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Lo Imperdonable #119 Fri 10/30/15 Desperately Seeking Those Anvils

Hi all. This will be my last recap for "Lo Imperdonable". It has been such a pleasure recapping this one. Many thanks to my teammates NovelaMaven, AuntyAnn, Princess Juju, Adriana, and LatinaInMD for their wonderful recaps throughout the show's entire run. Many thanks also to all those who joined us here on The Patio. Watching this show with all of you has made the experience more enjoyable.

Well, here we are on the second to last episode, and the anvils still haven't arrived. They must still be in the shipping process. Darn. Mejia should have paid the express shipping. We'll have to wait until the very end it seems. Let's hope the anvils will be satisfying.

Now on to the recap...

She's Alive 

Veronica makes her grand entrance at the presentation of her jewelry collection and leaves the entire Prado Castelo clan and Claudia stunned. Virginia wonders if Veronica has recovered her memory.  

Rebeca annouces Veronica and asks her to come up onto the runway. Veronica gets onto the runway and walks over towards Marty. The two stare at each other. Veronica gives him a small smile before she enters character and pretends to reject him. When Marty goes to embrace her, Veronica gets into her character and backs off, rejecting him in front of everyone. 

Veronica then goes and embraces Virginia who she asks to protect her from Marty. This further stuns the Prado Castelo clan as well as Claudia who has the best stunned facial expression in the scene. 

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #49 Fri 10/30/15 (Mex 69) "You're Fired!" or Granny Trumps Petey's Ultimatum!

Ciao a tutti e mille grazie per essere venuti!  Muchisimas gracias a todos y gracias por venir!  Yes, I think at this point we need to thank all of YOU for watching and hanging out on the Patio with us!  Mille grazie to all my Peeps for your kind words and witty observations on Monday!  Well, folks, today's horror/dramedy installment is quite simple and scenes will be combined and not necessarily in order of broadcast.

Granny dresses Fifi down real good but, considering the reviews we've gotten on her uniform and pigtails, this was accomplished weeks ago.  Anyway, Granny rips Fifi another one!  She wants Fifi and Gigi out TONIGHT and Fifi's begging on bended knee does not move her!  She is to get a limited severance check, pack her rags and git!  Back with this later.

In other developments, Sergio is released from the hospital and the jailhouse.  Julieta and Pedro flank him on either side and the Lawyer is there as well assuring them that the investigation into Anibal's henchman's involvement in the arson and the attack on Sergio will continue.  A not so cleverly concealed Anibal, wearing a demon hoodie, stands behind a skinny tree and watches the group leave.  Later, once the group arrive at El Rancho, Julieta and Sergio warmly and sincerely thank Fiorella for all her help.  She graciously accepts their thanks and welcomes Sergio home.  Much later Julieta leads Sergio in some breathing exercises to relax him but the knife attack in the jail comes flooding back in vivid detail.  He shakes as he realizes he could have been killed!  Julieta holds and comforts him.  Pobrecito!

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Antes muerta que Lichita #29 Friday 10/3012: Luciana and Roberto's relationship is over... now her new target is Alejandro... suddenly he is the magnet of Iconika

Bea had reacted alarmed when she learned Elsa sells her food at the agency. Elsa skips a breath. But Bea says ‘blessed be God, I am so glad we allow the more humble folks to earn a little money at the agency.’ This gets a nasty facial expression from Lichita and a sigh of relief from Elsa.

Daphne keeps talking about how good she feels (like shes at home) when she is around the Gutierrez. Bea says glad you behave so good around some folks. And that she should do the same here at home.

Elsa says she always thinks every child is different…

Bruno and Brisas… seems she lost a hard drive of his… she swears she will give it to him tomorrow. She wants to give him a ride home. He says better not, don’t want to get lost in all the things that you have in your car.

Lichita is leaving the ‘dinner party’. And so does Roberto want to, but Luciana pulls him by the arm and won’t let him leave just yet. She has to beg ‘dale, flaco!” it is obvious he is really uncomfortable with Luciana suggesting the night is young and we can still have LOTS of fun…. Daphne makes a comment of what Luciana’s idea of having fun is… Alex rants at Daphne and apologizes to Roberto. Roberto walks away, Luciana asks Daphne to not be like that… ‘we all had fun… didn’t we?’ Luciana walks away too. Daphne is grunting through the teeth… Daphne again mentions the email she sent Alex to him…

On their walk out to the car, Roberto does make a point when Luciana keeps mocking the Gutierrez… he says her words don’t speak well of her. Luciana claims that ‘those people’ are made for that, for us to mock them… ‘because they are ‘nacos’… Roberto says you don’t even know how to respect people, he wonders how she was educated to undermine people like that. She asks him why he is so irritated. HE just leaves… she says all the idiosyncrasy hurts…

At the house, Nacho and Lichita cuddle up… he tells her he can’t quite keep quiet when Roberto is hanging out with Luciana when he thought Lichita and Roberto were dating… Lichita tells him maybe she got together with the wrong guy. Nacho says all he wishes is that when she does really hook up with the guy, he hopes she is happy. He tells her to keep alert and working at Iconika… one of these days they will throw her a nice bone… (opportunity). You can do it, mija…

AT apartment, Roberto is telling Gumaro ‘I can’t stand my gf!! How do I get rid of her??’ Gumaro says you asked for it… Roberto says he can’t let Augusto suspect anything. Gumaro suggests operation Onisco… basically the strategy (operation molusco [shut seashell] is to bore the heck out of Luciana…

Said Luciana is on phone with her mom… mom is ranting that dad spent all the money and can’t sell a painting even by accident… we are living social embarrassment, having to live off the ring you stole from the Duke. Mom keeps ranting that Luciana fled and left them with all the messes to clean up. Repeats that Luciana can’t go to Argentina or otherwise she will end up in jail, with the striped uniforms that don’t do anything for your figure… Mom suggests Luciana should talk to the Duke and try to convince him to retire the accusation. Luciana refuses.

Roberto gives GUmaro Augusto’s wallet and asks him to find out everything he can about all the guy whose business cards are in the wallet… Roberto is determined to not let anyone take his child from him.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #48 Thu 10/29/15 (Mex 68) A story of a sauna

Welcome again, Special Guest Recapper sneaky two shoes!

Sonia has locked Pietro and Fiorella in the turned on sauna, but she doesn't know they are both in there. Silly Sonia thinks Fi is talking to herself

Pietro pulls out the old 'tell me you don't love me, tell me you never want to see me again and I'll go'

Fi hems and haws and can't stand the heat of Pietro's prescence or maybe its the sauna, either way she wants out but oh no! The door is locked, Pietro you scoundrel how could you? He protests his innocence

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Lo Imperdonable #118 Thu 10/29/15 Julio dies a hero and... oh no! not Padre Juan!

An alert has been issued to the surviving characters of this telenovela:  If you are not absolutely indispensible to the plot, take shelter now and do not emerge until next Tuesday.  I repeat...

Vero is still afraid of Marty, but she trusts her mama.  She agrees to go with her to a very special place tonight, no questions asked.

Manny snarls and Ana Perla snivels  
So what else is new? This: when Manny glances up at the little glass shrine to the Virgin, Blanquita bops him with the flower bucket.  He grabs Blanca's ankle, but Ana Perla conks him on the head with what may be a pineapple.  [Thanks, J, Gobluefan and Mauricio!] She doesn't hit him hard enough though, because he is still alive and writhing on the ground as the Goat girls run away.

The plan involves horses and the help of a personal assistant.

Marty has brought Rebeca's assistant to the riding club and now introduces her to his horse Sansón.

Prado Castelo Mansion - A Mother and Child Disunion
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, #78 Thu 10/29/15: Oh Isela...So many reasons to slap you

We open with Claudio and the other 3 lawyers revealing that somehow even though the court sent 3 notifications that Dan was to come into the station, the police shouldn’t have come to his house to arrest him. As a result, the court will have to release him immediately. (Really? Because he did flee the cops, engage in a dangerous car chase through the city and then hold someone at scissor point. You know, in case they forgot that part.) Ursula is disgustingly happy with this news.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #28 Thursday 10/29/15. "The Episode Where Everyone Fawns over Alejandro"

Alternative Title: The Episode where we count how many times Guapo and Alejandro are used in the same sentence.

Tonights episode is combination of Episode #31-#32 in Mexico.  

