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Una Familia Con Suerte #64-65 Fri 12/30/11 Does Big Mix Own This Show????

Vice arrives at Pancho's, apparently at Pancho's request. "You didn't think I'd find out what you were up to!" He's not going to let Vice's business mess with the company any more. Pancho reviews the whole racket (chanchullo) with him, and I admit I don't get all of it, but basically Vice and Enzo are controlling the availability of ingredients that Avon really needs. (Kickbacks were mentioned the previous night.)

Vice says his Aunty Fernanda knows all about the imports and is okay with it. (Indeed, in the first few weeks, she did make some vague statements to Enzo about the way he and Vice had been taking advantage of their positions in the company for some kind of side business, but she probably thought it was limited to modest commissions on imports and and did not realize the scope of their manipulation.) Pancho's putting an end to that, just like their expense accounts. Their little goldmine is closed!

Rebeca arrives, unnoticed by Vice. Vice brags that his involvement was somehow good for the company. Pancho continues to lecture about how it would have hurt the families of 120 workers. After some trash talk and empty threats, Vice finally leaves.

Pepe tires to warn Fraud about the fraud before the race begins, but can't get to him on time. Fraud is entertaining delusions of grandeur when Champi's engine begins to cough and sputter and finally gives out. The other guy wins. Pepe doesn't feel good about it. From afar, Lupe notices his unhappy face and thinks it's odd. Fraud, the sore loser, flings Champi's keys at the winner and runs away. Pepe tells the winning driver about the cheat. The winner doesn't care, and cheers victory with Tomás.

Next morning, Pina looks at a magazine and comments that Prince William is okay, but he's not as fine as her Frauddie. Fraud whines to Pina about losing the race. She tells him that Daddy will buy him a new car. He admits that "that mechanic" made a great car, but something went wrong and he's going to find out what.

Tomás is worried that if Pepe tells the truth, he'll lose the plumbing job again. He thinks Pepe should at least get back the money Fraud owes him. Fraud's an idiot, but he'll know that something happened. Pepe's going to tell the truth because that's what his dad taught him.

Elena and Lupe speculate that Pepe must've done something to rig the race. They share their suspicions with Pancho. Pancho says Pepe wouldn't do that... or would he?

Pina says Daddy will buy Fraud 20 new cars 1000 times better than the one he lost, and thinks Fraud is just sore because his girlfriend preferred the greengrocer's son with the corn-colored locks (cornilocks, pelos de elote). She urges him to let it go, not stoop to Pepe's level, because there are thousands, millions, of girls who deserve him more.

Vince and Enzo bicker. Arnoldo points out that Pancho is using a divide-and-conquer strategy on them. (He isn't, really; it's just that they're stupid.) They gotta stick together. All for one and one for all.

Vince gripes again about Enzo's failed plan involving the imports. Arnold has another idea: "everyone has a past," he hints. Enzo slyly asks, what's your past? "If only you knew the truth," Arnold replies in a thought bubble. He thinks they can get Pancho in trouble with Fernanda for violating his contract, specifically the clause that forbids relationships, because he's having a thing with Rebeca. And luckily, there's a guy in the Legal department who likes him!

Pepe tries to give Champi's keys back to Fraud and tell him the truth about the race, but Fraud is too busy insulting Pepe to listen. He tells him to keep the car! (I have to say, Pepe didn't try very hard. But it was still Fraud's choice not to listen!)

Pancho and Rebeca are making out in his office. She warns him they should be more careful. She corrects his vocabulary (turbulencia vs. truculencia), and he says he loves it when she corrects him and asks her to do it again. Just when I think she's going to spank him, Chacho and Nico bust in. These conversations are seldom worth relating. This one is no exception.

Vince calls Candy. She continues to give him the cold shoulder and tells him to read his poems to Sandy. Enzo rolls his eyes and sympathetically pets Vince's head like a dog's. (Speaking of which, whatever happened to Unbeja?)

Arnold takes a deep breath and tells himself, "it's all for the cause." He flirts painfully with the guy in Legal and coquettishly asks for a copy of Pancho's contract. No one will know. The guy agrees to give Arnold the contract, but only if Arnold will ask him out on a date. ("You won't stand me up, will you?") Arnold silently asks God to forgive him and repeats to himself that he's doing it for Vince.

Outside, Pancho is greeted with signs and cheers by the workers whose jobs he saved. The media is there too. Pancho stands on top of La Burra and gives a gracious speech. He tells the assembly that Fernanda put him in charge, and he won't let her down. Enzo and Vince come out of the building, the crowd harasses them, and they fear for their lives. Pancho tells the crowd that those two aren't worth breaking the law for. Enzo tells Vince, "now we owe our lives to the greengrocer!" (Let's see how far that gratitude goes. My guess is that what happens on the third step of the Avon main entrance, stays on the third step.) Vince disagrees.

Pancho runs into Jess at the market. She scolds him for being snotty to his old friends and wearing fancy new clothes and not being in love with Chela. He says he's grateful to Chela for her sacrifices, but doesn't want to give her false hope. (Chacho keeps interrupting because he wants to buy a creepy Grim Reaper statue.) Then he takes off his fancy jacket to help someone who dropped a crate of vegetables. See! He's still the same old Pancho. Apparently that's all it takes for Jess to forgive him.

Evening. Vince and Candy flirt on the phone. He wants to see her. She says she'll check her agenda and get back to him. (He correctly interprets this as a yes.)

Lupita tells Pancho that she's happy for him and Rebeca, but she's sad for Chela. There's no worse pain than unrequited love, but she wishes him luck with Rebeca. She asks if she can go to the university party with Alex. Pancho says sure, but come home early. Oh boy!!

Enzo isn't as excited about Vice's date with Candy as Vice is. Anyway, heeeeeeere's Arnold, and he has the contract!

Vince picks up Candy for their date and then gets paranoid that Pina will catch them.

Ana asks to come along on Lupita's date with Alex. She's very lucky to have the only sister in the world who would agree to such a thing. Lupita knows it's just to get near Fraud and says they're going to need to talk about that, but meantime, sure, just get yourself fixed up... Ana says she already is.

Pancho and Rebe are at a nice club. He hints around for the 100th time about his "namesake." It turns out that this "namesake" is Famous Cuban Singer Francisco Céspedes, who sings a song for Pancho and Rebeca. (Trivia: I sometimes, rarely, use Dragon, the voice-recognition software, to read my handwritten notes to the computer instead of typing them. Dragon doesn't know Vince, Pancho, Chela, Ana, or a lot of other names; but apparently it does know Francisco Céspedes.)

Pepe runs into Mónica on her way to the big bash at the university. No, they didn't officially have a date, but now they will.

Lupita admits to Alex that she isn't comfortable around all these fresas (present company excluded, of course). The party is apparently being sponsored by the snack mix that's advertised on the back of La Burra, because it's EVERYWHERE. (Hilariously, each open bag is so full that the chips are poking out of the top. When's the last time you opened a junk food bag that was completely full all the way to the top?) Fraud gets two bags, gives one to Alex, and then rudely says he didn't notice Lupita and Ana. Lupe tells him to buy some eyeglasses.

Fraud and Alex both hold their snack bags awkwardly so we can see the brand name, LOL. Lupita pulls Ana aside and tells her her that Fraud is a slime and a liver. (I've never heard "hígado" used that way before, but I guess there are worse organs she could call him.) Ana says she can't help who she falls in love with and anyway, he's a handsome liver! Ana just wants Lupe to keep her crush a secret. Again, Lupe doesn't tell Ana what really happened in Brazil.

Pepe is hanging around with Mónica and Karina. He doesn't want to dance to the techno music. Moni spots his sisters. Pepe is really surprised to see Ana here.

Oh my stars, what a coincidence! Vince and Candy are at the same club as Pancho and Rebeca! What were the odds?? Vince for some reason hides his wristwatch. Candy visits the restroom and meets an obnoxious drunk on her way in.

Rebeca and Pancho chat with the Famous Singer for a while and then are interrupted in mid-smooch by Vince, who can hardly believe his luck. He says it's a violation of ethics for these champions of ethics to be having an affair. (Seriously, Vince? Do you really want to go there?) Rebeca and Pancho remind Vince of some of his ethical breaches. (Candy comes out of the restroom, sees what's going on, and retreats.) Vince threatens to tell his Aunty Fernanda. Rebeca tells him Fernanda already knows. They all hiss at one another. Pancho accuses him of being jealous and says it'd be more productive to argue with Popeye. He and Rebeca leave.

