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Eva Luna #81 Tue 3/1/11 Excrement hits fan, a little less idiotic man

Eva Luna, 3/1/11, Episode #81.

The RECAP IS UP! Scroll down the page for the bulleted list (summary) of the episode, plus additional photos and video clips.

We rewind to the scene where venomous Marcy is sneeringly telling Tilde and Deborah that she knows Deborah is Eva's and Alicia's mom.

Happy Francisco and Marisol. You can't make me care. They are all kissy-kissy smoochy and he's going to bring his stuff over to the pension in the morning and then they'll be wedded for real.

Jacky is literally wringing her hands with worry and distress over Francisco and Marisol getting together.

Deborah is denying that she's the mom of Eva and Alicia but Marcela is insistent. Marcy threatens to tell the girls. She wants Deborah to side with her against them.

Some more consolidation of scenes, because they all switch back and forth too much!

Having it out with the bruja about the fake suicide attempt. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Dan has it out with Victoria. He's tired of her mentiras (lies). He confronts her about the fake suicide. Victoria claims that Eva made that all up, but Dan says that he doesn't think that Eva would come up with something so awful on her own and he believes her. Then Icky changes tactics and whines that she did it because she looooves him so much. He is disgusted. All through these series of scenes she attempts to touch him and he recoils from her and backs away.

Daniel doesn't even want Icky to touch him, and recoils every time she comes near. (Click on image to see larger version.)

She then begs him to understand that she did it because she was desperate, but he has finally had it. The old comatose brain cells that have lain dormant for the last several weeks (well, over a year, actually) finally have kicked in and he is OUTTA THERE. He takes his jacket and exits swiftly, slamming the door behind him and leaving a screeching bruja wondering what happened and then blaming Eva for it all.

Adrian is chatting with Don Ricardo and Justa. He's told that if his dad is found, he'll be arrested. He's done some bad things. Adrian just wants to stay with Don Ricardo and Justa.

Tomas captures the attention of the cops and they start chasing after him. After some chase he has a shootout with a cop. The cop is shot and appears to be dead.

Marcela looks like she's drunk—probably on liquor but also on an especially potent brand of nasty evilness. She's going to make a big scene in front of those who are left at the party. She makes a snipe about how Eva's "bastard" kid is going to have her (Marcela's) last name! Well Eva wastes no time and smacks her across the face for that. Marcela just smiles venomously because she hasn't yet begun to get started.

It's late. Francisco returns to Danny's house and Jacky is in her jammies but waiting in the kitchen. There's an uncomfortable scene where Francisco has to break it to her that he's moving in with Marisol.

Eva hasn't yet begun with Marcela and she's ready to do more bodily damage but Leo restrains her. Tia Tilde also appears on the scene. Marcela is just getting warmed up, and as Eva attempts to leave Marcela calls her back by tantalizing her with news on the woman who left her—"for the trash you are!" Marcela sneers. This gets Eva's attention as of course Tia and Deborah cringe and try to stop this trainwreck from happening. Leo is absolutely USELESS in trying to stop his bruja mom.

Dan, in seek of solace, appears at the room of lusty Liliana, who is wearing standard issue skimpy skank gear. She's thrilled to see him. He sulks as he sits on her couch and talks about his marriage ending. She's eager to offer relief. She starts to massage his back and when he gets up from the couch, she kisses him. He responds. She tries to convince him how he needs her comfort, that he's looking for someone to love and care for him, but he doesn't look all enthused about this—mostly just miserable.

Marcela rants and raves and revs up to tell Eva the truth, and Deborah, frozen with fear, tries to restrain Marcela and yells, "Please don't tell her!" As soon as she does this Eva looks at her with full understanding and she KNOWS. Mother and daughter share a sad moment of realization as Marcela cackles like a bruja and says YES! It's HER! She's your mother!

The sadness and shock registers on Eva's face as she first realizes that Deborah is her mom. (Click on image to see larger version.)
Eva of course denies that Deborah is mom, but Marcela keeps screeching that it is the truth. Eva appeals to Tia to deny it but Tia can't. Deborah tries to explain but of course is interrupted. More tears and beseeching looks as the truth sinks in for Eva. Useless Leo keeps trying to shut up mom but she keeps yapping. She finally says triumphantly that this news is her "engagement gift" to Eva and leaves. Deborah looks at Eva sadly and says she'll see her the next day at their meeting.

Skanky Liliana is still putting the moves on Dan. She kisses him more and he responds again, but now he goes into Dan-Fantasy-Mode and it's Eva he's kissing, not Liliana. He just can't go through with it (you know what I mean) and Liliana tells him she can guess what he's thinking of—Eva. He doesn't deny it. He can't get her out of his mind but he knows he needs to. Liliana says she can help with that, by helping him form new attachments. She moves in again but he's balking. So she says, just remember that I'm nearby (and rarin' to go! No, she didn't say that part). He thanks her and leaves.

