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Triunfo del Amor #170-171 7/29/11 Part 1. Maria Finally Says the Magic Word: “Mama!!”; P.2. Victoria Decides and Somebody Gets Lucky; Eva Finally Makes Her Move; Burnie Gets a Taste of the Afterlife

Maria Finally Says the Magic Word: “Mama!!” 
Part 1

Capítulo 170

Caution!  Sugar-high alert!  There’s just so much sweetness and light tonight as we in Viewerville j.i.p. (join in progress) in this evening’s festivities you may need an emergency injection of insulin.  Maria Desamparada, having regained consciousness in her hospital room, is guilted by the realization that at least twice by now Victoria Sandoval has sacrificed her health and safety to rescue Maria from certain danger and/or certain death.  She flops into her trusty wheelchair at the ready and wheels right into the correct room for forgiveness from “Mama”.  

“Mama!  Mamita!  Don’t leave me!  Forgive me!”  Vic immediately opens her eyes and smiles wanly.  Through her tears, Maria acknowledges that motherly self-sacrifice not only by walking for hours back to the kidnappers’ hideout with bleeding feet, but now in giving part of her body to save her daughter’s life without asking anything in return, not even Maria’s forgiveness. She has given her a chance to be reborn.  (Come to think of it, Vic has had a pretty rough year.  First the breast and now the kidney.  Maybe she might need to loan out the ol’ uterus and be a surrogate mother for Fer next.  Just sayin’.)  “--Mi peqen~a Maria!”  All is right with the world because she’s finally used that word!  “--You’ve called me ‘Mama!’ ”  Heriberto, still in his scrubs and lookin’ fine, walks in on the scene, congratulates the two of them, and sniffles a bit as he leaves them to bask in the warmth of mother-daughter affection.

Meanwhile, out in the waiting area, Antonieta tells Osvaldo and the others that the two still have to do a few more tests and they’re worried that Vic woke up with some problems from the transplant.  It might take a miracle for her to survive this.

Maria and Vicki hold hands during the tests that Dr. Heri performs.  The results are encouraging.  Maria is fine but Vicki will have to rest for a while and get her strength back.  No fashion shows even if it’s for the Queen of England. 

Bernarda, meanwhile, continues on babysitting watch with JPito and chanting with crucifix in hand. (Anyone else channeling visions of the Golden Child and/or the reincarnation of the child Buddha?)

A bit later, Toni, Leonela, Os, Pepi, Fer and Cruz pop in expecting to find Vic and Maria in separate rooms.  They are pleasantly surprised at the site of the two holding hands and sharing the same room.  Toni says this is the miracle they’d hoped for: it’s the triumph of love.  More gushing ensues.  Lots of congratulations all ‘round.  Maria claims it was the miracle of love that saved her and that was able to vanquish all adversity to survive; it was the love she was too blind to recognize or to admit to; the love of a mother to save one’s child at all cost.  Fer says her prayers have been answered.  Cruz races off to call the vecindad and spread the news.

Os mentions he’s got to get to Max’s room to tell him the great news.  Heri enters and chimes in that he’ll go along with Oz to remind Max not to leave the isolation ward and not to come into this room for love nor money.  Oz gives Dr. Sabe-lo-todo a much deserved verbal slam for being the way-too-cheery-interloper.   “I’m very capable of speaking to my son alone!  What you did was no more than your job, so stop playing Super Hero!” Oz leaves but Heri has gotten the message--loud and clear.  Everyone left in the room starts counting the number of scuffs on their sneakers and/or the number of wrinkles in the bed sheets.   Heri shrugs and leaves also.  (His burdens are many but his triumphs even greater…..)

Back in the vecindad, Padre Juan Pablo has just agreed to officiate at Napo and Milagros’ wedding.  The neighbors are all ticked off at the two jarocha’s because they’re hogging the phone and can’t get word about Maria.  PJP calls Cruz to get word and hears about the miraculous recovery of Max, Maria and Victoria. 

  Oz then gripes about Heri’s supercilious attitude.  Max tells him he thought he’d left home to give Vic a chance to start over again and wonders what happened to change his dad’s mind.  Oz answers that there’s no battle worse than the one you fail to fight.  He still loves Victoria and is ready to fight to win her back. 

PJP pays a visit to the recovering mother and daughter.  He points out that this was the miracle he had told her about that Dios had delivered to her, which was in front of her the whole time but which she’d refused to see.  Maria says they’ll be making up for lost time once they’re both out of the hospital.  She’s thrilled now to have what she’s always wanted: a true family!  She has a father, a mother, two children, a sister, and a soon-to-be husband! Who could want for more?

A few days or so later, back at the vecindad, we take a minute for Napo, Cente, Juanjo and Cruz’s papa to give us a PSA about smoking and emphysema.  Napo tells Cruz’s dad he’s taking him back to the doctor.  FF>>

Inside Maria Desamparada’s apartment, she and Max are getting ready for the babies’ baths before their family field trip.  We get another PSA about clean babies and healthy bone development (?)   Maria assures Max that she loves Osguito every bit as much as JPito.  FF>>

Burnie plays with JPito’s toys and misses the little bugger now.  Eva comes in with some tea to quiet her nerves now that the baby’s gone back to his mother.  Apparently Burnie had nightmares and was calling out Juan Pablo’s name the night before; Eva foolishly tries making small talk about it.  Eva asks if perhaps she might have been having more nightmares about burn victims instead.  Burnarda: a definite study in no good deed going unpunished, snarls at her to keep her nose out of what doesn’t concern her.  Eva plays the hurt servant victim.  Burnie admits she doesn’t trust Eva and that she’s fed up with her [harta] and ready to chuck her out on the street at any time.  Eva insists that she has always been discreet about whatever goes on inside those four walls.  Burnie says the old gal knows her well and she and her subservient attitude is getting on her last nerve.  Who the heck does she think she is anyway to take such liberties?  “Why your most obedient servant, of course.”  “Keep your nose out of my business!” 

Eva asks a final stinging question about why Burnie seems so obsessed with Hellfire and Damnation.  Is she keeping some deep dark secret that burdens her conscience or is it all just silly nightmares?  Burnie give her a signature slap up side the head and whops her so hard she knocks the old woman out cold. 

At breakfast, Fer asks Cruz if he minds adopting.  He reminds her that Dr. Todo told her she’s perfectly capable of having children.

Burnie gets Eva off the bed and screams that she’s nothing but a dog biting the hand that feeds it.  Eva says calmly that her only intention was to give her a chance to think about the situation.  Burnie yells imperiously that she doesn’t need help from some insignificant being like her!  Or hadn’t she noticed she’s one of Dios’s Iluminada?  [enlightened elite of God] Of course she has, says Eva.  Only by being so close to one as learned as she can she have received such a blessing!  She wouldn’t dream of asserting that she knows more or better than Burnie, and her lips are sealed [sellado], permanently.

Cruz is agreeable to giving some needing child from the orphanage a home.  “--A father's not only one who procreates, but also one who raises and instructs.  There’s nothing more I’d like than to see you fulfilled, my love.”  Thank you smoochies ensue.

Napo takes Cruz’s pa back to Dr. Todo, who apparently didn’t do a good enough medical history on his patient the first time around, but seems rather adept at hiding that fact.  For some reason, he didn’t take a lung x-ray and didn’t know/realize/ask himself if the guy was a heavy smoker and might be suffering from emphysema, super-bug TB, cancer.....(What medical school did this guy attend, anyway?  Is that a real diploma on his wall, or a Mexican version of The Impostor.)  He corrects this mistake immediately.

