject her. Fer says no way, she is too generous and loving … she has waited all her life for this… all she wants to do is hug her. Soledad is moved.

Lo Nuevo:

The backyard at the Lasc mansion is being converted to a big production set as if this were a wedding instead of an encounter between Ana and her mom. Johnny and Edna are directing all the folks moving plants and stuff around.

Bruno is rehearsing his speech. But he can’t stop himself from stuttering, even when he has marbles in his mouth. He is using marbles instead of guijaros (small pebbles) as famous singers from medieval times used. He realizes its too dangerous. He tries holding a pencil with his teeth, and that doesn’t seem to help either.

Sebas is letting Sarai listen (on his headphones) to some songs he has picked out. She likes it.

Nando brings the audio/lighting guys.

At Angel’s Fernando is talking to Fanny on phone. He is worried Ana will see all the stuff ahead of time. Has Ana asked about it? Ana thinks it is a sort of date with him. Fanny asks about Soledad.. Fanny is excited about how Ana looks, she will do her makeup when they get to the house.

Fanny promises Ana she won’t regret going along with this… Ana gets excited. Soledad looks great in her formal dress. It is black with some bling in the curved neckline and the shoulders are mid shoulder.

Fanny is doing Ana’s makeup in Ana’s room. Jennifer is there. All Ana knows is that it has something to do with Fer.

Luz, the twins and Alicia are setting up the name Ana with petals on the yard. The kids one by one think of how excited Ana will be. Nando is also there thinking of how to value a mother when you have her around.

Fanny brings Ana out with a blindfold… Fanny and Fernando also think of how happy this will make Ana. Fernando thinks ‘you will be happy and that will make me happy. I love you’.

Soledad looks at the picture of baby Ana in her pendant… she is really emotional about the upcoming moment. Angel is smiling beside her. Ana has Fanny, Alicia and Luz beside her, she is also smiling in anticipation.

There are neon lights bouncing on white fabric… it looks real nice. Everyone is checking in with each other with walkie-talkies. Ready?... Ready!... Fernando is standing by Soledad and the twins. Seems the twins will escort Soledad in. Fernando asks Bruno to bring the ‘magic object’. Soledad asks what it is. Fernando says ‘don’t worry, you will know how to use it.’
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La Gata #81 12/23/14 La Rita

Hot damn and pass the okra! I got a halfway entertaining episode. Don't hate fellow recappers.
  • Pabs and Esme are going to marry in a month...'cause they love each other NOT because she needs a babysitter bodyguard.
  • Pablo's bank accounts have all been frozen. He's advised to see a lawyer. He goes to Mariano and he explains that Gisela had some clause in the contract to make sure he would fulfill his end of the contract (Soooo, am I the only one who's wondering if there is some sort of kinky "have sex with Gisela" clause?)
  • Low catches Gisela in her apartment and she gives some angry, impassioned speech about how much the family has tried to support him, but now they are not helping Augie when he falls. She's now his enemy and she's declaring the death!
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La Gata #80 The one Eli did not recap

Patio Peeps, I got home after midnight last night and only managed to see a bit of the show, and I was so tired that my brain did not pick up most of what was going on, normally I could watch the show at work and write a quick recap but I have lots of work to do before taking off for Christmas, I'll tell you what little I do remember and we then we can use the comments section to fill in the missing parts:

Damian is in a coma and even if he does recover odds are he will have amnesia, this proves to be a hardship because all of Fernando's money was given to Damian and with him in a coma no one can write checks, this means Fernando and Co are broke.

Pablo volunteers to pay for Damian's medical bill, cause he is family, yo. Does painting bad pictures of cats pay that much?

Speaking of which, el idiota de Pablo is about to get bigger better projects, but guess what? He can't paint for anyone else but Gisela because he signed a contract he never read. Dumb ass.

Miss Kitty also wants to help with the bills, cause she is a grown woman.

Fela gets some of her memory back, she remembers that Agustin is a bad guy.

And in the :where the f*ck did that story-line come from segment:

It now turns out that Chacharas, or whatever his name is was once Blanca's manager. Seriously, now I think they are making this stuff up as they go along. Blanca was found how long ago? Whatever.

And I have a treat for you all, this is what I call: Stuff I read on Twitter! Enjoy.

 "Senoritas please tell me. Are you all going around trying to kill women who are with men you can't have?, "

"Gissela is such an annoying psychopath "

"Gisela is such a boring and annoying character...can she just be killed off already.. "

Join us tomorrow when the crazyness is bound to continue!

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #89 12/22/14 Irma Takes a Fall - But Will Pato?

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
I hope you all have a wonderful day with those you love the most.
I was out Christmas shopping so this will be a quick recap.
Paco confesses to Araceli that Greta Ripoll was the love of his life. Paco never told Araceli the truth because he was afraid that she would stop loving him.
Alexa and Armie agree to keep their love a secret. They can light up the sheets at Armie's apartment, but at the factory they will barely acknowledge each other. It will be like Ghost except without the pottery wheel.
Irais shows up at a place where Matias just happens to be indulging in his hobby - climbing up a fake rock wall. She claims that she's an experienced climber who does this all the time, but giggles like crazy when the guy helps her get buckled into the climbing harness. Irais manages to climb a few feet up the wall, then falls to the mat. Matias rappels down to see if she's okay. He hugs her and she gives a delighted smile.
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La Malquerida, capitulo 84. 12/22/14. Acacia sinks deeper and deeper.

