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La Fea Más Bella #191-192 1/31/11 The old dogs have to learn new tricks.

Capitulo 191.
Read Alma’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Erasmo says that he and Humberto resolved everything. Lety is to blame. MamaJ insists that Fernando used Lety.

2. The HaHAs say that Lety will turn over FI. Conceptos’ attorney, Manuel Santamaria (MSM), says Lety need to come to a meeting. Teresita objects to Lety coming to Conceptos.

3. Rosales flirts with Alicia. Sara flirts with Sanchez to try to get chisme.

4. MSM says liquidating FI won’t solve their $6M debt problem. Marcia suggests they sell off parts of Conceptos, and Humberto nixes that. He says they should sell their personal property. Ariel jumps up, refuses to sell his property for Fernando’s mistakes, and starts shouting at Humberto (and stops calling him “Papa”!).

5. Lety arrives home and Erasmo chastises her for deception. She says she committed no crime and she’s an adult. Lety’s afraid the Mendoreals humiliated Pop, but he says Humberto was a gentleman. Lety says she did it all for Fernando; she got nothing for herself. Then she had problems with Fern and told the board the truth. They treated her horribly. She had to get away and put her life in order. Now she’s ready to fulfill her responsibilities. (Remember, Acapulco is to restore you so you can return to the real world and function again). Pop forgives her.

6. Teresita’s not willing to sell their housES. Ariel says they need to sell off Conceptos assets. MSM says they can’t, since they’re embargoed. Marcia says FI will lift the embargo tomorrow. MSM says if it does, the banks will embargo Conceptos. The only solution is for FI to continue the embargo. Teresita throws a tantrum and pounds the table! Marcia tries to run away and hide under her bed.

7. Lety tells Tom about Aldo, while Aldo tells Caro he can’t stop thinking about Lety. Tom says Julieta knows all about her romance with Fernando. Lety realizes Mama read her diary.

Capitulo 192.
Read Julie’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Tom says Lety shouldn’t have left her diary out. Lety wants to get rid of all those memories. Tom asks if she stopped loving Fern, and does she hate him as he deserves? She forgave him but it will take a long time to stop loving him.

2. MSM tells the board Conceptos can recover if Lety continues the embargo. She probably knows that they are in deep kimchee if she doesn’t help them. Marcia adds her tantrum to Teresita's because she'll have to deal with Lety. Humberto is disturbed because of the friction with the banks.

3. Lety knows what MSM knows she knows, but that’s their problem. She’s eager to be done with it. Alicia prays for Baby Jesus to send her a boyfriend. One with a new car.

4. Humberto gives the board the choice: beg Lety, or say goodbye to Conceptos. Ariel says sell it off and split whatever’s left. Humberto calls him a fool and wonders how he can walk away from the company his parents sank their life into. Ariel pouts that it was Fernando’s fault. Fernando says they’ve been shown a way to save the company, and Ariel wants to destroy it just to get revenge on Fernando because he didn’t get the presidency.

5. They vote: liquidate or keep it afloat.
A. Ariel votes to liquidate as a way to stick it to Fernando.
B. Fern votes afloat, to recover what he lost.
C. Omar votes to talk to Lety – interesting his orientation.
D. Humberto wants afloat, for the sake of pouring his life into it.
E. Teresita votes afloat, but only for her husband’s sake.
F. Marcia votes afloat for Conceptos and her parents’ memory. She smacks down Ariel for having no loyalty to their parents’ memory.
MSM says one of them should entreat Lety, but who will bell the cat? She has pésimo relationship with each of them except Humberto

6. Lety and MamaJ have a heart to heart about Lety’s diary, Mama’s place in her life, and how Lety has grown. She tells Mama about Aldo, and she’s glad she won’t see Fernando again.

7. Meanwhile Fern tries to convince Marcia that he won’t see Lety again. Marcia observes, very accurately, that when Fern came back to her, he thought Lety had stolen his company. But now that they know she hasn’t, Marcia suspects Fernando has changed his plans. Fern says that he and Lety are finished, and she knows it. He doesn’t have any opportunity to get back with Lety. He knows he has to forget about her, and he asks Marcia to help.


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Eva Luna #60 Fri 1/28/11

Daniel is trying to convince Laurita that marrying Victoria is the best thing to do. Laurita (the mature one) tells him that if he does, he will not be happy. Well we thought we would be happy with Eva and look what happened. Laurita tells him that she heard you should only marry for love. You don't love Victoria. Of course I do replies Daniel, but Laurita isn’t buying it. Perhaps you care for her, but enough to marry her asks Laurita.

Leo tries to smooze dummy Alicia. He wants to know all of her history especially where she lived before moving to Los Angeles.

Eva and Tia Matilde talk about Julio and everything that has happened since his arrival. Eva comments how odd it is for Julio to fake his own death. Tia agrees. They wonder why. He overhears and tells them it was because of something very bad.

Marcella arrives home upset for being tossed on her ear by her boy toy Bruno. (Come now, you should have known what he was doing. You’re a smart girl) She’s crying about how everything is turning out bad for her and especially with no money. She thinks about selling her jewelry, but decides that she can’t part with them. She’s throwing herself a pity party, but nobody cares. She tells herself to think of a solution.

Eva wants to know what went down and why he’s faking his death. Now is not the time he replies. But I will tell you soon. When are we leaving asks Eva. Tomorrow replies Julio.

Daniel tells Laurita that in time he will learn to love Victoria and so will she. Laurita refuses. Victoria is not bad, she loves you. Just give her a chance to show it to you. Laurita protests, but Daniel wants her to accept his decision. I want to know that you have my back. I understand what you say replies Laurita. But how can I have your back when I know you’re making a mistake marrying Victoria.

Leo has gained more information from Alicia by getting her drunk. About her mother leaving them when they were young and her Tia’s house in San Pedro de Rey. Dummy drunken Alicia.

Marisol dancing with JoJo watching.

Leo consoling drunken Alicia and swearing to protect her from Tony and anyone else who wants to cause her harm. She tells him how wonderful he is while he starts putting the moves on her. Finally in her drunken haze she realizes that he wants to “collect” from her his favor from protecting her from Tony. Leo realizes his error, but to late. Alicia leaves.
He laughs and can’t believe she’s just like Eva. He calls the investigator guy and tells him where to find Eva.

Julio tells Tia the more Eva spends in the pueblo the more dangerous it is for her. They worry about moving so soon because of his heath, but he says absolutely not. He tells them not to worry about him.

Victoria tells Marcella that she and Daniel are back together. Marcella thinks that if they marry, then she can get rid of the daughter and later on Daniel. Then all of his stock in the company will be Victoria’s and eventually hers. What a cold, cold witch.

Adrian and Ricardo talk about Adrian’s no good dad. He wishes that Ricardo was is real dad. Why is that asks Ricardo? Because you take good care of me and worry about me. It makes me feel good.

Francisco tells Jackie about his narrow escape in buying the house. Jackie asks him if he’s tired of lying all the time? Don’t you feel guilty? Yes, replies Francisco, but I don’t want to lose Marisol.

Ricardo tells Adrian he also wishes he was his son or grandson so that he can give him a different life. Like what asks Adrian? A life where you don’t have to hide, where you can go out and play with your friends instead of staying in the house all the time. Where that sad face no longer exists says Ricardo. I wish my dad was like you replies Adrian. I wish you were my son replies Ricardo.

Jackie tells Francisco that sooner or later Marisol will find out. So wouldn’t it be better to find out before you marry? You may have a point, but I think it’s too late says Francisco. No, it’s not to late responds Jackie. I believe if she loves you the way you say she does, and then she’ll understand. You have a great heart and can be smart when you want to. Francisco tells her that his dad once said that no one is interested in another if they have no money. That’s the problem with you says Jackie. You think no one can love you because you have no money, but you know what? You’re wrong.

JoJo tells Marisol that Francisco is hiding something.

Daniel thinks about Eva, Eva thinks about Daniel. They tell themselves they cannot forget the other and can’t stop loving.

Daniel tells Francisco that he will forget Eva and move on.

Eva, Tia and Julio drive up to their new place.

Investigator calls Leo and tells him that Eva and Tia are gone. But he learned that an old man was with them. Leo wonders who that is.

Eva and Tia are looking over the house. They are in awe. Julio tells Eva to get comfortable, because here is where they start the biggest transformation of her life. What are you talking about asks Eva. Julio tells her that Eva Gonzalez dies here and a new woman emerges. What exactly are you planning asks Eva and Tia. Julio tells them not to worry. It will be different then the one that she grew up in. Eva is scared, but Julio tells her no worries. Tia wants to know when it starts. In a few days replies Julio. Now lets have a tour of your house.

Investigator tells Leo that the old man showed up and took the girls. Leo says but Eva has no family other then her sister. Investigator guy is baffled. Leo says start asking everyone in town about their whereabouts.

this is how far i have gotten. i apologize. i have had a migraine for 3 days that has hardly let up. seeing doctor today.


Llena de Amor #118 (Mex. 123) Fri 1/28/11 The many faces of El Lirio de Plata..

We start with CinDeerella, being upset about being Deefrocked. She climbs onto the bus wailing in her ball gown while Axel searches everywhere for her holding her one shoe.

Doris visits VMar in the hospital, not impressed with the fru frus at the party, except for Deli who looked amazing. Brandon leaves. Doris says all is ready for their trick on Kristel… yeeps! Folks are starting to suspect she and Mari are the same, and she says the only way to throw them off that track is to bring Mari back. Doris agrees this is her specialty, except she wonders where they will get this french hunk that she is married to.

Back to the party where there are all sorts of thank yous and ceremonial money throwing into the bin. Eman finally shows up, and Kristel announces to Ili her impending nuptials to orangeman. Ili says congrats you two are “the perfect match”

Back to the hospital Doris just can’t help herself and makes up VMar who is telling her that LdeP came by for her, and he thinks she is Marinela. She can’t believe how much she is drawn to him. They chat about this for a while, his mystery etc. while in another scene, LdeP is chatting with his henchman about the plot for later.

