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El Cuerpo del Deseo, - Dec. 15-19 - PJ/S gets involved with yet another woman and enters management

I've gotten really behind posting Cuerpo stuff. Here's a partial catchup. I'll get fully caught up over the weekend.

PJ/S gets involved with yet another woman. He is falling in love with Valeria and their romance is completely unlike the rip your clothes off lust he has with Isabel. She barely opens her mouth when they kiss.

Isabel makes an unsuccessful attempt to poision Andrés.

After PJ/S abandons Rebeca in the stampede to get out of the supposedly burning theater, he shrugs off her recriminations the next day.

Padre Jacobo and PJ/S finally meet up. PJ/S gets Gaetana to confirm that he is Pedro Jose Donoso in Salvador Cerinza's body. Padre Jacobo admits that sending Cantalicia to Rio Claro was a big mistake. He says that he will take her back to Las Cruces.

Cantalicia has to be dragged bodily away from Gaetana's house. Later, Tio Felipe agrees to let Cantalicia and Moncho stay at his apartment.

While having sex with Isabel, PJ/S has a flashback to kissing Valeria. Isabel says that she loves PJ/S but he says that doesn't love her, he only desires her. He asks what she would do if he fell in love with someone else.

PJ/S watched Valeria play the piano.

With PJ/S's help, Ángela engineers a coup in the management of the Donoso factory. PJ/S is made assistant to the Director of Industrial Relations and Simón is made head of maintenance. André's allies on the board are exposed as incompetant and/or criminals. Here, Gaetana congratulates PJ/S on getting back into his factory and out of the chauffeur's uniform.

In a celebration after the changes at the plant, PJ/S dances with Abigail. He spoils the moment by creeping her out by reminding her of things that only PJ knew.

PJ/S as a young executive with his boss.


Cuidado #67, Tues Dec 30. Juan Miguel Just Can’t Shake His Ball and Chain.

Casilda and her nasty minions encounter Purita under attack by the Lecherous Loser on a busy street. They demonstrate just exactly how upstanding and Christian they are by calling her rude names and chasing her back to the apartments, then throwing big rocks at her and Olga. Olga is hit with a rock and collapses. I haven’t been desensitized at all; this scene is every bit as grim the second time.

Viviana is lying on the sofa after her “fainting spell,” while Onelia rubs her face and arms with a tissue or something. She says she’s not feeling well enough to go to Eduardo’s office, so Juan Miguel says Ed can come to them. Viv tries to protest that it isn’t necessary. JM fidgets and looks irritated and amused.

Out in the countryside, the orchards are under A LOT of water, and the rain is still coming down. Marichuy is sleeping peacefully, and Cande/Lala enters and tells Micaela about Viv’s pregnancy. Just then Mari yells and grasps her belly.

Ceci laments Viv’s pregnancy; what betrayal of her daughter! Patricio arrives at home to hear the horrible news.

The winged monkeys argue over who threw the stone that hit Olga while Purita wails and accuses them of murder. All but Casilda flee; Casilda looks maybe a little bit sorry. Perhaps more sorry that she might get in trouble than sorry about what she’s done. She hesitates before leaving, and if she hasn’t run to call for an ambulance there’s probably no hope she’ll ever get out of purgatory.

Omar finally decides that the time has come to deliver Marichuy’s baby. Thunder rolls, lightning cracks, and the ladies look stricken. This is HIGH DRAMA.

Patricio comments that Viv is a fine upstanding lady, but Ceci counters that she’s always been frivolous and selfish, and abandoned her husband and daughter. Pat says JM didn’t love Viv any more than she loved him, and hopeless romantic Ceci says he only ever loved Marichuy, and maybe their first meeting (the terrorizing encounter in the woods) was predestined because they’re meant for each other. By that logic, Purita and Loser Lech have a hot passionate future in store.

Padre Anselmo is praying (in the chapel, not the hallway!) when Clemencia runs in to fetch him to deal with the Casilda/Olga tragedy. First Isabela’s “heart problem,” now this. People, you need a doctor or paramedics for FIRST aid. The priest is, like, SECOND aid in matters of illness or injury. Nevertheless, PA is the first help on the scene. The first thing he asks is, “haven’t you called an ambulance?” No, they haven’t. PA recruits some young chaps to carry Olga to her apartment. WHEN will anyone in a telenovela EVER learn proper first aid? Would it help if we sent handbooks to the Televisa writers’ offices? Purita continues to howl. PA reassures her that her mother is still alive.

Omar the trained doctor is doing a little better with the medical necessities. He sends Mica to fetch his doctor bag and boil all the instruments for ten minutes. Then he sends Cande for alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and gauze, probably just to get her out of the room with her unhelpful crying.

Pat tells Ceci she’s just biased and romantic, thinking more existed between JM and Mari than really did. Ceci insists that she’s right, and that Viv is a horrible person who deserves to be punished, not to have back everything she walked out on once and to have another child with Juan Miguel.

Viviana looks out the window, but dashes back to the sofa when she hears JM coming. He’s going to work; she repeats that she doesn’t want Ed to pay a visit. She asks Juan Miguel if he hates her. He hesitates, but only because it’s time for a commercial break, not because he has to think about it.

Elsa watches useless Nelson sleep and remembers happier times. Her mama Luisa drops by to order her to come home, like she’s a rebellious teenager or something.

Omar has Cande pour alcohol on his hands. Then he prays and whatnot all melodramatic-like.

JM tells Viv he doesn’t hate her; he just pities her. He leaves, and Viv says to herself she would rather he felt anything passionate about her, even if it was hate. Then she says he’ll never be rid of her unless she’s dead. However, she rejects killing herself, as he’s not worth it.

Luisa thinks Nelson is also not worth either living or dying for. She tries to drag Elsa away, but Elsa insists that she can’t leave him; it would be cruel right when he’s trying to stop drinking. Nelson gets up in his filthy clothes and promises to change and begs her not to leave him. They hug. Luisa gives up.

Mayita drops by to say hi to her mama, learns that Viv isn’t feeling well, thinks Viv needs candy, then starts rummaging through the drawers. Highly authentic child-like behavior, as far as I can tell. She pulls out some of Viv’s earrings to try on, but says she likes Blanca’s better, and describes them. Viv looks thoughtful, probably remembering where she’s seen a pair like that.

Omar gives Marichuy a shot. He’s trying to speed up her dilation. More hand-sterilizing and praying.

A very pregnant Beatriz tells Elsa it’s going to be great being a mom. Elsa says if she and Nelson had a child, everything would be different. Beatriz seems to think she’s wasting her time with him, but Elsa says he wants to change. They haven’t heard from either Israel or Becky in awhile, and Ed doesn’t know that Elsa’s gone back to Nelson. Come on, ladies, at least spice up this episode with a little juicy gossip we don’t already know. You two are useless.

JM arrives home in a different shirt than he left in. Blanca wants to talk to him about something serious. She’s tired of Viv attacking her and following her every move. JM says that if a person has nothing to hide, being watched shouldn’t matter. No, Juan Miguel, being scrutinized is very annoying even if you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, especially if you’re as introverted as Blanca is. Where did he get that shrink degree? JM notes that she won’t look him in the eye, but she insists that she trusts him more than anyone else, which makes him smile and fluffs up his ego some more, so even less shrink knowledge fits in his head. He apologizes for having put off the psychological help she asked for like six months ago and asks whether she wants to go to his office soon to get going on that, but she says no and runs off.

Viv and Onelia have a pointless conversation. When Viv is alone again, she lights up a cigarette, then JM arrives and is, like, you must be feeling better, and by the way stop poisoning my imaginary baby.

Cecilia can’t sleep, possibly because an owl is staring at her from the brightly-lit trees right outside her window.

Viv wants to go back to the way things used to be between her and JM (when?!?). JM says it will never happen. He still loves Marichuy.
Ceci has fallen asleep, but wakes up screaming. She dreamed that Marichuy died. Pat comforts her.

Marichuy lies in bed asleep while her crack medical team sits around waiting for something to happen. Thunder rolls.

Ceci continues to cry.

Cande cries. A lot. Some more.

JM tells Viv yet again that Marichuy is his one true love. Viv thinks it’s despicable that he loves that nasty street urchin. JM forbids her to insult Marichuy and declares that Marichuy is Viv’s superior in every way. Viv tries to play the amnesia and pregnancy cards again.

Marichuy lies motionless in bed.

Ceci insists that her dream is real; something bad is happening to Marichuy. Pat goes to get her tranquilizers.

JM apologizes for losing his patience. He says he feels anxious and has the sensation that something terrible is happening, something he should be aware of and should be able to prevent. (Yeah, Juan Miguel, that SOMETHING terrible is this episode, and you have the power to improve it immeasurably. Pick up Eduardo and head to the gym and talk about something funny in the looker room. We’ll rejoin the others after the kid is born and the tears are over.) Viv divines that Marichuy must be having her baby, and tells herself that JM will never find out about it.

Viviana asks JM whether he’s going out that night. He says no; he’s going to go work in the library.

Ceci tries to call Padre Anselmo. The phone rings in the church hallway. Padre Anselmo is probably still out wondering whether they should get a doctor for the woman who has been knocked unconscious by a big rock.

Onelia snoops through Blanca’s room. She reports to Viv that Blanca isn’t in the house; she’s disappeared mysteriously just like the other nights. Viv plans to search her room even though everything’s locked up. Locks are no obstacle to Vile Viv.

Juan Miguel is in his study, but he can’t concentrate on his work. Probably because he doesn’t have the faintest clue how to be a psychiatrist. He daydreams about Marichuy instead and wonders where she is and if she ever thinks of him.

Ivette calls JM and says she wants to see him. He says he can’t go out; he has work to do. She insists, she must see him tonight, even for just a moment. He says he’s not in the mood. She says she’ll get him into the mood. He agrees to go.

Viv won’t tell Onelia what she’s up to, but she needs to search Blanca’s room to prove what she suspects. There are too many coincidences. She sees JM drive away and calls him a hypocrite.

JM arrives at Ivette’s creepy casa and she immediately has her hands and lips all over him, but gets no response. He says again he’s not in the mood. She says lots of men would love to be in his place right now. He says he doesn’t love her and never will. She looks angry. This is the weirdest relationship ever.

Isabela calls Amador to see if he knows anything. His hair is sticking up even more than usual.

