Saturday, March 31, 2007

Acorralada # 54 – 3-29-07 Thursday - Diana's First Day! Max's Worst Day!

We are again treated to watching Doc Evil get in trouble with the hospital director for stealing drugs. For the first time, we are seeing Doc Evil squirm. He's actually almost pathetic as he's swearing he knows nothing about the drugs that were found in his office and the front pocket of his lab jacket. Camila is standing there impactada. Doc Evil is trying to convince the director it's all a trap, he's a professional and wouldn't be doing something so stupid. Diana walks in with that glassy-eyed stare of hers and watches the proceedings, as Doc Evil is suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. Doc Evil truly looks crushed. After the director and security cop leave, Doc Evil looks at Diana who vapidly shrugs her shoulders and walks out. Doc Evil is impactado!

Pancho tries to tell Diego about his new venture at Paco's bar, but Diego is clearly not interested. Diego still has that ghastly, ghoulish painting. Did I see a slight touch of mustard to go with the black, gray, white, and tan? I tried not to look too close at those scary images. Pancho asks Diego, who is clearly morose, what's wrong. ***Come folks, let's all say it in unison—D-I-A-N-A*** Pancho tells Diego he ought to be doing a better job of keeping the little woman in line. I think he suggested hitting her, if I'm not mistaken. Now there's some advice to respect! At any rate, Pancho is trying to coach his brother on the fine art of controlling women when the doorbell rings. It's Marfil and Bruno. Marfil announces that Max and Diana are deceiving him.

Max appears at Emili-Oh's apartment, ordering Emili-Oh to fix him a drink of anything available. He wants to get drunk. Emili-Oh points out it's 11 in the morning and too early to get drunk. Max slams the drink and demands another. He dramatically announces he wants to get drunk…to forget his life is porquería. (The dictionary says porquería means, filth, dirty trick, crud, junk food, douchebag, dirtbag. Take your pick. Personally I like "junk food" because it's lunchtime.)

Luscious and Little Doormat are sitting on the ledge at the beach. Luscious is asking Gaby to move back into the mansion so they can be together. "Together?" asks Gaby incredulously. "I thought you wanted us to get divorced so you and Pilar can be together." L—"Pilar doesn't interest me. I've missed you and think about you every day. I am crazy in love with you!" Just as Luscious is moving in for a kiss, and I'm about to get some satisfaction from this pair of star-crossed lovers, Kike shows up and ruins everything. Kike yells at Larry to leave Gaby alone. Poor Little Doormat, will she ever get to kiss Luscious again? I'm sure routing for her!

Back to the boring scene between Marfil and Diego (with Bruno and Pancho as witnesses). Marfil says Diego's wife is an adulterer and a hypocrite, who is having an affair with Max behind Diego's back. Diana doesn't love Diego, she just pities him. Pancho tells her to quit agitating his brother and leave. Diego slides nicely into his victim role and dramatic music swells in the background. Diego then does his best imitation of "The Thinker."

Back to the scene among Luscious, Gaby, and Kike. I swear they were talking faster than a 33 rpm record set at 78 (for all us old folks out here). I think Kike was trying to convince Gaby that Larry is just using her to get back at Pilar for standing him up. Larry tells Gaby not to listen to Kike. He loves her and wants her to come back to the mansion where he will present her to the family and make them give her the respect she should have had all along. Poor Little Doormat doesn't know who to believe.

Back to Marfil telling Diego he's a cuckold, Diego getting crankier, Pancho telling Marfil and Bruno to leave. Blah, blah, blah. Marfil walks out after announcing that Max and Diana are making jokes out of her and Diego. As Pancho is pushing them out the door, he refers to Bruno as a scarecrow. Bruno pinches Pancho's bicep and says something about, "This scarecrow could be your grandmother!" They finally leave. Diego then says "I knew it! I knew it! Diana is deceiving me with the father of her son!" and starts on his usual tirade.

Max is now drunk and whining about how miserable his life is. He wants to go to a bar and drink some more. Emili-Oh tells him they can be roommates; he has an extra room now that Sylvie and Camila are gone. Max slurs about how he lost Diana, his mother is a lying, cheating, sea hag who managed to send an innocent woman to jail, and his father is a killer. Oh, it sucks to be Max! He tells Emili-Oh he just wants to die!

Big Doormat and Octave are re-hashing the usual, when Lala interrupts them to say the police are there with an order to search the house.

Doc Evil is grabbing Diana's arm as she's walking away. He accuses her planting the drugs to get him in trouble. Diana reminds him of his past actions against her. Doc Evil is furious. Diana calmly tells him she is going to destroy her enemies one by one, and he's already beginning to fall. She walks away and Doc Evil stands there seething.

Larry is still professing his sincerity in wanting Gaby to move back to the mansion. Kike is basically saying you had your chance, you blew it. "Gaby is with me now." Gaby pipes up and sadly tells Larry she came to the beach because Kike invited her. She doesn't want to move back to the mansion. "Trog-the-Neanderthal" tries the unsuccessful, "I'm ordering you to return to the mansion with me! I'm your husband!" Little Doormat looks apologetic. Kike takes Little Doormat's hand and walks her away. Trog looks crushed and ready to cry. Never fear, Pilar is all too ready gloat that he's been stood up again. Dramatic music plays.

The police have shown up with a search warrant. Octave is furious! "I am a woman of high society! You can't do this!" Alas, they can. They tell her they're looking for the gun that killed Reynoso. Peyote walks in looking like Daisy Duke in her little midriff top and denim mini-skirt. Or is it Daisy Mae from Li'l Abner. Hard to differentiate.

Andres and Camila are discussing Diana taking revenge on Doc Evil. It's only a matter of time until she comes after them. Diana walks up and Camila pushes her and accuses her of setting up Doc Evil. Diana challenges her to "Prove it. I learned from you!" Diana tells them they are both high on her list of enemies as well, and walks off. ***Diana seems too bland and clueless to actually be taking vengeance. What a goofy plot line!***

Max is still babbling about Diana and the baby. Emili-Oh looks bored. I know I am.

Kike is filling Little Doormat's head full of lies about Luscious. He used her, etc. Little Doormat is having a hard time accepting it, but true to her name, seems to believe what Kike is telling her.

Octave flashes back to throwing the gun in the water at the marina. She tells herself no one will ever find the murder weapon. After a 30-second search, the uniformed officer tells the detective he couldn't find the gun. Octave says the search was unjust. The detective says he was just following procedures. These teleMiami cops aren't remotely like any of the real Miami homicide detectives from A&E's "The First 48." I love those guys! At any rate, Peyote asks Octave if she killed Reynoso. Octave tells Peyote to go to her room. Octave then tells Lala and Nancy to go to the kitchen. Peyote tries to object but Octave tells her "multiplicate por cero" and leave.

Diana tells F/G that she followed her instructions regarding Doc Evil and it all worked out as planned, however she doesn't feel right about it. F/G tells her she's doing what needs to be done. F/G is as psychotic as Octave; those two deserve one another!

Marfil announces to Bruno she's going to the hospital to talk to Andres about the scandal with Max. Bruno asks if she should come along, but Marfil firmly states "NO!" Bruno still can't figure out if this is Marfil or Debora.

Diana is talking to The Virgin and apologizing for being a spiteful wench who is taking revenge on all the people who've "done her wrong." ***Correct me if I'm wrong, but I find it hard to believe The Virgin would condone Diana's activities.***

Max is lying on Emili-Oh's sofa dreaming of Diana. He keeps calling out her name while their theme song plays. Flashbacks to happier days. . .

Pancho tries to get Diego to drink some "sugar water" to calm his nerves. Pancho basically tells Diego "I told you so! You never should have married Diana. You need to hate her!" Diego snivels that he's tried but he can't do it. He knows he should, but he loves her with all of his soul.

Marfil shows up at the hospital and sees Andres. Andres wants to know if she's his sister-in-law or wife. Andres finally figures out he's talking to the real Marfil and wants to know what happened to Debora. Marfil can't be bothered with exchanging niceties. She wants to see Diana NOW—no one is going to make a fool out of her! In walks Diana. . .

Caramel is telling Jorge how she wants the bar set up for Ladies' Night. Paco walks in and is talking on the cell phone. Apparently he wants to buy a bar in Key West. Caramel overhears the conversation and becomes very excited. Now Pancho can run one of the bars. Paco nixes that idea; he still doesn't trust Pancho. Caramel's says Paco is underestimating her brainiac husband. Paco just hopes that "Ladies' Night" doesn't end in a scandal.

Pancho answers his cell phone. It's Peyote saying, "Pancho, take me away!" He says he can't because right now he's with his brother, who needs him. Later on he's working at his "Fath—I mean friend's bar" and can't get away. Good save on Pancho's part; Peyote is too upset to realize he almost said "Father-in-law's bar." She hates her family and living at the house is miserable. She needs him. Peyote then reminds him of their wedding the following day. "You're not going to stand me up are you?"

Marfil and Diana are trying to threaten each other. What a lame scene. Emili-Oh calls Marfil to say that Max is at her apartment drunk. Marfil says something about making love to Max and Diana walks off. I didn't fully get the exchange, but I don’t think it really matters.

Peyote tells Yolanda she's going out for the evening alone. Yolanda thinks Peyote should go with Rene. He's a good man. Yolanda then starts pointing out his qualities. Peyote isn't interested. I think Peyote tells Yolanda to quit listing his qualities. If Yolanda thinks so much of him, she should marry him.

Octave answers the phone in her room. ***Did I mention Octave is wearing some gold lamé top? The lamé is lame!*** It's F/G saying, "It's me, your worst nightmare! Start packing your bags because a judge is going to evict you from MY house!" Octave is impactada and throws the phone on the bed.

It's Ladies' Night at Paco's Bar. There are more women in the audience than people at that dopey party at Psycho Mansion. There are maybe 20 women in the audience! Caramel and Pancho are doing their best to get the crowd all fired up. Finally the male strippers come out. Unfortunately, we only get to see them for three seconds before we cut to Paco's office where he's telling F/G he's thinking of buying a bar in Key West and wants her to go with him to check it out. It could be a 2-week vacation for them. Of course, F/G is too caught up in her own selfish endeavors to even think about leaving Miami. Caramel bursts into the office at this point to tell Paco the place is jumping and the night is going to be a huge success thanks to Pancho's idea!