That night, Jimena is really ticked that the mechanic still hasn’t found Ofelia’s skeleton.  She tells him to keep digging and leaves.  Guillermo shows up and asks the kid why he’s nosing around in his back yard.  If he doesn’t spill it right then and there he’s calling the police!  The kid mechanic begs him not to call the police.  Gui smiles evilly back at him.

At the Sandoval manse, Vic decides it’s time to show Maria and Fer her little box of Maria memorabilia.  Maria is overcome once she sees the toddler picture of her that her mother had kept.  Tears and hugs.

The mechanic guy has no choice but to tell Gui that Ji paid him double whatever Gui offered him for the other job.  If she paid him double to find human remains [restos humanos], Gui says, then he’ll pay the kid triple cuz he’s got his doubts about the woman, after all.  And, if the kid wants to stay alive he will do all that he’s asked and stay quiet.  The kid’s lips are sealed.

More mother-daughter bonding back at Victoria’s place.  Fer tells Vic and Maria that she and Cruz are adopting a child.  Everybody is elated.  What a benificent decision!

A few days or so later, Fer and Maria visit the orphanage she grew up in.  Maria tells the nun about Fer’s decision and they go into the playroom to see the little ones.  Fer spies a little girl playing and learns her name is Victoria.  She takes it as a sign that the little girl is The One.

End, P. 1
Victoria Decides and Somebody Gets Lucky; Eva Finally Makes Her Move; Burnie Gets a Taste of the Afterlife


Capítulo 171

That evening, Osvaldo pours himself a stiff one and sits down on the couch next to Victoria.  “--Victoria, you don’t love Heriberto.  What you feel perhaps is gratitude, but that’s not love.”  She wants to know how he can be so certain of what she feels.  Oz says he’s known her for twenty years.  She’s been in love with him that whole time and you just don’t change over night.  (Excuse me but it hasn’t been over night.  It’s been months --try at least a year or more.)  Oh?  Why not?  Anyway, Oz, she says, I told you I was confused and that first I had to take care of my children before myself.  Now I can concentrate on myself. But nothing’s changed.  I still don’t know if I love you or not.  Oz sucks it in.  

Vic tells him that she doesn’t know if it’s been for love or just for companionship, or like a comfortable habit having him around the house.  Besides, if he really loved her like he says he’d never have stuck his wick in another candlestick.  Then she’d never have kissed another man.  It’s only been the kids that’s kept them together she believes.  He disagrees and says he’s sticking around until he’s certain she’s certain.

The next day, back at the vecindad, it’s a bachelor party for Napo and his buds, complete with sexy blond jumping out of a cake.  All the gals, including Vic, Leo, Toni and Pepi, are inside Maria’s apartment for Milie’s wedding shower.  Oh, man!  What a treat.  Pepi is the prize in spin the bottle.  FF>>

That night, Max finds Vic in her room reminiscing about the past twenty years with Ozzie.  She tells Max she was so busy she never realized when it was that she stopped loving his father.  She believes that if she really still loved him she’d have forgiven him right away for cheating on her.  As it is, she thinks she only used his infidelity as an excuse to hide her disinterest.  Max defends Oz and tells Vic he’s ready to fight for her love.  He says Fer’s gone and he’s about to fly out of the nest himself.  They understand that to stay together real love is necessary.  Vic suggests she could try to make the effort, but Max says true love doesn’t need any effort.  Either way, in the end they will both support what Vicki decides.

The next day Milagros and Don Napo are at the church getting married.  The entire vecindad along with the Sandovals are there.  Vic arrives alone.  Heri is already there and races up to take her arm.  “--Are you alone?”  “--Yes.”  He kisses her hand and walks her into the church just as Oz gets out of his car.  Oz sees the two of them walk in together, arm in arm, and deflates.

The ceremony takes place and then it’s time to PARTAY!!  Oz sits it out with Vic’s posse while Vic and Heri enjoy themselves at their own private table in another part of the hal; and when they dance together they only have eyes for each other.  

Vic gets a bit too tipsy and Heri offers her coffee (at his place this time and no doubt thinking ahead as any self-respecting hombre worth his salt in hopes of gettin’ lucky would do) and a ride home (uh-huhhhh) after that.  She accepts.

The coffee takes effect and Vicki’s ready for that lift home--or so she says.  Heri looks longingly in her eyes and asks if she really wants to leave.  Vicki has made her decision.  She looks longingly back at him, remembers Max’s words of support, and says no, she really doesn’t want to leave.  She wants to stay with him.  They kiss and things progress como Dios manda [er...naturally].  

As Viewerville plays peeping Tom on the two of them, it would seem that Handsome Heri’s drought is finally over--in fact it looks like that well of water he’s been digging has come a gusher.  Heri rates a 10+.  (How comforting for him to know he’s still got it after veinte an~os and that “it” and all associated parts still function appropriately when needed.....)

Love is definitely in the air that night, cuz when Cente walks Almita back home  the two of them decide to give going steady a try.

The next day, Milie and Napo “honeymoon” by sunning themselves on the rooftop of their building, being fanned with palm fronds by Don Joel and another tenant.  FF>>

Downstairs, in their apartment Fer catches Cruz up about the orphans she saw with Maria. There’s a little girl named Victoria she thinks is adorable and wants to adopt her.  Cruz agrees with Fer that her being named Victoria is a sign from Dios that she’s meant for them.  

Across town, back at Vicki’s, the babies are spending a day in the garden with her.  Leonela comes by and asks to join the fun.  Leo thanks Vicki for showing her the true worth of family.  She plans to stay in Mexico near her grandchildren and Max.

Maria stops in at Toni’s to ask her forgiveness also.  She tells Toni she remembers now the blond lady who used to sing her to sleep in her arms.  She knows that was her and recognizes that she’s been like a second mother to her and wants to apologize for purposely ignoring the fact.  Toni is thrilled.

At Burnie’s it’s sherry time.  Roxy and Ji make the mistake of asking Eva for a glass each for themselves, but Burnie gets on their case and says absolutely not!  They’re not going to
sit around there slurping down all her good booze and pigging down all her food. Do they think she’s going to maintain them the rest of their lives?  Despite what they might think, it’s not some hotel and they are neither guests nor lodgers!  No, they’re Moochers [vividora = scrounger, sponger]!  Eva joins in the fray all of a sudden and says they don’t have to take that from this old bag.  She’s leaving too! “--You ungrateful wretch!  All of you get out of my house!  I’m Bernarda de Iturbide and I don’t need you around!  I’m fine with just me, myself and I!  Get lost!  Scram!”  

Back at Vicki’s, Toni shows up to enjoy the day since Oscar’s playing tennis with some friends at the club.  

It’s Oz who’s playing tennis with Oscar we learn.  He’s playing relentlessly because he’s so filled with rage.  Oscar admits he’s obviously been fully aware of the situation and commiserates.  Talk turns to Gui and the lawsuit. Not much so far, but Oscar assures him that things should fall into place about mid-way through his season when he’ll get closed down.  Gui will lose his entire investment.  Oz is thrilled to hear it.

Toni mentions to Victoria that Maria stopped by and why.  

