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Give me back my nana! La sombra del Pasado #95 06/29/2015

Bullet points today, cause I overslept this morning :/

  • Sev drops all the charges against Padre J, before leaving the station and in front of the police officers he says "that priest better not think this is the end of this"- and storms out of the police station, Nava is all like "dude you can't say things like that in front of the popo" and Sevs all like "I don't care!"
  • We get a replay of Adriano getting shot, the creepy thing is that his "blood" is the same shade as my favorite lipstick.
  • Aldi and Padre J walk out to find half the town waiting outside of the police station, they are all chanting that they love Padre Jeronimo, and they even brought signs! Sadly, no one bothered to use glitter. Boo.
  • Padre J tells Aldi that Sev dropped all the charges and they wonder why, cause it's not like Sev has a heart or anything, they both agree to worry about the Sev problem later.
  • Back at Las Animas Cris is busy pouting because Mel and Dom are gone, Candela tells him that Dom made her decision after admitting to bad behavior, but if it will make him feel better she will ask Dom and Mel to come back, Cris tells her she might be out of luck because Aldi has already offered them a job. Candela actually says "that woman is not happy with taking away my son but now she wants my nana too?!" and storms out.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 114- Highlights

I am doing the highlights today for episode 114 instead of CorazonSalvaje.  I will see  to you tomorrow.

  • Connie warns Abi of the threat that Fausto poses to her but her request falls on deaf ears. Abi decides that if Ren gets the divorce  she will move to live with Fausto.

  • Daniela has learned of the pregnancy news from Porfirio but realizes that the baby is not from Pat. It turns out Porfirio has been planning the antic for a long time. Their conversation gets interrupted by Max who decides to interrogate him regarding his part in Lucio's murder. Daniela gets memories of the vicious onslaught on her parents , pulls  the gun from her bag and shoots Porf dead  but not before revealing her secret identity. Max makes the death appear like suicide. (In the words of Dothraki "A wedding without atleast three deaths is considered a dull affair") 

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Lo Imperdonable #31 Mon 6/29/15 When you're in love, Green Hell feels like Paradise - or - The Protagonists Finally Catch a Break.

Even Vero had begun to think of him as Crazy Marty.  Now Dr. F has declared him sane (the high-pitched giggle? just an endearing tic), Marty has surrendered to love, and the couple's problems are behind them.  Claudia and Ginny are both safely in Mexico.  Yes, Nanciyaga is still (omni)present, but for the most part, her machete is sheathed.

Of course Vero doesn't know that Marty has chosen to FORGIVE her for something she didn't do and that while he has set aside his lust for vengeance, he is still conflicted and riddled with guilt.  It wouldn't take too much to upset the balance in this supposedly balanced man.  It is much too soon to make him our Mental Health Poster Child.

(Nor does Vero know how ready he was to believe the worst of her and how he had been trashing her behind her back while swearing his confidants to silence.  Oh man.  She's gonna be sooooooooooo mad when she finds out.)

In the hills overlooking the falls.

Marty vows to make Verónica the happiest woman in the world.  His love for her is stronger than any other feeling ... like, say, hatred or desire for revenge (though he doesn't say this last part out loud).   
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Amores con trampa #66 and #67 6/29/15 and 6/30/15

From Friday
Estefy and Maria are going out for a girl day.

The Panzón tells Florenico Gallardo that Maria and Fac are having trouble. Florencio wants to put a smile back on Maria’s face.

Florencio wastes no time in calling the Carmonas. Perpetua wastes no time in hanging up on him.

Fac is NOT happy about El Panzón spreading gossip. Perptetua asks what Fac is going to do. Florencio was always in love with Maria and now that he’s a widower, he may try and win her back. Fac knows Maria loves him. Perpetua and Fac decide not to tell that Maria about Florencio’s calls. They unplug the phone.

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This week Aurora begins in the 9:30am Central time slot.  We didn't quite recap this one during its original run, but we had plenty to say about it.  If you're interested, check it out beginning here.

I enjoyed the actors, despite some bizarre casting decisions.  (We are expected to believe that 20 years has turned Eugenio Siller into Jorge Luis Pila!)  I really liked Sara Maldonado in the title role.

Personally, I thought the first third or so of this one was a hoot – the science was SO VERY SILLY,  definitely in the so bad it's good category.  I only gave up on it when it seemed to lose focus and abandon the fairy tale at its core.  Me, I like a telenovela to have a strong story arc and tidy resolutions.  (For random and tangential, there's always real life, right?)

In other news:

Telemundo has devoted plenty of space on its website to Bajo el Mismo Cielo, though it is still skittish about telling us when it starts and what it replaces.

Stop by and chat about the current shows, won't you?

Enjoy the week and have a great Fourth of July!

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ALL MUST READ! Bloggers and visitors alike! Read or be banned!

Hello my dear friends, it has come to my attention that an unacceptable number of comments lately have been:
  1. Unpleasant
  2. Unsupportive of our bloggers
  3. Containing spoilers

It's bad enough I'm having to delete twenty comments every day from the spell-casters who want to bring your spouses back. I don't have the time to police this site for inappropriate remarks.

Have you noticed that there are no ads on this site? Nobody is making a cent including me. Every blogger is doing it for love. If you don't support them then you should not be here.

Have you noticed this is a NO-SPOILER zone? This is a rule with no wriggle room. It's not my rule, I don't care about spoilers (I read the end of a book after I read the first chapter). It is the READERS who have begged again and again that NOBODY SHOULD REMARK ON THINGS THAT HAVE NOT YET HAPPENED ON THE U.S. RUN OF A SHOW.

Oh, have you watched ahead somewhere? Do you think you are cooler if you go "nyah, nyah, I know what's going to happen to Horacio!"? No. You are not cooler. You are a jerk. Let people watch the shows as they unfold. If you have to gossip about what hasn't happened yet, go to another site.

We do not have racial or political or socioeconomic slurs on this blog. If you persist in this behavior you will be banned.

Have I been clear?

Support your bloggers. Thank them, do not scold or denigrate them.

Nothing nasty will be permitted.

No spoilers are permitted.

If you violate any of these simple rules your comment will be deleted without warning or explanation and if you do it repeatedly you will be banned. There, have I been clear now?

Your Blog Mom

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YNCILH: Still Needs 4 Recappers!

Those of you interested in viewing this one feel free to step up, even if it's only highlites/bullet points.  Otherwise, it may go uncovered.    
=/ : >{(

--Thanks in advance!

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Que Te Perdono Dios #113: Both Ends Against The Middle!

Parte 1~~

And let the anvils start falling……please??????

While Old Fart Fausto is getting his ego de macho handed to him on a plate with Abigail’s admission that her attentions have been solely as a daughter for her estranged papi, Diana’s just gotten her smack-down in front of Helena, Renata and Crazy Constanza from Mateo, courtesy of Marcelino.  “—Get yourself a lawyer Diana because you’re going to need one.  The legal fight for custody is coming and you know very well that I’ve got the weapons to fight you with.”

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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 111- Highlights

Here are the highlights of Episode 110

  • Fausto is still threatening Renata and has her now beaten to the ground. Meliton comes to protect her but shortly after Meliton spills that he knows everything gets shot in the head but not before Mel cursing Fausto to an eternity in Hellfire. Tony gets called to the scene to bury Mel in exchange that Simona's debt to Fausto gets nulled permanently which later happens .

  • Abi rejects Mat's marriage proposal but reveals that she suspects Fausto is her Daddy.Mat also admits to Abi  that  Mac has tried to sell Abi to him & Max. They also agree to make DNA tests between Abi and Renata.

  •  Faust drags Renata home the same way Bruno did once, violently. They get into a shouting match but luckily the repentant Padre Tomas is there to stop him. Padre Tomas promises Connie that he will do best to annul their marriage. Later in the end Faust threatens Renata to tell Abigail the whole truth. 

  • Diana is informed by Fausto that her lawyer, Marcelino failed to represent her therefore Mat is now free as a bird. All rants ensue as Marc celebrates.

  • Tony had done his job therefore the debt is now annulled. He gets to become the new capataz and installs himself in Lucio's house and even uses his clothes. 

  • Julian has returned home now married twice( In secret of course) .


La Sombra del Pasado #94 - Fri 6/26 - Stakes are raised

That's right, Dominga helped the Padre find a document to use to forge Sev's signature.  And if they want to turn her into the cops, fine.  And if they want to fire them BOTH, fine…and if not, Dominga quits.  Mel says they can't work for people who would go after a priest just for telling the truth.  Sev calls them dogs, biting the hand that feeds them.  He tells them to be grateful he's not going to go after them legally, but he wants them gone first thing tomorrow and he never wants them to set foot on "his" hacienda ever again.  Cande and Dominga share a tearful glance before Domina and Melesio leave Sev's office.

