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Porque el Amor Manda #124: Happy Feet, Cross-Eyes and Sticky Fingers

At an unspecified Nuevo Leon honky-tonk, Jess & Oli are having a big ol' co-ed bachelor party cowboy dance event thingy, and emotions are running high. The novios play kissy-face and drink beer. Lots of snippy celos among the geritol gang, with Su glaring at Pan, who's glaring at Chatita, who's mostly just rolling her eyes. The only one of them who seems to be having a good time is Saturnino. He must have left the meter running.

Maricela shows up looking like the Sundance Kid's naughty dream, but Rico won't dance with her. Yvonne's clearly been using the Discuamatic. I think it's time to lend it to Don Gil for a while. Peppy music, gloopy food porn, accordion product placement, etc.
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La Tempestad #25- 8/30/13: Aba Daba Honeymooooon!


Ahoy, La Tempestad Maties, and A Happy Labor Day to Y'all! Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer. We have moved to the pier again because so much is going on, on the water this epi. This recap will not be in order, so please enjoy your Tequila Sunrises, put the spyglass to your eye so we can see what is what with His Deliciousness (DamFab) and his lovely wife, er, his Pesering Wifey Pooh on that sailboat.

The Rehash:
Commandante with Jaz and she is scared. He wants to know about others in organization, like who is the leader, and that he knows she is really Lu and not Jaz. She only knows about Nereo and noone else. He'll go so as not to get her in trouble, they'll meet again to talk some more.

DamDelicious has returned to port as the Harbor Master has called him back in for something urgent. Ester stays on the boat. She isn't happy. She wants him to hurry. She thinks everything is going er, swimmingly.

Herny at the pool thinking about how he'll get rid of DamDelicious during his honeymoon, he is now a partner in bidness with Marina in which she will be close to him. Herny's womens have arrived. They work hard for the money, so hard for it honey, er, well you know. They are in his room changing. They now come out to the pool, group kissing ensues, I'll leave it at that.

DamDelicious goes to the Harbor Master to see what is up and of course encounters Marina. She called him back to tell him she'll  fight for her love, she'll prove she ain't no coward. It's getting warm ladies and gentlemen. Now it's getting warmer with that nice bear hug he gives Marina, sigh! Besos now ensue. He'll think about her the whole trip and she'll be waiting for him to come back.

Ester is getting impatient on the sailboat. Her DamDelicious hubby should have been back by now!

DamFabilicious has Marina in his manly muscular arms and she tells him about hearing his Madrina and how the voice told her to get Damilicious to come back. He says he saw his Madrina and mentions it was like a warning of danger. The only danger is a trip with PesterEster. He doesn't think there is any danger. Marina wants him to be careful. Everything is fine and dandy, hush your mouth Capitancito! It's like putting the devil on the wall. Old German expression, my dearly departed Mama used to say this all the time. It's like saying, Don't say it cause it may happen! Now DamDelicious has Marina encircled in those manly arms of his, pulls her close and ravishes her with kisses. Ester comes upon them and is pithed. She doesn't confront them though, she feels humilated and thinks how long will this slut of a woman be chasing her DamDelicious hubby. but she will not be separated from her DamDelicious hunk of a manly man on her honeymoon. Yeah, keep dreaming Estercita! She stalks off.

The New Hash:

Ain't Misbehavin'
Damdelicious and Marina are still out in front of the Harbor Master's office still sucking face in front of the whole town. Just imagine if Fully or Herny had come by! What about Bea, the scandal! Anyhoo, it's time to say bye for now. Fabilicious tells Marina she is the only woman he will eva love, to remember that, but he's gotta go with the PesterEster. She knows she will think about him all that time and he asks her to wait for him. They ti amo each other and many besos and he reluctantly walks away. The theme song plays.

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Corazón Indomable Fri August 30 There Will Be Mud

I have a feeling the actual mud eating will be drawn out tonight and we won't actually see it until Friday...LoriLoo

 Maybe you'll even get the wedding tonight...Vivi

there looks like a high risk pregnancy on its way to delivery tonight as well... Carlos

And so it was...

As the time for tonight's episode draws near some of our more rabid mudthirsty Carayistas are already assuming their places. We immediately spot the placid Madame Judy deFarge already rocking in front of her flickering vintage black and white Philco impassively tending her knitting. Gringo Robespierre is nervously glancing  at his watch and muttering to himself about some goddess, mud eating, and sweet revenge. Let's tune into the show...

Ester is lying on the ground just outside the embarrassment of a hovel that  José Antonio has constructed for them to live in. Her new BFF Clorinda announces that she has brought dessert but seeing her neighbor sprawled out unconscious on the earth she rushes to her side shouting,

"¡Ay, Jesús Cristo!"

and tries to rouse her.
She Must Have Added Too Much Onion To Those Beans

I'm guessing those delicious rice and beans with onion, salt, and the little microscopic river creatures will be put on hold for the moment. Heck, one of my favorite things about these TNs is the delicious food.

Suddenly we are transported to Isla Dorada, Ester will simply have to wait for now.

Lucía is impeccably dressed in a stunning blue gown as she climbs up a slight incline followed by casino employees, Maricruz, Octavio, Miguel, Doris and other invited guests. She stops short and gasps as it dawns on her what Maricruz has planned for her. She wasn't expecting a bed of roses, but irony of ironies that is exactly what she is confronted with. However this rose bed has been altered slightly and she finds herself gazing into the gaping maw of a freshly prepared mud pit. We are treated to sepia flashbacks to an earlier time and an earlier mud pit... a fango lined with cacti. It suddenly occurs to her,

"I should have dressed more casually for this."

I Should Have Worn An Old Dress

Yep, a fango and here she is dressed more appropriately for tango.
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekend Discussion: Paging Carla Estrada! We have a project for you!

For a long time I've thought about what a great job Televisa could do if they had the remake rights to the US cult-TV classic Dark Shadows.  Consider how it could be improved with an earlier period of time for the birth of its unusual protagonist (how about the 15th century?), the addition of legends like that of La Llorona, and the right cast.  Of course, the original music by Robert Cobert would be there along with more great stuff from Jorge Avendaño and Carlos Paramo.

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The Honeymoon Does Not Begin

 With A Guest Appearance from Tomas the Magnificent, World Famous Psychic

San Francisco, California
Friday, 30 August, 2013

So I was doing some remote viewing and I found myself pretty intrigued with the goings on in R-Laydee. Arson? A twin kidnapped at birth and separated from her Mother and sister? The Captain of a local fishing boat is the hottest thing since newly baked bread? Interesting.

I gave my friend Eusebia a call. Doña Eusebia and I are old pals: we met at a psychic’s convention in Nuestra Señora del Mar, Veracruz, Mexico, in 1989. She was demonstrating Mayan cures for depression and I was speaking on my favorite topic, ‘Good Intentions’. You know, how the Road to Hell is paved with them? Anyway, we have been close friends ever since.

