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Que pobres tan ricos #71 15 Apr 2014... The secrets are out!! And MA is confronted again on his vision for the future.

Ahole at cloob… Chabela and Geno comment about his ‘accident’. He tries to deny deny… assures them Isela and Mini made up the story. The ladies won’t buy what he’s selling, and leave.

Lupe and Perla at kitchen in Fonda, Perla ruins the potatoes with too much adobo (seasoned salt). Mati offers to help. Lupe has Mati, Perla, Tizoc and Frida in kitchen, and they all look mighty busy. Chuy comes down, is heading out. Lupe sends him with some deliveries. MA and Nepo come in. MA announces that Nepo will pay for some medical tests Mati needs. Lupe thanks Nepo. Lupe looks very worried and MA notices it.

Later, at hospital or Dr office, MA thanks Nepo more in private. Nepo again brings up the Lupe deal. Nepo tells MA he appreciates Mati… and him(MA) too. Dr and Mati come out. Dr summons MA to his office.

At A-hole’s, Mini still is trying to open the door to get in closet. Isela says they still don’t remember the date of Aureliano’s death. Mini is cursing. Isela mocks Mini that she did not ask MA for the date Isela suggests Mini ask MA for the date. Mini says not until I can get something really valuable for whatever I find in the safe. Isela keeps whining that she can’t live without a plastic card… without spending money!

At Fonda, everyone is trying to help out. Lupe is in kitchen and Perla and Tizoc are serving. Perla stops by AS, who is sitting at a table on her own… AS keeps suggesting to Perla to take the etiquette class… Perla tells her what she wants is to be a model… AS says then her class would be even more useful. Perla suggests instead of paying AS with money, what about discouting the class fee from their food tab.

DR and MA… MA tells Dr that he heard that her condition would get worse at night at the ‘home’. Dr says the meds are not enough, she also needs therapy. MA tries to pay… but Dr says Nepo paid for everything already. Bring your grandma back after she has started the treatment. It will take time but she will be fine. MA thanks him.

Saul and his assistant… Saul will spend all afternoon looking at the MA files… She is confused, everyone thinks you are giving up the case. Saul says that is what everyone SHOULD think, that he is off the case. But MA is his friend so he will do what he can for MA.

MA tells family and the Menchaacas what the Dr said. Nepo and Lupe are glad. Nepo leaves. MA tells Nepo he will be back at the market as soon as he can. Nepo reminds MA about the ‘jugos’ project.

At office, A-hole says he would love to kill her (Mini). Vilma says don’t worry, she will get her due in time. Mini and Isela arrive. A-hole refers to Mini and Isela as ‘alacranas’. Mini demands respect. A-hole mocks her again. He has no time for them, have a meeting at the conference room. Mini demands he open again the credit cards, or he will regret it. (Ahole seems to pay attention to her threat).

Back at Fonda, Mati and Emiliano leave, MA asks Lupe what is going on. Lupe is afraid to run into A-hole again. MA says don’t be so paranoic. Lupe says MA also looks worried. MA admits that keeping their relationship from Nepo is becoming harder with Nepo poking him so much. But we will find the way to let him know. They share a cute smile.
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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 110, Tues., 4/15/14: It's a zoo around here!

In which:
Adolfo gambles big and loses;
Ezequiel gambles big and wins;
Two people learn Pedro's secret;
Pedro finds out about Nadia's pregnancy;
And Refugio is set up to have the sexist stuffing knocked out of him.


Pedro is about to leave for home when Adolfo stops him.  He has to tell him something:  "Ezequiel Basurto is hiding in your house.  He has a pistol.  And he wants to kill you."  Pedro takes the information in coolly.  


Nadia and Victor are together in their special house in the country.  They talk dreamily about raising their child together.  They snuggle in bed.  Then they do a little more than snuggling.

The Mongoose
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #27 4/15/14

De que me paga, me paga.

Recapper note: Hot diggety, we've got some SMART people in this one. I almost wonder if Ms. Suarez needs a review of the TN "rules." 

Skipping the refrito and right to the nuevo.

Karina calls Natalia a robamaridos. Grumps interrupts the catfest and yells at Karina for how she answers the phone and tells her to keep him up to speed on company happenings.

