Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gancho Wed March 31- You oughtta be in pictures...only not that kind!!!

Ok so we open with the damn pictures. Grrr, evil Mami Vibora!!! Yeah, what is with Mona's funky 60's feel, well we can always tell the wedding isn't going to work if the dress is out of character...this one defintiely was, though I do like it.

So then we go to said wedding not happening and Pau and Tano are making goo goo eyes sort of, Pau apologizes for that Beso and says she knows he only wants to be friends but she was thinking maybe more was there, Tano says not so fast, friends is good but I haven't closed the door on more. Hmmm....Cris kvetches to Don Cesar in the background about her.

So now we go to the Loony bin where Loriloca is cleaning Aldo's elbow and attempts to practice singing opera and manages to scare off Oski and Jero, she doesn't look bad in jeans but then sorry ass Sal makes a moan. Aldo takes that as a sign and ushers Lore to go find the nurse. Aldo rushes over to Sal. He asks Aldo about Mau and Estre and if it's true. He assures Aldo there must be an explanation.

Back at the wedding Ali is now chatting with Gabi about her situation, the little girls wonder where Mau is, and Ivan jokes about he and Lu doing that someday, but Tere quashes that for the moment. Estre and Mau chat about wishing Aldo was here. And the anvil drops as Mau tells how he's got that Vibora Issy under control and she can do nothing after today. Hrmph.

Sal continues his pep talk to Aldo, and promises his help if Aldo helps him, i.e. drop the drugs is the time to grow up and act like a man. Overcome your challenges and move forward, Sal needs to rely on Aldo...HELP SAL you strung out child.

Beautiful pics of everyone so lovely coming into the church....jeepers, here comes Mona walking by herself super fast...she throws the pics at Mau and Bodas Interruptus, again...commercial.

Ok, so Mau picks them up with no clue, looks at them, and doesn't say much while she screams at him. He tries to get in a word between her whines. He finally says this all was a trick, but her response is, this is over. She runs out with Estre in tow trying to convince her it's not true. Cries and complaining for the next few's a lie, I don't believe on, until Mau runs out and explains Issy took these to harm us.

Inside Xime and others all say no way did this happen...Nieves knows and screams this is the work of Isabel the Vibora, Ali bugs Issy, then Marc does too, but Issy stomps out defiant...and tells Mona not to listen to any of these folks. They all start asking her to think about it logically, someone took the photos and so forth. They all see it, but of course she wants Mami love so bad she's dumified and goes off with her Ma. Marcos tells everyone to calm down, it'll get sorted out and they will avenge Issy.

Beto and Coni discuss the non-Boda, him upset, her happy at the happenings. Coni says it's destiny. Beto knows it's Issy. They argue about this. He's sure nothing happened, she bets something did.

At the gym/reception site, Mau sits alone when Cesar walks up and offers his companionship. Cesar wants to confirm that nothing happened between Estre and him, Mau tells him how they woke up nekkid and that's all he knows, and he's sure Issy is behind this. He insists Issy will eventually fall into his trap and he goes to see his kids.

Mona bawls at home with Ma, how could her sister/bff do such a thing. Mama says maybe he's not the guy destined for you. Mama wants her to cheer up. Oh yeah, that'll work. Just tell her and it is so. Uh oh, the neurons start firing, and Mona wonders if Ma really did take the photos. Hmmm, ok, well, when Issy sees she's cornered, she admits she took them.

Over at Xime's the Estre consolation party is going on. She swears she wouldn't do this to her best friend, but one by one the other girls remember all the guys that Estre kind of turned her direction who were others' beaus. Whoops.

Ma now explains how it came about that she took the photos; she didn't want to wake Mona about the discovery, so took the photos. The neurons are still firing and Val asks then why did she stay so quiet and let her go through with the wedding prep and all. She says she wanted to spare her the pain of seeing the photos, she continues that Mau and Estre don't deserve her love and friendship.

Gabi suggests Estre has a sex addiction and needs therapy. Estre knows nothing happened. Xime says well you have to convince Mona and that will be hard. Whoops.

Coni has apparently been walking around chained to Beto for a while and wants to go home now and be uncuffed. She's even sick of his smell. She then quickly changes her tune and wants some lovin' here, now, in the park.

Tere and Mau are now hashing over the non-Boda happening. Lu comes down and assures her Pa he's great and all will be ok. Mau feels better and is happy to have them with him.

Back at the park, Coni wants to play a game with Beto. His clothes are thrown over the bush; she begs him to follow her, he does and she leaves him handcuffed to the park bench. Not really a fair game, eh?

Nieves' and Marcos' turn to rehash everything, he is happy to see her smiling, and explains this is why he fell in love with her. I must admit, Nieves looks gorgeous. She thanks Marcos for caring about her daughter Mona so much.

Mona goes to the gym and sees it all pretty and sad music plays hum di dum, she starts destroying all the tables and climbs into the ring, crying, to destroy more...yep, she loses it, and we get flashbacks to the Xochimilco fireworks. Well, at least we know she still loves him despite this, she makes this remark. Mau concurrently flashes back to Issy being a snot threatening to destroy their love.

Beto sees an adorable black and white dog and begs him to bring his pants to him. Of course the dog doesn't listen and runs off with the pants in the other direction.

Next, we go to Costeno giving Jacqui a very personal massage with a few bite kisses thrown in. I must say, the fact that he is shirtless is interesting, and very nice!!! Jacqui keeps chirping about Marcos and other silly crap.

Nieves is enjoying a walk with Marcos and is pleased that it is making her feel better. He is walking with her heart handbag, super cute. He throws more flattery her way, and she melts at his words until she notices her son handcuffed to the bench. Of course Marcos thinks the worst until Beto explains that Coni did this to him. Marcos laughs.

Estre looks for Mona at the gym. Mona wants nothing to do with her and tells her to leave because she is pregnant. Estre swears that she wouldn't do such a thing and that she is totally in love with her cachorro. There is nothing between her and the prince, Mona has to believe her!!

Will she???

Feliz Cesar Chavez day!!!!


El Clon, Wed,. March 30- More of the same; Marisa gets a little bump

Lucas promises Marisa to give their baby a family, love and a home. For her, he promises to try again. Talk about an awkward embrace!

It appears that two months have gone by. Marisa has a little baby bump and Ali wants Zoraida to come home. Nariza has been asked to go back with Latifa but she refuses. She give her usual speech about sacrificing herself for her brothers and wanting to live her own life. Latifa gives her usual speech about wanting a baby and being afraid that if she doesn't conceive, Mohamed will send her back. Zoriada promises to make a 'special petition' for Latifa to conceive. It involves a lot of incense. They go to Mohamed's shop. Latifa gives her usual speech about the scandalous behavior of Westerners and, as usual, is jealous when Mohamed serves a woman customer.

At the store, Zoriada sees a society page picture of Lucas and the pregnant Marisa.

Zoraida and Latifa do the fertility-enhancing ritual, which involves Latifa stepping over the burning incense and praying.

Dora is still living at Cristina's. For how long did she sublet her place? As usual, her mother, who we find out is named, Estela, is inveighing against Albieri and warning Dora that he will try and take Danielito from her. As usual, Dora doesn't think Albieri would do such a thing. "Piensa mal y acertarás," replies her mother, literally, "think the worst and it will be correct," translated in the English titles as, "trust no one." When Dora tells Cristina and Vicki how ridiculous her mother's suspicions are, Vicki says that Osvaldo thinks that Albieri is the baby's father. Cristina asks if Dora knows whose sperm Albieri used to fertilize her eggs?

Albieri refers to the clone as Diego, in Luisa's presence.

Lucas sits around crying thinking about how Jade betrayed him. He tells Rosa that he just wants to forget her but that doesn't seem very likely.

Zoraida returns to Morocco and Jade is overjoyed to see her until she sees the newspaper clipping about Lucas and Marisa that Zoriada brought. Jade calculates that Marisa must have been pregnant when Lucas came to Morocco and told her that his marriage was over. Zoraida gives her usual speech about the perfidy of Westerners and urges Jade to learn to love Said. Jade says that Said isn't in love with her. She is just an object that he bought. If Lucas has betrayed her, she will never believe in love again. She thinks of all the crazy things she did for Lucas and look at him now. What hurts the most she says is that he didn't suffer for her. [We're all suffering here, Jade.]

Lucas tells Rosa that he idealized Jade and he should have learned from Diego not to do that. He doesn't feel any of the same crazy passion for Marisa that he did for Jade but Marisa has been nice to him and she's having his baby. He thinks of all the crazy things he did for Jade and feels a lot of anger.

We keep picking at this scab. Lucas gets Jade's pendant out. He has flashbacks. He says that he will do all he can to forget her. [Let it be so!] Rosa tells him to get rid of the pendant. Lucas says that he will keep it to remember never to fall into such a trap again.

Jade wanders around like a lost soul, goes to the ruins and cries.

Dora and her mother come to Albieri's to fetch Daniel. Estela is pretty rude. She asks Luisa why, if she and Albieri love Daniel so much, they don't have children of their own. Meanwhile Albieri is tempting Dora to move to LA with promises of dance lessons. She appears to be interested but her mother barges in, accuses Albieri of making Daniel think that he is rich, drags him out of the house and Dora has no choice but to follow.

Dora and her mother return to Cristina's apartment. In the most amazing scene, Dora puts her two-year old child down to sleep in less than 10 seconds! Estela warns Dora that when Daniel is older, he may ask to live with Albieri. She says that kids are opportunists and go with the best deal.

As usual, Luisa is deluded about her relationship with Albieri. She tells Albieri that she thinks it would be good for them to move to LA, start over and leave Daniel behind. Albieri replies that he's going to LA with Daniel or not at all.

Rosa goes on and on to Lucas about the supposedly photoshopped picture of Albieri and Diego. Lucas doesn't really understand what she is talking about and neither do we.

Said comes home for lunch but Jade airily tells him that she forgot about lunch and there's no food in the house. Said is angry. He accuses Jade of wanting to go after Lucas. He finds Jade's newspaper clipping about Lucas. She won't tell him where she got it, which makes him angrier. He produces a lot more newspaper clippings and tells Jade that he spent a fortune on a detective to follow Lucas. The clippings tell the same story Jade already knows - that according to the society pages, Lucas and Marisa are happily married. Said reminds Jade of all he's risked to protect her. When Said runs into Abdul, who assumes that Said's glum expression is Jade's fault. His recommendation is to leave a whip lying around the house where Jade can see it.

