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La Fuerza del Destino #61 Mon 10/31/11 Maripaz is the Only One Getting Treats for Her Tricks

I’ve still got family in town from my nephew’s wedding this past weekend. This recap is pretty bare bones with little commentary from me and no vocabulary. Lo siento.
Pop-up doll Maripaz lies, denies, and then justifies her theft of her grandmother’s jewelry. Lucrazya doesn’t give a damn about MP’s reasons, she just wants to know who she sold the jewels to.

Ivan tries to sell Alex on the idea of moving to the States. The pluses are Ivan’s love, Bruno, and new grandpa Tony.

Lucrazya confirms MP’s lie to the jeweler, but says she wants to keep the jewels in the family. She wants to buy them back, but it turns out the one piece has already been sold, and the pearls are worth a LOT of money. He’ll sell it back to her for 700,000 pesos ($53,000). It’s a very unique piece and this is a special price for the Curiels. He could actually sell the necklace for more.

Alex runs to Caro crying and hugs her. He tells her about moving to the States, but also says he will be strong/brave about it. Antolin encourages this brave attitude and tries to get him excited about the adventures he will have. He also says Ivan has a big house with lots of rooms, and he and Caro will come visit him. Alex asks Caro if they’ll actually come to visit him. Caro is too sad to answer.

Lucrazya knows that with the value of the jewels she was just quoted, MP must have gotten quite a lot of money for them—more than she needed for a lawyer. She wants MP to write her a check for the remaining money or she will tell Ivan that she’s a thief as well as a murderer. MP gets her checkbook.

Lucrazya updates Lucia and shows her MP’s check. It’s still not enough to buy back the necklace, so Lucia contemplates selling her car. Lucrezia thinks it’s a lost cause and suggests using some of the loan money or having Lucia talk to Tony or Ivan. Lucia refuses and suggests that Lucrazya ask JJ. They hush up when Carlota comes in, but then tell her the truth. They only need an additional 450,000 pesos, but Carly refuses to let them get into more complications to get the rest of the money. “Forget it!”

Lucia ignores a call from Ivan. He leaves a message. He needs her help with Alex. He asks her to call him back. Unfortunately, it’s MP who calls him. She wants them to plan their big church wedding. Ivan refuses to have anything but a small civil wedding. MP is happy to hear they are going directly to the U.S. after the wedding.

Anto looks for Saul at the pool hall. The barkeep reports on Saul looking for Gordo, and on Gordo’s new-found wealth.

Celia and Camilo come to Casa Lomeli, just as Gerry and Caro are arguing about Ivan taking Alex away. Celia has something important she wants to speak to Caro about.

Saul and Gordo drink like fish at a bar as Anto watches them. They discuss some shady business Gordo wants to pull Saul into. The work is dangerous, involves crossing the border, and Gordo has the contacts. Saul is unsure. “Take make money, you have to take risks.”

Celia assures Gerry that Anto isn’t a bad person, he just went down a bad path. Gerry wants to know how he got enough cash to pay for Caro’s surgery. Celia doesn’t know, but she’s sure it was shady. What’s really got her worried is the possibility of Anto killing Saul because he knocked up Carmen and hasn’t taken responsibility for the child. She wants Caro to use her influence to convince Anto not to do anything to Saul. Gerry doesn’t think the Anto they know would do anything like that, but Camilo tells him there’s another side to Anto- a vengeful and violent side.

Anto waits and watches as drunk Saul stumbles out of the bar. His phone is off and he doesn’t get the call from Camilo. Gordo gives Saul his car keys and sends him for the car.

Celia cries that she doesn’t want her son to go to jail. Caro promises to call him the next day and beg him if needed. Celia thanks her, kisses her, and leaves with Camilo.

Saul sees a scary looking Antolin staring at him through his car rear view mirror. He takes off with Anto hot on his tail. Another car approaches, which causes Saul to spin out and crash into a small structure. The car bursts into flames. Anto hopes that he dies and drives off.

Unfortunately for us and for Anto, someone has gotten Saul to a hospital. His family is called, David arrives at the hospital. Saul has some contusions, burns, and multiple leg fractures. Drat! Even David seems disappointed. He’ll have some scars and will need some surgery on his leg and knee. David reports to the weeping Mondragon women. There will surely be charges brought against Saul since he was driving drunk and the news will be in the papers. They worry about how to tell JJ. They know JJ will need another right hand man to help run the ranch and the Association. David isn’t interested and doesn’t think Camilo will be either. What JJ needs is someone who’ll be his puppet, and neither David nor Camilo fits the bill.

Camilo reaches Anto via phone early the next morning. Anto says he did nothing to Saul (technically true), but divine justice exists. Carmen is surprised to hear that Anto planned to do something to Saul. Lechita wants to know if Alex is coming to the ranch today.

Lucia calls Ivan back. He tells her the go back to the States plan, in order to put distance between the two of them. He doesn’t want to hurt her or himself by being in the same town/country. Lucia promises to speak to Alex but hangs up crying when Ivan starts with the love talk. She remembers the good times. Ivan breaks down into a puddle of tears. Tony advises Ivan to register his marriage in the States as soon as they get back. He’s sure MP will be up to her old tricks in no time and the U.S. will not be as much in her favor as in Mexico. Then he can divorce her right away, get full parental rights, and come back to marry Lucia. He tells Ivan to keep mum about this plan.

MP whines to Lucrazya about Ivan putting the kibosh on the big wedding plans. Lucrazy tells her she’s lucky he’s marrying her at all since he hates her. They gossip about Saul getting run out of his house.

JJ reads about Saul’s drunk driving accident in the papers and blusters at Esther. This will ruin his (JJ’s) reputation! JJ doesn’t care if Saul lives or dies. He calls his lawyer.

Bruno continues to hate on Camilo. Tony tells Camilo about his and Ivan’s plan to return to L.A. They want to leave Camilo in charge of the Mexico business. Camilo is flattered and grateful. Tony also thinks Camilo should take advantage of their loans to invest in his lands and diversify his crops. Camilo accepts.

Carly tells Gloria it was MP who stole the jewels and they don’t suspect her (Gloria). Lucia feels really bad about the necklace and they’re both sad about the move. Lucia thinks Carly’s such a good person for not turning MP in. Carly says she’s not good. Her family is all she has and she’ll protect them. Even though she may get mad and yell and threaten, she would never do anything to harm them. Lucia feels that same. Carly tells her this isn’t always good because people will take advantage of her.

Camilo thanks Ivan for the promotion and tells him about the ranch loan. Ivan is too down in the dumps to get excited about it all. He begs Camilo not to abandon Lucia. The black crow of misery reminds us that this is not a good thing. Inside the plant, Ivan and Camilo check on production.

Lucia and Alex take a walk and talk. Alex loves Ivan, but doesn’t want to leave his Papa Gerry or Tia Carolina. Lucia tells him, that’s life. It’s normal for kids to move around with their parents because of their work, and kids can’t stay back alone. She assures him they’ll video-chat and they’ll all stay in touch with him wherever he goes because they love him.

Anto swears to Caro that he went to bed early. He swears to God that he did nothing to Saul (technically true). He says he’s leaving it up to divine justice.

The Mondragon women visit Saul in the hospital and reel back in horror at the sight of him. He’s got burns over much of his torso and left arm, up to his chin, and one leg in a cast. (OK, I guess his injuries were pretty bad, but when fully clothed, no one will be able to see most of the scars.)

JJ complains to his lawyer about having to pay for Saul. He doesn’t give a darn about Saul’s health.

The Mondragon women fret that Saul needs surgery so that he won’t be horribly scarred for life and an invalid, but JJ won’t pay for it.

Lucia drops Alex off at Ivan’s house. Camilo shows up just in time to offer his plaid shoulder to cry on.

Bruno gets pampered by Alex. Ivan is sad to hear Lucia dropped Alex off and left.

Lucia tells Camilo about the necklace theft by MP, and how much the necklace meant to her grandma. Even if she sold her car, it wouldn’t be enough to buy it back. Camilo finds out from her which jeweler has the necklace.

Lucia still can’t find a job. Carly is sure they’ll be alright for money soon, since Camilo is doing such a great job with the ranch. Tony calls and gives Lucia his condolences for all the crap going down between her and Ivan. He speaks to Carly and invites her to the big upcoming Ag Association meeting. Lucia indicates she will not go and Carly tries to beg off too. Tony insists and says she will be his special guest.

Camilo shows up at the jeweler’s, asks for the pearl necklace, and says he’s come on behalf of Lucia. “Did they tell you how much it costs?” “Yes.” (Is anybody going to actually use Ranch Socorro loan money to invest in the ranch?)

Avances: Ivan and Lucia give into their passion. A very drunk MP announces during a public event that she and Ivan are getting married because they had a child together 10 years ago.


Una Familia Con Suerte #19 Mon 10/31/11 the point of this show...

... is the ride, not the plot. I enjoy spending time with the characters and don't really care what happens. A way-too-long rehearsal kept me away from home till the show was half over tonight, and nothing much happened in the second half:

Pancho is still flirting with "La Rebe" over fancy food. They almost kissed, and he asked at his shrine-of-Laurita if she (his dead wife) was ok with that...

Pina invited a lady wrestler, Ana María Torres (La Guerrera) on her show to show how to punch a misbehaving husband...

Lupe is going to a museum with the kids and with Alex...

Tomas invited one of his flash gals into bed with him...

Candy and Chela don't like Rebeca...


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El Mundo de Telemundo, Halloween Week: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

¡Hola a todos! Since every day is Halloween at la casa de los Conde, it’s fitting to start our conversation in everyone’s favorite haunted house:

LA CASA DE AL LADO – viernes

Those Fabulous Mora Boys, Iñaki and Ismael, were each left in a cliff-hanger on Thursday. What happened last night?

Well, in Ignacia’s taller, with Gonzo’s portrait looking on, Ismael waves a gun in Javi’s face. As usual, when confronted with real danger, Javier melts into a sniveling, mewling pool of cowardice. To the rescue – an unlikely hero! Nibaldo slips in unseen and conks Ismael over the head, knocking him out cold. [There’s no shortage of blunt objects on Telemundo sets, is there?]

Javier won’t let Nibaldo call the police – he plans to exact his own justice. Traeme una cuerda (Bring me some rope), he tells Nibaldo.

Somehow the new team of Javier and Nibaldo (not quite Batman and Robin) manages to get Ismael back to the house and lock him in Leonardo’s old room, painfully hog-tied, his mouth sealed with duct tape. But the getaway isn’t clean. Ignacia catches sight of Javier locking the door. What were you doing in that room? she asks suspiciously.

He half-drags her back into her bedroom and ravishes her saying: Quiero que celebremos tú y yo el hecho de que no hay nada de temer. (I want us to celebrate – you and I – the fact that there’s nothing to be afraid of.)

Later, when Javier is sleeping fitfullly, Ignacia slips out and tries the door across the hall. It is securely locked.

Thursday, we left Gonzaki in the driver’s seat with Omar trying to overpower him from behind. Omar grabs the wheel, the car swerves and comes to a stop. Gonzo is slumped in his seat. Is he hurt? Is he ... dead?

Omar gets out of the car; Rebeca gets out too, leaning heavily on him for support – she still can’t walk by herself. Omar reaches cautiously into the front seat and to Rebeca’s relief, extracts Gonzo’s cellphone from his jacket pocket. But Gonzo suddenly kicks out, catching Omar off-balance and knocking him down; then Gonzo sets on him, pummeling him over and over. He has him in a chokehold while Rebeca looks on, helpless and horrified. Omar breaks free and starts to run – only to be shot in the back!

