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Lo Imperdonable #96 Tue 9/29/15 Discussion

Hi everyone! Princess Juju is busy with work and isn't able to recap for last night. Please feel free to discuss away about the happenings of last night.

Here are some highlights (from memory) from last night to get the discussion started:

  • Miraculously, AP hasn't miscarried after the fall off the horse and rolling down the hill. Both AP and Pablo wake up and spend the night in a small hut they find in the middle of the jungle.
  • Manuel makes Julio believe that Pablo and AP have gotten away and convinces him that they should give up the search and head back home, which they do.
  • Grandpa Goat thinks everyone has abandoned him. He's all "woe is me" and it's sickening to watch him give himself a pity party. Manny arrives and lets Gramps know that he still has him by his side. Well, Gramps isn't so sure because Manny changes his behavior like he changes his shirt but Manny gets on his knees and convinces Gramps that he'll show him that he'll be his support and show his gratitude to him for having taken care of him since he was a child. Gramps fall for this and hopes Manny doesn't disappoint him. 
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #56 Tue 9/29/15 Discussion Page

Packing for a wedding and doing various errands. Recap when I have time, for now please discuss!


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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #26 Tue 9/29/15 (Mex 35) Drop it

So much for "Don't tell Granny I shot you!"  Fabio spilled the beans!  Gael makes a run for it.  Or maybe he's just heading to the kitchen for some popcorn.  Osvaldo repeats his stupid story, but he doesn't have a good excuse for not telling his grandmother right away…or hiding it later.  Eloisa calls Pedro and tells him to get home right the hell NOW!

Sure, Diana, you were looking for office supplies.  Vito wouldn't have been moved by your fictional love note anyway.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #6 Tuesday 9/29

I am recapping on Tuesdays merely to fill in a gap. If you would like to recap on Tuesdays please contact the blogmom or 5ft.

I started condensing and combining toward the end.

Lichita gives us a rundown of Roberto's skulduggery ending with sweet Mateo asking "Papá, ¿Eres tú?" Which leads to Roberto making sounds like a leaky tire. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." Sr. Ontiveros, owner of Supermercados Mas asks the boy if the clown looks like his dad. Poor Mateo! He says he was mistaken and dejectedly walks away.

Sr O loved Roberto as a clown. Roberto hates himself and makes excuses to Lichita. He goes in search of Mateo. Another orphan leads him to his son.

Nacho is convinced that someone hid his keys and if it wasn't Elsa, then it was Magos. Elsa swears she has them, but she's not going to give the back. Nacho said she should have told him earlier instead of giving him the runaround acting like she thought he was crazy como canica en bacinica (like a marble in a chamber's that for a mental image? Even though I did a rotten job trying to express it.) Elsa ignores him and makes her way to the kitchen so she can stare at her phone and will Magos to communicate with her just by saying her name.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #25 Mon 9/28/15 (Mex 33-34) A Promise Is a Promise!

Ciao, Muchacha Patio Peeps!  We pick up with Eloisa pointedly asking Pedro what is going on between him and Fiorella.  We get the first installment of our potential lovers back-peddling and offering mealy-mouthed denials of their love.  Oh, she’s just a nice girl who’s had a tough break with her father dying and she takes care of her sick sister.  What’s wrong with taking her to dinner?  Eloisa hopes that’s all it is.  Hasn't Pedro heard about poor, sweet, innocent young girls who take a shine to wealthy men?  Doesn’t he see what a disaster bringing someone who doesn't "fit", like Sonia, into the family was?  She doesn’t want her fortune going to someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Fiorella is NOT like Sonia!  Granny shouldn’t worry, Fiorella is engaged anyway and he'll probably marry as well. . .one day.

RPC.  Freddie and Dante discuss Fiorella.  Freddie thinks she’s taken with Pedro and wants to take the family for their fortune.  Dante doesn’t think Fiorella is a gold digger.  Freddie gets pissed, Dante tries to “soothe” her ire.  Yuck.

Vitto talks to Rey about his leaving Diana for Fiorella.  Rey thinks Diana is a better choice.  Fiorella is a fantasy match for Vitto, she’s little more than a child.  Well, Diana is younger than him, too.  Yeah, but she’s at least ten years older than Fiorella maintains Rey.  Vitto's not giving up his dream girl.

Pedro apparently asked Fiorella to meet him in the study to finish their talk.  He asks and she answers that it is true that she does not want to marry Viottorio, that she doesn’t love him.  And he doesn’t love you, Pedro asserts, he can’t love you; you are in love with me, aren’t you?  Eloisa enters, sizes up the situation and dismisses Fifi.  She is HER assistant, not Pedro's!  Pedro and Fiorella are locked in a longing gaze which Granny rips Fifi away from.  They leave and Granny shoots Pedro a “watch your step, boy” gaze of her own.
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Yo no Creo en los Hombres #55 Lunes 9/28/15

Chapter 55: Gaslight

Honoria and Fermin sat in the hospital waiting room all night. Doris had gone home to sleep. Maria Dolores and Max came to them in the morning with coffee. The doctor had bad news: Julian would never walk again and would need a wheelchair. Max asked whether there was anything that could be done. The doctor said “No.” A chorus of “Why Julian? Why?” came from Fermin and tears from Honoria. Fermin went on about his role in Julian's illness. He ran out. She then ordered Maria Dolores to stay away from her. She blamed her for this because Julian was always trying to come to her rescue.
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Lo Imperdonable #95 Mon 9/28/15 Nannies, Mothers, Daughters, & A Runaway Bride

(scenes have been combined) 

Mati's Last Farewell

We begin at Mati's wake, where Magdalena arrives and gives Jorge her condolences. 

Now Virginia (who is sporting one of those black veils!) and Salma (who does not shed a single tear on her surgically done face) arrive. Virginia cries her crocodile tears as she walks over to Mati's casket and gets her venom on it kisses it. She walks on over to Jorge and tells him that she feels terrible. She tells him that she knows that he doesn't believe her but despite everything she loved Mati oh so much. "My poor nanny ..." Virginia wails. 

Emi now arrives with tears in his eyes and carrying a boquet of white flowers which he leaves on top of Mati's casket. Virginia walks over to him and with her crocodile tears on her face she tells him that they've lost their beloved nanny. Emi tells her that he can imagine how she feels. "It's one of the saddest days of our lives" he tells her. He then lets The Snake comfort him with an embrace.  

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Antes muerta que Lichita #5 Monday 9/28: in which ad execs moo, Lichita flies, Luciana languishes, and Roberto tries to hide from Fate

Roberto callously tells Gumaro "I have Lichita wrapped around my little finger and it will be she who pays for the broken plates" As I had thought, when Gumaro comes to pick up Roberto we hear that on special occasions, when he needs to impress somebody, Roberto "borrows" a nice car from some unsuspecting yuppie. Now, Gumaro points out, like Cinderella Roberto must ride the pumpkin/moto home.

At the Don Augusto mansion, Luciana pouts in the living room. She covers a vitrine full of saints and Pieta knockoffs - "they're judging me." Beatriz enters and Luciana quickly whips the scarf off the vitrine and dives for the divan - remember, she supposedly hurt her ankle.

She faints and languishes while telling Beatriz "I wish I could be out doing good works." "Your ankle will heal." "Ah, but then my cruel uncle will throw me out on the street where I must needs cower for shelter in a cardboard box." She asks after her cousins. The daughter is at summer camp and the son is in America and hasn't been seen for ages. "Oh, it's sad they are absent, but you have ME now. Oh, why oh why does Uncle hate me? Can you get him to change his mind?" Beatriz alludes to the problem between the two brothers, calling them Cain and Abel.

At the agency Roberto explains to us: "Alicia will do all the work but I'll have her so dazed she won't notice." The meeting starts, the room is packed. Less competent than I'd expected, Roberto temporizes in front of the expectant co-workers - and O. the supermarket czar - because he's waiting for Alicia, the only one who knows anything.

She scuttles in, head down and arms full of reports, and starts a slide show, but turns out the second slide is of her in her cow costume. Who put that there? These supposed adults moo and cow-call. She leaves the room and, since Roberto can't manage without her, he follows. She thinks he put that slide in - "after all, you've deceived and robbed and blackmailed me" - word! But he asks "what would I gain from having inserted the cow slide? You have to learn to trust me." He drags her off...

... to ride a little plastic airplane. It was a beautiful ride, mmm scenery, she is terrified but by the end is ecstatic.

