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La Fuerza del Destino #39 Wed 09/28/11 Camilo is in the slammer and El Gordo is a scammer


Please provide any missing details or corrections. I don't have subtitles and there are some ?s where I can't identify the words. Gracias.


We see the fields, the Herdez trucks and the fiesta. Carlota and Tony talk to the representative as Maripaz tries – and fails – to flirt with Ivan. Camilo is arrested as Saul and JJ gloat.


Casa McGuire: Tony, Ivan, David, and Benito talk about Camilo. Ivan says that it is impossible for Camilo to have done this. David informs them that the lawyer will be at the delegation in half an hour. Three of them leave, leaving Benito as the nanny of Bruno.

Meeting: JJ addresses the other ranchers, inciting them to get the McGuires extradited back to the US. Saul talks about arresting them both. Idiota.

Casa Curiel: Lucrazia goes on about how she hopes Camilo gets many years in prison.

Lucrazia: What has happened is that this boy has done what Senor Anthony told him to and I think it was because he has something to gain by it.
Carlota: I doubt it. Camilo knows perfectly well that Ivan and Tony would never help him if he did anything like this.
Lucia: Of course, and he would be a fool because he works here.
Maripaz: Perhaps he gave the order to do it.
Lucia: Ivan would never do that.
Lucrazia (with a dismissive gesture): Very well. The fact is that Camilo is detained. And for something. I always knew he was a bum, a social climber. I hope he's locked up for many years. I could accuse him of taking away our lands. So if Camilo is guilty Ivan is his accomplice.
Maripaz: Don't tell me Ivan gave those lands to his friend?
Lucia: They were not our lands. They were his to do with as he wished.
Carlota: Lucrazia, don't say these stupid things. Por favor. [?]
Lucia: Abue, he didn't do anything.
Carlota: I understand your position, hijita. In all, those lands are not up for discussion because Don Teodoro left them to Alicia. Punto.
Lucia: Poor Camilo.
Maripaz (with insinuation): And what are you worried about, little sister?
Lucia: I was thinking of his mother and his family.
Carlota: It's true. I'm sure Ivan is taking charge of this. This poor woman shouldn't be worried.
Maripaz: I'm bored. I'm leaving.

It's too bad that departure isn't permanent.

Police Station: Ivan and Tony talk to a lawyer who tells them that the report was anonymous. Camilo talks about his whereabouts on the day in question. He had worked at Rancho Socorro and gone home. He was asleep when the fires were set.

Casa Meandragon: Saul and JJ share a celebratory drink. JJ calls the lawyer and demands he be pulled out of a meeting. I wouldn't want this guy for a client.

Police Station: David explains how he and Camilo investigated the day after the fire by visiting every gas station to ask questions while Ivan visits Camilo in his cell. The lawyer explains that if the accuser identifies himself, things will become more complicated. In the lockup:

Camilo: Ivan, what happened?
Ivan: For the moment we're OK. If accuser remains anonymous and doesn't come forward you can get out here in a few days.
Camilo: Until when {?] Saul and Antolin organized this. Didn't I tell you that same day I saw them talking with El Gordo?
Ivan: No, no, no. Antolin? No. What has Saul to do with El Gordo?
Camilo: Don't know. But when they saw me Saul was looking at me with a satisfied smile.
Ivan: Y Gordo?
Camilo: Don't know, but my brother yes. Please don't tell my mother.
Ivan: But if you don't get out how do I justify you're not going home to sleep at your mother's house?
Camilo: I don't know. That you sent me on an assignment and I'll be gone for a few days.
Ivan: She won't believe me.
Camilo: Convince her. Please. Just for a few days.

They clasp hands in agreement.

Commercial Break that leads with a promo for Una Familia Con Suerte.

Casa Curiel: Lucrazia tries to get Maripaz to move back in. Good luck. Lucrazia is wearing a proper sheath dress with opera-length pearls; Merry Piece is in ramerawear from Zorras R Us, the same store as Teresa's. Didn't think they had a branch in Alamos.

