Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stud 9/30/10 Al’s a One Trick Pony in a One Horse Town

Al and Ivana are discussing their plans. Al grabs her and starts mauling her. She resists. Don’t worry Al she’ll stop fighting in a few minutes. Yep. Sure enough. Just in time for Chuy to catch them. Eww. I’m fouled out and by the look on Chuy’s face, he is too. FF>>

Sabino is trying to loan JM some money but he won’t take it. JM tells him not to worry about it.

Ivana finally pushes Al away (like she is so offended--NOT). She tells him he’s an imbecile. They argue some more. Ivana tells him that she was never in love with him. He was just convenient. Al points out that they had a plan to take the money from her “little sister.” Did you run into the arms of JM to forget me? She turns and walks off. He follows her. She says she’s in love with JM. For real, seriously. He mocks her. For the first time in my life (or at least for the next 5 minutes) I’m really in love. I don’t care if he has money or not. R.i.g.h.t! She tells him to get lost. She pushes him. He says for now he’ll leave but its not over. He leaves and she heads back to the house. So traumatized is our innocent Chuy after having to watch the violent yet oddly provocative mating ritual of the local reptilius skankus, he trips over a bucket as he tries to scamper to safety. She asks him why he’s up there hiding. She tries to get him to wait but he hot-foots it out of there. I’m not sure where he went because I’m distracted by that zipper that goes all the way down her back on her, uh, shirt--no it‘s a dress. I bet sitting on that is not very comfy. She realizes she is going to have to do some damage control.

Back to Sabino and JM. Sabino asks how things are going. JM says he’s having problems with his mom. He misses his dad a lot. Val was everything to him.

Val is looking out the window. Benita comes in with a glass of lemonade. Val is worried about Benita as she sucks down the lemonade. Benita comes closer and tells her that Ivana came to see Isabel. Val doesn’t believe it. Benita says and now she’s sadder than she was before. But really, when isn’t she sad? She’s such a sad sack every day. They are sure that she came for money. Val thinks that Ivana has changed a lot. Benita thinks that maybe someone else has changed also.

Tizzy is in the garden whining to Don Ernesto. Don E is sure that sooner or later Ivana will be back. Viewerville hopes not. But he has a surprise for her. Oh we can’t wait! Val wants you to be the director of the school. Really? She’s going ahead with the project? Only if you are up for the job. You’d be in charge of everything.

Sandi is coming back to her room. She gets the key and the guy tells her he has a message for her from the doctorcito. Sandi reads it and crumples it up. The front desk guy looks disappointed. He says he’s also going to look for you at your house.

Chuy is busily doing his homework. Ivana shows up with her hands behind her back. Hola Chuy. He ignores her. Are you doing your homework? Good guess Capitana obvious. He doesn’t answer. Ok then, I want to ask you a favor. Don’t tell anyone you saw me talking to that guy. He gets up like she smells really bad. And she probably does. He asks her why. She thinks JM will be upset that she was talking to him. When even that doesn’t work she whips out a red, juicy apple. Look what I brought you. Seriously. Is this skank for real? Chuy gives the apple the stink-eye. He doesn’t take it. Good boy. She continues to hold the poison apple--uh, the red, juicy apple out to him like he is a horse or something. Take it, take it. She finally sets it down on the little table. That scene totally cracks me up. I’m going to watch it again. Ok. JM rides up and sees Ivana with Chuy. He is immediately suspicious. What are you doing here? I’m helping Chuy with his assignments. Uh, NOT. Isn’t that right Chuy? She puts her arm around him and he sidles away from her to safety. There’s that stupid zipper thing again. I always say that you can judge a person by the reaction of animals and children to that person. Obviously Chuy knows at his tender age what a skank ho Ivana really is. Oh, look, I even brought him an apple. JM asks him if he’s hungry and he says no, not really. JM looks thoughtful. Chuy sees his chance and makes a break for it. JM reaches out to touch the apple but changes his mind at the last minute. He looks at the apple suspiciously and then looks at Ivana-poison-you. What’s going on? Ivana looks guilty of something. You are very nervous. Ivana says she’s normal. He wags his finger at her and walks away leaving the apple sitting on the table. Whew!

Sabino and Juan are having a pow wow about the cattle. Sabino says that Leo doesn’t want to have the cattle tested to see if they were poisoned. He’s got the money to pay for it though. Juan is surprised that Sabino has money. Well, really. What does he have to spend it on?

Over at the pity party that is Shrieky. The maid is tucking her in as she asks for her daughter. What a faker! Poor me, poor me. She just wants to die. Hey, we’d like you to die too. In walks Sandi who falls for it immediately. Shrieky lays it on pretty thick. Sandi is worried and wants to go for the doctor Flippy. No, not the doctor. She wants to go for her father but Shrieky says no. He doesn’t care about me. I’m warming up the tazer.

Gabi is finishing her session with Chuy and his sister. They leave and JM walks up. He asks how it is going and Gabi says great. You can tell he wants to ask her something. He helps her put the stuff in the car and finally comes out with it. He wants to talk to her about something she said the other day. About Arcelia and the baby. Did Val say anything to you about it? Gabi says not in detail. Just that the baby was yours. He snorts. She asks him if the baby is his. He says of course not. He never had anything with her. She needed help and he offered to help her. That’s it. He says anyway Val has Rosendo and Alonzo to keep her company. Gabi says wake up and smell the coffee. She’s not interested in those guys. The only one she loves is you. She tells him to think about it. She drives off and he stands looking thoughtfully into the distance.

Back at Cascabeles Val is chewing out Gabi for talking to JM about Arcelia. Gabi thinks he has a right to know. Val says it is none of her business. Val wants reassurance that the baby is not JM’s. Gabi believes it and says he loves you and is suffering from your separation. He also worries about Al. Val says she has no interest in Al whatsoever. Gabi says that when he called there today he asked for Val and then asked for Ivana. Well, that does it and she goes storming out to confront him. This should be good.

Moises has gone over to see his wife. She’s playing dead and dying and he’s not buying it. He tells her he doesn’t buy it right to her face. They start screaming at each other. Sandi gets upset. I get the tazer into position. Sandi’s falling for it but not her dad. He grabs her arm and says let’s go. Shrieky goes into full banshee mode--screaming and crying and trying to hold on to Sandi. OMG--I can’t take it any more zzzzzztttttttt, zzzzztttttttt. It didn’t work--damn. She’s still crying and screaming. It’s just pissing me off so I’m going to FF>>If someone wants to fill that in go ahead. I can’t stand it.

Over at Crisa’s she’d doing some laundry when there is a knock on the door. Who could it be? I wonder? Oh it’s Ros come bearing presents. He tries to sweet talk her but she resists. Good. He tells her she’s cute when she’s mad. Ok, that does it--he’s getting the tazer too. She tells him to leave. He tries once more with the ”I bought this present especially for you line” and “I think about you all the time” line. She doesn’t cave in--yet. Finally the scumbag leaves.

Over at the hotel JM shows up looking for Sandi’s dad so he can discuss the loan. JM wants to take all his money and transfer it into the account of Val. Moises tells him that that’s impossible without authorization from Leo. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. So basically there’s nothing he can do. Downstairs Val shows up looking for Alonzo. You know this is not going to go well. She goes up the stairs as the front desk guy looks at her butt. She pounds on Al’s door. He’s surprised and happy to see her. He asks her in and she says she’s only here to get him to leave. He needs to leave and leave her alone. He’s not going to leave because he luuuuvs her so much and wants her back. Get over it buddy. She’s not coming back. They argue about it and since it worked so well on Ivana, he grabs Val and plants a big one on her mouth as she struggles to free herself. Seriously, do men think women find that sexy? It makes me want to pop him one. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a train wreck and of course we have to look--out walks JM finished with his business with Moises. Yep, it’s a train wreck. He spies them locked in the liplock and his eyes get pretty big. She finally breaks free and spies JM standing there with his mouth open. Al looks pretty pleased with himself. So with a show of hands--how many of you think Al knew JM was down the hall and planned it or whether he was just being his usual Ass-Hat self? I’m leaning toward the ass-hat myself. Break. Back from the break JM says something to Al that I didn’t catch and then punches him in the stomach. Val tries to catch JM and explain what happened but he doesn’t want to hear it as he stomps out. Val turns on Al and tells him to get out of San Pedro and she smacks him in the face. Awesome.

