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El Mundo de Telemundo, week of 12/3/12: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Here's a new page for the coming week.  Enjoy!

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Amor Bravío #74 (Uni 69) Thu 11/29/12 Amor Verboso

Agustina comes to see Camila, thinking she's concerned about Andres having escaped from the hospital.  Camila fakes like she doesn't care.  Augie thinks after what Leo did, Andres won't want anything more to do with the ranch.  She's crowing over how her superawesome husband helped capture that terrible Leoncio!  Yeah, yeah, Cam heard it from the cops.  Agustina says she doesn't justify what Leo did to Luzma or to Andres, but Andres was getting to big for his britches and it was only a matter of time before Leo wanted to put him in his place.  She smarms on and on about how Camila had this coming-- taking on a lover while she was still married, and him being a nobody who was probably just looking for a good time and wanting to see what it was like to have an affair with the boss lady.  Camila screams at her that she loved Andres, damnit, and her marriage was only ever on paper, and hey, how about that--her ex is now shacked up with her sister, but it's cool, cause the dumbass finally signed the divorce papers--and it's not like she wanted to have her mother's story, to have Luis die on her and Alonso cheat on her, and now Andres has disappointed her…well, like Dionisio is disappointing Augie, right?  Agustina denies that he is.  "Oh, right, so you're saying he's still the same guy you fell for?"  Augie is adamant that he is.  Camila finally tells her to get out, but Augie has one last barb to throw…"Andres doesn't deserve you, so be thankful he left!  And now I'll go.  Call me if you need anything."  Pobre de Camila.  And pobre de mi!  I was waiting for all that yelling and screaming to wind down so I could summarize it…sheesh!  It was the never-ending tirade!

Augie reports back to Dio that Andres hasn't gotten in contact with Camila.  Dio supposes Cam must be feeling humiliated by that chauffaur.  Agustina says he deceived them all.  "You'll never betray me, will you, my love?"  Dio pours on the smarm so he can make faces behind her back.

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Amores Verdaderos #16 Thu 11/29/12 Love in an elevator, livin’ it up when I’m going down

* The fight between Bratty and My Little Pony is interrupted by the Angel. What’s happening here, what’s all that shouting? Nothing, Dad, says Liliana. The Arriagas leave and they take Adelita, too. Nikki demands Francisco to take back her orchid from that thug, but the angry bodyguard puts her into her place: first of all, she should learn to show some respect towards him, second, she always told him she doesn’t need anyone to defend her. Francisco also leaves and Nikki, whose ass has been just handed to her (figuratively) starts crying.

* Alamos, Sonora. The famous and mysterious Candelaria (Ana Martín dressed like a nurse), whom Paula fears like the Devil is talking with Cristina on phone. She’s shocked by the tragedies that happened to the Arriaga family, but Cristina tells her enthusiastically that fortunately everything is going just fine, they live in a great apartment, oh, and she has a fantastic neighbor, a real lady, whom she will introduce to Candelaria the next time she comes to visit the family. Paula, who was present the whole conversation is horrified now.

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Por ella soy Eva #94 11/29/12: Living in a Powder Keg and Giving Off Sparks.

Eva brings Eugenia home and is scandalized to see Claudia living there.  She scolds Modesto for having a child from his "other family" there and Modesto, who has an intense dislike for Eva, tells her to leave his house.  Eugenia tells him it is her house, too.  Claudia joins in on the fracas and Eva takes her down a peg.  Eva leaves, encountering a drunk outside while waiting for a taxi.  He calls her 'mamacita,' and she hits him repeatedly with her very large purse until he withdraws.  Feeling her oats, Eva finishes his drink, hurls her purse into the taxi, and takes off.  The driver looks scared.

In the hospital Silvia, Helena, and Plutarco are being solicitous of Mad Dad who, charming to the end, tells them he doesn't need anyone.  Silvia has had enough and says, fine, take a friggin' taxi.  Helena tells him some men never change and he is one of them.

Angelica is meeting Santiago's parents for the first time in their home.  Angelica is her exuberant self and is happy to finally meet them, but Santi is nervous and asks her to sit down.  The parents give each other sidelong glances, obviously disapproving (you can see it in their faces, they're thinking "naca").  Angelica is offered caviar and makes a sour face upon tasting it.  When she goes to the bathroom, Santi asks his parents for a loan.  They are all over him.  This girl is nothing like Paty [you mean petty and spiteful?], she's vulgar, and she obviously doesn't come from a good family.  As long as Santi is with her he need not bother to come around again.  In fact, he's disinherited and he no longer has parents [no wonder they like Paty].  Poor Santi looks crushed.

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La Mariposa-index

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Refugio Para el Amor #164 Thu 11/29/12 Mateo Finds His Family; Karma Finds Gala and Julie

In my last recap of this TN, Vivi is joining me doing this recap. We started this TN together and did two hour recaps every other day, until the rest of our wonderful team joined us. So I thought it was fitting for Vivi to join me. Now on to the recap. -- Madelaine
Rosa's Den of Insanity:
Luci is with la loca Rosa in her den of insanity and has confessed that she wrenched that bebe out of Luci's arms and has the nerve to ask Luci for forgiveness. Her soul is in torment, doncha know. Luci, however, doesn't care about la loca Rosa's soul, she just wants to know where her bebe is and like right now! Luci grabs la loca's arms and is shaking her wanting that info like yesterday already! Luci is so distraught she is actually begging her.

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Amor Bravío #73 (Uni 68) Wed 11/28/12 "Camila says 'Explain to the Hand' or, Camila is Having a Vvverrry Baaad Week”

Yesterday’s Neighborhood News

Camila’s Cabana:  Luzma and Camila are giving aid to an ailing Daniel. Camila discovers that Luzma is one more on the list of people who know who Andres really is.  She wants to know why Luzma didn’t tell her.  Luzma tries to “explain to the hand”.   Camila – not buying it.

Out of Mexico City Somewhere:  Police cruisers drive along a rural road and turn into a cornfield.  They park the cruisers and wander into the field to a ditch.  There in the ditch lies LeoSordido, face down in the dirt.  They turn him over – while one officer calls for an ambulance the other turns his body over.  He is alive but bleeding.  Someone has cut out his tongue!  Que barbaridad!

Malquerida Dining Room:  Isa floats in while Dio finishes and folds his newspaper.  She reports that LeoSordido will not be talking to anyone about them with the glimmer of seduction in her eyes.  Dio comments on how it appears that Isa enjoys creating mayhem and committing murder.  “But of course, dawling!”, and she warns him to be careful.  Dio is unimpressed and one- ups her with, “Don’t you forget what I am capable of ….. the only difference being I don’t get my hands dirty.”    Ximena peers out from behind the wall, now shaking in her thigh high boots.  
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Amores Verdaderos #15 Wed 11/28/12 I Like The Way You Move


So in this epi we get to finally see Dances with Sunglasses Dance. Can he cut a rug so to speak? Also Vikki gets caught dancing! How does she cut a rug? Read on to find out!

My eyes, my eyes, they are burning, I can't look, but since I recap, I have to watch the yuk, butt floss scene again. It is a rehash of yesterday, so I really don't have anything new to say, about that, thank goodness. Moving on now.

We are at a club and Salserso is there having a drink and notices a table of ladies sitting by themselves. He asks one of them to dance by holding out his hand. He gets on the dance floor with her and yowsa can that man dance, he is swiveling his hips and looks fantastic out on that dance floor. He has more than earned that nickname, jus' sayin'.