Marfil shows up at Emili-Oh's apartment to claim her husband. He is still passed out on the sofa. As Marfil wakes him up, Max asks "What happened?" "That's what I want to know!" yells Marfil. Max tells her he has a headache and to leave him alone. Marfil accuses him of going to the hospital to see Diana. Max says he can go anywhere he likes and there's nothing Marfil can do about it. He then repeats he just wants to be left alone! Marfil has tears streaming down her face; she can't believe Max has left her for that tramp. Commercial break!

Back to Max and Marfil. Max (still in that nasty pink top) is defending Diana and telling Marfil how much he loves Diana. Marfil threatens to go to the hospital and have her fired. Max goes on to say there is a huge chasm between Marfil and Diana. Diana is "light and clarity," while Marfil is "darkness and misery." Marfil is furious she is being compared to Diana. Max tells her to leave.

We have a brief glimpse of the strippers before the camera pans to Camila, Sylvie, and their posse. Sylvie seems to have recovered from her embarrassment, and is now sporting a wig that looks like it's made out of fiber optics. It sticks up and out, and I half expect the ends of the strands to have lights. Camila looks like Sheena, Jungle Fiera, in her short leopard print dress and knee high go-go boots. Peyote is with them. Suddenly Peyote recognizes the Master of Ceremonies. It's Panchalon!

Max and Marfil are still fighting, but thankfully, Marfil is lowering her voice versus screeching. Max tells her again to leave. Marfil says it's Emili-Oh's apartment and he can't make her. Max announces that he lives there now and orders her once again to get out. Marfil says, "Fine. I'm going. But you and Diana are going to be sorry!" Marfil finally walks out and Emili-Oh apologizes to Max for calling Marfil. Max says, "Don't worry about it, buddy." Emili-Oh wants to know if it's true that Max is moving in. Max tells him Psycho Mansion is a true inferno. At this moment, however, he wants to be with his family.

Granny M walks into the living room and wants to know why Gaby looks so sad. Didn't she have a good time at the beach? "Yes," says Gaby. Then she adds, "More or less. I saw Larry!" Granny M is asking how long Gaby must suffer because of Larry. Just as Granny M is trying to soothe Gaby, Diana walks in all smiles. Granny M wants to hear all about her first day on the job. ***I didn't realize this was day one. Now I REALLY have a problem with Diana setting up Doc Evil. Why would you do something so stupid on your first day on the job? Plot holes wide enough to sail a cruise ship through!*** At any rate, Diana wants to see the baby before telling them all about her day. Diego is in the room still looking morose as always. Diana is fawning over the baby. Diego wants Diana to tell him about seeing her baby's father at the hospital.

Credits roll.


Zorro-Friday, March 30, 2007: We see a another shade of grey on Fernando Sanchez de Moncada

Well after a mini hiatus from posting (although I have been lurking) it’s my turn at the plate.

FF the tail end of Marina. I can’t stand this novela. I am convinced it was planned with the use of darts and all possible plot lines/story lines and character ideas posted on a wall. Some poor peon was shooting darts at the possible combinations and the writers said that works for me let’s go with it. They have included everything under the sun in this and there is no end in site, anyway I should shut up now, on with Zorro:

The show opens with Esme being tapped on the shoulder by Olmos? Esme is impactada and to tell you the truth so am I. That wasn’t what I expected but okay. Olmos tells her they have to go, not much time. Esme starts asking him why is he there but Olmos tells her he knows she has to find her mom but there’s no time to explain how he knows this just follow him.

Diego and MP are talking along that path he found her. MP is silent about what happened with FS. MP doesn’t want to talk about it but Diego is worried about her. They used to talk and share stuff. MP tells him it’s been her fault with her all her work at the nunnery and being soon to be Mother Superior he’s probably missed her. MP brings up the miscommunication between him and Esme (she calls it problems I call it miscommunication) that he must feel awful. Diego goes on about how he let her into his heart and she hurt him, yadda yadda. MP asks Diego to understand she did it as a sacrifice for love and MP understand she did the same thing. Diego asks it she refers to FS and that he never understand their breakup. Okay this is delving into personal territory, I never had this close a relationship with my aunts.

FS enters the church looking for Pade Tomas’ help. Padre Tomas demands to know how far FS is going to go, its not enough that he kidnapped MP, that he burned down huts, is he going to burn the church too? Padre Tomas says he can’t help him until MP is safe and sound and FS tells he did that already she is one her way home with one his men. Padre Tomas doubts his being honest but FS gives his word. Hmm, is his word really worth a lot? I mean he kidnapped MP, burned huts and stuff everyone else don’t know. I guess it’s good to Padre Tomas because he believes him and says what can I do? FS goes into this discussion about how used to believe in God but seeing the massacre of his parents and that he and his sister witnessed made him doubt there is a God. This is a very famous question FS that everybody asks but to sum it up, there is evil in the world and God knows what he’s doing when bad stuff happens. Anyway, FS is visibly upset and wow he’s good. I mean he can sure show those shades of grey, I feel bad for the dude and what happened to him. Padre Tomas yells at him that what happened doesn’t give him the right to act cruelly to meet out justice for what happened. FS tells Padre Tomas that he changed when he met MP, she made him believe in love and kindness, etc. but then she broke up with him and buried him alive. Padre Tomas tells him she must have had reasons and then FS tells him what MP told him. FS says if he did kill Regina he’ll pay the consequences but he has to be sure. FS asks Padre Tomas to go into MP’s room and get the knife so he could see if it’s his knife and remember since it happened so long ago.

Diego and MP are still talking about her and MP. Well actually MP doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s in her past but Diego wants to know what happened because he’s positive it has to with the past between her and FS. Diego, respect her privacy please, I mean the truth is going to hurt you a lot more. MP says yes, her past has returned like a hurricane that’s going to barrel down everything she’s built. Diego wants to know, she can tell him.

Back at the prison, Esme is distrusting and I don’t blame her but at the same time just go Esme, no time for chit chat, leave before you get caught and ask questions later. Esme and Olmos are arguing, follow me, Esme’s like now, I don’t trust you you were in this plot to lock up my mom, etc. They are arguing when are interrupted by one of the guards who wants to know what’s going on. Esme is opening credit impactada.

Cue Amor Gitano

Back to the church and PT tells FS so what you are telling me is that you want me to go to MP’s room and steal that knife that is the only proof of your culpability. FS says well if you say it like that of course it sounds like a bad idea, just kidding. FS actually says please I only want to look at it and then you can return it and she won’t know. Padre Tomas says he won’t give him the knife without MP’s permission. They go and on with this, you can find a reason I need it, please, I have to know about this crime I can’t remember. Okay not for nothing but I don’t think I would forget a massacre of an Indian tribe I don’t care how long ago it was. Padre Tomas tells him it was him, every other day there were dead Indians and FS says other people did it too, it wasn’t just me. Yes FS and if other people were jumping over bridges would you do it too. FS says it was the only to colonize the land and Padre Tomas tells him yes and to take everything from them. FS gets on his knees and begs PT for help, he is willing to accept his crimes, the ball is in PT’s court that he admits his crime and leave MP alone.

Back to MP and Diego, MP tells Diego FS was a diffent man, elegent, gentleman, he was sweet and kind. Diego seems surprised sounds like a different man. MP says he was but FS hide a dark side to him that she didn’t know existed and tells him how killed Indian women and children to colonize the lands. MP was very hurt by this, she idolized him but after she knew the truth she couldn’t marry him. Diego tells her FS must really love her if he won’t let her go and will stop her from becoming a nun. MP tells Diego that she has tried to explain to FS to forget her and explain why they can’t see each other (well this is a half truth) but she knows FS will stop at nothing from letting her become a nun, but she promises that will not deter her. Diego thinks this is very brave of her but he wants to know the truth, does she still love FS.

Olmos pays the guard some hush hush money to lead them out of the prison. Esme is surprised that the guard and Olmos know each other. The guard pockets the money and then worries about the task reminding Olmos that Esme is wife of Monty and he won’t risk his life for so little. Olmos gives guard more money and he agrees to help them out. Esme says that money should serve to take care of the woman imprisoned and feed her properly. The guard leads them out.

Back to Diego and MP. MP is silent and Diego asks her if she still loves FS because he knows what its like to love someone knowing its impossible. He goes on about him and Esme and how he can’t stop loving her. MP tells Diego that she still loves FS like the first day. They both understand what each other is feeling. MP says Diego to be strong but she is willing to go against her feelings and has chosen the path of God and will fulfill her destiny. (I don’t know but I think being in love with FS sort of disqualifies her from being a nun or no, I don’t know about this stuff) Diego says he hopes he can fulfil his destiny but it’s very difficult. MP gives Diego a hug and she feels like a weights been lifted. Diego says he’s missed her too and MP reminds Diego to be strong difficult times are head but she will always be there.

The guard is leading Olmos and Esme out and he is complaining that they have to hurry because they get caught they can’t count on his help, he’s risking too much already. Olmos tells him shut up already he has enough money to live like a king for some time. Apparently there was a lot of time wasted with Esme’s distrust and the exchanging of money and this little chat that who should enter but Monty and two guards. Monty demands to know what are his lovely wife and FS’s accountant and right hand man doing in his prison, cue commercial.

Back to the jail where Monty demands to know where has Esme been all this time. He was informed she gave the guards the slip which was very bad of her. Olmos covers for her absence and says he brought her to the jail to discuss money and contract. Pretty lame excuse if you ask me but hey weirder things have happened. Monty then asks guard what he’s doing there. Aguirre says it was his lunch break and he was on his way to the lunchroom when he found Esme and Olmos he questioned them and found everything okay. He salutes and asks permission to leave. Olmos then brings Piza into the mix saying he knew about the meeting and Esme tlls him she was feeling sick and went to get some air when Olmos came for her, what is it a sin? I can’t help but smile, Esme never ceases to amaze me. I think she might just break her mom out of jail on her own. Monty says no, in fact it’s a good idea to discuss her fortune, but why did the conversation take so long. Esme basically said well I am just a dumb blonde and studied only six semesters at a prestigious school, wait that’s Alicia’s line, from LFMB, well the six semesters part anyway. Well Esme pretty much says the same thing. I am just a woman who knows nothing about accounting and Olmos had to explain the contract. Monty I guess to test her asks her opinion. She says with the exception of a few details, I’ll sign it whenever, I am going home.

