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MEPS 2/27/09: El Jinete Justiciero Returns: A Chippendale Among The Chipmunks

Capítulos 9 & 10

Soledad is still away in the city visiting the lethargic Lil, so Margarita plays lookout as Jacinto rummages around in Sole’s house for Eduardo’s phone number in the States. He plans on going into town to phone him to let him know how sick his mother is. Margarita is anxious for Jacinto to tell Eddie how urgent it is and that he must come home right away to see her.

Gonzo is at his doctor’s appointment and he asks his cardiologist not to let his family know about his heart problems. The specialist says fine as long as Gonzo follows his instructions to the letter. Gonzo says he will, but just because he’s got heart problems doesn’t mean he’s going to make a big deal over it in front of everyone.

At the milk plant, our resident Bad Ass Bitch, aka, Babs, is signing off on a quality control report from one of the workers when Anibal runs in looking for her. He’s got his shorts in a wad because little sis, Fernanda, is the one who gets to make the decision to go with the powdered milk project or not. She’s the only one who can get Gonzo to change his mind about it. He says since Sissy trusts Babs so much that Babs needs to convince her that once the stuff arrives, none of their employees is going to be thrown out onto the street and left without a job.

Babs angrily complains that Fernanda’s problem is that she’s inherited her daddy’s socially charitable tendencies and so Grupo Lactos has moral obligations with rabble throughout the entire region. Suddenly she gets a call from hubby, Gullible Gonzo, and her tone of voice changes to concerned and silky sweet. Gonzo lies that the doctor said he’s just fine and she pretends it’s wonderful news before hanging up. Anibal continues the conversation. He suggests that perhaps Damian, being Nanda’s fiance, could smooth the way for them. Babs feigns shock, shock! at the idea of manipulating his darling sister through Damian.

Back again at the hacienda, Fernanda kisses Damian her “Monstruo” [monster, genius, giant] good-bye. (So, of all the pet names for a lover she comes up with that? Hmm. Let’s see. She hasn’t seen Damian’s bad side yet, and being a telenovela heroine, she’s still a virgin, so I guess she hasn’t got a clue about sizing up his particular…er… situation so to speak, so I guess the next best translation’s got to be “genius”.) She gets the urge to go out back and reminisces through the fountains in the back yard, remembering the happy times when she and Eduardo played together as kids. She’s sad to think that Eddie never kept his word and has apparently forgotten her. (After 14 years and passing through puberty, you sure as heck would hope to think so.) That’s why a year ago (fourteen long years of pining puppy-love later), we learn she decided to finally forget him and start a new chapter in her life.

Eduardo, however, has never gotten down off that puff of cloud-9 of his. He is at that very point in time buying an engagement ring for his gossamer gal before he heads back to Mexico. (Ok. Ok. You’re gonna tell me that a summa cum laude grad student from Harvard Business School doesn’t stop to think that maybe the object of his pre-pubescent dreams might not already be married with five kids by now, or could be into S and M and living in Vegas, or after fifteen years, might have turned out to look like Jaba the Hut’s twin sister and have a personality like Joan Rivers or a mouth like Rosie O’Donnell’s?) Viewerville once again adjusts the foil antenna on its collective beanie.

Jacinto comes back home and tells Margo that although Eduardo wasn’t around, he at least got hold of Ed’s Spanish speaking sexretary, and that he found out Eddie’s on vacation and headed home to Mexico. He’s going to be arriving the following day from the U.S. at the airport in Toluca. Margo says it’s not a moment too soon since Sole’s getting worse. She says that she wants to ask Don Gonzo to put Sole in the hospital, but Jacinto says no, because they both know that Babs will find out and be all over them like a ton of bricks if they try it.

Meanwhile, Gardenia, Margarita’s sister, is at Soledad’s house and trying to nurse Sole as best she can. Lucio knocks on the door to tell her she needs to return to the main house to serve dinner. Margo comes in just then to take a turn nursing Sole and since it’s the cook’s day off, ‘Denia races back to the main house hoping to arrive before BOW notices she’s not there.

Camilo, a grown-up version of the same crude, rude and lude jerk he’s always been, comes in late to dinner. Nanda asks him where Erika is and he makes some stupid joke, which falls flat, about her being on vacation. He blows off the question and says he hasn’t heard from her and says no, he’s not sent Erika packing if that’s what she’s wondering. Nanda says, no, but mentions that it is just so obvious that Camilo’s interest for her friend disappears whenever Santiago (who has been working on some project in Guadalajara for the last six months) is out of the picture for a while. Just then Damian arrives for dinner and very affectionately kisses Nanda “hello”. This secretly ticks Babs off and she goes to see what’s taking so long in the kitchen.

Babs, in a fouler mood than usual, walks into the kitchen just as Denia comes through the back door. Babs instinctively knows that the girl has been tending to Soledad and warns her that if she misses a minute of work because of that old woman again she’s fired. Nanda rushes in at that moment and asks what’s up. BOW immediately turns back into “Miss Congeniality” and says no problem. Gardenia just felt a bit ill but is fine now. Nanda makes a big deal about it and wants Denia to come with her to see the company doctor the next day, then sends her home for the evening and leaves to go back into the dining room. BOW stares daggers at Denia.

Jacinto tells Margo that they’ll have to wait for Eduardo to come home and then let him be the one to decide what do about his mother’s situation.

The next morning Jacinto goes to pick up Ed at the airport, but he doesn’t recognize the only indigenous looking guy in blue-jeans getting off a flight from the States –the one with the uber-large, gaudy, Jollywood shades that scream “Look at me! Look at me!” (Viewerville determines this must be Jacinto’s first time ever inside an airport, because, of course, he doesn’t realize he can have somebody paged and has never seen car services hold up signs for their faceless fares. Jacinto doesn’t do either. Nope, he is just supposed to be another well-meaning country bumpkin who only knows enough to drive to the airport, but not how to think out of the box once he gets there.) Eduardo and Jacinto pass by each other like strangers. Eddie-boy ends up going outside and taking a cab to his mother’s.

Back at Soledad’s, Margo tells Denia where Jacinto’s gone and warns her that absolutely no one can find out that Eduardo’s come back. Denia has heart palpitations at the mere thought of Eduardo, “the handsomest passenger on the plane,” showing up there again. Marge realizes that her little sis still has the hots for Eddie and knows nothing good’s going to come of it.

Back at the main house Nanda and Denia have a chat and Nanda finds out that Soledad is seriously ill. She wants to go to see Soledad immediately but Denia refuses and almost lets the cat out of the bag about why, but then remembers nobody is supposed to find out that Eduardo is back. Nanda wonders what the big deal is that she can’t go with her to see about Sole.

Babs and her assistant are working on the final guest list for the wedding. Babs crosses off Solie and LIl from the list. When her assistant says something about Fernanda possibly being upset over it, Barbie shuts her up with some nasty aside about Fernanda’s not wanting her druggie loon of a sister or some dying old woman there, then summarily kicks her out of her office with a couple of BOW finger snaps.

Nanda has forced Denia to come with her back to Soledad’s house. While they’re walking down the lane towards Soledad’s Damian shows up. He persuades Nanda to come back with him to the main house because he and she need to discuss something important. Denia breathes a sigh of relief for the reprieve.

We beam back to the plant as Babs tells Anibal that instead of talking with Fernanda herself about the powdered milk project, she’s having Damian discuss it with her. Anibal says he hopes Damian does a good job of convincing her because he’s gone ahead and signed the order for the powdered milk already and he doesn’t want his father to can him because of it. Babs thinks to herself that that will be the least of Anibal’s worries once that powdered milk purchase causes the company to go under.

Damian and Nanda are in her daddy’s office at the house. He tries to explain to her that the company needs the powdered milk as a bridging measure for the company to survive and continue growing. She doesn’t want to go against her father because she believes in his judgment and says if he’s against this then there’s got to be a reason for it. (Enough all ready! Will somebody please keep Silvia and Sergio away from the Jolt Cola and the Red Bull? It’s like listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks on speed!! Damn! It’s gonna take true willpower for Viewerville to make it through 175 episodios of “The Hopped-Up Chipmunk Chronicles.”) Damian warns her that without the powdered milk as a break-gap measure to fill all the orders that are coming in, the company will have to forget about their philanthropic projects, the fair and a number of her own personal projects. Daddy’s problem with the idea, though, is that he just doesn’t like being only a prepackaging third-party intermediary, he says.

Fernanda seems to be leaning towards giving Damian her support after hearing his explanation. They head outside and she admits she’d rather he discuss it with Daddy because she’s more interested in checking on her nana, Soledad’s, health right now, and anyway Damian’s got a better grasp of the details than she does. She says she wants to go into town to get Soledad a little get well gift but Damian’s got a meeting he can’t miss and they go their separate ways. As he sends her off he prophetically warns her to drive carefully “because you never know when you’re going to run into some crazy person walking the roads around here.”

Speaking of said crazy person, Eduardo is riding back home in the taxi with roses (and the ring). He reminisces about the fateful day he gave Nanda the locket and she gave him his medallion, and their first kiss. (Sorry, but this is just a bit too weird for me to get my head around. Maybe Damian’s on to something here.) Overcome by nostalgia, Eddie decides to get out from the taxi and continue walking on foot.

Not far from there, Denia and Margo are still nursing Soledad. Denia tells Sole she’d get better if she could see her son but Sole is adamant that Eduardo can never ever return to the hacienda to visit her.

Fernanda has turned out to be a real Valley girl. She’s jabbering a mile a minute on her cell phone about wedding details while speeding along in her car --on the very same country road as Eduardo. She races past and splashes him with a mud puddle. He gets completely soaked. She stops and through her side view mirror sees this hunky looking stranger angrily throwing down the bouquet he was carrying. A very embarrassed Nanda gets out to apologize. The two immediately seem to feel a strong attraction for each other. They share a star-crossed lover’s stare as Uni goes into the commercial break.