Ivette tries to convince JM that it’s useless to try to resist her very unsexy seduction. No man has ever gotten away from her. He doesn’t know who she really is, that she… She stops talking suddenly and stares blankly. Juan Miguel can’t figure out what’s going on.

Onelia calls Viv “necia,” meaning foolish. She tries to get her to think about what she’s planning to do. I’m guessing that a woman who would fake her own death, abandon her husband and daughter, kill a man, and try to seduce her sick friend’s husband won’t be stopped from searching the nanny’s room no matter how many times she reconsiders that evil plan. Onelia would rather just fire Blanca if something funny’s going on. Viv sends her off to bed.

Ivette is finally roused from her stupor, but awakens as Blanca and is terrified and tries to hide from JM under a sofa pillow. She asks how she got to that place and why she’s wearing such tarty clothes, then thinks to herself that the demon who lives inside her must have done it. JM asks her why she called herself “la dama de los puñales” (the lady of the daggers) and why she’s acting so strangely. He begs her to tell him what’s going on, but smiles like he thinks maybe it’s a joke. She just trembles.

Amador calls Cande to find out how Marichuy’s doing, and when the baby will be born. Cande says she’s doing fine; still no baby, then hangs up fast. She says, “me cae gordo,” which is slang meaning that Amador is a pain or annoying.

JM tells Ivette she doesn’t seem like the same woman. He tries to get her to tell him what’s going on, but she runs away.

So: Tears, seven gazillion. Babies, zero.

Avances: Marichuy has her baby, at long last! Also, Ivette/Blanca catches Viv rummaging through the secret suitcase.


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Fuego, #166 -Tues. 12/30/08 - But Get Me To The Church On Time -vs- Who's Your Daddy and Mommy

The mean people in Fuego have an eve of New Year's Eve marathon going on to see who can out bedevil whom. Let's check the score. If we could raise funds to feed orphans and other unfortunates on the number of devious deeds this group is committing we could make a fortune and wipe out misfortune in a good sized pueblo:

Feo locks Abuelo in the elevator and nearly hangs him by his tie sliding the elevator down just enough that Agustín can't get loose.
Ricardo tells his evil spawn Root that she seems more like Gabriela than wiggy Raquel.
Santi is bride left waiting at the church with only Sofia the slow to help reason out what to do.
Abuelo asks Feo what kind of Rosario nightmares he is having.
Ruth tries to talk to Feo but he's not interested. He'd rather do something unbelievably mean.

As they replay the elevator hanging, we hear growls from Feo, How do you feel now?? Coward, coward, counters the choking Abuelo Agustín.

Sweet as can be Feo tells Fatima to go directly to the church, taking the cup of tea she was carrying and shoos her off before she can see Abuelo stuck by his tie.

He casually inquires about what Gabi is doing in the office when she could go off and relax with him. He doesn't relent until she agrees to go out of the house with him also bypassing. But, Gabi sees Rosendo waiting for Abuelo and Feo begins shoving her in the SUV. But wait, Raquel approaches and distracts Gabi with the demand to hear her out. Feo tries again to get Gabi to ignore her, they don't have time. Oh, he hopes that no one will discover Don Agustín. Speaking of him the old gentleman is nearly losing consciousness as he struggles to hang on the tie.

Raquel begins to tease Gabi with her news that she has been waiting to tell her so many years.

At the church Santi notes that something must be really wrong, Agustín is always so punctual. Maybe he regrets his decision to marry her? Sofia says Abuelo is incapable of being foolish and he truly loves her, there is nothing to worry about. But we see the blurry world through Abuelo's eyes so we know that he is losing ground with choking .

Well, Sofia is not your daughter. She tells Gabi how she entered her bedroom the day she came to take Ruth who Gabi had sold to her, and saw her innocent newborn in the bed and she decided to switch them to get back at her for all the humiliations she had suffered. Gabi says you are lying, this can't be true. No, Raquel is happy to tell her that she left her with the pitiful daughter of Eva. She has been raising Eve's daughter and Raquel took her daughter just to spite Gabi even though she kept it to herself all these years. But, to Raquel's surprise, Gabi says this is the best news in my whole life. Ruth is my daughter! Not missing a beat and to burst Raquel's momentary bubble of happiness in outdoing Gabi, Gabi reveals, the truth is that Ruth is not old Bernie Elizondos' daughter. With great glee she puts together the disparate facts: Ruth is my daughter and the daughter of Ricardo Uribe!! My but she is pleased with herself.
Santi is sure something bad has happened, Agustín wouldn't be late for his own wedding. Everyone fidgets and tries to assure her.

Feo watches Rosendo and waits. Ruth watches from her room and replays Agustín's warning to Ruth to beware of Feo in her head. She decides she has to rescue Agustín and finally rushes to the elevator to untie Agustín just before he passes out. She roils him out toward her room looking around furtively instead of taking him down stairs.

Raquel is suddenly crushed by the full meaning of this news. This can't be true she whines, does Ricardo know you had his baby? Of course not but if I knew that Ruth was mine and his he would never have gone from my side. Almost taking to herself, Gabi suddenly realizes why she hates Snofia, Snofia is just like the stupid Eva and her stupid father and not like her at all.

As Ruth is rather gently cleaning up the uniform and combing Agustín's hair. You have won a thousand battles this isn't going to defeat you it's just an inconvenience. he says don't ruin my medals that Porfirio Diaz gave me, but then he thanks her, you saved me. I won't ever forget your kindness, I owe you my life. She says no one else has ever been so kind to me and sympathetic with me until I met you.

Gabi carries on with he theme of how much she has always felt for Ruth and now she realizes what in her always rejected Sofia because she is the stupid spawn of the stupid Eva. Soon her tune turns to: Its all going to be mine, all mine, the hacienda, everything is mine.

Sofia appears and says she has heard that thanks to Ruth, Abuelo was saved. Ruth assures her she did it for him no one else.

Feo curses as Rosendo's SUV pulls away with Sofia and Agustín safely inside.

Ruth feels proud that she just helped Augustin (her real grandfather we suddenly realize).

Ricardo is on his horse swearing he must continue searching for the little chest with the most important documents and swears he will rip it out from where ever it is hidden. (Eeeek, Pablito run, run)
As the scene fades of Ricardo riding across the field on his horse thinking about the chest, we see Coyote drawing a bead on the back of Ricardo's neck through the cross-hairs of his rifle scope. (Eeeek, Coyote aim, aim)
The shot is fired and Ricardo's hat flies off. But the hidden Coyote says this was only a warning and drives off in his pickup. Ricardo looks startled and angry, (well, he always looks angry.)

After revealing to Ruth that she has loved Ricardo Uribe forever and Ruth is all interested in hearing more. Gabriela tells Ruth with more tenderness than she seems capable of, we need to have a big talk, ALONE, she says in front of Raquel. They go off. Raquel says this is complicating things too much, but doesn't seem to have the brain power to think just how. However, she does have enough sense to add that she needs to get out of here and soon!

At the church, Agustín makes light of his difficult situation that made him late, but not to worry he will fill her in later.
Franco sings "Ave Maria" this time with the church organ accompanying so he stays pretty much on key. (I loved this moment actually so I could catch up describing the hot stuff going on at the hacienda.) Now we see everyone get on knees that can get on their knees.

Juan comes into Oscar's room with a meal on a tray. Of course, Oscar wants Jimena. She's gone off to her grandfather's wedding to Santi. Juan tries to cheer him up by reminding him of how he almost shot grandpa and ended catching him as he fell from his chair down the stairs. (I didn't go back and sort this silly little memory lane scene out so someone can be more accurate if they care). Oscar says it's too bad we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Agustín. Juan reminds him that Franco represented them.

The holy water gets sprinkled on the coins and the rings. Don Agustín Oceveda. Santa Margarita Roberta Federika Lorenzo ....and Widow of and Padre names about ten or twelve dead husbands. Augustin interrupts the listing to declare, I accept! Everyone gets a giggle as he promises to be the soldier who stays in the battle and Santi assures all that the others died in the field of love with honor. The lovely ties (lazos) of roses are laced around the couple by Sarita and Sofia . The Padre pronounces them married and everyone yells Vivan los novios. The couple are congratulated by the crowd outside and wished much happiness.

Rosendo wants to take them back to the hacienda to get their luggage for the trip but Agustín says he has some business in town to take care of, so he will wait for them there. Santi throws her flowers and Sarita catches the roses and then catches a big romantic kiss from Franco. We get a hold that thought freeze frame like a snap shot of the beautiful couple.

Agustín shows up at the bakery. Juan tries to hug him with floured hands to congratulate him on the marriage, and they speak of their friendship and fun, with some arguments and disagreements in point of view but Agustín is grateful for how they have loved his granddaughters and he will never forget the Reyes brothers. He rolls off to talk to the recalcitrant Oscar both seated. Horses neigh to remind us of the stubborn Oscar.

Meanwhile Santi is in the girls' artisan stuff store and says she hopes they don't seem sad for her and Agustín. NO, they are happy for them but sad for themselves.Abuelo has been their pillar, their protector, their accomplice even their cupid and after the death of their father he has been both father and grandfather. Santi assures them that they are not losing a grandfather but gaining a grandmother who will love and defend them always. Santi is gracious, they will go off to make up for lost time, but she assures them they will stay in touch and when they are settled, the girls could come see them. (What a concept , they might escape Mexidoon for a little R&R.)

Agustín says men are strengthened by their trials and tribulations. He knows that Oscar can go on. Don't fool yourself you should recognize that JImena loves you truly and you should love her back. Don't be defeated. This old general wants you to remember that we never loose a battle you must carry on no matter what. Now young general, never forget your mission. Oscar has been trumped on his infirmity by the courageous Agustín and reluctantly smiles and promises not to forget.
Feo tries to engage Gabriela with slimy cuddles and soothing assurances of aren't the team to be reckoned with. She has work to do in the office. Feo rushes up the stairs to grab Ruth's arm and tell her she needs to discover who is the heir of Gabi's fortune. She gives him a wet kiss and tromps down the stairs to Gabi's office. Gabi fixes her usual large brandy snifter and assures Ruth she has important information to impart. Ruth for a change is all ears.

Agustín takes leave of Juan in the bakery, while at the store, Eva shows up to see Santi with the Elizondo sisters and they all laugh about the successful wedding.