Mags is watching tv, it appears to be a promotion for some other novela. Nachos has his bandages off. He wants to go back to driving the taxi but his wife says he can't, doctor's orders. "You are still the man of the house even if you're not earning!" There is no food in the house, or at least nothing Nachos wants to eat. Magos asks if she can drive the taxi, he firmly says no. My favorite line of the episode is Nacho's self-definition: "Soy medio menso pero no bruto."

To make a long story short Mags takes the keys and goes joyriding with her skanky friends and a bottle of tequila, somebody gets a picture of them in the taxi, and at the end of the episode uh oh, here come the cops up behind this full taxi of drunk teenagers. Stay tuned...

Sandra is massaging her lover Augusto and asking why he hates his niece so much. He rants about his half-brother, and something about an inheritance which I hope somebody caught, and says he's sending Luciana back to Patagonia forthwith. Luciana, eavesdropping, vows: "over my dead body I go back." We find out Sandra has been shagging Augusto for ten years.

After a foreshadowy conversation in which Alicia tenderly supposes that Roberto is big-hearted and will be great to his kids some day (NO KIDS he says), and that growing up in an orphanage was no garden of roses, we find ourselves at an orphanage...

Where an EXTREMELY cute (thank God, in the past we have had kid actors so awful we only wanted to have them murdered post-haste) 6-year-old kid, Mateo, runs up to a handsome young couple evidently out orphan-shopping on a sunny afternoon. He tells them sweetly about all the orphans and their endearing traits.

Exchanging significant looks over Mateo's head they then tell him: "We've made up our minds, it's you we want to adopt," but he gets huffy and says "I have a dad and he's coming back for me" and runs off. We all know, thanks to the previews, who this father is.

The meeting with O. is raucous, a kindergarten classroom is far better behaved. The question he has: where to launch the new Mas campaign? Luchette says the customers are low-class, so launch in some marginal area.

When Alicia thinks O. is asking her opinion she says "our primary customers are mothers with kids so we should launch at an orphanage and profit by their empathy." All say this is dumb until O. says he likes it, whereupon they all say it's great. Roberto intimates this was his idea. I think O. has a foundation and gives old food (as per Elsa's suggestion) to the San Cipriano orphanage, so they will go there. Roberto sighs.

Nacho and his wife Elsa are moaning about what a baby Magos is. He points out that lots of other young single moms get it together. He also (incidental plot point) says "she is not the first in this family to whom this happened." Actually he says "que se comio la torta antes del recreo" or something like that heh heh.

Augusto calls his brother, who is painting (somewhere in Argentina), and calls him an imbecile and asks why he sent his daughter up to Mexico. The brother is so surprised he fumbles his brush.

So the creative team plus O. arrive at an orphanage. Plans have changed, they've come to Santa Clara rather than the previously proposed orphanage because a celebration was already planned. Roberto refuses to get out of the car and we all know (thanks to the previews) why. He explains incompletely to Alicia, "It's where I grew up and I have bad memories."

A clown car pulls up and the entertainers get out and run into the orphanage.

Inside, O. keeps nagging Alicia, why isn't her boss here yet? Also, in the dining hall cute little Mateo and his comrades are debriefing. The comrades think Mateo should have gone with the nice couple.

OK, so unlike real children, these orphans are enjoying the clowns and their lame tricks. Roberto sneaks in, disguised as a clown. This wins the hearts of both O. and Alicia, she gushes to us, "A man of action, a prince, and - a clown!" "He's full of surprises, I like him," says O.

Back at the show apartment, Gumaro is not succeeding in repairing some random object. I guess that is part of the gig, because when a babe comes to the door to see the apartment, he tells her how great he is at fixing things, gives her a tour, and then chases her away by alluding to mice and cockroaches and picking a plastic cockroach out of his weird cravat.

At the very same time that Mags and her drunk friends are about to get busted by the cops, at the orphanage, though night has fallen (unless the orphanage is in a different time zone), the clowns are still, incredibly, entertaining the children and the children, incredibly, are still enjoying it. For one last trick, they reward the best-groomed and most-quietly-sitting child, predictably Mateo, by inviting him up for the last trick, which is to have a PVC pipes frame covered with a tablecloth and then whipping off the tablecloth after some alcazam and magic passes... and out comes a clown...

..."PAPA! IT'S YOU!" enthuses Mateo. All are astounded.

Tomorrow: Roberto hugs Mateo and Alicia gets some sort of promotion.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Avenida Brasil, Bajo el mismo cielo, Señora Acero and Preciosa Perla: Week of September 28, 2015

Whew! You Bajo and Perla folks have been busy. It almost makes me wish that I was watching one of them - but not enough to try and catch up.

Here is your post for this week. Enjoy!!

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La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #70-74 Sept. 28-Oct. 2

*Ahem* Today's post inspired by jlk...

An important message from the Get a Clue Foundation...

In San Gaspar a man refuses to be with the woman he loves.

In Progreso another man refuses to believe that a woman doesn't want him.

In the DF a woman clings to her classist opinions, driving her to cheat on one man and to be completely controlled by her lust for another.

There are many more like them...grown people are lost in a haze of blissful dumbassery. They need a clue. And you can help. Yes, for just pennies a day, you can help fund an epiphany. Won't you consider sending a donation?

Recapping schedule(Tentative):
Monday: Sara
Tuesday: jlk
Wednesay: Sara
Thursday: Kat
Friday: Denise

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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (September 28 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Lo Imperdonable #94 Fri 9/25/15

Work got super busy, and I did not have time to watch the episode, if anyone wants to recap it in the comments section I say go for it!


Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Cap 54 Sept 25, 2015, or Judge, Jury and Executioner

Lo Pasado:

 MD is at the helpful rape victim center and is speaking to a counsellor when her rapist Dan calls. The slime calls her "mi amor" and when she doesn't respond in kind, telling him she is reporting him to the authorities, he blackmails her, saying no one will believe her as he sent a text from her phone to his with a sexy picture, so everyone will think their encounter was consensual. Claudio tells Isela that if Orly breaks the restraining order he's in big trouble.

 Lo nuevo:

Judge and Jury

 Max's tricks Baldamero into believing the loan shark ratted him out in the MD family mortgage sale scheme and therefore he's under arrest. Baldy quickly confesses that Daniel Santibañez is behind it all. Baldy realizes the trick and complains to Max who tells him to file a report against him. Max goes to casa Santíbañez to see Dan even as Dan's atrocious blackmail of MD continues.

If you report me, you will lose your house, Max, and poor Esperanza won't be able to stand it. So, tell Max to back off. MD concedes on getting Max to back off, and Dan lets Max hear MD say on speakerphone (altívoz) that she and Dan will negotiate the mortgage issue alone. Max leaves the Santíbañez defeated as Maleny says under her breathe he deserves that embarrassment and much more.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #24 Fri 9/25/15 (Mex 31-32) Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I won’t call Sonia a $!ut but let’s just say she can write down her moral code on the head of a pin and still have room for the Mexican Constitution.  Soon, you’ll see why.  

It always sound so fake, but the golderned DVR malfunctioned which is just as well.  I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy, but y'all are my Peeps so here you go.  Corrections and expansions welcomed!

A tearful Pedro and Fiorella profess their mutual love and Pedro searches Fiorella’s weepy eyes hopefully after she tells him she “loves him with her very life.”  Does she want a future with him?  Oh, it would be like a fairy tale, a dream; but such dreams don’t come true. . .because she is engaged and can’t go back on her word!  Would she marry without love?  Pedro doesn’t understand!  The only thing he understands is their love, not this absurd promise!  Fiorella remains firm despite her tears.  The best thing he can do is forget about her.  He agrees to respect her decision and wishes her a beautiful life at Viottorio’s side.

Osvaldo and Sonia are in their bedroom as he finishes packing for Monterrey.  They have the typical talk a man has when he’s married to someone like Sonia:  she must have slept with Fabio because she thought he would love her but who would love someone like her with no class or decency.  She’s just a “vulgar singer.”  Their love?  Oh, he thought he was in love back when he thought she was worth it.  One more thing.  If he finds out she slept with Fabio while he was gone, he swears he’ll kill her!

