Friday, December 31, 2010

1/1/11 Newsflash! From India: It's a Boy! From Brazil: It's a Boy! From Dubai: Oh... Boy!

Happy New Year to all you denizens of Caray Caray. May the coming fifty-four weeks be filled with rippling abs, bulging biceps, heaving bosoms, long legs, unbuttoned shirts, tight pants, short skirts, deceitful husbands, cheating wives, switched infants, comas, amnesias, cute smart kids, even cuter and smarter animals, steamy kisses, long showers, tasteful gratuitous sex and violence, bad wigs... well, you know what you like... hurry home each evening to see... then on your coffee break the following morning, feverishly consult the computer to discuss, dissect, and deride.

Soy Tu Dueña has wrapped, no new episodes of anything on Friday, so it's a good time to catch up on the goingson in India and Brazil, and let's also take a side excursion to Dubai since the most interesting couple in this TN is currently residing there. Unfortunately, there are not enough board certified recappers available for this show to be featured daily on Caray Caray, but it is, after all, almost certainly the most colorful and lavishly produced TN currently available here in the USA, so an occasional update here is not unwarranted.First let's see what the principal characters have been up to. As you recall Raj (handsome son of a wealthy Indian family) fell in love and mated with the skinny Brazilian girl, Duda (there must be an interesting story behind her parents' choice of that name) and she had high hopes of spending the rest of her life as an Indian princess... but Nooooo... Raj's old-fashioned parents had other plans for their brooding brown boy. He was roped into an arranged marriage with the pampered, gorgeous daughter of a similarly wealthy family.

Poor bastard. More about his plight later.

Duda's EPT turned blue (no rabbits were harmed in the detection of this pregnancy) and she turned even bluer when Raj announced his change of plans before she even had an opportunity to announce the joyous news. She considered, signed up, and even skipped breakfast for... an abortion. As she was donning the fashionable hospital gown, she had second and third thoughts, "Do I really want anyone to see me in this getup?" and bolted like a frightened bunny leaving the clinic with the little bun securely baking in her warm oven. Her BFF, Kiara , never a big Raj fan, was dismayed but supportive so... on to plan B.... wait till we have a bump to show off, then off to India to shake down Raj's family.

Raj married Maya in a modest week-long ceremony which I described in the Who's Watching India? He vaguely remembers Duda and their fun times together but that was then and this is now so let's make the best we can out of being married to perhaps the most beautiful girl in all of India... sacrifice for tradition. And sacrifice he did. He gritted his teeth and consummated his union with Maya... "Hey dude, that wasn't half bad! Duda who?"

In India, Duda and Kiara make their way to the fabric shop to begin negotiations with Opash who is devastated by the news that some of his Eastern genes have found their way into a Western womb and are busily doing their part in weaving a little bit of Indian silk into the fabric of Brazil. Having heard somewhere that the best defense is to be offensive he wonders aloud if his precious Raj is indeed the babydaddy... could be any one of the boys from Ipanema. Duda quickly offered DNA testing to assuage his doubt. Not understanding such things, Opash offers money... lots of it. He just doesn't want his happy family bothered by a little detail such as a bastard child. When she balks, he even offers to assume the child's paternity himself. Kiara thinks that a satisfactory deal can be reached so they return to Brazil to await a visit there from him.

The family priest, Pandit, who is adept at astrology sees an illegitimate child in the stars for the family, so Opash fesses up that he is the father of said child. His wife Indira is humiliated and vows to starve herself. After she flees to the bosom of her own family, he chases her down and admits that Raj is actually the culprit and that he is sacrificing himself to maintain harmony. She is utterly charmed and more in love with him than ever. The rest of he family is stunned but pleased by the reconciliation.

After an eye-opening trip to Brazil by Opash, further negotiations are pursued but he returns home with no final deal being struck. Duda makes a number of calls to India and even talks to Raj but does not reveal the pregnancy... yet. She also talks to Maya who is very jealous and sternly orders Duda to leave her man alone.

Maya, however, as you may recall, has a much bigger problem to deal with. She came into the marriage with luggage of her own in the form of a little bun in the oven placed there about two months too soon to pass off as Raj's. Her mother, upon learning the truth is scandalized but, like any good mom would... she hatches a plan with some rural kin whom she has aided in the past and who owe her big time.

Ladies, the best place in the world to be pregnant may well be India. While Duda busies herself with the mundaneness of day to day, Maya lounges about getting massages, soaking in a perfumed bath, snacking on sweets, having oil rubbed on her stretch marks, and watching the little girls and other women dance. If this were Raj's child, she wouldn't have a care in the world.

Apparently, with the first child a bride returns to her family around the seventh month so her mom can help with this difficult time and with the birthing. Before she leaves there's a little party in which everyone in both families takes turns adoring her, sprinkling flower petals on her belly, giving her gifts, feeding her sweets, and regaling the fetus with family lore. All in all, pregnancy's really not a bad gig in India.

But Koshi has a plan. "Don't unpack your bags," she tells Maya when they arrive home. Maya's all "¿Qué the Hell?" Joined by Harima, they pile into a cab and head for the boondocks. Good thing, 'cause Maya goes into labor upon arrival

and quickly (and rather easily) gives birth to a bouncing baby Dalit
Koshi takes the baby and gives him some honey (this is not a good idea, by the way) which is usually Daddy's job (again, honey is not recommended for infants). Maya holds and adores her child even as Komal and Raj, after discovering that Maya and Koshi have gone country, hurry to catch up to them.

They arrive in a tizzy, but melt on seeing the baby, even as Maya's demeanor goes dark. "That's not my son," she grimly mutters as a premature infant is passed amongst the gathered in-laws who have arrived as well. Yikes!

Raj wants to arrange for an ambulance to take the baby back to the city where there are doctors and nurses. "Not gonna happen," Koshi warns, "The kid stays here for ten days... punto." Now everyone is scowling, but Maya's scowl is the most toxic. What the heck does Koshi have up her sleeve? A double infant swap?

Meintras tanto, Duda is having her child under more familiar (to me) circumstances. Delivery room, blue drapes, bright lights, stainless steel, Dr., nurses... reminds me of my days abirthin' babies.

No swaps, no honey, no Ganges water. What to name the little critter? Maya had planned on Nihash Her friend Aida thinks that is not a good idea, too Indian. Hey, his daddy's Indian... oh, I see, that's the problem?... nevermind. Maya thinks Nihash... Enrique. Kiara thinks Enrique Nihash... ... Next!

During the past few months, Bahuan has been chasing the dollar and nursing a grudge. He set up business in the USA. He returned to India to retrieve Maya... failed. Stayed to open a restaurant (out of spite, next door to Raj's family's fabric store)... failed. Now he is in Brazil setting up a business deal with the Cadore family who are already doing business with Raj. He is insisting that Raj be in on the negotiations. He is consumed with a desire to humiliate and ruin Raj. Raj, meanwhile, is too busy being a daddy to Bahuan's son, who, for the moment anyway, has been swapped out for a more creditably premature stunt baby... Next!

Sylvia, Raul's widow is feuding with Ramiro, Raul's brother, who is trying to evict her from her home. Meanwhile Yvonne has stashed Raul in Dubai and has returned to Rio to help out her BFF, Sylvia, with her problems. She begins the aid by doing a little cleaning. She cleans all the money and Sylvia's jewelry out of the safe in Raul's study, leaving it spotless... and empty, just in time for the locksmith that Sylvia has called to open the safe (Raul died without leaving the combination for Sylvia). Oops, time for Yvonne to head back to Spain, busy, busy, busy, you know. She does tell Sylvia that it was probably the family's faithful housekeeper/cook who emptied the safe. Ondina is offended and quits, prompting Señor Cadore to leave as well, taking Ondina with him. while Ramiro helps out by cutting the power lines and water to the house.

Murilo, who has a thing for Sylvia and has already been helping her with business concerns, offers to let her stay at his place... temporarily, of course. She, who has lately been seeing him in a new light, reluctantly agrees... temporarily, of course.

Ramiro's son Tarso, who is pretty but crazy, has reached critical mass. He is hearing voices and has gone fetal. At Señor Cadore's request Dr. Castaño has been helping but Tarso's mom Melissa, a card carrying ditz has discovered and ditched the meds. His novia, Tônia, is very supportive and very much in love

but is discovering that Tarso is a long term project and very high-maintenance. There's still time to run away from this nightmare, sweetheart.

Ramiro has his problems. His feud with Sylvia is escalating. His son Tarso is deteriorating. His wife, Melissa, copes by keeping earplugs stuck in both ears. She is a real hoot, but can't come to grips with the fact that Tarso is deeply afflicted, denying that he has a problem. His dad, Señor Cadore has decided to move in with Ramiro and his family and has brought Ondina with him. More and more Ramiro is turning to his personal assistant Gaby for comfort and now realizes that he has a lustful interest in her. She shares this interest, but feels like he needs a therapist more than a mistress right now.

I'm disappointed because I thought that he is a faithful husband and that she is a loyal friend to Melissa. Oh well...