In the streets is Tobi clearing the path for the fencing master who is seated in a chair being carried by some people. What an idiot Tobi is. I take it the fencing master doesn’t like being carried because he asks Tobi where is he taking him. Tobi says to the resident doctor/dentist/grave digger, actually Tobi says doctor, but I wanted to be clear where he was being taken. The fencing master doesn’t care just take away the pain. One of the carriers trips over a rock which results in the fencing master falling off the chair and doing a face plant. Man I am sure this guy wishes he never received the letter. Tobi gets angry at the carriers and they give up and leave. Tobi then offers money to whoever picks up FM and continues carrying him. Kinky Katalina who is there is upset at Tobi (what else is new) for wasting money. FM is howling in pain and gets put back in the chair and the trek continues.

In the “dentist’s” office, Agapito is yanking somebody’s tooth out and I mean yanking. His foot is on the guys lap to steady himself and the doc is using both hands on the wrench or whatever. OUCH! Praise God for modern medicine! Enter Tobias and FM. FM is freaking out but doc says not to worry, everything will be fine. Um yeah, I guess we can add chiropractor to our doc’s resume.

At the de la Vega’s. Dena’s teaching Yumi about how a Spanish lady should look at the dinner table. Hair brushed, nails nice and short and clean and easy on the accessories. Well I guess I don’t qualify my nails need a trim and my hair needs some work. Yumi basically says it’s the opposite of her people dinner is always a big affair, the more stuff the better. Dena says it doesn’t look right in Spanish customs. Dena tells Yumi the best accessory is the beauty of your youth. On to clothes, it must clean, no grease stains, dirt stains, etc. but don’t worry about that. Dena all of sudden notices Alej who was listening in. He tells Yumi that classes are going good, Dena is showing her lots of stuff. Dena says she is going to turn Yumi into a Spanish lady. After some worrying about Alej being out of bed they start making out in front of Yumi. Yumi gets a little green and leaves the room.

She goes into Regina’s room? and starts nosing around. She finds some shoes and tells herself she will be a Spanish lady. She promises to never to walk without shoes again.

MP is at the de la Vega’s with Diego. Alej and MP share a hug. Alej asks to know how she is doing and if FS tried anything. MP says no all FS wanted was explaination to talk with her. MP says she was on her way to the hacienda when Diego found her. Dolores comes out and is happy MP is fine. Dena then says she feels embarrassed by FS’s actions. MP says don’t worry about it they (FS & Dena) are different people. Dena is her friend and her brothers fiancée, she’s always cared about her and now even more that they will be family. MP & Dena hug.

The peon in charge of bringing MP home informs FS that she found Diego along the way and they were headed home. The peon then gives FS the Zorro threat note which FS already heard about. FS tells him, Prudencio to tell peasants not to leave, government will protect them. FS then asks Prudencio to deliver a note to the Cardinal, FS must speak with him. Prudencio questions why does he have to bring a note to Cardinal, FS is the governor, it’ll be better that he brought it. FS says don’t ask questions just do it.

Outside the prison, Esme finds Renzo. Esme informs him she made into prison but couldn’t draw the map. Esme asks to Renzo to follow her so they can talk privately.

MP thanks Bernardo for his concern. He signs some stuff again which I can’t understand. He puts his hands over his heart, maybe that he likes her? Diego excuses himself he and Bernardo have stuff to do. Dena also leaves to be with Esme. Alej tells Dena that if Esme needs anything don’t be afraid to ask. Diego feels uncomfortable and leaves.

Renzo and Esme are talking and Esme tells him that the guards watching SK are not that loyal to Monty so a map will not be needed after all, just money for their silence. Renzo says its risky Monty is very astute and her life can be in danger. Esme says he is the second person to warn her. Renzo says yes but that person doesn’t love you like I do. Renzo enough, you don’t have a chance. Esme changes the subject and says to inform Jonas that someone on the inside will help in the escape of her mom and real soon she will be free.

At the batcave, Diego is throwing himself a pity party while putting away the Zorro mask. Bernardo signs some stuff (talking and love?) Diego understands what he just signed and says nothing else to do we have to go our paths. Esme with Monty and me with MA and the only thing I have to worry about is my mission as Zorro. Don’t know if this will be easy with MA at your heels, hopefully it will be. Diego asks Bernardo to prepare his firearms, Bern signs what looks like he’s shaking salt which results in Diego responding with all of his firearms the more powerful the better but first he needs to talk to SAM (aka Garcia) for some information. Diego knows Esme told him not to do anything but he gave his word and he will help in the rescue of SK.

Alej tells MP that he was going to duel FS for her safety. MP tells Alej that she told FS that he wasn’t going to get her and the truth behind the breakup (minus killing Regina). Alej informs her that FS was wrong but it wasn’t unheard of. Alej tells MP about FS childhood and what the Indians did. MP says nothing justifies FS’s actions and is about to blurt out the Regina part but she holds back. MP says she rather keep that private and Alej says okay I won’t mention it but FS better leave you alone because he won’t permit any thing else against her.

Yumi is practicing walking in the brown yucky shoes she found, when she loses her footing and trips and pulls back the cover on a painting of Regina in her native garb.

Monty and Olmos are are at the prison talking about Esme’s review about the division of the money. Olmos says women are unpreditacble. Monty wants to know Esme’s conditions, does she want to keep the fortune. Olmos says she wants to keep some jewelry. Monty starts wondering what’s so valuable with jewelry, Esme would be a dangerous with economic power (oh boy how right you are, lest you forget she is heir to Spanish crown). Olmos says nothing, mindless bauble, just an impulse by a spoiled girl. Monty is a little shocked but he goes along with it, he can be an obliging hubby.

At the Moncada’s Dena is waiting for Esme in her room. Emse walks in and they rehash what happened at the prison. Dena gets all hysterical like, but she sounds sarcastic. Esme says she has to rescue her mom before her pregnancy starts showing. Dena then brings up Diego conversation and Esme says he still doubts Esme’s feelings. Esme says she wanted to tell him about little Diego but she couldn’t do it, she doesn’t want to ruin his life. Dena tells Esme she should rest all the emotion is not good for baby. Esme is all smiles and says that is the only thing that pushes her to go forward and she will defend him like a fiera against anybody. Dena says she suffered a lot for someone so young but Esme accepts it was her destiny to know love for a short while but Diego has to go with his destiny and her through hers. Dena tells Esme wants to help bust out SK but Esme says don’t worry she will be married to Alejandro and Dena can take care of Diego for her. Esme on the other hand will go to Spain with her mom.

Alej and Diego are having some wine discussing how Alej should remove Dena from FS house. Here I thought Diego wouldn’t touch alcohol again after what happened. Alej is thinking about marrying in a weeks time and maybe Diego and MA should marry at the same time, make it a double wedding. Diego says he couldn’t care less but he will talk to MA about it and we get another pity party. Alej tells Diego he is planning on constructing a house for him and MA on the hacienda, they have lots of enemies and all and they need to be united.

At the gypsy camp, Renzo runs in and says he just heard that Miguel’s body was turned over to them. They do a burial ritual that involves burning the body and Azusena says that Laiesha was told the truth about what happened to Miguel. Renzo goes to a sad Laiesha, at least I think she’s sad.

Olmos leaves the jail and informs a guard to keep on watch it’ll happen tonight.

At the nunnery, MP is with Cardinal and apologizes for what has happened recently. Cardinal says somebody should tell FS he isn’t God but MP says FS will change, she’s sure of it. Cardinal isn’t optimistic but he asks MP if she is named Mother Superior would be willing to lead convent despite pressures by FS. MP says yes, she’s strong enough and God will give her strength. Cardinal says she will make MP mother superior and all other nuns in training will be real nuns except Nutty. MP says fine just don’t kick her out of nunnery, she needs help and she will be under MP’s responsibility. Enter Prudencio with note from FS and that he needs to meet with FS immediately.

FM is brought back to Tobi’s house and he asks how it went. FM says it was torture and humiliating, being cared for by a saca muela (tooth/molar puller). Tobi says he’s sorry he has to go through this but he is positive he will feel better soon because KK will take good care of him. KK is impactada. Tobi then ask that FM be taken to bed. KK then yells at Tobi saying she doesn’t know who a FM acts the way he does. Tobi says its because he is sensible like me, whatever. KK says she will not take care of him If he wants FM to get better, he better find someone to clean him and bathe him. Tobi is confident that they will be rich once FM discovers Zorro identity.

Alej goes down into the basement and finds Yumi dressed like Regina hairdo and all. You know for somebody who doesn’t want to be compared to do a dead wife she didn’t hesitate to don her clothes and style her hair too.

MA runs into Esme at the house and MA asks how married life is treating her. MA says perfectly and how is your charade. MA answers the door for Diego and she is all smiles. Diego informs her that the wedding date has selected , in a week while Esme listens.


Destilando Amor3/29/07: Picture Perfect

~~This recap is late, but sometimes there are mix-ups. At least the recap is done now for anybody who wants to read it below. Patience is a virtue, so thanks for having shown us you are virtuous!! ~~

Clara tells Gavi she told her so: nothing happens like it does in the novelas. Rich Rod may have promised her the Virgencita's pearls for all it matters. There's no way he's gonna come back for her, so better just forget him.

Everyone of the family at the hacienda says their good-byes to Doña Pilar and leaves for Europe. Life returns to normal for a while. Over the next few weeks Gavi and Rod have non-stop adolescent daydreams about each other.

One day a month or so later, Rod is listening to Gavi's recording when errant Aarón arrives with his current English chippie, Fergie. (I have to wonder about the choice of names they gave this hooker!) The brut immediately insult's Rod's choice of music and strides over to the tapeplayer like king cock (as in rooster), rudely pulls it out and pitches it against the wall. Rod quickly retrieves it and tells him to leave his mitts off his stuff. Aarón tells him to play it when he's not around, then .

A couple minutes after, reticent Rod cools down and remembers to tell his jerkwad cousin that Minnie's been calling for him. So Aarón gripes and then tells him to take care of Fergie (or rather, to let her take of him) while he calls Minerva back in Rod's bedroom. When Rod tells him to back off and that he wants nothing more to do with hookers 'cause he's been there and done that, Aarón insults his manhood and suggests he get used to being celibate. Rod tells him that it's his problem, to go to Hell and then leaves the room.

