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Narcos Capitulo #3 August 24 2016: Dreams come to an end

"This ain't gonna hurt a bit!"

[Some scenes were merged for easier reading]
In the last episode we have witnessed some cruel and unkind deaths. One of them was Connie's adored cat. Javier starts drilling Steve with questions. Did you have any contact outside of DEA? Do you have any affairs? After a short thought Steve remembers his sticky situation at the local airport. He had his passport scanned and sent directly to the bandits. Javier also points out that the cat is D.E.A property so there will be justice for the cat. (This is due to Kiki Cartagena, a D.E.A agent that was brutally tortured during his mission in Mexico]. Javier&Steve also meet Suarez. He is a local cop that plays both sides that only works for money so he get's bribed. The DEA later catches up to the two airport bandits. Royal karma ensues. Killing a D.E.A cat is a federal crime. One of the bandits spills up the identity of the cat killer: Poison.

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Yago #59, Wednesday August 24, 2016: Party-Poopers

I hope you enjoyed the title, because that's where the fun ends.
(Official episode title: "Mortal Attack." That's not fun at all!)

- Fidel and Selma prepare to say goodbye to their home and friends by planning a going-away party.

- Lucio and Camilo set Sara up with a wedding planner to keep her distracted while they plan their totally nonviolent, lightning-fast, surgical strike on Fidel's place to get Julia.

- Julia tries to get Ximena to attend Fidel's going-away party. She is unsuccessful, but a follow-up visit from Yago changes Ximena's mind.

- Katia is allowed to make a supervised phone call to warn about an attack, but no one picks up the phone.

- At the party, Abel asks Julia to marry him, and she accepts.

- The nonviolent, lightning-fast, surgical strike on Fidel's place is a totally sloppy bloodbath from the get-go. It takes forever, and Selma is killed.

- Fidel finds Camilo crying over Selma's body. They struggle, and Camilo shoots Fidel. Julia sees her dead parents and is grabbed by Hernan.

The blow-by-blow: later this evening.


Tres Veces Ana # 82 - Finally face-to-face with the three faced woman and a man with no face

Our ever scheming Ana Le figures it’s not very convenient for Santicelo in either of his incarnations to meet with Ev, especially in light of all this info she recently received on Ev’ involvement in all of her beeswax, so she asks Abue to exclude her marido from this conversation. Abue could go either way, as she reasons perhaps it could jolt Marcelo’s memory and suddenly Santicelo appears from behind in his Marcelo updo. He heard Ev’s name being mentioned and Erni is pleasantly surprised he remembers Ev. Marcelo says it’s a great idea to invite Ev and incidentally he is remembering a lot of things, like the fact that he found out Ana Lu was alive and to stop him from delivering that news, someone orchestrated this accident. When he finds out the culprit, he will have no mercy on them. (Incidentally, he is speaking to Erni with a familiar ‘tu’). Ana Le looks like she wishes she had a strong drink nearby or someone to push off the building to calm her nerves.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sueño de amor #114 Wed. 8/24/16 "Ricardo Shows He is Just a Schmuck in More Ways Than One"

So, we will start with where we ended: Esperanza finally being forgiven by Ricardo the schmuck. He finally asks how her health is. She is in remission but not "free" yet: she still has some chemotherapy and viral therapy to complete. Ernesto and Pedro were the ones who researched the viral therapy. The doctors have no idea how she is in remission. Eventhough Ricardo the schmuck knows he has no right to ask, he does anyway: is she still planning on marrying Ernesto?

At the hospital, Cristina is still crying and talking with Margarita in the cafeteria. The upsetting topic is what Esperanza did to protect Ricardo and now he protected her from the bullet. The meaning from that is that either one was willing to sacrifice their life for the other. Margarita admits that is a huge kind of love to have. Cristina wonders how she can compete with that.

Esperanza fills in Ricardo about Ernesto's 20% operational kidney and how they have not talked about getting married since they called the priest to her death bed. He needs a transplant soon or he might die. Ricardo the schmuck asks her if she loves Ernesto. That does not sit well with Esperanza. If Ricardo is so sure about his marrying Cristina, why is he asking another woman about her marriage plans? Ricardo the schmuck apologizes saying he should not have gone there; it is just that he never understood the whole Ernesto thing. How she could kick him out of her life but forgive a man she hated? Ricardo the schmuck only had her come to tell her he owes his life to her and he thanks her. Esperanza tells him he owes her nothing and thanks him again for forgiving her but adds that she should not be there. Cristina his future wife should be there and she leaves.
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Narcos Capitulo #2, August 23, 2016 : Violence galore

[Some scenes may get merged]

Steve&Connie have just got on a flight for Columbia. On their way there they notice the Bahamas. It's quite an adoring window site (I especially like the filming and locations in this show. They feel very fresh.) . When the couple arrived to Columbia they ran into a lot of issues as they lacked the papers for a cat. The flight assistant was obviously bought. He called in for his boss and the scheme was on. They waited hours and hours until the boss let them through but that didn't come without a price. He scanned Steve's documents and sent them to Poison.

