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Teresa Fri 4/29/11 #35 Old boyfriends and old boyfriends; #36 Arturo is shark bait!

Capitulo 35 – Old boyfriends and old boyfriends

We open with a scene of Rubigote and Espe smooching at the hospital and bam! Daddy Pedro walks up: What are you doing besuqueandote(smooching)with that man! Espe tries unsuccessfully to calm him down. Daddy tells Rubigote that Espe is a decent señorita (ahem). Espe tells daddy Rube is her novio. The look on Rube’s face is priceless: wh.wh.what?! She goes on telling Daddy a whopper about Rube having wanted to talk to both her parents but she wanted to wait, right Rube? Daddy is seething.

Sweet Mariano is explaining to Hermoso Hernan he intended to pay for Refugio’s hospital bills. He doesn’t want Teresa beholden to anyone. He knows it’s not Hernan’s fault someone else paid but is grateful nonetheless with all he did to help.

Armando visits Refugio. She can’t wait to get better and go home. Wasn’t it nice of that old meanie Porfirio to allow him to be by her side these past few days? Armando doesn’t let on that he’s been fired and just wishes her to get well. She can’t wait to get home and sleep beside him again as she has for these past 23 years.

The kiss that almost was:
Tere and Arturo walk into his house. She’s savoring the moment that she’s opened the door for the first time using his keyring, that is now hers. He tells her it’s all hers, the house and everything in it. Oh, he’s got it bad. He doesn’t know she’s gonna take him at his word. She thanks him for dinner, she had a wonderful time with him…and Luisa. He tells her she was great company. Well, she better get to sleep…..she leans in toward him and then slips up the stairs saying good night. He looks after her longingly (lustily?) and then walks away. NO KISS! Waaaah… After he’s walked away, Teresa peeks over the stairwell, smiling. Mission is on track.

Pedro says Espe’s the light of his eyes. She’s a good girl from a good family. If Rubigote wants to court her, he’d better be serious. Rubigote agrees and thinks now’s a good time he leave so they can have a father/daughter talk and Espe can ‘splain everything to him. He excuses himself and slithers away. Espe begs daddy to understand. Whoa, here comes Nachita. Pedro asks her if she knows about Espe’s BF and that he’s old enough to be her father. At that age, he’s old enough to be married and with children of his own. You guessed it old man! Espe confesses Rube has a daughter in University. Pedro: he’s married??!!

Aurora tells Armando Refugio should be ready to leave intensive care by tomorrow. Armando confesses he’s lost his job and didn’t have the nerve to tell Refugio. How will he pay for the hospital now? Aurora’s surprised Teresa hasn’t told him she’s taken care of the bill. Mariano walks up just then.

Nachita can’t believe Pedro would think of such a thing. Espe with a married man? NUNCA! Right, Espe? Espe tells yet another lie – he’s divorced. Hermoso Hernan walks up to say hi. Espe takes this opportunity to escape making excuses that she has to get to work. She runs off faster than you can say, "Florence Nightingale".

Oh lordy, we cut to el profe’s house and he’s sitting at his desk burning the midnight oil. Upstairs we see Teresa tiptoeing up to the balcony in itsy, bitsy camisole and panties gear. As an evocative electric guitar is playing somewhere over telenovelandia, Arturo heads upstairs and runs into Teresa who’s standing there with a book in her hands. Nothing is said and Arturo gives her the once over. They just stare at each other.

Mariano agrees with Armando’s decision not to tell Refugio about his job status. Any distressing news could endanger her health. Aurora is also in agreement telling him it should be easy to find a job. [Yeah? When was the last time she looked for a job?] Armando is pulled away by Pedro. Mariano and Aurora are left to talk amongst themselves. She confirms she paid for Refugio’s hospitalization saying she’s always seen her as the mother she would have wished for herself. He’s only happy that infeliz licienciado didn’t pay. Aurora can’t believe he’s still jealous of him after all these years. He just can’t believe she went off to live with him. Aurora assures him it wasn’t like that. Luisa invited her and that trip to Cancun? Business. Mariano asks her to convince Teresa not to go on that trip. Aurora is confident Teresa wouldn’t do anything wrong.

Back at el profe’s Teresa claims she couldn’t sleep and didn’t realize anyone else was up. She was only returning a book to the library. She goes on to say she came to live here not only because of Luisa but because of her feelings for him. Arturo’s all: ¿Que? Tere tells him her feelings for him have grown but she must keep her distance because she works for him. As she turns to leave him, she “accidentally” drops her book. Whoopsie. Being the gentleman that he is, he goes to pick it up and as he’s getting up he gets an eyeful of our tiburoncita’s loveliness. [Hilarious, before he can get straighten up completely, she fluffs her hair] The electric guitar starts up again, they stare at each other as he gives her back her book. Then he straightens his tie and backs off, then turns to leave. Jaws theme kills the guitar and Teresa is left looking after him, knowing her prey is well within her reach.

Next morning Paulo is still in his rumpled suit and bien crudo (hungover). Geno is disgusted that he would consider going to work that way. He breaks the news of his betrothal. She offers to go shopping for the ring and also to pay for anything he needs for the wedding.

Tere is talking to Espe on the phone telling her it was a good idea telling her parents he’s divorced. After all, it will soon be true. She’s sure her parents will soon come to accept him and suggests she call Ruben and tell him she’ll wait for him to resolve his “situation” because it’s obvious he really does care for her. After they hangup, Teresa is reviewing some documents and says to herself: Yeah, he cares for you so much, he forged his wife’s signature on the supposed divorce documents. Arturo walks in just then and they chit-chat about work and she points out what a beautiful signature Mrs. Rubigote has, ¿qué no?

Back at the vecindad, all the neighbors are helping Mariano prepare his clinic. Juana is still angry with Cutie-berto about the way he spoke to Tere. Cutberto stands his ground, saying Tere provoked Refugio’s illness. Mariano breaks it up, saying Refugio had been ill for some time. Cutiberto then tries to make up with Juana. I see myself doing a lot of FF>> in future episodes when these two are on screen.

Arturo informs Tere that Fernando has agreed to let her see confidential documents. Tere is grateful for their confidence. She can’t wait to meet Fernando. Arturo has told him she’s his right hand and that he hopes that in time she will his socia (partner).

Back at the clinic-to-be, Espe breaks the bad news to Mariano that she’s reconciled with Rubigote and that he is getting a divorce. She runs off. Aurora and Mariano are talking shop. Mariano says the only thing missing is Teresa. He wishes she were here to see this project through with him. Aurora feels she’s only stressed out about her mom. She’ll come around once Refugio’s well. Mariano’s not to sure. Every day she seems to be moving further away from him. Aurora hasn’t forgotten about her promise to convince Tere against the Cancún trip.

Tere is excited about a partnership with Arturo. It’s always been her dream. They give Luisa the good news. Luisa says that partnership is only the beginning, maybe you can be his partner for life. Tere ignores this remark and asks about the trip. Luisa and Arturo both understand she’s concerned for her mother and have cancelled the trip. Tere acts shocked

Nachita wishes Espe had ended up with someone her own age. After all, when the years pass, he won’t have the same energy. Espe gets upset at this and tells her she loves him and doesn’t care about the age difference. One never knows what can happen. She can end up with someone her own age who will end up dumping her after a few years. Nachita gets sad at this and comments just as Epe’s dad did with her. (Pedro’s not Espe’s dad) Espe’s sorry she brought that up. She just wanted to point out that anything could happen. We also find out Pedro isn’t Johnny’s dad either. Pedro just wants what’s best for her. Nachita promises her support and asks that she invite Rubigote to dinner on Friday.

Tere urges Arturo not to cancel the Cancún trip. She tries to sacrifice herself and urges them to go along without her. Nothing doing they both say. They want to stay with her during her time of trouble (mom’s illness). Oh brother! These two are like sheep coming to slaughter.

Geno congratulates Rubigote, “íconsuergo!” (mother-in-law or father-in-law of one’s child) and tells him Paulo is out buying the ring. She notes not only will their children be united, but their fortunes as well. Rubigote likes that because he’d like to ampliar (expand) his business. He’s always wanted to have more money than Maira. Geno points out Maira has always let him manage everything and will continue to do so as long as they’re together…..that is what he still wants, right? Yes, but he also wants to diversificarme (diversify his business). She asks if he’s purchased a new apartment for Esperanza. He says that’s all over now.

Aurora talks to Teresa about volunteering at Mariano’s clinic and asks that she volunteer also. When Tere says no way, Aurora starts pleading Mariano’s case. He still loves her and he’s very worried about that trip to Cancún with Arturo. Tere couldn’t possible go on that trip even though her mother is out of intensive care – she’s cancelled her plans. Aurora says Mariano’s concerned about Arturo’s intentions. Tere waves that off as his petty jealousy. Aurora wonders why Tere doesn’t tell Arturo about Mariano. Tere doesn’t think that’s necessary now since she’s done with Mariano – he’s all yours. Aurora is hurt at this insinuation.

Pedro and Nachita argue over Espe’s BF – he’s divorced, he’s too old – Pedro just doesn’t have a good feeling about him (me da mal espina) Pablito overhears the whole conversation.

Tere doesn’t believe Aurora is no longer interested in Mariano. Aurora refuses to listen to her tonterías (nonsense). She knows Tere and Mariano love each other. Mariano adores her. Tere: “Too bad for him. The sooner he forgets me, the better.” Her only goal now is to get ahead and rise above la pobreza. Aurora doesn’t understand her attitude. Ambition shouldn’t come at the cost of love. Tere feels it does in her case. Mariano doesn’t have the same drive. Aurora disagrees, citing the hard work he’s putting in to get his clinic up and running. Tere feels it’s not enough and she’s not going to give up everything she’s worked for. Mariano wants her to give up el licenciado and she’s just not going to do that. She tells her he’s offered to make her partner one day. Aurora says that’s all fine and dandy but what good does that do if you can’t share that with the man you love. Tere: even if she wanted to share it with Mariano, she’s fed up with his opinion of her and el licenciado. Aurora continues to fight for Mariano, suggesting Tere tell Arturo of her love for Mariano. Tere tells her to get over it, she has no plans to reconcile with Mariano. Aurora then tells her to reconsider. After all Mariano is super-buena onda (slang: really cool, nice), handsome, intelligent, detalliz (thoughtful), hard worker, but above all he loves her. Ok, I think she went a little too far there, making her feelings obvious to Tere.

