Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alborada cast on the Cristina show

This was sent to me by one of our faithful readers! (Click picture for a larger view.)

On Friday the protagonists of Alborada will be presented on the Cristina show: Lucero, Fernando Colunga, Daniela Roma [Juana], Luis Roberto Guzmán [Diego], Mónica Miguel [Modesta] and Arturo Peniche [Antonio].

An hour full of laughs, pranks, dances, anecdotes, and many revelations. You'll learn how Manuel Mijares reacted to the incandescent love scenes between his wife Lucero [Hipólita], and Fernando Colungo [Luis Manrique], and what Colunga has to say about his two pornographic videos which are selling like hotcakes. [!!!!]

Fernando, according to Mexican psychologists, is the actor who provokes the most fantasies in women.

If you like the character Doña Juana, you'll be delighted to learn who inspired Daniela Romo, and about her true relationship with Luis Roberto Guzmán, who gives life to the character of Diego, her son in the telenovela.

Arturo Peniche and Mónica Miguel open a Pandora's box when they reveal secrets and private matters which took place during the series' production.

Carla Estrada, producer, arrives with the most daring and spicy out-takes, never seen on screen during Alborada.

You'll enjoy the pranks of Daniela Romo and Lucero, who dance the mambo with Colungo. There will be a lot to talk about.

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Okay! Where can we buy this movies of Colunga? I can't weait to see them!

Ohmy...Is it really true? Fernando did porn? That's a surprise to me.

Seems like the other place [#35] is not taking anymore posts.

yeah what is the song lucero sang i love it??

I think Fernando Colunga did a couple of workout videos a la Jane Fonda, and because of his gorgeous bod, I believe they're calling them "porn" movies in a joking way. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would do actual porn.

On the hour monday cristina, they read an article calling amor real and alborada ''pornographic. Pleeease!!! Some people got their hopes UP; some are relieved. I'm in the second camp---I need a hero, not as porn stAR. Susanlynn, contento

Hi all,

The whole porno thing came up when someone got a hold of the loves scenes in Alborada and doctored them. On Christina, she warned her audience not to be fooled by this web fakery. They had a good laugh about it and Daniela Romo (Doña Juana) joked about where they could pick up a copy just to see what it's about. Fernando basically said he doesn't care unless those who do this go to a bad place in their heads and it gets ugly (I'm heavily paraphrasing here!) . So, no porn. No such thing.

VCR malfuncion leaves mother MIA!

Actually it was a DVR. Does anyone have a copy of the ultimo capitulo for my poor mother? Please respond:

When is the 2nd part of the Christina show coming? I check everyday to see if you have had a chance to finish it. I realize you are busy. Your translations really help someone like myself out. I appreciate that you do this.

tell me the website were is fernando porn movie

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