Episode 31
Lichita reminds the patio of her recent ups and downs...the good and the bad, the humiliations and the uhhhh more humiliations by Roberto, Luciana and fellow co-workers. The sad montage ends with Lichita at her lowest when she happily accepts her award with tears. She is the most foolish and she vows that she will never forget them. Meanwhile the crowd has the nerve to look awkward.....ummm what else did you think would come of this.

Augusto is at the happiest (and not his fake crap he puts out to others) I have ever seen him. Alex went home first but no one was there. So while he was getting fresh air, he decided to come to Iconika.

Sandra is not pleased with the rumors going around that Roberto was promoted due to his relationship with Luciana. He's about to ask whether he was promoted due to his own merit but Fatima interrupts with the news of Mr. Hottie from NYC arrival. Sandra is none to please to have the entire family at Iconika. There is a mini family reunion in Don Augusto office. Since Mr. Hottie has pulled a disappearing act for many years (studying the arts...did not catch the specifics) they will have a celebratory family dinner tonight.

Instead of working, Luciana plays detective and scopes out Roberto's place. She bumps into Gumaro (she does not know it is him) and his disgusted at his advances. She knocks on their door enough to disturb a sleeping neighbor who tells her to quit it.  She asks for the 411 on Roberto and finds out that he does not have a kid living there and Gumaro is anything but sick.

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Lo Imperdonable #117 Wed 10/28/15

AP tells Pablo that the truth is out. She is heir to half of OG's money and the only heir to the house where Manny is living. But the worst part for Manny is that Pablo gets some of the inheritance too because he is now AP's husband, and that is the only reason Manny went to visit AP.

Vero breaks away from Marty's loving embrace. She does not know him and wants to be left alone. He calls her mi amor; she runs away and Marty goes after her.

Some of Pablo's brain cells start functioning as he realizes the reason Manny was after him and AP after Pablo had taken AP from her almost marriage to Julio. AP also confesses that Manny tried to kill her in front of OG's casket. Blanquita's screams interrupt the conversation. AP asks Pablo to help her cousin. Manny takes advantage and locks himself and AP in the room.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #27 Wednesday 10/28/15: "Free Fall"

Wow! Was this not just one action filled "impactante" kind of episode?? Before we get to the celebratory shindig for Luciana and its fallout, we will have to cover a few leftover "detallitos".

We left Dafne on the roof threatening to jump in the last episode. Alicia sees her and runs up to try to talk her down. When that does not work (the bottom line: Dafne is convinced her parents hate her and is bent on self destruction), Alicia grabs her and pulls her down from the ledge (so to speak: it is really a security fence). They both fall backwards on the cement with Alicia hitting the cement with Dafne on top of her. Alicia holds Dafne in her arms and tries to get her to calm down. Alicia offers to take her home but Dafne refuses to go not wanting her family to see her like this. To Alicia's surprise, Dafne wants her to take her to her house.

In the blink of a scene, we are at the Gutiérrez house where Alicia introduces Dafne as the "daughter of her boss" (Augusto not Roberto) to her family. (Looks like Nacho has pretty much recovered from the detached retina). Elsa welcomes her as Alicia explains Dafne is there for dinner, supper and at least breakfast tomorrow.

At Iconika, Luciana finally finds Roberto. She has been looking for him and accuses him of avoiding her. She wants to fill him in on the big climax of the joke on Alicia that will take place at her celebratory company shindig that very evening. For him the joke on Alicia is over, but it is not over for Luciana. She uses her knowledge of his false curriculum vitae and the photo of his "nephew" to convince him that the joke is not over. He tries to convince her she needs her mind back on work when she grabs him and kisses him. Augusto sees them.
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres, #77, Wed 10/28/2015: Friendships are Tested and Obliterated

We start where we left off with MD very cautiously asking Claudio if he and Isela are doing the bunny hop in the office and under his wife’s nose at home. Claudio denies, denies, denies. Then he plays the offended party and accuses MD of threatening him, and returns a veiled threat, which MD asks him to confirm. He ends the conversation by turning his back on her, and she slinks out. As soon as she’s out the door, Claudio calls Ursula and says he’ll help her get Dan out of the pokey.

Orlando has asked Ari to meet him in the hood to tell him about him and Doris being novios. Ari goes apesh*t and starts accusing Orly of staying with Doris to seduce and have sex with her (Orly denies this), then starts beating the crap out of Orly. Orly doesn’t fight back, but keeps insisting that he’s Ari’s friend, and points out how he didn’t intend to fall for Doris and in fact tried to help Ari get her back. Ari is NOT listening to or accepting any of this. He leaves Orly with a warning—“Just like you took Doris from me, I will take you down.”
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #47 Wed 10/28/15 (Mex 66-67) The Creature from La Dolce Vita

After a few last smoochies, Pedro totally kills MY mood by asking if Fi has ever thought about having babies with Vile Vitto.  Gross, dude.  Fi gives him a "hell no" and a few more kisses into the bargain.  Besides, everyone knows the undead can't reproduce.

I'm iffy about the neckline on Fed's dress, but other than that I think I really like it.  The argument with Dante is the same one they had yesterday, about offing Eloisa.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #26 Tuesday 10/27/12: Welcome to Smooch City (Loading the Tragedy Cannon)

Hey folks, last night we had an episode where things were going pretty well for Lichita. I tend to see happy scenes like these so early in a novela as a form of loading a gun... The happier she is now, the bigger the boom from the tragedy cannon.

Anyway, the episode opens on Luciana grilling Roberto about the kid in the photo (actually his son). He claims it's his nephew and marvels at his own stupidity ("how could I have brought this photo to the office!??") for almost getting caught.

Nacho continues to display his ineptitude. He's happy to have his janitorial job back and he hums and dances with his mop. He places a wet-floor warning sign (remembering out loud that it's an important rule to put the sign up so no one slips and gets injured) and promptly slips on the floor and loses his eyesight (again). The retina re-detached.

Fortunately for Nacho, the doc patches it up relatively easily. Elsa, his wife, worries about how they'll pay for it, but no worries: Lichita put it on her credit card! And they manage to get Magos to cover Elsa's shift of pushing the food cart through the office so Elsa can stay with Nacho.

Mateo's would-be adoptive parents meet with a lawyer. They don't have much legal grounds to take Mateo, because his dad (Beto) is still around and has legal rights. Anyway, I question the wisdom of trying to adopt a kid who knows his dad and actively doesn't want to be adopted.

Beatriz' maid shows her an unfamiliar pair earrings that she found in her husband's bag. She confronts Augusto (whose earrings are these?) as he tries to work on a hilariously serious self-portrait of himself in a business suit with a briefcase. He tries to sidetrack her with a romantic advance, but she won't quite fall for it. "Don't lie to me, it's a sin!"

/>Luciana reads the accusations of ineptitude and nepotism levelled at her in the "Mujer de Hoy" magazine article. She's pissed. "We're gonna shut up this idiot journalist!"

Dafne finds her mom crying in Alex's room. She's actually kinda sweet and they're nice to each other for maybe the first time. She heard the fight and tries to comfort Beatriz with a hug.

Augusto comes to Sandra (side girl #1?) and asks if the earring is hers. She's pissed and says it isn't. August: "fortunately my wife is very understanding with me." Uhh, no she's not and you're a jerk. He's got too many girlfriends, and he doesn't even recognize whose earrings they are.

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Lo Imperdonable #116 Tue 10/27/15 Rebeca makes her move, Manny fails to kill Aaron, and Marty reunites with Veronica.

Aaron has Marty trapped and pinned to a wall with a gun pointed at him from behind. 

Now that Marty is out of sight, the cousins and Veronica continue their way to the nursing school. 

At the PC offices, the bank manager tells Jorge that the bank will take full responsibility for having cashed the check without verifying that it was indeed Jorge's signature. The bank will be giving Jorge his money back. Jorge wants to know who could have robbed him. While the bank can't provide the actual images from the security camera, they can provide him with a screen shot of the blind man who came to cash the check. Jorge takes a look at the man in the photo and IDs Aaron. 

Instead of pulling the trigger, Aaron decides it's a good idea to babble away and tell Marty his plans to kill Magdalena and Botel as well. The three of them will all reunite in hell and hey they may even reunite with Veronica down there as well. At the mention of Veronica, Marty reverts to Crazy Marty, and with a quick move he's able to get the upperhand on Aaron overpowering him and causing him to drop his gun to the ground.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #76 Tue 10/27/15: Big Truths, Even Bigger Decisions

     Parte 1~
     Doris and Orlando continue lip locking and discussing their new relationship.  Yes, Chelito was the one to wise him up to the fact that she was in love with him and he is attracted to her greatly.  In love with her is something else again and Doris determines to make him fall in love with her.  He’s game he says.  

