Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gancho Tuesday 6/30 Gee, that Wrestler Smells Good!

Hi, all. If you’re wondering about the tone of this recap, this is Hombre de Misterio, subbing for JudyB (who’ll do my Friday recap this week).

So what was the deal with Moni and Beto in Moni’s office? She locked the door, and I was thinking she sort of wanted Maury to catch her kissing Beto. No, she was just keeping Beto quiet. After Maury gives up on opening the door (Aldo was going to thank Moni), Maury goes back to work, Aldo is sent home with Salvador, and Moni sneaks Beto out. On the way out he gives her some flyers (volantes) of his upcoming wrestling match, and she quickly hides them, as Maury returns.

He informs Moni that not only did they catch the fake Dad, but Maury took a page from Moni’s book, in that he punched the guy out (lo agarré a trancazos). Moni digs this toughness, but Maury surprises her with a kiss on the cheek. What was that? I’m delivering a kiss from Aldo (good strategy, Maury). So bring us some cappuccino, and we’ll talk. Moni backs away to get the coffee, obviously smitten. As she goes, Maury sees a flyer on the floor, which says “Sensational Wrestling” (wrestling is lucha libre, or free fight).

Cut to the wrestling ring, where Morales is peeved that Beto has finally deigned to show up, given that the match is Saturday (the next day) morning. Beto thinks he’s ready, but a funny montage proves otherwise, as Beto is tossed all over the place, after which five huge wrestlers, with silly masks covering their faces, pile onto our pobrecito. This inspires Beto to put on HIS mask, after which the guys REALLY smash into him (actually his body double, that’s why they put on the mask at this point), flipping him, crushing him in the corner, and stomping on him. What fun!

Back at Grupo Sermeño (easy to remember, as it ends with Meño, a character from Tontas, which many of us just finished watching), Maury, Salvador, Jerry and Gabi are discussing what to do about Bonilla’s fraud with the fake Dad thing. Salvador wants to press charges, Maury wants to let it go. Sal thinks someone else is behind this, looks right at Jerry as he wonders how Bonilla found out Maury adopted the kids. Jerry gets indignant and stalks out, complaining why everyone always accuses HIM. (let’s guess – because you DID it, Jerry?). As the door closes, Sal holds up his finger, telling Maury that Jerry’s hiding something, be sure of it.

Back en casa, Beto’s sore, Moni’s massaging his back. He likes the costeño (Morales, who apparently is from the coastal region of Mexico), but this wrestling stuff hurts! Nieves comes in with some ointment, but Beto leaves to check on dinner. Nieves apologizes to Moni for telling Beto where she worked, but the lies have to stop (I doubt it). Moni’s not mad anymore, and the two are excited about Beto’s big match tomorrow.

The three kids are sitting on the bed, staring at…. Connie, who tells them about their big day tomorrow. They’ll start with a sauna, then haircuts for all, manis and pedis, we can’t have you looking unrefined, but Danny wants to go to the park. Aldo and Luisa are no more enthusiastic. Maury comes in with a great plan. Let’s go to the wrestling match! He shows them the flyer, as Connie makes a face. Too bad, they’re going, as rock music starts playing and the kids flex their muscles.

So, now it’s tomorrow. Two big hooded wrestlers decide not to eat the sandwiches (tortas, also means cakes, but apparently often used for sandwiches in Mexico) brought by someone’s girlfriend. Don’t want to interfere with the training. Of course, when Beto comes in, he can’t resist, can’t believe how great this wrestling is, even free sandwiches are provided, and he digs in. Morales enters, doesn’t think this eating before a fight is wise, is Beto really in shape, is he 100% (estás a cien)? 1000 percent, replies Beto, but all of a sudden the food hits, it’s gaseous eruptus, and he has to find that men’s room immediately!

It’s thug time. Bonilla tells Jerry he wants his dough. Jerry reminds him the plan didn’t work. Boney’s tired of Jerry’s plans. He wants his money, and to emphasize his point, snaps his fingers and two suited mafia types punch Jerry in the gut, sending him to the turf. Lucky for him, Ximena shows up (not having seen the hits), and the guys leave. She then notices Jerry, tells him she told him so, or maybe it was his horoscope.

It’s wrestling time! The ring is empty, the room is filled with people and smoke, the fans are screaming as Moni and Nieves (wearing a rhinestone-covered baseball cap), find their seats and say a little prayer. Morales tells them Beto’s tummy is upset. Over on the other side of the ring Maury arrives holding Danny, followed by Connie, Luisa and Aldo. Moni spies them, and ducks down to hide (I don’t really see why she’s so uptight about all this, but we’ll let it go for now). She calls Estrella on the cell for help, but Estrella has a date.

Moni and Nieves go to the dressing room to check on Beto. As they approach the bathroom, they’re overwhelmed by the smell. Beto yells through the door, he’s got a problem. No toilet paper? No, he doesn’t feel good, and he’s got a favor to ask Moni (I have my guess, we’ll see if I’m right in a few minutes).

Back in the barrio, Estrella parts the waves of hanging laundry to greet handsome Ricardo. And he brought flowers. They were going to go for a walk, but… change of plans. Would Ric like to go see a wrestling match?

At the ring, some big wrestlers are flying all over the place, and Maury and clan are enjoying every crash and splat, even when they go over the ropes. Connie’s a little mortified by it all, but even she starts smiling.

Not everyone’s at the match. Gabi the workaholic is at the office (this is Saturday, remember), and Salvador shows up, saying that when he got home, his wife had packed his bags, the door was closed and locked. Well, replies Gabi, maybe one door closes, another door opens, your next adventure could be with me! Sal is startled, until Gabi says she was just kidding to cheer him up (sure). She wants to go somewhere, they can have a glass of wine, she’ll listen attentively. He first says he needs a hotel, he can’t sleep in the office, but she says no to worry about that now, let’s talk. He agrees, and she’s making progress!

Back at the ring, guess what? Beto wants Moni to take his place (yeah, saw that one comin’). No way in hell, says Moni (I’ll lay odds the next time we see her she’s in the wrestling outfit with the hood and all). Ringside, little Danny has her own cute hood, and is eating popcorn. Connie’s fixing her makeup, and Estrella (in a nice black strapless dress with a white fringe) enters with Ricardo. Strella spots la momia (the mummy, her nickname for Connie), as Connie complains to Maury about the smell of everyone’s sweat. She wants to leave. Maury starts to agree, but Danny wants to see the avenging ghost (fantasma vengador), so they agree to stay for one more fight.

The announcer walks center ring, and introduces the villain first, known as The Crow (El Cuervo), who looks like a cross between Ozzy Ozborne and Michael Jackson, long black hair, white greasepaint on his face, long black robe. The crowd hisses and boos. And now introducing The Avenging Ghost! The crowd rises to its feet, cheering our avenger, in the silver suit with the blue trim, somehow filling it out quite differently than Beto in the hip and bust areas, but bouncing happily up to the top of the corner of the ring, climbing the ropes, to the delight of the crowd. And now introducing the dean (decano) of referees, Pepe Lopitasa (probably legitimately famous, but I couldn’t find him on Google).

The fight starts, and as usual in these things, the hero starts out losing, receiving all sorts of punishment, being kicked, smashed into the corner, thrown to the mat (oh, and BTW, they’ve got that body double back for this part, or else Moni just gained 45 pounds, I think it’s a guy with a bra on under the suit). Danny’s upset, but Maury tells her to have faith. Doesn’t look good tho’, as the Fantasma gets thrown right out of the ring, landing conveniently in Maury’s lap! He’s none the wiser, but I think this inspires our girl, as she pops back up, and the tide has turned! How? She starts BOXING. Beto, sitting in the bleachers with his Mom, says that’s not allowed, but no one can stop Moni now. She even slips in a kick to the nether regions. One more punch, and El Cuervo is down and out! The crowd explodes!

Not quite as exciting, but promising nevertheless, Gabi (looking very pretty) and Salvador are chatting amiably in a restaurant. A mariachi band starts, and Gabi thinks it’s so romantic, until Sal says that’s the song they had at my wife’s tenth anniversary, and Gabi quickly tells the band to shut up. Both Sal and Gabi have been upset by work lately, she by Moni (although he admits he likes Moni), and he by Jeronimo, who keeps manipulating Maury. He’s convinced Jerry is bad, but he has no proof. Gabi says she’ll help, they can be a team. They clasp their hands together.

Back at the ring, the kids are glowing in the aftermath, and Danny wants to meet El Fantasma. Connie’s not into it, she’ll wait outside. Up come Ric and Estrella, introductions are made, and Aldo can’t help stare at the sexy Estella with his mouth open. Strella sweetly tells him to stop it, flies might get in. Maury asks Ric to watch the two big kids while he takes Danny to meet the hero of the night.

Meanwhile, Beto has crashed into Connie on her way out, knocking her pocketbook to the ground. He immediately starts putting the moves on her, but she’s disgusted. He picks up her card from the ground, mispronounces her name, but memorizes her number. He’ll call her tomorrow. She slaps him and leaves. He LIKED that. Oh yes. And you know what else? She also dropped her wallet. Now he definitely has an excuse to see her.

We see some feet entering a nice house, it’s Ximena helping Jerry, patch over his eye, arm in a sling, the result of his warning from Boney’s goonsquad. Okay, you’re fine, I’m going out dancing with the girls, says Ximmy. Wait, you need to help me, sister, says Jerry, wincing in pain. He wants her to seduce Boney, so Boney will stop bothering Jerry about the money. You like Bonilla, right? Sure, but that was DAYS ago. Jerry tells Ximmy she can manipulate Boney through sex. She’s so good at that, and maybe she could even get him to marry her. Then all Jerry’s problems would be solved. Ximmy doesn’t think so. Why don’t YOU manipulate Boney through sex! You’d be great, she says with a wink, off to go dancing.

Maury and Danny are at the dressing room door. Moni, still in the wrestling outfit, but with the hood half off, sees them first, ducks behind a door. What’s she going to do? Maury talks through the door, your biggest fan is here, don’t let her down. Moni puts the mask on and opens the door. Danny’s first words are “you’ve got your mask on crooked (chueca), Fantasma”. Maury asks for an autograph. Moni brings out a poster of the Avenging Ghost, Danny remarking that the picture in the poster is way fatter, but of course, Maury doesn’t notice at all. Moni signs the poster. Danny asks if Fantasma’s butt hurt when “he” fell onto the canvas (la lona). Fantasma stays silent, but nods a bit. Finally, Danny wants a kiss, and after getting it, says “how nice you smell”! (qué rico hueles). Fantasma keeps making macho poses, and of course, Maury doesn’t suspect a thing. If he only knew!

At the superfresa dance club, Ximena’s dancing a sixties dances like the frug with her amiga, while three guys look on. One remarks to the second that she’s the cousin of that race car driver whom they don’t like. But the third guy (whose name might be Rolando) is intrigued by our girl, dancing with wild abandon.

Moni’s lying on her bed, waiting for her cue (oh sorry, I guess she’s thinking about the day’s events). The phone rings, and it’s little Danny. Danny tells Moni she went to the wrestling match, and her favorite was the Avenging Ghost, because he was skinny, and all the other fighters were tall and fat. Maury and Connie come in, who are you talking to? It’s Monita, and she hands the phone to Maury. Connie says she’ll wait in the bedroom, but as soon as she gets there, she stealthily picks up the phone to listen in. Maury tells Monita how they had a good time, and they all missed Moni. And you know what? he adds. I missed you, too (Connie doesn’t like this part).

Paula, Strella and Moni are girl talking in the kitchen. Paula can’t believe Moni now does wrestling, too. Strella says Moni’s a good-hearted person (buenaza), can’t turn anyone down. Moni asks if the girls will come to Tepita tomorrow, she wants to go shopping for office clothes, and needs some advice. With the money from the fight, she can afford it. Strella says Moni can keep borrowing Strella’s outfits, but Moni wants something to show her own personality. They agree she wants a change of “looks” (the English word, pronounced with a strong spanish accent).

