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Refugio Para el Amor #50-51 Fri 6/29/12 Part I-Conny Wants To Tell The Secret and the PieCart Is Rolling Toward Our Happy Couple; Part II- The 15-Day Slip Twixt the Cup and The Lip


Part I: Recap by Madelaine

Around Mexico City:

Rod and Luci are still eating lunch and Luci is kinda a little miffed at Rod. She wants to know why Rod never told her Rosa was in the hospital. He says he just found out not too long ago.

Gala is in her office, and is thinking about how she is gonna stop this church wedding. The P.I. calls her from Het Het and says he is having trouble getting info on Luci from the locals. He also tells her about the Commandante that is in charge there; He also tells her about Don Aquiles knowing Luci. Julie is hoping the P.I. gets enough good credible dirt on Luci, but they are still going to search for all the proof they can. Gala wants to publish those pics in her magazine. Carolla advices Gala she better have iron clad proof or else that servant will sue. Julie can't wait for all this to go down cause then Luci's reputation will be ruined. (Note to Julie and Gala: I see a piecart in your future too, jus' sayin'). At this point the P.I. calls Gala back and tells her that according to a convo he just heard that Luci could have Don A thrown in jail. Now Gala is really interested in Don A. She wants info on him too, and she wants to contact him.

Hot Bod Rod and Luci have finally arrived at the church to see Padre Honesto. They go into the church and meet Padre Honesto. Rod would like the Padre to perform the wedding ceremony, he tells the Padre that they have already done the civil ceremony. The Padre is delighted to do it, and he tells Rod , word to your mother, hope she gets well soon. While Rod is talking to the Padre, Luci is praying to Jesus on the cross, and Padre wants to know her religious background. She tells him she is Catholic, has gone to Church all her life and has an icon of the Virgincita in her room. Padre is pleased to hear it. They both tell Padre they want Pato at their wedding. Padre is also very pleased with this too. (I have to say here, this is the most relaxed I have seen the Padre yet. He is always being stressed out by the crazy Rosa). There is a knock on the door, and guess who has come to call on the Padre, anyone, it's Pato. Yay. Pato comes in to Padre's office and says he wouldn't miss this wedding for anything. Luci and Rod are so surprised to see him there. Pato knew they would be meeting there, cause Rod told him earlier. He tells Luci he is very happy to be her BIL. Padre is really happy to see Pato, and likes him being there, what a nice surprise. Pato tells Padre Honesto, he can't stay cooped up all of his life he wants to LIVE. Padre is very happy with this also. Pato tells Rod and Luci about the movement in his hand, Luci goes by him and he grabs her hand and holds it, sigh! Now the three are having tea with Padre Honesto. Rod is telling the Padre that he can't wait for the church ceremony, cause then he can finally live with his wife. Padre is further impressed, if he only knew, jus' sayin' Padre wants to know if Rosa has left the hospital yet, Rod doesn't know and calls Hanna. Hanna tells him Rosa is being discharged from the hospital shortly.

Hanna, Max, Oscar, Boris and Mati are all at the hospital and all with Rosa. She is almost ready to leave the hospital. Oscar and Hanna both tell Rosa she looks much better. Rosa tells Mati, to go on back to the house now, cause Pato will feel deserted (Note to Rosa: Pato escaped again, nanny nanny boo boo. ). Mati leaves and Boris tells Max he would like to have a word with him. Boris and Max go out to the waiting area and Boris asks Max if Hanna can be his novia. He explains to Max that he respects Hanna and her whole family and that's why he is asking for permission. Max likes the respect. Then Boris asks him if Hanna can come to his birthday party this weekend. Max says no. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an away party or not. Someone please clarify. Boris tells him his parents will be at this party,and Max wants to know if Lula will be there. Boris tells him, no she won't, but Melissa will be there. Max says then of course she can and Boris thanks him.

Meanwhile, Hanna is on the phone with Rod in Rosa's hospital room. Rosa wants to know where Rod is, Hanna tells her he is meeting with Padre Honesto and Rosa wants to know what about. Hanna doesn't tell her. Hanna is saved by the bell, uh the Doctor, who tells Rosa she can now leave the hospital. The doctor also tells Rosa he wants her to see a cardiologist he is recommending so they can give her an EKG and test her heart to see if there is a problem. (Note to doctor: Why didn't you do all this while she is there, jus' sayin'). He says they need to find out if she has some type of heart malfunction.

Claudio and Conny meet in a cafe. Conny thanks him for helping Melissa with her thesis. Claudio says he is happy to do it. Claudio wants to know how Rosa is doing and tells Conny he hopes she is feeling better, after all Rosa is sooo sensible (haven't really talked to her Claudio have you, jus' sayin'). When he says this, Conny is rolling her eyes, lol. Claudio tells Conny that Rosa was with Aurora when she died and he says there is so much drama now with the exhumation of the bodies of his wife and baby. Claudio tells Conny the reason for the exhumation is to move the bodies of both to his family crypt. Conny says she understands and she is getting very nervous. She tells him she would like to have coffee with him sometime and she goes. But before she leaves the cafe she gives him a look I like to describe as Hey, big fella come up and see me sometime, it is that kind of look. She is interested in our handsome lawyer, jus' sayin'.

Meanwhile Gala has gone to see Lastra the Jackwagon at his dubious place of bidness. They are talking about the photos he wants her to buy. I think she gave him a payment for them or partial payment, someone please clarify. Mr. Jackwagon gives her the photos. There is one of Luci taken from the side and she has that wig on. She doesn't look recognizable. Mr. Jackwagon is happy to be getting payment. He gives her a receipt and she gives him the check.

Now we have a Frigid moment. She is all alone in the house, lording it over nothing, like she is the Grande Dame over everything and goes into the kitchen. Now for the comedy part of this recap, the music becomes playful and guess who is sneaking up on the Rigid one??? Aldo, who scares her so bad, I think she peed her pants (Note to Frigid, invest in Depends, jus' sayin'). He scares her so bad, she tells him she could have had a, wait for it, infarto. Then Frigid lights into Aldo about Gennaro that got in trouble for his crime of sneaking Pato off to that bar, doncha know. He smarts off at her, and then leaves, and then old Frigid is trying to catch her breath when for the second time this recap, wait for it, Mati comes sneaking into the kitchen and scares ole Frigid again. So now she is yelling at Mati for scaring her; Mati throws up her hands, and Frigid finally leaves the kitchen. lol.

Selena, Max's secretary, sees Aldo. She tells Aldo his Tio Max wants to see him. Aldo asks Selena about the computer system at Torreslanda. She tells him something, and then gives him a number, that he says over and over. I don't know if this is a password to get in or some security code. If someone knows please comment. Selena reminds Aldo his Tio wants to see him ASAP. Aldo calls his Tio Max. Max asks where he is right now. Aldo tells him he is at Torreslanda, working. Max tells Aldo to go to the Torreslanda home and to wait for him cause he wants to have a *serious* convo with him.

Rod and Luci have left the Padre's and now are at Vio's apt. Hanna calls Rod and tells him Rosa has been released from the hospital and Luci tells Rod he better go home and see his Mama Rosa. Rod assures Luci he will talk to Rosa about the two of them. He reminds her that they are husband and wife now, one person. They will never have any secrets and will be together foreva. (Anyone else see that piecart rolling toward them?) Lots of smoochies and Rod tells her he'll see her tomorrow. Luci is trying to assure herself she will she her Hot Bod Rod Hubby manana.

After Aldo has scared Frigid half to death, don't we wish, he has gone to Pato's room. He has that shamrock page up again and is asking Pato why he can't get in. Pato tells him it is highly secured and you need a special code to get in, I think. Bout this time, Max shows up and Aldo closes that laptop, right quick. Max tells Aldo to get to that library and wait for him! Aldo goes and Max asks Pato what they were discussing? Pato tells him it was something work related.

Rosa, Hanna, and Rod are all together in Rosa's bedroom and Rod gives Rosa the message from Padre Honesto that he will see her tomorrow. She is so pleased. Then she wants to know why he went to see the Padre. Rod tells her that he went to see Padre Honesto to, wait for it, officiate at the church wedding of he and Luci. Rosa is starting to go off the rails again, she is saying, no, no. He says he will talk to her later about this, and she is still saying no, no. Rod tells Rosa to get some rest and leaves her in Hanna's hands. Hanna tries to calm her down. Mati has brought Rosa something to eat and Hanna is trying to feed it to her. They are in Rosa's bedroom. Rosa says she doesn't want anything, that water is enough for her (Remember what I said about saints that over fasted all the time)? She thanks Mati at least for making her something to eat. She tells them both, she wants to sleep. Conny comes in about this time and Hanna and Mati leave. Conny asks Rosa if she is feeling better? Rosa says she feels better. Conny tells Rosa about seeing Claudio this afternoon. Conny says this convo with Claudio was interesting cause he told her, are you ready, that you, Rosa were with Aurora when she died! Rosa says this has been her heavy burden to bear all these years. Well Conny is having none of this self righteous pity from her sister, and tells her What About CLAUDIO'S burden? Poor Claudio has suffered all these years because of your craziness. Conny wants Rosa to tell Claudio the truth. Rosa tells Conny that SHE is crazy and can't tell the truth. Conny wants to know what happened to the baby. Rosa says she won't tell the truth cause it would cost her her family's love, cause they will never forgive her for what she did. Conny reminds Rosa she is the accomplice and can't keep it in anymore and she feels really bad. Then Rosa tells Conny you are my sister, you can't tell. Well, Conny has finally had enough, and she tells Rosa, if you won't tell Claudio, then I will, That his daughter is alive! Rosa tells Conny to leave the past in peace and not to betray her. (Are you kidding me???). Conny tells Rosa how it really is, and not the fantasy she has made up in her mind. She tells Rosa that SHE is the traitor. She tells Rosa that Claudio trusted Rosa and all of the Torreslanda's and just look what they did to him. Conny says she can not take this burden anymore. They have been yelling all this time. Rosa is hyperventilating by this time and takes some pills.Conny leaves. After Conny leaves, Rosa is taking more pills. She is still hyperventilating when Max comes in, he tells her to calm down. Then he notices all the spilled pills, and realizes how many she took. He takes the rest and puts them back in bottle.

