Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amar Sep 28 - Lidia gets to act dramatic a lot

After a very unbelievable beating of Andres by Diego, Leo runs to Frick and Frack for help, they pull a psych on her and laugh about it, then she runs back in, gets a gun, and shoots. Frick and Frack run in, look at who is on the floor, and look at who is still standing. We don’t get to see who is who.

Flava connects an answering machine at Morticia’s house, Isela is there too. He tries to get them to record the outgoing message while he’s still there, but they “uh uh no it’s ok” – I guess they didn’t tell him it was for the sex hotline. They have some idea that this will save her mom’s business or something. Flava clowns around and doesn’t leave.

We see that Diego is still standing. Frick yells at Diego for making trouble. Diego’s phone rings, he looks at it and puts it back in his pocket. He tells Andres that this isn’t over! Then we see Andres pick himself up off the floor. Leo must have just fired over their heads to break up the fight or something. I thought maybe she killed Andres out of jealousy. That would have been a big disappointment to you ladies I realize but it would have been interesting. Andres looks like crap. He tells Leo why Diego was beating him up, they discuss whether or not it is possible that anyone has proof that Andres killed Abuelo and Paco, whether or not all is lost. As Leo tries to clean him up, he complains that everything changed when Azul and Diego entered Mo’s life (Edit - originally this said 'entered Mo's wife' which is funny on a whole other level. Typo.). Leo says yes, those two, and then Cecilia. Andres says to leave her out of it, she pokes him in one of his wounds to let him know who’s boss. He tells her to call Mo.

Everyone watches the paramedics take Mo away from where he collapsed. His phone rings and Azul answers it, she tells Leo what’s going on. Leo freaks out when Azul mentions the hospital, Leo says he can’t go there, only to Houston. That is of course ridiculous and Azul tells her so. Azul and crew head off to the hospital.

Leo tells Andres what is going on, they worry about it.

Ivan talks on the phone, he’s getting a report from Frick. He tells Eva about the fight. She says Diego isn’t capable of killing anyone, Ivan says anyone is if they are pushed enough. She says no, not Diego. Whatever. He says Leonarda interrupted the fight with a gun, Eva freaks out and wants to know if Diego is ok. Ivan doesn’t answer, he looks like he’s trying to think of some angle here.

Azul is at the hospital worrying, Ceci shows up, there is no news. Ceci tells her to be patient. Ceci says Katy is downstairs crying her eyes out.

Leo is cleaning up Andres some more, she starts trying to kiss up on him. Andres looks disgusted, he tells her now isn’t the time. He’s worried if Diego really has proof. Leo says whatever happens she’ll always be with him. She says he can’t be with any other woman, or does he think Cecilia will be understanding about him being a killer?

GSD shows up to see Azul, I’m sure they are right outside Ines’s room. In fact GSD thinks that is why Azul is there, Azul fills him in. He’s freaked of course, since he knows the truth. He wants info.

Diego shows up at his mom’s house looking all beat up, she wants to know what’s up. Manuel also wants to know what’s up, Diego doesn’t want to get into it. Lidia is angry at him for taking so long to show up, Diego turns to show his bloody face, Lidia just finishes by saying she has the phone numbers that she needs. Diego forbids her to contact Mo.

Azul has no real news to give GSD, the doctors don’t know what’s up with Mo yet. He thought bubbles that he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Azul. Azul wants to know why GSD told Diego that he went to work with Mo again for Azul. GSD says he’ll clear it up. GSD asks if Diego really dumped her, she says yes. He asks if she’s sure that Diego loves her, she says yes and begs him to clear things up with Diego. He says he will.

Diego says Mo is a bum. Manuel says before he liked him fine, Diego says that was before. He won’t explain why, he just tells them all they can’t contact Mo, period. Lidia says it’s just because he loves Azul and she used to be with Mo. Everyone whines and argues. Manuel yells at Clemencia, Diego yells at him for that. Diego finally says he’ll find a lawyer. Lidia tells him to ask Eva, Diego says no, he’ll find a lawyer that he can pay for.

Katy finds Azul at the hospital and wants to know how Mo is. Azul has no answer. She gives Katy a wad of money and tells her to go buy all the candy in the store. Somebody asks if Azul is there for Mo, Katy says yes, she is his “prometiva.” They all laugh and correct her to say “Prometida.” Katy says “whatever, that.” They don’t correct her that Azul ISN’T Mo’s prometida. Finally a doctor comes out and says that he doesn’t know what’s wrong but his situation is very grave. Azul wants to know if Mo might…. The doctor says yes, at any moment it is possible. Azul says no, he can’t die! She doesn’t understand how they don’t know what’s wrong with him. She tells the doctor that he sees some doctor in Houston, maybe they can get the file from there. The doctor wants as much info as they can provide about allergies, etc. They blather on about this type of thing for a while. She comments that since Mo said he was never sick, it is strange that Leonarda said that Mo regularly got treatment in Houston. GSD says he’ll go to Mo’s house and see if he ate something strange or something. The doctor asks him to bring anything that looks remotely medical. Azul says she’ll go with him, GSD says “no no no no no no.” Of course. He asks the doctor to speak in private for a moment. After they walk away, Azul whines and cries while Ceci tries to comfort her.

GSD says to the doctor that he didn’t want to say in front of his daughter, but… He tells him something about a transfusion that I didn’t understand. GSD says Mo needs a transfusion and tells the doctor to trust him. If the doctor trusts some guy who reeks like an ashtray, he is a poor doctor.

Flava wants to know why the ladies are pushing him out. Morticia says they want to talk about girl stuff. Finally she tells Flav to give her a little space and get out for a few minutes. They are all kissy about it, barf. Morticia begs Isela to help with the recording.

GSD tells Azul that he told Leo not to come, to stay and look for any documents that might help. Azul says things about Mo’s illness, GSD keeps saying “no no no.” Shouldn’t he be off somewhere working on a cure? This guy is a joke. He is going to lose his daughter and he’s here dicking around at the hospital with his ‘ex’ girlfriend that he is supposedly over and now messing around with Mo’s doctor. Go find a cure already. He leaves Azul at the hospital, I hope he’s going back to work.

Leo tells Andres that they are waiting for GSD to show up. They hope GSD can save Mo.

Katy wants to see Mo, Azul says that they can’t right now. She explains that he needs complete peace and quiet. The maid takes Katy off to buy candy or something. Ceci asks Azul if it’s a good idea to make Katy think that Mo will get better when he probably won’t. Ceci says that she hopes Mo didn’t have something weird and infected Azul with it. Dum dum Dum!

Morticia leaves a very basic message on the machine, Isela doesn’t like it. She wants her to sound more sensual, more sexy. Morticia tries again and it’s better, but Isela wants more. Morticia goes over the top and does a real phone sex style voice, we even get porno music in the background. I can’t figure out what the point of this storyline is. Days and days that amount to “they put an answering machine on the phone sex line because mom disappeared.” That’s it. What a waste of time. I guess it’s to keep these characters active until we need them again later.

Ivan asks Eva if she’s worried that Diego won’t want to work for her anymore, she just gives him a look. Burgay shows up. He says the lawyer is with Piero and Burgay told the lawyer to tell Piero that Mo sent him, not Burgay and Eva. She says they need to know why Piero is in jail and if it is Mo’s fault. Burgay says something about her wanting to help Diego’s brother in law, at which Eva rolls her eyes and turns away. Burgay says maybe he should go. Yes, maybe you should. Eva rolls her eyes again.

The lawyer tells Piero that if the accuser doesn’t present any evidence in 72 hours why Piero did what she says, he is free and they’ll go after her for filing a false report. Piero is distressed that it takes 72 hours. I agree, that’s a long time. The lawyer goes over Piero’s history of cheating with Lidia, he was in the country illegally or something, Piero says that isn’t motive for killing anyone. He also doesn’t have any idea who could have killed Paco. The lawyer wants to know his business with Mo, Piero is evasive. The lawyer says to tell him everything or find another lawyer.

Ivan tells Eva to be careful what she does, they have some conversation about knowledge being power, she loves Diego, she has no secrets from Ivan. She wants to avenge Diego’s pain and control Mo. Ivan gets a secret message in his ear and nods when he gets the message. Why is he nodding? Can somebody on the other end of the secret service earpiece see him nodding? He says Diego is outside, should he let him in? Eva says yes, and leave them alone. Diego enters and follows Eva out onto the balcony.

GSD says to himself that the password Mo gave him worked, he is looking at some medical papers of Mo. Frick wants an explanation, Leo comes in and supports GSD’s story and gets Frick to back off. GSD thanks her. Outside, Leo begs him to find a cure and save Mo. GSD says he doesn’t have the antidote yet, she says she doesn’t want to die this way. I guess the poison yogurt is making her feel sufficiently sick.

Diego tells Eva that he found a lawyer for Piero and that Piero is accused of killing Paco. He explains the story and why Piero’s ex would have accused him. Eva offers her lawyers, Diego declines.

Manuel tells Lidia what’s going on, she is getting all freaked out that Piero isn’t out already. She badmouths Diego for finding that lawyer and says nobody cares. Very 15 year old behavior. Manuel says he’s going to find Mo and get a better lawyer, he suddenly thinks Piero and Mo are the cooooolest guys ever and can do no wrong. Clemencia thinks it’s a bad idea. Manuel says he’s going to tell her a couple things that will explain how the situation is much more complicated than she thinks, why they need a very very smart lawyer.

Arnaldo hears Ceci’s voice behind him in the café, he joins her. He asks why she is there, for Ines? She doesn’t answer to create some forced drama.