Jade burns the clippings asking, as usual, why Lucas lied to her.

Nariza is out with Osvaldo. He sees a watch in a jewelry store that he likes. He says that there is a woman who is crazy about him in the barrio who would buy it for him. Nariza says that her millionaire boyfriend would buy her a gold necklace in the store if she asked for it. Nariza asks if Osvaldo has thought about marrying. She boldly invites him to meet her family and propose to her. All he needs to do is become a Muslim. "I'll convert to whatever you want, doll," says Osvaldo.

Nariza returns to Latifa's house and announces that she is engaged to a convert to Islam. Meanwhile, at the club, Osvaldo tells his friends that he is getting married to a millionaire in Arabia. This information is passed on to Dora who is disappointed. She hoped that she and Osvaldo would get back together. To cheer her up, Cristina proposes to have a birthday party for Daniel at her house and invite Leo and Lucas.

Rosa is going out shopping and to Albieri's . She asks Leo why he is on the outs with Albieri.

Cristina invites Enrique to the birthday party for Daniel and asks him to bring Leo as well. Leo says that he won't go. He says that Cristina is like drugs were to Enrique. If he is with her, he would get tangled in her snares.

Cristina barges into Albieri's office. With Luisa overhearing, she asks if Albieri is Daniel's father. He asks where she got such a crazy idea. She replies that everyone is saying it. Then we get to the real purpose of the visit as far as the plot goes. She invites Albieri to the birthday party for Daniel and drops the bombshell that Leo is coming.

Dora drops Daniel off at Luisa's house.

Lucas is moping around his office.

Said comes home and finds that Jade has burnt the newspaper articles about Marisa and Lucas.

The credits roll.


Corazon Salvaje- 3/31, Wed. - Spain Seems So Far Away

Preview/Review: Aimee learns that Juan will go to Spain, which ruins her appetite. She dons Regina’s nun’s habit and except for the ruby red lips which Renato doesn’t seem to notice, he is so blinded by the white so Aimee is able to slip out of the house to search for Juan’s vanishing kisses before they sail off to Spain. But Renato decides to follow Regina, or so he thinks. Oh those twins, oh for a cape of invisibility.

Juan has a fit with the maid that the paint it black mystery lady and her mute maid have disappeared. Gabriel tries to reason that it is not the maid’s fault. Why can’t the maid write if she can’t speak. He clasps Rosario’s rosary with questions and strange feelings in his heart.

The fisherman meet to argue about the embargo, Juan finds out he cannot commission any boat to slip out to Spain. Raul de Marin comes in to Juan’s house.

Clemencia happily tells Jimena that the bearded one is still disgusting but very much alive. Regina is happy with her completed dream with Renato Paradise to be built but not a night in paradise like she really wants with Renato.

Juan threatens de Marin that he still has to repay his debt or be exposed for fraud.

Noel announces at the homey dinner that Juan is leaving for Spain. Emotions and dinner plates vibrate with agitation. Aimee runs from the dining table, Regina tries to run off to help Aimee as does Renato. Papa Bear Rodrigo waves her off and says Juan Aldama was nothing more than a rat in knight’s clothing. Good riddance he is a cad anyway. Regina ignores the big problem of Juan while she waxes poetic on the Paradise building today on her big trip with Renato to establish the Paradise village.

Juan and Gabriel and the fishermen plan revenge and justice.

Rodrigo cannot believe that money has been spent on the dirt bags that pass for peasants.. Regina is happy in her own little humanitarian daydream, Noel tries to reason with Rodrigo, this is part of the promise by the Associates to improve the lives of the unwashed, I mean deserving peasants. Noel says his son has taken this to heart as his noble purpose. Rod repeats that only business and profits (ganancias) count, in a moment of utter truthfulness.

Aimee tells Renato she is in a snit, he want s to call for the snit doctor but she only wants to be left in peace. She is beginning to show her true self-centered nature in her ire. She cries in silence that the only thing she wants to do is find Juan.

The fight starts. on the ship lots of swords and Juan and his men in masks.

Speaking of costumes, Aimee finds a spare nun’s garb in Regina’s side of the closet.

The sword fight ensues on the fake boat. Ed.Note: Sorry folks, I just noticed the boat tonight, it looks like a floating shoe box, and probably is.

The silky slut dress is hidden under the bed while Aimee hides her flaming red hair under the wimple and she’s off to high adventure.

With only a few sword swipes, Juan and his agile fishermen turned pirates are able to conquer the shoe box, errr boat, they flash the torch toward the shore to signal that the boat has been conquered.

Smoking on the balcony, Renato sees Regina/Aimee take off out of the hacienda dressed in white, She forgot it kind of glows in the dark. He follows with more curiosity than he has shown before..

Juan’s band of merry men find treasure and celebrate while a couple of energizer sailors left over, come back to life to attack. One is beaten down and falls, but has enough strength and hidden knives to stab Juan. Oh good, lots of blood flows.

Back in the agitated dining room, Regina defends her work with the poor, Rodrigo rewards her with a huge smack in the face for her insolence in being uppity. Noel pulls off Rodrigo and Regina gets to make a feminist speech about women not getting to express their opinions. Rodrigo regrets that his money paid for such a fancy European education and she is still a rebel! Leonarda tells Rodrigo to be calmer. Noel says no one knows the mind of Regina. Leonarda swoops to comfort Rodrigo with Noel looking right at Rod’s eyes. Leonarda has lost the will to hide her true passion since she and Noel had that little talk last night.

Regina cries to Clemencia and Jimena. She is so sad that her father is a scum-sucking capitalist brute (Ed’s word choice), Clemencia says don’t provoke him so. Jimena supports her concern and noble desires to help the poor. She begins to read Regina’s palm this time. She will meet a man with the same values and goals as her. Is it to be Renato? asks Regina hopefully. Jimena says, no it is someone else to come into your life. hmmmm, no one can imagine who it could be if not Renato.

The men bring Juan wounded to the cave. Juan insists they take out the knife point lodged in his leg. He bites a rag and they remove a large piece of knife point. Gabriel insists he will go for Doctor Miranda who can fix the severe wound. Juan wants them to all get away form them so they won’t be implicated in the fight. Somehow he convinces them to leave him alone and badly wounded to recover on his own. What a man!

Meanwhile at the brothel. The lovely blonde teases Federico but Fulgencio tells him that tomorrow early they will go to the cave to get the arms to move them out (so the boats were embargoed for this). Juan winces alone in the cave while Aimee approaches, Renato follows, she notices him but hides while close behind Federico and Fulgencio follow along and see REnato too., Rats, their plans are foiled for the moment, What ever is Renato doing in a scuzzy place like this? Fulgencio wants Fed to capture Gabriel’s confidence (that’s not an easy task since Fed is such a Fop to even the young impressionable Gab) so he must convince him to work for me, avows, Fulgencio.

Juan writhes and hallucinates in the cave remembering nights of passion and his later angry reproach of Aimee. He says he has to do something to forget about Aimee, he’s just got to. Boy this cave is getting crowded with menacing memories and arms dealers.

Nun in white appears, let’s see oh yes, it is the real Regina, who can’t find sister girl in the room so she sneaks out of the house. Lots of people out on the dunes in white, but no , Aimee sneaks back in but Rosenda sees her. And wonder what the novitiate is doing out being so interesting and mysterious in the night. Hmmm, perhaps another opportunity to gain power for our smooth shouldered Rose.

Renato returns and sees the innocent nun, What are you doing here? I should ask the same, quips Regina. Where have you been? barks the possessive even when he has no reason to be Renato. Why I was just walking in the garden. You are lying you were on the beach! I saw you hiding when I came behind you, It seems like you were afraid you would be discovered. Regina realizes it was Aimee. (Thankfully one character seems to be able to think clearly)

Aimee hides the nun stuff back in the closet and sighs relief that she did not get discovered. Meanwhile Renato goes wild on Regina whom he cannot now trust and note he once again cannot restrain his anger. She isn’t the white nun he always thought she was but is a lying beach stalker. Leaving Regina in that corner of the world so hard for a nun called by the rest of us, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Again in the cave, the once spotless straw where he made love to Aimee so recently with bleached white sheets is grimy and bloody, cold and dark. The good Dr. Miranda returns with Gabriel. Juan worries about trusting the Docs’s discretion. who assures him it is part of of his profession as he cuts away the pant leg while Juan groans in pain. He talks of the woman who disappeared while the doctor stitches the long wound. The doctor doesn’t know who Paint it Black could be, seems like lots of crazy folks are out and about these days.

Leonarda tenderly turns down Rod’s bed while she defends her son and his generous if silly ways, but says Noel is a fool, implying that only the mighty Rod has good judgement. Rod wants to know why she married Noel. She reveals, After the death of my sister and you took off for Europa I was so lonely and felt well you know, he was better than nothing.

The Doc ties off the stitches and says the rabble rousers should be stopped , Juan insists that they only are fighting for justice, The doctor shakes his hand and pledges his support.

Rodrigo says love is a dream that one day will turn into a nightmare. Leonarda pledges to do absolutely anything for him. He doesn’t quite get her drift. She professes her undying love. He looks somewhere between surprised, amused and mostly bored silly.

Aimee fakes sleep, Regina rushes in and then wonders who Renato is confusing her with if Aimee is playing sleeping dog. Renato takes off his tie and wonders why Regina lied to him and then wonders if Aimee will lie too. Aimee wakes from the dream of Juan’s rejections .crying why why?

Juan says he has to rid himself of this passion that is consuming him. He has to forget her , So we fade out with our lovelies in their respective luxurious beds or squalid caves lost in unrequited love and lust:
Juan calls out, Aimee,
Aimee calls out, Juan,
Renato calls out, Aimee
Regina call out, Renato

An eerie parody of the Walton’s good night refrains but each talking only to themselves.

Coming up next: Looks like Aimee isn’t ready to give up her bad habits after all. Juan queries Gabriel, what would he do if Estrella doesn’t exist and councils him to see Jimena and tell her the truth.


El Clon #31, 3/30, The Chickens Come Home to Roost

Poor Said. Lucas sees Jade and Said very close to each other, so Lucas leaves. Jade tells Said that she’s sad because it makes her think of her mother. She learned to dance to it for the man she would love. Said asks if she’ll dance to it for him. She looks up and sees that Lucas has left, so she can quit being nice to Said. “No, I won’t dance it for anyone.”

