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La Malquerida #19: 9/18/14: The Honeymoon Commences What Happens?

Hola Amiguis! So the honeymoon has commenced so what happened? And what is happening at the Hacienda while the happy couple is away? What machinations are taking place there? Read here and find out. Here is an earworm. Aba Dabba Honeymoon

Shall we begin?

Cris and Este are about to go. Cris is happy that Uli is going to be alrght. Acacia is in charge of the Hacienda while Cris and Este are gone, sort of a trial by fire, and to rely on Rubio, oh, noes!

My eyes, my eyes! It's Manuel and Luisa and it looks like they are in the garage. Manuel's shirt is unbuttoned and it looks like Maybe so are the first two buttons of Luisa's dress, don't look Gringo! Rubio catches Luisa in time before she does somthing really foolish and tells her Rosa is looking for her and Este comes just in in time and tells Manuel he's gotta go! Rubio is tasked with putting the suitcases in the car.

Art and Rosa are in the kitchen when Luisa comes in and Rubio sees the way that Art is looking at Luisa. He isn't pleased. He loudly says he'll tell Rosa about Luis's kiss with Manuel and Rosa has a cow. Rubio is very happy to give Rosa the chisme.

Juan Carlos and Elena wish Este a great honeymoon. Ulie even comes to speak to Este and Este reminds him that Acacia will not be alone there. Cris is ready to get going.

Ale and German and he's comforting her. Ale says she's okay, really. She thanks him for taking care of her and German goes, Ale cries.

                                           Such a good guy. I want Ale to tell him so that he can protect her from Swine.
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La Gata #14- Thu 9/18 - La Mentira

Lorenza doesn't believe that Gata and Pablo got married.  She tears up the marriage certificate and says she doesn't believe a word.  Her precious son would never stoop so low, and no way is she having his baby.  She tells Gata to forget about Pablo, because he's going to marry Monica.  After more griping she dismisses Gata and storms back inside to scream at the nosy maid to never open the door to Gata ever again.  She wants her out of their lives…"Fueraaaaaaaaaa!" (out!).

Jarocha finds Gata on a hill of trash.  Gata tells her it's over, but at least she has her baby.  Fela joins them as Gata's saying she won't leave her baby with someone like Rita.  Gata tells Fela she'll probably go crazy like her soon.  Won't that be fun.  Fela thinks their two babies will be like siblings.  Jarocha drags Gata off, telling her to chill.

Gata cries in Jarocha's shack about how badly they treated her and how she'll never forgive them.  She says the baby is her only joy, a baby that's entirely hers, and someone who will call her "mom" and always be with her.  It's all she'll ever had in her life and no one will be able to take this baby away from her.  Um…talk to Fela about that sometime.

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La Malquerida #18: 9/17/14: The Vows Were Paused, Were They Restarted? Enquiring Minds Want to Know!

Hola Amiguis! I was laying on my chaise, taking notes and got to the part where the wedding photos are being taken, and the shame of it is I fell asleep. I am so sorry amiguis! If one of Y'all would fill in what I missed I will add it to the recap. Lo siento, and I will make sure to stay awake for tonight's episode. Here is an earworm.I've Got My Mind Set On You

Shall we begin?

Everyone is gathered at the Church. Cris arrives on the arm of Juan Carlos. Este isn't there yet.

German and Ale arrive and German introduces her to the priest, as his novia, and oh, noes, this is the same priest she asked for Santuary, and both are quite surprised. He won't say anything.

Perls and Swine, and unfortunately Swine is now awake. Perls tells him to close his eyes and when he looks he has a cow. Perls is in a red dress with fake Perls and she looks way tacky. Oh, the horror. Perls thought she looked fab and now she is a bit peeved. Swine makes her look in the mirror to get a look at herself and she cries and goes.

Cris is very worried about Este not being there, because he could have had an accident on the way to the wedding. Este finally comes and they smile at each other.