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Antes muerta que Lichita... #4 Friday 9/25... Roberto keeps building a chain of lies to try to get Lichita to go work with him at Iconika... gets Gumaro involved

Sorry, folks I am not sure what happened in first 5 minutes… so between Lichita singing her milk jingle and seeing Roberto with the supermarket chain owner walk toward her, I am not sure how she stumbled on the toilet paper pyramid or what Roberto or the other guy said …

At store Lichita has tumbled down a whole pyramid of toilet paper rolls (?) and the store chain owner is congratulating Roberto on a great advertising idea. The men are laughing, Lichita… not so much.

Sandra, Roberto and Don Augu are meeting at his office. Roberto assures Agu he will be very useful/productive here… Agu still using that power-dose of vanity in his voice and wording… even applying some intimidation ‘don’t forget it…’

Nacho, Elsa and lazy sis are talking about Lichita being fired and all the debt. Nacho still nagging for having let them pay for his surgery on credit.

Luciana is locked somewhere, looks like a car trunk. Pushes her pink suitcase out of the way and comes out of the back seat.

Lichita is home now, she tells them it is true they have to find a way to get the money but she will go to the agency to ask for another job.

Nacho and Elsa said something about thunder and you don’t yet get on your knees… (this must be a common saying, ok i found it... there are several versions 'estas viendo la tormenta [ or la tempestad/ or el trueno] y no te arrodillas .. .meaning you are seeing the storm/trouble coming and you still won't pray for help from above!)

Luciana is taking selfies as she walks through a mansion (Augustos?) she is annoyed at so many stair steps she has to climb.

Sandra is commenting to Aug about what I can imagine is Roberto’s resume. Sandra asks Agu if he would have dared fire her if they had not found a campaign for the ‘Mas’ supermarket chain. Agu and Sandra keep playing hard to get but she pushes him right onto the couch… you know the rest…

Luciana is trying to open a door in the house… but gives up on that one and goes into another room. Seems she knows her way around pretty well. She sighs relief…just what I needed! A beeeeeeddd!!! I am soooooo tired… (goldilocks anyone? Bears ain’t home yet)

Gumaro is talking to Roberto who is shirtless lifting some weights up his shoulders. Gumaro is hanging boxer shorts up on clothes lines in the room (LOL!) Roberto wants to figure out a way for Alicia to get a stable job again. Gumaro is sure it won’t be easy to convince her he doesn’t just want to use her again. Roberto says he will get her back in the agency and then later on he’ll figure out a way to convince her to stay.

Morning… At the house… Lichita is heading out to go find another job. Nacho would give an arm to be able to see and be able to go find a job or work…

At office, Roberto is at Sandra’s office. He has many ideas and projects in his head… He is asking Sandra about Ms Alicia Gutierrez’s contract, besides publisher, she would be great as my assistant. Sandra is impactada.

At Guti house, Elsa, Lichita and Magos are all heading out, Elsa will even work a double shift at the store. Nacho just has to stay put and get well. They end up leaving Nacho alone, but he thinks Magos is still there so he is begging her to go try to find a job.

Roberto keeps trying to convince Sandra that Alicia is great, she is already familiar/well versed on the company and the industry, have to be able to take advantage of all her background.

At employment agency, the agent is talking to Lichita about a secretary job. Lichita is resigned to start over again, remembers her first day at Iconika and is daydreaming about going to different businesses where they are looking for a secretary.

Augu’s wife walks into the bedroom and she and Luciana begin a loud scream contest…

At Guti house, Lichita comes home to find out Roberto has been waiting for her. Nacho is happy Roberto is there. Lichita asks Roberto what he is doing there. HE has a surprise for her. Here is your permanent contract at Iconika!! (she tells us that she knew deep inside that Roberto was a good guy).

Beatriz is talking to Luciana, Luciana fakes blah blah saying nothing better than family. Bea is asking what she is doing in Mex. Luciana starts a cry baby skid about things not going well wherever she was and came back home. She even gets wrapped around Tia’s legs and begs please please!! Tia seems to be recalling Luciana’s walking out on them… Luciana is faking a fainting. Bea starts shaking her and yells that it is a test by God and she has to resist it.

Roberto is still trying to convince Alicia that he is there to give her the permanent contract she had fought for very long. She drags him away and nags at him that he stole her idea and her work… She tells her dad that she doesn’t need the job at Iconika… Roberto’s turn to drag her away far far away… they walk outside, poor Nacho can’t do anything… Roberto starts enumerating some truths to her, like the debt they are in… and she starts getting even angrier and says he has no mother (he says its true, he has been orphan since he was a kid… but … he has to tell her the truth about why he stole her work… he only needs for her to give him a chance to tell her the whole story… its life and death… if you listen to me and then still won’t come work for me, he will go.

Bea tells Luciana she has to go to mass… Luciana says she would have wanted to go to thank the Virgin for having found them… Tia is buying her blah blah… she will buy whatever Luciana says, at any price. Sort of reminds me of Tia Sara in La Mentira). Bea says you can trust me, and I will go pray for you. Get some rest. Once Bea leaves, Luciana tells herself she has her eating out of her hand (just like Virginia used to do in La Mentira).

Roberto has brought LIchita to his apartment. At the door, she is like ‘you couldn’t pay me enough to come into your apt with you…’ until she hears Gumaro’s voice… … LOL!!! Gumaro is faking being a disabled brother in a wheelchair… Lichita impactada, Roberto has to cover his mouth to not burst out laughing.

Luciana is floating in pool and ordering the maid as if she owned the place… still talking about nacolandia.

Roberto stays behind Lichita so she won’t see him … while Genaro all twisted in the wheelchair keeps feeding all that disabled poor pitiful us brothers story to Lichita.

Augusto gets home and as soon as he spots Luciana in pool he is yelling and Luciana tells him who she is and he changes from yelling to a wolf face.

Gumaro keeps on with his storytelling… Roberto is giving him signals to cut it off… Gumaro keeps telling Lichita that when they were younger Roberto would take care of him and they would get kicked out of foster family homes because Roberto would get in trouble for defending him. Gumaro says Roberto would go looking for a job that would pay enough for Gumaro’s treatment but he couldn’t. Roberto tells Lichita he was about to blackmail someone… Gumaro and him start arguing … Gumaro talks about hoping some day he will stop being a burden/load on Roberto’s life… Lichita has bought the whole play act hook, line and sinker. She shakes Gumaro’s hand… Roberto hauls her away from there… (We see Lichita telling us ‘poor guy, and I thought my problems were bad’ TN rule # 12.3.004b heroine will believe anything that the hero and his family/friends tell her the first time she meets them, especially if it is a sad martyr story about the guy… Lichita, you remind me of myself believing when a friend of mine said they had an airport in his home town and I should have known better.. his town was not big enough or flat enough to be able to have an airport)) Back inside, Gumaro stands up all alone and says it worked!!

Augusto tells Luciana that neither his brother Rafael nor her exist anymore… to him they both are dead. Luciana says you are right that my dad was no hero to anyone… Agu wants her gone NOW!!! Get out of my pool!! Luciana begins to protest so Agu yells at his employee to get her out NOW!!! And also get someone to replace the pool water when you’re done! Luciana yells at the guy not to get close to her while she splashes some water his way… LOL! Is this her best defense??

Roberto keeps milking Lichita on the storyline of the martyr brother… and she continues to buy it. He uses the moment to convince her to come work with him. HE says he has some experience in publicity but he was rushed and had no time to prepare a campaign like the one she put together. Lichita says your approach was very wrong… but what you did was not SOOOOO bad. It is not easy for me to trust people. HE swears that he will find a way to compensate her. If he is sure of anything is that she is very valuable. She is shivering at the way he ‘looks at me’.

Back to the Pool, the guy is dragging Luciana with air filled lounger and all. Luciana is giving him a shower which is only raining over wet since he is already soaked from having walked into the pool fully suited. Mrs comes and yells something, then goes back out. Luciana warns the guy he won’t be able to get her out of the pool. Then he plays being a shark, swimming under where she is. She panics and yells at him to stay away.

Roberto keeps begging Alicia to come work for him. She tells us that deep inside she felt bad for him… and wonders if she would go so far to get something for her family. Back to reality. She agrees to work with him. He has to convince her to let him drive her home. She likes his car, he confesses it is borrowed, he needs to start getting paychecks at work. (again, this might be my wishful thinking but I feel iike Lichita is finding and touching a tender spot on him that even he might not be able to control).

Luciana and the soaked guy… he is grabbing her hand… she is fighting him and keeps splashing water on him (LOL!)

Mrs and Agu are arguing that he keeps claiming that Luciana is not his relative… she doesn’t exist. Mrs keeps asking him to learn to forgive. Beatriz (Tia/MRs) hears Luciana yelling for her from the pool, Luciana yells that the guy is killing her, is breaking her foot, etc).

