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Qué Bonito Amor #76 (Mex 112-113) Tuesday 7/30/13 And they are back together again, but for how long?

My work situation is a bit crazy now, two out of four people are out on vacation and guess who has to pick up the slack? If you guessed 'Eli' you would be right, so this will just be a bullet list of things that happened in this episode, which was kind of a slow one!

*Jorge and Justo are in the vencidad, JA says that if Maria can't/wont forgive him he will return to El Lay and turn himself in. Justo tells him that maybe he should write Maria a letter telling her how he feels, JA thinks this a stupid idea but Justo says that he used to write letters to Altagracia and it worked for them, this makes JA change his mind and he writes a letter to his bonita.

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La Tempestad, Capitulo 2. Tuesday, July 30th, 2013. A Storm Is Coming!

Greetings Everyone! I'm Mauricio and I will be your recapper for Tuesday. This is my first recap for Caray Caray. I hope that I will do a good job. 

It turns out that Damian isn't just shirtless. He's actually naked. Damian asks Marina if she wants something. Marina asks him if he always receives his visitors naked. She calls him Mr. Fabre. It's Captain Fabre, he says. No, I don't receive my visitors naked. But you're the one who walked into my cabin without permission, says Damian. Marina asks Damian to put some clothes on. Damian seems to be enjoying exposing himself to Marina because he's laughing. He tells her that he will put some clothes on if she will kindly pass him his pants. Marina spots a pair of pants laying on the floor. She picks it up and hands it over to him. Marina still has her back turned while Damian puts on his pants. Haven't you ever seen a naked man before? asks Damian. I've seen many but that is none of your business, says Marina. It appeared that you hadn't judging from the look on your face. But like you said it's none of my business and to be honest I don't care, says Damian. 

At Esthercita's house, her parents are having a very bad morning. Delfina is in tears. Fulgencio tells her to stop the waterworks already. She isn't letting him think. But our only daughter is missing, says Delfina. Fulgencio thinks that it is a mother's obligation to keep an eye on her daughter. He doesn't understand how Delfina did not realize that Esthercita had not come home. Esthercita told me last night that she was feeling tired and that she would be heading home, explains Delfina. But in morning when I went into her room she was not there and her bed was still made. Delfina is sure that something terrible happened to her daughter. 

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PEAM, Tuesday 7/30/13 (#101): Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Like sands through the hourglass. That's what it was like watching my recorder rescan all of the channels because Comcast, my esteemed and beneficent service provider, chose (in their infinitely mysterious wisdom) to reassign all the channel numbers sometime last night. By the time the rescan was complete AND I was able to find Univision (it's on 15-5 as of today, for the record), we were a good 40 to 45 minutes into the episode and I couldn't get the recorder going until it was just about done. But I'm gonna make the most of what little I saw and take a guess at the rest. The rest of you, please feel free to note what I missed, because I KNOW I missed plenty!

BONUS! See comments below from Tablet Jefa et al to fill in the missing pieces!

In Fernando's office, Xochi and Fernando console one another and bond tearfully over their bully-laden pasts.
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Corazon Indomable, #56, Tuesday, 07/30/13 Everybody gets ready for the kidnapping party and Teo 2.0 makes an appearance

 This felt like a set up for the next episode, so I decided to have some fun with it here and there...

The ranch – Lucia’s room
Lucia is in bed, she talks to Ofelia about her baby dying. It was a girl, she finds out. Esther comes in and tells her they buried the baby on the ranch, but Ofelia’s surprised look tells us that was not the case. Esther also adds that they’ll plant a rose bush where they buried the child. Lucia is crying, mourning her baby.
I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but Lucia had no belly, what was there to bury?

MC’s new office - Maricruz and Miguel talk about his employment at the Casino

Maricruz (confident and stiff): "Hello, Sir that I don’t know. What is your name? I need to add you to the list of employees for when we pay you your miserable wages."
Miguel (to himself): "Dios mio, she looks just like Maricruz! Or is it a ghost? Or a double?"
Maricruz: "What is your name, Sir? How old are you? Are you married?"
Miguel: "I’m Miguel Narvaez, I'm giving you my name because the pueblo police are surely not searching for me, even if I’m a fugitive. I’m 40 and I’m married to a lunatic, but I came here alone."
Maricruz: "You don’t look like the kind of guy who is used to doing a portero job. I bet you own a ranch that you had no clue how to manage. Do you have any references?"
Miguel: "I’ve never worked before (truth!)… for others."
Maricruz: "Are you a responsible person or a mediocre loser? Will you be able to humiliate yourself to add to your pay, to receive tips?"
Miguel: "The H*** I will. I won’t need them."
Maricruz: "Your salary is very low, you won’t be able to live with it. You’ll need to learn to adapt. Welcome to the Casino and now get lost! I need to think about my revenge."

Miguel leaves, Maricruz has another talk with Destiny, this time to let it know the revenge is beginning in 3, 2, 1…

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La Tempestad, Capitulo 1. Monday, July 29, 2013.

Opening scene:

Unknown maid is cleaning a room when suddenly she is attacked and violated.  Marina walks off the elevator and ears someone crying. She goes to investigate and finds the maid who tells her that has been raped.  Marina calls the front desk and asks them to call the police.  As they are waiting for the elevator, Mr. Conteras, the attacker, shows up and asks how he can help them.  Marina informs him that the maid will be pressing charges against him for rape.  He asks Marina if she knows who he is.  Marina tells him she doesn't give a crap. He committed a crime and that is all that matters.

Beatriz is watering her plants when she feels sick.  She asks God for more time, says Marina's name and faints.
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Qué Bonito Amor #75 (Mex 111) Monday 7/29/13

Capitulo 111: Las Cartas No Mienten

JNTR Club Room: Concho announces that sadly, there is no female singer this evening but for the special guests tonight he has two conquistadores, El Coloso and Mil Amores. One of the ladies flirts shamelessly with both of them and they launch into “El Rey.” Ana is not too pleased, thinking that Fernando is eating this up. Oscar flirts with the whole party, they look happy, and Lourdes looks pleased. Fernando sings his signature song and Siete Mares doesn't look pleased. He kisses the guest of honor after he's done.

Hospital: The two cops who stopped Jorge Alfredo during the storm come to the hospital with a Wanted poster looking for him. The nurse tells them she hasn't seen him and she just came on duty. They go past her into the corridor although she yells at them that they aren't allowed in the intensive care unit. She picks up the phone. The administrator stops them just as they are about to enter Maria's room where Jorge Alfredo is sitting with her. He tells them that they need a search or arrest warrant and they say they will return. Jorge Alfredo hears this as he leans on the wall near the door. Despite this he vows to stay with Maria, who lies asleep in the bed.
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PEAM #100 - 07/29/13 - Super Charged? or Super Silly?

Perhaps the Electricity We Hoped for with Jesús and Alma is seen here in the recent Albuquerque weather events!!

We look forward to the sweets that Alma has prepared for Jesús and the silliness to follow with Yuri,

Refrito: Pati does search about her dates and data of impregnation,
Elias and Vero argue, about the car, the child, the divorce, what else is new.

Pati and Cantú exchange fake pleasantries. Julio and Cardenas argue about his comportment regarding his BOSS Fernando resulting in the depressed Julio leaving in a huff of humiliation.  Jesica can't believe that the fight is over Xochi and not her! She questions, "Fernando, what does he see in the glassy eyed one??"

