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La Gata #76 12/16/14 La Locura

What a frustrating episode.

I'm going to do this all out of order. There were really only two story arcs that saw any action (and believe me I am using the term "story arc" VERY loosely.)

Oh, and my notes were crap. La Gata must have sedative affects because I was drifting during the episode and as soon as the closing credits ran I hit the hay and slept hard until my alarm went off this morning.

Fela is found
But she is found more as an accident. It's not like anyone was ACTIVELY searching for her.

Augie brought Blanca pictures and news clippings of Esme and Blanca is not amused. She wants the real deal. She doesn't believe he is her husband. He says he is and can prove it. He takes her to the mansion that used to be Fer's, but was stolen by the MNs and is now back under the ownership of Fer. While she's there, Blanca has a hallucination of Fer. She freaks out and runs out the door and on to the terrace and starts screaming.
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La Malquerida #80, 12/16/14: Slap Her Again, Cris!

Mexico Episode #86

Cristina has just castrated Esteban and handed him his cojones as a parting gift, by telling him his services aren’t needed in Benavente, Rubio’s in charge now, and don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. I try to muster up some sympathy for him and fail.

Ale is praying in her bedroom prison for strength and peace. Dan arrives to disturb that tiny bit of peace and demands to know what she’s doing. He snatches the sacred heart card out of her hands and mocks that she’s praying to be free of him. Ale sasses back that she’s praying for him. Always on the lookout for ways to manipulate Dan, get some freedom, and help someone else out, Ale tries to convince Dan to give Perla her store/spa. Primarily, she plays up that she and Perla hate each other and that Perla is on her case all day. She wants to get Perla out of the house more. Plus, Ale points out, Dan keeps saying that he will change for her, but by going back on his word to Perla he shows that he hasn’t. Dan only hears the first part and is excited that Ale is jealous of the attentions he shows Perla.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #85 Tuesday 12/16 : Boy loses girl again!

Casa de McDreamy
Straight to the new stuff: Irma jumps into bed with the unsuspecting Armando --- ooopsies, not so fast sister.  Armando jumps up wondering how in blazes did she get into his apartment.  Irma tries to explain that she just wants to work things out with him and apparently she still moves him, que no?  Absolutely not, he claims.  He was fast asleep.  When is she gonna get it through her thick skull that he will never, ever, ever return to her.  He doesn’t desire her and doesn’t love her.  He realizes suddenly that she’s drunk and she claims that was the only way she could muster up the nerve to come to him, as humiliating as that is.  He tells her to get dressed and get out.  He sees the concierge’s key (he that stands guard with no shelter during rain, sleet, and snow, I guess) and quickly realizes that’s how she got in.  He drags Irma to the Concierge’s desk.  Concierge has no idea how she got his keys.  Armando warns him he’d better pay closer attention and not to ever let anyone into his apartment without his authorization.  He leaves Irma there and tells the concierge to get her a taxi.

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Mi Corazon es tuyo #106, Sarai gets a taste of the 'hell week', Lasc twins version. Fernando takes Diego to Houston. New kids Dr Angel happens to know Soledad so he responds to Fernie's ad, but Isa reads it first.


Fernando continues the listing of all the ‘characters’ in the Lasc household.

F: an adolescent that gets her braces stuck…

A: A cook who behaves like an alien… a butler who stutters… a multi-use boxer, a kitchen helper who…

F: Ana a nanny… a wonderful nanny. These weeks you have looked at me different (oh yeah?)… you have looked at me with less reserve, a bit kinder, more directly… with those spectacular green eyes (she blinks several times)… with your beautiful smile… (gets a bit close to her, or rather she gets closer to him with a big smile)

A: Thank you for the flattering compliments… and like I said, time helps to heal the wounds… (he gives her a bear hug) ah no, no, no! … don’t get so ahead of yourself (no se emocione tanto!) no, sir, it’s a long way still for the wounds to heal.

F: Yes. I’m sorry.

(he goes for the divorce papers to show her)… she says he has a toothpaste commercial smile on his face

F: I want you to see this.

A: this is… the… divorce sentence.

F: Yes. This document says Isa and I are officially divorced…

A: (jumps to hug him) Ah, blessed be God!! Blessed be God!! Don Fernando! How wonderful, sir!!

