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La Sombra del Pasado #117 - Wed 7/29 - The more things change, the more they stay the same

Melesio agrees to try to get Cris to come outside, but it's going to be difficult if he's with Cande.  In the meantime, Aldonza and Don Camilo need to stay hidden.  Jacinto walks them off to one side.

Sev lays the guilt on thick, saying he's going upstairs to check on Cande and Cris should stay put because she needs him.  And then, for some unknown reason, he heads outside and drives off in the truck, never noticing Aldonza, Jacinto, and Don Camilo lurking by a tree.

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Amores con trama #87 and #88 7/29/15 and 7/30/15

Here she comes to save the daaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mighty Jarifa is on the waaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

She has the recap well in hand! Look for it in the comments.



Lo Imperdonable #51 07/28/2015 Discussion page

My boss is out of town again and work caught up with me this morning, I'll have a recap for you all much later today...I've yet to see the episode and my phone is out of battery, I'll be back as soon as I can!



Yo No Creo #11: Five SidesTo Every Story

Max grimaces during the little celebration for Ivana and Daniel’s engagement.  

That night Danny gripe at Mama Ursula for planning the whole thing and insisting on an engagement complete with the ring that she went out and bought herself for him to use.  (Better bite it to see if it’s real.)  Mama gripes at him for bringing the guttersnipe social climbing wannabe to their place to screw her.  “—That is the problem!  You interrupted me before I could!”  Maleny asks why he told Max what a lying, thieving tramp she was.  He tells Mal that it was the best way to protect both of them and their plans since it was obvious Max was interested in her.  Mama wants the Maria Deloris business over and done with.  Not gonna happen, says Danny Boy.  In fact, Mama is going to help him get her into bed with him or else!

Meanwhile, Clara asks MD why Dan didn’t show up at Rudolfo’s funeral.  "--Why he was arranging for the money to help Julian and then his boss had him stay at the manse with her and their guests the entire weekend."  Leo asks why Dan didn’t want her talking to his brother.  MD turns the table on him and says it was his brother who told her today he didn’t want anything to do with her.  (Yeah, but that conveniently avoids answering the original question:  did Dan really tell you not to have anything to do with his brother!)  Leo offers to intervene to clear up any misunderstandings but Mardi won’t allow it.

Back at Urrrrrrsi’s, Mal says just kick MD to the curb and be done with it once and for all.  Danny explains that he thought he’d have a bit of fun with Mardi but then things got complicated and now the only way to ditch her without wrecking their plans with Ivana and Max is to get her in bed first.  Urge de Ursi says just break up, tell her that he’s marrying Ivana and threaten to make her lose her job if she doesn’t back off.  She’s not the type to give up that easily and is more likely to go to Ivana with the truth of how they’ve been dating without Ivana’s having known the first thing about it.  

MD and Leo come with Honoria to the club to give back Julian’s borrowed money.  The Big Bruiser tells her to take it back and make her son present it like any man would.  “—He can’t because he’s been arrested!”  Big Bruiser grabs Honoria by the throat and demands answers.  MD races in after her and tries breaking up the fracas but it only gets worse and then Leo tries out a few moves—and fails badly.  The two women race out, leaving Leo to his fate.  MD thinks twice and calls Isela for help. 

Ise lies to Josefa and says it’s Orlando calling about the boys in the barrio needing help at some dive.  She calls Claudio instead—at Josefa’s insistence--and he and Max race down to the club to get Leo out of there.  Claudio spies a hopeful Honoria and MD and frowns judgmentally.

At Ursi’s the two “novios” discuss a quick wedding and setting the date as early as possible.  

At Los Bustamonte Alma is upset to see Leo’s bloody condition and Claudio blames her for letting their son run wild and with the wrong sorts of people: barrio types!  Max tells Leo that he knows Leo went to that club only to look good in front of Clara by helping MD.  (I think.)

