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La Fea Más Bella #231-232 2/28/11 Poppies! Poppies!

Capitulo 231.
Read k-Fuego’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Fern tells Carla, “I know Marcia wants me to break up with her. I feel it every time she gets close to me with the intention of making love. It frustrates her. It’s hard for her to be with a person she loves (querer) so much who doesn’t reciprocate. My coldness forces her to quit.” Carla recognizes that he’s cold with Marcia because he wants to be with Lety.

2. Fern says that in his intimacy with Lety, he discovered feelings/sensations he never imagined existed. He forgot about himself because he was so wrapped up in her. She gave herself completely, without reservation, with infinite tenderness.

3. Carla says Lety has moved on to another, and he’s staying with someone he can’t stand. He needs to find the right woman. She drags him to the bedroom, while he keeps looking back. He looks like he’s headed to the gallows.

4. Carla excuses herself, and when she returns, Fern is projecting Lety’s image on the window. He kneels in front of it and cries, talking to the image. He says, “You didn’t let me. But the night before I left, I would’ve shown you with my kisses, that don’t know how to lie, how much I love you. I’m desperate because you don’t forgive me. And you’re with Aldo.” Fern leaves. Carla recognizes that Lety is ugly on the outside, but she has the sweetness a man needs. She doesn’t compete with her man. She just gives her love.

5. Aldo arranges for “Leticia, I love you” fireworks. In the morning Aldo takes Lety for a balloon ride and Omar follows. Fern orders Omar to look for clues to know whether Lety slept with Aldo. Fern: Is she blinking? Omar: Yes (and that’s true, she is). So what? Fern: She has a nervous tick. If she blinks it means she’s not relaxed, so she didn’t sleep with Aldo. Omar: I was just messing with you. She didn’t blink. She looks very relaxed. I’m telling you, you need to forget about her!

6. Ali tells Marcia that Lety didn’t come in, so Marcia’s sure she went to NY to be with Fernando. Ali asks Marcia who’s in charge with Lety away. Marcia says, “It can be you for all I care.” Ali runs with it and tells Lopez she’s the president in Lety’s absence. In the meeting with Lopez, I think Marta might be eating Takis Salsa Brava. I LOVE Takis!!!

7. In the meeting, Carla invites Fern to spend the afternoon with her. Fern declines because of how things went last night. Carla says she understands how he feels (a rational person would think she’s promising to back off; is Carla rational?). Carla tempts him with, “it’s about Lety,” and Fern takes the bait.

8. Carla says she knows a foolproof way to forget lost loves. Fern makes sure it’s drug-free, then he asks, “What if I don’t want to forget Lety or what I feel for her?” Carla says, “Then you’ll keep on suffering.” She says he only remembers the good times, and Fern tells of their weekend in Cuernavaca when their souls met.

Capitulo 232.
Read Alma’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Carla says that to forget Lety, first Fern has to remember the things he didn’t like about her. Fern can’t think of any – it’s as if Carla told him to remove any elephants that are in his pockets!

2. Fern denies that Lety is unattractive but he will accept that lately she has been sangrona (disagreeable, annoying) and she’s treated him badly. Carla says that every time he thinks about sweet Lety, he should remember that Lety rejects him and spent the night in Aldo’s cabin. Fern firmly insists that Lety loves him and wouldn’t do that because she’s a good person. He’s sure of it. Carla works to tear Lety down.

3. Omar sends a picture of Aldo and Lety in the gorge, and Fern decides he has to forget about her. Lety tells Aldo she wants to forget about Fernando. Fern sends Omar a picture, and Carla marks her territory by sneaking a kiss.

4. Lety and Aldo find Omar spying on them and drooling over Carla’s picture. Lety yells at Omar, then yells at Aldo to stop pressuring her. See the transcript. You go girl!

5. Saying he needs to forget Lety, Carla puts her head on his shoulder and tries to kiss him. He wakes out of his stupor. Epele! He says all her psychology, and the list of Lety’s bad points, was only because she wants him for herself (Fernando’s not dumb, just slow!). He tells her to stop manipulating him. He wants to be alone. You go guy! Carla determines to keep trying.

6. Tom tells the cuartel he’d never do anything against Lety. Ali gropes Tome and asks who Aldo likes, and she asks for a check for a million pesos. The cuartel decides to play along with Ali’s game so she’ll get fired when Lety returns.

7. Aldo realizes that he treated Lety badly, he was selfish, and he didn’t think about her feelings. He realizes that he’s very jealous of Fernando. Lety overhears him say he wants to show Lety how much he loves her, but she won’t let him and she pushes him away. She should let him kiss her and make love to her. (Aldo, here’s a hint. Rewind the tape to the “I was selfish” part!) Lety interrupts and says, “I’m angry. Very angry.”

8. Tom quakes with anger because Lopez is hoping for favors from Ali. Lopez tells him to calm down. He mustn’t make a mistake when he signs the check. Tom has an idea.

9. Fern ponders in his hotel room. Doesn’t he look more grown up at the moment? He drinks his water (not whiskey) and says, “I need to get free of all of this. Of Marcia, even of Leticia. This is important. This is the second most important day in my life. The first most was the day I made love with Lety. This is my day of liberty.” Today he will break the chains women hold him with. Carla arrives and says she never intended to manipulate him. “And I’ve got a bridge to sell you.” She’ll leave him alone and only talk about work. He asks her to stay.

Spanish Lesson, Confrontation in the Gorge
Lety to Omar: You and Fern are the worst.When will you leave me in peace? What’s it matter what I do with my life? Why do you spy on me? Why do you bother me?
Aldo: Omar, it’s better if you leave.
L: (turns on Aldo) Aldo, why didn’t you let me tell him all I feel?
A: It’s not worth it. It just makes more hate. Just let the matter rest.
L: I can’t. Not while Fern keeps following me.
A: He’ll keep doing that as long as you keep participating in his game. Your angry outburst only shows him that he still matters to you.
L: (crying) How can it not matter to me that he has a woman in New York?
A: (looks hurt) You just told me you were going to forget about him. (yelling) I can’t believe you keep loving someone who only hurts you.
L: (yelling back) Yes, I do still love him. I need to be alone. I need (XG) what I feel, Aldo. I want to forget Don Fernando. But I cannot endure that you’re pressuring me, Aldo. Please! Dejame en paz!
A: (dejected) Don’t worry, Leticia. I’ll leave you in peace (for what? 20 minutes?).


Llena de Amor #137 (Mex. 142) Fri 2/25/11 llena de trabajo

I owe you folks a huge apology, I haven't been the greatest at keeping up with recaps lately. I managed to work over 70 hours last week and about 85 this, and it's only going to be worse this coming week. Sigh...I haven't even watched the show. I didn't even get to post a note until now and I didn't ever get around to asking for a sub. Once this chingado proyecto is over, I promise to write you a really good one. Feel free to post your own summaries and comments. Thanks as always for your support...happy Oscars...I didn't see those either, I did get to escape on a little fun outdoor stuff in between working though, so all was not lost in front of the computer...


Eva Luna #79 Fri 2/25/11

Victoria and Bruno get it on.

Liliana and Daniel are having dinner and she brings up Eva. She notices how attracted he is to Eva. Daniel tells her she’s mistaken. Lillian tells him that if he can’t forget about Eva with Victoria then perhaps she can help. Suddenly Leo and Eva enter the restaurant.

More of Bruno and Victoria.

Lilliana invites Leo and Eva to dine with them. Eva declines, but Leo says it’s a great idea.

Alicia goes looking for Eva only to find out from Tia Matilda that she has gone out with Leo.

Eva again prefers to dine at another table. She doesn’t want to interrupt Daniel and Lilliana’s night out. Lilliana insists she’s not since she and Daniel have the rest of the night to spend together. Daniel agrees. Eva asks Daniel where his wife is. Out of town recording a commercial replies Daniel.

She’s out of town all right, but at the moment not recording any commercial. She’s getting it on with Bruno. Gross.

Justa thinks of Julio and can’t believe he’s still alive. She’s overcome with emotion and cries. Ricardo thinks it’s about him and reassures her that he will be okay.

Lilliana tries to make small talk with Eva. She comments that Eva and Leo make a great looking couple. Eva says I would say the same except I don’t think Daniel’s wife would like that. Leo explains that Lilliana is one of Victoria’s best friends. So Daniel is safe from any jealous tantrums from his wife. Eva tells Leo that no man is safe from his wife’s jealously no matter who he’s with.

Tia Matilda tells Alicia she thinks it’s a great idea that Eva has gone out for the evening. She needs more time to have fun. Alicia walks out mad.

Lilliana wants to dance, but Daniel refuses since he’s too tired. So Leo steps up. Eva says why didn’t you want to dance with her? Because I wanted to be alone with you replies Daniel. Why asks Eva? I have something to ask you says Daniel.

Alicia is looking at a picture of her sister and says why did you have to pick the man I love? Why do you always have to be in my life? She gets mad and crumbles up the picture. Tia Matilda comes in. She asks Alicia what’s going on.

E: What do you want to know?
D: Are you recouping the time lost.
E: What do you mean?
D: About the time you were away from Leo. The father of your son. That is what I am referring too.
E: And you?
D: And me, what?
E: Let’s just say that your marriage is so bad that you console yourself with your wife’s best friend?

Leo wonders what Eva and Daniel are talking about. Lilliana says it’s definitely not about us. Leo is nervous seeing them together. Lilliana asks if he thinks they still love each other. They deny it, but I’m not so sure.

