Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mario!!Feliz cumpleaños para Mario!!

Today (Sunday) is the birthday of Mario Cimarro, guapissimo star of two novelas on Telemundo that are currently featured in recaps or discussions here on Caray Caray: La Traición and Pasión de Gavilanes.

To celebrate the occasion, here are five (all that I was allowed to upload) photos of Mario. Enjoy!!!

Mario as a baby! (thanks Marie Celeste)
Hugo escapes from the mine (Nancy's request)

My Favorites from La Traición:

Hugo in disguise
Iremos juntos de este mundo como cuando nacimos...

and Mario as Juan Reyes in Pasión de Gavilanes:

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Yo Amo a Juan – May 30, 2008 – In Which We Wonder If It Will Ever End.

Memo to Televisa/Univision/Esmas: One year is too long for any Telenovela except La Fea Más Bella

Is there such a thing as a total episode of filler on a Friday? If so, this was it. Maybe I’m mistaken, but it felt like filler. Maybe it's just me. I counted again, folks. I think I had it wrong—the ending looks more like June 20. So sorry—for all of us. (In all seriousness, I will miss Juan and all these “originals” in the cast.)

Juan—still in last night’s mode—talks in circles about how Farell is a third millennium company and they have to use methods of operating the business to stay in the vanguard of world businesses. He cites a new Chinese method, “PLC” which apparently has no real explanation. Or substance. S2 (fake Sandro, nod to Cap’n Sylvia) tries to nail him to specifics and Juan tap dances around, getting Paula’s support, until S2 gives up for the moment. Juan thought bubbles that this is way better, getting her with the program. [Ed. Note: in a really bad bit of editing, S2’s glasses were on/off/on with no visible movement. So, his secret’s safe again.] S2 wants to reduce the executive positions. He concedes a little where the rank-and-file are concerned, to salve Juan’s social conscience but it’s not enough for Juan. S2 lets his irritation show and Juan has the upper hand. Point to Juan. Juan’s going to provide a comprehensive plan. Paula’s with Juan’s program. Juan gives him the “gotcha there, bud” look and S2 gives him back the “for now, pal,” look. They remind us of Fernando and Aldo in LFMB facing off with Lety in the middle.

Julia is So Glad to see Kike at her desk. She loved all the lovely things he told her on the phone – even if they were just for show. Well, some were true. Julia pries—which? Well, when I don’t see you I miss you bunches. Julia and Kike play the “how much do you miss me?” game until they miss each other from here to eternity, (and along the road to Cuernavaca on the way). Kike is totally charmed by the game and Julia’s pretty pleased with the results. Kike wants to know what’s up—what bug bit all these folks. Julia tells him about the threatened layoffs (recorte-cutting, trimming, staff cutbacks). Kike is impactado. The lobby is more full with lobby lizards than ever. [If I heard about threatened layoffs, I’d be at my desk looking Really Busy.]
S2 tells Paula and Juan that they better consider that with every day that passes, they’re another day older and deeper in debt. ;-) Juan wants more time—S2 asks “when.” Juan has no quick answer. But, he thinks on his feet as always, and it’ll be tomorrow. Paula jumps right in with both feet; it’s tomorrow. They’ll put their heads together and come up with something. S2 is Put Out, but okay, they won’t layoff anyone today. By tomorrow, Juan’s got to come up with Plan B. Juan thought bubbles at S2—are you steamed? Pour some water. S2 is definitely steamed.

Ivonne and Marely find each other in the ladies’ room—shades of LFMB again. [It’s been nearly a year and I still miss it, folks.] Marely doesn’t want to meddle, but….she thinks Ivonne needs to clear up things with Fern. What for? He hurt me again. Marely ends up spilling the beans that Fern saw Ivonne go into the apartment building where Sandro lives, and since 2+2=4, they’re getting it on. Marely asserts that S2 is a Judas in disguise.

Juan and Paula are meeting—he really appreciated her support earlier—and S2 busts in. “Am I interrupting?’ YES. No. [Ed. Note: J&B scotch very clearly placed in the background. You’d think they’d have higher-class scotch, like Macallan 18 or something really smooth.] S2 wants Juan and Paula bails as fast as her 3-inch heels will take her. [Question—are they open-toed tonight or closed?] Juan thought bubbles that he doesn’t know what bananas this little monkey (chango) wants from him. S2 has brought him a better offer for his shares of Farell. What? You’re so eager to get rid of me? Why don’t you just fire me? Another point to Juan. Juan turns him down cold. He ain’t sellin.’ S2 is impactado. Anyway, not selling to YOU. Juan hands the folder back with the new figures. S2 wants to know why—does it have something to do with the proposed personnel cuts. Yep. But, remember, we’re reconsidering. Juan remembers, but there are lots of folks who might be on the street. He pats S2 on the shoulder and gives him the brush off. S2 is bemused and frustrated—again. They give each other A Look as S2 leaves. Point to Juan again.

Ivonne and Fern come down a lovely set of curving stairs while she tells him how it bothered her to learn what he had thought about her and his lack of trust. He scolds her about going to that guy’s house. She scolds back that he shouldn’t be judging when he hadn’t even asked her about it. Fern gets her out of the main gossip highway and reminds her he took her to that house plenty of times and it hurt like h***. He isn’t buying her “I have to clear some stuff up.” She tells him he could be a witness to what she saw that night. Fern is lost, so finally, she tells all—there are TWO of them there. ¿¿¿Qué??? Yep. Ivonne calls him a “know-it-all” (sabihondo), fills him in and asks his help in investigating if CL is still alive and well in the D. F. [Maybe the detective work will go better now, folks.] Fern is muy impactado.

Kike has come to see Juan, who has to tell Kike about the change of plans. Sorry, but I’m not selling my shares to “Sandro” and there won’t be cash to buy the lovely White Dove truck cab. Juan’s not leaving the company to that short guy (Chaparro) with no heart. Kike calls him a bigheaded (cabezón) So-and-So (zutano) (he’s more big-headed than nice). Juan apologizes, but it’s what he has to do. Kike, understands Juan’s desire to take care of his people and though Kike’s sad, he’s prouder than ever of Juan because Juan is committed to saving the jobs of the Farell work force. They’ve got their whole life ahead to set up a business.

Fern, still muy impactado, points out to Ivonne if she’s right, there could be unimaginable consequences. Exactly. Ivonne wants to keep on finding out what she can, starting with the name of the so-called agent who brought the news. Ivonne swears to Fern she feels nothing for “Sandro.” He asks her forgiveness and they make up. Friends? Ivonne gives him a look. And novios? She smiles and gives him a fond whack on the arm. All is well. It won’t happen again. He’s worried about what people will think—they’re going to think she’s nuts. He gives his word that he’ll help. They look around and steal a kiss in the middle of the Farell gossip thoroughfare. Even Fern smiles.

Juan is on a life-or-death phone call when Pastor and Heri are ready to see him and he waves them in. Pastor gives the floor to Heri, who announces he’s annoyed to the marrow of his heart (mohíno hasta la medula del corazón) due to that little monkey’s threats of layoff. Pastor defends his Heri. As Juan tries to calm them down—it hasn’t HAPPENED yet, Fern comes in to join the chorus. Juan’s depending on everyone to help with the solution (remedio - remedy, cure, relief). Total silence from the troops.

S2 is engaging Paula again, but she’s got her hackles up and he can’t wheedle today. He’s playing the game, though—never thought that implementing the financial plan would cause such a commotion (revuelo). [Hah.] He thought he’d get more support from her. Well, after looking it over, she didn’t hadn’t seen all the consequences. He backpedals and tries to convince her he’s looking for an intermediate solution, which she appreciates. Well, then, maybe they can have dinner and think about the plan? Noooope. Don’t feel like it, I have a lot of work, and I’m tired, Paula tells him with a tight smile. He’s hoping they can do it another day. No smiles for “Sandro” from Paula today.

Speaking of the King of Rome, Juan is cursing “Sandro” to Laura. Laura chews noisily on a marshmallow and remarks she’s never seen Juan so upset. So, why not ask her out for dinner? Juan doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands. He’s got some heavy lifting to do tonight. Juan tells her it’ll have to be taquitos at the greasy spoon. He names the kinds off (¿qué? Rabbit tacos? And others too terrible to name here? (toche- rabbit, and ojos – eyes, ))and she tries not to gag. Would that bother her too much? No problem, Laura swallows hard, represses her gut instinct, and out they rush for….exotic taquitos. That’s what he likes, spirited women! (Entronas) They probably won’t be too greasy….but Laura’s on a diet…..

Kike spoons food while he confesses to Julia he always wanted his own business with Juan. Ever since they’ve known each other, he’s wanted that. It’s their dream, but it’s postponed. He explains and Julia is enchanted by Juan’s support for the people of Farell. She’s glad because when he’s in Farell, it’s a calmer place. [Ed. Note: Amen, sistah.] He notes that Juan’s not an obstacle (tapón), he’s a conduit (ring cromado chromium-plated ring, my best guess.) Julia changes the topic—does Kike needs lots of money for his business? Kike outlines what he needs: two more trucks, and drivers, etc. Julia urges him to get a loan, one of those for small businesses. Kike hadn’t thought of it but it seems like a good idea. Wait, he’s got no one to co-sign, and he’s got no credit cards as collateral. But, Julia does. ¿Qué? All he has to do is ask and she’ll be his business partner. He kisses her everywhere but her lips. [Ed. Note: Kike, romantic fool that he is, still loves Unfaithful Yadi and Julia’s going to be disappointed.]

Anga is more than satisfied with Yadira’s work on the books. They’ve never looked so clear. He tells her he needs someone to help him with the business. Yadi’s not so sure, and she’s helping with what she’s doing. Anga comes closer—he doesn’t want her for just an employee, but more of a partner. He wants to leave his business in her hands. Yadi is impactada. Little by little, though, of course, he adds. Wow. She appreciates his faith in her, but is she ready for this kind of position? Yep, he thinks so. He has all the confidence in the world in her. Yadi is sooo thankful. Suddenly, the tide turns. He’s decided to put part of the company in her name. Yadi begins to register alarm.

Kike isn’t sure what he’s done to win Julia’s trust [and we aren’t sure, either], but he’s thankful. She’s knows good things about him, especially because she’s seen him work, she’s in charge of the Farell gossip, and she’s a good observer. He’s a little anxious, still, but Julia reassures him that he knows the business end and she can take care of PR and administration. She’ll deal with the bank, etc. They can pull it off (jalar)! Kike’s ready but he doesn’t want to abuse her friendship. Julia reassures him she’s always wanted to be her own boss and this will give her an opportunity. They give the secret handshake to firm up the deal and Julia’s knuckles are killing her.

