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Refugio Para el Amor #104 Fri 8/31/12 Leading man begins showing backbone.. too little too late? ... the set-up for a 'memorable family dinner' and our Luci hears 'you are the heir of half of TL empire'

Lo refrito:
Melissa and Claudio: he did not want the money but now he is ready to retake his business work.
NotSoDimRod and Luci: she tells him how she found out, Paz told her and Claudio when she realized how much Rosa had hurt Luci knowing who she was. He asks why did she do it, Luci says that is a question only she can give you the answer to. She apologizes for telling him a truth that did not really belong to her.
NSDTMR: Forgive me Luciana, forgive me for all the harm we have caused you… and I, instead of minimizing your pain, I have hurt you even more!... please forgive me!... Forgive me!... (I have to say Gabriel Soto has come a LOOOONGGG way from the cardboard actor he used to be).

Lo Nuevo:
NSDTMR: I don’t deserve that you even look at me. I deserve what I have… and what I am. I deserve to be married to a woman I do not love… a woman I repulse. I deserve to live at her side, thinking about you always, each instant. Thinking of the happiness I left here (behind).
(Luci hugs him and they cry hard together… again, great acting on both… totally unexpected by me on the Gabriel side).
Paz and Magda arrive. Paz is really surprised to see Rod there… Rod stands up and looks at her.
NSDTMR: Forgive me, Senora. Now I understand why you told me that my mother would never accept her (Luci) and that it would bring lots of trouble for the two of us, mostly lots of suffering for Luciana. You asked me to defend her from everyone and I did not do it. I let you down… Thank you. For having given so much love to Luciana all these years (Luci is moved behind him, cries more)…  For having been a true mother for her… (Paz realizes he knows the truth)… You don’t know how much it pains me all the harm we caused Luciana. How it pains me to have allowed them to separate us.
Paz: What is done is done (Lo hecho, hecho esta)
NSDTMR: (turns back to Luci) Forgive me, Luciana… I will never finish apologizing to you… ever. And although I am sure your father will support you, you can always count on me… for everything. I will see that you  and my son never need anything… (holds her hand but is about to fall apart crying) Take care of yourself … and of our son… (kisses her on cheek, is totally disheveled as he kisses Paz’s hand)… Goodbye Senora. (walks slowly out the door… Luci falls to floor crying desperately. Paz embraces her…)

At Gala’s apt, Gala is so angry she can’t even eat. Valentina runs in with the newspaper headline about Claudio being found innocent and getting half of the fortune of the TL’s. Julie again comments that the ‘chacha’ will get half of ‘OUR fortune!’.
Fernanda could not find Rod at the club… Gala concludes Rod went to find Luciana and gets even angrier (if that is possible). (ok, she ‘s mad… so what’s new?... welcome to the group of women who force a man to marry them only to make themselves more miserable than ever… again she treats Valentina worse than a dog…  pathetic… move on…)

Vio and Ofelia talk about Lastra being a man you gotta be careful with.  Vio calls Aldo, maybe he can protect them… (>>> NOT!!!) he will meet them at the NFERNO.

At Nicole’s beauty shop, for a change,(… NOT!!)... Vicky is nervous about the news as she is reminded by this woman client who is really annoying and is only worried that it must be terrible to have to hand over half of your fortune to a stranger…  zzzz… move on.

Rod arrives at the offices [walking like a zombie], just missing Pato who left a second before down the elevator at other side of front desk.

At Het Het Paz is worried about Rod going to confront his mother and Rosa will be even more out of control than she is now. Luci says don’t worry, that woman won’t harm us more. She did my mother Aurora because she was alone. But not me, I have you all, my father and now… even Rodrigo himself. She won’t harm me or my baby. (Magda smiles confident)

Rod interrupts the Max/Oscar/Boys meeting… need to talk to Max alone… (they all leave)
R: Why did you hide from me that my mother had given away Luciana when she was a baby? Now I understand the hatred of Claudio Linares toward us!! And know something, dad? In his place I would hate you the same!!! Or even more!! (credits song) My mother gave Luciana away, and then lied saying she was born dead?? How could my mother do that, papa?? Who is she?? Who is that cruel and merciless woman?? Who??!! (he sits on floor totally devastated) Who is my mother, papa?? That can’t be my mother!... I can’t believe my mother is that criminal. Help me…
M: Rodrigo… your mother was a wonderful woman… But she always carried on her a terrible sin… envy. Claudio and Aurora were our associates. But above all, our friends. Their marriage was so loving and strong, admirable. They really loved each other. And it showed. Your mother was bothered by that but she tolerated it because she had one thing over Aurora. Her sons … you and Patricio. But when she found out (Aurora) was pregnant, Claudio was in prison and she (Aurora) relied on your mother. The admiration I felt for Aurora led your mother to think that Aurora and I were lovers. She hated her terribly. I did not pay enough attention to her at the moment, and she thought that the baby girl could be my child, so she decided to give her away.
R: Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you keep quiet something so terrible? Why did you allow my mother to abuse Luciana, who ultimately, was her innocent victim??
M: I swear I ignored that! I did not know Luci was Claudio’s child and above all I ignored what your mother had done! I did not know Aurora’s child was alive and that your mother had given her away! I too was impactado by the news!
R: You should have told me when you found out.
M: Yes I should have, but your mother is not well. Her envy and jealousy have become an illness that is destroying her slowly. Your mother is ill. She is terrified her sons might find out what she was capable of doing!
R: You should have told me, papa! I would have saved my marriage! I would have defended Luciana! (have to tell you boy, woudhave shouldhave doesn’t do any good now) This world of lies have taken us all to be infinitely miserable. At least this sin of my mother’s has made me the most disgraced man. What good do my tears do now, papa, if my whole life won’t be enough for me to regret?
M: You are in your right to confront us and judge us. But I will ask you to forgive your mother. She is not well in her reason! The doctor told me already when he ordered so many tests on her.
R: I don’t know papa. I don’t’ know what I will do. I suddenly feel like I just lost my mother. (they embrace)

Rosa asks Patricio for his father… There is no one at home… (enumerates where everyone is)… and I… they all leave me alone…
P: Mama, these days are very complicated. The session for Linares is not easy.
R: Of course it is not easy. Your father should never have accepted that sentence.
P: It is a sentence, mama. There is no debating possible!
R: I know. But all I know is that your father’s power must be good for something!
P: In front of a judge and jury, mother, there is not much power can be good for. They are the absolute power.
R: You are so smart and so naïve at the same time!...
P: Why do you say that? Because I still believe in people? In institution (In law and order)? In civility?
R: That sounds so nice, but practical life is not like that.
P: It is not practice, mother, it is a matter of life. If you don’t live honorably and with integrity, I don’t see any reason to live it.
R: You are forgetting about moral and religion. That is the most important. To play the role you got handed with faith. With respect for your family and with good examples. And don’t tell me the example of Claudio Linares is loable.
P: I don’t know him, mother. But I saw in his eyes a determination to show he is an honorable man… and he showed it. For some reason the jury declared it to be true.
R: Ay Patricio, enough! Lets not let Claudio Linares become the table talk subject!
P: Linares won’t be the table talk subject… he will become the new associate of my father’s.

Claudio and Melissa… he will be real busy taking over possession over what he has been given. But he won’t miss her thesis defense. She leaves elated that he will be there for her.