D: I’m only here tonight accompanying Lilliana.
E: I don’t think Victoria would like it especially they way I saw you both acting tonight when I walked in.
D: Oh, yeah. And how was that?
E: Acting all romantic. Close together, talking.
D: Those are illusions of yours.
E: No, it’s not. It’s obvious she likes you.
D: Are you jealous?
E: Jealous, me? How many times do I have to tell you that you are in the past?
D: Because you are trembling with rage.
E: You are the one that should be trembling with rage. Knowing the woman you loved feels nothing for you.

Tia Matilda asks Alicia if she’s been crying. Alicia denies it. Tia says don’t deny it. I have watched you grow up. I sense that there is a secret love. Yes, its true says Alicia. I’ve never had a great love, but have watched other people cry over one replies Tia. What is happening to you is very serious. You have no idea how serious it is replies Alicia. Who is that man that is making you suffer so much asks Tia. Tell me.

Lilliana and Leo continue talking about the happy couple at the table. Leo’s main concern is that Eva accepts his proposal. He is very much in love with Eva. Lilliana thinks that tonight is the night to get that accomplished. Eva is very jealous. And even if in rage she would accept his proposal. Leo doesn’t care why as long as she does. Lilliana guarantees that at the end of the night Eva will accept.

Alicia tells Tia that she can’t tell her. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Tia reminds her that she needs to respect herself. And don’t go crazy looking for him to love you. Alicia insists he loves her. I am sure of it.

Lilliana comments about how wonderful a dancer Leo is. Leo says that Daniel is better. When he was single he could get any woman he wanted once he had them on the dance floor. Eva flashes back to the time they danced in the gazebo. Eva excuses herself.

Jackie and Fernando are eating lunch. Jackie wants to know if he wants to go to the movies with her.

More of Bruno and Victoria. She’s done and tells him to leave.

Fernando says we can bring Laurita with us. Jackie says I thought it could be just the two of us. Fernando says I have to ask you something. Why didn’t you tell me that Marisol came here looking for me?

Bruno is getting dressed and tells Victoria that he feels like a stud service. Victoria tells him this was just for fun and don’t’ you forget that. He tells her to call when she wants to have more fun.

Jackie says she was going to tell him, but…. You forgot right asks Fernando. Well actually the truth, no replies Jackie. I preferred not to tell you. I was scared that that woman was going to hurt you again. Wait, that woman is my wife replies Fernando. We are still married. And what you did was not right. Next time tell me. What do you mean next time asks Jackie? Well I am going to see her tonight.

Eva is in the bathroom giving herself a pep talk. Control yourself. You don’t care about Daniel anymore. That is why you have to show him that the only man that is important to you is Leo.

Jackie begs Fernando not to go to see Marisol. If you go that means you want to see her. I do replies Fernando and leaves. Jackie cries.

Lilliana finds Eva in the bathroom and asks if she’s okay. I’m fine. Why asks Eva. You seemed a little bothered when you left. I thought… You thought wrong replies Eva. You know we woman are good at hiding our feelings but sometimes the truth seeps out says Lilliana. I don’t know what you’re talking about replies Eva. About you and Daniel says Lilliana. Relax, I know everything. Don’t forget that Victoria and I are friends for many years. Well if they told you everything then you should know that’s all in the past replies Eva. Yes, but I’m not so sure. Your still in love with Daniel says Lilliana. If you’re so worried about how much competition you have, don’t worry. Between Daniel and I all that is left is rancor says Eva. He puts me in a bad mood when I see him. And if you are interested in Daniel the only competition you have is his wife. Your best friend. She is the one that you have to take out of the running not me.

Leo rubs Daniel nose in it that he and Eva are a couple.

Lilliana accuses Eva of being jealous. Eva tells her to think whatever she wants.

Victoria tells Daniel that she will not be returning until tomorrow. She tells Lilliana to take care of her husband.

Eva returns to the table. She sees Daniel and Lilliana dancing. Leo puts his arm around Eva and grabs her hand to kiss it. Daniel spots this and Eva plays along. Lilliana notices Daniel’s sad face and comments that he hasn’t forgotten about Eva. She knows the history between them. She also knows that his marriage with Victoria is not going well and she can help him forget Eva. She kisses him. Eva is jealous and Leo says well, well, well when he sees what’s going on.

Eva is furious and asks Leo how can he just sit there and let that happen? Do you not have any respect for your sister? Daniel tells Lilliana that he is a married man. Lilliana says you don’t love your wife. She has even told me. Even so what you did is not right replies Daniel. She is your best friend and I…. And you prefer to cheat on her with Eva, but not me is that right Daniel asks Lilliana? You know its best we end this conversation replies Daniel. Lilliana quickly apologizes.

Of course it bothers me replies Leo. I have to have a serious talk with Daniel. Not just because of my sister, but also for Lilliana’s innocence. She got caught in his clutches. You know Daniel is a ladies man. Eva tells Leo that she is getting a headache and wants to leave.

Renata visits Julio. He wants to know if she knew Justa was married.

Marcella reads a note that says she killed Julio. She says no one can prove that.

Julio yells to Renata to tell him. Yes, I knew replies Renata. Then why didn’t you tell me asks Julio. I didn’t think I had to tell you replies Renata. Justa married Ricardo because she loves him. It’s too late for you.

Ricardo thanks Justa for her love. Because of it, she saved him. Nothing and no one can ever separate them.

Marcella asks Tia if she has seen Renata. Renata suddenly walks in. Marcella asks her where she’s been. Buying a couple of things we needed here she replies. Do you need something? Yes, tea says Marcella. Do you know where Eva went? I saw her leave with Leo replies Renata. Good. That news makes me happy says Marcella.

Lilliana notices that the happy couple is gone. Probably to be alone. It’s there right, since their in love. Daniel comments that she has done her homework. Lilliana tells him that Leo told her everything. He also told her that they were going to get engaged. So my advice to you is to forget about Eva once and for all. You have every right to make a life with another woman if you no longer love Victoria. Daniel thinks its time to leave. Lilliana agrees and tells him to think about what she said tonight and forget about the kiss she gave him.

Deborah comes for a visit.

Marisol and Alicia talk about her problems. Alicia can’t imagine Eva and Leo getting married. A knock on the door and its JoJo. He has some great news.

Deborah sees Tia Matilde asleep and sneaks in to see her grandson. Tia catches her and asks “What are you doing here?”

JoJo gives her a card from a record producer. She has an appointment tomorrow to see him. Screams from Marisol and Alicia. Marisol gets nervous, but JoJo says it’s going to be okay. There’s a knock on the door and Alicia answers it. In walks Fernando as JoJo and Marisol are hugging.

Deborah tells Tia just wanted to come see the baby and didn’t want to bother her since she was asleep. Tia says Deborah can’t see the baby or her nieces. Deborah reminds her that she has rights. Tia says you have no rights. Marcella’s bedroom door is open and she hears them and goes outside to hear better.

Fernando asks if he’s interrupting. JoJo asks Marisol what that “naco” is doing in her house. Marisol says to JoJo to let her handle her problem with Fernando and they will talk tomorrow. JoJo agrees to leave, but is not happy and calls Fernando a liar. Alicia leaves also to give them privacy.

Eva and Leo arrive home and Eva wishes him a good night. Leo tells Eva he just wanted to have a nice night out. Eva apologizes. She just doesn’t feel good. Leo says that things would be easier if she would just let him love her. It’s what I want to replies Eva. You are so good to me. The first thing you need to do is forget about Daniel says Leo. Did you know he told Lilliana that you still want him? What says Eva? That is why we need to demonstrate to him that you no longer care about him replies Leo. Now look and me. Marry me.

Marisol says you came about the divorce? No replies Fernando. I came to find out if you still wanted to be my wife.

Deborah tells Tia that Eva and Alicia are her daughters and that boy is my grandson. I have every right to see them. Marcella tiene cara impactada.

Marisol doesn’t know. Fernando says that he can’t forget her. Marisol asks how would this work between us when every time one of us opens our mouth the other is wondering if we’re telling the truth. Fernando laughs and says you have a point. But we both know how we are. Why are you now proposing this after all this time asks Marisol? Because I’m still in love with you says Fernando. Do you still care for me?

More arguing between Tia and Deborah. Tia tells Deborah to leave.

The truth is I’ve tried, but couldn’t replies Marisol. I just don’t know if getting back together would fix any of our problems. Your right replies Fernando as he gets ready to leave. Marisol asks Fernando to let her think about it.

Leo guarantees Eva that with time she will love him. He will treat her like the queen she is. I also promise to have all the patience and love in the entire world for you. You know I have to close the doors to the past. So I accept says Eva. Leo says you accept? You accept being my wife? Can you say it again? Eva says yes, I accept. You will see replies Leo that marriage will be good. I will make sure that it will be good. I guarantee it.

Deborah walks into the lions den. Marcella recalls Deborah’s words to Tia “Eva and Alicia are my daughters. And that boy is my grandson.

Leo tells Eva how long he waited for her to be his. I love you Eva. And I swear I will fight to gain your love. Eva wishes that she respond to him better but he quickly shushes her up. I will not pressure you into anything. You are so good to me replies Eva. We have to celebrate this. I want announce our engagement. I want to put in the paper. I want to have a grand party. Eva tells him calm down. Small steps. Why asks Leo. I want to yell to the world that I love you.

Marcella tells Deborah that she doesn’t feel well and could they save their talk for another day. Marcella wonders what they are going to do with Deborah’s secret.

Eva comes to see her sleeping son and Tia. She tells Tia about running into Daniel and his date. Oh and I have accepted to marry Leo.

Leo visits his mom and tells her that he and Eva got engaged.

