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Heridas de Amor: ends January 12. Duelo de Pasiones: starts January 15

So they say over at telenovela-world.

We could use one or two more recappers for Duelo. Email me if you're interested.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mundo de Fieras 12/29/06 Back in the Saddle Again!

Demian tells Miriam that in exchange for having killed Freddy he wants Jos to sell him all the shares from the construction company that she inherited from Clemente. Jos eventually says go ahead not just because they need the money, but because Demian will then have majority ownership of Gabe's construction company.

Gabe is at work and tickled pink at his prowess from last night's much anticipated trial run in the sheets with his hot trophy, Mariangela. (Mariangela must have a father fetish because now we have a May/December thing--sorry Cesar—going on here. Although, the way I see it, Mariangela appears more like a March and Gabe is an early to Mid-November......) He is feeling just like a kid again and calls her while she's in the middle of teaching her class of home-school students. Mariangela is feeling giddy as well. He asks her to marry him right away because he just cannot stand their being separated any longer.

A bit after hanging up, Nic comes in to discuss a couple things. but first Gabe tells him, “Congratulate me! Mariangela and I are getting married! Joselyn and she are not sisters so nothing is stopping us now.” Hugs and back pats for the boss come first and then Nic tells Gabe that he is investigating Freddy's death in prison. Freddy wasn't one for fighting and a brawl doesn't seem to fit particularly the description of the way things occurred. Gabe asks him, “You suspect Jos and Miriam had something to do with this?” Nic will have to continue his investigation. Then Nic tells him that Rogelio has received Diana's divorce papers. As for the divorce, Gabe tells Nic he feels Diana has every right to start her life over.

Mariangela is so excited over Gabe's proposal that she visits Candy to catch her up on all the news including the down and dirty. (Note: Mariangela doesn't run to tell a close girlfriend like Paulina, somebody her own age, all the intimate details of her first time at bat. Naw. She runs to mother-figure, sainted Candy, whom we all have seen handle Elsa's sexploits so well, and outs with the nitty-gritty.) Since they've decided to get married Candy formally gives it her blessing.

Leo takes flowers to his dead wife's grave and apologizes with tears running down his cheeks for trying to start his love-life over with another woman who is just like Viviana, being jealous every time he sees her with the other man and so upset that she is breaking his heart by not being able to respond. (Leo, another doctor in training who in med school missed out on the class in healthy psyches and recognizing those which aren't, i.e., his own. In his whole life he has obsessed on two women and, just how long ago did his wife become wormfood, anyway?)

When Nic leaves Gabe has Rogelio come in for a chat. Gabe first tells his son he's getting married to Mariangela. He knows Rogelio doesn't care for the idea one bit, but he has been a good father and now deserves a little whoopy. Surely after a while Mariangela's sweetness will soften Rogelio up just like it has him. Then Gabe gets to the next topic: he's found out Diana has petitioned for a divorce. Rogelio starts squirming like a little boy whose hand has been caught in the cookie jar. He immediately pretends to have tried to get her to change her mind and to reconcile. Gabe tells Rogelio that he does not intend to leave her without financial support. He says they'll give her a chunk of Rogelio's shares in the construction company to insure she has a monthly income, and then, pretty much, not to let the door slam on his rear end on the way out. Rogelio, looking like a done-in Wylie Coyote after the Road Runner has just clunked him, has steam coming out of his ears and stands there speechless.

Mariangela is next on her way to work at Otilia's budding fashion house. While walking down the street to Otilia's, Mariangela runs into Jos walking towards her from the opposite direction, that is to say, the competition: Miriam's House of Designer Fashion. Jos's eyes light up and she gets on a roll: Mariangela is a shameless hussy from the wrong side of the tracks and she had better not think she's going to get everything her own way. She stole away Jos' inheritance, her son prefers her over his own mother-- and on and on. Mariangela isn't buying what Jos is selling. “Don't pretend the victim with me! Clemente wasn't your father and you knew it; and I didn't ask for anything. Unlike you I earned everything by my own hands..... You on the other hand, only got yours by holding out your hand and if you couldn't get it that way you poisoned everything around you. You don't know how to love a child.....” and we know the rest of this little number. About this time Dolores and Otilia come down the street to hear what is taking place and they chase off Jos before she might come to fisty-cuffs with Mariangela. Jos takes offense and tells them they will all pay for their rudeness. Otilia tells her to scram and get back to mommie's tiny shop to cause scandals. So, Jos struts angrily back the way she came.

Juan Cristobal tries to be kind and understanding to a bitchy, pregnant Paulina. He tells her there is no reason to be jealous of him because he hasn't the desire to look at another woman, least wise Karen.

Later on in Otilia's office, Dolores, Otilia and Mariangela are discussing Freddy's untimely death. They accuse Jos and Miriam of being involved in both Freddy and Edgar's deaths. The women all compare notes and Mariangela tells them that she feels Jos may also have had something to do with her mother, Aurora's, death. Karen walks in with some more of Saroya's designs. Otilia remarks they are not quite right and then asks Mariangela for her opinion. Karen snidely breaks in and asks Otilia why bother asking her, since she's just a seamstress from the poor side of town, aka, the “vecindad”/neighborhood. She couldn't have any sense of fashion or style. Dolores interrupts her and says a person doesn't have to come from money to have talent. Mariangela then offers some great color ideas which Otilia feels makes perfect sense. As Karen is dismissed she asks Mariangela to become one of her designers instead of just her seamstress.

Candy pays a visit to Miriam to complain to her about having asked Leo to coffee and then presuming to call him “son.” That wasn't part of their earlier agreement. Candy warns her once more about trying to steal Leo from her because she gave up all parental rights the minute she abandoned her baby boy. Miriam tells her he and she are both unimportant to her even though she is his mother and has the right to call him “son.” Miriam then explains to her that she feels no motherly ties to Jos or Karen either. They are just like her, too, she adds. Candy tells her then that the three of them are no better than wild hienas. Miriam eventually shoos Candy out. Once she leaves, Miriam has to tell herself again and again that she really does not have any motherly instincts, doesn't need them and doesn't want them.

Regina comes up to advise Paulina that she has been acting unreasonable recently. She has to control her jealousy. Regina covers all of JC's virtues ad nauseum and assures her that she has no reason to ever be jealous of him. Pau accuses her of sticking her nose in because he came to her to complain about their private business. She denies this and says her words have hurt her terribly but she will continue to love her and treat her like the mother she never had. (Nice way to throw Pau's words back in her face, Regina.) Paulina won't listen to reason and shoos her out of her bedroom and sulks some more. Delores comes up a bit later as well, with the same admonition, and tells Pau she hurt Regina deeply with her remarks. When Paulina accuses JC of having gossiped to his mother Dolores corrects her saying it was she who'd told JC's mother. She asks her to have patience with Karen.

Delores pays a visit to Demian's office to question him over Miriam's unusual visit the other day. She thinks it strange since Miriam in all this time has never come to Demian's house uninvited before. Demian says they were discussing a bit of business. She accuses him of returning to his double standard concerning women. He tells her she's mistaken. Well, she says he better be careful that this great change of heart he has done so much to display better be permanent because she's going to be watching him.

Miriam and Nic discuss how long it might be before he hands over Jos's trust fund. Nic politely reminds her it is Jos and Mariangela's money and as such she is not to get a dime of it. He then explains that Clemente's will stipulated the two young women would only get monthly payments rather than a lump sum all at once. Miriam is angry and totally frustrated because she says they need all that money now to keep the fashion house financially sound. Nic says that's too bad, but it is what it is and leaves.

At dinner that evening at the manse Rogelio, Gabe, JC, Mariangela and the little boys are eating. The maid says Jos is going to be late coming in to dinner. Rogelio takes advantage of the uncomfortable silence to mention he's heard Mariangela and his dad are planning to get married. Mariangela says it is not the time or place to discuss it. Jos comes strolling in then with movie tickets for that night for the new children's movie. She expects to go with Gabe and the boys (to make nice-nice) but she only bought four tickets. She doesn't have one for Mariangela. Hmm. Gabe looks at Mariangela and says he's not going anywhere with her, period. (Jos doesn't realize how far their relationship has progressed; she really thinks this is going to change Gabe's attitude toward her?) Mariangela selflessly smiles back at Gabe and insists he go ahead with Jos and the boys. He gives in and eventually does. Jos is glad to have the old “family unit” (no pun intended, Gabe) back in tow again. In fact, she hangs up on Ti when he calls just as she is coming down the stairs and asks her if she's coming to the bar that evening. “Wrong number.” Click. The foursome walk out the door and Gabe keeps looking wistfully over his shoulder at Mariangela as she smiles, wanting them all to have the best time. (Yeah, there is something disturbing about people who are just too nice.)

At Demian's that evening the old cur distracts Regina by surprising her with a bubble bath in that huge bathtub of theirs, complete with champagne, candles and rose petals in the shape of a heart, and it's bye-bye to those wet dreams of Mariangela--at least, for now.

Cortito fakes answering a call from a girlfriend, right as Mayeya returns to the kitchen, wanting to get her jealous. (Darn, these guys from the “vecindad” really are hard up!) She lies and says she isn't jealous and we have another slapstick comedy session as she pours a pot of water all over him and walks off angry at being jealous after all.

JC goes down to eat and promises to come back to work upstairs in the bedroom rather than the office on the first floor, in order to keep Paulina company. She gets depressed and frustrated later on when JC hasn't returned soon enough after supper. She decides to walk downstairs to find him, suspicious of seeing exactly what she does see: Karen and him embracing near the stairway. Of course, it is an innocent, familial hug on his part and as always, a subterfuge on Karen's, but Pau sees it through jealous eyes. She is so upset she loses her balance and rolls all the way down the stairs to the bottom and lays unconscious as JC runs to her side in panic.


La Fea Más Bella #177 12/29/06 Cheesiest line of all time

"I found this seashell on the beach, and when I saw it, it reminded me of you."

I think I saw Jorge, Irmita's son, in tonight's Heridas episode. Small world, eh?

At the Padillas'

After Tomas gives Mom all of the details of Filmo-Imagen's liens on Conceptos, Mom wonders why Lety went along with something so "delicate." She tells Tomas that if RoboPop finds out about this, he'll kill her, and Tomas too. Tomas says Lety did it because she's loyal and accommodating, just like Julieta, but she isn't satisfied with this explanation. She complains, "I ask you for a mole recipe, and you give me one for rice-with-milk." Did they threaten Lety? Did they offer money?

Tomas asks if she thinks that Lety was just the assistant to the president and he, Tomas, merely the dumbass ("asistonto") to the assistant? No, this business dealing is huge. The profits were enormous. This only tantalizes Lety's mother further, but Tomas won't explain Lety's motivation. He says it's very private.

She guesses that her daughter was in love with Fernando. Tomas gives her a poker-face, but Mom nods knowingly. She's her mother, and she can feel it. She knows something bad happened to her child. Tomas still refuses to answer. She wants to call Lety and get her to come home before something bad happens, but Tomas is afraid that Lety will find out that he told her as much as he has and rip his jugular out with her braces. He says he will talk to Lety first and then Mom can talk to her.

RoboPop comes down and catches Tomas eating while Julieta dials the phone. He complains that Tomas is stuffing his face while people are dying of hunger in the street. Plus, Tomas is in RoboPop's chair.