Zoraida arrives in Miami. Latifa is thrilled to see her. Two beach babes walk by and bat their eyes at Mohamed, making Latifa jealous. She’s afraid he’ll ditch her and take another wife. Nariza greets Zoraida and she’s walking on air. She’s glad her brothers are happy, she wants the whole world to be happy, and now it’s her turn too. Zoraida speculates that she has a love interest. Nariza doesn’t deny it. She even tells Z to sit and rest while she makes tea for her. Zoraida is convinced that the pod people came to Miami and replaced Nariza.

Cristina is unpacking her beauty merchandise. She calls Leo to thank him, at least that’s her pretexto, but he hangs up on her.

Lucas gets home. Rosa tells him the “marvelous” news - Marisa came back, and Leo convinced her to stay. Since Lucas can’t stand up to his dad nor Marisa, Lucas leaves and checks into a hotel. Rosa reports that Lucas left when he found out Marisa was here. Leo throws his usual tantrum. He shouts, “I won’t allow it!” He starts to have chest pains, but he continues his tantrum between gasps for breath. “He never showed me any consideration. Never.” Translation: He doesn’t make me the center of his universe like he should. Rosa tells the maid to call Enrique and tell him Leo feels bad. He’s about to keel over, and Rosa is walking him around the room rather than sitting him down. Finally LEO has the sense to tell them to call a doctor. The doctor wasn’t in, so the maid suggests calling 911, but Rosa says no way. If Leo saw an ambulance it would kill him. Okey-dokey.

Lucas, in his hotel room, ponders Jade. Jade, at the ruins, ponders Lucas.

Marisa arrives, but Rosa doesn’t tell her about Leo’s heart attack or whatever. She tells the maid not to tell her that Lucas came and left. Lucas calls, and Rosa tells him she thinks pop had a heart attack. Some people go to the hospital for those. Rosa tells Leo that she called Albieri, and Leo is mad (again). Leo refuses to see him.

Nariza sees Osvaldo outside. First she tries to send Latifa and Zoraida to Mohamed’s store. They don’t want to go, so she makes the excuse of going out to water the plants. Osvaldo flatters her, saying it’s a shame to cover her beauty. She tells him she has a millionaire suitor, and since she hasn’t told him no yet, she can’t be seen with anyone else. They will have to do everything in secret. Osvaldo likes adventures.

Lucas rushes in to see his dad, and Leo milks it. “I don’t need a doctor to tell me that my heart can’t endure what my son is doing to me.” Que cursi! “Cursi” doesn’t have a good translation in English. The closest equivalent is “sappy sentimentalism.” Leo’s line is a poster child for “cursi.” Leo says that if you don’t care about your father, at least care for the child you created. Marisa walks up behind them and announces, “I’m pregnant, Lucas.” Lucas’ face says, “Oh, crap.” Marisa, with all her usual charm, says, “I should’ve known not to expect anything from you.” She walks away. Leo tells Lucas he won’t allow Lucas to endanger the life of his grandchild. That comes first, even if it means losing his only remaining son. Oh, that Leo, bless his heart. Leo tells Lucas it’s time to grow up. He can’t be the irresponsible child he’s always been.

Marisa tells Rosa that if Lucas doesn’t want the baby, neither does she. He can just go have a baby with Jade! Rosa tells her that Jade sent him packing. So things can be just like they were before Lucas went to the hotel. With that, Marisa realizes that Lucas moved out when he knew Marisa was staying there.

In Morocco, Jade arrives home and Said wonders where she’s been. He orders her to iron his clothes. Tio Abdul tells Said that he needs to teach his wife better, and that she ought to dress more modestly. Jade gets a fiendish, impudent smile and intentionally scorches Said’s shirt. She presents it to Said and says, “I told you I don’t know how to iron.” Abdul comments, “In this house the camel rides the Bedouin.” Said drags her off to their room. He accuses her of doing it to torment him, so that he would lose his temper. She tells him he knew what he was getting into when he married her (that is QUITE a stretch!). She begs him to reject her and marry someone else who will take good care of him. Then it dawns on him. He realizes that she wants to get him so mad that he will divorce her. He says he might marry other women, but he will never, ever give her her freedom.

Ugly scene. Lucas returns from the hotel. Marisa insists on talking to him right now. She tells him, “Do you think I’ve always wanted to be married to a man who tells me I’m just a result of confusion in his life”? Well, considering how much she tried to confuse him back then, I’d say she got the dessert she ordered. He says, “If I returned, it’s because I felt like I should. Satisfied?” She replies, “Don’t look at me as if I planned all this to trap you. Did someone force you to sleep with me?” Well, remembering when she delayed him from meeting Jade at the beach, I’d say she tried pretty hard to force him! She tells him he has to decide whether to ask her to stay, but it has to be with full rights as his wife, his only woman. It’s up to him whether or not this child gets born.

Jade goes to visit Ali, all sweetness and light. She asks, “What happens if a man doesn’t pay the bride price? Is that cause for divorce?” Ali reminds her that Said has paid almost the entire dowry, and he’ll finish payments in a couple months. Jade insists, “What if he doesn’t?” I don’t want to think about how Jade would assure that he couldn’t pay the dowry. Ali agrees, in that case the woman could get a divorce. Jade is delighted. But then Ali inserts one other point. If she divorces him, she has to pay back all of the dowry and the gold that he has paid so far. Now Jade’s not so happy. If Jade would spend half as much energy getting along with her husband, as she spends trying to get away from him, their marriage would look like something from 1950’s TV.

Albieri arrives at Leo’s house. Rosa tells him the doctor just left. Leo pretends to be sleeping. Albi says he’ll wait. He pages through the planner he’s carrying, and out falls a photo. Rosa picks it up and is delighted to see a childhood picture of Diego, but she can’t understand how Luisa can be in the picture. Albi says that he PhotoShopped the picture. (Even THAT is pretty creepy. This guy puts someone else’s child in a picture with him and his wife?) Rosa observes that Diego never had a shirt like that. Albi says he bought it one day when he took Diego to his house. Leo “wakes,” and Rosa can’t wait to show him the photo. But when she looks around, Albi has left. He goes to Cristina’s to see Daniel. When he realizes that Leo goes there and might one day see Daniel, he gets more flustered and leaves.

Ozzie and Dora have their usual scrap at the bar. She walks off. Vicky tells Ozzie that it’s obvious that he’s still wild about her. Osvaldo denies it and says he found out the truth - that Albieri is the baby’s father.

Albieri is at home, pondering how long he’ll be able to keep Daniel hidden. He suggests to Luisa that they move to LA. Luisa reminds him that he hates LA; how about London where Mary Brown and Sylvia are? No, Albi is fixated on LA. In that case, Luisa is fine with it. She’d like a chance at a new start with him. He says that if Daniel could go with them, he’d leave today. This worries Luisa. Then he says, “Do you think Dora would like to live in LA?” This worries Luisa a lot more. Albi explains, Dora wouldn’t want to be separated from Daniel. Oh, yeah. Then it all seems perfectly normal!

Lucas reports to Marisa. She gives the requirements if this child is going to be born.
1. That he returns to her.
2. That she has the full position she deserves in this house, and in his life.
Lucas says he wants this baby to be born, and he’ll do everything possible to give the baby a home. Marisa agrees that the baby will be born, and their marriage will continue. And then she goes in for the kill, with condition 3:
You will take back / renounce everything you told me that day in Morocco. Lucas the invertebrate agrees to everything.


Mi Pecado Tuesday March 30. The Padre’s peace pipe is just a pipe dream so far.

Repeats: Matías tries to convince Rodolfo to take the first step in mending the shattered friendship of the fearsome foursome by joining them for dominoes. Rodolfo is reluctant, but Matías wears him down and he seems to consider it.

Lucrecia hangs about while Delfina dusts, anxiously waiting for Renata to return after delivering her note to Julián. Delfina wonders if she will really manage to deliver it. Lu says absolutely; Renata is a girl who always accomplishes what she wants. Delfina, like me, seems to doubt that running Lucrecia’s errands is really Renata’s objective. Justina sashays in and slaps Lu and tells her she needs to learn to leave her son alone. Lucrecia parries and counterattacks, sending Justina crashing into the table with a bloodied lip. “YOU need to learn to keep your hands off me!” Touché, Lu.

New: Justina lunges right back, dripping blood like a vampire while cursing Lucrecia and trying to choke her. Delfina separates them.
Justina: Go away! No one wants you here! Crawl back into whatever cursed hole you came out of!
Lucrecia: This is my home, and I am not leaving until I want to (hasta que se me pegue la gana)!
J: Well, be careful, because if you even think of coming near my sons, you will regret it!
Justina flings the note onto the floor, hollering about Lucrecia’s stupid messages (didn’t the note say she doesn’t want to see Julián?) as Rosario comes down the stairs demanding to know what’s going on. “Just came to put your daughter in her place!” Rosario tells her to leave, and in fact shoves her out. Justina tries to fight back but Rosario says, “touch me and die!” so Justina gives up and leaves.

Rosi turns her wrath on Lucrecia. “What is going on here?” “She just came to return the cachetada (smack upside the head) you gave Julián,” says Lucrecia. They take their bickering on tour up the stairs, and unfortunately Rosario doesn’t fall down this time.

Julián searches for the missing note. Josué offers to help look, but Julián decides he must have left it at Casa Roura. Josué says they have been disinvited to Lucrecia’s party, as it is now at El Milagro and Rosario won’t allow them. Julián is not pleased about the unvitation.

Lucrecia tells her mother that Justina did and said exactly the same things to her that Rosario did and said to Julián. She swears that she was not looking for Julián. She just ran into him in front of the church por casualidad. “Fine. I believe you,” says Rosario, as she buttons Lucrecia’s shirt up higher.

Renata and Carmelo eat ice cream and stroll. Renata asks what Julián’s job is. Carmelo says he’s an errand boy; why the interest? Renata says she’s just curious about Lucrecia’s friends. Carmelo says he still hasn’t seen Lucrecia. What’s she like now? Renata says she’s really pretty. Smooth talkin’ Carmelho says she can’t be prettier than Renata, the pink-mulleted polyester princess. Renata thinks he flirts with (chulear) all the girls. He smarm that she’s real special and slimes all over her as Blanca sees them and cries. Save your tears for someone worth it, honey.