Why did you agree to marry him if you don’t love him asks Tia. I know Tia, but he’s really good to me and my son. I need to reconstruct my life like Daniel did with his.

Fernando tells Jackie that he asked Marisol if they wanted to give it a go at their marriage.

Bruno is happy about sleeping with mother and daughter. One you have fun with and the other take all her money. Marcella calls and needs his help.

Daniel is thinking about Eva and Leo being an idem.

Eva is thinking if she did the right thing agreeing to marry Leo. She still loves Daniel and he is the father of her son. But he killed her father and she has to seek revenge.

Tomorrow: Nothing was given.


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Mujeres Asesinas 3, Thursday February 24: The case of the ratty stepdad.

Tonight, Yolanda Andrade and Aleida Núñez are "Elvira y Mercedes, Justicieras" (Elvira and Mercedes, Avengers). Adal Ramones is the unkempt stepfather, Domingo. Geraldine Correa is Lupita, the frightened stepdaughter.

Apologies in advance for missing/incorrect material. The captions were virtually useless as usual and a lot of these characters mumbled.

Mercedes ("Meche") and her sister Elvira are led from their home in handcuffs. Lupita, daughter of Mercedes, is escorted separately. She's not in handcuffs, but her left hand is pulled back into the sleeve of her sweater, and she's holding the cuff in her mouth. She is a thin girl and doesn't look to be much past puberty. She looks curiously at the female DIEM agent who's holding a radio. (I'm sorry, I shold know her name but I don't. Aranda?)

The cop who's leading Lupita pauses to put a jacket over her head to hide her face before bringing her into the street to load her into the van. Maybe-Aranda radios Capellan that they've got the suspects, and one of them is a minor.

Elvira and Lupita are out on the patio, preparing some vegetables for dinner while Dirty Domingo lazes beside the table with a newspaper. (Backstory: Domingo lost his comb in 1987. It was the best comb in the entire world and he can't bear to put any lesser grooming implement to his head. He also has a very special razor that's way too good to use more than twice a month. He's apparently very thrifty about using soap, too.)

He keeps stealing glances at the backs of Lupita's thighs under a ratty old skirt that's too short for her. Elvira notices.

It seems that there's a baby on the way and Domingo's been out of work for a while. He insists to his Elvira, his sister-in-law, that he's been looking, but there just isn't any work - only little office jobs for errand-boys. (With combed hair.) He's gotta work out in the fresh air, baby!

He kisses Lupita on the top of her head and takes his drink (oh yeah, he's got a bottle) into the house. There is a look of intense loathing on Lupita's face as she watches him exit. Elvira expresses doubt that he'll find any job, either indoors or outdoors. Lupita says he's looking.

Elvira changes the subject. Hasn't Lupita noticed how Domingo looks at her? Is it only looking, or is it something more? Lupita weakly denies anything. Elvira angrily wonders why Lupita's mother is with him - he's good for nothing.

Meche shows up with some laundry and sends Lupita to put it away. Apparently this isn't the first time she's caught Elvira complain about her dear Domingo. She scolds Elvira for bad-mouthing him to Lupita. She's not supporting him; on the contrary, he's showing what a good man he is. Elvira replies, "just for impregnating you?"

Elvira asks what Meche is going to do with four kids and one more. More conversation about working and changing the way they live... sorry... help...

Elvira also suggests that Lupita should start sleeping in her (Elvira's) room. Meche rejects the idea. Elvira shares her thoughts on the way Domingo looks at Lupita. Meche says she's making things up and I think she says she's bitter. Elvira persists - Lupita is not a little girl any more.

Lupita enters the room. Meche angrily demands that Lupita tell them what's going on with her "papa." Elvira asks more gently for an answer. But they are both impatient for her reply, and Lupita just seems overwhelmed.

Meche and Lupita are taken to separate offices. Lupita still has her sleeve in her mouth. Aranda tells her to be calm and and tell them what happened to her and what she did. "I didn't do anything," Lupita sobs.

Lupita is no longer in the room. Meche tells Elvira that Domingo could never do something like that. He's her father! "No he isn't," Elvira replies. Well, he's like a father, Meche insists. And now that little brat is going to hear from her for saying things about him. Elvira says Lupita didn't say anything - Elvira did. She doesn't have to be sleeping in the same room; one would have to be an idiot not to realize that the girl is in real danger.

"Well, now it turns out that DOMINGO is in danger," Meche replies angrily. "Your bitterness [captions say "embarazada," I'm pretty sure that's wrong] is making you sick in the head." Elvira says she's got enough problems and doesn't want any more.

Night. Meche can't sleep. Some discussion with Domingo as to whether the baby is moving or not. She asks if he loves the kids even though they're not his. He says of course - he's supporting them, right? Er, not exactly, but he promises he'll find a job. He loves them as much as he'll love his own little Dominguita when she arrives. As for Lupita, he loves her most of all.

Next day, Elvira and Meche resume their argument whilst cleaning beans on the patio.

Elvira: Domingo doesn't love Meche or the kids.
Meche: You love to talk bad about Domingo. Lupita didn't accuse him of anything.
Elvira: That's because she was afraid.
Meche: He was probably just being affectionate with Lupita and she took it the wrong way.
Elvira: She's scared. If he lays a hand on her, I'll kill him.
Meche: If you threaten him, you threaten me.
Elvira: When your husband gets the urge to go to bed with your daughter, he's messing with you too.
Meche: You're a pig.
Elvira: I'd rather than be a pig than blind.

Elvira goes into the apartment. Lupita asks if they were fighting about her. Meche comes in and Lupita says she was just helping her aunt. "And who is going to help me with your brothers?" Meche replies. An increasingly flinchy Lupita pulls her hand back into her sleeve and her sleeve in her mouth.

Elvira asks if Meche hasn't reconsidered the sleeping arrangements. No, Meche says, Lupita will continue to sleep in her own place. And it's well and good if Elvira threatens Meche, but Elvira is going to have to stop threatening her husband. It's not her problem if Elvira's single - she should go find a man to give her what she needs.

Elvira: What for, so I can end up like you? No thanks, sis.
Meche: Better to have multiple men than be an old maid [una quedada is harsher and more colloquial than solterona].

Lupita is chewing her sleeve in Capellan's office. Capellan asks her to be calm; she doesn't believe Lupita's guilty of anything. But Lupita thinks she's in jail. Capellan assures her that it's only an office. She asks Lupita to trust her and tell her everything that happened.

Nighttime again. Domingo gets out of bed, picking a wedgie. (Gross.) Meche asks her Prince Charming what's going on. He can't sleep because his stomach is growling. Meche goes back to sleep. Domingo approaches Lupita's bed and lifts the covers.

Meche wakes some time later and notices that he's still out of bed. She hears creaking bedsprings. She finds him standing next to Lupita's bed looking guilty. He says she startled him. (He's fiddling with his underwear again.) He claims that he was just covering up the kids and before that he had some beans. Meanwhile, Lupita is sucking her thumb and clamping the pillow tightly over her head.

Next morning, there is more conversation between M and E, including mention of a man named Hugo who liked one sister more than the other and then Meche had Lupita. Then Elvira says she spoke to "Dr. Ceci." Meche angrily assumes they were gossiping about her, but the doctor merely said Lupita is an adolescent. Elvira feels they should be "taking care of her."

Meche says Ceci is only a nurse, not a doctor, and Elvira should mind her own business because Domingo loves the kids. The best way to take care of Lupita is to leave her alone (I think that's what Meche says.) Elvira mumbles something to herself about fixing it on her own.

Capellan asks Elvira if she thinks that she had fixed things. Elvira says, "At least I did something." Capellan: "Unfortunately, your decision was not the best." Elvira: "Well, whether it was good or not, it was certainly too late."

Lupita is sweeping in a courtyard or something. Two boys about her age are there, and she seems to be glad for their company. Domingo shows up and asks if the boys are bothering her. Without waiting for an answer, he sends the boys away. She gazes wistfully after them.

The wicked stepfather asks again if they were bothering her. Petrified, she answers "no, Domingo." Offended, he insists that she call him Papa. And, lifting her chin to look her in the eyes, he says that if anyone's going to bother (molestar) her, it'll be him. With a mouthful of cigarette smoke, he kisses her forehead. She scurries away.

Some time later, Meche is looking for Lupita. Elvira says she's been behaving strangely lately and might be sick.

Lupita is crying over the washtub on the patio with her sleeve in her mouth. Meche finds her and starts to talk about "what your aunt has been saying." Lupita hurriedly washes her face and tells Meche that she didn't tell Elvira anything.

Aranda lays her gun aside and sets up the voice recorder. She tells Lupita that although it's difficult, she'll have to explain in her own words what happened. She's safe here.

"If something were going on, you'd tell me, right?" Meche asks Lupita in a non-threatening way. Lupita nods and continues splashing her face in the washtub. Meche reminds Lupita that Domingo is such a wonderful, affectionate guy. Domingo spies around the corner as Meche goes into the house

A medical guy and Aranda(?) talk about gaining someone's confidence, taking evidence, an obstetrician, and a report.

In the kitchen, jobless Domingo waves the newspaper around and tells Elvira that someone's looking for a seamstress. Meche comes in and complains that Lupita's been in bed all day and isn't feeling well. Elvira says "I'm telling you, she's been acting strange" (or "she's not well"). Domingo smirks, unnoticed, and takes another drink from his big bottle.

Meche is tired. Domingo says something about the baby. Elvira asks how he's so sure it's a boy. "I know everything," he replies.