Skipping the old....

Ale calls Ulises and says she will tell him everything he wants to know. She has some proof but doesn't know if it's enough. He asks if she knows who kidnapped him. Before she can answer any questions, she quickly hangs up as she hears Danilo unlocking the door. He looks at her in her agitated state and asks if something is wrong. She says she wants to go to bed and heads into the bathroom. He is suspicious and looks at the night table. He finds some candy but doesn't look further.

Acacia tells Esteban enough tonsil hockey and tells him he has to go. He promises to see her tomorrow. She has a silly looking smile on her face. Oh young love....with creepy step daddy.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 12/22/14 ♥ #110 ♥

Capitulo 110: The Happiness Conspiracy

Dispensing with refritos...

Bruja Central: Soledad absorbed the shock of hearing that Isabitch wasn't her daughter with her trusted and protective Angel there for her. Fernando wasted no time demanding to know where his nasty ex was.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Señora Acero, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Dec. 22, 2014

¡Felices Fiestas a todos!

Here is your page for the week.  Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quiero Amarte Highlights & Discussion (Week 14-Dec 22)

Last week we learned several things:
How to take one bit of unsubstantiated misinformation and turn it into a BIG truth.
How to ruin a wedding.
How to make your Daddy angry at you and still get your way.
How to give your long-time lover an ultimatum and not spill the coffee.
How to make an Evil Bearded Bean Pole jealous and not know it.
How to lie and believe you are manipulating your father and his best friend.
How to make love on a dark and stormy night.

This week we may learn:
Who takes out the garbage at Sal & Consta's love shack.
If Whoracio will like his new office.
How Lucrecia will deal with the German Marquez problem.
What Cesar plans to do with that "stuff" Aaron is obtaining for him.
If there will be dancing, music and coffee at the pre-harvest coffee fiesta.
How much work Amaya and Carol get done on the video for Nescafe.
How soon other people find out about Max and Amaya's relationship, which is supposed to be a secret between the two of them. It'll be hard for them to keep this happy feeling from their best friends....and then?


New Telenovela: Que Te Perdone Dios, Starts January 19th

If you have seen the mysterious ads then you know that a new telenovela, Que Te Perdone Dios, is starting January 19th on Univision in the 10pm slot replacing La Malquerida. It's produced by Angelli Nesma Medina (Lo Que La Vida Me Robo) and stars Rebecca Jones, Sergio Goyri, Zuria Vega and Mark Tacher. This joint Televisa-Univision telenovela will premier in the United States first, and then in Mexico in February. Because of this, there aren’t many images or info available. You might ask, what happened to all those other tns that started in Mexico in 2014 that we have heard so much buzz about? When are we going to get to see Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, La Sombra del Pasado, or El Color de la Pasión? Who knows!  If you are interested in recapping Que Te Perdone Dios, please contact Blog Mom Jane/Melinama at:

Here is the history of the telenovela: It was first written by Caridad Bravo Adams as the film Pecado Mortal (1955), starring Gloria Marín, young Silvia Pinal, and Víctor Junco; adapted as the telenovela Pecado Mortal (1960), starring Amparo Rivelles, Elsa Cardenas, and Tito Junco; and remade as the telenovela Abrázame Muy Fuerte (2000), starring Victoria Ruffo, Aracely Arámbula, and Cesar Evora (and Fernando Colugna as the young hero).  As Univision hasn’t released a synopsis for Que Te Perdone Dios, here is the synopsis for Abrázame Muy Fuerte.

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Que Te Perdone Dios-Index

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hasta el Fin del Mundo #88 20141219 Zepeda was Wearing Layers Last Night! It's Day 9! When is He Going To Strip? Can We at Least See His Ankles? Geez!

Some Bar
Javier clocks some digits from Isadora, the Lush!  Alcohol is a hellava drug!

Paco's Place
Paco is suffering from a hang over and is sipping on a the bit of "the hair of the dog that bit him" when Donna Reed (aka Araceli), his daughter, walks in and confronts him about his past with Greta.  Paco is surprised to learn that he exposed his deepest darkest secret while he was drunk crying at Cuco's.  Alcohol is a hellava drug.  Anyways, Araceli gets all in snit after Paco admits that Greta was the love of his life.  Consuelo, Araceli's mother was just a runner-up or a rebound girl.  Araceli was not born out of a love union, but rather a "I got dumped and you'll have to do" union.  Lots of annoying crying and sobbing between the two of them.  She was born, what more does she want?  Waaah!
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MI Corazon: Oh, Belaaaaaa! Yo' Ti-i-i-i-i-ime Is Uh-h-h-h-h-p!