Eusebia and I used to schedule time to speak remotely—mind to mind— twice a month. These days we have both gotten a little lazy and tend to catch up on our iPhones, but I still keep a remote ‘eye’ on Nuestra Señora del Mar just to keep in touch. I love that funky little fishing village on the Gulf.

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Qué Bonito Amor #98 (Mex 136) Thursday 8/29/13 Que Bonito Estancamiento

Maria gives Amalia a shot.  Amalia wonders how much more misfortune they can handle.  She can't stop worrying about her daughters.  Even Wendy doesn't think Maria is safe with Ruben on the loose.

Ruben's bleeding from a head wound and even that didn't burst his thought bubble of "Maria will be mine!"

Santos tells Michael that Etrusco came to visit him and threatened Maria.

Wendy decides to call her dad and tell him to get her the hell out of there.  She's back to blaming Santos for this mess, but Amalia (!) and Maria defend him.  Maria blames Wendy's dead boyfriend.

Santos tells Michael he's ready to sacrifice his life and spend it in jail to keep Maria safe.  He waxes rhapsodic about how wonderful Maria is.  He hopes she'll live for both of them now.

Amalia doesn't want to just wait around and see what's going to happen.  She only half jokes that they sure could use a man around the place.  As Maria rightly points out, they don't need no stinkin' man…they've got the Virgen!  Plus Jorge Alfredo is in her heart.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

CI Cap. 78 8-29-13 Oh, the Drama and the Trauma! Lucia’s Invited to the Rose Garden and Ester’s Between the Rocks and a Hard Place.

          The strands of drama (Lucia) and trauma (Ester) twist tightly through this episode, with only a few bits of wedding fluff for comic relief.

          Doris and Mariana discuss the upcoming Ed/Arecely wedding and how SUD will go so Daddy Gov will stay home. (Hey, it made sense to Doris.)
          Ed and Teflon Tav discuss the wedding madrina and compare the bride’s cheap dress with Doris’ expensive couture creation. The guys agree it’s the woman inside who counts. Tav loved MariCruz in rags more than MariAle in satin.
          Arecely and Sonia are thrilled to open a check for $3,000 in honeymoon money from Madrina MariAle. The Gov, meanwhile, is sending a check for $1,000 while Doris chips in a measly $200 (not too much, not too little she says).
          After a chilly formal greeting, our two gorgeous antagonists get down to business. Lucia hopes for mercy, but MA is quick to point out Lucia showed no mercy to her, so she can’t expect any in return.  However, there’s another option and Lucia can do her bit.

The Cat Toys with the Mouse
          MariAle tells Lucia her plan for redeeming Miguel’s IOUs so he won’t have to go to jail for non-payment. If she agrees, the payment term is extended to one year. If not, it’s only 24 hours. When MA says it’s a hard thing, Lucia sarcastically says she’s sure it is. Really, the merciless MA continues, it’s simple, but annoying. (A little understatement here, MA?) 

          The smiling ice queen tells her victim that so much could happen in a year. A defiant Lucia claims she doesn’t regret anything she did, with MA retorting “You will.” When Lucia opts into the plan, MA tells her to bring Miguel and Tav with her at 4 pm tomorrow afternoon, to rendezvous on the casino dock.

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PEAM #123-8/29/13-It Wasn't Me It Was The One Armed Man-Round 2

The past:

Chatita and her potty pot are at home blaming herself for losing Panfilo.  She has to think of something to rock Panfilo’s world.

Rogue has a nightmare that Moronica serves up a roasted Sanson. Rogue was relieved that it was only a nightmare.
Alma wants to call Jesus but he surprises her with tulips and an apology. Ahhh, he’s Alma’s super hero.  Jesus justifies to Alma why he is giving Marta another chance.  He shares his overflowing plate of tasks with Alma, but he had to see her.

Pati gets ready to get out of the car and bids Elais goodnight after their first kiss.
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Corazon Indomable #77 The Truth It Must Be Told

I can’t believe it’s my turn again for the recap. Didn’t I just do it?

Here's part 1:

We start with MA informing Miguel that she’s calling in her debt. Miguel says that he needs time to repay her but MA wants it now. She therefore wants the ranch. Miguel says he won’t part with the ranch and MA says there’s one way to keep the ranch, it’s to have Lucia come to ask for the IOUs.

Miguel runs to Octavio to cry on his shoulder. He mentions that MC wants to put him in jail if he doesn’t pay up, even after he was the one who got her out of jail. Thankfully, Oblivio fired up his brain this morning and reminds Miguel that it was his wife that put her wrongfully in jail in the first place. He tells him that MC wants Lucia to go see her, so that she can humiliate her. Yes! Me too! But wait. Captain Oblivio has a plan. He’ll go instead. Wait, what? That’s the plan? That’ll work against a woman who spends night and day plotting her revenge against people she despises. Except your not that cute Oblivio.
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La Tempestad Cap #23 Wed, 28 August - I'm Nobody! Who are you?*

*With a nod to Emily Dickinson. I hope she doesn’t mind. (And everybody is somebody.)

Old hat: Mercedes calls the mystery number. Mucky Mag answers the phone but nobody’s home. According to Mags she is Nadie, nadie, nadie. "That voice," sighs Mercedes. Hernan makes his heinous offer to Maria. “Take me on as a partner”. No Marina no!!

New hat: Marina says it’s gonna cost a bundle. Hernan wants to rebuild the empacadora together, build a dream together, JUNTOS. Blech.

Marina says she needs to consult with Mercedes first. Hernan tells her to accept it, they will be partners and together they will rebuild the fishery.

Dam tells Pestercita he’s ready to set sail (zarpar) for that trip she’s been yearning for SO MUCH. But he asks that she have no illusions. It’s no honeymoon baby, it’s a good-bye voyage. (So why bother?)

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Qué Bonito Amor #97 (Mex 135) Wednesday 8/28/13 OJ leads police on slow speed chase; El Padrino makes an offer that Santos can’t refuse.

·         Santos is told who El Padrino is:  one of the most feared capos of El Mafia who is surely behind the gang responsible for the fraud.  He should be careful and not speak his name too loudly; he has followers everywhere – a la Voldermort.  Santos swears he'll make him pay for everything he's been through.

·         JNTR – Maria and Susie meet w/Concho and demand he draw up an agreement ensuring that all employees receive seguro social, a 5% raise, and vacation time.  They threaten him with arbitration.
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PEAM #122- 8/28/13: A Lot Happens at Avon, and Nothing To Do With Work! WooHoo!

Recap by Pablo

We all know that two restless girls, a dog and a tube of superglue is not a good combination, right?
We might not know what are they up to, but with that in mind, I wouldn't sleep! Or I'd sleep with one eyed superglued!