At the party, Ana and Pepe decide that the techno music needs to be replaced. Fortunately, Ana has her mp3 player. They commandeer the DJ booth. (Mónica asks Karina to give Pepe a little more space, or else.) Fraud, who I think has been drinking, annoys Mo. Pepe and Ana announce that they're going to make the party more fun. Pepe starts dancing with a random girl. Fraud makes faces.

At the club, Vice tries to pump Candy for info about Pancho's relationship with Rebeca. It doen't work. She wants to dance. Vince refuses, so she goes up to the dance floor by herself. The obnoxious drunk bothers her again. Vince knocks him down and then punches him out.

Lupita teaches Alex to dance. Pepe gives dancing lessons to more fresa girls. Fraud gripes to Moni and Kari that it's more naco than drinking out of a juice pouch. He is astonished that they want to dance. He asks if naco is in style or something. They walk away, leaving him forlorn. He remembers Pina saying there are plenty of other girls when Ana catches his eye.

Pancho and Rebeca are at home. He remembers a family getaway to Acapulco years ago, on the cheap. Then something about fishing and getting to know each others' worlds. Then they have a long makeout session.

Vice's knuckles (nudillos) hurt. Candy kisses them, grateful that he defended her (though to be fair, anybody could have knocked that guy out easily).

Pepe asks Karina to dance with him, much to Mo's annoyance. Alex notes that Pepe is the life of the party. Lupe thinks they'd better go home so as not to annoy her father. She goes to fetch Ana. Meanwhile, Fraud gripes to Alex for taking the Lopez kids' side.

FINALLY Pepe asks Mónica, who is looking really sour by now, to dance. She protests that she doesn't know how to dance to this kind of music, but he loosens her up with a few steps.

Rebeca asks Pancho if the kids know about them yet. He says he told Lupita, and hey, where the heck is she now?? He calls her. He tells R that L is okay with their relationship; but Temo and Ana, that's a different sack of flour/kettle of fish, but nothing that can't be solved with a sincere dialog. (Hmm... hasn't he already tried that? Maybe it'll go differently now that we're not just speaking hypothetically.)

Next morning at breakfast, Candy comments on how happy Pepe and Pancho look. They giggle like naughty little boys. But Pancho says he'll feel better when the rest of the family accepts Rebe. "Although I never thought the day would come, the truth is that I'm really in love."

At the office, Rebeca and Bárbara rehash last night, including Vice's confrontation and a declaration similar to Pancho's. Bar is envious.

Chela arrives at Pancho's with Temo and breakfast. Pepe teases Lupita that she's in love with Alex. Noting that Ana hasn't come down for breakfast (I guess she hasn't moved in with Chela yet? I must have missed something), Pancho goes up to see Ana in her room. She doesn't want to talk.

Vice blissfully enjoys Adoración's breakfast, much to Pina's annoyance. Pina still doesn't want to talk to Ado. But Vice's mood is ruined when the newspaper arrives, sporting a gigantic photo of Pancho on the front page.

The Lopez family likes it better. Chela drools over the picture of Pancho on top of La Burra. He tells the family all about it. They plan a big dinner to celebrate.

On page 3, there is a photo of Vice and Enzo surrounded by the angry crowd. Vice unhappily admits that Pancho saved his life.

Enzo goes to Vince's house to be assaulted with a newspaper and rehash the discussion of Pancho's contract. (Pina asks Enzo if he'd like a coffee. "Yes, please." She tells him the coffee's in the kitchen. Ha!) They say everyone's contract has a clause about personal relationships. They're looking for one in Pancho's. Vince says he saw Rebeca and Pancho kissing in a bar. "Who did you go to a bar with?" Pina asks, since Vice's can't use Enzo as his usual alibi.

Pancho officially tells Chela that he and Rebeca are novios. A tear rolls down her cheek.

¡Prospero año nuevo!

Next time:
Chela cries and confronts Rebeca. Pepe finds out about Candy and Vice, and Pancho catches them in a public smooch.


El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of January 1 2012: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Dos mil doce is here! ¡Feliz año nuevo a todos!

There was no Flor Salvaje Friday night and I presume no Una Maid or La Casa either. We'll start up again on Monday. Over to you.

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Cuando Me Enamoro #177 Friday 12/30/11 The end is near but our villains refuse to give up without a fight.

They pulled a fast one on us, queridos! This seems like a sleepy little episode but then they pulled the rug right out from under us. Vámonos!

Reviewing from yesterday, Lazaro and Carlos find Jero at Sabina's home. They waste no time in getting on the phone with Nata. Jero rouses at the sound of her voice and he thinks of all the good times they've shared together. Nata cries that Jero has to survive for her sake and for the sake of their baby. "I love you and all I want is to be near you," Jero mutters.

Melesio the foreman/bearded hitman hides in the bushes as the police grill hacienda workers at Cruz de Desamor. The feds eventually question Mel and warn him about withholding information.

Augie sits on a boat and sharpens his swords. Overcompensating for something, Augie? He muses that no one can accuse him of any crime while in international waters. Then he slices a watermelon in half to prove how manly he is.

Jero stirs and opens his eyes. Nata is overcome with tears of joy as she promises to fly out immediately so she can stay by his side. Gonzo, Regina, and Adriana get a little teary-eyed themselves at the good news and there's hugs all around. Nata thanks the Virgin for sparing Jero's life.

Jero sits up in confusion. He has no memory of how he ended up bleedy in the bottom of a riverbank. Carlos prods Jero to try harder and suddenly the memories come flooding back. Jero met with Saul at a restaurant in the pueblo. Saul tricked Jero into going with him to the church, where Melesio and a gang of thugs jumped Jero. They chloroformed him, drove him out to the country, and beat him senseless.

Lazaro thinks that the workers at Augie's hacienda must believe that Jero is dead. He suggests they keep it a secret that Jero is still alive just in case they might try to finish the job.

Back in La Ciudad, Honorio and Matias have a conference call with Gonzo. Fina keeps slipping through their fingers but they still have hope of catching her. Gonzo and Regina are prepared to go to the bank so that they can finalize the inheritance but she is far too anxious to worry about that now. Jero is her priority. They work it out that Adriana and Nata will catch the first plane available and Regina and Gonzo will leave the next morning. "This nightmare is almost over and soon the sun will shine on all of us." Gonzo promises. ("Esta pesadilla está a punto de terminar, pronto el sol brillará para todos").

Matilde and Manuela are overjoyed to hear that Jero was found alive. It's a miracle! Karina rushes in to tell the ladies about another miracle: she's pregnant! Qué milagro! A baby in the hacienda that isn't Jero's!

Alfonsina pours the charm on for Melesio and wheedles information out of him. He admits to having dumped Jero's body down the riverbank.

Nata and Adriana pack their bags and Regina runs back upstairs to grab some paperwork Nata forgot. Berta strolls in and the ladies keep mum about where they're going. Nata and Berta exchange some tense words but Nata wins this round. "I believe in destiny and I believe everyone receives what they deserve." ("Creo en el destino y yo creo que cada quien recibe lo que se merece"). Adriana chimes in and calls Berta trashy (Esa basura apesta - That garbage stinks).

Regina runs into Berta and asks her to come to the bank with Gonzo so they can finalize the inheritance. Berta can't wait to sign on the dotted line so she can get outta there.

Gonzo, Honorio, and Matias plot how to bring about Fina's downfall. If their plan fails, Berta and Fina will have won the game. Hopefully the chips will fall in their favor. (La moneda está en el aire y ojalá caiga a nuestro favor).

Berta warns Augie about Nata suddenly leaving the house. Plus, Nata knows that she and he were lovers. Augie juts his jaw about it.

Nata calls Marina, who was assisting with a surgery despite her high-risk pregnancy. Nata passes along the news that Jero is alive. Marina cries tears of relief but she probably cries when they get her order right at Burger King.