Cap #109 - Parte 1 and 2, complete

The Rehash

The docs in Houston (amazing how well the stars in this telenovela pronounce this city’s name) remind Don Fernando that the best next step is to ship Diego off to Basil, Switzerland for months and months of rehabilitation.  [Suiza—has a “z” as opposed to Suecia, Sweden, which has “ice” appropriately enough, spelled backward in it, for those of you who remember our crazy discussions about this a couple of years ago.] 

Back in the Mexico City suburbs, a very flustered Soledad leaves our Dr. Angel of Mercy, refusing his offer to accompany her to Isabela’s/Blanca’s apartment.  (Viewerville is so very curious to know what this guy’s and Sol’s history is together that he should treat her like so much like his… his own mother,  HMMMM?)  He kisses her good-bye, they exchange blessing’s and she’s off, he with a smile of blissful satisfaction at having done yet another good deed. 

Back in his hospital room, a still rather dazed Diego seems anything but nonplussed by his opportunity to travel to the freezing Swiss Alps for his hand-rehab stint.  He turns to Ferd and tells him that he wants nothing more than for him to return to the D.F. to win back Ana.  Fernando doesn’t take much convincing and plans to arrive back that evening.

Meanwhile, Pissabela can’t handle the grand time she’s had pulling one over on Ana’s mother with the fraudulent claim of being her abandoned daughter and runs to the bathroom to “relieve” herself.

Soledad crosses paths in the meantime with a nanny and her five charges and the call of the blood begins to trumpet ever so softly…..

The News Flash:

Sebastian tries to connect with the woman dressed in red—the stranger, as Ana warns him off of speaking to strangers.  She seemed about to cry and he felt her pain……  Bad news that she was “looking” at them so strangely for such a long time.

Back at Lux Manor, Leon and Fanny secretly watch the endearing, adorable way that Mau and Luz interact, first discussing their two mothers’ deaths and their assimilation of the facts, and then their discussion of their two fathers’ new lady loves and their wishes that each would marry these women and make them their new mothers.
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Friday, December 19, 2014

La Malquerida, capitulo 83. 12/19/14.

Skipping the old....
Hector is having breakfast alone when suddenly he spots Cris walking up. She remembers his advice to concentrate more on her. So she woke up this morning and finished all her chores so that she can accompany him to San Jaciento. Smile from Hector.

The new girl, Estrella, swears to Ale that she will work hard and not fail her. Danilo creepily pulls her hair back. Ale asks Estrella to go to the kitchen with the maid for a bite to eat then lights into Danilo. He knows he promised but work is work. His associate already found her. What was he suppose to do? Return her? She begs him not to do it. He has enough girls working for him already. He tells her not to worry. He was advised that the little girl is not quite so innocent. Ale calls him a good for nothing. I will not allow you to do to her what you did to me. I will get her out of here even if you kill me for doing it.

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La Gata #79 12/19/14 La Fractura

42 to go.

I'm out and about today. I will be posting the recap in fits and spurts with combined scenes and in some cases just a sentence or two when the scene was a lot of repetitive conversation.

Parte Uno
We are "treated" to the refrito from Thursday. Low runs to Pablo's side. Gisela claims he's groggy from too much drinking, but Esme doesn't fall for it. Pablo doesn't drink. Gisela knows Esme must be upset. Gesela tried to tell Esme that Pablo was steppin' out on her, but Esme didn't want to believe it. Esme goes OFF. She tells Gisela to cut it out. She's tired of her crap. Esme drives her wheelchair into Gisela, knocking her onto the bed.

Rita tells Carrlos to butt out of the grown up conversation. She and Dorila were just discussing his relationship with Little Miss Finolis (Virginia.) Dorila turns to him and tells him that Low still doesn't approve the relationship. Carrlos tells Dorila that Low will have to get used to it. He plans on studying, bettering himself and marrying Miss Virginia. Dorila sneers and tells Rita that this boy just "can't be him." Dorila says she'll be back in a month and leaves. "Can't be who?" asks Carrlos. Rita just brushes off his questions and announces she's going to go visit Ines.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo on Thursday, December 19, 2014 #87 (Funny Love)

-This is what I remember from last night-

-Paco got drunk at Cuco's Place and screamed that Greta Ripoff es una traidora (!) Chava thinks that he has crossed his wires and confused Octi with Greta right when Paco says Correia and Octavio are too.

-Mati wasn't hastifully thrown out of Silvie's office this time; she just pulls him out in almost complete silence.

-The Ripoff girls, Fausto, Oliver and Patricio are inside then things get awkwardly quiet for a minute when the Mariachi music plays. Greta thinks it's Pato's idea when it wasn't; it's Chava's! Sofi goes outside to tell him to keep on stepping because it's not working while Fausto, Oliver, Dani and Alexa admire the mariachi affair. When they all go inside, Alexa asks Armie if he sings and he says no; PAUSE- In Amorcito Corazon, he sang the theme song acapella! Chava tells the mariachi to start again and keep on going!

