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CI Capítulo 123 – Thur., 10-31-13. -- Maricruz and Octavio Face Off in the Battle for Lupita: Round 1 Concludes, Alliances Emerge, and Simona Suffers Collateral Damage.

            Battlefield bulletins and reports are included in this recap. Many scenes are combined to reduce whiplash and/or ennui. Feel free to add more detail in comments. 

           If we missed the previous episode, Ester lets Padre Julian (and viewerville) know that Octavio kidnapped Lupita from her home with Maricruz.  We also see Ester crying and praying that MC will get her child back. After all, MC helped save Ester and her son during his birth; now Ester repents of any evil deeds she committed against MC.

Bulletin #1   Aggrieved mother MC, accompanied by local official Morales, enters Simona’s and Tav’s home to demand the return of her daughter. Stalled by their refusal, MC pulls out her big ammo—Simona will pay for this dastardly deed and it won’t be long: she’s a dying woman!  MC will Reveal All to Simona, including Tav’s planned desertion, if they don’t return Lupita. Mig buckles and tells Tav to return the child, so a teary Tav brings a droopy Lupi downstairs and delivers her to MC’s eager arms.

Bulletin #2  Simona is suffering flak injuries from MC’ broadside. She insists Tav explain things—why didn’t he let MC talk? Tav says MC was just making up stuff and Simona should “trust him.” (We’ve heard that one before.)  Tav thinks MC is playing dirty by trying to blackmail him. He later assures Mig that he’s over the MC sickness and he’ll take back his daughter.

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PEAM # 168- 10/31/13- Luisita's Story

Happy Halloween all!!  Feliz Noche de Brujas!!

My name is Luisa and my mom is Alma who has just been released from jail.  My dad is Jesus who loves my mom so.  Chatita my grandma, kind of sort of and Don Sebastian is my grandfather, my mom’s father.  They meet my mom at the jail where she was just released for killing my half sister, Valentina’s therapist.  Valentina’s mom is crazy and framed my mom, but my papi my hero, solved the case and now my mami is free.  Rogelio, my mom’s ex and her friend Paty are there too to greet my mom.  What an emotional scene.  I can’t wait until she gets home.
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Corazon Indomable #122 Galan #6 to the rescue! Where is Galan#7 when MC needs him?

This episode is so crazy and all over the place that I'm not sure I can keep up. The back and forth is hurting my brain and I think it's going to explode. Here is the best I can do.

Santa doesn't put up much of a fight when Octavio takes little Lupita from the only family and house she knows. But she doesn't cry or put up a fuss, so I guess she's ok with it. MC and Juanita come back from shopping and find out that Lupita has been kidnapped. Wondering where Octavio could have gone with Lupita, Santa says that he probably took her to his home and MC is surprised by this. Simona's house? He took her to Simona's house? Santa: Yes, he lives there. (Actual conversation).  But MC stands her ground. No one knows what she's capable of!!!! He won't get away with this!!!
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La Tempestad Capitulo 68 , Wed 10/30/13 - Lots of pining, too much whining, and too little reclining


Otra vez with the crazy cuts. Some scenes are out of order but hopefully it all makes sense. They cut out some key stuff again. Cut scenes are in PURPLE.


We start where we left off, with DamWistful and Marina separated in body but together in thought:

"Ay Marina."  "Ay Damian."  Our lovers pine for each other.

Hernan and Ursula have lunch. He thinks Fully is behind the telephone hijinks. Ernie is dead so it must be Fully. Ursula’s not so sure.

Meanwhile Fully fumes about running for Mayor. He’s also pithed because Hernan is trying to shoehorn him out of the mob. He won’t permit it because he wants to be the boss of everyone! He has someone who can look into Ernie’s will. Furthermore, if he (Fully) loses control then he won’t be able to defend Mercedes against those who are attacking her. Interesting.

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Mentir Para Vivir #18 Wed 10/30/13 How do you solve a problem like Maria?

La Feria
Maria tries to get on a ride, but she's run out of tickets --- and the buitres (vultures) are circling, offering to take her to find her father. Later, Maria walks through the nearly empty fairgrounds, followed closely by those predators. She goes on and on about how she'd love to have a carousel in her home, but it's too small. But her husband, Ricky's house is plenty big enough for a carousel!  Wait, what? You say your husband has a big house?  The she-predator tries to get the full name of said husband.  They convince her it's getting late and why don't they go home now, to their house, and they can go find Ricky in the morning.  They promise they have lots of dolls and a tele.  Maria goes merrily along

Caretaker Elvira arrives at the fair looking for Maria but isn’t able to find a trace of her.

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PEAM #167- 10/30/13: Attention! Flashbacks Now Include Oiled Chest Rubbing! Guess Whose?

Recap By Pablo

Octavio and the lemming team sure have a sick idea of what fun is.

Someone has a red neck
Verónica is licking her lips because her plan came out perfect.

-Not so perfect- says Roger while grabbing her arm and pulling her -you're doing a lot of harm-
-Stop it! Between you and Jesús are going to tear my arms off!!
-Ok, ok, keep your arms, I am going to choke you!, here, take this!
-Mmmhhgggg, mmmghhhffff!!

Domitila shows up walking like she doesn't want to pop balloons on the floor, just in time to stop another murder, and Roger lets Verónica go...
-Damn! Now I owe my life to the help!

I am not a serial killer, so I don't understand why most of them have to post all the pictures of the people they want to kill, on a wall and cross them out with huge red ''exes''. Couldn't they just make a list in their minds and not have this physical proof that incriminates them once anybody sees it? I mean, what is the purpose? Keeping track? Isn't there an app for that? Why not make a list and keep it in the shirt pocket? Juárever, Verónica has a cork board on the wall with all the pictures and she goes and hits it with a knife every time she is upset, which is most of the time. That board has more holes than a strainer...

But knowing that Roger has found out about that wall has sealed Cynthia's fate, because she was the one who told Roger and knowing how gossipy everybody here is, Roger probably already told Jesús and now I am sure all Avon knows it... do you know what this means? First she has to go to Cynthia's Facebook page and download her picture for the wall, and then... After Cynthia, Roger is next!

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He took Lupita! God help him! CI 10/29/13

Hi everyone-

We had a minor snafu and there won't be a full recap today, maybe tonight I can do something to fill everyone in on what happened last night. I did not watch the whole episode but did catch the last few minutes, I can tell you that Octavio thought it was a good idea to take Lupita from Santa by force. I have a feeling that he is going to regret that cause sh*t just got real.

In the mean time feel free to discuss last night's episode :)


Mentir Para Vivir #17 Tue 10/29/13 The Two Most Delicious Uvulas in the Universe

“Was fifteen minutes of pleasure worth your lifetime’s reputation?”  Los Angeles Televangelist’s thoughts on the Jesse Jackson Baby Scandal.

If This Car’s A Rockin’, Don’t Come A Knockin’

Outside of the Bolo Bar, in full view of the other patrons, Raquel conquers Cesar while riding astride him in his tiny chariot. 