Ji is ready to go and asks what Eva’s doing preparing salad dressing.  Eva says it’s her favorite.  Ji says instead of feeding her that it should be poison!    Roxy wonders where they’re going to stay now.  Eva offers to let Roxy and Ji stay with her in a furnished room she’s going to rent.  They gripe but accept in the end.  Eva puts the bowl of dressing on the table and the three women leave.

Max walks out of the house on his way somewhere and marvels at the happy picture across the lawn.  

Vicki tells Toni that she and Dr. Voice warmed up the sheets the night before after the wedding.  Toni wants all the details and the two giggle like teenagers over it.

Meanwhile, back at the club, Oz gets an unexpected call from Pedro the producer.  He has the perfect project in Spain and wants him to fly over to take a role.  It has an impressive international cast and it’s the opportunity he knows Oz has been waiting for.  He’ll have to fly over ASAP, though.  (Oz, I’d say it’s time to cut your losses and get. a. life!  Spain sounds perfect, especially the Costa del Sol!)   

Fer and Cruz arrive at the orphanage.  The nun in charge tells them that because they are Victoria Sandovaaaaal’s next of kin, they can adopt right away without the usual waiting period.  Cruz and Fer are elated.  They go into the play area and Cruz and little Victoria hit it off right away.  

Eva, Ji and Roxy arrive at the rooming house.  Ji gripes and turns her nose up.  Eva tells her to think instead how at this instant Burnarda is probably munching away on her salad.  Why, asks Roxy.  Because, says Eva, she mixed a very special dressing for her this time.  Ji gets her drift and her eyes begin to shine with a conspiratorial light.  

Back at Burnie’s, the table is set and the Holy Terror sits down to eat.  She takes a couple bites of her salad and begins to cough and choke. (Anybody want to guess what Eva mixed into that salad dressing?)  Burnie can’t talk but she is definitely thinking panicked thoughts:  “--I’m burning from the inside out!!  My insides are burning!  Ahhh!  My insides are on fire!!”   She knocks over the chair, gasping for breathe.  She falls to the floor and then blinks and chokes her last--or does she?  

End P.2.


La Pola - July 25-29, 2011 - Alejo Passes the Love Test

This week’s summary has to be brief since I did not have any time to do in depth written translations. And, I have also taken a new look at this series as follows. It is a fictionalized account of certain historical events that lead up to the formation of Colombia. The writers have taken literary license in putting words into the mouths of the characters and in creating the situations in which they supposedly said them. True history for these pages is above reproach. So I feel we must take what is ours to digest with a grain of salt. But, fiction is fair game.

The revolutionaries, as I have called them, debate amongst themselves the issues of what and how they will develop a constitution, run the state, generate funds, and most importantly who will become the first president.

Don Camilo Torres and Don Jorge Tadeo present themselves as the front-runners. They each campaign to win the votes of the members of the junta/council with promises of economic favors if they win. We know more about Don Jorge’s character through past events than we do about Don Camilo’s, but, it now appears that they are both unscrupulous and will stoop as low as they must to promote their own agendas.

Don Jorge Tadeo, pompous and self-centered, prepares the constitutional document. It is his baby and he wants it approved.

And, by the way, only the junta/council is going to be able to vote on anything. The people remain in circumstances even more desperate than they experienced during the reign of the viceroys. Their future is uncertain and daily lives are lead in fear.

The junta announces that they are seeking comments about the constitution before they approve it. Nariño shows up much to their disdain. He points out its weaknesses and makes suggestions for change. He is not in favor of the approach taken in the United States. He also points out to them that about 60% of their population is indigenous, mestizo, or black. The council, in particular Don Jorge, is offended by his remarks. He is invited to leave, and just about admits defeat to his family.

The junta keeps Carbonel in jail long enough to defuse any situation or opposition he could create among the citizens.

While all that is going on, Pola and Vivianito see that Alejo has been arrested – by bootlicking Iglesias of all people. Alejo is charged with desertion and later sentenced to six month in the brig. When Pola goes to the cuartel to find out about him, she is given the bum’s rush, but at that moment she finds out that Carbonel has been taken prisoner. Did I mention that Alejo had followed Pola to Santa Fé? Well, he did.
Anyway, she runs into Arcos by happenstance. They just happen to run into each other on the street by pure chance. The novella gods have helped her out.

She writes a letter to Alejo (which I wish I had time to translate). Arcos delivers it to her. It was a beautiful letter in which she concludes that if he is there he must love her and her cause and that their time to love will arrive.

The impact of the letter on Alejo is overwhelming. He writes an equally moving and beautiful letter to her pledging his loyalty to her and the cause. She shares her joy with Doña Matea.

In sum, Alejo and Pola are back together – even though he is in jail. They are united in spirit.

I almost forgot Guaduas. The Cata drama continues. She now has Acacia holding an umbrella over her head when she walks down the street. Through their conversation, we learn that Acacia might be pregnant. She hasn’t had a “visita” for a while. Cata calls her a degenerate negro. Anway, Cata will arrange for Acacia to see the midwife.

In Popayan, Francisco and María Teresa deliver the news to Ignacia that Alejo will not return. He is with the mestiza. She had gotten all dressed up for his visit and goes bonkers when she hears the news. Her wedding plans are once again foiled. She escapes over the wall of the convent and is later recovered by her cousin and Francisco who could care less about what happens to her. He just doesn’t want her to return to the manse with him.

After Francisco and María Teresa return to the manse, Governor Tacón pays them a visit. He considers Francisco to be his most trusted ally and friend and tells him that they are on the brink of war. He must be demented because he brings trunks full of his personal fortune for Francisco to safeguard for him. Francisco tries to open the trunks after the governor leaves and is caught in the act by María Teresa.

Alejo is released early because the army needs all soldiers to head to Popayan to fight. He is forced to declare his loyalty to the king by raising his hand along with the other soldiers at a pre-march-to-war rally called by the new colonel in charge. He manages to visit Pola the evening before his departure. They squeeze in one kiss before Doña Matea catches them and declares it a night. Too bad. They also share their political views which are beginning to converge, and Alejo of course doesn’t want to kill his own countrymen.

Pola is concerned about Alejo’s going to Popayan because she is afraid that Alejo will see María Ignacia. After all this, don’t you trust me, asks Alejo. I trust you, she says, but not her. (Pola used a descriptive word for María Ignacia that has just slipped my mind. If you know it, please share.) Alejo is looking for a free country where they can marry and where their love will not be forbidden. Pola thinks that will happen soon.

Ending: How many episodes will it take for Alejo and Pola to get down to business?


El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of August 1, 2011: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

¡Hóla a todos! Bienvenidos a agosto.

Flor Salvaje starts on Tuesday. I am going to check it out. I read that the lead actress in Flor, Mónica Spear, was the star of three successful novelas in Venezuela and has now signed an exclusive deal with Telemundo. Ya veremos.

After Herederos and Clon, my new standard for a novela is: does the story move along? I can take about anything else (not the hammy acting on Univisión) but an attractive, talented cast, a beautiful setting and a good initial idea are all worthless if the writers just put the story in a repetitive loop.

CORAZON- Andres exhibited an annoying schizophrenia in judgment. He refuses to believe any of the logical arguments that Lola makes to him about how pushing Débora down the stairs would have been totally against all her previous statements and actions but to no avail. Andres says that they are over. He never wants to see her agian.

Andres then finds out from the maid that Marcelo came to see Débora and that they had a terrible fight. He confronts Vicky and Ramón about this and he can tell that they are lying. He is unable to get the truth from them, however.