At Het Het Ariche returns, he had gone to his grandma and she helped him with homework. He invites them to go to church with him and his grandma. They will. Luci is trying to glue together the vase that broke. Luci tells him Rod left. He feels sad, wanted to give Rod a slingshot he has in his hands. But Ariche is sure Rod will return soon. Luci won’t bet on that. A while later they work on Ariche’s first piggy bank work. They will teach the baby to save
(Luci won’t let Ariche teach the baby to eat worms… LOL!)

Rod gets to his loft, straight to shower, won’t pay attention to Gala yelling at him. Then he comes out dressed to ride his motorbike… he does not want to hear anything about Rosa or about her (Gala). Gala keeps on yelling (her favorite way of communicating)… HE is able to shove her out of the way without hurting her (I was afraid for a moment he would push her and she would blame him for losing the baby… phew! … Rod goes out for a ride, is mad as hell, I was afraid he would have an accident … phew 2!!)…

Rosa again talks to Pato about not knowing about Rod… She says Gala keeps calling her looking for him.
P: Gala was so anxious to marry Rod, no? Now they are married! And issues between married couples are issues between the two of them!. (Nuff said!! This guy rocks!!)
(Everyone left Rosa alone again.. So Rosa will eat at Pato’s room with him… Pato seems to feel bad for her being left alone again… she wants to take another pill to fall asleep, this alarms Pato a bit… she is looking forward to tomorrow’s meal together as a family, want to keep them all together as long as she can now that she sees them going their separate ways)
P: Mama… I will never leave you alone. I will always be with you… (never.. always… tough promises to fulfill, Pato.. careful what you promise this crazy woman) … (Rosa says when he falls in love…) I am in love!.. but my life is tied to this chair, and not everyone will want to share their life with me… (Rosa tries to cheer him up but.. asks him did he say he is in love?) If I were not in love, mother, I would already have died of sadness… (she wants to know if he will tell her who is the fortunate girl.. ME!!! ME!!... tough chance marta!)… No!   (LOL!!)

Max and Oscar At TL offices,. Oscar heard about Rosa planning another family dinner. Max tells Oscar that Rod already found out about Rosa and baby Luci… they both know Rod will confront Rosa. And once Rod talks to Rosa, Max worries, things in our family life will never be the same.

Aldo tries to mention to Max about business matters (wants to have a ‘junta’ with Max about their 'association')… Max is not in mood for ‘meetings’ with Aldo. Sends Aldo to ‘NFERNO’  (funny, in spanish, a way of sending someone packing is to say ‘vete al infierno’ which sounds almost the same as what Max said)

Connie visits Pato in his room, and he shows her his progress with his hand and forehand. She is gladly impressed. These two do care about each other and can smile together, which Pato needs right about now. He wants her to keep it a secret.

At Het Het Luci can’t stop thinking of Rod. Paz says its because you still love him very much. Claudio arrives. Everyone is surprised. He wanted to come let Luci know about what happened at the trial and everything that will come from that. They tell Claudio Rod came over. Luci told Rod about him being her father and about Rosa giving her away. Claudio says that is ok. He would have found out. Luci says Rod was so sad, disheveled. Luci thinks she caused that pain for him. Claudio says no, it wasn’t you, Rosa caused us all that pain.

Max is remembering the judge reading the sentence about the 50% of the TL empire. And then remembers Rod confronting him about hiding the fact Rosa gave Luci away and Rod saying in Claudio’s place he would hate them the same or more..
Vicky arrives. Max is not in mood to talk about Vicky’s problems. He wants to relax and have a good time with her… she wants to talk about her present and future… Max says your present is me… and as long as you make me happy you will have a future… PATHETIC girl, DREADFUL monster…

Rosa wakes up late, and for a change, everyone have left her alone, except Mati who is there to listen to her… The family went to the club… but Max assured Mati everyone would come back in time for the family dinner… (Pato stayed behind to have his therapy). Rosa says want this day to be unforgettable for everyone (you say it and you don’t know it RosaE…)

At club, Melissa tells them about her pro test, Boris mentions to Jana that he will be going to the family dinners once they are married… then makes another scene to Jana and finally tells her it was a fight with Lorenzo that got him the blow on the face the other day. Jana says if we split it won’t be for anyone else but for his attitude. He puts as excuse he is really in love.

Connie, Max and Oscar talk about RosaE’s health and her plan for the family meal… zzzzzz… Oscar changes the subject about the session to Claudio… Max gets mad instantly. Connie seems to defend Claudio so Max takes it on her… He is finding it hard to give Linares several Million Dollars just like that. ITs a big blow for the business! COnnie adds: And to your pride/ego, Max! Oscar changes the subject, mostly to protect Connie, saying it was a good move to put some of the business and assets in his sons and Rosa’s name.

At the vecindad, everyone is about to head out to Xochimilco(sp?) to buy a bigger basket for the taco business… Lorenzo got a neighbor to lend them his/her truck/van (payment: fill the gas tank)… but as they leave, the basket where they have their picnic stuff is HUGE HUGE!!

At Het Het, Claudio gives Luci/Paz a copy of his will. Paz gets nervous about the subject of death. Claudio is just taking some precautions. Tells Luci she is his only relative, and thus, his universal heir. Everything he has will be for her and his grandchild’s… to share with whoever she wants. She says she does not want to change her lifestyle, she likes to earn her own money. Claudio is really proud of that, but she should know she counts on his properties and very soon with half of the fortune of the TL family. Paz and Luci impactadas.

Previews are awesome:
Rod confronts Rosa. Rosa is shocked, make that double shocked at entering dining room.
Then the dinner takes on an unexpected tone… seems there are two sides/parties at/around that dinner table… Gala and Julie sitting at table with Frigida standing behind them… Connie and Melissa are also sitting at table… and on other side Rod (killer stare/stand), Pato, Max, Jana and Padre standing behind them…  
Claudio urges Luci: You have to be prepared to face-off with the TorresLanda's!
Let the WWIII games BEGIN!!


Weekend Discussion: The Great and God-Awful Telenovela Clichés – Part II

Campaigning for Meaningful Change in Telenovelas

As we have discussed previously, we're all annoyed with the medical and legal inaccuracies made by all the producing networks. Those are the first things that should go in favor of the truth. I also want to see consistent accuracy of costuming in novelas de epoca and clothing that's logical for contemporary characters (e.g., no ramerawear on a chick with a seriously controlling prude for a parent or ramerawear or on a woman who has a professional degree). But about the characters...

In a contemporary story, I want a heroine who isn't hot to get married as soon as she's 18 years old. I want one who knows her mind in most things and who isn't eager to get embarazada as soon as she meets Mr Right. She can meet him in the opening episode, but I want her to have some hot times with him before pregnancy ends that. I also want her to be a decent human being, not a ramera like Teresa. I want her career to have meaning and not just be a gateway to finding a man with a fat bank balance. She doesn't have to be a virgin, either.

Take it from here, amigos.

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Por ella soy Eva #32 8/30/12: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I missed the first few minutes.  Why does Univision thinks it's OK to start and end a show 7 minutes earlier than its scheduled time?

Fernando gives Marcela an ultimatum- her family or her job.