Unfortunately panting with Pretty Ricky rather than painting the walls of the garish blue bungalow is foremost on Oriana’s mind.  At his bedroom's threshold, she tells him that she doesn’t want to get preggers.  Ricky guarantees that he won’t knock her up until after he marries her.  They go in the bedroom and get busy. 

Later, in the driveway, outside of Paloma’s mansion, Ricky continues feasting on Oriana’s lips like she’s his last meal and the chef just bought a gravy bowl to the table.  They pause only when Raquel knocks on the car window and makes hand signals to Oriana, indicating that she is watching her.  Oriana spots Cesar and asks Ricky if he thinks that Cesar and Raquel are an item.  Ricky could care less.  He says that he wants to formalize their engagement and rams his tongue down her throat. 
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La Tempestad Cap #67. 10.29.13. Welcome To Our HellHole, Captain Fabre! - Pester Salazar

Cut scenes in this color

The Old: 

The Pester Blackmail - Either DamFab moves in with Pester and ditches Marina or he'll never ever see his beloved son again. What is a DamFineDad to do? 

The New: 

DamOhSoFine thinks Pester is nuts. The Patio nods their head in agreement. He'll never live with her and he won't let her blackmail him. Ok fine then Pester will be leaving. She leaves leaving behind the documents she gave DamFineDad so he can confirm they are legal. Marina thinks Pester has no limits. How can she be capable of separating her son from his DamFineDad? DamFineDad assures Marina he won't allow Pester to take his son from him. 

Henan has taken a sip of the spiked OJ. You know the OJ with the happy pills Ursula has been slipping him so he can shall we say chill out. He apologizes for pushing her into the pool. But her argument with Zully was getting on his last nerve. She tells him she's jealous of Zully. He likes her jealously because it means she's interested. He asks her about her necklace. She tells him Fully gave it to her in exchange for her agreeing to spy on him. 

DamFine and Marina consult Jose on what can be done to stop Pester. Jose can have the documents annulled but it will take time. Meanwhile nothing can stop Pester from leaving the country with her son. 

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PEAM, Tuesday 10/29/13 (#166): Bloodshed and Anemia

Chucho isn't impressed with the voicemail message that was found on Alma's phone. Delia calls in some favors and gets a few police officers to help Chucho go around the neighborhood with photos of potential witnesses from the security camera. Chucho finds out that one particular guy who may have gotten a good look at the shooter's face is a vagrant named Cristobal.

Remember I joked a while back that Vero needs lots of sleep to keep up her busy schedule of bitchery? Today she visits Alma in prison to gloat. There's a minimum 30 year sentence for murder, she taunts. Despite feeling crummy, Alma musters up enough bile to counter-taunt. "Jesus is MINE and he will NEVER be yours! You'll lose your child and then you will rot from the inside. You will die of hatred."

Chucho is waiting in his car at the murder warehouse in hopes that Cristobal will come around. Rog comes out to see him and talk about Vero and Alma. Chucho brings him up to date on the investigation and shows him Cynthia's foto of Vero's Gallery of Grief or Wall of Woe or Mural de Muertos.

Chucho notes that Rogelio really is changing. Abashed, Rog says he still has lots of secrets. He wants to free himself of all his past misdeeds and hints that a big punishment awaits.
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La Tempestad, October 28, 2013. Capitulo 66.

This was actually 2 episodes.  The unseen parts are in red. 
DamFab recalls Marina telling him he's going to be a father again. Marina rubs her belly and tells the unborn baby that they will all be happy together.
Ursullied tells Estercita that the necklace she is wearing was given to her by Hernan and she came to show Fully. Estercita says it's pretty, but not the same quality as her jewelry. Ursullied wants to know who gave her her nice jewels. Estercita says she will tell her another time, but right now wants to talk to her dad alone. She tells Fully that DamFab gave her divorce papers. She needs his help. If things keep going this way, he will lose his grandson.
Hernan in the hot red pants is kissing some hoochie. He reminds her that he doesn't like surprises.
Fully yells at Estercita for naming the baby after Michel Fabre. Estercita tells Fully that his grandson really is Ernesto's and not DamFab's. (I thought he already knew?).
Macario visits Ernesto. Ernesto thinks in all the years Macario has worked for him, he thought he knew him. But ever since Macario started working for Hernan he has become a traitor. Macario denies the whereabouts of Estercita and son. Ernesto says stop lying. Macario finally admits he knows but won't tell him. You took my family away from me and now you will not be able to find yours. I want you to suffer the way I did all these years. You will never, never see your son again!
Fully says he knew it! How could you register my grandson with that name? He is Ernesto's! All this for that man. Estercita promises to compensate him. Fully agrees to help but only because his grandson is Ernesto's.
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Mentir Para Vivir #16 Mon 10/28/13 A lovers’ first quarrel, a mysterious figure that slowly approaches and …Raquel making the rounds.

Oriana was invited to have dinner at Ricardo’s blue bungalow; when he offered to take her home, she tried a some of her seductive powers on him – worked like a charm.
They broke some glasses, stumbled around for a bit and ended up in the bedroom.

(I’m not sure how much of the love scene each of us got to see, so in the name of full disclosure – no pun intended –  I’ll try my best to give all the important details, you know, for better clarity.)

Ricardo loses his jacket and shirt before even getting to the bedroom, and once they are near his bed, Oriana’s dress comes off, too.
So, five minutes into the episode, we have both of them down to the underwear and the music changes its tune to something more sensual.
A lot (I mean A LOT) of kissing and some real nakedness ensues, but thankfully those strategically placed sheets do their job just fine.
Once the did is over, Ricardo is holding a hand over Oriana’s very naked chest, dozing off at the same time, and she’s lazily caressing his arm – now, that’s what I call acting, I’m not sure I could be that comfortable being naked with a stranger, not even if he were one of my telenovios (and Zepeda is not in the selected club, anyway).
Before the scene is over, Ricardo opens his eyes ever so briefly and his gaze rests on Oriana’s hand, with her wedding rings as bright as ever on her finger – you can’t tell me this is the first time he notices them, I’ve been screaming about this since they first met. 
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PEAM #165-10/28/13: Chucho Is On the Case; Xochi Has Big News, The Return of Rico Suave!

Hola PEAM Peeps! I am subbing for our wonderful Ms Cheryl who is in Oxaca for a couple of weeks. This recap will be short and sweet, maybe ; ) and mostly in order. I am skipping the old and going straight to the new.

Luisa is much better. Chatita and Sebas make a good team in watching her as Chucho is going to have a muy busy day.

Alma in the jail is being formally charged with Marta's murder. No bail for poor Alma. She will stay incarcerated. Astudillo later calls Chucho and tells him the same.

Pato, Rog and little Ferny are all sleeping, but Ruh Roh, little Ferny wakes up and cries, and Pato tries to wake Rog, who is very slow to wake up. Pato gets up and tends to the bebe, Rog rubs his eyes and they talk about Alma being in la carcel, they are both worried about her, and Rog asks Pato to marry him sooner rather than later!