Beatriz and Agu are heading back to the pool. Now Luciana is on a lounge chair and the Doctor is looking at her ankle… he says she only has a contusion… Doctor will prescribe some pain meds for her. Agu keeps saying Luciana has to go. Go to Patagonia!!! (LOL!!) Beatriz is consoling Luciana and tries to vow for her to Agu. He ends up giving in, he will let Luciana stay but only for 2 or 3 days! No more!

At Guti house Nacho tells Luciana that he was right in saying she would get that job at Iconika… Elsa asks if that Roberto was the guy who stole her idea… Lichita says no, it was another guy. Nacho is happy, now the only way for Lichita is to go up… up the corporate ladder. Lichita is content of how things turned out. Here comes little cute niece… Lichita tells her that things will get better now… she has new opportunities. Nacho starts giving Magos some indirect suggestions (he wants her to go out find a job). She rolls her eyes and nags ‘here he goes again’.

At the office, Roberto arrives. He even gets someone to drive his car for him, he comments that the car doesn’t have enough gas to make it ot the parking spot. Seems Gumaro followed him to the building, they start commenting about him being able to convince Lichita… Gumaro comments that if he could convince Lichita and make him play the disabled brother, he can do anything.

Lichita tells herself… I know he stole my project… but can I really trust him?

Previews: Roberto takes Lichita hand gliding… which is a totally out of her comfort zone. Lichita goes into what looks like a birthday party… suddenly a small boy asks Roberto ‘Daddy, daddy is that you?’

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Weekend Discussion: Your Favorite Movies

What movies do you love?  Classics?  Trendy new?  Epics?  Horror?  Film Noir?  Enquiring minds want to know!


Lo Imperdonable #93 Thu 9/24/15 And the bad, very bad, extremely bad things continue to happen to good people

Emi is shocked to see Marty with Veronica. At first it looks like he’s about to cry like a little baby, but then he starts yelling. 
You’ve been lying to me, taking advantage of my love, he screams at Vero, almost hitting her at one point. Vero tries to defend herself, but he is blinded by his rage – he can’t believe a word out of her mouth anymore, Salma was right that she was an evil woman, worse than Virginia. Marty tries to intervene, too, but Emi reminds him that just days before he believed the worst about Vero, too.
He leaves, with Vero going after him to try to calm him down. Marty asks her to be careful (I'll say).

AP is still running through the forest, when Manny finds her. She bites him and calls Julio’s name, but Manny manages to silence her and takes her back to the cage. As she’s sobbing, he tells her that if she thought that he was bad before, she ain’t seen nothing yet. 
Just wait until Abuelo gets rid of the baby just as I got rid of Pablo, who is now dead!!!

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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #3 Thursday 9/24/15

Hello everyone! Its been a while so hopefully I am not too rusty. Please feel free to add anything I missed. Feedback is always appreciated...Lets jump right in:

We began with Lichita flopping in the water in a bright red dress which no one seems to notice (this party must be that good huh). As she descends further into the pool we get a sudden flashback to her childhood. Growing up Lichita's favorite story was Alice in Wonderland. Her father had high hopes for her to fulfill the dreams he never accomplished. So starting from an early age he made sure Lichita studied often instead of reading childhood stories (Ignacio is like my mother who made me do extra book reports and math homework instead of watching tv...sigh). Anyway, all that hard work paid off because she grew up and graduated university. On the other-hand, at age 15 her little sister, Magos, surprised the family with her pregnancy.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Capitulo 53 Thu 9-24-15: Fun House Mirrors Reflect Twisted Souls...

A detailed version of those first few minutes, plus the rest of the recap.
Long story short(er):

  • Dan is tormented about raping MD...until Ursula reveals that Maleny killed their dad. Dan's horror is mitigated by the idea that she's worse than he is. But Mal has suddenly remembered walking in on her parents fighting, her mother demanding that her father kill himself. Ursula maintains Hector didn't have the guts, but later, when Mal confronts Arango, he remembers someone else shooting Hector, we just don't get to see who. Mal overhears that Ivana's last doctor forged the suicide call on her dad's death certificate. 
  • Claudio has Alma take a sleeping pill so he can Isela can hang out without her. Isela accuses him of having Orlando beat up; he denies it, but he has gotten the restraining order put in place now.
  • Max finds out from Baldomero that Dan has the deed to MD's house.
  • With help from Doris and Julian, MD successfully avoids her mom and Max. She goes to the police station to make a statement, but both of the men that deal with her are dismissive and disrespectful. She winds up at a sexual abuse organization and is about to do what needs to be done when Dan calls to tell her he sent a sexy text from her phone to his so that no one will believe her.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #23 Thu 9/24/15 (Mex 30)

After reading the recap of yesterday's episode and the comments and then quickly watching the main events, I assumed that my plate of Susanlynn's Special Recipe for Fairy Tale Cookies Of Suspended Disbelief had gone stale and I was going to have to open up a bottle of La Sombra's Booze of Bitter Disappointment. That feeling continued through most of tonight, too. Then the last 4 minutes happened.

Aitana asks for a hug. Maybe it wasn't full on sliming, but that "You don't know how much I missed you" was totally a vocal slime. Blech. Eloisa decides to tell Fiorella all about how Aitana and Pedro almost married, but they broke up. Ah! Now life has now given them a second chance. Blech Part Deux. Oh shut up with your stupid "I've felt lost" crap, Aitana.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #22 Wed 9/23/15 (Mex 29) Talk about a bad first date

*Disclaimer, this will be short cause I have work to get to*

Oh man, talk about a bad first date!

Well folks, the truth is OUT. Vito and Fifi meet, and Pedro is all sorts of confused, and Fifi is heartbroken and this is all so freaking sad. Curse you Benito! All of this could have been avoided if he had told Fifi the truth from day one! More on that in a second!

Both Pedro and Vito are asking for explanations, Fifi tells Vito that she got lost at the airport and when he leaves she tells Pedro what happened. After her dad died she and Gigi had no one else in the world, Gigi's health kept getting worse and when Vito offered help (on the condition that she marry him) Fifi took him up on the offer, she explains about getting lost and looking for Vito and failing to find him. It looks like Pedro is not buying it, Vitto the returns to the table and they both begin to question her, she becomes overwhelmed and runs out of the restaurant, where she bumps into Benito.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo (51-)52 Wed 9-23-15 Discussion Page [Recap]

I am putting up a recap sometime later but since this was such a god-awful, hideous and humiliating episode there must be much left to talk about. Jesus Christ this episode reminds me of Que Te Perdone Dios but Fausto (Sergio Goyri) was much much worse than Daniel . Another episode with a rape scene and they always shock the viewers no matter what.  I will please (?) you with a recap in a few hours. I am working on it. It will be on the same page as the discussion page so expect it to get updated frequently.

Part 1
( Some scenes may have been merged)

MD calls Daniel to get the mortage papers( Or how you wish to call them and he is just right there close to her house probably eating his last Tiaramisu before getting in to the dreadful action.  Daniel wanted to come for her but MD wants him in her house ( Way to make yourself a vournable sitting duck instead of meeting with Dan in a crowd of people, than someone could borrow you a pepper-spray dear MD .  But he would find a way to get into her pants in no time.)

In a somewhat nicer happy scene Ivana &Gerry are seen having a picnic together but they did not just come to eat but to say goodbye to Ivana' s lost baby. Ivana takes out a T-shirt from her handbag and long story told short she talks  about how regretful she is about not taking better care of herself and not moving along with her life. Gerry  ends up convincing her to allow herself to say goodbye to her baby ( He also tells her that while she cannot give birth, she can still adopt)  and they toss the shirt down the river. They also hug but don't kiss grrr. 

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Lo Imperdonable #92 Wed 9/23/15 An Attempted Murder and A Chase in the Jungle All on a Bed of Roses

Lo Nuevo
Manny continues his assault on Pablo's lifeless body. He drags Pablo out the front door.

Casa SanTelmo
Marty and Vero are in the midst of the afterglow of their love-making session. He promises to love her every instant that he is alive. Vero doesn't want anything or anyone to separate them again. He promises to protect her and their privacy as he should always have done. Vero says that she knows their love will light the way, but that if she ever gets impatient, and wants to open up old wounds, to hold her and never let go. He promises to do just that.