Alma and Jesús exchange vows yet again, they look like the perfect couple. Maybe they are. Who knows? Could this be the calm before the storm?

Everybody deserves a second chance, even if that kills you!

Jéssica wants to break up with Oliverio and Xóchitl advises her not to. On the other side of the wall, Ricardo and Oli cry like girls even though the doctor has promised Oli a vaccine to cure the allergy he has to Jéssica´s kisses.

Jesús doesn't feel well... looks like his nose is too big for that head and is pulling him down. His eyesight is blurry and he grabs the chair. The only good remedy for those dizziness attacks is PEAM bottled water. Yes! The same water Alma drinks. You know you can always trust the same company that makes uniforms and lap tops, right?
There's gotta be something in that PEAM water, maybe is ionized, maybe has been solarized, the thing is that as soon as you take a sip, you feel better again, like a new man! Good, because in 15 minutes the deadline expires  to deliver some project.
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Qué Bonito Amor #96 (Mex 134) Tuesday 8/27/13 Que Pasa?

Not sure if there was a mix up in who was to recap last night, but it's getting late.  I'm sure you are all bursting with comments about all the action last night.  Please feel free to unload here.  If the recap appears, I'll delete this and paste any comments under the recap.

All I remember was that:
1) Maria was turned down at the visa office because the U.S. officials saw that she was a delinquente, arrested for harboring a known (?) criminal.

2) Santos is yanked from his cell and put in a darkened room and he's sure he's going to be tortured or killed, but it turns out that it's Michael and Big Guy who are there to greet him.  The two "bros" fill each other in on everything that has gone on in their lives.

3) Lourdes and Don Concho don't know what to do about their errant daughter.

4) Maria gets prepared to face down Concho and heads there with Susanito (he has the documents that prove he truly is a biological descendent of Don Concepcion--aptly named, I would say).

4) Derecho has his medal snatched back because Don Justo threatens to sue the State of California for inept investigation and putting his son's safety at risk. [Thank you, Decie]

5) OJ makes a phone call threatening Don Justo's family (I think). The phone booth says, "Telephone" in yellow, so he must be stateside.

6) Don Justo meets with El Padrino and ElP wants to know where OJ called from (I think).

7) We have a truly unnecessary scene with Roddy giving Paloma the surprise of her life--a runaway horsie ride.  Apparently, it all turns out alright, because they have a picnic.

8) Wendy is having a hard time adjusting to life in the barrio--in mid-shower, the water dries up, literally leaving her in a soapy shampoo dither. [Thank you Decie]


La Tempestad Capitulo 22. August 27th 2013. DamFab is a brute, but he has a BIG heart.

From Yesterday: 
DamFab carries Marina to safety in those manly muscular arms of his. Mercedes holds Marina and cries. Jose subtely lets Mercedes know that she should let Beatriz hold her daughter. Beatriz holds Marina and cries. Tia Becky notices Mercedes' strange behavior throughout all of this. DamFab has gone back inside the building to rescue Hernan. DamFab helps get Hernan out of the burning building. At the hospital, Marina is wheeled in to be examined by Doc Suspenders. Beatriz thanks DamFan and Hernan. Although I don't understand why she thanks Hernan. Sure he did try to save Marina too but he didn't really do anything. Anyway, Hernan tells DamFab that he owes him one. DamFab tells Hernan they are even since Hernan called the ambulance when he was wounded with the spear. The fireman tells Olinto that the offices and the warehouses were the most damaged by the fire. The fireman also tells Olinto that the fire was set on on purpose. Olinto is mega impactado! DamFab is in the chapel and he prays. 

At the hospital chapel, DamFab cries and prays to La Virgencita for Marina's wellbeing.

In the waiting room, Bea and Mercedes are all emotional as they talk about motherhood. Bea's life wouldn't have any meaning without Marina. Bea does not know what she'd do without Marina's smile, without watching Marina get up every morning, without Marina's kisses, and without hearing Marina call her Mama. Mercedes talks about how beautiful and priceless the word Mama is to a mother. The word Mama is the nourishment of a mother's heart when it comes from the mouth of our children, says Mercedes. Bea agrees with Mercedes. Bea says that her life has been total happiness ever since Marina came into it. Bea and Mercedes laugh a little over how emotional they have gotten. Bea says that it is because all women are like that when a child of theirs has touched their heart. Bea asks Mercedes the first million dollar question of the night - Are you also a mother? Before Mercedes can respond, Jose and Tia Becky arrive with some cofee and tea. Tia Becky asks if there is any news about Marina yet. Beatriz says no. Jose is sure that they will get news soon. Tia Becky says what a tragedy the burning of the packing plant was. Tia Becky thinks that there will be a lot of people who will be left unemployed. Mercedes says that she won't let that happen. As long as the packing plant is able to function like before they will find a way so no one is affected. Tia Becky realizes that Mercedes also owns the packing plant and she tells her how sorry she is that it burned down. Mercedes says that the burning of the packing plants represents a high cost but what matters is that no one was hurt. Tia Becky agrees with Mercedes. Bea then asks Mercedes the second million dollar question of the night - How did you end up with the packing plant? Did you buy it from my deceased husband? 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PEAM, Tuesday 8/27/13 (#121): Nothing Happens Today. Maybe Tomorrow.

Okay, I'll recap it. But I'm telling you, hardly anything happens. A few things are wrapped up and a few things get started, but this is mostly fluff and filler. Cheryl's "next time" from last night pretty much covered the whole thing. It's not good when the avances can double as the next night's recap!

Oh well. Let's start with the rewind:
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Corazon Indomable #76, 8/27/13: The Venganza is ON!

Adriana is on vacation so I’m filling in for her with a brief bullet points recap. Feel free to fill in anything that I might have missed in the comments.

-          Tav informs Miguel and Lucia that Maria Alejandra is Maricruz, and she wants revenge on the three of them for all the horrible things they did to her. In addition to being rich, she also has a powerful friend in the Gov and can make lots of trouble for them. He advises Lucia to leave the island, and Miguel to stop working at the casino.

-          Tav returns to the hotel and happily tells Ed that he’s SINGLE! You see, he married MC Olivares, but MC Olivares does not legally exist any longer—MA Mendoza does, and he didn’t marry MA Mendoza. He puts on his tux, meets up with Doris, and suggests they go to the casino that night. He’s looking to cause some trouble.