Silvia has her and Lalo's bags pack and she's leaving Bastardo.  He threatens to have Lalo put in a foster home to coerce Silvia to stay.  She tells him he wouldn't do that.  He says that sometimes the right thing is not the easy thing.  She reluctantly stays.

Helena is crying and confides in Pluto [why are all his clothes so shiny?  does he shellac them?] about the fight she had with her father last night.  He offers her help in getting a lawyer and he consoles her.  Toni walks in, sees him holding Helena's hands, and looks unhappy while Pluto explains that it's their role to help employees in need.  Alone together, Toni expresses her displeasure at what she saw and asks if he is interested in her.  He replies that his marriage is sacred and he swears fidelity to the last day of his existence.  He asks, "what kind of monstrous libertine do you think I am?"  She confronts him with Helena's thank-you card.  He says he's only interested in Helena's son and finally weasels out of it by guilt tripping Toni about the fact that she can't give him children.  He looks to the sky and asks God why they weren't given the gift of having children.

Eva and Mimi arrive at the address Samantha gave her for Max Montero, the one who framed JC for fraud, and it turns out to be a retirement home.  A nurse brings them a much different Max Montero.  Onesimo observes this and reports to his boss that there are two Max Monteros.  Pluto calls Samantha to meet with her.  She tells him she had a friend use Max Montero's name to frame JC.  Pluto smiles to himself that Eva is not the danger he thought.

Adriano is telling Marcela that some of the calculations on her latest report are not complete.  She apologizes about difficulties at home and Adriano tells her he doesn't want to hear about domestic problems in the workplace.  Fernando struts over saying, "Let me fix the errors of this woman."  [like marrying you?]  He proceeds to scold her and Adriano stops him and says he was already supposed to have checked this.  Marcela is mortified and Fernando continues to berate her as they leave the office.  Adriano shakes his head as they depart.  Marcela and Fernando continue to bicker and again he gives her the ultimatum- your family or your job.

Santiago gets the loan, a favor from Adriano, but the loan officer embarrasses him by saying everyone in the office knows about the fiasco of his first attempted wedding.  Angelica, working as a restaurant hostess, sees a magazine article announcing Santiago and Paty's engagement and swears he's going to pay.

Eva see Marcela sadly standing in the hallway and asks why she's standing there like a tree about to grow roots.  She tells Eva it's unfair that if a woman spends the day working she's an absent mother, but if a man does the same he's a good provider.  Cara de impacta de Eva.  In a meeting with Adriano, Fernando takes credit for fixing the report.  Marcela, looking sad, gives her resignation to Adriano.  He expresses his disappointment and says he thought she was a woman who could manage everything- work, family, husband- but he sees that's not so.

Pluto meets with Bastardo under the pretext of not wanting Helena's personal problems to interfere with her work.  Bastardo says he doesn't understand why they keep her.  Pluto tells him it's a better plan for Helena to realize she can't go forward without Bastardo's help and sooner or later she will end up returning home.  Bastardo sputters that's the last thing he wants.  Pluto says it's the best way to keep Lalo at his side.  Pluto later tells Onesimo that today he will do something that will score him mucho points with Helena.

Eva and the blue dresses are consoling Marcela at the front desk.  Eva hushes the blue dresses several times while she tells Marcela that she can't renounce her job just to please her husband.  Eva refers to him as a dinosaur Neanderthal, as Fernando listens around the corner.  Eva tells Marcela she has the same right to both things (home and career) as her husband.  Marcela, distraught, tells Eva of the problems with the kids and Eva asks  "Do you live alone or what?  Is your husband so useless that he can't help you?"  Eva calls him a rat with two legs (she's on her soapbox now).  Fernando comes around the corner and the fight begins.  He tells Eva not to meddle where she's not called to.  He calls her a feminist [gasp].  Eva towers a head above him while she berates him with his machismo.  She punches him as she tells him not to be a brute.  She escalates the volume and calls him a slacker (flojan).  More people gather to watch the scene.  Fernando makes a show of taking off his jacket to fight her and Eva throws her bag to the floor to accommodate him.  Adriano walks up and demands to know what the hell is going on.  Marcela tells him she's changed her mind, that she doesn't want to turn down the opportunity to better her work.  The crowd applauds, but Adriano says he's sorry.  He can't leave such an important post to someone with so many problems with family, husband, and children.

In her office, Toni compliments Helena on her professionalism and apologizes for her previous suspicions.  She (mistakenly) tells Helena that Pluto is very fond of children and that accounts for his interest in her since Toni can't give him any.  They are complimenting each other when the evil Rebeca walks in with a poster-sized photo of a blue whale for the office.  Toni and Helena squirm uncomfortably with the implication.  Rebeca ignores this as she goes to hang the photo behind Toni's desk.  Helena leaves, and Rebeca refers to her as the piranha.  Toni begs her to abstain from that type of comment.  Toni says Eva showed her that instead of speaking badly about one another, women ought to be united.  Rebeca grimaces while she avows she's incapable of saying anything bad about anyone [seriously?].  In a scene filled with irony, Toni says she doesn't know anything about Rebeca personally.  Rebeca says she's single but there's a ferocious wolf who she's thinking of marrying, all the while stroking the framed picture of Toni and Pluto, but there's an enormous obstacle separating them.  Another woman (Helena) is after him, but he belongs to Rebeca.  Toni tells her to fight for love, to not let anyone take him away.  Rebeca replies, "That's just what I say."

Marcela is packing up her office while Fernando hurries her along, saying when he arrives home dinner should be ready and she'll be in her place with her children where she ought to be.  Eva lowers her glasses to give him the intense fish eye and calls him a good-for-nothing (pelafustan).

Angelica accosts Santiago on the street with the magazine article.  He tries to calm her by saying they should go somewhere to talk.  Paty, however, is following him.

In Helena's new apartment, Eva and Lucia are trying to cheer her up.  Lucia spills the beans about Pluto getting Helena the apartment, and Eva jealously accuses Helena of giving him good service.  Helena protests that Pluto is a good friend and Eva says yeah, good as a nauyaca [translation anyone?].  Helena wants the two to be discreet so people don't get the wrong idea.  Silvia, Bastardo, and Pluto bring Lalo to Helena, and Eva twists up her face as Helena extols Pluto's virtues.  What a guy!


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Abismo de pasión #120 8/30/12: Patio of Lowered Expectations is Now Dishing it Up.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Patio of Lowered Expectations has become so popular that management (such as it is) has decided to offer a variety of antojitos for your snacking pleasure. After all those patio sports (AbisMart catalogue shopping, nerfazos, drinking games and general derision) we figure you folks might be feeling a bit peckish. Please review the sample menu below and send your feedback to All ideas are welcome. Menu will be updated to reflect seasonal changes.

Last night’s leftovers (better the second night): Ramona serves it up to Florencia, Flo had better tell Dam she’s not pregnant before Ramona gets to him first. Ramona’s kitchen table wisdom gives Flor heartburn.

Fried Local Fish and Chippie:  II sticks her head in Doc T’s crotch, trying to convince him not to go after Gabino for slapping her around. Her faux helplessness hooks this flopping cod completely as she lies that she suspects Gabino of killing Kenia and now she fears for Gael’s life. She fillets him with the suggestion that Gabino dead is the only thing that will set her free.