The two are still staring at each other as we beam back. Nanda explains (now at a 100 miles a minute) that she wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see Ed because she was too busy talking on her cell (at 100 miles a minute) about all the wedding arrangements she’s got to make. There’s soooo much to do, she prattles on (still at a 100 miles a minute), when planning a wedding, doncha know. He’s taken with her and says, well, no, he wouldn’t know since he’s never been married. Nanda considers this little tidbit for a couple seconds longer than she should. (Methinks that Nanda might have just been struck with her first twinge of doubt now that this hunk has told her he is still unattached.) She says she’s sorry she’s muddied him up. He smiles his hunkalicious smile at her again and politely says, aw shucks, it’s just one more reason to take a bath. (“Bath?” Did you say, “BATH?”) She offers to take him into town so he can at least buy a new bouquet of roses. He accepts.

Back at Soledad’s house Denia, Jacinto and Margo are wondering where Ed could possibly be and why he hasn’t deigned to show up yet. ”What kind of a problem would keep him from coming straight to his mother’s house?” Margo asks if possibly Jacinto missed him in the crowd. Jacinto says he saw every last passenger come through, but then wonders if possibly he didn’t recognize Eddie because he might have changed so much over the years that he couldn’t. (Do ya think?)

In the car Nanda and Ed begin to chat. He is enchanted by her. She jabbers on Valley-style about how many things there are to get done when planning a wedding. He tells her he’s from New York. She wonders why anybody would leave skyscrapers just to wind up there on some back road in the middle of the sticks in Mexico. He’s about to explain when Nanda’s cell rings. She tells the caller that yes, it’s Fernanda Elizalde speaking, the same one who is getting married next Saturday. Eddie is head-pounding, heart-sick impactado and his eyes get the size of fried huevos.

Back at Grupo Lactos’ corporate offices, Damian’s big important meeting is apparently with Babs. She’s pissed that he came back without having convinced Fernanda to immediately intervene with Gullible Gonzo. She tells him to try again and to do it immediately. He calls Fernanda back on her cell but it’s busy. He says he’ll call her again later. That’s not good enough for Babs and she gripes that again she is going to have to do things herself. Damian gets honked off and tells her she can do whatever the heck she wants to --and, I think, he changes inflections to broadly hint she can stick it where the sun don’t shine--then slams the door on his way out.

We get shunted once again to the Mexican countryside. Eduardo can’t believe he’s actually in the same car with and has been listening to his beloved planning details for a wedding with some other man. He gets freaked a second time when Fernanda mentions Barbara Greco, the man-eating hyena, so matter-of-factly. When she finally is off the phone, Eddie plays twenty questions to find out why she’s really getting married. (Ok. Now that is painful to watch—a gorgeous, 40-something hunk playing a lovesick puppy of 25 acting like a jealous, love-struck pre-teen. This is déjà vu all over again…..) She giggles and says for love, of course and then notices that he’s suddenly gotten moody.

Ok. It’s once more over the hill and through the woods to… Soledad’s… house we go. Now Denia is getting angrier by the minute thinking that Eduardo hasn’t come back to the house to see them and his mother because he’s simply gotten too sophisticated to bother with “poor people.” Jacinto gets tired of hearing her constant complaints and says it is very possible that Ed got into a jam of some sort. Well, Denia says, it’s probably better if he doesn’t show up because his coming back could spoil the happy couple’s wedding plans. Margo says that’s never gonna happen; what was between Nanda and Eddie was just kid stuff. (Here, here!) Denia isn’t so sure, though.

Poor Damian, still frustrated over Babs’s bitch session, now gets a call from the other bossy broad in his life, his mama. She’s called him at the office because she simply cannot make up her mind which designer dress to choose for the region’s Wedding of the Century between Sonny and Nanda Elizalde. Damian impatiently tells her to pick any one she likes and to leave him the heck alone at work. He clicks off his cell and fights the urge to (yessssss!) break it.

Fernanda, meanwhile, babbles on to Eddie (still clocking palabras at 100) that she’s marrying a guy named Damian Gallardo. Eduardo is still playing twenty questions and asks how long she’s known him. She says for ten months. Ed then asks if that’s the only man she’s ever loved. She says you could say that, although there was one time before, but it was just kid stuff. This answer seems to really upset him and he suddenly says he wants to be let out of the car. Nanda doesn’t understand since they haven’t gotten to the florist’s yet, but then she smiles innocently at him and asks if she can at least get his name. He stares back at her and fights the urge to tell her off. She smiles back, clueless. Just as he decides how to answer, her cell phone rings again. This time it’s The Fiancé. “Hello, Monstruo!” Eddie swallows the basketball-sized lump in his throat and decides he’s heard enough. Damian asks where she is and who she’s with. Nanda turns back around to look at Eduardo, but he’s already walked off from the jeep. She suddenly deflates and tells Damian that she’s alone.

In Bab’s office back at Grupo Lactos, we learn that Anibal, it seems, has purchased bootlegged powdered milk and Babs is not a happy camper. She’s upset because it’s too big a shipment to keep under wraps. The company transporting it for him, he says, doesn’t know that it’s bootlegged, so he doesn’t think it should be a problem. Babs then asks Anibal if there’s anything else she needs to know about this shipment. (Guess we’ll have to wait for the next capítulo to find out.) Gonzo, meanwhile, is in his own office reading the powdered milk contract and nearly blows a gasket when his secretary informs him that Anibal went ahead and ordered the powdered milk anyway.

Fernanda is now driving on her way back from town and tells Damian that she still hasn’t gone to see Soledad yet. He wonders why not. She fibs and says she punctured a tire and had to have a man fix it for her. It’s gotten late, he says, and she realizes she still needs to meet up with Erika to get her wedding dress fitted. Damian says he’ll pick up Erika for her and then after supper he’ll go with Fernanda to visit Soledad. Just then Fernanda sees Eduardo’s bouquet still lying on the side of the road. She gets distracted by it and stops in the middle of her conversation as she remembers the hunkalicious mystery-man angrily throwing it down after getting splashed.

Our hunkalicious mystery-man meanwhile, walks around town and ends up at Silvestre’s rundown little blacksmith’s shop. He unconsciously tugs at the medallion around his neck and realizes what an idiot he was to come back for Fernanda after so many years. Just then Silvestre walks by him and loses control of his wheelbarrow. Eduardo helps him pick up the fallen tools but the old man no longer recognizes him. Suddenly it hits Eddie that absolutely no one from the little town recognizes him. He walks back toward the market place. One of the women goes running after some guy and calls him Jacinto. Eduardo realizes that the guy is his childhood friend and runs after him. Jacinto doesn’t recognize Eduardo until he mentions the names from their old “Dungeons and Dragons” game. “Are you Jacinto Cordero, El Halcon Azabache?” Jacinto is cautiously suspicious. “--How do you know about that?” Eduardo gets a huge smile on his face. “Jacinto, look at me! I’m El Jinete Justiciero!”


Tontas no Van Friday 2/27 Mystery Date Revealed, but Dark Clouds are Gathering

Many of us never get to live the fantasy lives of telenovela characters. Well, after tonight’s show, we might want to give thanks that we don’t have their problems. Things are really starting to fall apart for some of our good characters, and the “bad” ones are really starting to wake up and be their bad selves. Also, I’ve often thought that in this show, no one is completely good or completely bad. But tonight we meet a truly bad character.

First, we revisit Pat thanking Candy, who is “confused” over whether she loves Santiago, for the best day of his life (the camping trip). Later, at the Institute, Candy is staring into space as Marissa brags about the honeymoon. Candy doesn’t want to lie, she can’t get Santi out of her head. As she leaves, Mari threatens Candy under her breath.

And now, to start our fun, we have Santi, half asleep on the couch at work (having missed a lot of sleep for Mari’s midnight munchy madness), being roused by Ed, who reminds Santi it’s not sleepytime, they have to do some operations. When Santi explains about Mari’s sudden cravings (antojos), Ed says it’s a myth, just don’t fall for it. But Santi points out that Ed has never had kids, and when he does, he’ll be pulling out all the stops for them (he says he’ll be doing circo, maroma y teatro, which literally means circus, tightrope and theater, maybe someone can help me with the cultural meaning of this phrase?). Talk turns to Hortensia, and Ed lets it slip that Horti’s got a galan!

We now see Jaime playing the white piano (with John Lennon’s picture on it) for Isabel, playing a little Solamente Una Vez, as she sings along. Enter Donato, with a longing expression on his face (we now know he’s got it bad for Isa). Isa beckons Don over with a playful finger, and Don pictures himself in an elegant suit, extends his arms, and they dance a few bars, with Jaime’s approval, until reality comes back, and Don shyly backs out of the room.

Santi wishes his office door would open and Candy would walk in. This being a novela, she does. It’s not exactly romantic, though. She can’t get him out of her head. Neither can he, he couldn’t sleep the other night because of this. They have to figure out a way to stop thinking of each other. They sit down to contemplate. After a few false starts, Candy has it! When Santi thinks of Candy, just call Marissa and tell her. When Candy thinks of Santi, she’ll just call Marissa and tell her. Great idea, says Santi, and dials Marissa’s number. What are you DOING?! shrieks Candy, as Santi tells Mari on the phone he was thinking of Candy (maybe this wasn’t such a good idea).

Patricio is standing around when energizer bunny Alicia pops in with her usual “Hola, mi amor!”. Pat queries, isn’t she going to scold him? Nope. But he didn’t sleep home last night, doesn’t that bother her? No, should it? Well, Pat says, I spent the night with Chava and Candy. So?, responds Alicia, not taking the bait.

It turns out Marissa isn’t so happy about Santi’s call, and she’s coming to the office right now. Santi tells Candy it was her idea, but Candy protests it was just a metaphor, a figure of speech, she didn’t mean they would REALLY call Marissa, and now Mari will suffer. Santi is defending himself when Marissa bursts in to find out what’s the big idea of telling her this on the phone. Candy thinks the situation is ridiculous and walks out (but doesn’t really leave – she’s lost in thought outside the door). After Marissa reminds Santi instead of thinking of Candy, he should be thinking of the baby, she walks out, and talks to herself in front of the elevator, unaware that Candy can hear. Here’s what she says: “Let’s see who ends up losing, Santiago.” She then looks down at her tummy, which she calls “Gordo”, and tells he baby to be, “Here’s a phrase for tomorrow. He who laughs last laughs best”. As Mari gets in the elevator, Candy can’t believe what she just heard.

