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Pasion – Jan 30, 2008 - Ric puts the cart after the sword and gets the long anticipated roll in the hay

I will first apologize for the length. I’m verbose to begin with and even worse when there’s stuff I can repeat verbatim. I tried to put my comments (except for definitions) in italics.

Episode 37:

From the previous night: Marcelino tells Jorge that he spoke w/Ric and about getting Jorge’s marriage approval. He says Ric asked about the “pernada” rights. His cronies all looked as if Ric wouldn’t allow it. Jorge asks: “then he won’t follow through?” Marcelino replies: “He said he’d come talk with you, but didn’t say when.” Al of the Boufant tells Jorge to give it up, he’s never used his right on widows, and Ric will never allow it. Jorge says it’s a matter of pride, ‘cause he’s the Lord of San Fer. If they don’t like it, they can leave. You know I would love to have played a drinking game with the number of times they said the word pernada or talked about rights in this episode. I’d have been quite toasty by the end!

Justo tells Sofia the chisme about the blackmail. He assures her he destroyed the letter, but maybe people heard and decided to blackmail Cami. She starts listing everyone who knew (servants, guards, etc) and he asks about WhoreSula. She asks why and they start a whole waffling dance until he says there are “rumors” about Vasco and WhoreSula getting it on. We now see WhoreSula telling Fortunata about how she’s pissed at Vasco for sleeping with Inés and how he now has to marry her. WhoreSula wants revenge and figures she’ll tell daddy to get his “pernada” rights to punish Vasco. Fortunata feels bad for Inés and WhoreSula says, “big deal, she’s not even a virgin.” Just then Sofi enters and gives her a big ol’ slap, then another to Fortunata. Sofi tells WhoreSula she knew she’d inherited her dad’s bad blood, but never imagined she’d turned into whore. You sleeping with Vasco Darien?

New stuff: WhoreSula protests, did he say that? Mom says nah, he’s a coward, but I have my ways. WhoreSula says she’d never lower herself to sleeping with the vendor’s son. And what if I did? You forced me to marry an ancient and smelly pervert who I slept with while disgusted. And you were fine with that! Sofi looks a little guilty for a second and then WhoreSula ads: and now you expect me to live like a cloistered nun? Sofi asks if that’s an admition and WhoreSula says no. Sofi starts to go to Jorge’s and WhoreSula wants to stop her. Sofi asks if WhoreSula told Vasco about the ED letter and she said she doesn’t speak with the guy. Sofi stomps out of the room and Fortunata catches up and asks Sofi not to tell Jorge ‘cause he’d lock WhoreSula in a convent. Think about your nieta (granddaughter). Sofi looks at her and says “you knew” (man, if looks could kill, Sofia has a great angry look) Fortunata starts to swear and Sofi tells her she better start keeping an eye on WhoreSula and reporting to her, or she’ll kick her out and she’ll have to live off public charity or end up as a maid in a convent. (Ed note: Sofi, you don’t think she’s good enough to be a nun? Also, I suppose she means begging on the streets ‘cause I don’t remember reading anything about Nueva España’s welfare system).

Cami fires Clotilde who asks if it’s ‘cause Jimena doesn’t like her. Cami says she doesn’t want to argue. Cloti says she’s worked in that house for years and Cami says, not with me. I feel bad, but here’s two-months salary ‘till you find something. We cut to Mario telling Ric he’d like to kill Jorge, or castrate him. Ric reminds him they’re not on the ship where they can just throw the body overboard. Here things are done differently. Mario says “calmadito tiburoncito” (calm down little shark) you’re not gonna let him boink her? Ric says heck no! How are you gonna do this without killing or castrating him? Ric says he’ll improvise. They decide they’re gonna look at the possible haciendas (for Jorge’s cronies to have hidden the loot) together tomorrow, and Mario will look into the cart today.

Fortunata runs into WhoreSula’s room. WhoreSula wants to know if she changed Mom’s mind and Fortunata’s not sure, but she’s supposed to spy on WhoreSula or get kicked out. WhoreSula wants to now if Manuela told Sofi but Fortunata doesn’t think so. She asks if she went out or someone came to her? Cut to Lis and Fran trying to put the breaks on Ric’s marriage. Fran says only by turning him in. Lis reproaches Fran for wanting Ric to hang after he had her name removed from Bermejo’s confesion. Fran apologizes. Lis says Ric always talks about knowing your enemy first. She’ll go talk to Ric, alone. Insert running montage of Fortunata getting info from the guards and running back. Guess she found out how Sofi got the news. Back at Chez Ric, Lis tells Ric he can marry Cami with his fake name and she won’t say nuttin.’ She asks if Cami’ll come live with them. Mario is standing behind Ric gesturing something along the lines of “duh.” Ric says he hasn’t decided and Mario drops his arms in annoyance. Lis says she wants to have Cami over for din-din to make nice ‘cause all the animosity was really daddy’s fault. Mario’s trying to wave to Ric to blow it off, but Ric says he’ll mention it to Cami. Lis feels it would be more appropriate coming from her.

WhoreSula is furious now she knows it was Justo who let the cat out of the bag and figures Vasco must have told him. Fortunata says there’s no reason and WhoreSula figures he was drunk. Yeah, ‘cause the flirting, boinking at the mill and making out in the fields couldn’t possibly have clued Justo in. She’s gonna get even! She runs looking for daddy and Fortunata runs after her trying to make sure she doesn’t do anything crazy. They run into Jorge and Fortunata runs the other way. Jorge wants to know what bit her and asks WhoreSula if she’s gonna tell him that she’s sad over dead fiancé. WhoreSula says it’s something serious.

Mario tells Ric he ain’t buying what Lis is selling. Ric says: is it that you don’t like her? And Mario says, of course I don’t like her, but I also don’t believe her. Ric wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Back to WhoreSula throwing a tantrum about how she’s being defamated by a “pelafustán” (aka pelagatos: someone mediocre and insignificant) and how her mom hit and insulted her over it. Jorge says he wouldn’t put his hands in the fire for anyone and it better not be true. He’s upset that Vasco blabbed, but if he does something everyone will know why. She suggests taking it out on Vasco’s betrothed. He wonders if she’s being truthful and she says she’s innocent. But even if she’s not, the Don of SF can’t have people talking trash about his little girl.

Pablo is listening to the shell he got from his mom as Mario walks in. They start talking about his health, then the all-important cart. Mario asks if there were any special markings and Pablo says it had a chunk cut out of one side. He asks if they know who did it and then starts talking about how guilty he feels he failed the cap’n.

Santi goes to Cami’s to fix the door. He runs into Cami who explains Ric came looking for her and she had taken the keys. He tells her she shouldn’t marry someone so violent and she says it’s none of his beeswax. He accuses her of becoming “soberbia” (arrogant) and she tells him he’s turning into a pill. What happened to her isn’t her fault, or that he married her sister, he says that wasn’t his fault either (ed note: hey, nobody held a gun to your head!). Ric arrives looking all sexy and regal on horseback. He asks Santi how long it will take and Santi says however long it takes. Ric asks what they were arguing about and Cami tells him Santi doesn’t approve of their engagement. She asks him to understand and Ric says I don’t and I don’t wanna. He should have looked for you until the ends of the earth and not married your sister. I don’t want you talking to him. Ominous music as Cami looks impactada and Ric backpedals to: “I don’t want him talking trash about us.” Good job dodging that bullet!. Cami nods yes. Back in the courtyard Santi tells the maid that he’s fixed the lock and will send the carpenter to fix the door. Maid offers to call Cami and he says no. At the House Ric and Cami discuss the contract for da weddin’ and he says her dad agreed not to list their belongings and that he added his clause about the kids they’d discussed: the girls get a dowry and the boys all get equal shares of the family fortune (as opposed to just the eldest – probably ‘cause he knows this is what led many to piracy). He’s thinking he’d like to add another clause that says Cami can do with her money what she wants. She says it’s not the custom and he says he doesn’t care and plans to provide for her as she deserves. She then asks about his stolen treasure (since he was talking about how he’ll support her and all) and he says not yet. He then tells her Marcelino came to tell him he has to get Jorge’s permission for the wedding. She burst out that he’s just pissed ‘cause she won’t answer his demands. Ric says he has no intention of giving him his rights and that he understands Jorge already had his rights with her. She tells him Jorge was too drunk to rise to the occasion and that he wants to settle unfinished business and says she owes him. He laughs and says you owe him bubkas. She tells him how she told “her people” (probably her family plus Rita and Ofelia) what happened but nobody believed her except her dad who told her not to tell anyone or Jorge would find a way to get even. He asks about Santi, and she tells him she told Santi the truth but he was half dead from trying to defend her. He’s no warrior you know.

Out on the street Santi runs into Mom, sis, Justo, and Vasco in front of the palace where they’ll ask Jorge for permission for the wedding. He wants to know why he wasn’t informed and they explained they were worried about Jorge asking for his “pernada” rights. He says he’s coming with and if Jorge tries he’ll kill him. Vasco says, no prob, if he asks I’ll just tell him we won’t get married. Santi tells him: “oh, you’re getting married.” Justo tries to explain it’s his temper they were worried about and Inés also tries to stop him. Ofelia says he can’t come, he’s not in his decent clothes and he says they’re his work clothes and work is not indecent.

Back at Chez Camila Ric asks where Santi went and she says he must have left and Ric says he should have said goodbye. Cami tells him not to pay Santi any mind; he’s been through a lot. He says they also have, but that’s no excuse for bad manners. She asks if he dislikes Santi (¿te cae mal?). He replies he doesn’t like him much (no me cae bien). Maid runs in and tells them what Santi said before he split. Cami asks Ric not to tell Jorge what she said ‘cause he’d ruin her family. She asks him not to kill him if he asks for his “rights.” He asks if she’d prefer he’d say, yeah sure, have at her. She says she’s not sure what’s better (or worse in this case). He tells her she became his wife once she agreed to marry him and he’s very protective of what’s his. She says she doesn’t want him to kill or get killed. He tells her he’s a tough bone to chew. She says she knows, she’s seen, but... he interrupts and says don’t you trust me? She says she does but... He says don’t say anything, just give me a kiss and I’ll head off all comforted. They start making out and we see Jimena in the background opening the door, seeing what’s up, then slowly sneaking back. Cami tells Ric if anything happened to him, her life would be over. He’s all giddy and tells her he now has too much at stake to make mistakes. He goes off and Jimena runs in and tells Cami how much sweeter they look each time she sees them. You done it yet? Cami says no and Jimena asks what she’s waiting for, his pants to burst? Cami calls her a lépera (indecent) and Jime says sure, but one day they’ll burst and then “tan tan” (song’s over). They hug and laugh. I’m ROTFL once I realize what it fully implies.