-          Miguel goes to the casino and gives Raiza his resignation. He says he will find employment elsewhere on the island in order to pay MA and Raiza back. He sadly lets Razia know that he’s lost his inheritance/land, and will likely soon lose his freedom.
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La Tempestad, Cap. 21, Monday, August 26: GLORIA'S RECAP

Here is Gloria's Monday Masterpiece for your reading pleasure!
Robles tells Jaz he sees no reason for her to be working at the cantina.  He asks for a beer.  Jaz asks how much longer he’s going to be around.  Why asks Robles.  Do you want me to leave?  Of course not replies Jaz.  The truth says Robles is that the investigation is coming to a close.  We haven’t found anything.  But let’s talk about you. (What most women want to hear, but not Jaz) We talk a lot, but I hardly know you.  Jaz drops a glass and Robles tells her to leave it.  She tells him she has told him everything.  He keeps questioning her and she keeps looking at Nereo. Robles looks towards Nereo wondering the connection.  He asks her if she knows him, but she says he’s just a customer.  Another customer asks for a drink and saves her from further interrogation.  Robles saves the bottle with her fingerprints.

The cab driver and Mercedes are trying to locate the homeless girl but can’t find her. They decide to abandon the search. In the alley is a finely manicured homeless girl, picking up a cigarette off the ground and smoking it. Mercedes is driving off in the cab and wonders who the girl was.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #95 (Mex 133) Monday 8/26/13 Soy Mujer, Escuche Mis Gritos!

Lo del pasado:

Susanito talks about making Concho pay for denying him.  Concho rants about how weak Susanito is to his wife until Pinchi comes in to explain about Santos' arrest.  Michael's prison informant tells him about the arrest and how Santos will be under heavy surveilance.  Amalia and the girls and Wendy, yadda yadda yadda.

As the police car goes off toward the airport Jorge Alfredo thinks of Maria and better times while Maria removes things from his apartment and remembers other great things [including something that was censored out here, maldita sea]. We hear “Mexico Lindo y Querido” through this.

Mendoza Apartment: Maria gets home and sees Wendy. She makes a (justified) sarcastic comment about her staying there. Paloma and Roddy talk about Maria and her pain and how Paloma has feelings of helplessness about it. Maria, meanwhile, takes her pain out on Wendy for her past snobbery about poverty. Wendy tries to be conciliatory and Amalia seems to take her side.
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PEAM #120 - 08/26/13 - The Clock Ticks Toward Chatita's Doom Like a Bomb Timer on MI-5

Amigos, I am off again for southern France to make more images like this of the lovely Merens.  These little ponies were faithful work horses on both sides of the Pyrannees before trucks replaced them.  I will look for the Spanish side name for them. So by the way, since I will be gone on Monday September 9, would someone care to do a guest recapping??

Retread: Alma talks about work in her sleep and Jesús tries to sleep.  She tells Susana that Avon has to be ahead and needs a new campaign to succeed.  They sleep.

Valentina sets the frog free, with Sanson looking on.  Too bad they can't go with the froggy toward freedom in the woods.

Jesús, pines over Valentina's empty room and greets Alma as he lies about how well he slept.  She doesn't believe it so he tells her about the mosquito and then under pressure reveals her sleep-talking.

Veronica the ever well dressed Mom has to be told by Valentina that she is in her pajamas.

Chatita calls Jesús in desperation as Tornino/Tornado breaks through the doors with municipal police heavies to evict Chatita from her apartment.  He tells Chatita to pass the phone to Tornido so he can tell him that the check is on the way and he knows that he is a man of his word so the check will be on the way to the "CLIENT" later today.  Jesús asks for the check from Aida and Mal-kiddy tries his taunting but Jesús leaves without further tolerance.  And Julio stands up for his boss trying to put the Kiddy in his place.  Meantime Chatita is feeding the heavies.

On to the new stuff which is really much more of the old stuff:  Jesús is at the cashier trying to hurry a snippy cashier while Mal-Kiddy listens in.

Veronica is arguing with Valentina's teacher Jovina about whether Valentina is miserable or not.  Veronica insists that Valentina doesn't know what she is talking about.  Further she has a new partner, Roger who is a muy, pero muy importante business man.
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TELEMUNDO Y MAS - week of August 26

Hello from lovely Barnegat Light, New Jersey. Here is your post to comment on for the last week in August. Enjoy!!

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Corazon Indomable #75, 8/26/13: The Truth is Finally Out!

It seemed like every single one of our characters showed up tonight. The only no shows were The Gov, Aracely, and Santa. The Monkey, Carola, India Maria, and Andres have all decided to take a permanent vacation from this show, but they might want to reconsider now that we’ve finally reached the moment of truth…

Octavio bonds with Lupita with snuggles and Eskimo kisses. It’s an adorable scene, until he opens his mouth and promises to take his baby girl away from her ignorant, uneducated mama. This is more than our Lovely Lady in Raspberry can take, and Juanita has to hold her back from rushing out to the reception area and revealing her new identity. Mari calls Tav the ignorant one, who doesn’t know that she is capable of ANYTHING! You tell him, Mari!
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Amores Verdaderos EXTRA – El Clamor Publico No. 5 – 8/25/13

El Clamor Público

This is the next to last edition of El Clamor Público©. There are rumors that Jeff Bezos is interested in aquiring it (supposedly aimed at expanding opportunities for a certain study group of the Spanish language found somewhere on the internet). This one does not include Weekend Edition Headlines. There is a Patio Chatter from the Past, Re-Quotable Quotes, Balzac (heh heh) Highlights, The Collected Wisdom of Diana, and Cristina’s Death Notice. Ed. Note: Most all portions of the content have appeared elsewhere.
The editorial staff is aware there is competition for attention over on La Tempestad, but as yet they have not begun any publications in the Pueblo de La Lay-Dee del Mar.

 Patio Chatter From the Past
Nikki’s lapel and collar is made up of the carcasses of several multi-colored road-kill rabbits. [Cynderella’s episode #98]
Fashion police wanted! What was up with Nikki's dead animal vest…[Anon]
Do the circus clowns know that Nikki stole the shag rug out of their van? What was that thing she was wearing, Yikes! [MC]
MC--You'll soon find all kinds of shag rug pieces at Meta*Mart (hemmed, sanitized and brushed). We predict they are going to be a best seller item this Spring with Miss Nikki as the fashion pace-setter. [Anita]
Oy! I was blocking that shag rug shrug/shawl shoulder wrap thing out of my memory bank, and y'all had to mention it... I won't be ordering one because I know our dog would attack it or think its a toy and rip it to shreds. [Doris]
We also have the same shaggy merchandise for sale in the Pet Dept. (Hint--they are cheaper there because they are seconds. After all, they are going to get peed on and ripped up right away.) [Anita]
The vest or whatever it was looked like roadkill hit by paintballs. [GinCA]
I could not take my eyes off of Nikki's furry vest thingy. I kept wondering what it was made out of. Who would purchase and buy such a thing? And if I would be seeing it soon in a store near me, like so many other tn fashion statements. [Vivi]
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

PEAM #119- 8/24/13: What Time Is It? Time for Words or What Are Words For, When Noone Listens, What Are Words For?

Hola, PEAM Peeps! This recap will not be in order, I like to randomly mix things up, just kidding. It's for smoother flow, better flow, er, take your pick.