It’s time for some comic relief. Zamora and Toño notice a fly buzzing around the restaurant. They start trying to kill it with their cloth napkins, but Zamora seems to be having more fun hitting Toño, pretending the fly was on Toño’s shirt, his head, etc. Meño calls them over to stop the ruckus. He suggests bug spray, and Zamora says when he tries this, he misses (he says no le atino, atinar is to be accurate, or on target). Meño wants them to be quiet about the matter, but when he goes to help a customer, he leans over, and Sven and Ole notice the fly has landed on Meño’s butt. Toño wants to strike with the napkin, but Zamora says let the fly live, at least he’s happy where he is now. Meño tells them to get back to work as they continue to hit each other with the napkins.

Time for another Pat-Alicia confrontation. As usual, Pat is sitting around doing nothing (he’s actually hitting himself in the forehead over and over with a pen, I guess he’s supposed to be thinking) and Alicia bursts into the office, with her “hola”. She tells him she understands why he keeps contemplating things, but she keeps trying to save the relationship, and he isn’t doing his part. Well, Pat doesn’t want to do his part. He wants to be alone, and in this house, he can’t be alone, so he’s leaving. You’re leaving me? asks Ali as her happy face collapses into concern. “I’m going to a hotel”, responds Pat, and after kissing her on the forehead, walks out of the apartment, leaving Alicia standing there, as her gaze drifts over to the safe, which she knows contains some secrets.

Marissa is talking with Candy in Candy’s office for the millionth time, repeating how she can’t understand that they’re friends, partners, but how can Candy be in love with her novio, etc., etc. Candy reassures her yet again, saying Santi’s just a womanizer, Candy’s just another of his attempted conquests, but Mari doesn’t believe this for a second. However, when Candy confesses that she's starting to fall in love with Patricio again, (!) Mari lights up, hugs Candy, and tells her that changes everything!

More one on one (It’s amazing to me how many serious heart to heart conversations these characters have, and most of them take place at work. How do they ever get anything done?) This time it’s Santi and Ed, with Santi pondering the strangeness of Marissa, adding that she was strange to begin with, so maybe it’s nothing new. Besides, Santi has so many problems, maybe he’s just projecting his own concerns onto Marissa. But enough about him, he wants the scoop about Hortensia! Ed says he didn’t recognize the guy, didn’t even see him, but he heard him, and heard Horti call him dear (cariño). Santi doesn’t think this means a thing, anyone can say that, why there have been times when Santi was sitting around thinking, and Horti came into the office, wearing a nice dress, and…. he quickly stops himself from saying more.

Cut to Hortensia’s modest house, as she tells her “mystery date” she has the day off, and can spend it with him. She wants to spend more time with him (his name is Iñaqui, and to answer yesterday’s speculation, he’s not a blow up doll). She tells him he makes her very happy, and we see his smiling face.

Ed’s making fun of Santi, Santi must have thought he had Horti’s affections all to himself, and now there’s competition! Ed says let’s go to the house, and check out the guy. Santi demurs, he can’t invade the private life of his secretary, but then starts wondering what if this guy is taking advantage of her, Hortensia’s no rug to be stepped on! Ed likes this turn of phrase, where did Santi come up with that one? Well, Candy’s column, and (forgetting his previous privacy concerns) now thinks they have to protect poor Horti. Ed advises a phone call first. Santi calls, holding the phone so Ed can hear. Ed helps Santi by writing words on index cards, as Santi stumbles with why he is calling on Horti’s day off. No, it’s not an emergency, he was just curious, umm, she’s not hiding some galan, is she, haha? Of course not, says Horti, are you jealous? She’s just taking care of herself today. Santi doesn’t believe her. Horti says she doesn’t want to be an old maid, and if she got a man, she’d yell it to the four winds! Okay, Santi just wants to make sure she’s not abandoning him, and is coming in to work tomorrow. After hanging up, she tells Iñaqui it was her boss on the phone, but forget that, today she wants to devote herself to Iñaqui. She then gets a wheelchair out of the closet, which may explain why she was massaging the feet of her “mystery date”.

We then have a short scene in the ladies’ room in which Candy is talking to the mirror about Marissa, Lulu overheard, and Candy shares her feelings about the weird things Mari has been saying to her baby.

It’s a bet. Santi bets that Hortensia does not have a lover, Ed bets she does. The stakes? If Santi loses, Ed gets his parking spot. If Ed loses, Santi gets Ed’s collection of pictures and coins of Heidi and Kong Kong (maybe that’s how they say King Kong, who knows what this is, maybe something like film posters, hopefully we’ll find out. Well, then they use the word encuerado, which means naked, so maybe these are some girly pictures).

Close-up of Candy’s magic talisman, in Pat’s fingers, as he flashes back to when he picked it up after Candy had thrown it away. While Pat dreams away, we see Alicia sneaking around, 20 feet behind him. She quietly lifts his suit jacket off a chair, extracts his wallet. What is she looking for? She finds a small white piece of paper in the wallet, removes it, replaces wallet and jacket, and exits, while Pat continues to think about Candy, oblivious.

It’s time to settle that bet. Santi and Ed have driven to Hortensia’s house. It’s nightime, and the first view we have of our sleuths is of their heads peeking out from behind a wall, looking like a pair of kids about to sneak a cigarette in the schoolyard. They dash across the street and hide behind a tree, feeling (and looking) a bit ridiculous. Santi feels a bit “chinche”, which Ed doesn’t totally understand (and neither do I, since it can mean irritating, a pain in the neck, but it can also mean a thumbtack) spying on Horti like this. They both are anticipating winning the bet.

Inside the house, Hortensia encourages Iñaqui to try to stand up from his wheelchair, but he can’t. She tries to get him to try again, telling him he shouldn’t let an accident leave him paralyzed, the therapist said his legs do have strength, he should give it his best shot (echale ganas). The doorbell rings. Hortensia is astonished to see Santiago and Eduardo at her house. They say they were just in the neighborhood (yeah, right), but the guy in the wheelchair recognizes Santi, and then solves our mystery. He’s Hortensia’s brother! Santi has won the bet (but we’ll talk about that later). Santi wonders why Horti never said she had a brother, but Iñaqui told Horti to keep quiet, didn’t want to hurt Horti’s job, knew it was hard to care for a sick person like himself. Santi slaps Ed as if to say you should be ashamed of yourself for what you thought.

Meño asks Candy about the camping trip, admits that Pat asked Meño to help him, and he agreed. Candy can’t understand this, when she thought Meño favored Santi. Well, Meño likes both, and suggests a solution – Candy should let Santi get married, be Santi’s lover, and marry Pat!

Back to Mariloco. Raúl asks if she’s serious about leaving Santi after the wedding. Finger twitching, she affirms it, since he laughed at her, laughed at her love. Then why not just leave now, asks her brother. Nope, they deserve to keep trying (Raúl can’t believe this). Mari asks if Raúl is jealous or envious of Santi. She reminds him that when they were kids, Santi always copied Raúl’s papers, Raúl always got 7’s and Santi always got 10’s. Also, Santi always got the girls. Raúl is a little touchy about this, and when Mari kids him some more, he wants her to leave him alone.

Back at Horti’s, everyone is enjoying Santi’s joke about the bell in his office, how once Santi had a hot chick in the office, wanted to ring the bell, and Horti said, no, no don’t ring it! Why not? Why can’t I ring the bell? Horti frantically pointed out that the girl was the Health Inspector, not a patient! Everyone laughs as Horti notes that that was before Marissa, of course. Santi goodheartedly acknowledges this, and then announces that the real reason he and Ed came to visit Hortensia was to give her some important news. They’re giving her a raise in salary! Hort is truly moved, as Santi goes on to say how much they like Iñaqui, and with two people living in this house, Santi and Ed know there are lots of expenses, and don’t want Hortensia and Iñaqui to have any money problems. Iñaqui wants to give Santi a hug. Santi wants to give HIM a hug, and they all lift Iñaqui out of the wheelchair for the hug, encouraging him to try to stand on his own. Santi says the therapist was right, you can stand, and keep trying, as this happy scene ends.

It’s morning, we’re in the restaurant, and Zamora and Toño have their heads under the table. They explain to Meño they were untangling (desenchuecando) the chair legs. He sends them off to the market as they inform him that a mysterious, mean-looking (malencarado) young man is waiting to see him. Meño introduces himself, but the young man won’t shake his hand. He’s Pedro, the son of Juan Alberto (Meño’s former boyfriend and partner). So how is Juan Alberto? My father died, replies Pedro, looking away. Meño is shocked and saddened.

At the Institute, Lulu informs Candy she has a visitor, Patricio. Candy doesn’t want to see him, she feels pressured. Lulu would love this kind of pressure, or maybe pressing against her, from handsome Pat. In fact, if Candy gets Pat to really press against her, she’ll name Candy her sole heir. Candy thinks Lulu is incorrigible, she’ll never change. No, she’ll change, says Lulu, the day she gets Pat in her bed, please make him press against her. So Candy goes to meet with Pat, who requests just 5 minutes to talk. Candy grudgingly grants him 5 minutes, but points out that only 4 minutes are left.

In the restaurant, Meño wants to know if Juan Alberto suffered, telling Pedro they were friends. With a menacing tone, Pedro says he knows exactly who Meño is. He doesn’t want to talk about his father’s death. He came to inform Meño that now Pedro is in charge of all the family properties, including this restaurant, and as of tomorrow, the place is for sale. Does Meño want to buy it? Meño wants to, but doesn’t have the money. Too bad, then, you’ll just have to find another job. Goodbye. Wait, says Meño, I also administer some offices (the Institute!). Fine, do you want to buy them? asks Pedro. Well, the money….. In that case, we’ll sell them too, and all the tenants will have to leave. Mean Pedro leaves, and Meño is devastated. He calls out his dead friend’s name, Alberto, Alberto!