Lidia comes back downstairs and says she’s going to go find Mo to ask for help. Clemencia has already heard Manuel’s story, apparently, and stops her so Manuel can tell Lidia what’s up too. Piero came into the country as a student to study architecture but didn’t complete the program, he stayed in the country after that without permission. Clemencia asks how Lidia couldn’t know this stuff, or did she know? Lidia says it doesn’t matter and she storms out. Manuel says to let her go, they have to look out for their interests and the interests of Piero’s business! Clemencia says he is too concerned with that business, I guess she doesn’t care if Manuel pulls down a salary and puts food on the table? Clemencia says he should be more worried about Lidia, he doesn’t know what kind of man she’s tied up with! Lots of !!!! Oh my!!!

Eva asks Diego if he still wants to leave the company, he says no. He says he’s staying because he wants justice against the killer of his Abuelo and Paco. She offers to have Andres offed, Diego says no, he doesn’t want blood on his hands. What kind of vengeance is he after then? Diego says death is too good, he wants him to suffer for a long time. His phone rings, it’s his mom. He tells Eva that Lidia went to look for Mo at the hospital.

Azul sneaks Katy into Ines’s room. Katy looks at a picture of the family that Arnaldo brought, she asks if that’s Azul’s mama, Azul explains that no, her mom died, that is her aunt Ines in the picture. Katy asks if Ines was her second mom, like Azul is to Katy? Azul says sort of, then she starts crying. Ceci and Arnaldo enter the room, Arnaldo says Ceci told him everything.

Ivan serves Eva coffee and says that he listened to the recordings from Mo’s house and Mo is in the hospital. She very bitchily (is that a word?) that she knows, Diego told her. Well la dee da good for Diego. My wife wants to know what Eva does. She doesn’t exercise, she doesn’t even eat, she just drinks a lot. She tells Ivan that Mo is important to the business, he is the only one that knows certain things about the illness. Ivan says he’s going to sneak into Mo’s house and copy information and get into the lab to copy stuff about the virus. Eva says fine, she’s going to the hospital. Ivan gets on the secret service earpiece and says they are going to commence project whatever.

Andres and Leo show up at the hospital, Andres asks to speak to Ceci alone, if she will. She doesn’t look like she wants to. Andres looks horrible. It’s almost a joke now, how messed up can they make him look. And through it all, he keeps wearing a suit. One of his eyes is completely swollen shut. Ceci says she’ll talk to him, the others leave them alone.

Some lady is telling Lidia that she isn’t family so she can’t see Mo. Diego asks what she’s doing there, Lidia gets all bitchy and says she’s doing what Diego isn’t. The lady says if she wants to know anything about Mo, talk to that lady (she points at Azul), she is Senor Duarte’s prometida. Diego turns around and sees her smiling at him, he gets the clenched jaw look going. GREAT. We get more Three’s Company misunderstanding plot device combined with break up every day plot device again. Argh.

Monday – more stuff about who is sleeping with who and who thinks who is sleeping with who and maybe who is actually sleeping with who, and everyone acting like teenagers about it.


September 28, 2007 Yo Amo a Juan – In which Pastor has a Mimisqui* and Ivonne has an Admirer


I just realized as I re-read a little of this that I use quotes sometimes and don’t other times when I probably should. Thanks in advance for bearing with that. As always, help and corrections are welcome. I take total responsibility for typos and grammatical errors. ☺

Also, I’ll need subs a couple of times in October for travel. The first is next Friday, October 6. Thanks for considering this, anyone who is able to. If no one can, I’ll get a header posted before I leave for the weekend trip.

And now to our feature film…

As morning breaks over the D. F., we revisit Juan and Ana talking outside the Casa Dávila where Juan has come to get Paula for work and Ana is leaving, too. They greet each other warmly; she turns to go, and almost immediately turns back. Can she ask him a question? Sure, even two. She chuckles, but wants to know what’s up with Juan and Paula. He thought bubbles that’s the question he’s asking himself. He doesn’t want to get mixed up between the two of them.

And we revisit Pastor’s chat with CL, who barges in while Pastor is grooming his toupee. Pastor makes a nice save with his mirror and comb stowed in the fake company file faster than the speed of light, though he’s impactado because CL is known not to be a lark and it’s awfully early for him to be up and meddling in office stuff. CL needs his help Pastor tries to offer him coffee, or Lucy’s word (which I love), whatnot. CL cuts him off, nope, he just needs Pastor to prepare separation papers and pay for Paula and Juan.

Ana doesn’t think this is such a difficult question. Juan babbles until she asks him even more directly what’s up. He honestly answers he has no idea, really. She isn’t buying it. He thought bubbles about what he should do. Just as we think Ana might get an answer, Paula pops out and greets Juan rapidly, reminding him they need to hurry. And you, Mamá, aren’t you going to be late? Ana sighs. She’s not getting the 411 today, obviously. She rushes Juan to the car, and he rushes after her. Isn’t it a lovely day? Yep, a lovely day. Doña Ana, YOU have a lovely day. They’re off and running (as opposed to running off….. at the mouth).

¡¡¿¿¿Qué???!!! Pastor chuckles nervously. What’s so funny, CL asks him? Pastor’s sure he misunderstood. Nope. There’s nothing to understand, just do it. He repeats his request; as soon as possible! Pastor wants to know if there’s a specific reason for this. Because I said so. Ya got a problem wid dat? Pastor assures him there’s no problem. But, he pushes for reasons why…..CL cuts him off. Just do what I tell you. Don’t be questioning me or you’ll be preparing your separation papers. Pastor stutters around that he’s not questioning the boss’s decision. CL tells him that’s better. He wants it by noon. Pastor assures him it’s crystal clear (no canta un gallo, a rooster couldn’t sing clearer) and we hear the rooster crow in the lobby. CL stalks out while Pastor mutters to himself and writes. He stares at the door, dejected and impactado.

Queen Nidia has her orange juice [Ed. Note: geez, does Delirio do this every morning? Maybe he does have some socially redeeming value] in bed, and is whining about Yadi’s noncompliance and ingratitude. It was only when Juan arrived that they finally knew where Yadi was, or she doesn’t know where they’d still be hunting the wretched child down [okay, I added that wretched child stuff]. He dresses himself for work as he tells her that the thing worrying him the most is that she’s ended up with Enrique, in whom he’s never had any faith. [Ed. Note: ¡MENTIROSO! He was your best friend a few episodes ago, especially when you were broke and hungry!] What’s more, Nidia tells him, it’s his fault she’s ignoring me (no me hace caso) and she doesn’t give a d*** (qué la importa un comino, a grain of cumin isn’t important to her) about the punishment I gave her. Delirio tells her “excuse me, but I’ve told you” and proceeds to castigate her for spoiling the little girls as long as he’s known her and she goes with any whim they have, etc., etc. She tells him not to question how she’s raised her children. He jumps on it to point out her kids need a paternal figure. That’d be a masculine role model with authority, maturity, serenity, economic stability…..Nidia tries to interrupt and he cuts her right off. Yadi needs someone serious, responsible….um….someone like Gutis! It’d be for her own good! “Listen to me! Listen to me!” Nidia actually looks like she’s thinking about Gutis here. Delirio approaches her and she thrusts out her palm to hold him off. Wait. She’s going with him to work and talk to Enrique. She gets out of bed to get ready. She’s going to put things very clear with him. Delirio thinks that’s a VERY good idea, he’ll wait for her. He smugly finishes fixing his tie, which has taken him about five minutes to knot so far.

Paula asks Juan what her Mami wanted as they drive to the office. Well, she wanted to know what was up with us. So, what did you tell her? Well, nothing since you came out of the house right then. But, Licenciada, your mother asked me a question and I honestly didn’t know what to say. Juan doesn’t know what she has said to her mother. She tells him she’s said nothing, but he knows her mother, she suspects there’s more than a simple friendship between them. Juan thought bubbles that it’s now or never, it’s going to drive him nuts. He’s still left with a doubt himself, so he decided to play it out with her. He stops the car and nails her. Okay, Licenciada, I’m asking myself the same question, what IS between you and me? She looks a little disturbed at having her cage rattled.

Ivonne is impactada. She sits down in Pastor’s office, “So, he’s going to fire them both at the same time?” Pastor affirms the news she’s been waiting to hear, her nemesis will be GONE! He mutters that it’s really strange, no? She agrees. They’re both puzzled. She wants to know more, and Pastor tells her CL’s lips were sealed (el hombre estuvo hermético, like hermetically sealed ala Carnac the Magnificent, aka Johnny Carson). She says she thinks she shouldn’t have been surprised—something strange was happening between CL and Paula. Pastor agrees. Ivonne says she hadn’t told Pastor, but there was so much coming and going from his office to hers and back again—something was going on.…..Pastor points out that from the beginning they had their messes. It’s logical CL would end up firing her. Pastor’s real question is what does Juan have to do with this [Ed. Note: that’s the only relevant question, right, Pastor?]

Juan wants to know why he’s one of the protagonists of this story and is clueless. Paula tries to protest a little….she is clueless, too. Puh-leeze, Licenciada. He tells her if she wants him to be honest with her, he’s half nuts with this situation, one day it’s a thousand marvels, she’s warm, all smiles, and another she’s distant, like she can’t stand him (que le cayera gordo, fell fat for you). He tells her a few more unpleasant things she does like hide from him—he doesn’t understand, and she tells him she’s just trying to put her thoughts in order. He thinks if they define it for themselves, it’ll make it easier and they’ll know how to behave. She agrees, he’s totally right. She’s a little taken aback, though. It’s happening so fast, so pressured. She doesn’t understand how to interpret all these things. Okay, he tells her, before anything else you need to clarify if you still have feelings for CL. Juan, she tells him, you know it’s just recently I’ve been enamored of him. Suddenly when what happened between us happened, the floor (or apartment, flat) moved (I was shaken up, [my best guess]), and it made me doubt my feelings. He tells her there are certain feelings that don’t bear analysis and one knows perfectly what they are. She agrees and feels like a fool for not knowing exactly what it is she’s feeling. [Ed. Note: Could she be placating Juan, still playing with him to buy time?] He’s going to ask her one question, just one. Does he please her or not? (What does she feel for him?) As they say in my town, do I trip your trigger? (le muevo la aguja- do I move the switch?) She runs her fingers through her hair and looks away --she doesn’t want to go there.

