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Abismo de pasión #158 10/31/12: Ghosts of Murders past keep wrecking havoc for Carmina, but Gabino might be the one to benefit from her bad night... the Arango brothers have a nice night... Gael has a revealing morning, but Murphy's law just won't leave Elisa and Dam alone

At the rather chaotic wedding reception/celebration: Elisa confronts Carmina about the lies she told Augie about Elisa not being his and Carmina’s own baby not being his… Alfie urges Carmina to respond to Elisa’s statements. Carmina denies, denies, denies… Ramona says no lie, Mrs.. IIF a woman like you can be called a Mrs… Alfie goes to the punch line, tell everyone that you were my husband’s lover, not Stefie!! Carmina brings up the plane tix as proof, Alfie says I found out long ago those tickets Gabino gave me were fake!! Also, when Augie and I went back to the quinta that night, your bags were packed!! … Dam adds that he saw Rosie leave the blue house one night, quickly followed by her. Lucio adds in that the blue house was never Stefies, only Rosie’s and Carminas’. Carmina continues with her denial, denial. Ramona reminds her you can’t run from the truth or from destiny. Either you finish the story or I will do it for you…
Lo Nuevo:
Suddenly among the crowd, Carmina sees Loopy next to Elisa and Nina next to Damian and in front of Lucio urging her to ‘tell the truth’. Suddenly she turns another way and sees Augie alone staring at her and it seems to be enough… Carmina goes beserk yelling NOOO!!! Several times and runs out of the gates of the hacienda… only to have Loopy dressed with his priest attire standing by her again… just staring at her, no words… Now she is wabbling down the town center street sidewalk listening to Loopy’s words at their next to last meeting ‘divine justice does exist, Carmina’… and she is yelling to no one around her to leave her in peace… Again Nina shows up to spook her with her own final words ‘hypocrit, fake, you have no morals or decency!’ … Carmina yells she had nothing to do with her death and yells at her to shut up, keeps wabbling and running, suddenly Paolo comes in her direction and yells at her what he yelled at her before he raped her ‘I will teach you what I learned at the jail!!” … Carmina runs and ends up believing herself at the cenote… hearing Augie’s words ‘you are a good actress, but your performance is over… I now know the truth’… Carmina yells at him to shut up as she falls in the water… once in the water, she believes she is struggling again with Kenya… Carmina puts deer in the headlights eyes… suddenly she is outside her blue house and Ingrid is waiting for her outside the house to continue the spooking (so on point with tonight being Halloween)… Carmina desperate runs into the blue house only to face another ghost from crimes past… her own sister Stefie, who tells her ‘what hurts me the most, you were capable of building that lie and blame me, allowed Alfie to blame me, knowing that the guilty one was you… what kind of sister are you?’ … Carmina gets under the covers in her bed only to hear Rosie, another ghost from her crimes past… ‘I too would like for us to spend more time together, you know you have me going crazy (for you)…’ … Carmina cries saying Rosie’s name… falls on side of bed…
At another Arango house in town… Paloma is so ‘hot’ she is out of words (wow! At least Gael is giving us a break from her constant nagging by keeping her mouth busy)… Gael himself is telling Paloma not to say anything… (YES!!!) … and they get busy with their own hanky panky…‘ (seems someone wrote a song about ‘living the romance as a passion pit’ LOL…
At blue house Gabino arrives to a very scared shaken Carmina with her hair looking like someone dumped a bucket of water on her head … She tells him about the ghosts who won’t leave her in peace… and that Elisa married Damian Arango and she could not stop them…. Also that Alfie knows the plane tix he gave her are fake… He is in disbelief… Carmina tells him about everyone accusing her of all her crimes… Gabino wants to know that she did deny deny deny everything… She tells him Elisa warned her she would dig and dig the past until she found the whole truth… She can’t stand Elisa. Why didn’t I kill her? I could have drowned her in cenote like… (Gabino catches up with this ‘who did you drown at the cenote?’ and you can see his brain gears at work suddenly amongs the migrains) … Carmina keeps mumbling that Elisa’s happiness is her worse punishment/disgrace… That Elisa should not keep Damian… Gabino can’t get why it is so important for Carmina that Elisa marries Dam… Why can she be happy and I never could enjoy anything?? … Gabino swears to her that there is still a way to fix all that. That they just have to take out the problem from the root… between you and Dam you all have to forget her (Elisa) and I can help you (get rid of Elisa)… Carmina takes his word ‘are you saying you can finish her off for me?’ …Carmina is willing to give him anything in return… Gabino says… wait for it… wait for it… I want you to marry me ojitos. Deal?…  Yup. Deal. [Sealed with a sloppy kiss…]
At Arango hacienda Alfie, Lucio and Lolita are saying goodbye to Dam and Elisa and sending them off on their honeymoon… (funny how Alfie said she did not want the past to be an ‘anchor’ weight on the happy couple) Make her happy.. will miss you, son.. blah blah (for crying out loud, Get going already!!!) Elisa thanks Alfie for the party and tries to apologize for Carmina spoiling the party, Alfie says no need to apologize.
Whoa! The pickup that Dam and Elisa left on is followed by another pickup… not quite a late luxury model, it is Gabino!! … Dam wants Elisa and him to concentrate on themselves and forget the town and everything else for a while.. he has a surprise for her (the place they are heading to).
Ramona gets home… notices all the herbs and jugs missing, whispers curses for Gabino… Suddenly she gets a visitor … The black widow of LaErmita herself (wait, no, that would be Alfie)… more like the Orange female mix of Dr Lechter, JASON, Jack the ripper and Elmer Fudd… shaken, not stirred… Ramona doesn’t think they have anything to talk about… Carmina says of course we do… you were the only one that was completely certain of my guilt… but it was all a lie… Ramona says don’t even go there, don’t bother trying to fake it. You are right, I am certain of Stefie’s innocence… Carmina says Augie once told me you were there at the road the night of the accident… Yes, I was there. And I got to hear Stefie’s last words before she died… a phrase I thought was ambiguous back then and took me years to decipher, but I have it very clear now… she locked you in your room to prevent you from going with Rosie, then she caught him at the road to tell him you were not going with him, that is why they were coming toward town when the car crashed… Carmina figures out it was Ramona who had told Augie… Ramona says yeah, it was me who told him, and he could not handle the truth. Augie could not take the pain of knowing he had hated for so many years a woman who had loved him so completely… Carmina keeps blaming Ramona for her fate and warns she will prevent Ramona from fillng any more lies into anyone else… Ramona says I am ready to leave this world, but you, don’t you fear what will happen to your soul?...Carmina says I never believed in that… Ramona says living with hatred, bitterness, and cruelty is the true hell… for people without soul like you, living is a much worse punishment than death itself. (with this Carmina quietly leaves …)
And the secret honeymoon place the groom has chosen … the beach where he kidnapped her to a while back. … this time she is more willing of course… Gabino has followed them and is planning the next move.
But before they can get to hanky-panky, Elisa wants to clear up what happened at the cenote… Dam gets the wrong meaning and thinks she meant about her and Gael stopping at the cenote before the wedding, Elisa says that is not what I meant, I meant you and my aunt … she warned me about it… I never imagined in my worst nightmares that you would allow her… no I never let her… ah no? first at the stables at your hacienda, then at the cenote naked and caressing each other. I can’t erase that image from my head… ah! There it is! I now understand why you have been so miffed at me… he apologizes…  He tells Elisa the story of what happened at both the stables and at the cenote… SURPRISINGLY, Elisa believes him. He is thankful for that. Elisa feels like putting her own cards on the table too so she does clear up to him that she never was with Gael, that Dam is the first and only man in her life. She says she was very hurt and jealous of Flo and it was not until she read Flo’s letter that she understood, then she tried to explain with her kisses and caresses to him that he was her only man, he says that day he was sick and drugged, so he could not see through his jealousy of Gael. Elisa notes now you are not drugged or feverish… you are in luck, I do feel like explaining it to you all over again…  Then they get (FINALLY!!) to the hanky panky with ‘junto a ti’ as background… (Surprisingly, Univision showed more than I had expected of their wedding night scene)
Morning at beach… Elisa is at the edge of the water, Dam wakes up, gets a bit scared that he is alone, but quickly realizes she is at the beach, joins her… they get ‘going’ again….
At the other Arango lovebirds nest, things are not much different, Gael is very charming cuddly with Paloma… they share impressions of the best night since their wedding (since their wedding? I would say since forever, since the first two times it was a more one-sided affair).
Elisa nad Dam are touring the Yucatan landmarks, with the huge tourist/cruise ship docks under construction. (ok, Dam, cut the cheesy comments…  do your commercial script reciting and move on…)
Back at the beach, Gabino is buying a very tiny think venom snake (la coralillo)… he has a little picnic basket surprise for Dam/Elisa… the guy tells Gabino that you barely feel the bite… but it makes you lose your breath slowly and then the end comes… Gabino is very careful handling the picnic basket, even stretches his arm as far as he can from his body ...
meanwhile Elisa and Dam continue touring the area… (they are at ‘manglares’ which reminds me of a place in Puerto Rico just like that in the southwest town of Guayanilla) Oh, now Elisa joins ins the duet regional tourism promo pitch script…
Night of day after wedding, Paloma is cleaning up and, as her usual nosy self, she opens the folder that Loopy left Gael. Gael comes and asks her ‘what are you doing, ‘mi amor’?’ (is this first time Gael calls Paloma that way?) As he tells Paloma it is papers Loopy gave him before he died, Gael gets a nostalgic facial expression that is priceless… Paloma tells Gael that he should read the papers, it is the last will of his father … of Loopy? … no, of your father, Rosendo Arango. (Gael is confused/ surprised).
Tonia has again asked Braulio for help since Chente did not come home to sleep… She really is annoying with her whinning… Braulio suspects Chente is with Gabino who is staying at the hotel…
At the hotel, Chente is indeed in Gabinos’ room. Gabino arrives back from the road with his huge migraine which has returned… Chente wants to know where Gabino was since he was on road all day… Gabino  refuses to tell him, then tries the ‘recipe’ that Chente fixed for him, but Gabino can tell from the taste it is not the right recipe, ‘if you can’t do this then I have no use for you, I will go back with Carmina!’… Chente wants Gabino to take him with him. Gabino refuses, so Chente wants Gabino to give him one last shot at the recipe.
Gael goes to Lucio’s with the folder including the will from Rosie… Lucio is surprised that Gael has it. Loopy gave it to me before he died, he asked me not to open it (and there should be a reason for that, right Gael?) but Paloma opened it accidentally and told me that it was my father’s will. Lucio wants to know if Gael’s name is in it. Did he leave you anything?  Not exactly, but it does state that he leaves everything to all his ‘heirs’ in equal parts… so I guess I would get half of all the Arangos own. Lucio laughs happy, what do you want to do? … that is why I am here, to see if you know of a lawyer who can give me some guidance… Lucio is happy to provide him with contact info for a lawyer he knows… (wait, Gael, do you really plan to ‘claim’ your part of the Arango fortune? Didn’t you say a while back that none of that mattered to you?  Why don’t you rather ask yourself … what would Loopy do?)
Elisa and Dam make it back to the beach hut (Dam tells Elisa he bought the shack from the fisherman so they can come back there anytime they want…) … Elisa goes right to the basket wondering if Dam is hungry… The snake bites Elisa right away… Dam opens the basket and realizes it is a ‘coralillo’ (well, for having spent most of his education years in Europe and being here only a few months, Dam knows a lot about venom snakes, and that a coralillo is very dangerous…) Dam rushes Elisa to the truck to go get help since he knows that snake’s venom is very dangerous…
At Arango hacienda gate, Alfie is standing pacing very nervous (maybe having a feeling that something will happen)… Carmina comes to scare her saying Dam and Elisa are going to have the same fate Rosie and Stefie had, they will die…