Francisco wants Jacky to look him in the eye. She's been acting kind of frozen and dull in response to the news that he's getting back with his wife. Finally she snaps and tells him that it hurts her to look at him and she's basically pissed. She calls him an idiot. (Well, I can't disagree with her there!)

Idiot Alicia is whining about her love for Leo and how he's playing with her affections. Let's just do a little FF past that>>>

Back in their bedroom, Eva demands that Tia tell her the truth about Deborah. "Look me in the eyes!" Eva pleads. Tia admits that it's the truth. Eva slowly lowers herself to the couch as her face crumples in unshed tears. Then we have the standard tearful "Por qué? Por qué?" from Eva as she digests this news.

Then Tia is an idiot and repeats the lie, saying that Deborah abandoned the girls for another man. She reinforces the hatred and resentment that Eva has towards her supposed errant mom. Eva vows to never forgive Deborah.

Tomas is still on the run and is thinking what he'll have to do to escape—take Adrian with him, he thinks.

Leo is pissed at mom. She ruined his engagement party. She called Eva's kid a bastard. You can almost see Leo thinking, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, what got into you, woman?" Marcela doesn't care, she is glad she hurt Eva and after all, little Pablito IS a bastard! (Good grief!) Leo says, well if Eva breaks up with me over this and we lose the fortune, you'll understand!

Tony's at the gambling pit and is having a bad night gambling. Gallo is chatting in a friendly manner with him. Gallo asks him how things are with Leo. Tony says not so good. Gallo warns him that Leo is a dangerous man. Tony complains that not only does Leo owe him money, he also stole his girlfriend. Gallo again warns Tony that not only could he lose those things, but he could also lose his life.

Daniel returns home and is getting his stuff out of the bedroom. Icky is still begging him not to leave but there's no way he's going for that. It's better that they both end the marriage. She says, "You're the one who married me while loving another woman!" He tells her he's going to sleep in another room. As he closes the door, she vows to herself to not give him a divorce and she says she's NOT crazy.

Its morning and Leo wakes Alicia up as she sleeps in bed. She can't believe he's there. He reminds her of all the stuff they talked about the night before. Then Eva knocks on the door and Alicia, showing some backbone for a moment, says "Come right in!" Leo quickly leaps back from the bed and you can see his head spinning as he tries to think of a convincing lie to explain his presence there. Eva sees him and he has that fishy-eyed Leo look on his face.

Francisco is telling Daniel about moving in with Marisol. Danny is happy for Francisco but Francisco is scared of making a mistake. Daniel says that he understands—marriage without love is a bad thing. Francisco comments that he noticed that Danny's sleeping in another room now. Daniel says that's how it is going to be from now on.

Leo lies (which happens each time his lips move) and says that Alicia's door closed by itself and he was just in there to check on Alicia's health, because she was feeling too poorly to attend the engagement party the night before. Eva seems to accept this and asks Leo to leave because she needs to talk to Alicia.

Eva breaks the news about Deborah being their mom. Alicia is of course impactada.

(I'm still combining scenes here for the sake of sanity.)

At the office, Giorgio is sucking up to Marcela and Daniel busts in with an ass-kickin' look on his face. Another telling-off. He chews out Marcela for the fake suicide of Victoria. Marcela says she did it because she loves her daughter. Daniel thinks this is crazy and sick. He tells her that he's going to get a divorce. After he leaves, Marcela vows that she'll get him and his little dog too. No wait—she says she'll kill him and his daughter.

Eva meets with Deborah at the office. She tells Deborah that she told Alicia that Deborah is the woman that abandoned them. Deborah tries to explain but Eva won't believe it, of course. Meanwhile Tia is telling Alicia to not believe Deborah, because she left their dad. Same kind of scene going on at the office. Eva tells Deborah that their relationship from now on is going to be strictly business.

Slut Liliana tells Leo that Daniel and Victoria had a fight, and that he came to her room but nothing happened . . . yet.

Victoria is out jogging and thinking about Daniel leaving. She thinks that she's not going to let him go so easily. She meets up with a friend who tells her of Claw's death and says that the police think it has to do with drugs.

Francisco is leaving the house and sees Jacky in the kitchen. Regretful and sad looks from Jacky. Francisco feels bad that Jacky may have gotten the wrong idea about them. It was, after all, just a "beautiful friendship." He wants Jacky's approval for his marriage to Marisol. She fights back tears and she says sure, he has her blessing because she loves him. She's sad because she'll miss his silliness and lies. She retreats as he is left thinking by himself, his eyes a little reddened too.

Tomas sneaks up and watches Adrian playing soccer with another kid.

Eva is in her office, drinking water out of this interesting-looking glass and reviewing all the nonsense that has gone down today with her mom. Meanwhile Deborah busts into Marcela's office and calls her out for what she did. Marcela says I offered you a deal and you didn't take me up on it. Deborah replies that she'd prefer the hatred of her daughters over actually working against them.

