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Eva Luna #101 Tue 3/29/11 Orange does not become her.

Eva Luna for March 29, 2011

The recap is UP! Video clips coming later. I need a nap. LOL.

Episode 101

Marcela is handling her gun in her office and talking about doing Eva in. Renata looks hesitant about this, but Marcela blows her off. Renata then leaves and sees Eva and says she's got something to tell her. But it appears that before Renata can say anything, Marcela appears with a gun and points it at them both!

Justa goes into her bedroom looking for something and sees a note on the bed left by Don Ricardo. He's bowing out so she can be happy with Julio. But that's not what she wanted! She chose him over Julio, after all!

Justa reads Don Ricardo's goodbye note. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Eva and Renata are facing Marcela at the end of a gun. In rushes Dan. Now Marcela points the gun at all of them and is threatening to kill them. She says her plan is to tell the police that she came home and robbers had killed all three of them, including the "faithful" Renata. (She now knows that Renata ratted her out.)

Dan brings up her killing his parents. "Ah, you've been talking to Deborah!" she cries.

Justa rushes into Adrian's room. Where is Don Ricardo? Adrian doesn't know. You know how the rest of the scene is going to go. She tells him what's going on. Lots of tears.

For sanity's sake, again I will be combining and consolidating scenes, due to all the quick cuts.

Marcela presses the trigger on the gun and NADA! Nothing. Renata had removed the bullets. Renata steps forward and tells the whole story. She took the bullets out of the gun. She called Eva and told her everything. Dan was told too (I think). "Your murders are over!" they tell her, as the police come in, guns drawn, and surround her. Marcela looks less than pleased about this.

As she is being dragged away, she yells, "You can't do this, you don't know who I am! I am Marcela Arismendi!" Eva and Dan remind her that she's nobody. Dan says he's going to prove that she killed his parents. She screams back, "Nobody can prove that! But I will return and kill you all! I am Marcela Arismendi!" She is dragged off by the police, still screaming.

Lileach is brining supplies to Icky, who is hanging out in some ratty dump. Icky believes that Lileach is working on convincing Daniel to forgive her and take her back. Liliana says she's working on it, but it'll take time. But Icky can't leave that apartment, because they'll catch her and put her in the looney bin. To this Icky starts screaming that she's not crazy! She's not!

Lileach has this whole freaky enabling line where she tells Icky that only she (Lileach) can keep her out of the mental hospital. Icky is totally dependent on Lileach.

Back to the big house, the police are saying that Marcela thought she was invincible, and this is what brought her down. Dan hopes that they can find proof that she killed his parents. The detective says there are new forensic methods they can use and he's hopeful. Dan and Eva hope that she's in prison for many years. Then Renata says that she shouldn't have been surprised that Marcela turned against her in the end. Everyone thanks Renata for her help and she says she only did the right thing.

Daniel is leaving the house now. Eva thanks him for his help. He says they'll talk tomorrow. He also says that together they took down Marcela and she doesn't have to thank him for anything. He has this hopeful puppydog look on his face.

Hopeful puppydog eyes from Daniel as he talks to Eva. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Marisol, Adrian and Justa talk about where Don Ricardo is and what's going on, blah blah blah. Justa laments that all she wanted to do was say goodbye to Don Julio, she doesn't want to be with him, she wants Ricardo!

We cut to Ricardo, walking down some city street, crying and lamenting too, over the loss of Justa as well as Adrian.

Deborah, Tia Tilde and Eva are regurgitating the latest news about Marcela, chatting about it all. They're going to tell Don Julio but he's probably sleeping right now.

Justa tells Adrian that she's going to go to church, to pray for the return of Don Ricardo. Adrian wants to come along too.

We cut to Renata talking to herself about her still unconfessed truth about the stolen baby of Justa and Don Julio. They must know what I did, she thinks. I can't live with this sin any longer!

We have a scene of a shell-shocked Marcela being escorted into the police station and booked. Everyone is talking in English. I always find the use of English in this telenovela fascinating. It seems to be showing us that this is a cold and scary place. The policewomen are impatiently barking orders (in English) to those being booked. As Marcela is being fingerprinted, the policewoman says curtly in English, "Your hand! Give me your other hand!" and Marcela, greatly humiliated, unfurls her burned hand to have it fingerprinted.