Gonzo leaves Omar’s bloody body prone on the ground and grabbing Rebeca by the hair, he drags her back to the car.

Pilar brings Sebastián to Diego’s bedside in the hospital so he can begin his initial diagnostic session. She also tells him unequivocally that Gonzo is the man she loves, the person she plans to spend her life with. But when she gets home, she replays uneasily what Gonzo said to her earlier: Pilar, vete, vete lejos – huye de mí. (Go far away – flee from me.) I’m not who you think I am!

Karen, who has returned from her tryst with Nibaldo early enough to see Pilar come home, then watches her go out again.

Carola is dying for a drink so idiot Emilio escorts his alcoholic little sister to a club for a trago – his treat! When Carola steps away for a moment, a well-dressed woman in her 40’s sidles up to Emilio and startles him by asking: ¿Cuál es tu tarifa? (What’s your price?) Emilio, both embarrassed and flattered by the proposition, tells her gently that that’s not his thing. Too bad, says the lady: Con ese cuerpo y ese rostro, serías millonario. (With that body and that face, you’d be a millionaire.)

He remembers those words later when he is trying to figure out how he will pay for the expensive treatment the doctors have recommended for his poor, (and still nameless) baby girl – daily growth hormone injections.

When Gonzo stumbles back to his apartment, frazzled and filthy from his latest excursion into madness and evil, he’s not prepared to find Pilar waiting for him and full of questions. He explodes at her and then apologizes and convinces her to come to bed. But later she has a vivid nightmare in which her beloved Gonzalo tells her he has murdered her daughter, Andrea – and now he’s going to kill her too. Pilar startles awake to find Gonzalo sleeping peacefully at her side.

The next day:
A cyclist happens upon Omar, still sprawled out and bloody on the ground. He calls for help.

The doorbell sounds at Casa Conde. It is Pilar and she is there to talk to Javier about Diego.

Upstairs, Ignacia spots Nibaldo lurking outside the locked bedroom door and she forces him to admit that Javier has Adolfo imprisoned within.

While Pilar and Javier are in the midst of one of their vicious arguments – he has just said he’ll only participate in Diego’s therapy if she agrees to withdraw her domestic violence complaint – Ignacia comes flouncing angrily down the stairs, ready for a confrontation.

Now Pilar has just the ammunition she needs to get a unilateral divorce from Javier – he is living with the Igster! Javier denies that he is living with Ignacia and repeats that he will never, ever let Pilar get away: Hasta que la muerte nos separe. (Until death do us part). Pilar turns to Ignacia: Te compadezco (I feel sorry for you), she says and leaves.

A woman scorned – make that a double!
Ignacia runs back upstairs, pries open the locked door with a letter opener (or a chisel) and takes in the sight of Adolfo painfully tied and gagged on the bed. She removes the duct tape from his mouth and he sweet-talks her into setting him free, swearing that once she does so he will disappear from their lives forever.

Of course as soon as he is free, he pops up, and grabs Ignacia in a headlock. That’s your mistake, he tells her: Siempre confias en el primer imbécil que te promete algo. (You always trust the first fool who makes you a promise.) But people like me don’t keep our promises!

The DNA test:
Renato has decided to satisfy Eva by demonstrating that Fake Iñaki is really his son: he will get a DNA test. And he asks Gonzo to be in charge of testing. Gonzo makes a show of reluctance and even appeals to Mabel for help. Somehow, he’ll have to take the test too and then switch his results with Fake Iñaki’s. (Of course we don’t know for sure that Real Iñaki is truly Renato’s son.)

So Renato, Fake I and Real I all go to the clinic. Fake I leaves with Renato while Real I hangs back, has his own cheek swab taken and arranges for the results of both tests to be given to him and him alone.

Carola shows up at Sebastián’s office. Hilda explains that he’s not in yet and no, she hasn’t seen Omar either although he was there the day before. Oiga, says Hilda, are you guys, like, together? Before we can hear Carola’s answer, the cops arrive looking for Sebastián. There’s an urgent matter concerning Omar Blanco...

The problem with Diego
Pilar, Javier and Sebastián meet at the Ruiz house to discuss Sebastián’s initial diagnostic impression. Javier’s facial expression goes from smug and condescending to I can’t believe this is happening to me before the words are completely out of Sebastián’s mouth: Diego tiene problemas de identidad – tiene una clara tendencia a homosexual. (Diego has identity problems; he clearly has homosexual tendencies.) [Because come on, this is going to be all about Javier – it’s not possible that a son of his could be gay!]

Not dead. Yet.
Carola phones Gonzo to say there’s tragic news about Omar. What can I do about it if he’s dead? barks Gonzo nastily. And Carola replies: ¿Muerto? No, ¡está vivo! (Dead? No, he’s alive!) And no one can understand how he managed to survive the attack he suffered.

Will Emilio take up the world’s oldest profession?
Will Omar live?
Is Rebeca still alive in Gonzaki’s killing house?
Will Fake Iñaki pass his DNA test with the help of Real Iñaki?
Will Diego survive his horrible father now that Sebastián has planted doubts about the kid's sexual orientation?
Will Pilar take her doubts about Gonzaki seriously and get away before he harms anyone else in her family?
And now that Adolfo is on the loose again, what new mischief will he be up to?
Will Ignacia ever, ever get a clue? [Well okay, that last one was just a joke.]

Ahora te toca a ti --

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La Fuerza del Destino #60 Fri 10/28/11 Of Compromising Engagements

[The thunder storms down here screwed up the satellite reception on the dvr, so if I’ve left out anything, feel free to mention it and I’ll add it in for you!  --ed.]

Juan Jaime has insisted to Anthony about bringing in a Norteño band and letting the tequila flow.  He tells Esther afterwards that it’s in order to liven the Agricultural Association meeting up a bit and to smooth the way for his re-nomination as its president for another term.   Camilo shows up to discuss the "Saul problem" with him and Judith stares all googly eyes at him.  

Juan Jeil-me has apparently invited Camilo over to “persuade” him that a scandal over this unfortunate business with Saul and his sister wouldn’t be good for either party since Antolin would have to explain how and why he knows about what happened when the Cutbertho’s farm went up in flames.  Well, fine with Cam, but he can’t speak for Anto.  Cam says as far as Saul’s concerned, like father like son.  JJ admits that his bastard son is better than either of his two legitimate sons and wants Cam to tell him that he’d like to come to some arrangement with Ivan. 

Carlota and Anthony discuss their next non-date.  He says they’re not announcing Ivan’s engagement since he’s marrying Maripaz now instead.  Nobody’s happy about it except Lucre-zia and Merry Piece herself.  

Van calls Lucia while she’s exercising that evening, to offer an apology for the little scene Merry Piece made at the ranch that morning.  Once they clear up that he asks to take Alex to swim class from now on.  Lucia agrees since she’d rather become distance emotionally to make it easier on both of them.  Ivan is ready to speak sweet nothings into the earpiece to her, but Lucia tells him to save it.

Later on, Lucia’s hot-chick friend talks her into going to a club for a little diversion and to help forget about Ivan.  She agrees as long as they take separate cars so she can leave if she gets bored or something.  Her friend agrees.  Later at the club, Hot Chick hops out to the dance floor to bust a few moves with some dude.  The waiter is about to bring their drinks to the table, but some man’s hand is shown handing the guy a wad of cash to put a couple of pills into her beer.  The waiter slips in the mickey and sets down the mug in front of Lucia who drinks it half way and starts to get really dizzy. 

Lucia stumbles out of the club and is about to open her car door when the same guy’s hand covers her mouth with a rag full of knock-out drops (ether?) and dumps her into the back seat of her car.  Then next morning she’s still in the back seat sound asleep when Cleto finds her and takes her inside.  She doesn’t remember a thing or how she got there.  Cleto suggests she was sick/tired and drove herself back, then hopped in the back to wait it out but fell asleep there. 

Back inside the house, Carly takes her to her room and has her clean up.  While she’s in the bathroom, Carly searches her purse for Lucia’s phone and calls Hot-Chick to find out what happened to her.  Hot-Chick says nothing but that she left early and she thought it was because Lucia was bored.  Carly wants to know if Ivan was there by any chance.  Hot-Chick says not that she noticed. 

Lucia is still woozy and hops into bed.   Cleto finds Lucía's purse AND panties in the front seat of her car and afterwards gives them to Carlota.  No one bothers to tell Lucía so she has no idea she was almost certainly raped. 

Time passes and swim classes go on with Ivan taking Alex; Gerardo attends to the repairs and rehabbing of El Socorro, aka Suckers’ Ranch; Merry Piece (Boo!  Hiss-s-s-s!) is picking out wedding gowns with a smiling Lucrazia (Boo!  Hiss-s-s-s!); Lucia starts looking for another job; Cam and Ivan inspect the operations at the packing plant and are satisfied at the progress. Ivan tells Tony that he’s planning on moving back to L.A. after the wedding and leaving Cam in charge of everything in Alamos.  (Does this mean Lucia as well?) Tony tells him he's a grown man; it's your decision and I'll respect it.   After Iván leaves, Tony reflects that Iván is making a mistake. 

Lucia helps organize and advise the packing up of the townhouse with Cleto and Gloria and Carly.  Carly starts searching for something and finds all her jewelry boxes are empty and her jewelry is missing.  She’s fit to be tied.  Carly starts screaming to Lucrazia that she knows this obviously is how MP got the money to pay her lawyer.  Lulu tries covering for Merry Piece by saying it was she who stole the jewels and hocked them.  Carly tells her to get real.  She knows it was MP and she’s going to report it to the police.  Hopefully MP will rot in jail and lose custody of Alex and leave Ivan free to marry Lucia!

Lucia finally convinces her grams to calm down.  They’ve covered up so much about the family over the years, why waste it all on a scandal over the silly jewels? Why chuck it all now? (She’s got a point there, unfortunately.)  Carly reconsiders and agrees.  She’s too tired to fight any more.

Ivan stops by to pick up Alex for lunch.  He chats with Carolina about having to marry Merry Piece only to make sure that he can take care of Alex’s upbringing.  It means for Alex he’s decided to give up Lucia, the love of his life.  Everything is fine till he breaks the news that it also means taking Alex back to L.A.

When Anto meets up with Cam, he mentions that Carolina’s eye surgery was a bust. But, he’s there to discuss something else. He refuses to let Saul Mondragon get off with having his daddy pay them off.  Cam explains that Saul refused and so Juan Jeil-me kicked Saul out of the house and cut him off financially. Then he sent over Judith to offer a check for Lichita and Carmen’s care, but their mama, Arcelia, refused.  It didn’t work out, but at least the old buzzard tried.  She only wants him to marry Carmen.  Anto’s out for revenge and Saul, the slime-bucket, is gonna wish he’d never been born!  Cam warns him he could end up in jail if he goes any further since the old man’s extremely influential with all that money!  Anto better stop and think how that’s going to affect their mama, crying for him every day of his 20-30 yr. sentence!  Don’t think he isn’t dying to smash the guy’s face in himself, but Carmen was big enough to know better when she got involved with him. She had to have done it for what she could get out of it!!  Anto says the guy was supposed to be his bud, too! Naw, he says, he’s not going to let things slide!!

Ivan breaks the news to Alex about traveling back to L.A. to live. There is no joy in mudville today, except that Disneyland sounds really tops to Alex, Schools there have great football and Ivan’s promised not to leave him alone an instant in evil MP’s clutches.