Mariano tells Refugio even though she’s doing better, she needs to be careful. She asks about him and Tere. He doesn’t want to talk about that now. She knows he still loves her.

Eew! – Rubigote and Espe in bed. I think I’m blind! – I love you’s all around. Espe’s so happy that he’s finally getting divorced and is glad the end is almost here. She’s glad her parents know about him. He doesn’t know why she told them he’s divorced. Well, it’s almost true, it’ll happen soon enough. He wants more discretion lest Maira find out and cause a scandal. Espe then hits him with the news her parents expect him for dinner on Friday. Of course, he doesn’t think that’s such a hot idea. Mariano and Ramón know who he is. Forget about it. They start smooching again (blech in the blecheler pad).

Tere passes Mariano on her way to Refugio’s room. He reminds her Refugio’s still fragile and shouldn’t be upset. Tere doesn’t need reminding and goes past him. Aurora tells him Tere cancelled trip. She thinks that instead of being to jealous, he should talk to Tere to fix things. Mariano’s convinced that she won’t be happy until he has money. She tells him not to give up so easily and fight for her.

Tere visits with mom and puts on the good daughter act. She only has their best interest at heart. She will get her out of the vecindad. Tere doesn’t want to hear anything about mom’s illness or the possibility of her passing away. Refugio apologizes for hitting her and only wishes for her to be with the man she loves. Tere assures her she will eventually be married with a man who loves her. (See how she switched that around? Real slick.) Momma assumes she’s reconciled with Mariano. Tere reminds her she needs to be calm and promises she’ll at least listen to what Mariano has to say.

Out in the hallway, Pablito runs into his padrinos, Mariano and Aurora. They talk about Refugio’s health for a bit and Aurora agrees to take Pablito along with her to lunch with her dad.

Lusa runs into Arturo’s office to tell him her project won the competition. She takes the chance to tell him to take advantage of the fact Teresa’s in the house to spend more time with her. Arturo’s thinks that’s a great idea and thinks he’ll invite her to eat with Fernando, Luisa, and himself.

Aurora and Pablito are having lunch with Hector the Director. Pablito’s being all cute, talking about his illness, thanking Mariano for his recovery. Then they talk about how wonderful Mariano is. Pablito lets it slip Aurora is helping Mariano with his project. Hector isn’t happy she’s spending time with him without Teresa. He sends Pablito off with the maid so he can speak with Aurora alone.

Paulo gives Aida her ring in a restaurant. He says he wanted to wait for a special occasion but didn’t want to appear cursi (tacky). Actually, he didn’t want to deal with it and just wants to get it over with. He shoves it on her finger and he’s done with it. She talks of how this is a symbol of their lifelong commitment bebé. He tells her not to get so cursi over it and suggests they just drink a toast. She has a better idea and suggests they go somewhere more intimate to celebrate. He’s ok with that but he needs to make a stop to “buy something”. Oh no, our Paulo’s headed on a downward spiral.

Aurora says she agreed to volunteer to work in the clinic before she realized it was Mariano’s project. Hector’s not pleased because he knows she still cares for Mariano. Aurora denies this and besides she knows Mariano and Tere will make up soon. Hector feels this is more the reason she should stay away from Mariano. She swears nothing could happen between them and she only wants to work with the children of the vecindad. Hector tells her she doesn’t know how difficult it is to work alongside someone who doesn’t return her affection. He’s concerned she’ll only end up hurt. She disagrees and says she won’t quit the clinic and asks him to please understand.

Maira is talking to Aida on the phone and is happy to hear about the ring. They discuss setting a date for Paulo to officially ask for her hand in marriage. She gives Ruben the good news and they talk about setting up some time with Geno to go over a timetable, expenses, etc. Maira and Geno have already made plans for Geno and Pablo to come by Friday night. Ruben doesn’t bat an eye, just smiles and says good, good. Guess Espe and her parents are out.

Tere comes by Juana’s to visit. She tells her Refugio is getting better even though she continues to stubbornly ask her to return home. Juana suggests she return home to make mamá happy. Tere feels it’s no use. They’ll only continue to argue and she’ll get sick again – at least that what Cutberto thinks. Juana says family is family and breaks the news Armando lost the job. Tere is not sympathetic and says serves him right for not listening to her but then agrees with Juana finding better jobs isn’t so easy.

Espe and Armando are at the hospital talking about his employment woes. She says she may have a job lead but doesn’t seem anxious to tell him about it.

Mariano runs into Tere as she’s leaving vecindad. He tells her he found out Arturo didn’t pay the hospital expenses. Tere tells him he doesn’t know how difficult it was for her to swallow her pride when Aurora paid it. Really? How hard was that? They squabble a bit over how unrealistic it is for Mariano to think he could have covered that expense himself. Mariano is basically begging her to give their love another chance, saying as long as he lives he will continue to insist their love is worth fighting for. Tere tries to resist him then gives in and kisses him and their theme song begins.

Aida is in the car admiring her ring when she notices Paulo giving some guy (Fito) money. She wants to know what he’s buying from that tipo. He shows her a packet of pills. They’re only para alivianarme (take it easy, be cool). He offers her some so they can celebrate a lo grande (big time) Just this one time. Just say no, Aida!!!

Teresa and Mariano break from their embrace. He’s assuming this is it, they’re back together. Not so, says Tere, this was the last kiss. Tearfully, she tells him to leave her alone now and stop trying to contact her. The look on Mariano’s face is so sad :( He can’t believe their love is over. She’s never denied she loves him but she needs more than love. She needs comodidad economica (financial security/comfort), a life filled with comodidades. He’s stunned, asking if she’s ready to throw away everything they have together. She’s made her decision! That’s a sacrifice she’s ready to take. She then dramatically removes her engagement ring and places it in his hand. He puts it back in her hand, “This is ring is yours. Save it as a symbol of un amor desinteresado (indifferent)” Oh yeah? She doesn’t want this ring with its sad glass, not when she can have one with real brilliantes (diamonds). Then she holds it up and lets it drop at his feet. She tells him not to waste his time, it’s over! Oh boy, she is mean and heartless. She leaves him and he picks up the ring and has a really sad, depressing look on his face.

Aida is telling Paulo no way. She has no need for those things (pills) and neither does he. Ok, bebé? He’s all, duh ok mi amor. Egads, he’s such a doofus!

Luisa arrives at an office introducing herself when she runs into Fernando – wow! She doesn’t recognize him at first and introduces herself to him. He tells her who he is and can’t believe how beautiful and grown up she is.

5..4..3..2..1 KISS!
Tere arrives at el Profe’s. She’s sad and crying, looking at her hand sans ring. Arturo walks in asking if mamá has had a relapse. [Boy, he is clueless]. She says no, it’s just so difficult putting up a front so she won’t get another attack. It’s just that mamá keeps insisting on a relationship with Mariano. She doesn’t understand que yo amo a ud....she breaks off mid-sentence. He says “Teresa” then they lock eyes, she grabs him by the neck and we have our first full on kiss!!!


Capitulo 36 - Arturo is shark bait!
Tere breaks away from Arturo apologizing for letting herself get carried away and runs upstairs.

Fernando continues telling Luisa how beautiful, grownup she is, etc. etc. She tells him she’s there to discuss a proposal for a project in Cancún using Bamboo. He’s surprised, telling her it’s his project. She immediately assumes she only won the competition because Arturo put him up to it. Fernando tries to tell her she’s wrong when they’re interrupted by the receptionist telling them they’re ready for them at the meeting. Luisa first says she’s not coming but Fernando says they will attend.

Tere is in her room tearfully acknowledging that Arturo’s kiss didn’t make her feel the same as Mariano’s. There’s a knock at the door and Tere kicks into action, getting out her suitcase. Arturo walks in insisting they talk. Tere insists she must leave, this isn’t right. Arturo says she can’t leave, she loves him and he confesses his love for her and feels it’s time they stop disimulando (pretending). She acts all innocent, can’t believe he feels the same way she does. She never dreamed this would happen. He suggest they drop the formal “Ud.” and speak with each other in the more casual from of “tu” (dejar de tutuearnos). She turns away from him saying that’s impossible, he’s her teacher, her boss. They should just forget about what just happened.

Fernando is trying to convince Luisa the competition was completely anonymous. She’s not buying that and wants to talk with Arturo first. He says fine but in the meantime she’s gonna leave all the involucrados (those involved) plantados (stranded). Instead she should be a professional and come with him to the meeting.

Arturo is pledging his love for Teresa, telling her there’s nothing wrong in acknowledging their love. They’re not hurting anyone. Teresa says that’s the last thing she would want—to hurt someone. She wouldn’t want to be a target for gossip like what happened with Luisa’s apartment. She doesn’t want to ruin his reputation, he’s always taught her to do what’s right. That’s why she – dramatic pause – fell in love with him. He never thought he’d feel this way. He never imagined this would happen. She feels the same way but – he stops her mid sentence and begins kissing her. The steamy electric guitar music starts up again. In between kisses she breathlessly tells him, “te amo, te amo” As he lowers her to the bed, she starts telling him she’s afraid he’s confusing their closeness for love. He assures her he loves her and isn’t playing games. So they’re on the bed smooching when……knock, knock, knock…’s Reina telling her Armando’s at the door. She starts to go back into the room then changes her mind and closes the door behind her. Armando is there asking her for money, telling her Gemma is threatening to take everything out of the house again. He’s looked everywhere for work but no one will hire him due to his age. She lays into him again that he should’ve listened to her about getting a better job to begin with. He asks if it’s possible to ask for an advance from el Profe. Tere tells him this would be the worst time to ask him for money. She wouldn’t want him to think she’s only after him for his money (por interes).

At the garage, our favorite meanie Porfirio is snarling at Johnny, him telling never to mention that Armando again. He’s on his way to the airport to get his granddaughter when an inspector arrives wanting paperwork on the hazardous materials kept at the shop. Porfirio has no choice but to send Johnny for his granddaughter Patricia.