Chucho has a new job! He is becoming like M. Hercule Poirot, like a dog that won't let go of a bone, in other words, like a detective and Delia is going to have that device tested for substances. Chucho's theory is that it was full of some type of drug that knocked Alma out when she turned on the air conditioner. Chucho is also going to check around the pharmacy where Alma went, to see if anyone saw anything.
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Corazon Indomable #120, 10/28/2013: Otra Vez, el Burro al Trigo!

The Old: Migreedy convinces JackAss to write a letter implying that he (JA) had a sexual relationship with Maricruz, when she was married to Tav, and get it post-dated. Tav threatens MC with taking away Lupita, if she’s raising their daughter in an unfit/immoral environment, while Engineer Moustache (aka Alvaro) listens unnoticed.

The New:
Tav continues to fight for the title of Worst Galan Ever by telling MC that due to her reduced circumstances she’s likely going to prostitute herself (not his exact words, but the spirit of them), and won’t be able to provide adequately for their daughter even doing that. Lupita will just be a burden and impediment to her, so MC should just give Lupita to him. (Alvaro slips out unnoticed.) MC insists she’s not living an immoral life, and WILL marry Engineer Alvaro, who has been nothing but supportive. Plus, she’s a free woman! They go back and forth for a while with many of the same arguments they used 60 episodes ago, when the odd man out was the Love Gov (e.g. Lupita is MY daughter, mine alone/I won’t let you raise my daughter in an unfit environment).  At the end, MC basically tells him over her dead body will she be separated from her daughter, and if he tries to take her away, she’ll kill him like the dog he is! (Please do!)

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Week of October 28, 2013

Good morning folks!  I know you have told us before, but things tend to get lost in these looooooong threads -- so humor me, okay?

Who is recapping what? On what days?

I will bring the information up here so we are all up to speed.  Thanks all!  And have a great spooky week!

Okay, here we go:


Monday -- Novelera
Tuesday -- Adriana
Wednesday -- Anita: Oct. 30, Nov. 6, Dec. 11 and possibly Dec. 18.  Vivi is willing to help out when she can with Wednesdays not spoken for.
Thursday -- Kelly
Friday -- Sue
On any given day -- UtahDesert will provide detailed versions of the Gris-Reinaldo stuff... Lord willin' and the crick don't rise.


Monday -- Jean
Tuesday -- Hombre
Wednesday -- Hombre
Thursday -- Deb*
Friday -- Mena
*Deb is willing to give up Thursday if there is another volunteer.

Anything else?

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La Tempestad #65- 10/25/13: Dazed and Confused? No Worries, I Got The Scoop!

Ahoy, Tempestad Maties! Are you dazed and confused? Feel you have been missing something, as if you just walked into the middle of a "Lost" episode? Have no fear, Mads your recapper is here, and will make some sense of what you saw ;) Missing lost scenes are in Purple.

After we left DamDelicious talking to Bea, we see Fully on the phone. He is talking to someone we don't see.

Becky, Jose, DamFine and Marina are all at the hospital so very happy that Bea is now awake, reacting, but still not able to speak or move. Jose congrats the happy couple on the coming bebe, and DamFine lets it be known he wants to buy a house for all of them to live in. Awwww. Becky and Jose laugh. Jose would sooo enjoy that.

Fully is planning a takeover of the Organization ,aka, the mob. He wants back info on the Perv and Pester is only too happy to oblige.

Herny gets a call, it's Mac, wanting to set up a meeting in RLayDee for the other Dons. Leave it to Herny, he'll take care of it. Off he goes.

Lolo gives Candy and orchid, and he talks to her about kids. Does she want any someday? Candy is like, um yeah, sure! They are both a bit shy on the subject, but Lolo wants them too.

Laz comes back to the Naval Academy his leave is over and the guys are so happy to see him, they want to partay this evening. Laz really doesn't wanna go, but they talk him into it.

Claudio meets with Mercy and she fills him in on her bidness troubles, losing money,those stocks tanking, and she knows Perv has alot to do with that. Claudio gives her his support in anything she needs. She reaches over and toussles his hair. What a cute couple!

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Porque el Amor Manda #164: The Odors of October

Julio and Marisela drag Richi back to his place and try to get him cleaned up and fed. He's still wallowing in self-pity, but Mari is very solicitous and makes him a nice steak. He's even less attractive than usual and Julio flat-out tells him he smells like wet dog, so it must be love.

Paty congratulates Roger on how he faced down Killeronica. He confesses to her that the crazy witch has something on him: a tape recording of his illicit business activities. Que que not-so-casual what? And it wasn't only Nick Donavon, either: he admits had dealings with...Ury Petrovsky. Paty is muy impactada: "The Ury Petrovsky THAT NEARLY KILLED MY AMIGUI?" "I just wanted Alma and Jesus separated," Roger whimpers, "And it got out of hand! I'm a delinquent! I should be the one in jail, not Almita..." He seems to be working up to turn himself in. I hope Paty's ready to be a single parent.
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Friday 10/25/13 Capitulo 119 Corazón Indomable ♥ I'll Have A Shot Of Whatever Octavio Is Drinking

Somehow after a few days of the Miraculous Tequila Diet, Octavio has reached the brilliant conclusion that he must rescue his curly-haired little angelet, Lupita, from the clutches of her irresolute profligate mother, Maricruz. Never mind that he has renounced all paternal rights, he is apparently aware of some other higher law that will permit and obligate him to do this. At first Simona is not too keen on the idea, unless of course Maricruz has left the building and the county as well. This idea is so outrageously audacious that I really don't mind sticking around a bit to see how he thinks that he can pull this off.

After her recent encounter with God's vicar, Padre Julián, Natasha is nursing a sore shoulder. Nana applies an icepack as Natasha recounts how just the touch of his hand forced her to kneel before him. Who woulda thought the little guy would be so strong?

"Ouch! Who Woulda Guessed That Little Runt Of A Priest'd Be So Strong?"

Nana asks,


 She tells her that she touched his face.

 Nana asks,


She wanted to provoke an emotional response.

Nana asks,


Well in order to have something interesting to paint but the anger he expressed wasn't exactly the response she was looking for. She was thinking more along the lines of anguish, desperation, fear... the usual.

Need I say it one more time? Nana asks (feel free to say it with her),


"Well, if I want the painting called "The Temptation of a Priest," he would have to express what a good priest would feel on the threshold of a freakin' huge sin."

Nana's distressed with her ward but doesn't seem very surprised.

Downstairs at Simona's ranch, Octavio discusses his plan with Miguel. Miguel has doubts. Octavio has already decided and if it doesn't suit Simona, then heck, he'll go off somewheres else, just he and Lupita. (And probably police and private detectives hot on your trail.) Maybe you'd better pour yourself another drink and think this out a little better.

Natasha expands a bit more on her epic painting. She will be sprawled out at the feet of the tormented priest in all her voluptuous sinful glory... a detail to be added later of course. Padre Julián will find out that part if he happens to see the painting displayed at an exposition.

