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La Que No Podía Amar #89 Lunes 4/30/12 The Truth Will Not Set You Free

That which has passed

Sir Gustavo explains to Lady Chatterley that he needs to tell her brother the truth.  Lady Ana Paula reveals to Lord Rogelio that Sir Gustavo is the father of her babe. His Lordship appears incredulous.

That which is current

Study: Lady Chatterley attempts to prevent Sir Gustavo from rushing out when he declares his intention to be honest with His Lordship because he feels guilty about Rogelio's trust. He is interrupted by a call from Lord Esteban saying it is urgent that they see each other. He is at Lady Sneerwell's home but Sir Gustavo tells him he has other pressing matters to attend to before he leaves.

Her Ladyship's Bedchamber: His Lordship is now enraged.

Ana Paula: Rogelio, I ask you to please listen to me. (He begins backing up) I have to explain how things really were before you make any decision.
Rogelio (tense and angry): I do not wish to listen to you. You will not get one minute more of my time. (turns 90 degrees toward the door)
Ana Paula (rushing to stop him, grabbing the arm of the chair): No, no, please. Just give me two minutes to explain it to you. In the name of all we had meant to each other I swear that Gustavo didn't know I was married to you before he got involved with Sinthia –
Rogelio: Enough! If you are thinking to deceive me one more time I will not permit it.
Ana Paula: No! If you will just allow me to talk to you I am being honest. I am trying to tell you how it all happened.
Rogelio: Yes. So why didn't you tell me the first time you saw this coward here?
Ana Paula: I was too afraid to tell you because I feared you'd react like this.   When I still wasn't sure that – Little by little you demonstrated the sort of man you are and it looked bad. It was just too much. I couldn't –
Rogelio: That's why? Or is it that you liked having him here?
Ana Paula: Rogelio, watch your words. You have offended me.
Rogelio: Very well. You had to expect this. The only thing you have demonstrated is that I was a plaything to you. An imbecile at whom everyone laughs in his face.
Ana Paula: No, no! (leans in and turns to stop him exiting) It's not true. How could you think that of me? Of course not, Rogelio! Is it so difficult to believe that I love you and worry about you –
Rogelio: [ ] You have not only deceived me, you've deceived my sister! Both under the same roof! Tell me one thing, Paula. Did you get pregnant to escape from here? (gets closer with a frightening expression) In my own house? Damn it, answer me!

He raises his hand to strike her but it is merely a gesture for effect. She does not move and he relaxes his stance.  [Note:  This shot was a second and a half longer in the download I watched.]

Vainessa's Office: She receives a call to the effect that His Lordship has declined the association leadership. She expresses the wish that the caller (possibly Lord Abel?) try again to persuade him to change his mind. The other telephone line rings as she hangs up, but nothing is developed from this. Her secretary enters with the lethal manila envelope and asks if there is anything else she requires of her before she leaves. She says no at first, but changes her mind and tells her to wait. She holds out her hand for the envelope, saying she will deliver it herself instead. She wears an evil expression like most women wear cleavage.

Her Ladyship's Bedchamber: Her Ladyship defends herself.

Ana Paula: That is unfair, Rogelio. You accuse me as though you don't know me. I became pregnant during the escape. This is unfair. I thought you had killed him and I hated you and since then things have changed. Everything changed.
Rogelio: How have things changed? Because you now tell me you are expecting a child from this wretch when he has taken up with Sinthia? Of course, of course, because now you wouldn't have to lack hope that this bastard child would have a father!
Ana Paula: Calm down. Calm down because things are not like that.
Rogelio (sarcastic): For this I had hopes, Paula. Why the devil have I told you that I love you if this is how you pay me –
Ana Paula: I never lacked hope. I didn't want to deceive you! Please forgive me, I didn't want to hurt you. I didn't want to do that.
Rogelio: Why did you deceive me? I cannot forgive you. I will never believe you after this. I don't trust you or that perro desgraciado. Where is that imbecile? Where is he? (turns toward the door)
Ana Paula (blocking his ability to exit): No, Rogelio, don't – (he shoves her away from the front of the chair but she slips behind to seize the handles)
Rogelio: Move aside!
Ana Paula: No, no, Rogelio! Please, please, calm down! (hanging onto wheelchair handles)
Rogelio (breaking free and turning around quickly, seizing her wrist): I'll kill you! I'll kill him! Do you hear me?

This truly must be the most frightening expression we have seen yet from His Lordship as it borders on the edge of his sanity.

Kitchen: Maria surely must know by instinct what is transpiring above stairs as she is worried. Efrain enters enquiring about Tomas. She tells him he has left, saying he is visiting someone in the United States. Efrain pretends to be displeased, then confused. He produces a large banknote, claiming he had found it in Tomas' room and pretends that the light bulb has been illuminated above him. Here he is clearly establishing Tomas as the accomplice with regards to the clenbuterol poisoning.

Her Ladyship's Bedchamber: The music takes a more sinister turn.

Ana Paula: Rogelio, please, saying foolish things isn't worth it!
Rogelio: It's the least I can do to this damned liar! I open the doors to my house. I welcome him as my sister's fiancé and the result is he makes you pregnant? (throws her hand aside) I'm the imbecile and everyone knows! (sarcastic laugh) The evidence is the bastard inside! (general gesture toward her form) I will kill that pig! I will kill that desgraciado!
Ana Paula: Rogelio, you are not a killer!
Rogelio: You are a hypocrite! And for you I was willing to change! Now I can only salvage what pride that perro maldito has cost me!
Ana Paula (horrified and crying): No!

The fight appears to be out of him for the moment, and he appears horrified at his own words.

Terrace: A beautiful carved wooden box surrounded with roses in the shape of a heart lies on a low table. Lady Daniela and Miguel (Should we now promote him to Squire?) find it and she comments on its beauty. She picks it up and opens it. It is lined with raspberry-colored velvet and contains a modest diamond solitaire. He tells her that it not being the most expensive or beautiful but was purchased with much love and she responds that it is perfect. He places it on her hand, declaring that he wants to be with her forever. They kiss to the sound of their love theme.

Her Ladyship's Bedchamber: Perhaps Efrain provides a welcome distraction.

Ana Paula: What you want to do isn't about Gustavo. It's about yourself. Your life isn't over about what happened.
Rogelio: So I don't lose my life! How is that important, Paula? Because you are my life. You are my life, you know that. And now all I want to feel for you is hate. (Efrain runs in.)
Efrain: Excuse me for bothering you, sir, but I have something important to tell you.
Rogelio (turning around, angry): Where is Gustavo?
Efrain (apprehensive): What?  I don't know.
Rogelio: You don't know? Look for him.
Ana Paula: Rogelio, please –
Rogelio: Shut up! (starts to chase Efrain, who heads for the door)
Ana Paula: Rogelio! (Efrain exits, Rogelio following) Rogelio, please!

Her Ladyship sits on the trunk at the foot of the bed, anguished and crying.

Terrace: Squire Miguel asks Lady Daniela to marry him if he manages to refrain from drinking for a year. She accepts his proposal.

Corridor: His Lordship goes down the corridor shouting for Sir Gustavo. He sees that Lady Chatterley is alone in the parlour and asks Efrain to leave them alone. He enters the parlour with his most stern expression.

Rogelio: Tell me where Gustavo is because I am capable of burning the manor down until nobody is left alive!
Sinthia: He went into town. Rogelio, what happened? What's with you?
Rogelio: Did you know that Gustavo is the father of Paula's baby?

Lady Chatterley has a frightened expression that she attempts to cover.

Her Ladyship's Bedchamber: As Lady Ana Paula cries while holding onto the bars on the windows, Squire Miguel and Lady Daniela enter. She asks Lady Daniela for her cell phone and she responds that she has lost it. She tells them that she needs to reach Sir Gustavo because His Lordship now knows of their tryst and has sworn to kill him.

Parlour: Sinister music follows, entering past Efrain, who remains just outside.

Sinthia (crying theatrically): I swear I didn't know. How is this possible? Rogelio, are you sure he really was her boyfriend? I can't believe he's the father of her baby. (Efrain watches carefully) That's why he ended it with me.
Rogelio: Disgraceful wretch. If he is still here he'll be out of here immediately.  Accursed dog!

Discordant brass notes sound as Efrain leans against the wall outside the door so that no one inside can see him and His Lordship takes his hat from the table, puts it on, and exits through the other door.