The next day Mal and Ari meet at her “country house” and have a hot time by the pool.  During pool talk and verbal foreplay he mentions that Max learned about Ari knowing Maleny from the club and “tennis lessons” while the gang were all at the jail house waiting on Orly/Julian (or whichever was in jail this time around).  He tells Mal that she’s the only one that turns him on.  (Gordita Who???)

Ivana shows off her ring to Gerry while she’s getting ready for the grand design dinner taking place that evening.

MD cannot locate either Dan or the lawyer he’s “offered” to her.  She tells Clara about the fight at the club the night before.  Clara knows Leo’s family is going to blame her and the family after the jam Leo got into.   
That morning at work, Ise lies that Clara called MD for help last night and that’s why she called him.
In the barrio, Mardi tells Orly to have Ari’s Lindita de Doris to stop by her shop and she’ll see what she can do to help her.  He learns that Julian is being transferred to the prison and that Max is not his lawyer any longer.  Why?  MD doesn’t go into it but warns him that after the bar fight that things will be getting worse for her and the others very soon.  
"--Why couldn’t you have been home last night?”  He was, Orly says.  Ise told her he wasn’t and called Max and his daddy.

Ursi and her attorney discuss the need to keep Danny Boy from getting into skirt trouble before the wedding take place.  Mama says she’s making that priority #1.

Orly heads off to work and suddenly Big Bruiser grabs and threatens Mardi to keep quiet about last night’s fight.  Just a suddenly, Daniel appears ♪♫ …to save the day….♪♪  (Mighty Mouse flashbacks.  Sorry.)  Bruiser escapes without a scratch, but Danny looks like a super hero to naïve MD.  The lawyer and she fight to keep him from running after the gangster guy.  “—Who is this guy, Maria Deloris?”

Gerry tells Ivana that a cheap engagement ring could have ruined the looks of her gown this evening.  All desperate Ivana cares about is the sentiment behind it.   

At Los Bustamonte Claudio demands an explanation from Alma and Max how he knew about Leo and the nightclub fight.  He’s mad that Leo didn’t introduce Clara to him before now and figures he knows why:  that these people are trash and Leo has no business hanging around with these barrio types.  Max warns hi dad not to jump to conclusions about Maria Doloris and her family and friends.  Claudio gets in a huff figuring they’ve already taken sides against him in this fight and he stomps off.

Meanwhile, across town, Danny and his crooked attorney explain why Julian is going to prison for a long time: all the evidence is against him.  Period.  Esperanza says she knows Julian simply doesn’t have it in him to kill her husband. (She avoids mentioning the bum, Julian’s baby daddy being involved and having some sort of evidence though gawd knows why.) Dan does a good job of making Espy doubt herself especially about Julian and the people he is involved with.  

Orly picks up Ise after work and questions her about not really calling him the night before.  She has to admit she lied—but it was only to “protect him from people like that, my love”…..(GRRR!)  She asks him sweetly if he wouldn’t have done the same for her?  He folds like a cheap suit.

Claudio gives Alma more grief for improper upbringing of their younger son.  

After Dan and his attorney de quinto leave, Clara rightly questions the lawyer’s abilities.  “--What’s his problem anyway?  The guy seems more interested in blaming Julian that in defending him!”  Why do they want or need him?  Mardi chides her for not giving him the chance to ask the same questions as the judge would and to have faith in him (‘cause Daniel provided him and why he’s doing all things a man should do for the woman he’s dating, right????)  Clara’s had enough of that blindsided attitude and leaves to check on Leo.  

Espy, at MD’s urging, admits there’s a vagrant in the neighborhood who can identify the criminals from that night and that would help in Julian’s defense.

Meanwhile, Julian’s attorney is at the club with Big Bruiser and Dan’s on the phone to speak with the dude.  Dan says he’s going to put a damper on all the hubbub for them both.  All he wants in exchange is for Big Bruiser to continue threatening Mardi—but he’s not to touch her or Dan will see to it himself that the dude heads to prison for quite a long time.