Juan Carlos walks Cris up the aisle. Carmen and Andres have also arrived and gone into the Church. The ceremony begins , the priest starts the vows and Este is staring at Acacia. When the priest asks Este does he take this woman to be his wife, not. a. word! The priest has to repeat himself and Cris tries to get his attention. Everyone just stares at him and he finally comes to himself and he acceptos! Wew, for a moment there it was getting mighty tense. They are pronounced man and wife, besos and go out of the Church. They are gentley pelted with flower petals and everyone calls for besos. Acacia has one strange look on her face.

Now it's time for photos and that's all I saw. 

Here is the rest of the recap, provided by our Vivi:

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La Gata #13 - Wed 9/17 - La Novia

Of course, Augie doesn't believe for a second that his fine, upstanding son knocked up that piece of gutter trash.  Clearly, all the riff-raff have conspired against him!  Damian beats the snot out of Augie for daring to suggest that Esmeralda has been anything but a victim in this.  No, seriously, Damian's fists made violent contact with Augie's face and other parts.  Repeatedly.  I feel conflicted, 'cause Augie is evil, but he's still an older dude.  And also, Damian was going for a law degree, so he can probably kiss that goodbye.

Lorenza is sending Virginia to Italy with "Tia" Eugenia (Monica's mom).

Centavito tells Esme (who's holding Principe!  Drink!) that he heard from Virginia that Pablo's missing her something awful.  Centavito says Pablo's parents have been trying to keep them apart.  As he asks about her illness, Mariano arrives.

Suddenly, Augie has guards…and they come in and hold Damian while Augie punches him and then points a gun at him.  Damian calls his bluff and tells him to go ahead, call the cops, 'cause he's got plenty to say.  Augie threatens to have him thrown in prison and calls the cops to tell them to send someone over.  Damnit.  There goes his law degree.

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Mi Corazón es Tuyo #43, Wednesday September 17, The Hit Parade.

I guess there are two helpings of recap tonight...and you didn't even have to bellow for the mesero to bring them!

Picking up where we left off ish, Diego of course forgives Ana for yelling at him. He understands why she doesn’t want him meddling. Huggy hugs. Strangly hugs.

Meanwhile, over at the garage, Jennys is familiarizing herself with the workings of a car whilst Johnny is familiarizing his hormones with Jen’s face. She cottons just in time to spare herself any familiarity with his saliva. QTH?! They are just friends! But she said he should find another chava, he says. She meant someone ELSE!

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Mi corazon es tuyo #43... the slap heard 'round the world... and Leon finally 'suelta la sopa' to Fanny... and we get the typical reaction from Fanny and her rigid dad... (act before thinking)

I am not sure if Julia will do a recap. if she does i can erase this one...

Fernando with the 5 younger kids… group hug…

Lo Nuevo: Ana apologizing to Diego, with excuse she is a ‘poquis’ (tiny bit) stressed with the debt… he admits there are things he should not intervene on… will do (not). Diego takes a bit payback in the end of the scene by hugging her … HARD.

At mechanic shop, Johnny and Jenn are in a car, he gets a bit eye-googly at her, even calls her a ‘taco’. He tells her it was not until now he sees her as a woman. She is like ‘my space… your space’. He claims she was the one that told him to look at other women. She says ‘but I did not mean ME!!’

At mansion, Ana and Luz choose a picture (can Ana make a dress by just looking at a picture? That is usually a skill only expert seamstresses can have) and begin working on the dress for Alicia.

Leon calls Fanny, she hesitates a lot but in the end agrees to see him somewhere not at his house. It is really important. He is really pensive, probably anticipating the break-up.

At club, Johnny again leans on Jen, she repeats she did not mean herself when she asked him to look at others… then Dana comes by and Jenn says ‘just look around you’. He turns around and Dana is right beside him.

Manuela confesses to Bruno that she followed him, he is very entertained by her saying the guy he was with looked like a thug. She admits she worries about him… again he is very happy/entertained by all of it. Manuela says Ana told her that Bruno might have to pay someone… Bruno says ‘curiosity killed the cat. Would you believe that I, Bruno, would do something fishy? Don’t you trust me?’