Jero's looking a bit better now that he's sitting up and eating soup. He swears he will go to the police and describe the guys who jumped him. Unfortunately, his thoughts are all muddled. He keeps thinking that Nata is the one expecting twins and not Marina. Carlos explains that Marina is expecting twins but Nata is pregnant too. Jero gets teary eyed at the happy news.

Carlos says that Nata knew about her pregnancy on the day of the wedding but when Jero didn't show up, she thought he had run off with Marina. Jero is horrified. "No! She thought I abandoned her? Why would she think that?!" Carlos explains with flashbacks that Saul told everyone at the hacienda that Jero and Marina got on a flight together. Then they found Jero's car at the airport and the passenger list on the plane confirmed that Jero was on the flight.

Augie sits restlessly on his boat and creepily sighs about how much he desires Nata.

At the only bank in Mexico, Luciana officiates the paperwork that certifies that Berta is actually Regina Junior. Berta falls right into Gonzo and Regi's trap. She can barely hide her greed over the check. "Wow! I'm a millionaire!" Berta beams. She wants to buy an apartment and lots of other things. Too bad Berta can't touch the money until after her next birthday. "You weren't in a hurry to have it were you?" Regi asks. Berta squirms and gives an insincere "No".

Fina meets a guy in a darkly lit hallway and he gives her a gun. "Now is your time," Fina thinks. "Now is my final revenge."

Alfonsina tells the hacienda ladies what Melesio told her. She has to do what she has to do to find out the truth about Ezequiel's death.

Anibal and Allison chat as they drive to the airport. She doesn't want him to leave. Ani promises he will stay to be with her. D'aww, they're adorable.

Padre and Antonio get the good news about Jero. Padre isn't thrilled to hear that Nata's returning. She's pregnant by Jero too and this is all too "modern" for his sensibilities.

Berta and Fina congregate in a public restroom. Berta shows off the check and cackles about rolling in the dough. They plan to go to Europe together but Berta warns Fina that their relationship is going to change. Berta will not allow her mother to run her life anymore. "That money has given you such security." Fina smirks. "I learned it from you." Oh, touche, Berta.

Anibal and Allison greet Nata and Adriana at the airport. A nearby car watches as Nata and Adri get in Ani's truck. Meanwhile, Jero asks Lazaro and Carlos to help him clean up before Nata arrives.

Augie gets his evil laugh on as he vows to make Jero insane from jealousy.

Carlos calls Nata while she's on the road and he hands the phone over to Jero. They have nothing but lovely, mushy things to say to each other. Jero gets choked up as he asks Nata if they're going to be parents together. Nata confirms that it's true just in time for a black pick-up truck to swerve in front of Anibal. Everyone screams as Anibal is forced to pull the truck off the road.

Chaos erupts. Thugs start shooting at Anibal's truck. They pull Nata out at gunpoint, chloroform her, and throw her in their truck. A thug drags Anibal out of the driver's seat and knocks him to the ground. Adriana and Allison cower in the backseat as the thug shoots toward where Anibal fell to the ground. The kidnappers take off in the truck with Nata, leaving Adri, Allison, and (hopefully) Anibal behind.

Jero desperately tries to call Nata back. He heard a woman screaming and then the call dropped. Oh, no. We have to wait until Monday to find out what happens next.

Avances for the Gran Final on Friday Jan 6th: "You are not my daughter," Regina says to Berta. "You have no idea how much I hate her!" Berta cries. Nata pleads with Augie to let her go. Nata cries by Marina's bedside in a hospital (uh oh), Fina wears a purple wig and points a gun at Nata. Get ready for this one, amigos!


Una Familia Con Suerte #62-63 Thu 12/29/11 In which the most interesting stories get the least screentime, aka Shut Up, Chela.

Rebe is sympathetic to Pancho because Temo wants to live with Chela, and offers help and affection.
Chela cries to Candy.
Reb doesn’t want to interfere in Chela’s relationship with Temo, understands why Pancho needs to stay close to her and feels bad for not loving a woman who is a mother to his kids, and apologizes for doubting him. They hug and continue using usted.
Chela says she and Candy carry on like hired funeral wailers. They do it some more. You aren’t getting paid, ladies. Clock out and give it a rest.
Ana is sad that the band seems to be breaking up. Manuel clues her in that Fernando is jealous because he’s in love with her, and offers to straighten things out with him. Ana awkwardly tells him she has the hots for someone else. Sadness de Manuel.
Elena boohoos and Lupita tells her to get over it. El says you can’t just delete your feelings. Ana invites them to hear her new song.
Vice agonizes over Candy and Sandra prances in informing him she’s reserved a suite for their fill-in-the-blank.
Pina is exhausted from the housework. She tells Candy this must be karma because she was Marie Antoinette’s assistant or something in a past life. Pina sends Candy to the station to do an interview; she can’t go herself looking like a Pinacienta.

