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Another handy Fea link

Try this link for Univision's own recaps of recent episodes. Like the ones on the esmas site, they are all in Spanish, so they're only going to be useful to you if you can either read Spanish (which some people find much easier than listening during the show), or if you can deal with Google's tortured translations.

The advantage to looking at these instead of the ones at is that it's much easier to identify the episode you're looking for (since you're presumably watching them on Univision), and you don't get spoiled by seeing recaps for the episodes that haven't aired on Univision yet.

Okay, that's enough "Lety La Fea" business for at least a few days... I'll post my next update no later than Sunday the 6th, but possibly sooner, if things get so exciting that I can't restrain myself. :o)


Welcome, Julie!

Hello all,

Julie has volunteered to do "La Fea" recaps and just in time, since some crabby readers have been asking what happened to them.

Other crabby readers have been scolding us for dropping "Unibrow in the Corral" otherwise known as Barrera. I say to those readers, we're doing the best we can, and the staff we have now can only handle one telenovela at a time.

But if anybody has time/interest to continue with blogging Barrera, let me know, and I'll add you to the roster.

Julie says her Spanish is a bit rusty, so if anybody has time/inclination to help her, jump in by leaving clarifying comments! But remember to say THANK YOU.

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La Fea Más Bella #65-69 7/24 -7/28/06

Lety leaves a candy bar for Fern, then puts on lots of mom's perfume. When Fern comes in, they talk business for a while, then she makes a twitchy face which he eventually recognizes as a kissy face, and he nervously reciprocates. They talk about Tomas and the shadow company, and she finally points out the candy bar (since he seems to have trouble noticing it on his own).

She goes back to her office, dousing herself in more perfume. Omar shows up, and he and Fern talk about the stinky perfume and kisses. Omar jokes about the moon and the stars, and they laugh about the candy bar and split it. They say something about "Tomas is dead in the head," not sure what that's referring to exactly, and they joke and ridicule some more.

The gist of this conversation, as best I understand it: Fern seems not to like Alicia, and Omar says something about bed (maybe like how he slept with her), which surprises Fern. Omar jokes some more about flowers and chocolates. He then writes a love letter (to Lety, I presume) in front of Fern, in Fern's name. Fern crumples it up in horror, and they argue. Omar continues to joke, which offends Fern. They discuss last night's "date" some more, and Omar says something that's apparently over the line, angering Fernando even more, and then Omar escalates his insults so much that Fernando is forced to jump to Lety's defense. I'm not sure exactly what he says, but it's passionate, and it's in her favor.

Meanwhile, Saimon rescues Alicia with that gas. She demands that he pour it for her. He asks her how someone with such a fancy car can't afford gas. They (well, mostly Saimon) have a conversation which is no doubt funny, but I can't understand it. Alicia gets to work in a bad mood and goes directly to Marcia, begging for more money. Marcia tells her to go to Fern, but Alicia knows Fern hates her. Nevertheless, she tries. Lety greets her, and Alicia demands to speak to Fern. Lety pretends to look for Fern under the desk, etc. since Alicia is still yapping hysterically as if he's there and listening to her. Then Fernando shows up, and Alicia begs for "a minute" of his time. He agrees, and he and Lety start counting down from 60. She says she needs money for food, etc. He makes fun and says no, and her minute runs out, and Lety and Fern make fun of her. She leaves, and Lety and Fern talk business.

Alicia is VERY angry. Ariel calls, and at first, she doesn't recognize his voice, and he doesn't recognize hers. She complains about money, and THEN he recognizes her, LOL! But she still doesn't recognize him right away. Then he tells her not to answer the office phone anymore or talk about money on the phone! Luigi does listen to Alicia's complaints and offers advice, but I guess it doesn't thrill her, because she just shakes her head at him after he leaves.

At lunchtime, the feas take up a collection for lunch, but come up a bit short. Saimon shows up in a very good mood (owing to some conversation with PM that completely went over my head) and gives them the money they need. Alicia then shows up and is snotty to them, and PM cuts her down to size. Then Alicia starts sniping at Lety, and Lety retorts in kind. Whatever they say, seems to end in a draw.

The feas leave for lunch, and Luigi and Marcia show up and try to cheer Alicia up. (Marcia blinks!) Marcia says she doesn't care about the feas' boyfriends. She asks Fern something about girlfriends, and Marcia, Alicia, and Luigi joke about drooling and/or braces, making Fernando VERY uncomfortable. He forces a laugh. They seem to be speculating about Lety's rich boyfriend. He cuts the discussion short very sharply. When he's alone, he takes a bite out of that crumpled love letter that Omar wrote, and spits it out.

Omar and Fern go to a restuarant for a business lunch. Fern drinks morosely while Omar ogles pretty girls and continues to goad Fern about Lety's rich boyfriend.

The feas area at a fun restaurant. They embarrass Lety by asking about Tomas (who they still think is her handsome, rich boyfriend that they've never seen before) and her love life. Then they go back to the office and walk in on Yazmin, who is making another gooey phone call to Lola's ex-husband. The feas make fun of her, and she brags about how great her boyfriend is. Once again, Lola must be restrained by the feas, to keep from killing Yasmin.

Saimon is excited by something again (I really wish I knew what), and lightens the feas' mood.

Luigi says something to the models about money, which miffs them. If this is the same as on the Colombian show, then what's happening is that there's a little cash flow problem. They models are going to get paid, but not just yet.

All this talk of rich boyfriends and love lives has enflamed Lety's heart anew, and she leaves another treat on Fernando's desk. The last one was a chocolate bar; this one looks like a peanut brittle or maybe a rice krispy treat. Anyway. He doesn't notice it right away. She keeps trying to get him to notice it, moving it around on his desk while he's signing contracts and such. Finally, when it seems like he is deliberately ignoring it, she asks if he is annoyed with her. He gives a sarcastic answer, something about her rich boyfriend. Then they have a tense conversation about Tomas and Alicia, and she confesses that she doesn't even have a boyfriend. His manner becomes extremely frosty, and she apologizes and takes the rice krispy treat.

Meanwhile, Ariel shows up at Conceptos. He bothers Alicia and threatens her.

Fernando sneaks up on Marta, who is sneaking a sandwich under a desk. Apparently, Marta has been on a diet, and I guess she thinks that if no one sees her eat, it doesn't count. Fernando takes the sandwich, takes a few bites, critiques it, scolds her for eating in the office, and gives back what's left of it.

In Omar's office, Omar and Fern talk about Luigi and the women. Omar has several gift bags filled with candies, greeting cards, romantic music CDs, poetry, flowers, etc. He laughs at the corniness of it all, but Fern finds it distasteful. Omar suggests sending a particularly mushy card to Lety, and Fern refuses. He says it is the stupidest idea of all time!

In walks Ariel, who also makes fun of the foofy gifts. They discuss some more, and Ariel leaves and bothers Lety for a while. He scares (or tries to scare) her with talk about police, news, and helping Fernando with something. Fern shows up and wants to know what they're talking about with the door closed. Ariel leaves and tries to bother Marcia, who is annoyed by his attempts to intimidate her. He then moves on to Alicia again, taunts her about her bills (which she apparently carries around with her).

Later, Omar leaves a card and some chocolates in Lety's office (in Fern's name, of course). Fern tells Omar that the card is "muy gay." Lety finds the card and screams with delight. Meanwhile, the models who had received bad financial news from Luigi before have showed up at Fernando's office to pester him about payment. They try to flirt and sweet-talk, but when Lety comes in (still glowing about that "muy gay" card), Fernando scolds the models and orders them out. He then complains about them to Lety after they leave! She thanks him profusely for all that mushy crap he left on her desk. After SHE leaves, Fern tells himself that he's a terrible disgrace.

Omar comes in and wants to know how it went. He is like a 7th grader!! They talk about Marcia and some "stock." Evidently they are trying to keep some stock information from her. Marcia comes in with questions, and Omar excuses himself and leaves. Lety listens at the door while Fern and Marcia talk about the business, then Marcia leaves in a bad mood. She argues with Alicia about infidelity, because Fernando had stayed out late the previous night, and she didn't know who with.

It's almost time to go home. Omar and Fern talk some more about Marcia and the stock. Lety puts on some more perfume. Alicia, now completely out of money, considers asking the feas for gas money, but wisely decides not to.

Fernando offers to drive Lety home, and a security guard sees them leave together. I missed the next day's episode (Wednesday), but on Thursday, PM was out on a hot date with a hot guy, and Lety and Fernando were on some datelike outing at a club.

Paula Maria and her guy are super-drunk and loud in the street. An angry neighbor yells and throws things at them, threatening to call the police.

At the club, Lety and Fern are about to kiss, but they're interrupted by an obnoxious DJ. F is embarrassed and gives a false last name. The DJ asks if they are married, or just novios. He tries to get them to sing and dance. Lety is a terrible singer, but Fern is pretty good. He really gets into his performance for a while, but then snaps out of it and becomes self-conscious. The DJ moves on to bother some other people. While Fern and Lety dance on their own, PM and her date stumble in! The boyfriend sees them, but doesn't know who they are, and thinks they're a cute couple. PM is too busy humping him (I think it was supposed to be dancing, but it was less elegant than the lambada) to notice them.

Meanwhile, Tomas is again drinking with those two older men. He is shaking hands with them and preparing to leave when two hot ladies approach. The old dudes introduce Tomas to the women and they seem thrilled to meet him, at least to his face, although their contempt is visible when he's not looking. He goes into the restroom and calls someone to brag about his hot conquest, then comes back, still talking on the phone, pretending to cancel a very important appointment so that he can spend time with this one super ho who seems to have taken a liking to him. They continue drinking. Later, the two older men seem to have fallen asleep at their table, and their "date" leaves in disgust. Tomas's date continues to flirt, but then he freaks out for some reason and leaves! Without her!!

Fernando seems to have genuinely had a good time with Lety, but he still isn't completely ready to admit it to himself. He gives Lety the daintiest, but sincere, goodnight peck on the cheek. RoboPapa is upset with Lety when she finally gets home, but she's much too delighted to be bothered by his attitude. She writes some more in her diary. Fernando, in his own apartment, paces the floor restlessly. Marcia sleeps alone with a bridal magazine open on the bed next to her.

PM and her hot date are being amorous in the street when Saimon shows up! He misinterprets (or does he?) their sidewalk antics and attempts to defend Paula Maria's honor, which does not thrill PM. The date chases Saimon away, but the date is over.

Next morning: Tomas is sooooo hung over. Lety taunts, scolds, and yells at him. She leaves for work, and Tomas calls someone, trying to get in touch with the amiga's amiga. He is disappointed by the answer.

In the office, Saimon cries disconsolately about PM. The security guy gives him hell but also tries to pump up his self-esteem. Marcia storms in, upset with Fernando, and doesn't pay much attention to sobbing Saimon, who is surrounded by an ever-growing pile of discarded tissues. Marcia and Alicia ignore him and try to figure out where Fernando is. Finally Marcia takes note of Saimon and gives him some money (I don't know why).