Back over at Crisa’s, the present is driving her crazy. She can’t stand it any more and has to pick it up and examine it. Well, she decides to go ahead and open it. It is a red sequined hoochie mama dress. Where would she wear something like that in that small town? She drops it like it’s got cooties--because it does. She goes back to folding clothes. She eyes the dress again. I can’t tell what she’s thinking.

Over at Rosendo’s Filo is watching TV TV? It can’t be. I think this is the first TV we’ve seen in this town. They have no phones but they have TV. Rosendo walks in and Filo asks him where he was. He says he was taking the gift over to Crisa. Ros is sure he will have her eating out of his hand in no time. He doesn’t want her to go to the sheriff.

After the incident at the hotel, JM decides to go visit Hornatio. Because he is such a good role model for that kind of situation. JM’s is jealous. Horny tells him to calm down. He wanted to punch Al’s lights out when he saw them kissing. It’s not that important says Horny. JM disagrees. It’s very important. Well, then get your head out of your butt and do something about it. It’s too much for JM he’s got to do something about it. He can’t take it any more. He’s going to go crazy. He leaves with Horny right behind him.

Meanwhile Val is relating the story to Gabi. Val’s pretty upset. It was so terrible. All this happened in front of Moises too. I can’t stand it when she snivels like that. Gabi tries to comfort her by saying it wasn’t that bad. Gabi thinks she needs to declare to him how she really feels. She says he won’t even listen to her. They keep arguing about it. Gabi tells her that the solution is in her hands. Val says what should I do? Get some mariachis to serenade him? Gabi says why not? I could think of a couple of reasons but that’s just me.

Flippy finds Sandi at her house. He came to apologize for the other night. She says don’t worry about it. He came to tell her he loves her and to ask her forgiveness. With perfect timing Shrieky starts squawking in the background. Sandi says she’s got to go because her mom is really sick. Flippy wants to come in and take a look but she shuts the door in his face. Shrieky runs back to bed just as Sandi comes through the door. Ack! How could they do that scene without laughing. FF>>

Leo’s getting ready for bed when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Ivana of course. She wanted to tell her good night. Leo appreciates it because her son gives her less and less attention each day. I’m not even going there. They talk about mother-daughter and mother-son relationships which isn’t really very interesting. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of mariachis. Oh no! Ivana of course thinks JM is serenading her. She is upset to find out that it is Val. Val sings her heart out but no JM. Instead Ivana emerges and tells her that JM doesn’t want anything to do with her. He wants her to get out of his life forever. Dun, dun, dun.

Tomorrow: JM gets drunk, Ivana takes advantage of him, Rosendo and Al act like jerks.


La Fea Más Bella #27-28 9/30/10 This could be the start of something big.

Read Chris's original recap. Note, that recap covers Caps 27 and 28. If you don’t want to read ahead, stop at the paragraph that begins, “It’s the morning of the big Benny Ibarra veeedeo.” That marks the beginning of Cap 28.

Capitulo 27

1. Carolina will help manage the Benny event. She reproaches Fernando for putting Lety in the cave. Omar mocks Lety and Caro is not amused.

2. Luigi has a melt-down because the kids “decorated” the set design and the crew followed it.

3. Fernando tells Lety to register a company under her name. She’s shocked and scared. He says, “Do you think I’ll put you into problems?” It will start with 1M pesos ($80K USD). Lety asks, “Why me?”

4. Marcia reports to the parents what Ariel said – that Lety is displacing her.

5. Caro disapproves of them switching to video without telling Luigi. She tells Fernando to give Lety a proper office or her press release will reveal how he treats his assistant.

6. Lopez is shocked that Lety gets a 200% raise. See transcript: Fernando tries to move Lety into Olarte’s office, but she prefers to stay close to him.

7. The triumvirate reduces Benny event costs by getting cheaper substitutes for wardrobe, lights, etc.

8. Paula sashays up to Omar, but he takes Alicia home instead. Saimon tries to distract Paula out of compassion.

9. Omar is all over Alicia until she asks him to move in. Nope. He’s willing to pay her bills, but she’s not willing to be a kept woman. She needs someone at her side (to protect her from Ariel), or nothing. He says maybe in a month, and she lets him get back on task.

10. Tomás asks if Lety can invest the her company’s capital. Yes, she has free rein. Tom has a plan for investing in the market. Lety hires him to manage the capital. He warns her to be careful; they will use her company to protect Conceptos.

Spanish Lesson.
Fernando just told Lopez to move Lety into Olarte’s old office.

F: What’s wrong, Lety?
L: Don’t you want me to stay here with you?
F: No, I just want to improve your working conditions. Today I was criticized for putting you in that “hovel.” And I believe it’s only right that you have the kind of office you should have. With a window and circulation. What’s wrong, Lety? Don’t you want that new office?
L: No, Don Fernando. I don’t. But if you’re uncomfortable that I’m here, if you want more privacy, I’ll leave.
F: No, Lety, it’s not that. How can you be happy working in that hole? Doesn’t it seem dark, cold, dreadful? Don’t you want to move up?
L: No, señor. I feel good in my office. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve arranged it the way I like it. I brought in my personal things. The truth, Don Fernando.. I don’t want to be separated from you. If I take that office, I won’t be able to answer your personal calls, or take care of your things. If you need something you’ll have to call me. I won’t be right here. I would prefer.. to stay here. If that doesn’t bother you.
F: That’s fine, Lety. Get rid of those tears. It doesn’t bother me that you’re with me. I like that I can suddenly call, “LETY!” and you appear. Know what? You’re right. I would’ve missed you a lot.
L: Thank you, Don Fernando.

Capitulo 28
Cap 28 is the last of Chris Ferro's recaps. Bien hecho! Thank you, Chris. There was a gap in recaps until Julie restarted them in Cap 61. But when the series ended, Kim P wrote recaps to fill in the gap. Today we start Kim's Missing Recaps. There is actually a little overlap. Ferro and Kim both wrote recaps for #28.

Chris's original recap. Note, that recap covers Caps 27 and 28. The paragraph that begins, “It’s the morning of the big Benny Ibarra veeedeo” marks the beginning of Cap 28.Kim's first recap.. That recap covers Caps 28 through 30-A. Stop at the section heading, "Missing Recap 2: Oh, it was just a massage."

1. Lety and Tomás register Filmo Imagen (FI). Her ex-boss is sure she’ll be successful. Tom asks if she fell in love with him TOO. Lety tries to deny, but Tomás lists all the evidence that she loves Fernando.

2. Fernando will wait until the last moment to show Luigi the inferior costumes and camera. Omar worries he’ll throw a big tantrum. Fern says, “He has to obey me. I’m the boss. I sign his check.”

3. Lety reports to Fernando that she established FI. He insists that she be the sole owner and that no one else know about it. Lety tries to explain that the law forbids sole ownership, but Caro and Magalay interrupt them.

4. Saimon pulls his “I’m the boss” gag with the dancers. Fernando stops him. Tomás brags to Roman that he’s managing investments.

5. Fern tells Lety that she can manage FI however she wants, as long as it’s stable. It’s there to protect Conceptos, not to make him rich.

6. Fernando tells Lopez that Lety will be in charge while the owners are in LA. The cuartel celebrates.

7. Luigi is upset about the inferior costumes. Marcia is mad because Fernando changed her order. Luigi sees that his new camera is not 35mm and he freaks out.