Nikki is working out with Guzmancito nearby, he gets a phone call. It is his Papa Felipe of course. Felipe tells Guzmancito about the beatdown and that he needs some money, like yesterday, or they are coming back to beat him some more. Guzmancito says he'll call him back later. Nikki wants to know who called Guzmancito. Was it perhaps a wife, girlfriend, spill the frijoles. She wants to know more about him. Guzmancito doesn't spill anything.

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Refugio Para el Amor #163 Wed 11/28/12 Two Women in White—One is getting married, the other is going crazy.

El Refrito
Don Aquiles has to horn in on my last recap.  Procopio is reading the proclamation forgiving everyone’s debts to Don A.  (It seems to me that the holdouts came off better than those hardworking souls who paid him off or made regular payments. Oh, well, it’s just a tn, it’s just a tn.)  Everybody in Het Het is ecstatic.

El Día antes de la Boda
Conversation between DF and HetHet - Rod is trying to put Alexia’s hair in a chignon (moño).  Alexia doesn’t want one.  He’s on the phone with Luci at the same time wanting to know when she is returning.  She’s not sure.  She’s not even out of her funereal dress blacks yet.  But she assures him she’ll be back for Lor’s wedding.  Rod talks about the wedding, marriage and being with the one you love forever—but it sounds like he’s talking about the two of them.  Luci breaks it off by telling Rod to put the moño on himself, not on Alexia and chuckles.

Paz, Magda and Violeta are back and Luci says they have to leave right away.  Paz is still puzzled at having the wedding date moved up. Luci has to explain, but that fortunately Padre Honesto is with them on this hasty church wedding. (Paz ought to be glad it’s going to be a church wedding and just keep quiet.)

Procopio and Don A’s Licenciado have arrived.  They tell Magda and Vio that they need to be present for the reading of the will and Magda agrees reluctantly only because Violeta is Don Aquile’s daughter. Copio gives Violeta the letter Don A wrote.  Everyone leaves Vio alone to read the letter. (Translation is on Monday’s posting. I’ll wait while you find it. Meanwhile, I’ll listen to the Het Het birds singing).  Violeta is genuinely moved by his words—Erriah!

El Día de la Boda
Barrio de Aragon, where Don Chelo is “hiding out”  – Don Chelo is listening to his friend talk about Mateo. Don C says he’s growing up fast and soon he’ll leave him; his friend wonders what he’s talking about, Mateo has a long way to go, he’s still a child.  Don Chelo is not so sure.  His friend thinks he’s acting a bit peculiar, but Don C. thinks life has its laws, whether one thinks they are just or not.  

Some Expensive Watering Hole so Julie can Drink her Lunch  - Carola is warning CQ not to put all her pesos in one guy’s billfold, especially one she doesn’t know well.  CQ blows her off saying, true, we don’t know the financial advisor well, but Mirko does.  Since Mirko is a friend of Gala’s and René has been his FA a long time, she has no doubts about him.  Carola reminds her she hasn’t known Mirko for very long either. “Caras vemos, mañas (bad habits) no sabemos.”  Julie giggles implying she’d like to get to know his mañas. She finally takes Carola’s words to heart and get into this investment thing slowly by keeping her NYC apartment and her US bank account out of the game.  Still, she has a goodly amount to invest in a sure thing. In a year, she’ll be rich. Now we know her brain has been addled by champagne.

Brigida is Fridgiting over the Hospital ID  – Oh dear, what to do, what to do with this (Roddy’s hospital ID). Things are looking pretty bad right now (las cosas se estan poniendo color de hormiga). She’s considering her options.  The best thing to do is just to get rid of it, because Rodrigo may think she’s to blame for the whole disappearance thing and she has no defense.  OTOH, if she keeps the bracelet as a bartering tool, there’s more money to be had as payback for the maltreatment she’s received from Gala, and that would be a lot she’s owed. They’re going to learn, “Que es amar a Dios en tierra de los Indios.”  (That sounds as if those cross-carrying conquistadores weren't very welcome back then.) 

TL Empresa, Max’s Office – Aldo and Max are having a confab about Max’s off-the-books empresa activities.  Aldo tells Max that Ivan & Lastra’s books are a disaster (thanks to Aldo, who moved the decimal point to the left and subtracted a few zeros ).  They are laundering money and snubbing you (thanks to Aldo’s sleight of hand).  No one makes a fool of me, says Max (except Aldo). Aldo’s recommendation is to accuse them (as quickly as possible, the quicker he'll become the Emperador del Norte). Max thinks that is ridiculous. How could that work without divulging his hand in it. Aldo assures him he can clean up his profile electronically so his name doesn’t appear, because he’s the expert and he knows how. Max says it’s a go. Aldo is all, como tu digas, uncle (and soon to be como YO digo).

He gets up to leave, but Max calls him back. Max knows all about the antro Aldo opened.  Gulp.  Before Aldo can pee in his pants, Max tells him not to worry.  He’s proud that Aldo succeeded in what he set out to do for himself.  He hands him a big yellow envelope with at least one fat check and the deed to one of his newer antro properties to reward his loyalty.

Aldo is now in a hurry to leave and slips about something important having to do with Janah which makes Max’ eyes bug out.  Max wants to know what it is. We don’t know if he divulges that information or not.

TL Mansion – Roselena’s Calvary Preparation Room  – RE is ritualistically putting on a penitent’s outfit (Non-itchy, white raw silk sackcloth outer garment by Balenciaga; exclusive twisted silken rope cincture, sold separately—made from royal silkworms and imported from Thailand).  She sees the stigmata reflected in the mirror.  She feels sublimely blessed by invisible pain and spiritually cleansed as blood runs down the palms of her hands. I am your chosen one, your child, your most beloved, she supplicates.  Viewerville sees her hands and they are not pierced or bloody. Then we see her bandaging her imaginary wounds. She is drawn deeper into delusions of beatification.

La Casota Grande de DiosThe Wedding of Janah and Lorenzo  - This is the first time Viewerville has been inside the sanctuary.  Most of the time we’ve been confined to Padre Honesto’s roomy office in the sacristy.  This is a very modern church (sorry, but it looks like an indoor sports arena with the exposed rafters to me), open to the outside and some kind of modern cross made of large stainless steel and copper tubing hanging from the ceiling—not unlike an abstract anvil.