Not true. He obviously doesn't know he's going to be a red butterfly soon. He continues to drink out of that giant bottle while they enjoy their candlelit dinner.

I think there's some banter between Elvira and Domingo where he says she needs to get laid (actually that she needs an alignment and balance) and she asks if he's volunteering and throwing someone to the dogs. Whatever, we can tell that it's not the best relationship. She calls him a "mantenido" (dependent; kept man) and he protests that a kept man shouldn't have to eat beans.

Elvira also calls him a "rabo verde" (green tail, i.e. horndog, pervert). Now he isn't amused at all. He takes another big drink from his bottle and walks out. Meche is offended by "rabo verde."

Later, Elvira finds Lupita barfing in the washtub with her underwear clutched in her hand. Lupita cries in Elvira's arms as Elvira stares into space with steely resolve.

Next day. Domingo's got his big bottle with him again. Meche asks him about some plumbing job and he grumpily says no. He obviously has a hangover but claims it's indigestion caused by her sister's cooking. He goes out on the patio and pours his bottle into a glass - classy!

That's when two cops arrive to take him away. Domingo realizes that it's because of Elvira, but he also says they must have mistaken him for someone else. Meche slaps Lupita, knocking her to the floor. Meche blames Lupita and Elvira for everything. The two women struggle, and Meche demands that Lupita say that Domigo didn't do anything to her. Lupita mumbles in agreement through her sleeved hand. Meche marches off, satisfied. Elvira leaves too.

Lupita follows Elvira, wanting to know where she's going. "To get your papa out of jail, and see if they don't arrest me for making up things that aren't so. Lupita asks Elvira's forgiveness. He didn't do anything to her. Elvira loses it and screams "idiot, liar! It's your fault he's in jail!" But then she comes back and takes Lupita's hand. Well, sleeve.

"That guy deserved everything that happened to him," Elvira tells Capellan. "He was nothing, nobody." Capellan asks what Elvira is laughing at. "Right now, everything."

Elvira takes Lupita to the clinic for an exam. Lupita reveals that the abuse has been going on for three years. More crying and sleeve-biting. Someone comes in with some paperwork - test results. Lupita is pregnant! .

"What I have here is a murder with three suspects, one of them a minor - your niece, no less." Elvira is still smirking at "everything," but her smile fades as Capellan continues: "Your niece, at 16 years old, has to make the decision to become un degrado [I don't think this is correct but can't tell what it should be]. Does it seem to you that we can continue beating around the bush?"

Meche visits Prince Charming in jail. He's grateful for the lunch she brought. She tells him Lupita's pregnant - and at the same age when Meche had Lupita. It's being investigated because she's a minor. Domingo blames Elvira for starting all of this, and blames the neighborhood boys for the pregnancy.

"You haven't been fooling around with Lupita, have you?" she asks. She makes him swear to la Virgencita.

"I believed him," Meche tells Capellan. Capellan asks, "What were you afraid of? Being alone? Being abandoned? I don't want to offend you, but there are many cases like yours." Meche answers, "she was a little girl." "Living under violent threat," Capellan says. "Victims that age never completely understand the reason for the abuses that were commited against them. Never."

Lupita is feeding her brothers on the patio. Meche comes out and says that until the lab test results are all in, Domingo has to stay in jail. So, who's really the father? Lupita says it's Domingo. She didn't think her mother would believe her.

Meche still doesn't believe her. She knocks Lupita to the ground and sends the boys into the house. Elvira asks Meche, didn't she ever have any doubts? Meche says no, he's my husband! Elvira says thank God the authorities are looking into it now.

Evening. Meche is in hysterics. Lupita is crying in Elvira's arms again. There's a piece of paper in Meche's hand: apparently, the test results have arrived and the evidence suggests that they're going to need a bigger bottle because the unkempt drunken horndog slob has produced another heir. Meche begs her daughter's pardon for not believing her.

Meche goes back to the jail with another lunch. Domingo complains that it's too cold, and where's she been for the last three days? She assembles his lunch patiently and tells him she hasn't been feeling well. But the baby's okay. Domingo says that's good, because he's not okay. Boo hoo, jail is icky.

Meche calmly tells him to eat, and watches with a grim smile. She flashes back to earlier that day (same dress). She's stirring some mole. Elvira wants a taste. Meche won't let her try it.

Domingo tells Meche that the food here is filthy. She asks if she likes the mole, and doesn't he want to know what she discussed with Lupita?

He flashes back to the day he interrupted Lupita's sweeping, then chased her into the hallway and raped her. "What do I care?" he asks Meche. Meche calls him a dog, an animal, for doing that to Lupita all that time, since she was 14.

He swears to Virgencita that he didn't do it. "Don't you know what they do to rapists in prison?" Meche asks him. (He flashes back to Lupita sobbing in the hallway, begging, "ya.")

He's still stuffing his face. "Eat," she says, shoving it at him. He doesn't notice her smirk. He insists that it's all lies from Elvira.

Then he changes tactics. "You want to know the truth? Your daughter offered herself to me. Just like you! Know why? It was the call of blood."

Meche stands. He puts down his tortilla and jumps up, saying he was just joking. "You're making me nervous. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison. You won't let me rot here, will you? Not really?" She comforts him and says no, he won't rot here.

I think he should, but another plan is already in motion.

Meche flashes back to the kitchen and the mole. Elvira is holding a box. Meche takes out a dainty spoonful of powder. As she stirs this into the mole, Elvira pours in the rest of the powder from the box, and we see that it's a box of rat poison. (Is anyone surprised by this? Did anyone not see this coming?) Elvira taps the bottom of the box for good measure.

Domingo is starting to feel it. (Then again, he never did like Elvira's cooking.) He's gagging and choking and retching as Meche stands by with a cold smile. "I told you," she says...

"...that I wouldn't let him rot," she explains to Capellan.

In a separate inteview, Elvira says that he died like a rat.

Meche holds him down to keep him quiet as he convulses with blood trickling from his ears and nose and mouth. The red butterfly takes off, and Meche leaves, wiping flecks of blood from her face.

"The wretch deserved to die that way," Elvira tells Capellan.

"Domingo Martinez murió por envenenamiento. Mercedes y Elvira Gonzalez fueron encontradas culpables en primer y segundo grado de responsabilidad, respectivamente. El embarazo de Mercedes, así como su situación emocional, se consideraron atenuantes para su condena. Fueron sentenciadas a 24 años de prisión. Lupita fue declarada inocente y se le permitió abortar, segun las leyes vigentes. Actualmente trabaja en un almacén y se ocupa de sus hermanos."

Domingo Martinez died of poisoning. Mercedes and Elvira Gonzalez found guilty of first and second degree murder, respectively. The pregnancy of Mercedes, as well as her emotional state, were taken as mitigating factors in her sentencing. They were sentenced to 24 years in prison. Lupita was decared innocent and was allowed to have an abortion as permitted by law. Currently, she works in a store and cares for her brothers.

Next week on "Parade of Assholes": Tune in for another inspirational tale starring Belinda, Isabela Camil (spelled "Issabela" on the MA website, I don't know why), and William Levy in "Annette y Ana, Nobles."


La Verdad Oculta 114: Bertha Gets Her Big Mouth Slapped Shut, But Too Late

Alternate Title: Hernandez is Too Dangerous and Crazy to Live

Hernandez has used his subtle powers of persuasion to convince Adolfo to do business with him, Edgar, and Valentin. The fact that Hernandez has just killed all his goons and has a gun pointed to his head, may have something to do with his quick agreement.

At Casa Genoves, Juli is filling Gabi in on the shoot-up at Leo’s and Adolfo’s appearance. Gabi had hoped all this would be ending soon, but now she’s not sure. Both girls are happy that with Juli living at Casa Genoves, Leo can better keep them safe, and their little family of three is all back together- through the good and the bad.

Eddie and Valentin are enjoying lunch on the curb and speaking about their new partner Hernandez. They agree that the guy gives them the creeps. Eddie thought he was a bit strange before, but now thinks he’s dangerous and abusive. (You know you’ve got a problem when Psycho Eddie thinks you’re crazy.) Eddie wants to carry on with their blackmail plan. Since JJ doesn’t know Valentin, Valentin will be responsible for squeezing him. He’s sure Dante won’t remember him (Eddie), so he’ll take him on.

At Adolfo’s, Bertha has just let in Hernandez who claims to be Adolfo’s business partner (socio). She’s feeling quite social and begins to spill Adolfo’s personal business- especially about those near and dear to him. He has a son, but the person he most loves in this world is Yolanda, who happens to live in this building. Adolfo comes home, quickly assesses the situation and drags Bertha up to her room. He then sets her straight that Hernandez is not a business partner, but an employee. He cautions her to keep her mouth shut and not do anything else stupid.

When he returns to the living room, he orders Hernandez to his office. It appears that Hernandez hates taking orders even more than Eddie. Adolfo scolds him about speaking to his mujer and screwing up a second time in an attempted hit- first with JJ, and now with Leo. Hernandez answers him by throwing his brandy glass across the room, pimp slapping Adolfo, and manhandling him on top of his desk with a gun pointed to his head. He then spits on the living room floor on the way out for good measure. Bertha listens to the altercation from behind a column in the living room, but does not come to Adolfo’s aid when he stumbles, gasping for air, out of the office. She doesn’t even go to him as he struggles half way up the stairs, calling for her out of fright that Hernandez has done her harm. When he passes out on the stairs, she calls out to him but does not call an ambulance.