Octavio expounds on his plan to rescue his daughter from the bad influences of  that hussy Maricruz and her engineer friend. Miguel advises that he proceed with caution. I say go for it, this TN needs some excitement.

Nana is thinking that a sweet picture of a caring priest doing priestly stuff, but Natasha has her heart set on something a little more scandalous. She wants some fame out of this.

Miguel goes upstairs and tries to sell Simona on Octavio's harebrained scheme to take his daughter away from Maricruz. He counsels,

"Don't you comprehend that it would be marvelous that this woman lose her daughter? It would be a tremendous punishment to Maricruz Olivares' pride. This would be genuine revenge."

"And If That Doesn't Work We'll Tickle Her With A Feather."

She seems to be warming to the idea.
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Mentir Para Vivir #15 Fri 10/25/13 Love and Hate, All On a Slow Burn

Capítulo 15

Lo del Pasado:

Mathilde has approached Oriana in the hallway outside Paloma’s hospital room, has accused her of plotting with Ricardo for Ines to run off purposely to cause her aunt to have a fatal heart attack from the shock in order to take immediate possession of everything now that 2nes has finally been named as sole heir to the estate.  Though 2nes denied it, Madhilde has threatened to tell Paloma “everything”. 

Lo Del Nuevo:

Oriana tells Ric what just went down and he tells her to blow it off.  2nes says no can do if that’s what everybody in the house thinks of her!  Ric says he doesn’t live in that house and he doesn’t think that (and that should, of course, be all that matters)!   

Meanwhile, Raquel has decided to take Sebastian up on his offer to show her his crib (and I do mean crib—the spoiled rotten baby).  Nope, says Sebastardo when asked, his daddy’s never gonna be welcomed there and he’s persona non grata.  Not a topic to be discussed.  Sebastardo’s doing just fine on his own.  All Seb needs, he says trying to be seductive (and falling miserably short) is a lady-love by his side, one like Raquel.  Well, Raqi is definitely part of the “love the one you’re with” crowd.  He asks and she admits to having gone to bed with Ric once.   Seb is a fine specimen of the hormone-driven 18-20 something species and she decides to have a bit of a cougarette’s ride on the wild side.  Seb begs her to tell him he was better than Ricardo.  After all, he has to have been since he is so much younger than Ric, he claims, with apparent and misplaced braggadocio.  Raqi admonishes him for having asked such a question of her and then suggests that there’s much to be said for experience (as opposed to enthusiasm and endurance, which, she is considerate enough to leave unsaid). She figures that discretion is the better part of valor in this case, and fights wrinkling her nose .  “—You sure were something!” 

Later that afternoon/evening, Madhilde arrives home and gets snitty about Ruben and Lucina spending time together playing póker while she’s been at the hospital with her aunt at death’s door.  Once Maddie leaves the room, the two giggle (flirt?) over her snarky attitude.  FF>>   

At the hospital still, Ric and 2nes are there at Paloma’s bedside when the doctor tells Paloma she’ll get to go home day after tomorrow.  More small talk follows.   Ric surprises 2nes and Paloma saying that he and 2nes are steadies and engaged.  Paloma’s thrilled at the match-up.

2nes gives him a bit of grief afterwards in the drive of the manse and says she still wants time to think about it.  Talk turns to the gun she found and 2nes has no idea what Lucina might have done with it.  She refuses to go to the police with him and reminds him that would naturally lead to them discovering her taking True-nes’s identity and how would dear Paloma handle that????  They kiss; he wants more; she wants time to think.  What happens when a notable guy like him announces and she possible gets recognized by some tourist or something? It’s back to Columbia for her and a one-way ticket to prison for smuggling. She leaves him er…up in the air… and goes in to see about Lina.  FF>>

Madhilde tells Ruben her suspicions about 2nes and Ric plotting to get immediate control of Paloma’s wealth.  Ruben’s interest is piqued, but the two end up arguing about it anyway and he leaves again with another desperate and unheeded desire to have Madhilde put a sock in it.

In another part of the house, Raqi comes in late.  Lucina learns Raqi was with Sebastardo.  She also finds out from Raqi that Seb isn’t Ric’s little brother at all, but his closeted skeleton of a son “by way of a mental retard”.  Lucina is QTH impactada.

Ric makes a last minute stop at Mariano’s for a quick chat.  He tells Mariano about him and Oriana’s worries that despite their being able to prove she didn’t murder his father and that she didn’t know about her husband’s smuggling, how will they ever break it to Paloma that True-nes is dead and that 2nes is an impostor?  Dios will provide an answer when and if the need arises, proffers the good padre.  (Would we have expected him to reply with anything but???)

The next morning, Lucina overhears Madhilde griping at her daughter for submitting to being Nanny to Lina.  She’s not Ines’s servant or her maid, chastises Madhilde.  From now won just stay away from them!

Later in the morning, Raqi surprises Lucina with a trip to their new B&B.

At the same time, Ric has a chat with Piero about the different caliber guns, the larger caliber being the one Daddy Gabe was killed with.  They still have nothing to go to the police with, warns Pierro. “—The police will think you’re planting evidence.”  Their only option is to find the actual weapon used to kill him.  Pierro suggests he leave off worrying about catching the murderer, but Ric won’t.  He wonders whether or not Ric has heard anything more about Oriana Caligaris.  Ric lies and says the last he heard was that her husband had died; and no, he no longer suspects 2nes of really being Oriana.  In fact they’re nearly engaged!  Pierro congratulates his bud.  Ric brings up Berto and wants Pierro to pump him to find out what he can about him and what he’s up to.

Fidelia and Paloma chat on the phone.  Fidelia agrees to come for a visit the day Paloma returns home and to be introduced to 2nes.

Later that day, 2nes visits with Paloma and learns that Ruben married Madhilde instead of Ric’s Aunt Fidelia, that he lost his business, but instead of starting over and trying again to make something of himself, that he’s nothing but a lay about who’d rather play golf all day.  Cesar, though, is a decent sort and a hard worker, Paloma agrees. But she adds, he seems to be bitter and frustrated with life, and “—with a mother like Mathilde, who wouldn’t be?”  Ric shows up and takes 2nes to lunch.

At lunch Ric and 2nes discuss promoting Cesar.  Ric invites her to dinner at his batch pad that night.  They flirt.  He wants to take her to bed, though he makes clear to her that his intentions towards her go far beyond a one-night stand.  She admits to being frightened.  He promises her they won’t do anything she doesn’t want to.  Oriana stares into his eyes and it’s Truth Or Consequences time.  She asks if he ever slept with Raquel.  He admits he did but that it was only a meaningless fling.  He wanted information about Oriana and Raquel wanted to sleep with him.  She invited him to her room and he knew what that meant.  He had his needs and obliged.  Why her?  She’s not the first woman he’s been with; she’s just one of many occasional flings.  He wasn’t in love.   Believe it or not he’s never been in love.  Oriana is the one who’s finally captured his heart.  She doesn’t believe him He suggests they can discuss it and whatever else that evening. 