Marcia and Alicia go into the restroom and speculate some more about Fernando. They talk about how he didn't come home last night, where was he and with whom? They don't know that Marta is hiding in a stall, sneaking another illicit snack and overhearing the entire conversation. Once they leave the bathroom, Marta shares the gossip with the rest of the feas, and news of Fernando's latest lover spreads like a rancid bean fart!

Fernando tries to cheer Saimon up. Meanwhile, Lety finds the old chocolate wrapper in Fern's pencil cup, and is touched. She leaves a scroll tied with a red ribbon. Marta asks Lety what she knows about Fern's whereabouts last night, and Lety plays dumb. Later, she goes into her office and talks to her Fernando screen saver. It sounds like she's mad at him for having a girlfriend. Maybe she thinks he went to see someone else after their date? Not sure.

Marcia and Alicia continue to speculate - seriously, it's amazing how much time they spend obsessing over his whereabouts, but these two womens' combined brainpower couldn't solve a TV Guide crossword puzzle - and Marcia tries calling his house. He's not there, which for some reason convinces her that he's with another woman, even though it's not weird for a guy to not be at home during business hours.

PM shows up late as usual, and Saimon gives her the cold shoulder. Fernando appears, and scolds her for her frequent tardiness. When he gets to his own office, Lety tells him that everyone - including Marcia - has been wondering where he was. Speak of the unblinking devil, here she is. She chews him out. They argue and she tries to dump him, but he makes a phone call to his gardener(?) who confirms that Fern went home alone last night.

During all of this, about half of the feas congregate in the bathroom and try to cheer Lola up about her divorce, and they gossip about Fernando. I'm not really sure what this conversation is all about.

Saimon bursts into Fern's office, and further explains Fern's movements to Marcia, claiming that he was indeed working, just not there. He was at the studio or something. Then Saimon leaves the room, and brags to the other half of the feas listening at the door, including Marta, about his great performance. Alicia watches this exchange with interest at her desk.

Marcia continues her harangue, and Lety excuses herself, but listens in her office. Marcia notices the candy wrapper in his pencil cup and asks about it, but Fern feigns ignorance. Then she sees the scroll, which he hasn't had a chance to look at yet, and unrolls and reads it. It's a mushy love poem, fortunately unsigned, about how they danced and sang together! His protests aren't very compelling, and she storms out. They are through!

Lety apologizes profusely to Fern about the poem, and wants to quit. He begs her not to, but she just cries and cries at her desk, while he goes to Omar in a panic. They absolutely cannot let her quit!!

The feas' tongues wag, and Alicia tries to comfort Marcia. They go to see Luigi and enlist his help in finding out who this mysterious poem-writing woman is. They are pretty sure it's some model named Augustini. Luigi gets indignant about something, but Marcia placates him, and Alicia gets excited about something (someone help me out here??).

The feas interrupt Lety's crying, not even noticing how brokenhearted she is. They want to know what just happened with Marcia and Fernando. She doesn't give useful info willingly, and one of the feas snidely jokes that that's why they're called "secret"aries. Bleh.

Meanwhile, at home, Tomas gets a phone call from one of the ho's. He tries to be cool, but his squeaky delight betrays his lack of sophistication. It seems that she has his cell phone...

Back at the office, Marcia bursts into Lety's office and starts biting her head off...

Now we're all caught up. Things are getting very interesting!


La Fea Más Bella #61-64 7/17 -7/21/06

One thing I didn't mention before - it's silly, but I don't know how to do accented characters and the n-tilde; and from what I understand, it's a little time-consuming. Unless it becomes confusing, I'd like to skip the accents and so forth. Yes, it does look much better when people write their words correctly, but since I'm doing all of this in English, only the characters' names will be "wrong," and I don't think there will be much room for confusion.

Moving right along...

Wasn't planning on doing these recaps that week (I had just started watching), so wasn't taking good notes at this point...

Fernando, Omar, and Lety have a "meeting" to talk about some business idea of Lety's, I think to help them make payroll. Omar is encouranging Fernando (hereafter "Fern") to drink heavily, and Lety is trying to keep Fern from drinking too much, because his drunkenness is making her nervous.

From what I understand from the Colombian show recaps, what was going on here is that Omar was encouraging Fern to woo Lety to prevent her from leaving Conceptos, partly because she owns the shadow company, and partly because she simply knows too much. They have an idea that she has a rich boyfriend, too, and therefore she could leave them at any time without so much as a backwards glance. It never occurs to these guys that some common courtesy and fair pay would secure her loyalty; they have to hatch a ridiculous plan, or else there'd be no story.

They go to a club, and Lety calls home to tell RoboPapa that she's running late (I guess that's what she's saying). RoboPapa is upset, as usual, while Mom seems thrilled - I guess she thinks Lety is on a date? I wish I knew. Or maybe Mom is coming on to Dad - yuck. All I can tell is that Mom's excited about *someone* being in love.

Back at the club, Omar leaves early, much to Lety's horror. Some popular singer performs at the club, and Lety screams so loudly and enthusiastically that Fern is embarrassed, but, being so drunk, I guess he gets over it. Marcia calls at least once during this ordeal, too, and Fern assures her that it's a business meeting, even though it sounds suspiciously like a club to Marcia.

Eventually, Fern is thoroughly plastered. They end up outdoors, and (again, I'm sorry, I wasn't taking notes so I don't recall exactly how this happened) he kisses her in a most hesitant and comical manner. Then she splits - I think she takes a cab home - and Fern scrubs his lips with the mint leaves from his cocktail.

Meanwhile, Tomas (who has a Les Nessman type of "office" at Lety's house) is at some kind of business meeting with two older men who are giving him a LOT of alcohol and he's babbling like an idiot. Clearly, something is going on with these guys, but I can't tell what.

Later that night, a starry-eyed Lety writes dreamily in her diary, and Fern feels guilty and confused.

Next day:

Yazmin is flirting on her cell phone with Lola's ex-husband, and Lola is enraged. Lola takes the phone away from Yaz, and it gets damaged. Alicia shows up, finds out what is going on, and then Lopez the HR guy shows up, wanting to know what is going on (there is quite a lot of screaming from the feas at this point). Alicia recounts the story to him, and stomps the phone to pieces in the process. Her version of the story makes Lola sound much worse than Yazmin, apparently, plus Alicia and Yazmin both suck up to Lopez, so he fires Lola.

The feas band together and all threaten to quit. Lopez seems delighted with this idea, but Marcia hears the commotion and saves the day, especially for Lola, since Marcia very well knows what it is like to have to deal with a cheating lover.

Lety and Fern (not together) make faces in their respective mirrors and talk to themselves about their weird and forbidden kiss. Lety is in the ladies' restroom, and Alicia comes in to powder and fluff her boobs. She makes a gratuitously unkind remark to Lety, which deflates Lety's ego. And Fernando is looking at a photo of an attractive woman (can't tell if it's Marcia or someone else).

Alicia runs into Omar and tries to crawl all over him. He doesn't seem to want any, and later we see him leave the office with a hot model.

Meanwhile, Tomas is at home, swooning again over Alicia's photo, while Mom offers sympathy.

Fernando takes Lety to dinner at an outdoor restaurant with an amusement park. I'm not sure what excuse he used to make this outing. She did try to protest, but I guess he wasn't having any of it. At dinner, he flirts with her and says he likes her. He almost kisses her, but gets self-conscious because he knows people are looking at him eating dinner with this fea.Lety can tell.

They leave and walk around the carnival rides, finally settling down on some playground swings. He keeps trying to kiss her (often stealing a glance at that woman's photo in his jacket; Omar had told him to pretend that Lety was the woman in the photo), but she expresses doubt as to why he would want to kiss her. Fern explains why, and this is one of those times when I *really* wish my Spanish was better; whatever he says seems to help, and then they talk about the moon, which is all full and romantic. Finally he says exactly the right thing (would that I knew what it was), and they kiss. It's not creepy and awkward like last time, but she quickly gets spooked and argues with Fern some more about how there's no reason he should like her. He tries to keep up with her, but eventually she bites his head off for some reason.

He continues his smooth talk, holding her hand. He says the right thing again, and this time she actually pushes her face at him! He kisses her again, but he's clearly reaching his limit.

Meanwhile, at Marcia's, a blond chick (is this Ana Leticia?) and some man come over with stuff for the wedding, including some extremely ugly Egyptian-looking invitations that have the wrong initials on them. They also show off some ugly clothes - clothes so ugly they couldn't even pass for bridesmaids' dresses - and Marcia is repulsed. The blond chick is offended by her reaction, collects her ugly things, says "ciao" to Marcia, and leaves.

Lety thanks Fern for a nice evening. Just as they are about to kiss yet again, Fern's phone rings. It's Marcia, of course! Fern takes Lety home, and while they chat in the car outside Lety's house, RoboPapa watches from the window, seething. When she gets in the house, he gives her hell for making a spectacle of herself in the street. Mom takes a break from comforting the sad Tomas to talk RoboPapa down somewhat.

Tomas follows Lety into her room and they argue about something. Tomas leaves and Lety writes in her diary some more. She believes that Fern really loves her, and seems to come to some sort of conclusion.

Meanwhile, Fernando gets home to Marcia, but he won't let her kiss him (not sure what his excuse is; perhaps onion breath). He brushes, gargles, and has some wine, then kisses her, but there's something about the kiss that makes her suspicious. She questions him, but I guess he manages to allay her suspicions.

Next day, Lety wants to talk to Mom privately. I'm not sure what they talk about, but she does take her mom's perfume and wears something slightly less ugly than usual. Also, Tomas has a big wad of cash - not sure where that came from.I guess the old dudes gave it to him.

Alicia's car runs out of gas on her way into work. Hunky men push the car for her, and Marcia gives Saimon some money to pick up a gallon of gas to help Alicia out. Alicia thanks him in her usual snotty, ungrateful way.

Paula Maria (hereafter "PM") is late to work, angering Marcia. Saimon had done his best to cover for her, but since he was out on an errand, he wasn't able to help her out this time.


La Fea Más Bella recaps resume...

Hola! I will be doing my best to keep you updated with weekly (if not more frequent) updates for La Fea Mas Bella.

Before I post any recaps, let me explain a few things. First, much like Chris before me, I learned Spanish in high school, more than 20 years ago. Unlike Chris, I don't have a spouse or even a close friend whose Spanish is better than mine, who's willing to watch this show with me.

Therefore, while I usually get the gist of what's going on during this show, I often miss a lot of the subtleties; worse, any time two people (usually Omar and Fernando) are simply having a conversation, with very little accompanying action, the most I can figure out is "they're talking about business" or "they're talking about their scheme on Lety again."

So, I'm not sure how much help these recaps will be to fans of La Fea, but let's try it and see. What I'm hoping is that I'll give the best recap I can, and if I've missed something or gotten it wrong, someone will use the Comments link below each post to correct me or fill in the blanks.

