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Que Pobres tan Ricos # 20 31 Jan 2014 Nepo looking forward to his date with Lupe, but at fonda, the sh... has hit the f..... Salvese quien pueda!! (TAKE COVER!!!)

A-hole/Mini argue about he wants a baby RIGHT NOW! And she is not anxiously anticipating that.

Emi and Grandma Mati were playing dominos, he keeps losing, ‘gambling debts are honor debts’. Tizoc calls him to go do homework. Emi leaves. Leo comes in dramatically (OMG!!! You would not believe the trauma I just went through! I got mugged!!) Tizoc undermines his experience. Leo says he was about to be bleeding to death. Then he undermines the barrio/neighborhood. Tizoc says if you know how to defend yourself nothing would happen to you around here. Leo says if you mean being a boxer or gorilla, that is far from my idea of a man. ‘my friend’. Tizoc begins rapping to him with sound effects. From now on you are my friend. Leo is nodding in rhythm… You are Leonardo el princeso!! (the prince). Leo does not appreciate the joke. And calls Tizoc naco. Grandma Mati enjoys the show. Laughs her butt off.

Back to Cabo San Lucas. She is trying to convince him to tune it down a couple notches (like Frida told her mom a while back). He reluctantly tells her about the grandpa clause. ‘el primer nieto que tenga un hijo en legitimo matrimonio’ and I plan to be the heir of the RP empire, to share with you ‘chiquita’. She says you should have told me earlier. Then she is biting her teeth as he continues reassuring her she will be pregnanty by the end of the honeymoon.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor 1/31/14 Capítulo 42(ish)- Because we weren't bummed out enough

AVISO: Some scenes are combined.

Little Miguel has passed away. Isa is inconsolable.  

Mau and Andy discover Angel home alone just as Min returns home. Min is now a volunteer and a meeting with the Padre taking longer than she expected (which Padre? The one of Cuca and the Padre fame, or a different one?)  Mau asks her to help out more around the house. 

Ara cries on Este's shoulder. Ara says Isa and her father were so excited about the baby, but now it's a nightmare.  

Mari and Tassels argue about the stolen goods she was unwittingly selling. He could have gotten her in a real mess. Tassels swears it will never happen again. Mari will not trust him anymore. He betrayed her. 

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Weekend Discussion: Controlling Mothers, Part II

Maternal Monsters, Part II

There are way more of these than perhaps any other female villain because they can play so many cards in the game of control. Guilt, money, religion; even sex isn't exempt from their repertoire in their attempts to control their teen or adult children. I was hoping to compile another Dirty Dozen, but some of these are so spectacularly evil it just couldn't wait. Please provide any more details if you can.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo - Capitulo 58—Aftermath of a Funeral

“What we have got here is failure to communicate.”
                                    Cool Hand Luke - 1967

Editorial By Elna june
There has been much discussion in the last few days about the nature and character of certain of our players in ‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robo’. I say that what we have got here is a failure to communicate. And I stand by my statement—Let me explain.

The writers in this telenovela have, by and large, done a great job. The acting, production values and dialogue are first rate, and the pace sometimes makes me feel like I am watching a telenovela directed by Paul Greengrass.

What we, as faithful watchers of “Robo’ need to have communicated to us now is character development, especially of the protagonist, Alejandro Almonte. In the last few days, culminating with the terrible death of Lauro Mendoza, I find that I have completely ceased to care about the anti-galan Alejandro. I am no longer angry with him, as I was at times earlier in our story, I am, quite simply, BORED with his character.

And a bored viewer cannot be a good thing, my friends. If the writers have taken a darker direction with this telenovela protagonist, such as we have seen in recent American primetime dramas with Tony Soprano in “The Sopranos” and Walter White in “Breaking Bad”, or, in more classical theatre with Shakespeare in “Macbeth”, then we viewers can know that we are watching, fascinated, as the proverbial train wrecks. Let Ale go to the devil and serve us up some new options for Montserrat. She can practice being a single mother—that storyline has many interesting possibilities.

The tension created by Alejandro Almonte’s cruel actions has left us viewers in a state of cognitive dissonance that is downright uncomfortable. Why is he behaving like such a jerk? We choose up tables, we look for hidden clues in his dialogue and personal history, we try to cling to Alejandro’s ‘right to be angry’ as a reason for his cruel actions and words. But so far his story rings hollow and  his personality unlikeable.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #19-1/30/14 : AS Has a Very Bad Hair Day and Other Follies

Hola Amiguis! This capitulo was a tough one with all the slang and speed. This recap will not be in order and please let me know what I got wrong. I am still learning Y'all as you are : )

JT and Frida are still having their little chat. He even invites her to come hear his band sometime, but I don't think she wants to venture into the neighborhood. He imitates her "fresa speak".

AS is wearing that lovely, er, hideous scarf and Granny Mati hands her a mirror so she can see how loverly she looks, Not! AS is just abhorred! Leo remarks she needs a hat (in English) then says in Spanish it is a sombrero. Lupe serves Granny Mati some chicken soup, ya know they just gently killed that chicken. MA is going to show off his waiter talents he learned in Londres. He is going to serve his family. Lupe tells AS all about the neighborhood hairdresser, ya know, Guendy, but AS doesn't trust anyone from the 'hood to be touching her curly locks.

MA serves his family, that would be AS and Leo, Frida is still off talking to JT. MA serves and says basically here ya go MiLady and MiLord, things he learned in Londres, with a towel over his arm and the tray over the same arm, think Moseley in Downton Abby. Don Chuy thinks that's a hoot. MA even says he will serve Don Chuy and it will be an honor.
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Mentir Para Vivir #81 Thu 1/30/14 Acusar para Arruinar

Fidelia gives Marilu a hard time, asking if she's still drunk from last night, but Inésiana is more than willing to get down on her knees, if that's what it takes to get her daughter back.  Fidelia stops her from doing it and threatens to tell the judge that Marilu is a drunk.  Marilu says that she's got plenty of things to tell the judge herself.  Fidelia tells Inésiana that she has no idea what happened to Marilu and wonders if someone can really go crazy from one day to the next.

Once Inésiana is gone, Fidelia calls Ric to report on Marilu.  She's worried that if Marilu doesn't get what she wants, she might start to take things out on Alina.  Pobre de Fidelia, first Maria, then Sebastian, and now Marilu. She thinks maybe they ought to call either Mariano or Dr. Veronese to exorcise the demon or medicate her.  Or maybe both.  Piero tells Ric that he saw Marilu last night in a bar drinking with some guy and that in her inebriated state, she told him that Inésiana can take the kid, but she wants to keep Ric.  Piero still has the guy's card.

Our trusty Hhhhhackerrrrr has finished his work.  For the low, low price of $10K, what he did was
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Por siempre mi amor #41 1/30/14: Aranza Comes Partially To Her Senses But Is It Too Late and How Long Will It Last?

Gabino is so happy to see his miserable son, Dante.  Heis happy that he may work for the De La Rivas and he wants him to see his mother.

The police are chasing Mari through a market, she jumps on the motorcycle with Hot Rod Tita Mama.  Daniel witnesses the getaway.
At the accident scene Isa is being transported to the hospotial, Gaby calls and they can't find Art.
Gabino is too happy to share his news with Lucha. A cold (reminds me of Destilando Amor- Francisco De La Vega, who denied his mother)Dante walks in and Daphne orders "Dante" the chauffeur to take her to the hospital.
Art is found and is worried about the well being of his wife and child.  Why did they let him drive?
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Por siempre mi amor #40 1/29/14: The Evil Seed Is Planted

For J Desde NYC- Feel better!

Art is asking Za about deceiving Esteban will Favier. Za denies it. (She has that whiny pitch in her voice just like Sucia). Ara says that Facier made her realize that she doesn't feel anything for Esteban. He is too immature. Once again with the perdonames. Art asks Ara not to continue lying and Ara promises not to do it again.  Isa was not too happy that Ara wasn't with Daphne and Ara was not too happy that Isa brought it to his attention. She's going to pay. (What else is new?)