Yadi is getting concerned about what she’s hearing. She really appreciates all he’s done, but….she pries about why she’s doing it. She deserves it. Yadi’s not so sure—what about Pastor? Anga tells Yadi that she and Nidia Michaela are the family he’s always wanted. Okay, so Anga’s laying the family ties on a little thick for a guy who hasn’t shown his real daughter his birthmark that matches hers. He strokes her arms and all sorts of other creepy things. [Ed. Note: if you have an opportunity to play this back, look at how their ears even slant the same way, folks. It’s downright spooky.] Anga tells her how she’s the perfect woman, her youth, beauty….he feels blessed to have a little gal like her. [Ed. Note: THAT’S a quote, folks. He said it, not me.] He’s never felt the happiness he feels with her near. Yadi’s alarm hits high pitch. Now she’s got it; something is definitely Not Right here. She asks him to cease and desist, please. He tells her he can’t contain the feelings he has for her. He’s never felt this for anyone. Anga tells Yadi how much he cares for her. Yadi is bemused/alarmed/impactada and it’s way too much for her pretty little head.

Delirio visits Gutis in his rat hole—what, we couldn’t have just one episode without him?—and is trying to quiet Gutis down using about six more paragraphs of flowery Spanish than necessary. His dear fugitive from Justice. Gutis wants to know Qué the heck Delirio is doing there. Delirio notes that Gutis hasn’t called him, and Delirio wants to be paid for his complicity in this deal. Gutis wants him to be patient—for at least the second time since they began the latest scam. Delirio gives Gutis all the bogus reasons why he needs the money now because his wife is getting impatient (since Nidia is supporting him, anyway, and Marely, and Juan, we wonder what the big deal is). Delirio wants a little advance from Gutis’ own funds. [Ed. Note: Delirio, would he be living here if he had funds?] Gutis breaks out the rotgut tequila and tells him to be patient. Delirio moans that if he doesn’t get paid soon, he might have to look for real work!

Yadi doesn’t want to hear more. She moves away from Anga. It’s not the time or place to talk about these things. He agrees; there’s lots of work and they can talk at her place tonight. He IS invited for dinner, right? She remembers her promise….yes… is his house. He’s off to the storeroom and leaves her to her work. Yadi watches him leave, in shock.

Sandro thinks that CL’s over eagerness cost him the opportunity to get his company back. CL denies it. He’ll pressure that jerk until Juan gives him another chance to buy it. Sandro thinks not—and Juan’s not the fool CL thinks. He’s learning to be wary of CL. CL thinks Juan could bring the company to the brink of bankruptcy and Sandro disagrees there, too. He could lose all the ground he’s gained in a matter of seconds, Sandro tells him. CL is irritated and tells his twin to shut up but Sandro tells him he better think it over carefully, or he could be getting into a huge mess. And, don’t even think about firing Marely. CL takes evil pleasure in retorting that she’s already resigned. Your fault, Sandro shoots back sadly. CL thinks it’s best she’s far away so Sandro’s distraction with her won’t blow the scheme all to h***. He stalks across the apartment living room, leaving Sandro looking like he’d rather be doing just about anything else in the world.

Anga returns to the office and asks Remolacho where Yadi is. She’s gone home because she just HAD to see the baby. Remolacho says he warned her to let Anga know when she left, but she didn’t pay him any attention and took off. Anga chuckles that she misses that little bit of heaven. Well, not to worry, when Kike gets there to unload the cargo, Anga can go off and see his…oops. Remo’s impactado face says it all. I mean, Anga continues, Yadira. Remo stares at him, thinking the worst.

Nidia races down the stairs to answer the pounding on the door and screaming for them to just hang on, she’s coming. Nidia is startled to see Nidia Michaela come in her door—and of course NM’s Mami, too. Qué the heck? Yadi’s in tears; Nidia was right. She thought Anga was helping because he’s good people, but no, he wanted what they all want. Nidia demands answers—what did that old lecher do? She threatens to do him in. Yadi sobs that he didn’t do anything, but confessed his love. Nidia swallows hard while Yadi tells her all that Anga said—well, not all, she can’t stand to tell her Mami. Nasty old man! Nidia calls him a swine (canalla). NM gets fussy listening to her Mami and Abuela fussing. Nidia wonders if she didn’t hear it wrong. Nope. He was totally serious. That WRETCH! Nidia is incensed. Trying to buy her love! That old lecher!

Speaking of the King of Rome, Anga goes to the apartment and “communicates” with Filomena—where’s Yadira? Filomena gestures about Yadi packing it in and blowing out of there. Finally, she shows him a letter. It’s from Yadira, of course, and tells him thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. “In the beginning, I accepted it because I thought it was generous (unselfish – desinteresada), and now I realize you want something from me I can’t return. It began with you like a friend, like a father, and nothing more. I’m sorry, but it’s better if we never see each other again. Yadira.”

Nidia is still lecturing Yadi, but in support of her making a good decision to come home. This erudite old man won’t dare to come to my house, she asserts. Yadi says she left it all and brought nothing he’d bought for them. Nidia points out she’s got all she needs here [of course she does, she left everything here when she took NM out in the big box and raced off in a cab.] Nidia continues that right here this child has an exemplary father and a mother who….the music grinds to a stop. Well, a mother who is human and makes a few boo-boos. But when she realizes, she fixes them. Yadi soaks it in, not retorting, wisely. Nidia smiles and tells Yadi she’s proud of Yadi, who asks forgiveness for having messed up (bajar – lower, humiliate, and lots of other definitions) the love of her Mami’s life. Nidia calls him a swine (cochino) again. She doesn’t ever want to remember that time of her life again. Yadi wheedles pitifully—could she stay here? It’s always your house! Nidia is ecstatic to have her grandbaby back—and of course, you, hija. Yadi tells Nidia she’s such an idiot for paying attention to her horoscope—it was supposed to be a day when she got some very good news. Hah.

Juan’s called Don Lorenzo in—remember, he has a great self-taught background in finance and should have been in the VP position in the first place. But, that’s just our opinion. They’ve been hard at it for hours with Heri, Pastor and Fern, going through the budget with a fine toothcomb and plenty of pink marshmallows. Juan moans that they’ll be here all night and Lorenzo says they have lots more to study. Can’t they postpone it? Nope. Gotta have it in the morning. Juanito is fine with Pepita. Juan thinks that Lorenzo and Pepita are angels who came to him from heaven.

Ana, Paula and Ivonne fix dinner and Ana lectures Paula a little about how she thought Sandro was the greatest and now look at where he’s left them. Ivonne sets the table and chimes in that she’s warned Paula she can’t trust the man. He makes Ivonne nervous, like he’s hiding something. [Yeah, and you know exactly what, too, Ivonne.] Paula tells them she doesn’t want to turn it into a witch hunt (cacería de brujas). Sandro’s just doing what they asked him to do. At the cost of so many folks who’ll lose their jobs, Ana wonders. She doesn’t like it. Paula says that business decisions have to be made coldly (con frialdad – with coldness). Ana is unhappy that it sounds like Paula’s agreeing with him. No, but Paula understands why they have to cut costs and have layoffs. So, what now, Ivonne wonders. Paula tells them Juan’s on it. He’ll have a counter proposal. Ivonne asks if by tomorrow, they’ll have an idea which is the better proposal. Sure, but no matter what happens, Paula will make sure Ivonne still has her job. Ivonne thanks her—if the medical costs aren’t paid, she’ll die, literally. Paula comforts her, and Ivonne remarks that Paula’s been so good to her that she’s doing something for Paula. Paula wants to know what, and Ivonne tells her it’ll have to wait until she’s confirmed her suspicions. [Ed. Note: is there anyone here who can imagine Paula waiting patiently on this? I didn’t think so.] Ana and Paula exchange puzzled looks.

Anga drives his clean, lovely, big white car up to Nidia’s house. He strides over to ring the bell, and gets a face popping out of the window upstairs. Nidia hurls out insults at the old swine and he begs see Yadira and clear things up. Nope, no can do. Nidia tells him to beat it and go find some other little girls to mix it up with. He wants to see Yadi, it’s just between them. Nidia thought he was a guy with scruples, but she was wrong. Where has her love gone? They fuss back and forth, but Nidia won’t give in and disappears into the house. Anga rings the bell. Yadi runs to talk to her mother about the crazy guy ringing the bell. It’s that perverted Angarita. He keeps ringing and Yadi is going to tell him to leave but Nidia won’t let her and tells her she needs to be thinking about looking for a different job. Yadi doesn’t think she can get another job. Anga waits. And waits. It gets dark and starts raining. Anga waits. And waits. And gets drenched. Anga waits. And gives up, going to his car.

Back at Juan’s office, they’ve come up with about 10% in reductions without massive layoffs, but they need 20%. Heri is starving to death. [Hah.] Pastor agrees; they need to eat. Lorenzo exhorts them—no rest for the weary, there’s too much to do, we can’t get distracted, and be patient. Heri just wants a five-minute rest. [One wonders if he’s even really helping]. Heri points out even the best horse needs to romp about (retozar). [K, that farm reference was for you.] Fern sternly tells him if they keep their noses to the grindstone it’ll be done faster. Heri retorts and Fern shouldn’t be messing with him. The boys get ready to face off. Juan tries to hold them back with a few calming words and reminding them of the work ahead, but Heri is loaded for bear. Turns out, it’s about Ivonne. Fern’s stolen her. Fern chuckles and goes behind him but suddenly turns ugly, whipping Heri around to face him. Pastor steps between them, probably a dangerous move. They yell at each other with Fern asserting she’s his girlfriend, whether Heri likes it or not. How could Heri even think she’d like him? She’s had some bad times, but never bad taste. Heri begs Pastor to tell Fern that Ivonne’s hitching her wagon to him [Okay, I took some liberties interpreting that into English]. Heri’s ready to take Fern out to the corner (esquina) and have a round. Pastor finds himself in the middle of a boy fight. He might not mind it so much. They spin and spin and Heri bails. Fern waves Pastor out the door after him.

Marely is thrilled to see her big sis back home as she comes into the kitchen where Yadi is making up baby formula. What are you doing here? Yadi informs Marely she’s home. Marely thought she was very happy in her new apartment full of luxuries. And with Don Angarita taking care of all her whims. Yadi admits it all has a price—her love. He was only looking for me to buy himself a family. Marely reminds her gently that everyone warned her. Yadi knows, she doesn’t need the reminder. Why was she so foolish? She swears she thought he only viewed her as the daughter he never had. [Ed. Note: little do you know.] Marely points out there are lots of folks in the world with bad intentions. Yadi really thought he was different. Marely encourages Yadi—what’s important is that she realized and didn’t stay in the game! Yadi says she thought she could get that independent life she wanted and be comfortable, have comfortable things for her daughter. Marely tells her she still can if she’s willing to work hard, exert herself. Yadi is doubtful. She tells Marely it’s all because she gave too much credit to her horoscope. Excuuuuuse me? Marely gives her the raised eyebrows. Yadi quotes the horoscope. “An older man offers you his sincere friendship.” What sincere? Marely can’t understand why Yadi’s still paying attention to such things. Nothing they say in horoscopes really happens, anyway. Yeah. Yadi is pretty sheepish. Marely mocks about Yadi believing in tarot cards—does she remember? You were convinced they said you were a cautious (recatada), serious woman, responsible, decent—give me a break! You? Okay, Yadi concedes, at least we don’t pay the woman. Old Liar! (the writer of the horoscopes). Yadi is NEVER going to pay attention to her horoscopes again. Never. Anyway, Baby Sis is so pleased to see her. The sisters hug.