Armando reminds Teresa that Arturo has offered his help in the past. Honestly this family is turning out to be a bunch of moochers. Teresa takes some money out of her wallet and tells her father that under no circumstances are they going to ask Arturo for money. This is all the money she has and she suggests that he ask Gemma for a few more days and she’ll come up with more money. Right now she needs to finish up with a “meeting” (is that what they’re calling it these days?) that could determine her future. She smiles at this. Her dad isn’t so sure about this. Tere further suggests he consider renting out her room. He protests, reminding her of her things. Sell them. He asks if she is never planning to return? “Jamás” (never), she responds.

Espe comes to Mariano’s to talk about her novio. Awww, his eyes are still red from crying, so sad. She tells him her novio has shown her his divorce papers and furthermore Tere has confirmed they’re legit. Mariano stumps her by asking if he’s promised to marry her once he’s divorced. Meanwhile Nachita is trying to reason with Pedro to go along with Espe’s noviazgo to avoid Espe seeing him in secret. This will allow them to check him out and see if he’s a good man. Mariano tells Espe it would be best to confront him regarding marriage. She’s assuming if he’s getting a divorce it’s because he wants to marry her. She asks him to please cover for her and not let on that he’s married. Then she asks him to tell his dad he just found out Ruben is getting divorced. Oh no, he refuses to lie to his dad. She’s gonna have to handle that one on her own.

Back at el profe’s house, Arturo and Tere are no longer on the bed. She’s telling him her father came by to ask her to return home and she almost, almost said yes because what’s going on here isn’t right. But she realizes Arturo loves her and she just can’t give him up. She knows it’s selfish of her but she just can’t be apart from him. Arturo feels if it’s bothering her, they can go speak with her dad right now. No! uh, that’s not necessary, now’s not the time. He tells her he already told Armando he loves her but they agreed he wouldn’t declare his love for her until after she graduates. She acts surprised at this news and is all wide-eyed. More the reason not to tell them now. Her mother would never agree to this. They’re both adults, he says, and know what they’re doing. And as such, shouldn’t they be able to confront everything?

Espe is running off to the hospital and Pedro tells her of his talk with Nachita. He’s agreed to allow her to date Ruben and wants her to invite him over so they can get to know him. But if he doesn’t like him, she’s going to have to stop seeing him.

Aurora comes to Mariano so they can start shopping for the clinic. She sees he’s still so upset. He tells her Tere threw the ring in his face and it’s over. She tries to console him, telling him he just needs to put it away, he’ll need it again soon. Tere’s just angry because her mother hit her and he didn’t come to her defense. Mariano tells her this time it’s over for good.

Back in Tere’s room, they’re back on the bed. She wants to tell the whole world he loves her but knows she can’t do that just yet. He tells her to be patient, she’s almost done with her studies. More chit-chat about her mom then she says he will make her happy at last. They begin to smooch and this time an acoustic guitar accompanies the smoochfest.

At the project meeting, Luisa is told her project was picked because it not only met the standards but surpassed them and that Fernando’s company will be the one to see it to its completion (paraphrasing here) Fernando says it will be a pleasure to work with la Srta. De la Barrera.

Back at Tere’s bedroom, they’re still smooching on her bed. Tere says she’ll only tell Luisa of their love because she’s her BFF. Arturo confesses Luisa knew about his feelings awhile back. They continue smooching, Arturo gets a little frisky and Tere stops him. They agree to go back to his library even though they both want nothing more than be close to one another.

Armando is pleading with Gemma, who has a gang of thugs behind her, to give him just a little more time. Super Mariano comes up just then. Gemma’s done giving him more time, either he pay her off or she goes and gets all his belongings but she’s not giving him more time. Mariano gives her the ring telling her this time he won’t want it back. Armando and Aurora both plead with him not to but he says it’s no use. He no longer needs the ring. Gemma’s appeased but says she’ll be back if Armando doesn’t keep up with his payments.

Fernando congratulates Luisa on the outcome of the meeting. She still thinks Arturo had a hand in her project being selected. He tells her fine, talk to Arturo and then call so they can celebrate and begin working together.

Aurora meets up with Mariano outside the vecindad very concerned about him. He tells her no worry, it’s just a lump of gold and glass that has no value for Tere and she has assured him it’s over.

Rubigote finds Espe at the park. She’s glad he showed up and tells him her parents are pressuring her for him to come over for dinner. He acts very concerned that Mariano and his dad should tell her parents he’s still married. Ok, he’s a rat but he does have a point here. She needs to see reason here and make up a story that he can’t come on Friday due to business or something. They hug and she’s very unsure. --- wake up Espe! Egads.

Johnny’s at the airport with a sign for Patricia. There’s a bit of a doofus moment when he sees her and she realizes he’s there to pick her up. She’s a cute little thing (too cute for him, anyway). He’s all agog when he meets her.

At the Chavez home, Armando is telling Mariano that Tere just doesn’t want him anymore. He sees that Mariano is coming to grips with it and should just accept it already because…..he trails off. Mariano asks him to be frank with him. Armando feels Tere is confused about her feelings. Mariano is sure it’s due to that licencieado! He only wants to have his way with her. Armando tries to break it gently that no, Arturo’s serious about her and only waiting for her to graduate before he marries her. Mariano is muy impactado!

At the airport, Johnny wants to make sure Patricia doesn’t tell her grandfather he didn’t recognize her right away. She laughs it off, saying of course not.

Mariano is very upset telling Armando Tere can’t possibly marry el licenciado. She doesn’t love him. Armando thought Mariano understood their relationship was over. They go back and forth like this a few times and Armando finally tells him Tere is done with him and has the right to be with whomever she pleases. He storms out of the room, leaving our hero standing there with his mouth open.

At Arturo’s office the flirting continues with him telling Tere he can’t believe they’ve gone on this way but now he can kiss her anytime he wants and he wants to right now. They kiss and she reminds him she needs to finish her thesis. They both say stuff about her needing to graduate, blah, blah, when Luisa barges in asking to explain why he fixed the competition. Tere and Arturo are both impactados.

Johnny and Patricia are walking through the airport getting to know each other, he telling her about his mechanic/taxi job and she telling him she’s there to go to the best prepa with a bunch of monjas (nuns). Another future candidate for FF>>

Arturo is offended that Luisa would think he would fix the competition. Tere defends him telling her she needs to be more confident in herself. Luisa catches on that she’s called him Arturo instead of licenciado. She asks what gives. Arturo put his arm around Tere and smiles abound.

Armando is in Refugio’s hospital room. He tells her it would be a good idea to rent out Tere’s room to make more money. She starts overreacting as usual saying Rosita’s things are in there they couldn’t possibly rent out that room. They need to convince Tere to return home otherwise she’ll end up falling for that licenciado.

Luisa congratulates Tere and Arturo and agrees to keep the relationship a secret until she graduates to avoid any gossip. But she’s still mad that Arturo set up the competition. Arturo swears he knew nothing of it and that she won based on her own merits.

Patricia and Johnny arrive at the garage. Pedro is miffed they’ve arrived so late. She blames it on traffic and he orders Johnny to close up shop. (yawn)

Luisa and Tere are having girl talk in Tere’s room. Luisa is muy emocionada with meeting up with Fernando. He’s more handsome than ever but Arturo says he’s a womanizer. How could she compete when he’s surrounded by beautiful, famous women. Nevertheless, she’s happy they’ll truly be sisters now that she’ll be her sister-in-law. When Luisa runs off to her own room, Tere pulls out the photo of Mariano and her and rips it up, leaving it on her nightstand. The following morning there’s a knock on her door. She hurriedly picks up the torn photo and goes to the door. Reina brings in a huge bouquet of roses. After she leaves, Tere reads the card. It’s from Arturo, “you’ve made me the happiest man in the world” Somehow I think she expected they were from someone else? She still has the torn photo pieces in her hand and throws them in the trash (bad move-evidence!).

Arturo arrives at his class and Tere is noticeably absent. As he’s calling roll Aida points out that she saw Tere at the university but apparently, she’s skipping his class. Everyone laughs.

After commercial break we see Tere waiting outside class as everyone is filing out. She and Arturo make eye contact and go back into the classroom as the electric guitar begins to play. She was afraid her feelings for him would be evident and everyone would notice. He suggests they go talk now. She has another class. He asks her to lunch with him and his friend Fernando. She needs to visit her mother. She’ll see him at home. She makes sure no one is looking and she leans in, “te amo”. He replies, “yo más”. Oh brother. She acts like she’s going to kiss him then walks away leaving him all hot and bothered.

Aida tells Paulo she’s dying to show Teresa her ring. She wants him to know they’re getting married. This is news to Raul who happens by and hears the news. He congratulates Paulo but is evidently upset at the news.

Arturo and Fernando meet at the club and the two hunkasauruses look mighty fine in their polo shirts. Art tells Fer neither he nor Tere could hold back anymore and declared their love for each other. Fer hasn’t seen him this happy since…. “Paloma” says Art says. He’s not afraid to say it anymore. They discuss Luisa and Art doesn’t understand where she got the idea he fixed the competition. They talk of Luisa’s talent etc. etc. Art asks Fer to take care of his sister. Fer promises as a brother because they’re that close. Then the two hotties are off to play a round of golf.

Juana, Aurora, and Pablito come to visit Refugio and the little guy lets it slip Armando was fired. Speaking of which, Porfirio introduces Johnny to the new head mechanic, Ezekiel. Patricia comes by to say hi to her grandpa and she and Johnny make eyes at each other. Grandpa is pissed that Johnny says hi and forbids him to speak to her again.

Predictably, Refugio is upset (of course) and tells Aurora of all their financial problems and just doesn’t know how they’re going to make it with her unable to work.