Her Ladyship's Bedchamber: Lady Ana Paula explains her fears for Sir Gustavo, asking that her brother and dear friend find her aunt and then find a way to contact Sir Gustavo. Lady Daniela is certain that His Lordship is merely threatening out of anger, but Lady Ana Paula is not willing to take the chance that he is in earnest. Squire Miguel and Lady Daniela exit.

Manor Gate: Tia MentiRosa enters the gate, returning from shopping. Squire Miguel runs toward her, saying that they must find and warn Sir Gustavo. At his report that Lord Rogelio now knows all she drops the bags in a panic. Her mumblings are just coherent enough to tell us that she still worries only about the loss of His Lordship's gold.

Parlour:  This problem has no solution.

Sinthia: How stupid could Paula be? Why did she have to tell him? If only we could have found a way to keep him quiet...
Efrain: So things happen. Now you need to find another husband to secure your inheritance. One more time, marry me.
Sinthia (moving away from him): You're crazy. With all these problems I don't need another. What are we going to do? What's Rogelio likely to do?
Efrain: He wants to kill him. And what will you do if he finds out you knew all along? Because he will punish you for loving him.
Sinthia: Shut up. Shut up because we're going to find – (grabs his hands as if to lead him out)
Efrain: Why? (breaking her hold) You're afraid because he will look for him in town.

She breaks free and looks at him with a hard expression.

Manor Gate: Tia MentiRosa carries on with “Why, why, why?” and Squire Miguel tells her to calm down because they need to find Sir Gustavo. She throws her purse down in frustration and tells him he doesn't understand. They will be tossed out on their behinds because of this. “We were so close, so close...” and what follows confirms his earlier suspicions about his aunt.

Parlour:  Desperation

Efrain: And now what? Won't this suit everyone? Ana Paula will leave with the engineer. You've got a free road, gorgeous. Ana Paula's baby will not be the heir apparent. Rogelio doesn't have Margarito. (grabs her, but she gets away)
Sinthia: I know, I know. But I'm worried that Rogelio will do something to Gustavo. I have to call him before anything happens. (grabs phone receiver and when he attempts to take it away pushes his hands away) Stay away. (punches in Gustavo's number. Phone begins to ring as Ana Paula enters; Sinthia ends call, but it seems she only reached his voicemail.) You. (To Efrain) Efrain, leave. [rest is unintelligible] (He exits) What have you done? Why did you tell Rogelio about Gustavo?
Ana Paula: I had to do it. It was the right thing and I couldn't take it anymore.
Sinthia: I asked you. I asked you not to do this! And now what will become of your child? Because he left me. My opportunity to be happy with Gustavo is over.
Ana Paula: We can't talk about that now. Now we urgently have to find and talk to Gustavo, please!
Sinthia (picking up the phone and punching in the number): I hope his cell works.
Ana Paula: Now it's very important I talk to him (reaching for the phone)
Sinthia (crying as she hands it over): I'll go and try to find out if anyone knows where Rogelio is. (exits)

Dr. Ernesto's Residence: Sir Gustavo arrives with Lord Esteban; Lady Sneerwell opens the door to them. After mentioning that the matter of the water is resolved, Sir Gustavo tells his sister that he needs to return to Montero Manor to tell Lord Rogelio that he is the father of Lady Ana Paula's baby. Lady Sneerwell thinks this best because if the child is registered as Lord Rogelio's her brother will lose him/her forever.

Manor Gate: As Tia MentiRosa carries on once again, wailing at the loss of the Montero fortune that she worked so hard for, Squire Miguel looks at her with the cold eye of realization. “You are sick, Rosaura” says he and he does not mean of the body. He exits, leaving her on the bench, practicing her sickness pose.

Dr. Ernesto's Residence: The good doctor advises caution, as he usually does. Lord Esteban announces that he has just been transferred to the area to be the local water commission director and that Sir Gustavo will be his second in command. It will mean more responsibility, but also more income. They proceed to celebrate when Sir Gustavo answers the door. Lady Chio enters. She declines an invitation to stay and exits. Lady Sneerwell makes a comment on how it is better this way, so Lady Chio doesn't have false hope of reuniting with Lord Esteban. Sir Gustavo is not pleased at his sister's attitude, seeing another message in it.

Cemetery: Ulisses and Macaria place flowers on their daughter's grave, telling her how much they miss her and that they will honor her by helping Consuelo. Ulisses also promises to spend the rest of his life trying to keep Macaria happy.

Parlour/Dr Ernesto's Residence: Lady Ana Paula waits as Sir Gustavo's cell phone rings. He answers and she tells him of her encounter with His Lordship and the reaction, warning him to not return to the manor. After making certain that she is not harmed he refuses, saying that this matter needs to be confronted once and for all time. She implores him not to come. She fears that this will only worsen the situation. He tells her to pack her suitcase so they can leave the manor together. When the call ends she is worried and he worries Lady Sneerwell by announcing his intention to confront Lord Rogelio. She attempts to prevent his departure, but he is determined. The other men offer to accompany him but he declines, exiting. But not before telling Dr Ernesto he should reconsider his business association with His Lordship. Lady Sneerwell panics, but Dr Ernesto and Lord Esteban tell her that her brother must face this alone, as it is the moment of truth.

Parlour: Lady Ana Paula prays for Sir Gustavo's safety, for what else is there to do now? If this were not enough, she now must deal with Vainessa, who enters with the lethal manila envelope.

Vainessa: Hello, how are you? It's good to see you because I have something to talk to you about.
Ana Paula: I don't want to talk to you right now; I'm distracted. Leave me alone.
Vainessa (pretending to be hurt): What happened? Why are you like this with me? (hands her the envelope) Look, I just dropped over to hand you this.
Ana Paula: Vainessa, I'm not interested. I can't deal with you right now; I don't want to see it.
Vainessa (clearly disappointed): Well, then, I'll just leave it because it's for you. (puts it on the table) Well, what happened because you are very inojada. You had a fight with Rogelio?
Ana Paula: Vanessa – (Sinthia enters)
Sinthia: Rogelio just left in the truck with Hugo. I don't know where he's going.
Vainessa (incredulous or frightened): He went shooting?

The three all appear surprised, concerned, and afraid in varied combinations.

Outdoors: His Lordship is skeet-shooting, with Squire Hugo firing the targets. As he hits four for four his expression implies that he is using this to dissipate his current anger and frustration.


Vainessa (to Sinthia): How are you managing? (Maria enters)
Ana Paula: Maria, did Rogelio say when he will be back?
Sinthia: This is what he always does when he's angry.
Ana Paula: Please, ask the workers to take the rifle away from him. It's better he doesn't have firearms at the moment.
Vainessa: Why are you so annoyed with Rogelio? Someone explain it to me.
Sinthia (quickly and with a nasty look at Ana Paula): Because my little sister-in-law told Rogelio that her baby is Gustavo's. If it's important, he could kill him. (exits. Vainessa exits behind her.)
Ana Paula: Maria, please, what are we going to do?
Maria: Right now I could send Marcial and Jacinto, but I doubt Rogelio will pay attention.

We doubt that Marcial and Jacinto would comply.

Dr. Ernesto's Residence: Lady Sneerwell, frustrated with the men's refusal to assist, leaves the house to go to the manor.

Manor Gate: As they walk toward the gate, Lady Chatterley is worried about what her brother will do.  They hear the shooting and Vainessa looks apprehensive at first.  Lady Chatterley tells Vainessa she claimed ignorance of Sir Gustavo's history with Her Ladyship and Vainessa congratulates her on successfully playing the victim. However, Lady Chatterley claims it was an impulse and she fears what Lord Rogelio will do to Gustavo.

Parlour: Her Ladyship and Maria sit on the divan, worried as Lady Daniela enters. They tell her that His Lordship went out shooting. Lady Daniela finds the envelope on the table and brings their attention to it. Lady Ana Paula doesn't want to deal with it. Maria takes the envelope and hands it to her in case it's anything of importance. She starts to open it.

Manor Gate: Lady Chatterley is worried about what may happen with Sir Gustavo, whom she delusionally still expects to be with. She blames Lady Ana Paula, as usual. Vainessa points out that everything will change when Her Ladyship is banished from the manor. Lady Chatterley hopes for this. And Vainessa guarantees that because although it is possible that Lord Rogelio will forgive her, she will not forgive him and will therefore leave because of the photo she just left. They laugh at the pending havoc this will wreak.

Parlour: Her Ladyship sees the print of the cell phone photograph.