Instead, Bertha ends up on Carlos’s doorstep. She explains to him what happened, expecting her knight to jump into action. But his only response is, “And?” He hustles her out the door since his girlfriend is about to come over. “Que?!” This is something Bertha didn’t expect. As he’s pushing her out the door, said girlfriend, Mina, arrives. This just adds insult to injury, so Bertha decides to dole out some insults to Mina. Bertha calls her Ale’s lackey (“gata”/ pet). This earns her a Hernandez-worthy b!tch slap from Mina. (Yes!)

Adoflo finally comes to on the stairs, and resumes calling for Bertha. He pours himself a drink and stumbles into his office. In their architecture office, Mina explains to Ale what happened with Bertha- the slap (which Ale thinks she deserved) and the reason why Bertha was asking Carlos for help. Ale become very worried for her sister and decides to call her.

Bertha finally returns to her home, but Adolfo is in his office and in no mood to speak. “Leave me in peace!” Bertha returns to her room in time to get a call from her sister. They make an appointment to meet in a café nears Adolf’s in half an hour. At the café, Bertha reveals that she is now married to Adolfo, and she can’t leave him because she’s scared. Bertha begs her sister not to judge her, and tells the story of all the info she spilled to the scary guy who came to the condo earlier. When Bertha recounts what Adolfo said about the failed hits, Ale knows immediately that she must be speaking of the real Hernandez.

A still shaken up Adolfo calls Dante, realizing he needs help. Dante says it was Adolfo that caused their breakup in the first place. He’s ready to reconcile. Adolfo explains the latest with Edgar and Valentin, who have teamed up to make them think Garnica is alive. It’s all clear to Dante now. Adolfo assures Dante it was all them. He’s incapable of betraying Dante in that way. (Yeah right!) Adolfo thinks their mutual survival depends on them staying united. Right now Adolfo has another person to worry about. Dante lets him know that if it’s Carmelo he’s worried about, he’s already sent him to the next life. Adolfo knows all about that, since he found that particular gift in his car. And he got the video that Edgar sent him. Dante is shocked that Adolfo got a video too. But Adolfo has a bigger worry right now- a cop named Hernandez.

Ale has called a meeting of the Fab Four (Herself, JJ, David and Carlos) in JJ’s office to share the news of Hernandez’ appearance. She explains the whole Adolfo/Bertha/Hernandez situation, which Carlos confirms, and JJ backs up with his own Hernandez sighting. Ale explains all that Big Mouth Bertha revealed, which sends Carlos flying out of the office to protect Yolanda. He later convinces Yolanda to come with him to a safe place- the Hotel Mirador.

Back in JJ’s office, David and JJ speak about Dora. JJ understands Dora’s fear of Adolfo and wants them to find another way of bringing Adolfo down. JJ thinks they can use a fake kidnapping of Yolanda by Fake Hernandez as leverage against Adolfo. They explain the scheme to Carlos when he returns, but Carlos doesn’t think Yolanda would ever go along with it, out of loyalty to Adolfo. They decide to create the ruse without her knowing. Abelardo later brings David’s Hernandez costume and nearly has a heart attack listening to the new plan. In the hotel lobby, after Carlos leaves Yolanda to check her in, a gentlemanly Hernandez approaches her for a light, as Abelardo and JJ take the money shot. Once he returns, Carlos convinces Yolanda to stay for a few days and think of it as a vacation. He’ll inform his father that she’s staying there.

Back in JJ’s office, Ale uses Photoshop to change the background of the picture and to replace the cigarette in “Hernandez’s” hand with a gun. Everyone is pleased with the result. They decide to send the photo to Adolfo, although it’s still a mystery to them why Yolanda is so important to him. Abelardo finally remembers to hand David his cell phone, where he’s missed MANY calls from Gabi.

In his office with Adolfo, Dante receives a visit from Edgar and Valentin. The two mafiosos welcome the two prodigal sons back into the fold. They need to come to agreement on a few things. Adolfo and Dante have been impressed by their daring and genius. In fact, they’re willing to pay them well for the originals of those videos they shot, as well as those other items they had bargained for earlier- the shoes and photo. But right now, they have a more pressing issue- Hernandez. He’s a danger to all four of them. Eddie and Valentin are in total agreement. That guy is dangerous and untrustworthy. The mafiosos have a plan, and the goons are willing and ready. Later at his condo, Adolfo hands Bertha a wad of cash and makes sure she gets out of the house for a while.

Leo’s visit to Juli and Faustiago is interrupted by a call informing him that Hernandez has been released from the big house. Now Leo knows that one of his worst enemies is on the loose. He then learns from Faustiago that Dora has returned. He is not happy to be the last to know. (Hmm. How many other developments and plans can we think of that the gang has not informed Leo about? Leo is the new Gabi.) When David enters, he turns his ire to David. Holding back this info is preventing him from doing his job! David tells him that they’ve all (including JJ) decided that Dora will not be testifying against Adolfo. Leo understands. But he’s on edge that Hernandez has left prison. David looks thoughtful, but does not tell Leo what he knows about the latest escapades of Fake Hernandez and the real Hernandez.

Real Hernandez is being lured into Adolfo’s lair by Valentin with a suitcase full of cash. He urges the beast to enter Adolfo’s office, where he is drawn in by the site of another case full of cash, held open by Adolfo on his desk. He misses that the desk, the floor, and all the furniture are covered in white sheets. But it soon becomes apparent that Adolfo intends to give him a bullet instead of dinero as a parting gift when he pulls a huge gun from behind the case, and Edgar steps from behind the door with an equally large gun. Hernandez’s short reign of terror is ended with a bullet from Adolfo’s gun to his chest. Eddie and Valentin clean up the mess easily by rolling up the body in the sheets.

In their bedroom, David is met by Gabi’s pregnancy hormones, who have taken over her brain and made her sad and suspicious of David’s movements once more. He and Viewerville heave a big sigh of frustration. His phone was off; he didn’t know she’d called; he was busy and had things to do; he was in JJ’s office; he was doing things to fight Adolfo; he can’t tell her what those things are because it’s dangerous; he can’t explain right now and he doesn’t want to. He leaves in a huff.

Back at Adolfo’s condo, he’s having Bertha explain exactly what she said to Hernandez. When she explains what she said about Yolanda, he nearly goes ballistic. She can never again speak about his personal life to anyone! Juanita, Yolanda’s maid, calls to ask Adolfo if he has seen Yolanda. He then receives an envelope, with the doctored photo of Hernandez holding Yolanda at gun point. “It can’t be! Yolanda!”


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Triunfo del Amor #39 2/25/11 A Bit of Heaven, Some Hesitation, and a Lot of Horse-Hockey

Cap. 39

Well, I brought my pillow and blankie to this little slumber number.  Be sure to have yourself at least a double espresso before sitting down with is one.   Now it seems our three chiquitas bonitas find they’re at a point in their lives with some muy large, life-altering decisions to make.  (Frankly, I wouldn’t give you two bits for their choice in life coaches considering the life coaches these characters consort with need more than a little coaching themselves.)  Here’s the 20 second rewind of the night before: Max tells Maria that he gave up his position at Modas Victoria and will start up his own fashion house making women’s fashions once they return from the Miami show.  Maria points out that he’ll be in direct competition with Vicki.   Max rather likes the way that sounds.....

Back at Maria’s apartment, Nathy’s still up late, hitting the books, when Linda comes back in tears after speaking with Juanjo.  For the first time in her life, says Linda-Ho, a guy actually sees her as something other than simply a sex object (and it’s moved her to show a little conscience if not conviction).  “--JJ is so decent and generous that he doesn’t deserve what I’m doing to him.”   Nat tells her to grab the guy before it’s too late and just kick Osvaldo to the curb cuz he’ll never offer her what JJ is offering her; it’s not like she’s going to be young forever!  (Ok. Ok.  Juanjo may be a prince of guy but Linda’s kissed him three times and still he looks and croaks like a frog.  Naw, Linda shouldn’t have to settle for a lily pad and toady-faced tadpoles.  Maybe Cruz has a couple of brothers?  Cruz’s side of the family might be poor, but at least she wouldn’t have to worry about waking up in the morning to warts.)   Linda agrees that Nat has a point, and then runs off to her room to seriously “consider her future”. 

At the restaurant again, Maria asks Max why he was so insistent about having Linda and Nat join them for dinner.  He signals the maitre d’ and three waiters appear with covered silver trays.  Max tells Maria to choose whichever one she feels holds the symbol of their love.  “--Well, since the heart is on the left side, then I choose the left one.”  Inside is a ring box.  Max takes out an engagement ring and proposes.  (Now that’s a proposal worthy of Max’s reputation.)  He puts the ring on her finger and waits for her to answer.  (How can she say no after that, right?)  I guess it is “Sí” as major lip-locking ensues and telenovela fairies sprinkle stardust on the ring to make it sparkle (ting!) just in case Viewerville hadn’t noticed the number and size of each of those stones.  

Across town, Bernarda’s on the phone with Padre JP, aka Her Son the Priest, to apologize for her rude behavior earlier.  JP forgives her.  “--We’re all human.”  (Again, when it comes to Burnie, the Viewerville jury’s still out!.)  She tells him that she wants to offer him her support and as a means of demonstrating her change of heart she will help him find his daughter.  She offers to let Maria Magdalena stay with her there and to help her find her way back to Dios.  JP is relieved to hear that and says he knows Mama will be an excellent model for guiding Maria-HO back to the path of righteousness and to possibly forgiving her mother.  The momentary leer on Burnie’s face at hearing that last is e-vocatively vile

Maria-Ho finally wakes up from her delirium in Antionieta’s guest room.  She overhears Vicki tell Toni from the living room that Vick wants her to keep Maria-HO hidden away in the apartment for now to avoid anyone taking advantage of her, or from their attempt at taking the girl away from her.  Toni asks if she expects to keep her jailed there at the apartment like some sort of convict.  Maria-HO doesn’t quite understand, but she certainly doesn’t like the sound of the little bit she does get.