Oscar says to Juan and Franco that he hasn't been fair with this brothers. I promise that is in the past and I am going to try to be better. I need your patience and help. (Whew, we were all being worn thin having to accept Oscar as a whiner) when Tio Vincente sweeps in with the doctor who is the specialist he promised, Oscar looks on bemused.

Gabi doesn't reveal all about Ruth's true family, but rather assures Ruth she is more important to her. If Ricardo and she had married as they should , they would have been happy and She is to be her sole heir.

Next episode which will be Friday night: Feo thinks he has it made in the shade when he learns that Ruth will inherit. Ruth looks like she just won the lottery. Gabi will reveal all. Lastly we get a glimpse of Coyote in his usual courtly pose holding the hand of a lovely, frail blind lady whom he addresses as MOTHER.....


Tontas Tuesday Dec. 3, '08 So Who Are You Gonna Believe...Me or Your Lyin' Eyes? *

Yep, the round of lies just keeps on spinning in this one. Hard to keep track of them all. But I'll do
my best. Alas, my videorecorder is programmed to run for 3 hours so I can't extract the tape to watch this twice until after Fuego....and folks, that's waaay past my bedtime. So here we go with what I got, plus some dialogue that Paula sent me a couple of days ago just because she liked it so much.

First, the old stuff: Lucia and Santiago's mom are at the cemetery. Both are angry at Lucia's parents for "leaving them" through their accidental death. You lost your parents. I lost my son. It's normal, eventually, to bury one's parents, but not the other way around, Granny laments. There's a shot of the gravestone I found really disturbing, because Lucia's mother was the same age as my oldest daughter. I did not like looking at that date on the headstone, I can tell you.

Then we have Pato's debacle with Beto, telling him he's his father without any preparation (though I don't have any idea how one would go about that anyway). Beto tells him he already has a dad and runs off. Pato then turns to Chava to help him....asking that he talk to Beto and bring him 'round. Of course the irony is that Chava is also Pato's son and neither knows it. More lies, more confusion, in the midst of an unacceptable truth.

Okay...on to the new stuff. Lots of brief scenes and fast changes so fasten your seatbelts. Marissa arrives in Santiago's office and he quickly moves her photo from the back row to front and center. A visual lie, implying she has more importance in his life than she actually does. They start bickering about the competition between the Institute of Inner Beauty and his surgical clinic and he dismisses all their activities as "faramalla" (meaning fuss or nonsense). She recommends they avoid the whole topic of the institute when they're together and boom! that's the end of the scene.

Chava is telling his mom that Beto has two fathers, Jorge and now Patricio. And he wonders if he could have another papa like Beto. (remember, he still thinks el Buitre, the soccer star is his dad).
Big lie.

Quick switch back to the Institute where the psychologist is playing up inner happiness to their prospective client as the great beauty enhancer. For instance, if you love your domestic work, you'll radiate happiness and be irresistable. But wait! Lulu loves her work and yet she has no boyfriend. As the psychologist (Barbara?) glares at her, she quickly fumbles into a lie that yes, well, yes, she does actually have a galan, a dreamy one. Another big lie.

Rocio and Chava are under a coffee table playing with her puppy and looking at the photo of his "dad". Donato sees it and promptly identifies it as el Buitre (the vulture) and Chava realizes his mom has lied to him big-time. A lie and a betrayal.

Charlie comes into the institute, sees Meño shaking his hips salsa style and notes that he moves like one of those swishy guys. Meño lets it pass, although this could be a time to tell Charly the truth. A lie of omission.

Chava confronts his mom with her lies and betrayal and runs off to his room. He's crying, she's crying and Santiago's at the door with a puppy and some manly comfort...which he'd like to dole out to both. Chava's up for it....he's ready to have Santiago be his pretend papa (papa de mentiritas) while Santiago doses him with the usual bromides, saying that Candy lied to him because she loved him! (excuse me but I absolutely gagged on that one). Anyway, in two seconds flat, it's all hunky-dory again. Chava and Mom are hugging and kissing and frankly I'm ready to put in a call to Dr. Phil. These family dynamics are about as screwed up as you can get.

On his way out, Santiago tries to make his usual pitch about being Candy's best friend as well, but she reminds him that men aren't friends...women are're only thinking about bed. Santiago says that's not true....

They're thinking about what happens in bed.

And how to get to bed.

Ha ha ha.

After he leaves, Candy admits to herself that occasionally women think about all that too. Occasionally!

Interspersed with all this is the ongoing conversation of Charly and Meño about gays. Meño asks him how he felt growing up without a father. Did the other kids treat him like he was different? Treat him badly because he didn't have a father? How did that discrimination feel? Well, that's how gays feel when others ostracize them. I don't discriminate...they just bother me, retorts Charly. Well, you haven't learned to respect others, answers his father. They're still "mariquitas (wimps, fairies, queers) sneers Charly.

Okay, on to a scene with Alicia, bosom on full display as she plies Soledad with money to leave town and ditch Patricio. Poverty is ugly, Alicia points out. And while I'm patient, if you're still sleeping with my husband.....well, don't force me to hurt you. Soledad accepts the envelope of cash.

Meanwhile Patricio is after his other prey, Rojoblanca, aka Candy, and tells her that if she won't meet him face to face, then at least he wants a photo. She decides to send him one of Lulu...another lie.

Meanwhile, Donato is being grilled by Santiago as to his mother's whereabouts. Santi is horrified that she's with a man (Jaime) and has actually asked the butler about having sex with a man her age. She's cheating on my dad! he screams. But she's a widow, protests the butler. No matter, Santiago is outraged that his poor dad is now "cornudo" (literally has horns on).

Another mini-scene. Raul is trying to put the moves on Candy to no avail. He wants to provide the Institute with free publicity in the paper. Nothin' doin'. Alright, she can "pay" him by doing a radio program. Nope. I want to give you all you deserve, he presses on, touching her hand. Touch my hand again and I'll bite it, retorts Candy. Lovely. But at least, not a lie.

Meanwhile, Santiago is still having hot flashes over his mother's behavior and requests some chamomille tea so he can calm his migraine. Later he tries to call his errant madre. She's rehearsing with Jaime for the 6o's party and basically tells him to butt out of her personal life before hanging up on him.

The three little kids, Beto, Rocio and Chava are on the trail of "lost dads" armed with Sherlock Holmes type magnifying glasses. And at the Institute, the staff is still trying to convince their client that she doesn't need plastic surgery. Well, here's how it goes: Yes, thanks to the emotional support and salsa lessons, etc., she's now so happy that hey, if her computer novio doesn't like her, it's his loss! Cheers all around. BUT, the plastic surgeon is so adorable, how can she renege on her plans to have work done. End of cheers.

We had a brief scene of sexy kisses between Patricio and Alicia and some grilling about DNA tests and why he was spending so much time on the computer. Evasive lies. And then Patricio goes to Chava's house in order to find Beto (still not realizing that Candy is his mother...and also Rojoblanca). Does anybody tell the truth about anything in this convoluted story!? Anyway, Charly answers the door, Patricio spots his childhood photo on the credenza (left by his mother-in-law) and asks what is it doing there. This question will field more lies.

Now the pivotal scene, highlighted in the previews, which Paula transcribed: Santiago has come to confront Candy about her lies concerning Chava's father. He wants her to tell him the truth.

C: You really want to tell him his dad's alive, eh? Go ahead.
S: It's better if you tell him. It has to come from you.
C: His father died. Because he died here in my heart.
S: Well that's your heart. But not Chava's. The boy thinks and feels differently. So many lies, you are Doña Mentiras.
C: You can't talk about my heart.

Marissa arrives and starts listening at the door.

S: Why not?
C: Because you're deceiving your novia about me. All the heart-felt kisses you gave me on the street. All the things you've promised me. And what about your novia?

Marissa walks in and says What's your answer Santiago?

C: Marissa, we need to talk.
M: No Candy, we have nothing to talk about. Turning to Santiago, she adds, You have what you both want. We're finished.

Marissa whirls out. Candy chases after her. And Santiago has to slink through a gauntlet of disapproving women who of course listened in on every word.

Santiago's humiliated. Patricio is frustrated. No one's giving him a straight story about how his photo came to be in Chava's house but he figures, correctly, that it was Gregoria. Later he and Soledad talk about the money Alicia offered her to leave town. He's surprised at the amount of cash Alicia was willing to offer. And what did you tell her? I LIED, answers Soledad...I told her I was leaving.

Lies and more lies. Now Santiago's trying to woo his way back into Marissa's good graces via telephone, while she trashes his photo with diabolical mustache, goatee and horns. In a scene reminiscent of When Harry Met Sally, Santi vows that he knows she's there, if she doesn't pick up he's going to start singing, he launches into the Fuego theme song "Vale más un buen amor..."and that's pretty much it.

She doesn't answer the phone, but she does answer the door. And it's Candy. With sushi.

Dramatic moment but the writers switch us back to Lucia, who has crept out of the house to meet Charly at the antro (nightclub). She's bummed out because yet another school friend has had her "bubis" enhanced silicone-wise but that's quickly forgotten as she and Charly talk, dance and yes...eventually kiss. Does this mean they're novios? While they're both new at this, they decide it must be so.

In the meantime, Candy and Marissa are working on their own reconciliation. However, Candy is not being a good listener. She's certainly not letting Marissa vent. Instead she's talking about her own disillusionment and betrayal on her wedding day. And instead of making love to her husband on their wedding night, she found herself on a bus to a new life, she sighs.

Marissa knows how to cut to the chase though. Have you gone to bed with Santiago? No. He's a good man, Candy assures her. And he loves you in his way.

Marissa stays on track.
M: Do you want him?
C: No, no. I don't want any more men in my life?

Another life. Self-deception on top of all the other fibs, great and small.

The scene ends with Candy begging Marissa's forgiveness. For the sushi. It was awful. But the ice cream was great. And they decide that all three of them will have to talk it out. Lots of luck there, ladies.

And it's about to hit the fan at Santi's house. Because he's discovered that Lucia has sneaked out to meet Charly at the nightclub. First Mom and now his niece! It's too much for el doctor plastico!

And Patricio and Alicia are bickering about his childhood photo and who could have put it in Chava's house. Alicia doesn't know and could care less but Patricio's certain it was his mother-in-law.

So, another kaleidiscope of disjointed scenes, mostly lies. I realize this is a time-honored way of stretching out telenovela plots but Lordy, enough is enough!