Ana Paula: I don't believe it. I don't believe it. (cries)
Daniela (sympathetically and with a hint of guilt): Ana Paula!
Maria (looking at it): Possibly it's a lie. People can do all sorts of things with computers –
Ana Paula: No, Maria, no. I know Vanessa was in his room with him. She answered Rogelio's cell phone from there.
Maria: So she was in his room. But I'm sure she's inventing all of this.
Ana Paula: No. It's better I know now that Rogelio was never serious about me. During the time I asked to think he returned to Vanessa! (cries. Daniela and Maria embrace her to comfort her)

Manor Gate: Vainessa and Lady Chatterley stop Squire Hugo and ask about His Lordship. He has returned, but is in a bad humor. He is in his study. Sinthia orders him to get the other workers to help find Sir Gustavo and bring him to her immediately. He agrees and departs. Vainessa changes her mind about her own departure and returns to the manor in search of His Lordship. Lady Chatterley doesn't look very happy about this as she retrieves her cell phone from inside her boot. She only reaches his voicemail, so she leaves a message that he is to call her immediately before all else.

Study: His Lordship has taken to drink again, downing tequila. Tia MentiRosa enters (per her usual habit, without knocking).

Rosaura: Rogelio, how horrible. They told me what happened. I can't imagine the pain, the anxiety... But I'm sure my niece has no doubts about her feelings.
Rogelio: What are you talking about?
Rosaura: That despite the foolish things my niece has done you can still be happy together. Because she loves you. [querer]
Rogelio: Shut up. You always knew that Gustavo Duran was her boyfriend.
Rosaura: Well, I always knew that my niece loved you. And don't believe that the girl knew.
Rogelio: Liar! You had it all calculated. When you said she was in Boca del Cielo with her father in reality she was having a honeymoon with that wretch!
Rosaura: Please, calm down! Give me a chance to straighten this out! (Vainessa enters as he starts to say something)
Vainessa: Ay, Rogelio I just found out what happened. Sinthia is disturbed and I imagine you are, too.
Rosaura: What are you doing here? (Vainessa wears her usual petulant expression) It's a crime you don't respect a married man!
Vainessa: Oh, please. How can you say that after what your niece has done?
Rosaura: The only bitch here is you! (Vainessa turns her head away and starts to laugh) This is a matter between Ana Paula and her husband (grabs her wrist and tries to twist her arm) so get the hell out of here!
Vainessa (breaking her hold): Let go of me! Of course I will leave because I don't want to hurt Rogelio (looking at him deliberately. He looks back at her with a hard expression)

Corridor: Lady Daniela, Lady Ana Paula, and Maria walk down the corridor away from the nude painting when Lady Daniela confesses to having received the photo on her cell phone. She withheld this from Her Ladyship so as not to cause her any dangerous anxiety. But if it had been a montage? They hear the argument going on in the study.

Study: His Lordship is having no more of this.

Rogelio: I've had enough of the both of you. Get out! (Rosaura exits)
Rosaura (going over to him and seductively putting her arms around his shoulders): Rogelio, please –

Lady Ana Paula enters with her retinue.  The music begins as suspenseful, then turns sinister again.

Ana Paula: It is a crime that you are here like this with Rogelio. (Vainessa stands up to full height and stares her in the eyes)
Maria (grabbing Daniela by the arm): Let's get out of here. (they exit)
Rogelio (calculatedly taking Vainessa's hand): What do you have to talk with Vanessa about?
Ana Paula: Ay, Rogelio, you know. It's not just about here. I know she was with you in your room in Tuxtla. Don't try to deny it.
Rogelio: I won't deny it. Because the difference between us is I tell the truth about what I do. And I had relations with her.
Vainessa (smugly): Don't look so hurt because I know you don't love him. You demonstrated that a thousand times.
Ana Paula: You don't really love him, Vanessa.
Vainessa: Of course I love him. I made a mistake because I couldn't deal with what had happened to Rogelio. But I never deceived him. I told him I never accepted his paralysis and nothing more.
Ana Paula: What kind of a pretext is this?
Vainessa: This is not a pretext. It's a reason. I was young and very afraid but never never did I stop loving him. (to him) And you know it.
Rogelio: I know. (His expression tells us he knows the real truth) For that I ask you to leave me to speak with Paula.
Vainessa: No, Rogelio (approaching the desk)
Rogelio (raising a hand for silence): No. Vanessa, please go. (She takes her purse and leaves, looking disappointed. Ana Paula dries her eyes with her back to Rogelio, then turns to him)
Ana Paula (ironically, while trying to be brave): I thought you had loved me, that, that –
Rogelio: Ah, Paula, you don't have the right to tell me anything. (takes a shot of tequila) I was hurt because you asked me for a separation.
Ana Paula: I asked you for time. That didn't signify you could be with – (points, but pulls back) that you should forget what you felt for me.
Rogelio: I never forgot it! Secondly, how could you prove to be the most.. the worst of all women?
Ana Paula: Rogelio –
Rogelio: If it bothers you I was with Vainessa, sorry. But as I've said numerous times you will complete your contract.

Cliffhanger music, of course, as they stare at each other.

La Fonda: Lady Sneerwell, Dr Ernesto, and Lord Esteban are seated at an indoor table while Consuelo serves something that resembles cold hibiscus tea. Dr Ernesto persuades the others to stay while he goes to the manor to see whether he can prevent anything worse happening.

Montero Manor, grounds: Sir Gustavo returns and Lady Chatterley attempts to prevent him confronting her brother. She tells him she had not told His Lordship the entire truth and he was furious. However, Sir Gustavo insists he must regardless of the consequences. He heads inside and she runs after him.  Efrain watches her and we ponder what might be his thoughts.

Orphanage: Hilda (the social worker friend of His Lordship) tries to cheer up Margarito, who has not been eating. She tells him not to lose his usually positive outlook but that sometimes God tests people so they learn and become stronger. This is the usual speech on the subject, but she appears sincerely desirous of helping him.

Study: Yet another shot of tequila and the bottle is now half empty. “I am an imbecile” intones His Lordship as Sir Gustavo enters. They stare at each other like two rutting bulls about to do battle.

Grounds: Lady Chatterley becomes more anxious because His Lordship has firearms in the study although Vainessa does not appear worried, for she does not think His Lordship capable of murder. Lady Chatterley's anxiety will not be appeased and she goes off to find Efrain and Squire Hugo. As she asks her to wait for her, Lady Ana Paula approaches her worst enemy.

Ana Paula: Vanessa, you and I must speak.

Study: That which has waited too long has now come to pass.

Rogelio: You are a wretch. You come to my house as my sister's fiance only to steal my wife. (coming out from behind the desk)
Gustavo (backing up): Things were not like that.
Rogelio: Coward! Put your pants on and stop pretending! Admit you would have married my sister to be with Ana Paula. You came to my house under false pretenses!
Gustavo: Of course not! When I discovered the situation I wanted to confront it. But I didn't for Ana because I was afraid that you –
Rogelio (shouting): – would kill you? Did you believe I would do that, you wretch? You abused my confidence, my hospitality. You are an ingrate. (pulls out riding crop) Damned ingrate!

Lord Rogelio raises the riding crop and lands two blows on Sir Gustavo's back. Cellos and violas start their discordant staccato as Sir Gustavo seizes his wrist, making him release the riding crop. His Lordship stands and pushes him back but falls backward onto the carpeted floor. He comes up to a sitting position and the struggle continues on the floor until he finally manages to land a slap on Sir Gustavo, knocking him just off guard long enough to pull himself back into the chair. As soon as he is seated he seizes Sir Gustavo behind the neck and Sir Gustavo tries to grab his throat.

Rogelio: Get out of my house.  I may be paralyzed, but I'm capable of killing you with my own hands.

That which is to come

Her Ladyship decides to leave, Skelator begins his games again, and all hell has broken loose.


Abismo de pasión #36 4/30/11: Dam Remains Dressed...Oh, and Elisa cries

Dearest Caraymates
Insomnia and week-end migraines have conspired against me; hence tonight's recap will be crap (just more fodder for the fan, yes?) Please pardon the scant info and odd organization. Needless to say, fill-ins will be in order. 

El Refrito
Flo reminds Unkahunk he boinked a minor.
Fina confronts Unkahunk and wants to know who really called.
Dam gets smarmy, tells Elisa he loves her and smoochies ensue.