Max and Maria now walk back to the apartment building arm-in-arm and she asks him to tell her more about his childhood and his relationship with his mother.  He tells her that Vicki may be crusty on the outside but she’s a pretty decent sort overall.  Max reminisces about how loving Vicki was towards him from the first night he came to live with her.  This was a bit after his father told him that his mother had died while they were living outside of Mexico City somewhere and on a film shoot.  We see flashbacks of Vicki with mini-Max in his bedroom, lovingly assuring him there was no need to be afraid and that she would now be his mother.  Maria says she’s got no right to separate Max from his family or from Victoria this way, but Max points out that all birds eventually leave the nest; and that’s simply what he’s doing now with Maria at his side.  He kisses away her worries.....

Meanwhile, upstairs in Milagros’ apartment, Millie wakes up Cruz and tells him she’s worried because it’s obvious that Linda doesn’t love Juanjo,  nor feel the same affection for him that he does for her.  Cruz isn’t going to step into this emotional pile of poop and fakes a couple of well-placed, and very nasty, sneezes [estornudar].  While Millie makes tea he thinks to himself he’d rather disgust her than discuss what he knows about the situation.  (Yech!  Your faithful recapper has just suffered a gag attack whilst reviewing this scene, and must take a moment from recapping to recover.)

In a corner of St. Burnarda’s manse, Fausto is awake reading more romantic poetry in between sighs and thoughts of Maria.

Back in the barrio, Maria races in from her dinner date and shows Nat the engagement ring from Max.  Hugs and tears.  Happy, happy!  Joy, joy! Then Nat suddenly begins crying.  She’s so envious of Linda having JJ while Nat’s only ever been kissed once and that wasn’t even out of love, just Fabian trying to make Max’s kid sister jealous.  She’s happy for Maria, sure, but she feels terrible because she’s certain she’ll never find love. Oh, sob, sob!  She’d give anything if Juanjo would have fallen for her instead.  Maria gives her a pep talk and tells her to keep the dream alive.....  FF>>

Max has returned home.  He remembers his nasty lunch conversation when Vicki told him that if he didn’t drop Maria she was cancelling the credit cards and punishing him with pauper-dom.  Max is sure that someday she’ll be happy knowing he fell in love with Maria. He thinks back to all their sweet times together and their stealing kisses.  Maria is thinking about the same things and says to herself that as of today she “surrenders her heart to Max.”

At Casa Scandal-val early the next morning, Oz is on the phone in the bedroom explaining to Linda the reason they didn’t go out together was because the situation there at her apartment was just so embarrassing for him. Linda of course, was born with a short in the electrical circuitry of both her modesty and her shame genes.  She throws a fit.  Oz promises to see her that afternoon for lunch and says he’ll bring her birthday present with him.  Vicki walks in on the conversation which suddenly turns into a business chat between Guillermo and him.  Once he hangs up, Vicki asks what he’s doing on the phone so early with Guillermo and who the present’s for.  (Oz forgot to pocket the box and buys time while he thinks of something reasonable to say.)  He deflects like any self-respecting guilty party.  “--You come in here after a night out and already wanting to put everyone else’s life in order for them: demanding, directing, inquiring when you ought to be offering a few explanations yourself!  Why are you coming home at this hour, Victoria?  Where were you?  Where did you spend the night?”   Vicki’s a bit hesitant to answer.  Oz snidely tells her not to strain herself coming up with lies.  She probably spent the night with her lover!

At the same time, Millie’s posse is sitting around the kitchen table watching t.v. and listening to ranchero or some such.  JJ asks the others if whatever they’re discussing isn’t just terrific [está de poca].  The others agree it’s just awesome.  Something about the sixth and him wanting to set the date, then.  Naco Napo tells him to reconsider jumping into things so quickly; he might regret losing his freedom later.  Millie gives Naco a nudge of her elbow, and then gripes at him over giving JJ such bad advice. It’s obvious, she says, that he’s just a bitter old fart.  They squabble over his supposed female admirer, ”Rosie”, and why he hasn’t written her if she’s such a hot honey.  This gives JJ and Cruz a good snicker, but I can’t say that for the rest of us.  FF>>

Downstairs at Maria’s, Linda’s comparing her bling from JJ with Maria’s bling from Max and she figures she’s gotten the raw end of the deal.  Nat asks when Maria and Max are getting married.  She says right after they return from Miami.  Linda remarks on the ironies of life and love: Maria gets a tycoon [magnate] but she ends up with a fireman.  What crummy luck!  Maria says luck’s got nothing to do with it. It’s Luuuuuhv.  Well, lots of heartfelt hugs and smiles anyway as Linda congratulates Maria.  A definite Sister Sledge moment.. Let me hear it now!  ♪♪♫ ‘“...We are family..buhbuhbububuh.♪♫...I got all my sisters with me...♪♫♪♪’” bu-ubuhbuh--Break it down for me!.....)

Ok.  Where were we....Oh yeah.  Vicki goes off on Oz for doubting her fidelity.  She tells him she’s got no lover and that ever since meeting him the only man she’s ever loved has been him; and the only man she ever will love, in spite of all their differences, will be him and only him!  Ok, says Oz, then where did you sleep last night and why didn’t you let me know? She spent the night over at Toni’s , she says, and if he doesn’t believe her he can call her and verify.   She tried calling him but he wouldn’t answered his cell!  (Uh yeah, cuz he was over at Gui’s man-cave havin’ a few sexist tantrums, telling free Gui why he hadn’t divorced her yet, and pointedly ignoring her incoming calls.)  Oz’s version, though, is that Gui always turns his music on loud and poor Oz didn’t hear his cell.  He says he has nothing to hide from her either about last night....  (Viewerville does a major eye-roll here.)  She asks again who the little case is for.  He pauses a moment and then says it’s for her.  (Let’s just hope he isn’t crass enough to go back and buy another one just like it for Linda again!)  Vick asks him what gives.  First he complains about her [recriminar] and then he flatters her [halagar].  She wonders what’s happening to the two of them.  Oz says he wonders the same thing and what it is that’s pushing her away from him.  He opens the case and puts the diamond studded bracelet on her wrist.  They kiss and make up “como Dios manda.” [as God commands= i.e., doin’ what comes naturally]

Maria pays a visit to Padre JP to see how he’s doing since the assault.  She’s upset and thinks the guy responsible needs to be put in jail.  JP counsels her on forgiveness and not usurping Dios’s domain in judgment of others.

Meanwhile, Eva serves Burnie breakfast and gets a bit too nosy concerning hers and Sra. Victoria’s relationship, namely why she can’t stand having the Sra.’s name brought up in the house.  Burnie grabs her by the wrist and tells her to mind her own bidnez!  Instead of asking stupid questions she and Fausto should be helping her locate Maria-HO for her son at all costs!!

A bit later, El Alacrán (Pimp Guy with the scorpion tat on his face) knocks on the front gate of the Scandal-vals asking for Maria-HO.  Cruz tells him that there’s no one there by that name and shuts the gate in his face.  Maria-HO, though, is sitting up and taking tea in Toni’s living room at that very moment.  Toni suggests that she’ll get cleaned up and they can go to the mall and shop for some new clothes for M-HO.  The Unhappy Hooker says fine and Toni goes to get ready.  Maria-HO figures this is as good a time as any to escape and sneaks out the front door while Toni’s in the shower.  A few minutes later Toni comes out looking for her and realizes the girl’s run away.

A bit later that morning, Fernanda is driving --more like zigging and zagging all over the road--with a panicky Cruz to the stables for her first riding lesson.  (Maybe he’d better give her driving lessons instead?)  She forces him to swear that he won’t let her parents know she’s been learning to ride from him.  He won’t tell a lie to her parents!  The zigs and zags get worse.  Ok! He gives!  That being out of the way, Fer puts the pedal to the metal and Cruz nearly pees his pants.  ”—Isn’t fast fun?” 

Back up in Oz and Vick’s bedroom, the two are still sharing private moments when Linda calls his cell for the umpteenth time wondering where he is.  Oz checks the caller ID and says the call can wait. 

Linda has a fit over having to leave Ozzie voice-messages.  She’s also had a change of heart between last night and this morning’s phone call.  Nat asks Linda why the change in attitude.  Linda has decided trading beauty for baubles from a handsome hunk like Oz trumps a lifetime of want with a bubba like JJ.  Besides, it was only a moment of weakness and swears it won’t ever happen again!    

Fer and Cruz finally make it alive and in one piece to the stables.  He brings her a saddled, gentle mare to learn on.  She’s a bit frightened by the size of the animal.  (--not without good reason when you figure the animal weighs almost as much as that silly red cupcake on roller skates she zooms around in.  At least a car doesn’t have a mind of its own-- and it doesn’t bite, either.)   That hat Fer’s wearing is what really frightens me!  It looks like the Fer-beast had a run in with a mad hatter getting over a major hangover when he designed that cuckoo's nest and stuck a $ sign on it!)  Cruz and Fer have their flirtatious fits and starts in between instructions on mounting and making the horsey go, stop, and turn.  Eventually they make it to the pasture.  She’s still a bit frightened by this whole horseback thing.  She’s ready to go on her own now, though, she says.  He tells her to grab the reins and hold on tight; he slaps his reigns on the horse’s behind as hard as he can!  The Fer is literally flying……

Back at the manse, in the meantime, Oz and Max share a tender father-son moment as the two discuss how happy Max is now that he’s in love and marrying Maria Despamparada (chug-hic!).  No, Oz has no problems with his choice of brides; all he cares about is that Max is happy.    “Stay attentive and faithful and neither of you will ever suffer.”  Max says there’s no one better to have learned that from than his pop.  For a brief second or so, fear and embarrassment flicker in Ozzie’s beautiful, deep, dark eyes.