8. Lety tells Tom she lied to Fernando because he’d never agree to Tom being a shareholder of FI.

9. Fernando is beyond stressed. Caro gives him a back massage.


La Verdad Oculta EP17 09/29/2010 - 500 square meters of wealth


* Juan José's house
Asunción and Caramelo discuss Juan José. The little girl definitely hates the big guy and wants him to leave them in peace. The old man cheer her up by offering her a delicious breakfast.

* Genovés villa
Bertha sneaks into Mario's study and rummages his desk looking for clues about Gabriela. She finds Fausto Guillén's phone number, immediately calls him and asks for Gabriela. When Fausto unsuspectingly tells her his daughter isn't at home she cuts the call off and starts to wonder.

* Elsa's flat
While having breakfast Elsa tries to convince Juan José that the house he inherited sucks since there's no water, lights or windows. But like every other telenovela hero he's adamant and also wants to pay her back the costs of his mom's funeral as soon as possible. However, right now he's dead broke and Elsa insists on giving him some more money until he finds a job or when he sells his house.

* Ávila residence
Patchy and Dracula have coffee. Adolfo tells Félix that last night in Sagitario he had a chat with... wait for it... Leonardo Faidella! It turned out he's a friend of that idiot waitress. Adolfo feels the ailing lack of The Shoes again and decides it was all David's fault. He'll pay for it dearly!

* Guilléns' flat
Gabriela frets and fumes about what rude jerk and majadero David is. Juli thinks it's cool that he's jealous but Gabriela is so angry that when the phone rings and David asks for her she refuses to talk with him.

* Genovés villa
David is furious at Gaby's rejection. Bertha appears in the hall just the right time and just in the prettiest outfit, so David invites her to go out with him that night.

* Elsa's flat
JJ tells Elsa he met two homeless people in his house and he didn't have the heart to kick them out. And... since they've been living there for such a long time they have the right to stay, don't they? After swooning over everything JJ said Elsa has to leave for work. She gives cash to the little bit embarrassed JJ and they agree to meet in his house in the afternoon.

* Alejandra's office
Elsa gives back to Mina the money she lent her because she doesn't need it anymore. She asks Mina about the prices of houses, especially of the old, ruined villas in the southern part of the town. Wow, the houses and lots of that district are very expensive and each square meters value at least 10000 pesos. Elsa's jaw drops.

* Ávila residence
While Adolfo and Patchy are having their endless breakfast Roberto drops in. Dolphie asks him if he still wants to work for him. Of course, he needs that job! Adolfo smiles and admits he has certain businesses" that Carlos doesn't know anything about. He'll make Roberto filthy rich but in return for that he wants his complete discretion and loyalty. Rob, who seems to be grateful, greedy and frightened to hell at the same time, thanks to him for the opportunity. Adolfo leaves, Carlos arrives and tells to Roberto that David met the Guillén girls in Los Angeles. Carlos, as usual, looks like he would gladly suffocate David.

* Juan José's house
Elsa arrives, and asks JJ how many square meters is his lot? Hmm, 500, maybe. She excitedly jumps into JJ's arms and yells "You're rich!". Que? Each square meters values 10000 pesos, therefore he has 5 million pesos under his feet! Juan José's brain cells slowly process the information and when he finally realizes that he is a rich man he bursts into joyful, crazy, hysterical laughter. The hug.

* Genovés villa
Alejandra and Mario talk about their secret project. Ale'd like to know why he wants to create those stuff and Mario promises to explain to her everything in time. Right now all he can say is that this project is very important for him. Actually, it's a matter of life and death.

* Juan José's house
After the moments of happiness a horrible thought comes into JJ's mind: he won't be able to sell the house. Why? Because he may be the heir of Don Goyo but he can't dispose of his property until he registers his ownership at the Registro Publico de la Propriedad (aka and Registry). And the registry costs 17000 pesos. Dammit, it's hopeless. Elsa wants to ask for loan from Salomón (Viewerville: *headdesk*), but fortunately JJ vetos that stupid idea. He doesn't want her to make sacrifices for him, and neither wants to depend on her. He loves her as if she was his family member, for example, his sister (Elsa's face looks like she swallowed something sour), and it would be _his_ job to take care of _her_.

* batcave
Mario shows to poor Fausto the his high-tech make-up/camera room/plotting headquarters he created for him. It's kind of creepy. Fausto has cold feet again. First, one of his neighbours is a clever detective, second, it'll be hard to avoid Adolfo if his daughters continue to work in his club. Mario learns the girls didn't give up their job. Fausto tells him what happened and gives his money back to him.

* Scoundrel, Douchebag & Douchebag Law Office
Elsa and JJ visit the lawyer who tells them enthusiastically he's been working hard to free her imprisoned friend from Veracruz and he's shocked when he learns that the XXL size wrestler who accompanied his naive client is that guy from jail. Busted. JJ wants him to pay Elsa back the money he robbed for her. He sends them to hell and tells them that since JJ's been liberated conditionally if he hits him he'll be sent back to jail. JJ fumes and before leaving he "accidentally" damages some furniture. (Viewerville: *Yeah!*)

* Juan José's house
It's late night. Asunción and Caramelo arrive and notice JJ's bed. The girl becomes sad but Asunción promises her that one day they'll live in a huge house and they'll be rich.

* Genovés villa
Bertha (who looks awesome) and David leave. Mario feels week and ill and when he tries to go into his study he collapses next to the staircase. He cries over his disease and his desperate situation.

* Juan José's house
When JJ arrives the intruders are asleep. He picks up Caramelo and carries her to his bed, but both the girl and Limón misunderstand the situation. He convinces them that his intentions are decent and he only wants her to sleep comfortably.

* Club Sagitario
The golden boys sit in the bar, watch the waitresses and Carlos talks about how special Gaby is. David and Bertha arrive at the bar. While Bertha is enjoying the night David is anxiously looking for an opportunity to confront Gabriela. He wants her to serve them the beverages but Gaby, who is jealous and still pissed off, angrily says that she's very busy so please look for another waitress. David sardonically comments that the service in the bar is awful! Carlos quickly jumps and asks Gaby to follow him to his office. Blondie becomes jealous and Bertha starts to realize what's going on.

* Juan José's house
Asunción and JJ talk about Caramelo. The old beggar isn't his uncle, he found her in a trash bin when she was a newborn baby. Since he isn't his relative he didn't dare to send her to school. But he loves her so much. He asks JJ about his life. Where is he from? From Veracruz. Did he arrive Mexico City recently? Not exactly. And what about the previous owner - was he his relative? Err, no. Then how on earth did JJ meet Goyo if he was in jail? Well, because JJ was a jailbird, too. Asunción's shocked.

* Carlos's office
Carlos and Gaby talk about her career. She should be a receptionist or the captain of the waitresses, or anything else (to avoid David), but Gaby's worried about the opinion of the other employees. Carlos smiles and advises her not to think about others' opinion. His father thinks he's a useless scumbag but he doesn't care. He appreciates Gaby much and thinks she's a valuable person. Gaby melts. Carlos says he wants to be her friend. (Of course, friends with benefits.)

* Genovés villa
Mario calls Fausto. He tells him he feels sick and despairingly begs him to let him see his daughter. Fausto says it's impossible. Mario knows he's right so apologizes, finishes the conversation and continues to cry heartbreakingly.

* Ávila residence
Roberto and Adolfo talk about his future job and Dolphie repeats his words: he wants his fidelity. There were people who betrayed him but they are already dead, understood?



El Clon, Wed., Sept 29 - Summary for Discussion

Ramoncito gives up the dough in the cash register to Fer and Paula. When Gloria comes in to find out what is keeping him, he faints.

The haul is $475 and our strung out thieves are already calculating how much it will buy. (I guess Paula's decision to give up drugs was short lived.)

Gloria tries to get some information on the perpetrators from Ramoncito but he is too scared to speak. Finally, he identifies one of the robbers as Paula, a friend of Nati's.