CinDeerella shows up at the hospital hating the Ruiz de T family. D &VMar try to calm her down and tell her of the same evils that befell them at the hands of this family.

In yet another locale, Axle shows up to find G-man and tells her what happened with Dee, and how they are now novios, and what else happened at the party. G-man promises to help.

Back to the party, Fedra and her rack are chattin’ up Low, who promises to make love to her on top of his desk. She is thrilled at his offer. Sizzle.

There is another discussion happening where Ili tries to convince her Mami to forgive our Low. Ili is in cahoots with him and winks. He smirks a kiss to her. Brandon is confident he’s got the place covered. No LdeP will show up here, nope not a chance. Anvil.

Krissy is making fun AGAIN of poor Dee but Los parientes tell their daughter to respect her brother, well Mama not so much, but Papa does not agree with Mama and reminds Fedra what his Tio thought of her initially. She scoffs that her family is high culture, yeah whatever, she might be high hung but that's about it. Krissy goes on about having them put up her video collage of the happy couple.

Axel finds out that Oliver and G-man are an item, and all is revealed...he tells them of his saga and they all agree Dee must be at the hospi with VMar.

At the party again Muneca thanks Mau, and Emil who thanks everyone for their contributions. Fedra joins him and decides that this charity fundraiser is the appropriate forum for announcing that her daughter will be married and will receive a huge engagement necklace. Anvil of course. We do see a hand signal from Eman to his man at the door indicating the moment we've all been waiting for. Before that though, we get Kristel's video...definitely more than I wanted to see, don't know about you. Was supposed to be family pics but it's very unfamily, unless you call an attempt at making a family that way. :)

Mission successful. Emi is outraged and Fedra throws a tablecloth over the screen. Except that there are about 20 more.

LdeP II is preparing himself for I don't know what, but the imposter Low is getting into costume very anxiously. Just as he finishes and opens the door we have Muni right there, already hot for him.

At the party everyone accuses Mau of taking the video of poor innocent Kristel. Mau of course says he knew not of the video. Ooooh Emi takes out a few episodes of rage beating him up. Mama pulls Kristel away and aks how she could do such a thing, she of course learned from the maestra. That earned her a smack from her Ma. Just then the lights go out and of course all is gone when thye come back up, including Kris's new necklace. Ili screams for her Eman who has also disappeared...uh doesn't he do that like EVERYTIME the LdeP shows up? Huh... :)

There's quite a bit of drama about the necklace etc, and a liria de plata appears on the screen.

OK, funny scene...Muni goes nuts for our Lirio #2...she can't help herself she wants to stay true to her hubby but then realizes that's sort of not necessary and gives in ....Camiiiiilaaaaa he screams she screams loca loca sounds like dying animals, but I guess they are having fun.

Our Trio of Dee seekers show up at the hospi in time to here that CinDEE has come and gone. Vmar says Mari knows he's not so bad, he apologizes for rudeness from the past, he was forgiven a long time ago. He thanks her for protecting his sis. Gman explains that everyone knows of her duality.

Uh oh...evil maid Nereida rubs it in when Deli returns home. She says Deli is stupid to think she could be anything other than a servant. Neri thinks there is a world of difference between being a servant and being head housekeeper. Hmmm...

Ah back at the luct fest...cute striped boxers...more screaming and then, whoops, mask comes off, it's it's it's LOW!!!!!!!! Big screams now!!

Eman returns to the party he's fine, Emil and Fed go to look for Muni.

Muni is disgusted with Low, he tells her how she charges him up and they have so much fire, this was what was missing. She wonders if he did this onpurpose, and he says uh, yeah, of course, they are back at it when second whoops, Fed and Emil find them. Heee on the desk. Fed snips while he was with his wife on the desk the LdeP was there.

back at hopsi G-man is saying Oliver won't know. VMar repeats how many folks are suspecting already. She tells G-man of her plan for Mari to return.

Back at home Fed is whining about Low's low. Berni reminds her she was never his principal. She is not swayed and whispers slimily into Berni's ear, she will fight for him, Low she has loved as much as Captain Sevilla.

Low returns to the criminal den, explaining he did not get teh necklance back. Ah, I see it now, that was the plan all along. They yell at each other, Ornageman telling him how he messed up and Low bugged that L de P has a "special" relationship with his wife. Ooops. Anyway, he'll get all of that back when his wife gets it.

Ok, finally Berni burstand wants to know what role he plays in Juana's life...shesays never use that name. Berni reminds her he saved her and reinvented her and he is sick of this situation. She thinks he can't be without her, he says he could return ot the sea and find him some one nice. One of these days she might go looking for him to find he is not with her. he leaves and she smirks, sort of fearfully that this might come true... :)

Our trio of well made up dames returns from the hospital to Netty's discussing all the secrets that have come out and how they must not go out any further. Netty thinks this will be hard but agrees, yet begs for the one last secret she knows they are carrying. Ok VMar says they will tell her.

OK now for some non-sequiturs....Kristel is hassling Neri again, wondering how she could have been robbed of what I'm not sure, when paula comes in. Kristel decides it's her lucky day, she has risen in post to be the new Head Housekeeper and she should tell Neri what toliets to go clean. Pau smiles.

Ok, so the secret appears not to have been what we may have thought, instead Jorge LLauma is arriving from Spain today, and they have ot go meet him at the agency, she wants to come, but they say they'll introduce her later. Oh well.

Doris and G-man are worried about her plot.

OK at the agencia, Ilitia meets up with Jorge, they exchange some flirts, he invites her to do a commercial with him. Emil and Eman greet him also. He explains he's here to work with Vmar. Ilitia's smile turns ot a smirk. I like this guy, he's pretty.

And that's it!!!!


La Verdad Oculta 94: Kidnapped Kiddies, Naughty Nurse, Mini MacGyver, and a Sleepless Señora

The mini-summary: Alejandra returns to her car to find the two kiddies missing and begins to live every parent/guardian/babysitter’s worst nightmare; Adolfo sends Yolanda’s loyal maid Jaunita away, to make room for Zaida, Edgar and the kidnapped kiddies in Yolanda’s condo; Zaida is disguised at “Aida”, the dark haired nurse who will nurse Yolanda back to health; Carlos and Adolfo bring Yolanda back to her home, where the kids are bound and gagged in Juanita’s room in the back; JJ and Mauricio vow to get the best lawyers money can buy to free Elsa asap; Edgar gets a promotion to Adolfo’s right hand man for his fabulous work; JJ, Ale and Limon enlist Leo’s help in finding the kids; Adolfo is visited by the Ghost of Crimes Past—a very sexy looking Roberto who scares the Dickens out of Adolfo; Chicles uses his ingenuity to call for attention and free himself and Caramelo from their bonds; a sleepless and inpactada Yolanda discovers an equally sleepless and impactado Chicles and Caramelo.

The full recap:
At Yolanda’s, Adolfo has let himself in and orders Juanita to go on vacation as it will be a while before Yolanda will return. He will call her when they need her.

At JJ’s, he’s returned home bushed from dealing with Elsa’s precarious legal situation. Limon feels bad about the situation, although Elsa ticked him off by taking la niña from him. (Hey, Limon. She didn’t take Caramelo from you. But social services sure as heck would have, if not for Elsa.) He asks JJ if perhaps Elsa knew she was selling hot jewelry. (Did he just meet her yesterday?) JJ is steadfast that Elsa would never do something like that. But now they’ve got to prove it—they’ll get the best lawyers. JJ ponders the ironies of life. While he and her brother were in prison, loyal Elsa brought them food and comfort, and paid a lawyer to get him and her brother out of prison. It created tons of problems for her, but she dit it anyway. And now, she’s the one behind bars. He can’t let the same injustice that happened to him happen to her. Limon suggests that JJ get recommendations for a good lawyer from the Genoves, and in the meantime, they can enjoy having Caramelo with them! (Really Limon? I expect a bit more concern from you.) She’s like a light that illuminates the dark! JJ agrees and runs off to Casa Genoves. Limon has a bad premonition…and we see why when we return to the shopping mall.

…Where Ale has just made the worst mistake she has ever made in her life (even worse than dating Roberto). She has left a squabbling Chicles and Caramelo alone in her car in the mall underground parking lot, to go get help changing a flat tire. She has left instructions to lock the doors, which Chicles promptly ignores. Great luck for the kidnappers. Crappy luck for Ale and the kiddies. Adolfo’s two goons (much younger and more attractive than the last ones who got shot up) swoop in, snatch the kids, and stuff them in sacks and into their car trunk. They have been instructed to deliver the kids to Adolfo’s new henchman, Edgar. Ale expectantly panics when she returns, calling out to the children in the hope that they have wandered off not too far, and of their own volition. She runs back into the mall frantically looking for the pair, and enlists the help of the mall security to find the 8 year old and the 10 year old. He somehow does not laugh at their names.

Abelardo announces a very upset looking JJ to power couple David and Gabi, who are side by side at his desk going over a business plan (so cute). JJ explains the situation of his “best friend” Elsa Rivera. She has been caught in a jewel smuggling trap similar to the one Gabi nearly got caught in. They took advantage of her innocence and her financial need. David and Gabi are understanding, and are sure Adolfo must be involved in it somewhere. David shares the info of the best lawyer he knows with JJ.

In the AFI interrogation room, Elsa is joined by her second knight in shining armor—Mauricio. She greets him with a big tearful hug, swearing that she didn’t smuggle those jewels. He has no doubt of her innocence and tries to calm her down. He asks how this all came about and she explains about Zaida, Dante and the jewels, Dante’s confirmation about the bills of sale, and the list of clients. Mauricio wants to know if the cops have questioned Dante yet, but Elsa has no idea what’s going on beyond the time she was arrested. Mauricio holds her hands, strokes her cheeks, and reassures her everything will be alright. He will speak to Leo to get more info. Then he’s going to find the best lawyer for these kind of matters. He is not going to leave her alone in this! Elsa can’t believe he is being so good to her after she treated him so shabbily. There’s no question in Mau’s mind; he doesn’t want her to worry about all that. Above all else, they are friends. He won’t allow this to happen to her. She thanks him, and he lovingly wipes away her tears.