Padre Honesto is in his wedding finery and everyone is waiting for the bride.  Here she comes on Rodrigo’s arm. Lorenzo looks smashingly handsome and Janah looks beautiful, elegant beyond words and absolutely radiant.  Her strapless white gown is modest, the bodice fitted, shaped and pleated across the bust, the softly flared, floor-length skirt encircled by cascades of narrow flounces.  Her hair is pulled away from her face, curled and caught by a waist-length veil that falls down her back and pinned under her hair with an open white rose. She’s wearing tastefully chosen pearl-drop earrings and no jewelry around her neck. She’s carrying a small bouquet of deep purple flowers. Attending her is Melissa, who looks gorgeous in an above-the-knee royal blue, one-shouldered sheath dress with her hair swept up and curled.  Alexia is the flower girl. She looks cute. She joins Luciana at the front and then they both sit down in the pews next to Rodrigo. (Only Mateo is missing to make the family complete.)
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Por ella soy Eva #93 11/28/12: A Mother's Love, Thought Bubbles, Andale, I've Fallen and Do Not Need Anyone to Get Up

Hi everyone and Happy Humpday!!
Our show starts out with Helena and Lalito talking about Juan Carlos and how Helena was sad when he died, and that he is not a bad person like Mad Dad says.
Pluti is trying to C.H.A. (cover his- you know the rest.) regarding the fraud.    He wants to know who told Adriano this, Adriano replies one of the employees and he won’t say who. There will be an audit.
Fernando wasting time at his desk and Marsela comes and wants him to pay on the credit card with his extra money.  Fernando does not want to hear her financial advice.  Santi asks Ferni why haven’t you told Marsela about your bonus.  Fernando gave him a ridiculous answer- in other words –when the money is gone, love ends.  (I really lose brain cells, when I listen to Fernando, really- I guess that the character was to be comical but he is such a Neanderthal, that it’s not funny)
Juan is sharing all of the newspaper articles regarding the fraud of $3 million dollars with his mother.  Eugenia vaguely remembers.  He asked Modesto for help and he turned his back on him.  Modesto did not want to have anything to do with him because Modesto was beyond reproach, a model citizen, incorruptible, had another family. 
Juan swears that he is innocent, and he explains why Eva was born.  Eugenia doesn’t understand what is going on with Adriano asking to marry him.  She asks hi to tell her the truth.  Did you take the money?  He says no the only thing that he did was to deceive Helena as an Argentinean.  He was trying to take credit for her Mayagua Beach project.  She can’t believe that her son- Don Juan, Macho man is dressing like a woman.  Eugenia doesn’t know how he will get out of this situation, but she does realize that he has learned a lot in Eva’s shoes.  Juan says her shoes, but her wig, stockings, boobs, painted nails, make up, etc.  Its ironic – Eva taught him to be a better man.  He asks his mother if she has forgiven him.  And she has.
Pluti (with his never-ending shiny suit collection) is at a restaurant with Oneismo- Pluti is worried about now being implicated for the fraud. He wants to know who is pointing the finger at him.  Oneismo thinks that it is Rebeca. He wants Oneismo to investigate who is involved in the blame game. Pluti says that she can’t be that stupid.
 A large bouquet of roses is delivered to Helena’s without a card- Helena thought bubbles back to the flowers that Juan Peron delivered.  Helena says that the flowers belong in the garbage just like Juan.
Eugenia-scolds Juan for deceiving almost everyone including Helena.  He told his mother that Helena knows that he is alive.  Eugenia asks about Rebeca, because she knows that Eva is Juan.  He was able to confuse her with Adriano so she doesn’t suspect him/her anymore.  Eugenia asks about Pluti and Juan tells her that he opened up a bank account in her name.  She is trying to remember.
Lalo is trying to talk to a distracted Helena about the meal.  (Lalo is getting taller.) Silvia knows that something is wrong and asks Helena if she is okay.  Helena wants to go over what Silvia will need for her bedroom in the new apartment.  Yeah right, Helena is thinking about the new apartment.
Eugenia doesn’t remember anything about a bank account.  She does forget things from time to time based on the treatments that she received.  You have to try to win Helena back.  But she won’t have anything to do with me.  Eugenia asks if he is sure?  How is she?  He shows her photo.  She remembers that Helena came to the house and she gave her the engagement ring that Juan had for her.  Eugenia’s female intuition is always right- Helena still loves you!!!

Helena is thought bubbling the conversation at the beach that she had with Juan, where he was still proclaiming his love for her and his innocence.  She thought bubbled- Pluti telling her that it is time to move on, Juan lies to her, deceives her.  She thought bubbles to the party where the woman (I forgot her name) told them that she had aborted Juan’s baby.  The conversation with Silvia about the time that she found Juan in Lalo’s room on the computer, Juan said that he was checking his emails.  She thought that it was strange. Yeah just as strange as when Pluti had a mini temper tantrum when he found out that Helena went away and didn’t call. him- right???
Helena doesn’t know what to do.  She dials an operator and hangs up.
At the Escuderos residence- Angelica wants her job as a semi pornographic underwear model to be respected.  Santi is embarrassed because everyone at his job knows about her Tires- Bikini website and is gawking at her.  Angelica says that they are just jealous.  He wants her to find another job. (Once again, more brain cells are leaping out of my head)  Angelica is happy that she is so admired.  She wants to be treated like a queen. Ay vay!!!  She needs to be introduced to his parents and the world needs to know that she is Mrs. Escudero. - Why??
Silvia is speaking in front of some type of support group.  She puts on a strong front for her daughter but she feels ridiculous studying and she should just return to her husband.  She tries to be strong, but she is not, she misses Mad Dad.  She has been married for almost 35 years. (Wow, how old is Helena supposed to be? Early 30’s) She has lived over half of her life with Mad Dad.  She is happy where she lives but its not her home and she is trying to support her daughter, but doesn’t want to suffer either.
Lucia is in the office working with Renato and wants attention.  Renato had work to finish for Don Adriano.  Lucia is whining about how she is going to miss him when he becomes Adriano’s assistant and will he miss her. (and there go more of my brain cells.)
Silvia doesn’t think that se is capable of forgetting her husband.  She is still sad (grieving).  The group leader encourages her to decide what she wants in regards to her relationship with Mad Dad.
Mad Dad is now angry at the light bulb and climbs on a table to change it.  We all know where this is going.  Both he and the light bulb fall, and it looks like he took a hard hit.
Renato asks Lucia, when is Helena going to return?  Renato thinks that it very irresponsible of her to always disappear. (Well join the club; I’m not sure how this company stays in business with the lack of work.)
Here comes Rebeca, delivering paperwork for Helena on Mayagua Beach. (Don’t they have mail people to deliver the mail, or is Rebeca’s assignment to only to deliver to Helena and Pluti?)  Rebeca tries to insult Renato but Lucia doesn’t take the bait.  Rebeca is one miserable whench!  Poor Lucia- as the song says- “Loving eyes, they can not see”. (from Everybody Plays The Fool)
Juan is desperate. He has never been in love like this. Fight for what you want.  You are a much better person than before.  Fight for her like a man and not a macho.
Helena’s phone rings, its Pluti. He didn’t call her because he didn’t want to bother her. -(Really- He is always bothering her!!!) That’s why he sent the roses.  Helena was surprised that he sent them without a card.  She thought that her father sent them.  She thanks him and he tells her that it’s just a small gesture to let her know how much her loves her as Rebeca (who does not have any mail to deliver) is eavesdropping.  Helena thought that he was trying to deceive her. Oh heavens, no, Pluti would never do that, not to her, Lalo or anyone in her family.  Rebeca can’t contain herself.  Helena deserves all of his respect and will no do anything to lose her.  Helena is touched by his words, they mean so much to her.  (Let me stop rolling my eyes, so that I can finish)  Helena you sound angry.  Is everything okay?  Well Pluti- I have something very important to tell you.
Mad Dad is still lying on the floor; he awakes in pain and tries to stand up.  Good thing he had on those heavy boots.  He is able to get to the telephone, and calls someone for help.
Pluti wants to know- what do you need to tell me.  Helena is crying.  She is so moved that he loves her and he has never lied to her.  She is so emotional in hearing his voice.  He is on his way (My eyes hurt from the rolling)
Great- I have her eating out of my hands.  Rebeca tells him that he has two left feet, how horrible, both in dance and in the bed.  He has prohibited her from entering his office without knocking!! Get out!! She really seems scared.  She lets him know that she heard his conversation and he is pathetic!   Don’t be jealous Rebeca; Helena was able to do what you couldn’t do for 10 years.  Make me fall in with love you!  You leave a lot to be desired. As a woman.  Rebeca isn’t jealous, she just wasted 10 years in a wreck of a romance.  Remember that I have a compromising video, Pluti is so scared. Get out of my office.  Rebeca can’t take the smell of his cheap colognes.  With her he used good, except colognes, but with the social climber he uses stinky stuff (dog water)
Eugenia has spent all afternoon with Juan. She tells him that she wants to go back to acting and he congratulates.  She doesn’t want to speak to Modesto and Juan doesn’t want her to drive alone, so he will go as Eva.  They embrace.  (The scenes with Juan and Eugenia helped me to recover some of my lost brain cells, because she was just what Juan and Eugenia needed.)
Helena, who a moment ago was so emotional and crying is now thrilled to hear that her mom is going out with the girls. Silvia feels a little guilty because there is much to do in regards to the move.  The phone rings again, and Helena goes out of the running.
Silvia shares girl talk with members of her support group and their feelings validate hers.  Silvia is happy to be able to speak freely.
Eugenia fixes up Eva who complains about the pain of the heels, wearing the make up etc.  But it’s worth it in order to win back Helena.
Eugenia always wanted a daughter.  Juan didn’t need to hear that. It was a joke.  It was a cute exchange.
At the hospital Mad Dad is better now that Lalo is there.  He misses him.
He took a hard fall and needs medicine doesn’t have a fracture and wants to go home alone.  He tells Helena to butt out in front of Lalo.
Helena checks Mad Dad on the way that he spoke to her in front of Lalo and that he better get himself together.  He doesn’t understand why Silvia his wife is not there with him.  (He really bumped that head badly)
Helena understands that he is in pain but you are not going to insult my mother.  He doesn’t need anyone.  He could barely walk.  Doctors don’t  know anything all they want to do is to collect money.
Dona Silvia returns home and asks Lydia about Helena’s whereabouts.  Lydia tells her that they are at the hospital.  Pluti arrives and of course they are going to the hospital.
At Fernando’s house, Fernando is still talking about taking a vacation in Ixtapa. Marsela has a lot of work to complete so now is not the right time.  The voice of the town, speaks. (The family)  Marsela says no! Daniel invites himself to watch the kids. Huh??  Daniel is serious.  Fernando doesn’t get it.  Fool!!
Modesto scolds Eugenia for coming in late.  Eva says that were having hamburgers and chatting. The brat recognizes Eva.