Don Antonio has set Em up in what, to Em, is a palatial suite.  Don Antonio wants Em and Solitario working with a trainer ASAP.  Sure, Em rides well, and Solitario is gorgeous, but it's been mostly talent so far.  What Em needs is technique so he can keep improving before he starts competing against more experienced riders.

Severiano promotes Jacinto and tells him Melesio is fired "por metiche" (because he's a meddler) and he and his wife are outta there for being "malagradecidos" (ungrateful).  And BTW, Jacinto's salary won't be going up, at least not until he proves he can handle the job.  Oddly, Jacinto doesn't get the hint that that was a dismissal, and that's because he has important news to deliver to Sev--"Um…a bunch of the guys came by this morning and, uh…they quit."  I had to pause to laugh for several moments, 'cause that was just so delicious.  And then I had to do a fake screencap because I'd paused it on such a great facial expression of Alexis Ayala's.

They what?!

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Lo Imperdonable #30 Special Post - Two Unedited Clips from Final Sequence

Hi All,

Please be sure to read Mauricio's wonderful recap of Lo Imperdonable's Episode 30, which is posted immediately below this special post.

We wanted to include these unedited scenes within Mauricio's own recap post, but alas after much effort to upload one single 5-minute clip of the entire waterfall sequence to a new Dailymotion channel, it was soundly rejected.  The single clip also exceeded Caray's size limit for videos.  So, I opted to only include here the (ahem) "horizontal" parts of Martin and Veronica's "Waterfall Rendezvous at Sunrise".

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Lo Imperdonable #30 Fri 6/26/15 Love By The Waterfall

Veronica and Martin are kissing passionately unaware that they have a group of children as their audience. The children applaud at them. Veronica wants to go inside so Martin can rest and get his stitches changed. Martin jokes around that he wants to thank their audience. This is the Martin that Veronica loves - the one who laughs, loves, and makes jokes. The kids ask the lovebirds for a birdie kiss and the two lovebirds comply to the children's wishes and give each other a peck on the lips.

Botel consoles Magdalena at the cemetery and asks her the stupidest question of the century. Is she feeling a little better? Magdalena stands up and yells at him that she can't feel better. In fact, she'll NEVER be able to be happy. She kneels down on the supposed grave of her deceased daughter and grief stricken she says that her daughter is dead.

At the hovel, Veronica sends Martin off to bed while she gets the supplies needed to change his stitches. Before doing as told, Martin has a chat with Nanciyaga. “Patron esta  contento, pareciera que por herida se fue mala sangre” (Boss is happy, it seems as if the bad blood came out from the wound). Looking behind him, Martin asks Nanciyaga if that is what she thinks. “Eso sabe Nanciyaga, igual y no era tormenta lo que veia si no vientos que cambiaron para otro rumbo” (That’s what Nanciyaga knows, perhaps it wasn’t a storm what she saw and instead it was winds that changed direction). Martin asks her if she really does see beyond … (he mumbled something I could not get). Nanciyaga tells Martin that she talks to spirits when it’s noche nueva (nighttime) and there is no moon. They come and tell her things that she can’t say unless it’s necessary. He asks her if the dove is a message from his brother. She tells him that doves bring peace and are of light. He doesn’t know why he’s even asking her this since he doesn’t believe in these things. She tells him that he doesn’t have to believe since the signals present themselves anyway. He asks her if this is a good sign and she replies that it is but to not be so trustworthy. She leaves as Veronica comes back with the supplies in hand. He stares at Veronica and thanks her for giving him the opportunity to save their marriage. She kisses him. The two head for the bedroom. 

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Amores con Trampa #65 ...some planned invitees to the store opening, some not so planned invitees making plans to go)... and a nightmare from the past is coming back, Facu!!

Refritos: Santee comes in Estefi’s apartment and is outraged at finding his wife’s furniture there.  He starts word-slamming down Estefi that she is a nobody, has nothing! Just a leach dressed as waiter.
He says he will get her out of his apartment.
Beto confirms to Rocio that it was Hilda who got a ‘brebage’ into her drink. Rocio laughs it off, still not quite believing or giving the ‘witchcraft’ credit. She swears she will love Beto no matter what witchcraft is thrown her way.  Beto says he wants to marry her ASAP… he gets momentarily scared that the witchcraft worked and she does not want to marry him anymore… Nah! Let’s do it!
At Carmonas dinner table, everyone seems a bit more up in spirits… However, Maria stands up fairly quickly… Carmen tries to play peacemaker… Maria says she just wants to concentrate on her store.  Beto comes in.  He says will spend the day tomorrow with Rocio. Facu does not feel that is proper… but Beto says he will spend more time with Rocio from now on… wait for it… wait for it… he proposed to Rocio!!.. All the Carmonas suddenly are speechless, frozen in time.
At the Velasco living room, Santee seems a bit entertained at Isabel’s bad mouthing the ‘gorditos’ relatives of the Carmonas.  Santee starts getting slimy around her neck and she seems to not really enjoy it. Santee wants to roll in the sheets.  Wants her to warm him up… she says not even burning the furniture.  He keeps staring at her and breathing hard… mentions something about a police investigation.
Beto and his parents argue about his getting engaged to Rocio.   He doesn’t get why they let him date her if they are not ok with him marrying her. The parents angrily say they don’t want to become related to the VElascos.  Facu angrily rants at Beto that he expected Beto to protect his kids/family, not to go roll in the hay with that girl.  Facu throws Beto out. Beto says if you think you will stop me from marrying Rocio just because you kick me out to the curb, you are sooooo wrong.
In their bedroom, Facu is scared they just lost Beto for good. Maria rants at him for treating Beto like that.  She argues ‘if you had been tougher on him from the get go like I was this would not have happened!’  Facu does not want to argue. Maria just leaves the room.  Facu is upset that all his matchmaking efforts are splitting up the people he wanted to get close to each other.
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La Vecina- Highlights and Discussion #1-10 June 22-July 3 2015

The first week is over. Here are some highlights and information. It felt like a mind-boggling amount of stuff to digest. Please feel free to add anything in the comments.

The Players
Progreso and San Gaspar
Sara Granados(protagonista), Merce(Sara's mom), Juancho(Sara's brother), Cheo(Sara's Ex), Roque(friend of Cheo) Simón(Sara's uncle), Bruno(Sara's friend and I assume Simón's business partner), Pedro(Bad Guy stealing gas from Conatrol), Marina(Secretary at Conatrol), Pepe, Ramon, Rafa Padilla the actor formerly knows as Morales(Workers at Conatrol),Fidel(Policeman and atheist), Magda(wife of Fidel and professing Catholic), Vladimir(their son, wants to take his first communion on the sly), Padre Vicente(the priest and another uncle of Sara's)

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 93, 2015: Ok, so this is happening…Or not. aka Say what?!

Recap courtesy of HellaShelle

”Short of It” at the end
The Long of It: Aldonza and Cris kiss it out and then sit because the man is using a cane. Cris tells Aldie he went to find Eman. He didn’t, but Eman won a competition, so yay. He found out about the sibling lie when he spoke to Dom. Aldie tells him they think his parents messed with the test he ordered, but they’re not sure.

Now that Silvia and Ren’s drama is on simmer, Pato has time to bring flowers to the ribbon shop. Irma’s glad he’s back because Lola’s a bit down. “Emmanuel?” “Emmanuel.” Pato’s ready to kick E’s delightful butt, but Irma tells him to slow his roll. It’s not worth it and the dude skipped town anyway. Irma’s totally Team Pato and Pato wants to take this thing with Lola all the way. He whispers his definition of that to Irma, who doesn’t slap him across the face, so it must be the other kind of “all the way.”

Lola is busy with Mari, reminding me of why I could cheerfully leave both of them on the side of the road. Mari starts by saying she’s put what Lola did behind her. Say what? Lola asks. She just came to talk, not to apologize. If anyone should be apologizing, it’s Mari. They go back and forth about who stole what kiss and what boyfriend and who’s jealous of who and, honestly, who even cares because they both need to go to the time out table and Mary needs to go to the time out therapy couch because she knows she’s a big ol’ lyin’ liar and she still—

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Lo Imperdonable #29 Thu 6/25/15 Everybody has a grave to visit

Martin has his almost “Visit the grave and complain” scene. This time he admits that he loves Veronica, so he needs to make a decision. But what will that be? To some ominous choir music, he explains that he doesn’t want to let Dim down, but he can’t take it anymore. Could his bro send him a sign, show him what he should do?
The monologue finished, he calls for Lorenzo to come help him. Lorenzo thinks that the dead always send messages, at least that’s what Nancyaga says. Dim was a good man, he will send some help from up above.
And there flies a white dove, settling on Dim’s cross, which makes an impression on Lorenzo. Martin is not sure if he believes in these kind of things, though (this, after he just asks his brother for a sign – Dim and Dimmer).