Meanwhile, Lucrazia screams at Merry Piece about her stealing the jewelry and  wants to know where the Hell she hocked her granny’s pearl necklace!  Who? Me??? Lulu pushed her back onto the bed.  Lulu knows better and is like get real!  “--What did you expect me to do to pay the lawyer? I won and you got what you wanted!  Ivan’s going to marry me!”  “--Those jewels meant a lot to your grandmother!!”  “--Who the hell cares about some filthy necklace, anyway when Ivan’s going to marry me and you’re all going to benefit from it???”  Lulu’s ready to pull her hair out.  “—You’ve always done perverse, improper things, but listen to me!  We all have done improper things, but we’ve always protected our own in this family!  Always!”  “—Not Lucia!  She took Ivan from me!”  Lucrazia shakes the crap out of MP again. “—Aye!  Stop this stupidity!  He left you for being slut!  But I’m not going to argue the point now!  I only want to know who the HELL you sold those jewels to!” 


Una Familia Con Suerte #18 Fri 10/28/11 Puppies, tacos, flowers, and wrath: something for everyone!

Big Boy, er I mean Nico, is pressing Pancho to explain why he won't take up with a great woman like Chela. Pancho really doesn't want to discuss this, but finally says that Chela is his best friend; getting together as a couple would risk their great relationship. Chacho feels badly that she overheard him suggest sending Rebe flowers in the first place.

Candy admits to Chela that it seems odd to her that Gladys let her out of her contract. Chela wonders if it has something to do with Vince.

Next morning, Rebeca confronts Candy and says she can't work at Avon because she doesn't have a degree. (Neither does Pancho!) Candy asks if the receptionist and messenger have degrees. Rebeca tells her to feel free to be a receptionist or messenger if she likes. Candy insinuates that Rebeca is getting into Pancho's pants. Rebeca won't let her stay. Candy says she's been fired from better dumps than this and threatens to get Rebeca thrown out.

Pancho supposedly needs an image makeover; I say Rebeca needs a BITCH makeover!

Pina loudly scolds Vince for coming home at 4am soaked to the gills with booze after a night out with Arnold. ("NO SOY GAY!", he screamed in a gay bar when a guy asked him to dance. "Excuse him, he's coming out of the closet, he's a little nervous," Arnold explained.) They are waiting for Abeja's labs and wishing aloud for a negative result; Abeja yaps at them.

Chacho and Pancho are at the market. (Do Chacho and his lollipop remind you of anyone else?) Filemón, the boy we met at the market in the first episode whose mother couldn't afford medicine for some unidentified illness, tells Pancho his mother is doing better. Fil calls him Señor Francisco this time. He says it's because of the way Pancho is dressed. "People treat you the way they see you," is what his mother always says. Pancho gives the lad a huge tip.

The vet confirms that Bee is pregnant. Adoración and Abeja are delighted with the good news. Pina and Vince, not so much. (Pina wails, "We're going to be grandparents!") Ado offers to make Pina a calming valerian tea, but Pina takes four different tinctures instead. She tells Vince they should hide the pregnancy and give away the puppies. Abeja runs away crying. Vince doesn't think it's a good idea; Abeja will hate them.

Rebeca speaks some English on the phone. I shouldn't make fun - her accented English is probably no worse than my accented Spanish - but seriously, I hope whoever she's speaking to has subtitles. Pancho shows up with some tacos that Chela made with cilantro. (Wow! I guess she really did like that cilantro bouquet!) Rebeca complains about the smell (and he also smells like garlic and onions from the market), but thanks him for the flowers. Then they review an ad for some real products.

Rebeca tells Pancho about an upcoming dinner with some Arab investors (or clients?). He's going to have to learn a whole new set of manners because their culture is different.

He wants to know about getting an advance on his paycheck. She says he needs to set up a bank account and a bunch of other things. He admits that he needs the money to settle the same matter that he blew off yesterday's meeting for. She warns him about letting personal matters interfere with his work.

Vincente shows up and demands that Rebeca leave him alone with Pancho. It's a matter of life and death!

There's a photo shoot at Avon. Arnoldo is directing the models. Special theme music signals the arrival of Arnold's apparent favorite model, Bárbara. From their reactions, I can tell the other models envy and resent her. He kisses her a little more than he should and embraces her a little too long. Rebeca comes in and wants to visit and catch up. Arnold says the other models are zombies compared to Barb.

Pancho tells Vince that Popeye's fathered lots of pups, but he'll make sure Popeye does right by Abejita. (He is speaking hypothetically; I don't think Vince actually confirms the pregnancy.) Vince also offers to help, "as a friend," at dinner with the Arabs. Pancho heats his yummy but pungent tacos. Vince very politely and cordially covers his nose with a hankie and excuses himself.

Rebeca tells Barb all about Pancho the vegetable guy. Pancho walks in and can't take his eyes off of the new arrival. "¡Que Bárbara!", he quips. (Nice to know he can remember some names.) She lifts her hand for him to kiss. He is speechless and his hand shakes. I think he likes her.

Candy goes to Casa Popular to tell Chela how the evil Rebeca kicked her out because she can't stand not being the prettiest woman there. Chela will handle it herself! She goes to Avon and Celeste won't let her up until she gives her name. She says she's the president's sister in law, but she doesn't want to visit him, she wants to visit the anorexic, er, that is Rebeca. Rebe says she doesn't meet with people who don't have an appointment. Chela says she'll wait. Feigning peepee pains, she pretends to be looking for the bathroom, then sneaks onto the elevator. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

Vince tells Arnold he's gaining Pancho's confidence. The upcoming dinner with the Arabs will be the perfect chance to get Pancho fired.

Pancho offers to tell Rebe a great joke about Arabs. Rebe declines. Lying (laying?) in wait for some face time with la tísica, Chela overhears Rebe and Pancho flattering one another and making plans for tonight's etiquette lesson. She leaves in disgust.

Alex reports for duty at Casa Popular to work with the kids. They go nuts over him, maybe because he's handsome and gave them presents. Now he suggests a field trip! Lupita is concerned about getting chaperones and such. Candy likes the idea and volunteers Elena's help. (That's just what Lupita needs - her boyfriend's sister along on her first Definitely-Not-A-Date with Alex!)

Rebe says Pancho needs to air out his office. (In a cute twist, Rebeca gets the name of the taco filling wrong.) She schedules an appointment with the bank. He asks why everything has to be scheduled. She says that's how things work. She also explains that salary is different than hourly work.

Tomás asks Pepe how his stint as a pizza boy went. Pepe is still sure Mo will fall for him.

Tearful Chela comes home to an even bigger arrangement of roses than Pancho sent to Rebeca. Goya says they must be from Pancho. Chela says, "throw them in the trash!" (I guess she really does prefer cilantro. Weirdo!)

Pepe wants to know what the deal was between Tomás and Betty. Tom does not want to discuss this, but says it was just that one time and he'll never see her again. And that's not the problem between him and Lupita now; Alex is the problem.

The kids' mothers give their permission for the field trip. Alex impulsively gives Lupita a chaste hug. Lupita says they can use La Burra to transport everyone. Alex asks what she's going to tell Tomás. She warns Alex not to interfere in their relationship, or everything - the field trip, their friendship - is off. He apologizes for being nosy.

Vince is on the roof at home with binoculars, looking for Candy. (He says he can't use the closed-circuit TV system because Pina is watching him.) Instead of Candy, he finds Popeye, who is practicing all of his tricks and moping over Abeja. Adoración startles Vince, who manages not to tumble off the roof. Enzo is waiting for him. has Vince tells her to give him a drink. She promises to serve him the cheap stuff.

Pancho and Rebe return from their meeting with the bankers. Pancho asks her how to write a check.

Vince and Enzo are now smoking stinky cigars while Vince tells Enzo about Pancho's stinky tacos. (Enzo speculates that next, Pancho will put a little stove in his office to heat the tortillas, too.) He offered to help out with the dinner with the Arabs and then had to go running to the bathroom. Also, Catgirl is Pancho's sister. Enzo is excessively impactado.

Next time:
Trick or treat! Candy squeals over something written on a card. Is this the card that came with Chela's pink roses?


Cuando Me Enamoro #136 Friday 10/28/11 "Pain Is Inevitable But Suffering Is An Option"

Today's title brought to you by our very own Renata!

This week, we're the victims of the first falling anvil as we're treated to a new intro! Arturo Peniche appears as an "actuación especial". Could Padre Juan Cristobal be a recurring character from now on? As the intro continues, we have several added scenes including an extended edition of the grape-stomp. Lovely!

Fast forwarding through the information from yesterday, Jero tells Regina that he is having a child with Marina. Regi is happy to hear that it won't break up Nata and Jero. Regi flashes back to her feelings of betrayal after finding out about Roberto. She is sure that Nata will be an excellent second mother for the baby.

In the hospital waiting room, Berta asks Nata how Jero could still be with her considering that Nata is the daughter of a serial killer. Jero understands that Fina's actions are her actions alone, not Nata's. Things are going so well between Nata and Jero, they are engaged again. Berta feigns excitement over the news as Agustin arrives.

Nata recalls her discussion with Jero that Augie could be a murderer. Nata carefully chit chats with him and Berta can't help herself from telling Augie about Nata's engagement. Augie keeps a cool head and listens to Nata explain that she and Jero are going to have both a church and a civil ceremony. A few tense moments pass before Augie leaves.

Over at the hacienda Nurse Elsa draws blood from Karina and gossips the livelong day about Doctora Marina's nausea due to her pregnancy. Manuela and Matilde are floored but Karina admits to already knowing about it. Mati is upset Kari didn't tell them and Manuela teases her for being a gossip.

Berta meets with Augie outside the hospital. Nata already knows about Jero's baby with Marina; it isn't going to break them up. Augie isn't so sure. He plans to press the issue and Berta offers to help. She's tired of seeing Nata so happy.

Mama Merida sits alone in the casa and decides to "transform other things" if Carlos won't let her makeover Matilde. She goes shopping for decorative things. I try not to fall asleep.

Carlos introduces Mati and Manuela to Leoncio, the new worker at the hacienda. They are surprised (Leoncio is a Little Person) but very respectful.

Selene calls Adriana for a Chema update. Meanwhile, Chema's Padre visits Chema's apartment but he does not open the door. "My padre? After so many years?" Chema wonders.

Lazaro calls Jero to ask if he and Nata would come to their wedding. He absolutely agrees to be there and if Gonzo is doing well Nata will come with him. Jero offers to pay for the wedding reception at the hacienda and Lazaro is extremely grateful.

Marina comes back into work despite looking awfully green. She admits that she is going to miss so many things about the pueblo.

In Honorio's office, Antonio talks to the Detective and agrees to accept responsibility in his debacle with Fina. It's entirely possible that he could go to jail. Speaking of jail, a gang of badass prisoners menace Fina but she is not scared in the least. Fina and another inmate get in a fist fight and the guards break them up.

Honorio gives Adriana the good news that Gonzo's mansion can finally change ownership to Nata. Hon and Adri discuss their sadness over both Gonzo and Chema.

Nata and Constanza sit by Gonzo's bedside and talk to him. Berta joins them yet her words of comfort and love lack the sincerity of the other ladies. Jero and Regina join the group and, a few moments later, Gonzo's eyes open! They flag down a doctor who checks Gonzo over but has no good news. Gonzo is alive but appears to have no connection to the world. He isn't responding to any stimuli. The hope in the room is shattered.