Josué is shuffling through CDs for something to listen to when Rodolfo comes home and wonders where everyone else is. Josué doesn’t know, so Rodolfo leaves the room. “Can I offer you anything?” Josué calls out (with a definite tone of “why do you look for the others and never want to talk to me?”). Rodolfo comes back and says he needs some advice. Padre Matías wants to patch things up and play dominoes again with the old friends. What should he do? Josué is baffled that his dad is asking his opinion and says it’s his own business. Rodolfo asks why they don’t communicate. “Because I’m not like my brother,” says Josué. Rodolfo says they’re both his sons and he loves them the same, but for some reason he just isn’t as close to Josué, and he wonders if he’s been an inadequate father to him or done something wrong. “No, I never said that,” says Josué. “I can tell you’re thinking it, even if you didn’t say it,” says Rodolfo. He tells Josué to think about it and let him know if he has any complaints so they can clear up the dark clouds between them.

Padre Matías is setting up for his domino game when Blanca drags in. “Oh, good, I need you to give me a hand fixing some snacks (botanas),” he says. He notices she’s sad and asks what’s wrong. Blanca says she wants to return to Zacatecas. PM wants to know why, and she says she misses her mother and should never have come to San Pedro. He says he doesn’t believe her. Of course she misses her mother, who died a long time ago, but that can’t be why she wants to leave. What’s going on? She doesn’t want to talk about it, even when he points out that if all the townsfolk can trust him with their worst sins, surely she can trust him with her issues. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it with her uncle. He says he can’t help unless she lets him.

Lucrecia grills Renata about her messengering. Renata insists that she gave the note to Julián himself, at the Roura house, and she has no idea how it got into Justina’s possession. See, that’s the problem with being nasty. Even when you’re totally on the up-and-up, you still seem like you’re up to no good. Renata even gives Lucrecia the return message: Julián wants to meet her at 8:00 sharp at the place where she lost her medallion, and he said she would know where that is. Lucrecia says there’s no way she can go. “He said if you don’t show up, he will come looking for you,” Renata warns.

Julián wanders through the cobweb-filled troje (granary) with a lantern and recollects hiding there with Lucrecia in their childhood hide-and-seek game. “You have to come,” he says.

In the kitchen, Manuel is griping to Delfina, all, “told you so; I knew there would be problems if Lucrecia and Julián were in touch, wah, wah, whine, whine,” and Delfina tells him to stay out of it and focus his attentions on Blanca instead. Manuel says he doesn’t care about Blanca (me vale gorro). Rosario comes in looking for Paulino and Manuel can’t get out of there fast enough, but says he’ll ask Modesto where Paulino is.

Rosario asks Delfina if Lucrecia has seen that chamaco Julián. Delfina says Lu hasn’t said anything to her about it. “I know how close you are, and I will NOT tolerate any subterfuge. You know what I’m capable of,” warns Rosario. Delfina says she doesn’t want Lucrecia associating with Julián, either, so she won’t cover anything up (servir de tapadera).

Gabino is the only guest at the domino peace party, so far. He tells PM he doesn’t think the others will show up. He appreciates Matías’s attempt at patching things up, but even he can’t work miracles. Just then Rodolfo arrives. They’re all polite, if not effusively friendly, and they wonder if the three of them should start, or whether Paulino might actually come.

Outside, Paulino gets out of his truck and looks through the gate into the courtyard. He stands there debating for a moment, then gets back into the truck and drives away.

Julián is getting frustrated and fitsy at the troje. Just as he’s about to leave, Lucrecia finally arrives.
L: I only came because I didn’t want you to come to the house. I told you I don’t want you to look for me.
J: I read the note, but I don’t believe that’s what you really want, in your heart.
L: You don’t know my heart.
J: I know it too well.
(they have the rest of this conversation practically nose to nose, by glowing lantern light).
L: Don’t get confused. A kiss means nothing.
J: Swear to me you didn’t feel anything. Swear that you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.
L: I can’t speak for you, but for me it wasn’t so important.
J: Then why did you kiss me? Why did you accept my kiss?
L: I got carried away in the moment, that’s all. I hope you can understand that you and I have nothing in common. I have a lot of affection for you, but as a man, you don’t interest me.
J: You know what? I don’t believe any of that. I think you’re just pretending, because of your family.
L: Well, you’re right. As long as I’m here, I don’t want to have problems with my family. Aside from that, though, I don’t want to continue…it just wasn’t important. As if you’re the first man I’ve ever kissed.
J: Of course not. You’re certainly not the first woman I’ve kissed.
L: I never thought so.
J: Anyway, you’re showing that you aren’t the same Lucrecia who left, with whom I used to play in this very place. That Lucrecia I remember as stronger, more self-assured, and much, much more valiant. Don’t worry. I won’t bother you again.

They both look very sad and Julián leaves.

Paulino probably wishes he’d gone to the domino game when he is immediately accosted by Rosario upon his arrival home. She’s all irate about Justina, of course. Paulino thinks it’s high time things returned to normal. It would cost them nothing to take the first step in making peace. “Normal?! What’s that? For me normal would be to have my Cesarín back, and that can never happen,” Rosario cries. Paulino is frustrated behind her back, but to her face stays very calm and soothing as he tells her it’s been a long time and they (she) should be coping better by now. “Don’t count on me for anything!” she snarls.

Justina tells Rodolfo that Lucrecia has been sending Julián notes, so of course she went out to the hacienda and smacked that brat, and can you believe what she did then?! She hit back! “You did what? How could you be so barbaric?” “Well, do you want Julián and Lucrecia to be friends again?” Justina asks. “Of course not, but you don’t need to go assault her in her own home. That doesn’t help anything. You’ve never moved a finger to restore our friendship with the Córdobas, or even cooperated to make things tolerable.” “They are the ones who have been making our lives impossible.” “Well, it’s time we patched things up, for everyone’s good.” “Oh, please. Anyway, it’s your son who’s causing problems. He lets that idiot woman abuse him.” Rodolfo says he’ll try to talk to Julián, and Justina sniffs that she just hopes it won’t be too late.

{I could have sworn that at some point in that conversation Justina told Rodolfo to drop his pants, but that seems bizarre and out of character so there must be something wrong with my ears.}

Lucrecia sits in her window seat crying. Delfina brings her the note, which fortunately she was able to pick up before Rosario saw it. Lucrecia tells her she met Julián at the granary, and she was very clear with him, so they won’t see each other again. Delfina says she doesn’t like to see Lucrecia all sad like this, but she really thinks it’s for the best. Lu just hopes Julián finds a nice woman who will love him like he deserves. Delfina assures her that she, too, will find another man who loves her. Let’s hope she doesn’t mean her clingy whiny son.

Justina meets Teresa at a café. She says she’s delighted by Teresa’s interest in Julián, and she wants to help get the two of them married. Teresa is thrilled to the gills, but confused. Julián doesn’t seem interested in her. Justina says he’s just timid and won’t show it, so he needs a little push. Teresa should be more forward with him. There is the little matter of another girl who has Julián a bit twitterpated, but Teresa shouldn’t worry about that, pretends Justina. Teresa demands to know who she is. “Lucrecia Córdoba,” says Justina, as she blows smoke in more ways than one.

Renata is up and dressed, and by dressed I mean clad in hideous shiny stuff and feathers with purple eye shadow, while Lucrecia is still lolling listlessly in bed. Lu tells Renata that she won’t be seeing Julián anymore. Renata wants details, details, details, but Lucrecia doesn’t want to keep talking about it because it just makes her feel worse. They can’t even be friends, and Renata knows why. “You really like him, and more, don’t you,” says Renata. “Yes, and much more than that even. Satisfied?” Renata says she can see why; he’s a mega hottie. He must be breaking hearts all over. “Well, good for him,” gripes Lucrecia.

Rodolfo wants to talk to Julián about his encounters with Lucrecia. Blah, blah, stuff we’ve heard before, and Rod tells him about Justina and Lucrecia’s fight. Suddenly it all makes sense to Julián, and he is irate. “You stay out of my life, and Mom too!”

Delfina tells Modesto she’s worried that Manuel is obsessed with Lucrecia in an unhealthy way. Modesto thinks she’s imagining things. He just cares about her. After all, they are hermanos de leche. Delfina thinks that is the problem; he doesn’t think of her like a sister at all. Modesto thinks that’s crazy since Manuel is into Blanca, but Delfina says not so much.

Manuel runs into Blanca outside the feed store and tells her he was fine with saying he was out with her once, but to make everyone think they’re a couple is going too far. She agrees, and says she’s tried to clear things up, but her uncle won’t believe her unless she tells him the truth, and she’s too ashamed. Manuel says she can tell him what’s going on and maybe he can help, but Blanca says she’s ashamed to tell him, too, but don’t worry, she’ll make sure people don’t think they are dating (enjaretar un noviazgo).

Justina is walking down the middle of the street when Julián drives up in his truck and scares her by screeching to a stop right behind her. He hops out and lets her have it: leave Lucrecia alone! “Oh, you found out! Stupid girl!” “I will not allow this!” “I am your mother! Respect me! The only thing that dead fly wants is to entangle you!” “Stay out of my life!” “Respect me!” “You respect me!” Lovely family.

Gabino eavesdrops as sweet clueless Teresa tells Asunción that Justina told her that Julián really likes her, but is too shy to show it. Asunción thinks that’s very strange. Teresa also thinks it’s odd, but she has no reason not to trust Justina, who says she’ll help so Julián will marry Tere. Asunción wonders why Justina would do that. Tere says she doesn’t know, but she thinks it has something to do with Lucrecia. Apparently Lucrecia is chasing after Julián. “Really?” Asunción asks doubtfully. Tere is going to find out.

Matías is in the orchard, chastising Paulino for not going to play dominoes. Paulino says he almost did, and then couldn’t. Some guy named Jeremías drops an apple and Paulino hands it back to him, but I don’t know why; that one is bruised now. (Incidentally, don’t all those apples look bizarrely uniform in color and size and shape? I think they’re growing one of those hybrid things that looks pretty and ships well but doesn’t have any flavor). Paulino says he really wants to patch things up, but Rosario won’t allow it. Matías says he is glad that at least Paulino’s intentions are there. Maybe someday he can follow through with action and put an end to this stupid rift that has hurt so many people. “I need time,” says Paulino. “Ten years wasn’t enough? How much time do you need?” “I don’t know,” says pansy Paulino.

Renata sucks up to Rosario by bringing tea. She reports that Julián keeps insisting on trying to see Lucrecia, but Lucrecia refuses to have anything to do with him because she doesn’t want problems with her mother. Rosario smiles with evil satisfaction.