Max and Aldo are finally having their little meeting, when Max tells Aldo that Jeronimo talked to him about Vicky. Max wants to know if he is seeing Vicky, si or no? Aldo says, yes Tio, I am seeing her! So Max goes on the song and dance about Aldo knows very well what the regs are and he isn't supposed to be dating an employee, well, Aldo with his stones, and I mean to say they will be boulders soon, when he says, wait for it, Vicky is NOT AN EMPLOYEE. He says Jeronimo is, but not his daughter Vicky. Aldo asks his Tio Max, oh, what is there a problem? Why do you care anyway, Ruh Roh. Well Tio Max is a little flustered and tells Aldo to leave him alone and go. Aldo leaves.

Luci is at Dona Estella's. Rod calls Luci and tells her he has a very special day planned for her tomorrow. After Luci hangs up, she tells Dona Estella that she is going on a shopping trip tomorrow. Dona Estella tells her she is really lucky. Luci says her love for Hot Bod Rod Hubby is very strong and everyone is on board but Rosa. They need her to get on board, good luck with that.

Conny is in a little office at the Torreslanda home when Aldo comes in. He asks his Mama Conny if she is ok. She says she is, but looks upset. She says she is thinking of work. Aldo wants to go out. Conny asks who with? Aldo tells her a friend, what friend? She asks him how work is going? He says he is doing alot, but he is dreaming of being something else someday. He wants to be a big cheese. Aldo goes, and then calls Vicky. He tells her he is waiting for her, and Vicky tells him she can't come out to play, no, she tells him she doesn't want to go out, cause her Daddy says she can't and he knows very well that she got in trouble with Max, and says Max knows he is seeing Vicky. Now Vicky is really pithed and she hangs up on Aldo. Her papa Jeronimo comes out and asks her who she is talking to,and she lies and says it was a client that likes to gossip. Jeronimo doesn't buy it and tells her not to lie. He tells her that that guy should have some respect, cause just cause she's poor doesn't mean she can't be respected. You got that right Don Jeronmio but you got the wrong guy. It's your employer, jus' sayin'.

Rosa is now sleeping and she is having a nightmare, I mean a dream about Aurora and the baby. Aurora is loving her little baby, and has tears in her eyes. Rosa tells her to rest. Aurora wants to get better and she is crying, cause I think she knows she won't. Aurora so wishes she could see Claudio. She begs Rosa to be a good Mama to her baby, and for Max to help raise her if anything should happen to her. Rosa is staring at the baby, and Aurora is pleading with her.


Het Het:

Paz and Ariche are walking down the street in Het Het, and guess who they run into, anyone wanna guess, wait for it, it's Don Aquiles. He tells her he gave the deeds to her house and lands to Lic Barrerra, and she tells him good for you, you A$$Hat, just kidding, but she tells him good for you or you would have ended up in la carcel. Don A tells Paz he wants to be left in well, paz. Paz, in her infinite wisdom, tells Don A, he won't have paz because he is trying to destroy people's lives like that, and wait for it, Dios is watching him. (Ha!). And guess what he does? He actually looks up to Heaven, like he is really in trouble now. Unbeknownst to Paz and Don A the P.I. is sitting not far from them and takes pics and makes a recording of the whole conversation.

Don Aquiles is in his office playing darts when Copio tries to come in and Don A almost hits him. Copio has brought the money from the bodega to him. Don A tells Copio to go clean Dona Paz's house, cause she is having a big ole party there, not really he tells Copio that she is moving back into her house. Copio is Que? Que? (What, What?) She is really moving back in? Don A says no she's having a big ole fiesta, of course she is moving back in. He tells Copio, wait for it, I am a noble human being and I am giving her house back to her. (Note to Don A: Forgot to mention Lic Barrerra and the carcel didn't you) and he does a gesture with his hand, like he is kissing himself, I was roaring with laughter when I saw this, jus' sayin'. Copio wants to know if he is doing this to get an in with Luci. He says no, she didn't do this thing. He says he will never forgive her for marrying that Chilango and that Don A's heart is full of love for Luci. Just about this time his phone rings. Don A answers and the person on the other end would like to do some bidness with him. He wants to know what type of bidness. It's Gala that has called Don A. She tells him she wants info on Luciana Jacinto. He wants to know, what you want with my Palomita? Gala has the gall to tell Don A that Luci stole Rod from Gala just at the point when they were at the altar ready to be married. She tells Don A the man is Rodrigo Torreslanda (like Don A knows who he is). Now Don Aquiles as funky as he is, said something really great here, he feels that this is all, wait for it, Rod's FAULT. Yay, Don A. Gala states her bidness and asks Don A if he is interested in seperating Rod from Luci, si or no? Gala tells him, he could get his Palomita back. Don A gets her phone number and tells her he will think about it and call her back tomorrow.


Dona Lucita is on the sidewalk eating some of that yummy grilled corn you can buy from a street vendor and the Chisme Ladies see her and ask her if she is now Don Aquiles Novia??? I think she says she is. The Chisme Ladies think it is romantic that Don A got her that house. Don A is done with his phone call and is strolling down the street, and Dona Lucita sees him and wants to know if he is looking for her, Don A shoos the Chisme Ladies away. Dona Lucita tells Don A she can't wait for the Night Of Amor with him. Ha! Dona Lucita is flirting with Don A, but the Chisme Ladies have not gone far. They are using the Frigid method of hiding behind pillars and listening. Don A asks her what is the hurry? We can wait, (Note to Don A- you are so stringing her along). She is still eating that grilled corn, and she tells him, please don't break this dream of mine. She wants music and dancing and the whole nine yards, and not only that, she wants this Manana! He is wheedling his way out and leaves. The Chisme Ladies have heard it all and are giggling. 

Part II- Recap by Anita


Roselena is having a nightmare.  It’s a very complete screening in muted greys and blues of the flashback to Aurora’s final moments.  Aurora is pleading with Rosa to take care of her just-born infant daughter, as she would her own, until such time as Claudio can know her and take care of her.  Rosa apparently promises.  Aurora expends her dying breaths reminding Rosa of her promise.  Sadly, Rosa can barely stand to hold the child.  Rosa tosses and turns, and finally the flashback is over.  We in Viewerville are touched that Aurora got to hold her baby girl before dying.

In The Den of Iniquity - I
Connie and Max can’t sleep.  They bump into each other in the sala and start to talk.  Connie is waiting up for Aldo to get home, she’s always worried about him.  Now that she mentions him, Max tells Connie how Don Jer came to him bothered that Aldo is making a play (cortejando = courting, wooing) for Vicky.  Connie wonders if he’s really sure.  Well, he back pedals a bit, no, maybe not going steady, but he’s definitely seeking her out, trying to woo her.  That bothers him.  Of course he can’t share the real reason, so he comes up with the lame, outdated (IMHO) office policy of non-fraternization among employees.  Never mind that Aldo is not wooing Don Jer, but his daughter.

Connie is completely oblivious of whom and to whom she is speaking as she continues the conversation, about how strange that sounds when Vicky is already in a serious relationship with an older man, a very married one.  Max wants to know how she knows this.  Vicky, the girl from the nail salon they patronize, was telling them—he should remember her, she came to the house one day.  They’ve also heard some things from Nicole.  Apparently this man treats her very well, showers her with gifts and she’s over the moon with felicidad.  Connie adds, Poor Muchachita.  Max wants to know why, if she’s a mature young lady who knows what she wants.  Connie says that Vicky is still young, attractive and should be going out with someone closer to her own age.  This type of relationship can only end by hurting her or cause lasting damage.  Max avers that maybe she’s in love with this man.  Nah, Con doesn’t think so.  Nicole told her this man is of very high social standing, very powerful and very rich.  That type of man pays for his sins with diamonds.  Aldo can’t compete with this man; Vicky would never trade youth for money (Famous Last Words, Connie).  Regardless, she’ll speak with Aldo because the last thing she wants is for Aldo to get into problems with Tío Max.  Max is digging a deep hole with doodoo at the bottom for himself.  When all this comes out and he’s smelling to high heaven, Connie will remember this conversation (IMHO).

Max thanks her profusely and changes the subject.  What he’s really preoccupied by is his wife.  Max doesn’t understand Rosa’s attitude toward Luciana.  Especially after all the good she’s done helping with Patricio’s rehabilitation.  Hanna loves her and Rod fell in love with her and *married* her.  He thinks it’s absurd of Roselena to think that he had a child with Aurora.  Her condition has been getting worse since Luciana arrived.  Is it just because of the physical likeness between the two that has provoked this current state of mind?  He just doesn’t know, doesn’t know.  

Max thinks a psychiatrist is the way to go.  Someone has to help her out of this torment.  She’s losing touch with reality.  She’s hurting herself, him and all her children.  Connie thinks they should seek out a psychoanalyst.  She probably doesn’t know how many years of investing time and money is involved in psychoanalysis, with debatable results (IMHO).  Rosie, poor thing, needs a quick fix.  Max complains that she has even gone so far as wanting him to admit to an affair with Aurora and that the child who died with her is his.  He’s not going to admit to something that has no basis in fact.  He never had anything to do with Aurora, other than to hold her in high esteem and admire her for how loving and attentive she was with Claudio—all the things he wished Roselena could have been for him—a real wife.  Connie reminds him that Rosely really loved him, truly, from the moment they met.  Max says he did, too, and in fact, still loves her, but this illness is going to seriously affect her own son.  So, either she gets professional help or she’s going to end up in a mental institution (Famous Last Words, Max).  Connie is stunned.   