So what can Pat do in 4 minutes? He gives Candy the talisman (which had been given to her and Santi, which she had thrown on the ground). She wants to know where he got it. Well, he found it, not really by accident, but he wants her to have it. He knows what it means, and he wants to be the man of her life. He invites Candy and Chava to a magical day. Candy chuckles, she remembers he had a magical day for her all those years ago. Romantic dinner, moonlight, and it was all ruined! He had set up a table in the woods, candles, red wine, everything was beautiful when she felt a raindrop. He didn’t feel anything. Oh yes, there was another. Two minutes later, it was pouring! And he hadn’t brought an umbrella. With all the magic in the world, Pat couldn’t stop the rain. So forget the magic day, it’s bad luck. Pat won’t give up, says he’ll pick up Candy and Chava for the magic day, and bye! He runs out, Candy chasing after, yelling are you deaf, I said no! Pat kisses a smitten Lulu on the way out, leaving a fuming (but maybe not really) Candy.

Back in Pat and Alicia’s apartment, we find out why Alicia wanted the piece of paper she took from Pat’s wallet. She opens the modern art outer door of the safe, crouches down, and takes the paper from her large handbag. It’s the combination! There are five groups of letters and five groups of numbers on it, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do, but Ali presses a few buttons on the keypad of the safe and it opens right up. After leafing through a few items, while holding the combination in her teeth, she extracts the large manila envelope (which Arturo had given Pat), looks at the papers, and after 2 seconds, thinks to herself “these papers show that Arturo committed fraud, I can use them”. (I must say, if Alicia doesn’t make it with Pat, she definitely could have a second career as a secret agent – move over, James Bond!). She stuffs the envelope in her bag, shuts the safe, and high tails it out of there, as the music pounds with excitement.

Meño is drinking some shots to deaden the pain, and after he tells Zamora he’s in a bad way, Pedro returns. He forgot to leave his card. He tells Meño to let him know when they’ve vacated the premises. Zamora hears this and worriedly asks about it, but Meño says leave us alone. Pedro then gets really brutal. Meño asks if Pedro’s father left Meño a note. Yes, says Pedro, and I burned it. You don’t know how much I hate you, he adds. My father defrauded me, and types like you should…..”Be killed? We should be killed?” interjects Meño. Even killing me won’t make me forget your father. “You disgust me” sneers Pedro. “Let's hope you die!” As he leaves, Meño overthrows a chair and smashes some china.

Our budding secret agent is at the copy store, her copies are ready.

Santi is replaying his own words about Marissa’s strange behavior in his mind, while absentmindedly turning his phone over and over. Is he strange, or is Mari? Little Miss Strange enters, and Santi suggests a talk on the couch. They both sit down, and he asks if she recognizes that she’s been acting a little strangely. She thinks maybe so, but isn’t it normal when he keeps thinking about Candy, etc., etc. He says things happen in life, then they pass. She then coolly tells him things happen which mark you for life, like for example, my child, I’m marked for life. He just wants her to be happy about the pregnancy. Well, don’t worry, she answers. Better yet, occupy yourself (there's a little wordplay on no te preocupes - don't worry and si te ocupas - if you occupy yourself). Stop being a Don Juan, and do worry about me, you, the baby. Deal? Deal, and they shake on it, but he doesn’t look any happier.

Alicia enters the apartment, closes the door quietly, opens the safe (she has the combination memorized now), replaces the envelope, closes the safe and the arty cover to the safe, just as Patricio calls her name, she sits down on the sofa, crosses her legs, tries to look natural, he enters and asks what she’s doing (which is a good question, since never before have we seen her just sitting there). She says she was thinking. He doesn’t buy this, what’s wrong? Well, she answers, you said our relationship was no longer the same, you were leaving the house, but you know what? I’ve thought about it, and I will not give you a divorce. Pat isn’t surprised, he wouldn’t expect differently from her, just one more reason for him to move to a hotel, he only came for his things. As he leaves, she can breathe again, at least she wasn’t discovered.

Speaking of divorce, Mari is again in Candy’s office (does Mari actually do anything in life besides go from office to office bothering people?), asking if Candy is going to divorce Patricio. Candy says no. (I think when Candy was gone, Pat had her declared dead, so they don’t have to divorce). But Candy wants to talk about something else. She can’t be the matron of honor at the wedding (madrina de la boda). Candy says Isabel should be the one. Mari protests, Candy promised at the commitment party, she doesn’t want all of Isabel’s peace and love crap. Then all of a sudden Mari changes her mind, actually it WOULD be a good idea for Isabel to be up there at the altar, Mari doesn’t even want Candy up there, wouldn’t want Candy to be confused. Confused? Sure, just imagine, the padre asks if I accept Santiago as my husband, and you jump out and say “yes”, no you’d better not be anywhere near that altar, you’re right, thanks for the idea, bye! She gets up, laughing weirdly, and Candy, a bit offended by all this says don’t provoke me! Maybe I’ll change my mind and decide to be the madrina and ruin your little joke. You wouldn’t dare! shoots back Marissa. You wouldn’t be capable of that! They glare at each other, and the episode ends.

Next time: The two meanings of esposas


antojos - cravings
circo, maroma y teatro - circus, tightrope (or somersault) and theater (jumping through hoops)
atinar - to be accurate, or on target
chinche - irritating, pain in the neck, also a bedbug
echale ganas - do your best, give it your best shot
desenchuecando - untangling
malencarado - mean looking
madrina de la boda - matron of honor


Friday, February 27, 2009

Doña Bárbara - Thurs., Feb. 26- Santos tells Marisela to grow up; DB gets transferred to the prison in San Fernando; Los Mondragón leave El Miedo

DB thinks about what Santos is asking her and chooses to continue to lie. First she says that she doesn't know this 'El Sapo.' When Santos won't buy that, she pretends to remember that he is a cattleman who bought some cattle from her. They got sick and he blames her for that. Not unreasonably, Santos asks what El Sapo's real name is and where he lives. DB says that she doesn't know or can't remember.

Marisela hesitates outside the door of the police station but finally decides that she can't go in when DB is in there. "It's his problem! (¡Allá él!)" she says, "It's his problem."

Santos asks what kind of woman DB is who can't tell the truth even when she has ended up in prison. Santos begs her to let him help her but DB maintains that she doesn't know anything. "You're lying," says Santos, "You lie and therefore, as your lawyer, I can't defend you. Our love died for this same reason." DB replies that her love hasn't died. Santos says that she never trusted in him. She always thought that he was an idiot that she could deceive until the end. "You killed what we had," Santos tells her. DB repeats that she loves him. Santos says that at base, DB despises him just like she despises all other men. He says she is so sick with hate that she can't even see that he is trying to help her. DB asks him not to say that to her. She says that he is being very cruel to her when the only thing she has done is love him. "And I you," replies Santos, "and for what we had, I wanted to extend my hand to you. I don't believe a single word of what you just told me about this Sapo. So I'm sorry... but I can't help you." He turns and leaves.

El Sapo tells Los Mondragón that he wants them to steal cattle and poison water and generally perpetrate a reign of terror among the cattle owners and especially those that are near Altamira and El Miedo. El Sapo says that he will pay them a lot more than DB did. Here he is offering them large wads of money as an advance.

Cecilia advises Lucía to take better care of herself but she says that it's no big deal. Antonio comes for her and suggests that she go home and rest. She wants to stay with Toñito but Cecilia tells her to go and says that she will bring the baby along later. "If you weren't so young, I would think that you are my mother," Lucía says to Cecilia.

Melquíades tells Eustaquia that he can't hang around doing nothing while his Doña is in prison. Melquíades asks about Los Mondragón. Eustaquia says that they are running around somewhere. "When the cat's away," she reminds him, "the mice will play (..'las ratas andan sueltas haciendo fiesta," literally, "the rats are running loose having a party."). Melquíades says that he doesn't like it. It smells of a betrayal.

They say there is no honor among thieves and certainly there isn't any among lowlives like Los Mondragón. El Sapo tells them that he wants them to kidnap and terrorize people but always leave evidence indicating that DB is responsible. El Sapo says that he doesn't want anyone to know that they are working for him, least of all DB.

Marisela can't understand why Santos would want to help the woman who hurt him so much. Cecilia says that Marisela obviously doesn't know Santos very well - he can't tolerate injustice. Cecilia says that Marisela is consumed with jealousy. Marisela admits it and says that she can't understand Cecilia's idiot nephew. He's driving her crazy. "Welcome to the adult world," replies Cecilia, "Relationships are complicated. Human beings aren't simple and sometime we make decisions that others do not comprehend." Marisela asks what she should do. Cecilia replies that she should let Santos make his own decisions. Marisela says that she has no problem letting Santos make decisions about the hacienda but when it comes to DB, she's going to interfere. Cecilia says that she's acting like a jealous girlfriend. Does that mean that she is or is not one? Marisela says that she doesn't know what her relationship with Santos is. There's a knock at the door and it's Santos. He wants her to come back to Altamira. He says that he doesn't like it when she acts like a spoiled, little girl. Marisela says that she is 19, not 40 and if Santos doesn't like it, he will lose her. "Lose you, lose what?" asks Santos, "A jealous, silly baby that still hasn't grown up?" He says that he doesn't need her to take care of him.

Pajarote says that he enjoys the freedom of the single life. He decides to go see Federica and María Nieves says that he will come along.

In her cell, DB has a dream about being chased by dogs as an adult that morphs into the familiar memory of the rape when she was a girl. She decides that it means that El Sapo is close by.

Los Mondragón weigh the advantages of the money they will get from El Sapo against the chance that he will kill them like he did BP. Melquíades is listening.

After sex, Josefa tells MN that he can't complain, she gave him a nice little discount (rebajita) and she doesn't do that for anyone. Federica and Pajarote emerge from her room and she tells him that she is happy to take care of him any time. She says that she adores his "large attributes." MN and Pajarote tell each other how great being single and going to see prostitutes is but we can see that it's all bluster.

Santos tells Genoveva that he doesn't care if Marisela doesn't want to stay and nurse him. Santos suddenly decides to get up. He says that with all the problems he has, he can't stay in bed.

Pernalete and Mujica nervously approach DB's cell with the guards. Pernalete tells them to take her out and handcuff her. She demands to know where she is going and who has paid him and once again, she says that he will pay with blood.