Alma and Valentina and Jesus arrive and Valentina calls her AMIGA she also compares Alma to the princess of Valentina's story with her Papi Jesús and when Rogelio arrives just in time to see Alma and Jesús kissing, Valentina calls him a gruñion (yep, you guessed it, GRUMPY) and Rogelio takes over the scene with his return to total power which no one can deny. Fernando and Xochi discuss and shyly flirt in his office.  All the new and old secretaries are in line to greet the returning Jefe.

In Fernando's office the brothers do a jumping, screaming silly routine.  All of a sudden, Rogelio gets serious and wonders why Jesus isn't dead yet. All he wants is HIS Alma back.
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Corazon Indomable #55, 7/29/2013: Let’s Get On With the Revenge and Kidnapping Already!

I was bored by this episode, so I’m keeping it really short. Scenes are not in order.

“It’s My Party and I’ll Invite Who I Want To”
Mari and Doris receive their invitations to the Ball...eerrr…Karim’s birthday party (aka, the kidnapping of Mari party). Mari reminisces with Juanita about the time in her life when she had few clothes, and her best dress was a (sometimes) white, shabby thing.  Apparently, both Mari and Doris need to find dresses more opulent than the ones they wear every night in the casino, so they head to the same boutique on the island to try on dresses and to make catty remarks at each other.

Doris can’t believe a “woman of the casino” like Maria Alejandra was invited to such an important event, at which the crème de la crème of Isla Dorada’s society will be in attendance. She shoots off her mouth to the shop attendant, saying that she will contact Karim and have him rescind Mari’s invitation. The attendant tells Mari, but she isn’t worried since she knows Karim is wrapped around her little finger.

Doris calls Tav and orders him to be her date for the party. He is hesitant because he doesn’t have a thing to wear. Because those tuxedoes he wears to the casino every week are just too casual for a birthday party. Our educated, landowner pilot also doesn’t seem to feel he’s up to the level of the other invited guests. I think the man protests too much, and just doesn’t want to spend an evening with Doris, her father, her brother, AND Karim. I’d be finding plenty of excuses not to join that sparkling crowd too. Maybe he should have told Doris he’s washing his (luxurious) hair that weekend.
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TELEMUNDO Y MAS - week of July 29

We certainly have been busy with 238 comments last week!! Please note that Blogger only shows the first 200 comments. If we top 200 again, you need to click on Post a Comment and then above the comment box, you will see that there is a link to more comments (shown below). This worked in both Firefox (on a Mac) and IE but your browser might be different.

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Amores Verdaderos #181 Sun 7/28/13 El Gran Final, Part III

* Lo refrito: you bastard, screams Kendra, no one will stop me! You bastard! Kill him, Espanto, kill him!

* Lo Nuevo: Dances with Sunglasses pulls his gun out and aims it at the witch. But Macaria Chávez is a very lucky ho, because Espanto saves her pretty butt by hitting Salsero’s head from behind. However, the gun fires and Kendho gets shot on her upper arm. While Salsa-Dude is lying on the floor unconsciously, the panicking duo is sneaking out of the flat through the service door. Outside they get into Espanto’s van. The Barbie doll can’t stop screaming and crying, she’s in pain. The members of Viewerville try to practice forgiveness and mercy, but they are having a hard time with it. YOU DESERVED IT, B****!
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Qué Bonito Amor #74 (Mex 110) Friday 7/26/13 A variety of baby-daddies have a variety of experiences

Que Bonito Amor, 7-26-13, Cap 109ish—A variety of baby-daddies have a variety of experiences

Hola everyone! I'm subbing for Jardinera this time. She'll return to her recapping duties as usual next week!

Amidst the tears and drama, some interesting stuff happened in this episode! Sorry it was longer than I anticipated. Some dense content was in this episode.

Here are some screencap previews to get us started:

An artfully-designed tri-screen shot, showing how miserable JAntos and Maria are.

Look at the expressions on these three. (Especially Mirna's!)

Caught in the rain.

Recap is finally done! Put a fork in it!

We start with JAntos going to the chapel to pray. (An aside, I keep on thinking they're playing Grieg in the background. Peer Gynt? It's something very familiar. And later, the choral music is Mozart's Requiem?  Someone please confirm this, because I'm too lazy to check my recordings . . .)
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Amores Verdaderos #181 Fri 7/26/13 El Gran Final, Part II

Amores Verdaderos—July 26, 2013, Cap. 181 — El Gran Final, Part II

Hola, Madeline and I (Elvira) are sharing duties on this recap. I do the first segment, she does the second.

Some screencaps to get us started!

Vikki and Big Angel welcome their little bebe into the world.

"That slut is calling." Sometimes these photo captions just write themselves!

Big Angel and the Little Ape overhear some very interesting stuff!
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CI: #54: Doris vs. Maria Alejandra (aka Superwoman): Let the Games Begin!

5 sentences: MA loves to thought speech about her supposed revenge. She has made a new enemy (Doris, who is determined to marry Tav) and has shut down the not so smooth advances from the Governor. Miguel is beginning to like the bottle way too much but seems much more in tune with the similarities between MC/MA than Tav/Ed. The hotties always talk about the same thing. Luciafer wants to be with Miguel and crazy Karim plans to kidnap MA!

The Long
We begin with MA reciting her vengeful thought speech for the hundredth time. She finds it odd that Miguel is on the Isla. But who cares…. she’s glad that he is now in her hands and she can begin her revenge for all the harm they did to her (She has been talking about this for like 30 episodes…. whatever this great plan is, it better be as good as she is hyping it up to be).

Tav & Co. on the other hand are handling the very tipsy Miguel. He swears that MC and MA are identical  (you don’t say…maybe alcohol makes him smarter) but the boys tell him no and try to get him to go back home. Ed being the best wingman ever says that he will take care of Tav’s drunkard bro while he returns to his date with Doris. Ed adds, that when Tav becomes her novio there will all sorts of perks that Tav will be able to return the favor.

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PEAM #99-7/26/13: Is This Love That I'm Feeling, Is This Love That I've Been Searching For?


Hola PEAM Peeps! This recap will not be in order and some scenes have been combined for a better flowing recap.

We got a lot of refrito last night, you know the Vero/Rogue planning, Chucho and Alma talking about Rogue and how Chucho isn't buying what Rogue is selling, Chatita in her best fighting stance, telling Panfilo since he is the AARP babe magnet (Thanks TJ) he has to make a choice, it's either her or Susanna, make a pick already Dude! Also the Cantu cutting off Rogue's monitoring device and Alma telling Chucho about her Snappy Pappy running off to the States and the Patymelt betrayal and then smoochies! The only one working at Avon is Cardenas (Cardy). Oh, and after Chatita makes that demand of Panfilo, she loses her train of thought then kinda remembers and tells Panfilo to make that decsion and she goes.

The Elevator Klatch:
Ivonne is at least kinda, sorta working, when two of her friends come by. Ivonne it seems is no longer performing for the desiring public, nah, for the public and she is only performing for one person, Ya don't say! Here comes Cardy and the two other sillies and Julio isn't happy and neither is Ricardo when he sees Elias come off the elevator about two seconds later. Cardy gives Ivonne what for, Ricardo follows Elias, and Julio goes his way, past Xochi and he totally ignores her. Ricardo has followed Elias, who stops by to see Mari, who asks after Val and gives Elias a hug, they get interrrupted by Ricardo, who wants a word with Elias, and Mari freaks, with me so far? Elias and Ricardo go off and Ricardo wants to know if Elias is into Mari? Of course he is, well Ricardo isn't happy and says well we'll fight for her and may the best man win, hmmmmm........ Elias goes. Cardy wants to talk to Alma and Ferny wants to talk to Encanto so Cardy goes to see Alma and Chucho goes to Ferny' s office.

