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La Fea Más Bella #107-108 11/30/10 Project Runway.

Capitulo 107.
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1. Alicia wakens Marcia to tell her the cuartel is making an X-rated movie.

2. The cuartel auditions models, but Alicia tells the models it’s all a joke and there is no job, so they all leave. Ali also locks Jazmín in a dressing room so that Alicia is the only remaining model candidate.

Nothing else happens. Nothing.

Capitulo 108.
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The first half of this episode is mostly blither. The second half, starting when Pilar arrives, gets much better.

1. Lola tells the cuartel that Jazmín is locked in a dressing room. Irma puts her foot down because they need Jaz for the shoot.

2. Alicia shows Fernando her qualifications for the modeling job, as does Jazmín. But instead they hire Czech model Pilar who insists that Fernando is her lost love Pavel Novak.

3. Fernando remembers the night of the hotel when he told Omar he didn’t want to let Lety see his house and his “intimidad” (he said the same thing about Fatima). Now he decides to take her to his house because he DOES want to bring her into his personal space, and both of them recognize that this is a significant step for him.

4. Pilar decides that she’s going to win Fernando because Pavel is the love of her life.

5. Alicia failed on her only mission – she never made room reservations, and Luigi and his crew arrived in Germany without rooms.


Eva Luna #18 Mon 11/29/10 Eva Come Back!

Daniel’s extravagant display of mea culpa has left Eva's boarding house a regular botanical garden. Alicia reads the note that came with the bouquetsand tells Eva and the others it all came from Daniel.

Over at Dan’s, Laurita tells Daniel that she overheard him talking with Leonardo earlier and knows that Eva left Victoria's house after a fight with her daddy. After scolding her for listening to other people's conversations, he explains that he didn't send Eva the flowers because they are dating. He's still dating Icky-Vicky, much to Laurita's (and Viewerville’s) well-known dismay. Dan notes the momentary nose squinch and sighs.

All of Justa’s boarders agree that Daniel is crazy-- crazy in luuvvv with Eva. She begins to read the note he sent along just as Justa answers the doorbell and finds Beatriz there to return her driver's license she forgot the other day. They make a date to meet for coffee later. Justa confides to Bea that nobody there knows her past and that she wants to keep it that way.

Eva’s eyes are moist and she chokes up (could be due to allergic reaction to Dan’s memory) as she reads the note on the card:

"These flowers aren't flowers. They're apologies from me because it’s my fault you decided to leave the house and your job. That's your decision and I suppose the healthiest thing is for us not to see each other again. But I only suppose so because I am not sure of it. Because I didn't know which flowers you liked I decided to send you all of them and hope I hit upon one at least that you like. I'm giving you my cell number if you should need it for anything. Right now I'm feeling a terrific sense of nostalgia, nostalgia over you.

Meanwhile, Laurita tells Dan that she knows he's interested in Eva as well as Ick-toria and that Eva is the one he should be dating. (Whatever this little girl has you need to bottle it and sell it, bud! You might get a clue if your brain hadn’t apparently short-circuited somewhere below the waist recently.) Dan frowns cuz deep down he agrees but can’t bring himself to accept it.

Icky Vicky and Claudia are toning up their skeleton frames at the gym by working out. They try giving their pea brains a work-out also as Claw asks what Icky thinks made Eva quit all of a sudden. Icky says she doesn't know or care, but she is upset that now she doesn't have Eva to do all the little things for her she used to. Icky asks Claw how things are going with Leo. Claw says fine cuz they aren't fighting anymore. Ick says that's because she's reconciled to a semi-relationship. Claw takes exception and says she's going slowly and letting things develop. Claw changes the subject and asks if there's still a problem with Maritza. Icky says there was, but the problem's taken care of.

At Marcela's, Renata and she are discussing their relief that “order and discipline” have returned to the house. Yep. They’re happy a pigs in slop now that Eva's gone. Marcy says she's going to find a regular nurse for Don Julio now. Renata continues talking trash about Eva as Leo appears. He corrects her and finishes her statement: “—The girl made the house more enjoyable.” Renata sniffs and says she's well aware of the masculine opinion around there. Leo asks his mama if she really is sure she wants to get a nurse and forget about Eva because his daddy doesn't want that. Marcy says she doesn't care a whit what D.J. wants. She'll do it her way and that is that! D. Julio surprises everyone just then by walking in using his cane and having the last word. "--We'll see about that, Marcela!"

Back at Eva's, Alicia is telling her that if this isn't LOVE she doesn't know what is. Marisol adds that if she were in Eva's shoes she wouldn't think twice of running after this guy and sticking to him like glue. "--Guys like that one aren't born every day!" Eva goes momentarily ballistic. "--Flowers or not, the guy doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned!" She storms out of the room. Justa comes back in and asks what's up. The other two tell her Eva's just “hopelessly in love”.

Back at the manse, Leo and Mad Malevolent Mama exclaim that they can't believe Julio’s actually walking by himself. Julio warns them that there'll be a lot more surprises around there if Eva doesn't come back again. Leo offers to look for her but D.Julio says nothin' doin'!! He wants Marcela to do it herse’f. Of course, Mad Marcy refuses. He threatens her and says she will or else he'll close down the publicity agency. She tells him she can't believe” a simple employee would turn him against her this way.” He says it's Marcela herself who has done it by always doing the opposite of what he wants. So, she will get Eva back because she knows what he's capable of if she doesn't! (Bravo! About time somebody puts the broad in her place! Might as well make the b!tch as unhappy as possible if he can’t get her to sign those damned divorce papers.) He leaves.

At the boarding house Tony looks around the living room and takes the ever-present Tootsie Pop out of his mouth long enough to make some crack to the others about the house looking like a jungle or a funeral parlor or something. Nobody seems to appreciate his sense of humor though.

Back at Marcy Manor, Icky and Leo are chatting now that she's back from the gym-trim. Leo tells her that Dan's about to set a date for their wedding. “—Why do you say that?” Because everything comes in time, Leo answers. Icky isn't so sure, she says, since Dano hates to even discuss the subject with her. Leo promises to help her with that problem. (Viewerville knows where this is leading. Tony, call your office!)

At the same time, Don Ricardo and Adrian are walking together either to or from school. Suddenly Adrian thinks he sees his father further down the street and nearly gets run over running across the street to catch up to him. By the time he and Don Ricky get to the spot, the man's gone.

That evening at the strip club, Marisol tries to make a payment on the debt she owes to Damian but he refuses to accept anything but payment in full. They grouse with each other over Francisco and she tells Damian that Franc wasn't a client. He was just a friend. Damian sneers cuz, I guess, hookers don’t have “friends”.

Speaking of Franc, he sees Dano knocking down whiskey in the den; he decides to have another heart-to heart with his boozing boss to see how it went with Eva. Dan tells him what a fiasco it was and that as much as he tried to clear things up, the only thing she made clear was that she wanted him to leave her alone. He admits he can't forget her even though he knows he should. Anyway, he couldn't help acting like a fool in front of her. Franc politely suggests that when somebody keeps acting like an idiot it's because you're more in love than you thought. (Tell Dan something he doesn't know, Franc! ‘Course we probably should cut Dano some slack since it’s obviously been a couple or so decades since he was bit by the Love Bug thingy.)

Back in the dressing room at the strip club, Damian threatens Marisol with telling the truth about her if she doesn't continue to remember that he’s still gives the orders around there. He makes the point by knocking her around again.

Eva, meanwhile, takes another look at the card from Daniel and goes into pining and whining mode.

Ictoria stops by at Dan’s after dinner. First thing out of her mouth is the reason he seems so distant and whether it’s due to some female horning in on her again. Ictoria asks if there was something between him and Maritza or not. He assures her there was never anything between Maritza and him, and neither is it due to somebody he might have met at the Country Club. Dan is a bit miffed but he keeps the miff muffled. All of a sudden his cell rings. It's Eva. She is almost too frightened to speak but eventually does. She tells him to forget about flowers and letters. It was a nice gesture and the flowers are pretty, but like always, she does not believe him. "--If you want to be forgiven, then you are, but please don't send a single flower more! What's it going to take to make you understand? Just please forget about me! Well, That's it. Good-night." Click.

As if Daniel wasn't already down in the dumps, now Eva slams him with this. He lies to Ictoria when the female hound dog starts sniffing at his tail again. He tells a half-truth about the call being “unfinished business”. Ok. Her frown melts away and she hints that she wants them to make love upstairs in his bedroom since she knows that Laurita is spending the night at a friend's house. (I wouldn’t expect too much. The guys been slurping down Scotch all evening, but he’s got a point to make to himself now that Eva’s lowered the hammer on him.)

Speaking of Eva, she still sitting alone in the living room weeping to herself about having fallen in love with the dapper Daniel. “--Why did it have to happen? Why?” (Viewerville sheds half a tear-drop for her cuz it figures Marisol pretty much got it right and the meek always come in last.)

Across town, Tony and Leo are meeting in the office of the casino. Leo tells him he was thinking of having him follow somebody, but he's not sure yet that he can trust Tony. Leo who still seems uncomfortable playing Don Corleone, will take care of it himself for now since it's something personal anyway. Tony smiles and teases Leo about personal business generally being someone with a great pair of legs. Leo says she's more than a pair of legs: she's divine and very difficult to win over.

It seems poor, wimped-out Carlos, in the meantime, has decided to drink away his sorrows at the strip club Marisol works at. She tries to hit him up for a drink and then realizes it's Carlos. They start chatting and Marisol wonders if it's just her or doesn’t Carlos really have a thing for Alicia? He doesn't want to admit it, but they sort of come to an understanding about it. She notices the broken arm and asks if that was courtesy of Tony, considering he has a thing for Alicia also. Marisol then buys him a drink and gives him a little bit of advice. It’s to tell Alicia how he feels --and the sooner the better; but Carlos admits that he always feels like such a fool around Alicia and has the worst time putting anything into words. (Carlos really does wimpy well, ya know?) Marisol takes pity on him and says to think of something special to win her over, whatever that might be, because Alicia’s a really good girl and deserves a guy like Carlos “much more than trash like Tony.” She than tells him that nobody at the boarding house knows she works there, especially Alicia and she’s hoping he will stay quiet about it. He agrees not to say a word to anybody. They become fast friends and the working girl leaves to attend to business.