Mom places the call and speaks to a receptionist at who gives a very robotic but efficient plug for the Fairmont Villa Marquez (that's what it sounded like) in Acapulco. RoboPop tells Mom they should wait for Lety to call them, because long distance calls are expensive while they're going through a phase of austerity. Mom tells him long distance isn't that expensive, but Lety doesn't answer, so she hangs up. RoboPop speculates that Lety is out partying and fooling around. (He stabs Tomas's greedy hand with a fork.) Mom tries to conceal her worry.

Eventually, Mom and Tomas get Lety on the phone (more about that later; in short, Lety isn't cutting her Acapulco trip short). RoboPop discovers them and wants to talk, plus Aldo is knocking on Lety's door, so Tomas hurriedly says goodbye and hangs up. Tomas tells RoboPop that the call was too expensive to continue any longer. Mom agrees. RoboPop says the expenses are for him to decide. Tomas says Lety was in a hurry. RoboPop wants to know why. Tomas says "sorry, she didn't tell me." RoboPop has lots more questions about Lety, but Tomas basically says it's not his day to watch her. Pop says don't forget this: when Lety calls, they'd better let him talk to her. He stomps away again.

Tomas tells Mom that Lety's not coming back yet. Mom thinks Tomas needs to deliver the bad news to Conceptos in person. If he does it over the phone it'll look bad. He complains that it's hazardous for him to go there. Something about guns, and women who are attractive and seductive, but dangerous.

Fern calls. Mom says Tomas will go to the meeting again tomorrow. Fern can't believe Lety isn't coming. He says, "WE don't need Tomas. I need Lety." Mom doesn't tell him any more and they end the call. Fern whines to himself about Lety playing hard to get.

Mom again asks Tomas why Lety doesn't want to see Fern. What's with the attitude? Tomas finally admits that Fern "committed a serious error with Lety," and that was the error that caused things to go wrong with the two businesses. She will probably never forgive him, and he agrees. Julia wants more info, but Tomas again says it's very personal and private to Lety, and he can't say anything.

In Marcia's office

Marcia tells Teresita that she's sure Fern is in love with Lety. He even said it to her face. She thinks it must be a different kind of love because he acted so strangely. She had sensed that something was going on, that she was being robbed and now she believes that she's definitely lost him. Ter tells her not to give up, but Marcia says that at this point, all hope is lost. Ter says no, Fern acted crazy because he is crazy, he doesn't know what he's doing or what he's feeling or what he's saying, but there's no reason why a woman like Marcia can't easily win him back. After all, she's not up against some great rival. It's just Fern's stupid whimsy. "That poor woman" has nothing over Marcia. That chubby, graceless, clumsy, badly dressed, hunchbacked, humorless fea. When and if Fern ever sees her again, he'll be disillusioned, and he won't be in love with her any more. (She seems to be taking this very personally! Hey, Teresita, did Humberto ever date a fea himself, by any chance?)

Marcia considers her would-be mother-in-law's words, but doesn't look optimistic.

Ding-dong, the desgraciado is dead

Lola is on the phone with Irma, hearing the news of Rafael's death. She says at least it was fast. She promises to spread the word, and later they will visit her at home. She brings the rest of the feas up to date, and they cluck sympathetically. Juana says something spooky about Rafael's spirit flying around, or not being able to fly around, or something. Sara, for some morbid reason, really wants to know if they were all around him when he died. Saimon disapproves that this guy who abandoned his family was surrounded by them like a king when he died. Sara said he had the good luck to marry a woman like Irma, because she's a saint. They all agree and prepare to break the news to Marcia.

Alicia forbids them to interrupt Marcia's meeting with her "ex-mother-in-law." A battle of wits ensues, minus the wits. Sara threatens Alicia, but Saimon the peacemaker tries to silence her.

Meanwhile, at Irma's house, Irma asks Lucy, her granddaughter, if she likes living in Boston, then says that's a dumb question - she's never lived anywhere else. Irma asks if she'd like it if her whole family moved to Mexico. Lucy says, well, her parents both have jobs in Boston, and Lucy has school and friends. But then she seems to spark to the idea, and asks if Irma would like it if they were to live there. Of course Irma would...

Rebeca shows up and Lucy starts to talk about moving to Mexico, but Irma shushes her and winks.

While Fern meditates on the picture of Lety on his screen, the cuartel piles into his office. Startled, he thinks they've come to give him bad news about Lety. They tell him about Rafael's death and ask if he would like to accompany her to the funeral parlor. He politely declines, and Saimon somewhat tactlessly points out that it's probably not Fern's place to do that sort of thing any more. Fern tells them to send some flowers along with his condolences. PM then asks him to tell Marcia, since she's been holed up with Teresita all day and they don't dare interrupt. Martha asks PM not to be imprudent, since Fern and Marcia... Lola cuts in and says they'll just tell Marcia tomorrow. They ask Fern's permission to leave and go see Irma; he grants it. (I'm not sure if he can grant that kind of permission any more. What if Lopez finds out?) They leave, and Fern asks himself how he can go to a funeral when he already feels like he's dying. "Poor Irmita," he adds. (Glad he managed to sneak in a thought about someone else, if only just for a moment.)

The cuartel show up at Irma's with Fern's flowers. Saimon says he's their new ex-president's emissary. He bad-mouths Rafael a little bit and is scolded by the others. Luigi says the flowers should be at the funeral parlor. Saimon moves them out of the way. Luigi says the feas look like beautiful horrors - a total change. (This is what passes for a compliment in Luigi's book.) He says that he and Jorge have everything under control. He says he needs to go home and change, because at a funeral parlor, he'd look like a carnival.

Rebeca says it's time to go. Juana offers to stay with Lucy; Irma doesn't want to be away from her granddaughter for even a moment, but Rebeca says it's time.

Meanwhile, back at Conceptos

Fern gets medieval on Omar's lapels for saying "gargolita." Omar asks Fern if he's really going to hit his best friend just for saying something dumb. Fern backs off, and Omar gets out of his chair (with difficulty, rubbing his back). He asks Fern if he's going to stay shut up in this room for the rest of his life waiting for Lety to call. She's threatening their business and they should be trying to save their honor. He's being pathetic. They've been shamed and they're sitting in offices that are no longer even theirs.

Fern retorts that he can't concentrate, he can't work, he can't do anything because he can't settle his problem with Lety. Why can't Omar get that through his head? (Fern, in case you haven't noticed, your friend is not a swift learner.) "I am going through a bad moment, Omar!" Omar says fine, we'll just wait for Lety. Meanwhile, you just go on looking at your little photos, if that's what you want.

Fern spins his Mac around for Omar to see the full-screen picture of Lety he's been looking at (in addition to the tiny one in his wallet). Omar rears back like a vampire confronted with a crucifix. Fern says "that's not for you to make fun of, Carvajal. I already warned you." Omar replies that he's not joking, he's speaking very seriously and it seems very romatic to him, but Fern's not understanding him. Doesn't he realize that this face he's been carrying around with him, don't idealize it, because when she comes back, she'll be transformed...

...Omar edges towards the door as Fern stares at him blankly...

"...Uglier than ever!" Omar adds and dashes out the door as Fern throws something at him.

Later, Omar calls a hot chick he knows (she might be a celebrity, because at first they don't show her face, but I don't know her) and says he has a friend who's turned into a corpse - he needs her to revive him. She says that's her specialty and wants to know how he got that way. Omar says he had a very bad, very ugly love affair. She promises to cure him. Omar says he wants his friend's life to go back to the way it was before - women, women, and more women. He wants Fern to forget about his gargolita.

Later, he hints to Fern about this surprise - the surprise of the century. With his one-track mind, Fern takes it the wrong way and thinks it's Lety. Omar says "it's sex." I think that's pretty clear, don't you? But Fern excitedly asks, "you found Lety?" He climbs over his desk and gives Omar a bear hug. In order to move things along, and perhaps to avoid being crushed to death, Omar says sure, he found her. (This provokes another bear hug.) Omar scurries away and gives Fern a telephone number.

Acapulco: A shave and a haircut, deferred

Lety & Caro go to the beauty parlor. Lety suspiciously inquires as to what they're going to do to her. Caro says isn't it obvious - it's a beauty parlor. Doesn't Lety still trust her? Lety says sure, that's why they bought all these clothes (waving the bag). Caro says that Lety picked out all of the clothes, and now it's Caro's turn. (Does anyone else think it's unfair that Caro is going to deduct the cost of the clothes from Lety's paycheck?) Lety tires to weasel out of it. Caro asks what does Lety have against beauty parlors? Lety says nothing, it's just that this sort of thing is personal and she already has a beauty parlor she goes to back home and they know her and (whispering) she trusts them. Caro introduces Carlos, one of the best stylists in the whole country. Carolina reminds Lety that she's starting a new life, and this place can mark the start of a new routine. New habits, new image...

Lety grumps that it won't be the solution to her life. Caro agrees that this is true, but it can help. She promises that it won't be anything outlandish. It'll be a first step. She pleads with Lety to give her this chance. Lety sits and the stylist asks what she wants. Makeup, hairstyle, cut? Lety says nothing for me, thanks! Caro patiently tells Lety that's why she brought her here, so please tell the man what she wants. Lety gets nervous and tries to get up, but Caro pushes her back into the chair. She says she has absolute confidence in Carlos and he wouldn't betray her. She's in good hands.

Carlos suggests losing the braid and working on a new hairdo. Lety whines that she IS the braid; it's her look. He pushes some salon books at her and tells her to pick out one she likes even better, but she nixes all of them. Of the first, she says it might look good on a model, but not on her. The next one, she says looks like someone on the news. The third looks more like a wig. A model can have any hairstyle and look good, but not her.

Carlos pulls Caro aside and asks what to do. Lety won't let him touch her. Caro tries to convince Lety herself. She suggests a wash and trim. Lety says no. Carlos inspects Lety's braid as if he's never seen one before, then reaches for the scissors, assuring her that it will be okay, but Lety screams and grabs it away from him. He explains that he was going to cut her braid off. (I think she already figured that out.) Caro suggests getting rid of the glasses. Lety vetoes this as well. Caro says it's just so they can wash your hair, and she takes them off Lety's face. Lety gets very upset and tries to leave, but she can't see so is easily subdued. Carlos tells her not to get so wound up. Lety yells, "This is how I was born and this is how I am and this is how I'll stay!" She makes an ugly, sulky face in the mirror.

Lety hurries back to her room and throws a tantrum. She dumps the clothes out of the bags (I don't get a good luck at them) and asks herself why she wants them. She talks to herself in the mirror. She tells herself that Carolina doesn't know that Lety already tried to change before. (The New Lety from five months ago appears in the mirror, and we hear Ariel's inspiring words from that day: "You're not the assistant to the president; you're more like the assistant to the circus.") She doesn't want people to make fun of her again. Fern's betrayal finished her off. She couldn't take it, while she's feeling so alone, so fragile, so insignificant, so upset. There is no remedy. She would have to go back to birth to feel good about her looks. She says something like a new dress will only make her uglier. Uglier, uglier.

Caro comes back looking for her and wants to apologize and talk. Lety doesn't come to the door; she just yells through the door that it'd be better if they talk later. Caro says she'll be waiting at the lounge. Lety curls up on the bed, saying she doesn't want to see anyone. She wants to be alone.

Aldo shows up at the bar and asks Caro if she's seen Lety. Frustrated, Caro vents to him about how Lety wouldn't let them cut her hair, when Caro just wanted her to change a little, and she got all upset and ran out of the beauty parlor. "You forced her, Carolina," Aldo surmises. Caro says of course not, she's not capable of such a thing. Ah, well, maybe she pressured Lety a little, but it was for her own good!