Lola tells Rodrigo that she didn't push Débora down the stairs and he says that he knows that she couldn't do something like that. Rodrigo tries to convince Andres but with no success. Meanwhile, Andres is all smarmy over Débora - gag.

The police question Marcelo about Verónica's murder but get nowhere. Rodrigo's boss tells him that he has learned from Interpol that Tiberio ran an operation that trafficked women for prostitution but then he disappeared and could be anywhere. He warns Rodrigo not to go after Tiberio without permission from Interpol. Right.

Marcelo shows up at Apolo's funeral and Lola tells him to get lost.

Etelvina tells Lola that Adela is sneaking out at night. Then Adela brings home a (used but low miles) Mini Cooper for her grandfather and claims that she bought it from her tips at work. Lola replies sarcastically that Adela couldn't even have made the down payment for a car like that from her tips.

Ramón, probably unwisely, taunts Marcelo about the fact that Tiberio won't take his calls.

Marcelo, I think, orders a hit on Rodrigo but it is unsuccessful. I think he kills or wounds one of the matones.

Lola inherits even more money from Apolo and Adela is jealous.

Camilo appears to be getting nowhere with Sofía but he is probably wearing her down. Andres finds out that Sofía is Camilo's love interest. Sofía asks Andres to help her do an intervention on Daniél and get him into treatment.

Soledad is still tied up and gagged in the pool supplies room.

That was about it. Over to you.

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Cuando Me Enamoro #73 Friday 7/29/11 Heated Arguments, Forlorn Fiestas, and Forced Apologies.

Feliz viernes a todos! Hopefully your weekend is starting off better than that of los Monterrubio. Practically everyone had a reason to cry tonight, so brace yourself with some comfort food or a cuddle with an obliging pet. Things are about to get ugly...

Renata continues to accuse Roberta of being La Bonita. Fina snaps at her to stop badgering her poor, ill sister as Berta clutches her chest and pants. Nata explains to Gonzo that Berta had a relationship with Rafa and she toyed with his feelings. Jero mistook Nata for Berta; he married Nata out of revenge for what Berta did to Rafa. Nata cries that she has been innocent the entire time. "It's Roberta's fault that Jero hates me so much!" Fina gives Nata a death glare.

Sele slinks outside to flirt with Agustin. He's looking for Nata, which puzzles Sele.

Jero paces the airport, trying to devise a plan to win Nata back. He knows Nata loves him because of how well she took care of him after he did a Humpty Dumpty in the riverbank. Nata needs to know that it was her mother and not Berta who convinced him of Nata's identity. Jero resolves to find out why Fina would have told him such a thing.

Berta bleats her innocence to Nata. Gonzo promises to call the cardiologist for Berta but first he must hear the rest of what Nata has to say. Nata lays into Berta; it was she who Rafa wanted to marry, it was she who dumped Rafa because he wasn't good enough for her. Fina says that the necklace isn't enough proof that Berta did anything wrong. Gonzo hesitantly agrees that the "R" alone can't prove Berta's guilt. Nata explains the "Rafa & Roberta 4eva" carving in the Arbol de Amor.

Nata refuses to be shouted down by Fina. There's no way that both names could be a coincidence! Gonzo thinks they need Jero's side of the story before they bring out the torches and pitchforks. Matias fumes that Jero hurt both Berta and Nata with his lies. His comment sends Nata over the edge. "WHAT did he ever do to Berta? NADA!!"

Gonzo talks Nata off the ledge by laying most of the blame for the situation at Jero's feet. Jero married Nata for revenge, jumped into a vicious plot without enough proof, and destroyed Berta's life too. Matias cannot keep a lid on it any longer. "Roberta's baby is Jero's!" If pobre Nata was distraught before, she is crushed now.

Oh, ick, Karina is tied to a chair and begs Dr. RapeySnake to let her go. He gloats, shouts in her face, and forces her to eat. It's too awful not to FFWD

Nata can't believe that the baby is Jero's. Fina turns to Berta with fake surprise and compassion. Berta cries about the humiliation of expecting the baby of her sister's husband. She hid it by marrying Matias. Nata sobs openly and asks why no one ever told her. Gonzo apologizes for not telling her but he didn't find the right moment. Berta says that she tried to tell Nata the truth about Jero but Nata didn't listen.

Nata remembers back before the wedding when Berta went on a diatribe about Jero playing both of them for fools. Berta says that Nata's love for Jero left her both blind and deaf to the truth. Fina takes Berta's side and criticizes Nata for running off with Jero without considering Berta's feelings. "You only think about yourself. As always."

Nata did what she did out of love. How could Berta have been so in love with Jero if she used both him and Rafa? Berta sweats she never messed with Rafa. Besides, everyone knows the only woman who had a relationship with Rafa was Nata. (Urrrrgh. Berta has learned well from Mami on how to play dirty.)

Nata screams that Rafa was her AMIGO! No matter what Berta and Fina say, their relationship was only friendship. Nata has all the proof she needs that Rafa and Berta were an item! Gonzo tells Nata to calm down. He is furious with el Jerko and vows to never forgive him for messing with his daughters. Gonzo vows that none of the Monterrubios will ever have contact with Jero again.

Augie tells Sele he will be waiting at a nearby hotel for Nata. She invites him out for coffee first.

Adriana finally gets why Matias had such pent-up aggression about Matias. Mat says he wanted to tell Nata but she rejected him. She said she was deliriously happy with Jero so Matias kept the secret and married Berta. Nata still loves Jero! She truly does. She was so unhappy with him because he thought she was Berta. Fina touts Berta's innocence, she told Nata not to marry Jero, yadda yadda yadda.

Nata can't believe that Jero would be such a malicious, rotten man. She turns her back to her family to try to compose herself.

Back downstairs, the wedding reception is still going on. I had forgotten about it completely. Soto, Fina's lawyer, asks Constanza why everyone seems to have disappeared. She leaves to check it out.

Berta half-cries half-whines that everyone has paid the price for Nata's relationship with Jero. Fina is the ever-loving mother to Berta and thanks Matias for sparing their family the embarrassment. Nata knows that Matias did what he did for her, not for Berta.

Coni wanders into the room and wonders QTH is going on. Adriana pulls her back out into the hallway to explain. Fina wants to help Berta clean herself up so she can parade around in front of the wedding guests. Matias is in no mood to celebrate. Gonzo tells Mat to go play happy family, at least for now. Left alone, Gonzo holds Nata as she lets it all out.

Coni returns to the party and has only snark to offer Honorio when he asks what's going on. They are having family trouble and Hon isn't family anymore. Honorio might not be family by blood but he is family by heart; those ties can't be cut so easily. Honorio can't understand how they ended up this way. He hates to see such contempt and indifference in Coni's eyes.

Hon swears that Blanca is full of it; they were only together one time. "Once is all it takes!" Coni says. She wants a divorce cuanto antes. Hon thinks Coni wants to split up so she can fool around with Chema. "Well, maybe I do! At least I don't have to hide it like you do with Blanca and her 'baby'" Coni says before leaving the forlorn fiesta.

Fina revels in her villainy while Berta has no desire to gloat. After what the doctor told her, she has no reason to be happy. Fina says that Berta should be enjoying herself since the time has finally come for Nata to be punished for everything she's done to them. Berta doesn't understand why Rafa abandoned her if he had made so many gestures of love (the necklace, the tree, etc). Why did he kill himself?