Low Sodium Diet: Elisa and Gael - Thank the telenovela gods that neither of these flavorless blobs is your real-life tour guide to Valladolid and its environs. Yawn. Mute.

Stale Organic Popcorn: Enrique convinces Palomita that marrying him is the best option, citing all the reasons we have already heard in every other telenovela. In a fun twist Begoña appears and accuses Paloma of getting pregnant to trap Enrique. Begoña never quite gets it, does she?

No Buns in the Oven with a side of Bitter Herbs (from the garden): Flor visits Witch Mountain to try to convince Ramona to keep her yap shut for just a day or two. She’s not afraid of losing Damian, but she wants to keep the truth hidden from Alfonsina. She manages to convince Ramona, but we are not privy to the details. Flor spies Elisa’s repaired amulet, such a pity that Dam lost his.

Turgid Sausage and Line-Caught Cold Sole: 1) Gabino hits up Alfonsina for a check so he can pay Orangina. 2) He proposes that he become a partner in Arango ProCe. The alternative? Half of Dam’s inheritance will go to Gael.

Munchies Bien Picocito: Braulio and Lolita stop for the nightly Tostachos product placement, spiced up with mild flirtation and confirmation of their mutual respect and potential munchability. The big news, Useless Vicente has completed Secondaria. Not so big news, UV wants to be closer to his real dad. Lolita tells Brau not to worry, the patán Gabino will never want to take responsibility for Useless. Brau reassures her he won’t go back to Tonia, he has always wanted to share his Tostachos with, ahem, a particular woman.

Hold the Spice: Our boring tour guides demonstrate that even Valladolid at night is a yawn when peppered with talk of their upcoming nuptials.

Seasonal Fruit Salad a la FillerGarbage: Dam and Tonia provide us with various details. Dam paid for Chente’s schooling. She tells him Gabino visited Fina. She was preggers  by one guy and married another man and she gets the feeling Flor is doing the same thing to Dam. By the way, Flor seems to have a particular friendship with Enrique. Dam recalls Ramona saying  she hopes Enrique will be the man Dam is. He connects the wrong dots.

Too Many Chefs make One Hot (Organic) Mess: Gabino and II prepare the hacienda for their guests. He’s got one idea for handling the situation but she’s got another. He answers the door, gun in hand, and Gael shoos Elisa back outside. Gabino aims his gun in a desultory fashion and tells Gael his mama is upstairs sleeping off her anti-stress meds. Gael’s not leaving until he makes sure mama is fine. Ingrid sneaks outside and finds Elisa, makes sure Elisa sees her bruises, and feigns surprise that Gael is inside with Gabino. Elisa trots inside to retrieve Gael. II follows her in and all hell breaks loose.

Fluffernutter: Dam visits Flor’s room to talk to her about something Ramona said to him. Flor breathes a sigh of relief when Dam Stoopid asks if the baby is his or Enrique Tovar’s. Flor reassures him her fake baby bump is pure Arango.

Clash of the Titans (Two Local Crabs, steamed over a long, low boil): Ramona visits the chapel in La Ermita and finds Alfonsina in prayer. Fina snips she’s “so sorry” to hear that Paloma is repeating her mother’s problems. Ramona reminds Fina that her daughter working at the grand Hacienda Harango proved her undoing. It’s where she met Gabino, the man who eventually caused her death. Fina protected Gabino back then and Ramona will repeat now what she said the day her daughter was buried, the man that Fina protected will become her worst misfortune. Furthermore life is about to uncover all the injustices that Fina has committed. Ramona is suspicious of Fina’s motives when Fina urges her to make sure Enrique marries Paloma.

Skewered Scream Puff: Enrique sneaks into Flor’s room to tell her he’s come to a decision. She’s got other ideas and cries she can’t believe what a mistake she’s made with Damian. “I love you so much Enrique.” They kiss and are caught in the act by Alfonsina. They briefly yell about the definition of privacy until they are joined by Dam and Ramona; the latter admits she had to tell Dam the truth. Fina grabs a conveniently placed skewer and jabs it into Flor’s fake baby bump. “NOOOOO!!!!” screams our unfilled eclair. But wait. It was just a bad dream. Flor is in bed moaning Enrique’s name when she jumps awake. Gah! The Black Widow was sitting there watching her sleep! Fina says Flor’s worst nightmare is just beginning.

Have a great, long weekend everyone! I hear the place where we are camping might even have wi-fi or 4G access for the first time ever so I’ll check in if I can.


Refugio Para el Amor #103 Thu 8/30/12 The Awakening of Rod The Bod, The El Torro PooPoo Gets Thrown Around


Torreslanda Home-Pato's Room

We have the meeting still in progress between Rod (who for this epi is Undead to Me) and his marvelous brother Pato. Pato has just spilled the frijoles that Luci is expecting Rod's baby, and they will be tied together for eva. Well, Rod is just flabbergasted, can't be, what you been smokin' Pato, not really, but you get the drift. Rod wants to know why noone told him, how could they keep this from him. Pato says he just recently found out. Rod tells Pato, here he married Gagme, a woman he doesn't love, for obligation, to give the child a name, when the woman he dearly loves in all the wide world, his having his child. Pato makes him promise just to go see Luci and talk to her. Rod says but she left me (Note to Rod: Please dude just do as your marvelous brother tells you and go already). Pato now tells Rod that wait for it, la loca mama, knew about Luci having the bebe all this time! Now our Hot Bod Rod loses it. He clearly sees for the first time why Luci really left, all due to his crazy Mama. Hot Bod Rod is clearly pithed at his loca mama. Rod says the only people in the Torreslanda home he cares for are Max, Pato, Hanna, and Mati, (aww no Frigid, jus' sayin'). He tells Pato he loves his la loca mama, but will never forgive her for what she's done. Pato tries to tell Rod that their mama is sick and not herself. Rod says oh yeah, she's sick alright, and cold and unfeeling as well. How could she do this to him? He's going to confront her right now. Pato tries to stop our Hot Bod Rod, but Rod storms out. Pato feels bad about revealing that, but it had to come out.

Torreslanda Family Chapel:

We close in on Rosa, on the prie dieu (its a prayer desk), kneeling and saying the rosary. (Note to Rosa- We in Viewerville want to know why Dios hasn't struck you with lightening yet? Jus' sayin'). Rod storms in and Rosa tells him she's praying. Rod wants to know why she is praying, for what? She has no respect for Dios and has no Christianity. Rosa wants to know what Rod is talking about? Rosa tells him she has the utmost respect for Dios. Rod doesn't agree. Rod says he wants to know, in front of Dios, why she didn't tell him Luci was pregnant with his child and why did she keep this from him. She says she will say in front of Dios everything she did, she did for her children! Rod says so in front of Dios you swear you did this for your children, for me, you lie! You are wrong for swearing before Dios, you ruined my life. Rosa tries to say being married to Luci was a big mistake for Rod, and Rod tells her you don't know Dios. Rod says his life is Luci eternally, only Luci. Rod leaves. Now La Loca Rosa really loses it, picks up the prie dieu and slings it to the floor, in front of the crucified Christ, and screams Maldita Luciana, how I hate you. (Note to Rosa: You are gonna burn in hell for eternity, jus' sayin').

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Amor Bravío #18 (Uni 13) Wed 8/29/12 "Wooing, Stewing and Brewing"

Day 3 on the recap job reporting for duty and this story was a doozy to recap..