And if it turns out that my recaps STINK and are of no use to anyone, I'll just stop doing 'em. Okay? Okay!

Ah, and another piece of business. First, if you are good at reading Spanish (rather than listening to it), or if you have patience with Google's "Language Tools" translations, you might have some luck with this web page, which gives full recaps of all the episodes so far. Note that the show in Mexico is way ahead of the show on Univision, so there's a risk you'll get spoiled, plus I'm not sure how far ahead of Univision they actually are.

Also, you can read detailed English recaps of the original, Colombian Yo Soy Betty La Fea on this website. Up to this point, they've been almost exactly like the Mexican show, so this is another good way to get caught up, and maybe stay ahead, although I don't think the shows are going to stay completely parallel indefinitely.

I don't think it's hard to figure out who's who, but just in case it's confusing, here's a little cheat-sheet to help you with the names that are different in the Colombian version:

  • Armando is Fernando
  • Aura Maria is Paula Maria
  • Berta is Marta
  • Betty is Lety
  • Daniel is Ariel
  • Freddy is Saimon
  • Gutierrez is Lopez
  • Hermes is RoboPapa
  • Hugo is Luigi
  • Jenny is Yazmin
  • Julia is Mom
  • Marcela is Marcia
  • Mario is Omar
  • Nicolas is Tomas
  • Patricia is Alicia
  • Sofia is Lola


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Heridas, Friday, July 28

Fernanda tells Rebeca and Fab that Flor is pregnant. Fab says that they had “relaciones” last year when she was in Germany and when he came back. He didn’t know about her condition then.

Amparo and her nephews complain about the high prices for food in the market and speculate about the effects of the financial problems on their lives and those of other middle class people. Francisco arrives and announces that the factory has gone bankrupt and he can’t set up his taco business since he didn’t receive a ‘quinto’ – literally a fifth. Is this some kind of severance payment?

Back in Tabasco, Fernanda explains to Fab & Rebeca that since she is preggers, Flor must stop taking her medicine and that makes her time remaining a matter of weeks or maybe months. Fab is devastated. He wants a child but not at this cost.

On his private plane on the way to Tabasco, Gonzalo calls Benjamin, the director of the hospital where Fernanda works. After a little chit chat, Gonzalo gets to the point. He has found out that Fernanda de Aragon is working at the hospital and he wants Benjamin to fire her without a recommendation or any severance. ‘Sorry,’ says Benjamin, ‘no can do. First, Fernanda is a top-notch cardiologist and second, she has a protector who is super powerful in several areas and I’m not going to cross him.’ Benjamin gives Gonzalo some advice, ‘don’t mess with this lady. You have no idea who is behind her.’ Gonzalo says to himself that Fernanda and her protector, whom Gonzalo assumes is her new lover, will regret this.

Amparo and her nephews try to raise Francisco’s spirits with a lot of old bromides like, ‘when God closes one door, he opens another’ and something about mules that I didn’t really get. They will pawn whatever they can and all work together to get by.

The aged Naty has finally woken up in the old folks home. She tells Joel, another of Amparo’s nephews who is working there that she wants to back to her village where a pistol is hidden in a tree. Someone gave it to her and she ran and ran and put it the tree. [Presumably, this must have some relevance to the story. Would this perhaps be the pistol that Gonzalo shot Alfredo with???]

Cesar arrives at his apartment after being fired. He gets a call on his cell phone from Bertha. He says that Gonzalo’s business is ruined and he is going to New York. ‘What about my stuff in your apartment?’ asks Bertha. ‘The owner can keep it or throw it out. I don’t care,’ says Cesar. Bertha then threatens to denounce Cesar to Interpol for his financial misdeeds. Cesar capitulates. Bertha tells him to take the first flight to Tabasco. She wants him at the hacienda.

A lot of time is wasted while the various guests arrive for the wedding but at least they aren’t talking. Alejandro is still letting Miranda believe that he is married to Daira. The drama comes when Fernanda is introduced to Gonzalo. We get to see the whole memory of the Gonzalo/Fernanda/Adolfo incident again. There is an awkward silence and then Gonzalo asks to speak with Fernanda alone later. She agrees.

Then the second big moment - Bertha arrives looking 10 years younger since she stopped pulling her hair into that ugly bun and put on some makeup. She is also wearing a very age and event inappropriate long, white or off-white dress. Flor and Renata are ecstatic. Miranda is annoyed and everyone else is stunned. Then Bertha sees Fernanda and her triumphant smile fades away. We see a flashback to a young Fernanda begging her sister to help her and a young Bertha refusing while one of Fernanda’s daughters (I’m guessing Renata) watches.

Meanwhile, Cesar is rummaging through the stuff Bertha left in her room in his apartment looking for the proof she has of his crimes. He finds the jewelry designs that Adolfo left in the hacienda 18 years ago but that is not what he is looking for and he throws it aside.

Alone with Fernanda, Gonzalo tells her to leave the hacienda and the lives of him and his daughters. Fernanda has another flashback to the incident with Adolfo. She recovers from Gonzalo’s blow and sees Adolfo unconscious [she probably thinks he is dead] on the floor. Young Gonzalo tells her to get out before he does something else. Fernanda wants her daughters but Gonzalo refuses. Back to the present and Gonzalo tells Fernanda not to approach his daughters or he will tell them who she is. ‘Go ahead and tell them,’ she says, ‘and I’ll tell them you are a murderer.’

Meanswhile, Gonzalo’s interview with Fernanda is holding up the whole wedding. [Couldn’t they have waited until after the wedding?] Everyone is just waiting in the living room of the hacienda. Pamela and Miranda make catty remarks about Fernanda including pointing out that she wore a white gown to the wedding to compete with the bride.

Bertha starts to try and turn Flor and Renata against Fernanda by saying that Fernanda is just trying to get Gonzalo and is a trepadora. [My dictionary says a ‘trepadora’ is a climbing rose or a nuthatch. I’m guessing it also means a social climber.] Renata agrees with this.

Bertha comes into the library with Gonzalo and Fernanda. The sisters exchange insults and Fernanda says that Bertha has to explain why she encouraged Flor to break up Miranda and Fab and why she never told Gonzalo that Renata was taking drugs. At this point, Miranda comes in and says the ceremony is about to begin and she leaves with Fernanda. Alone with Gonzalo, Bertha says that all is forgiven now that she is back. ‘Not so fast,’ says Gonzalo. ‘You have a lot of explaining to do.’ Alone, Bertha vows that Fernanda will not mess up her plans and that she will regret coming back into their lives.

At last we are at the ceremony. While he is waiting at the altar, Miranda goes up to Fab and tells him that he has destroyed her life and has never once said he was sorry. She wishes her sister happiness but she wishes him unhappiness for the rest of his life. As the processional starts, Fab says you don’t have to wish me anything. I am already paying and you don’t know how high a price.’

An unseen choir sings Ave Maria. Miranda is very upset during the ceremony and tries to leave. Alejandro tries to tell her that is one day and the wounds will heal, etc. etc. He keeps her from leaving by saying that she can’t evade this moment and she must confront it like a lady - “una dama.”

In one shot we see a smiling Flor and Fab kneeling at the alter while behind them Miranda's bosom heaving as she hyperventilates. Watching the ceremony, Miranda has a flashback to a romantic dinner with Fab. They are kissing. She says they will marry when he returns to Mexico and she will plan everything. Fab says, ‘Whatever you want, dear.’ Fab starts make moves toward having ‘relaciones’ but Miranda says no. She wants to wait until she is married.

[I have never been to Tabasco but I’ve been to Veracruz state, the Yucatan and lowland Guatemala and even in the winter, it is hot there and incredibly humid. The wedding is being held in a tent outside. Some ladies have fans but no one is sweating and they are all dressed up. The men are wearing jackets for God’s sake. Today in NJ it is about as hot and humid as it is every day in Tabasco. I can’t put one foot outside the door of my air-conditioned house without starting to sweat.]

Finally the wedding is over and Flor and Fab are married. Bertha tells Flor that she told her that she would marry Fab and it now it has happened. Flor invites Bertha to live with her and Fab at the ranch. Flor is cold to Fernanda. Bertha says to Fernanda to prepare for bad things to happen and Bertha says, ‘to you too, don’t doubt it.’

At the reception, Alejandro recognizes the necklace that Bertha is wearing and asks where she got it. She lies and says that someone very important to her gave her the necklace many years ago. Alejandro concludes that Bertha has his father’s jewelry designs.

Gonzalo tries again to get Fernanda to leave. She tells him that she won’t be harassed by him anymore. She then tells him that Flor is preggers.

The TiVo stopped just when Miranda approaches Flor in the receiving line.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heridas -Thursday, July 27

Alejandro is giving orders to someone in another country about his business transactions. He does not appear to be seriously affected by the crash in the worldwide stock markets. He says that he wants to invest his money in Mexico – he likes the country, the people, the color and the food. He tells whomever he is speaking to to get ready to come to Mexico to manage his business interests.

Dual showering scenes of Alejandro and Miranda dreaming of each other as they get ready to go to the wedding.

Florencia tells her father tearfully that this is the last time she will eat in his house. Gonzalo says that he knows that Fab wants her to live in Tabasco so he can supervise his ‘project’ but maybe she should stay in Mexico City for a while. Flor says not to worry, she and Fab will visit two or three times a month. Gonzalo says that her treatment by the cardiology specialist is very important and he would like to have an opportunity to speak to the doctor. ‘What luck,’ says Flor, ‘I’ve invited Dr. Fernandez to the wedding.’ Flor says that her health is fine. If it wasn’t, the doctor would have told her, right?

Miranda tells Gonzalo about Bertha’s threat not to attend the wedding if Miranda is there. He agrees with her decision to go anyway. They agree that Bertha won’t dare show up.

Amparo is in the market. Apparently, she doesn’t have any money and the lady behind a giant mound of vegetables won’t give her any credit. She has better success wheedling some meat out of the butcher. A man (is this the guy that Gonzalo hired to find Fernanda?) comes in and pays her bill at the butcher.

Gonzalo tells Julio that sure there is some bad news but there is no need to panic. He is going to his daughter’s wedding in Tabasco. Julio says, ‘what is running in your veins that you can go on about your daughter’s wedding. Because of you, I have lost everything!’

The newly unemployed workers at the factory where Francisco (they call him Pancho, though) worked exchange tales of woe about the consequences of losing their income. Francisco tries to cheer up his former co-workers by saying that life is like a football game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you keeping trying for the championship.

The bad news from the market keeps coming in to Gonzalo but he doesn’t want to let anyone know at the wedding that anything has happened.

Cesar and his partner in crime are drinking on the job and preparing their excuses for what happened. They weren’t making the decision about where to invest. They just carried out the decisions of Gonzalo and Julio.