Anga is miserable at home, coughing and choking with a cold from the rain. He’s sitting on the sofa in his jammies, sneezing and wheezing, feet in warm water, with a towel over his head and shoulders. He remembers Nidia’s harsh words that Yadira doesn’t ever want to see him again in this lifetime, so get out and go look for other little girls to conquer. Anga shivers and shakes.

Nidia sits on her bed, remembering another scene—this one of love, played out in the central market. “You love me so much?” she asks Angarita. He wonders what he has to do to convince her. He loves her. Nidia is back in her real world. She pounds on the bed. Liar! Liar! Delirio comes in and wonders who his puchi puchi is calling a liar.

Kike comes home from a long hard day to find his errant wife and precious baby in the room. What are you doing here? I’m back. I missed my home and my family. Yadi makes no eye contact, but rocks the baby in her baby seat placed on the bed. Is there a problem? Now there’s eye contact. He chuckles—better you tell me a cowboy story, because I don’t believe a word you’re saying. He kisses his baby girl. Yadi grudgingly admits that she accepted Anga’s help and it was mistake. Happy? He believes that even less. What really happened? Well, she tells him, Don Angarita asked me for something I couldn’t give him. Kike is muy impactada as they face off.

Hillary leaves a message for Juan. [Ed. Note: Whew, what a living room. I could never live in an all white house with all white furniture, because it wouldn’t be long before it was all gray. But, then, I don’t have a million people cleaning up behind me.] She wants him to call and leaves him a kiss. Papá Paris strolls in, with purpose. He neeeds to talk with her. He suggests a drink and they go off for the chat.

Kike thinks that Yadi is condescending. She asks him to do this without insults. Kike says its not an insult, and thinks she and Anga had their first fight as lovers. He pushes and Yadi tells him enough. [Nidia Micaela is such a unique kid—she’s just staring at Yadi while she fusses with Kike.] He thinks she emptied Anga’s wallet. Yadi stands up, totally incensed. Kike continues—he told you for the first time he’s not going to support some of your many whims. So, what did you ask him to buy? A Bengal Tiger? No? A romantic trip to Paris with all expenses paid? No. How about a total laser depilation? Yadi rushes across the room to give him a thump and Kike grabs her arm. She yells at him to mock her all he wants. She doesn’t care. They trade insults. Kike says he’s going to feed his little girl and heads for Nidia Michaela. Yadi reminds him—at 90 decibels, that it’s her room and her bed. She tells him to get out and find another place to sleep—he and Perafán are just pebbles in this house. Kike repeats that he’s going to feed his child; he has that right since he’s her father. Yadi spits out another quasi insult and storms out while the baby cries. Kike talks to NM and asks her “who loves ya, baby?” He tells her that she’s the only good thing Yadira gave him, the one sincere and honest thing her mother has done in her life. Yadi hears all this through the door.

Papá Paris wants to know who Hillary was talking to when he found her in the McMansion. She tells him she was leaving Juan a message. It’s strange that he hasn’t called all day. Papi informs her she’s not going to hear from him again. How come? Well, yesterday I had an appointment with him to clear up a few things. WHAT? Well, Papi tells her, you’re my daughter and I have to make sure no one takes advantage of you. He explains that Juan’s pretty clear that he’s got no future with Hill. Hillary is Put Out and tells her Papi he has no right to do that. And we are reminded that any similarity to reality is purely coincidental.


Recorte – layoffs, staff cutbacks, trim, cut
Chango – small monkey
Sabihondo – know-it-all
Chaparro – short guy
Mohíno hasta la medula del corazón - annoyed to the marrow of his heart
Remedio – solution, remedy, cure
Revuelo – commotion, stir, fuss, rumpus
Toche – hare
Entronas – spirited
Tapón - obstacle
Ring cromado - Chrome-plated ring (maybe a conduit?)
Jalar – pull it off, work hard at it, do it
Canalla – swine
Cochino – swine (there must be 50 ways to leave your lover and about that many synonyms for swine in Spanish)
Witch hunt - cacería de brujas
Con frialdad – with coldness, with a cool head
Retozar – romp, frisk about
Esquina - corner
Recatada – cautious



La Traición, Fri, May 30 - Margo moves up in the world but Herc is down in the dumps; Hugo gets a fencing lesson and Dr. Dan gets a warning

Boris and Ursula

Hugo has come to the Hacienda to ask Alcides for the thermal chamber that is in the basement. He declines Alcides offer of a drink.
A: What do you want it for? Don’t tell me that you are about to have a catalepsy attack?
H: (to himself) My brother continues to be ignorant of the fact that I no longer suffer from that disease.
A: I was in the laboratory when Soledad arrived with my sick niece. How is the child?
H: She didn’t have an attack but I need the chamber in case she has another one.
A: Are you concerned about the baby or are you just trying to get points with Soledad? Because if that’s that case you are losing the game, well, we both are. Daniel von Chirac gave Soledad an engagement ring. They’re engaged.

Soledad thanks Dr. Dan and says that he is always there when she needs him. Dr. Dan says that she is everything to him and what happens to Aurorita affects him as if she was his own. Dr. Dan says that he will take her home but Soledad says that isn’t necessary. The coachman is waiting outside. Dr. Dan asks Soledad to look at him. He says that he knows she isn’t acting this way because of Aurora, “It’s Hugo, right?”

Hercu-less says that he believes Margot. Margot tells him that if he loves her, he has to trust her. Arturo busts open the door. He asks why Herc didn’t meet him like he was supposed to. Herc says he was just leaving. Arturo says maybe Margot won’t let Herc go to Alcides’ house because he is having an affair with Marina. Margot is impactada.

Ursula says that if something happens to Aurora, she’ll die. Boris comforts her. The baby has her mother and father and the doctor, nothing will happen to her. Ursula thanks Boris and says that he is a great guy. She apologizes for what happened with Marina earlier. She should have controlled herself. Boris says that she did the right thing. A kiss happens (finally!).

Hugo and Alcides:
H: von Chirac and Soledad aren’t engaged. They’re together because they are looking for a cure for Aurora’s illness.
A: If that’s what you want to believe, go ahead. I saw them kissing.
H: I didn’t come here to discuss your suppositions.
A: There’s no point in fighting a duel for Soledad’s love, brother. That little doctor is in the way. What is it with you, Hugo? Won’t you do anything about it? Will you let a nobody (don nadie) take her away from you?

Soledad says that she won’t lie to Dr. Dan. She doesn’t know what happened. She hadn’t seen Hugo for a long time and to see him holding her daughter and laughing made her forget all the bad things he has done and I saw him again as the man that I had loved. I remembered beautiful moments. But that’s over. She says that she had a moment of weakness. Dr. Dan says that he will ask her something that sounds odd and it will be hard to do but, if you don’t want to suffer, you have to get Hugo out of your mind and your heart. Soledad says that she knows this but there is something very powerful that binds her and Hugo together – their daughter. Dr. Dan says that he knows that and he will never pressure her to do something that she doesn’t want to do. He tells her not to go the hospital. She should rest. She has a lot of things to think about. Soledad agrees. She says that she has a lot to organize in her mind.

Ursula and Boris are kissing. Ursula pulls away and says that she doesn’t know what happened. Boris says that it was meant to be. She is a very beautiful woman. Ursula moves to leave. She says that he is a married man. This can’t happen. After she leaves, Boris say that there is nothing between him and Marina.

Tearfully, Margot asks if Hercu-less is Marina’s lover. (Poor Herc. He just can’t catch a break here.) Arturo urges Herc admit it. If Marina is his lover, he should let Marina deal with it. “But if you’ve lied,” says Arturo, “you’ll have to deal with me.” Poor Herc is thinking, “What do I do? What do I do? (¿Qué hago?)” Arturo draws his gun. He says that the moment has come. Speak. Herc chooses the lesser of two evils or at least the one that is least likely to get him killed. He says that he and Marina are lovers. “Liar!” says Arturo and knees him in the crotch. Herc falls down. Arturo says that he was with Marina and she told him the truth that she and Herc weren’t lovers and she told him that Herc visited Alcides. Arturo accuses Herc of being the ally of his worst enemy. Now he understands why Herc didn’t keep his appointment; why he wasn’t there to defend Arturo when he lost his hand. It was because of Alcides. Margot asks if this is true. Arturo says that Herc will tell him about all the dirty deals Herc has with Alcides. “Answer!” shouts Arturo while Margot begs Arturo not to hurt Herc.

Hugo and Alcides-
A: Why are you so quiet, brother? What about the ‘great love’ that you said you felt for Soledad?
H: Alcides, I’m not interested in talking about that. I only came here because I need the chamber. Are you going to give it to me, yes or no?
A: Send for it. I have no use for it.
H: Thanks. (He starts to leave.)
A: Hugo, I don’t believe you when you say that you aren’t interested in what happens between Soledad and von Chirac. I don’t believe it.
H: I have lost Soledad forever. Believe it. (He leaves.)
A: I’ll have to deal with von Chirac by myself. I’ll get him away from Soledad whatever it takes.

Michelle and Andres are fencing. Michelle is victorious. Andres asks what is the matter with her. She was attacking him as if he were a real enemy. He says he doesn’t understand. She came in, asked to practice and doesn’t say another word. What is happening? Andres guesses that it has to do with Hugo. Michelle tells Andres to pack up everything. They’re leaving tomorrow morning forever. Michelle tells Andres to buy a ticket and take their stuff home the next day. He asks what she will do. She says that she has to think. She will go Europe before she goes home. Andres says that she didn’t answer her question. It’s about Hugo, isn’t it? Michelle says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Andres should just do what she asks: pack up and leave her swords and some clothes. He agrees. He leaves as Dr. Dan comes in. Dr. Dan says that they knew this could happen. She shouldn’t worry; he has spoken to Soledad. Michelle tells Dr. Dan not to try and convince her. She says that she thought she had an opportunity with Hugo but today she realized it was impossible. She says that she won’t be an obstacle between Soledad and Hugo. They love each other. Dr. Dan says that Soledad is trying to forget Hugo. “You don’t understand,” says Michelle, “You can win Soledad’s heart because you aren’t friends with Hugo but I am Soledad’s friend and I won’t put myself between two people who love each other. I can’t.”