On the street, Mario catches up with Ric and says he’s found the cart, it’s over at Santi’s. He knows it by the mark Pablo mentioned. They say Ascanio brought it. Ric asks where Ascanio is as he magically comes walking down the street donning his leather apron, and alas, also his shirt. Anywhoo, he wants to know why the interest and they explain it’s the one that carried Ric’s stuff. They ask where he got it and he tells them at a consignment place. It came from a peon at Al’s place! Ric makes an angry face as ominous music plays. They all look at each other as they take in what it all means.

Fortunata runs in to tell WhoreSula the weddin’ folks are there and WhoreSula can’t wait to see how Vasco will take it. Fortunata says she feels bad for Inés and WhoreSula says she didn’t feel bad when she slept with him. She’s sick of these girls stealing her men: Cami took Ric and now Inés is taking Vasco, what is she, a joke? Fortunata points out technically Ric was never hers and WhoreSula replies it’s ‘cause Cami snatched him up. Anyway I am who I AM and no servant girl can take what’s mine without facing the consequences. Fortunata says Inés didn’t know Vasco “visited” her. WhoreSula says its doesn’t matter ‘cause she (WhoreSula) knew and Vasco knew and that’s why he shouldn’t have done it. Man, her logic made me really dizzy!

Down in the foyer, Jorge greets the group and asks Vasco if he’s the groom and Inés if she’s the bride. They both say yes and Santi adds “and my sister” and Ofelia adds “and my daughter.” Jorge says it’s nice to see Ofelia again and tells Santi he looks quite elegant (reference to his work apron and lack of shirt). He doesn’t take it well. Justo cuts in telling him they need his permission to have the wedding on Saturday. Jorge asks why so soon? You “enjoy” her already? Vasco says no as Jorge looks her over. He says she’s pretty, though a little thin and pale. He says he agrees and will honor them with.... He doesn’t finish as Ofelia tells him he’s done enough to her family. Santi says it’s his place to say this. Ofelia just continues asking what his beef is with them. Justo tries to interject and Vasco says I just won’t get married. Jorge tells him be better keep his mouth shut as Sofia enters trying to make peace and asking Jorge if they’ve told him she’ll be the godmother. She starts greeting them all one by one and making smalltalk. Jorge informs her that she’s interrupting. She says, oh, you haven’t granted permission? She sits down and tells him to continue. He says they were talking about other things and storms out. Justo explains he was about to ask for his rights and she comforts Inés telling her nothing will happen to her. Santi tells her he will not allow it, even if it costs him his life. What’s Jorge got with them? Sofia tells them to plan their wedding in peace and don’t forget she’s the godmother.

Ric runs into our heroes as they exit the Palacio de Jorge. They tell him they came to get Jorge’s permission for the wedding and he was about to ask for his “pernada” rights but Sofi saved them. Ric says he’s here for the same and Santi says not again. We have a little interlude that goes like this:

Ric: No, don’t worry I won’t allow it.

Santi: If it’s a reproach against me..,

Ric: No, it’s not a reproach, our situations are very different

Santi: If it’s because you have money

Ric: Of course it’s not about money; it’s about other things

Santi: What things?

Justo thankfully interrupts the pissing contest and asks Ric if he should wait for him. Ric says, Nah, go home, I’ll catch up with you. Justo says, they better meet at Cami’s. He says ok, congrats on the wedding. As he leaves Santi says he’s a “soberbio” (maybe it’s his word of the day) and Vasco says so is Jorge and they might understand each other. Santi tells him to shut up and Vasco says he’s fed up with him and Justo says he’s fed up with both. Knock it off or I’m turning this wedding group around! They all sulk back home.

Back at the palace Jorge scolds Sofi telling her she knew about feudal customs. She says those are HIS customs ‘cause her daddy never did any of that (that she knows of...) and she knew nothing about his hobbies until later. He decides to drop it, but asks her to stop interfering. She says fine, just tell me, why so much “encono” (rancor, animosity) against this family? He says that ain’t it, he’d always like Camila. As for Inés... Sofi asks if he was ever with Ofelia. He says he can’t remember, she was pretty when she was young... Sofia tells him to start remembering fast ‘cause Ofelia was already preggers when she got married. Some rich guy raped her two months before the wedding, but she wouldn’t give the name. Seven months after the wedding, Santi came along. Better start thinking ‘cause he might be your only son! He says Ofelia would have told him. A page comes in to tell him Ric is here (man, service is slow around here!) and Jorge tells him to have him wait. Sofi now reiterates that as she’s the madrina, it wouldn’t look right if he came and did the bride. He says he wanted to teach Vasco a lesson for telling stories about WhoreSulala. She tells him it’s not Inés’ fault and he tells her to stop nagging him. She says, fine, but just think: a kid like Vasco wouldn’t set his eyes on the Master’s daughter without an invitation. And WhoreSula wouldn’t have done that if she hadn’t followed dad’s example. He tries the usual: “It’s different, I’m a man, I’m a Señor.” Sofi says he better explain that to WhoreSula. There’s then a great little moment where either the actress of the character realizes she’s taking the wrong door and has to figure out which door to use. Jorge just smiles and rolls his eye. Is it me, or is Sofi turning into Columbo? “Fine, I’ll stop. But first tell me....”

Jorge now meets Ric at the sitting room. Ric says he understands he’s entitled to know what’s going on in the area. He’s therefore come to inform him that he plasn to become formally engaged to Cami tomorrow. (Hey, I thought he already did that part!). Jorge congratulates him ‘cause Camila’s great and he’s not even upset that he turned down his daughter. But, he doesn’t know if Ric knows other things, like the fact that the lord is entitled to the first night. Ric says, I thought it was an old custom, and that it only applied to virgins. Jorge says here, we take exceptions. Ric says fine, we just wont get married and live in concubinato (equivalent to today’s common-law marriage). Jorge says that’s illegal. Ric says, hey, how about a friendly duel? Jorge says I can’t match you. Ric suggests a stand-in and Jorge tells him he doubts he has anyone at Ric’s level and this one has no “trueque” (way to exchange). Ric asks if not even LaFont? Ric mentions they found the cart that carried the goods that were stolen, and it was in possession of one of Al’s peons. Jorge is impactado.

Back at Santi’s Ric and Mario pay Ascanio double what he paid for the cart ‘cause it’s their proof that Al was involved in the robbery. Ascanio is a little slow on the take, but the little bag of $$$ works for him. Over at Chez LaFont, Jorge confronts Al about Ric finding the cart. Al says what’s he gonna do, sue us? Jorge reminds him about padrino Gaspar. Al says that part is probably a big lie. Jorge tells him to look into it and erase any proof that could incriminate them. Back at the foundry, Ascanio tells Santi he sold the cart to Ric for twice what he paid. Santi says he should have been consulted and starts getting all pissy. Ascanio tells him to cool his jets and hear him out. They exit leaving our twins a little puzzled and curious.

Back at Chez Cami, our girl is worried about Ric’s temper and Justo says he looked quite calm. Cami says: what if the talk went wrong and Jorge got all difficult? There’s a knock at the door and it’s a smiling Ric, who tells Cami that all went well. Now at the palace, Sofi sits at the terrace brooding and Fortunata comes to sit with her. Fortunata asks if Jorge’s keeping his mitts off Inés and Sofia says yes ‘cause she said so. Fortunata’s relieved ‘cause Inés is a nice girl who was such a great little helper after the earthquake. Sofi says WhoreSula was probably in on this one. Fortunata starts swearing and Sofi tells her: “For the last time, either you’re with me, or against me.” Guess she doesn’t realize you can’t keep saying for the last time if you’re just going to say it again. “cause they’ll stop believing you mean business. Anywhoo Fortunata says WhoreSula is Sofi’s daughter. Sofi says yes, why do you think I do what I do? Do you think I like what she does? Fortunata begins another: I really don’t think... and Sofi says it’s the last time I warn you. Till I do it again.

Back at Chez Ric, Mario arrives with the cart and he and another pirate quickly hide it for safekeeping. At the bar, Ascanio is explaining to Santi that the cart could implicate Al in all the robberies. Santi says it could have been the peons, but Ascanio doubts it. Once again Santi starts grilling Ascanio about Ric and he says he’s like any other guy, we’ve all had our ups and downs, etc. Santi says Ascanio is on Ric’s side and he says he’s not on anyone’s side; but at the moment, he’s the best man for Camila. Santi puts his money on the table and sulks off.

Speaking of the best man for Cami, finally... the love scene!

For tomorrow’s episode we get glimpses of Al and Jorge discussing Ric being bad for busines and Paco spilling the beans on the letter.


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Al Diablo Con Los Guapos #8, Wednesday 1-30: To tell or not to tell?

Let's get right to it: Padre Manuel sets Regina to crying when he says he thinks he knows where her grandchild is. She starts having some kind of attack and Milagros is summoned and told to call the doctor. Luciana comes in, wondering what's going on and hears that Padre Manuel knows where Regina's grandchild is.

Andrea fobs Alejandro off with some excuse about how Constancio just doesn’t want them mixing work and personal, so she made an agreement with Constancio that she and Alejandro won't fraternize during the work day. He's annoyed that they didn't ask his opinion about whether this was ok. Some hugs from Andrea and he says it's all ok. Once he leaves, Constancio says he's got Andrea in his hands and she's to wait for him that night at her apartment with a good dinner and very little clothing. Ewww, so basically "you can date my son, but only if you sleep with me."