Coming attractions- Is Helena going to spill the beans to Adriano?


Amor Bravío #72 (Uni 67) Tue 11/27/12 The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth; Cat Got Your Tongue?

Mariano joins Camila on the riverbank.  She doesn’t feel like talking.  He tells her it’s not necessary for her to say anything.  He swore he would be by her and he will.  He encourages her to go ahead and cry.  She tries to hold back, but her anguish is too great and she turns to him and cries as he embraces her.  So sad.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Amores Verdaderos #14 Tue 11/27/12 White Teeth, Shooting Ranges, and Butt Floss

Amores Verdaderos Cap 14, November 27, 2012. White Teeth, Shooting Ranges, and Butt Floss.

Lo siento, I'm sort of phoning this in (sort of!) because I have a lame arm (schlepping a bunch of heavy stuff around) and I'm being a total baby about it.

Part of the recap written from downloaded episode, the rest recapped "on the fly" as the episode aired. I hope I'll fill in some blanks but I think I got the gist of it.

First, a few quickie HD screencaps (I hope to add some more, maybe tomorrow morning?).

Nikki and Vicki at the nutritionist's office. You can see by the expression on Nikki's face that she's totally enthusiastic about being there.

Guzmancito has an unexpected encounter with Anibal at the pool. Nikki pretends that everything is peachy with her bodyguard in front of grandad.

Fun at the shooting range.

Big Angel and his Big White Teeth.

A brief(ish) overview (well, "briefish" for me, anyway).

* Refried bit with Big Angel reminiscing about his parents. He flashes beautiful white teeth.

* Nelson is worried that Big Angel will spill the beans to Vicki about Nelson's locking lips with Kendra. But Big Angel doesn't seem inclined. 

* At the pool, Nicki and Guzmancito both swim in the pool as Nicki's swimming teacher does time. They both do very well. It is revealed that Guzmancito was in the USA starting when he 14 years old, and that's where (I think) he trained for swimming (?). Nicki challenges him to another swim, saying whoever wins must obey the other's whims. Guzmancito goes for this. But when he starts to swim, she just swims back to the edge, gets out and she and takes off. Guzmancito is foiled again! He's really pissed.
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Por ella soy Eva #92 11/27/12: Juan Carlos Is the Worst Cowboy Ever.

  • I agree with Ez about the singing: Mimi and her cousin Isidro made a sweet duo.

    Adri is empressed that Mimi can sing and she is indeed cute in her cowboy hat. Adri wants to ask Isidro about Eva Maria but Isidro bolts. Adri is upset that Eva has disappeared. She never answers her phone.

    To cheer him up, Mimi gets him to dance. He grabs her waist and feels deja-vu... and then there's that perfume... Adri bolts to preserve his virtue, he is true to Eva.

  • Modesto to the dying Other Woman: "I would have done something for you! Why do you trust Eugenia more than me?" Carmen: "Give me a break, you've never done anything for us, and when our son disappeared [plot point] you didn't do anything. But now, when I die, take care of Claudia."

  • Mousse Boy: "I am not gay, Rebecca, look how I yell at you like a macho guy!" She isn't buying it: "I have a sixth sense." He calls her a whore and says he's been investigating her. "Well, watch out or I'll tell everybody."

    It's getting to be quitting time. Renato (take off that scarf!) flirts with one of the blue dresses and offers to stay at the desk for her. She leaves, he takes piles of papers and commences his espionage. I am so distracted by his scarf, it's more of a blanket.

  • Back at the pension, turns out Isidro has hopes of being "discovered" - Mimi thinks he may be aiming too high, she herself has given up on singing as a career and is happy with her pension and doing makeup. She suggests Isidro consider selling tacos.

    He, instead, proposes to her. Evidently they were an item once. "Is there another man?" She avoids answering.

    He's about to go back where he came from, but before he's out the door, Juan shows up - in a moustache, cowboy hat, sideburns, pants pulled up nerdily high, and a ridiculous accent. "I rent a room here." When he says he's Eva's boyfriend, jealous Isidro calms down and they have a guy discussion about how to curl moustaches (I didn't follow the details).

    "Goodbye, Mimi, you'll see me on tv some day, even in the telenovelas," Isidro promises presciently, planting a big smacker on her to Juan's astonishment.

    Juan tells Mimi: "I didn't tell her I'm Eva, it would be even more deceit." The two of them still have no ideas.

  • Silvia is surprised they're all back from the beach. Lalo is sad about it and convinces Helena to stay home.

    Silvia: "Helena, did you come back early from the beach because of problems between you and Pluto?" "No, something else happened..." Helena mulls Juans' beach speech: "I need help proving my innocence. All I ask is your help." She wonders if he could be telling the truth.

    After Silvia begs, Helena tells her: Juan is still alive. She says she needs to forget him, but sadly will never be able to love anyone the way she loved Juan. "He made me believe in love again. I was so excited, remember? I'd forgotten about myself as a woman for so many years. How can I forget that?"

