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Llena de Amor #58 Fri 10/29/10

Hello all - between Halloween with two kids and my wife being sick, this recap is going to be "the things I remember after watching the show". I wasn't able to take the time to sit down and recap as I watched in detail. If I forget anything please add it in the comments. I may list things out of order too but I'll try and get everything in there.

Brandon and the Comisario realize that a few different things relate to each other - Begona selling out Low, then Muneca saying they were in trouble. We have learned before that Begona took back her accusations after Low said he would give the baby his name. A couple flashbacks today remind us of this.

Brandon goes to see Muneca about it, she was busy explaining to Ilitia that she would like Ilitia to watch Little Apple for a couple days. When Brandon talks to Muneca about Low, Ilitia listens and Little Apple calls her a chismosa. Funny.

Later on, Brandon and his mother go to be witnesses at the registration of Christian, Brandon has now found out that Low is the father. When they see each other in the legal office, Brandon says "hey, small world!" I bet he uses this to get Low to stop getting between him and Ilitia.

Fedra is horrible to Mari, Axel defends her and just acts stupid. Some guy (has to be Spiderus) tries to kill Mari in the night, she maces him and of course when Emil searched the house there is no sign of him and security knows nothing. Those security guys should have been fired twice by now. Eman stays in Mari's room to keep an eye on her, there is much talking and flirting and etc etc. Eventually they start kissing, then we get the fantasy sequence previewed Thursday with Eman taking his shirt off. The rest of the fantasy is Mari trying to get her shirt off but she's all fat and gross (body double from behind, a real fat lady) and Eman changes his mind about her. In real time then Mari pushes him off, afraid that this would actually happen. Eventually she tells Eman that she is trying to lose weight for the beauty pageant, he decides to be her trainer. The next morning he wakes her up early and they go work out, of course there is a time when she falls on him and he can't breath.

Kristel sneaks into some room and takes money out of a safe, almost getting busted by Spiderus. Spiderus smells her perfume and gets all creepy and starts talking out loud about how it smells like HIS Fedra. Kristel gives the money to Nereida, who looks hotter each time I see her, to buy her silence.

Low is meeting some dudes in the strip club (before going to the legal office) and Orangey shows up and wants to get in on all this big illegal business stuff. He pressures Low to help get him in.

Netty's lawyer shows up and says that all the evidence that Fedra forged the documents is gone, the finding by the original judge will stand and Fedra will keep everything.

Emil has had enough of Fedra and leaves their bedroom to sleep somewhere else.

Fedra eventually goes to meet Low and take a bath. When Low takes off his robe to get in the water, she looks at him and says "is the water cold?" If anyone didn't get it, that's a shrinkage joke. You all know about shrinkage right? It was covered in depth in an episode of Seinfeld.

Kristel and Orangey are jogging, Kristel suddenly feels paid and thinks it's the baby. Emil just happens to be driving by and stops and of course says "take her to the house". Does anyone decide that a hospital or ambulance would be the right thing, ever?

Monday - apparently Mari has defied medical science and has lost a lot of weight. We see her working out a lot and then everyone's reaction to seeing her later on. Is this the end of the fat suit? Is this the beginning of pretending that someone can get the awesome body this actress actually has from being so fat in just a month? Find out tomorrow.

Edit - totally forgot about Gretel and Oliver. They are hiding out in a hotel, Oliver says they'll run wherever and hide if she'll go with him, she says yes, anything, they hit the sheets. Later or the next day, the cops pound on their door but it turns out to be something unrelated to them, a thief at the hotel or something. Because the cops are forever pounding on your hotel room door, right? Anyway it freaks Gretel out and her resolve to go wherever however with Oliver quickly fades.

Please let me know if I missed anything! Thanks and happy Halloween.


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STuD, 10/29/10 --Another Real Nail For Hornacio and Jose Miguel

Capítulo 108

As Viewerville settles in for its nightly purview of small town strife and struggle south of the border, Ivana has snuck into Horacio’s aparatment and surprised the whistling Horny as he comes out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his tush. (Damn it, Horacio! Don’t you sell door locks in that five ‘n di-me of yours?) When asked what she’s doing there (ahem, unannounced) Slutanna gives him a slick but cryptic answer. She says that she’s there “looking up old friendships”. (BTW, does anybody else get grossed out by the amount of fur this guy’s got on his torso? It’s like he should have been cast as a member of La Familia P. Luche or something!)

Across town meanwhile, Sandra is having a painful Dr. Phil confrontation with Enriqueta. She tells Mama Shrike she’s going to make her own decisions in life from now on and take her own chances with it. Not only is she marrying Felipe, but she will study nursing while she continues selling shoes; she’ll be a good wife as well as someone useful to society; and she will always be her loving daughter. Shriek-etta isn’t impressed --or persuaded. Mama’s shrieking has turned into simpering. She’s is stuck in a time warp thinking, wishing, and hoping to keep Sandy stuck in a time warp also, somewhere between aged three and thirteen. For her Sandy will always be that little girl who knew nothing and always obeyed and listened blindly. (Damn! Get the b!tch a set of Barbie dolls.) Sandy shouldn’t be surprised, she says, if she doesn’t attend her wedding or speak another word to her. Sandy tearfully tries to hug her mother, but Shrieky ignores her and goes to sulk in her room.

Back at Horny’s itty-bitty backroom bach-pad, he’s telling Vana he wants nothing more to do with her, especially since he’s got a date he’s getting ready for. Vain-a can’t believe he’s actually throwing her out, and more specifically, that he’s traded her in for a different bed-buddy, that being the “boring and stupid” Gabriela. He reminds her that she was the one who threw him over first and for Jose Miguel. “—But you lost that game cuz he’s in love with Valentina.” Vana says she needs Horny’s help because JM has been evading her ever since he got back and she needs to talk to him. Horny doesn’t understand what she means. She says it’s because of the night they brought him home drunk. She slept with him that night and now she’s desperate to talk to him. Horny says she’s lying because JM is certain that nothing happened between them that night. (Uh, can’t we have this discussion while you put your clothes on, big guy? And anyway, that furry chest of yours is such a turn off.)

Timoteo is keeping watch through the window and biting his nails. Just then Gabi shows up. She says she and Hornacio have a date and starts to go into the apartment. Tim fumbles for a reason to keep her out but she figures something is up and wants to know what’s going on.

In Mexico City, Al tells Gisela that the operation was successful and if Brenda makes it through the next few hours she’ll be fine. (This means, by TN rules, that we should get ready for the woman’s funeral.) He says while he was waiting, the operation was taking such a long time, and he was so worried that Brenda might not make it that without realizing it he wrote Valentina an e-mail. He doubts she’ll answer him. It wasn’t to ask her for another chance. It was simply an expression of what he was feeling at the time and he hopes she takes it the right way. He needed to talk to someone and it made him feel good sharing his feelings with her like that. In bounces Santi. Al takes Santiaguito home and promises to bring Santi’s letter to Brenda his next visit to the hospital. FF>>

Back at Hornacio’s, Ivannamananyman turns on the waterworks for him, claiming JM only used her that night. “--He took what he wanted from me and now wants to evade his responsibility.” She grabs his hand and begs. “For the love that you once had for me, you’ve got to help!” At this point, Gabi walks in on them and finds them together. An uber-tearful Vana and he are holding hands. (That’s what you get from never thinking to lock the darn door, Horndog!) Gabi, is of course scandalized. He tells Gabi it isn’t what she thinks and he asks Vana to explain and back him up. (Are you kidding?) “--Go on. Tell her why you’re here, Ivana!”

Vana is as slippery as an eel and says cryptically again that she was there looking up old friendships. She then begs him tearfully to remember what they’ve talked about. Horny asks her to leave cuz he’s got a date with Gabi. Gabi says no they don’t and she’s leaving too! Vana exits and Hornacio begs Gabi to understand; it’s not what it looks like! Gabi says no explanation is needed; that it’s very clear that he’s gone back to Ivana!! He tries to explain about the night they got drunk that Ivana says she slept with JM and now wants him to talk to JM to take responsibility for what comes after. He makes a gesture like a pregnant belly but Gabi isn’t listening. She tells him that he is a disgusting man who hasn’t the balls to face up to his failings and admit it. She walks out on him.

Back at Al’s apartment, Santi asks Al if they can sleep together on the sofa tonight. Al says they’ll share the bedroom tonight. Santi is all smiles. Al starts to wonder to himself if Val read his e-mail yet and calls her at the hacienda. FF>>

Meanwhile, JM brings Val home. They get all lovey-dovey saying their good-byes.

Iluminada picks up the phone but Al hangs up without saying anything. Gabi gets back home and is madder than a wet hen. She tells Val the reason she’s so upset is that she found the horndog with her cousin.

Vana gets home and starts throwing things around in her bedroom, upset that Gabi had to show up and wreck everything. (Viewerville wonders if Ivanna-man-any-man is hoping to get ol’ corny Horny in the sack again as another possible sperm donor.) She starts grumbling about how she’s got to make JM believe she’s pregnant but can’t if he’s always with Val. She decides that she’ll talk to Val instead. “The look on her face when I tell her I’m having JM’s child!! Yeah!” At that point Vana has another Hamlet-style fright session with Oscar the Ghost. Oscar’s apparition begins taunting her about not being pregnant. It tells her she’ll never get pregnant because she can’t create life. All she can do is snatch away [arrancar] life like she snatched his from him! “--You can’t create life, only death! Death!” She begins moaning to herself after Oscar disappears that she needs a child to keep Jose Miguel.

Val asks Gabi what happened. Gabi starts running off at the mouth and tells her about Vana saying that she needed Horny’s help because one day JM came home drunk and slept with her. Val is again saucer-eyed and drop-jaw impactada. Gabi realizes what she just said and says she’s sorry. She shouldn’t have said anything, but knowing her cousin and all the lies she’s told before, this has got to be another one. No way JM would have had intimate relations with Ivana!

At the same time, JM is working alone on love-shack 2.0.

Back at Rattlesnake Ranch, aka, Los Cascabeles, Val has reverted to stupid mode again and is ready to believe the worst about JM. Val tells Gabi that JM’s skullduggery makes sense considering all the time Vana’s been at the house living there. JM was covering up and made her believe him again! She doesn’t blame Gabi for telling her, but she doesn’t blame Vana either because Vana also is “simply a woman in love”. Gabi is as dumbfounded to hear this as the rest of this. Gabi doesn’t understand why she believes Vana again after everything that’s happened. “—She’s a liar and a schemer! How can you believe her! She had an affair with Alonso when you were engaged and she went after Jose Miguel when you were engaged to him!” Val says no, this time it’s the man who was being a man and doing what all men do with a woman. Gabi argues against that and says Vana is nothing more than a snake! Val says ah, so the hacienda is a viper’s nest? That snake happens to be like a sister to me! Blood calls blood and it’s call is strongest. (This is gettin’ old.) “You don’t understand because you don’t have a sister! I can’t turn my back on my own flesh and blood just because I love a man!” (Yes. You can! --Damn, Val. We had such high hopes for you, too!)