Alej confirms that he knows Paula. Gloria wants to know where she lives but Alej says that he doesn't know. They sleep in the parks, on the streets wherever they are when the sun goes down ('donde le agarre la noche,' literally, 'where the night grabs her'). The police have come and Ramoncito is back in stride. He identifies the perp as a friend of Natalia Ferrer, the daughter of Leo Ferrer. Alej tries to warn Marisa about what has happened but she won't take his call. He calls Andrea who is at TOPIM (the only pool in Miami) and tells her what happened.

Also at TOPIM are Diana, Pablo and Pedro. Diana tells Pablo that not only did Malicia not go to Paris on business, she went as Rogelio's vacation companion after Rogelio broke up with his girlfriend. Pablo refuses to believe it. Diana replies that it is true, '¿Ya entiendes por qué no me la trago, Pablo?' Do you understand now why I can't stand (literally, swallow) her?

If Malicia's ears are burning in Paris, it's because Clara and Carolina are calling her names in Miami: 'Es que esa mujer no es mala, es perversa,' That woman is not just bad, she's evil, says Carolina. Clara is sure that she did it on purpose (a propósito) and says that she is 'diabólica'. In stumbles Fer saying that the police are after him.

The police have come to Casa Ferrer, too. Marisa says that it must be a mistake. Her daughter doesn't hang out with people like that (this is the same Marisa who went to the scary drug place to find Nati). When the officer says that the employee in the bar identified her, Marisa suggests that Nati is well known from the social section of the papers. Then she lies when the officer asks if her daughter is at home. When the officer asks if Nati was the girlfriend of Alej and says that the robbery took place in his mother's bar, Marisa punts to Leo. She has Rosa call Leo's office and tries to get the police to go there.

Fer has shut himself up in his room.

Leo calls, who else, Roberto, TWLIM (the worst lawyer in Miami) and tells him that the police are at his house. Leo can't believe that there is any justification for the police to interrogate someone just because a friend of theirs committed a crime. Leo asks for Clara but she isn't back from lunch. 'What, does she think this job is a hobby ('pasatiempo')?' asks Leo.

Clara tells Carolina that she can't take it anymore. She is afraid that Fer's problems will cost her her job. She can't concentrate at work, she can't sleep. Every time the phone rings, she thinks it might be the police saying that Fer is dead or in prison. Carolina tries to comfort her.

Marisa tells Rosa that it isn't fair that Nati's name should be on a police report about a robbery. Rosa advises her not to lie. She says that everyone will find out everything eventually. Marisa replies that she is doing it for Nati's sake, not hers.

Another party at Casa Alí. Abdul is promoting the second wife to Mohamed. Her father is a powerful merchant and if Mohamed marries the daughter, they will be partners. Alí comes over and advises Mohamed not to make rash decisions.

Meanwhile, Latifa is, what else, crying. Amin accuses Zamira of causing Mohamed to seek a second wife. The children start fighting and poor Latifa runs out of the room.

Back at the party, Abdul's chosen bride has arrived [I'm not going to bother learning her name until I'm sure she is sticking around]. Mohamed thinks that she is pretty.

Back at the house of feuding wives and ex-wives, Said has brought some veils for Rania. In comes Jadiya and demands to take first pick of the veils. Said lets her while Rania fumes and Munir wails. Jadiya tells Jade that Said gave her the best veils and gave the leftovers (sobras) to Rania.

Said tells the Naz that there is more peace on a battlefield than in his house. If he was expecting sympathy from the Naz, he is mistaken. She replies that he must like discord having married so many odalisques. She says that Said and Mohamed are like people who have a beautiful bowl of fruit in front of them and go right for the one rotten piece. Then they complain about the whole bowl instead of throwing out the rotten fruit and selecting another piece. Said admits that he chose badly but he says that it is too late. He is married and has children. He can't go back in time. The Naz offers to train (domar) the odalisques if he puts in her charge of the house for one day. Said replies that he will do it.

Dora and Miguel are at the club. She reports on the lawyer Cristina found for her. He reiterates his offer to pay the fees. She says that it will only be a loan. What Miguel did for Osvaldo comes up and Dora tells Miguel that she never realized in all the years that she has known him, what a great guy he is. He moves in for a kiss but Dora pulls away at the last moment and says that she has to leave.

Dora comes home and tells Estela that she and Daniel have to meet with the lawyer. Daniel doesn't want to fight with Leo. Dora begs him not to ask her to give up the fight for her rights as his mother.

Even the worst lawyer in Miami seems to have more on the ball than Leo the successful businessman. It apparently comes as a surprise to Leo that Dora could oppose his suit and file a counter suit. Roberto points out that Leo is trying to change Daniel's birth certificate and any mother would oppose that. 'But she's not his mother,' protests Leo in his incredibly tiresome refusal to see anyone's point of view but his own. 'A judge will decide that,' replies Roberto.

Marisa comes down [just once before the end of this novela, I want to see her dressed like a normal person. She's a 40 year old woman for God's sake!] and asks to speak to Leo. Leo tells her that the police will handle the investigation of the theft with discretion. Rosa comes in and says that Nati is not feeling well. They all go to Nati's room. She is having abdominal pain and is afraid that she is losing her baby. They call the doctor.

Paula calls Clara's house and asks to speak to Fer. Clara tells her to leave her son alone. Paula says that she is coming over to the house. Clara threatens to call the police. Paula replies that if she is arrested for the robbery, she won't go down alone. 'Do you want to see your son behind bars?' asks the unlovely Paula.

Poor Clara doesn't know what to do. Carolina says that she is there for her.

Back at Casa Ferrer, the phone rings. Rosa answers and says Paula is on the phone. Nati insists on speaking to her and tells her to come over.

Lucía and Andrea discuss the strange behavior of Consuelo, the maid who quit. They seem to want to investigate it further. [Hellooo! since when do rich people care about why the maid quit? There are always more maids out there.]

Roberto comes home and tells Lucía and Andrea that Nati is having a miscarriage. Lucía wants to go and support Marisa but Roberto tells her that is the last thing Marisa wants.

The sKanks blather on about how little they will miss the neighborhood when they move up in the world.

The doctor comes to see Nati. Lucas watches him go up the stairs. Why isn't he involved in this family drama?

Leo tells Lucas that he ran Enrique down for so long for being a drug addict and now his granddaughter is following in his footsteps. Marisa comes in and orders Rosa to tell the guards not to let Paula in.

Paula is outside.

Nati loses her baby.

More bickering of Mohamed's children while a party goes on at Gloria's. Zamira calls Fez [which is on telenovela time, since if it is evening in Miami, it's the middle of the night in Morocco] and gives the phone to Latifa. She tells Mohamed that if he takes a second wife, he won't see her or his children again. Meanwhile, Zoraida is filling the wife candidate's head with lies about how badly Mohamed treats his existing wife and children. Latifa is very pleased with her strategy and when Mohamed calls back, she orders her children not to answer the phone. Back in Fez, Mohamed has decided to take a second wife.

The credits roll.


Llena de Amor #38 Wed 9/29/10 Fedra officially gets HER house, but Carlota shows up to set things straight.