The Doctor compares Gonzo's situation to a television that has been disconnected. He is alive but there is no connection between his body and his brain. They plan to start intensive therapy to test his physical, emotional, and psychological functions. It could take anywhere from a few days to many years before they truly know if Gonzo is going to recover or remain a vegetable.

Berta plays Debbie Downer as she throws a mini-fit about Gonzo's recovery possibly taking years. He might never wake up! Even if he does, he might not be the same person anymore! Nata tells Berta to cut out the negativity; it's the last thing they need. Berta huffs off but Nata assures everyone that Gonzo is strong and will be with them again.

Manuela and Karina chat about the upcoming wedding. Kari is worried that Doc Nesme might show up at the wedding to ruin it. Manuela comforts Kari; the police are after Doc and he has no reason to return.

Lazaro and Leoncio run errands in town. Once Laz leaves Leoncio alone for a moment, Leo calls He-Whose-Bucket-Has-Not-Yet-Been-Kicked to tell him about Kari's wedding.

In the hospital chapel, Regina and Constanza pray for Gonzo's recovery. Nata prays for the same but she understands that quality of life is better than the quantity of life.

Jero calls Marina to check up on her. He offers to come out to see her but Marina asks him to stop calling her. She will never keep his child from him but it hurts her too much to continue talking to him. Jero refuses to give up on her or his baby.

Fina is not taking well to solitary confinement. She pounds on the door and cries to be let out. Hmm, might this be a foreshadowing to how our villainous viper might meet her end? The director at the jailhouse refuses to allow Fina to be moved until her punishment is up.

Matias, Honorio, and Adriana are debriefed on Gonzo's diagnosis. Everyone anguishes anew but Nata decides that it's time for all the Monterrubios to be strong and optimistic. Regi, Connie, and Hon leave for the cafeteria. Jero admires Nata's attitude and strength. Nata learned it from her padre: "El dolor es inevitable, pero, el sufrimiento es una alternativa" / "Pain is inevitable but suffering is an option". We end as they cuddle on the couch.

Avances: Detestable Doc crushes a glass with his fist and says "I would rather see you dead than married to someone else!" while Augie thinks pervy thoughts about Nata.


Friday, October 28, 2011

La Fuerza del Destino #58-59 Thu 10/27/11 La Fuerza de the episode that never ends!

Alex and Lichita are playing out at the ranch when Gerry shows up to say hi. Carolina is in Mexico dealing with her eyes. Gerry is there to check out the house and tells them to get back to playing demolition derby.

Toni sings David's praises, but JJ isn't convinced. Toni lets him know the insecticide is being distributed and applied on JJ's ranch. JJ suspects Camilo may screw up the fumigating to get revenge for Saul knocking up Carmen. He tells Toni that that's why Saul got kicked out of the house. He wants Toni to pass on the message that he'll give Carmen money for the kid if they'll just keep quiet. He doesn't want to chance screwing up the elections.

Pobre de Rosa has to deal with Maripaz when she comes looking for Alex. Maripaz is offended at the thought that Antolín might be interested in Carolina. She calls Gerry and wants to talk to him within the hour or she'll turn him in for kidnapping. When? Before or now? Gerry tells her to just do it already and hangs up on her. He tells Lucia and she takes the phone and wants to talk to Maripaz. She offers to meet her in 2 hours. "Why?" Cause I gots stuff to do, yo! She hangs up and tells her dad this has to end.

Alex tellls Lichita that Ivan is his "2nd" dad.

Gerry wants clarification. Lucia says Maripaz is playing around with all of them. Ivan wants to know what's going on and Gerry tries to hide it, but finally admits that Maripaz is threatening to turn him in for kidnapping. Ivan tells him that would mean admitting that she lied to the judge, which is also a crime. He calls his lawyer to find out what would happen. The lawyer says it's a 20-40 year prison sentence. Lucia is sure that Maripaz is just threatening. Ivan gets off the phone and says Maripaz could be locked up for 2 months to a few years, but Gerry would get a 20-40 year sentence. Ivan says he'll order that the money be deposited into Maripaz's account and they'll try to get her to leave the kid with Gerry while she finds her house. Gerry takes off and Ivan calls his secretary and tells her to deposit the check.

Gerry feels bad for causing so many problems, but Lucia tells him it was actually a favor that he took care of Alex.

Alex comes up to Ivan, wondering why his dad left without saying goodbye. Ivan just says he was in a hurry and they go to find Lichita.

Saul is still looking for Gordo and has to reassure the barkeep at The 9 Ball that he's not angry at him. The barkeep gives him a note from Gordo.

Gerry goes to Alicia's grave to reproach her again for not telling him she was pregnant and that he still misses her. The caretaker comes by to say Gerry hasn't been there in a while. He offers to bring some water for Gerry's flowers.

Lucrezia is trying to pressure Carlota into giving her back signing authority on the accounts, but Carlota refuses. Besides, Lucia can sign if anything happens to her. And she's made up her mind, so she doesn't want to keep talking about it.

Saul ducks into a hotel to meet with Gordo. Gordo says they've got to kill Antolín, but that won't be so easy. Saul lets him know he's been cut off. Gordo has been making some money, but he doesn't think Saul has the stones to do the kinds of things Gordo's been doing. Saul insists he can handle it.

Ivan lets Maripaz know that her money has been deposited, but he guesses it will take some time for her to find somewhere to live. In the meantime, he wants Alex to stay with Gerry and he wants her to quit threatening to turn him in. Maripaz grins and says that's all she wanted. Ivan hangs up and Maripaz orders another drink.

Alex comes into Ivan's office looking for Bruno. He wants a puppy of his own. "Well, Maripaz might not like that." "What's she got to do with it?" "Ummm…we'll talk about it later." Alex is SO sick of "later" and people treating him like he's stupid.

Lucia meets Maripaz at her watering hole. Maripaz is planning to find a house and have everything ready to move in in 3-4 days. When Lucia tries to talk to her about Alex's trauma, Maripaz whines about her own trauma. Maripaz thinks Alex needs a firm hand and less coddling, but Lucia tells her that will just make him rebellious. Maripaz bitches that Alex has been really rude to her. She gripes about Lucia "stealing" Ivan from her. If Ivan wants access to Alex, he'll have to marry her. Otherwise, he'd better marry Lucia, have kids with her, and forget Alex. Maripaz leaves the table. Lucia calls Gerry and tells him there's nothing to worry about, but they've only got a few days to convince Alex to live with Maripaz.

Alex complains to Toni about everyone putting him off and treating him like he's stupid. He wants Toni to explain things to him. Toni reviews the facts, but Alex is stuck on just not wanting to live with Maripaz and no one asked him and he'd rather live with Ivan if he can't live with Gerry, etc. Toni says they'll all come visit him every day.

Camilo encourages Ivan to marry Lucia, have kids with her, and forget about Alex. Ivan doesn't think he can do it. And he's worried that Lucia will back out of marrying him to leave the field clear for Maripaz. Ivan thinks Maripaz can ruin Alex's life.

Ivan takes Alex back to Gerry's. Alex has come to the not-entirely-incorrect conclusion that as far as the laws are concerned, children are worthless and their opinions don't count for anything. Alex asks who's going to help him when Gerry and Ivan are both in their own houses. He doesn't believe Ivan will help him.

Camilo and Toni talk about the fight between Saul and JJ. Camilo says getting an allowance from JJ is pointless--Camilo has always supporter Carmen. Camilo is doubtful about voting for JJ in the Association elections. He and David are both sure that JJ is crooked. Toni suggests getting into the Ag Association and then asking for an audit.

Camilo lets Carmen know that Saul won't recognize the kid, but JJ is offering an allowance. Carmen doesn't like the idea, but Celia tells her to suck it up. Carmen whines as usual. She wants someone to stand up for her, even if it means Antolín goes to jail for doing something to Saul. Carmen whines and cries and goes to her room. They have a conversation about Antolín being such a bad, bad boy and Camilo leaves. Celia cries to the Virgen for support and to her dead husband for leaving them too soon.

Lucia exercises. And gets interrupted. Again. Damnit! By a knock on the door. Gloria comes in, but Lucia keeps ellipticizing. It's Ivan. Lucia tells Gloria to tell Ivan she's asleep, but changes her mind.

She comes into the living room, where Ivan is looking at his picture. I mean, grandpa Teodoro's picture. They sit and talk. Lucia tells him she saw Maripaz and Maripaz is planning to be tough on Alex. She doesn't think there's any way to stop her. They declare their love and smooch. Lucia says he has to choose between her and his son.

Gerry comforts a crying Alex, who is upset that no one listens to him and no one wants to help him. Gerry says he'll have a few days before he has to go. Alex doesn't care if it's a bigger house--he won't have Gerry or Ivan or Carolina or Lucia or Bruno with him. They make a pact to be brave and not cry, like the time Alex was brave at the dentist. Alex will try to be brave for Gerry's sake, but Gerry has to promise never to forget about him.

Ivan insists there must be another way. Lucia insists there's no way out. She figures this is a trick of Maripaz's, but not like before. She's not just threatening someone's reputation, she's threatening Alex. But they luuuuuuuuurve each other. Ivan doesn't want to give up. Neither does Lucia, but the have to think of Alex and how defenseless he is, etc.

Toni shuts his laptop for the evening. Ivan comes home, a soggy, weepy mess.

Gordo and Saul party. They run into Maripaz. She asks why he's there if he doesn't have money. She brags about how much money she's going to have and how she'll marry Ivan soon, since he cares more about his son than Lucia. She asks to be offered a drink.

Ivan and Lucia decided to break up. Dumbasses. Philosophizing. Ivan hopes a truck runs over Maripaz. Give her a few years and she'll rot from the inside out, I'm sure. Ivan doesn't want to have found Alex just to abandon him now. Toni asks him to think about what's best for the peace of his soul. "You could marry Maripaz and then divorce her when Alex is older. If your love for Lucia is true, you can get back together then." Toni! Shut. Up.

Carolina calls Gerry. Her appointment is soon, but she wanted to know how things are going. Gerry says everything is calm, Maripaz is finding a house, and she won't take Alex until Carolina comes home. He figures it's a done deal. Carolina's pain is getting continually worse and she's afraid she's rejecting the transplant. Gerry encourages her not to lose hope until she talks to the doctor.

Antolín calls home to find out what's happening with Saul. He doesn’t like that Saul won't claim Lichita and says things won't stay like this.

Antolín comes into Carolina's room. They get in a few smoochies before he takes her to her doctor's appointment. She's terrified.

Carlota wants to know what Lucia and Ivan were talking about. Lucia runs off, claiming she's late to take Alex to the pool. Toni calls Carlota and invites himself over for coffee.

The doctor is taking a long time to see them. It makes Antolín upset, seeing Carolina suffer. A nurse comes to call them.

Ivan is mopey and tells Camilo that he broke up with Lucia. Camilo is concerned, but inside he's cheering, I'm sure. He asks if it wasn't a rushed decision? He says he's really sorry about it and doesn't think Ivan has to marry Maripaz. Maybe it will be enough that he broke up with Lucia? Ivan is concerned about Maripaz saying that Alex needs a "firm" hand. Camilo then suggests seeing Lucia behind Maripaz's back, but Ivan won't make Lucia his mistress the way Gerry did his mother. Camilo convinces him to go to the packing plant.

The doctor takes the bandages off Carolina's eyes, making her incredibly nervous. It's way earlier than the doctor said she could take them off. He wants her to open her eyes slowly. Finally a commercial break!!!!