Si nos dejan
nos vamos a querer toda la vida.
Si nos dejan
nos vamos a vivir a un mundo nuevo.
Yo creo
podemos ser un nuevo amanecer
de un nuevo día.
Yo pienso
que tú y yo podemos ser felices todavía.

Si nos dejan
buscamos un rincón cerca del cielo.
Si nos dejan
haremos de las nubes tercuiopelo.

Y ahí juntitos los dos
cercita de Dios
será lo que soñamos.

Si nos dejan
te llevo de la mano, corazón
y ahí nos vamos. 

Si nos dejan
de todo lo demás nos olvidamos.

(Oh. and there was probably some leg humping from Irma and Araceli.)

Avances from Mexico- 

Pato's come outside to punch Chava who hits him right back while Alexa and Dani scream in awe at this.
-Araceli asks Paco if GRETA hurt him so badly that he has to drown his sorrows in liquor because you screamed that while you were drunk; admit it, you NEVER loved my mother.
-Marisol is marking her territory all over Lucas' lap and face (she might just go further)
-More of Araceli third-degreeing Paco about Greta and Consuelo and lastly the thought of her being the daughter of a horizontal pity party.
-While some are getting lucky, some won't be as much as usual. Patricio tells a jaded Silvana that their coital rendezvous' won't be as frequent.
-Alexa has shown up at Armie's; she can't stand a minute more without his kisses, his hugs and his caressings so she proceeds to kiss him.
-Sofia is with Araceli; she asks her what is up with them 2? Araceli has that little Irma in her head saying, "Esa Rubia DESABRIDA YA TUVO SU OPORTUNIDAD." and says that the bond her and Chava have is soooo strong that it goes overboard and Sofia makes a face that says, "Why am I not surprised?" She understands.


Mi corazon es tuyo #108 12/18/14 Monster in red

We open with Fernando dreaming of Ana. In his dream he’s taking off his tie, he’s tired after a hard day of work. Ana comes in, wearing a pair of glasses and briefly covers his eyes with a scarf. He’s surprised that she waited for him, since it’s so late now – they are acting like any normal married couple would - this guy sure dreams PG- rated. Because it is so late, Ana says that he can only choose one card from the little chest of naughtiness. I take back the PG-rated stuff, this is actually rather kinky and a good idea for ….ahem… moving on.
Anyway, Ana thinks that he should only pick one card, because it’s late, but he wants to pick several. He ends up with the cards for Massage, Besos tronados, Jacuzzi and another one that I didn’t get. Fer doesn’t want to settle for only one, but not to worry, Ana has one ace up her sleeve cleavage – a card that says that all the others will be accomplished. They go to the bed and start smooching.
Time for Fer to wake up, kissing his pillow in the Houston hotel and murmuring Ana’s name.
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

La Gata #78 12-18-14 La-Toodle-oo’s Whack’d Novela, La Gata!

Sung to the tune of  "Love theme from MST3k"

In the all too painful present

Right here in cyberspace

The Diva and her recapping pals

Are caught in an endless chase

Pursued by a woman named LaToodle-oo

Whose crappy stories cause the viewers woe

So she pulled some bullshit out her purse

And with her novelas she haunts them

All across the UNI-verse.


LaToodle-oo:  I’LL GET YOU!!!

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La Malquerida #82, 12/18/14

Mexico Episode #88

Catch Diana's fabulous recap in the comments...


Weekend Discussion: Photo Gallery; Family Album, Volume 1

Don't you just love it when casting directors get it right?  I love how novela producers often match up actors who look like they could share DNA as family members.  This can't pretend to be a whole archive, but merely a first installment.

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La Malquerida #81, 12/17/2014: The Greatest Danger is to Not Take Risks

Mexico Episode #87

The Old:
Ulises follows Memo from the brothel all the way to the drug farm and takes pics on his cell phone. Luisa gives Manuel back the abortion money, without telling him she didn’t have the abortion, and calls into question his manhood. Dan and Esteban reaffirm their partnership over tequila, and decide to take a road trip to Mexico (City). Dan picks up on Este’s desperation. Acacia is kind and considerate to Cris for about two minutes, before Hector arrives and she finds out he had a lot to do with Cris finally retaking her life. Acacia cops an attitude and leaves them. Cris tells Hector she needs him now more than ever, and he asks about Esteban.

The New:
Cris is silent about Esteban, and Hector backs off and says she doesn’t have to talk about it. Cris says that what she and Este once had no longer exists—it all changed. Now it’s just her, reinventing herself. Before she can have a relationship again, she needs to be well. It would be easy to go back to the way things were before, but she no longer wants that. “One’s happiness can’t depend on someone else.”  She knows that if Este came back to her, it would only be because she asked him. Hector is proud to hear the strong, brave, determined Cristina that he used to know! They hug, and he reminds her that she can count on him as always.