Soledad tells her family that fortunately, it was a false alarm and Aurora is fine. Soledad thanks Ursula for telling Hugo. Naturally, Ester and Antonia are outraged. Soledad tells Ester and Antonia not to blame Ursula. She was only trying to help. Besides if it wasn’t for Hugo, Aurora could have had a catalepsy attack. They should have seen how she stopped crying when she heard Hugo’s voice and her temperature went back to normal. It was incredible. Antonia says it was a coincidence. Hugo doesn’t have healing powers in his voice. Soledad asks Ursula to put Aurora down for a nap. She says that she has something important to tell Ester and Antonia. They need to respect her decision. Soledad tell them that she has agreed to let Hugo come to the house to visit his daughter whenever he wants. That is her decision. Ester and Antonia roll their eyes but we are spared their usual diatribes.

Hugo comes in to where Andres is packing up Michelle’s stuff. He asks what Andres is doing. Andres says that per Michelle’s orders, he is packing her stuff. She is returning to her own country.

Arturo tells Hercu-less that he has betrayed him. He’s been working for Alcides while pretending to be Arturo’s servant. Margot begs Arturo not to shoot. She asks Herc to tell Arturo that it isn’t true. Herc says that Alcides paid him to run errands for him but Herc says that he never betrayed Arturo. Arturo flashes back to Hugo accusing Herc of kidnapping Boris. He says that now he understands that Herc kidnapped Boris on Alcides’ orders. Herc begs Arturo not to shoot him. He says that he didn’t have any money. Alcides gave him the money to buy this house. Arturo screams that Herc betrayed him for filthy money. He cocks the gun but Margot pushes his arm and he misses. Margot says that she won’t let him kill Herc. If he wants to kill Herc, he will have to kill her first.

It was too good to be true. Now we have the diatribes of Ester and Antonia. They tell Soledad that they can’t believe she would let Hugo in the house after all he’s done, the baby has enough love already, Hugo gives Antonia the creeps (escalofríos). Soledad says that she hasn’t forgiven Hugo. That’s not the issue. It’s just that her daughter should be with her father, that’s all. Soledad says that she is sure that her daughter would never forgive her if she kept her away from her father. Antonia asks Soledad to tell her from her heart what she feels for Hugo. Does she still love him even after all the damage that he’s done? Before Soledad can answer, Ester says that Lucas would feel very bad if Hugo came to the house. “We will do what my daughter decides,” says Lucas coming into the room as Soledad looks at him gratefully.

Dr. Dan tells Michelle not to give up. She is a strong woman who fights for what she wants. “Maybe,” says Michelle, “but I have to be honest with myself. You didn’t see the way Hugo looked at Soledad. His eyes reflected the love he still has for her. A love that I will never have.” Dr. Dan says that Hugo and Soledad hadn’t seen each other in several months. He tells her not to give up for that. She could be very happy with Hugo. Michelle says no, tomorrow she is leaving San Marino forever. Her decision is made. Hugo comes in and says that he saw Andres packing her luggage. He doesn’t want her to go. Dr. Dan leaves.
H: We were all uneasy about what happened at the laboratory. Is that why you left?
M: I understand perfectly that Aurora is your daughter. It’s logical that Soledad and you…
H: Michelle, don’t be mistaken. As Soledad’s friend, you know full well that there is nothing between us.
M: I feel embarrassed.
H: Why?
M: Because after all this time, we finally made love. I was yours on the same day that you and Soledad met again.
H: It was just a coincidence. I was working when Ursula came to say that my daughter was ill and I went to the lab.
M: I know but seeing you together with Soledad and Aurora, I understood a lot and that’s why I’m leaving. (She gets her stuff to leave the room.)
H: Michelle, you can’t leave. Not after what happened between us. I want you to say.
M: Only if I know that one day you and I will have the chance of having a family, a home but without hurting Soledad or anyone. Tell me, is that possible?

Soledad thanks Lucas for understanding her. Lucas says that the presence of that man will be good for his granddaughter, then he has no objection to Hugo coming to the house. Ester agrees but says that she won’t be polite to that man (she never has been up to now, why even think about changing?). Soledad says that isn’t coming to visit them, he’s coming to see his daughter. She wants Antonia’s support for this decision as well. Antonia says Soledad should do as she likes. It’s all for the good of her niece. Ester asks if Soledad is going to the hospital and she says that Dr. Dan gave her the day off. Once again Lucas has to say that he feels bad that all of them are working and he can’t do anything. And once again Soledad tells him that he worked all his life to support them like royalty and now it’s his turn to rest. Lucas says that he realizes that they don’t have enough to eat.

Right beneath their feet. Alcides is making a withdrawal from the Treasure vault. (What an irony!) He says that he has to think of something to separate Soledad from Dr. Dan. He has to find a way to win her. He knows that she won’t accept money from him. “If not with money, how am I going to win her heart?” says Alcides, “How can I win your heart, Soledad?”

Arturo says that Hercu-less with pay for his betrayal with blood. Herc goes for his gun but Arturo makes him toss it away. Margot begs Arturo not to kill Herc. Arturo says that she is the only person who can save this traitor. Margot says that she will do whatever he asks. Arturo says that he will spare Herc’s life if Margot comes to live with him. Margot is impactada.

Hugo and Michelle-
H: Before thinking of yourself, you think of Soledad. You are a great woman, Michelle, with noble principles. (He didn’t answer her question.) Let time help us. Help me heal my wounds. Give me the opportunity to be happy by your side. This is what I want the most. Is that the sword I made for you?
M: It’s a perfect weapon, its curvature, its sharpness. I’ve never had a better one. You should specialize in making swords, you make them very well.
H: Maybe but it doesn’t make sense.
M: If you want, I can show you the secrets of fencing.

Soledad says that they are getting along ok. Lucas says they shouldn’t lie to him. He knows that their money is almost gone and they are having trouble putting food on the table. Ester says that between her sewing work and Soledad working in the hospital, they can live decently. Antonia says that in addition to helping Ester with the sewing (costura) and Ursula with the preserves (jalea), she will put an ad in the paper offering her services.
Ester asks what kind of services. Antonia replies that she will make use of what she learned in the Conservatory – she will offer piano lessons in people’s homes.

Cut to Paquito’s Tavern where his piano player has to leave because of his mother is sick. Where is he going to get another piano player????

Margot says that she doesn’t understand. Where would they live? “Where else,” says Arturo, “in my house.” Margot says that Arturo’s mother will kill her. Herc says that Margot is his woman. Arturo tells Margot to decide: come to live with him or he will kill Herc. Margot hugs Herc and says that she doesn’t have any other option. She will go with Arturo and save Herc’s life. She tells him not to worry. She will talk him out of it when he is calmer. Herc says that what Arturo is doing is called kidnapping. He doesn’t have any right to take Margot. Arturo says that Margot is saving his life. He should thank her. From now on Herc and Arturo are enemies and if Herc makes one false step, Arturo will kill him. He wants Herc to understand that he has lost Margot not because she doesn’t love him but because Herc betrayed Arturo with his worst enemy. They leave. Herc says that he swears that it won’t end like this.

Hugo thanks Michelle for teaching him the secrets of fencing. She says that he is a very good student. Now he has a better understanding of how to use swords. Hugo says he is a good listener. (Are we to assume that Hugo never learned fencing as part of his education as a gentleman?). Hugo asks if Michelle feels better. She says that she does and asks him he same thing. Hugo says that with a woman like her, it is impossible to feel bad. He says that she is an exceptional woman.

Alcides tell Hercu-less that he thought Arturo would have killed Herc after discovering him in Alcicdes’ house. Herc says that Arturo discovered everything. He knows that Alcides hired him to spy on Arturo. Alcides asks how is it that Arturo let him live? Herc says that Arturo spared his life in exchange for Margot. He forced her to go live with him. Alcides says that Arturo won’t stop with this.

In Arturo’s house, Margot tells him this is crazy. How can he force her to live in his house? His mother hates her. Arturo says that he will see what he can do. Margot says that she won’t believe him. Why doesn’t he let her go back to her house? In comes Mother Linares and her first words are to ask what this slut is doing in her house?

Ursula comes into Soledad’s bedroom and plays with the baby. She says that someday she will have a baby like Aurora. She tells the baby that the most beautiful thing in her life happened today. She flashes back to kissing Boris. Ursula says that she has to tell Soledad about it. Ursula finds a cowhide bag full of money on Soledad’s bed.

Michelle is at her dressing table. Dr. Dan comes in. He asks if she if feeling better. He says that he saw her teaching Hugo some fencing tricks. He says that he thinks she changed her mind about leaving San Marino. Michelle replies that Hugo convinced her to stay. She is going to send Andres a telegram, telling him to come back with her stuff. Dr. Dan says that she has done the right thing. He is happy that she is staying because between the two of them, Hugo and Soledad will find happiness.

Soledad is on the porch of her house. She sits down and flashes back to Hugo smiling at Aurora in the laboratory.
S: Ah, Hugo, so much time has passed but today, when I saw you, my life was turned upside down. It was as if time had stopped. Your look, your laugh, were the the same but different at the same time. I want to hate you but I can’t. I know that I have to tear you out of my heart. I have to be able to do it!!
For some reason, she is carrying the box with Dr. Dan’s engagement ring. She flashes back to him saying that patience is his greatest virtue. She puts the ring on and Hugo is there.
H: It’s true then. You are really engaged to Daniel von Chirac?
S: (surprised) Hugo!
H: Is this the ring that von Chirac gave you? (Soledad hastily takes the ring off.)
S: What are you doing here? You scared me.
H: You are engaged to him, then.
S: Who told you?
H: I just saw you with an engagement ring (anillo de compromiso) on your finger (dedo).
S: During the months that we’ve been apart, the only person who has supported me, apart from my family, is Daniel. I am very thankful to him.
H: I can imagine. It’s been hard for me, also.
S: Really? It’s been hard for you? It At least you only have yourself to worry about. I have to worry about my family. It has been very hard.
H: Soledad, I came because I need..
S: While you make a new life with Michelle, I’m trying to support my family and do you know who has been there all the time to help me? Daniel. For that reason, he is a very important person to me. It’s not just that he’s helping to get my father out of his wheelchair, he also helping my daughter by looking for a cure for her catalepsy.
H: Then you are engaged to him.
S: No, I haven’t given my answer yet.

Dr. Dan tells Michelle that she made the right decision and he is sure that she will be as happy with Hugo as he will be with Soledad. He says that he thought Hugo was here. Michelle says that he went to see his daughter. Dr. Dan says that it is inevitable that they see each other. A child is a tie between them that will never break. He says that they’ll have to get used to it. Michelle agrees that is the best thing if they don’t want to suffer. Michelle flashes back to seeing Alcides’ look of hatred towards Dr. Dan. She tells him that she has to tell him about something she saw that bothered her a lot (‘me dio muy mal espina,’ literally ‘gave me a very bad thorn’). It has to do with Dr. Dan and Alcides.

Alcides says that by taking Hercu-less’ woman instead of killing him with a bullet, Arturo has hit him where it hurts the most – in the heart. Herc asks Alcides to help him get Margot back.