Last Time on PEAM:
Mari talks to Elias and thanks him for the apt, no worries will pay. Rai gives the frog plus case to Val. Elias talks to Rico Suave (Ricardo) to impress upon him there is really nothin' goin' on with Mari. Does he listen???? Nopis. Chucho talks to Alma about how he can't spend the night with her again. Has to go home, do the laundry, clean the place up. Do we know the last time he was even home? I bet there are cobwebs and dust bunnies all over the place! Alma volunteers to go over and take care of that! Jessie tells Cardy she would like to invite her relatives to their wedding and oh, by the way, he has to fork over the moola for the plane tickets, they live in Puerto Rico after all. Whistle blast goes off in Cardy's head, so expensive! Moronica refuses to let Elias see Valentina, cause he was late. Boo Hiss from Elias, he is one pithed off dude! Valentina takes a chance and puts that frog in Moronica and Royer's (Rogue) bed, Tee Hee. Take that Moronica and Royer! She can't wait for her first plan to work. Wonder what else she is going to do? Chucho sees a poor woman begging for alms in front of Avon, he recognizes the voice and raises her face up for him to see and it is, wait for it, well it's Marta of course, and she so don't wanna die!

Today on PEAM:
Valentina tells that froggy pooh to stay on that bed, and Valentina and her henchie, Sanson exit the room and wait for the fireworks! Valentina is in bed and Moronica comes to tuck her in. Moronica tries to tell Val that Royer is a good guy, yeah when pigs fly, er, Val doesn't buy what Moronica is selling. The faithfull henchie, Sanson, has not left Val's side. As a matter of fact, he is gonna sleep with her on the bed! Guess who flies off the broom handle? Yeah, Moronica who actually tries to yank Sanson off the bed. Sanson uses his manly growl on Moronica and she ends up going, whining and gnashing her teeth. Good boy, Sanson! After Moronica leaves, Val can't wait to see what happens when they find out that frog is in their bed, Que Padre! Later, Moronica goes to the bedchamber she shares with Royer and gives him hell about Sanson being in Val's room. Royer isn't that happy about his hijo being in Val's room either. While they are arguing, Moronica hears the frog. Royer thinks it's nothing and tells her to ignore it. Val is still up listening to see what happens with that frog!
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La Tempestad, cap 20, Friday, August 23, 2013: ¡A bailar, a gozar, que la vida se puede acabar!*

*Life is short -- eat dessert first.

In which:

Esthercita ousts Marina from La Tempestad and reclaims DamFab as her personal property.

Lázaro doesn't know it yet but he is Fulgencio's love child.

Comandante Robles recognizes Jazmín as one of the women kidnapped by the gang he is after.

Cool Aunt Becky discovers La Guacamaya and finds a friend in Candy.

Mercedes has a corazonada while the Patio has a full-blown Magdalena sighting.

Heartache on the High Seas
The captain's cabin seems too small to contain all the longing, all the barely suppressed desire.  Marina aches for that DamFab touch and yet she pushes him away.  "You have your fish, Captain," she tells him.  "You have your wife. You don't need me here."  She tries to escape but he restrains her, pulling her against his chiseled chest, engirdling her in his manly muscular arms.  He presses his soft, generous lips against hers.  She luxuriates in the moment, allowing herself to forget that DamFab's shrewish bride, Esthercita, and her own indefatigable suitor, Hernán, have followed them to the middle of the sea.

DamFab whispers breathily in her ear -- It is Marina and only Marina that he loves.  He will divorce his bride of fifteen minutes and then come to claim her.  It is a promise.  She must wait for him.  Marina sighs.  Her delicate hand grazes the virile perfection that is his shoulder. She begs him to let her go.  He releases her and steps back, his tight white pants now dry and snug, his manly muscular arms akimbo.  She slips out of the cabin and he follows her onto the deck.  They both gaze at the enormous Univisión moon and he whispers that he knows she loves him too.  She said so.  Marina shakes her head sadly and once more tries to say goodbye.  This time, his powerful golden forearm circles her waist. He holds her, a tremulous sylph, one who  would happily die his captive.
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Corazon Indomable #74 We see Solita and Tobias, they are still alive.

CeCe is off having a fun weekend, so I'm filling in again. 

MA is pining for Octavio. Please, how could you pine for such an oblivious man? I don’t get it. He’s not that cute.

Same convo between Simona and Ester that they’ve had since Ester fell in love with JA. And since she’s a woman, of course she has to bow to her man and do what he says. I think that’s the law in Mexico. It’s in their constitution. It plainly states that if your husband wants to live in a shack, even if you have better options and you have a baby on the way, you live in that shack. Ester has the popular misapprehension that once they have a child, the situation will improve. Word from the wise, children don’t make a bad situation better. In fact, they make it worse. But she informs Simona that living in a shack with a newborn in an area that is unsafe is way better than being an old maid. Oh, did she just say that to an old maid? I’d take Simona’s life over the one she’s gonna have in a heartbeat.

Lisenciado Escobar tells MA that Octavio wants to see his hija.
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Qué Bonito Amor #94 (Mex 132) Friday 8/23/13 Sayonara Serenade

Cap 132

·   Behind the bar, Mirna whines to Puchi and Lalo about being accused of something she didn’t do.  In the office, Concho and Lourdes beg BabyDoll Trampira de Elvira to tell them what they can do to make it up to her for believing she had been the one behind Maria’s fall and losing her baby.  “—Get rid of Mirna.  Fire her right now!”  Sorry, but no can do says Daddy Bear.  Mirna is Maria and Amalia’s employee now.  If I do that it’s certain they’ll take the last quarter of this darn bar that I still own at this point.
·        Justo, still at the jail, talks Com. Derecho into letting Fernando and Maria go by convincing them that they were only helping out a friend whom they believed to be in trouble (or something like) and so really, they were not guilty of anything really.  (Naw, just obstruction of justice—but this is Telenoveland and all things are possible with a simple beanie adjustment.) 
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Weekend Discussion: Qué Bonito Amor Karmageddon Awaits!

Several of our evil-doers are already with their Master, so here are the ones left.  What do you think should happen to them?
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Friday, August 23, 2013

C I Cap. 73 8/22/13 They May Be Casino Women with Dubious Reputations, But They Have Hearts of Gold.

          Many of the short scenes have been grouped for a smoother flow, so some may be out of sequence.  The primary focus this episode is Miguelito’s continuing medical/financial crisis.   
Previously—Supplicant Lucia asks MA about a loan. Denied! MariAle says the ranch is not worth anything, shows her IOUs signed by Miguel.

          Octavio comes to the Gov and explains he can’t marry Doris due to problems delaying the divorce.  The Gov’s perturbed, since he has plans for his own marriage with MariAle. 