Back in M.C. at Al’s place, he’s taken out the box of letters Brenda told him about and begins reading a few. He finds one that talks about how the other boys at school always tease Santi about him not really having a father and how one day he hopes they’ll meet him and prove them wrong. Al feels guilty about that. (Good! He should!) Al also finds another with a recording in it and we assume it’s from Brenda. A look of concern passes over him. The scene jumps to Brenda, unconscious and in intensive care. (Viewerville immediately thinks of something black to wear.)

Meanwhile, in her office, Val thinks back to JM explaining how he almost gave it a go with Vana, but then realized it would be a waste since the only woman he loves is Val. Just then she spies Al’s e-mail and reads it:

“I’m in Cardiology. Brenda’s having a heart operation because she has a serious heart condition. I’m really up tight because I’ve never faced anything like this before. I feel alone and this solitude has evoked your memory which strengthens me. I’m not waiting for an answer. I hope that God will make it all come out well because it disturbs me to think my boy might lose his mother. But maybe it’s just my fear of not being a good father. In the end, what happens happens. Have a good day. --The one who doesn’t forget about you, Alonso”

In another part of the main house, Gabi can’t get to sleep. She’s crying to herself.

Horny can’t sleep either. He curses ever having met Ivana because now he’s sure that Gabi is never going to believe him or forgive him again.

JM is still working on the love-shack. He tells himself he’d rather do this than spend time at home arguing with “Leonor” or having another run-in with Ivana. Filadelfo and Rosendo amble by on horseback and stop a minute to watch him from a distance. They think the guy’s crazy working at night. Ros tells him he understands that kind of crazy. Fil urges him to get going and wonders why he’s got to keep spying on the guy. Ros has got something in mind and says he’ll just hold up for a while still. They ride off.

Gabi comes in to chat with Val who can’t sleep either. She tells Val she thinks she’s fallen in love with the wrong man just like always. Val tells her she got an e-mail from Al but no, he didn’t ask for another chance. What was in it, though, did touch her.

Rosendo and Fil apparently arrive at the site where Ros has buried his ill-gotten gains. (Ok, so why it Fil digging the stuff up if it’s Ros’s stash?) Ros eventually tells Fil to stop digging and to bring the stuff up. It’s a genuine pot of gold –gold coins. (Hubby says each of those coins is worth about $1300 American right now.) Ros tells Fil that with this he’ll pay for that section of Hacienda Montecinos’ land (the land with the water on it) that JM’s put up for sale. (Dunno, but if I was Fil I’d ask for a share just for having to dig the stuff up like that.)

The next morning, we see JM in the shower rubbing soap all over those six-pack abs and bulging pecs of his. (Hubby swears that this scene’s a definite give of eye-candy for the “speedo” crowd. Ah well…..still a sight for my sore old eyes…..)

Down in the kitchen, Benita and Lumi discuss the fact that Val didn’t sleep in her bed the night before and that she left early in the morning without asking even for coffee.

Val has apparently ridden over to love-shack 2.0 for a look-see and a good mope. Ros rides by and sees her there. He stays long enough to grumble to himself that yeah, she’s come to look over how the little love nest is coming along and wonder to himself how much she’ll care about JM once he’s left totally penniless.

At the same time, Sabino arrives at Hacienda de los Montecinos, aka Maven Manor looking for JM. Leonor, our Maven in Chief, starts yelling at Tere to tell her who’s there. She sees it’s Sabino and tells him she told him she didn’t want to see him there again. He says he’s there to see JM but she asks why since there’s no job for him at the hacienda now. Sabino grins and says he knows, but he doesn’t need a job because he already has one as the head guy over at Los Crackerbells. Leonor says it’s a miracle that La Vibora would have hired an old man like him at all. Leonor accuses him then of having told Jose Miguel about the incident with the horse, but Sabino again says he didn’t and he won’t. She gripes at him about JM always going to town to be with that Chuy. “What a waste since the kid’s never going to get better!” Of course Tere is there listening with little Teresita (always cute as a button). Tere sniffles as Leonor walks past and accuses her of wasting time again. Teresita starts crying and asks her mother if what the Sra. says is true. Tere tries comforting the little one and says God will make a miracle and make Chuy better.

Speaking of Chuy, Juan and JM are back in his room talking to him again. Amparo comes in and tells them that Flippy’s due soon and they’ll watch over Chuy so not to worry. JM tells her he’s going to try to catch up with Val and expects she’ll be surprised to see the progress on the love-shack. He leaves. FF>>

Across town Tim is sweeping the store earlier than usual. Horny comes out and they discuss the fact he didn’t sleep a wink last night thanks to Ivana’s surprise visit. Now Hornacio’s got to go clear things up with Gabi come Hell or high water. Tim wonders if she’ll listen to anything Hornacio’s got to say. Horny’s determined to make her listen.

Ros and Leonor are having a nasty discussion about her expectations. She’s griping that JM’s giving her a hard time and she’s searching for a reason to justify keeping him on. Ros has not given her anything she can use to show JM she was correct in hiring him. “He’s anxious for me to fire you!” Ros gets angry and essentially tells her bringing a hacienda that size up to snuff can’t be done overnight [literally “from one day to the next”]. She can’t run things like some sort of Chinese fire drill. He then pulls out a written report about what he’s decided on, i.e., what crops are to be planted where and why, etc. It sounds like a business report for the bank. (Snore.) She gripes about the report being only a “suggestion”. He angrily explains that the report he wrote up also shows her how to sell what they raise and make money on their investment in very little time. That is what she’s paying him for. Suggestions about simply what to plant is what any small time ranch hand could do. He’s worth his weight in gold and then some! “Tell your son that I’m what you need to separate you from the rest of the sharecroppers around here and to make your hacienda the best in the region!” Leonor smiles and says that’s the kind of thing she wanted to hear. “--Now we understand each other!”

Val and Sabino have just gotten to the ranch office when JM shows up. He tells JM he got some more of whatever it was JM asked him to get for the hut. Sabino leaves and JM notes Val’s snitty attitude. She turns to him and suggests they don’t see each other anymore. Why? Because he lied to her again about Ivana. She now knows that Ivana and he had a sexual relationship after all. (Duhn-duhn-duhnnnn!)

Back at the main house, Gabi doesn’t want to come down to breakfast or even to get out of bed. Lumi listens through the door while Isabel asks Gabi what’s happened to make her feel like this. Gabi explains that she had an argument with Hornacio. If he comes around, she says, they should tell him she’s not there. Tizzy asks if she’s leaving the school or something too. Gabi says no, not that. She just wants them to tell him that so he’ll stop bothering her.

Back inside the ranch office, JM has told Val for the umpteenth time he loves her and doesn’t know what he’s got to do or say to make her believe that. “It’s nothing but nasty gossip! How do I make you understand that loving you the way I do I would be unable to be with another woman?” Val brings up the night he got drunk and says she got that bit of info from a very reliable source! (Ruh-roh! I guess JM forgot that it’s those little details you let fall through the cracks that bite you in the ass in the long run.) JM stops her right there. “That’s right, I am not used to drinking like that, and it was a strange situation with Ivana and me, but the rest of it didn’t happen!” “--Yeah, it’s strange, like tell me why she’s still living at your house? I asked you to tell me everything that happened between you and Ivana, but you didn’t and you lied! You’re a useless man, Jose Miguel. Everyone accuses you! Besides, Ivana couldn’t have paid Arcelia, either, because she didn’t have the money. Also, you went to Mexico City and you took her with you!” “—No! No! It wasn’t like that! She came up and surprised me!” “—Don’t lie to me anymore!” “—For the love of God, what more do I have to do so you’ll believe me? For God’s sake don’t do this to me! I have not been untrue to you.”

JM reaches for Val and takes her arm. She tells him he is hurting her. JM answers back that she’s hurting him also. Her doubting him has wounded him to the core and offends him. “--It’s not up for discussion.” “Then tell me, please for gawd sake, according to you what is up for discussion? That you’re a capricious female? A woman who tells me she loves me one day and the next day no, who builds up my hopes then throws me out without any care that she might be breaking her promise?” ”—Enough, Jose Miguel! Don’t make this so difficult.” “—Ha! It’s rather pleasant to find out that you’re suffering also while wanting to break up with me!” Val starts whimpering that of course it hurts her because she loves him just as much. She just wishes that none of this had happened. JM takes her face in his hands and says he only wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He kisses away her tears and reminds her gently that they promised never to fight and never to distrust one another. “--I’m begging you to let us be happy together, ok? Everything was going so well.” He kisses her face and eyes. Val can’t resist. (I know. I know. Who could?) They begin a major make-up make-out session. (Seems JM has found his sea-legs.) All seems to be forgiven. He smothers her with kisses and she responds with a major mouth-meld. (Again, all is right with the world. Viewerville sighs.)

So, will Rosendo realize his evil dream and secretly buy Leonor’s share or will Val? Is Vana really preggers or not? Is she really over the bend? Is Oscar the Ghost real or just the result of Vana’s guilty conscience? Will Gabi ever give Hornacio the time of day again? Will Hornacio grow a pair and tell Vana off in front of Gabi? Will Shriek-etta ever regain her sanity and salvage a little self-respect? Stay tuned.


Hasta Que el Dinero nos Separe Gran Final II Friday 10/29/10 Our Chickens Come Home to Roost

Thanks to Hombre for agreeing to recap the first half of our two hour finale in such grand style. It's been an honor and a thrill to share Fridays with such a clever multi-talented renaissance man, and to be on a team of recappers made up of such clever individuals, Judy, Melinama, Agent 57, Pata, Vivi, Floresdeazul, and Amy who were willing to gift us with their time, wit, and wisdom to entertain, amuse, and enlighten us each day. Each recapper has a distinctive style and perspective making each day a unique adventure. Thanks guys. And a huge thanks to all of you who drop in to read what we have to say and share your thoughts with us. You make all our efforts worthwhile.

Well, it looks like a lot of the loose ends are pretty well tied up, so lets enjoy this last look at the warm, wacky, wonderful world of Dinero and the characters we've enjoyed so much together over these past months.

What a blowout of a wedding. The reception is no less spectacular. Having been announced by his father, Rafa, decked out in his charro outfit takes the stage and seems rather tentative at first making a few awkward dance moves. He begins to sing Yo no Fui and immediately the audience is in his thrall. Leonor, looking ravishing with her hair up catches the spirit.

Finishing his number he joins Ale and the other newlyweds. He explains that his dad arranged for him to sing and brought his outfit and shows everyone the picture his dad had saved.