Aarón then gets comfie on the couch with Fergie and calls his "beloved" while friendly Fergie massages his chest for him. He complains to her about his returning being too far off as well as the wedding for her to get so involved in all these preparations. She explains how these things have to be done way in advance. (Uh, ya-aah!) Aarón quickly changes the subject to ask her if she's taken the fertility tests. Minnie blows her stack asking him if he wants a baby-maker or a wife. (What do you expect, dear Minnie, when making deals with the devil?) He tells her, "Both, of course."

The day before finally leaving for their next job of the season, Gavi returns to the tree in the agave field where she and Rod made love and thinks about him returning to her as he promised. Rod, on the other side of the ocean, is rolling around in bed having [steamy-passion] dreams about Gavi.

The next day Clara takes a bouquet of flowers to Don Amador's grave and says good-bye. She asks him to set aside a place next to his in heaven for her and leaves. Roman chats with her after and assures her that nobody will touch her hut; he tells her Don Amador told him to make especially sure to have work there at the hacienda for her and Gavi every year. The only thing he didn't have for her this time was the extra cash he used to give her, but Clara tells him not to sweat it. They'll be fine.

Rod meets Dani at Heathrow airport during her layover to New York City where her tryouts/rehearsals are being held. They talk about Aarón's "proving his skills as Don Juan" and what poor Minnie has waiting ahead for herself by marrying him. Rod tells her about his deep love for Gavi and how he plans to marry her even though the family might scream to high heaven about it all. Dani is happy he's found the love of his life and says there won't be a problem with their parents, tho' Grannie Pilar will definitely read the riot act. They are both happy he's found out he's not "wired wrong". He tells her it was simply a matter of being deeply in love.

Gavi feels nauseous at seeing her mom eat Ofelia's tacos. (Ruh-roh!) Mama Clarita's antennae go straight up and she asks Gavi if she and Rodrigo fooled around. Gavi admits they did, but that he's promised to come back and marry her next year. Clara tells her she was surprisingly foolish after saying for years she'd only give herself to the man most deserving. (I guess that meant the man she marries.) Now Gavi betrays her and goes and gives herself to a man she's known for only a few days! To make things worse, it was to a Montalvo.

Clara sniffs that all men are the same. "This is what they tell dummies like you to get them to fall for them." So Gavi gets angry and asks her mother, "Like my father? A man whose name I don't even know? Who was he, Ma?" Clara refuses to answer and simply shakes her head. She tells her she was mother and father to her and that should be enough. Gavi apologizes afterwards.

They decide to go to the community free clinic there in P/pueblo to see if she's really pregnant. She is. Gavi is excited and feels that Rod will want to know he's going to have a child and so they return to the hacienda to ask Roman for either his address or a phone number as Young Mr. Rodrigo had asked her to write him. Since Roman hasn't got it he calls up to the hacienda but only gets the house maid. Doña Pilar is at the beach for a few days. Roman then calls his wife, Ofelia, for help. She cannot and says this is a bit strange for them to ask. Roman lets them stay in the hut for the night while they decide their next step.

That night Roman tells his wife well, they were pretty close while Young Mr. Rod was visiting. Ofelia says that could only mean bad news for Gavi.

Mini and Isadora get together for drinks. Issie asks her if she doesn't feel a bit uncomfortable marrying Aarón knowing that they're doing it hoping she gets pregnant only in order to insure he wins his granddad's fortune? Minnie is happy to do it 'cause she's "in luhhhv" and figures it's a fair price to pay to get the man she wants. Issie's eyebrow goes up. (Hmmmm.)

Pilar and Rod's parents think Minerva has gone off the deep end over this wedding and cannot believe how Aarón had her get fertility tests first. (Hey, with a will like that, it sure makes sense to me!) They begin to discuss Rod maybe making Felipe a granddaddy first instead. "With all those women in that big city," Doña PIlar asks, "why doesn't he find somebody to marry?" His mom says he's a country sort of guy, and his daddy says if he does decide to settle down there at the hacienda it will be most likely with someone who loves the country life as much as he does. Doña Pilar asks who in the world that young woman might be? (Uh, dunno....but we cut to a scene of Gavi and Clara walking through P/pueblo towards the hotel.)

Clara and Gavi go looking for James to get Rod's address but they find out too late that he's left and didn't leave any forwarding address. That shifty photographer, Rolando, finds the two of them discussing their problems; now he has his angle. So he tells Gavi that if she lets him take pictures of her she can go to Paris (capital of France) to become a wealthy fashion model. Gaviota, our landlocked seagull, decides this may be her way of getting to Europe and crossing over the ocean eventually to London, "capital of England", to find Rod and to tell him personally about their child.

Rod and Gavi continue to daydream about each other. (Way too many of these adolescent daydreams for my taste. FF>> puhleeeese!!)

Back at their little hut Gavi explains to her mother her plan and shows her the map and how close the cities are to each other. Once she's in Paris, "capital of France", she'll find a way to get to London, "capital of England", to the university there and she'll look for Rodrigo. If she doesn't find him after a couple of months then she'll turn around and come back home. At least, she says, she will have a clean conscience for having tried to look for him. This seems to calm Clara enough to agree to the plan.

Sanjuana looks for Hilario and tells him she's broken off with Gelacio and asks him to take her to the stockade area for a good time.

Gavi and Clara arrive at Rolando's to take her photos. Agripina, the neighborhood gossip, notices as they go in and shakes her head like she's seen this all before. Inside, Rolando tells Gavi that she has to go into the studio by herself so Clara sits impatiently in the office to wait for her.

Roland asks Gavi to think about the man she loves while posing, and when Gave gets carried away imagining their being together, he snaps some really seductive pictures.


La Fea Más Bella #243 3/30/07 Comments from the Peanut Gallery *with commercials*

I'm sure that everyone who has complained about the endless cuartel scenes was secretly hoping for MORE of the cuartel, not LESS. Tonight, your dreams were fulfilled!

And to maximize the thrills, I'm including the commercials. I'm sparing you none of the excitement!

Breakup finale

After Fern breaks up with Marcia, he takes his little bitty bag of hope and leaves Marcia's apartment FOREVER (we hope).

Oops no - just as he's getting to the door, Marcia comes out of her room to watch him. He turns to her, and she waits hopefully for him to speak.

He says "adios." And with that, he's gone. Marcia cries some more.

Exit night, enter light

It's morning. Luigi gathers his courage and raps at the door of Aldo's rented home. As Aldo approaches the door, Luigi begins squeaking with terror and says please don't answer the door if you're still mad at me! Aldo smiles tolerantly as Luigi explains that Rulli's waiting for him and they're getting back together and going on a vacation.

Aldo says that's good, and Luigi is relieved, because he thought Aldo would be furious with him after the stunts he pulled last night. Aldo notes that it would have been worse if those pranks hadn't completely failed. Luigi babbles some more and expresses more embarrassment over how stupid he was. He begs Aldo's pardon and says he admires Aldo, not only as a man, and a professional chef, and doesn't want to lose his friendship.

Aldo gives him a hug and suggests they continue working together after Luigi comes back from his vacation. He gives Luigi an affectionate pat on the behind, which delights Luigi, and sends him on his way. He gratuitously flashes his Ultra-Brite smile at the camera.

The Vortex of Infinite Stupidity

The cuartel arrives en masse, as usual. They're back in their usual clothes, hair, and makeup, which is mostly a blessing. Martha says her big fat wolf loved her new look, they reheated their dinner (?) and she told him all about the cuartel's triumph. Sara dramatically says that if it hadn't been for the cuartel, the expo's grand opening would have been a disaster.

Irma says it changed their attitude. Sara says they're no longer the same as they were.

Aldo enters the vortex with a great big wrapped present. They bid him a very fond hello and want to know about the present. He says it's going directly to the president. (Oh no... what is it this time... a bowling ball-sized pearl... a monster ladyparts seashell sculpture... a water fountain that's slightly bigger than the one Fern gave her... a lobster... something crummy he bought from a poor kid at the airport....) He gets a phone call and excuses himself.

The cuartel giddily speculates as to what's in the box... PM wonders if it's a gigantic sparkly ring. (She's so cute, it's too bad she has no brain.) Juana guesses that it's a big bag of money. Sara thinks it's a nice tall grandfather clock. Irma thinks it's - hey, I like this - she thinks that to begin their newly changed attitude, maybe they could stop gossiping!

In Lety's office

The novelty of Aldo's daily gifts hasn't worn off yet for Lety. She (wearing something that looks pretty nice) is delighted and opens the box right away. She looks inside and is speechless. Inside is a much smaller box, covered in black velvet. She peeks inside and slams it shut, impactada! She opens it again and we see that it's a...


"What the hell do you call this? When I saw the little box, I was expecting a ring!" Lety exclaims in disgust. No she doesn't. But that's what I thought I saw on her face for a minute there.

She reads the card, which tells her that "keeping hope alive is part of the success in life." "And in love," Aldo adds. It's no Carvajallmark, but Lety is charmed. Aldo shoos the cuartel away and shuts the door. He tells her it's to mark her successful presidency. Inside the heart is the fire of his love, which never fails to win (something like that). Lety says sometimes the heart can lose all of its battles. He says they're just battles, not the whole war. And he's sure he'll win this war. Lety walks around her desk to give him one of her "special child" (for want of a better, more PC term) hugs and tells him that's what she wants the most. Again it looks like there's going to be a kiss, but then there isn't. "Really, Leticia?" he asks. "Do you really wish you loved me?"

Lety says of course, but they should change the subject because they have to work. He asks if she likes the chain. Now maybe someone can help me out with this, because I'm not sure what is happening. He says "may I?" and she says yes and he takes the chain off of her and then apparently puts it back on. Is he removing the medallion that Psychic Guy gave her and replacing it with the heart? Or is she not wearing the medallion at all... or... I'm confused.

Meanwhile she's talking about their commercials for overseas and she has appointments, etc. And he says it's also time to evaluate the results. Lety says soon they'll find out if they've earned the 2,166,666 dollars they need to pay Conceptos's debts. (She is wincing nervously as Aldo puts the new necklace on her and smells her ear.) He tells her he's going to his office and check up on the progress of his restaurant. He tells her he's done (putting on the necklace) and she wiggles away and giggles nervously.