Gladis tells Arturo that she knows who this whore is and how dare he bring a woman off the streets into a house of a family of noble descent (‘una familia de abolengo,’). Margot asks whose family is of noble descent. Gladis is horrified about what the neighbors will say. She hopes no one saw him come in with this ‘sinvergüenza’ (literally, ‘shameless person’). Has Arturo no respect for her, this house, etc.? Finally, Arturo says that Gladis has insulted Margot enough. She is a decent woman who doesn’t steal for a living. “Decent!” says Gladis, “My clean, ironed underwear is decent” (‘Decente es mis calzones que siempre están limpios y planchados’) Margot laughs at this. Gladis asks if Arturo is drunk or crazy and orders him to get Margot out of the house. Arturo says that he isn’t drunk and Margot isn’t leaving. From now on, she’s working in this house. Gladis is scandalized.

Ursula wonders who could have put a bag of money in Soledad bedroom when they barely have enough to eat in the house. “It can’t be,” she says and grabs the bag calling for Soledad only to meet Antonia in the doorway who asks where that money came from.

Hugo and Soledad-

H: You haven’t given him a response but you are planning to accept his proposal, is that what you want to say?
S: I’m sorry, but I don’t think that is your business.
H: Yes, I’m interfering in your life and I have no right to do so. But it hurts me to see you engaged to another man.
S: It’s better not to talk about pain Hugo. Our wounds are still fresh.
H: I think that I had better go. I will come visit my daughter some other time. It wasn’t my intention to bother you.
S: You can see Aurora.
H: Have you talked to your family about permitting me to be here?
S: It wasn’t easy but they accept it. They know, as I do, that it is best for our child.
H: Thank you.
S: Michelle told me that you two were doing well, that things between you were better than ever.

Michelle asks Dr. Dan what Alcides was doing in the laboratory when she and Soledad came with the baby. Dr. Dan says that Alcides came to talk to him. Once, Alcides had offered him money to find a cure for catalepsy and he had rejected it. He didn’t understand that it wasn’t a matter of money. (I guess you forgot, Dr. Dan, that Alcides said that he had a score to settle with you.) Michelle says that she is sure that Alcides knows that Dr. Dan asked Soledad to marry him or saw them together. Michelle tells Dr. Dan that she saw Alcides looking at him with such hate (odio). From what she knows about Alcides and his obsession with Soledad, she thinks Alcides might try and harm Dr. Dan. Dr. Dan says that if Alcides tries to challenge him for Soledad, he will be waiting for him.

Alcides tells Herc that as far as Arturo is concerned, they don’t have to wait any longer. Everything is out in the open (‘Las cartas con Arturo están echadas y sobre la mesa,’ literally, Arturo’s cards are face up on the table). Herc doesn’t understand. He thinks that Alcides doesn’t need him anymore and without Alcides’ help, he is lost. Alcides says that Herc was loyal and he rewards that. Herc says that Arturo was planning to kill Alcides. Herc was going to warn him but Arturo came to his house and stopped him. Alcides says that he will have to be careful.

Hugo and Soledad:
S: Michelle is my friend. She is a great woman, independent, she doesn’t let herself be blinded by love easily. She won’t be as easy to fool as I was, Hugo.
H: I would prefer not to talk about Michelle.
S: And why not? You asked me about Daniel. I answered. Then why don’t you want to talk about Michelle? Why? I felt terrible when she ran out of the laboratory. I know she was uncomfortable because we were together again.
H: Michelle didn’t feel well. She was a little indisposed. She asked Andres to take her luggage ahead because she was going to leave San Marino.
S: What! I didn’t know that.
H: Yes. Later we talked and she changed her mind. She realized that she was wrong.
S: Then she didn’t leave?
H: She didn’t leave. She changed her plans.
S: Oh. Good. That makes me very happy. (She doesn’t seem very happy.) Come into the house to see the baby.
H: Thanks for letting me see my daughter. What you’re doing shows your good heart.

The credits roll.

Monday – Alcides is not happy with Eloisa.


Pasión de Gavilanes - Fri, May 30 - Franco doesn't know how to be a patron so its Juan and Óscar to the rescue!

This was a great episode - probably my favorite so far. I loved team Juan taking on Malcom and Carmela and coaching Franco how to throw his weight around. I loved Franco's inability to manage without his brothers. I loved Óscar's glee at finally getting the good life. Would he have abandoned Juan if he couldn't have been convinced to live in the Hacienda? This was the first time I heard Óscar call Juan, Juancho. I loved Eva coming up with the right arguments to convince Juan and Óscar frantically signaling Franco not to object to Juan's decision to only be an employee.

I liked the Indian Savage guy. I loved Pepita coming to dinner at the Elizondo's and charming Málcom. And what are Pepita' given names? What a mouthful.

And Monday Norma's baby is born! Wow!


Fuego en la Sangre, 05/30/08: Lovers Lost or The Vipers Show Their Fangs

[For those of you in Viewerville who are still glued to the screen every night, I salute you. The popularity this show seems to enjoy south of the border makes me think of that movie title, “Lost in Translation” as in, “There must be something __ __ ___” because try as I might I cannot for the life of me understand what the attraction is other than EY’s pecks and Ninel’s bon bons. –Ed.]

Juan and Sofia make PG-13 rated love in the hay.

Oscar meanwhile has entered Jimena’s room through the balcony doors using a lock pick and they are locking lips. When the two finally come up for air he gets testy and says he shouldn’t have come since she pretty much lied to him saying she was locked in but then manages to go to town with Small Tweedle (Octavio). She explains that her mother has grounded her except for going out with Small Tweedle, but he doesn’t believe this. She teases him then of being jealous of Octavio but Mr. Macho denies it.

Jimena swears then that Oscar is the only man she loves and they kiss again. Oscar proposes marriage to her. She accepts and wants to get married the next morning. Oscar starts to back off a bit asking what’s the hurry, besides there are a number of things they have to get done first. (Yeah, like peeling Mama off the ceiling.) They kiss some more. (I’m thinking it’s gonna be mighty darn crowded in El Castillito Reyes with Sofia AND Jimena sharing that 3 cot cuartucho along with Franco and the guys.) Oscar decides to take advantage of their being alone but Jimena refuses cuz she knows where it will lead. He agrees to leave but says Jimena should keep the balcony windows pushed shut and unlocked so he can visit again. Oscar leaves as Jimena swoons about getting married.

Over at the Bad Love Bar Rosario and her killer bon bons are performing and shaking up a storm through the fireworks displays. (I get the willies just thinking about the lack of fire codes every time I see those sparks shoot up into the air.) She gives jealous Franco the evil eye and he gets the message and leaves.

We zoom over to the Hacienda de los Uribe where Tall and Small Tweedle (Benito and Octavio) and ST’s lover are excitedly planning their new club. They figure to hire singers and have cockfights and betting, free fights and mud wrestling, and a “potro salvaje” (wild something or other - but either way it all sounds a bit too wild for a sleepy town like this). The three agree to be business partners and the boyfriend says he’ll find the right property for them.

Alone in his bedroom that night, Feo Nando thinks back about ambushing Sofia, shooting Juan, and giving her his signature thwack in the back of the skull then leaving the two of them for dead earlier that evening. He figures they got what was coming to them, and says to himself that anyone who does him wrong gets payback, and it’s too bad but Juan and Sofia are probably dead, but then, she was asking for it.

Back in the hay barn in the wild, Juan has apparently found that needle again and he quickly tells Sofia that he hopes she doesn’t think he was only after a meaningless hay roll. She understands and says she wants him to stay with her. She smiles blissfully as she hugs him.

At the parish Padre Tadeo is worried about why Sofia never showed and figures the storm kept her away.
Late that night sometime Juan’s horse, Capricho, arrives back at the bakery without Juan. Its whinnies and neighs wake up Oscar. He and Franco run outside to find it’s still saddled, covered in mud and that the reins are broken. Oscar is sure this means something bad has happened to Juan. (So what was your first clue, dude?)

The next morning a rooster crows at the break of dawn and Juan wakes up first. Sofia wakes up then and the two smile goo goo eyes at each other. They exchange sugary sweet compliments and then Juan spies a heart on a broken chain in the hay. Sofia kisses it and tells him to keep it. Juan says it will symbolize that their hearts are now one. They kiss again as sickly sweet violins play endlessly in the background.

Back in town Oscar and Franco put together a search party to look for their brother. Quintina plans to go to the hacienda to tell Gabriela that the Reyes’ won’t be coming to work that day.

Back in the barn Juan says he’s going to look for food for their breakfast and to try to determine where they are and how they can get back to town.

At the same time Pablito comes to tell Padre Tadeo that the mother superior from the convent sent him to let Tadeo know that Sofia never arrived back to sleep there the night before.

Juan has found some medicinal herbs for pain and fever. He’s also caught a rather tame wild rabbit for stew and a little fruit for breakfast. Sofia makes him let the bunny rabbit go. (Of course, the “wild” bunny doesn’t quite understand he’s an actor with a role to play and so he just sits and decides to stick around for the fun.) Juan tells Sofia he couldn’t get his bearings and he has no idea how far from town they might be. He thinks the only way they can get back is to cross the river.

Meanwhile Padre Tadeo visits the convent and tells the mother superior that if Sofia didn’t get back the night before it was because something very bad happened to her. He mentions that Sofia never made it to the church for their meeting either. They wonder if she had an accident that had something to do with the torrential rains.

Back in the barn Sofia worries about Juan’s wound. He says he survived much worse while keeping him and his brothers alive when they were kids. She says some day he’ll have to tell her all about it. Juan winces from the pain of his bullet wound. Sofia gets worried when she sees that Juan’s wound seems to be seriously infected. She tells him they have to leave immediately to get a doctor to look at it. Juan, (he is such an aggravating country bumpkin) ignores this and just kisses her on the forehead, then smiles like the goofy doofus he seems to be.

Quintina goes to the Hacienda San Augustin and tells Fernando that the Reyes brothers will not be coming to work that day. Some problem came up. Feo plays dumb and asks what kind of predicament are they in. She explains that Juan is suddenly missing. He plays dumb again and says hopefully he’ll turn up soon.

After Quintina leaves, Crabi comes down to ask who she was and what she wanted. Fer tells Gabi the three workmen aren’t coming to work that day and she threatens to run them off for their lackadaisical attitude. Just then Father Tadeo arrives to tell Gabi that Sofia has gone missing, but she seems totally disaffected by the news. Feo offers to put together a search party for her but she refuses and says Sofia is probably not missing at all. It’s probably no different than the last time when she went off and returned a bit later after “getting some air.” She adds that it is probably Sofia’s way of trying to make her worry to death about her. Tadeo can’t believe Gabi is so disinterested about her daughter missing and that she might really be in danger. Gabi says well, if she is then she was asking for it and it would be God’s punishment.

Sofia starts to panic because Juan’s wound is oozing pus and seems to get worse every time she looks at it. Juan is nauseous and cannot stand up. She keeps saying they’ve got to get out of there and find him a doctor. (By now I’m tired of screaming at the TV that they’re both lost in the middle of nowhere and he’s too sick so try for plan B already.)