The MC asks the guests to stand and applaud as the couples take a turn on the dance floor stage beginning with Rosario and Quintana. They are followed by Julieta and Jaime, Susana and Nelson, Claudia and Urdiales, Milagros and Todoyo (Daniel), Carmela and Trapito, and finally Alejandra and Rafael. Needless to say all the brides are strikingly beautiful in their flowing white gowns. The men are handsome in their light gray tuxes. Rafa is dashingly decked out in his black charro getup and no doubt we'll be hearing another song or two from him very soon. Mientras tanto, he and Ale make a lovely couple as they gaze lovingly into each others eyes pausing to indulge in a chaste kiss drawing applause from the guests.

The master of ceremonies then announces the newly wed couple Ale and Rafa and Rafa emerges wearing his broad sombrero, descends the steps leading on to the runway and to the delight of the crowd joins a waiting Ale and begins to sing... what else?... Amarte Antigua.

Janet and Pancho, caught up in the moment cuddle and coo,

Her Royal Highness beams proudly and Marian, smashing as ever, looks on with adoring wistfulness, yet without a hint of jealousy. As we do, she knows that this is right.

.... Next!

We are treated to more Rafa as he sings the the show's title song, Hasta el Dinero nos Separe. I must say, this certainly makes the recapping easier. I used to pout and whine that I never seemed to get any of the musical numbers to lighten my recap load. Tonight I get them spades. Good thing... tomorrow is our 40th wedding anniversary and the lovely Linda insists that I spend it with her.

Marian is clearly Rafa's second biggest fan. Janet and Pancho sing along and steal a kiss. Ale wipes a tear.

The guests want cake, "¡Pastel! ¡Pastel! ¡Pastel!" The happy couples each take turns cutting into the huge seven tiered cake.

"¡Beso! ¡Beso! ¡Beso!" Rafa leads everyone in a cheer, "A la bim bom ba, los novios, los novios ¡Rah! ¡Rah! ¡Rah!" The General steals a kiss after a little salute to capitalism.

Wow, Rafa is gong to sing another song. This time he does a credible impression of Pedro Fernandez as he sings el Cantante Everyone is having a great time.

And now a special treat is announced. Oh my! A treat indeed! Claudia dressed(?), well, almost, in canary yellow .

Who knew? She sings. She dances. Wow! Excuse me for a few moments. I'm going to have to rewind and watch this again. (To see if I can figure out what song she is performing, of course)

Phew! That was breathtaking.

The brides line up along the runway and each tosses her bouquet into the crowd.

Cute. Amador catches Ale's bouquet.

Gee! The fun just never ends. Now a Surprise Number is announced and I'm not lying (or is that laying, Dr. Judy?), it's Germán, Nelson, Trapito, and Jiménez, dressed iridescent blouses, gold (Germán), blue (Dandy), purple (Jimenéz), and red (Trapito). They are also wearing black bell-bottomed pants. Each sings as the crowd goes wild.

I think Susanita may have had a few drinks. As they take their bow, all but Trapito, tumble from the stage. Great fun.


More Rafa. Once again cleverly disguised as Pedro Fernandez and wrapped in a black capa. This time he sings el Aventurero. More great fun. Not a lot to recap so I'll just sit back, sip my margarita and enjoy. When he finishes, he's ambushed by Ale who gives him a let's get on with the dang honeymoon kiss. Unfortunately, his lips are sealed.

Tiempo despues:

Ale and Rafa have a contrite, very nervous and rather jumpy Chávez cornered in the conference room of Auto Siglo.

Just how is he going to repay what he he has robbed? "Robbed? No, I borrowed." Ale and Rafa want him to report to the hacienda , "mañana mismo," to begin working off his debt. Ale assures him that she will be keeping a close eye on him. Why am I thinking this is effectively returning him to his own private little briar patch? To bolster my suspicion, he asks that he be allowed to take with him his two most trusted assistants. Ale and Rafa agree and our beloved buzzard beats a hasty exit. "You won't be sorry... Con permiso." Ale, Rafa, and we have grave doubts that this is such a good idea.

Why am I not surprised to see our crafty cunning old coot join up with the same lovely lusty ladies whom we last saw disguised as harem girls escaping the hacienda in the company of Todoyo's rather suspicious looking Arab cousin, Ali Babuchas?

Grabbing each around the waist he exhorts, "Let's go live at the hacienda! We are going to have some unforgettable nights! "

Jiménez is finally engaged in his preferred profession that he was trained for.. He is seated at his drafting table looking natty and confident in his blazer and tie. He is on the phone with his now adoring wife telling her, "Don't worry Gordita, buy the walker for your dad and see if your mom can also useit." Honey drips from her words, "Gracias Gordito, adiós," as she is given thumbs ups from his beaming suegros. As he hangs up he is confronted by a gorgeous babe (his new assistant?) standing in wait. As is his custom, he fervidly fiddles with his tie, stammers his trademark, "¡Oh Dios mio!," and then approaches her and favors her with a fatherly kiss (OK, I may have misinterpreted that.

Did that sex therapist perhaps overachieve with our nervous little gnome?). ¡Oh Dios mio!

Huddled at the central table in the Oasis, our favorite watering hole are Quintana, Chávez, and Quintana's pal, Rendon with the emaciated enebriate hovering over Chávez' shoulder. Rendon is here to confess that he was the brains behind the headless apparition at the hacienda. He is an expert in special effects including holograms. They have a good laugh and it looks as though all is forgiven. As they toast, who should appear in all his spooky splendor? None other than the haunted hacienda's headless horseman in the not-flesh. Guess there are no travel restrictions on this particular phantom. They react appropriately.

Over at Groupo Celeste, M&M (no not the candy, I believe that either of these two would melt in the right hands), Marian and Muskrat (what a pair of legs) are conferring and consoling. Marian concedes that while she may have lost Rafa to Ale and Daniel (no great loss by my reckoning) to Milagros, she still is able to do lots of good, help lots of people... Monserat agrees and is so proud to have such a successful well-adjusted friend (heck, I'm almost buying into this claptrap). Saved by Chepa who has brought in the latest edition of Caras,

hot off the press. Marion is the cover-girl... ummm... better make that cover-person since she has been named Executive of the Year. That's wonderful, but I'll bet she'd trade that for Rafa in a Mexican moment.

Looks like Sandra has finally given Marino that one thing he has so desired but until now has managed to elude him. He enters her hospital room, no flowers, no candy, just a simple demand, "Where's my daughter?"

Turns out that Sandra has a little surprise for him, but he wants nothing of surprises, he just wants to see his daughter. Nopis... no daughter... sons! "¡Qué?" Sipis. "With yours , mine, and now ours, you have fifteen sons." Uh oh, triplet boys. Congratulations, Daddy!

Now this is gratifying. It appears that Chávez plan is not quite going as he had hoped. He's clad in a plaid shirt, blue jeans, coarse straw hat and rubber boots. He's milking a lovely Holstein beauty. His associates are similarly dressed but with much more appealing and revealing tailoring. They busy themselves mucking out the barn.

This is not quite what any of them had pictured. The ladies complain, the place reeks of cattle and is filled with flies, and worst of all, "We're not allowed to use the pool." The ranch foreman shows up and demands that they quit kvetching and get back to work. Chávez objects to the way he is addressed. "Not Chavez! That's Licenciado Vicente Chávez to you!" "You're peón Chávez to me!" The vice foreman brings his associate a cool beverage, calling Chávez and his comely assistants igualados (cheeky inferiors) and demanding more respect for the Patroncito.Heck, this isn't what these girls signed up for. They're outta here. "¡Adiós!" Chávea whines once more that he is el Licenciato Chávez. "And I'm el Licenciado Jesús Ibarbogoiitia!" He furtively asks for a whiskey and is told that he might get some pulque (a crude cheap fermented beverage made from the agave) but if he doesn't do his work he'll only get agua miel (unfermented sap of the agave). In frustration, he pulls his hat down with such force that his head bursts through the crown, "Next thing you know, he'll be wanting me to service the bull!" Yikes! I actually feel a little sorry for Chávez, however, not all that sorry. He always finds a way to game the system.

The more things change, the more they look the same. In the conference room of the Nuevo Auto Siglo, we see an all new crew, yet it all seems eerily familiar. The supervisor of sales, Alejandra Barros, demonstrates a management style very much like that of the old Alejandra. She introduces Licenciado Fernando Bernal (formerly Rumpole of the Bailey and more recently Padre Bosco of MEPS) who sounds a lot like Beltrán.

He wants them to surpass the sales of their competitor Clo Autos run by that fox of sales, Edgar Marino. Edgardo Regino (el Coyote, we once affectionately knew him as Odious Oscar of Gancho) promises to out-Marino Marino, Isidoro Hernández (el Nene) will try to fill Bebe's shoes, The verbose Hernán Linares (el Maestro) in a similar bow tie will assume the role of Ramírez very nicely, "Hellooo!" The pretentious Laura Hernández del Villor steps in as a new Rosaura, authoritative Manuela Olivares (la Sagenta ,... of Gancho ) signs on to fill the General's spot, sultry Lola Sansores (la Seductora) will try to measure up to Claudia, and Roxana Ferrón Gracía (looking very Susanaish) enters to give a message to Ale-lite that she has received letters for the owners... surprise, surprise... Alejandra del Castillo and Rafael Medina. The conversation and bickering is the same that we have heard countless times... very déjå vu.

The meeting ends with Linares requesting a singing of the anthem.

Afterwards, we are introduced to Johnny Alpino (el Catrin) I'll bet he can't roll his eyes like Nelson) and Casimiro Gutiérrez (Tio Meño of Tontas) to twitch and fret. "¡Oh Dios mio!" Cute... Next!

We were wondering what happened to Karen. Well, she's back in town and she and her friend are cruising along in her nifty white convertible. The friend is hungry as Karen remembers that Jeni asked her to pick up some meat. they pull into the only butcher shop in DF. The two enter Don Gastóns shop where we see that business is brisk as we see the entire de la Parra family busily serving the public. Pancho is rendered tongue-tied by Karen and her attractive friend as Karen requests baby back ribs and chorizos. There seems to be a bit of confusion as Felipe shouts for the Aguayón. This must not be a complimentary nickname (I'm not sure, but I think it means dishrag) as Vicki takes offense at her husband being referred to as Aguayón. She takes charge, barking orders and we see that there's another familiar face working there now. The Aguayón seems to almost be hiding his face behind the slab of meat he is toting but we quickly recognize that it is ... Marco! ... and as he sees the customer is Karen he redoubles his effort to disappear behind the meat thrown over his shoulder.

Oops, now Karen recognizes him as well,"¿Marco?" "Hola, Karen." Vicki has shifted her obsessive jealousy to Marco, whom she refers to as her Ratoncito (little mouse). Ah, Vicki ,Vicki, Vicki... don't ever change.Everyone laughs except Vicki and Marco.

Well now the expanded family has arrived at the family home. Jorge , accompanied by Rubi is delighted to be home.