Office Talk:
Cardy talks to Alma about Julio and Xochi being on the outs and Begonia leaving Don Gil, who is all alone, pobrecito! Ferny is a mite confused. He wants to be a friend to Chucho, sorta like Elias is with Chucho. Well Ferny has something he is dying to tell Chucho, so tell it Ferny! Seems he kissed a girl and he liked it, well he kissed Xochi! Que, Que What from Chucho! Chucho wants to know if Ferny knows the difference between 'Tasha and Xochi, of course Ferny does. Well then there isn't anything wrong with that from Chucho as long as Ferny realizes that 'Tasha is Xochi! Later, Chucho wants to surprise Chatita with something and Alma will help him, as she always does. Chucho and Alma also talk about the position at Orion that Augusto talked to Chucho about. Alma and Chucho leave Avon to take care of that surprise. After that little confrontation with Ricardo, Elias comes by to talk to Mari about that Avon DVD and he tells Mari what happened with Ricardo and that yes, Elias is into Mari. She is sooooo happy, which begs the question, what time is it? Time for Rico Suave (Ricardo) to find someone else!
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Corazon indomable #53, Thursday, 07/25/2013, A fugitive, a pilot and a gigolo in training walk into a Casino...

MariAle, wearing a hot red dress that looks even hotter on her, is talking with Juanita about what a woman should and should not accept from a man. She explains that she was once a whole lot poorer than Juanita is now and yet, she never allowed for any man to buy her, because that would have meant turning her into a slave. (Pardon me if I disagree, Miss. Mendoza - Octavio didn’t “buy” you, but he didn’t treat you like a princess, either)

Miguel and Tav are at the airport, waiting to board the plane for Isla Dorada. Ed joins them – he’s not told about what happened back at the ranch, though.

Juan Pablo and Santa - with the long waves of hair in the wind - talk about how Ewsebio died before telling the whole truth about what he’s done to MariCruz. What other horrible things will happen to the Narvaez from now on, they ask themselves, but it’s kind of rhetorical, because everybody knows karma is a B… (And to think that MariCruz didn’t even have to move a finger against them until now).

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Amores Verdaderos #181 Thu 7/25/13 El Gran Final, Part I

Okay, listen up out there on the Patio.  This 181st episode will air in three parts over three nights:

  • Tonight, Thursday, we saw Part I
  • Tomorrow, Friday, we will see Part II
  • Sunday, July 28, we will finally see Part III

It looks like there may also be an hour of assorted fluff and fillers on Sunday -- perhaps a retrospective of the story.

Madelaine and NovelaMaven are teaming up on this first installment which is brought to you by our proud sponsors, Don'tChangeThatChannel™, industry leaders in extending filmed material to fit the time allotted since … whenever.

NovelaMaven begins with Part I (a): Ouch!  That's gotta hurt!

Candelaria is in police custody after confessing to her part in Babygate.  Adriana, Vicente and Liliana are at the police station, determined to do what they can to keep Cande from going to prison.

At the mansion, José Ángel is sunk in melancholy and self-pity.  Vikki does her best to offer solace.  But his wound is too recent and her words of comfort go unheeded.  Learning that the daughter he believed was his flesh and blood is really the child of Adriana and Dr. Celorio and learning at the same time that his actual child is dead -- it is all too much to bear.
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Qué Bonito Amor #73 (Mex 109) Thursday 7/25/13 Que Asco de Baby Daddy

Maria doesn't take the news of the loss of their baby well.  Not at all.

Back at Casa Mendoza, Isa is still being entertained by her new novio.  Kid's got more game than Colosso, Jantos, and Milamores put together!

Gloria arrives at the vecindad just as Rodrigo hops a bus.  I'm not sure she realized that she actually did see him, as opposed to just thinking some random kid looked like him because she missed him so much.

Maria cries.

Justo apparently paid for Amalia's meds in addition to taking her to a specialist.  Instead of just frickin' saying "Thank you and I'll pay you back when I can," she goes on and on about how she shouldn't have let him do it, she shouldn't have accepted it.  But, as Justo says, what's a little expensive medicine between consuegros?  From the waiting area, they hear Maria's cries.

She's blaming herself for not being careful enough.  Amalia blames Jantos for telling her the truth.  You want the truth, you want lies…make up your mind!  The doctor kicks everyone out of the room so she can sedate Maria again. Now she's moved on to denial, mumbling that it's a lie and the baby is alive.

Amalia gives Justo a display of what Jantos has been putting up with all this time, asking him why he didn't lie, damnit!  Jantos tells her to just let it out and let him have all her complaints already.
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PEAM # 98-7/25/13- I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

Good evening all, it's been awhile :-)

We begin with the almost fatal erotic dance and disrobing for Gilberto by Ivonne.  Ivonne thinks that he is fooling around at first and realizes that he may be dead.

Jesus tells Val that if she feels sick she can stay home and he will be stuck to her like glue.  She lets him know that she has already missed school.  (What a responsible student!!!)   She tells him that he has to go to work. They prayed to his namesake to thank him for being saved and for having a mom and two dads and she also prayed for all of the children in the world. (What a sweetheart!!)  Papa Jesus is her/our hero.  She is his life.

Ivonne gives Gil mouth to mouth.  I think that is what brought him back.

Jesus is reading How to Be a Father, while Val has a nightmare about her kidnapping and the fire.  Papa Jesus is right there to protect her. (It’s interesting that she preferred to be with Jesus, rather that the Ice Queen- her mother after such a traumatic incident)
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Miguel has left the building and the ugly truth comes out CI 07/24/2013

Full recap down below!
 Well, Miguel has killed Eusebio (yay!) and he and Lucia argue about what to do next, she tells him that they need to leave, go back home and get Miguel out of town ASAP, because you know calling the police and explaining what happened is just far too logical for these two idiots, so instead they leave the body (eh, no biggie) and run home.
Meanwhile at the ranch Ester and Ofelia are worried about the Lucia and Miguel, what could possibly be keeping them so long- nothing much they are just a little busy with a little murder. Just then Luci and Mig arrive, both look like hell and neither has a good explanation as to where they were and what happened to Eusebio, both Ester and Ofelia,  who are evil but do have some brain cells realize  that something here has gone terribly, terribly wrong.
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Amores Verdaderos #180 Wed 7/24/13 I could see but now I'm blind.

We will, it seems, be lurching from crisis to crisis in these exciting final episodes.  Unsurprisingly, Balzac [heh heh] has the night off.  He will be hiding under Jean Marie's bed until further notice.  

He throws himself under the bus
Lili feels it in her gut -- her papa is in danger!  And she's right.  Because at that very moment, José Ángel walks blindly into traffic and kneels in front of a minibus.  He holds out his arms to stop it, as if he believes he really is Super Superman.  In an amazing confluence of good reflexes, good brakes and good luck, the bus stops short.  The big guy is safe.

The driver jumps out and shouts: What's wrong with him?  Does he have a death wish?  But urchin Lili defends Arriaga, tells the driver to stop yelling and leads the big guy out of the street.  "I'm blind, Lili," he tells the little girl.  "I can't see!"