The rather young, handsome doctor checks out Regina while Mili cries and Regina tries to get her to stop. Doctor says Regina needs to chill for the afternoon, which means no Padre Manuel! Plus he wants her to take a sedative before bed. Mili assures the doc that she'll keep Regina from going anywhere. Once he leaves, Regina bribes Mili into getting Padre Manuel back in the room by saying she'll leave the room to go watch Mili play soccer. Mili says Padre Manuel can come in for a little bit. I love these interactions between Mili and Regina--I bet Regina was a lot like Mili before she settled down to be some controlling rich guy's wife.

Luciana threatens Padre Manuel that if he tells Regina where her grandchild is, Luciana will leave--therefore, Padre Manuel would be breaking up a family. She leaves it up to him. Mili comes in to ask Padre Manuel to go see Regina. Luciana reminds him it's up to his conscience.

In the kitchen, Horacio tries to flirt with Socorro while she chops onions, but she's having none of it and sends him out to pick cilantro for her. She accidentally knocks half an onion on the floor, so when Horacio attempts to give her the bouquet of cilantro, he slips on the onion and gets a face full of boob and a couple of handfuls of booty. Socorro does not take this well.

Mili brings Padre Manuel into Regina's room and then goes out into the hallway. Regina asks him to tell her about her grandchild.

Luciana brings a redheaded woman into the living room. We find out that she's the psychiatrist, Eugenio's, wife. Luciana claims she hasn't been drinking and she wants them to talk like they used to. She starts right in with "how's your relationship with Eugenio?"

Padre Manuel covers by saying that Sor Cachete told him about Regina's story and he thought she might be talking about a woman he knew who had a medal of the Virgen de Guadalupe. Regina's face falls as she realizes Padre Manuel's got the wrong Virgen--the medal she gave Rosario was of Soledad, not Guadalupe. He apologizes for mixing up his Virgens.

Eugenio's wife says their relationship has gone cold and even if, as Luciana suggests, he is seeing someone else, she doesn't really care. Not that she thinks Eugenio's cheating on her, because he's so calm. Whatever. Luciana asks "Do you still love him?" Her friend thinks the love died a long time ago. Okay, so I guess now she's got permission to have an affair with him like he wants.

Horacio goes to ask Rorgan for advice about what to do now that Socorro's mad at him. He even gives Rorgan a demonstration of what she got mad at him about. Who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool who follows him?

Luciana walks the friend, Melina, out. As she's leaving, Andrea comes in to talk to Luciana about Constancio.

Rorgan feeds Socorro a story about Horacio being really sick and having something wrong with his throat.

For no apparent reason, Mili's standing outside when Alejandro pulls up. They have another of their pointless arguments about who's the bigger jerk. Mili gives him hell for treating her like a thing and tells him she overheard him and Bobby talking about her. She asks what's wrong with being a servant, it's hard work and the pay sucks. He tries to say he works hard too, but she talks about how he's spoiled by never having to go without a meal. She says he should check out the people who have to take the metro at 6am--those people know what it means to work.

Andrea tells Luciana that she thinks Constancio is acting jealous of Alejandro, like he doesn't want Andrea taking him away. Oh, come on, she can't think she'll fool Luciana with that! She knows Constancio doesn't give a crap about Alejandro. She finally says "He threatened that if I marry Alejandro…no, never mind, I shouldn't be making trouble." Well, that's sure to intrigue Luciana.

We're back to Mili and Alejandro and for no reason I can explain, she's apologizing to him. Alejandro says he didn't want to hurt her and he wants to make it up to her, but Mili says he should just forget this servant. Ah, but he can't forget the woman. More kissing as Andrea looms in the background.

Socorro goes to find Horacio in the garden and he's faking like he's losing his voice.

Andrea busts up Mili and Alejandro and Mili gets kind of upset at Alejandro saying he can explain. She runs back into the house. Andrea says he doesn't have to explain--she knows all servants are like that, "ofrecidas" (from the root "to offer," as in "they're all easy") and want the Cinderella fantasy, so they sleep with their bosses. She gives him an allegedly hot kiss and asks which kiss he'd rather have.

Luciana comes to talk to Regina about what Andrea said. Luciana thinks it's about Andrea, not Alejandro . Regina doesn't think Constancio's capable of cheating and Luciana's not sure. Regina says she can't help save a marriage that never worked.

Mili's gotten over being mad at Alejandro and is now telling Lina that she's dying of curiosity to see what's behind the locked door (to Hugo's room). The girls realize someone must live in there. The wheels in Mili's head start turning.

Padre Manuel talks over his dilemma with the Madre Superior. He explains that Luciana will leave if he tells Regina about her grandchild. Madre Superior thinks that since Mili's done fine without a family all this time, she can keep going like that. I guess we know who wears the iron underwear in this relationship.

To get the keys off Braulio, Lina and Mili tell him there's a mouse in the kitchen and do lots of crawling around, pointing, screaming, and falling all over him so they can get into his inside jacket pocket for the keys.

Constancio comes over to Andrea's and finds his demands have been met. Her lingerie is ok, but those platform flip-flops with the rhinestones do nothing for me.

Eugenio and Luciana go out to dinner together. Luciana tells him she doesn't want therapy anymore, she wants them to be friends. He's thrilled with that.

Mili unlocks the door to Hugo's room and finds Hugo. He mocks her stuttered "Hola" and invites her in. He tells her that in the Bluebeard story, a woman who couldn't control her curiosity unlocked a door and found death. He tells her not to worry, he doesn't have a blue beard. He tells her to look around--maybe she'll find something to interest her. Mili finds the pictures Homeless!Hugo took and asks him who he is. Commercials. He tells her his name is Hugo…and that the homeless guy sold him the pictures. Heh. Now she wants to know why the painting doesn't have a face. He says he's waiting for the right model. Mili replies that she remembers her mother the same way--without a face. Although, given the painting she's talking about, it has some really weird connotations. Lina comes in, panicky, because Braulio found out they have the keys, and asks who "he" is. Hugo again replies that he's Hugo. Braulio comes in and kicks the two girls out of the room. Hugo seems to find the whole thing amusing.

Eugenio assures Luciana that the relationship's going to work out. She has to emphasize that what she wants is to be friends. She doesn't say "the kind who don't have sex with each other," but it's implied.

Braulio is all atwitter about Mili being "desfachetada" (cheeky) and taking severe disciplinary measures. Hugo asks if she's not beautiful. Hugo shows Braulio the pictures and grins like a lovestruck fool. It's nice that he seems to have found a reason to live (besides getting revenge on his dad) but at some point he's going to realize she's into Alejandro, and what then?

Mili complains to Lina that all men are the same. She's pissed at homeless guy for selling off her pictures. Some of Mili's rubbing off on Lina as Lina says he should have given her a cut of the merchandising…half, or maybe 70%. Mili's not pleased with this line of reasoning and storms out of the room.

Padre Manuel has a little chat with Jesús. He wants strength to keep his mouth shut or enlightenment as to a way to tell without hurting anybody. As he lights a candle, he remembers Sor Cachete saying Mili's falling in love.

Mili asks Regina about Hugo and finds out that Hugo is Damian's son; it was Hugo's decision to lock himself in his room; and Damian drove drunk one night and caused a bad accident that killed Hugo's mom and his girlfriend (or fiancée).

Padre Manuel asks Gloria about Mili having a boyfriend. Gloria tells Padre Manuel about some rich guy kissing Mili and Mili's knee kissing his…well, you know…and that the guy lives in the house where Mili works. Padre Manuel starts suspecting something baaaaaad.

Rorgan tells Socorro that Horacio's got something bad. Horacio comes in and pretends he's lost his voice. Rorgan pulls Socorro aside and says that Horacio can be cured by "apapachos" (I don't have an exact translation for this, but something like affectionate behavior).

Padre Manuel now goes to Sor Cachete to ask about Mili's love interest. Sor Cachete assures him she's not just imagining things because of the trashy romance novels she reads. She fills Padre Manuel in that Mili's galan is the son of Constancio. Padre Manuel explains the significance of Constancio's initials being on the medal. She thought it was just a nice gift, but Padre Manuel says it's because Constancio's Mili's father. Sor Cachete comes to the awful realization: "So Mili's in love with her brother?!" Sor Cachete has to take a bite out of her torta to fully process that information.

Rorgan approaches Valeria while she's sunning by the pool. He advises her to turn over so she doesn't burn…you know, like the chickens do. Valeria scoffs at him and goes inside. Rorgan takes this as a sign of improvement.

Constancio comes in and is informed by Braulio that his mother wants a word with him before dinner. He almost bumps into Mili, who snipes at him for almost running her over again. Constancio just snipes back and apparently doesn't take too much offense at being spoken to that way by a mere servant (/sarcasm). Andrea comes in to threaten Mili that she'd better leave Alejandro alone or she'll be sorry. Mili says Andrea can have him, but that's not enough for Andrea…she wants Mili completely cowed. She says she'll get rid of Mili herself if Mili goes near Alejandro again. Mili leaves as Luciana comes down the stairs, positively giddy at having Andrea over for lunch. I'd check to see if she's been drinking, she's so happy--we've all seen how miserable she is when she's sober.

Regina has summoned Constancio to tell him that if he doesn't back off and stay out of Alejandro and Andrea's relationship, she'll leave everything to Alejandro in her will. Regina's not worried that Alejandro will actually marry Andrea. She also chides him about going after his son's girlfriend--"He's not my son!" "You stay out of it or I'll leave it all to him, even if he's not my grandson."

Andrea visits Alejandro in his room before dinner. She brags about getting rid of Mili and says Mili has now learned not to mess with Andrea or anything of Andrea's. Alejandro doesn't look to thrilled to be considered Andrea's property.

Socorro spoon-feeds Horacio some kind of dessert. He makes a hand motion that looks something like "Tune in Tokyo" but she takes it as a request for a shoulder massage.