Lo Nuevo
From "Televisa Presenta to first commercial break
Elisa lerves Damián but their lerve is impossible. If he leaves Flo for her, it will be Steffie all over again and the Harper Valley PTA will have a field day with that. He doesn't love Flo and can't stop thinking about Elisa or get her out of his heart. He won't lose her a second time and the Andrea Bocelli-esque theme plays on. Later, the Sleazel pops in,  but she has no real lines other than to be nosy about Dam's visit.

Ingrid gets snoopy at the PRO CE SA DO RA and Grabby Gabino catches her. Did Maru sneak a peek? You decide. Gab slimes into his squeaky chair and calls the Castañon residence. Lola answers and he hangs up. Lola and Carmina circle each other and discuss callers who call and hang up. (Lola's veiled attempt to let Duck L'Orange know she hasn't forgotten that hang up a few episodes back when Lucio was in the hospital?)

Elisa is still bustin' out all over (*ahem*) with the news that Dam lerves her. She tells Lola and then cries about suffering and she wishes Dam hadn't professed his love.

Dam is heading into the church and Kenia (spelled Quenia on my CCs) is looking for Gael.

Dam wants Padre Loopy's blessing on to break up with Flo and lerve Elisa forever. Padre is Mr Negativo and brings up all the issues they will have. Not to mention how it will hurt Gael, who has always seen Dam as a rival. And while Dam may be Mr. Man, what about Elisa? Is she tough enough to withstand the spitstorm on the horizon?

Theme song to 2nd commercial break cliff-hanger
Gael and Assusto discuss the harvesting of habaneros. Assusto, usually so obtuse, notices Gael's mood. Gael spills the habanero sauce about the Team Habanero and the Greenhouse plan.

Paolo calls Carmina and they plan to meet at the only inn in La Ermita at 3.

Meanwhile downstairs, Dam is breaking up with Flo...who flips out and pulls a  master Clingwrap ™ maneuver. She begs and pleads and while I don't like this chick all that much I cringe for her utter lack of dignity.

Paloma and Elisa discuss the latest Dam drama and Elisa insists she needs to make Dam forget her. Paloma the voice of reason, tells girlfriend she needs to go after Dam toute de suite.

Apparently Flo ran right out of the Hacienda and over to the plaza so Kenia could conveniently run into her and tell her she needs to see yesterday. Kenia spills the dead rabbit beans and Flo wishes she could trap Dam so conveniently (aw hell.)

Duck L'Orange awaits Paolo at the Inn. Pop! Goes the Bitter Sleazel...Fina shows up instead of Paolo!

Mid-episode cliffhanger to final credits
Fina knows Duck L'Orange served Elisa up on a silver platter at the cenote. Fina digs in her claws. She tells her she hates Elisa because she reminds her so much of her sister and the miserable life she has. Elisa is the product of love between Assusto and Steffie. She's the daughter Carmeany will never have. Carmina says she does't have to explain anything to Fina. If she sent Paolo to the cenote, it was to keep Elisa and Dam apart. Fina says Dam has no interest in Elisa. Carmina fires back with an "Oh yeah? Well then why did he come to the house to see her. So nyah!"

Paolo and Dam blah blah and Paolo finds out that come hell or high water, Dam is cancelling the wedding.

Gab forces his way into Casa Castañon and tells L'Orange he wants the little house of blue. She balks. He reminds her about the plane tickets and postal robbery so she could fake the paternity test. He suggests they trade. Or maybe arrange a kind of time share with the house. She'll take the morning humping shift and he'll take the afternoon shtupping shift.

Flo brings Kenia to Harangue-o ™ Hollow and introduces her to Fina as a friend. Fina insists the lovely young lady stay and keep Flo company. Oh, and why not go say hello to Paolo? His room is the third one on that hallway.

Enrique and Dam. Blergh. Enrique Dam has been so kind to him and that he (Quique) has not been such a nice guy. Quique worries and wants Dam to forgive him for anything he may have done to upset Dam. Dam is a little confused, but I'm sure at some point he will flash back to the conversation and all will be made clear.

Flo tells Fina about the break up. Flo knows it's for Elisa. Fina promises things will return to normal.

Kenia confronts Paolo and I really don't need to recap this. Just think of everything slimy men say when they don't want to take responsibility for getting a woman pregnant.

Team Habanero talks about going to Mérida to get a bank loan. Elisa is a little distracted. Gael walks her home and says she is drifting away from him. She denies it. Gael tells her the told Assusto about the project. Elisa gets mad because it was her place to tell her father. Not Gael's. She leaves in a huff.

Flo drags Elisa's reputation in the mud to Kenia, saying that Elisa has flirted with Dam, Paolo and even Gael! (So that's 2 out of 3 guys that Kenia would not want with Elisa.)

Dam visits Elisa and tells her he tried to break up with Flo. Elisa doesn't think he should do that. Dam thinks they should fight for their happiness. Elisa insists he forget her. Dam thinks they can face anything together and should fight for their happiness. They can't stop how they feel. There are aborted smoochies and Dam leaves in a mini-huff.

Assusto scares Elisa (because he is skulk pouting in a corner) and confronts her about her business dreams. He isn't supportive. Finally he says at least it will keep her busy and she won't be running around with men.

Enrique talks to Sabrina and I wonder why I care. (BTW, according to Quique Dr. Whipped gives good advice...too bad he doesn't listen to himself.)

Lola talks to Elisa who decides she can't fight this feeling anymore. Pop goes the Original Sleazel to announce Elisa has a visitor. The grin on Elisa's face says she thinks she knows who it is.

And she's WRONG! It's Flo!

Flo is going to pull the ol' "drug/drunk him and tell him he's the baby daddy trick.  Joy.


El Talismán #64 Mon 4/30/12 The Aftermath, A Truth Revealed and El Cheque


Previously on El Talisman:

Boda Interrumptus

Today on El Talisman:

Tonio and Lucrazy are so very happy that the wedding was stopped. For some odd reason Lucrazy thinks that Pedro will now be Mio! Tonio tells her she should be more concerned about getting her part of Alcatrash, cause he is going to ensure they both do that, tout suite,today.

Maria and El Viral, the gasbag, are talking and Maria tries to convince El Viral to go and talk to her devasted daughter, El Viral won't go, so Tia Maria goes instead.

Pigorio is laying in the hospital bed looking remarkably healthy. Panchito is playing with one of the medical machines in the room. Pigorio says so Pedro and Cameela are getting married. Too bad for Lucrazy. Panchito says what about Tonio who is so in love with Cameela? Pigorio says that's his problem. He makes Panchito stop playing with the machine. Panchito tells him to stay calm. Pigorio tells Panchito once he is up and on his feet Al Catrash is MIO!!!

Mariana is still in the trees with Santiago. Mariana wants to know what he is doing there? He says he was just watching and Santiago tells Mariana that Pedro betrayed him. Mariana wants to get out of there, as does Santiago so they go.

Maria goes to Cameela and talks to her. Maria tells Cameela that Pedro could not have known Mariana was still alive. He is not the type of person to do this to Cameela. Maria says pack your things, you are coming with me to the apartment. Cameela doesn't want to go because the gasbag, oh excuse me, her Mama will be there and will give her all kinds of grief. Maria says not gonna happen sweetie, she will make sure and Tia Maria insists she come home with her.

Padre Sebastian tells the assembled guests that due to what just happened there will be no wedding today. He asks the guests to go on home now and please don't gossip about what happened here today. The would be bride and groom would appreciate it.

El Viral wants to leave this instant and wants a taxi, she is not riding with her heartbroken daughter and her sister Maria. Army says what evs he isn't going with her. She tells Army she wants to go to the police so they can help her recover that Cheque that is owed to her. Army can't believe her.

Pedro has gone to talk to Cameela. She says she wants to be alone, and that they have nothing to talk about. He wants her to wait cause he still wants to marry her, he just needs Mariana to recover her memory. Cameela wants to know how long will that take, months, years? Pedro keeps telling Cameela he loves her, its not an illusion and he will do whatever it takes to fix this problem. She keeps crying. He tells her he loves her and leaves.. shutting the door behind him. She tells the door she loves Pedro.

Tracy goes up and helps Cameela take off her wedding dress. She tells Cameela that Pedro truly loves her, and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Cameela says her heart is broken. Tracy keeps telling her Pedro loves her. Cameela doesn't want to hear it, so Tracy promises she will say no more about it. She promises she won't say where Cameela went.

