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El Clon - Gran Final, Fri, Oct. 29

Part One by NovelaMaven

One daughter found:

The family watches nervously as Mohamed paces and mutters terrible threats against Samira. Then the door opens: Tío Alí has brought Samira home. All – Latifa, the Naz, Zoraida, Amin and especially Mohamed – rush to kiss her and welcome her back.

And one daughter lost:

A servant brings Said the shocking news: Jadiya is missing! Even though she was driven right to the door of the school, she never went in. Said’s nostrils flare and he breathes heavily.
Rania and Amina exchange mean little smiles.

And one son still in limbo:

Enrique is in court presenting Lucas’s argument to the judge. You can’t equate genetic identity with parentage, he says. Daniel was cloned from a cell taken from Lucas. No parental link exists between Daniel and Leo. And if Leo is not Daniel’s father, then Lucas isn’t his brother.

In fact, Daniel does have a family, continues Enrique: his mother is Dora; and his father, en el sentido socio-afectivo del término, is Dr. Albieri. Albieri created him and has always been a father figure for him.

Daniel turns accusingly to Albieri: You said they weren’t going to mention that I was a clone!

A servant brings a bouquet of flowers to Said along with a note from Jade asking his forgiveness. But it isn’t fair, she writes, to keep her from seeing her own daughter.

So Jade took his daughter! Said is beside himself with rage. I’ll kill her, he roars. This time I’ll give the lashes myself and no one will be able to save her!

Luisa follows Albieri in her car. [She seems more adept at it than she was when she thought he was cheating on her with Dora.] She sees him join Amalia at an outdoor café. Albieri is still being cagy with Amalia, but she cajoles him with just the right amount of flattery mixed with honesty into acknowledging that he created a clone. She knows he is brilliant – and vain! And they both laugh. But Luisa’s not laughing: Ya verás, Albieri! she says. (You’ll see!)

The second courtroom of the evening:

The judge gives Fernando a choice of standing trial and most likely doing jail time or entering rehab. He chooses rehab, much to the relief of Clara and Escobar. And it is very nice to see the smirk finally wiped off Fernando’s face.

Enrique is nervously preparing himself for a more personal trial. He is going to see his children. Carolina offers to go with him but he prefers to do this on his own.

He takes a taxi to his family’s house. Unfortunately he loses his nerve when he gets there. He tells the man who comes to the window that he was just checking an address.

The story moves to Fez:

Jade reassures Jadiya that they are safe in the medina: discovering them there would be like finding a needle in a haystack (aguja en pajar). And then they spot Tío Abdul tormenting… I mean educating little Zumaya. They run back to their lodging.

Back in Miami, Said questions Zoraida and Alí but they don’t know anything. Besides, says Alí:

¡Yo nunca apoyaría una fechoría como eso, Said!

(I would never support villainy like that, Said!)

Said figures they must be in Fez because it’s the only place Jade really knows well. He’s going to track her down and when he does, he’ll show no her mercy. And Rania, now happier than a pig in potatoes, has to work extra hard to hide her smirk.

Enrique has taken refuge in a bar. Whiskey doble!

Carolina tells Clara how excited Enrique was about seeing his kids and how good he felt about his decision.

The man Enrique spoke to earlier (stepfather, employee?) now tells a young man and woman (his children?) about his brief visit. The girl asks him to call her if he comes back.

Caro is trying to call Enrique but he doesn’t pick up.

The mood is gloomy at the Del Valle home. The second DNA test came up positive and Lucía is left with the inescapable conclusion that her Roberto did indeed father a child with another woman.

But change is in the air at Casa Ferrer. Marisa gives Lucas permission to go on with his life and make the changes he needs to be happy. She tells him not to feel guilty about Natalia: they both tried, they gave her their best.

I’ve suffered so much in my life, she tells him. And to shield herself from pain, she invented a story, she says. But the truth is this: her mother didn’t die: she was lost to drugs and alcohol when Marisa was very young. And she never even knew her father. She blamed herself for her mother’s problem, the same problem Natalia has now…

This confession is cut short when Rosa rushes in: Natalia is having a crisis! Lucas finds his daughter distraught, restless and craving drugs. Take the baby, she pleads. She wants to be left alone. She doesn’t want anyone to see her like this. She is frighteningly out of control.

Roberto is unhappy to hear that Enrique is away. And when he sees that Lucía has packed up his belongings and sent them to his office, he looks like he could use a whiskey doble too.

Alí and Zoraida are greeted by Zumaya and Abdul upon their arrival in Fez. Zoraida tells Zumaya that Said is on the warpath and she’s afraid she’ll be blamed for Jade’s sins too.

Jade and Jadiya are in their room in Fez. Jadiya misses her father. Jade understands but says that if he finds them right now, she and Jadiya will never see each other again.

The glowering Said stalks the medina with Amina, Rania and Munir trailing behind. Jade’s not going to escape this time, he vows.

In Miami, news of The Kiss has gotten around. At the gym, Vicki asks Pablo if he is falling in love with the Naz. It was just a kiss, he says. But it was a kiss so… one more kiss like that and I’d be in love!

Then Vicki congratulates him. For what? he asks. He got the job in Morocco!

Enrique, now falling-down drunk, shows up outside his family’s house. The two young people decide to follow him.

Rogelio hasn’t fired Malicia yet but as she stands before him, he looks as if he is smelling something very unpleasant. Diana comes in to say that a friend of Malicia’s is looking for her. And in walks Aurelio.

Malicia turns away from Rogelio and hisses to Aurelio: ¿Qué diablos haces aquí? (What the hell are you doing here?) And we know that her past has come back to bite her en el trasero.