Next morning, at the gym, Moni is hitting the bag with feeling, and Beto observes that her right handed punch is back. But you’re hitting like a child, he kids, and she gets mad. She gets up at 4 A.M. to train before work, so lay off it! And it’s Sunday and he STILL has her training. So, you want me to leave? I will, and he starts to leave, but doesn’t really want to, says I’m leaving, here I go, I’m starting to go, but she wants him out NOW. He starts again, runs into Don César, who inspects Moni’s hand. It’s much better, and very soon, she’ll be able to box again.

Connie is complaining to Ximena about Mao (Maury) and you know who. Also, she hated the people at the wrestling match, all fat with tight clothes, smelly, whereas here SHE is, divine, refined, a goddess….and all so your cousin can tell that THING he misses her! Ximena says to chill, the truth (la neta) is Mao’s yours, don’t worry. Connie leaves, still upset, and when Ximmy gets up, she crashes right into Rolando Klunder, the third guy from above. She even remembers him, from those car races several years ago. He was the guy who always came in third place, right? He was, but these two look promising, as they sit down for coffee.

We now see all of Mauricio’s racing trophies, displayed in the garage where his race car is being worked on by Cristano, Aldo helping . Danny’s sitting in his lap, looking cute as a button with a red shirt and a little gray and white striped tie. She asks if he were the Avenging Ghost, who would be his worst enemy? He really doesn’t have any enemies. None? Cristano interjects. What about Rolando Klunder? (Nooooooo!)

And next time: Beto gets a new shirt, and we meet Salvador’s dear wife!

Volantes – fliers
Lo agarré a trancazos – I punched him out
Estar a cien – to be 100%
El Decano – the dean
Chueco(a) – crooked
La lona – the canvas
Qué rico hueles – how nice you smell
Buenaza – a good hearted person
La neta – the truth


Monday, June 29, 2009

Cuidado con el Angel - Monday, June 29 - AJ and Amador go into hiding; JM and MC reunite; Vince lays on his deathbed

CUIDADO CON EL ANGEL - June 29, 2009:
* Cimarro is nervously waiting in the reception area. As he starts to walk away, AJ runs over to stop and talk police business with him. He tries to get her to leave him alone - he's off the clock - she won't stop and insists on him filing charges for her against JM.

* Rocio and Dan bring Mayita to the mansion for a visit. Mayita starts in with convincing MC to help her convince her dad to recognize AJ's baby as his.

* Cimarro tries to get AJ to back off - he's off the clock and can't be bothered with police stuff right now. He's more interested in seeing his son and his recovery from eye surgery. AJ forces him to take her paperwork on her test results and file charges against JM sometime this week or this century. Cimarro finally walks away. AJ stands and grumbles about Amador and their plan.

* JM, Elsa and Rafa are waiting in the room when Cimarro finally appears.

* Mayita continues to pressure MC to promise her to help convince her dad to recognize AJ's baby as her baby brother also.

* Cimarro and Elsa waiting with baited breath as JM unwraps the bandages from Rafa's head. As JM tells Rafa to slowly open his eyes and tell them what he sees, Rafa starts to focus on someone and smiles. Elsa is nervous and asks him what he sees. Rafa totally focuses on Elsa and describes her beauty and says that he can see! Elsa hugs Rafa. Cimarro and JM give each other a manly congratulatory hug also.

* MC explains to Mayita that it isn't her place to interfere in JM's decisions or intervene on AJ's behalf for any reason. Rocio, Dan, Pat and Ceci step in and again explain to Mayita that AJ's baby isn't her baby brother and not to push the issue anymore. MC then tells Mayita that she can come visit and play with Juanito whenever she wants.

* Rafa is overjoyed and tells his dad. Cimarro and Rafa have a happy moment together. Rafa can finally see his father's face and hat. Rafa then thanks JM for the successful operation. Cimarro shows Rafa a photo of his mother. Rafa cries as he holds the photo. He says that she's more beautiful than he imagined, she's an angel. Father and son kiss and cry.

* MC talks on the phone with Dr. about her work at the clinic. He is at the hospital at the moment. When he hangs up, JM appears and asks if that was MC on the phone.

* Amador is on his personal stakeout waiting for MC. He thought bubbles his plan which involves JM, MC and AJ.

* AJ and Vince are in another car, spying on Amador's car. They debate the plan with Amador to separate JM and MC, Rocio and Dan. AJ vows vengeance and prison time.

* JM and Dr. discuss briefly MC's work at his clinic outside of town. JM wonders what he's intentions are. He says he wants to make her his wife. (another ill-fated competitor against JM).

* AJ and Vince continue to spy on Amador's car and grumble together against JM, MC and company.

* JM and Dr. throw down the gauntlet in their battle for MC.

* MC talks with Pat and Ceci at home. She sees that Pat doesn't look well and is worried. Pat assures her that he's fine - he just needs to take his medicine. She smiles and leaves. Pat and Ceci have the same bad feelings about the near future for their daughter.

* Amador spots MC leaving. He pulls out of his parking space. AJ and Vince watch him leave -- She pressures Vince to follow him.

* Nellie and JM are at the police station, talking with Cimarro about AJ's charges against them. JM and Nellie declare that AJ is a liar and is crazy. Cimarro doesn't doubt them but is legally obligated to follow-up. JM and Nellie continue to talk with Cimarro about her test results and which clinic she used.

* Amador follows MC out to the clinic in the secluded woods. He notes that she's alone as he climbs out of his car. He follows her to the clinic. Soon after, AJ and Vince pull up behind Amador's car. They quickly get out of the car. Vince wants to know what AJ plans to do and tries to turn back. AJ is determined to show Amador that she's dangerous if she's double-crossed and convinces Vince to accompany her.

* JM asks detailed questions about the charges and what AJ said to Cimarro. Cimarro doesn't have many answers.

* Amador surprises MC outside the clinic. She has nothing to say to him. He has unfinished business with her.

* Cimarro continues to talk with JM and Nellie about AJ. He says that he can't really proceed with the investigation because it involves Rafa and MC also.

* Elsa brings flowers to Rafa. He laughs to see them with his own eyes. They talk and laugh. He wants to know/see himself. She hands him her compact mirror. He takes a look at his reflection and says how ugly he looks.

* Amador continues his babbling. MC tells him that he's the devil. He says no, actually AJ is. MC wants him to leave. Amador tells her that he has information about AJ and JM that she needs to hear. Just then, AJ appears and yells 'what information do you have about me?'

* Cimarro continues to talk with Nellie and JM about the charges involving Nellie and AJ's argument at the apartment. Nellie has a flashback. Nellie and JM tell their side of the story. Cimarro thinks that AJ should be caught, charged and put in jail for making a false police report.

* Amador confronts Vince and AJ in front of MC. Amador and AJ exchange insults and threats. He mentions his loyalty to MC. AJ attacks. He pulls out his gun. Vince has to pull AJ away.

* At the mansion, Pat and Ceci talk with Rocio about JM and Nellie's visit to the police station.

* Nellie and JM continue their discussion with Cimarro about MC and AJ.

* MC tries to calm Amador down and get him to drop the gun. He refuses. He then reveals that AJ isn't carrying JM's baby, she carrying his and using it to break JM and MC up forever. AJ leaps up and starts to attack Amador. They struggle for the gun. The gun discharges and someone falls down... (UY!)

* Dan and Rocio continue to talk with Pat and Ceci - Dan tries to keep them optimistic and hopeful. They are worried about MC. JM and Nellie enter and suggest going out to find her. JM will contact Dr. to get the address for the clinic.

* Amador shakes AJ as she declares that he's a murderer. Vince is laying on the ground; he was shot. AJ runs off. Amador follows. MC kneels down beside Vince and tells him not to die.

* At the hospital, Dr. tells JM that he won't give him the address - that he's a danger to MC.

* As MC kneels down beside Vince, the other nurse comes running out. Vince has flashbacks of his happy life with Rocio. MC tells the nurse to call for help and get the first aid kit. The nurse scurries away. Vince wakes up and mumbles his message to MC.

* Rocio sees Dan is worried about something. Nellie presses for him to answer. Dan stutters that Vince has been shot and is dying.

* JM and Dr. debate in the hallway who is best for MC. JM wants the address. Dr. says he'll give him the address on one condition. If MC says she doesn't want him, he is to back off and leave her alone forever. Just then, JM's cell phone rings. It's MC - she's desperate and crying. She needs to see him immediately. It's really important. She gives him the address. After he hangs up, he turns to Dr. and proudly says that he and MC have a long-standing commitment and love for each other that will never die or separate them. Dr. looks defeated.

* JM is now magically transported to the clinic waiting area where he is talking with MC, Pat and Ceci about the grave condition of Vince. Pat wonders about transferring Vince to a hospital. JM says that it's too risky - that Vince may not have much time left to live.

* Amador is at home quickly packing his get-away carry-on bag. Aunt finds him. He explains that he needs to leave town, possibly forever, before the police catch up with him. He kisses her good-bye and leaves.

* Outside the clinic, MC thanks JM for his help. He wonders about her sadness. MC hesitates and then tells him her regrets over how she's treated him. She thanks him that she has her sight back. She loves and is grateful to him. They hug.

* Cimarro meets with Vince in the ICU hospital room. He asks Vince who shot him? Was it MC or Amador? Vince reveals to Cimarro that he, Amador and AJ worked together to kidnap Rafael.

* JM and MC continue their heart-to-heart conversation on the hospital patio. They clear up all the misunderstandings between them. He wants them to be together forever. She thanks him for everything. They hug and kiss! (AW! The love birds are back together.)

ADVANCE: FINAL WEEK! Grand finale next Monday!


MEPS 6/29: Will champagne, blue eyes, and an unbuttoned shirt do the trick? Can a witch ferret out Aurora's secrets?

We are grinding our way slowly towards the big party, but we're not there yet. This was a slow, repetitive episode, which could be summarized thus:

Barbara's new plan is to get Fernanda, finally, boinked by her husband Damian, thereby wrecking her chances with Fr/Ed. In order to do this, she has concocted some completely ludicrous story (about the $3 million dollars) which no normal human would believe for a second, in order that Damian can come out of hiding and do the deed.

She spends this whole episode with a loony grin on her face. Let us not forget that she, seemingly the puppet-master here, is having her own strings pulled by Artemio Bravo. He gives her tough assignments but she accepts them zestfully.

In addition, she is determined to plumb Aurora's secrets and is wreaking havoc with the poor girl's weak mental circuitry.

I could stop right there, but for those who insist on more...

  • Out at the statue, Barb (with her loony smile) pressures Fernanda into going to a hotel with Damian so he can explain his actions and "clarify her doubts."

  • So Damian takes Fer to a hotel. He wants to sign in for several nights, she says: "Just one." The main questions she asks again and again: (1) why did you tell me a few days ago that Barbara stole the money and framed you, and now you and she are so chummy? (2) where have you been hiding?

    His answer to the first: this is his chance to clear his name. He doesn't answer the second. I'm not sure why it matters, anybody know?

    To sum up his moves: he orders champagne (Fer doesn't drink hers) and lounges around en deshabille, coming up to Fer as close as possible as often as possible and beaming his slitty little eyes into her eyes and repeating that his love is eternal. He says "let me embrace you" and uses his endearing nickname for her - "peque" (shorty) - a lot.

    After a bunch more bull, he imagines she must be sleepy and extends his hand to her, "let's go to bed, shorty!" She nixes that and he sleeps on the sofa.

  • Barb goes home and tells her intolerably dimwitted husband how happy she is that everything is resolved and Fernanda and Damian can now have marital bliss. The old duffer is, oh so happy, and then he remembers for a second - wait, my daughter Lili has been kidnapped - and his brow furrows a tiny bit - but Barbara assures him all will be fine - that surely it's Dr Obregon who has kidnapped Lili and he'll take good care of her - so the furrow disappears and old duffer daddy is happy again.

    Barbara suggests the Big Party will make a fine time to show the world that the Elizalde family has rehabilitated Damian and clasped him back into their collective bosom. Old duffer agrees although he still thinks Damian could have called, at least.