In The Den of Iniquity - II
Julie and her amiga Carola are getting ready for an evening meal at Gala’s.  She makes a quick call to Brigida and learns that Rosie is home. She turns her attention to making a Luciana Salad.  The ingredients read like the list of “proofs” they have built up against that zorra: a) Lastra’s confession; b) the confession of that old pueblerino (meaning Don Aquiles); c) the relationship between Luciana and the Torreslanda’s no. 1 enemy, Claudio Linares; d) the photos of Luci at the antro;  add to that a little intrigue, a little contempt.  All done.  Carola thinks Julie is quite perverse. She doesn’t want any of her “salad.”  This salad is going to wilt (IMHO).

Gala arrives home and might join them at their meal, but she’s really tired.  She has the pictures *and* she talked to el tal Don Aquiles, who’s going to give her an answer tomorrow.  Julie is overjoyed to see the photos and promises to pay Gala back as soon as Roselena pays her.  The money is the least of Gala’s concerns.  But Julie insists.  They did all the work, so since Roselena has it to spare, they’ll stick her for it.  They gossip about Rosa going to see the Padre first thing every morning.  Carola thinks she must be quite the little sinner.  Julie assures her that Rosie prays for everyone, especially for Julie herself.  There is no doubt in Carola’s mind that these two are mother and daughter. 

Gala thinks it would be very advantageous to talk to the Padrecito since everyone in the Torreslanda family confides in him.  Gala sees this as a big opening to suck up to the Padre and to suck out his secrets.  Padre isn’t going to offer his arm to this blood-hungry mosquito any time soon (IMHO).

In the Workout Den of Almost Iniquity – III
For overheated hot bod eye-candy gawkers in Viewerville, we are treated to a 43 second workout session with Hot Bod Rod (where do I get the video?).  He is clearly working out his sexual frustration, so he can maintain his composure around Luciana (IMHO), since she demurely declined to stay with him in his apartment until after the church wedding, which is taking place in 15 days.

In the Homey Lady's Den of Pure Thoughts With Lots of Pictures on the Wall
Luciana is sitting with Estela, waiting up for Serena to get home safely from her first night at the Antro.  Estela tells her that Luciana can stay with them as long as she likes.  Dreamy-eyed, Lucia tells her that she’ll be staying with Violeta, even if it’s going to be a little tight with Lorenzo there.  It’s not for long, only until her wedding day, in 15 days, then she’ll be Sra. Torreslanda, after which, she’ll be living with her husband.  Start crossing the days off the calendar, honey, but it’s going to be a lot longer than those 15 days before you get the Padre’s blessing (IMHO). 

In the REAL Den of Iniquity
Serena, the new devil in a red dress, and Polo talking together at the Inferno.  She’s really tired because she has to get up so early.  Polo says to get a hustle or she’s not going to last very long here.  She’s obviously a raw recruit and a bit nervous, but she needs the job to help her family back home and pay her rent.  Ivan approaches and shoos her out onto the floor—and to remember her charola.

Marcial has accompanied Violeta/Coral to the back of the Inferno.  He’s giving her a hot and heavy goodbye.  He’s frustrated, too.  He wants to “be” with her tonight,  after she gets off work.  Decent girl that she is, Vio says, no, no, to the proposition.  First a wedding, *then* the honeymoon.

Aldo has come to Inferno by himself.  He’s at the roulette wheel.  Lorenzo moseys up and the two of them pretend very hard that nothing is going on between them, as they exchange “pleasantries” for the benefit of the house cameras.  Lorenzo is looking fine in his suit and tie.  He tells Aldo that he’s checked it out and Lastra won’t be in the office tomorrow.   Aldo tells him he’s discovered some strange connection between this place and his uncle Max.

Down In The Saintly Den of the Torreslanda Servants Quarters
Matilde tells the Virgencita and all of Viewerville how sorry she is for protecting Rosa’s secret and not betraying her and also for withholding the information about Luci’s origins.  She tells the Virgencita that the past is catching up with her niña and she’ll have to confront it.  Matilde hopes said Virgencita will show Roselena the way and give her strength.  She begs the Virgencita’s forgiveness.  (Viewerville already knew this.)


In the Saintly Den in Het Het
Don Serapio comes to Magda’s to tell them that Luciana has set the date for her wedding.  It will be in 15 days.  He’s in a quandary over the invitation to the boda.  His new guy is verde (same as in English, green) and he doesn’t want to think about someone in Het Het dying while he’s at the wedding.  Later on, Magda and Paz are together.  Magda can’t wait to see Violeta again after all these years.  Then they talk excitedly about what to wear to the wedding.  They’ve decided the box of stuff didn’t trigger any ahas.  Even though Paz would rather wear her widow’s rags, Magda talks her into a visit to the mercado, pick out some material and ask Doña Marta the Sewing Lady to make them something.  The stand-owner is trying to interest them in a bolt that is a bit too flashy for Paz, too many flowers.  She’d rather have something simpler.  Ariche comes upon them and declares that he wants to look elegant and so he’s going to ask his a-ma for a new pair of guaraches to show off at the wedding. 

In the Not So Saintly Den in Het Het
Don Aquiles is wrestling with himself out loud over Gala’s offer.  He finally picks up his retro, green rotary dial phone and makes the call to Gala.  Acepto (even if it’s not in a customary marriage).  With the two of them working together it won’t take long to separate La Palomita for her from this relamido (affected, prim, over-fine, over-nice) chilango (from the D.F.), Rodrigo.   Don Aquiles is really put out with Proco because he was supposed to tell Paz they were going to switch back houses today, but came back with the story that they weren’t there.  Don A. gives him one upside the head, the shoulders, the backside and tells him to get back there and wait for them.  Procopio explains that if he waits there, who would be in the office for el Día de la Raya (payday).  Don A throws him out, telling him to obey his orders to stay at the house until Paz comes back.

In No Den at All, but Al Fresco
Luciana and Rodrigo are breaking the fast together.  He wants to know if she’s content.  He wants her to have anything she wants, just ask and it shall be given.  Lucia’s meal is less interesting than getting up close and personal with Rod.  She makes him get up and come over to her and gives him a big smack on the lips, in public, no less.  “Eso es lo que quiero,” that’s what I want (the kiss; but also, that’s what I love).  He comes back with a chaste, “Y yo te quiero a tí,”  I love you (but he really means I “want” you).  Then he tells her, “Me encanta ser tu mushashón.” (Translation from Het Het to English: A big, strong, handsome guy who is going to build his beautiful bride a little cottage with indoor plumbing on a bluff overlooking the valley of Het Het, work the land every day to provide his growing family with food on the table, clothes on their backs and eventually forgets about flowers, cards, candles, wine and flower petals around the marital bed—he’s just too tired.)  The camera swings away just a second too soon to catch Luciana saying, “Te quiero,” but we know she says it because we can lip read Rod’s reply, “Y yo mas.”

In Mama Bear’s Den
Roselena is in a much better mood this morning.  Connie stops in to check on her.  Yes, she’ll be seeing Padre later.  She fusses that Padre listens, advises, but never offers solutions.  She wants to talk to Connie later.  Connie leaves for work.  Gala calls.  She wants to update her on the investigations they’ve been making.  She agrees to meet Gala at her apartment later that afternoon, so they can talk without interruptions.  Surprise, surprise, Padre comes to see Roselena at the house.  She knows Rodrigo went to see him.  Yes, he came with Luciana to set their wedding date.  In 15 days he marries Luciana.  There’s a cute little side show with Brigida trying not to deliver the coffee right away as Rosa’s conversation is starting to get interesting, but Mati foils her plan by following on her heels with a tray of cookies and making sure she doesn’t hover after leaving.

She tells the Padre that eso no puede ser (Bingo anyone?), he can’t marry them.  It’s not just because Luci looks like Aurora, there is a justification.  After much back and forth, she finally lets loose with her horrible revelation: 1. Luciana is the baby she gave away to the gardeners; 2. Luciana is the daughter of Aurora Linares; 3. Luciana is the daughter of Aurora Linares WITH her husband Max.  Padre wants to know *what* is she saying.  Rosa is disgorging all her loathing and abhorrence of Luciana.  Every time Luciana looks at her, it’s Aurora that is looking at her and recriminating her for having given away the fruit of that infidelity.  Padre is, to say the least, shocked.  Luciana and Rodrigo are half-sibs, Rosa states the obvious.  Padre wants to know, does Max know?  Yes, he knows, but the coward denies it.  Padre is sure Max would never have approved of the relationship had he known of her paternity.  For Rosa, it is simple, Max is a coward.  He can’t admit that he ever had an affair with Aurora or that the child is his.  Padre is still shocked, still sure Max would have been the first to shout it out.  Because of Max and his infidelity, Roselena declares, she has never been able to live in peace.      

Mati comes in with Rosa’s medicines.  Padre notices the frantic hand sanitizing Rosa is engaged in.  He looks perplexed and grossed out.  He wants to know if she’s ok.  Yes, now that she’s been able to tell him the truth.

Q. Why is she so convinced that Luci is Max’s child?
A. Because an insecure, insanely jealous woman with an overactive imagination always paints the worst scenario and believes it to be true.  Who can argue with that logic (IMHO).

In the Den of Merchants
Rodrigo has brought Luci to Mexico City’s Rodeo Drive.  He wants her to buy anything she wants to be the most beautiful bride.  Melissa and Hanna meet up with them, squealing in delight as the two are caught kissing.  Rod gives Hannah his credit card and his permission to buy out Rodeo Drive, so Luci does Pretty Woman and Maria Isabel.  The first wedding dress she’s shown seems a little too shiny to her, she wants something—a little simpler.  The next one she gets to try on.  It is absolutely gorgeous, as is she.  Take a long look, Viewerville.  The pie carts and anvils are lined up guaranteeing that she won’t make it up the aisle in it in 15 days (IMHO).  Melissa and Hanna think Luci has found *the* dress, but are willing to keep looking for something Luci likes better.  She says she’s satisfied with the one she tried on.  So, the girls try to talk her into buying more clothes.  As Luci demurs, Melissa is very diplomatic about suggesting that Rodrigo might want to see her in something more citadina (urban) and Luci admits they are probably right.  Then they really get busy.  The first deep salmon rose dress is the prettiest on her.  Viewerville has no idea what they ended up buying because there was a free-for-all at the end with dresses, probably designer dresses in the expensive bracket, being tossed everywhere, but mainly at Luci.