Musical chairs at the restaurant. Aurora, Tere, Fernando, and Arturo had made arrangements to celebrate Luisa’s success but apparently the director thinks it’s better to have a more dramatic meeting between Tere and Fernando. I’m guessing she’ll go on a feeding frenzy when she meets him. Aurora calls Tere as she and Luisa are being shown to their table. Tere excuses herself telling Luisa it’s her mom and refuses Luisa’s offer to come with her to the hospital. Fer walks in as Tere leaves, just missing her. Art meets Tere on her way out and agrees to accompany her to the hospital. Fer and Luisa end up eating alone. Wait, the four were supposed to eat together yet Luisa and Fer are sitting at a table for two, just sayin’. Art and Tere arrive at the hospital arm in arm. Tere pulls away from him reminding him they can’t let her father see them this way. It would only upset him. She walks up to her dad, Juana, Pablito, and Aurora. She hears Pablito confess to blabbing about Armando getting fired. She yells at him. Aurora tells Pablito it wasn’t his fault and offers to take him home. Tere kind of half-a$$ed apologizes as they leave. Tere wants to know who the devil is going to explain what’s going on with her mom. In walks superMariano: “yo.”

Back at the restaurant Luisa and Fernando are celebrating her success and their finding each other again. She tells him of her profound appreciation for his help in proving her father’s innocence. She tells him she has no BF.

Tere is assumes her mother’s relapse is due to malpractice. So many doctors and no one is watching over her? Mariano affirms they all do their best. Armando blames himself because he lost his job. Juana tells everyone to calm down. After all, Refugio is doing much better. Mariano says they will need to keep her sedated. Arturo enters the conversation and the tension mounts. Tere tells him her mother is to remain sedated. Mariano explains her relapse was not serious and if there are no other questions, he excuses himself. Juana suggests Art and Tere go and get something to eat seeing as their meal was cancelled. Armand politely refuses Arturo’s invitation to join them. Juana offers to stay so Refugio can go look for a job. Espe comes in just then saying her friend has found him a job if he can start immediately.

Fer can’t believe a girl as beautiful as Luisa has no BF and invites her to go out dancing. She declines saying she prefers to visit with Teresa and get started on the Cancún project.

Tere and Arturo come back to Juana in the visitor’s lounge. Tere knocks over Juana’s coffee and guess who comes by to clean it up? Armando! ¡Tere se queda mortificada!


El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of May 2, 2011: Discuss Amongst Yourselves


We had to content ourselves with three new episodes this week. I don’t have much to say about Friday’s “Twenty Favorite Moments” except that most of the sequences included were the ones I could have done without. I’m not a big fan of graphic violence and cruelty. My favorite moments all along have been writer- and actor-driven. Small scenes that reveal larger truths. But I suppose action sells. And all of us agreed that the scenes with Teresa and her two loves were superb.

We’ve wondered before whether this show would be perceived as a glorification of the narco world especially at this moment in history when Mexico is suffering its consequences en carne propia. (As many of you already know, Televisa began airing the series in Mexico on April 4.)

And here I have a confession to make. I don’t exactly tweet – who cares what NovelaMaven had for breakfast? -- but I do have a Twitter account and I follow a few people I find interesting. I guess you could say I ‘twalk’ (twitter+stalk); or maybe I ‘twurk’ (twitter+lurk).

So anyway, the other day, Roberto Stopello, writer of the tv adaptation of our novela, posted an intriguing tweet speaking to this question. He wrote on April 28:
Pa' que les voy a decir no, si sí? Alvaro Cueva es como Teresa Mendoza! Al pan pan y al vino, vino! |

Following that link will take you to a piece by Alvaro Cueva: Cambios, extrañamientos y cosas peores: El pozo de los deseos reprimidos. (Changes, reprimands and worse: the well of repressed desires.)

[I had some trouble with the word ‘extrañamiento’. It seems to mean, literally, something like ‘exile’ but here I think it means ‘reprimand’.]

Anyway, here’s a quick and dirty translation of the parts of the article that referred to “Reina”:

Did Héctor Villarreal, Undersecretary of Regulations and Media of the Ministry of the Interior really send a written reprimand to Televisa for its airing of the telenovela “La reina del sur”?

I prefer to think it’s untrue, that it’s just a rumor, that it’s a publicity gimmick – because if it’s true, it’s obvious that the gentleman isn’t watching this Telemundo production; nor does he have people capable of reporting the truth about what is happening on our screens.

“La reina del sur” is very far from promoting organized crime in this country.
Moreover, weeks go by without any scenes taking place in Mexico; and in contrast to what happens in other national melodramas, it is full of basic values

Didn’t ‘Teresa Mendoza’ (Kate del Castillo) just go to Morocco to defend a mother’s right to be with her child?

Didn’t the hero of this telenovela just give us a lesson about defending children in the face of human trafficking occurring in different parts of the world? Is this what they want to censor?

It looks like he just wants to cause trouble. He’s attacking something without taking the trouble to know what it’s about. He’s not a savvy tv viewer.

If Don Héctor and his colleagues were really interested in what is happening in our industry, they would be investigating other cases which really are shameful like “Pequeños gigantes”….

Unlike “La reina del sur”, “Pequeños gigantes” is shown in the family hour … and let’s not even get started about the “talk shows”

That’s why I think that this scandal is a lie. It’s just a smear campaign that the social networks came up with to make the folks at the Ministry of the Interior look bad. Because if it were true, it would be scary.

Now it seems that a telenovela that tells the story of a woman who falls in love with the wrong man is dangerous; on the other hand we don’t need to do anything about the tons of garbage we “shoot up” every day.

It’s not for real, right? It didn’t really happen, did it?

If you want to know exactly what Cueva wrote, check out the link. I also found another discussion of the theme here:


When I watch La Reina, I often think of The Sopranos, another brilliantly written series that sometimes made us squirm because we were rooting for the bad guys. But I don’t remember anyone worrying that Tony Soprano’s real-life counterparts would be swamped with eager recruits. I suppose that in the case of the drug cartels in Mexico, the wounds are open and bleeding – and even an artistically integral treatment of the theme can be painful, even insulting. Thoughts?


Does anyone know anything about the novela Marina that will be shown at 1pm eastern/12 noon central as of May 9? I thought it might be worth recording because it stars two actors I like, Sandra Echeverría and Mauricio Ochmann. But then I read that after the first few episodes, Mauricio was replaced by the Colombian actor, Manolo Cardona.

Herederos and Aurora watchers – the floor is yours!

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Triunfo del Amor #101 4/29/11 The Lowdown Before the Showdown: Maria Gets Her Come to Daddy Moment

As we peek in we see that Padre Juan Pablo is arguing with his mama over how she’s made others suffer by silencing him through the means of the confessional.  Well, JP’s got news for Mama!  Today he’s off to see the Bishop to ask permission to be released from his vow.  No, not the priestly vows, but a dispensation.  It’s time that the others’ suffering should end and that her soul is saved.  Mama demands to know what he is talking about.  She’ll find out soon enough, he replies.

At Casa Victoria The Redux, Victoria is gritching to Antonieta about how she walked in on Maria Desamparada and Alonso as he was kissing the shameless slut.  She figures that Maria has gone on to greener pastures since Max didn’t pan out for her.  ”--I was right!  That girl is a tramp!  [cualquiera=floozy, hussy]"  Toni and Fernanda disagree.  He’s only a friend!  Maria’s shown them a thousand times that she’s totally in love with Max!  Vicki disagrees.  Then why did she run off with Alonso to live with him the whole time she was pregnant? (Hmmm.  Dunno.  It’s just a thought, but could be that she might have felt forced to hide from anyone involved with los Scandalval?  Maybe she was tired of putting up with the abuse and harassment--or should she have stuck around and deferentially taken whatever Vicki felt like dishing out whenever she felt like dishing it? Even Victoria crawling on her knees over shards of glass while wearing a hair shirt could never make up for the way this maven on a mission made persecuting Maria priority numero uno!)   Vick says she wouldn’t be surprised if perhaps JPito really isn’t Max’s after all!

Fernanda, who’s been listening silently throughout to Mama’s tirade, can’t keep quiet any more.  Fer tells Mama to get real!  How could she think that JPito isn’t Max’s!!?? This wouldn’t be the first time a girl has done that to him, either, Vick pontificates.  Toni agrees with Fer and asks why Vicki is being so hard on Maria?  Vick says she has her reasons and that she’s never wrong.   Fer puts a bit of a speed bump in Mama’s rant by reminding her that she blew it big time with Jimena, incessantly defending her to Max and then forcing him to marry her when he was in love with Maria!  “--That was different!  Jimena changed.”  (Query: Was it before or after Ji learned she had Guillermo’s bun in the oven, hmmm?)  Vick is adamant that Maria is two-timing Max and that’s that!

Ji finally makes it back to Burnie’s.  Burnie wants to know where she’s been.  “--Oh, I was just out for a walk with ‘my son.’”  “--You say that as if you actually cared about him.” Burnie then explains how it’s gonna be from here on out.  “--You may have born him, but you’ve lost all rights over him.  If you want me to continue supporting you, you’ll have to accept that I will be in charge of him and I will raise him to be a good Christian. Give him to me!” Jimmie only has to consider a couple of seconds.  She gives the baby over and Burnie dismisses her.  “--Get out!” 

Fer has heard enough and has Fabian take her home.  She can’t stay there any longer.  It’s obvious, she says, that she and her mama are never going to get along together [entenderse]. Toni can’t understand why Vicki is being such a hothead [arrebatada].  Vick admits she’s just so very frustrated because she’s surrounded by hate and now her whole life and family are falling to pieces around her.   (Hmmm.  I suggest a discussion of Proverbs 11:29 the next time Padre JP or Jerry come by.)  She tells Toni that she’s wondering what the next shoe that drops will be.

Napo and Juanjo, meanwhile, take the orphanage boys to the soccer field for a practice.  Padre JP comes by to ask Padre Jeronimo to go with him to see the Bishop.  He’s got to discuss something that concerns his daughter, Maria, and needs his support.

Back at the office, Toni asks Vicki what she meant about this not being the first girl to trick Max.  Vicki finally confesses (dun-duhn-duhhhn!) that Gui is Osguito’s baby daddy.  Toni is OMG!-I-was-that-close-impactada.  

Burnie, meanwhile, is telling little Osguito how she’s going to keep him pure as the wind-driven snow and then make him into another of her personal priest-confessors.  She won’t let him fall from grace like the last one.  (Has she got plans to make a eunuch out of him first or what?)      