Pastor looks at his watch. He wants to know what’s going on, and would you look at the time? Juan’s late! Ivonne tells him she is sure that Juan is clueless, he has no idea what’s happening here. “He’s as lost as you, or more.” Pastor gets up; he’s going down to wait for Juan and kidnap him as fast as Juan gets there. He’s going to force Juan to tell him every little detail, all of it! ‘Scuse, please. Ivonne is left in the office, puzzling over this new twist.

Paula gives Juan the ol’ “you’re very special to me” song and dance. She takes his hand and folds both of hers around his. The time they had that night was magical. Hablablablabla…..He asks if there was love? She can’t say that word yet. She’s still recovering from her war wounds. She is sure, though, they’re going on a good road. That’s all he wanted to hear. She asks for a favor, that they go slowly, give one another space, that they don’t have pressure, and don’t have to say a word, not have to explain every gesture and not put themselves in a strait jacket (camisa de fuerza). She needs time to sort out what’s in her head and heart. He tells her to take all the time she needs. His love for her isn’t going anyplace. He has no doubt what he feels for her. “Because, I love you. I love you with all my heart.” He doesn’t need to say more, with this it’s all been said. He kisses her hand. She’s serious, but smiling. He’s serious, and intense. They caress each other’s hands and gaze at each other while “Ay, amor” plays in the background…..

Kike is in the garage, where Fern is fiddling with what looks like a mini-television. He asks Fern what he was supposed to do? Put her out in the street? Look grudging and inconsiderate? What could he do? He could have her in the house, and hold her off. Well, did she come in? What do you think? You know what, though? She’s still there, sleeping like a queen until dinner. He chuckles about Yadi’s ways. Fern wants to know where this leaves him. He loves this woman. Enrique suddenly gets suspicious. What did Fern have with her? Nothing, Fern swears with his hand up. Kike says anyway, she betrayed him, and since then he’s not so sure she’s a good woman. She doesn’t make him feel the passion she used to. They chitchat a little and Pastor comes looking for Juan. He’s not here yet, they tell him. Where could he be? Look at the time! Pastor asks God for patience. Fern wants to know if he plans to wait there, and Pastor wants to know if there’s some problem with that. No, of course not. Just curious. Pastor waves them back to their conversation. Kike stutters something about food, and Fern plays along….

Ivonne, her fetching tube-type top leading the procession out front, storms into CL’s office and throws a file down on his desk. For a paper file, it sure makes some noise. He looks up, muy irritado. “What do you want?” She has to talk to him. He’s busy. Well, she has something to say and it’s now or never [déjà vu, didn’t Juan have this line earlier? I guess it saves writers fees if they can repeat the lines.] “What do you want, and please make it quick.” Ivonne makes a caustic remark about her majesty, the star of the office, Paula. CL snidely notes that if the office folk devoted as much time to work as they do to gossip, Farell Industries would be the most productive company in the world. It wasn’t gossip. Pastor is very upset that not is Paula leaving, but Juan, too. [Ed. Note: Aha. The file has the separation paperwork, anyone want to make book on it?] Let’s say it wasn’t too secret. CL smirks and tells her he’s so pleased to see her genuine caring for Juan, she’s making progress here. Ivonne says Juan can go to the devil. But then what? This caring is for Paula? Nope. I want her position. I want you to appoint me Veep for commercial transactions. He gets a big grin. Then he’s ROTFLLL. And LLLLLLL. And LLLLLLL. While he laughs his nasty head off, Ivonne plots eternal revenge with a humongous stink eye.

Pastor is patting his toupee and pacing a little. Kike and Fern lean in to whisper behind him. “What do you think is going on?” “Could he have lice on his head?” Fern chuckles and tells him not on the head, in the toupee. They grin at each other. They speculate about why he’s waiting for Juan. Is Juan going to get a death sentence? Kike thinks he looks like he’s on the verge of tears. Fern points out that’s his normal face. Whew, here comes the limo. Juan lets Paula out and tells her goodbye before Pastor grabs him and rushes him off—Juan had him at the point of an attack of nerves! [Ed. Note: it’s not likely this guilt trip will work, Pastor, so give it up.] Pastor has something urgent to communicate with him….Juan tries to tell him that he has stuff to do. The only thing he has to do, Pastor tells him, is go with Pastor. Trust me for once in your life, Juan! They’re going out for coffee. They won’t be long, and they won’t be overheard. He looks meaningfully back at the muchachos. Juan calls back for Fern to look after the car as Pastor shoves him off. Fern salutes: “sure, boss.” Kike waves, too and taps Fern, what’s up with that? “I don’t know what to think. The only thing I now is that every day it’s tougher to find a normal Christian who’s right in the head.” [Ed. Note: Must be a dicho, folks, and I likely screwed up that interpretation.]

CL is still ROTFLLLLLL. He’s nearly in tears, it’s so funny. That’s a good one, he tells her. (Qué buena onda). That’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard in my life. Ivonne takes issue with that. She doesn’t see how it’s funny. He tells her, look, forget it, I’m not discussing this with you. You’re not taking Paula’s place, period. For this assignment, you would have to be trained, self-assured, and able to think on your feet (make decisions on the wing, al vuelo). Able to have a minimal sense of how to analyze and make commercial transactions….with experience. He shakes his finger at her to emphasize. [Ed. Note: don’t you just want to do something rude with that shaking finger, gentle readers?] She tells him she can meet all those conditions. He smirks and chuckles again. [Ed. Note: don’t you just want to do something rude with that smirking face, gentle readers?] “I doubt it.” “Let me show you!” “Are you for real?” “Well, you see I am. I just want to be heard out. This doesn’t have anything to do with….our past.” He tells her okay, let’s talk to the point (clearly). You want a promotion, right, don’t worry. Yep, but not just anything. I’ve thought about it, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Ivonne smiles in triumph. Okay, I’m promoting you to Licenciado Perafán’s assistant. How does that sound? She practically comes across the desk at him. Feet first. “Are you mocking me? Do you think I’m stupid? That’s what you think of me?” “I had the same questions? How could you think to come through my office door and ask for the Commercial Veep position?” “Like the Licenciada Paula, or have you forgotten how she obtained her meteoric ascension?” “Why don’t you refresh my memory, Ivonne?” “By spending time in your bed.” She points out he didn’t have to ask about experience, training, nothing. He retorts that her qualifications are excellent, her résumé is excellent, and wonders if she wants to see it. She scoffs. She’s sure Paula showed it to him lots of times. He uses what is apparently a trump card for her qualifications, though who knows why, because she could have graduated from Podunk U: Paula studied at a university in the United States! And you, meanwhile, studied at a technical school for secretaries. That’s just to begin with. What do you want? That you’ll end up humiliated? She says it doesn’t matter. He agrees with that, and tells her that at least is a more sensible attitude. But, he lets her know the Veep position already has a new occupant. “What? You’ve found another victim?” He reluctantly tells her that the new Veep is MB. Ivonne is a little impactada. He tells her to excuse him, because he has a lot of work and little patience. She storms out in a huff. When he’s done looking disgusted and irritated, he laughs and points at the door she just exited.

Chelo and Monica are cutting up veggies together in the kitchen. [Ed. Note: No wonder Moni doesn’t think it’s a mortal sin for Paula to hang out with a chauffeur.} Chelo is congratulating Moni on getting to do the work she wants, and to work together with CL. For some unfathomable reason, Chelo thinks this is a Good Thing. Chelo wonders if she’s happy, and Moni confirms it makes her very content. [Ed. Note: Chelo is almost always smiling. She’d be a good person to have around.] Moni says there’s still something she doesn’t like about it. Chelo wants to know what, if Moni doesn’t mind her meddling (si no le importa que meta mi cuchara, if it’s not important to you that I’m mixing my spoon in it). Moni tells her she’s still not sure what’s up with Paula. Something has her unconvinced. It’s strange, when she and Juan were here, we talked about work and she seemed quite content, enthusiastic. Chelo asks what Don CL says. Well, he’s told me his version, Moni tells Chelo, but I’d like to hear hers. She has been very special with me; she made a good impression on me. Chelo tells her she has a big heart. Moni says it’s just fair, nothing more. Moni says she’s going to talk with Paula, but not one word to CL, he’ll kill me. Chelo promises to zip her lip. (yo pico de cera, I mind my own business).