Rosario and Quintana likewise seem to be happy and so are Ale and Rafa who share another chaste kiss (sorry , ladies). Azucena came early and spiffed the place up. Rafa has arraged a surprise. A huge banner welcomes them, "¡Bienvenidos a su Casa, Familia Alvavez del Castillo!" proclaims a huge banner surrounded by streamers and balloons . They stroll into the back garden as a mariachi band strikes up and they are greeted by a large crowd gathered to share in the festive homecoming. He tells Ale how glad he is that fate and the accident has brought them together. She agrees. They kiss. What can I say? They are going to have to enroll in a remedial kissing course.

Oh well, it helps that Ale asks, "Sing to me."

He does... Dime mi Amor

"Dedicada a todos aquellos que creen en el amor antes que en el dinero."

(Dedicated to all those who believe in love before money.)



For Judy and anyone else who missed the finale. These are links to the Gran Final on Youtube. I hope they haven't been blocked yet. It covers the last half of Thursday's episode and the two hour episode on Friday:

1. 10:00
2. 10:00
3. 10:00
4. 10:00
5. 10:00
6. 10:00
7. 10:00
8. 10:00
9. 1000
10. 10:00
11. 9:21



Dinero Friday October 29th – Gran Final, Part One – Seven Beautiful Brides for Seven Lucky Guys

And now, after 230 episodes, after accidents on the highway, accidents of love, after devious dirty dealings, after losing it all, after fighting back, little by little, step by step, after lies, tears, schemes and many, many little (somewhat chaste) kisses, we’ve finally arrived at the great day. All our questions will be answered. All the loose ends will be tied up. Could the writers really make a Gran Final so satisfying, so delicious, that we’d forgive them for extending this show longer than just about any other? ¡Por supuesto que sí!

Vicky enters, clad in cast and choker, inquiring why Rafael is making fun of her. But you’re making fun of Ale, by imitating (remendando) her, says Rafa, noticing Vicky’s attire. He then realizes that this is no joke, Vicky was really hurt, and she tells how it happened. She and Marco were following Ale and Rafa, and saw them kissing. Furious, Vicky’s inner devil

suggested they do something to hurt the lovers, such as “borrow” Rafa’s precious car. After Rafa tells the drunk attendant to watch out for the car, he (the attendant) passes out. Our little tricksters scurry over to the car, conveniently unlocked, Marco bends down as if to “hotwire” it, and they’re off. Over the cliff they go (this time we see them flailing away as the car flips) and the captions say mucho ruido (lots of noise). Yes, mucho.

Vicky broke her leg and messed up her neck, so she’ll have to use a cane (férula) and a surgical collar (collarín) for a while. And Marco broke three ribs (poor baby). But what about the Pantera? asks Rafa. Vicky, for once contrite, says they’ll try to fix it, or her father will try to replace it. Rafa’s initially mad, and Marco begs like a baby not to go to jail. Rafa hems and haws a bit, but then agrees. He goes into a long speech about destiny, they didn’t plan this, nobody wanted to hurt Vicky and Marco, but you can’t stop love. He tells Vicky she’s noble and loving, although at times, she did hurt people, such as Jaime. But in the end, Rafa and Ale forgive Vicky and Marco, wish them the best, and the two of them leave.

This leaves Vicky and Marco together. Vicky has finally accepted that her Pajarito is no longer hers. Same with Marco, who feels terrible. But Vicky says they can help each other, and their hands touch in mutual support. Vicky manages a sweet smile as she thanks Marco for rescuing her from the accident, and acting like a gentleman. Marco is grateful, and wonders how Vicky’s father reacted. She didn’t tell him all the details yet, but he always helps her. Hmm, by the way, asks Marco, what does your Dad do for a living? Well, he owns various butcher shops, but he only personally waits on people in the largest one. Dollar signs start to form in Marco’s brain. He calls Vicky attractive and nice. Vicky’s thankful, and thinks Marco’s nice, too, although when he got hurt, he did look and act a bit like a little mouse (ratoncito). Well, this little mouse takes the bait, asks her out, and it looks as if they’ll be drying each other’s mouse-ke-tears.

Some time later (tiempo después), Jorge and Rubi are back from Switzerland, and Jorge’s rich! The password was right, and he’s going to be able to recover everything! Ale and Rosario are ecstatic. They fill him in on their two weddings which are being planned, and he assures them that not only will they be able to afford the weddings, he’s going to buy back the hacienda and his house. He and Rubi also exchange words of affection, and now, it’s time to eat! Jorge remembers Azucena’s name perfectly, and orders up some down home Mexican chow. Yumm!

At an outdoor café, Doña Arcadia orders Chato to take the doggies for some recreation, maybe to the swings (colúmpios). Jiménez and Daniel are also at the table. Todo yo Daniel wants to open a construction company (constructora), and wants Jiménez to be his partner and architect. He even wants him to run everything, and just send Dan the earnings. Ramiro is bowled over by this, is super grateful, and promises Danny he’ll do a good job. Daniel just has two conditions: One, lose the tie. Two, do you happen to have the phone number of a gal named Milagros?

Dandy and Susana are locked in an unending kiss, as Ale enters, wearing her highest heels ever, along with a sleek black strapless dress, looking on top of the world. Susana tells Ale she and Nelson are going to get married with a church wedding now, so why not have a double wedding? Ale's hip to this, and when Dandy wonders about the expense, Ale summons the two into her office to explain how that’s no longer a prob.

Cut to a fancy law office, as a now super hot looking Julieta (my, has she changed) enters, asking the receptionist, is licensiado Jaime Rincón available? He is. He looks very dashing in his dark suit and blue tie, as she tells him she broke up with Cesar. He bumps into the desk, fumbles a bit, but she tells him, look dumbo, there’s only ever been one man for me. You. She lays a scorching kiss on him, and I think we may have to up our wedding count.

Vicky’s shiny legs are sitting in a bar, accompanied by the rest of her, and a doting Marco. The cast is gone, as is the collar, and Marco is back to his dapper self. They declare their mutual affection, he’s her ratoncito, she’s his ratoncita,

and they kiss (way better than Rafa and Ale EVER did). Wow!

Time to tie up our other big (although recent) loose end, as Rafa, Sr. shows up at the Medina-Nuñez abode, looking professional in his suit and white shirt, holding his head (and his hair) high (I guess the hair is teased up so far, because of the “tall” order he’s going to have to convince them). He goes into a long speech, asking forgiveness from Rafa and Leonor. He throws in the fact that he’s worked 14 hours a day, and has made lots of money, a whole lot, muchísimo dinero, more than they can imagine. (Did I mention that he’s made a lot of money?) Rafa’s not impressed, does he want to buy their love? No, of course not. He then gives them the stuff about how he always loved them, they were better off without him, Leonor raised them to be successful and happy. Rafa, Sr. tries tears. He tries reason. He sets the all time record for longest forgiveness plea. But Rafa, Jr. won’t forgive. No way. Until Rafa, Sr. turns to leave, and JUST before he gets to the door, little Rafa breaks down, I don’t want you to leave, Dad. Despite everything, I still love you. They hug. Julieta joins the circle. And a few moments later, Leonor accepts Rafa, Sr.’s extended hand, as the four actors hold their teary faces for what seems like an eternity through the sappy music, trying desperately not to break into guffaws (look, I cried for a second, but then it got SILLY), a perfect telenovela moment.

Tubby Trapito has proven to be every inch (or pound) the man crafty Carmela craved. They’re in a fish restaurant, where Carmelita orders everything on the menu for her hefty hunk. All SHE needs is a tall drink, she’s dehydrated (too much exercise, maybe?) She goes over to him, hugs him from behind, kisses him, squeezes his cheeks (not THOSE cheeks), he’s like a great big treat for her, and she’s going to take care of every bit of him. He wonders if he’s just an object of pleasure for her. Her response, if you don’t marry me, I’ll KILL you! He breathlessly agrees, at which point Carmela takes a ring OFF her finger, gives it to Trappy, orders him to put it back ON her finger, and she accepts! She WILL marry him! They’re all over each other (and the table), as the waitress and patrons look on approvingly.

Jorge and Rubi are dining in a restaurant with Leonor and Rafa, Sr. They discuss the double wedding. As father of the bride, Jorge will pay for the wedding. As father of the groom, Rafa, Sr. will handle the reception. And it’s going to be a multiple wedding, with lots of surprises (I can’t wait).

Shopping time, as the novias are buying dresses! Carmela’s making sure her assets are covered, Milagros is looking stunning (I guess Daniel got her number!), Claudia’s admiring herself in the full length mirror (as do I), Susana looks lovely in her strapless gown, Julieta picks out her gown with her Mom, and Ale and Rosario pick out their gowns together. We have seven brides!

And now, it’s the great day of the wedding of Alejandra Álvarez del Castillo and Rafael Medina Núñez….and others! Seven sleek white stretch limousines wind their way past Mexico City’s famous monument, white bouquets adorning their hoods and brides-side doors. Even the news media are covering the event, as they whisk us to the Hacienda La Alejandra, all decked out for the ceremony. Our reporter is Lorena Enríquez (Paula on Gancho, Doris in Llena de Amor), who tells us there’s a problem. The novias haven’t arrived, and the priest is threatening to cancel! The guys have their typical unique reactions to this, from Daniel’s smugness, to Don Gaston’s outrage, to Jiménez pointing out that the guys aren’t even married yet, and their wives are already taking over!

So where are the ladies? A huge protest demonstration (una manifestacíon -I think they’re demonstrating for the rights of fish) is blocking the highway. The brides get out of the limos, and start giving their opinions. Claudia thinks La Generala would like this. Lined up in a row, we have seven “No puede ser”s, as each gal leans her head onto the one next to her. Is our wondrous wedding wrecked?

After the commercial, the ladies have all gotten into one limo to discuss strategy (and provide better close-ups). Ale takes charge, let’s calmly figure out what to do. Claudia extracts her cellphone from her bodice, a present from Humberto, the best money can buy, but there’s no signal! As a matter of fact, they all have cells (modern gals here). But no dice. Carmela would try to convince the demonstrators to leave using her attributes (she glances at her ample bosom), but it might not work. Susana chides them for being negative. Let’s put together our positive energy. Everybody say, OMMMMMMM.

They all chant for a few seconds, but that’s not working. Cellphones again. Doesn’t work. Rosario says have faith, and the praying starts. That doesn’t seem to work either, and we have seven women weeping.

Back at the hacienda, the priest is just about to leave, when a mighty rumble shakes the air. The brides have solved the problem, as the smoke clears, and seven mighty motorcycles, driven by some friendly bikers, give the blushing brides a thunderous entrance. The crowd cheers, and the priest says he’ll do the honors, but it’ll have to be a quick wedding. Ramirez (no bride for him) is entrusted with organizing the brides, who goes with whom. He helps each off her Harley, puts veils in place, and we’re all set.