Geno has put Cameela's things in Tia Maria's car. She promises she won't tell Pedro where Cameela has gone.

Pedro and Margarito are talking and he tells Margarito he never knew where Mariana was, dead or alive, until she showed up today. Padre comes in and tells Pedro he needs to find Mariana and talk to her, and Pedro says he needs to find Santiago too.

Mariana and Santiago are now at Mariana's apartment. Santiago looks like he is starving. He scarfs down some food, while Mariana makes a call to Dr. Manuel. She tells Dr. Manuel she stopped Pedro and Cameela's wedding. He needs him. He says he is on is way. Mariana asks Santiago why he left Pedro's. Was it because of Cameela? Santiago tells Mariana no, Cameela is nice but Pedro betrayed him by calling the police on him. Santiago is done eating and wants to leave. Mariana tries to get him to stay, but he says he'll see her tomorrow. Dr. Manuel has come home. She tells Dr. Manuel in detail what happened and she feels sorry for Pedro. She knows he is in love with Cameela. Manuel tells her she needs to talk to Pedro. Mariana doesn't want to because Tonio keeps insisting Pedro is bad. Manuel tells Mariana that Tonio doesn't like Pedro and she should stop listening to Tonio.

Tonio is at the hospital with his lawyer, and sees the Dr. Tonio asks if Pigorio can now sign papers? The Dr. says oh yeah, and hey by the way we found some poison in your Dad's blood, know anything about that? Tonio looks shocked, I tell you shocked! He doesn't know Anything about that. Tonio goes into Pigorio's room with his lawyer. Tonio wants Panchito to Largate, but Pigorio says he stays. Tonio wants Pigorio to sign the papers. One quarter part of Alacatrash to Tonio, one quarter part to Lucrazy and if he loses his facilites (when has he ever had them?) the half goes to Tonio. Pigorio signs the papers and Pigorio tells Panchito, to guess what? Right, Largate. Pigorio tells Tonio when his is out of the bed and back home El Alcatrash is, wait for it, MIO!!!!!

Gabe, Sarita and Pedro are talking and Sarita asks if he needs some pills for his nerves? He says no, he just wants to make everything right. Pedro goes to look for Cameela, but she is gone and has left him a letter. She says she loves him, but can't wait around until Mariana gets her memory back. She says they just weren't meant to be, and it would be better if she left. Pedro runs into Tracy and asks her if she knows where Cameela went. Tracy is not a good liar and caves and tells Pedro where she went. Pedro is going to look for her.

Angel and Army have gone to El Alcatrash to find Fabi. This time it is a daytime jaunt. They run into Alberta and Lucrazy. Lucrazy has just been going on and on about Pedro's non wedding. Alberta tries to run the boys off, but Lucrazy makes her stop. She knows that Army is Fabi's boyfriend and Flor's fake boyfriend and what does he want? Army says he wants to talk to Fabi. Lucrazy says if you help me with Cameela, I'll let you talk to Fabi. Army says no way Jose, she tells him too bad, so sorry, Largate. Angel tells Lucrazy that's ok, we can talk to Fabi outside of the ranch. Army and Angel leave, but Flor has heard Army and she goes chasing after them and demands an explanation of what happened. Army tells her all about the dreaded venganza of his gasbag mother, oops did it again, and that he only loves Fabi punto. Flor is so not down with this. Army insists it is the truth and he and Angel leave. In the house Nana is telling Fabi that Army is outside and Flor is talking to him. Nana tells her she should be the one talking to Army.

As Tonio is leaving the hospital he stops by Dr. Raul's office, because Dr. Raul wanted to see him. He tells Tonio about the poison in Pigorio's blood that they found. Do you know anything about that! Oh, nos I don't, but ya know he had a lover named El Viral who is now his enemy. She probably did it. Dr. Raul ain't buying what Tonio is selling. Tonio goes on and on about Pigorio dumping El Viral and so on, but Dr. Raul says he has many enemies, you perhaps? Tonio wants to know if Dr. Raul has called the cops, but Dr. Raul hasn't. Tonio says keep the gasbag in mind, I mean El Viral, he also tells Dr. Raul that Cameela is friend of mine, and the Dr. wants to know if Cameela might know anything about this? The Doctor is not buying that Cameela is a friend of Tonio's. The Dr. says he isn't telling Pigorio, but his keeping his eye on Tonio. He tells the Dr. that it is good that Mariana is back that Tonio is also a friend to Mariana. The doctor says no Negrete is a friend of Mariana's. Tonio tells him Pigorio won't do anything to Mariana. The Dr. asks Tonio if he is the poisoner? Tonio says no but think about El Viral.

The Gasbag just happens to be at the police station spewing her gas at the police about El Cheque, if you please. The cop gets the investigator, not El Capitan, that first investigated Mariana's disapperance. The Investigator wants to know all about what she is spewing. The Gasbag tells the Investigator how Mariana just happened to show up at the wedding, and how that Cheque is Mio. The Investigator tells her, very interesting. El Viral is trying to call Army, who of course is not picking up his cell, I wonder why? Doesn't want poison gas is my opinion.

Maria has taken Cameela home with her. They have a chat and Maria tells her she will make sure her Mama will not bother her. Maria tells Cameela Pedro really loves Cameela and that she should fight for him. Maria tries to convince her that Pedro never would have married her if he knew Mariana was alive. Cameela is just not buying it, because by this point she is pithed (thank you Carlos) and is having a pity party. Maria tells her to think about it. Maria is going out and concerned about Cameela. Cameela says not to worry no one knows she is there. Maria leaves. Cameela thought bubbles about the wedding interrumptus and there is a knock on the door, it is Mariana. Mariana tells Cameela she wants to talk to her. She doesn't want to talk to her, but Mariana insists. Mariana wants to know why Cameela was marrying a married man? Cameela tells Mariana that when noone could find her, Pedro thought she was dead. Cameela thought he was single and free and that is why she married him. Cameela wants to know why Mariana stopped the wedding? Was it to hurt her? Mariana tells her no, but for legal reasons she had to stop the wedding. She says I'm alive. Cameela tells her you are the only wife of Pedro Ibarra. Mariana says she has no memory of what happened before and it is necessary for her to talk to Cameela. Cameela doesn't want to hear anymore and she tells Mariana to go.

Next time on El Talisman:

Pedro goes to see Cameela

Lucrazy has a gun at it is pointed at Pedro!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Una Familia Con Suerte #227-228 Fri 4/27/12 Feliz Navidad, Bah Humbug and the Girl Who Couldn't Decide


The Refried:

Tomas is ok after the police operativo.

Candy massages Vins feet, while smelling his shoes, and says she won't leave him. She married him for richer for poorer etc.

The New:

Everyone is throwing Rebe a baby shower. Most of the gifts are Huggies diapers. Dona Rebe tells Rebe that Julio are her are bankrupt. Rebe promises her that she and Pancho will help them. All the guys are at the baby shower too. Rebe tells Pancho her parents are bankrupt.

Except Vins and Enzzo. Vins is having a pity party for one and is hanging out with Enzzo cause he ain't going to no baby shower that has Pancho there, Bah Humbug. Enzzo tells Vins sorry pal this is all your own fault and you should have paid up. Vins uses the excuse of mi's planis went wrong and I got divorced and had to give the Pina all my dinero and property. Bah Humbug. Enzzo goes to the shower, and Vins leaves.

Freddy comes to see his Paps. Candy opens the door for him and asks if she can get him anything, he says no just Paps. Paps comes out and Freddy says he stopped by to say bye cause he is spending Navidad with his Moms and Meli Amors. Paps asks about his bruised face and Freddy tells him he fought with Adrian over Ana. Freddy gives the gifts he brought with him to his Paps and wishes him Feliz Navidad. Paps says he loves his Nene.

Freddy goes to see Ana and tells her he stopped by with a gift for her and tells her he is going to Torreon to spend Navidad with Moms and Meli Amors. Freddy gives her a hug and she thought bubbles about the time he read poetry for her on the cherry picker. She tells Freddy Feliz Navidad and they commence the kissing. Rebe walks in, they totally ignore her and keep on kissing. Ana breaks the kiss and looks totally confused. Freddy tells her he is in love with her. He goes to leave but before he does, he kneels down and kisses Rebe's baby bump and wishes the twins, Rebe, and Pancho Feliz Navidad.

Elena and Orion have come home for Feliz Navidad. They go to Tomas's place.