Abismo de pasión #157 10/30/12: Why Everyone in La Ermita is Birdbrained; A Wedding, and a Long Awaited Denunciation

The makeshift stage is empty. At one end of the Patio of Lowered Expectations a backlit, tightly stretched white cotton sheet serves as a screen. There is muted conversation as Patio regulars wait for the great man to appear. From the right, he enters behind the screen, leading with his stomach. As he moves toward the center of the screen, the silhouette becomes an old, but well-remembered outline—The sloping forehead, prominent beak, receding chin and thick double chin. He pauses, holding the pose and waiting for our recognition. The denizens of the Patio giggle, murmur and then applaud. In a gait that could be placed somewhere between a waddle and a strut, the bird makes his way from behind the screen to the standing microphone placed in the center of the stage. The applause swells and fills the Patio. Cap'n Sylvia introduces our guest. “Hello! Tonight I have the 'privilege' of introducing the Director of ‘Abismo de Pasion’, perhaps the best known member of the bird clade Columbidae film directors, Alfredo Paloma-Hitchcock.”

Mexico’s most famous near-passarine artist clears his throat.

“GOOD EVENING.” He says in all caps.

“In tonight’s lecture we will explore the history and themes of ‘Abismo de Pasion’. Although this show was inspired by the work of my Great-Great Uncle, the human English Film Master Alfred Hitchcock, this work has been a collaborative and inter-species effort, one I could not have completed without the creativity and lateral thinking of our simian writers. Fluffy and the Chimps, who have a table of their own, clap and scream loudly for banana Daquiries.

Dry coughs are heard on the Patio. Doris says, “Hey, DaisynJay, this is going to be a long night. Pour me another tall one, will you?” The bird continues speaking, “ I invite all of you to join me in expressing your feedback on tonight’s episode using avian metaphors. Blue Lass grins and says—“Now this should be fun.” The bird drones on. “My uncle first took up the bird theme in his 1963 classic horror film, The Birds…” “Just roll the tape!” orders Cynderella.

Scene One - Blue House of Shame
Carmina and Elisa face one another down. After luring her niece to her lair with the promise of giving Elisa Stef’s long-lost wedding dress, Carmina begins to torture Elisa with words.

 “No me parece..” she begins, “It seems incredible to me the love you feel for Damian. You should forgive him for what happened between us.”

“I hope you understand,” replies Elisa, “That there is nothing you could do to separate me from Damian. I am going to marry him today and only death could prevent it.”

Carmina mumbles, “Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen, I’m here. I’m putting this dress in your hands.” She gives Elisa the wedding dress.  “My sister would have liked you to marry Damian. I’m doing it for her, you know? I loved her a lot.” Elisa responds by accusing her aunt of hypocrisy.

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Amor Bravío #54 (Uni 49) Tue 10/30/12

Hissadroa has found Daniel Diaz Acosta’s father!!!  She found him after seeing his name on Daniel’s birth certificate—and no one else thought of this.  He tells her he has no idea where his son is.  It’s been many years since he divorced Agatha and he’s had no communication with them.  She practically sticks her foot in the door to keep him from shutting it in her face.  She asks if he’d be willing to do something for  Daniel.  Nothing doing, he says.  What if there were something in it for you, something to pad your wallet so to speak, she asks.  Of course, that piques his interest, scoundrel that he is. 

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Por ella soy Eva #75 10/30/12: Eva Has a Bad Day

A slow-moving episode. Argh! Pluto and Helena will have a party soon to celebrate being a couple! Eva, crushed: "How about the promise you made Antonia at the altar?" "My dearest Antonia is sadly dead, now I love this face and these eyes." Eva leaves in tears. Pluto and Helena kiss and kiss. Lucia rubs salt in the wound, rattling on, 'what a cute couple...' Jaime's song queries: "What will I do with my life now?"