At dinner, Fedra threatens to put Gretel in a manicomio. Gretel says go ahead; then she will find out what she is capable of. Later, Gretel visits the General and he asks what she saw when she followed Fedra. Gretel is afraid to say anything because she thinks her mother will do the same to her that she did to Luis Felipe. That makes the General think. Back up in her room with the cat, Gretel cries that she’s too much of a coward, but she doesn’t want to be murdered.
Ilitia has presumptuously decided to name her new modeling agency with the Ruiz y de Teresa name. She agrees to make Kristel a top model. Emanuel tries to feign some vague interest. When they’re alone, Ilitia tells Emanuel she wants to get married ASAP so they can get busy every night. He panics. She tries to appeal to his lower brain. He says he is not going to marry her.
Lowrenzo and his real estate guy hold a business meeting in a “strip club” that’s every bit as lame as La Mala Noche. They sign contracts. Lowrenzo insists on anonymity.
The next day: Ilitia is busy crying to her mom and wondering if Emanuel has been cheating on her. Muñeca gets a call about the orphans being evicted and immediately heads out to see about it, so Ilitia throws a tantrum because Mom cares about something besides Ilitia Ilitia Ilitia. Meanwhile, Low is at the gym gloating about ruining the orphanage and thus keeping Muñeca and Begoña apart. Muñeca goes straight to Begoña to ask for help with the orphans.
Court’s in session, Netty and Marianela on one side of the room, Fedra, Emiliano, and Emanuel on the other. Eman is really on Mari’s side, though. Brief moment of hope when it’s a different judge than the one Fedra paid off with her dubious charms, but ultimately the ruling is in Fedra’s favor and she gets all the money and the house. Emanuel wants to help Marianela. She tells him to help by leaving her alone and never speaking to her again.
Some thugs Brandon and Oliver previously arrested have been released from prison. They go to the club, where Mauricio and Lowrenzo are talking about their black market booze, and demand to know where the merchandise is. Lorenzo takes them to the warehouse. He wants out of the crime ring, but the thugs say no way. Also, they’ve now been assigned to operation Begoña-B-Gone/Babygrab. Lorenzo says forget it; she lives in a house full of police.
Nereida goes to the station and pretends to be all ashamed and embarrassed before finally “confessing” that she was in the garden smooching on Spiderus at the specified time. Well, she certainly should be embarrassed. Kissing that ghoul. Gag. Brandon is sure she is lying but Tejeda says they have no proof. FIND PROOF. Bernardo is freed and gloats to Brandon, but Brandon says not for long.
Mauricio grossly and aggressively hits on Ilitia in an empty room at the gym. Lorena sees and somehow thinks they’re having an affair and this will be fun news to share. Ilitia gets away from rapey Agent O.
Ricardo, Eva’s manager, visits Netty and Marianela and tells them that Eva was completely sober, but had been threatened in the days before her death. Someone sent her a bottle of booze the day she died. He’s sure someone caused the helicopter explosion deliberately.
Tia Carlota is in town! Her brother Máximo tells her what a witch Fedra is, but she thinks he’s being melodramatic. Fedra is always lovely to her. She says she’ll look into it, though. When the family arrives home, she demands to know what’s going on with Marianela’s inheritance. Emanuel tells her Fedra took everything. Carlota is incensed. She says Fedra is going to have to answer to her, and she wants Mari at the house for dinner to talk about it. Emiliano sits by being a waffly wimp.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dinero #206- 9/29/10: Of Love & Meat…& Hotdogs & Hamburgers & Chorizos

We see once again the sealing of the deal of two of the MANY plots to separate Rafa and Ale. Beltran and Marian have agreed to get Rafa in her clutches through the pretext of selling the remaining used trucks, after bidding Urdiales farewell. Marco and Chavez have just agreed to throw Leonor in jail, so that Rafa won’t dare approach Marco’s woman again.

At Casa Alvarez del Castillo (aka Marco’s Pad), Ale has resisted the urge to slap Tia Rosario after she played the blame game with Ale and voiced her opposition at her plan to divorce Marco. Instead she reasons with her. “Me obligas estar con alguien que no quiero?” (You’re going to obligate me to be with someone I don’t love?) Rosario quickly sees the light, or at least recognizes her niece’s anguish and the truth of her words. She apologizes, admits Ale is right, and attributes her harsh words to being upset by Jorge’s disappearance. She then gets back down to the business of wringing her hands and doing nothing to help the situation.

Ale tries to assure her that everything will be ok, and doesn’t accept Rosario’s suggestion to call Marco for help. When Ale’s cell phone rings, Rosario’s heart goes pitter patter, thinking it’s her hero Marco. Ale breaks the sad news that it is not, but looks shifty eyed guilty when Rosario asks who it is. The phone continues to ring. Ale finally decides to put her big girl panties on and tell tia the truth—“Es Rafael Medina.” Rosario and Asucena look like Ale just said Beelzebub was on the phone.

Two very real devils have just brought our Papa Perdido, Jorge, into a lively, colorful barrio apartment complex. Apparently it’s a child’s party and the kiddies are having fun breaking open the piñata. The Good (Jorge) wants to know why they’ve brought him here. Bad and Ugly remind him that he said he was hungry, and they’re serving up some taquitos and frijoles at this barrio party. Never has the offer of delicious food seemed so menacing. Jorge’s looking mighty confused, and more than a little nervous and suspicious. He tells them the taquitos and beans will give him indigestion (me va a dar molestias), he’s not hungry anymore and that he has to go. Bad and Ugly insist and move in a little too close for comfort. Jorge may be senile, but he has a few marbles left. He stealthily removes his nice watch and puts it in his pocket. They drag him kicking into the vecinidad courtyard.

I’m now starting to wring my hands and worry as much as Rosario. She, meanwhile, has ordered Ale to answer her phone in a huff. Rafa asks Ale for an update on her papa. When she tells him they have not found him and have no clues, he insists on coming to help with the search. Ale, knowing Rosario won’t exactly roll out the welcome wagon, tells him she’ll meet him downstairs and the two of them will search. She can’t suppress a big goofy grin as she hangs up, but turns serious to tell Rosario the plan. She reacts predictably. The crying and wringing of hands begins in earnest.

We are transported to an equally disturbing scene at Julieta’s work cubicle. A newly leggy and professional looking Julieta is once again telling Cesar that she needs time to think about his proposal that they be novios. Cesar believes that this isn’t something you think about, it’s something you FEEL. (No es cosa de pensarlo, es de sentirlo.) He moves even further into her personal space and begins to lay a kiss on her. Luckily, Chepis walks in just then to put a stop to this impropriety. Another Medina caught kissing at work today! Chepis gives them a clear understanding of the repercussions for fraternizing with a co-worker- firing for Julieta and being reported to Marian for Cesar (doesn’t seem very fair and balanced to me, but ok). Cesar mocks Chepis behind her back, but Julieta assures her it won’t happen again and looks pensive.

At the bar, Pascual, our opera singing, Italian waiter, is starting to worry about Marco’s intensified drinking habits. (But he’s not worried about skinny drunk guy??) He doesn’t want Marco to become another statistic. Marco promises to take a cab home if Pascual calls him one. He continues to contemplate his whiskey when Carmela sneaks up from behind for a (final) squeeze and kiss for her biscocho. She drains his whiskey and orders up a few more. The proximity to her biscocho and the news of the sale of the hacienda have made her so happy, she’s nearly wriggling out of her seat with excitement. He hands over the check with her cut of the supposed sale. She gives him a lamprey kiss in exchange and they toast the end of their partnership. Carmela thinks it’s a shame that they could never seal that other part of their deal due to his little problem, and Marco does not inform her of his miraculous cure. He gets ready to leave, but she thinks they should take their leave the way God (or Carmela) intended. Marco is feeling generous, or he is giddy from finally being done with Carmela. He takes Carmela’s face in his hands, leans her head back, and lays a very Carmela-worthy kiss on her. She is left breathless and begging for more as he runs out of the bar. “Licensiadoooo!!!” (The actress is having the hardest time not cracking up.)

Rafa has arrived to pick up Ale at her (Marco’s) place. He suggests they ask people on the street nearby if they have seen Jorge and follow the leads. They start with the newspaper seller on the corner. “Have you seen an old guy, half bald (medio caldo)?” Turns out he did, but it was a while ago. “He went that way.” The hunt is on, but Ale isn’t wearing her hunting shoes. She can barely make it across the cobble stones of Marco’s driveway in her black stilettos. But between his trusty steed (Pantera) and their inappropriately shod feet, Rafa is sure they'll find Jorge.