Tadeo says to himself he can scarcely believe what he’s hearing. (That’s what I love about Diana Bracho. When she plays a cold-hearted, sadistic witch, she is so darn good at it you forget the stupid storyline she’s got to work with.) Gabi seemingly oblivious to it all says that she hopes Sofia might have learned her lesson. Tadeo lights into Gabi and tells her that God’s lessons are not just for those who receive them but for those who teach them as well and he hopes Gabi is learning right along with her. Tadeo leaves and Fernando smiles demonically. He turns to Gabi who stares absently at the doorway apparently delusional and full of visions of grandeur or some such.

Oscar and Franco continue to search desperately for Juan. Very late in the day they find a bit of Sofia’s ripped blouse on some of the branches nearby the river and he figures that the two were together. They determine that they have to get ropes to climb down the dangerous cliff side to the river flats below.

On his way out of the hacienda Tadeo runs into Eva and tells her what’s happened and wonders at Gabriela’s strange disinterest. Eva is tied in knots from worry. He says it’s unbelievable how Eva cares more about Sofia than her own mother does.

Back inside Feo feigns a need to go on a search for Sofia but Gabi refuses again to allow it. She says Sofia is only hiding out somewhere to persuade her to let her come back home, but unless Sofia agrees to obey and to act as a wife should to Fernando, then she can stay away till the cows come home for all she cares. Fernando asks Gabi what then if Sofia is really missing and maybe had a fatal accident. Gabi perfunctorily crosses herself and says well, then she was asking for it and that’s what she gets for being such a disobedient daughter. (Do mama vipers eat their own?) Even Feo Nando is shocked to hear this kind of cold-blooded, callous indifference in her reply and he swallows so hard he nearly chokes on his drink. (Word up, big boy. Word u-u-u-p!)

In the barn Juan takes his knife and says he needs to dig the bullet out but Sofia determines to take the bullet out herself since Juan cannot see it well enough to do it himself. She digs out the bullet and we get a view that is realistic enough to turn your stomach, thank you very much. He nearly passes out from the pain. She remembers then about the medicinal plants he brought her and goes out to find him more.

Eva, Sarita and Jimena are in Jimena’s room wondering where Sofia could be. Jimena suggests that Oscar and his brothers could help them but Eva says they didn’t show up for work today. Sarita asks why not. Just as it begins to ominously thunder and threaten rain again Eva says she has no idea. (Ordinarily I’d say somebody could have said duh, because they can’t do construction work in the rain, but okay, we all know that there’s a different reason today.) Then Fatima comes in to tell the others that Gabi says they have to leave so she can lock Jimena up again. Eva asks where the bricklayers are and Fatima tells them that a woman came by earlier to say they had a problem at home and wouldn’t be coming. Eva wonders to herself if possibly Sofia and Juan are together.

In the office of the Bad Love Bar Armando laughs with Feo about the town being in such an uproar over Juan Reyes’ disappearance and the search the town has organized. Feo shrugs and says yep, they’ll find him but he’ll be dead. Armando asks him if he doesn’t feel a twinge over the death of his wife. Feo says truth be told he doesn’t. Like her mother says, she deserved it. Anyway, he was fed up with her snubs and her impulsive behavior. Oh he’ll moan and groan and cry his eyes out like the saddest of widowers when her cadaver appears, but after a while he plans to convince his MIL to let him marry his next victim, Sarita. Why Sarita? He says because she’s the most submissive and obedient of the other two daughters. He and Armando have a big snicker over that.

Afterward, Armando mentions to Fernando that it seems mighty strange that Juan Reyes just happened to wander in on them just as they caught up with Sofia. He wonders how Juan found out and just what he was doing riding around through those parts at the right time. Feo mulls it over.

Sofia is tending to Juan who is now delirious with fever. He hallucinates and mumbles things about his father and mother and promising to protect his siblings. He babbles on about vengeance while Sofia cries to him that he cannot leave her alone like this, that he has to get well.

Back in the bar’s office again, Feo complains to Armando that Juan Reyes is as much a meddling busybody as his two brothers, always showing up when least expected and where they don’t belong. Well, he says, the guy’s gotten what he deserved and now all that’s left is to get rid of the other two little roosters. (I couldn’t help it, but visions of those gawdawful chicken shirts started flooding my brain at this point causing mucho guffawing between me and the hubster.) Armando answers that the two new guys are more of a threat since they intend to be their new competition in town. Feo laughs and says those two city boys will get bored real quick and go back wherever they came from. They’ll go broke he says and he’ll have fun giving them a little help in that direction. The two goons share another conspiratorial couple of yucks over it.

Speaking of Tall and Small Tweedle, we are beamed back to Hacienda de los Uribe. It’s unclear whether it’s the next day or just late in the afternoon when ST’s lover comes back to say he’s found them a great location for the new business. He tells them that while he was in town there seemed to be a great commotion over the disappearance of two people, Juan Reyes and Sofia Elizondo. Tall and Small Tweedle can’t believe it and race over to Doña Gabriela’s to comfort her in her “hour of need”.

Meanwhile, Juan’s fever subsides and he regains consciousness. (The timeline is fuzzy here. So, if it isn’t the next morning, then it is certainly the shortest delirium and recovery in history.) Juan and Sofia prepare to leave the barn and try to find their way back to town.

In Gabi’s living room Eva is begging her to see reason and says a mother should be worried to death over her daughter’s disappearance instead of judging her so harshly. Gabi, the essence of conceit, says “And you would know that kind of motherly anxiety, right? All these years and did it stop you from giving away your daughter?” Eva says she’s sorry she did it, but Gabi had convinced her she was doing it to give her daughter a better life. She screams at Gabi, “Too bad they didn’t ask you to give up YOUR daughters because they’d certainly have had better luck far away from the likes of YOU!”

Gabi gets up and starts to smack Eva for her impudence, but Eva grabs her arm and prevents her from striking her. “Don’t you ever try to hit me again, and you’d better be careful because I won’t play nice and take it anymore.” Eva grabs her umbrella like a weapon and heads out leaving Gabi to adjust her thinking cap.

Back at the abandoned barn, Sofia struggles with Juan and says he doesn’t have the strength to leave, but Juan says he’s got to get her someplace safe and they can’t let the rain gain on them again. They limp off into the woods.

Oscar and Franco are let down the cliff side with ropes while the rain starts coming down in torrents again.

Octavio and Benito are now sitting in the living room with Jimena and Sarita as Gabriela sits there looking pleased with herself and smiling like the cat who ate the canary. Incredibly she goes off to the kitchen to order them up some cake and coffee. The Uribe brothers are amazed to see a grin on Gabriela’s face. Jimena explains that Mama doesn’t believe Sofia has really gone missing. She tells them how she’s been grounded and locked away in her room except to come out for Octavio’s visits. They explain that everything started when Sofia got upset to hear her mother had put their grandfather in an old folks’ home.

At the aforementioned home, it seems Grampa Augie has gotten his bearings and has made great friends with the other residents. They tell him they’d love to be outside right now, but it’s raining. He suggests they play a game of cards, but one of the residents tells him the games have all been picked up and put away and the old folks are bored to death. So, he decides to liven the place up with a game of tag. They have fun turning the old folks’ home into a veritable zoo till the mean doctor who runs the place shows up with a major league frown on his face and surrounded by his goon attendants. “--What’s going on here?” Augie defiantly answers him, “What does it look like to you is going on?”

In the church Tadeo finds Eva praying and he says he’s heard that Juan Reyes is missing now also. “Juan AND Sofia are missing. Isn’t that a bit strange?” He wants to know if she knows anything about it. Eva looks sheepishly at him.

In the river flats Oscar and Franco continue searching through the trees and the overgrowth but cannot find any clue about where Juan might be. They both look over at the raging river which is continuing to rise by the minute.


Guapos Friday 5/30/08

Sorry, folks, I'm under the weather with a cold today, so I'm just putting together a brief recap. Creativity has deserted me.

Review scenes: Luci tells all to perfidious Flo. Connie leaves for a meeting and almost catches Andrea getting an envelope from the safe.

Andrea has an idea for getting the name of the bank. They have the account number in the envelope, but not the name of the bank.

Mili, Braulio and Padre Manuel talk in Mili's room with the giant teddy bear. She's not the same lately. Braulio hugs Padre M, who shrugs him off a bit uncomfortably.

Lina and Gloria are folding clothes in the girls dorm and dreaming of romance. Gloria says Lina should read romance novels intead of just fan magazines. They talk about how sweet it was to see Rocky and Val at Rodeo last night--they are so in love. Lina despairs of ever having someone for herself. She said something about barking that I didn't understand. They leave the rest of the clothes for Karla to fold. Karla has been standing by, listening to everything.

Over at the tire store, Horacio misses Socorro. He's afraid she forget him after just one day, and Morgan tells him not to worry. Val comes for a visit, and they play around about her car running out of gas and needing work. They talk about expanding the tire shop to a full mechanic's venue.

Connie is on the phone with Andrea. Then Karla comes in and tells him that she heard the girls talking about Val. She demands money, and he hands over some cash, which she deposits in the usual spot. Connie says they will have to "tomar cartas" in this matter. I cannot figure out what this means. Take letters? Maybe it's like setting up an account for future payments.

Now Mili comes into the office. She sits down and asks Connie if he remembers how he told her she could always come to him for help. Is that offer still open? She tells him she wants him to help him find her father! Connie's collar feels tight. She suggests that he may have contacts in the prison system. That's where they're sure to find her father, amid the cowards and cockroaches. Connie ventures that her father may come from a good family. No, you're involved with politics???? Each time she says something like this, he looks more uncomfortable and she looks more defiant. Hah! He then asks what if he doesn't want you to find him? If he wanted to find you he would have done so by now. She says that if he doesn't want to help, she'll get Robledo to help. No, Connie will not hear of it. She thanks him, saying that instead of the trash who is her father she wishes that he were her father. Gulp.

She goes into the hall laughing. Hugo is there and wonders if she is glad to see him. He wants to go out tomorrow, but tells him she has a big soccer match. Then she invites him to play and even to come to the special night at Rodeo. He is pleased that he is finally invited to a soccer match. In the middle of this conversation, Luci is coming down the stairs and hears all. They call out to her. Mili says hi in that button-pushing way.

In the kitchen, Socorro announces that Braulio just gave her good news--they are getting raises. Gloria and Lina are excited, but they find out that only Karla and Soco are included. This is obviously whatever means they have of laundering Karla's blackmail money, but Soco admits she doesn't understand it and found it a bit strange. Karla taunts the other girls with being envious and undeserving flojas (idlers). Karla leaves, and Soco breaks down in tears. She doesn't understand her daughter, and she doesn't really need a raise either--she just wants Horacio. Pobre de Socorrito.