Marely, standing in front of Paula’s desk, has her notepad and is reciting the to do list for Paula. They have responses to send, calls to make. Paula says she’s going to make calls personally, and Marely agrees. Also, there’s my letter of resignation, Paula says. Marely looks up, a little alarmed, and then smiles and tells Paula of course, the letter of resignation is routine around here. Nope, this time it’s for real, Paula tells her, she’s also tired of this game. She’s going to save CL the trouble of letting her go. Of course, Marely tells her. Paula wants to know why she’s so mad. Marely denies she’s mad, and she won’t meddle in something that’s not important to her. Well, excuse me, Paula tells her, but you look like you’d gladly choke me. Paula, I’ve told you it’s your life and you know what to do with it. Paula tells her she’s talked with Juan and he asked what’s their situation, are they a couple? Oh? “I said I didn’t know.” I should say I didn’t know what to say. I tried to tell him the truth, or what I believe to be the truth. Well, Marely replies, this seems like it wasn’t a very clear conversation. [Ed. Note: Could her tongue be in her cheek?] Paula gets impassioned as she tells Marely that the one thing she wants to do now is get away from CL. Marely retorts that Paula wants to see him suffer as much as possible. Paula confirms that’d make her happy. Paula reminds Marely what he did to her, betrayed her, humiliated her, what woman wouldn’t want to get revenge on a guy like that? You know what I’ve suffered at his hands! Marely knows, but she tells Paula Juan shouldn’t have to pay for the damage (the broken plates). The half-sisters glare at each other.

Pastor has Juan cornered at the coffee shop. He wants Juan to explain a couple of little things. He wants Juan to explain like God wills it, with his hand on his heart, and the truth on his lips. Juan swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help him Diosito. He thought bubbles that he’s wondering what’s happening. Pastor’s gonna overheat like a turbine. Pastor tells him this morning he was working in his office very early when suddenly CL showed up, which was odd because he’s no lark, but what was really strange was what he asked me to do. What was that? To prepare your separation paperwork, and the Licenciada Paula’s, nothing less. That? What don’t you understand about how important this is? Pastor wants to know. He’s going to FIRE you, Juanito! Both of you! Sure, Juan assures him, I understand, I’m not a blockhead. Pastor remarks that he must be the blockhead because doesn’t understand (why Juan isn’t more upset). Could Juan please explain que the h*** is happening? Juan sits back with a sour look.

Paula finally stands up and comes around her desk. She tells Marely that her worry about Juan only says that she hasn’t been honest. Does Juan interest her? Paula walks behind Marely, who is looking guilty, but Paula can’t see it. She squares her jaw and turns around. Yes, as a friend, a brother. “Marely, I promise you I’ll do everything possible….” Saved by the bell. Marely answers the phone and finds it’s Monica. She passes the phone to a reluctant and sighing Paula. Paula answers with pretty manners, but a grimace. Moni invites her out to eat lunch. How would that be? Paula can’t think of a graceful way to decline, and accepts. They’ll have lunch at three. Moni asks her not to say a word to CL; Paula agrees that she’ll say nothing. As she hangs up the phone, she tells an impactada Marely that Moni wants to talk with her.

Kike tells Fern he’s got to get going, and Fern bids him goodbye, but there’s a hitch in Kike’s plans. Delirio is right behind him. With Nidia. Nidia tells Delirio thanks for coming with me, but I’ll go it alone now. She looks meaningfully as a worried Kike. She tells Delirio she knows he has lots of work and she doesn’t want to take more of his time. [Ed. Note: Looks like a firm dismissal, folks.] He bids her goodbye with an endearment (my little sunflower bud? Capullito de girasol).

Nidia forcefully tells Kike she has to talk to him. He faces off with her hesitantly and submissively; he’s at her orders. Fern watches from his seat at the desk behind Kike. Nidia excuses herself to Fernandito, and tells Kike to get going. He walks off quickly. She and Fern eye each other….is it electricity? Is it disgust and annoyance? Is it about half and half? She turns and follows Kike. With a swing like that, she needs a porch. He watches…..but what the heck is that look?

Juan is trying to explain to Pastor. He wants Pastor to promise to take it calmly. Pastor tells him that Juan knows he’s the calmest person on the planet. Juan starts to stammer through it and decides to spit it out: “the Licenciada Paula and I are in love.” Juan beams at Pastor. Pastor, on the other hand, is impactado and desolate. He stands and begins to shake his head, close to tears. “No, no Juan, it can’t be!” His voice hits the Threshold of Discomfort at about 110 decibels Sound Pressure Level. Everyone in the restaurant looks. Juan tells him it is. Pastor seats himself, putting his head onto his hands and crying loudly. Juan looks over his shoulder at all the people looking at them.

Nidia has revved up to full speed ahead with Kike. She reams him a new one. She wonders what on earth possessed him to kidnap her daughter. He tries to interrupt. She wonders how he could do this to her! She’s been like a second mother to him! He tries to interrupt. She reminds him that he knows how much her deceased husband esteemed him. He would have given anything to see Kike and Yadi married. He tries to interrupt. She chastises him for thinking about living together, and gives him a list of reasons why it’s a Bad Thing. Kike makes the “time out” sign and tells her to listen to him. It wasn’t HIS idea! He agrees with her and he didn’t TAKE Yadira. No??? No!!!! He tells Nidia she’ll have to pardon him, but Yadi tricked him into coming to her room, and provoked him when she started to undress….Nidia doesn’t want to hear that part! Then he tells Nidia that Yadi came looking for him at school and practically forced him to take her in. If she wants to verify it she can ask Juan.

Juan asks Pastor to please do him a favor and shut up. Pastor keeps yelling. All the while that he was giving Juan a hand, and it was impossible to be happy, and he kept on defending Juan from those who would do him dirt. Juan tells him he appreciates all that Pastor has done for him, but really, he’s always been a friend. Juan notices all the onlookers and yells that Pastor is a great friend. “He’s my compa!” (Compadre, pal).

Kike assures Nidia that if it’d been up to him, he would have brought Yadi home last night. He doesn’t understand, but she’s obsessed with him. He’s desperate. Nidia wonders if he’s telling her the truth. She clearly wants to believe him. He swears he is, he’s not playing her, that’s God’s will. You know how much I loved your daughter. You know I would have died for her, but it’s all different now. I care nothing for her. Nidia says she’s working hard to believe this. He tells her it’s true, and she can go by his house and talk to Yadi. She’ll be doing them both a favor. Nope, she says, you’d better go with me. Kike wants to draw her a map and give her the address—he has a lot of work at the moment. They go back to the desk and Fern looks up, wary. Nidia looks triumphantly at him. She strokes herself and he starts to say something, but can’t. Could there really be something here? Nah. Kike gives her the map and address, and tells her to let him know if she needs anything, because she can count on him. She thanks him. She tells him that she hopes he’ll find love again, and calls him “my son.” Kike thanks her, takes his leave, and runs off to get his transporting done. Fern and Nidia are left staring at each other. They’re not alone, though….this is still Grand Central and the world passes through here each day. Does it matter to Nidia? Nope. She sits on the corner of the desk and looks dejected, so Fern, gentleman that he is, gets up and pats her on the shoulder. “Is anything wrong?” She throws herself into his arms. He reluctantly holds her and strokes her hair, then hears something that makes him look down to see if she’s crying or purring.

Pastor is still on a roll. He wants Juan to tell him one thing, the truth, and nothing but the truth. Do you love HER? Or is what’s happening with her simply a whim? Tell me the truth, I demand it. Juan tells him if he wants the truth, then yes, he loves her more than he has ever loved before and more than he will ever love again. He says Pastor should believe it, there are no more lies, no matter how much it hurts him, hurts CL, whoever. He adores this woman, and no human will ever change that. Pastor stands up, and Juan asks why? They’re not done talking. Juan tries to talk him back, but Pastor turns around and immediately falls into the arms of the guy behind him who stood up just in time to catch Pastor….in dead faint. It’s a mimisqui that would make Luigi Lombardi sit up and take notice. Juan lowers him to the floor gently and calls for water.

Delirio is still talking with Gutis, upset because he hasn’t got the information he wants yet and that they’re pressuring him and he doesn’t know what he can tell them about not finding the info. Gutis, totally nonchalant about all this, and playing with his shades while he talks on the phone, wonders that’s the mystery. They exchange barbs about the info, and Delirio tells Gutis he can’t keep making excuses. Gutis gets frustrated and tells him enough, already, don’t be crying here. Last night I left it for you on the desk top. Delirio turns over some papers and sputters.

Nidia still has Fern detained. She tells him it sucks to be her. How come children pay their parents like this with tears of blood? After all this dedication! Why? Why? She scans the area for warm bodies, and detecting none but Fern’s at the moment, slinks up to give him a full-body press (not noticing the person passing behind them several feet). He reluctantly tolerates her throwing herself at him, while she tells him her life is so unfair! Here she is, more alone than ever, she’s just realized…..alone, abandoned, without a firm little chest to give her support. All this is, of course, punctuated with stroking down her sides and a hoist. She continues that there are no arms to pamper her, as she strokes his long arms and gazes up into his face two feet above her.

Delirio is delirious! He tells Gutis that it’s marvelous what he’s found! Of course, Delirio has barely opened the document he just picked up, but it’s marvelous. Gutis says they can make a few little calls, get organized, and then…blackmail hovers in the air, unspoken but tangible. Delirio realizes he’s brilliant, though it pains him to say it. But Gutis is not happy; he reminds Delirio that they have a pact for which Delirio as of yet has done nothing at all. “But what are you talking about, my king? What?” It’s Yadira, of course. Delirio assures Gutis that he’s working on this child on Gutis’ behalf. He can be very sure of that. Gutis certainly hopes so, for Delirio’s own good.

Nidia pushes Fern almost back to the wall as he sits on a desk against it, and she suggests that they save this discussion for another day in another place. Fern finally gets his bearings and takes charge. He eases her up and away from him, flips her around a little and pushes himself farther from her, holding her arms. “Doña Nidia, you know what I think about that.” She flips him back to sit on the desk, holding him by the arms, and sits him down, flirting some more [ni que te estuviera pidiendo algo del otro mundo, it wasn’t like I was asking for something to write home about? I looked this one up and found it could be very racy, judging from the websites the phrase brought up. Yikes! Help here is welcome]. She only wants a few quick seconds of his time. He’ll be able to help her “clarify” her life. She strokes and rubs. “That’s all.” He tries again to stand up.

