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El Clon Thursday October 28: Summary for Discussion

Update: Wikipedia now says that because of an unprecedented ratings surge in Uzbekistan, Tanzania, and across a broad swath of western China, El Clon has been extended to 263 episodes. In the United States, it will run through Groundhog Day 2011. Hahahahah!!! October Fools!!!

Before the new episode begins, we get one more chance to enjoy the incredibly satisfying bofetada: Slap! Again, we imagine Cris’s hand print on that rodent face.

Now to the business of the evening:

Faced with the prospect of living in Fez at Tío Abdul’s mercy, Samira does what any sane person would do: she runs away. The Naz blames Mohamed for threatening Samira with such a hellish fate. Abdul takes umbrage at the idea that living with him is an infierno. Then, to his family’s immense relief, he scuttles off to catch his plane.

The Naz turns to Latifa next and blames her for supporting Mohamed’s plan. But Mohamed, surprisingly, assumes responsibility for what has happened.

Things are looking grim at the Del Valle home. Lucía’s not buying Roberto’s protestation of innocence. Andrea suspects that Consuelo is mixed up in all this, but she doesn't know how. Roberto is having the DNA test repeated: he’s sure the positive result was an error or a scam.

Let him repeat the DNA test as often as he likes, crows UbersKank. It will turn out the same. Still, Karla is worried about all the money her mother is spending in anticipation of their windfall.

Alí and the Naz take to the streets in search of Samira.

Gloria tells Alí that when a girl runs away, it’s always because of a boyfriend. While Alí is explaining that in his culture there are no novios, just esposos, Ramón comes along and tells them just by chance he saw Samira tiptoeing out of her house, carrying a suitcase early this morning. He just happened to see her meet up with a boy.

Here's how the Naz searches: She walks along the water screaming Samira’s name, and growing ever more frantic. By an amazing coincidence, Pablo is in that same spot. The second bofetada of the evening: Pablo slaps the hysterical Naz to bring her to her senses. Ay, me pegaste, Pablo! (Oh, you hit me, Pablo!) The shock on her face turns to a delirious smile and she gives Pablo a long, passionate kiss, while Diana and Pedro look on in amusement.

The unpleasant Albieri’s finally confront one another. He can’t understand why she turned on him. His only sin was giving a reporter an interview. But according to Luisa:
¡Me excluiste! Eso es lo que no perdono!
(You excluded me! That’s what I can’t forgive!)

He doesn't understand why she's so mad. He isn’t in love with Amalia, although he does love her admiration, her interest, her questions.

And finally, Luisa storms out with her suitcase and her rage in tow. [And given her wardrobe, for once we can believe that everything she owns is in that one bag.]

At Dora’s apartment, Daniel vows to follow Jade wherever she may go. Not if Dora can help it!
She implores Jade to stop putting ideas in Daniel’s head and accuses her of trying to get from Daniel what Lucas owes her. (Tú quieres cobrarte con todo lo que te debe el otro). Besides, what are you going to live on when Daniel can’t even support himself?

Jade remembers the young Lucas promising to go away with her. Then she hears the present-day Daniel say:
Yo voy a estar contigo siempre; yo no te voy a dejar nunca.
(I’m always going to be with you; I’ll never leave you.)

Responds a saddened Jade: I waited all my life to hear those words. And now it’s too late.

With no explanation, Daniel hurries out of the house.

Once he’s gone, Jade tells Dora not to worry; she’s going to a place where Daniel won’t find her. But she takes off her jade pendant and gives it to Dora. Please give him this and tell him I lived the most beautiful time of my life with him.

She explains that through Daniel, she came to realize that her experience with Lucas was real and beautiful; that she didn’t throw her life away.

She gives Dora a parting gift, a filmy orange veil [clearly, the Naz gives better presents], and leaves, pulling her magic telenovela maleta behind her [because unlike Luisa, Jade, even in exile, maintains an impressive closet].

So that’s where he was going!
Daniel shows up at Casa Ferrer. You said I could ask you for anything, he tells Leo. Well, I’d like a ticket to Morocco. Leo is amused that his sons are so attracted to the place. He promises Daniel his ticket.