At her bedroom, Isa is running out of patience. YoMama, the voice of her reason this time, says you better get a fuse longer than 3 days…

Fernando still helping Sebas and talks to him about Pi being a decimal that never ends… as infinite as the love I feel for you. (Ana has heard this and is very happy to see them so good together). Fernando goes on to explain decimals to Sebas. Sebas seems to be very grateful and loving as well.

Isa runs into Ana in hallway and provokes her saying she is an incompetent ‘na-ka’… don’t understand why he keeps you … ‘I wonder why’ replies Ana… Isa insists demanding Ana to look up to her. When Ana tries to walk away Isa grabs her arm hard and keeps on provoking Ana until Ana swings a ‘tronada’ slap on Isa’s cheek. Isa freezes, so does Ana.

Ana tries to apologize, isa just tells her ‘you just committed the worst mistake of your life’. After Isa leaves, Fanny comes over to a very anxious Ana who thinks now she will be fired for sure. Fanny agrees with her that slapping Isa went over the line. Ana gets Fanny to swing her arms with ‘cancel! Cancel! Cancel!’ and praying for her sake. Ana tells Fanny Fernando is helping Sebas with homework. Fanny happy her dad is fulfilling his promises he made to her. Fanny wants to talk to her dad about Leon. Ana wants to know what Fanny knows. Fanny is afraid what Leon has to tell her is really bad. Otherwise, why the secrecy?
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo Recap #23

Greta is on the phone with Dani's principal and is wigging out as usual. Fausto comes in and consoles her as she laments about Patricio and her current woes.

Sofia asks why Chava hasn't gotten married and he says something but is interrupted by Pato who is now on the phone with Sofia and he appears to be genuinely considerate until Sofia mentions Chava is with her and the harp that was his heart is ripped at the strings. (It's funny that Chava is in the background cleaning while she is talking.)

Pato is being an ass and Silvie tells him to cool his jets; she thought was better than this.

Chava has set up the fireplace and he says he thinks it's weird seeing Sofia in the kitchen cleaning and not in the Ripollery giving orders. Sofia says she knows more than giving orders they bond some more. He thinks he is distracting her but he isn't; she sits him down and they drink a te de francia.

Silvie notes Greta is a woman who knows what she's doing; Paot better watch out. He admits Silvie is right and he must be pro-active. Silvie says it's good he hasn't lost Sofia. Pato and her plot some more when he says he is ready to fake it up and win Greta the bad ol' way.

Chava says Sofia would be a good racecar driver and some talk leads to Chava suggesting that she learns to drive. She doesn't see it but he says life is like driving a car and if she learns to do so, she will have a better hold on her life. She agrees and they bond over driving real soon; she is nervous about being in the driver's seat but Chava reassures her she will be fine and instructs her hands-on how to move the stick. They're driving!

Paco gets off the bus and starts bitches about Irma having left the shoppe closedand here comes Lupe in an interesting printed dress to talk to Paco; she has come for cookies that Marisol loves but Irma put the locks on wrong! They work together and open the store. Lupe is about to leave but Paco opens his heart, closes the shoppe again and invites her to his house to chat over coffee.

Sofia is having a blast driving!

Irma and Alexa haunt and roam along the TV screen and Armie's mind while Alexa (clad in Alfred Htichcock-esque Birds ensemble) herself is lamenting to Fausto about Arm. He as usual is the voice of reason and says Armie is just doing his job. Fausto hears a ringing of the doorbell and it's none other than the one and only Alan Duncan! He is very hasty in speech and Fausto side-comments about him (I don't blame him.)

Armie is doing a silly dance which reminds me of a chicken when Fausto comes in and asks him what he is doing; Armie says his situation is Alexa because she will ask for something and he will respond to her. but it will never be the right way. Armie is about to quit when Fausto tells him not to since he is needed there.

Paco and Lupe talk at home as do Fausto and Greta (he interrupts her art'n'music'n'scrapbook time but has hesitations at first) in similar formats. (There is mentioning of Paco's daughter who is a lawyer BTW and we see Paco getting passionate about who deserves Lupe and who doesn't. Also Greta has a flashback about having a sad.)