Magda tells Jorge that she came to see Salma, but since she’s away, she will leave now. He offers to give her a ride in his car and forget about taking a cab the next time she wants to visit – she can call and he will send his driver for her. As the two leave, Matilde is left shaken to the core by her earlier talk with Magda about Vero.

Joaquin comes to search for Martin and tells Vero that the miners are doing better now. She doesn’t know where her husband is, but does he know where Dim’s tomb is? Could he take her to it? Joaquin really doesn’t want to, the padrecito might get upset with him. Vero doesn’t see why that would happen and she doesn’t care if the cemetery is far, Joaquin could just show her the way and then go about his business. He reluctantly agrees and they go on their way, unaware that Nancy is watching them.

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Que Te Perdone Dios #112 – Babies, Fathers, Weddings and Lucio 2.0

Fausto confronts Renata and Ex-Crazy Con at The Hacienda and says he will never grant Ren a divorce. He threatens to tell Abigail the truth about who’s her mommy, and Renata acts like she will stand strong and let the truth be heard. This is messed up, because there have been many good reasons and opportunities to tell Abi the truth over the decades, and the one that finally moves Ren is that if she lets Fausto tell Abi the truth, then Fausto has nothing with which to impede the divorce, and Ren can marry Pat. The whole guardando la verdad de Abi  has been in Ren’s self-interest most of the time.

Simona has summoned Comandante Barragan because Toño was missing all night. She tells him that the night that Lucio was killed, Toño came home drunk and said… Enter Lucio reincarnated! It's like he’s not really dead! Toño has assumed Lucio’s position as capataz, assumed his home, and most assuredly assumed his wardrobe. All that is left is for Toño to be rude and make some hand gestures like Lucio and the transformation into 2.0 will be complete. Toño obliges. He’s doing all this for Simona, to pay off her debt, to protect her and because he is a MAN. He tries to act godfather-ish with voice modulation and creepy kisses, but Toño as the latest bad dude in town is not completely convincing. Not like his predecessor was.
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Que Te Perdone Dios - KarmaGeddon knocks tight even for God's favorites

Hello today (Even if this is not a Weekend discussion and it wouldn't merit because the show is not popular enough)   I would like to create a special post , a post we all have awaited. We were always taught to be merciful to the bad guys even if the villains were possessive hot machos, the women were mostly not evil manipulating mothers which annoyed us to no end. But sometimes the villains do not teach us much heck they don't teach us anything ( Except to never forget keeping the shrinks our shrinks not shrimps) , they make us hate them and hate them until we only wish upon their demise. Such are the lunatics in our favorite  dark,terror,brainless and you just gotta they have an untold amount of luck but soon their's about to run out or it  already has.

The Devil with a Nice Hat

Name: Fausto Lopez Guerra  ( Sergio Goyri) AKA  "The Devil"

Despicable, murderous, ambitious, cruel, abusive, violent. Is also despised by the viewers  for being a mass rapist and a mass murderer  either by mind manipulation or brute force. He does all these acts without feeling empathy or remorse.

Also guilty for using women as toilet paper and wearing Dark Lord clothing thus he is not a Fashion Disaster. He is also a candidate for  Father of the Year.

Karmageddon : TBD ( Joke: Dragged to Hell in which he is tortured by Ramsay Snow and then given as sacrifice to the White Walkers) 

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Lo Imperdonable #28 Wed 6/24/15 "Everyone (including Martin) Tries to Figure Out If He Is Crazy.....Or Perhaps Just Crazy In Love"

(some scenes are combined)

Repeated Scene:  Veronica storms out of the bedroom, then listens through the closed door as Claudia tries to pry from Martin details of his married life, telling him he knows she still loves him.  He admits he and Veronica have problems, but only he can resolve them with Veronica.  He tells Claudia she can't stay in his home.  She says that wasn't her plan, but she has nowhere else to go.  He offers to let her stay in their living room.

Lo Nuevo:  NanC comes in and sees Veronica sitting in the living room and crying.  She tells NanC she plans to sleep there.  NanC offers her the second bedroom, since she prefers to sleep outside on the hammock.  While NanC goes to prepare the extra room for Veronica, Claudia comes out of the marital bedroom.  Veronica quickly wipes off her tears and tells her harshly that she took longer than expected to come to town to see Martin.  She tells Claudia she always knew she loved Martin, but her shameless effrontery (descaro) surprises here.  Claudia tells her she will always "be there" for Martin, even if he is married to Veronica.  Veronica wonders if she will be his lover and reminds her he already has a wife, and if he didn't marry her before, well then why would he want to now.  Claudia claims she is only there as Martin's friend and co-worker, and she has no place to go, but if it bothers Veronica for her to stay in the living room as Martin just offered her, then she will just return to the church.  Veronica tells her to take the extra bedroom.  Claudia tries to resist, but Veronica cuts her off and makes it clear that SHE is the "lady of the house" and what SHE says goes.  Claudia says fine and tells Veronica that Martin wants to speak with her, then heads to the extra room.

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La Sombra del Pasado #92 - Wed 6/24 - All…uh…some?...hmmm... A little bit is revealed

Padre J clarifies that what Lulu is passing out are the results of a test performed using blood samples from Severiano and Aldonza that proves that they are not related…and therefore that Aldonza and Cris are not related by blood…and therefore, there's no reason they shouldn't be married.  So he advises the two families to make their peace, because this is God's will.  Sev threatens Padre J, in front of all those witnesses, that he'll make them pay!  Aldonza starts looking around for Cris.

He's on a bus, thinking that she'll always be the love of his life, even if she is his sister.

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Amores con trampa #63 and #64 The Hootenanny Edition!

The day has finally arrived!! Wing-ding at the Carmonas!

Look for Jarifa's wonderful rundown of the happenings in the comments.


Lo Imperdonable #27 Tue 6/23/15 Manuel needs an anvil

Telenovela Death Watch 2015: 

Cresencio is still alive (boo, hiss)
Manuel, also still alive- what does a recapper have to sacrifice to the gods to get them to kill these two off? Goats, cats, virgins? Where am I going to find one of those in Los Angeles? Sorry, I got distracted, and now your recap!

Veronica wakes up to find Claudia sitting in her bedroom like a creeper, she's rubbing Martins feet and this dos not sit well with Veronica, and can anyone blame her? Claudia explains that she found out about Martin being injured and that she came to help (oh do you have a medical degree missy?). Veronica tells her there's nothing Claudia can do there and if she really wants to help she should go to the church to look after the injured men, they need all the help they can get.

Vero gets out of bed and Nanci makes her a juice to help her get her strength back, Vero wants to know where the doctor is and is told that he went to get something to drink to freshen up, it turns out he also took the time to take a shower because he is headed to the church to help. Veronica looks at Claudia and says "I guess you're going with them to help, right?"- ah what a nice way to say "get the hell out of my house you skank". Claudia reluctantly says that yes, she will be going to help at the church, once she leaves Nanci tells Veronica that the perfumed lady (Claudia) holds things in her heart. Then she says she's going to make Vero and Martin a soup so that they can get better.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 110- And we're back with No Brains

In no particular order( There was a 3 week time skip)

  • Abi is having nightmares that Diego accepted marriage with her of course after long tedious begging.

  • Tony is drinking away but slowly enough pulls himself together to scream "Mamma". He returns to the house and refuses to confess himself to Simona but he does plead for a hug. Simona thanks Dios for bringing him home in the least even if the cat got Tony's tongue.

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 91, 06/23/2015: Everyone’s got a lost love

Recap courtesy of HellaShelle

The Short of It: Cris and Aldi agree they should take some time apart. Eman actually tied for first place in the horse competition. Cande and PJ get everyone to PJ’s special reconciliation mass. Ren and Silvia don’t kiss, but they do make up. Silvia’s says she’s Team Ren now. Tomás and Pru meet at the church. Sev tries to assault Aldonza AGAIN! The Phantom Pain stops him. Joaquin finally sees Adelina again and lays a big kiss on her. Flavia confronts Adriano about being a murderer. Mari feels guilty. Irma’s worries about Mari and asks Lola to help. Everyone but Cris attends the mass…where PJ announces Cris and Aldonza are NOT siblings and hands out proof! Val passes out. Cris is already on a bus out of town.