Marcela's beloved son, Leo, is oblivious to Marcela's distress, because he is making out with a hot babe in a red dress in Gallo's office. Gallo appears and shoos the girl away. "Go!" he tells her, in English.

They laugh about all the money Leo has lost in gambling. Then Leo gets a phone call about Mommy being in jail. "No puede ser!" Leo yells.

Justa and Adrian are in church, praying for the return of Don Ricardo, and saying how much they love him and miss him.

Tony hears Marisol's song on the radio. He's elated and yells for her to come listen. Much rejoicing and happiness from Marisol and Tony, and Tony seems genuinely happy for her success.

Eva and Alicia recycling all the stuff that has been going on. Discussing Renata. Eva thinks that Renata turned to the Good Side when she discovered that Marcela was poisoning Don Julio.

Alicia tells Eva that she feels partly to blame for Marcela's meltdown, because she told her that Leo signed the prenup and that Leo wouldn't inherit any money. Then Leo bursts in, all aflame with outrage over Mommy being arrested.

Tony and Marisol and rejoicing over her success as Francisco listens in, looking distressed. "The only thing that matters is singing!" Marisol is telling Tony. Francisco chooses this time to come in and congratulate her, his attitude that of sadness, and imply that her singing is more important than anything—including him. (He doesn't say this but you can tell.) She chases after him as he walks away.

Francisco listens in. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Eva explains that Marcela tried to kill her and that's why she's in jail. That cools down Leo a bit. He pretend to be shocked, like he didn't expect that she could do something like that.

Heartfelt discussion between Marisol and Francisco. Let's pull the plug and be happy as friends, he is saying. They both look choked up. They agree that maybe divorce is the best thing, but neither of them look happy about it.

Marcela is wearing a new wig, which is down in a ponytail sort of thing, and being escorted to her cell. She looks very unhappy, and the orange does not suit her. It doesn't make her caboose look any smaller, either. (It wouldn't help my caboose either!) She curses Eva for all of this.

Leo is trying to explain away Marcela's confession about killing Daniel's parents. He's saying that it was an accident, that Marcela didn't do it, she's drunk blah blah blah. But he says if she did do it, it would be a great blow. Then he turns the puppydog eyes on her and asks that she not dump him due to what his mom did. She says she won't.

Marisol goes in to see the music guys. Her song is doing awesome. It is one of the most requested songs on the radio.

Justa comes to visit Renata. Renata wants to talk.

Marcela gets a visit from her lawyer.

Clingy Lileach comes into Daniel's office and pleads with Daniel for his help, while hugging him. Naturally Eva peeks in through the door at this moment. As Lileach continues to cling, Eva gets the wrong idea and leaves. Idiot!

Evesdropping Eva (Click on image to see larger version.)

Lileach has some sob story. Icky is out to get her because she thinks she (Lileach) is after Danny! (Well, it's true about the last part!) "Protect me!" she pleads, clingingly.

Liliana clings to Danny. This is the face of a man who is not into being hugged by this particular woman. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Eva is an idiot and assumes this means that Dan and Liliana are an item. Idiot!

Justa is telling Renata the whole love-triangle story about Julio and Ricardo, blah blah blah. Renata says that she's got something to tell Justa.

Marcela's lawyer reminds her that she tried to kill three people the night before. The judge has refused jail. She's a very dangerous person. Marcela denies it all, of course. The lawyer asks her to level with him and tell him the truth about what happened.

She tells him to convince the authorities that she only pulled the trigger because she knew the gun was empty. She just wanted to scare them. And she was drunk and her nerves were all over the place. The lawyer says he'll do his best.

Marisol is is rejoicing over the success of her song. She's told that the public loves her. They want her to participate at various events. Tomorrow you'll go on tour! She comments that this is strange, because now she's free to go—she's separated from her husband so they can go their separate ways.

Don Ricardo is at the Greyhound station, feeling sorry for himself now that Justa is out of his life. But he worries about Adrian's happiness.

At Don Julio's house, the good doctor is telling Don Julio that he had no reason to expect that Justa would fall into his arms after so many years. Don Julio says he let himself be dazzled by the flash of Marcela.

