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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #176 20150424 Pedro Came.....................................................Back!

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Que Te Perdone Dios #69: Love Means Letting Go, Or Maybe Not

Abigail gives Diego another go at the marriage go-round; they and Renata agree amongst themselves to keep it secret for a while.

Macaria threatens Renata to keep Abi by her side (and to fill her mind with gawd knows what trash about Ren) instead of leaving the rancho.  Her only goal is to now needle Ren at every turn.  Ren reminds her that she’s the servant; she’s to stop dissin’ her, and to start addressing her with “usted.” Mac needles her as only Mac can with “ustedito’s”.  Grrrr!

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La Sombra del Pasado #49 4-24-15 The Stolen Kiss!

We have a brief overlap of the conversation between Adelina and Aldonza.  Aldonza admits that she is not happy but she will be one day, that happiness being contingent on making Sev pay for all his offenses.  The main thrust of the scene is Adelina’s firm rejection of Aldonza’ s suspicion that Cris is as perverse as his parents and her doubting her love for him.  Adelina tells her to trust her heart; it’s one thing that he is their son and raised by them but quite another that he would ever hurt Padre J.  Adelina tells her never to forget that Cris loves her as much as she loves him!

Lic. Serrano wants Reanato’s resignation on his desk NOW!  Serrano shuts down Sylvia and Pato and send them away so he can chew Renato out some more.  Serrano is unmoved by Renato’s accepting responsibility and asking pardon and tells Renato to get his cases in order for his successor:  there are lots of candidates who want an opportunity like he just threw away!

Across town there’s another chewing out going on.  Pru accuses Juana of taking the Humberto’s watch and gives her an ultimatum:  if she doesn’t find it, she is fired!  Hum intervenes and rescues Juanita from Pru’s hypocritical claws.

Ay, Candela is still wearing what she wore the previous night and we find her in her bedroom feverishly praying with a rosary.  Dominga knocks and Cande tearfully bids her to enter, affectionately calling her “Nana.”  Dominga sees Cande is distraught and crying.   Cande pulls Dominga down to the bed where she sits and holds her hand.  Cande cries that Jeronimo can’t die!  Dominga gently reminds Cande that she’s always been strong and she can’t get weak now.  Dominga coos to her that she’ll draw her a nice hot bath, it will help her relax, and leads her to the bathroom.

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Amores con Trampa April 24 2015... the fashion show wrapped in deceptions, dissappointments and appologies. and one villain team mystery solved... i see duos of villains everywhere...

Pancha tries to convince Chabelle that she needs to pull Fel away from Car or she will have to get used to the 'farm channel' scent of the month.
Lo nuevo:
Carmen is showing Fel some of her modeling steps she will use in the catwalk... (eh... pastorela... eh... pasarela).   Carmen is very excited about the modeling stint.  Chabelle asks Fel if he is trading Pancha for Carmen.   She says she can tolerate the Carmonas but she does not want the farmers to join the 'family'
Maria and Facundo in bedroom(they are wearing ALMOST matching plaid pajama pants)... she wants to talk to him about the knitting... he is excited to announce to her they will celebrate their anniversary in a BIG way.  (are we talking elephants or giraffes instead of horses and goats now?)
Next morning the lovebirds are telling the rest of the family about the celebration plans. Mother Galla warns them they have to hide all the valuables for the celebration so none of them dissappear.  El Gallo wants everyone to know what a great perfect wife he has.
nighttime... at Velascos, Chabelle is getting ready (quite ellegant outfit/jewelry) for the fashion show.  Santi asks if tonight will be THAT special.  why spend so much on HER outfit?  She argues she feels useful and valuable for the first time in a long time. SHe does not think his presence would add much. He is happy to hear that, more time to spend with his Steffffi.
Maria and Carmen are getting dressed. Susana and Margarito (the pig) come in. the others ask her not to tell on them.
Maria and Carmen get to go out, Facundo only ranted a little about the length of Carmen's skirt.
Meanwhle Steffffiiii is with Estevan... they are toasting to deceiving Santi and the farmer and will end up with all the farmer's money... jajajajaja...
Maria and Carmen have made it to the dressing area of the fashion show.  The designer is there to help Carmen get ready.   He yells at all the makeup/stylists just lke a good designer would. He has a surprise. The last model is none other than... the white rabit!... nah... Wendy Thomas!... nah... none other than PANCHA!!!! Carmen not a happy camper, rather she looks like someone just took her ice cream away. To add insult to injury Fel came in with Pancha.
Santi finds Steffi's door locked. Estevan is hiding behind a plant while Steffi is tryng to calm down Santi who is miffed at finding the door locked.
Chabelle is working the next step of her plan... she tells El Gallo that his wife lied to him, she deceived him and never stopped working on the shawls. she is now at the fashion show.  El Gallo looks like he just saw his favorite hen  necking with the Gallo from three hen houses down.