We open Capitulo 18 in the Executive Office of El Rancho with Camila and AlLocoLonso.  Camila asks why the new ranchhand is doing  such lowly work.  Al counters that this is reasonable work and work is work.  Camila says she knows all work is respectable but that clearly Dandres is capable of more (incognito Daniel will hereby be referred to by me as Dandres until he is fully outed).

Out in the courtyard, it is lunchtime and Natalia and Dandres are talking. Poor Dandres doesn't wish to join the luncheon as he knows he does not smell the best.  Natalia complains that Dandres doesn't deserve the type of treatment he has received and Dandres, ever fair, says it is having the chance to work that is important.  Natalia commiserates with Dandres and launches into usual form, gossiping about the state of affairs at El Rancho.  She tells him that the ownership of El Rancho is in limbo because the recently deceased Daniel Sr. threw a curve ball by leaving it to someone unexpected and not to Camila.  This unknown inheritor is "foreigner" (which seems to matter at Malquerido) and the previously unknown son of Daniel Sr and a Chilean woman.  Everyone at El Rancho is anxiously waiting (and a few are crossing off the days) for the aforementioned foreigners' arrival. Dandres is taken aback with this news that Daniel Sr is thought to be his birth father and declares "no puede ser".  Dandres asks "exactly who knows about this?" and Natalia says the patrones for sure and Tio Leo maybe.  Dandres is desperately trying to make sense of this news. 
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Abismo de pasión #119 8/29/12: SO much filler it feels like we're playing ring around the rosie... Ramona puts pressure, Alfie plays victim, Elisa looks for II to get answers

WANTED: RECAPPER FOR MONDAY NIGHTS.  Now that school has started Sara's schedule will no longer allow her to continue recapping Monday nights. If any of you have thought about giving recapping a try this would be a perfect opportunity. Ridiculous story lines, absurd characters, great body language, this hot mess practically recaps itself. If we don't have any takers I will just post discussion headers on Monday.

Tonight's recap by Marta Ivett
Ramona reads preg test results of Paloma’s. Not happy. I knew it, although had hoped it would not be true.  Just like your mom, you will be a single mom. (Paloma says don’t worry, I will face the music alone). Ramona reminds her you can’t force a man to love you. Ramona will make Gael respond for her. Paloma says no you won’t. Ramona disappointed in Paloma sleeping with Gael again even if he was engaged to her best friend. Elisa has to find out before she marries a guy who does not know how to respect her. Paloma denies Gael is the daddy, Enrique is… (NO SHE DIDN”T SAY THAT!! … yes she did). Ramona has a hard time believing it, knows Paloma is protecting Gael. One thing is to make the mistake of sleeping with the man you have always loved, another thing is to sleep with a guy you don’t love. Paloma says slept with Enrique to try to forget Gael. Was desperate. Is that so hard to understand? Ramona states the obvious: that is not the answer. Enrique does not love you either. Paloma says if she could change things she would, but it is too late and she is fine being a single mom. Ramona won’t allow her to follow her mother’s steps. That child will have a father and a name! Ramona runs out in a flash.
Alfie is crying in her room. Dam comes in to try to apologize… Alfie whines he used her weak spot to hurt her so. Dam says have been swallowing anger against you for months. You got Guido in jail! Alfie says everyone forgets she had evidence of Guido’s guilt. She was hurt to make that decision. Guido was her friend. Dam questions why she doubted Guido’s innocence. Alfie says she was just projecting her anger at Damian, YOU had abandoned me and the procesa, she felt Guido had taken advantage and did it to laugh in her face. Dam brings out the fact that Alfie had forced Flo to get pregnant in order to get her dad out of jail. Dam recalls the night he and Elisa were going to leave and Alfie brought the pregnancy results to the quinta to stop them. Dam says I am your son, not your slave or your marionette!! Look at me! Look at what you did with my life. Elisa is about to marry my best friend. Alfie insists he has to dedicate himself to his wife and son. Dam gets outraged… What else needs to happen for you to admit to your mistakes? No, I don’t make mistakes!... or at least I try to repair the damage! … Dam is depressed now.. thank you for making my life miserable (gris). Thank you very much.
At the house of M&M… Gael and Elisa arrive. Elisa recognizes it that as children they were walking by and Dam saw his father leave the house…  Elisa second guesses her belief of her mother’s innocence. Maybe the one who has been wrong has been her. Gael won’t let her say that. He says what is really strange is that the house ended up in hands of Gabino and II. Elisa says you are right. II had wanted to talk to her about her mother and the past. Asks Gael to take her to Gabino’s hacienda to talk to II.
At church, Padre Papa Loopy is asking God for guidance… been watching the people around him hurt each other for many years and he has been a mere observer… asks for guidance to help those he loves.
At breakfast, Flo tries to bug Alfie about her arguments with Dam last night. Alfie says don’t talk about it in front of servants. Alfie notes how Flo enjoys learning that Alfie and Dam argued. Could it be perhaps also about Enrique Tovar?... Alfie says she saw them at the town plaza talking. Flo protests if not able to talk to anyone. Flo could care less what Alfie thinks. Alfie will stop that issue herself. Flo not happy.
Dam finds Ramona at cenote, she is crying and he is worried about her. ‘never thought you were capable of crying, thought you were very strong. / even the strongest of souls cries when something hurts… the soul…. If you can’t do something for yourself, I doubt you could do something for anyone else… it is many of us who have ruined our lives. Look what happened with Flo. Now you will marry her by church. (he responds it was the right thing to do) I wish Enrique Tovar will be as much a man as you.’
Quique arrives at DrT’s house. DrT is waiting for II but while he waits, he will tell Quique on what’s up with his life.  Meanwhile BeGoneYa is talking to who knows whom about her children abandoning her and her husband about to marry another.  .. Ramona arrives asking for Quique. Ends up having to tell BeGoneYa why she is looking for Quique. Paloma is expecting his child and he will have to marry Paloma.
BeGoneYa denies that her son is responsible, given her granddaughter’s reputation… (wrong answer! Not the day to provoke Ramona the witch… then they do a dance routine, Ramona takes a couple steps forward, BeGoneYa a couple steps back)…/ I better go, before I slap you right into the floor…
Gael/Elisa at castle.. eh.. I mean the Gabino Mendoza hacienda. Gael tells Elisa II is very nervous because she is living there with Gabino. Gael can’t understand why II is still with Gabino. He has tried ‘millions of times’. But at same time he feels like II is hiding something from him, he remembers Kenya telling him not to trust II. Elisa insists she has to talk to II, II had told her Gabino and OrangeHo keep secrets of each other about the past.  Gael suggests they forget all this and go for a walk around Valladolid/Merida. Lets take a day off and spend a day together… she finally accepts the day date.
Meanwhile II (in very dark large sunglasses) is at quinta looking for Elisa. II is really anxious, need to talk to Elisa urgently. She has to talk to Elisa without Gael being around. Lolita gets on ‘defend Elisa above all else’ mode and tells II she knows Elisa and Gael since they were kids… she loves them as her children and won’t allow II to hurt Gael anymore. II tells her ‘butt out of my business and you have no right to judge me’. Lolita insists she won’t let anyone, including II, ruin Elisa and Gael’s wedding day. II gets crying, asks that Lolita tell Elisa that II needs to talk to her, but this time she can’t go to her son. Just as II gets out, Pop! Goes the Sleezel… she hears from Lolita that the visitor was II, so she runs out to catch II before she leaves. Questions what II had to talk to Elisa about. II says how funny that now that your niece and my son are getting married, we will be relatives!! Jaja!! Orange-Ho does not find it so funny.  She asks II what she is after, to accuse her to Elisa? II says I am not dumb, I know what you are capable of. My daughter and your own husband both appeared dead just after they found out about your deals with Rosie. But if something were to happen to me, I have taken steps to make sure Alfie and Elisa will learn the truth. Nice talking to you. Have a nice day.
Quique is happy for DrT. Hopefully you will find in this woman what you are looking for.  Door knock. They think it is II, but it is Paloma to tell them Ramona found out she is pregnant and she needs to ask them a HUGE HUGE HUGE favor. They say yes without hearing what it is first (BAD MOVE!). She had to tell Ramona that the baby she is expecting is Quique’s. DrT is outraged… Quique not so much. He can understand Paloma because of what he himself is going through with Flo. Paloma is very thankful of Quique. The lie does not have to last long, only until Elisa marries Gael.  DrT wants her to tell Gael.  DrT sends Quique and Paloma ahead to the consultorio, he is expecting someone else. Paloma begs DrT.
Flo(cute maternity dress) arrives at Castanon procesa and is blown away that ‘Elisa has created all this from nothing’. She wants to see Quique, convinces the receptionist to let her wait for him in his office.
Elisa and Gael are walking around Valladolid, Gael is excited to tell her how all the region has been working on restoring the old churches and buildings, convents, etc and restored the plaza. They even built resort hotels by the cenotes.
At La Anita procesa, Gabino wants to talk to Dam. Dam says we have to talk about something serious. Gab brought him a cigar, a real good Cuban. Dam passes on it, I don’t smoke. Dam wants to cancel the contract with Gabino since Gabino has not been able to grow a single habanero. Gabino whines and blames the darn white fly pest. Says Alfie won’t let Dam cancel the contract. Dam says the one at head of the procesa is me. Gab says you can’t afford to lose another supplier. Can’t lose another supplier to Elisa’s procesa. Dam says not your problem. Dam asks are you so desperate as a farmer that you want to go back to work here as a simple employee? Gab says that’s not where I am going. I don’t want to be employee, want to be your associate. Dam says in this my mother is right, no one without the Arango surname will be at the head of this business. NOONE!.
II finally arrives at DrT’s. He is very charming and cuddly with her, she does not seem so engaged into it. She came without suitcases. She cries, still with sunglasses on, came to say goodbye, can’t leave Gabino. DrT disappointed… II says Gabino discovered her when she was about to leave with the bags.  She tries to make him swallow a ‘I don’t love you as much as I thought’ lie. He knows she is lying, he ends up grabbing her and taking her glasses off. He is mad, grabs her, yells at her to not treat him as an imbecil, she is afraid of Gabino. Now she says she does love DrT but is very afraid of Gabino. DrT whispers he will kill Gabino with his own hands. II looking away and down is smirking, (that is what she wanted all along).
Out in fields somewhere Gabino and Orange Ho… Gabino swears to OrangeHo he will kick II out of his hacienda. She will stay at LaErmita though. OrangeHo says that is not good enough. She knows too much about her, saw the plane tix. Gabino says II can’t spill beans because she knows he would not like that. But II will stay at LaErmita because it is convenient for him. II is untouchable for OrangeHo.
Ramona arrives at Castanon procesa. Also ends up heading to Quique’s office. Flo is sitting there. They both figure out who is the woman in front of them.  Flo says ‘finally got to meet the town witch’. ‘not a witch but I am old and savy, you can’t deceive me. You are not pregnant.
Alfie arrives at BeGoneYa’s supposedly to try to scare Quique into not looking for Flo anymore, but BegoneYa in true form spills that Paloma is expecting Quique’s child… Alfie seems to consider that even better than whatever she had in mind.
Back at Castanon procesa… Flo keeps in denyal, Ramona keeps saying ‘I know what I am saying, because I can compare you to another woman I know who is indeed expecting a child’. I don’t know of man’s medicine, but I do know what my mother learned from my grandma. (Flo doesn’t let her touch her belly… LOL!!) Ramona says ‘you better talk to Damian before I do’.
Previews:  Quique proposes to Paloma, BeGoneYa says ‘over my dead body’. Gab points a gun at Gael. Elisa and II nervous outside. Flo tells Ramona the one she will have to hide above anyone else is Alfie. (VO: But Dam suspects something)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Refugio Para el Amor #102 Wed 8/29/12 You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with…....…Pato! (He’s so cute when he’s angry)