In the Den of Executive Businessmen (Except for the Executive Computer Lady)
Rodrigo has gone to the office on important business, but is not really attending to business.  He’s telling the fellows that in 15 days, they’re getting married.  After congratulatory rounds, they try to get back to business, but it’s hopeless.  Pato, participating by remote teleconferencing, finally has to ask Gabe & Marcos to follow up on the stuff they were supposed to be sending by truck for the foundation since Rodrigo is somewhere on the Isla de Alegría (Happy Island).

Outside the Den of Executive Businessmen
Oscar and Max are brunching together on oj, coffee and something they cut with a knife and fork (so it can’t be frijoles).  They’re discussing the relationship between Claudio and Roselena.  Well, Oscar would like a little clarification as to why he would have shown up at the hospital.  Max explains what Viewerville already knows.  Oscar posits that if all that had happened to him, he probably would have felt the same affection toward Rose.  Max is troubled because he’s sure that behind the courteous façade, Claudio is moving ahead with the review of his case to reopen it against them to try to clear his name.  Oscar assures Max that he’s keeping up with everything so there won’t be any surprises.

In the Den of Honest Lawyers
Claudio is getting briefed by Lic. Barrera over the asunto with Paz in Het Het.  Barrera is so pleased with the outcome.  He scared Don Aquiles by telling him that even though he returned the deeds, charges could still be brought against him for selling the lands and the house fraudulently, prosecuted and end up in jail.  Claudio reminds Barrera that he is still planning to be away for 15 days.  In order to go with some peace of mind, he’s going to stop at the cemetery office to see if the matter of the exhumations can be resolved.

In the Den of the Hardworking Inferno Employees
Vio and Lor are having breakfast together (probably frijoles), chatting about Serena’s first night at Inferno.  There’s a knock at the door.  Fabian, the relative that brought Ariche to visit Luciana, has arrived on Lorenzo’s word that he can find him chamba in DF.  He’s ready to go to work since the coyotes that were taking them “al otro lado” dumped them in the desert and took all their money.  He brought Lorenzo a special Paz care-package and a blessing for Vio from her a-ma who is excited to be seeing her soon.  Vio shudders (me tiembla los dientes) when she thinks about seeing her mother face to face and have Magda find out she’s working at an antro.  She’s going to have to think up something really good to tell her.

In Aldo’s Little Cubbyhole (Not Big Enough to be a Den)
Aldo is working away at his computer when he gets a visit from Vicky’s dad.  Aldo tells him he got read the riot act by Tío Max.  He and Vicky aren’t doing anything wrong, they’re just going out having a little fun, so if Vicky wants to go out with him, he should let her.  Don Jer is not convinced and reminds him of the non-fraternization policy.  Aldo, in a moment of brilliance, which Don Jer doesn’t catch, tells him that—rules are to be broken, just ask his tío about that.  And with that he’s off to see the IT lady (that’s Information Technology, not Clara Bow).

In One Den and Out the Other
Nicole and Vicky are at the nail salon talking about Vicky’s Osito.  She’s worried that he’s mad at her since he hasn’t called her all day.  Nicole has some good advice.  In any social scandal involving a married man, they always come out all right.  The blame is always put on the girl and she gets the bad rap (and rep).  She says Vicky is only like a pila de agua (faucet) where these men go to wash their hands.  Listen up, Vicky, none of these ositos are going to leave their families or their wives for someone like you (Famous Last Words, Vicky—are you listening?).   

In the Den of a Different Merchant
Pulseras are a girl’s best friend—maybe.  Max remembers the conversation with Connie about how expensive gifts smooth over the rough bumps in a relationship.  He walks into a jewelry shop and picks out a bracelet.  The clerk tells him it’s the latest style, very fashionable and just in.  She wonders if it is for someone muy joven, which, after he describes the special young lady this is for, the clerk gushes that it must be for his daughter.  Max pauses for half a second to reflect.  He’s going buy the darn thing to salve his conscience and Vicky will probably accept it, despite Nicole’s consejos (IMHO).

Return to the Den of Iniquity - II
Roselena has finally made it to Gala’s apartment, where Julie is tallying the expenses, so far.  Luckily Rose brought her checkbook because they want compensation for the money they laid out for the photos and the investigator in Het Het.  Rose thinks the price they paid for the pictures was excessive.  Gala arrives at this juncture and tells Rose they were worth every penny as she shows Rose the advance issue of her “yellow journalism” (her words) exposé on antros in the area, featuring Luciana on the cover.  Written all over Gala’s face is, “Take THAT, you rat bastard patán who dumped me at the altar to make a nest with that zorra.”

More revelations on Luciana’s background swirl around the Torreslanda household.  Pato sees Frigida accepting a check.  Rod gets a copy of Gala’s magazine handed to him.  Max is told that Aurora’s child he thought was dead is Luciana—*his* daughter—who is getting ready to marry Rodrigo—*his* son.  So, buddy, Fix It.

Vocabulary and Dichos

Cortejando (from cortejar) = courting, wooing
La charola = tray (a bit farther south, it’s called una bandeja)
Día de raya = payday (El día de raya es el día de pago)
Un relamido – someone who is affected, prim, over-fine, over-nice
Los guaraches, pl. – Mexican sandals 
Me tiembla los dientes = Lit: my teeth are shaking (Likely English: teeth are chattering or I shiver or shudder to think about….)
Pila de agua – can be anything from a flagon for drinking to a faucet (in this case it’s a faucet)
…extra credit:  Pila de Agua Bendita – Basin for Holy Water at the entrance of a church.
Un Chilango, m. – originally meant someone visiting the capital city.  It then eroded into someone who is *from* Mexico City.
La Pulsera = bracelet


Abismo de pasión #78 6/29/12: Give Me One Reason to Leave Here and I'll Turn Right Back Around (And You Can See Me Turning)

Alternative Titles

Luke, I'm Not Your Father
If You Leave Me, You'll Miss A Good Thing
And I Am Telling You (You're Not Going...With Him)
B*tch Betta Have My Money
I Got My Mind on My Money and My Money on My Mind
Clueless or Clue (Your Choice)
If You Leave Me Now, You'll Take Away the Biggest Part of Me

Church Rectory-Gael Kravitz has just busted Damien out and told Alfonsina that Damien has asked Agosto for Elisa’s hand in marriage.  Alfonsina says, “It’s impossible!”  Yeah, it’s true mama, says Damien. I’m just waiting on Agosto to make his decision.  Alfonsina can’t believe that Agosto is allowing Damien on his property.  Damien says that Agosto is able to put away the past, unlike his mother.  She reminds him that Agosto tried to kill him.  He didn’t mean it to do it.  It was all my fault for trying to sneak and marry his daughter.  But, we’re totally buds now that I’m being honest with him.  Gael, now thoroughly pleased with himself for causing grief for Dam, pats his “friend” on the back and promptly excuses himself.  Primero Muerta!  Alfonsina says that she will die before she allows Damien to marry that girl.  I don’t need your cash; I’m educated! I will renounce your name! Alfonsina’s mouth drops open and slams into her chest.  “Hold up!  You don’t want my money?  Who raised you?”  She says that she will have a heart attack.  Well, good night, ma, cuz Elisa and my father-in-law are waiting.  I’ve got to get back to the reception.  Good Luck with that heart attack.  There’s the phone, call 911 if you need anything.  Alfonsina takes her medication. 

Casa de Castanon Home Office-Carmina’s wedding hair looks very pretty, but she is irate!  Agosto and Camina are in the office discussing he and Elisa leaving town.  He tells Carmina that she is not part of the plans that he has with Elisa.  You’re crazy if you think you’re leaving me here and running off with Elisa. (Run, this means she’s going to kill you!)  Not only am I leaving, says Agosto, but you won’t get fifty cents out of me.  You’re in the prime of your life.  Find another gravy train. Carmina tells him that for many years she has been with him through the bad times.  You’re not going to give me any of the cash from selling the property? That’s what I said and that’s what I meant.  Agosto….tick tock tick tock, I’m afraid to say it, but I think you’re time might be up soon.  Stop talking.  Sometimes men don’t know when they’ve gone too far.  Anyways, Carmina says that she is willing to do ANYTHING to stop Agosto from leaving.   

Church-Gael walks into the church and finds Lupe down on his knees praying.  As you may recall, Lupe is freaked out about what Carmina revealed to him about Horacio being Blanca’s murderer.  Lupe tells Gael that he won’t be going to the reception. He asks him to send his apologies to everyone.  He tells Gael that it was wrong of him (Lupe) to encourage Dolores to marry Horacio.  Gael, I need to be alone while I have my nervous breakdown, but don’t worry about me.  I’ll be alright eventually.  Gael tells him that Alfonsina is waiting for him.   Padre asks him to apologize to her as well, then picks up his hat and leaves. 

Reception-Delores is sitting alone and the bride and groom’s table when Elisa goes over and sits down.  Elisa tells Dolores that she looks very beautiful.  Dolores thanks her.  Where’s my groom? (That’s what I wanted to know).  He’s in the house with my father.  Dolores tells Elisa that it’s the best party she’s ever had.  Elisa tells Delores that she loves her very much.  Delores tells Elisa that she loves her too.  Elisa tells Dolores that she needs to speak to her about something important in the morning (after the wedding night). 

Casa de Arango Home Office-Gabino is waiting in office for Alfonsina arrives.  Alfonsina starts yelling about Agosto.  Weeks ago, she told Gabby to find some dirt on Agosto and Agosto is still Mr. Clean.  Gabby says that he hasn’t had the opportunity to do some damage because he’s been trying to solve problems at the procesadora.  What the hell are you talking about?   Gabby tells her that they didn’t get the raw materials in, so the machinery was shut down.  They also didn’t get the habaneros because they couldn’t pay for them.  He tells her that the company is losing money.  Nothing like this ever happened under Rosendo and under him (Gabby) the profits doubled. 