Cute music label guy (Gerardo! It's Gerardo, right?) asks to be left alone with Marisol, after this news that she's separated. She confirms to him that she's getting divorced. She tells him that her marriage to Francisco was full of lies and madness. He tells her that he not only fell in love with her voice, but her, as a woman, and he hopes he can have a chance with her. She says that she's not ready for anything yet, that she doesn't love him as he deserves to be loved, and that if she divorces Francisco, that she needs to focus on her singing career.

Don Ricardo has returned and greets Adrian. Adrian hugs him and is elated to see him.

Eva visits Don Julio and tells him about Marcela's mishaps. She thinks it's time to tell everyone about what he tried to do with Daniel's parents. Julio says cryptically that finally it's time for him to give the "final blow," and she'll be in prison for a long time. End of episode!

Don Julio has something else up his sleeve regarding Marcela. (Click on image to see larger version.)
Bulleted list of episode highlights:
  • Marcela flips her lid, pulls out a gun on Eva, Renata, and Dan. She admits to enough crimes to put her away. Which, thankfully, happens, because the police were waiting and listening.
  • Renata saved the day by taking out the bullets in Marcela's gun. Renata still is troubled by the whole baby-stealing business, though. I think Renata's story is going to resolve pretty soon.
  • Don Ricardo is convinced that Justa is going to choose Don Julio, so he takes off, leaving a note for Justa, who of course chose him, not Don Julio. Lots of big-eyed overacting from Justa for the entire episode as she laments losing Don Ricardo. He shows up at the end, though, in a scene with Adrian.
  • Leo chews out Eva for the arrest of his mommy dearest, but backs off a tad when he finds out she was going to kill everyone.
  • It looks like Francisco and Marisol are headed for divorceville. Cute label guy (still can't remember his name, sorry) is so not unhappy about this news, as he tells Marisol. But she doesn't get carried away with cute label guy just yet—she's still married, after all.
  • Marcela ends up in jail with a not-fetching orange jumpsuit. (And it looked so good on Carlos. But I guess orange is not Marcela's color.) You know things are going to be bad in jail because when she is being booked in, everyone speaks in English. Uh oh.
  • Icky is hiding out in some nasty place and Lileach is enabling her and helping her out. Not sure what else is going on there, need to rewatch.

Here are some additional screencaps:

Orange does not suit Marcela. (Note her burned hand. No glove—or should I say "mitt"—here, eh, you bruja?) Click on image to see larger version.

Gratuitous Guy Ecker shot: Daniel looking intense after the police nab Marcela. (Click on image to see larger version)
Video clips are coming!


Thanks, Elvira! I know it will be well worth the wait and you've gotten the hilights. : ? ))

It appears that Renata had time to make a call after removing the bullets. Who did she call? Dano, Deborah and the policia all show up pretty much at the same time. Seems someone should have warned Eva.

I haven't even read the recap yet, but I had to say - Great Title! ROTFLOL!

Yes, it is great to see Marzilla wearing course prison garb, but I can't believe Marzilla is already behind bars - seems too early - I bet she gets out to terrorize people again, even if only for a short time.

Anonymous - Renata did warn Eva. She called her. Eva agreed to act her part. We in the audience (and Marci) were the only ones not privy to the ruse. Although many folks here had already guessed that Renata would remove the bullets.


Cant wait for recap. I didnt know about the time change so missed the epidode entirely. I gather it is on at 6 EDT again tonight. Is that correct?



LOL your right Orange is not Marcie's color.

can't wait to read your recap and see your clips.

So Lililech has got Vicky, bettcha she's not going to turn her back on crazy vicky.


Eva Luna came on at 8:00pm EDT last night. CCC's didn't work for the first 10 minutes.

Muchas gracias, Elvira. I'm off to see the dentist, back later. Can't wait for the entire recap and the clips.

I think Marcela will get out of jail soon. When she was talking to her lawyer, they discussed the strategy of saying she never intended to harm anyone, she knew the gun wasn't loaded, and she was drunk. She's hoping that excuse will get her out on bail. And since we have nine more episodios to go, she's probably right.