Lucrazia: Daughter, why don't you return home?
Maripaz: For what? So some strangers can stop talking about me living alone? They know nothing about being independent women. I'm not a little girl, I'm a divorced woman.
Lucrazia: If you want to be well received you'd come home to be home with your family.
Maripaz: Ja, mama. Ja.
Lucrazia: If the day comes that Señor Anthony leaves and stops paying the rent and giving you money...
Maripaz: Then I'll see what I feel like doing. David is doing well, making good money [anyone else get the rest here]
Lucrazia: Juan Jaime will never permit that.
Maripaz: He doesn't live with his father; he's independent. Same as me. Bye, mom.

She leaves. Lucrazia looks frustrated again.

Lucia and Ivan talk on the phone about Camilo's arrest. Same info as before. After she hangs up:

Carlota: What did he say?
Lucia: That Camilo's been arrested.
Lucrazia: Of course. Ivan and this bum are two of a kind.
Carlota: I've had it up to here with this sour milk and lack of comprehension on your part. Do you think Ivan is that stupid he'd order Cutberto's crops burned and let people think it was him?
Lucrazia: And who told you he's intelligent?
Carlota: At the least something should have come from his grandfather, no? He was a very intelligent man.
Lucrazia (sarcastic): Maybe so, but the mother?
Carlota: And who was your father? At best he was a drinker and I was a fool when he left me.
Lucrazia (condescending smile): Ay, mama.

She exits.

Lucia: Ay, abue. Don't say that.
Carlota: It's that I'm fed up with your mother's absurd attitude.
Lucia: I know.
Carlota: At the first opportunity she gets she says these things just to hurt. And who does she think she is? The Divine Garza who [anyone else get the rest here] She doesn't have the Curiels as she pretends. Here the only person with the blood of Don Teodoro is Ivan. But she always [muere, muere, muere.?] I'm tired of it!
Lucia: Abue...
Carlota: And you leave me alone, too. Abue, Abue, Abue....

She exits, exasperated (but we know she'll get over it). The phone rings.

Lucia: Bueno. Hi, Dad.
Gerry: Bueno, daughter. How are you?
Lucia: A little sad, because we'll have to postpone the trip.
Gerry: Why?
Lucia: A problem with one of Ivan's friends, Camilo.
Gerry: What's up? (Pause) You don't say.
Lucia: But he's innocent, Dad. You can be sure.
Gerry: Look daughter, I'm working on something important right now so I sent Carolina and Alex to visit her cousin by the sea.
Lucia: But I want to explain now how am I going to do that? How am I going to get him to trust me?
Gerry: He's a child. I can't believe he doesn't trust you. Why make things more complicated?
Lucia: Very well. What's the name of this town?
Gerry (fumbling): I don't remember at the moment but in a little while I'll talk to Carolina. Everything is OK. He's at the beach and the cousin is an agreeable person.

Lucia looks like she doesn't quite believe this.

Street: Saul chews out El Gordo, telling him that an anonymous phone call no sirve para nada and he needs to come forward. El Gordo refuses because he's afraid of Antolin. Saul finally tells him he will give him a million pesos to do this, then he can disappear with it. El Gordo's wheels are turning, gears scraping against each other, as he considers setting someone else up to this. Saul is desperate to get this done. At this point he seems just as afraid of JJ as El Gordo is of Antolin.

Casa Curiel: Ivan and Lucia talk about this; he accuses Saul and JJ. He describes JJ as perverse and vindictive and Saul as his puppet (títere); no other new info. Lucia mentions her conversation with her dad. Ivan tells her he's going to look for El Gordo.

Street: El Gordo talks to an accomplice to get him to go to the law to make the accusation. He is willing to give him 200K pesos (about $14,900 US) to do this. All he has to to is say he saw a blue truck that night. The accomplice isn't stupid, knowing that someone else would pay more, so El Gordo doubles his offer.

Cocina McGuire: Benito tells Carmen about Camilo's arrest.

Bar: Ivan searches for El Gordo and Saul. He finds out that they hung out a few days ago and had a few beers.

Casa Galvan: Carmen runs home to tell her mother about Camilo being arrested. Aracelia panics.

Commercial Break that leads with a promo for Protagonistas and tomorrow's Mujeres Asesinas about Irma de los Pesces.