Once Fer’s horse pulls to a stop she lets Cruz have it for causing the horse to race off like that right off the bat.  He answers, with a mischievous gleam in his eye, “--Why, I thought you loved speed.”  Fer frowns and simply says she wants down.  She’s tired of riding for now (and not quite so comfortable when she is so obviously out of her element, putting her safety and well-being into the care of someone other than herself).   Cruz helps her off and then withdraws his hands as she hops out of the stirrups and starts to regain her balance.  For a second or two, as she dismounts, she realizes Cruz has let go his hold and a flash of panic shows in her eyes.  Fer looks frantically around for him.  He moves in quickly to grab her waist and steady her.  She looks up into his eyes as his meet hers.  Cruz goes in for The Kiss and.....Uni cues the kayak!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of February 28: Discuss amongst yourselves!


A few words about the final episode:
I hate the choice the writers made – with that slight knowing sneer and sweep of the hair off his forehead, Emilio is transformed into el Cazador, the next generation. It says that everything we thought we knew is a lie. That evil is innate and it is passed on from one generation to another. Julián’s mother was a monster who abused him. Emilio’s mother is kind and loving and has never neglected him. It doesn’t matter. Emilio is a bad seed.

As for the rest of the episode:
After the suspense of the fire scene – we held our breath until we saw Rodrigo walk out holding Valeria’s body and we knew the human torch, now dead, was Julián – the characters’ stories were resolved without a lot of surprises:
--Luisa Carvajal gets a medal.
--Tatiana survives and eventually reconciles with Benja.
--Camila gets her diploma and the sisters are closer than ever, linked physically and symbolically by the life-saving blood donation.
--Lola accepts and loves little Pedrito and Pedro Pablo’s family is finally at peace.
--Lucía is institutionalized, seemingly catatonic.
--Piedad arranges the sale of the Surgery Center with the proceeds to be given to Matilde and Emilio and to the families of Julián's other victims.
--Matilde (who has made a full recovery after her surgery) and creepy Emilio are moving to California to start a new life.
--Rodrigo accepts a post in North Carolina and asks Piedad to come with him so he, she and Sofia can have a life together.

About ALGUIEN TE MIRA, in general:

We watched this novela become increasingly graphic in its violence and cruelty. Unsympathetic characters moved about freely, seemingly out of harm’s way, while some we thought were protected by the Geneva Telenovela Convention were mercilessly slaughtered. When Eva Zanetti – kind and clever, yes, but also tall, athletic, trained in self-defense and IMPORTANT TO THE STORY – when Eva fell victim to Julián’s el cazador, we knew the writers were playing with a different set of rules.

There was another crucial point in the narrative when Julián’s guilt was revealed to the viewer but not to the other characters in the story. We sat in helpless but still spellbound frustration and horror while over and over Matilde or Piedad or Tatiana walked smilingly into the jaws of the monster. We cheered for Rodrigo, the hero, the first one to see the truth though his warnings were ignored by everyone except Valeria. And we were afraid for Valeria who, even knowing that Rodrigo would never love her, stood by him bravely. Alas, our fears for her were justified.

Great care went into plotting the story and doling out the bits of suspense that kept us glued to our tvs night after night. And yet -- and this seems to be a Telemundo thing -- no one bothered to anchor this story in time or space. We are told it is modern-day Chicago and we’re given some stock footage of the city, but there is no city feel to the characters’ experiences or environments. Even when Valeria is following Julián and tells Rodrigo where she’s heading, the writers can’t be bothered to look at a real map of Chicago and pick an actual road leading to hunting country outside the city. Valeria can only say she is on the main road heading north. Well if the show were set in Mayberry, RFD, perhaps that would have been helpful.

Compare this to a Mexican Televisa novela where the pueblo or city setting are often strong presences. Or to American or European dramas where the city itself is felt as a protagonist in the story.

And it’s not only the geography that is vague. We are supposed to believe that in a high-profile investigation in 2010 Chicago, the police have only the most rudimentary forensic methods at their disposal.

Further, in a show about a group of doctors, where much of action takes place in clinics and hospitals, nearly all the medical detail is laughable. Compare this to the importance American dramas place on verisimilitude. American medical dramas always list medical consultants in their credits; crime dramas routinely consult with police officials and courtroom experts.

Well the writers may not have done their homework in geography, forensics or medicine. But the actors came through for us. The performances of this ensemble of young performers were impeccable, especially when you consider the time pressure of filming so many episodes in such a short time.

So tell me:

What did you think of the body language Rafael Amaya devised to switch from good guy Julián to evil cazador?
I kept thinking he could have been more subtle. Where Julián is slightly soft and yielding, el cazador could have been stony and dead-eyed. I wasn’t fond of the choice to make the monster slightly effeminate in his gestures – sweeping his hair from his forehead, holding his hand near his face, posing like a Tim Gunn from hell.

What about the implication that Emilio is destined to be another cazador? (See the first paragraph above)

Were you happy to see Rodrigo and Piedad end up together?
I’m not sure how I feel about this. Rodrigo deserves better. But as years of telenovela-watching have taught me, En el corazón no se manda.


This novela based on the novel by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte begins on Monday, taking over the time-slot from Alguien te Mira. According to Jean, the story was adapted for the screen by Valentina Parraga, the same writer responsible for adapting Doña Barbara.

Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza seems to be an inspired choice: very Mexican, tough, not precisely beautiful but sexy, athletic and charismatic. I’ve read that Pérez-Reverte himself is happy with the choice.

And of course Rafael Amaya, whom we have just left behind in Alguien, appears here in a very different role as el Güero, the heroic fool, the love of Teresa’s life.

This narrative moves around from Mexico to Spain and to North Africa. (I understand that some of the African locations were also used in El Clon.) I’m hoping that this novela will be the Telemundo exception and that place will have the resonance it deserves.

The story begins in Sinaloa, Mexico. Teresa survives using her wits. Until one day her world falls apart and she has to flee…

I’ve heard that the producers of this telenovela are very sensitive to the messages they may be sending to viewers, especially at this moment in history when the drug cartels have the Mexican people by the throat. In my opinion, the original novel doesn’t glamourize criminals or drugs. Can this telenovela version tell the story of Teresa Mendoza without succumbing to the romance of the outlaw? Or will it be just another narco-corrido that glorifies killers?


Since the start of a new novela may bring some new readers to this page, Jean and I thought it would be useful to repost these blog guidelines from December.

As the number of comments grows, it gets harder to follow a topic of interest. Most of us, I think, are only interested in one or maybe two shows and would probably appreciate a way to navigate the forest of comments. So in the interest of Chaos Control:

1. Put a clear topic heading on every comment, preferably in caps. For example:


Tuesday’s episode was…



Telemundo seems to be more concerned with…

That way, we can decide right up front whether to keep on reading. I realize that a lot of us are already doing this, but to those who aren’t – hey, it would help.

2. It’s hard to get away from the recap mindset but I do think comments or questions about what you’ve watched or what others have said are the way to go here. Considering the number of novelas in one place and the fact that the link is for an entire week, when we do post plot updates, it might be best to limit them to brief summaries, basically bullet points of daily episodes.

3. If you’re writing about a particular episode, please add the day of the week. That way you won’t be inadvertently posting a spoiler for someone who hasn’t seen that episode yet. For example:

After bombarding us with previews, expectations were high…

Ok. Your turn now.

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Triunfo del Amor #38 2/24/11 A triumph of guilty consciences

So, Max tells his mom's Baby Daddy, JP the Catholic priest, that his mom doesn't want him to date her daughter. See, when I put it that way, it sounds like a reasonable request. And a Jerry Springer episode. But Max is never gonna give her up (and presumable never gonna let her down, run around, or desert her).

Ximena whines and cries to her wanna-be mother-in-law that she just luuuuuuurves Max and wants him back. Pathetic much? Vicki tells Ximena if she wants him so bad, she's gonna have to seduce him and make him want her again. Gross. Ximena practically brags about her horizontal mambo moves while both mamas smile. Again, gross.

The Naco Macho crew (Cruz, Don Napo, and Juanjo) have breakfast. Cruz wants to have a good honest talk with Juanjo about his upcoming nuptials, but Juanjo is just too crazy in love with Linda to listen. Cruz changes tracks and presents Juanjo with some fútbol tickets.

Fausto answers the door to Eva, calling her his "tía" (is that the first time? I had to get caught up on all the episodes this morning, so I might have missed it if he's said it before). She shows him the picture she found in Bernarda's room as proof. Fausto cries over his parents. He and Eva want to find out why Bernarda killed his parents. And as soon as they do, Fausto will take his revenge. (Is anyone watching Face Off on SyFy? I think the TN makeup people could totally kick the asses of most of the contestants!)

Max goes home and tells Vic he's not in the mood to argue, so he's just going to go up and get ready to go out for the night. He says they'll talk tomorrow, but he's not going to change his mind. Vic asks him to at least not leave until they're done with the Miami show. After that, he can do what he wants, but she needs him. "You can count on me, like you always have," he says. He gives her a kiss and heads upstairs.