Previews: Jorge's back in town. Not for Soledad but for Beto. Candy confesses to Soledad that she was actually married to Patricio. He's the father of Chava and the boys are half-brothers. Impactado look from Soledad.

Additional previews: In the threesome conversation, Marissa asks Candy if she cares for Santiago and she says, yes, she does. Impactado look from Santi.

Vocabulary, such as it is, embedded. *from a comedy skit by Richard Pryor about infidelity


Doña Bárbara - Fri., Dec. 19- the rebel's secret hiding place becomes less secret; Meléndez closes in on DB; Santos is suspicious of DB

Santos comes up behind DB and asks what 'truth' (verdad) she is talking about. "The only truth that is in this room, my love," says DB, "is that the Colonel, to protect his authority, arrested a poor old woman. This is the truth that he doesn't want to be known. Isn't that right, Colonel?" "Is this the truth that the Doña wants to be known?" says Meléndez. I am agreeable. I will release the old woman. Wait outside" "Thank you, Colonel," replies DB, "One day I will repay the debt." Santos asks what she is hiding and DB says that she isn't hiding anything.

DB tells Santos that nothing is the matter. She is tired from her trip and then she found out that Meléndez had arrested Eustaquia. A guard brings out Eustaquia. Eustaquia tells DB that she shouldn't have come. DB says that she couldn't not come if these imbeciles had so little shame that they would arrest an old woman. Eustaquia says that sitting on the cot in the cell all day has given her lumbago. Santos won't leave it alone. He tells DB that Meléndez said that he would only release Eustaquia if DB came to see him in person. He asks what is the big interest that he would have in seeing her. DB replies that he only wanted to meet her. She asks if he thinks that because she is Santos' woman that she doesn't inspire passion in other men.

Gonzalo and Cósme are worried about Andrés. His fever won't go down and they don't have any more water to make compresses. At that moment, Marisela comes in. She tells them that Eustaquia told her how to find them after she was arrested.

On the truck ride back to El Miedo, DB tries to make Eustaquia more comfortable but Santos is still picking at the scab. "Don't think that you convinced me with what you said about Melendez. I'm sure there is something that you haven't told me. What did he want?" DB says that she told him and she asks if Santos is jealous. He denies that he is jealous. DB tells Santos that she found out from the doctor in the Capital that she can't give him a child. Santos takes her hand and says that he is sorry.

Meléndez curses the primitive communications in the town. He can't send a telegram until the next day. Pernalete asks what is going on and Meléndez tells him that it isn't any of his business and call him a busybody (mequetrefe). Pernalete is shocked at being addressed so rudely.

Marisela tells Gonzalo and Cósme that Andrés needs medicine and Gonzalo says that he needs a doctor. At that moment, Antonio comes in through the secret passage. The rebels point their weapons at him. "Relax guys," says Antonio, "If you react like this when I'm bringing food, what would you do if I was bringing rum? Don't fill me with lead yet."

Santos, DB, Eustaquia and Melquídes return to El Miedo. Leon and Tigre tell DB that apart from the guards being at El Miedo, the only thing that happened was that Marisela came in and hasn't come out. They suggest that she snuck out of a window at the back of the hacienda and tell DB to check her belongings, Marisela is very crafty. Santos gets angry and tells the vaqueros to leave. Eustaquia tells DB and Santos that Marisela is in the cellar. She told Marisela where to bring food to the rebels. Santos is shocked that Eustaquia exposed Marisela to such danger. DB assures him that Marisela isn't an idiot. She has Guaimarán genes and won't be caught that easily. Santos says he will go to the cellar and check things out.

Santos comes into the basement and says that there are so many people there, it looks more like a fair than a hideout.

DB puts Eusatquia to bed. She confirms to her that Meléndez is here. She says that the affair of the students is an excuse. He has come for her. She has seen it in his eyes. DB says that Meléndez fears her. Eustaquia tells her not to be too confident. Meléndez is very conceited (crecido). He is more puffed up than a toad (más hinchado que un sapo) and he believes that he has God tied by his beard (que tiene a dios agarrado por las barbas). "But he fears me," DB tells Eustaquia. Melquíades says that some kinds of vermin are more dangerous when they are afraid. They shouldn't fool around with this. They should kill him right away. DB tells him no.

Antonio says that they should leave the cellar one at a time to avoid suspicion. He prepares to go back through the passage. Gonzalo thanks him for coming to help them. Marisela says that she will go with Gonzalo. Santos tells her not to be stupid. The workers at the hacienda saw her come in. They have to see her go out. Santos tells Antonio to tell the people at Altamira that Marisela is spending the night at El Miedo. Marisela protests but Santos says that he is the one giving the orders. Santos says that he will get some antibiotics or bring the doctor. Gonzalo thanks Marisela for coming and says that she is his only light in all this darkness. He kisses her and Santos irritably tells them to stop the pretentiousness. He tells Marisela to leave with him. "We're not leaving one at time anymore?" asks Marisela innocently. Santos tells her to go upstairs right now.

DB tells Melquíades that he can't kill Meléndez now or tomorrow. It's too dangerous for everyone. She says that Meléndez is powerful and he can expose them. "Then, this one isn't going to pay for what he did, my Doña? I am ready to rot in jail for you, my Doña." "I know," replies DB, "I know and I appreciate it." She puts her hand on his shoulder, "I can only trust in you. Only you know the hell I live in because you are ready to go there with me in spite of everything. Don't worry Sorcerer (brujeador), no one is going to jail. We will do it when the time is right. 'Every pig has his easter' ('a cada cochino le llega su pascua,' I can't come up with an equivalent expression in English right now but you get the idea: bad guys get their just desserts) and he will get his. Go and rest. For now at least, that bastard won't come back and mess with me." Melquíades seems to be very affected by the fact that DB touched him. He almost smiles and wishes DB good night. Eustaquia urges DB to concentrate on making her man happy. She tells her to leave the country and not continue in this career of killings (carrera de muertes). DB tells Eustaquia to be calm. She's had a hard day.

Santos and Marisela-
S: Ok, it's true. It wasn't your fault; Eustaquia sent you to do it. Look, I'm not going to scold you for what you did, on the contrary, I congratulate you. You were very brave to help the guys. You did very well but now you have to forget everything that you saw tonight and not come back here. That's an order!
M: I won't obey that order.
S: Oh yes you will obey it. Of course you will obey it!
M: Why can't I come back?
S: Because it's dangerous, Marisela. Because things here are very bad for everyone, especially for the guys and I'm not going to put them at risk for the whim of a little girl. Already too many people know about the cellar. The only thing missing is a notice in the newspapers. That's why I forbid you to return to El Miedo.
M: Tell the truth. The fact is that you are jealous and you don't want me to come back and see Gonzalo.
DB comes up.
DB: But that's nonsense. Why would Santos forbid something that you want to do? If you truly want to see this man, no one can stop you. You won't allow it.
S: Bárbara, don't undermine my authority.
DB: What's the matter, my love? It just that you take your role as a father very seriously with Marisela. That's why you are jealous. She doesn't need you. She doesn't need another father.
S: The only thing that I'm concerned about is the danger that we all are in. That's all. I'm not jealous of anything.
Marisela says that she wants to leave but Santos says no. DB chimes in agreeing with Santos that the roads are dangerous. She sends Marisela to stay with Eustaquia. DB tells Santos to come to bed with her. "I don't know, Bárbara," he says, "lately, I don't know anything about you or about me." He walks away.

Antonio comes into where Cecilia, in her nightclothes, is stroking Lorenzo's cheek. He coldly delivers his message about Marisela being at El Miedo and leaves.

DB tells Santos that she prefers being scolded than his silence. Santos says that he doesn't want this silence between them but she has left him without words. All he wants is to love her but she won't let him. First, she invades his house and ejects his family. Once again DB denies that she did that. Santos continues that then she went to the capital without telling him and then he found her here having a cryptic conversation with that despot as if she were hiding something. DB begs him to stop. She's had a bad day and is exhausted. Santos says that he wants to love her and have a normal life but with her nothing is normal. DB says that she wants a normal life too including being able to give Santos children but she can't. To distract Santos from his suspicions, she plays the "I'm barren" card and he embraces her.

Eustaquia tells Marisela that there is a big world outside of El Miedo and Altamira when lots of men would die to make her happy - like Gonzalo, for example. Eustaquia tells Marisela to forget about Santos. He is her mother's man. Marisela tells Eustaquia that DB bewitched Santos and made him love her. Eustaquia replies that magic helps but if Santos didn't feel something, the magic wouldn't work. Marisela says that is a lie. Santos doesn't love DB. Eustaquia says that she doesn't like to see Marisela this way. "They are together now in their room, in bed, making love," says Marisela, "and I'm here alone. I want to die. I want to die, Eustaquia."

DB and Santos are making love but Santos is having flashbacks to events earlier in the day. He tells DB that he can't. There are too many questions without answers. DB asks why he thinks so much. He should just love her. Santos says that is the problem. He knows she loves him but she lies to him. He asks her again if she knew Meléndez from before. She says no and asks how and where she could have met him. She tells him to sleep.

Meléndez orders his lieutenant to have all the notaries in the capital questioned about whether DB left something with them. The search of the haciendas should also continue.

The next morning DB tells Marisela that she needs to talk to her and she should pay attention carefully.

Santos has his dream again about being in the pozo with a naked Marisela. He wakes up and wonders why he dreams about Marisela so much.

The soldiers come to inspect Don Encarnación's hacienda. Meléndez and Pernalete come to search Danger's place. Meléndez tells Danger and BP that the government is interested in knowing whether or not Santos Luzardo supports the rebels. He will pay handsomely for any information.

DB tells Marisela that if she wants to visit the rebels, she should come by the other entrance. Marisela replies that Santos forbid her to come back and was very angry. DB says that Santos was upset. She is family and if she is careful, there is no reason she shouldn't come and see the guys. It will make them happy and DB won't say anything to Santos. Marisela is suspicious and asks why DB is so interested in her seeing Gonzalo. She is pushing Marisela into his arms. "You fear me that much, Doña?" asks Marisela. DB says that she doesn't fear anyone, not Marisela or any other woman. She says that last night Santos slept in her bed, next to her and every night he makes love to her one, two, three... Marisela says that she isn't interested in that. DB says that she doesn't wish Marisela any harm. She thought Marisela was interested in Gonzalo. If that's not so, fine, let him rot in the cellar. DB tells Marisela to do what she wants. She is grown up enough for DB not to worry about her.