Lucrecia mopes around the stable and Manuel asks if she’s down because of Julián. Lu says the less they speak of him, the better. Teresa shows up, no longer timid, and demands to know whether Lucrecia likes Julián. Lucrecia says there is nothing between them, and should that change she will let Teresa know directly. Don’t worry, though, it will never happen. Teresa is delighted, and says she will get Rosario to agree to let her have the party at the Roura house so that she can invite Julián. I still don’t know why she would let Rosario have a say in her party at all, but whatev. Teresa says she is so glad Lucrecia is not a rival for Julián’s affections. Lu does not look pleased.

Justina rants at Rodolfo for telling Julián what she did. Rod says he would have found out anyway. Justina shrieks that there are lots of things worse than her tiny misbehavior, like murderers, or thieves, or women who cheat on their husbands.

Strangely enough, Gabino calls just at that moment. He demands to see her in a half hour in the old meeting place. She pretends it was a wrong number. Rodolfo seems suspicious.

Julián drives up to the hacienda gate, now guarded by a guy with a rifle. He seems a little trigger happy but Manuel stops him from shooting and tells Julián he’d better leave. Julián insists that he has to see Lucrecia. Manuel says she’s gone riding. Manuel urges the guard not to tell the patrones that Julián was there.

Lucrecia rides her horse near the granary and sees Gabino and Justina there arguing, so she gets closer where she can hear them. Gabino doesn’t want Julián involved with his daughter. “What, my family isn’t good enough for yours, even though we’ve been lovers for years? Julián is a much better man than Carmelo.” “You satisfied my needs, and I gave you money. It’s a fair deal,” argues Gabino. Jussy throws a fit and asks if he will actually interfere if Teresa and Julián get involved. They go outside, where Lucrecia is sitting on her horse. “Hola!” Lucrecia calls brightly. “Who are you?” asks Gabino. “Lucrecia Córdoba. The same one who caught the two of you here many years ago.”

Hasta que se me pegue la gana – until I want to; until the desire strikes me
Cachetada – smack on the head; box on the ears
Chulear – to flirt with
Botanas -- snacks
Troje – granary
Me vale gorro – I don’t care
servir de tapadera – to cover up
caer el chahuistle – expression meaning something unwelcome or unpleasant happens (what Delfina said would happen if Rosario saw the note). Chahuistle is an agricultural plague or blight or something.
enjaretarse – to sneak in


Corazon Salvaje, Tuesday, March 30: Ep 28--Bat out of Hell II was subtitled _.

It's a fill-in-the-blank title/quiz. If you know the answer, then you know not to get too excited about tonight.

Noel tells Rodrigo that he's the least qualified person to talk about either love or Regina, being that he doesn't know diddly about either. In the name of their friendship and the love he has for Rod's daughters, he reminds Rod that he never properly confronted reality. He couldn't deal with MdR being in love with Juan de Dios and he destroyed their love, then when MdR died he couldn't get over it and he ran off. He ran away again when Constanza died. In fact, Rod has spent his whole life running away instead of facing the consequences of his actions. And now that someone responds to his insults, he decides to do away with him by his own hand. "You haven't done things right, Rod, and you know it."

Juan mixes some medicine in with water and dribbles it into Maria del Rosario's mouth. She wakes up a little and doesn't want to drink. She starts begging "don't hit me." Juan hugs her and tells her to calm down, she's with people who love her.

Noel hopes that Rod will think about what he's said. Rod asks if he's planning to go to the casino tonight. "Last time I saw you there, you were in good company." Noel admits that just thinking about that girl…he smiles, bids Rod good night, and leaves.

The Can Can girls are on again, but this time, they're partner dancing with some of the men. Fifi even pulls Fed up to dance with him. Lulu dances with Raul, and the blonde dances with Don Fulgencio. Fed wants to have a chat with Lulu and she agrees.

Eloisa is sick of being stuck at home all the time. She thinks it's time to find a little distraction. She pulls a satiny corset out of a drawer. She says Fed gets a 10 for body and a 10x10 in bed. Good thing she's not grading him on brains or slimy-tude or his score would go way down.

Raul apologizes to Lulu for his bad dancing. She says to just not step on her and go with the music. The blonde almost drops Don Fully and he says his old bones can't take any more dancing. He goes to sit down. Ha, ha. That's what he gets for pretending to need that cane, he won't get to dance with the hos. Fully, Fed, and Raul all sit down and Fully keeps complaining about his bones. Raul reminds Fully that his wife's birthday is coming up and he's got to throw a big party like he does every year. Fed supposes all the best people will be there and Raul says that's fo' sho'.

Servando is fuming that Jimena got away from him. Aunty says she hopes Jimena hasn't run off, especially now that two rich guys are after her. Servando doesn't care about that, but Aunty does--"que la plata, no se desprecia!" (you don't look down your nose at money!). Aunty twists the knife a little, saying the younger guy already paid an advance and the older one paid them to leave Jimena alone. "When he comes looking for her and we don't know where she's at, he's going to kick up a fuss." Servando agrees. He saw Juan get into a ruckus in front of the church and says he's "bastante fiero" (way fierce). Aunty says he'd better step with "pasos de plomo" (lead steps, heavy steps) and leave Jimena alone or one of these days, that man will kill him.

Juan fell asleep at Maria del Rosario's bedside, holding her hand. He checks her forehead for fever and kisses her hand. He doesn't know why he feels such tenderness for her and such desire to protect her. Gabriel comes in to check on them. Juan says she looks better, even if she hasn't opened her eyes. Gabriel wants Juan to rest, but Juan refuses. He asks Gabe to tell Jacinta to take care of the women until they return. He wants Gabriel to go down to the "naviera" (the fleet offices) and see what's the next boat leaving for Europe. Meanwhile, Juan will "cumplir con" (carry out) his "deber" (duty). Gabe leaves and Juan looks at MdR and smiles.

Down in hut land, Juan tells Remigio that he doesn't want to become a killer. Remigio is relieved. Juan wants Remigio to go with him to Europe. He doesn't want them to be separated again. Remigio would rather wait there for Juan to return. Juan dangles the good life in front of him, but Remi says he can't leave. His mother is buried here, his roots are here, and he'll die here. Remigio says this is his world and he doesn't want any other, and besides they're working on building Paraiso. He explains about the project. Juan starts out objecting to his use of "amo" (master) as a title for Renato, but then looks shocked and Remi keeps explaining.

Renato is busy working on the books and he drops a gold coin on the floor. He remembers his conversation with Juan as they planned to run away together and giving Juan all his coins before he fell. Renato wonders what became of Juan.

Remi tells Juan that Renato is a good guy. "Wow. Sounds like despite being a Montes de Oca, he turned out to be a good person." "I told you so!" Remigio says that Don Renato is good to his people. He's more like his dad, Noel Vidal.

Renato keeps wondering where Juan could be. Aimee, in a retina-burning blue dress comes in. Renato tells her he was thinking about someone he once promised to take care of like a brother. He tells her she looks lovelier than ever today. He invites her to come check out Paraiso with him today, but she refuses. She's very snippy with him as she tells him her savage lover dumped her yesterday, so she's really not in the mood for happy peasants. No, she just says she's feeling sick. As she walks out, Regina walks in. She's ready to go whenever he is. Renato takes her hand and sighs. Yeah, dumbass, you picked the wrong sister.

Juan says he knows Noel disapproves of his attitude, but it doesn't matter, he couldn't put up with any more insults from Rod. Noel says he doesn't disapprove, but he doesn't condone violence. "Then try to be more fair. You and I both know about the injustices Rod has committed against innocent people. Noel wants to know what Juan is referring to. Juan says he's not going to get into details, he's just warning Noel to pay more attention to Mr. Aldama's business affairs. Mr. Aldama doesn't like people to take advantage of him. Juan advises Noel not to put his hands in the fire for certain of his friends.

Rod tells the story to Raul. They both agree that Juan Aldama has tons of money. Rod doesn't know or care why Aldama bought up so many shares, but Raul thinks maybe he needs to care. As the majority shareholder, they're obligated to consult with him on all their business moves. Rod is sure that Aldama is ignorant and they can manipulate him. Raul disagrees. "We can't do anything without his rep knowing about it." Rod refuses to talk about Juan. Rod has been buying up wood for cheap and shipping it to Cuba. He tells Raul that even Noel doesn't know about it. "You know how he is, so upright and moral." Rod says one of his boats is coming back from Cuba tonight with his earnings and it's a big wad of dough.

Juan tells Noel that he's going back to Spain and warns him to keep an eye on what the partners are doing. Noel supposes that Juan and Mr. Aldama will be coming back together? Juan claims not to know. He says all will be revealed at the proper time. Juan thanks Noel and shakes his hand. "I never forget the bad, but I don't forget the good, either." He leaves and Noel has a hard time breathing. He collapses in his chair.

Gabriel finds out that due to the instability in the country, there are fewer companies docking in Mexico, so they won't be able to leave for Spain anytime soon. Gabriel hugs the guy and says "Thanks! Now I'll be able to find my love, my Estrella!" He skips out the door.

Juan tells Remi that he got those gold coins from Renato, the coins he gave Remi before he left. Remi tells him that he and mom used the money to send the younger kids to study in Puebla. He assures Juan that just coming back took Remi out of his misery. Juan grudgingly admits that Renato is a decent guy. He wants to find a way to give him back his money. He doesn't want to owe him anything.

Gabriel walks the beach, remembering Estrella. I love their theme song, so I looked it up, it's Mientes by Camila--I love those guys, they have such an 80's hair band make-out-music sound to their ballads. "You lie to me, you hurt me and then you're sorry, there's no more reason for you to keep trying, I don't want to keep feeling." Hm, well, that's kind of depressing for these two.

Jimena is going nuts being stuck in the room. She's sure that she did kill Servando and she'll be locked up forever and never see Gabriel again. Clemencia offers to go down to the camp and check things out. Clemencia asks if she really reads palms and Jimena swears that she was born with the gift and she can see the future, but she can't see everything that's going to happen. "For example, I see something here, a soul in pain, but I can't see who this is about, but it's someone you love a lot and who is suffering."

Arcadio goes into MdR's cell and finds it empty.

Jacinta and Mirta feed Maria del Rosario. Jacinta thinks it's good that she at least ate a little bit. She goes back to the kitchen. MdR is disoriented. She looks and sees the bad painting of Juan de Dios by the bed. "He came back for me! My love! My only love! Juan de Dios!"

MdR is agitated and screaming "Juan de Dios!" and for whatever reason, Mirta feels the need to drag her away from the painting and shush her.