  • Flor wants to sing like a stooley and tell everything she knows: that she saw Damian and Vladimir and Prisila at Vlad's apartment. Gardenia and Jacinto tell her to keep her mouth shut. She is bent, however, on telling Fernanda, at the very least, that her hubby is holed up with his best buddy Vlad.

  • At the hacienda, Aurora teaches Prisila how to knit - they'll make booties next - but she, Aurora, is having a literally hellish time. She prays and cries, then she finds a voodoo doll full of pins on her pillow and screams and cries.

  • It's the next day. Fer slept in her clothes. The phone starts ringing. It's Franco, Franco, Franco. Esteve, watching him make these calls, suggests it may be too early to call her. "Last night, it was too late." He wants to tell her what he heard from Jacinto: that Vladimir's apt was Damian's hideout. Esteve wonders why Fr/Ed is so hot to tell Fer about this - "can it be, you want to see her reaction?" Fr/Ed calls, calls, calls. "Why doesn't she pick up? She always answers her cellphone!"

    Under Damian's watchful eye, Fer does answer a couple other calls. First, from her daffy Daddy - he wants to hear that everything is wonderful for her and Damian, but she sounds wan and unhappy, even Daddy notices! He reminds her, to her dismay, that the big party at Fr/Ed's is this very night.

    She also answers Flor's call but says she isn't coming in to the office today. She goes to take a bath, thought bubbling among the bubbles that her husband seems a stranger to her now.

    Damian calls Vlad and boasts that, while it's taking longer than he'd imagined, he's well on his way to seducing Fer. Proof? She isn't going to the office, because she wants to spend the day with him!

    He slips her cellphone out of her purse to see whose calls she wasn't taking. It was Franco, Franco, Franco! But why didn't she answer? he wonders.

    He blabs, blabs, blabs at her, telling lies, flashing his sincere eyes and unbuttoned shirt. I fear she is weakening somewhat.

  • It's morning at the hacienda too, and Aurora is not in a good mood at breakfast. Santi (who does a brief orange juice product placement) thinks it's because she misses him at night.

    Barb comes in; Santi is astonished to hear from her that Aurora has developed a strong interest in pasteurization and longs to go to the plant with Barb that day.

    So Barb and Aurora drive off - but they don't end up at the plant. Instead, Barb has driven to some seedy back alley. Smiling goonily all the while, she pushes Aurora up the stairs to meet - Rosenda the witch. The witch drags Aurora off into the back room, chants, asks her name (shouldn't she be able to figure that out via her extraordinary mental abilities?), and Aurora is terrified. Perhaps by the skulls and lava lamps everywhere.

  • It's morning at the office, too. Daffy Daddy Elizalde warns Anibal (who has always loathed Damian and continues to do so) (and calls him an inepto, I like that term and plan to use it myself) that at the party this night he'd better not wreck Fernanda's happiness (at her reconciliation with her husband).

  • It's morning at Fr/Ed's house too. Gardenia bounces in, all excited about the stuff that's being delivered for the party. Fr/Ed isn't interested so Esteve will take charge.
Tomorrow: Finally the party! Erika is very happy. Fer arrives on Damian's arm to Fr/Ed's utter consternation.


Mon., June 29: Don't bring your honey where you make your money!

Buenas noches a todos.

Maury has put his money where his mouth is and adopted some kids from the broken-down orphanage. The one kid, Aldo, is really violent and should probably be placed in an alternative-care facility in sunny Spain. It would be more of a spa vacation than anything, what with the tennis courts, swimming pools, and soccer tournaments. No way! I adopted the little hoodlum and he’s gonna be my kid no matter how many times he beats up on everyone else, says Maury to his scheming girlfriend.

Well, all this violence and adoption has gotten Maury thinking about biological fathers with vengeances and depleted bank accounts—to the point where he no longer is a reliable business opeartor: he wears sweats and his office worker wears a towel on non-casual days, what more can I say? Sal promised Maury’s late father that he would always protect him, or was it the family fortune? The point is, Sal doesn’t want Maury racin’ no cars, and he better not let Wayne Newton (the new fake dad) into his life.

So the whole office staff is in on some secret operative mission for Maury to meet Wayne. Looks like they found some voice recorder and they strung it through Maury’s clothes. If the deal goes bad Val will be there to give our dyed-hair friend a one-two to the old kisser. In a painfully, overly-animated performance we discover that, with some small economic assistance, Wayne will disappear from his children’s and Maury’s lives forever, or until he spends it all and decides to blackmail him again. Poor Maury lets everyone walk all over him, and really, what’s an extra $100,000. But it’s not a business transaction, it’s about the kids. Oh, and you better not take advantage of me, sir.

Maury doesn’t really know if he should tell his kids about their father, but eventually decides that not telling them will add to the dramatic effect of the show months in advance. Towell girl (Val, who can only afford portions of whole outfits) can’t believe that someone would use his family for money—obviously her boyfriend has trained her well.

Jerry’s crackpot sister Jimena comes to visit the new twin children, but she’s worried about her brother beating her, so she needs more alcohol. Then Jerry arrives to beat up on his sister and explain Spanish portmanteaus. Putting on my Aunt Judy cap: taratúpida = tarada + estúpida = really, really stupid girl. She threatens to tell about Jerry hiring Wayne Newton as an imposter to collect the money for Jerry and Associates. Don’t make me guess things because it took me three hours last time to figure out you wanted to kill me, says stupid sister.

Jerry effectively hits on all three adopted children: Do you work out? Aren’t you a pretty one? Goo gah goo gah. Does this man feel ok?, asks the six year old. I can tell that everyone is going to be fast friends.

So Val is leavin’ the skimpy dress for the sweats. Cue the video montage: Theme song accompanies Val practicing her boxing moves and Maury in his racecar talking to a guy. Rrrandommm!

It just keeps happening! I’m convinced that Televisa is making a cry of help to TLC’s What Not to Wear. Val has to be some sort of plug for publicity on What Not to Wear: South of the Border. Please, we’re running a business, not a Disco-themed night club. No wonder the office managers give her hell, she’s dressed like a freaking street walker. Anyway, they give her a cell phone, and she doesn’t really know what it is, but she says she does, and goes all commando on the pretty one. Then she wants to put some hick music on and leans in for a kiss, stare, hair comb, etc.—only to be interrupted by the girlfriend who is an overly-involved psycho bitch girlfriend.

So Val lied to her boyfriend about working for a Chinese guy so Mamma sent the bf to the Chinese store to find out about the lie. Then Estrella goes with him to interpret and eventually it comes out that Val doesn’t work there and when everyone comes back Mama goes into some sort of diabetic shock because her daughter-in-law lied to her son.

Back at the office, Wayne goes to collect, and is sort of surprised when he has to sign a document. Things get sticky when Aldo shows up to the office where Maury, Sal, and Wayne/fake daddy all meet up and Aldo denies that Wayne is his father. As a knee-jerk reaction Sal takes the suit case and Wayne runs away. Then Secretary calls the police while drunk-as-a-skunk Jimena shows up wondering what’s going on. In an adventure fit for the best racecar drivers in the nation, Sal and Maury decide to follow Wayne’s taxi. We really could have used Val’s athleticism during all the drama, but she was stuck making 800 copies. Poor Aldo doesn’t understand why his father wanted to sell him. Eventually Maury catches up to Wayne and Bonilla and nocks him out. Don’t mess with my family, or I’ll mess you up.

Unfortunately, things go from hick to major hick when under-shirt wearin’, beer guzzlin’ bf shows up at work. What do you have goin’ on here, NASA? No, I lied to you about my job because I didn’t want to seem uppity. Then Val knocks him out with her right hand so she doesn’t have to be embarrassed in front of everyone. Yay, she regained use of her right arm!

In the end the whole family is talking about learning lessons in trust and family bonding. Little Aldo doesn’t understand why his father is allowed to punch out people, but he can’t. It’s an adult thing, son. Jerry says he would have done the same thing to someone who he hired to pretend to be the father of his cousin’s kid so he could collect big time. Then Maury and Aldo go to say goodbye to Val, but she locked herself in the copy room with her bf. She’ll just die if the love of her life discovers her there—but he’s getting married anyway, and has kissed his fake gf many more times than the other couple!

Tomorrow: Maury sort of confronts Jerry. The fam goes to the boxing match—they probably won’t see Val the office worker.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cuidado: Friday 6/26/09- "Ana Julia Extracts her Revenge and Juan Miguel Shows Signs of Growth

Amador tries to revive Ana Julia after he pushed her and she bumped her head (see, he’s not that bad of a guy…at least he didn’t leave her there to die). When he’s unsuccessful in reviving her, he takes off (spoke too soon) and worries that he’ll be accused of killing her. Vicente arrives and tries to wake AJ. He finds some smelling salts or some such thing and he’s able to revive her. She’s in pain and says that she can’t lose her baby, because it is her insurance to get Juan Miguel. Vic asks her if it was Dr. San Roman who did this to her and she immediately tells him no, it was Amador. However, Vic’s question gets her to thinking and she tells Vic that he gave her an idea and he needs to help her.

Marichuy plays with the students at the school she’s visiting.

Juanmi talks to Rafa about MC. He tells him that he’s going crazy for want of news on MC. Rafa tells JM that he can’t tell him anything because he doesn’t want to betray MC’s confidence. JM shows some emotional growth (good thing because the end of the show is near) and says he understands and accepts that. He tells Rafa that his surgery has been scheduled for the next day (they certainly like to drop these surgeries on people like they are bombs, they gave MC one day’s notice as well). Rafa is surprised to hear the operation will be the tomorrow.

AJ is told she needs to rest, or risk harming the baby. Since there is truly no rest for the wicked, she decides to use the report she got from the doctor to do a little denouncing of people, but she won’t tell Vic who. He’ll just have to wait to find out, like the rest of us. However, we don’t have to wait too long because the next scene takes AJ to the police station, where she meets with Officer Cimarro and tells him that it appears the wealthy think they can get away with anything and she wants justice served. She tells him that she’s there to denounce Onelia, Juan Miguel and Marichuy—all for causing harm to her unborn child. Officer Cimarro is shocked to hear who she’s accusing. She tells him that Onelia came to her house days before and beat her up. Officer Cimarro questions why it took AJ days to come forward and she tells him the only important thing is she’s coming forward now, and she’s got documentation (una constancia).

Elsa goes to visit Rafa before his surgery. He’s happy to have a friend there and Elsa comments that MC probably won’t be visiting him.

Mari tells Reynaldo that she wants to be there for Rafa, but doesn’t want to see JM. Reynaldo tells her he can arrange it.

AJ insists that Onelia, JM and MC all be arrested—that very day. Officer C. worries about Rafa’s surgery, he can’t jeopardize his son’s chance to see by arresting the doctor who will be performing the operation.

JM talks to Patricio and Cece. He questions why MC is not at Rafa’s beside—is it because of how she feels about him (see, he’s getting more in tune with the feelings of others---some more growth on his part).

Cimarro goes to visit Rafa and calms his fears before he goes into surgery.

Daniel visits Rocío and tells her he comes with good news.

Onelia, Cece, and Pat decide to be at the hospital for Rafa’s surgery, so they can offer support to Cimarro. He’s touched that they are there, but worries about the possibility he might have to arrest Onelia and the Velardes’ daughter.

MC sneaks into see Rafa. She disguised as a surgical nurse. She brings him a flower. He wonders if she’s worried about seeing JM. She’s not worried because Reynaldo said he’s got it covered. Besides, she knew she couldn’t leave Rafa alone right before surgery. Just then, JM comes into the room. Our quick-thinking MC is able to turn our back to him and thus go unrecognized. JM pays little attention to the nurse and questions Rafa, is he ready for the procedure.

CC tells Cimarro how worried they were when MC had her operation. Pat tells the officer that they are there because they think of Rafa as a member of the family. Cimarro tells them that he thinks of MC the same. Just then, AJ arrives at the hospital and pounces on Cimarro. She doubted that he would follow through and arrest the people she accused.

Rafa thanks JM for performing the upcoming operation. JM tells him there is no need for thanks, having him see again will be all the thanks JM will need. MC is moved by these words. MC is able to get out of the room without JM noticing the nurse in the blue scrubs is really Marichuy.