EXTRA! EXTRA!  Claudio has been declared innocent!

Luciana is ecstatic that her pottery is in high demand.  So much so that she even hopes she’ll be able to provide employment to other women.  She even tells Ariche to start thinking of ideas for a line of pottery for children.

Meanwhile, Padre Honesto calls el funerario and leaves a message for Luciana with Procopio. 

Torreslanda McMansion 
Max rushes into his den, clearly agitated that Claudio won.  Everyone follows him in as Roselena exclaims she is astonished that he allowed Claudio to win.  She criticizes him, saying he thought he was so powerful yet a man who just came out of jail was able to best him!  Max shouts at her to shut her trap, saying she has no idea about what’s going on.  As she leaves, she tells Mati the bad news that Claudio was declared innocent.  Mati thanks God.  Ruh-roh!  “What are you saying!” shouts Roselena who then asks for Connie and some tea to be brought to her room. “Si mi niña” is all Mati can say.  Roselena then barks at Frigida to get herself to the kitchen STAT!

In the kitchen, Frigida heads straight for the phone and calls Gala with the news. 

Back in the den, Max tells Oscar, Rod, and Pato that rough times are ahead with regards to Linares.  He’s going to need their support.  Oscar assures him everything will turn out alright.  Pato speaks up, saying that with all due respect he doesn’t understand why Max, who’s taught them all about fairness and has shown them love and fairness, why, in twenty years didn’t he never defend Claudio who was supposedly his friend.  Why?  Oscar, Rod, and Pato wait for a response.

Linares Office

The Linares team is toasting to their victory.  Claudio thanks his team for all their hard work and Melissa says this just proves that sooner or letter, justice wins out.  Claudio is grateful for the Judge’s ruling but only for his ruling pertaining to the Torreslanda Corporation and its administration.  Most importantly, he wanted to defend his honor.  A man without honor is worth nothing.   Norma agrees but also notes that his share in Torreslanda is nothing to sneeze at.  Linares then asks her to help him contact Luciana. 