The hacienda has been transformed. In the great inner terrace, there’s a red carpet, a huge white modern cross, flowers, guest and decorations. But it seems that in his haste, Ramirez made a few booboos. Rafa is with Claudia, Quintana with Milagros, Ale with Daniel, Nelson with Julieta, etc. as the priest begins. We’re gathered here to celebrate the weddings of these beautiful couples. If there’s anyone here who has any objection, speak now or forever hold your peace. To his surprise, EVERYONE starts screaming, waving their hands. They all have the wrong partners! A little keystone cop music later, Ramirez has made the necessary adjustments, and we’re good to go.

The priest talks of love, of family, and reminds them never to let money separate them (Ale and Rafa smile at each other). All rise, and seven gallant guys place silvery rings on the right hands of seven lovely lasses, telling them this is a sign of love and loyalty, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. The ladies place their rings on the gentlemens’ hands, and pledge the same. The men drop coins (called las arras) into the hands of their wives,

as a beautiful young singer slowly walks the red carpet, singing the Ave Maria with elegance and emotion.

Rafa, Sr. softly tells Leonor that they are back together in God’s eyes, and he’ll never abandon her again. They kiss sweetly. Tears are streaming down many faces, as we see expressions of joy and love on all our beloved characters.

Don Gaston is a bit sad that Vicky couldn’t be there, but knowing her, that would not have been right. We see the couples with white flowered garlands binding them together, Nelson and Susana looking especially fine, she with a headband over her radiantly flowing locks, he sharp and immaculate in his finely pressed suit, blazing white tie and red flower on his lapel.

Ale looks to the heavens, filled with thankfulness, as she and Rafa gently join their hands, and the audience applauds respectfully.

The priest then asks each couple if they accept each other as their lawfully wedded husband or wife, and one by one, they happily say I do (or acepto, I accept). There are so many great pictures here, I’d really need an album, but let’s just say everyone looks handsome, beautiful and happy. The priest declares them married, and they may kiss their brides. Kiss after kiss shows the immense love that everyone in that room feels (as do we at home).

There’s a shower of fireworks behind the great cross, a huge ovation, more kisses, and even more majestic fireworks overhead, as the wedding march plays triumphantly. Seven newly united couples exit arm in arm, as confetti rains down like snow.

Zetina is there to take a picture. Rafa’s not so sure about Zetina’s camera skills, but not to worry. Zetina may not understand modern cameras, but he brought his grandfather’s old style camera, and he has no problem with that (although he does say pajarito, pajarito, or watch the birdie, prompting a chorus of No’s). By this time, the limos have made it through, and everyone piles in, off to the grand reception.

The host announces this is the most luxurious spot in Mexico, called El Splendid. The limos pull up on another red carpet,

the couples make a grand entrance, as each in turn is announced, almost like a Hollywood premiere. We learn Milagros’s last name is Baltierra, and Trapito’s real name is Juan Tobar (who knew?). There’s cheering, more confetti, more kissing, and the party’s about to begin.

Rafa, Sr. takes his son aside, gives him a picture of Rafa, aged seven, dressed up in a singing costume, a broad smile on his gap-toothed face.

Rafa, Sr. kept this picture all these years, knew how much Rafa liked singing, and he has a surprise for him. What could it be?

Before we find out, Alejandra is introduced as the driving force behind having seven weddings combined, and in front of a projection of blue sky and fluffy white clouds, she takes the mike, curls piled glamorously on her head, long white train extending behind her incredible white gown, and tells the audience that you might think dreams come true only in telenovelas, but if you want it enough, they can also come true in your life.

She’s grateful her father is here to share her joy. Weddings are about happiness, about joy, but also about friendship, and that’s why she invited all the couples to get married in one grand celebration of friendship and love. She talks of faith. She thanks her father, her new father in law, and a wonderful woman, Doña Leonor, who raised a wonderful son, her Rafita. She thanks her mother, looking down from heaven, and she thanks God. And of course Rafita, Rafita, I love you! The crowd cheers, A la bimbombo, a la bimbomba, Alejandra, Alejandra, ra, ra, rah!

Rafa, Sr. and Jorge give short, heartfelt speeches, and then Rafa, Sr. announces tonight’s special surprise. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your enjoyment, here is Rafael Medina Núñez!

And on that note, I bid farewell to all of you, my great friends, who have shared this wonderful, touching and humorous show, and pass the baton to Carlos, who’s going to bring us the climactic conclusion to Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe.


Remendando – imitating or aping
Férula – a cane or rod, another word for a cane is a bastón
Collarín – surgical collar
Colúmpios – swings, such as in a park or playground
Constructora – a construction company
Una Manifestación – a demonstration
Acepto – I accept, the way of saying I do in Mexico


La Verdad Oculta #34: Let’s Get Married, Tomorrow!

We return to Bertha and Roberto in the Genoves living room. She has just made him an offer he surely won’t refuse. Help her conquer David, and she’ll give him “anything” he wants (lo que quieras). He looks suitable enticed and gives her hand a slimy kiss. “Claro. Con mucho gusto.” (Of course. It will be my pleasure/with much pleasure.)

At the Club, Mario is waiting for Adolfo, but is also taking the opportunity to see/watch Gabi. Abelardo doesn’t like him being out and about in his condition, and obviously doesn’t want him to have any confrontations with Adolfo. He tries to rush him out and points out that he only sees Gabi’s little sister and not Gabi. As their gaze pans the club and up the staircase, we see Saturday Night Fever meets Solid Gold dancer Marcos and Susana make their grand entrance. He in white jacket, gold lame shirt buttoned down to there, and black pants. She in a matching outfit of white bomber jacket, gold lame bra (because that little thing can’t be considered a top), and black tights passing for pants. Her long midriff is completely bare.

Susana is very impressed by how classy the joint is. Julieta seats them at a small table for two, not far from Mario and Abelardo. Susana immediately recognizes them. She also immediately orders a bottle of the most expensive champagne, since this is a celebration of their newly acquired riches. She points out to Marcos the guy they saw in those photos at the empty house, and Abelardo the guy who first opened the door to the house. Marcos seems to care more about the expense of the drinks they just ordered, than this interesting little mystery.

Gabi arrives. Abelardo greets her and brings her to greet Mario. Mario asks after her father since he wants to “purchase another book.” Gabi informs him that her father is out of town and actually no longer sells books.

She leaves to do her work, but finds Roberto. She makes it clear to him that NOTHING happened between her and Carlos, and she doesn’t want the wrong message conveyed to David. He tells her (lies) that Carlos told him that nothing happened and agrees not to tell David anything. Just then David walks coldly by without saying anything to either of them.

He heads straight to his father to greet him. Mario claims he is feeling a bit better. This pleasant exchange is ruined by Roberto who weasels in to greet Mario. It’s clear he’s looking for any opening to ingratiate himself with Mario and find out more about him and his habits. Bristly David mercifully cuts the conversation short by excusing himself and taking Roberto. He then questions Roberto about why he and Gabriela were talking just now, and the master of half truths and lies tells David that Gabi was asking him to not tell David about her dirty weekend away with Carlos. Hothead David gets suitably pissed, and wants to go confront them both right now, but Roberto talks him down and convinces him to go the route of cold, calculated revenge.

At this point the audience begs to see a handsome good man, with some common sense, and we are rewarded with a Medina sighting. He is gallantly seeing Elsa home to her door. She thanks him, calling him formally Architect Medina. He asks her to please call him Mauricio. He asks permission to call her and she gives it. She is looking very lovely, but it’s obvious that she is still shaken up and distracted by her brother’s “visit” earlier. Just then JJ arrives, looking perturbed, to further throw her off her game. Mauricio happily greets him and bids him and Elsa good night.

Without any further greetings or chit chat (Hey, how was you’re date with Medina? He seems like such a good guy. As your *brother* I would be so happy if you ended up with a guy like him.), JJ jumps right to the point. “Donde esta Marcos?” Elsa is surprised he knows and he explains how he saw Marcos earlier when he came to the apartment. They search through the house and find that he’s done a search through the house himself, leaving Elsa’s belongings scattered, his identity papers missing and her money as well. Elsa weeps. JJ tells her not to worry about the money as he can give it to her again. But Elsa is weeping about more than just the money. Her own beloved brother robbed her. JJ comforts her with a hug.

At the AFI, Leo and his partner Ramon discuss the new assignment the bosses have given Leo. He’s to look into the escape of the prisoners and their connection to the narco-traficking gang he’s been after. First they’ll start with all the relations of the escaped prisoners.

At the Club Gabi and Juli look at David and Roberto chatting. Juli now doesn’t trust Roberto as far as she can throw him, and has no faith that he won’t rat Gabi out to David. They are interrupted by Susana who wants to know where the bathroom is. But first she asks who Mario is and if he’s an artist (remembering the actor’s makeup). They inform her he’s one of the Club owners. Next her roving eye lands on David and Roberto and she wants to know who the handsome guys are. Gabi, getting a bit territorial, wants to know WHY she wants to know. She lies that one of them looks like a guy she knew in L.A. which puts up Gabi’s suspicion meter. But she explains that one is the son of the owner and the other is a friend. Susana runs off to the bathroom with her new info, and Juli wonders if David could have also been fooling around with this girl in L.A. at the same time they were there with him.

They look towards David who has nearly hit the top of the stupid meter. Roberto is playing him masterfully. David’s all a twitter about how he thought he was dating a decent girl, with a strict father. Blah, blah, blah. It’s all too painful to recount. Roberto lies that Carlos said it wasn’t difficult at all to get his way with Gabi. Take her to a nice place, give her gifts, etc. David explains that she says she wants to get married and won’t go away with him. Roberto’s easy solution for David to get even with her is a sham marriage-- get what he wants, and then dump her. (I am so ready to slap them both right now. Ugh!)

Adolfo enters and Mario spots him and calls him over. Mario invites him to his house tomorrow. He hasn’t felt well, so he can’t travel to Adolfo’s. The only reason he’s at the Club is because he came to see David at his office and then David invited him to have a drink. While they talk, behind them a very drunk Susana demands to know how many diamonds they have left and to see them right now. A not as drunk, but just as stupid, Marcos pulls the satchel of diamonds out and starts counting them. Susana grabs at them and takes out one she claims will be for her to keep. Marcos tries to grab it back and in the mini-struggle it flies through the darkened club, to the feet of Adolfo. (The precious has made its way back to its master.)

They search for it on the dark floor. Marcos crawls around Adolfo’s feet getting closer to seeing the diamond, when Adolfo turns around to find out what the heck is going on. He gives them both a good hard look, but Marcos manages to find the diamond and pocket it before Adolfo sees what he has. Marcos returns to his table and Adolfo turns back to Mario to agree to the meeting. As Adolfo departs, he tells the head waitress not to serve anymore drinks to Marcos and Susana. David and Mario leave together, and Roberto looks pleased as punch with himself for a job well done in creating mischief. On his way out, David briskly grabs Gabi and tells her he’s coming to her house tomorrow to talk to her.