Lockup, Night: The guard tells David and Camilo they have five minutes to talk. David brings Camilo some food and explains that if the accuser insists on remaining anonymous he will go free. Camilo raises the issue of JJ and Saul's involvement and David promises to talk to Judith the next day. As far as he's concerned he doesn't have a father or a brother, just friends who don't judge him and who now need justice. Olé, David!

Huatabampo, Cerca la playa: Antolin and Carolina take a walk.

Carolina: Alex is having a good time in my cousin's shop.
Antolin: Carolina, it occurs to me that you'll eventually run out of money to take care of you and Alex, and you need to think about Alex's school, medical expenses, ...
Carolina: We'll stay with my cousin and there are other possibilities.
Antolin: What?
Carolina: One, to help in the shop y otra is to teach braille at the local school for the blind run by nuns.
Antolin: That won't be much.
Carolina: That's not important to me. Alex can get used to another way of life. Also, my cousin is alone. It must feel to her like we dropped out of heaven.
Antolin: I don't know. Did you tell me that you were 12 when you had your accident?
Carolina: Yes, an automobile accident.
Antolin: Didn't you get any tests?
Carolina: In the beginning, yes. But my parents didn't have the money, and I got used to it.
Antolin: There have been many medical advances since then.
Carolina: [?] Besides, it's not important.
Antolin: It's not important to be able to see Alex, or me?
Carolina: Well, it would please me but I have my illusion.

Arecelia calls him to explain about Camilo's arrest. She's upset and crying. He tells Carolina he will have to leave her for two or three days to take care of business. He is going to track down El Gordo for his responsibility in this. Carolina tells him to be careful because without him she has nothing. Besos. Pardon me while I choke. These two have chemistry because she's no better than he is.

Casa McGuire: Aracelia calls Ivan to cry on his shoulder. He tries to reassure her that all will be well.

Casa Meandragon, evening: Saul and JJ talk about this more. Why didn't El Gordo show up? Because he's afraid of Antolin. He'll find someone else to take his place. JJ doesn't like this because the more people who get involved, the more likely things will go wrong. Meanwhile, Judith talks to David and they agree to meet the next day. She signs off just as JJ enters the room.

JJ: Who were you talking to?
Judith: My brother.
Esther: He invited us to dinner tomorrow.
JJ: Surely he did that just to get information out of us. Stuff against me. Surely this [fag?] has become a Judas.
Esther: How can you make that pronouncement against your own son?
JJ: Shut up. I forbid you. Do you understand? I forbid you to have anything to do with him.
Esther: You can't do that. He's your son.
JJ: I don't believe it. Surely you cheated on me.

Even Saul is shocked at this one. But only for a second. He handles this exactly the same way as JJ by believing what suits him for the moment.

Esther: How can you dare say that?
J: Well, as I said, he isn't mine. Now where is dinner? I'm dying of hunger.

He exits. Judith puts her hand on Esther's shoulder.

Esther: If God forgives me I have to say at times I hate him.
Saul: I think he does, too. Why don't you get a divorce?
Esther: Never.
Saul: Well, then what?

He exits.

Judith: Mama, Saul is right. Get a divorce.
Esther: That would be scandalous.
Judith: I don't believe that. Lucrecia is divorced well, Lucia doesn't talk much about it but all is calm.
Esther: But I love your father.
Judith: How can you love a man who treats you like a trapiador? It's offensive.
Esther: Daughter, when you marry a man under God, it's until death.
Judith: No, Mama. Ja, no. Ja, no.

Casa Galvan: As Antolin drives back, Ivan talks to Aracelia and Carmen. No new information here except that Carmen doesn't believe that Saul could do anything to Camilo because he's friends with Antolin. She has fewer IQ points than we thought.

Commercial Break

El Gordo's Sty: El Gordo assures Saul over the phone he has everything under control. He talked to someone and is going to pay him to make the accusation. A knock on the door gets him to sign off, thinking his pigeon has arrived. Antolin barges in and slugs him.