At the dinner table, Constancio asks Andrea to pass the salt in a really obviously meaning-laden way. Alejandro, in the time-honored tradition of brothers everywhere, decides to put the heat on someone else by saying "Hey, Dad, did Valeria tell you she's going to model in her underwear?" Jerkface. Valeria explains it's a modeling gig, she already signed the contract, and she can't break it. Luciana chimes in that it's on a catwalk, not just walking around outside in underwear. Damian sagely comments that it's a good thing Constancio's not Cindy Crawford's dad or the world would be at a loss.

Padre Manuel fills Madre Superior in on recent developments…Mili's in love with her brother! Madre Superior says they've got to separate the two of them. Yeah, like that's going to work. And what's up with these religious people plotting and lying instead of telling the truth?

Mili sits outside, moping, and Homeless!Hugo pays her a visit. She starts to scream at him that she's been looking for him. His reply is to say "You're in luck, you found me" and then grab her and kiss her. Mili is impactada--is it because of the kiss itself or the realization that he doesn't smell as bad as he looks?

Tune in tomorrow for more drama.


Juan Q 1-30 Wed. - Sometimes you just have to please your body

Juan is rallying his troops to get behind his idea. He bubbles that he needs to put a little cream on their tacos to paint things brighter to get them behind his project, it's just modern tactics of motivating people, besides needs to justify his trip to the DF. He thinks he could get Pablo Montero to show up. I'll bet he can. That guy seems to like to show up and sing all the time on other long as he doesn't act it will be fine.

Ivy goes in to console Pastor. She actually does a really good job here. He says they want to arrest him like a common criminal and the likes of Perafan. He says he'll defend himself like a cat with it's mouth up (vicious) gata boca arriba. He doesn't want to go out but she tells him to go out dignified of his own accord and don't give them any satisfaction. He asks her to call Anga for him.

Pastor comes out ready for the shackles. PoPo says not necessary. I love how he stands up on the bench. He addresses his fans. He goes with a calm conscience and knows that justice will prevail. I'm innocente and honest, and hope you conduct yourselves in that same manner while I'm gone. Moni yells at them to get back to work that this isn't a Roman circus.

Ivy calls Anga and tells him they took Pastie. Anga appreciates the call. Anga calls a lawyer for him.

Juan is still building up his plan saying this contest will put them on the map of the best entertainment places, including aCHIin with such fine destinations as Las Vegas, Miami, He continues that the world is for the bold.

They chant that they are behind the idea (atoramos). Juan praises himself for being so convincing that he even believed himself and what's more that he feels like a mix of a homeland hero and a television celebrity.

At the market Anga finishes his call and just then Nid shows up with Ana whom she calls "Anushka" to invite him to lunch to have some morning caps of tequilita (mananeros & matutinos). He can't go today, he has a family problem. Nid is insulted and they go, she saying she'll let him deal with his trivialities (cochinadas) in peace since they are not welcome. He tells her not to be like that, but she is caught up in her self pity and complains again about his refusal to join them. Ana defends him that he's obviously working and they should just go home now. Nid says no way, we aren't going to lock our selves up, instead lets go on a hunt for men. Nid reminds us that every once in a while you must please your body. Dar gusto al cuerpo. Nid wants fresh meat proclaiming she is a renewed woman.

Kike brings Delirio some amenities. Delirio complains about the fools -guajolotas. He laments that the daughters don't come to visit him. He says the mom came but not for support, instead to strike him down. Kike says but you did stick your foot in this. Ali yells at Kike for being a disbeliever too, claiming he is just an innocente.

Juan proclaims his requirements for the candidates. First she should know alot about Anthuriums, the history, how they grow, everything. He doesn't want a pretty face with only 2 neurons. Natural beauties only, no plastic surgery. They discuss that that might be unrealistic because now a days many girls have operations. Padre offers that she should be a good Christian.

Ivy shows up at the hospital. She and Pau chat about the office situation. Ivy asks her if she can go in and see him. Pau says of course. Ivy is surprised because they are not the best of friends. Pau says her deal with CL was in the past so she doesn't care, besides he would probably love to see the representative of some of his employees. Guess she has enough anger with Moni that she's deciding to be nice to Ivonne for a change.

Ivy enters and Cl reaches over and throws something at her and calls her a hiena, golfa ardida, annoying slut etc. Then my captions say "mandil religiosa" which is a religious apron...this isn't right, but I can't tell what the right word is. Anyway, he wants her fired. Ivy says she'll go but first she'll have to tell Pau about the torrid romance they had while Pau was at Mommies.

Molo asures Herli she could win the contest.

Nid and Ana are at lunch, she speculates about all the male possibilities. Here Galan-dar goes off at Level 11 and she points out two hotties at the bar to Ana. I recall that they maybe discuss if the boys are available or interested and I think Nid says the law of averages is on their side.
Nid asks when the last time Ana humped the monkey was and of course Ana embarassingly declines to answer.

Pau asks Ivy if CL was glad to see her. She says yes he was happy to learn the employees are concerned about him, but she didn't want to tire him, so she's off. Moni shows up and screeches at Ivy to get back to work. She asks Pau for the news, but Pau just walks away with a smirk.

Things moved quickly at the restaurant because our buddies are snuggly to the ladies and sloshin' back the booze. The ladies go to the restroom and the guys remark that Nid is rich. They say they'll go for it.

CL and Moni are discussing the firm's situation and Pastor. He hopes he's not involved, but Moni thinks everyone's hands are dirty. CL wonders who that other guy is and Moni names Manzano. She thinks he's the big (fat) fish (pez gordo).

We then flash to Manzano on the street outside the house. Kike spies him and runs up grabbing him. He accuses him of getting the others into the mess and that the police are looking for him so he is going down to the station to get what's coming to him. Kike puts him in a choke hold. He manages to get free by pretending to be out of breath. He punches Kike who falls to the ground as Manza flees, paying a conveniently waiting taxi to drive him off. Kike is left to go home and lick his wounds.

In the restroom Ana wants to know why Nid called her Pelonchita(this can imply stupid or foolish). Nid tells Ana it's best if they have false names because they don't know who they are dealing with, and then later give them their tacos (they get the goods). Ana tells Nid she thinks they should just leave and give this up, like she said, who knows who these guys are. Nid says but they are bon bons and chomi chomi. Ana says that is not the point. Nid says the only point important here is the G point (spot).. Ha, menopause is working it's wonders on her huh! Ana agrees she'll stay only a little longer and then she's going home. Nid says fine and tells her she picked that name because it's like a strawberry, a touch of Agustin Lara. She doesn't like Graciela though, and decides she wants to be more chic like Michi. Ana tells her but that's a stripper. Nid says yes, but she's a french stripper, and very divine with a great body, and it's a brazen (cacheton) name.

Fer asks Mar to leave work but she tells him she's got more work to do. He says leave it for another day and let's go, I'll take you home. He gives her a heart in a nice box that he says looks just like hers she says she'll put momentos from Nid Mich in it. She agrees to leave.

Kike goes to the fridge for a steak to put on his eye and explains what happened with Manzano. Yadi yells at him for helping the Lic.

Pastor is being deposed and refuses to say anything until his lawyer shows up. Anga shows up. He doesn't have a lawyer yet. They decide to lock him up until the lawyer shows up.

Nid is toasting youth, Ana is dizzy and not keen on another shot. They shout Hidalgo ( I think a reference to the independence fighter) and get her to do one.

Back in Achi, Herli says she has almost everything Juan asked her to get. She wants to ask him something - she says can tell her pa that since Juan is no longer with Sus that that whole thing was just a farse to calm her down. Juan yells at her for suggesting such a thing after Molo stuck his neck out for her. He can't believe she's even talking about it here, that maybe he'll hear. I think he tells her the current can take the shrimp to the other side at any time, if she's willing to let the little lady kid goats start at the contest parading one after the other like dominos. {I think he's implying that beauties are going to show up in large numbers for the contest and one of them might win over Molo if she blows it with him.)

Dr says his peace to CL: I reviewed the test, I saw what I saw, I removed the cyst which ended up benign, but that must have been what looked like cancer and did my duty.

Fer and Mar show up at home and wonder about Kike. He still has the flesh on his face and looks scary. He retells the story of chasing Manza and getting pummeled for meddling (guamearon por metiche). Mar in turn tells how they took Pastor too.

Pastor joins his pals in the holding cell. The three musketeers argue about whose fault this is. They claim to be innocent victims of Manzano. Pastor doesn't believe them.

Yadi misses her Mom. Canijo. Yadi suggests they go get her and bring her back home. Kike says Nid is old enough to know what she wants and besides Yadi should move away from her Mom and cut the cord. Stop kidding him. Chole.

In the jail, maladrinada. Alirio invites P to play a game he thinks will decrease the discord among them, reduce their stress, and pass the time. Poker.

Pau calls Mar wondering why Ana isn't home answering the phone. Mar thinks they are together then. They both agree to call each other because they are worried now.

Pastor wins the game with a pair of idiots, oh, uh, straight. They beg for revenge. Pastor says he's done, he's taken all theie most prized posessions.

Juan worries about how Juanito will take this second trip to Mexico considering what happened the first time. He says he has to think of the right way to bring it up so as not to hurt him. All he can think about is his little dove.

Pau thanks God that CL is ok.

Ana is driving and getting more nervous when the fresh meat duo lead her into an industrial area where there are no houses. Nid is oblivious. They stop and the guys proclaim, Well my esteemed ladies, this is an assault and they whip out guns...and no...not their flesh pistols. These are made of metal and look able to do serious damage.


Pasion - Jan. 29, 2008 - Bernie disappears; Rico and Cami are in love

* Rico and Lis are talking in the hacienda salon - Rico has to re-explain since the medical letter has disappeared, their only option to get the inheritance is his marriage to Cami. Lis starts to cry; Rico has to work at assuring her that he will never abandon her and gives her a hug.

* Later in the bedroom, Fran works at convincing Lis that Rico is lying and will dump them into poverty when he has the chance. Fran tries to promote a relationship with Alberto but Lis ain't interested.