Alan wastes no time in giving ViewerVille a reason to hate him as he flamboyantly yanks and screeches in and on Alexa's hair/ear due to financial BS when Armie comes in and gives him a good punching. Alexa spits out that Alan is her BF and Armie looks devastated.

Paot has a bad-ass moment with shades like Magnum PI and logically-present background music while Chava and Sofia bond automovilistically. She loves driving now! Pato sees Sofi's car and cusses out Chava. Sweet Chofia Jubilee when Pato's car thrusts almost into their car and he comes out to scold the Chofia we know and love. Just pure confrontation. BTW the car is stuck in the mud.

More Lupe/Paco sweetening which I have come to love (he actually says good things about her unlike nasty things he says in general :)  Just as she is leaving he suggests for her to try and talk with Marisol since he knows what it's like to lose something precious.

Fausto lets Greta know about Alan being over.

Lupe is going know and the 2 thank each other but Paco remains crying.

Alexa asks what gives Armie the right to punch guests of the house? (Well he was hurting you Lexi.) Armie and Alan fend off their insults.

Chava and Pato (well just Pato) humorously attempt to get the car out of the mud and it results in Pato covered in well you know.

Avances from Mexico- Armie is about to call it quits when Alexa tells him to stay.
Cuco and Chava talk about him returning to racing and Sofia.
SHIRTLESS PATO makes out with Sofia (Squeals)



La Malquerida #17: 9/16/14: Going To The Chapel, and They're Gonna Get Married

Hola Amiguis. This recap will be short and sweet. Not a lot of convos but lots of getting ready for the wedding and lots of staring, by you know who! Here is an earworm.Going To The Chapel Of Love

Shall we begin?

Ale and German go to the restaurant where his paintings are displayed. Acacia and Ulises join them. Acacia says when they go back for Ale to talk to her Mom Cris, she promises Cris will help her. Ale isn't so sure.

Ale, Cris and Acacia are back at the hacienda. Ale says German is such a great guy. Now Cris wants to know about Ale's life. At first Ale is very hesitant, but Cris is quick and smart and says this guy raped you didn't he? Cris wants her to go the police and report him, but Ale is too afraid still. Cris also suggests that Ale go into therapy, but Ale says the only therapy she needs is German, poor girl!

                                           Ale just go for the Therapy, You really need it to stop being afraid.

Cris and Esteban kiss and Acacia has to look away.

Luisa is doing better at school and seems she's made some friends.
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #22 20140916 The Pretty People Plot and The Dumb People Take a Vacation


Alexa helps to defile the impeccable reputation her family by striking suggestive poses on every surface of the chocolate factory. 

Sophia is sobbing in her office and asks Chava to take her far away from there.  He offers to take her to the end of the world.  Well, she doesn’t want to go that far away.  She simply wants to go to her family’s country house on the outskirts of town.    Sophia sends Chava for the car and his apron.  He stops at the door to watch her cry.  Her engagement ring sparkles in the office lights.  I hate her

In another part of the building, the soft-porn duo (Patrick and Silvanna) are busy plotting the demise of the chocolate empire.  Silvanna pops a tudie and leaves because Patrick won’t share his evil plans with her.  Once he’s alone, Patrick reads the results of the DNA test.  Coria was not related to Sofia.
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La Gata # 12 – Tue. 9-16-14 – Augie and Rita: a Partnership Specializing in Making Bad Situations Worse

[ed note: tonight's recap comes to us courtesy of La Paloma!]

Next Time, Try Hiring Professionals

The paid thugs break into Rita’s shack and wrestle La Gata, bragging “We’re getting paid a lot!” She begs to know who sent them and continues fighting.  A quick flash of Augustin shows him smugly claiming no sacrifice is too great for your child.  The kidnappers push the Gata blanket-burrito into their car, but find Damian standing in their way.