AJ tells Pat, Cece and Onelia that she denounced JM, MC and Onelia. They are gob smacked.

Dan tells Ro that he’s gotten a lawyer who is working on getting a legal separation for her and Vic. It will be official soon. He also tells her that with Vic’s infidelity it looks like they’ll be able to get an annulment and therefore they will be able to get married in the Church. Ro is delighted to hear this news.

MC just can’t get enough of Rafa and she sneaks in the operating room to give him a little pep talk right before surgery. Once again she’s busted when JM enters and once again she’s able to turn her back to hide (this kinda reminds me of the Looney Tunes, when Bugs Bunny would put on the girl clothes and successfully disguise himself….Elmer Fudd fell for it every time). JM and Rafa exchange pleasantries about their mutual admiration for each other and how successful they anticipate the surgery to be. Rafa adds that the next time he and JM meet he’ll be able to see him with his own eyes. Israel administers the anesthesia and the surgery begins. MC gets stuck having to hand instruments to JM, but then she’s able to sneak out of the room.

Pat tells AJ she’s crazy, absolutely loca. She says it will be them who will be crazy when they have to visit MC in jail. AJ demands Officer Cimarro arrest Onelia on the spot—how much more proof does he need?

MC worries about Rafa and admits to Reynaldo that she was saddened to see JM. He questions if she still cares for him and MC tells him that she hates him with her soul. Reynaldo scolds her and tells her that the soul is for loving, not hate. He then proceeds to say he knows this because he’s got love in his soul. MC says it must be a lucky woman. He admits that his feelings are for her. She is shocked and tells him that it can’t be as he hopes. He assures her that he has no expectations, nothing needs to change between them (for now).

AJ implies that Officer Cimarro is on the take. She vows she’ll get all of them to pay for trying to hurt her baby.

Reynaldo tells MC that he knows he’s not the first man she’ll ever love, but he hopes to be her last (so much for having no expectations). MC isn’t comfortable with the direction this conversation is taking, but Reynaldo goes in for a hug. Just then AJ walks up on them and she starts ranting at MC. She is aghast at MC’s behavior and how she’s carrying on with this man all the while denying AJ’s child access to its father. She calls MC a slut.
In the middle of surgery, Israel and JM discuss the hope they have for giving Rafa sight.

MC tells AJ she’s crazy. They go back and forth and finally AJ doubles over in pain. Reynaldo tries to help her, but AJ tells them to leave her alone and she leaves.

MC finds her parents and Cimarro. Mari tells Rafa’s father that she doesn’t like JM, but she’s convinced that he’s the best possible doctor to perform this operation. Israel comes out to tell them that the surgery is complete and JM will be out shortly to discuss with them how it went. MC takes this as her clue to leave.

AJ meets up with Amador. She tells him that if he goes and tells JM that the baby she’s carrying is really Amador's, she’ll guarantee he’ll pay for hurting her earlier. She’s willing to go denounce him if he tells the truth.

JM tells Cimarro that everything appears to have gone well, but they won’t know until the bandages come off. Cimarro asks when this will be and JM says soon. Cece wonders why it took so long in MC’s case. JM says they are two very different cases and different procedures. I think he’s just being coy---really he’s just improved so much as a surgeon (further growth) in such a short time. Come on, we all know that after only six months training the first surgery would have some bumps in the road, now that he’s had a few more weeks to practice on some other blind children, he’s bound to have gotten better, but I digress. Anyway, JM assures Cimarro that they’ll know how it went very soon.

Mari tells her parents that Reynaldo admitted he loved her. Pat declares he knew it. He carries on a bit about all the men falling hopelessly in love with his daughter.

JM tells Israel that he was surprised that MC didn’t come to offer support to Rafa. Israel says she was there. This is a shock to JM. He tells Israel that he needs to talk to MC. Israel suggests that JM adjust his tactics toward winning MC back. JM says he’s going to find her, look her in the face and tell her the truth……we can only guess what this means.

Reynaldo tries to make best buddies with Ed. He tells Ed that he’s going to win MC’s heart. Perhaps he doesn’t know that Ed is on Team-Juan Miguel. Ed tells Rey that MC loves JM. Rey is convinced she doesn’t. Ed replies she may say that, but her words can lie. Look, see, even Ed is gaining some insight into others---there’s a little growth there, too.

Cece tells MC about AJ’s accusations. MC reflects on the encounter they had earlier in the week. She wonders if that could have caused harm to the baby. Cece and Pat assure her that’s not the case and besides, AJ is a nut job.

JM goes in to remove Rafa’s bandages. They are going to wait for Officer Cimarro. Elsa arrives, she wants to be there for the unveiling of Rafa’s new retinas. JM gives his cousin a little raised-eyebrow look, as if to say…..what’s up with you two?

Vic goes to see Amador. They talk about Amador planning on telling MC that AJ’s baby’s daddy is really Amador. Vic speculates how difficult it will be to find MC, since she’s been working out of town. Amador is confident he’ll be able to track her down.

Cimarro runs into AJ at the hospital. She demands, once again, to know why he hasn’t made any arrests. He tells her that he’s at the hospital to be there for his son and he’s leaving work behind. He’ll deal with her case when he goes into the office. AJ wants to know if that will be later today, tomorrow or weeks from now. He can’t tell her a definite time. She tell him that she’s got further proof from the doctors that the blows she received put her baby at risk.

Ro, Dan, and Mayita head to the Velardes to see JMito. MC tells Mayita she knows how much she loves her little brother. Mayita brings up AJ’s baby and that her dad doesn’t care for it. Mayita says she knows that MC no longer cares for her papa, but she wants MC to promise that she’ll never return to JM so that he will be able to marry AJ and therefore be the father AJ’s baby needs.

Cimarro joins Rafa in his room. JM removes the bandages and tells Rafa to open his eyes very slowly. Rafa complies. JM asks him is he can see anything. END OF EPISODE.


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MEPS June 26, 2009

Sub recapper for Jardinara. She will be back next week.

Padre Basco asks Solidad for forgiveness (at her grave site).

Fernanda asks Fr/Ed for a favor. Tonight she has a reunion, but doesn't know what it's about. Suddenly Fr/Ed receives a phone call from Padre Basco. Padre tells Fr/Ed things are dangerous. Your enemy is everywhere. Please listen to me. Don't talk about this anymore to anyone. Don't confide in anyone.

Vlad and Pris pull up to his apartment with Flor close behind. Vlad tells Pris not to be upset with him anymore. I promised you that Damian will not bother you anymore. Pris tells him that she doesn't believe him. The more I know you the more I realize you are one of those men whose words don't mean anything. They walk into his apartment building with Flor looking on. Flor is pissed.

Vlad and Pris walk into Vlad's apartment and Pris starts in on Damian. She says that she's a married woman and can't be coming at their beck and call when they feel like it. What game are you trying to play? Vlad tries to explain, but Pris tells him to shut up. You guys are made for each other replies Pris. (viewerville nods in agreement) You guys are a bunch of idiots. Pris, responds Damian, all the Elizandes including your husband have realized that I am innocent. Sit down. I'm glad. So why did you call me here then asks Pris. I am offering you my help responds Damian. How do you plan on helping me asks Pris. Proposing a pact. In exchange for my silence, I want you to watch my back. You insult me replies Pris. Well then everyone will know that the child you expect is not your husbands replies Damian. You are a jerk says Pris and gets up to smack Damian across his face. He gets up pissed and Vlad must have grown a little bit of balls and gets in front of Pris and defends her. Damian says tell me what you want me to tell your family then? That I found you in Vlad's apartment arguing about the paternity of your child? Vlad jumps on this like a ducks on a junebug and agrees that Damian should tell Anibal that he is the real father. He turns to Pris with a crazed look in his eyes and says "Mi Angel, it's best that everyone knows the truth." He kneels on the couch, takes her hand, kisses it, promises her then says no swears to her that I assume my responsibilities. She gets a scared look in her eyes like this guy is nuts.

Barbara brings Aurora coffee. Barbara tries to be all nice and tells her that she just wants to help her. She reminds her that she also went through the same hell she is now going through. She knows of an expert who can help her. They helped her so much. Aurora asks if she means with a witch (bruja). The ones that talk with the spirits? Yes, replies Barbara. Isn't that bad asks Aurora. Seeking help is bad asks Barbara. No, responds Aurora. Barbara tells her she doesn't know what she would have done if it wasn't for that sainted woman. Do you think that woman could help me asks Aurora. It wouldn't be a sin? Aurora it helped me, but if you doubt then there' not point responds Barbara.

Fr/Ed is walking around the living room. Fernanda asks what's wrong. Ever since you received that call your attitude has changed. Tell me what has you worried. Fr/Ed says that to feel confidence in your heart and then to have it poisoned are reasons to disregard that confidence. She asks if he has no confidence in her.

Vlad tells Pris that there will never be anything that her and there child will ever need that will not be met. I promise to give you the best of me. Damian interrupts and tells Pris to give her "lover" an answer. Thank you Vlad, but that's not necessary replies Pris. Just get up. She asks Damian that if he is now found innocent then why does he want her to investigate what's going on in the house? Because I want to make sure that Barbara doesn't have a trick up her sleeve for tonight that why replies Damian.

Barbara is worried about Aurora's relationship with Santiago. Why, asks Aurora. Because if you want to stay by his side you must take away these fears. My situation was the same as yours. I was at the point of losing my husband. He thought I was possessed by a demon. But I did want I had to do to keep his love. I can make an appointment with the person who helped me. Can you do that for me asks Aurora. I will do that for you, but you can't tell anyone. Not even Santiago. Understand?

Pris calls Tomasa and tells her to tell Barbara not to expect her for dinner. She asks Damian when is his meeting with Barbara. Tonight responds Damian. And how do you want me to investigate all this asks Pris. I tell you want to do not how to do it replies Damian. I will be waiting for your call. Pris leaves and forgets her phone.

Fr/Ed says we all run with danger. And the only way to protect ourselves is to confide. There are reasons for all of us to doubt each other. That is why I ask why you have confidence in me? I just do replies Fernanda. That's what I'm saying. You can't have confidence in everyone. You cannot tell anyone what we are doing. I beg you. The danger is so big we cannot risk it. Even the ones we love. She says the one she worries the most about is Lili. Don't you realize the danger is real? Don't tell your father even your brothers. We have to find out who Gregoria Bravo and her son Aremio Bravo are.

Vlad is following Pris outside. He wants to take her. She doesn't want him too. Flor is watching all this. Damian takes the phone to Pris. Flor is muy impactada to see Damian.

Venus comes back from her shopping trip. She calls Martina who tells her how pretty she looks. Venus shows off her purchases to Martina and Lili. They call get presents too.

Santiago asks Fernanda that their father told him that Lili escaped from the mental hospital. Is that true? Yes confirms Fernanda, but I believe that we will find her soon. Is it also true that she was kidnapped asks Santiago. That's what the police think, but we have to wait and see replies Fernanda. She changes the subject and asks Aurora if she found out anymore about who painted the bloody cross in her bathroom. Santiago believes it was Camilo. Aurora doesn't believe it was. Knock on the door and Tomasa says dinner is ready. Fernanda says she is going out with Barbara for dinner. Santiago says to be careful what she eats. It could have poison in it. He laughs.

Pris tells Damian that she doesn't sense anything weird going on in the house and Barbara is calm. Vlad tells Damian not to hang up, but he does anyway. Damian lies and says that Pris said "hi". Damian and Vlad are getting ready to go. Vlad says it's too early, but Damian wants to get there early to make sure there are no surprises for him. Vlad doesn't want to go, but Damian insists he goes. Vlad little balls that he had grown when he defended Pris after she slapped Damian have disappeared and now he's scared that the police are going to get them. Damian says Pris told him all is good and he trusts her. Let's go.

Barbara tells Gonzo she's leaving. There going to the Casa Blanca. He hopes everything goes well.