Mexico City
At the hospital (the only one in El D.F.), Salma and Jorge have a heart to heart in the cafe. Salma was young and innocent. She gave herself (sexually) to a man who seduced her with lies and when he got what he wanted he left. She later realized she was pregnant. Jorge asks if that man was her cousin. She says that no, her cousin Roberto only took advantage of the fact that she was pregnant because his wife could not have children. They took advantage of her post partum depression and stole Salma's baby when she was 2 months old.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #2 Wednesday 9/23/15

Here we go! Another episode loaded with action that will take us full circle to the beginning of the first episode.

We start out with Lichita still at work with Chuchette and Néstor looking on and realizing that they did not even renew her temporary contract. Néstor tells her life is not fair and Chuchette advises her that her contract expires tomorrow and to stay until the end of the day today if she wants to get paid for a full day. Those two leave and Lichita's phone rings. To make matters even worse it is her mother Elsa calling her from the hospital to let her know that her dad's surgery went well but that they needed a few unexpected items in the operating room so the bill will be a little higher for a total of 45,000 pesos. With the added charges, Lichita will have to come by to sign on her credit card so they can discharge her dad. Her mom is relieved that at least Lichita has a good job but that they will all work to get the debt paid off. Lichita tells her Mom not to worry. Lichita feels the weight of it all and does not know what she will do.

In the next scene, Lichita is at the hopital signing for the bill. Her dad don Nacho is sitting wearing his glasses over both of his bandaged eyes. A taxi will be coming to pick them up. Her mother asks her if she is okay. Lichita says she is. Her dad is agitated that Lichita had to come at all and starts to harp on how much the operation cost. Her mom tells him to just rest and brings up the fact that Lichita has a good job now with her permanent contract. Lichita says she has to get back to work and leaves. The temporarily blinded by bandages don Nacho goes to bless Lichita but she is already gone and he ends up kissing his wife's hand.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #91 Tue 9/22/15

Hi patio peeps! I'm back! I'd like to thank everyone that helped out last week, you guys are awesome sauce. Now your recap!

I wish Raymunda and Co would fall off the face of the earth:

Joaquin comes home and tries to explain things to Raymunda but Manuel and the old goat get in the way and well Raymunda is an idiot and refuses to listen to him, even when he says that everything is a big misunderstanding, Manny ends up throwing Joaquin out of the house because he is no longer a member of the family. Man, now I'm really wishing that Joaquin dumps Raymunda, gets with the teacher and moves to the city with Polo and Blanca #teamteacherandjoaquin
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #21 Tue 9/22/15 (Mex 28) Date night

Benito quickly covers his "old man" gaffe and claims the viejo in question is Anibal.  He was just telling his dad about him and Rey was worried, too.  Fi's grateful and all, but she can take care of herself, thanks.  "Say hi to your parents when you see them."

Osvaldo has been summoned to the Ministerio Publico and Dante kept the info from Eloisa.  I'm guessing this is about the "accidental" shooting of Pedro.  Osvaldo should be fine, as long as he doesn't have any priors and hey, he didn't do anything wrong, right?  Sonia eavesdrops as she puts on her face.  Or her other face.  Whichever.

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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #1 Tuesday 9/22/15

Wow. Lots of information and new voices to get used to. I have performance anxiety. I don't recall having ever recapped a premiere...

Lichita begins her tale…

My name is Alicia Gutierrez López. I am passionate, noble, impulsive and intelligent. Nothing gets in my way...except myself [and your fashion sense.]

She falls into the pool and continues her narration. What could have been the best day of her life, might be her last. She comes up for air, gasping out a cry for help. She asks herself if she is so invisible that no one even notices she exists? She slowly sinks to the bottom of the pool. My name is Alicia, but everyone knows me as...Lichita.

Lichita breaks the fourth wall. If we want to know what a story like hers is about and how she came to be Alicia, we need to know that she had to leave a lot of herself behind because she’d rather be dead than be Lichita again.

Days before…

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Lo Imperdonable #90 Mon 9/21/15 Say what? Alfredo Sauce wasn't even on the menu!

Q:  Yeah, but why did the OTHER engineer cross the road?  
A:  To get to the homicide! 

Marty is crossing the street in pursuit of Verónica when a speeding car comes out of nowhere.  Whoa!  The driver is aiming right at him!  

Hold on!  You forgot the beer!

At the last second, Marty rolls out of the way.  Wait!  Someone else is there too, someone who isn't as lucky as Marty.  This person is thrown in the air like a ragdoll and then crashes down on the ground, bloodied and still.  Oh no, it's Alfredo!

[¿¡Qué!!???   ¿ALFREDO??? What is he even doing there?  And in that last frame, didn't we see Marty crazily trying to stop the car with his bare hands?  How did he get away?]
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #20 Mon 9/21/15 (Mex 26-27) Fiorella, La Consentida!

Ciao, MIVAC Patio Peeps!  We are flung right into the action!  Julieta is with Anibal in their bedroom discussing the spiritual retreat.  Julieta thinks it was well worth it, especially for Eloisa.  Uh oh! Julieta discovers the emerald ring that her father gave her is missing from her jewelry box!  We are thrown immediately into the living room where we were left on Friday when Fiorella entered carrying a pitcher of water and a bottle of medicine.  It is for Pedro.  Simona asked her to bring it.  Eloisa examines the medicine and is alarmed that Pedro is taking antibiotics.  Well, he had a minor injury when he fell from the horse.  He’s fine.  Pedro takes the medicine and Freddy makes a crack about how Fiorella is so attentive to her master, just like in a novela.  Pedro says he’s got work to do and leaves.  Eloisa thanks Fiorella for her attention to Pedro and politely dismisses her.   Roxi pouts and whines that Fifi is just fussing over Pedro so she can get next to Eloisa.  Eloisa thinks that Fiorella is setting a good example then!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Yo No Creo en los Hombres #50 Lunes 9/21/15

Chapter 50: More than Greed

Two security men stopped Maria Dolores and Doris. They said that Maria Dolores was being detained because she had gotten violent with Ivana. Maria Dolores denied this. Doris asked about Ivana's questions regarding her alleged pregnancy.

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Amores Con Trampa #125 El Gran Final- Full Circle

We made it! I think I've been smiling since NovelaMaven's recap of the premiere to tonight's final credits.

I don't even care that there were loose ends and Francis kind of got a reward and there was no Margarito. I am very happy with the gran final!

This has been such a blast. I am so glad we had a patio for this. Thank you Jarifa and Marta for taking on much of the recapping duties and thank everyone who stopped by and sat a spell.

Facundo wins the billiards on horseback bet and the party gets going. I love final episodes that look more like cast parties!

Well, until the bad guy tries to burn people to a crisp (achicharrar.) Isa and Esteban vow to have a happy marriage. Ernesto Laguardia steals the scene with his royal waving. I am in love with him and I will watch anything he’s in from now on (Dear Rosy, if you are reading please find a spot for him in the cast of Antes Muerta Que Lichita. You won’t be sorry.) Esteban lurks outside and splashes gasoline everywhere. The house goes up in flames. Everyone inside panics. Mauricio thinks Pelancha burned dinner. Lots of running around and screaming. Mauricio even films it. Santi wants to get them all out of the house. Isa remembers her mother and goes to get her. In her hurry to get her mom out of the house, Isa hits her head and is knocked unconscious.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Avenida Brasil, Bajo el mismo cielo, El Señor de los Cielos, Señora Acero and Preciosa Perla: Week of September 21, 2015

¡Adios, Señor!  ¡Bienvenida, Señora!  

The final episode of El Señor de los Cielos airs tonight, Monday, September 21 at 10/9C.

Fans of mayhem won’t want to miss Tuesday evening’s programming.  Instead of Avenida Brasil and Bajo el mismo cielo, Telemundo is showing something called Las Mujeres del narco at 7/6C followed by a two-hour “Special” of Señora Acero.  The actual season premiere of Señora Acero, Season 2 begins at 10/9C.

Don’t worry, guys – Avenida Brasil and Bajo el mismo cielo return to their usual time slots on Wednesday.

Enjoy the week!

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La Vecina Discussion and Highlights #65-69 Sept. 21-25

Things I'm pondering...

Guillermo is still setting off my alarms. I feel like his deal with Eduardo is not above board. He was a little too icky when he saw Sara.

How will Cheo react when approached by Pedro's guy? He's not capable of murder, but will he warn anyone?