Back at the manse, the malicious Marcy, still upset with Julio's earlier threats, is now mixing a double dose of medicine into Julio's bedtime tea and expecting this will kill him once and for all. "--And tomorrow morning I will do exactly what I want with your money!" She takes him the tea. First thing he wants to know is if she's sent for Eva. Marcy says she will first thing in the morning. He ribs her about how quickly she can get to things when cutting off her finances is involved. She hands him his medicinal tea. He takes the cup from her and proceeds to dump it onto the carpet. Marcy screams bloody murder at him for dumping out his medicine. (In fact she goes so bonkers screaming about how necessary it is for him to take his medicine that D. J. has got to be getting suspicious by now.) Don Julio tells her he doesn't want to take anything coming from her --or from Renata, for that matter. In fact, he’s on strike and refuses to take anymore medicine until Eva is back and gives it to him personally.

Meanwhile, Adrian is crying his eyes out and refusing to eat his supper. Ricardo tells Justa about the incident earler that day. Rick has developed a deep affection for Adrian, he admits, and he can't imagine what he would do if his father reappeared and took the boy away from him.

Up in Dano's bedroom, Ictoria starts a sexy strip for Dan. Dan tries to get into the mood but he begins to imagine Eva undressing for him instead of Icky Vicky. Suddenly he realizes what's happening and that he just can't get it to stand to attention for Ictoria no matter what. He begs off. Ictoria flies into a rage. “—You can’t treat a woman like this! How can you humiliate me this way?” She swears that it has to be another woman. He actually comes out and asks so what if it was? Icky icily reminds him that she won't allow another woman to come near him. "--I'd kill both you and her because nobody makes a fool of me!" He gripes at her for always thinking of herself and that her only concern is that somebody's trying to make a fool of her when instead she should be telling him how much she loves him as the reason. (Get a clue Dano. You’ve got a paper-doll cut-out for a girlfriend.)

The next morning Justa and Bea meet for coffee. It seems they are good friends again. Bea asks what ever happened to her and Julio Arismendi's baby she was carrying. (Duhn-duhn-duhnnn!)

At the same time, Eva heads out to look for work. Marcela's driver drives up just as Eva walks out the gate; he tells her Marcela wants her to come back to work for her that very day. She tells him to tell Marcy to forget she exists. No way she is going to return to work for that woman again.

At the cafe, Justa explains to Bea that Julio didn't know she was pregnant and that her sister convinced her that it would be best if she just went away. She didn't tell Julio any of this because she knew he'd decided to marry Marcela and Justa didn't want him to feel obligated. “—Ah! He was the love of my life.....” Anyway, she went off and had her little girl. However, the baby was stillborn.

At the manse again, Bruno tells Vicky and Marcy that Vicky’s going to be on the front cover of the first issue of their magazine and that they’ve got a terrific photography team. Icky complains about not having Eva to help her now, but add that Claw agreed to help her today and that she's asked her to work there for the (new) modeling company. Marcy of course turns up her nose at any mention of Eva's name.

Back at the café, Justa tells Bea that she had a nervous breakdown after her baby was born and that she was interned in a mental hospital for years, completely alone, where they kept her fully drugged. Bea asks her then what about her sister?

We beam back to the manse as Renata serves D. Julio his lunch. He asks her if Marcy has sent for Eva yet. Renata says yes, she's in the middle of working on it. He notices that Renata doesn't care much for Eva either. Renata answers that she can't understand how he allowed himself to be won over by her so easily. He mentions it is just that it's been years since he met somebody so decent and who would genuinely care for him that way. He adds that she almost reminds him of her sister who, we learn seconds later, is--duhn-duhn-duhnnnn--Doña Justa!

Justa now answers bea’s question about her sister, saying that Renata never returned for her. It was as if she was dead to her or something. The whole experience was like a long nightmare and even to this day the memories of that time in her life torment her.

Renata now answers Julio’s question by saying that Eva and her sister both left him high and dry. Julio says nope, two different situations. He was the one who ran off, not Justa. He became emotionally involved and then left her high and dry. Renata tells him it was just something he did to forget about the death of his first wife and that marrying Justa would have been a disaster. Julio accuses her of possibly having been jealous of Justa. He asks if Renata never heard from her again. Renata says she only knows what he knows: that she died in the ruins of the place she was living in during a terrible earhquake.

Justa is apparently telling Bea the same story, but with a different ending. Nothing happened to her, but there she was, homeless, peso-less, walking the streets.

Claw, meanwhile is at the photo shoot helping Icky out. She leaves to get her some water. Vicky calls out a few minutes later for help with her dress but Claw's nowhere around. Vicky tries zipping it up but only gets it on half-way. Suddenly Bruno is there behind her to zip it up, which he does with a very provocative touch. Icky feels icky having him paw her this way and tells him next time to let her know when he's coming in. Bruno gives her an oily smile. Claw returns and Vicky mentions to Bruno she's asked her to come work there with them now. Bruno tells Claw he thinks that's great. (Hmm. Seems Bruno must think this modeling company idea was a whale of a winner and should be a great place to work--with plenty of babe bennies for a lech like him.)

Leo enters work and sees Dan's red Ferari parked outside again. He immediately thinks back to the accident he had with it when he killed Eva's father.

Meanwhile, Eva lands a trial for the day as a waitress; Leo goes to chat with Dan in his office; Marcy's driver informs her that Eva refuses to work for her again.

Leo mentions the car being back to Dan. Dan's just riding it around to keep the battery charged per Franc’s suggestion. Leo notices that Dan still seems preoccupied and asks if it's due to Eva.

Marcy sits in front of her bedroom mirror and plans her strategy to deal with the Julio and Eva problem.

Leo advises Dano to forget about Eva. Sure they shared a passing fancy for her, but she split and they'll never see her again now. So they might as well both forget about her. “She played the two of us and got the better of us.” They almost lost their friendship over it, explains Leo. Naw, best to forget her and leave her in the dust, he adds. --And Dan needs to “start concentrating on his relationship with Vicky” and set a date for their wedding cuz it’s obvious Dan realizes the only real woman for him is his sister.

A bit later, Dan parks the car in the parking lot right outside the restaurant window where Eva started working. He goes into another place; a couple minutes later he jumps in the car and starts to drive off. Eva notices the car just as it pulls out of the parking lot and she races outside after it but it's already sped off down the road.


Llena de Amor #76 (Mex. 81) Mon 11/29/10 Low spot in my day: cat barf. Low spot in their day: don’t ask.

Friday: Fedra thinks she’s having a heart attack. Mari leaves for Spain, having given Netty a letter to give to Emanuel, who’s come too late to the airport and gets held back by security and told off by Netty.


Okay, let’s see if my turkey-addled brain is working. Bear with me!

Weeping Emanuel is dragged off by security.

Kristel is visiting Mauricio in jail and after a little smooching, she tells him he’s going to get out and guess who’s going to do it? Fedra! His number one enemy, who yeah, still hates him, but Kristel’s got something on her. More coochy-coo smooching until Mauricio’s lawyer the mafia guy comes in and says he wants to talk to him alone.

The lawyer smilingly tells him he had to grease some very important palms, but he’s going to get Mauricio out, tonight! Mauricio wants to know how that Eman-exterimation plan is coming, the one to break Fedra’s heart. It’s in the works, the lawyer assures him. They chortle evilly.

Instead of holding him as a terrorist suspect and giving him the deluxe body search, the airport security guys deposit Eman on his Eman-mobile and tell him to get lost. They go inside and he sits on the thing and weeps and opens the envelope with Mari’s letter in it and reads:

Goodbye Emanuel. You must be wondering why I took off so suddenly without saying goodbye. I just didn’t have the strength to look you in the eye. It’s best for both of us. I’m going to save you the trouble (ahorrar el trabajo) of lying to me. My love for you is so powerful that it blinded me to the truth. You never loved me.

Eman boo hoos a bit, then goes back to reading: I’m leaving because every word you say is a mockery of my feelings. I’m going far away so I can forget you. Live your life and leave me in peace to live mine, far from you. Goodbye forever.

Goodbye, Eman wails. But the problem is that I love you! He sobs and anguishes some more, and, fortunately for his machoness, there is not one single soul walking into the front door of the Mexico City international airport. Maybe security put out a warning because they think he’s going to explode.

A jet is taking off and Eman yells to it that he’s not going to give up until he finds her and gets an explanation. It’s not fair! All he’s done is love her.

Say, here come a couple of people to the airport, but they’re not passengers. It’s our favorite thugs Baldy and Moustache. Moustache jabs a gun into Eman’s side and the two escort him away.

Flora the maid is a bundle of nerves about missing Muñeca and wants Lorenzo to go looking for her. He says he has to wait for Garduño to call. He wonders where Ilitia has gotten to, and Flora says she’s off moving heaven and earth to save her mother.

We see Muñeca trying the windows at the very upscale home where she’s being held. Garduño comes in and in a creepily gentle voice says he’s not letting her go yet and that she should dry those tears and make herself all pretty like the muñeca that she is. He wants them to have some champagne together. He hands her a coat that might be fur and says he picked it out just for her. He leaves the room.

At the station, Oliver and Brandon are discussing Mari. Brandon thinks she’ll be gone a long time, but Oliver thinks she’ll be back very soon, as her family is here. Brandon thinks it’s best she stay away, but Oliver sees through him. Brandon says he has to get Mari out of his heart, it’s not gonna happen. Oliver says you never know. Ilitia bursts in, weeping please! Please!

Fedra’s in a hospital bed with the monitor beeping and the doctor asks Emil, Bernardo and Axel to leave, he’s doing everything he can. Bernardo jabs a finger at Emil and says if she dies, it’s his fault. Yeah, says Axel, she caught a heart attack from you asking for a divorce. Bernardo says all Emil cares about is romping with that actress. Emil snarls and grabs him by the lapels and yells at him to butt out of his family’s business. The only reason he’s let Bernardo hang around is to make Fedra happy, but no more. You’re just an employee. Get out.

The smallish doctor says “Gentlemen!” but stays safely in his corner.

Muñeca walks into the den or whatever at the Mob Hill mansion where Garduño is waiting. He tells her how beautiful she is and says that Low is crazy, if he were married to a woman of such beauty and refinement, he wouldn’t go chasing after floozies. Muñeca offers him as much money has he wants to leave her family alone. He pretends to be offended. He says he just wanted to have champagne with her, and points out that he just got out of prison and it’s been a very long time since he’s been around such a beautiful woman. Years! He wants to enjoy every second of her company.

Come with me, he says quietly. I don’t want to have to make you, but I can. He takes her by the hand and sits her in a chair. He sits opposite and flips open a board game, telling her that his jailmates were too stupid to play it, but she should make a good opponent.