Fina says Rafa and Jero are a pair of locos. Berta is better off without them now that she has Matias. The miscarriage turned out to be a good thing, since now they don't have to take care of a brat that shares Loco Linares blood. Fina giggles that Berta should be thrilled since she's married and rich. What more could she want? Berta shrugs off her mother's embrace and heads out to face the troops.

Adri admires Matias for sacrificing so much for the better of his family. Matias did what he had to do. That doesn't mean he wouldn't sock Jero in the face at the first opportunity. Adri gives him a peck on the cheek.

Adri gives Augie a hug when she sees him hanging out in the yard. He leaves to wait for Nata.

Gonzo and Nata share a tender moment. They sit on the floor and hold hands while Nata pours her heart out to her papá. Gonzo understands Nata's pain and wants her to return home. Nata says that Fina told her there was no place for her in the family anymore. "I accept that my mom does not love me and that she never will love me. That does not mean it doesn't hurt." :'(

Gonzo is heartbroken that Fina did such a thing. "This is your house. This is your family. I am your father. In my heart, there will always be a place for you. Regardless of your madre, I will always be here for you." Nata gives Gonzo a big huge. Aww. *sniffle*

Gonzo tells Nata to never let anyone or anything break her spirit. Nata says her love for Jero has turned to hate. He gives her another comforting hug.

Ezequiel storms over to La Bonita. He demands that Carlos and Lazaro to tell him who has been knocking boots with Alfonsina. The guys are confused. Zeke says that Alfi doesn't know if her baby is his. He is sure that someone at La Bonita was fooling around with his wife.

Karina, bound and gagged, sobs as Doc drinks himself silly. Padre stops by the house and he asks Doc about Alfonsina's baby. Doc says it's not his problem. Padre admits he was wrong about Doc and calls him a bad, cynical man. Kari knocks a chair over and Doc keeps Padre from asking questions by saying it was the TV.

Jero arrives in Mexico, determined to set the record straight.

Oh. I guess Constanza *didn't* leave the party since she's come back upstairs to chat with Nata. Nata assures Tia Coni and Adriana that she will get Jero out of her heart one way or another. The ladies take their leave when Matias asks for a word with Nata.

Nata says Matias is the best guy in the entire world. She understands his reasons for keeping the secret and marrying Berta. Nata admits she fell in love with the wrong man. Mat hopes there can still be something between them but Nata squashes that right away. She loves him with her whole heart but only as a brother. Matias can live with that.

Gonzo tells Adri and Coni goodbye before letting Fina know that they need to have a serious talk in his office. Fina is uneasy, as there are several reasons why Gonzo could be upset with her.

Sele meets up with Augie in the hotel. She gives him her number and a kiss. Blech. Augie leaves a message for Nata.

Matias joins Berta in her room. Mat tells Berta that there is no reason for them to go on a honeymoon. Everyone knows that their marriage is a farce. They need to stop hiding things, it only causes more pain. Berta cries.

Gonzo can't believe that Fina would be so cruel to her own daughter. He thought that her illness would humanize her but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Fina defends herself. Nata wanted to ruin Berta's wedding. Gonzo says there were ways to handle that situation and what Fina did was not one of them. When it comes to Nata, Fina always handles it the wrong way. Gonzo can't stand by and let Fina treat Nata so poorly. "You will apologize to Renata and tell her that this is her house and that she can stay here as long as she wants."

Fina is scandalized that Gonzo would threaten her. Gonzo neither confirms nor denies the threat. But he does vow that if Fina does not have more consideration for Nata, he will stop having such consideration with Fina. "Apologize to Renata or she and I will leave." Fina gives a sour look and agrees to do it. Her hands are tied (for now).

The maid interrupts Nata's nap to announce that Jero has arrived and wants to see her.

Coni arrives home to find Chema waiting for her inside. She tells him the wedding was a disaster. Berta and Mat got hitched, Nata showed up in tears to accuse Berta of ruining her marriage with Jero, and, oh, yeah, Blanca's having a baby. (For breakfast? Because that is the only way this makes sense. I'm positive that Blanca's eggs dried up and blew away years ago.)

Well, Coni isn't as certain as I am. She was convinced that Honorio never cared that she couldn't have children but it seems like he didn't waste any time in finding someone who could. She asked Honorio for a divorce. Chema's spirits soar at the news and he asks if the divorce could be an opportunity for them. He even gets a Francisco Céspedes song to help his case. Constanza is on the cusp of rejecting him but Chema closes in for a kiss before she gets the chance.

Nata storms outside to meet Jero. She has no husband anymore despite what Jero says otherwise. Jero launches into what is an undoubtedly rehearsed forgiveness speech but Nata slugs Jero in the face. "Not one more lie, Jero! Get out of my life and do not look for me ever again!"

Avances: "The raw and naked truth" says the announcer. Jero shows up in front of the Monterrubio firing squad to explain himself. "You were Rafa's lover!" he says to Berta.


averiguar - to find out (Jero to himself)
recapacita - reconsider, think about (Kari to Doc)
Te lo dije, pero no me creíste - I told you, but you did not listen (Berta to Nata)
meterse con - to mess with, to pick on (Nata about Berta)
quebrantar - to undermine, to break (Gonzo to Nata)
lazos que no se pueden romper - Ties that cannot be broken (Hon to Coni)
desprecio - contempt (Honorio sees it in Constanza's eyes)
Ofrecerle una disculpa - Offer an apology (Gonzo to Fina)
La verdad cruda y al desnudo - The raw and naked truth (Lit. "The crude and nude truth").


Alborada, 7/29/2011. Cap. 43

Today's episode is covered in Melinama's Recap #15, Friday segment, at this link.

On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 43 start at this link.

Thank you, Carlos, for another mysterious picture today.

Susanlynn's caption: "TAXI!"


Triunfo del Amor #169 7/28/11 #who cares: A triumph of I'm DONE!

Burnie claims she was only carted off to the po-po because of a stupid woman who confused her (with?). She's just upset it happened in front of the bishop. Ji says it's no fair that decent bitches like them could be turned in by the riffraff. Burnie calls Ji and Rox leeches, capable of selling their souls to the devil for a few pennies. "Do you think I opened the doors of my house without knowing what kinds of women you were? Ji--I have a full list of your misdeeds and I'll be using that against you as soon as it's convenient." Ji looks nervous. Heh!

Os shows up at the hospital and Leo fills him in. Os tells Leo that Mama Lulu got spooked and took back her testimony in front of Burnie. The wheels in Leo's head start turning. Os asks how the kids are and Leo tells him Max caught the love bug.

In the caf, Fer complains she wants to see her sibs. Everyone wants to see Max and Maria and Cruz grins and says they can. Toni gets huffy and takes off while Pip flirts with Cruz.

Leo tells Os Max is in PHASE 2. O noes! Os sounds like he's blaming Dr. Voice when he asks him how this happened. Dr. Voice says Max did it on purpose.

For comic relief, Cruz leads the show's backup dancers in commandeering a window-washing rig so they can sneak a peek at Max and Maria. Free show!

Max is worried about Maria and how alone she must feel. When what to his wondering eyes should appear? The strangest window-washers ever. I'm waiting for the "OMG, am I already dead?" thought bubble.

Maria begs the Virgen to care for Max. She grins at her bizarre hallucination and Dr. Voice comes in to yell at them from inside his Tyvek suit and gas mask.