And Jade shows up at Zein’s place – he said she could ask him for anything -- requesting shelter (posada) for the night.

Natalia and her baby come home to Casa Ferrer. Leo and Lucas have gone to the hearing and Daniel has just left. When Nati takes the baby upstairs, Marisa confides to Rosa that even though Nati is abstinent now, she’s on shaky ground.

Because Marisa is also on her way out, she asks Rosa to call Gloria to come to visit Natalia and the baby.

I guess Marisa is truly changed, broccoli band dress notwithstanding. She is in a support group for parents of addicts. She listens respectfully to the other parents and speaks with some humility of her own problems, her losses and her failures.

Back in Casa Ferrer, Nati looks very depressed. She seems uninterested in the baby, doesn’t even want to look at him. Marina comes in with a breast pump: Natalia has to empty her milk or she’ll have problems.

Gloria arrives and fills the room with her energy. As she holds mega-baby (He looks just like her baby, she says), she announces she’s there to take Nati and her grandson back to her place. She’s the one to supervise his care. Rosa defends the home team: The baby looks like both parents, she says stoutly; and she and Marisa raised Natalia – they can surely take care of little Alejandro. And Nati assures her suegra that she’s going to take very good care of her grandson.

In the courtroom, Roberto is advocating on Leo's behalf. The DNA results show clearly that Leo and Isabel Ferrer are Daniel’s biological parents. And furthermore, both Lucas and Daniel share a genetically transmitted trait, the famous mancha, that they could only have inherited from Isabel. Both men are called up to show their manchas to the judge.

At Empresas Ferrer, Clara gets another bouquet of flowers from Escobar. Caro thinks his courtship efforts are kind of sweet, but Clara says he’s the same clueless idiot as always.

Enrique breezes in looking happier than we’ve ever seen him (well, except when he’s making fun of Roberto). He has made up him mind, he tells Caro. Tomorrow he’s going to look for his family. Now that he has Carolina at his side, he’s ready to face his past.

Mohamed’s house is still in turmoil. Samira’s friends haven’t seen her. Mohamed refuses to believe Ramón’s story about seeing his daughter with a boy. And he thinks the circumstances are too shameful to involve the police. Suddenly Alí realizes the Naz is missing. She went out looking for Samira, says Zoraida, and she never came back.

Apparently the Naz has spent the day with Pablo. Maybe they were looking for Samira together? Now he has brought her home and before saying goodbye, he tries to kiss her. She refuses. Kissing is for married couples. The earlier kiss? That was in the heat of the moment. Say, she says, why don’t we get married and live in Morocco? Think about it! And off she goes leaving Pablo with a silly grin on his face.

Diana, who has just witnessed this exchange, can’t believe it. Neither can I, says Pablo. But did you see the powerful chemistry between us?

Once upstairs, the Naz announces blissfully:
¡No encontré a tu hija pero encontré a mi marido!
(I didn’t find your daughter but I found my husband!)

Zombies Paula and Fer are hanging out on their favorite ledge when Paula spots a police car and runs away. Fer, stretched out dopily, reacts too slowly. The police question him, find the gun he got from the Scary Drug Guy, and take him in to the station. Fer calls Clara and tells her he’s been arrested.

At Casa Ferrer, our third zombie’s recovery is wearing thin about now. Ahora comienza el infierno (now the hell begins) Natalia tells Rosa. She asks her to take care of the baby. And she says: Don’t let me go out -- even if I scream or kick or make a scene.

Gloria expresses her doubts about Nati’s recovery (Me cuesta creer en la rehabilitación de Natalia), but Alej believes in her. And he is on his way to visit his son.

In Said’s house, Jadiya is talking to Jade on the phone. They are planning the details of their escape. Jadiya has her suitcase packed. She diverted suspicion by telling everyone it was full of doll clothes she wants to bring to school to show her friend. As Jadiya talks, Rania is approaching ever so quietly. She catches Jadiya saying: But where are we running away to, Mommy? To Fez? Okay.