Ravi, Raj's little brother is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Camila, his computer-novia, to arrive in India with her sister and friend. He's hoping to put them up at the family manse, but that looks about as likely Osama bin Laden playing a shepherd in next year's Christmas pageant. In fact Amithab has the family priest/matchmaker looking for a suitable wife for the lad. He wants to preserve Chanti's virtue (he found her studying in a locked computer room at school with a little boy... kids these days!) by marrying her off, but because Ravi's older, he must marry first. Sorry Ravi, fair's fair.

In Dubai, Humberto is alternatively exuberant over his exciting new life and wistful over the old one with a loving wife and family. The grass is always greener... Well, it may not matter much because I don't think Humberto/Raul is destined to walk this earth for much longer. As I've said, I think that Yvonne has long-term plans for his money and sort term plans for him. While she was away helping his widow, Sylvia, he busied himself by purchasing a condo. "Good boy! Now sit! "
Meanwhile, the Motta girls, Camila, her sister Leiña, and Raul's daughter, Julia have a layover in Dubai and have decided to check out the city. Will they run into Raul... er... uh... Humberto and Yvonne as they explore? Well, the show is still young, sooo... maybe not, but you can bet they'll come close.

César, Camila's dad was arrested for non-payment of child support after his first wife filed a complaint. His current frisky wife, Ilana, enjoyed showing Opash Rio de Janeiro's points of interest while he visited, maybe just a bit too much, he was scandalized when he found out she is married, "Are baba!" César's churlish son Zeca is still a bully prompting a PSA concerning... bullying.

Must be a problem in Brazil as well. César did agree to foot the bill for the girls' Indian excursion.

I realize this is complex and confusing. There are characters I have not mentioned. If there is anything that I've omitted that you would like to add or correct or to ask about, please feel free.

Friday's episode had a live performance at the dance club of the romantic theme of Maya and Bahuan, Não Se Esqueça De Mim, by Nana Caymmi and Erasmo Carlos.

Earlier in the week Ademir (our more compliant schizophrenic) helped Dr. Castaño in his quest to win over Suelen by suggesting that he dance with another lady. He did and Suelen became jealous and broke in. They make a cute if vertically mismatched couple.

At the end of Friday's show it was announced that we are entering a nueva etapa (a new phase). If you've not been watching, this is a good time to jump in.



Eva Luna #40 Thu 12/30/10 Gun-ho BimButt hunts Tall ridinghood through the woods

martaivett wrote:

We see Gunho-BimButt driving Eva to a very secluded/out of the way but painting-worthy nature place (lugar muy pintoresco).

Leo enters Gunho-BimButt’s bedroom, he is shocked at what he sees, he spots the bullets box, realizes Gunho-BimButt took his dad’s gun.. ‘It Can’t be!’, he runs out…

Dano keeps on trying to get info from Renata about Gunho-BimButt, but all she can tell him is Gunho-BimButt and Eva left together, and that Gunho-BimButt was in a hurry.. This all worries Dano…

Leo enters Jolly-O’s bedroom, he is sound asleep (must be a heavy sleeper), Leo confirms Gunho-BimButt took his gun.

Renata tells Marcela about Daniel’s calls asking for Eva. Marce says it is the pits. Renata nags that Dan was offended when she would not put Gunho-BimButt on phone or give him info, and she even offered to take a message for Gunho-BimButt.

Leo comes over, says Gunho-BimButt is not in her room, Renata tells Marce Gunho-BimButt left with Eva.

Dano keeps calling Eva’s cel (since when does she have a cell?) but it is in her room night table.

Gunho-BimButt and Eva arrive at a place which seems very out of the way. Eva insists that the place is empty and she would rather wait for the production staff. Gunho-BimButt convinces Eva to get out of the car and look for the other staff people for the photo session.

Back at Misery manor, Renata and Marce keep crossing notes with Leo about Gunho-BimButt …

Dano calls Gunho-BimButt, Gunho-BimButt says she is working. Dano acts curious and hides his anxiety as much he can but he is not doing such a good job at it. He asks her why is it such a mystery about her location. Gunho-BimButt replies we all have our mysteries, things we don’t want others to find out. He says he heard she took Eva with her. Gunho-BimButt asks if he wanted to contact her or Eva. Dano insists he just wanted to know where they are. Gunho-BimButt ends up putting Eva on the phone with Dano. Eva is surprised at Gunho-BimButt giving her the phone…

Back at Misery Manor, Marcela is mad that Gunho-BimButt did not want to wait for her to take action. Leo says she took dad’s gun.. Leo tells Marce Vicky is out of control! Marce asks why he says that, he says Gunho-BimButt trashed her room and took his dad’s gun with her.

Dano asks Eva where they are, but she says only Gunho-BimButt knows… Said Gunho-BimButt insists in not giving Dano their whereabouts and acting very casual about it being a regular photo shoot. Then Gunho-BimButt fakes that the connection broke and she cant hear him. Dano is worried sick.

Back at Misery Manor, Marcela tells Leo that if Gunho-BimButt is planning on going through with killing Eva, she hopes Gunho-BimButt chose a secluded place with no witnesses. Leo has a flashback of their childhood and realizes Gunho-BimButt took Eva to a house/property that belongs to them out in the countryside. ‘the woods, where we have our house’. Marce is very worried that if Gunho-BimButt does it in a property that belongs to them, the police will investigate. Leo agrees with her. Marcela hurries Leo to go there to find her.

In the car Gunho-BimButt insists in it all being alright, wants to talk about her life, Eva’s life and Daniel. Isn’t Daniel handsome? (well, do we need to answer that?? LOL) Eva does not feel like engaging in a conversation about Daniel. Eva asks if maybe they postponed the photo shoot, since she does not see anyone else around. Gunho-BimButt again sends Eva walking on her own, stays behind to get her things and purse and will catch up with her.

At Villanueva manor, Dano talks to Fran about Gunho-BimButt’s dissappearance with Eva, Fran wants Dano to calm down. He does not understand Dano’s anxiety. It is not the first time Gunho-BimButt takes Eva as her assistant. But Dano is concerned this job came suddenly, he has a gut feeling something is wrong. Fran asks if Gunho-BimButt already suspects about Eva and him, Dano says no, but still he feels very uneasy, something tells him he has to go find Eva… Fran is not able to hold him back.

Marisol and Alicia exchange stories about their big adventures and announcements. Alicia says she met a spectacular man who might even have more millions than Marisol’s man… the possible problem is… he is Tony’s boss. He gave her his phone, she called him… Marisol asks if she is sure of what she is doing. Alicia says she thought about it and he is the only one that can get her out of the poor ranks.

At Villanueva manor, Fran is doing same with Jackie. Jackie is surprised he proposed to her. Jackie is trying to build some sense into Fran, he keeps insisting his girl will forgive his ‘white lies’. Fran tells Jackie that she will need to get a nice dress and a makeover because he is going to invite her to his wedding, and then his pockets will be full of money. Jackie is so upset she shrieks when he leaves and takes it on the onions she was cutting up… Fran peeks back and she claims the onions are making her mad/upset.

Back at pension, Marisol says be careful, Tony will get angry when he finds out. Alicia says she doesn’t care. What about you? Marisol tells her he declared his love and proposed to her. They both get jumping for joy in the couch. She is getting married!

Dano has made it to Misery Manor, He anxiously sends Renata to let Marcela know he has to talk to her. Marcela tells Renata not now… But when Renata comes back and tells Dano Marcela won’t see him, he tells Renata she has to oblige to Marcela’s orders but he doesn’t so he barges toward Marcela’s room.

Meanwhile Eva is out in the woods getting lost (doesn’t this woman know she should stay close to where the car is to not get lost?) Gunho-BimButt is pointing the gun at Eva and saying ‘it is your time, Eva’. Just as she is about to pull the trigger, Leo arrives to prevent it and they wrestle for the control of the gun. Leo tells Gunho-BimButt she must be thankful to him for arriving in time to prevent her from doing something crazy.

GBB: She would never notice what I was about to do!!

Leo: Maybe not her, but perhaps the police would! This land is ours! And if you commit a crime they would be investigating us!!

Gunho-BimButt won’t bulge, she still wrestles him for the gun to kill Eva.

Eva is still lost, there is noone here, she thinks Gunho-BimButt took them to the wrong location.

Dano finally gets to Marcela’s room… Immediately asks her where did Gunho-BimButt go. Marcela asks him if he is suddenly interested in her daughter again. Dano is in no mood for games, he needs to find out where Gunho-BimButt went.

Leo is driving Gunho-BimButt back but all she can think of is jumping out of his car to go kill Eva, She really looks like she lost some marbles… Leo is having a hard time controlling her and driving at the same time… (I guess he decided to leave Eva behind and send for her later) Gunho-BimButt is mad at him for getting in her way. He won’t allow her to commit a crazy thing. If she kills Eva, her life is over. Gunho-BimButt replies she doesn’t care, all he cares is that she doesn’t kill Eva because he too is crazy about Eva. But sooner or later, she will kill her!