The Long of it:Lost Love #1: Believed Incest Cris and Aldonza sit awkwardly in her living room. Aldonza prompts her husb…bro…Cris to talk. As much as he wanted to talk to her, the words won’t come. He just can’t see her as his sister. She feels the same. He apologizes for being so stubborn. If he had given up before, she wouldn’t be in such pain now. She says they were both stubborn. Cris thinks it would be best if they didn’t see each other for a while, at least until they get used to being siblings. Aldonza agrees. There’s nothing much more to say. He starts to stand and Aldonza helps him up. They’re kissably close and they both feel it. Aldonza moves to lead him to the door. She goes one way around the flower table, he follows around the other, but they’re magnets, so they meet again at the front landing step. They draw close…before they again remember that their love is forbidden now. Cris offers his hand for a handshake, but they just hold each other’s hand before slowly pulling away. Cris finally leaves and Aldonza leans against the door and cries.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wife, free to good home La Sombra Del Pasado #90 06/22/15

Hello my patio peeps! Below you will find your Monday night recap-please do not discuss the previews!

Take my wife-please!

 We get a replay of last Friday night's episode. Cristobal, having received the false DNA results calls Renato over to hand over his wife. Yep, cause that's how things are done in 2015. He tells Renato to take Aldonza and make her happy because he's not able to. Renato tries to argue and says that Aldonza does not love him, Cris won't take "no" for an answer. Renato must make Aldonza fall in love with him!

 Dude, to quote the little old ladies from the Progressive commercial, that's not how it works, that's not how any of this works! He also tells Renato to rush the divorce and Ren tells him the process will take as long as it needs to, he's not going to speed it up. Cris makes Ren promise not to tell Aldonza that they met. In the hall Candela takes it all in. Her plan worked.

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New Telenovela: Yo No Creo En Los Hombres/ I Have No Faith In Men

"Yo No Creo En Los Hombres/ I Have No Faith In Men" replaces Que Te Perdone Dios on July 13th and that's in the 10PM Eastern time slot.  [FYI: it won 7 premios for acting and directing at the 2015 awards.  So, although it is another in a long and seemingly endless list of refritos Univision chooses to serve up, this could be another diamond in the rough.  Could be...... as a telenovela taken from a Caridad Bravo Adams novel (one of Martai and my favorites!) whose screenplay is written by Aída Guajardo (nominated for best screen adaptation). Some familiar and strong actors are in this one:  Flavio Medina,  Rosa María Bianchi, Azela Robinson, Alejandro Comacho for a few.  Gabriel Soto and Adriana Louvier (Best Actress 2015 Premios) are the two leads in this one.]  
Maria Dolores is a beautiful young woman of small means and greatly idealistic. She is also a contender and has the strength to get ahead when faced with adversity.  She is a seamstress who exists within a sphere in which men surround her. (We, fortunately, can expect at least one or two will be a rotten lowlife.)   With her job, Maria Dolores supports her mother, Esperanza, herself, and her sister, Clara.  Maria Dolores’s boyfriend is Daniel.  His life, however, is not a bed of roses.  Daniel turns out to be rich, but is passing himself off as a poor man in order not to feel ashamed in light of his social class and above all, his mother, Ursula, who’s the matriarch of the Santibáñez family and prejudiced against the poor.  (Grrrrrrr!)  Ursula’s children, Daniel and Maleny, were trained to inveigle and maneuver rich people, the first being designer Ivana Duval, heiress and owner of a large (and no doubt successful) company; the second is Max Bustamonte, an attorney, who follows the law to the letter.  (Gotta love those straight arrows, frustratingly  dense as they usually are.)

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Lo Imperdonable #26 Mon 6/22/15 Schmalz, Blood and Cyanide.

Marty splits open like a piñata and it's all Vero's fault.

Over Veronica's protests, Crazy Marty insists on going to the church to talk to the miners.  Somehow Lorenzo gets him there (a gentle horse is involved but the details are left to our imagination).  Marty limps inside, clutching at the wound in his belly.  He tells the sick men that a doctor is on the way, and he promises to keep paying them their wages while they are recovering.

Again ignoring Vero's warnings, Marty pushes on to the mine, where he meets up with Crescencio and Joaquín.   He has figured out the best way to repair the cyanide leak and will supervise the work.  
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres-Index

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Amores con trampa #61 and #62 6/22/15 and 6/23/15

Some scenes combined and condensed.

El Refritito
Porfirio overhears Fac the human talking to Fac the horse. He says to himself "Oh Facundo. If only you knew how much your mother loved you. Ah well. The past is best left in the past. It's painful and we shouldn't think about it." (I really like Ignacio Lopez Tarso. Such a good actor.)

At the boutique
Abuela is making sure Rocio knows how much she dislikes Santiago. Maria is worried about Santi. Rocio is too. He takes a lot to heart and Rocio doesn't know how much longer he'll be able to take it.

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 Friday's episode of Tierra de Reyes was supposed to be pre-empted but wasn't so they showed Thursday's episode again!

Deb kindly posted a status report on where we are with the 3 prime-time novela as of Friday:
"Avenida Brasil" 52 of 160 (international release was cut from 179 on original run)
"Tierra de Reyes" 133
"El Señor de los Cielos" 39 (season 1 was 74, 2 was 84)

Promos for "Bajo el Mismo Cielo" are running. I think that will replace Señor but I'm not sure. 

Deb also reports that "Aurora" is scheduled to replace "Una Maid en Manhattan" on Monday at 10:30am EDT. The Brazilian version of El Clon continues at 12pm EDT.

So that's where we are right now. Over to you.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #25 Fri 6/19/15 Let's Rub Our Arms To Help Us Get Through This Mess

Greetings everyone! I'm not sure what happened with yesterday's recap but here are some bullet points (from memory) of the highlights to help fill in what happened (please feel free to add if I missed anything or to correct me if I get anything wrong)

  • The miners from both La Moreneita (Martin's mine) and La Perla (Crescencio's mine) both get intoxicated from drinking water contaminated with cyanide. This is due to Manuel the idiot not having changed the filter when he should have.
  • Manuel is released from prison and Crescencio tells him about the conditions Martin put to forgive him. Oh and Manuel will sign and come with him to give Martin the document where Manuel promises to behave.
  • Ana Perla was still upset with Pablo but the two end up kissing and making up. Pablo will go and break things off with Mariana when he gets the chance to go to the city.
  • Emiliano is stressed at the office and Virginia (determined to turn him into an alcoholic because it'll be easier to dominate him) serves him a drink and tells him it'll make him feel better. He at first declines but ends up accepting it and chugs it down. He later serves himself another drink.
  • Veronica finds out Demetrio is dead from Joaquin. She goes and asks Martin about it and Martin accuses her of having been Demetrio's lover. She denies and gets mad at him.
  • Botel offers to compensate Dr. F really well with money if he replaces him in Mina Escondida for some time. Dr. F says he needs the money and will think about the proposal. For now he'll be in Mina Escondida for 15 days. Claudia shows up and Botel takes one good look at her and how she's dressed and tells her to ummm wear something a tad more comfortable for the trip.
  • Virginia realizes how sending Claudia over to Mina Escondida wasn't such a good idea because she could cause problems between Martin and Veronica. Virginia says she has to do something about that.

The new stuff...

Martin knows Vero doesn't understand him. But he doesn't understand himself either. He's sooo tormented by it all. Vero thinks he's "tormented" by his jealously. She knows they love each other but sometimes it's not enough. They have to fight to keep their love alive and attempt to comprehend and and trust each other. She asks him to please trust her. She kisses him and the kiss quickly turns passionately. Will the marriage FINALLY be consummated? Nope. The two lovebirds are interrupted by a knock on the door.  
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Que Te Perdone Dios #108, Double Vision: Max Does A Double-Take of Ximena's Fake

Parte 1~~

Renata walks into Fausto’s bedroom and pretends not to see Diana and Fausto aiming pistols at each other.  To Fausto’s credit he doesn’t lie about Di being there.  Ren asks her what the heck she’s doing in her hubby’s bedroom.  Di says she’s there asking why Mateo hasn’t gotten home yet.  (Yeah, like why not just go downstairs and ask the staff, or anybody else in the common areas of the house, right?)  Di and Feisty lie about her leaving the room to rest up in her most delicate condition and then hiding in the corner with the gun still aimed at him.