Alonso agrees to the trap. Albogado sets up a camera with the laptop, but they find that having the laptop open and facing Diana will be obvious. Albogado offers to my a hidden camera (which will turn out to be a super obivious camera, but whatever.)

Diego notices the missing 20 mil pesos and immediately calls the bank. They tell him about the internet transfer to Oliverio.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, capitulo 109. 04/14/14.

So my 7 year old decided to stop recording my novela and instead record hers. I was able to record west coast time slot so recap will be up shortly. Although I'm afraid short.

Okay we start off with Dim realizing that his mom won't be nominated for mom of the year. She and Tomas were in kahoots to destroy his marriage to Fina.  He decides to leave but mommy dearest begs him to stay. He agrees if she were to tear up the check. Afraid not replies the Graceless one.  Dim says I'm out and leaves. 

Tia Pru tries to convince her big bro Captain Robledo not to send JL to the big house.  The Captain says no can do. JL committed a crime and has to pay. Depending on how generous the judge is, it looks like 5 to 6 years in the slammer.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #93 US 4/14/2014 Feo Returns and Gabi Goes Grizzly Bear

Monday was the beginning of Ultimos Capitulos! Things should really start rocking and anvils should start dropping now. This was episode #132 in Mexico, we got a full episode!

Aranza returns home after going to see Javier. She wails to Arturo that Javier told her he'd been Isabel's lover from the start and Aranza meant nothing to him. Aranza and Arturo cling together and try to comfort each other through their tears. Seeing the results of her handiwork Marcela decides it's time to leave. Bruno walks Marcela to the door and she asks him to keep her up to date with what's happening to Arturo.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #26- Mon 4/14

De que salió positivo, salió positivo

Tad has something medical going on that needs more testing.

Irene returns to the waiting room and signs the paperwork for Vicente's operation.  She and Alonso go to get something to drink, followed closely by Karina.  Diana is pissed that Diego doesn't seem to care how she's doing.  Well, you're not the one going in for surgery.  Plus, you did cause a scene earlier, so….

Irene runs into Tadeo, tells him about her dad, and almost gets away, but nooooo…Tad has to turn this into one more opportunity for a "talk."  Irene actually agrees, unfortunately leaving Alonso with la chismosa de Karina, who's just dying to know everything that has nothing to do with her.  She helpfully tells Diego that Irene went off with "a man her age," and then has the cheek to ask "So, who's this Tadeo Vargas, anyway?"  Diego tells her it's none of her business.

Irene and Tadeo have a coffee.  Tadeo brushes off his reason for being there with "Eh, you get to be a certain age and you just gotta make sure everything's working."  Right.  'Cause all the guys I know are SO good about routine preventive care.  Tadeo says all he wants at this point is for them to at least be able to say "hi" if they run into each other, maybe forget the past and start over.  He's noticed that Irene seems happier and he's guessing that has something to do with Alonso. He says it without any jealousy and Irene practically blushes, cause, yeah, she may be "of a certain age" but that just means she knows a fine specimen of man when she sees one.  I say that as a woman of a certain age.  We know quality.  Tad gives her his card and his digits and tells her to let him know if she needs anything.  Then he takes off.  And that's how The Tad Show ends for this season.  Next season will be all about Tad's mysterious health issues.
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Qué Pobres, Lunes 4/14/14 (#70): You'll Never Get Rich

I apologize; my Spanish is broken tonight and there were several scenes that sounded one way at first and then different when I replayed them... so there may be a lot of mistakes here.

Ahole offers Lupita a laughable sum for hitting her bike (which is AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT on Bingo Card #5, by the way, although in Ahole's mind it probably qualifies as sex... he did "bang" her, after all...). She tears up the money and throws it in his face (woo! more sex!).

Emiliano is calling for his mami. She tries not to react until Ahole drives away.

Vilma warns Saul that if he doesn't stop defending MA, he'll sink with him.

At home, Emiliano wants to know why Lupita was so angry with that man. He's not completely happy with her explanation that "he hit my bike," and she becomes impatient. He backs down, and she apologizes. It's just that he's never seen his mother so angry before.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora, week of April 14, 2014

Hi guys!

According to the listings on my tv, La Impostora will get the night off on Good Friday.  You might want to check this out yourself, just to be sure.

Happy holidays everyone!



TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of April 14, 2014

Hola Telemundies!  Madelaine asked me to remind you that this week, because of Semana Santa,  Avenida Brasil will only be shown on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to my cable service, the evening novelas will run from Monday through Thursday, but there will be religious programming on Friday.

Gut Pesach, Happy Easter and if you're someplace where it isn't snowing, Happy Springtime!


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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 108, Friday, 4/11/14: Enemies

Dear Readers: 
A version of this brief summary was originally posted with the comments to Thursday's recap.  

Pedro steps out of the judge's office just long enough to tell Alejandro he must wait outside while his mother is being interrogated.  "Why do you hate me so much?" Alejandro asks his tormentor.  "Why are you so determined to do me harm?"  Pedro's only reply is a smirk.  

Pedro and the bent judge finish their brutal questioning of Rosario.  Every question is an accusation. They try to get her to admit that Alejandro's father is really the late Jacinto and that Rosario was a slut who was sleeping with both Benjamín and Jacinto.  She is forced to tell them her horrific history -- how Benjamín Almonte ripped away her innocence, killed her fiancé, and then had her accused of the crime; how she gave birth to Alejandro in prison a month and a half early and entrusted the baby to her father, and asked him to tell everyone she had died; how Padre Anselmo guessed the baby's parentage but didn't know that Rosario was alive until she had finished her 30 year prison term and appeared on his doorstep one night.
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Weekend Discussion: Novelas en Ingles?

Is this a viable idea?

There were two unsuccessful attempts a few years ago to do English-language novelas by two of the smaller networks.  They failed for two reasons:

1.  Poor acting, possibly due to poor writing
2.  Not ready for prime time in terms of gringo viewing habits

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Que pobres tan ricos #69 Some revelations... Some direct accusations... Nepo's new associate... and Lupe's biggest secret might not be a secret anymore...

At penthouse MA sees the news report of Bambi on the tv and goes beserk when he makes the connection of Bambi on TV with the Bambi picture at Dona Queta’s stand. He starts moving crazy telling his family about Bambi. They don’t really understand what he is saying.

Lupita argues with Chuy, he won’t admit that Carm leaving was his fault, she did not respect AS & fam. Lupe rants at him that his asking Carm to stay behind and care for the RP was not right at all. Lupe won’t let Carmelita leave because of THAT WOMAN (AS).

MA and Saul in car, MA hopes police will catch Bambi soon, tells Saul about Bambi being Queta’s nephew. MA tells Saul he is thinking of using Bambi to take down A-hole. Saul says you are crazy if you trust Bambi, it would be like playing Russian roulette with a gun FULL of bullets. MA tells Saul he felt like being in a spy movie at his last meeting with Mini, even had to escape out the back door! If it wasn’t for Lupe… Saul asks MA what’s up with Lupita. Did you do the deed with her?? ‘Home-run at la Nopalera!!’ MA nags at him to not mock Lupe. Having no money does not mean MA can use Lupe. MA admits he is in love with Lupe. Have never felt before what he feels for her. Saul is in disbelief. MA calls him ‘insensible’. MA leave. Saul tells self ‘thanks for asking about MY issues! You worry about me so much!’

At her house, Dona Queta argues with Bambi about the news report she saw. Is he still doing #$)#$*?? Bambi denies still being involved in that stuff. She does not want to be dirtied in his pig pen lifestyle.

At market, MA arrives, asks Nepo AGAIN for his job back. Nepo AGAIN gives it back to him with not much resistance.

A-hole keeps looking at the photos of Lupita.. ‘more beautiful than ever’. Vilma comes in, she gets miffed at A-hole paying so much attention to Mrs Menchaaaaca. Vilma says she will find where Lupe is. A-hole says don’t bother.. I am soooo much smarter than you… all you have to do is investigate the licence tags of the motorbike. Vilma offers to go find out. A-hole says no, I will do it myself. Vilma insists in doing it only to get shoo-ed again by A-hole.

Now Tizoc is helping Lupe at Fonda. AS comes downstairs. Lupe immediately confronts her about Carm leaving. AS acts all the entitled ‘victim’. Carm, the ‘employee’, had an issue with her, not the other way around. Lupe says Carm is NO employee. They continue arguing about who knows the true meaning of ‘respect’.