That evening while getting ready for her dinner date with Ric, Lucina comes to chat.  Lucina tells her about the B&B and that it still needs some work done on it.  They need just a few more hundred pesos for the rehab work and when Oriana balks because it’s [the company’s money] not her money to spend, Lucina suggests her becoming a third partner in the business.  She says she’ll think about it.

Pierro and Berto have drinks together that night at some bar.  Pierro chats up Berto about being Lila’s finance manager.  “--Lucky you!”  Not really, sniffs Berto inbetween sloppy swigs of beer.  (Viewerville, after watching Berto in action, is glad it had only a light snack before viewing.  Obviously Berto suffers an unnatural aversion to shampoo and combs.  From the way Pierro’s rolling his eyes and turning his face, I’d say an aversion to showering and soap also.)  Berto gripes that he’s not that lucky.  He’s got to send in monthly reports on the financial aspects which were paltry in comparison.  Ric and Seb got the lion’s share since Lila and Gabe fought like cats and dogs all the time.  Over what?  Lucina, of course.  His lover?  Of course—and he’s not bashful [empacho= ashamed, embarrassed, shy] about saying it, either!  (I believe this was the gist of the conversation.  Correct me if I’m off base.)

Lucina shares the conversation later with Raqi who becomes incensed at having to have anything more to do with Oriana, let alone being forced into a business partnership with her!  Ric shows up looking for Oriana.  While they wait for her to show up, Ric asks about the gun Lucina found.  Lucina has to admit she had it, but then lies about throwing it away right after.  Oriana appears moments after.  Raqi is fairly choking on her rage as Ric flatters Oriana about her choice of dress and her overall hot looks.  They leave and Raqi wants to know why Lucina lied about having the gun and throwing it away.  Because, says Lu, he obviously now knows that Oriana is Oriana.  Nobody else could have told him about that gun and why but her!  

Lucina describes to Raqi how Felipe explained about the difference in calibers of the two guns involved and that the one she had was too small a caliber to be the murder weapon. While Ric tries to impress Oriana with his bachelor’s digs, Raqi suggests to Lu that it could really be dangerous for Ric to know the truth now.  They should say it was all Oriana’s idea to falsify her identity using the dead girl’s identity.  Lu says no way.  “--Why not???”  Because he’s too in love to turn in either Oriana or them, being her friends.  “--Well, it’s a great way she has of compensating us for her good fortune, wouldn’t you say?”  Why?    Raqi parodies Oriana. “—I’m too ashamed to lend you money; why it isn’t even mine!”  Lucina watches the act with a discerning eyebrow.  Raqi suddenly gets pissy.  “—What she should be ashamed of is going to bed with the first guy she meets!”  Raquel is grumbling over spilt milk and Lucina gives her grief about it.

Over at Ric’s bungalow, the major domo has been sent away to another part of the house, and he and Oriana are discussing Lucina’s request for additional cash.  Ric doesn’t see a problem and offers to loan her the little bit more that they’ll need for the B&B.  When she refuses, he reminds Oriana that the three of them planned this false identity plot together and that they know all about her situation.  Lucina is a good sort and would play straight with them, though he wouldn’t trust Raquel as far as he could throw her, he says.  What right does Ric have to get involved in her business, anyway, she asks him.  Ric says that no matter what name she goes by, it’s because he is in love with her.  That’s why.  He decides he’d better take her home before she gets the wrong idea—that he only wants to seduce her by having her over to dinner.  It’s on his mind but it’s not all he wants from her, he reminds her.She says she knows what he intended, yada, yada.   Before he can say anything more, she moves in for the kiss and it’s electric.  One thing leads to another and she’s seducing him.   


Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend Discussion: Feliz dia de las Brujas!

I realize that Halloween doesn't quite mean the same thing in Mexico, but what if Televisa and Telemundo would make some horror movies based on the favorites TCM and other movie channels show this time of year?  Whom would you like to see as Dracula, the Frankenstein monster, the werewolf, the Mummy?  I'm sure many of the guys out there would love to see Ninel Conde and other Jessica Rabbit-types as Dracula's wives in those sheer shrouds right out of Hammer's costume vault.

Who else is partying for Halloween?  I'm at parties tomorrow and Saturday and invited for a third one next Wednesday.


La Tempestad – Capitulo 64 – Thursday, October 24, 2013 - How Many La Tempestad Sailors Will Fit Into A Vintage Volkswagen Beetle?

“I am Elna June Sonoma and this is Morning Report. Buenos Dias. Today we begin with an abbreviated report on the telenovela La Tempestad.

By The Sea, Veracruz
(Screen image: Damian and Marina in the sand dunes by the sea).

“This morning in Veracruz our cameras caught Marina Reverte and Damian Fabre in a rare happy moment.  Ms Reverte was heard promising El Capitan Fabre that she will never allow him to be separated from his son (Baby Michel). Damian expressed gratitude that Marina loves his son, but as they were talking, their brief idyll was interrupted by a telephone call from Becky. Reverte’s mother, Doña Beatriz Reverte had been taken to the hospital.

Veracruz State:
(Screen Image. Beatriz, Becky and Marina, smiling. All have excellent hair.)

“In Nuestra Señora del Mar, Sra. Beatriz Reverte has suffered another health crisis. The waiting room at General Hospital was filled with tension as Becky, Jose and Marina waited for news of Beatriz’ health. While at first it appeared that Bea might not make it through the night, the doctor delivered news that Bea was still living but she could not walk or talk. Much later the doctor returned with the news that Beatriz was stable but was still unable to walk or talk. She was allowed visitors and Marina was heard assuring her Mother of her undying fidelity and love. Our in-room microphone overheard Marina talking to her Mother. She will always take care of her Mom as Bea took care of her when she was a child. Bea is glad of her daughter’s continued love and devotion.
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Mentir Para Vivir #14 Thu 10/24/13 Seguir Mintiendo para que la Abuela Vive

Ricardo insists that they need to get back to Hermosillo ASAP and refuses to discuss it.  He threatens Inés with calling the cops and says if anything happens to his godmother, it's on her.

Crap.  Paloma wakes up in the middle of the night and sees the envelope Inés pushed under her door.  In the letter, Inés says she doesn't deserve the place Paloma has given her in the family and she's leaving with her daughter. She says she can't keep pretending to be someone she's not.

Ricardo thinks they're racing against the clock to get to that letter before Paloma sees it in the morning.

Paloma knocks the phone off the hook, but manages to push the call button for the maid, who comes in and sees her on the floor, but doesn't seem to have a clue what to do about it…so she goes to get Matilde.  That seems like a bad idea.  Matilde gets a move on, once she's awake enough.

Inés makes faces at Ricardo and Padre Plaid from the back seat of the car.