F: Finally a chapter in our lives is closed… (he gives her a bear hug, she complains she can’t breathe) … sorry. Don’t get away from me…

A: No, sir. This can’t be.

F: (they are leaning on his desk in the library/study) nothing’s easy. I know. But in this spot… in this spot began our love story… in this spot you hit my nose, remember?... and I saw your beautiful face for the first time… another day we dared to kiss… don’t get away from me anymore, Ana… let me show you how much I love you… (they are about a hair away lips to lips)

Lo Nuevo:

They are about to kiss… when suddenly a girl scream is heard… Both Ana and Fernando are willing to ignore it at first… we hear Ana say ‘it is no big deal, its no big deal’ and they both are about to kiss again but a second later Ana gives a huge sigh and pushes him away and starts shouting ‘what is the matter?? What??!!’ then they both run out.

The issue turned out to be Siete slurping the new girl (forgot her name) in front of Luz and the twins (from their face I can tell they woke up to her screams and are not happy campers for her waking them up like that). (where’s Alicia??) A minute later Ana, Fer, Fanny, Nando, Alicia are in the room as well and they all are in around her bed. Turns out the twins had put pieces of ham slice over Sarai’s face so that Siete would slurp her. The twins and Luz go fetch Sebas but as soon as he learns who is screaming he runs to her side. Nando and Fanny find it both annoying and funny that Sarai is so annoyed at Siete slurping her. Fernando eventually brings back the peace… they send Sarai to the bathroom to clean up.
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La Gata #75 The one where Esmeralda joined a cult 12/15/2014

Ok, confession time, I don't watch the show. I read the recaps, and I watch the episodes I recap but I can't make myself watch without wanting to cry, last night my sister joined me in watching this and fun times were had by all. This will be a short recap because really nothing happened, there was no Mariano, no Gisela and no Lorenza.

Now to the recap:

Blanca and Agustin are hanging out at kidnap central, she wants to know when he will set her free, and he makes excuses, he kisses her and she thinks this is gross, she's only going along in order to be reunited with her daughter, Miss. Kitty. Will she be able to fake this affection for Agustin long term? She better be, cause no one is looking for her.
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #84 12/15/14 Sofia is Treated to a Great Performance

From last week:
Lucas tells Marisol that he was hiding out at Dani's house.
Alexa argues with Greta to bring Fausto back. Greta remembers telling Fausto that Paco was the great love of her life.
Flor and her fake parents wait in a taxi outside the Ripoll house.

The New:
Flor calls Renzi from the taxi. She just saw Salvador leave the house with the girl from the party. Renzi tells Flor to stay where she is and wait for him to call with instructions. Flor tells her fake parents to keep practicing their lines for their upcoming performance.

Marisol doesn't understand why Lucas needed to go to Dani's to escape Manjarres and the thugs. Marisol thinks Dani just took advantage of the circumstances to try and steal Lucas back! Lucas knows that Oliver is in love with Dani.

Renzi calls Pato to tell him that Sofia and Chava are together.

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La Malquerida, capitulo 79.

Skipping the old....

Cris tells Rosa that Esteban wants kids and she can't give it to him. So she has decided to let him go and see if he comes back.

Acacia pulls away from Esteban's arms and starts to have regrets. Esteban, while groping her, says they have to live their love otherwise they will regret it. We can either go our separate ways or enjoy this love together. She admits she's afraid. He tells her not to think of anything else but living their love. She wants to leave but he stops her. He tells her to think it over. Do you realize what you awaken in me? They start playing tonsil hockey.

Katia tells Hector and Ulises that she found an account that belonged to Nuria but under another name. Ulises excitedly says it should contain all the money Nuria stole. He grabs the file and tries to look at the information but Hector stops him. This will take time to investigate. Allow me to do this. Ulises offers his help. Hector looks at the file and smiles.

Acacia gets a phone call but doesn't know who it's from. Esteban grabs her again and she caresses his back.
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TELEMUNDO Y MENOS: Señora Acero, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Dec. 15, 2014

Here's your post for this week!! Enjoy.



♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 12/15/14 ♥ #105 ♥

Capitulo 105: Trading One Brat for Another

Lascuráin Mansion: Pablo hurried out while Ana had Fernando pinned to the couch. He was growling over the situation. Bruno directed Alicia to go upstairs before her father lost his temper at her, which Fernando was having trouble doing because he had pulled a muscle and he also had trouble breathing. Ana tried getting him to calm down before letting him get up.
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Quiero Amarte Highlights & Discussion (Week 13-Dec 15)

Looking Back:
Vivi Wraps it Up
Wedding called off. Amaya denounced as a home-wrecker/whore. Max denounced as a cheater and liar. Connie hooked up/shacked up/loved up with Sal. Manuel and Geno have a secret love child, who doesn't even know who his father is. Manuel determined to fire Amaya. Whor confronting Amaya about her "cheating" in her hotel room. Wow!

Lila Gives us Some Good Ones
Lips Not Hips
Mauro’s Ire Re-Fires
Emma Arrives and Dives

Consensus Reached on the Patio
Constanza is Insecure—She needs a man for validation of her worth.
Sal’s accusations that Max and Amaya are lovers are LAME. His proofs would not hold up in court.
Horacio’s treatment of Valeria is inexcusable in any culture north or south of the US-Mexico border.

Looking Ahead:
Speculations Abound
Will Consta “Pull a Lu” if she finds out she’s pregnant?
Is César genuinely interested in Amaya?
Can Sal become more dangerous to Max where Consta is concerned?
What will Horacio do when he finds no one with Amaya in her hotel room? (Oh, Max, if you are downstairs, please be careful.)


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Mi Corazon es Tuyo #104, Lives are saved today, Siete, Lenin, and Pablo edition

Sorry for this being so late. I didn't know until 5:30pm PST Friday that this show was being shown at 5:00pm PST instead of the usual 8:00pm PST because of the telethon. So, this recap consists of the first half hour being a synopsis of the show from Univision and the last half hour being what I was able to record, although without CC's because those weren't working last night either. What a night.

First half hour that I didn't see: (fill in more detail in the comments if you want)
Ana talks with León about his jealous behavior and it’s driving Fanny away.
Fanny and Lenin bring some of the kids from the shelter to the mobil cancer screening where the director of the shelter has gone and they suspect she has cancer.
Ana suspects something odd in Siete’s food, possibly rat poison, but not before he consumes some, and the family rushes him to the pet hospital. 
Meanwhile, Isabela is patting herself on the back for a poisoning well done.
Edith runs into Nando without all the goth makeup, I don’t know where since I missed this part, and tells him that she’s Elisa and he’s completely clueless about who she really is.
Isabela tries to hack into Fernando’s computer to do her dastardly deeds, but is unsuccessful so far.
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La Gata #74 12/12/14 The One Where I Didn't Pay Attention

With credit to Eli for the title inspiration.

  • Garabato has skinny legs and Dan needs a little sun on his legs.
  • Chacharas is a good portero.
  • Who the hell won the beauty contest?
  • Ines is arrested while threatening Esme.
  • Rita gets drunk.
  • Gisela offers to take care of Fela...getting rid of her if necessary. Augie adamantly refuses.
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Weekend Discussion - 2014 Novela Faves

What are some of the 2014 faves of my Caray Mates? Some things like Lo Que La Vida Me Robo or Que Pobres Tan Ricos may come to mind. I will remind you guys about Mentir Para Vivir before it frayed haywire for the last few capitulos. My favorites were Por Siempre Mi Amor, De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero, Quiero Amarte so far, Amorcito Corazon, Pasion and Las Vias del Amor during their repeticiones.



TELEMUNDO Y MENOS: Reina de Corazones, Project Chapter a Day, Thursday, December 11th 2014 Cap 140: El Gran Final.

My dear Reinamaniacs this is it - the final episode and recap of this wonderful show that has entertained us night after night. It has been such a joy recapping this show. Thanks to all the recappers for their wonderful recaps and thanks to each and every one of the commenters who made watching and recapping this show even more enjoyable. 

Now on to the recap of the finale.... 

He's Been A Very Bad Cop This Year

Bad Cops Bad Cops Whatcha You Gonna Do Watcha 
You Gonna Do When They Come For You 

Navier, Moto, and Izzy race over to where the corpse of the masked man is. 

Navier unmakes the poor sap and is surprised. It's not the Falcon. It's not even a Hawk. It's none other than TWCILV - Christian. Navier calls a red alert. He wants the place surrounded and no one must leave the premises. 