Espanto, still doing his Howard Stern cleans the streets gig, watches and reports back to Kendra:  Arriaga has been struck blind!

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PEAM #97-7/24/13: 'Inga We!............And Double Green With Yellow!!!!!!!

Recap By Pablo

It's not a surprise that at Avon, 
nobody ever gets anything done!

If make up and the false illusion of never aging is not a good business for Avon, they can always clone DVDs! At least that is something they can do very fast while talking! 

Marisela is never happy and complaints that Ricardo wanted to woo her with some borrowed quotes. But I am sure that if Elías was the one saying them, she would fall to his feet as little as she is. Women! Too difficult to live with, too difficult to live without! Jéssica pretends she is paying attention and the DVD cloning chain keeps moving. The usual background people pretend they are discussing important changes to the catalog and Xóchitl pretends she is touching up a spreadsheet on the computer. Doña Susana places the discs in the plastic sleeves being careful not to touch the written side to not smudge it and ruin it. 
And suddenly, Licenciado Fernando makes an entrance, still upset after discovering that his beloved Natasha, beautiful and mysterious, is the same ugly duckling he has always made fun of: Xóchitl. And now he won't speak to her, he is that upset. He greets all of the secretaries except her.

In his mansion, Rogelio, half asleep, feels like Sansón is licking him under the covers only to find out it was Patricia and out of the blue he asks her if she is using the femdom. Me? protection? Of course dahling! Secretly she ''makes little monkeys'' because she is actually lying, and she needs to sound like she is really not trying to get pregnant.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #72 (Mex 107.2-108) Wednesday 7/24/13 Endless Drama & Tears. In other words, a typical day in the world of QBA.

Que Bonito Amor Cap #107-108, 7-24-13—Endless Drama & Tears. In other words, a typical day in the world of QBA.

Hola, amigas y amigos. This is my debut recap for QBA. I'm going to be a backup recapper for QBA, now that Amores is just about done. I'm subbing for Paquita this week.

And so I get lots of tears and drama and FF scenes in this episode. Well, what do I expect from QBA?

Let's start with a few screencaps to get the ball rolling (more screencaps below).

JAntos visits an unconscious Maria in the hospital.

A kiss on the cheek . . .

Coloso is ripping JAntos a new one, because supposedly JAntos is "cursed" and bringing Maria down with him. 


* In the City of Angels, Curtis is sexually harassing Derecho. He seems horrified, but Curtis has a lovely figure. Will Derecho eventually succumb to her charms?

Behold, the look of abject horror on Derecho's face.

* Wendy is telling her daddy that Michael is a great guy and she's going to give him a chance. Justo approves. She's also going to work with him in the prison dentist office. Justo isn't so sure about that last thing, but thinks it's great that Wendy might be exposed to a different way of thinking, and that maybe she'll stop being such a snobby b*tch that she'll see that people have value regardless of how much money they have. People like, you know, Maria.
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Corazón Indomable #51, 7/23/2013: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

We may get a recap from Jardinera later on the Tuesday episode, but in case we don’t, here are the top four things that happened this episode:

1) Teobaldo meets with a plastic surgeon in D.F. who says he can fix his face and his hump. Teo wants secrecy and to be an in-clinic patient. He has the big bucks to pay. He later goes to visit Aracely at the boarding house to tell her he’ll be incognito for a while, and to offer her jobless self some money. She refuses the money, but she’s very happy to see him.

2) Serafina reams out Octavio, since Ed was too much of a chicken to return to D.F. on the same plane as Teo. She can tell Aracely is good, innocent and naïve, like MC, and she doesn’t want Ed to use, abuse, and knock her up, like Tav did to MC…. “WAIT! Say what?!” Tav is impactado, as if this is the first time he’s hearing this news (ignoring the fact that MC herself told him she thought she was pregnant, and Serafina mentioned it once before). If he has a kid out there, he wants to know about it! Serafina can’t understand why guys like Tav and Ed, with (sexual) experience, can’t leave inexperienced girls alone. And if they do go after them, why can’t they wear a hat on their jimmies? As the experienced party, it’s THEIR job to make sure a baby isn’t produced if they aren’t serious about staying with these girls. AMEN Sister Serafina! Tell it!
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Qué Bonito Amor #71 (Mex 106-107.1) Tuesday 7/23/13 When bad things happen to good people

It's here!

This will be a short recap because not much happened- by that I mean most of the episode was spent in the hospital with Amalia and JA in hysterics and no one needs me to recap crying, crying and more crying.
  We start tonight’s episode where we left off last night, our dear Maria falls of the stage, lands on a chair and this turns into a grave medical emergency. Jorge and Coloso run to her rescue and argue about what to do, take her to the hospital? Call an ambulance? Finally they agree that Coloso will drive them to the clinic.
Mirna is on to Elvira, she tells her that she knows Maria’s fall was no accident, she also advises Elvira to get a better poker face. That’s good advice because anyone who paid attention to her could see the smug look of satisfaction on her face; I hope that before this novella is over someone does smack the living daylights out of her.
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Amores Verdaderos #179 Tue 7/23/13 Gramps gets a reaming in the church, Big Angel has major meltdown

Amores Verdaderos Cap 179, 7-23-13—Gramps gets a reaming in the church, Big Angel has major meltdown

My recording crapped out for a few minutes but I got most of the episode. PUT A FORK IN IT, IT IS DONE! Recap as done as it's gonna get!

Here are some screencaps to get us started.

The wedding is interrupted!

Big Angel's tearful reaction to the Furry Fornicator's shocking news.

Lili looks at her dad, equally shocked and in despair.

The bio parents are certainly not enjoying witnessing poor Big Angel's obvious shock and distress.

OVERVIEW WITH SCREENCAPS. It's as done as it's going to get!

* Vicente (soooo glad he won out over Carlos, BTW) and Adriana are looking forward to Lili finding out the truth about her true parentage. They worry about how Big Angel is going to take the news, though. Their worries are not unfounded, as we will find out.

Happy and normal! In this novela? Inconceivable!

* Preparations for the boda are underway. Lili has made everything ready and she's gushing at Gramps. Meanwhile at the mansion, Big Angel and Vicki are preparing to attend, and talk about their own plans for wedding bliss.

* Gramps talks to himself while in the still-unoccupied church. He calls the wedding a "sham," and says that he's going to keep Cande strung along, "she's so naive" he thinks, to believe that he'll ever tell Adriana about Lili being her kid. Gramps is still full of douchatude plotting, even on his wedding day.

The King of the Douchebags.

* The Furry Fornicator has to settle a score with Gramps. What better place to do it than at Gramps's church wedding? He's telling the Ho of this and she tries to discourage him. They also talk about his taking a job at an agency in Chicago.

* Everyone's congregating at the church for the wedding. Cande really does look lovely with her lacy veil. Lili is there, so happy for everyone and oozing love for Gramps and Cande.
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PEAM, Tuesday 7/23/13 (#96): The Tell-Tale Wristlock

Marta wants to tell Valentina the story of Hansel and Gretel, because if there's anything a kidnapped child needs to hear as she's drifting off to dreamland, it's a story about a man who abandons his children in the forest, and a woman who eats children. Valentina doesn't seem enthusiastic; but if Marta can't tell the difference between Valentina and a child who doesn't exist, maybe it's not fair to expect her to be able to read Val's emotions. I mean, it's not as though she's a behavioral health care professional or anything.