At the love nest
Sucia and Favier discuss how Ara loved the dog and Sucia marvels at how no one know that the dog was her suggestion.  She asked if he had spoken to his contact at the prison and he lied and said that he was on vacation, he wants to put Fernando to in the past he doesn't want her to know the truth about Feo. Favier is calling Methusulah about getting some candidates for the chauffeur's job for Isa. 

At Art and Isa's
Ara approaches Daphne about blowing her cover, and Daphe says that it couldn't be helped.  She was waiting outside for her and rang the bell and Art saw her but it won't happen again. (Yeah right) then Daphne goes into her rant about how that nosey Isa is going to pay dearly. (Ara is already paying by living with you for the last 10 years)

At Andrea and Mau's
A tearful Andrea is comforted by Esteban and tells MeanMinnie about Angel finding out the truth about his sperm donor. Minnie was worried about Feo's name being called but what does it matter, he's "dead".  Angel went to the movies with Mau and he is glad that Mau is his dad, he wouldn't have it any other way.

At Methusulah's Office (and why does this man even have office space?)
The Evil Duo pay Meth to hire a chauffeur for Isa, someone intelligent because they want to be kept informed of everything that is going on regarding Isa and Art. (What a powerful anvil drop that will be)

Art and Isa's
Daphe comes down to dinner and art asks for Ara.  She wasn't hungry and is not feeling well. She's upset that Isa got her in trouble. Isa is taken aback , Daphne doesn't understand why she  Ara doesn't like Isa and Art wants to know if Daphne's parents are aware that she is there. Since they don't she needs to give them a call and leave a message. They need to know her whereabouts.  Daphne pits in her jabs about Aea is lucky to have a father and stepmother who care about her and that Ara doesn't appreciate them. Art and Isa share uncomfortable looks.  Isa gets a text- Hello Beautiful. Oh no, it's from Feo and she starts having palpitations. Art feels bad for Daphne but Isa shares the text from Feo that she just received.  Art is sure that it's a wrong number and he will call it. Favier is pleased that Isa reacted to his text and he plans on driving her crazy ( pushing her past her limits). He will Mae her life miserable as Feo's ghost.

At Gaby's Apartment or should I say the smack down ring
Ally shows up at Gaby's door.  Gaby wasn't expecting company and Ally says that they ends to talk. Gaby says that she has nothing to say, she hasn't seen Bruno for years (Gaby, you knew that this wasn't a social call, so why did you invite Ally and furthermore why does she have a coffee cup?). Ally brings up that Gaby still has a picture of she and Bruno. She and Gaby are similar in their lifestyles how they act.She asks Bruno why did he chose her, what attracted him to her? She found out her answers when she got to know Gaby.  Bruno still loves Gaby. (Why doesn't Ally have this convo with Bruno? Gaby did nothing to encourage him).  Gaby doesn't believe her. Why would he get married then, Gaby defends Bruno.
She herself is an honest, forthright woman and perhaps Ally doesn't know Bruno as well,as she thinks that she does. Then we go back and forth as to know knows Bruno. Gaby let's Ally know that she broke Bruno's heart due to fear and just being plain stupid, I didn't see that I had a good thing in front of me.  Ally agrees that he came to Spain very hurt.  Gaby regrets it but it's useless.  Bruno moved to the otherwise of the world to get over her.  Gaby tells Ally that she has nothing to worry about the love story between she and Bruno is over. Hmmmmm- Gaby, viewer vile will strongly disagree with you!

In the Hood
Dante is trying to rent an apartment from Agatha.  There is an available apartment and Dante will handle the paperwork. Then he asks for that young cutie that came around looking for her. Gema(La mas facil). He didn't know that she was her stepdaughter.  When she comes around again Agatha find out when she is coming around again and she will introduce her to him. Bleck!

At the love nest
Favier enters with a key and tells Sucia that Wilson told him that the coast was clear. Ole Sugar Daddy  - OSD is not around.  Sucia gets a call from OSD, he is asking about someone who she ran over -he has two broken knees and some serious bumps on his legs. OSD asks if he was hospitalized? Yes for observation? OSD will handle the costs, send him the bills,oh and he was going to sue, but thanks to Sucia, she encouraged him not to.  OSD feels so much better.  He will send over a messaging with a check. He is not coming, he doesn't want to be seen, and he doesn't want anyone to have anything against him. He said that he is not going to sue but he can be ill advised and proceed with the lawsuit.

At Art and Isa's 
Isa is very upset over the text, Art tries to calm her down and jokes that the intended person for the text will never receive it.  Calm down, Isa, Feo is"dead".  She has to calm down for the sake of the baby. Art and Isa share a little pillow talk.  She feels safe I his arms. Goodnight.zzzzzz

At Tita's
Bruno asks Ally, where was she.  They were worried about her. She didn't think that Bruno would notice because at times she seems to be a bother to him. She directly ask Bruno- what's in your head?  Bruno promises to work on making there marriage a happy one.

At the university
Ileana can't understand why Ara would break up with Esteban. He is the perfect boyfriend that loves her and they have known each other since they were kids. Why would she leave him for a man that she just met.  Ara can't explain it but she feels something fast and furious for Javier.  Daphe interrupts and tells Ileana not to critique what she doesn't know and Ileana 
is bothered that her friend drops a wonderful man for someone that she just met.  Daphne tells Ileana how Esteban went to Ara's house and how he treated her. Ileana suspects that Daphne is exaggerating.  Cristian feels bad for Esteban and the break up but suggests that maybe Ara didn't feel the same way that Este felt for her.  Este was so jealous and feels bad about the way that he reacted. Este figures out that it's Javier.
Este tries to talk to Ara who resists. She tells Este to forget about her, her hurt her and she does not trust him.  Este is begging Ara to give him another chance. She won't budge.

At work
Art and Bruno are discussing why Ara is so gaga over Javier and why Ara felt the need to lie to go out with him and break up with Esteban. Bruno suggests that Art have a chat with Ara and find out why she lied and Art needs to meet Javier. Bruno says how ironic it is.  He tried to forget about Gaby but he married a woman just like her. He still loves Gaby. (Viewer vile knew it all along)

At Methusulah's office 
Gonzo and Dante are there to get some  false paperwork.  Meth says that from what he can see the dead are resurrecting?  Huh? Fernando appeared.  Gonzo started stuttering.  He died in jail, right? No, somebody else died and Fernando is free.  Both Gonzo and Dante were colorless and  speechless.  Dante gets that paperwork the the needs at a price of course.  Gonzo asks about Feo's whereabouts. Meth confirms that Feo wants to revenge Isa having him jailed and Dante can help. He can be the chauffeur.  Meth will arrange for Dante to be interviewed.

At Padre's
Padre and Cuca were watching a news report about truckers being robbed by a band of crooks.  Those robbers need to get an honest job.  Cuca asks if padre has heard anything from Mari. Padre prays that she will be watched over and get what she needs.  

In the street
Mari and the kids see the white BMW, that puts a gigantic smile on Mari's face.

At Casa Arte
Gaby tells Isa that Ally paid her a visit. She is jealous of Gaby and that Bruno hasn't gotten over her. It doesn't matter to Gaby, (sure, Gaby).  Isa doesn't buy it.if a runs left Ally for any reason, Gaby shouldn't let that opportunity slip by again. Art and Isa plan a Gaby and Bruno intervention.

At the love nest
Favier is going to have dinner with OSD. He is going to try to dupe him.

In The hood
Dante brings Agatha the paperwork that she needed and he rents the apartment. Gonzo tells Da te that he double crossed Feo and that if Feo sees him, Gonzo is a dead man.  Dante will be a big help because Feo doesn't know him. The chauffeur's job is a better investment than robbing merchandise where he has betrayed Feo.