Eva finally makes it back to Gunho-BimButt’s car and now Gunho-BimButt is nowhere to be found either, she is undecided as to where to find her. She decides to go look for Gunho-BimButt around.

Marcela is telling Dano she is confused about his sudden interest in Gunho-BimButt again.. first he breaks the engagement, tells Gunho-BimButt he does not love her, never loved her, and now he is back looking frantically for Gunho-BimButt. Doesn’t it sound weird? Dano insists that whatever happens between her daughter and him is only of their own concern and is not willing to give her any explanations. Marcela keeps asking why he is so interested and Dano insists he simply needs to find her. Marcela keeps trying to confuse him with guilt trips, asking him if he is not looking for Gunho-BimButt to take her with him to choose his tux for the wedding. Dano says No!! HE did not change his mind!! He will not marry Gunho-BimButt, he will never marry her. Marcela says who knows, Dano… who knows. Then she tries to offer him a whiskey or cognac. Dano stares at her wondering if she herself has a loose screw.

Leo and Gunho-BimButt arrive at the driveway, she is shouting loud enough that if the house walls are not sound-proof, everyone inside should hear them. Leo keeps asking her why do something so dirty, they would wind up dead and Gunho-BimButt in jail. Gunho-BimButt insists she wants to see Eva dead. Leo says if she really wants to see Eva dead, then fine! but hire someone to do it for her, don’t dirty her own hands.

Inside, Marcela keeps insisting all she is after is her daughter’s wellbeing, and Dano says that was never his intention. Marcela claims that her daughter was a happy, positive, successful woman until Dano finished her off, he caused her a lot of harm in the last few days. Marcela insists that Gunho-BimButt is desperate and needs his love to get out of this hole. Dano says no, you are wrong! she is ill (esta mal) and you (Marce) are unwilling to understand that!! Gunho-BimButt tried to kill herself and noone in their sane judgement would try to end their own life! Only someone who is totally out of control goes to that extreme! And he will not keep making her believe they will get married and be happy!!

Leo asks Gunho-BimButt if Eva or Dano know that she has evidence of their betrayal. Gunho-BimButt says no, they don’t know. Leo says it has to stay that way, she cannot let them know it. Be patient. Gunho-BimButt is not willing to be patient. Leo insists that they will fall for their own betrayal. They need to find a way to get Eva to hate Daniel and for Daniel to hate Eva. But Gunho-BimButt is not willing to wait for long and have to withstand what she is feeling. Leo asks her to trust him. HE will take care of it. Neither of us like to be betrayed, right?… but we won’t risk ourselves either. Gunho-BimButt asks him if he will really come through for her. He assures her. Gunho-BimButt threatens him that if he does not come through for her he will pay, and he already saw how far she can go.

Inside, Marce keeps insisting in the guilt trip for Dano telling him she never expected his treating Gunho-BimButt like this, and nags about how much they have done for him and how much they love him. Dano says he loves them too, he has always done right by Gunho-BimButt but lately she has dissappointed him and has gone to such extremes that… Marce keeps on twisting the knife that if Gunho-BimButt has changed and is now crazy it is his fault. Gunho-BimButt was a perfect girl, normal! And he changed her. If she changed it was his fault! He cannot abandon her now. Marcela says she is afraid Gunho-BimButt will try to commit suicide again. Marcela claims that Gunho-BimButt asks him for help and he comes up with excuses to not be at her side. Dano says no way, the only help she needs is proffessional. IT is out of his hands. Marce insists it is, … at that moment Gunho-BimButt comes in. Dano asks Gunho-BimButt where she was. But Gunho-BimButt just gives him a huge slap and huffs away to her room.

Meahwhile Leo has summoned Armando the driver to go to the house in the country/mountain to find Eva. Leo asks Armando not to tell anyone about it, least of all Daniel. But Aurelia heard it all, apparently.

Marce digs more into Dano asking him if he can see that her daughter is begging for his help by her shouting (a gritos)… He rebutes rather by her pounding him. (a golpes)… Marce claims her daughter would be incapable of that unless he provokes her… Dano loses his cool and shouts back at her that her daughter needs psychiatric help. Leo comes to them and tells Dano the story that Gunho-BimButt’s car broke and Eva stayed in the car waiting for the towtruck. Marce makes a smart-ass remark saying it is logical, since Eva is house help (it would be her place to be the one left behind). But he sent Armando for Eva already, so don’t worry. Dano is angry, asks Leo where the car broke. Leo insists that they are already on the way to get the car and Eva. Dano leaves in a huff.

In the happy woods, Eva is still lost…

Aurelia catches Dano at the Misery Manor driveway (she was about to run to his house to see him). Dano notices she is anxious and she tells him she heard something that worries her and she knows where Eva is.

Marce asks Leo to explain to her what happened. Leo tells her the truth, that when he arrived Gunho-BimButt was about to shoot Eva. Marce insists Gunho-BimButt was just defending her love. Leo says what love? His sister is crazy, only a crazy person behaves that way. We already lost her. If he did not get there in time she would have killed Eva. Marce says Eva asked for it. This surprises even Leo (why?). How can she say that?? HE can’t believe she would say something like that. Marce insists she would never allow his sister to sink herself for someone like hungry-nobody Eva. Leo insists Marce do something to stop Gunho-BimButt. Gunho-BimButt is really in trouble and only Marce can end her crazyness.

Armando has arrived at Gunho-BimButt’s car, calls for Eva but no answer.

Marce is with Gunho-BimButt in her room, after the storm comes the calm. During the calm is when we get what we want. She won’t reprieve Gunho-BimButt anything, she understands her. Gunho-BimButt says she wants Eva dead. Marce agrees. But there are many ways to kill someone. You can annull her, hurt her, take her out of the way and watch her suffer, without the need to get your own hands dirty. Less for some ho__ like her. Gunho-BimButt cries, What can she do to get Eva out of Dano’s heart? Gunho-BimButt knows Dano fell in love with her and that is why she wants to kill her. Marce will help her. Marce asks her if she told Eva anything about the photos. Gunho-BimButt says no. Good, says Marce. Remember the enemy should be kept nearby. Eva will be received as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, she will think of something to sink her in Dano’s eyes. Just give me some time. You will see that Dano will come back to beg Gunho-BimButt to go back with him.

Jolly-O is with Max, just woke up from a nap. He is curious that Eva has not arrived with his dinner. Renata comes with dinner, tells Jolly-O Eva left with Gunho-BimButt for a job. Renata serves him his dinner and goes to fetch him his medicine. Jolly-O is mad that they took Eva away again without first consulting with him. Renata repeats that Eva must have been in a hurry and that is why she did not tell him. Renata insists that she can do everything and there is no need for Eva in this house. Jolly-O says, oh yeah? You can do it all?? Then take Max out for his walk. Renata obliges, Jolly-O laughs watching Renata haul Max away.

Armando arrives to the house and tells Leo he could not find Eva. Leo asks him how he expects Eva to make it back alone. Armando says maybe she will with Mr Daniel. Leo is not happy to hear that. Armando cannot assure him it was Daniel but he thinks so.

In the not-so-happy woods, Eva begins to see some wild dogs run around and gets really scared. Then she grabs a long wood pole and tries to defend herself with it. But she falls down and begins to yell ‘My God!! Help!!’

As if feeling that Eva is in danger, Jolly-O is about to dump his coffee in the plant but does not make it, seems to have a breathing issue and yells for Renata. When an alarmed Renata rushes to him, he asks her for water. She insists to call the doctor but he says it passed already, don’t bother. Meanwhile Max is slurping the spilled coffee…

In the woods, someone approaches Eva by shoulder and she turns and screams… After commercial break we see its DANO to the rescue!! She is super scared… she hurt her ankle. He is very conforting for her. She is so glad that he is there.

E: How did you get here?

D: Aurelia told me where you were.

E: Aurelia?

D: I will tell you later. But I could barely find you! Why did you get deep in the woods? Why did you not stay close to Gunho-BimButt’s car waiting for the tow truck?

E: What tow truck? What are you talking about?

D: What do you mean what tow truck? According to Leo, Gunho-BimButt called him because her car broke. He came for her! You had stayed in the car waiting for the tow truck!

E: That is not true! Gunho-BimButt sent me to the forest to look for the production staff and she went back to her car to get some things! And then I could not find her and got lost! Then something terrible happened! (leans on his shoulder) I feel so bad… I am really scared! (Visibly worried about her, he holds her tight to make her feel safe)

Renata is checking on Jolly-O, he says it is good now. No need to call the doctor. IT was just a scare. Or a temporary muscle spasm. Renata insists in calling doc. He gets more loud saying NO!! he tells Max not to lick any more of that stuff.

D: Take it easy. My love, I can’t believe that all this was just coincidence! There is something very strange behind all this!

E: Why are you saying that?

D: I don’t know why I am saying it. But you have had enough happening for one day. Let’s go. I will take you to the car. Can you stand up?

E: No… it hurts too much… ay… I can’t.