Acacia runs into Esteban in the living room. He tells her about his trip to Mexico City, and for a second she gets worried that he’s moving there permanently. He gives her a card and they separate down different hallways—she to go to her bedroom, he to leave—but both come back at different times to see if the other is still there. Este speaks to himself: “Whatever happens, you have to be mine, Acacia.” Acacia reads the note Este wrote. It’s an excerpt from a well-known poem. In a series of scenes, Acacia debates ripping up the letter, or putting it away in her keepsake/jewelry box. Here is the poem:

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

La Gata #77 - Wed 12/17 - La Vibora

In Blanca's assessment, she keeps saying Augie's her husband.  She vaguely remembers other things, like the dump and the shack/outhouse, and her roses, and that she'd like to see her daughter.

Dorila is hanging a painting on a freshly-painted wall in Augie and Lo's apartment.  Gisela shows up and Lo tells her they've had nothing but bad luck since she showed up--Augie's in jail!  He's accused of kidnapping, and Lo really doesn't know what to believe.  But she believes the worst of Gisela, and she's sure this has something to do with plotting that Augie and Gisela did together.

Esme and Fer spy on Blanca's assessment.  Doesn't anyone on this show have a sense of ethics or respect for other people's privacy?  Blanca remembers Esme, but calls her Renata.  She thought Fer had "Renata" locked up.  Blanca continues her mixed-up babbling and Esme just hugs her and doesn't say anything.  Not even "Trust me, mom, it's this guy who's your husband, not the wacko in the cell."

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo on December 17, 2014 ---- "En Secreto y En Silencio Te Amare."

(I will fill in some more later. I'm on for tomorrow too BTW!)

I'm having a hard time keeping my dinner down while Renzi and Flor have sex. She says she wants something romantic and legit with him when he stops her right there and pretty says all Flor needs to hear.

Irais asks Alexa about Matias; she's liked him since the first time she laid eyes on him and wants to know some more (Honey, Honey, how he thrills me.)

Patricio practically devours Sofia and I feel this show is being edited cuz now they're on the couch chowing down some more when she says they have to work.

Paco is at Cuco's ready to get drunk off of some typecast Destilando Amor tequila.

Fausto and Grrreta.

Silvana is on Chava's side and Love's side as well.

Daniela and Oliver kiss when Lucas walks in and doesn't interrupt but walks away dejectedly.

Renzi, PatPrick and Silvie

Chava is no longer Sofi's chauffeur but the company's.

Chava keeps his aghast at this news to a minimun and pulls Sofi to the side because he loves her.

Araceli and Pedro ( I love this rodeo clown)

Cuco consoles Paco

Some more Pedro (Yay!)

Chava and Armie

Lupe has brought sleep furniture for Javier to his attic shack and he isn't there.He is off getting kicked out of a bar but doesn't leave because potatoes.

Marisol gabs to Lucas about the lovely, insignificant trash that is her father while he is replaying that kiss between Dani and Olly. She snaps him back to earth and mentions him inging with Daddy Worstest. He sees right through Javier.

Sofi, Alexa, Dani and Fausto.

Silvie and Pato talk about the game plan and he kisses her. She wipe it off and calls him an idiot.

Sofi, her sistahs and Fausto.

Araceli sees Paco's shop is closed. He is drunk and Cuco denies him of any more type casted alcohol. He insists.

Lupe and Chava have lunch and talk about Javier, Sofia and the woes of the world.


Avance- Silvie's patience is hanging by a shoestring and Chava has brought a type casted STuD mariachi to the Ripoff mansion.


Mi corazon es tuyo #107 Fernando starts wooing Ana from long distance... Sarai keeps annoying everyone... Isa has a close call but does not get to see Ana at Chicago. However she begins to work a plan to hurt Ana hard.


Luz shows Fanny and Leon the fortune cookie message. ‘if someone leaves your life is sometimes so that their seat is free (for someone else)’.

Leon tells Luz Mau fell asleep waiting to see her.

Ana tells Fanny she has to go work at Chicago. Fanny says I will take care of Luz.

At Houston, Fernando talks to Natalia and Diego about Ana then. Fernando tells Diego have got no clue about Soledad Fuentes yet. And have not checked email since cell phone battery is dead. Fernando asks Natalia how she fell for Diego. For his values, for his gentleness.

Isa is heading to see Doroteo but sets her phone to check Fernando’s email through it.

YoMama nags about DoroTeo not contacting her recently.

Angel refers to Soledad as ‘Mama Sol’. He realizes whoever is looking for her on the web site might know where her daughter is so he responds to the request with Soledad’s location (El Oro) and her job (children’s choir director).

Isa gets the email and is jumping for joy.

Lo Nuevo:

Leon and Mau are leaving. Fanny has Luz in her arms so Leon comments they are already looking like a mom and dad. Love you. Fanny is heading to take Luz to bed when Sarai comes down the stairs with two house maids ordering around how to wash her clothes, sneezing and complaining about the dust. She can’t sleep in the girls room. Fanny says you have the living room, the couch or there is a foyer. Sarai keeps whining.

Edith has something to show Fanny… her brother… seems Edith has given Nando a makeover. He looks a bit more mature and less nurdy even if he still has glasses on. His hair is more natural and smiles widely.