At a restaurant
Isa and Gaby are dining and Art and Bruno coincidentally meet them there. BTW- OSD is dining at the same restaurant with Javier.  Javier is all smiles at the lunch with OSD, who thanks him for tasking care of all of the medical costs. His cell rings and he walks off to answer. Tere calls Isa and suddenly there is a flood at the house, so Osa and Art leave, leaving Gaby and Bruno together.  It's Meth on the phone who tells Favier that he has a candidate for the chauffeur's job and Facier asks Meth if he is taking care of the other little job. When Isa and Art leaves they see OSD who,greets them under the watchful eye of Favier.  OSD has a new computer security program that he wants to show him that can protect the software of his company. They will make an appointment.  Favier mentions to OSD that he knows the Rivas couple and Ole wants to know, how does Favier know who they are. Favier says a friend of his is a relative of Art's.

At Casa Arte
A woman drives up in a car that is smoking and the security guard runs to help her. Meanwhile someone runs up to a white car and does/ puts something on it.

At Art and Isa's
Meth calls the house to let it be known that hi"agency" has a candidate for the chauffeur's position. Art and Isa hope that Gaby and Bruno don't suspect what they were trying to do Lucha tells Art that a chauffeur candidate is coming this afternoon for an interview.  Isa asks Ara if there is anything that she can help her with.  She shares that she has broken up with Este and she feels bad. Is it what he did or that you don't love him. She loves him but he hurt her by what he said.  You have loved him since you,were kids, first as a game and then it grew.  Isa lets her know not to let any man disrepect her at all. Isa asks if there is someone else. Yes, the person who,sent the flowers, Javier.  Ara feels bad because she doesn't  want to deceive Este. Isa gets it. Don't be fooled by the illusion of love, things, words, that is not love.

At the university
Este is still sad over the break up with Ara.  Daphe says that he said some horrible,things to her and Christian tells him that there are other fish in the sea. He notes that Ara is acting differently but he is going to fight for her.

At the restaurant
Gaby shares with Bruno that Ally visited her.   Bruno needs to come to terms with his feelings.  Gaby broke his heart and age didn't come to terms with how,she felt. He is married because he was humiliated.Gaby recognizes Feo

Padre tells Borlas to come clean to Mari about his "night" job

Daphne shares with Esteban that Ara kissed Javier

Isa and Ara have a car accident, an ambulance is called.  Ara calls Isa, mama!! She and her little brother will be fine.

Dante shows up at the De La RIva house as the new chauffeur.  Gaby is estastic.

Coming attractions:
Ara begs for forgiveness
What will happen to the baby?


Mentir Para Vivir #80 Wed 1/29/14 Cupid takes one of Leo’s arrows and aims it right at his heart; Sabe meets his velvet lined anvil (?)

Las Brujas y El Zorro
Matidle and Lila meet JL at swanky restaurant.  The ladies order drinks, but JL responsibly orders mineral water, cuz well, you know why. 

Casa de Paloma
Ricky and Ori discuss Marilu’s sudden change of heart (as Ori precariously navigates the stairs).  Ricky worries that the social worker may not give a good report to the judge who could keep Alina away from Ori.  She doesn’t want that to happen, she wants custody back now.  She’s really afraid of JL.  Ricky says this could mean another fight.  Ori is tired of arguing and resorts to her oft-repeated suggestion that maybe they just need to stop seeing each other – again.  Ricky tells her Mari-coo-coo can’t keep him from visiting his madrina who happens to be the major investor.  Ori worries this will put a bee in her bonnet and then she’ll go blab to the judge that the marriage is a sham and Ricky and Ori are having relations.  Ricky tells her to calm down and take one step at a time.  First, she must go to the judge to request custody of Alina.  That’s a given.  Now if JL protests, they’ll have to figure out how to defend themselves.  She is now Ines Valdivia   Egads – copy/paste time.  You know the drill:  If JL admits he’s Falcon, he’s cooked and as Francisco Castro, they never married.  He reminds her they agreed they’d be in this fight together to the bitter end and asks her not to give up now.   They’re smooching as Ruben shows up to visit Cesar.  He doesn’t say much but they stop smooching as Ruben heads upstairs.  Ricky assures Ori everything will turn out ok.  He tells her about Leo’s godfather’s suicide. 

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, # 57, 1/29/2014, Ale Hates Montse; Montse Hates Ale. Things are even, but will they ever get better?

Lo Refrito # 1Josefina tries to explain her understanding of Alejandro's point of view to Montse.

Lo Refrito # 2In the Living Room of Hacienda Almonte, a disbelieving Alejandro bends over the dead body of his father-in-law, Admiral Lauro Mendoza.  Ale tells Marcario to call in Lauro's chauffeur but not to tell him what happened because he (Ale) needs to make a call.  Ale exits the scene, leaving María behind to have some quality time with Admiral Mendoza's corpse:  "Maldito Viejo," she calls him, which translates directly as Bad Old Man, though if she were speaking in English she'd probably say, "Stupid Old Fart!"  María is angry at the Admiral for coming to die at the hacienda.  Some nerve!

Study o' Sh*t Going Down:  Alejandro, visibly shaken, is on the phone with his best friend, Victor.  Victor seems excited to get Ale's call, hoping it means he's calmer about the situation with Montse and is seeing things with a fresh point of view, but Ale immediately says no, he didn't call for this.  He explains what happened with the Admiral and is emotional and upset.  Ale asks Victor to help him, to call and make arrangements with a funeral home to receive the body tonight.  He (Ale) is coming to Agua Azul now and will pay for all the costs of the wake.  Victor wants to know if Ale has spoken yet with Montse.  Ale says no and that he wants to tell her in person.  
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Qué Pobres, Wednesday 1/29/14 (#18): The VICTIM Returns to the Scene of the Crime

Chuy asks, why so much fuss over a beat-up old brush? "Because it was Mom's." Chuy feels cheap!

The RPs retreat to their penthouse apartment to whine self-righteously. Mati scolds them: you're not living up to your pedigree.

Mati wanders around absently, looking for something that she's not sure what it is.

Chuy tells his kids not to be rude his old friend Aurelio's daughter-in-law and her family. JT protests: "But they're hiding..." Lupe interrupts him, preserving MA's big secret for just a tiny bit longer.

In the VIP skybox, the RPs continue to vent. They are full of complaints about these strangers who have been harboring them and feeding them, so far at their own expense. Frida is upset because the Menchacas are "carnivores" and after all, this is their grandfather's house. MA begs them again to just stay out of the Menchacas' way.

Saul smuggles MA onto the RP/Conceptos/Grupo Imperio/Televisa campus. MA hides in the backseat of the car while Saul stalls for time talking to the guard (who won't let him through the gate) until more cars pull up behind him. Then the guard has to let Saul through the gate so that the other cars can get through and he can turn around and get out.

MA hops out of the car and sneaks into Ahole's office. He swipes every potential piece of evidence he can find.

Back in Italy, Frida explains the family's financial situation to Mati.

Vilma shows up to work and notices that Ahole's office door is open. MA hides under the desk. Vilma takes the framed photo of Ahole and Mini from the desk, covers up Mini, and kisses Ahole's face. Ugh, sad. Then she calls one of the secretaries, Melina, and yells at her for leaving Ahole's door open. Melina sasses back: it's not her job to keep Ahole's office locked up. That's Vilma's job.
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Por siempre mi amor #39 1/28/14: Ugh, Art Dad is Bashing the boy we have come know as Dashing :P)


(WOW, I didn't know this was the episode where Esteban finds out 'Za cheated on him AND the car crash takes place. We're literally in for a wild ride.)
We begin with a scene with Art Dad and Isa intimacy.
Next we have FeVier faint and el Ruco and a guy lifting him onto a couch. Soni brings smelling salts and he feigns awakening from his spell followed by a unhearty laugh.
Gabs and Nick together and he asks if she has any feelings for BrunBrun left. We yell HECKS YES and she denies it all.

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Mentir Para Vivir #79 Tue 1/28/14 The Three Faces of Sybilu

At the elementary school entrance, Ricky kneels down to speak with Rhodalina.  He promises her burgers and fries after school.  Unseen, across the street, Jose Luis quietly observes the whimsical interaction between his offspring and his arch nemesis, Pretty Ricky.  The camera pans down to show a Volkswagen sized beetle.  Jose Luis thoroughly crushes the bug under his size 15 leather loafer.  Big feet!  Explains why Oriana put up with him for so long.
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Que pobres tan ricos #17: The cannon explosion or the little flame, its a matter of degrees..... and MA and Lupe continue to communicate and look the same way

Isela/Mini in white robes, as usual Isela is asking for money … they celebrate the upcoming wedding, like winning the lottery without even buying a ticket.