Santos comes to see Eustaquia. He tells her that he is sure that El Sapo is the person behind all that happened recently including DB's imprisonment, her loss of the hacienda case, the attempt on his life and the death of BP. He begs Eustaquia to tell him who El Sapo is and what is his relationship to DB.

Pernalete, Mujica and Acosta cower behind a fence while a handcuffed DB is being hustled down the street.

DB sees Cecilia and asks her to tell Santos that she is being sent against her will to San Fernando. Antonio advises Cecilia not to tell Santos, he'll just go after DB. Cecilia says that she feels sorry for DB.

Eustaquia tells Santos that if DB wouldn't tell him about El Sapo, she can't. She says that she had hoped that DB's luck had turned when she got involved with Santos. DB was so happy but now it has all been ruined. Santos tries again to get her to tell him about El Sapo so he can help DB but Eustaquia says that she has never betrayed DB and she isn't starting now. Santos gives up and tells Eustaquia not to cry.

Antonio tells Cecilia again that she shouldn't tell Santos about DB's transfer to San Fernando. Cecilia replies that Santos has a right to know. Antonio is concerned that Santos and DB might get together again but Cecilia says that Santos has to make his own decisions. She reminds him that once they hid the truth from Santos about their love. She says that she has never stopped regretting the cowardice that resulted in the loss of their happiness. She says that since then she has stopped being a coward and she thinks that such things shouldn't be kept secret. Reluctantly, Antonio agrees.

MN tells Pajarote that he doesn't want to go from woman to woman without feeling anything in his heart. He says that he wants one woman to love.

Marisela and Genoveva-
G: Marisela, Don Santos really loves you.
M: That's what my Aunt Cecilia says but I don't know if such good fortune is true. He was in love with Luisana and then DB. How can I be sure that what he feels for me is true and will last?
G: Don't think about the past because then you will be paralyzed. If he has declared his love for you, what doubts do you have? Marisela, take advantage of the love you have because there isn't a lot of it around. Don't be silly.
M: Yes, that's true. I am being silly.
She asks Genoveva where she can find Santos.

Cecilia tells Santos about seeing DB being taken to SF. Santos tells Cecilia that this transfer is wrong and he isn't going to permit it. He says that he will go to San Fernando to find out what is going on.

Los Mondragón raid the liquor cabinet on their way out of El Miedo. They push Eustaquia around and tell her that they don't care what DB thinks anymore. She is behind bars and that where's she staying.

Antonio is taking Lucía to San Fernando for some more high-powered medical attention. Lucía tells Don Encarnación that everything will be all right.

Genoveva tells Marisela to go to Santos' room and tell him that she believes him and loves him and then she should give him a kiss on the lips. Marisela tells her that love isn't that way, it comes little by little, it has to be revealed. Genoveva isn't sure about this but Marisela claims more experience since Geno has never had a boyfriend. Marisela then says that she needs an excuse to go looking for Santos.

Santos, meanwhile is packing his stuff up. Cecilia thinks it is crazy that he is going to San Fernando but Santos says that he has to go. The fact that DB has been taken to San Fernando gives him a bad feeling. Santos says that there has been an injustice and he is sure that someone very powerful is behind all this. Cecilia says that he is putting himself in danger since someone already tried to kill him. At this point Nurse Marisela comes in and says that she has come back to take care of Santos. When Santos tells her that he is going to San Fernando to get DB out of jail. Marisela throws her tray of medicines on the floor and leaves.

DB gets locked up in San Fernando. She prays to God for the second time. She says that the first time she prayed for a child and God didn't listen. She asks God to listen this time and do something for her.

Marisela tells Santos that she isn't interested in his reasons. He snares her with pretty words and in the end he always gets what he wants. This time he isn't going to convince her. Santos replies that he doesn't want to convince her of anything.
S: What I want is that for once in your life you try and understand me. Listen to me, please.
M: So talk already.
S: Marisela, I love you! I love you for your intelligence, for your feelings, because you are my sunshine, because we were born for one another. But the woman I need by my side has to be my friend, my companion, my lover and above all, she has to be a full-grown woman and not a silly, scared and jealous little girl. Life isn't easy nor is it black and white. People aren't completely good or bad in everything. There are shades of gray. I am not a perfect man and it has cost me a lot to recognize that because I always thought I was, I don't know, better than everyone else. I was a snob, an idot and weak, very weak. I recognize that I have comitted many mistakes. The woman who is in jail is your mother, Marisela. I know that she has done horrible and unforgiveable things but this time she is the victim. I need you to understand and feel compassion for her.

M: You always defend her and you always attack me. I'm not silly, fearful or jealous

S: Then it's worse. You behave like a silly, scared and spoiled girl. Look Marisela, I am the most mistaken person who has ever lived. I believed that I knew what was good and bad but life has taught me that nothing is absolute. DB, that terrible woman who is in jail, was my woman for a time. But now I love you."
M: It's sick. It's abnormal. It's not right.
S: Perhaps that is true. Many decent people will say that it is wrong for us to love one another because unfortunately that woman is your mother. We can't change that and if that makes me a despicable person in the eyes of others, I don't care. I know who I am and who you are. Marisela, understand, that woman deserves my solidarity. I want to help her. Don't disappoint me now. Continue being my sunshine. You know me better than anyone. You know that I love you and in your heart you know it. You continue to be the good, smart and courageous woman that I fell in love with. Don't have doubt about me. Be my friend, be my love. Believe in me. Please don't disappoint me. Do you understand?
He leaves her standing there thinking about what he has said.
like you say.

Eustaquia tells Melquíades about the departure of Los Mongragón and DB being sent to San Fernando. She says that she has a bad feeling about this and begs him to do something. Melquíades says that he will get DB out of prison even if it costs him his life. Eustaquia tells Melquíades that she has seen DB in some bad times in her life before but yesterday she seemed defeated like someone who is just waiting for the end and that makes Eustaquia very afraid. Melquíades tells her not to worry. While there is a drop of blood in his veins, DB will always be safe.

MN says that he is going to declare his feelings to Altagracia and if she says no, he will take her with him by force. Melesio says that the time has come for them to have a talk.

Marisela is inconsolable and Cecilia, Gervasia and Genoveva try and find out what Santos said to her. Marisela says that the worst thing is that he was completely right in everything he told her. She says that she is stupid. Gervasia says that if it were her, she would run after Santos and go with him wherever he is going. Genoveva and Cecilia agree. Cecilia tells her not to hide her head in the sand like an ostrich (avestruz). They tell her to be with Santos now when he needs her the most.

Melesio tells MN to open his heart to Altagracia and tell her his true feelings. He is sure she will accept him.

Marisela stops Santos' truck and asks to come with him.

The guards tell DB that she has a visitor. She hopes it is Santos but it is El Sapo.


Cuidado Thursday, February 26, 2009: Mari has yet another bad day

Well, okay, she has, like, ONE good minute. Here we go:

Granny is still telling the story of Snow White. Here comes the evil queen to the dwarves’ house with the poisoned apple. Chomp, and Snow White falls into coma-like slumber.

Back at another fantasyland, Televisa, Amador is on the phone with Stef dishing about the upcoming baptism of Mari’s baby. JM is sure to be holding down the front row, Amador speculates.

Rocio and Vicente are in the church, thinking wedding thoughts. Out front, the crowd (mostly extras who have come for the free eats), including Ana Julia are gathering and Mari visits with everyone. Mari introduces Adriento Ana Julia. Who will be godfather? The padre says he’s not allowed to be, and Damien gets the honor. Cande says she’s going to be grandma, so somebody younger should be godmother. Mari says Rocio is the Tia, so she picks Ana Julia. We know she will rue the day.

Rocio says even though we weren’t invited, we’re here. Mari says you know I’m happy you’re here, just I didn’t want JM to come. Too late! We see him coming up the aisle. Mari goes gulp.

Stef asks Amador what’s up with Mari lately. Amador asks why haven’t you and your tia come to see the play? What a yawn! says Stef. Not the play, she hastens to add, but having to look at Mari for two hours straight, but hey, maybe she’ll come for a few laughs. Amador says it’s a drama. With Mari in it? says Stef. How can I keep a straight face?

It’s time for the baptism. JM is hovering by the front pews. The padre asks Mari and the pardrinos to come up to the font. Lots of people come up – Cande, Elsa, Olga , Adrien, Becky, I’m losing count. (This doesn’t mean the pews are empty, though – the place is packed with people Mari never greets or high-fives or anything.) Mari tells Rocio to come up too. JM walks up after her and stations himself behind Mari. He helps her hold the candle during the ceremony and she looks ticked.

At Casa Velarde Stef is having some orange juice while talking to Ceci who is about to leave. Stef hints that maybe there is something going on with Mari today then says she doesn’t know anything. She tells Ceci that the judge won’t like Ceci going to look for Mari. Ceci says he knows I go to visit her. She leaves and Martirio, who was standing gloomily by tells Stef she better do something or Mari will be moving in. Stef says she doesn’t know what to do.

The padre baptizes the baby “Juan Miguel”. JM doesn’t look surprised – did he ever hear the baby’s name before? Everyone at the altar makes the sign of the cross on the baby’s forehead, and then it’s time for Mari to do it. JM starts to do it and their hands bump, and Mari pulls back. Finally they both do it at once. JM gives the baby a tender kiss and then walks off to the church door, even though the ceremony isn’t over. He looks wistfully back, then leaves. Outside he stops and thinks about the baptism and has tears in his eyes.

The extras stream out of the church and outside Mari rants to the padre about JM’s having been here. The padre says you can’t hide the truth from the child. Mari says she doesn’t want JM ruining MiniJM’s childhood. The padre says now’s the time to tell her about his visit to the authorities. He found out that MiniJM is registered there, and that JM did it by bringing in his marriage certificate. Mari is horrified. The padre says the child’s name is now officially Juan Miguel San Roman Velarde. She says didn’t you tell them the baby was born at the hacienda? The padre says JM got there before I did, Mari says no way is the baby going to have San Ramon or Velarde in his name. Ana Julia listens.

Somehow Mari has three bruises on her arm, yesterday it was only one.