At Chicago, they are introducing ‘Yolanda’ (wow! None other than YoMama!!!) DoroTeo is so shocked I am not sure when he will pick up his jaw from the floor… YoMama grabs the pole and starts swinging around it. Now it is DoroTeo who is having a nightmare… loL!

Isa calls Angel. She fakes being real happy that she found her. She asks Angel if Soledad had a daughter. Angel is suspicious so he asks what relationship does Fernando have with Soledad’s daughter.

Fernando is daydreaming about Ana while Ana, in the Chicago, is thinking she has to tell the truth to Fernando.

Angel is in disbelief. Isa tells him that Soledad’s daughter Blanca is looking for her. Angel is so elated, ‘you can’t imagine how long we have been waiting for this moment’.
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La Gata #76 12/16/14 La Locura

What a frustrating episode.

I'm going to do this all out of order. There were really only two story arcs that saw any action (and believe me I am using the term "story arc" VERY loosely.)

Oh, and my notes were crap. La Gata must have sedative affects because I was drifting during the episode and as soon as the closing credits ran I hit the hay and slept hard until my alarm went off this morning.

Fela is found
But she is found more as an accident. It's not like anyone was ACTIVELY searching for her.

Augie brought Blanca pictures and news clippings of Esme and Blanca is not amused. She wants the real deal. She doesn't believe he is her husband. He says he is and can prove it. He takes her to the mansion that used to be Fer's, but was stolen by the MNs and is now back under the ownership of Fer. While she's there, Blanca has a hallucination of Fer. She freaks out and runs out the door and on to the terrace and starts screaming.
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La Malquerida #80, 12/16/14: Slap Her Again, Cris!

Mexico Episode #86

Cristina has just castrated Esteban and handed him his cojones as a parting gift, by telling him his services aren’t needed in Benavente, Rubio’s in charge now, and don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. I try to muster up some sympathy for him and fail.

Ale is praying in her bedroom prison for strength and peace. Dan arrives to disturb that tiny bit of peace and demands to know what she’s doing. He snatches the sacred heart card out of her hands and mocks that she’s praying to be free of him. Ale sasses back that she’s praying for him. Always on the lookout for ways to manipulate Dan, get some freedom, and help someone else out, Ale tries to convince Dan to give Perla her store/spa. Primarily, she plays up that she and Perla hate each other and that Perla is on her case all day. She wants to get Perla out of the house more. Plus, Ale points out, Dan keeps saying that he will change for her, but by going back on his word to Perla he shows that he hasn’t. Dan only hears the first part and is excited that Ale is jealous of the attentions he shows Perla.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hasta el Fin del Mundo #85 Tuesday 12/16 : Boy loses girl again!

Casa de McDreamy
Straight to the new stuff: Irma jumps into bed with the unsuspecting Armando --- ooopsies, not so fast sister.  Armando jumps up wondering how in blazes did she get into his apartment.  Irma tries to explain that she just wants to work things out with him and apparently she still moves him, que no?  Absolutely not, he claims.  He was fast asleep.  When is she gonna get it through her thick skull that he will never, ever, ever return to her.  He doesn’t desire her and doesn’t love her.  He realizes suddenly that she’s drunk and she claims that was the only way she could muster up the nerve to come to him, as humiliating as that is.  He tells her to get dressed and get out.  He sees the concierge’s key (he that stands guard with no shelter during rain, sleet, and snow, I guess) and quickly realizes that’s how she got in.  He drags Irma to the Concierge’s desk.  Concierge has no idea how she got his keys.  Armando warns him he’d better pay closer attention and not to ever let anyone into his apartment without his authorization.  He leaves Irma there and tells the concierge to get her a taxi.

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Mi Corazon es tuyo #106, Sarai gets a taste of the 'hell week', Lasc twins version. Fernando takes Diego to Houston. New kids Dr Angel happens to know Soledad so he responds to Fernie's ad, but Isa reads it first.


Fernando continues the listing of all the ‘characters’ in the Lasc household.

F: an adolescent that gets her braces stuck…

A: A cook who behaves like an alien… a butler who stutters… a multi-use boxer, a kitchen helper who…

F: Ana a nanny… a wonderful nanny. These weeks you have looked at me different (oh yeah?)… you have looked at me with less reserve, a bit kinder, more directly… with those spectacular green eyes (she blinks several times)… with your beautiful smile… (gets a bit close to her, or rather she gets closer to him with a big smile)

A: Thank you for the flattering compliments… and like I said, time helps to heal the wounds… (he gives her a bear hug) ah no, no, no! … don’t get so ahead of yourself (no se emocione tanto!) no, sir, it’s a long way still for the wounds to heal.

F: Yes. I’m sorry.

(he goes for the divorce papers to show her)… she says he has a toothpaste commercial smile on his face

F: I want you to see this.

A: this is… the… divorce sentence.

F: Yes. This document says Isa and I are officially divorced…

A: (jumps to hug him) Ah, blessed be God!! Blessed be God!! Don Fernando! How wonderful, sir!!

F: Finally a chapter in our lives is closed… (he gives her a bear hug, she complains she can’t breathe) … sorry. Don’t get away from me…

A: No, sir. This can’t be.