* Rico joins Jorge and Alberto for drinks at the mansion. They discuss Rico's business trip in La Mariana and the caravan assault. Rico says that his employee was wounded and now recuperating and his valuables were stolen. Rico asks Jorge what he is doing to stop the assaults and protect the caravans. Alberto asks about Lis' pirate cousin. Rico says his name is Ricardo de Salamanca. Jorge and Alberto are surprised by the coincidence.

* Jimena and Cami are out in the woods waiting to meet for the extortion exchange. Man in a black cape swoops in and points with his sword for Cami to put the basket with the money down on the ground. As soon as he grabs the basket and starts to talk about the money, Cami is shocked to discover the man is Bernie.

* Rico explains he and Ricardo are two different people (he's from San Vicente; Ricardo is from La Mariana island). They end the discussion talking about Don Gaspar Valdez' reference letter - Alberto knows of the religious leader with close ties to the Spanish crown. Rico leaves. Jorge talks with Alberto; the chests definitely are Rico's but there's no proof yet that he's a pirate; especially with a high priest as reference. Jorge supposes that this could be a perfect cover for a pirate.

* Cami and Jimena run down the trail - they are shocked by Bernie being the one behind the extortion. They discuss where he got the letter - from the palace, perhaps from Ursula and, shock, perhaps Vasco is involved too.

* Rico stops by Cami's house. Cleo says that Cami took the keys when she and Jimena left. Rico says he'll wait outside.

* Cami and Jimena continue walking down the lane, discussing the extortion and who has the medical letter/how they got it. At the house, Cami rings the bell and shouts for her dad.

* Vasco and Justo wake up and run downstairs together.

* In the salon, Vasco and Justo meet with Cami and Jimena. Cami confronts Vasco about his friend Bernie's extortion plot and Vasco getting the letter from Ursula at the mansion. Vasco has no idea what she's talking about. Justo has to step in and explain to Cami that Sofia stole the letter and gave it to him to destroy; he did - or so he thinks - by burning it in the oven at the house. Cami supposes then the letter is destroyed and no one has it; that Bernie was bluffing. Vasco will leave to find Bernie and make sure. Vasco leaves the room.

* Vasco enters Paco's room, and wakes the little boy up. Vasco makes his sleepy son promise to never say anything about the letter to anyone, especially not Aunt Cami or Grandpa. Sleepy Paco promises. Vasco lets Paco go back to sleep and he leaves the room.

* Cami tells Justo about the extortion note. Jimena explains the medical letter has to do with Tim. Cami apologizes for not saying anything, she didn't want to worry anyone.

* Vasco storms down the street to Lupe's house. He bangs on the door. Lupe answers. Where's Bernie? asks Vasco. She doesn't know, he left and has returned all night. Vasco grumbles his disgust that his best friend would deceive him like this.

* Rico is impatient outside the front gate. Cleo is nervous. He asks if she's sure she doesn't know where Cami went. Cleo starts to stutter. Rico yells at her to back up. With two hard thumps of his foot, he kicks in the door and enters. Rico stands in Cleo's face and forces her to tell him about the letter Cami received that morning. She says Cami probably put it in her room. He tells her to shut up and stay put. He goes inside.

* Justo walks Cami and Jimena back home. As Cami thanks Justo for walking them back home and to tell her what Vasco finds out about Bernie, Jimena notices that the door is broken. They all rush inside to find Rico standing by the fountain with the note in his hand. He immediately scolds her about the note. She starts in on him for breaking into her home and going through her stuff. Justo tells them to stop it; marriage contract or not, Rico is a gentleman and is trying to protect her. Rico calmly asks her again why she didn't tell him or Justo about the note. Cami starts to cry. Rico goes to her and quietly tells her to trust him; he is there to help. As Cami and Justo start to talk with Rico, Jimena realizes the gossip Cleo is still outside and pushes her back inside to her room. Justo tells Rico about the 'destroyed' letter and then mentions Bernie. Cami says he is Vasco's best buddy. Rico walks Justo to the door. Justo asks to call Ascanio tonight about the door. Rico says he will handle it tonight, and promises on his honor as a gentleman to protect Cami and that nothing will happen between them. Jimena goes inside to prepare Ascanio's room for Rico. Rico closes the broken gate door and moves the bench in front of it. Rico sits down and smiles, like a good body guard; Cami laughs at him.

* Justo finds Vasco on the street. Vasco still hasn't found Bernie - and is grumbling about it. Justo mentions going to Jorge for permission for Vasco's wedding with Ines. Vasco is surprised and grumbles about being forced into it. They go home.

* In the salon, Rico gives Cami a shoulder rub as they discuss the note and Bernie's extortion meeting. Rico brings up his meeting with Jorge tonight. Rico tells Cami everything in confidence - she trusts him too. Rico confides his suspicions about Jorge being involved with the assaults; Cami admits she thinks Jorge is capable of it. Rico mentions they discussed pirates (two Ricos, one is a pirate). Cami assures Rico that she will never tell anyone anything they discuss in private. Rico goes over his suspicions about the thieves that stole his chests. Cami comes up with people they can trust to help. She wants to help - he laughs and asks why? She says because she does. They sit and flirt and tease each other. (She loves that he loves her.) Then they kiss passionately. Jimena stumbles in to tell them the room is ready, and runs back out quickly. Rico and Cami laugh about the interruption. He's in love like a stupid person. Cami laughs, Antillano in love and stupid, never. Rico says this is the first time he's fallen in love like this. They stand up; she asks if he wants to go to sleep; he says only with her in the same bed. He says tomorrow he and Justo will go sign the marriage contract; he then tells her what he wants from life with her. She smiles and agrees. They hug.

* Next morning, it's raining. Vasco comes home and talks with dad in the dining room/kitchen. Vasco says still no sign of Bernie. Santo stops by. He says that Don Augustin has agreed to do the ceremony, and it's set for next Saturday. Vasco and Santo still don't look each other in the eyes. Justo asks Santo to stop by Cami's house and fix the front gate - the lock's broken. Santo says he'll handle it and leaves. Vasco and Justo have another father-son chat about growing up and taking responsibility for one's own life. Paco comes in and talks with Vasco about Ines - Vasco confirms that Ines will be his new mami. Paco is excited.

* As Rico stands on his mini-balcony overlooking the patio smiling and putting on his coat, down below, Jimena and Cami discuss Cami's love for Rico. Cami tries to hide it but Jimena can tell. Rico comes out to join them for breakfast. He reminds her about his meeting with her father to sign the contract. She mentions Bernie and money. He doesn't really care about money, and reminds her he's rich. They tease and flirt with each other at the table. (aw! the love birds!)

* In Cami's bedroom, Cami and Jimena make the bed and giggle about Cami and Rico falling in love.

* Rico and Justo meet at the market and discuss marriage - Santo is married to Rita and is expecting a child. They agree to go to Don Castulo and make the engagement official. Justo walks away and Rico grimaces about having to use his fake name.

* On the street as Rico and Justo pass the mansion, Jorge and Alberto walk out to the street. Jorge grumbles to Alberto about Justo and Rico going to visit Don Castulo; Jorge thinks Rico has made a fool of him, he dumped Ursula to marry Cami instead.

* In her bedroom, Cami finally admits to Jimena that she is indeed in love with Rico. Jimena is overjoyed; then tells Cami that she is interested in three men - Mario, Ascanio and Don Jorge. Cami is aghast and discards Don Jorge outright, immediately.

* Justo and Rico meet with Don Castulo in his office. Rico says that as far as inheritance goes, all children will be given equal shares, without regards to whether they are boys or girls. Rico then says that as far as the dowry is concerned, he doesn't want any. Justo is surprised but, if that's what Rico wants, he agrees.

* Jorge meets with Marcelino; Alberto listens to the conversation. Jorge gives Marcelino a paper and tells him to talk with Don Castulo - if Rico and Justo have signed a marriage contract, then he should inform Rico that as a good neighbor he should get permission from Jorge for the wedding. Marcelino agrees to deliver the message. Alberto smiles and chuckles to himself. Jorge then tells Marcelino to write a letter to Don Gaspar, asking about Rico's background. Marcelino leaves. Alberto talks with Jorge about the letter to Don Gaspar. Jorge is very interested in Cami; Alberto wonders if Jorge is actually more interested in getting Cami to sleep with him again.

* Rico and Justo walk on the street and Rico explains why he turned down the dowry. Since it's raining, they part.

* Ofelia and Ines are at home. Ramona tells Ines some advice about men and then she leaves. Justo comes in and tells them the arrangements Santo made with Don Augustin for the ceremony to be next Saturday. Justo then tells them that he will meet with Jorge for his permission. Ines freaks out and is scared that she will suffer the same fate as Cami. Ofelia has to console, hug, and calm her down.

* Rico returns to the hacienda. Mario tells him they found the two haciendas outside of town on the main road; one belongs to Mateo's dad and the other is Alberto's. Both haciendas could've been used to hide the stolen cart. As Rico and Mario talk on the stairs, Marcelino enters and tells Rico congratulations on his engagement; then he gives Rico the message from Jorge. Mario starts to laugh; Rico tells him to stop laughing; Mario can't stop, and then scares Marcelino with the threat of castration for Don Jorge if Jorge tries to exercise his rights.

* Justo and Sofia meet in the garden office. Justo informs her that Rico and Cami's engagement is now official; he is still surprised by Rico's conditions over not accepting any dowry. Then Justo tells Sofia he needs to ask Jorge for permission for Ines and Vasco to marry, but he wants help to avoid the fiasco that happened when Santo and Cami were engaged to marry. Sofia understands perfectly and asks Justo when he plans to meet with Jorge.

* On the street, Marcelino reports to Jorge what Rico and Mario told him in response to the message - Rico refuses to accept Jorge's demands, and requests to meet with Jorge soon. Marcelino leaves. Jorge and Alberto discuss the response; Jorge is determined to exercise his rights and authority.

* Justo and Sofia continue their conversation - they discuss the extortion attempt by Bernie over the medical letter. Sofia is concerned who could have the letter; she starts to think of all the people at the palace; Justo mentions Ursula, then has to stutter and stammer until Sofia forces him to tell her about the rumors surrounding Ursula and Vasco's affair. Sofia is shocked.