Maria Dolores (Pained Mary) advises Doris to take the rest of the day off and enjoy getting to know Orly better.  She does and he tells her he’s an old-fashioned sort of guy who, though not exactly a male chauvinist, at least likes to know he wears the pants in the family and would be her ultimate shield and provider.  He also seems a bit slow in bedding the dizzied damsel, taking things in baby steps rather than in gigantic er…(bedroom bop) hops.  As for Ari, Orly will deal with him and the “it” later.   And Isela?  She wasn’t worth it, just a lust of sorts that he’s over.  (FF>>FF>>)

·        Alma gets the disastrous, earthshaking news that although Claudio is fine, maybe a bit overstressed so that he cannot function in his matrimonial mattress duties of late, she’s the one with health worries.  She has pancreatic cancer.  She chooses to deal with the news on her own—at least for now, tell Max that she’s just going through menopause (and empty-nest syndrome).

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #46 Tue 10/27/15 (Mex 65) Much Boo Hoo about Nothing

If you haven't watched the episode yet, you can FF>> up to about 3 1/2 minutes in and avoid all the refrito.

New stuff starts with Pedro, Sonia, and the faked DNA results that so far, Pedro doesn't believe.  Until Sonia says Fi must have mis-heard.  And that's all it takes for Pedro.  Though, he doesn't care for Sonia's plan, to wait and tell Osvaldo the truth later.  The ass in question comes home and Belinda runs interference.  Meanwhile, Sonia keeps arguing and lets her very real pain over the loss of her last baby add a touch of authenticity to her pleas not to risk the life of this one.  As Os walks in and Pedro starts to spill the beans, Pedro gets the call...

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Lo Imperdonable #115 Mon 10/26/15 The cousins chase Vero, who is running from Marty, who is pursued by Aarón, who is wanted all over Mexico. Got that?

Think about it.  Mexico City is enormous.  Over nine million people live in the city proper within an area of 573 square miles.  (In the greater metropolitan area, there are more than 20 million.)  But judging by tonight's episode, the Distrito Federal is just another pueblo pequeño.

Lo de antes:

Martín goes to Virginia's room to confront her.  While he is there, she gets a call from Aarón.

Arturo knocks Verónica down with his bike as she is wandering in a daze through the city streets.

Lo nuevo:

Maybe it's the big bandage on her head and the hospital gown over the sweat pants.  Maybe it's the bruises on her lovely face or her utter confusion and helplessness.  But after the accident, Arturo feels responsible for this Damsel in Distress. He tries to persuade her to come with him so he can take care of her.  Though Verónica is very frightened, she decides to take a chance – she puts herself at the mercy of this sympathetic young man.

Halloween has come early to the vecindad

In Mexico City, Aarón, wearing tortoise-shell horn rims and blue surgical scrubs, makes his limping way down the stairs of the vecindad.  He looks down at his phone and mutters angrily.  That stupid woman thinks she can ignore his call!
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #45 Mon 10/26/15 (Mex 62-64) Gianna has Two Angels on her shoulder and Sergio a devil on his back!

Buona sera, Muchacha Patio Peeps!  Scenes have been combined and may not be in the order of broadcast. 

Well.  We have to pick up where we left of on Friday but we'll make it quick!  Vitto pulls away from Fiorella's lips and is absolutely enchanted!  Oh, what a sweet kiss!  It's proof that she loves him!  Fiorella looks like she's waking up from a dental procedure, NOT the afterglow that Vitto seems to be in.  They proceed to their table where he continues carrying on about the kiss.  He stands and presents her to all the patrons of the restaurant as his beloved fiance and invites them all to applaud and buys every table a bottle of champagne.  Well somewhere along the way Fifi wanted to go to somewhere more peaceful after being put on blast in the restaurant so. . . .he takes her to his home.  He shows her some artwork and within minutes has decided to show her something more personal.  He takes her to his bedroom all alight with flower petals and candles.  Fiorella is really looking stunned now.  He thought it's what she meant by something more tranquil.  No.  She doesn't want to get to know him better.  She wants to go back to El Rancho.  Now.  In a cab.  He agrees to call one.

In the offices of La Dolce Vita, Diana presents Vitto with the results of her "investigation."  She hates to disillusion him because she knows how excited he is about the wedding but. . . .Fiorella swindled a guy in Italy!  Vitto has heard this charge before and is not impressed.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #25 Monday 10/26/12: I come up with an important acronym for our rotten galan

In Los Angeles, Roberto and Alicia did a lot of kissing and holding hands and sight-seeing, and they slept on the same bed (in all their clothes) before rushing off to meet the U.S. contact Jose Guadalupe (who is a real slob) and talk about how important family is to U.S. Latinos and that they are bicultural. I don't think those were very subtle observations.

Roberto says she's sexy. She's never slept with a man (she's invisible to them). He admits he hasn't had any action for a long time because his life has been difficult. He's thinking: yeah, I was in prison. She says: oh yes, your sick brother. He is embarrassed but doesn't come clean. I think I need an acronym for this because it happens so often. EBDCC. When it's time to go home she asks if they're going back to status quo ante and he says, basically, yes. They have to be very discreet. "Is it because of Luciana?" "I feel nothing for her. In fact I can't stand her, if you see me with her it's because she is a very hard woman."

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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #75 Lunes 10/26/15

Chapter 75: Surprises

Esperanza opened the door. Scuzzy Santibañez charged in, grabbed Maria Dolores, and held a pair of scissors to her throat. The police bust in behind him, pistols drawn. Her screams attracted the neighbors, including Hosefa. Mama Bear and her shark ran into the courtyard. Danny-Boy demanded that the police not shoot. Mama Bear and Arango went into the Morales apartment.
“Son, don't do this. Don't be foolish!” she yelled.
“I'm not losing my son, not after all we did,” he answered.
The police pushed Ùrsula back and Danny-Boy started lowering the scissors.
“This is all your fault!” Mama Bear yelled at Maria Dolores.
“I haven't done anything wrong,” she answered. “He raped me. You raped me!” she yelled at him as she elbowed him in the side. The younger cop's reflexes were good. He got in and shoved Danny-Boy's face down onto the worktable. His partner closed in as he said to Danny-Boy “You're under arrest and will need a lawyer.”
They dragged him out the door. He protested as they frogmarched him past the neighbors.
“Wait till you see what happens to you for all this,” Mama Bear shouted. She shook her indez finger at Maria Dolores like an orphanage mistress out of Oliver Twist.
“Don't you threaten my daughter,” said Esperanza. “Nobody was more unfair and cruel than Daniel. It's your fault as his mother for not teaching him any values.”
“Yes, yes, yes,” Chelito shouted. “Face it; he's committed a crime and he has to pay.”
“You will be sorry for this,” Mama Bear said. “I will make you sorry and I will have help. I will always remember this moment.”
Arango said “Vamanos” as he pulled her out the door. Maria Dolores looked frightened, Doris angry.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Celia, Bajo el mismo cielo, Señora Acero and Preciosa Perla: Week of October 26, 2015

Let's hear it for Novela Maven, Novelera and Anita who are carrying all the water for  Celia, Bajo and Perla, respectively. Some other folks need to pitch in! I have only seen the first episode of Celia so I'm waaaay behind. Anyway, here is your post for this week. Enjoy fall, Hallowe'en and the clocks falling back.

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La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #90-94 Oct. 26-30

A Musical Offering From 5ft Latina:

Just an Engineer (sung to the tune of Just a Gigolo)

He's just an engineer
The only one who's here
people know the rocket he's making.

Paid for every bit
not selling views of it
ooh, what they're saying!

There will come a day
he'll finally fly away.
What will they say about him?

When that launch comes he'll hear
"What an awesome engineer!"
Why'd they e-ver doubt him?

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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (October 26 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #74 Fri 10/23/15: La Fuga - Daniel On The Fly

JdesdeNYC is unable to join us today, so I'm filling in.  Hopefully I'll have something up by this evening or early tomorrow AM.  Discuss here for now. --ed.

·        JJosefa convinces Isela that Marta didn’t lie about being innocent, but only after she drags out the last letter Marta sent her before killing herself.  “—Do you think a person ready to kill themselves would lie in a letter?”  I guess Ise figures probably not.  After a bit more emotional browbeating, she swears to continue the venganza for Hosie.