Clara runs into Leo’s parents outside the manse on their way to Ivana’s big dinner.  He throws her out of the place and tells her to stay away from Leo from now on or he’ll find a reason to sic the police on them.  She tells him it’s Leo’s decision whether to see her or not, but not his.  Anyway, accuse away because they have nothing to hide, being honorable people.  She turns on her heel and races away and fights her tears.  

Ise tells the Hag about her new problem with Orly.  She tells her to forget him and concentrate on the grand seduction.  She does look bad in front of MD and Clara tho’.  Tough nutz says the Hagefa.

Clara runs home and tells Mardi about the run-in with Leo’s dad.  MD says nobody but nobody humiliates my sister!  Max is going to hear an earful!  She races off towards town and Max’s office which must be just past the restaurant or grand hall where the dinner is being held.

Honoria visits Julian at the Jail and drops off some clothes and sundries for the trip to prison.  She leaves and watches as he gets beaten up by some bully.  

Across the way, the press surrounds Ivana as Gerry builds up her exclusive, one of a kind, dress that she’s premiering (as did her mother for years prior).  One of the lady reporters who apparently did the news short on the quinceañeras tells her camera man to wait while she goes for something that will be the news of the evening!  

Back at that gala, Alma notes how nice Ivana looks for this evening’s event.  Gerry says that Maria Doloris dress creation is the hit of the show.  Alma and Claudio trade snippy looks at each other.  Alma sniffs and tries to scoot out of that corner she’s been painted into and Gerry mentions that she’s engaged to marry Daniel as part of the reason Ivana is glowing tonight.  

MD meets Max outside the dinner gala on the street to chastise him for taking it out on her kid sister that she dumped him as Julian’s lawyer.  He doesn’t understand what she means.  MD mentions Claudio’s warning off Clara from Leo.  Max blames Mardi for the mess cuz he’d have never shown his face there if it weren’t to help out MD at her request.  She is about to tell him to stuff it up his starched-shirt asset when she notices Daniel getting out of his fancy car and helping Ursula to the curb.  

Dan and Ursi are afraid of her and wonder what she’s doing there outside on the street watching them.  He reminds Mama of what she might be capable of doing.  Mardi goes across the street to question him and he and Mama pretend he’s the driver and Mama his employer.  Oh the tux?  The boss rented it for him for the event.  

Honoria visit’s Fermin in the hospital and asks him to please wake up to help Julian by presenting the evidence only he has to help free Julian.  They’re going to kill him in there otherwise!  Miraculously El Vermin ése awakes!



La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 115, 07-28-2015: Choose a title.

So many potential titles: We Are Fam-i-ly! aka Oh. Sh*t. aka Awwwww sh*t aka ….has hit the fan aka The Culpas Come Home to Roost aka Honor They Father and Mother may be the hardest commandment aka OMG You Guys! aka The BEST EPISODE EVER.

NOTE: This was clearly multiple episodes, but they left in all the good stuff! The short will be long, the long is crazy, the capítulo is not to be skipped. If you were planning to skip it, DON’T SKIP IT. WATCH IT. I’ll put up a short of it tomorrow and edit this, but I gotta get sleep and I wanted to post in case anyone is awake and needs to discuss because this eppy was JUICY!

Short of it...
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When bad things happen to bad people La Sombra Del Pasado #114 07/27/2015

 Hi patio peeps, below is your Monday night recap, a big thank you to Kat, AKA best team leader EVER for putting up a recap last week!

We get some footage from Friday night's episode, mainly Aldi telling Humberto that she's the one that will be talking to E-man, he had several years to man up and never did, she's also not going to give him the opportunity to lie to E-man.

Aldonza leaves and Humberto asks Adelina how Aldi found out that E-man was her brother. Adelina spills: Aldi had her fathers remains exhumed so she could have him cremated and spread his ashes in ES, when they opened his coffin only his body was there, she then questioned everyone and connected the dots. Ade tells him that she even went to see Sev, and Humberto tells her that Sev is such a bastard that he would never admit to being E-mans father.