Reception-Why is Damien still Gael’s friend?  Anyways the two of them sit down at a table with the Paloma and Elisa.  Paloma wants to know why Lupe isn’t there.  Gael tells her that the priest sends his apologies.  Paloma and Gael excuse themselves to go speak with Delores (because she had been asking for the padre).  Elisa feels Damien’s tension and asks him what’s wrong.  He tells her about the heated discussion that he had with his mother at Lupe’s house.  They are both wearing their amulets (how cute), but she’s  not wearing wedding hair.  When is she going to lose that halo braid?  It bugs me.  Hmmmmm.  Now that I’m with you, I feel better.  He asks if she would like to dance.  No, she wants to talk to him about something important.  She grabs his hand and leads him away from the party. 

Casa de Arango Home Office-Gabino (he is so hot) opens the door and lets Guido in.  Guido starts yelling at Gabby about making trouble at the procesadora.  After cussing Gabby out a bit, Alfonsina asks Guido to sit down.  He begins to tell her of all of the problems he is having at the procesadora.  The checks are rubber and the banks are stamping everything NSF (not that this re-capper has ever seen such a check-I had to look up the meaning for research).  Anyways, Guido assures Alfonsina that he would clear things up in the morning.  Alfonsina drops the bomb that all of her money has been located because Guido gave the order to transfer all of her money out of the country.  Guido leaps from his seat!  How’d my cash get in your bank account? And you better give me an explanation that I can believe!

Elisa’s Bedroom-Elisa leads Damien into her bedroom.  He protests because he’s promised to keep her pure until their wedding day.  This will only give Agosto another reason to use Damien for target practice.  Dam, calm little Dam down.  That’s not what I brought you here for.  Elisa tells Dam that her father never even considered allowing her to marry Damien.  She explains that Agosto wants to take her away from La Ermita.   They are going to sell everything and leave.  Agosto has changed.  He’s very nice to her and they are going away together.  Damien looks shocked.  Where does this leave me?  Damien, I love you with all of my soul (just not as much as I love my daddy).  She touches his face and gives him a little hug.  She tells him that he can’t image what it feels like to grow up without a father’s love.  She explains that her father has rejected him all of her life (even after her mother died).  Damien has shown a lot of restraint today, because Elisa would be the third person (behind his mother and Gael) on my list of people to punch in the face.  I take that back, she would be number one on the list of people to punch.  Commercial.

Back in Elisa’s Bedroom-I was raised like an orphan.  I’ve given up everything for you!  My mommy, Florencia, my job, my hacienda and my money.  Did I mention that I gave up all of my money for you?  And most of all, I gave up all of my money for you.  Why can’t you do the same?  What about us, Elisa?  Elisa tells Damien that she promised her father that they would leave together and never come back.  Tonight is goodbye.  Damien tells her that she isn’t leaving La Ermita with her father; Damien is taking her with him, even if she doesn’t want to go.   

Casa de Arango Home Office-Guido swears to Alfonsina that he did not transfer the funds into his account.  It’s a surprise to him.  He doesn’t have an explanation.  She points out that he signed all the documents and demands that he admit everything.  He says that he can’t admit something he didn’t do, but he will get the proof.  He marches out of the office and leaves Gabby and Alfonsina alone.  Gabby takes the opportunity to drive home the point that Guido robbed her.  Don’t be a fool!  He’s lying! He’s a player. He’s trying to treat you like a hayseed.  I want my job back.  She tells Gabby to leave. 

Casa de Arango Home Paolo’s Bedroom-Whoa!  Paolo is wearing nothing but a short itty bitty white towel…now let that sink down in your spirit for a minute.  Swirl that all around in your loins.  From now on, I am going to need a two-minute warning to prepare myself before watching scenes like this.  This week, I’m not going to church until Sunday, so I will take the opportunity to describe what I see.  What?  I’m almost like a reporter.  Paolo comes out of the bedroom all oiled up..I mean all wet.  Guido barges into his room and interrupts what could have potentially have been a fantastic drying off scene.  Guido is saying something like I don’t understand how this could have happened.  He tells his Paolo that Alfonsina is accusing him of transferring his money out of the country.  Who cares?  The cameraman has decided to follow Guido at this time, but fortunately not for long.  We cut to Paolo who is standing in front of his headboard putting gel or more oil in his hair.  His arm is up, so at his point, we get a clear shot of all of his muscles from the waist up.  He has waxed every bit of hair from his glistening body.  I don’t know what the shoulder muscles are called, but he definitely has a big pair of them.  I’m not a fan of “waxed hairless Ken Doll type”, but he’s rockin’ it.  Anyways Paolo, pretending not to know how this happened, asks “but how”?  Darn it!  This places the camera back on Guido.  Tell me something Paolo, he asks, did you have anything to do with this?  Now, you’re cooking with grease, Guido.  The camera goes back to Paolo, who is still oiled/wet from the shower.  He feigns hurt that his brother suspects him.  Paolo says that there is no way that he could have accessed the account.  Is he going to need someone to help him dry off?  Can I be that person?  Again, I am not a fan of wax look, but geez!  Guido sits down on the bed.  The camera shows us a full body shot.  Guido believes his brother and asks for his help in clearing his name.  He was just asking because lighting has struck twice.  Guido blames Gabby and Paolo “agrees with him”.  The brothers hug.

Elisa’s Bedroom-Elisa and Damien are still dressed, but he’s getting to her.  Damien is sweet-talking quick and tries begging.  I am a big fan of a begging man.  If that doesn’t work…she’s gay.  He sits her on his lap.  He asks her not to leave with her father.  He wants her to leave with him.  They will go to a place where no one knows them and they can be in love.  I’ll go. I’d leave RIGHT THEN.   It takes everything that she can to pull herself away from him.  Ummmm, he would have had my clothes off by now.  He would have won.  I don’t know how she can stand it.  She begs him not to make her choose between him and her father (there’s no competition).  Agosto wants to buy some land and they will start over.  Elisa can’t reject her father.  He wants to know when Agosto plans to leave.  She tells him that she doesn’t know.  She agreed to leave after the wedding.  Damien promises to come back tomorrow and she will have to choose between him and her father.   He will die fighting for her.  I LOVE DAMIEN. He turns to leave, but she pulls him back to her and sucks his lips off. 

Agosto’s Office-Damien barges into Agosto’s office and cusses him out.  He accuses Agosto of manipulating him until he could get Elisa out of town.  Agosto, silently listens to Damien and calmly drinks his wine.  He’s probably wondering when the police will return his gun so he can shoot Damien again.  Damien tells him that he tried to be up front with him, but it didn’t work.  Damien says that he is taking Elisa. 

Elisa’s Bedroom-Carmina barges into Elisa’s bedroom and cusses her out.  She’s mad about Elisa stealing Agosto.  Carmina tells Elisa that she won’t allow her to take away her only reason for living.  Leave me in peace!  Carmina tells her that Estefania should have taken Elisa with her so that Elisa could have died along with her.  Carmina, that was just mean!  Commericial.

Casa de Arango Home Office-Paolo enters Alfonsina’s office.  Paolo tells her that this was exactly what happened in Mexico.  Guido lost the family’s money.  Paolo is a ssssssssssnake.  He tells her that the Guido almost went to jail for fraud.  He gives her the names and phone numbers of Guido’s associates in Mexico. He tells her to call them; they will tell him the truth.  She wants to know why he is sharing this with her.  Paolo tells her that Guido’s plan was to marry Damien off to Florencia so that he would have access to her money.  Now that Damien and Florencia are done, Guido will now try to get her to fall in love with him.  He says that he tired of Guido acting superior to him and his double moral standards.  I wish Paolo had an “s” in his name.  Well, he’s got one today.  Ssssssssssnakolo. 

Casa de Mickey and Mallory-Gabby tells Ingrid that Alfonsina knows that the money was transferred out of the country.  Ingrid is worried that the money can be transferred back to them.  He tells her not to worry because the money can only be traced back to Guido.  Ingrid wants her share so she can bounce from La Ermita.  Request stamp Denied.  They can’t touch that money for many years.  Paolo and Gabby can’t leave either because it will look as if they’ve got something to hide.  Ingrid’s upset because she doesn’t have any money (Gabby stole all of hers).  He assures her that all of her money is safe in an account under his name. 

Elisa Bedroom-Elisa is packing her ugliest clothes into the suitcase.  Agosto enters her bedroom.  He wants to discuss Damien.  He wants to know if she will change her mind at the last minute.  She promises not to choose Damien over her father.  Dolores come in, sees the luggage and wants to know what’s up?  Agosto tells Dolores that he and Elisa are about to leave La Ermita today.  He tells her that he told Elisa not to tell anyone. 

Witch Mountain-Paloma tells Ramona that Elisa and Agosto are leaving La Ermita for good.  Ramona says that Agosto can’t leave La Ermita without knowing the truth. 

Elisa’s Bedroom-All I’m saying is that Horacio may not have done the job on the boda de noche because Delores is balling over Elisa leaving.  Like deep sobs.  Like somebody died.  Elisa didn’t tell Dolores because she didn’t want to ruin the wedding, but she can leave in peace because Dolores married a good man.  A man that loves her and will give Dolores some kids.  She says that Dolores will forget her as soon as she pushes out the first baby.  Dolores doesn’t think so. 

Rectory-Gael comes out of the bathroom; shirtless.  He must not work out, because he’s always filmed in flashes.  We never get a good look at him.  Maybe he has moobs (man boobs).  Anyways, Damien is quickly packing his bags when Gael walks in.  He’s going to block Elisa from leaving with her father.  Agosto will have to kill him this time.  Can I be Damien and Gabby’s girlfriend?  Don’t judge me.  Damien runs into his uncle.  Lupe asks what the suitcases are for.  Adios, uncle.  Thanks for everything.  Where are you going?  I don’t know.  Gael runs out of the room.  Do you know where Damien is going?  Yeppers.  He’s going to steal Elisa.  Commercial. 