Rafa and Ale are on the right track, but Dandy is about to derail his relationship with Susana. He announces to the Sales Team that he’s cutting out a bit early to take his Nonicita on a hot date. Ever the effective school yard bullies, the sales crew start to make fun of the bland meatless meal they imagine the two will have. They all (except Bebe) think that he has adjusted to Susana’s lifestyle, it’s now time for her to adjust to his. It’s time for her to eat meat! (There are all sorts of things wrong with this argument. The first being that Susana never demanded that Dandy become a vegetarian. Another being that she doesn’t eat meat for ethical reasons that she can’t just change those on a whim. The next being that once you have stopped eating meat for a long time, it is harder to create the enzymes needed to break it down in your digestive system.)

Bebe doesn’t think he should risk such a wonderful relationship. Marino, providing the best advertisement for vegetarianism with a bloody piece of meat covering his black eye, insists that the flacita needs to show her love for Dandy by making this sacrifice. They all decide that they’ll throw a barbeque with lots of meat during which Susana’s love for Dandy will be tested. Dandy, like a fool (or perhaps like a carnivore looking for any excuse to sink his teeth into some animal flesh), agrees to this plan.

Rafa is also salivating over the thought of some carne. The hotdog/hamburger vendor provides another clue to Jorge’s dondeabouts, but unfortunately there’s no time for Rafa to sample his wares. They continue on the search for Jorge, who surprisingly has not been mugged by Bad and Ugly. They’re actually feeding him and taking in the fiesta. The mother of little birthday boy Juanito, comes over. She scolds Bad and Ugly and wonders where their elegant friend came from. She asks Jorge how he got there. He lets her know he’s lost and can’t remember his address, but he’s sure his hija ROSARIO, and his hermana ALEJANDRA must be very worried. Bad and Ugly say their farewells to “Don George” and leave him in the nice lady’s care. And I feel much better now.

At the Salon, Jaime has tripped in. They’d know the sound of his fall anywhere. Ovi and the boys wonder if he needs help with another Vicky problem, like their wedding caper. Nope. What Jaime wants is, “una cambia de look y de aparencia.” (A change in look and appearance.) “Qué?!!!!!!” The Salon trio are impactados. After getting over the shock, they tell him he needs a radical change of mannerisms and clothing (cambia radical de conducta y ropa). They poke, prod and turn him, examining the raw material they have to work with. They’re going to pull him out of that corner (rincón) he’s been hiding in. Extreme Makeover- Jaime Edition has begun!

When Marco returns home, he is shocked to find Rosario still there. She has continued her worrying and hand wringing (why stop doing something you’re good at?). She spills all to Marco about Jorge being missing and Ale going off alone with Rafa to find him. Marco predictably flips out.

Jorge, meanwhile, has settled in comfortably in the barrio. He’s chatting up a young lady named Hortencia when Juanito’s mom returns to continue their talk. She wonders how he can remember that he has a hija and hermana, but can’t remember his address. He tells her he’s got that thing that gives you problems with your memory. Yeah! She’s heard of it. Alz, alz… “Demencia senil” (senile dementia) Jorge interjects. She thinks she’s getting it too! Hortencia comes back with a tasty dish for Jorge. Unfortunately she’s put too much salsa and chiles in it. Jorge’s mouth is on fire, and he requires water immediately, but he can’t seem to stop eating.

Just outside on the streets, Ale is getting desperate and worried. Three punks appear and start taunting and harassing them. Rafa shields his licensiada and takes all three of them on. One breaks loose and goes for Ale, who starts whipping him with her purse. Sensing the danger to his love, Rafa gains the strength of three men, shakes off the two hoods, and takes care of the one attacking Ale. Suddenly Bad and Ugly roll up, and it looks like things will go from bad to worse for Ale and Rafa. But Bad and Ugly are more interested in playing mediators. They don’t think it’s fair that their three barrio buddies are picking on two people. Rafa and Ale agree. Well, the barrio boys don’t think the pair of them should be in their neighborhood. We learn that Bad’s name is Don Chorizo (Mr. Sausage). He wants to know what they are doing slumming in their hood. Ale explains she’s looking for her papa and starts to describe him. “Hey! That’s Don George!” It’s all good, fist bumps and smiles all around. Chorizo takes them to Don George.

Rosario is still fretting and Marco is still fuming. He decides to tell her that Rafa and Ale are lovers and Rafa is seducing and swindling Ale. Rosario is sufficiently scandalized. Marco claims that he’s just an innocent victim in all this, and he wonders, as she does, what sin he committed to deserve this. (Where shall we start Marco?!) Rosario feels his pain, but wants them to concentrate on the most pressing problem at hand- Jorge’s disappearance. Marco says she’s right. Jorge is what’s most important. But internally he plots to put Leonor in jail, tomorrow!

Marian and Muskrat celebrate Marian’s small victory in her quest to steal Rafa. She’s sure she’ll be successful, since her competition, Ale, is married. Muskrat doesn’t think that’s an impediment, which leads Marian to wonder whose side she’s on. (I’m wondering that too.) Muskrat claims she’s just playing devil’s advocate. Marian claims that Rafa is her #1 priority. “Then you wouldn’t mind if my brother looked elsewhere?” “Of course not!...Why? Do you know something?” Muskrat keeps mum about her brother’s plans, but admits he also has a challenge on his hands.

Speaking of challenging. Vicky is continuing to lose it, saying to herself that she’s afraid (tengo miedo). The brothers want to know who she’s afraid of and who’s been threatening her. They’ll take care of them for her. The sit her down and beg her to confide in them. The brothers draw close, she makes them promise not to tell Don Gaston, then shares the whole tale of the Gran Mololongo, the love potion drunk by Marco, and the curse of dark forces and consequences to come. “Tengo que esperar lo peor!” (I have to wait for the worst to happen.) Felipe immediately sees the easy solution—stop her quest for Rafa. Vicky doesn’t like this answer. They both hug her and Pancho assures her nothing will happen to her as long as she has them. Awww! Now let’s go downstairs and you head to the kitchen, since papa is really hungry. Vicky pushes her brutish brothers away, accusing them of just trying to butter her up to get some food. They assure her that they love her and always will. Now they want her to forget about this witchcraft nonsense. (Will this talk snap Vicky out of it?) Big hugs from the Bros and continued poutiness from Vicky.

In the barrio, Ale and Rafa enter the courtyard, and… cable goes out for a few minutes (storms rolling through). I sit and stare at my blue screen for a few minutes and then a MIRACLE! I see the last minute of the show.

Juanito is blowing out the candles on his cake, surrounded by all the neighbors and Jorge, Ale and Rafa. Smiles and cheers all around. Jorge then turns to Ale and asks, “Éste joven es tu novio?” (Is this young man your boyfriend?) “Sí papa, y nos queremos mucho.” (Yes dad, and we love each other very much.)

Tomorrow: Rafa and Ale aren’t hiding their relationship anymore. Marco retaliates by having Leonor thrown in jail.


Capitulo #88 9/29/2010 JM tells Val he wasn’t in it for the money and Al is delusional.

JM demands of Juan to tell him whom Leo went to see. Juan tells him Leo went to see Rosie. JM deducts Leo is in cohort with Rosie against Val.

Val is berating Rosie for not demolishing the school as she ordered him to. Rosie says Don E prevented him from doing it. Val calls him an inept, but it seems Rosie is not taking down all the sh!t that comes from Val’s mouth anymore. Rosie tells her he could be anything but not an inept.

Iva is beyond broke and is in a very pretty bad mood. She killed: la gallina de los huevos de oro” The chicken that lies golden eggs. Or “la pava ya no pone donde ponia” The tutkey doesn’t lay its eggs where it used to. Either way Iva is really pissed and ppor Tere gets in her line of fire. Iva asks Tere where Leo is. Tere tells her Leo is in her bedroon and ordered not to be disturbed. Iva says she never disturbs Leo. One of these days Iva’s two friends are going to pop out and take off running or they are going to die of asphyxia. They are really enduring a lot. Tere got all nervous (maybe because she things if they pop out now they’ll hit her right on the face) because she knows she is the lowest in the totem poll and Iva’s word has more validity than Tere’s on Leo’s eyes. Iva screams at her and treats her like crap. She insults Tere but Tere fight rights back and tells Iva what a bloodsucker she is. Iva orders Tere to shut up and abuse her some more. Iva even kicks the bucket of water and spills it on the floor.