Aldo points out that in light of recent events, with Lety's self-esteem so low, now is not the time to make her feel insecure about her appearance, much less impose a change. Okay, maybe I like him a little bit... just for today. :-) Caro says she wasn't imposing anything; and he's got self-esteem issues, himself. He says Lety lacks something more than a change of appearance; first, she should accept and like herself the way she is.

Caro says it would be easier if she could see herself prettier, if the mirror would reflect a more appealing image. Aldo says that she will see herself as precious, when her heart is calm and at peace. For that, she won't need a hairdo, nor makeup or anything artificial. Caro complains that Aldo doesn't understand her.

Just when it looks like it'll get ugly, he takes off her hat and kisses her head and leaves. Caro sulks prettily.

Meanwhile, Mom calls Lety again. Lety says she was out with Caro earlier and everything's going just swell, like always. Mom passes Lety off to Tomas, who explains why she must come home (I don't believe this needs to be rehashed any further). She needs to sign something. Lety just wants to know if he told them where she is. (He conveniently forgets to mention that he told Roman's gang.) Lety says forget it, I'm staying here and helping Carolina. Tomas says they are furious; Fern begged him; they urgently need her. Lety says, "those people can bite me." (That's not quite what she says, but that's the short version. As for whatever Fern said, she doesn't care; it's not her problem.

Aldo starts knocking on Lety's door, so they wrap up the call.

Aldo shows Lety a seashell and says when he saw it, it reminded him of her. Because it's broken like her heart. It couldn't be for anyone else. Oh barf! She holds it to her ear, enchanted.

They go for a walk along the beach. Lety says she doesn't want to see anyone, but Aldo points out that she did answer the door to him. She says sure, but that's because you're my friend. Aldo says that's very nice. Lety says Caro is her friend, too, but she thinks Aldo understands her better. Aldo says Caro wants to help her change, but Aldo definitely doesn't. He likes her exactly the way she is, pain and all. (This is sweet and refreshing, but he's confusing her.) She says she was born ugly, and she'll die ugly. He says that's a lie, fabricated by her mind. She disagrees - she sees the same thing in the mirror as everyone else. He says she feels and believes that she's ugly; snot the same thing as BEING ugly. It's just a projection.

He asks her what would happen if she were to become beautiful. She says she doesn't know; that would be another Lety, not her. He says that's why she's afraid to change - because she doesn't know that she'd still be the same person. They go at this a little longer, then she asks him to drop the subject.

Lety asks about the smashed-up minivan. Why'd he get all nasty and tell them to leave? Aldo's face hardens. He doesn't want to answer, and tells her to forget it. She says okay, fine, it's just that he's always talking about nature being good for the soul and all that stuff, but now she doesn't believe any of it, because he said he was very happy, but it seems to her like it's a complete lie. He's suffered, and he doesn't have anything to be happy about.

He forces a laugh and says he is surprised that she is confronting him so forcefully. He finds it delightful. She accuses him of changing the subject. He says he'll tell her why he talks about happiness and then later has these fits of sadness and pain. He says that he's talked about the harmony of nature, but nature also has its fits. Sometimes they manifest themselves as hurricanes or earthquakes, but in all forms, nature is happy.

Lety firmly asks if he's changing the subject again. He talks about contrasts in nature - tranquility and violence. And he is part of nature, and he also has contrasts. (I'm not sure I like where this is going.) So he's not lying when he talks about his happiness.

She says she believes him. Then he says he'll tell her about some of the things that caused his unhappiness and desperation.

Teresita continues her disturbing campaign to force a marriage that never should have been contemplated.
Fern prepares for a joyful reunion with Lety.
Omar prepares to get killed.
Lety goes to a party.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Navidad Sin Fin - Dec. 29, 2006

EPISODE 15 (Dec. 29, 2006):
Angelita and Jactino discuss his reasons for giving Tonita his savings, and his feelings for Blanca. Angelita reminds him that he has a lot of people around who love him, and she is needs a friend.

Consuela sits on sofa in the activity room with Blanca.

In Angelita's office, Berenice calls Teresa and says that Maricela never arrived and Blanca is disappointed. Cucis eavesdrops from the doorway. When Berenice hangs up, Cucis enters, closes the door and starts a conversation.

Boss meets with Ludovico in his office - They discuss how the plan is proceeding. Boss realizes that Angelita is more powerful than they originally thought. Ludovico says that he gave Casimiro the ring - Boss is happy and laughs with the thought of the poison venom working against Angelita. Ludovico wonders about something that confused him then leaves.

Rodo and Rosita meet with Angelita in her office - they discuss Ludovico and Casimiro and the roses. Angelita wonders about selling some orchids and tells Rosita to arrange a possible sale. Rosita leaves for the night. Angelita talks with Rodo about letting Consuela have Gabriel the teddy bear for awhile. Rodo needs convincing.

Blanca is in her room. Consuela enters. Blanca walks over to talk with the little girl. Julieta stands at the door and introduces Consuela. Consuela runs out - Julieta explains briefly her family history and leaves to follow Consuela. Berenice enters and brings Maricela into the room - Blanca is so excited to see her. Maricela could care less and wants to leave - Berenice and Blanca guilt her into staying for dinner.

In the workshop, Cucis watches Tonita fix Jacinto's costume for Day of the Wise Men. Ernesto is standing nearby, fixing his costume white beard. Berenice enters with a message - Cucis is excited about her article and leaves with Berenice.

In the activity room, Julieta walks Consuela in to wait for the party. Consuela returns to sit quietly on the sofa next to Blanca. Angelita enters and talks with Julieta about Consuela. Rodo enters and asks to speak with Julieta in private. They leave. Angelita walks over and starts talking with Blanca about her niece's visit - Blanca is very disappointed that they had to obligate Maricela to stay. Jacinto walks over and starts serenading Blanca - Consuela looks up at him, sways to the beat and smiles.

In the reception area, Rosita is frustrated talking with the potential buyer on the phone about the lousy price offered for Angelita's orchids. Rosita hangs up and leaves. Maricela makes a phone call to her mom - transfers to hold - hangs up and goes to another more private phone to continue the call. Cucis listens in and tape records the phone conversation.

Rodo, Julieta, and Consuela stop by the workshop. Tonita and Ernesto help them develop a costume and character for Consuela for the pageant. Rodo asks Consuela to hold and care for Gabriel. She hugs him tight.

In the dining hall, Jacinto sits with Blanca, Maricela (disgusted about being there) sits across from them. When Tonita and Ernesto sit next to Maricela, Jacinto asks Tonita about her work - Tonita starts to answer - Maricela makes a insulting remark about work at the center. Rodo walks up behind Maricela and listens. He has an idea and asks Ernesto to help him move a table away from the rest - he returns and asks Maricela to join him at the other table - Maricela doesn't want to go but Blanca insists.

Cucis and Berenice meet with Angelita in her office about the phone conversation tape Cucis just made. She plays a little of the conversation back and tells them to promise not to mention any of it to Blanca. It would be a detriment to Blanca's treatment. Cucis agrees to the request and leaves. Angelita talks with Berenice - Berenice agrees also with the request. Berenice notices Angelita doesn't look well and asks if she can do something for her, get medical help, Angelita tells her no thanks, there's nothing anyone really can do for her condition right now.

Rodo, Tonita and Ernesto bring their food plates and drinks to the table where Maricela is sitting with a disgusted bored look on her face. They attempt to initiate Maricela in the work at the center but Maricela isn't really interested and continues with her negative comments. Nico joins them at the table - Maricela gets really disgusted, runs over to Blanca and says that she really wants to leave now. Nico, Ernesto and Tonita gossip about what her problem may be.

In the reception area, Berenice finds Maricela and tells her about making a huge scandal at the center that will hit the newstands tomorrow.

In the dining hall, as Casimiro is serving, Nico and Tonita eat their dinner and talk - Tonita is excited and happy and tells Nico about Jacinto giving him an envelope of money for her present. Nico is stunned and tells her that Jacinto had been saving that money for years. Tonita's mood turns sad and Nico tries to cheer her up.

In the middle of the dining hall, Julieta talks with Casimiro about his obsession and affection for Angelita.

Angelita is sick and laying down on her office sofa. Rodo is near her and worried and concerned. She tries to keep him focused on the center's mission and that Casimiro is a good person at heart. He is still concerned for her - Angelita asks that Rodo get Rosita. He leaves.

Casimiro brings Ludovico a dinner tray to their bedroom. Casimiro confides in Ludovico that he is worried about Angelita - he hadn't seen her all day in the dining hall; he's afraid she's been avoiding him. Ludovico gives him some advice and an idea which encourages Casimiro to give the ring to Angelita. Casimiro leaves.

Ernesto, Nico and Tonita are in the activity room talking about whether Tonita should give the money back to Jacinto - Ernesto says no, Jacinto gave her the money in good faith and from the heart. Ernesto suggests he can sell his computer to raise the money for the piano - Nico thinks there must be another way to raise the funds without anyone having to sell anything.

Ludovico sneaks into the greenhouse and starts to look at the orchids. Rosita sneaks up behind him and asks him point blank why he wants to destroy the flowers and Angelita and Rodo. Ludovico tries to deny the charges but Rosita doesn't let up and continues her debate speech. Ludovico cries that he's ugly, bad and unlovable. Rosita tells him the oppposite - gives him compliments and support for who he is inside.

The kids come up to play with Rodo and Consuela and Gabriel in the activity room. They get a little hyper and Rodo walks Consuela hugging Gabriel to another side of the room. Berenice, Blanca and Jacinto stop Rodo and ask him about Angelita - they are worried.

Casimiro is visiting Angelita alone in her office - she is still laying on her sofa. He shows her a tray he brought her with angel food cake and the special ring on it. She asks what is this? as she picks up the ring and Casimiro starts to explain his intention, she falls into a deep sleep.

Consuela and Gabriel wander into the greenhouse. She walks over to Ludovico sitting in a corner - he tells her to leave, get away from him. She walks close to him and hands him Gabriel the teddy bear. Ludovico hugs the bear, looks at him, holds him to his ear and then hands the bear back to Consuela - he has to leave, he has something very important to take care of right away.

Casimiro knocks on the office door - Rodo opens it - Casimiro is concerned and worried about Angelita - Rodo doesn't want to let him in but Angelita insists. Casimiro kneels by the sofa - Angelita tells him she will never love him like he loves her. He doesn't understand and wants to keep fighting for her. Ludovico enters and interrupts. Casimiro is confused - Ludovico kneels beside Angelita and begs forgiveness for the murder attempt. Casimiro starts to realize who Angelita is; Ludovico confirms that she is the "Angel of Mercy". Ludovico also shocks Casimiro by saying that Casimiro is the instrument used to murder her.

Blanca runs around her room in her robe - Berenice enters and wonders what she's doing - Blanca can't find her pearls - someone stole them!

Casimiro is feeling so guilty for everything he's done. As he apologizes to Rodo, Rosita and Angelita, "Boss" swoops in from the back door and uses his magic cane to render Rodo, Rosita and Ludovico helpless to defend Angelita against him. Casimiro stands up to "Boss" to defend Angelita; Angelita gets up from the sofa and stands with Casimiro.

Advance for Monday: the last episode.