At market, MA questions Trofeo about Dona Queta. Dona Queta comes in and gets to her stand and hides the framed photo of Bambi. Trofeo tells MA that in the news they are saying that the police is after Bambi because of money laundering. MA looks to Dona Queta’s spot, and is worried/concerned.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #25- Fri 4/11

De que lo atraparon, lo atraparon

The next morning, Alonso wakes up on the couch.  Irene starts picking up some of the stuff she'd knocked around.  She says she's feeling better, but she's sorry she wrecked his place.  More hugs.  She's apologetic, but Alonso says he's happy because she got through it.  He agrees to let her clean up, since she says she's going to feel bad until she does.

Diego calls Natalia to tell her that Vicente is in the hospital and he won't be coming in to the office today.  Diego gives her instructions about a folder that needs to go to the plant.   Diana brings Diego a coffee and asks about Irene.  Diego isn't sure she should be there, or what condition she's in.  The doctor comes out to say the angioplasty is a go and takes Diego back to see Vicente.

Natalia worries about how Diego is doing and hopes Vicente gets better.  As Karina walks in, Natalia tells her that Vicente is in the hospital.  Karina calls Diana to see how she's doing.

Tiburcio goes to confession.  He tells the padre someone's in the hospital and it's his fault.  He backs up and tells the story about Irene and the baby…he was supposed to take the baby and give it away, but the girl figured it out and ran away….

Diego begs his unconscious Grumps not to leave him behind.  "You're all I've got.  Don't leave me!"  Vicente mumbles behind his oxygen mask and passes out again.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #92-The Hypocritical Oath

I will do my best with this. I took some notes, but I'm still adjusting to the new DVR and remote and I accidentally deleted TONIGHT'S episode, so I can't go back and double check stuff. *sigh*

First off...
I looked up and perused both the Old Hippocratic Oath and the Modern Version. Then I even looked it up in Spanish. I'm pretty sure Dr. Dementa knows nothing about this oath. How does one graduate from medical school without knowing about this? I'm pretty sure that backstabbing counts as using a knife (see Old Oath.)

Let's see...how to put in words the things I saw tonight....

Isa is busted. Art is pithed. Marcela is outta there.

Feo destroys the tape recorder with his ugly clod-hopper shoes.

Marcela calls Art and wants to meet with him about some information she has. She shows the video to Art and Bruno. She throws a whole forest's worth of shade on Isa. Bruno really has his doubts. He can't imagine Gaby would be part of something like this. Art thinks the video doesn't lie. Art proceeds to get drunk. That's the way to problem solve, buddy.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 107 - April 10, 2014 - Josefina Chooses Herself and Angelica Says Goodnight

How is it that we can become so emotionally attached to a character in a television story that when the character dies we are moved to actual tears?

I think it is because the component parts of our personal experiences—birth, joy, sorrow and loss, couplings, ceremonies and beginnings, suffering, fear, triumph, divorce and heartbreak, sexuality, illness, old age and death—are common to all human beings, regardless of culture. Together these experiences constitute our shared humanity. As we lose ourselves in a good story, the tale of a human life well lived, the line between the stories we tell ourselves and those others relate to us becomes blurred. We feel loss at the death of a beloved character in a television drama because we all know loss.  It is terribly sad that everything is impermanent.

Josefina Chooses Herself

Dimitrio Mendoza, not-yet-reformed scoundrel, stands high in the middle of Aguazul’s Plaza Mayor. Dramatically, he declares his love for his wife.

“Josefina Valverde! Te amo!”

Dimitrio cries out in front of the whole town. He loves Josefina in a way he never thought he could. He begs her not to go but to stay, to be happy with him! He will love her forever.

Dimitrio jumps off his precarious perch, runs to Josefina. He tenderly takes her face in his hands and prepares to kiss her, but she stops him.

He wants to know does she believe him? He loves her!

Josefina says, yes, she believes that he loves her, but there is still something missing. Now, she understands.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #68: 4/10/14: Amor de Microbus!

Hola, Mis Peeps! I'm doing an on the fly recap again. Not too many details. I had some trouble with the convo between Frida and Mau and also some with Tizoc and his band. Please feel free to let me know what it is that I missed. I learn so much from Y'all : ) I am skipping the refried and getting right to the new.