Ilitia is beside herself and can’t exactly explain to Brandon what happened. She tells him she doesn’t know the guys and that it was a simple kidnapping. He tries to calm her down, and Oliver comes in and tells him that Mauricio is getting let out

The board game seems to be some kind of Trivial Pursuit. Muñeca reads from a game card and asks Garduño who wrote the lyrics to the Ode to Joy. He guesses wrong, and she gets to move her marker. He’s very upset, so she quickly says she counted wrong. He’s furious when his cell ringing interrupts the game. It’s Baldy, reporting that they have Eman, who indeed we see out cold in the back of a delivery van.

Now the van is on its way through the rain. Some guy is driving and Baldy and Moustache sing to the radio, then get into a fight about bad singing. In the back, Eman starts to come to, and starts yelling to be let out. Somebody tells him to shut up.

We’re in Madrid! And so is Marianela who has arrived at Carlota’s. Carlota gushes about how fabulous Madrid is then notices that Mari doesn’t look too red hot. Mari says the flight made her kinda urpy and… she passes out.

We are snatched back to Mexico, where Netty is sitting at the kitchen table with her gal pals lamenting that she misses Mari. They try to assure her that Mari’s just off on a trip, not dead. Netty curses the Ruiz y de Teresa in general and Emanuel in particular. Lightening strikes. Doris drops a bomb – she’s applied for a student visa in the U.S. She wants to go to L.A. to study makeup. (Judging from these telenovelas, we don’t have as much makeup happening here as in Mexico, but I guess she means Hollywood.) Gladiola doesn’t want to let her little chick fly the nest.

Fedra asks the doctor if she’s dying and he tells her she’s healthier than he is. It’s must’ve been a chest cramp from stress and he’ll prescribe some sedatives. She offers him big pesos to say she has some fatal illness.

Mari’s in a hospital bed too, with Carlota hovering over her. A handsome doctor comes in and says she has something I didn’t catch, but it sounds like general galloping body rot. He’ll have to run more tests. Mari’s life is in danger.

More of Eman pounding on the sides of the truck. The baddies, one of whom has a gun in hand, decide to pull over in the wooded area.

Mari says it’s not the first time she’s passed out, and Carlota remembers it happening in Mexico. Mari says the family doctor said she had anemia. And here comes the Spanish doctor with the results – they’ve found traces of poison. Is this our takeaway lesson, that Spanish medicine is superior to Mexican medicine? Or maybe that the rich-folks’ clinic is superior to a neighborhood doctor who is unlucky in love?

Mauricio is picking up his things at the prison, and the prison guard hands him a piece of paper, saying somebody left a message for him. It’s signed Garduño, who says welcome to the big leagues, show up at this address. And none of the guards read this paper that’s just folded, and not in code, gives an address and is even signed by a mob boss?

While Axel and Bernardo listen, the doctor tells Emil that Fedra has suffered a bad heart attack and any upset could do her in. Bernardo remarks pointedly that a new life – alone – will be very stressful for her. Axel tells his father that if he divorces her, it’ll kill her. Fedra, pretending to be asleep, smiles a tiny smile.

Mari tells the doctor that Paula always fixed her meals and she trusts her completely. He asks her to remember whatever else she might have eaten regularly. Mari remembers the chocolates and freaks out. We see flashbacks of her receiving chocolates and eating them, even once being fed a chocolate by Eman. I hate him! she wails.

The baddies get out of the van and one ties the gearshift securely and tromps on the gas and then jumps out. They run to a car they had waiting by the roadside. Eman is being tossed around in the out-of-control van.

Emil says that all that time he had eyes only for Fedra, but then one day, everything changed and he realized… Axel finishes his thought You realized she wasn’t the person you thought, but still, if you leave, it’ll kill her and none of us will forgive you. We can tell Fedra is enjoying this enormously. I can’t leave her right now, says Emil.

Garduño thanks Muñeca for the splendid time. She thanks him too, using Usted even though he uses tu, for the dinner and everything and can she go home now? It’s raining too hard, he observes. He tells his servant to take her to her room and keep an eye on her.

In comes Mauricio who thanks Garduño for springing him and wants to know if he took care of that Fedra thing. Yes, says Garduño, she’ll be getting a box delivered with her son inside, chopped into little pieces. Even Mauricio looks a bit grossed out. Garduño says time to sign a contract and he pulls a gun on Mauricio.

Maurcio is taken aback. Garduño tells him that as long as he does what he says, everything will be fine, but from now on, his life - and his death - are in Garduño’s control. He smiles and hands the gun to Mauricio as a welcome present. This fellow sure has a flair for the theatrical.

I think Brandon and Oliver are setting up a wiretap on the phone at Lorenzo’s house. Ilitia is very scared about her mother and Brandon promises they’ll get her back safe and sound. He takes Ilitia’s hand and presses to his heart (on the second try – first he presses it to the right side of his chest, then realizes he’s wrong – cute!).

Mari has some leftover chocolates in her purse which she hands over to the doctor for analysis. Mari is raving about how he gave her chocolates, how he was the love of her life, how he just wanted to kill her for her inheritance, all the time neglecting to say who “he” is. Finally Carlota gets it out of her – Emanuel. Carlota’s jaw drops. Mari explains the plot for Eman and Fedra to share the inheritance. Carlota just can’t believe it of Eman, and can’t believe that a Ruiz y de Teresa would kill someone of their own blood for money. Mari stuns her with the news that Eman isn’t a real Ruiz y de Teresa, that he’s actually Type F, and that he and Fedra are just out to take every centavo for themselves.

Eman’s face is bloodied, but I can’t tell if the van is still moving. He calls out for help. Somebody outside is shouting that his wife is bad off and Eman shouts that he’ll help if they get him out. Finally somebody opens the door and Eman sees a scene of horror – a huge pileup with lots of cars, one burning, and accident victims shouting and staggering about holding their sides in pain.

Low, Ilitia and Brandon and Oliver are waiting for a phone call. The phone rings and both Low and Ilitia jump. Low wants the police to answer, but they tell him he has to. While they listen, Garduño tells Low he doesn’t deserve a classy woman like Muñeca and that they had a lovely evening together. Low is furious, and wants her returned right now. Oh no no no, says Garduño, it’s too late, it’s raining and the city if very dangerous, you know. Low insists on talking to her directly, and Garduño hangs up. During the call, Oliver and Brandon watch a computer screen with maybe voice recognition software running.

Ilitia runs towards her father, then decides to hang on Brandon instead. Low peels her off and has her hug him.

Some locals have kindly taken all the accident victims into their home while they wait for help. One man is bawling inconsolably because he lost his wife. Eman tries to comfort him, and says he too has lost the only woman he ever loved. One of the accident victims runs in and says her daughter has fallen, and Eman runs off to help.

Mauricio has showed up at the big house and Kristel is thrilled. She exults that Fedra got him out, but he says it wasn’t Fedra, so Kristel wants to tell her off. Nereida says that’ll have to wait because she’s in the hospital and adds that she’s going to be a lot worse when she sees Mauricio is out. Kristel and Mauricio don’t pay a shred of attention because they’re busy smooching. Avert your eyes.

Low has gone to bed, but Ilitia comes down to the living room and tells Brandon she can’t sleep. Her poor mother! They’ve had such distance between them and she’s said such terrible things to her. I’m a horrible person, she says. Brandon assures her she’ll have time to fix things up with her mother. Ilitia says how wonderful her mother is, what good care she always took of her, the time she always gave her, even though she isn’t… What? says Brandon. Never mind, says Ilitia leaning into his arms.

Eman carries the wounded girl into the house and says she’ll be okay. He lays her on the bed while the mother cries with gratitude, then he falls over into a faint. The victims realize he’s wounded.

Avances: Carlota is astonished to find out Fedra’s real name. Ilitia and Brandon kiss. The Spanish doctor tells Mari she has to lose weight. Delicia, holding the phone, tells the family that Eman is maybe dying.


La Verdad Oculta #54: Oh, Susana!

Outside Santiago's building, Leonardo charges Ramón with watching and following Santiago. At a cafe, cheerful Julieta assures Gabriela that David knows she loves him -- and that it was all Carlos's fault; so they resolve for Gabriela to confront Carlos at the club office.

And sure enough, up in David's office, he's breaking down to call Gabriela at home, but can only reach Bertha. When she begins agitating indignantly that it's Gabriela who should be living in the hotel -- not him -- David hangs up on Bertha.

Gabriela blasts Carlos in his office for having a stolen photo of her; and he denies everything, which only forces Gabriela higher and louder. When she's yelling to insist Carlos reveal the thief, the noise brings Adolfo bursting into the office, who is soon apprised of the problem.

Adolfo tries to dismiss Gabriela, and she reminds him her husband owns this business, too; but after she exits, Carlos admits Bertha gave him the photo, and Adolfo once again berates his son, swearing that one day he's going to boot his worthless self not only out of the business -- but out of the house, too!

As his father exits, Carlos grips his stiletto letter opener in a shaking hand, sighting between his eyes, like a weapon. Outside Santiago's building, he finally makes a mad dash for a taxi, with Ramón tailing him in the unmarked car. The taxi pulls up outside the tunnel house, where Santiago exits and lays on the bell, bringing Abelardo.

Ramón watches him enter and waits and waits. Inside, Santiago applies his "Mario" magic and presently, Ramón observes Abelardo place "Mario" in the Mercedes and drive off. Ramón doesn't follow, waiting for Santiago to emerge, as he was charged.

At Mario's, Abelardo and "Mario" barely reach the office before David pounces, demanding changes in the business. "Mario" does a good job with the same old argument, but David is beyond the pale now and frankly dumps the business in the lap of "Mario" -- quitting -- if he insists on sticking to the agreement, and exits.

Momentarily speechless, "Mario" recovers and berates David to Abelardo, not liking his behavior to himself or his daughter -- to which Abelardo rejoins that Santiago got hot under the collar, too. As they head for the tunnel house, outside Ramón still watches.

Upon arrival, when a grumbling Santiago goes to open the window for a cooling breeze, he's startled to see the cop and explains he must have followed him from home. Abelardo suggests they move all the disguise equipment to a hotel, and as usual Santiago is agitated and wants to throw over the whole affair, as they return through the tunnel.

Meanwhile, inside Mario's empty bed chamber, Susana vacuums and has just finished up and exited to the hallway, when the two men enter the secret door and pass by her on the way out, completely confounding the maid who only a moment ago was the sole occupant of the room. Abelardo and "Mario" drive away, with Adolfo having coincidentally pulled up behind them in the driveway and yelled for them to stop, to no avail.