Leo is visiting Danny in the office and gossiping about Deborah being Eva's mom. Eva's real upset. Danny hadn't heard. Leo then asks Danny, what were you and Eva talking about last night? Danny says, "About your wedding to her."

Leo seems to be feeling a bit insecure because he starts in with Daniel about how Eva loves HIM. Daniel needs to accept that! I think Daniel says that Eva doesn't seem so convinced herself about wanting Leo. Then the discussion moves to Victoria. Daniel tells Leo about the fake suicide attempt, used as a way to blackmail him (Daniel). Leo looks impactado.

Marisol visits Alicia all a-twitter with silly happiness. But Alicia is in the dumps and whines about Leo. Kvetching about Eva's engagement. "The man I love will marry my sister!" Alicia whines and then says that she doesn't think Eva loves him. (HELL no! She's not THAT stupid!)

Eva is at the beach thought-bubbling about all of her woes and stuff. She wants to get rid of the love she has for Daniel.

And speak of the Devil, here comes Daniel. This is a great scene and I'm afraid I won't do it justice, so if anyone wants to give a word-for-word dialog, you have my undying gratitude! But here's my attempt at recapping what they said.

Eva looks up at Daniel and can't figure out why he's there. "Don't be so vain. I don't do everything thinking of you. You are not the heroine of my life" he says. He then reminds her that this is what she said to him just the other night! (LOL.) She wants to go but he says no. He says he's heard about her mom appearing. "No, a memory appeared" she says, regretfully. "My mother died many years ago." Why am I telling this to you? She asks. He says that before at this place we had love. (Or something like that.) "I don't think anyone else is as close to you as I am," he says. She thanks him for the kind words but says that things cannot change between them. He isn't going for that, though. He says is she going to tell him again that she loves Leonardo? A thousand times, she says, until you believe it! He replies that her mouth may say that, but her eyes have not yet learned to lie.

We interrupt this touching scene with Leo confronting Mad Marcy about whether it was true that she orchestrated Icky's suicide attempt.

Eva starts to turn away but Daniel manfully grasps her by the waist and brings her close to him. (Oh my gosh, I am going to write this like a Harlequin romance! LOL.)

"You haven't forgotten me, like I haven't forgotten you!" he breathes huskily.
"I forgot you!" she exclaims.
"Lie!" he says, looking deeply into her eyes.
"Yes, you love me, you miss me, you suffer and yearn for our love (???), just like me."
"That's not true!" she cries, her breath coming more quickly.
He touches her face gently and says, "Confess it here and now and we can forget about it." he says, and draws her close, bringing her lips to his own in a deep, passionate kiss.

(The music swells and we have some new song playing as Daniel and Eva exchange noisy kisses in slow motion.)

End of episode!

Straight out of a Harlequin Romance—Daniel and Eva kiss on the beach. (Click on image to see larger version.)

Highlights of the episode:
  • Marcela is stinking drunk and spills all about Deborah being Eva's and Alicia's mom. Many tears and heartache. Tia Tilde does not back up Deborah's version of the story. Deborah is understandably devastated when Eva is unforgiving of the mother who "abandoned" her.
  • Francisco and Marisol are happy happy happy. Poor Jacky is not happy happy happy.
  • Daniel the Idiot Man gets a few brain cells knocking together for a change and tells off Icky Vicky for the manipulative, sick trick she pulled on him (faking the suicide). The marriage is over, he says.
  • Daniel the Idiot Man lives up to his name by seeking "solace" at the skanky Liliana's room, who is in industrial strength skank mode. Fortunately Daniel can only think of Eva as he locks lips with Liliana, so he wisely leaves before anything happens.
  • Tomas, who is on the lam, shoots a cop. It looks like the cop is dead.
  • Daniel catches up with a distraught Eva at the beach and for once they do not snipe at each other but instead lock lips. Finally! 
VIDEO CLIPS: Right-click to view link in new window. These are Flash clips (like what you see on YouTube). If playback stalls, wait for clip to fully load before viewing. Spanish Closed Captions are in each clip.
  1. The excrement hits the fan: Cuts between Daniel visiting Liliana and Marcela spilling the beans about Deborah being the mom of Eva and Alicia. 
  2. Final scenes and avances. We have noisy kissing!
SCREENCAPS: Click on any of these images to see HD version.
Marisol and Francisco are a happy couple. 

Daniel has HAD ENOUGH of the big-butted bruja, after finding out that she went along with her mom's insane fake suicide scheme.

Then Daniel tells off Marcela for her misdeeds. He's going to divorce the big-butted bruja. Marcela is impactada at this news. Later she mutters to herself that she's going to get him and his hija too. 

Daniel visits the slutty Liliana and has one of his Daniel-brand fantasies: Kissing Eva.