We find ourselves looking up at Juan’s concerned face, people standing behind him. “Are you feeling better?” The view shifts and we see a man holding Pastor up slightly from his position on the floor, with Juan holding a cup to his lips. “Drink a little water.” Juan dabs a napkin lightly at Pastor’s face after helping him with the drink. “Are you feeling better, better, better, better?” We hear the echo fades in Pastor’s ears. “Give me your little hand.” Juan and the guy help Pastor to his feet and Juan pulls a chair out for him. Juan thought bubbles that this hit the poor guy like a mule kick. Pastor weeps that this has to be a nightmare, a punishment. He shakes his head and blubbers. Juan encourages him to calm himself; they’re bringing him a little cup of tea. The drama continues.

Licenciado Perafán is in CL’s office. He has brought the incriminating book from the catacombs for CL’s review. CL thanks him; that’s what they were needing. Delirio tells him how much work it was to find this info for him. And, as you see, when I commit to something, it’s until death! He snaps his fingers. [Ed. Note: what an irritating habit! I have a colleague who does that often, and sometimes want to shake that colleague. I keep myself in check, though. With Alirio I probably would cut loose, however.] Delirio is beaming ear to ear, and making his usual expansive gestures to punctuate his grand success. “Ah, but CL, buddy, you and I still have a bit of unfinished business, right?” CL wants to know what. “Sure, you remember that about my assistant?” CL informs him sure, but I have bad news, Ivonne didn’t accept it. Delirio foolishly tells CL that he had thought for sure that CL was the one who made the decisions in Farell Industries, (and implies that now he sees that’s not the case, tsk). CL squares his jaw and tells Delirio through gritted teeth that sometimes he takes the well-being of his people into account. Delirio pushes more buttons by telling CL that he understands perfectly; if he were in CL’s shoes he’d do exactly the same thing and not let Ivonne out of his sight [okay, I interpreted very loosely here. Also, I’d like to make an observation that I’m not sure, but I think Delirio made a really risqué comment here, instead of saying “I’d do exactly the same (mismo), the word “mismo” Alirio pronounced “misma” which could have been a reference to doing Ivonne, her. But a schoolmarm wouldn’t actually know about that, so I could be way off base]. CL remarks that Delirio can’t know how much that reassures him to know that. Delirio asks if it would be too much for him to ask that CL let him talk with this little girl and see if he can convince her.

The next thing we know, Delirio is panting over Ivonne’s desk. He asks her how she is, what can she tell him? Nothing! He doesn’t take the hint, but continues that he’s noticed how alone she is when it’s time to eat, and he wonders if she’d go with him to a cozy little Mexican place, with tacos and tepache to die for. “Are you inviting me to EAT??” “Well, yeah, how does that seem to you, precious?” “BAD! Many thanks but NO thanks!” Ivonne is yelling. The office gossip-mongers should have fun with this old boy hitting up on Ivonne [Ed. Note: I tried to find Roberto d’Amico’s birth date on the web and it’s not given. Anyplace!] “Little queen, don’t be so surly with me! Accept my invitation. It’ll be worthwhile for you, because I have a business offer for you….” Ivonne gives him a fake smile and says that it doesn’t interest her, no thanks. Delirio presses on, because he’s just sure this is something she’d find worthwhile, if she’d only listen to him (he calls her precious, doll). If she doesn’t think it worthwhile, he won’t insist. [Ed. Note: Hah. We already have plenty of evidence to the contrary.] “You know what, Licenciado Perafán?” “What?” He asks and leans far over her desk. Ivonne shakes her finger in his face and yells “Leave me in PEACE!” Marely sits up and looks over at them, startled and possibly wondering que the h*** her stepfather is doing over there.

Back in Ivonne’s corner, Delirio says, “Look, doll, don’t get like that. It’ll be worth your while; I want what’s best for you.” Ivonne’s fuse is about burned out. She tells him that he keeps bothering her and she’s not responding. She wants to know in what language she can tell him that he’ll understand she’s not interested in ANYTHING to do with him. She’s not interested to be his assistant, doesn’t want his invitations to drink tepache, and she isn’t interested in anything at ALL.” She gives him her very best stink eye and storms off. Delirio, like the Bobo doll that never falls over, bobs upright again and says, “this doll’s an original.” [Okay, I interpreted loosely again.] He sidles over to Marely’s desk and complains that all he wanted was some info he needed, with the most cordiality he would muster up, you know me, and look at how she treated him, like a crazy woman. What’s up with that child? She has no class! Marely just stares at him. One can hope she’s as disgusted as we feel.

The lowbrow in question is in CL’s office, bellyaching about Delirio to the big boss. CL makes a wisecrack and Ivonne fusses at him about not starting with his stupid smile that unnerves her (wears her down). CL says that instead of wasting energy fighting uselessly, don’t you think it’d be better if you studied? She could soon begin a new career, with a promising future, a productive one. Ivonne’s annoyed. She doesn’t want him talking nonsense. He tells her whatever; if you want to be this guy’s assistant, perfect. If you DON’T want to be this guy’s assistant, perfect. The only thing he wants is that she won’t bother him with her stuff, because he is sure that he has things much more important to think about. She thinks a second, and walks toward the desk. In a questioning voice, she says “I want to go out tonight...” He tells her that’s a great idea, she needs a distraction and needs to reduce her neurosis a bit. Oh, that’s not exactly what she had in mind, it seems. “I want to go out with you!” He looks mildly impactado. “What a shame. I can’t.” “Sure, you can.” He murmurs dissent, and puffs on one of his infernal cigarettes; he’s clearly bored. She tells him he’d best be thinking about where he’s taking her and it’d best be someplace elegant; that’ll really give him something important to think about. She flounces out of the office.

Juan and Pastor are coming down the escalator to the garage at Farell Industries, and Pastor tells Juan, “Hasta aquí nos trajo el río” Well, it all comes down to this or here we are (my interpretation, it’s a Columbian dicho). Juan remarks that it looks like it. Pastor tells Juan he appreciates that Juan’s been honest with him. Juan remarks that Pastor knows better than anyone that Juan doesn’t like lies, and Pastor chuckles and reminds him that there were times before that Juan doesn’t want to make Pastor recall, which contradict his assertion. Juan replies okay, okay, but I’m a reformed man—by love. Pastor wants Juan to know that he’s going to do everything he can to help Juan. Juan thinks that battle is more than lost. Pastor tells Juan if he only knew how expertly Pastor can manipulate the big boss—he wouldn’t believe it. Modesty aside, Pastor continues, he can do with the boss what he feels like. From here, Juan will not be leaving. [Ed. Note: Pastor just got mega points with me. He can be a really solid guy, and right now is one of those times.] He tells Juan to have a good day, and Juan tells him to have one, too. He calls Pastor as Pastor goes to leave. Pastor turns again, Fern in the background. Juan thanks him for his understanding and makes guy-type gestures. Pastor sighs, “Juanito, what am I to do with you?” He goes. Juan smiles fondly after him, thought bubbling that there’s really a lot of nobility in this little bald guy, and if he hadn’t been fairly sure it could be misunderstood, he’d have given the guy a hug.

A smiling Ana is asking Paula by phone if Paula wants to have lunch. Paula has to turn her down for Monica. Can’t Paula cancel? Nope, impossible. Ana is disappointed, because she wants to tell Paula something that has the potential to be life-changing. Paula wants to know why Mamá can’t just tell her, already. Ana smiles broadly—this will be best told face to face, personally, and it’s a surprise for her. Paula just cannot go. Ana sighs and says she’ll see her in the evening and they’ll talk. Paula wants a little head up right NOW. Ana smiles again and tells her all she can say now is it’s something that could change their lives for the better. “Really?” “Yes, Paula.”

Ivonne gives Pastor an earful about Perafán. The nerve of that guy, trying to make her his assistant! She babbles on about CL being no help at all, all you men are the same, present company excepted, and notices Pastor is in some other world. She claps her hands at him and he comes out of his trance. “Are you listening to me?” “It’s over, Ivonne.” She wants to know what’s over. His relationship with Juan is over forever. She points out that nothing really happened. He sadly tells her that deep down he always had a secret hope that if nothing was said to the contrary, there was always a possibility of them ending up with something, a connection between the two of them. So now, why’s it all over, she wonders. He tells her that Juan is the lover of someone she knows, and detests. “Don’t tell me, Marely?” “No, Paula Dávila.” Ivonne is impactada and speculative at the same time.

Chelo is dusting as Moni comes to tell Chelo she’s leaving. “And what shall I tell him if the Mr. calls?” “Mmm, tell him that I’ve gone to see the Doctor.” “Ay, Sra. Mónica, I’ve never heard you tell lies!” Chelo is scandalized. Moni tells her there’s always a first time, and besides, it’s a righteous lie (white lie). She won’t make it a habit. It’s for a good reason. Chelo lectures Moni that she sure hopes so, since this could turn her into a liar fast. Chelo wouldn’t like that to happen to her. Moni says it won’t. She smiles and waves to Chelo, who wishes her luck as she leaves.