Toni now tells Vick that Maria and Ji are two different situations, and it seems that Vicki’s turned really abusively combative lately.  Vick admits she’s saddened by the realization that nothing she has done has been worthwhile or lasted.  “--It all was for nothing!”  Toni tells her not to exaggerate.  Vicki feels she’s jinxed for life and confides that she thought she might have a new start in life with Max’s two kids; but now she sees that was a mistake.  She calls herself a loser and claims that Ozzie, Jimmie and Maria are all alike: all treacherous!  

Maria and Alonso head for the television studio to film her commercial.  Lon tells her he’ll never give up hope of stealing her heart to make it his own.

Milagros and Nathy (post Extreme Makeover) are at the market.  Mili tells Nat that she’d love to have JJ fall for her.  Nat says JJ won’t even take a second look at her.  Mili says now that she’s dropped the ugly duckling look for the beautiful swan, JJ is sure to change his opinion.  However, a man is won through the stomach, so Mili is going to teach Nathy how to cook for JJ.  FF>>

Fab brings Fer home.  She’s thrilled by Cruz’s surprise in the garden: purple flowers all arranged in a huge “F.”  Fabulous Fabian can only see green, though, so he leaves for home, not wanting to be the third wheel.  Fer  thanks Cruz and suggests they should study for his entrance exams. FF>>

Later in the day, Nat brings lunch to everyone at the soccer field.  Nat flirts with JJ by telling him she’s trying to prove his mother’s theory that a man falls in love through his stomach.  JJ and the others like what she’s cooked.  The guys notice that JJ’s cheeks have turned red and tease him that they’re the color of luhhhvvvv..  JJ looks over and gives Nathy a sheepish smile.

Fab gets back to work and gripes to Max about Fer’s reaction to Cruz’s surprise. Max complains that he’s got the same problems.  He’s sick of having to put up with Lurking Lonnie and has come to think that maybe Maria really does want Lon instead of him.  Fab tells him that’s a lot of hooey considering, and that he shouldn’t doubt Maria’s love for him. Max says he doesn’t doubt Maria.  It’s that the guy is there at “Max’s house” every single day!  (Say what?  Max’s place?  Maria’s the one paying the rent, buying the food, and putting up with the peeling paint and the cockroaches!)  Every day, he moans, the guy’s there to see his woman, call her “Ternurita”, and then to top it off, he claims he wants to take her love and his son away from him!  Max, really agitated now, tells Fabian to stop the Don Quixote crap and go after his impossible dream!  Fight for Fer if he really loves her!     

Back at Ste. Burnarda’s, Padilla has been summoned.  Over some shared sherry she tells Rudy that she’s decided the time has come to eliminate all their enemies.  She says they must silence Max and Oz. She’s going to start with Oz and says they’re going “to make him regret having threatened” her. 

The bishop agrees that there needs to be an exception made regarding the truth about Maria Desamparada’s parentage.  It can no longer be postponed [es impostergable].   He gives Padre JP a dispensation to speak and says he hopes this helps to purify his mother’s soul.  JP is puzzled.  The bishop tells him that Mama has been excommunicated.  Mama cannot enter the church again until she is truly repentant.  JP is beet-red-impactado. 

Rudy tells Burnie that he’s got a couple of excellent ambush sites in mind.  They’ll need to be pretty cautious [sigiloso = stealthy] to avoid suspicions, though. Burnie sees no problem. “--Whatever’s necessary.” 

Vicki interrupts Oz in the music room and mentions what she saw at Maria’s apartment earlier.  [Did anyone bother yet to ask her why she barged in without bothering to knock?]  Oz defends Maria’s honor.  Anyway, says Vicki, she knows what she saw and gripes again that nobody wants to believe her.  Besides, she grouses, who’s he to talk about moral rectitude?  She’s going to see about taking JPito away from her. Their grandson is living in the dumpy vecindad when he could be living like a king!  (And whose fault is that?)  Oz is adamant.  Vicki has no right to grab Maria’s son away from her like that!  Before he can say anything more, Oz gets a call from a producer buddy of his who asks to see him right away. Vicki forgets she’s divorced from the guy and demands to know where he’s going.  Oz hasn’t forgotten.  He refuses to say; she immediately accuses him of having another lover, which he of course denies.

Fer and Cruz go over possible test questions.  (Yawn.) They share a few giggles and smoochies. FF>>

Back at the soccer field, the guys tease JJ about “declaring” to Nathy, the first step towards their going steady.  Nat is enjoying the attention.  FF>>

Outside the gates to the manse, we see a red leather glove menacingly aiming a gun at Ozzie’s SUV on his way out.  Then Vicki drives off to the office and we see that same red-gloved hand holding a gun and taking aim as she is chauffeured out of her gate.

The commercial goes like clockwork for Lon and Maria.  The clients are super satisfied.

JP leaves the bishop’s offices and wanders around the streets of the city, clutching nearby tree trunks and painfully remembering his mortification at the bishop telling him that Mama had been excommunicated.  FF>>

Max comes storming into the manse and runs into Vicki on the way out.  He asks her if it’s true that she saw Maria and Alonso kissing.  Definitely, says Vick, but he should ask Maria himself.  Max says he has and that she denied it.  What’s more, she ran him off when he did. “--Sure she did. How convenient for her! Now that you’re useless to her she runs you off.”  Max is certain Vicki must have misinterpreted things.  She says not to worry, that she will have JPito back with Max at the mansion that very day.  (Let’s get this straight: she doesn’t believe JPito is really Max’s bio-baby, buts she is determined to take custody of him anyway? Is it really the call of the blood or just another persecution power play??) Max asks what she’s got in mind.  Vick says not to worry; she’s not going to do anything foolish. She smiles and thinks to herself she’s only going to give Maria Desamparada what she’s been looking for this whole time.  Max’s divorce lawyer, Medrano, arrives as Vick heads out the door.   

The producer buddy offers Oz a terrific part in a terrific movie, but he’ll be filming out of the country.  Oz turns it down in favor of sticking close to the family since they need him more right now.  

Padre JP shows up to speak to Maria and Lonnie leaves to babysit JPito outside.  JP gets nervous and is tongue-tied. 

Oz drives up to his gate at the manse, but it’s locked.  He gets out and starts to put the keys in the lock.  Somebody off-camera that he recognizes walks up. The red gloved hand shoots the gun and Osvaldo takes a bullet at close range in the gut.  He collapses onto the sidewalk. The shooter, dressed in a black trench coat, steps over his body, takes the keys then drives off in Oz’s SUV.  

Back inside Maria’s cuartucho [hovel/dark and tiny little room], Padre JP fights back the tears. “--You’re scaring me, Padre. What is it?”  Finally he stutters something.  “—I-I-I’m your father.” “--Sure, that’s how I see you, like my father.”  Finally he spits it out.  “--I am your biological father!  You are my daughter.  You are flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood.  Maria, I am your father.”  The camera pans dramatically back and forth between the face of anguished, chagrined, and tearful Padre JP to Maria’s confused, concerned and consternated cara de impactado.   


Cuando Me Enamoro #8 Friday 4/29/11 The Bearing of Bad News

We start with *lots* of rehash from Thursday, so I'll spare you the leftovers and get to the goods.

An ever-tearful Matilde tells Jeronimo that his brother Rafael is dead.

Jero: No puede ser! How did he die? Why did no one tell me?!

Mati: We didn't have your phone number, so we had no way to tell you that Rafael died because of a woman!

Jero: A woman killed him?!

Mati: In a way, yes. Rafael killed himself because of a woman!

Lazaro cuts into the conversation and introduces himself as the capataz (foreman, overseer) at the hacienda. He tells Jero the straight truth: Rafael committed suicide yesterday morning. Dr. Nesme said they should give Rafa a decent burial right away. Jero asks to talk to the doctor as soon as possible. Matilde tells Jero how much she loved having Rafa for a boss and leaves him to grieve on his own. Jero crumbles.

Roberta is still clutching her pillow and sobbing over Rafael. Fina waltzes into the room and notices Rob's luggage sitting in the corner. Roberta tells Mommie Dearest that she had plans to run away with Rafa the night before but he stood her up. Fina jumps at the opportunity to make Rafa look like the bad guy. "He stood you up because he knew I was going to disinherit (desheredar) you if you married him! He only wanted you for the money and the status." Roberta sobs because she doesn't want to believe it. Fina comforts Rob and tells her that in time she will realize that Rafa was only playing her for a fool the whole time (burlarse = to mock, make fun).

Ines and Isidro drop by Regina's place. The three of them plus Doña Cata and Antonio are getting together to celebrate Gina and Tony's budding relationship. Tony gives Gina a bouquet of flowers and a kiss, which makes her uneasy. A little while later, Antonio claims he doesn't want to pressure Gina but would love to make her his wife. This makes Doña Cata and Ines happy but Gina leaves to check on the food without commenting on Tony's proposition.

Continuing their tour of the town, Matias buys a necklace and a new bracelet for Renata. They eat lunch and flirt with each other some more. They romp around a fountain and encounter a group of Mariachis. Matias dares her to sing with them, which she does with lots of enthusiasm. In the throws of post-singing excitement, Renata pulls Mat close and they kiss.

Roberta is wallowing in her PJs still, so now it's Selene's turn to try to get her to snap out of it. "What if something happened to him?" Rob wonders. "Tomorrow morning I am going to the hacienda to find out what's going on once and for all!"

Matias is bowled over by how strongly he feels for Renata. She pulls away to clear her head. "We're step-siblings! We live in the same house, we work together, we are so attached (apegado) to each other already..." Matias doesn't share her misgivings but he understands. They'll get to know each other a little better before rushing into anything serious.

Antonio tells the lunch-party about his plans to return to the world of taurino (bullfighting). (No doubt a reference to Guillermo Capetillo's own history as a bullfighter.) Ines can't stand that they hurt the animals, but Tony manages to convince her to come to one of his fights with the group.

Renata escapes into the bathroom to let her feelings out. "I dreamed of this moment for years and now that it's happened...I felt nothing when he kissed me." But she certainly felt something when Jero kissed her, since we're treated to a flashback of it. "Why won't you (Jero) get out of my head?! You mean nothing to me! But your kiss was...incredible." *Cue Enrique and Juan Luis*

A solemn Jero asks Mati how she knew that Rafa killed himself over a woman. She shows him the pinnacle letter from La Bonita. Jero gets increasingly worked up as he reads it aloud.