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Weekend Discussion: Misogyny and Sexism Need an Executioner

I'm in step with those who are watching Amores Con Trampa but still catching up to La Sombra del Pasado (cap 25) and Que Te Perdone Dios (cap 34), but the sexism is getting to me.  I totally get that rural environments are often more sexist than urban ones and what's going on in ACT makes a certain amount of sense.  However in the 21st century are the other two even close to reality anymore?

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Que Te Perdone Dios #68 - Max Bites the Bullet, and Abi Gets Re-Engaged to Uncle Diego

Refrito: Simona walked home after over two months in jail. I would have expected her to look thinner after so long on jail food, but she seems healthy. She laments her ruined reputation to Barragan, who assures her she still has a friend in him. She asks, “What good is it to be honest your whole life if you can lose it in an instant by people telling lies about you?” She conveniently forgets that she has lied, and lied to cover up her lies. But hers was for a good reason, not like other liars.

Replay the meeting of Diana and Toño. She asks Julio, “What are you doing with this character from the market?” which makes it sound like he’s the guy dressed in the chicken suit. Julio: “He’s my son.”

New: Violeta shows up at Simona’s house. This part is a little confusing, because she knocks even though she’s been living there alone for the last two months, unless unbeknownst to us she reconciled with her bag-of-wind hubby Marcelino. She apologizes for not giving Simona a ride home. It does seem like the least she could have done. Violeta says she lost the campaign. Simona tries to be positive, but Violeta knows. Then Simona takes the blame, but Violeta won’t have it. It’s the people who told the lies about Sim murdering Mia that lost them the election. Simona: “The sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar.”

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #175 Mob Wife...Sophia is Engaged!

I don't have cable.  The signal came in and out during the last 12 minutes of the show.  Please fill in what I didn't see.

Now where was I before I was so rudely interrupted by Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?

Ripoll:  Peralta suggests that Sophia read the contract.  Sophia says that she trusts him and signs the company away, I'm certain.  Afterwards, Peralta asks her out for dinner.  As they are leaving, Dani rushes in and thanks Peralta for putting up the ransom.  Without it, she would've be in the Christian's unwilling bride.  Dani leaves and Chava barges in.  He begs for five minutes of Sophia's time.  Peralta tells Chava he and Sophia have dinner reservations and he will definitely be trying to get in Sophia's pants.  Chava becomes all enraged in stuff.  He begs Sophia not to put that seducution visualization into his brain or ours.

Cruz Residence-Kitchen:   Marisol is all pissed at Chava for literally c*ck blockin' Patrick!  Chava asked Dani not to allow her to work late.  Lupe tells Marisol that she agrees with Chava.  It's dangerous for a chick to work alone at night.  Araceli who is present tells Lupe and Marisol that she can't wait until Chava accepts her as part of the family.
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La Sombra del Pasado #48 - Thu 4/23 - A lot of waiting

Aldonza is in shock.  Padre J just left the house!  She starts getting her shoes on and grabbing her coat and purse while she tells Cris they're on their way.

Pru succumbs to the temptation of her pretty phone…will she call Tomas, a.k.a. Papi Chulo?

Silvia goes somewhere that's not her house, but that's ok, Lardo has his new BFF the skeevy cab driver to hang out with him and wait for her to leave again.  Thanks, Skeevy Cab Driver!

