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Caer en Tentacion #62, 1/16/18: Trapped--Everybody is Trapped

Tuesday's recap was a little late due to unforeseen circumstances. It's finished.

Part 1 of 4 (Scenes not necessarily in order)
Epoca Actual
Raquel tries to get away from the couple that is preventing her from leaving. She is now fully cognizant of who she was with, but not exactly where she is. The "hostage takers" tell her she cannot leave, that her family has been notified and Andres Becker is coming to pick her up. The man persuades her to take her medicine and lie down.

Meanwhile, Santiago has been at the house and after being told the woman he's looking for was there but left, has been sent on a wild goose chase to the local Greyhound station and maybe they can help him. Santi talks to a police or security officer at the bus station.

Rueda reports to Andres that apparently the gun that was used to kill Carolina belonged to Santiago. If it turns out to be true, a judge can put in an order to have him arrested. They think things will work in their favor and against Santi, especially with him alone with Raquel and outside the city. He can be charged with flight.
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Papa a Toda Madre #2 1.16.18: One Little Girl to Win the Hearts of Many

Renee smiles at Alejandro and waves goodbye before turning around and high tailing it out of there. Catalina and Alejandro run after her.

The little girl waves at Mauricio and runs to him as Mr. Fairbanks and Miranda wonder what is happening. The little girl hugs him tight, but Mauricio demands security take her away as he doesn’t know her. The girl claims that she doesn’t know him either but he’s her father. Miranda can’t believe Mauricio has a daughter, but Mauricio declares he does not and asks Fabian if it’s a joke. Fabian shakes his head and Miranda demands a clear answer. Mauricio tells her it’s all a misunderstanding and asks the priest to continue with the wedding. Miranda, however, reminds him that the little girl is still clutching his leg. The girl tells Mauricio that her mother wrote a letter with his name, Mauricio Lopez-Garza. Mauricio is shocked to hear he knows his name as is Miranda.

Alejandro runs after Renee and demands she go back in the church and marry him. Renee won’t though because her priority is her career and she doesn’t need a man’s permission to follow her dreams. She runs off as Catalina, and everyone, watches.

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Caer En Tentacion #61 1/15/18: Raquel On The Loose

Jardinera apologizes for the mix-up. She's fallen ill to the current scourge sweeping the nation. Rather that delete her always well crafted recap, we'll just have double the pleasure.
  • Cinthia explains to Santiago that Mia's having a fit that her mama's not there; Raquel needs to come home and quick.  They may want to escape reality for a while but if Raq finds out that Mia's been sick and upset that she's not there with her there'll be Hell to pay.  Santi starts furiously looking for Raquel.

  • At the strangers' house in the town, the couple scheme to keep Raq there while the husband calls her rich family members off the phone list of names.  Raq remembers she left without word and got lost. Santi will be worried.  She looks for her phone and it's gone!  No way to contact him now.  She struggles to think straight; between her mental problems and the meds she's on it's hard to get two meaningful thoughts strung together.  The wife promises her that her hubby is out looking for him and will contact somebody for her.

  • Bebo agrees to accompany Lola to her abortion doctor's appointment.  He tries first to talk her out of this but she's stubbornly sticking to her guns.  No way she wants this pregnancy (let alone Juan's demon seed and a reason for Perv Profession pursuing her the rest of her life).  They head off once the babysitter arrives, and Stalker Man is there in his car spying on the two of them going off arm in arm.  


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Caer en Tentación #61, 1/15/18, Lunes: Obstacles

Chapter 61: Obstacles

Just the facts tonight due to time constraints and playback issues.

Cinthia called Santiago about Mia while he looked for Raquel. He did not tell her that Raquel was missing while she told him little about Mia, only that she was worried about her and that Mia needed Raquel.

Raquel's female captor gave her tea and offered her something to eat while Raquel frantically looked for her cell phone so she could call Santiago. The phone was not in her purse and was most likely in the hands of her captors. Raquel wanted to get outside to get some fresh air but the woman stopped her, telling her it was too dangerous for her to go out. She tried to tell her that she would take care of her while her husband was trying to contact her friends.
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Papa a Toda Madre #1 1.15.18: Be Careful Who You Marry

Memories are in italics...

