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La Fuerza del Destino #20 Tue 08/30/11

We start off where we left off last night with JJ yelling at David that if he ain't man enough to hold on to his woman that's his problem. But there will be no divorce. Then warns Esther not to get involved again.

Lucia tells Carlota she thinks that Ivan is playing with her and Maripaz. Her mother told her that Maripaz thinks she's going to marry Ivan. Therefore he must have done something to make her think that. Carlota says that Maripaz makes up fantasies and believes them. Don't listen to her. Ivan is not an idiot. Lucia says she is really angry and hurt. Hurt because because she cares a lot for him. Carlota believes that Ivan is confused and angry. But once time goes on he will figure it all out. Lucia says that some people never figure it out. Then asks if her mother paid someone to take the baby away? Since the maid never took the baby. I don't think so, although we are talking about your mother. You never know. Lucia asks if Carlota can find out.

Anthony gets a call from Carlota. She wants to talk. They agree to talk tomorrow.

Carlota confronts Lucrecia regarding the truth of the disappearance of Maripaz/Ivan's baby (Alex). Did you pay someone to steal the baby? Lucrecia denies paying someone. She thought the maid did it. Carlota threatens to tell Anthony that part of the Socorro ranch belongs to Alicia therefore it goes to Ivan if Lucrecia doesn't tell her the truth. Lucrecia swears that she thought it was the maid, but when she appeared the next day she still had doubts. So she preferred they believed that the maid took her to avoid a scandal.

Carlota tells Lucia that Lucrecia told her she didn't pay anyone to take the baby. Lucia thinks that it was someone they knew. Someone who knew that the baby was in the house. Because if it was a thief they would have taken other things besides the baby. Carlota thinks it could have been someone from the hospital, but Lucia shoots that suggestion down.

Ivan is in bed (looking mighty fine I might add) and reminiscing about his kiss with Lucia. He remembers Lucia crying and saying how she has dreamed of this exact moment for a long time. My love! he says. He also remembers telling her he wants to make love to her and she whispering that she is a virgin. His phone rings. His sexy self crawls out of bed and the front desk clerk says Maripaz wants to talk to him. He tells the front desk clerk to say he's not there. His cellphone rings and it's Lucia. She wants to talk. He agrees. There is a lot of things I want to say about you and me. Lucia says that's not why I'm calling. It's regarding your son. Can I see you tomorrow?

Anthony leaves for the employment agency. Ivan sends to talk to Gerardo about fixing up the offices in the house since he owns a small construction company.

Maripaz and David meet up at the divorce attorney's office.

Camilo and Ivan are truck shopping. Ivan wants to know why Camilo's sister hasn't called. Camilo tells him that he told her to wait since he left town. How did that go? Not good replies Ivan. So what's next asks Camilo. I don't know replies Ivan. I'm suppose to meet up with Lucia. There's a new development. She's a great person unlike everyone else in her family. Well except Gerardo. He had nothing to do in this situation. (ha) It looks like his business is not doing very well. That's why I want to throw business his way. And Maripaz asks Camilo. Nothing says Ivan. She no longer interests me.

Maripaz asks David for a couple of days and she'll give him back his car. David tells her to just keep it. Maripaz asks if he told his dad about the divorce. Yes and he became furious. But that doesn't matter replies David. I feel bad replies Maripaz. But believe me, it's for the best. Are you going out with Ivan asks David. Maripaz says that she has dined with him a couple of times. Her mother wants her to be on good terms with him. The divorce attorney comes in and has them sign some papers. Within a little more then a week they will be divorced.

Anthony and Carlota meet at the plaza. Carlota wonders what's going on with Ivan. He as already kicked it with Maripaz. What game is he playing with her granddaughters? He also wanted to kick it with Lucia, but she refused. Anthony is shocked.

Ivan meets Lucia after school. She starts to tell him what she learned about the baby then gets interrupted by a phone call from David. He wants to see her. She tells him that she will call him tonight to make arrangements. Lucia explains to Ivan that it was David and how upset he is right now.

David goes to the pharmacy to buy some necessities and finds out that his father cancelled all his cards.