While watching a TV news report about the financial chaos, Alejandro reassures Daira (the close captioning keeps referring to her as Naira but the credits of the novela on the Esmas website list her as Daira – beats me) and Lasagna that their money is fine. It is the middle classes and Gonzalo & his clients who are in trouble.

In Tabasco, Miranda tells Pamela that she is out of sorts. Renata comes in to say that Flor won’t stop vomiting. ‘Do you want to postpone the wedding?’ asks Miranda. Flor says no, she is fine now.

Fernanda comes to see Alejandro. She is in tears and tells him that Flor is preggers. Alejandro says that isn’t possible. Fab knows the situation and took precautions. ‘There’s more,’ says Fernanda. The medicines that Flor are taking could hurt the baby. The treatment will have to be suspended and that will make her die even earlier.

There’s an outbreak of pregnancy here. Nuria finds out she has a bun in the oven too. She tells Cesar right there in the office and he denies that he is the father and starts slapping her around when Julio comes in and fires him on the spot.

Flor wants to talk to Miranda alone. She tells her that she is racked with guilt for betraying Miranda and taking her happiness. She begs Miranda to forgive her. Flor says that she has her whole life ahead of her to thank Miranda for what she has done. Miranda, who, of course, knows that Flor has ‘muy poco tiempo,’ looks stricken and tells Flor that she has nothing to ask forgiveness for and she should concentrate on being happy herself.

Fernanda leaves a message with a dim servant at the hacienda to the effect that Flor should stop taking her medicine right away. Tomasa and Pamela are confused.

Cesar tells his evil co-worker that he’s been given the boot. The co-worker says that he will resign. Cesar says no, their plans are unfinished. He needs the evil co-worker to stay at the company.

Gonzalo says that Julio had no business firing Cesar. This is Gonzalo’s company. Julio then reproaches Gonzalo again for losing all his sons’ money not to mention all his other customers. Gonzalo says what happened is a risk of investing in the market. Julio says that he holds Gonzalo responsible for losing his sons’ money. He won’t leave them in misery. Gonzalo then reminds Julio of some screw up he made and he wasn’t thinking of his sons or Gonzalo’s daughters then.

The unbelievably stupid Nuria (we may have to start calling her Nutria – she has the brains of a fish) comes in to see Cesar as he packing up his things. At first, he is nasty and says it is her fault that he has lost his job. Then she says that one day he will ask her for help and she will say no. All of a sudden, Cesar takes off his glasses and almost has a personality change. He says he loves her and in a few days after he gets his mother settled at the ranch, they can get married. The dumb bunny believes all this and is wreathed in smiles as Cesar leaves.

A private plane is taking Alejandro, Fab, Daira, Lasagna, Fernanda & Rebeca to Tabasco. Rebeca speculates about what Gonzalo will do when he sees Fernanda. Rebeca then asks Fernanda what happened to the man she ran off with. ‘You think I ran off with a man?’ says Fernanda. ‘He died. Gonzalo killed him.’ Fab asks Alejandro what the effect of the crash of the markets will be on Gonzalo’s firm. Alejandro says it will be in big trouble. Fab then says since Alejandro is so rich, why doesn’t he bail Gonzalo out. Alejandro doesn’t respond.

In his office, Gonzalo tells his staff to jolly the clients along until Monday and see what happens. One of the employees says, ‘We’re bankrupt, right?’ Gonzalo says that maybe the markets will get better next week and we can recoup our losses.

An unseen Bertha receives a visit from a guy. He has brought a necklace that was made from a copy of a design by Alfredo Luque. The necklace is worth $50 grand but the guy says that if you have Luque’s original design, it is worth much more (Why would this be? It makes no sense.) Anyway, Bertha pays for the necklace and says to herself that loving her is the price that Alejandro must pay to get his father’s drawings back.

Flor is in her wedding dress but is getting nauseous again. She is upset that Bertha isn’t there. ‘Say what you want,’ says Flor, ‘Bertha was like a mother to us.’ ‘To you maybe,’ says Miranda, ‘but to me she was a tyrant.’ Flor suggests that when Renata and Miranda marry, Gonzalo will be all alone and he and Bertha could get together. Since know that Bertha is going to show up rejuvenated after her surgery, Miranda and Tomasa go on and on about how ugly and old Bertha looks and her father only boincked her when he was drunk, etc. ‘Gonzalo needs a real woman,’ says Miranda, ‘not a fright like Bertha.’

Alejandro and family and Fernanda arrive at Rebeca’s ranch where they will stay for the wedding.

That was where the TiVo ended. The rest will be at the beginning of tomorrow’s episode. Perhaps we will get to see the new Bertha.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Heridas - Wednesday July 26

Over a meal Fabricio asks Alejandro to watch over Miranda after he marries Florencia. He trusts no one else to watch over Miranda but Alejandro. Florencia meanwhile asks Fernanda to go to her wedding. Miranda readily agrees and invites her also. The sisters leave the doctors office to find they havent been charged for anything from Fernanda. Pamela, still in Fernandas office, asks how long Fern will continue this charade. Fernanda cries.

Fabricio and Florencia kiss it up. Florencia doesnt want to move to Tobasco. She wants to be near Renata. Faby says well see after we return from our honeymoon. Miranda and Tomasa talk about Renatas drug problem. Miranada is mad that Bertha hid Renatas drug problems. Miranda doesnt want Bertha to feel like the boss and lady of the house when she returns. Renata walks in figuring out that Miranda has told Tomasa about her. She denies anyone else was with her when she got high. Renata doesnt want Miranda to tell their dad. Miranda tells her it will be Renata who tells him, but she will give Renata some time.

Gonzalo talks with an accomplice of some sort about his buisness dealings. Gonzalo wants the guy to resolve some problems with a construction site. The guys is unable to help. He has tried to get permissions for construction but the family who sold them the land have dissappeared. He has offered lots of money to get things going but no one will take the money. The authorities say not to move because whoever is behind the stalling of the construction (at the old hospital) is very powerful. Gonzalo says it will cost him a fortune if construction doesnt start tomorrow morning! Gonzalo wants to know what happened to Fernanda and the needy people with her. The guy doesnt know. He says no one saw them leave. Gonzalo is incredulous, how can so many people leave without being see?! He wants the guy to go to Fernandas neighborhood and aplastar (squash) her along with everyone else who has helped her.

Renata is upset with what Miranda has told her. She tries to cry and get her way (having no one tell their dad) and then she gets mad at Miranda. She tells her that she doesnt love her and is happy that Florencia is marrying Fabricio.

****The next few scenes happen is rapid succession proving all the more Chris's suspicion that these shows have been edited. Is it for our benefit or for theirs? Fernanda tells Alejandro about finding out that her daughter was drugged. Then on to the hospital to see Bertha looking at her face. Then on to Cesars office where he is cheering on the stock market with some other guy different from the one with Gonzalo. He says that Gonzalo will regret what he has done. Flash to the other guy who was with Gonzalo as he shows up at Adaglisas/Amparos house asking if she has Fernandas work address. Amparo gives it to him. Fabricio and Alejandro go shopping. Seperately Florencia and Renata go shopping, with Renata pouting about wanting Bertha back. Flash to Cesar talking to his mother Rebecca. Cesar finds out that he is not invited to Fabys wedding. Rebecca tells him not to dare try and stop Facy from living in the hacienda with her. If he dares she will tell Gonzalo everything Cesar is doing to her. Flash to Amparos house where Alejandro tells everyone that Juan will work in the hospital where Fernanda works. They are happy. Miranda talks with Pamela about how tomorrow Flor will marry with her dress, her preparations, and the man that Miranda should have married. She throws a little fit about how she has been a coward. Pam is a good friend and tells her she has been a good sister.

Fernanda receives Florencias results back and asks "Ah Florencia what did you do!" Fernanda asks God or perhaps the Virgin de Guadalupe (we dont know because she cries to a wall mirror) "why now that I have my daughter near do you take her?! I offer my life in exchange for her and for her child." As she cries the director of the hospital, Benjamin, walks in and wonders why she is crying. He is worried for her.

Amparo y familia eat a meal. Juan asks Amparo if she knows a Ramon who has been seen around the neighborhood asking about Amparo. The men joke and laugh about Amparo having an admirer. Flash to the news taking about the stock market crashing. Lasagna and her mother talk about what is happening when Alejandro walks in. He hasnt slept well. He tells the women that there might be a financial crisis in Mexico and he might have to return to Italy.

Back to Fernanda and Benjamin. She asks if he thinks Flor can make it 7 months with her pregnancy. Flor wont make it he tells her. If she makes it to 5 months it would be considered a miracle. Fern admits the patient is her daughter and sobs my daughter is dying.....

Tomasa brings a tea for Miranda who is also having a bad start to her day. Crying over the wedding and what will happen. She claims she will take off but Tomasa talks her out of it. Juan runs off to the hospital, and Amparo and her husband joke some more about the man Roman. Afterward a neighbor girl comes over with her face busted up. She has been beaten by a trick. She doesnt want Juan to see her. She has always loved Juan and there is no one else for her although he thinks of her just as a sister. She wont give up being a prostitute.

Alejandro relives talking to Gonzalo about his father, in particular where Gonzalo says it "must have been a coward who shot your father in the back. Does he has children? The pain of a child is unsupportable for a father to bear." Alejandro surmises that Miranda is the spoiled favorite of Gonzalo. Flash to Miranda remembering her horse and Faby. Flash to Alejandro remembering Faby asking that Alejandro watch over Miranda. Alejandro thinks that the San Lllorente family is vunerable and now is the time to attack. Flash back to Miranda who is thinking of her good bye kiss with Faby and her kiss with Alejandro. She thinks that if Faby hurt her what could a man like Alejandro do to her?!

Fernanda tells Benjamin that her pain over her daughter will not affect her proffesional work. Benjamin says he will help her unconditionally. He asks her to consider him part of her team. He kisses her on the cheek. Flash back to Amparo and the working girl Carola. The girl laments her problems when Juan walks into offer a tender touch and then he leaves.

Fabricio gives comforting advice to his mother encouraging her to marry Julio. She tells him that the time has passed for her and Julio. What the reason really is is that Cesar does not like Julio. Fabricio tells her that Cesar loves no one so he cant like Julio. She needs to forget Cesar and follow her heart.

Renata comes to Mirandas room to tell her that Bertha called to say that if Miranda goes to the wedding then Bertha wont. Miranda tells Renata to tell Bertha not to worry. Miranda is going to do the wedding photos and there is no reason she wont attend. Renata tries to guilt Miranda out so she wont go but Miranda says if she doesnt go then their father wont and that will hurt Florencia more than Bertha not going. Miranda will go and she tells Renata to tell Bertha that if Bertha doesnt go B will regret that she ever met Miranda. Miranda tries to show Renata that Bertha is trying to tear them apart but Renata says Bertha only dislikes Miranda and that is the difference.