Rania can hardly contain her joy. She whispers the good news to Amina and swears her to secrecy.

Clara spends another miserable evening in the police station. Fernando was caught with a gun and he had drugs in his pocket and in his bloodstream. Clara has no money for bail, so he’ll have to spend the night in jail.

Lucas shows up at Salamandra. Why? Who knows. But Zein spots him in the crowd and we get to enjoy a few seconds staring at beautiful Zein staring intensely at Lucas.

When Daniel gets back to Dora’s apartment, he learns that Jade is gone. And once again, he rushes out without telling Dora where he’s going.

Just as before, he lands at Casa Ferrer. This time he is here to see Lucas. He prefers to wait outside.

As soon as Lucas drives up, Daniel asks him accusingly: Where’s Jade? Where did you take her? Lucas is puzzled: Isn’t she at your house? No, says Daniel, she left and she took her luggage.

We see Jade sitting in a yellow taxi.

Jadiya is ready for school. Said wants to know what’s in her suitcase. Doll clothes, says Jadiya. Said would like to see them. [Really? Said wants to see Jadiya’s doll clothes?]

To keep Said from discovering what is really in the suitcase, Rania tells him the doll clothes are carefully folded; he’ll get them all wrinkled if he opens the suitcase.

Then Rania can only watch in mute admiration as Jadiya gets Said to sign a paper for her by telling him it’s a permission slip for a school trip to the zoo. [I suspect it's a permission slip for a rather longer field trip.] When Jadiya finally leaves, Rania smiles and smiles and smiles.
She would probably break into her awkward emu dance, but it might arouse Said’s suspicions.

At Mohamed’s place, however, the Naz feels quite free to dance with joy. She looks about 15 years younger than she did the day before. She and Zoraida agree on one thing:
Es muy triste el destino de una mujer sin marido.
(The fate of a woman without a husband is a very sad one.)
Alí, unobserved, is listening to this conversation and seems surprised to hear Zoraida’s sadness at her life without husband or children or her own. [So maybe Zoraida will get a husband after all].

Amin rushes in with the latest: They found Samira. There’s a boy downstairs who wants to talk to Mohamed.

Mohamed finds Carlos standing at the front gate. He tells Mohamed that Samira is fine; she’s staying with a girlfriend. And he explains that he is Samira’s boyfriend and is prepared to convert to Islam for her. Mohamed says, as if in a trance state:
Tu… Carlos… occidental… musulman… novio de Samira…
And then he faints dead away.

Back at the clone trial, Dora’s lawyer gets her turn to speak. She tells the judge that not only is Leo’s paternity claim morally repugnant, there is no solid legal or scientific basis for it. Dora gave birth to Daniel, she raised him, gave him a home and a family.

Furthermore, if Daniel were shown to be a clone, why would the court assume that Leo is his father? Why not Lucas?

Mohamed has been helped up to bed and Zoraida now serves him a calming tea. He tells the family he had a terrible nightmare.

Carlos takes Alí to the house where Samira has been hiding. He convinces her it’s safe to come home.

In the final scene, Jade is still sitting in the yellow taxi. At last, Jadiya arrives at school. And when the coast is clear, she gets in the cab with her mother.

Credits roll.


Just one more night. Where is everyone going now? How we'll miss Jean and NovalaMaven and each other! Lois

She would probably break into her awkward emu dance, but it might arouse Said’s suspicions.

I hooted with laughter on that one! Great penultimate recap, Novela Maven.

I will just say that I can't believe that so little happened on this episode. True, Marisa's redemption was completed but I would still like her to dress more appropriately.

I also agree that Alí's expression while overhearing Zoraida talk about how she doesn't want to die 'seca' suggests that she will end up marrying him. Let's hope.

Penultimate thanks, NovelaMaven, for this very enjoyable penultimate recap. Given how little further along we are with the plot, I was almost ready to believe that the multitude of Uzbekistani "Clon" fans prevailed and we'll have more episodes.