Ren plays blind and dumb and leaves.  However, once she gets back to her own bedroom she’s impactada at the sight of the two of them wanting to obliterate each other and wonders if they’re still lovers or what.

Back in draw-down central, Feisty’s fractious doxie of a daughter-in-law gets dissed once again.  “—You should never have survived our accident.  You ought to be in Hell about now.”  “—Yeah, but the Devil left me alive to get rid of you for him.”  “—Don’t you know you can’t harm me?”  she tries shooting him in the foot but the revolver is empty, just like Fausto had warned her it would be.  “—There’s not a person born who can get the better of me!” he informs her.  She gives up—but not in.  “--And?  Now what?” He’s not going to bother killing her, especially not in his house, dirtying up his room.  She claims he’s just a pitiful wuss.    He slaps the crap out of her and then moves in on her; they launch into hot and heavy tongue swallowing.  (I honestly don’t know how these two actors manage not to break up into uncontrollable giggles and guffaws after a scene like this…..)

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Friday, June 19, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #89 Friday, 6-19-15 "We Are Family. . .I Got All My Siblings with Me. . ." but nobody's happy!

Hello, my friends of the Sombra Patio!  Time for another Friday on the Patio, get a refill of your favorite beverage from the Naughty Melon (you may need it), get your darts sharpened and ready, let’s see what up in the Santa Lucia Zoo!  Some scenes have been combined (hope it flows all right) and as usual, feel free to correct and expand in the comments, especially the horsey stuff!

Sev and Hum continue their conversation/confrontation over those coveted lands.  Hum reminds Sev that he gave his word and promised the lands as a condition of Hum’s performing the delicate, life-saving arterial repair on Cristobal’s leg.  Sev dismisses this as meaningless as he said it under great stress and desperation.  Sev maintains that what should govern Hum’s behavior as a Dr. is the oath HE took to take care of patients without condition.  Yes, Hum is a Dr., but he’s also a common man, with interests and ambitions as Sev so aptly taught him!  Sev abandons the appeal to professional ethics for something he’s more comfortable with:  threats!  “Don’t play with me, you know what I’m capable of! Sev sneers.  Hum stands his ground and declares that it’s time he put on his big boy pants!  He’s tired of being accomplice to the shady and dastardly crap Sev has done and it’s time to defend himself and what’s his!  Sev warns Hum for the last time, ES is not his and he’ll kill him first before he lets him take it!  Hum doubts that killing him would be convenient for Sev:  he’d lose everything, including his freedom as he doesn’t think his death would go unpunished like that of Padre Sixto and who knows how many others!  Sev counters that he’s always done whatever the hell he wanted for years and he’s always gotten what he wants. Hum shouts at Sev:  “I’m tired of living under your shadow, do what you please, I’ll do what I please.  I’m not afraid of you!”   Sev growls for Hum to get out, pushing him several times!

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Amores con Trampa #60 Facu shows the neanderthal genes in his ways of getting Santee out... Ale returns home but she can't trust Isa

IsaBella upset, very worried about Alejandra’s whereabouts.
Grandma and Maria talk about where Ale could be.  Maria finds Alejandra in the Cow area. Seems she slept the night there. They bring Ale inside, suddenly she is surrounded by all the Carmonas. She asks if she can call Maria ‘auntie’ and Grandpa ‘abuelo’. They are fine and glad with it.  Gusana asks Ale if she is mad about what she had told Andres. Ale says no. Jacinto says if Andres does not notice her he is a dumb a__.  Ale looks at Jacinto with gratitude.  Grandpa wants Jacinto to sing a corrido to Ale to lift her spirits. She says no need.  Grandpa insists.  Jacinto climbs on the chair to set up.  But he wants to be alone with her when he sings it.  They joke around about Facu not really being good for singing (LOL!).  Santee and Isabella come in running upset. Ale yells at Isa to leave her alone. But they want Ale to come back home with them right away. They grab Ale and Santee hugs her. They are very grateful with the Carmonas. Maria says just go take care of her. 
At Valencias’ Isabella starts nagging at Ale… first you have to take a bath. Rocio rolls her eyes and face at that comment.  Santee is only glad she is ok and back home.  Isabella insists in her taking a bath. Now it is Feli’s turn to protest loudly to Isabella. Rocio adds that Ale was cold all night. Santee wants Isabella to fix her up a warm soup or tea.  Isa reacts ‘excuse me?... you are right, sometimes I hate myself.. please forgive me dear…’ (I can’t believe she insisted a third time that Ale take a bath).  Santee tells Isabella that she needs to take care of Ale.  He has to go deal with the issue of Facu having bought the boutique. Ale gets nervous at their intent to leave her alone with Isabella. Santee tells Ale that it is time her ‘mom’ do what she should. Isabella also protests the plan.  Rocio tells Ale all she has to do is rest, she won’t go to school today. Santee asks Ale again to let her ‘mom’ take care of her.  Feli hugs Ale before he, Santee and Rocio leave. Ale looks very fearful.  Isabella tells her ‘I love you with all my heart… even if you don’t believe it…’  She finally hugs Ale  (‘bout time, woman!”)
At Carmonas kitchen Grandma talks to Gusana and Jacinto that it is good that Ale is finally home and safe.  Grandma says next time they need to speak up sooner about any issues with Ale.  Jacinto says he will be closer to Ale all the time. 
At their bedroom, Maria keeps worrying about Ale’s face when Isabella showed up. If any of her kids looked at her like that she would die.  Facu says don’t worry so much about her.  He says Isabella is a bit out of it (loose screws), that is why she goes around like a freaked goat hopping around all over.  Maria says Isabella warned her she would not stop until Facu was with her. Facu reassures her he only has eyes for her.  Maria says she knows, but she feels bad for Santee who has to withstand Isabella. Facu says Santee just needs to spend more time at home to watch her.  Maria keeps talking about Santee and Facu gets angry.  Maria suggests they give Santee a hand… Facu has an idea about that…
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Que Te Perdone Dios #107- Two Weddings and a Blind Secret Weapon

Renata enjoys seeing her property again after 25+ years. In the fields she flashes back to her younger self, strolling about, picking grapes and eating them as those around her toil to maintain her estate. Inside the Hacienda, she remembers telling her dad about Pablo, being summarily slapped and dragged around by the hair. Pre-Crazy Con makes an appearance. It seems that in each place Ren sees anew, she recalls events that happened there. In the present, Abi tucks her into bed. As soon as Abi leaves, Ren rushes to her armoire and pulls out a box of keepsakes, like Abi’s bootie and Pablo’s bandana, which she inhales deeply.

At the hospital, Diana tells Mat she wants to see the baby, so that she can no longer be criticized for not having seen the baby. Diana, the point is that you love the baby, not merely see him, so you may still be criticized. Just giving you a head’s up.

Meanwhile, Abi remembers Mateo’s stoopid plea, that she forget him and go back with Diego. I detest this, how since he has finally made up his own mind about what life he will live, he must also make up her mind. He needs to get her squared away for his own benefit, not for hers, since he’s sending her to a loveless sham of a marriage. Dude, you made your bed, so go lie in it and let Abi figure out her own life. Not that I believe she’s capable of that, but it’s the principle of the matter.
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Lo Imperdonable #24 Thu 6/18/15

Recap will be up tomorrow afternoon.  Discuss away until I can get it up.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

La sombra del pasado #88 6/18/15 This Is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

Title inspired by George Straight. Don't judge.

Wow what a full episode. I had every intention of being all summary and snark….but there didn’t seem to be too many snark-o-tunities. Heavy stuff.

Lets get right to it, shall we? (Some scenes are combined or omitted.)

Flavia gives Adelina and Joaquin the slow clap. But it’s not a good thing. She’s pissed. Joaquin realizes they need to talk and asks Ray to go with Adelina for a little walk. Ray wants to stay with his mother and Flavia is not inclined to let the boy go off with Adelina, either. Joaquin asks if she really wants to do this in front of the child. Flavia sends Ray off with Adelina (thank goodness.) Adelina and Ray will go to the park and get some ice cream.

Aldonza goes to see Renato. Before their pending conversation, she has a huge favor. Em is in jail for public drunkenness and threatening the arresting officers. She wants Renato’s help in getting Em out. Renato just gives her a cold, silent stare. Aldonza says if he's mad then Pato and Silvia can do it. Renato says they aren’t around. Aldonza surmises that Ren and Silvia got into a fight. He confirms it and says Silvia took her things and left. Aldonza encourages him to talk to Silvia and set things right. Renato eventually agrees to help Em. Aldonza makes it clear again that they can only be friends. She doesn’t want to lose his friendship. Did anyone get a petulant child vibe from Renato?