Lumi is at the clinic. She wants to see Flippy but Amparito gives inquires about Crisi and she tells Lumi how Crisi is almost back with Rosie. Lumi doesn’t like the news. Man, that Crisi. I can see she is going to fell for him again.

Rosie is talking to him saying that Val is going to be his in a no too distant future. “sonar no cuesta nada, Rosie” It doesn’t cost anything to dream Rosie”.

The not so Horny anymore and JM are talking. JM is venting about his $ problems. Horny offers him a loan. JM doesn’t want to take, but H asks him whom does he prefer to owe money Val or H? I think we know the answer to that.

Val is screaming at the top of her lungs to Don E for not letting Rosie tear down the school. Don E says he did it for Tizzy. Don E tells Val that he’s aware the school brings Val too many memories of better times. When she was happy with JM. But he doesn’t think the school should be demolished. Val Doesn’t comprehends. Don E says well since your aunt is being very sad due to Fed’s dead and Iva’s abandonment I thought she could do something with the school to distract her. This reasoning seems to get through her tick skull and she acquiesced to no destroy the school.

Lumi is with Flipy to everbody’s relieve. She is not pregnant she is there to asks him if it could be determine if blood can be human or animal. She tells Flippy about her suspicions of Rosie killing Nazzy. Flippy asks her where the shirt is and she says her mother has it. Flippy says they need the shirt to send a sample to send it for analysis in Pachuca.

As Lumi is leaving Flippy’s office; Iva is wrestling Amparito. Iva wants to see Flippy. Amparito tells her she’ll have to wait like everyone else. Flippy comes out to see what the big ruckus is about. When he sees Iva he tells Amparito he’ll see Iva to avoid more noise. Shameless Iva insinuates herself to Flippy and hits him for a loan. . Iva tells him she doesn’t have any money because her mother cut her money supply. She knows the money was coming from Val anyway. She promises him to pay back with interest. Flippy, who is not the gullible a$$ she met in Mexico, couldn’t care less about Iva’s financial situation. Flippy declines the offer. He’s not interested in Iva’s interest rate. Flippy he recommends her to go see his father in law Mo because he is the one who handles the loans at the bank. Iva leaves not too happy.

Val arrives home; JM is waiting for her to pay back the money his mother owes her. Val sees the check and says it is not the same amount she gave his mother. JM is surprised that the amount of money the Montesinos owe La Duena is bigger than what he thought. Val takes this opportunity to abuse JM and accuses him of feigning innocence when he clearly knows the amount she lent them. JM tells her is not truth. She says at least have the courage to accept you got close to me just for my pesos feigning a love you never felt. Seriously, I don’t know why he puts up with her. JM asks her do you truly believe that? Val says yes. JM tells her how wrong she is. He tells her his only intention was to love her in a way no one did before. He tells her he didn’t lie or betrayed her, and he’s still in love with her regardless of what she has done. He’s still in love with her. Please JM forget about her. I’m here and I won’t dump you because a woman says she has your son. Val tries to say something and he cuts her short and asks her to let him finish talking. He wants to get everything out before he explodes. Val bites her lips and is ready to listen to him. JM says it hurts him to have lost her the same it hurt him to lose his dad. But he’s going to get her out of his hart at all cost and not to worry about the money the Montesinos still owe her. JM says hell get the money even if he have to sell the hacienda. He turns to leave and Val runs after him, calls out his name and holds him by the arm. Val tells him she didn’t kill Fed. JM says he never thought she did it. But he’s almost sure Rosie did. To JM’s eyes Val and Rosie are one and the same. JM leaves and Val raises her hand to her nose. Is she smelling her hand? It is the same she touched JM with.

Outside the house Val’s guardian dog is waiting for JM. Rosie tells JM he has no dignity. JM says he had never despised someone as much as he despises Rosie. Rosie they share the same sentiment. JM says to Rosie that one day he’ll pay for all the bad things he has done. Rosie asks JM who’s going to make him pay, JM? JM says there’s nothing I’ll like most.

Don E is on the phone (new phone at LC?) Val barges in and starts barking at him about some checks and some payment. Don E tells her it is understandable since they changed banks accounts. Don E asks her if she is upset because of that or something else? He asks her if it is because Bennie is ill. Val says no Bennie’s illness is under control is because of JM. Don E asks her if they argued again. She says it was something worse than that but I don’t want to talk about it. Don E leaves Val thinks about JM’s words.

Bennie is complaining about people checking up on her too much. Tizzy says is because we don’t want you to fall again. Right on queue Bennie has a dizzy spell and Tizzy orders her to go rest. Val and her still gasping for air two friends come to visit Tizzy. Tizzy is happier than a dog with two tails.

Flippy comes to visit his girlfriend at the hotel. Sandy isn’t there and he leaves a message t o her. In walks Al and they talk about their previous encounter and about Flippy’s jealousy over Sandy. What can I say Al is a scumbag and Flippy is better off no keeping Al’s friendship. Flippy tells Al to get the hell out of dodge because Val is a different person. Al says yes I know she is different person but she hasn’t stopped loving me.

JM arrives home looking for hi mother. JM confronts Leo about the money and how Leo made Val believe he got close to her for her $. He asks her where the rest of the money is. Leo says she opened a bank account to continue living like they deserve. JM demands she returns the money Val. Leo is not having it because she wants to continue living with dignity. JM tells her it is not dignity it is theft. Leo says they need money to support themselves. JM says but not that way. Leo starts begging her son to go back to Mexico. How is that going to change their situation? They are broke regardless, aren’t they? JM tells her he’s not going anywhere. He tells her to leave and leave him the heck in peace. Leo thinking out loud says if she doesn’t convince JM to leave Rosie is going to kill him.

Iva is even nice with Bennie. Bennie leave them alone so they have some mother daughter in peace. Iva is all sugar. Mommy I miss you mommy I love you. Tizzy naively asks Iva if she brought her things back. Tizzy says she’ll talk to Val about forgiving Iva and accepting her to come back. Iva says she can’t come back because they are both in love with the same man. She wants to give it some time Then Iva thinks this is the best moment for her hit Tizzy for money. Luckily Tizzy sees that that’s the only thing Iva wants from her and tells her if she wants money to get a job or to go ask Leo for money. Ivas says as you can see we can’t understand each other. Tizzy says, as you can see no we can’t So Iva leaves slamming the bedroom door.

Gaby and Lumi and helping Bennie to sit; it seems Bennie had another spell. Iva is coming sown the stairs. Bennie asks her why is she is she leaving so soon. Val gives her a look that if looks could kill, Bennie, Gaby and Lumi would be dead. Vals leaves in a hurry and Gaby, very smart this Gaby, deducts that the happy reunion between mother and daughter didn’t end on a happy note.

The phone rings, Lumi answers it and gives someone a heck of a lot of info. When she hangs up Gaby ask who it was. Lumi says he didn’t say but I recognized his voice it was Al inquiring about Iva. And Val. Bennie is wondering why Al is looking for Iva.

Val is riding Altanero. For the first time she is wearing a coat. I always wondered how it is that other people wear warmer clothes while Val and Iva are always flouncing they attributes. Val is thinking about the race and how they end up at the love cabin and unbuttoning JM’s shirt to look at his bullet wound; then the kiss. She ends up at the burned cabin. Meanwhile JM is sitting outside and he’s restless.