New Action Begins in the Headquarters of the Love Gov
          The Gov ponders what will he do to make this woman his wife?  Doris enters the office and her father says “We need to talk.”  Not good news, as he says no marriage due to stalled divorce for Octavio.  As the fiancée of a married man, she would damage their family reputation, so she must wait.  She says no lo accepto—she refuses.  (Are we surprised?)

          Later, she hashes over the problem with Mariana. Her friend offers some sage advice:  it’s out of your hands, you’re not rejected, stop seeing Tav and find a better boyfriend.  In short, grow up.  Doris, of course, thinks she knows better, she’ll wait for him and sooner or later (tarde o temprano) he’ll be hers.
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Qué Bonito Amor #93 (Mex 131) Thursday 8/22/13 Que Bonita Nada

Ruben goes for his morning jog and escapes into a little wooded area by the road.  The Mexicops bitch about Ruben getting away from them as they stop to catch their breath.

Jalisquito screams about Fernando getting hauled off.  The cops say he's being arrested for being Santos' accomplice.

The Mexicops get into their car and drive right past Ruben's hiding place.  He calls to inform someone that Santos has been arrested.

Cops!LA call home to tell them they've caught Santos.  Curtis tells the henchcops to give Santos a minute to say goodbye to his lady.  Derecho tells someone to keep an eye on Maria.

Fernando isn't giving the Mexicops any information.  Fernando maintains they weren't helping any criminals, he doesn't know jack about money laundering, and probably he doesn't know anything about birthin' no babies.  He goes a little poetic, talking about his alleged "complicity" being an act of faith.

Maria and her sad eyes tug at Curtis' heartstrings.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Am So Glad I Missed The Wedding

La Tempestad Capitulo 19

Friday, 23 August, 2013

La Tempestad Capitulo 19

Following is a very condensed recap of tonight’s show:

The Wedding

-       Ester, still lovely in her wedding gown with white lace shrug, stands up in the middle of the patio to make an announcement; Her husband, Capitan Damian Fabre, will not be attending the wedding fiesta because of a problem with La Tempestad.  Daddy Don Fulgencio, who is also standing, stares her down but she continues, “Just because he is not here does not mean we cannot have fun!” Estercita orders the band to play some really fun music and grabs her Dad to get him to dance. After some truly remarkable bad dancing in front of the whole town, including a sort of solo gyrating dance with her own wedding veil, the drunken bride staggers over to Jose and grabs him for the next dance.
-       Mayuya rats out Ester to her mom, no she cannot tell a lie, Ester is drunk. Delfina is stricken as well hear Ester shouting to Jose and any one else who will listen that another woman is in love with her man.

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PEAM# 118- Malcriado Continues and In This Corner- Tiburcio for Round 1

I will put the recap up later.  I've been invited to A Latin/Salsa Throw Back Thursday Party.  So I'm off.
I've given Malquaides a new name- Malcriado or Malo for short.  He is beyond spoiled, he is disgusting.
The past
Alma is reaming Marisela for not having the financial report.  Marisela reminds Alma that she is not Jesus, who is a jack-of-all-trades.  Alma reminds Marisela that Avon has to win the contest against Orion.

Vicky is crying to Dr. Phil aka Jesus about her relationship with Malcriado, who threatens her job any time she wants to break off the romance.  This is harassment.

Ferny asks Xochy to move in with him on his computer

Jesus can’t believe his ears.  He asks Vicky if Don Augusto knows but she says that if she tells him nothing will happen.  Vicky needs help in defending herself against Malcriado and kisses Jesus for offering to talk to Augusto in her defense and of course at the precise moment, in walks Malcriado.  He has a tantrum.  He hates Jesus.  Jesus stands up to Malcriado who is going to lie to Augusto that Vicky is harassing him and when he went into Jesus’ office they were doing the nasty. 

The present
Meanwhile Julio implements his trick against Malcriado.  He touches Malo all over calling him bro, while placing itching powder on him.  Malo starts scratching and saying that Vicky isn’t on his level. (Right, she is not a 2 year old)  Malo runs out of the office scratching and screaming that he has fleas-and Aida and Julio are beside themselves in laughter. Vicky tries to give Jesus another hug and he makes it clear that the woman in his life is and will be Alma Montemayor.
Jesus investigates the laughter and he tells Julio that he doesn’t approve of such jokes. Jesus scolds Julio for the joke and tells him more or less two wrongs don’t make a right and that they should concentrate on the contest.
Ferny tells Xochy that she works like the Eveready bunny (a robot without batteries) Xochy needs some time to digest Ferny’s invitation.
Chatita tells Panfilo to forget about her and to leave the ribbon crown on. Cricket Face.
Alma once again gives Marisela a chance to recoup herself.  Chatita visits Alma and forgets why she came to talk to Alma.  Oh right it’s about Jesus.

Cantu and Rogue enter the office and Elias wants to talk to Rogue.  Cantu is told to activate the plan, that I’m sure has to do with Chatita’s apartment.
Val shares- Rogue’s –Grumpy nickname with her mother.  He is from a story that my Papa Jesus tells me.  She asks her mother to let her see her friend Ray to say goodbye.

Elias lets Rogue that having Val live with him is not a good idea.  He knows that Rogue and Vero are not in love and that this is a plan that Vero is maneuvering against Jesus.  Elias lets Rogue know that Val better not get hurt or else.

Alma and Chatita chat about everything on Jesus’ plate.  The workaholic boss, the never ending work schedule, new executive job, Val, Vero and that Jesus is not sleeping or eating.  They both don’t get to see him and they are very worried about him.  He is under a lot of pressure. Elias is photographing some new perfumes with Marisela’s help.  He is having difficulty concentrating.

Jesus lets Julio know that the contest is against Avon, mainly Alma.
Augusto wants to know what foolishness Malcriado is telling him.  Jesus asks him- where should I begin.  Why does Augusto continue to enable Malo?
Jesus asks to speak to Augusto alone.  Malcriado has another tantrum because he wants to hear what is being said.  Jesus tells Augusto the truth about Vicky and reminds him that his focus should be on the contest.  Augusto is pleased with Jesus and his dedication to Orion. Maximo was right to hire him.

Alma is afraid that Jesus is changing and that he is under so much stress, he will get sick.  It’s a real test of their love.

Val goes over to see Ray 2.0 and Vero can’t believe her eyes. A neighbor eyes Vero’s shoes, they look ridiculous.  Like something Herman Munster or Frankenstein would wear. Val tells Ray about her new home with “The Bad Man” and how she doesn’t want to live there. Ray has an idea. Ray wants know where Rogue lives and the girls plan to distract Vero.  Val goes to see Chatita while Ray tries to sneak into the car.  Ray distracts Vero with a little dog.  The dog is so cute and Vero is insulting the dog.  Ray gets into the car. Vero feels a different energy in the car and Val dismisses it as needing to see Chatita.