Connie sees Val coming in and tells her she's grounded 4-eva. He instructs Braulio to watch her at all times. He now takes Braulio into the private office and tells him about Mili's request. Braulio raises his eyebrows, and Connie says "hey that's the same reaction I had--it was an uncomfortable moment." Anyway, he has a brilliant idea--he's going to get that same detective his mother hired to find Uncle Brau and have him "find" papa and tell them he's dead. Brau isn't pleased with this plan and sarcastically tells Connie "you know best."

Luci is meeting with Mat in a bar where she can conveniently down a couple of scotches. She tells him about the soccer match the next day so he can go and make a play for Mili. She admits she knows he wants Mili for money, and she doesn't care. She doesn't even care about power for her son. She just wants Mili far far away. She wants Mat to fight for Mili. They toast their new alliance.

Mili invites Brau to the gay dance (without telling him it's a gay dance). He doesn't want to go, but he can't refuse his niece. She gives him a hug. They compare notes on the the Connie front. Soon the truth will out?

Horacio visits Soco in the kitchen, but Connie catches them and throws Horacio out.

At the soccer game, Chalupa and Morgan arrive and tell Padre M they're ready to play. Chalupa reveals he's Gloria's novio. Padre M is taken aback, but Chalup assures him that he hasn't disturbed her sanctity. Then Alex shows up. Padre M is really treating him like a close relative now. Alex asks what's with Mili. Padre M assures him that Mili loves him, and not to worry. Although everything seems weird now, eventually it will all work out. Alex says he's going to leave Mexico, and Padre M shouts "No, don't do that." Alex wonders where all this unusual emotion is coming from.

At the office, Connie is practicing his political speech. He's no Barack Obama, but he wants to combat unemployment and share capital. I notice that he's wearing his little photo ID card on his chest, as is everone else. (I always find it funny that people on the novelas wear these whenever they are in the office. That must have some element of reality or they wouldn't be so religious about that detail. In New York, the only place they wear IDs is in hospitals.)
Andrea comes in, wearing her ID, and they ask each other what they're doing there on a Saturday. She says that someone from the bank called with a problem but didn't leave a number--he should call back. She leaves. Here's her clever plot. He dials the number and starts to talk but Damian comes in and presses the hook, hanging up. He says that he has something important to tell Connie. Connie is suspicious that this is one of Damian's idiotic ideas again but he is persuaded to leave the room (don't do it!). Now Andrea comes in and uses redial to call the bank. She speaks English and finds out the name.

Alex and Padre M continue talking about how sad Alex is to have lost Mili. He wanted to marry Mili and his dream was cut short. He reveals that they were going to be married with Padre Cosmo, and Padre M is a bit insulted. No wonder they had trouble, he says. Just then Hugo arrives, cruising for a bruising. Padre M is wearing the GO GO shirt that Maggie noted yesterday. Hugo and Al start head butting, and little Padre stands between them pushing them apart. Just then Mateo arrives. Did I come at a bad time? he asks. Yes, Hugo and Al shout in perfect unison. Mat says he has a right to be there, as he's Mili's novio. Padrea M says that Mateo has a point, and Hugo and Al chorus again: "Padre Manuel!" Hugo says that Mili told him it was a lie. Mat asks why she kissed him, then. Alex says the only truth is that although she denies it, Mili loves him, Alex.

Mili arrives with Sor Cachete, who says she smells testosterone!
Mat: Is it truth you kissed him? (pointing to Hugo)
Hugo: Can you tell them I'm playing today!
Alex: Tell these idiots you love me!

Damian now has Connie out on the street and tells him some nonsense about the phones being bugged by the opposition and he should change the private line. Connie thanks Damian for saving him. For a smart guy, Connie really acts dumb sometimes.

Braulio catches Val going out. She says she's just going for ice cream. He reminds her that her daddy has ordered him to keep an eye on her--what flavor ice cream does she want? He'll get it for her. She says she wants mayonnaise flavor. Ugh, say I, and so does Braulio.

Connie calls for Andrea to get the phone line changed right away. Andrea tells Damian she got the info about the bank; it's the international bank of the Cayman Islands. Damian says they can start transferring the money little by little, but how? Andrea suggests using Peralta, but Damian thinks he's too dangerous. He has a better idea: his little sonny boy, Hugo, will do whatever he's told.

Back at the soccer match, Chalupa misses a shot when he sees Gloria arrive. Then Mili seems to miss a shot while looking dreamily at the sidelines and remembering when Granny Regina came to watch her play. (I admit I really don't know what happened here, 'cause it looked like the other guy scored a goal for their team.) Soccer hooliganism breaks out, and amid the fray, Alex grabs Mili and carries her caveman style up the hill behind the field. Sor Cachete is worried, but Padre Manuel says everything's okay.

Alex carries Mili kicking and screaming into the church. She shouts for him to let her go, and he puts her down, but he asks her to tell this truth. He says he brought her there because he knows it's the only place she will be honest. Tell me you love me, Mili--I love you. She keeps turning to look at the statue of Jesus, saying no, no, don't make me, please. Finally, she seems to give in and say she loves him and they kiss. End of episode. I can't imagine how they're going to explain this one.

Avances: Mili and Val plan to go to Rodeo. Flor tries on her wedding dress. Her dad threatens Alex for a change.

Alex carries


Friday, May 30, 2008

La Traición, Thurs, May 29 - It's Father's Day and Dr. Dan and Michelle realize they have an upward climb

Loves his daughter!

Loves her Daddy!

Dr. Dan says that he will cherish Soledad’s kiss in his heart forever. Every time he feels sad, he will remember that kiss. Soledad says that she doesn’t want to disillusion him but that was a thank you kiss. Dr. Dan says it was the most sweet, tender and beautiful kiss he has ever received in his life. He repeats that he loves her, he loves her like he’s never loved anyone in his life.

Eloisa tells Alcides that it was just a friendly kiss. He shouldn’t worry. Alcides says that Dr. Dan will pay dearly for it. Eloisa tells Alcides that he needs to be calm (‘tienes que actuar con sangre fria,’ literally, ‘you have to act with cold blood’). She will investigate and find out what Soledad’s intentions are. I don’t care a straw (‘no me importa un bledo’) what he thinks or says, says Alcides, “I want to know what Soledad promised him. Now.”

Soledad tells Dr. Dan that she has to go back inside. She will see him later at the hospital. Dr. Dan says of course, he can’t be there without her. She is his best helper and when she’s not there, the patients don’t stop asking for her and neither does he. She thanks him and leaves.

Boris tells Marina and Ursula to stop fighting. Don’t they see the fire? They could get hurt. He asks Marina what she is doing coming here after all this time. She says that she didn’t come to see him but she was passing by and saw Ursula giving him money and had to come in and tell her to her face what she is: a slut (‘buscona’). Boris tells Marina to leave but she refuses. Ursula says that she will leave. When she is gone, Marina says that she always knew Boris liked Ursula but she is sure that he doesn’t like Ursula as much as he likes her. She says that he must have been thinking about her a lot in all this time. “Don’t tell me that you haven’t missed me,” says Marina, caressing Boris.

Paquito tells himself that the bar will make him a millionaire. The mine investors wasted their money but he has put it to good use. He is auditioning scantily clad ladies for some position.

Soledad show her family the ring. Ester asks if they are engaged. Lucas and Ester express their approval of Dr. Dan. Eloisa breezes in. She’s says that she didn’t want intrude on the family celebration of Lucas’ recovery. Soledad shows her the ring. Eloisa asks if she is engaged. Soledad says that she told Dr. Dan that she need more time to think. Lucas tells her to follow her heart and not make any more errors. Soledad says that she will.

Boris moves away from Marina. He says that she is wrong. What she did destroyed all his feelings for her. Marina says that she doesn’t believe that Boris never thinks of her especially when he’s alone in bed because she is the only woman that has brought him pleasure… At this moment, Hugo walks in. He asks what Marina is doing there.

Lucas tells Soledad that if Dr. Dan really loves her, he will wait. Eloisa tells Soledad that there’s no rush after all she’s been through. If he doesn’t wait, there are other men. Soledad says that there are other men but Dr. Dan is the nicest and most generous man that she knows, except her father of course. Lucas says ‘flatterer’(‘aduladora’). He gripes about not being able to work. Soledad asks Eloisa if she wants to go to the kitchen and help her make things to sell. Not surprisingly, Eloisa has other obligations. She leaves. Michelle comes in and asks if Soledad got the ring. Soledad is surprised that she knew about it. Michelle says that as Dr. Dan’s best friend, she helped him pick out the prettiest ring in the shop. Michelle and Soledad admire the ring. Michelle asks why Soledad isn’t wearing it. She says that she hasn’t accepted Dr. Dan’s proposal. As soon as she is sure, she will wear it. Soledad says that Michelle looks different (that’s what a night with Hugo can do to you).

Hugo asks Marina how dare she come into their place of business. He has dropped the charges against her but he hasn’t forgiven her. Her lies nearly got him killed on the gallows. Boris tells her to get out. Boris apologizes for letting her in. Hugo says that Boris hasn’t forgotten her. Boris says that it is hard to forget someone that you loved. “Tell me about it,” says Hugo, “I’ve been trying to forget Soledad for three months. Trying to get her out of my mind and thoughts but it is impossible. But we have to move forward. We have to open our hearts to new things.” Boris asks if he is saying that because of Michelle. Boris asks what happened at the thank you dinner he gave for Michelle. Hugo says that it was a beautiful moment, truly unique but as he said before, he tried not to think of Soledad but he couldn’t.

Soledad says that women have a sixth sense about these things. She is oozing happiness. Michelle hesitates and Soledad says, “Hugo? Your happiness is related to something that has to do with Hugo?” (What could that be Soledad?) Soledad says that she is not asking for an explanation. She cleared the way for Michelle to be with Hugo. Michelle says that she is very embarrassed. Soledad says that she shouldn’t be embarrassed. Michelle should feel free to tell her anything. “It’s true,” replies Michelle, “Hugo and I slept together.” Soledad is impactada.

Alcides is about to send Hercu-less to give a letter to Eloisa when she comes in and says that she need to speak to him in private. Herc leaves. Nervously, Alcides asks if she spoke to Soledad. What is she going to do? Eloisa tells him to relax. Soledad did not accept Dr. Dan’s proposal. She says that Soledad asked Dr. Dan for time to think about it. Alcides still has time to win her. Alcides says that he has to act fast before it’s too late.

Arturo broods on taking vengeance on Alcides. Because of Alcides, he has been converted into a useless man. It turns out that Arturo is brooding outside of Alcides’ house and Arturo sees Herc leaving. He calls him over and asks why is coming out of the house of his worst enemy. (Get those brain cells working, Herc!)