Arcadio informs Leonarda that Maria and Mirta are gone. Leonarda wants them found or she and Arcadio are both in trouble. Arcadio thinks they should just let them be. "One's crazy and the other one's mute--who's going to listen to them?" Arcadio kind of hopes they drowned in the ocean. Leo says that if MdR doesn't show up, she won't need him to keep her secret anymore.

Mirta is trying to drag MdR back to her cell, but MdR demands to be left on the beach to wait for Juan de Dios. "I saw him!"

Renato and Regina head out with Regi's camera. Aimee snottily thought bubbles that Renato should have fallen in love with Regina, they're both so insipid and such dreamers. "Oh, I wonder where Juan is!" She does not, however, chew on anything. This time.

Juan tells Pedro and Santos that he's leaving, but first he wants to give them money. Santos refuses. Pedro says they'd rather have him around than have his money. Curly demands to go with Juan and cries. Juan agrees. "I'll do the same with him as Santiago Aldama did with me. He'll get a good education and then come back to help you." Pedro laughs. "When he gets back, things are going to be worse. We might not even be alive then. But ok, go and take the kid. Don’t worry about us." Santos agrees. "We'd rather know you're far away than that you turned into a murderer."

Clemencia finds Aunty and asks where Jimena is. She says she wants a palm reading. Aunty offers to read her cards, but Clemencia says she'd rather wait for Jimena. Servando comes up and says it's time to practice the knife throwing act. Clemencia thought bubbles that this must be the guy. She says she'll come back to find Jimena another day. Servando and Griselda both look at her suspiciously as she leaves.

Renato shows Regina the houses that are being built. He says there will also be a school for both the adults and the kids. A couple of guys struggle with a big pole and Renato rushes over to help them. Remigio comes up to talk to them. Renato asks Remi to be Regina's photography assistant for the day. She takes pictures of the workers working on a house. She gets Remi in the pictures. She and Remi chat about what a great place this is going to be. Remigio says that Renato is a great man, a fair man. Regina says he's an idealistic man who will soon reach his dreams. She's glad that Remi is so respectful and nice to Renato and that makes her like him too. Remi gets all puffed up with pride.

Juan goes to MdR's grave to say goodbye. Clemencia hears him say that he's not going to be able to keep his promise. She says out of all the family, the only one who knew how to love or who was loved was his mother. He says he once asked his father what love was and daddy said that love was Maria del Rosario. Clemencia says the best thing for him to do is forget. He refuses to do that. He's tried for years to choke down his hate, but he won't forget. "Have you forgotten all the harm that was done to my parents? See. I can't forget either. I have the image of my father in my mind, the way he died, and that image never leaves me. That's why I'm leaving. So I don't turn into a killer. I don't want just people to pay for the sinners." Juan says that he will get revenge and Rodrigo will pay for all the harm he's done. Juan thanks Clemencia for helping him. Clemencia says it hurts her to see him hurting so much and not have a way to console him. They hug and cry.

Juan tells Clemencia there is no way to console him. He kisses Clemencia on the forehead and says goodbye. She says his name a couple of times and kneels at Maria de Rosario's grave. She prays that MdR will illuminate Juan and help him find peace.

MdR is insisting that only the sea can give Juan back. Arcadio finds them. He hits Mirta and drags Maria del Rosario back.

Renato tells Aimee she should have come with them, Regina was very happy. He asks if she doesn't care about the suffering of the poor. "Of course I do, but I'm so sensitive, that when I see poor people I cry." Oh, poor thing. He says he isn't going to stop asking her to come see the project. She says she'll go when she stops getting so upset. But now, she's in heat. It's been over 24 hours since her last dose of Juan and she's hoping some kisses from Renato might help her through her withdrawal symptoms. He obliges.

Arcadio drags and pushes Mirta and MdR back into the cell. MdR cries. She sees Leo and asks why Leo treats her like this. "Don't talk to me!" Leo leaves and tells Arcadio to lock them back in. She says if he has to, to chain them up. MdR screams after Leo "Where is my son? I need to see my son?" She cries and Mirta tries to comfort her.

Jacinta explains to Juan about the disappearance of the two women. He gets angry, but he sends Jacinta back to the kitchen. Gabriel says he tried looking for them, but he couldn't find them. Juan is obsessed with finding them and helping them. Juan can't understand the feelings the woman in the black veil has awakened in him. He clutches his mother's rosary.

Tomorrow: Noel tells the family that Juan left; Aimee cries; Aimee sneaks out to see Juan dressed in Regina's nun habit; Renato follows who he thinks is Regina.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinero 3-30: Rafa sees Marco macking a red-hot mama and is (briefly) reunited with his Panther. Ale mends her ways.

  • Ale tells Beltran she quits: she saw her doll-self being destroyed in his group therapy. "If it had been as bad as you say, you wouldn't have had to quit, I would have fired you." He says he wants (after a good bank account) harmony in the workplace. "In how many businesses do the workers love their bosses, anyway? I trust you'll work it out."

  • In his quest for the big sale that will free him from Ale, Rafa has found Refri Transport, a refrigerated trucks company. Pretending to be a buyer, rather than a seller, he finds out he has to make an appointment with a Mr. Zarate - by phone.

    He asks Susana for a phone book, she coldly hands it to him. He asks about Ale, whether she has quit. He protests he didn't participate in the mannequin massacre but Susana's having none of it: "I saw with my own eyes. I won't listen to any more, it is affecting my aura."

  • Rafa calls Refri, but Zarate's secretary (sounding a lot like Vicki) tells Rafa (via the receptionist): such matters cannot be discussed by phone, he must make an appointment - for a person-to-person session - but no way. "Sorry, he's in a meeting." Rafa is not discouraged, he smells big possibilities.

    Ismael says: "If you can convince Refri, you'll never need another lottery ticket."

  • Ale tells Susana she's staying. "Where's Medina? I'm desperate for him to pay me off and get out of here." She cries.

    Susana brings good news: she's made an appointment with a great lawyer named Pardo to get a second opinion on the hacienda embargo. "Great! Don't tell Marco!"

  • Marco finally hunts Chavez down; predictably, he's in a smoky bar, surrounded by babes, with one of his excellent Saturday Night Fever shirts on.

    Chavez gives Marco the cold shoulder, huffily calls him "abogado" (lawyer), asks what he's doing here, and reproaches him: "I have my dignity. You beat and humiliated me."

    Marco defends himself, saying he had to look good in front of the family. "Well, I had the impression you weren't acting! You hit me with all your heart and soul! You detest me!" Like a wounded lover, Chavez asks: "What am I to you?"

    Oh, Marco is going to have to suck up if he wants Chavez back on his team. "Chavez, you are ... a big friend ... um, a lawyer... intelligent..." (he's stammering) "simpatico... you have a great sense of humor..." Chavez is still pouting. "Something is lacking - you need to say you're sorry." Marco sputters but capitulates: "OK, I'm sorry. Satisfied?"

    "Not yet." "Then what?" "Invite me to drink a bottle of whiskey with you, to prove your true friendship."

    Marco yields, of course. Chavez ("but you should call me Vicente") introduces him to some babes who he should "get to know profoundly."

    Marco says he has to go, Ale is waiting, but Chavez is indignant: "This is how you treat me? This is true reconciliation? Our friendship is not important enough?" "OK, I see. I'll stay a bit longer." Chavez ("call me Vicente") says he can get them a "private place and another bottle."

  • Marco calls Ale and tells her Urdiales has suddenly called and forced him to go meet some business contacts at a bar. "I'll try to get an advance from him to pay some of your father's debts, since you haven't succeeded in getting an advance from Beltran." "Oh, yeah, right. OK, tomorrow then."

  • That evening at 5:30, an embarrassed Ale passes by the sales team (as they prepare to leave early) on her way home. After that departure, Susana is mad at all of them and says she'll report them if they leave. "But we have to visit clients." "Show me the clients, then we'll see."

    After Susana walks away, the team chides Dandy for his failure to seduce Susana - he says he failed because she's from another planet. "I need to restructure my strategy and do something against my principles. Find me a vegetarian restaurant!" They are astonished.

    Later, Dandy adjusts his suit and asks Susana about a good vegetarian restaurant, she lights up about it, he invites her, she refuses: "I want to go - but not with you."

  • Jimenez goes to see the sex therapist, begging her to be discreet - "my co-workers would make fun of me and my mother-in-law would kill me!" He says the problem is he gets no sex at all from his wife; she thinks he's a "disgusting fatty."

    "No, you aren't," says the therapist, massaging his shoulders. "Do you get excited by other women? If so, the problem is not a sex problem, but a relationship problem. You think she is like a mother."

  • Rafa gets a call from Pepeta, who has found a buyer for Rafa's beloved "Panther" (the black car he ran Ale off the road with, the car that's been in the police impound ever since).

    Rafa is relieved, but also miserable - his love affair with his car is longer than any other he's had... Pepeto: "You're breaking my heart, should I cancel?" "No, no, I need the money." "Meet me at this bar..." (We know it's the bar where Marco is making out with babes.)

    Rafa arrives and says he won't part with his car till he sees the money - experience has taught him something. Pepeto is mildly indignant.

    A proposito, Pepeto says: "I hear you're saving the skin of Auto Siglo. You're the star. How's it going with your debt?" "It's hell, I can't do it, I'm looking for a huge sale so I can get out from under."

    Rafa gets a call from Vicki Vicki Vicki and while enduring her squeaky scolding ("don't send your brothers, I'll be there in 20 minutes") he sees - he sees - he sees - Marco macking with the red-hot mama! Marco is trying to leave but not without many more kisses.

    Pepeta asks Rafa why he looks like he's having a heart attack. "My boss's boyfriend, macking another mama -- and they're supposed to be getting married!"

  • Next morning, Rafa answers the phone and Ale is more vitriolic than usual: "No, I didn't quit, I won't leave you in peace till you pay me to the last penny. GET IN HERE!"

    Rafa is almost out the door when Jaime shows up; Rafa asks for a favor. "But Rafa, I don't have any money." "Not that - here, take this money and liberate my car from the pound."

    Jaime is happy for him, knowing how much "The Panther" means to him, but Rafa corrects him: "I'm selling it to pay my debts." Now Jaime is dejected for him, and cautions: "Rafa, be careful with Pepeto - his businesses are shady..."

    Rafa tells Jaime what he saw at the bar. "I don't know what to do about it."

  • Minutes later, at Auto Siglo the team is terrified of Ale's vengeance but she glides in all sugary smiles.