Angelica calls Santi, it's hard doing nothing! He thinks she should study something, she thinks she should go spend money at clubs. A somewhat menacing tune suggests the guy at the front desk asking for Santi is a problem, and asi es: Santi is way behind in his payments on the super-expensive apartment Patty-baby made him sign for (and which he's never lived in), and he owes for the renovations too. Like, a million. He looks quite ill.

Lovesick Adri, playing golf in his office, calls Eva to hear her voice and then breaks a window. Meanwhile Pluto takes Helena home where she can hang out with Lalo while recuperating. She admits Pluto is her squeeze. Lalo's ok with that: "I just want you to be as happy as you were when Juan was alive."

Rebe can't find her cellphone and is annoyed to be taking orders from Mousse Boy, he's in charge of Playa Majagua while Helena's out sick. Eva staggers in wincing with gastritis and Rebe thinks again: that's just like Juan Carlos. She brings in a doctor to have a look at Eva! "Don't touch me!" screams Eva! "And no, I'm not loosening my belt, I don't do that. Take this doctor away! I prefer the teas, herbs, and natural remedies of my home town!"

Rebe leaves with pages 4-5 of the fraud report and reading it realizes: if Pluto had contact with Juan's mom, he too could have been involved.

I see by the way Adri puts his arm around Mimi in the elevator that she's making progress. She slips away, he bangs his head in frustration. Despite his natty mauve tie, he's not getting any from anybody!

When Marcela wants to take him to a nice restaurant, Fer says he has work to do (hahaha he types with one finger.) One of the girls comes in and irritates him further by gushing: "All the world knows how great she is, and just imagine, she used to be a receptionist."

The gossiping office babes next tease Lucia for having sex with Renato in the office.

Pluto and Adri tell Eva the business can't afford to rehire the fired women. Eva says she'll keep looking for a way: "For you two, those women of scarce resources are nothing, but not for me." After Eva leaves Pluto yells that Adri is too influenced by love! "Love is making me a better man," Adri counters.

Lucia, Helena and Silvia say nothing of importance.

Mousse Boy convinces Adri he can head up the important meeting tomorrow with construction representatives. He'd like Helena's job permanently, I'm sure.

Fer yells at Marcela when she comes back, he's pouting because it took her so long to bring his lunch. She tucks a napkin under his chin and feeds him. He's miserable to hear that next month she'll probably get another bonus.

Juan to Mimi: "Somebody used my name to put money in my mother's account. It was the day she was lost and I found her in the theater. I'll never forget it, because that same day I asked Helena to marry me."

Lame end to a lame episode, Lucia badgers Mousse Boy about the gossip. "Did you tell people something happened between us?" "I'm a gentleman, I'd never talk about you. Stop listening to gossip."

Tomorrow: Eugenia tells Rebeca that Juan Carlos is at Grupo Imperio!


Refugio Para el Amor #144 Tue 10/30/12 "Now Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Seen." Hebrews 11:1

Readers, you know by now I need a template or structure to manage writing about all the disparate characters and scenes in these episodes. And I've chosen faith tonight, because it has been a vital part of this story from the very beginning. Tonight as we look at our drama, we find out who has faith, who has not, and who is making those first tentative steps on the royal road. Hang on! Because it's a wild ride as usual.

ROSELENA: No Spiritual Faith. Only Fear. And the need for control that only Fear engenders.

A fear which drives her to commit the most unthinkable of crimes, allowing a newborn baby, blood of her blood, son of her son, to be thrown away in the trash on a cold rainy night.

Fear, rather than Faith, leads her to control the lives of her children with an iron hand.
She's decided that Jana will marry Boris, and now she's meeting with Padre Honesto to decide their wedding dates. Padre Honesto weakly protests that our “hijos son prestados” (our children are loaned to us) but Roselena is quite certain that she owns them. My children don't have the maturity to make their own decisions, she asserts. So it's my job to decide what they should do....until the Lord calls me home. Call me controlling if you must, but I'm a caring mother. Not like some mothers who lose their babies in the middle of the night in a storm! Oh dear, forgive me padre, I shouldn't have said. It was my grandchild, after all, she simpers.

Later, Roselena is equally controlling during a confrontation with Gala and don't-call-me-abuela-Julie. Gala is complaining that Rodrigo hasn't slept with her since the conception of Alexis, and if he doesn't start paying attention to her soon, she's going to unfaithful. She's not cut out for chastity after all! She's particularly incensed that Pato and Rodrigo are in San Francisco el Alto right now...with the domestica...

Roselena: If I find out you're cheating, I'll move cielo, mar y tierra for him to divorce you.
Gala: If you want to lose Alexis, do it! In this country patria potestad (custody) is given to mothers, not fathers.
Julie: Chicas!...we're playing on the same team, aren't we?
Roselena: Alabado sea el Señor ( Praise be to God), you [Gala] can liberate yourself from a life of lust and dedicate yourself to your child! She only knows her nanny and Brigida. She's a desconocida (unknown person) for you.

After this verbal tussle with Gala, Roselena is now ready to take on the hapless Jana. When Boris comes calling, Rose nags Jana....
Rose: Hurry up Jana. It's bad manners to keep your prometido (fiancé) waiting.
Jana: He's not my prometido, he's only my novio (boyfriend). Now that I've got my degree, I want to develop my career in the corporativo. Why do I have to marry right away?
Rose: You can marry and still have your career. He's the ideal match, he's of our class, his family has lots of money, he's got a bright future, and I'm not la tonta that you believe. Once that taquero finds out you're back from Europe, he'll try and get in touch with you. And who knows what temptation you could fall into.
Jana: Mom, don't start.
Rose: I haven't forgotten what I promised five years ago. If he approaches you, something VERY BAD will happen to him.

In short, Roselena has no faith in her supposedly beloved children to choose their life course or their spouse. Only she has the right and the alleged wisdom to decree what they will do and with whom. She is ready to steal, cheat and even kill, if necessary to ensure that her will be done on earth. At the very most, God is simply a Cosmic Vending Machine. She puts in her pesos and collects her desired product.
Roselena is one of the most blasphemous characters I'v ever seen in a telenovela. Truly blood-chilling.
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Abismo de pasión #156 10/29/12: A Tale of Two Parties


Damian welcomes wife #1 and Carito to the engagement party that Alfonsina is hosting. Flo and Alf glare at each other. Alf grabs her arm and pulls her aside, wanting to know how she could show her face in Casa Arango after what sheʼs done. Flo says she wouldnʼt miss seeing Damian having control over his own life again, and Alf fires back that he is only  getting control because sheʼs letting him.

Alfonsina announces to the group that Damian and Elisa are to be married. Seated are Braulio, Lolita, Lucio, Doc Tovar, Enrique,Carito, and Florencia. Damian, cutting a very fine figure in his well fitted gray suit, and Elisa (who cares what sheʼs wearing) stand and he pulls out a new ring that doesnʼt yet have bad luck attached to it. He puts it on her finger saying that it represents the culmination of all his dreams heʼs had since he was a child. Just now, I see Paloma and Gael behind Damian. Did they just arrive? Not sure. As he talks about his life long love of Elisa, even the cold unfeeling botox queen gets choked up. Next to her, Paloma is doing the happy dance because her arch rival is finally going to be off the market and finally, finally, Gael will give up the notion of getting her back. (Not!)