Rebecca tries to talk Fabricio into inviting Cesar to the wedding. Faby wont budge, he is not the problem, Cesar is. Julio comes over to Rebeccas house - its breakfast time. Julio tells them that he wont go to the wedding. The things between him and Gonzalo arent going so well so Julio will not attend the wedding. Rebecca asks whats going on with Julio.

Carola and Amparo are having breakfast when Fernanda comes in carrying a suitcase. Fernanda scolds Carola and tells her she needs to go to the hospital to have an (AIDS or STD) check. Carola leaves. Fernanda says she is going to the wedding to tell Fabricio that Florencia is pregnant. She says she plans to fight so that her daughter can be a mother and enjoy her baby. Amparo says lets pray to the Virgin de Guadalupe for a miracle. Fern says the Virgin has forgotten her.

Amparos husband, Fransisco, finds out that the factory is bankrupt. He is upset to see his life at the factory end after so many years of his service. Just like that. What is he going to do?!?! The talk about a worldwide crisis but Francisco cant understand it. He is devastated.

Tomasa and a house maid listen to the radio describing the stock market crashing. They are worried what will happen. Sitting outside for breakfast Gonzalo talks with Cesar on the phone about the crash. Gonzalo only wants his daughters go to Tobasco and that nothing ruin his daughters wedding. Tomasa asks Gonzalo about the crash. He tells her too that he doesnt want this news to mar the wedding.

Julio tells Rebecca how he sold their business private stock to a group in New York called Marketing Investment Business. Rebecca worries that Gonzalo will throw him in jail. Julio reminds her that he also is a co-owner of the business. Then Julio admits to also losing the fortune that his deceased wife left him. Everything. How! Rebecca asks. He comminted a few errors and lost even his childrens fortune. In order to make up what he lost he decided to follow what Gonzalo did with their company's investments. Julio had never seen Gonzalo do something so risky so he thought if Gonzalo is doing it then he would try the same. He has lost everything to the same group as their company has. (***Probably meaning Cesars group or Alejandro.) Fabricio walks into the room reading the headlines of the newspaper talking about the crash and the catostraphic losses that are being reported.


Heridas de Amor, Tuesday July 25th

Don Julio tells Gonzalo that nobody could cut a diamond like Alfredo Luque. He designed the best jewelry in the whole world and it was said that he made an immense fortune. He asks Gonzalo why he is associated with Alejandro Luque. Gonzalo says it's because he has contacts in many European countries and he wants to build there. Alejandro's contacts can open many doors.

Fernanda has a rendezvous with her old friend Tomasa. Fernanda has many things to tell Tomasa, including the fact that she has seen Miranda and Florencia. When she met Miranda and Florencia it was as if God put them there in her path.

Miranda hears Nuria researching potential housing for Alejandro. She asks Nuria if he is planning to stay in Mexico...and with whom? Nuria says he was talking to two women with unusual names. "Lasagna and (insert name)" thinks Miranda, "his daughter and wife."

Cesar slithers in and wants to talk to Miranda. He tells her he loves her, he's always loved her, and asking her to be his wife is not madness but hope. Miranda is peeved and says she told him not to speak of love to her, they will never be together. Anyway, he's weirding her out bringing this us up at work, it's making their relationship tense. Next time he touches her she will fire him from the company herself, is that clear? She flounces out and he thinks "You're not going to despise me Miranda. You're as good as mine."

Gonzalo, who sounds exactly like Darth Vader, asks Alejandro how did he find the man who killed his father? Alejandro says he has always known where he is but up to now hasn't contacted him. Gonzalo advises Alejandro not to have pity... vengeance is a pleasure. Alejandro says his father was tied to a wheelchair for some years and the pain in his back caused by the impact of the bullets was a torment until his dying days. Gonzalo, channeling Darth, tells Alejandro he should
find his enemy's weak points and attack there...does he have children? The pain of a child can be unbearable for a parent. "You should bring the same suffering to him via his child that he brought to you through your father's pain." Miranda overhears and is shocked, "Father, how can you say such a thing? It's positively monstrous!" Alejandro tries to tell her Gonzalo was speaking metaphorically but she doesn't buy it and tells them not to treat her like an idiot. "Papa, just imagine if you had an enemy who did the same to you?"

Tomasa fills Fernanda in on Miranda, Florencia and the wedding dress blues. Thanks to Berta Fernanda's daughters are reliving the same history as Fernanda and Berta. Fernanda vows that Berta is going to have to account for all this damage she is causing. And what about Renata? Tomasa hems and haws, says that of the three daughters Miranda gets the worst of it because in character she is most like Fernanda. Fernanda persists, what about Renata? Tomasa changes the subject again and this time it works, she asks Fernanda why she had to disappear, what really happened in the library that night and has Fernanda seen Gonzalo? No, she hasn't seen him but he has never lost sight of her. He has investigated where she lived, where she worked, has tried to close all doors to her and keep her corralled outside like an animal, but sooner or later her daughters will know her. She's not afraid of Gonzalo and she has to do something to help her daughters. Florencia is dying, Miranda suffers terribly and no way way will Renata be like Berta. Tomasa offers helpful advice, "They won't listen to you, they hate you to the depth of their souls."

Two dark-haired beauties arrive at the Mexico City airport. One of them, Lasagna, calls Alejandro while he is making lunch arrangements with Gonzalo and Miranda. Alejandro is thrilled to hear from her and calls her "precious". She has a big surprise for him, they are in Mexico; can he pick them up at the airport? Alejandro excuses himself from lunch with Gonzalo, his family has just arrived from Italy. Miranda sulks. When Alejandro leaves she tells Gonzalo she doesn't like him talking vengeance with that guy Alejandro.

The following conversation confused me: Gonzala and Miranda are talking about somebody, I don't know who. Gonzalo asks Miranda did "she" tell Miranda where "she" is? Miranda says no, but she was very clear that after Gonzalo and Miranda wouldn't forgive her she didn't know whether or not she would return home . Gonzalo says Berta has their hands tied. So maybe they are talking about Berta. He assures Miranda that she will return, imposing her conditions. Miranda says they will wait and see, Florencia is very excited about her return but Miranda isn't
worried about it. She has other worries and tells Gonzalo that after the honeymoon Florencia intends to move to Fabricio's ranch house. She wants daddy to stop them "because Florencia needs medical supervision." Gonzalo says Miranda has a point, but don't bullshit him either because he knows Miranda doesn't want to stop seeing Fabricio around. Miranda has to go meet Pamela for lunch, but before she leaves she wants Gonzalo to reassure her that his earlier
statement to Alejandro was only a silly comment and that he is incapable of inflicting such vicious damage to somebody. "Sure, honey, it was only a comment, nothing more." Screeching violins and his wrinkled brow tell us Gonzalo is lying.

A doctor removes the bandages from Berta the Mummy's head. He proclaims the operation a magnificent success and hands her a mirror. She is horrified to see that she looks like...hmmm, I'm not sure who she's supposed to be, Fernanda maybe? Anyway she's horrified, "No, no, no, aieeeee!!" She wakes up, still bandaged. Whew, it was only a bad dream! Cesar enters. He has wormed Berta's whereabouts out of the wimp Nuria and now he wants Berta's help in getting Miranda for himself. She basically tells him everything he did wrong but doesn't offer any constructive advice.

Miranda tells her friend Pamela she is disturbed by the horrible things she heard her father say. Pamela, nonplussed, says "Eh, he's not a saint. With you everything is black and white, but sometimes there are greys." Miranda feels sorry for herself what with the wedding of her sister, Florencia's illness, and her father's lack of social conscious and all. Speaking of which, is Pamela mad at her about Alejandro? Just then he walks into the restaurant with the two beauties, his
supposed wife and daughter. Pamela says Gee, he assured her he wasn't married. How sad that such a handsome man could be such a liar. How sad that Pamela has been living under a rock all her life.

The Mummy tells Cesar to cool his britches, getting mad accomplishes nothing. Soon she will be out of the hospital and when she returns home she can assure him things will be different. Miranda will be his. He tells her she wouldn't want Gonzalo to find out her intentions regarding his daughter, he doesn't forgive a traitor. Berta says don't make her laugh. What she does is nothing...if Gonzalo found out about Cesar's treasonous activities in the company Gonzalo would
squash him like a cockroach. Cesar plays dumb, "Huh, what are you talking about?"

At the big house Renata is smoking dope with a couple of friends. She must be totally stoned because she's wearing her underwear over her shirt. She rambles, "You know what I think, I think that my mother is really Berta and that my father never married her. I'm the daughter of an indecent sin. I, Renata San Llorente (sniff sniff) am nobody's daughter." She passes out. One friend tells the other, Veronica, that she is a "bad wave" for getting Renata high since it had been some time since Renata had smoked anything, why did she bring the marijuana? "Because she asked me to. I'm not her Nana. Renata can decide what she does or not." The one girl doesn't want to leave their friend Renata alone, she can't wake up, what should they do? "Do? We're going to leave. She's not my friend she's my client. I sell and she pays." They leave. Nice girls.

Back at the restaurant Miranda tells Pamela in order to save face they should confront Alejandro and meet his family. When introduced Lasagna calls him "papa" and tells him not to be so formal. Miranda gets all tight-lipped and she and Pamela leave. This amuses Lasagna but her mother scolds her for lying and Alejandro for playing along. Alejandro asks Lasagna if she likes Miranda for him. Maybe, she says, but she needs to suffer a little and pass a few of Lasagna's tests first. Alejandro smirks into his brandy, "With me too."

Miranda and Pamela are in the clinic when Florencia walks in supporting Renata. Flo says Renata wasn't feeling well and all she could think of was to bring her along to her appointment. The doctor is ready to see them. Miranda is glad to see it's Dr. Fernandez who, she says, is becoming a regular guardian angel. Dr. Fernandez pronounces that Renata is drugged. Impossible, says Miranda, Renata doesn't do drugs. Florencia glances furtively from side to side.

Alejandro is looking at a beautiful new house. He decides to take it and the two women will move in. The mother-who-looks-like-a-sister takes Lasagna aside and says obviously Alejandro and Miranda are in love. Their eyes don't lie but unfortunately both refuse to recognize what's in their hearts.

Dr. Fernandez tells Miranda and Flo that Renata only had a bad reaction to some good weed, luckily it was nothing chemical. Florencia tells the doctor that she is feeling better these days, the only problem is that she keeps feeling nauseous. Uh oh, do we hear a baby in the distance? Later Florencia admits to Miranda that this wasn't the first time Renata has OD'ed. Miranda is upset and tells Dr. Fernandez that Renata is addicted to drugs. "Not yet addicted," says the doctor, "there is still time to prevent addiction." Florencia asks Dr. Fernanda/Fernandez if she would mind breaking the news to their father. Oops, big gulp and panicked looks from the doctor. Miranda says it would be better if they broke the news to dad themselves. Whew, Fernanda looks releived.