Pedro is surrounded by henchmen. One of them is Anselmo...played by Eduardo Shacklett. Normally his roles are larger and he has more lines. Will he be given more story?

There are lots of little possible plots that we've been given.....
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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (September 21 2015)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Antes muerta que Lichita: cast of characters

Sadly, Univision decided not to give us pictures and sketches of the minor characters.

Lichita, full name Alicia Gutierrez Lopez, (Maite Perroni) is sweet, intelligent, and very capable, though everyone considers her an invisible assistent. She is noble, talented, passionate about publicity, a hard worker at the advertising agency Icónika... but she's timid and sometimes very impulsive, which will get her spouting a lot of lies. She's convinced she deserves a raise, but no matter how hard she tries, all she gets to do is serve coffee and make photocopies. But that's all going to change.

Roberto Duarte (Arath de la Torre) is handsome, astute, intelligent, enterprising, a charismatic seducer. A good man, he has a noble heart capable of tenderness [I don't think "seducer" and "noble heart" go together - Ed.] He has the gift of gab and draws people in. He doesn't trust women much. Being so able, he's rapidly successful at Icónika. He has to lie and even rob, but he has a hidden, important reason for acting as he does. [In the preview I saw, he looks way too old for her - Ed.]

Sandra (Chantal Andere), the ad agency director, is made of iron, but those who know her intimately are aware she is a woman who needs love. Her nickname at the agency is "Gorilla" because she is as sweet as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Luciana (Ingrid Martz) is arrogant, conceited, and sexy. She loves selfies. Appearance is everything with her. Educated in Argentina, she favors everything foreign, she doesn't consider herself to be cut from the same cloth as the pack of dogs in NacoLand. She's beautiful but bad as can be. She is Lichita's sworn arch-enemy.

Augusto de Toledo (Eduardo Santamarina) is thought by all to be the most exemplary husband and father. For him, appearance is everything. His ambition is limitless, but even greater is his Machiavellian malice. If this were a fairy tale, he would be the fearsome dragon! [Aww, that's too bad. I like him. - Ed.]

Magos (Sherlyn) is Alicia's sister. She is sexy and irresponsble, a real "Nini" [??}]. She left school when she was 15 and came home with a surprise - she was pregnant. Motherhood in no way helped her grow up; she is the eternal adolescent, and her daughter sees her more as a sister than a mom.

Ignacio Gutiérrez 'Don Nacho' (Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez is Lichita’s father, a taxi driver who loves Lichita to pieces. He blames his bad luck on others.

Elsa López de Gutiérrez (Sylvia Pasquel) is Ignacio's nice wife (Lichita's mom).

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #89 Fri 9/18/15 ♫♪♫♪Crazy Crazy Marty Watch Out For That Car♫♪♫♪

(scenes have been combined to help the recap flow better) 

Vero says the "D" word

Vero and Emi arrive home only to find the main floor of the Prado Castelo mansion filled with many roses. Emi is sure Crazy Marty sent them. Vero wishes Marty had shown this romantic side of him back when they first arrived in Mina Escondida. Vero is determined to make it clear to Marty that everything is over between them. 

The next day, we find a weeping Vero in her room as she recalls past moments with Marty. She's determined to do what she must do because she doesn't want to hate Marty.

Annnnnd .... she does exactly that because she shows up at Marty's doorstep accompanied by her divorce attorney - Lic. Espinosa. Vero shatters Marty's heart into a million pieces (like he shattered hers) and ask him for a D-I-V-O-R-C-E.  Dun Dun Dun. 

Now we on The Patio have spent months and months getting to know these characters and we know them so well that it's no surprise when Marty refuses and refuses to accept the D-I-V-O-R-C-E. He insists and gets all stalker crazy and touchy with Vero as he has done before. Vero has to tell him to not touch her. The two get into their millionth argument and it's basically the same old same old argument we have been seeing these last few episodes. 
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres 49 Fri 9/17/15 Dangerous Liason Endangered

Parte 1~

Maria Dolores calls Isela on The Big Lie. Josepha the Heifer told MD and Orly both that Ise was involved with Claudio and went to bed with him because she wanted to; there was no rape.  Josefa is who she is but she tells the truth when it suits her!  Ise spits back that MD's just trying to throw that in her face because of what’s going on with her and her sister.  MD is muy impactada that Ise ha turned so vicious.  (So much for BFF-dom.)  

Meanwhile Orlando and Doris continue their midnight heart to heart over his being ditched for a horny old rich man due to Jose’s mental abuse of her daughter.  Doris’s solution is to act.  “--Think of something and do it, Orly.  Don’t let them walk all over you!”

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #19 Fri 9/18/15 (Mex 24-25) Love Comes a Calling!

Pedro surfaces from pain-killer induced sleep when Fiorella enters the room.  He asks her to come closer.  He repeats over and over that he loves her and they kiss tenderly.   He wants her by his side, always.  She tries without success to shush him.  He loves her and he wants to shout it; her wants to marry her and have children; have a beautiful family.  “I’m going to fight for you, to get my Grandmother to accept you; that’s what I’m going to do, I promise I will do whatever I have to for her to accept you into the family.”  Pedro is so deliriously passionate that Fifi gets alarmed and runs to go get the Dr.  We see Dante slink away from the door.

Remember that a Detective overheard Sonia and Osvaldo arguing about Pedro’s shooting, the words “attempted murder” having leapt out into the air.  The Detective hovers over Sonia and Osvaldo.  This is one of many times that he’ll sputter that it all happened so fast, he’s unclear on details.  Wait.  What’s this?  Gael comes forward to say he saw the whole thing, his brother stumbled and the gun went off accidentally.  Detective dude sternly instructs them to go down to the police station and make formal declarations.  He leaves.  Sonia is surprised and disbelieving of Gael’s story.  Well, she’s going to give her statement now and get it over with.  She leaves.  A gobsmacked Osvaldo thanks Gael for covering for him.  Gael shrugs off the thanks:  he simply thinks it wouldn’t be good for the Angeles to have him go to prison and when Pedro wakes up, Osvaldo is going to tell him everything!  Gael strides away.
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Amores con Trampa.... a kidnapping that ends up on a rocky head bump... Santee unmasks Mr Haecke... Francis gets a taste of the life of rancheros... A happy Carmona family contrast with a charred Velasco house

Santee and Isa keep chatting back and forth whether they will return Facu’s money or not…
Florencio and pantera… to kiss or not to kiss  (why is Pantera considering kissing Florencio? To buy him off?)
Santee has a meeting with Don Haecke at some café… (did they close the deal? I didn’t get how this ended)
At Carmonas, the family is discussing why would Pantera want to hurt Maria…
Isa and Santee… Isa has some presentment that something bad will happen. She feels that this ‘wonderful’ business deal is ‘not for us’.   In comes Rocio asking to talk to them…
Perpetua and Maria are at store, Perpetua walks away to kitchen to get some water, In comes Pantera. Maria keeps wanting to know why Pantera wants to mess with Maria. Pantera finally spills the beans ‘you both left me without my dad… my dad abandoned me to go with you two…’  Maria attacks Pantera and when she is about to hit her with a huge vase, Pantera spills the beans that ‘I am your sister!!’
Rocio is upset, wants the family splitting to stop… she does not want to stay away but she does need answers. Santee volunteers to give her the answers, first of all I never cheated on your aunt Isa.   Rocio denies it… but Isa clears up that when Rocio was born Santee and Isa were not married yet.  Santee says the day he first held her and saw her was the most important day of his life (he is crying, and remembering when Rocio’s mom ‘handed over to him’ the love of her life… he promised her he would do it for all of them). He swears that what he has always fought for is their family. HE wants the Velasco family to always stay together. Rocio apologizes to Isa for all the unfair accusations.  Isa thanks her.  She wants them all to ‘start over’ (empezar de cero).  Santee apologizes to Rocio… she hugs him calling him ‘papa… I love you’ … for the first time.  There is a three-some family hug. 
Back to the store…  Perpetua yells that the only daughter she had was Maria, and she would never have abandoned another one… Pantera tells Maria that they have the same dad, he abandoned her mother to go be with them (busconas).  Perpetua keeps telling Pantera she does not believe a word she is saying.  Pantera asks Maria to tell her ‘my version of the facts’. Perpetua warns Maria that Pantera is dangerous… Pantera insists in wanting to talk one on one ‘woman to woman’.   Maria gives in… you could see the gears in Pantera’s head already rolling about how she will get payback on Maria.
At Carmonas, Facu and Beto are irate yelling at Perpetua asking how could she let Maria go with Perpetua after Florencio had come to warn them… Perpetua tells them that Pantera even said that Maria and Pantera were sisters…  They all wonder where to look for them…  Facu has an idea, there is some gossipy person who knows where they could find Maria. 
At some hacienda that looks like the old La Mentira hacienda, Pantera has Maria sitting on a chair in the middle of outdoor concrete/stone walls that look like a labrynth.  Pantera yells at Maria that she will pay not only the harm they caused her, but the pain they made her mother go through. You will pay! (a couple swings of her whip)
Francis is begging Felipe (at the office) for him to come back to her.  In comes Hilda willing to separate them by force if she has to. Francis asks are you really considering her when I am here?  Felipe says yup, and as a matter of fact, I am heading to San Bartolo with her. We are together. Francis huffs and puffs ... 
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Weekend Discussion: Unlikely Couples

Who's your favorite unlikely couple from past novelas?