·        Chelito runs into Orlando and Ari arguing over Doris.  She bassakwardly introduces herself and gives the both of them a piece of her mind, which orly finds a bit amusing.  To quote Chelito: “Harrumphhh!”  Ari catches up to her and says he did fall in love with Doris, and he did try to do things the right way.  She questions what he considers “doing things the right way.”  Marriage, kids, living together for the rest of their lives?  “—Well yeah, but she’s in love with somebody else.   “The mechanic?”  “--No, somebody else, he’s my best friend and besides he told me he’s not it.”  “—Oh, I understand now.  It doesn’t bother you that she’s been living with him, though, right?  Chelito gives a major and much deserved eye roll here. “-- Stop bothering me, boy!!” 
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Lo Imperdonable #114 Fri 10/23/15 Virginia's Luck Seems To Be Running Out

At the n-less hospital, the authorities have come to see Botel so he can give them his statement about being shot.

In Mina Escondida, Marty agrees to assist Raymunda and Joaquin so they can take a look at Crescencio's last will and testament. 

At the market, Julio is hard at work. He flashes back (or daydreams) about shopping for baby clothes with Ana Perla. Wait a minute, the two are about to kiss, so this has to be a daydream, riiight? Back in reality, well not really reality, actually it is more like Julio's own little world, anyway back in Julio's own little world, he tells himself that he is sure that he will win Ana Perla's love. He vows to make her the happiest girl ever. Whatever. 

Meanwhile, Ana Perla is already the happiest girl ever, because she visits Pablo and greets him with a sweet kiss on the lips. She explains to Pablo that Julio is not living with her and that she only accepted Julio as a Bro-Friend (boyfriend/friend). She wanted to explain so Pablo does not think the worst of her. She accepts that she tried to test Pablo because she was sick and tired of nutty Mariana wanting to separate them. Pablo assures her that he will teach Mariana a lesson. He tells her that he has to leave for New York for the opening of an exhibition. Yes, he is going with Mariana. When he returns he will be the man that Ana Perla wants. He asks Ana Perla to trust him. Ana Perla tells him that she will trust him. Smoochies. Lucia walks in on them and is all smiles. 

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #44 Fri 10/23/15 (Mex 61) Eh! Your Granny Wears Army Boots!

Mille Grazie once again to Sneaky 2 Shoes for Thursday's recap!  YAAAAAY!

Oh, beloved, and long-suffering Muchacha Patio Peeps, tonight will be no exception so come, let us hunker down, grit our teeth, scare the cats, whatever we have to do and get through this!

Diana vows to her Mom that Vitto will be hers!  She's not going to let that Italian heffa dash the plans and dreams she has for her life with Mr. Got Rocks!  Fifi must have a secret and she's going to find it!

Fiorella runs from Assvaldo and initially puts up a defiant front, threatening to tell Sonia what she saw but Ass boy catches her alone and effectively silences her by threatening to throw her sick sister out in the street!

Benny continues pressing Gianna for what her Dr. told her.

The Private Investigator or Policeman on the phone with Julieta tells her that Sergio's identification was found amidst the ruins of her burnt apartment.  Sergio enters the room as she concludes the call and she begins to question him as to the logic, or lack thereof, of Anibal burning down her house.  This scene is cringe worthy because Sergio had some yummy cake that Julieta took from him to ask these asinine questions!  Sergio gets a phone call from the lawyer handling the Angeles estate, he excuses himself to take the call. 

Down the hall, Gael is in session with Alina but he might as well be talking to a blow-up doll:  that's how attentive Alina is.  Alina apologizes and says she's tired.  The tables turn as Gael asks if she is physically or emotionally tired.  Gael sits next to Alina and gently offers that listening to so many troubled people can certainly be exhausting.  He acknowledges that he realizes she has a personal life, a social life, a love life.  Is that what is troubling her?   Alina openly cries.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #24 Friday 10/23/15: Luciana and Augusto keep blackmailing each other with info... Luciana openly, Augusto not so much... Roberto and Alicia are getting some alone time in L.A.

Lichita enjoying the doctor telling Luciana it will take several days for her to get off the rashes…

Nelson comments that she won’t make it (de esta no la libra)

Gumaro (“Tio Gumis”) playing with Mateo in front of Roberto at the orphanage.

Lo Nuevo:

Luciana still can’t stand the itch… whines to the doctor ‘why me?? Why me?? Tell me!! Why me??’ She does admit she has had this many times before … (its obviously an allergic reaction). When Doctor leaves Luciana swears that Lichita and Elsa will pay for having tried to poison her.

Gumaro leaves Mateo and Roberto alone to say goodbyes… Mateo really wants to go to the beach on the trip with Roberto… Roberto says can’t take him now but promises to take him to the beach very soon, will be back in a couple days.

Roberto swears he is working hard so they will be together and have everything they need. Love you. Love you more. More!

Chuchette and Nestor in office are celebrating that Luciana will be gone for a few days, they wish it were a few months. They also talk about who poisoned Luciana… Nelson not ready to write off Lichita…this would prove she is not as dumb as they thought.

Roberto calls Gumaro from airport… tries to make Gumaro promise he won’t get in trouble. Waiting for Luciana to arrive. Gumaro asks for a souvenir, Roberto says not even a keyring.

Roberto hears what sounds like Lichita, not Luciana, arrive. HE is surprised.

Luciana is staring at her mirror mirror saying she is disfigured… Daphne comes in to mock her some more, do you want me to arrange for your funeral or your trip to Patagonia? See what it feels like now? You who mock me on my weight all the time, now you look ugly. Luciana can’t hold back the rebute that she will get over it in a few days, but Daphne won’t. Daphne leaves feeling down in the dumps.

Lichita explains to Roberto that Luciana can’t go with him because she got an allergic reaction. Lichita came to the airport to go with him because of his text message (which Luciana wrote, not him). She is about to leave, but he won’t let her... he winks at her when Luciana calls his cell phone. Roberto asks Lichita if she is sure sure that she had nothing to do with what happened to Luciana. She swears.

Nacho is heading to work… he is sad that he can’t spend as much time with his family. Elsa says tomorrow Saturday we will spend more time together. Nacho is still not sold on Lichita not having to withstand more bullying at the office.

At Los Angeles, CA…

Lichita and Roberto are sitting next to each other… they are at the hotel getting the room(s). the lady asks if they need one or two rooms… LIchita reluctantly says they need DOS!! When the lady leaves they sit back on the same spots, looking very ackward. They review their agenda for the day, which is in Lichita’s cell phone.

Magos is watching the telenovela. The guy jumps on the girl in bed…

In the kitchen, Elsa is doing her numbers… she gets happy about how much money she made on first day. Ximena is cheering her up… but Magos comes by and spoils the good mood.

Bea calls the saint virgins when she sees Luciana… of course Luciana changes the target of conversation to Daphne and suggests to Bea that she and ‘mi tiito’ should send Daphne to a nun internship school so she could get the right education. Bea promises she will talk to Augusto about it. Then she basically makes Luciana get on her knees and pray together. Luciana complains about her itch so Bea heads to her own bedroom to pray for the both of them. Luciana whines that she is getting bored to death.

Gumaro is having fun on phone with Roberto asking how come they had the substitution between Luciana and Lichita… Gumaro repeats to Roberto that maybe Lichita will be a tougher bone than Luciana. Roberto is afraid he will burn since he is playing with fire. Gumaro asks about losing his relationship with Licha? Yup. Gumaro reminds to him that they both are adults… when there is passion, any spark will lite the fire. Gumaro is right when he tells Roberto that he is afraid to really fall for Lichita.

Lichita is talking to her own romantic counselor, Elsa. Lichita keeps saying that she and Roberto came to do work and work alone. Even in the remote remote case anything happened, she promises Elsa that she would never let anything happen that would harm her. Elsa sighs relief. Lichita says she can’t find decent clothes. Elsa is about to promise she will help pay for a new work wardrobe for Lichita. Lichita reluctant to get in debt… Elsa says if you will go represent Iconika, need to dress and look the part. If you don’t like what you are wearing, use your imagination to change it a bit. You are a creative editor, no?

At another hotel, Sandra and Augusto are going at it… or maybe this is Sandra’s apartment. She is really begging (a bit too much begging for my taste) for some…. Augusto kisses her… but he gets in pain suddenly. Sandra says this (what he went through) is more serious than he said… HE just leaves.

Luciana is texting… then choses to call instead. She calls her dad. As he answers and Luciana sees Augusto walk in the door, she tells her dad to offend him and undermine his creative talents… (she is faking just because of Augusto, but her dad is really hurt by her words) … Then we get some blah blah between Augusto and Luciana… she nags about her rashes… asks him if he is recovered… Luciana asks him how come he almost died from wounds from an accident that looked more like bullet wounds.