I'm really rushed right now, so I think I'll end this and try to check back later.

NovelaMaven: Yah, you got me too, I was ready to believe that mob rule would ensure another 6 months of this novela...
Thank you again, and you too Jean, for the manymany hours of time and love you have put into writing these recaps for us.
To Lois--I'm probably going to watch Aurora when this is done, I guess we will be working without a net on that one (no recap). Looks like based on "sleeping beauty" story.
Re: Ali overhearing Zoraida lamenting the lack of a family...I have been hoping all this time for Ali to realize he loves Zoraida. But thinking about it, Zoraida would be the fifth wife and, as we have seen, that would not necessarily be a happy lot.

Alí is smart and has his wives live in separate houses. If Said had done that, he wouldn't have had so many problems. But he could have Zoraida be his wife and take care of him in his own house.

NovelaMaven, thank you once again!

The Naz show took home the prize again. She is so over the top she is funny. I really didn't get the meaning of slap and the sudden liplock. But when it was over she had definitely let her veil down. Poor Diane was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Well, we now know that Jade will not end up with Daniel, which is a good thing.

Tonight hopefully a lot of questions will be answered and we will see the results of the Cris/Malicia knockdown.


Thanks so much, NovelaMaven, for this great recap and for many months of dedication by you and by Jean. It has given us, I think, the best recapping and most clever commenters of all. I salute you both.

Andrea seems too smart to be the child of Lucía and Roberto! Was she perhaps adopted?

Rania - what a miserable human being! Instead of saying something to Said so that he can prevent Jade going off with his beloved child, she chortles about getting rid of Jadiya. Loved "emu dance".

I don't know if he really did it, but didn't Alí have a particularly fractious wife he was considering returning? If it turns out he sent her back, this frees up a spot for Zoraida. I don't think Alí would have five wives. He's too devout.

It's great to see Marisa reforming.

It looks like they really might have Pablo end up with The Naz.

Latifa disappointed me. She was willing to let Mohammed send her daughter off with Medieval Abdul. She didn't put up much of a fight. The Naz was right.

NovelaMaven very naughty trying to give me seizures that they would extend this novela even more than it has been already. Love your recap as alwyas.

Favorite Rania breaking out in her Emu dance. Haha good one:)I think her non actions have effectively killed her marriage once Said finds out she knew what Jadiya was planning.

The Naz is a hoot i was LOL right along with Diana and Pedro and i noticed how hard for them both trying to keep a straight face through that scene.She also had me stitches after her comment to Mohammed about sending his daughter to live in hell with Abdul.The Naz hardly ever disappoints for some laughs.

Love the argument Dora's lawyer gave during the DNA trial for Daniel and Dora's little clapping of happiness for hearing her argued for her.

It seems like they are setting it up that Gloria and Alej. will have custody of little Alej. i could be wrong though.

I saw the look too that Ali gave after overhearing Zoraida talk about how she had wanted to be married too.

Will Fernando finally get locked up for good?

I would like to make a request and wonder if perhaps others are interested too. Since tonight is the Gran Final two hours. NovelaMaven and Jean both have done outstanding work on giving us recaps for this novela.I would like a discussion page put up for us to go just to talk about Telemundo novelas and if someone may feel inclined or want to start doing recaps for these novela i'm sure they can get in touch with Melinama.

"Clever commenters"? I'll say! Thanks to everyone for the kind words and, most of all, for hanging in there with Jean and me.

Lois, I'll probably give "Aurora" a try -- even though the previews suggest it's going to be a cross between a Paxil commercial and a shampoo ad. Sadly, not recap-worthy. Probably not even summary-worthy.

I like the idea of a Telemundo discussion page. How have discussions fared in the past without a recap to play off?

I'd consider recapping again (as one of five, not two or three!) if there were a show that looked interesting enough. Right now, I don't see anything I want to write about. Maybe if they ever get around to showing "La Reina del Sur"...