Bertha greets an agitated Adolfo in the foyer, and at first he's stern with her about giving the photo to Carlos and wanting to know if it was a full body shot. But he quickly thinks better of it and moderates his agitation to more sweetly ask her the favor of retrieving the lone remaining photo. Bertha will try, but this time she does ask why he wants it. He charmingly claims he'd like to tell her, but he can't; and he needs the photo urgently.

Up in Gabriela's suite, Julieta roots for Gabriela putting Carlos in his place -- and cheers her on for doing the same to David and his jealousy. Abelardo and Santiago have moved to a hotel, and Santiago rants and threatens once again -- this time railing over knowing zip about the business just dumped in his lap. Poor Abelardo must agree to convince David not to back out.

When Gabriela arrives at the AFI for her lunch date with Leonardo, Yolanda is just preparing to exit Leonardo's office, with him warning her not to leave the city -- and not before asking why she paid for Márta Saldívar's burial. Startled, Yolanda is thrown into a flashback of Márta headlining a dance show in the past; and when her attention returns, Yolanda just claims they were friends.

Yolanda's shocked when Leonardo asks if she's seen Santiago Guzmán, but recovers and denies it. Upon exiting, both she and Gabriela are surprised to see each other there, and Yolanda claims her presence was all due to a simple misunderstanding. After she exits, Leonardo explains Yolanda bought stolen jewels.

At lunch at a cafe, Mauricio sits with Elsa and orders a double tequila for courage. When he asks Elsa whether she objected to his kiss yesterday, she blushes and says she did not. Then Mauricio gazes into Elsa's eyes and earnestly declares that he likes her very much; and when Elsa murmurs that she likes him, too, Mauricio takes her chin -- and caressing her cheek, kisses her again, lingeringly. A little while later after they are both loosened up from wine and tequila, Mauricio suddenly pops the question.

Meanwhile, Yolanda arrives home and immediately phones absent Santiago at home, with Julieta answering, so she must leave a message. At lunch, Gabriela confides to Leonardo that it must have been Bertha who stole the pictures, since she's always eager to hurt Gabriela. When Leonardo asks if Bertha knows Adolfo, Gabriela points out that everybody does -- and they wonder if he would be interested in the photos.

When Gabriela asks if Leonardo learned anything about Márta Saldívar, he has to say no; and Gabriela mulls over why Yolanda would say the woman died of an illness -- and that if she were murdered it should have appeared in the newspapers. Gabriela shocks Leonardo guessing that Márta must have been David's mother -- and that Adolfo told her David is not Mario's son.

This train of thought just agitates Gabriela more, perplexed then why her dad would be visiting the woman's grave! When Leonardo insists Bertha must have been mistaken, Gabriela is sure she's not; because Santiago becomes agitated and changes the subject every time it arises.

Abelardo visits David in his office and manages to talk David into staying with the business -- but only if David is allowed to see the infamous partnership contract, to which Abelardo reluctantly agrees. Back at the cafe, Leonardo takes advantage of Gabriela's marital upset to press his case again; he'd love to be the right guy, if she married in haste to the wrong guy.

But when Gabriela assures him she has not, he promises if that's true, he'll say no more -- but she can always count on him. At home, Julieta passes Yolanda's message to call on to a surprised Santiago. And presently when Leonardo and Gabriela arrive, Leonardo is shocked to see Santiago there in the apartment when he's supposed to be under surveillance.

Leonardo heads straight downstairs to the parking lot for his car radio and demands from Ramón to know why he never called when Santiago left; but Ramón firmly denies he has ever stopped watching the door Santiago entered -- and if he exited it wasn't by that one.

Back upstairs, when Santiago berates Gabriela for going out with Leonardo while having such a jealous husband, she informs Santiago she's worried about him -- and it was to obtain information about the woman who's grave he visited, the woman who was murdered! Santiago angrily denies he ever did so and forbids Gabriela to discuss it with Leonardo any more.

As soon as the girls exit, Santiago phones Yolanda and learns Leonardo already asked her about Márta -- and about Santiago Guzmán. She reports she lied about both of them, but Leonardo probably didn't believe either. When she doesn't understand why Leonardo's investigating this, Santiago has to admit that Gabriela told the policeman -- and that Bertha seeing him at the grave is true.

Yolanda is very worried for Santiago; and he begs her not to tell anyone, especially Adolfo. They both dread if the case is reopened that Santiago could be discovered. Yolanda reports she thankfully was not questioned about Gabriela's shoes.

Downstairs the sisters wonder how their dad knew Gabriela had lunch with Leonardo and why Santiago became nervous at Yolanda's phone call; they are going to have a serious talk with him. Across town, Adolfo phones for Mario and instead orders Abelardo to tell Mario to meet him in his office the next morning.

When Abelardo phones Santiago to inform him of this, Santiago insists Adolfo must come to his office at home -- and reminds Adolfo anxiously he's being watched. Abelardo reports his mixed success with David -- that he'll stay in the business, but must see the Campo Real agreement, and Santiago could not care less.

Smashingly handsome Juan José visits Alejandra at the architectural studio with red rose in hand. She braces him with her feelings that everything between them has been incredible and very important to her -- and that she thinks Juan José however must feel differently, with Elsa being much more important than she.

When Alejandra offers to step aside, Juan José assures her once again that Elsa is only like a sister to him. Alejandra is ready to believe and moves to face him, declaring quietly that she's in love with him. The declaration surprises Juan José, but he declares he loves Alejandra, too, and offers her the passion-red rose.

Alejandra grasps onto Juan José, kissing him for all she's worth -- interrupting only a moment to lock the door against Mina encountering them -- and in a flash, Juan José has lifted Alejandra onto the desk and joined her there.

At Mario's, Bertha fusses about the dust in the downstairs hallway and in Mario's office and orders Susana to come and clean it. Bertha instructs recalcitrant Susana to remove and dust all the books -- to replace them in order of color even.

After Bertha's exit, Susana tosses the books onto the floor one by one, but happens upon an envelope sticking out -- reads the letter inside and realizes with big eyes and a huge grin that, man, this letter is a gold mine!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Capitulo #126 11/29/2010 Val stick it to Rosie.

Esta noche we pick up were we left of yesterday. Leo asking Toledo and all the cops visit the daughters of all the murderers to find out about their well-being. Iva and Toledo look at each other like they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Toledo’s come back is he doesn’t how the other cops are but he cares about the well being to every whore he sleeps with err. He cares about other people’s well being. Iva tells him she is feeling much better and she lovingly holds Leo’s hands. Toledo is taking his leave Iva is walking him out and Iva scolds him for stopping by. He says after what happened the night before he had to find out if she was OK. So I guess he sharpened the pencil already. She tells him last night’s was a mistake and she doesn’t want to be seen with him. He says he doesn’t care what people thing, Iva tells him she does care. He says fine he’ll leave but before he wants Iva to clarify for him why she living at Montesinos. She says is a long story and she has not time to tell him now. They are to meet tonight as they agreed.

Val is telling JM she enjoys his company, him coming to the house an helping her with her problems but this is destroying Iva.. And for the, I don’t know how many times. She tells JM they have to stop seeing each other

Leo is not convinced Toledo’s story. I think in the history of human kind Leo is the only mother that wants her son to be married to a bad woman. She knows all of Iva’s tricks and she still insists her son marry her. Leo wants to know why Tizzy killed Oscar. Iva tells her side of the story about Oscar and her. Leo doesn’t want Toledo to continue visiting she doesn’t want JM to get suspicious. Iva assures Leo Toledo is not coming back to Montesinos then Iva goes to her room to rest holding her belly because she’s exhausted.

Val, I hate you so much. Val holds JM’s face and asks him to promise her he’s going to do what she asks. JM says he doesn’t know what else to do about the Iva. Val tells him give her reassurance; because if something happens to Iva or the “baby” she’ll not forgive herself. She already promised the skank she was going to stop seeing JM and she’s going to fulfill that promise. JM says Val… She shuts him up with a goodbye kiss. And says adios vida mia, good bye my life, and leaves.

Juan comes running and asks JM if everything is ok. JM doesn’t say anything and by his attitude Juan understands is better to leave him alone. JM pounds the tractor tire.

Sab is imparting orders to the men. Val arrives and tells Fila to take Altanero. Fila notices she's been crying and makes a note to self for future reference. She is crying Sab asks what’s up. She tells him about her new break up with JM. Sab Wonders why is it that a love as big as the one JM and Val have for each other can’t work out.

Iva or Ivanita is patting the other on he back for her accomplishments.

Val and Gabby. Val asks about PV coming tonight. Gabby says yes he’s coming. Gabby shows her the present the students gave her Tizzy. Val is bringing it tomorrow to Tizzy. Gabby asks Val why was she crying. Val tells Gabby she’s worried about Iva. Gabby is skeptical in believing Iva. Val scorns her and tells her is not what you think. Val tells Gabby how affected Iva is about Tizzy and how much it hurts Iva that Val and JM continuing to see each other. So, Val decided to stop seeing JM. Gabby is of the idea It is just one more of Iva’s tricks. Of course Val doesn’t believe it. Gabby is convinced JM is not going to do what Iva wants, but Val tells her she already spoke with him and he has no choice

Ciudad de Pachuca… Tizzy is reading what Don E wrote for her on the bible. He cellmate comes in and they start to talk about the bible and God. The cellmate asks Tizzy if it is true she killed someone. The woman doesn’t really believe her. Cellmate asks why did you kill him. Tizzy says for love to my daughter. CM says I also killed for love but that love became hate. Whatever. CM name is Griselda. Tizzy wants to read a passage of the Bible “Love is patient, obliging and without envy She goes on I won’t translate the whole thing, we see Val and JM while we hear Tizzy voice over. She continues reading and then we see Rosie. Filo comes to see Rosie. Filo makes a comment about Rosie’s lotion. I think Rosie poured the whole bottle. Rosie is getting ready to go see Val. Filo thinks is a date. Rosie tells no, no yet. Filo updates Rosie on what is going on in LC. Rosie is happy when Filo tells him Val was crying. Rosie is very optimistic.