In the cellar, Andrés isn't doing well and Santos says that he will bring the doctor from the village.

DB says to herself how stupid Marisela is that she would think DB is jealous. Santos comes in and asks about Eustaquia and Marisela. DB says that Eustaquia is better and Marisela left very early. DB is annoyed that she would return on her own. He says that he will have to talk to her again. He tells DB that he is going to town. DB says that she is coming along.

Antonio tells one of his workers that it isn't right that the soldiers trashed the place in their search. Lucía comes up and says hello. Antonio walks away.

The terneras, Melesia and Josefina, are mourning their absent loves. Genoveva tells Melesia to stop crying or the river will flood. Melesia says that would be fine. She would drown and float away. Josefina says that Andrés told her a story about Ophelia, a woman who went crazy for love and drowned herself. Josefina says that Altagracia is jealous because María Nieves doesn't say nice things to her. Altagracia agrees that he doesn't says things, he does things ('no dice.. pero hace'). The terneras demand details. She says that MN groped her, embraced her and kissed her. She says he is a beast. Marisela comes to see the terneras and lets slip that the rebels are still around. She makes them swear that they won't say anything.

Santos goes to see Dr. Arias while DB and Melquíades go to do their errands. Meléndez watches them. "A pretty woman and an Indian," he says to his lieutenant asking if he remembers that. The lieutenant does not remember but Meléndez reminds him and then has a flashback of his interview with the two women who lived in the rooming house with Chepo who said that a pretty woman and an Indian left there with a big box. He realizes that it was DB and Melquíades that the women were describing.

Santos tells Dr. Arias that Andrés is not doing well. He has lost a lot of blood and has a fever. Dr. Arias says that he will prescribe a different antibiotic. When the coast is clear, he will try and visit Andrés. Dr. Arias is writing out the prescription with Guerrero, Meléndez' lieutenant comes in pretending to need to see the doctor.

In the hotel, Melquíades tells DB that hiding the rebels at El Miedo is going to cause problems. DB tells him that it is necessary to have them in her house right now and not to worry, no one would guess that that they are there. Meléndez comes into the hotel. DB tells Melquíades to leave her alone with Meléndez and think about what she told him yesterday and suggest something. Meléndez holds out his hand to Melquíades but he ignores it and tells DB that he will be waiting outside ready for anything. He leaves. DB tells Meléndez to say what he has to. She doesn't have much time. Her husband is expected soon. "Always in such a hurry, Barbarita," says Meléndez, "like that day when we raped you. You ran and ran but it wasn't enough, Barbarita, we caught you." DB says that he will pay for that. Meléndez says that she has a debt with him. He says that there is a little detail that he knows that will unchain this secret. He swears it.

Guererro tells Dr. Arias that if he is caught aiding a wounded rebel, it will be very bad for him.

Lucía tells Antonio that she likes him a lot and asks if he likes her a little bit.

Busy Guerrero has followed Santos to the pharmacy where he is picking up the antibiotics for Andrés. He asks if someone is ill at Altamira.

Meléndez asks DB how she is going to kill him like she killed his three companions. DB says what she told Meléndez yesterday was a bad joke. Meléndez tells her not to be stupid. Chepo told him that DB was following him but she didn't catch up with him and he got to repeat his treatment of her. "Let me ask you a question," says Melendez, "Do I get to repeat it too?" DB says that Chepo told her the same thing but not the other two poor slobs, they didn't have time. "You killed them," says Meléndez, "You killed Chepo and Tancredo Madura. Where is he? What did you do, Barbara?"


Tontas no van, 12/29, Cap 19, The Only Constant is Change

Reviewing this episode, I realized it marks changes, or the beginning of changes, in several relationships. Laura with both Meño and Charlie, Pat with both Soledad and Beto, Lucía and her parent's memory, and Chava and his father.

Santiago is frustrated because Candy won’t answer his calls. Meño is frustrated because Candy has a knack for making bad decisions, one after another. She won’t answer Santi’s calls because she wants to keep him at a distance. Then she says, “Excuse me while I go lie to my son about his father” (loosely translated). Candy gives Chava the photo and answers his questions. She chokes on her lie, “Yes, it’s your father. Yes he played football, yes he looks just like you.” Chava is delighted. Candy is not.

Meanwhile, the man who does look like Chava is marinating his problems in a brandy sauce. Gregoria reminds him that in the old days he didn’t drink so early. She calls him Patito (little Pat) so he calls her Suegrita which can mean little mother-in-law, but also screaming mother-in-law. Suegrita blurts out, “What would you do if Candy were alive?” This woman is like Old Faithful – every 90 minutes something erupts from her mouth. Pat decides Ben Franklin was wrong when he said “Fish and visitors smell after three days;” his suegrita only arrived yesterday.

Caray fans, we’ve created many nicknames for characters in our novelas – Sven and Mophead, Crabiella and Feonando, Alonslow and ChefHawt, Bouffy and Mariooooohhh, and who could forget Alibubbi? But have we ever let the novela cast provide the nickname? Thank you, Pat. Suegrita may be the first.

Santiago ambushes Candy in front of their building and asks her why she’s avoiding him. She confesses that she’s avoiding herself too because she’s afraid to fall in love and afraid to hurt Marissa. Watch the waves of emotion on Santiago’s face. First pleasure that she admits that she’s falling in love. Then a smile so big he sprains an ear, as he contemplates the thought. Then his man-on-the-move answer: “Too late to avoid what has already happened to you. You're already in love with me.”

Candy forces herself to laugh at such a thought, so Santiago sets out to prove it to her. While she’s saying “I feel nada de nada de nada,” he shuts her mouth with a great big kiss, to remind her of what she feels for him. She still maintains that she doesn’t feel a thing, not even a hair of her head was moved. In fact, to prove it she grabs him by the neck and mashes his face too. Santi has been hit by a Mack truck. Candy still maintains (sassy and flirting) that she feels nada de nada, but Santi has to put all his hair back in place after her kiss.

He says he felt mucho mucho, and he very much likes kissing her, so he gives her a demonstration. Pavarotti can sing. Astaire can dance. Phelps can swim. And Camil can kiss. Candy thinks so too. They're both left in shock. Candy doesn’t even try to deny it anymore. She shakes her head to restart her brain, tells him, “Don’t kiss me again,” and marches off. But Santiago knows she liked it.

Candy marches back and surprises him with one more kiss, and tells him that was for Goodbye, and off she marches again. Santiago concludes that she’s totally nuts, she’s psycho. But she liked it. Santiago is just bursting with life in this scene. He’s exuberant and exhilarated, especially as she marches off. It’s a perfect example of what I love about Camil’s acting. It moves us, like a semi passing a bicycle.

Laura, Meño’s ex, saunters into the restaurant. “I came to find my son.” Meño declares that he will do everything in his power to protect his son; he won’t let Laura hurt him. Laura insists that Charly has a right to know that his father is gay, and Meño defends himself from her insults. Then Laura lights a cigarette so no one misses the point – Laura bad. Meño good. Laura accuses him of never caring about her; he only married her to pass for straight. Laura complains of the difficulties of raising Charlie alone, but Meño reminds Laura that she kicked him out and robbed him of the chance to know his son when he was three months old. Meño says, “You got to see him grow up. You fed him when he was hungry. What did I give him? Nothing. Please, let me give him the love of his father.”

Suegrita asks Pat again, “What would you do if Candy were alive?” Pat says it’s pointless; Candy is dead so please stop the cruel torment. Gregoria suggests Pat hasn’t forgotten her.

Pat answers, “Candy was the love of my life, and I haven’t forgotten her. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and dream about her.” She still won’t let it rest. She suggests that’s why he replaced Candy with her sister, to hang onto something of Candy. Pat replies, “If I ever forget Candy, it will be because I’m dead.” Gregoria’s face says, “Oopsie!”

Meño and Laura remember the good times – they started to dance, and he stomped on her toes. He says he has learned to dance better, and he shows her, just as Charly walks in.

On the street, some college girls flirt with Pat’s Ferrari F430. He remembers back to when Candy was in school, and she made him promise to never forget her.

Candy’s institute staff is going nuts for boredom because they have no clients. Lulu discovers the reason. Downstairs, looking conspicuously nonchalant, Candy spies on the “enemy agent” who is diverting her clients, telling them the institute will be closed for remodeling for two or three months. Candy knows who is behind this.

Friends, when I was five, my mother told me not to open doors in other people’s houses because you never know what you might find. From this vague warning, I concluded that there might be bears in the closets and she didn’t want to scare me. Seriously! After that I never opened their doors. Candy never learned this lesson, so she encounters another kind of bear.

Candy marches into Santiago’s reception area. Hortensia tries to stop her, saying he’s on “timeout,” but graceless Candy shoves her way past, the scene framed by the bell-pull. As Candy barges in on the whoopie, boxer shorts (Club America colors) land in her face. We see Candy’s furious face, clothing tossed everywhere, and two very disheveled heads sprouting up from behind the desk, one sporting a tiger-print lingerie headscarf. Marissa is giddy, Santiago is speechless, and Candy would have preferred bears. All three faces are simply priceless. (Please pardon the photo quality.)

In the kitchen, Isabel reads a love letter from Jaime while Tina describes the avocado soup she’s making. Donato first tries to sneak a peak at the letter while he pours Isabel’s tea, but soon his head is over her shoulder reading every word. Isabel folds up her personal letter and asks Donato if he thinks a woman her age can still have sex with a man his age. Don says yes, but it would be with a man of Isabel’s age, not Don’s age. Isabel says, “For your impertinence, you’re fired.” Keep in mind, she fires him almost daily.

Strange scene. Candy asks forgiveness because she barged in. Santi begs pardon because he should’ve locked the door (Rule #1 of telenovelas: NEVER lock the door). Marissa says it was nobody’s fault. Santi and Candy each keep trying to claim fault, and Marissa is angry at Santiago for apologizing to Candy. Let’s step back and analyze this. He just had sex with Marissa, but he’s more worried about offending Candy than offending his novia. Marissa, here’s five dollars. Go buy a clue.

By the way, remember how thin Santiago looked in the street scene a few days ago? Note the difference in his face in this scene, as he talks to Marissa. This scene must’ve been shot much earlier in the show, before he thinned down.