The pain is too much and she begs the doctor to turn the lights off. He thinks she's rejecting the transplant. Antolín asks what they can do, but the doctor doesn't think so. They should have told him right away when she started having pain. All they can do now is give her a sedative and some eye drops for the pain.

Alex and Lucia talk at the pool. Lucia approves of the "just be a brave little soldier" plan. She reminds him that classes will be starting soon. Alex can't wait to show his peeps pictures of their trip. He gets in the water to show off his swimming skillz.

Gerry gives Carlota and Lucrezia the run down on their run down ranch house. His estimate for the work shocks Lucrezia. He isn't charging for his own services, though Carlota wants him to, just materials and labor. Carlota breaks it to him that he's only got a month to do it in. He says he'll do what he can and start with the plumbing and electric, paint the rooms they'll be using, and save the rest for later. Carlota gives him an advance and Lucrezia goes out to see how the fumigating is going. Carlota tells him they lost 1/3 of the corn because Lucrezia refused to take action when Camilo told them about it. She asks how Alex is.

Alex tries to beg Lucia to take him over to Ivan's house. Lucia tries to ask if he'd be ok with living with Maripaz if Ivan was living there too…he'd like it if Lucia was also living with them and wonders why they can't all live together. That's what I said!

JJ bitches that the doctors won't let him out of the hospital. He wants to be home already! The doctor's putting him on a restricted diet (that won't last once he gets home) and NO ALCOHOL! Riiiight, we've seen how well that's worked so far. He accuses his wife of liking the doctor, then insults his kids.

Carlota gets filled in by Toni and cries. She tells him Lucia has been in love with Ivan since they were kids. Toni says it was the best decision they could come up with. Toni says they've got to stay out of it.

David gives him an update on the fumigating. JJ tells Esther to go give money to Carmen, but she whines that she doesn't want to. Judith and David both offer. JJ says Judith can do it so she can see what kind of craphole Camilo lives in and get over him.

Carlota is still upset. She thinks everyone is going to be miserable. Carlota wishes Maripaz would just drop dead.

Maripaz checks out a house and says it's a bit too big for just herself and her son. Maybe an apartment? Um, who is she and what has she done with Maripaz? The apartment has a lot of amenities. Maripaz isn't sure if she's buying or renting.

Carolina wakes up in her hotel room. She's been sleeping since they got back to the room. The pain is less now, but she's upset that they went to all that trouble for nothing. She refuses to try it again, or for Antolín to keep wasting time on a lost cause. Antolín doesn't think it was a waste. He won't engage in any serious conversation right now while she's so upset. But he does want her to know that even if she can't see, he'll still love her with his whole heart, always, and he'll always be with her. "Don't thank me. I'm doing it for love."

Lucia comes home and Carlota brings up the broken engagement. Lucia insists it wasn't for Maripaz, it was for Alex and she doesn't want to talk about it right now!

Lucia goes to her room to cry. Ivan cries in his room.

Alex tells Gerry he's going to be brave, but he'd rather they can all live together. He tells Gerry that at least Ivan is going to live with him and Maripaz. Gerry is shocked to hear it. He calls the house and gets Lucrezia. He wants to know what's going on that Lucia says Ivan is going to live with Maripaz. Carlota tells Lucrezia it's true. Lucia caved in to Maripaz. Lucia comes in and says this is the last time she's talking about it…. Commercial break

When we come back. Lucrezia and Carlota go to Carlota's room to talk. Carlota thinks this sucks. Ivan and Lucia will be miserable. Lucrezia thinks they'll get over it. "You've never been in love, right? If you had been, you'd understand." Carlota feels sorry for her. Lucrezia is just happy somebody's marrying rich in this family.

David and Judith go over to Camilo's house. She's a little shocked at how poor they are.

Celia isn't even in the mood to cook tonight. Carmen goes to answer the door and is surprised that David is there.

Benito isn't sure where Ivan went…maybe with Camilo? He asks for permission to see his wife and kids for a week. Toni wants to know more about Benito's family.

Celia refuses the money. They don't need it, so thanks, but not thanks. Judith says it's not charity, just a way to compensate her for what Saul did. Celia says the only way to do that is get Saul to marry Carmen and recognize Lichita. Judith apologizes for offending Celia's pride. David tries to insist, but Celia still refuses. Carmen is shaking with anger at Celia's refusing the money. She whines and bitches about no one giving her money for anything but the basic necessities. She's upset that Celia keeps rubbing her nose in the fact that to Saul, she's nobody.

Judith liked Celia. She's got character, which Esther doesn't have. Now they'll have to tell JJ that they refused the money. David is worried about Antolín's reaction.

Camilo and Ivan are bar-hopping, presumably looking for Maripaz. That damn sexy smile song again. Ivan drags Maripaz out of the bar where they find her, telling her if she wants to be the mother of his child, she has to start acting like it. Party time is over! "You wanted custody, right? Start being responsible." He asks if she's gotten a house. Maripaz whines about how little money she has, so she chose an apartment. Ivan says she'll live in the hotel for a month, and she won't see Alex unless he's there. At the end of the month, they'll get married. And no "My Love," he's only doing it for his son. She's still gloating. "I swear I'll be a good mother! Patient, loving. You won't be sorry!" After he leaves she gloats some more that she won, she won, she won!

Ivan goes to get his drink on. He's doing it for Alex, blah, blah, blah. Camilo says he made the fairest decision he could, then.

Lucrezia wants to go supervise Gerardo's work, but Carlota tells her to leave him alone. Lucia doesn't want breakfast. Carlota goes to see her. Lucrezia has to pick up the ringing phone. It's Maripaz, with important news…Ivan proposed! Oh, shut up, the pair of you!

Carlota tells Lucia to get out of her room already. Go to the ranch, see the house, choose their bedrooms. Carlota tells her to get cleaned up.

Celia liked Judith. Camilo says he likes her, but he's not in love with her. Celia tells him to give up on Lucia. "Well, don't tell my gossipy sister, but Ivan and Lucia broke up--he's going to marry Maripaz!"

Antolín fills Gerry in on Carolina. They'll leave later that day and get home by the end of the following day. Gerry picks up his stuff for work. He won't take Alex because a friend's mom is taking Alex to the circus.

Ivan likes Camilo's land. They talk crops. Ivan wants to go back to LA after he gets married. He asks Camilo to keep an eye on Lucia while he's gone. Camilo says he should make a clean break if he's going to. "But I at least have Alex. She doesn't have anyone." They go over to El Socorro.

Maripaz gloats to her mom about what a huge-ass wedding she wants and how she guesses they'll move into the house with Toni.

Lucia and Carlota arrive at the ranch house. They meet Ezequiel, the ranch manager and start looking around. The go inside the house and start talking to Gerry.

Ivan sees Lucia, but he wants to leave. Maripaz runs up and wants to kiss him, but he shoves her off. Lucia remembers them crying and breaking up.

Judith tells JJ they rejected the money. She doesn't know if they'll accuse JJ of being behind the fires. He says he'll just deny it all…though the gossip will hurt his chances for the presidency. Esther wants him to stop worrying about the presidency since it just stresses him out. He scoffs at her for making up the hospital bed.

Carlota is pissed at Maripaz for being there. Lucrezia acts like nothing is wrong and congratulates Ivan. Lucia walks off and Camilo goes with her. Ivan leaves and goes in the other direction. Lucia asks Camilo to tell her grandmother that she's ready to leave.

Carlota gripes at Maripaz for putting on a show. She knows Ivan is just marrying her because she forced him to do it. "He'll always be in love with your sister. That will be your punishment." Camilo relays Lucia's message and Carlota takes her leave. Lucrezia gripes at Maripaz for being imprudent. Gerry reminds her that Ivan's not marrying her for her. "Why is everybody always against me?!" whines Maripaz. Lucrezia says it's because she's stupid. Works for me.

Camilo is worried that Lucia is too upset to drive, but she says she'll be fine and she and Carlota leave.

Gerry bitches at Lucrezia for Maripaz's behavior. Lucrezia says at least one of her daughters will be happy, but Gerry doesn't believe Maripaz will be happy.

Ivan hates Maripaz, big shock. Camilo tells him he made his choice, so he'd better suck it up.

Maripaz keeps gloating. Lucrezia tells her that's not the way to win a man over. Maripaz thinks she can get him back with the same behavior she used 10 years ago.

Lucia wants some alone time and Carlota is hovering. She slams down a picture of her and Maripaz together.

Toni tells Ivan that JJ is out of the hospital. Toni still wants to have the party next week, though he assumes there will be no announcement of an engagement. Ivan tells him that he's marrying Maripaz and Toni gets that "Damn, kid, you sure are stupid," look on his face.

Tomorrow: more crying, whining, and moping; Lucia gets kidnapped.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cuando Me Enamoro #135 Thursday 10/27/11 Where sits our sulky, sullen dame, gathering her brows like gathering storm, nursing her wrath to keep it warm.*

*Robert Burns

Today’s title and Dicho of the Day are dedicated to Roberta Monterrubio. Also, not only do we have flashbacks from this novela but we also have flashbacks from another one. Try to keep them straight.

Redux: Jero gets the Ecclesiastical Annulment paper, bummer. Chema’s father Benjamin (David Ostrosky) arrives. Jero and Renata visit the Bishop who is a crossover character from ENDA which I never watched. (I tried to read the plot on Wikipedia and it was very confusing! Apparently one crazy dame kills nearly every other cast member.) He understands all to well that perfidious and homicidal family members can really mess up one’s love life.

Bishop CB tells them that the love of his life was tormented by her own sister for her whole life up to her death. “Her death?” ominously queries Jero. “It’s a long story,” continues the Bishop, “Wanna hear it?”

Bishop CB explains that he was in love with Macarena, a person not the dance. But Big Sis Carlota was in love with him. She couldn’t stand that he only loved Macarena and had a daughter with her. (Yes, I was tempted to say he did the Macarena but I controlled myself.) He was both Padre and Papa, jokes Renata. Then we have a flashback to ENDA when Padre CB explains to Paloma that he is her daddy. Renata says she totally gets it because she has a half sister who hates her guts, oh and so does her own mother. Bishop CB gives his condolences. Jero confirms that Nata has been the victim of her mother’s deep hatred. Bishop CB wants to speak to both of them separately. Nata first.

He wants Nata’s honest reassurance that nobody is forcibly persuading her to take back the annulment. (I like this guy.) She assures not. He says he wants to hear her story, take all the time in the world.

The Doc tells Chema’s dad, Coni and Adri that Chema’s tumor is inoperable, nor is there any other treatment they can do to dissolve it. Also, his blackouts (lagunas mentales) will continue to get worse. To wit, his days are numbered. Coni and Adri weep and dad cries “My son!”.

Fina approaches Blanca and says she’s reconsidered. She’ll need Blanca’s help to get out of there and if they work together they can be out of the joint soon. They verbally dance a weird minuet, both threatening the other in case of betrayal, but eventually agree to become evil cohorts when Blanca assures “Finita” they want the same things, to get out of jail and wreak vengeance on the Monterrubios. Fina says she has a plan but won’t reveal it. However very soon she’ll be on the other side of the bars wearing a snappy little number just like Blanca’s.

The doc recommends that Chema’s dad and friends make his last days the best of his life. No stress or anxiety. He doesn’t know how much time Chema has left, a few weeks or maybe 3-4 months. Adri wants to tell Chema the truth but dad begs them not to. The ladies agree to stand by dad’s decision. (Chema wouldn’t remember anyway and they would just have to keep telling him over and over. Nobody wants that.) The doc plays show and tell with Chema’s X-rays.