Oh. Right.
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Amores Verdaderos #178 Mon 7/22/13 Lilly orchid makes a miraculous recovery from major abdominal traumatic injury while her little 'brother/cousin' is still in the womb... We are happily toasting at Roy table... Anyball a diamond launderer?? Who knew!!

Lilly orchid talks to Vic, he is teary-eyed as she is thanking him for saving her life in front of JA, (i think she said something about having JA there for her before that but this is where DVDR started for me.

Out in waiting room, Frankie, Roy and Nikki are also glad Lilly Orchid made it through. Miraculous recovery... Nikki says Vic is 'El TOP!!' She tells them Vic was Adri's first love, and if it was not for Anyballs interfering, they would be happily married now.

Out in hallway, Said Anyballs and CandyCoward run into Vic coming out of the room. Candy goes in to see Lilly. Vic is no happy camper at seeing Anyballs, who tried to walk in behind CandyCoward but Vic did not let him. Vic tells Anyballs he knows his daughter with Adri did not die at birth, and that Adri's new baby was born. Vic warns Anyballs not to try anything against the baby or else... Anyballs shouts that this bastard baby means nothing to him. Vic reminds him it is his grandchild, Anyballs says it is a second rate grandkid. Vic tells Anyballs someday he will pay for all the harm he has caused. Vic gets summoned via intercom. But before leaving he tells Anyballs he is trash. (You go Vic!!! Vic's table is running the loud wave in excitement, anticipating more to come... I said it before, where can I order my own Vicente Celorio??!!)

Candy asks JA to go get something to eat... JA says who can think of food with Lilli's life on the line? Anyballs comes in, CandyCoward tells Lilli that her father (JA) adores her. Anyballs continues the cheesy talk saying she is a Balbanera thru and thru. Lilli reminds him 'Arriaga, abue' I am a Arriaga-Balbanera. (well, she still has her good moments, even if she is stoopid most of the time lately)

Out in hallway Roy is telling Frankie and Niki that he knows Lilli does not love him so he will leave once Lilli gets stable/recovered. But anyway he is really glad she made it. Nikki admits Lilli does have her qualities. She will find a good man someday. Both Frankie and Nikki recognize Roy does indeed love Lilli. Roy says he wishes Lilli the best even if she rejected him. Nikki says that is the sign of true love, to want the happiness of the other before your own.

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Corazon Indomable, #50, Monday, July 22, 2013 – A New Song, A New ’Do, A Little Flirting, and a Whole Lot More of the Same Old, Same Old

Recap by LatinaInMD

Note:  Several scenes are combined.

MariAle tells Carola not to get her hopes up about her leaving, because she will return that night to the casino.  Carola asks if she will ever leave her in peace.  MariAle tells her: “….for the moment it looks doubtful, my dear.”

Octavio tells Teo he has no idea where Ed is.  Teo tells him his friend is a true scoundrel – he can make a fool out of Araceli, but not of him.  Octavio suggests Teo should speak with Araceli, but Teo says she is too innocent and refuses to listen to him.  He thanks Octavio and says he will wait for Ed in the lobby.

Octavio calls Doris.  He tells her he hesitated to call her because she didn’t treat Sonia very well.  She says she really wants to see him and he agrees to meet with her, anywhere but her house.  She suggests they go dancing and they agree she will pick him up at the hotel.  (How appropriate, since she is quite the pick up artist!!!)  As Doris selects her wardrobe for that evening, her brother comes in and asks if they are going to the casino.  She informs him they are going to dinner and dancing.  (Group date?  Oh, how Octavio will love hanging with the kiddos.)  Doris tells him her date will be “el capitan”, the pilot, and her brother is not impressed.  (Did I miss something?  When did he meet him?)  She laughs and says he is just jealous.  (Sensing a weird incest vibe between these two.)
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Qué Bonito Amor #70 (Mex 104.2-105) Monday 7/22/13

Capitulo 104.2: Estos Celos Tienan Consecuencias.

Behind the Curtain: Susanito stops the fight, Maria slaps the flowers back into Oscar's hands. She makes the faux pas of telling Jorge Alfredo that they are separated which pleases Oscar. She leaves the stage, angry with both of them. Oscar further insults Jorge Alfredo by giving them to him as a “consolation prize.” This almost kicks-starts another fight as the curtain comes back up. They quickly separate and face the audience. Fernando becomes annoyed with Oscar.  The other guys leave the stage and Oscar sensibly starts throwing individual flowers to the female patrons.

Office:  A nervous Siete Mares enters the office to find an annoyed Mirna, then leaves when he doesn't know what to say.
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PEAM #95 - July 22 Monday - Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver: Kidnapping Isn't Ever Nice

Nuestra Amiga, Judy B sent me a message that she was enjoying my latest horsey postings on FB and suggested I share some of it here with you since you might not all see it on FB. Top are two mustang stallions on top of Pryor Mtn, Montana (first seen here now!) Middle is very new foal in the lupin also on Pryor and bottom is a Peruvian Paso stallion in northern New Mexico.

Opening refrito: Rogelio escapes? Fernando works? Nooooooo…..

Yuri chides Rogelio for not being able to leave his house.  It is because of the ineptitude of Cantú reveals Rogelio.  The two galans continue planning to turn Jesús into Picalilli sauce.

Mad Marta grabs Valentina, with ineffectual resistance by the little friend who is smacked against the wall and Jesús's rescue attempts and one lost balloon bunch, Marta roars off swearing that they are not going to take her daughter Jimena from her. Val's friend feels bad that he couldn't stop Marta but Chatita feeds him bread and swabs his head booboos.

Elias and Vero fight over their stuff, marriage, stuff, daughter, yaddah yaddah and Elias finally reveals that he is not so sure he still loves Vero.  She is cosmetic bag gobsmacked!

Jesica and Xochi argue over Fernando's obsession with Natashia and Jess threatens to tell Fernando the truth but Xochi wisely says that may be best, go ahead.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Week of July 22, 2013


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La Tempestad: cast of characters

William Levy is Damián Fabré: Captain and owner of the fishing boat La Tempestad in the town called Nuestra Señora del Mar. He's sexy, strong, brave; he encounters problems, constantly being interrupted by pirate attacks, which in reality are "interventions" by a mafia dedicated to traffic in women. He gets bugged by Esthercita, the mayor's daughter, who plans to compromise and marry him. Nevertheless, he finds his true love in Marina.

Ximena Navarrete is Marina Reverte; a professional woman who has succeeded in the world of business and tourism. A beautiful woman, secure in herself, but her career is cut short by her act of justice and courage. She sees a chance to start again in the town of Nuestra Señora del Mar and there meets the love of her life, Damián Fabré.

Iván Sánchez is Hernán Saldaña: an old school chum of Marina's who was much bullied in his adolescence; now he's a powerful impresario. He's attractive and seems a gentleman, but these qualities hide a real mafioso in charge of a ring of kidnappers and white slavers. He sees a chance to conquer Marina and will not hesitate to use his power and money. He is in alliance with the mayor, Fulgencio Salazar.

Daniela Romo is Mercedes Artigas, Marina's biological mother. She is a strong woman, able to confront any problem. She was a humble woman when she became pregnant by a man she loved. Ernesto killed the man and stole one of the twin babies, Magdalena, destined for a life of abuse and prostitution. To protect her other daughter, Marina, Mercedes gave her up for adoption. She made a fortune and has dedicated years to searching for Magdalena.