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Lo Imperdonable #88 Thu 9/17/15 So many couples and nobody's happy

Hello, gang! This will be short and condensed, as I feel like the episode only had a few highlights and a lot of rambling in between. 

Pablo and AP kiss, she admits that she loves him, but she’ll still marry Julio, for a very important reason. Pablo doesn’t get what she’s talking about, but he can see a different spark in her eyes, a brightness that makes him feel even closer to her. What could it be? AP says that it’s the life and love that is growing inside her and Pablo is like: “Are you falling for Julio? You weren’t like this when you met me"
Well, nobody ever accused Pablo of being smart…

She almost faints and he becomes worried for her health. As Blanquita comes back from her own romantic rendez-vous, AP keeps rejecting Pablo, saying that being with him would threaten his life. Again he doesn’t get a thing. AP manages to spell it out for him that she’s pregnant, but she does it without wanting to, which I think is quite an accomplishment - these two are so saccharine, they make my teeth hurt.

Anyway, when she says that there is something that will keep them close forever, he guesses that she’s pregnant and he’s overjoyed. Just then they hear Raymunda’s screams from the living-room, so the girls leave to see what’s going on. Pablo doesn’t want to leave AP there, but she rejects him one more time and off she goes. Julio arrives and stops Pablo from following, explaining that this is not a good moment for the family and he better go. Run, P, run for your sanity!

On his way home, he’s very happy, making plans to work hard, earn money and save AP from her golden poisonous cage.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Capitulo 48, Thu 09/16/2015: It’s a hard day’s night and it’s not over yet…

Ursula admits that her fortune is still intact and takes great pleasure in pointing out that this means that every time Ivana thought she had something on them (and by “them” she means “her”), she was very, very wrong. Ivana wants to know (as do we all) WTH with all this madness then?! 

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #18 Thu 9/17/15 (Mex 23)

Highlights. Out of order. Condensed.

Straight to the new.

Roxi and Sergio arrive both are showing the signs of their partying the night before. Serigo asks again why Frederica was in his mothers room. Frederica explains again that she was just looking for some peace and quiet. Sergio wonders if she just wanted to fisgonear (poke around.)  Rox asks them not to talk so much and gets into is with Joaquina. After she drives Joaquina away, she asks Simona about Benito. Frederica thinks maybe Rox likes Benito. Rox stomps off. Sergio has never liked Frederica. She's always doing things behind peoples backs. Frederica doesn't like Sergio, who is a little to out in the open with everything. Sergio admits it. What you see is what you get. Frederica is a snake slithering around in corners.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yo no Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 47 Wed 9/15/15 Highlights- Shaving only brings bad luck!

Hello all, from now on I will be only posting highlights in order to focus more on my life. To be honest I have gotten quite addicted to computers in general and for that reason I stopped using my tablet for a while. It is difficult for people to admit the simple fact that old habits die hard. I hope you understand me. Now on to the roll in no particular order

  • Clara tosses all the missing jewels on the family table at the Bustamante's. She at first begins yelling at Alma that she did not do anything and that all was just a little trap but later admits the crime of fear ( But she really did not do anything at all). Maleny attempts to call the police but Alma is not so sure. Mal advises to Alma that this is their golden shot in order to get rid of these poor gold digging witches but Alma fears the reaction of her sons. 
  • MD and Doris go out on a boring meeting for their new website but what would be an otherwise boring scene was made different because Ivana got to be the judge! Fortunately everything went on well because MD and Doris won. Ivana wondered why does MD need all of this when MD will get all the goods for giving Ivana Daniel's baby. MD breaks Ivana's heart of steel by informing her that she is not preggers at all. Gerry accompanies Ivana out of this very humiliating contest. Much later Ivana as usual rants like no tomorrow but Gerry is not impressed with her mission to make her life a miserable hell. Ivana tells him that this is not about vengeance at all, she just wants to have maternal feelings even if the baby is from someone else. 
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Lo Imperdonable #87 Wed 9/16/15

From Last Night...
Pablo's mom consoles him as he finally realizes that he has lost AP. She tells him that she too lost a love once and understands his pain.

At the Prado/Castelo offices Ginny tells herself that she's going to take advantage that she's now working at the offices to get revenge on everyone. They will see that she's capable of anything. She calls Dr. Dan and tells him she is going through a bad time and he can't desert her when she needs him the most. He says that he's sorry but she can no longer count on him; she's on her own. She realizes that Dr. Dan is out to get her and that she can't let that happen. The assistant then comes in and tells her that they need her in the conference room and to make sure to take pen and paper because she will need to take notes, after all she is Vero's assistant.

Arturo trades some tomatoes for some flowers to give to Blanquita. And we see Blanquita climbing out the window to go meet her new friend.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #17 Wed 9/16/15 (Mex 22)

Princess Juju asked for a sub for last night's episode. I volunteered to get some highlights out to the clamoring crowd. This is in no particular order, with combined scenes, from memory (and a quick FF review) and very, very bare bones. I'm sure I'll miss something significant.

Frederica makes her way to Eloisa's bedroom, but her attempt to open the safe is unsuccessful. She is interrupted by Sergio and his *ahem* special guests. Frederica claims she was in Eloisa's room trying to get some rest. It is the only quiet room it seems. She and Sergio get into it about her borrachera (drunkness...more like drunken fit) at the mass. He doesn't want Frederica badmouthing Maximo.

Fiorella grouses to Simoneta about Gianna. Her little sister is getting an attitude. Simoneta wonders if Gianna is jealous of Fiorella's relationship with Pedro. Fiorealla has no observation skills. It takes her forever to notice that Simoneta is drunk.
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Amores con trampa #122 and #123 9/16/15 and 9/17/15

Before I jump into the recap, I just want to thank Sara and Marta for being such great recapping team members. I really enjoyed working with you both on this one and am looking forward to working with you again on "Antes muerta que Lichita." I cannot believe "Amores con trampa" is almost over.

Capítulo # 22

So, here we go. . . .

Out in the country, Felipe is convinced something stung him and he rolls around in pain in Hilda's arms. He is going to die, everything is blurry, he sees the light, he sees the tunnel. He does not want Hilda to leave him alone. The tarantula is on its way away from him through the grass. Hilda tells him to take it like a man, not to move and just wait, wait . . .

The Carmona's are all around the table eating. Carmen is crying that after the latest Francis attack, nobody is going to want her as a model. Maybe she should just kill herself As she holds a roll up to her neck. They all tell her not to be so dramatic. Facundo tells her first she is going to finish her studies, second she is going to graduate and third they will see what happens then. The door bell rings and Conchita goes to answer it.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #46 Tue 9/14/15-Punching Claudio solves nothing, Orlando!

Alright, before I get this party started, one random question. Is anybody else having issues with their DVR catching the last 10-15 minutes of Lo Imperdonable before our favorite novela actually starts? Is it just going over, is Univision screwing with the schedule, what's going on? It's been going on for quite a while now, and I don't need anymore screwy recordings. How can I fix it? Now on to the recap!

Excellent, my dvr only caught 3 minutes of Lo Imperdonable. Moving on...
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #16 Tue 9/15/15 (Mex 20-21) Half-reveals

Federica and Eloisa view the footage from this morning at the police station.  Federica feigns concern.  I'm sure Eloisa's concern about the family's rep isn't feigned at all!