On a yacht in the middle of the ocean, playboy and professional party animal, Mauricio Lopez-Garza (Sebastian Rulli), pops open a bottle of champagne with a sword and romances women by giving them a gold necklace with an “M” on it (not for marriage, oh no, he doesn’t do that) but so his conquests always remember his name. This is only his weekends though…

During the weekdays, he holds board meetings at Logatoys to propose new toys. His latest proposal is a replica of the very same yacht he was partying on all weekend. However, Fabian Carvajal (Mark Tacher), the general manager of Logatoys and Mauricio’s best friend, notes the obvious problem (that Mauricio can’t seem to comprehend): the model for said toy would cost the company a lot of money and, therefore, it would cost a lot to mass produce said toy. If this is the case, Logatoys would have to charge consumers a lot of money for it but most of their consumers don’t have said amount of money or a pool to play with the yacht. Mauricio, however, thinks the children could play with the giant yacht in the bathtub and be done with it. He asks the Logatoys lawyer, Jorge Turrubiates (Sergio Mur), to gather all the permits so they can reconvene in a couple of weeks. Jorge asks for a more concrete date, but Mauricio directs any further questions to Fabian. Once alone, Fabian tries to tell Mauricio that things at Logatoys aren’t on the up and up, but Mauricio is sure the upcoming “Child Day” will boast sales and they have nothing to worry about.

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Enamorándome de Ramón, 1/15/2018: Gran Fin…Por Fin!

Skipped Scenes in Blue
Previously: Fabi keeps asking Francystco where her daughter is, but as he is about to tell her where Ana is, Francystco passes out. While Ramón tries to hold Fabi back, Fabi curses and yells, “Damn you! You can’t die! Tell me where my daughter is! Tell me! Francystco! Francystco! Where is she?” As Ramón manages to pull Fabi away from Francystco, Francystco coughs and passes out.

Outside, Juana worries that they are taking too long and wants to go inside, but Antonio tells her the cops are doing their job. As Juana insists that they may need her help (yeah, right! if they really do, send in the parrot!), she sees Fabi and Ramón walk out and asks them for the baby. After Ramón tells them that Francystco was not able to tell them anything and that he is dying, Sofía yells from the patrol car, “Don’t even look for her! By this time, that child should be dead!” Fabi tries to dart toward Sofía, so Ramón holds her back, but Juana turns into Calamity Jane as her pigtails twirl furiously and she grabs a pistol from a cop. After she pulls Sofía out of the patrol car, Calamity Jane yells, “Get out! Get out! You tell me right now where my granddaughter is, or you die right here!” Ramón tries to tell Calamity Jane to let Sofía go, but Calamity Jane won’t be stopped.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): José José El Principe, Sangre de mi Tierra, Señora Acero 4, y más: Week of Jan 15, 2018

Welcome to Page #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, issued twice a week: Mondays at 3:00 PM and Thursdays at 8:00 PM.

Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Santa Diabla
• 12-2PM—Las Reglas del Juego
• 8-9PM—José, José: El Príncipe de la Canción**
• 9-10PM—Sangre de mi Tierra
• 10-11PM—Señora Acero 4

**Premieres Monday night (1/15)

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Caer En Tentacion #60, 1/12/18: Raquel shows signs of losing her mind, and who wouldn’t.

In their little get away Raquel tells Santi how she felt when she first saw Damian in the hospital after the accident. When she saw him connected to the machines all she wanted was for him to wake up and tell her everything will be find instead she found out that he was with Carol and that she was his lover. She cries and asks Santi to forgive her “I have nothing to forgive you for I am here for you”
Vicente and Andres are in Andre’s office and vicente tells him, “you don’t know what I am capable of doing” Andres tell him to get out of his office because threats don’t work with him. As he is getting out of the office he tells Andre’s “what happened to the money that Damian owed him."
Fede sees Vicente with Andres and asks Azucena "what is Carol's brother doing here with my uncle?” she tells him to go find out himself but he says he does not want them to know he is there.
Cynthia gets home and tells Jovita that Raquel will be fine, just don’t tell the kids she’s with Santi.
Then she asks about Mia, Joavita says "she is with a friend" Cynthia wants to know if it's Nico but Jovita says no, "it's Sammy"
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Mi marido tiene familia Friday 1/12/18 Gran Final #2 Capitulo 102: Not Quite Happily Ever After . . . To Be Continued

Well, this is my last recap for MMTF and I am going to thank someone I have not ever thanked before: I want to thank Juan Osorio for bringing us such a heartwarming story in such an excellent production. It quickly has become one of my all time favorites. I cannot wait until the next season.