Drunk Susana snaps her fingers to order their bill. She’s bored of this place and wants some fun. She wants to return to the house with all the pictures of the old man they just saw. Adolfo, meanwhile, seats himself at Roberto’s table. Adolfo has noted how sickly (desmejorado) Mario seems. He wants Roberto to pay special attention to things related to Mario’s health, especially what medications he’s taking. Messing with his meds may be the easiest way to do away with him.

Susana and Marcos arrive at the hideout house. Obviously Abelardo has not fixed those glass window blinds or found a better way to secure the place. Susana is curious about all sorts of things—this house, and who put the diamonds into the shoes. She goes straight to the bedroom door. But this time it’s locked. Marcos thinks they should go, but first he heads to the little boys’ room. Susana decides to play a game of hide and seek with him, and lodges herself into a nook just beside the bedroom door. When Marcos finds her and the hanky panky grabiness ensues, they are both shocked to find that their kisses and the champagne are not the reason why the world seems to be spinning. They themselves have somehow spun around in the wall niche, from the living room, and into a tunnel! They decide to see where it goes, and head down the staircase and into the tunnel passage. They freak out realizing how long and deep the tunnel is, and decide to turn back (for now).

It’s the end of the night at the Club. It’s closed up and the staff are all in their street clothes ready to go. Gabi and the piano player (Brenda?) sit at the piano while Brenda plays a tune. Gabi is impressed and wonders how difficult it must be to learn to play, but Brenda tells her anyone can learn. With training Gabi could become a virtuoso too. (This may just be a throwaway scene, but they do give this piano player lots of face time and I wonder if she’s well known. I also think it points to how many opportunities to do something with her life Gabi would have had and taken, had she not been moved around so much and had a proper education.) Juli arrives with two other waitresses, and all the girls decide to head out for tacos before returning to their homes. At the neighborhood taco restaurant, the girls are having a great time, chatting, chowing down, and listening to the upbeat music playing in the background. Gabi and Juli get up and do a cute sexy dance in unison, and then Gabi grabs one of the guys who works there to dance with her. He’s shy, but he looks pleased. The girls whoop it up and begin the man talk. They are all impressed, but not surprised, that Gabi has all those rich guys after her, fighting for her. Juli throws in that she even has a police officer crazy for her. Gabi shyly sips her soda as they tease her. But Gabi starts saying David isn’t the Prince Charming he seems to be. He’s plenty distrustful (desconfiaba) and a jerk/ashole-ish (sangrón) sometimes. Those guys are used to getting their own way and are daddy’s boys (hijos de papi), she says. One of the waitresses still thinks Carlos is pretty delicious (buenisimo). They tease Juli about Roberto being after her too. All the other customers they get going after them are old, bald, fat, with mustaches and cigarettes dangling from their mouths!

It’s morning at the Genoves house, and Ale and Mario talk about David over breakfast. Mario is worried that he’s working too hard and has too many responsibilities as he’s left very early again for work. Ale tells him not to worry. David can handle it. He asks about Bertha coming down to breakfast with them. Ale reminds him that Bertha is a late riser (that’s one way to say lazy moocher). The two get to talking about Ale’s business. Mario wants to know about this new project and client she has. She explains that her client is an eccentric young man who bought the house next door that they originally wanted to buy. He’s attaractive, but strange, and for this reason she was distrustful of him and asked for half of the full payment, 2.5 million pesos, up front. Mario informs Ale that the house belonged to an old guy in prison at the time they tried to purchase it, and Ale wonders how it ended up belonging to Elsa’s friend. Mario tells her that the old guy died in prison and willed his house to a Juan Jose Victorio. Ale immediately realizes that this is Elsa’s friend. He’s the one who sold the house to Señor Ocampo. Mario wonders if she ever met JJ. Nope, she only heard about him. She asks why all the interest on his part. Does he know JJ? Mario says that the name sounds familiar, that’s all. Ale looks like she does not believe that lie.

At the Guillen breakfast table, Juli tries to calm Gabi’s nerves by saying David doesn’t know about the trip with Carlos. Gabi isn’t so sure. These last few days he’s been so strange, serious and different. She tells Juli about his invitation for her to go with him on a business trip. Juli isn’t surprised. All men are the same! (Todos son iguales.) Our dad was right. Guys of that social class don’t want anything serious with girls like us. Gabi agrees, but she loves David so much. The phone rings and it’s their dad informing them that he’s got a job and house lined up for them in Baja California. He’ll be back Sunday to help them pack up and then they’ll go. In the meantime, inform the landlady and their jobs that they're leaving. Gabi agrees reluctantly, but can’t hold back tears.

Elsa’s also having a bad morning. JJ sits with her at her table as she tells him about her sleepless night. Even when he was a little boy, Marcos always caused lots of trouble for their mother. She’s worried about the kind of trouble he is in, and will continue to get into. JJ tells her not to worry. He has to turn himself in. In the meantime, JJ will find a good lawyer for him and try to get him out on bail (bajo confianza). Elsa knows that Marcos would never turn himself in. And she is ticked off (me da coraje) that he stole that money from her. JJ tells her again not to worry about the money. He’s got that covered.

At the Guillens' the door bell rings and it’s strange, stupid, serious David. He’s polite enough to ask what’s wrong when he sees Gabi has obviously been crying, but goes right back into stupid mode when she tells him nothing is wrong. When he asks about her father’s return, she lets him know he’ll be back Sunday and shortly after they’ll all move. David skips right by this important detail and gets back to talking about the trip he wants her to accompany him on. She tells him again that she does not do that sort of thing. “What if we got married before going?” “Como?!” (What?) “If you want to, we get could get married tomorrow.” Gabi is left impactada as we go to commercial.

Gabi asks for clarity. Is he asking her to marry him? He says yes, and she runs into his unwelcoming, stiff arms. “Really? You really want us to get married?” David continues to lie, which is obvious to us because he exudes no joy. But poor Gabi would never be able to guess at David’s less than noble plan, and is more concerned with the suddenness of it all, and it not being the proper way to go about getting married. “Why tomorrow? Shouldn’t we wait for my father? Shouldn’t we inform both our fathers? What about the blood tests and paperwork?” David makes excuses about her father not liking him, and also about him being his own man and not needing the permission of his father to do something her wants to do. And he’ll take care of all the legal paperwork, she need not worry about that. He puts the ball into her court and tells her she needs to decide. Just tell me if you accept or don’t accept. Gabi says she can’t. David turns to go, saying this proves she doesn’t love him. He finally successfully manipulates her into saying yes. She loves him, like she’s never loved anyone before. (Te quiero como nadie.) She looks unsure, but gives him a loving hug.

At Elsa’s, the door bell rings, making Elsa and JJ both hopeful and worried that it’s Marcos. JJ answers and finds Leo and his partner looking fierce and serious at the door. Leo asks for Elsa and comes in. He confirms that she is Marcos’ sister and asks if she knows what happened. She lies that she doesn’t. He explains the escape and the link to narco-traficking. He wants to know if her brother is involved in some way with this narco-traficking gang. Elsa badly lies that she hasn’t seen Marcos. She tells them they can search the house, and Leo sends his partner off to do so while he continues to question Elsa. He advises her to turn her brother in if he makes contact with her. They will find him, and he will only make things worse for himself the longer this goes on. If it turns out he is involved in this narco-traficking gang, then this could put him away in prison indefinitely. He drops a few names of the mafiosos they are looking for. Elsa takes note, but maintains a pretty good poker face. She says she will turn her brother in if he does contact her, but she also assures him her brother has nothing to do with narco-traficking. She thinks he just took advantage (aprovechar) of the situation to escape (huir).

Leo’s highly efficient cop senses then turn to JJ. He wants to know if he’s a relation of Elsa’s and if he also knows Marcos. JJ nervously claims he has no idea where Marcos is hiding. Ramon confirms that no one else is in the house. They excuse themselves and Elsa collapses on the couch in nervous relief. She wants to know what they’re going to do. JJ is sure the police are going to be watching Elsa’s apartment. They have to find Marcos and convince him to turn himself in. Elsa has no idea where he could be. She never knew who his friends and acquaintances were. In the meantime, JJ does not want Elsa to stay in the apartment. She’ll only get dragged into Marcos’ troubles and he does not want her to get in trouble with the police. She tries to argue, but JJ is not taking no for an answer.

At Adolfo’s, Deborah has arrived from L.A. and greets him with a seductive kiss. He wants to get right to the business at hand (asunto). He shows her the two diamonds that he’s sure were in the shoes. She examines them and confirms that they are indeed the gems she put in the ugly black platforms. He tells her about the guy who sold them to the jeweler. Adolfo is sure he’s the girls’ accomplice. Deborah can’t believe that the girls lied about throwing the shoes in the trash. They just don’t seem the type to do this. They seem so innocent. She wonders why he doesn’t speak to them and make them return the jewels. He explains that he can’t, since they are such good friends with a police commander that’s been on his trail. He explains that he searched their house already, but found nothing. He leaves her looking worried as he goes off to do business.

In their bedroom, a nervous Gabi confides in Juli about her and David’s plan to get married tomorrow. Juli has all the same questions Gabi did about the suddenness and informing their dad. But ever the romantic, she is super excited for her sister. Marrying David is like winning the lottery! Gabi feels it’s all wrong since she has no time to arrange her affairs and invite her friends. But she loves him so much. Juli wants the details, for which Gabi has no answers, since it all happened so quickly. Where will they live? Will his family be in attendance? Juli then wants to know what will happen to her. Will she be left alone and have to move with their dad, when she never wanted to move in the first place? Oh no! She’s not moving and she’s not quitting the Club! Gabi scolds her. She can’t leave their dad alone and she can’t live alone either. Juli tearfully disagrees.

Caramelo is teaching her dolls proper manners, through scolding and spanking (nalgadas), as Limon prepares the breakfast table in the hotel suite. They sit down to eat and Caramelo asks about inviting her friends, the children of Don Filemon, over to play with her and watch tv. (This kid needs some friends her own age to play with.) Limon thinks they need JJ’s permission first. Just then JJ arrives with Elsa and her two suitcases (yes, TWO, unlike the magical one small suitcase that holds EVERYTHING that we always see in telenovelas). Caramelo runs into the arms of her Tia Elsa. They are happy to see each other. Caramelo is beyond excited to hear Elsa is going to live with them for a while. She wants Elsa to sleep with her in her room, or is she going to sleep in JJ’s room? All the adults get flustered and tell her of course Elsa will sleep with Caramelo in her room. JJ and Limon will bunk up together (but not *together*). Limon and Caramelo take Elsa’s suitcases to the room, while JJ starts to finally question Elsa about her date with Medina. She says he’s a nice person whom she gets along with (me cae bien), and JJ starts to act like a jealous lover/overprotective brother. Does she also “get along” with Carlos? (Oh no he didn’t!) If one’s not visiting, she’s going out with the other. Elsa is NOT having that conversation again. (Has JJ forgotten that mega slap she gave him last time?) She has done nothing wrong with either of them. JJ says that even so, it appears otherwise and people will talk. She wonders if he’s so worried about her reputation, then why did he invite her to come live here (in a hotel, with a single man, who is NOT her brother). JJ argues with her. “That’s different.” “Why?” “Because my intentions are different!” “Oh that’s right. Because to you I’m like a piece of furniture or your sister. But I’m not! (No lo soy!) Get it into your head. I’m not your sister!” JJ has no answer to that.