    In the sales meeting she tells Ramirez his voice always transports her to heaven; she speaks respectfully to Rosaura, asking if she should use "usted" with her. "Would a quota of two cars be satisfactory?" Rosaura would prefer a quota of one. "Susana, please put Doña Rosaura down for one. And Jimenez, would three be too many?" "Perhaps a bit high." "Put Jimenez down for two." He won't need his Pepto Bismol today. She calls Claudia sexy and demure.

    She offers to hold Medina's chair for him. "Please, be comfy." She massages his shoulders (giving his head an aggressive little crack from time to time).

    "In general, there will be no more torture, you are all responsible adults who do not need to be pressured for results. Susana, each may dictate his or her own quota. Have a marvellous day." She glides out.

    Ramirez is exultant: his method worked! [He is evidently impervious to the sarcasm with which Ale's performance was permeated.]

    Susana thinks this is ridiculous and will end in disaster; Ale points out it's what Beltran wanted, a "good atmosphere."

    Beltran comes in and says everyone is happy. He tells the sales force to go out and sell. He thanks Ale but starts to worry when she says "Let them work it out on their own, a democracy." "What? You'll ruin me." "It was your idea." "Can't Susana do it? She can release you from friction by harassing them for you."

    He tells her Medina, ace salesman, deserves preferential treatment. She seethes.

  • Rafa gets his Panther back, all legal. "I need time for us to be alone together." Jaime says he'll leave them to enjoy their intimacy and falls over. (?) Rafa calls Pepeto: "I need 24 hours with my darling car."

    He is stroking and cooing over his Panther when Ale emerges from the showroom. She hits the car, remembering the accident, and faints. He scoops her up.

    She comes to and yells, "Why did you bring it here, to torture me? I'll get my fiance to get rid of it."

    She thinks Rafe should give her the money he gets from the sale, but he says the car is outside their agreement. She disagrees and again says she'll call Marco.

    Rafa: "Go ahead, if you can find him... if you believe in him so blindly..."

    Ale: "What do you know that you're not telling me?"


Gancho Tuesday March 30, 2010 Well , I Didn't Like The Dress Anyway

Oh my, what a rollercoaster ride this was today! Fabulous physical comedy with Connie slinging Beto around like a a hyperactive lariat, Jacqui seducing Costeño and Arny discreetly eyeballing Ximena's cleavage. Nieves' wedding outfit was worth an episode in itself. Words just aren't adequate. Like Carlos, I am speechless. Even Mau and Hissy's surreptitious glares were high comedy. But dang! the serpent won in the end, discovering the photos and deep-sixing the wedding. All for the best though. It ain't over till it's over, and frankly, Monita's wedding dress was rather frumpy. She can do better. And the grand finale wedding is going to have to be grander than this non-starter. So stay tuned. In the meantime, let's go over what happened.

There's the loud knock of doom as Ivan arrives with the photos. The writers are really playing with us. Monita opens the envelope, she draws out one....the photo of her and Toxic Mom. Smiles tenderly. Starts to draw out more. Another knock! Nieves on the warpath, determined to show her that mom is lying and the wedding should go on. Off go an outraged Alicia and Monita, trailing Nieves, to get the 411 from the good doctor. No time to look at the rest of the photos. They're tucked in the gym bag. Lose 'em please!

Don Cesar, resplendent in shiny tangerine and electric blue (spandex will never be the same) is coaching a comely new boxer when Jacqui arrives, sniffing male sweat like a cat in heat. Warns Cesar that Marcos is bird-dogging his woman and is about to heave her to the altar. Must be stopped. He agrees. She aims a couple of well-distanced air kisses and sashays out, only to bump into Costeño. Lust at first touch. Even if we hadn't seen the previews we know where this is going. Enjoy, Jacqui!

Now comes my favorite scene. Lord, Connie is so funny in this I'm beginning to like her. Flailing with anger as she confronts Dad in the office, she whomps poor handcuffed Beto against the door, then slams him down on the couch, followed by a sharp whip into a chair. He's groaning and holding his nether regions while she peppers Marcos with a string of reproaches. Papa is unfazed by either the physical mayhem or the complaints. He was just cleaning up the mess Constanza has made of people's lives...the hurt and injury to Mauricio, his children and Monita. Beto receives another bash, thanks to Connie's flailing arms and when he ties to protest, she clamps her hand over his mouth. She's super outraged that Papa helped Mau get his kids back. Beto comes in for another shake and thump. I'll never forgive you, are her parting words. Beto manages to bleat "con permiso suegro" as he hobbles out the door. Divine. Simply perfect. Those two actors are magic together.

Hissmeister (thanks Jeff) arrives at the gym looking for Connie. Quite cranky that she's not there.

At the doc's office, he sticks to his story that Isabel's leukemia has returned and there is no treatment available. Monita's outrage knows no bounds. Nieves' head is so low, it's around her plump little knees. She slinks out in shame.

Back at the house, Connie and Beto are still bound at the wrist and bickering about bondage. He's pointing out the upside of their close encounter and they're about to get busy again when Hissabel calls. After chastising Connie for missing their appointment, she reassures her there's no worry about the wedding. Hissy has sabotaged it. But she doesn't have time for the rest of her plan and needs Connie's help. Fine. But not right now. Connis is buuuusssssssssy. Later. She tries to fob off the phone call as from her mom, but Beto is suspicious and insists on checking to see if Jacqui is home. This time Beto is doing the slinging and sure 'nough, there's a great big mound under the blanket in Suegra's room. We're treated to a view of Jacqui entangled in some manly muscular arms and she's just as happy as we'd expect her to be. Explanation to outraged daughter? Mom was stressed. Needed to relax. And they interrupted her little "pedacito de ciel". Pedacito! (little piece) Pedazote!(great big piece!) quips Costeño. Amen. ....And hallelujah, I'm sure.

Another treat for us: Isabel is seeing herself in the mirror as haggard and dying. Again, a fateful knock at the door. This time it's Mauricio, come to see Monita before the wedding. Issy is confused. Didn't Valentina tell you the wedding was cancelled? Nope. Well, smiling evilly, destiny has given me the perfect weapon. The leukemia has returned. Monita arrives and confirms it. Darling, we can't marry...not now...I can't leave my mother alone! Quick on his feet (for once!) Mauricio smiles, but of course we'll marry and we'll take care of you, you'll live with us, we'll care for you like a family. Our love and affection will protect you. As Monita hugs her mom, Isabel glares over her shoulder at Mau. And Mau smiles back. Even though we know this triumph will be short-lived, gotta enjoy it.

After a break for ads, we see Mauricio continuing to rub it in. Great choice, don't you think Isabel? You don't need to feel alone. Because you have us! You leave me without words, Isabel mumbles, such a noble gesture (glare glare). Don't know how to thank you. Valentina, still blissfully clueless, burbles "Now you understand why I love Mauricio sooo much." More burbling. Mau wants mamita in the church to share her daughter's happiness. Let's not think of sad things right now. We'll all be one big happy family and fill you with love. Feeble protest from Hissy. You don't want to be saddled with a dying person. Nonsense. We'll wrap you up in love and healing. So on to the wedding this afternoon! (more deadly glares).

Some tainted mother love back home as well. Connie is still berating Jacqui for falling so low as to bed with a third-rate luchador-- after having consorted with yacht sailing millionaires! Beto is clearly amused and gives the thumbs up to the whole romp. Jacqui sniffs that she was interrupted when she was about to touch the stars for a second time so vamoose. Making the best of it, Connie and Beto leave for another round of Fantasma Vengador.

Back at the barrio, more burbling but you've heard it already. And when Estrella arrives to get Monita ready for the wedding (but Mom was going to dress me, protests Monita) Mau finesses the moment by saying it's best to let Hissy rest and let the girls go off together. As soon as they leave, the masks drop. What the hell do you think you're doing? I've learned to play under your rules, gloats our galan. Hatred and resentment are making you ill. "El tiempo tarde or temprano nos pasa la factura". (sooner or later Time presents us with the bill) While I still have the strength, I won't rest until I separate you two, snarls Isabel. Gag.

Lighter scene now. The obligatory collage of trying on dresses, whirling and twirling, hair and makeup, nails, girlish giggles. Monita flips back and forth between joy and sadness. Her buddies reassure her. Upshot. Estrella's dress. Horrid. Gypsyish but not in a good way. Gabriela's...stunning. Looks great on her. Paula's. Nice dress, gold with black lace cumberbund but somehow it made her look thick-waisted. And she's not. Oh well. And as I said, Monita's was frumpy.

Now we're at the bleak, dark cabaña with an equally bleak Sal, Aldo, and Oscar. Lorenza is as chirrupy as always and Nice Nurse is negotiating carefully with her boss. Oscar doesn't want any more wasting of the zombie syringes on Aldo. He can make do with the pills Jeronimo brought him. When Aldo protests, Oscar decks him. Sal grinds his teeth but manages to continue faking semi-comatose.

Speaking of bleak, we've got a cranky, sulky (but hawt!) Rolu in wheelchair, having waited all morning for Ximena to come home and help him dress. Too bad. She was busy helping Lalu fix up the church super guau and now barely has time to get dressed herself. Downstairs, Lalu is gushing over his own superlative efforts (I'm "number one" he gloats in English. The closed captions say "Lumber one". He'd probably be flattered.) How I love myself, he concludes. Arny, though, is feeling guilty. Wants to apologize for the charade of being gay. No problem. I'm not really wounded, sniffs Lalu and besides, I love to touch people and you're so edgy. Not to mention "the other". No, no clearly we're not meant for each other. Upstairs, same subject. Arny's gayness or lack thereof. Ximena's not convinced but she has the perfect test. If she wears the high-necked green dresses and Arny carries on about how adorable she is in it....he's gay. If she wears the red dress with the plunging neckline, and he doesn't say much at all, but spends the evening ogling her chest, he's hetero. You mean YOU'RE DRESSING FOR MY BROTHER!? yelps Rolu. Yeah. That's pretty much it, handsome.

Downstairs: More apologies. Well, lucky I'm not macho, explains Lalu. Or I'd knock you flat for what you did. But a queen like me, nevah! Well, I did love your letters, adds Arny. How wonderful it would be to receive a letter like that from a woman, he conludes wistfully. Lalu almost drops the bomb but then doesn't. Dang. My brother doesn't deserve Ximena though, Arny adds. Her freshness, her spontaneity, her innocence, the pureness of her forget everything when you're around her and just live in the world of Ximena.