At the LA hotel, Lichita and Roberto are walking together and he tells her she looks good… then this very feisty customer or potential customer walks right into them… this guy leaves our Fausto back in the dust as far as loudness and feistiness.

Luciana keeps trying to dig Augusto for information about his supposed ‘accident’. And Draco even faked being him… the nurse commented that his wound seemed more like a bullet wound. Tell me what mess are you into. Did someone try to mug you? She is now leaning on him on the couch and hurting him… did it have to do with something illegal? Or do you think I have a very creative imagination? (fantasia desbordada)

Now we see some commercial including Gumaro and Mayrin Villanueva. New part of called Las Gumaradas.

(hurricane report… category 5… looks really bad around Puerto Vallarta coast… lets pray for everyone there … this is the area where the hotel Ana and Fernando spent the weekend in MCET is located)

The feisty client has taken Lichita and Roberto to a colorful texmex restaurant in L A. they are talking business but we can’t hear anything… Lichita and Roberto keep smiling at each other.

Augusto admits his wound was from a bullet but the police could not find enough evidence to determine that it truly had been a bullet. Luciana guesses he had to give out money left and right to make the evidence disappear. Augusto asks how much more will her discretion/silence will cost him. Luciana says she has enough with him supporting her at Iconika. And if you just listened to my convo with my dad, you will realize I prefer you 100 times to the loser of my dad. She has delivered her poison so she takes off whispering through her teeth that her rashes are color coded with her pajamas…

Augusto makes it to the bedroom only to get another woman wanting to talk to him. Bea is trying to be seductive for him while she tells him about Daphne behaving more rebellious and uncontrollable than ever… she suggests they send her to a boarding school… he agrees. Bea keeps doing some weird seductive moves on him… but at the same time saying it is a sin… (who understands her?)

The client has left and Lichita and Roberto talk about the deal… he does tell her that Hispanics are a huge influence in US. (true)… They keep trying to talk business and their fingers find each other’s… suddenly they both pull back… then do some small talk about how the family is doing. Lichita then brings up the VIdeomatic day… that day some really nice things happened, right? (she remembers their kiss and we hear the theme song…) He says they better get the check and leave. He leaves to go find the waiter.

In bed in pajamas, Augusto keeps trying to get away from Bea… he runs to door but she catches him there… (keeps talking about sin … ???) she says sometimes the wishes of the flesh are not so sinful or bad… he keeps pushing her off… his cell phone rings, saving him…

Luciana in her room is remembering her words to her dad and regretting it… or at least trying to figure how she will apologize to him… She calls his phone but her mom answers… she says her dad is depressed for what she told him and whines that she is the one that has to deal with his depression.

Back in master, Bea is now playing with the curtains while he is in bed trying to go to sleep. She suggests she give him a massage and instantly is all over him.

Luciana tells her mom that she won’t let her mom make her feel guilty … mom says he is painting to try to get over his depression. Mom tells her … well, tries to because Luciana insists they won’t make her feel guilty and hangs up on her mother… (wow!)

Bea whines to Augusto that he never lets her have some often enough, and if they did it often enough it would be better… ‘but you never want to… sometimes it looks like you don’t even like it… at least with me’. (and why are you with this guy if you own half of the company??) He tells her she is fine in bed… she says she can prove it once more… nut he rolls her off him and gets up.

Daphne picks up Luciana’s cell phone when it rings and catches Luciana’s mom whining to her about tha authorities in Argentina looking for her because of the engagement ring she stole from the Duke (she also says 'by the way dont even think about returning to Argentina')… Suddenly Luciana comes out of the bathroom and rants at Daphne for having her phone.

Roberto and Lichita are walking away from restaurant. Lichita is worried about Roberto having two different moods or personalities with her… one is almost totally indifferent to her as if they were strangers and the other one is more interested, texts her nice stuff, and kisses her and sweet talks in her ear… Roberto comes up with the excuse that they are tired and tomorrow will be a long day… Lichita gets the sign and says good nite and leaves him alone whispering to himself … flower… messages… kiss… (indiferent? … no way jose! I would say more like smitten or… even enchanted)

(more reports about hurricane Patricia being the strongest ever on record for Mexico)

Daphne tells Luciana that her parents are asleep… so if you plan a new scheme against me … Luciana brags that she is the daughter they always wanted and they will listen to her… no one loves you (Daphne). Daphne says ‘we will see’ and leaves. Luciana can’t wait to see Daphne locked up in a nun boarding school…

Roberto is in front of Lichita’s room door… changes his mind, runs away but returns… is about to knock on the door… knocks and runs back away… Lichita opens the door and wonders who knocked… Roberto comes back and admits he was the one who knocked. HE admits he is confusing her very much with his behavior but swears he is not doing it intentionally. They get really close and Lichita pulls away… Lichita is trying to talk about basically the weird roller coaster he has her riding in... she says he probably thinks she came on to him too hard/fast at the airport... he knows she wants to talk about why he did not hold her hand at the table or what happened at the video recording, including their kiss(es), but he has to say the words for her… Lichita says she wants to make it clear that if she came with him was so they would get to know each other and talk more…

Daphne is talking to her dad… she tells him about the phone conversation about a ‘engagement ring’ they are looking for her about in Argentina. Daphne says her mom would not believe her but he would, right? He assures her he does. But then ‘shooes’ her away. Daphne leaves. Draco comes in. Augusto tells him that just like he was suspecting, Luciana left some unfinished business about some engagement with a Duke in Argentina. He says she thinks she has him eating out of her hand… what she is not suspecting is that he is supporting her only to use her later for his own purposes.

Roberto asks Alicia to say what she wants… Alicia tells him she wasn’t thinking about them making love (this gets a small smile smirk on him)… blah blah… Roberto tells Alicia that he is not confused one iota. He likes her… he admits that if he hugs her it won’t be enough. If he kisses her, how can he resist himself later? "You have no idea what you are provoking in me…" (they both pull close and get into a very heated kiss). They stop only to stare at each other a few moments and then pull back together into a very slow but passionate kiss… (light effects and all).

Previews: Alicia and Roberto are laying in bed staring at each other but are clothed, not sure whether it happened or not…

Luciana tells Roberto she will get payback.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #43 Thu 10/22/15 (Mex 59-60)

Peeps, please welcome Mystery Special Guest Recapper sneaky two shoes!

Hi folks! I'm sneaky two shoes and I will be your temporary fill in recapper for today. You may know me from commenting once on a Muchacha recap in the first week and then disappearing for the next few weeks? months? I've lost track. Life stuff happened and I got behind but I planned to comment when I'd caught up and actually knew what was going on. Well I've just caught up and now I'm doing a recap, so, that's something.

So jumping right in, Sonia's mom is in her bedroom advising her at the top of her voice to switch the DNA test results if necessary, when Os comes in, presumably from exercising, since he is in workout clothes, and wants to know what they are talkin'  'bout  huh? huh?

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Weekend Discussion: Novela Cliche Directory

I decided once upon a time to compile these and here is what I've collected so far.  What can you add to this?

Most are self-explanatory.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #73 Thu 10-22-15: Three Cheers for Vivi!

RECAP BY VIVI (thank you Vivi!)
- MD ignores Maleny, who tries to keep MD from seeing Max in the hospital. She pries Mal off of her on her way to the elevator, and pushes her onto her delgada nalgas and smiles with satisfaction as the elevator door closes. I cheer!
-In front of Max’s room, MD has to face down Maleny, Ivana, Claudio and Alma, who all try to prevent her from seeing Max, while throwing her supposed misdeeds in her face. MD tells them all the real deal—she did not cheat on Max, Dan RAPED her, Julian is not the father of her baby- Dan is, and she’s going to send him to jail for the rape! Max hears the commotion and hears everything MD said. He gingerly makes his way to the door, opens it, and tells everyone he’s going to help MD put Dan in jail. MD rushes into Max’s arms, and all is well with the world. 
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Antes muerta que Lichita #23 Thursday 10/22/15: He/She Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

Roberto is freaking out over kissing Alicia again! He just cannot stop thinking about her. Gumaro reads between the lines and realizes like a good telenovela bff that Roberto is in luurve. Of course Roberto denies this adamantly. 

Braulio and Lichita fantasize about the time when there dreams will become realized. The time where they can speak informally to Don Augusto (umm dont think that will ever happen). They encourage each other while Braulio speculates the cause of her good mood.