After Juanita heads off to her unexpected vacation, Edgar and Zaida make their way into Yolanda’s condo. Once inside, Zaida puts on her disguise—dark haired Naughty Nurse. Edgar likes what he sees, so they take a sexy sax break.

I guess the afternoon delight didn’t relax Edgar because as soon as the goons arrive with the kiddies, he kicks and tosses one of them around to show them who’s the boss. It works. They bring the kids kicking and screaming up to the condo, and deposit them, bound and gagged, on to Juanita’s bed.

Ale, meanwhile, has just frantically arrived at JJ’s wondering if the kids have somehow found their way back. “Qué!!!!!!” JJ and Limon, suddenly looking like the mature adults in the room for the first time ever, yell at her. How could she be so irresponsible and careless?! She’s the adult! This is not helping Ale who looks like she’s close to having a breakdown. She screams right back at them to not treat her like an idiot!! She explains how it all went down. Her tears and obvious anguish move JJ and Limon. They try to calm her fears. Surely they must still be in the mall somewhere. That’s what Ale thought too, but they searched. Then she thought they must have taken a taxi and come back home, but alas, no.

At the hospital, Yolanda also has two knights in (tarnished) armor who have come to her rescue-- Adolfo and Carlos. The nurse notes Carlos’ devotion and how much he obviously loves her. She loves him too- more than if he were her own child. The first of her men to show, however, is not her muñeco- it’s Adolfo. He explains that he’s contracted a “nurse” to take care of her at home, as well as assigned one of his boys, Edgar, to be at her disposal. Yolanda objects, but Adolfo won’t take no for an answer. When Carlos arrives, Adolfo explains about the nurse. Father and son actually agree, and in fact, Carlos was planning on staying with Yolanda too. Yolanda thinks this is a great idea, and there would be no need for a nurse. Adolfo insists on the nurse, and nixes the idea of Carlos staying there. They finally give in. Yolanda thanks them both, and the three members of this unconventional family take their leave.

JJ, Ale and Limon wrack their brains trying to figure out where the kids could have gone off to. (With the way Mexico is, and the fact that he’s been a victim of blackmail, shouldn't the first thing they think of be kidnapping?) They wonder if perhaps they kids didn’t make their way to Elsa’s, since Caramelo wanted to see her. They call Elsa’s apartment. Luckily, Ulises is walking by and let’s himself in to answer the phone. He gives JJ the disappointing news. “No papi. Aqui no hay nadie.” Ulises asks about Elsa and get’s equally disappointing news. He can’t believe how much bad stuff is going down. He’ll stay close to Elsa’s apartment in case the kids show up and will help in any way he can. More anguish and despair at JJ’s.

Adolfo, Carlos and Yolanda arrive at her condo. Adolfo introduces Yolanda to Nurse “Aida” and Edgar, while Carlos stares hard at the pair. It appears that he recognizes something or someone, but for the moment can't put his finger on it. In the bedroom, Chicles listens at the door to the adults in the living room. He decides to find a way to call attention to their whereabouts-- cleverly nudging a glass vase from the shelf, and smashing it to pieces. This clever act gets the desired response—everyone is startled and Yolanda is asking questions. Unfortunately, it’s Edgar who goes to see what’s going on. While he cleans up the glass, he warns them that being clever will only make things end badly for them. They better behave! Understand?! (I know he scared the pants off of me, but our kiddies seem to be made of stronger stuff.) He leaves them once again in their bedroom prison. Edgar reports back to the adults that an open window and a curtain caused the vase to fall and break. Yolanda apparently did not kill off too many brain cells in her attempted suicide because she questions this. Juanita always keeps the window closed to keep out the noise from the street. And where is she? Adolfo explains that he gave her time off, and anyway, Nurse Aida will be here to take care of her. Aida and Carlos take Yolanda up to her room.

At JJ’s, Ale has turned her back on JJ in her hurt at being spoken to so harshly. Doesn’t he know she’s worried too and how badly she feels? He had no right to speak to her that way. He apologizes and calls himself a brute. He begs her not to cry. Ale wonders what they are going to do. She’ll never forgive herself! JJ assures her that everything will be alright and envelops her in a bear hug.

Adolfo and Edgar share a celebratory drink. Things are going so well, that Adolfo is thinking of making Edgar his new right hand man. He wants them to keep the kids tied up tonight, and by tomorrow they will be so scared that they’ll tell them where that letter is. They toast to their successful kidnapping.

In the bedroom prison, Chicles has not given up. He’s wondering how to cut the rope just when he hits the jackpot (loteria) with a missed piece of the broken glass. Caramelo watches as Chicles pulls a MacGyver. Back at the homestead, Limon is wondering if they should call Lucha (the answer would be, yes), but JJ doesn’t think they should worry her yet. JJ comes up with the brilliant idea to call the police. (He’s just thinking of this now?!) However, Ale did that long ago, but was told of the need to wait 24 hours before being able to declare a person missing. (For children too! Remind me never to lose a small child in Mexico.) Ale suggests they go to the Ministry of Public Affairs to make an official report (levantar un acta). (They make this way too difficult. Where’s the Amber Alert? Remind me never to lose a small child in Mexico.) JJ decides to call Leo to get his help. He instructs them to meet him at the Ministry of Public Affairs where they will make the report. Bring pictures of the children.

Chicles’ escape attempt is interrupted by Edgar who sort of apologizes to them for being so harsh. He then tucks them in to bed and tells them if they tell them what they want to know tomorrow, they’ll be free. The kids seem to ponder their next step, but Chicles decides to carry on. He retrieves the piece of glass and continues cutting.

At Leo’s office, the report is done, and JJ and Ale listen to Leo’s recommendations. He will serve as the point of contact between them and missing person’s bureau (CAPEA). Although the 24 hours hasn’t passed yet, Leo will get on them to get the search started right away. In the meantime JJ and Ale need to return home, wait for the kids to return, or for a call from someone who’s found them, or….. kidnapped them.

At Yolanda’s, Edgar has tucked himself in for the night in the couch. Chicles manages to get himself free, and decides that the letter, that is now tucked into his shoe, is safer either destroyed or elsewhere. He decides to leave it intact, and stuffs it into a opening in the lining of the mattress. To keep up the ruse and to keep them safe for now, he decides to put back Caramelo’s gag.

At his condo, a very pleased (and strangely very hunky) looking Adolfo enjoys a brandy and a ciggie on his couch. His moment of serenity is interrupted when, an even more hunky looking, Roberto peeks from around the corner. “It can’t be. You’re dead! ” Leo told him he was dead. Oh contraire. Roberto’s more alive than ever. To prove it he gets himself a drink. He’s got unsettled business with Adolfo. “Vaya!” He’s not as big of an idiot as Adolfo thought. Where are the shoes?! “Everything in time. First, we have to talk.” He refreshes Adolfo’s drink and reclines himself on the adjacent couch. Adolfo will not be squeezed for more money! He’s already been paid for his work. That’s not why Roberto came. Remember the last time he came, he said there was something he had to tell him about Mario? Well it was about this. He pulls out a bottle of poison and begins to drop it into Adolfo’s drink while chuckling. Adolfo shoots up from his seat. Roberto must be crazy if he thinks Adolfo is going to drink that. Oh contraire. Adolfo already has. Bwahahaha!!!!!! “How do you feel? Bad?” Adolfo begins to clutch his chest and cough. “Why did you do this to me?” “Because YOU poisoned me! YOU poisoned me! And now the one who will die is you! The student has become the master! Hahaha!” Roberto leaves the room in triumph as Adolfo yells no and begins to cough, seize and writhe from the effects of the poison. He falls over on the couch foaming at the mouth as we hear the midnight bells toll. As he sucks in his last gasp of air, he suddenly springs awake from his bed—terrified and disheveled. “Damn Roberto!”

Yolanda is also having a sleepless night. She rises from bed to find an empty water glass- empty, like her life. Zaidad and Edgar’s conscious is not bothering them in the least. They are both soundly asleep. As Yolanda passes Edgar on the couch with her glass of water, she hears the voices of children. Caramelo wants to get out of there. She wants her mommy! Chicles thinks they need to play along. When Yolanda rattles the door, they reposition the gags and feign sleep. Yolanda gets the spare key from a nearby vase, unlocks the door, and screams in horror to find two bound children in the bed. “Niños!!!” The three look at each other in horror and surprise.


Mujeres Asesinas 3, Thursday January 27: The case of the disappointed dancer.

A woman with a bloodied-up arm opens an exterior door. Another woman in an animal print coat and sunglasses smiles, but then looks shocked as she sees the blood.

We're all lost souls…

Kika Edgar is Paula, Bailarina (Paula, dancer)

Isaac walks into an office, where another man is just finishing a phone call. Isaac tells the other guy "me amenazó" (he threatened me). If he doesn't get his sales figures up, he's out. He's been there for 15 years and he's had good and great years. He think he deserves support if he's not doing so hot right now. The other guy says in this company it's what-have-you-done-for-me-lately. Isaac agrees, it's the same at home too. He's tired of it. The other guy tells him to chill. He'd offer to take him out for tequilas, but he said he'd take his wife to the movies. Isaac calls his wife and tells her he's got a last-minute meeting. He asks after his son and she says he's eating without his father, just like she is (eating dinner without him).

Isaac heads for a strip club, balm to the wounded souls of businessmen everywhere, if the suits in this place are any indication. And I hear they have good steaks, but I can't vouch for that. A woman with two large feathered fans takes the stage. Isaac is instantly captivated as she does what's jut a touch closer to "exotic dancing" than some of the other girls can claim. She works the fans for a bit, then takes to the pole…now this, I hear, is a serious workout and a great way to tone the thighs. Again, not that I can vouch for that. She notices him watching her and gets a little thrown off. Her pole skills aren't really up to snuff. In fact, I can't see what's so captivating about her dancing except that the feather fans are a little different. Did anyone see that episode of Castle where they investigate an exotic-dancing-type club? That was a much better quality dance.