Izzy the resident CIA clown decides to crack a joke. "Who would have thought? TWCILV went from cop to criminal while I went from criminal to cop". 

[Good one, Izzy!] 

Fooled By The Falcon Yet Again

I dare you to swallow it

The "Black Falcon" in CIA uniform and sunglasses enters his car where ORBO is waiting for him at the wheel. ORBO is dressed in black and wearing a cap. His glasses are nowhere to be seen. Thank goodness. Victor and ORBO have a nice chuckle. Victor sarcastically laments Chrstian's fate and calls him a poor sap. Victor pulls out the red diamond and shows ORBO. 
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Mi Corazon: Smoothing Over Those Nasty Family Wrinkles

Isabela has sneaked around to Don Fernando’s computer and taken down the link to the info about Ana’s mother, looking for another way to screw over dear Ana.

Don Fernando has entered the kitchen to see what the row is about.  He finds Manuela has returned, much to everyone’s dietary relief.  She is now so submissive in speech, tone, and manner that even he has trouble understanding what she’s saying when she speaks (--and it's irritating as hell to Viewerville!)   He returns eventually to the library and Bela entices him with the baby’s movement.  (Dunno about the rest of Viewerville, but watching her comb her fingers through his hair as he puts his ear to her belly makes me cringe and retch!!)

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La Malquerida #78, 12/11/14: Acacia’s Guilt & Self Pity Farewell Tour

Mexico Episode #84

Uli mourns what was and what could have been in the future with Acacia. Hector tells him he needs to go on with his life and achieve his goals, without Acacia. He gives Ulises a big bear hug, while Uli cries.

Esteban is driving out of the hacienda like a bat out of hell. Rubio tries to stop him- he’s not thinking clearly. Este whines about how hard he tried to save his marriage (a whole 3 weeks!), but Cris threw their marriage away. Rubio thinks that since he’s decided to dump Cris, he should take Acacia with him. Este says there’s only one thing stopping that—Acacia herself.

Acacia reproaches Cristina for letting Esteban go, and demands that she pull herself together and stop Este from leaving. Cris doesn’t want a man by her side who doesn’t understand or share her pain over the loss of their child. She thinks it’s best that he goes.  
A: React! React! (Wake up!) And run and stop him! WE lost him once, but this time if he leaves forever it’s going to be YOUR fault for being such a WEAK woman!
C: (SLAP!) Respect me! I’m your mother!
Acacia says Cris needs to woman up and save her marriage. Cris tells Acacia that if she’s so worried about Esteban not being there, then she should go with him.
C: If my child didn’t survive, it was a sign that my marriage also couldn’t be saved… From the looks of it, neither he nor you understand me, but I also don’t care that you do.
A: Are you saying that I’m not important to you?

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La Gata #73 12-11-14 The little shack of venganza

 Monica has hired a PI to find out who is the other woman in Augie’s life.


This bright sunny morning finds Esme and Mariano in the garden with the babies talking about setting up a fair.  They will set it up together.  He smiles.  They make signs with glitter and stuff.  They seem to have fun.  They tick off the list of things yet to do. . .decorations, prizes, music. . .well, look at the time how it’s flown.  Dr. Hottie (Javier Penuela) arrives with Virginia.  He wants to help.


Face off between Lo and Gisela, Bitch 1 and Bitch 2.  They argue over who’s the bigger bitch.  Lo asks if she put the snake in the bed.


Much laughter and light hearted banter between Dr. Hottie, Virginia, Mariano and Esme when Pablo comes in to rain on the parade.   He marks his territory for Mariano and Dr. Hottie’s benefit, declaring his love and loudly slurping Esme..  Doc Hottie looks sick and Mariano looks like, whatever, punk.

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Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 on Hasta el Fin del Mundo

Sofia knocks on her door and then barges into Dani's room looking for Lucas.

Olly has come over unannounced dressed up like he is something else in pink pants that show off his lovely boner crotch bulge to see Dani.

Sofi explains why she is looking for Lucas. Dani asks Sofia how she knows about mentioned fights thus revealing she knows too. Sofi is this close as she looks under the bed after Luc moves out of the way. Olly and Grrrrreta find their way into Dani's room and to Olly eventually explains that she needs him  to help Lucas out of the Ripoff Mansion.