Shall we begin with an earworm? I have selected one for Lupe from her past so to speak with Ahole,  Love On A Two Way Street!

Vilma asks Ahole if maybe there wasn't a past ahem, woman he could have had a child with. I think he insults these women as low class and wouldn't want a child of theirs. He thinks about it for a hawt second and then decides, impossible, absurd! He is and I quote 100% sure that no such child exists.

Tizoc and Don Chuy are just about done cleaning up the kitchen from that fire. Don Chuy feels like a little man for the way he reacted to Carmelita. He looks like he's crying, but he tells Tizoc he's got something in his eye, yeah, right!

AS is at some salon complaining about the quality of their lotions, not like the ones in France or whereva when her former friends show up. They want to know why she is still in Mexico and not in Italia. AS claims it's for the wedding and the stuff she bought has to do with it, when they ask her of course. When is the wedding? Don't know yet, cause it depends on the Count and Countess, but will be sure to invite them.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #24- Thurs 4/10

De que no murió, no murió

CarLouse and The Shrimp hang out in front of the fonda while Louse reminisces about how Carmen's cooking was so awesome.  If only he hadn't tried to use her as a drug mule and she hadn't gotten caught.  The promise of empanadas is just too tempting for Shrimp and he tries to go in and get some…but he's stopped by the sight of Carmen in there with Eleazar and blames CarLouse for getting them caught in the first place.  I have no idea what happened, but either Shrimp shoots his gun off by accident or Louse shoves him off their shared motorcycle on purpose.  Shrimp ends up in the street and gets picked up by Eleazar and Morales.  Looks like the gun did go off, as Louse ends up around the corner with a shot in his side.

Drunk!Irene goes over to Alonso's.  And I'm glad it's Alonso's and not another hotel room with some creep.  She decides now is the time to come on to him.  Yeah, that's not awkward at all.

Carmen and Co. are worried about what it means that Louse and Shrimp were in the 'hood, but Eleazar says they should be safe and he won't rest until Carmen is cleared.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #91- April 10, 2014- Dear Diary, My Name Is Isabel and I Have a Plan

Dear Diary,

My name is Isabel De La Riva and I am married to Arturo De La Riva, a so, so looking guy who is extremely jealous and not too bright.  He was a widower with a young spoiled daughter, named Aranza but I am not going discuss her too much at this time. Art is an architect who works with his close friend, Bruno who secretly still loves my pregnant best friend, Gaby, even though he is married to nice lady from Spain, named Almudena.  His mother Tita thinks that Bruno and Gaby passed some type of test but... They just adopted a little boy, Uriel.  Uriel lived with four other children in the hood with Marianela, a simple pretty girl and a guy named Borlas.  Bruno’s mom, Tita befriended Marianela, Borlas and the kids while they were selling stuff on the street.  Tit would feed the kids and eventually took them in to live with her.  She built them an orphanage and all of the kids except for Uriel, live there and are waiting to be adopted, perhaps by Almudena. Thanks to Tita, Marianela is getting a good education at Tita’s alma mater.  The uppity girls at the school tease Marianela and in order to defend herself she slaps them around.  She always gets into trouble, its funny the uppity girls don’t.  It’s probably because their uppity Principal defends them. Well thank goodness; Don Gilberto came to his senses, thanks to his new girlfriend, Agatha.  Don Gil went to visit Mari at school, it’s funny, the uppity Principal said that a woman had come to the school to visit Mari.  She lived abroad and didn’t have time to stay and see her.  Hmmm?  Gil stayed and defended Mari.  He even told the uppity Principal that he was her grandfather and would make a donation to the school if Mari was not expelled.  He was able to talk to Mari and apologize for being so pigheaded and arrogant with her in the past.  She accepted his apology.

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Qué Pobres, Weds 4/9/14 (#67): After the Fire

- Nepo tells Gwendy that it's best if they don't see one another for a while. She bravely pretends to agree, but goes home distraught. Carmelita says that if Nepo needs to stay away from Gwendy, it's because he has feelings for her.