* Fortunata and Ursula are gossiping in Ursula's bedroom about Vasco being forced to marry Ines. Ursula is thinking about asking daddy to exercise his rights of the first night with Ines to get revenge on Vasco. Fortunata says Ines doesn't deserve that. Sofia bursts in, interrupts and slaps her daughter hard across the face. Fortunata is shocked by the action and Sofia slaps her also. Sofia is disgusted, first by her own husband sleeping with whores, and now with her daughter turning herself into a common whore.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guapos 01-29-08 "Soy un pervertido & Me Encantas" Oh Const you had me at pervert

Sorry I seldom post during the week, I am doing a new job at work (a trial thing and they track us), but I am still watching both this and Pasions and catch parts of Juan.

I personally feel blessed that I got the 'Hawt Office Sex with Const', it was just so deliciously bogus.

We open with Const getting his groove on with his with his young hottie that literally just fell into his lap. Jeez Const be sure and buy a lottery ticket cause this is indeed your lucky day. Unfortunately Const does not realize how unusual it is that a uber hot chick comes into your office and proceeds to give you a lap dance. Looks like as the audience we are not the only persons privy to this scene, Damien has invited his sister to come and view her husband in all his Cilalis glory. Hey that 36 hour window gives a guy some serious wiggle room.

Meanwhile Al is introducing his girlfriend (I don’t know her name), for simplicity sake I will call her Red as she is sporting the TeleVista trademark shade, to his Granny. Mili who is in Granny bathroom, hears the intro and comes rushing out. Here comes Red. Mili is quite taken aback when she realize that very tongue that has so lately been taking up space in her mouth, is also quite capable of telling her some whopping lies.

Now back to Soft Porn Const, who by is totally squeeking me out with his talk of perversions and proudly make the claim that he is a pervert. Really he is a middle aged businessman who wants someone to think he is capable of perversions. Five will get you ten, without professional coaching and yes this girl is a professional, perversion is him forgetting to turn off the lights during the missionary position. Luci is crying her normal red eyes out. Brother Damien gives her a DVD, keep it and it will be leverage in a divorce. She can kick Const’s ass to the curb and get the company. Sounds like a plan to me. Luci refuses the DVD, she doesn’t want it. Damien forces it on her and she runs out. She goes to Const office, she tries to enter, but unlike the rest of the idiots in this story, Const knows why those little buttons are put on door handles. Luci sinks to the ground crying buckets more.

Mili runs to her little friend (the other servant girl and cries). She reappears in Grannies room. Grannie realizes Mili has been crying and tries to pry it out of her, but to no avail.

Meanwhile Const and hottie are straightening up their respective clothing. Const using his best “Barry White”, voice keeps repeating Me Encantas. He wants to hook up on the weekend for a quick trip to Acapulco (I bet he has a speedo), anyway hottie says sure thing for 20,000 pesos and the promise that you won’t ever say “Me Encantas” again. She basically says, “Hey your brother-in-law paid me. You didn’t think it was your awesome Pocket Rocket did you? Oh you did, that is so sweet.” And she is off for her next appointment. Const, fess up you have been a Tool your whole life.

Const rushes into Damien office with a contract, he hands it to Damien. Hah fool me once, it isn’t signed. He tells Damien that compromising Const’s normal willpower with a afternoon high paid girl of the evening is not going to get him to sign the paper. Damien looks all-remorseful and then says, “As long as you are in here, there is something awesome on the internet I’d like you to see.” Turning to monitor to full viewing advantage, Const gets to see himself being Me Encantas to near death. Damien then tells Const that Luci has a copy and how would Const like everyone to see his sex acts on the internet. Actually, Damien I have to agree, I too think it would be pretty amusing especially as he talks about how perverted he is. Now finally I am Me Encantas. We are rewarded with a trademark “Cesar Evora”, blugging forehead vein, will it blow? Alas no, but he does scoop up the contract and tear it into pieces. A manly stellar comeback.

I don’t know from Damien’s vantage point if it was worth the 20,000 pesos he had to pay the hooker, but speaking from personal amusement, I thank you Damien for making the investment.

Back at the Hacienda, Mili is gathering up Al’s dirty clothes off his bed. Mili performs the now trademark “TeleNovela” move of someone hopelessly in love and gives his clothes the deep smell move. She hears Al and Bobby coming and dives under the bed. Our two young horndogs discuss the bet Al has going with Bobby. Al swears that he will bed her. Young fragile Mili lies under the bed listening to how she was a bet, a frickin bet. (yes I just saw “She’s all That” for the 35th time).

Meanwhile, poor Luci of the Red Eyes has wandered into her shrinks office.
I missed this part, but I think this guy like all good TeleNovela shrinks has feelings for Luci. He probably gave her words of encouragement, while he lingers in anguished torment over his feeling of unprofessional attraction.

Mili goes to church where she has a little one on one time with Jesus. While knowing it is a bit sinful to want vengeance, she vows to just seek poquito vengeance. A light bulb goes off over her angelic little Carlito face and she leaves.

Now then Hugo the non-invalid is dressed in his “street bum” clothing. He is at the cemetery and is rolling around on what I guess is his dead Novia’s grave. He then remembers he hasn’t spent much time with Ma. He moves a couple of graves over and has a nice visit with Ma, telling her he hasn’t forgotten and his father is going to pay causing the deaths of Ma and said Novia. This Hugo guy has just way too much time on his hands and not enough medication.

Valeria needs Morton to go with her to meet a business contact. Valeria wants to be the LatinAmerican rep and the contact can’t speak Spanish so Morton needs to translate as she thinks Morton can speak English.
They arrive and met a young woman. Morton only knows a few words of English, but pretends like he knows what the woman is saying. To sum it up, Valeria signs a contract written French that she will be the Latin American model, who will be sporting very few clothes.

Mili returns to the house with chunky nun in tow, she has brought her to the house for a visit and she will be spending the night. Al gives Mili the eye and she leaves the room to talk to him. She tells him that her roomies will be out for the evening and she will be all alone in the room. So it is come on up and see me sometime. Al is all excited at the prospect.

Later Al creeps into the room and takes off his pants and shirt. He climbs up on said Sleeping Beauty who rolls over and screams. Al falls out of the bed and the lights are on. It is chunky Nun. Mili is now there two and the two women chastise Al and send him on his way. Chunky Nun will feel much better if they go and raid the fridge.

Al is back in his room telling Bobby how he was set up. Bobby is getting quite the chuckle out of it. Damn if he only had his uncle’s video, Bobby could have watched.

Const comes in and is expecting to be hammered by Luci, but she plays it cool and acts like she has no idea about the video. Luci leaves and Damien comes in. Const is like “Too bad sucka, Luci is never ever ever, going to divorce me cause I will tell that little bastard, my beloved son Al, that I am not his father”. Damien does his normal remorseful look. He returns to his room where he is accosted by Karla the servant slut. Damien is like, I am in a bad mood. Karla not taking no for an answer and manages to push him down on the bed and slip underneath him before he lands. This girl is good. Of course, being AssHats, the door is unlocked and in comes Luci. Squinting she focuses her red eyes on the busy couple, she orders Karla out and shudders in digust over her brother having servant sex. Yeah Luci, that’s right not the fact that she is really, really young, but EGADS she is of the working class. Luci as a gesture of good faith gives Damien back the DVD. I think this is kind of a moot point, cause the DVD only had the beginning of the sexual encounter, it only contained Const’s talk of his perversions, it’s not like it actually has him in ladies interior de ropa. I sure hope Damien got a copy off on a server somewhere. Damien think “YouTube”.

Mili & chunky Nun have conversation and cake, well the nun has cake. She realizes Mili used her to play a trick and she thinks it is pretty funny.

Luci tries to talk to Const before they go to bed, but he is his normal cold self to her. Hey that 36 hour window shut about ten hours ago.

The next day, chunky Nun goes to thank Granny, she spies the Virgin de Soledad necklace in Granny’s room. Chunky is intrigued. Granny says that the Virgin was inspired by a vision that Granny’s past great great great something Granny had during a War in 1809. Then so grateful to have adult human conversation Granny spills the same sad story she tells anyone who crosses her thresehold about the missing Rosaria and the necklace. Chunky perks up at that. You can see her mentally connecting the dots. She writes down some initials and leaves. Oh yeah, Esta Su Casa, or come back anytime.

Red, the past Amante de Const and now Amante de Al, is downstairs with Valeria, she gives her the news that she signed a contract to model underwear.

Granny talks to Al & Mili, she thinks she is about to be canned cause she is so uncultured, and socially unacceptable. However, in a total shoutout to My Fair Lady. Granny has decided that Mili just need a role model and lessons and she can become well a Fair Lady. Al balks at this, but we all know he will do it.

Meanwhile, Chunky Nun is giving the lowdown to Padre Miguel, about Granny and the necklace.

Const, Me Encantas me yet again, he is talking to Red in his office and offers her a car if she dumps Al, yes it is imported, top of the line. He jiggles the keys. Forget it, old man, I’m not giving up the young hottie. Const grabs her and says okay, well he’ll dump you after I tell him I already plowed your fields.
Because the door is not locked, Al walks in with a Que the Hell look. Const says “Will you tell him or shall I?”

Stay tuned cause looks like Padre Miguel is gonna visit Granny..

Now hear is a question for you viewers, does it not seem Const is carrying the whole grudge thing a bit long? I mean I would get it if he had run off and lived with bears in the woods, or searched the world over for Rosaria & missing infant, but instead he just seems like a bit of a prick. Looks like Damien has had some sorrow, but he has tried to make lemonade out of lemons. I kind of think Damien is my hero.


1-29-08 Juan "Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive"

We start with a repeat of mellow Cesar Luis calling Ivonne psychotic and requesting that the operation be called off. Nevertheless he's hauled off to the operating room while protesting that he's actually healthy.

Paula and Monica snipe at each other in the waiting room while the doctor disregards Cesar Luis' explanation that when you dump a lover, she takes revenge and that's what Ivonne did. He's obviously delirious, they say, and the operation proceeds.
There's a disturbing conversation between Ivonne and her buddy who's not surprised the operation is going ahead...why turn down a fee?