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Lo Imperdonable, Episodio 50, Monday, July 27, 2015: Ladies' Night

Last night the women claimed the spotlight.  The men?  Mere props.  Supporting players in some cases, obstructing players in others.  Verónica, Virginia and Magdalena were geographically apart but their stories were more intertwined than ever.  Nanciyaga and Matilde were both responsible for saving a life, though Nanciyaga was a reluctant hero.  (Even lightweight Ana Perla had a sweet, if parenthetical moment.)  And the Virgin of Guadalupe was a featured guest star.

Verónica – ow! that hurts!

Nanciyaga has grudgingly worked her leafy magic; Vero awakens confused and in tremendous pain.  Why does her leg hurt so much?  And her head?  Ay ay ay, what a killer headache!  And what's that crap on her brow?  Marty tells her about the fire and how she was hurt when a beam fell on her.  She has a broken leg and a serious head injury.  It was Nanciyaga who helped bring her back to consciousness.  Dr. F couldn't tell them when – or even if – she would wake up.  
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres Lunes 7/27/15 #10

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up. Heat makes it worse, too. You can turn on a computer but you can't always make it ovey your orders. Be back later with stuff to chew on.


Some, anyway.  Here is the first third:

Chapter 10: Bad Feelings

Part 1

While Fermin the Vermin was being hit by a getaway car, Maria Dolores was fading fast. Daniel the Weasel had plied her with booze until she was lying under him on the couch in the hunting cottage. He was the hunter and she was his prey. A cell phone rang. Maria Dolores recognized it as hers. It was Clara letting her know that Julian had been arrested. He was accused of killing Rudolfo. She said not to call Max and she would be right there. Daniel could not talk her out of that. Thank Somebody.
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Amores con trampa #85 and #86 7/27/15 and 7/28/15

The captions were off tonight, almost everyone was deep in the SBeC accent and my brain decided it didn't understand Spanish. I've recapped the first 30 minutes. I will finish it tomorrow when it's up on Hulu. The captions will hopefully be better.

There’s a rehash of Carmen taking down the casting information and Francis trying to goad her into a fight. Unfortunately, Carmen in unaware that Francis has removed the most important part of the poster. It’s a casting for models for a teeny weeny bikini line.

At the boutique, Maria tells Rocio that Fac is not the man she married. Rocio tells Maria that Beto told her about Maria left Florencio at the altar for Fac. Rocio asks Maria if she ever regretting leaving Florencio stranded at the altar. Maria gets uncomfortable and walks away. Both of them hear the bell announcing a customer. A man enters with a huge bouquet of roses. Maria thinks it’s Facundo, but it’s Florencio. He says “all these roses together cannot match the beauty of your face.” He hopes they can can at least make her ojitos de venado sparkle (I translate under duress because it sounds like crap in English: literally deer eyes. I guess I could go with doe eyes.)

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: El gran final de Tierra de Reyes, el gran estreno de Bajo el mismo cielo; El señor de los cielos 3, Avenida Brasil, etc – week of July 27, 2015

Tierra de Reyes is ending tonight, Monday, July 27, with a 2-hour final episode (9pm/8C - 11pm/10C).

The anxiously awaited Bajo el mismo cielo begins on Tuesday night in the 9pm/8C time slot.

Enjoy the week!



What's up, Caray, Caray!?

Hola Carayites!

Here is your space for all the news that's fit to print about proximas, shameless plugs for current shows, community news, and anything you think might be of interest to your fellow telenovela fans.

What shows are ending?  What new shows are starting?  Got any recommendations for shows, movies, music, or books that may appeal to your fellow fans?  Let's hear it!  (Remember to keep it spoiler-free and gossip-free.)

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La Vecina-Highlights and Discussion July 20-31 (#20-29)

July 20-24 In Review: The Dick and Jane Version

Simon Has a Rocket

See Simon. See Simon build a rocket.

See Bermudez. See Bermudez interview Simon for a bank loan. See Bermudez decide Simon is crazy.