- Macarena calls. AS suggests moving up the wedding another month (or having it in a month) and asks Mac to have her parents send them the money to set it up. Mac says her parents are still in Siberia and won't have access to their bank accounts. AS agrees to go ahead and plan the wedding now and wait for Mac's parents to pay her back. Leo is nervous about this, but AS is sure she knows what's she's doing.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, #106, 4-9-2014: For Pedro, the best presents do not come in medium-sized shoe boxes; Nadia tells Victor the truth; DIM makes a very public announcement

Lo refrito #1:  Gracie keeps harping at Carlotta, informing her (again) that she'll regret marrying Basurto, that Josefina has left DIM and that Adolfo is her lover, and that she (Carlotta) would do well to stay on her diet. 

Put A Ring On It, Alfie!
Lo refrito # 2:  Adolfo and Basurto are feeling the aftershocks of the murder of Padre Anselmo.  Basurto is really angry about what happened, threatening to kill Adolfo with his own hands for creating such a problem and being such an imbecile.  He can't believe Adolfo went rogue and didn't tell him about Pedro's plans to kill the Padre and then also maligned and implicated Basurto himself.  Basurto claims he would have arranged things differently if he'd known, but it was too late.  He wants to know what happened to Padre Anselmo's ring?  They need it as proof to show Pedro.  

An anguished, guilt-ridden Adolfo cries as Basurto wishes him good night and leaves him alone with the box o' body part.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #90- April 9, 2014- It's Official Gilberto and Borlas's Dry Spells Are Over. They Have Girlfriends!

 Just some points to discuss:

·      The orphanage officially opens up
·      Dan, Ileana, Gil and Agatha have a forced dinner.  Dan seems uncomfortable but Gi is grateful for the second chance. Agatha lets Gil know that Dan is not that into Ileana.  Agatha thinks that there is another reason why Dan broke up with Marianela and its not becaseu of Ileana.
·      Gilberto formally asks Agatha to be his boo.
·      An uncomfortable moment with Bruno talking to Gaby’s tummy and Ally walks up.
·      Dr. Crazy is at the house waiting fir Art.  Isa invites Dr. Crazy to the festivities at Tita’s.  What is wrong with her?? Let that witch doctor stay at home in her own house.
·      Fab congratulates Dr. Crazy for becoming a business partner with Art.  Sucia and Ferball are not too happy.
·      Dr. Crazy puts a bug in Art’s ear about Isa bring close to Ferball.  Boy, he is creepy.  Javier is pressing himself on Isa, she gets nervous drops and breaks a glass, and the perv kisses her.  Yuck!!!!!  Art walks in on the foolishness and wants to know what is going on?  He is not buying Isa’s answers and is ready to explode at any minute.
·      Marianela is happy that the kids have a home but she still misses Dan.  She is beating herself about Dan and Ileana.
·      Andrea doesn’t think that helping Daphne is a good idea.  She doesn’t trust Daphne but Mau does.  Obviously Mau doesn’t know Daphne.
·      Andrea is still uncomfortable at the resemblance of Javier to Fernando/Ferball.
·      Gil feels responsible for Dan and Marianela breaking up.  Cuca tells Gil to apologize to Marianela and get to know her.  Why doesn’t she open up her big mouth and tell Gil the real deal?
·      Borlas declares his love for Marianela.  She looked at him like- really?? Thought about it and decided to give it a try.
·      Osvy shares his motorcycle race story with the Angeles De La Tierra.
·      Tita is glad that Gaby and Bruno have remained friends even though they are exes.  Tita put Bruno to the test when she had Gaby and Bruno work together on the orphanage. 
·      Dr. Crazy is instigating trouble with Art about Javier and Isa’s good looks.  Art shares his feelings of dislike towards Javier with the witch doctor.
·      At shares with Bruno that he caught Isa and Javier in the kitchen.  He doesn’t trust Javier.

Coming attractions:
·      Does Art catch Isa with Javier thanks to the witch doctor??  Must see



De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero

De que pierde la dignidad, pierde la dignidad 
(Alt title: De que perdió la lucha, perdió la lucha)

It's gonna be wham, bam, thank you ma'am and haphazard. Sorry I just couldn't seem to take notes fast enough tonight. :-(

Alonso advises Diego to postpone the divorce for now. He also tells Diego it's important for her to get help. She needs therapy. And in true novela form he also cautions Diego not to do anything that might upset the delicate flower that is Diana. Dr arrives and says Diana can leave that afternoon.