    Silvia is displeased: "Now it's Pluto who loves you - and you promised to marry him."

    Lalo, however, is later nostalgic about Juan: "He told me he would come back, and that if I wanted, he'd be my father, he would take care of us and we would be a family. I really loved him, I don't think he was a bad person the way they say." Helena looks dreamy.

  • Eduardo's friend says "You'll get sick working like this, admit you need Silvia." How can it be that Eduardo even HAS a friend?

  • Eugenia refuses to talk to Modesto about Claudia, who comes in just then. Modesto tells his daughter: "I want to find your brother and I'll get an apartment for the two of you." "No, I want to live with you." Eugenia says Claudia can stay as long as she wants IF she follows the rules (it's a long list).

    Later Claudia says the rules are ridiculous. "It's worse than a convent." "And you're going to have to go to school." "This is a concentration camp." "You know where the door is. And you need an artistic pursuit."

  • Santi to Lucia: "I thought we were friends but you didn't tell me what Angelica was doing." "All I said was that she should follow her dreams. She made me promise not to tell you." Santi says (as one never should) that things can't get any worse.

  • Fer shows up at work on a ridiculously huge motorcycle. Santi moans to him about Angelica getting paid for flaunting her "advantages." Fer has no interest in Santi's problems. Then Rebeca calls for Fer and he runs to her office. He has a bill for her. She says he should not be calling attention to himself by throwing money around. After he leaves, she rips up the bill.

    Fer lends Santi a bunch of money. Renato says Santi should stand down, it's no big deal if Angelica wants to pose for sexy pictures for money. In passing he says he doesn't give a damn about Lucia.

  • Juan jumps into his mother's car and begs her to listen. He drives away with her. They go to Mimi's pension. She asks why he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth. Modesto calls - the chauffeur called him and said the car had disappeared without him. "Remember I know how to drive, Modesto."

  • Adri calls Eva for the 100th time (no answer). Renato comes in and says there are financial irregularities that implicate Don Pluti. Adri calls Pluto into his office. Pluto denies it all. "Who told you all this?"

    Adri is going to have an audit and let the chips fall where they will.

Tomorrow: Eugenia will give Juan advice about how to win Helena back.


Refugio Para el Amor #162 Tue 11/27/12 Don Aquiles Goes Out With A Bang

Peace, love and forgiveness are the only gifts I want, so these are the gifts I offer to you.”*

We've seen extraordinary acts of love and forgiveness throughout this telenovela, and tonight was no exception. We continue to see how Paz and Luciana have let go of any anger towards don Aquiles leaving them free to care about his welfare and grieve his death. Violeta also has laid aside her resentment and fury and the reward was a loving final conversation with her dad, gleefully sharing wise business practices and delighting in each other's financial acumen. And Magda, unable to forgive or forget, reveals how deeply she still felt about her first love when the news of his death causes her to drop and shatter a precious piece of pottery. To me this was symbolic of the shattering of the walls around her heart. She still loved the misguided old rascal, though she refused to admit it, and would grieve his passing...along with all the townspeople.

You may find all this forgiveness and accepting to be noble.... or infuriating...but it is always a part of the telenovelas that we watch and the message that they preach.

Not everyone has forgiven though—Roselena is so furious at being thwarted in her family domination that she imagines herself manifesting the bleeding wounds of Christ in her palms.

Fortunately that bloody hallucination was not the only major event tonight. We have the Jana/Lorenzo tender kisses in the new apartment, narcissistic kisses between Vicky and Max in the new office space he rented for her, and gentle kisses and blessings from Rodrigo to Alexia as he drops her off at school.

We endure some more scenes of Gala's crude value system ("party hardy", use child to make money, diss one remaining friend Fernanda) and we all look forward to her financial ruin. The writers torture us some more with don Chelo hiding out from Luciana, Rodrigo and Pato (who could identify Mateo through the Virgen de Guadalupe medallion). And we have some additional filler of Aldo plotting Lastra and Ivan's ousting as he smugly contemplates being Max's trusted right-hand man, in charge of all the lucrative gambling dens of the north.

And speaking of endurance, we are saddled with the longest funeral procession that I've ever seen, with don Aquiles lit up like a neon corpse, mariachi music blasting, torches flaming, padre with incense parading, Procopio weeping, Paz, Magda and Violeta grieving, bright flags waving, food cooking, booze freely flowing, gaudy posters of the old reprobate flapping in the wind, some sort of scuffle between Procopio and the priest, spectacular fireworks blasting, and finally...the best part of all....the Forgiveness....yes, that's the word...of all the debt that any of the poor villagers owed to don Aquiles. Instead of being cursed for his avarice, he will be remembered for his generosity. Not a bad way to go. A glad rag party and a blessing to the poor of the pueblo. We should all be so fortunate.

That's the big picture. Now here's a little more detail.
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Amores Verdaderos #13 Mon 11/26/12 Boys and girls, please don’t play with guns

* Liliana and Cristina meet Paula at the elevator, because you know, Mexico City is such a little pueblo that two quasi-archenemies like Paula and Victoria both own apartments in the same house. Paula is impactada: “They are the daughter and the granddaughter of Aníbal!” Thank you, Captain Obvious.

* José Ángel, the adorable manchild is playing James Bond all around the house. The scene is very funny and hilarious until the very moment when Vic shows up with a vase and the very secret agent accidentally shoots her. *Viewerville: headdesk* Okay, that was it, end of story, the female protagonist is dead, and the male protagonist will spend his remaining days in jail.

Or maybe there's more.
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Amor Bravío #71 (Uni 66) Mon 11/26/12

Capitulo 71: The Truth Come Out Kicking and Screaming

Lo del Pasado

Gussie and Hissadora face off over Alonssso and Ximeana; Camila unburdens herself to Mariano about how everyone has deceived her.

Lo de Nuevo

La Malquerida, Courtyard: Camila tells Mariano how her love life has been a disaster. She trusted Alonssso and he deceived her and now she can't take another deception now from Andres. Mariano tells her how he hopes this is just a misunderstanding and how she can count on himself. She is strong and can pick herself up. She tells him she isn't as strong as everyone thinks she is. He offers to investigate, to talk to Andres, to do whatever she wants. She turns down his offer, but he tells her in more elaborate words that it is always open. She tells him he is a light in the darkness, an angel. He asks only to be at her side because this is all too much to endure alone. Her cell phone interrupts them. It's her lawyer telling her that Alonssso signed the divorce papers. Good news for a change. Mariano tells her that it's always darkest before the dawn [which we know isn't in the next hour or the one after that.].
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Por ella soy Eva #91 11/26/12: Wow, Helena Sees a Ghost!

Helena strolls alone on Playa Majagua... she's speaking to the ghost of Juan, telling it she's been dying, hurting inside, and refusing to accept the loss of Juan. The pain was so great that she has come to dramatically say goodbye forever. "They might as well have buried me with you, for all the good I've been without you." She takes off the ring, and says she's come to say goodbye to him forever. And prepares to fling it into the ocean....