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Yago #58: White Lies and Truth Serum

As she’s being kidnapped by Hernan, bound and gagged and stuffed in the trunk of his car, Selma recalls how her relationship with Fidel began. She was Camilo’s girlfriend, but she was in love with his married BFF Fidel and was fighting the mutual attraction. She tells us that she knew choosing Fidel over Camilo would have consequences, but she preferred to die at Fidel’s side than to live at Camilo’s.

At Casa Guerrero, Yomar and the family fret about why Camilo is targeting them (taking away Jonas’ recent furniture contract) and if he knows Yago is Omar. Yomar thinks this could be the case, and everyone panics. He then admits to them that Sara knows his real identity, which sends them into a tizzy, as they are sure she betrayed him and told Camilo. Yomar doesn’t think so, and Sara comes over and pleads her case. She swears she will never betray Yomar again like she did in the past. She doesn’t think that Camilo knows Yomar’s real identity, because surely he would have already done something more serious to them...

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Tres Veces Ana #81 - Convincers and Convicters, but still no victors

Color Guide:
*Intro in Red
*Reader Reactions in Blue
*Name Key at bottom of the Recap

Before we begin, I know we've abandoned some tables here on the patio recently. Looks like we're going to abandon some more, I'll just place these here *sits a barrel of tomatoes in front of Viewerville*. 

Los tomatos de los nefarzos

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Sueño de Amor (SdA) US #113 (MEX #114, #115). Tuesday August 23, 2016. Darn You, Kracy, You Had One Job!

I'm a rational being, get me out of here!
At a glance

-- He lives! That rascal!
-- It appears that the geniuses at Looneyvision got scissor-happy again and are doing some creative editing to this creative show. They smushed two episodes together, #114 and #115 as per the Mexican broadcast. Recapper Jarifa has kindly contributed a summary for Episode #115, added at the end.

A closer look

In our wearisome and most loathed Sueñolandia, a severe case of nuptialsus interruptus is underway. We now know why Cristina Vélez Valderrama (CVV) chose an all-white color palette for her wedding: Camouflage. This is the only way we can explain why trigger-happy Kracy missed her shot at such a short distance and ended up getting Ricardolt in the shoulder instead of right between the eyes. Esperanza using her one-true-love as a human shield didn’t help either. It also seemed as if Tricky Ricky deliberately chose to shield Esperanza with his body instead of protecting his stunning bride; partly out of love and partly because he needed more cushion for the fall. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Narcos Capitulo #1, August 22,2016:The harsh beginnings

We are shown a glimpse of Colombia in the past and it's magical realism.The narrator begins: "Nowadays the U.S government can spy on everyone they want. You come near a computer or a a cellphone, you're doomed. But back in Colombia 1989 there was no Internet , no GPS. Only the rich could afford the seemingly untraceable satellites phones like landowners, politicians but especially the Narcos."

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Yago Capitulo 57 August 22 2016: The return of Sauron

We begin our intense episode with a flashback. Sara, just about standing before the court entrance  finally admits that she is not a victim at all but no one can choose their destiny. It's difficult to pick between your future spouse or your sickly sister. She should have picked both! Right when Sara wanted to exit Damian grabbed her, forbidding her to leave. The snake eyed Damian reminds her that all fingers point at her. The court needs a guilty person and that can't be Sara right? The whole charade is later revealed to be Camilo's plan to marry Sara. He gives Sara some cursed wedding ring. He will marry her even if Sara said that she'll drag Camilo into the abyss, it's a risk worth taking. Sara pretends to accept it. Camilo also ordered someone to take pictures of Sara&Camilo

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Un Camino Hacia el Destino-Week 27 (Aug 23, 2016) 1st Half

ARE WE THERE YET? ALMOST. TELL US IT ISN’T TRUE. (Continued on the first comment.)


Tres Veces Ana - #80 - Next time please serve Valium at your party!

We start this perfect length episode (with an added bonus of no repeat scenes!) with Ana Le rudely inquiring if stunned Sole is mute or deaf, or neither, in which case would she please answer her question on Viridiana’s whereabouts. Sole manages to mumble something on Viri being right back. Ana Le wants to know Sole’s position here – it is seamstress. Yes, that is obvious, contemptuously spits out Ana Le. Sole is offered sweet relief from this most unexpected company when Viri comes out, and Ana Le runs out to congratulate her. Sole scurries away to worry in the backroom in front of Ceci. She is trembling and in a whiny voice proclaims that she has a bad feeling, and wants to go home to her daughter.