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Lo Imperdonable #23 Wed 6/17/15 “Forgive the Psycho Killer, Condemn Your Loving Wife – Now That’s Unforgiveable!!!”

(I skipped the one repeated scene; also, several scenes are combined.)

The Prado Castelo Mansion (outskirts of Mexico City).  Salma returns with Malena’s shawl and, as expected, Botel doesn’t get a chance to show Malena the picture of young Vero.  Jorge comes and informs them that the chauffeur is ready to take them back to their hotel.  After they leave, Jorge tells Salma that he likes Botel’s directness, which is good for business.  He also really liked Malena, and there were moments when she reminded him of someone, but he can’t quite figure out who.  (Veronica perhaps?!)

The San Telmo Mansion Hovel (Mina Escondida).  As Martin continues to delight the ladies of the Patio with his bare torso, he and Vero are having a surprisingly calm moment chatting in bed, with him telling her that aunt Salma should have helped her overcome her mother’s absence.  Vero rationalizes Salma’s behavior, saying it couldn’t happen because Salma had a preference for Vsnake, plus she sent her to a boarding school overseas so she could study to become a proper society girl.  Martin wonders if she was ever sad there.  Vero laughs in a sad way and says she sometimes cried while she showered, and if any friends noticed her red eyes she would just say she got shampoo in her eyes.  They both smile and for a moment we almost forget that all he wants to do is destroy her.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #87 - Wed 6/17 - A Haunting in Santa Lucia

So Cande said that she heard that Aldonza was, like, totally kissing her lawyer.  But Cris doesn't believe her.  Cande dares him to ask Aldonza…or Silvia, even.  Cris won't be badgered into doing it.  No offense to badgers.  Cris points out to Cande that she and Severiano have earned his distrust.  He's especially not going to give her the satisfaction of calling in front of her.  Cande leaves, threatening to send Valeria in.  Pobre de Cris…and he can't even get up and lock the door.

The engineer talks about how he would divert the water from near the waterfall.  "¡Me lleva!" Sev thought bubbles (short for "me lleva el diablo"…British dudes would say "Devil take it!"…I'd say, "Aw, FFS!")  Sev nixes that idea, on account of it being Simoneta's watery grave.  He pays the guy his advance and it's adios ingeniero!

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Amores con trampa #58 and #59 6/17/15 and 6/18/15

Look for Jarifa's always wonderful recap in the comments!


Lo Imperdonable #22 Tue 6/16/15 Stop with the crying!

*Ahem* Let's get this party started!

Okay, we start tonight's episode with Manuel asking Grandpa Cres to get him out of jail, he's learned his lesson! He follows this up by telling gramps that it was all that woman's fault for throwing herself at him. The f*ck? Clearly this worm has not learned his lesson. Gramps tells him that there's nothing he can do. Manuel does not give up, first he says he can't stay in jail because who will look after the mine? When Cres tells him he'll figure it out Manuel tries to get Cres to help him break out of jail because he (Manuel) is the last Alvarez left, without him the whole family line dies (good!). 

Cres tells him he can't help, if he does he too will end up in jail and that's not gonna happen. He tells Manuel he is disappointed in him and to take his punishment like a man. Once Cres is out of earshot Manuel says that he will never forgive the old man for not helping him. Manuel's day gets worse when he asks a police officer for a beer, the officer tells him that's a no-go and Manuel is all like "just wait till I get out of here!".
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 105- Tony aims better than Fofito!

(Some scenes were combined out of context)
  • In the previous episode the charges on Lucio were all put up like nails with everyone hating & stabbing his back. 

  • Back in the hospital Mat tries to convince Abi to forget about his existence completely because he suddenly began rooting for her happiness but only receives yappiness ( Meaning: Unhealthy dosage of obsessions & twat- like behavior . It is believed  that the syndrome causes sleep dilemma   ) in return.
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La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 86, 06/16/2015: Everyone’s just getting brought up to speed

Recap courtesy of HellaShelle

Main points:Lola and Irma tells Aldonza and Adelina Mari’s version of the story with Eman. They don’t believe it. Eman gets sloshed. The cops go to Joaquin looking for Flavia in connection with Adriano for Lardo’s murder. Sev tells Cris about Cande and PJ, but Cris doesn’t really care. Mari has regrets about what she did, but Val reinforces her evil ways. Silvia’s left SL! Cande tells Cris that Aldie and Renato kissed.

Fuller summary: Sev’s intense grossness is repeated, but apparently it’s just a power play for Aldonza’s benefit because after she walks away and he wipes his face disgustedly.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bro, you're a hot mess La Sombra Del Pasado #85 06/15/2015

Confession Time: While I still dig Renato I have now developed a crush on Padre Jeronimo, don't judge me!

Now your recap:

 We get to see a replay of Sev getting rid of Simoneta's body, and we see his arrival at Las Animas where Dominga and Mel are waiting for him to let him know that his wife has been trying to reach him. They both note that something about Sev looks off, he's sweating even though it's cold out and he just looks out of it. Yep,  committing murder will do that to you. Mel tells Dom that whatever is going on is none of their concern.

At the hospital Candela is throwing a fit because she can't get a hold of her husband, she tells Cris that he's probably off with his whore-which is technically true. He tells her that he's probably just busy with work stuff but she says that nothing is more important than being at the hospital with him.
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Lo Imperdonable #21 Mon 6/15/15 I liked you better when you were delirious, Crazy Marty.

Nanciyaga knows her stuff.  

Even before the padre shows up with the penicillin, the herbal remedies have taken effect and Crazy Marty's fever has broken.  He still has a large green leaf draped rakishly over his brow and he is hurting from the big owie in his belly, but he is recovering his paranoia.  

In his conversation with the padre, he denies that his defense of Verónica is proof that he loves her – he would have done the same for anyone.  And yes, maybe she DOES love him, but she's still going to get what's coming to her.

Vero won't leave Marty's side.  In the night, he actually takes pity on her and invites her into his bed so she can get some sleep.  As they snuggle, he thought-bubbles his wish that things could always be like this and he didn't have to live poised between love and hate.

Don't be distracted by my black vulture feather bow and the insane intensity of my gaze
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Amores con trampa #56 and #57 6/15/15 and 6/16/15

Right to the new! I tried to do this without any captions (Spanish), so y'all will need to help me out and fill in what I missed.)

Fac pulls the animal control guys over to talk, explaining that the family belongs to the order of Franciscans. The animal guys don’t know what that is. (Really?) Perpetua adds “of Assisi” and then frets about what is going to happen.

Maria gives a tour of the house and points out that the ducks share the pool with the family. Maria insists the animals are happy with the family. Perpetua worries about how long they’ve been looking at the animals.

An animal control guy asks about Margarito. Susana is almost impossible for me to understand. All I catch is that the pig is named Margarito. So I cheat and go back to the captions. They wanted to “examine” the pig and Susana says he does pretty well in school. Maybe a little behind in geography, but pretty good at the other subjects.

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Here's a new page for the coming week.  Have fun!

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La Vecina-Index

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Afternoon Novela-La Vecina: Is there any interest in a weekly post?

Thank you for letting me post this, Jane!

Next Monday (June 22) at 3PM/2C Univision will begin airing La Vecina, the latest telenovela from Lucero Suárez (De que te quiero te quiero, Amorcito Corazón and Querida Enemiga.)

It is a remake of the 2003 Colombian telenovela "La costeña y el cachaco." 170 episodes are planned.

It's being billed as a fusion of comedy and melodrama. It stars Juan Diego Covarrubias as Antonio Andrade and Esmeralda Pimentel as Sara Granados. The cast also includes Javier Jattin, Natalia Guerrero, Carlos Bracho, Arutro Carmona, Alejandro Ibarra , Luis Gatica and Alfredo Gatica (Last seen as "Abdul" in DQTQTQ.)

There's a  host recognizable faces from other Lucero Suarez productions- Maria Alicia Delgado, Eduardo Shacklett and Bibelot Mansur  to name a few. Most importantly, Jose Luis Badalt aka "Hotscar" will have a small role.

Would anyone be interested in a weekly, low-pressure, discussion and highlights only (no recaps) post? If so, please leave a quick comment. I can add a more detailed synopsis and character/cast list to this post later in the week if it looks like a go.

After losing her hotel job and breaking up with her boyfriend, Sara decides to take a few days and head for the coastal town of San Gaspar.

At the same time Antonio is being sent by his company CONATROL to San Gaspar to investigate the excessive robbery of gasoline from the area.