I saw someone posted that Guy's wife gave bith, that was In september.

here are some pictures


Heridas de Amor december 28

Naty and Miranda are having a conversation, Naty tells Miranda that if Bertha knows that Miranda has what she wants she will will go to the ranch to tell her her what she wants to hear; that she hasthe gun she was looking for.She also tells Miranda she knows who killed her dad and who tried to rape her that night.

Alejandro tells Fermin that he is gratefull for what he has done and that if he looses his job there will be a place for him at san Llorente inversiones, that he's going to talk to his superiors and that if anything happens he'll have a job for him. He thanks him and tells him if he needs anything else from him he'll be glad to help. Alejandro tells Vicente to make sure Fermin has a job with them if he's fired. Alejandro tells Santiago that he admires him and asks him for his blessing. Miranda wonders if what Naty told her to do is correct and says her father would have wanted it that way. Arcadia arrives with the chocolates she made and when she savors one she recalls the good times she and Alejandro shared. She asks Arcadia when she got there and she looks at her all confused. Alejandro talks to his friend and when he tells him that he is sharing San Llorente's presidency with Miranda his friend say that he always liked her and that she is one of the most desirable women in Mexico, Alejandro gets annoyed and tells him she just married him and cuts him short.

Fernanda and Juan arrive. He asks her about Charo and she tells him she's fine but doesn't want to testify anymore. He gets a call from Miranda telling him he has to come to the ranch with her mother and Berta. He says he doesn't think Berta would go and Bertha stands by the door and asks why not.Miranda tells Alejandro he wants to talk to Berta and tells her that Naty gave her what she wants. She tells her she'll think about it as Miranda tells her she and Alejandro will only be spectators but she repeats to her she'll think about it. Alejandro asks her why she's there and she tells him they'll talk alone about his inheritance.

Liliana recalls Alejandro taking her home and she kissing him. He pushes her away as she tells him she's like Miranda. She tells him to take advantage of her but he tucks her in to sleep. Fernanda and Alejandro argue over when to report Berta and Cesar. He asks Juan if he's right and he tells them they're both right in a way, she as a mother and he as a husband. Alejandro begs his mother-in-law time to resolve his case and then they'll take the next step. Marisol arrives home with Sofia and asks Liliana if she and Alejandro made love and she says no, she tells her that the only way to get a married man to commit is to get him into bed, Liliana says that she tried but he did not want to she tells her she will keep saying Sofia and Alejandro apart. Marisol informs her that her daughter signed up Alejandro to go with her to the mini olympics at school,
Marisol tells Liliana that she can't separate them because Sofia will be devastated.

Miranda gets her first client forthe gourmet chocolates and she congratulates all those who helped her. Renata tells Miranda what she was able to do with the fabric she gave her when Fernanda arrives home with Charo. She informs them she's leaving towm as Fernanda asks her if it was Berta who shot her but she says she doesn't know and leaves. Fabricio arrives and tells Fernanda that he's going to the ranch and he asks him if what Alejandro says is true; if he's after Miranda. Days later, Carola, Raul, Francisco and Amparo offer to support Veronica in her program. Veronica by mistake says something to make Carola think that Renata is pregnant and Carola tells the family if she is the baby isn't Juan's.

Luis Alberto tells Nuria that when she divorces Cesar they'll get married. They kiss when Roman arrives with the papers for her to sign. LA tells Roman he wants to talk to Alejandro and give him all the proof he has on Cesar concerning what he did to Gonzalo. Roman tells him Cesar left no trail but LA tells him he did and that Alejandro deserves to get all the papers he has on his former friend. Fernanda tells Renata she looks good with a baby and she says it's because he's not hers. Charo informs them some men have arrived. Miranda is able to convince another client to sell her chocolates and when celebrates with her partners Cesar arrives. The official tells Renata and Fernanda that Alejandro Luque bought all their furniture and returned it to them.

Alejandro tries to convince new clients to invest with the firm and he's able to convince all 3 to join him. Fabricio arrives and tells him if he needs anything from the ranch and he becomesannoyed, Fabriio asks him why he gets mad with him for going to the ranch, Alejandro tells him because he is using his project as an excuse, becase he is really going to see Miranda, fabricio says , so what if he is, he is going to divorce her, Ale says she is still his wife.

Renata tells her mother that she wants to tell Miranda what Alejandro did for them but Fernanda tells her not to. Berta calls Renata and Charo tells her not to go meet with that demonm renata agrees to meet with her. Cesar comes over, Miranda calls hym a cynic as she recalls that Naty told her that Jade Eyes was the one who tried to rape her that nite, Cesar starts yelling and pounding on the desk telling her not to insult him, he only came to offer his help. Miranda tells him that her people told her he was looking everywhere in the hacienda, and asks what he was looking for, he says her people are lying , he went straight in the house, she tells him she knows who he was looking for, Nuria and LA. He grabs her and as he forces himself on her tells her he is going to go over her body inch by inch..........what a disgusting beast

Happy new Year everyone


Mundo de Fieras, Thurs. Dec. 28

Regina gets a phone call from prison threatening JC. Demian sees her worrying over JC’s photo and asks what’s wrong and if she recognized the voice. He comforts her.

Miriam, on a charitable visit to Federico in prison, is asking why he told Gabe that he’s Jocelyn’s father. Ummm…because it’s the truth, he answers. She blames him for causing problems and he basically tells her to stuff it and that he’s going to tell the whole truth.

Mari and Gabe are having a romantic chat in an abandoned restaurant. She’s scared and he says, but we’re free. Gabe’s a good actor because he even has that special-in-love-glow when he’s with Mari. She keeps whining that she’s scared it might just be a dream. He says keep on dreaming and then tells he loves her and that only by her side will he be happy. Awwww….they kiss and then Mari runs away.

Jocelyn and Tiberio are commiserating in a crowded bar that looks like it would be called “El Grotto”. They both look creepily at each other.

Candi tells Leo that Mari told her that Jocelyn isn’t really her sister. He is naively shocked that anyone could do that. He tells her that he was talking to Miriam and it was weird because she called him son. She’s pissed but tries to cover it up.

D confronts Miriam, telling her that everything is her fault.

JC is working and Karen comes slinking in offering help. He asks her why she’s so superficial. Karen starts her “poor little rich girl”monologue…and ends it by saying that she hurts inside…wah. Mayeya is eavesdropping in the hallway and later tells Paulina that JC & Karen are talking together.

D confronts the guy in jail about calling Regina and ends up hiring him to take care of Federico. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Paulina acts all pouty with JC when he comes to bed. He thinks to himself, he doesn’t know what’s wrong, but he’s going to be very patient with her in her delicate state.

Mari is whining about how scared she is about being in love with Gabe when Leo stops by with some suspicious news about the day her mom died. He tells her that someone had gone in to her room, but no one knows who it is. He also tells her that he hopes she’s happy with Gabe because all he wants is her happiness. Ugh. Sometimes there is such a thing as too nice.

Jocelyn is tucking in Luisito and causing some more long-reaching psychological damage. You’d think that living with a crazy mom his whole life he’d figure out what buttons NOT to push. He mentions Mariangela and she goes ape-shit with his crutch, breaking stuff around the room.

It’s day of the dead, and all of the apartment dwellers are gathered around the ofrenda, complete with pictures of Clemente & Aurora.

Back at the prison, Federico gets taken care of.

Gabe is going home and thinking that perhaps he and Mari are condemned to be apart but then…running up to the door is Mariangela! Apparently remembering her dead parents made her ready for love and they head up to Gabe’s place for a little lovin’.

Back at the Casa Loca, Miriam & Jos are discussing Gabe & Mari’s reaction to finding out that she’s not really Clemente’s kid. Miriam tells her she’s going to get her back in line, whether she likes it or not. They decide that Jos is going to move from just pretending to be normal, and actually take some steps to be normal.

Mari & Gabe are snuggling and discussing their happy future together. Since this is novela-land, we know that none of these happy little dreams of living together with Luisito and the rest of his kids is going to go quite as smoothly as planned. He’s convinced that their love is strong enough to carry them through any obstacle in their way and all they need to do is trust each other.

Otilia’s business and web-site is going gang-busters when she gets the phone call that Federico is dead. Talking about it with Dolores, she says she thinks that Jos & Miriam had something to do with his death. She then says that something weird is going on…and that they are together in their suffering and should work together to figure it out.

Demian tells Regina that he investigated the call and discovered it was from the jail. He tells her not to worry, he took care of it. She’s eternally grateful and even more in love with D.

After her booty-call (well more of a booty-visit), Mari returns home and remembers various happy scenes with Gabe. Gabe returns to his groovy bachelor pad and does the same.

Gabe goes to visit Luisito and Miriam ambushes him so that they can talk about Jos and Federico. Miriam takes one for the team and tries to get Gabe to believe that this whole paternity mix-up is all her fault (well, yeah). Miriam gets a phone call and shares the news with Gabe, Federico is dead.

JC tries to convince Paulina that Karen is troubled and didn’t have any bad intentions during yesterday’s little chat. Meanwhile, Karen is applying lip gloss and thinking aobut how much she digs JC.

Leo promises Mari that he’ll try to figure out what happened with her mom, and that she shouldn’t worry about it. Mari breaks the news that she and Gabe are going to get married. Poor Leo.

Miriam & Jos are discussing Federico’s death with Demian. He says that since it benefited them so much, they owe him a favor. Miriam says okay, let me know what you want. He wants Jos to sell him all her shares of the company.

**Many thanks to Jardiniera for covering for me….We were without electricity for almost a week. Ugh. Thanks!**


La Fea Más Bella #176 12/28/06 Adios, Mr Mumbles

Tomas is still in the hot seat in the boardroom. He can’t say where Lety is or when she’ll return. Marcia and Ariel think this is very suspicious. Tomas says that if something were truly suspicious, then no one would have shown up on Lety’s behalf, but here he is to answer their questions. The lawyers say Tomas’s presence is not sufficient; they must have Lety present. They agree to reconvene when Lety can attend.

The Bellezas thank Lety for saving their butts. They were very nervous during the history quiz but she helped them get over it. Lety tells them that they are beautiful and smart. They agree but say Lety is way smarter. Carolina hears this and joins in, saying that if they’re impressed now, they should see Lety manage a large company’s finances. The bellezas are very impressed. Lety is thankful for their praise but she says true intelligence is achieved when you learn to understand nature (obviously this is Aldo’s influence coming through). She goes on to talk about letting the beauty of nature take their worries away. Nature is like music; you have to let its rhythm move you along (or something like that). As she talks, Aldo walks up behind her. He signals to the bellezas to keep quiet. When Lety realizes he’s there, she becomes embarrassed that he heard her. Aldo says “Ah so, the student surpasses the master.” He tells her he is proud of her, and we get a nice close-up of Lety’s smile and her tan, which is coming along nicely!

Back at Irmita’s house, her daughter Rebeca sits on her bed where her father is lying. She tells him she forgives him and he mumbles “Great, but what about my son Jorge?” [The ungrateful geezer!] Irma and Rebeca struggle to give an answer, and finally come up with “He couldn’t find a flight.” He sees through the lie and mumbles some more and feels sorry for himself. He says, “I wish I could tell Jorge that I loved him” just as Jorge walks into the bedroom. Jorge joins them at the bed and also forgives dad.