D: Hug me. (put your arms around me)… That’s it. Come… (he carries her to the car)

Jolly-O insists he will take his medicine with water. Renata insists it tastes too bad to take it with water. Jolly-0 yells at her to just go and come back later to clean up the mess. Once she leaves he tells himself he will never again take that nasty medicine.

At the car… Dano drops Eva right at the door.

D: Does it hurt much?

E: No, it is much better now.

D: (he is caressing her hair and back) When we get back I will take you to the doctor to look you up.

E: That won’t be necessary.

D: Shall we go? (he holds her door for her)

Armando tells Leo he saw Dano drive over to the road that leads to the country house. Leo gets mad at Armando… and then after Armando leaves he talks to himself calling Dano stupid and calling himself an embezzle for not having gone to get Eva himself. He thinks correctly that at this moment Eva and Dano must be together alone.

At the car, Dano goes to turn the car on and realizes he is out of gas. Eva is worried.

Gunho-BimButt is with Claudia asking her if she remembers when Gunho-BimButt said she was suspicious of Eva being Dano’s woman and Claw thought she was crazy. Claw says yes, I remember. Gunho-BimButt says I was right, and shows her the pictures. Claudia is shocked.

At the car…

E: What are we going to do.?

D: I don’t know. Can you walk to the main road?.

E: No. Why don’t you go on your own and get someone to help us and I will wait here?

D: NO! I would be crazy to leave you here alone again! (she smiles) I think … we have no option but wait until daylight to go get some help.

E: Alone you and me all night?

D: Yes… you and me… alone… You trust me, right?

E: Yes…

D: Good. (holds her hands) Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I will stay here with you all night.

E: You promise?

D: I swear it to you.

At pension, Alicia catches Marisol on her way to work. Alicia asks why she is going. Marisol says as long as she is not a millionaire, she has to keep on going after the pork chops (seguir yendo a perseguir la chuleta, meaning she has to keep on making her living) Alicia again insists in Marisol taking her to work. Marisol gives the same excuse as always, long night, many drunks, loud music, she would not be comfortable there…

Claw is in disbelief… Gunho-BimButt tells her she was half a second away from killing her. Claw says her revenge would have cost her years of jail. Gunho-BimButt says that would have spent all her life locked as long as that couple traitors were not together.

At car, Dano has built a bonfire. He goes back to the car and embraces Eva and they hear some wild dogs…

E: A coyote!! IT is dangerous if it is close, no?

D: Hey, hey,… I can protect you, no?..(she smiles and he embraces her) Take it easy.

Claw tells Gunho-BimButt it is curious that when Gunho-BimButt was telling her that Leo was interested in Eva, it was Daniel who was involved with her. Gunho-BimButt rebutes that for her information, Leo is also drooling for Eva the ‘naca’. Or why do you think he dumped you? Claw says it doesn’t matter, I got what I wanted. Gunho-BimButt asks what that is. Having his child. Yes, my friend, you will be an aunt soon.This does not seem to go down easy on Gunho-BimButt.

At car, Dano has turned it up a notch, this is major smooching and foreplay at its best… Eva is visibly out of breath and uncomfortable.

D: What is the matter?

E: Nothing…. Why don’t we rather rest so we will be fine tomorrow?
D: No, no,no! Forget about tomorrow… are you afraid?

E: Afraid of what?

D: OF letting yourself go with this we are feeling?

(more foreplay and necking… she stops him again..)

E: Stop it, please, Daniel.

D: Why? Eva, if you and I love each other… and we will love each other forever… for the rest of our lives… (more smooching) … Eva, my love… do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? Eh? … eh? (this opens up Eva’s eyes, she is shocked)


[after living a hell, Eva was rescued by Daniel… and this coming Monday…]

D: I want you to be mine forever…

E: Swear to me you are not playing with me.

[The declaration that will change the direction of the story]

D: I need you at my side!...

[the question everyone was waiting for]

D: Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

[This is the moment!]

D: Tell me yes (that you will)… (she has deer in the headlights shock stare)


Llena de Amor #98 (Mex. 103) Thu 12/30/10 Talk, don't sneer; act, don't fear; wear camo, and hear.

Feliz Cumpleaños a JudyB!!!

Last night we left Ilitia and Eman fuming at MariVicky’s rebuff, but Eman’s got a bigger problem than his damaged ego. Ilitia declares war on MariVicky and I’m thinking Eman will soon feel like he’s trapped in a sack with two feuding felines.

Speaking of rebuffs, Axel goes to the jail to apologize to Delicia and he strikes out again. He swears to get her out of jail but he’s too late because our Delicious has already been released. She scampers off as Brandon advises Axel to comb his hair. Just kidding! He advises Axel to chill out.

Uh huh! MariVicky can’t stop thinking about Eman’s big blubbery kiss when suddenly she is interrupted by… the unshaven one himself. I don’t mean to sound cranky but is he becoming a stalker or what? He tries to apologize for the kiss (that it happened, not the technique) and she tells him he’s much worse than Mari ever said. He’s a liar, a manipulator and ambitious. He tried to steal Mari’s inheritance so that makes him a thief!

Speaking of thieves (Don’t you just love these TN segues? I sure do.) Lowman thanks Malicio for helping to find his son. They are friends again, brothers in fact. Lowman has another favor to ask. He needs help finding another person, he wants to find the jerk-off who violated his daughter on her wedding day so he can kill him with his own hands. Malicio breaks into a sweat and starts exercising his neck in anticipation.

Muñeca is playing hide and seek with Manzanita and Christian; the playful music suddenly turns sinister signifying that something foul is afoot. Christian is missing. Fidel shows up to help and I feel better already. Do I perhaps have a tiny crush on our dapper chauffeur? The cutest part of this scene – Muñeca and Manzanita do an ‘uno dos tres’ and yell for Christian in unison.

More nose-to-nose arguing between Eman and MV. Andres interrupts them to say the photo shoot is ready, Mari smirks and Eman announces Ilitia is the model and Vicky had better behave herself. At least this time she gives him an uber-smirk instead of the dead fish stare.

Over at the pension Oliver tells the ladies that he’s trying to get Gman to stay but the poor stubborn fool is packing his bags. Gladiola advises that Gman is rather, um, unrestrained with Oli and his unbridled passions will eventually explode, right Consuelo? (Insert stink eye.) Oliver tells the ladies to be careful and not compare apples and oranges! He only wants to watch out for the poor little dude’s back. Gman rapidly skulks downstairs but is stopped by Oli and the dames. Nety insists s/he stay and is rewarded by the signature Gman clinch.

Fedra thanks Bernardo for taking care of Max but now they need to attend to Gretel. She’s sure that Benigno is somehow involved so she summons him and tells him to fess up or he’s a dead man.

MariVicky whines to Andres about Eman hiring his wife. Andres sets her straight, Ilitia is an international model in her own right. He tells her to cut the guy some slack because he’s had a tough couple of years. He lost his true love Lna Gorda and he was crazy for her. Andres assures her that he knows his best friend and he was in love with his Gordita Hermosa, period. MV likes the sound of that.

Brandon, the only cop in town, is at Muñeca’s investigating Christian’s disappearance. Lowrenzo shows up, hears that the kid is missing, and totally freaks out. True to form he blames “stupid” Muñeca. Punch him Fidel!! Muñeca is the only one with a plan and advises Lowman she will go to his office to make a public plea. Fidel glares at him and is rewarded with a “what are you looking at, idiot?”

Lowman’s phone rings and it’s Garduño with the threat du jour. Gardo wasn’t happy about Lowman’s friendship with Malicio but at least it led him to the kid. Now Lowman has twelve hours to pay back all the money that his “pal” Mauricio owes Gardo if Lowman wants to see his spawn again.

Oh how sweet, Bernardo is giving Benigno a neck massage. Not! It’s some sort of pseudo-strangle-threat designed to make him confess. He swears he’s innocent as Spidey starts pulling out his cornucopia of weapons trying to decide which one he’ll use. (This reminds me of a scene from some movie, what is it?) The guns and knives pile up on the table and Fedra announces that THIS is the one; I think it’s the knife she found way back when. Benigno throws some green fluffy algae thing at Fedra which allows him to make his escape. I’m confused, this was supposed to scare them?

So we get some Keystone cop chase scene through the house, outside the house, around the house, hiding in the house. The best part is watching Fedra try to run in her super high heels, really makes her butt look big. Luckily Benigno gets away and Fedra is sidetracked by a frantic Lowrenzo who pleads, “Please, you have to loan me three million dollars!” Just another day with the filthy rich.

Let’s move on to another stupid commercial at the studio. This time it’s Ilitia making love to a shampoo bottle and so far it’s the best commercial they’ve done in my opinion. Oh hell, the rapey snake just showed up to clap for his favorite victim. She looks like a whipped puppy and cowers in the protective embrace of Eman.

Fedra suggests to Lowman that he get the money from his rich wife but the dude is seriously desperate. He begs, he wheedles, he whines, he gets on his knees, for the sake of their relationship pretty pleeeeeeeze? She guffaws and lays it out for him…not one centavo will she pay for having him in her bed, and when she wants him around she’ll call him, now beat it!