And back to Enrique – now so drunk that he is ill. Seeking help, he taps on the window of a patrol car and the officers drive him away. The two young people are watching him; they hail a cab and follow the police car.

Amalia shows up at Albieri’s house and teasingly warns him not to run away from her this time. Oh, no, he says, he’s ready to tell her everything – how he made a human clone. And he proudly shows her photos of Lucas and Daniel. ¡Dios mío! say Amalia softly, muy impactada.

The boy and girl – his children! -- have followed Enrique to a hospital. He lies on a narrow bed, barely conscious. The go up to him and say: Papa? Papito! Why did you abandon us. We missed you so much!

Monica, his daughter says: In spite of everything, he’s our father. But Ricardo, his son, is unyielding: Oh yeah, why didn’t he remember that fact all the time he was gone? Forget it. For me, my father is dead.

Alí and Zoraida are settling back into the house in Fez, but it feels oddly empty to Alí:

Me siento como un barco viejo abandonado en medio mar.

(I feel like an old boat abandoned in the middle of the sea.)

Zoraida reminds him of his three wives and his children but he tells her they are no comfort to him. Why did Allah ever permit him to marry those tres vendavales (three gale winds)?

Sólo tú me haces reír de mis tristezas, Zoraida.

(Only you make me laugh at my sorrows, Zoraida.)

Zoraida goes into the kitchen to make sure that the lamb is being prepared the way Alí likes it. One of the servants, Karima, splashes drippings on Zoraida’s veil. She removes the veil so she can replace it with a clean one. At that moment, Alí opens the kitchen door and catches a glimpse of Zoraida with her lovely long dark hair free of the veil. And from his expression, it is clear Alí está flechado! (He’s in love, that is, struck by Cupid’s arrow).

Another kind of love story is playing out at Casa Ferrer:

Who packed my suitcase? asks Lucas. I did, Marisa tells him. It’s time for you to go to Jade. Don’t use Natalia as an excuse. Let’s give her a good example by the way we live our lives:

Te amé. Te amo. No te voy a culpar porque no me hayas amado. Ve por ella y se feliz.

(I loved you. I love you. I’m not going to blame you because you didn’t love me. Go to her and be happy.)

The final verdict in Leo’s paternity case is in: The judge finds in Leo’s favor. Based on the DNA evidence, Leo is Daniel’s father. The cloning will be investigated separately by the medical authorities. And the appropriate action will be taken against Albieri. He may go to jail.

Dora’s cries out at the injustice of the ruling – ¡El juez es un desalmado! (The judge is heartless, literally ‘soul-less’) -- and her lawyer has to escort her out of the courtroom. She promises Dora they will appeal the ruling.

Early on in this novela, Andrea seemed to be a Miami version of a Valley Girl. It turns out, she’s actually Nancy Drew, Girl Detective.

It’s funny that you know those two sKanks, I mean, women, she says to Consuelo. Oh no, they’re just conocidas del barrio (acquaintances from the neighborhood), answers Consuelo. Well then it’s really weird that you brought these ‘acquaintances’ here to meet my mother – as if my mother were some kind of celebrity!

While Rosario and Andrea are conferring about the situation – A mi esa historia no me encaja en la cabeza (this story doesn’t make sense, lit. it doesn’t fit in my head), says Rosario – Consuelo sneaks out with her suitcase. Rosario sounds the alarm and Andrea rushes out in pursuit. We have to catch that woman!

Mohamed and Samira are sparring over the boyfriend issue, when sweet Carlos shows up wearing tradition Muslim garb. He tells them:

Fui donde el Sheik como me dijo el tío Alí, él me convirtió y me pidió que le dijera que me enseñara leer el Koran.

(That sentence has more verbs than any sentence should: I went to the Sheik just as tío Alí told me to; he converted me and asked me to tell you to teach me to read the Koran.)

Andrea has captured the sKank! Single-handedly! She returns in triumph dragging Consuelo by the arm. Talk or I’ll call the police, says Andrea. And Consuelo talks. Hilda forced her to take used condoms from the trash…

And now Planet Lucía is back in its orbit and harmony is restored to the Del Valle family.

Malicia’s blast from the past, Aurelio, turns out to be a very bitter, not quite ex-, husband. He shows up at the apartment with a list of everything she owns. Since they never legally separated, he has a right to half of it.

Jade and Jadiya are in the medina selling jewelry. Said’s men see them and they run away to the ruins.

Alí announces to his family that he has decided to get married again. ¿Con quién? (with whom?) He answers enigmatically: Ya lo sabrán. (You’ll find out.) Zoraida’s eyes well up with tears.

One father found and one daughter find each other:

Enrique’s daughter, Monica, comes looking for him. He asks her forgiveness and they hug.

Natalia says what everyone has been waiting to hear: I need help! She wants to enter rehab. And when she gets there, she sees a familiar face: Fernando.

It’s time for Marisa to leave Casa Ferrer and start a new chapter in her life. As she is saying her goodbyes to Rosa and Cristina, Cristina excuses herself. She doesn’t feel well.

The family is gathered at Alí’s house in Fez. He tells them that he is getting married and this time, he’s marrying the right woman. Who? asks Zoraida. He answers:

Eres tú, Zoraida, me quiero casarme contigo. ¿Te gustaría?

(It’s you, Zoraida, I want to marry you. Would you like to?)

Zoraida’s response: She faints.

Things are getting complicated for Albieri. He tells Julio that he feels good about entrusting his story to Amalia. Her book will present his actions in the best possible light. But Albieri panics when he hears that Luisa will be spilling his story to reporters before Amalia’s book comes out.

And Luisa has, in fact, arranged a press conference (una rueda de prensa) with the clear intention of doing as much damage to Albieri as she can.