Isaac heads for a curtained-off alcove, where he is joined by Paula. He wants her to sit and chat and offers her a drink. She kind of remembers him, or at least pretends to. He compliments her dancing. She laughs at him. He insists that he doesn't think it's easy to dance in front of people and she does it really well. "So, you called me back here just to talk?" He says he didn’t, so she asks, "Well, then?"

Later, he sneaks into bed, but his wife hears him and tells him it's 3am. He says he had to stay for dinner and they talked a lot. She can't remember the last time the two of them talked a lot. He looks like he can't either.

Paula lifts one leg up high, then stands up and starts giving him a lap dance. He grabs her hips and she laughs again, telling him that he called her because he likes everything about her.

On another night, Paula is flirting with the bartender when Isaac walks in with roses for her. "For the prettiest one," he says. "In the world or in the club?" He says the entire world. They sit at a table together, but are interrupted by Paula's friend, Jessie. He invites her to sit down and Paula doesn't look too happy. Jessie interprets Paula's look and leaves the two of them alone together. He offers her a drink again, but she says she doesn't drink on the job. He tells her he'll go speak to the owner and she won't be working tonight, no problem. He goes to find the owner and tells her to go get changed and not worry about a thing. She looks worried and picks up the flowers.

Paula and Isaac walk down a sidewalk. She tells him that he's been coming to see her every day for two months and she wonders what he's after. He says he's never felt what he feels for her before. "Que sientes?" (what do you feel?) He says he feels like the most manly man of them all. He and Paula start kissing.

Isaac sits at the breakfast table with his son, looking at divorce papers. His wife sits down and he shoves them into a manila envelope. His wife tells him not to make promises to his son that he's not intending to keep (he had just said he'd take him to the zoo). She says he's never there for his son or for her. He gets up and leaves.

Backstage at the club, Jessie and Paula are walking in late. Paula says it's going great with Isaac. He says things that make her believe him. "He's married." "Well, he's getting separated." Yeah, they all say that. She doesn't even really care if he does get separated. She's having a good time. The friend warns her against falling in love with him. "They want us for what we are and then that's why they get rid of us." Paula says he invited her for dinner at a restaurant. They start looking for something for her to wear.

At the office, Isaac gets a call from his wife, Dora. His son is waiting for him to take him to the zoo. He gets off the phone before she can make him tell his son himself that they're not going to the zoo today.

Isaac comes to the club to pick up Paula. She's wearing a cheongsam that does nothing for her figure. It has that borrowed look and she's covered up to the neck. She's upset when they pull up in front of what looks like an apartment building, or maybe a cheap hotel. She asks what happened to the restaurant. "I changed my mind." "Te da vergüenza que te ven conmigo?" (Are you embarassed if they see you with me?) He picks her up and carries her inside the apartment we saw at the beginning, announcing that it's hers.

She asks him, after The Sex, why he did this. "Did what?" "The house." "To be with you." "For how long? In what way?" "What do you mean for how long?" "I'm not asking you for anything, but I also don't want to expect anything. Do you want me to be your lover?" "My lover, my friend, my fiancee. I'm going to get divorced, Paula. I want you to stop working--" She refuses. She needs money. "The operation is something--" He says they'll work it out together.

She does the walk of shame back into work the next day, minus any actual shame. Jessie is thrilled. Paula flashes her keys. That's not a euphemism. Paula whispers that he got her an apartment. Jessie is impressed and asks if she's happy. Paula says it was a big surprise. She asked for time, but Jessie says she should do it. Paula is afraid he won't want something serious. "Una no puedo olvidar quien es y como es el mundo." (One can never forget who one is and how the world is.) Jessie asks her who she is and reminds her that he fell in love with what she is, this divine creature…another girl busts in and says she's the only divine one in there, harshing the vibe.

Paula sits at her table, all set for a romantic dinner, complete with wine. She goes to her bag and digs out her phone. Isaac's phone goes straight to voicemail. She tells him it's 4:30 and if he's not coming home he should just say so. She says she really needed him today, blows a kiss into the phone, and hangs up. She's decorated the house really nicely. Looks classy.

She's getting ready at work, talking to Jessie. She says she went to the doctor and he told her she needs six more months of hormones. Isaac couldn't come with her to her appointment. Jessie tells Paula there's some fabulous guys out there…Paula doesn't want to be with anyone else but Isaac. He's the only one who wants her. He got her an apartment and he's getting divorced to be with her. "Sure, whenever he feels like it, so he doesn't have to pay you by the hour because it would be to expensive for him. Don't tell me you still believe in Los Reyes Magos" (the three Wise Men…because that's who brings presents in Latin America; we would say, "Don't tell me you still believe in Santa Claus). Paula gets upset and Jessie says, "Don't say I didn't warn you and hurry up because we're on in 20 minutes."

Paula and Jessie do a little number where Jessie's the bunny and Paula is the dominatrix. Jessie is still giving her a hard time, whispering to her onstage. Isaac is backstage waiting for Paula. He starts making apologies, but she says she knows he's married, and not to her. She reminds him he's paid for 10 minutes, so he'd better hurry up. Isaac says he doesn't want her to work, he wants them to be together. "Oh, so that's why you stood me up!" He proudly presents her with a fancy envelope containing his divorce papers. She gets weepy and he hugs her and kisses the top of her head.

Det. Capellan questions Dora. "Did you know about the relationship your husband was having with Paula Trevino?" "Paula? What a joke. This is supposed to be a department of investigation specializing in women, right?" Capellan says they're not there to judge anyone's identity or sexual orientation. They're there to investigate crimes. Dora says to investigate, because for her to kill him like she did, it must have been for a reason.

Paula and Isaac lie in bed. He says it's her birthday in a few days and asks what she wants to do. "It's your first birthday with me, after all." She wants something romantic, but he suggests a dinner party at the apartment. "We can invite all your friends, we'll eat, we'll celebrate, and they can all see our house." Paula agrees and giggles and kisses him.

The house is full of strippers who raise their fruity, umbrella-decorated drinks in honor of their little Paula, who found her Richard Gere, giving hope to another generation of sequin-clad women. Jessie says she'll miss her and says she's glad she was wrong about Isaac. The girls get down to business and start singing Las Mañanitas to Paula.

Meanwhile, Dora and Isaac are rushing the kid to the hospital with a high fever.

The strippers take their leave of Paula. Jessie says she's sure something bad happened. Paula hopes he didn't deceive her and once again Jessie says she hates to say "I told you so." Paula looks around at the remains of the party and pops a balloon.

Isaac comes home. The ladies didn't even bother cutting the cake. Paula is sleeping on the couch and he whispers her name and wakes her up gently. He tells her he had to take Juan to the hospital. She sits up groggily, and shakes off his touch. She says she was an idiot. She gets even more upset when he says he couldn't call because Dora was right there the whole time. "You're never going to leave her, are you?" I believe When Harry Met Sally established that no, he's never going to leave her. Paula is pissed that it was her birthday, all her friends were there, and for what? Just to see him stand her up. She starts smacking him around and he ends up hitting his head on a door frame. Paula is horrified.

Isaac wakes up in bed, with Paula sitting on a chair next to the bed. She tells him she doesn't feel well. She doesn't like what's happening. He repeats there was a problem with his son. She dislikes that she's always the one who has to understand: that he's married; that he has a kid; that she's just the mistress. He says he loves her, but she thinks he's scared of loving her. "Do you like the sea?" he asks. Paula doesn't answer.

Isaac's friend from work talks to Aranda. I know I was pretty vocal about my hair envy, but I seriously dislike that they've got it all slicked down on top and pulled to one side. Can we please have the fabulous curls back? She wants to know if his behavior had changed. He says Isaac always worked like crazy, extra hours, working weekends. "He was…hopeful."

Isaac grins when his friend picks up the brochure for Acapulco. The friend says his kid and his wife will love the vacation! "Fall in love again…in the sea!" he reads. Isaac looks uncomfortable.

The bags are packed. Paula is wearing a too-short dress, looking for her keys. She picks up the phone, but changes her mind and doesn't call anyone.

Dora comes running to Isaac laughing and kisses him. She found the reservations for the trip and she's excited. Juan brings Isaac a picture of the beach that he drew. Dora wants to celebrate.

Paula is calling Isaac and the phone keeps ringing. His voicemail picks up. She says it's her, it's the fifth time she's called, he was supposed to be home at 2:30 and it's 5. She's worried. There's a prescription bottle and a bottle of wine sitting in front of her with half a glass poured. Paula grabs a pill and downs it with the wine.

She fell asleep on the couch. When she wakes up, it's dark. She looks at her watch and gets up off the couch.

Isaac sits in a restaurant with his wife and kid, looking extremely unhappy.

Paula walks down the street and sees them through the window. She sees Dora kiss him and then they all get up from the table. Paula walks away, in shock. She stands a little ways away and watches Isaac put his wife and kid into the car. She comes up and just stands there staring at him. Dora gets back out of the car and asks who it is. "Nadie, vamos." (no one, let's go). They pull away and Paula cries…then she starts seething.

Capellan questions Jessie. "When you got there, Mr. Del Campo was alive?" Jessie tearfully says he wasn't. She describes their relationship, "She was in love, hopeful. She thought she would finally be a woman just like any other. With a life she'd always wanted. With a husband, a home, a trip. But none of that happened."

Paula starts ripping up fabric with scissors. Isaac comes back to the apartment and calls to her. She sits down at her dressing table and lights up a cigarette. Isaac walks in. "You forgot we were going on a trip?" He says it's difficult to explain. "Yes. I've been trying to explain to myself why I'm no one." He says it was an odd moment, complicated, and he couldn't do anything. "Do you want something to drink?" He just stares, then asks her to forgive him. "You can't be with someone who doesn't exist, right?" She brushes past him.