Matilde also has no clue what to do, but Ruben gets the phone and Matilde tells him to call for an ambulance.  Aw, crap.  Matilde sees the letter and sends the maid off to have Jorge open the gate.  She stashes the letter before Ruben comes back.
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

PEAM# 163- 10/24/13- Alma Learns That A Hyena is Not A Laughing Animal

From yesterday-
We begin with Jesus and Astudillo discussing the fact that Jesus completely believes Alma is innocent.  Astudillo begs to differ because Alma’s bracelet was found at the scene of the crime along with the security tape showing Alma’s SUV at the warehouse along with the gun in the vehicle.  Jesus says that Alma is too smart for that and that Killeronica has implicated Alma somehow.  If Astudillo believes Jesus, then he has to explain how did the murdered woman write Alma’s name in blood.  Jesus has an answer for that too. It could have been written by someone else.  Astudillo doesn’t believe that Killeronica can be so macabre.  Killeronica hates Alma and Jesus and wants to separate them. She is capable of anything.  They have to do something.  Talk to that witch and get the truth out of her.
Astudillo wants to discuss it from a legal perspective with Killeronica.  Good luck.
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CI, # 118, Thur., Oct. 24, 2013. Octavio Is Easily Moved, while Padre Julian Stands His Ground

Previously, more or less
Padre Julian visits Tav and Simona. She wants to talk baptism for the baby, while Padre and Tav are concerned for the po’ folks and their needs. When a riled Tav exits the room, Simona tells the Padre she has to keep Tav on a tight leash. (So—her casa is his casa, but only to a limited extent?)
MC and Santa discuss the priest, who reconciled her to God and appreciates her efforts
to help the poor.

Neighborhood Chit Chat, Slander and Stuff
            Santa gives MC marriage advice—don’t do it unless you have love. You must have love for marriage to work. MC agrees that marital duties are only pleasant if love is involved.  (So how does Tav stack up here? He’s MC’ only experience.) Later, MC plays with Lupita on the bed, blowing lips and making funny noises (maybe their best interaction so far). Her mind is elsewhere, pondering a possible marriage.

            Migreedy and Simona gossip in the parlor, with Mig gleefully saying MC has a boyfriend and her time here is almost up. Simona’s equally gleeful at hearing the news. Later, Simona asks Migreedy to tell her the truth about her illness. He still insists it’s nerves, all nerves, and nothing but nerves.

            Clorinda visits Ester, who’s holding her baby, and learns that JA and Ester are moving to Rancho Simona. Clo says that won’t last long, since everyone knows Simona is dying. Ester is muy impactada.  Adding details, Clo says it’s a brain tumor and Simona is getting what she deserves.  She was stingy, indifferent and refused to give alms. (The medical facts on this are skimpy.)
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Things I learned this week...when stuck in a loveless marriage, drink! CI Wed October 24.2013

Dear Caray mates, I have to apologize for this recap, as some of you know I've had issues with my internet connection at home. I have called my provider more than once and they were to send a tech weeks ago to fix the issue, but he never showed up. Yesterday evening my internet connection went "boom", I called Time Warner and they sent out a tech, who turned out to be the jerk of the week, he came in, looked at the equipment and declared "yeah, this is not my problem or something I can fix", he was so rude that we asked him to leave, which left me with no internet connection at all, so the best I can do for you today is bullet points, and hopefully I can finish before I have to see clients. My apologies!

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La Tempestad Capitulo 63, Wed 10/23/13 - To Bea or Not to Bea


The Uni snippers really did a number tonight. They left in way too much of Bea and Marina and kind of mixed up some of the other scenes. I hope this recap makes sense. Scenes left on the cutting room floor will be in BLUE.

Marina (who has been told Bea is sick in bed) sits with Bea who says she has something difficult to tell Marina. A secret she has held for many years. Something very important she has never told Marina but today she wants to tell her so she doesn’t take this secret to her tomb. Bea tells her daughter that she has always loved her and Marina has been everything to her. “Marina, you must know the truth about your provenance from my own mouth. I am your mother but not the woman who brought you into this world. You were put into my arms shortly after birth, but your real mother is another woman.”  Marina says, now wait for it, “No puede ser!”

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Mentir Para Vivir #13 Wed 10/23/13 Tito Goes on an Adventure!!!

Casa de Paloma

Lila and Oriana share a little Mommy and Me time before bedtime.  Lina's had a dream about Papa – she misses him.  Oriana reminds her Papa's no longer with us and says her dream may be Papa trying to tell her to be a good little girl. During her prayers, Lina gives thanks for all they have and asks God to tell her Papito he was the best Papi in the whole world and they both miss him very much.  Before leaving her, Oriana takes Jose Luis' picture and places it between the pages of a coloring book with the blue dolphin on the cover.  (file that away, everyone, I'm sure it will come up again)

Bar Bolo

Piero and Antonio discuss the subject of Sebastian over some drinks.  Piero is convinced Sebas is not Ricky's son.   He feels bad every time Ricky speaks of Maria.  Besides, Ricky was so drunk there was no way he could have done the Dirty Deed.  Scum Bag Antonio thinks otherwise.  Maria was certainly no virgin and she seemed to have plenty of “flight hours” (horas de vuelo) – scum.  How do they know she hadn't slept with someone else the day before?  He's sick and tired with Piero constantly bringing it up (sacar a colación).  Piero repeats he's bothered that Ricky's been stuck with this problem.  He brings up the possibility of an ADN test!  Antonio wants to pass on that but Piero insists.  This would put their minds at ease.  Antonio wants nothing to do with that and wonder why, all of a sudden, is Piero so bothered by this.  Piero explains it's because the sh!t has hit the ol' fan and he”s never seen Ricky so bad off.  “Well he'll just have to get over it,” says Antonio.  “It's a bit late in the game for you to be all hot and bothered over it and try to put all the pieces in place.  If, as you say, it was so difficult for the boy to find out about his true father, imagine how much harder still it would be if you arrive with yet another story.  What do you want?  You want him to go crazy?  cut open his veins?  Shoot himself?  What?  You need to chill and leave the past in the past.  Drink your beer and relax.”
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PEAM #162-10/23/13: My Name Is Alma Montemayor Mejia and I Am a Murderer!

Recap by Pablo

Alma is sent to jail

Turns out Marta's cold body was found in a warehouse. Everything incriminates Alma, so the police go to her house and take her using excess force and brutality, she, who has no breast milk because Verónica scared the milk away and left only chicharrón seco, is so surprised that she offers no resistance.  Chatita ,who cries and pulls to avoid it, to no avail. Oh, what am I going to say to Valentina now? Oh, I remember, the queen went away to another kingdom and now the hero must go and fight the dragon to save her! She'll believe that!!
Note to Juan Osorio: Please let Carmen Salinas retire before it is too late and we end up hating her more than we already do. She could be doing production or anything behind the cameras. 

Alma is suspect #1

Police takes fingerprints from the body and from the crime scene. It takes like a whole day for them to compare and discover whose body this is. Jesús, who is smarter than any generic policeman, went first thing in the morning to the House of laughter and unveiled the whole truth even for the doctor, who was, alongside with cheated men, the last to know. When the police finally find out the dead one is not Marcia but her twin sister Marta, go to the clinic to notify the real Marcia, who finally gets someone to believe what she has been saying since episode 103. I am not me! I am my twin sister! No wonder they thought she was the crazy one!!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

La Tempestad Cap #62. 10.22.13. Shall We Dance? Shall We Go To London? Yes To The Dance; Yes To London Oh Wait NeverMind I'm Staying With DamFine.