Now Albieri is scared. For all his bluster, he doesn’t want to go to jail. He decides he’ll escape to Morocco.

Daniel, in full clone identity crisis, shows up on Albieri’s doorstep. If Albieri is going on a trip, Daniel is going with him:

Yo no voy a separarme de ti hasta que tú construyas un mundo para mí.

(I’m not going to part from you until you build a world for me.)

Hilda sKank and Karla sKank are basking in the sun and dreaming about how they will spend Roberto’s money (Hilda wants a leopard-skin themed décor – so chic!) when Consuelo sKank bursts on the scene with tragic news: We’re done for! They know everything!

And unfortunately, Jade and Jadiya are done for as well. Said’s thugs close in on them and they have nowhere to run. Said glowers.

End Part I.

Part II by Jean

A daughter lost...
Said tells his men to drag Jade through the medina. He will give her the lashes in Tío Abdul's house. Jadiya tells him to stop. If she has her mother whipped, she will not want him to be her father. Said relents for Jadiya's sake. He tells Jade that everything comes to an end and his love for her is over. She begs him to let her visit Jadiya. 'That's not our custom,' replies Said. [You should have stayed in the US, Jade, where mothers have rights over their children.] Said leaves with Jadiya and Jade is destrosada.

Zoraida tells Miriam that Alí must have been possessed by an evil genie. How could he play with her heart like it was a ball. 'Imagínense a Sida Alí, un príncipe, casado con la criada Zoraida,' Imagine a prince like Sidi Alí married to the maid Zoraida' Zumaya announces that Jadiya has been found. Jadiya tells Zoraida that Jade is all alone.

Consuelo tells the sKanks that they had better flee. Roberto is going to sue them. Hilda isn't ready to give up yet.

Nati sets Lucas free...
Nati tells Lucas that she is working very hard. He says that he will be there for her.
But Nati tells him that she doesn't want him to sacrifice his happiness for her anymore. Lucas replies that the fact that he isn't happy isn't her fault. Nati asks him to do her a favor, 'Sé feliz... y así yo tambien voy a ser feliz.. y me quitas ese peso de encima, ¿Sí?' Be happy, and then I will be happy and you will take that burden off me. Ok?

Roberto and Lucía - tick..
Peace and happiness are restored to the del Valle home. Roberto swears that he will ruin the sKanks. Roberto says that he wants to take a shower and takes Lucia with him.

Lucas goes to Fez...
More leave taking for Rosa. She says that everyone is abandoning ship. No, replies Lucas, we are taking control of the ship. Cristina comes in and Lucas says that he hopes he isn't too late. 20 years is a long time. She tells him to hurry up. Zein has already left after he found out that Jade was in Fez. She gives him Jade's address.

Three little druggies, the two with supportive families (and $) went to rehab, but the third one had to stay in the street.

Paula is begging in the street. Her mother rejects her pleas for help.

Advanced genetics...
Well, well, well, our commenter LukeM called it months ago. Dora's lawyer has found that Daniel's mitochondrial DNA is different than that of Lucas because that comes from the birth mother. The lawyer says that the mitochondrial DNA doesn't transfer any genetic information but that doesn't matter. It is enough to file an appeal of the judge's decision.

Clara tells Leo that Daniel's mother told her that Daniel has left. Leo corrects Clara - Dora isn't Daniel's mother, his dead wife is. Leo is surprised that Daniel left without telling him and without signing the agreement prepared by the judge.

Rogelio and Clara, tick...
Rogelio is waiting outside for Clara. He gives her the keys to a car and asks her if she wants to marry him. She does.

The Chump and Anita(?) tick...
The Chump is upset that Clara is marrying again. Anita tells him that Clara's life didn't end when he left her for Malicia. She comes up to him and says that he should think about starting his life over again, too. While he stands there slack-jawed, she says that maybe he will meet someone who is worthwhile. She sashays off showing her eternal gray dress to advantage.

Marisa is at a marina or something. She looks up at the sun and says, '¡Ay! Estoy naciendo otra vez,' Oh, I am being born again! t Up pops a guy from a boat. He is good looking although on my TV, he seems to be wearing pink lipstick. Marisa apologizes for talking to herself and leaves.

Back to Fez, Zein comes to see Jade. 'I heard your call,' he says. Jade says that she has lost everything. She tells him that she doesn't want to bring more problems to Jadiya so she is leaving Fez for a place where no one knows her. Zein asks about Lucas. Jade says that since she lost her daughter, she now understands Lucas' pain. She says that an evil genie must have sewed up her eyes to keep her from understanding Lucas. [or maybe it was the genie of stupidity]. Zein asks if she still loves Lucas. Jade replies that she will always love Lucas but they will never be together.

Zein asks her to be with him. Maybe it is written that she should be with him. He says that he is going to Alí's wedding. This is news to Jade and she is ecstatic to learn that Alí is marrying Zoraida.

Pablo is taking his leave of Alej and the gang at Gloria's to go to Morocco. He isn't sure if Mohamed would let him say goodbye to the Naz so he didn't try. As he drives off, the Naz comes running out shouting his name. She comes back into the apartment and does her usual rant on how she has slaved for her brothers and they have not found her a husband. The phone rings and it is the news of Alí's wedding. Latifa is ecstatic. The Naz can't believe that everyone is getting married but her.

Albieri is in Fez with Daniel. He calls Julio to find out what is going on with Luisa.

Luisa has called a press conference.

the triumph of Zoraida...
Zoraida gets to ride in the bride chair all gussied up. Everybody is happy except the Naz.

Alí sees Said looking at Zuleica. He goes over to Said and says that now he understands that what attracted him to Jade was her rejection and that he liked living in the storm (tempestad) so much that he is going to do it again. More marrying - Abdul tells Amina that a carpet merchant is interested in her while the Naz looks on miserably.