Lalu: You feel something serious for her or am I wrong?
Arny: No no. She's my brother's wife. She's off-limits.

For now, Arny. For now. But we shall see.

Back at the spider's web, Isabel is looking funereal but elegant in black jet jacket and sheath. Alicia bounces in, mouth going a mile a minute, to über-gush and counsel. Forget your troubles for the moment. Enjoy the wedding and your daughter's happiness. Monita is the one who's important today. Deal with the rest tomorrow. "The rest" is my death, snaps Isabel.

And now we're at the church. Gosh, could the wedding actually be happening? We see the kids all dressed up and a very grumpy Constanza, still chained to Beto and still complaining. He manages to charm her out of her bad mood. Amazing. Elegant Jacqui and an equally elegant Costeño arrive in matching black and white. Color symbolism rules! Even in a post-coital glow though, she still manages to snipe at Marcos that it's nice he's here for the wedding of his ILLEGITIMATE daughter. And pushing Costeño aside, lest tongues wag, she proposes marching in to the church with Marcos. But he has his eye on Nieves. And who could not? Good gawdamighty, the costume and prop room have gone ballistic. She's wearing a nightmare hat, a fuzzy boa, busy patterned coat and droopy long blue skirt. Topped off with some wretched red animalito purse. My mouth is hanging open. So is Marcos'....but with delight. Clearly he's madly in love. No other explanation.

And now Arny sees Ximena. What does he think of her dress? He thinks she's absolutely adorable in it. (He's gay!) Clueless Ximena doesn't notice that his eyes are dipping into her cleavage every two seconds. But Estrella does and tells her. (He's NOT gay!) Overall conclusion. He's "complicated". Double Amen.

Back at the spider web. Isabel is doing her best to delay the wedding and even her adoring daughter is getting impatient. Not to worry. Bride always arrives late. Let me take a picture of you. Where is the camera? Oh, the pictures have already been developped. But I haven't really looked at them. Oh how exciting! Let's do it now. First one, Mom and Monita together. Next one, Monita and Estrella. She's my best friend and just like a sister, smiles Monita. And next one? Yes indeed. The nightmare photo. And the next one too. Aieeey. Esto no puede ser. Stunned and sickened, Monita drops the photos. Mom quietly gloats. And there we end.

Costeño is giving Jacqui a relaxing massage while she encourages him to go even lower. (Can't wait for that scene!)
Beto appears to be in a park, seduced and abandoned? while a doggie runs off with his pants.
Mauricio is waiting at the altar, confident that nothing can now separate him from the love of his life.
Monita marches in the church looking like thunder.
Well hey, as I said, I didn't like the dress.

lapa = limpet (Connie explaining that Beto is stuck to her like a leech, limpet..."pegado como una lapa")
manita de gato = a little touch-up, freshening up , women putting on makeup and getting gussied up
champurrado = a thick hot drink made of ground corn and chocolate. Beto talking about Costeño when he found Jacqui in bed with him
pedacito = little piece
pedazote= big piece (Costeño)
luchadora de quinta = literally fifth=rate luchador, but we'd say third-rate, or second-rate
chacalón octogenarlo = eighty-year-old jackal (Jacui warning Cesar about Marcos' intentions with Nieves)
tiradero = mess. Marcos chiding Constanza for the mess she's made of people's lives with her resentment and vengeance.
esto no puede ser = the inevitable telenovela phrase, It can't be!

Dichos of the Day

Two were used in today's episode....

El tiempo tarde o temprano nos pasa la factura. Sooner or later, time makes us pay the bill.

Nadie tiene la vida comprada. lit. No one has life "bought". In other words, we're not promised tomorrow. We don't know what life will bring. (Monita talking about her mother's situation.)


El Clon, Mon. March 29- We do not move the story forward at all

Jade tells Zoraida about the vow she made to Allah to renounce Lucas if his life was spared. She won't go after Lucas but she wants a divorce because whenever she looks at Said, she will think about the fact that Lucas isn't there and about the happiness that they could have had and it is all Said's fault.

Lucas rehashes his conversation with Jade and has flashbacks. He tells Rosa that his relationship with Jade is over. He doesn't understand why. He says that he will only believe it if Jade says it to his face.

Ali tells Jade that since she came to live with him, he has ignored his conscience many times by not noticing or hearing things just to defend her. He thinks he might burn in hell for this. Jade shows no understanding or gratitude for this. Totally absorbed in her own problems, she says that she wants to divorce Said. Ali goes through the reasons a wife can divorce her husband in Islam: not providing for the wife; hitting her; not performing the marital duties in bed and insulting the religion in front of her. Jade acknowledges that Said has not done any of these things. "Isn't being unhappy enough?" she asks. Ali tells her that if Said doesn't agree she cannot get a divorce.

Leo the lout is furious that Rosa let Lucas go to Morocco and Marisa leave the house.

Dora brings her mother to Cristina's house. This actress played Nanny in La Tormenta and Dolores in Zorro. First time I've seen her in modern dress. Like everyone else, she is very surprised to see how white Danielito is [I guess Dora hadn't even sent one picture of the kid to his grandmother.] Dora' mother [we don't know her name yet] is not one of those sophisticated New Yorkers. She has no idea what artificial insemination is and can't understand why Dora doesn't know what the father of the baby looks like.

Nariza encourages Latifa to go Mohamed's store with him.
Once she gets rid of them, Nariza signals to Osvaldo, who is lurking around outside. I notice that Mohamed and Latifa drive off in a car when I believe the store was supposed to be on the ground floor of where they lived. This scene got cut off very abruptly and I'm sure there was more to it.

Much later at night, Dora is dancing in the club. Osvaldo is there. He tells Vicki that he has a new girl from Arabia. Vicki in turn tells Dora.

Nariza lies around Mohamed's house singing, sighing and primping. Latifa suggests that she is in love with someone but Mohamed insists that anyone getting involved with Nariza would have to come to him first.

Marisa returns to Leo's house because she is pregnant. Leo is ecstatic and insists that she stay. He says that he will make Lucas take her back.

Zoraida tells Jade that there is a way that she can get a divorce. She has to make Said want to divorce her by irritating him a little bit every day until finally he says, "I repudiate you!" three times and prang - she's divorced. Jade vows to employ this method.

Everybody except Jade leaves to take Zoraida to the airport. Said tells her to stay at Ali's house and he'll come for her later. Jade avoids his kiss.

Lucas has arrived in Morocco. I hope he gets a special rate on his hotel room since he is there so much.

Marisa returns to Leo's house with her luggage. She tells Rosa not to tell Lucas about the baby. She wants to do it. Rosa asks if she has any cravings, "antojos." She says not yet. Rosa replies that she will get whatever Marisa wants.

Lucas devises a plan to get Jade back by talking to "him." He leaves the hotel room.

Albieri is furious that Dora will only let him spend Saturday afternoons with Danielito. Luisa asks, "When will you understand that Danielito is not your son?" "He's much more mine than hers," mutters Ablieri. Dora asks what he said and Albiero blows her off.

Dora's mother still doesn't understand the artificial insemination thing but she says that the kid is very strange.

Albieri decides to bring Danielito a gift. He is surprised to meet Dora's mother at Cristina's apartment. He tells her that he is the baby's godfather. She accuses him of being the father of the child.

The "man" that Lucas wants to talk to about Jade is Ali. Lucas goes to Ali's house.

He doesn't understand the servant who tells him that Ali isn't home. Then he sees Jade. She heads back into the house. Lucas pushes his way past the servant and goes after her. She asks why he has come. He is part of her past. Lucas doesn't understand. He tells her that he has left Marisa for her. They can be happy together like they always dreamed. He blames his failings in the past on the death of his brother that left him lost and not knowing what to do.

Jade tells him that it is over between them. She doesn't love him any more. She loves her husband. Lucas asks when this happened. She replies that not everything she told him before was true. She was using him to get her uncle Ali off her back so she go to the US but now she loves Said and can't live without him. Lucas says that his life without her will never be the same. Jade tells him to go back to his wife and when he won't leave she calls the servant to throw him out. As he is dragged out, Lucas yells back to Jade asking when did she stop loving him and that it was all a lie.

Two very unhappy people.

Leo is having a nursery made out of a guest room. Marisa thinks that it might be a little premature but then realizes that her son will be the king of the house.

Back at the hotel, Lucas flashes back to Diego telling him not to take women so seriously and just have fun. He vows that from now on he won't let any woman hurt him. He calls Leo's house and tells Rosa that the story of his love is over. She tells him that something marvelous has happened. He is not interested and says that he will return to Florida the next day.

Rosa asks Marisa not to throw the Morocco incident in Lucas' face. But Marisa is not the forgive and forget type. She says that until Leo insisted that she return to the house, she was going to get rid of everything to do with Lucas from her life, including the baby. Lucas will have to earn her forgiveness little by little and he will have to humiliate himself like he humiliated her. Rosa seems shocked.

Ali and Said return to the house and are informed by the servant that Lucas was there.

Ali reams out the servant while Said goes to Jade and asks if she is going to deny that Lucas was there. She tells him that she is innocent. If she were going to do something with Lucas, she wouldn't be there. She is tired of being blamed for everything. Having had the blame turned on him, Said starts to apologize. Ali starts to scold Jade. Said comes in and says that Allah sent Lucas to test him. He had suspicions about his wife but now he knows that they were unwarranted.

Dora's mother tells her that Albieri will take her child from her. She can see the love he has for the child. She suggests that Dora let her take the child New York. Dora replies that her child is staying with her in Miami.

Albieri asks Luisa to take the photo of Danielito off his desk. [He can't do this himself?] He doesn't want pictures of the child at the lab. Luisa asks if Albieri is hiding the child. Albieri refuses to respond to her question.

Jade, with a butter wouldn't melt in her mouth smile, tells Ali that she is at his house to learn to cook lamb for Said. Ali tells her the saying that there are two ways for a woman to conquer a man: at the foot of the bed and at the foot of the table. But Jade is really there to learn how to cook lamb badly for Said. She dumps a whole lot of salt in the pan.

Poor Said is so happy that Jade cooked for him but he can barely swallow the stuff.

When Said goes to answer the phone, Jade puts even more salt on his food. He can't eat it and there are no other dishes. Said is not angry. He says that Jade will learn in time. He tells her that they will go to a restaurant.

Of course, Lucas is in the restaurant. Jade pretends to want to be with Said while Lucas looks daggers at them.

The credits roll.


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