About Alí and Zoraida --

I never even considered they'd get married since he is a sheik and she's a lowly bedouin servant. I thought this was a pretty rigidly hierarchical world. But still, if the Naz may be pairing up with a hunky but stolidly proletarian occidental, ie Pablo, well then all bets are off!

And there must be an opening on Ali's dance card: Why else would the Naz have been trying so desperately to snare him earlier on in the story?
Rania is thoroughly despicable. She'd surely get her just desserts, maybe that falafel cart with her name on it, by capítulo 247. But do you think she'll get her comeuppance tonight?
Will there be time for more Malicia beat-downs? God, I hope so!

NovelaMaven comparing Aurora to a Paxil commercial and a shampoo ad? My goodness that's a good one ROFL:)

I've seen discussion pages put up when a recapper has had technical difficulties with taping the episode they recapping or they may have missed recapping. It seems that as long as someone starts the ball rolling others will chime in with their two cents about what went on in the episode they're talking about.

What i'm talking about if others would like it is if a page is put up where we can talk about all the Telemundo novelas and if someone decides hey let's recap this it sounds interesting then go for it. Like you suggested only having two people recap one novela is too much. It does sound like theres a lot of people who like the novelas on Telemundo better than what's on Univision but it's up to everyone else if they would like this to happen.

Ok NovelaMaven you have to stop now i can't stop LOL from this one a Falafel cart:) Priceless maybe we should start using this instead well i hope the villain gets his pie cart at the end of the novela.

I'm all for any and all type of beat downs for Malicia.


Blu, I think that's a fantastic idea. Let's see if other people think so too. Of course, it's Melinama's call -- it IS her blog. And she'd have to make room for another ongoing thread in an already crowded sidebar on the main blog page.

We have done discussion pages before for Pasión de Gavilanes and El Cuerpo del Deseo. Both of them ended up as recaps mostly because people didn't comment without a recap. BUT, it couldn't hurt to try again. I'm sure Melinama wouldn't mind. One question is how often do you post? I mean you could have one post and endless comments but that wouldn't make much sense. You could have a post every day that basically said - Go ahead and comment. I think it would make more sense to have that kind of post once a week. I can't speak for NovelaMaven but I would be willing to do that much. (I am going away for three weeks in November, though.)

Blu, I love your idea of having a page devoted to comments about Telemundo TNs. I remember how frustrated I felt when I had no one with whom to talk about ¿Dónde Está Elisa? But I think what I'd really like is a separate page for each TN. I really don't have much interest in reading comments about a TN I'm not watching. Perhaps that's not practical, but I thought I'd mention it.

Also, though a page for commentary is a good idea, nothing can really replace recaps. I would have been totally done in during my three-week trip had I not been able to turn to the recaps to get back up to speed. I very strongly wish CarayCaray would broaden its policy to include Telemundo TNs. It may be that not as many people get Telemundo as Univision, but there are still LOTS of us who do, and many of us have a strong preference for Telemundo TNs rather than Univision's tired, stereotypic same old same old. Heck, even "El Clon," for all its faults, is a lot more fresh and interesting than much of the basura on Univision.

I'm going to Aurora too, at least temporarily. Don't know what my class (which I seldom attend but follow) will be doing. I'd like to see La Reina del Sur, if it's as good as the book, be recapped and commented on. Don't know when it might start.

I'm delighted to hear both Jean and NovelaMaven gave a strong maybe to recapping/commenting. Leaves me full of hope, Lois

I guess that depends on everyone else if they want the discussion page to be put up once a week or every other day i think it's up to everyone who agrees if they like this suggestion and we get the okay from Melinama of course.

Juanita i like what you're saying but most of the regular recappers either only have Univision or just like Univision novelas. What i hope is eventually that some of the new people who find this blog will one day decide to try being a recapper and we can have eventually regular recappers for both channels.

Jean and NovelaMaven...a special thank you for all the wonderful recaps you have written. I enjoyed them all. I hope I hear from you both again.

I for one enjoy Telemundo. It would be great to have a comment page. I've been watching Algieuno te Mira and would have loved it if there was a comment page.