Marcella took a better mug shot than most. LOL

My wishes came true, someone call the cops! She looked so sunny and bright wearing orange, and her hair down was the pefect touch for that perfect mug shot! She can't get out..No! No!
The scene where Marisol was talking to Tony about her song being played in the radio, and she kept saying "no lo puedo crer" and I was thinking "I can't believe it either" lol
I'm so glad DJ picked Ricardo!!! Now Adriancito will have a stable home!!

I meant to say "called" the cops. It's still early here in Idaho,lol

Elvira, thanks so much. I missed most of this episode. Am wondering about OrangeAgent speaking to her attorney? Does anyone think there will be an escape soon? It looked like she was locked up for good or in TN world just for a few episodes? What about the previews did "it" say she was now living with Dano? My TV was on, but I was on the phone with work, so I feel I missed out on alot. I gather Alicia yet again did not tell Eva about her becoming an aunt to her future husband's child?

Wait one minute, they still have to get Daniel a divorce from Vicky, b/c I don't think she signed the lawyers papers before she really went crazy.

2)And Alicia still needs to tell Eva about her baby.
3)Renata still needs to tell Don Julio and Justa about Vicky.
4)Lililech needs to be caught and exposed.
5)Leo needs to be exposed for the slimey ball he is.
6) Vicky needs to be caught and taken to the looney bin.
7)Tony still has photo of Leo & Eva,and he needs to be exposed for the lies he told Dano.
8) Carlo's ?????? he's disappeared again from the TN.
9) They still have to expose Marcie for the order's she's killed
If I've forgotten anything please add.

oops They still need to expose Marcie for the others she's killed

OK, here goes:

I also think Marcie will escape. Probably on the way back from arraignment court. Her lawyer might help her or be hit on the head. At any rate, with the number of charges against her she should be remanded.

Was anybody recording the stuff she said? Any claim to being drunk should be checked immediately.

The following criminals are still at large:

-- Icky Vicky
-- Leo
-- El Gallo
-- Tony
-- Lileech

We can count on more mayhem from all of them. Like I said yesterday, El Gallo will be out for Marcie's blood when her check bounces.

Forensic evidence that needs to be found and presented:

-- Tox screen on Daniel's parents
-- Medical reports on Sabrina
-- Car repair records on Daniel's red car
-- Examination of Leo's hideout
-- Accounting of the model agency to locate Bruno's embezzlement of funds
-- Airline passenger records to locate Marcie's whereabouts on the day Bruno and Rosaura were murdered.
-- Julio's medical reports.

There's gotta be more.

Renata took the bullets out (what I predicted) and then called Eva and told her all (that took me by surprise...) then Eva called her mom and Dano and the three of them 'planned the rest' which I assume is getting the police to come and witness Marcela's 'stupid moment' personally... incl the investigator who had been involved in Dano's parent investigation way back when... I was surprised Dano asked Marcela if she was going to do to them same as with his parents... until I saw the police...

I agree on the title!! that was brilliant!
and I too am glad Justa decided to stick with Ricardo...
the previews look like things will get messy at NewVille with LiLeach moving in... how are you going to get out of this one, Dano?

Does anyone know what telenovela will replace Eva Luna? I think Teresa is now going to be on at 9:00 PM.


Something I forget to ask, what was the significance of El Gallo telling agentorange the real names of Bruno and Rosaura? He kept mentioning it as to see her reaction when he said the real names?


What!!!!! Dano let lililech move in. NOOOOOOOO

Thanks, Elvira. I too look forward to the recap.

Nellie - those are interesting points that may come into play. Wasn't Bruno taking his revenge for a family member?

I'm glad so many made the right call on the gun and Renata removing the bullets. I also think Marci will escape sometime soon and hold either one person or many hostage.

I think the signifagance of El Gallo telling Marcella about the names was to stress the point that no one at Arismendi would ever connect the "suposed drug murders" as those of Rosara and Bruno and no one would know They were murdered. That was when Marcella made the remark that it was a shame no one would know her handiwork in the murders. "Why start boasting now." Remember Leo was still looking for Rosara at work. He even said since she hasn't shown up he would start looking for her replacement.