Julio comes for Christmas and Pancho goes to hug him, but Julio is steaming mad, bah humbug. Pepe steps in and hugs him anyway. I think Pancho tells a mother-in-law joke, and then Dona Rebe does an imitation of Pancho.

Ana is now very confused. She tells Lupe she kissed Freddy.

Doc Oc is talking to Pancho, Rebe, Dona Rebe and some others standing around he is on a new drug therapy and it is doing wonders.

Pepe is trying to find Moni. She isn't answering her cell.

Candy gives Vins a check for all the past due taxes and to get him out of his jam. It was money left to her from Napo. Vins is shocked and somewhat repentant and she says all she wants from him is to say Feliz Navidad. She tells him she is going to Pancho's, he won't go there, bah humbug. Enzzo stops by and gives Vins a present. They have a hug.

Ado has come over to help cook the dinner. Concepcion has come too and brings the baby.

Vins, Enzzo and Arnoldo spend Christmas together.

Ana and Adrian talk. She tells him she kissed Freddy. He is pithed off.

In the cutest scene tonight, Popeye gives Abjea a dog tag with her name on it. They tell each other they love each other and spend Christmas with their beautiful puppies.

Everyone is gathered at Pancho's including Elena and Orion who have come from Australia, I think. Pepe is still looking for Moni. She comes in with Frida. Pepe is really surprised and so is Pancho. They think there will be trouble, but they both go over and greet them. Frida tells Pepe and Pancho that Moni lent her the heels and the dress to come to their party. Pepe is proud of Moni. Later Moni tells Frida she really wants to help her, because she is all alone and she wants to be her friend. They hug.

Adrian tells Ana he is going back to Gaudalajara with his girls cause Ana betrayed him. She says she is confused, but he isn't buying it. He says he spent all this time with her and her mind should have been made up already.

Arnoldo and Enzzo try to convince Vins to come to Pancho's, cause that is where they are going. Vins can't believe it. He hates Pancho. Arnold reminds him that Pancho is not only his brother-in-law but your cousin. Vins says he ain't going, bah humbug. Arnold and Enzzo leave Vins to stew in his bah humbugness.

Everyone but Vins is now at Pancho's party. Pancho gives a speech about all the things he is grateful for. He is grateful for his Ana and Lupe making it thru the kidney transplant (Montage of all that happened), he is happy for Rebe and the twins, happy with Pepe, Moni and Frida being friends, happy he found his Jeffa Dona Fer (Montage of how he found her and how he found out she was his Mama) and happy she found Doc Oc who is now his Papa, happy that Chela and Enzzo are together with little Paquito, happy Adrian has come with his daughters (Pancho doesn't know about the fight), happy Arnoldo is now out of the closet and with Barb, happy that Sebastian is with Pina (even though she isn't there), happy that Chacho and Sanrita are together, happy that Tomas is with them and saved Candy from Napo, happy Candy got the man she wanted (Even though Vins stayed home, bah humbug), happy that Orion and Elena have come home for Christmas, happy that he has Chucha, Ado and Concepcion there (they do a cute little dance). Then he tells Everyone Feliz Navidad.

Vins talks to Nene on the phone, wishes him Merry Christmas and tells him to tell Pina and Meli Amors the same.

Candy leaves that wonderful banquet of food (I have to say here I love the food on this TN) and tells Pancho, Vins is all alone (Mr Pity Party for One Bah Humbug)

Julio is pithed off because Dona Rebe told Rebe and Pancho all of their financial woes, bah humbug.

Pina calls Sebastian and wishes him Merry Christmas with many hugs and kisses.

Sebastian took this call outside and he sees Temo and Adrian's girls playing soccer. He thought bubbles about how he used to play soccer with his son. Temo asks him why he is so sad and if he is ok. Sebastian says he is ok and tells Temo about his son. Temo hugs him and they play soccer.

Candy goes home to Vins. She has a little surprise for Vins, she has a trenchcoat on. She takes it off and she is "Candy Claus" she even says ho, ho, ho. He chases her all over and they end up rocking the house.

In another cute scene, Temo is dressed in a little chef hat and brings Rebe and Pancho breakfast in bed. He tells them about Sebastian's son. He also tells Pancho there is something he wants Pancho to help him with.

That help is to take Temo to the carcel to visit Salome. They walk in there and Temo has some drawings. They bring Salome in with shackels and cuffs. Pancho tells Temo they are never to tell Tomas they were there. Temo runs and gives her a hug. He was happy when she went on that helicopter ride with him and has brought her the drawings he has made of that. She has tears in her eyes. She gives Temo a kiss on the head. Pancho asks her how she ended up with such a bad man as Napo. She says its a long story. She tells Pancho that their coming to see her in the carcel is the best thing that has happened to her, she is crying. Temo, Pancho and Salome have a group hug and Pancho says he'll help her once she is out of the carcel.

Adrian tells his daughters they are going back to Guadalajara cause he and Ana are having problems. The girls aren't liking it. The girls don't want to leave Temo but Adrian tells them they are going and that is that.

Rebe and Pancho talk about Dona Rebe and Julio's problems. Pancho wants to help and will talk to Julio. Dona Rebe comes to talk to Rebe. Pancho goes to talk to Julio. Julio is very mad (bah humbug) cause Dona Rebe spilled the beans to him and Rebe. Pancho tells him he wants to give him a hand cause he is part of the family. Julio, bah humbug, doesn't want no stinking help. Dona Rebe comes in and wants to help Julio see the error of his ways, that he can't get out of this trouble by himself and he needs a hand. Julio is yelling at Pancho and keeps saying he doesn't need no stinking help (bah humbug) especially from Pancho. Rebe tells him to respect Pancho.

Freddy is on his way back and thought bubbles about Ana.

Pepe and Moni are talking about Frida. Pepe is glad she brought her and Moni says she only wants to help her, because the girl is all alone with noone. Moni tells Pepe nothing will ever seperate them again.

Lupe and Ana come to see what all the fighting is about. Julio is still saying he doesn't need anyone's help (bah humbug) and that he is leaving. Pancho clears the room so Rebe and Julio can talk. Rebe tells Julio that Pancho is a great guy who only wants to help him out of his trouble. She tells Julio he and Dona Rebe are now part of the family, and that family is everything to Pancho. Julio, for the first time, starts acting human and cries and tells Rebe not only do they have financial problems, their marriage is in trouble.

In the other room, Dona Rebe is talking to Pancho and the girls and says that Pancho shouldn't worry about Julio. Julio has never supported her in the things she wanted to do and that her marriage is in trouble. She wants a divorce.

Earlier Ana and Lupe talked about Freddy and how confused Ana is. She thought bubbled all about her relationship with Freddy and sleeping with him. He was her first. Freddy comes back from Torreon and brings Ana flowers. He wants to take her somewhere. He takes her to his apartment. She thinks his Moms lives there too, but he says it is his alone. Freddy kisses her and she thought bubbles about Adrian kissing her. She tells Freddy she told Adrian about kissing Freddy. She tells Freddy everytime he kisses her she thinks of Adrian and everytime Adrian kisses her she thinks of Freddy. She is sooo confused. She wants to go home and think about all this.

Tomas goes on another operativo. This time it is drug dealers. They surround the house and Tomas is the first one in. They surround all the drug dealers and round them all up. There is one they didn't see and he is pointing his gun at Tomas. Tomas' fellow officer yells gun, but Tomas is slow to draw and is shot in the arm.


La Que No Podía Amar #88 Friday 4/27/12 I Confess or, The Road to Ro-Hell Is Paved with Paula’s Good Intentions

Cap. #88

Truth of life #101: honesty is not always the best policy.  Truth of life #102: leave well enough alone, especially if you live at Hacienda del Fuerte.  Truth of Life #103: everyone at Montero Manor, with the singular exception of La Sra. Montero herself, seems savvy enough to grasp these basic tenets of longevity. 

Lo Del Pasado:

Cinthia hams it up with the hysterics for gullible Gustavo in hopes of scoring points with another kind of pointy-headed beastie.  In Tuxtla, meanwhile, Rogelio learns from Hilda that Mensa-worthy Margarito has finally chucked the children’s home.