With Sole out of their earshot, Ana Le wants to know if this seamstress is any good, and if she is, Viri must send her along with the dress to make it fit just right, since all that money was paid by Tio to make Ana Le happy. (I would probably not be remiss in my estimation that the entire viewership of this TN would like to offer a suggestion to take a pair of scissors to this dress to make it really stand out…or stand down.) Viridiana calls Ana Le out on making TioM spend so much money on this dress. Ana Le uses this opportunity to bring up Claudia, who was bidding against them, and since TioM had a past with her, he was trying to outbid. Viri somehow looks like she has Ana Le’s number.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sueño de amor, Ep. 112 (8.22.16) Esperanza suffers Aquimichú syndrome: One step forward, two steps back

We start this episode with Ricardo telling Cristina Vélez Valderrama, the firewoman of the education, the reasons why he left Esperanza 21 years ago. We will never have the whole story, because he partially reveals that he did it because of his father, who died anyway, so his effort was in vain. Poor Ricardo.

Then, like in the truth or dare game, CVV reveals that her mother is alive and kicking in USA. We all know her father died of lung cancer. Why is her mother not coming to the wedding, is she illegal also and can not leave the county? Poor Cristinita.

In the Guerrero's household, Esperanza and her daughter discuss Ernesto's kidney's problems. Since he is reluctant to accept the girl's organ, Patricia has an idea to make him take it. Looks like these women like to decide what is best for everybody else except themselves.
Your father is a saint, says Espy, he prefers to die before taking your kidney.
He is so noble, right?
-But mapa, I am ready to donate my kidney for love. Love is everything!
-Well, and if you're right and love is everything, why is he rejecting me? You know that I can not leave him, after all he did for me. 
-This is the same you did to Ricardo, remember? It's called karma, viatch!
-And I can not keep insisting with Ricardo either. I need to get away from them.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Silvana sin Lana, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, Señora Acero 3, & más: Week of August 22, 2016

Welcome to Page #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, issued twice a week: Mondays at 3:00 PM and Thursdays at 8:00 PM.

Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):
• 10:30AM-12PM—Más Sabe el Diablo
• 12PM—Império
• 1PM—Tormenta de Pasiones
• 8PM—Silvana Sin Lana**
• 9PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso**
• 10PM—Señora Acero 3: La Coyote**
Note that there are three newly added novelas in the daytime lineup.  Here are one-line descriptions of each: Más Sabe el Diablo: a young man whose life is filled with bad decisions falls in love with a forbidden woman.  Império:  José Alfredo, head of an international jewelry network, will do anything to keep his power.  Tormenta de Pasiones: A family's life will change forever when the husband's infidelity is discovered. 
**Also, be aware that the three evening novelas will be preempted this Thursday, August 25, by the Telemundo awards show Premios Tu Mundo.
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Tres Veces Ana #78/79: Altered Egos OR Facing The Hiss Pitting Image

  While Iñaki and Santiago get good and snakkered (I love this Norwegian-based term, snakker=talking/speaking) on two bottles of a most expensive brand of tequila, discussing the vices and virtues of Ana Leticia versus Ana Lucia, Ana MiMi has a major meltdown over her missing Marcelo whom she believes must be in his mistress’s arms.  Ana Not-So-Lucky, meanwhile, is examining SanMarco’s wedding ring and musing the meaning of the inscription: Ana Leticia.  “--Must be his wife’s name.”  (Ding-ding-ding!!!) And, Orlando, as usual, is sticking his obnoxious and greasy oar in where it is not wanted.
  Orly begins bugging NSLucky about the wife and unskillfully points out how perfect people at Danzaire think they are as a couple.  That’s only for the particular performance.  He doesn’t get it.  “—Not all taxis that pass by are free.  His has a passenger in it already.”  (Apt yeah but he doesn’t stop there.)  He inserts himself as the best alternative to Mr. Alter-Ego.  (As Hubby always tells me, even the ugliest man thinks himself an alpha-male, totally irresistible if only the woman involved would remove her blinders.  –In his case, I’d rather keep them on.) The only thing of interest for Ana NSL is that he mentions he knows who Ana Leticia is-and Orly plays his hand pitifully, if not pitiably.
  Yaki and SanMarco discuss Ana NSL taking his ring from him and putting him in Dutch with her sister for “losing” it.  He cannot go home now.  Listen to me, says Yaki, I don’t sermonize like Ramiro, but I give you decent advice.  SanMarco wants to follow it and grab Ana Lucia and just go to places unknown for the rest of their lives, he says, but he’s got nothing to offer her.  Besides, they’d be fugitives for life, especially as there’s still somebody out there looking for him.  Not a life she deserves, ya know?  Marcelo needs his revenge, though, and is who shows up when he's in need of an answer.  Darn it all.....