Nat tells GVB how grateful she is to Diego. She wants to do something for him. GVB thinks a nice gift from her stall.

Alonso arranges for his friend Alvaro (another Al?) to be Diana's therapist. Grumps doesn't think Diana needs therapy. He thinks she needs Diego to be a better husband. He blames Diego and says none of this would have happened if he had been a good husband. Diego says they'll will do what they can for Diana to get better, but he's getting a divorce. He tells Grumps he's postponing the divorce but come hell or high water "De que me divorcio, me divorcio."

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Tuesday 4/8/2014---- Por Siempre Mi Amor Recap #89---- I have no idea anymore!


-Oso is in bed with a grindguard and hilarity ensues. Tita must really not like that snoring but who would LOL.
-Zenaida (you know, she looks like Marianela, are you sure she isn't Mari's momma?) and Balthazar are like a slightly saturated version of Tita and Oso and she lays her charm on while Balto (never too late for nicknames) lays it off. Someone's a knockin' at the door and they both go to answer it. (Balto takes his job too seriously.)
-BonBon is heading to his colorful car (has it always been green? I thought it was yellow when he got the newspaper about Fernando's "death") and his stalker/predator is on the move watching him and filming him. Coincidentally, FeVer s headed to see 'Za who is sitting at a table alone and he asks her out to lunch. She declines because she is going to go see Tita's Casa Hogar. He then says he will accompany her to it!
-Balto and 'Naida escort the inspector to see Tita and she talks with her.
-Tita is up in happy flames because the casa hogar has passed inspection and the grand opening is soon to come!
-Illeana and DanHairyChest are in the vecindad when Mari is talking with Agatha about heartbreak and she denies any and Borlas comes. Mari leaves with Borlas and after asking, Agatha lets him know what he did wrong and he looks as if he regrets being the sacrificial lamb.
-Isa is talking with Gaby about how happy she is for Tita and that her dream finally came true! Some talk later and Isa mentions going on a trip and that FeVer and Marcela are coming to catch FeVer in the act. Gabs says she doesn't trust Marcela one bit. (This plan can only go so well...)
-BonBon's being stalked some more.
-The inspector is with the gang at La Casa Hogar and Dena tells her it's named Casa Hogar Adalberto. Everyone is giddy with glee!
-Illeana and Daniel are in the car and she says if it's a casa hogar he can see the kids whenever he wants! Danny then agrees and disagrees. (I just have to say this; Illeana isn't bad for liking Daniel. The only real fault is that no one wanted to tell Bronce Mari the ugly truth or that Daniel wouldn't listen to Soni when she was clearing up stuff at the wedding. So in a way, it's Danny's fault for not listening and almost everyone's fault for not telling her. The truth hurts but only as much as a booboo unlike a lie or hidden truth which is like a scar on the chest. Illeana only liked Danny and spared her feelings until it was no longer necessary. At least she isn't like Daffne who flaunts her good around town like a horny scoutmaster!)
-Tita comissions Borlas to work at La Casa Hogar but he can't abandon studies!
-Cuca is talking with Gil about how he feels for Agatha (her nickname shall be 'Tha and just for fun, should Cuca be 'Ca?)
-The Narvaez/Guttierrez clan is having breakfast and are happy about Tita's casa hogar.
-Gil goes to see 'Tha and she says she isn't ready (Well get ready Cinderella 'cause Gil Charming's takin' you out tonight!)
-'Za and FeVer are walking and he lets her know he is going on a trip and she asks to come. He says she will be bored (I'm pretty sure she will be ANYTHING but bored if it's the trip I'm thinking of.) Bottomline, she isn't going.
-Danny, 'Tha, Gil and Ill(eana) are eating out and happy together.
-At the Casa Hogar grand opening, everyone is in ot their own thing and happy. However in this novela euphoria doesn't last long and FeVer and Isa pull telepathically pull each other aside to exchange the address of the trip (Venue) The gears in Art Dad's head turn as he sees those two ealk off and wonders what's up.
Avances- About FeVer and Isa, Arturo ponders and over the road of redemption Marcela wanders. (and FeVer's lips on Isa's head wander as well LOL)
Author's Notes- I apologize for it being the second half of the episode only but in a way it compensates for the other time I only had the first half and my witty remarks make up maybe?


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