Sandra and Don Auguto play kissy in the office. Sandra brings up that Elias position is vacant and he will likely not come back (nooo say it aint so), since he wants to retire from the field. Therefore the position is vacant. Sandra tries to pull the jealous card when Augusto speculates about their (Elias) sex life. He laughs so hard you would think that Sandra told the funniest joke in the world but no he just finds it funny that someone thinks he could ever be jealous of anyone (besides himself). Sandra admits to clearly not knowing him like she thinks and drags him to the meeting. We are then interrupted to creepy music with that mysterious ringtone...along with Sandra we are still not privy to what these calls are about.

Iconika gatherings is a breeding ground for gossip. And if there is gossip it is likely about Lichita. Nestor informs the mean girls that her Mom now works at Iconika but this is old news (These folks should consider a career in writing for gossip columns)
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Lo Imperdonable #113 Thu 10/22/15

I had a late start to the recap. I hope you guys don't mind the bullet points. Let me know what I missed. Enjoy!

     ·        Emi and Claudia talk in the streets of Mina Escondida. Emi wants an opportunity              with Claudia. They kiss.

·        Julio buys AP’s baby a gift.

·        Mariana goes to the city market to show AP the fake wedding certificate and pictures of her wedding with Pablo. AP says she doesn’t care, she can have him.
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #112 Wed 10/21/15

Lo Nuevo

Aaron shows up at the PC mansion and gives condolences to Ginny for her cousins’ death. He tells her to ask her adopted dad for the money he wants, but she says she can’t because then he (Jorge) will think she’s only about the money. Besides the family has had some problems and she was going to ask a friend for the money. Aaron wants his money NOW. Ginny gives him a check she stole from Jorge and forges his signature. Aaron tells gives her a false name to put on the check. Ginny hopes that after this Aaron will leave her alone. He tells her this is just the beginning.  Aaron leaves and Ginny is left alone until Chucho comes in. Ginny orders Chucho not to say a word to Jorge or Emi about Aaron’s visit. Chucho is skeptical because Jorge likes to know everything that happens at the house. Ginny warns Chucho that if he doesn’t want any trouble then he better listen. He reluctantly agrees and Ginny leaves to go back to the office. Chucho thought bubbles why Ginny doesn’t want Jorge to know about Aaron. Chucho seems to have more brain cells than some of our other characters.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #22 Wednesday 10/21/15

We left Alicia smiling and telling us that even if Marcelo could make her up to look like a queen, or even a goddess, what she really would be pleased with is if he could make her up so she would make people's heads turn . . .

On we go with the story . . .

Augusto arrives home and is trying to sneak in very quietly in spite of still being in so much pain from his accident. It is bad for him but funny for us when Beatriz sees him and gives him a great big hug from the front. Beatriz cannot stop praising Luciana and her work at Icónika. Just then Dafne comes in and is so glad to see her dad she gives him a great big hug from the back. He is sandwiched in pain between the two of them with Beatriz asking what is wrong as he is wincing in pain.

At Icónika, Braulio is trying to get the videomatic shoot ready. It is chaotic. Roberto is getting impatient hoping he knows what he is doing when he turns and sees Alicia who has been made up by Marcelo. He and Braulio are both in shock with how good she looks. Braulio takes his team and leaves Roberto to give Alicia the third degree about what she did. It just was a little touch up that Marcelo gave her. Roberto tries to ferret out info about her having boyfriend(s) (he is still jealous thinking that she and Braulio are together). She says that is all her personal business. She has to go check on things but keeps running into everything (she is so flustered) on the way out of the studio.

Augusto is explaining to his family that he was in a taxi accident in New York so he is suffering from some internal injuries but nothing too bad eventhough he did have to spend the night in the hospital. He asks them to please not squeeze him so hard. If Beatriz would have known, she would have prayed for him. He needs to go to the office ASAP and Dafne wants to go with him but that is a "no go". Beatriz and Dafne are left on the couch. Cold move: Dafne puts her head on her mother's shoulder so Beatriz moves over to get it off.

Magos is at home when the phone rings and it is a debt collection agency. She hangs up.  The debt collector Vidriato calls back so she puts the blender on so he can't hear her. She argues with him some more and even calls herself "Alicia." He seems to be enjoying their interaction. She has a nice voice, too bad about her character. Would she do a survey about customer service? She is left looking at the phone when "elevator" music starts to play.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #72, Wed 10/21/2015

Recap courtesy of Urban Anthropologist, Anon207, and Tofie...

Maria Dolores and Corina (woman from bus station bathroom) switched clothes and MD took the wig. JackAssinto and Scuzzy (Dan) caught up with the bus and grabbed Corina. They dragged her to a hotel room and demanded to know where Maria Dolores was. If she knew she didn't tell, but she let them know that MD was escaping from them. She may have called them a few choice names as well. They threatened to call the police on her and accuse her of robbing them. JackAssinto tried to rape her and Scuzzy got flashbacks of himself raping MD. He stopped JackAss and they started to fight. Corina bolted out the door and down the stairs. They chased her but she got away from them. That's the last we saw of her.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #42 Wed 10/21/15 (Mex 57-58) Mariachi is clearly not the answer

Hi peeps!  We could use some more help on this show.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all open.  Email me if you're interested.

Hm, Pedro wants a chance?  And he'll do anything for it?  Anything?  Oh, he's willing to rope the moon, change Mexico to the shape of a boot, sing a serenata.  I notice "Run to Las Vegas right the hell now and marry you" isn't on the list.

Suddenly it's day.  *sigh* And Gianna is breaking up with Gael all over again, because lips that touch Roxana's shall never touch Gianna's.  And she bets his friends all know about Rox, too.  Gael considers some pills.

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Lo Imperdonable #111 Tue 10/20/15 The one where the whole Patio gets together and recaps

I'm not sure what's happening with our recap today, but just in case, here's a quick and dirty overview from memory.  Please feel free to add details or correct any errors.  Thanks!

Virginia calls Aarón's bluff.  She says he can't possibly have any proof of what he's saying.  Besides, who would believe an ex-con anyway?

Aaron laughs.  Then he pulls Vero's phone from his breast pocket and plays the damning video.  Yes, he has no proof that Virginia murdered Verónica, but here is the evidence of what she did to this Matilde person.  She'd better cough up the money.  Or else.

As soon as Aarón is gone, Virginia calls Daniel and tells him what just happened.  He says it's HER problem – he had nothing to do with Mati's murder.  He refuses to give her any money to pay off Aarón because he needs it all to remodel the house.  Besides, he has his hands full right now with the "vieja" who survived.  Maybe he should just get rid of her...

We see a form bundled up in a blanket.  Who?

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New Telenovela: Pasion y Poder Synopsis & Character Descriptions: Starts November 3rd 2015 at 9pm.


The story of "Pasion y Poder" is about two successful businessmen, Eladio Gómez Luna (Fernando Colunga) and Arturo Montenegro (Jorge Salinas), who have been facing off for many years because of business and for the love of Julia (Susana Gonzalez).

Eladio appears to have it all - success, money, and power. However, he does not have the love of Julia, his wife, who he has always loved. Julia married Eladio a short time after finding out that his fiancé, Arturo Montenegro, had gotten another woman pregnant. Julia believed that she would fall in love with Eladio but he has never known how to win her affection and loves her in a sick manner. A short time later, David (Jose Pablo Minor) was born. Eladio has never gotten along with his son and instead has given his godson Franco (Danilo Carrera) all of his trust and has made him a faithful copy of his hate, ambition, and despotism.

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Pasión y Poder-Recappers Needed

It’s finally here! The triumphant return of Fernando Colunga!! And he’ll be playing the bad guy!

If that’s not enough, Jorge Salinas will also star!

But wait! There’s more! Susana Gonzalez will also round out the cast.

You’re still not convinced? Then read Mauricio’s synopsis and character descriptions HERE.

That’s right, folks…Pasión y Poder premieres Tuesday, November 3 at 9/8C and recappers are needed!

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Antes muerte que Lichita #21 Tuesday 10/20/15: Beto Begins to See the Light

The episode begins with a recap of Beto sucking it up, bugging out his eyes and kissing Luci on his forced date. What's new, though, is that he's dreaming about Lichi as he does so! Oh good lord, she's awful on the rest of the date. She's falling all over him, and then comes to the conclusion that, WOW! Maybe we were predestined to be together! Meanwhile, Beto does a great job of wrinkling his nose and acting disgusted, a trend we'll see throughout the episode.