Gonzo’s doc tells Matias it’s incredible how Gonzo has improved. He says they are hoping that his reflexes and actions indicate that his body and mind are connected. They’ll have to wait to see how the bullet that’s lodged (alojada) in his head affects him.

Renata has been telling Bishop CB her story. We get flashbacks of Nata and Jero getting married. She says then things changed when they moved to the hacienda; cut to ugly flashbacks of Jero being mean, then a flashback of the harpy in the headband Matilde blaming Nata for Rafa’s suicide. Nata eventually discovered that Jero really hated her. But then Jero got proof that Rafa was murdered by Nata’s mom! Bishop CB advises her that the fight between good and evil exists on earth. Nata cries it’s hard to reconcile that the woman who gave her birth could do such evil. Bishop CB says he can see she has a good soul and she is responsible for her own actions but not the actions of her mother. She knows this but it still hurts.

Renata insists that she is certain Jero is a good person and truly repentant. He was very mad but now she has no doubt of his love. She knows he loves her, just like Mr. Bishop loved...Macarena? Bishop CB softens and explains more about his story, that Carlota pushed Macarena out a window which killed her, but he had enough time to say goodbye to her on her deathbed. Flashback to Macarena’s death scene, Mac asks CB to take care of “her” (Paloma?) forever...flat-line. Renata thanks him for helping her realize she’s not the only one with a truly screwed up family and love life.

Matias flashbacks to his mother’s funeral. Gonzo was there to offer condolences and to tell his son he regrets they have lived apart so many years. But in spite of this they are father and son, both Monterrubios. Blah blah blah. Gonzo thanks God for having a son like Matias. After the flashbacks Matias tells his dad he must recover (recuperar). He wants Gonzo to know his grandkids. Please don’t go papa, stay with me!

Jero is back in the Bishop’s office and Bishop CB asserts he has no doubt that Renata has been the victim in this story. Damn straight! (Oops, sorry Mr. Obispo) Bishop CB tells Jero he looks forward to hearing his side of the story tomorrow. Renata gives Padre Papa (her nickname for him) one of her famous hugs as they Adios. After they leave Padre Papa tells his big crucifix “You’re awesome!”

Berta helps Regina pack for her discharge. Berta offers to drive but Regi says she’ll take a taxi, that way Berta can stick around for dad. Berta admits it’s hard to see her strong papa in such a state. Regi says she’s sure Gonzo is fighting for his recovery. She tells Berta she hopes one day Berta can love her as much as she loves her papa. They hug and I can’t translate Berta’s expression, although sinister music plays.

Nasty Nesme’s spy approaches Carlos and Laz and asks for a job. He claims the world says the bosses at La Bonita are the best and help everyone. Carlos chuckles and says he’s not the boss and unfortunately they don’t need anyone. Laz seems to know the guy, Leon I think, and says normally they hire extras just for the harvest season and it’s over. Spy Guy says he’ll work for free, just food and lodging because he has nowhere to live. He’ll do anything, he’s an orphan and has nobody in the world, please don’t throw him into the street. Laz and Carlos talk while Leon pleads. Carlos relents at last, and he and Laz figure out a place where Leon can work.

Meanwhile Nasty is sucking on his little flask. Right, that tiny thing would last about 5 minutes, max. He must have a quart of tequila stuck down his pants or something. He croaks “Kari, I need you in my life, in my arms. (glug glug) I know I failed you Kari, just give me just one more chance, we could be happy (glug glug).” Gross!!

Nata tells Jero how much she likes the Bishop as they join the others at the hospital. Matias tells Regina that Gonzo is making great improvements. Small talk small talk. Berta says Regi is supposed to go home and get plenty of rest but Regi insists she’s going to home to wash up but then come right back to the hospital. Jero decides to drive Regi home, then Matias decides to go home for a shower, thus leaving the two sisters alone.

Chema’s dad thanks Coni and Adri for respecting his wishes to keep Chema’s terminal illness from him. They assure him that their whole family loves Chema. (Except Matias that is, tee hee.)

Berta tells Nata that she told Fina she never wants to see her again. Nata says she told Fina the same thing. “How are you gonna do that?” smirks Roberta, “after all she is your TRUE mother.” Nata says no duh, she can’t forget that. Berta gets a few more digs in about Fina then says if only Regina had raised her things might have been different. Maybe she wouldn’t have... “Hated me,” finishes Renata, and she flashes back to Berta accusing Nata of stealing everything and everyone from her. Back to present time Nata says Berta never loved her as a sister. Roberta tells Nata “YOUR mother always stood in our way. Do you think now there could still be a chance for us? I’d love to have a good relationship with you.” Renata stupidly relents, admits she’d love it and gives her sister a big Renata hug. Berta sneers over her shoulder and thought bubbles “My hate for you will never end. All the world loves you except for me, and I’m going to pass myself off as Regina’s daughter so they’ll accept me. Never, ever will you know the truth!” Never say never, I always say.

Tony visit Hons to clarify something about Fina. There is another crime that nobody knows about. Fina killed Comandante Cantu because he found out that Pepa and Fina are the same person. At they same place they also found Pepa’s ex-lover and she killed him too. No, Tony didn’t witness it but Fina admitted it to him. Hons gets right on the phone while Tony continues whining about his guilt, boo hoo. Couldn't the bullfighter go to jail for withholding evidence or something?

Berta grouses insensitively about Chema's tumor then takes off. Nata tells Coni and Adri they have to be strong for Chema. They don’t know if they can pull off the happy face charade but they’ll try to pretend everything is normal.

Marina is dressed up super sexy but hurling in the baño, not so sexy. She recalls Alfonsina’s crappy advice to fight for Jero. She says she can’t do it, she knew she was getting into a relationship with a married man. She can’t do anything to harm Jero, nada. She doesn’t look convinced.

Jero brings Regi home. She asks him what it is he wanted to tell her. He takes a deep breath and admits he’s going to have a child. She’s thrilled that she and Gonzo and going to be abuelos. Uh, no, he continues, I’m not having a child with Renata, but with Marina. It is she who is expecting my child. Doh!

Avances: Fina slaps some feathers out of The Goose, then she appears to have a meltdown. Gonzo opens his eyes. Augi pops back into the hospital and has to force a smile when he hears Nata and Jero are about to remarry.

Dicho of the Day:
Árbol que crece torcido jamás su tronco endereza = That which starts wrong will never be right (Lit. The tree which grows bent will never straighten its trunk)


Una Familia Con Suerte #17 Thu 10/27/11 Pancho is in trouble with everybody.

Pancho goes to the Paraiso to buy out Candy's contract, forgetting about the big meeting of executives. Rebe is so furious she won't let him call her Rebe any more. Even Pancho's cuates are amazed he would ditch his important meeting to go to the Paraiso! They recommend he send Rebeka flowers. Rebe loves them! But Chela cries - she points out to Pancho that he's never sent flowers to HER and she'd always hoped he'd send at least one. He admits he's an idiot and flatters her plenty; she asks if he has feelings for Rebeka. He denies it and hands her a bunch of cilantro. She is mollified. He promises her they will always be together!

Lupita finds out the Foundation did not send the things she took to the Casa Popular. Well, somebody had to have sent them "and that person is an angel," Lupita says. She later tells Tomas there's more to life than sex and he should grow up.

Vince asks Rebeca if she'd like to go to that intimate little restaurant they used to frequent. Not till the earth revolves in the other direction, she says.

Alex drops in on Lupita. After she reminds him she has a boyfriend he asks: "How did you like the things I sent for the children?" She is impactada. He says his wish to help the kids is separate from his feelings for Lupe and that he'd like to teach them to use computers.

Stupidly, Candy tells the evil Elf Masseuse that her brother is President of Avon. The Elf makes a video of Catgirl with Vince, who, dying to know who Catgirl really is, rips off her mask, shouts "It's you!" and gets hauled off by the bouncers. Gladys releases Candy from her contract.

Disguised as the pizza man, Pepe slips into Monica's house and flirts hotly. When her daddy comes home she hides Pepe in the closet in typical farce fashion and gets him out the door when her dad leaves the room.

Vince is terrified Candy will tell her brother about today's episode at Paraisa, but Arnolda says he has bigger problem: he's fallen in love with a naca! "But a phenomenal one!" Vince protests.

Bright and early next day, Candy (showing bulging cleavage) is at work before her brother. This is the first Rebeka has heard about the company's new director of image. She's not pleased. "You can't work here," Rebeka orders, and Candy stands up and they give each other snake eyes as the curtain comes down.


Cuando Me Enamoro #134 Wednesday 10/26/11 Rob denies Fina to her face ... Everyone BUT Chema hears about his diagnosis...

...Everyone teams to pray for Gonzo and declare against Pepa...Tantrum Man has a plan… Runaway Doc gets a job... and Fonsi's got a gun

Recap by Marta Ivett

Pepa: you are so ungrateful. I am doing all this for you!
Berta: really? What good did it do to hurt my dad? That was not the plan. You betrayed me again.
Pepa: I don’t believe you care about gonzo. Besides, he is worth more dead than alive.
Berta: Even if you don’t believe it, I love him. Hes the only dad I have known and you had no right to take him from me.
Pepa: For Gods sake, you sound just like cursi as your sister.
Berta: I don’t care. If you don’t care about his life, but he is all I have left. The only one who’s loved me for me.
Pepa: I never realized you cared that much about him.
Berta: Now you know. You told me you were only after her. But you failed anyway. Neither of them is dead.
Pepa is in disbelief.
Berta: None is dead, and you don’t know how glad I am that it didn’t work out for you.

Berta: you always used me. You only played with me.
Pepa: Its not true.
Berta: I have only been another piece in your game. Since you killed Rafael you have manipulated me to do what you want. You did not only kill him, you also killed me.
You murdered the only man I have loved, you sent me a letter in his name, but you wrote it, only to hurt me. (she recalls Fina reading the letter to her and Berta crying)
That is why you did not want me to go to the hacienda so I would not discover what you did… of course, you had to make sure I got that stupid letter… (then she recalls that Fina also messed up her cell phone so she could not communicate with Rafa). I could even swear you did something to my cell phone so Rafa could not call me that day. Somehow you found out we were going to escape so you planned it all so we could not talk and your plan worked perfectly.
You lied to me all the time. You made me believe you were protecting me and supporting me, but you were only protecting yourself.
Fina: You speak like that because you are hurt. But when you think about it you will give me the reason.
Berta: Never, because thanks to you Rafa died hating me. (remembers Nata coming to the jail to tell her about the letter Rafa received, Berta tells Nata someone signed for her) And that, mother, I will never forgive you for it.
Fina denies having written the letter…
Berta: And you want me to believe that? …
Fina: You should, I am your mother! (great moment to remember that detail, Pepa!)
Berta: it doesn’t seem that way. But alright. If you really have done it all for me, then let me stay with Gina… She has shown that she can be a real mother. Let me have a real mother.
Fina: You are crazy.
Berta: No. I have realized now that my life would have been very different if I had a real mother beside me. And know what? Now I choose her. Her instead of you, for anything!
(Berta leaves)
Fina: No, you are not going to steal my daughter from me, Gina. I won’t allow it.