Stef tells the judge that Ceci’s gone to look for Mari and the baby. He’s bummed. Stef says when Ceci persuades Mari to come live with them, all her low-class friends will be hanging around too. She says that Ceci told her the judge has accepted Mari. He says no, I’m not as rough on Mari as I was, but that’s not the same thing as accepting her. Stef says Ceci says you’re almost to the point of going with her to see Mari. The judge pops out of his seat and says Basta!

Stef says you shouldn’t accept someone in this house who offends you. You should forbid Ceci to bring her here to live.

Mari snatches the baby out of Rocio’s arms and Rocio says why? Mari says it’s not you, it’s that your JM’s sister and can you believe he went to the authorities and registered himself as the father? Rocio says I know - I went as a witness. Mari asks where is JM? and thrusts the baby into Rocio’s arms and off she runs down the street in her little white dress and high heels to look for JM.

He’s at the office, seeing a patient out. Mari bursts in and tells him off for registering the child without her consent. He says it’s his child and will bear his name and she’s a Velarde and that’s that. She threatens to get a lawyer. He says you can change the Velarde part if you want, but not the San Ramon part. He says he’s ready to share responsibility for the baby, but Mari starts in on him, saying that child is all she has in the world and he wants to take it away. Are you that cruel? she asks him.

JM says let’s not fight. We have such a great love that it will not die. (If you thought that was purple prose, wait and see what’s next!) This love dwells in my bosom and you know it courses through your veins. It’s so powerful and yet here we are face to face, arguing, when we should be caressing one another, kissing one another. Isn’t that true? She looks down, he comes closer and …..


He says let’s talk about our true feelings and think calmly and find the right solution. True, there are things that separate us, but can’t we can’t we forget all that? We have such a grand amor and we have to recognize that. It’s been with me from the first day and is only growing more intense all the time. Be my beloved wife again, my wife that I will never stop loving. The theme song kicks in. Mari studies him, but doesn’t say anything.

Onelia is visiting Isa. She is startled that their juice glasses don’t match – she must think she’s practically slumming. They have a plan they to get rid of Blanca apparently by working on her nerves. Isa wants to learn all about Blanca’s split personality problems.

Mari fiddles with her cuticles and JM proposes again. Mari flashes back to Blanca saying how fragile she (Blanca) is and how strong and brave Mari is. JM says let’s live and love together with our child. Mari flashes back to Blanca saying she’ll give up JM if Mari loves him. JM says come home to me. We’ll have Mayita and our son. Mari flashes back to Blanca saying that Mayita loves her (Blanca).

Mari says there’s another woman waiting in your house, or have you lost your memory too?

The judge says he has been gentler with Ceci because he’s always been in love with her because she’s so sweet and understanding. Stef simpy-smiles and says she’s sweet, but she’s stronger than you and me put together. The judge says you aren’t convincing me. The baby has created new feelings, new situations. Stef says you like being a grandfather! Pretty soon you’ll be all gaga over the baby. The judge says no way.

Onelia tells Isa the only problem is that Blanca would recognize her (Onelia). Isa says don’t worry, everything is completely planned out. She says she’s going to help Onelia put Blanca in jail or out into the street. She reminds Onelia not to forget Stef’s needs. Onelia says don’t worry, our plan is going to benefit her.

JM says I didn’t forget. There are ways to settle things without hurting anybody. (This I gotta hear - he must be one helluva shrink to bring that off without crushing the very crushable Blanca.) Mari says I’m not interested. Marry her and forget me, she says sadly. She goes to leave and he takes her arm. Let me go she says softly. Please. JM says for our child. Mari says no, I don’t want to see you ever again. JM lets go her arm – his thumb was right where the bruise was (she’s down to one bruise for this scene). Mari leaves.

JM returns to an empty living room. You’d think he’d be in weepy mode, but no. Like Omar, rejection brings out the optimist in him. She loves me! he thinks. She was ready to accept, but she was afraid. He grins. She loves me! I know she loves me!

Mayita heads up the stairs to the attic. Granny tells a true story that happened long ago she says about a girl who got polio and was paralyzed from the waist down. Granny gives a PSA about all babies needing vaccinations. She tells about disabled people who achieve great things, and this girl was one. She found she could swim and excelled at it and ended up swimming the channel. She wanted to enter a competition, but the judges said she couldn’t because she was disabled.

JM thoughtbubbles that Blanca is the only obstacle and she said she’d understand. Here comes Blanca trotting in. She’s all wound up and excited and says she has something to tell him. He says he has something to tell her too. Who’ll go first? she says. You go first! She happily sits on the couch and turns her face up to listen. JM hesitates.

JM says you look so happy, what happened? Blanca says she was so afraid about marrying him because of maybe Mari and him still loving each other, but she’d been to see Mari and now everything is okay.

Mari is in her bedroom and Ana Julia is asking her what’s wrong. AJ says she overheard about JM. Mari explains about her marriage and about how JM won’t leave her alone now. AJ says do you still love him? Mari says I don’t want to talk about it right now. AJ says when you’re ready, I’m here for you to unburden yourself whenever you want.

Blanca gushes about her visit to Mari. She tells JM how honest she was, how cute the baby was, how wonderful Mari was. She hopes that one day she’ll have that kind of confidence and JM will love her as he loved Mari. She tells him that Mari says she did not intend to return to him. Blanca is thrilled.

More PSA from Granny. The disabled girl gets to enter, she wins and the crowd goes wild. Moral: disabled people are capable of great things. Granny seems to have forgotten about Snow White, who was disabled by that apple, but maybe she’s just letting her sleep for now.

Cande comes in and tells Mari the guests are still there. Mari says she would be bad company. Cande guesses that she talked to JM and Mari says they fought. She asks to be left alone for now. Cande says she’ll explain to the guests – she leaves and Mari flops on her bed face-down.

Blanca says I didn’t want to be seen as the person who kept you away from Mari. She notices his serious expression and says Did you still have hopes? She forgets that question and says I wanted to know that even if I didn’t exist, you and Mari had no future. (I just noticed she’s not squeaking as usual.) JM says no reason to keep on about it.- it’s very clear. He smiles and says he’s glad to see her so happy.

She pops up and, swaying coquettishly like a child, says JM? I think we’ve never kissed. JM looks like uh-oh.

Avances: Onelia tells Rocio that Blanca is stepping out at night, all dolled up. Omar loses control and passionately kisses Ivette on the neck. She says she’s sure Mari can’t turn him on like that, and he comes to himself and shouts at her to leave. JM tells Rocio that Mari wants him to marry Blanca. Mari tells AJ that she still loves JM.


Las Tontas - Thurs 2/26 - Mystery date, are you ready for your mystery date? **

**Are any of you old enough to remember the Mystery Date game from the 60's? It was just one of the many tortures we girls were forced to endure from that era.

Ah well, enough reminiscing from the good old days of Mystery Date and Suzie Homemaker, our characters have their own problems to deal with...

Alicia asks Pato "Why are you with me?" He tells her the truth, he doesn't know. They made a big mistake but she was there for him when he was alone, so basically he owes her. She tells him he's afraid to be alone, he'd crumble. "And you would crumble (desmoronar) if I left you," he retorts. "No, I would die because I love you," she concludes, leaving him speechless.

Donato sneaks into the bridal chamber and replaces some photo with another. Who are these guys? OK, turns out he's removed a pic of Jaime's favorite futballer Omar Bravo and replaced it with Bruno Marioni. He proudly tells Santiago, snicker snicker.

Jaime complains to Isa about this. Seems stupid to me but it's a big deal to him. She thinks it's stupid too; is Bruno Marioni one of his sons, or an Italian scientist? Santi joins in and gets blamed. Donato finally fesses up. I can't believe I wasted time recapping this scene. Isa sighs that men are boys in long pants.

Candy and Chava roast marshmallows and tell scary stories under the perpetual half moon that always hangs high in the sky. She tells him not to be afraid because their tent is magically anti-fear. He tells her not to be afraid because he'll protect her. I'm surprised Pato's not lurking in the shrubbery. What am I saying? Of course he is, or will be soon.

Donato has a heart to heart with Santi. He's in love but it's an impossible love, she's married. Santi thought he liked Tina? But no, once he's alone Donato takes a small pic of Isa out of his pocket, sighs, and looks toward heaven. Aha! We knew it, right Carlos?

Raul visits Marissa and she bitches why is he always at her place? He's afraid, he doesn't understand how she's going to pay back Santi for all his infidelities. She snarls Santi is about to become one of the most miserable men in the world. No, she's not going to commit suicide, it'll be something much worse than blood. Raul looks creeped out, even more than usual.

Santi goes to the grounded tree house and talks to himself about guess what? If you guess Candy you would be right. Marissa ominously voices over that Santi is living his last days of tranquility and peace, because after the wedding he'll return to see neither her nor his child.

Candy and Chava (wearing some cool Light Vision Goggles) hear a scary noise, is it a beast? Well yes actually, it's Pato come to join the fun. I notice that nobody has instructed Chava you're not supposed to stare at people in the face with a head lamp. Pato brought Chava a gift, a compass (brujula) which excites the hell out of the kid. He also brought a radio set and other outdoorsy stuff. Good job dad. Kid wants dad to sleep with them but dad says he'll sleep outside to protect them. Candy is looking a bit more enamored of her ex.

Lalo is preparing a surprise dinner for his wife but the mood is ruined when the utility man shows up to turn the lights off. Unfortunately Lalo doesn't have his receipt to show the guy. He calls "Hortensita" but she's rather busy, she waves sweetly to a gentleman friend who's in her room. Does Horty have a mystery date? Will he be a dream, or a dud? She tells Lalo she can't bring the receipt over, another day perhaps.

After Chava falls asleep Candy joins Pato by the fire. He says when she left him life ended for him, he was sad and drank a lot blah blah blah and Alicia helped and was... "Sex!" pipes up Candy. Pato can't deny it, but he cried a lot, he missed her a lot. Candy admits she missed him and cried for him too. I think maybe this was their very first mature and honest conversation.

Santi can't sleep and hypes out in his bedroom, listens to music, golfs, looks at his phone, and finally calls Candy. Unfortunately Meño answers, Candy's not there. He advises Santi to just marry Candy once and for all! Greg is giving herself a manicure and makes a sour face. Meño reveals that Pato asked for his help with Candy. That's it, Santi plays hardball by promising to do Meno's eyelids for free. Eyelids and chin, negotiates Meno.