Antolin: Son of a bitch! I warned you not to mess with my brother! Did you? Yes or no?
El Gordo: What are you talking about? (but he's already cowering)
Antolin: You know perfectly well! (pulls out his knife) You have to decide if you want to live or die!
(slashes El Gordo's left arm; El Gordo starts squealing like a pig)
El Gordo: I swear I didn't do anything!
Antolin: I don't believe you! (wields the knife in El Gordo's face and I didn't get the rest)
El Gordo: I didn't do anything! Some other guy called the police and implicated your brother.
Antolin: What's his name? What's his name???
El Gordo: He said it was [Diego?]
Antolin: And you told him who was planning this?
El Gordo: No, of course not.
Antolin: Liar! Liar! The only delinquentes who knew about this were you and me. Where does he live?
El Gordo: I don't know, I swear.
Antolin: Don't make me shut your mouth permanently because I may do it yet.
El Gordo: Let me call him.
(Antolin shoves him so easily El Gordo's underwear must need cleaning by now)
Antolin: No, you don't.
El Gordo: My nose is bleeding. [like Antolin doesn't already know]
Antolin: Like I give a damn. [missed the next two lines as El Gordo gets the other guy on the phone]

The other guy has found out that Camilo is the person being accused and he doesn't want to have anything to do with this. Antolin snatches the phone and finds out that the other guy did nothing and that someone is willing to pay for an identifiable witness. He knew not to mess with the Galvans and did nothing. Antolin tosses the phone, then cuts El Gordo's left cheek (Is he a Dexter fan?) and tells him “Every time you look in the mirror you'll remember that nobody messes with my family. I will personally deal with Saul.” After he leaves, El Gordo has a tantrum that ends in impotent threats The phone rings and Saul gets back on his case.

Saul: What happened? You said you'd call me.
El Gordo: It's done. The guy will go down to the station and denounce in person.
Saul: Very well. Why are you so anxious?
El Gordo: I need the money NOW.
Saul: Very well.
El Gordo: Tomorrow morning. And in cash.
Saul: In [where?]
El Gordo: No!
Saul: Where? (brief pause) OK. See you tomorrow. (hangs up) Dad, it's all ready. The guy will go to the police and we'll hand over the money.
JJ: Sounds good to me.

Little do they know.

Casa Galvan: Antolin gets home and tells his mother he was in a fight because she sees the blood on his hands. He tells her he took care of things. She asked him where he was yesterday and he tells her he was out of town. She wonders why he won't settle down and maybe work with Camilo, but he doesn't want to talk about anything. He looks guilty as he begs off because he's tired. Aracelia doesn't press him further as he goes off to bed.

Casa McGuire: Ivan and Tony discuss Antolin's friendship with Saul. Ivan hopes he can find something out. Aracelia calls to tell him that Antolin took care of business and he will talk to him in the morning. Tony has doubts. He wants details.

Commercial Break starting with a promo for tonight's La Rosa de Guadalupe and tomorrows Cuando Me Enamoro.

Casa Galvan, morning: Carmen kisses Antolin, thanking him for taking care of things, then kisses her mother and her daughter before leaving for work. Antolin tells his mother he needs to get back to where he was because someone needs him. Aracelia asks if it's a novia and he doesn't want to talk. Lechita starts teasing him by singing the bridal march.

Office: JJ asks about the denuncia formal and the lawyer hasn't heard a thing. It was supposed to have been the day before.

In the park: El Gordo meets with Saul, who hands him the fat envelope of money.

Office: Licenciado Torres and JJ talk about the McGuire company, with JJ trying to make them sound contrary to Torres' information. More lies, as usual.

Casa Galvan: Ivan calls Antolin. They agree to meet at the police station.

Torres' Office: JJ is trying to convince the lawyer that the whole ugly mess is personal, even dragging Lucia and Maripaz and their rivalry over Ivan into it. Torres gets a call that nobody presented himself with the accusation. JJ and Saul just lost a pile of money. Boo hoo. Not.

Agricultural Office: The secretary adjusts her dress as JJ storms in looking for Saul; she tells him he's in the next room. JJ is furioso!