Fabricio and Alejandro are having a drink. Fabricio is whining a bit, Cesar was always better than he at everything, sports, school, everything. The only thing Fabricio could win was Miranda. Ever since he was a boy Cesar loved Miranda but she rebuffed him. Faby says Cesar has done many things but never did he imagine that he could be so hurtful to their mother. Alejandro says somebody needs put limits on Cesar. Fabricio says he has to do something but for now he has a favor to ask of of Alejandro. On his wedding day he doesn't wish to leave Miranda alone. She will need somebody to lean on and it would please him if Alejandro would agree to be by her side. He doesn't trust anyone else. Alejandro smiles. They toast.

Tivo ended just as the next scene in Dr. Fernandez's office began.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Heridas - Monday July 24

We start with Julio trying to convice Miranda that other men will make her happy. He talks of his long lasting love with Rebeca. He is sweet to her but as she leaves he thinks about what a bad guy Gonzalo is. Julio thinks Miranda does not deserve her bad father. Poor little Miranda.

Miranda goes to chat with her father. He wants to know how Pamela is and offers to help her out without her knowing. He says she is like another daughter for him. Miranda tells him that he is the best father in the world. Gonzalo advises Miranda to be strong tonight for the engagement of Fabricio and Florencia. He says he will be at her side sharing her suffering.

Miranda tells Tomasa that when Fabricio put the engagement ring on Florencia, she Miranda, will stop being a woman and will turn into a ghost. She would like to be like her mother and take off with the man she loves and disappear. Tomasa tells her not to say that. Her mother was a victim of Bertha just like Miranda has been.

Cesar is angry that Rebeca is going to give her wedding ring to Fabricio for his engagement to Florencia. Cesar is older and thinks it's his right to have. Ma you give everything to him! Wha! Rebeca argues that she will give Cesar an equal ring for his wife but Cesar is not having any of it. Cesar blames how Gonzalo treats him and all his problems on Faby. Faby consoles his mother while Cesar gives them both the look of death.

Miranda asks Tomasa about Bertha and her mother. Tomasa says that Bertha found out that Fernanda was in love with a man long before Fernanda knew Gonzalo. Bertha told their grandfather that Fernanda was running around with an older man who had a child. Their grandfather then made Fernanda marry the older man but not the one she loved but the one Bertha said she was seeing (Gonzalo). Gonzalo always loved Fernanda and Fernanda never mentioned the other man again. Miranda upon hearning this sad story concludes that Fernanda kept loving the first man and that is why Fernanda abandoned the girls and Gonzalo. How Miranda would like to do that with Fabricio she moans.

Gonzalo calls a conference with all his daughters and Tomasa. He says gracias a Tomasa for taking care of his girls, and loving them as if they were hers. Tomasa says she will always be here as long as they need her. Gonzalo says this might be the last time they are together alone. He probably hasn't been the father they needed but he was the father that he could be. He would give his life for each of the girls. Forgive me if I haven't always given you the attention that you deserved. It happens. But I will always be with you. I only ask that we stay united and that we try to be happy. Renata asks why are you telling us this? Gonzalo answers that I need to confess that your mother didn't disappear like you think. The girls speak up saying that Bertha told us that she left us for another man. Gonzalo gets mad that Bertha told them that then says that's it if that's what she told you. Florencia says that for years they have all suffered their fathers being betrayed. Florencia then looks at Miranda weirdly realizing what she is saying sitting next to Miranda. Then she says Pardon I'm the last person who should be talking about this. Renata wants to know who the man was and what his name was plus why hasn't he remarried. Gonzalo says he doesn't know the mans name. He also admits to still being married to Fernanda and to still loving her. Ah oh!

Fernanda argues to her friend Amparo that one who loves does not cause as much damage that Gonzalo has done her. Fernanda believes it would have been better to have died in that moment than to live the agony of so many years. Her friend says think what he felt to find another man kissing you in the hacienda! He should of given me the opportunity to explain myself! Fernanda then has a flashback to "the night". Alfredo enters the house on Gonzalos birthday saying he is going to Italy with his son and he wants to take her too. Fernanada says she is Gonzalos woman and that she loves him. He tells her of a portfolio he has with him with jewelry designed just for her girls that are worth a lot of money. Alfredo argues and doesn't listen to what Fernanda is saying then grabs her and kisses her. Fernanda fights him off just as Gonzalo walks in. Back to reality and Fernanda cries how Gonzalo lost trust in her. Amparo asks how did Gonzalo get into the hacienda? Fern doesn't know. Well someone let him in, or he entered with someone of the hacienda .....

Miranda tells Gonzalo not to talk of her mother anymore. She is sure that Fernanda is paying a price for the harm she has caused them. Of that you can be sure hija Gonzalo retorts. Pamela enters the party area with Alejandro on her arm.

Rebeca is crying and Fabricio threatens Cesar to stop making his mother cry or he will break Cesars face. Cesar laughs. Faby asks his mother to live in the ranch house with him and Florencia when they return from their honeymoon. Cesar laughs again and says that he owns the quinta and the house (apartment) they are in now. Cesar tells Faby that if he puts his paws in the quinta he will throw Faby in jail. Faby promises that Cesar cant take what their father left from her. They go to the engagement party.

Miranda tells Pamela everything that her father has just told them about her mother. Miranda cant believe her father still loves her mother. Pamela points out that Miranda is doing the same thing with Faby. Pamela asks if she would ever like to know her mother. Miranda says that she doesn't want to know her mother because her mother never wanted them (the girls).

Raul, and two other brothers talk about how one of them is going to be an immigrant to the US. Cross the border. They say Amparo raised them like they are her own and that she will be upset to hear that one wants to leave. Fernanda enters the house. The all have dinner where the one boy says how he is going to go. The father is angry that he is stupid and why couldn't he have made money, then they wouldn't have to worry. Fernanda asks the boy to wait until she can figure out another way.

Fabricio looks at Miranda during the engagement party. Mariachis play "Si nos dejan", a classic, which is in my opinion an ironic choice for the party. Pretty scene. Fab and Miranda steal more glances. Finally she can take no more and runs off to cry. Alejandro follows her. She tells him the same thing she said to Tomasa earlier about being a woman no more, she is a ghost, she doesnt exist. He tells her no one in this life dies from love.

Alejandro does a good job consoling Miranda. He says that love does not kill it just leaves hurts. She answers that the wounds of love are the ones that hurt the worst and that you can only cure them with tears. Then they kiss! Not once but several times. Renata and Pamela walk up behind them with Renata probing Pamela about her feelings for Alejandro. Pamela thinks that Alejandro might be falling for her when Renata starts to laugh pointing out the snogging Miranda and Alejandro. Pamela runs off and Miranda goes after her.

The wedding will be in the hacienda Gonzalo tells the newly engaged Faby and Flor. He offers them a honeymoon trip on him.

Miranda tries to explain what she did, He kissed me! Pamela just wants Miranda to figure out what she is doing. She (Pam) doesn't want to fall for Alejandro when Miranda wants him. Flor and Faby walk up, both asking for hugs and congratulations. Miranda has to hug them both.

Amparo and her husband discuss the son who wants to cross the border and what they can do about it. (Juan is the one who wants to leave.) THe father wants to open a taco shop near the factory where he works to earn money so Juan wont have to leave. He wants to set the example that the boys fight for the well being of their family like he does for them.

Julio is upset about the stock market. Gonzalo is not. Renata walks up to have breakfast and gets some money from her father as he leaves for the office behind Julio. Renata gets a phone call from Bertha. Bertha only wants to know how Flor and Renata are. Miranda grabs the phone and apologizes to Bertha and asks to see her. Bertha says that Miranda and Gonzalo have really hurt her. Perhaps she will consider returning. When they hang up Bertha calls Miranda stupid and laughs about her plans to return.

Faby and Cesar continue their fight in Cesars office. Faby doesnt want Cesar to throw their mother out. He also wants to do his work in the quinta. Cesar tells him "too bad you aren't going to put your paws on the property.... I need the house for when I marry Miranda." Faby counters with "don't even dream it. Miranda will never be your wife. She continues to love me and if you don't take care of my mother I will give Miranda hopes about me and she will never be with you. Cesar I'm not so good nor so stupid like you have always thought!" Needless to say Cesar is pissed.

Gonzalo introduces Julio to Alejandro. Julio knew Alejandros father. Alejandro talks about his father and how he died. He states that he knows who killed his father and he wont let the person get away with it who did it. Gonzalo asks what Alejandro thinks about the investments. Julio advises that Gonzalo will put to risk all their investments if he moves them. Gonzalo says its now or never. Alejandro says nothing good will come of it. Gonzalo calls a guy and moves the investments anyway. Very risky Julio says.

Flor is happy that Bertha is coming back to the house as Renata told her. Flor is going to take Bertha to the quinta to live with them after their honeymoon. Flor whines about being nauseous and Miranda claims she has to go to a new hospital to see new doctors. They make plans to go this afternoon. Miranda works out in her head how she will stop Flor and Faby from living together at the "quinta".


Heridas Friday, July 21

Sorry for the delay folks –

Fabricio and Alejandro meet for a drink and Fab asks Alejandro to be the best man at his wedding. Alejandro says yes and then gives Fabricio another speech about being a man and not such a whiner. Fabricio had been going on about Florencia being punished for their illicit love or something like that, so Alejandro had to try and set him straight.

Cesar is talking to some business associate about their business, Cesar is telling him how soon they will be so rich. And by the way, Fab isn’t marrying Miranda. “She will be MINE” he says.

Gonzalo is talking to the previously known only by name Julio. Julio expresses sadness for Miranda’s pain but wastes no time in offering up one of his sons to take Fabricio’s place. Gonzalo tells him de ninguna manera, your kids aren’t good enough. The two men trade insults for a bit and then Gonz kicks him out. He then sits in his chair thinking about how he needs to end his partnership with Julio.

At the pretty new clinic, Joel and the nurse are discussing how nice everything is, la la la. Fernanda comes in with her news about the new position. The others worry about their jobs but Fernanda assures them that everyone will keep their jobs. They go to check on Naty but she’s still asleep. Fernanda then calls Tomasa on the phone for the first time in many years and Tomasa is happy to hear from her. Fernanda says she has to see her, they agree to meet the next day at noon.

Alejandro convinces Gonz to put Florencia in this particular hospital (where her mother Florencia can work on her, only Alejandro knows all the people involved for who they truly are) to receive the best care. Gonz gets a call telling him that all the building permits for the new hotel are tied up, everything is a mess. Gonz fusses and fumes while Alejandro looks very very smug.

Cesar is talking business with that guy again, the other guy is getting cold feet about their shady dealings. Julio comes in and tries to take Cesar’s work away from him. They fight like 6 year olds and it will take the official word from Gonz to settle this.