As the getaway cars weaves through the dump, Damian whistles for his buddies. They jump into the cart and cut the car off at the pass.  The camera cuts away again, this time picturing our pure Pablo strolling the campus, talking to buddy Henry and two attractive co-eds.  They think it’s time for a little fun.  Back at the dump, the trash warriors take a stand in front of the car. They open the trunk, lifting out Esme, removing her gag, and telling her to calm down while the thugs escape.

Augustin reams out his hirelings for their failure.  Lorenza overhears and asks Augustin what he ordered? Better for it to stay unknown, he replies.  Damian, Carlos, and the gang share their pride in being a family and protecting one another.

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Mi Corazon es Tuyo #42 16 Sep 2014... Fernando finds his parent cap but is still missing his spine and 'co$)#*$&es'


Jenn and Johnny, she suggests he finally get over Ana (she is now seized by Don Fernando’s brother, and he is good eye candy, besides very nice and polite to her) and find a gal who will make him happy.

At club:

Diego goes to the Chicago and asks Ino-Doro how much Ana owes him. Ino-Doro learns Diego is Fernando’s brother. Ino-Doro says Ana is my golden egg hen, when she dances the Chicago gets packed full, and I ain’t letting her go. Diego realizes and tells Ino-Doro in his face that he is exploiting Ana. Ino-Doro just calls on his guys to get a bit closer into Diego’s space. Diego says better call them off me… Ino-Doro warns Diego to behave … for Ana’s sake. (ouch!)

Jenn tells Johnny he is not ugly (Feo)… he is just … different. Jenny jokes to Johnny about seemingly having issues with Ana having told him he can stay there. Jen says she will interview for a job at a car shop later, a guy friend of Nico’s. Johnny says no way. Jen says thanks to all you taught me. Maybe he can hire you too. Jen would convince Nico to put in a good word for him…. Paid with kisses, of course.

And we finally get Enrique Basurto on screen. He calls Fanny ‘little girl’. She is a bit abnoxious to him, to tell you the truth. Turns out Enrique and Betty know each other and she seems to have a crush on him. He is also glad to see her again. Fanny tells Fernando on phone that EB is there, she tells EB Fer is ready for him. EB walks in. Fanny tells Betty EB is ‘super –what comes after W… meaning X’.

At the mansion, Ana receives a very nice arrangement of roses (orange, fuscia and pink, with small lilies). Of course they are from Diego. The delivery guy tries to make a pass at Ana and she basically shuts the door on his rear end.

‘I could say you are the most beautiful woman… but I would have to skip over all the rest of your qualities… great personality, generosity, patience and smarts… so many virtues would not fit in this card. All my love, Diego.’

She smiles staring at them once she puts them on top of the piano.

At Costena offices, Fernando (btw, he is the President) is yelling at someone doing a report for him. He has to apologize to EB as EB walked in. Fer says Isa was working at the VP role and she recommended him. His resume is excellent and fits the needs of this business. Fer says he demands commitment to the job. EB makes the mistake to say the receptionist, Fanny, is not really efficient. EB says the girl is also a bit inexperienced and insolent/petulant. Fer laughs it off and then says ‘she is my daughter!’ we hear EB grumble to himself ‘swallow me, ground’ (tragame tierra is a very common phrase in Spanish to mean they would like to be transported anywhere BUT there… sort of the ‘wanna get away?’ slang). Betty tells Fanny she does not want Fernando to know she knows EB, so she sends Fanny with the coffees.

At Leon’s apt, Tamara finds a copy of their marriage certificate. She asks herself ‘what face will Fanny put when she sees our marriage certificate?’
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #21 9/16/14 Pre-Nup? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Pre-Nup!