Tomas becomes very nervous at Ariel’s threats of using “alternate methods” to get back the company. Humberto calms him down and tells him to inform Lety of how important it is that she show up in person. Ariel hands Tomas a phone, but Tomas says he can not call her. He must wait until she calls him. He promises to give her the message and deliver her response by tomorrow morning. Humberto gets up to leave and the rest of the board stares at Fern.

Humberto walks out to the lobby and Alicia stops him to get the gossip. Of course, he is in no mood and cuts her off.

Fernando asks Tomas if they can speak alone. Tomas says he’s in a hurry but Marcia says that surely he has time to speak to Fernando, who is obviously is very concerned about Lety [do I detect a bit of sour grapes?].

In the living room, Luigi is entertaining Irmita’s granddaughter. Irma, Rebeca, and Jorge walk in. The look on their faces says Mr. Mumbles is gone [What a gyp, I really hoped the selfish turd would provide a perfectly reasonable explanation for abandoning them before he kicked the bucket.] Irma takes Luigi and the grandkid into the kitchen.

Jorge and Rebeca have a heartwarming reunion chat in the living room. They note how ironic that dad, who abandoned them so long ago, has now brought them back together.

In her kitchen, Irma grills Luigi about taking her phone book from her purse. She figured out that he took her used the book to find and call Jorge. Luigi tries to defend himself, but Irmita stops him and thanks him for convincing Jorge to come home.

Lety, Caro, and Aldo are getting out of their car. Aldo has brought them to the top of a hill to see a beautiful view of city and the water. Lety again tells Aldo how embarrassed she is that he heard her nature talk. She feels like she stole his words. He tells her to fogetaboutit! Just then a tow truck pulls up next to them carrying a smashed minivan. He is impactado.

After a commercial break, it’s suddenly night time and it’s raining. Aldo walks to the car. There are sirens and police lights. He nears the car and looks at a pretty woman lying, presumably dead, in the passenger seat. He screams “Nooooooo!” ...Wait, this is a memory! He snaps out of it, and it’s daytime again. Caro and Lety ask him what’s wrong, and suddenly, but Aldo is acting very un-Aldo-like. He tells them he wants to be alone, and he walks towards the minivan. Caro perceptively explains that everyone has their story, and surely Aldo has one too. He continues to examine the smashed minivan on the tow truck. He gets in and looks at the shattered windshield. Caro and Lety are confused and worried, but they do as Aldo asks and leave.

Tomas and Fern go to the president’s office. Fern asks Tomas to please ask Lety to think about this. Surely she is hurt and probably wants revenge against Fern, but she can not continue her insolence toward the board. Tomas retorts that the board has not behaved very nicely with Lety, so what do they expect? Fern says he understands, but by not showing up, Lety is giving the impression that she is running from them. He asks Tomas to beg Lety to rethink this. Fern walks around the desk to Tomas, and pulls up a chair next to him. He swivels Tomas’s chair around to face him. He tells Tomas that, as a personal favor to Fern, he should please ask Lety to call him. He’s dying to talk to her. Tomas asks Fern to remember everything that he did to hurt Lety. Fern says he will never forget it. He says he will give Lety the message, but he will not defend Fern to her. He adds that Lety gave everything, her whole life, to Fern and his company. She deserves more than their stupid suspicions.

Tomas walks out of the president’s office, and the cuartel pounce on him. They want to know where Lety is and when she will be back. He ducks so that Alicia can not see him. The cuartel duck too. He ducks further, and so does the cuartel, until everyone is sitting like pre-schoolers on the floor. They tell him they are dying form lack of information but he does not spill the beans.

At Irmita’s, Luigi brings up the practical matter of the burial. Rebeca tells him not to worry, she and Jorge will raise the funds required to bury Mr. Mumbles. Irma tells her kids that Luigi is like another son to her. Jorge welcomes Luigi to the family [is Jorge qualified to do that, seeing as how he himself has not visited his mom or sister in 2 decades?].

Caro takes Lety shopping. Lety is still wondering what’s wrong with Aldo. As they walk, Lety complains about her sore legs (from running on the beach with Aldo) and shows Caro how her legs are shaking from fatigue. As they enter a clothing store, Lety tries to get out of it by saying that she does not have money to shop. Caro says she can deduct it from Lety’s pay, because Lety needs to be presentable for upcoming events. Caro picks something up and shows it to Lety. Lety says it’s too “naked.”

Tomas pulls his Baretta trench coat over his head and tries to sneak by Alicia, but she catches him and grabs his coat. He tells her to calm down, but she hits him with the coat and yells that he still has her 500,000 pesos. She will sue and have him sentenced to life in prison. He tries to tell her that it’s really not so bad. He tries to get away but she stands in the elevator door, spread-eagle, blocking his way. She calls him desgraciado (disgraceful) and yells that she will not let him get away with this. Lucky for him, Marcia and Mama Tere walk into the lobby and demand to know what’s going on. Alicia, who is still spread across the elevator door in her micro-mini skirt, is embarrassed. Tomas takes the opportunity to excuse himself and takes off toward the stairs. Marcia explains to Mama Tere that it’s been so long since Alicia’s seen a man that, when she does see one, she loses control. Mama Tere says “what a horror” and walk away. Marcia says she is disgusted that Alicia slept with Tomas. Alicia responds that at least Tomas dresses nicely, while Fern has been with Lety, who is no prize either.

Tomas falls asleep on the bus, and the neighborhood bullies board the bus and wake him up. They mess with him and ask if they sent Lety away to live in the zoo. Tomas says that, as a matter of fact, Lety is in Acapulco working a very important public relations gig for the Nuestra Belleza pageant. Tomas jumps off the bus and the bullies follow him to Lety’s house. As usual, Robopop comes out and saves Tomas from further humiliation.

Robopop asks Tomas why he had to go to Conceptos. Tomas says that they wanted to compare some documents at the office with the documents here at home. Robopop asks if they are satisfied with findings, otherwise, he will go down there himself and set everything straight.

Fern goes to see Omar for the daily rehash. Omar, Mr Busy Executive -- who claimed on Tuesday’s show to have lots and lots of work to do -- is very busy indeed, sitting in the empty vice-presidential office watching t.v. Actually, he is watching coverage of the Nuestra Belleza pageant. Fern yells at him for watching t.v. Omar says that nothing relieves stress like watching the bellaza honeys shake their thang. Fern is not amused. They fulfill their daily rehash obligations; which boils down to: they still don’t where Lety is. As they end their conversation, they stand with their backs to the t.v. Had they turned around, they would see Lety smiling and waving at the camera.

Tomas assures Robopop that everything went fine at the office and they were satisfied with the documents Tomas presented. Robopop says they need to think of plan to earn money, because he does not want to mooch off of Lety and Tomas can not continue to live off his mom’s bakery forever. Julieta agrees that the money situation is not good.

When Erasmo goes upstairs, Julieta corners Tomas and asks him how it really went at his meeting. Tomas admits that it went badly, but then says he can not tell her why. Julieta says she is going crazy with all the secrecy and demands to know what’s going on.

Fern tells Omar to turn off the t.v. Omar, sensing that Fern is in a worse mood than usual, asks Fern if he wouldn’t like to be in Acapulco with the sun and the beach and the bellezas. Her says he just told Marcia that he loves Lety. He yells that he is not interested in any of the Acapulco crap that Omar is talking about.

In Marcia’s office, Mama Tere asks Marcia what’s wrong. Marcia takes a deep breath and tells her that Fern just confirmed that he fell in love with Lety. Mama T laughs and says “Yeah right! That's terrible joke.”

Caro and Lety continue to argue about clothes. Caro does not like Lety’s choices (we don’t get to see them, they’re already in the shopping bags) and her patience has worn thin again.

After some more prodding, Tomas finally spills the beans and tells the story of why Fern created Filmo Imagen… he leaves out the parts with the sex, lies, and Carvajalmarks, but he does tell her that the truth about Conceptos, Filmo Imagen, and Lety’s ownership of both was brought to light at the board meeting, and that’s why she ended up quitting. Julieta is impactada and slightly confused. She’s worries that Lety will go to jail. Tomas explains that, while the dealings were slightly on the unethical side, they were technically legal, so Lety will not go to jail.

Omar goes into Fern’s office to ask if Tomas or Lety have called yet. Fern is sitting at the desk. He shakes his head "no" but is very intently looking at his open wallet. Omar the Imbecile grabs his wallet to see what's inside and then ricules Fern for carrying a picture of the "little gargoyle." Fern calmy gets up, takes the wallet back, puts it in his back pocket, and walks around the desk to where Omar is sitting. Then he GRABS Omar by the collar and slams him into the cabinet behind him. "Call her a gargoyle one more time, I want to see if you dare!" Omar, I think, is so impactado that he poo'ed his pants! GO FERN!! Finish him off!!!

Is this the end of Fern's friendship with Omar?
Will we have a double funeral for Mr Mumbles and Omar the Imbecile?
And since we're having funerals, will Lety finally get to bury her granny clothes?


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Navidad Sin Fin - Dec. 28, 2006

Rosita enters the bedroom - she looks around at the mess and closes the door. Ludovico jumps out from behind the bed and growls - Rosita screams - kids laugh as they climb out of the closet. Rosita isn't amuzed and tells the kids to leave - everyone has been worried and looking for them. As the kids leave, Ludovico apologizes to Rosita. Rosita accepts and gives him advice before she leaves. Ludovico is upset and thinks he is ugly and unlovable.

Julieta talks with Angelita in her office about Nico. Before she leaves, Angelita asks her to do a favor - go to the hospital to bring a young girl to the center - the girl's name is Consuela and Angelita tells Julieta to be a friend and guardian for the girl. Angelita trusts her to accomplish it and hands Julieta the address. Rodo enters as Julieta tries to turn the task down but Angelita encourages her. Julieta leaves. Rodo expresses his opinions; Angelita says to give her a chance.

In the activity room, Julieta runs into Tonita and another worker. Tonita asks what the paper is for - Julieta doesn't say too much, only that it is about money and leaves.

Blanca and Jacinto talk in the workshop about their past history. She's missed him so much - he thinks it is 40 years too late for a reconciliation. She is upset and leaves - he grumbles to himself.

In bedroom alone, Julieta puts a wad of pesos in her bra and stuffs several items in a plastic bag.

Jacinto talks with Nico in the workshop. Jacinto looks at Nico's hands and asks him about his musical talents - they talk about Jacinto's love of pianos. Jacinto shows Nico an ad for a special piano and the price. Jacinto's dream is to own this particular expensive piano and is saving his money to purchase it - Ernesto eavesdrops on the conversation. Nico agrees to help Jacinto.

In the bedroom, Casimiro talks with Ludovico about how to win over Angelita. Ludovico gives him suggestions and encouragement. Casimiro leaves - Ludovico prays to Boss with report.

In the office, Rodo and Angelita discuss the bad vibrations being felt around the center. They list all the new arrivals - Rodo mentions Casimiro and that she hasn't been herself when he's around. Angelita is surprised. Angelita suggests that they do a complete background check on all of the new arrivals. Rosita enters to tell them that Casimiro and Nico are waiting outside.

Nico enters the office and talks with Angelita and Rodo about his interest in living and working at the center. Angelita welcomes Nico.

Casimiro is in the reception area with a cup of tea he specially prepared for Angelita - Rosita tells him that she and Rodo are busy right now. Casimiro is very enchanted with Angelita.

Angelita explains the rules to Nico for life at the center complex.