Commercials!: Nuestra Belleza Latina; Bailando por la Boda de mis Sueños; DVD; send money to your pals; sanitary pads (not pitched by Juan Soler); credit cards; CDs; Easter sale at the place that isn't Wal-Mart.

Back in the vortex

The cuartel are disappointed to have been shut out of Lety's office and Irma scolds them again for their gossip. Lola whines, but Irma says they'll feel better when they become the New Cuartel. Some of them agree, but not PM. And Martha says she'd rather die. And Lola doesn't know what they'll talk about. Sara pompously tells them they can talk about... uh... many things.

"Lots," says Irma vaguely. "Big things," she says uncertainly. Sara prompts Lola to talk about something. Lola says all she's got is her stuff about El Cheque and alimony. Martha says she'd rather have a really good piece of gossip than a "torta cubana" with ham. (A "torta cubana" is the Mexican version of a Cuban sandwich... it's a long story, but the short version is, they're good to eat.)

Irma says if they really can't manage it, she'll offer incentives. Martha suggests tostadas, tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. Sara says instead of incentives, how about punishments. Lola thinks she's been getting punishments all her life, but Juana and Irma like the idea.

Aldo comes out after he finishes putting Lety's necklace on her. They all get giddy again. As soon as he's gone, PM wonders if maybe Lety didn't sleep well last night. Martha wonders how anyone could sleep without knowing which bed Fern slept in! Lola attributes her own sleeplessness to being excited about Aldo being in love with Lety. They all squeal.

Sara (of the no-gossip contingent) wants to know what the three of them are talking about. Lola says they should form a musical group. Martha and PM eagerly agree. "You're not gossiping, right?" Sara asks sternly. They deny. "Remember, we're the new cuartel - prudent, sensible, humble," Sara says. (Oh my God, I just realized she probably hit her head on something! She's losing her mind! That's the only possible explanation for her bizarre behavior!)

"You're right," Lola says, and Sara goes back to her desk. The other three resume their gossip - did he or did he not sleep with Carla, did he go see Marcia, etc. Irma comes back from Luigiland and they pretend they're talking about food or something. They assure Irma that they are definitely not gossiping, they're being top-notch executive secretaries - serious, respectable, discreet.

They applaud themselves, which cues the arrival of the biggest clown of them all, Alicia. Talking on the phone and wearing a nice (if too small, as usual) steel grey outfit. (Actually, if they're going to truss her up any tighter, maybe steel wouldn't be such a bad idea, as long as they keep her away from magnets.) She's on the phone with Papi, as usual. She tells him the expo was a huge success, thanks to her. She's dead-tired from working so hard! (See? Clowns are funny!)

She says goodbye to her Papi. "Tell him I said hi," Sara says jokingly. Dumb, pointless, insipid conversation follows. They brag about their successful performance; the oxigenada says they're circus performers, etc. "We applaud you, Cornilocks" PM tells Alicia. Alicia says she applauds her dog when it "gives thanks" (I'm thinking she means "makes peepee").

Passing through the Vortex, Fern greets them and asks for Aldo. Sara tries to tell him something, but he's already gone. Alicia goes to her desk and the rest of them flock together to gossip. Martha says she's surprised to see him intact; maybe he didn't go to see Marcia as they had thought. Irma gives them a hard time about gossiping, as well as fighting with Alicia. They'll have to do something nice for Alicia as punishment. (Wow, Irma's mean!)

Deep thoughts with Aldo DomensaEEN

Aldo is just finishing a phone call about business (the commercials, not the restaurant) when Fern comes in. Fern pretends to be surprised that Aldo is still there. He said he figured that after the expo, Aldo would leave and they could use his office for storage, or it could be an office for useless things. Aldo invites Fern to become the king of the office, if he wants it.

Fern says he thinks Aldo's work on the expo is finished, he doesn't have to continue hanging around Conceptos, right? Aldo says he's sorry to tell Fern that he's terribly mistaken. He's still going to be there for a long time. Fern says it's his job, and they don't need Aldo, and Fern especially doesn't need Aldo on his team. Aldo says Lety needs him on her team. Fern says he's funny. They both laugh sarcastically at one another.

Fern tells Aldo he should go back to Acapulco and his restaurant because something something (about a blacksmith?) wants their chef's personal attention. Or the manager could be stealing money. Aldo has to go check to make sure the customers are paying for their meals.

Aldo asks if money is the only thing Fern cares about, because Aldo doesn't do it for the money. (That's what all the multimillionaires say!) Fern says what a great philanthropist Aldo is - he saw someone like that in a movie.

Aldo calms himself and says he's not leaving until he's finished with his commitment. He just spoke to Guillermo, and guess what? He wants Aldo to continue running things, as Fern's boss. Fern touches an animal figurine on Aldo's desk. Aldo takes it away from him and then waves it at Fern, making some kind of animal noise. "Oh, Fernando," he calls as Fern is leaving. "What?" Aldo waves goodbye. Fern waves back angrily and closes the door.

Aldo makes an angry neck-wringing gesture.

Meet the new improved Beatnik Marcia

Marcia enters the Vortex wearing an interesting black sorta beatnik-looking outfit which is really cool except for maybe the strange cap (not unlike the one Carla wore in NY, except smaller). She gives the cuartel a chilly hello. Alicia rushes up to her, wanting to know about last night. She adds that the cuartel has done nothing all day except gossip. Sara denies this. Martha says they're the New Cuartel. "Uglier than yesterday, that's for sure," Alicia says. Marcia says she's not interested and she's not in the mood. She stalks off to her office, followed by Alicia, who apparently IS in the mood.

Lola and PM can't wait to begin gossiping about THIS. Sara warns them. (Fern listens curiously behind them.) Martha whines that not-gossiping will make her sick. Fern dashes across the lobby.

Commercials!: Destilando Amor (anyone notice Ana-Leticia Villaroel was the madam in tonight's episode?); Selena special; cell phones; CD; nightclub in Randolph; dish; newsbrief.

Alicia follows Marcia into her office, wanting to know everything. (Marcia's office has been redecorated in a very green scheme; I just remembered, when Humberto talked Marcia out of quitting, wasn't one of his anecdotes about how Marcia picked out the colors for the decor? If so, she must REALLY hate the ultra-green of her office; it's a far cry from the more neutral tones it had before.) Marcia scolds Alicia for mentioning things in front of "Lety's spies."

Meanwhile, Lety's spies - what's left of them, just Martha, PM, and Lola - are trying to figure out how to get the information they need without Sara catching them. Lola says she has a classic idea - she pitches forward as if having some type of attack. She asks Sara to help her. Sara lifts her up and carries her to the restroom. "The things I have to do for gossip," Martha says, hurrying to Marcia's open door. There isn't much to hear yet, since Alicia is still talking about nothing.

Marcia then says that Fern left Carla at the hotel and came to her apartment to break up with her. He gave her no options - he told her he didn't love her. Alicia says Fern always says that, but they always get together again. Marcia says it was different this time - he took away his things. He's not coming back to her. Alicia asks if this is about that Carla chick.

Marcia notices the door is open and hisses at Alicia to close it; the company is filled with ears! (Martha scurries away.) Alicia calls her paranoid, but she looks outside; seeing "no cockroaches," she closes the door just to be sure. She asks Marcia what excuses Fern gave her to end the relationship.

Marcia says that Fern's still in love with Lety. Alicia is impactada.

Meanwhile, in the administrative boardroom (that is, the ladies' restroom), PM and Sara comfort Lola, who seems to have made a miraculous recovery. Martha rushes in to update them on the latest gossip: Fern broke up with Marcia for good. PM wants to tell Lety right away and rushes out. Sara yells at them; Lola suffers another "attack." Sara suspiciously asks if Lola is pregnant.

Commercials!: Nuestra Belleza Latina; newsbrief; cell phones; Bailando Por la Boda de Mis Sueños; used car dealer in Leominster; seashell skin cream; eat your vegetables.

In Lety's office

Lety's talking business on the phone with Ricky Armstrong; she's pretty sure Conceptos made the 2,166,666 dollars they needed. Paula Maria wanders in looking lost; maybe she got a golpe en la cabeza too. Lety says goodbye to Ricky, and PM prepares to share the exciting news with Lety. Lety says that if it's about Fern, she doesn't want to hear it. PM says if she can't share her gossip, she'll need better pay! Lety begs for mercy and even puts her fingers in her ears and sings lalalalala. PM says, "you don't want to know that Fern and Marcia ended their relationship permanently?" Lety says nope, she doesn't care. It's not even the first time they've split up. She supposes it's because Marcia saw him with Miss Carla, but they'll get back together again, she can promise that.

PM says no, she didn't break up with him... HE broke up with HER. He's not coming back to her. He took his things. Lety asks if PM is sure. PM explains that Martha heard Marcia say it to Alicia, and Martha told them, and it's PM's job to let the president know what's going on around the office. Lety says it's not work stuff. PM says the important thing is that Lety finds out things before making drastic decisions.

"He did it for Carla," Lety says, looking for reasons not to get her hopes up. PM sarcastically says sure, right, it was CARLA who moved him like no other, uh-huh. But then, Aldo's in love with her too. Lety admits she doesn't know what to do or not do, but she hasn't forgotten about Aldo - if she didn't have him around, she wouldn't be able to tolerate that place a moment longer. She thanks PM for her support. PM says she'll be there for her any time she needs a friend.

Alone, Lety tearfully muses that Carla affected Fern in a way that she wasn't able to. She changed Fern's heart.

In the green room

The cool beatnik chick is telling an incredulous Alicia that only Lety was able to change Fernando. Alicia argues loudly; Marcia loudly asks her to keep her voice down so the whole company doesn't find out that Fern is in love with Lety.

Marcia says that when he was in love with her, he told her that she was luminous, that he would like to lose himself in her; the reason he no longer loved her was partly her fault.

"YOUR fault? I can't believe he told you that!" Alicia exclaims in outrage.

"Fernando spoke of two Marcias, a marvelous one he fell in love with, and another one - crazy, jealous, possessive, oppressive, smothering."

"And which one were you?" Alicia asks, confused. Hey... maybe SHE got hit on the head too.