Hello Everybody! A TV station in North Carolina tweeted out this picture of the evening sky last Thursday. What do you see? Pretty awesome, right?
God Bless America!
On to the recap!
From Friday:
Miguelina tells Sofia and Chava about Lucas. Sofia wants to talk to him.
Silvana and Pato lock the office door for a bit of 'private consulting'.
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La Gata #11 - Mon 9/15 - La Correspondencia

Please don't go, Pablo!  Well, he's going, and he intends to send Gata money and have her join him in New York.  No worries--his dad will help.  Gata suggests, since there are so many more jobs there, she can just go with him now and start working.  But nooooooo, Pablo and his misguided pride need to do it on his own.  What about staying and letting Gata provide for him?  Pablo and his misguided pride need to do it on his own.

Carrrrlos comes looking for Virginia and thankfully, when she pulls up in front of the house, she's alone!

Gata cries in Fela's lap about Pablo leaving.  Fela is sure he's never coming back, 'cause that's what dudes do.  They say they'll come back, but they just leave you lonely and it drives you crazy.  She flashes back to sitting with Silencioso, sans beard, in the living room of Casa Negrete, which was far less decorated than it is now, with the baby, and having Silencioso dragged out.  Fela thinks it's better to be crazy and take her baby doll out for a walk.  Well, sure, when reality sucks this bad…screw it!

The chauffeur is a little worried about leaving Virginia alone with Carrrrrlos, but he has more loyalty to her and Pablo than he does to Lorenza, so he has no problem leaving her for five minutes while he drives the car around the block.  Carrrrrrrlos couldn't wait to see her again--harpy of a mother be damned!  Virginia just beams.

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La Malquerida, capitulo 16. 09/15/14.

Skipping the old and right into the new....

Luisa comes in asking what that man is doing in her kitchen and to her soup. Acacia and Ulises walk in wondering what all the yelling is about. Ulises introduces Arturo to Luisa and she stops her yapping. They leave and Rosa wants to know what is up with her.

Dr. Andres has invited Carmen to lunch. She wants to keep it professional but he says he's to old to be running after her. He straight up wants something more. She agrees.

Lunch is finishing and Luisa comes in to take the plates away and does it noisily and rudely. Cris goes after her and says Acacia told her she had a incident with her classmates. Next time come to her. It is her responsibility to watch out for her. You know how much I care for you and think of you as a member of the family. Please have confidence in me. Luisa doesn't want her grandmother to find out what happened. Cris tells her to have more confidence in her grandmother. Esteban walks in and says they have to go. They are going to take care of some wedding stuff. Ulises, Arturo and Acacia come in and Arturo tells Luisa goodbye. If there is anything she needs help with, to count on him. She thanks him but prefers to go at it alone. Ulises kisses Acacia goodbye. Acacia wants to know why Luisa treated Arturo rudely. Luisa realizes that in order to get ahead she can only count on herself. Except Cris paid for your schooling sweetcheeks. Just pointing that out.
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Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 9/15/14 #41

Capitulo 41: Who Let the Dogs In?

Lascuráin Mansion: Fernando decided to lay down the law to Sebastián, grabbing his arm as he told him they were going to talk in the library. Neither he nor Sebastián nor Alicia noticed this, but Hissabela was gloating the whole time when Fernando played through the second act of “Wait 'till Your Father Gets Home.” The boy was clearly intimidated and Alicia watched in near disbelief. Hissabela finally distracted the girl by suggesting they go upstairs to try on the dress for her quinceñera.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE — El Señor de los Cielos II, En Otra Piel, et cetera, week of September 15, 2014

This is the LAST FULL WEEK of Cielos II and is bound to be full of action and bloodletting.

This is the second to the LAST FULL WEEK of En Otra Piel. Will anything happen?

Watch and comment here.




TELEMUNDO Y MÁS — Reina de Corazones: week of September 15, 2014

Dearly Beloved Reinamaniacs, we are gathered here to discuss our favorite novela loca.  We started off last week kind of slowly in the comment department but revved up at the end. If I think we need an additional comment page on Thurs., I will add it.



Saturday, September 13, 2014


The She-dog Shows Her Fangs

Cap 40

After overhearing Ana’s admission to Fanny that she is attracted to him, Diego sneaks off all smiles, giving himself a mental(?) high-five.  Ana senses that somebody’s overheard her and Fanny’s girly chatter but is too late to catch the culprit.  More slumber party activity ensues.  