Next, I want to thank you, RgvChick, for joining me in recapping this story along with your EdR recapping. It was a pleasure working with you. We made a good team. I hope to work with you again in the future. :)

I cannot forget to thank Alfredo who got us started by posting discussion pages. His initiative made all the difference.

Finally, I want to thank you, the patio, for giving me a reason to write these recaps at all. Whether you simply read or commented once and a while or were a “regular,” your presence was noticed and valued. I always looked forward to reading the comments, opinions and interpretations expressed at our little oasis. I hope to see you on another patio very soon.

Now, back to the very last chapter in the story . . . I cannot wait to read your comments on this one . . .

After hearing the oompah-pah of the tuba one last time . . .

Julieta shows Luz a page of real estate listings. It is time to move. She feels that she and Robert need to make a life of their own. She would never do anything to stop the kids from seeing their family. Luz agrees that it is healthy to maintain a certain distance from the family. Julieta wants to be able to raise her own children without having the family giving their opinion about everything. Julieta is going to continue seeing properties. If Robert does not want to look for a house, Julieta will give him his part of the money and she will use her part of the money as a down payment. Julieta’s phone rings and it is Catalina. Catalina is upset because ungrateful Hugo and Diana are moving out and abandoning her. Julieta tells her that they have the right to have their own home. Catalina is worried about having no company. She feels worse than when Julieta’s father walked out on her. Julieta tells her she will overcome this and that she is going to grow a lot from this experience. Catalina moans that nobody understands her and hangs up.
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Enamorándome de Ramon, Friday January 12, 2018; Grand Final, part 1; Taken: The Search for Ana

We begin where we left off last night: “Fabiola keeps playing with her baby as Francisco looks on but doesn’t move. Just then, a woman arrives and asks Fabiola is she knows where a church is. Fabiola walks away for a moment to show the women where it is and then bids her a good day. When she turns back around, she finds that Ana is gone and begins to scream for help…  “

The lady asking for directions just walks off [I am wondering why Fabi didn’t go running after her to find out something and gotten her description to give to police.] Juana comes back and says she couldn’t have been gone for more than five minutes. A few helpful bystanders say they are calling the police.
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Caer en Tentacion #59, 1/11/18: Who is the Sicker One?

Some scenes have been combined to provide continuity.

Nacho thinks he knows who the ideal murder suspect is. Santi tells him to spill it, now. Ok, it's Miriam. Think about it. She's someone who knows every move they make, someone who is a master manipulator, who despises everyone around her, so why not Miriam. She could have planned it, she could have been responsible.

Santi can't believe she would ever want to harm her own son. He begins to recall how Dam gave them everything they asked for (and more). He concludes Dam did it just to distract him from figuring out what he and Caro were doing. Nacho still recommends taking their new suspicion to Antonio. After all, they put him in jail with no verifiable evidence, only circumstantial. Now Tonio should be willing to investigate Miriam.

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Mi Marido Tiene Familia #101, 1/11/2018: Grand Finale-Part 1 Bloodlines and Family Ties.

This is my final recap for this superb telenovela that I almost didn’t watch. I’m so glad I watched the first episode to give it a try…and every episode thereafter was a joy to view. Every aspect of this TN was exquisitely written and portrayed by actors who were outstanding in bringing it to life.
I want to thank Alfredo for starting us up with the discussion pages which eventually turned into full recaps…started by Jarifa, my masterful co-recapper. Thank you Jarifa for paving the way to the recaps!
Last, but definitely not least, I want to thank all the loyal commentators and followers/lurkers in this patio who made this so much more enjoyable and rewarding with your kind words, insightful comments and creative perspectives. It was an amazing experience; and I especially loved how great the story and patio turned out to be. Hope to see you all in the next patio!