F: (they are leaning on his desk in the library/study) nothing’s easy. I know. But in this spot… in this spot began our love story… in this spot you hit my nose, remember?... and I saw your beautiful face for the first time… another day we dared to kiss… don’t get away from me anymore, Ana… let me show you how much I love you… (they are about a hair away lips to lips)

Lo Nuevo:

They are about to kiss… when suddenly a girl scream is heard… Both Ana and Fernando are willing to ignore it at first… we hear Ana say ‘it is no big deal, its no big deal’ and they both are about to kiss again but a second later Ana gives a huge sigh and pushes him away and starts shouting ‘what is the matter?? What??!!’ then they both run out.

The issue turned out to be Siete slurping the new girl (forgot her name) in front of Luz and the twins (from their face I can tell they woke up to her screams and are not happy campers for her waking them up like that). (where’s Alicia??) A minute later Ana, Fer, Fanny, Nando, Alicia are in the room as well and they all are in around her bed. Turns out the twins had put pieces of ham slice over Sarai’s face so that Siete would slurp her. The twins and Luz go fetch Sebas but as soon as he learns who is screaming he runs to her side. Nando and Fanny find it both annoying and funny that Sarai is so annoyed at Siete slurping her. Fernando eventually brings back the peace… they send Sarai to the bathroom to clean up.
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La Gata #75 The one where Esmeralda joined a cult 12/15/2014

Ok, confession time, I don't watch the show. I read the recaps, and I watch the episodes I recap but I can't make myself watch without wanting to cry, last night my sister joined me in watching this and fun times were had by all. This will be a short recap because really nothing happened, there was no Mariano, no Gisela and no Lorenza.

Now to the recap:

Blanca and Agustin are hanging out at kidnap central, she wants to know when he will set her free, and he makes excuses, he kisses her and she thinks this is gross, she's only going along in order to be reunited with her daughter, Miss. Kitty. Will she be able to fake this affection for Agustin long term? She better be, cause no one is looking for her.
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #84 12/15/14 Sofia is Treated to a Great Performance

From last week:
Lucas tells Marisol that he was hiding out at Dani's house.
Alexa argues with Greta to bring Fausto back. Greta remembers telling Fausto that Paco was the great love of her life.
Flor and her fake parents wait in a taxi outside the Ripoll house.

The New:
Flor calls Renzi from the taxi. She just saw Salvador leave the house with the girl from the party. Renzi tells Flor to stay where she is and wait for him to call with instructions. Flor tells her fake parents to keep practicing their lines for their upcoming performance.

Marisol doesn't understand why Lucas needed to go to Dani's to escape Manjarres and the thugs. Marisol thinks Dani just took advantage of the circumstances to try and steal Lucas back! Lucas knows that Oliver is in love with Dani.

Renzi calls Pato to tell him that Sofia and Chava are together.

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La Malquerida, capitulo 79.

Skipping the old....

Cris tells Rosa that Esteban wants kids and she can't give it to him. So she has decided to let him go and see if he comes back.

Acacia pulls away from Esteban's arms and starts to have regrets. Esteban, while groping her, says they have to live their love otherwise they will regret it. We can either go our separate ways or enjoy this love together. She admits she's afraid. He tells her not to think of anything else but living their love. She wants to leave but he stops her. He tells her to think it over. Do you realize what you awaken in me? They start playing tonsil hockey.

Katia tells Hector and Ulises that she found an account that belonged to Nuria but under another name. Ulises excitedly says it should contain all the money Nuria stole. He grabs the file and tries to look at the information but Hector stops him. This will take time to investigate. Allow me to do this. Ulises offers his help. Hector looks at the file and smiles.

Acacia gets a phone call but doesn't know who it's from. Esteban grabs her again and she caresses his back.
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Monday, December 15, 2014

TELEMUNDO Y MENOS: Señora Acero, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Dec. 15, 2014

Here's your post for this week!! Enjoy.

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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 12/15/14 ♥ #105 ♥

Capitulo 105: Trading One Brat for Another

Lascuráin Mansion: Pablo hurried out while Ana had Fernando pinned to the couch. He was growling over the situation. Bruno directed Alicia to go upstairs before her father lost his temper at her, which Fernando was having trouble doing because he had pulled a muscle and he also had trouble breathing. Ana tried getting him to calm down before letting him get up.
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quiero Amarte Highlights & Discussion (Week 13-Dec 15)

Looking Back:
Vivi Wraps it Up
Wedding called off. Amaya denounced as a home-wrecker/whore. Max denounced as a cheater and liar. Connie hooked up/shacked up/loved up with Sal. Manuel and Geno have a secret love child, who doesn't even know who his father is. Manuel determined to fire Amaya. Whor confronting Amaya about her "cheating" in her hotel room. Wow!

Lila Gives us Some Good Ones
Lips Not Hips
Mauro’s Ire Re-Fires
Emma Arrives and Dives

Consensus Reached on the Patio
Constanza is Insecure—She needs a man for validation of her worth.
Sal’s accusations that Max and Amaya are lovers are LAME. His proofs would not hold up in court.
Horacio’s treatment of Valeria is inexcusable in any culture north or south of the US-Mexico border.