See Edwina. See Edwina gush over the rocket. See Edwina convince Bermudez to give Simon the loan.

See Simon again. See Simon buy chocolate for Edwina. See Simon ask Edwina out. See Edwina arrive late. See Edwina fall.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #9: A Date with Fate and a Twisted Date

Parte 1~~

The twist to the legal agreement, Maria Doloris and Isela learn, is that they lose their jobs along with the old pervert, Jacinto.  MD gives the bad news to the rest of the women in the shop.
Meanwhile, Esperanza learns of Julian’s gesture of offering to loan the money to Mardi for the rental space to begin a seamstress/tailor shop and refuses it in her name.  

Leo mentions to Clara that it’s obvious that Julian has the hots for her big sis.

Josefa fairly breathes down Isela’s neck as she makes a call to Max’s daddy, the Judge, to whine about losing her job as part of the agreement.   

MD is working late that night on the dress for Ivana when Max drops by to give her a bit of encouragement for the meeting the next day; she scolds him for accepting terms she and Ise “would never have agreed to,” and he leaves with his tail between his legs.
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The one with the magical healing herbs Lo Imperdonable #49 07/24/15

Hi. You get me again, for the third time this week, sorry mates! Anyhoo, I again kindly ask that you use a name so that we all know who we are talking to in the comments section, think about it, say you went to a dinner party and you're with a group of people you've never met, what's the first thing you would do? That's right, you'd introduce yourself. You don't have to use your real name, call yourselves whatever you'd like, I just want to know who is hanging out in the patio!

And now your recap. Disclaimer: Events are NOT in order.
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La Sombra del Pasado #114 The Sombra begins to fade

Hola, mis amigos del Patio de la Sombra!  Let’s dive right in!  The episode felt staccato and that may be reflected in the recap. 

Adelina confesses her undying love for Aldonza’s father, the late Raimundo Alcocer.  Aldonza is surprised and realizes this is the great secret Adelina spoke of some time ago.  Adelina still loves Ray because he lives in her heart though she asks Aldonza to forgive her.  It feels like such a sin to have been in love with her own sister’s husband.  Aldonza thinks it is nothing of the sort and thinks her father would have been better off with someone like Adelina.  Aldonza wants her to proudly display the picture but Adelina says no:  it’s a torture for her.  The dead should rest in peace.

Gonzalo has apparently confessed his tremendous two-day old love for Flavia to Renato.  Renato is concerned that not only do they not have anything in common, but Flavia is not legally divorced from her husband who is also a business partner of his (Renato’s)!  Gonzalo thinks the pot is calling the kettle black but Renato disagrees.    Does Flavia feel the same?  She feels something but she’s confused and trying to sort through her feelings about her husband.  Gonzalo throws the Aldonza/Cris thing back in Renato’s face.  Gonzalo is going to exercise his right to try to win Flavia’s heart so Renato finally backs down as they realize they haven’t really greeted each other and hug. 

PJ counsels Jock that even if they get a divorce, in the eyes of the Church, marriage cannot be dissolved!  PJ says Jock should forgive Flavia, truly, from the heart.

Tomas and his father discuss the trumped up assault charges Pru brought against him.  He swears it isn’t true and they decide to consult Silvia.  That way Pa can get a chance to meet this wonderful girl!

Cande has a fit over Cris’s torn shirt and learns he ripped it in a fight with Renato over Aldonza.  She has her tiring pissy fit which we, unfortunately, can see and hear when we close our eyes.  To Cande’s screeched inquiry Cris answers, NO, he can’t get her out of his heart, much the same way that she can’t get PJ out of hers.  Cris leaves her to stew.

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Chrome feeds

As is pointed out in the sidebar, feeds do not work in Chrome.  As there are so many of us using Chrome, here are a couple of suggestions to get around that.