Jero (furiously): Who is this woman?! What is La Bonita's real name?!

Mati: Nobody knows! The boss never brought her here. They talked a lot on the phone and we only just found out about their wedding.

Jero: I need to find out (averiguar) everything about this woman!

Mati: We don't know! Just that the last time Rafa talked to her, they were fighting. But then Rafa told the Padre that he wanted to get married here next Sunday. La Bonita is from the capital, Rafa was supposed to go pick her up last night but must have gotten the letter just before he was going to leave.

Once Jero sends Mati away, he cries as he holds a family portrait from when he and Rafa were kids.

Renata and Matias stumble home and are greeted by Gonzo and Fina. Ren asks if she got any messages and Fina pointedly says that Rafa never called to explain why he stood her up. Gonzo pulls her aside to question her relationship with Rafa yet again and warns her about spending time with guys who are so undependable and dishonest. Poor Rafa. He's barely even cold yet and it seems like everyone wants to make him the bad guy.

Dr. Nesme meets Jero and laments Jero's loss. Rafa was like a son for Dr. Drunk. Jero want to know all the details about Rafa's death. Doctor paints himself as Rafa's best buddy and explains that Rafa's novia spurned him and he killed himself over it. Jero pops his top. "My brother was much more valuable than the life of any woman!" Doctor agrees but Rafa obviously didn't feel that way. "I feel guilty that I couldn't have done more. I did what I thought was best by burying Rafa quickly. To save him the embarrassment of an autopsy and the humiliation of town gossip about his death." Doctor says.

"He was so young and full of life." Jero grieves. "He didn't deserve to go out that way."

After the commercial, Fina sets in on Renata for flirting with Matias. "I wasn't born yesterday! (No nací ayer!) I saw how enthusiastic you were to have Matias out with you. What's your angle? Are you trying to lure him like so many others?" Renata denies wrongdoing and precariously asks, "What if I were interested in Matias?"

Fina cackles. "Gonzo's money isn't enough for you, huh? You have to seduce his son to secure your future." Of course not! Renata doesn't care about social position and if she got married it would be for love. "Be careful, Renata." Fina warns. "Mat is Gonzo's pride and joy. If you toy with him like you do with other men, Gonzo will have to choose between his son and you. If that happens, I assure you he will pick Mat. Do not risk the stability of the family."

Meanwhile, a decidedly happier conversation on the same subject is happening downstairs between Gonzo and Mat. Gonzo thinks there's something special between Mat and Ren. Mat admits it's true. "I am fascinated by her. It is so easy to fall in love with her. Renata has all the qualities I looked for in a woman." Gonzalo is overjoyed. Matias and Renata are the two people he loves most in the world, he wants to see them happy.

Jero tells Matilde that he plans to visit Rafa's grave with Padre Severino the next morning. He wanders alone in the dark hacienda with the letter in his hand. Finally arriving at Rafael's room, he asks Rafa to forgive him not knowing how desperate he (Rafa) was. "I'm sorry I didn't protect you like I promised Mamá that I would." (The song in the background is beautiful. I think it's Cuando Un Amigo Se Va, but I don't know the singer...)

Dr. Nesme gives Agustin a debriefing on Jeronimo. He didn't seem at all interested in an autopsy or the money or the crops. But he is a business man, so they'll have to tread lightly for a while. Agustin is going to make sure no one "interferes with his plans". All of them nefarious, no doubt.

At Empresas Monterrubio, Adriana squeals when she finds out that Matias kissed Renata. She tells Ren not to worry what Fina says about Mat, what matters most is Ren's happiness.

Roberta narrowly makes it out the door but makes the mistake of telling Fina that she's going to the hacienda. Fina stalls Roberta and tells her to wait a couple days. Conveniently, a letter arrives from Rafael! Fina feigns surprise as Roberta rips it open happily.

Jero kneels at Rafael's grave.

Jero: Hermano, in front of your grave, I swear I will find that woman who rejected and toyed with you. I swear that woman will suffer for what she provoked you to do. I swear to avenge your death through her.

Avances: Jeronimo finds a picture of Renata and Roberta in Rafael's stuff. "Adriana?!" He says confusedly. Let's hope for fewer tears on Monday.


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Teresa Thu 4/28/11 #33-34 Teresa flies the coop, torments Professor Hottie

Teresa Apr 28, 2011 Cap 33 & 34.

RECAP IS FINALLY DONE! And just in time, too! LOL.

This is going to be another "type as I watch" recap. I know there will be errors! Please speak up and correct any you find! Thanks!

We start with a rewind from yesterday, starting at Mariano's grad party. He's dancing with pretty blonde associate. Juana is talking with Refugio and gets the eye from Aurora's dad. Can't figure out if it's recognition or attraction or "oh cr@p, it's her/him!" We shall see!

Aurora's dad gives Mariano some good news. Mariano announces to the party-goers. He's been given a budget? (?) Presumably something to do with the clinic or practice he's setting up.

Back at Teresa's home, Aurora is hearing Teresa rant about Mariano's letting her down. Aurora wants to know is Teresa done with him? Teresa seems to think if he can't come up to snuff, then that's it.

Nice doctor (can't remember his name yet, sorry) has given Esperanza a ride back to the hospital and they're chatting in the hall. The conversation strays to the novio and she says something about being ashamed. Nice doctor says that we all do stupid things in the name of love. She asks if she can help him, and he says no. She then looks like she's embarrassed that she had the nerve to ask and walks off quickly. Nice doctor looks so disappointed, as if he wanted to keep the conversation going.

Disappointed jefe looks on as Esperanza rushes off. (Click on image to see much larger version.)

Back at Teresa's house, Refugio comes in to Teresa's room, wanting to talk. But she notices Teresa's starting to pack. Where are you going? Mom asks. She first thinks it's to Aurora's place, but Teresa clues her in: She's going to Professor Hottie's place!

Mom is horrified. You don't love him! Teresa scoffs at love. She's getting outta there! Mom and Teresa start to struggle over the suitcase that Teresa's been packing.

Paulo's giving Aida a bouquet for her birthday. She makes a big fuss over the few flowers he offers her. Many annoying "bebes" and smoochy-faces. They start to have an argument about marriage and money. She wants to be married, but he's got no money. FF>>

Refugio comes to Armando's work to tell him that Teresa's flying the coop. Of course Mean Old Garage Owner gives them a bad time. Armando's got to close of the garage. So what if Refugio says it's an emergency.

Mariano barges into Teresa's house. They start the same old argument. "We're over!" she cries, and proceeds to remind him again of what a loser he is. He's not wanting the insults. He is mediocre and she wants more. He doesn't want to always be thinking about money. Blah blah blah. They get all fired up and then he grabs her and gives her an impassioned kiss as their theme song swells in the background.

Impassioned kiss. (Click on image to see larger version.)

As expected, Teresa responds enthusiastically to the kiss, but then Mariano pulls away and says "Good Bye Teresa." And then the CCs went out. I think he said something about how getting more? I don't know. I assume it has to do with choosing money over love or giving up love. Teresa looks at him with big, limpid, tear-filled eyes.

Tearful Teresa. (Tough luck, you can't have it all your way, bruja!) Click on image to see larger version.

At the garage, Armando tells Mean Old Garage Owner that he needs his job to live, but his family comes first. Mean Old Garage Owner says go take care of your emergency, the boy (Johnny) can close up the garage. He's pretty snarly about it, though.

Teresa struggles in Mariano's arms and yells at him that he's got an ego, that he thinks she could only ever love him? That he expects her to live a life of sacrifice for love? Basically they say the same thing over again about love, ambition, sacrifice, etc, and conversation ends and he walks out. Teresa cries.

A short conversation between Aurora and her dad about the financing of Mariano's new clinic(?).

Teresa is sitting on the floor, holding Rosita's picture and saying to her, "Mariano and I have lost it all, Rosita." At least I think that's what she said, the CCs were confusing. Madre and Padre come in. They want to know if she's leaving, oh yeah, she's leaving. They have chosen this life together, but if she stays she'll die, she cries.

Teresa pleads with her parents to understand. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Mariano goes back to his darkened room and re-lives all the really crappy things that Teresa has said to her about what a loser he is. He cries.

Teresa is still trying to explain to her parents why she has to get out of there and how she wants more from life. She realizes that they raised her and educated her but she wants a better life. Much crying and angst all around. Then Professor Hottie is brought into the conversation. What is going on between them, Madre wants to know. Armando explains that Professor Hottie has already declared his honorable intentions towards Teresa. But Madre (Refugio) doesn't like the sound of this at all, as she clutches her chest ominously.

There's a quick conversation between Cutberto and Juana where they talk a bit about what's going on with Teresa and Mariano. When Cutberto is critical of Teresa's antics, Juana kicks him out and says no one talks that way about Teresa.

More discussion between Refugio and Armando. He again assures her he's talked to Professor Hottie and Professor Hottie is on the up-and-up and his intentions are good. But Refugio just doesn't want this for her Teresa at all.

Armando goes into Teresa's room, where she's finishing up packing, to try to reason with her some more. Here we have more impassioned explaining of what she's feeling: Mariano hasn't fulfilled even one of his promises. Professor Hottie is a Hottie, he's rich, he's nice, and he's nice to her. Mom doesn't understand any of this, Teresa says.

Cutberto is trying to comfort a distraught Mariano. Mariano laments that he had these dreams, but Teresa wasn't willing to wait for him. He also says he's not willing to betray his principles. Mariano's dad comes in and says he hates to see Mariano hurting like this. Teresa does not merit this amount of pain. He also reminds Mariano that he's a wonderful man with a lot going for him and basically, he can do better than this. But Mariano wants Teresa. He'll never forget her. Mariano's dad hugs him.

At Professor Hottie's place, Luisa is reassuring an anxious Professor Hottie that the bedroom is ready for Teresa's arrival, and she's sure she'll like it there. They want to help Teresa in this strange situation with her parents, which they don't quite understand. (I didn't get all of the conversation here.) Professor Hottie does get an angry look when thinking about Mariano, though.

Hopeful Professor Hottie. (Click on image to see larger version.)

A little chat between Mariano, Mariano's dad, and Cutberto, talking about how to lay out the clinic—what will go here and there.