The bicycle cab thingie's owner sees the two "thieves" kissing and shouts at them to stop.  Thanks a lot, dude.  Though, there were some weird shadows, so if they could maybe make it to somewhere with better lighting, so I can properly evaluate the technique….  Anyway, Fiorella and Pedro make a run for it!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #86 Tue 9/15/15 Discussion

Sorry everyone. Princess Juju isn't feeling well and I have to wake up early tomorrow because I am starting a new job. Luckily, not much happened tonight, so please feel free to discuss away and if you want fill in what happened. Thanks!

(Thank you Anon7)

Jorge told Virginia she wouldn't inherit one dime from him unless she agreed to work at Prado Castelo. He was not about to give her his hard earned bucks. Salma had a sad & claimed Virginia was too sick to work. Emi was like no she's not. Virginia agreed to go to work and told Salma she could use it as a way to be close to Emi..

Jorge told Salma that after her divorce outburst that disrespected him he was not about to let her have the house. The house is for Emiliano, his wife and their children. So if Salma wants to get to stepping he'll set her & Virginia up elsewhere but the house she will not be getting. He also told her he was seeing her face he had never seen before. Salma had a sad.

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Lo Imperdonable #85 Mon 9/14/15 Go reconfigure!

The ties that bind have been undone.  Families are falling apart.  Couples are uncoupling.  There is an epidemic of broken hearts.  Heroes are battered and bloody. Villains are on the ascendant.  But the mood on the Patio is upbeat.  (Besides, it's an open bar and Carlos is pouring.)  

The Old

If Ireri's father hadn't already died, she would certainly have killed him with her overacting.

Lucía tells Pablo she can no longer be a witness to his self-destructive pursuit of Ana Perla.

Matilde is missing – and so is the -n- on the hospital sign.  Again.

The place sometimes seemed n-less, and so did the story.

¡Maldito infeliz!  ¡Él me tiene en sus manos!
(Damn bastard!  He has me in his hands!)
Salma overhears Virginia say these words aloud after her upsetting phone call.  Now Salma wants to know who has gotten Ginny's panties in a bunch... hmmm, poor choice of words, perhaps.
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #15 Mon 9/14/15 (Mex 19) Prelude to a Kiss!

Sonia overhears Pedro telling Fidel he wants to risk everything to pursue Fiorella.  Sonia crashes down from her high.  Federica notices and chides her about it.  Pedro checks in with her before leaving for the office that she is ok.  Yes, she is, she says cooly.  Osvaldo enters as Pedro exits and they head for the office as well.

It doesn’t take long for Roxi to get Benito in trouble.  It’s the morning after partying at the anthro and her sitting in Benito’s lap as the car weaves down the street calls attention to the police.  They are arrested and hauled in for driving under the influence.  Roxi does her most memorable (and irritating) shrewish squealing to date.  She throws a hissy fit when they are stopped and also at the Police station about how she’s an Angeles and these pitiful peons have no IDEA who they’re messing with.  At the station an officer records the whole tirade on his phone and calls one of his contacts with the media.  He must get lots of juicy stories like this.  Rey bails Benito out.  Roxi is rude and dismissive of Rey, of course.  Benito hopes he doesn’t lose his job!

Eloisa, Sergio, Julieta, Anibal and Freddie are having breakfast.  Roxi and Gael are missing Eloisa notes and Joaquina claims Roxi is still asleep.  Freddie busts out both Roxi and Gael:  they didn’t come home.  I think Joaquina knew.  Small talk about the hunt and the spiritual retreat Eloisa and Julieta are going on.  Fifi runs in and breathlessly announces that Gigi is nowhere to be found!  Eloisa sends the devil, I mean, Dante, to look again for Gianna when Gael enters to tell Eloisa and Fiorella that she is in her room.  Eloisa fusses Gael out for not being at the office and Freddie is on hand to tease and imply that Gael was “messing around” with the little Italian girl.  Gael seems confused and defenseless.  You need to stay away from Federica, honey!
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #45 Lunes, 9/14/15

Detective work is a hard grind sometimes. Especially when people mumble and it's too hard to read lips. So here are just the facts, ladies and gentlemen. Even if they're missing a detail or two.


Chapter 45: All Talk and a Little Action

Alma told Isela over the phone that she will never trust her again.

Ari and Doris were at his place. He was getting jealous of Orlando because Doris went to him first. She told him he was in no position to talk in view of his backstreet affair with Maleny. He asked her what kind of man she thought he was. After all, he had bought her the bear. He was probably lucky she didn't answer him then, but he got lucky that night.
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Amores con Trampa #120 and #121 Monday and Tuesday 9/14/15 and 9/15/15

Here's a quick run down of events as I remember them (out of order and highly condensed.) I went right to bed after the episode and I was really distracted last night. Needless to say, y'all may need to fill in.
  • The Carmonas continue the screaming from hair-raising fear. And that's that.The next thing you know, they are back at their dining table in the DF. Fac has on a really lovely jacket (the first distraction.) They joke about Concha's scary face cream. Fac claimed he wasn't afraid.
  • Feli admits to Isa that he is falling for Hilda. Isa asks him to take care of himself and to respect the house. In other words, take the lovin' somewhere else.
  • Carmen and Rocio are in full planning mode. Francis comes into the boutique and knocks a rack of clothes over and tramples them.
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Hola folks. Great posts on Bajo and Perla! Keep it up. Here's your post for this week.

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La Vecina Discussion and Highlights #60-64 Sept. 14-18

It's the eyebrows

Recapping/Highlighting this week:
Monday: Sneaky
Tuesday: Diva/5ft
Thursday: Sara (Highlights)
Friday: Denise

Previous: Episodes 55-59
Next: Episodes 65-69


¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (September 14 2015)

Hola Carayites!

This week on Caray, Caray!...
In the 7pm hour Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse continues to amuse and delight.

The Amores con Trampa (8pm) team brings it home this week, heading for their Monday, September 21 finale and then transitioning right into  Antes Muerta Que Lichcita on the 22nd.

Secrets exposed on Lo Imperdonable (9pm), Yo No Creo En Los Hombres (10pm) continues its unpredictable course and La Vecina is a breath of fresh air in the afternoons on Univision.

Visit the Telemundo y Mas post for discussions and recaps of Bajo El Mismo Cielo, Preciosa Perla, El Señor de los Cielos 3, Avenida Brasil y mas.

Here's the news we have about proximas...
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New Telenovela: Antes Muerta Que Lichita Premieres Tuesday, September 22nd - Introducing your recapping team

The patio is getting set up and the recapping team is set!
Monday: Jane
Tuesday: Sara
Wednesday: Jarifa
Thursday: Cece
Friday: Marta

This is the story of Lichita, the most ignored employee at the Icónkia ad agency. When she landed the job at Icoónika, she had high hopes of moving up quickly in the company. Unfortunately, she's in a rut and her career is going nowhere. She is in fact, invisible.

Tired of being "Lichicienta" and not being recognized for her years of hard work, Lichita decides to change and recover what she deserves. She decides to stop being Lichita and become Alicia. She would rather be dead than ever go back to being "Lichita"!
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #84 Fri 9/11/15 The Video Resurfaces & The Doc Has The Viper In His Hands


 * A clean shaven Pierre finds out his mon chéri still has the hots for Marty. He's NOT amused at all by this.
 *  Dr. Danny Boy is fired! Booyah!
 *  Salma shocks everyone by shouting that Ginny is her "hija". 

The New: 

All eyes focus on Mommie Dearest. If she indeed is mother of the Viper than she lies to save her booty by explaining that what she meant was that Ginny is her daughter since the day that she and Jorge decided to take her in. Jorge, who as we know has been using his brain cells lately, isn't convinced with her explanation. He's sure that her preference for the snake has to do with Salma's past (past? what past?) and he'll investigate. She tells him to go ahead and investigate if he wants but if he continues insisting on kicking Ginny to the curb then she'll have to divorce him. I say: take the divorce, Jorge! 

As AP and Julio walk home, Julio apologizes to AP for slugging Pablo. AP is worried that Pablo hurt his hand. When Julio asks her if she still loves Pablo she replies that she does still love him.

Pablo returns home and tells his mom about the fight with Julio. Did he hurt his hand? she asks him. Yes I did, he replies. Lucia is worried about her son, but all Pablo can think about is AP and 1. What she's hiding from him and 2. What Grandpa Goat wants to do to her. Lucia puts her foot down and tells him that she won't let him continue hurting himself. Don't make me hate that girl! she tells his son. She insists on calling the doctor and doesn't care that they can't afford it. Why she'll even get money from under the rocks if she has to. 

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