Manuel Ojeda is Ernesto Contreras, a powerful and evil man who moves in the business world though his fortune is based on illicit operations. He is authoritorian and vengeful, leader of a mafia dedicated to human slavery, especially women who are destined for the world of prostitution. He was once in love with Mercedes Artigas, but she was in love with another man by whom she became pregnant. He assassinated his rival. He never knew Mercedes had twins. Years later life put him face to face with Marina, who was brave enough to denounce him to the police for trying to rape an employee.

César Évora is Fulgencio Salazar, a corrupt man, mayor of Nuestra Señora del Mar. He is the adoptive father of Esthercita, whom he protects or treats badly depending on circumstances. He uses his power to protect Hernan's mafia. he hates Damián, the man his daughter loves, simply for being the son of Michel Fabré, with whom he had difficulties.

Laura Carmine is Esthercita Salazar, a capricious young woman who acts with arrogance because of the influence of her adopted father Fulgencio. She flirts with Damián, and lies in such a way that she obliges him to marry her.

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"La Tempestad" (The Tempest) - synopsis in English

Here's the new William Levy vehicle! And we have three open slots for recappers. If you'd like to take a day (or an every-other-week day) contact me ( - thanks.

The Tempest tells of the love of Marina (Ximena Navarrete) y Damián (William Levy). Marina Reverte managed a hotel until she was fired when she denounced the "important impresario" Ernesto Contreras (Manuel Ojeda) for attempted sexual abuse of an employee. He swears to wreak vengeance.

As if this were not enough, Marina gets the sad news that her mother, Beatriz Reverte (María Sorté), has a life-threatening illness and requires constant rest; she must move to a quiet place.

At the same time, in the town of Nuestra Señora del Mar, Damián Fabré (William Levy), a young captain and owner of a fishing boat called "La Tempestad" supplies merchandise to a canned food manufacturing company, "Neptuno."

Esthercita (Laura Carmine), daughter of the town's mayor, is obsessed with Damian; initially he does not respond to her flirtations, but finally he yields and she 'gets him to seduce her' [editorial indignation - poor William Levy.]

Mercedes Artigas (Daniela Romo), an elegant and mysterious woman, offers Marina the economic and financial management of Neptune, an opportunity she accepts since she doesn't have work and her mother needs to live in a tranquil location. This is how Marina comes to the village of Nuestra Señora del Mar, where she meets Damian.

Mercedes is actually Marina's biological mother [editorial indignation - not again!!??] Poor in her youth, she became pregnant by Ernesto and had twin girls [NOOOOO!!!!] - Ernesto grabbed the other twin, Magdalena (Ximena Navarrete).

Mercedes mad a fortune with which she acquired the respect of those around her, and the power to confront her enemies. She has dedicated her life to recovering her daughters and for that reason has involved herself with people of the underworld who deal in white slavery. She becomes "The Queen of the Night" and has been able to save many young victims.

In the past I've been criticized for printing too much of the sinopsis and as we have a NO SPOILERS policy here, I think this is enough.

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La Tempestad-Index

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Porque el Amor Manda #94: There Are None So Blind as Those Who Collide With Statues

By Blue Lass

Typical family day at the Ice Palace: Eli is spending quality time with Valentina; Vero is spending quality time with her makeup bag. As Vero sweeps out, Vale tells her about their excellent adventure! They visited a hovel! Five minutes of friqueando and picking through Vale's hair for lice, then Vero's in the wind. Meanwhile, Marta is in the bushes. She looks like she got into Vero's makeup bag.

Vero arrives at Rogue's and finds Paty on the landing. Lest we miss the underlying drama there, special effects splits the screen and rings a boxing bell. Veronica makes snide clasista remarks down her nose, while Paty paints a word picture of Jesus and Alma in Cancun – she's figuring Chucho is “UF-RE-UF” in the sack. The mutual needling quickly turns into a nerdy little girlfight. They both make better fists than Alma, but Vero's clearly afraid to touch anything with hers. (My money would be on Patycakes if I thought anyone would actually bet against me -- but Xochi could take both of them.)

Rogue opens the door and invites both gals in. He may not have a preference, but Sanson clearly does – he lets Paty sail right up the stairs and into the bedroom, but Vero gets the special bulldog unwelcome. She says she wants to talk strategy, but she really doesn't have any new ideas. Rogue does, though – he says he knows how to serve Vero up to Jesus on a silver platter, whatever that means. The way this show is going, it could mean on an actual silver platter, surrounded by tamales. Pre-sanitized, of course.

Cut to Marta at home, talking to a child-sized doll about how much she loves her little Jimena-boots. Either the doll or the inside of Marta's head has a really creepy child-sized giggle.
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Amores Verdaderos #177 Fri 7/19/13 Three Daddies and a Little Baby; Balzac (hehe) Speaks!


Hola Patio Peeps, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, okay, this epi isn't exactly a "Tale of Two Cities", but it is the tale of three daddies and a baby and an intercession. So please, grab your box of tissues, a glass of Bailey's with ice, and rotten tomatoes to throw at Anyballs and relax on the patio, if you can and savor this recap as it unfolds. Oh, and of course this recap will not be in order.

Two Daddies In Lili's Hospital Room:
Daddy Angel comes into Lili's room first and tells her good morning and gets absoultely no response as she lays there, pale and still. Angel is a mite worried and Doc Vicente comes in and Angel tells him about the no reaction as Vicente thinks to himself, this is my daughter. Doc Hottie goes over to Lili and tells Angel to wait outside so he can examine her to find out what the problem is, essentially to do his job. Angel reluctantly waits right outside the door.

Adri has brought little Adrian with her and she introduces little Adrian to the Virgincita and thanks her for the little miracle. While Adri is there she also asks for Cris' intercession with Dios to save Lili's life. Seems Lili needs a miracle.

Angel is busy pacing the halls, when Doc Hottie and his team are hurriedly trying to wheel Lili by, when Angel stops the gurney. He wants to speak to Lili but Doc Hottie is trying to discourage him, they are in a mad hurry. Angel wants to know what's wrong and Doc Hottie tells him it's urgent they get to surgery with Lili, what does Angel do? Wants to talk to Lili and he's a mite snippy, for the love of Dios man, just let her go to surgery! He tells Lili to be strong and finally Doc Hottie tells him it's really time to go. The Doc and the team wheel Lili to the O.R.

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Corazón Indomable Fri. July 19 "I'd Love To Sin With You."

So Maricruz has stashed the kid (either boarding her at the Isla Dorada Infant Kennel or better perhaps, leaving her in Juanita's care), boxed up the remains of don Alejandro for shipping, and  flown him back to Mexico City. She chose to save a few bucks by air freighting him back on a commercial flight rather than going to the expense of cranking up don A's private jet... it's not like he would have noticed the difference, anyway, so let's not be hating on her.We find ourselves with Maricruz, Tobías, and Octavio, who has some how managed to tag along, in the entryway of the mansion. Tobías seems genuinely affected by don A's death and sinks down to the second step of the stairway and weeps.
Good Grief!...No, Really...Good...Grief

"Mi amigo," he sobs.
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Qué Bonito Amor #69 (Mex 103-104.1) Friday 7/19/13 Bringing Down The House!

capítulo 103 & 104 (formerly Of Tramps, Vamps and Various Criminals' Deals)

Lo Del Pasado:

And On With The Show!

The crowd this evening gets another sort of spectacular to watch on stage.  