Nurse Berenice encourages Blanca to open up and go on with life. Blanca is depressed; she thinks that her whole family doesn't love her or want her around - that she is nothing but an obligation and a bank account to them. Berenice tells her that her niece Maricela wants to visit her and is waiting downstairs to see her. Blanca is excited and happy.

Angelita and Rodo finish their talk with Nico in the office. Nico leaves. Rosita enters and Angelita asks about Casimiro. Rosita tells her that he just left but will return later. Angelita says when he returns to send him in, she wants to talk with him. Rosita thinks he is really weird. Rodo gives his opinion. Angelita thinks he is a good person, just lost and misunderstood.

Julieta then enters with Consuela to meet with Angelita, Rodo and Rosita. Angelita says hello and welcomes Consuela to the center. Julieta thanks Angelita for trusting her with the money and the task. Angelita says she always had faith in her. Rosita escorts Consuelta and Julieta out of the office. Rodo and Angelita comment on Julieta's change.

The children pull Ludovico into the activity room - they like him and want him to stay and play. Tonita comes over and helps the children convince Ludovico to stay. They walk over to talk with Blanca and Berenice, then move on and help with the decorating. In the middle of decoration, Ludovico walks to the side - he is scared of the new strange feeling that is coming over him. Tonita and the children ask him what's wrong - he thinks he wants to cry - Tonita says it's okay to cry - she gives him a hug as he starts to cry.

Angelita invites Casimiro into her office to talk. He presents her with a bouquet of a dozen roses to show his affection for her - it startles and shocks Angelita. Rodo steps into the office, takes the roses and defends Angelita's reaction as he pushes Casimiro out of the office quickly. Angelita sits down and takes a deep breath.

Ludovico finishes hanging signs and decorations in the activity room. Everyone cheers his good work. As Rodo enters, Ludovico has a panic attack, gets scared and runs out of the room. Casimiro finds him cowering in fear in the corner of the dining hall. Casimiro tries to talk him into coming out. He won't, he's too scared. Rodo comes in and tries to coax Ludovico out of the corner. Ludovico doesn't move.

Rodo finds Angelita in her private greenhouse. They discuss Casimiro and the roses, as well as Ludovico. Rosita enters and Rodo tells her what happened with Casimiro and his roses. Rosita can't believe he would dare do something like that. Rodo thinks he is somewhere between good and evil. Rosita wonders if he may be trying to kill Angelita.

Casimiro and Ludovico talk in their bedroom about Angelita and Rodo's reactions to the roses. Ludovico gives him another idea and encouragement to win over Angelita. He hands Casimiro a special ring that Casimiro can give her.

Cucis talks with Angelita in her office - Cucis has enough for an ordinary article about Rodo, but she's more interested in doing an article about the center and wonders if Angelita will allow her to do it. Angelita doesn't see anything wrong with Cucis interviewing the residents, and suggests she do it from the perspective "a dream to be lived." Cucis likes the suggestion and asks about taking photos - Angelita comments about photos no, dreams yes.

Rosita talks with Casimiro in the reception area about his obsession with Angelita - they argue - Casimiro thinks she is just trying to keep true love from blossoming.

In the dining hall, Nico and Tonita are talking and setting the tables. Ernesto enters and Tonita stops and gives him a hug. Nico is jealous. When Tonita leaves, Nico expressed his jealousy and pulls a knife on Ernesto. Ernesto tells him to drop the act, there's nothing to be jealous of. Ernesto asks Nico to talk in private in his bedroom. Tonita returns to work; Ernesto and Nico excuses themselves and leave.

Rosita talks with Rodo about her argument with Casimiro, and the danger to Angelita.

Julieta is brushing Consuela's hair in her bedroom. Angelita enters to visit. Angelita teaches Consuela a way to say yes and no (one blink for yes; two for no), then she asks Consuela if she's sad, Consuela blinks once and then hugs Angelita.

In Ernesto's bedroom, Ernesto shows Nico the ad on the internet for the piano that Jacinto wants to buy. They discuss the price. Tonita runs in and joins the discussion of how they are ever going to raise the money to buy it. Tonita is depressed about her own dream that may never come true. Tonita starts to cry and runs quickly out of the room. Ernesto explains to Nico why she left like she did (her dream).

Jacinto holds his envelope with his saved pesos as he talks with Cucis in the workshop. Tonita runs in crying and then vanishes away just as fast. Jacinto excuses himself - he needs to go check on her.

Berenice talks with Angelita in the administration offices about Blanca and her family. Berenice asks if they can have a second opinion on Blanca's diagnosis and treatment. Angelita offers Berenice the use of her office to make the phone call. As Berenice walks away, Angelita goes over to Cucis and tells her to not include anything scandalous about the center in her article.

In the dining hall, Angelita watches from the side as Jacinto gives Tonita his envelope of pesos. Tonita is so excited and happy. Tonita runs off. Angelita asks him about his piano. He replies, "Some dreams are more important than others."


Updated Casting Notes --
Part 1 -Angelita - Nancy Patino; Rodito - Andres Garza; Pedro - Fernando Colunga; Reina - Ana Berta Lepe; Jose Luis - Eduardo Rivera; Julietta (social worker lady) - Alejandra Procuna; Francisco "Pancho" - Jorge Muniz; Solis (Chief of Police) - Juan Pelaez; Darro (the director) - Manuel Flaco Ibanez; Lola - Rosita Pelayo; Veronica - Ivonne Corona; Felipe - Jorge de Silva.

Part 2 - Angelita - Alejandra Barros, Rodito - Ignacio Lopez Tarso; Padre Miguel - Xavier Lopez Chabelo; Sebastian - Gerardo Munguia; Casimiro - Roberto Bolanos; Don Alberto - Sergio Sanchez; Alejandra - Nora Salinas "Carolina" LFMB, Yolanda - Elizabeth Alvarez, "Marcia" LFMB; Mauricio - Raul Maga~a "Adrian" LFMB.

Part 3 - Angelita - Macaria, Rodito - Jan (Santiago/Luciano); Tonita - Yadhira Carillo; Cucis Savala - Marlena Favela; Julietta - Alejandra Procuna; Casimiro - Roberto Bolanos; "Boss" - Luis Couturier; Blanca - Luz Maria Aguilar; Matilde - Blanca Sanchez; Ludovico - Gustavo Aguilar "Manotas".


La Fea Más... Greek?

Greece now has its own version of Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. It's called Μαρία, Η Άσχημη ("Maria, the ugly one"). This is the only photo I've been able to find so far.


Heridas de Amor - December 27

Veronica sobs asking Renata for forgiveness for what she did with Bertha. Renata is angry as she finally puts together in her small head exactly what Bertha has been doing to her. She realizes out loud that Miranda was right, her aunt had her and Flor hypnotized. She hangs her mouth long and open as she shakes her head in denial. She yells how she wishes she could have Bertha in front of her to yell at her what all she deserves. The gun shots interrupt Renata's pity party. Veronica wisely surmises that the shots came from inside the house and they should go. Renata grabs the baby and they head for Gonzalo's bedroom because there is direct access to the garage from his room.

Bertha and Guapo argue in the kitchen over Charo's body. Guapo squats over Charo's body and fiddles with his gun. He holds the gun so the tip touches the back of Charo's head. Bertha, who is upset, tells Guapo he should have a machine gun so that he can be heard from ten blocks away. When Guapo checks for Charo's breathing they find that she is not quite dead. Bertha didn't want gun shots fired. She calls Guapo stupid and scolds him for doing what he wants. He is making her tired. Guapo undeterred by her words goes looking for the baby. Bertha, with briefcase/purse in hand, follows him from behind.

Veronica and Renata, both in heels, stumble into the kitchen and begin ugly crying when they discover Charo's body. The noise they make it is a wonder Guapo doesn't hear them. They touch Charo’s back and learn from that quick touch that she is not dead, just hurt. They head out for the street.

Amparo, Carola, Raul and Francisco talk over the Sanson incident. Francisco wants to report Sanson to the police. The others argue that he can’t do that, it will be dangerous. Finally Amparo stands up agreeing that he is right. Francisco gives a lecture that he has to do what's right to serve as an example for them and for their children. The law is the law and without it you can’t pass through the arc of triumph. Francisco and Raul leave to report Sanson with Amparo's blessing that the Virgin watch over them.

Veronica and Renata with baby in arms head outside to immediately hail a taxi. They are off for an undisclosed place. Meanwhile in the mansion Bertha and Guapo enter the library. Bertha can’t believe that Charo was right that no one was in the house. The house phone rings while they are there and they listen to the answering machine take the message. It's Miranda leaving a message that Gabino has given her proof against Bertha that he had kept hidden away. Guapo wants to know what Miranda is talking about. Bertha denies knowing but her hand is at her forehead showing her distress. She wants to go before the police come and find them there. Guapo reaches out to touch Bertha. She yells No and slaps his good hand away. She dares him to touch her or she will break his teeth. She threatens that if he tries to put his dirty hand (singular hand that is, the good hand) on her again she swears he will regret it, as he already knows.

In Gonzalo’s old green office Santiago pleads with Al that he can’t do anything against Cesar and Bertha. He asks Al to put himself in his shoes. Al yells that he can’t, Bertha and Cesar are always steps ahead of them. They have to do something. Santiago says he cant, the evil duo have his hands and feet tied. Fab, who has been sitting in the back of the office, joins in agreeing with Santiago that Bertha and Cesar and their henchmen (secuaces) are dangerous. Al suggests that they come up with a trap for C and B. Santiago says they don't have corrupt enough minds to think up a trap like the evil duo. As the men are about to leave the office Al comes up with the idea to have Santiago's bank account available for him. Al thinks it's the best way to get the evil duo in their hands.

Roman waits outside Santiago’s office. When Santiago arrives Roman tries to get Santiago to agree that he won’t tell anyone that he has spoken with Nuria and Luis Alberto. Ramon wants an agreement before he will let Santiago see them. Santiago, under duress, agrees to not say anything.

Marisol baits Lilliana to drink too much and to talk too much about Alejandro. From the lightning and paintings in the background they appear to be in a French restaurant during the day. However Lilliana is drinking like it is New Years Eve. There are 3 or 4 empty margarita glasses (one the rocks, not frozen) in front of Lilliana. Her hair is perfect but she speaks as if she is drunk. After some prodding and encouragement from Marisol, Lilliana stands up in the room and yells that she loves Alejandro Luque. Marisol grins, her plan is working. Lilliana leaves for the restroom and Marisol picks up Lilly's cell phone to call Al. She tells Al that Lilly is drunk and he needs to come and pick her up. After a few words Al agrees to come get her. Lilliana returns from the bathroom none the wiser to Marisols little phone game. She tells Marisol she is dizzy and wants to go home. Marisol tells her to drink another drink.

Bertha yells at Guapo to leave the house. He wants to know why she is staying but she doesn't tell him. He asks if she is still angry about what happened. She answers that every time that she remembers she is repulsed, he raped her! He taunts her to show him even one bit of proof of violence, one bruise; something that shows that he raped her. The only thing he did was to follow the rules of her game. With wide eyes she tells him to go and he does. She walks around the empty mansion looking in amazement at the empty rooms. She makes sounds as if she is having orgasms as she tours the rooms. She starts to talk to herself saying that all of this was mine or no ones. The mansion San Llorente will never be what it was. The days of glory for this family have ended. Ghosts! Ghosts! She continues with her noises and states I did it! I achieved it. She then reaches for her cell phone and calls for an ambulance saying there was an injury.