But getting to El Clon, it seemed to me Nati was getting antsy and was looking to get out of the house for a fix. I can't imagine how she is going to be OK without rehab (if that will even help her).

Maybe Alej and Diane might get together and raise the baby along with Mrs. Gloria. I know SHE could do a good job.


Blu, that's a very interesting suggestion. I'm still hoping to catch up with Alguien te Mira after the World Series is over.

I have started to read La Reina del Sur in English and also have it in Spanish. Since I read novels in Spanish more slowly, it's a lot more of a time commitment to do it that way. But I think it would be great to have read it before the novela came on.

The mechanics of a general Telemundo site with a daily link put up for those who are watching these novelas are a bit hard to figure out. It might be a bit too much to ask those who have been recapping to put a link up for each and every Telemundo novela currently running every day.

Can't think right now of an organizing principle for this Telemundo-centric place on Caray.

Novelera i was thinking of for right now a place where we can just discuss whatever novela we like on Telemundo some may like Aurora. Others may like El fantasma de Elena or Algiuen Te mira right now i'm watching the whole Telemundo line up. I watch STUD later on. So if it's possible i would like a page to be put up if everyone else is in agreement for it once a week and we can talk about all of the Telemundo novelas on at that time. Maybe if it gets busy we can expand because more people want to talk what happen on their favorite novela. Perhaps then we might get a couple more people willing to try their hands at recapping. But it's has to be more than a couple of people who want this beside myself.

It's an interesting idea about the Telemundo commenting space. I don't think Melinama has any problem putting a Telemundo tn on the site. The issue, as always, is finding enough recappers and watcher/commenters. With Telemundo it's more difficult because much fewer tv markets in the US carry it. That's the only reason why there isn't more of an audience her for them on Caray Caray. I would also suggest not bad-mouthing the Univision novelas so much, as a way to gain more support and commenters on Telemundo novelas. There are plenty of people who enjoy both, and both have their strengths, weaknesses and similarities. There's enough room in people's hearts for love for both. It doesn't have to be either/or, basura/quality.

Among the Univision line-up right now are two different and very good novelas that have risen above the rest in originality- Dinero and La Verdad Oculta. While Telemundo's Clon has fallen short in many areas, but still has many people who love it. There is no hard and fast rule that one network's tns are always better than the other's. All this is to say that if you want others to be more accepting and open to Telemundo, you have to show the same respect for people's enjoyment of Univision novelas.

I believe commenting about one's opinion about characters or novelas is open even to what they like or dislike about them. So i for one don't have a problem if a person considers Univision novelas are garbage or not they are entitled to their opinion of course whether i agree with it or not. So i suggest let's just worry about whether people are open to what Blu suggested and leave it at that.

Commenting on "a character or a novela", yes. An entire network and everything on it...?

Yes this is why we call this America freedom of speech. You seem like you're the same person always on here attacking people what exactly is your problem. If someone feels all novelas on Univision are crap so what why are YOU making a issue out of something that really doesn't effect your life? Maybe perhaps it does by the way you're acting.

Thanks for updating on the show!!! I CAN'T WAIT To hear what you say for the last episode--I was a bit confused at what happened w/ Daniel and Albieri.

I'm glad there's AT LEAST 1 English source I can reach to for a Spanish telenovella! : )


I am so grateful for this site. You ladies do a great job. Here is my question if anyone can answer for me please. How did Karla with a K and her mother get the DNA and how did they use it to make her baby? I know there was a maid that kept leaving the house with small envelopes and would deliver them to the gold diggers. Can anyone explain?

Anon 02:46 (Sat.) -- The maid stole used condoms from Roberto's trash and Karla used their contents to inseminate herself. And oddly enough, it worked. (There's a whole bunch of reasons why it shouldn't have worked but they are outweighed by one thing: In the world of telenovelas, science and logic are irrelevant!)

^--That's true. I had myself literally CONVINCED that it was Daniel's! I wrote a response on the "Gran Finale" summary on here about this topic...In real life, it really shouldn't have worked...BUT, like she said--IT'S A NOVELA!


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