Albieri and Daniel arrive. Both the Naz and Zein think he is Lucas. Zein comes up behind him and says that he can't fight destiny. He gives Daniel the address where Jade is staying. He runs off happily and meets Lucas in the street.

I guess Cristina gave Lucas the wrong address because Lucas asks where Jade is and Daniel replies that he won't tell Lucas ever.

Alí offers to buy gold for Zoraida as her wedding gift. She asks to exchange the gold for a different gift. 'Anything you want,' answers Alí. She asks him to forgive Jade.

Mohamed advises Said to just have one wife and avoid the problems he had with Rania and Jade. Said replies that he wants more than one wife who can stay with Rania when he goes on trips. Multiple wives, he says, bring lots of children and harmony to a house.

Lucas and Daniel are chasing each other through the medina. Jade is in her room wondering where Zein is.

Alí washes Zoraida's feet. He tells her that she doesn't have to call him Sidi Alí anymore. He is her husband. She replies that he will always be Sidi Alí to her.

Julio tells Albieri about Luisa's press conference. The authorities have been notified, the FDA is looking into the matter and it likely that Albieri will he charged with a crime. Albieri says that he will run away rather than be tried for something he did to benefit humanity.

Jade realizes that Zein isn't coming and she is all alone.

Albieri finds Daniel in the medina. He says that he will arrange for Daniel to go be taken to the airport. 'Where are you going? asks Daniel. 'I don't know,' replies Albieri.

Just like in her fairytales, a shirtless Pablo rides up to the Naz on a big white horse.
[Clearly, this is not happening at Alí's house in the medina.] He asks if she wants to go with him. She does, of course, and off they go while her family cheers or curses according to their opinions.

A frazzled-looking Albieri gives Daniel some documents and says that he doesn't know where he is going.

Luisa arrives triumphant at the clinic and tells Anita that Dr. Villegas is starting the process to revoke Albieri's medical license. Anita tells her that Julio thinks that Albieri might kill himself. Luisa is horrified and asks, '¿Qué hice, Albieri?' What have I done, Albieri?

Marisa brings Nati to some drug thing, I guess, with Enrique. The guy from the boat is there, too. They reconnect.

Albeiri is in the desert followed by Daniel. Albieri tries to make him go away. Daniel begs him to at least make someone else like him and not leave him alone. They go into the desert together.

Jade is in the ruins, where else. Lucas finds her. 'Aqui estoy', she says, Maktub.
Dora has won her appeal of the paternity suit.

Now we get the disembodied voice of Alí with the wrap up:

Dora's fate is to wait for her absent son. She waited for him before he was born and she waits for him after he was born.

Luisa and Amalia are in Morocco looking for Albieri. Luisa needs him to give her life meaning and Amalia needs him to prove her book isn't science fiction.

Marisa is still looking for her mother but is happy with the boat guy.

Everything is happy happy in Mohamed's house. He is more tolerant and thinks that Carlos will make a good husband for his daughter.

Lala Nazira and Pablo live the thousand and one nights.

Said wants to see Jadiya happy so he lets her see Jade once a week. Said is happy living in the tempest with his two wives.

Hilda and Karla moved into a beach penthouse and are already seeking the father of her second grandson.

Cristina's sickness has a name. It's called twins and everything starts all over in Leo's house.

There are times when time likes to tell the same stories and there are times when it likes to tell different stories.

Alej achieved his dream. Natalia keeps on fighting. She gets a medal for a year of sobriety. She gives a little speech where she says she lives each day as one where she didn't get drunk or take drugs.

Fer is starting a new band. He and Nati opened a clinic with Enrique's therapist. They named it for Paula, whom they never saw again and don't know if she is alive or dead.

Alí says that he was blessed in his marriage to Zoraida. She rules his other wives and makes sure that he is fair with all of them. She keeps the peace in his house. He gave her the biggest gift of their marriage - he forgave Jade. 'Su lazo con Lucas era más fuerte que cualquier ley, que cualquier obstactulo. Fue una verdadera lección de amor verdadero e incondicional,' Her tie to Lucas was stronger than than any law, than any obstacle. It was a true lesson in true and unconditional love. Now Lucas and Jade are finally happy. That was why Allah created humans - to be happy.

Fin [End Part II]


Whew! You did a bang-up job weaving together this humongous finale! Thank you, amiga! Through this often tedious process, there has been one constant: it truly was a pleasure having you as my clon buddy over the past several months.

Jean and NovelaMaven, what a ride this TN has been thanks to both of you. I know it has been tough to recap some of these episodes but I really appreciate it. There have been a lot of days that your writings have been better than the script writers.

It was so satisfying to see the Naz ride off with her Prince.

I cannot believe that Ali had never seen Zoraida's beauty, but I guess better late than never.

The huge surprise was Cris and her twins! I am not sure Leo it up to it. It is good thing that Rosa and Cris were getting along before this happened. She can sit and rock the babies to heart's content.

I LOL when Said took another wife and now Raina is still bug-eyed. Ali was right, Said does like conflict.

And Jade and Lucas lived happily ever after, AHHHHH.


Igual mil veces, Novela Maven. Although I am sooooo glad it's over, it was such a pleasure working with you. Your great recaps and support made it all worthwhile. I can't thank you enough.