Marcia admits that her anxiety made her controlling, but she's not sure if Fern only said that to assuage his own conscience, or.... (I'm thinking maybe Marcia should watch some of those episodes where she'd get even angrier when she DIDN'T find any evidence of his infidelity...) And then when Fernando finally took his things home for the first time ever, that's when she realized she'd lost him forever.

Alicia is sympathetic, not only to Marcia's pain but also her own. She tells Marcia not to put it that way - it'll make her cry.

Marcia says she doesn't want to lose Fern, because she still loves him, even after all this. She loves him with all her heart.

Commercials!: Destilando Amor; paper towels; prescription drugs; Nuestra Belleza Latina; boner pills; nightclub in Randolph; Sintonice Pachanga Latina (some sort of gossip show I think).

In the bathroom

Sara continues to stare at Lola and Martha disapprovingly. Lola and Martha decide that if Sara, Juana, and Irma don't want any part of their gossip, that's their problem. Sara's disappointed that the team is falling apart, they're putting their personal interests first when the should stick together for Lety. She scolds them - do they want Lety to continue suffering over Fernando? If they keep talking to her about Fernando, she'll never be able to get married to Aldo! They have to help her forget about that cheating man.

Sara tells them she'll forgive them this one time because she's a kind-hearted woman, but if they do it again she'll tell Irma and they'll be punished severely. She kicks them out of the bathroom and tells them to get back to work. She congratulates herself on her badness.

Oh gosh I'm just so worried about this terrible rift among friends, oh the angst, I can't bear it.

Blah blah blah

Alicia asks Marcia if she's just going to take this with her arms crossed. Marcia says no, but she has to think, she's very confused. Alicia angrily says she'd better do something, not only because Fern broke up with her, but also because he put the blame on her.

Marcia smirks and notes that Lety doesn't trust him, and Marcia's not going to make it easy for him. Alicia reminds her that Fern made it clear - he doesn't want anything to do with her. Marcia says that where there was fire, there's now ashes. Alicia says yes, but there's a saying, something about the present and the future, and dancing at Chalma. That sounds like it might be funny, but I don't quite understand it.

Marcia says that after what happened between Fern and Lety, Fern knows that he can't get Lety back, because he betrayed her, so maybe the doors aren't completely closed against Marcia after all. (Oh Marcia, make up your mind!)

Alicia asks what Marcia is going to do. Marcia says she's not going to lose hope for now. She knows that Fern can only be happy if he's with her. (Cuckoo... cuckoo... cuckoo...)

Angst in the Vortex

PM, Lola, and Martha try to arrange another "meeting" to gossip. Sara wants to "help." They turn down her offer and she watches suspiciously again as they huddle and whisper. PM tells them Lety didn't take kindly to the information about Fern being with the "executive from New York." Martha wonders why Lety is so upset about Fern when she can have the lovely Aldo. (Sara watches them through narrowed eyes.) Martha says it's like having a piece of chocolate and not being able to eat it.

Irma comes over and wants to know what they're talking about. Lola insists it's about her cousin Rupert. Martha says something about an árbol with the accent over the A. PM says they were looking over her little boy's homework. Irma says she thinks maybe they're just doing the same stuff - gossiping.

Carloca shows up. She's wearing a really sweater, but it has wide black stripes and there's a WIDE BELT between the stripes so it just looks like one big long black piece around the middle. "Hi Miss Carla," they sing in unison. Carla laughs and says it reminds her of grade school. She asks for Fern. Sara solemnly offers to inform Fern that he has a guest.

In the Rehash Room

Fern is looking at a report and talking to himself, saying that Aldo will have to leave the company someday. Sara knocks and comes in. Fern is too absorbed in his dreamworld to notice that she's there, and gets up to answer the door. He is gratuitously impactado to see that it's her - after all, she knocked - is it really her, or did they switch her with a double? Oh, hahahaha. He rewards her with a pencil and wonders if she took a course on how to be more respectful of her boss's privacy.

Sara says she wants to inform him that Carla is here to see him. "How formal," he says. She asks if she can tell Carla to come in. She thanks him and says it was a pleasure to announce her.

I'm telling you. Head injuries would explain a lot. I just would like to know how so many Conceptos employees happened to get head injuries all at the same time.

Sara goes back to the Vortex to fetch Carla, who's examining PM's scary talons. She tells Carla that Fern will see her. She offers to show her to his office.

Alone with Fern at last, Carloca tries to kiss him. He dodges her advances, gives her the lesser seat, and kisses her hand. She comments on Sara's "discreet" behavior and asks what he did last night. He tells her he split up with Marcia forever. It wasn't easy because they'd been together four years. "And she still loves you, right?" Carla asks.

Fern says he felt really bad, they had both made errors, most of them his, and she had suffered a great deal because of him, and he feels very guilty. Carla says he finally made a decision that was good for both of them. The past can't be changed, but we can learn from it and not make the same mistakes again.

And how did Marcia take it, Carla wants to know? Fern says Marcia didn't want to break up, of course. Carla asks if Fern is relieved. He says yes, very much so.

"Great!" Carla replies, preparing to move in for the kill.

Next week
Lety, Marcia, Fern, and Carla meet in the boardroom for a rollicking fun game of Twister.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zorro: la espada y la rosa - March 29, 2007

* Esmeralda sees Zorro and is excited that Diego has come to visit her, she stops and asks why he came. He says he couldn't stay away, he misses her too much. She wonders why all this is happening to them and their love. He doesn't know the answers (he's as bewildered as she is). He tells her he can't stop loving and thinking about her. They move closer and closer together.

* Montero and Pizarro are out having drinks at the local pub and discussing Esmeralda and her secret dowry and inheritance. Pizarro asks what Montero plans to do if Esmeralda or Diego interfere, Montero has specific ideas to stop them. Before Pizarro leaves, Montero gives him a message for MA.

* Don Alej and PT make a surprise visit to Don Fer at his home. He is with his daughter MA and his butler in the office. Don Alej warns Don Fer not to harm MP in anyway or else. Don Fer sends MA out of the room, this conversation isn't for a lady to hear. When she's safely out of earshot range, Don Fer and Don Alej start to argue over MP and why Don Fer kidnapped her. Don Alej antagonizes Don Fer; Don Fer puts his foot down and says MP is his. PT chimes in that MP is a nun and belongs to G*d and the church. Don Fer says bah-humbug to that. The argument continues to excalate - Don Fer pulls out his sword to challenge Don Alej to a duel - Don Alej pulls out his sword as acceptance.

* Tobias and Cata sit and talk with the Maestro in the living room. Tobias offers his guest very excellent hospitality and says that Cata will take care of all the arrangements for whatever he wants - Tobias asks Cata to agree - Cata leaves. Tobias and the Maestro discuss Maestro's memories of Zorro.

* Diego and Esmeralda continue their conversation about what to do; Esmeralda insists that he has a particular mission to fulfill as Zorro and needs to focus on it, while she will stay in her marriage to Montero; Diego doesn't like the idea, and doesn't want to let her go; Esmeralda insists that they have to break it off completely and he needs to go and marry MA. He reluctantly agrees. He suggests using Dena to pass messages to one another - Esmeralda negates the idea, and says they need to break up completely. He leaves sad. Esmeralda whispers to herself that she will always love Diego and won't ever forget.

* Don Alej and Don Fer are still jousting through the hallway and into the dining room. PT, Dena and MA and the butler stand in the doorway and watch horrified as the two fight. As Don Alej falls into the chair, Don Fer presses on top of him - stand-off. Dena yells for them to stop. They break apart; stand up; and spout off to one another which antagonizes them to start sword fighting again. PT steps into the room to stop them.

* The stable boy guard talks with MP in the barn.

* Zorro rides his horse out to a hillside that night.

* Sor. Loca drags her "black angel" back to the convent - Sor. Carola freaks out and is scared of someone finding the escaped slave there - Sor. Locoo tells her they have to help him; PT will understand.

* As Don Fer swipes his sword on Don Alej's arm, PT steps in between Don Fer and Don Alej and orders them to stop and drop their swords. Don Alej wants to know where MP is; Don Fer promises to bring her to him tomorrow. "I hope so," says Don Alej.

* MP tells the stable boy guard that tomorrow will be a very "different" day. (she's planning something, but what could it be?)

* MA walks downstairs - Montero is waiting by the fireplace for her. She tells him it was difficult to leave the house with Don Alej and her father sword fighting. He is irritated as she mentions Diego and Esmeralda - he pulls her close to him - she breaks free - he tries again to grab hold of her - she slaps him - he grabs her and kisses her neck.

* Dressed in black, Esmeralda leaves the house - she orders the soldier guards to get her horse, she wants to visit her husband at his office. They leave. She thinks about what Diego told her, and apologizes as she decides that she needs to focus on freeing her mother (SK).

* Diego and PT meet and discuss Don Fer's reason for kidnapping his aunt (MP). He needs to try and rescue her.

* Esmeralda gets on her horse and rides away.

* In the bathroom, Maestro has fallen on the floor and can't get up. Tobias finds him on the floor naked and calls for Cata to help pick him up. Cata sees Maestro and shields her eyes until Tobias puts a towel on him. Maestro is blabbering about Zorro - Tobias and Cata carry him out of the bathroom.

* Diego leaves PT and his father. PT and Don Alej discuss Diego's changing attitudes lately; also Don Alej mentions Don Fer and the courageous effort on PT's part makes him think PT is almost as strong as he and Don Fer. PT denies it.

* Don Fer visits MP in the barn. He asks if she's changed her mind - MP says no, not one bit. He gets angry and frustrated with her stubbornness against him, and threatens to take it out on all the indian tribes and those she cares about. MP blasts back and scolds him for his hostile violent attitude against the minorites (indians).

* Novice Sor. walks into the storeroom and shrieks when she discovers the black slave laying sleeping on the floor. Sor. Carola calmly escorts her out of the storeroom to another room to explain.

* Sor. Loca stands before the Cardinal and confesses all her sins and is ready to repent. Cardinal has several tough questions for Sor. Loca starting with why she said and planted evidence against MP. Sor. Loca has no excuse except for being human. Cardinal continues to interrogate Sor. Loca. She begs forgiveness.

* Don Fer is getting really frustrated with MP in the barn. She continues to scold him for his anger and violence. She blurts out that she and her family want nothing to do with him - he is in shock as she tells him he killed Don Alej's wife Regina in an indian attack raid.