Lowman stares out the window and swears Fedra will regret this. He’s going to hurt her where it hurts the most. He spies Kristel sunning herself and approaches her like a lion stalking his prey. Wow she looks lovelier than ever, even prettier than her mother. She’s perfect, just perfect for his new campaign. She’s ready to sign! “I’m perfect,” she sighs happily, a little crazily. She’s doomed.

Ilitia begs Eman to get rid of Mauricio and Eman, for all his density, just does it. Thank goodness cuz Orangey is the creepiest ever.

Muñeca and Brandon rush in and announce that Christian is missing and they’re about to issue their version of an Amber Alert.

MariVicky is in her office obsessing over the memory of a distraught Eman who misses his Gordita Hermosa, the love of his life. She recalls the orphaned kiddies doting on him and Delicia singing his praises. More man tears and she sighs Dios Mio did our love die because of me? We’ve got to talk!

Eman’s studio is prepping for Muñeca’s announcement and Ilitia can’t help but needle Brandon for once again showing up with her mother. Brandon accuses her yet again of being jealous. She deliberately kisses Eman to annoy Brandon and bonus! MariVicky shows up and she’s annoyed too.

Delicia is free, her little bag is packed, and Nereida throws D’s final check at her. Paula’s worried, where will Delicia go? It’s hard to find work. Axel enters and begs her not to leave but it’s too little to late for the delicious one. She tells him to sing his songs to some other sucker, she’s outta here.

Helloooo, its commercial time and everyone is waiting for Eman and Ilitia to stop making out. Is this weird or what? Muñeca’s waiting. Brandon’s waiting. Doris is waiting. MariVicky faints, which is one way to break up the smooch fest and piss of the wifey. Muñeca’s not happy either, she just wants to record the commercial!

Lowman shows up at the office all in a dither about Christian and tells the folks to let Muñeca know he’s in his office. Moments later Kristel scuttles in. She’s looking for her big break and the office staff is just looking down their noses. Money sure can’t buy respect.

MariVicky comes out of her faint and she and Ilitia bitch at each other. Right now I’m thinking they are both totally useless.

Lowman pumps up Kristel the until she is ready to kiss him (on the cheek), he’s like a father! Who should walk in to witness these fatherly kisses but Orangey and he ain’t happy. Kristel’s on cloud nine because she’s going to “top model" the biggest brand of intimate apparel, w00t! And out she flits like a delirious mariposa.

Orangey tells Lowman to keep his hands of his little caramel candy, aren’t they friends? Lowman retorts that thanks to Agent O the traitor he’s lost his son. This is where I get a little confused. I think Lowman announces to Agent O that he’s no longer associated with the company’s campaign? Bad news for Orangey because he owes money to Garduno ever since his stolen merchandise was stolen by el Lirio de Plata.

Emiliano tells Eman that Lorenzo recommends Mau be off the campaign due to dirty dealings. Eman is thrilled, Mau not so much. Mau begs his dad in law (suegro) to cut him a break but Emiliano advises Mau that his relationship with the agency and his daughter is on shaky ground.

Fedra and Spidey are drinking (again) because Benigno escaped. They highlight their recent successes (Max, the inheritance) and downplay their recent failures (Benigno, Gretel). These two are a scream. He: You’re marvelous, brilliant! She: Shut up.

They recap their nefarious escapades and discuss what Fedra will do with the money. Vacation in Cancun? As they snicker, someone disguised in camo is hiding behind a flower arrangement listening to their every word.

Orangey thinks Garduño should forgive his debt but Gardo says all Orangey has done has bought himself two weeks. Pay up or die. Kristel breaks his revery so Orangey whines to her to convince daddy to bring him back into the fold. She says easy, ask for her hand! He says no way, marriage kills love, got it? She says then I’m not talking to daddy, got it? He becomes mean, he’ll never marry her, her lip quivers.

Muñeca makes her commercial pleading for Christian’s return. Doris comments to Brandon isn’t it strange that the kid’s name is Christian just like Begoña’s kid? Brandon thinks it’s even weirder that they haven’t heard from her in two years, kind of like Marianela.

Eman tells MariVicky she can’t go with Brandon and Doris, she has to stay at the studio and complete the details of Muñeca’s ad, duh. They argue. Again. Ilitia is satisfied because MV hates Eman.

MV gripes so much about Eman that Brandon is supicious. Why is Eman so important to her and why did his kiss with Ilitia bother her so much? Is she in love with him? Oh wait, that was our finale…”ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH HIM?”

Aguas, aguas! = Be careful! (From the days when people threw their, ahem, dirty water out their upper windows, they would yell “Aguas” to warn the people below.)
Desbocado = unbridled, rampant, unrestrained
Engendro = spawn, monster
No confundas la gimnasia con la magnesia = Don’t confuse apples with oranges
¿Qué me ves idiota? = What are you looking at, idiot?



La Verdad Oculta EP74 12/30/2010 – Ridiculously good-looking folks in the seaside Paradise

* Bertha sneaks into the Genovés villa to ransack Mario’s desk. When she leaves the study, she meets David and his admirers, who’s just arrived back from the hospital. Busted. However, she plays the innocent girl whose intentions are purer than snow till death and leaves the house. Alejandra shows up at the stairs with a suitcase and she says goodbye to everyone.

*In the neighbouring house there’s another pretty girl who says goodbye to her family. After she leaves very depressed Chicles begins asking Juan José about the sea. The big guy notices the kid’s sadness and he decides that Chicles is going with them to the sea.

* David tells Abelardo that now he completely trusts Gabriela and he knows how stupid his jealousy was. Abelardo says his feeling were natural, there were so many people who tried to mess with his mind. Dora and Gaby enter the room and the young couple make Dora melt twice by calling her Mom and mother-in-law.

* Caramelo, uncle Mauricio and auntie Elsa arrive at Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Cara can’t wait more, she wants to see the water! The two girls run to the beach and they look at the beautiful sea like they were standing in front of the eighth wonder of the world.

* While the girls are having fun in the water, Garnica, Juan José, Alejandra and Chicles also arrive at the hotel. Alejandra becomes very jealous when she realizes Elsa is going to spend the holiday with them and Chicles shows too much interest in Garnica’s strange suitcase.

* In the Guilléns’ flat Gabriela learns more details about her mother’s death. Fausto tells her Adolfo did the same to Marta as he did to Gaby, he tried to use her for smuggling. Maybe she threatened him with calling the police and that’s why he killed her. He begs Gaby to not tell Julieta about it but Gaby says her sister has every right to know about their past, and by the way, she’s already told her everything she knows. Her father has to trust the people who love him. Fausto thanks to her for understanding and loving him.

* Late in the night the lovebirds take a walk on the shore. JJ would like to know why doesn’t Alejandra want to stay with him in his apartment. Maybe because he has to work and they can’t leave Chicles alone anyway? However, he can visit her anytime in her room. That sounds great! And now let’s talk about her famous tiny bikinis…

* Zaida calls Garnica: guess who’s she just met? Adolfo Ávila! She heard a few things about their businesses… and a letter. Garnica warns her to be careful and don’t dare side with Adolfo. Don’t forget, he got her out of prison! Anyway, the letter is about Carlos Ávila and Juan José Victoria’s innocence, yaddayaddayadda.

* While Gaby and Dora are building the perfect mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship in the kitchen, FaustoMario and David talk about how strange life is. If he hadn’t fleed, he would’ve ended up in a prison and his daughters would’ve been raised in an orphanage. David objects, Mario wouldn’t have let that happen, he would’ve taken care of her. Yes, but then they would’ve been raised as siblings, says Fausto. Gaby comes in with dinner and FaustoMario leaves. David mentions his father is very tired, that’s why they need her help so much. Gaby swears she’ll do everything she can to be useful. Oh yeah, smiles David, he knows she will.

* Next morning Alejandra shows up at the swimming pool wearing one of her cute, tiny, small, little, chiquitito bikinis. Juan José eyes almost pop out of his head, and after accepting the fact that he has work to do and he has to leave his hot, sunbathing girl alone and 85% naked, he joins Garnica and Medina.

* In Mexico City Leonardo and Paulita, aka Team “We are cool, we are brilliant and we want a new wife and mommy” show up at Julieta’s doorstep to ask her to join them on their entertaining father-daughter day at the funfair. Of course! While she’s looking for her purse in the bedroom, Paula says she likes Juli and thinks she and her father should become a couple. Shh, shh, psst!

* The members of The Rich Club have their first official business meeting. Medina and engineer Gustamante know exactly what they are talking about, Garnica knows what he wants to achieve with the project, but Juan José doesn’t understand much about the negotiations. He gets a phonecall from Asunción and they are talking about “that guy” while Garnica is listenting to his words tensely.

* Julieta and the Faidellas have a great day together. Sunshine, fun, delicious food, meaningful stares, caresses and a heartwarming hand-kiss.