Looking Ahead:
Speculations Abound
Will Consta “Pull a Lu” if she finds out she’s pregnant?
Is César genuinely interested in Amaya?
Can Sal become more dangerous to Max where Consta is concerned?
What will Horacio do when he finds no one with Amaya in her hotel room? (Oh, Max, if you are downstairs, please be careful.)


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mi Corazon es Tuyo #104, Lives are saved today, Siete, Lenin, and Pablo edition

Sorry for this being so late. I didn't know until 5:30pm PST Friday that this show was being shown at 5:00pm PST instead of the usual 8:00pm PST because of the telethon. So, this recap consists of the first half hour being a synopsis of the show from Univision and the last half hour being what I was able to record, although without CC's because those weren't working last night either. What a night.

First half hour that I didn't see: (fill in more detail in the comments if you want)
Ana talks with León about his jealous behavior and it’s driving Fanny away.
Fanny and Lenin bring some of the kids from the shelter to the mobil cancer screening where the director of the shelter has gone and they suspect she has cancer.
Ana suspects something odd in Siete’s food, possibly rat poison, but not before he consumes some, and the family rushes him to the pet hospital. 
Meanwhile, Isabela is patting herself on the back for a poisoning well done.
Edith runs into Nando without all the goth makeup, I don’t know where since I missed this part, and tells him that she’s Elisa and he’s completely clueless about who she really is.
Isabela tries to hack into Fernando’s computer to do her dastardly deeds, but is unsuccessful so far.
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Friday, December 12, 2014

La Gata #74 12/12/14 The One Where I Didn't Pay Attention

With credit to Eli for the title inspiration.

  • Garabato has skinny legs and Dan needs a little sun on his legs.
  • Chacharas is a good portero.
  • Who the hell won the beauty contest?
  • Ines is arrested while threatening Esme.
  • Rita gets drunk.
  • Gisela offers to take care of Fela...getting rid of her if necessary. Augie adamantly refuses.
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Weekend Discussion: 2014 Novela Faves

What are some of the 2014 faves of my Caray Mates? Some things like Lo Que La Vida Me Robo or Que Pobres Tan Ricos may come to mind. I will remind you guys about Mentir Para Vivir before it frayed haywire for the last few capitulos. My favorites were Por Siempre Mi Amor, De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero, Quiero Amarte so far, Amorcito Corazon, Pasion and Las Vias del Amor during their repeticiones.

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TELEMUNDO Y MENOS: Reina de Corazones, Project Chapter a Day, Thursday, December 11th 2014 Cap 140: El Gran Final.

My dear Reinamaniacs this is it - the final episode and recap of this wonderful show that has entertained us night after night. It has been such a joy recapping this show. Thanks to all the recappers for their wonderful recaps and thanks to each and every one of the commenters who made watching and recapping this show even more enjoyable. 

Now on to the recap of the finale.... 

He's Been A Very Bad Cop This Year

Bad Cops Bad Cops Whatcha You Gonna Do Watcha 
You Gonna Do When They Come For You 

Navier, Moto, and Izzy race over to where the corpse of the masked man is. 

Navier unmakes the poor sap and is surprised. It's not the Falcon. It's not even a Hawk. It's none other than TWCILV - Christian. Navier calls a red alert. He wants the place surrounded and no one must leave the premises. 

Izzy the resident CIA clown decides to crack a joke. "Who would have thought? TWCILV went from cop to criminal while I went from criminal to cop". 

[Good one, Izzy!] 

Fooled By The Falcon Yet Again

I dare you to swallow it

The "Black Falcon" in CIA uniform and sunglasses enters his car where ORBO is waiting for him at the wheel. ORBO is dressed in black and wearing a cap. His glasses are nowhere to be seen. Thank goodness. Victor and ORBO have a nice chuckle. Victor sarcastically laments Chrstian's fate and calls him a poor sap. Victor pulls out the red diamond and shows ORBO. 
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La Gata #73 12-11-14 The little shack of venganza

 Monica has hired a PI to find out who is the other woman in Augie’s life.


This bright sunny morning finds Esme and Mariano in the garden with the babies talking about setting up a fair.  They will set it up together.  He smiles.  They make signs with glitter and stuff.  They seem to have fun.  They tick off the list of things yet to do. . .decorations, prizes, music. . .well, look at the time how it’s flown.  Dr. Hottie (Javier Penuela) arrives with Virginia.  He wants to help.


Face off between Lo and Gisela, Bitch 1 and Bitch 2.  They argue over who’s the bigger bitch.  Lo asks if she put the snake in the bed.


Much laughter and light hearted banter between Dr. Hottie, Virginia, Mariano and Esme when Pablo comes in to rain on the parade.   He marks his territory for Mariano and Dr. Hottie’s benefit, declaring his love and loudly slurping Esme..  Doc Hottie looks sick and Mariano looks like, whatever, punk.

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