* MA talks with Diego about their upcoming marriage and living as a married couple. She wants to get along and live happily ever after together - he says that ain't gonna happen, babe, because I still love Esmeralda. MA tells him he can't have her, she's married to Montero. Diego finishes his argument and leaves.

* MP continues to tell Don Fer the true story about how he killed Regina during his violent raid on the indians, and right in front of Diego. Don Fer is in disbelief and tries to deny it - MP screams that it's all true! You killed her! You killed Diego's mother and Don Alej's wife! You killed her!

* Zorro rides through the town streets, passed waving crowds of onlookers. Garcia calls his merry band of soldiers to attention when he spots Zorro riding towards them. The soldiers aim - fire multiple shots - and miss entirely. Zorro stops in front of Garcia - Garcia says he can't enter the building - Zorro says that's fine, just make sure to give the Governor this note - Zorro tosses the note to Garcia and rides away. Garcia (the ever curious cat) opens it up and reads it aloud to the soldiers - one pipes up that the message is private and volunteers to take it to the Governor.

* Zorro and his horse are on the hillside wondering if Don Fer got the note.

* Esmeralda is at the gypsy camp, talking with Jordi, his wife and Renzo about where SK is now, and why she's in prison. Esmeralda wants to rescue her - Jordi and his wife warn her about how tight security Montero has placed around SK's cell. Esmeralda ain't scared - she's married to the captain himself. Jordi continues to warn her of the dangers. Esmeralda is determined to go. Renzo agrees to help her.

* Don Fer and MP continue their discussion about his indian attack and Regina's death. He can't believe it's true. She says believe it because it is true. Don Fer calls the guard to take MP to the de la Vega hacienda. Before she leaves, MP reminds Don Fer to think about Don Alej and Diego.

* Garcia and the soldiers stop Esmeralda in the hallway near the prison. She is there to see her husband - they won't let her pass - she claims she got all dressed up in her finest gown and boots and hat to see him and they have to let her do it. Garcia and the soldiers leave. Esmeralda starts to wander through the hallway and search the cells.

* Diego finds MP on the rural walking trail. He is curious about why she's there - she tells him to leave Don Fer alone, she needs to return to the convent - Diego still wants to know what happened with Don Fer.

* Esmeralda comes to a prison cell door - she looks inside and sees something of interest - and as she is looking inside, a hand grabs her shoulder from behind and surprises her. (AY! CARAY!)


Duelo de Pasiones, Thursday March 29 - Don't talk about Alina or Angel will die!

Vera and Alina discussed Thelma's attempt to have the dog Tonqui shot. Vera said Thelma had watched out the window with "the face of a vampire," hoping to see Tonqui's blood.

She warned Alina that Thelma was jealous of her, hated her, and was capable of killing her. Then she showed Alina her burned arm and said Thelma had done it because Vera said Emilio had always loved Alina. She called Thelma a demon.

Elsewhere: Carmen asked Santos who had hit him. Santos said "nobody" and distracted Carmen by announcing that he and Rosita were planning to get married, and that Rosita was expecting his child. Carmen was pleased.

Susi told the unconscious Angel that she didn't want to lose him. Alina arrived and Susi asked her to let Angel hear her voice because it would help him. She told Alina that Angel loved her. Alina said her heart belonged to someone else.

Susi revealed how much she liked Angel, saying he had "the most beautiful smile I've seen in my life." Alina said, "You are in love, Susi."

Thelma stormed into the room and told Alina to leave, "Angel is nothing to you." Alina said, "He is my friend." Thelma asked if Alina was hoping Angel would add her to his will.

Alina said she didn't have to explain herself to Thelma. Thelma said, "I am the lady of this house!" but Alina said Thelma's position and jewels meant nothing to her, what mattered to her was "human quality, and you have nothing of that." Alina left and Thelma ordered Susi to leave, too.

Emilio chewed out Maximo for not helping the storm victims. I think he implied that Maximo wanted to keep the money for himself. Maximo blustered and said, "Your father put me in charge of this hacienda because he trusted me!" Emilio said, "If my father believed in you, I'm not going to doubt you, Uncle." He ordered Maximo to make a donation. Emilio said, "As you wish, patron."

After Emilio left the room, Maximo threw down his hat and yelled that he did all the work and had as much right to the money as Emilio did.

Luba had another flashback about Alvaro's dying mother giving Luba a box for Alvaro. Luba said to herself, "I must give the coffer to the patron," but that she was afraid Alvaro would kill her. "Better that I guard this terrible secret."

She caught Gaspar trying to sneak out of the cave and they had their usual argument about whether or not Gaspar should forget Thelma.

Soledad visited Elias. He told her that he missed Blanca every minute of the day, that life hadn't been fair to him and Soledad because he had lost his wife and Soledad didn't have the love she deserved. Soledad asked him not to talk about that, saying her heart was withered and empty.

Singing Aunt Rebeca visited Maximo's office, supposedly to console him about Angel, and invited herself to go to Edelmira's club with him.

Emilio went to see Angel. Pretending to be sympathetic, Thelma told Emilio to prepare himself for the worst, saying they had to go to Puebla and arrange Angel's burial. "You know he's going to die very soon." Emilio said, "It seems you've thought of everything."

Thelma claimed she was only thinking of Emilio, then tried to convince him that Angel's illness was all Alina's fault. Angel, although still apparently unconscious, overheard this and thought, "What are you saying, Thelma? This isn't true."

Unaware that Angel could hear her, Thelma continued telling Emilio that Alina had deliberately provoked his fight with Angel. Angel thought, "No, Emilio, defend Alina! She's not to blame for anything!"

Emilio dismissed what Thelma was saying, took Angel's hand, and asked Angel to forgive him for their argument. Angel clasped his hand and thought, "Thank you for not condemning Flor. I go in peace."

His hand dropped and Emilio ran from the room yelling for the doctor. Thelma thought, "He is dead. He finally died."

Dr. Vasquez took one look at Angel and announced that he was in a coma. Emilio, Thelma, and Orlando agreed that overhearing Emilio and Thelma's conversation about Alina had sent Angel into the coma.

The doctor said all they could do now was wait for Angel's death "or a miracle." Nurse Susi began crying and left the room.

Meanwhile, at the hospital in Mexico City, Malena asked Ricardo/Dr. Love if Mariana would be OK after her suicide attempt. He said it was too soon to know.

At Edelmira's tavern: Alvaro/Don Loco tried to kiss a prostitute and, predictably, hallucinated that she was Soledad. (Hasn't this happened 900 times before? Why does he bother?) After coming to his senses (as much as he ever does) and realizing it wasn't Soledad, he gave her some money and told her to leave him alone.

Elias took Soledad in a carriage to see Alina outside La Rinconada. Alina told Soledad that Emilio had changed a lot and was "more sensitive" now. (Notice that she didn't say "more intelligent.")

Soledad falsely told Alina that Don Loco had permitted this visit with Alina. She urged Alina not to try to see her, "Better I come to see you."

At Edelmira's club: Aunt Rebeca "sang," ie screeched, for the customers. To get rid of her, Granillo applauded and told her how fantastic she was. (I hope Aunt Rebeca marries Maximo and yodels in his ears for the rest of his days; Evil Mr. Mustache Twirler deserves it. Maybe Alvaro could lock them into a barn together.)

Somehow Alvaro and Maximo survived Singing Aunt Rebeca's performance. Alvaro told Maximo he intended to start a new life without Soledad.

At Elias's office: Elias tried to convince Soledad to finally escape from Don Loco. Soledad, as usual, refused, saying if she did Alvaro would kill Alina.

Elias asked why Soledad hadn't told Alina the truth about how Alvaro was treating her. Soledad said, "I don't want to worry her. She's suffered enough."

Elias called Soledad incredible and marvellous. He put his hands on her arms and asked, "When am I going to see you again?" Soledad squirmed away and said nervously, "Soon, soon," then left.

Back at La Rinconada, Dr. Vasquez and Emilio conversed in the hallway outside Angel's room. The doctor said only God could save Angel now, he probably wouldn't survive the night. After he left, Emilio crouched against the wall, crying.

Meanwhile, in the chapel, Nurse Susi told Alina that Angel was dying. Angel promised to pray for him all night. Susi went back to Angel. Alina prayed for Angel to live and Emilio to be given "a little faith."

While talking to Orlando, Thelma let it slip that she was responsible for someone else's death but refused to answer his questions about it. Orlando wondered what other death she had on her conscience, then smirked to himself.

In Mexico City: Another doctor told Doctor Love that Mariana would be a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. Later Dr. Love cried to Malena that it hurt his soul to see Mariana like that and not be able to help her.

At Don Loco's hacienda: Maximo told Alvaro that all women were damn traitors. "Soledad is still laughing at you in her fantasies, in her dreams." Alvaro agreed, "You are right," and wondered how he could stop Soledad from continuing to betray him.

At La Rinconada: While Orlando was having a drink with Dr. Vasquez, Luba sneaked into the house.

As Soledad was returning to her nice cozy barn, Maximo and Singing Aunt Rebeca drove by in a coach. Soledad hid behind a tree. Maximo stopped and peered in her direction, saying he thought he saw something, then said he didn't see well at night. Rebeca said, "Ah, but you are very handsome!" and they drove on.

Meanwhile, Alvaro mused that he was dying inside and it was all Soledad's fault, bla bla, boo hoo.

Back at La Rinconada, Emilio cried and told Thelma that Angel was all he had. Thelma told him to ask God to end it. Emilio remembered Alina telling him to pray for a miracle, and the doctor also telling him to pray. He said, "I have to do it."

On his way to the chapel, he encountered Orlando, who asked where he was going and offered to accompany him. Emilio said he needed to be alone. Orlando followed him to the chapel anyway, then watched and gloated as Emilio prayed.

Alina also saw Emilio praying. She thanked God.

Emilio cried and told God he would give up the thing most important to him, "I will renounce Alina so Angel can marry her. I promise you I will forget her forever."

damnificados = victims
cofre = chest, coffer
calidad = quality
condenar = to condemn
trago = a drink, shot, or swig


La Fea Más Bella #242 3/29/07 In Which Marcia Fizzles But Fern Does Not!

