Sunday, April 21, 2019

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I'm thrilled to see that you guys will be recapping Reina del Sur 2. Kate del Castillo will be superb in this role!!

You've got that right Victoria.

Thank you, RgvChick, for putting this all together.

You're quite welcome, Jarifa.

Victoria and Steve, there is much anticipation for Reina del Sur 2. Tonight's the night!

What would we do without you Rgv Chick!

I hope you and the participating patio members enjoy Reina del Sur 2. I'm a bit shamefaced to admit I haven't seen Kate in any TNs. Sounds like I'm missing something!


I will be putting up a recap tonight for the first episode of La Reina del Sur 2. It will be in the Telemundo y Más page.

Try Kate del Castillo un 'La Mentira' a great movie, IMO.

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