Friday, October 29, 2010

El Clon - Gran Final, Fri, Oct. 29

Part One by NovelaMaven

One daughter found:

The family watches nervously as Mohamed paces and mutters terrible threats against Samira. Then the door opens: Tío Alí has brought Samira home. All – Latifa, the Naz, Zoraida, Amin and especially Mohamed – rush to kiss her and welcome her back.

And one daughter lost:

A servant brings Said the shocking news: Jadiya is missing! Even though she was driven right to the door of the school, she never went in. Said’s nostrils flare and he breathes heavily.
Rania and Amina exchange mean little smiles.

And one son still in limbo:

Enrique is in court presenting Lucas’s argument to the judge. You can’t equate genetic identity with parentage, he says. Daniel was cloned from a cell taken from Lucas. No parental link exists between Daniel and Leo. And if Leo is not Daniel’s father, then Lucas isn’t his brother.

In fact, Daniel does have a family, continues Enrique: his mother is Dora; and his father, en el sentido socio-afectivo del término, is Dr. Albieri. Albieri created him and has always been a father figure for him.

Daniel turns accusingly to Albieri: You said they weren’t going to mention that I was a clone!

A servant brings a bouquet of flowers to Said along with a note from Jade asking his forgiveness. But it isn’t fair, she writes, to keep her from seeing her own daughter.

So Jade took his daughter! Said is beside himself with rage. I’ll kill her, he roars. This time I’ll give the lashes myself and no one will be able to save her!

Luisa follows Albieri in her car. [She seems more adept at it than she was when she thought he was cheating on her with Dora.] She sees him join Amalia at an outdoor café. Albieri is still being cagy with Amalia, but she cajoles him with just the right amount of flattery mixed with honesty into acknowledging that he created a clone. She knows he is brilliant – and vain! And they both laugh. But Luisa’s not laughing: Ya verás, Albieri! she says. (You’ll see!)

The second courtroom of the evening:

The judge gives Fernando a choice of standing trial and most likely doing jail time or entering rehab. He chooses rehab, much to the relief of Clara and Escobar. And it is very nice to see the smirk finally wiped off Fernando’s face.

Enrique is nervously preparing himself for a more personal trial. He is going to see his children. Carolina offers to go with him but he prefers to do this on his own.

He takes a taxi to his family’s house. Unfortunately he loses his nerve when he gets there. He tells the man who comes to the window that he was just checking an address.

The story moves to Fez:

Jade reassures Jadiya that they are safe in the medina: discovering them there would be like finding a needle in a haystack (aguja en pajar). And then they spot Tío Abdul tormenting… I mean educating little Zumaya. They run back to their lodging.

Back in Miami, Said questions Zoraida and Alí but they don’t know anything. Besides, says Alí:

¡Yo nunca apoyaría una fechoría como eso, Said!

(I would never support villainy like that, Said!)

Said figures they must be in Fez because it’s the only place Jade really knows well. He’s going to track her down and when he does, he’ll show no her mercy. And Rania, now happier than a pig in potatoes, has to work extra hard to hide her smirk.

Enrique has taken refuge in a bar. Whiskey doble!

Carolina tells Clara how excited Enrique was about seeing his kids and how good he felt about his decision.

The man Enrique spoke to earlier (stepfather, employee?) now tells a young man and woman (his children?) about his brief visit. The girl asks him to call her if he comes back.

Caro is trying to call Enrique but he doesn’t pick up.

The mood is gloomy at the Del Valle home. The second DNA test came up positive and Lucía is left with the inescapable conclusion that her Roberto did indeed father a child with another woman.

But change is in the air at Casa Ferrer. Marisa gives Lucas permission to go on with his life and make the changes he needs to be happy. She tells him not to feel guilty about Natalia: they both tried, they gave her their best.

I’ve suffered so much in my life, she tells him. And to shield herself from pain, she invented a story, she says. But the truth is this: her mother didn’t die: she was lost to drugs and alcohol when Marisa was very young. And she never even knew her father. She blamed herself for her mother’s problem, the same problem Natalia has now…

This confession is cut short when Rosa rushes in: Natalia is having a crisis! Lucas finds his daughter distraught, restless and craving drugs. Take the baby, she pleads. She wants to be left alone. She doesn’t want anyone to see her like this. She is frighteningly out of control.

Roberto is unhappy to hear that Enrique is away. And when he sees that Lucía has packed up his belongings and sent them to his office, he looks like he could use a whiskey doble too.

Alí and Zoraida are greeted by Zumaya and Abdul upon their arrival in Fez. Zoraida tells Zumaya that Said is on the warpath and she’s afraid she’ll be blamed for Jade’s sins too.

Jade and Jadiya are in their room in Fez. Jadiya misses her father. Jade understands but says that if he finds them right now, she and Jadiya will never see each other again.

The glowering Said stalks the medina with Amina, Rania and Munir trailing behind. Jade’s not going to escape this time, he vows.

In Miami, news of The Kiss has gotten around. At the gym, Vicki asks Pablo if he is falling in love with the Naz. It was just a kiss, he says. But it was a kiss so… one more kiss like that and I’d be in love!

Then Vicki congratulates him. For what? he asks. He got the job in Morocco!

Enrique, now falling-down drunk, shows up outside his family’s house. The two young people decide to follow him.

Rogelio hasn’t fired Malicia yet but as she stands before him, he looks as if he is smelling something very unpleasant. Diana comes in to say that a friend of Malicia’s is looking for her. And in walks Aurelio.

Malicia turns away from Rogelio and hisses to Aurelio: ¿Qué diablos haces aquí? (What the hell are you doing here?) And we know that her past has come back to bite her en el trasero.

And back to Enrique – now so drunk that he is ill. Seeking help, he taps on the window of a patrol car and the officers drive him away. The two young people are watching him; they hail a cab and follow the police car.

Amalia shows up at Albieri’s house and teasingly warns him not to run away from her this time. Oh, no, he says, he’s ready to tell her everything – how he made a human clone. And he proudly shows her photos of Lucas and Daniel. ¡Dios mío! say Amalia softly, muy impactada.

The boy and girl – his children! -- have followed Enrique to a hospital. He lies on a narrow bed, barely conscious. The go up to him and say: Papa? Papito! Why did you abandon us. We missed you so much!

Monica, his daughter says: In spite of everything, he’s our father. But Ricardo, his son, is unyielding: Oh yeah, why didn’t he remember that fact all the time he was gone? Forget it. For me, my father is dead.

Alí and Zoraida are settling back into the house in Fez, but it feels oddly empty to Alí:

Me siento como un barco viejo abandonado en medio mar.

(I feel like an old boat abandoned in the middle of the sea.)

Zoraida reminds him of his three wives and his children but he tells her they are no comfort to him. Why did Allah ever permit him to marry those tres vendavales (three gale winds)?

Sólo tú me haces reír de mis tristezas, Zoraida.

(Only you make me laugh at my sorrows, Zoraida.)

Zoraida goes into the kitchen to make sure that the lamb is being prepared the way Alí likes it. One of the servants, Karima, splashes drippings on Zoraida’s veil. She removes the veil so she can replace it with a clean one. At that moment, Alí opens the kitchen door and catches a glimpse of Zoraida with her lovely long dark hair free of the veil. And from his expression, it is clear Alí está flechado! (He’s in love, that is, struck by Cupid’s arrow).

Another kind of love story is playing out at Casa Ferrer:

Who packed my suitcase? asks Lucas. I did, Marisa tells him. It’s time for you to go to Jade. Don’t use Natalia as an excuse. Let’s give her a good example by the way we live our lives:

Te amé. Te amo. No te voy a culpar porque no me hayas amado. Ve por ella y se feliz.

(I loved you. I love you. I’m not going to blame you because you didn’t love me. Go to her and be happy.)

The final verdict in Leo’s paternity case is in: The judge finds in Leo’s favor. Based on the DNA evidence, Leo is Daniel’s father. The cloning will be investigated separately by the medical authorities. And the appropriate action will be taken against Albieri. He may go to jail.

Dora’s cries out at the injustice of the ruling – ¡El juez es un desalmado! (The judge is heartless, literally ‘soul-less’) -- and her lawyer has to escort her out of the courtroom. She promises Dora they will appeal the ruling.

Early on in this novela, Andrea seemed to be a Miami version of a Valley Girl. It turns out, she’s actually Nancy Drew, Girl Detective.

It’s funny that you know those two sKanks, I mean, women, she says to Consuelo. Oh no, they’re just conocidas del barrio (acquaintances from the neighborhood), answers Consuelo. Well then it’s really weird that you brought these ‘acquaintances’ here to meet my mother – as if my mother were some kind of celebrity!

While Rosario and Andrea are conferring about the situation – A mi esa historia no me encaja en la cabeza (this story doesn’t make sense, lit. it doesn’t fit in my head), says Rosario – Consuelo sneaks out with her suitcase. Rosario sounds the alarm and Andrea rushes out in pursuit. We have to catch that woman!

Mohamed and Samira are sparring over the boyfriend issue, when sweet Carlos shows up wearing tradition Muslim garb. He tells them:

Fui donde el Sheik como me dijo el tío Alí, él me convirtió y me pidió que le dijera que me enseñara leer el Koran.

(That sentence has more verbs than any sentence should: I went to the Sheik just as tío Alí told me to; he converted me and asked me to tell you to teach me to read the Koran.)

Andrea has captured the sKank! Single-handedly! She returns in triumph dragging Consuelo by the arm. Talk or I’ll call the police, says Andrea. And Consuelo talks. Hilda forced her to take used condoms from the trash…

And now Planet Lucía is back in its orbit and harmony is restored to the Del Valle family.

Malicia’s blast from the past, Aurelio, turns out to be a very bitter, not quite ex-, husband. He shows up at the apartment with a list of everything she owns. Since they never legally separated, he has a right to half of it.

Jade and Jadiya are in the medina selling jewelry. Said’s men see them and they run away to the ruins.

Alí announces to his family that he has decided to get married again. ¿Con quién? (with whom?) He answers enigmatically: Ya lo sabrán. (You’ll find out.) Zoraida’s eyes well up with tears.

One father found and one daughter find each other:

Enrique’s daughter, Monica, comes looking for him. He asks her forgiveness and they hug.