Miranda comes in the office where Gonz and Alejandro were talking. She mentions finishing a business degree and Alejandro is surprised, he thought she was more the social work type. Miranda is pissed at this, but she gets pissed at everything. Alejandro leaves. Gonz explains to Miranda how Alejandro is tied in with the company, it has to with his tons of money basically. He then tells her that he’s going to put her in charge of the company some day, perhaps soon. Miranda says she can’t do it, Gonz says yes she can, etc. She goes out into the hall and runs into Cesar, who apologizes for the other night. Miranda goes off on him, eventually asking what his problem is with Alejandro anyway? (DUUHH Miranda). Cesar’s pride is wounded because Alejandro doesn’t treat him with proper respect, Alejandro isn’t a ‘socio’ of the company so he should suck up more. Alejandro happens to roll up right then and puff his chest out – “how do you know I’m no socio?” They stare at each other like dogs waiting to fight, Miranda reads them both the riot act. She then goes back into Gonz’s office. She tells him something has to give between Alejandro and Cesar. Gonz says “well, Cesar just works here, Alejandro is bringing a buttload of money to the game, sooo….” Cesar was eavesdropping and slips off. Miranda takes the info on Alejandro’s finances and says she wants to study it.

We see Bertha all bandaged up, dreaming about Alejandro. This totally creeps me out.

Alejandro is complaining to Fernanda about Cesar, Fernanda tells him that Cesar was like a son to her before, she has no idea that he turned into such an ass.

Some curly haired guy fights with Pamela, who is getting photo prints ready for a show. He eventually tears up all her pictures. Miranda finds her on the floor amid her torn photos and vows to help her out against the macho photo gallery culture. Miranda tells Gonzalo, he says he’ll make Curly and his people pay.

A lawyer comes in to talk to Gonz, Gonz wants to know how to break the deal with Julio. The lawyer says it is impossible due to how the company was set up way back when.

Alejandro tells Fernanda that Florencia will go to her hospital. Fernanda is happy. They talk about Fab and Florencia. Fernanda wants to understand because they are in looooove, but Alejandro is more cynical, he says his father spent his whole life in love but then also spent his whole life suffering because of it. He says he won’t be that way.

Pamela and Miranda talk to some lawyers at the police station. Pamela then has a flashback to her fight with Curly from 10 MINUTES AGO. This has never happened, a flashback to an earlier scene in the same show. This is more evidence that we are getting a compact form of this show compared to the Mexico version. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong. These two scenes must be from different capitulos in Mexico but here end up in the same hour.

Alejandro calls Pamela asking about Miranda, they make plans to meet at Pamela’s house.

Florencia starts asking around – “where’s Bertha?” everyone just says “uh the doctor.”

Cesar talks big from behind his desk about how he’ll teach Alejandro a lesson and worries about the whole Julio situation, he has been blaming everything on Julio and it might come undone. Nuria comes in all mocosa to cry to Cesar some more. She spends the whole day with a snotty nose I think. He verbally manipulates her some more. This woman needs to move on, like, yesterday.

Julio talks to Miranda and somehow lets out that he loves Rebeca, Fab and Cesar’s mother. How convenient. He also offers up his sons to her again, she manages to deflect it.

Gonzalo tells Miranda that Pamela is a daughter to him, he’ll defend her to the end. He tells Miranda to be strong for the engagement party.

Tomasa and Miranda talk about Fab some more, again. Tomasa tells Miranda that all the daughters have been victims of Bertha and her machinations.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Heridas, Thursday, July 20

After Miranda has driven off, Alejandro says, “You are going to lose your pride, Miranda, I swear it to you.”

More old friends from Alborada. The actress who played Adalgisa, now is playing Amparo, a friend, apparently, of Fernanda. Fernanda tells Amparo about Florencia’s situation and how upset she is that nothing can be done for Florencia and that she will die without knowing her mother. Amparo suggests prayer to the Virgin of Guadeloupe. The wedding announcement for Miranda and Fabricio has appeared in a newspaper (Fabricio really is a jerk to have not told Miranda earlier) but Fernanda knows that Fabricio is going to marry Florencia. She needs more information about what’s going on with her daughters and she will try and get it from Tomasa.

Renata chews her father out for throwing Bertha out of the house. She knows it was Miranda’s doing. Tomasa observes that Bertha probably made a similar call to Florencia, which provoked her collapse. No one can reach Miranda. Upon being informed that Florencia has been taken ill, Renata starts to call Fabricio. Gonzalo doesn’t want him in his house. Renata points out that Fabricio’s presence has helped Florencia get better in the past. Eventually Gonzalo yields to the pleading of Renata and Tomasa and calls Fabricio.

Cesar tells Fabricio in no uncertain terms that he loves Miranda and he is going to marry her. The Florencia-is-sick call interrupts them. Bertha scurries out of her room and wants to know what happened in the hall outside the apartment. Cesar tells her that Fabricio and Alejandro interrupted him when he was kissing Miranda. Cesar is concerned about Alejandro interfering with his plans for Miranda since he can see that Alejandro is madly in love with Miranda. Bertha says not to worry. Alejandro is hers. She will take him out of the Miranda picture. Cesar is surprised to hear that Bertha is in love with Alejandro.
“Why?” asks Bertha. (Cesar does not say what I was thinking – you’re old enough to be his mother) rather, he says, “I didn’t think you could love anyone.”
“Life is full of surprises,” says Bertha. She puts down the glass of wine saying that tomorrow she is being operated on. Cesar asks what kind of operation and Bertha replies that the operation will give her back her ‘animo’ – spirit or vitality and she will be able to fight against those who stand in her way.

The doctor reports on Florencia. Her attack was precipitated by the news that Bertha had left the house. He doesn’t think hospitalizing her would help and he leaves detailed instructions for giving her medicine with Tomasa. (This means Florencia might actually get her medicine since we know Bertha has been substituting non-effective pills for the real medicine.) Renata demands that Gonzalo permit Bertha to return to the house – for Florencia’s sake and he finally agrees. The doctor’s parting advice is that Florencia must never be depressed or she will buy the farm. Fabricio arrives. Gonzalo tells him to go and cheer Florencia up by talking about the wedding. “You know that Florencia wants to have children when she is married,” says Gonzalo. Fabricio replies that he knows that must not happen and he has taken precautions. Gonzalo says further that he will pretend to like Fabricio while Florencia is alive but once she kicks the bucket, Fabricio had better make himself scarce from the San Llorente family.

Miranda arrives home. She tells Gonzalo that she still loves Fabricio. She can’t change that. Miranda comes into Florencia’s bedroom where Fabricio is sitting by her bedside holding her hand. Miranda wants to explain about what happened at Cesar’s apartment. Fabricio isn’t interested. Miranda insists on telling him that she now understands that he is marrying Florencia out of pity. Fabricio starts to deny it but Florencia wakes up. She wants to know if Bertha is coming back. Miranda says yes and orders Fabricio out of the room. She helps Florencia up so that she can take a shower. Florencia tells Miranda that she could only pay with her life for all that Miranda has done for her. “Don’t say that,” Miranda says to herself.

Gonzalo is annoyed with someone on the phone who can’t find out where Fernanda and her patients have gone. They must have left some trace. Find them. Fabricio come in. (You would think that he might keep away from Gonzalo and let him cool off but no.) Gonzalo wants to know if he has bought an engagement ring yet. Fabricio says that his mother wants him to use her engagement ring. He starts to describe it but Gonzalo says that he knows it well, he helped Fabricio’s father to pick it out. “Can’t we be like we were before?” asks Fabricio. “No,” says Gonzalo, “I don’t forgive treason.” To illustrate, Gonzalo says he will tell Fabricio something now that he is going to be a member of the family. He has told no one this before. 18 years ago he caught his wife with someone else. A flashback to a young Gonzalo coming in with a gun to where his wife is kissing another man. (That other man, unless I am completely wrong, is Arturo Peniche, who played Antonio on Alborada. Actually, it is his voice I recognized.) The lovers beg Gonzalo not to do something stupid until they have explained what is going on. Gonzalo isn’t interested in explanations. He hits Fernanda and knocks her down. He and the man struggle. A gun goes off. “I did what I had to do,” says Gonzalo, “and she ran away without respect (‘consideracion’). “You betrayed Miranda with her own sister and trampled on her love. When we are with other people, I’ll treat you like a son but when we are alone, I’ll treat you like a bastard (‘canalla’).

Alejandro shows Fernanda the plush new setup for her charity patients. She will set up a foundation and Alejandro can be the president and get benefactors. Alejandro tells her that he has talked with the head of a hospital who is very interested in having Fernanda in the cardiology department. Fernanda agrees to go see him provided that Alejandro convinces Gonzalo to bring Florencia there for treatment so she can see her. He agrees.

Bertha is in the operating room. (I suppose it’s too much to hope for that she will be turned into the monster on the outside that she is on the inside.)

Miranda has had her wedding dress sent to Mexico City to give away. Florencia sees it and wants to wear it at her wedding (this is weird). “Don’t you want to choose your own gown?” says Miranda. No, Florencia wants to wear this gown and since what Florencia wants, Florencia gets (or she might die), Miranda says ok.

This evening Fabricio is going to formally ask for Florencia’s hand in marriage. Miranda and Pamela are catering the event. Renata overhears the wedding dress conversation and when Florencia has left the room says, “You’re letting Florencia wear your wedding dress?” “She asked to wear it,” says Miranda. “That hurts you, doesn’t it?” says Renata. “It is like a gash in my soul,” says Miranda, “and you and Florencia are wielding the knives.” “Whatever,” says Renata, unmoved.

Fabricio complains to his mother about Gonzalo treating him like a criminal. He passes on what Gonzalo told him about killing Fernanda’s lover. Rebeca didn’t know about this incident.

Pamela thinks that it is crazy for Florencia to wear Miranda’s wedding dress and that everyone is indulging Florencia too much.

Cesar comes into Gonzalo’s outer office where Nuria is working. He says she looks nice. She complains that sometimes he is nice and other times he insults her. Cesar says that this is her fault. Cesar makes nice with Nuria and says that if she does what he wants, everything will be fine. She tells him that Julio has returned from vacation and has been shut up with Gonzalo all morning. Cesar hopes that Julio is getting the boot from the company.

Gonzalo accuses Julio of not doing his best for the company and compares his performance unfavorably with that of Cesar. Gonzalo says that his investment in the company had declined so much that he on the point of being thrown out of the ‘consejo’ – the council? the board?

Pamela is arranging her photos in a gallery with Miranda’s assistance.

Renata comes to see Cesar. Things are so bad in her house that she wants to move in with him. Cesar tells her that with all that has happened with Florencia, this might kill her father. He will think about it though. He kisses Renata as Nuria comes in. Cesar tells her that he and Renata have known each other since they were children. No big deal.

Alejandro tells Fernanda that he is looking for a portfolio that his father left at Gonzalo’s house when he was caught with Fernanda. Fernanda doesn’t know anything about it. Amparo arrives to help with the patients. She is introduced to Alejandro. When he leaves, she says if she were 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter, she would go after him herself. Fernanda says she has no similar feelings. He is handsome, true, but he is a good person.

Alejandro has hired some workmen to fix up the bathrooms to keep the old people from having accidents (no, not that kind of accident). He promises that if they do a good job, they can work in a construction company he is forming. They are grateful and get right to work.