BUT JUAN IS THERE! Was it a dream? No! he starts to explain, but she's pretty pissed. If you'd really loved me, you'd have come earlier. Good point. You played with my feelings, you played with my kid. I can't love someone I don't know, and I don't understand why you'd do this. Well, he's dropped the accent, so that's a start (at being honest). She's sick of him lying to her. Him: you're my only motivation to keep on living. Her: you have no right to keep on this way. What, you? protect me? Plutarco has supported me, and you just destroyed my life. I'm marrying him. Him: Pluto isn't who you think he is. Her: How dare you! You're the one who's not who I thought he was. You hurt everyone! me, my kid, my family, and you did it all when you were trying to steal my project! Him: give me a chance to explain - I've changed. Her: men? change? feh! here's your ring back.

He tries to grab her, but she turns on him - you have no idea of the pain that I've suffered. I've suffered too, months of living as a ghost, without home or name, just hiding. I became Eva and hid specifically so I could prove to you that I'm a better man. Her: what a shame, my love belongs to Pluto. Him: look me in the eyes and tell me you love him. COMMERCIAL BREAK!

Her: yes, I'm very in love (not very convincingly). He says that may be so, but I only ask of you help in finding the truth behind when I got framed. Although you have doubted me, I love you as I have since the moment we met. I was a victim of someone who framed me for fraud. I don't have proof, but YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME! She is, shall we say, less than convinced. She is thinking of turning him in. But PLUTO appears, hollering at the top of his lungs. She leaves him there to go talk to Pluto, who gets himself a neat silhouette under a huge tree. I know all about Juan Carlos, he says.

Helena tells him she came here to forget the pain in her heart. Him: you just need to forget about this nonsense altogether. Her: just, uh, give me more time.

In less interesting news, Juan's sort-of stepmother tells his mom that she's dying and she doesn't want Claudia to see. It's cancer, of course. They realize that their shared husband is kind of a lazy butt. He always tells them he loves them, but never lifts a finger for them. They discuss the discovery of his sneaky ways. Much sadness. Modesto had two families, but he wasn't really a part of either. Carmen keels over. She feels bad - it must be the cancer! Later, at the hospital, the doc says it's total metastasis. The two wives have a sweet moment - at least we don't hate each other. . . But Modesto walks in! He says he's surprised to see his other wife there, too!

Adriano is yelling: I don't want gold, don't want silver, don't want coffee. I just want Renato! Mousse boy comes in, scarf crazier than ever. Then he demands coffee.  He gets three cups, none of which is to his liking!

Marcela is still not pleased about Fernando's stupid motorcycle. But he bought her a fancy helmet, so she hops on with trepidation and off they go!

Angelica struts and poses and is disappointed to find that her hubby is less than pleased about her job as a model. She swiftly bursts out in tears, and he swiftly bursts out in hysteric shouting. Know what you are? un mal agradecido.

It looks like Mimi has taken in another hopeless-case man - a kind of pathetic Marichi. They sing a pretty good song - I actually like it: "el buen cupido nos enamoro!" Adriano shows up, and Mimi waves to him from stage.

We conclude on a showdown between Mousse-Boy and Rebe - she thinks he's gay and may start telling people; he claims to maybe have some dirt on her, too!


Refugio Para el Amor #161 Mon 11/26/12 Don Aquiles Makes Amends; Mateo Estrada’s Day Off

Claudio walks in on the tail end of a conversation between Luci and Melissa about Melissa declaring her love, just as Melissa asks out loud, “What if I take a risk? I won’t lose anything.” CL, not realizing they are talking about Melissa admitting she has the hots for HIM, encourages her to take a risk. Melissa clams up, and Luci makes herself scarce to go make them tea.  CL sits down and tells Melissa it’s not a bad thing to tell someone that she loves them.  In his day women wouldn’t, but these days, women can do things with more freedom.
M: I don’t just care about him, I’m in love with him.
C: Well, what a lucky YOUNG MAN. You’re a lovely YOUNG LADY.
M: I’m not that young any more, Licenciado. I’m a woman.
C: Yes of course. A very beautiful woman.
Melissa smiles from ear to ear, but doesn’t say anything.  Luci returns with the tea, and CL takes his leave to go off to be tortured by the dentist, who he has to pay for this torture. He laughs at his old man joke and leaves the two young women to their talk. Melissa moons after him. “Look at him Luci. How could I not be in love with him?” Luci looks as thrilled to think about this as any other person would to hear a friend gushing romantically about their parent.

In Het Het, Don Aquiles comes knocking at Paz and Magda’s door, and politely asks if he can come in (yes, you heard right).  He slowly makes his way through the door, then asks if he can come further in. Paz gives him permission, but Magda looks less than thrilled. Aquiles says he’s come to speak to her. She is her usual surly self to him, but Aquiles remains a gentleman. He calls her Señora Magda and invites her to take a walk with him. She refuses. “Would you prefer that we speak here in front of Paz about our intimacies?” “You and I DON’T have intimacies!” “And what about Violeta?” (He’s got her there.) He tells her he’ll give her time to think about it and will be back early tomorrow morning to take her on that walk. Magda looks as stubborn and unconvinced as ever.

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Amorcito Corazón Discussion #159-163 Nov. 26-30

Thanks to Sylvia and Güera, here's Monday's episode.  Muchas gracias, amigas!

When Moncho massages Adelita’s ankle the sparkly love music plays for her. Twice. Is she finally seeing Moncho in a new light? Such a cute scene. Later they go out for ice cream with Tuqueque. It also comes out that Moncho got the rose for Adelita, not his jefa.

Zoe finds long, blonde hairs on Felipe’s sweatshirt. Fearing she is obsessively jealous she logs onto and takes an online test “Is your spouse unfaithful?” Not a surprise, she answers “yes” to every question.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Amores Verdaderos #12 Fri 11/23/12 Our Two Hawt Guys and the Women They Deal With; Nelson Has a Bad Day

So the Hawt Guys have some issues with the women they deal with, also Kendra has a new plan up her sleeve, and Twinkle Toes Salsero is kinda ok with it, but has his reservations. Want to know more? Please read on.

We are at the partay in full swing at the Balvanera's minus the 'rents of course. Everyone, especially Nikki is havin' a great time. Well, Nikki has gotten on a table in the living room, and told everyone that Guzmancito is not only a bodyguard, but can play one mean piano. Everyone cheers for Guzmancito, but he isn't lookin' happy. They also wanted him to play, but he won't. Nikki goes back to dancing with Vladdy who makes the mistake of saying there is something extra on her waistline, but I think he is really referring to her bony hips. She takes offense thinking he is calling her fat, Vladdy denies it, and Nikki takes off upstairs and Guzmancito kinda follows her, until he gets tangled up with the two friends that have been hanging on to him, like cheap dresses.

**Bare Chest alert!!!!, Our Angel is in bed, looks like he's thinking and not sleeping, and then we have a scene of Ms Vikki writing on her tablet, with letters floating in the air. She is writing something about he is far away but keeps the memory of her with him, even while she is far away, and somewhere it was written that they would meet. So evidently our Ms Vikki is writing a torrid romance! She also says The Angel inspires her, hmmmm. Could this be the Perils of Ms Vikki? We will have to see.

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Amor Bravío #70 (Uni 65) Fri 11/23/12 Seeds of Doubt for the Clueless Camila

Cap. #70 

Lo Del Pasado:

When we left Camila, the news that her divorce was about to become a reality in a matter of hours was welcome, but Ximena’s words planted the seeds of doubt in her head regarding her true relationship with daring D’Andres.  She has been praying to the diosito that Ximeana was wrong. Though, all the while she can’t help remembering the way she and he first came to know each other when, apparently, he seemed to be following her.