Torreslanda McMansion:
Max responds to Pato.  He agrees Claudio and he were friends, best friends, almost brothers.  They got along well and together they had what it took to build a great business.  Claudio had the money, and Max had the brains.  That was the foundation of the consorcio (company/corporation) that they have today!  Everything was going well for both of them, the company prospered and mushroomed (crecio como espuma).  Then one day Claudio betrayed him and defrauded him!  Pato shouts at him to stop! *you go Pato!*  “Claudio presented all the evidence to demonstrate his innocence.  How is it that being your friend, you could not believe he was innocent?”  Max comes unhinged and shouts, “Because you don’t know him!  He’s false, he’s astute and intelligent.”  Pato wonders how it is they were friends.  Max now shares his theory:  while Claudio was in prison, he put together this grand scheme they’ve just witnessed.  Rod agrees with this but Pato declares he believes Claudio is innocent!  Max asks if Pato now thinks everything is his (Max’s) fault, that he’s the criminal.  Pato replies he would never think that of him, but he stands by what he said:  Claudio is innocent!  Max looks at Rod, Rod looks at Pato, Pato looks at Max who looks back at Pato.  Round and round we go! 

Paz now believes God put Metsala (sp?) in Luciana’s path because of all the wonderful things that are coming her way.  Everyone is happy about all their new work and Ariche has come up with the idea to make piggy banks for children.  Procopio rushes in with all the messages for Luciana:  Estelita, Padre Honesto, and Claudio. 

Torreslanda McMansion 
Roselena lies prostrate with grief, night shades covering her eyes.  Connie arrives to see how she is.  Roselena shares the news about the ruling and is astonished to hear that Connie also thinks this is good news for Claudio.  Now she understands Melissa’s behavior, noting she was by Claudio’s side the entire time.  It’s as though she’s declared war against them.  Has Connie talked to Melissa?  Connie doesn’t understand what she’s getting at.  Roselena says both Connie and Melissa act as though they were enemies, as though they are on Claudio’s side.  Connie asks Roselena to consider that Melissa is always on the side of justice and that she greatly admires Claudio.  She also reminds her that he helped Melissa with her thesis.  No, says Roselena,  Melissa doesn’t admire him – she adores him.  All she needs now is for Melissa to fall in love with their worst enemy. *oh dear, that bus has already left the station*   Connie becomes exasperated and suggests that Roselena view this ruling as a way to mend all the harm Roselena caused Claudio.  She doesn’t understand why Roselena insists on being his enemy.  Roselena:  “Because 50% of the Torreslanda Corporation will be given to him!”  Connie is impactada at this tidbit of info and has to take a seat.  Mati comes in just then with a call for Connie from Melissa.  They agree to meet for dinner.  Roselena begs Connie to make Melissa see that what she’s doing is wrong!  Connie doesn’t respond and just leaves the room. 

Mati comes back in with her tea and meds. Roselena plans to visit Padre Honest and learns that he came looking for her this morning. 

Het Het 
Luciana calls Claudio, who shares his good news.  She congratulates him and calls him Papá!  He’s touched and she seems a little surprised it slipped out.  They’re both happy it’s finally happened and she thanks God everything turned out well.  She wonders what’s next and he tells her he plans to give her all the love and attention he wasn’t able to give her all these years.  She gives him information on the house he’s interested in buying in Het-Het and thinks he should look at it before making a decision because it is very big.  He wants to move quickly on this and hopes one day they’ll all be able to live there together.  He wants her to think of it as an investment – a gift for her. 

Torreslanda McMansion – Max’s Den 
Max finds it inconceivable that Pato would believe in Claudio’s innocence.  Pato says he believes in his innocence, considering the evidence he brought forth and in the judge’s ruling.  Max is pithed.  Rod assumes they will appeal.  He refuses to believe Claudio will end up with 50% of their fortune.   Max and Oscar both respond that they will certainly appeal.  Max suggests they all go back to the office and work to put everything in order.  Before Pato can get going, Max tells him it won’t be necessary for him to join them.  He sarcastically says Pato must be so tired after to many hours in court.  Pato agrees he should rest but before Max can make it out the door Pato asks, “Who is Pedro Campos?  Why did his confession change everything?”

Oscar  answers, saying he investigated Pedro Campos.  He worked for the finance department during the time Claudio and Max were partners.  Max interjects, “Even though Claudio may deny it, he and Pedro Campos were very close.  Any other questions,…….Patricio?”  He glares at him but then leans over and kisses him on the forehead before heading out with Oscar.  Rod also kisses him before following Max.  Pato is muy impactado.

Oh no, Roselena is hysterical!  (I know, what else is new)  “It’s a tragedy, a true tragedy!”  She tells Padre all about the ruling.  She wonders when God will show her some mercy!  How much longer must her Calvary continue?   She has no more tears to offer!  “God doesn’t want our tears,” says the good Padre, “He wants our repentance.”  Roselena wonders if he means to say this is her punishment for her past acts.  He begins to explain when his phone rings – it’s Luciana, of course.  Roselena is shocked and distressed to hear her name and to hear the Padre asking how she is and how worried he’s been about her.  *Great job, Padre, rub the salt in the festering wound*  Roselena doesn’t wait long – she tells him to call her when he’s done helping “that woman” so he can give her his full attention.  She storms out.  On the other end of the line, Luciana doesn’t fail to realize that was her ex Monster-in-law ranting.  She tells him she’ll call back tomorrow. 

Torreslanda Corporativo 
Max’s team is in damage control mode.  Oscar is laying out their strategy.  They’re assuming Linares will request a full audit.  Max wants to be prepared and suggest they scrutinize the audits of all the Torreslanda businesses and properties.  He refuses to hand Claudio everything he wants. 

Lorenzo’s Taco Corner 
Hannah and her driver pass by and it saddens her when she realizes Lorenzo isn't there.

Torreslanda McMansion – Frigida’s comeuppance 
Frigida is dusting the den when Roselena walks in.  She tells Roselena that Mati invited Padre Honesto over for coffee and Mati told him Luciana’s expecting Rod’s baby.  Mati walks in just then and Roselena angrily pulls her in by her arm.  She shouts at her as she reminds her she explicitly prohibited her from saying anything about Luciana’s pregnancy!  Roselena admits she’d already told the Padre about the baby but still considers this a betrayal.  How dare she?!  She has Mati by the shoulders and is shaking her when in comes our hero, Pato!  “Unhand my nana!”  Roselena tells him not to butt in but again he yells at her to let her go!  He turns his wrath on Frigida saying, “Save your tongue for Julieta and Gala!”  Frigida attempts to defend herself but Pato’s not finished.  “Get your bags and largate de esta casa!”  WOOHOO PATO!!!!  Mati can only stand there, crying silently and Roselena doesn’t know what to make of this.

She tries to reason with her son, “Patricio, por favor!”  “Por favor, nada Mamá!  Don’t you realize this woman is spying on us?  She’s just accused Mati of speaking with Padre Honesto when I’ve heard her (Frigida) speaking a thousand times with Julieta and Gala.”  Frigid agrees but denies she said anything about the family or anything that happened in the Torreslanda home.  Pato’s not having any of it and again tells her to beat it!  Roselena reminds him the paid help is her responsibility and he shouldn’t wear himself out (desgastar) over this.  Mati finally speaks up and through her tears suggests they leave Roselena and Frigida alone to figure this out.  He agrees and tells Frigida she’s safe for now because his mother intervened.  But he warns her the next time, he and Rod will run her out of this house! 