Adri and Chema… Adri tries to get a contact for his family/father in front of Matt and Julieta. Julieta is confused. Matt explains that Chema suffers from mental holes…
Julieta recalls her aunt who died after had the same symptoms and she had a brain tumor. Matt thanks Chema and Julieta for coming. They both leave. Matt asks Adri what is up with Chema. Adri tells him that Doc told Sele and her that Chema has a brain tumor. Matt tells her about Julieta’s aunt. And that she died. Adri not sure how critical Chema is but she is worried, don’t know how he will react. Matt says that’s fine, no problem. Adri tells Matt that she has to try and contact Chema’s dad as Connie comes to them. She asks what is up with Chema. Adri tells her, Connie is very impactada. She will look in the charity center to see if she gets Chema’s dad’s number.

Hono comments with Connie and Gina that they will keep Gonzo sedated until they finish the tests to find out the effects of the bullet on his brain. Hono is pleasantly hopeful of the progress Gonzo has made.

Commander Manriquez comes to see them, Fina’s trial process has begun, he asks them if they are willing to testify against her. All 3 are more than willing to help…

At hospital cafeteria, Isidro and Ines talk about Antonio… Ines is not so quick to forgive.
He has found consolation only in God…
Antonio is talking to another priest telling them that he will testify against Fina, can’t change what happened but will try to do what can to make sure Fina doesn’t hurt anyone else. Priest asks the tough question. Did you feel anything when you saw her again? Yes. But don’t worry. She will always be important to me but my decision to give my life to God is firm. Priest is glad.

Jero and Nata arrive at his apartment. She is still very impressed after her visit to Fina in jail. Nata suddenly remembers she has to go see her dad. Jero suggests she relax for a while first. He gives her a very comforting hug and walks her to the room.

Hono finds Augie at hospital lobby. Augie asks for Nata. Hono tells him Nata went with her husband. He finds a gentle way to ask Augie to leave Nata alone with her husband. Augie claims anything that happens to Nata is important to him. Hono insists Augie let Nata have peace. If you really love her, let her live beside her husband. And thank you for asking about Gonzo’s health. Good day.

Jero is still pampering Nata who can’t stop crying… she can’t help it. Mothers are supposed to love their children by instinct. They should be willing to give their life for them. Jero says theres always exceptions to the rule.
N: Do you think that having this mother image, I can be a good mother?
J: I am sure of it. I am sure you will be the best mother in the world… I swear it.
N: Jero, don’t ever let me be like my mother… please… never let me be like my mom.
J: You won’t be… Trust yourself. Please trust yourself. Trust how good you are. (more pampering)
N: I feel broken…
J: I think you are burrying your mom, even if she is still alive. You are burrying all your expectations for your mother to be a loving mother, a protective mother… (she breaks down again on him, he continues to kiss and pamper her) I think burrying her will be the only way you will overcome this…

At hacienda, Carlos confronts his mom again, she is resentful to him for making her feel like intrusive. She would feel better if he let her guide Mati on how to fix herself up. Carlos tells her their marriage will get postponed again Because Padre Severino is at hospital. Mom whines that it doesn’t matter who marries them. But Carlos and Mati insist that it needs to be Padre Severino. They will let her know when the wedding is so she can come again. Mati is proud of her progress and raport with the mom while they interacted. Mati says now I am the woman Carlos loves, but a bit more refined. Thanks to you…

Lazaro comes to Kari and manuela. They tell Manuela about Padre Severino’s health, he doesn’t look good. Manuela asks if they will also wait for Padre to recover to get married. Kari says no, next week. Manuela is very happy for them, her gift will be the celebration dinner at the wedding. Lazaro yells happily again.

Doc runaway sends the shortie to find someone at la Bonita to tell him everything that goes on there, especially anything related to Karina and Lazaro. Short guy will do the job himself. There is some money since doc runaway now has a job. When shortie walks away Doc tells himself ‘you have to be with me again, Karina. You are my wife… and will keep on being it.’

Ezeq brings Alfonsina the gun… he insists if Doc comes by, put some lead in him. Can’t let him hurt you or the kids… if I am not here, you have to use the gun.

More pampering by Jero on Nata… massage on back/neck… he sets up a bath with candles and pampers her some more…
Later he cooks for her something pretty fancy and salad sprinkled with parmesan? And wine… he leads her covering her eyes.
N: How I love you!
J: I do more!
N: what do we toast to?
J: SO you will raise my child very well.

Gina, Ines, Isidro, Connie, Hono are worried about Chema… Ines says she has his father’s number. Adri calls him with Matt.. (Benjamin Casillas)… She tells her he and Chema are distanced .. Adri knows that… she asks him to come to the hospital. She tells him to find her in Gina’s room.

Marina checks Alfonsina’s the baby is doing great, with her love and Ezequiel’s love the baby is very lucky… Alfo goofs up and comments that babies feel everything, even love and denyal, from the woumb. Marina gets upset. Alfo appologizes for the comment. Then asks about Padre S. Marina says have to leave the church house, next priest is coming soon. She is moving to a rental house in town… after a few months will go back to MC. Other than my uncle there is nothing that keeps me here… Alfonsina offers her/Ezeq’s house. Marina is thankful. Marina asks Alfo if Jero /Nata returned from MC. Alfo tells her about what happened to Gonzo/Gina. So they will be a while… Marina gets upset again…
Marina: of course.. his place is with his wife and her family…’
Alfo: Don’t cry doc… you are hurting the baby..
Marina: It is me that I am hurting! (cries harder) I can’t stand this separation anymore!
Supporting hug from Alfonsina… Later Alfo gives her some tea.
Marina is still settled on raising her child alone… Alfo says there are always problems in a marriage. In any case, that child you are expecting is the boss’s. And a child is a child.
Mar: I don’t want him to be with me just because of that
Alfo: But if he was with you, its because he felt something. And that can’t be erased overnight
Mari: Jero was always honest with me. I always knew he still loved Nata.
Alfo eggs her on to keep trying/fighting for Jero
Fina remembers Berta’s rattling to her… chosing Gina over her… Fina is actually crying, she can’t stand to lose Berta… then she recalls meeting with Blanca…

Jero still with Nata, receives the citation regarding their church marriage annulment.
Nata appologizes for not having got around to stopping that process.
Jero is very nice about it, she says have to go do it first thing tomorrow morning, to control the damage my mother has done to us…

Morning comes..
Chema’s father arrives at Gina’s room… Connie, Adri and him go to find the doctor.
Matt asks Gina if she cares about Chema too. Yes.

Jero and Nata visit the bishop( Arturn Peniche… looking pretty handsome I must add)
The bishop at first is very reluctant to accept the on again off again of their marriage… since he can read the annullment application and says the marriage was based on lies to begin with. Nata (and jero, but mostly her) explain about her mother killing Jero’s brother and feeding Jero lies about her. That seems to win a bit of support from the bishop. Bishop claims he lived a similar situation one time…

Previews:Flashes including doctor telling chema’s dad that the prospect is not good.
Berta hugging Nata but thinking ‘my hatred for you will never end’
Fina teaming up with Blanca… saying if they work together they will be out of the jail soon.


La Fuerza del Destino #57 Wed 10/26/11 La Fuerza de la Guerra de Desgaste where Merry Piece sets the record for insults

Please provide any missing details.


Lucia talks to Alex about Merry Piece; Ivan's lawyer informs him of his visitation rights and the child support he must pay Merry Piece; Esther and Judith get the doctor's report on JJ.  They tell David, including the stuff about Saul and Carmen.


Casa Lomieli: Antolin talks to Carolina's doctor, who wants to see her.  She's afraid this means that the operation didn't work.  Antolin is trying to be positive, but he's worried.

Casa Curiel:  Merry Piece makes noises while Carlota tries to talk to the lawyer about the sale of the house.  Lucrazia keeps trying to get Merry Piece to stop.  The meeting will be at 11 in the morning about the check and the documents; Carlota negotiates a month to vacate the house.  Finally she hangs up.  Lucrazia is satisfied with the results of the call.

MP:   Is nobody going to listen to me?  {???} the devil.   The judge granted me a miserly allowance for the brat.  55,000 pesos per month when Ivan has millions!  [That's about $4,100 US at the current rate of exchange.  She's demented.]
Lucrazia:   Your complaint is stupid.
MP:   No way!  I thought he was buying me a house with a garden, pool, two cars, but with this pittance [limosna] I can't do anything.  A simple designer purse [bolsa de marca] costs more than 15,000 pesos.
Carlota:   This money isn't for you; it's for the child.  Besides, how many designer purses can you buy?  Every month?
MP:   You will never understand me.  What's more I insisted the judge never let Ivan see the brat and he gave him two visiting days per week!  He must have paid him off so he would reject my petition.  This judge is corrupt!   (grabs her purse and exits)

De verdad, the egoismo of this hija de puta is enough to make a saint go ballistic.

Carlota:   What does she think, that Ivan is made of gold?
Lucrazia:   Mama, Ivan is head of two companies.  One in Mexico, one in the USA.  Of course he has big bucks.
Carlota:  But most of it isn't his; it's Tony's.  He may only be drawing a salary.
Lucrazia:   I don't believe that.  Surely his lawyer made up a good story so he would pay less.
Carlota:   If so I'm glad because this proves that she was in this for the money, not the child.
Lucrazia:  What worries me is what we're going to tell people.
Carlota (getting up):  If anyone asks me, I know very well what I'm going to say.
Lucrazia:  What?
Carlota:  That ten years ago Maripaz had Ivan's child and we hid this but because she's extorting money from him it's now out in the open.  (exits)

Lucrazia is impactada, but then gets up and exits.

Commercial Break that leads with a promo for the Latin Grammys.

Casa Curiel:
Lucrazia:   Someone has to make something up.
Merry Piece:   What?
Lucrazia:   Something to justify you living with the child.
Merry Piece:   I didn't invent anything.  It's enough to say that my father's son will live with me.  What's the problem?
Lucrazia:     Do you think people will believe that?
Merry Piece:   It doesn't matter to me what people think.  Anyway I could move to another city with less gossip and people who are more civilized.
Lucrazia:   And what about us?
Merry Piece:   Mother, from here on in it's every man for himself.

At this point Lucrazia's mouth is so wide open she looks like a newly caught fish.

Casa McGuire:  Lucia, prepares to take Alex home.  Ivan informs Tony he wants to register Alex as his son with the name Alejandro McGuire Lomieli.  Benito tells Ivan it's been a long time since he last saw his own two children, so Ivan tells him to go ask Tony for some time off to do so.

Office:  Camilo and David go over accounts.  Ivan arrives and they talk about JJ's hospitalization, the insecticide, etc.

Hospital: Esther calls Saul to tell him JJ is in the hospital; he appears very concerned.  Not.  She's crying because she must sense his attitude.  Judith is there for her.

Casa Lomieli: Gerry gets home to hear that Carolina's doctor thinks she's rejecting the transplanted cornea.  He wants to see her ASAP.  She doesn't want to go because of the problems with Alex and Merry Piece.

Casa Mondragon:  Saul leaves with his suitcase.

Casa Lomieli:  Alex cries at the prospect of living with Merry Piece.  Both Lucia and Caroloony promise not to abandon him.  Gerry tells Caroloony to go to the doctor.  Merry Piece has no money so she can't take Alex yet; Ivan hasn't yet paid the first month's support.  They won't let her take him anywhere.  When he starts work on Rancho Socorro Alex can go there with him.  The sooner she goes to the doctor the better.    As she leaves, Lucia calls Ivan to ask whether he's paid the first month's support; he tells her he hasn't yet because he doesn't have the bank account number.  She tells him to hold off for a few days and she will explain later.

Rancho Socorro:  Antolin informs Arcelia and Camilo that he has to take Carolina to D.F.

Casa Curiel:  Lucia updates Ivan on what happened at her dad's house and on little Alex's mood; he's sad.