Vins worms his way out of Sandra’s plans claiming anxiety issues.
Pancho practices futból with Temo. Temo whines that he doesn’t want to go to school. Pancho says everyone has to do things they don’t want to do. They’ll find Temo a new school, but meanwhile he can’t just play hooky. Temo is insufferable and just wants his old school and to live with Chela. He’s afraid Pancho will forget mama if he falls in love with a new lady.
In the sala, Ana sings her new romantic song for the other younguns. Freddy walks in. He looks lovestruck; Ana is dumbstruck. Freddy invites them to watch him win a race in Pepe’s former automobile. Pepe and Tomás are furious. Their plan was to sabotage Freddy’s car so he’d lose, but Pepe isn’t willing to mess with his own beloved auto. They all notice Ana is clutching her chest and gasping for air and wonder what’s wrong with her. She runs off to her room.
Alone in her room, Ana swoons to the mirror, but as soon as Lupita and Elena run in to check on her she grabs her packed bags and dashes off to join Chela in the vecindad.
At the studio, Candy gives an overly glowing introduction for her interviewee, telenovela producer José Alberto Castro (who produced “Teresa”). She asks the usual boring questions about his love life and family while flirting with him. She wants to kiss him like Arturo and Teresa did in the finale episode. Her own producer tries to rein her in.
Pancho takes Temo to stay with Chela. He’s excited to be there. Chela and Pancho are awkward. Pancho tries to be apologetic and understanding but Chela is distant and boohoo.
At home, Pina watches the interview while trying to iron and moaning to Arnoldo. He kicks back with a fruity umbrella drink and acts suitably histrionic over the firing of Adoración. Vins comes in demanding his whiskey but is swiftly distracted by Candy on the screen. Pina throws in the towel, er, shirt, and Vins stomps off upstairs. Pina snuggles up with Arnoldo and groans that she’s on the verge of hiring Ado back.
Ana joins Temo and Chela in the old homestead.
Pancho, not so much a gentleman, tells Chacho of the kisses with Rebe. How does Lollipop Boy still have teeth? They discuss Chela’s declaration of amor. Chacho feels bad that he has no hope with Chela and Pancho feels bad that he was an idiot and let Chela go on pining after him so long. I think Chacho asks him if he would have fallen for Chela if he’d realized her feelings sooner.
Chela confesses to Ana that she doesn’t have a novio. They laugh about Ana’s lecture to the poor bewildered stranger.
Pepe warns Tomás to stay away from his precious car. Tom asks if he doesn’t want revenge because Frauddie says he’s going to get Mónica back. Pepe uses one of my favorite phrases, “Del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho” (there’s a big gap between saying and doing). He’s confident Moni won’t marry Freddie. Well, what about revenge for what Fraud did to Elena, then? Pepe says that is unfortunate, but Elena did go of her own free will, and she was warned. Tomás won’t promise to leave things alone.
Rebe visits Pancho and they are all supportive and simpatico and smoochy. Tomás greets them on his way out and has a weird look on his face for some reason. Lupita sees them sucking face and smiles.
Next morning: Pina howls about her dishpan hands. Vins tells her they look vampiric and they bicker as usual. Vins spies on Candy and calls her. Candy refuses to forgive him and claims to be having a torrid affair with the telenovela producer. Vins runs over to the other house and sneaks around. Popeye growls at him. Narrow misses with both Lupita and Pepe.
Tomás shows up at Pina’s for his plumbing work and looks crafty. He’s got plans for Champi.
Pancho catches Vins in the hall of the big house. Vins claims to be looking for Abejita. Candy strolls out and is snippy to him and gets in a few more suggestions that she’s snogging Castro.
Tomás starts twiddling with Champi but Pina hollers at him that there is no hot water.
Candy chases after Vins and he tries to convince her he’s not involved with Sandra.
Beto calls Pancho all coming unglued and demanding a meeting because the situation is super gravísima.
Tomás is trying again to tweak the car but he has to hide when Candy and Vins stroll in for a private chat in the garage. Tom’s phone rings and he scrambles around to hide but fortunately they are not too quick on the draw.
Rebe comes to the house to give Pancho a ride to work and Chela gives her a hard time as usual. Rebe refuses to be provoked into a fight. She calmly says she doesn’t want to break up the family, she just wants to make Pancho happy because they are In. Love.
Vins and Candy get back to business, talking about the usual and getting a little gropy. Tom’s eyes bug out.
More Chela. Ugh. She gets physical and Pancho and Candy have to haul her off Rebe.
In the house, Pancho tries to comfort Rebe with Special Coffee which appears to be about 80% cream. Outside, Candy patiently listens to Chela whine that she is going to fight for Pancho’s love and for some reason doesn’t tell her that this is not only ridiculous, but that PHYSICALLY fighting is unlikely to win someone’s love and assault is illegal and immoral and childish besides.
Frauddie and Alex find Tómas working in the kitchen and Frauddie and Tom have a little spat (Fraud tries to order a frou-frou drink like Tom is the barista) and Alex seems to find the whole thing amusing. Tom excuses himself to answer Pepe’s phone call, then hangs up on him to assist Pina in lacing her boot and grin at her.
The Avon execs convene. Beto gives them the usual pessimistic prognostication regarding sales. Material prices are up, they’ll have to stop producing the excellent line of goops and people will be out of work. Vins doesn’t see what the problem is. No way, says Pancho. They are not firing anyone, understand?
In a private chat, Rebe admires Pancho for caring that people will starve without their minimum-wage earnings.
Adoración visits Vins at the office and tries to use her knowledge of his affair with Candy to blackmail him into giving her her job back. Candy joins them.
Rebe tries to impress upon Pancho the importance of the company making money. They decide to pay a visit to the supplier to find out why the prices are so high.
Pina joins the party in Vins’s office and the others all talk up how much Ado deserves her job and how much Pina needs her. Vins is even affectionate to Pina, which should clue her in that they’re hiding something. Pina caves and rehires Ado.
Pancho visits the plant. Meanwhile, we find out that raising the prices is Enzo’s scheme to force Avon to import goods so he and Vins can collect a commission on the imports. Pancho learns from the plant manager that Procrema is the only supplier in the country of the materials they need. They quickly figure out that Vins and Enzo must be behind Procrema. {I still don’t get how Vins and Enzo are going to make more money forcing Avon to import. Someone please explain.} Pancho promises the plant crew that no one will be left unemployed. They cheer.
Tom tells Pepe he wants to go watch Frauddie race. Ana says she wants to go, too, which confuses them.
Rebe tells Vins she knows he’s up to something underhanded. He’s offended. She tells him she won’t tolerate any funny business like with the Japanese again.
Pancho tells Rebe that Vins wants to force them to import materials because he’s the owner of the foreign/import company. {Okay, then how does he have control over prices of the domestic company? I am missing something here.} Pancho and Rebe make out.
And, we’re off to the races. Pepe and Tomás are playing mechanic for some other racer. Ana and Lupita say hi to Frauddie and Alex. Alex invites Lupita for a drink, leaving Ana to a case of the vapors when Freddie actually remembers her name. Pepe and Tom’s driver friend convinces Frauddie to bet their cars on the outcome of the race.
Chela wears a sexy dress and brings Pancho flowers. One might think she was going to apologize for the fight, but she childishly says Rebeca started it. Then she pathetically tells Pancho no one will ever love him the way she does (he can only hope!) and dejectedly lurches away. If this is supposed to make him fall in love, it seems way off the mark.
Lupita apologizes to Alex for her uncool behavior. He forgives her. Pepe asks Tomás if he messed with the car. Tom says Pepe is going to win the car back. Pepe runs off to stop the race. Ana is super excited watching Freddie and Lupita teases her and says she totally knows that Ana is into him, although she can’t fathom why. Ana swears her to silence.
Vins pays a social call to Pancho at the mansion, and my recording cuts off there.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cuando Me Enamoro #176 Thursday 12/29/11 A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green.*

*Francis Bacon

Big excitement last night as we were left with the huge revelation to Renata that she is the hija verdadera of Regina Soberon! Renata even has a mini memory of her first birthday with Mama Regina, Abuela Cata and Papa Roberto. How much can this little lady’s heart take? Well, quite a lot actually. You’ll see...

Tonight we get to relive one of telenoveladom’s sweetest scenes ever, culminating in the long-awaited hug between mother and daughter. OMG, this scene made me cry! Twice.

Adri is lunching with Sele for her fact-finding mission. Sele says heck all Adri had to do was ask, she is only too happy to spill the soup...Berta and Ughi are more than accomplices, they are lovers! They are birds of a feather, made for each other, two peas in a pod, whatever (son tal para cual). In fact there hasn’t been a man close to Renata whom Roberta has not taken to bed, the exception being Jeronimo (to Adri’s obvious relief). Sele says she already told this to Jeronimo which surprises Adri. Sele agrees to tell all of this to Renata to prove what an extreme cock...roach Augustin is.

Renata is still stunned as Regina explains how they proved her real identity. Nata loses it, gasping and crying while Gonzo soothes her. When she finally processes the truth we get to see our favorite heroine as happy as she deserves to be. “You are Mi Mama!” she cries, giving Regina one of her world-class hugs. They have a brief mutual love fest but it’s all good, they deserve it. Wow, what a scene, I can’t even describe it but let’s just say I totally believe these actors.

Renata is thrilled and jumps around happily smiling at her REAL mother and the only father she’s ever known. Gonzo thanks God that he has both these wonderful women in his life. Enjoy it now man, because anvils and evil are overhead and around every corner.

Speaking of evil, Malafina’s about to mack down a sandwich in Germy’s hideaway when who should arrive but the eponymous lothario himself. He’s all Who the heck are you and why are you here? Fina throws out “Uh, I’m Berta’s friend just staying at her apartment while she’s out of town.” Germy’s got news, it’s HIS apartment, not Berta’s. Germy says she’s cool for the moment but first thing manana she’s outta there. Fina forgets her glass of wine and goes for the hardstuff while spitting curses at Berta’s estupidez. Right, I always thinks whisky pairs well with a ham and queso sandwich.

Germy leaves but wonders where he’s seen Fina’s familiar face before. He calls Berta and rips her a new one. She’s snips “hey we were supposed to be boinking the weekend away elsewhere.” He announces they are over and she asks “Are you breaking up with me?” (No s**t Sherlock, what did the man just say?) He confirms it and guess what she calls him? “Viejo Estupido!” she hisses, rubbing her achy breaky heart.

Tony brings the handsome investigator over to La Bonita so Carlos can give him the 411 about everything they found on Augustin’s laptop. He says both Augustin and Saul are implicated in Jero’s disappearance and he’ll show them the proof.

Laz is over at Alfonsina’s instructing her to keep her boobies outta Melesio’s face. “He’s not a nice person,” understates Laz. He says he’s got a plan to out Mele and show that Augustin is behind all these pigster events (to use Marta’s perfect description).

The investigator reviews the documents and is surprised they have managed to get us much proof as they have. He’ll hold on to the copies and take care of next steps. At least I think that’s what went on in this scene. Frankly I barely understood a word he said. I wish these young actors would learn to enunciate like the old pros.

Berta, at Casa Monterrubio, calls Fina to tell her she’ll pick her up tomorrow at stupid Germy’s apartment. She’s at the top of the stairs and hears Nata come in talking to Carlos on the phone. They found Saul in Las Vegas who admitted that Augustin is behind Jero’s disappearance. She says that tomorrow they’ll file the complaint against both Augustin and Saul in Baja and she’ll see him then. And be sure to thank Anibal. Roberta scampers away from her hiding place, no doubt to call Ughi, so she doesn’t  hear Nata call Regina mama, heh heh. Gonzo reminds them not to tell Berta about their news so they can catch Berta in her lies. Ha, Nata teases him in her whispery chipmunk voice, agreeing to restrain herself.