Alicia tells Gregoria that Pat has a son plus 2 amantes, Soledad and Rojiblanca from the internet. She asks for advice – should she get pregnant? Suegrita is adamantly against it, probably because she suspects that Pat will go back to Candy when he finds out she‘s alive. Alicia is ticked. “First you tell me one thing, then another!”

Now Santiago barges into Candy’s office. She is angry because he hired someone to divert her clients. He reminds her that she is the one who declared war. Santi says he apologized what she saw, but he won't apologize for making love to his novia. Candy asks, “Was that why you kissed me? Is it because you're playing dirty with me and my partner? Leave.” Santiago refuses. Candy insists, “I'm serious. I don't want your calls, or anything of you, or any more of your lies.” We see the first flicker that Santi might have a the beginning of a dim idea that Candy is not willing to be his second woman. She says that she feels nothing for him. Nothing! He tries to insist that she feels much, much, but the conviction is just not there.

Maybe Santiago has doubts, but it must have touched a nerve for Candy. How does Candy always face problems? She doesn’t! She runs! And right now she wants to run away from what she’s feeling for Santiago, so she runs to her computer and tells Patricio (as Rojiblanca) that she’d like to meet him today, right now. Reality check, Candy: Pat betrayed you so you distrust all men and you’re afraid to love anyone, even someone as wonderful as Santiago (yeah, there is that pesky novia, but let’s not go there). So to keep from loving Santiago who is wonderful, you go running to Pat who betrayed you and made you hate all men. I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!

Donato and Tina are making the beds. Don tells her to give up her silly fantasy that el patrón is in love with her, and accept his attentions instead. She swats him with a pillow and goes back to gazing at Santiago’s picture. Who can blame her?

In the park, Laura tells Charly that she doesn’t hate his dad, she hates that he left her alone. But now they have finally forgiven each other. Charly tells her he has a girlfriend and a job, and he would like to stay in Guadalajara unless it would upset her. Charly asks why she always said his dad was raro, but Laura evades the question. Laura started the show bitter, but we see that she is willing to release her bitterness.

Chava shows Beto the picture that Candy gave him, saying it was his dad. Chava and Beto argue about whose dad is better. Funny you should mention that!

Alicia calls Soledad again, offering her money to stay away from Pat. Alicia tells her to name her price because “what’s a lot of money for you, to me is nothing.” Let’s put some more “evil wench” points on Alicia’s scorecard.

Candy and Pat are walking to their meeting place. The building between them keeps them from seeing each other until they reach the corner. In a show which averages less than a minute per scene, in a show which shoe-horns three minutes of conversation into one minute of tape, we are treated to 90 seconds of walk sequence with no words at all, leading up to the critical moment. That is, the critical moment when Candy… drum roll, please… Candy runs away! (No puede ser.) She turns the corner, takes one look at Pat, pulls back, and says, “What am I, nuts? (Puede ser.) What am I doing here?” and runs away. Tally, how many times Pat has almost seen Candy: four, and counting.

Pat goes back to his office and contacts her on chat. He wants to know why she didn’t show up. Notice that when Candy is rude and inconsiderate to Pat, he calls her out on it? He doesn’t just roll over and play dead, unlike certain galans. She says she went but decided not to present herself because revenge doesn’t make sense and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone (i.e. Alicia). Candy signs off, “Adios para siempre.” (You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.)

Candy comes home, dragging butt after a hard day. The man she doesn’t want to love gave her a kiss that registered 8.5 on the Richter scale (Pobrecita). Then she walked in on him, making whoopie with the other woman in his life. He kept reminding her that she’s falling in love with him, a thought that terrifies her. Then she nearly encountered the man who she hid from for seven years.

She walks in her front door and is met by a path of rose petals leading up to her bedroom. In her room she finds a gift box with a huge inflated “I love you” heart and a card that says, “If the heart could talk, it would tell you everything that I like about you.” Candy savors the thought until Santiago steps from behind the corner and finishes the thought. “The problem is, the heart can’t talk, so the one who tells you that he likes you a lot, is me.” Some people bite their lip to not cry. Some people bite their lip to not laugh. Candy bites her lip to not melt. And boy howdy, she succeeds! She treats him as if her were the repo-man! She stabs repeatedly at the heart (literally and figuratively), and tells him that the only way men want women is in bed.

I’m going to try to untangle their banter because I like a challenge; please post corrections if you see any mistakes. I know I made some.
Santiago insists that he is the best man who has come into her life. Who else would do all the things he has done? She admits that he is appealing, but so are tortas ahogadas (soaked sandwiches, a Guadalajara specialty), but she doesn’t touch those either - they make her fat. He says he won’t alburear (?) her because he’s a gentlemen, served on a silver platter. The least she can do is take a taste. She shoves him out of her bedroom, insisting that with him, she wouldn’t want even a taste.

Santi says, “Do you mind telling me, just when are you going to open up to me?” Candy says, “Right now” and she opens up the front door and kicks him out.
He tries to give her the gift box, and she says it’s for his novia. (Pssst! Santiago! What would she say if you didn’t have a novia? Piensalo bien, eh?)
She tells him not to put patches on again (?), and he asks what can patch a heart.

Back in the kitchen Meño tells Candy he let Santiago in because she’s nuts for him. Of course she denies it, and Meño tells her that’s yet another of her lies – the list is getting mighty long. Candy proclaims, “I don’t lie.” Yeah, and God didn’t make the little green apples. Meño reminds her, what about the photo of Chava’s dad. Sputter, sputter, “That’s different!”

Candy acts like her poop don’t stink, and Meño lets her have it. “Look, Princess, I’ve had it up to here! For you there are two classes of lies – those of others are mortal sins, and yours are necessary and justified.” Preach it, Brother!

Meanwhile Alicia is looking through her jewelry, deciding what to sell so she has money to pay off Soledad and make her disappear. Suegrita advises against it – what if she ends up with no husband and no jewelry? Is it any wonder Alicia is cold and heartless, with a mama like that? On the dresser, mama notices a childhood picture of Patricio, one which bears a strong resemblance to Chava, so she stuffs it into her purse.

Candy is feeling useless at the institute – all the others have functions (that they don’t perform), but Candy doesn’t have any duties or tasks to not do. The staff gives her a pep talk, and Marissa suggests she rescue Marissa from Santiago because he was furious that they stole his patient.

While Pat plays with his coloring book, his friend Rafael wonders why he seems so depressed here in Guadalajara. Pat is disturbed that Rojiblanca stood him up, and wonders why she mentioned revenge. Rafael suggests maybe it was his son’s mother (podría ser – could be!).

In the clubhouse, Santiago says Sven wants to join the Abandonados. Miguel asks if he’s divorced, and Sven says, “No, I’m abandoned. Every woman abandons me before we ever talk about marriage.” Raúl declares that he qualifies, and Sven is ecstatic. He hugs all the men, calling them “Compañero Nuevo Amigo” (echoes of “Compañero Don Fernando”). But first, the initiation. (What’s Sven say about a movie about a fish and a movie about a bear?)

The abandonados perform their initiation ritual, with primitive paint on their faces, primitive graffiti on Sven’s chest, holding primitive decorator accessories from Target, and sporting primitive silk headbands nee neckties. OOH-AHH-AHH! (Ting-tang walla-walla bing-bang?) Raúl, alias Dippy Crane, says “Cuéntanos, Sven…” Sven obliges, “1, 2, 3..” OOH-AHH-AHH! That must be tribalspeak for “Shaddup!”

Dippy Crane continues, “How do you feel when a woman abandons you?” Santiago, alias Tooky-Tooky Bird, gives a birdcall warning Sven to answer carefully. Sven gives the wrong answer (“I go for a walk“) and Tooky-Tooky feeds Sven a shot of tequila to help him think more clearly (like I eat ice cream to help me lose weight!). Sven doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to do, so he gets another shot of tequila. He still doesn’t get it right, so a little bird (Tooky-Tooky) feeds him the answer – “Get angry!” Sven obviously never learned how to play caveman games.

Santiago gives Sven yet another shot to help him get in touch with his inner caveman, and counsels him that they teach each other to cope (kinda’ like the blind leading the blind). Just then a cell phone rings, and each one lunges for his cell phone, hoping it’s his. (Note, in LFMB every cell phone ring sounded the same, but the owner always knew when it was his. In Tontas they sound different, but all the men grab for their cell phone when they hear one ring.) It turns out to be Sven’s, and he tells the woman on the other end that he’s out with his friends, he’ll leave when he’s good and ready, no he won’t say who they are, and he‘ll see her in the morning. His buddies are all impressed – he’s their new hero for telling off his wife like that. Sven corrects them – it was my mama. Hero to zero in two seconds flat.

Pat warns Soledad not to maintain any illusions. He’s there to see his son, not her. He would like to see Beto more, and maybe, just maybe, tell him the truth one day. And oh by the way, does Soledad ever go on internet chat? Does she want to take revenge on him? Soledad thinks the idea is ludicrous. Just then Beto comes out; he can’t sleep. Soledad decides this is the perfect time for Pat to have that discussion he thought he might, possibly, maybe, at some point in the far future have with Beto. Pat comes down to Beto’s level and affectionately tells him, “Yo soy tu papa.” Beto knows that’s silly; he already has a father. But his mama confirms that it’s true. That’s way too much for Beto to handle, so he runs away and hides in his room, just like Candy always does. Oh, except Beto is seven – he’s supposed to act childish.

Ed and Chayo are talking about her new job. Ed says the institute will fail, but he doesn’t mind at all if she wants to go play like she has a real job. Now go get my slippers like a good puppy dog.

Meño is writing his astrology column, “If you wake up in a bad mood, it’s because you have a dirty conscience.” Candy thinks he’s directing the comment at her (if the tacón fits..). She pours the morning’s orange juice all over the column he just finished, “Oopsie!” I could almost tolerate the nasty things Candy does, were it not that she always laughs as she’s doing them. Candy, how do you spell sadistic?

At breakfast, Isabel asks Lucía why she never talks about her parents. Luc gets upset and says that it’s because she hates them. And speaking of child/parent strife, at the playground Pat is trying once again to talk to Beto, to help him understand that Pat really is his father, but Beto isn’t willing to listen. Pat asks Chava to help him to get Beto talking. I have to wonder. If this is a school playground, do they let men off the street come talk to the children? And if it’s a public playground, are the boys there alone?