Al arrives at the restaurant to find Lilliana passed out on the table. He asks Marisol why she let Lilly get like this. Marisol claims Lilly was like this when she arrived. She leaves the passed out Lilly with Al. He orders coffee and after I guess some time we see Lily sitting up straight again. Wow I never knew coffee worked that fast! Al asks Lilly why she drank so much. She tells him she did it for him, because she loves him. She tells him to forgive her; she still doesn't know what she is saying. He is sweet to her and he tells her he will take her home. He pays the bill and they leave.

Santiago and Ramon chit chat on a bench outside his office. Santiago has been debriefed about all of Ramon’s actions for Gonzalo. Santiago believes he is a changed man and encourages Ramon to go after Amparo. Nuria runs up claiming that Florencia’s death was her fault. Santiago calms her down by stating the facts, Flor died from heart disease. Luis Alberto stands by Nuria and claims he has tried to tell Nuria the same thing. Nuria tells Santiago that they are going to leave the country. Santiago tries to get them to stay because they are fundamental witnesses against the evil duo. Luis Alberto tells Santiago that he doesn’t understand how bad B and C are nor does he understand what they will do to retaliate if Nuria and LA report them. Santiago looks over his shoulder at Ramon.

Fernanda wants to report Bertha, Guapo, Cesar and Sanson. Her daughters are at risk. Juan tells her when she wants to he is ready to help her report them. Veronica and Renata plus baby burst into the office.

Fermin and Vicente talk about Santiago’s account. Vicente wants to know if the original documents have Berthas handwriting on them. Fermin thinks they do and suggests that they need to compare the documents to others written by Bertha. Vicente wants to get Mexico's best hand writing analyst to review the documents. He will ask Lilliana to contact the analyst because she works with the analyst all the time. Lilly’s involvement with this family never ceases.

Veronica and Renata tell Juan and Fernanda about the shots. Veronica is still sporting toilet paper on her mouth where she was injured by Sanson. I want to wipe it off. Anyhow they tell how they left in a hurry leaving their purses and cell phones. They wanted to call an ambulance for Charo but couldn't because they had left all their stuff. Renata calls from Ferns office to find that someone else has already called for an ambulance. The ambulance is bringing Charo to Ferns hospital, of course. Never mind that Mexico City is the largest city in the world, there is only one hospital that counts for these folks. .

Gabino, Arcadia, Miranda and Naty talk about the harvest. According to their records they will have a high production volume for the harvest. Naty tries to add that they make the best chocolate, gourmet chocolate but she stumbles on the word gourmet. She can’t get the word out and Miranda laughs helping her say the word. (Was this an ad lib contribution?) They believe they will recuperate what they have lost. Gabino needs more wrappers so Miranda tells him to sell another car. Fernanda calls with news about Charo. Miranda pleads for Fern to help Charo because without her testimony Alejandro will be lost. Commercial time. Miranda wants Veronica, Renata and the baby to come to the hacienda for safety. Fern has to tell her that they are with Andrea because they do not have money for the trip there. Fernanda ends the conversation telling Miranda that she is going to file an act against Bertha and Cesar. There is hesitation from Miranda but she relents. Fern tells Miranda to hold on for one more thing. The blood on the handkerchief is the same type of blood that Cesar has. (Which Cesar admitted to having when Flor needed a blood transfusion.)

Fabricio enters Florencia's bedroom talking to himself. No one is home and he is scared about the baby. He calls Al, who, still does not know about what has happened to Charo. Al tells Fab to not touch anything and to come to the office right away. Al calls Fern and gets the scoop. He tells Vicente and Fermin that another witness is injured.

Naty advises Miranda to not worry, death won’t come there. Arcadia tells Miranda to believe her. Miranda asks Naty who hurt Charo. Naty says it was the serpents tongue. Miranda immediately jumps to thinking it was Bertha. Naty tells her no but Bertha saw what happened. Miranda asks for advice on what to do. Naty tells her that the law will arrive in front of Bertha, the law of men and the law of the Almighty. (altisimo) Spooky music and spooky eyes look back at Miranda.

Fernanda talks to Juan about Charo. Charo is stable; she had a bullet behind her shoulder and one to her leg. What's more Charo won’t say who it was and she won’t report anything. She's terrified. Juan asks if Fern suspects anyone. Fern tells him she doesn’t suspect, her soul is screaming that it was Bertha. But it’s her sister! What can she do?!?! It’s her sister! Juan advises that even though it’s her sister Bertha is threatening everyone; everyone is in danger, including the baby. Juan continues saying It’s possible that Bertha went to the house to get the baby but Charo stopped her. Fern keeps asking Why?!

Fabricio sits on the floor of Florencia's bedroom talking to Renata by cell phone about what all he knows. He will go to the office and then to Andreas house to see them. He hangs up the phone to have a green memory of Flor dying. Fab gets up and goes to the bed asking where is Flor and why did God take her? Why is he being punished in this manner? He promises to get ahead for her, him and for their baby. He asks that Florencia, wherever she is, that she help him and that she won’t go far from him ever.

Alejandro talks with Vicente and Fermin in his/Gonzalo’s office. Santiago enters asking that Al not insist he report Bertha. Al tells him he won’t, but at the same time he doesn’t want Santiago to renounce his vocation. Fermin agrees, saying he is taking responsibility for his actions. Years ago he committed an error and if he gets fired he doesn’t care. He has hands to fight and he can get ahead in another way. Al tells Santiago that Fermin has brought the application that Bertha signed with her handwriting in his name from when she opened that account. Santiago tries to find an excuse saying but Fermin has a family! Fermin brushes him off and Vicente pipes up with some legalese. Vicente tells him that they need for him to advise his superiors about the scandal when the story breaks and everything comes to light. Santiago finally agrees. Al promises to never violate Santiago’s rules of confession. Vicente looks off after Al's statement as if he doesn’t believe they will be able to do that.

Miranda wants to know if Naty knows who the man was that attacked her. Naty looks off in her own green memory. She remembers Cesar talking with Sanson as Sanson dressed Cesar's wound from Miranda's gun shot to his shoulder. Naty tells Miranda that it was “Jade Eyes” who attacked her; it was his blood that fell in the house and that is why her father can't gather his footsteps. Miranda wants to know if her father is resting in peace. Naty tells her no, everything began in this place. Here Gonzalo San Llorente forged his disgrace. Only she and Tomasa knew the truth. No one else. Miranda asks her if she remembers what happened "That Night". Naty tells her she remembers like if it was yesterday. But she won't tell Miranda until Bertha, Al and Fernanda are all at the hacienda together. That is the day that Miranda’s father will rest in peace. Miranda whines that Bertha won’t come. Naty tells her to tell Bertha that she has the pistol that Bertha has been looking for.


Mundo de Fieras, Wed. Dec. 27 - the plot moves forward a little

Miriam runs into Gabriel in the front hall of the house. He suggests that Joselyn might need her since he just told Joselyn that he loves MA. Gabriel says that he does not blame Joselyn totally for what has happened but he wants to move forward with his life, with his children and MA whom he has loved from afar for a long time.

Miriam rushes to the door of the office but the door is locked and Joselyn doesn’t answer.

Demian is visiting Paulina and JC. [Without his beard, JC could pass for a woman] When he leaves, JC remarks on the change in Demian and how it has affected his mother.

Demian comes downstairs where Miriam is hanging around outside the locked office door. He says that he wants to speak to Joselyn. Miriam explains that she has locked herself in the office and won’t open the door even for her. Demian asks Miriam to give Joselyn a message that Federico has asked Gabriel to visit him in prison on a matter of urgency that is related to Josleyn. Miriam is impactada.

Gabriel goes to see Federico and he tells Gabriel that he is Joselyn’s true father. Gabriel is impactado. ‘Does Joselyn know this?’ asks Gabriel. ‘Oh yes, she knows,’ responds Federico.

Miriam gets the keys and unlocks the door of the office, where Joselyn is crouched on the ground crying. [Her face is covered with tears and that eye makeup does not run – not even a little.] Miriam gives her the bad news about Gabriel’s visit to Federico in prison. Joselyn tell Miriam about Gabriel’s confession that he loves MA. Miriam tells Joselyn that they need to focus on the fact that if Federico tells MA that he didn’t kill Edgar, she and Joselyn could be in trouble. Joselyn pulls herself together with a drink and says that she will go to see Federico.

Paulina asks JC about having breakfast with Karen. He tells her that he loves he more than anything etc. etc. Paulina says that she is afraid that someone wants to separate them and do them harm. JC reassures her that nothing will come between them. Paulina then says how much she wants to get out of this house and get back to her love nest with JC.

MA tells Candelaria that she doesn’t like living at the mansion but she believes that Joselyn had something to do with the death of her mother. Candelaria is impactada.

Leo tells Silvestre that now that MA has left Candelaria’s house he has lost her forever and all his illusions have been destroyed. Silvestre says he knows what it is to love without hope and they have to be strong. He also tells Leo not to give up his dreams.

Gabriel tells Regina that he went to see JC and Paulina and offered them all his support. Regina thanks him and says that if JC and Paulina are happy, then she is happy. She and Gabriel kiss passionately.

Delores tells Paulina that JC is a great guy. Paulina tells Dolores that she is sorry about what happened to Edgar. Dolores tells Paulina that she is glad that she had the opportunity to tell Edgar that she loved him before he was killed and that Paulina should not hide her feelings for anyone because she might never get the opportunity to tell that person about them. Paulina agrees and says that she doesn’t understand why Federico would kill Edgar. Dolores replies that Federico did not kill Edgar but she won’t say any more.

Gabriel and Nicolas are looking for Joselyn but she has gone to the prison to see Federico. However, Federico refuses to see her.

MA tells Candelaria about what the nurse, Cecilia, saw in the hospital. Since no one hates MA as much as Joselyn, MA believes that it was she who killed her mother. Candelaria says that MA need conclusive proof to accuse Joselyn and MA agrees.

Leo and Cecilia convince the hospital to show them the security video of the corridor outside Aurora’s room. They see a woman dressed as a nurse go in but the view is from the back and they can’t be sure that it is Joselyn.

Luisito and David are messing around in the courtyard of the mansion and Joselyn comes and yells at them. MA appears and she and Joselyn have a screaming match where Joselyn tells MA that she is a bastard of low social status and MA says that this is her house so she has every right to be there.

The doctor tells Paulina that she is doing better but she needs to stay at the mansion for the time being. Paulina says that she feels useless and Regina produces a laptop and some work for her to do.

MA goes into the office to confront Joselyn about mistreating the children. Joselyn accuses MA of having an affair with Gabriel behind her back. MA denies it and once again warns Joselyn to leave the children alone. MA says that if Joselyn wants war, war it is. Joselyn says that now she is seeing the real MA and she is ashamed to have her as a sister. In comes Gabriel and drops the bombshell that he knows that MA and Joselyn are not sisters and that Joselyn is Federico’s daughter. Joselyn tries to deny it. Gabriel says that he won’t let Joselyn hurt him and MA anymore. Joselyn throws out a few more insults and leaves in a huff.

Regina has heard the arguing from the office and asks MA and Gabriel what is going on. MA tells her that Joselyn is not her sister. Regina is impactado.

Nicolas tells Rogelio that Diana wants a divorce. Rogelio says fine but he won’t give her a peso and Nicolas says no problem, she just wants her freedom.