We get another “I’m so glad you found me Mami” and “I love you SO MUCH daughter” and big ol’ hug. Those two are going to have to cut that crap out if they want to fool Berta. Aw heck, one more time can’t hurt.

Speaking of Miss SmileOfJaws (sorry Doctor Carlos) she’s on the phone ratting to the rat (not the cute kind) what she just heard. He goes jut-jaw and non-guapo, swearing that before they find him he and Renata will be far far away and nobody, but nobody, will ever find them. Yikes.

Sabina can’t find the phone number for La Bonita so she tells the young guy, I’ll call him Joven, that he’ll have to go to the hacienda personally right now to get Mati and Laz to identify Jero. Thank goodness she feels a sense of urgency. I could hug her.

Manuela is making tostadas for Ali and Ani and wants to know how her appointment went. Ani is chopping onions instead of squash; what happened to all the squash? Ali says she’ll be going to therapy twice a week and Anibal will take her. She’s admitted she has Anorexia which is a big step, but she doesn’t want to tell her parents yet. Apparently they work all day and they’re never home. I think this lack of parental presence is supposed to help explain her illness. She wants to stay at La B forever. Abue finally agrees.

Oh hey, it’s Luciana the only bank manager in MC. Gonzo and Isidro are coordinating with her and the police to set up the sting on Berta and Fina.

Regina calls Ines to tell her how happy she is to finally have her daughter and grandchild next to her.  Her soul is finally at peace but they still have to find Jero. She wants to give Nata all the happiness she deserves. Many words of hope and determination, blah blah blah.

Nata shares her news with Adri who is glad Nata has a true and loving mom after that nightmare of an evil stepmother...horrors! Sele arrives and surprise, she is there to see Renata not Roberta. Oh my, just then Roberta clacks down the stairs and thinks Sele is there to invite Berta to her wedding, LOL! “Actually, I’m here to tell Renata exactly what type of bitch you are,” smiles Sele. Berta commands her to shut up, like that would actually work. Sele tells Nata that after she was engaged to Ughie Berta lured him into her bed. “Shut up, stupid!” yells Berta. Hee, check out all their faces. That was good! Rewindx2.

Laz has told Carlos his plan but we didn’t get to hear it, darn. It involves Alfonsina and it’s risky. Come on, that’s all we get? In the midst of their man hug in walks Joven to tell them Sabina found a dying guy in a ravine and wonders if it’s the same guy they are seeking. He called for both Laz and Mati in his incoherent mutterings.

Berta admits that yes, she and Ughie were lovers and Sele pipes up that Berta tried the nasty with all Nata’s boyfriends and guys who liked her. Sele says she’s glad of the opportunity to tell the truth and unmask the Berta bitch. They tell her Jero also knew about this and Adri gets a little dig in that Jero tried to tell Renata what a creep Ughie is but Nata didn’t believe him. Berta tries to hit Sele but luckily Sele stops her hand, so Berta runs out and calls her guess what? Yep, Estupida!

Carlos shows Joven a foto of Jero and Joven says it could be but the guy’s face is pretty messed up. Sabina saw some guys beat him up and kick him into the ravine. Mati is going nuts right now and Carlos is right behind her. They decide they’d better check out the mystery guy first before calling Renata.

Marina calls Tio Padre to update him about Saul and Evil Ughie. He says he suspected as much based on someone’s confession. Mari has no idea what Ughie did with Jero but they’ve just got to find him.

Nata is driving herself crazy wondering what Ughie did with her husband when Regina comes in the room. Regi is shocked to hear that Berta was boinking Ughie.

Over at EM Germy apologizes to Hons and Matias and says he’ll clear out his office. One thing before he goes though, when he was over at the apartment he met a friend of Berta’s who looked familiar. He just remembered who she is, Fina the ex-mujer of Gonzo. Hons can’t believe it, the police thoroughly searched the apartment. “Even the servant’s room?” asks Germy. Hons asks is Germy completely sure? Yep, and now that he thinks of it he heard Berta on the phone talking to someone she called Mama but he knows it wasn’t Regina. The guys get ready to call the cops but Germy tells them not to bother, she left the apartment this morning. Darn!!! I must admit I’m surprised at Germy for manning up and sharing what he knows with the guys just fired his butt. Are you thinking of that reference letter Germy?

Berta and Fina are set up in a hotel that’s not quite up to Fina’s standards. Beggars can’t be choosers, they didn’t require a credit card deposit or ID. “It’s horrible!” gripes Fina. But enough about Fina, Berta wants to talk about herself, what’s horrible is what Sele did to her, blabbing to Nata that Berta was Ughie’s lover. Berta smugly smiles that at least Renata knows that while Ughie professed love for her he was actually in Berta’s arms. Fina points out Berta has only succeeded in alienating herself further. Nice job Estupida.

At Casa Monterrubio Gonzo, Regina, Nata and Adri talk about Roberta being a bad seed and making her own rotten choices. Gonzo tells them about the upcoming bank sting and he wants Nata to come with them and claim her inheritance. Nata kind of freaks out. She wants to spend 100% of her time and attention on finding Jero and she doesnt’ care about the money, it’s not important. Regina agrees, if it weren’t for the inheritance none of this would have happened. Gonzo calmly says it was her father Roberto’s desire. Renata relents and agrees to go with them that afternoon.

Down in Ensenada the investigator brings the proof against Saul and Ughie to the police station. The guy in charge says he will put an arrest warrant out on Augustin Dunant. Investigator gives him the name of the hotel where Ughie is staying in the DF.

The La B delegation arrives at Sabina’s. They are shocked at Jero’s hamburger face but thank God that Sabina saved him. She tells them some brutes tried to murder him and we get to see the kick-and-dump-the-body scene again. Ouch!

Carlos whispers to Jero, promising they’ll get to the bottom of this. Sabina says he’s still in bad shape because he doesn’t respond, however he occassionally calls for Renata in his delirium. Sabina says only a love as strong as what Jero feels for Renata can save his life. Super Laz has the great idea that maybe if Jero hears Renata’s voice he’ll respond. Ooooh oooh hoo..the theme song agrees that this is a brilliant plan.

A couple of plainclothes cops go to Ughi’s hotel in the DF only to find he’s flown the coop.

Carlos calls Renata and she thanks God and the woman who saved Jero as Carlos fills her in on Jero’s condition. He’s hoping if Jero hears her voice he’ll respond. Renata coos into the phone that she loves him and his child needs him very very much. She urges him to live and never give up. They are going to be parents, she’s expecting a child of their love. He has to fight for his life for her, for his child and all their future children. She reminds him how much they have overcome to be together. She sobs and begs him to wake up. Jero groans and says her name and asks where she is. His eyes are closed but he continues to tell her he loves her and only wants to be next to her. Hooray!!!


Avances: Renata gets kidnapped! Ughie has her trapped on a boat and he swears (again) that nobody will find them. Jero shows up in a wet suit. Looks like there is going to be a sword fight on the high seas. Cool!!! But probably not tomorrow.


Cuando Me Enamoro #175 Wednesday 12/28/11 ... Saul gets caught ... then slips away?... Berta and Fina celebrate a close call win... Augie's plan is coming apart a tthe seams... Gina and Gonzo happily grin... and Nata's head spins...

 Recap by Marta Ivett

Isidro: Roberta MR is not your daughter.
Antonio: and there is no doubt about it now… your daughter is… Nata.
Gina: I want to hug her as her mother, not as her step mother.
German (to Gema after she slaps him hard): You are misinterpreting things (yeah right!) Between Roberta and I there is only business…
Gema: I got the ‘stupidity’ off me!
German(to Berta) now what is important is for you to make ammends with your family and for me to do the same with my wife!
Berta: why don’t you say you love me and that you promised me you would leave your wife for me.
German: And why would I lie to them?
Sabina: I got his temperature under control, and that is a very good sign
Marina: Idon’t think Saul has any motive to make Gero dissappear… unless it is about money, which is what he loves most in the world.

Tonight’s ep:
Repeat of german and Berta conversation…
Repeat of call between Antonio and Gina…
Repeat of Connie telling Gina and Gonzo where Hono, Matt and Adri are… she reluctantly tells them Berta and German are spending the weekend together, they are lovers.