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Por ella soy Eva #74 10/29/12

Well, the novela production studio gets some more mileage out of their much-in-demand hospital set, as we get a lot of Helena scenes this episode. She's still trying to deal with the midnight visitation from Juan. She persists in telling her Mom that the appearance was real and smiles like a goon. Mom says it must have been a dream (an explanation that has rarely convinced anyone). Then the nurse arrives and Mom tells her "my daughter's messed up - she's seeing things that aren't real." It turns out hallucinations are a possible side effect of the anesthesia they gave her, but Helena isn't having any of it. Then the doctor (chubby guy in lab coat with white beard equals instant credibility) arrives and tells her the exact same thing the nurse did. He gives her some low-level psychotherapy for free - "maybe seeing visions of Juan means you haven't coped with his death yet."

Mimi continues to overextend herself to get Adriano's attention, but Eva arrives and puts an end to that. Adriano takes Eva to his office - he has a present for her. He just about blows an artery trying to get out a file from his cabinet - his own investigations on Juan's fraud!

This is certainly an interesting tactic to get Eva to love him. Adriano hands over the file and mentions that he's sure Santi and Fernie had nothing to do with the fraud - they were just dupes (well, they sure are dopes). He gives her the file and she swears silence. Then he asks her "well, don't I deserve a premiosito?" and he gets a cute fist bump. Eva exits, and Adriano pathetically sniffs the hand that just got the fist-bump.

Offering yet more proof of how very poorly-designed the GI office is, Eva slams into Rebeca at an intersection. They need one of those convex see-all-ways mirrors that they put at corners in the hospital. The secret file goes flying, Rebe gets a look, and she gets her evil-planning face. Oops.

Helena is still moping about her late-night revelation. Mom: if you keep this up, how will you remake your life? Do it for yourself and Lalito, learn to live without Juan just you like you advised me to learn to live without my awful husband.

Fernie is actively failing to assemble a new office chair and refuses to accept the instructions or his wife's help. He falls on his butt and everyone laughs, even him! It's nice to see them happy.

Rebe is "more sure every day" that Pluto was involved in the Juan Carlos fraud... She tells him "I forsee a cell in your future, dark and full of rats." You want a war, Pluto, you'll get one - a nuclear war!

Bad Grandpa busts into his former home to be a grump - Eva is playing with Lalito, and he lets her know that he won't allow her to get in "his" house to mess with with "his" grandson. Fortunately, Grandma grows a pair and informs him that it STILL isn't his house and he'd better go.

Juan and Mimi - Juan plans for tomorrow to be the day he drops the disguise. He sings a song of joy: no more boobies, no more heels, hooray! Tomorrow!

Plutarco bursts into the hospital room with a heap of roses. He says "I love you so much," and angles for a kiss but gets SHUT DOWN. He tries to look like he's content with the bone she throws him "don't think about the past - you are my present," but you can see the smoke coming out of his ears.

Marcela gets a fat bonus check. Fernie doesn't take it so well. Get a  grip!

I don't understand why Juan's dad gets to be so bossy. He's giving Juan's mom instructions. Aren't they divorced or something? But it looks like she wants to go ahead and make a theater comeback anyway. Good for her!

NOOO, Helena kisses Pluto and Eva appears. Helena says they're novios!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Amor Bravío #53 (Uni 48) Mon 10/29/12

Capitulo 53: Unholy Alliances

Note:  This is a quick-and-dirty version due to the risk of power loss during the storm and my being tired from Halloween partying.  Back to usual form next week.

Lo del Pasado

El Diablo asks Alonssso about the status of his divorce only to get the response that anyone could have Camila but him. El Diablo laughs at Komodo Jr's attitude and uselessness.

Lo de Neuvo

Luzma's Room: She prays to Jesus for guidance. Camila arrives to check up on her and Luzma tells her that she doesn't know how to feel at the moment; like this is all happening to someone else. Camila tells her the story of the accident on the night of her despedida de solteros with Luis and how she felt like she was in a dark room with no exit and thought she would never feel anything again. Luzma tells her that Piedad doesn't want her to not have the baby. Camila tells her that only she can make the decision and reminds her that tests can be done to determine whether anything is wrong with it. Camila asks whether Luzma can come to love the baby despite it all; Luzma isn't sure. Dorotea enters to tell Luzma that Pablo is there to see her. She doesn't want to face him, but Camila tells her she will support her decision about the baby, whatever it is.
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Refugio Para el Amor #143 Mon 10/29/12 Five Years Later; Where Are They Now?

After the FIVE YEAR time jump caused a collective shock to Viewerville’s system last episode, this episode we are still settling in and catching up with our characters, and what they have been up to after so many of their worlds fell apart or changed dramatically almost exactly five years ago.

Five years ago, Luci gave birth to little Roddy, then “lost” him in a state of fear over a threatened kidnapping, and delirium caused by her out of control blood pressure and post-operation meds. This loss caused a ripple effect of grief through all of Luci’s and Rod’s family and friends, but no one felt this tragedy more acutely than Luci.

Five years later, Luci is a sophisticated young businesswoman and student, about to finish her last semester of business school, focused on textile design. She plans on creating her own brand (marca) of goods and will work with the women of San Francisco el Alto to produce the products she designs under her brand. She still works at TL Corporation, supports all the local orphanages providing them with food and supplies, runs her foundation to provide economic opportunities for women in the North, AND has continued the search for her son. She is truly Wonder Woman.
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Amorcito Corazón Discussion #139-143 Oct. 29-Nov. 2

I have to admit I enjoy the younger Maris and their silent treatment of their Dad.  He tries to talk with them about his insane marriage and asks for forgiveness.  He seems to be making headway but Manny’s presence destroys the moment; actually in the past, EWM had Marifer calling her mom; she now realizes how awful her tia now madrastra is.  Fer wonders why Marifer called her a traitor and gets snowed by EWM’s latest lie.  He runs into Isa throwing away their mementos but he retrieves them.
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Amor Bravío #52 (Uni 47) Fri 10/26/12 Up From The Deep and Over the Heap; Luzma Knows With Tio Pervertido It Ain't Over Till The Fat Slob's Six Foot Under, But Dio Has Plans For Leo

Capítulo 52 -  

[Warning! This particular episodio is not for viewing on a full stomach!!  Do so at your own risk!]

All is not well with Luzma and Company we see as we return to the clinic in Aculco.   We learn, courtesy of the doctor’s trumpeting the news to the entire room full of people, that not only is Luzma vindicated in her claims of rape, but she is now pregnant from that rape.  Viewerville again suffers the lurch and tumble of their stomachs right along with Luzma’s as she learns her fate.  (My mind races back to my H.S. Biology class discussions about recessive genes.  So, is Luzma or Leoncio the recessive one in this pool?)  That’s not the worst of it tho’ boyzngirlz!  She learns she’s got to be at least twelve (count ‘em) weeks along before a DNA test can be done to prove paternity!! Luzma finally faints after hearing Piedad object to what Lic. Becerra explains about aborting the child: that, as a rape victim, if she decides by three months’ time to abort the child she is legally “allowed” to do so.  (Ok.  So will there be a race for time to get the results back so she can have the abortion done before the trimester deadline is up?  Or, will she miraculously have a telenovela god induced miscarriage?)

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Abismo de pasión #155 10/26/12: The Bastard with Dreams of Greatness

Casa de Castanon:  I’m still a bit woozy from having to be revived by the paramedics with smelling salts.  It seems both Elisa and I passed out from shock when Alfonsina said that she would not oppose a marriage between Dam and Elisa.  So, you can see why I became light-headed. 

Elisa, like me, is confused.  Alfonsina has just complimented Elisa on her business skills (that’s when Elisa hit the floor), and said that Elisa wouldn’t make a bad co-owner in the company.  Elisa comments that the procesadora really must be desperate if Alfonsina is willing to take Elisa’s money.  Alfonsina insists Elisa is wrong and tells Elisa that she is able to save the procesadora without Elisa’s help.  Alfonsina says that she can’t continue fighting Damien on everything.  Alfonsina knows that Damien will give up all for Elisa including his inheritance and his last name.  He’d even cut ties with his own mother for Elisa.  That’s what she’s trying to avoid.  She’s willing to tolerate Elisa (the daughter of the woman who she believes killed her husband) as both a business partner and daughter-in-law.   I’m feeling a bit dizzy again. 