But the reality, he's not kissing Eva, and as we'll find later, that just isn't working for him.

Then Daniel meets up with Eva at the beach. She wants to leave, but no, Daniel isn't having any of that.

And then finally we have our noisy kissing.

Amusing side note: 
My mom is semi-following Eva Luna (thanks to English CCs) and when she found out that Eva had agreed to marry Leo, she said (fully spontaneously) "I have lost respect for her." Out of the mouths of telenovela babes! LOL.


Good stuff, Elvira. There certainly was a lot of merde going in all directions.

Icky certainly won't be taking any of this lying down.

Deborah is in deep merde over her absence from Eva and Alicia's lives.

For a second I thought Eva was going to resign Deborah's account to get her out of her life, but that she didn't shows how cold Eva is determined to be.

They all have yet to hear of Claudia's death and there better be a major investigation leading back to Marcie and her murderous brood.

And I hope Julio has the pleasure to witness their downfall.

Daniel should take Laurita and Chico far away from these vipers and hire bodyguards.

Elvira, you have covered the highlights well, looking forward to the rest, my dvr hasn't been catching the whole episode lately, leaving me impactada at the end, (no puede ser!) I missed the advances.
other notable events:
Tomas plans to kidnap Adrian. Did it happen?
I fast forwarded thru the Liliana scenes.
In typical TN fashion, it is so far taken for granted Claw died in drug related incident. No autopsy, no meticulous interview of the last boyfriend and anyone who saw her recently, nothing in the papers. (After all she didn't steal 25K so why should it be in the papers?)

Gracias, Elvira! I love it when you include the vid clips and the fotos. That adds to the time and effort of the recap which is greatly appreciated by this Kryptonite Beanie Wearer out in Viewerville!


Bimbutt: Well, she is going to have to take her pointy little chin and her out of proportion butt and think this one over! As we all know, nothing good will come of it. ITA UA...Bimbutt will not take this one lying down.

Dano: Yes! The brain cells are firing up again! How absolutely wonderful that we did not have to wait a full week to see them kick into action (we know that this would take at least that long on TdA and possibly longer!) Dano has come out of his mildly comatose state and has opened his eyes!

ITA with UA...he's got to get Laurita, himself, and Chico out of there. This time, they truly are in danger.

Claw: I am surprised that everyone else outside this murderous little family has heard of Claw's death (jogger meeting Bimbutt). I was actually a tad surprised that Claw's death was so graphic. She clearly did not know the lengths to which Slime Bucket Leo would go and I still do not understand why she felt that threatening Leo would work to her advantage...which is didn't.

My question is: will Eva put two and two together when she finds out that Claw is dead? I don't remember, but did Claw have time to call Eva and cancel their afternoon appointment?

Eva: she's got some redeeming of herself to do...the stupidity of marrying Leo just boggles my mind. She now has to focus upon two acts of revenge: a) Deborah and b) Dano (in no particular order)

...and where is Don J in all of this?! We don't even know if he knows if Eva's stupid decision , do we? I thought it was going to be a huge hill of redemption that Dano was going to have to climb, but apparently, all it takes is one kiss and all is forgiven...or is it?

Deborah: I rather liked her telling off Cruella. I also liked the fact that Cruella called her 'estupida' for now, Deborah knows who Cruella really is and Deborah didn't hesitate to call her on it!

Ah yes...Cruella is going to go down big time. What will Cruella do when she finds out that her Pointy Chin Bimbutt Pseudo Daughter has slept with 'her man'!!??

Pregunta, por favor: has Tony had the mark of death placed upon him by El Gallo (that's his name, yes?)?

Franc/Marisol/Jacky: this story line still does nothing for me.

Spandex Alicia: I wonder what her next move will be given her anger and her conflicted feelings. Why can't she recognise Leo for the scum that he is? He is going to marry her sister, but still wants to play around with her! This one is beyond stupid (Alicia).

P.S. I have really enjoyed the fast pace of this TN. Mejia...take note.

Elvira,Thanks so much. That was great. Last night I was screaming and cheering for almost the entire hour. And Lilly, who answers the door in an outfit like that? I was so proud of Dan for leaving. (He shouldn't have been there in the first place, but at least he had the witts about him to leave.)

Poor Deb, At least now Eva has a strong ally.

I want the Thomas thing to wrap up quickly, but I don't see that happening.

Pata: You jogged my memory. What in the world possessed Dano to go see LillyHO? I missed that part of the TN. What was his motivation for that?


Susanita, after his little blow-up with victoria I think he was out looking for some "comfort." Lilly was certainly up for it. When they kissed all he could see was Eva. (Those pictures Elvira posted)

I think his brain starting firing correctly and he had the smarts to leave before anything happened.

Elvira: Your mom is #1 on my list, amiga! LOL! You caught what counts in these hilights and with great snark! Loved it!