Natalia says what everyone has been waiting to hear: I need help! She wants to enter rehab. And when she gets there, she sees a familiar face: Fernando.

It’s time for Marisa to leave Casa Ferrer and start a new chapter in her life. As she is saying her goodbyes to Rosa and Cristina, Cristina excuses herself. She doesn’t feel well.

The family is gathered at Alí’s house in Fez. He tells them that he is getting married and this time, he’s marrying the right woman. Who? asks Zoraida. He answers:

Eres tú, Zoraida, me quiero casarme contigo. ¿Te gustaría?

(It’s you, Zoraida, I want to marry you. Would you like to?)

Zoraida’s response: She faints.

Things are getting complicated for Albieri. He tells Julio that he feels good about entrusting his story to Amalia. Her book will present his actions in the best possible light. But Albieri panics when he hears that Luisa will be spilling his story to reporters before Amalia’s book comes out.

And Luisa has, in fact, arranged a press conference (una rueda de prensa) with the clear intention of doing as much damage to Albieri as she can.

Now Albieri is scared. For all his bluster, he doesn’t want to go to jail. He decides he’ll escape to Morocco.

Daniel, in full clone identity crisis, shows up on Albieri’s doorstep. If Albieri is going on a trip, Daniel is going with him:

Yo no voy a separarme de ti hasta que tú construyas un mundo para mí.

(I’m not going to part from you until you build a world for me.)

Hilda sKank and Karla sKank are basking in the sun and dreaming about how they will spend Roberto’s money (Hilda wants a leopard-skin themed décor – so chic!) when Consuelo sKank bursts on the scene with tragic news: We’re done for! They know everything!

And unfortunately, Jade and Jadiya are done for as well. Said’s thugs close in on them and they have nowhere to run. Said glowers.

End Part I.

Part II by Jean

A daughter lost...
Said tells his men to drag Jade through the medina. He will give her the lashes in Tío Abdul's house. Jadiya tells him to stop. If she has her mother whipped, she will not want him to be her father. Said relents for Jadiya's sake. He tells Jade that everything comes to an end and his love for her is over. She begs him to let her visit Jadiya. 'That's not our custom,' replies Said. [You should have stayed in the US, Jade, where mothers have rights over their children.] Said leaves with Jadiya and Jade is destrosada.

Zoraida tells Miriam that Alí must have been possessed by an evil genie. How could he play with her heart like it was a ball. 'Imagínense a Sida Alí, un príncipe, casado con la criada Zoraida,' Imagine a prince like Sidi Alí married to the maid Zoraida' Zumaya announces that Jadiya has been found. Jadiya tells Zoraida that Jade is all alone.

Consuelo tells the sKanks that they had better flee. Roberto is going to sue them. Hilda isn't ready to give up yet.

Nati sets Lucas free...
Nati tells Lucas that she is working very hard. He says that he will be there for her.
But Nati tells him that she doesn't want him to sacrifice his happiness for her anymore. Lucas replies that the fact that he isn't happy isn't her fault. Nati asks him to do her a favor, 'Sé feliz... y así yo tambien voy a ser feliz.. y me quitas ese peso de encima, ¿Sí?' Be happy, and then I will be happy and you will take that burden off me. Ok?

Roberto and Lucía - tick..
Peace and happiness are restored to the del Valle home. Roberto swears that he will ruin the sKanks. Roberto says that he wants to take a shower and takes Lucia with him.

Lucas goes to Fez...
More leave taking for Rosa. She says that everyone is abandoning ship. No, replies Lucas, we are taking control of the ship. Cristina comes in and Lucas says that he hopes he isn't too late. 20 years is a long time. She tells him to hurry up. Zein has already left after he found out that Jade was in Fez. She gives him Jade's address.

Three little druggies, the two with supportive families (and $) went to rehab, but the third one had to stay in the street.

Paula is begging in the street. Her mother rejects her pleas for help.

Advanced genetics...
Well, well, well, our commenter LukeM called it months ago. Dora's lawyer has found that Daniel's mitochondrial DNA is different than that of Lucas because that comes from the birth mother. The lawyer says that the mitochondrial DNA doesn't transfer any genetic information but that doesn't matter. It is enough to file an appeal of the judge's decision.

Clara tells Leo that Daniel's mother told her that Daniel has left. Leo corrects Clara - Dora isn't Daniel's mother, his dead wife is. Leo is surprised that Daniel left without telling him and without signing the agreement prepared by the judge.

Rogelio and Clara, tick...
Rogelio is waiting outside for Clara. He gives her the keys to a car and asks her if she wants to marry him. She does.

The Chump and Anita(?) tick...
The Chump is upset that Clara is marrying again. Anita tells him that Clara's life didn't end when he left her for Malicia. She comes up to him and says that he should think about starting his life over again, too. While he stands there slack-jawed, she says that maybe he will meet someone who is worthwhile. She sashays off showing her eternal gray dress to advantage.

Marisa is at a marina or something. She looks up at the sun and says, '¡Ay! Estoy naciendo otra vez,' Oh, I am being born again! t Up pops a guy from a boat. He is good looking although on my TV, he seems to be wearing pink lipstick. Marisa apologizes for talking to herself and leaves.

Back to Fez, Zein comes to see Jade. 'I heard your call,' he says. Jade says that she has lost everything. She tells him that she doesn't want to bring more problems to Jadiya so she is leaving Fez for a place where no one knows her. Zein asks about Lucas. Jade says that since she lost her daughter, she now understands Lucas' pain. She says that an evil genie must have sewed up her eyes to keep her from understanding Lucas. [or maybe it was the genie of stupidity]. Zein asks if she still loves Lucas. Jade replies that she will always love Lucas but they will never be together.

Zein asks her to be with him. Maybe it is written that she should be with him. He says that he is going to Alí's wedding. This is news to Jade and she is ecstatic to learn that Alí is marrying Zoraida.

Pablo is taking his leave of Alej and the gang at Gloria's to go to Morocco. He isn't sure if Mohamed would let him say goodbye to the Naz so he didn't try. As he drives off, the Naz comes running out shouting his name. She comes back into the apartment and does her usual rant on how she has slaved for her brothers and they have not found her a husband. The phone rings and it is the news of Alí's wedding. Latifa is ecstatic. The Naz can't believe that everyone is getting married but her.

Albieri is in Fez with Daniel. He calls Julio to find out what is going on with Luisa.

Luisa has called a press conference.

the triumph of Zoraida...
Zoraida gets to ride in the bride chair all gussied up. Everybody is happy except the Naz.

Alí sees Said looking at Zuleica. He goes over to Said and says that now he understands that what attracted him to Jade was her rejection and that he liked living in the storm (tempestad) so much that he is going to do it again. More marrying - Abdul tells Amina that a carpet merchant is interested in her while the Naz looks on miserably.

Albieri and Daniel arrive. Both the Naz and Zein think he is Lucas. Zein comes up behind him and says that he can't fight destiny. He gives Daniel the address where Jade is staying. He runs off happily and meets Lucas in the street.

I guess Cristina gave Lucas the wrong address because Lucas asks where Jade is and Daniel replies that he won't tell Lucas ever.

Alí offers to buy gold for Zoraida as her wedding gift. She asks to exchange the gold for a different gift. 'Anything you want,' answers Alí. She asks him to forgive Jade.

Mohamed advises Said to just have one wife and avoid the problems he had with Rania and Jade. Said replies that he wants more than one wife who can stay with Rania when he goes on trips. Multiple wives, he says, bring lots of children and harmony to a house.

Lucas and Daniel are chasing each other through the medina. Jade is in her room wondering where Zein is.

Alí washes Zoraida's feet. He tells her that she doesn't have to call him Sidi Alí anymore. He is her husband. She replies that he will always be Sidi Alí to her.

Julio tells Albieri about Luisa's press conference. The authorities have been notified, the FDA is looking into the matter and it likely that Albieri will he charged with a crime. Albieri says that he will run away rather than be tried for something he did to benefit humanity.

Jade realizes that Zein isn't coming and she is all alone.

Albieri finds Daniel in the medina. He says that he will arrange for Daniel to go be taken to the airport. 'Where are you going? asks Daniel. 'I don't know,' replies Albieri.

Just like in her fairytales, a shirtless Pablo rides up to the Naz on a big white horse.
[Clearly, this is not happening at Alí's house in the medina.] He asks if she wants to go with him. She does, of course, and off they go while her family cheers or curses according to their opinions.

A frazzled-looking Albieri gives Daniel some documents and says that he doesn't know where he is going.

Luisa arrives triumphant at the clinic and tells Anita that Dr. Villegas is starting the process to revoke Albieri's medical license. Anita tells her that Julio thinks that Albieri might kill himself. Luisa is horrified and asks, '¿Qué hice, Albieri?' What have I done, Albieri?

Marisa brings Nati to some drug thing, I guess, with Enrique. The guy from the boat is there, too. They reconnect.

Albeiri is in the desert followed by Daniel. Albieri tries to make him go away. Daniel begs him to at least make someone else like him and not leave him alone. They go into the desert together.

Jade is in the ruins, where else. Lucas finds her. 'Aqui estoy', she says, Maktub.
Dora has won her appeal of the paternity suit.

Now we get the disembodied voice of Alí with the wrap up:

Dora's fate is to wait for her absent son. She waited for him before he was born and she waits for him after he was born.

Luisa and Amalia are in Morocco looking for Albieri. Luisa needs him to give her life meaning and Amalia needs him to prove her book isn't science fiction.

Marisa is still looking for her mother but is happy with the boat guy.

Everything is happy happy in Mohamed's house. He is more tolerant and thinks that Carlos will make a good husband for his daughter.

Lala Nazira and Pablo live the thousand and one nights.

Said wants to see Jadiya happy so he lets her see Jade once a week. Said is happy living in the tempest with his two wives.

Hilda and Karla moved into a beach penthouse and are already seeking the father of her second grandson.

Cristina's sickness has a name. It's called twins and everything starts all over in Leo's house.

There are times when time likes to tell the same stories and there are times when it likes to tell different stories.

Alej achieved his dream. Natalia keeps on fighting. She gets a medal for a year of sobriety. She gives a little speech where she says she lives each day as one where she didn't get drunk or take drugs.

Fer is starting a new band. He and Nati opened a clinic with Enrique's therapist. They named it for Paula, whom they never saw again and don't know if she is alive or dead.

Alí says that he was blessed in his marriage to Zoraida. She rules his other wives and makes sure that he is fair with all of them. She keeps the peace in his house. He gave her the biggest gift of their marriage - he forgave Jade. 'Su lazo con Lucas era más fuerte que cualquier ley, que cualquier obstactulo. Fue una verdadera lección de amor verdadero e incondicional,' Her tie to Lucas was stronger than than any law, than any obstacle. It was a true lesson in true and unconditional love. Now Lucas and Jade are finally happy. That was why Allah created humans - to be happy.

Fin [End Part II]


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