Carlota tells Anthony that Maripaz believes she and Ivan are going to get married. Anthony assures Carlota that Ivan will not be marrying Maripaz. Weather he kicked it with Maripaz, I don't know. But I will ask him. I know that he will not lie to me. Carlota says Maripaz could be lying, but doesn't like the fact that he is playing with Lucia's feelings. She has always loved him. She is a wonderful girl. I don't think that it's right. Anthony agrees and says the only one responsible for all this is him. You asks Carlota. Anthony says it was my idea to come back here. I wanted him to get rid of all the ghosts of his past. He has never disappointed me. Never went partying like others his age. Never got into any trouble. Never brought any girls home. Has always been an excellent person. So why is he behaving this way asks Carlota? I understand he lost his mother very tragically. That his life here was bad after the fallout with Maripaz and the beating that my daughter ordered. I can only imagine the hardship crossing the border and being in a new country was for him. But then he found you and his life change. Yes, I understand replies Anthony. But when we came back here, his old wounds reopened. I can understand that he's angry with Maripaz, Lucrecia even myself. But with Lucia? She was the only innocent in all this. That does not excuse his behavior and I will not allow it. She says she has to leave. Anthony offers to take her home.

Lucia tells Ivan that Carlota questioned her mother and that she doesn't know who took the baby. No one knew of Maripaz's pregnancy. The only people were the maid, the doctor and the nurses. And the people in town when they saw us walking, but they didn't know who we were. They didn't know our name or where we were staying. We didn't even have friends. No one came into our house. Ivan asks if her dad was there. Yes replies Lucia. You don't think my dad took the baby? No, just thinking asks Ivan.

Camilo goes to visit Gerardo. Camilo meets Alex and has a funny look on his face. Camilo tells him about a job.

Anthony tells Carlota that if Ivan would just forget about the past it would be better. But he needs to find a nice girl and get married. To find a purpose in life. What am I saying? He has found that girl. Lucia! I would like that replies Carlota. Anthony suggests they make plans to get them together. Carlota is in agreement but wonders about Maripaz. Anthony reminds her that Ivan has no interest in her.

We come back from commerical and see Camilo opened shirt looking out to the far distance with a supposed angry look on his face. I think he looks constipated. Anyway Ivan and Lucia are at a restaurant talking about the missing baby. Ivan thanks her for helping him out. Lucia hopes that when he finds his child that he will be the Ivan from before. He grabs her hand, but his phone rings. Turns out it's Maripaz, but he doesn't want to answer. He doesn't know how she got it since he never gave it to her. She tells him to go ahead and answer. Maripaz tells him that she and David have signed the divorce papers. Great replies Ivan. Is that all you have to say asks Maripaz? What would you like me to tell you asks Ivan, but we don't get to hear what she says. She wants to meet with him, but he says he can't. How about tomorrow asks Maripaz. I don't know says Ivan. I will call you. Maripaz hangs up with him and says this is tougher then I thought. Lucia tells Ivan that he was to harsh with her. Ivan says Maripaz is of no interest to him. She called him to say that she signed the divorce papers. Well know you have the road cleared replies Lucia. Ivan reminds Lucia that Maripaz is no longer of interest to him. The person that I most care about is you. I don't believe you replies Lucia. You have to believe me replies Ivan. I am speaking from the heart. And your mind asks Lucia? Where did you leave it? Where did you leave that hatred that you have against my family? You seeking of revenge and justice? When you feel what I feel for you, it all falls behind that says Ivan. Sorry, but I don't believe you says Lucia. I told you that I still cared for you, but I can control that. You can't control feelings says Ivan. Just like I can't control what I feel for you. Lucia tries to get up to leave, but Ivan stops her. Fine, but can we at least be like before asks Ivan. He reminds her of the good times they shared and she says he's being cruel by reminding her of those times. I'll do anything to remind you of the good times replies Ivan. I am being sincere right now. I'm going to feel really bad if you do something against my family says Lucia. Never says Ivan. I can never do anything that would hurt you.