Lo Del Nuevo:

In the backyard of Hell-Fue’te’s main house, Efrain sneaks his arms around Sinthia and then gives her grief about throwing herself at Gallant Gus.  (Note to self: send Efrain a case each of disposable razors and shaving cream along with instructional pictogram.)    Sin prudes it up for benefit of the hacienda help walking by, and tells him hands off in public, remember?  Ok, quips Effer, but next time, how about you fall into my arms and we let Gus get rid of the snake?  Sin rightly puts the blame on Effer for letting the snake loose in the first place.  She demands another one and this time they’d better get it right or else.  The rest of the discussion deteriorates from there.  FF>>

At the orphanage, Hilda and Oh-Hell are racking their brains trying to think of places nearby that a little kid might be attracted to.  If that weren’t bad enough, in walks Vanessa to save Rog from the court of civil servancy:  she’ll take the blame for leading Rog astray.  (Sure, the damage is done.  No skin of her pug nose!)  Hilda tells her to save it cuz the kid’s run away and needs to be found ASAPP!   Despite Rog’s protests, Nessa insists on using her connections to help find the sweet, adorable, little mud-muffin.

Back at Hell-Fuerte, Gus answers the phone.  It’s Margarito explaining he’s run away from the orphanage.  He’s hungry and wants somebody to come pick him up and take him home.  Gus tells him to stay there and he’ll send somebody for him.  The line goes dead before M-grito can give him a street name, but he does manage to describe the place enough beforehand so that Gus recognizes it as an amusement park or street fair for kids.   Ana Paula walks in at that point wanting to speak to Margarito.  Gus has to give her the bad news that the boy’s run off and the phone line died before he got the name of the street corner.  Rosaura is right behind Pau and quickly reminds her that the kid’s not stupid and will probably call back.  She sneaks a warning glance at Gus on her way out.

Hours have passed and they’ve got no clue back at the orphanage as to where to look for him.   Nessa informs them that she’s enlisted the help of her friend who owns a radio station to publicize his description.  Caras de concern and consternation for Hilda and Rog.

Ditto for AP.  Gus is charmed by the Cupcake’s sincere concern for the little boy’s welfare, lost in a city the size of Tuxtla.  He caresses her cheek and tells her that whether he’s around later on or not, he knows their child will grow up fine having her as his mom.  She’s exactly the woman he wants to be the mother of his child. 

In the kitchen, Rosie smiles with Gollum-like glee, momentarily forgetting herself in her elation at the news about Margarito’s going missing.  She tells Daniela how wonderful it is that the boy ran away and that she hopes he stays lost.  “—One less heir, you know?  Better that Ana Paula’s son is the only Montero heir.”  Squeaky looks on a bit woodenly and it’s hard to tell if she’s real or if she’s Memorvexed, but Michael is demonstrably disgusted with his aunt’s attitude.  He reminds Rosie that Gus and AP won’t allow the kid to be officially recognized as Ro=Hell’s, whether she and Rog like the idea or not!  Besides, Margarito’s going to be back eventually.  Finally Dani pipes up to say Bruno’s told her that since AP’s married to Rog he really can register the child under his name.

Mike is sure Rosie’s happy to hear that, but he insists Rogelio Montero isn’t the long suffering cuckolded martyring hubby he lets everybody think he is.  “—The guy isn’t worth it.  While my sister was still fragile and stuck in her bed, he wasted no time to begin burning up the bed sheets in Tuxtla with Vainessa!” 

In another part of the house, El Gusto Can Still Be Mío informs Sinthia about Margarito’s call, and how he’s got Esteban looking into all the fairs in the area for him.  Sinthia plays the concerned auntie-to-be to the hilt as Viewerville suffers through another gag attack. 

In the kitchen again, Rosie asks how these two know Ro-Hell did the deed with Vainy.  Dani shows her the texted picture on her phone.  Rosie grabs for it but Dani’s too quick for her and pulls it back.  “No, Pau hasn’t seen the photo yet.”  Rosie doesn’t want to her to either, for the sake of the peso’s invol…er…the pregnancy.  Mikey warns her that if he has an inkling of a chance and it’s necessary, he will take AP’s blinders off in a Mexicali minute!

Sin sneaks a call to Nessa from her bedroom.  She gives her BFF and PIC (partner in crime) the 411 on Margarito’s escape from the orphanage along with where Gus says he might be found.  Vainy agrees to look at all possible fairs near the orphanage and once she finds him to nab him and dump him somewhere he’ll never be found.   

Back in the kitchen while nobody’s looking and Dani’s at the stove cooking, Rosie filches Dan’i’s cellphone off the table and hides it.  The others sit down to eat.  She assumes mourning position and says she’s off to ask if there’s any news about p-o-o-o-o-o-r M-grito.  Once she’s gone, Mike tells Dani he can’t believe what a nasty wicked person his aunt is.  Hard for him to believe she’s the same person who took such good care of him and his sister when they were growing up.   Dani’s answer is to overlook people’s faults so the family can always remain close through thick and thin.  (I think I liked her better before when all she did was squeak.)

Pau, meantime, calls Rog to let him know Margarito called and is at some street fair nearby.   Maria seeks out a few words of comfort from Pau regarding Margarito and then returns to the kitchen.  Rosie walks into the room and warns Pau she’s got to get her husband back home right away because he’s there alone with that vamp, Vainessa!  Pau says she’s not telling her anything she doesn’t already know.  They discuss the call to his room that Nessa answered while Ro-Hell was supposedly taking a bath.  She couldn’t understand the reason Vainessa would be in his bedroom, let alone answering his cell. (She doesn’t understand, or she refuses to?  Mike’s gonna have to deal with some really huge blinders.)  Rosie looks frantic.  “—I warned you to take care of your husband!”  

In teeming Tuxtla, Nessa recognizes M-grito and approaches him.  She tries to tell him she’ll take him to Rogelio, but he refuses to leave with her.  Esteban shows up while she’s battling with the kid.

Back at the hacienda, Rosie advises Pau that regarding Vainessa and Rog, what’s done is done and the best thing she can do is to turn a blind eye to it [hacer la vista gorda= look the other way].  Paula asks how she can possibly turn her back to this, but Rosie reminds her it would be like the pot calling the kettle black, considering.   (Once again I find myself agreeing with the old gal!)   

Margarito is smart enough to know Nessa isn’t in his fan club, no matter what she says.  He doesn’t believe that she’s taking him to Rogelio for a minute, either, and he wants to know why Rog is not there with her.  Esteban walks up at this point and hands the kid a sandwich, saying Gus sent him to find him and told him that he was hungry.  Margarito  is relieved and leaves to buy a soda.  Esteban takes a minute to note how she always told him she hated kids.  All of a sudden now that it’s Rog, she’s all gung-ho.   Vainy rolls her eyes at her pushover of an ex, and tells him that life has a way of making people change.

Now Gus pampers his Cupcake by feeding her soup.  Sin purposely interrupts by galumphing in to ask if there’s news about Margarito.  On cue, Esteban calls to tell Gus he’s found him and is taking him back to Rogelio.  Sin secretly curses her bad luck.

Back at the orphanage office, Ms. Meanie de Maura tells Rog not to give Margaro false hopes about going back home with them again.  Margaro races in with Esteban and the two hug.  He begs to be taken home.  Rog has the rotten job of telling the boy that he and Paula were told they cannot adopt him after all.  Margarito doesn’t understand and asks him why.  Rog is red-faced and fuming at himself for having to admit it’s not Margaro’s fault, but because of something he did.  He’s not sure there will be a way to fix things and he’ll have to understand.  Anyway, he told him before there was the chance this might happen. 

Dani and Mike start looking for her cellphone.  FF>>

Rog tries telling Margaro that orphanages are there to give kids to families who can have any.  Of course the boy doesn’t understand why they have a right to take him from the only home he’s ever known.  (Don’t get me started with this!  Chinese water torture or the pulling of fingernails might be in order for Bruno.)  Margarito suggests that maybe Gus could adopt him instead.  (Not a bad thought, but….)  Rog promises to still look for a way to get him home again.  They will never abandon him there; and in the meantime, every trip to Tuxtla Rog will come visit.    

Maria and Pau put flowers in the chapel and, we assume, pray.  FF>>

Later on, Nessa comes back in to apologize for the trouble she’s caused with all of this.  (Hard to say if she’s being truthful, but Viewerville definitely has its doubts.)  Rog tells her it’s not her fault.  He should never have shown off in public with her the way he did.  Nessa surprises him and the rest of us by actually offering to adopt him herself.  Nice try, he says, but after what Maura saw and said, there’s no way she’d ever allow Naughty Nessa to adopt the boy.