Isabel takes Lucía to her parents’ grave. Abuela tells her it’s normal to be angry; she was angry when her son died, too. She says it’s not right to bury your child. She knows it was terribly painful for Luc to lose them, but sooner or later, it’s normal for children bury their parents. “Pero otra vez, no (but the other way around, no).”

Today Candy got her surprise when she opened a door. Tomorrow Marissa will get her surprise, listening to Santiago and Candy through a closed door.


Fuego, Monday 12/29 (#165): I guess Coyote says that to all the girls

Reruns from Friday: Raquel says she hopes they can be a family again, but doesn't sound so hopeful. Fatima tells Abuelo and Santa she's not sure what Gabi and Darth Ricardo were arguing about that led to gunplay, and Abuelo confides to Santa that he's sure Gabi knows Ricardo killed Juan's parents. Sofía confronts Ricardo about the murder.

Rigo tells Juan that he can't make babies. Juan mysteriously offers to take him someplace tomorrow that will cheer him up.

Go-away-and-don't-come-back #1: "Where did you come up with the idea that I had anything to do with the deaths of the Reyes' parents?" Darth Ricardo asks Sofía. Sofi says he knows more about that than she does, but tells him to get off of her property. He says she's too late; Gabi already kicked them out. They'll leave. He warns, though, that Sofía will pay for what she did to Ruth when they were kids. "Her pain is mine, so prepare yourself, girl - you're going to get what you deserve. Now let me finish packing." She defiantly promises to come back early tomorrow and make sure they're gone. Thunder crackles ominously.

Maria Caridad is eating what's left of the cake with Tio, Quintina, and Franco. MC is obviously hot for Tio, and Franco teases him about needing a woman. MC indicates her interest in marriage. The other Maria (Esperanza? Fe?) shows up with a cake of her own. The two sisters are mutually surprised to see one another - one of them had told the other she was going to a rosary service, the other was supposed to be visiting at the old folks' home. No, no, she didn't lie - she was just going to drop off this cake for Oscar. (Franco and Q know better, and leave so that Tio will have some privacy with the ladies.) Tio offers them some hot chocolate. Maria #2 asks him to sing them a song. I still can't tell from the look on his face whether he finds the sisters delightful, repulsive, or merely pitiful.

Next morning, Juan takes Rigo to the orphanage, which has been restocked with a new batch of children. The two men hold the babies and get squirted with baby bottles. Juan tells Rigo to see how easy it is to love a child that isn't of his own blood.

Oscar looks at a fresh-looking photo of his parents and has a flashback to when Jimena tried to feed him like a baby and he lost his temper. (Does he used to eat with his legs, or is there some other reason she thinks he can't feed himself?) He regrets treating her and Juan and others as if what happened to him is their fault... then Jimena comes in, dressed to inspire good health, and offers to shave his dimples. He wants to do it himself. Jimena says she just wants to help him. He scolds her for tormenting him and not bringing him a mirror. He orders her out of the room. He also tells her not to dress so provocatively while she lives with his brothers and his uncle (he doesn't mention the pubescent boy). Jimena leaves, looking like a wounded little puppy. Oscar cries and does not shave. Maybe he should let Franco borrow his brush and mug and razor.

At Crap From Afar (no customers in sight), Franco and Sarita discuss how sad it is for Oscar and Jimena. Sarita says that Oscar should learn from Abuelo's example - he didn't let his disability hold him back, and now he's remarrying. Franco hopes that Oscar will be able to walk again soon, hopefully before Jimena's patience runs out.

Sarita also tells Franco that Ruth found out about Eva being her mother. She didn't take it well, and Ricardo found out too, confronted Gabi, that didn't go well either. Franco wonders if they'll ever be able to be happy. They kiss.

Sofía goes back to the cottage to kick the Uribes out. They're all dressed in their gettin'-outta-Dodge clothes. Gabi shows up and says they're not leaving. Sofi says oh yes they are, because she's the boss of this place and she said so. Gabi tells Sofi she's not the boss of anything, because the time limit (plazo) on Bernardo's will has expired without Sofía proving that one of those girls is her child, so Gabi gets all of her stuff back and the Uribes can stay at HER hacienda whether Sofi likes it or not. She mocks Sofi for being so kindhearted as to put the girls ahead of her fortune.

Raquel looks stricken. Ruth congratulates Gabi on her victory. Gabi grins back at her with unrealized maternal pride.

Juan is at home now and he and Oscar are trying to feed one of the baby Marias, I believe this is Maria Libia, who clearly doesn't want to be fed by these gigantic loud men. Tio thinks it's funny, so Juan tells him to stop laughing and help out. Tio is like, um no, I'm a bachelor, you guys are the daddies, you have to do it. The child is not tempted by hairy pastries, either.

Go-away-and-don't-come-back #2: For unexplained reasons, Sofi is alone in Gabi's room, looking at a photo of the Robles couple that looks as though it came out of an inkjet printer ten minutes ago rather than a Fotomat 20+ years ago. She wonders why her mother is protecting Ricardo, and if she should keep quiet or tell Juan. She prays for enlightenment, but all she gets is a visit from her crummy mom who refuses to explain why she's been keeping a photo of Juan's parents. Gabi threatens that if Sofi doesn't behave, Sofi, her sisters, and her children will all pay the consequences. Also, get out of her room and don't come back without permission.

Oscar angrily slaps his still-numb legs and asks why Jesus sent him this misfortune. "If you're so powerful, lift me up from here!" (indicating his wheelchair). He looks at the photo of his parents again and cries.

Darth Ricardo tells Ruth he's staying at the hacienda to keep his eye on all their awful enemies - Sofía, Gabriela, and Feonando. He's noticed that Gabi is impressed with Ruth, and maybe they can use that to their advantage.

Ruth asks if he still loves her now that she's not his daughter. He says yes, she's still his princesa, his masterpiece; they're so much alike. She's nothing like Bernardo, much less that idiot Eva. She's strong, like himself, and her manner is like Gabi's. Anyone would say that they were her real parents!

Raquel tells Gabi what Gabi must have some deep dark reason for wanting to keep them at the hacienda. Gabi plays innocent. Raquel tells her to stop faking - Gabi's always had the advantage over her, but soon all of Gabi's blows will come back to haunt her.

Sofi and Sarita visit with Abuelo and Santa. Sofi tells them she tried to get rid of the Uribes, but Mom let them stay. Abuelo is nervous and doesn't want Ricardo around. He declines right now to say what his one big reason for that is, but promises to tell Sofía later. Sarita shows no curiosity about this (she would make a great telenovela character... oh right) and wants to plan the wedding. Santa says they're all set to catch a plane in Puebla right after the wedding for their honeymoon. Abuelo says they'll travel the world, but if they need him he'll be there right away. (How will they contact him? Is there an Abuelo-beacon?) Sofía says life is giving him a second chance with a lovely woman and they'll be happy.

Abuelo privately tells Santa he's worried about them. But he's got a big surprise for Gabi before he leaves. She won't see it coming!

Gabi tells Feo she let the Uribes stay and that Bern's will is voided because Sofi wouldn't prove that she has a child. Therefore she is again the owner of the majority of the Elizondo fortune. (Remember, Abuelo still has 20%.) I still think there are way too many holes in this storyline about the will, not to mention the sheer insanity of Bernardo imposing such a dubious condition on Sofía when he couldn't even have known whether she was fertile or not. Anyway. Feo congratulates his dear wife on getting everything back. He thought-bubbles that he'll have to get Gabi to reinstate him as her heir. Then he'll rid himself of her forever.

Rigo tells Juan (over the screams of the little Maria) that he and Eugenia have decided to adopt a child.

Go-away-and-don't-come-back #3: Oscar is still clutching that photo of his parents when Pablito enters without knocking. He offers to show him the little box he found in his room where he will hide all of his secrets. Oscar tells him he's not interested, get out. He coldly calls the boy "Pablo" and tells him not to come in without permission. Pablito replies, "yes, Papa." Ouch!

Raquel warns herself that Gabi is probably plotting against her right now. Coyote drives up, immediately improving the episode. He gazes intently into her eyes, kisses her hand, says "I didn't mean to startle you, but I saw you looking so distressed. It pained me and I came over to see if I can help you somehow."

Well, darn. I guess he says that to all the girls!

Darth Ricardo tells Ruth that Raquel inherited a lot of money - a fortune that he helped build. (I wonder if one of the ways he helped to build her inheritance was by killing her nephews' parents?) She still owns all of it because they married with "separate goods." If Raquel knew that, she'd kick them both to the curb.

I'm not sure what "separate goods" (bienes separados) refers to, I don't think we have something this in the US unless he means that he signed a prenup with Raquel's father that Raquel never was told about? Anyway, that explains why he has no clue about all the money she's given to Feo.

Ricardo wants all of Raquel's stuff. He asks if Ruth would mind helping him with that. First, he needs to get those papers that he hid in that box with the false bottom at the Reyes' house. (It doesn't look big enough to have much more than two or three folded pages hidden away, false bottom or not.) Ruth would love to help.

Eva and Rosendo observe Raquel and Coyote from afar and wonder what's going on.

Coyote tells reluctant Raquel that he knows all that happens around town, and she's yet another victim of Ricardo Uribe and Gabriela Acevedo. He's Raquel's friend, and she can count on him should the need ever arise. Hand-kiss, "con permiso," you know the drill.

Juan catches Pablito crying over Oscar's rejection of his offer to share his cofre de secretos. (Laughing, Juan notes that Pablito wouldn't show it to him.) Juan says it's too bad the way Oscar is treating people, but they need to be patient and understanding. Pablito says he's not crying for himself, but for Oscar and his suffering. Juan says don't worry, they'll stay united, Reyes siempre juntos. Juan wants to know what's in the box. Pablito won't say!

Sarita tells Jimena about Gabi regaining control of the hacienda. She reminds Jimena that the three sisters will be maids of honor at Abuelo's wedding and offers moral support to Jimena. Jimena says she wants Oscar to get his happiness back.

Sofía and Abuelo have their follow-up talk as promised. Abuelo says Ricardo killed Juan's parents, which Sofi already heard from her mother. She promises to let Juan know if they're in danger, but she's worried how he'll react to the news. Abuelo thinks they shouldn't tell him. She tells Abuelo not to worry about anything. She'll take care of everything. He says he's not just worried over Ricardo, but Feo too.