Pamela tells an employee of the gallery who is trying to renege on the terms of her contract that he is a macho pig and she isn’t going to be exploited. He meekly leaves and Miranda is impressed. Pamela confesses that she can’t afford to pay any more with the cost of medicine for her mother, etc. Miranda offers to help her but she refuses.

Florencia is upset that none of ther friends can come to her wedding. Tomasa suggests that maybe they don’t want to be involved in the family problem this wedding represents. Tomasa alternately chastises Florencia for destroying Miranda’s life and urges her to stop sniveling and stand up for herself instead of cowering behind her aunt. Florencia says that Bertha was like a mother to her and her sisters. Tomasa says no, a mother sacrifices and suffers for her children and Bertha never did that. Florencia asks why Tomasa doesn’t like Bertha.

Bertha is out of surgery and the doctor says it went very well.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heridas - Wednesday

Tonights episode begins with Miranda throwing herself at Fabricio. He calls her crazy and says to Pamela that he doesnt know whats going on with her. Pamela calls him an idiot and almost, almost slaps him. Pamela thinks to herself that Miranda is suffering so much that she cant tell her where her mother is.

Florencia asks Tomasa if she is angry. Tomasa answers that she is sad. Miranda has told her what has happened. What Tomasa wants to know is why Florencia is doing this to her sister. Tomasa hits the nail on the head stating that she believes it was Bertha who put the idea of Fabricio in Florencias head. Florencia counters that Fabricio is only a "capricho" for Miranda, a whim. Tomasa tells her "dont fool yourself. No one preapares for a weding, the dress, the invitations for only a whim! .... Tu Tia is the responsible one." Florencia whines "I'll die without Fabricio! I swear" Tomasa "How much it pains me to see you and Renata resemble all the more la senorita bertha." Florencia snaps "And who would you prefer we resemble? My mother? That...?!?!" "Dont offend the woman who gave you life!" Florencia doesnt give up "That woman offended all of us! She abondoned us to go off with that man! She doesnt deserve any consideration from our part." Florencia runs off in a huff leaving Tomasa talking to the Virgin Mary. "Your mother was not that way. Bertha and your father made her run away. Please Virgincita give me strength. Help me to find my granddaughter so she can tell all of what she knows."

Fernanda and Alejandro look over a handsome office. Fernanda exclaims how happy she will be to work in this office. Alejandro tells her that no she wont be working here. Yes she can administrate and do charity work from there but this is not her work. She is one of the countries best cardiologists and she belongs in the biggest hospitals not here. Fernanda says she doesnt want Gonzalo to find her. But Alejandro does. "Dont worry. He will not do you any more damage. And if he tries he will find himself against a force he cannot fight." ***Gosh you gotta like Alejandro!

Gonzalo is upset about business. He is glad the counsel/board didnt ask for Julio's head. (Quien es Julio?) Cesar asks to take over some business items from Julio. Cesar doesnt want Gonzalo to worry becasue he, Cesar, wont defraud him like his brother did. Cesar says that Fabricio has always done these sorts of things. Everything has been easy for him. He has been treated like he is crystal but he is immature and irresponsible. Gonzalo wants to know why Cesar is telling him these things about his brother. Cesar claims its becasue his mother and Gonzalo protect Fabricio too much. "He practically lives in another world." Then Cesar pipes up with this deal closer "I dont know how to say this but I have always loved Miranda. Would you permit me to get close to Miranda?" Gonzalo gets up to tell Cesar "I would be crazy to permit two of my daughters to end up united to you (both)! No Cesar! Not even as a joke dont let yourself get close to my daughter. She is not the woman for you!" After Gonzalo leaves the room Cesar makes a call "I received the deposit on my comission. Avise London to accelerate the merger with the bank. But tell them I want 25% of the stock if they want more information. I'll wait for your call." Cesar then picks up a photo of the three sisters and talks to it. "Miranda Yes you are woman for me. Soon I will show that gross old man."

Fabricio and Florencia meet up. Kiss Kiss. Flowers. Discuss how easily things went with Gonzalo. Kiss Kiss. Miranda walks up to say its time to go. Florencia, Pamela and Miranda leave. Fabricio leaves the flowers on the ground.

Florencia has a cat scan. Miranda walks the hospital halls talking on her cell phone. Alejandro purposely walks into her. They actually have a short and relatively pleasant chat and go their own ways. Fernanda is asked to look at some x-rays by a colege. Fernanda looks at the x-rays and states that the pacient doenst have much time to live. Miranda walks into the same room saying how small is the world? She then asks if Fernanda can help her find and talk with the old lady from the other hospital. Fernanda asks Miranda what is she doing here and is told of Florencia who is also there taking tests. Miranda would like Fernanda to review Florencias tests. Fernanda then is told by the colege that she has already reviewed the sisters x-rays.... They are the ones she just looked at. Fernanda is quite shocked to find out her daughter is dying and does her best to not cry. She leaves the room to go cry in the hospital church.

While she is crying at the alter Pamela walks up to Fernanda. Pamela asks why isnt she volunteering in the town? How did you know? Pamela tells her that she knows she is a volunteer and that she is the mother of her best friend. She is Fernanda de Aragon. Fernanda also admits to crying because her daughter is dying and she cant do anything to save her.

Alejandro and Fabricio are having coffee together rehashing what happened with Gonzalo. Fabricio tells Alejandro how Gonzalo said he would not be the first man that he has killed. Alejandro is stunned and tells Fabricio to believe Gonzalo saying if he said that then it is because he is capable of doing it. Fabricio also tells how Gonzalo told him that Florencia has her days numbered. In his mind Alejandro puts together all the characters that are in the hospital and worries that Fernanda will find out that her daugher is dying. He tells Fabricio to follow him to the hospital.

Bertha and Tomasa are packing for Berthas trip to the plastic surgeon. Enters a furious Gonzalo slaming the door as he enters. He yells at Bertha "How great that you are packing your bags, becasue you leave right now from my house!" "Whats happening Gonzalo? Why are you like this?" "You are to blame for Fabricio betraying Miranda with her own sister!" Bertha tries to calm him down but he wants nothing to do with it. "You know there is one thing I dont forgive and that is betrayal! You just stuck a knife in my back!" Bertha argues that the only sin she did was to help Florencia who has been in love with Fabricio since she was a little girl. But Gonzalo on the other hand is guilty of working too much and paying too little attention to his daughters. The only one who got his attention is Miranda! No one else! What is the name of Florencias most loved doll?!?? What would she call her favorite pillow? Whats her favorite story?! See! Gonzalo is saddened by these points and is finished off by Bertha saying that if she wanted to stab him in the back she would have told about him killing that man. Gonzalo says you dont know what you are saying.

Florencia is comforted by Fernanda in her hospital bed. ***Why Florencia is passed out in a hospital room I dont understand since she is just there for tests. Florencia turns her head and has a memory of "THE NIGHT". Florencia wakes saying dont touch me! Miranda walks in as Florencia is yelling I dont want to see this woman! Get her out! The doctors give her tranquillizers which in my humble opinion she doesnt need any more of.

Fernanda explains to everyone that the tests should have altered Florencia and its normal. Then she tells everyone that Florencia has a few months left of life. The crowd is quiet. Back to Gonzalo and Bertha. Bertha counts her years of loyalty. Gonzalo wants to know why she hasnt told him what was happened. The two versions, Berthas or Fabricios, are completely different. He doesnt know who to believe. He asks where she is going, the apartment in Polanco? Bertha says No! She has been thrown out of his house and you wont see me again. He asks her to think of Florencia. She says After today she is only going to think of herself! Not one humillation more Gonzalo! Then she asks him to look at her back and tell her who stabbed who in the back as she slams the door behind her.

Bertha goes to see Cesar. It late at night, well the moon is out. He is not happy to see her especially since Miranda is about to arrive. Bertha says she will be there for a few days. Gonzalo threw her out becasue of his stupid brother. He reluctantly tells her to take a room to the left. She asks if he is going to conquistar Miranda. This sick little joke they laugh about between themselves. Cesar then leaves as the phone rings in Cesars place and the answering machine picks up so Bertha can hear. Its a guys voice stating that "London accepted to give you 25% of the stock. They need a list of the most important investments of San LLorente Investments and the financial state of Gonzalo San LLorente. Send it to us by email like always." Bertha says to herself "Why do we have these Cesarin. Nor are you going to take what is mine. Everything that Gonzalo has belongs to me. Up until his life."

Alejandro consuls Fernanda. He feels horrible that Fernanda had to find out that way that her daughter is dying. He wants her to be strong. Fernanda has figured out that somethings is fishy with Florencia, her illness, and her history of being with the best doctors. She shouldnt be dying is what Fernanda believes.

Gonzalo tells Miranda that Bertha didnt lie to them about Florencia. Miranda warns that the doctors said that Florencia cant receive any shocks or get pregnant. If she does she will die. They decide to be together on this, to arrange everything to be easier for Florencia. Tomasa however overhears everything. Florencia then comes up to her father after Miranda has left. She apologizes and talks of her love of Fabricio to him. She tells him that the thing she most wants in the world is a child.

Cesar and Miranda chat it up in his apartment. He has told her things about Fabricio but we dont hear exactly what -Just Miranda saying You're sure? "Yes Fabricios has always been like that. You never permitted me to get near you." Cesar says he just wants her to open her eys to Fabricio. Then Cesar goes on to say that Faby yelled at him and blamed him for everything. He says that Faby claims that Miranda and her father pressed Faby to marry Miranda. That it was all her invention. Plus Faby felt like an object with her, a capricho. Miranda cries while Bertha is impressed with Cesars acting skills as she listens from the other room.

Bertha calls Florencia and tells her that her father threw Bertha out. Florencia suffers a big shock and holds her chest. Cesar walks Miranda out of his apartment. He claims she cant drive in her state. She hugs him and then he takes her weak moment as an opportunity to kiss her. She tries to push him away and he pulls her tighter to him. Lucky for her Alejandro walks up, sees the struggle and breaks them apart. The men lock eyes, they spout a few words but Cesar puts a stunner in when he says he is going to marry Miranda. Alejandro wants to know what he is talking about. Cesar says "dont give me orders. Im going to talk with my brother." (Fabricio is also there.) Fabricio tells Cesar that Alejandro is a partner of Cesars boss and he cant talk to him like that. Alejandro also isnt deterred. He tells Cesar that "Get this - whether you like it or not I am a partner of your boss and you are going to respect me here or wherever you meet me. And I warn you dont mess with Miranda! Clear?!"

Tomasa finds Florencia passed out on her bed. Gonzalo and Tomasa call the docotr. Alejandro catches up to Miranda out in the street. He asks her if it is true if she is going to marry Cesar. She doesnt answer him and instead tells him to worry about his wife and his child. He smiles at that answer as she drives off. ***Ha! I like him even if she doesnt.


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