Chava gives Armie the skinny and Mati is filled in as well.

Olly is furious and asks for an explanation while Lucas asks why he is asking for one. Dani focuses on getting Luc out and they make a braid out of sabanas to scale down the wall.

Mati explains he had good intentions in schlepping Marisol to the matches and the 3 galans brainstorm.

Sofi and Fausto talk about Chava and Flor. Grrreta is eavesdropping and screams at Fausto.

The three teens plan some more.

Grrrreta bitches some more and more and more while Fausto explains he is helping the GIRLS; GIRLS meaning Alexa AND Daniela as well. Grrreta gives Fausto one last chance in which he MUST tell the girls what GRRETA wants to hear and he declines. THE BIGGEST BITCHING GRRRRRRETA HAS EVER BITCHED IN THIS SHOW; SHE FIRES FAUSTO! HELL NO BITCH, BURN IN HELL GRRRETA BANDI DE RIPOFF!

Sofi is back at the Ripoffery and the three muskateers Chava, Armie and Matt, talk.

Olly spews a mean one calling Lucas a piece of cowardice. Olly makes it out the front door while Luc rapunzels it down the wall and is almost caught by a gardener. He makes it out perfectly fine.

Sofi and Chava talk about the debt; Sofi is worried about Miguelina and even offers to pay the debt but Chava vetoes it. Its Lucas' problem.

Olly and Luc made it out of the mansion and argue in the car about Dani, the purloining and whaddaya know, they pull over to fight.

Fausto is out with his suitcase, scarf and cango. He laments the loss of his job for Sofia, Alexa and Dani's sake.

Olly annoys me some more with his stupid insult (might as well call Lucas cerote or maldito cobarde)

Sofi gets a call; Aurora says Greta has just fired Fausto.

Irais comforts Mati while he feels bad for being a "bad friend."

Silvie has caught wind that Fausto was fired. "Without the guy, that cerote Greta won't know what to do."

Sofi is in the house again and argues with Greta. Dani is in this now and is just as shocked as Sofia!

Luc and 'Lina reunite and Mari is in the background in a cute pink dress just standing there looking pretty.

Dani and Sofi just yell at Greta instead of pulling the classic, "IF HE GOES, I WILL GO TOO BITCH!"

Fausto buys a movie ticket.

Mati and Armie talk about bringing the cash thay they won back and Mati agrees.

Chava reminds Luc he is to face his fears as of right now.

Alexa calls Sofi and has heard about Fausto.

Elmer from Las Vias del Amor threatens to send Lucas to hell if he isn't paid the tall amount he is short of; in come Armie and Mati with the classic, "Youll have to go through me!"

Lina is talking with Dani.

Chava says beating each other won't help and that there are 2 soups; either you accept the money or there will be legal action. They accept the money and just tell Lucas to never come back. (I'm sure this isn't the last of them.)

Mari is subtly annoyed with Miguelina having been on the phone with Dani.

The 3 Muskateers and newly recruited Luc walk down the street glad, proud and heads held high. Mati throws in he would never hurt Mari or ever put her in harm's way and Chava says he knows.

Alexa asks what is Fausto's favorite place? The movies!

Luc is home safe and sound! Miguelina and Mati make a celebration dinner. Luc tells Mari where he was hiding during the day.

Alexa and Grrrreta talk about how Fausto had been Alexa's confident since she got back from Spain and longer. Grrrreta just bitch, bitch, bitches and it isn't getting through to her much.

Flor inside a taxi is planted on front of the mansion asking Renzi how to cause her scandal.

Avances- Flor will beg Sofi with all her fake might to leave Chava.



Hasta el Fin del Mundo #82 I Didn't Watch! Somebody Tell Us All What Happened!

I don't know what happened to CorazonSalvaje;)!  If you watched last night, please share!

We still need recappers for Thursday nights, if you are interested.  Also, if you are interested in being a backup recapper on Wednesdays, we would love to have you.  Please contact me at



La Gata #72 - Wed 12/10 - La Cancelación

Gisela is interrupted in her murder attempt by Jarocha.  I don't even listen to the insults they're tossing at each other.  Watching Jarocha throw her out was fun, though.  Why is Esme wearing makeup?

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