At attic, Frida and Leo are cleaning up/picking up, while Jose is bugging them about the place all a mess. Leo and then Frida defend themselves… then she makes fun of Jose because he said he rehearses there with his band, about him being a loser etc etc. He claims to have his fan club. Jose turns it on Leo being a rich bum. Leo takes his exit rather than receiving more lectures. Jose tells Frida his band/group has a gig tonight. They begin whistling back and forth.

MA and Lupe, her doing numbers, we owe 307,228.60. MA is very amused staring at her and smiling. She asks if it sounds good. He says yeah, well, maybe… well, more or less. He admits he was not really listening. She claims he is doing same he did back then at the restaurant. MA says did not mean to offend, she agrees, his head is at the wedding of Mini and A-hole. MA cannot admit he was thinking about that. She repeats the number. He has to talk it over with Saul. Lupe says go ahead. Here is your mensa. I will even loan you my notebook. She swears they will pay MA peso sobre peso. She wants MA to start figuring out where he will take his family. She does not want to risk trouble with the police. He swears as soon as he fixes his problems they will leave their house… forever. (he tries to get up by sliding the chair back, but he almost stumbles to floor with chair and all, but is very respectful ‘excuse me’ once he finally manages to stand up.

At some chinese restaurant, MA and Saul talk. MA is obviously affected by the wedding stuff. They order ‘whatever is in this picture’… Saul and MA talk about the magazine article. MA repeats the text from the article. Although Saul doubts it, MA tells him Lupe told him they have been seing each other for many years. Saul wants to bring the subject back to the corporate finances.

Carme and Lupe at kitchen… Carme teases Lupe about MA. ‘lo que se ve no se oculta’ (whatever can be seen with the naked eye is hard to hide)
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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 56, Tues., 1/28/14: Alejandro, you are dead to me!

Aguazul, 28 de enero de 2014

Estimada Sra. NovelaMaven:

I have only recently learned of the precipitous fall of my Q score on The Patio.  As you are surely aware, I am the VICTIM of a cruel hoax.  I am a man -- A MAN -- who has been made to LOOK RIDICULOUS.  I come to you in hopes that you can rehabilitate my image and explain my behavior to your colleagues.  And I beg you to remind them that whatever I may do or say, whomever I may install at my table or my bed, I am and will continue to be the most beautiful boy in Campeche.

Alejandro Almonte

NovelaMaven replies:

Bunker of Ironic Detachment 
Patio of Lowered Expectations
January 28, 2014

Dear Cowpies for Brains:

They hurt your feelings.  Boo hoo hoo.
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Lo Que La Vida Mi Robo, Capitulo 55. 01/27/14.

Montse tells Padre Anselmo that Ale accused her of kicking it with JL under his nose.  But you know that's not true.  I know that replies Padre.  As soon as Macario told me what happened I ran to talk to him.  I tried, but unfortunately he is refused to listen to reason.  Montse says he can think whatever he wants.  I don't care.  I know that's not true replies Padre.  Who knows if I can ever forgive him for not acknowledging his child says Montse.  It hurts me to admit it, but a lot of this is my fault.  I have to accept that I lost Ale forever.  Padre tries to console her and spills the frijoles that Maria is back at the hacienda.  Are they together asks Montse.  Yes, confirms Padre.  She will poison him against you. 

Maria shouts for Dominga.  When Dominga asks her what the heck she wants Maria starts insulting her.  She says to watch her tone.  That is no way to talk to the lady of the house.  (What lady?)  Dominga gets a jab in and says she will treat Maria like the lady of the house when she actually becomes one.  (Score for Dominga).  Maria asks if it bothers her to know that she was wrong about her and Ale.  Dominga reminds her it's one thing to have Ale bring her there to console him and another for him to be hers.  Even though he may divorce Montse, I highly doubt that he would marry you.  (Score another for Dominga).  Maria reminds Dominga that she always find a way to get what she wants.  Ale comes in asking if she's ready.  Maria turns to Dominga and says he's taking her out to go shopping.  Make sure you make something scrumptious for dinner.  Maria gives Dominga a dirty look as they leave.

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Por siempre mi amor #38 1/27/14: No Puede Ser! Time for the Tin Foil Hats!!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying warm. We have had very nice weather here in the Northwest for the last couple of weeks, but alas, the rain has come back.

This episode was not the same as the one I watched online that was broadcast in Mexico. Some scenes were cut out and others were added at the end. Usually I watch the episode I'm recapping at least three times but because of the changes I only saw some scenes once. Hopefully I got everything right. If not, please feel free to correct in the comments.

This was kind of a downer episode, so snark is in short supply. But I did think that this is the episode where we officially enter the "TN Beanie" phase. So choose your style:

Left to right: Artsy-Fartsy, Kentucky Derby, Grandma's Metallic Yarns, Classic Hershey's Kiss

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Mentir Para Vivir #78 Mon 1/27/14 La Impostora is busted; Maddy's head explodes again

And here is the recap, in all its glory.
I apologize for the delay, this turned out to be a pretty good episode.

Alina is with the school psychologist, talking about her father. She is scared of him because he stopped laughing and playing with her as he used to do before, now he’s serious all the time. The doctor asks her to draw a picture of her family, Tito included, but Alina says that if she draws her dad, too, it would have to be while he’s kicking Tito in the behind. Such a great memory should be immortalized, so, go for it!

Mariano and Oriana are on the phone, talking about the religious service they should prepare for Homero, even if he’s not truly dead. Mariano feels that something is wrong with her and invites her to have a cheap lunch together the next day. She’s happy to share her worries with him. After he hangs up Mariano remembers that he totally loved her back when he was a member of the Plaid Brotherhood of Hermosillo.He hopes his hormones won't get the best of him when they meet.

Alina goes to see Oriana at Paloma’s after school. She shows her the picture she drew of their family (with JL included); she’s still afraid of her dad, though.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #16-1/27/14: The Beatles Addition

Hola Amguis! Little bebe steps happening between the Menchacas and the Ruiz Palacios. Skipping the refried and getting right to the meat of this episode. Recap will not be in order for better flow of the recap. Shall we begin?

Come Together, Right Now, Over Granny:
Having made their Great Escape with Granny Mati, MA and Saul bring her to the Menchacas and MA asks if she can also stay with the Ruiz Palacio's here. At first Don Chuy is like what, que??? Another mouth to feed, por favor this isn't a hotel. Granny Mati however, seems to be Don Chuy's biggest fan. She remembers all his bouts as "Hijo de Sumatra" and reminces with Don Chuy about going to his bouts with her dearly departed hubby. Don Chuy is really liking Grandma Mati.

The Fool On The Hill:
That's Ahole on the hill, er office, sitting almost on top of his computer when Vilma comes in. She wants to know if he's come up with something for this money situation. He's trying to get in touch with Adolfo, who isn't answering his calls. Just then the phone rings and Ahole thinks it's Adolfo, but in fact it is Dinora, the nurse that Ahole paid to medicate Granny Mati. He eagerly asks Dinora is she dead yet? Thanks Paula!
She informs him of Granny's escape and how they have looked all over the home for her and can't seem to find her. Ahole tells her don't worry, he'll get his people on that. Ahole tells Vilma  he doesn't care if Granny wanders around out of her mind and destitute and Dinora better not be blackmailing him. He wants Dinora to be discrete, cause this will land squarely on her head y punto!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS, THE FRONT PAGE -- La Reina del sur, La Impostora et cetera. Week of January 27, 2014

Here's your page for this week!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- SANTA DIABLA, week of January 27, 2014

I'm back! Thanks so much to Novela Maven for posting and doing the Monday recaps while I was away. I've been reading the recaps and those crazy kids in Marrero are going wild. I can't imagine what will happen this week.