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Amores con Trampa #84 Facu gets deceived by Santee, Esteban and Beto so he misses the meeting with the investors. Florencio arrives at MC. Rocio and Beto strengthen their love in front of Hilda and Francis

The Carmona kids and Alejandra and Andres playing with the water and the hose. (was kind of cute Jacinto suggested playing without water (just hoses) to not waste water.
Isabel finds Jacinto building a fence or cage for animals… she asks if he will thank her for telling him what was happening (Beto and Rocio were getting married)…  Facu not so sure it was for the best… Isa asks if he ranted on Maria (put her in her place)…  Facu insists he does not want trouble or wars with anyone… Isa keeps getting close to Facu… he suggests she go back home… Isa tells him he can count on her for anything (and of course puts her hand on his face just as Maria comes out of the house and catches them)… Maria acts all proper/indifferent (you can keep him, I will give him to you for free)…  Facu surprised and does not appreciate being gifted around as if he were a box of candy…  Maria insists Isa can keep him… they keep going back and forth and Facu’s cap blows…  Maria leaves offended, Isa pulls Facu back and asks him ‘if I do accept that ‘present’ what would happen?’  Facu is totally taken aback she is even considering that possibility and runs in the house after Maria… Isa starts feeding the goats… lol
Rocio is confronting Hilda for Beto…  Rocio more than irritated and pushes Hilda back and Hilda falls on a guy who drops his food… Rocio apologizes to the guy… Beto begs Rocio not to get into fights with Hilda anymore…  Hilda suggests Beto will end up with her, who has no doubts or complications…  Rocio only came to the school to see Beto to tell him she loves him with all her heart. She saw everything, so she has no doubts about him… no one will separate them.  She wants everyone to hear that no one will separate them. She has a heart necklace to give him which reflects her heart that she gives to him.  Love you . Will love you always.  (sealed with a kiss)… Hilda suddenly feels very out of place or the odd man out.  Frances and her shadowgirls are there to witness the scene… Frances starts whinning that she does not know when the exclusive college became a neighborhood taqueria. Carmen also comes in. Rocio leaves and Beto goes on to class.
At office, Esteban wants Santee to sign some docs. Santee says he won’t be fooled twice, he will read the documents very carefully before signing.  Esteban asks him not to get in trouble by doubting Facu. Santee starts namecalling Facu (charro montaperros). And undermines the business savvy of Facu’s.  Then he starts talking about women when he looks at the Isa photo frame.  Then talks about Estefani and her flirting… and then Mireya with her ‘confusions’… but all that is over… Now all his efforts are aimed at the ranchero (Facu). And to recover what was his.  He expects Esteban to help him. Esteban not so sure.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Thurs 07-23-2015, Capítulo 8

Not one to be ruffled by the appearance of the person she and her horrible spawn were just bashing, Úrsula breezes over to dear Susy. She promises to scold the butler for not telling them she was there and Susy notes that he didn’t offer her anything to drink either. Ah, well, no matter they must get going. Max’s mom, Alma is waiting for them to pick her up. Maleny and Úrsula nervously follow her out to the car.

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Lo Imperdonable #48, Thursday The one where EXPLOSIVE stuff happens

Hello, everybody!

I had a very bad morning, probably the worst in ages, so I wasn't able to watch the show or write a recap as I had planned. I'm extremely sorry and ashamed, but these have been difficult days for me, as I received a couple of bad news and more might follow (friendly advice: never move to France - it will suck the life out of you and then, when you finally come out for air, it will suck some more).

The one VERY bright spot right now is that my baby is doing just fine, which is the only thing that truly matters, but all the rest is a mess, so I didn't have the heart to watch the show.
I am so very sorry to disappoint you all, especially after Eli's two stellar recaps (btw, Eli, great job yesterday, too, you bring it every single time - thank you so much for your hard work!).

Please, if you can, feel free to include whatever you want about last night's show in your comments and later on I might have the time to edit this post and add your stuff, too.

Now I have to go struggle with some French bureaucrats some more, as my day is only half over and who knows what will happen next. If only I had a gold mine somewhere deep in the Mexican nowhere land to go hide...