Capellan questions Paula. "Mr. Trevino…" "Paula. Paula Trevino." "We're here to investigate what happened, according to the procedure set out by the law. And according to the law, you're a man. Because of that, I should transfer you…" "Paula is the name I feel is mine, not the one the law says. Look at me. What do your eyes see? Do they see into me? That I'm a woman, like you, like any other." "You feel like a woman, but your body…" "My body isn't what I am."

Paula mixes more booze with pills. The bottle says "Sleepy" in big letters, in English. She puts some of the powder from the pills into one of the glasses of alcohol and mixes it in with her finger. She offers it to Isaac, back in the bedroom. They toast and down their shots. Paula smiles and takes his glass. Isaac asks her if they can start over, forget everything that's happened. "I can't forget what I am, Isaac." He lies down. "If we started again, I could be just Paula." Isaac calls her his princess, his love. "I would never again be this woman trapped in a body that isn't hers. Would you like that?" She pulls Isaac back up to sitting and asks him if he'd like that. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and then takes off her robe.

"You had an amorous relationship with Mr. Del Campo? And he knew you were a transexual? Mr. Trevino?" Paula insists on being called Paula and says she doesn't know. "That's why I had to break what we were and start again. To see if he could look at what I am and know that I exist."

I'm not entirely sure what happened at this point. Did Paula use the factory-issued equipment in a more traditional manner? What were the censors blurring out? (Well, that one I can pretty much guess.) She reaches over for the scissors. " Shall we start again? My love?" She reaches around and stabs him in the gut. The bloody butterfly flies away and she drops the scissors. Paula sits up in bed, looking at the blood on her arm, before turning to look at Isaac.

"Paula Trevino fue declarada culpable por homicidio simple y condenada a 21 años de prisión. A pesar de los esfuerzos del DIEM y de otras organizaciones defensoras de los derechos humanos y transgénero, fue internada en un reclusorio varonil. Por buen comportamiento quedó en libertad después de estar presa 9 años y 2 meses. Tiempo después volvió a trabajar como bailarina en un bar de provincia."

Paula Trevino was declared guilty of manslaughter and condemned to 21 years in prison. Despite the efforts of DIEM and other organizations that defend human rights and the rights of transgendered people, she was interned in a men's prison. For good behavior, she was freed after being in prison for 9 years and 2 months. Later she returned to working as a dancer in a provincial bar.

Next week: Jacqueline Bracamontes


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Triunfo del Amor #20 1/28/11 Max’s Takes A 9 Yard Penalty And Linda Suffers From Fatal Attraction Syndrome

Cap. #20

As Viewerville settles in with a little shot of schnapps to temper the schmaltz of the next sixty minutes, we j.i.p. [join in progress] as Victoria and Ozvaldo are tete-a-tete, hoping to cure a bad case of marital melancholy; Maria and Max are parked on a scenic overlook discussing taking the next big step in their relationship. Max has just given Maria a ginormous diamond ring, sworn his desire to do the impossible to see that their love grows day by day, and then asked her to prove her love for him by letting him take her to bed. (A classic crude move, but I guess we at least have to give Max points for trying.) Maria swoons and falls into his arms. Max goes in for The Kiss with sky-high hopes of running all the bases tonight with a slide straight into home as Maria begins to let herself go with the natural flow. Yep, Max is in the moment and the moment says go for it! Unfortunately, Maria pulls away and calls a foul on the pitch.

Back at Lovers’ Retreat D-Lux, Vicki is finally feeding Oz’s male ego and he returns the favor. The two toast to their reconciliation and celebrate with a night of glorious passion. Linda-Ho is now relegated to Linda-Who?

In a different part of the city, Juan Pablo is having another serious discussion with Mama Bernarda about his Christian duty and finding his daughter. The two are polar opposites as far as she’s concerned. Bernie begs him to forget the whole thing with Victoria. He insists his only interest is in finding his daughter. He changes the subject to his Mama’s health, her bad dreams and the exorcisms. She plays dumb.

Max and Maria argue over Max’s “honest” intentions and Maria says she doesn’t want to go there. He is angry that she won’t. She hands him back the ring and claims he’s only trying to “purchase her dignity” from her with the thing. He disagrees. She angrily starts to get out of the car to walk back. He panics and tells her she’s nuts to walk back from there alone and asks her to get back in the car. He’ll take her home or wherever she wants. She wants him drive her back home. Max, his manhood properly pulverized at this point, asks Maria if she thinks it’s a sin to love her the way he wants to love her. She doesn’t answer. (Max, honey, you’re dating a good Catholic girl who’s been raised by nothin’ but nuns the past fifteen years. Get with the parochial program, Pretty Boy!) They drive off.

It’s a late night at the Casa de Modas. Antonieta is forced to listen to Oscar’s endless praise of Victoria. Once Oscar leaves, Pepino mentions to Toni that it’s obvious what she feels for Oscar but that obtuse Oscar hasn’t the first clue. She says it’s true, but unfortunately he’s in love with Victoria and she is unable to break through to him.

Oscar’s aforementioned idol, however, is currently burning up the bed sheets with Ozzie as the two have decided to dump din-din and go straight to dessert. (Kudos to the choreographer who had the good sense to keep the love-making low-key. As my dear departed mama used to say, “A little goes a long way.”)

Meanwhile, Burnie lies to JP that her fear of fire is from an accident when she was a little girl and that the exorcism was only a result of a bad dream about his dead father which scared her. All the upset they’ve been living through has been what set her off. He reluctantly takes her word for it and tells Tomasa afterwards not to worry. It’s just that Mama’s nerves are on edge. Inside her room, alone again, Burnie smiles dementedly at the crucifix and forgives her lying to her son as part of a higher calling. “--For You and because of You, Dios.”

Max drops Maria off in front of Burnie’s. He asks if she’s forgiven him. She says well, yeah, but just don’t try it again. He laughs and says he will try, of course. He’ll just wait for her. He wonders whose house this is. Maria explains it’s Padre JP’s mother’s and, yeah, she likes the old woman. Juan Pablo comes out of the gate at that point and sees the two of them there. Maria mentions that his mother called and asked her to come visit her. JP tells Maria he appreciates her willingness to befriend her. JP raises a wary eyebrow at Max. Maria introduces Max to JP. Max tells him that Maria and he are dating. JP asks him if his mother knows. He admits she doesn’t. JP says he doesn’t think Victoria will approve of the relationship. Maria says they love each other, though. He gives them his blessing and says he’ll pray that Victoria will. JP then reminds Maria that the next morning is the first communion for the orphans. She asks if he’s found any sponsors yet. JP says he hasn’t and will have to trust in Dios to provide. She goes inside. Max gives Padre a lift back to the church.

Back at Maria’s, Nat is forced to listen to Linda-Who? drone on about how Ozzie won’t be able to do without her; and that he’ll be calling her again very soon; that she’s not stopping until he gets divorced because he hates his wife and his marriage. Nat’s heard enough and goes into the bedroom to escape Linda’s self-absorbed and brainless chatter. (I’d have taken a pitcher of ice water from the fridge and dumped it on her, but that’s just me.)

The aforementioned couple has just finished “reconciling” ala the marital mambo. They drink another toast to themselves. (Mm! Mm! Mmmm! O.R. is definitely a well-preserved specimen! Very easy on the eyes. Yeah, I’ll toast to that !)

Burnie, meanwhile, is whining to Maria that her son doesn’t love her. Maria assures her he loves her dearly. Burnie actually seems comforted by Maria’s words and seems surprised to learn that Maria’s an orphan who would love to have had a mother like her. (Forgive her Father for she knows not what she says!!) Burnie hugs Maria and tells her she’s the only one who seems to calm her and to give her strength and a sense of peace.

At the church Max agrees to something with the padre.

The next morning, Oz and Vicki agree to try to do this at least once a week. She promises she will try even though it’s into fashion-show season. He’s says he’s supposed to be starting the taping of his new show, too, so he’ll be busy as well. They promise to at least try to make some time for each other no matter how busy they both get.

Maria, Nat, and Linda rush off to the church for the orphans’ first communion.

Vicki calls the office to check in with Max to let him know not to worry about them. Fabian tells her that Max still hasn’t come in to work this morning and that he’s not answering his cell, either.


The mass starts. Maria overhears Mother Superior and the #2 nun (Clementina?) discussing the wonderful sponsor Padre Juan managed to hook. He’s paying for all of the kids’ expenses and a big breakfast to boot! Maria asks who it is, but the nuns don’t know. Suddenly Max appears. He’s walking down the aisle behind the communion class in an appropriately conservative suit and tie. He smiles and winks at Maria. Max has just made bonus points cuz he’s the one it turns out who’s sponsoring the communion class. The mass continues.

In another part of the barrio, we peek in on Papa Padilla and Scuzzy. Rudy’s pissed that Sonny hasn’t gotten back in touch with Fernanda. Scuzzy’s not eager to get his head blown off and has turned his attentions to groupies from the band. Papa tells him the only babe he’s supposed to lay [revolcarse con] is Sandoval’s daughter, period!

Vicki returns home and wakes up her daughter. They share a bonding moment. Vicki assures her that she and her father are still in love. Fer’s relieved, she says, because she was afraid she was the reason they were breaking up. Vicki says no child is ever the cause of one’s marital difficulties. (Another in a long list of Uni PSA's.) FF >>

During the breakfast reception after mass, JP brags on Max to Maria. They skip over to a quiet corner where Maria mentions to Max that she’s worried that his mother really won’t accept them as a couple. They’re from two different worlds and she’s just an employee while he’s the son of the owner. Max chuckles a bit and says the days when a rich boy couldn’t dare lay eyes on a humble girl are dead and gone. They are equals. Does she want him to leave it all just to prove he loves her or what? What counts are their feelings towards one another. For now, though, he’d rather leave his mother out of it, but Maria insists she doesn’t like sneaking around like this. Max asks her to forget worrying and just enjoy the time they share together. He kisses her worries away......