Vic and Os cry together over the kids. Vic doesn't want to talk about "them" now. Big whoop. Only Max and Maria matter. Weep, weep, weep!

Dr. Voice yells at Cruz, Fer, and Pip for not considering that they could have started an epidemic if they'd asked Max or Maria to open the window. I think my beanie just disintegrated entirely. Because wheeling a passed-out Max through the halls of the hospital wasn't going to start an epidemic? Because Maria modeling at that show in front of hundreds of people wasn't going to start an epidemic? Because Alonso walking around the whole DF with his camera of DEATH wasn't going to start an epidemic? Pobre del doctor…I think he must be the next one to fall victim to this terrible virus!

He continues his diatribe, threatening to have them barred from the hospital. Pip hilariously says he loves the hospital and spends more time there in his own house. Fer promises it won't happen again.

Ji gripes about how Burnie's got her and Rox by the pocketbook. Eva criticizes their choice of words…"aguantar no quiere decir lo mismo que soportar." (holding on doesn't mean the same thing as put up with). She suggests they team up for revenge and threaten her with what she fears most…hell! They're vaguely interested.

The cure has arrived via FedEx! Vic and Os have to give consent. Vic agrees, but Os doesn't want to risk Max with an experimental medication. Heri wants to honor Os' veto. Leo comes in and overrides his veto. Os thinks Max can beat this virus on his own! Um, wait, how is the vaccine for a virus going to cure them? If I already have the flu, getting vaccinated for the flu isn't going to cure me…or is it? Vic tells him to go shoot up Maria. With the vaccine, that is.

Barrio hijinx. Time to plan Don Napo's bachelor party.

PJP shows up at the hospital asking how the kids are. Maria's doing the same, but Max is doing worse than she is. The Swiss Vaccine arrived, but Os didn't want to let Max have it. Leo wants Max to have it. PJP repeats Os' objections, that Max is young and strong and looks damn good in a kayak, so maybe he can beat it on his own. The menfolk retire to the chapel to confab.

Napo serenades Mili with Si Nos Dejan. Seriously, dude, SERIOUSLY?!!! How long was that woman batting her eyelashes at you and you're going to sing her a song about how the two of you can go live on your own personal cloud if only the cruel world will let you? Does anybody know a serenata song for "Hey, babe, sorry I was being such a dumbass--I'm ready to commit now"? That's it! I'm riled! I'll let you know when my cover of Si Nos Dejan is posted online.

[Here's my cover]

The dads and the moms commiserate with each other. Vic wants to talk about Os. Os wants to talk about Vic. Good golly gosh. I don't know why those two crazy kids can't make it work. Os is convinced Vic loves him.

Cruz and Papa sing a mariachi song of their own. This one I don't recognize, La Negra Noche.

Burnie mockingly calls Vic to let her know that her grandson is doing ok. Jpito is playing and Burnie hasn't left him for a single second. "That's all. Good night," she says, and hangs up. Leo thinks it was a kind gesture. Vic corrects her--Burnie is just needling her. The first chance she gets, she's taking Jpito home. Vic admits she was pondering the many facets of love. "How many times have you been in love, Leonela?" Leo says she's had a lot of relationships, but love? She thought she was in love with Gui once, but the real love of her life was Os. She's only ever loved the father of her children. "Then why did you stop loving him?"

Mili says the last time she was awakened by music it was the…apilador? Afilador? I was expecting it to be the alarm clock, but that's "despertador." Somebody help me out here. Well Napo says she won't be awakened by the "apilador" or the "cartero" ever again, only by him singing in her ear. The "cartero" is the mailman. Maybe the mailman and the "apilador" (stacker?) like to sing while they work? Juanjo teases Napo about picking him to be his stepdad.

The mechanic hasn't found Ofelia's rotting corpse yet. Ji orders him to dig all night. That's not a euphemism. If he doesn't find anything, then he's gonna dig tomorrow night, and the night after that, and the night after that, until he finds something! And no, that's not a euphemism either.

Time passes.

Not that much time. No one at the hospital has changed clothes. Cruz and Fer arrive bearing caffeine. There's no news. Fer gets the news that Os vetoed the vaccine.

Max asks doc for news. Doc calls him a medical miracle for surviving the virus. I think he's a medical miracle for those abs. And the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. And the fact he's still breathing with that massive hole in his head where his brain's supposed to be. And the fact that he's somehow never drowned himself in the lake while kayaking, again due to said cavity in skull. Need I go on? Max asks why Lon didn't survive. "Well, Max, I hate to break it to you, but the writers just didn't think Alonso was as pretty as you are, so he had to die." The doc says it was Alonso's poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and the fact that he didn't treat his disease quickly enough. *cough* ItwasMaxandMaria'sfault *cough* Max is sure Maria is all better by now, right? Right? Commercial break outro music says.

Os paces dramatically in the waiting room. He gripes that no one has come to give them an update. Fer tells him to take a chill pill. Leo joins in on the pacing. Cruz offers to take her outside and walk her like a horse. Leo doesn't want to leave. Vic says it won't do them any good to raise a fuss, they just need to put themselves in God's hands.

Max asks again how Maria is. Doc says she's not doing as well as he is, but she's not worse either. She's still in Phase 1, but he's sure she'll be out soon. "Tell her I love her and I haven't stopped thinking about her and soon we'll be together." Riiiiight, because there are no phones in quarantine rooms?

Did we just bust Cruz's dad smoking?! Oh, it's a full-barrio intervention! Milagros whacks him with a flyswatter. I'm pretty sure that's not a therapeutic technique I learned in grad school. She tells him next time she'll beat him with a broomstick and hauls him off by the 'stache.

Luci and Fab come to the hospital. Cute dress, Luci. Fab asks to speak to Vic out in the hallway. He tells Vic he's grateful for all the time he's been working with her, but he's leaving. He and Luci are leaving together. Fab and his brothers inherited a fabric factory in Puebla and he's got to go take charge of it. He promises to keep tabs on the situation and come back for Max's wedding. Luci tells her not to worry, everything will be fine. Vic is a woman of faith and faith moves mountains.

O noes, there is a disturbance in the force…digo…the test results. No puede ser!

Heri comes in and Os bitches about how long they've been waiting for an answer. Heri says it's a fair criticism, but he couldn't give them any info until now. He says Os was right and Max is getting over the virus on his own. He's all better now. Well, give him a lollipop and free up that hospital bed. Os thanks Heri for everything. Heri wants to observe him for a few more days, but he doesn't want anyone to see him for now. Maria is also getting better, but before they gave her the vaccine, the virus had already affected one of her…organs? Is that what he said? Whatever the hell he said, everyone is horrified. Mi hija no!

And the winner is…kidneys. "We've got donors!" says Mr. 5ft. One's operating at 50% and the other one is kaput. She'll need…dun dun dun…a transplant! Vic insists they're compatible and she's ready to strip down and get on the table. Not like that. Heri says they've got to run tests first. Well, Vic doesn't want to wait. Oh, just sedate her already! Fer tells her to calm down. Vic feels the need to tell Fer that she wouldn't just do this for Maria, she'd do it for Fer or for Max too. Fer says she knows Vic would sacrifice herself for them. Vic goes to ask Os to take care of the kids. "A lot is over between us, but that doesn't mean you're done raising the kids!" Os is sure nothing will happen, but if it does, nothing is more important to him than their kids and grandkids. Vic is ready now. Heri says he'll take her to the operating room to prep. What happened to the tests, Heri? On top of Alonsitis you now want Maria to deal with an incompatible organ? Tears and goodbyes in the waiting room.