Julieta is in her bedroom when she gets a severe cramp and her water breaks. She slowly walks toward the phone but the cramps get more severe. She slips down to the floor and looks at the phone which is a few feet away but can’t reach it. As she calls out Robert’s name and yells out in pain, Dave comes rushing in wondering what is happening to her, so she tells him to go get his Grandma Blanca. He rushes off as Julieta clamors in pain and breathes deeply. Robert arrives and hears Julieta so he rushes to her. When she tells him her water broke, Robert slowly lifts her to the bed as she screams in pain and tells Dave who is watching to go let his grandparents know and to stay at his grandparent’s home. Dave leaves as Robert tries to calm Julieta and tells her everything will be fine. Robert starts panicking so he asks Julieta what he should do. As Julieta yells, she manages to tell Robert to get her clothes which he quickly does. They continue to tell each other to calm down.
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Enamorandome de Ramon #115 1.11.18: Two Big Coincidences & One Evil Plan

Hello all! Well, here we are, the end of another story. Not the best story but one of the best patios I've had the pleasure of being a part of. It's true what they say, "the worse the novela, the funner the patio," and this has never been more evident than during this subpar story. 

Regardless of it's shortcomings, it was fun to recap and discuss the actions (we thought about them more than the writers did) with all of you. 

To the recap team of RGVChick, Sandie and Cynthia: thank you for taking this journey with me. I know there were some slow and hard times but we powered through it. I couldn't have asked for a funnier or more dependable group to share recapping duties with. Thank you!

As for our loyal commentors: Kirby, Diana, Susanlynn, JudyB, Lucio, Nina, Carvivlie, Steve, and many others. I thank you for sticking with us through the hard and fun times. It's been a pleasure. 

See you at the next one! :) 

Sofia declares that she will win back Ramon’s love because he will be hers or else.

The next day, Ramon takes Fabiola to their new home and Fabiola is over the moon. She wonders when Ramon did all this and gives him a big kiss. As Juana hands Andrea and Jorge the baby so they can see her up close, Antonio and Margarita congratulate the couple on their new home and baby. Ramon then goes to show Fabiola the nursery, and Fabiola loves it, but she wonders what they will call the baby. They joke to about naming her Ramona or Fabiola but ultimately decide on a name they both liked: Ana. They smile and hug each other.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Hasta que te Conocí, Sangre de mi Tierra, Señora Acero 4, & más: Week of January 8, 2018


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Santa Diabla
• 12-2PM—Las Reglas del Juego
• 8-9PM—Hasta que te Conocí **
• 9-10PM—Sangre de mi Tierra
• 10-11PM—Señora Acero 4

** This is the last week for Hasta que te Conocí.  Starting this coming Monday, January 15, it will be replaced by José, José: El Príncipe de la Canción.  Based on the life of the Mexican singer José José, this telenovela will star Alejandro de la Madrid in the title role.  Some early capítulos can be previewed now on Telemundo's web site.

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Caer En Tentacion #58, 1/10/18: The First Crack In The Wall

Mia has a gripe session with her comatose papi.  It's all his fault she wants to kill herself.  She looks over at her mother hugging Santiago's daughter, Lola, and her little green monster complains that his messing with Carolina caused them all these unbearable problems and she, for one, can't begin to deal!

Raquel gives Lola the phone number of her doctor friend to call.

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Mi marido tiene familia Wednesday 1/10/18 Capitulo 100: The Surprise Wedding--OR--The Baby Surprise

Julieta welcomes Gabriel and Daniela to their wedding: the wedding they wanted; the wedding they described. Julieta and Robert got both families to agree to give them the wedding they wanted. They are outside of a small church. Daniela and Gabriel are worried about their clothing. Julieta has seen to that and each other them has three “looks” to choose from in their respective dressing rooms. Linda will be acting as their stylist. The priest is due to arrive so they need to get going. Gabriel has never heard of anything like it in his life. A surprise wedding? Julieta offers to cancel it. No way, Gabriel says they are sure but cannot believe how awesome this is. Robert says since they were their godparents for the wedding they had to do something. Gabriel checks it out with Daniela. She agrees that yes!!! they are going to get married and jumps for joy. Julieta leads Daniela away and Robert is in charge of Gabriel.

In one room, Daniela is with all of the Córcega and Mussi women. As Daniela tries on the different dresses all of the women give their opinion. Blanca tells her daughter to wear the one she is the most comfortable in while the Mussi sisters insist that she go with the most modern one. Linda keeps the Mussi sisters in line with her hairdryer. Marisol is in charge of the makeup and Linda in charge of her hair. Daniela never expected to get married like this. She woke up as if it were any old day. Julieta says they just could not let it go with a civil ceremony. Daniela thanks her and says she is so excited. Catalina has to stick in her own bitter two cents saying it is better to be like that so there is no time to be sorry. Next, Daniela has to choose her shoes.
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