Hacienda Arango:  While lounging on his bed, Damien removes his Elisa bait (aka amulet) and puts it in the top drawer of his night-stand.   Alfonsina enters the bedroom and tells Damien that she told Elisa that she will not stop a marriage between the two of them.  Oops, another one bites the dust.   Damien just passed out too. Luckily for you, I’m willing to take one for the team and give Damien mouth to mouth.….OK, he’s back.  OK…maybe not.  Please be patient, this might take a few more minutes of making out and feeling his chest…I mean mouth to mouth and chest compressions…to revive him. 

Alfonsina tells Dam that she went to ask Elisa to marry him.  Translation:  his mommy asked Elisa to marry him.  Damien doesn’t believe her.  Alfonsina tells him that she will no longer interfere in his affairs.  He has the right to live his own life.  She admits that she screwed his life up.  Translation:  his mommy has weaned him from her breast milk. He can eat solid food now.

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Por ella soy Eva #73 10/26/12: Helena Has Many Visitors But The Only One That Counts Is JC; Rebeca Gets The Intel From The USB

I am doing this recap from memory again, so if I leave anything out, please fill in, also this is not in any order.

JC is in the chapel praying for Helena. It is pretty funny cause it is like a conversation between JC and Dios. He asks Dios to look after Helena and to be sure she recovers. JC is still in the doctor's scrubs with the mask off his face as he has this little convo. In comes Silvia to pray for Helena and out goes JC putting the mask back on his face.

Eugenia is talking to the doctor in the rest home, I like that better than manicomio jus' sayin, and Eugenia I swear, says a couple of lines from Corazon Salvaje (Ed Note: the actress that plays Eugenia, Helena Rojo, was actually the evil Leonarda Montes de Oca in the Corazon Salvaje of 2009) and Eugenia also quotes part of the soliliquiy of Hamlet, in to be or not to be. The doctor is pleased she knows all this stuff from memory and no she doesn't have Alzheimers. The doc asks her why she insists her son is still alive when clearly he is dead. Eugenia says not dead, alive he is just away and is kind of pretending he is someone else, the doctor looks at her funny.

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El Mundo de Telemundo, week of 10/29/12: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

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Refugio Para el Amor #142 Fri 10/26/12... Of time jumps, CUTE SWEET grown up kids, little girl and college age girl shipped away to school, did I say CUTE SWEET grown up kids? and 'where in the world is Pedro Campos'?


Rodrigo hugging Hanah, talking about how their parents now seem to be total strangers with very rotten sense of values.
Pato says 'our strength is in remaining together, loving each other, and our parents are our challenge, our dare. They are our biggest test of love.'

Luci tells Claudio about her meeting with little Mateo and how she felt to hold him and kiss him.  Claudio says it is strange, especially since their meeting was more emotional rather than rational. Luci says what if that were my son? They said he was 4 mos old but he looked smaller (she freaks out repeating what he it were my son?) Claudio reassures her they will never stop looking for him.

At Chelo’s place, Chelo reads Luci’s business card and then puts it away in a drawer. Then remembers Luci telling him she wanted to help them, no questions asked.

Lo Nuevo:

Hanah in her room laying crying, Max comes in… visibly moved/repentant. He tells her  she is grown up but there might still be things she does not understand about him, your mother and I have not been intimate for many years, no words of love, no physical intimacy… he has a need to be held, to be kissed…even for a little while… THAT is what keeps the world moving… to feel loved… I married your mother loving her, and look at us now. As if we were enemies. I hope you could forget/erase at least some of what happened today, and retain only the good things you have lived with your dad. Because your dad could come and go, he could be here and not be… but you will always be the most prized jewel, the most beloved woman of his life.(she is crying more while listening)
She won’t even turn to face him so he leaves quietly, visibly upset.

At Het Het, Teo is whining to Don Aq about his broken promises ‘if you scare Procopio I will give you his job at the funeral home’. Don Aq says Don Serapio wants Procopio to stay at funeral home and I can’t do anything about that.  … Don Aq says why don’t you try moving to another town and scare someone there… Teo whines some more… which finally irritates Don Aq into just leaving…

At Curvas Continuas, Vio, Selene and Delia receive an unsolicited visit, Gala. Gala asks about Luci, she left. Since I am here why don’t you wash my car… Vio makes a whole ceremony for it putting the soap in the bucket(I would have put in some other things as well, like crushed poison ivy, some sulfuric acid, paint thinner, itchy powder, rubbing alcohol and rubbing compound for starters), stirring with her hand and then splashing Gala with the entire bucket full. Gala is drenched, either Selene or Delia calls Julie ‘espaguetti mexicano’ when she comes over to protest… Gala threatens Vio some and then she and Julie leave in a huff…

Pato calls Luci to let her know they will fly to Het Het tomorrow. He can tell she is a bit sad so she also tells him the story of her meeting with Mateo. He does not seem to get the same vibe as Claudio, more like brushes it off saying a few days at SFeA will do her a lot of good… She asks him how he is… he sadly tells her ‘I am ok’. (not! Not after the new dinner party gone haywire.)

Janah calls Lorenzo while in her room with Mati and we get another sweet convo over the phone. She is sad and needed to talk to him. He even offers to come see her even if he has to risk being caught by her mom… they agree to meet tomorrow… Lorenzo does not let her hang up. He confesses to her, with sweet difficulty, that he loves her… Janah has not noticed her wicked mother has made it in the room… She tells Lorenzo ‘I do love you too’. Both of them hang up not able to contain the joy… Janah turns to Mati yelling that Lorenzo loves her… YIKES!!!
Predictably, RE is beserk with anger… Janah cannot dare even turn around to look her in the eye… you are seeing the ‘taquero de barrio’. And if I could separate your brother from his sister, I will DEFINITELY separate you from him! I warned you! I warned you!. (with that she leaves Janah to find some consolation in Mati’s open arms).

Gala arrived home and threw her purse/bag at Frigida telling her to empty the bag and throw it out… We now see Frigida emptying the bag and guess what she found?? … wait for it… wait for it… Baby Rod’s hospital bracelet name tag!! Frigida says ‘I smell something bad/rotten’ (literally! And I bet it was not exactly the actual bracelet tag)

Melissa confesses to Connie that she is in love with Claudio… Connie not too happy to hear it since Claudio  is old enough to be Melissa’s dad. Melissa tells her she also told Luci and Luci said the same thing Connie did.  Connie asks Melissa what is it you are after? Melissa seems to imply that she wants someone to tell Claudio that she is in love with him. Connie says Claudio is a great man, but he just recovered his daughter and part of his fortune, so it would probably not be in his plans to find a young woman to marry, so forget any hopes of seeing your feelings corresponded. Give yourself time. You just became a lawyer… you cannot force love. Both sides have to be on same wavelength. And this is not your case.

Ofelia and Estelita tell Marianita that they can afford better education for her so they want to ship her to Puebla to a boarding school. (YIKES!!) It takes some convincing but they are able to convince Marianita that they will see her often enough, not all kids have this opportunity, and that it will be great for her future… (hmmmm!!... didn’t Marianita live years without her mother and now they want to separate them again??)

RE makes calls from kitchen to arrange that Janah gets shipped to Florence Italy for her college education (5 yrs straight without coming home). Mati is beside herself… RE claims this is the only way to separate Janah from Lorenzo and retain her ‘chastity/purity’.  RE even calls Boris and asks him if he is willing to follow Janah to Italy to be with her these 5 yrs.  Mati asks won’t you even ask Max? RE says nope, it is my call.