Back to Pato and Candy and back to the same old, when she saw him with Alicia she thought she was going to die but then she discovered she was pregnant with Chava which gave her the will to live. She says she didn't ever try to find Pato because she could live without love but never without dignity. Pato hopes that one day she can learn to trust him again.

Chava wakes up and Candy gives him permission to invite dad to sleep in the tent. Allrighty then.

Santi's phone rings. He answers it without looking, "Hello Marissa, what do you want? Eye tacos? Yes my love, whatever you say my love."

Horti is fawning over her mystery date, taking his shoes off, helping him onto the bed. We see his tennis shoes on the floor but can't make out his face. Ding dong, it's Lalo at the door and he wants his receipt for the utility bill. He peeks into her bedrooom and is very excited to see she's not alone.

Sleepy Santi shows up with the eye tacos but Mari says she already ate cold pizza, he can have the eye tacos. He looks like he's going to hurl and she squeals in evil delight that he is having sympathy nausea. She'd invite him to stay but she knows he likes to have brekkies with his peeps. He can take the eye tacos home for breakfast but he shouldn't eat them cold because they stick to the palate. Santi stumbles out about to puke and sinister music plays as Marissa makes her meanest bulldog face.

Back at camp, Candy spends a restless night moaning "Why Patricio? It could have been so great with you," while Pato mumbles in his sleep. She notes how alike father and son are.

Next morning the half moon is still high in the sky as Chava takes a precarious stroll on the rickety dock while mom and pop doze in blissful ignorance of the danger at hand. We see the dinghy line come loose and the dinghy float away.

It's breakfast time at the big house. Santi is sleepy and Isa scolds him for being Marissa's bitch, she's tired of seeing Marissa abuse him. He falls asleep while she's talking to him.

Candy wakes up and calls for Chava. She sees the rickety dock then the overturned dinghy in the middle of the lake! Pato swims for it, no sign of the boy!

Alicia calls Gregoria to complain that she slept alone thanks to her zorra of a sister. The cell phone pays for Pato's absence by finding itself hurled onto the floor.

Pato's back on shore, he and Candy are going through Chava's bag. Pato thinks to call him on his radio that he conveniently gave to him the night before. Chava answers, whew!! But he's lost. But he has his compass! They help him figure out the direction of the camp. Suddenly, from a dead standstill, Chava trips over the ledge, drops both radio and compass, and ends up hanging onto a tree.

Patricio MacGyver fashions a compass out of a plate of water and a magnetized needle to find the direction. I probably would have figured out the general direction by where the sun rose but what do I know, especially when the half moon always hangs high in the sky.

At last they find Chava squealing and barely able to hold onto the tree. Pato "rappels" 10 feet down a 45 degree slope to rescue his son. With a mighty grunt Pato and Chava climb the rope the difficult 10 feet back up to mama and the reunited family hugs.

Hortencia makes breakfast for her "Precious". We still don't see his face but the back of his head looks a bit young. Is he a boy toy or is he a secret kid? The way these telenovela moms treat their sons it's hard to tell sometimes. To further confuse us she gives him kisses all over his face.

Back at Candy's house Pato kisses Chava goodbye. Candy tells Pato he should know how she feels about Santiago. He asks is she in love? "I'm confused," she answers. He grunts knowingly and thanks her for the great time, the best day of his life. (Uh, Candy, when you want to make a big announcement about how you feel, "I'm confused" is a bit anti-climactic.)

Over at the institute Marissa annoys Candy by blathering about her honeymoon to the Greek Islands and then teasing Candy about being jealous. Candy annoys Marissa by admitting she can't keep her promise, she can't get Santi out of her head. She's not betraying Marissa or trying to take the father away from her kid, but she can't stop thinking about him. (Good topper there Candy.) Marissa is now super annoyed and gets a satanic look on her face as Candy rushes out. "Don't turn me into a witch, Candy, or you'll see the devil," she threatens.

Mañana: Meño's boyfriend's son shows up and says he's not there to discuss the death of his father, he's there to tell Meño his family is going to sell all their Guadalajara property. Yes, all of it!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

MEPS, 7/26 - Barbara Continues Her Black Magic

Ladies and gentlemen, here is chapter 4 of this so far somewhat bland novela. We all know it will get very complicated and that the body count will keep increasing and that our star-crossed would-be lovers will be tortured, etc. Anyway – please, if you have some factual or historical information, please show up and bring it. Photos are even better – I don’t have any.

If anyone knows how to post this to the sidebar, please do so.

We begin with yesterday’s scene in which Lili talks to the cook and tells her she overheard Barbara talking to Artemio Bravo. Barbara calls Lili a drug addict and warns her that she is capable of anything, and if she let’s the cat out of the bag, her son is in danger and that she will be watched night and day. And the rest of the Elisaldes will have the same fate as Montserrat – death. Nobody is find out about Artemio Bravo.

Quarter moon rising and we’re at Monty’s funeral. Soledad comforts the kids, Daddy cries – Barb watches and gives out bad vibes. Meanwhile, Lili is in a straight jacket tied up in a bed somewhere.

We now have a complete change of scene – we’re transported to a gym class and non other than Padre Bosco calls out Ed’s name. They embrace, but the good Padre tells him that his mom won’t be able to visit him as frequently as promised. Boy looks shocked.

Toluca – 1992 – Soledad gives the goodby blessing to Fer – the other kids are all crying. Barb looks so smug as Fernanda is escorted to the plane and dumb daddy looks happy. Now in Madrid – we know that because we hear flamenco music. Looks like a girl’s school – little Ferdanda is on the lawn dreaming of Ed – she dreams him into a real person – he’s supposed to be dreaming of her. They’re co-dreamers.

At her house, Soledad receives letters addressed to Ed from Fer. But she says these letters can’t reach their destination.

Looks like Barb and Daddy got married – I hear wedding music. He looks so happy, and she looks cold and smug. Part 2 of the big plan has succeeded.

At Pueblo – Soledad prays about the situation between the patron and the murderess and her problem with Ed – she has to keep her mouth shut. Sole feels like Barb’s accomplice because she’s kept her mouth shut. And, she accepts whatever punishment the Virgin Mary imposes upon her. She’s at Mary’s mercy.

Soledad looks at the letters again – she has two boxes. One box is marked with “Fernanda” and the other marked “Eduardo”. All these years she has hidden the letters in these boxes.

Harvard - The big boys are practicing football. We know the good looking one is Ed because he has the magic medal. Of course, it’s TMBMOE. Later he’s in church praying. We know that because he’s in church and is moving his lips.

It’s now 2007 and Fernanda is receiving her diploma. Barbara looks disgusted. Fer dedicates her success to her mother and nana Soledad. Soledad is very happy – who is the guy with the scraggly hair. Daddy’s real proud of her – he’s got a job for her in the company as a director in her specialty. It was Barbara’s idea – can you believe it. We know Barb’s older ‘cause her hair is messy. Fernanda can’t wait to get started.

2007 – Eduardo is giving his dissertation? And, he is congratulated – must have been a good one. Ed graduated summa cum laude – redhead Steve, his friend, is ready to party. (Just an aside – Steve was Dr. Brown in Como Agua para chocolate.) But Ed is serious, and he wants to get going. Ed reminisces that the day his mother sent him off he tried to do good. He got a scholarship to Harvard – something his mother deserves – now he can marry Fernanda. The two of them are just a pair of workaholics.

Current time: Fernanda carries on with Margarita about all the things they've seen in the country. Fernanda is wearing a straw hat, boots and jeans and seems to be in charge. She’s just a country girl educated in Spain. She is greeted with respect as she goes in the building. Barbara is talking to mystery man and reports that everything is going as planned – she’s still responsible for destroying the Elisalde family. Damian is part of the plan – he stole Fer’s heart. She says that Fernanda’s spouse is going to be the catalyst the starts the downward spiral of the family.

Fer walks in greeting everyone – and asks for daddy who is in his office. Barbara and Anibal are talking company policy. Anibal is apparently interested in a new plant – Daddy has aged. Fer hugs and kisses everyone. Fer apparently actually likes Barbara. What a fool. Daddy wants a report – Fer tells her how well received they were in the country. The Elisaldes are going to contribute to the growth of a product of their state. Apparently not a money maker, but good press. Daddy – at Barbara’s direction – tells Anibal that Fer is in charge of developing artisan products, etc. Fer claps and hugs daddy.

An aged Sole who is now sick and couphing is walking and comes upon a grown up Jacinto who is on a bike – she keeps on about minding her own business. Sole doesn’t want help from anyone. J tells her that he’s heard from Ed – she reminds him not to talk to her about it. J is exasperated – so am I.

New York – Sinatra introduces us to Ed who keeps saying manana – that finally after 15 years he’s going to return to his country. He remembers his mother’s words and kisses Fer’s medal again. Times have changed mama – he now has a future to offer Fer. Enter Steve who speaks in Spanish and English – Ed tells Steve that he’s going to Mexico tomorrow – Steve gives him his card with his numbers – and says he’d like to meet his mother and girlfriend and not to marry without letting him know and that this gringo wants to be best man at his wedding. Ed says – there’s no other woman for him. Is he in for a surprise.

Fer has lots to do, her secretary is taking many notes. In walks guy with glasses and moustache – I wonder if he breaks phones. He and Fer kiss – they’re planning a wedding – he says that with Barbara’s help everything will turn out great – Fer has some reservations – she seems to be pulling away from Damian – Fer insists she has to solve work-related problems, and he says he’ll go wherever she goes.

Back at the E’s hacienda – Sole is coughing and it is obvio that she is very sick. Sole wants to talk to the patron – but Barbara enters – and puts the kebosh on that. She grabs Soledad and asks why she’s in the hacienda where she’s been forbidden to enter. They talk – Barbara continues the threats – Sole says her son knows nothing Bar threatens him with death. Mom says Ed will never return – is that why she hid the letters. She says she’s all he’s got and if she dies – Bar says everything has to go as is – and she should never come near the Elizalde house. Get lost Sole.