Destiny will unite Sara and Antonio, first as neighbors and later when she arrives to work at CONATROL. They connect during a weekend on an unexpected trip. There's a great attraction between the two, despite their very different personalities.

Below is a video of the "entrada oficial" for anyone who, like me, judges a TN by its theme song.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #20 Fri 6/12/15 When The Town Doctor Leaves Town, The Town Priest Will Take Over

* Some scenes have been combined to help the recap flow better. 

Marital Problems 

Our lovebirds are having yet another spat, this time because Martin thinks Veronica wants to send a note home complaining about the terrible time she's having in Mina Escondida. He tells her to go ahead and leave if she wishes but if she does then she can't come back. Veronica isn't up for yet another argument with him nor does have time for one. She wants to send a note to thank her family for having sent over a suitcase with Pablo and to let them know she's doing fine. She assures him that HIS attitude makes her want to rush out of there but she won't leave because she loves him and vowed to be with him through the good and bad times. She won't leave until she finds out what the hell is his problem. She storms out of the hovel. 

Now alone, Martin is tired of this situation and gives a big sigh, and tells himself that he should have never brought Veronica to Mina Escondida because he'll never able able to make her happy. 

Motherly Instinct 

The gold has been packed in these HUGE boxes and Botel is asking Uspin for discretion. But I'm not sure how that's possible since the HUGE boxes are sure to catch the attention of just about anyone. Whatever. 

Anyway, Magdalena is awaiting to see if Veronica will show up with a note for her family. Botel doesn't think she should be trusting Veronica so much. At least not until she's sure Veronica is a good person. Magdalena doesn't give a crap what Martin thinks. For her - Veronica is a good person. Botel assumes Magdalena feels this way because Magdalena sees in Veronica a possible image of her own daughter. He advises her NOT follow her motherly instinct. ShutUpBotel.

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Weekend Discussion: Love -- Reality or Poetic Delusion?

I actually know a few people who don't think love exists at all.  Some of them had highly toxic parents and a couple of them have had disappointing love lives (one I suspect never had one).  A few other people I know are so confounded by differences between men and women they refuse to believe it is possible to understand the other at all.  It's possible that they are too lazy to try.

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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 103- Highlights

I am putting up the highlights of yesterday's episode :

  • Max learns from Uncle Scarecrow that Porf & Fausto have each other for a long time  and that his uncle was the only financier of his treatment but even so he'd rather be dead than to go with him cause Lucio's capture is now  inevitable.

  •  Faust as twisted as always is cruelly telling Elena about the state of the children only to spew crocodile tears on demand as  inside of his mind  he laments " They're my kids" . (Pardon  me but Faust Lopez Guerra is one of the most sick & twisted villians ever, I gotta go throw up in the toilet! I usually love the villians but Fausto makes my stomach wild) Meanwhile   Mat & Abi are praying in which Mat begs God to not take away his second child away and if someone has to receive Karma may he be the  only recipient . Meanwhile  Abi lurks from behind sadly.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #84 6-12-15 In The Shadow of Death. . .

Greetings, Sombra Patio Peeps!  We begin where we left off with the sadly not shocking assault of Severiano upon the pregnant and frail Simoneta Viviana!  Sev sent her flying over the sofa and we all saw the dreaded trickle of blood from the ear which signals certain death.  We don’t get a replay of that psychotic split between laughter and horror but instead Sev kneels next to S/V and feels a pulse  which is presented to us audibly.   He begins to squeeze, his face contorting and blooming crimson, his eyes bugging out and veins popping just as he did when he murdered Padre Sixto right in the church.  Slowly the pulse fades as Sev looks skyward as if giving thanks, relief replacing the labor of snuffing out a life.  Simonetta Viviana is dead!

Before I finish this sad and evil tale, I want to catch up with the buff and hopeful Emanuel who has gone to San Miguel hoping to enter the equestrian competitions with Solitario, his first love.  He is further hopeful because he has just declared his love to Lola and she reciprocated with words and deep, passionate kisses.  Ah!  Life is good!. . . .Or so he thought.  The same night Eman arrives in San Miguel he is mugged by a couple of thugs, the details of which we were spared but we did see them pull a knife on him and hold it to his throat!  Yikes!  When next we see him, it’s the next morning and he’s walking along the road trying to hitchhike back to Santa Lucia. 

Now.  I don’t know if he had the cash to enter the competition on him, I’m assuming he did and the thugs made off with it and his phone.   Please feel free to weigh in, my friends.  We at the Cougar Table and the whole patio are just glad he’s not hurt!  So, let’s see what his second love, Lola, is up to!
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Amores con Trampa #55 ... Isabela keeps falling deeper and deeper into passional insanity...

The animal protection folks arrive and announce they are there because there was an accusation/complaint of animal abuse. They tell Maria, grandma, et al that you can’t have animals like these in this area, and that the complaint/accusation came from Isabela Bocceli de Velasco.
Said Isabela is with Frederick in her house… he wants her to come along to some sale event. She can’t leave the house.  He will go alone to the bank to solicit a limit-less credit card (yeah right, like they will hand it to you).
Back in the ruckus outside, Facu won’t let the men take the animals.   He tells the guys that their animals are well loved and taken care of.  Porfirio comes and seconds Facu’s statement. 
The guys insist they have to take the animals away… grandma, gusana and Jacinto get in the ‘leave ‘ em here!’ team. Andres is just a few yards away watching the action…
Maria sneaks away… she is steaming angry and heading in a direct line toward Isabel who is now with Conchita saying some yoga/spiritual hymn… with headphones on… they don’t see or hear Maria until Maria is right on top of Isabel ripping her headphones away.  Conchita gets stuttering scared while Isa screams bloody murder and Maria starts following her around the huge fountain area.  Isabel and Maria end up in the water… Maria seems to be in her zone while Isabela keeps screaming/whealing and yelling for help. COnchita comes to try to help her but only gets wet too.  Now the threesome are dancing some strange ring around the rosie game around one of the fountains.
Suddenly Maria all dripping wet comes in her house, still angry.  She won’t tell and it is not until Grandma and Porfirio try to get her to speak… that she responds.  She has a really weird scary voice as if she were now a zombie… threats Facu not to leave the house… she heads right back out. Facu is scared and runs after her.  Grandma does not let Porfirio do anything… Gusana approaches him and says she understands him, not so the oxygenated blonde across the street.
Beto comes to Isabel’s store to visit Rocio. Rocio is glad to see him and opens up to him, sayings he is tired of the life she is running and the family she is living with.  She does not want to talk about the reality, rather close her eyes and enjoy this very moment. They are about to kiss when a customer lady comes in asking about the wraps that Maria had made and they sold at the store. The lady insists asking Rocio to look in the back closets… Rocio assures her they don’t have any more in the store.  The lady leaves. Beto asks if she was asking about the wraps his mom was making. Rocio says yes, ladies come asking for them daily. IF your mom kept making them she would become a millionaire.
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Lo Imperdonable #19 Thu 6/11/15 Who Needs Couples Therapy When You Can Settle Your Differences By Fencing

This will be a short and quick summary:

* Martin in confessional tells Padre Juan that he married the woman who caused his brother's death to get revenge on her. Padre Juan asks him - how can he be so sure? Martin explains that he's sure because she's the owner of the pendant. Her initials are V. Prado Castelo - Veronica Prado Castelo. Martin admits that Veronica is driving him crazy because she appears nice and good while in reality she's a damn viper. Martin also admits that he is in love with Veronica. "If you love her and she loves you shouldn't that be enough for you to forgive her?" Padre Juan asks. It's not enough for Martin who still wants revenge and doesn't care what it costs. Martin admits that he made this confession in confessional to seal Padre's lips. Padre Juan reprimands him for having stooped so low as to have sealed his lips this way. Martin knows he has no pardon and doesn't even know if he'll be able to forgive himself when he gets his revenge. He runs out of church with Padre Juan calling after him. Later, Padre Juan prays so God can guide him and give him words to tell Martin so he won't go along with his revenge.

* Virginia informs Salma that thanks to Claudia she was able to find out (via a fax sent by Martin) that Martin and Veronica arrived fine to Mina Escondida. Salma doesn't quite like that Claudia and Virgina have become friends because Claudia is a tad vulgar and extravagant. Virginia agrees that Claudia dresses a tad provocatively but she doesn't like to judge and believes that what matters is what is on the inside (yeah right, Virginia). When Virginia notices that Emiliano has entered the mansion she badmouths Veronica subtlety over Veronica not having been the one who sent the fax home to let the family know how she was doing.