Gema talks to Adri and Matt, she is not happy that Berta is German’s new conquest… but the commitment of fidelity is by German, not her.
Gema assures Hono, Adri and Matt that the investment German initiated with the MR company will continue, she will arrange for it. Hono and Matt thank her.
German comes out as Gema pulls away in her SUV… and then German finds himself being scanned by all three of Hono, Matt and Adri.. German looks like he would like to be on land of the lost right now instead of there.

At LaB, Anibal is still trying to figure out the password of Augie’s laptop. Mati brings up conversation and tells Anibal that she used to call Anibal ‘el guapo’ and Jeronimo ‘el hermoso’. Anibal tries that and it works, and he proceeds to jump the dance of joy.

At Las Vegas,
Saul is at the slot machines… Nata and Marina are already there… looking for him. They look frustrated, seems they have been walking around for a while (two pregnant women? Take a break, ladies!) 
Saul wins some money and goes beserk very loudly so that works better than a ‘instant sale at kmart’ revolving blue light with pre-recorded announcement. They are behind him in a flash.
Mar: I thought you had left the game/gambling, Saul. (he is frozen at seeing the two of them, as if he has seen a ghost of gamblings past… tries to make a run for it and Nata and Marina are in hot pursuit)

Back at LaB, Anibal is showing Carlos and Lazaro, Allison and Mati the info on Augie’s laptop.
Augie had investigation information on Marina, with info about Saul who is a former boyfriend of hers… also the flight info for Jeronimo on the day of the wedding.
Anibal tells them he heard Augie saying he was going to prevent/stop the wedding, and that all this info confirms he did it. (Lazaro and Carlos signal to each other … of course!)
Mati: And all to get la Senora Renata for himself.
Car: We have to call Nata. Maybe she too is in danger. (Mati agrees)

Back at Las Vegas, Nata and Marina get some guards to stop Saul and also to watch him while Nata questions him. … (Nata with a funny broken english.. I hope I never sounded that way when I first spoke english at college…)
Nata: Why did yo tell me that she had left with Jeronimo?
Saul: for money! I did it for money! I had to pay my gambling debts!
Nata: And who gave you that money?
Saul: Agustin… Agustin Dunant paid me to say that! (Nata impactada… )

Nata: how do you know him?
Saul: I know him because he looked for me! He hired me (me contrato)… One day he called me. His call was a perfect timely fit (me cayo como anillo al dedo). He said he would pay all my debts! I was broke! I owed a lot of money!
Nata: For what? To make Jero dissappear?
Saul: No. Please, no! To look for Marina and to ask her to come back with me.
Mari: You lend yourself to that for money?? Was that the reason you suddenly came back in my life to tell me you loved me and that you had changed into a new man?
Saul: I know you did not deserve that. That you have always been good to me. But if I did not pay all I owed I would be screwed. Marina, understand me, I was desperate! They were going to kill me!
Nata: Enough! What did Augie ask you to do when you two flew to Mexico?
Saul: To go with Marina and then return to tell you that she and your husband had escaped together! That is all!!
Nata: NO, that’s NOT ALL!! My husband is missing! And if you don’t help me find him I swear to you I will drop you in jail! I swear it!

At MR manor,
Matt, Adri, Gina, Gonzo, Hono and Connie are eating together
Matt is wondering if Berta is Fina’s daughter, could they be together?
Adri: Yes, of course, and at Ibarrola’s apartment, right? What place would be better than that?
(they bounce the idea back and forth, Hono and Gonzo say it is worth checking it out) Gonzo gets up to call the police.

At German’s apt, Berta is sleeping, Fina wakes her up, tells her she has to go home.
Berta: Don’t you see that I don’t have a home anymore? I must be the worst of women for all of them.
Fina: Except for your mamacita Gina! She would never turn her back on you.
Berta: I would not be so sure… she says she loves me as her daughter but has never treated me as Nata. You should see how she pampers her, especially now that she is a poor abandoned wife.
Fina: You have to play smarter. You have to play being the poor woman who fell for a married man, and believed in his promise to divorce and gave herself to the man who she thought was the man of her life.
… besides your mamita Regina will understand you since she did the same. She fell in love with MY Gonzo when he was still my husband!  What moral authority would she be able to tell you anything?

At Las Vegas Nata and Marina keep questioning/squeezing Saul for more info.
Mari: I traveled with you, not with Jero.
Saul: Yes, you traveled with me and not Jero, I used his name!
Nata: Can you explain how you can do that? The measures that airports take are very tight, I don’t get how you did that. (I don’t either, but Augie has money and money is a good tune most people dance to)
Saul: Augie had it all planned. He knew of your wedding to Jero and he bought tickets to MC for that same day… one in your name (Marina), one in mine and one in Jero’s.
Augie confirmed Jero’s boarding pass via internet and gave it to me. When we got to the airport, you registered your and my ticket…  I put away the pass and used the one Augie gave me with Jero’s name, with a false id that had Jero’s name on it. That is how the records indicate that it was Jero who boarded the plane.
Nata: I don’t get how someone can manage to do this and I even think it is machiavelic… but I am still confused… (really, Nata?) You called him to arrange a meeting with him. You called him at the hacienda.
Saul: Yes, I called him to arrange the meeting. Augie asked me to do that. To go to the town market.
Marina: Where you and I met?
Saul: Yes. But I never really met with him. (we see split screen where Saul watches Jero walk in and then Marina walk in but he stayed by the car, also we see as Matt and Lazaro watch Jero walk in and then watch Marina walk in) He and I had never met.
(We see as Melesio is watchin everything and signals someone after Jero walks in. We see Jero meet with someone he thinks is Saul but it is not, it is someone Augie sent)
(After Melesio and the guy have guided Jero away, Saul meets with Marina…)
Saul: I swear to you! I have no idea where Jero is! What would I win hiding his location? I don’t know where he is!!
(Nata and Marina force him to come with them to go to MC… they will even go with him to his room to get his bag and passport)

Carlos tries to call Nata, but her cell is off… Lazaro suggests they go to police. Carlos says they should wait for instruction from Nata… better not do anyting that might interfere with her investigations… besides, how do we return the laptop we stole? Anibal says lets copy the files and then we can return the laptop. Carlos gets a usb memory chip. Carlos tells Anibal he is very brave for all this he is doing.  Anibal and Kari are taking Allison to a psychologist (for her weight problem)

At Saul’s hotel room, Nata is smart enough to ask him for his passport. HE has to give it to her.

Antonio arrives back with Padre Seve… Antonio tells him about the investigator Gonzo hired to find Jero, he must be around here.  Antonio tells Seve that Marina and Nata went after Saul who is the only lead to find Jero. They went to Las Vegas to find Saul. Padre impactado.

Sabina continues to care for Jero and is looking frantically for the phone number for LaB to contact Mati and Lazaro. She tells the young man with her, that if she does not find the number he will have to go to Guadalupe valley to find them.

At airport, Saul asks to go to bathroom… Saul tries to convince Marina he does love her and really wants the best for her… She wants nothing to do with him. But he gets to rest room and escapes via the vent…

Fina and Berta at German’s apt… they agree on what Berta has to tell her ‘family’. Fina encourages her, only a few more days to collect your inheritance and then you can send them to kingdom come… Berta tells Fina she will go with her to Switzerland. Fina is ecstatic…  when Berta leaves..
Fina: I knew it!! You are mine… you and I, dear… we will be together always…

Nata calls Gina… tells her they did find Saul, he has no idea where Jero is but he did tell them that Augie is responsible for Jero’s dissappearance. Nata asks Gina not to tell anyone about them finding Saul and that they know everything.

Gonzo and Hono and Matt arrive with a roam of police to German’s apt as Berta is exiting to the street. Fina watches the whole thing from a window and gets nervous.
The men ask Berta for Fina. They swear Berta has been in constant contact with Fina. Matt gets mad at her. Berta again plays the victim, saying after what happened she knew they don’t want to see her so she came here… Hono says how convenient…
Gonzo says he is there for another reason. They will have the police scan the apartment.