Gaby comforts Tizzy. Tizzy is having second thoughts about not giving Iva money. Lumi comes in the room and tells Gaby that Sandy is looking for her. Sweet Lumi offers Tizzy tea. Tizzy says no thank you. Lumi says I’ll make it any way just in case.

Gaby greets Sandy. Sandy is confused about Flippy. Sandy tells her about Flippy being jealous of Al. Sandy thought Flippy was jealous because of Iva, but then Flippy told her about Val and Sandy is really confused. Gaby helps Sandy to dispel her confussion by telling her the story we all know. Sandy is grateful because Gaby is like a sister to Flippy and now to her. Gaby comes clean and tells Sandy how in love she was with flipy but flippy never loved her back. Sandy thanks Gaby for coming clean and it is clear they won’t be bff as Sandy had anticipated but they are cool.

Al goes to visit Iva to the Montesinos. Chuy sees them and hides behind a wall Iva wants him to leave. Al tells Iva he knows the game she is playing. That’s why she called Al to tell him about Val and JM. Iva tells him to leave she doesn’t want ot be seen with her. Ivas berates Al about not only leaving Val at the altar, but also leaving her a the airport.. She starts touching him and then slaps him. Al tells her he knows is not easy to forget him. They start to kiss while Chuy is watching. Poor Chuy is going to be scarred for the rest of his life.


Enshry is shrieking

Al kisses Val by force and JM sees them

There’s someone serenading someone at the Montesino’s. Iva thinks JM is serenading her. Word to the wise Don’t hold your breath on that one Iva.


La Fea Más Bella #25-26 9/29/10 The bribe hits the fan.

Read Chris's original recap. Note, that recap covers Caps 22 - 26. Cap 25 starts at the paragraph that begins, “In the morning, Paula rides to work with Omar.” If you don’t want to read ahead, stop at the paragraph that begins, “Lety tells her father what Miguel.” That begins Cap 26.

Capitulo 25

1. Fernando disapproves that Omar took Paula out. Omar thinks she’s the best kind: poor, hot, and easy to use (and discard). Then he rudely jokes about Lety, and Fern defends that she has a good heart.

2. Fernando signs the contract at CineRent. He doesn’t want Luigi to know about the switch to video until the day of the Benny shoot.

3. Fernando worries about all the debt. He considers forming a shadow company to protect Conceptos from creditors. Neither of them can control it. To effectively protect Conceptos, the head of the shadow co would be the legal owner of Conceptos, so it must be someone they can trust absolutely.

4. Miguel calls Lety, trying to arrange payment of the bribe. Ariel records a conversation which implicates Lety in the bribe.

5. Fernando happens to go to the same restaurant where Marcia and Luigi are pitching the Benny video to Magalay, and Shrew Marcia is sure Fernando came to see Magalay.

6. Lety imagines herself rich, taking her friends to lunch.

7. Miguel calls again about the loan payment. She calls the house and Tomás is not there, so she tells her dad that a vendor offered her a “commission.”

Capitulo 26

Read Chris's original recap. Note, that recap covers Caps 22 - 26. Cap 26 starts at the paragraph that begins, “Lety tells her father what Miguel.”

I LOVE this episode! It’s one of my top 10. There are SO MANY great scenes!!!

1. Erasmo convinces Lety to not take the bribe. See the transcript.

2. Ariel thinks he has the evidence to fire Lety. Alicia asks whether they’ll make her assistant today. Lety wants to tell Fernando something delicate. He wants to wait until after he talks to Ariel. Then he has second thoughts and asks what it’s about.

3. Lety confesses the bribe. Fernando is deeply disappointed; “I thought I could trust you.” Lety says she was tempted because her family is in financial crisis, but her father “reminded me who I am. I could never betray you.” Fernando tells Marcia.

4. Ariel plays his recording. Fernando looks crushed. He has Marcia inform Ariel that Lety already told him everything, and Fern is bursting with glee. He mocks Ariel for sinking to such tricks to beat a lowly assistant.

5. Lety resigns because she cannot be trusted. See transcript. She almost betrayed all she holds dear. Fernando rejects her resignation. She was tempted because she’s human, but she passed the test of fire.

6. We see the source of Ariel’s bitterness. Their family is being squeezed out of Conceptos, and Lety has the place that should be Marcia’s. Next she’ll be president and they’ll be thrown into the street.

7. Omar says that to turn down a bribe like that demonstrates incredible loyalty or adoration. Fernando is boggled. He decides to make owner of the shadow company; he trusts her more than anyone.

8. Lety asks Fernando for help with CineRent. He calls Diana, puts her on the spot, and tells her to pay the bribe amount (500K pesos, $40K USD) to Conceptos instead.

9. Omar rebukes Fernando for paying Lety only minimum wage after all she does. He realizes he never gave her the raise he promised when he promoted her, and the bribe tempted her because her family is in financial crisis. Omar says she’s obviously in love. Fernando gives her a raise of $639 USD, retroactive.

Spanish Lesson

You get two transcripts today! The two scenes have such fantastic dialog, I couldn't bear to skip either of them.

Watch the scene and try to figure out how the words they say match the English translation. Make a list of new vocabulary and phrases you want to learn.Note, this is the gist, not a precise translation. All future Spanish lessons will be gists.

Pop Counsels Lety
L: It’s a commission, because I helped in the transaction.
E: Who pays your salary?
L: But it’s a lot of money!
E: Don’t you dare receive a single penny from them!
L: I’m doing it for you. So you don’t have to sell the house. And so you can start a business with Tomás.
E: Oh, so this is because I lost my job? Well then, I’ll go out and rob people on the street.
J: You know how we live in this house. Poverty is no excuse to do what you shouldn’t. It’s just an excuse that immoral people use (to enslave you?).
L: I’m not robbing anybody.
E: Do you know why I could leave my employer of 18 years, with my head high?
J: He was above reproach. With his noble name, and his honest work.
E: I NEVER let anyone bribe me. And people trusted me.
J: His coworkers and bosses believed in him. And Don Fernando believes in you.
E: What do you think would happen if your boss found out what you were doing?
F: (Lety imagines) How could you do this to me, after how I fought for you? This is how you repay me? Betraying me? I never want to see you again! GET OUT!!
E: And who would hire you after that? That bribe had better be enough to live on for the rest of your life. We Padillas are not that kind of people. I raised you so that you would be worthy of trust.
L: Do you know what, Papa? (Lety rises.) Thank you. It’s what I needed to hear. It takes a great weight off of me. I would’ve done it for you, but you’re right. I have no reason to receive that money.

The Lety I Know

L: I’m very sorry for what happened. Listening to your discussion with Ariel made me feel terrible. Very guilty.
F: Fortunately you told me in time. Otherwise this would’ve been horrible. But it’s over with.
L: No, sir. I resign.
F: WHAT??? What do you mean, resign? No, you can’t do that. Things have already been straightened out. Everything’s fine.
L: That’s not good enough for me. I should’ve told you as soon as they offered me the commission.
F: Yeah, but you told me. You didn’t accept the money. That’s what’s important. What’s the problem?
L: I don’t trust myself. I went crazy. I let go of my standards. I imagined my life with that money. I’m not that Lety. I swear it. I don’t know what happened. I was on the verge of betraying what is most sacred to me. My father, my family, all my parents have taught me. I was about to betray you. I can’t forgive myself. I want to resign.
F: Do you know what? I won’t let you. The Leticia Padilla that I know is the one who is talking to me right now with so much sincerity. It’s the human Lety. Not the human computer that everyone laughs at, hidden in her cave. It’s the Lety that also has moments of weakness. I don’t want a perfect woman. No. I need a human being who is able to fall into temptation, but who is also willing and able to recover, and in the end return to her principles. No, Lety. You didn’t betray me. To the contrary. You passed the test of fire. And not many here in Conceptos do that, eh? I makes me happy that you have counted on me to achieve it. Now I know who you really are. And do you know what? Just so you know, I need you now more than ever. Now get rid of those tears and call Omar.


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