Paula is bracing herself to go to lunch with Moni. She tells Marely if anyone calls, tell them she’ll return about 4:00, 4:30 p.m. Now to go see if she can save Juan’s hide (pellejo, hide/skin) in this company. Marely wants to know what Sra. Mónica has to do with Juan and his situation. Paula thinks a lot, and she’s going to take advantage of the opportunity to get her to intercede for Juan with CL. She has a lot of power, Paula tells Marely, so Paula can kill two birds with one stone. The last thing Paula wants to do is prolong her exposure to CL. Paula leaves and strides across the lobby, while the camera takes us to CL’s office where he’s fingering the phone, clearly wanting to pick it up and call….Paula gets to the elevator, waits a second until it comes, and gets on it as CL finally calls and Marely answers. “Paula?” “No, it’s Marely.” CL is embarrassed, but asks if she’ll hand the phone to Paula. Marely informs him she’s gone to eat. CL wants to know if she left long ago, and Marely tells CL she just left moments ago. CL wonders if she knows, by chance, with whom Paula went to eat. Marely is panicked as we are reminded that any similarity to real life is purely a coincidence.

Monday: Will the gossip mill have a meltdown as Paula and Juan walk out arm in arm? Will CL get vengeance because he's been thrown over for a lowly CHAUFFEUR?

Vocabulary-note there are some in the recap I didn’t put in the list because the translation I guessed at and it might not be correct

no canta un gallo – it’s clear (a rooster couldn’t sing clearer)
que la importa un comino – she doesn’t give a d*** (a grain of cumin isn’t important to her)
que le cayera gordo – you can’t stand me (I fell fat for you!)
¿le muevo la aguja? – do I move the switch? (do I trip your trigger, do you care about me?)
camisa de fuerza - strait jacket
tomar decisions al vuelo – make decisions on the wing/on the fly, think on your feet
si no le importa que meta mi cuchara – if you don’t mind me meddling (if it’s not important to you that I’m mixing my spoon in it)
yo pico de cera - I mind my own business

*Mimisqui – a very unique infirmity suffered by Luigi Lombardi, the flamboyant television production guru of La Fea Más Bella, usually occurring when he perceived himself under extreme duress, for example, when he REALLY didn’t like something or someone



Saturday, September 29, 2007

Destilando Amor, 09/28/07: MINE'S BIGGER THAN YOURS!

It's school daze with Dr. Dazzle competing against the Mescal Manic de Montalvo. The two rivals look at each other in the hotel lobby and Alonso breaks the silence first. "Go for a drink?" "Yeah. Let's go." Rod and Alonso make their way to the bar while Gavi gets situated in her room.

After squaring off about the chairs, Alonso tells Rod they've got a problem and its name is Aaron Montalvo. He complains that Aaron has become a headache for Gavi and that he has been purposely, pointedly rude and especially aggressive towards her, actually the both of them. Additionally he has spoken pejoratively about his tequila with the visitors. (I love the way this guy casually throws out these $4 words like others sling the 4-letter kind.) Alonso explains he's worried about the reputation of both the CRT and Rodrigo, but especially Gavi's.

"Aaron is harming you both and I don't like it at all. He is insisting that she will not be allowed to enter the hacienda. If she's refused the trip will be canceled. I'm holding off making any decision till I get your opinion." "--I am the only one who gives orders at Montalveña. Anything else?" Alonso continues that he believes Aaron's been sabotaging Rod's new tequila with the prospective clients and Rod is not surprised. "Look," Alonso says. "it's my job to protect the interests of the CRT and of the tequila producers, and that would include you."

Rod is impatient and rude again. "--Anything else?" (For a guy who needs all the help he can get from Santoveña's department, Rod doesn't realize how lucky he is he has such a consummate professional like Alonso. I ask you, how many of us would take that kind of grief from a business associate and not just lose it after a couple of drinks, hmmm?)

Alonso continues that he wants to clear up all the apparent misunderstandings so that the three of them might be better able to work without any unnecessary stress. Rod, though, tells him, man-to-man, that the only real problem between them is that Alonso happens to be interested in the same woman, the woman that Rod loves.

Upstairs in her room Gavi is putting away her bags and settling in. On her bedstand she notices a second orchid and it has a card from Rod:

"As I suppose others might have had the idea to give you flowers, I hope this orchid is
satisfactorily distinguishable from amongst the others. It is, the same as you, unique.
Today I am celebrating more than ever the fact you are alive and are near me.
-- Happy Birthday, Rodrigo."

Back down in the bar Rod gripes to Alonso. "Not only are you interested in the same woman, but you're falling in love with her, right?" Alonso interrupts to object to discussing their personal problems and to suggest they simply put an end once and for all to these types of "occurrences" for Gaviota's sake. "--Occurrences?? I'd say more like 'groping' ! Sure, I'd like to put an end to it all, but how can I not be jealous when I phone Miss Franco and find you there in her room?"

Alonso frowns and tries to explain that it was all a mistake, but Rod doesn't want to hear it. "One mistake after another after another..." "--Look, I'm not arguing with you about this. I just want you to know that this morning there was another incident." He explains how earlier in the morning he stopped by Gavi's room to wish her a happy birthday, that the door was specifically open, but that Aaron just happened to pass by and now was insinuating that he and Gavi spent the night together when nothing of the sort took place.

Rod jumps on this. "Well, it seems you had good reason to want to speak to me in such a hurry. You figured I'd hear your version first instead of my cousin's!" Alonso defends himself and shoves it right back at Rod and tells him what's what. "I don't have the slightest desire to justify myself to you! The only thing worrying me is that Gaviota might do her job undisturbed, that the guests are satisfied with their stay and that businessmen such as yourself might have the chance to sell your tequila! So, stop tormenting us with your jealousy and understand that there is nothing going on between us and nothing has happened. I am aware there is a relationship between you two, but she and I have done nothing. If you don't believe me, then you should believe her!"

Rod won't take no for an answer, but then, he has Alonso's number. "Perhaps you're right. But I do know that you're pursuing her." "--If you think I'm hounding her, I'm not!" "--Oh, no, because you're more subtle. Very suave. Very particular. Like the little hanky for every time she spills a tear; the shoulder to support her when she's overburdened, or the helping hand you lend her. You are counting on lots of time and luck, the luck that has evaded me these past three anxiety-filled years pursuing her, fighting for her love."

Rod goes in close and looks Alonso dead in the eye. "I've encountered all sorts of obstacles, all kinds of them! But, you, the only obstacle you have is me, the man that she loves. You have come at a very difficult moment for Gaviota. You have known how to be patient, how to smother her with nice gestures and so on." He bangs his fist on the table, resolute. "But it's like this: I'm not going to be kept from her love; and even though you and I make all sorts of pacts you're not going to avoid me still fighting for her love until we are happy together."

Alonso is still frowning. He does all he can to swallow and count to ten before he answers. "You have every right to do as you please. As far as I'm concerned, in the name of the CRT as well as my own, I want her birthday to be a happy one, so stop pressuring her and questioning her. I would be eternally greatful." "--All right. You're right. I'll do my part." Alonso offers to drink on it and Rod grudgingly agrees.

Gavi calls Dani and tells her about Rod's surprise arrival in Guadalajara so she wouldn't have to spend her birthday alone. Gavi is also adamant that Rod understands there is absolutely nothing going on between her and her boss. Dani warns her that her brother is impatient having to wait these last few months and his jealousy is driving him mad. She is afraid that it might cause problems, so Gavi should be especially careful and show him just how much she cares for him.

Gavi says then she's only left with two options: either be turned into his mistress while overlooking his wife and child or to quit her job and sit patiently by till he sorts out his family's financial mess with the Duartes. She is not about to do either. Dani tries to explain to Gavi that for Rod, it is difficult to know she's working all day long next to such a charmer like Alonso Santoveña. He could really end up in an insane asylum if things don't progress like they should and Dani is really worried. Gavi tells her not to joke about it like that.

(Ok, ok, ok. Even I have finally reached the point of no return with Rod's jealous rages, his childish tantrums and brutish insults, even his literally tracking her every move. This is in a wholey different universe from Tracy and Hepburn or Thin Man movies with "Nick and Nora Chase". Gavi's been walking a mental tightrope all week and I'm wincing right along with her. In fact, the hubster commented that by the time this trip is over Gavi will be calling Isadora up and beggin' her to keep his sorry rear!! --Nope, Rod's situation has gone beyond cute or the romantic, has rushed well past boorish and cannot adequately be covered in 'Can This Relationship Be Saved?', having now crossed over somewhere into the suffocatingly oppressive.)

Unfortunately for Dani, Elvis has walked in on her conversation and overhears her glowing assessment of Alonso Santoveña. Suddenly he becomes jealous. He tells her that he hopes Gavi and Rod get back together so Santoveña will be free for her. He's not sticking around to see it. Good-bye and have a nice life.

Aaron pops into the bar and sits down with them while giving backhanded compliments to Alonso's ability to mend fences and handle "professional" relations. Then he gets down to the business of Mariana Franco's visit to Montalveña. Before Rod can get a word in, Aaron reminds Rod that although he inherited Montalveña, he is also one of Don Amador's grandsons. Rod tells Aaron he doesn't have to worry about seeing her there because he's not being invited in.

Aaron is snit-worthy impactado (and nobody, but nobody does snit-worthy like Sergio). "Heh-heh, I don't have to have permission to visit Montalveña." "--You're wrong. This time you do." "--Y-y-you are excluding me for your...'special guest'?"

Rod grins like the Cheshire cat and even Alonso, the stiff, cracks a sly smile. Aaron never saw this one coming and he screams at them that he is part of the group and demands that he be allowed to join the others. Rod shoots back, "YOU don't demand ANYTHING!" and he procedes to set Aaron straight. He tells him that these special considerations of his are not just because of what Gavi means to him or the place she holds in his life, but because she's also come as a representative of the CRT to promote his tequila. On the other hand, Aaron, his own first cousin, has spent the entire tiime discouraging those businessmen and poisoning the atmosphere with his filthy comments. "You are not welcome at Montalveña. I don't intend on selling you a single bottle of my tequila and you know full well I don't."