Miriam comes to see Otilia and they try one-upmanship in insults. Otilia offers Miriam a job when her salon fails and offers to lend her some change. Miriam says to keep it to use at the beauty salon when she is having her “chinitos de quinceanera” fixed. My dictionary doesn’t have a definition for ‘chino’ that would make sense but obviously Miriam is suggesting that Otilia is trying to keep an appearance that is too young for her age (the reference to the ‘quinceanera,’ a girl’s 15th birthday celebration).

Regina tells MA that now she must decide what she going to do. She and Gabriel love one another and there is no longer any reason for them to be apart. Gabriel agrees. ‘What about his family?’ asks MA. Gabriel says that his children would not have any problem with his being happy with MA. MA says that she is confused and has to think. She leaves. Gabriel is upset but Regina counsels patience. Eventually MA will listen to her heart.

Leo runs into Miriam on the street. She invites him for a coffee.

While making a big mess with a skein of yarn, Candelaria tells Father Anselmo about MA’s suspicion that Joselyn murdered MA’s mother.

At a coffee shop, Miriam asks Leo to use his influence over MA to get her to leave the mansion. Her presence may cause Joselyn to have another breakdown. Miriam will give him money to offer MA. Leo is offended and tells Miriam about the dignity of poor people. He leaves and as he goes, Miriam says, ‘Wait, son.’ Leo turns back to her and says that he isn’t her son and she isn’t his mother. He leaves.

MA tells Candelaria and Father Anselmo the news about her not being Joselyn’s sister. They are impactados but they tell MA that now nothing and no one can impede her and Gabriel getting together.

Gabriel tells Luisito, Paulina and JC the same news and they all agree that now he and MA can be happy together.

In her office, Miriam recalls Leo saying that he is not her son and she is not his mother. She vows not to let her unhappy past mess up the present. Ingrid comes in and tells her that Joselyn is looking everywhere for her.

MA cries while thinking about all that her father suffered at the hands of Miriam and Joselyn.

Miriam comes to meet Josleyn in a bar and Joselyn tells her about Federico’s revelation to Gabriel. Miriam is impactada. Miriam wants Joselyn to leave the bar but she refuses. Tiberio is in the bar and he offers to take care of Joselyn.

Gabriel asks MA to dinner. MA says that she isn’t sure that they should be together. He tells her how much he loves her and she smiles.

Coyote calls Regina from prison and threatens JC.

Miriam comes to see Federico in prison and chews him out for telling Gabriel that he is Josleyn’s father. Rather unwisely, in my opinion, Federico tells Miriam that he is going to reveal everything – that Miriam forged the signature on Clemente’s will and that it was Joselyn who really killed Edgar. Miriam is impactada as the credits roll.

TOMORROW: MA gets boinked by Gabriel!!


La Fea Más Bella #175 12/27/06 Bellas learn history, and Feas repeat history

We open at Conceptos with Lola wondering how Rafael is doing and Sara saying he’s the same or worse, that he’s in his ultimate days and Marta doesn’t want to hear it because it’s ruining the tamale..? Don Fer walks in and takes it away from Marta and proceeds to eat it saying something about seeing if it’s poisoned. He continues eating it and then asks if anyone heard from Lety, which no one did so he offers the tamale to Sara on behalf of Marta, then finally gives it back to her after she has foamed at the mouth plenty. Marta says he never comes out of his office poor thing, as if he never gave it up. Sara says well what’s he going to do, sit out here with us? She calls Omar the Imbecile and tells him Fer waits for him. Sara wonders what in the world could it be that makes Fer worry so much about the whereabouts of Lety. Marta doesn’t know but she’s upset that Lety left without explaining anything, she wonders if Lety got other friends, and Sara says she’s not capable of something so low.

Back at the beach Aldo and Lety are talking about the fishermen and she asks if he’ll show her how to fish. He says of course, you make a beautiful fisherwoman. She doesn’t believe him. He wants to run again, she begs him no because she’s hurting, then she fakes him out and takes off and he follows her.

Back at Conceptos Fer is back in his supposedly former office again the phone rings and he yells for Lety to answer, then he catches himself. But he answers asking if it’s Lety. Of course it’s not, it’s his Mom, and they are coming by later and she wants to make sure things are ready for them. She hangs up on him and he thinks it’s awkward for her to do that.

At the beach, Caro shows up in a funky green get up and wonders what they were doing. Aldo explains why they were running, and Lety appears very fatigued. Aldo tells her a good bath will fix her up and he leaves to go prepare the food. Caro tells her they have to hurry because they have to be at many places. She hopes a bath will indeed help.

Back at Conceptos, the cuartel continues their speculation about Fer sleepwalking around and worrying about Lety, that she’s ok and her leaving without explaining. La Oxi walks in and the insults begin to fly. Juana mocks her sashays. They discuss her taking care of Don Humberto, and she makes a crack about Lety being the queen of the feas and the boss of the cuartel, and Roller Derby chic busts out again trying to pick a fight with Alicia and she essentially ignores Sara.

In Fer’s office he tells Omar that Lety is not going to show up, instead Mora is coming. Omar is impactado. He laughs and says there is then an exchange of gargolitas and now he’ll have the privilege of seeing the masculine version. Fer gets mad and tells him to call her by her name. Omar wonders if he knows where Lety is and Fer angrily says no. Omar makes fun of him having everything in control and asks if he doesn’t think all this is strange. Fer says of course it’s strange, what a foolish question. Omar then wonders what happened to his tie. Fer sarcastically says that he is so observant; he hasn’t worn a tie for two days. He yells that Omar is walking around here with his head in the clouds essentially pretending that everything is perfect. Omar says not in the clouds, but at least it should be that no one can notice your misery and failure.

Back in Acapulco Lety is quizzing the Bellezas on their trivia skills for the competition. They thank her for helping them. She tells them besides being beautiful they should be well prepared. She then mentions that she knows someone very beautiful but very lacking and she says they call her the Oxigenada….

Back at Conceptos the very same is wondering if Lety is coming. They tell her she’s not coming because she’s out of the City. Oxi speculates where she might be, at a Fea conference, on vacation to get her cousins the Mummies of Guanajuato (famous mummy museum there, bodies in the late 1800’s early 1900’s whose families couldn’t pay a grave tax were dug up and put on display for public shame). She then jokes that maybe she went to the Nuestra Bellezas pageant in Acapulco, and says no way, not that…..

Back at the pageant Caro now tries her hand at asking the test questions. Alex shows up and comments that the beauty is much more important than the knowledge. Nice... Caro asks what year the Berlin wall came down, and then in which treaty did Mexico lose almost half of it’s territory. Do you know? I’ll post the answer later…Lety is upset because the girls seem to forget all of the things she went over with them and none of them knew the answers.

Back at Conceptos Oxi tells them they should get to work and not have so much concern for one person. Roller Derby chic breaks out and tells Oxi not to provoke her. Oxi tells them that the Mendiolas and Ariel will arrive any minute and she doesn’t want them to see this disorder. They make fun of her assertion of authority. She snaps back that because Fer is no longer Pres and Omar not Vice Pres and Lopez and Marcia aren’t there, she is the highest authority. Ariel sneaks in and hears her oration. The cuartel see him and start working feverishly. Alicia tells the cuartel no one is superior to her and that’s how she likes to see them, listening to the president of Conceptos referring to herself. Ariel interrupts and asks Oxi how they can help her. She tries to cover, he just tells her to get coffee to the conference room. He asks if she knows if Lety is coming, Alicia thinks that she has many commitments and can’t show up. He wonders what is so important that she can’t show up. She says Lety thinks she’s more important than anyone including him.

Back at the pageant Caro scolds the girls that their marks will be really low. She continues asking questions and Lety starts to run around shouting the answers to the girls. Caro catches her and wants to know what she is doing. We see a camera that is filming the girls then zoom in on Lety. Hmmm….

Back at Conceptos Humb and Teri show up to Abitchita fawning all over them. He asks if everyone is in the meeting, including Lety. Oxi tells them the roll call, and that Lety is not expected. Marcia shows up next and they tell her everyone is here but the meeting hasn’t yet started.

We are now back at Irma’s and she is telling Luigi she hopes that he’ll find peace from their plan to have her children come and that confession is always a relief in one’s last hours. Luigi tells her to stop. She explains death is depressing. Luigi thinks she is an angel and that she shouldn’t have done this after all that happened. She tells him that Rafa is still a human being going through a hard time and that she might be able to do something. Just then the doorbell rings. Luigi answers to greet Irma’s daughter and granddaughter. They embrace wholeheartedly.

Back in the meeting everyone takes his or her place and Ariel wonders when Lety will arrive. Fer tells him she won’t.

Back at Irma’s tears all around, as everyone gets introduced to each other.

Humb is mad that Lety isn’t coming and thinks the meeting should have been cancelled. Fer tells them a representative will come, Mora. Ariel makes fun that she abandoned them to her boyfriend.

Outside Abitchia is yelling at the waitress who’s had enough and she yells back that ever since she lost her car she’s been much more hateful that she was even before. Oxi curses Mora as she walks away. On cue the bell rings and Mora comes out of the elevator. He hides from the Oxi and almost gets away with it, but she sees him and asks him why he’s here, desgraciado, and he tells her he has an important meeting. Sara tells him where to go and the meeting folks are impactado when he walks in and announces himself there on behalf of Lety. He hopes this will be brief because he has a packed agenda. There are looks exchanged as he takes his seat. Humb tells him how surprised they are that Lety doesn’t show up. Tomas asks if Fer didn’t tell them she was out of the city for a few days.

Back in Aca. Lety apologizes profusely for helping the contestants claiming that they are very nervous and she just wanted to help. Caro forgives her.

The priest has shown up at Irma’s to take Rafael’s final confession and now Irma takes her daughter to see Rafa. Luigi is left to entertain the grand-daughter. He makes a baby face but realizes she’s too old for that. Rafa is thrilled to see his daughter. Luigi talks to the granddaughter, even throwing in some English to her, saying how cool Irma is. The doorbell rings, Luigi answers and it’s the son Jorge. Luigi is impactado.

Back at the meeting Ariel wants to know if Lety knows how important it was that she was here. Fer says he could only leave messages. Tomas says she knows and that’s why he was sent as the legal representative, the manager of Filmo Imagen, he has cards but he forgot them. The lawyer says you may be these things, but you are not the proprietor so you can’t give them back the company. Tomas says, well yes, but she left the necessary authorization paper. Ariel says it wasn’t sufficient, she might be a swift economist etc. but she’s not a lawyer. Marcia suspects she did it on purposes and demands to know where Lety is. Tomas says he’s not authorized to give out that info and Fer has known this since he came to the house to look for Lety.

Jorge greets his niece and Luigi yells at him for hanging up, and Jorge apologizes that he was just mad at all his father did and that Luigi’s call made him decide to come after all. They kiss and make up…well anyway. Rafa is thrilled to have his daughter and she pardons him. He inquires about whether Jorge is coming too. Irma and the daughter aren’t sure what to say. So to give them time to think we go back to the meeting where Marcia proclaims how suspicious it is that Lety has gone away just now.

Tomas says it would be suspicious if neither of us came, but he says he presented his face for the both of them. Ariel tells him his face is ugly enough that it’s not sufficient. Omar cackles then shuts up. Tomas says well it’s simple then, you’ll have to wait for Lety to get back. Marcia wants to know where she is. He tells her he can’t divulge that either. Ariel warns him that if Lety doesn’t show up as soon as possible, they will have to resort to other methods of remedy. And the dum dum dum dum plays …….


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