* At the seaside JJ goes back to Alejandra and he admits he sucks at business stuff. Alejandra offers him her help, which he gladly accepts. Now they can be together day and night... Especially at night. Their conversation is interrupted by Moby Dick of Jalisco who wants to join Caramelo on the beach. The air freezes for a second as Alejandra imagines Juan José and his ex best friend spending time together, but JJ quickly gets rid of both her jealousy and his clothes. *Viewerville: two awesome bodies*Down on the beach they meet sunbathing Elsa *three awesome bodies* and Caramelo, whose beautiful sand castle is immediately ruined by Moby Chicles. The adults act like puzzled teenagers from high school: jealous Alejandra plays the seductive alpha female cheerleader, JJ tries to act like he isn’t even there, and Elsa wishes she was on the other side of the world at the moment. Medina shows up, too *four awesome bodies but we hate that shirt*, he notices Elsa’s strange expression but he manages to cheer her up by paying her sweet compliments.

* In the snack bar mini detective Paulita asks Leo about what happened to his arm. Oh, it was just an accident, a colleague of him shot him while they were practicing. Does he like his job? Very much, darling. Isn’t it dangerous? Yes, a little bit, but nothing bad can happen to them in their home. Doesn’t he want to return the ranch? Que? A ranch? The Faidellas tell Julieta they have a farm in the countryside and they invite her and Fausto for a vacation someday. *Viewerville: that would be Soy tu stud 2*

*After a short truce the kids bicker again – now about letters and writing. Mauricio asks Elsa about Chicles and invites her for a romantic dinner. Juan José surely would take care of Caramelo while they are away.

* Speaking of Juan José, he is in his apartment talking with Asunción on phone. The two furious kids storm into the room, and after giving the phone to Caramelo JJ tries to teach Chicles how to (and how not to) treat a little girl.

* In the Genovés villa Fausto visits his Gabriela and David. Everything goes well until Gaby asks him why he is so sure that Adolfo killed her mother. Because she ripped off his cuff-link. Does she remember the cuff-link that was stolen from their flat? And Carlos’s ring? They look exactly the same. Great… But he did he got that cuff-link? He said he hadn’t seen Marta dead. Es que, es que… A friend of him found it. Who? Oh, don’t ask more, my child. However, this time David also encourages Fausto to tell the truth, so he confesses it was Mario who found the cuff-link. WHAT? Don Mario knew her mother?! And did he know Fausto, too?



Thursday, December 30, 2010

La Fea Más Bella #149-150 12/30/10 Setting up the dominoes.

Capitulo 149.
Read Chapel Hill Fiddler’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Ali calls Tom and sets up a date tonight, so she can get Ariel off her case. Ariel reminds Marcia he plans to sell his shares in Conceptos. Marcia tells him that Lety’s novio works for Filmo Imagen. Ariel tells Ali that she’ll end up selling her body to survive, with one guy or another.

2. Fernando gets the call that Conceptos won at Cannes. He runs past Marcia to Lety’s office to share the excitement with her. Marcia follows and is she mad!

3. Marcia tells Fern that she knows he took Lety to Mesón, and Lety was muy cariñosa with him. Marcia thinks it’s out of line for Lety to be at a place like that, and she tells Fern to put Lety in her place. She also reports that Ariel plans to sell his share of Conceptos. She suggests that then he’ll stop competing with Fernando.

4. Marcia orders Lety to take her wedding invitations to Saimon, to rub it in that she’s marrying Fernando and Lety shouldn’t be cariñosa with him. Fern tries to stop Lety and he says, “I know what you’re thinking.” She answers, “You don’t have the slightest idea.”

5. Fern tells Omar that Ariel plans to sell off shares that are embargoed, and Lety put a condition on making the balance report – that he cancel the wedding. F: And I can’t handle the idea of marrying Marcia. O: Are you seriously considering canceling? F: Yes.

6. The witches calls Le Noir and finds out Ali was there with Tom. They report it to Lety.

Capitulo 150.
Read Amanda’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. The witches tell Lety about Ali and Tom, and Lety pretends to be hurt. Lety is furious when she calls Tom, and she gives it to him with both barrels. Fern and Omar hear it, and they assume it’s a fit of jealousy. Omar tells Fern to talk to her calmly, get her to do the balance, then crush her like a tick.

2. Fern tells Lety she seemed very jealous, and Lety denies that.

3. Tom resigns Filmo Imagen for ethics violations. He remorsefully says goodbye to his chances with Alicia, when Lety calls. She knows about his date tonight with Alicia, and he hides in the bushes. Verrry interesting! Then she arranges a date at Le Noir with him just to torment Fernando who is listening from his office.

4. In Lety’s fantasy, Fernando tells her he’s dying of jealousy, and it’s for her, not Conceptos. He doesn’t care about the company or the meeting, only about her. Fernando remembers PG’s words again, and again he chooses Conceptos.

5. Lola tells Efren that he can’t claim half of their house until they are divorced. Her motive is that she can’t force him to pay child support until they are divorced.

6. Fernando tells Omar, “Game over!” If Leticia is going to clarify things with Tomás, she is going to clarify things with him, too.


Eva Luna #38-39 Wed 12/29/10 A daughter is found/ Victoria goes Ballistic

For those of you keeping track, this could be either chapters 38 and 39 or just chapter 37, depending if you count tonight and last nights episodes as one chapter or two. Either way, a lot happened tonight. I am going to do it a little different and get all the little stuff out of the way. Then we can concentrate on what really matters. If you want to skip all the Tony, Alcia, Marisol/fran stuff just scroll down to the bold print.

Claudia is musing to herself how crazy Victoria will be when she finds out she is going to be an Aunt.

Marisol decides to surprise Fran and buys him a little gift then decides to go visit him at “his house“. He answers the door in full chauffer gear with garden hose in hand as he is about to wash the car.

He sees it is Marisol and slams the door in her face and drops the hose. He does some fast thinking and opens the door telling Marisol he was rehearsing the role of a chauffer. Marisol buys it hook line and garden hose. Jacky is not going to make things easy for him and offers Marisol a coffee.

Fran manages to whisk Marisol away to some outdoor restaurant where the two continue their charades of how to marry a millionaire. Fran opens the gift she gave him.

It is a gold chain with a star on it to signify the magical night they had together at her “penthouse”. She bought herself one as well. (I think she got them at a pawn shop on credit or something and told the owner after she marries her millionaire she will be able to pay for them.)

Fran is thrilled and more chatting takes place. He tells her the moment has finally arrived to ask her something very important. He gets up and walks over and drops to one knee and taking her hand her kisses it and tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and asks her to marry him.

Our next vignettes are about Alicia, Tony and Leo. Tony is getting ready to leave and as he opens the door he finds Alicia waiting for him. She reminds him he promised to take her to see Carlos. Tony tells her he can’t do it today. Alicia tries defiance and says she will just go by herself. Tony gives her the “scared straight” talk and tells her if she goes by herself she could end up in jail as an accomplice. Alicia buys this tale hook line and lollipop.

He tells her he has to do an errand for his boss (Leo) and Alicia manages to talk him into letting her come along. They show up at the mansion with Leo poolside. He manages to send Tony off for a bit while he can make his moves on Alicia. She tells him she has a sister and she is much prettier than her. Leo tells her that is impossible. Or something like that. He even manages to give her his phone number on a napkin in case she should ever need anything. Tony returns and is quite anxious to get her out of there.

Once back at the pension, our little air for brains Alicia decides to take Leo up on his offer and calls him.

She asks him if he remembers her. He tells her how could he forget her. We see him working out at the gym.

Shameless flirting takes place and Leo tells her she can tutiar him.(Use the more familiar term of Tu instead of ustead.) He tells her if it wasn’t for the fact that Tony was her boyfriend he would like to get to know her better. Alicia now all flustered tells him Tony is more like a good friend than her boyfriend. Well if that is the case, Leo decides to ask her out. She agrees to go out with him and guess who walks up behind as she is answering yes. Old Tony.

Alicia realizes Tony is behind her and he wants to know who she was talking to. Alicia either being very honest or just not quick enough as the boys to come up with a good lie tells Tony it was Leo. Tony looks affected. Old Leo has hung up the phone all full of himself saying “Leo you are irresistible .”

All right, now with that out of the way lets get on to what matters.

Daniel is at the police station when Victoria shows up. Eva has gone to get coffee and returns just as Victoria has her arms around him. He gives Eva a dumfounded look. She instantly splits and leaves the police station.

Eva is wondering around the police grounds in front of Daniels car and realizes her purse is in Dan’s car. Who should be standing out there but Leo. He tells Eva they have to leave quickly before Victoria sees her.

Victoria is still inside chewing out Daniel for not telling her where he was. She tells him both Jacky and Fran were really rude to her and he should fire them both. Dan asks her if he looks like he has the mind set right now to think about changing chauffeurs? Victoria quickly changes her game plan and plays more sympathetic. (or not) As a matter of fact she tells him “We need to talk to that girl. What Laurita did was really serious.”

Dan looking quite disgusted tells her he has to leave. Victoria wants to know if she can come with and he tells her no. He has gone outside to look for Eva and arrives just as Leo has convinced Eva to leave with him.