Flor tells Margarita that she saw Damian. Margarita thinks she can't be sure, she only saw him for a second. I know what I saw replies Flor. I have seen him in the office day in and day out. But you can't tell Fernanda responds Margarita. Why not, asks Flor. Because that is her husband replies Margarita. That is exactly why I should tell her says Flor.

Fernanda says I don't see a restaurant. Barbara tells her change of plans.

Margarita asks Flor what will she gain from telling Fernanda what she saw? For her to open her eyes replies Flor. Jacinto comes in and wonders what's going on. Margarita tells Jacinto that Flor saw Damian today.

Barbara tells Fernanda to get out to the car and walk over to the statue. Fernanda says no. Tell me what we are doing here. Barbara tells her that if she goes over there and after 5 minutes doesn't like what she hears then they will leave. Fernanda again tells her no. She doesn't understand what the whole mystery is about. Barbara doesn't want to ruin the surprise. She hands her the keys and begs her to please go. Fernanda gets out and looks around. She goes back to the car and questions Barbara again. Barbara tells her this is what's best for you. You have nothing to lose. Are you sure asks Fernanda. I'm just hoping you can get back your happiness responds Barbara.

Esteve and Fr/Ed come in with pizza. Venus extends her hand for Fr/Ed to kiss. Esteve remarks on how well she has learned. (if I was Venus I would never wash my hand again) Anyway she asks Fr/Ed if after her job is done can she keep her clothes? Fr/Ed says of course. Venus wants to know when she will know who this guy is that's she supposed to make fall in love with her. Esteve tells her at the party. At least tell me his name replies Venus. Fr/Ed says his name is really not important.

Damian is waiting by the statue and Vlad calls. He wants to know if Barbara is there yet. Damian says he'll call when he knows something. Suddenly Fernanda appears.

Fr/Ed praises Venus on her picking up quickly on her studies. Venus says that Esteve is a wonderful teacher. Esteve says only because your a wonderful student. Venus tells him to stop because he is making her blush. She gets into her hooker attitude, but Esteve clears his throat and she corrects herself back into a more ladylike behavior. She's scared that when the time comes for her to get into her role, she will reverse back into her old self. Fr/Ed says well then I'll tell you his name then. It's Camilo. Esteve tells her all will be well. Venus wants to know if Camilo is old,young and defects. Esteve tells her that he will give her some of the defects. He is vile, a lazy bum, a playboy, and a womanizer. What if he finds out about me asks Venus. Esteve says have confident. I believe that will not happen. Not when he comes face to face with Lovely Norton. And who is that, you asks Venus. That beautiful and sophisticated woman is you. That is your new name. Lovely Norton. My beautiful niece.

Damian didn't know that he was going to be seeing her and vice versa. Barbara is happy and says that is why I didn't want to tell you anything my love. Right says Fernanda and tries to walk away. Barbara grabs her and brings her face to face and joined hands with Damian. She says nothing stands in the way of Damian returning to the hacienda. What says Fernanda. Damian says is that true? Barbara tells Damian that all the charges have been dropped.

Lovely Norton says Venus. So we are now related. Yes, replies Esteve. This gives creditability to our plan. Fr/Ed says that he and Esteve will be watching out for her at all times. And also that Camilo will want to sleep with her, but under no circumstance is she to do that. Esteve also interjects that she cannot fall in love with him. Fr/Ed looks at him funny and agrees.

Barbara says let's go to the house and finish talking about this. Damian thinks it's a good idea, but Fernanda is not in agreement. Fernanda has to many questions that need to be answered first. Damian says I will answer your questions, but not here. This place is to isolated and dangerous. I will not return with you until you answer all my questions and doubts first responds Fernanda. Damian says I want to save my marriage. Give me a chance. Fine responds Fernanda. Let's go to another place. Barbara smiles her evil smile.

Flor tells Jacinto that Fernanda should know what's going on. Margarita thinks that Flor has a reason. Jacinto thinks it'a a bad idea. You don't know what problems you can cause.

Barbara thinks they should go to a hotel for the night to talk out their problems. Damian agrees.

Tomorrow: Fernanda and Damian talk, Jacinto tells Fr/Ed about Damian, Fr/Ed calls Fernanda


Gancho Friday 6/26, Wack-a-Mole, 2 Fights, and Evil Plan #1

Welcome to the barrio, where a poor girl may have to hand wash clothes outside, but so far, gets a new expensive dress to wear each day. Oh, and don’t mind my title. Looking at it, one might think that this episode was a downer. Al contrario, I enjoyed it quite a lot. We’re getting to know our characters little by little, and so far, the devious evil plans are balanced with lots of love.

As we saw yesterday, Beto can’t understand why Monita is down, when Don Cesar’s gonna make her a star. But Beto’s not going to let that dampen his mood, and he saunters off, quite pleased with himself.

Mona’s moping, though. She tells Estrella she was born to lose. Estrella comforts her.

Over in the big house, Mau has marched Aldo in to apologize to Connie. He does, and Connie, using her new strategy, is very gracious in response. Spacey Ximena almost messes things up, saying “of course my bff didn’t throw your photo in the trash on purpose”, and things might have gotten tense except that she follows it up with her own story about losing her keys. Seems she had 5 daiquiris one night and was going nuts emptying her purse to find the car keys. Guess what she finally remembered? They were home. What she had really forgotten was to bring her car! (Okay, Thanks, Ximena).

Moni tells Estrella how dumb she feels. She didn’t even finish high school. No, you’re smart, says Strella, what are you really upset about? Moni quit her new job. Strella knows a guy must be involved. Is he cute? He’s good enough to eat (es más bueno que el pan). Oooh, Strella likes this. She imagines his body, his eyes, his lips. Which part does Moni like best? His soul (of course!)

Time to shush, though as Ms. Frosty (Nieves) walks up with a suspicious look. She knows there’s a secret they won’t tell her. Moni says they were talking about Strella’s novio, but Frosty doubts that. Moni gives Frosty what little dinero she has to go to the market, but asks her to hold the frijoles (they don’t want any Beto bombs). Strella’s not too happy with Frosty’s frosty attitude.

It's busca (search) time. Maury and his chauffeur Ric are outside the apartment where Moni said she lived. (Let me just say that I didn’t like Sebastián Rulli too much in Pasión, but it may have been the hair. His hair looks very good in this one, clean, the right length, not bleached as in Rubí). Ric doesn’t look bad himself (any opinions from the ladies?). The guys press a random button on the door to the building, but the lady who answers never heard of Valentina López or La Monita. Ditto with the super (portero), she doesn’t live here. The guys figure she must live nearby, and split up to continue buscando.

Moni is washing her clothes outside (which ones? She’s only been wearing evening gowns for 3 days), talking to Strella. She’s wearing a light blue tee shirt, knee-length light blue jeans and sneakers. Estrella’s got on short red track shorts, gold-colored leggings down to mid-calf, and heels of course. She also has a green tank top over a blue one, and her cell is clipped onto her top right above her boob. After some more pep talk from Strella, Moni spies chauffeur Ric across the courtyard! The girls duck down, Strella says she’ll handle it, she’s an actress. She takes a deep breath, strides over to Ricardo, leading with the chest. Ric’s looking for someone. So am I, replies Strella breathily. Is she blond, brunette or redhead? (pelirroja, as she flips her own ruby tresses). Ric’s looking for Valentina López. La Monita? Nope, never heard of her (no me suena para nada).

Maury’s not having much luck, either, as he asks a parade of people if they’ve seen the mystery girl. Meanwhile Ric and Strella are getting to know one another. Frosty passes by with a scowl. Ric wants to ask that señora if she’s seen Monita, but Strella assures him that she’s the loony of the barrio, just got out of the asylum, so Ric lets it pass. He has to go now, and Strella gives him a smoking farewell kiss on the cheek.

After the commercial, my helpful tv station blocked out all the sound for a few minutes to tell us the earthshaking news of a thunderstorm watch about a hundred miles away from me, but menos mal (thank goodness) I have captions. It’s night now, and Ric tells Maury he found her! Monita? No, the love of his life (Strella). Oh.

Monita’s in her house (or maybe her room of a big, connected house), working with the punching bag, when there’s a knock. It’s a monster with a red hood. Before she can deck him, Beto gives her a bouquet of flowers, takes off his mask. She points out he hasn’t given her flowers in 15 years, but he’s a new man. Morales (Elvis from Destilando Amor) has given Beto a job in his wrestling troupe. She’s not so convinced he’s a fighter, but he has no doubts at all, and asks her to go to the store for a snack (botana) and some wine to celebrate. She walks out the door into the moonlight, and there’s Mauricio. He tells her she has no idea how long he was looking for her, he felt terrible about her quitting the job. But she wants him to leave inmediato (since Beto’s only 20 feet away), she doesn’t want severance pay, he has to leave now! He’s not giving in. What can he do to make her come back? At this point, Strella walks up, Moni introduces the handsome Maury, and Strella faints into his arms! He easily picks her up, taking her inside JUST as Beto pops his head out the door. Where’s that snack? And by the way, were you talking to someone? Oh, sure, Paula’s father, lies Moni. Just in time, Frosty arrives, dinner’s ready (something Beto can’t refuse) and Moni runs back inside, as Beto follows Frosty toward the food.

Our keystone cop caper (more like Wack-a-Mole, since they keep popping out of doors, just to be knocked back in by Moni or Strella) continues, Moni dragging Maury into her apartment, and as he starts punching her punching bag in fun, she says this isn’t her apartment, it belongs to another girl (right), she’s nervous, but he calmly says he wants her to be his personal assistant. He’ll pay her well. Before she can answer, there’s a knock at the door, and she pushes him behind some curtains.

It’s Strella, now revived, who can’t believe Moni’s turning away a Prince Charming (Principe Azul), what’s wrong with her? Strella recognizes him as a famous race driver from the magazines, and he’s a millionaire to boot. At this point, Frosty’s back, wants to drag Moni (but not Strella, no loose women at her table) to dinner, and as Moni enters Frosty’s house, shuffling nervously, Frosty calls for her big baby boy Beto. Beto bursts in, covered from head to toe in a silver wrestling outfit, including full head mask, blue boots, gloves and breastplate. Given Beto’s modest physical attributes, he looks more Pillsbury Doughboy than Hulk Hogan, but his Mom’s whistling and cheering to bring out the band. Beto wants to go three falls in the bedroom, but Mom says cut that out, Moni says listen to her, and runs back out to check on Maury.

Cut to a swingin’party with the rich folks, it looks a little like Playboy After Dark, I guess it’s some restaurant or club, they’re drinking martinis, a couple of people are pretending to dance. Ximmy, Jerry (Jeronimo) and Connie are talking about the three kids Maury adopted. Ximmy thinks they’re cute, just like a commercial. Connie thinks Maury and Ximmy will go for any bleeding heart cause (she uses ablandar, or soften, el corazon). Ximmy says if you get mad you lose friends (El que se enoja, pierde amigososa). (Meanwhile, I’m staring at Connie’s shiny legs, stop Hombre, you’ve a recap to do!) Ximmy thinks Connie has nothing to worry about with the 3 kiddies, but Jerry says what if there were another woman? Connie leaves in a huff. This leaves our panther Jerry free to prey. He asks about the kid’s parents. Ditzy Ximmy, in between dipping her olive, says Luisa said their Mom was dead, but the Dad split, one Osvaldo Hernández. Poor kids. Jerry takes mental notes.

Back at the mansion, Luisa and Ivan are getting to know each other, strolling through the large, modern decorated rooms. Ivan says he has no parents. Similar to Luisa, his Mom died, his Dad left with another woman, and he’s been living with his Abuela and studying. They’re just sitting on the (marble) steps, but Aldo sees them, gets all big brother protective, causing Ivan, wanting to avoid problems, to exit. Aldo tells Luisa he doesn’t like her hanging around with that “idiot”, but this angers Lu, who tells him to butt out.