At the modeling studio, Vicki tells Toni about her fantastic evening with Oz and how their relationship is as fresh as when they were just married. Toni is ecstatic. Vicki stops to ask her why she hasn’t fallen in love with somebody yet. Before Toni can answer, Oscar walks in with some paperwork to go over with Vicki. Toni takes a powder and runs to Pepi for some quality shoulder time.....

At Televisa, Oz is complaining to Ofelia’s producer hubby, Pedro, about the paparazzi going into his private life again. Pedro tells him the gossip is part of the job description, but he can imagine it would be rough if gossip about Oz having a lover reaches Vicki. Oz looks guilty-as-charged-impactado. (Yep. Veinte años dumped down the drain for a dumb diddle, you dope!)

Back in the dressing room, some of the catty models have it in for Maria. They are gossiping about who’ll get to model Victoria’s new designs at the upcoming fashion show. One says they all have the same chances. The other sees Maria walk in and says, well some of us have slipped-in [colarse] to the running with “other assets.” The meaning isn’t lost on Maria.

The models do a rehearsal run in their gowns a bit later. Maria looks the best of the bunch. Pepi, Toni and Vicki all agree on Maria.

Back at the apartment, Linda is waiting for The Call That Never Comes. JuanJo shows up but she’s in a badder than bad bad mood and gives him the bum’s rush out the door.

Vicki announces to the group that Maria is to be the next “star model” for the Victoria line.

Linda decides to take the initiative and calls Oz. She convinces him to meet her one last time. He thinks to himself after hanging up that he’s going to get her to understand once and for all that they’re kaput. (Famous last words of many an unfaithful friggin' fool.)

Back at Televisa again, Pedro tells Guillermo that Oz was by and was too upset to read so they had to postpone the script reading. Guile-ly Gui says, yeah, he can understand since the best of husbands end up falling out of love. Pedro asks what he’d know about it since he’s never been married. Gui says something witty like “just because you don’t eat doesn’t mean you don’t know about eating. “ Besides, he tells Pedro, it’s true. Oz does have a lover. She’s lots younger than Vicki and beautiful. If he doesn’t believe him he can ask Ofelia since the two of them were dining together when they saw the two of them together.

At the same time, Oz and his beautiful bimbo are having it out in the SUV on the street in front of the apartment building. Oz tells Linda it’s time she faces facts and they go their separate ways. He’s back with his wife and Linda’s got her own life to live. Linda angrily refuses to accept getting ditched. He reminds her he was honest with her from the beginning [todo fue un juego abierto = everything was an open game/ above board]. They’re both adults. Grow up. Can’t she understand? Linda says she understands very well! He’s made up with his wife and now she gets thrown out into the trash like an old rag!! [trapo viejo] Oz might as well be talkin’ to the hand, cuz this pretty face stopped listening back at “reconciled.” She tells him he’s not getting rid of her that easily! She’s not something he can just dispose of once he’s done! Ruh-Roh! Linda’s gone into Fatal Attraction mode! He’s in a hole six foot deep and Linda is ready to bury him along with the tell-tale shovel.

Linda gets out and angrily slams the door. Mr. Suave and De-bonier races out and does something totally boneheaded by offering her some cash “to get by with” --another classic crude move from a Sandoval male. It only adds gasoline to the fire. She screams that she doesn’t want his lousy [cochino] money!! She wants him!! Linda knocks the wallet out of his hand and races up the stairs into the building.

Oz hasn’t got the first clue how to get his appendage out of this tight a wringer. (Oz, you are a definite babe in the woods when it comes to mistresses, ex or otherwise. This is one time you should have kept that pointy pencil of yours in your pocket, Hot Stuff!) Shell shocked, he starts back to the SUV. Cruz has been watching the whole thing while sweeping trash inside the gate. He races over, picks up the wallet for Oz and hands it to him. Oz tries to give him a reward but Cruz says what he really needs is a job. Oz tells him that it just so happens that he just learned this morning their gardener quit. Cruz says he’s a country boy and loves working with plants and flowers. The job is Cruz’s if he wants it.

Back in the models’ dressing room, the two catty ones congratulate Maria on her “quick rise” through the ranks. One of them makes a snide aside about why and how, then she and her sidekick strut out in a huff. Maria smiles confidently back at the rest of the group.

Linda-Who? is pacing the floor of the apartment. She tells herself that she’s not going to stand for the way Oz has treated her. She’s determined to show him what’s what and grabs her purse. She races out into the intersection just as Victoria’s chauffeur pulls in. He slams into her. Screech! Thud! Thump! Linda flies up like a spare bowling pin. While Viewerville coolly tallies up the increase in Vicki’s insurance premiums, Linda lies face down in the street, down for the count. Vicki and her driver rush out of the SUV to see what’s happened......


Cue the kayak.


El Mundo de Telemundo: Week of January 31 -- Discuss among yourselves

Hello from snowy New Jersey! Thanks to everyone for the great comments. I'll start off with Friday's Herederos, the only novela I am watching right now.

Herederos- Guadalupe leaves home and tells her Dad that she can't forgive him for hiding the fact that her mother is still alive and in fact, cares about her. Gaspar promises to help her find her mother - look at the return address on the letter??? Eleuterio is terribly upset that Lupe has moved out and protests to Gaspar how much he loves and needs her.

Juan tells Miguel and Sofia to get a room. He doesn't want their hanky panky in his house. Sofia reminds him that it isn't his house any more. Juan then piously reminds Miguel that he is married and has a family. Miguel claims that it was a one-time fling.

Rosa demands that Juan fire Johnny for getting involved with his daughter. Juan refuses but goes to see Johnny and suggests that he cool it with Consuelo. Johnny says that he doesn't want to have any more run ins with Rosa but he admits that he really loves Consuelo.

It appears that Juan, the easy touch, is going to pay for the elaborate wedding that Rosa is planning.

Pedro gets drunk, goes to Julieta's house and stands outside yelling about how much he loves her.

The brothers, minus Pedro, have a very tame bachelor party for Juan in the local bar. Pedro meanwhile has put a video camera in Juan's bedroom. Sure enough, Juan leaves the party early and comes home to find Paula coming on to him in the bedroom. He is unable to resist her and they get to have sex in a bed instead of a pond with Pedro's camera recording the whole thing.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

La Fea Más Bella #189-190 1/28/11 Goodbye to Acapulco. Hello to a new dawn at Conceptos.

Capitulo 189.
Read Amanda’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Fern tells PG he needs to put his life and his feelings in order. PG: You hit bottom, right? F: Yes. There’s Marcia. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. PG: Do you want to be the man you were before? F: NO! I want to fix the problems I caused the people who love me. PG gives him a hippy necklace to protect him, get rid of his sadness and fear, and give him harmony. That’s a lot to ask of some wooden beads.

2. Alicia tells Marcia they should be roommates. Marcia kicks Ali out. She tells Fern to pack his things. He stops her and asks if she can forgive him. Over time, could they recover what they lost? He gives her a kiss.

3. At the hotel waterfall, Aldo asks Lety to stay in Acapulco, but she has to go back to Conceptos. They say good-bye and Lety gives Aldo a small kiss, little more than you’d give your grandma.

4. Fern pulls away from Marcia’s kiss and says his face and everything hurts too much. Marcia touches his chest and says, “I know this pain will take a long time to heal, but I’ll be patient because I believe in you.”

5. Fern forces his way into the Padilla house and tells Erasmo that Lety is stealing his company. Mama pushes him out and shuts the door on his hand. Tom tells Lety and she’s MAD! Pop orders her to come home and face the board.

6. Aldo tells Caro that he and Lety kissed, and it was beautiful. I guess Aldo also switches to fantasy mode when kissing.

7. Lety tells PG she feels enormous hate toward Fern. PG warns, “If you return with hate and a desire for revenge, you’ll lose. The woman who returns should be strong and composed.” She says he dragged her family into it, and that she can’t forgive.

8. Fern arrives at work with a NECKTIE! Marcia tells MamaT about last night, but she’s afraid he still feels for Lety. MamaT refuses to think such things, and instead believes what she wants to be true.

9. Lety wants to keep growing. PG tells her to face her demons and forgive Fern. MamaJ prays that for God to help Lety forgive Fern and put all her anger and hurt into God’s hands. Finally Lety can begin. She states all her charges against Fern. Worst of all, he didn’t believe in her love for him, but she knows it was because of Ariel. She forgives him in the name of the love she had for him and still has. She still wants the best for him.

Capitulo 190.
Read K-Fuego’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. PG says “Sim, sim, sala-bim, Ala peanut butter sandwiches,” and he pronounces that Lety will live happily ever after o algo así.

2. Erasmo arrives and wants to talk to Humberto. Alicia tries to push him around condescendingly, but he says, “Oh, you work for my daughter!” Ali announces him to the board.

3. Marcia doesn’t want Humberto to meet with Erasmo because any news of Lety is bad news for Marcia. She looks fearfully at her recién captado Fernando. She tells Humberto not to meet him, but she doesn’t have Fernando’s skill at instant excuses. All she can think of is, “I know what I'm talking about.” Fernando eagerly accompanies his father. Ariel thinks Erasmo should join the meeting. Fern nixes that, saying “He asked to talk to my father.”

4. Erasmo respectfully greets Humberto, but he curtly tells Fernando, “I didn’t come to speak with you.” Marcia follows them out (she must be really scared) and in the refined tone she would use with Lety just before her viper strike, she says, “I don’t understand why you’re here.” Even Humberto is surprised by her rudeness. Erasmo says, “I didn’t come to talk to you, either.” The two men go into the presidencia.

5. Lety feels much better for having forgiven Fernando. She feels like a weight is lifted and she’s ready to return. At the airport, Lety praises the wonders of Aldo. He arrives a moment too late to give her beach-in-a-box.