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Mentir Para Vivir #77 Fri 1/24/14 The Great CD Robbery: The Aftermath

Parte 1

Homero and his driver have been left for dead in the middle of the highway inside his abandoned Merc.  Jose Luis has the bulletproof briefcase that ol’ Snoops wasn’t on the ball enough to chain to his wrist.  Viewerville lets out another sigh of resignation.  Apparently Oriana and her posse are back to square one and it’ll be up to Mike the Tike to coach the Scoobie-Do crew from here on out.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #54- 1/24/14: Recuerdame

Ahoy, Amguis! The title of this recap means Remember Me. It's the new theme song of our dazed and confused, young married couple, Monse and Ale. Here is a video ear worm for y'all to listen to Recuerdame by La Quinta Estacion, it perfectly describes our sad couple's tormented life right now. As you watch this video, note the TN actress that's in it and the recording artist. They both did a theme song for another TN a couple years later. Can you name the actress, the recording artist, the TN and also the name of theme song they did for that TN?  This recap is on the fly. If I got anything wrong or left something out, please comment. Scenes will not be in order, but for a better flow of the recap.

Woke Up This Morning, Got A Blue Moon In Your Eye, Shame About It

Ale has come to Aguazul trolling the streets for BM. He finally finds her, clutched by Addled, gets out of his camionetta and proceeds to confront Addled. Ale, in his dazed state, releases a tirade Addled didn't expect. You ate my food and boinked my wife, Jose Luis Alvarez. Addled tells him he isn't Jose Luis Alvarez and BM says Jose Luis Alvarez who????

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Que Pobres tan ricos #15 01/24 (updated with more funny details) MA meets his rival; A prank attempt by Frida catches the wrong victim; MA makes daring move to protect Grandma; and the guest list at the fonda continues to expand.

MA reading the cover shot article inside the magazine ouside… reads one phrase about Mini having known all along she was meant to be with A-hole and that she always 'knew' she should not marry MA because she woul dnot be happy... ‘how can that be, I made her happy every time she came in my apartment in London !! Time and time and time and time again!!!’ then he  reads about A-hole admitting that even with his reputation as a giggolo (and the secretaries kept after him!) his heart always belonged to Ms Fontaner… then says ‘She gave her heart to me every time she came by my door in my apartment in London!! I was the love of her life! I I I I!!!

A drunk guy sees MA talking to himself with the blues and comes and hugs him and even shares his bottle with MA, who of course tries to clean the mouth of the bottle as much as he can with his sleeve and has a disgust face when taking his sip. Then almost chokes, did not like the shot at all…

Inside, Don Chuy tries to cheer AS and Leo. You can try have another sale, it is not so bad! Come down and have something to eat!… Carmelita comes by and tells Chuy Don’t bother. AS insults her 'I was selling very fine valuable things!'. Carm replies, yes, we humble folks can appreciate good value, but we don't have much money and you were trying to sell them way too expensive. Noone around here would pay an eye from their face ('un ojo de la cara' is spanish slang for saying 'a fortune') for them. Noone is willing to end up one-eyed (tuerto). AS replies that poor folks are poor on their own will. Carm asks 'then you WANT to be poor now and that is why you are here?? AS changes subject and asks them for some skim milk and croissants, but Chuy (calls her mi senora bella) says we only have bread buns (campechanas) and 'leche bronca' (I guess heavy milk)… Chuy and Carm leave. AS: And we have to deal with the crap of the popolacho… (Leo sits on bed, then AS sits and the bed begins to jump around) aahh!! This bed feels like the Titanic!

In another room, Carm and Chuy: she tells him she feels bad when they (AS and Leo ) treat him as a servant. Don Chuy says he feels bad for the Dama. Carm gets irritated: What Dama?! Damas chinas! (chinese checkers!)
 She treats you worse than her socks. You give her your room and she doesn’t even thank you. Chuy: I believe we have to help our brothers and sisters. Carm: know what is the only prob? You don’t treat us all your brothers and sisters the same. Don’t bother. And if you like to lay on floor as her carpet, I didn’t say anything.

Downstairs, Lupe runs into MA(she was looking away and walked right in his way), drops her things (insults him, calling him Menso), he was just trying to make himself a coffee. As is habit for her by now, she just feels like fighting/arguing with him. She says we only have 'de olla'. he replies 'de donde venga(wherever it comes from), de olla, de express...' any which way. need caffeine. Just show me how to use the machine and I will make it.  (she says dont bother, we cleaned up for tomorrow and I dont want you to make a mess.) (he asks what is she doing) she lights a match  and he moves back shielding himself LOL! (he finally figures she is making the coffee)  He puts a disbelief face. Down comes Frida.. She likes the smell of coffee. In comes Nepo. He thinks MA and Frida are customers… Lupe freezes and doesn’t know what to say, Frida jumps in says they are her relatives/ cousins. (Nepo is questioning Lupe never mentioning relatives) They live in the U.S.  MA: Hi… my name is Mike. Miguel Angel, glad to meet you. Nepo says his full name Nepomuceno Escandiotas… MA: seriously?? (LOL!!) … Yeah! Everyone knows me as The king of plantains!(MA turns around to smirk a giggle to Frida) To serve God... my Lupita... and you (not sure what else he mumbles with a giggle as in mocking MA a bit). Nice to meet you. Later on Nepo questions how MA feels comfortable enough to hang around the kitchen... In a move to try to draw the line with MA about Lupe, in front of MA Nepo reminds Lupe of the pending date between them. ‘Como la ve, mi "Mike"?’ MA asks Lupe how come she has not gone out with him yet. He is a fino caballero. Nepo tells MA she says she's busy and keeps him as 'the black woman's 'son'.She says yes, but does not say when.' MA giggles. Lupe finds herself in a bind, so she agrees to go out Saturday afternoon. That is good enough for Nepo. He says goodbye to ‘primos de Lupita’. Shakes MA’s hand so hard he pulls MA right over the counter… well, almost breaks every bone in MA’s hand. Then Nepo compliments Frida on her 'hairdo' 'bien gabacho' (?? LOL!) Nepo leaves, MA and Frida laugh and ask her about Nepo's name... Lupe rants at MA for telling Nepo they are her cousins. what a way to get her into another mess/problem!
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Por siempre mi amor #37 1/24/14: Have the Pepto Ready

What a nausea inducing episode...

Directo al Grano....
As always, condensed and combined for your reading pleasure.

La Fiesta De Disfraces (Near typo: Disgraces.....funny, just one letter....)
Ara has arrived like a lamb to slaughter and Favier begins his game. He sweet talks her and wants to show her what would be willing to do to have her. Ara is struck by his good looks. Ew. 

Inside, Don Gil the matchmaker  is pointing out Ileana to Dan. He introduces them and they chit chat. Dan is not into parties and doesn't like to be the center of attention. He's usually a little reserved. Ileana says she's the same way and all her friends at the university say she's cero moderna (which I assume means "a drag.")

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Capitulo 53, 1/23/14 - A Little Bit of Hope and a Whole Lot of Hell

A Little Bit of Hope and A Whole Lot of Hell

Tonight’s story is bifurcated.  Hell (Hacienda Almonte) WILL have to be visited but we will be brief, enduring the suffering only as long as necessary to tell our tale. When it comes to bad neighborhoods, I say lock the doors, get in and get out; or, as SSgt Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts ma’am.”

The section involving Angelica and Jose Luis is almost farcical in it’s optimism and relief. Jose Luis Alvarez has suffered many terrible and dangerous times—not all of them of his own making— since we began following his story. The poor bastard has not been able to catch a break for 50+ episodes. He has lived rough and greasy with his buddy Refugio. He has had severe problems in his love life, but his love horoscope right now looks excellent, but unstable. The most terrible of Jose Luis’ circumstances is that he was set up to take the fall for a murder he did not commit.

This one set of causes and conditions is primarily responsible for the situation in which Jose Luis now finds himself. He is on the run, a fugitive from in-justice and corruption. Tonight, finally, Jose Luis will get a chance to tell his sorry tale to someone who will listen, his former boss, Capitan Robledo.