Word of the day: difuminar = to blur or fade. Drove me crazy that last word Dan said before landing that marvelous smooch because it wasn't in the Eng. CC's. Those English CC's are such a waste at times! But WOW! What a scene to end on, eh?


Love the pic's and clips.

Susanita Dano was feeling sorry for himself and went to see her. You didn't miss anything, half her butt was out, and her breast where coming out the other half, ugh. ITA with Pata who answers the door at nite in there teddy and lacey undies. she had the nerve to remove the little cover-up before she went to the door. I kept hitting my husband asking him what the HECK is he doing there.
I really really dislike JoJo, he worse that Renata in her faithful dog routine.
My respect for Tia just dropped to -1200 degrees for the half truth she told Eva about Debra.
Glad to see Daniel get his balls back from Vicky and Marcie. Maybe now he can take care of business about clean his house *sorta speak*
Did I miss something about a threat against Laurita? Who said what against her? I know Marcie wanted to get Eva, Tia and maybe Pablo with the posion.
I'll get on the band wagon with agreeing with Susanita & UA that Bimbutt will not take Daniel wanting a divorce lying down.
Can't wait until the recap is up Thank you Elvia.
Oh I almost forgot they KISSED A VERY NOSIEY KISS. I didn't know how much I missed these two together as a couple until they broke them up. My faith in the writers has risen to just a noch above well hell freezes over.

Marcie did utter a threat against Laurita. Her goal this entire time is to kill her and Daniel so that his share of the agency will go to Icky, whom she is also willing to kill.

She has already killed Daniel's parents and I'm wondering about her first husband.

Icky may not be her natural child, but she did raise her. That's what makes all this so horrifying.

Elvira- Wonderful highlights and pics and captions! You've started us off very well for a discussion.

I am so mad at Tia Matilde. She is being so unfair to Deb, all to protect her brother's memory. First off, he was going to reveal the truth himself to the girls-- that was the reason for coming to L.A. Second, he's DEAD. The girls already had the opportunity to make happy memories with him, and they are adult enough to reconcile the good father they knew, with the horrible mistake he made. Deb is ALIVE and Tia is depriving the girls and Deb from being able to make new happy memories. Instead it's just pain and tears and hate all around. Enough Tia! Eva has enough other people, who actually hate her, feeding her lies. She needs all the allies she can get, and Deb is a great one.

I was proud of Deb for flat out refusing to fall for Marcie's blackmail. It wasn't much of a choice. Of course she would choose to have her daughters hate her, over working with Marcie to do them harm. Alicia take note. Leo's not giving you a real choice either. Exposing the bastard is way better than letting him marry your unsuspecting sister and be your only nephew's stepdad, while being his little bit on the side! It makes no sense.

I'm not expecting a reconciliation between Eva and Dan tonight, but I really wish/hope that they both finally spill on why they're so ticked at each other-- you killed my dad/I saw pictures of you and Leo making love when you were supposedly in love with me. Then at least we can get somewhere with clearing it all up. Since we're in final weeks, we could have one or two exciting revelations each night and have enough to take us to the end.

Revelations made and to come:

-Justa is alive (check)
-Victoria’s suicide attempt was fake (check)
-Victoria tried to kill Eva (check)
-Deborah is Eva's and Alicia’s mom (check)
-Deb didn’t abandon her girls
-Eva did not sleep with Leo
-Dan is Pablito’s daddy
-Vicky used threats to convince Laurita to go to boarding school
-Dan did not kill Eva’s dad/Leo did
-Leo and Alicia are lovers
-Leo had Claw killed
-Eva did not steal the money/Marci and Vic set it up
-Vicky is the child of Justa and Julio, and Marcela and Renata stole Vicky from Justa
-Marcela killed Dan’s parents and wife
-Marcela was poisoning Julio
-Julio is still alive

UA.... thank you for filling in the blank for me on Laurita. So this means Dano or someone is going to bring her(laura) home from school to live on a regluar basis at Misery Masion 2.0. HUM this is interesting, I'm wondering how the writers are going to pull this off with someone trying to kill Laurita from school. Maybe they'll get said Mob Boss to do that job also. But I don't see it happening b/c Marcie likes to be hands on when she kills someone.

Pata and Michele: Thank you so much for the clarification! I stepped away from the telly and missed that entire scene.

I'm sure LillyHO is used to being in various stages of undress. That little number she had on when she went to see Leo barely covered her behind when she was standing up. I was dying to see what she was going to do when she sat down!

Miraculously...she managed to keep it all covered with the artful little move of putting hands in front of crotch.

Do people IRL in the fashion world really go dressed to work like this? Seriously?

Jar: My vocab took a huge leap with 'difuminar'!!! I love it!


Vivi: ITA with all your points re Tia. I was ready to slap her self righteous face!


Thanks for the video/pics Elvira!