Back at Lichita's place, her dad Nacho is knee-deep in the mopes and going nowhere fast. He's gloomy about not being able to be the sole provider for the family, etc. His wife is sweet and awfully patient and eventually convinces him to come inside.

Beatriz has discovered the absence of the money Luciana stole, and blames it on the maid. Luciana catches Daphne looking through her stuff and seizes the opportunity to pin the blame on her. The two of them (Luci and Daphne) have a very satisfying bickering/girlfight. Luci calls Daphne a goth piñata (surprisingly creative, coming from her) and a green newbie who will never compare to a "diablesa" like Luci.

When Luci gloats about the marvelous, beautiful, pure love like the one she's found with her new guy, an incredulous Daphne asks "who is he, Hitler or Lord Voldemort?"

I give Daphne the win on that exchange, but Beatriz isn't convinced. She rails on our poor goth piñata for the way she dresses, her music, and the theft, and threatens to send her off to some sort of correctional facility (boot camp?). We also get a look at Daphne's social media/dating site profile, where she calls herself "Daphne Dark."

At the bachelor pad, Gumaro laughingly congratulates Beto on the date (even if he was blackmailed into it) with a bon bon like Luci. Beto grumbles and admits he's still hung up on that kiss with Lichita.

Lichita yells at Magos for telling their parents about the bullying at Ikonico, and also for just being a terrible person (hanging around all day, not getting a job, the shady financial schemes, etc.) and threatens to convince their parents to throw her out if she doesn't shape up!

Back at the office, Luci is gloating to Lichi about the marvelous date and the "sublime" kisses she shared with Beto, and also tells her that she won't keep her promise to help Elsa get clearance to sell snacks in the workplace. Lichita looks a little sick at the news about Beto and walks into at least 4 things on her way out of the office. Later though, she does manage to end-run around Luci to Sandra and the office manager and get permission for her mom, so that's good!

Luci's awful friend comes in, giving Luci yet another opportunity to gloat and crow about her marvelous, passionate date with Beto. Also, she says, Lichita is totally crushing on Roberto, so let's hatch an evil plot to make Lichita think her crush is requited. As it turns out, it's not a very complicated plot: Luciana tells Beto to pretend to have a thing for Lichita (not hard, obviously, because he actually does), and the friend tells Lichita that Beto has a thing for her. That's it.

Meanwhile, Lichita is actually having a great time chatting and laughing and being a little productive (so weird... people actually occasionally doing work in a novela workplace? what is this?) with Braulio (mr. hipster). Beto sees all this (including an out-of-context romantic profession of love from Braulio's opera -of course he has an opera, he's a hipster-) and gets totally jealous. He trips Braulio in the hallway and walks into stuff just like Lichita did earlier. That's cute.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres 71 Tue 10/20/15: ♫Take The Last Bus to Loserville ♪They'll Be Waiting At The Station♫

[With apologies to all Monkees fans.....] 

Recap Parte 1~~

While Josefa is giving the goods on Maria Dolores to Ursula, Isela listens to Claudio and Alma grieve over Max’s ill-fated love affair with “that woman” and Leo races off to be with Clara in her subsequent time of need.  Ise says she’s going back with Leo due to a call from Honoria which left her a bit puzzled and curious.

In the barrio, MarDi and family have decided that Esperanza and Clara will move to Doris’ house while she and MD head off to Monterrey.  However, the best news is that Doris has found her nanny and the gal lives in a small town not to far from the DF and that’s where the two of them’ll be going.  What’s more, they’ll all get to see each other often now instead of hardly ever.  Yippee!! –Wait, even better, Viewerville learns that Orlando plans to join the two of them since Julian and MD are NOT getting hitched after all.  Whewwww!  What a relief!

Honoria, tho’, is desperate to have MD take Juli with her since she’s just learned that the Fermin The Relapsed Vermin, told Ho-se that the gang who robbed and murdered Rodolfo are planning venganza against him for reporting them into the police.  Not just her or that drunk-as-a-skunk padre of his, but the whole neighborhood has seen those two hoods running around loose discussing it! “Take him with you, please!”

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Pasión y Poder-index

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #41 Tue 10/20/15 (Mex 55-56) Let's call the whole thing off?

Post-bad-coital.  Osvaldo pretends to care about how very "wrong" what he and Alina just did was, but really it's more like he gets off on how wrong it was.

Gianna overhears Dante and Fed stupidly arguing in the employees' kitchen about whether or not Fi saw them kissing.  Federica wants Fi GONE…from the house, from her life.  And also Fidel!  He knows about them!

Anibal meets with his henches and postures.  Juli will pay!  Blah, blah, blah.

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Lo Imperdonable #110 Mon 10/19/15 Verónica's men grieve, Martín's women hover, and Virginia's luck starts to run out.

Because sometimes once is more than enough, let's start right in on the new scenes tonight:

Mexico City, El Mercado

Ana Perla has finally ditched the maid's uniform.  And maybe, as Marty once told Pablo, she really does have good genes because now she shows no sign of her recent ordeal.  Indeed, she is bursting with good health in her little white blouse, yellow sash and floral print skirt.  

Arturo invites Blanquita and her cousin to work with him in his vegetable stand.  Ana Perla hesitates.  She doesn't want to be a bother to him.  [Oddly, nobody worries about bumping into the mean boss lady.  Isn't this the market where she buys her mangos?]  Blanquita urges Ana Perla to accept Arturo's offer.  Aren't they one big happy family now?  Before Ana Perla can reply, old doña Fede comes along with her carnations.  When she hears that Ana Perla is looking for work, she offers her the flower stall because she is leaving the city to live with one of her children.  [And seriously, if the old lady is giving it away, how much can it be worth?]
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #40 Mon 10/19/15 (Mex 54) Of Course You Love Me, I Suck-a Yo' Face!

When last we were at the Angeles ranch, Granny Eloisa heard Pedro telling Aitana about having awakened nekkid and nose to nose with Sonia in his bedroom.  "Get in here RIGHT NOW, Petey!"  Granny barks!  There were several scenes prior to the resolution of this little snafu but here's the deal.  Petey deftly questions Granny about what she heard and spins each piece as she reveals it:  He had a few whiskeys at El Corporativo to unwind after a rough day at the office and treated Sonia badly.  He gets away with an admonition not to get liquored up at the office and to offer Sonia an apology.  Granny directs her irritation at the intercom repair dude:  Fix it now or get fired!

Fibrizio, fake shrink, is doing some spinning of his own to try to get Fiorella to say whether she saw Dante and Freddie kissing.  Isn't there something she's suppressing?  Fifi flashes back the five and half minutes of romance we've had in this little tale and after much back and forth babbling comes to the conclusion that it's thoughts of Pedro she's suppressing and she must not!  She must postpone her wedding!  She hugs the confused Fibrizio and breezes out of the kitchen!

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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #70 Lunes 10/19/15

There's too much going on right now. Sorry about the missing dialogue; even gumshoes have lives. But I think you'll get it. – Dashiell

Chapter 70: Running Away

Doris was not happy to hear that Maria Dolores was leaving. She was not planning to see Max before she left. Her child was to come first.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #20 Monday 10/19/15: Luciana continues her rise. Roberto goes over to the dark side.

Luciana gloats over her uncle's hospital bed. He owes her now, both for the blood transfusion and for her silence. He has to bribe a bunch of people to keep his accident quiet. He promises he will reward Luciana well for discretion.

Lichita admits to Brisa (the hippy chick) that she's in love with her boss though he'll never fall for her. Brisa says, "Give him a push. You'll win him over with your interior beauty." Lichita says, "What, is my exterior so hopeless?"

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Celia, Bajo el mismo cielo, Señora Acero and Preciosa Perla: Week of October 19, 2015

Welcome to a new week, Telemundo fans!  Enjoy your page!

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La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #85-89 Oct. 19-23

I'm so bad at coming up with something catchy and fun every week, so I'm going to be plain and boring and just give you a list of why I think this is a great show and kind of a secret gem.

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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (October 19 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #69 Fri 10/16/15


I haven't received any #69 of this tn on Hulu+ yet.  My apologies but I was waiting for this to come up and since I do not catch the tn's on Uni any longer I was thinking it was pre-empted perhaps.  If not, please leave highlites and I will post.

Sorry for the delay.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #109 Fri 10/16/15 RIP Veronica Prado Castelo

Marty, Magda, and Botel are informed that Veronica has been involved in an auto accident where her minivan exploded. Magda cries and rushes to Botel's arms for comfort. Marty looks on stunned not being able to believe the news. They are told that to further traumatize themselves they can get more information at the scene of the accident. 