At Nicole’s salon, Vicky has finally returned to work to get over her grief… Nicole is congratulating her on a good business day… but in comes RE the witch to ruin the day… RE gives Vicky a speech as if RE were an undertaker showing her all her sins… Better stay away from Max, because otherwise I swear I will help you meet your dad sooner rather than later… Don’t worry about your dad, he is happy now, rather than suffering in this valley of tears… Just as RE leaves, Max calls Vicky on cell phone to warn her that RE discovered their affair. Vicky yells at him that RE was just there to threaten her and not to call her anymore, that IT IS OVER!!!

Patricio and Luci have arrived at Het Het and they are taking a tour of the shop at Magda’s old house… everyone is really happy. Namurachi thanks them again for the resources… Luci says what is important is that they are getting their biggest goal, to get help for their local women and get them working…

RE tells Janah about her plans to ship her to Italy when they are already on the way to the airport. She tells Janah that she is going to Florence Italy, and that it is to separate her from Lorenzo. You should have thought it better before you dared me. Janah tries to beg and whine her way out of it, to no avail. Five years!! (Mati has called Lorenzo to tell him… He is frozen upset, buckles his knees and sits on curb, almost having difficulty to absorb/process the news he just heard…Later Lorenzo arrives at the private airport but is too late, he can only watch the plane she is on taking off on the runway.. he can only repeat Janah … Janita… crying quietly..

(oh no… here we go… 5 years later…)
Chelo is finishing preparing the meal for Mateo… then he sings loudly to try to get Mateo to wake up and get up to eat… Mateo is so cute!! Luci’s face with black straight hair, but wit h a boy haircut. He is turning 5 years old today. Chelo has made him a small (tiny tiny) cake shaped like a 5 with a single candle…and Chelo sings the mananitas to Mateo.

We see Luci drawing a sketch of what she believes her baby would be like… from looking at the newborn baby picture… she painfully whispers ‘5 yrs, it has been 5 yrs’.  She gets a call from Claudio to meet later, seems she has been able to survive drowning herself in work and her charity…

We see Mateo selling newspapers out in the rain at a busy intersection on the street when guess who drives to him… none other than Daddy Rodrigo himself!... they have a great joyful conversation… funny Mateo tells Rod that the paper is cheaper when there are bad news and more expensive when there are good news… they tell each other their names… Rod offers Mateo some gum, Mateo choses the berry one. Then they swap the money for the paper… SOOOO CUTE this Mateo is… SOOOO like Luci in the face… Chelo has been across the street selling papers to the opposite traffic and has been watching the interaction between Mateo and Rodrigo with a questioning / curious face.
(I have to say I did not like a 5 yr old boy in such a dangerous spot, selling papers at an intersection… but the face on this kid, and his interaction with his ‘don’t know it but you’re my’ dad was priceless!! And dad looks SEXY in his dorky black framed glasses)

At TL offices, Claudio is doing business as usual with Norma, Barrera has been in Argentina after the trail of Pedro Campos… Claudio is a bit flustered they have been trying to find PC for 5 yrs but not able to. 

At Italy, Janah is more mature looking, with wavy hair… packing to return home.

At TL offices, there is a meeting where they spent more money than Max expected (almost 10 % over) on a hydraulic system to reprocess ‘black’ waters… Everyone else, including Claudio is for the tradeoff of doing ‘the right thing for the environment’ in exchange for the 2% reduction in profits… Even one of Rod’s friends reminds them that they also have a commitment/duty as a company to the environment, which overall is beneficial to the company since it has got a ‘environmentally responsible’ rating with the government. Max is still miffed, THIS IS A BUSINESS so we have to find a way to meet the goal for the environment without sacrificing the BUSINESS… Claudio just smiles…

 At TL manor, RE is more anxious than ever with the arrival of Janah, even tells Mati to throw away a tomato that to me looked perfectly red and shiny…

Lorenzo and Fabi are doing well with a business they called ‘la canasta de Lorenzo… deliciosos tacos’… Lorenzo is on the street in the business van talking to Fabi checking on how things are going in the kitchen… He sees a plane fly by above and seems to smile, maybe he knows Janah is due to come back home anytime…

But in Italy, we learn that Boris and Janah are engaged, at least from what Boris says and Janah does not challenge… But she is definitely not very excited about the engagement… probably a forced engagement, maybe even RE told her either you get engaged or you don’t come back home (that was a guess on my part, not on the episode).

At Het Het Paz and Magda wonder if baby Rod would already be in Kinder at school somewhere since he is already 5 yrs old..

As if on cue, on the streets sitting at a park bench, little Mateo/Rod is asking Chelo why he is not in school. Chelo promises him he will home-school him to read, write and count, then later on will register him in school.

At the sky suite furthest from heaven, little Alexia looks very pretty, but has a very screechy voice… just arrived from school with the nurse. Frigida is there… Gala comes but is very distant from Alexia, is not even interested in seeing her school work, instead rudely sends her to her room with the nurse. Frigida is observing all this quietly. Gala asks Frigida if Rod called… Frigida very sarcastically says no ma’am, he has not called. (seems this is the usual routine of every day for Gala, who looks more un-happy than ever). Gala calls Rod at office, he is at a meeting with Claudio and the boys on a new project… Gala puts Rod on phone with Alexia… he asks her how school went… he can’t come home right now but will be happy if she tells him the story when he gets home tonight. Alexia hangs up with Rod and runs back to her room without saying a word to her mother. (sad to watch this as a mother that i am).  Rod gets sad and tells the other men in the office that today would be his son Rod’s 5th bday.  

Luciana is at an orphanage, speaking with the one who looks like a mother superior, about it having been 5 years and no word about her son yet. The MS is trying to prepare Luciana for the disappointment, the more time passes, the more difficult it will be to find your son… Luci says all she hopes is that whoever has her son is treating him right…

At that very moment we see Mateo and Chelo eating at a diner, talking… when Chuy and others come with a birthday cake surprise for Mateo… ‘this is the best birthday of all my life!!’

VO: Time passes… time does not forgive but does not forget either…
we see flashes of Luci and Rod about to kiss, then Luci and Pato talking, then it seems Mateo and Alexia end up at same school, shake hands, then Luci meeting Alexia


Blog mom recommends a video. Have a look, please!

Please watch: You Don't Own Me

The song is Leslie Gore's hit from the 1960s. It seems very pertinent in view of the many recent comments about the male-dominated world of telenovelas.

I have been asked to keep this blog non-political, and by and large I do, but I've thought this over carefully, and - it's my blog. Agree or disagree as you choose - but just take a look, it's a lovely video.

I love all our bloggers and commenters, big and small, male and female, red and blue. I am disallowing comments on this post but you may write to me directly at


Amor Bravío #51 (Uni 46) Thu 10/25/12 Amor Valiente

D'Andres convinces Camila to let him talk to Luzma alone first.  Camila reluctantly agrees, but she wants him to do it right away.  He vows to make the responsible party regret being born.

Isadora refuses to go to Las Vegas to make believe it's a real training trip.  Basically, Dionisio just wants Agustina out of the way so he can make a play for Camila without her mother hanging all over him every second.  He doesn't care how low Isadora thinks he's fallen, the sod will rise again.  Isadora decides she'll cancel at the last minute so that Agustina still has to go and Dio can make his move.

Rafa was a little worried about how Camila would take him moving in with Vivi, but Vivi's more preoccupied with the knowledge that Cam and D'Andres have done the deed.  Vivi lies to Rafa, telling him nothing happened, but Cam just isn't for him.  It's too late to keep her from falling from D'Andres.  She advises Rafa to stop suffering over his impossible love.