I too am disgusted with Alicia but most of my wrath goes toward Tia. She knows her brother was going to tell her the truth but her own bitterness has blinded her. ITA that she or Debra may be sacrificed to save Eva, Alicia or Pablo (just a guess).

Marcie's killed Dan's first wife too. I must be honest I have to see Dan's reaction when he realizes what that witch has done to him.

Michele, you are so right. Marcie takes too much pleasure in killing to hire anyone else to do it. She obviously considers herself invincible.

Anyone want to predict how each of our villains will fall? Maybe we can do a prize to the person with the most accurate predictions. The villains being:


Whew, Elvira. They were really spitting angry words last night. Loved Marcela's take down by DimDumbDan, not so, anymore.

OMG Kissus Interruptus!! I guess we get the other half tonight (with replay, I hope).

Be back later, Una Nte

My husband thinks Marcie will try to kill Dano's whole house hold, by poisoning them through the food, but Jacky's going to do a taste test and end up being the casualty. I told him NOPE

Wow thank you for recap, I wish my job allowed me to see your video, but it gets blocked. I have finally set my dvr for tonight's episode, I think it's going to be impacto! I was wondering in the few seconds I watched it last night, what was Renata doing during the drunken Marcela academy award scene? She looked like she overheard something other than the outing of Eva's mother, or am I wrong? Or was that in the coming attraction for tonight? Am surprised that Don Julio did not call Eva in for a meeting, didn't he run into her at the hospital, why hasn't he asked her how she knew Don Ricardo and why was she there? Don Julio is a smart guy when not being drugged, if Eva was there to visit, shouldn't she know Justa?

Michelle, I just had a horrible thought regarding your husbands remark. What if what your husband said happens and it is poor Chico who does the taste test like Max did for Julio?

Alls I can say is that all of a sudden, Dano's IQ jumped 50 points!!!!



Let hope he's wrong, no more doggie sacrifice on this TN

for your lose-end list
Tomas and his plan kidnapping of Adrian.

Thanks Elvira.

I am betting on El Gallo helping us all out by eliminating Leo, Leo is scared of him. Do you guys think Tony will maybe gang up with Gallo and do way with Leo? Fingures crossed....

I have always liked El Gallo! his xter is very charming, he would make a good bodyguard for Eva and Pablito or DJ against cruella and her brood..


Lots of great comments already!

Okay, I'm going to start reviewing the episode and hope to have the recap soon.

Great episode...hopefully all the remaining ones keep on getting better.

Tomas needs to die. Please don't let him kidnap Adrian.

I wonder if they plan on redeeming Tony for Alicia? If so, he needs to kill Leo and Tomas.

Alicia is stupid and annoying.

Poor Jacky. Not sure why she's fascinated w/Francisco. He's not cute and he's a gold digger. He and Marisol deserve each other. Maybe Jacky can get with the record producer guy.

They never mentioned if Claw cancelled her meeting w/Eva. Maybe Eva finds out about Claw's death tonight? Hopefully she doesn't accept this at face value....It ain't no coincidence that Claw is killed on the same day that she was going to spill her guts to you.

Yay for noisy kissing!! Looking forward to some more tonight!

It looks like the battle lines are starting to form up, now that Dano and Deborah have beef with Marci as well.

Can someone confirm for me if when Daniel and vicky were having their argument after he walked out. She(Vicky) blamed Eva and Pablo? Is she now going to go after the baby.

Vicky did say something to the effect of "Eva, your child will pay for your mistakes" (paraphrasing the wonky CC3--Uni really needed to do that in-house) after Daniel bailed. So we've theoretically got her gunning for Pablito and Queen Snooki gunning for Daniel and Laurita--good times, good times!

And Liliana just might be the most stunning cardboard cutout I've ever seen. Just saying.

Difumar--great! I didn't think it had anything to do with smoking, other than they were both smokin' hot.

About Tony--
Gallo warned him against Leo as being a VERY dangerous man and not to have any quejas with him or he may find himself on a cold slab (well he didn't mention the cold slab, but you get the point). He also told Leo that he'd better pay promptly, or he might meet the same fate Claw did.

I think we see Claw calling Eva to cancel the appointment as Leo is striking his deal with her. I don't know that Eva will make a connection if they report it as a random drug killing--wow.

Eva and Dan are not quite back together again, sorry to disappoint. They still have to straighten out the red car killing Eva's dad, the pictures AND the 25K. So far Eva hasn't put it out there that it was Vick who gave her the check with Daniel's signature on it and she kept the money. Maybe that's where the reconciliation will start. Eva did tell Laurita that it wasn't true, but didn't say why.

Tia waffled not only because she still wants to protect her brother's memory, but she stands to lose the girls AND the baby if Deb, who is rich and powerful, takes her rightful place in their lives.