The next morning at breakfast, Jennifer tells Dana she’s got to get another job to help pay back the money Ana borrowed from Don Doroteo to pay for her cancer operation and therapy.  She refuses to ask Don Nicolas for the cash, but accepts Dana’s suggestion to at least ask him to help her find a job.  And, of course, Don Nico comes through for her.  He’s got a buddy/client? that’s got a shop fixing luxury cars.  He’ll get the guy to give her a job—as a mechanic????  (More likely as a receptionist, but either way, unless it’s high class hooking, dealing drugs or winning the Irish Sweepstakes, there’s no way in Hell Jens is ever gonna to pay off that kind of loan in this life or the next!)

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #20: 9/12/14: Dinners At the Ripoll House Never Go Well. Greta Tells Sofia What To Do, Or Else, Missy

Hola Amiguis! My computer has a virus, so I had to get a loaner from a friend. Here is an earworm. The Worst That Can Happen Shall we begin?

Our very wonderful Matthias is making the chocolates. He is mixing and stirring and working his tail off and the end relsult? Perfection! The poor guy is so tired he takes a seat and goes to sleep. He has a dream about winning Maestro for best chocoltier in the world. The guard comes and wakes him up and accuses him of being drunk. Matthias says shut your mouth, well, not that, but the alcohol he smells went into that wonderful chocolate bon bons he just made. He goes.

                                                        Isn't he just too lovable?

Sofia and Pato are together and she smoochies him. They are looking at those pics of Alexa. She ends up liking them and now it's on to dinner. Sofia does bring up the fact it's time to find a new Maestro. She hits on the idea that Matthias would be perfect because after all he was the Maestro's disciple. Pato isnt' so sure, and we know why dont' we? No Maestro and Ripoll goes down the tubes. He doesn't want to think about all this right now.
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Weekend Discussion: Taboos

Telenovelas have been breaking a few taboos in recent times and the comments in this blog indicate that people's buttons are being pushed by some of these.  What does it for you?  What would you rather see?

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La Malquerida, capitulo 15. 09/12/14. Love and sexy time are in the air.

We start off with Cris and Esteban declaring their love for each other as they start the dance of love.

German gets onto Manuel for pushing Alejandra into the pond and to leave. German and Ulises go off for towels. Acacia understands that Ale doesn't want to show her scar but she is among friends.

Cris walks out of the bathroom happy as can be. Esteban follows. Cris is happy that their passion for each other is the same as the very first day. He tells her how much he loves to touch her and smell her perfume. He says he loves her more everyday and they start round two.

German and Ale talk about the incident. He calls his brother and idiot again. She doesn't want him to fight with Manuel over what happened. He leans in for a kiss but doesn't get to far as she pulls away. He knows she just wants to be friends but he fell in love with her.

Acacia and Ulises are cuddling in the pond. She tells him that Ale is very private and doesn't like to talk about herself. He says she's not only the best girl but also a good friend. They start smooching. She pulls away and he admits he wants to make love to her.
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Friday, September 12, 2014


La Gata #10 9/12/14 La Separación

I'm going to have to make this short and sweet. My laptop was acting up earlier this week, so I pulled out my old one and now that one is acting up. I just want to get this up and hope the laptop doesn't explode while I'm at it.  I'm really sorry about all the issues I seem to have.
  • Not-so-Ernesto (thanks, Susanlynn!) threatens Albecinia (or whatever her name is.) If she keeps advising Esme on how to avoid his pervy attentions, he's going to send her to the archives. He thinks she's jealous of the young hotties.  
  • Pablo is cute, but dumb. He actually has the nerve to ask Monica to help him convince his parents to let him be with Emse. Bless his heart. Monica refuses.
  • Lorenza continues to try to impose her will on Pablo and calls him a mal hijo. She tells him again it's family or Esme.
  • Esme does indeed get fired after the jealous wife catches not-so-Ernesto making the moves on our feline heroine. Poor thing! She was completely innocent!
  • Pablo and Virginia talk about Esme and Carlos. How did these two end up so nice???
  • Emeralda wants Damian's help in registering for school.
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Hasta El Fin del Mundo #19: 9/11/14: Pato's Mis Planes Continue and Lucas is One Lucky Boy!