Aaron turns to Alonso and asks the CRT's position on this since he's an active member in good standing. Alonso replies that if the hacienda owner doesn't want him present then he can't do a thing to stop it. Aaron says there's no reason for him to continue on the tour then. Alonso agrees and says it makes no sense for him to. He should leave the group immediately.

Before he leaves, Aaron tries driving the knife in even further. "Don't you know there's something between the two of them?" "--Stop it!" "--She and Santoveña are just using you and if you want to continue playing the fool, then go ahead." He walks out in a huff. Rod looks at Alonso and laughs. "We've just gotten a load off our backs!" They drink to that.

Gavi walks in a little afterward and asks what gives with Aaron. They tell her he's decided not to continue the tour. She's definitely down with that and tells them the guests are waiting in the lobby. Alonso leaves and Rod asks her to wait a minute while he pays the bill. He asks if Alonso gave her something for her birthday, like chocolates or another book, or... flowers? He realizes from her expression that it was flowers. He guesses it was another orchid just like his. She tells him that she preferred his and considers it special because it came from him. (This is so pathetically grade school.)

Back in Sin City, Hilario is leaving for a workout at the gym. He's annoyed when San Juana comes back in from shopping for groceries and tells her he's not coming back to eat and may not get back till very late. He leaves and SJ still figures eventually he's going to come around and will be eating out of her hands soon enough. (I have no patience with this character so let's just FF>>)

Across town, The Breakfast Club is together again in Isa's apartment. Sofia tells Minnie the condition that Frankie arrived home in the night before, and admits that ever since the morning that she found his shirt with the buttons ripped off they've not been having sexual relations (not with each other, at least). She says she thinks he arranged for his panther-woman to come to Mexico City while he is there. Isa pats Sofia's hand sympathetically and shakes her head.

Minnie cannot believe Frankie would lower himself to get involved with a townie. Sofia wonders whether he might have many lovers or just one. Minnie says she figures he's got only one lover and it could be another like La Gaviota. Isa can't help but snicker out loud. She catches herself and says they're all obsessing on Gaviota and all it does is depress them. Sofia says that's not the point. What matters is that her husband is cheating on her.

Frankie wakes up from his beauty sleep and gets on the phone with Stefano. He tells his cousin that Isa is incredible and is becoming one big bad vice for him. He just wants more and more of her.

Rod is really enjoying his role as host and grand tour guide. More though, it's a matter of keeping Alonso from having the chance to dazzle Gavi with his expansive command of facts and figures. The group drives along and as the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, Alonso tells the driver to stop for the group to take some pictures. Rod insists that the driver continue on a bit further, because he knows a much better place for that. So they drive on.

Back in Guadalajara Aaron calls Minnie to tell her that Rod has dis-invited him and has forbidden him from entering the hacienda. He tells her not to worry though, that the threesome can't last much longer, that it is a time bomb that he will make certain explodes. Just then Sherilyn arrives with her bags and starts crawling all over him. Aaron tells Minnie he's got a couple more days he needs to spend there to attend to "bidnez" matters. He plans to stick around since he's made appointments to speak with several foreign importers and producers.

Rod has the driver stop and they all get out. While the businessmen are wowed by the beauty of the landscape and start photographing their surroundings, Rod and Alonso get into a regular spittin' contest over who knows more facts about the agricultural production of the region and surrounding municipalities. Every time Rod gives out a fact, Alonso has to top it. (It's like ok, so you've both got Ph.D.'s. We know you guys are smart as well as handsome, and ok, so maybe Rod didn't really sleep through all those advanced ag lectures like we thought, but you're boring everybody already.) They eventually head off towards the organic agave fields of Montalveña.

Along the way Rod expounds on the beauty of the countryside and the type of people who live there and he tells the group he has so many fabulous memories among these fields. He describes how those who live amongst the agave dream of sleeping under luxuriously leafy trees with the sun above. He and Gavi exchange glances while he tells them all that there is a legend around those parts that whoever falls in love in these fields never is the same again. They never recover from it because to fall in love in these fields is to fall in love forever.

One of the guests asks if Rod fell in love in them. He says he most definitely did, with a migrant jima cutter who came back once a year only for the spring harvest. Now though, Alonso's heard enough and he abruptly tells the driver to stop. The tour-bus has finally arrived at Montalveña's organic agave fields.

James is there and Rod introduces him to the group as his best friend and his master brewer. One of the businessmen, Millar, remembers James. He tells the group that James is an internationally recognized wine expert and so the Montalvo tequila could not be in better hands.

Gavi greets the old gang of jima cutters. One of the other guests asks Gavi about her nickname and she has a chance to tell the others how she started out as a jimadora years ago with her mother. Rod explains that she used to come every year at the spring harvest and would sing constantly. That's how he met her and why the spring agave harvest is so important to him.

Alonso, not to be one-upped, and to keep things on a more professional level, jumps in with a brief and glowing backgrounder on Gaviota's accomplishments and experience in the area of tequila production. He comments to the group that she's done her job so well that soon she could be busy taking an important ambassadorship abroad. (So maybe his loogie is bigger than Rod's loogie after all.)

Both Rod and Gavi are more than a little surprised and confused. He is upset and she says she is tired of the verbal sparring. All that matters to Rod is whether she would seriously abandon him like that. She tells him this comes out of the blue. Her boss never even mentioned it to her. He's more than a little suspicious of the timing. "What a coincidence, huh?" She says that the only thing she knows for sure is that she loves him.

Rod calms down. In the background Alonso looks on and obviously resents seeing them together, but watches mesmerized while Gavi caresses Rod's cheek. She tells Rod that although their deal is to only discuss business, it doesn't mean that she's changed her feelings about him and she loves him more than anything in the world, but she cautions him: if trust is lost, then all is lost. (Figure it out, cowboy.) She walks back over to the group.

Rod says to himself he does trust in her love. The one he doesn't trust is that shark over there who every second is trying to steal her love away from him. He calls Dani right away with an idea and a special favor.

Minnie is griping at the others that it's so humiliating to have Rod shut them out of Montalveña like that just to please that social climbing female. "So. What in the hell are you all looking at me like that for?" Isa tells her it's useless . Gaviota simply has become too powerful and has the entire CRT as well as all the ag secretaries backing her, not to mention Rod at his end. This starts Sofia off, who begins screaming indignantly that her brother has really overstepped the line and has to be stopped once and for all.

At the distillery, Rod and Alonso discuss Ardent Passion's six months' aging process and we get a complete step by step of tequila processing from start to finish. Alonso gives a brief history of Rod's ancestors from the mid-eighteenth through the early nineteenth century through the present, explaining how their industrious nature eventually led to the Montalvo's being the leading family of tequila producers in the country. Rod explains that his grandfather led the effort towards the trademark naming and recognition of tequila as a specific type of spirit.

Before they leave to go on to the hacienda Gavi pulls Rod aside and tells him she's not continuing on to Montalveña with them. She knows his family considers her persona non grata and she doesn't want to cause anymore problems. He walks her over to Alonso and asks his help at convincing her she should join them inside the main house for dinner. Alonso tells her it is a mandatory part of her job and she must join them at the hacienda and walks off towards the others. "See, you must always listen to that little boss man of yours." "--Oh, he's a friend when it's convenient for you, huh?"

Snacking on sushi with the others, Minnie gets the idea that they still have time to get Pilar to force Rod to refuse Gaviota's entrance into the main house. She'll tell Pilar what Aaron told her about Gavi having spent the night with her boss. Sofia says the old woman is a waste. Nobody will support them or believe them any longer. Even Aaron's plans have failed. She starts dialing Aaron's number to see what's what, but he's being otherwise entertained by Sherilyn and refuses to answer. Thinking it's just another jealous rant from Minnie he beats at his cell phone with a couple of cold tortillas, breaks a sherry glass and goes back to his afternoon delights.

Minnie assures them that Aaron still has something up his sleeve. Sofia says it may not happen till after the trip and that's a couple of days off. What are they supposed to do till then, sit around staring at each other?

Eventually Rod, Alonso, Gavi and James and their visitors arrive at the main house. Rod pulls Gavi over to the side and formally welcomes her there. He says he wants her to feel at ease and she should enjoy herself. She admits it won't be easy and she tells him how she remembers when he caught her and her mother sneaking a look at telenovelas after they broke the flowerpot, and how he nearly ran them off. Rod says that would never have happened because by then he'd already set his sights on her.

As Rod and Gavi enter the main hall together through the magnificent front entrance, she cannot believe she's actually there as an invited guest.


Acorralada #182 Friday 9-28-07 The Jig is Up!

We start with the Sylvie's and Mariposa's arrival interrupting the wedding between Puncho and Pru. Pru is so excited to see her primo prima! Puncho is purposely keeping his back to the melee. The priest finally breaks up the happy reunion and wants to get the wedding under way. Puncho is quaking in his boots.

A confrontation at the police station occurs between Dimwit and Marfil. I'm not sure how this discussion started, but it has to do with Dimwit and Maxi-Moron. Marfil says, "Oh yeah? Well I'm married to a millionaire now!" Dimwit tells Marfil, "Although you may be married to a millionaire, you don't love him and obviously aren't happy. At least Maxi-Moron loves me more than you!" Dimwit righteously struts out and the Lt. Gomez comes out to get Marfil.

Maxi-Moron is telling Emili-Oh he feels bad about how he treated Marshmallow. When he called the bodega, they told him Marshmallow and Godmum had left Miami and didn't want Max knowing where they went. MM admits to using Marshmallow. Emili-Oh tells him to move on; soon both MM and Marshmallow will be free. He also encourages MM recoup Dimwit. She is his "north."