Once alone, Frigida has the nerve to complain to complain to Roselena that she doesn’t deserve Pato’s rude behavior.   She suggests Roselena speak to him about it.  Roselena:  “Don’t forget your place.  I know what I’m doing.  Don’t think that I’m unaware that you always tell Gala and Julie everything.”  Frigida begins to say she’s incapable of……..  Roselena:  “Don’t defend yourself.  I know who you are.  If you continue to work here it’s only because it’s useful to me.  Be very careful.  If Rodrigo and Pato decide you must leave, not even God will help you.”  Frigida can only say, “sí Señora”, and doesn’t look up until Roselena leaves the room.   Frigida:  “They don’t appreciate me.  But they’ll see once I leave to work for Lada Gala.  They’ll cry for me.”

Estelita’s apartment:  the compadres come back from a long day of taco selling and they’re happy to say they sold them all!   Lorenzo thinks they’re doing so well, they can soon set up their own taquerÍa. 

Torreslanda McMansion – Pato’s fortress of solitude 
Pato complains to Mati that he doesn’t understand how his mother puts up with that woman.  She should have left this house a long time ago.  Mati suggests Frigida is a very “special” character.  *boy, I’ll say*  He should put himself in her place.  If Frigida were to leave this house, she’d find herself alone.  Mati’s not even sure she has any family to speak of.  Pato shoots back that Frigida’s alone because she chooses to be.  If she were nicer, she’d be surrounded by people.  Mati tries to tell him it’s not their place to judge her.  Pato doesn’t feel it’s wrong to defend themselves against someone who willingly harms them.  He finally calms down enough to speak about Luciana’s pregnancy.  He realizes Mati’s known all along and wonders why she didn’t say anything.  She confesses she was the one who told Roselena but was obliged to remain silent on the matter.  He recalls it must have been the day of Hannah’s dinner party and how his mother seemed so agitated by what Mati told her.  He tells her Luciana gave him the news when he was in Het Het.  They both wonder what they’re going to do.  Pato tells her there are hard times ahead for the Torreslandas.  Everything changed when Luciana came to this house.  She awakend in him renewed encouragement (ánimo) for living and Rodrigo fell hopelessly in love and it changed him forever.  Hannah found a new friend in Luciana.  As for his mother, well, for some strange reason it caused her to reconnect with her past.  A past that obviously distresses (angustia) her and that she will never be able to forget.   Mati only knows that things happen for a reason.  Pato agrees.  But now with Claudio’s victory, things are going to get worse for the Torresalanda.  Pato knows it’s going to be very difficult for his parents to give up 50% of their fortune.  Hanah has walked in and can’t believe what she’s just heard. Gasp!

Pato fills her in on the judge’s ruling.  Mati leaves, telling them God will see them through this.  Pato tells her to be patient with his mother but not to allow herself to be abused.  She tells him not to worry and leaves brother and sister alone.  Pato tells her not to worry about having to leave this house.  The Torreslanda fortune is so vast, they won’t even feel it when they lose the 50%.  Connie walks in and they commiserate over the bad news.  Hannah invites herself when Connie tells them she’s on her way to see Melissa.  Pato sends his regards to Melissa and says he wants to rest and be ready for Rodrigo when he comes by later.  There’s a lot of things he wishes to discuss with his brother.  ruh-roh!

Torreslanda Corporativo 
Max and his team continue to review the vast Torreslanda holdings.  Gabe (or is it Marco) suggest they restructure but admits there’s no time.   Rod is adamant that he doesn’t want to split everything with Claudio.  Max agrees.  Fortunately, several of the businesses are in the name of Rod and his siblings. The house is under Roselena’s.  Rod is angry about the large amount that they’ll have to hand over to Linares.  Max agrees but says they have no choice but to abide by the judge’s ruling while they’re working on the appeal.  Oscar agrees and says that not complying with the ruling (desacatalo) would cost them a lot of money, not to mention the 50% and the additional 10% fines.  Rod refuses to accept it.  Linares already caused him so much pain with regards to Luciana without also taking half of the business.  Oh, he’s taking this very personal.

Het Het 
Luciana shares the good news about the judge’s ruling.  She’s happy for her father but can’t help but think about Pato and Hannah – they’re not to blame for their father’s mistakes.  Ariche suggest Rod bring them on his plane and they can all live together in the big  house that Claudio is planning to buy.  Luciana wishes it were that easy.  Ariche tells her it’s always easy but the adults make everything difficult. 

Somewhere in D.F. 
Melissa tells Hannah and Connie over coffee how difficult it was to side against her family but she always believed in Claudio’s innocence.  Hannah understands Melissa has always stood by her convictions and knows her brothers will eventually understand as well.  Hannah’s upset there are so many things happening to her family and she’s always the last to know.  She’s frustrated that everyone continues to treat her like a child.  She really misses Melissa and wonders why she doesn’t come to the house.  Melissa doesn’t want to talk about it but Hannah presses on.  They’re more than cousins, they’re friends.  Connie tells her not to pressure them.  It’s not their place to tell her some things.  She suggests she ask her mother.  Hannah isn’t very happy to hear this. 

Torreslanda Corporativo 
It’s very late into the evening.  Rod charges into his office and throws his jacket – “No puede ser!”  Gala walks in right behind him demanding to know why he doesn't answer his cell.  He tells her he’s too busy to deal with her complaints right now.  He’s got a lot of troubles right now and begs her not to bring him more.  Oh, so she’s just a problem?  Well, she knows perfectly well what’s going on cuz she heard it on the news.  She knows Linares will be taking half of nuestra fortuna.  “Nuestra?” he asks.  Yes, nuestra.  When she became Mrs. Dead to Everyone but Me, she became an owner of the Torreslanda fortune.  He wonders if she came here only to argue.  He hasn't eaten, he has a raging headache and he feels dreadful (pésimo) about what happened today and all she can think about is herself and what she stands to lose from his family’s fortune?  Doesn’t she think that’s a bit too selfish?  She reminds him he has an army (ejército) to handle that.  So he shouldn’t expect her to play the sweet, selfless (abnegada) wife.  Rod:  “No, don’t say sweet and selfless.  Leave it at wife – because it isn’t even that to me.”  And with that he leaves as Gala screams after him!

Oscar’s office:  Connie has arrived with some din-din.  He tells her this will be the most delicious dinner because he has a beautiful, affectionate woman with him.   Contrast noted and affirmed.

Pato's Fortress of Solitude 
Rod barges into Pato’s room shouting, “I can’t stand her anymore!”  Pato assumes he’s referring to Gala.  Rod says regrets everything he’s done with her.  Pato  hates to say this but he’s paying the consequences of his actions.  If he were by Luciana’s side, he’d be the happiest man on earth.  Rod is angry that he always mentions her when he sees him.  Pato:  “I can’t help it.  You and Luciana are united for the rest of your lives.  Destiny has united you for-ev-er

Luciana tells Paz about her call to Padre Honesto and how she heard Roselena’s voice in the background.  Paz isn’t surprised Roselena and the Padre are good friends.  With all of her sins, Roselena must always need to be at church, feeling herself close to God so He’ll forgive her.  But she’ll never find forgiveness until she truly repents for all the harm she’s done.  Luciana doesn’t believe Roselena will ever repent. 

Pato’s Fortress of Solitude (DES-TIN-Y, DES-TI-NY! THAT'S FOR ME!) 
Rod doesn’t feel it’s a question of destiny.  Luciana’s the one who decided they should separate forever.  Pato:  “Destiny has united you forever because Luciana……..(dramatic pause)…..Luciana is pregnant! Luciana is expecting your child!”  There, it’s out!  


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