Val and Don E are in the office I guess waiting for Rosie. Val asks about Tizzy. Don E fills he in. Bennie comes and tells them that PV and the Sindico have arrive. Don E doesn’t understand why they are there. Val wants them to witness the business transaction with Rosie “El Barbajan”

Iva is a very skilled nail polisher. She’s polishing he nails without looking at her nails. She is thinking that when she gets pregnant she’s going to dump Toledo. She doesn’t like that he’s getting too attach to her. There’s a knock on the door. On her best Ivanita voice she says Come in. Is JM to tell her she should be happy because Val dumped him once more. He offers her his support. He’s going to open an account for the baby with the money Rosie paid him. He didn’t want to touch that money but he wants the baby’s future to be secure. Iva gives him a hug and thinks him JM makes a face like he’s going to barf any minute.

Rosie and Z arrive at LC. Z is making some very funny faces. Rosie tells him to stop making faces. Z tells him that Rosie’s lotion has him dizzy. Rosie wants to know how he looks. Z “como novio de pueblo” not sure about the proper translation for this one. But it seems it means something about someone poor because Rosie gets all excited and grabs Z by the lapel and tells him that he is a “terra teniente” Z say OK, Rosie says I’m Don Rosendo Gavilan. Z says ok after you “Don Rosendo”

Bennie opens the door for the visitors. Bennie shows them in. Z is having a very good time with Rosie.

Rosie is surprised to the Sindico and PV in Val’s living room. Val greets him.

JM tells Iva I’m going to try to support you on everything, but I don’t want you to misunderstand. She says I know you don’t love me because you love Val. JM says yes, she is very worried about you. So worry that she decided to stop seeing me. He tells her yes, Val loves you so much she’s willing to sacrifice our love for not harming you. Iva asks him then you won’t see each other again. He says no. She says her whole life won’t be enough to thank them for what they are doing. She starts talking about the baby and how the baby would know what JM and Val did for him. She tells him that tonight she’ll be able to sleep. JM says good for you; I’ll leave you to it. She says can I give a kiss. She kisses him on the cheek and he looks like he’s going to puke any second now. Iva is beside herself. She thanks her “Hermanita” Ivanita tells Iva Finally you were able to separate JM and Val. The only thing you need now to get pregnant.

Rosie thought that only Val and don E were going to be present for the business transaction. Val tells him she wanted PV and el Sindico to witness it. He doesn’t like it but Z signals that it is OK. The contract is ready. Rosie peruses it and gives it to Z so he can look it over. A knock at the door; Rosie asks her if she asked more witnesses. I bet is Al. Val asks Bennie to open the door. Yep, I Al looking to Val. Bennie tells him she’s busy and can’t interrupt her. HE says OK just tell her I came to say and I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m surprised he left that easy. Bennie is worried Al is going to convince Val to get back with him.

Val is telling him the contract is fair for both of them. They are ready to sign but Rosie stops them. He wants Val to accept the jewelry before signing. Val says fine. He gives them to her. They sign the contract and look at each other.

H is daydreaming about Gabby when she told him she was in love with him. JM arrives and asks him is he’s interrupting. H says yes because I was thinking about Gabby. H offers him a beer. JM declines, good choice JM. Remember what happened last time you drank? H tells JM him and Gabby are dating. JM tells him he needs to talk to a friend

Back to LC the contract is signed and it seems everything is in order. Rosie asks Val to toast with tequila to celebrate. Val tells him she’s not accustomed to drink. PV says if they finished eh wants to leave. Val tells him there’s something very important yet to do and that’s why she invited him and El Sindico there tonight. Val wants PV to organize a raffle among the churchgoers. PV says of course but what would be the prize? Val says the jewelry Rosie just gave her. Rosie asks why. Val says because they are very expensive and I can’t accept something this expensive from you. Val wants that with the money the open a shop for the indigenous en la sierra. Rosie says, but I gave them to you” Val say's exactly they are mine to do what I please with them. Val tells him if you think you can buy a woman’s love with jewelry, you are wrong. Val assures him his generosity is going to do some good for those in need. Rosie leaves with his tail between his legs. Everyone is laughing. Val you won this one, but I’ll be careful if I was you and I don’t hate her as much now..

H is telling JM that probably is best if JM and Val don’t see each other. JM says is worse not seeing her. H can’t understand why Val is doing what she is doing for someone who is not worth it. H doesn’t believe Iva is just faking. JM is not renouncing Val’s love.
Val is hoping Rosie learn his lesson. Val wants to go see Tizzy manana, Bennie wants to go. Lumi is praying for her. Val and Bennie are leaving after breakfast. Val wants to see Flippy. Gabby and Bennie tell Val to go easy because Iva is a big liar. Of course Val doesn’t believe that. Bennie screams at her how easy Val forgets all the bad things Iva has done to her.

Rosie is upset. Z tells Rosie to forget about Val because she doesn’t want anything to do with. But he says he wont’

Sab is ratting Bennie with Val. He tells hers about Bennie’s dizzy spell when they were together. Val is grateful and tells Sab what is wrong with Bennie. Val says since she is going to take her specialist. Val informs Sab about the business deal with Rosie. Sab is upset but Val convinces him there was not other way. Val is going to build her won milk processor but until then they need Rosie’s.

H wants to give JM a tequila shot. JM declines and reminds H what happened last time he drank. H tells JM how Iva laid a trap to separate JM and Val and she got what she wanted. JM agrees.

Sandy is setting the table and waiting for her hubby. He arrives home; she covers his eyes and walks him to the table where they are going to have a romantic dinner. They toast to eternal love, they are marrying in church next Sunday.

Al arrives at the hotel. Al asks the hotel attendant if someone called him about an airplane ticket. The hotel attendant looks past Al as if he saw a ghost. When Al turns around to look, he sees Iva wearing sunglasses and a scarf as a disguise. The disguise doesn’t fool Al and he very surprised says Ivana?


Al wants to talk to Toledo about Iva
Val finds out Rosie raped Lumi
JM is telling el Sindico he knows who killed Fed


STuD 11/29/10, Ep. 128: Santiago Charms All, Toledo Gets Nauseating News

Capitulo 128

Hey folks, I’m getting ready for a massive trip, so no vocabulary, I’m afraid. I won’t be here next week, so I hope some kind soul can chip in a short summary or discussion thread. Stay strong, people! We’re in the home stretch!

Continued from last week, Rosendo is threatening JM with a comically-oversized gun. Overcompensating much?

Back at Los Cascabeles, Lummy tells the girls about Rosendo’s shirt covered in not-so-freshly-squeezed Nazario DNA. The gang is shocked to hear that Rosendo’s shirt tested positive for human blood, and that the sheriff is getting the blood sample compared to Nazario’s DNA. Lummy tearfully says that the sheriff warned her and Crisanta to keep quiet about the matter, lest Rosendo get suspicious and flee.

Valentina laments that Lummy didn’t share everything sooner. “I couldn’t,” Lummy sobs, collapsing to the ground, “my life turned into a nightmare on that day!” Benita picks Lummy off the floor and comforts her before leading her away.

Valentina and Gaby are disconsolate. “Lummy lived a silent nightmare,” Valentina says, but “I’ll make sure he pays for his transgression!”

Back in town, Rosendo puts down his gun, declaring that he’s just as dangerous without it. “Then we’ll see who comes out of this alive,” JM says grimly. No! Run, you big sissy! Unless JM’s challenging him to a strip-off, the answer is Rosendo!

JM gets in a few lucky punches, berating Rosendo for killing his father. Ros lands a few blows of his own, saying that old geezer was going to die anyway. Just then, Sab and the cops arrive to subdue JM. Sabino begs him to calm down, but JM keeps struggling and lambasting the cops for not catching his father’s killer. He finally throws off the sheriff and moves toward Rosendo.

Sabino begs him to think twice, but really, JM hasn’t thought once during this entire encounter. Rosendo plays the victim, threatening to press charges against JM for disturbing him at his own house. JM counters that if Rosendo won’t admit to killing his dad, he’ll beat the confession out of him! Sabino begs JM to leave in honor of Federico’s memory. The sheriff lets him go and JM stalks off, furiously peeling off his jacket. Rosendo, keep yelling insults and maybe the pants will go next!

The sheriff warns Rosendo not to provoke JM further. “I’m a reasonable man,” he says, “and I don’t want any trouble with the law.” Rosendo picks up his gun and goes back inside his house, leaving Sabino and the sheriff shaken. JM’s just committed a grave error, the sheriff says. Sabino blames the police: why did they tell JM that Rosendo killed his father? The sheriff says he was just doing his duty, but Sabino says they’ve riled JM horribly. The sheriff grabs Sabino where it hurts -- his flannel shirt -- and begs him to make JM see reason. He says he’ll arrest Rosendo soon enough.

Inside, Rosendo seethes over JM. “You’ll learn to respect Rosendo Gavilan!”

At Los Cascabeles, Benita assures Lummy that Valentina will make that “chuchumeco” pay for what he did to her. Benita comforts Lummy again. “A weight has been lifted off me,” Lummy smiles tearfully. She asks Benita what a “chuchumeco” is. Benita says where she comes from, that’s what they call the most infamous, most vile excuses for human beings. Obviously, Rosendo qualifies.

Meanwhile, Valentina is consulting with Don Ernesto by phone. He says that after so much time and without physical evidence, a rape charge would be hard to prove. Valentina is devastated, and Gaby is furious that Rosendo will go unpunished after raping a young girl. Valentina tells her that Ernesto suggests filing rape charges against Rosendo only AFTER he’s jailed for Nazario’s murder. Then he’ll have extra years added to his sentence.

“For now, all we can do is support Lummy,” Gaby says, and help her get past this and recover her self-esteem. Valentina asks Gaby to use her psychology expertise (?!) to help Lummy. Say what? Gaby’s an elementary school teacher! She teaches kids long division and to not eat paste! Gaby says she’ll do what she can.

Changing topics, Valentina says Don Ernesto is in the capital trying to find ways to spring Tizzy. He’s very optimistic, Val says, and now she feels optimistic, too.

Visitors suddenly come calling to Los Cascabeles -- it’s Alonso and Santiago! Val greets Santiagito with a big kiss.

Next door, a battle-weary JM returns to Montesinos Manor. JM tells Leo he’s been tussling with Rosendo. Horrified, Leo demands to know why. “Because I found out Rosendo Gavilan murdered my father!” JM says. Leo is speechless.

Back at Los Cascabeles, little Santiago is charming the pants off Valentina (literally, Alonso hopes). He begs Valentina to teach him how to ride and she happily agrees, leaving Alonso and Gaby alone.

Gaby is stunned that Al could have such an adorable kid, and Alonso credits that to Brenda. Alonso says Santiago and Valentina have motivated him to become a new man. Gaby only hopes that’s true.