At The Good Witch Glinda’s House

Jose Luis and his new girlfriend Angelica find themselves at the safe haven and home of Angelica’s Madrina Prudencia. Prudencia isn’t prudent in the least; she is a big hearted, unconventional Auntie Mame with deep pockets and strong desire to see her beloved goddaughter happy. Prudencia believes in love, with a capital ‘L’. She knows Angie has cancer and by God, she is going to move heaven or hell to see that Angelica gets her dearest wish—to be Mrs. Jose Luis Alvarez before she dies.

She has her work cut out for her. Her brother, Capitan Robledo, is berating her—he cannot believe she fell for the game of that con man Jose Luis Alvarez. He is a delinquent, a fugitive, and a criminal. He rants that he will take Jose Luis back to face justice in Aguazul and return Angelica to her parents who are desperately worried about her.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos- 1/23/14: The Bargain Basement Sale At The Menchaca Emporium Bring Lots Of Cash!

Hola, Amguis! I got about half of what was said this evening. Please feel free to fill in the blanks/correct what I got wrong. This recap will not be in any order and will be condensed. I am starting with the new and skipping the refried.

Lupe has gone on her scooter to pick up Emiliano from school. He wants to know why the RPs are living with them, they are rich aren't they? Never mind, Lupe tells him, they'll be out in a week. Lupe has come back with Emiliano and he goes upstairs while Lupe stops by to help Carmelita with the serving of the customers. MA comes down and asks her once more not to call the police, she says she gives him a week and flicks his head again. Meanwhile, Emiliano is upstairs and sees that magazine that Lupe bought. He turns the pages and is completely into a polo article he finds in it. Back downstairs, MA just wants five minutes of Lupe's time, she doesn't have time for him, she has to take care of customers and take care of Emiliano. She goes. After she leaves, MA tastes what she is making and rolls his eyes in ecstasy as he sighs Lupe's name.

MA says he's seen that pic of Ahole and Mini and AS and Leo fess up they knew beforehand. They saw Mini with Ahole but it was Leo's idea to keep it a secret. MA tells them Mini isn't important right now, their situation is. They need to find a solution. Oh, and never mention Mini's name again. The most important thing right now is that Lupe doesn't call the cops on them. He wants help from someone any one that can help.
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Mentir Para Vivir #76 Thu 1/23/14 Secuestrar para Nada

Francisco is nervous as hell about whether the kidnap plan went off without a hitch.  Mike hears him talking to Antonio, but probably can't pick up much from that end of the conversation, except the question about where Ric's being held.

Antonio's goons haul Ric to a cabin in the woods where a sweet old grandma is apparently used to this kind of houseguest.  They brush off Ric's offer to pay whatever money they ask.  Head thug wants Ric's fancy phone with GPS left alone.  Grandma gets a little cash to buy groceries with.

Dr. Veronese was summoned to the hospital when Matilde was brought in.  They pumped her stomach, but there's no way she ingested enough pills to have killed her.  Dr. V thinks Matilde needs some therapy, though.  "Clearly she has issues and she's not going to quit trying to emotionally blackmail you."  Ruben is so pissed he wishes Matilde would actually do it right next time. Dr. V tells the kids to please convince their mom to get some help.  Since Inésiana is there, Dr. V asks about how Francisco is doing and tells her that alcohol does NOT mix well with his meds.  He tells her to get Francisco to see him.
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Por siempe mi amor #36 1/23/14: Feoavier, You Are Not a Businessman, So It's Definitely Personal

From Yesterday
Art and Isa are choosing names for the baby.  He will be named after Isa's dad. 
Ally does have a desire to be a mom.  Tita is disappointed, no nietas.  Well if not with me, are you going to convince Bruno to have a baby with someone else.  Zenaida excuses herself.    Tita tells Ally don't wait too long because her child will look as if its her grandchild. Think about it!
Andrea discusses with Angel the birth certifiacte caper.  He lies and says that he needs the certiicate for a soccer team.  He wants to knpw where it is hidden.  His friends said that it is usually with the bills.  Andrea says that its in a safe place.
Padre tells Cuca that he knows where Mari lives but right now he is preparing  for a spirtual retiro, so he wont pursue it right no.
Daniel goes up to Mari's "store" and asks her if she remembers him?  Why certainly , you bought out the store. Are you going to buy out the store again?  I just might. Mari doesn't get it. Once is being generous but twice, hmmm- she suspects something, definitely not love.

At Casa Arte
Isa let's Art know that years ago, she and Gany made a pact, they would be the godmothers of each other's children.  Art is okay with it, but Gaby is sharing the role of godparent with Bruno. Art hopes that Gaby won't be uncomfortable. (Here's a first, Art is showing some compassion, he is taking notice a real human emotion of someone other than Isa"). Bruno and Gaby will make excellent godparents. Ahh cupid strikes again.

At a  Japanese restaurant 
Gaby wants to know how does Nicholas know that she likes Japense food. A nosey, possibly lying little  birdie told him. Gaby likes Nick's sense of humor and Nick lets Gaby know that he likes her. Gaby notes that there is something different, more mature, seasoned about Nick.  He's older but more laid back, relaxed than before, he guesses that it's the life experiences that he has lived. He is older but age doesn't seem to matter in this convo. He wants to share everything with Gaby, is she interested?  Yep, Nick,she is this time around.  They toast to their new "alliance".

Ara's room
Ara is studying and hears some mariachi music. She runs to the window and there is Esteban outside. Ara is thrilled.   Isa comes into her room and asks if she heard the mariachi serenade. She did but doesn't know what to do. (Humph- Aunt Dearest didn't school you on this one, honey?). Isa takes Ara outside. Ara and Isa are now outside and Esteban is thanked with kisses for the mariachi serenade which is playing on his car's radio. Esteban what a lovely detail! I love this guy!!! A little make up kissing.  BTW-  the song is by Vicente Fernandez (talk about a seasoned chulo)-"Estos Celos".

At Tita's 
Ally is talking to a distracted Bruno about how Tita would like to have grandchildren. She is talking to herself because Bruno is in another world. She realizes it and wants to know, who or what is he thinking about? (Two guesses, Ally: either his mother or Gaby).  He needs to tell her the truth because she can tell in his facial expressions if he is lying. He is thinking about Nicholas Belmonte, his business partner.  He has changed for the better since he has arrived. 

At Sucia's Love Nest
Feoavier asks Sucia if Ara was interested in him, because he has a way with the ladies, especially the ones without much experience in the love department  like her niece. What sick rat bastards they both are. Ara wants a picture of him, but he is not ready to be photographed.  Ara will be easy bait for Feoavier because Sucia knows her better  than anyone even her dad,  she is just a spoiled brat. She gets everything that she wants and furthermore Sucia has taught her everything that she knows. (No wonder, the girl is a psychopath) She communicated with her all the time, even when Sucia was out of the country.  Ara tells her everything. Someone would think that you would give your life to her. That's what someone would think. (Yeah right, like the life she took from Aranza's mother) Psst. Pervy - has to follow Sucia's instructions and speak to her in the tone that she says to get exactly what Sucia wants, Feoavier corrects her to mean what we want (this convo will be important somewhere done the line) and Ara will do,what she says. Pervy can't wait to be healed. Soon!!! Yuck!!!!

Around the city
Art and Isa are shopping for baby clothes and Feoavier is healing. Ara and Esteban are canoodling while Daphne looks on like the fifth wheel.  Tita is feeding Precioso.
How cute!

The Dirty Clinic
Feoavier is getting the finishing touches on his nose and he is happy at what he sees, according to Sucia, he looks handsome, different.(It's definitely a matter of opinion- his nose is just smaller) he will send a check to the doctor this afternoon along with little extra that the doctor asked for because of the "complications".  The doctor wants the money in cash because he has to pay the anesthesiologist and the nurse.  He can bring the cash by tonight around 7 because doc has another operation afterwards.  Uh oh! I smell a rat!
Sucia asks Feoavier how does he feel with the new nose. He feels like something is missing.  Feoavier calls Methusulah to get an update on his license and passport. Sucia is going to check on the party, and Feoavier is going to attend in full costume regalia. (It's time to roll my eyes!!) Feoavier has to disappear becasue Ole Sugar Daddy returns today.