Not that it would happen, Eva and Alicia owe a lot of their character to her. I bet Alicia caves first and starts to work in her empressa. She needs to leave Arismendi and Leo and reassess her situation.

Gotta run. Have a class--English history through film. No novelas have popped up yet!!
Una Nrte

I meant E & A owe a lot to Tia and Alicia would work for Deb.
Una N

Thank you Bill C. and indeed the CCC's where yet again NOT working well.

ITA about Univison working on that in house. What the use have CCC's in English if there wrong or not working.

Lililech is pretty, but right now I can't deal with her.

Bill C. : To each his own. ;?)

ViviDC: Thanks for the list. I don't know how you've kept it all straight!

UrbanA: I say Leo dies at El Gallo's hand for welshing on him somehow.
Icky commits suicide for real.
Tomas gets shot escaping from the police in a shootout

Marci accidentally swallows poison meant for somebody else.

Lileach is so low and slimey...she and Leonardo deserve each other.
Hate is a very strong word, but I absolutely HATE Leo, he is lower than low.
I thought the scene killing Claudia was way to grafic for this type of telenovela.
I think Tony is going to maybe do a turn around and be a hero with a show down with someone from the Arismendi family who might be trying to kill or kidnap.
I am getting very annoyed at Eva because she is WAY to stubborn and won't even listen. It reminds me of how Valentina was so convinced about Jose Miguel's baby.
She has very little depth. Also her unwillingness to even consider Deborah's story is so annoying.
And I also agree that Tia is doing a great misservice to Alicia and Eva by joining the ranks of the other liars who want to deceive E and A and take advantage of their precarious situtations.
I am so glad that Daniel was able to kiss Eva. Maybe she is staring to crack.
It doesn't make sense to me that Tomás would be a better marksman than the police officer. Maybe the officer was just pretending so Tomás would leave the scene and he could follow. It was senseless violence.
Why are these TN's so frustrating and full of narrow mindedness, evil, and stubborness?
I was also shouting at the TV when Lileach (love that name...thank you to however made that up...along with Bimbutt and Cruella) was seducing Daniel, or shall I say he was allowing her to seduce him! I was SO RELIEVED he left. And where does she come off acting like she knows better than all these people she doesn't even know? Leo does the same's all about their hidden agenda's and deception. I am so tired of that.
I thought the record producer would fall in love with Marisol which would make Francisco would be available for Jacky. Jacky is so beautiful and sweet and human. I think they will come together because Marisol's career will really take off and Fran will be totally intimidated and she'll get tired of him.
I was also wondering why Don Julio didn't make an appearance.
Also, I thought Leo called Eva and told her that Claudia wanted to calcel their get together.
And finally, I HOPE Daniel finds out that Marcela killed his parents and first wife. Now THAT will be a scene not to miss!
NSOSA! (Not Stuck on StdtD Anymore!)

Recap is finally up! I loved reading all the comments for this episode. So much going on. Things are really starting to kick in.

My mom (part-time Eva Luna watcher) said with disgust that it seems like these stories are written by juveniles. (She was especially disturbed by Tia Tilde not telling the truth about Deborah.) I tell my mom that she needs to get an industrial strength beanie because that's the ONLY way to get through any of these telenovelas! LOL.

Does anyone think Tony is redeemable? Just look at all that he has done! I keep thinking of how he tormented and tried to get money from Eva. He has literally despised her.

He is slime...not as low as Leo, but he is slime. Alicia is so dumb, I wouldn't be surprised if she fell for his 'changed ways'. I think this character has a long, long way to go before he is redeemed. So far, he has sided on the side of the criminals.

What good has he done? Not a rhetorical question, either. I'd rally like to hear some thoughts on his redeemable qualities.

I finally got to see the scene where Leo shows Alicia the gun. That scene was hard to watch on a number of counts, but as a general comment, one of the hardest things for me in these TNs is that so many women are portrayed in the way Alicia was portrayed in that scene.

The man threatening her with the gun is UTTER slime. Yet, she feels that her life is now ruined without the slime.

Alicia is 0 for 2 in terms of being able to make choices wrt men.

It is also hard to take Eva seriously as the head of a major company when she doesn't stop to THINK about what is going on around her.

I's the TN...but I know you all know what I mean.



Thanks for that recap and additional pic's. I guess I really wasn't understanding what Daniel was saying to Eva on the beach last nite, and my English CCC's were totally crap. B/c that scene at the end was totally AWESOME!!!!!! I don't care if you got it right or not I liked it. I know it doesn't mean there back together again, but its a start and I'll take it.
Hum I notice some similarities between Leo and Icky-Vicky. When Leo was in Dano's office telling him about Eva's Mom being Debra. When Dan didn't react the way Leo thought and said something sarcastic to Leo. He (Leo) got like vicky did with Eva "He Loves Me" (Vicky's quote) referring to Dano, and Leo's quote to Dano (Eva loves Me). how sad of these two people that as children they never felt they got the love from there parents. To grow as adults and get obessed with other people who don't love them. And to cause all this damage just to get what they want.