Jean and NovelaMaven - For the last 2 weeks, I have watched El Clon without CC3 because the powers that be have taken it away in the New York area.I can't thank you enough for this site since I don't understand Spanish and would have been lost if it wasn't for you. So glad I found you. You all do us a great service. Regards, DianeT

Jean and NovelaMaven,

Muchísimas gracias to both of you for months of delightful, witty, insightful, and, of course, informative recaps. I would never have made it through without them. Indeed, I'm already beginning to experience withdrawal symptoms, not because the TN is over but because I won't have the pleasure of reading your recaps each day. I guess, like Nati, I'll just have to deal with my addiction one day at a time, but it won't be easy. Geez, I'm already missing you...I need a fix!

Thank you so much for making our time with El Clon great! It was “fairy-tellish” at some parts, and I couldn’t have bore with it without your excellent work, Jean & Novela Maven.

Still haven’t collected my thoughts on the Gran Final. It was deliciously crazy, but I would’ve preferred more on the Leo/Alicia thing. Albieri, Naz, and Zoraida had epic endings. In a word: great. I’m left feeling good for the other main characters.

Ciao, Bellas & Bellos.

Saying thank you for the hard work you both NovelaMaven and jean have put into giving us these recaps doesn't quite seem it's enough. I am in awe at your dedication to this novela even though at one time it didn't seem to you both that others weren't reading your recaps or bothered to drop by and let you know they are here and are reading your work thank you. I hope in the future to see you both working on another novela after you've recovered from this one.

Highlights Zoraida marrying Ali and her fainting at his proposal.The Naz watching Pablo leaving her reaction to that and finding out Zoraida is going to marry Ali.The her getting her story tale ending riding off into the sunset with her bare chested prince Pablo on the back of a white horse.Carlos and Zamira getting the approval from Mohammed.Said marrying Zulieca to piss off Rania.

The lowlights Roberto and the Skanks plot c'mon no charges for fraud bought against them? Malicia maybe her pass her ex-husband or separated from husband but she's still allowed to go onto her next victim to wreck some havoc in their life.Anita giving the Chump a chance sorry i am not that hard up for a man i don't like the writers making Anita look like that. Lusia wow now the obsessive stalker regrets her actions. Albieri and Daniel swallow by a Sand storm perhaps? Poor Dora she finally gets recognized as Daniel's mother but she loses her son? What judge with that evidence given to him about cloning would rule in favor of Leo. Leo and Cristina having twins? Please let's not start this merry-go-round again! Nati and Fernando rehab and clean slate so no jail time at all despite several times using a gun to rob people? Then they open their own rehab? BLECH!!!!!!!Said continues to stay married to Rania. Jade and Lucas for me i don't care.

Finally if there was one thing that really made me ROFL from thinking about it all after it ended was Fez's own (Chuck Woolery) Tio Abdul working his magic again setting up Amina with a husband around the same century as Tio Abdul priceless the funny thing she seem to welcome this matchup.

Oh well we'll have to see if "ahem if cough,cough" Aurora can measure up to this novela.

Amen, Juanita!! I'm also already missing the wonderful recaps of Jean and NovelaMaven. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: The two of you made the months of El Clon truly memorable. And you created a great environment for all of us. It's really felt like a community.

I really enjoyed the Gran Final. Some things surprised me and others were expected. I suppose having Daniel wander off into the desert was predicted by Zoraida's reading in the shattered cup. What surprised me was that Albieri also disappeared. I suppose we can take that however we like. They may have found a tribe of Bedouins. Daniel could have found another woman with a veil. Or they may both have perished there. I like the ambiguity.

The Naz ending up with Pablo surprised me. There were lots of hints, but I guess the writers decided that la química conquers all.

I LOVED it that Rania's comeuppance was getting another wife.

I wasn't too satisfied with Malicia's anvil. And Escobar and Clara never got back the apartment or the dinero? ¿Qué? Or did I miss something? I would have liked more of an explanation of what the maid's uniform she had on while trying to seduce the old guy meant.

Jade and Lucas reconnecting in the ruins was perfect. And I loved the joyful embrace of Jade and Jadiya, with Said looking on fondly.

Of course, we could have predicted the twins. Every woman who feels a bit ill is almost 99% of the time pregnant.

Thanks so much NovelaMaven and Jean for taking us on one last trip to The Only Place Outside Miami, Morocco. I feel lucky I found this blog and got to participate in the fun that you two (and Paula H, and the commenters) served up for half a year. Even when the show was a slog, this was worth it.

I guess I win the Kewpie for calling the end of the Dora story. But of course the show screwed up the biology lesson. Mitochondria are found in cell plasma, not blood plasma, and they do have genes (their DNA is totally separate from cellular DNA).

Did Roberto father a child with Karla? I tend to think fathering requires active participation, that Roberto cause the child to be conceived. That wasn't the case here, nor would it be if he were voluntarily an anonymous sperm donor. (Mothering, on the other hand, is a lifetime project.)
By the way, excellent picture of grossed-out Andrea. But poor Bobby Jr. Maybe they can find a loving home for him. And Hilda and Karla moved into a beach penthouse? What? You and whose money?

Lots of "huh?"s around here. It's day and night with Marisa. And did she mean that literally when she said she never knew her father? I thought she used to live with him. Day and night with Jade too. She lost Jadiya before, but this time it makes her sympathize with Lucas? Whatever. And since when does Alí have children? Said proves he's dumber than Jade with his theory that with wives, the more the merrier. He should get Rania a dog or something. And why did he finally grant Jade visitation rights? That seemed out of character. And did anybody else notice Enrique was passed out in the hospital, then sitting in court, then back in the hospital?

I agree with Blu, the judge in Daniel's trial must be incompetent to give that verdict. I'll be Leo bought him off. Lucky for Cristina's twins, Leo doesn't want to relive his mistakes. And luckily or unluckily, he's super old, so he won't be around to screw them up.

It's been a long time coming for Alí and Zoraida. Was he just too preoccupied with Jade to realize what he had? Anyway, good for her.