Maria Desamparada can't figure out why Milagros invited them over, but then wasn't home. Nathy thought she wanted to show them some bridal magazines. She asks for the whole story about what happened in Acapulco. Maria D said they agreed not to hide their luuuuurve anymore and even showed up to work holding hands, which got Ximena all riled up. MD gushes about finally getting to see the ocean and how she's so sure she and Max will be happy and nothing will separate them again. *sigh* So young, so innocent.

William Levy tries to do a PSA about good hygiene, but he's interrupted by his incredibly skanky ex-girlfriend. Naked. In the shower. To his credit, so far he's trying to get as far away from her as he can in that confined space. But still. Have a little dignity, Ximena!

Max shuts off the water and gets out of the shower, pulling on a towel and putting one on her as best as he can. He asks her to leave him alone, for the millionth time. She whines at him to give her a chance. Max calls her crazy and gets the hell out of there. Let that be a lesson to all you skanky-ex-having men out there. Lock the bathroom door.

Osvaldo checks out a jewelry store, thinking back to his conversation with Padre JP.

Fer is impressed with Fed's new apartment. Why? It's nice, but compared to her house, it's nothing special. She claims not to care about money, but he says her parents do. He wants them to accept them so they can get married ASAP and have all the sex they want without anyone telling them not to. Fer looks tempted, but she hesitates.

Osvaldo buys something the clerk says his wife will adore. Hm…wife? We'll see about that.

Os calls Linda to apologize for the way he treated her when she showed up half-dressed at his place of employment where people know him and will notice that she's draped all over him like a cheap polyester scarf (cause you know she can't pass for cashmere!). Linda says it won't happen again. Os says he knows it's not her birthday, but he'd like to get together tonight. She agrees, of course, and goes to put on something tighter and skimpier than she's already wearing.

Victoria goes over to Antonieta's. Maria Magdalena seems to be doing well, and just needs some rest. Vic tells Toni to get some rest herself and she'll keep an eye on MM.

Vic thought bubbles, watching a sleeping MM, that she accepts her as her daughter. She vows to make up for her crappy life, mostly with material goods, it sounds like. She asks the Virgen for help coming clean to her family, and especially Os who has never lied or hidden anything from her.

Os is parked out in the street.

Linda is fussing over not being able to find her favorite earrings. Nathy and Maria D help her search the miniscule living room for them.

Os keeps waiting, then gets out of the car.

Ximena's mom is going out to some kind of event. She tells her mother she's not going so she can wait around the house for Max. Not that he said he was coming over, but she thinks he might and it would be a shame to have him come over and her not be there. Wow. That's both extremely optimistic and extremely stupid. Someone knocks on the door and they both get excited, thinking it might be Max. It's Guillermo. Heh.

Osvaldo goes up to the girls' apartment and Maria lets him in. She gives him the most disappointed look imaginable. She tells him that she and Linda are roomies. Linda's so excited to have Os there and jumps all over him. She runs back to her room for I don't care what and Os is left with the other two. He realizes, and Maria confirms, that she already knows all about him banging Linda. The doorbell buzzes again. This time it's Max. Os has a heart attack, keels over and dies. No, not really, but I bet he wishes he would.

Os is very confused about Max being there. Linda gets shushed when she comes back into the room. There's a lot of fussing over what to do and Nathy finally says Os and Linda should go hide in the bedroom since Maria refuses to get rid of Max by lying to him. She goes to open the door. Max asks why they didn't open the door. Nathy says she was in her underwear. Max notices Linda's not there.

Os gets the gossip about Max and MD from Linda. He says he kind of knew already, because Fer told him, so Linda comes clean, even telling him about the proposal. Os is upset that Max didn't tell him and that Vic is opposed, even though he pretty much guessed that as well. Linda tells him that Vic is determined that Max should marry Ximena. Os looks upset. Because Vic won't let Max marry whoever he wants or because he's having to find out what's going on in his own family from his skank-ho mistress? Or maybe both.

Ximena's mom gushes to Guillermo about how Ximena's gonna get Max back. Guillermo says lots of men will envy Max, himself included. Mom leaves and Ximena and Guillermo play their usual gross sex games.

Max asks why Maria and Nathy look so nervous. Did something happen to Linda? He says he was hoping to take all of them to dinner, but Nathy says maybe later. Maria suggests they go out to dinner alone, but Max thinks it would be better to order a pizza, watch some TV and wait for Linda. Nathy says no way, she's got studying to do, and you know how it is with genetic engineering--one little bit of noise and there goes all her concentration. Max and Maria leave for parts unknown. There might be sex, but I think it's more likely there will be one long strand of spaghetti and a single meatball. Os is no longer in the mood to go out and tells Linda again that his family is NEVER going to know about them. Nobody's thinking that Max might recognize his daddy's car parked outside? Os sadly thanks Nathy for covering for them and then sneaks out. Linda says it's going to be her birthday and all she wants is to be with Os and now he's leaving. She throws a temper tantrum.

Ximena tries to get rid of Guillermo, but as soon as he actually starts to leave, she gets on him. What the hell are those shorts she's wearing with the saggy bottoms?

Linda keeps throwing her tantrum. Nathy says he's never leaving his family for Linda and she's wasting her time and her life on being "the other woman" when she could be the wife. Linda says if Nathy wants to marry Juanjo, then she should take him. She suggests getting into his bed when Milagros is out of the house. Linda is sure if Max found out about her and Os, he'd be cool with it since EVERYBODY knows Os is sick of Vicki.

Maria is pissed off that Max didn't tell her about Padre JP. She wants to visit him later, since he's like the father she never had.

El Alacran whines to Padre JP that he didn't lay a hand on Maria Magdalena. He thinks maybe she ran off with someone else, but he hopes she's ok. Padre JP writes down his mom's address so El Alacran can go see if MM is there.

Eva is still looking for more proof. She writes down something from Bernarda's planner on a scrap of paper.

Maria and Max make googly eyes at each other. Maria is afraid of Max leaving her. Max says he'll always be at her side. Smoochies.

Eva calls Vic. She calls herself an ally and says they need to meet so Eva can give her some dirt on Bernarda. Bernarda walks in and Eva has to pretend it was a wrong number. Bernie sends Eva to get Fausto so they can pray.

Toni comes into the bedroom to ask about the call. Vic tells her. Toni thinks it's a trap. Vic says she's not going to doubt anymore and she's going to accept MM as her daughter. She calls Os to tell him she's not coming home for dinner. Os is with Guillermo and he lets the phone ring. Toni is obviously thinking he's with Linda and she makes a face.

Os tells Gui that it was Victoria calling, but he doesn't want to talk to her. Guillermo thinks it's time to come clean and stop pretending to have a fairytale marriage. He thinks if Os really loved his wife, he wouldn't have a lover. He thinks people should just be realistic and admit that sometimes love ends and get over it. He wants to toast to Os's happiness with a new woman, but Os refuses to toast to that. Gui says this is Os's chance to be with a young hottie who wants to be all about his needs.

The Macho Nacos and Milagros are home from the fútbol game. It was a tie. More blah-blah-blah about the fake love letters and the admirers. Juanjo says he's going to say good night to Linda and make plans for her birthday tomorrow. Milagros brags about the awesome gift Juanjo got for her, but he tells her to shush about it. Linda opens the door, expecting Os, and has to pretend she's happy to see Juanjo and crew. Juanjo tells her his mom's making her a special birthday dinner tomorrow. Cruz and Don Napo tell Linda they hope she doesn't miss it. And that she's not late. Since someone's been late to a lot of things lately. The crew leaves so Juanjo and Linda can say goodbye alone.

El Alacran asks Bernarda about Maria M, but she says she doesn't know where she is. She tells Fausto to walk El Alacran to the door. She's pissed that Vic probably got to "the girl" before she did.

Vic tells Toni that she's got to act fast before Bernie does any more harm. Toni says things are getting complicated. Vic says she'll defend "her daughter" with her life. Toni reminds her she's got another daughter too and Fer is also in danger from Padilla and his son.

Maria is shocked that Max is going to quit, but he says he's actually already quit and is just staying until after the Miami show. He's also going to leave the house. He hates to have to do it right when his parents are having such a tough time. Maria doesn't want him having trouble with his family on her account, but Max tells her not to worry about it. He thinks if his mom keeps on with the attitude she's had, she's going to end up alone.

Juanjo and Linda hang out at Juanjo's. He wanted to talk about their families--her parents are divorced and his dad died when he was young. He says he loves her and wants her to be the mother of his children. He wants to offer her a house of her own. Linda says she doesn't think she's the right woman for him, but he argues that she is. All he wants is for her to say she loves him and wants to rule his house and his heart, even if that sounds cheesy. He just felt like he had to tell her all that. Linda is shocked he wants her to be the mother of his kids. "Don't you love me for my body? For how pretty I am?" Juanjo says maybe at first, and he figures she could use her looks to get money out of men, but she hasn't. That's how he knows she's a nice girl. Linda gets weepy and thanks him. She says no one's ever talked to her like that. "You're a good guy and any woman would be happy by your side." Juanjo says she's the woman for him. He hugs her and she cries harder. She says she's crying because she's an idiot.

Max says he always dreamed of having his own business, starting from scratch just like his mom. He wants to be his own man, not Victoria's son or Osvaldo's son. And he'd get started tomorrow, but he promised his mom he'd stay until after Miami. Maria asks him about his business--men's clothes? He says no, women's clothes. Maria is shocked, "You're going to compete with your mother?" I guess he hadn't thought of it that way.

Sweet William Levy in a kayak!

Next time: Os thinks Vic is cheating; Max proposes. Again.


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