At the Avocado Casa
Gil and padre are playing chess and talking about tonight's Masquerade party, Gil was opposed to the idea at first but Padre thinks that it could be fun.  Nevertheless it's what Dan wants.  Gil needs a costume, perhaps something related to the military. No, he doesn't want to disrespect the uniform just as Padre wouldn't want his collar disrespected.  Gil will surprise,everyone.

Art and Isa's
Tita brings over the newly constructed crib.  Art and Isa are counting the days until the baby's birth. Tita compliments Isa she looks absolutely gorgeous. Everyone seems very happy. She can't wait until Bruno and Ally make her a grandmother- CEO. Someday, maybe.

At the Love Nest
Sucia introduces her friend Feoavier to Wilson who seems to recognize him, oh right but he was bandaged.  Feo thanks Wilson for letting him "stay" in the building.

At the University
Ileana invites Ara to the masquerade party's that she is going to with her parents but Ara has already been invited and inquiring minds want to know, how does she know about the party. She wasn't invited directly (yeah right) but she will go,with Ileana.
Ara is going to go and Ileana asks her not to mention anything to Daphne because she can't invite her. Ara "told" Esteban that she was going to the party and since he wasn't invited it's okay.- Really?
Daphne complains that she wants to sleep at home. she and Ileana start squibbling and Daphne says that Ileana has been telling her what to do since kindergarten and Daphne can't take Ileana.  Ara asks Daphne what's up? We have known her all of our lives. Daphne  doesn't like the fact that Ileana speaks the truth. Daphne gives Ara lessons on how to break up with Esteban.

In the Street
MeanMinnie meets up with Gisela in the street. MeanMinnie is broke but Gisela will lend her money because she has missed her "friend".  Meanie finds it strange that she misses her, they are not lifelong friends. They just met. Meanie doesn't want borrow any money but she misses playing cards, gambling and winning.

Love Nest Lobby
Feoavier has a chat with Wilson the security man and inquires as to how much does Ole Sugar Daddy pay him to watch Sucia's whereabouts. Wilson finally concedes not too much. Feo makes him an offer that he can't refuse on keeping mum about Feo living in the building, first he must pass a test. If he passes he earn more money than he could ever imagine.

Art & Isa's
Art, Tita and Isa marvel at the reconstructed crib, courtesy of Tita's carpenter.  It just needs the mattress and the trimmings.  Art spoke to the baby and he kicked back.

Love Nest
Ole Sugar Daddy returns and is still down in the dumps because he hasn't been able to hire a programmer.  He wants Sucia to "sweeten" him up. Ewwww!!

In the Hood
Dante is shooting the breeze with Tassels. He perks up when Marianela enters the room.  Mari gave Tassels money to forget the kids some milk and Dante butts in and asks why doesn't Mari go to the store. Tassels lets Dante know that they are a partnership, when it comes to the kids. Dante has a proposition for Tassels that will make enough money to feed the kids. He needs him tomorrow night to pick up some merchandise, Mari is eavesdropping and can hardly hear what they are saying but it can't be good on Dante's part.   Its an easy job.
Mari warns Tassels about Dante.  Dante bad news, accordimg to Mari, but Tassels disagrees. (A student of the school of hard knocks)

At the Dirty Hospital
Feoavier and Methulusah are outside of the dirty hospital to "pay "a visit to the plastic surgeons who were trying to scam him. Hmmmm.
The nurse let s the doctors know that Feo hasn't come to pay them their "fee".  No problem if they don't get paid the authorities will get an anonymous call about Feo's facial surgery. Feo and Meth walk in on the conversation.  They are there to pay their bill. Feo and Meth walk away without paying. The doctors ask for their money, Meth throws a bag to them, the nurse picks it up and Feo pulls out a gun, saying its personal not business but this time it's personal.

At Art and Isa's
Art is reading a newspaper article about a murder at a clandestine clinic   They discuss how a plastic surgeon, an anesthesiologist and a nurse were attacked in a clinic while they operated on a fugitive from justice. They pay a lot of money for those operations and someone who thinks that  they are smarter than them robs them. Art worries about Isa and Ara's safety. Art wants to hire a chauffeur for Isa and he will do the interviews.

At the University
Ara is thought bubbling about Feoavier's words to her, if he was 15 years younger he would conquer her. Ewwwww! Daphne doesn't believe in love based on her dad's track record, she really wants Ara to dump Este. Love is corny to her.    Daphne invites Ara to a disco but she is going out with Ileana.

In The Hood
Tassels and. Mari are cooking dinner and they discuss the job that she turned down, they need the money.  He is going to partner up with Dante and get free merchandise.

At Art's job
Art and Nick are at work and plan a weekend work trip. Nick can invite Gaby and they are a couple.

At the university
Esteban surprises Ara with kisses. He invites her to dinner but she lies and says that she is going to dinner with her father and. Isa who are going to introduce her to an important client. They can hang out on the weekend. Kiss, kiss! (She lies too easily)

At the Avocado casa
Daniel thanks Gil for letting him have the masquerade party and wants to know what his dad's costume is going to be? It's a surprise!

Art and Isa's
Isa tells, Gaby that she has to get used to the idea of having a chauffeur. Art is quite the protector.
Isa wants to go home and nest (set up the baby's room) but suddenly Isa has a pain and looks worried.
Packages from Casa Arte arrive and Lucha accepts them it is the bedding for the new crib at the same time Ara arrives home and  hears Lucha mentions "the new crib". Uh oh!
Ara goes into the nursery and sees the new crib and has a mini -meltdown.
At an Outdoor Cafe
Tita and Precioso are having lunch and she accepts his invitation to Morelos. Osby!! Que chulos!!!

Isa is in the hospital
Art can't believe Ara's attitude, she should be there with them but Isa doesn't want to disturb her. Let her go to her party.

At the love nest, I guess
Feo shaves hid head and changes his eye color to blue for a more convincing look.  Mr. Javier Clean. (I can still see those beady eyes) He is still looking at the TV with that demonic stare.

At the Party
He is dressed as a pirate at the masquerade party and here comes Ara, the Fairy Princess.  Their eyes meet. Ewwwwwwwwww!!!

Coming attractions:
  • Isa has a bad feeling about Feo even though he is supposed to be dead
  • Feoavier the wolf, is ready to pounce on Ara the lamb
  • Daphne is up to no good, what else is new
  • Must see TV


Por siempre mi amor #35 1/22/14: Look Before You Leap, For Snakes Among Sweet Flowers Do Creep * German Proverb


Ara admits she burned her Dad’s crib in a moment of craziness but she swears on the memory of her mother she didn’t send the snake.  Isa says she knows Ara didn’t send the snake since she knows Ara would never swear falsely on her mother’s memory and she can see in her eyes she didn’t do it.  Ara provides more evidence she didn’t send the snake as she tells Isa that she went to Gaby’s apartment and had the concierge give her still photo of the person who left the snake.  The person’s head and face are covered, but it’s obvious it wasn’t Aranza. “Do you forgive me?” Ara says pleadingly to Isa. “As long as you forgive me for accusing you of sending the snake,” Isa says.  Isa also says she’s hurt by what Ara did with the crib but at least she recognized and admitted her error.  Ara hugs Isa sincerely even touches her stomach protectively as Isa looks on a bit skeptically. Ara says she’s sorry that she’s made Art and Isa fight.  Isa says Ara took the first step in her and Art reconciling by admitting she burned the crib.  Art loves both of them and will make up with them, says Isa.

Daniel and Don Hilberto are playing chess—Hilberto is winning—and Daniel questions Sucia’s sincerity in planning his party.  Hilberto says Danny shouldn’t doubt his half-sister (media-hermana)—darn! He IS Marinela’s uncle then—since her willingness to plan his party means she loves him.  Danny notes that the age gap between the two of them is large and he’s been overseas for school for most of his life, so he doubts Sucia loves him.  (The common sense is strong in this one!) Hilberto hides his well-coifed head in the sand as he asks Danny to change the subject so he won’t get upset with him.  Like a good soldier Danny obeys, but he’s still side-eyeing the idea that Sucia is harmless.