Lt Gomez and Marfil spar verbally. She wants to know if he is accusing her of Princess Fi's disappearance. He replies that's not what he wants to talk to her about, although that case is still open and sooner or later he'll solve Princess Fi's disappearance. He wants to talk about the kidnapping of Dimwit's baby. Marfil sneers that it was her twin sister who did that. Lt. Gomez asks if she has proof. Marfil replies do you have proof I did it? Lt. Gomez says she's very astute. Marfil says she's wasted enough time, and basically if he's not going to charge her, she's leaving. As she's walking out she points out that it doesn't look good that he hasn't solved Princess Fi's disappearance.

Dimwit has come to visit Iggy, who is handcuffed to the hospital bed. Just when he thought his luck couldn't get any better. "To what do I owe this visit, Dimwit?" Dimwit replies, "I've come to enjoy your downfall, Iggy!"

Pru wants to introduce her primo prima and Sylvie to her future husband. Puncho tells the priest he wants to get on with the wedding, introductions can be done later. The priest points this out to Pru who says, "You're right." Puncho thinks his luck may just hold out after all. The vows start and Pru is all excited, she doesn't want to wait through the whole vow part. She keeps saying, "I do! I do! I do!" The priest then says, "Francisco Suarez, do you take. . ." Suddenly Sylvie asks Mariposa, "Did the priest just say Francisco Suarez?" Uh oh!

MM calls Pedro, but Marfil has answered the phone. "Don't you want to speak with me?" asks Marfil. "No. Let me speak to Pedro," replies MM. Marfil is miffed. MM asks Pedro if everything is OK. He is worried. Pedro says all is well. After Pedro and MM hang up, Marfil wants to know if MM mentioned her. Pedro says no and beats a hasty retreat from the room.

Iggy asks Dimwit if she's taking pleasure in his demise. Dimwit admits she is, but tells him she actually pities him more. He was such a good doctor; the best in the hospital, but he was more intent on causing her pain than focusing on medicine. That determination caused him to align with such low-lives as Marfil.

Lorenzo has come to visit Fidiota. He's worried about how she's doing, now that she's in a wheelchair. Fidiota says all is well in her world. She got her factory back, her home, she found her daughters (note the order in which she lists what she's thankful for), and has a great hubby. She's also going to be a mother again after so many years. Lorenzo asks if she's trying to console him. "Not at all. I'm just pointing out I'm surrounded by good friends such as you. I'll just have to enjoy life from a wheelchair."

More of Dimwit pointing out Iggy's life could have been so much better if he had just stuck to what he was really good at…medicine. Now he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail. Iggy looks constipated. Dimwit leaves and we see a cute cop standing outside the hospital room. The camera pans back to Iggy, who starts crying.

Now Fidiota is telling Lorenzo Octopus is nothing but a bad memory now. She's got so much to look forward to in the future, including a new baby. Lorenzo brings up Paco, who is getting ready to move to Puerto Rico. Fidiota wishes him much happiness. Lorenzo tells her the only way Paco will be happy is if he can forget her. Fidiota gets a wistful look on her face and tells Lorenzo, "So be it. I hope he can forget." Forlorn music plays.

Sylvie interrupts the vows to beg the priest to get to the part where the priest asks if anyone objects. The priest relents and gets to that part. Sylvie pulls an Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter, "Ooooooh, Ooooooh, Pick me! Pick me!" When the priest acknowledges her, Sylvie runs up and spins Puncho around. "It IS you!" She then goes ballistic and assures Pru that Pru is better off without Puncho. She then outlines all the horrible things Puncho has done, and that he is wanted by the police in Miami. Puncho runs out and jumps on a bicycle to escape. Mariposa, Sylvie, and the Priest are in hot pursuit. I believe Mariposa breaks a heel or loses a shoe in the process. Poor Pru collapses onto the pew.

Now Fidiota is pulling the "poor me" role with Granny DS. She hopes her baby isn't embarrassed to have a mother in a wheelchair. She always liked to go the beach, get her feet wet, etc. Now that will never happen. . ."Pobre de mi!" Granny DS tells her to pray to one of the saints; perhaps the saint will grant Fidiota a miracle! Fidiota pauses for a moment and gets this big smile on her face. "You know, you're right! I'm going to go to church and pray! I need to have faith!" Sappy music plays.

Marfil calls for Pedro. She tells him she wants him to take her on a honeymoon. Perhaps to the coasts of Italy or Greece. Pedro thought bubbles she just wants to take him far away so he can have an "accident." He tells her no way. He has lots of business to attend to. Marfil tries to convince him MM can run the business, but Pedro says he has to attend to it personally. Marfil says she's bored being married to an old man who won't dance, travel, do things. She tells him she's just going to have to find a virile young man to entertain her. Pedro points out if she does that, he'll throw her out into the street. "After all, you knew I was old when you married me!" Score: Pedro 1 Marfil 0.

MM is telling Emili-Oh he is worried about Pedro. Emili-Oh asks if Marfil is capable of killing Pedro for his money. MM says, "Of course! And much more!" MM goes on to say he's tried to get Pedro to leave Marfil, but Pedro refuses. Pedro loves Marfil.

Marfil and Camila are plotting on a way to keep Dimwit and MM apart. Further, Marshmallow has asked for a divorce. Now, nothing will keep MM and Dimwit apart! Marfil says she'd rather be dead than see MM and Dimwit happy together. Camila agrees.

Dimwit is recounting her day with Caramel and Gaby. She tells them about her exchange with Marfil. Of course the conversation rolls around to MM. She doesn't know if she can be with MM; so many bad things have happened to them. The wounds are so great. Caramel says Dimwit had better cauterize the wounds. Gaby agrees. "You don't want to lose MM like I lost Lunkhead." Head tilt. Glassy-eyed stare.

Emili-Oh comes home and is surprised to see Marfil visiting Camila. "I thought you two were rivals." Camila assures him that's in the past. Camila starts pumping him for information about Dimwit. Emili-Oh gets mad and says he's not going to get involved in any plans to hurt Dimwit. He reminds Camila this is his apartment and he can throw her out any time he wants. Looks like meek little Emili-Oh is laying down the law!

The priest is trying to comfort Pru. Mariposa and Sylvie return and start filling her in on all the evil things Puncho has done. Pobre de Pru. She thought Puncho really loved her!

More "girl-talk" among Caramel, Gaby, and Dimwit. Of course it's all about their men. I think Caramel feels bad that she's the only one who's happy. Gaby says she's the only one who has truly lost her man; ChewKey turned Lunkhead against her. Dimwit says when Lunkhead returns, he'll see that everything ChewKey said was a lie. ***I have to throw in a comment here. Lunkhead is supposedly going to marry ChewKey when he returns, but he's never called her and found out about her being committed? No one has called him about Octopus? Puh-leaze!***

Doc V and Dulce are having a heart-to-heart talk. He's sad that Marshmallow left without saying goodbye. Dulce starts with the predictable telenovela speak, "You are young, good looking. . ." Doc V starts getting all teary-eyed. He loves Marshmallow so much!

Roddy wheels Fidiota into the Iglesia de Milagros, Santa Barbara. Fidiota wants to be left alone to pray. Fidiota prays for all the things that pertain to her and her kids. Roddy is praying to Jesus for all the things that pertain to him (ChewKey and Fidiota). Finally Fidiota prays to walk again. She tries to strike a deal with the Virgencita. If she can walk again, she promises she will never hate another person as long as she lives. Huh? Perhaps it might be a good thing to never be so consumed with hatred even if you CAN'T walk again. Doc V's mom has come to Perfumes 'R Us looking for Dimwit. Dimwit says what a shame, she needs to go to the hospital to work now. DVM says, "We can go together. I can surprise m'ijo Doc V!"

Puncho calls Diablo and tells him how Sylvie ruined his wedding plans. Puncho tries to coax Diablo to come to Santo Domingo. Together they can do great things! Diablo wants no part of that. He is determined to see that Dimwit and MM are never together, even if it means their death.

MM is lamenting his mother's untimely demise. She did horrible things, but didn't deserve and ending like that! If only she could have died a peaceful death at a hospital surrounded by family. Camila shows up to "comfort" MM. She doesn't want him to be sad and alone. She then starts kissing him. Yuck!

Marfil has shown up at the place of a bruja. Apparently the bruja has some super-duper deadly poison, in which one drop can kill an entire army and at the same time has no antidote. Where do these people come up with all these "mystery poisons?" At any rate, Marfil forks over a thick stack of money. Pedro's days are numbered. Marfil wants him dead before he changes his will. I haven't seen the last few episodes, but I believe I read he has already changed it.

Camila has come to console MM, now that his mother is in heaven, ***HA! I don't think so!*** Yolanda is in jail, and Lunkhead is far away in Hollywood making a movie. MM finally rebuffs her. He outlines his reasons. 1) He just signed the papers of his second divorce, 2) Dimwit is the only woman he will ever really love, and 3) Camila was involved in the fire that killed all those innocent people. He doesn't like the company she keeps. Camila keeps swearing her undying love for MM, his white shoes and too-tight pastel sweaters. MM tells her to leave before he decides to change his mind and turn her over to the police.

Doc V's mom keeps trying to set up Doc V with Dimwit. She wants to see them together, happy, and providing her with a battalion of grandkids. Doc V isn't biting. He thinks it's adorable that his mom likes to play cupid.

Roddy and Fidiota discuss their warm fuzzy feelings after being at church and praying.

Emili-Oh shows up at the hospital to warn Dimwit that Camila and Marfil want to tell MM about her second pregnancy. He tries to convince Dimwit to go back to MM. MM says no way. Diablo will kill them all. Finally Emili-Oh hands her his cell phone. Call MM now and make up!

Credits roll.


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