Adriana Noel

Later Edit:

Thank you so much, Vivi and Anon 09:48, for giving us the highlights of the episode. It seems like I lost quite an explosive show.
I will add them here, so that anyone who comes to the post later on, can find them faster.
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La Sombra del Pasado #113

The Legal Bits-Em's Case
Padre goes to see Emanuel. They talk about the robbery. Em says it was worth it to save Solitario's life. Padre waxes all kinds of dramatic. Fight the good fight! It's the biggest fight of your life and Sev is the biggest enemy. You aren't just fighting for yourself you're fighting for ALL the little people Sev has trod upon. God is on your side! You will win! At the end of the road you will find your origin and your destiny and you will find it mounted on your horse EL SOLITARIO!!

Emanuel gets sentenced to prison. They are going to transfer him to El Reclusorio Laa Vigas. I'm pretty sure the sentence said he would stay there an undetermined amount of time until the judge made a decision(?) Throughout the episode it was made clear that that was code for "he's probably not getting out any time soon." Slivia says they will get him out. Em knows he has no defense. Silvia and Pato are hoping that Em's wanting to save the horse's life will at least get him a reduced sentence.

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Claudia suelta la sopa Lo Imperdonable #47 07/22/2015

Hello my patio peeps, you get me for the 2nd day in the row! I'm going to ask you guys for a favor, it seems like we are getting more people commenting on this show, but many show up as anonymous, if you can (and want to) would our new friends please sign up for an account so that I have something to call you instead of "Anonymous 20:13"?- if you don't want to sign up for an account that's ok, the box at the bottom before you comment allows you to put in a user name without having to sign up for an account. I just think it'd be awesome to get to know who we are talking to in the comments!

Now your recap:

The Old Goat and Family:

 Pablo gets grilled. He tells the old goat his story: he does not come from money, he is on a scholarship that allows him to pay his expenses, he has an art show scheduled in New York which should net him enough money to buy a house in Pueblo Nuevo. The old goat freaks out at the thought of Pablo taking AP with him but Pablo promises that he won't, he has no plans to move to the city. The Old Goat questions how Pablo will manage to keep AP living in the same standard that she's used to...sorry, time for a rant:

Dear Old Goat,

Your granddaughter has spent a life time being bullied by Manuel simply because she was born with a vagina, she has been treated as a second class citizen, and as a criminal who needs to be watched at all times to prevent her from what? Having a party in her pants? More recently she has been emotionally abused by your pig of a grandson and has been locked in a shed, oh and let's not forget that she's not even allowed to read because god forbid she should get any "ideas"- I'm pretty sure AP would gladly live in a hovel like Veronica's if it meant having some freedom, what good is all the money she has now when she can't even walk down the street without you and Manuel thinking she's going to start jumping the bones of every man in town?

End of rant. PS:I'm still counting down to your death!
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 7- A Mole To Remember

(Some scenes were merged out of context)


The boss gives Jacinto " The Mole" his liquidation papers because it's not like he will get a job anywhere now once the truth comes out. Jacinto suddenly stands up and declares WW3 on the Boss. He is still playing the same strings and blames his victims for his problems.


Daniel is apologizing to MD for their previous discussion but he doesnt trust Max and he doesnt want for any more bad things happening to MD. MD says that there are lot's of things that he can do such as guarding her bag  ( Note: It includes Ivana's dress for the parade) like a golden treasure. Daniel later tosses the dress away to a random female employee. The employee of an employee thinks that she stole the dress. They  plan to  sell the dress.

Jacinto comes to the company like nothing and starts his molesting spree on the poor women. The Boss comes at last but Jacinto doesn't want to move. The Boss does nothing , he doesn't even attempt to call security  WTH.

Maleny at the tennis-ground  is worried that Isela & Orlando will open their mouths but Ari assures her that they will not because once Max is done helping them , he might not see them again. Maly wants Ari to move to a new apartment but Ari has no money. Maly proclaims that she needs to marry Max ASAP.

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