Anibal wants to know what dad thinks of the plan. Enter Bar – son is sad cause Dad doesn’t approve – son is wary of Bar. Daddy has an appointment with the doctor. Bar reminds him about the chemical plant and wedding preps. He’s going to the cardiologist. Looks like dad’s days are numbered. Son wants who know what just happened – she double crossed him. The powerded milk plan is a go???

Fer and Damian caress and look at floral arrangements. The maid tells Jacinto and Margarita that Bar wouldn’t let Sol speak to the patron. They discuss what to do. Margarita is warned not to go help Sole. I think that Sole went to see Padre B to make her final confession and get it off her chest. At the clinic/church Sole and a doctor/nurse – apparently Sole wanted the job of arranging the flowers in the church – but someone else got it – the woman tells her it is out of her hands. She doesn’t want any problems with Dr. Obregon. Sole want to see Lili – the lady is Adolfina – please begs Sole let me say goodbye to her.

Damian and Fer show up at the clinic even though it’s not visiting hours – Meanwhile Sole succeeds in seeing Liliana who is unresponsive and looks like she’s had a lobotomy. Will Sole and Fer run into each other? Break time.

Damian wants to be with Fer – but duty calls and somehow they'll get back the seven days they’ll lose when they’re not together.

Sole comforts Lili and talks to her and calls her Palomita – the day will come when everyone will find out but, who knows what’s going to happen. She coughs – Saying goodbye to life is easy –The painful part is saying goodbye to you. I don’t think I’m going to be able to see you again. A mother always wants to be at her children’s side – this is the way she has suffered – she’s going to leave Ed all alone. The good is that he’s far away – it would be terrible to leave him at the mercy of Barbara, the hyena – the worst is yet to come.

Sole reaches into her bag, pulls out a box – this box contains the secret that she’s known about all their lives. She’s going to hide it because if she dies –if Ed were here he would find it – he would be in danger – she doesn’t want to sentence him to death – so she’s going to leave it here in Lili’s room for her to find. Sole says that God knows that she's tried to save your family. So she hides the secret in the room of someone who is catatonic? She knows of a secret board that lifts up, and puts the box and some chocolates for Lili in the hiding place. Sole tells Lili that If Lili never leaves here it will be because the Elisalde family deserves some other destiny.

Then Sole says, forgive me for not having fought harder against these bad people –for fifteen years they’ve killed my soul – May god have mercy on you (the Elisaldes).

Advances –

Ed at the airport – looking all dapper in sunglasses, neck scarf and jacket while Jacinto looks for him. Anibal and Barbara lock horns – the stage is set and Fer and Ed meet up with each other.


Las Tontas no van 2-25 Wed - An old hubby gets sacked, an ex hubby ain't so bad, a new hubby gets comfy, an unknown hubby leaves, and a cheatn hubby..

.....gets someone else to pay his light bill?????

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I hoped by including them, I wouldn't have to type as much. Didn't work as well as I hoped to prevent typing, and I wasn't able to get them in the beginning, but hopefully you'll enjoy!

We open with Pato begging Candy for them to be a family. She pauses then holds up three fingers. He thinks maybe 3 more kisses but she gives him three reasons why they can't be a family he already knows them, and so do we. Her sister, his betrayal, yeah yeah, same old stuff. Except, since we're counting, our galan busts out the figure that he's missed 2920 times to make love to her and wants to get time back. Eventually she realizes that's a lot of days since she's done it. Ouch.

So now we are at the appointment with Zam and Sole. Turns out her hubby is willing to give her a voluntary divorce and doesn't want to take away any support. Apparently it's not necessary that Zam goes through this charade of protecting her. I think this bums him out though. of course he loves being needed.

We have another episode with Horty being very fond of her boss, who is telling her he's not there to talk to Candy. She in a red neglige type dress promises to as he wishes. When she finally backs down, he thinks he might actually fall one day for that.
Turns out Donato is calling for some assistance regarding this Jaime situation. Jaime is using his Dad's robe, and his slippers and stuff. Santi says well Mom married him so we have ot get used to it, it's not a big deal. He hangs up and then it dawns on him he better go over there in case his Ma kicks him out because Donato is his main spy!!!

Sole and Zam go to Meno's to slog back some tequilas and have lunch. Sole says they are now friends, in fact she wants to take him out to a nice restaurant now that the divorce will be over to thank him for the favor. Of course he likes this idea.

Mari goes to see Barb who was looking for her. She's heard she's not seeing her therapist anymore. Mari yells at her for pushing her, and this pisses her off, but all Barb was trying to do was motion her to sit down. Seems Mari shows us more and more that she is losing it. Barb thinks something is weird with her, Mari blames it all on hormones and the pregnancy, and they can be buds, but therapy doesn't work for her, so no therapy. Yeah it's hard for it to work when you think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sigh. Barb says fine, but notes this bizarre behavior along with us.

Santi gets shown at home by Donato the horrors that Issy new hubby is inflicting and that maybe they should get him drunk so they can get him out of hte house. Santi manages to calm him down, admiting he's jealous, but this isn't that bad and Donato needs to get over it despite being a good friend of the Dad. Donato agrees maybe he's being immature. Santi says you are only obliged to grow up, not to mature. Donato resigns himself that he's not getting any help here. I suspect this isn't the end of this though.
Zamora is cleaning the windows as punishment for going off with Sole, but he feels it was worth it. Tono razzes him about paying the bill and he agrees there may be a class problem.

Turns out the Abandonados are building a treehouse for Santi's baby. Santi thinks maybe it's 6 or 7 years too early for this, but they remind him how fast time flies. Santi agrees that he will one day tell his kid about the "tios" who made the house for him.

Lulu and Greg fight about Cazuela in the kitchen again. They duel with whisk and wooden spatula. Papa Meno has to come in and break them up. he says if they don't stop acting like kids he'll fire them both. Why are they so competitive anyway?

Candy brings Chava home from soccer and sends him up to a bath.

Donato didn't hear anything Santi said and he goes to the mouth of the wolf and tells Jaime to take off his dead master's robe. Jaime is offended and tells him to quit being rude. Issy eventually has to run interference on them.

A sullen but pretty hot woman shows up seeking help from the institute. Chayo converses with her and describes the problems she has had with her husband.

The little angel is praying for everyone - this was the cutest scene, I tell you she is the best little actress- but she wants to ask her Dad something and doesn't want him to get mad. She wants to be like her Mom and wants him to help her to do it. Hmmm, Santi is impactado but manages to hug her anyway.

Hot woman apparently left, but now runs back screaming she's going to sue them all because now her husband left her and she accuses Chayo for telling her to stand up to him. Barb tells her to calm down and that they need to chat. She nods.

Pato is instructing the "family" how to put up the tent and that it is important to have air in it and then we'll have a bonfire, and...she says he doesn't fit, he's not going. Chava thinks he will fit and he wants him and isn't going without him.

The "parents" argue about this like a couple of kids and it turns out that Pato agrees not to go, so Chava will get to go.

Santi and Mom have a discussion about her living in their house and him essentially suggesting that Jaime lives in another house, because Santi loves her more than anyone. Mom wonders how that will work exactly. She reminds Santi that he loves her like a son would love his Ma and that makes her happy and well Jaime loves her like a man loves his wife, and that makes her happy too. Santi tells her his Dad loved her more than that guy ever could. She’s begins to tell him about how she loved his Dad and still cares for Jaime in a different way when the wicked witch of maternity arrives and interrupts the chat, complaining about gaining another kilo. Wah wah.

Candy meets with a lawyer famous for putting away fraudulent plastic surgeons. Candi wants to know what she knows about the hack doc who killed her sis and learns that he’s had 43 complaints against him. Well she has one more for the ambulance chaser. Lica Beltran learns that Candy writes the Tontas column. She never misses it.

At the institute, the very hot supermodel type named Francis is complaining to Barb how she will die without her husband and loves him so much she prefers mistreatment than to be alone. Barb teaches that is dependence, not love, and it’s a sickness.

Sorry, I just seriously doubt this uberhot woman would be afraid she'd be alone without a husband, but, whatever… a light bulb goes off for Chayo who listens to all this. Yeah Chayo, light that up a little, eh??

Turns out Candy decides to play Erin Brockovich and goes to confront the lawyer representing the evil doc plastico and tries to shame him for representing such a guilty killer. Our defense lawyer is not troubled in the least. He will represent that all these women are defaming his client.

It turns out Barb is able to encourage our angry hottie that she can do without hubby and she gets sucked into all the treatments. We get a montage of everyone working their magic including Meno teaching her to move her hips. Yeah right, like she doesn't know that...

Candy and Santi have a sort of mature conversation and he congratulates her on her article about the plastic surgeon. She notices that he hasn't tried to grope her or anything, so maybe they could actually be friends afterall. He says the day is young, and almost fakes her out, but then confirms that's a joke. He asks her to dinner, but she has a date with little galan.

Horty is flirting with someone on the phone when Lalo comes up and sweet talks her with the help of a little green (or red or blue or other prominent peso color) to pay his electric bill for him, because he's stuck with house chores since Chayo's been working. I'm wondering if his amante works at the power company.....
Candy and Chava show up at Lake Chapala and decide that a very public landing is the perfect place for them to set up their tent, and like those parking spaces in front of buildings, miraculously no one else in the second most populous municipality of Mexico is camping or even lunching around this beach...

Meno and Pato have a heart to heart, Pato saying how much he loves her the same since the first day, but Meno saying yeah she’s not like other girls who are rugs to be stepped on. Pato shows the talisman he found and learns of it's significance from Meno, and why both sides are together.

Meanwhile the two Cs are frolicking on the very wobbly dock, Chava proclaiming he’ll be a sailor someday! Yeah Chava!! My kind of guy…but Candy reminds him he wanted to be a soccer player too.

Ali comes in the office and Pato tells her how well the Ocotlan furniture is selling in Cali. She tells him they have a dinner tonight with his parents. He says… say it with me…not sexy, because he can’t go, y punto. This prompts her to ask why he’s with her. Definitely the next logical question… we are left for tonight with him asking her if she really wants the truth.


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