Alma and Elias are working for the introduction of the perfume- Infinity Seduction. Elias and Alma talk about how Vero moved into with Rogue to only hurt Jesus. They are using a child to get their way. Alma reminds Elias that the information regarding the launch of the new perfume line is confidential.

Vero arrives at Rogue’s house and they share a sloppy kiss after Vero sprites Rogue’s mouth with some Listerine. Rogue is thrilled to see Val petting Sanson. - Yeah right! Rogue tries to be nice and Val greets him as Hi Mr. Grumpy.  Vero tells Rogue that it’s from some ridiculous story that Jesus told her.
Vero and Rogue argue about Val yelling and Sanson barking.  Que the heck!!

Elias’ lawyer visits Jesus and brings some good news.  The judge has issued the order for the DNA paternity test. Jesus is yelling at someone on the phone about something that is going to be presented today.
Julio is worried about Jesus.  He wonders if the job is making him sick.   He took this job to provide a better life for Val but he misses Alma.  He can’t resign becaseu he has a committed himself via a contract.  He is helping Chatita keep her apartment and has promised some gifts for Val. Jesus is becoming Augusto- yelling, screaming and working.  Julio asks –where is the old Jesus? Jesus, the lover, the nice guy the friend to everyone.  The job is making him bitter and he has a lot of problems to solve.

Marisela is working diligently on her report.  Jessica is worried about Cardenas’ allergies and Susan is happy to have Panfilo to herself. Gil has a cart named Carito de Tentempie- with light, healthy foods and shakes.

Vero’s lawyer visits Vero and tells her not to impede on the DNA test.  Jesus will have parental rights if he is Val’s biological father. Ray has a frog for Val to use for round 1 with Rogue. Tiburcio, the frog will be a part of the plan.

Val interrupts the conversation with the lawyer.  The lawyer has a strategy; it has to do with deny Jesus any rights with Val.

At the Orion meeting, Malcriado is acting like an a$$ as usual. Jesus asks for 5 minutes and Malcriado goes on his rant. Augusto hates delays.  Jesus needs to make a call but not on the cell because Augusto hates the cell. Five minutes have passed and with 16 seconds left, Julio runs in with a box.  Previcap is their new product.  Everyone but Malcriado congratulates Jesus.

Marisela wants to clear the air with Elias.  She loves Ricardo and will fight for him. Elias will be a friend that she can count on.  She hugs him and of course Ricardo walks in on them and sees it differently.
Marisela tries to explain but to no avail.
Elias tries to explain to Ricardo what he saw. He tells him that Marisela loves him and they are just friends and he asks Ricardo to go and speak to Marisela as a favor and Ricardo doesn’t.  What a fool!!

Jesus calls Alma and tells her that he needs to do wash, clean, sweep.  Alma will be there, toot suite.

Jessica asks Cardenas if he can invite her family to the wedding.  There are 17 family members coming from Puerto Rico.

Elias shows up at Rogue’s to see Val. She asks why didn’t he call first, well Beyotch you don’t answer your phone. She won’t let him see Val, says that she is sleeping and Rogue interrupts.
Val puts Tiburcio the frog in Rogue’s bed.  Round 1

Outside of Orion- Jesus recognizes Marta

Coming attractions:
Vero uses Val as revenge but Val has a plan of her own.


La Tempestad Cap #18 Wed, 21 August - Estercita pitches a fit and Dam strikes out


Alternate Title: Estercita, you’re the best act in town but he’s just not that into you.

Has The Wedding March ever sounded more like an execution march than at this poor excuse for a wedding? Must be those drums. I fully expect a firing squad to be waiting inside the church for Dam Fab. But no, it’s worse. It’s Padre T and he’s ready to do the dirty deed. “Up against the wall. Do you take this woman?....”

Pestercita has never looked more lovely, or more victorious. She Sí, Aceptos muy rapido.  DamFab not so much. Muchas caras impactadas throughout the church, while Dam daydream-delays his destiny. All eyes are on him...

Marina is on the boat tapping her feet and ordering Bagre to fire up the engines. She’s tired of waiting for El Cap. Sweetie, may I remind you that you are now down THREE out of SIX crew. Dam, Lolo and Laz are at the church!  As awesome as Marina is I doubt she can pull off this fishing trip.

Back at the execution Padre T urges Dam to respond. Do you accept the annoying one to be your wife? Dam reluctantly Sí, Aceptos and looks ill as he thought bubbles “until death do us part, urp.” We get a quick church scan of who is happy and who is annoyed by this union. The wedding rituals continue joylessly for DamFab, Estercita grins. More glum church scenes ensue. And the “kiss”? Painful.  

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Corazon Indomable #72 What's that buring smell? Could it be Oblivio's neurons firing?

Hi all. Eli's computer got a virus, so I'm doing the recap today.

So Karim proposes marriage to MA, and Octavio proposes marriage between JA and Ester, well, actually insists on marriage for them.

ShutUpDoris is in a bathing suit this time talking about the usual with Mariana.

Octavio is back at the ranch for another repeat discussion about Ester marrying JA. Ester is so in love that she is willing to live in a shack. Except once the honeymoon phase wears off and that shack has no air conditioning during those hot Mexican summers and a toddler who wants you to hold him all day long and your skin just sticks together in the heat, I think you will regret your decision.
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Qué Bonito Amor #92 (Mex 130) Wednesday 8/21/13 Don't take that apple, Maria, the serpent might not like it.

I am subbing tonight, everyone!

BRIEF SUMMARY. Recap is finally done. PUT A FORK IN IT! (Some scenes will be condensed and combined for clarity.)

Refrito with Justo and Amalia commiserating about everything. Justo is grieved because first he lost his wife, and now, apparently JAntos. Amalia is just feeling sorry for herself (as usual). Meanwhile, JAntos and Maria are doing the camping out thing. Justo feels so bad because he wasn't as close to JAntos as he should have been. Amalia can't keep her yap shut, at this sad moment for Justo she again "kindly" admonishes JAntos because he "promised" he'd take care of Maria.

Think of someone else's suffering for a moment, will you, Amalia?

Maria and JAntos are making lunch with a fish he caught. JAntos is apologetic for their predicament and Maria is reassuring him it's okay. He blames Orange Guiliano for their situation.

She reassures him that this isn't his fault.

Justo and Amalia continuing to discuss the sad state of affairs; Amalia thinking that JAntos didn't really love Maria and Justo saying that we don't understand the power of love. Meanwhile, Maria and JAntos share a moment of contentment after their fish lunch.

Happy happy.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PEAM #117-8/21/13: Marisela's Love Is Like A Check With No Funds In Ricardo's Bank of Affection

Recap By Pablo

Laughter is the best medicine and love is the best diet

There's nothing better after a night of passion, than to go to work without having breakfast, because a kiss is more fulfilling than a whole box of cereal. And it doesn't make you fat! Ah! Those low calorie sighs! AND THE MEMORIES!!!