Silvia is at Renato's house, telling his dad that Renato is close to losing his job because of his trips to Santa Lucia.  If he doesn't come into the office tomorrow….

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Que Te Perdone Dios #67: Pity Party for One?

Cap 67

Abigail races over to the Montero place to help Toño through his drunken sob-fest.

Abi learns Tony's pissed cuz he’s pissed to have learned that Simona lied to him all his life about not really being his mother.  How would she feel if she found out the same?  Abi frowns big-time.  It doesn’t look very good for Renata’s Tale of Truth.

Meanwhile, the cops do an end run around Julian-lio to bring him to Com. Barragan’s office for a sit-down.  Comandante explains that there’s no proof Simona killed Mia.  She’s about to be let free unless El Lio de Juli or his “sister,” Diana have some other complaint.

Macaria and Fausto get into a game of chicken over whose threat is greater re: Who Shot J.R.—er…Pablo.    He takes out The Gun from his office safe as she watches closely, wipes the barrel off, just in case after all these years there might still be a print or two of his, and then calls Barragan’s office to have him come over with information leading to the case.  Rotten shame, he says, if you serve a life sentence for the murder of a man I killed!  Just as Barragan arrives, the argument subsides as Feisty has won this battle of wits with Mac also.  It's Jaque-mate.  Checkmate! Vicenta is told through the closed office door to send Barragan home due to a “cancelled appointment.”

Abi returns home and explains to Ren about Tony and his predicament.  No way she’d ever forgive anyone telling her that the woman who raised her wasn’t really her mother.  Of course, she adds, it would be just another lie of many around there for her.

Ren visits Simona in jail to pay her respects and empathize with her over the rotten way Tony has rejected her.  She returns home and promptly loses her courage over coming clean with Abi about being her real mother.  She   remembers Mac’s snide threats from earlier, Abi’s declaration and feels totally helpless.

[This is where I fell asleep!  Feel free to add what I left out at the end here.--ed.]


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4/22 Tue #174 Hasta el Fin del Mundo – Calling Patricio a Rata con Dos Patas is an insult to Ratas

Empressa Ripoll
Patricieeeeewwww continues seducing Marisol.  In his mind, he’s just demonstrating what sexual harassment in the workplace looks like.

Meanwhile at Casa Chava, Chava finally takes notice that Marisol’s running a little late and decides to call her cellphone and it goes straight to voicemail.  He decides to go check on her.  Lupe is so proud of her son, watching over his sister as though he were actually her father.  Actually Lupe, it’s just that since he’s no longer joined at the hip to his güerita, he has nothing else to do.   Luckily for Marisol, he’d do anything to get away from Aracely.

Highrise Cantina
Irais and Matias are having a good time and she’s had a bit too much.  Jughead insists on drinking a toast to “impossible loves.”  Irais insists on getting the check before it gets too expensive, blah blah blah.  He agrees to take her to her depa and maybe continue the party there.

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Amores con trampa 4/22/15 and 4/23/15 #18 and #19

Look for Jarifa's recap in the comments!



La Sombra del Pasado #47 4/22/15

Bullets! They are from memory, woefully out of order and short on detail. I'll come back in the morning and really recap.
  • Simoneta visits Lola at the shop. Dominga shows up, too. Sim tries to introduce herself, but Dom refuses to shake her hand. Sim leaves and Dominga goes after her, almost knocking Aldonza down. 
  • The senior partner grills Silvia. Did she know Renato was in SL? She says she only thought he was helping a friend. Abelardo(Lardo) pipes up that Renato is filing lawsuits outside of the lawfirm. Senior partner instructs Silvia to get in touch with Renato and tell him to call them. Senior partner also wants her to get Lardo's contact info. Lardo apologizes for causing problems. Silvia calls Renato and tells him to call the senior partner. They are in deep caca. Lardo eavesdrops at the door.
  • Dominga chases down Sim in the street. She wants to know what Sim wants with her granddaughter. Sim just wants to get to know her. Dominga asks Sim what will Lola think when she finds out her mother abandoned her.  Sim doesn't think Dominga has a right to say anything. Dominga let Lola believe her mother was dead! Now Sim just wants to get to know her daughter.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 66 - Recap Part 1

This episode was quite action packed i must say! . Some scenes were merged out of context.