“So how come you told me you were living in that other place”? asks Maury of Moni. Ever incapable of telling the truth, Moni says she lives there, too, it’s her aunt’s house, and her aunt has menopause, so Moni has to go over there and comfort her when she gets hot flashes. Maury lets this slide, just wants to confirm that Moni will be in the office tomorrow. But, she says, she can’t. Our handsome hunk gazes deeply and earnestly into Moni’s eyes, tells her he “needs” her, and Moni melts. Okay, I accept, she answers with a smile. They say goodbye, and Moni hustles him out after checking if the coast is clear. As she goes back inside, Maury comes face to face with Beto (back in street clothes), who asks whacha doin’ in the neighborhood, bud? Maury says he was looking for someone. He was looking for…Me! yells out Strella, just in time. She takes Maury aside, and in answer to his question about Beto, replies he’s just a loser who thinks he owns the neighborhood, but thanks for visiting, and I promise I won’t faint next time!

As he leaves, Frosty asks Beto who was that guy? Just some friend of Estrella’s. Frosty thinks Strella’s turning the barrio into a brothel (burdel). Beto thinks that would be a good idea, it would certainly pay well. This causes Frosty to go a little loco, starts insulting Strella. A few insults later, they grab each around the neck, and we’ve got a fight! Beto just enjoys it, exhorting them to pull out each others’ hair, but Monita comes back out to separate our two tigresses.

In the underground parking lot of the club, Jerry gets into Bonilla’s car, only to have Boney demand money (since Boney had to quit due to Jerry and Boney’s joint scheme at Grupo Sermeño, Jerry has to pay Boney to insure his silence). Boney demands 50 green by next week ($50,000.00). Jerry doesn’t have the ready cash, but if Boney wants it, he’s gonna have to help Jerry in something. Does Boney happen to know an actor?

In Moni’s room, she’s reaming out Strella. What were you thinking, fighting with Nieves? And why did you give out the address of the barrio to the guy I’m trying to dodge? Strella thinks she did Moni a favor. This Prince Charming could rescue Moni from dirty, grubby (mugroso, roñoso) Beto. Moni thinks she has no chance with Maury, and Beto’s not so dirty. Paula (who was quietly sitting on the bed the whole time) says Beto does smell quite rank, but adds after a while, one gets used to it. All this time, Moni keeps pushing the punching bag, and she’s also hitting another little punching bag, definitely conflicted about all of this. Moni lets out that Maury asked her to come back to work, and she said yes. (the music changes from comic to romantic). Strella and Paula squeal in girl delight, not diminished when Moni says Maury’s got a novia. Paula describes Connie as an old nuisance (sangrona) with the face of a spider. Moni agrees, her face is probably filled with botox, and the bubis are obviously fake. Well, adds Pau, she’s got all that dough (lana) to pay for it. But she looks at me with disgust, says Moni. Why not, when you’re stealing (Strella uses the word bajando, or taking down) her guy? No way, protests Moni, I’m committed to Beto, smelly or not. The girls don’t believe her, and as Moni exits, Estrella whispers to Paula, “About that chauffeur. Do you happen to know his (zodiac) sign?”

In Jerry’s apartment, he, Boney and a shorter guy named Mario all look as if they’re about to cry. Apparently that’s the idea, Mario is the actor, who has to fake tears. He’s failing miserably at this point, saying he doesn’t have his motivation, just give him another chance. Jerry gives him a crash course. Breathe deeply, and….give me a minute. He turns away, sneakily put drops in his eyes, turns back a true weepmeister to bravos from the other two stooges, what a performance! Mario’s not sure he could match that, but Jerry says just think of something terrible, like losing something irreplaceable, like, like….. your cellphone!

It’s morning, and Salvador fell asleep on the couch at work. Gabriella the office manager, first to arrive each day wakes him up, what happened? Well, he had to go out drinking with those Gringos, to get them to sign the contract, which they did. But now he has a hangover. Also, when he got home late, his wife was mad, so he had to sleep here. But I thought you were divorced, says Gabi. She’d heard rumors around the office. No, not true, says Salvador, as Gabi hides her disappointment (she has a crush on him). So, could you please buy her a really nice bouquet of flowers, requests Salvador, and get me something for my headache? Yes sir is the response, as Gabi dutifully goes off.

Cut to a white, red and yellow race car. Apparently, “My, I’m Rico” (Mauricio) still has the racing thing going, and has brought Aldo in for a little male bonding. Maury whistles and the mechanic, Cristano, jumps, then laughs. Maury makes the introductions, Aldo likes cars, so Cristano says the magic words, wanna take her out for a spin? Big smiles all around.

During the commercial, Maury and Aldo were putting on racing outfits, and they’re twins, with orange racing jackets (Nextel promptly displayed), white stripes, and tight black pants. They don their helmets, get into the car (Nextel all over it, guess who paid for this segment) through the window, Maury driving of course, and we switch to a montage, techno music now, as Maury flips all the switches, and they’re off in a cloud of dust. The car looks great (it’s a souped up Ford, spoilers, big wheels, the kind of car they use at the Daytona 500), and although it doesn’t look as if they were really going too fast, Cristano is marking the times, and when they screech in for a stop, engine still roaring, Aldo is stoked. He wants a turn, but Maury says no way, you need experience. Okay, fine, but Aldo now knows what he wants to do. He’ll be a race car driver (piloto) just like Mauricio!

Beto’s sitting in the kitchen, contemplating his wrestling mask, when Frosty comes in to yell at him. Why aren’t you training! No worries, Ma, first I’m training the mind, the body comes later. Sure, says Frosty, but look at that (chubby) body! You finally got a job, and if you don’t apply yourself, you could lose Monita. Nah, I’m her one and only. Really? says Frosty. What if she found a guy who didn’t mistreat her the way you do? What if she fell in love with another guy? Beto starts laughing, good one, Ma, good joke, you really crack me up, Ma!

Monita arrives at work in her fourth consecutive dressy dress, this one’s royal blue, one shouldered, a big blue bow on one side, her hair is totally restyled, she looks like a model, all this on zero money, but who are we to complain, she looks hot! (I just figured out what she looks like – a beauty contest contestant! The one shouldered thing is like her sash). Anyway, Gabriella’s crying at her desk. What’s wrong, asks Moni. Still married, is the reply. All the men I know are married or have novias. Take Mauricio, he has a beautiful, elegant, refined novia, and he’d never leave her for someone as insignificant as you. Moni frowns.

Luisita is fixing Danni’s hair as Aldo and Maury have returned from the track. Danni runs to greet Maury, who picks her way up high and gives her a hug. Everyone’s happy, and Teresa says it’s time for breakfast. The doorbell rings, and Maury goes downstairs to get it. It’s Mario the actor, with his best crying face on. He introduces himself. I’m the father of the children you just adopted. Uh oh!

He continues that he’s happy the kids have a good home. He’s been watching them through the gate of this big house. He doesn’t want to talk to them (I guess not), but he does want to talk with Maury. So what’s your name? He fumbles, manages to get it out – Osvaldo Hernández. Maury gives him his card, agrees to talk later in the office. When Mario leaves, Maury calls Bernarda, the lady from the group home. What do you know about the father of the kids?

In the ladies’ room, Monita is replaying Gabi’s harsh words, lost in thought. Paula snaps her out of it, what time did you go to the gym this morning? 4 A.M is the reply. You can’t keep this up, it’s nuts. I know, replies Moni, but I can’t let Beto down. Or Mauricio.

Said Mauricio is rubbing his chin in concern when we hear “Mi amor!”, it’s Connie (reminding me of Alicia in Tontas), breezing in from a morning shopping spree. She calls in the kids, and guess what, all the bags are for them! Danni gets a blue and white dress, along with lots of other clothes. Next up, Luisa, who gets a cool red jacket, the latest fashion. And there’s lots for Aldo, too, although he doesn’t want it. Luisa tells him not to be ungrateful, so he accepts the bags, and politely thanks Connie. Okay, kids, time to try on your things, and don’t worry if something doesn’t fit, we’ll exchange it, says Connie. Yes, her strategy of nice is definitely working. She tells Maury how she loves the kids, hopefully soon, they’ll love her. Mauricio forces a smile.

Aldo is just finishing putting on his new expensive sneakers when Ivan comes in, jokingly admiring Aldo’s new duds. But Aldo takes it the wrong way, and snaps at Ivan. Ivan tells Aldo to chill, they might as well get along if they’re going to see each other every day. Aldo nixes that, there should be a wall between them. Fine, jokes Ivan, I’ll leave, and stop bothering the “princess”. Bad move, as hot-tempered Aldo punches him, which starts a fight, they’re grappling on the floor, Aldo on top, as Maury rushes in to separate them. After Ivan leaves, Maury tells Aldo that violence is not permitted in the house, and Aldo should apologize to Ivan. Aldo doesn’t like this at all.

Connie was right there, and pulls Maury into the other room, telling him Aldo’s a savage. No, he just needs limits, replies Maury. Well, good idea, says Connie, I just happen to have these brochures for special schools. Here’s a nice one in Spain, what do you think? Maury gets right in her face. These kids didn’t leave a group home to be shipped off outside of Mexico. They’re my children now, and NO one’s going to take them away from me! Connie’s taken aback by his ferocity, as the episode ends.

Monday’s preview: Moni, in expensive dress NO. 5, is just about to kiss Maury, when the elevator door opens. It’s Constanza!


Es más bueno que el pan – He’s good enough to eat, he’s fine (better than bread)
No me suena para nada – I’ve never heard the name – literally, it doesn’t sound to me at all, sort of like it doesn’t ring any bells
Una Botana – a snack, or appetizer to go with a drink
Ablandar – to soften, or melt
Un burdel – a brothel
Mugroso, roñoso – both mean filthy, grubby, dirty
Sangrono, or sangrona – a nuisance or an annoying person
Piloto - driver


Friday, June 26, 2009

MEPS - Thursday, June 25, 2009, Love is So Near Yet So Far Away Again, Cap. 93

Bosco asks FrEd if he’s sorry he left Eduardo behind or stopped being Eduardo Juarez. No, says Ed, he thinks he did the right thing. He’s dedicated himself to investigating all the clues his mother left behind before her death. He would do it again to the death. Do you remember the name of the person who condemned all the others to death. Yes, says the padre, Artemio Bravo. FrEd pulls out the Birth Certificate and shows it to the padre and tells him to read it.

At Grupo Lactos, Ani is having another hissy fit over Fer’s hiring Flor. Gonzo says that Flor has been a long-time employee. Bar and Fer walk in and Barb spits out that Lili fled the cuckoo’s nest. Ani grabs Fer’s arm and wants to know what she thinks she’s doing. She stands up to him and tells him what he’s been doing has been arbitrary and catastrophic. She reminds him that Franco Santoro has saved their asses, walks around Barb and throws in a few words about their sister Lili being locked up in a loony bin for fifteen years while the only family she had worked very hard to cover up and protect the family name and that they’re all a bunch of shameless nobodies. Gonzo breaks up the fight and reminds them they are brother and sister. Ani keeps it up and says the only one of her siblings she likes is Santi. He also has to remind her that she made a big mistake by bringing her “husband” into the family.

Barb chimes in that maybe Damian didn’t really take the money. Fer says what did you say Barb. Barb now comes up with her new lines that there has been a mistake. Gonzo validates it. They were just too judgmental with Damian.

Meanwhile Barb has sent emails to Damian assuring him that there is no trap. He is wearing a dark shirt opened to the third button. It’s just enough for us to get a peek at his manly chest hair. Anyway, he sits down at the computer presumably to reply to Barb.

At Pueblo San Rafael, Padre Bosco asks FrEd where he got the birth certificate. FrEd says it came from a box that his mother left for Lili and that it contains the secret of the feud. FrEd had hoped that Padre Bosco could help him decipher this enigma. What could his mother have meant by this? The mother’s name is Gregoria Bravo. The good padre cannot help him. Ed says don’t tell me that. He doesn’t believe the padre. He insists that the father come forward with info. He finally asks if the bad is stronger than the good.

Flor runs in to tell Fer about messages, one of which is from Franco Santoro. He wants her to return his call. A gentleman, whom Fer calls Licenciado, enters with an architect’s tube. He has the plans for the project. He opens them up and tells her that he drew them up according to her instructions. She wants to know when they can start construction. He says just say the word. They could probably complete it within eight months. He goes over all the buildings with her.