Elisa’s Bedroom-This chick is still packing those ugly clothes that she wears.  She packs the picture of her mother and Blanca.  Horacio must have told Dolores that they will get the house until it’s sold because Dolores has stopped crying.  She voluntarily removes Elisa’s suitcase from the bed.  Dolores wants to know if Elisa is leaving with Damien or Agosto.  Elisa doesn’t know.  Dolores tells her that it’s obvious that she does not want to leave with her father.  Elisa says that Damien has promised to come for her even if her father kills him.  Normally, I would take Agosto’s side, but in this case, I would encourage her to leave with Damien.  Ummmm Damien can do things that fathers can’t do.  Ummmm, well, he can do things with her that would be illegal in most countries for a father to do.  And he’s a great begger.  I love beggars.  Anyways, Dolores tells her that if Damien says that he’s coming….Damien is coming.  Expect him.  Dolores hopes that Damien comes before they leave. 

Alfonsina’s Bedroom-Alfonsina tells Guido that she wants him to admit his guilt and give back all over benjamins.  Guido tells Alfonsina that he loves her and that her mistrust hurts him.  Now?  Now? He tells her?  Dude!  This makes you look totally guilty!  I wouldn’t believe you either.  She opens the door and invites him out of her bedroom. 

Master Bedroom Casa de Arango-Agosto takes his suitcase off of the bed.  Carmina begs him not to leave and blocks the way.  She wants him to take her with him.  He will have to kill her before he abandons her like a dog.  He tells her dead or alive, it’s her decision and shoves her out of the way.  She screams for Agosto not to leave her. 

Alfonsina’s Bedroom Guido tries to tell Alfonsina that he’s innocent and again, declares his feelings for her.   They are in still in front to the opened door.  He touches her face and tries to kiss her.  IDIOT!!!!!!   He assures her that he would never hurt her.  She rejects his attempt (as she should), and asks him what kind of woman do you think I am?  She’s only ever been in love with one man and that man was Saint Rosendo Arango, her dead husband.   In her life there is room for no other man.  Ummm, I have some guest waiting for you in the foyer. 

Casa de Arango Foyer-Guido is certainly going to jail.  Do Not Pass Go.  Do Not Collect $200.  When they step out of the bedroom, Florencia runs over to her father.  “I don’t understand what’s going on!”  Gabby informs Guido that the police are waiting for him.  This episode is so awesome.  SSSSSSSSSPaolo, Gabby, Maru, Braulio, Florencia are there too.  It’s like a Colombo mystery and all of the suspects are in the foyer.  Maybe I mean it’s like the Clue game.  Guido turns to Alfonsina.   I am going to give you one more opportunity Guido.  Tell me how my money got into your account and we forget all this happened.  I don’t know.  Please believe me!  She brings up the incident in Mexico.  She tells him that she called all of his business associates in Mexico and she is still reeling from all that she’s learned.  He sunk everybody.  He confirms that it happened.  His associates accused him of fraud, but they couldn’t prove it.  She tells him that she’s enough proof to make him rot in jail. 

Casa de Tovar-Dr. Tovar is in his house and in his bed.  Mrs. Kravitz asks if he would like her to bring him breakfast in bed.  He says that he just wants to take a shower.  She asks why he made them leave the reception so quickly.  It was rude.  She wants to know about his conversation with Agosto.  He tells her that Agosto tells him that he was going to leave the party.  Since Agosto was leaving, Dr. Tovar didn’t think that they should stay. 

Casa de Arango Foyer Guido is still insisting that he hasn’t done anything.  He says that there is no proof against him.  Maru has bought the paperwork and copies of the checks with Guido’s signature.  This proves that he took all of the money from the procesadora accounts.  Large amounts of money have been withdrawn for no reason.  Guido agrees that the signatures look like his; but insists they he did not sign the documents.  He blames Gabby.  This is awesome!  SSSSSSSSSSSPaolo agrees that Gabby could have had something to do with this.  Gabby says that Paolo is just upset because Gabby fired him.  Gabby says that Alfonsina made him do it.  He says that since Guido took over, Gabby was not allowed in any of the business deals.  Braulio steps forward and defends Gabby.  He even says that when Gabby ran the company, not a single penny disappeared.  Alfonsina tells Guido to admit the truth.  Florencia begs her father to give the money back and stop this.  Guido says that he can’t believe that his own kid doesn’t believe him.  I didn’t steal anything!  In that case, accept the consequences, says Alfonsina, she tells the cops to take him away.    

Casa de Castanon-Agosto asks Elisa if she is ready to go.  He grabs her bags and tells her that he will burn, I mean put the ugly clothes in the van while she says goodbye to Dolores.  Yeah!  Damien barges in.  Agosto demands to know what he’s doing there.  Damien says that he’s come for Elisa.   He asks Elisa if she’s going with him or if she’s going with her father.  He tells Elisa that this time Agosto will have to kill him, because that’s the only way she’s leaving La Ermita without him. Agosto pimp slapped Damien….or was it a bitch slapped? I don’t know.  Alls I know is that Damien went down, but he got up again.  He tells Agosto to kill him, but he’s taking Elisa with him. Only death will keep him from her.  I love Damien.  Elisa tells her father that she can’t let Damien go.  She’s gonna choose Damien.  Good choice!  Damien tells Agosto to give them one good reason besides my father sleeping with your wife that I can’t sleep with your daughter.  Carmina comes in and demands that Agosto tell them the truth.  Agosto tells her to be quiet!  Carmina tells them that they have the same father.  Yes, Pinky, you have been making out with your sister!  Well, in my opinion, that is a good reason.  Credits.


La Que No Podía Amar #132 Friday 6/29/12 Reunited and It Feels So Good (Meh!)


Capítulo 132 

 [--with apologies to Peaches and Herb fans and purists] 

♪♪…I was a fool to ever leave your side
Me minus you is such a lonely ride
That break-up we had has made me lonesome and sad
I realize I love you 'cuz I want you back, hey-hey

I spent the evening with the radio
Regret the moment that I let you go
Our quarrel was such a way of learning so much
I know now that I love you 'cuz I need your touch, hey-hey

Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited 'cuz we understood
There's one perfect fit and sugar this one is it
We both are so excited 'cuz we're reunited, hey-hey

I sat here starin' at the same old wall
Came back to life just when I got your call
I wished I could climb right through the telephone line
And give you what you want so you would still be mine, hey-hey

I can't go cheatin' honey, I can't play
I found it very hard to stay away
As we reminisce on precious moments like this
I'm glad we're back together 'cuz I missed your kiss, hey-hey

Lovin' lover this is solid love
And you're exactly what I'm dreamin' of
All through the day, and all through the night
I'll give you all the love I have with all my might, hey-hey ♪♫

Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited 'cuz we understood
There's one perfect fit and sugar this one is it
We both are so excited 'cuz we're reunited, hey-hey

[ Lyrics from: ]

                                     ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪

Whilst Vanessa makes tasteless jokes about AP making a successful play for the enchantingly engaging Efrain (NOT!!) and Cinthia’s traumatized with angst at the thought of stretch-marks on her model midriff, Ana Paula and Gustavo have found themselves in the same town, at the same factory, LL at the same time!!  (What a tele-novel-la idea, no?)  Ruh-Roh!! They’ve exchanged wan smiles, affectionate air kisses, and tame conversation.  Viewerville is caught up wondering will they or won’t they—well, Goose is at least.  “—How’s separated life treatin’ ya, Ana Paula?”  Cara de hope and anticipa-a-a-a-a-ation de Goose.

Vain gives Sin the lo-down on the latest show-down between Rogelio and Paula.  Bottom line: she’s ba-a-a-a-a-a-ck!!!  So, poor Nessa will not be able to sally forth with another seductive rapprochement with Ro-Hell any time soon.  Neither of the Mean Girls can believe he’d change his mind so quickly.  Paula was never to darken Hell-Fuerte’s doors again!  --Aw, what the heck!   Vainy says she’ll head down and try getting into this head job to see just what his problem seems to be. 

Back in Sinaloa, AP tells the mooning Gus that she’s gone back to Hacienda del Fuerte to live again.  She explains that she went back only because she found out the real reason Ro –Hell sent her away: to find a man to love that could walk and could give her kids.  Gus is listening, undoubtedly fighting thoughts of ‘Like me??? Like me???’ while trying to look serious and thoughtful.  He has a hard time believing Rog didn’t change his version of events after realizing what he’d thrown away, that he didn’t just tell her that to have her come back to him.   He asks if that’s what Rog told her.  No, says AP, she didn’t find out through him.  It was through Mari, but Rog can never know she told AP. Pau’s only telling Gus so he won’t worry about her going back there.   In the meantime, the visit to the factory was scheduled anyway,  so she’s here on this trip to give the guy time to think things through.

Back at Hell-Fuerte, Rog tells Maria he’s hurting over Margarito’s attitude.  Maria says Ro-Hell has nobody to blame but himself and he shouldn’t be throwing away his only chance at happiness.  Nessa appears at the door just then, with seductive intent.  Maria advises Rog to think about what she’s just said and leaves the two of them alone.  Nessa tells him she knows that Pau is back.  Did they reconcile or what?   She wants to know why and on what terms since the two of them had discussed “their own sort of reconciliation--.”  Rog tells Vainessa he’s not going to discuss it with her.  If she’s there on bidnez fine, but otherwise, she’s wasting her time.  Vainy gets the message and leaves.

We beam back to the tomato plant and Gus is you’ve-gotta-be-kiddin’-me impactado.  How could she return to that hell hole after all she’s been through.  He guesses, and her chagrin confirms it for him:  it’s because she truly loves the brut.  Pau goes off with the plant manager for something.  Effer walks up just then and sticks his nose in.  “—What a coincidence finding you here!”  Now it’s El Gusto Got Away From Mío’s turn at chagrin as he takes a cell call from Sin.  He brushes her off and says he’ll talk later cuz he’s in the middle of work.  Click.  Effer snickers at him.  “—Working?  Why not rather tell her you’re chatting away with La Sra. Paula?”  Cara de “Drop dead, mother Effer!!” de Gus.