At airport, Marina and Nata realize Saul escaped… (Nata’s english accent sounds better now, boy she learns fast!  … is it me or is Marina slimmer now than when she got pregnant? She must have SOME morning sickness)
Nata hopes Saul won’t tell Augie anything. Marina does not think so, Saul is a coward and also an addict. They always look after their own interest.
Nata: Well, if Saul does not know where Jero is, the one that must know is Augie… lets go.

Back at the popular Ibarrola apt…  They don’t find Fina, turns out Berta had told Fina about a staff room upstairs and that is where she hid before the police got up there.
Berta nags about them thinking she is still in contact with Fina… Gonzo won’t let her off so easily, tells her they have to talk, will see you at the house later. Gonzo tells Hono that even though  we didn’t find Fina here, I have a feeling Berta does know where she is. SO we have to keep Berta on our side.

Berta is amused at her mother’s memory and smarts. And you are my favorite person. (so you wrote about her when you had to write about your favorite person in 2nd grade?)

Adri insists to Gina that Berta is a monster, capable of doing anything to hurt her sister. Adri says she thinks she knows who can tell her what type of relationship between Augie and Berta. She will find out. She leaves and Connie tells Gina both Adri and Nata are very impulsive.

At doctor’s office Anibal and Kari manage to get Allison to see the doctor.. esp when the doctor wants to see Allison alone first. Anibal is VERY supportive. Allison admits of her
Problem with anorexia.  (I don’t know about seeing a doctor about an anorexia problem when the doctor is so obviously obese… does Allison want to go from one extreme to the other??)

Carlos gives Prissy the check and resists one last attempt of hers to kiss him and get him to let her stay… he tells her he likes her as a friend, but his heart and love belong to Mati… Goodbye Prissy.. have a good trip and thank you… (Good for you Carlos!!)

Berta plays her pittiful me script with Gina… Gina tries to show support… Berta dares to compare her relationship with German with Gina’s relationship with Gonzo.. and swears she did not know about there not being an actual contract deal happening.  Gonzo tells Berta that German is a trickster… (yeah right, but good strategy, Gonzo!) Gonzo wants to see Gina in the study… they leave and Berta smiles celebrating her success…  

At the study, Gonzo is mad… he can’t believe a single word of Berta’s babbling… he is irrate about Berta comparing their stories… Gina says we have to continue faking whe believe her, because you did not find Fina with her, did you? No. Gina tells Gonzo Nata called and tells Gonzo that Augie was behind Jero’s dissappearance.

Fina gets out of the staff room and gets back in the apartment, but not before she is seen by Matt’s friend, she wonders how many lovers German has…
Fina calls Berta. Fina asks why did the police come. Berta tells Fina it was Panchita who saw them. Fina is still in building… there is no safer place than the one they already revised. Berta assures Fina that she convinced Gina and Gonzo… I told them all you told me to say and it was so easy, like taking a candy from a kid (yeah Berta, you would use that analogy… nothing more CRUEL than taking a candy from a kid unfairly)

Nata meets with Gina and Gonzo… she is nervous that they should be doing something else, like finding Jero…
Gina: How are you? How do you feel?
Nata: worried… this guy escaped… but at least we know what happened to Jero. Why are you like that? Did the investigator tell you anything?
Gonzo: No, nothing.
Gina: But we discovered something else, something related to the two of us (Gina can’t stop crying and smiling)
Nata: Why are you looking at me like that?
Gina: How?
Nata: That way, like you are looking at me. Forgive me, I think I am more sensitive with Jero missing and the baby… you make me remember things about my infancy with your mom, Dona Cata and… (she remembers her first birthday with Gina, Dona Cata and Roberto, all together happy with Roberto giving Gina the pendant) this is all very strange, don’t cry.. don’t do this to me…
Gina: No, it is not strange… it is all very real. My mother, Roberto, you and I were together in that party as the happy family we were.
Nata: What do you mean like the happy family we were?
Gonzo: Nata, Isidro discovered in an investigation that Gina’s daughter is not Berta.
Gina: The daughter… The daughter that was stripped from me, the one I have been looking for all these years .. and there is no doubt about it… is you, Nata! It is you, my dear!!
(Nata has a clueless facial expression like she was just dropped by a machine into another world)

Carlos and Lazaro enter Sabina’s shack and find Jero…
Lazaro: Augie is behind all these pigster events!
Nata hugs Connie, Gina covers her mouth crying with Gonzo
Augie calls Berta: Before they can find me, Nata and I will be gone very far !! (we see Augie with a sword)
My comments…
Again, Lazaro the hero with his head in the right place..
I am wondering where Nata’s head… poor thing, with a heart condition and a baby in the belly, has had her head spinning and been running around that casino (I was holding my breath) all day! And now this news?? How much can her heart take?? Do they want to burry her before Jero appears?
And Berta… she really thinks she and Fina are home free… even if Gonzo is not able to find them, they are not getting the money for sure since Isidro is the Roberto representative (albacea). They won’t know what hit them… esp if they get caught.


Una Familia Con Suerte #60-61 Wed 12/28/11 Nobody ever knocks.

Pancho wants to give Beto advice about how to tame his shrewish wife.

Arnoldo takes sexy shots of Sandra in her underwear. He tells her she lost Vince the minute Candy showed up.

Candy to her brother: "Behind his ogreish, monstrous facade, he's marvellous." Pancho doesn't buy it - he has no values. And he's married. And he wants to crush me like a cockroach.

Pina is embracing her vacuum cleaner. Dinner for Enzo?? tomas arrives. I fired Adoracion and I don't know how to do anything! He says he can take care of it. Tripe tacos!

Now arnoldo tells Monica she's very sexy and tells Enzo: "you always look like you smell something bad." Enzo tells Moni she has to go to dinner at Vince's - she begs him to let her absent herself. "I need you at my side."

Sandra wants to talk to Candy urgently! Are you having sex with Vicente? "We've been lovers for a long time," Sandra says proudly. "That's nothing to be proud of, sweetie."

Rebe's depressed, not just about her burned apartment, but also because his kids hate her. "I'm nothing in your life." "Liar." He tries to ORDER her to go to his house!

I wont be second - I want to be married, have children."

Lupita tries to build Ana's confidence, they forgive each other. Alex comes to visit and this time Lupe says she'll see him! Ana imagines how horrified her sibs would be to know she wants Freddy.

She tells Alex she feels better. He wants to know if he can hope. He just wants a chance. She says ok and hugs him! He isn't wearing his dumb scarf today.

What strange music! Tomas is in an apron, he's not happy with the mess in the kitchen. She says she can't forgive Adoracion.

Chela cooked a great meal and everybody at home is happy. We're celebrating - that Rebeca is not in the house any more. "last night I met Chela's boyfriend, he's sexy." they want to meet him.

Rebe comes to the door. The atmosphere chills. Rebe wants to leave. Ana comes and is nasty again. rebe is miserable. Then Chela comes in. She's nasty too. Then Pepe comes in - he's nice to her and she's grateful. So Chela's mad at Pepe. She leaves. Lupe is polite. Rebe pulls out the work.

Vince's screensaver is Catgirl! In comes Sandra, pulling down her straps and throwing him to the floor. Then Candy comes and sees Sandrucha on the floor with Vince. She cries. Commercial. He has to go to dinner, she doesn't want to be left with "desires." She tries to strangle him. If you don't bang me tomorrow, I'll tell your wife we were lovers and now you're messing with Candy.

Why are you nice to me when you have troubles with Freddy? Because you treat me with respect. They're both happy. She wants to pretend she cooked it - she can't tell people her plumber made dinner! She tells him this is supposed to be a dinner celebrating the marriage of her "baby" and Monica. She admits Moni doesn't want it - "but we'll see tonight!"

Moni dresses for dinner. Pepe calls. He's sweet as can be, but she is crying and hangs up.

Arnoldo points out Vince stinks of Sandra's perfume. "Pina will kill me!" He sprays himself liberally with something else. He's so late for the dinner at his house. Candy comes in crying! "My brother was right, you can't be trusted." Leaves.

Pancho tells Rebe he wants to improve working conditions at Avon, they can pay for it by cutting expenses and the executive salaries. "But they are on par with the market." "What I earn here in a day took me a month to earn in the grocery business."

Candy comes in crying, sees Rebe, turns around and runs to Ana, who's dreaming of the Fraudster. Candy says she aches to her very marrow because Vince is such a lying cad. Ana says Candy deserves better.