Michele in PA: I don't know but that your esposo might be right.
My husband catches glimpses of these TNs, and as the storylines are similiar (girl/boy meet/love then separate/are tortured) he has the same conclusion, at the worse part of the storyline he says, "they should just move" as the solution to the problem.

Thanks Elvira for an awesome recap. Lots of things happened last night but nothing too irritating. Jolly good stuff. Tia Mat has a few screws loose. Why is she protecting the reputation of a dead brother, at the expense of the peace and happiness of her nieces.She knows Deb is telling the truth and yet is willing to stick to her brother's lies. In this case she is acting just like Marcy.How do you expect a mother [a sane one at that] to work against her own children.I can't wait for all these bad people to get their just rewards. It was so gratifying to see Eva and Daniel finally do something positive. Can't wait for tonight's episode.


Elvira: This was a snarkalicious recap and you did the last scene justice. It needed the Harlequin touch to overcome the noisy kisses anyway! Loved it, amiga!

I think Tilde is jealous of losing her neices, who were raised like her own daughters, to Deb. She liked the thought of taking over after an errant mother figure IMHO. It would mean she'd also have to change her opinion of Deb and that can be hard to do I suppose.

Elvira, I just went back and read your recap. You are the "protagonista" here. What an all star!!!!

I can't wait for tonight.

Some of you think Lileach is pretty, she might be, but I don't like her acting, she also has a monotone voice that I dislike.
Tia Tilde needs to get her Taro cards out and do a reading. Are any of you entering the contest to win a dinner date with Leo? It would be fun if someone from this forum wins.

Rossanna: Dinner date with Leo? Hmm...tell us more or better yet, do you have a link? That way we don't break the rules of our blog by discussing things outside of this TN.

Yes...I think I could handle a dinner date with "Leo"! I'm sure you know by now that I'd really tell him what was on my mind! LOL!


They've been advertising it while Eva Luna is on, I don't think it'll be breaking the rules, at least I hope not, listen to the univision comercials for more info, or go to then type Buick for the "uniclave" then sign up.

Alex?? what the heck that's my son's account. Last comment was from yours truly..

Rossana: Yes, definitely a tarot reading is overdue!

Loooved last night's episode.

Jardinera, I agree with all of your answers except for Tomas, whom I think will end up in prison.

Tony will die at Leo's hand. No redemption for him.

I have a feeling that Marcie will murder Renata before this is over.

Something that made me laugh, check out the picture of Eva and Dano on the beach and you can tell they mounded up some sand for him to stand on to make him appear taller.

LOL! Great catch Nurseintraining. That is funny. They should have gotten a shorter female protagonist if they wanted the typical 3-6 inch height difference between the man and woman. I actually like seeing such a tall protagonist, eye to eye with her man.

Dano did not say 'difuminamos'... I thought that was too much of a 'palabra de domingo' (seldom used word) for that to be right... he said 'y luego nos olvidamos', not 'difuminamos'. Here is the part we get to see again on wed night's ep. before the first kiss we see...

D: I know you have not forgot me just like I have not been able to forget you!
E: I already forgot you Daniel!
D: That's a lie! You still love me as much as I love you!
E: No, no, no!
E: Yes!You miss me... you suffer me... and you try to get our love out of your body just like I try to!
E: That is not true!
D: Yes. Confess it. Admit it already, here and now... and then we forget about it...
E: No...

and here is the part before that, end of tue night's ep
E: you dont deserve even one tear from me Deb,
and I will continue calling you that way,
because mother is a name too big for you.
I wish you knew how much we miss/needed you.
But time erases everything.
And just like it erased my love for my mother,
it has to erase my love for Dano the same way.

D: Right in this place we promised each other a world together forever.
E: How did you know I was here? How.... I don't understand.
D: Don't be so egocentric.
I dont do things thinking of you and you are not the protagonist of my life.
E: I...
D: Well, That's what you told me the other night, remember?
E: I better go.
D: Don't go. I know what you are feeling. I know your mother showed up.
E: No. A memory showed up. My mother died many years ago..
Why am I talking about this with you?
D: Because here you and I loved each other very much some time ago.
I dont think there could be anyone who could be closer to you at this time than I.
E: Thank you for those words, and forgive me Dano, but things between us can't change.
There is too much past between you and I.
D: Yes, and too much love. That is why both of us continue tormented...
E: No, no.
D: Are we going to keep saying we don't love each other?
Are you going to keep on saying you love Leonardo?
E: Yes, I will say it a thousand times! until you believe me!
D: Then tell your eyes to learn to lie... your mouth learned but they didn't.
and we get the part that was repeated in this ep...

Squee! Thank you so much, martaivett for the detailed dialog between Daniel and Eva! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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