Over at Montesinos Manor, JM is furious that Leonor hired his father’s killer to be the Montesinos ranch manager. Leo feebly protests that she didn’t know, and besides, Rosendo only worked there a little while. “The time he spent here gave him a chance to gauge our economic problems,” JM says, “and that’s why he bought the lagoon property!”

Leo says JM’s talking as if she were to blame. JM whips off his hat and gets in his mother’s face. “You’re right,” he says coolly, “it’s not your fault Rosendo is such a villain.” “Son, if you only knew the truth!” Leo thinks to herself.

Back at Los Cascabeles, Valentina is showing Santiago the horses. She explains that Altanero was a rebellious horse until she came to the hacienda and they became friends. Danger! Danger! Hackneyed metaphor alert! She thanks Santiago for the drawing he did of her on the horse, saying that she keeps it in her bedroom.

Santiago says Valentina’s even prettier than he drew her -- no wonder his daddy is in love with her. He asks Valentina why she doesn’t love Alonso back, because he’s such a swell guy. Valentina desperately looks around for a hole to swallow her up.

Inside, Gaby thinks it’s poor form for Alonso to use Santiago to soften Valentina up. Alonso resents/resembles that remark. He insists he’d never use his son like that. “I came here to win Valentina without trickery or dirty dealings.” Al says JM made a huge mistake in knocking up Ivana; Valentina’s honor won’t let her marry him now, no matter how much she loves him.

Gaby grimly agrees, saying that Valentina’s already asked JM to stay away from her. Valentina’s very concerned about Ivana and the baby she’s carrying, she adds. “I told Valentina to watch out for Ivana,” Alonso says, frustrated. “Me too!” Gaby says, but Valentina’s always been willing to sacrifice for her family. Ivana’s taking advantage of that now to get her way, Alonso adds.

He hesitates before telling Gaby that Ivana’s been seeing Toledo … in private. Alonso says he caught Ivana in Toledo’s hotel -- he’s sure she was using her special form of persuasion (now with bonus gonorrhea!) on Toledo. Alonso intends to tell Valentina, but Gaby says she probably won’t believe him. She advises him to wait until he has solid proof that Ivana’s shtupping Toledo. Gaby excuses herself to get ready for her classes.

Outside, Valentina tries explaining to Santiago that adults’ relationships are complicated. Your father is a good man, Val says, but their time passed and now she’s in love with another man. Santiago just wants his dad to be happy. “He already is,” she smiles, “because he has you.” Filo brings out the horse, and Valentina and Santiagito slowly ride off.

It’s DEFCON 1 over at Montesinos Manor, where Leonor is begging JM to stay away from Rosendo. JM says he isn’t scared, but Leonor says he should be. She pleads with him some more. “If not for me, at least for your son,” Leonor says as JM scoffs. “He needs you alive!” Disgusted, JM stalks out of the room, leaving Leonor sobbing. My God, she says, please don’t let a tragedy happen!

At Rosendo’s bachelor pad, he’s still whittling his doorstop-worthy bust of Valentina. Zamarippa tries to talk to Rosendo about a passport or something, but he’s not listening. Rosendo is stewing over his encounter with JM, and now he wants payback. He’s going to hit JM where it hurts, and destroy him.

Zamp warns him to think things carefully. Rosendo waves his knife and tells Zamp not to tell him what to do. “That dandy will pay,” Rosendo seethes, adding that he’s going to teach JM a lesson he won’t forget.

At the hotel, Toledo is looking through some papers. He looks concerned.

Meanwhile, Valentina and Santiago are enjoying their ride through Los Cascabeles.

Outside Sandy and Flippy’s house, Enshreiketa is waiting impatiently. She verbally assaults Sandy for getting hitched to a ne’er-do-well like Flippy. Sandy begs her not to speak ill of her husband, and offers to show Shreiky her wedding dress. Shreiky asks Sandy why she couldn’t marry a man with a name, a man with class (Horacio!?). Sandy rebuffs her mom’s spiteful commentary and asks her to help with her wedding, the happiest day of her life. Shrieky looks uncertain.

At Los Cascabeles, Alonso and Lummy greet Valentina and Santi as they return from riding. She offers to take Santiago to the stables tomorrow, and he suggests daddy accompany them. Valentina glances back at Al, who shoots her a hopeful look.

Suddenly, Toledo comes calling on Valentina. She agrees to meet him in her office while Lummy gives Santiago the grand tour of Los Cascabeles and the full rendition of where she got her name. “When I was born, there was a big storm, and. ….” Al’s left alone in the foyer, where he’s concerned about Toledo’s visit to Valentina.

Toledo tells Val he’s been studying Tizzy’s confession carefully. He says he’s found a series of inconsistencies in her statement that conflict with case evidence. He’s decided to interrogate her again. Valentina says he’ll surely realize that Tizzy is innocent.

She thanks him, since proving Tizzy’s innocence will be good for Ivana’s health … and that of HER UNBORN CHILD! Toledo is stunned. Not ordinary “novela stunned,” but “ready to barf into the nearest potted plant” stunned. “Are you saying Señorita Dorantes is expecting a child?” he says; Valentina’s surprised he didn’t know already. Doing a fantastic job of suppressing the dry-heaves, Toledo collects himself and bids Valentina goodnight.

He adds that he’ll be interrogating Tizzy tomorrow, and Valentina thanks him. She’s sure that Tizzy will be back home in no time. Toledo says he’s just doing his job (finally!) and leaves.

Outside, Toledo runs into Alonso. Al asks if Toledo’s told Valentina about his … encounters with Ivana. Toledo angrily warns him not to get the wrong idea; Ivana visiting him in his room wasn’t what Alonso thinks. Actually, it was exactly what Alonso thinks, plus a heavy dose of those off-brand Mexican Extenze pills.

Alonso smirks at Toledo, who quickly leaves. “As if I didn’t know what Ivana‘s capable of,” Al says. Just then Valentina happily bounds out and fills Al in on the latest Tizzy developments.

Over at Horacio’s store, Gaby arrives and sees Timo moping over his cash register. She asks how he’s doing, but he just waves his hand. Gaby sadly walks past him.

Meanwhile, Lummy shows Santiago around Valentina’s bedroom. Yes, Santi, this is the room that your papicito will never, ever enter! He happily spots his drawing. He and Lummy agree that Valentina is wonderful. “Do you think she’ll fall in love with my daddy again?” he asks hopefully. Lummy says that would be awfully difficult, because Valentina is in love with Jose Miguel.

Santiago wants to know more. Lummy says Santiago’s too young to understand these things. Yeah, the whole “pyromania” and “knocked up her cousin” bits are hard to put into preschool terms. Lummy says you never know what’ll happen when it comes to love. Never, she adds sadly, looking off into the distance. She thinks back to Timo’s accusations that she was seeing somebody else. Santiago asks Lummy why she’s crying. Lummy says she just had something in her eye, that’s all, and continues giving Santiago the tour.

Behind the store, Gaby assures Horacio that Lummy hasn’t seen -- or had intimate relations with -- any man, despite Timo’s assumptions. Horacio doesn’t buy it, noting that she’s been very rough with Timo lately.

“A few months ago, Lummy suffered a tragedy,” Gaby begins. An awful, unscrupulous man raped her! Horacio looks horrified, but Gaby’s not finished. That man was Rosendo Gavilan!

Horacio is furious at Rosendo‘s depravity. Gaby says that Lummy is destroyed; she feels dirty, and unworthy of Timo. Horacio says that Timo is hurting, and should be told the truth. Gaby disagrees, saying it’s not their decision to make. Gaby says with time, Lummy will surely move past the trauma. Only when she’s fully recovered should she tell Timo about her rape.

Horacio says that once Timo finds out he’ll want to attack Rosendo. But after that, Horacio says, Timo might drop those wedding plans. Gaby asks why. “In small towns we have traditional values,” Horacio says. “We want women to arrive at the altar pure.” Gaby is aghast at Horacio’s regressive thinking; they quickly leave the topic of Lummy and start bickering about city vs. country values.

Horacio finally squeezes Gaby into a tight bear hug. “I’m a macho, but a macho that adores you!” he says. Her protests quickly turn into playful tussling, ending with a passionate kiss.

At Montesinos Manor, Skankzilla rubs a pillow stuffed under her shirt. She notes happily that her Toledo-induced pregnancy will surely start showing soon. “Or that witch Leonor is going to get suspicious!”

Tere comes in and informs Ivana that Toledo is waiting for her in the living room. Ivana berates Tere for letting him in the door. She tells Tere to hustle Toledo into the study, hoping to keep Leonor from seeing him. “Toledo’s impertinence is already bugging me,” she says. She plans to get rid of him as soon as possible.

In Sabino’s office, Filo and Sabino finish talking about the birth of some new livestock. Filo leaves while Sabino finishes some paperwork. And … scene. If they’re this desperate for filler, we can expect to see Valentina at the DMV or JM picking up his dry cleaning in future episodes (that omnipresent leather jacket / male chastity jacket is definitely not machine washable).

At Montesinos Manor Ivana lashes out at Toledo for seeking her out. “Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” he demands.

Back at Los Cascabeles, Filo is intercepted by an insistent JM. Jose Miguel wants Filo to tell him the truth about Rosendo’s whereabouts the night of his father’s murder! JM roughs Filo up while he invents a tale about Rosendo Bo Peep helping him herd some livestock that night. JM isn’t buying it.

Next door, Ivana wants to know who told Toledo about her pregnancy; Toledo would rather know who fathered her child! “It’s the child of JM,” she replies, “And I’m very proud of this child because I love JM!” The kind of love that’s so strong, you just have to spread it around!”

Walking by, Leo overhears Ivana’s talking. Skankita Banana continues, saying that JM doesn’t return her love because he’s still hung up on Valentina. Outside the door, Leonor is outraged that Ivana is sharing such intimate details with some cop.

Meanwhile, JM threatens to beat the truth out of Filadelfio. Filo sticks to his lie, which only infuriates JM more. Valentina and Alonso stumble upon the scene, thwarting the imminent ass-kicking. JM drags Filo over to them.

Back at Montesinos Manor, baby-voiced Ivana is guest of honor at her own pity party. She says she’s doomed to pick up Valentina’s leftovers, rehashing the whole Alonso mess for Toledo. She adds that after Alonso betrayed her with Valentina, Oscar showed up merely to … enjoy Ivana’s assets.