In the implausible romance category: Anita, what are you thinking? Escobar really has nothing to offer, except that he makes good money. Can't be more than Julio, who is better in every other respect. And that Carlos is one committed teenager. I mean, Samira's nice and all, but hold your horses, kiddo.

The resolution of Nazira's story was implausible, especially for Pablo, but I'm happy with it. Nazira totally was the Cenicienta of this story, at least in terms of being totally unappreciated and overlooked by her family. She deserves her Príncipe Azul.

This show has totally made me a fan of Andréa Montenegro (Nazira). She was seriously shortchanged in this show. She had to deliver the same rant 100 times, although the fact that she made it so over-the-top and clownish made it bearable for me. Whenever she got to do something different it was immediately clear that she has plenty of charm and acting ability, both comedic and dramatic.

And what the heck was Daniel asking of Albieri: "build a world for me"? Does he want Albieri to clone the Earth? I guess it's appropriate that the Albieri/Clone story ends with an allusion to Frankenstein, with the mad scientist and his creation lost in the wilderness. But it's anticlimactic, and bad for Dora.

By the way, no resolution for the Andrea/Pablo thing. Or Dora's amebas. Or Miguel. Even for the stories that were resolved, the first two thirds was dragged out for about 4 months, then the last third is rushed in one or two episodes, sometimes even a single scene. Overall this was an OK episode. Some interesting things happened. But the storytelling was still a mess, and it didn't really pay off the debts. Not good for a finale. El Clon was definitely a mixed bag; lots of estupideces, but it had its good points.

Excellent recap, gave meaning to this novela, which left me confused too many times. I too will miss the recaps. I appreciate it as I was switching back and forth watching the final of both novelas, I could not wait to see them the next day, and coming to this site fills in all my questions. Thank you so much.

NovelaMaven, Jean, and PaulaH: Thank you three for the time spent recapping this for us. With all the hairpulling and late nights and soul-searching that went into getting the thing just right for us and making sure you got it up and delivered (just like the US Mail) I give you all a tip o' the hat and say take. a. bow. amigas! You made the ridiculous bearable, educated us when we all would have been scratching our heads otherwise, and gave us more than enough chuckles to sustain us all through the unbearable, tearful traumas our characters eventually survived. We survived too, I guess, but only thanks to you! Personally, without CC and having to stream this off the Telemundo site I admit I was more than challenged trying to grasp the slang and the accents at times. You helped fill in those blank spots and I am eternally grateful.

Anyway, for me the only part that made me shed a few tears was Zoraida's wedding scenes. Zoraida's character was the best of the whole bunch and the story couldn't have succeeded without her in it. She indeed was the glue that held Ali's household together. She got her just desserts and the love she showed Ali in the bedroom as he washed her feet was was golden. As for the rest of it, well it was to be expected. It was pretty satisfying overall, though I expected Anita to end up with Julio. He is/was everything that Escobar would/could never be! I also expected some better, more definite resolution to the Daniel/Albieri problem. I guess the writers ran out of steam, but the reference to Frankenstein's monster was appropriate enough. I would have liked a bit more of a conversation between Lucas and Jade during the wedding scene. Maybe there was and it got edited out. Their running towards each other in the desert sands while Ali rides his camel off into the sandy dunes was totally incongruent and a total letdown.

So, now I'll join the others in Clon rehab. I hope to see you recapping something else in the near future! ¡Nos veremos, amigas!

Thank you mucho mucho NovelaMaven and Jean for the your time and combined efforts in translating El Clon.

Although I didn't consistently watch this, I am very grateful for all the wonderful work of Novelamaven and Jean. Many thanks.

I was surprised that at the end, we see Nati and Fernando and their clinic instead of a final scene with Nati and Alejandro, which emotionally would have been more satisfying as a farewell. Also, it seemed strange to me that in a finale so many of thegood/positive people ended unhappily --such as Daniel and Dora. I agree that there should have been a worse ending for Malicia, which would have been more satisfying for the viewer. I guess she winds up as a waitress?

Once again, thanks for the recaps...

It's worth saying again --

Thank you soooooooo much to the 'regulars' who kept this blog conversational and interactive. You kept it fun and lively even when the story got sluggish.

And thanks to those folks who haven't commented regularly but have been stopping by in the last few days to say they've been reading and enjoying what we are doing it. That means a lot.

I have to say that I absolutely loved this final episode. Maybe it doesn't stand up to critical scrutiny and is a hunk of logical swiss cheese -- full of holes, but delicious nonetheless -- but I found it emotionally very satisfying.

I loved all the fairytale elements at the end:
--the Just Naz story made 'real'
--Zoraida's Cinderella ending
--and of course, all the real world complications melting away so that Lucas and Jade could be together.

I liked the transformation of Marisa's character. The actress really nailed it: she projects a vulnerability and an openness that now attracts other people where before, despite her great beauty, her hard-edged arrogance made her repellant.

I liked the fact that in the end, nearly everyone has to answer for their actions, that actions do, indeed have consequences.

It was interesting that ultimately, Daniel forgets about Jade, even though he has reason to think she is within his reach, and follows Albieri, demanding that Albieri somehow tether him to this world.

I loved the choice of the Dance of the Seven Veils at the end -- and not one of the scary, one false move and you're dead dances (think of the snake and the sword).

NJ Sue, you're so right that Dora didn't get in on the fairytale ending. And the Naz's rants to the contrary, she has been the true sacrificial lamb in this story. But she did get the legal vindication she wanted: acknowledgement that she was Daniel's mother. And she has a new chance at happiness with Miguel, her 'incondicional'. We really don't know what will become of Daniel, but Dora has learned to live her life in his absence.