The twenty-something, rich, politically connected punks refuse to admit that Lead Punk propositioned Maria on stage during her serenade.  (Hey, Trampira de Elvira—call your daddy’s office!  New meat!  Have I got a guy for you!)  JAntos continues beating the snot out of all three snooty brats.  El Coloso loves a good brawl and decides to join the fight as soon as he learns Rich Punk Twenty-Somethings tried propositioning Maria during the stage performance. 

Lo Del Nuevo:
Snotty Punks  threaten the so-called two-bit small-time bar [el changarro] and its slutty 2-bit ranchera, aka, La Perla Tapatia once Politically Connected Daddy gets wind of this with lawsuits.  Concho races in to stop the brawl and finds out from JA what started it.  Suddenly the police show up to stop the brawl.  

At the same time, outside Concho’s office, malicious Mirna and La Vampira de Elvira call a truce and conspire to join forces against Maria and JA, who’re becoming too big for their britches for these two bitches.  Mirna will show Vi the ropes of managing Daddy’s bar so that she’ll supposedly be giving the orders around there in no time flat.  They also have a good time giving Lourdes grief over her supposed illicit relationship with El Soñador.  Lourdes won’t give up the goods on Soñador to either Mirna or Vi and takes unnecessary lip from Trampira.
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Weekend Discussion: Broadcast Formats

In the last few years we've had our ups and downs with double episodes, episodes and a half, and time slot changes.  Putting aside our specific issues about how this affects us, how do you feel about this?

I'm just old enough to remember the days when US soaps were only half an hour.  That never felt right; I always felt cheated, especially about Dark Shadows.  NBC's Another World was the first soap to go to a one hour episode length in 1978 and that was the beginning of the trend for the rest.  A later attempt at 90-minute episodes failed and the program went back to 60-minute episodes.

The current broadcast pattern of QBA has an episode and a half with one commercial break and a slightly earlier start time not given to the cable and satellite systems that carry Univision.  It seems to work for the network or they wouldn't be doing it.  Televisa scripts are written to make for a major or minor cliffhanger at the halfway mark or the end of the standard-length episode so that they can air in any 30-minute increment, which is why we usually don't feel like the broadcast is ending on the wrong note.  All this requires is (usually) deleting the "in last night's episode" section at the beginning and picking up where the previous night's episode left off.  No objections from me!

If you weren't blogging this series, what is your preferred episode length?  Would you want the networks to repeat the episode after midnight or on a sister network just in case?  Do you prefer watching them on Hulu or anything similar?  How do you feel about limited commercial breaks?  Trust me; if a program remains in prime time with fewer ads, those advertisers are paying more for that time.

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Corazon Indomable #48 A Great Man Falls, and The Truth is Finally Out

We start with MC feeding Don Ailing in his hospital room. Am I the only one who is bothered by the way she’s treating him like a child? He’s sad that he could never feed her when she was a baby. Carola interrupts their child play and frowny faces are had by all.

In the cockpit, Octavio and Ed are told that the Governor’s daughter is on the plane. She wants to see Octavio. He doesn’t want to, but flight attendant woman convinces him that it might be in his best interest to not make the daughter of the Governor unhappy. And she’s had a few drinks too. Can’t wait to see if she’s a happy drunk or a mean drunk.

Carola wants to buy the casino for more than she offered before because she doesn’t want any partners. She offers $5 milliion. They are shocked. Can’t yet tell if the shock is because it’s too low or real high. It seems low to me, but I have no idea what casinos go for nowadays.
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Amores Verdaderos #176 Wed 7/17/13 It is a wise father that knows his own child.*

*The Merchant of Venice, Act 2, Scene II.

The mood on the Patio is surly.  At each table stands a fully loaded lanchanerfazos.  Security has already confiscated dozens of overripe tomatoes and warned that a single tomatazo will be grounds for expulsion.  Will Ratiana really hold Frankie to his promise?

Before leaving the hospital for the night, Adriana stops to look in on the young woman who is fighting for her life.  Now she knows she is looking at her own Lucía.  Adriana intends to keep her promise to Candelaria.  No one else can know the truth right now, not even LuciLili herself.

Yawn Carlos is out of sorts.  He came back to Mexico for Adriana and now finds she is carrying another man's child.

Adriana isn't going to be pregnant much longer it seems.  She is back in her apartment when, after some overwhelming  contractions, her water breaks.  What is she going to do?  She is only seven months along.  Does she call her doctor?  Well sort of.
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Qué Bonito Amor #68 (Mex 101.2-102) Wednesday 7/17/13 Fer loses girl, Susie defends girl, Aventurero gets girl – I think.

                     Ana kisses Fer adios!
                     Santos tells his Bonita that he plans to give himself in and she doesn't agree, of course.  She suggests he wait til his father proves his innocence.  They have a moment when they both feel some queasiness and laugh when theY both realize they're having morning sickness....yeah, right. Haha.
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PEAM #93-7/17/13: Not Even Uri Could Have Spoiled Those Two Nights Of Passion!

Recap By Pablo

Somewhere around 3:15 pm (mid afternoon coffee time), at Avon, Xóchitl was talking to Jéssica.
-Now, if you allow me to tell you... started Xóchitl while a very upset Jéssica interrupted her to start to imitate Quico while threatening to go to the night club and give Natasha a lesson in ''Only one reason why you don't steal anybody's love interests''. -I will go up on the stage and drag her down beating her to a pulp!- said the gorgeous brunette.
What Jéssica doesn't know is that Natasha has the whole Karate Kid movie collection (and too much time on her hands) and she knows how to defend herself, so, I would go very carefully near her...

Somewhere around 3:30 pm Elías went to pick up Valentina from school and saw Marta Ferrer, or Dr Loca, as we know her in the Caray community, so he immediately told the teacher not to let her get too close to the girl. The hamster in her brain doesn't spin the wheel and she is dangerous. 

Somewhere around 3:45 pm, Uri gets a priceless gift. His freedom! Thanks to some maneuvers and money from Rogelio (who is always crying because he is almost broke), he is now free and he is furious! Although he swears he will never look for Jesús and/or touch him with a rose petal, much less hurt him, I am sure he will try, at least not on the face, but right there where we can not see...

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #67 (Mex 100-101.1) Tuesday 7/16/13 The more things change the more they stay the same

My apologies for any mistakes, I'm going on about 30 minutes of sleep...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Amalia and Ruben face-off

  Amalia finally seems to have grown a back bone, I doubt that her new attitude will last longer than an episode or two but let us all hold hands and cherish the fact that for one glorious moment she has seen the light and is trying to stand up for Maria and Jorge. She has called Ruben to her house and he hopes that she has finally made up her mind about turning Jorge in to the police, she tells him that this is not the case, she has called him to ask that he leave her daughter alone. Ruben tells her that everything he has done has been to try and protect Maria because he loves her (oh, gag me with a spoon!), "yes, but you also loved your wife at one point and yet you abandoned her, I'm sure the love you feel for my daughter can also disappear, Jorge has proven that he loves my daughter above all else, and I ask that you respect their love and get out of our lives", she then goes to the door, tells him that the discussion is over and asks him to leave. Ruben stands outside and says that " no one, no one treats me this way and gets away with it". I guess it sucks to be you today dear Ruben.
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Amores Verdaderos #175 Tue 7/16/13 We have Prince Charming and we have some jumping of the shark

Amores Verdaderos, Cap 175, 7-16-13—We have Prince Charming and we have some jumping of the shark

Something more will be put here later. Discuss amongst yourselves. Quick overview with more planned to be added later.