Maria gets wheeled down the hallway.

Doc looks like he's macking on Vic on the operating table before she gets knocked out. Maria is a little woozy and asks where she is. Doc mumbles something reassuring. Vic tells him if it gets to the point where he has to choose between one of them…save Maria. He promises as the probably overreacting anvil of doom falls. Heri joins their hands between the operating tables, but Maria's so out of it I don't think she notices.

Time passes. Oh, BOO! No gross surgery fx for the fx team! No fair! Maria comes to in her room, with no plastic tent, remembering stuff that happened while she was half asleep. She remembers Vic telling Heri to save Maria if he has to make a choice. A nurse with way too much makeup comes in and tells Maria she's had a kidney transplant. Another nurse runs in to say the donor, Victoria Sandoval, isn't doing too well. Maria pries herself up out of bed and into the conveniently placed wheelchair.

Vic is snoozing peacefully when Maria busts into her room…and my DVR cuts off. Lovely. No Sweet William Levy in a Kayak for me tonight…or ever again!


Teresa Thu 7/28/11 #106 A matter of VIPs

Let's see what’s happening tonight in the DF, shall we?
First we get a replay of Armando’s mugging by Maldito Fito el Bandito [MFB; love that one Vivi! I also really liked Frito Bandito, even if it was a typo GinCA ;-) ]
Chez Luisa: Odiana stops by Luisa’s to look at wedding dress and name drop about her rich and famous friends; friends who will soon be Luisa’s as well—after the engagement party in Ibitha. Teresa arrives and Odia snobbily tells her about the engagement party plans.
Calle: A stunned and shaky Armando comes to and realizes that he is bleeding.
Chez Luisa: Tere is stoked that Luisa has told Odia that she will be the wedding madrina and can’t wait to start on the boda preparations, but O quickly bursts her bubble by telling her that she is no way coming to the Ibitha party. Apparently her ghetto still shows too much, as evidenced by her drug-dealing friends. Ter starts to explain, but O isn’t interested and tells her to get lost. However, Luisa shocks Odia by sticking up for Ter. Score one for Tiburoncita.
Ter and Odia argue about the drug dealing misunderstanding and putting Luisa in the middle of it all [entre la espada y la pared; between a rock and a hard place (lit. the sword and the wall); a favorite dicho of these writers, it seems]; Ter graciously bows out of the wedding so as not to cause problems for Luisa and scores major points with Luisa, and viewerville is treated to a major Tibursonrisa.
Chez Barrera: Arturo is on the phone discussing the Very Important Papers when Armando stumbles in. Arturo is mostly concerned about Armando’s health, but does get a little impactado when he hears about the missing VIPs.
Armando tries to apologize for losing the papers, explaining the whole mugginess of the encounter, but Arturo won’t hear it—he just wants Armie to see a doctor and not worry about the VIPs. Juana comes down stairs and commences the most incompetent first aid ever. Meanwhile, Arturo calls “Lopez” and asks for more time with the VIPs. Lopez doesn’t seem very accommodating by Art’s reaction.
Hallway de Fernando: As Tiburoncita leaves Luisa’s, she smells Fernando’s blood in the air and immediately strikes a woebegone pose by the potted palm. She couldn’t possibly tell him what’s bothering her so much, but she certainly can lean in for some comfort! She tearfully tells him her planned boda abdication. Her tears turn sultry though when she says it’s out of love for the happy couple, and emphasizes his half of it--“no sabes cuanto he llegado a apreciarte” (you don’t know how much I have come to appreciate/value you). Fer goes for it hook, line, and sinker. They assure each other that he (and Luisa) loves Teresa. Ter only wishes his mom would appreciate her as much as he does. Bit full of herself today, no?
Chez Luisa: Luisa is very upset about Ter not being in the wedding, Odia isn’t so much bovvered. Odia also accepts no blame for the situation (“es mas fuerte que yo”; it’s stronger than me), acting as though she did not in fact cause the entire situation. Fer comes in and also takes the Tiburonside. Odia brings up the drug dealing accusation again, and Luisa and Fer head out to hear Ter’s side of the story. Odia just looks perplexed at those kids’ inability to see the writing on the vecindad wall.
Chez Juana: Esperanza tells (ummm, which to choose?) Crapberto about Hernan being mad and not answering her calls; Craps offers to take a note to the hospital for her and laments Juana’s continuing relationship with ‘doctor panzon’ (Dr. Belly). Espe sends Craps to get some food for her cravings (antojo) and gets a call from Juana, presumably with the mugging news.
Chez Caceres: Mariano and Aida cuddle on the couch and Aida tells Mari about getting the Luna Turquese shares, which of course leads the conversation to the rrrrrrrrata de vecindad. Mari pulls away and Aida for the first time in her life realizes that someone didn’t care for the way the she chose to express her opinion. Mari explains that he’s from the vecindad and doesn’t think he’ll ever be up to her ‘level’; but Aida says she’s never cared about these monetary difference (huh? did I miss an amnesia episode?)
Mari thinks the money would be an issue if they got more serious, and Aida latches onto this as the reason he is hesitant to commit. He deflects her request to get more serious by saying that they are still getting to know each other and changing the subject to Rubigote. Aida is feeling a weensy bit softer towards him and is going to visit him in jail.
Chez Barrera: Juana continues to demonstrate her poor training in first aid as Armando worries about the VIPs. Art is on the phone with “Lopez” and things are not looking good. But he still manages to worry about Armie’s health and suggests an xray. Perhaps just a better bandaid would suffice. Ter comes in and immediately rushes to her father’s side. She is ready to whisk him away to a hospital until he mentions the missing VIPs. She is way more upset about this than Artie. Juana helpfully suggests they just print a new copy, but apparently the VIPs are super duper gold plated special originals. She’s freakeando to Art and he reminds her that the important thing is that her dad is ok. She tries to take that in, but can’t get past the VIPs. Refugio rushes in to her ‘viejo’ and the Tiburoncell rings. Who do you think that could be? Why yes, it’s our favorite MFB! He tells her she made a big mistake by calling the cops on him, and he wants cash for the VIPs. She can’t believe it was him that robbed her dad—she must be under the delusion that there are other thugs in Mexico City. Guess there isn’t a lot of time left in her day for watching telenovelas. Anyway, we don’t hear a number, but by the Tiburoncara, it looks like MFB is asking for a bundle. She agrees but is muy, pero muy, upset. Much more so than at the thought of her dad being mugged.
Luisa and Fer come in as Ter rejoins the gang. Ter hustles her parents off to take them home (i.e. meet with MFB). Luisa asks Art what’s up.
Chez Caceres: Looks like Mariano has left and Aurora has come over to dish with Aida about Martin. She doesn’t really want to go into the whole thing though. Aurora is taking a very positive attitude after the Vanesssssa business about appreciating the good in life, and Aida agrees (‘hay que hacer a un lado las cosas malas’; you have to put aside the bad things). She tells Aur about going to see her dad; Aur approves.
Aida is annoyed, though, that she can’t go over to Mariano’s without seeing the brother of that gata. Aur, of course, thinks it’s super swell that Mariano is being so super swell to Johnny of the Little Brain. It’s just how SuperMariano is, and Aida best get used to helping out the vecinfolk if she wants to stick around. Even if he lives in El Castillo de Chapultepec (an actual castle in Mexico City) now, he won’t forget his peeps from the hood. Of course, Aida has a final complaint. Johnny’s residence meant that Teresa came over to talk to him. Aur and Aida agree that Ter still loves Mari. Regardless, she wants to separate Aida from him.