It’s his fault her mother’s in jail, she says, noting that Tizzy will spend her few remaining years in a jail cell. Outside, Leonor shakes her head. Inside, Ivana lays it on thick, saying that she doesn’t even have JM’s love to console her in these trying times. Ivana waxes moronic on how she fell for him at first sight; knowing this, Valentina yanked him away from her! For JM this baby is the result of a night of drinking, but for her, it’s a result of her love! Just then, Leonor walks in and joins the party.

Next door, JM tells Val and Al that the sheriff proved the fire that killed his father was intentionally set. The only person who could’ve done it is Rosendo, but Filo keeps lying on his behalf! Filofax lamely repeats his lie to Valentina, prompting JM to question where his loyalties lie -- Rosendo or Val?

Just then Santiago and Lummy come out, and he’s very interested in meeting JM. The crowd basks in his cuteness rays before Valentina promises to take him riding again; she says goodbye by showering him with kisses. Al beams at Santiago’s effectiveness while JM glumly looks away. Al drags the kid off, leaving Val, Filo and JM alone.

Filo swears to Valentina that he’s told the whole truth, and Val dismisses him for the night. JM tells Val that Filo’s covering for Rosendo. “If that’s true, he’ll have to leave Los Cascabeles,” Val says.

At Montesinos Manor, Leonor inquires as to the purpose of Toledo’s little visit as Ivana quickly looks away. Toledo says he just came to give Ivana some good news: “There’s a possibility that Señora Isabel will go free!” Leonor angrily glares back at Ivana.


STuD 11/27/10, Ep. 126: No Recap, and Not Much Action, Either

Hey guys, if all went well, I should be in Jordan right now. Knowing I was going to be on vacation, I wrote a recap for Episode 128 in advance and set it up to publish automatically tonight.

UNFORTUNATELY, Univision showed two repeats on Friday night instead of new episodes (?!), and I simply don’t have time to start over and write another recap for Episode 126. I’m setting up this bullet-point list of key episode happenings to publish automatically, so you folks will at least have a place to discuss the episode. Again, I sincerely apologize and blame Univision for everything. :D

  • Ivana ejects Toledo from Montesinos Manor and warns him never to return, lest people get the wrong idea. She does, however, agree to hook up with him tonight.
  • Valentina tells JM she can never see him again, Part 27. She asks JM to support Ivana. If something happened to Ivana or the baby, Val would never forgive herself, blah blah blah. She gives him once last kiss, at least until next week.
  • Tizzy tries introducing her cellmate, Griselda, to the Bible. Specically, a passage from Saint Peter to the Corinthians about love. Griselda is not totally enthused.
  • JM tells Ivana that he’s going to support her. Specifically, he’s going to the bank to set up some sort of account for their baby. He tells Ivana that Valentina has decided to never see him again, out of concern for Ivana’s and the baby’s health. Ivana says their baby will appreciate that JM and Valentina sacrificed their love for his benefit. She kisses an unenthusiastic JM on the cheek.
  • Valentina invites the sheriff and Padre Ventura to witness Rosendo signing the milk-processing contract. Before he signs, Rosendo forces Valentina to accept the jewelry she rejected from him earlier. She accepts the jewels, and he signs the contract. Afterward, she informs him that she will sell the jewelry and use the proceeds to help indigenous women. Oooh, Rosendo’s going to need Neosporin for that BURN!
  • Valentina tells the family that Ivana’s in a horrible state -- she’s even been having hallucinations! Gaby and Benita don’t buy it.
  • JM and Horacio commiserate about JM's horrible situation. Horacio comments that Ivana laid a trap to break up JM and Val, and it looks like she achieved her goal.
  • Alonso runs into Ivana -- at the town hotel! Busted!


La Fea Más Bella #105-106 11/29/10 11/29/2010. Happy Days.

Capitulo 105.
Read Amanda’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Luigi tells Fernando he has to leave for Germany immediately or FIFA won’t let them film what they need for Sport Wind.

2. Fernando can’t think up what to put into a card for Lety so he draws her a teddy bear that looks as forlorn as Fernando is when she’s not around. Again he’s very scared she won’t like it, but she’s so moved she almost cries. He’s touched because just a simple sketch makes her so happy.

3. Fernando goes to the cave just to be close to Lety, and he can’t keep his hands off her. His mom calls about the wedding house and Lety tells him MamaT asked Lety to send them chipotle chilies, but Fernando knows she’s lying.

4. They have to shoot the underwear commercial without Luigi, and they need to arrange a location, top model, horse, film crew, the works! All by tomorrow. Their second-string directors are out of country.

5. Sara tells Alicia to book rooms for the film crew in Germany, but she doesn’t speak German nor English. The cuartel actually works. Celso brings two workers who want to donate for Alicia’s poverty, but she treats them scornfully because they don’t donate enough.

6. The cuartel says they will produce the underwear commercial. Fern is moved by their complete support. Lety says they don’t have any other options, so Fernando accepts. Fern walks up behind Ali while she tries to order the cuartel back to their desks, but Fern puts Ali in her place and reminds her that Lety is her superior.

7. In the car, Lety is depressed over the wedding house, and Fernando is angry because Lety lied to him about Teresita’s call. He says, “You’re hiding something from me. I’ve tried to be frank with you and tell you my true feelings, and you go and lie to me.” Lety gets out of his car and walks away with a very sad puppy face.

Capitulo 106.
Read Amanda’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Fernando kisses his car goodbye and chases Lety’s bus through DF. Hijinks ensue. As soon as he catches up with her, he reprimands her for throwing a tantrum and leaving his car. Fernando bluffs their way onto a movie shoot

2. The cuartel works on logistics for the commercial.

3. Fernando plays the gay hairdresser until the director yells at Lety and grabs her hand, then mild mannered Clark Kent changes to Super Fernando and slugs the director.

4. Ali tries to hock her jewels. She expects 500,000 pesos for her necklace, but the pawn broker offers her 300, punto, and she refuses. Her jewels are all fake, implying that her mother was as phony as Alicia.

5. Fernando and Lety share a good laugh about their day, until they see Fern’s car being towed. They get the car back but get lost. Thugs try to carjack them, but Lety scares them off with her M-16.

The summary for tomorrow’s first hour (Cap 107).
1. Alicia wakens Marcia to tell her the cuartel is making an X-rated movie.

2. The cuartel auditions models, but Alicia tells the models it’s all a joke and there is no job, so they all leave. Ali also locks Jazmín in a dressing room so that Alicia is the only remaining model candidate.

Nothing else happened. Nothing. Tomorrow from 12 to 1, organize your sock drawer. Or defrost your freezer. Or gaze at your navel. ANYTHING you do will be a better use of your time! Tomorrow’s second hour (Cap 108) is much better.

Jenn asked about Jaime Camil's tattoos. Here is a picture of his palette.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Llena de Amor #75 (Mex. 80) Fri 11/26/10 A Turkey is Carved, A Doll is Snatched, A Dove Flies Away

Tonight begins with Ilitia and Manny. If you recall she threw a little celebration of his upcoming wedding to Mari with his friends at work with lots of booze, followed by an interlude (Em was actually comatose at the time) in the bed on the set (unfortunately the very same in which he and Mari consummated their noviazgo) which was actually a little tableau orchestrated for Mari's benefit and viewing pleasure and... well now... the party's over. Time to go home, sleepyhead, Ilitia drags him out of bed... gyp!... He never even had his pants off... what if Marianela knew this?... Well she won't.

Fedra's back and she's fuming, you are going to regret sleeping with this zorra for the rest of your life. Poor Lorenzo now finds himself in unenviable, awkward circumstances. the cute cozy cuddly kitten with a quirt, Zulema has been displaced by an annoyed frighteningly ferocious feral feline, Fedra. She heads straight for her toy box. Digging through her playthings, she selects a favored whip and threatens him with it as she reminds him of the good times. He's beginning to panic a bit and goes into a begging mode, "... I'm a man; men are weak..." (standard tried and true stuff). She tickles his feet with the whip and the uses it to bind them.

She mumbles threats as she rummages through the toys, finally going over to her purse selecting the appropriate prop, a souvenir... she turns with a wicked but loving smile, then frowns, flashing her switchblade shiv.

Bound to the bed, Lorenzo seems to suspect that things could get ugly as he pleads and mewls in a distinctly unseemly unmacho fashion. Fedra, troubled by a wayward curl which she keeps having to blow from her face, purrs affectionate threats as she teases her quivering quarry with the gleaming blade.

"I want you to clearly understand who owns this appendage that you have here." He interrupts her, "Oh, no, no, don't do anything foolish!" She cooly continues, "So there will be no doubt, I'm going to carry it around in a jar." She proceeds to tease him with the blade telling him that without his... ummm... well, that, he is nothing. Oops, I think he wet himself. " You deserve a lesson, Lorenzo, and this lesson one learns with a little blood."

She strokes him with the knife, he cries out. Accusing him of sounding like a little girl, Fedra stalks out, slamming the door behind her. As he cries out helplessly, let's trust Fedra not to do anything foolish, at least not just yet, as we quickly check in on a rather shaken Mari who was stirred up by the machinations of those evil twins, Ilitia and Cristal.

Cristal has returned her to the Naco Dorm where she is wheezing and whining about the horror she has just witnessed... the naked Ilitia sharing a bed with her one true love and recently committed novio, Manny. Too bad she didn't seem to notice his comatose state, but then as Ilitia observed, he was all tuckered out from an afternoon of fun and frolic. Making matters even worse, it was in the exact same spot the she had gotten naked with Manny for a little fun and frolic herself. Satisfied that Mari is sufficiently devastated, Cristal leaves her alone, pouting amidst her shattered dreams over this latest betrayal.

As cat are wont to do Fedra has, at least for the moment, tired of her little game and releases one of Lorenzo's cuffed hands leaving the other firmly secured and the key just out of reach of a bawling begging Lorenzo who has now abandoned his manly pride completely. Fedra bounces out as a desperate Lo helplessly reaches for the key.

At the edge of a nifty swimming pool, Garduña and the bumbling Basuro and Baldy are toasting their good fortune in finding such a choice plum (better make that orange) in Mauricio when suddenly they are joined a weeping and wailing Zulema.

Cristal has made in home in time to welcome a pickled Manny who is returning with the assistance of Ilitia and Andrés who guides him to his room, "Bye baby!" as the very attractively dressed evil twins celebrate their successful operation.