Barb sees a message on her computer from Damian. He wants to meet her at Los Remedios at ten tonight. She agrees. The editor assumes that Los Remedios is a dark, creepy, slimy place where witches and other wicked people go to do their dirty work.

Father Bosco says that Ana Gregorio registered the birth of her son in Villa Madera. No father was named and the witnesses do not appear to be related to the mother. The mystery grows deeper. FrEd offers that from the information (datos) on the certificate Ana Gregorio was a humble person. He says the birth certificate tells them nothing. Duh! Father says that if anyone can tell them about her it would be Silvestre Tinoco who is practically blind because he has a mind like a steel trap. We are being dragged around in circles. But, the good padre says that Silvestre knew his mother and all the rest of the people in the area.

Fer is very satisfied with the plans and the Licenciado says she won’t be disappointed. This calls for a little screaming and cheerleading by Flo and Fer, that is, until Barb comes in and throws a cold wet blanket over the scene and politely invites Flor to leave. What a surprise Fer says to Bar. Bar tells her that she and Daffy Dad have noticed the ill will between her and Ani. What else, says Fer, who just can’t stand being in the same room with Bar. Bar also tell Fer that she and Gonzo are fully aware of the mistake they made regarding Damian. They want to fix things. Fer wants to know how they figured out they made a mistake. Barb goes into her little speech about the accounts being switched. Fer asks the big questions – so how do you know Damian is innocent?

Barb continues weaving her newly created lie and adds a few tidbits about how hard-headed Anibal is and that surely Damian feared reprisals. I get the feeling Fer isn’t buy this pile of trash. Fer continues asking Barb about the charges against Damian and of course Barb tells her that just this morning she, at Daffy Dad’s order, withdrew the charges against Damian. Barb wants Fer to accompany her tonight at ten and the only thing she’ll tell her is it is very important and deals with her future. Fer holds back. Bar promises her that she won’t be sorry if she goes. Fer asks if it has something to do with her husband and Barb finally says yes. Fer says you know how it is to do something for Damian. Yes, but she can’t say until tonight. It’s just between her and Fer. Nobody else knows. Barb says it’s in a restaurant at ten and seals the deal.

The loud half of the Odd Couple is yelling into the phone at the meek half who will inherit the earth. Damian tells Vlad to get to the apartment with Pris right away. Guess who walks in – dear Ani. Vlad thinks quick on his feet. He tells Ani there is just a trivial problem. Ani says that Prolasa has found out that one of their employees has been passing company secrets to the competition. Anibal wants to know who Flor’s accomplice has been I guess since it was Vlad who fingered her. He’s also still and probably will be until the end of time bent out of shape over Fer’s hiring Flor.

Barb gives the kiss of death to Fer as she leaves. Just as Barb is about to walk out Fer asks her if she has reported Lili’s disappearance to the authorities. Barb says yes. Barb says the authorities have told them not to say a word about it to anyone. They think, says Barb, that Lili’s disappearance, along with Obregon’s letter, points to a kidnapping. So what are you going to do. Be patient and wait for the time to rescue her.

We are now privy to the private thoughts of Padre Bosco. The poor man is tormented by the pickle he’s in. He’s damned if he does and damned if doesn’t. (He’s repeating the priest’s lines that we hear in every novela.) The words of Artemio Bravo repeat in his head. FrEd asks him what’s up. Does it have anything to do with me? Padre assures FrEd he wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. FrEd doesn’t want to be a burden on the padre. The padre asks for his forgiveness. FrEd wants to know what he’s talking about, but the padre’s lips are sealed. The padre tells him never to return here. What, says FrEd? Never return. This will be our good by. FrEd is shocked.

Aurora leaves the mansion and goes to the chapel. None other than Camilo is lurking in the bushes.

The padre continues telling FrEd he is sorry and that he can’t have anything more to do with this mystery. Faking his death was the best thing he could have done, but the padre cannot explain anything to him and that he shouldn’t come back. FrEd is willing to do as asked and starts to leaves. FrEd has one final question – If a marriage is obtained via fraud is it valid?

Flip to Fer on the computer. She thoughtbubbles what is Barb up to up to? What interest does Barb have in her marriage?

Meanwhile Bar fills Gonzo in on how she has gained Fer’s confidence and that it wasn’t easy.

El padre wants to know if FrEd is referring to the marriage of Fernanda Elizalde. He carries on that what God has put together, no man can separate. FrEd says is that your answer? The padre says that his answer will not be up to FrEd’s expectations. FrEd is exasperated. The padre keeps giving FrEd the company line, yadda , yadda. FrEd finally tells the padre that the marriage of Fernanda and Damian can’t be blessed by God.

Now Daffy Dad and Bar discuss Lili. He can’t get Lili out of his head. Neither can Bar. I just wonder how Bar keeps track of all the balls she’s juggling. Anyway, Gonzo goes on to ask her what would be the best course to follow. Barb lays out her kidnapping plan – but, Gonzo says what if Obregon really didn’t kidnap her????

Back to FrEd and Padre Bosco. FrEd intends to continue finding the answer to his question and the padre will help him to the extent he can. They will remain friends from a distance. The padre gives FrEd his blessing at great length.

Heavenly music is playing in the chapel where Aurora prays to the Virgin Mary for the soul of Dominga. Hell’s bells ring as Camilo enters contritely carrying a bouquet of flowers that he prayerfully places in front of his mother’s niche. Aurora goes to leave, but he calls her and points out that his mother has been dead fifteen years. He’s still feels sad like a little kid. Sweet little Aurora offers her sympathy – he’s like Santiago. Camilo chokes on that. Camilo asks her to keep this a secret. She tells Cam that Santi went to the city. He says Santi should take better care of her. But, she’ll never leave him; she loves him more than anything.

Fer talks to Franco – they have a lot to talk about. They’ll meet at Lili’s.

Mama and Damian talk. She’s there to give him advice and he wants her to leave. She says Fer is his salvation – so go for it. She loves him. And please take her advice. He walks her to the door, shoves her drink in her face and forces her out the door. He actually thought bubbles that he can’t lose “Peque”.

Pris and Vlad run into each other in Lactos’ lobby. He tells her they have to go talk to Damian. She says she’s there to talk to Anibal – he says later. He takes her arms and begs her to pay attention to him. She reminds him that her name is Priscila. None other than Flor comes upon this little scene and remains discreetly in the background. They can’t wait – it’s a matter of minutes. She doesn’t want any part of him or his problem. He then tells her that if they don’t go to the apartment, Damian will give them up. Finally, she leaves with Vlad. Flor follows.

Aurora has a candle in a glass that she lights and then kneels down and starts to pray. This candle is to light Dominga’s way. Ghostly sound effects fill the room leaving Aurora holding her ears. She opens the door to the bath and runs out screaming and is followed by a black crow. She runs outside and a person covered in black mourning leaves the bathroom. If this is the new maid, I don’t recognize her.

Flor hails a cab and tells the cabbie to follow that car and not to lose it. He wants to know if it’s her husband.

Fer arrives at Lili’s and is greeted by Martina in her mini uniform. Enter Franco. Exit Martina. Fer tells him she went to the clinic with Barbara and tries to describe to him the look on Bar’s face when she read Obregon’s letter. They are both amused. Fer then tells him that supposedly her family has reported Lili’s disappearance to the police, but that Bar insists it’s a kidnapping.

Aurora is beside herself when none other who should appear but Barb. Remember you told me I could confide in you. Of course, my pretty, come to the library with me.

Fer has to explain the Bar situation to Franco again. Bar says they have to await a call from Obregon – so that they can presumably pay the ransom. Only they know the truth that they have Lily in a safe place. Fer is a bit perplexed about what they will do in the face of a police investigation. Not to worry says Franco. It’s simple. Follow Bar – we’re all waiting for Obregon’s call.

Bar wants to know why Aurora is so afraid. Aurora gives her the dirty details. Bar wants to know if Aurora believes in the supernatural. Bar tells Aurora that if she wants her help, Aurora can’t hold back anything – no secrets, nada. She yells at Aurora – what are you hiding. Barb expects Aurora to confess her love affair with Artemio Bravo!

At San Rafael Padre Bosco speaks to Soledad’s crypt and about the promise he made to her to protect her son and that now Artemio Bravo has put a monkey wrench in that promise. He has failed her so much and asks forgiveness.

Fer asks Franco for a favor – she tells him that tonight she has a meeting but she doesn’t know what’s it about. His cell rings. He answers – it’s Padre Bosco who tells him to go to a private place to talk. He tells FrEd that Soledad wanted him to leave this place and now he’s knee deep in investigations. It’s very dangerous and that he’s not only putting his life in danger, but the lives of others, too. FrEd looks at Fer. FrEd wants to know why the padre decided to tell him this now. The padre says that the enemy is everywhere. It a real threat, a threat against you and everyone you love. Pay attention – don’t come here, and stop asking questions. Your enemy could be someone you think is an ally.

FrEd immediately looks pensively at Fer who looks pensively back at him.

Avances: Damian “asks” Pris and Vlad if Bar has set a trap for him tonight. Ed is confused and confuses Fer. Fer goes to the “date” with Bar.

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Cuidado Thursday June 25, 2009: Fists fly, words fly, but true love can’t seem to get airborne

Before we get to the heavy lifting, we do a few telenovela stretches by revisiting yesterday’s scenes: At the school for the blind, Rafa tells JM about the letter AJ made up and he finds out from JM that AJ’s supposed fetus is not JM’s. The guide dog has just been returned to the school and JM and Rafa realize Mari was there returning him. The director tells them she said goodbye. Rafa doesn’t want to blab that she’s not going very far away, but urges JM to run talk to her before it’s too late. JM bolts off. Mari tells Dr Iturbe that she’s not going to live near the job he’s offering, but she’ll commute.

At the castle, Rocio tells Daniel that she didn’t beat around the bush with Mari. Vicente gets past Balbina and trots into the living room. He takes a swing at Daniel.

AJ has arrived at the school for the blind and rushes up to JM as he’s trying to get into his car. She wants a kiss, mi amor. He wrinkles his nose, and gets into his car. She plants herself in front of the car, spreads her arms over the hood and says she’s not moving until she gets her kiss. She says go ahead, run me and your future baby over! It doesn’t seem to dawn on JM to back up.

Warmed up? Okay, here we go with the new stuff: Mari tells her folks that Dr. Iturbe is coming to take her to look over the clinic where she’ll be working. The judge grumbles and Mari says he’s nice guy and she’s realizing her dream of becoming a physical therapist. The judge says he wonders what the guy is really up to and Mari says don’t worry, even if he’s interested in her, she never wants to mess with love again.

Daniel has scored a knockout! Vicente lies on the floor with the customary single trickle of blood coming from this lip (defying gravity – it drips chinward, but he is lying on his side on the floor). Rocio flees to his side and tsks at Daniel.

JM gets out of his car, takes AJ by the wrists and tells her she’s nuts and to leave him the hell alone. She falls to the ground and says he’s killed their child. JM drives off. AJ figures he’s going to see Mari and she runs off to put a stop to it.

Now Vicente has a trickle of blood flowing the correct way. Rocio is waving smelling salts or something under his nose and he wakes up. He says he’s glad he fought for her. Daniel gets pissed off. Vicente tells Rocio he doesn’t want to die alone. Rocio says she understands, but now her life is with someone who knows how to treasure her, someone she loves.

A guy who would hit a dying man, says Vicente, forgetting he threw the first punch. Daniel says nobody is really believing this “dying” story, plus maybe the police haven’t caught up with you yet, but it’s obvious you had something to do with Rafa’s kidnapping. Rocio says it’s true, and she’s sad to think about him in jail.

Mari is telling Juanito to behave while she’s gone while her folks and Cande look on. She promises them she’ll call when she gets there. The judge says if anything happens, she can call him and he’ll come get her. You’d think she was setting off into darkest Africa. She gives them all hugs.

Mari lets herself out the Velarde gates and there’s JM. She looks exasperated. He tells her that everything AJ said was lies. AJ walks up and says like what? Like about our child? Don’t listen to him Mari – he’s messing with you like he messed with me.