Leo asks Eva how she could think about going out with Daniel. Eva crying tells him she wasn’t “Going out with him.” She was just helping him look for Laurita. He showed up at the pension looking for her. Leo tells her he understands but it could have been bad news if Victoria saw her there.

Old bad news herself has gone outside to look for Daniel and asks him what’s up. He tells her nothing. She wants to know why Leo took off. She manages to get Daniel to give her a ride home. She notices Eva’s purse in the car and goes ballistic and wants to know who it belongs too. Daniel lies and tells her it is Jacky’s. Victoria isn’t buying this. Dan gets mad and tells her he is falling to pieces because his daughter is missing “And I am sitting here discussing with you whose purse this is? And for what? You and I are over so stop with all the questions!!” Victoria meekly backs off and tells him he’s right. But in the meantime she just wants to help him at least until they find Laurita.

Eva still crying tells Leo that Daniel was desperate and all she wanted to do was help him. He tells her that it is Victoria that should be by his side and not her. He tells her it isn’t right that she should take away Victoria’s “love of her life.”

Laurita is settling in nicely in Adrian’s room. He is the perfect host. She calls him her hero and Adrian looks a bit scared but also happy. She is all set to sleep on the floor and he tells her to sleep in his bed. He will sleep in his dads bed.

Leo is telling Eva not to cry. He suggests they go for a coffee.

She tells him it is really late and she needs to get home. She looks at him with a tear stained face and thanks him telling him he has a kind heart. Leo tells her that it is a heart that belongs to her a little more each day At one point he even asks her if she could ever love him. (or something like that)

Laurita and Adrian are getting along famously when Ricardo knocks on the door and wants to know why it is locked. The two panic and Laurita ends up hiding behind the door clutching Chico as Ricardo wants to know if he was sleeping with his clothes on.

Ricardo finally leaves and the two are left to settle in.

We see a very distraught Daniel sitting in Laurita’s room holding her picture praying for her safety and saying he can’t live with out her.

In the morning Adrian gently wakens Laurita. They discover that Chico has decided to use Laurita’s clothes pile as a bathroom. Adrian gives Laurita some of his clothes to wear. He decides to leave a note for Ricardo telling him he left for school and then he and Laurita can go to the park.

Eva is getting ready for work as well and Alicia is still in bed. Eva wants to know what time she has class. Alicia lies to her and tells her not till later. She is now going to the patio and sees Adrian tip toeing behind Laurita. She stops him and asks him where he is going and who his friend is. She soon discovers that his “little friend” is none other than Laurita as she sees Chico poking his head out.

Laurita pleads with Eva not to take her back home. She tells her she doesn’t want to see him with that witch Victoria. She tells her she wants to stay and live with her. Eva tells her Daniel is worried sick about her. Laurita tells Eva that he doesn’t love her. He prefers the witch. Eva asks her if that is what she really thinks. Eva tells her Daniel loves her more than anything and makes her promise never to do anything like that again. She promises.

Daniel is on the phone (I think he is talking to the police). He is quite upset wanting to know why they don’t know anything yet. He tells them to get extra people to look for her. He will even pay. He hangs up and Victoria shows up telling him she couldn’t sleep all night because she was so worried about Laurita.

His phone rings and there is a message telling him they found Laurita. Victoria is all eager to go with him and Daniel tells her no, it is something he has to do alone. Victoria wants to know what the big deal is. He tells her it is because he knows the only thing Laurita does not want at this time is for him to show up with her (Boom!!!! Right between the eyes!!!) as Jacky and Fran look on in surprise. He tells her they will talk later and takes off.

Victoria is left behind pouting and furious as Fran and Jacky try to make their escape. Not quite quick enough as Victoria asks Jackie where her purse is. Jacky asks her “what?” as Fran tries to disappear into the woodwork.

Victoria tells her she wants to see it. Jacky thinks this over for a moment and tells her with everything that has been going on she forgot it in Daniel’s car. Victoria scowls and leaves. Fran approaches Jacky and wants to know what that was all about. She tells him the purse in the car belongs to Eva. He seems quite impressed with her and wants to know how she could think of something like that so fast. She tells him that Daniel asked her to help him out in case Victoria asks about the purse. He claps his hands to congratulate her and tells her she is the best and gives her a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

And a cute little swirl to boot. Jacky is elated.

Father and daughter are finally reunited and a large hug ensues with Eva and Adrian looking on. He starts to let her have it for running away and Laurita begs him not to chew her out. Adrian also tells him he is sorry and it won’t happen again. Daniel semi-sternly says okay and thanks him for looking after his daughter. He kisses Laurita on the top of her head and looking at Eva says “At this moment I am the happiest man in the world. Thanks to you I found my daughter..” He continues to say that Laurita didn’t believe him when he told her he was in love with her. He says “But now I will show her” and goes over to Eva and gives her a kiss. We see a very happy Laurita and Adrian looking on.

We also see our detective friend looking on as he gets a snap shot of the kiss as he tells himself this is the picture that he needs. “With this kiss the suspicions of Victoria are confirmed.”

The kiss finally ends and Eva seems pleasantly surprised and Daniel tells her he loves her and he wants the whole world to know. Laurita rushes to him hugging him and telling her she finally believes him. He hugs her back but sternly reminds her that they need to have a talk. She tells him she knows she shouldn’t have run away but she doesn’t want him to marry Victoria. He tells her that he doesn’t want that either. He wants Eva.

He goes to his car and retrieves Eva’s purse telling her it is the second time her purse stayed with him. He asks her if this doesn’t look like a good sign that she should do the same. He tells her he will drop her off at work. She declines but he talks her into it. First, Laurita and Adrian have a little chat as Laurita thanks him for all his help. They agree they will always be friends.

Once all three are in in the car Laurita makes Daniel swear he will always be at Eva’s side. He gladly swears to this. Laurita turns to Eva and says it is your turn. Eva seems uncomfortable and tells Laurita to stop playing around. Laurita seriously tells her it is not a game and holds her hand up and tells her to swear she will always be at her father’s side. Eva pulls her hand away says they should go and Laurita seems crushed. She asks if she doesn’t care for her father and doesn’t want to be at his side? Eva tells her it isn’t that, it’s she can’t promise something she can’t do. Daniel looking at her tells her “Don’t you understand that this is meant to be?” He says “I swear at this moment in front of the most sacred things in my life (looking at Laurita and then Eva) that I will love and respect the women that is front of me forever.”
Eva looking back at Daniel smiling says “I too swear. To be at your side for ever” Laurita all cheers and smiles shouts “Bravo.” as Daniel honks the horn.

After that warm and fuzzy scene we go to Victoria and Marcella. This scene is more like ice and scuz. Victoria tells her they found the brat. Victoria tells her she doesn’t know where though. Daniel left in a hurry without telling her a thing and didn’t even want her to come along. Marcella rags on her telling her she is still doing everything all wrong and tells her there are two basic things she should be doing. The first thing she should do is win over the child. Victoria tells her she has tried but the “child” is intolerable. Marcella tells her intolerable or not she should still do it.

Victoria asks her what the second thing is. Marcella tells her to find out who is her competition. She asks how the detective is doing. Victoria tells her he might have something and will bring it over in the afternoon. Marcella says good. Once they know who the other woman is they can come up with a plan of attack and eliminate her.

Back at Daniel’s house Jacky is overjoyed to see Laurita back home and tells Eva hi. She tells Jacky where she was hiding. And something about a bike. Daniel asks about Fran and Jacky tells him he had to leave. He had things to take care off.

Eva tells Daniel she has to leave. Julio is waiting for her. Daniel tells her not to worry. Julio will understand. They will want to know why Laurita was in her house. Daniel says “That’s easy to understand, my daughter adores you and I love you.” Eva thinks they should wait a couple of days. He tells her he will take care of it now to prove the oath he took. (or something like that. We have a whole ‘nother chapter to get through.) And we end with more kisses.

Our detective is all excited about the excellent pictures he took. All he has to do is print them and take them over to Victoria’s house.

He has arrived at the house and Renata has called Victoria to tell her there is a man there to see her. She tells her to tell him to wait for her and not to say a word to anyone.

Daniel shows up as well and Renata tells him Victoria isn’t there. He tells her he did not come to see Vicky He came to talk with Julio. Renata seems surprised by this.

Julio is on the phone and is asking the person (I think it is his lawyer) if he will have the documents ready that he was asking for. He tells him he will personally go and pick them up. As he hangs up Renata enters and tells him Daniel is here to see him. Julio is all excited at this news and waves him in.

Victoria gets home and asks about the detective. Renata tells her he is waiting for her in the study. She tells her Daniel is also here. Victoria looks puzzled Renata tells her he is in the study with her father. Now Victoria looks worried and asks what he wants. Renata tells her she didn’t ask him. Victoria rushes up to talk with the detective.