Osvaldo is glad to see Camila so well recovered.  She reviews her will and only asks for one change--if she should happen to re-marry, she wants her husband and children to have part of her goods.  Osvaldo says she's welcome to change her will as many times as she wants to, so no worries.  He'll bring a fresh copy for her to sign the day after tomorrow.  Agustina giddily announces she can't sign then because she'll be in Vegas, baby.  Osvaldo is thrilled to hear it…not!

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Abismo de pasión #154 10/25/12: Damian rejects, Carmina reflects, Gael neglects, and Elisa connects with Carmina’s face.

Refrito: Who knew there was a piranha in the cenote? Certainly not Dam, but he knows now.

Lo Nuevo:  Fina visits Lucio. (Great eye roll gramps.) He wonders why she’s there. Last time, he says, it was to talk about Blanca and Stef. To her surprise he also knows about the plane tickets, but he says patooey on them because they could be fake just like the DNA results that Carmina once falsified. Fina sighs and says she lost the only person who could help her, her brother. That’s why she’s come, she needs Lucio’s help. They are seeking the same thing, the truth. She wants to talk to Lucio about his doubts concerning Blanca’s death and to put Gabino Mendoza behind bars until the end of his days.

The Citrus Octopus tells Dam that she heard Elisa tell Lolita she wasn’t going to meet Dam at the cenote. She suggests they get it on, “Let’s kiss, let’s cuddle, let’s go to hell together.” (Direct quote, no paraphrasing I swear.) He calls her Señora and says the only thing she provokes in him is lastima y verguenza. She looks like she’d like to have a knife, gun, or rock in her hand right about now.

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Por ella soy Eva #72 10/25/12: Tell Her That You're Never Gonna Leave Her, Tell Her That You're Always Gonna Love Her...

During his evening of romanticus interruptus (the guy is like Wile E Coyote), Plutarco convinces Helena to throw the mementos she has of Juan Carlos out the window; "Do it for Lalito," he tells her.  Helena is green from cyanide poisoning and tells Pluto she feels bad.  He tells her it's just the emotional wear and tear she has just experienced, but she tells him no, she really feels ill.  He goes to take her out for some fresh air and Helena faints.  Pluto is scared and he calls an ambulance.  Pluto calls Silvia, and Silvia in turn calls Bastardo who has to find the phone under a pile of clothes.  He is his usual charming self.  Instead of concern for Helena he wants to know what's she doing out so late.  He says Helena doesn't exist for him anymore, but he shows up at the hospital anyway.

JC and Mimi are with a friend of Mimi's who helped them break into Pluto's house, which is in the middle of construction.  The women are doing their "life is roses" song, but JC wants them to get serious and help find Pluto's safe.  He discovers a hole in the wall where Pluto's safe used to be and gets angry.  Worse yet, he finds a photo of Helena and shouts that he knew it, Pluto is in love with her!

Lucia is pouting silently in the office with Renato, and he asks if it's because of the question he asked her in yesterday's show, does she want to sleep with him or not?  She says that although she's a modern woman, she wants romance and to be treated like the princess she is.  He says that's not how she behaved with her previous boyfriends (ouch).  She gets indignant and wants to know where he heard such a thing.  He says from Mauricio in Human Resources.  Renato admits to having a secret and Lucia tries to get him to tell her.  She runs through a list of women at GI with whom he might be involved, but he says he has other priorities- work.  They are bantering and in the process Lucia accidentally erases hours of his work off the computer.  He's not happy.

Back at the pension, JC is ranting about that vulture Pluto having eyes for Helena.  JC goes to call Helena to tell her about still being alive.  Mimi talks him out of it (again) and JC goes for a walk leaving his phone behind.  Alone in a park, JC cries thinking about all the times he's run into Helena and the Putz together.  "Por que, Helena, por que?" he asks.  Then he daydreams about their time together.  JC shows up at Helena's apartment as himself, apparently ready to confess everything.  The sitter tells him that Helena is in the hospital and he rushes off.

At the hospital, a doctor is telling Pluto, Silvia, and Ed about Helena's condition.  She has food poisoning and they've pumped her stomach.  But while doing scans they found a tumor in her ovary.  They have to do more studies.  Mad Dad snaps at Silvia for crying.  He tells her she is as irresponsible as ever.  (you know, this used to really bother me but now I just see it as more nails in his coffin.)  Mad Dad observes that Pluto must be very much in love with Helena to be hanging around like this.  Pluto acknowledges Helena's importance to him, and Bastardo tells him, "Learn to control her or she will do foolish things."  While all this is going on, JC sneaks past the lot of them.

At home, Marcela is asking Fernando about a broken sink, which he has "fixed" three times already.  He just wants to eat his breakfast (if you have a mustache in this show then you're always eating.  maybe the 'stache needs feeding).  He tries to fix it again and the water just runs.  Marcela goes to look at it and he calls her "superwoman" and mumbles that now she is going to show him plumbing.  She fixes it.

Renato tells Lucia she has erased 80% of his work and he needs to concentrate to redo it.  She rattles on and on about promising to be quiet until he gives her a look.  Later, they both fall asleep from exhaustion.  Lucia wakes up and cuddles in against Renato who is sleeping on the floor.  In the morning an Evalette wakes them up and asks an embarrassed Lucia what's going on.  Silvia calls Lucia to fill her in.

Silvia calls Eva's phone and Mimi answers.  Silvia tells Mimi about Helena, and Silvia gives her the description of the man who talked to the sitter about Helena last night.  Mimi realizes it was JC as himself, tells Silvia it was her driver, and she goes to the hospital to find him before he does something foolish. 

The doctor tells everyone the tumor is not malignant or life-threatening, but he wants to remove it before it causes complications.  Mad Dad continues to demean everything Silvia does and Pluto, to his credit, covers his face in discomfort (although better if he'd said something).  Silvia has had enough.  YAY!  She tells Bastardo never to dare to speak to her that way again, in public or in private.  He doesn't seem particularly put off by it, but viewerville is ecstatic. 

Juan Carlos is dressed as a doctor and gets a nurse to tell him everything that's going with Helena.  He approaches a sleeping Helena and takes off his mask to kiss her.  He is giving her words of comfort and, uh oh, in walks Pluto.  JC keeps his back to Pluto, while Pluto puts his hand on JC's shoulder and takes his arm while asking him to do everything he can for her.  JC is sweating bullets.  JC tells Pluto he has to wait outside and Pluto asks if he can give Helena a kiss first.  No way! 

Bastardo continues to fawn over Pluto and I swear he's watching Pluto's ass as he walks away.  Pluto returns to the hotel room and kicks out all the cleaning staff.  He calls Onesimo, tells him what happened, and gives him an assignment.  Rebeca is holding the USB port she stole from Pluto's room.  Onesimo saunters into Rebeca's office, leers at her, and puts his feet up on her desk.  She is angry and confused by his behavior.  He tells her he knows what she did.  She pretends at first to not know what he's talking about (desentenderse) and then tells him he has no proof.  Onesimo says not now, but she better step carefully.

Mimi is at GI and is still looking for JC.  Adriano comes in looking for Eva.  Mimi wants to talk to him and Adri says we'd better not.  He tells her he told Eva about Mimi's feelings for him.  He goes to call Eva and the phone rings in Mimi's hands.  He gives her a look.

Avances:  Helena wakes up with JC in the room, and says, "Juan, estas vivo?"


Refugio Para el Amor #141 Thu 10/25/12 Rosa's Plan Backfires, Luci Sees Her Son But Does She Recognize Him?

Funeral Home, D.F.

We open this epi tonight with Rosa just having heard the "Osito" word she has been so hell bent on finding out. She saunters into the room and Max greets her. Rosa la loca goes right up to Vicky and expresses her condolonces on behalf of her and Max. Vicky is lookin' scared and Rosa comments what a hard worker and great man Don Jeronimo was. Vicky is really crying and Rosa says it's best if they leave Vicky to her grief. Vicky thanks them for being there. Rosa and Max go and Vicky is left alone with her grief.