Ed and Bea are visiting Purita and Adrian. They tell them how nobody is a match for bone marrow and Amador won’t even take the tests. They say they have to wait, and Purita says miracles do happen.

Mari tells both AJ and JM to get lost. AJ protests, but Mari says if you got yourself pregnant by him, it’s your problem. Both of you leave me alone.

Elsa and Rafa meet up somewhere on a city street. He tells her he’s going to have the operation in a few days. Elsa says she’s worried he’ll think she’s ugly. He says he can’t, he will always see her beautiful soul, and he tells her how grateful he is that she came into his life, and what a dear friend she is.

Mari is still telling them both to git, and Dr Iturbe shows up to get her. JM wants to know who that is. Mari says none of your business. JM grabs her by the arm and tells her she’s not leaving with any guy, he wants to straighten things out with her. Mari says who do you think you are telling me what to do! AJ is loving this part. JM says I’m the man who loves you, the father of your child, your one-time husband.

Dr Iturbe tries to interrupt and JM grabs him by the lapels and roughs him around a little. Dr I’s shirt gets pulled out and we get to see a bit of his stomach and it doesn’t look like he’s been working out. Mari tries to pull JM off, while yelling at him. AJ is laughing and hooting and hollering. Suddenly she bends over in pain and says Ay!

JM tells Dr Iturbe to stay out of his affairs. Dr I. puffs his chest. JM turns to Mari and says don’t forget we are a family, don’t forget our love. AJ hollers over that he’s wasting his time and making a fool of himself appealing to Mari. He tells her to shut up, that she’s the pathetic one here, lying, making up stories to hurt innocent people.

Mari says you’re both pathetic and she goes to leave with Dr Iturbe. JM grabs him by the lapels again and is almost tearing his coat off. AJ (who still hasn’t straightened up) tries to grab onto Mari.

All this commotion has flushed the Velardes out of their mansion. The judge separates JM and Dr I., and AJ tries to comment, but Ceci tells her to stay out of their business. Mari has her arms crossed and looks furious. The judge tells JM to come in, let’s talk. Mari tells him, for one and for all, stay out of my life. She walks off with Dr I., and AJ wants to glom onto her, but falls down holding her stomach.

The Velardes and JM go in and close the gate. AJ, prostrate on the driveway outside, wails for their benefit that they all want to make her look bad, that she has no one to defend her. After they’re out of earshot she turns off the dramatics and swears vengeance on all of them.

Inside, Ceci and Pat tell JM not to despair. Anyway, Mari will be back tonight, she’s just going to the clinic where she’s going to work. JM says I thought she was leaving town. He says he’s all crazy jealous.

Dr Iturbe is driving Mari across the countryside in a cool 50s sedan. We visit the clinic or whatever it is. It’s a lovely big room with lots of windows and a bunch of little kids are playing. They spot Mari and run over for a group hug. She tells Dr I. that she knows them (or did she mean kids like them?) from the orphanage.

They run, they play, she supervises. They all look perfectly healthy. Later, she moves one child’s leg for her while the others watch. They all adore her, natch.

Onelia tells Rocio and Daniel that JM has gone into seclusion and won’t come out. Rocio wonders if Mari really does love him. Daniel says And he’s been nothing but good to her.

JM is languishing in his room. He says at least he has his memories. He flashes back on their trip around Mexico City when he was in his Dr Cisneros phase. He says he’s not ashamed that he’s crying, it shows how much he loves her. You don’t need a yardstick to measure love, you need a big measuring cup. He flashes back on her harsh words at the front gate. He says that his life is in chaos – he just can’t understand why she won’t love him back.

Musica triste say the captions.

We’re back at the Velardes’ – Dr I. has brought Mari home. She apologizes for the scene this morning (just now she gets around to it?) and he says don’t worry, it wasn’t her fault. Mari says she knows the way now, so she can get there on her own. Dr I. says I’ll drive you every day. Mari says no, she can take her bike, the bus. But he insists because, he tells her, she’s something special, and she’s changing his life too. He leaves and some violins gush.

A regular doctor magnet is our Mari. She thinks about his saying she was special and that she was changing his life.

Wow – major helicopter shot of Casa Velarde’s neighborhood and then the Casa itself. Why haven’t we seen that before? Anyway, we’re inside with the inhabitants, who apparently are having their morning juice. They urge Mari to have breakfast, but she says she’ll be eating with the kids. The judge fusses again and says he doesn’t like her going away so far every day. She says it’s not far – she’ll take him one day.

Of course it goes much deeper than this. Mari is breaking a serious telenovela rule, namely she is actually going somewhere to work all day. Mari says it’s wonderful for her, she feels fulfilled, useful. It’s important to give a lot of love to the kids.

Pretty words, says the judge, but I don’t like it. I don’t want you to keep going. (We have to admire about Stef that she had the daughter of rich folks role down pat – she was great at lying on a lawn chair, sipping lemonade and ordering people about. Mari is obviously falling short in the judge’s eyes.)

Ed, Bea, Purita, Adrian again. Oh, and Edito too. Ed and Bea again say there is no donor, and they says Edito is still doing well, thanks to the loving care Purita and Adrian gave him.

The judge tells Mari it’s just too dangerous for her to go to the clinic and he forbids it. Dangerous? Is he afraid she’ll get her shins kicked by the kids? Is he afraid Dr Iturbe’s classic car will break down in a field and they’ll be pecked to death by chickens? Mari says I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep going.

The judge grabs his chest and collapses on the couch. He’s out cold. Just then Dr I. comes in to save the day. He tells Mari to run for his black bag in the car. She tells herself she will never forgive herself if something happens to him.

Musica de suspenso say the captions.

She’s back with the black bag. Dr I roots around in it and finds a syringe which he stabs into the judge’s arm. Was it maybe a tetanus shot? Whatever, it works, and the judge wakes up and looks wide-eyed and says what happened?

Mari says it’s my fault. If you don’t want me to go to the clinic, I won’t. Dr Iturbe looks bummed.

At the castle, Onelia tells Rocio she’s worried because JM’s in his room and won’t answer when she knocks. Rocio says he must be okay, then she says what would we do without him if something happened? He’s our rock.

Dr Iturbe tells Ceci that she has to get the judge in to his heart doctor for some studies. Apparently, the ER is out of the question. Ceci is so grateful he was there at the right moment.

Dr Iturbe says he’s leaving, and says he heard her saying she wouldn’t be coming back to work. He understands, she has to do what’s the best for herself and her family. Mari tells him to tell the kids that she will remember them every day but she can’t be the one giving them therapy right now. Dr Iturbe says I think your family will be needing you for quite a while.

The judge says wait. I didn’t know those kids needed you so much. If you want to, you can go. I just had a little woozy spell. Your work takes some getting used to for me, but I’m getting there. You need to follow your dreams.

Tender music, lots of kisses, and Mari leaves with Dr. Iturbe. The judge says to Ceci I guess our daughter isn’t a child anymore. Of course, he never knew her when she was a child, but we understand the sentiment.

Rocio goes to JM’s room, but he’s not there. Where could he be?

He hasn’t thrown himself from the window, because he’s at the clinic checking a young woman’s eyes. Suddenly Mari’s eye appears in his fevered imagination. Marichuy? he says and the patient says huh? You’re confusing me with Marichuy who was studying PT. JM says no, Alma, I know it’s you. He goes on to tell Alma about her upcoming operation. She leaves and he says I can’t keep on like this, I’ve got to get over it.

Mari gets into the car with Dr Iturbe and thanks him for saving her father. He hands her a rose he had, all ready, in the car. She says what’s this? He thanks her for being so wonderful, and so beautiful, and for staying by his side. Mari looks uncomfortable. Since she never watches TV or reads anything, she probably doesn’t know the term “sexual harassment” but obviously she knows the feeling.

He tells her that he won’t ever forget that moment just now – that she decided to stay with him. She says actually her decision was to stick with the kids. Shouldn’t we be on our way now? Of course, says Dr. I, not starting the engine. It just seems that when you’re around I lose track of time.

JM sees another patient at the Institute for the Blind. He tells himself that this is the best therapy for him. Rocio comes to see him, gives him a hug and reproaches him for disappearing. He says he left early and he didn’t want to burden everyone with all his troubles. Rocio says that’s what sisters are for.

JM says these patients need me so that gives me purpose, but as for life, I don’t care any more. Rocio says life goes on, maybe Mari doesn’t, but you have two wonderful children you need you.

We see Dr Iturbe’s car driving along a country road. Next, Mari is at the clinic, doing arm exercises with the kids, the point of which is obscure. Still, they’re having fun and Dr Iturbe is observing, standing the doorway in his beige suit doing the arm movements too, looking besotted and pretty dorky.

Later, in the courtyard, he’s stopped by Liliana, who seems to be an assistant. She tells him his patients are getting anxious – where has he been? He says watching Mari with the kids, but he’ll get to his patients now. Oh, and if Mari needs anything you take care of it, okay? Has Dr Iturbe unwittingly stomped on Liliana’s tender hopes?

He says to himself that he has to win out – she’s a wonderful woman and he’s in love with her. Somehow he manages to look nerdy delivering this impassioned speech. Loser. He doesn’t stand a chance, and it’s not the small panza issue, it’s that what we see (and he doesn’t) like a train bearing down on him, is we have only a week to go.

Mari leads the kids in games.

AJ’s apartment. Somebody’s at the door and she primps in the huge mirror before answering. Amador comes in and grabs her by the chin. She tells him to get lost. He says I need your help and you’re going to give it. Who’s going to make me? says AJ. She pushes at him and he gets rough, saying you know I don’t like it when you reject me. He says his plan is to kidnap Marichuy. Suddenly AJ is all melting happiness. They could kill her! she says.

Amador says something like it’s the two of us and AJ says she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He says you don’t get it, I’m giving orders – you and I are leaving now to kidnap Mari.

Mari is having lunch with the kids who are perfectly behaved and in awe of her fabulousness. Dr Iturbe comes in with a plate to join them and of course he stations himself by Mari. The kids chant Beso Beso Beso.

JM is at Ed’s office, despairing. He says he can’t shake this depression, he’s just a nut case. How to get over it? When a world-famous psyhiatrist starts unraveling, naturally he turns to a gynecologist. Ed says it’s a matter of will.

JM says where is this clinic? Ed says I just know it’s in the State of Mexico, that’s all. JM despairs some more. He can’t stand that Mari’s with Dr. Iturbe.

The kids file out and Mari comments on how well behaved they are and what good work Dr I. does here. Mari says her life is so chaotic right now, but she feels important at the clinic (maybe because the doctor is more focused on her than on his patients) and when she goes home, she kisses her son, so that keeps her centered.

Dr Iturbe tells Mari he’s worried about JM, that he’s desperate and will stop at nothing to get to her and talk to her. Mari assures him that JM doesn’t know where she works, and she won’t talk to him anyway. Dr I. says I know about JM, his spectacular achievements and also troubled person life. I’m worried he’ll come. Mari says I wasn’t born just to be with him, and besides I don’t want to even hear his name, I’m so sick of him.

Amador has AJ by the neck and head and is trying to drag her out the door while she struggles and protests. She pulls away, hits the door and falls to the floor unconscious.

Golpe, say the captions.

Rocio reports to Onelia about her visit with JM and how he’s so depressed. Onelia is very worried too.

JM is in Ed’s office coming unglued. They’ve sent for Israel who is supposed to find out about the clinic. Israel shows up and says it’s not registered anywhere – maybe Dr. Iturbe is doing good deeds anonymously. Though of course, we would say unlicensed. And what about permits? JM blathers about how Dr I. is winning Mari over and he’s going to lose her. Israel says this is all happening in your imagination. JM raves some more.

Amador is starting to get worried about AJ, who’s not coming to. He rolls her over and there’s a gash on her forehead.

Musica de suspenso say the captions.

No avances, just the same flashes of the ending that we’ve been seeing for a number of nights now. So in place of avances, here’s a pop quiz! Who are these characters from Cuidado?



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