One final time, a big thank you to Jean, NovelaMaven, and Paula H for the hours and hard work they put in for our enjoyment!
I was surprised, but the final episode was for the most part satisfying. Lots of little inferences that tidied up loose ends. It made me sad that Dora, an innocent and blameless character, would end up suffering the loss of her son, while Nati, who hurt so many people, apparently got off more lightly.
THe scene of Daniel following Albieri towards what looked like certain death was disturbing, but maybe the Bedouins came to their rescue, as they did years before when Lucas was in the desert. I like to think so.
Adios, Clon fans, I will miss you all!

Thanks to everyone for the nice words and the great comments. I was remiss in not thanking PaulaH for her recaps early on in the novela and to Novelera and LukeM for nobly subbing for me when I was on vacation.

Concerning the episode itself, I was sad that poor Dora would probably never know what became of Daniel and would suffer to the end of her life. She was completely innocent in the story and suffered the most. Totally not fair when petty and evil characters like the sKanks and Malicia apparently got off scot free.

I totally agree with you, Luke, about the performance of Andrea Montenegro as the Naz. As I know I've mentioned, she played a nun in Zorro with equal believability. I hope to see her talents showcased again.

I thought that Marisa's redemption was believable but I'm not sure that I believe that she ever really loved Lucas. As to her back story, it was kind of thin and not supported by the earlier part of the novela. We recall that Diego was going to her birthday party in Boca Raton when he crashed the helicopter. How could that have been if she was poor and fatherless?

I also thought that the whole clon business was not given its potential. Daniel was treated just as another twin of Lucas and the whole medical/legal aspect of cloning was reduced to the interminable faith/science arguments of Albieri and the priest.

I have to say that I was hardly ever surprised by what happened in the novela, which I guess is another way of saying that so little did happen. Anyway, I learned something about Islamic family law.

Thanks again to NovelaMaven and all the commenters and readers of the recap. You folks make it all worthwhile.

Hear Hear! Yes, thanks so much to PaulaH for the early recaps and to Luke and Novelera for their superb work as well!

Reading Jean's last comment made me realize that the only thing we agree on 100% is how great everyone here has been and how much we appreciate all of YOUR comments! But on almost everything else, we have agreed to disagree. How great is that? I love the atmosphere of the CarayCaray blog in general and of this discussion in particular for its good humor and civility. A huge thank you to everyone who contributes to that atmosphere!

Jean, NovelaMaven,
We can't thank you enough for all your hard work during these many months.

We've mostly enjoyed the show despite the fact that the plot often didn't make sense. The high points for us were:

- Mauricio Ochmann's acting.
- Sandra Echeverria's fabulous dancing and her beautiful face, perfect for Jade.
- The unusual (for us) scenes in the Fez medina.

Good luck for the future, whatever you choose to do.

Chris and Elizabeth

Loved the Albieri/Daniel ending. How sad for poor Daniel, but how fitting for Albieri to die in the desert. I had been hoping for jail for Albieri, but I find I like his total disappearance from the world which might have praised his actions. He was certainly one of THE most unappealing characters I've ever seen in a TN.

I didn't like Nati's getting off scot free, or that Malicia got off so easily, although I suspect she will run in further troubles in her future.

Watched most of it twice (hurry through the druggies' stories). Reread the comments and agree with most of them: especially the ones praising our wonderful recappers and our commenters as well. Oh how I look toward an empty Monday with no more Clon!

Much of what I'd intended to say was already said by NovelaMaven. The grand love stories! Three of them: Naz and Pablo, Zorida and Ali and, of course and especially, Jade and Lucas. It all had to be.

Was so touched by Marisa's rehabiliatation from witch to mother and friend. Some time ago I opined that anyone was bad as she could change. But her life story made it possible to believe. All those awful things she did were not done through arrogance, but through fear. Admitting the truth, she is now free to be.

Andmy mind wrote a slightly different story for Daniel. Albieri gives out, sweating all his bodily fluids away and dying. As he gasps his last, a small group on camelback approach and save Daniel, taking him to far lands where no person knows he's a clone. He meets a woman as beautiful as Jade who wants to be his life companion. Etc., etc.

To heck with the other details. Loved it all and each of you made a good thing better by being on this (is it a blog?). Lois

Thanks Jean, NovelaMaven and Paula H for the wonderful recaps. I'm going to miss not seeing them. I never missed an episode. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

I don't know if I missed something, but why was Ali in the desert???

Also, I got a kick out of Carlos reading the Koran (yet in Arabic)!!! Give me a break!!!


Lois, I'm totally with you on the happy romantic endings--great stuff, coming after all those weeks of druggie-zombie angst.
In other novelas, typically there's a ratio of 3/1: Three bad characters die and one innocent character dies. They did not follow that formula here, and since Daniel and Dora were the ones who died/suffered at the end, I think we should have been treated to a massive pie cart for Alicia!
Alas, we can only dream our preferred ending...

Looks like there's some disagreement about Marisa. I have mixed feelings about her. On the good side, I thought Andrea López was convincing as both a terrible wife/mother and in her kinder moments. On the bad side, the writing didn't allow her acting to show two important things: her motivations and her final transformation. These things were incorporated into the show, but the first was only in shorthand: we know her relationship with her parents was bad, that she was slightly involved with Diego, and a few other things. Sure her background could produce a bitter person, but the connection was left vague. Revealing her motivations by some nuances in her actions would have made the character much richer. And her final transformation wasn't even really shown: we only got the "before" and "after" scenes. We missed the most interesting bit of acting, where we can see the transformation happening.

The same happened with the recent changes in Jade, Alí, Rosa, Natalia, Rogelio, etc., though not with Luisa, Albieri, and (surprisingly) Enrique. (By the way, did he and Carolina get married?)