Meanwhile Mari has had quite enough. She promptly calls Tia Corlota and between sobs, manages to tell her that she has finally reached her limit, she wants outta here... NOW! She's getting dangerously close to reclaiming her nickname from MEPS... Sniffles. Corlota tells her not to worry, she'll arrange for her to receive a ticket for Spain first thing tomorrow morning. Netty comes down the stairs and a blubbering (no, that is not a veiled fat joke) Mari tells her that she is going to Spain. The last Netty heard was that she and Manny are getting married and now she's off to Spain? Mari explains this latest debacle, "...and in the very same place!"

A disgustingly inebriated but ecstaticly happy Manny is in his room still accompanied by his pal, Andrés. He wants to go and see his one true love, but Andrés thinks this is not such a great idea given his current state. Ignoring sound advice, Manny comes up with a brilliant plan... ¡Benigno! ¡Mariachis¡" Oh yes, that should work nicely.

A cooler and calmer Mari relates Manny's latest misstep with Ilitia. Netty is sympathetic but seizes the opportunity to say, "I told you so, I told you so." Mari vows that she never wants to see him again. "So you're really going to Spain?" "Sí, Tia."

A fuming Fedra arrives at Creepy Casa and is greeted by the sound of guitar chords.

Axel has found some clothes to wear and is serenading a rather easily impressed Delicia with the two chords he can remember. You're a long way from Carnegie Hall kid, but who knows? Keep practicing. As Dee fiddles with her uniform sleeves he charms her witha less than smooth line, but not to worry, she'd be enthralled if he recited multiplication tables. He tells her that she is his musical inspiration and source of confidence and security. Looks like he's gonna need it... here's Fedra! She grabs Delicia, and although Axel sternly protests, tosses her across the room like a ragdoll. Then turning her attention to the guitar, she snatches Axel's axe from his grip and does her best Pete Townshend imitation, smashing it to bits.

Meintras tanto, Muñeca appears to have lost that lovin' feelin' for Lorenzo as she rants at his photo. Ilitia strolls in in time to see her dash his picture to the floor and to hear her dad denounced as a disgraciado and is curious why Muñeca is so out of sorts. Muñeca directs her effort into restoring her relationship with her daughter, "If I can't be your mother at least allow me to be your friend." An impudent Ilitia responds with, "Is the chapter of your telenovela already over? Or is this the commercial break? Because it gets a zero rating, or that is, your story is super-boring. I just want to go sleep. Byyye!" Ouch! Not discouraged, Muñeca asks about her day. This tender mother/daughter bonding moment is rudely intruded upon by a grumpy Garduño and goon... with guns. "Ladies, we're looking for Lorenzo Porto López."

Fedra evicts Decilia from Axel's room with a swat to her cute little pompis.

Axel objects. She cautions him to stay away from the hired help. "If you need a woman, just say so and Bernardo will take you to a whorehouse." Uh oh. This triggers an unpleasant memory. Flashback... we've seen this. So has Axel... he complains, "I was a child and you made me go. Why?" Bernardo's here and needs to talk to Fedra... next!

Emanuel and Benigno, mariachi's in tow, arrive at the steps of the naco dorm. Tequila in hand, Manny is in charge, he calls out for his Gordita, then... "¡Una, dos, arránquense (strike up) Mariachis!" They begin to play and he shouts out, "¡Ay mi Gordita, que te quiero pero así de grande condenada! (My Little Fatty, I'm condemned to love you!... or something like that) "

and they sing:

"On the day you arrived in my life
my beloved dove I started to toast
and got a little drunk
Thinking of your lips
I began to sing..."


Mercifully we rejoin Muñeca and Ilitia as they entertain their uninvited guests. Flora and Fidel are rounded up and ushered in. They are all going to wait there for Lorenzo who has an account to settle.

Marinela's not home, the tenants are disturbed and Netty's mad as a wet hen, "No one mocks Marianela!" and punctuates the sentence by dousing Manny with a bucket of water. I think the singing is over for tonight.

So where is Marianela?

She's saying goodbye to Tio Maximo. She tells him that things just aren't working out between her and Manny. She needs to get away for a bit. She's going to Spain. Then Max drops a bombshell on her. He tells her that he suspects that Gretel is the daughter he and Paula had and thought had died. "¿Paula? ¿Paula? ¿Paula? Our Paula?" His sister Carlota may have taken their daughter and given her to Fedra to rear. He wants Marinela to verify this for him.

Fedra informs Bernie that Gretel now knows everything including that Fedra is really Juana Felipa Pérez and that she threw Mari's dad out the window.

Mari has noticed that Fedra treats Gretel... special... Hmmmm. She agrees to find out the truth.

The dorm dwellers are more than happy to tell Manny that his chubby dove has flown the coop. Oliver seems especially hostile. The ladies restrain him as he lunges at Em. "She's gone to the university?" He hopefully asks. Nopis. She took a plane. "Flying far away. Out of the country." "Marinela can't leave without me!"

He bolts.

Muñeca, Ilitia, Flora, and Fidel are sitting with hands bound behind their backs as the nervously await for the return of Lorenzo, who when we last saw him was rather tied up, himself. Ilitia, who is ecumenical in her lack of respect for authority, demands that Garduña release them and get the heck out. Garduño glowers. He decides that she's even prettier when she's angry and reaches to stroke her face. Fidel briefly objects but is encouraged by Baldy to sit back down.

Tired of waiting , Garduña grabs Ilitia by the arm. He needs some collateral to assure that Lo will do as he says. Muñeca offers herself instead and to my surprise, he agrees. Now Ilitia pleads that they not take away her mother. I'm shocked... she cares!

Fedra descends the stairs, arm around Axel as she reassures him that she'll never force him to go to a whorehouse if he doesn't want to. Well, that's certainly a load off my mind. This tender moment is interrupted by Emiliano, "Fedra, I need to talk to you." He's got the divorce papers ready for her to sign.

A grim Gretel is alone with her wine buddies and manages to untie herself. Good... now where is that corkscrew? "I've got to get out of here. If no one can't hear my screams, they'll have to hear this. Asesinos, asesinos," she whispers as she grabs an expensive red varietal and ... oh no! I can't watch this! She begins smashing wine bottles.

Expensive red wines! At least grab the German white wines, honey. Oh my.

Just outside Delicia is struggling with a heavy jug and hears the breaking of glass, "Sounds as if someone is being killed in there."

Fedra goads Axel, "See what your father's doing to us?" Axel asks Emiliano if he's totally certain of what he's doing. "I see no other solution, son, now that I've boffed Netty..." Actually I embellished a little, but you know that's what he's thinking. Fedra was hoping for more reaction from Axel. Well, he would have offered up some music, "... but you trashed my guitar and this piano doesn't have wires." And he's pretty sure that she's the one who removed them. Good one Axel. She agrees to sign the papers but not until they talk... in private.

Now he's home. Fidel is finishing untying Ilitia as Lo strolls in. She starts to complain but he cuts her off. He had an awful night. He was assaulted, cut up, had to go to the hospital. Flora and Fidel share a knowing glance. litia isn't moved. She tells him about their night and that some guy named Garduña abducted mom.

Delicia is certain that something strange is going on in the wine cellar. She is joined by Bernardo.

Netty and Brandon escort Mari into the air terminal. Netty promised Eva to care for her daughter and she's done such a bangup job, Mari's headed to Spain to live with that dour troll, Tia Carlota. Mari assures her that her mom couldn't have selected better. That is not the reason that she's leaving. Brandon encourages them to hurry.

Manny roars up on his... whatever that is.

"Marianela, where are you going?" He shouts as they disappear into the terminal.

Bernardo has decided to take a few moments to heap abuse on Delicia. What is she up to. Who was she talking to? She tells him that she thought there might be rats in the wine cellar. "In this house I'm the one in charge of rat killing ." He tells her with a hint of irony. Axel rides to the rescue.

"¿Estás bien?" "Sí." "¡Vámonos!"

Manny pulls up in front of the terminal but is told by the guard that he can't leave his vehicle parked there.

Bernardo enters the cellar to check on the rat. As I was, he is appalled at the shedding of innocent wine. Gretel confronts him with a broken bottleneck but he disarms her.

"Who do you think will have to clean all this up, animal? I'm betting that it won't be Delicia this time.

Ilitia tells her dad how Garduña was going to take her but her mom insists that she be taken instead. "They took her as a guarantee that they'll get to talk with you." "With me?" The phone rings. No surprise, it's Garduño, "As you can guess, I'm no longer in jail, Lorenzo." "Return my wife to me. You'd best not touch a single hair." Ilitia must believe in full disclosure. She tells him that that is not really Muñeca's hair but rather extensions. Lo has trouble grasping the concept, "¿Qué? ¿Las extensiones?"

Garduño who assures him that he will treat his wife with the same attention and courtesy with which Lo treated his Goddaughter, Zulema. Goddaughter?... Hmmm. "I sent a women to have a good time and you return her almost dead. If this is revenge for what happened to your son, you chose badly. What happened to your son was an accident."

Lo thinks it best that he continue this conversation alone and sends Ilitia to her room. He tells Garduño that it wasn't him. In fact he got cut up himself. Even had to go to the hospital. Well, Garduño wants to know the name of this lunatic. Lo also wants her taught a lesson... "Fedra Curiel."

Fedra Curiel is trying to convince her husband that he should stay with her. His mind's made up so she takes this opportunity to have the big one. Clutching her chest, she complains of chest pain and conks out. All over the land, eyes are rolling, but I have to admit, I think that this is the real thing.

She got Emiliano's attention, "Fedra, Fedra, Fedra, Fedra, Fedra... as we go to a commercial break.

Manny's still arguing with the airport guard. Finally in desperation, he pushes him down and runs inside where Mari's flight is ready for boarding. She hugs Netty and Brandon, charging Brandon with the safety of her aunt. We hear Manny shouting "¡Marianela!" Brandon hurries her toward the gate, flashing his badge. He stays behind to impede Emanuel.

Garduño is already arranging for Manny's abduction.

Axel asks, "What wrong with my mamá?" Calling for an ambulance, Bernardo exhorts her to hang on. Fedra tells Emiliano that he won't be needing a divorce, "... I feel like I'm going to die."

A last goodbye for Mari and Netty. Mari wants no tears. Netty gives her a San Antonio action figure, Mari reminds her to give Emanuel the letter she wrote.

Manny tussles with Brandon, pushes him to the floor, then sprints to the gate.

Mari goes through the metal detector, her fat suit must have set off the alarm, she's wanded then boards the plane.

Manny arrives in time to have his butt chewed by Netty, "No you can't talk to her and I hope that you never get to talk to her, Emanuel Ruiz y de Teresa."

He helplessly shouts, "¡Marinela! ¡Marianela!



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