Michelle says that she shouldn’t have told Soledad. Soledad says that it would have been worse if she had hidden it. Michelle asks Soledad to forgive her but Soledad says that she has nothing to forgive. Things have been clear between them since the beginning. Soledad says that it was she who suggested that Michelle and Hugo get together. “Hugo and I have the right to be happy, right?” says Soledad, “We need to restart our lives.” Michelle says that she knows that Soledad hasn’t forgotten Hugo and that makes Michelle feel that she is betraying Soledad. Soledad says that isn’t so because between her and Hugo there’s nothing. Hugo is a free man. “And you?” asks Michelle, “do you really think that you have removed Hugo from your heart?” “I won’t lie to you,” says Soledad, “Sometimes I remember all the happy times we had in the past but that’s over. He’s happy with you and that’s enough.” Ursula comes in with Aurora. She won’t stop crying. She’s not hungry. What could be the problem? Another catalepsy attack on the way? Send for Dr. Dan!

Dr. Dan is in the lab trying to figure out how to cure Aurora but he’s distracted by memories of kissing Soledad.

Alcides says that Dr. Dan’s luck has run out. Eloisa asks what he is going to do. “If there is a fallen tree in your path,” says Alcides, “you remove it any way you can.” Eloisa can’t believe it. Alcides is going to kill Dr. Dan.

Arturo demand a response from Hercu-less about why he was in Alcides’ house. Herc comes to the brilliant conclusion that if tells Arturo that he is working for Alcides, Arturo will kill him. Herc says that he is having an affair with Marina and she works at Alicides house. He asks Arturo not to tell Margot. Arturo says that Herc thinks he’s a stud (semental). Margot can’t satisfy him. Arturo doesn’t care about that. He has a plan to kill Alcides and since Herc can get in and out of the Hacienda, he can help with it.

In the Hacienda, Alcides tell Marina to get out of his way. She wonders where he is going.

The smiths are busy at the forge. Hugo is pounding away with a hammer and flashes back to making love with Michelle and seeing Soledad’s face. Then he flashes back to making love to Soledad. Boris asks if Hugo is ok. Hugo says that he can’t get certain thought out of his mind. He goes back to pounding.

Aurora is still crying and she’s cold. Soledad and Michelle will take her to Dr. Dan’s. Ursula is concerned. These are the same symptoms she had the last time she had a catalepsy attack.

At Arturo’s house, Herc notices that Arturo has lost a glove. Gladis isn’t home so they can talk freely about things she doesn’t like, such as killing people. Hercu-less asks Arturo what his plan is. His plan is to kill Alcides. He wants to have Alcides on his knees begging for mercy today. Arturo isn’t going to do this alone, Herc is going to help him. Arturo tells Herc the plan but we can’t hear it.

Alcides comes into the lab where Dr. Dan is working. Dr. Dan isn’t sure if it is Hugo or Alcides. Alcides says scornfully that Dr. Dan still can’t tell him from his brother, Hugo. Dr. Dan says that he can tell the difference but he was concentrating on his work. He asks what Alcides wants. Alcides says that in the past, he offered Dr. Dan a lot of money to find a cure for the disease that his niece and brother suffer. Dr. Dan refused that money. Alcides says that he doesn’t beg. Dr. Dan perceives a threat in Alcides’ words. Alcides says that Dr. Dan is correct. They have a score to settle. Moves are made towards each man’s gun but before we have the gunfight at the laboratory, Soledad comes in with the baby. Dr. Dan examines her and confirms that she is on the point of having an attack of catalepsy.

Ursula comes into the smithy. Boris wants to talk about Marina but Ursula says that she is there to see Hugo. She tells him the baby is sick and might be having a catalepsy attack. Hugo takes off his apron and runs out. Boris tries to calm Ursula down.

The poor baby is crying. Alcides asks Dr. Dan to do something to help her. Dr. Dan says that the baby shouldn’t get upset and asks Alcides to leave. Alcides flashes back to seeing Soledad kissing Dr. Dan. Michelle observes Alcides and says to herself that there is a lot of hate in his eyes when he looks at Dr. Dan. Alcides must have found out that Dr. Dan proposed to Soledad. Alcides leaves.

Eloisa comes into the taverna where Paquito is still auditioning dancing girls. He tells the three girls that they are hired. He introduces them to Eloisa as Ruby, Topaz and Emerald. Eloisa is not interested in this frivolity. She says that something terrible is going to happen today. Paquito asks what she is talking about.

Hercu-less goes home to get his gun (why doesn’t he wear it all the time like everyone else in San Marino?) He says that he has to tell Alcides that Arturo is going to try and kill him. Margot comes in. She tells Herc to be careful and then Herc sees Arturo’s glove on the floor. He flashes back to noticing that Arturo had lost a glove. He asks Margot what Arturo was doing in his house.

Arturo is outside the Hacienda impatiently waiting for Hercu-less. He accosts Marina. Marina says that Alcides isn’t home and Arturo should leave before there is any trouble. Arturo tells Marina not to act like the perfect servant. He knows that she is sleeping with Herc. Marina says that she doesn’t know what he talking about. She hasn’t had any contact with Herc in a long time. She doesn’t even speak to him when he comes to see Alcides (uh oh!).

Aurora is still crying. Dr. Dan says that they have to calm her down. Fear is the worst enemy of a patient with catalepsy. Soledad is trying to talk to the baby but has no success. In comes Hugo. He holds the baby, talks to her and miracle of miracles, she stops crying and smiles at Hugo. Dr. Dan is amazed. Her temperature is normal. Hugo has saved the baby!! Dr. Dan says that the baby recognized her father’s voice. Hugo asks Soledad if she noticed that the baby isn’t pale any more. Soledad keeps asking if the baby is ok, does she need to go to the thermal chamber? Hugo reassures her that he knows the symptoms of catalepsy and the baby is fine now. Soledad thanks him for coming. He saved her daughter, their daughter. Hugo is giving Soledad a look of such love that Dr. Dan and Michelle are rethinking their chances of success in love.

Arturo asks if Marina is saying that Hercu-less is doing business with Alcides. Marina plays dumb and says that Arturo should ask Alcides about that. Arturo flashes back to Herc telling him that he was having an affair with Marina. Arturo tells Marina that he wants the truth: is she or is she not having an affair with Herc?

Meanwhile Herc is confronting Margot about Arturo being in the house. Has she been unfaithful to him? Margot says that Arturo has been coming to the house but not for the reason Herc thinks. Margot has been treating his scar (cicatriz). Herc asks why she didn’t tell him about it and Margot says that she was afraid of his jealousy, that he would do something crazy. Margot goes on to say that Herc’s boss is impotent. He wants to make love to her but he can’t.

Paquito is totally obsessed by the preparations for the opening of his bar and and whether he should call the dancers ‘Paquito’s girls’ (‘las chicas de Paquito’) or ‘Paquitas’ and isn’t interested in Eloisa spoiling his day with news about terrible things that are going to happen. She leaves.

At the lab, Michelle and Dr. Dan are on the outside looking in. Michelle suggest that Dr. Dan should examine the baby but he say he’s already done so and Aurora should be with her father. While Hugo makes faces at the baby, Soledad flashes back to when Hugo saved the baby the first time she had an attack by using the thermal chamber. Michelle flashes back to having sex with Hugo. Dr. Dan flashes back to Soledad thanking him for being there. Hugo flashes back to Soledad telling him that he is dead in her heart. Soledad says, “Hugo, in spite of everything that has happened between us, we have our daughter and she is more important than everything. Because of that, I authorize you to visit her at the house whenever you want.” Hugo smiles and says to the baby, “Did you hear, did you hear the good news?”

Arturo is choking Marina to get her to answer why Hercu-less comes to Alcides’ house. Marina knees him and runs away. Arturo starts to go after her when Alcides strolls up and asks what Arturo is doing at his house.

Margot says that Hercu-less has to believe her. She has been taking care of Arturo because she feels pity (le tengo lástima) for him. He lost a hand and now he’s going crazy. Herc says that he never should have taken her out of the tavern because she’s just a.. Margot slaps him and says that she won’t let him call her that. He knows perfectly well that she left behind her past, her job in the tavern for what she felt with him – love. It’s true that Herc didn’t find her in a palace and she’s not a princess but he knew what she was and what she did and she isn’t going to let him call her that.

Hugo thanks Soledad for letting him see his daughter. He missed her terribly. Soledad says that she is doing it for her daughter, nothing more. Hugo says that he knows. Hugo kisses the baby, “Well, our daughter is fine. I think it’s time for me to say goodbye.” (He calls the baby, muñeca, a doll). Dr. Dan takes the baby to check her vital signs once more before Soledad takes her back to the house. Hugo looks at Michelle, “I was working when Ursula came and told me the baby was sick. I ran out of there.” Michelle says that Hugo is a good father. Soledad says that it was good that Ursula let him know. Thanks to that her daughter was saved. Really, she was saved thanks to Hugo. “How are you?” asks Hugo, “I haven’t seen you for quite a while.”
S: Yes, three months already. I imagine you know about our bad financial condition. The economic situation in my house is very difficult.
H: I can imagine. It hasn’t been easy for me either but we have to move forward.
(Michelle turns and leaves)
How is Lucas?
S: Good, better. At least he is walking, With a cane but he’s walking.
H: That’s great. And Ester, how is your mother?
S: She’s working a lot. She has a lot of sewing projects. Really, in my house, everyone is doing something to help now that my father can’t work.

Dr. Dan interrupts asking for Michelle and Hugo has the grace to look abashed.

Michelle says to herself, “The way they looked at each other. Hugo hasn’t stopped loving Soledad and she loves him. How could I have gotten my hopes up with Hugo? How? For what?”

Alcides asks Marina what is going on here. Marina says that Arturo showed up like a crazy person and said that I am Hercu-less’ lover. Alcides tells her to leave. He will take care of the visitor. Alcides asks what Arturo is doing here. Arturo says that he has discovered that Herc has been making secret visits to this house. Herc’s explanation is that he is your servant’s lover but she says that is a lie. Alcides says that of course Marina would lie, she is a married woman. Arturo says that he doesn’t believe a word of that but Herc will have to tell him the truth. Alcides asks again why Arturo came to his house. He can’t imagine that the love lives of their servants interests him. Arturo says that for his own good, he hopes that Alcides hasn’t bribed Hercu-less. He would be making a very bad deal. He leaves. Alcides says that he hopes Herc knows how to treat this animal.

Hugo and Soledad:

H: Well, now I think I’m really going.
S: You can come to the house to see the baby whenever you want.
H: I don’t want to create problems with your parents, Soledad.
S: I’ll speak to them, Hugo.
H: Ok, I’ll give a kiss to my daughter. Goodbye, my love (amor mío), goodbye.
Is everything ok, doctor?
DD: Yes, her vital signs are stable.
H: (to Aurora) I love you. Don’t forget it. I love you. Soledad, thanks again.
S: Thank you for saving my baby, Hugo.
H: No, thank you for letting me see my daughter (You’re milking it, Hugo).
In spite of all that I did to you and all that happened to your father because of me, I don’t deserve your friendship. Thanks for letting me see my daughter. (He touches her cheek and leaves with one backward glance.)

Soledad is crying. Dr. Dan tries to comfort her but he knows that she is crying for Hugo, not for her baby. The credits roll.

Tomorrow: the doomed love affairs proceed.


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