Drunk Saul with his buddies enter a restaurant. They see Ivan and Lucia talking. Saul approaches the table. Ivan asks Saul what he wants. Saul shouts "No, what do you want with my girlfriend?!" Lucia points out that she is no longer his girlfriend. That's what you say, but for me you still are shouts Saul. Ivan reminds Lucia not to answer. This really starts to piss off Saul more. Ivan asks for the check and Saul says "chicken". (more or less) Ivan tells Lucia it's time to leave and Saul yells to Lucia that she's not going anywhere. Antolin tells him to calm down and Saul pushes Ivan. Ivan lands a good one on Saul right in the nose. He falls down and says you broke my nose. He gets up and picks up a chair which hits Lucia and tries to swing it at Ivan but Saul's buddies and Ivan tries to wrestle the chair away from him. Lucia goes to the corner nursing her arm. (JJ is not going to like this)

Maripaz is eating with her friends and telling them that she is getting divorced and in love with Ivan McGuire. Soon they will be getting married.

Ivan goes to Lucia and finds out she's hurt. He goes after Saul, but Antolin stops him saying Saul is drunk. Ivan doesn't care. That is no excuse. He helps Lucia up. Antolin tells Saul not to mess with Ivan. Saul remembers he had to take some papers to Anthony. Antolin offers to do it for him.

Carolina wonders if working for Ivan will be dangerous. Gerardo thinks there will be no problems. Ivan has no reason to be suspicious. Carolina is still not sure, but Gerardo tells her not to worry. He'll invent some lie about meeting her sister and she getting pregnant the same time Maripaz did. Gerardo says that he and her sister registered him as his son and no one will take Alex away from him.

Ivan is waiting room after taking Lucia to the hospital. The doctor tells him that Lucia just dislocated her shoulder.

Benito and Antolin show up to see Anthony at the same time. Antolin does not make a good impression on Benito. When the front desk calls Antolin gets called upstairs while Benito has to wait. Antolin finds out that Camilo is working for Ivan. He walks in and upon hearing the good job his brother has, spots some alcohol and wants a drink. Camilo tells him no. Camilo asks if he works for Mondragon. You know I don't work replies Antolin. I brought this for Saul. He had a run in with Ivan and it left his face pretty messed up. So I brought it for him. What happened asks Camila. Saul got upset because Ivan took his girl away says Antolin. Lucia asks Camilo. Yes, replies Antolin. If you want to know more, you know where to find me and Antolin leaves.

Camilo comes downstairs and greets Benito. He apologizes for seeing the other guy first. It was his brother and he wanted to get rid of him quickly. Ivan has told me a lot about you says Camilo. In walks Anthony and embraces Benito.

Ivan is assisting Lucia in walking. She says she can walk on her own. Ivan says this is an excuse to hold her. Lucia says you can just leave me here, but Ivan insists on helping her inside. Carlota questions her and Lucia says she fell in the street. Ivan came across me and took me to the hospital. Lucrecia walks in and asks Ivan walk the heck he's doing here. Ivan says he brought Lucia home. Well your done so you can leave. Carlota asks Lucrecia how many times does she have to remind her that the house is hers? And that Ivan will always be welcomed here. Ivan says he doesn't want to cause problems, kisses Lucia goodbye and leaves.

As Ivan leaves, Maripaz drives up. Are you looking for me she asks? No, I brought Lucia home. She hurt her shoulder replies Ivan. Where you with her asks Maripaz. Ivan gives her a dirty look and says see you later.

Lucrecia tells Carlota that if she allows Ivan comes over again she will leave the house. Carlota says to leave then. Lucia tells Carlota not to say that. Carlota tells Lucia that she wouldn't leave. She's not that stupid. In walks an angry Maripaz and asks Lucia what the hell is she doing going out with Ivan when she knows that he's her boyfriend? Carlota says they just had an argument with her mother and she doesn't feel like having one with her. And you don't have any right to have a boyfriend since your married. Maripaz tells her that she and David just signed divorce papers today. Carlota says I don't believe you. Lucia tells her it's true. How would you know asks Maripaz? Because I was with Ivan when you called him on the phone replies Lucia. Maripaz grabs Lucia by the hair and yells out how much she hates her. Carlota has to get in the middle to stop Maripaz from attacking Lucia. Carlota says calm down or I'll throw you out of this house. Is that clear? Lucrecia comes out and wants to know what's going on. Maripaz storms out of the room.