Saul (zipping up; he has obviously just boinked the secretary): What's up, Dad?
JJ (grabbing Saul by the ear): You are a [?] and only have flies in your head.
Saul: Why?
JJ: You made me look ridiculous in front of Torres.
Saul: How? I don't understand.
JJ: Because you don't think. It's a disaster. Nobody came forward with the accusation against Camilo Galvan as you told me.
Saul: But this guy did it last night.
JJ: It's not true. Licenciado Torres told me and the commandant confirmed it.
Saul: That can't be. (JJ hits him, but symbolically)
JJ: But it is. Now I want you out of my office, out of my house, and I'm canceling your credit cards. You'll make it with your own claws.
Saul: Oh, Dad, you can't do this.
JJ: Oh, yes, I can and I want to.
Saul: Papa, let me think, see what to do.
JJ: Your brother was right. Ivan is the right hand of God, and you two together don't even come up to his heels.

Closing credits with the right song this time.

Avances: ¡Noche de Confesiones! ¡No se pierdes!

“Alex es tu hijo.”


trapiador old dish rag/mop
uñas claws
vengativo vindictive


Thanks again Urban.

I actually like Caro and Anto. I know they are not 100% good, but Lucia is and she's getting on my nerves more than these two are. I loved Carly getting frustrated with her sweet pleas of "Abue." LOL!

A few corrections that I can change in the text if you want:
Ivan said Saul is JJ’s puppet (títere); Carolina had the accident at age 12, not 12 years ago; Anto said Caro’s money can’t last forever, and she mentioned getting a job teaching at the local school for the blind since she reads brail and can teach it.

Anto really did take care of business and I think the only reason he didn't kill Gordo is because Caro begged him not to kill anyone. Gordo was really stupid to agree with Saul's plan in the first place.

Vivi, if you can edit this, please do. I hate making mistakes here and I don't have subtitles. Even if my TV set is new enough for CC's I lost its original remote and can't bring them up on the screen.

I'll post my long-form comments in a few minutes.

Carolina is monstrously selfish. She has just taken Alex away from both his fathers. Gerry (who raised and loves him) and Ivan (who never had the chance to do the right thing). I'll give Antolin points for wanting her to get interested in seeing if her sight can be restored, but I'm wondering whether the change that could bring would be something he could handle.

Antolin knows that the way he lives is dishonest. So why does he continue? Nonetheless, I found it amusing that he could bully El Gordo so effectively.

I don't have a lot of hope for Saul cleaning up his act now that he's as out in the cold as David was a dozen episodes ago. I just think it was hilarious that he got taken for a million pesos.

And JJ's secretary (anyone ever catch her name?) can do lots better than that titere.

Maripaz: Then I'll see what I feel like doing. David is doing well, making good money [anyone else get the rest here]
MP suggested David could give her money...yeah she is a little loca, she divorces him and wants alimony.


That's what I thought. It is rather nervy of her to expect alimony from a guy she was married to for a week at most. That should have been an annulment, but I doubt they could have gotten one that quickly.

Say what you will about Antolin's bad side, at least he'd loyal to family. Unless there's money to be had. But mostly, it's family forst for this guy. Plus he drives a really great car. And he's smart enough not to get with Maripaz. Eww.

Antolin is not a good guy , but with the James Dean haircut, wearing that black shirt as he drives the red convertible...caray caray. I could be bad. However, I'm hoping that he can be redeemed . I like Marcelo as a good guy. I also love to watch Maripaz's pouty, pursed little mouth as she makes her demands . The girl does not have a clue.

Um, family FIRST. oops.

Like Roberta in CME, Maripaz expects some male to support her financially. That's how the world is supposed to be, no?


Anyone notice that the abusive husband in the ad for the next episode of Mujeres Asesinas is our wimpy Gerry, who is also the galant Felipe in Alborada? He looks scary in MA. I think I'll watch just to see this talented actor play yet another totally different role and do it well.

Yeah, Mairpaz's idea of independence is prety funny. I'd love to be "independent" like that, with a sugar daddy paying all the bills. David is still single, right? I call dibs!

What really bugged me about Carmen this episode is that she was quick to think that Camilo could have done the arson if Ivan asked him to. But she refused to believe Saul was behind setting her brother up. WTF?! Really? The lout who got you pregnant and left you without any support?

Carmen is probably delusional enough to think she can make Saul step up to the plate. Fat chance.

Does anyone know whether JJ knows about Lichita?