Nicole and Aldo have a little cafecito outside and Nicole can't beleive that Max and Rosa came, and Vicky is really taking this hard. Aldo says Don J worked for the Torreslanda firm many years. They go back inside to be with Vicky so she isn't alone.

Oscar, Conny and Claudio are standing together and can't beleive that Don Jeronimo is dead. Was he sick, they wonder? Claudio says he was talking with him just the other day, Oscar gives him a funny look.

Rod and Pato are talking and Rod asks how Pato is doing? Pato says by the grace of Dios he would be here too, if he hadn't had quick care after his accident. Rod says he is glad Pato is still with them. Rod asks after Luci, look dude couldn't you ever ask her yourself? Really! Pato tells Rod that Luci is looking for her son, Pato was going to go with her, but since Don J died, he came to the wake/funeral instead. Rod says the P.I.'s have checked everywhere but nothing, absolutely no new info. Rod says they and he will never stop looking he swears. In come Vicky and Aldo. Rosa la loca holds out her arms to Vicky as a show of condolence and Vicky has no choice to be embraced by this viper of a woman. Rosa loudly says I am so sorry for your loss, and then pulls Vicky close in her arms and whispers in her ear, but it's a shame you are alive "Osita"! Vicky is shocked, she can't say a thing. Then Rosa la loca goes to Max and tells him, I know you want to be here in Vicky's time of need, but you got more important things to do, like talk to Hanna. Max gets a puzzled look on his face, and Rosa la loca goes close to his ear and the viper is spitting her venom and says Adios "Ostio", Max is shocked, I tell you shocked! The look on his face, like busted! Vicky cries in the background and Vicky watches as they leave and Rod takes Max's place by the coffin. Rosa is stomping out of that funeral home and Max wants to know what talk with Hanna? Rosa tells him you had an affair, you made me confess all to the children (Ahem: There are more sins piled up than you can shake a stick at lady, jus' sayin") and now it's your turn. She leaves Max stranded as Gennaro takes Rosa la loca off. This is her new planes! Make Max confess all in front of his children about the amante!

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Amor Bravío #50 (Uni 45) Wed 10/24/12 “Love is in the Air While the Storm Brews”

This evening’s capitulo begins with Pablo and his Nana.  Nana observes his sad little face because nothing escapes her because Nana knows the brothers Albarran like the back of her hand.  Rocio comes in as Pablo is departing to go work with Mariano.  Moms would prefer Pablo not linger over at El Malquerida for any reason.  She tells him that she wants him to have some pride and ditch that Luzma who left him plantada at the altar.  Pablo tells Moms, again, to butt out while Nana listens around the corner.  After Pablo departs, Nana chides Moms and tells her Pablo is no longer a child and that she needs to leave him to his own decisions.  Rocio worries that too much time spent across the street will lead Pablo to discover his family relationship to Camila.

We yawn for now and then we get to the good stuff.  We see our star-crossed lovers awakening in each other’s arms.  Camila is happy to see that this is not “another” dream.  “Another, que?” questions Dandres.  Camila sheepishly admits that this was not the first time she has had “sweet dreams – wink wink” with Dandres.   Dandres’ ego just cannot resist the impulse to ask, “How was it?”, to which Camila responds “Uff”.   Somebody translate Uff please!  Well, Dandres assures her this was not a dream.

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Refugio Para el Amor #140 Wed 10/24/12 Everybody is Busy Doing Something; Don Jeronimo is a Goner; Max is Unmasked

Ayer – 
Oscar and Conny repeat their delightful arrival at Oscar’s place where he welcomes her to their new home.  Ay, amor, says Conny as she watches him turn around to face her, arms open wide.  Te amo, he says, as he swings her around and pulls her suggestively toward the bedroom where he has a surprise for her. 

Fab & Lor have been joined by Aldo, seemingly at the car wash, after hours.  They share bottles of soda.  Lor wants to know if Aldo really wants to discuss business.  Nope, he wants to invite them out to the best hamburguesas in town.  Lor insists on paying, though.  If he and Fab can’t pay, no hamburgers.

Rod is looking down at Alexia, still awake in her crib in a large rather sterile nursery room.  He promises that she will get to know her brother.  In contrast, LilRod/Mateo is sleeping peacefully on Don Chelo’s bed (I hope he’s been as diligent at washing his sheets, blankets and spreads as he has the diapers.  I just wish he’d wash his gloves and snitch some of RE’s or Alonslow’s hand sanitizer before picking up Mateo).

Hoy –
The Drip Drab Dungeon in the Sky Where the Sun Don’t Shine
Rod has picked up Alexia and is holding her.  Nitey-nite Nurse comes in to tell him his esposa is waiting for him for dinner.  She’ll stay with the baby.  He whispers to Alexia to sleep with the angels.  As he blesses her he says, mainly to himself, that the blessing is for little Rodrigo as well.  He kisses her and tells her he loves her.  (Note:  they haven’t changed the blue crib linens, or the mobile, but Alexia has some pink on.  I wonder what Gala did with all the clothing in boys size 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6-12 mos, 18 mos, 24 mos and toddler 3’s she bought.)

Brigida (ok, here’s hoping there is rehabilitation in her future) is serving Rod wine. Gala comes in, wasting no time in telling Rod how much she luuurrves her baby and he was right.  She wants the crib moved right into her bedroom so she can be near her.  Skeptical, Rod says he thought she didn’t want her sleep interrupted by the baby.  Gala gaily announces that’s all behind her—she fact-checked the internet and what she had was post-partum depression (if you ask me the symptoms describe Gala’s normal state: irritating, disagreeable, intolerable) and now the symptoms are slowly going away.  She can’t wait to have Alexia close to her.  While they are alone, Gagme gets to the heart of what really matters—is Rod going to continue sleeping on the sofa. (With Brigida, and the night nurse there, it must be a little embarrassing his not sleeping with her.)  No, he’s going to sleep in Alexia’s room (I guess he means with or without Alexia in it).  Gafarza’s face tells the whole story.  She can’t stand him, the baby or the whole mamacita role.  Wonder what she’s cooking up—can’t be anything edible.

From Luci’s Apt to Het Het
Luci is on the phone talking to Paz about coming to SFdeA to take pictures of all her pottery pieces for the catalog.  (Luci has a wan smile on her face, but the light has gone out of her eyes.)  Paz worries that they might be overwhelmed with orders, but Luci tells her that they’ll only do as much as they can.  The catalog is a marketing strategy to reach far beyond the area.  Luci wants to know how Ariche is.  He’s busy with school, exams and working hard on his piggy banks.  She misses them.  Paz asks her not to get sad, Luci and LilRod are always in her prayers.  She’s sure that wherever he is he’s being cared for.  Luci tells her she also asks the Virgencita who, in protecting all her children, protects Luci's, too.

TL Mansion – Patricio’s Bedroom
Pato is tucked up in bed and Jana has squeezed in beside him.  They’re talking about her love life and teenage angst—but she has a point, Boris is being a pest.  She doesn’t know what else to do about him.  She’s told him she’s not his novia anymore and doesn’t want anything more to do with him, but he keeps popping up in the wrong place—like the brouhaha at the car wash.  Pato isn’t much help in the advice department (after all, he’s a guy, pursuing someone whose heart is somewhere else).  He tells her that it’s Boris that has to back off.  She thinks he needs therapy or something.  Pato teases her for being such a heartbreaker.  She’s sure it was Lula that set up the car wash confrontation.  She’s going to talk to her tomorrow.  Pato hopes Boris hasn’t gone to RE first, or things will go badly for her.  Jana is firm that Boris had better not stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong.  She kisses Pato goodnight and is off.
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