JJ is talking to someone on the phone regarding a meeting tomorrow at 10. Saul comes in and JJ asks what happened. Nothing says Saul. I walked into a door. JJ as usual calls him an idiot. JJ tells him about the meeting tomorrow and to come up with a better excuse regarding the nose. If you tell him the true story, you'll look like an idiot. (I nominate him for father of the year) Saul says to his mother it was because of that idiot. Esther says so it was someone that did this then.

Ivan asks if Camilo talked to Gerardo. He will be at the new house tomorrow replies Camilo. He tells Ivan that Benito arrived. Anthony put him up in a room at the hotel. He also asks about the fight. Did you really break his nose? Yes, but I should have broken his face. He dislocated Lucia's arm. But anyway, I'll tell you tomorrow.

Camilo tells Celia that he met up with Gerardo today. He has a son about 10 or 11 years old. So he must have been having an affair on his wife at the time. The child would be the same age as Ivan's own son. Celia remembers Alicia and the abortion she had. She recalls all the problems she says Gerardo had with Lucrecia.

Anthony asks Ivan what's up with him? Carlota says Maripaz told her that they slept together. Ivan says she's crazy. We started, but at the last minute I just couldn't do it. She also told me that you wanted to kick it with Lucia. Yes, but we didn't do it replies Ivan. Anthony says your playing with fire. I'm not playing with fire says Ivan. I am falling in love with Lucia. I don't believe you says Anthony. That's the first time you have said that to me and it really hurts says Ivan. Anthony says that the only thing you claimed you wanted was justice for what was done to your mother and you, is that not right? Yes says Ivan. But once seeing Lucia, may things have changed. She would never accept me hurting her family. So you are going to forget what Lucrecia did to you asks Anthony? To forget is easy replies Ivan. I don't care about her or Maripaz. And Carlota asks Anthony? I think she was only trying to protect her family says Ivan. I'm glad says Anthony. I really like her. And so does Lucia replies Ivan. More then her own mother. But JJ? He needs to answer for what he did to my mother. And I need to find out what happened to my son.

Tomorrow: Maripaz wants to know from Ivan why he wants Lucia; Saul wants someone to beat up Ivan


Thanks, Gloria. I guess JJ will be gazing into that mirror at least once in every episode. ''Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the bestest dad of all.'' ''Not you, Buddy.'' Dislocated shoulder for Lucia ? Wrestlers have told me how painful that is. And I think that I mainly watch this show to see Maripaz. This chick is fierce mean and spoiled. However, the quiet guy [Gerardo] is , in fact, the real villain. What will Ivan do when he finds out that Ger is responsible for his mother's pregnancy and the kidnapping of his son. Those quiet, unassuming guys...one shouldn't underestimate them.

Gloria- This was a wonderful recap. Ivan was indeed looking fine in bed as he thought about his kiss with Lucia. Thank you writers/director.

Maripaz is so deluded. When the first thing out of a guy's mouth when he picks up the phone is "How did you get this number?", then he's just not that in to you.

I'm glad to see that he's gained clarity on his feelings for Lucia, but she's right to be cautious. With every revelation, his ability to forgive will be tested. He still has a few revelations to go that will cause him to have something against her family.

Susanlynn- You're right that, strangely enough, Gerry is the biggest bad guy. It's an interesting twist. Ivan will have to make some hard choices about how he feels about Gerry, a man who was always good to him, when he finds out what role he had in his mother's death and his son's disappearance. Maybe that's the point. It would be easy for him and the audience to justify hate if JJ and Lucrezia were the culprits. But they're not. It's the same thing with his dangerous escape to the U.S. Camilo and Antolin had more to do with it than Lucrezia did in many ways.

It looks like Saul is becoming the more dangerous, standard villain. He's out of control and JJ won't like hearing about his latest antics one bit. Antolin is looking out for the best opportunity for himself to benefit. It doesn't matter from whom.

That look that Maripaz gave Lucia after attacking her as she left the room was killer.

Thank you Gloria, great job!

It is interesting, but not surprising, how the villians,(JJ and Saul) back down pretty quickly when they are confronted. That is true of most bullies. And I can't believe Maripaz attacked a sister whose arm was in a sling!

Lucia and Ivan are a very attractive couple. Yes, the scene of Ivan in bed was a nice little reward for female viewerville.

Are the writers being a little ambivalent about Antolin's character? I noticed how he didn't help friend Saul in his fight with Ivan.