We take a detour to Pueblo Nuevo, where we find Manny getting his drunk on and recalling his recent rendezvous with Virginia. Oh snap. Manny wants Virginia to be his woman. 

Still in Pueblo Nuevo, we are now taken to Raymunda and Joaquin's new home where we find the two of them cuddling up in bed and talking about Blanquita. They both hope that Arturo will keep his word. Joaquin trusts Blanquita and considers her to be responsible. Raymunda says that Blanquita is young and at the age of making mistakes. Joaquin points out that you can make mistakes at any age. And OG is a good example, because had OG been more firm with Manny, then things would be so different now. Say what? Wasn't he just saying that Manny is how he is because he was born with a rotten soul? Continuity, continuity, continuity. Raymunda says that she had always believed in Manny and can now see that he took out his claws when he had the chance to attack his own family. Joaquin tells her that the baddest ambitions can destroy entire families. 

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #39 Fri 10/16/15 (Mex 53) Fiorella and the Three Stooges

Ciao, Muchachita Patio Peeps!  I'll pick up in Benito's room where Fifi has had a justified little meltdown in response to Vitto, Pedro and Benito all arguing about her as if she weren't there.  Adela suggests she gets some fresh air and Fiorella agrees and they leave together.  The three stooges pick up where they left off, blaming each other for Fifi's fit; Reynaldo ushers them all out the door:  Benny is still recuperating!

Thugs finish Sergio's beat down with a warning and knock him out for good measure.  Julieta finds him on the sidewalk, a passing couple answer her cries for help and call an ambulance.

You know what?  There is no other thing to call this man except Assvaldo.  RPC on the jerk trying to rap to  Alina, the Psychologist at her office, showing up unannounced and absolutely disrespecting her professional and personal space.  He even comes back later with a present.  My pissivity at her is almost as much as that I have for him. She doesn't seem stern enough and while she does unsmilingly close the door in his stupid face, on the other side she seems to smile subtly and look wistful.  He's a butt hole!  What are you looking wistful about?

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Antes muerta que Lichita #19 Friday 10/16/15: Roberto tries to draw a line to Lichita... Luciana threatens Roberto with his false resume... Elsa finds out Nacho's real job... Lichita gets promoted by Sandra and Daphne tells Bea the truth about Luciana.

Good news... i now have a dvdr so i can record the novela... and not miss anything...

ok, on to the recap...

Gumaro is about to open the door, heads to door dancing... Lichita calls out for Roberto, telling him who she is... instantly Gumaro drops to the floor to fake the crippled Gumaro... Lichita pushes the door after he unlocks it and she has to literally carry him to his dining table. Seems she actually believes he dragged himself all the way from the dining table to the door in just a few seconds. He gives her small talk about the medications being hard to get sometimes... She asks about the music that is on, he tells her his therapist suggested to move rhythmically to the music... Gumaro tells her each day he feels like he is getting more and more crippled. He fakes having difficulty pulling the phone out of his pocket to call Roberto...even falls off his chair. He won't let her help him... until he gives in and she dials Roberto.

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Antes Muerta que Lichita #18 Thursday 10/15/15 The Episode Where Lichita Mistakenly Lowers her Guard and Luciana's Nice Girl Makes a Brief Appearance

We leave off with the young couple telling the social worker what they discovered while spying on Roberto. They have no evidence to back up what they are saying. The no nonsense social worker
tells them these are very grave accusations and warn them they could run into problems if they continue to take things into there own hands.

Lichita works on the Oki Oki meeting at home and prays that everything goes well tomorrow. Mom interrupts her thoughts to worry over Magos. Lichita chides her for once again helping Magos by giving her money for the tanda scandal she got herself into. Not wanting to argue Elsa changes the subject to discuss how bold Lichita was the day the police intruded into their homes. Elsa also also wants to know how Roberto is doing. Lichita becomes uncomfortable and say they have nothing but a work relationship. Elsa is confused because she confessed a short while ago to being in luurve. Oh look at the time...time for bed and with that excuse Lichita escapes Elsa's further interrogations about Roberto.

Gummaro and Roberto talk about Lichita and the kiss. Roberto does not have time for woman. Gummaro tries to convince him otherwise. He has been focuses a lot on work these days and he also needs to tend to his heart. Wouldnt it be nice if Mateo has a mom.....

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, #68 Thu 10-15-15: The One Where the Protag Shoots Herself in the Face and Blows Everyone Else's Life Up Right Along with Her Own

You guys, I might have to stop recapping. Because I’m so done with MD, I might have to kill her.

Recap of Ursula reminding MD that they can test the baby to see if it’s half reptilian. Then, practically in one breath, she threatens to harm the baby or take it from MD to raise it (which is the same thing, now that I think about it). MD glances at Dan, surely wondering how the one time she didn’t just ignore the cat call turned into this nightmare. She slowly walks out, in case she incites the nest of vipers to strike, vowing silently to protect her baby. 
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #108 Thu 10/15/15 Veronica Gets The Dirt Then Goes KaBoom

Marty and Vero let Botel and Magda know that Aaron has been released from prison. Magda does not take the news well. Botel and Vero try to calm her down by telling her that sooner or later Aaron will commit another crime and it will be back to the pokey for him.

In another Telenovela Fashion Horror we find Daniel sporting red pants and wiring himself up for his meeting with Vero. If Virginia double crosses him again then he hopes that Veronica is able to escape from harm's way. That way, Veronica will be able to use the dirt that he'll supply her with to bring down Virginia. Meanwhile, he'll be keeping the money that Vero has given him. 

In another boneheaded move, Veronica doesn't give Marty details on where she's going and who she's meeting. Instead she asks him to trust her. They eventually get to talking about their love and how nothing and I mean nothing will separate them. Not even death. Annd if that's not foreshadowing then I don't know what is. 
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #38 Thu 10/15/15 (Mex 50-52)

1. The MIVAC team needs a Thursday recapper. E-mail Kat if you're interested.

2. I haven't watched an episode since last Thursday. Many thanks to Lila and Kat for keeping me up to date.

3. Tonight's episode was the worst hack job editing I've seen. Either it was on crack or I was.

4. Since I may have been on crack, this recap will make little to no sense. Seriously, I can't even remember what happened now. So yeah...feel free to add actual, coherent details in the comments.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #37 Wed 10/14/15 (Mex 49) Them's the brakes

Hey, life happens, so…better late than never.  This is very condensed and organized semi-topically

Aitana's parents showed up for dinner surprisingly early in the episode.  They seem…ok.  Aitana's dad, at her request, has prepared a plan for how to improve the Monterrey plant.  Why Pedro doesn't throw a fit about how he's got it under control is beyond me.  Pedro and Eloisa spend most of the dinner praising Aitana and making Fi incredibly uncomfortable. She finally runs out of the dining room.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #17 Wednesday 10/14/15

And the story continues . . .

Roberto and Alicia are outside the motel and are being spied on by the Vidal's (the young couple in the car). Roberto is happy that Alicia is changing: she is not letting Chuchette and Néstor boss her around. Well, it was Roberto who told her to learn to eat or be eaten. She asks how Gumaro is doing and Roberto says his illness is advancing little by little but he does not want to talk about it. They get into the car so Lichita can tell him where to park it. The Vidal's are wondering where they are going. Ángel Vidal says it looks like they are not going in and she looks like a decent girl. Marta Vidal says a decent girl would never be at a place like this. She makes Ángel follow them in their car.

Inside the "meeting room" in the "No tell motel" there is a stripper pole to go along with the red furniture. They all start brainstorming so that they can come up with a proposal that is worth a "10". Braulio wants to go retro, vintage, in black and white; Brisa has some graphics already done; but Luciana and her bad ideas will not be ignored. The idea of "angels" is so boring for her she wants something red hot like "Light your passion on our little cloud mattresses." Roberto cuts off that idea saying how Sandra liked the ideas of angels,seraphims and cherubs. Suddenly from overhead there is the sound of a squeaking mattress and a moving bed that poor Alicia mistakes for some worker hammering away and interrupting their meeting. Néstor and Luciana cannot believe how stupid she is. They all start chuckling. Alicia tells us she could not believe she was that naïve or could she?

Outside, Marta sees someone else go in the room and cannot understand what you call people like that. Her husband says a "threesome". She wants to know how Ángel would know about that. He has just heard about it.
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