Enzo and Moni arrive for dinner. Neither Freddy or Vince are home when Vince arrives, the atmosphere is funereal. Finally Frauddie arrives. He's happy because he's going to struggle until Moni agrees to marry him and make him father of many Frauddicitos. Meanwhile Tomas has told Pepe about this engagement dinner and Pepe, disbelieving, dials her number. "Do yo know how much I hate you, Freddy?"

Nobody will let Moni say a word. Pina thinks it's too sudden they are too young. Finally Moni stands up and says she will not marry Freddy, she will never marry unless she's in love. Pepe arrives looking extremely good and says he needs a word with her, but we don't hear what it is. Next day Moni arrives at his car shop to thank him for not making a scene. She laughs to hear it was Tomas cooked the dinner.

Lupe and Ana visit the casa popular - all that remains is some plumbing and Lupe will be able to open the nursery. Ana thinks there should be a party (she always needs a venue for her fine accordion band). Alex shows up (scarf and t-shirt, who dresses like this?) and invites himself to the upcoming party; Ana hopes he'll bring Fraud.

Now Temo wants to go with Chela, as well as Ana. Chela's prophecy - that Rebe will destroy the family - is rather self-fulfilling.

Candy sobs and tells Pepe she's in love with Vince. He's watching her through the window when Fraud SKIPS into the room. He's sure he'll win over Pepe and regain Moni. Vince is dubious.

Are the boys in ana's band really talking about tv? Manuel hugs Ana, she isn't that into it, and some other one comes in and looks jealous. He gets mad and tells Ana she's out of tune. He and Manuel gets in a pushing fight and two guys leave.

Candy comes to Avon to see Pancho but is intercepted by a crazed Vince while Sandra watches. He shouts and runs after her. "What did I do?" She belts him with her pocketbook and he passes out. He's glad his profile isn't broken by her blow. "I saw you on the floor giving her the kiss I wanted, I saw it with these eyes that the worms will eat."

Rebe comes to talk about her sentiments. I'm dying of jealousy of Chela. Kiss. Chela comes in AGAIN! How many times are we going to be tortured like this? She doesn't retire, she knocks and comes in! "Pancho and I have to talk about Temo in private." She goes on harping on Rebe as usual and said Temo wants to live with her. "You left him, you're the only mother he's known." She keeps battering him with guilt and then says she loves him. I skipped most of this scene.

Pina wants Snow White's little birds and mice to come clean her house - she's broken a nail trying to mop! Adoracion rings the bell - Pina kneels to her! Adoracion has some gossip. Pina hands her the mop and she starts mopping ("it looks so easy when you do it") but when Pina asks for the gossip, Adoracion says they have to negotiate: her job back in exchange for very delicious news. Vince interrupts this cute scene, makes it clear he doesn't want her, Adoracion leaves.

Pancho gets teary, but at last Rebe admits her love, comforts him and says her jealous is because she fears to lose him.



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

La Que No Podía Amar- El Elenco y Personajes/Cast and Characters

Ana Paula Carmona played by Ana Brenda Contreras
Brave, cheerful and of strong character. She loves her brother Miguel and adores her Aunt Rosaura, who has cared for them since they were young and their mother died. She works hard at her job as a nurse to support her brother and aunt and help get them ahead. She believes in true love and she finds it when she meets Gustavo.

The esmas site did not have anything listed for Miguel, so I did google search so I could include a picture and actor name, but I will not conjecture about his character. Here's a link to an article (in Spanish) about his return to TV.

Miguel Carmona Flores played by Osvaldo Benavides

Rogelio Montero played by Jorge Salinas
Handsome, manly, intelligent and short-tempered. He suffered a terrible accident that changed his life which hardened his temperament even more. He falls selfishly and passionately in love with Ana Paula and tries to keep her at his side at all costs.

Gustavo Durán played by José Ron
An attractive, romantic and talented engineer in hydraulics. He works to conserve water. He is of noble heart and knows how to sacrifice for love and to hold back for the woman he loves. From the moment he sees Ana Paula he recognizes her as the love of his life.

Cinthia Montero Báez played by Susana González
Attractive, sure of her charms, sensual and capricious. She feels like she is wasting her life in the hacienda her brother Rogelio is forcing her to live in. She falls in love with Gustavo who changes her and makes her look at life differently.

Bruno Rey played by Julián Gil
Bruno is seductive and manipulative. An excellent lawyer who uses his talent for negative things. He is calculating and uses people for his benefit. He hates Rogelio as much as he fears him and loves Ana Paula as much as he wants to use her to become a millionaire by swindling Rogelio.

Rosaura Flores Nava played by Ana Bertha Espín
She's cunning, a blackmailer, a liar and very ambitious...capable of even betraying her own niece. She now feels she needs to do something to secure her future since, as she tells her niece and nephew, she will soon become and old, sick woman.

Daniela Gutiérrez played by Ingrid Martz
Best friend and confidante of Ana Paula. She sincerely loves Miguel and it hurts her that he's so immature and doesn't appreciate her.

Vanesa Galván played by Mar Contreras
Beautiful and similar in appearance to Ana Paula. She abandons Rogelio when she finds out about the condition he's left in after the accident. Capricious, arrogant, haughty and superficial she does unjust*  things to get what's hers. *Translation note: the site uses the word "indebidas" which can also mean illegal...we will have to wait and see!

María Gomez played by Ana Martín
A humble, caring, maternal woman and excellent cook who has lived in Hacienca Del Fuerte since she was a girl. There she knew the father of Rogelio and Cinthia and cared for the children as if she were their second mother. As soon as Ana Paula arrives at the hacienda, María becomes her protector.

Efraín Ríos played by Fabián Robles
Poor, tough and very sensual. He's the foreman of Hacienda Del Fuerte. He has a passionate relationship with Cinthia although he knows it won't go very far or lead to anything lasting. He's the right hand man of Rogelio. He's  womanizer who plays with Consuelo's affections.

Ingeniero David Romo played by Jorge Aravena
Civil engineer by trade, he manages his father's construction business. David does everything to win Cinthia but when he discovers she loves another he doesn't give up and finds a way to get even.

Hugo Dueñas played by Uriel del Toro
A worker that Rogelio assigns to take him around, help him dress and other duties. He's always liked Maripaz and doesn't like to get involved in problems because he is discreet. He obeys Rogelio in everything.

Fermín Peña played by Ignacio López Tarso
A simple, kind and wise older gentleman. An expert fisherman who takes Gustavo with him to fish and helps Ana Paula when she arrives in the small pueblo. He advises both Gustavo and Ana Paula.

Federico Galván played by Humberto Elizondo
Successful businessman and owner of the most important meat-packing plant in the southeast. He is serious and formal, but as a youth he fell in love with another woman and left without knowing she was pregnant. For Federico what matters most is his daughter Vanesa and finding his other daughter that he had with Mariana...the love of his life.

Mercedes Durán played by Anaís
The chief of nurses in the hospital in Tuxtla who takes her work seriously.  She adores her brother and wants him to marry a good woman. She's caring, conservative, hard-working and discreet. She has a great relationship with a spinal specialist (Ernesto) since when they were younger, they were novios. Nevertheless, though they have re encountered each other, he is now married.

Consuelo Herrera played by Michelle Ramaglia
A sweet, simple young lady that works at Hacienda Del Fuerte helping her godmother María with kitchen and house duties. Because of love she makes mistakes and her dignity will be trampled.

Maripaz Hernández played by Tania Lizardo
Maripaz isn't sure what she wants to do with her life. She's not much for studies and since she finished high school, she's dedicated herself to helping her parents in their business. As soon as she meets Miguel she falls in love with him.

Margarito played by Bernardo Flores
An orphan abandoned and the Hacienda Del Fuerte. He dreams of finding his parents. He comes to love Ana Paula who protects him, takes care of him and educates him.

Elsa de Galván played by Elizabeth Dupeyron
Federico's wife and Vanesa's mother. She spends her life reproaching her husband for falling in love with another woman, for which she has never forgiven him.

Ulises Hernández played by Germán Gutiérrez
The town shop-keeper. He lives in constant conflict with his wife, who wants to leave the pueblo. Ulises sees no future for them anywhere else.


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