I am liking this tn! So far, I can't find much to criticize.


Great recap Gloria; so many details and you've captured them all.

As a shallow female viewer, so glad for topless David Zepeda; this man is just fine!

Antolin is an enigma so far?

JJ seems to have a love affair with the mirror; everytime he enters the room that's the first place he goes and take a look at the best person in the world.

Maripaz' favorite place is De Nile; she's totally clueless that Ivan abosulutely abhors her and it bothers me that she's spreading the lies around that they're together; I guess this is where Ivan will regret part of his revenge.

I'm so glad David grew a spine--he moved out of the house--he's divorcing Maripaz--he's applying for a job at the Macguires; can't wait to hear from JJ when he finds out.

Saul might become the biggest vilain yet.


Good stuff, Gloria.

Saul is his father without self-control. This incident with the chair should get him arrested, drunk or not.

Any woman who would want her daughter married to this guy should be strapped straight into the giggle jacket.

JJ will lose it over this.

David, on the other hand, will survive the cancelling of his credit cards. I predict Ivan will hire him and won't Maripaz be peeved at that.

She is seriously delusional. If a guy asks "How did you get this number" he's so not into you. Her naked hate for Lucia is scary.

Gerardo is not entirely responsible. Alicia should have told him she was pregnant. He could have arranged for her to go away to have the baby until he could divorce Lucrazia and be with her. Taking baby Alex was a rescue rather than a kidnapping. No matter how well Carlota would have treated him there was still Maripaz and Lucrazia to undo it, assuming Lucrazia didn't take the baby in the middle of the night and abandon him or leave him at the local orphanage.

Of course now that Gerardo is attached to the child it will take a long time before he gives up the info.

I can't imagine how hurt Alex will be to hear that Maripaz didn't want him.

That's exactly it Urban. In the two biggest losses in Ivan's life, his mom and his son, things are not black or white. Alicia should have told Gerry about the pregnancy, and they were both wrong to have the affair. The other options had Gerry not taken Alex were worse, and if the truth comes out now to Alex, it would be very traumatic for the little boy. There will be no easy choices when Ivan learns the truth.

Thanks for the recap Gloria. UA and Vivi, you both said what I wanted to say about Gerry regarding Alex. You beat me to it. So now my follow up question will be, Will Maripaz want to establish a bond with a now older Alex if and when she finds out that he is her son with Ivan? Will her "Motherly instinct" now surface?


I meant regarding Alicia,her unborn child and ALex.


Maripaz had no desire to be a mother and I doubt that's changed. I speak from first-hand experience (My only babies have fur and little pointed ears).

She might make a show of it in front of Ivan for her own benefit, but I can't see her becoming a mother to a child of any age, even one as cute as Alex. She has no sense of responsibility. Just as Saul still behaves like a frat boy with too much cerveza, she's still a party girl.

Super Gloria, gracias

Wasn't that Saul that called Lucia, not David?

I don't really look at Gerado as a villain. He took the baby because no one else wanted it & had no idea where it would end up & it is his nieto. He also had feelings for Alicia & didn't know she was pregnant, if he had I think things would have been different. I think he will eventually do the right thing.


Variopinta- It was David who called her. He’s seeing Lucia as a psychologist to get help for his problem. I don’t think she’s agreeing to see Saul anymore. After their last discussion at her house, she was done with him.

Love a shirtless Ivan multiple times this cap! My husband doesn't understand, of course, and wants to know if they have a shortage of solid-colored, non-plaid shirts in Camilo's size since they are never buttoned up,LOL. Did you see the huge pile of plaid shirts Celia was ironing a few episodes back?

Honestly, I think Gerardo might've spilled the beans by now if it wasn't for Carolina's panic attacks. He seems to know it would be the right thing to do for Ivan and, by default, Alicia. But hard for him to say no to Carol as she is so attached and afraid of the consequences.

Gloria, wonderful recap, I enjoyed reading it. You're quite the writer!
Urban: Fuzzy babies with pointy ears are babies, too.
Yeah, Maripaz would eat her own young.
I am enjoying watching the story, but it is typical TN fare. JJ deserves a vendetta against him, I am glad Ivan is sorting out who he should be mad at and who he should forgive.

I think the thing that isn't typical about this tn so far is that there are no bad guys.