On the other side of the coin, there's nothing better after an attempt of a passionate night, than spent in jail. Fernando and Xóchitl were caught in the car K-I-S-S-I-N-G and that is lewd conduct. I wonder what would have happened if they were sitting on a tree?

Patricia, who looks like Inspector Gadget, gives Alma the fruits of her condition as a klepto to see if she can return it. Looks like Patricia needs occupational therapy because she does that only when she is under a lotta stress. And now she wants to know every naughty detail of last night's lovemaking between Alma and Jesús, since she was the one planning the event. She asks if they did the geisha position, the little goat on the cliff and the 75-6. Besides taking what is not hers, she is very inquisitive... All that energy should be put to work looking for a job, but since she has never done anything else than sleep with Rogelio (and in that area she is so efficient that she even gives Alma advice!), unless it is trying out mattresses in FAMSA, I don't see how can she get a job! Maybe join forces with Alejandra?
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La Tempestad, Capitulo 17. August 20th 2013.

Lo De Ayer: 
DamFab and Marina chat, they dance, he sings Besame Mucho to her, he asks for a kiss, she is not feeling well and needs some air, he takes her outside. They leave. Bagre tells Lolo that maybe tomorrow there will be no wedding. Outside, DamFab tells Marina that she was brave to come to the bar since it isn't the place for a someone so refined as she is. Marina tells DamFab that she isn't a refined woman. She's a dummy. She never imagined falling in love. She thought that would never happen to her. DamFab tells Marina that she is trembling just like the day he kissed her. DamFab and Marina kiss. 

Lo Nuevo: 
Marina stops kissing. DamFab tells Marina to not say anything and to just let herself go. Marina passes out into DamFab's manly muscular arms.

At the plaza, Esthercita and Mayuya are happily enjoying their popsicle sticks. A drunk man approaches them and congratulates Esthercita on her upcoming nuptials. Esthercita and Mayuya are disgusted by the drunk and move away. The drunk tells Esthercita that DamFab is having his bachelor party at the bar. Esthercita wants to go and check in on DamFab. Mayuya doesn't want to go to the bar because the women that go into the bar are women that do not have the best reputation. Esthercita drags Mayuya to the bar because she just has to see what her future husband is up to. 

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CI #71 An Inconvenient Impass: Maricruz Gets The Jump On Octavio And Another Marriage Proprosal

Cap #71 

As we jet back to Gold Island for another glimpse of All That Glitters, a mewling Miguel badgers a wary Octavio into covering Miguelito’s medical expenses out of his half of the ranch should things get worse for the baby boy instead of better.  Tav does the decent thing and agrees, but not before ripping his bro a new one for borrowing against their ranch just so he could squander [despilferrar = waste/vernacular trans.: piss away] it all gambling and boozing it up instead of thinking he might need it for his wife and child--not that thinking ahead is generally a personality trait either Narvaez brother has displayed much if at all to date…. (Mr. Grasshopper, meet Mr. Ant.)
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Qué Bonito Amor #91 (Mex 129) Tuesday 8/20/13 New Season of Survivor: By the Waters of Babylon

This is Anita reporting in, a last minute substitution.  Apparently CBS and UNI have collaborated for a new season of Survivor.  Stay tuned for the first episode. This is the preview.  Meanwhile, we have a recap to cobble together from all the little snippets we saw.  Bear with me, please.  Here goes (quick and dirty and pretty much from memory).
What you saw yesterday, I won’t dwell on mucho, so we can get to the good stuff.  Wendy and Justo have their little father-daughter talk about her fear of OJ and fear for her defenseless little unborn hijo.  Justo mans up and swears he’ll finish off OJ, no matter what the price (even though he just promised Wendy to dedicate his life to his nieto).
Next we see JAntos and Maria exiting the taxi by the side of the road in a deserted, thickly wooded area.  As soon as the taxi departs, guess who drive up, OJ and his henchmen in one car and the other full of the U.S.-Mexican Joint Task Force of Keystone Koppers.  By this time Maria and JA have taken off full speed ahead deep into the woods. (Please, just tighten your beanies for the rest of this.) OJ goes first and apparently knows exactly which way they went.  The USMJTFKK are next and they also know exactly where the two fugitive lovers have gone, but don’t see or hear OJ.
Oh, dear.  JAntos and Maria have been trapped at the edge of a cliff overlooking some angry, churning water. OJ has them in his sights, The USMJTFKK have them covered.  Give UP, we’ve got you.  Maria and Jorge Alfredo look at each other and then look down to see this rushing, swirling white water and sure death.  JA has time to expound to Maria, “Let’s go where no one can judge us.”  With only our love.  One, Two, Three, JUMP. Rats, thinks OJ, he hopes they drown.  Rats, think the Koppers, missed them by a hair.  Jorge Alfredo and Maria disappear into their watery grave.
(Some scenes are cut & pasted together as should have been done in the editing room at Televisa and not on CarayCaray.)
At Amalia’s
She’s snuffling that her only reason to live is for her daughters.  Concho appears and gets Amalia all riled up. Concho swears he’s worried about Maria  How dare he even show his face after all the harm he has caused them. He should be ashamed. Concho tries to reason with her that it’s all in the past. Amalia hits him (just figuratively) with the information that it was Elvira that murdered her grandchild.  Concho doesn’t believe it.  Who told her that, anyway?  Amalia answers that it was Mirna.
At Lourdes’ & Elvira’s
Concho is livid.  He confronts Elvira with what he learned about Maria’s accident. Elvira is in denial.
Elivra—I didn’t push her. She fell.
Lourdes—Tell the truth now.
She wants to know who told Concho.
Elvira stomps off blaming her parents for taking Mirna and Maria’s side and never being there for her.  Lourdes admits to being at fault for raising her to be such a spoiled beyotch, but Concho shares the blame as well.  They gave her everything she wanted, but they didn’t give her any values.  Lourdes tries to make Concho see that they have to be together in this situation and leave all the rancor behind.
Mirna is desperately looking for the “key” to her spoils of war.  She’s quite loud about it.  She’s sure Pinchi or Lalo hid it somewhere else.  HaHa, you don’t know it, but the two payasos are right within earshot and listening.  They want to know what she’s looking for. Maybe they ought to tell Concho and Amalia. (P.S. I’m pretty sure she found the key.)  She tries to distract them by getting all sexy up in their faces. It probably would have worked. We’ll never know.  Elvira shows up and tries to throw her out. Mirna doesn’t belong there any more.  HaHa, you don’t know it, but Maria, who owns half the bar, remember, hired her back and Mirna’s on her side now.  Elvira is livid. (I guess it runs in the family.) She takes it out on the poor barkeeps—Get back to work, idiots, she screams.
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