Hola Amiguis. Due to a snafu, there was no recap for Wednesday, so I am going to briefly go over important points from that capitulo and then continue on with Thursday's recap. Here's the earworm.Aint No Sunshine.

Shall we begin?


The producer of that Chica Ripoll campaign likes Armie. She wants to know if he has ever modeled, would he like to model, he is flattered but won't. He's married.

The school principal calls the Ripoll House and the maid gives the phone to Greta, who promptly blows a gasket. Dani is not in school, skipped school. Greta yells for Fausto. Seems Chava dropped Dani off, watched her go into the school and then left. So now this is Fausto's fault. He and his freewheeling method of dealing with the girls, but especially Dani. Poor Fausto looks so bereft. Greta calls Dani's cell phone and leaves a voice mail that says come home now or else. Poor Dani is outside the police station crying. When Dani gets home, Greta chews her out and she's grounded and no cell phone or computer. She is confined to her room to study. Dani has just lost all her teen lifelines.

Chava goes to the police station and pays Lucas a visit. Chava pulls out the medallion. Lucas tells him it's his. Seems that his Papa won this medal for boxing. Lucas never knew his Papa, and this is all he has. Chava says how alike they are in many ways. Chava goes to visit the Commandante and finds out that all Lucas needs to be released from the hoosegow is for Sofia to drop the charges. Chava will pass it on to Sofia.

Sofia is going over the Ripoll campaign pictures with Alexa, Pato, and Silvana. Everyone likes them but Sofia, she feels they are a bit riskee so to speak. Now on to Thursday:

                                           Sofia isn't liking these pics.
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Mi corazon es tuyo, #39, Thursday, Sept.11th The worst father in the world prize goes to Fernando Wimp Lascurain

Yesterday we left Ana and Fernando talking on the phone. She asked Diego to call his brother because she wanted to tell him about Sebastian’s problems at school. But before she could start talking about the son, they got into a fight and Ana hung up.
Fer calls back immediately and Ana finally tells him that Sebas is failing 5 of his classes and he’s very rude, so much that she simply can’t control him anymore. Isa overhears part of the conversation and she is furious, of course. Fer asks to talk to Sebas, so Diego takes the phone upstairs to the kid’s bedroom.
Sebas is listening to music on his headphones and refuses to talk to his father. Fer orders him to pick up, but Diego doesn’t think that would be a good idea. Fer doesn’t care about Diego’s advice, what could Diego know about raising kids? (Apparently more than you do, idiot!) He asks his brother to put Ana back on the phone.

In the meantime, downstairs Ana is chatting with Nando, who came home upset because his novia, Ximena, has been around the block. Ana tells him that her past shouldn’t matter to him, that he should think about the future and living a beautiful present together. Then she asks him to close his eyes and try to picture what he sees in his heart when he thinks of Ximena. Well, all he sees is her, because he loves her so much.

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La Malquerida #14: 9/11/14: Intrigue and Machinations, Oh, My!

Hola Amiguis! What is going on at the Hacienda Benavente? A ton of intrigue and Norbie is up to something with Dany. Want to know more? Please read one. Here's an earworm. I Can't Get Next To You

Shall we begin:

                                                    Listen  you cowardly swine, put Ale's picture away. We are sick of seeing you holding it like it's  some sort of treasure. Our eyes just can't take it anymore. I wish a rock from the Devil's Pass would fall on your skanky head. You have been warned. Next!!!!!!    

Jules is still questioning Norbie from yesterday about what happened the day that Alonzo had his accident at the Devil's Pass? Jules wants the truth, and it better be good, well not that, but she wants the truth. It's about all his hankering after that Hacienda Benavente and those lands, "that should have been his" in his own words, years ago. Of course he dodges and doesnt' answer.

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