Teresa is on the phone with Luisa. She's still packing and the CD playing is her's and Mariano's song. She gets the CD out of the player and puts it in a case. Then she looks at the photo of herself and Mariano in a frame. She then sees the Teddy Bear that he gave her on her bed. She throws said bear in trash. Jaws music plays.

Refugio and Armando are in the middle of an argument about Teresa staying with Professor Hottie. Armando explains that Teresa's mad because Refugio slapped her, but Refugio says that's just a pretext. Then Armando says that Professor Hottie is an okay guy and can help them out. And there's nothing they can do, anyway. But Refugio doesn't believe this. She's fixed on Teresa staying with Mariano. Teresa walks in with her stuff and announces that she's going now. Professor Hottie's chofer is waiting. She hugs her father and says she loves him, then gives Mom a cold BRUJA-esque look and says "Adios Mama." BRUJA BRUJA BRUJA!!! Mala indeed! Out she goes, dragging her luggage behind her. Mom sits down and does the ominous chest-holding thing again.

As she's struggling down the stairs with her suitcase, along comes Drug-Dealer guy. Weird conversation that I didn't completely get. (Please someone fill me in!) He offers to help her with her luggage but of course there's no way. Then he asks something about Pablo. Then basically she says she's getting out of this horrible neighborhood and he mockingly talks about how he won't bother her again, her highness, or something like that.

Rubigote is talking with Aida and I think she's hitting on him to help out her and Paulo some more.

More of the argument between Refugio and Armando. She just won't get it through her head that this is how it's gonna be for Teresa, and that Professor Hottie isn't a bad guy. She gets so agitated that she collapses. Armando rushes out to get help.

Teresa enters Professor Hottie's house as Professor Hottie and Luisa welcome him. Teresa gets all verklempt (crocodile tears) about how she wishes circumstances could be different. Luisa welcomes her again and they both tell her how happy they are to have her there. Teresa then says she'll work hard on looking for another place to stay, but Luisa nixes that and says there's no need. Oh, she doesn't want to be a bother, Teresa says. Professor Hottie is totally going for this and takes her hand and assures her that he's just fiiiine with her being there.

He is so totally buying her act. Poor sucker. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Armando bangs on Armando's door and pleads him to come look after Refugio.

Luisa is showing Teresa her room. She sees that she left her cell phone at home. Then she notices that there's this huge vase of red roses there for her. "You don't forget any details" she says. When Luisa gives her a hug, Teresa has this total gold-digging bruja look of satisfaction on her face. She says that Luisa can be like a sister to her. Another fakey hug as Teresa steals a look at her new digs with a smug and covetous eye.

Refugio's in a bad way. Mariano says to get an ambulance right away!

At the hospital, Esperanza meets up with a distraught Armando, who fills her in on why he's there. Mariano comes up and says good news, we got her stable. He then explains that she has a pulmonary embolism (I think that's right) and they need to thin her blood. She'll be in intensive care and they'll be doing more tests. Armando is so upset and worried that she'll die. His life is over if she dies! Esperanza tells him not to think that way. He asks to visit her.

Professor Hottie visits Teresa's room. She plays him oh, so well. She feels so bad about being away from her parents. She always thought that when she left that home it would be wearing a white wedding dress. Professor Hottie drinks it all up. All she wants to do is cry, she laments. This gives him the opportunity to hold her close as he tells her to cry, get it all out. Teresa is folded into his comforting embrace and develops this sneaky gleam in her eye. Shameless!

She has no shame. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Armando is in Refugio's room, wearing a full gown and mask. She's unconscious and he pleads with her to fight to live. He loves her, can't lose her, etc. etc. Poor Armando.

Teresa at her shameless best: Professor Hottie, totally getting into this comforting of Teresa thing, says that maybe she can talk to her mom about their differences. Teresa cuts that off quickly. No, her mom is very angry. Thinks that Professor Hottie is up to no good. Mom won't listen! Professor Hottie says he can tell she's very fragile. (COUGH!!! LOL!) He holds her hand and lovingly caresses it as she looks up with her "innocent" look and says that it's such a comfort to be there and to know she's not alone. Professor Hottie is a total goner. The poor sucker!

She's a genius at playing him. (Click on image to see much larger version.)

Armando is being told by Mariano that Refugio is in a delicate way. Better get Teresa in here. Armando says he can't reach her by cell. And, she's left home. Mariano is not pleased by this. Mariano assumes she's staying at Juana's, but Armando breaks it to him—she's at Professor Hottie's. There's a look of hurt and disappointment on Mariano's face.

A disgusted and disappointed Mariano finds out she's moved into Professor Hottie's place.  (Click on image to see larger version.)

A very telling scene where Teresa is lounging on her bed and the friendly servant lady, Reina, comes in to bring food. Teresa bosses her around and wants her to fetch and carry for a bit. You can tell that Reina is taken aback by this, since she's known Teresa for years. WHAT A BRUJA!!! I think I hate Teresa in this scene.

Teresa orders the nice servant lady to fetch and carry. (Click on image to see larger version.)

There's a book on Teresa's bed and she opens it. Out falls a photo of her and Mariano at the amusement park. Teresa starts to rip it in half but stops herself, caresses it a bit, and carefully places it back in the book. Then she tucks the book back in a drawer, sort of hiding it. Soft tender music plays. Then the Jaws music starts up again as she lounges back on the bed and eats some fruit with a selfish gleam in her eye.

More disgust displayed by Armando at the news that Teresa's staying with Professor Hottie.

We go to a new scene at some darkened bar or lounge, where a hot guy we haven't seen before is kissing a hot blonde woman. There's talk of her needing a "personal guide" and it sounds like she's a model of some kind. She leaves and the guy has a sh*t-eating grin on his face. He walks off and in walks Professor Hottie. Professor Hottie makes some joke about this guy always having the most beautiful and famous women. Other guy jokes that Professor Hottie and he will always be single. But Professor Hottie has some news—he's met the perfect woman! (HA! If he only knew!) Friend congratulates him and asks what the "fortunate victim's" name is. Her name is Teresa. Professor Hottie explains that she's his student and his employee and he hasn't said anything to her yet. Friend thinks this is stupid.

Meet Fernando. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Mariano has come to the house and wants to tell Teresa about her mom. But Teresa and Luisa avoid him and don't answer the door, because Teresa assumes that Mariano is just there to make a scene. He yells that it's about her mom, but she doesn't hear. He leaves without talking to her.

More with the chat with Fernando. He's got some big project coming up in Cancun. He's going to be at the beach. He invites Professor Hottie and his future esposa to come along. Then he asks how Luisa is doing. Does she still have the glasses? Sounds like Luisa was a bit of an ugly duckling the last time he saw her. We know where this is going! LOL. Professor Hottie says she's doing great etc etc and he'll see her soon.

Luisa and Teresa are talking more about Mariano coming up to the door and then Teresa asks where Professor Hottie is. He's visiting with Fernando, Luisa tells her. There's some excited talk about seeing Fernando again, as Luisa had a major crush on him when she was a kid and always dreamed that she'd marry him. Ah, the silly dreams of a girl. But things are different now—and much better.

Juana, Armando, Cutberto and Mariano are at the hospital chatting. Mariano says he couldn't reach Teresa. Cutberto, as usual, puts his foot in it and says that likely Teresa is to blame for Refugio's attack. Juana gives him the stink-eye.

It's morning and Teresa wakes up in the luxury of her bed. She's happy as a clam. "The life that I deserve" she whispers to herself. BRUJA! She is such a bruja.

Breakfast at the Professor Hottie House. He talks about how Fernando is going to Cancun and has invited them. Teresa looks very interested in this.

Refugio has awoken in the hospital. Mariano explains what she's doing there. She grasps his arm and with breathless urgency makes him promise that he'll look after Teresa and not let her take the wrong path. She is so desperately urgent and distraught. Mariano promises and we see tears in his eyes.

The conversation continues as Mariano tells Refugio she's got to rest and get better. She promises to do so, because she's got to fight for Teresa. She's got to stay alive!

More explaining of this trip to Cancun. All three of them are invited. Teresa and Professor Hottie will be working, though. Something about construction (?) and if they get this job it could lead to others (?). It sounds very important, anyway.

A sweet but sort of filler scene between Cutberto and Juana, who are waiting in the hospital waiting room. Everyone's been napping as they wait for news. Cutberto talks about what a nice guy Mariano is, and so forth. He offers his shoulder for Juana to sleep on.

Cutberto and Juana (Click on image to see larger version)

At the Professor Hottie breakfast table, there's more talk of this important work. Professor Hottie is off to see Fernando about some documents that are confidential. Only he has been authorized to deal with them. I think Luisa asks if they don't trust Teresa to work on them? No, that's not it, it's just very delicate business. Teresa doesn't seem vexed by this but she does wonder why she even should go on this business trip. But Professor Hottie says she'll be needed there. (Or something.) Then as he goes to leave, he gets out his keys and offers them to her. Wow, she is impressed with this. His keys! She's got the keys to the castle, it seems like she's thinking.

Mean Garage Owner is angry that Armando isn't back at work. No amount of explaining that poor Armando's wife is in the hospital sways him. He's going to advertise for a new head mechanic. Poor Johnny looks so upset by this.

Luisa goes off to work (I think) and leaves Teresa alone in the house. She proceeds to boss around Reina the friendly servant lady around some more. This time she complains about the greasy foods. Doesn't matter that Professor Hottie loves the food that way, Teresa has the keys now. Shark music plays and I am hatin' the bruja in this scene. In the middle of her bruja-scene, Aurora comes to visit and tells her about mom being in the hospital.

A quick conversation between Juana and Mariano at the hospital. I think they're worried about hospital bills. I think (?) that Mariano is willing to sell his taxi to pay for the bills?

Aurora is telling Teresa about Refugio's delicate condition. Teresa seems genuinely concerned, but then has a little outburst about what rotten luck, just when she was going to go on this trip! Aurora reacts like "What the?", astonished at Teresa's heartlessness. Teresa quickly recovers and says it's for work, for work, but obviously mom comes first. Funny how I am not sure I believe that! LOL.