Cut Scenes In This Color

The Feds: Robles and Guerrero have made made advances in their investigations. Robles found out Pester is Ernie's widow. Robles sends Guerrero to do a Pester interrogation and find out all Pester knows about Ernie. Guerrero has been investigating Ursula's attempted rape. The only one who he spotted umm shall we say ass whooped is Nereo who gave his version. Guerrero set up a little date over at the station with Nereo and his "alibis". 

It turns out Nereo's "alibis" are Dumb and Dumber aka Valdivia and Lara. Valdivia, Lara, and Nereo tell Guerrero they were playing dominos while chugging the booze. Lara was drunk and beat Nereo. This is all a lie of course. 

Over at the local breakfast joint in the capital: DamYouLookOhSoFineEvenWhenEating is munching on an Egg McMuffin and some french fries. (Damn you Uni for cutting this scene) His DamMind is elsewhere. Claudio is with him and yapping to him about the crew needing to come to the capital. The crew needs to learn how ships are built. DamFab will call his crew and have them come ASAP. Claudio realizes DamFab is DamAbsent. DamAbsent can't forget his problems with Marina. At the mention of Marina, Claudio comments on Marina's beauty. He now understands why DamFab is soooo in luvvv with Miss Marina. For DamFab it is not all about the physical. He loves Marina because of how she makes him feel. Awww. DamFab mentions being pissed off at seeing Marina with Hernan. Claudio calls him out on his jealously and being back to his old habits. It is something DamFab can't prevent and has tried to control himself but things get complicated. DamFab is afraid of losing Marina. Claudio tries to convince DamFab to not let his anger cloud his reason. 

Pester hires Consuelo, the seamstress, as Baby Michel's new nanny. Nanny Consuelo can begin tonight. Pester hands Baby Michel to Consuelo and tells her to take him over to her place. Pester has stuff to do and she'll come pick him up later. 

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Corazon Indomable, #116, 10/22/13 Solita’s sorrows

Beware, gang, this will be the shortest recap in history, but there is not much to say about this episode except:

Solita decided to starve to death because Perico Perro dumped her.
Mari waited for Alvaro to bail her out of her stupidity.
Tav got the brainy idea to give Mari back the money she paid for the Narvaez Ranch.
Simona agreed to have Esther and JA move at her ranch.
New characters showed up.

That’s it, that’s all that happened. Now you can all go about your day, drink your morning coffee, concentrate on work, enjoy your lunch break...
No? You say you want more? There really isn’t much more to add, but if you insist….

(All the scenes are severely reorganized, so you can make some sense out of what actually happened).

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Mentir Para Vivir #12 Tue 10/22/13 After Seeing How the Other Half Lives, Maria has a Spaz

No man is rich enough to buy back his past…Oscar Wilde

Casa de Breton Driveway:  By phone, Manolo tells Ricky that Oriana’s husband passed on to that big criminal enterprise in the sky.  Ricky is visibly shaken.  Later at the church, Ricky tells Mariano, the priest, that Jose Luis is dead.    A Columbian informant reported that his body was found in a building that burned to the ground after a gunfight with grenades.  They can’t match his DNA. 

Aresti Breton-Oriana’s Office:  Ricky says he wants to smother her in kisses, but she looks at the employees and says that they have to remain professional at work.  Ricky came to tell her that Lila wants Berto, a kinda sorta accountant, to work there.  He wants Berto to work for Piero because he wants no competition for her kisses. 
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PEAM, Tuesday 10/22/13 (#161): Life's a Joke. Death's the Punchline.

Vero goes to Alma's place, supposedly to pick up Valentina for an impromptu and unauthorized visitation, but actually to provoke a fight with Alma. First, however, she has an altercation with Marta, who proudly admits to being La Loca and warns Vero not to mess with her. Chatita hears the scuffle outside the door, but by the time she gets there, Marta is gone. Vero is still gasping, but claims to be merely out of breath after talking on the phone. Vero asks Chatita what she thinks of Marcia. Chatita says she gets a bad vibe from her.

Once she's in the apartment, Vero overhears something about Vale's "novio" and chooses this as the topic of her fight with Alma. She claims to be there for visitation, but of course Alma doesn't let her take Vale. Vero hurls every insult she can think of at Alma, who stands her ground and doesn't lose her temper. They do threaten one another, however. (Actually, the real highlight of this scene is when Vero admits that she made a mistake. She's wrong about what the mistake was - she thinks she never should have let Chucho meet Valentina - but at least she admits to being fallible. Too bad Eli couldn't hear her say that. And Marta too, for that matter. They both told Vero that she should admit when she's wrong.)

Anyway, Vero tells Valentina "OK, I'm leaving now." Some visit. Valentina says, "I love you, Mommy." Vero replies, "Me too." I'm so touched, I dab at my eyes with a lace hanky.
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Rats, you mean I have to take my dying wife home?!

Hello my favorite peeps, I'm doing tonight's recap because the lovely and talented Vivi is out of town so this week you get two recaps from me, yay?

 The old stuff: We get a repeat of MC saying that all she needs to be happy is Octavio, she could live in poverty with Lupita an one cell 'Tavio and be in heaven (oh gag me with a spoon!), she will always belong to Octavio, ALWAYS-remember this for later folks.

On to the new stuff, at Simona's ranch Octavio and GreedyMig- this is my new name for sleazy, wormy, scum of the earth Miguel Narvaez, GreedyMig and Octavio discuss Simonas ill health and Octavio informs GreedyMig that he is leaving the cash cow, eh I meant to say his wife in order to go back to Maricruz, GreedyMig does not agree with this, think of the money Simona!

 Greedy then tells Octavio that he is lucky, hell when his wife dies he will be rich, rich I tell ya! I used to think that GM (greedy Miguel) was with Lucia because he had no spine but the more I see him in action the more I come t realize that he was with her because they both lacked morals and did not care if others suffered as long as they got what they wanted. I hope this dude gets a giant anvil!
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Mentir Para Vivir #11 Mon 10/21/13 Is she a prostitute? Is she a killer? Either way, Ricardo wants some of that…

At church, Orines is talking with Padre Plaid - he’s saying that Ricardo suspects her true identity, but still, he has feelings for her. Oh my Gosh, Orines feels the same way, but she can’t tell Ricardo the truth about her, he thinks she killed his dad. Also, she doesn’t know if her husband is still alive or how she could prove her innocence in Colombia.

Ricardo comes to visit Mariano, too, but he meets Jorge outside the church and when he hears Ines is with Padrecito, he pouts and leaves… Ines stole his best friend/ confessor.