Here are some of the major plot-points that happened last night:

Ren finally encounters with Mac and Mac at first begged for mercy after she received the Slap of Doom and Gloom from the glorious  Ren but much later she flips a 360° showing her true evil, nasty side after Ren revealed she knew all the dirty truth , even wanting to injure Ren.  Ren wants her to leave the hacienda forever  but Mac threatens to tell Ab's the truth but Ren threatens if that happens , she'll make French Fries of Mac ! . Mac leaves Ren utterly destroyed ( She promised that she shall  make Ab's beg to come at  her side when she learns of Ren's filthy pecado since she never cared for her as much as Mac cared for her.)  . 
Mac will toy with Ren as she pleases because she can also transform her life in hellfire!  Ren's only solution ATM is for her to stay otherwise when Ab's learns the truth it will be Ab's who will never want to hear her voice again!

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La Sombra del Pasado, 04-21-2015, Capitulo 46, Aldie's stepped in it, but everyone's shoes are covered OR Sh*t hits the fan and all the good guys are splattered

Recap courtesy of HellaShelle!

Hey guys. I’m a little scattered this week, so I apologize if I forgot anything.

Re-re-cap-cap: Lola runs off, Eman calls after her, Pato tells him to back off. Sim/Viv runs into Lola, offers some generic comfort and invites her to dinner. Hum tells Sev he’s back on Team Sevil.

New Stuff: Hum tells Sev that PJ is on the Case of the Missing Love Child which worries Hum because he actually has an actual conscience that actually bothers him sometimes. Sev, in addition to an arm and heart, is missing that too, so he’s not worried; PJ can’t prove anything.

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Que Te Perdone Dios #65 on Monday, April 20th, 2015. (A/N = Author's Note.)

Disclaimer: I might have taken forever and a day with this but it's here. I hope you guys enjoy it while we await Tuesday's re-cap.
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4/21/15 TUE #173 Hasta el Fin del Mundo – Huracán Irma hits el D.F.

Don Peralta’s Office
Geronimo is worried Silvana will rat out Patricio and him to the authorities.  She’s a loose cannon.  She swears she’d never do that.  She pledges her allegiance to him and asks him to allow her to return.  Welllll, Gerry’s not so sure about that.  She and her brother have caused him an awful lot of headaches lately.  Silvana, feeling his hands closing around her throat pleads for mercy and asks for the honor of working for him.  She’d do whatever he asks.  Well, ok, he’s gonna allow her to return.  Silvana just about bows and scrapes, thanking him profusely.  For her first assignment, he wants her to speak with Cristian and warn him her life is in danger if he talks.

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #172 4/20/15 Is This the End for Silvana?

I'm kind of tired tonight so this will be a quick and dirty recap. Let's get to it!

Monday's Episode:

Dani wants to think about something other than her harrowing experience with Iker. She tells Lucas that she is going to work and that she will see him there. They make out in the kitchen while their annoying theme song plays in the background.

Lupe', Marisol and Matias gang up on Chava to let the perpetually sobbing Araceli stay at the house. Chava finally agrees to let her stay and says that while he will support her and the baby, he has no intention of marrying her. Ever. Never, never, never. Ever. End of story. Finito.

The Ripolls gather in Sofia's bedroom to talk about Dani's ordeal over morning coffee. Dani tells them that psycho Iker didn't want money, he wanted her! He was obsessed with Dani and hired thugs to kill Lucas - but the reason he came to the Ripoll house in the first place was to kill Greta!

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La Sombra Del Pasado #45 04/20/2015 Discussion page

Work is driving me C-R-A-Z-Y, I'll be back with a short recap in the morning!

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Amores con trampa 4/20-4/21 La Fiesta and its aftermath

It was a full episode tonight with a decidedly dramatic turn toward the end, but Margarito!