* Cresnecio orders Manuel to apologize to Julio for having hit him. But Manuel refuses because 1. he's not sorry what he did and 2. if he apologizes then he'd lose authority with Julio and the other miners. Cresencio will give Manuel a pass on this but tells him it better not happen again or else Cresencio will give Julio permission to hit Manuel back.
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Que Te Perdone Dios #102 – The Phantom is Here, Tragedy With Diana and the Bebés, Toño is a Thug and Renata is Blinded By the Light

I couldn’t watch last night, so the refried is like new, and I’m not altogether sure why doorMat is being a jerk to Abi – again. But when he has ever had or needed a reason, and when has she cared? No complaints tonight about not enough action. What an episode!

At the hospital, Mat makes some comment about people bothering him which Diana says is directed to Abigail. Porfiro, a.k.a. The Phantom, inquires of Xi-ela if she knows anything about Dissociative Identity Disorder, or in lay terms, split personality.

The Phantom refry scene segues into new material. He is reading Fausto, Faust in English of course, which is hilarious. Xi-ela (Angel Wings) hasn’t read it, and when he says it’s about a man who is unhappy with his life and makes a deal with the devil, she suggests he should read something more uplifting. He scoffs at the thought of a self-help book, especially since he couldn’t find How to Live With Your Disfigurement While Trapped in a Wheelchair in 20 Steps. Xi-ela doesn’t appreciate his sarcasm. He says that he would make a deal with the devil to win her love. Cara de impactada and fearful.
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La Sombra del Pasado #83 6/11/15

Tonight's format is again inspired by Hellashelle.

The Short Version:
  • Padre J and Dom make excuses. Cande barely buys them. Recapper snorts.
  • Sev keeps Aldonza out of Cris’ room. Recapper throws stuff at the TV.
  • Hum says medical stuff. Recapper wonders if it's really that important.
  • Cris goes for a walk. A bloody mess and recapper nausea ensues. Recapper decides it probably makes Hums earlier doctor talk moot.
  • Emanuel goes to San Miguel. He takes a shower. Then he gets mugged. Recapper approves his choice of towel. It offset the chest nicely.
  • Mari finds out Emanuel is in San Miguel. She has an idea she wants to run by Valeria. Recapper curses.
  • Silvia talks to Aldonza about “the kiss.” Aldonza insists it was more like their lips barely touched. Recapper shakes head in disbelief.
  • Val goes to the hospital. She makes comments about Aldonza being slutty like her mother. Recapper blood pressure rises.
  • Sim calls Lola. She needs help. Lola calls Hum. Hum figures out Sim’s condition. Hum tells Sev. Sev visits Sim. Bye Bye Sim?
The  Longer Version (Some scenes combined.)
After getting busted coming out of Sev's office, Padre J and Dom think fast. She says Padre J was there to talk to Mel. Since Padre J had to make a phone call, Dom offered Sev's office for privacy. Cande, still smarting about the communion incident, tells Padre J that he and Aldonza should stay away from the hospital. Padre J assure her they will. He leaves. Dom asks how Padre J offended Cande. Cande tells her how she was denied communion. I believe Dom was about to remind Cande about slapping Aldonza in the church, but Cande interrupts her.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #18 Wed 6/10/15 A bloody day in Mina Escondida – Rub your arm if you're feeling the stress.

Sorry, folks, but LatinaInMd is under the weather tonight, so this is NovelaMaven pinch-hitting for her.

When we left the happy couple last night, Verónica had just discovered a huge bloodstain under a side table.  Meanwhile, Crazy Marty was crouching over Demetrio's dusty grave and vowing to keep the (crazy) promise he made.

Note: Claudia has the night off so she can get her legs waxed.

You're a guy who appreciates the classics.  Am I wrong?

Pablo is fast-talking his way out of trouble with Crescencio, offering to capture a non-Kodak moment with a painting of his grandchildren.  Despite the scorn of Manny the Hump (or maybe because of it), Crescencio seems to be warming to the idea.  When Pablo proposes setting Crescencio in the middle of the picture as the patriarch of the family, the deal may well be sealed.  Crescencio will meet Pablo in the cantina the next day at noon to discuss it.

The mail will go through, but it might be a little late.

Julio watches as Ana Perla begs M. Dussage to deliver a letter to Pablo, only to learn that he is already in Mina Escondida and anxious to see her.  When M. Dussage points out that Julio is observing them, Ana Perla explains that Julio is not a threat: the abuelo asked him to keep an eye on her.  Besides, he is an old friend.  She smiles at Julio, who smiles back at her.

Beads, Buckets, Bloodstains
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #82 - Wed 6/10 - Undercover shenanigans

Mmmmmm…lovin' the replay of Lola and Emmanuel's steamy scene.

Hum gives Sev an "I told you so!" both about Cris' leg and Roberta giving birth.  And he calls him on lying about the injury to his arm.  Hum is sick and tired of being asked to do surgeries he's not qualified to do, and Sev can bring in his own damn surgeon if he doesn't like Hum's attitude, damnit!

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Amores con trampa #53 and #54 6/10/15 and 6/11/25

This is being written before the episode even airs, so who knows what tonight will bring us. Hopefully Jarifa will have a super fun episode to recap and not a miserable episode! Look for her wonderful recap in the comments.


Lo Imperdonable #17 Tue 6/9/15 Discussion

Patio peeps- I got home from work at 10:30 last night, I can't remember what happened on the show. Seriously. Feel free to comment on the episode and I'll be back with your regular recap next week.



Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 100- Mac's got a Beanie & Marc's Scheißen Tag

I dont have much time to recap today so i will just do a short one today. This show can be described in few paraghraps anyway :)

In no particular order:
  •  Diego desires to learn the identity of his father from Padre Tomas ( He also now knows that Tom knew about Diego's heritage)  but the Padre insists that he is bound by the glorious Secret of Confession. All holy rants ensue from both of them.

  • Julian and Mano Mio Negra stack their money in their safe ready to collect their rapid earnings. There's also party in Casino Julian but Marc's at first what is to be  lucky night later observes Violeta's performance and throws a fit.  Fausto, Lucio & CountXAlacran observe Marc's rage  with great glee and we  share a troll- like  laugh  at the situation and Mano Negra defends the damsel in distress Violeta  and shows Marc his place. Pussy Marc swears that Mano will pay dearly for his antics.
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Que te Perdone Dios #99 on Monday, June 8th, 2015

(A/N Feel free to just voice your current opinion about the show in the comments. This is the unfortunately late but effervescent and overall present opening act to Tuesday's recap.)

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capitulo 81: People are losing their breakfasts, their youth, their minds, their lovers, their shirts and who knows what else!

If you saw it, a taste: Aldie’s not mad about the hair thievery. She sneaks in to see Cris while he’s knocked out. PJ wants to steal a sample of Sev’s blood and forge his signature to do another DNA test! Tomas searches for Pru. When they find each other, Pru tells the truth about the lies she weaved, and Tomas weaves a lie to cover the truth of where he was. Mel struggles with guilt over Cris’s accident and fear of aging. Val struggles with morning sickness. S/V tries to get a hold of Sev. Lola and Eman kiss again, in a big way. Hum tells Sev that Cris might lose his leg!

If you missed it, a bigger bite:After Emmanuel admits that he and Cris are creepy creepsters, Aldonza gives him a huge hug and kiss on the cheek and thanks him. Then she smacks his shoulder and tells him never to do something like that again! It was in no way a good thing, but…she repeats the hug, kiss and thanks again. She doesn’t want to lose trust between them. He and C are some crooked shysters. Wonderful, but crooked shysters. PJ comes in to tell them they can donate blood now.

Teresa and her husband try to wake Pru up. She’s got a weak pulse and won’t fully come to. They want to call Hum, but she revives enough to slur a no.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #16-17 Special Post #16 Final Scene (Televisa Uncut) & #17 Part of Opening Scene (Cut by Univision)

The above clip includes the complete final scene of Episode #16 as broadcast in Mexico on Televisa.  The last 30 seconds were cut from the Univision broadcast.

Sorry all - I tried to upload the complete opening scene of Episode #17 but this would have been twice as large in memory as the #16 clip; so I had to edit it down to include primarily the part of the opening scene that Univision cut from the opening - the same stuff cut from #16, plus a bit more, as you will see below.

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La Sombra Del Pasado #80 06/08/2015

Patio Peeps don't hate me please, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to post a recap, I got home late last night from work and came in at 8 this morning so I don't know where I'll find the time, if someone wants to post bullet points in the comments that would be great!

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