There's no evil Fina (CME), Bernarda (TDA), Ruben/Genoveva (Teresa), Bruno (Sortilegio), etc. We may not like JJ or Lucrezia, but that's just because they are annoying people. They are not evil killers. If Ivan chose to just ignore both of them and move on, his life would be fine. Neither one of them is plotting to kill him or those he loves.

Not plotting YET. Although I have high hopes for this one, that characters won't become so over the edge that they stop being believable. It's a good novela.

And Camilo may just be the smartest of them all. Isn't he thinking that Alex might just be Ivan's?

I think Antolin is a killer as he stabbed the guy in the back and didn't look the least bit distressed. He is only for himself and holds no allegiances or guilt. However, his feelings for Carolina seem real so he is still a puzzle. But he is not an over the top raging villain and a supplemental character not a lead.

Terrific recap, Gloria with wonderful details. Muchas gracias.

I love the recurring theme of J J lovingly looking at himself in the mirror. Can we say narcissist. Maripaz, Lucrazia and Antolin can join the club. Maybe it's the well water again.

Gerry is just weak not bad. He tries to do the right thing but it doesn't always work out....money for Ivan which Antolin pocketed, being wishy-washy with Alicia. Stealing the baby was a good thing but he needs to tell Ivan the truth sooner than later which his conscience is telling him to do.

I lke this novela but the leads take getting used to. I guess I've mainly seen the bigger stars that fill the screen with charisma (Colunga, E Y and now Rulli.)


Thanks for the recap Gloria. Yes Maripaz is completely deluded. She reminds me of Aida (from Teresa) as neither seem to understand when men they are interested in can't stand them.

Since my Spanish isn't that strong, did Camilo infer that Alex could be Ivan's child (that's what I thought as Kelly mentioned)?

@Karen - Yes, he mentioned the possibility to his mom. I think something about Alex, his looks or his mannerisms, reminded him instantly of a young Ivan. And then talking to Ivan later verified that Gerardo was one of the few people who knew where the baby was. He put 2 + 2 together and did tell Celia that it could be possible, leading her into the flashback of Alicia telling her about her baby and Gerardo. I bet Celia is more positive Alex is Ivan's because of that extra tidbit of info she has.

Karen, Kelly & Jo

As of last night episode, Camillo wasn't thinking that Alex could be Ivan's. When Camillo met Alex last night; he did look puzzled then when he was talking to his mom, he mentioned that Gerry has a ten year that was born about the same time when Maripaz was preggers; he assumed that Gerry was putting the cuernos on his wife and he even told his mom that Lucrezia is such an "ugly" person that any men in their right mind will find a bit of consolation in another women's arms then Celia flashbacked to Alecia telling her that she and Gerry were going at it and she got knocked up...

Myo -

Dang. I thought Camillo was showing a little more imagination than we usually see. Still a good show though. The not-so-black-and-white characters are a nice change.

Someone mentioned the northern Mexico accents the other day. I can't hear the difference, but was the accent strong on Saul when he was in the restaurant yelling at Ivan? I'm in So. Cal. so this is what I think of as just a Mexican accent, but would be curious to know if it's apecific to the north.

That should be "specific".

Myo- You are correct about Camilo and Celia's thought process. But that's just one step away from thinking Alex could be Ivan's. Ivan had a moment of thought when Lucia mentioned Gerry as one on a short list who would have any access to the baby in Guaymas. If Camilo mentions his theory, I'm sure Ivan's mind will get going.

Kelly- It was Jarocha, our Mexican friend from Veracruz (currently in D.F.), who mentioned the Northern accent that both Saul and Maripaz are using. (Jarocha's the one in the photo with me.) I don't think it's obvious to us non-Mexicans. Perhaps if she jumps on and sees your comment/question, she can point out to us some of the differences in accent.

Thank you for the great recap, Gloria!!!

Thanks, Gloria. Great job.

Thought it was interesting that Gerry told Carolina that about Alex if suspicions were raised. Hmmm. I hope that's true. Lucrezia pushed in a corner can be dangerous.

I'm just wondering why Carolina is freaking out more than Gerry. She makes it seem like she herself had something to do with the babynapping. I can't wait to see some flashbacks to clarify this issue.


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