Lo Del Nuevo:
Isadora meets up with Dionisio out near the barns to discuss her and the others’ sudden and most unexpected unappreciated reappearance at La Malquerida.  Issa tells Dio to look on the bright side: Camila’s been dissed and dismissed by both her mother and her sister.  “--She feels alienated. She’s going to be more vulnerable than ever once she finds out that Andres is a spy for Daniel and has simply been using her for information.”   Dio is not so sure.   “--Yes, she’ll be torn to pieces emotionally, but it’s not enough.”

Over at La Buenaventura, Yago returns and Nat is there in the little office.   She greets him cheerily.  She tells him how great he was taking Luzma to see Pablo and then she admits she is falling in love with him.  He tells her he likes the idea.  They firm up their picnic in the country for Saturday.  He’s dying for time alone with her, he says and lays a lip-lock on her.

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El Mundo de Telemundo - Week of November 26 - Discuss among yourselves

Here's the page for this week.  Sorry this is late.

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Por ella soy Eva #90 11/23/12: Helena Goes To The Beach, Guess Who Joins Her? Carmen Tells The Truth!; We Find Out What Rebe Is Really Up To!


We get some answers to questions we have been having about a couple of things we have been wondering about. What things you ask? Please read on to find out.

We start this epi with our introduction Juan Perez, which I will nickname J.P. he looks like a paunchy older version of JC but with a bizarre mustache sort of like an Albert Finney one, in a Poirot movie, jus' sayin'. Mimi is worried about his going to New York and what if Adri comes by, what should she say??? He says bascially tell Adri I had a family problem I had to take care of and he hugs Mimi and he goes.

Meanwhile, Genie has confronted Claudia about the scissored dress, saying she knows Claudia did this, she's a little wretch, and Claudia tries to infer that Genie is crazy. While this little fight is going on, an agent has come to visit Genie about going back to work, he doesn't like what he sees, and tells Genie, fogetboutit, she isn't fit to work, and goes. Genie is very upset and Claudia laughs in her face. Genie is beggin' that guy to come back, to no avail. So Genie is mad and tells Chepina to inform the chauffer she is going out, Chepina takes the ruined outfit, and Claudia claims her conscience is clear, Chepina gives her the death ray. I wish Genie had pimp slapped her jus' sayin.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Refugio Para el Amor #160 Fri 11/23/12 the anvils begin to fall, fast and furious... (EXPANDED)

Sorry this is so late… This ep was too great and moving to be too funny/sarcastic about it, so mostly it is direct from script:

Max brushes off Oscar’s accusations about Pedro Campos, again pointing to Claudio to explain. Claudio explodes. Tells Max: ‘ Enough with the lies!! Oscar talked to PC, knows it all. ‘

Lo Nuevo:
<i> Max confesses to Rod and Pato that he orchestrated the fraud and Pedro Campos executed the plan in exchange for a BOAT LOAD of money. Rod goes beserk angry, Pato voices to his father his extreme dissappointment and the fact that the image he had of the 'perfect gentleman' has just evaporated into thin air.</i>

Clau: If you have this office and fortune it is thanks to me!. Because you sank me in jail for 20 yrs! You are short of a man, you are a crook!
Max remains in denyal, saying Claudio has no evidence. Oscar jumps in, saying HE does. That PC is willing to tell anyone the truth, he is free from the law but not from his conscience. Claudio invites Max to call his sons in for a meeting so he can explain to them. Claudio gives Max a bit more of voice of conscience, 'You could never accept that Aurora was a better wife than RE and loved ME more than RE ever loved you.' Max gets physical pushing Claudio around. 'Go ahead but that won’t clean your conscience.'  As Oscar repeats orally his resignation to Max to stop the pushing around, Rod and Pato come in and ask Max why Oscar is quitting. Oscar invites Max to explain. ‘they are all yours’, adds Claudio. Rod asks Max if Oscar got a better job elsewhere.
Max says none of that. Oscar discovered a secret I never thought would come to light. I…. I orchestrated the fraud for which Claudio Linares paid for with 20 yrs in prison. Both sons are in disbelief. Max repeats he thought it would never be discovered. But his past condemns him and has come back in the form of PC. (Rod mentions the letter PC wrote freeing Claudio) Max continues: PC wrote that confession letter to clear his conscience, but when he committed that fraud, it was because I paid him a BOAT LOAD of money to do it and then disappear, but he came back! He came back!. (Rod and Pato keep yelling in disbelief, ask him why/how could he do it) with the ambition and envy that never leaves you. THAT is OUR NATURE. (Pato jumps, THAT is NOT OUR nature, at least NOT MINE!) Once I told you that you had no right to judge your father, but now I am here facing you both, my most severe judges, my own sons. That judgement will be terrible for me, and this time you have the right to enforce it.
P: I can’t believe it. I am extremely sad. In one second, the image of the perfect gentleman has imploded (in my eyes). I have nothing else to tell you.
M: I do. I never thought that by sinking Claudio Linares, I would be causing so much pain, mainly for Luciana and all of you… I wish I could…
R: (charging Max grabbing him by the lapels) Do you realize the damage you made? To Luciana, to Claudio and to me!! You are a liar, dad!! A liar!!
(Pato yells to him to let him go)
P: Do you realize what you and my mom have done with our lives?
R: Why, dad? For money? For power?  Why, dad?? Respond to me!!
M: What is done, is done. I will assume the consequences. The only thing I regret profoundly is to have harmed all three of you.
P: Dad, know what is the difference between you and my mother and the three of us?... that we do know how to forgive.
As Max leaves, Rod goes beserk as a human hurricane wrecking the conference room. Pato remains calm, just calls his name, then they have a silent stare where Pato nods what I will interpret as ‘its all going to be ok, bro’. That seems to calm Rod down some.

Paz and Magda compliment Don Chelo on Mateo’s looks and personality. Mateo asks them if they know Rod. Sure. Max tells them Rod has offered to take him to watch movies with him and Alexia. Luci says they have to leave. Luci gives Mateo the signal of the cross (her blessing). Later on at Luci’s apartment… <i>* Paz tells Luci that Mateo has Luci’s eyes and looks just like she did at his age. Luci momentarily goes wishful thinking, but then justifies it as her anxiety to find her real son.</i>
Magda goes to say goodbye to Vio at the carwash, Vio refers to Aquiles as ‘mi papa’ and Magda gets upset. Vio tells her it is about time to get all that hatred and rancor out of her soul.

Somewhere in Acapulco, Gala and Julie are at a café discussing how could RE open the doors of her house and accept an engagement between Janah and the taquero.
Julie says RE is so arrogant (the kettle?)
Gala says she still has an ace inside her sleeve to get even more money out of Rod.
Julie says be careful.

RE goes to TL offices to rant at Rod for having divorced Gala. (I would say she picked the WORST moment she could have, and the way he yanks her arm into his office is evidence of my theory)
R: I have no reason to consult you on any of my decisions. And I will ask you to please stop meddling in my life, not for good and not for bad. Simply leave me alone!
RE: Let me remind you this also affects my granddaughter too! (I can’t believe this woman!! What about her grandson!??)
R: Why do you think I waited 5 yrs to do it? To not separate a girl from her mother! Gala is the one that requested the divorce, not me!! And I assure you Alexia will be better off without her mother around!
RE: Are you reconciling with Luciana?
R: No, mama, no! And let me remind you, OUR son is lost, and that is the most important issue right now! And now, pls don’t let the door hit you on your way out.
RE: Don’t disrespect me!
R: Neither should you disrespect me! Enough already! Please go!
(wow! The man does have some backbone in there somewhere!! Self-Control? Well, that he still has to work on a bit… ok, a LOT!)