Julio asks Daniel if there is anything wrong at the agency. Daniel assures him everything is fine. He tells him what he needs to talk to him about has nothing to do with the agency. Julio sits forward and says “well tell me.” Daniel prefaces it with “Above all else I respect you and appreciate you very much. You were my father’s best friend and you think of me as a son.” Julio agrees with this. Daniel continues and tells him he is an honorable man. Julio tells him he didn’t come to just tell him those things. Daniel tells him what he has to tell him is much more serious.

Victoria is talking with the detective. He starts to show her the pictures when Eva suddenly walks in. He gets a bit jittery realizing that the women in the pictures is the same person in front of him. He tells Victoria he has the wrong envelope and tells her he needs to go back to his car. Victoria is livid. She threatens to call his boss so he will get fired. Our stammering frightened detective is able to convince her he will be right back and heads out the door.

Daniel finally confesses to Julio that he doesn’t love his Daughter enough to marry her. Julio is giving some great faces when he hears Daniel’s confession.

He continues to say their relationship doesn’t even exist. He tells him he is really embarrassed by all this especially with all their expectations of the engagement.

He tells him that their relationship was nothing more than what they became accustomed to. Julio says “And you are telling me all this because?” Daniel says, he “I can’t stand this any more. I don’t want to feel pressured with a commitment I don’t want.” Julio asks him if he is in love with another women. Daniel tells him whether he is in love with another women or not isn’t the issue. “I don’t love Victoria.” He tells Daniel that in that case there are two important things. Daniel continues apologizing profusely and tells him he would understand if he wants him to leave. Julio understandingly pats him on the shoulder and says “That won’t be necessary. And man to man, I congratulate you.” Daniel looks shocked and says “What?”

Julio tells him it took a lot of courage and sincerity to tell him all those things. Even if it shows he has found love some where else. He looks at Daniel and asks “Or am I wrong?” Daniel tells him he is not wrong.

It looks like one of the maids is privy to Eva’s personal goings on as she congratulates her and wishes her happiness with Daniel. Eva tells her that she will probably have to leave soon. She tells her she is terrified of what Marcella and Victoria will do when they find out. ( So what do you think? Poison or Acid in the face?)

Our poor detective is on the phone with his boss asking him what he should do, as the woman in the picture also works at the house. Boss man tells him to hand the pictures over to the client. (or something like that)

Julio has Daniel sit down and tells him he knew that the relationship he had with Victoria wasn’t working out. He has thought this for a long time. That is why he stayed in the background. He admits to Julio that it was irresponsible of him to ask Victoria to marry him knowing he didn’t love her. Julio tells him the important thing is he realized it just in time. It would have been a lot harder to break it off once he was married. He tells Daniel that he will help him out with Victoria.

He also tells Daniel he wants to give him a little advice “Don’t believe everything you see.” Daniel shaking his head tells him he doesn’t understand. Julio shaking his head, tells him it doesn’t matter. “the fact is I totally agree with you. The relationship has to end now.” Daniel thanks him for his understanding. Julio tells him that he can count on him for all his help.

The detective has returned to a pacing Victoria and she screams at him to give her the envelope. He tells her once she sees the pictures she will understand why he was hesitant to give them to her. Victoria rips the envelope open and her eyes bug out as she looks at them.

Victoria is putting all the pieces together as she flashes back on all the goings on between Daniel and Eva. She realizes it was her purse that was in Daniel’s car. The detective tries to clam her down as she becomes more infuriated. He tells her if she wants to get even she has to use surprise and not anger. Victoria calms herself a bit and says “You don’t have the slightest idea of what I am capable of.” (unfortunately w all do.)

There is a brief encounter between Daniel and Eva in the kitchen. He tells her he just talked with Julio. Eva is a little worried about this and Daniel tells her there is nothing to worry about. He didn’t tell him about them. He just told him he could not marry Victoria. We hear footsteps and it is Renata. They separate a bit and Daniel tells her he will tell her more later.

Victoria has quickly run to daddy asking if Daniel was just there. Julio wants to know how she is doing. She tells him she is fine. She is going to marry Daniel. Julio stands up and says “For God’s sake Victoria” as he walks over to her and says “How long ?” Victoria tells him she doesn’t understand and says “How long till what papa?” “How long will you try and make me believe that nothing has happened. You use to be happy.” Victoria tells him she is happy. Julio tells her he knows she is not happy. He tells her when she decides to be sincere with him he will be right there waiting for her. She tells him “I don’t know what Daniel said but I am going to marry him no matter what.” and leaves a frustrated Julio behind.

Renata tells Daniel she doesn’t mean to be disrespectful but she is really surprised to see him in the kitchen.
She tells him she thought he was here to talk to Julio. Daniel tells her he is just about ready to leave but he wanted to see Eva first. Renata wonders over towards Eva and says “Yea?” Daniel tells her she doesn’t need any more explanations. She tells Victoria to hurry up with Julio’s food and tells Daniel that Victoria has just arrived and is waiting in the den. Daniel tells her he doesn’t need to see her and starts to leave through the kitchen door. Renata isn’t pleased with this and asks him why he would leave that way. He tells her he is in a hurry and leaves. Renata tries to give Eva a hard time as she leaves with Julio’s food.

Victoria asks Renata if she has seen Daniel. She tells her that he just left through the servants exit. Victoria is not happy to hear this. She tells Vicky that he left that way because he was just in the kitchen talking to Eva. She is livid and is about to rip Eva apart when Marcella walks in and asks her who she is about to rip apart. Victoria screaming says it is a good thing you’re here. You have no idea what’s going on.

Daniel has his little talk with Laurita. He tells her everyone was worried sick about her. The police were even looking for her. She tells him she knows she did something bad and is very sorry. He tells her she isn’t a baby and she is at the age where she can tell him anything that bothers her. She doesn’t need to run away. He tells her it is better to talk things over than to run away. She apologizes and tells him she was afraid he would marry Vicky and that this would no longer be her house. He tells her that she should know by now that he is not going back to Victoria. And this house is hers for ever. Big hugs and all is forgotten.

We have a little tarot reading from Matilda and things don’t look so good for Eva. Well we all know that. FF>>

And here is the reason why. Victoria screaming and ranting shows Marcella the pictures and Marcella is jaw dropped stunned to see the pictures are of Eva.

Okay there is about 30 minutes to go and it is really getting late so I am going to quickly wrap the rest of this up from my notes. Sorry. I can’t take anymore.

Victoria is still livid and wants revenge. Marcella tells her to think this over carefully. It would not be to their advantage to turn Eva into the victim.

Even Giorgio gets in the act when he tells Marcella he is not surprised that Eva is the other woman. After all he tried to warn her. Marcella tells him she should have listened to him. He is all worried about what they are going to tell the press. She tells him not to say a word to anyone.

Victoria has a major meltdown as she destroys her bedroom and puts all the pieces together. All the times she saw Eva and Daniel together. She finally kneels down to her bed stand and takes her gun out and starts caressing it as she comes up with her own plan. She takes the bullets out and says they will talk first. Face to face. “Then I will kill you.”

Daniel and Laurita have more bonding time. He tells her that her and Eva are the two people he loves most in the world.

Can you believe that Eva is still hanging about? Well she is. She is still in the kitchen. We get more tarot card readings telling us Eva is in danger. We see Victoria calmly put the gun in her purse and heads out to find Eva.

Victoria has finally found Eva as she is cutting some celery. She is spooked by Victoria and accidentally cuts her finger. Victoria tells her to be more careful. She tells Eva she looks very nervous and asks her if she has a guilty conscience. . Eva asks her why she would ask her such a thing. Then she asks if she can do anything for her. Victoria tells her yes. She needs her to come with her for modeling job or something. Eva tells her she is really busy right now. Victoria tells her she cleared it with Julio and he is okay if she goes with her. She tells Victoria she needs to tell Renata and again Victoria tells her not to worry everything is taken care of. She won’t even let Eva get her purse and she grabs onto her and escorts her outside telling her they need to hurry.

Leo enters the house and attempts to give mother a kiss and tells her he is dying of hunger. She looks at him and asks him what kind of hunger does he have? Hunger for food or hunger for Eva? Leo wants to know why she would ask him that. She tells him to not act so stupid and to listen to her. She tells him he dragged that woman here and made her hire her for him. And it is fault now that Victoria is suffering. Leo doesn’t have a clue as to what she is talking about. She tells him that Eva and Daniel are lovers.

We now see Daniel trying to reach Eva. No luck. The nice maid is even wondering where Eva could be as she smells the supper. Renata is not impressed as she walks buy and tells her to throw it away and get some chicken. Daniel has called the house and Renata answers. He asks to talk with Eva and Renata gives him a bad time. He tells her to let him talk to Eva now.

We see a white sports car speeding down the road. Eva is asking Victoria if they are going to a photo shoot. Victoria tells her yes. Eva tells her “I don’t see any of your clothes or shoes or anything. Victoria tells her not to worry. Then she says “Eva can I ask you a question just between us women?” Eva tells her sure. “Have you ever been unfaithful to a man?” Eva tells her she doesn’t understand her question. She tells her she is talking about being faithful or not. Then she says “Have you ever been happy with someone and someone else comes along? Or better said, have you ever been the other women?” and there we end.


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