Chez Barrera: Art is getting heated on the phone, presumably with Lopez. Then he grills Luisa about Odia being mean to Tiny Ter. Luisa starts to explain about the drug dealing amigo, but Juana comes in and explains the whole situation for the benefit of the assembled company and those viewers who have been traveling a bit these past few weeks. Fer pledges his support for Ter. Luisa tells Art about Ter bowing out of the wedding.
Art is livid about Odia’s odious behavior. Juana defends her ahijada. Fer is totally on Team T. Luisa just feels bad about the whole situation. Art takes the opportunity (?) to bring up the importance of the missing VIPs.
He explains that if he loses the case, he has to pay all of Saenz’ debts and will lose everything. Luisa pledges to come to his aid (including financially), as does Fernando (presumably not financially, but who knows).
Garage somewhere: Ter looks around nervously and MFB grabs her with a gun. She gives him the dinero and begs him not to hurt her. He threatens her but eventually gives her the VIPs. He runs off and she starts to frantically go through the folders. Oh no!! Some are missing. But MFB is already gone! What’s a shark to do??? Yes! She even says maldito Fito.
Vecindad: Refugio, Armie, and Ter have made it home. Ref and Armie are relatively upbeat with his recovery and all, but Ter is way agitated because of the VIPs. Ref doesn’t understand how just some papers can cause Art to lose all his money. Clearly Refugio is too low class to understand about the importance of papers. But you see, these papers are Very Important. Understand? Armando asks his daughter to forgive him for losing the papers, but she says ‘el perdon no sirve para nada’ (forgiveness doesn’t serve any purpose). Ouch, that’s cold. She is major stressed about Art losing his dinero, but her mom points out that they she and Art will still have each other. That doesn’t count for much in Tiburonlandia. As god as her witness, she will never count pesos again!!
Of course, Ter says she will help Arturo, that’s what she was doing by preparing the VIPs. Ref suggests that the VIPs went missing as a test (presumably proctored by El Senor) for Teresa. She, who once failed to stand by her man (Mariano) for lack of dough, will now have to stand by a penniless Arturo. Ter pretends that is what she meant all along—that she needs to figure out how to help Art. Ref peps up at the thought of the two young, can-do lawyers making their way in this crazy world, but Tiburoncita clarifies that she meant what she, herself, could do, and starts mumbling about getting closer to Fernando. Ref asks what the heck she is talking about, and Ter explains about Odia odia-ing her, but that she will change all that. And Fernando WILL help her husband, y mucho. Now that’s the girl we all know and love.
She takes her leave after once more blaming her dad for the loss of the VIPs as a parting shot. He is devastated by her shabby treatment of him.
Chez Mariano: Mariano finds a Tiburonscarf on his couch and flashes back to the lady herself. Pati interrupts his reverie and sticks her foot in her mouth several times re: Teresa, Aida, Johnny, etc. She feels bad about causing him troubles, but SuperMariano says ‘no biggie’.
Chez Barrera: Odia visits Art in his study. He totally lays into her about her treatment of Teresa. Oh snap! Odia can’t believe his blindness to Teresa manipulations. He tells her she is no longer welcome chez Barrera.
Odia is hurt that he believes Ter over her. Art thanks her for her past friendship, but says he just can’t tolerate her behavior towards T. Odia says she’ll go, but first she’s gonna spill all she knows—Teresa was going to marry Mariano for love, but married Arturo for money instead. Art ain’t biting, and defends Ter’s love for him. Odia thinks he’ll change his tune when Ter gets back together with Mari. That really sets Art off. He can’t doubt her love after she forgave him for the PatPal affair. “Easier to forgive when there’s no love” says O. That’s pretty much the limit for Art. He ends this and all future conversations. Odia points out that a) Luisa, Fer, and the boda are still in the middle of them and b) she doesn’t have a problem with Arturo, so why the big deal. Art tells Odia that she is the one stopping their friendship, not him, so if she wants to continue a relationship with him, since he and Ter are together, she will have to apologize to Ter first. Good for you Artie! Way to stand up to the Odia. And I’m glad somebody pointed out that she is the one causing the problem here.
Chez Mariano: Johnny is getting stir crazy chez Mariano. Mar suggests he use his free time to study ………………………………………………………………………………
oh, I’m sorry, I fell off my chair for a second there. Johnny? Study? What a riot. I had no idea Mariano was such a comedian.
Restaurant: Aurora and Martin and Mariano and Aida are on a double date (they are AMMA!! When are they going to start singing?). Some shop talk about Luna Turquesa, foundation stuff, lots of cutesy flirting. Martin clearly smitten with Aurora. Apparently, she and Mariano have some new proposal approved that will keep them busy with foundation work. They all toast and Martin says “a los ojos, a los ojos” as he looks at everyone. This reminds me of a friend who is insistent that you look someone in the eye when you say cheers and clink their glass. I am not sure where she got this from, but apparently Martin has heard about it too.
In all the foundation talk, the adoption plans of Rootsie come up and Aida explains how she wanted another hijo after Paulo died. Everyone seems to think it’s a weird idea. That’s probably because it’s a weird idea.
Chez Barrera (the new, improved, Odia-free version): Ter is stoked to hear that Art kicked Odia to the curb. Fer and Luisa support his decision too. Art tells Ter how Odia tried to besmirch her rep with talk of not loving Art, but he wasn’t fooled. They smooch, and Ter reminds him that it’s very important to her that he put her above all else. Really? I hadn’t noticed. Anyway, they move on to talk about he Saenz case. They are worried about the ‘fallo’ (verdict). Art says he feels better knowing that, no matter what happens, even quiebra (bankruptcy; will we be hearing more of this new word in the coming weeks?), she will still be by his side. Right? She reassures him as the jaws theme plays.
El Club, next day: Luisa and Fer discuss the Odia situation. They agree that Art did the right thing in dealing with Odia (new dicho for me: le poner en alto, ‘put a stop to her’ according to the internets), but Luisa still feels bad about it all. Fer cheers her up with wedding talk.
Luisa leaves and Odia arrives all in a state about Ter playing the victim and getting O banned from chez Barrera. Fer says he feels the same way—indignant and mad. She is happy to hear that, until he drops the bomb—he agrees with Arturo, not her! O can’t believe he wouldn’t support his mom. He tells her to get with the Teresa program or he will cut her off too. Though he claims it’s for Luisa’s sake.
Chez Genoveva: Rootsie shows some Luna Turquese promotional material to Art and Ter. Art gets a call and has to go. Roots drops her nice façade the second he’s gone.
Aida arrives and now it’s Rootsie’s turn to get a convenient phone call to take her out of the room. Ter and Aida engage in their favorite game. Ter harasses Aida about the scandal of her dad’s incarceration, and Aida informs Ter that she is her new socia. Oh my, that is one pissed off Tiburoncara.
Avances: The judgment is in and it doesn’t look good. I think we’re looking at our first incidence of TN osicide.
Also, folks, the avances said ‘next Tuesday’; so it looks like we are getting a couple days off.


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