Lois, I like your idea for Daniel's story. It would be emotionally satisfying to give him a happy ending, not to mention interesting: could he really live an entirely normal life? I think telenovelógica bound the writers to make him disappear, but I would have liked to see something less predictable, especially in this somewhat unconventional novela.

Yes, it was great having both of your viewpoints about the happenings on El Clon. There was a nice contrast to your styles, both of them great.

Again, I also loved the final, with the possible exception of Malicia not being squashed like a bug by an oversized pie cart!

I also thought Andrea López was very convincing as both an evil witch and later as a person who recognized the wrongs she'd done. It's true that the revelation that she had grown up very poor with an alcoholic mother didn't really jibe with the way she was first introduced. I got the impression she was a spoiled rich girl when she first appeared.

Again, I also 100% bought the final redemption of Said. He always adored his daughter. And he finally came to realize that she needed her mother in her life and relented.

Since they didn't really give Zein a happy ending, I'd like to volunteer to spend some time with him gazing into those hypnotic eyes and making it all up to him.

Novelera: I'm with you on Zein. what a handsome creature! 'hope he gets to be a galan in the near future.

Novelera, What a selfless gesture! (Although mrslmgallego may get to Zein first!)

Lois, I love your ending! After all, as Novelera pointed out earlier in this thread, the writers left us some ambiguity and we are free to use our imagination. If the Bedouins rescued Lucas 20 years before, then why not come to Daniel's rescue now?

Ann, We've seen Alí riding in the desert before and it seems to be his time for meditation, for thinking Deep Thoughts. But that's just my best guess.

About punishing villains --
We're all so used to dreadful fates befalling telenovela baddies that we tried to impose that template on this story. We were wrong. It doesn't fit. The writers seem to be more interested in redemption (Marisa, Natalia, Fernando, Said) than punishment.

As for those who seem beyond redemption --
--Well, if a house didn't fall on Malicia, she did (off screen) lose everything -- reputation, job, money -- and was forced to start all over as some kind of servant.

--The sKanks and their beach penthouse? I have no explanation for that one. Just another hole in the Swiss cheese.

--And nasty Rania being forced to share her husband with Zuleica? Perfect!

thank you so much for this blog, there were times when I wasn't able to watch this novela (or just didn't watch because it was being blah!) and u guys were there every night summing up everything....i will miss this! :(
again thank you!

Thank you all for the recaps and comments. Love zoriada and Naz ending. My hope is that Gloria will be the best gran ever.

I don't think this was explained clearly but Marisa did not grow up poor. Her father was a stranger to her meaning he wasn't interested in her not that she didn't know who he was.

I thought the finale had some funny moments especially Nazira's scene she cracks me up.

I don't know if anyone else saw O Clone but Roberto ended up paying the sKank's child support because it's not the babies fault that his mother was a lying ho. Andrea convinced her parents to take care of her brother. I enjoyed this version but I feel that they cut out a lot of the original story & left a lot of holes in the plot. If any of you haven't seen the original I highly recommend it. Much better then this version Malicia get's what's coming to her a little better then here.

Thanks, anonymous 10:00. That does make more sense. I don't understand why Telemundo wasted so much time with the endless and repetitive drug commentaries from Enrique, for example, and didn't fill in the many gaping plot holes that happened throughout the novela. Very strange.

2 things still left me puzzled...

1)Daniel and Albieri...So if Sidi Ali says that "some stories repeat"...will their story repeat once again in the desert-like w/ Lucas when it all began?! I didn't get to watch the very beginning, I have watched it for the past 8 months almost, and I heard through my grandmother that Lucas was saved by someone that way--from the desert.

2)Karla and her mom: THERE'S NO POSSIBLE WAY anyone can get pregnant by an already used condom!!! Sperm dies in about 15-20 mins of airborne contact! I thought it was ridiculous! I couldn't believe it! I was thinking, "The kid is Daniel's, that way Karla would still have money since he would be an inheriting from Leonardo Ferrer!

THAT last one confused the crap out of me...I literally had myself believing (until the end) that it was Daniel's child, and they were all just plotting against such a truth since Karla didn't know about Daniel's dilemma anyway.

Thanks! I appreciated looking at your blog for the last few episodes of "El Clon" : )


Thanks so much, Anonymous 10:10, for the information about O Clone. I'm not sure I like the idea of Roberto paying for the sKanKs' deceptive plot, but at least it makes more sense than the way it was (not) dealt with in "El Clon." Like Jean, I'm puzzled and frustrated at the way the writers wasted so much time and yet left so much hanging.

Jeanette, I too was assuming that the sKanK baby would turn out to be Daniel's. Indeed, I even imagined Dora offering to raise it and finally getting to raise a child without Albieri's interference. Oh well....

I keep coming back to this discussion site, but I guess it's time to move on. I've decided to watch "Eva Luna" on Univision, in part because I like Guy Ecker, one of the stars, in part because the trailer for "Aurora" didn't grab me, and in part because CarayCaray has a full set of recappers for "Eva Luna." Jardinera did a terrific job with the first episode last night. I hope perhaps I'll see some other Cloners there as well.

WOOOOOW! This episode is just great than ever,i learn a lot about cloning, and the best of all am happy that JADE and LUCAS are final happy. selmah Hanghuwo

WOOOOOW! This episode is just great than ever,i learn a lot about cloning, and the best of all am happy that JADE and LUCAS are final happy. selmah Hanghuwo

I can't belive Ali never saw zoridahs hair untill that day woo..any way she deserved it...cris got her twins for her dear lion,Nez finally got her man ..hmmmand for jade and lucas what a really happy ending for them...poor Daniel.

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