After the expo, Aldo congratulates the cuartel on their performance. They congratulate him too. Lety comes in and there are more congrats all around. Martha then -- with no discretion whatsoever -- congratulates Lety because Aldo loves her. The cuartel chants “Beso, beso, beso” (“kiss..." this is what wedding guests chant until the newlyweds kiss for everyone’s enjoyment). Lety, Aldo, and poor Fern, who is watching from a few feet away, are all impactados. To break the uncomfortable silence, Aldo reminds Robopop that he promised to share a really good bottle of vino. Everyone thinks this is a great idea! Robopop, agrees with Aldo, but does not seem excited about sharing his stash will all the women-folk. Nearby, Carloca is with Fern, and she conveniently observes that that it looks like this Aldo-Lety fling is serious now. She adds that, furthermore, things don’t look good for his relationship with Marcia. Therefore, she thinks this would be an excellent opportunity for him to drop everything and move to N.Y. with her. Fern awkwardly, but nicely (too nicely, IMO), agrees to think about it and says he will let her know in few weeks. Carloca clarifies that she expects an answer by the time they reach her hotel (yikes! I hope her unreasonable request will make it easier for Fern to give Cuckoo-head Carloca the answer she deserves… now let’s hope Fern uses his common sense for a change).

On her way out, Carloca congratulates Lety. Seeing Lety with Aldo at her side, Fern brusquely takes Carloca's arm (uh oh, so much for that common sense we were hoping for).

Later, Alicia and Marcia also stop by to congratulate Lety. Lety is surprised to see Marcia, and says she didn’t know Marcia was back. Marcia responds that she was not in the spotlight because someone had taken her place (I think she was referring to her place at Fern’s table, but she probably really meant her place in Fern’s life). This prompts all the by-standers to uncomfortably give their goodbyes and make a quick exit, leaving only Alicia and Marcia with Lety. Alicia brown-noses, complimenting Lety on everything from her outfit to the cuartel’s performance. Alicia exits and Marcia tells Lety she should enjoy her victory, but then adds that it’s not entirely a victory. Lety asks Marcia what she is talking about. Marcia points out that tonight, they have both lost ‘something’ and then walks with a big nasty pout on her unblinking face.

In his dressing room, Luigi thinks about Lety’s offer to send him on that all-expenses-paid vacation. After some rehearsing, he calls Ruly and apologizes for being such a colossal idiot. He invites Ruly on the trip and then holds his breath as he waits for a response.

Lety and Caro have a talk. Lety says she’s confused about Fern, because he’s changed. Caro thinks he’s changed for the better. Lety agrees, and says that he talked to her like a friend and was very supportive, but on the other hand, it really bothers her to see him with Carloca. Caro points out that it didn’t bother Lety when he was with Marcia, and asks why Carloca is any different. Lety explains that it was obvious that he didn’t love Marcia, but she’s not sure how he feels about Carloca. Caro correctly guesses that deep down, Lety is still holding on to the hope that Fern will love her.

Ariel comes in next and takes his turn chastising Lety. He thinks she made a fool of herself tonight. He asks if she thinks the show was a successful or ridiculous. She happily responds that it was ridiculous but it came across as a success. He notes that in the circus, people applaud the clowns. Caro and Lety respond to this by applauding Ariel. Lety then stops applauding as she recalls that in the circus, people only applaud for the good clowns, not the bad ones. Ariel is not dispelled, and he tells Lety that she looked ridiculous dancing with her friends. Lety -- still happy -- says she can’t help it, the rhythm moves her. Ariel looks disgusted and says that it’s obvious that being ugly no longer bothers her. Lety laughs heartily as she tells him that it never has. He finally accepts that his insultos are not producing the desired result and leaves.

In her hotel lobby, Carloca tells Fern she feels sorry for Marcia. Fern says he is so tired of fighting with her. That part of his life needs to end, even though he knows he has lost any chance he had with Lety. Carloca supports his decision to give up on both Marcia and Lety, and immediately nominates herself to replace them. Fern tells her that she’s great and all… Carloca interrupts, “but?” THANK GOODNESS, Fern does have a “but.” He lets her down gently, saying that in another time and place in his life, she might have had a ghost of chance. Carloca guesses that his decision is because of Lety. Yes, he agrees, because of Lety and also because of Conceptos. He needs to get the company back in shape so he can return it to his father in the same condition he gave it to Fern. He gives Carloca a soft kiss on the cheek, which Carloca savors. She is still swooning as Fern walks away (YES!!).

Ironically, next we have a commercial for a skin care line featuring Paulina Rubio, that ghastly oversexed blonde who Lety parodied on her last appearance on the Christina talk show. She did an excellent job, by the way; she was able to dumb down her own singing skills to really capture Pau’s mediocre singing abilities and inflated “look at me!” personality. This is not the Christina appearance, just a short snippet of Angelica’s spot-on Paulina impression: Ange's impression of Pau … Yes, the real Pau is really this bad... Okay, sorry, back to the show…

Alicia accompanies Marcia home. Alicia the Optimist doesn’t think Fern will come over as he promised Marcia. She thinks that he will probably spend all night with Carloca. Marcia sternly says that she’s done with his stupid games. Alicia doesn’t believe her. Marcia wisely points out that with friends with Alicia, who needs enemigas?

At Lety’s house, the cuartel cheers for Lety. Aldo makes a speech praising Lety, then Julieta, Robopop, the cuartel, and even Tomas, who everyone agrees contributed nothing to the success of the expo. Lety points out that Tomas did a great job watching the dancers walk back and forth. Julieta comments that Robopop also spent a lot of time admiring the dancers.

Fern enters Marcia’s place apprehensively. There is a half-packed suitcase on the couch. Marcia tells him to take his crap and leave.

After teasing his guests with a tiny mini-bar size bottle, Robopop pulls out big bottle of sidra (cider; not sure if there’s actually any alcohol content in it) which he has been saving for many years. He gives Aldo the honor of opening it. Everyone ducks for cover in anticipation of the cork popping, but in the end it just kind of fizzled out (the bottle, not the party).

Speaking (that is, writing) of fizzling, Marcia asks Fern if he came to break up with her so he can go back to Carloca’s hotel. Fern says he wants to have a heart-to-heart with Marcia. Marcia tells him there’s nothing to talk about if he’s just going to break up with her anyway. Then, as whatever was left of her dignity fizzles out, she tells him she won’t allow it, because she’s already fought many years for him, even though he has betrayed her time and again.

At Lety’s place, everyone is toasting to their success with sidra served in paper cups. Martha apparently gets carried away by all the toasting and suddenly toasts to Aldo’s being enamorado (in love). Lety is impactada at Martha’s unending lack of discretion, but Julieta is visibly happy. The cuartel wants him to tell them who he is in love with. Robopop also wants to know to; surely it’s the person Aldo dedicated that first book to.

Marcia tells Fern that she forgave him all his infidelities, the cancellation of their wedding, even his love for Lety, so what did she do to deserve this? What did she do wrong? Fern tenderly lays it out on the table for her: the constant nagging, the harassment, his having to report on his every action, even on his dreams, to her. Marcia cries and reasons that it’s only because she loves him so much (can you hear the fizzling?). He tears up too as he recalls the constant arguing. She grovels that arguing was not her intent. He says that despite all the arguing, they never seriously discussed these issues. Marcia insists that even with all his faults, she still loves him (fizzle fizzle). Fern apologizes and says that he just doesn’t love her back anymore. Marcia surmises that it ended when he fell in love with Lety. He says that Lety is not really the problem here, but he admits that his cowardly measures led to much pain for Marcia, himself, and Lety. This angers Marcia. She utters, “Yeah, poor Lety!” through clenched teeth as she gets up and stomps off to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Julieta still wants to know who Aldo is in love with. Aldo agrees he will tell them about the woman he loves. Lety’s eye twitches. He tells them that the most marvelous woman he ever met is very tender, sweet, gracious, and gave meaning -- flavor! -- to his life. Irma says it’s a true miracle when one finds true love. Julieta tells Aldo that he is cheating, because he will not disclose the lucky woman’s name. Aldo promises that he will tell them soon. Everyone gets up for another toast and, amidst the hoopla, Lety tugs at Aldo’s arm and leads him upstairs. Yikes! Has she forgotten that Robopop is right there?!!

Marcia is sprawled on her bed crying when Fern comes in. He says that at a certain point he realized that their relationship had evolved into an obligation. Marcia asks if he has forgotten how happy they once were. Fern says he has not, but those days are over. They both recall the days when they had so much in common, when they were friends and confidants. Marcia asks then why does he want to end it. Fern says there have been too many mistakes, it’s irreparable. Marcia warns that he will not change, he will leave Carloca the same as he left her. She adds that she will always wait for him (fizz…). Fern tells her (kindly) fat chance, because he doesn’t think he’ll ever stop loving Lety.

Lety leads Aldo into her room with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes and sees the mural on her wall. She says she wants to show him that he also added flavor to her life. Aldo gets teary eyed and promises that one day they will kiss again like that day at the beach. Lety asks how he knew she was thinking of the same moment. He proclaims his love yet again and leaves. Lety thought bubbles “Aldo, I adore you but I can’t love you.”

Fern tells Marcia he knows he doesn’t have a chance with Lety after all he has done, but he is determined to stop hurting the people he loves. Marcia, still groveling, points out that she will be hurt if he leaves. He thinks there will be nothing but more pain if he stays. She says she knows he’ll be back.

Lety is in bed when Julieta comes in doing a quasi-whistle singing thing. She asks for the gossip about Aldo. Lety admits that, yes, Aldo loves her. Julieta pumps her fists in victory, but becomes concerned when she sees Lety’s face. She deduces that Lety doesn’t love him back. Lety is despondent: she loves someone who used her, then found someone who loves her, only to have to turn him down.

Marcia, apparently not sufficiently despondent, tells Fern that she deserves him and she will get him back (is there no end to this fizzling?!). Fern continues his attempts to reason with her. He explains that relationships can not be based on guilt. He apologizes, softly kisses her hand, and walks out -- in slow motion, natch! (Yey! Are you as proud of him as I am?)

Marcia squints but does not blink. She swears to herself that he’ll be back, she just knows it!

Will Fernando really be able to break away from Marcia?
Will Marcia boil Fernando’s pet, uh... bonsai? Will Carloca beat her to it?
If Lety turns down Aldo, will she have to face the wrath of … her mom?


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