We’re back to Ara and Isa in the nursery as their heart-to-heart continues.  Isa reiterates that she doesn’t want to take Eugenia’s place, but she hopes Ara can consider her a friend and a mother since she will be the mother of Ara’s little brother.  Ara says Isa has always treated her as a daughter and Isa says she’s the daughter of her heart and despite everything (a pesar de todo) they’ve always been united as a family.  It’s all very touching as Ara promises to be grateful for her family and stop acting like an infant.  Just then Art shows up and says how happy to see Ara and Isa making up. Art asks Ara to leave the room so he and Isa can chat.  He asks Isa to forgive him too and they make up.

Ara calls Sucia outside the de la Riva home says she erased the surveillance tape showing Sucia as the one delivering the snake package.  Ara then pointedly asks Sucia if she intended to kill Isa with the snake. She emphasizes that she just thought Sucia meant to scare Isa, not kill her, since it’s one thing to scare someone, but killing them is a whole other kettle of fish.  (We have here, as Vivi said with Dafne and Isa, a mixture of falseness and truth re Ara and Isa.  Ara is growing to love Isa and doesn’t want her dead, but the resentment is still there.)  Sucia says she’ll explain to Ara in person what she meant. Ara goes back inside Casa de la Riva and shows Lucha the photo still of who sent the snake to prove she didn’t do it.

Este fulfills his promise to feed Grandma Meanie to get her soltar la sopa about his biological father. Meanie eats as if Mau and Andy are starving her—she even puts some of the jam and butter in her handbag to Este’s horror—and explains the whole Feo/Andy backstory to fair Este. Este wants the whole truth from Meanie since he already knows Isa and Feo were married.  Knowing this Meanie spills the beans saying that when Andy found out that Feo was a bigamist, Isa supported her and sent Este and Angelito to a good school.  “But did Feo ever take care of us”(hacer cargo de nosotros)? Minnie laughs and says that Feo was a desgraciado who took raped/ took advantage (abusar de) of your mother when she was a minor.  When she got pregnant with you and I found out, I planned to report him to the authorities he married her.  “He was a disgusting human being—may he rest in peace,” (porqueria de gente) Meanie emphasizes.

Ara tells Ileana and Dafne she told Isa and Art about her burning the crib.  Ileana says that she played the saint like Esteban, but Ara says she just wanted to make peace with Isa (llevar la fiesta en paz). She denies sending the snake and will deny it to the end.  She also tells Ileana and Dafne that Feo was married to Isa.  Dafne is shocked, but Ileana said she already knew since Este told her in confidence. Dafne says Ileana should have said something to them, but Ara says Ileana was right to keep Este’s secret since they are friends and it was said in confidence.  “And I would have done the same if you two had told me a secret,” Ileana says.  (Yay! I understood what these fresas said!)

Sucia tells Feo that Ara and Este are going out (andar con). He’s going to kill two birds with one stone and use Aranza and Esteban to get back at Andy and Isa.  He calls his son an imbecile. Ara and Este meet at the university and Este tells Ara he questioned his grandmother about Feo and Ara advises that Este turn the page on this part of his life since his grandmother told him Feo was a bad person. Our fair young protas get into a fight because Ara is hiding the fact that she’s going to Sucia’s and lies that she’s going to the gynecologist. Este wants to go with her, but Ara doesn’t want Este to be so possessive and asks him to leave her alone.  

Ara goes to Sucia and sees Feo, digo, Javier, in his mask.  He looks ridiculous but is blatantly flirting with Ara. He says if he was fifteen years younger he’d try to go out with Ara.  He holds Ara’s hand and says the fact that her eyes went wide and her hands are sweating means that they could have a great affair (aventura) together. Sucia comes in and Feo leaves them to talk.  Ara asks if she tried to kill Isa because her rage (coraje) overtook her. Sucia says Ara is acting as if she put dynamite in the box.  How could Ara think she would kill someone?  In the meanwhile, Sucia flashes back to when she switched Eugenia’s pills with placebos which killed her.  “If you only knew Aranza,” Sucia says to herself, “If you only knew.”

Bruno gets Tita’s carpenter to build a new crib just like the one Ara destroyed.

Padre asks about Mari in the market.  The florist tells him that Mari doesn’t have a fixed place where she sells but she’s always around.

At Casa Arte Isa tells Gaby about the delivery of the new crib and Isa asks Gaby if she’s ready for her date with Nicolas.  Gaby says yes since she and Bruno have no future.  “I would have loved to settle down with my soul mate (media naranja-the other half of my orange), but I’d be a fool to turn away the mango that is Nicolas.  (Seems like she’s saying she’s settling for Nicolas to my mind.)  Meanwhile at Art’s office, Nicolas, Art and Bruno are signing paper work on a business deal and Nicolas mentions that he’s going out with Gaby that night and he forgot if she liked Chinese or Japanese food best.  Bruno tells Nicolas that she loved Japanese more but he’s not sure if she’s still does. “I don’t believe you,” says Nicolas. “I’m going to take her to a restaurant I was recommended.” (Then why bring up the date to Gaby’s old pretendiente.  Are you just trying to throw shade? I don’t like that at all.)  

Back at Sucia’s, Ara asks about her aunt’s handsome friend Javier (Blech!). Ara wants a picture of him so she can stop imagining what he looks like. Sucia says she’ll draw Ara a picture and then invites Ara to Daniel’s coming out party, which has a disguise theme, since Javier will be there. Ara says she’ll be there with bells on. Ara says she likes Javier because he treats her like a woman and not a little girl.  Sucia agrees that Ara is very mature because she’s surrounded by older people in her life-Art, Isa, Ozzie, Tita, etc, that have made her too mature for guys her age.  Ara asks Sucia if Dafne is right that Este is not right for her.  Sucia says she isn’t sure but that sometimes friends see things with more clarity.

Ileana and Este are discussing his argument with Ara and Ileana says this is something he can fix since he’s the most romantic guy she knows. He can show or give Ara something thoughtful (detallada) that will win her back.  He thinks up a mariachi serenade (serenata) but then remembers he doesn’t have the money for that.  Ileana says it doesn’t have to be expensive because Ara fell in love with Este because of his thoughtfulness (detallista), but he has to think of something and she’ll help him.  She shoots down flowers and candy and they think up something together.

Art and Isa discuss names for the baby. Art suggests Eugenio because Ara wanted it in honor of Eugenia. Isa says no, they should name the baby something else—for once she’s stood up to Ara—suggesting naming the baby after Arturo and Art says no to Arturito.  He thinks they should name their son after Isa’s father, Miguel.  They agree even though the baby’s full name will be long and he won’t like it when he has to write it out at school: Miguel de la Riva Lopez Cerda.

After visiting the museum together Tita and Ally talk. Tita asks Ally when she’s going to give her grandbabies.  Ally says having a child is not on her list of priorities; she privileges her happiness.  Tita says kids give life happiness and she should have a child while she can.  Ally says women are having babies later in life and she can wait.  Tita tells her to rethink that because she should have babies when she can and not when her child will look like her grandchild.

Andy asks Angelito why he wants his birth certificate since the school says it’s not true that he needs it. Angelito lies that he’s starting a futbol team with friends and needs it. Andy tells him those sorts of things are important documents that need to be in a safe deposit box to keep them safe.

The padre finds out Mari’s address and tells Cuca who insists that he convince Mari to work in her grandfather’s house.  Cuca apologizes for her strong insistence on this to the priest. In the meanwhile Danny meets Mari again and they flirt.  Mari, though, asks why Danny is being so kind to her. Buying all her merchandise the first time was kind (gracioso) but again would be suspicious.  Fin de capitulo.

Este gives Ara a car serenata
Dante and Borlas discuss business
Gisela tempts Meanie to gamble again
Feo and Sucia plan how to trap Ara
Nicolas formally asks Gaby out
Javier debuts his new look—green contacts are involved.


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