Effer comes to the office to inform Sin that they’ve got more problems than just Margarito reappearing.  The person who knows he has the letter about Margaro being Rog’s son wants it back.  No way, says Sin.  Just deny it!  Can’t do that, says Effer.  The way things have played out, I can’t and the worst of it is that they’re threatening to go to your brother about it!

In the living room again, Gus is there telling AP how upset Margarito sounded on the phone.   “--I know, though, that whatever happens with Rogelio or myself, you are going to protect him.  If you decide, as for me, I’d love having a family that consisted of you, our child, and Margarito.” (You’ve got to credit Gus for constantly giving it the old college try.)  Stonefaced, Pau replies that first she’s got to define her new situation with Ro-Hell.  With all that’s gone on with the Margarito’s situation, she doesn’t know how or if his plans will change again.   Yeah, Gus has every right to stick around at the ready for the pregnancy and the baby’s birth; but first Ro-Hell has got to know the truth; they simply will not deceive him.  Gus says no problem there, because he’s always wanted to be up front with him about it. 

Sin warns Effer that the last person she wants knowing about that letter is Bro-Hell.  We’ve got to be very careful about all this because, you know the way you always screw up.  The adoption process doesn’t matter a hill of beans with that letter cuz all he’ll have to do is legally acknowledge the kid.  Effer allows that would be pretty darn costly for her since the boy would be able to take everything she has away from her.  He suggests it would be better to pay off the person instead.  No, says Sin.  She won’t put up with blackmail.  (No, just a host of other major criminal pursuits like murder, theft, fraud, kidnapping, and bribery.  Have I’ve missed anything?)  Why won’t he just tell her who the person is, asks Sin.  Because, says Effer, he knows the person will go straight to Rog if they know he’s told Sin.  It’s better just to pay the person off.  She needs to think about it and about what will cost her less in the long run.  “--It’s not that serious a thing; it’s just buying silence.”

Gus and Pau argue a bit over whether he should tell Rog or she should tell Rog what’s what.  She’s sure if she tells him calmly that he’ll react the same way.  Gus is just as certain he won’t. They decide to tell him together.

The next morning, Pau prays at the little altar in her room and asks for strength to face the consequences of telling the truth about Gus to Rog.

Outside Sin races over to tell Gus that Bro-Hell has finally returned.  Gus’s expression says it all: it’s time to face the music.  Sin chatters on about how this time there’s nothing but good things to report back to him.  “--You know, the hole for the well, the animals are healthy, the growth in the vegetable garden is good,--and each time I feel more able to manage the place.  Effer comes out to bring them back inside for a meeting that Rog has called for everyone.   

Rosie walks up behind Bruno and gives him some grief about letting “Vanesszora” loose to prey on Rogelio.  Paula greets Rog and asks where Margarito is.  He tells her the boy didn’t come back with him and that they’ll discuss it after.  Sin walks in to greet him and instead of congratulating her  on how well things there did this time in his absence (no thanks to her but to Goose, I say), he asks why she still hasn’t found out which one of them was David’s accomplice with the clenbuterol.  He looks around the room and warns the lot of them that if the one responsible doesn’t come forward in the next three days, they’ll all be fired. 

Meanwhile, across the way at Mercedes and Ernesto’s new digs, Mersnottys tells Ernie she’s off to pick up Esteban in town at the bus terminal and can’t accept his invitation to dinner.  Steve’s just been reassigned to the region and will be staying there for a few months.  Ernie is less than pleased over the news, but manages to hide it pretty well.

Effer and Sin are pissed at Bro-Hell’s unfair attitude.  Sin is sure that the way he ignores the effort she put into “running” the hacienda that he’s certain to take her inheritance away from her and give it all to his heir.  The plan to off the heir is on again.  Effer wonders what set him off and put him in such a bad mood.  Sin blames Effer’s failure to find out who let David into the hacienda the last time.  Ruh-roh!  (As if!  No way the Judas goat will admit to his taking that 30 pesos of David’s gold.) 

In town, Ulises and Macaria congratulate Consuelo’s being accepted into college.  She starts in a couple of weeks.  Once Uli’s gone, Connie coldly tells Macaria that just because they’re helping her out financially it doesn’t mean she’ll forget what Maracaria did with Effer.  (Ok.  Enough is enough.  Who’s conning whom now?   She’s got a good job and her way paid through college.  What a true lack of class!)

At the same time, Goose looks for a meet with Rog.  He starts out ready to fess up to being the baby-daddy but chickens out at the last minute and starts discussing the well holes he’s been digging.  Rog thanks him for saving his sister’s life and for finding Margarito.  Rog admits his bro-mance with Goose here and tells him just how much he appreciates him.  “—You don’t know how I’ve wanted someone around me I could trust and look to for assistance.  I would have liked having a brother like you.

Pau complains to Maria, meanwhile, that she’s upset and confused as to why Margarito didn’t come home with him and why Rog put it off for a later discussion.  Not just that, she says, she totally disagrees with his high-handed attitude towards the ranch hands. Maria suggests that he’s got to maintain a heavy hand with the help to insure this doesn’t happen again and to underscore his authority as owner to avoid what David did from ever happening again.  Pau says she’ll talk to him about that while she’s also about the business with Margaro and her baby.

Rog doesn’t understand Goose’s dear in the headlights look.  Rog then apologizes for possibly insulting him.  Goose tries explaining that under different circumstances he’d think it a privilege to have Rog consider him that way.  Rog figures his attitude is a result of fighting with Sinthia.  Goose tries to set him straight on that but someone comes in with the news that Abel and the Association members are there to greet him and accept him back into the fold.  “—They must be coming with their tails between their legs.”  Goose gets a reprieve and breathes easy again.

Back in her bedroom, Sin takes out a wad of bills she must have stolen from petti cash.  It’s the bribery stash for Effer.  He takes the cash and pockets it.

Mersnotty’s comes home right away.  She explains to Ernie that he never showed up at the bus station.  Just then there’s a knock on the door.  It’s him with a house-warming gift.  He appologizes for not getting hold of her but at the last minute Vanessa offered him lift back with her.  She tries to snub him by telling him she and Ernie were just leaving for dinner.  Ernie reminds her that Ms. Manners wouldn’t like that.  He invites Steve to stay a while.

Effer finds Tomas and tells him he knows his brother’s up in the U.S. and he’s willing to loan him the cash to catch up with him there.  Tomas wants to tell Maria and Rog first.  Effer poo-poos that and says he’ll handle it.  “--But, you’ve got to take all your things and leave right away. You’ll owe me one.  And say Hi for me to your brother, Pancho.”  Okay. 

In town at the same time, Vainy drops a large 8x10 of the photo of her in bed with Rog into a manila envelope and addresses it.  She tells her secretary to make sure she delivers the envelope personally to the addressee.  

El Gusto now gets a visit from Sin who’s whining about Bro-Hell giving her the cold shoulder over the great way she managed the hacienda while he was gone.  Gus gives her some encouragement but refuses her request to intercede for her.  He’d like to help her out, but he can’t.  It’s just not the right time.  He’s about to tell Rog that the two of them have broken up and that he’s the baby-daddy.

Paula’s ready to climb the walls waiting for Rog to come speak to her.  He rolls in and laughs at how the Stockman’s Association is begging him to be their president again.  Pau says it’s only right since he’s a terrific man.  He says it warms the cockles of his heart to hear that coming from her, even though he’s well aware that he’s got a long way to go before he can show her.  He’s not proud of some of the things he did in Tuxtla.  Paula tells him she realizes that the business with Margarito is out of his hands.  A hint of worry briefly crosses his eyes for fear she might know the real reason why as well.  Before he can continue she tells him she’s got a confession to make and that she simply can’t go on any longer.  He asks if it’s that she finally has decided it’s him she wants.  (Now that’s ego for you!) 

Paula says she didn’t tell him before because she was afraid of how he’d react, but she just can’t handle it any more.  She needs to tell him about the man who was her boyfriend.  (Well, so much for facing El Ogre together.)  “—Don’t tell me he came here while I was gone!  Answer me!  Did you see your child’s father?”  “—Rogelio…my former …boyfriend is …Gustavo Durán, the engineer Gustavo Durán.”  To say that Ro-Hell is bug-eyed impactado is puttin’ it mildly.  (Viewerville has all their fingers and toes crossed in hopes that the photo of Vanessa’s bodacious bedding of her ex-beau makes it into Pau’s hands for a timely bit of recriminatory satisfaction before all proverbial fecal material is done hitting the fan!)


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