Oh Elvira, thanks for the great pics of Marcella. Your right Orange is not her color. Can't wait for your recap.

Several people have said that they expect Marcela may escape, but I don't think she'll have to escape. I think the strategy she proposed to her lawyer--that she knew the gun wasn't loaded, she only wanted to scare people, and also she was a bit drunk--may be enough to get this important member of the community out on bail. I hope not, but with 9 episodes still to go, I suspect she'll soon be loose and able to cause more harm, or at least try to.

UrbanA, I loved your list of forensic evidence that still needed to be found. I also liked Michele in PA's list of loose ends that still needed to be resolved.

I half expected Renata to turn up at the same church where Justa and Adrian were praying, and that that would be where Renata would confess to Justa what she did with Justa's baby. Oh well, wrong again.

We need a couple of 2 hours nights of Eva Luna, for the loose ends to be tied up and not feel rushed.

I don't know how you recapers do it with them floping all over the place at the end of these TN.

Hello - on the univision website they have these three upcoming programming for telenovelas

Una familia con suerte
Cuando Me Enamoro
Zacatillo, un lugar en tu corazon

they all say muy pronto. I have no idea which one will replace Eva, I think Una familia con suerte will replace the 7 p.m. telenovela.

Queen Snooki doesn't necessarily have to get out of jail before the end of the show, since we've still got four villains to deal with, but yeah--it will probably happen. There still has to be some karma recycling for Renata for the Victoria secret, after all (and they even had Renata allude to it in the episode).

And, if there's any justice, Susana Dosamantes (God bless her, but she looked like a depressed gumdrop in orange) will finally achieve the inhaling-scenery-whole stage of over-the-top acting when Marcie does get out.

So, let's see...

1. Leonardo killed Eva's father.
2. Julio is not dead...okay, not really a secret at tihs point, but the bad guys still don't know yet.
3. The Empire is responsible for the deaths of
  a. Daniel's parents (Marcela);
  b. Daniel's wife (Marcela);
  c. Rita the maid (Marcela);
  d. Max the dog (Marcela);
  e. Claudia (Leonardo) and her unborn child (Marcela);
  f. Bruno and Rosaura (Marcela).
4. Alicia has been sleeping with Leonardo and is pregnant with his child.
5. Victoria is Julio and Justa's child.
6. Leonardo and Marcela are mobbed up via El Gallo.
7. Leg-Porn Lili is Leonardo's agent provocateur.

I think even Chico knows Julio is alive. Julio did everything except publish it in the paper.

Love your recap, Elvira. Yes, Carlos trumped Marcilla in the orange jump suit.

What a mess the CC's were last night.

Elvira, great recap. Thank you so much.

Thank you from me, too, Elvira.

Well, the list of secrets is getting smaller and we have some indication of final punishments. I missed the part in the avance about Lileach moving in with Dan. Wonder why he doesn't recommend that she move in with Leo, after all, she's Leo's friend and not Dan's.

Will Dan and Eva get to talk "mañana" or whether Eva will even listen to him after she saw him and Lileach together. She did admit to being bothered by it.

Our Orange Agent doesn't look so powerful surrounded by other oranges, does she? She will probably be sprung on bail--maybe house arrest? We haven't seen the last of her--she's central to so many of the plots.

So, Leo owes El Gallo lots of money again. I wonder how he's going to work it off this time. There's not much time left, but oh so many potential victims.

Love the lists, Michele, UrbanA and BillC. I don't have anything else to add to them, except:

When does Laurita find out she has a half-brother?

--Leo didn't actually do the shooting of Claudia, it was Gallo, but Leo could be tried for conspiracy.
Una Nte

House arrest for Marcela!? In Eva's house?!! Eva should have a restraining order against her! That goes for the office, too!

I'm starting to think that Marcela should be restrained in the same manner as La Gemela Loca in El Fantasma de Elena.

The verification word is "psycheo". [snerk]

Thanks, everyone! I just wanted to say that I still intend to make those clips, for posterity if nothing else! I had to go out and do errands and clip-making just didn't happen!

Thanks for the recap.
I hope Marcela will stay in jail for few episodes. She can't say her gun was empty because Renata told to Eva what happened. Eva told to Daniel and he called the police. jjablan.

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