6. PapaH tells PapaE he would like to resolve this apart from lawyers. Erasmo wants to settle it as gentlemen. Lety will return their company down to the last cent. He boasts of his family’s high ethics. Humb politely points out that her actions indicate otherwise. Each man:
A. points out the other’s hijo behaved unacceptably,
B. accepts a certain amount of blame for his hijo’s actions, and
C. defends that his hijo's actions were understandable given the circumstances.
Humberto boasts that he punished his son and drove him to the point of suicide as any upright father should, and that notion of loving and supporting your children is for sissies. Oh, no, maybe I translated that wrong. Then they talk about the good old days when men were real men, women were real women, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri… no, wrong show.

7. Erasmo says Lety returns today. Fern smiles for the first time in days, and oh, what a smile! When he hears Erasmo talking about Tio Lazaro, he knows he’s out of the woods. The men know they’re in good hands with the other, and Erasmo insists that Humberto oversees this matter himself Erasmo tells the cuartel that Lety will never return to Conceptos.

8. Humberto reports to the board that the matter was a battle of nerves, not a robbery attempt. There won’t be any criminal action. Fernando is pleased because Lety did not betray him, Marcia panics, Ariel sneers, “You don’t really believe them, do you?” and Humberto smacks him down. Fernando masks his delight when Marcia’s looking. Humb says Lety’s lawyers are coming simply to process the documents correctly. Lety won’t be coming. The HaHA’s arrive and Ali tries to turn them away until Sanchez mentions that Lety owns the whole company.


Triunfo del Amor #19 1/27/11 Like Father Like Son: Two Men In The Mood For Makin' Whoopee

[Since there doesn't seem to be a regular recapper for Thursdays now, I threw this together.  Feel free to add whatever I left out and I'll add it in.  If the recap shows up I'll gladly take this one down. --Tks, for the assist Urban Anthropologist and Susanita!]

Osvaldo has just caught Oscar lending his shoulder to Victoria as her crying rag. He confronts Oscar and Antonieta gives him a load of sh!t for his misplaced chauvinism. Who’s he to talk? Oz tells Toni to stop beating around the bush and come out with it if there’s a problem. Pepino rushes in and pulls Toni out of the room before she gives the goods on seeing him with his high-class Ho-for-Hire. Oscar sees his chance and gets the heck out of there also before any more fur flies. Osvaldo and Vicki are back to apologizing for their mutually misdirected disses. They kiss and make up.

Linda says yes to Juanjo and can’t take her eyes of that diamond ring. Back in the apartment, Maria and Natty are disgusted with the whole set up. Linda says no biggy, anything can happen between now and some future wedding. Obviously, marriage isn’t in the plan, especially since Osvaldo is back in the picture.

Bernarda and Juan Pablo argue over his determination to look for his bastard child. Burnie, in a gusher full of pious histrionics, screams that it is a sacrilege for a priest to admit to having a bastard child. Afterwards, she decides that inventing a sham serious illness will prevent Her Son The Priest from his fool’s errand and later that day checks herself into the hospital.

JP visits her in the hospital room and she lies about how ill she is and blames his attitude and disrespect for making her so ill. Victoria has heard she’s in the hospital (dunno-maybe she’s got ESP) and makes a surprise visit that afternoon. They spit and hiss at each other over whether Vicki or JP was guiltier, i.e., who caused whom to lose their virginity back in the day when their little bundle of joy was conceived. Vicki is there to demand Burnie tell her if she knows where her daughter is. Burnie insists she has no idea, though she knows lots of other secrets. Vicki gives up and leaves. JP asks his mother during her histrionics with Victoria to tell him exactly what secrets she was talking about.

JP convinces Vicki later to take him to the place where Vicki was run over and little Maria was lost. Vicki tells him what she remembers about that time: Antonieta had dashed off ahead to start supper. Vicki crossed the street; a car sped at her and hit her; when she woke up in the hospital later nobody knew where Maria was. The two women went immediately back to the area but nobody there remembered seeing the little girl and they never saw her again. Plenty of guilt and tears over the lost hija-a-a-a!

Linda and Natty show Maria the morning papers at breakfast with a picture of Max and his supposed fiancée from Fernanda’s party.

Milagros and Juanjo have a houseguest, her nephew Cruz who has come to D.F. to seek his fortune. He seems the open, affable type who will clean up nicely.....Here's hoping [Pablo Montero] will shave this time; this guy should never have facial hair.

At the Casa de Modas Fern and Gabi show up for a playdate together at the design studio. Fer barges in on Max and Fabian first. Max gets on Fer’s case for faking the picture to the press because it could get him into trouble with various “associates”, aka, Maria D. Fabian makes the mistake of asking Fer if she liked his gift, a music box, and Brat-Baby tells him that she threw it away because it was a stupid gift. Fabian eats his sh!t sandwich, swallows, and licks his lips.

Fer joins her Mama during the runway rehearsal. Max shows up two minutes later to watch also. Vicki gives Maria some direction that Maria disagrees with. Vicki tells her she admires her gumption. Maria brings up the fiancée in the news. Vicki says it must be a mistake because Max doesn’t have either a girlfriend or a fiancée. Problem solved for Max and Maria.

Oz’s on-again-off-again conscience kicks in and he’s in the mood to revive the romance in his marriage. He invites Vicki out for dinner and she agrees. He’s got everything set up in a private hotel suite for the two of them when she arrives. Vicki’s enthralled. It’s just what Dr. Laura would have ordered.

Back in the barrio, Max is waiting outside Maria’s building for her. She hops inside his little two-seater and they start the smooooching. Maria says Max is saved from a fate worse than death because his mama spoke the truth. Max and Maria are in luuuv. He says it’s time they prove it to each other by (as they used to say in the day) going all the way.


Eva Luna #59 Thu 1/27/11 Don Julio persuading Damsel to trust him... and a great commercial idea for Pepto Bismol or Alka Seltzer... pink shirt and all

[Posted for Martai by Jardinera654]

Before opening credits, We see again Julio talking to Marcos:

J: I will not be at ease until I am facing that angelic figure, Eva.

M: I can imagine the surprise on her face when she sees you and finds out all you did.

J: I expect to be back tonight with Eva.

M: If your wife hated Eva before the reading of your will, now she will be anxious to finish her!

J: That is precisely why I have to find her.

E: I never thought Daniel would break my heart… but he did. And that is why I hate him! I hate him as much as he hates me…

D: Take her out of your head!! Your future is with Victoria!!

Voice over: And tonight… Julio finally found Eva!

J: We have to work together to make justice.

E: I will get revenge on Daniel!

We begin tonight’s ep…

Mati: Dear… do what Sr Julio is asking.

E: No, auntie.

Mati: But you can’t hide forever!

E: IT is so hard…

Mati: As hard as the situation is, you have to face it… and how better than with him?

J: Thank you… (to Eva) Look, Eva. Forgive my insisting. But you have to make a decision right away…

(Bruno very anxiously asks Giorgio what the heck is going on… Giorgio fakes he has no clue what Bruno is talking about and tries to detour the conversation to some fabrics. Bruno is not exactly patient… and finally convinces Giorgio to spill the beans…)

G: Bruno, it seems Dona Marcela is pennyless… she is ruined.

B: How is that possible?

G: It looks like Don Julio froze her accounts … and did not leave her anything in his will.

Ali gets to her room and Tony is waiting for her. HE is very serious, but so far calm. Ali gets nervous and yells to him she has nothing to talk to him about. He puts more fuel to the fire comparing the situation to Leonardo…

T: You would not send him away, right?… what is it you like more about Leonardo? His mansion, his pool or his bank account?

A: Want me to be honest? … I like everything! I like Everything (about him).

T: That’s what you want, right? To be the lover of a rich guy! … If I see you again with him, I swear I will loose my control!... SO You forget about that job, you forget about that man and you forget everything!!

Alicia gets sarcastic, seems she does not realize he is really serious… she mocks him asking what is it he wants? To wash his clothes? … Tony lifts his hand to hit her but freezes. Alicia dares him to hit her. Yells at him to leave her alone. But Tony gets desperate, seems to be begging her to stay with him, but he is grabbing her face really roughly. She claims he killed her love with his abuse and his lies… He begs more, crying. Alicia demands he leave her room and her life. They are over. Tony is upset, but leaves her room. Alicia looks concerned, she knows Tony is unpredictable.

Bruno tells his cousin about Marcela’s news… this changes all the plans. Marcela Arizmendi is now useless.. Cousin asks what will he do now. He says as soon as he can, he will leave… he does not want Cruella to come near him ever again. Cousin says I can imagine… Bruno: Will find the moment to leave her with all the debt and will run with the money we have got from her fake invoices. … go back before someone starts suspecting us… ah!... and start looking for the next rich old maid for me to seduce…

At misery manor, Marcela is tearing everything in Julio’s rooms… she takes it on a Tiffany lamp with his cane, yelling Julio I hate you!! I hate you!!… she is totally out of control, makes enough noise that Vicky runs in worried about her. Marcela blames all her misery on Eva… and Julio, after all the time she cared for him and all the work she put at the agency… (yada yada)… Now she can’t touch a single penny… what she wants most now is to find that darn Eva… I will kill her!! I swear to you I will kill her!!!

Vicky goes to Leo’s room to tell him what happened with their mother. She yells at him that he needs to find Eva so they can destroy her. Leo says working on it, what about your mission with Daniel? She says it is going very well.. any moment now he will be reconciled with her… the only fly in the milk is that little pest Laurita…

At NewVille, Dano is giving Laurita the gift. At first she thinks it was from him so she says she loves it (seems some kid jewelry). The moment he says it is from Vicky, she totally makes a 180 on her opinion of the gift.. She begins to yell that Vicky is a WITCH WITCH WITCH… she does not love us!!... please, papi, don’t go back with her… I swear that everything will be cleared up. Eva is innocent and when she is back she will clear it all up.

Dano: Enough! Stop dreaming of that!

Laur: Don’t you dream with that too?