Right to the new
Santiago(Santi) goes to Estefany's house. At least he thinks it's her house. That's where he dropped her off last time. The voice at the other end of the speaker box informs him that there is no Estefany there. Try the house next door. Santi is confused.

In the office, Santi whines to Esteban. He went to Estefany's "house"...or at least he thought it was her house-that's where he dropped her off last time. Esteban tries to tell him "I told you so." Not only did they tell Santi that Estefany didn't live there, they ran him off. HIM! Santi wonders why Estefany should do such a thing. He thought they had a good relationship. Esteban questions "relationship" so Santi concedes that "connection" might be the better word. Esteban tells him to talk to Estefany, but Santi tells him she won't answer her cell (the cell SANTI pays for.) Santi panics. What if she went to Africa? Esteban is sure Santi will find out and come running to tell him. Santi starts to complain that all women are the same-dishonest liars. Luckily, his Puchis is different! Esteban looks at him funny and Santi backtracks and explains that if he's playing this game with Estefany it's because Puchis practically pushed him to to it.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: DUEÑOS DEL PARAÍSO (ending Monday), El SEÑOR DE LOS CIELOS 3 (starting Tuesday), TIERRA DE REYES, AVENIDA BRASIL, etc – week of April 20, 2015

It's a transitional week here on Telemundo as the Dueños finish up tonight (Monday) and then cede their place to El Señor at 10pm/9C, the dedicated NarcoHour tomorrow night (Tuesday).

NOTE: The premiere of El Señor de los Cielos will start an hour earlier tomorrow, April 21 and run for 2 hours, from 9-11pm/8-10C.  Tierra will not be shown on Tuesday, but will resume on Wednesday when El Señor will be in its usual one-hour slot.

Avenida Brasil and Tierra de Reyes continue apace.

Have fun, guys!


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Quiero Amarte (Week 31-Apr 20) Highlights & Discussion

THE CHIAPAS WEEKLY NEWS - Online Edition for Select Subscribers
Don Mauro Montesinos, head of the Montesinos family, chairman and majority shareholder of the Nescafé-Mexico empire and owner of vast coffee lands in Chiapas, has been missing and presumed dead for many weeks. Most of his family members cannot believe he is dead. In breaking news it seems a Dr. Marco Antonio Linares, newly arrived head of the Chiapas medical clinic, has been instrumental in identifying him as being alive (and to his own surprise, identifying him also as his father). Don Mauro is in serious but not critical condition upon being rescued. He is alive thanks to two individuals who prefer to remain anonymous. Family members had gathered in the Montesinos Mansion in Mexico City, expecting a family reunion that never took place. They have yet to be informed of Mauro’s recovery and status. This story has not been officially confirmed, but sources close to the scene have indicated it is credible. More news on the family’s reaction as it comes in to News Central.

Iván Fonseca, recently married to the lovely Mariana Valdez and having of late recovered his lost memory, has volunteered to be a super hero and single-handedly deal fatal blows (figuratively speaking, of course) to the evil, scheming Ulises Arteaga and the dangerously obsessed and mentally unbalanced Cecilia Cortez (aka Cecy), owner of the WUN finca, La Tormenta. Ulises, recent heir to the finca El Deseo has been identified as engaging in some dirty coffee business dealings. He has now abandoned the property to evade capture after kidnapping and sequestering Mariana twice, nearly whisking her out of the country using fake passports (which he had to have replaced). He is on the run, thought to be heading for Cecy’s finca. Cecy was given parole for her participation in deceiving Iván into believing he had no wife, no family and preventing him from being reunited with his loved ones. She pretended to be crazy (which of course she really is) to “pass” her psychiatric exam and is now back home at her finca, plotting new ways to separate Mariana from Iván, the object of her obsession. More news on Iván’s heroics as it comes in to News Central.

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Que Te Perdone Dios#64: Crazy Connie Is The Only Sane One Around?

What is wrong with my screen?  Have the aliens suddenly taken control of my set?  Am I having another J.R.’s-really-alive-in-the-shower moment in time?  Something has really got to be wrong when the only sane person in this telenovela turns out to be Crazy Connie!   (Maybe I need a Meliton cocktail or two myself…..)  

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