At the same time, Rog finds the letter from Paula and begins to read:

“Rogelio, when I was confused you decided to get away and give me time to think through my feelings.  Now I am doing the same because I hope you come to your senses and realize how happy we can be together.  While this takes place, I’m leaving on this trip to continue taking care of the land we love so much.  I know that you love me as much as I love you.  I hope that we might be able to put aside all that keeps us apart and to enjoy our love.  I love you.  –Ana Paula”

Back at the plant, Gus looks menacingly over at Effer.  “—I don’t have to explain my actions to you!”  Pau shows up and tells Effer it’s time for them to leave.  “—Anything wrong?”  Effer fakes a harmless grin and says he’ll wait outside while the two of them say their good-byes.  Gus tells her he doesn’t trust Effer not to try to get her into more hot water with Rog over their seeing each other at the plant.  AP says she’s got a clear conscience so he can say whatever he wants about them.  Gus tells her all the same not to trust the guy.  Pau tells Gus that when things seem the darkest to think of the child that’s on the way and going to make him happy.  Hopefully he’ll be able to find some happiness with Sin as well, he says. 

Cupcake and he’ll be friends whom each other can count on, they agree.  Frosting hugs ‘n hearts.  A final look back and that’s all she wrote…..

Sin is, meanwhile, consoling Vainy who’s been crying over losing to Paula.  Maybe Bro-Hell just wanted the kid back and she’s part of the package, ya know, offers Sin.  Rosaura is passing by and stops to eavesdrop on their conversation. “--Oh no.  I hope at least when Goose gets back he’s forgotten about the psychologist.”  “—and if he hasn’t?”  Sin says she’s got no choice but to go at that point, but Vainy’s not allowed to gossip about it with anyone.  She doesn’t want to become the joke of the whole town cuz she’s off to the loony-bin to see the shrink [loquero= loony-bin, shrink; pych nurse]  “—I wouldn’t do that!”   No, but Rosi sure would!   

Speaking of which or whom, Rosi walks into the living room with our Mean Girls and starts salting the wounds.  “—Hah!  And I thought the one who was going to need psychological help was Vanessa because of her mother!  But it turned out that you’re worse, Sinthia! Tsk!  Tsk! Wanting to kill yourself, and with you carrying a child in your belly.  You really are CRAZY!”  “--Shut up you old fool!  The only one sick here is you and don’t you dare try to say anything to me because I’ll kick you off this hacienda!!”  “—Do tell!”  “--Yeah!  I don’t know what got into my brother but you and Paula should never have come back here!”  “—Well better get used to the idea I’m here cuz I’m not moving!”  “—Oh yeah?”  “—Yeah!”  Sin pushes Rosie back and she falls onto the couch.  “—Get off my hacienda!  Scram!  Get lost you damned, fourth-rate social-climber!”   Rosi gets back up and pushes the preggers Sin back into Vainy.  (CAT FI-I-I-I-I-I-IGHT!!!!!!)  “—You abusive little [b]!tch!  Can’t you see I have a weak heart?  Don’t touch me!”  “—Oh, you’re soooooo sick!”  The two go at it like a couple of schoolgirls on the playground.  (Personally I’m disappointed Rosi didn’t get hold of Sin’s hair and get in a few choice yanks at the roots!)  Much to Viewerville’s disappointment, Bruno hears the ruckus and races in to stop it. 

On their way out of the plant, AP asks Effer what the dust up was about with Gus.  “—Ah, he’s just got a nasty disposition [mala leche= nastiness/ tener mala leche= to have a foul temper].  Don’t worry, though, I won’t tell the boss or Gustavo’s Missus, either, that you were talking to each other.”  Pau tells him she doesn’t care who he tells.  They’ve got to catch their flight now so hop to it.

Back to more interesting things like…er…the CAT FI-I-I-I-I-I-IGHT!!  Rosi calls Sin a fishwife [verdulera] and Sin screams back. “–Who’s calling who a fishwife????”  She tries throwing a responsive punch but misses, thanks to Bruno’s deft blocking.   Vainy tells Sin to let it go already.  “—Right.  Why dirty my hands with the stupid old broad?”  The Mean Girls take their less-than-dignified leave as Rosi yells after them and to Bruno.  “--She has no manners [no tener educación]!!  How nice?  So rude [maleducad@]!!  What a dimwit [babosa]!!  I thought she was going to kill me!  Bruno, thanks for saving me from that crazy female!”  Bruno has had enough, though.  He tells Rosaura to stop playing the martyr for his benefit.  Rosaura better not mess with Sin again or Rog will end up throwing her off the place, he warns her.  He complains that she didn’t bother to inform him that she and Paula were back at the hacienda. 

Across the way, Nessa and Sin lick their wounds.  “—How could she bring up my mother like that?”  Vainy realizes then that she has lost one of her hula-hoop size earrings during the dust-up and goes back to look for it.  She stops to listen to the interesting conversation Bruno and Rosie are currently involved in which, Nessa realizes, explains the how and why for Paula’s unexpected return.  “—Oh, I packed my bags and raced back over.  The ungrateful girl was going to leave me in town with Miguel.”  “--Not that you didn’t deserve that, but anyway….what about Ana Paula?”  “—Last night Ana Paula told me that Rogelio was still of the same opinion and not paying any attention to her; but she was determined to change his mind for him!  According to her, this entire revenge thing was simply a misunderstanding.  Dunno, but I’m supporting her totally.”  “—Who’d a thunk it?  First she was dying to leave and now look!”  Well,  who knows how it will all end up, says Rosie, hopefully for the best but knowing Rogelio—he’s just as much a fool as she is.”  “—At least she’s resolved now to win him back.”

Mercedes comes down the hallway looking for Sin and interrupts Vainessa’s not-so-inadvertant eavesdropping.   (Aw, well.  She’s heard enough, anyway.)  They walk back to Sin’s room together.

In San Gabriel at the Plop ‘N Shop, we get a little more not-so-comic relief with Macaria handing over her wedding rings to the soon-to-be ex-hubby, Uselessly Ulises. She tells him if he changes his mind to simply bring her back the rings and she’ll know what he wants.  She leaves with her dignity intact and he looks over to Maripaz’s little shrine on the wall.  It’s a good thing she isn’t there to witness all of this, he tells her picture.  (Unfortunately, we’ve had to, though…..)

Maria is now having Margarito say his bedtime prayers.  He drifts off just as Rog rolls in with a storybook to read him.  Maria scolds Ro-Hell for not getting in there a few minutes earlier.  Rog has carried in Margarito’s stuffed horse and places it lovingly next to him under the covers, and then smiles.

Mercy Me! is talking on the phone to Brother Babycakes.  He still hurts at having lost his Cupcake, he admits, but they’re at least on good terms with each other.  Mercy Me!  feels his pain. (OMG!  So do we!) Sin walks in and Mercedes hands over the phone.  Is he going to be another couple of days there like he planned, Sin asks?  No cuz he was able to arrange things so that he could return home the next morning.  Ok.  No kiss good-bye?  El Gusto Es Really Not Into This Sin’s Having My Baby Thing weighs the guilt against the twinge in his stomach, and then properly offers a kiss for Sin and one for the baby.   Big Sis, who knows the way her baby bro really feels about this baby thing, smiles uncomfortable over at Sin.  Sin muy uncomfortable herself, returns the goofy grin to her SIL.

Pau and Effer walk up the drive the next morning to the waiting Maria.  Pau tells Effer to take her bags to her room and tell Rog himself that she’s back.  Maria asks why she’s not going to see Rog.  AP has decided it’s better just to give him his space for a while longer.  She’s going to her room to rest up.  Maria tells her the great news that last night Ro-Hell actually went to M-grito’s room to read to him!  Happy, happy!!  Joy, joy!!  They hug over the little bit of positive progress.

Meanwhile, effin’ Effer, eager to cause “that little engineer” as much grief as possible, comes in to Rog’s office and immediately gives Ro-Hell the skinny on Goose and Pau’s “chat.”  Ro-Hell is pissed as possible and rolls off to find Pau to give her what for.  He rolls in screaming that she’s a hypocrite and a lying female.  Paula asks what he’s talking about.  “—Why did you meet Gustavo in Sinaloa at the plant?" Out comes the whip, but before he can strike her M-grito races over and yells at him not to do it!  Rog stops his arm in mid-flail. 

Down in the kitchen Effer’s trying to stir things up with Maria also.  “—Why aren’t you going to ask me about the trip?  Could it be that the Sra. has already mentioned she met that little engineer at the plant?”  “--What??”  Yep, he continues.  We were all there and it was clear to me that the little engineer still loves Sra. Paula and will divorce your daughter; so Sinthia is going to marry me.  You’ll see then.  Maria just keeps on stirring that boiling pot…..

Rog, embarrassed, lies to Margarito that he wasn’t going to use the whip, that he only wanted an explanation.  M-grito doesn’t fall for it and tells him as much.  Paula reminds the boy to be more respectful of his parents.  He asks shouldn’t parents be respectful to mothers and their kids as well?  Rog looks duly chastened.  (This kid is definitely headed for law school.)

Sin and El Gusto Has Finally Returned to Mío take his bags to their room.  He got a job offer, he says, but turned it down supposedly to be close to Sin and their baby.  (Dunno if the dope is still so stuck on Pau despite it all that he’s come back there to Hell-Fuerte to suffer in silencio.)  He asks if she’s gone to see a psychologist yet.  Oh, Sin’s still checking on it.  Ahhh.  Hmmm.  He tells her he has something serious to discuss with her.  He saw and spoke to Paula while he was at the plant in Sinaloa.  She blows her stack just like he—and we—knew she would, the BSC broad!!  El Gusto Is Waiting to Get His Butt Kicked stands there and winces like a pansy-ass.

Back to Ro-Hell and Pau.  Pau tells M-grito that he’s right.  Rog tries a gentler tack and says he loves the two of them, but Margarito isn’t buying it.  The boy tells Paula that he wants to go back into town and doesn’t want to stay at the hacienda any more.  She tells him that’s not necessary because his father is going to change his personality.  It’s just that he’s going through some difficult times right now and that causes him to say things at times that he shouldn’t.   M-grito leaves so the two of them can talk about adult things.  He’s bummed to be there, without a doubt.