In the meantime, kind-hearted Marely is trying to get Nidia to at least visit Alirio. Ana joins in the plea and Nidia finally agrees but refuses to come home, saying no thanks to being with that "macho Kiki"

Juan meanwhile is stressing over whether or not Paula will ever talk to him again. How can he fight for her after the way he last spoke to her? More stressing at the office where Pastor cannot believe what Ivonne and her buddy did that caused Cesar Luis to have an unnecessary operation.

A much better conversation is going on between Fernando and Marely. She's explaining her view of marriage and her dismay at her mother's attitude. True, Alirio is no woman's dream but shouldn't one stand by one's spouse, for better or for worse? Fernando is smitten with her noble sentiments and smitten with her. Kissing ensues and things look promising.
Meanwhile, Juan seems to have recovered from his anxiety and is ogling two good-looking muchachas walking by while he talks to Molondron. After labeling them both a "10" he comes up with the idea of having a beauty contest, "Miss Anturio", selling the rights to national TV channels, going global...big big plans.
Cesar Luis, much less pleasant now that the anesthesia has worn off, is threatening the doctor with a lawsuit for performing an unnecessary operation, calling him a quack "matasanos" and generally being his usual aggressive self. Even throws Paula out.

Things are getting steamy in the car with Fernando and Marely and she calls a halt but invites him to dinner. Yadira is watching all this from the window, delighted.
Nidia is also delighted....she sees grounds for divorce with Alirio in prison and freedom and good times awaiting her. Paula calls to give her mother the news and when Nidia hears it was prostate trouble her thoughts immediately go to the "cuchi cuchi consequences". Nothing worse than a hot dog without "salchicha" is her verdict.

Cesar Luis now complaining to his doctor and friend Ricardo and the latter promises to investigate and clear things up. At the dinner table Marely is compassionate about Alirio, Yadira takes Nidia's view of the whole thing.
Paula is with Cesar and spills the beans about the legal mess at work. His surgeon is defending himself to Ricardo and telling him how Cesar jumped all over him and wouldn't give him a chance to explain. Marely and Fernando say goodnight, another kiss and he tells her he'll think all night about those kisses. When Marely shuts the door, Yadira pops up and gleefully says "I saw you, rascal! (picarona)" Do you mind? No, I'm glad you're getting a chance to forget Juan!
More complaining by Paula about you mind if I skip this?
Now Monica is at home talking to Laura about the situation and how Paula isn't dumb and has figured out what Mon is up to. But Cesar Luis is a man, and vain, so he loves having two women fight over him. Laura notices how stressed she is and so Monica tells her about the legal troubles at work.
Nidia is now laying on the makeup before going to the police station...the thought of all those men in uniforms, (cuchi cuchi!) has her inspired. Ana reminds her she can't keep up with her. Give me a couple of months and I'll have you swinging, Nidia replies.

Monica has crept into see Cesar while Paula's on the phone. Why didn't you tell me about the troubles at work he asks. He blames Alirio but she wants both Alirio and Pastor's heads to roll. Pastor senses this and is at the warehouse asking Angarita to pay for a good lawyer for him, knowing how Monica hates his guts. Angarita finally agrees.

More catfight with Monica and Paula with Paula asking her to disappear for 15 years!

Not a tender scene at the prison either. Nidia rejects Alirio completely, calling herself a victim of his scams and telling him to at least have the guts to admit his guilt rather than whinging and mewling. He protests that he did it for her, to give her a better life. She's not buying it and says she only came because her daughters felt sorry for him. She doesn't!

Juan is now pitching his idea to various key people from the town, drawing up committees and asking the padre to perform a special mass to bless the project. With faith we can reach the stars he concludes.
From that hopeful picture we shift to the Farrell office which is looking like a morgue with people milling around and one gal giving a shoulder massage to another. Monica is hearing about the fines they'll have to pay as well as the rights to legal software and then she and the agent head into Gaytan's office to confront him as one of the people responsible. When he can't dissuade them from arresting him, he faints. Monica can't get him to come to but the agent gives him a slap and calls him "senora" and that gets a reaction. Still, Pastor requests that he have a few minutes to pull himself together before he walks out under custody....and when they grant that request, he quickly pulls out his cellphone and makes a call. We hear ring after ring while he mutters "Contesteme" answer me. And that's where we end for tonight.


1/28 Juan Q. Where Juan and CL are about to lose something they realy love

First I want to apologize for being such a stranger lately. We are implementing a new accounting system. It is supposed to make imputing the sales a breeze. However, since the agents are not used to imputing the extra words necessary for the system to recognize the whole invoice, I have been getting giverish that I have then to the unravel and turn into usable info, on top of it all, I’m still running the old system until the new one works completely.

Anyway, I have been so busy that I have not been able to watch Novelas. I’m so tired of computers and screens that when I get home I don’t want to watch TV or turn on my computer. However at break time I have been able to read the recaps and keep up a little with the stories. Sorry for not leaving comments, I hope that in a couple of weeks everything will be back to normal.

Now back to what is important. I’m going to do a little of what I remember right now, sorry I don’t feel like watching again. If I’m missing something, I welcome the help.

When Juan goes to the Hotel to visit Susana he is told that Susana checked out that morning and that she left a letter for Juan, Juan is very impactado and sad.

CL is going under the knife. At the hospital there are a couple of emergencies and CL has to wait his turn to use the operating room. This time is used by Monica and Paula to yell insults at each other.

At Farrell some agents are interrogating the whole company. We get a public announcement about how bad it is to buy pirated (is that a word?) software. (I would say it is bad to buy ANY new software, I say, why do you want to fix what ain’t broken?, but nooo management says the system is too slow and since they want to expand they need something faster, and… sorry I’m ranting again, back to our recap) They (the agents) ask for the person responsible. With an impeccable timing we see Delirio and Marely walking in. Pastor raises his accusatory finger, points to Delirio and says dramatically: He is the one responsible.

Juan reads the letter; it talks about how much Susana wants Juan to be happy and how she is leaving so that he can go and find Paula. Juan finds Molondron and tells him about the letter. Molondron says that Juan should go back to Mexico. Herlinda spies thru an open door.

The agents are talking to Delirio and Pastor, I think they are in CL’s office. They want to know how this mess started. Delirio says that he is innocent, that he was taken in by Guti and Manzano. The ears of the agents perk up when they hear the name Manzano. They say that they have been trying to catch Manzano for a long time. –Does he have a way to contact him? Delirio says that he only has a Cell number.

At Farrell, the agents are tired of not getting answers. They tell Delirio he has to go with them, he is trying to resist, and the agents have to cuff him. They take him by force all the office is watching. Delirio sees Marely, he asks her to do something. She can’t. The agents say they will have to take all of the computers to check the software.

At the hospital Paula walks into CL’s room and he can tell that something is wrong; he asks to talk to Monica which infuriates Puala even further. CL tells Monica to please leave Paula alone, Monica says that she could leave, if he wants to. CL says no; just try not to bother the little princess. Monica phone rings and is Pastor, he tells her everything that is going on. She says she is on her way. She tells CL she has to go because she has to sign some papers. CL doesn’t believe her.

Juan and Molondron are supervising the land; they are satisfied with the work. Herlinda walks in and tells them that her brother brought the new sees. Molondron goes to tell him where to put them. Herlinda tells Juan she wants to go out with him. Juan says that Herlinda is now Molo’s girlfriend and he would never betray his friend.

Monica arrives at Farrell and is furious. She tells Pastor off, since on her eyes he was the one responsible. She says she can’t believe this is happening when CL is so sick and about to have surgery. Pastor is impactado, but doesn’t want to ask any more questions. Later he is talking to Yvonne and tells her that CL is having surgery. Yvonne is impactada and says that she has to go to the hospital.

In jail Delirio is almost crying, he is cursing Gutis and Manzano’s names when somebody else that is in the same cell all cover up in news papers tells him to shut up. It is Gutis! Delirio wants to kill him, after a little fight, the guard comes and calms them down. Gutis then tells Delirio his new plan. They have to stick together. The police are after Manzano, if they say that they knew nothing about the software, and their stories are the same; the police will eventually let them go. They embrace.

At the Hospital, it is finally CL’s turn, a room is ready. He has been given some sedatives, he is happy and woozy. Yvonne arrives at the hospital, she sees CL been taken to operating room. He stops them and with the promise that she’ll give her phone number to the male nurse she is able to talk to CL. She confesses to him what she did; CL is under the influence of the sedatives and can only laugh, while trying to explain to the nurse that he should not have the operation. The nurse ignores him and takes him to the operating room while Yvonne is trying to stop them. Impactad face from Yvonne

I guees Yvonne couldn’t stop them; because we see in the previews that today CL will have the operation.

The End


"What happened to the sidebars" - recappers, please read!


The "disappearing sidebar syndrome" happens in Internet Explorer - I read on firefox, which doesn't do that, so I didn't know it had happened.

It happens when somebody posts something which is wider than the right text column and can't be divided - either a picture which is too big, or (in this case) website URLs which are so long they don't fit on one line. Then Internet Explorer makes the right column wider and there is no longer any room for the left sidebar so it gets bumped to the bottom.

I edited the two files with long URLs and now the sidebar should be back.

Since I don't browse with IE, please let me know if this happens again.

Recappers - reminder (1) best to input your file either right on the blogger site or as a text file, if you do it in word save as a text file before proceeding because if you cut-and-paste a WORD document many odd things creep into your files.

Also (2) when you post links, make the text comment shorter than the long URL.

Thanks all!


Al Diablo Con Los Guapos: Monday January 28,2008 "The Belmonte Men Each Have Some 'Splaining to Do"

Alejandro is shocked stupid when Mili comes out dressed in her cowgirl clothes. He can’t believe it and starts to stammer. Mili assures him that it is indeed her and she plays it cool. She’s flirty with him, but then tells him that although this has been romantic, she needs to go. Al tries to get her to stop, but then she reminds him that he’s got other plans. She leaves, blowing him a kiss in the process.