(Vicky makes her untimely entrance, mockingly asking Laurita how she liked her gift… Laurita just huffs away. Dano tries to go after her but Vicky stops him saying she was right, if he had told Laurita it was from her, Laurita would never have even opened it… and we have the same stomach twisting conversation we have had in last week or so…)

Meanwhile at Auntie Mati’s… Eva is stubborn that she can’t return. Julio asks if she hates Dano so much because he made her a runaway from the law. Eva says not just that. Julio wants her to explain. Eva tells Don Julio that Dano ran over her father and just fled the scene… Julio is in disbelief. That is not like Daniel. He would not do something like that and not face his actions. Eva says that is why even if my heart wants to keep loving him, she can’t. And if she has not accused him, it was because he got ahead of her accusing her of burglary and no one will believe her now. Julio is still in disbelief… But ends up telling Eva that she has his full support and now more than ever she has to go back with him… He swears he will help her make Daniel pay for all the harm he has caused her, IF he is responsible… (I LOVE GRANDPA JULIO!!!)

Vicky tells Dano that Eva might get the inheritance when she shows up, but she will also go to jail. (yeah right..) Vicky keeps whining about Eva and all she has done to them… Vicky asks Dano if Eva will claim her place at the agency. Dano does not think so, Eva knows nothing about advertising. Vicky is not so sure. Suddenly Vicky freezes and asks Dano what he would do if Eva returned today… Does he not care about Eva anymore or does he still love her? He gets really antsy and does not want to talk about Eva anymore… Vicky notices Laurita is peeking in the door and begins getting lovey lovey and telling Dano she is happy to hear him say that and kisses him with all the intention so Laurita sees them… Laurita gets really upset at seeing her dad kiss Vicky again and leaves.

Marcela shows up at Bruno’s by surprise and catches him shirtless… HE looks instantly very sick to his stomach. She needs his kisses and caresses. She begs him to help her go through the moment she is going through. He freezes her how come now she needs him… where is that widow who rejected his company just a few days ago… She replies after today she will not mourn that jerk Julio. Marcela continues to beg and I feel pretty sick myself watching her slime all over Bruno… The cousin peeks and smiles enjoying the hard moment Bruno is going through, he signals to her to leave… Bruno asks Marcela to leave.. saying he does not feel well… Marcela says don’t tell me you have a headache… Bruno snaps at her telling her, that’s it… after all the mishaps we had today with the bounced checks and the delayed opening of the new company… Marcela swears she will solve all that… Bruno asks how… She has no clue yet but everything can be fixed… Bruno insists she leave, so she asks if he is waiting for someone else. Bruno asks if she will begin a jealousy scene. She says no, I am not a jealous kid, I am rather vengeful, VERY vengeful… and warns him next time she comes to find him to be with him, he better not say he has headaches again. She leaves and the cousin comments he will have a hard time getting rid of that woman… Bruno: Very funny.

Eva tells Julio he is right, Since Dano did not have compassion with her, she won’t either. She will come back to the city and will get revenge on Daniel, my dad’s murderer. Julio is happy and begins celebrating. After commercial… Mati celebrates Eva’s decision. Eva says if I stay here my dad’s death will be unavenged and I won’t settle for that. Julio repeats she will have a lot of money and power to get justice… but everything will come in time. Matilde warns Eva not to let all this turn into a merciless being (un ser despiadado). Eva asks her aunt to come with them. Aunt Matilde is in shock… at first is reluctant… she does not like the city… Julio makes a commitment to make her like the city, he will show it to her. Besides, Eva needs her. Julio has another small attack and Eva and Mati put him in a bed to rest. Julio appreciates that Eva is caring for him just like before… He asks her does she realize now why he also needs her by his side… tells Matilde Eva is the only one who knows how to care for this old hag…

Tony is pacing anxiously in his room, talking to himself as if it was Alicia and drinking heavily saying Alicia will not dump him for Leonardo… and you, Leonardo, no matter how much money you have, you will not steal my girl… I can easily put you in your place… the one who does the dirty work is me! … you both will pay for this, Alicia first.

Tia Mati tells Eva she is amazed at Eva’s skill taking care of the old man. Eva tells her that no one in his family cared for him… except Sra Renata, but she did not like Eva caring for him. Matilde asks why, Eva does not know… Then Eva changes subject and keeps asking Matilde to come with her back to L.A.


Jackie brings Laurita some water… Maybe what you saw was not that critical. Laurita knows better… they are probably back together again… She is really worried her dad will go back with Vicky. Jackie tells her sometimes there are things you cannot control but sometimes those things don’t turn so bad after all. Laurita does not buy Jackie’s attempt to cheer her up.

Leo calls Gallo and tasks him with finding Eva, precisely the same woman that Daniel cheated on my sister with…

Vicky puts Daniel on the spot, she wants to know where they stand now… she uses the excuse she does not want to build false hopes again after what happened… At first Daniel just wants things to happen as they will… but Vicky puts more pressure reminding him of how much she suffered, so he apologizes for ‘what he did’… he says he does not feel he deserves so much patience and understanding… She insists she wants him to be straight… so he finally gives in and says ‘this is a… reconciliation’… (GAG!!! PLEASE SPARE ME!!!)

Marisol is giving Alicia advise, Marisol is not so sure that just because he is rich, Leonardo is necessarily so reliable… If he has to choose her or his associate (she does not know his associate is Daniel), he will choose the associate… Alicia does feel he truly wants to help her… LOUD KNOCKS ON DOOR… Alicia goes to open and in runs a totally drunken Tony asking Alicia if she already slept with Leonardo… Marisol yells at him to shut up, but to no avail. Tony tells Alicia he is truly suffering like an embezzle… DO YOU WANT MONEY?? I HAVE SOME TO GIVE YOU TOO!! How much is he giving you?? (he grabs Alicia and pushes her on the couch and begins to force himself on her. Marisol tries to get him off but since she can’t she runs out for help…)

Another sickening scene with Vicky and Daniel… he wants to go back together… She is happily in disbelief… ‘with this you are again giving meaning to my life… you will see when we get married I will care for you like no one has…” (YADA YADA… Someone has some Pepto around?? REALLY, man!! this is SOOOOO sickening..)

Justa and Ricardo come in to help… Ricardo grabs Tony from behind… Justa yells at him asking if he lost his mind… Tony yells that it is all Alicia’s fault because he loves her. Justa yells at him that no man has right to force himself on a woman. I should kick you out right now… Tony rebuts the one she should kick out is Alicia… Tony keeps swearing to Alicia that she will pay… Ricardo shuts the door almost on Tony’s face…

Eva keeps begging her aunt to come back with her… Matilde even promises she will buy a cell phone or a computer to keep in touch via internet. LOL!!... Eva begs her to be there for her to give her advise when she runs into problems. Then Eva gets the idea to let her aunt read the tarot cards to let them tell her if she should go with Eva… Aunt Matilde reads her cards and asks Eva when are we leaving??

Alicia in her room says things will not stay like this… She dials Leo’s number. He is having fun with girls at the casino but answers her call and agrees to meet her somewhere…


Dano tells Francisco that he went back with Vicky… Fran says are you crazy? Don’t you remember her crazy actions? Why don’t you sleep on it and think about it some more?? Dano says he does not want to wait any longer. He has to convince her his happiness is Vicky and needs to get married and begin his new life. Fran insists where did all this great love he swore he felt for Eva end up? Dano snaps jumps up from couch yelling at Fran that Eva does not exist, ordering him not to even mention Eva anymore. Fran says ok as you wish… Then we will both be married… Dano asks ‘with the teacher?’ yup.

Fran asks also if Dano has told Laurita about his going back with Vicky…and shows concern about Laurita’s reaction to his reconciling with Vicky…


Leo meets with Alicia… Alicia tells him what happened with Tony… Leo says he can’t believe it… Alicia swears she had broken up with Tony… she is afraid of what Tony can do. Leo tells her she was right to call him, and swears to her Tony will not bother her again… He says he is glad she and Tony are not together, because then he can tell her he likes her very much… and begins shoving wine down her throat to see if she will slip to him where Eva is… I think the wine is melting the brain cells Alicia had grown just in last night’s ep when she did not slip to him where Eva is… but Leonardo is doing a decent job sweet talking in her ear… He chooses the strategy to ask casually about her family, where is her family from, where did she live before she moved to Los Angeles…

Dano comes to Laurita’s room… and tells Laurita he wants to talk about Vicky… we need to.. I have taken a decision and want to tell you myself… Laurita asks if he decided not to see her again… nope, on the contrary, Vicky and I will get married… (OK, Laurita, you have my permission to tie him up and do anything you can think of to this dumb dad of yours, and that includes makeup, tea parties, dressing him like a clown, or even dunking him in a pile of stinky mudd… or just beat his head against the wall… ANYTHING that will make him loose the amnesic blindfold he has on)

Laurita of course snaps, how can you??? She wants him to wait to see Eva and clear things out with her… When she returns, everything will be cleared up… Dano insists this is a done deal, he has decided already… Laurita insists Vicky is not a good person.. she does not love her… Dano insists Vicky is good and loves Laurita… Laurita is pulling her hair asking him desperately how can he believe Vicky… (I AM WITH YOU GIRL!!)

Dano tells her Vicky has been really good and understanding with him and it is about time he returns her love… Laurita rebuts she has heard people should not marry if they are not really in love… You might care for her… but you don’t love her enough to marry her. Dano tries to refuse but Laurita says ‘you cannot lie to me’.

Eva comments with her aunt that it still seems incredible that Don Julio is there with them and wants her to go back to LA… Matilde says he clearly cares about her very much and also needs her very much. Eva says just like I need you… Eva feels better now that Matilde is going with her. She is afraid and confused. They keep commenting that it is really strange all that Julio has done, including faking his own death… Matilde comments it must have been something really serious that made him do all this. Julio comes out of the bedroom at that moment and says yes, it was something EXTREMELY critical/serious…

Previews: Dano and Eva each wonder why they can’t forget each other…

We see Eva and Julio arrive at the house and Julio tells Eva that they will live the biggest transformation of her life, the old Eva Gonzalez will die, to allow room for a new woman.

BTW, all joking aside... Guy looks great in the bazooka gum pink shirt..


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