Sin accuses El Gusto Is Enraging Mío of sneaking around with Pau behind her back.  He tries to explain that it wasn’t a planned thing that they just both happened to be there at the same time.  She refuses to believe him and says she can’t trust him.  He tells her that if things are going to work out for them that she’s got to learn to trust him.  The proper thing would have been not to have said a thing to Paula, yells Sinthia.  “What’s so hard about not saying a single word to her?  Anything simpler than that?”  Just then Miguel shows up with the new crib.  Sin goes bitch-bonkers.  “—You had him make another crib after I explained why I wanted this other one?” 

Rog, meanwhile, admits to Paula that he cannot control his emotions.  He blows up too easily, sure.  That’s why he’d rather the two of them live somewhere else.   Pau says well, if he realizes this then maybe he should try to stop the urge cuz it’ll only get worse if he doesn’t.  He is wasting valuable time, she reasons, by trying to distance himself from her and M-grito and by being so bitter.  No, she’s not being foolish.  She is certain of her feelings and of his also.  They could love each other and enjoy their time together.  She told him before that she’s going to love him for the rest of her life.  No, he tells her, that in the long run [a la larga] she’ll leave him because she wants children.  She deserves to have another man.  She tells him she doesn’t want another man, but if they stay together he’s got to change back into the man she fell in love with: a loving, hardworking, and positive man.  But he’s not that way, he argues.  Of course you are, she tells him.  “—It’s because of those things that I admire you so much.  Because you learned to get along in spite of your… you were left unable to walk because of a terrible accident.  Don’t be afraid, my love.  What can you lose if you decide to be happy with me?”   Rog can’t resist her any longer.  “—Forgive me.  I love you.  I do love you.”  They kiss and their theme song swells in the background.     

Gus tries explaining to Sin that Mike had made that crib for his other child.  “—It’s a bad idea having that one here, Sinthia.”  Yeah?  Sin starts to argue but runs Mike and his helper out of their room first.  “--Don’t stand around listening to what’s none of your business!  Scram!  Outta here!”  Gus tries to explain, but she falls back onto that lie about her using it to honor their dead child, so they can’t don’t forget it. (Especially, that b!tch, Paula!)  He assures her that could never happen because, despite its not being born, it will always be his first child.  (Aw, come on!  Tell her point blank how totally tacky and downright grotesque it is to have a dead baby’s—your dead baby’s--crib in there!!)  “—So, out of respect for him and for the pain that Ana and I share over it, I am asking you to please change out this crib!”  El Gusto Is Not Falling for This One strides out of the room.  Sin angrily knocks over the second crib.  “Dammit all!”  

Meanwhile, the Montero’s make-up session continues in Paula’s bedroom.  She counsels Rog about doing his part in changing his attitude if he expects her to be happy with him and really wants to change; but more than that, if he ever hopes to gain back Margarito’s love and respect.  He nods in agreement.

Across the vast expanse of the manse, on the other side, Effer doesn’t waste anytime climbing up the trellis and through Sin’s window.   She screams angrily at him for bothering her cuz she’s not in the mood for his silly sh!t.  He tries to kid with her in order to get her into better spirits but fails.  “Oh, I guess you found out that hubby and Paula got together in Sinaloa.”   Yeah and she wants to know exactly what went on between them, she tells him!!  Effer is beginning to suspect a bit of babe-treachery here, methinks. “—I thought he didn’t matter to you!  Or does he?”  “--W-w-well, even though it’s in name only, he is my husband and won’t let him cheat on me!”  You are shameless, Effer scolds.  “--Together with me in your bedroom and you want to play the respectable wife!  Well, they spoke and it was obvious that that little engineer is still in love with her.  He looks at her with as much love as I look at you with.”  “—I knew it!  I knew it!”  Hey, says Effer.  “--Don’t go making a scandal over it.  It’s not like you love him, either! Or do you?” Sin catches her mistake. “—Of course.”  I’m pleased that you don’t love him.  So that we can be happy—you, me, and little Efrain.”  (Shudder alert!) He begins caressing and hugging her belly.  There’s an unexpected knock at Sin’s door. Ruh-roh!   Effer’s got to leave.  (Can't help but express it this way: He flies through the window with the greatest of ease, Sin’s filthy-faced man on the trellis is sleaze!)

It’s Maria asking about Sin’s coming down to dinner.  Sin says she’s got no apetite and then complains about Gus and Paula in Sinoloa and how he came back, and is now demanding to switch out the crib that used to be Paula’s baby’s.  Maria looks surprised.  “—He is again more attentive to Paula than to me!”  (Ok.  Let’s see if Maria finally agrees with the rest of us that having Gus and Paula’s dead baby’s crib in their room is really sick and totally twisted!)    

Paula tells Rog that he’s got no reason to be jealous of Goose.  She had no idea she’d run into him in Sinoloa.  He was there learning something about a recycling plant like he’d discussed building up there and she was there looking after business interests of the hacienda.  Rog says he can’t avoid being jealous.  He’s dead set against her being anywhere near the guy and it’s still seemingly too much of a coincidence.  Pau says she’d begun talking to him because she’d heard about what a horribly shocking thing Sinthia had tried. Rog says even so, that it still drives him crazy seeing her around El Goose.  She can understand, says Pau, and she’ll try to avoid him; but really, Rog has got to realize they all four live under the same roof and neither they nor Sin are going to move out off the hacienda.  For now, though, they’ve got to find Margarito and make him see that Rog really does love him.

Rog and Pau find M-grito on the veranda sulking.  They tell him that they are happily back together.  Great news, right?  Not necessarily for Vainy who is skulking around on the other side of the back pillar, listening.  

El Gusto Is At His Wit’s End With Crazy Mío runs over to Ernesto and Mercedes’ for a little bit of fresh air and to decompress.  Ernie tells him to be prepared with plenty of patience for the mother of his kid.  

Gus tells them he’s more than ready to have that sicky psycho wife of his Sin start seeing the psych.  Ernie says he’s found her a good one who makes hacienda house calls. (And when’s the first appointment, hmmmm?  BTW, it’s unfortunate that Guscakes won’t be lucky enough to have her stuck in a hospital under observation instead.)  Gus seems relieved but now they’ve warned him that they’re leaving the area and that he cannot leave Sin alone for any reason in her state of mind.  (Crazy B!tch stunt alert!)  He says he understands and will control himself.  He’s got to find Rog now and explain about running into Pau in Sinoloa.  Ernie and Gus agree that this way they can avoid any misunderstandings that could lead to Ro-Hell taking it out on Pau again.  Mercedes wants Baby Bro to say good-bye to Sin for her since she’s in such a bad mood.  Ernie gives him the doc’s info and Gus promises to have him see her.  Hugs ‘n air kisses.

Back on the veranda, Rog apologizes to Margarito and says he knows he’s treated him and his mom badly.  So, the kid asks, what if you act that way again towards either of us?  “--I want to change, really.  Don’t think about that now.” (Right.)  Margarito looks him straight in the face.  “Hope to gawd it’s so! [¡Ójala!]”  he says and walks off.  Hmmm. It ain’t gonna be easy with this kid and Rog knows it.  “—The kid’s right.  Heck, he’s scared to death of me for cripes sake!  Words won’t work with him, only deeds will.”  Pau suggests Rog finally tell him about the major sacrifice he made for his son but Rog won’t hear of it.  The boy’s too young and incapable of fully comprehending.  Talk turns to Rog’s good news about a new client in Singapore who wants to buy their cattle.  All they need to do is to adjust the price down a bit.  That means then their financial problems will be over!  FF>>

Meanwhile, Vainy has raced back to Sin’s room to whine to her about what she just heard: Pau and Rog are happily back together agai-n-n-n-n-n!! “  Yay, says Sin!  That means she won’t be racing off to live in town and able to mess with my husband.  My brother will be able to keep her under his control also.  I couldn’t have kept her away from him if she was living in another town.  Nessa loses it here and starts screaming that she’s in abject misery over not being able to get back with Rog herself, and the only thing her BFF can talk or think about is Paula not getting in the way of her and Gus’s marriage!! What nerve!   “—Hey, get off it already!  [Bájale]  You aren’t the only one in pain here, you know!  You don’t know the fight I just finished having with Gustavo because of Paula! “  Vainy gets really agitated now.   “—You are soooo selfish!  (A bit of the piss pot calling the crap kettle black, doncha think?)  You can’t see past your own nose! [narices=lit. nostrils]“  Sin backs off and whines then that it’s her pregnancy that’s got her tired and grumpy.  Vainessa isn’t feeling charitable right now and lets her have it with both barrels.  “—That emotional blackmail might work with the others but I’ve seen you in action and I am wise to the way you pretend and lie to hang on to Gustavo!  (I believe the word you are looking for, honey, is ‘manipulate’.]  Your whole life is pretense and lying!”  With that Nessa walks out and slams the door behind her.  Sin grumbles at the door.   “—As if you don’t?”

Maria is with Rog in his office, congratulating him on his successfully coming to his senses concerning his family’s welfare. “—I’d started to think that heart of yours had turned into stone.”   “—Well, you know I only was pretending to want her away from me, but the entire time was truly Hell.”   El Goose comes knocking and wants a few minutes with him.  Maria leaves.  He’s there to explain about seeing Paula in Sinoloa.  Rog says he knows cuz she already mentioned it and they’d discussed it.  Oh, says Goose, then there won’t be any misunderstandings.  Nope, says Rog.  “—I trust my wife.  Er…you should know that, unfortunately for you, we’ve reconciled and are ready to start over from scratch.”  (Man, makes me wonder if Dudley Do-right ever got a frickin’ break, cuz el pobre de Goose never seems to!)  Ro-Hell is being a little less of a bastard here, but the result is the same for the Gooseter, who is jaw-clenched impactado to have it rubbed in his face by the competition all over again. 


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