Professor Hottie is at the tennis courts with Fernando. Fernando says that if Professor Hottie thinks that Teresa is trustworthy, that's good enough for him, and she can see the delicate documents that they're working on. Professor Hottie admits that he knows love is blind and all, but honestly, Teresa is very smart, efficient, and capable. Fernando remarks that he's never heard Professor Hottie talk that way about a woman before.

As Teresa and Aurora leave, Teresa says that she left the house because Mom hit her. She also says that Luisa was the one who invited her to the house, not Professor Hottie. She seems unforgiving of mom but Aurora is disapproving of this.

Paulo is visiting with Rubigote. In essence, Rubigote will raise Paulo's salary because he wants his princessa to be happy. But he wants a date for the boda and if she is ever hurt then Paulo will answer to him, Rubigote! Paulo looks properly frightened as he leaves the office.

He with the large mustache. (Click on image to see larger version.) 

A quick scene where Mariano visits the garage and Johnny tells him that Armando is out of a job. Mariano looks distressed.

Armando's blonde doctor associate is tending to Refugio. Refugio recognizes her from the graduation party. She tells blonde doctor that Mariano is a good boy and too bad Teresa can't see that. She looks so distressed and blonde doctor looks on like what a bruja Teresa is for upsetting her mom like that. Or something.

Teresa finally shows up at the hospital and is greeted by dad, Cutberto and Juana. Immediately Cutberto upsets her by implying that it's her fault that Refugio is in this state. Teresa walks off in a snit after chewing him out. Juana whacks him and chastises him but he says to himself, But it's the truth!

Teresa sees Mariano in the hallway and immediately rushes up to him, crying "is it true about my mom" and hugging him for comfort. He just looks sad.

Comforting Teresa. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Probably the worst, most ungracious, unromantic marriage proposal ever. Paulo is half-baked at a restaurant and swilling down booze as fast as he can to fortify himself. He rushes through the most unenthusiastic proposal to Aida who seems elated and thrilled, effuses with many smooches and "bebes." He doesn't have a ring so he gives her some wire or something as a placeholder for the real thing, and she even seems thrilled with that. The screenshot I've attached pretty much shows how the proposal went down.

The happy couple. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Mariano is explaining how mom is. It'll take time and ideally, she shouldn't work and she shouldn't have any stress. Teresa quickly jumps on this and says "So you blame me too for what happened!" He explains that he is not here to find blame, but just to say what needs to happen to make her better. Teresa whines that mom hit her. He says she was desperate. Then he asks about this Professor Hottie guy. She sharply says it's none of his business because they're no longer together. Then Esperanza comes in from Intensive Care to tell Teresa she can see her mom now.

Aurora tells Armando that we're all going to pray for Refugio. He thanks her.

Teresa is all suited and gloved to see mom in Intensive care. I was distracted by her mask almost falling out of place a few times. Basically the discussion is the same old, same old. Come back home, stick with Mariano. No, can't do that. Lather rinse repeat. Mom thinks nothing good can come from Professor Hottie. Things will be different this time. Teresa cuts that short and says there's no way, and never is she going back to that neighborhood. Jaws music plays.

Aida comes home and enthusiastically tells her parents that she's gonna get married. Whoop whoop whoop! "BODA!" She yells as her parents indulgently smile.

More discussion with Teresa and mom, as the blonde doctor listens in outside the door. More about love vs. money. Teresa lays it on the line: All of the woes we've had have been due to lack of money. Rosita's death, and so forth. I'm getting out of here and will look for a solution. I'll do what I have to. She sounds cold hearted and blonde doctor woman has a shocked expression on her face.

Brief meeting between Paulo and drug dealer guy. I guess he doesn't have enough money to pay for drugs and drug dealer guy is pretty angry and throws him to the ground. Paulo looks totally baked and out of it.

Teresa is walking along the hallway with Mariano. She thanks him for looking after mom. He says he loves Refugio, that's why he looked after her. He asks her again, is she really going to stick with Professor Hottie? She says coldly and deliberately that Professor Hottie is rich, he's a hottie, and he's completely in love with me. He's my perfect man. Unlike YOU. Oh that is COLD. Poor Mariano looks absolutely shattered.

She goes on to say that when it came to love, sure, Mariano was the ideal, but he didn't have the ambition. Mariano drives home the amor, amor crap. But Teresa says that Professor Hottie can give her what she wants and by the way, he's invited her to the beach! This seems to really be twisting the knife in for Mariano.

Blonde doctor is saying she hates Mariano's novia and (I think) she's going to fight for him? Not sure.

More recycling of the same old crap between Mariano and Teresa, who seem to have no trouble fighting at the top of their lungs in the middle of a hospital hallway. Don't go with this tipo (guy) to the beach. He says come back to me and be patient and it'll be great. "Castles in the air" she yells. She doesn't believe any of this. He says that they love each other. Blah dee blah. Lather rinse repeat. Both of them have tears in their eyes. Amor amor but what about dinero?

Then dad walks up. Mariano has her by the arm but lets her go when she yells that she doesn't want Mariano. Papa wants to know is there any chance of reconciliation? No way. Then Juana comes up and she cries on Juana's shoulder. Dad says, think about it. Come back home. Forgive your mom. She continues to cry on Juana's shoulder.

There's a brief scene with Lidia (blonde doctor) where she says something about maybe Mariano should consider that Teresa is not for him? But he doesn't seem receptive to this.

Mariano looks at the hospital bill for Refugio. It looks like it's going to be a lot.

Professor Hottie comes home and immediately wants to know where Teresa is. She's gone with a friend to the hospital, her mom is in a bad way, Reina the nice servant says. He wants to know where!

Juana and Teresa are eating at a cafe. Juana wants to know how come Teresa won't come live with her. Teresa explains that she wants to get out of the neighborhood, and besides, mom would never leave her alone. She assures Juana that she knows that she'd never let her down. Teresa then gushes about Professor Hottie's house, and also the planned trip to the beach. She's hoping that the trip can be put off until mom is better.

Juana mentions something about Mariano selling the taxi to help pay the hospital bill. Teresa looks impactada.

Nice doctor is telling Mariano about their plan to have a clinic where they can dispense medicine. There will also be volunteers, including Aurora. Mariano thinks this is great news. Then Mariano asks Nice Doctor if he knows of a place to get a good price on his taxi. He's selling it to pay for Refugio's hospital bill.

Armando walks up to the garage and sees a help wanted sign for head mechanic. Uh oh. He calls Johnny over to explain but before Johnny can say anything, Mean Garage Owner takes great relish in explaining what the sign means, just in case Armando can't read. WHAT A JERK!

It goes from bad to worse for poor Armando. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Luisa and Professor Hottie are at the hospital looking for Teresa, but can't find her. Luisa tells Professor Hottie that that taxi boy (Mariano) was making a scene again. Boy does Professor Hottie look unhappy about that.

More explaining from the Mean Garage Owner, in painful detail, how Armando doesn't have a job. After Mean Garage Owner leaves, Johnny asks Armando what he's gonna do. He doesn't know—his wife is in the hospital and he doesn't have a peso.

Professor Hottie and Luisa ask at the desk about Refugio. They want to make sure that she gets the best care. The desk nurse direct them to Doctor Sanchez Suarez. Uh oh.

When they encounter Doctor Sanchez Suarez, he turns out to be, of course, Taxi Boy. IMPACTADO Professor Hottie! He is astonished. Mariano says it doesn't matter if he's a taxi boy or a doctor, he's not going to allow Professor Hottie to abuse Teresa. Or what? Mariano asks. They get into near blows. This is the second fight that Mariano has gotten into at the hospital. Drama follows him wherever he goes! "Your love for Teresa is blind!" the deluded Professor Hottie proclaims. "She loves me!" Mariano yells, as Teresa and Juana rush in to pry them off each other.

The boys get into it. (Click on image to see larger version)

Teresa and Luisa hustle Professor Hottie out of there, as Juana tries to reason with Mariano, who is under the delusion that Professor Hottie is all bent on seducing an innocent Teresa on their trip to the beach. Juana tries to clue him in that the sister will be there, blah blah, but Mariano is just as deluded as Professor Hottie when it comes to Teresa.

Professor Hottie and Luisa are alarmed at what (they think) Teresa has been putting up with all this time. She spins some B.S. yarn and just says that she's glad she's got them around. Luisa and Professor Hottie look sympathetic.

Rubigote finds Esperanza and shows her a document for divorce from his wife. Esperanza is very skeptical. Rubigote says it'll take time for the divorce to go through. He gives her a cell phone so he can contact her. She only accepts if he is not lying and the divorce is valid. She won't tolerate any more lies. He assures her he's sincere. I don't think he is.

Armando is pleading with loan shark lady for some mercy. Mercy is in short supply with her. She doesn't care if his wife dies, he has 24 hours to cough up the money he owes or she'll go to his place and take anything of value.

Esperanza shows Teresa the divorce papers Bigote gave her. Teresa seems to think they look okay. No telling how long a divorce will take, though.

Luisa sees Mariano at the hospital. She asks him to leave Teresa in peace, and that her brother Professor Hottie is not going to do Teresa any harm. Mariano tells her that she doesn't understand, but Luisa says she does—Teresa doesn't want him in her life and he needs to accept that.

Professor Hottie is at another nurse's desk and is impactado to learn that Refugio's account is settled. The nurse can't find out more details, but Professor Hottie knows who settled the account. He doesn't say it but he's thinking it's Mariano. This displeases Professor Hottie.

I'm a little confused by this. Mariano is talking with the nice doctor and it looks like the account was settled and I'm not sure but I think Mariano thinks that Professor Hottie paid it? Who really did pay it?

Oh, we find out. Aurora's dad paid it! Aurora is telling Teresa this. Teresa is of course very grateful.

Professor Hottie approaches Teresa and she's able to tell him that Aurora's dad paid it all. He's glad it wasn't Mariano. Then he asks her about Mariano being a doctor. Then she says something about it doesn't matter that Mariano is a doctor, that another man had opened her eyes to a new world. She gives Professor Hottie a meaningful look as she says this. As usual he is totally buying into it.

Rubigote accosts Esperanza in the hospital. He plants a big kiss on her just as her dad walks in and asks who is this guy? Impactada looks.



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