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Narcos Synopsis and Characters :Gran Estreno Monday, August 22 2016

Start Date and Time Slot: August 22nd, 10pm, replacing the 2nd hour of Tres Veces Ana for 2 weeks as the show only has 10 episodes.

If anyone desires to recap alongside me let me know in the comments below. You can also contact me at this email

Plot Summary: Set and filmed in Colombia, Season 1 tells the story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine, while also focusing on Escobar's interactions with drug lords, DEA agents, and various opposition entities.


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Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, Fifth Edition

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to point out severe fashion felonies, you can always count on the staff of your established fashion -- and gossip -- magazines to point fingers and name names.  

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Sueno de amor, #101, Friday All talk and no play

For those of you who thought that this was going to be an action packed episode, there is nothing for you to see here. But for those who hoped they would be subjected to another never ending episode with people having the same conversations over and over again, then you are in the right spot.
Get a chair, make yourself comfortable and let the talking begin.
(scene have been combined, for better flow)

The hors d'oeuvre are so tasty, but who cares about them?

We open the episode on Cristina and Ricardo fighting over the other woman the walking dead the wedding menu. She can see that he's showing to much "hate" for it not to be hiding some leftover feelings of love. So, are they going to get married or not? Ricardo denies everything, he's even upset that she would doubt him after all that he has done to show him his love for her.
The wedding planner drops by in between their fighting, and even whispers at one moment that there might not be a wedding because of all this mess. Cristina doesn't appreciate the interruption, but her mind is set on figuring out what's going on in Ricardo's head. She finds it hard to believe that he would remain indifferent to Esperanza's love. She asks him to look her straight in the eye and promise that he wants to marry her because of love, and not because he committed to it and he promised to the kids.
He swears he loves her and only her. She cries from relief and they kiss, but I'm still having a bad feeling about this. He's very believable and I'm sure that he truly believes what he's saying, but the Patio knows better.

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Yago Capitulo 56: We're going home

We have finally found Hernan's shoe benefactor!

We begin our episode with Hernan's point of view of the last night's cliffhanger scene. As Teo&Romo begin their mission , Teo receives a call from Katia. Teo tells her that he is coming so Teo rushes Romo into the bathroom. He urges Romo to collaborate. As Teo leaves Hernan sneaks from behind and enters the bathroom. Hernan chokes Romo to death while describing the laws of Nature. 

Meanwhile Lucio is gleefully presenting his new multimillionaire  project. Yago is getting impatient. Abel think's Lucio's just bluffing since that's part of his nature but Yago believes it's serious this time. Abel goes to look for Romo and he get's himself quite a prey in Hernan. Abel cuts two of Hernan's fingers to avenge Ambar but to his surprise Hernan doesn't feel any pain at all. Some girl interrupts them and Hernan get's away. Abel puffs and huffs tossing Hernan's finger to the ground and spits into his ketchup filled hands. 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Un Camino Hacia el Destino-Week 26 (Aug 15, 2016) 2d Half

Luis has Pedrito in his clutches and is now going after Fernanda. He’s planning to travel under false passports with the baby’s name changed to Luis and his daughter as Luisa.  (Is there an egotist in the house?) Fernanda is not going to go willingly, just because he’s her bio-dad.

The only way she'd ever go with him will be for Luis to threaten her with never seeing her son again. (It’s not speculation, it’s a Sherlockian deduction—thanks, David.) What an agonizing decision for a young mother to make—leave the whole family she’s grown so close to and supports her, the love of her life, a bright future (in charitable works, not artistic excellence) in order to be reunited with her son and have to live with someone she's hated (although she was making inroads in her own mind to forgive him—but not necessarily love him) in a country and culture far away from where she belongs. Ay de mi. What a dilemma for us to have to watch in the last week of our travels on the Camino as it brings us nearer the Boda at the End of the Road.


New Telenovelas/Series Coming to Univision- Aug/Sept 2016

Hola Amigos!

Here’s an update on some changes coming in the next few weeks to Univision’s lineup, if you haven’t already seen the ads. Three new shows are coming our way. Two of them are not so new, as one is a popular telenovela that aired in Mexico in 2014, and the other already aired as a Netflix series last year. Keep in mind that Univision has been known to change its mind often, and last minute. No word yet on if Uni still plans to split Tres Veces Ana into 2 seasons (temporadas), but it seems they don't. If you would like to recap any of these new shows, please let Blog Mom/Jane/Melinama know.  Let’s go in order of Univision start dates…
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Tres Veces Ana # 76 and 77

Recap by Sneaky: 

Skipping the rehash
TioM and Old Flame meet up at lunch and chat inconsequentially.
Evaristo and Ramiro are still looking at the wall o’ graves, ‘two people here died for you, you should feel bad oh and don’t forget I can find you anytime’ Ev says. Ram gives Ev the side eye and heads out.

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