Yep, he kisses her hand and says he'll be her stand-in baby daddy. *Viewerville melts.*

It's been one of those days. I hate this. I want to do this episode more justice. I'll do that later. It might be much later today. Check back for updates. Lo siento!

For now, here's the super-short version based on a sketchy memory. Events may not be listed in order.

* Vicki tells Big Angel that if Lili survives, that she'll give up Big Angel forever, for Lili's sake. Much crying and teeth gnashing over this decision.

* Vicente is a dream come true for Adri. If that deadbeat dad Joan-Carlos doesn't want to be a daddy to Adri's baby, Vicente will! Hand kissing. Sigh.

* Roy the Boy visits Lili in the hospital, but his Prince Charming kiss doesn't awaken our Disney Princess. She dreams only of the Little Ape. (More on that later.)

* Big Angel tries to get Lili to wake up. She opens her eyes briefly. Big Angel is beside himself with grief and worry over her condition.

* Big Angel finds out that Roy the Boy is there at the hospital. Big Angel pops a cork. Roy the Boy convinces Big Angel of his sincerity. The two exchange a manly hug, united in solidarity over their love for Lili.

* Joan-Carlos is ticked off that Adriana seemed to move on so quickly. Jocelyn says, "What did you expect? You didn't want to be tied down! You snooze you lose!" Joan-Carlos says that he got to feel "love" for Adri, she's the first one that got to him feel at that level since Vicki, but I believe he still reiterated his disinterest in babies. Well you know dude, keep that thought because there's a Prince in White Scrubs that will be more than happy to step in for you, and frankly at the moment I think he's way hotter than you. (This opinion is subject to change, depending on how the plotline develops.)

* The Ho is talking to her henchman (I'll remember his name but don't ask me to give it now) about bumping off Gramps, because he's ticking her off with calling her on her B.S. and all. Henchman suggests that she can get to Gramps (Anibal) by trying to seduce him instead. She's willing to give it a shot. Gramps is a douchebag, but no dummy. He's not falling for it. (I drifted off during part of this so I could be getting some of it wrong.)

* Lili our Disney Princess dreams (literally, she sleeps and dreams) of a Disney Princess wedding to the Little Ape. Oh barf.

* Earlier Big Angel heard Lili whisper "Francisco!" when she briefly woke up, so the Little Ape goes in to visit her. She says she is slipping away, has no reason to live. Her dad Big Angel is got a baby on the way and a new woman. Lili doesn't need to stick around. She has only one dream in her life, and there's no time for it to be realized—she'd love to marry Guzmancito. Well, Guzmancito obviously can't grant her wish. Or can he?

* Guzmancito tells the awaiting crowd in the hospital waiting room that Lili has one last wish and that's to get hitched to him. Roy the Boy doesn't like the sound of it. But Nikki says that since Lili's going to check out soon, that Guzman should do this for her. The Little Ape has tears streaming down his face. (JUMPING THE SHARK, WE ARE JUMPING THE SHARK HARD.)

* Cande overhears Adri crying over Lili and (for a reason I missed, will fill in later!) realizes that she can't keep the secret of Lili's parentage a secret any longer. She pulls Adri aside and just dumps the truth on her. Doesn't give her the specifics, just that Lili is Lucia. Adri is spitting mad, incredulous, yadda yadda. Candi pleads with Adri to not let Big Angel know, because it would crush him. Adri's fondness for Big Angel and his inherent decentness doesn't take much time to kick in and she agrees that no one should know of Lili's true parentage. Poor Big Angel doesn't deserve that. She makes Candi promise that she won't say anything of this (that Adri knows the truth) to Gramps. END OF EPISODE.

AVANCES: Adri tells Vicente that Lili is "their" daughter. Adri gives birth. Joan-Carlos comes to see her. Guzmancito visits Lili and says he's willing to fulfill her dream.


PEAM, Tuesday 7/16/13 (#92): I Was Told There Would Be Pancakes.

In the avances for tonight's show, I saw Yuri stab some pancakes with a fork. I was very worried about those pancakes. I thought about them all day long. But tonight, I saw no pancakes. I watched twice.

But we don't talk about food here as if that's the only thing on our minds. We're trying to prove that we're different; we're not like those other people who show up for a recap with a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine but in the back of their minds are just thinking "chilaquiles... mole poblano... pozole..." like cavemen. Or animals. We want to distinguish ourselves as the sort of people who are above such things. Or at least the sort of people who can temporarily pretend to be above such things.

As for sex...
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Corazon Indomable, #47, Tuesday, 07/16/13 We need a miracle and a miracle we get…hopefully

 Here is the recap, guys! I apologize for any spelling mistakes, it's 2a.m. in my part of the world and I'm feeling so sleepy. I'll try to find them tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes.

At long last, Don Ailing finds out Maricruz is his daughter. And his crying is breaking my heart as he desperately squeezes MC to his chest.
The shock of the news makes him feel dizzy, though, so he asks MC to get him to a doctor, since he wants to live a little bit longer. Carola watches them – she is not amused by the touching father-daughter reunion.

Back in Mexico City, Solita is still in labor, but the baby is coming upside down and they don’t know how to communicate with the poor girl. They manage to make her push and after a lot of cringing and heavy breathing, the baby is finally out and healthily crying. He is huge and very clean, but he is such a cutie…
Tobias is waiting for news in the hallway. The doctor comes to tell him everything was fine, Solita had a healthy baby boy; she is still tired, but there is hope she will recover.

Don Ailing is in the hospital, too; he seems to be in a state of shock, as the doctor revises him and then asks to talk to MC outside the room.
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Amores Verdaderos #174 Mon 7/15/13 The drama in the hospital waiting room when a relative is fighting for her life, and the reunion long awaited, we finally peek inside the offices of 'The three Amigos Secret Service'

KenDrat runs into Anyballs and CandyEyeRoll at hospital, she fakes trying to be civilized, there for her daughter yada yada, but Anyballs is not having any. Candy does what she does best, look away every time ANyballs is rude or nasty to anyone in front of her. Then yell 'Anyball!!' Anyballs warns Kendrat to stay away from his granddaughterSSSS. They walk away. KenDrat mumbles sad old hag through her teeth.

At waiting room, JA is desperate silently praying to God not to take away his little sun. Candy and Anyballs come and ask about Lilly. She is still in surgery. Anyballs thinks Lilli is his master work. She can't die or leave like the other granddaughter. He has many plans for her future.

At the institute of Bodyguards owned by the three musketeers, Guzmi and Dances comment about JA, just when life was smiling at him finally, now this tragedy happens. Guzmi is suspicious that it was an attempt to harm or kidnap Lilli. Dances says he will push police to get on the case. Anyballs, like Guzmi thought, is already on the phone with Comm Robles (Hardwood).

Vicky is consoling JA... they comment Adri is very affected with what happened to Lilli. JA says now he understands Adri's anguish more than ever.

Anyballs and Candy in another area of waiting room, He can't wait anylonger, wants to go find doctor. Candy can't move from the agony/guilt. VIcente finally comes out. Lilli survived the surgery but her liver and intestines are very harmed. He says they need to wait 48 hrs to have a better outlook. JA insists to Vicente that Lilli can't die, begs Vic to save her. Vic assures they are doing everything possible. Vic says he understands his anguish, but can't lie saying she will be fine, it all depends how her body responds. JA insists to see her, so Vic has to let him see her.

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