Carlota:   Lucia, I hope you're not planning something foolish.
Lucia:   No, grandma.  I was just thinking about Alex's desperation, his fears...
Merry Piece (entering with 4 designer shopping bags):   Ivan did not deposit the monthly support money, I had to put this on the card.  But when that account is open and there isn't enough money he's going to hear about it.
Lucia (getting up):   I'm sick of hearing this because the manner in which you've conducted yourself doesn't have a name.  You yell and carry on like a madwoman.
Merry Piece:   You are nobody to tell me how to care for my son.
Lucia:   This 10-year-old child has suffered trauma!
Merry Piece:   I also suffered trauma when Ivan raped me.
Lucia:   Ivan never raped you.
Merry Piece:   How do you know?
Carlota (getting up):  Enough!  (gets between the sisters)
Merry Piece:   This conversation is between my sister and me.
Carlota:  I have all the right in the world to say what I want.
Merry Piece:   What right?  Just because you are an outdated old woman?  [vieja caduca]  (Carlota slaps her hard enough to turn her head. She slowly turns back, slicking back her hair and with a cold smile viciously slaps Carlota back).
Lucia (on the attack):   Are you crazy?  (starts to fight, but Carlota gets between them again, pushing Lucia back gently)
Carlota:  Leave her alone.  (looking Merry Piece right in the eye)  It's true.  I hit you first and perhaps [need help here] .   I understand now that we can no longer live under the same roof.  You will leave this house this minute.
Merry Piece (in her Whiny Victim style):   But Grandma I don't have any money.   I just found out that Ivan didn't pay me the monthly allowance...
Carlota:  I said you will leave this house!
Merry Piece (petulantly):   As you say!  I always do as you say!  (She grabs the shopping bags and exits)
Lucia (hugging her from behind):   Grandma, what have you done?  Maripaz might take Alex..
Carlota:   We'll have to wait and see.  I couldn't let her stay under my roof after what happened.  If you're afraid call your father.  She might try to take Alex and we can't permit that.

Lucia reaches for her cell phone as viewers reach for their barf bags.

Commercial Break that leads with a promo for Protagonistas.

Casa Curiel:  Lucia calls Gerry to tell him what just happened and to warn him.  He tells her not to worry and he will call her later.  Caroloony not only has figured out what happened, she tells Gerry to call Ivan for help!

Casa McGuire, just outside:  Ivan tells Camilo what's up and would he please take Alex to his family's home because he needs to be protected from Merry Piece.  Camilo agrees.

Considering who Camilo's sister is, is this a good idea?

Casa Lomieli, night: Merry Piece shows up to grab Alex.

Merry Piece:   I've come for my son.
Gerry:   I didn't think you'd be coming.  I gave him permission to sleep over a friend's house.
Merry Piece:   Yes, why not?  You think I'm an idiot?  Wake up the brat and hand him over.  If you don't I will charge you with kidnapping him.
Carolina:  Your father is telling the truth, Maripaz.  Alex isn't here.
Merry Piece:   I believe you even less than him, you blind filth!  [mugrosa ciega]
Gerry (shouting):   I will not permit you to talk that way...
Merry Piece:   This is a date for scolding [need help here]

Merry Piece heads toward the rest of the house; Carolina tries to follow her, but Gerry stops her.

Gerry:   Carolina, calm down.
Merry Piece:   He's not here.  Where have you taken him?
Gerry:   As I said, he's at a friend's house.
Merry Piece:   Friend?
Gerry:   I'm not going to tell you.
Merry Piece:   I'm going to the judge.  I'm going to tell him it wasn't true that I asked you to take him.   I'm going to say that you stole him.
Gerry:   Tell him whatever you want.  I've had enough of this.
Merry Piece:  We'll see whom he believes. (exits)
Gerry:  She is completely insane.
Carolina:  With this one what will happen to Alex?  I can't go to Mexico.  I'm not going to Mexico...
Gerry:    Now more than ever you are going.  Besides we can get help from Antolin, Ivan, Lucia.  And when you come back you will be able to see.
Carolina (wailing now):   No, I don't want to go...

Gerry holds her as she cries again.  No comment.

Casa Galvan:  Alex is there with Camilo, Arcelia, and Lichita.  We find out that Lichita likes to draw but can't read yet (How old is this child?).  Camilo goes into the next room to take Ivan's call.  He's checking up on Alex and Camilo puts him on the phone.  Alex is happy to talk to him.  Ivan promises he will see him shortly.

Casa McGuire:  Benito rushes in to tell him that Merry Piece is outside with her luggage.  Ominous music plays as Ivan prepares to do battle with her.  Tony tells him he will take care of Merry Piece because Ivan must keep his promise to Alex.  Benito goes out to get Merry Piece.  She looks pretty satisfied with herself until Bruno growls at her.  He's a lot smarter than her lawyer or the judge.

Tony:  Buenas noches.
Merry Piece:   Buenas noches.  I don't have any money because you haven't deposited it and when grandma threw me out I didn't know where to go.  So I came here.
Ivan:   Maripaz, I didn't deposit it because the lawyer told me there was a missing procedure [falta de los tramites.  You'll get your money in a few days.   [?]  I'll call a hotel to get a room for you.
Merry Piece:   No, two.  No way will Alex sleep with me.
Ivan:   Maripaz, Alex will not live with you until you have your house.
Merry Piece:   I want my son to live with me.
Ivan:   Maripaz, what's your hurry?  You lived ten years without him.  What difference will a few more days make?  Are you trying to annoy him or me?
Tony:   Ay, ay, ay...Go to your meeting and I'll take care of it.
Ivan:  Con permiso, Padre. (exits)
Merry Piece:   Meeting?  With whom?  Lucia?
Tony:  Maripaz, come with me.

As he leads her in Bruno growls and barks at her.

Merry Piece:   Get him out of here!  I'm afraid of dogs.
Tony:   What's happening is I won't hit him and I won't take him out.
Merry Piece:   Somewhere else, far from here.
Tony:   This is his home and he can go where he wants to.  If you want to come in, do.
Merry Piece:   It's that I want to talk to you.
Tony:   Sit down.

She almost runs to the couch and sits down, not taking her cowardly eyes off Bruno, who continues to growl.  Tony sits on the other couch and motions for Bruno to join him.  Bruno jumps on the couch next to Tony and settles down.

Tony:  Very well.  Talk.

Commercial Break that contains a promo for CME with the other hateful sister

Casa McGuire:  Lucia arrives and talks to Ivan.  She's worried about how all this will affect Alex.  She's also worried about the possibility of Maripaz moving in with Ivan to try to live with him and Alex.  He tells her not to worry about that.  But from the look on her face he has something to worry about.

Merry Piece, in the meantime, is up to her usual tricks (of the verbal kind).

Merry Piece:   I was very young.  I had just gotten back from the US with all its prejudices and I fell in love with Ivan.  When I got pregnant I was upset because I was too young to have a baby.
Tony (watching her carefully, with a scrutinizing expression):   Yes, I imagine so.
Merry Piece:   My mother didn't believe I could take care of a baby and I didn't either.  I'll be honest.  When the baby disappeared I felt liberated.
Tony:   Of course you didn't know that your father had taken him.
Merry Piece:   No.  After we went back to Alamos I went on with my life.  But I never found another man like Ivan.  I swear.
Tony:   I have no doubt.
Merry Piece:   When he returned my love for him was reborn.
Tony:   You don't say.
Merry Piece:   It's true.  Why don't you let me stay here?  Alex likes it here.  He likes it here.  He could get used to living here and so could I.  We could stay and be a family.
Tony:   I know what you're saying.  After fire there are ashes.  One important thing:  Ivan is in love with your sister.

No, Merry Piece; you haven't impressed Tony.  Boo effing hoo.

Casa Curiel:  Lucia and Carlota talk about what happened earlier.  Carlota is upset and feels ashamed that this happened.

Casa McGuire:  Merry Piece turns on the waterworks again.

Merry Piece:   No, Don Anthony.  What Ivan feels for Lucia isn't love.  It's gratitude.  Affection.  She was in love with him since she was little.  But I know I can reconquer him.  If you would only help me things could be normal.  Alex would love Ivan and little by little get used to me.  I swear I would be a good, affectionate, understanding mother.
Tony:   I'd like to believe that and it could be true, but after everything you've done nobody would believe it and Ivan will not come back to you.  And he loves Lucia.  Very much.
Merry Piece:   And why [?]  She spoke badly of me.
Tony:   And here you're starting to lie.
Merry Piece:   You want the truth?  Since Ivan came back he's been lying about me.  He says I'm crazy, that I   [?] that I left my novio...
Tony:  You left David?
Merry Piece:   No.  That happened before Ivan came back.
Tony:   Maripaz, we won't talk about that.  Ivan is my son but I don't make decisions for him.
Merry Piece:   But if you permit me to stay...
Tony:   Answer me one thing:  Why did your grandmother throw you out?
Merry Piece:   Because we had an argument.
Tony:   Why did you argue?
Merry Piece:   The same reason as always.  She always takes my sister's side.  We were having an argument because she said I treated Alex badly when taking him out of the pool.  She was undermining my authority as his mother.  She started fighting, I started to defend myself, Grandmother got in the middle, she slapped me...
Tony:   You didn't say how you responded.  Did you slap your grandmother?
Merry Piece:   Of course not.  How can you believe that?  If she told you that she's lying.

Tony – who obviously knows the truth – looks suspicious.

Casa Curiel:  Lucia tells Carlota she has had it with all the fighting, the anxiety, etc.  This is not looking good.

Casa Galvan:  Carmen is reading a story to the children.  Ivan isn't worried about this, as he thinks Carmen is a good person.  He needs a reality check.  Tony calls Ivan to tell him he gave MP money for a hotel and she's gone.  Ivan is worried, however, about Lucia.

Commercial Break that leads with a promo for Protagonistas.

Casa Curiel:  Lucia thinks about what's just happened.  Flashbacks to the hard conversation with Alex and his tears.

Casa Galvan:  Ivan tells Camilo that Lucia is getting pessimistic and nervous.  Again with the “you'll have other children” thing, which Camilo doesn't get.  Ivan has a flashback about the afternoon at the pool.

Casa Lomieli, morning: Caroloony doesn't want to leave because she's worried about Alex.  After Antolin gets her to leave with him Gerry calls Camilo to check up on Alex.  He's going to watch him and Lichita while Carmen and Arcelia work at Rancho Socorro.  Gerry tells Rosa to tell MP that Alex is with a friend if she shows up.

Hotel Room:  Merry Piece calls room service for breakfast.  It's obvious she was hitting the bottle the night before because we get a closeup of her last drink first.

Casa Curiel:  Ivan calls Lucia and they talk about Camilo taking care of Alex for the day.  She asks about Merry Piece.  Then she tells Carlota about this.  Carlota finally tells Lucrazia about throwing MP out of the house and why she did it.  Lucrazia calls Ivan's house to have Benito tell her that MP stayed in a hotel that night.

Hospital:  Tony visits JJ, who isn't taking his diagnosis seriously.  He tells Tony he has kicked Saul out of the house definitively and goes on about having two useless sons.  ”But you have one who respects you.”  Tony tells him “I was lucky.  Because you rejected the good one.”


Merry Piece accuses Lucia of stealing Ivan, Camilo repeats his advice to marry Lucia and forget about Alex.  Oy.


bolsa de marca   designer purse
caduca(o)   outdated, but here I think it means “useless”
limosna   pittance
mugrosa(o) filthy
tramites  procedures


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