Arriving back at the house, Orines meets Raquel, who gloats about the 3 million pesos she managed to squeeze out of Paloma. Orines is upset that Raquel went so far, they go back and forth about who has more to lose if the big secret comes out. And, obviously, Raquel warns Orines to stay away from Ricardo.

At the textile plant, Ricardo and Piero talk about the remote possibility of a little girl firing a .44 caliber. Piero has many thoughts on the matter, all very accurate. 
(Short brake just to say that I find it surprising how this telenovela has never used misunderstandings or people jumping to the wrong conclusions just as a way to forward the plot - it almost seems to good to be true... I hope I don't jinx it.)

Anyway, back to Peiro, he says:
- he thinks a woman could shoot a .44 caliber, but she’d need to have some experience with handling guns, especially since the shot was in the heart; also, she’d have to be very coldhearted to shoot a man in front of her small daughter. 
- he doesn’t think Oriana had anything to do with her husband’s wrong dealings.
- isn’t Ricardo obsessing too much about this whole story? 
- the shot could have been coming from another part, maybe Oriana just got scared and ran with her daughter. 
- the inspector said the little girl found the gun on the beach, maybe the owners of the villa hid it. 
- was there anyone else interested in killing Gabriel – like maybe Lila and her brother? 
And Piero rests his case. 
No way can Sebastonto be the son of this smart man, not while he wears those yellow pants that surely come from the same factory where Hernan from La Tempestad gets his trousers.  But more on this later.
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La Tempestad, October 21, 2013. Capitulo 61.

Estercita tells Hernan that DamFab wants to take her son away from her and get a divorce. He has given her 2 days. Hernan forbids Estercita to give DamFab a divorce. Do what you have to do to stall it. Estercita complains that she has no money. Where's the money for the kidnapping of my son? I haven’t seen a penny yet (this woman wins mom of the year. NOT!). Hernan tells her that she will not have to worry about money since she is the heir of Ernesto's fortune. He will take care of getting it to her. She promises to give him a big bonus if he gets it quickly. He tells her he will keep her informed. After he hangs up, he calls her stupid. To think that I will let you see one penny of Ernesto's money. I am going to stay with it all.

Ursullied is lying on Hernan's bed with the twins. (I’m not taking about babies here). Hernan tells her to get to ready to head back home. Estercita is managing things badly. She complains that he hasn't spent any time with her, not even taken her out for dinner. Hernan tells her to listen to him. She refuses to do his bidding and they start fighting and he pushes her on the bed. You listen to me replies Hernan.

DamFab and Marina are on the phone talking. She can't believe that Estercita didn't put up a fight regarding the divorce that DamFab asked for. He assures her that he will fix things quickly so that they can be together. She needs to stay calm. Soon they will be together and no one will bother them. (only if you get rid of crazy Hernan, sweetcheeks). Every time he thinks of her his heart beats crazily like a “Tempestad”. She asks about Padre Tomas. He is getting better and better. She asks him to tell Padre hello for her. He asks her how she's doing. Fine replies Marina. She tells him that she will be dining tonight with.....but DamFab's phone loses power and she can't tell him who's she's dining with. Becky enters Marina's room to inform her that Hernan has arrived to take her to dinner. Marina tells Becky that she doesn't want to go, but she'll do it anyway.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

PEAM #160, Oct. 21, 2013 - Oh Say Can You See…the Pie Carts Up That Hill Aimed at Baby Sellers and Baby Thieves

Here is an experiment:

Aida tells Jesica who is down stairs waiting for her.  She says oh no he will kill him (Cardy I presume) just then Cardy takes a flying lesson Jesús assumes another rescue role that of working wonders of conciliation between madman Bernabe and red-faced Cardy.  The girls ooh and aah and Jesica takes a flower vase in hand to face the musinc. Bernabe swings her around but lets her back to admire her physique as we all always do.

Xochi and Fernando take the new car for a spin.  Apparently she has never driven before so this won't go well as she ruins some poor slubs knees who has the good judgement to run for his life. Xochi is more worried about damage to the new MiniCooper than to the involuntary manslaughter charges that might await her future driving attempts.

Jesica assures Cardy that she will handle Bernabe. Then she assures Bernabe that even though she is totally in lurve with Cardy he is so wonderful to her.  They hug and dance in the coffee room moving the dance out into the open office.  Bernabe waxes between ecstatic dancer and wild man ready to defend his old girlfriend if Cardy ever does anything bad to her.
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TELEMUNDO Y MAS - week of October 21

The Telemundo schedule seems to be patas arriba but that won't stop us from commenting! Go for it!

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Recapper stars in her own telenovela!

¿Qué es Common Core?

Carlos and Belinda are a young couple with children in the Mesa Public Schools.  As MPS implements the new Common Core standards, Miss Millie helps Carlos and Belinda understand the changes.  But a secret from Carlos' past threatens the safety of the entire family.

This was just too good not to share with the whole community!  I shot this video series back in May and the Spanish version is out now.  There was an English version shot at the same time, but it doesn't look like that's out yet.  The idea is to introduce parents to the Common Core Standards and get them interested in what's going on in MPS by using the familiar telenovela format, as well as poking fun at a lot of the telenovela tropes (all that stuff we check off on the imaginary BINGO cards).  I even got to say "No puede ser!"  It's not meant to be a stand-alone, but is/has been presented to parents during meetings where they have an opportunity to ask questions and get more detailed information.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

CI, # 114 -- Fri. 10/18/13 -- Don’t Know Where the Vengeance Went, but Now It’s All About Luurve

CeCe is on leave for tonight’s recap due to exams, so La Paloma is reporting instead. Many scenes are compressed and combined by topic, so they may be out of order.  

It’s another night of back-and-forth emotions for Tav and MC. Their attempts to find new partners leave them back at square one, feeling the old feelings. Details of this mess follow.

Tav protests to Miguel that MC isn’t just playing around with a new boyfriend, she has to think of a stepfather for Lupi. Mig thinks the engineer has a good salary, but Tav says MC won’t lack for anything as long as he’s around. It’s seems like a lie—MC’ love for Tav won’t allow her to date anyone new. (That’s some sublime self-satisfaction for our galan.)

MC and Alvaro are out riding. He cheers her up and she trusts him, but does wonder why he is helping her. Shortly, the new couple is at her table, drinking coffee, chatting and laughing. Tav rings the doorbell, Santa answers and tells him to wait. Tav sees the happy couple and knows Miguel wasn’t lying about MC’ new boyfriend. Nevertheless, he’ll protect his daughter.

In a moment, MC welcomes Tav and introduces Alvaro. The men grip each other’s hand in a contest of manly power.  (Sergio Goyri seems to have more focus when he’s menacing someone as a bad guy. He’s sort of a cardboard cutout here.)

Tav Rides By to See Whose Truck Is Parked at MariCruz’ Hacienda
Tav claims he came to see Lupita. MC gestures him upstairs on his own, while she and Alvaro sit on the couch for more cozy conversation. Tav eavesdrops from the upstairs bridge. When the engineer leaves, MC lets him kiss her hand. She rips Tav for coming unannounced and with a rotten attitude.
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