El Gordo will have a major problem shortly when Saul starts chasing him down for the money he scammed out of him.

Can't wait to see Antolín beat the mierda out of Saul. I just don't like that actor's looks.

I will watch wimp Gerry/galan Felipe tonight in Mujeres asesinas. Jackie Bracamontes is in it also.

The perfect job for Merry Piece is as a prostituta.


Dunno, I see Anto as a lovable rogue (ie Sawyer/Lost, Han Solo). Anto's been involved in the shadier side of Alamos for most of his life, even before his father died. He already knew his way around the streets. I think he has a completely different set of ethics than the rest of his family but underneath it all he has the potential to be a 'good guy'. For that reason I would not define him as a 'bad guy' except in the lightest of terms. It seems like he has quite a following in the streets and that doesn't always come from fear but a mixture of fear and respect. I don't doubt for a minute that he's helped numerous thugs in personal situations (that were to his benefit of course) like he helped Ivan from being beat to death. That he stole most of the money from Gerry (probably paid for that car!) and lied about Camilo stabbing the thug shows his thin line between helping and taking advantage. But in the end, he probably did save Ivan's life and at least gave him enough $$ for the coyote. Totally the type of character I love, if you can tell! lol

Oh and ITA about Maripaz. What the hell is independent about living off someone else's money? Doesn't matter if it's your mommy, daddy or sugar daddy!

Maybe Saul & JJ should have used the million pesos they just gave to Tubby Thug to invest in hydroponics.

I knew deep deep deep down JJ would take pride at Ivan being stronger & smarter than Saul & David.

I don't know about that. JJ didn't raise Ivan; Alicia did. He can't take any credit for who Ivan is or what he knows.

Three half-brothers very different from each other means that the mothers have had more than half the say about who they are now. Although we know nothing about Saul's mother.

Maripaz may just as well apply to the nearest "gentlemen's club" for a pole dance audition. She wouldn't even have to change her clothes.

I'm wondering when Saul is going to finally smell the coffee and turn against JJ - both for being a terrible father and a sleazy cheating dog. Could Saul ever man up and be redeemed?
"Merry Piece is in ramerawear from Zorras R Us" I laughed out loud - and I will probably think of it every time I see that kind of clothing on some deluded girl. I'm starting feel sadness for MP for being stuck in a pathetic nightmare of self pity, alcoholism and desperate sex. Her mother doesn't care, clearly, except for appearances.

Thanks Urban A. An enjoyable recap after a good episode.

I'm with Jo -- Antolin is his own kind of mix of bad and good, definitely a complex character.

I can't wait to see JJ lose more and more of his family. What a Neanderthal -- a character we love to hate, no? I think that the none-too-bright Saul will be the last to fully get it.

I suspect that we're about to see a breakup of Lucia and Ivan as he reacts to her having known the truth about Alex. Ivan is a bright, industrious guy who still needs some heart. I'm sure he'll get it by the end.

Saul's chances for redemption are low unless JJ publicly humiliates him in a big way. Thus far his efforts in that area have been relatively minor. It would probably take a slur on his manhood to do it.

Of all JJ's "legitimate" children, he picked a poor favorite.

Thanks for the wonderful recap UA! I also loved ramerawear from Zorras R US!

Definitely sign me up for Team Antolin!!

Thank you for this recap! Loved the "Zorras R Us" line! You did a fantastic job.

Antolin is my guilty pleasure. I'll admit it right now. I hope he can be redeemed too. At the moment I think it's mostly Antolin that keeps me watching this show! LOL.

He's my guilty pleasure too. I find him really sexy. Or maybe that's any role Marcelo is in. LOL!

Ay, Marcelo!!!

It doesn't matter WHO raised Ivan, the fact is of all of JJ's sons, Ivan is just as cunning & smart as he is. He's not a fool like Saul or weak & timid like David. Someone with JJ's narcissism and self centeredness would take pride their son would be just like him. So while he may despise Ivan, a smart part of him deep down is proud that Ivan is his seed.

Me big fan of Antolin too! :) I love the new "hard" look he has in this novela. He does such a great smooth operator.


I would love to see Marcelo in a lead role. Has he done one?

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