Feo tells Gabi the old folks set a trap for him and he fell into it, but they'll pay. Gabi says why bother - they'll get married and then they'll be rid of them anyway.

Feo says Padre Tadeo managed to get his marriage to Sofía annulled, so now Gabi's beloved daughter and that stupid baker can get married in a church. (Eavesdropping Ruth vows that it won't happen.)

Juan hops the balcony to Sofía's room and they update one another on things, like Maria Jose is getting better, Oscar is still disconsolate, and Gabi owns the hacienda. Juan still agrees with the decision not to find out which child is "the one." He wants her to move herself and the kids into his hacienda. She says they're going to be soooooo happy. Kiss kiss kiss and they profess their undying love. Then to bed! Slightly longer version here, not much more to see.

Ruth tells herself that if Juan can't be hers he can't be anyone's, least of all Sofía's. She won't allow their wedding. Feo comes along and asks her to find out who Gabi's heir is, since she's Gabi's dear friend and all. Abuelo shows up in what I assume is a general's uniform, wanting to know why Feo wants to know this and what he's planning.

Meanwhile, the sisters are at Crap From Afar helping Santita (in pink) prepare for the wedding. (Santa didn't want to deal with Gabi or Feo at the house on her happy day.) The sisters are wearing baby blue. It's not unflattering, but in my opinion all of them would look better in one of the basic crayon colors. Sarita has matching glasses. (She must have some kind of interchangable glasses-and-frames kit.)

Feo cusses Abuelo out for meddling. Abuelo says Feo's the most selfish person he's ever met and Gabi will pay dearly for having married a snake like him. Feo says they just made up, so she's not going to believe anything Abuelo says. She totally believes in Feo's love and that he will protect her. Abuelo promises to disabuse Gabi of this misconception. Feo messes with the General's uniform and holds his wheelchair. Ruth looks worried. Abuelo tells her that he lieks her and thinks she's not a bad person inside, so she needs to watch out for Feo. He's a traitor and a backstabber and she shouldn't trust him for anything.

Ruth tells Feo to let Abuelo go. Abuelo leaves, but makes a crack about Feo's nightmares about Rosario.

Feo whispers to Ruth not to interfere and chases Abuelo to the elevator. He ties both ends of Abuelo's necktie to the safety gate and pushes the button to send it down. (Amazing, how many elevators have a control on the outside that lets you send the elevator away from your floor?) Abuelo chokes as the elevator descends slightly. Feo stops the elevator, but doesn't bring it back up. "How does it feel? How does it feel?" he taunts.

Ruth watches as Abuelo struggles to free himself from the tightened noose. He tells himself to be calm, and yells for Rosendo to help him.

Mexico airdate: 5 de septiembre
Next time: Gabi tells Raquel that Darth Uribe is Ruth Skywalker's father, and only she will be able to bring balance to the Force. Raquel tells Gabi about the baby swap. Meanwhile, Santa wonders why her groom is late to church. Will the wedding bells be drowned out by clanging anvils?


Cuidado con el Angel - Monday, Dec. 29 - Pinocchio, pregnancies and panic attacks

* Micaela helps Chuy drink her medicinal tea as Dr. Omar talks with her to calm her down and take care of her. Micaela and Cande listen.

* Viv gets in Blanca's face and suspects that Blanca is Ivette.

* As Chuy sleeps, Dr. Omar talks with Cande and Micaela about his diagnosis and how petrified he is to treat her - after his last scare during a young girl's pregnancy.

* Viv shocks Blanca by continuing her speech about her suspicions.

* In Fantasyland, Abuela tells Mayita the story of Pinocchio.

* Blanca runs out of the room, scared to death. Viv is baffled by the reaction.

* Dr. Omar explains to Cande how nervous he was during the past pregnancy/birth and how he blames himself for the baby dying.

* In Fantasyland, Abuela finishes telling Mayita the story of Pinocchio. Cuate barks. Mayita says that he's happy. Abuela and Mayita hug and kiss.

* Dr. Leo continues to explain the other pregnancy and how after that nightmare, he lost his confidence to practice medicine and returned to the hacienda to a life as a recluse. Cande cries. Omar says he can't help Chuy give birth at the house - he can't go through another nightmare birth again.

* Blanca and Mayita are outside on the patio, talking about what Mayita will be drawing - a clown with Mayita's own personal touch. Mayita starts to draw. Viv watches from the door opening - glaring daggers at Blanca who feels a cold snap down her spine.

* JM meets with Padre at the church rectory - they discuss JM's doomed marriage to Viv.

* Viv talks to Mayita on the patio about her drawing. Viv and Blanca then go inside to talk in private.

* In the pool area, Viv confronts Blanca about her ventures out of the castle late at night to visit a man, perhaps JM.

* JM continues to talk with Padre about Viv; about trying to separate from her but he can't now; Viv is pregnant.

* Viv makes Blanca cry and stutter with her barrage of questions and suspicions over where Blanca goes when she leaves the castle at night.

* JM tells Padre about his feelings for his children. Padre listens and asks about his feelings if he had children with Maria de Jesus (Chuy). He answers sincerely. Padre stares at him. JM wonders if Chuy is pregnant? Padre goes to the altar table and looks up at the Jesus statue on the wall and says "NO!" JM asks about what Chuy told Mayita before she left. Padre repeats that Chuy isn't pregnant.

* In the stables, Omar grumbles to Micaela about his ever growing doubts and fears in his ability as a doctor. They discuss Chuy's situation and Micaela encourages him to help her and her baby.

* Casilda and hair-roller gal pal are out in front of the church collecting signatures on their petition.

* In the pool area, Viv continues to annoy and pester Blanca about her evening departures. Blanca cries and panics - she thought bubbles about killing Viv. Blanca stands and threatens Viv - Viv isn't scared. Nellie enters and breaks it up.

* In the stables with Micaela, Omar still has an extreme panic attack about being a doctor. Cande enters and begs him to go help Chuy and her baby. Omar leaves.

* In the bedroom, Omar sits beside the bed and apologizes to Chuy for not doing more earlier to help her or doing enough now. Chuy wonders about her baby and giving birth. Omar stutters some assurance and tries to sugar coat it. Chuy wants to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

* Padre talks with Olga at the apartment complex about Casilda and Purita's fight at the church. Olga is impactado. Purita appears - Padre forces her to tell her mom about the fight. Purita says she was defending her mom.

* Chuy is scared that her baby will die and she won't be able to hold it in her arms. Omar is nervous and scared. Chuy wants to him to save her baby. Omar continues his panic attack as he holds her hand.

* Olga begs Purita to tell her all the details - Purita refuses and runs away. Padre only explains his role at the end of the fight. Olga's friend runs up and tells her and Padre about Casilda and pals petition drive in front of the church.

* Chuy rests as Omar panics - he is going crazy wondering what to do.

* Blanca talks with Mayita about soon she will have a baby brother or sister - her mom's pregnant. Mayita has mixed feelings - one hand she's happy for a little sibling but she's not sure if it's another lie, like Chuy's.

* Chuy tells Omar that she trusts him to help her baby be born and survive and live. She goes to sleep. He looks at the baby clothes by the bed and holds her hand in his hands.

* Steffie sits and torments Ceci in the living room of the mansion about Ceci's failed attempts to locate Chuy and have her at her side. Ceci's heart breaks the more Steffie talks about Chuy and JM. Steffie then breaks the news to Ceci that JM won't ever get a divorce and reunite with Chuy -- because Viv is pregnant. Ceci is impactado.

* Still in the pool area, Viv explains to Nellie about her confrontation with Blanca.

* Mayita runs and hugs daddy (JM) outside in the front patio. She asks about mommy's pregnancy. Daddy tells her it's true. She wonders if it's a lie like Chuy's was.

* Casilda and friends are gathered outside the church having a protest rally. Padre comes over and has to listen to the criticisms.

* JM explains to Mayita the difference between Chuy's and Viv's announcements. Mayita is happy to have a new baby brother or sister. They discuss the new baby, and that he doesn't want either of his children to suffer.

* Ceci is stunned - Steffie repeats that as long as Viv is pregnant, there will be no divorce in JM's future. Ceci feels sorry for JM and Chuy.

* Viv and Ed walk over to JM and Mayita. Viv mentions the news about the new baby. Mayita is excited and skips away. Ed congratulations them on the news; then he asks Viv to agree to see him for a prenatal appointment. Viv reluctantly agrees.

* At the apartment, Nelson is still depressed. Elsa tries to cheer him up and get him to eat. He only wishes that she stay with him. She says that she can't promise him that.

* Cande calls Padre on the phone and cries to him about how gravely ill Chuy is right now, and about how it's affecting the baby. Cande also tells him about Omar. Padre then shocks her with the news about Viv being pregnant.

* JM finds Viv laying on her sofa in her bedroom - she's nauseous and has no energy to get up.

* Adrian and Purita walk, talk and enjoy their ice cream bars. Adrian kisses her and leaves. Sex-crazed dude pops out from around the corner and pins Purita to the wall.

* Viv says she feels nauseous and is having a dizzy spell. JM says that may be the pregnancy and all the more reason to see Ed right now. As JM calls Ed, Viv gets up and faints. Nellie and JM kneel to care for her.

* Padre and Cande continue their phone conversation. They discuss Viv's pregnancy and then Omar's attempt to bring a doctor to Chuy and problems with the pregnancy.

* Purita fights with the dude as Casilda and gal pals in hair rollers walk by and stop to gossip and criticize Purita for being just like her mother and bringing the Public Display of Affection to the sidewalk - and in the daylight no less. Purita breaks free from the dude and runs off.

* As Purita runs into the apartment complex shouting and searching for her mother, the dude, Casilda and others chase after her - calling her names. On the stairs, Purita and Olga appear - the crowd throws rocks at them. When one rock, thrown by the dude, hits Olga and knocks her unconscious, they stop in stunned silence as Purita kneels down and cries for her mommy.

* Nellie cares for Viv on the sofa and Viv convinces JM that she doesn't need to see Ed right now - maybe much later.

* Cande and Micaela talk in the bedroom while Chuy sleeps. Cande tells Micaela about her phone call with Padre - that Viv is pregnant. At that same moment, Chuy grunts in pain.

ADVANCE: They can't wait any longer, Dr. Omar has to break out his medical kit and help Chuy give birth!


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