* Gala's boyfriend Mirko wants her to use his financial advisor. Gala and Julie are both buying what he sells. (this creates the anvil for all the money Rod had to give her... )

Pato is in Luci’s office, she is talking to him about Mateo, and he tries to play up to her spirits, but he is visibly sad.  Namurachi calls Luci to tell her her works will be put on exhibit at one of the most exclusive galleries in Latin America.
At Acapulco, Gala calls Frigida to get her some papers she left in her dresser. Frigida gets ironic about Gala not being ‘la senora de la casa’ anymore… but seems she ultimately does what Gala needs.

Don Chelo accepts letting Mateo go with Rod and Alexia to go watch movies at the apartment. Rod gives Don Chelo his business card and Don C is impressed with Rod’s VP title. Just bring him back before dark.

PRocopio is the human cane for Don Aquiles, he wants to go back to work. When they get to the store, Don Aq is shocked about all the veladoras candles, virgin images, flowers, dedications and get well prayers that people had put outside the windows of his store. Procopio says it is all the towns people brought for him while he was sick.
* RE goes into her little chapel and talks to God as if she is his 'chosen enforcer' and asks for his guidance as to what must be done about Lorenzo and Janah. She is considering even 'sacrificing' her own daughter.

* Pato gets a surprise gift from his family and friends plus nana minus the Jacintos... a customized car for him.
It is very symbolic, how Pato and Max try to avoid eye contact until Max crunches down to Pato’s level.
P: Thank you. You will never stop surprising me. You are so unpredictable…. You all know what is next? .. To walk again!
Max hugs Pato and they continue their conversation more in private/whispering.
M: I promised you, son. I will make sure you will walk again, at whatever cost. I have not forgotten that promise.
P: Dad, it confuses me so much that on one side you can be the best dad, and on the other hand, what I have discovering that you are. But I can’t avoid thanking you for all you have done.
M: Thank you for your example and your integrity.
Jorge: That is right, Pato. You are an example of bravery, determination and courage.
M: Just what I was short of when I had your age.
(All the young ones get in the car with Pato)
Mati walks back in the house. RE barks that is just what I needed, now Pato will be free to go wherever he wants, and the first place he will go is to see Luciana.
Mati: To go see Luci or whoever he wants, it is a blessing nonetheless!
RE: Get outahere! I banned you to meddle with the family business.
Mati: Yes you did and I tried to stay on the sideline, but I can’t help to feel happy for one more achievent of Patricio’s. That kid keeps teaching us about humility and life! I hope one day you will realize the treasure you have in that son of yours.

Claudio brings Luci home… Luci tells him about the exhibit at Santa Fe Galleria, one of the most important ones in Latin America. Claudio is very proud of her.
Claudio tells Luci about Pedro Campos confession that Max paid him for what he did. Luci gets upset.

Gala gets the paperwork from Frigida and asks her to keep her aware of everything that happens at the apartment. (Seems Frigida tells her that right now Rod is with Alexia and Mateo watching movies and eating yummy snacks at the apartment.
<i>* Gala goes back to the apartment and finds Mateo, Alexia and Rod having a movie night at the apt, sharing plenty of pop corn and a huge multi-gallon tub of chocolate ice cream... and has a tantrum. Rod takes her away to speak alone to her and basically tells her 'hey, what's it to you anymore?'</i> She warns him to enjoy it while he can because she has the last card in the game.  Alexia invites Gala to stay over a while, but Gala says no, and for good measure asks Alexia to tell nanny to give her a bath and throw away the clothes when the ‘escuincle’ leaves. Rod yells at her. Alexia asks when will you come back. Gala smirks and says ‘I don’t know’ and leaves. Alexia tells Rod ‘I don’t think she will be back soon’. Rod asks her not to worry.

Don Chelo tells Dona Chuy that Mateo was soooo happy to go spend time with Rod and Alexia… he is more convinced everyday that Mateo should have a better father, someone like Don Rod, who can give him what I can’t. Dona Chuy says Mateo has the father he deserves because God sent him.

Pato’s car load stops by to pick Lorenzo to take him to the ‘café de los chinos’. At the café, Janah asks Pato if he is alright since he seems sad. Pato says its nothing.
<i>* a waitress with a rather loose tongue reveals to Janah and Pato about the HOT HOT coffee bath Lorenzo got, compliments of RE</i> Janah questions him on not telling about it. Lore says he just caught her on a bad day (now I wonder if he caught her on a better day what she would have done to him), that he won’t resent her. Pato thanks Lorenzo ‘my sister will marry a gentleman.’ Lorenzo thanks his brother in law.
Later on we see more scenes with these three getting along great.

Selene and Delia tease Vio on Leandro’s kiss… Vio certainly is in la-la land.

<i>* Don Aquiles asks his accountant (?) for a listing of all his assets (properties) ... (does he want to write his will?)</i>

Claudio and Luci invited Oscar and Connie to her apartment. They all talk about what Max did and how he deceived everyone for so long. Luci says once more the most harmed were Janah, Pato and Rod. Connie agrees. Luci thanks Oscar for what he did in surfacing the truth. Claudio asks Oscar what he will do now. For now will spend some time with Connie and enjoy myself. <i>*Luci and Claudio offer Oscar to be an associate at his legal suite, Oscar briefly hessitates, then gladly accepts.</i>

Gala and Julie talk about Mirko and their ‘lucky day’ in getting to know him. They also talk about Gala not needing to waste her best years with Rod. Julie says let him get with the domestica and fly away together. Gala says no, she won’t allow that either as long as she lives. She has Frigida spying everything he does. Julie says Frigida will continue costing them money.
<i>* Gala and Julie see the article about this on the newspaper and are not short on cursings for la 'chacha'.</i> Gala keeps smoking and nagging about it a good while. Until Mirko comes back and keeps feeding them the stories about the financial advisor and the investment opportunities. Gala says she wants to meet his FA and get more info on his ‘private markets’ (LOL!) right away.

Melissa visits Luci. Melissa tells Luci she was offered a job at a non profit org in NY. Melissa looks very excited at the opportunity, but before she leaves, she wants to consult Luci, her love for Claudio. She wants him to know. She has decided to talk to him about it. Luci is reluctant, maybe this love has become an obsession. Luci says Claudio only has the memory of Aurora in his heart. Melissa claims that is because he has not fallen in love again.  what if I take the risk? What if I tell him? I have nothing to lose! (in comes Claudio and invites her to speak up if she has nothing to lose)

Rod brings Mateo back to Don Chelo before dark, as promised, plus a huge beach ball.
Don Chelo asks Rod why so much interest in Mateo. Rod says Mateo has exactly the same age of the child he and Luci lost. And somehow Mateo reminds him of their son.

RE on phone with Boris plan a kidnapping of Janah on the day of her wedding.

A whole lot of flash previews about the final week: Chelo telling Rod ‘Mateo is not my son’. Apparently Janah does get to her wedding, but then RE arrives and falls to floor… We also see RE with black spots in her hands (a. la. Jesus Christ), Luci slaps Gala, Rod grabs Gala by neck with his arm, a pot of Luci’s falls to floor… it all flashes by…


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