Damien has been caught cheating at cards and no one likes a cheater. The gamblers order him to pay back his loan, but Damien has no $$. The tell him he needs to pay tomorrow and just for good measure a couple of goons beat him up to help him remember.
Back at the Belmonte’s, Mili is in the kitchen with Lina. She’s filling her in on what happened with Al. Hugo, in his hippy-bum disguise is outside watching her through the window. Rocky walks into the kitchen and is taken by the beautiful girl. He asks Lina to introduce him to her friend and Mili says, “It’s me, Mili.” Rocky asks Lina if she can do a favor for him, he wants to change his look. Lina agrees to help him the next day.

Damien comes home and visits Luciana in her room. She pumps him for info about Constancio and Andrea. Damien tells his sister that Andrea left for Monterrey on her own. He then spins some story about needing to pay off his credit card and he gets Luci to lend him some money (**FYI Damien, it is only a loan if you intend to pay it back). Luci revisits the Constancio/Andrea relationship and she informs Damien that now Constancio is not only betraying her, but he’s betraying his son as well since Andrea and Al have started going out. Constancio finds Luci’s door closed and demands to know what’s going on in there. Damien tells him that he’s just been reassuring Luci about her husband’s tardiness. Damien makes some wisecrack to Constancio, who smiles and sarcastically says thanks.

Al fills Bobby in on what happened with Mili. Bobby is delighted and tells Al that he’ll never win their bet. Al insists that he’s going to win because Mili has no idea with whom she’s messing.

Constancio talks to Damien alone and tells him that since he got Damien out of a jam, he’s decided how Damien can repay him. He wants all of Damien’s shares in the company because he intends to take over total control of the family business.

Mili asks Socorro about the closed door at the end of the hallway. Socorro tells her to never mind.

Hugo looks at some of his pictures of Mili. Braulio comes in with some tea and Hugo tells him that he feels like painting again.

Mili goes to the garden and is cutting roses. Al sneaks up behind her and starts to yell at her for what happened the night before. He tells her that she’s the worst person he’s ever met and that she’s playing with his feelings. Mili asks- “What feelings? Do you think I’m an idiot? I wasn’t born last night.” She tries to leave and Al goes to stop her. Mili tells him to get his hands off of her. He tells her that she can’t leave and reaches for her. Mili says, again with the touching and the yelling. Al-“Fine, no touching.” Mili looks confused and then Al leans in for an awkward kiss.

Bobby comes to visit and Brau tells him Al’s in the garden. Bobby’s shocked because he never knew Al was interested in botanicals. Valeria walks passed Bobby in her bikini. Bobby tells Brau that he’ll wait for Al. Luci comes into the foyer and tells Bobby she’s on her way to meet with his father.

Al’s now followed Mili into her room. She denies that she enjoys kissing him. He insists that she loved it. A few times back and forth with this theme and then Al leaves. Mili goes over and pulls the red rose, the one Al gave to her, out of her book. She touches it to her lips and says of course I find you charming.

Al catches Bobby spying on Val by the pool. Bobby says he was admiring the plants and Al says he never knew Bobby liked botanicals.

Rocky is also watching Val. Lina catches him and reminds him that she was going to help him change his look. He’d rather stay where he is.

Luci is at the shrinks office. She’s laying on the couch while she talks about her feelings. Eugenio is her shrink and he keeps telling her what a beautiful woman she is. He brings up AA meetings and how she needs to confront her addiction. He also asks her why she has such low self-esteem. He tells her again how beautiful she is.

Mili and Lina are out trying to hustle some money in their free time. They’re handing out flyers and I’m not quite sure what exactly they are trying to do, except earn a few extra pesos. Mili’s little purse gets snatched by a crook. Hugo, in disguise, has been watching them and he stops the thief and gets her purse back. Lina is taken aback by Hugo’s appearance and she wants to take off. Mili says go ahead, but I want to talk to him for a bit. Mili asks why he’s been following her and he says he finds her beautiful. She buys him tacos and tells him her name. He doesn’t offer up his name but suggests she try to figure it out. She looks into his eyes and tells him that they are beautiful.

Damien meets with Zulema, a hooker/ high class call girl (or so I assume that’s her career). He offers her a job helping him payback his brother-in-law. He agrees to buy her a business suit and tells her to be ready in a moments notice. She agrees to take the job.

Bobby convinces Al that he needs to have Mili think he knew all along that Carlitos and Cowgirl Mili were one and the same. Al thinks this is brilliant.

Mili tells Lina about the hippy-bum’s beautiful eyes. Lina is still shocked that Mili stuck around to talk to him. Al (in just his swim trunks) comes into their room and asks Lina to leave, to give him five minutes to talk to Mili alone. Lina leaves. He tells Mili that he knew she was both girls, how could he not—same hair, same eyes, same body. He says he’d like for them to go out. Brau walks in at this point to tell Mili that Regina is looking for her. Al leaves with a “nos vemos” and a wink. Brau tells Mili that in this house the servants and the patrones don’t fraternize.

Regina talks to Constancio. They go over the same stuff---Rosario and the baby. Regina insists that it was Constancio’s fault that Rosario took off because he was too weak to stand up for his love.

Mili take tea to Constancio, who’s working in his home office. She asks him why he’s so bitter. He never smiles or laughs. Is there nothing in this world that could make him happy? She realizes she crossed a line and excuses herself. Constancio laughs.

Lina tells Mili that she thinks Al really does want to go out with her. They talk about how much of a hottie he is. Lina’s already got Mili married off to the bosses son….she realizes that would make Mili her boss, too.

Damien sets up hidden cameras in Constancio’s office at work.

Al tells Bobby that Mili fell for it. He was able to make her think that he actually feels something for her, but tomorrow they’ll see who comes out on top.

Zulema arrives at Constancio’s office under the pretext of doing business. She puts on her professional charms and gets Constancio in a compromising position. Just so you know for those of you who didn’t actually see the episode, Constancio was completely a willing victim.

Damien tells Luci to see for herself the proof that Constancio is betraying her. He shows her on his computer monitor the view from the hidden cameras.

Al picks up Andrea from the airport.

Regina tells Mili some more about Rosario. Mili thinks it is a sad story.

Al enters his grandma’s quarters and tells her that he’d like her to be the first to meet his girlfriend. Mili, who was getting something out of the closet when Al came in, thinks he’s talking about her. However, Andrea comes into the room and makes sure to set Mili right. End of Episode.


Monday, January 28, 2008

1/28/08 Pasión - Bumped For Bush as Uni Hails to the Chief

Love him or hate him, W's all you get tonight. Considering the august occasion, I've found the original lyrics and a more popular version for "Hail to the Chief" (off Wikipedia). Since I've sometimes wondered what, if any, lyrics there were some of you fellow "inquiring minds" out there might also want to know. Anyway, I figure that tonight's Uni presentation with W is bound to bring passion of one sort or another out in all who watch it. (=/ 8 > ))

I've also included a link to a Library of Congress website dealing with the history of patriotic melodies. Or, there is this backgrounder at "Ben's Guide for kids" (which was a )whole lot easier to skim through!

Don't know why, as I was never part of the Haight-Ashbury poseur crowd in highschool as the
H-A scene was a tiny bit --just-- before my time, but tonight's big event brings to mind "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival (dating myself, I know) off "Willy and the Poorboys". It may nail the mood tonight for some but may not for others. I've included it too if only because the words and melody just seemed to haunt me tonight. Enjoy (or not).

Lyrics by Albert Gamse (are set to the tune, but are rarely sung):

Hail to the Chief we have chosen for the nation,
Hail to the Chief! We salute him, one and all.
Hail to the Chief, as we pledge cooperation
In proud fulfillment of a great, noble call.
Yours is the aim to make this grand country grander,
This you will do, that's our strong, firm belief.
Hail to the one we selected as commander,
Hail to the President! Hail to the Chief!
The original lyrics by Sir Walter Scott:

Hail to the chief, who in triumph advances,
Honored and bless'd be the evergreen pine!
Long may the tree in his banner that glances,
Flourish, the shelter and grace of our line.
Heav'n send it happy dew,
Earth lend it sap anew,
Gaily to bourgeon and broadly to grow;
While ev'ry highland glen,
Sends our shout back again,
"Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho! i-e-roe!"
Ours is no sapling, chance-sown by the fountain,
Blooming at Beltane, in winter to fade;
When the whirlwind has stripp'd ev'ry leaf on the mountain,
The more shall Clan Alpine exult in her shade.
Moor'd in the lifted rock,
Proof to the tempest shock,
Firmer he roots him, the ruder it blow;
Menteith and Breadalbane, then,
Echo his praise again,
"Roderigh Vich alpine dhu, ho! i-e-roe!"
Row, vassals, row for the pride of the Highlands!
Stretch to your oars for the evergreen pine!
Oh, that the rosebud that graces yon islands,
Were wreath'd in a garland around him to twine!
O, that some seedling gem,
Worthy such noble stem,
Honor'd and bless'd in their shadow might grow!
Loud should Clan Alpine then,
Ring from her deepmost glen,
"Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho! i-e-roe!"


Some folks are born made to wave the flag,
Ooh, they're red, white and blue.
And when the band plays "hail to the chief",
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, lord,
It ain't me, it ain't me, i ain't no senator's son, son.
It ain't me, it ain't me; i ain't no fortunate one, no,
Yeah!Some folks are born silver spoon in hand,
Lord, don't they help themselves, oh.
But when the taxman comes to the door,
Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes,
It ain't me, it ain't me, i ain't no millionaire's son, no.
It ain't me, it ain't me; i ain't no fortunate one, no.
Some folks inherit star spangled eyes,
Ooh, they send you down to war, lord,
And when you ask them, "how much should we give?"
Ooh, they only answer more! more! more! yoh,
It ain't me, it ain't me, i ain't no military son, son.
It ain't me, it ain't me; i ain't no fortunate one, one.
It ain't me, it ain't me, i ain't no fortunate one, no no no,
It ain't me, it ain't me, i ain't no fortunate son, no no no......

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